*Sonia Sharma* (/Friday, 17 September 2010 12:49/)

      The Plan – Part I
      It was my first posting after getting married. Since my posting
      was in my home town for last six months after marriage we were
      staying with my parents. I had got a beautiful wife with whom I
      had good romantic relationship. But this might be due initial
      curiosity of married life or staying in joint family I could show
      my real persona to my wife. Actually I am cross dresser who love
      dress as a woman.

      I don’t really know when it started but as my memory goes I had
      started showing attraction towards girl’s clothes as soon as turns
      adolescent. I used to watch girls wear skirt tops; salwar suit etc
      and I dream myself in their clothes.their high heel sandals’ used
      to drive me crazy. My nature, color of skin and body were also
      adding fuel to the fire. I was very fair (More white than most of
      the girls) slim and very shy boy. My male friends were very few
      and most of them were my classmates. So after returning form
      school I rarely used to out. There were my two elder sister and
      when ever I got chance to be alone I used to try their clothes and
      sandals’ and became quit used to it. Even after this situation I
      was very bright in studies and successfully passed all the tests
      and got a good job while I was still 21.
      As is the tradition in Indian homes search for my bride started
      and soon seeing my job a good family approached us for the same.
      Although I was quite passionate about my cross dressing however
      due to social and family consideration I agreed to get married.
      My wife Madhu was a very beautiful and charming girl. She was just
      one year younger to me. But she was quite bold and outspoken
      person. I fall to her beauty and bubbly nature. After some time I
      got my posting to hill station. We got a beautiful house and
      settled down soon. After marriage Madhu got a little stout. We
      were both happy and here living alone we have a lot of time to
      spend with each other. As time passed I felt that my desire for
      sex with her was receding. She was also not very keen as earlier.
      My passion for dressing in ladies clothes was once again getting
      stronger. Madhu was very particular about her dressing. More over
      since she was newly married girl she has a lot of expensive Salwar
      suits, Sarees Sandals’ and other accessories.
      Once my wife went to her parents for few days and I was left
      alone. Day time used to pass in my job but after that due to my
      shy nature I used is alone in my house early. More over the
      daylight fades early in winter in hill station. It was month of
      September. One night I was watching TV after dinner. There was an
      old movie going on in which actor Vishwajit was dancing wearing
      ladies clothes. He was looking very beautiful. My desire took over
      I went to madhu’s wardrobe there in bedroom itself. There were
      rows of beautiful salwar suits, Sarees matching blouses and other
      accessories there. I tried some of them and they fit fine and thus
      the journey into cross dressing once again started.


      *Sonia Sharma* (/Friday, 17 September 2010 13:02/)

      The Plan – Part II

      Soon my wife returned from her parent’s house and our routine
      began once again. My passion for dressing in ladies clothes was
      reignited and I was feeling it very difficult to hide it. I began
      to look for the opportunity. One Saturday night we went on a
      party. I had taken some drink in the party and was in high
      spirits. She was also in very cheery mood. As we changing into our
      night clothes my night dress went missing. When I showed some
      anger on her for not keeping the clothes in place. There was a
      Salwar suit near the bed. In a joking way she said “Come wear this
      salwar suit who watching you at night” I was surprised but kept
      quite. I don’t know what was in her mind but she again said “You
      will look very beautiful” Now it impossible for me to resist the
      temptation. I said in mock anger “Look, don’t be envious if I look
      more beautiful than you” She kept taunting me “Let us see” I
      quickly remove my male clothes and right in front of her slipped
      in to the Salwar suit. We were both of almost same size and the
      suit fit me nicely. It has a sleeveless kurta and Punjabi Salwar.
      My body was such that it was filling the curves of the suit
      perfectly. She was also surprised to see that but she over came
      that. To tease her I put on dupatta over my chest and began
      walking in girly manner in front of her. She also leave her
      hesitation and started teasing me “Hai meri rani kahan ja rahi ho
      ( Hey darling where are going) “We both started laughing. I told
      her all about my fantasies of dressing and behaving like a woman.
      That night we both slept in ladies clothes hugging each other.
      From that day our relationship started changing. More than
      treating me like her husband she used to treat me like her female
      friend. Whenever I want to assert my self in certain situation and
      got angry with her She used start laughing and tease me by saying
      “aaj meri saheli kyon gussa hai( Why is my friend angry)”. Soon
      such behavior started affecting me I too began to respond in
      womanly manner. Soon my hesitation disappeared and whenever I like
      I used to try her clothes in front of her. Meanwhile the next
      Saturday has also come. It was my half day in office and returned
      home early. After lunch while we were in bed she started the topic
      about my passion. She said” Don’t you wish to dress completely
      like a girl” My reply was obvious. Then She said”Tomorrow is
      you’re off, Let do it tonight”

      By 4 in afternoon we were to the market for shopping. At home she
      has taken my measurement. A lot of shopping almost all the thing a
      lady needed. On returning home she asked me to prepare for night.
      She applied hair removing cream on my body and after washing my
      body my skin was smooth as silk. She asked me to wear her satin
      salwar suit and remain in that till night. We at our dinner early
      and the show for the night started. She took out the shopping
      package and asked me to open the same. I said “look I am getting
      nervous dressing front of you, so you watch the TV and I will come
      to you fully dressed” She smiled and shook her head in agreement.
      Since I was seasoned cross dresser I was confident of doing it on
      my own. I went to another bed room with attached bathroom.
      I took out orange color Reshmi Punjabi salwar suit. The kurta has
      a lot of kadai work on the front. There was also a satin Bra panty
      of same color there. I removed all my clothes including my
      underwear. My white skin without any hair was glowing. I have not
      a single hair on my body except on my head. My hands and legs were
      also very smooth. I slipped the panty above my legs and stretched
      it to my waist. The panty was place nicely on my waist. My cock
      was now semi erect but due tightness of panty it was fixed to my
      skin. Then I wore the bra. I clipped the in front on my chest and
      then move backside. I put in my arms to the straps of the bra and
      slid them over my shoulders. The tightness of bra and panty and
      their perfect fitting to my body has already started giving me
      waves of pleasure. We had purchased some small balloons. I filed
      them with water and put it in the cups of bra with them. These
      were giving nice effect of boobs. Then I wore reshmi salwar and
      the kurta. Since the bra and the kurta was of same size the cups
      of bra fitted nicely to the cups of the Kurta. My hips are larger
      and more round then usual male hips these were making nice curve
      below my waist. Although I have only wear the suit till then but
      due to my body fitting perfectly to the Salwar suit and my white
      milky body has already began to give a look of a girl. I took a
      glimpse of my self in the full length mirror of the bed room there
      was a bob cut girl wearing salwar suit. I began to look for more


      *Sonia Sharma* (/Friday, 17 September 2010 13:17/)

      The Plan – Part III

      We had purchased artificial jewelry for me. I took out the
      dangling earrings, chain, bangles and silver payal. I suspended
      the earrings to my ear with help of metallic wire, and then I wear
      the chain, bangles in my hands and payals in my feet. There was
      small ghoongroos on the payals which were making nice sound when I
      walk. I took out make up box and went in to the bathroom. Using
      the bathroom mirror I applied make up on my face. First I applied
      foundation on my whole face after that I applied rogue on my
      cheeks, matching lipstick on my lips, Eye liner in my eyes and a
      small bindi on my fore head. At last I put on a wig on my head.
      The hair was coming to my waist. It was tied in single braid. I
      place it on my left shoulder at front. I was looking quite
      stunning. I was looking a traditional Indian girl.
      I came out of the bathroom and went to the shoe rack there were a
      lot of high heel sandals’ and shoes there. I choose a 3” high
      golden color sandals’ with ankle straps. I went to the adjoining
      drawing room. I sat on the drawing room sofa and after sliding
      into the sandals’ fixed the straps on my ankles. Sandals’ were
      coming perfectly in my feet. I stretched the duptta over my
      shoulder. There was a lot of embroidery on it. After straightening
      up my clothes once again I stand up to go to the bed room. And I
      started approaching towards the bed room where my wife was
      watching TV.
      Due to high heel sandals’ I have to walk in small steps but due my
      practice earlier I was not feeling very uncomfortable. My payal
      were making a very sweet noise. My reshmi duptta was sliding form
      my shoulders and I had to keep it place by hand. The bangles were
      also making noise. The whole experience of dressing in Salwar
      suit, dangling earrings touching my neck, feel of the choti and
      walking in high heel sandals’ was like beyond description.
      I reached there my wife was totally engrossed in the movie. I
      slowly opened the door. I was walking exactly like a girl. In
      order to keep my balance in high heel sandals’ I had to walk in
      small steps. I was walking by keeping foot in front of another and
      my hips were moving like a woman. Hearing the voice of my payal,
      bangles she turned her face towards me and She was speechless. She
      placed her hands on her mouth and just blurted “Hai, kitne sunder
      lag rahi ho tum ( Vow, you are looking so beautiful)” I kept
      walking in womanly manner and stand in front of her. Here one
      thing was clearly unmistakable in her voice. She was quite happy
      and there was joy. Then suddenly She started teasing me” Yaar you
      have spoiled both our lives, Instead of me, you should have
      married a man”. Any handsome boy would have married you”. I face
      turned red and I started blushing furiously. She took my hand and
      ask me to sit with her on the bed. Then She said” Look, After this
      the husband wife relationship between us is now practically over
      because now watching you like such a beautiful girl I would never
      be able to treat like one. Lets be my saheli” She again said” We
      will have to give you a suitable name” Suddenly her eyes turned
      towards TV. Poonam dhillon was the heroine in the movie. She
      quickly said “How about Poonam” I also like the name and shook my
      head in consent. She asked me to remove my sandals’ and sat on the
      bed. I do as she said and sat on the bed with her. I sat with my
      legs folded below my hips like a girl. She started talking to me
      like a girl. She said “Look, Poonam I know there is more woman
      inside you than a man so from now on you will live dress and
      behave like a woman at home. Although till we get right
      opportunity you will have to continue your job as a man. But keep
      aloofness at the job, don’t make many friends”

      From next day both our life completely changed. Now she only call
      her me poonam and always used female Gender for me while talking.
      We both used to shop for ladies clothes and items for both of us.
      I have only few male clothes for office purpose. Since there was
      no barrier between us we used to talk on all the girly matters.
      Now was also getting attracted towards man and used to talk about
      the handsome man.

      In the building where we were staying there were two young men who
      were studying in the University living on the same floor. Some
      time they used to come to our house for tea and coffee. There
      names were Vijender and Rajbeer. Both were Haryanvi jaats. They
      were both well built over 6 “ht and from reach jamindars family.
      Madhu has told me that Vijender used to ogle her and try to flirt
      with her while she was alone. However she used to ignore them. But
      now the scenario has changed.

      From then on she started giving positive responses to the flirty
      ways of Vijender. Now he used to come at my house at one excuse or
      another especially while I was in office.He also started calling
      her by her first name.


      *Sonia Sharma* (/Friday, 17 September 2010/)

      The Plan – Part IV

      One day both vijender and rajbeer came to our house with sweets.
      They have passed their exams. Although it was just an excuse to
      come over.She congratuled them and prepared some tea for them. As
      they were having tea madhu said to Vijender “Now that you passed
      you exams why don’t you get married” Vijender looking at Rajbeer
      flirtingly replied “Madhu tere jaisi ladki mil jaaye to aaj hi kar
      loon” Mahdu replied in the same vein” Yaar thodi der kar di tune,
      Agar mai married na hoti to mein bhi taiyar thi” Meanwhile Rajbeer
      intervened and said “ Mahdu tera married hona na hona barabar hi
      hai” and they both started laughing. I stared at them in mock
      anger and said “What do you mean” Rajbeer replied “Tum dono
      husband wife kum saheliyan jyada lagte Ho” Vijender also supported
      her “ Yeh to sala fida hai us par, kehta hai ki agar woh ladki
      hota to main usse shaddi kar leta” Mahdu face became red and she
      put her head down in embarrassment. They both realized that they
      had go too far and console her by saying “Look we were just
      joking” They finished their tea and returned. Although they had
      taken their words back madhu had understood their real intention.
      When I returned home she told me about the whole story. Then a
      mischvious smile came on her face. I said with surpise “What’s on
      your mind” She told me the plan. I was flabbergasted she was
      adamant and finally I relented.

      Next morning while going to office I congratulated both the men
      and said” why don’t you come to our house tonight. We will
      celebrate your success together. Then Rajbeer who was looking
      scrupulously towards me “Ok but you will have make the
      arrangements for drinks and sit with us “ I said Ok.

      It was Saturday and next day was holiday. So we could enjoy the
      party without any strain .We both went to the market and done some
      shopping. As the evening was passing we both started dressing. The
      dinner time was at 8 pm. Madhu was dressed in pink Salwar suit.
      She was wearing low heel sandles and light make up and jewellary.
      She was looking nice and sober woman. How I was dressed oh my god!


      *Sonia Sharma* (/Friday, 17 September 2010 13:36/)

      The Plan – Part V
      As per our plan first I had remove all the hairs form my body,
      hands and legs. We had purchased silicon boobs from an internet
      site. I had fixed the boobs on my chest with help of the
      adhesive.These were size ‘D’ boobs. After that I wore red color
      satin bra and panty. Although bra and panty were fitting me fine
      but the cups of the bra were unable to cover the boobs and they
      were virtually popping out of bra. Madhu has chosen a dress which
      was enough to drive any man crazy. It was a red color mini skirt
      and matching top with only noodle straps to hold it. I wore the
      skirt and top.The Skirt was barely covering my thighs and top was
      just covering the bra. My boobs were oozing out of my top. Skirt
      was 6” inch below my naval. My narrow waist was completely
      exposed. My whole body except for small area and buttocks were
      showing. Madhu then gave me 3” high red color pencil heel sandles
      with straps to wear. I slid my feet into the sandles and fastened
      the strap to the ankles. Madhu then took me in fornt of the mirror
      and started doing my make up. It was quite loud with red color
      lipstick, rouge on cheeks, and fake long eyelashes with mascara.
      My lips were looking luscious. She added fake long nails on my
      fingers and applied matching nailpolish on them. She gave me red
      color big hoop earrings, a chain with pendant and wide plastic
      kangan to wear. She fixed a nose ring on my left nostril. At last
      she put a short hair wig on my head. It was in mashroom cut shape
      and barely coming half way till neck. I was looking gorgeous
      dressing like that. She has asked me to practice walking in heel
      sandles as I have do a lot of household work that night.I also
      practiced to talk in low girly voice.

      It was month of octiober. The sun at hill station sets early. At 7
      pm it was looking llike night.As the colocks turned to 7.30, our
      door bell ring. I got nervous. I said to madhu “Yaar Mujhe dar lag
      raha hai” She said “Dekhlo himmat se kam lo Main sab sanbhal
      loongi, Vaise bhi yeh karo ya maro ka wakt hai, Agar aaj dar Gaye
      to gindagi bhar pachhtayenge” I just nodded in agreement. She
      asked me to go to our bed room and she went to open the door. Both
      were right on time there. She welcomed both of them and bring them
      to the drawing room.There was One large sofa and two small sofa in
      the drawing room. The long sofa was on one side and the two small
      sofas were side by side at the other side. There was a big table
      between them. They sat on the long sofa and my wife on the other
      side. My wife excused her and came to kitchen. She called me there
      and said in low Voice. “Look, I am taking water for them,
      meanwhile you prepare the drinks and keep the snacks be ready in
      few minutes” She went to the drawing room and started talking to
      them. As the conversation was going on Rajbeer asked “Aapke
      husband najar nahi aa rahe” Madhu teased her “Kyaon kya baat hai,
      earada to theek hai tumhara” Rajbeer was taken aback as he quikly
      recalled her comment.He just smiles to hide his embarrasement.
      Madhu said “Sharmao mat. Tumharre pasand ka poora khayal rakh hai
      hamne” He looked puzzled. Then I said to them “Look Today’s party
      is a special pary and I have a special surpise for you, But please
      promise me that you both will behave appropriately” Now they both
      go excited. Then Vijender said “Kya suspense bana rahi ho, Jadli
      batao surprise kya hai” I said with mischvious smiile on my face
      “Yeh surprise batane ka nahin dikahne ka hai” Then She signaled me
      to come out. My heart started beating fast but controlling my self
      I took the tray which has three glass of wine and one glass of
      soft drink. As In have practiced all the afternoon I Started
      walking in womanly manner by taking small steps and one step in
      fornt of other.Due high heel sandles and my style of walking my
      hips were gyrating alongwith that my skirt were riding high. My
      sandals were making clicking noise on the floor and all the eyes
      rose towards the door. The drawing room was of quite a big size
      and there was a distance of about 7 or 8 feet between the door and
      the centre table. As I entered the drawing room all the eyes got
      riveted on me. Keeping my heartbeats in control I kept walking in
      sexy style towards them. I had a beautiful smile on my face. The
      look on their faces was like a rabbit trapped in front of vehicle
      light. I reach near the table and one by one started placing the
      glasses in front of them. As In bend in front of them my boobs
      were fully exposed to them and my skirt was also riding on my
      hips. Now I was becoming very difficult for them to even breathe
      easily. Thay were virtually gasping for breathe.


      *Sonia Sharma* (/Wednesday, 29 September 2010 12:18/)

      The Plan – Part VI
      Madhu was enjoying the situation to the fullest. She asked me to
      sit on the sofa beside her. I went near the sofa where madhu was
      sitting. I straighten up the skirt over my hips and sit down on
      the sofa.I had crossed my legs like a woman. I was just staring
      the floor in nervousness. However in between I still manage to
      take a glance towards both the men.Madhu started laughing and said
      to them taunting “Kya baat hai, Lagata hai meri saheli ko dekh ke
      tum dono ke hosh hi ud gaye ( What happened, it seem both have has
      lost your senses watching my friend ”). Somehow both of them
      manage to overcome their intial shock and were trying to judge the
      situation. Hiding his embarrassment Vijender said” Madhu you have
      done a fabulous job for our enjoyment, why don’t you introduce us
      to this sexy lady” Hearing this words my I was started blushing
      furiously. Madhu said “OK, take a guess youself” But both of them
      were looking clueless. Mahdu said “Rajbeer, Please take a close
      look, don’t you feel if you have seen her somewhere before, may be
      in your fantasies” Suddenly Rajbeer’s mouth dropped. He said “Oh
      my god,this can’t be true” Then he looks towards vijender and said
      “Yaar yeh to Puneet hai, kyon madhu” Vijender said “ Arre nahin(
      Off course not)” Madhu giggled once again and said “Well I had
      promised you a surprise, so She is your surprise” Both the men
      were flabbergasted.Now madhu explained to them “Actually puneet is
      a male to female crossdresser, he loves to dress and behave as a
      woman, I came to know about this only few days ealier, So when
      that day you jokingly said about him that he more like a woman I
      decided to know the explore the truth” Hearing all this I got
      nervous since I was not expecting that Madhu will tell the truth
      so bluntly. My face became red hot and I was unable to face both
      the men.
      Rajbeer stood up from the sofa and came near me. Due to some
      unknown fear I also stand up. Now he was standing very close to
      me. He lifted my chin. With a lot of effort I could raised my
      eyes. Even though I was wearing 3” high heel sandles I was still 5
      or 6 inches short than him and was coming just upto chin . He said
      in her rough Haryanvi style “Kyon bahut shauk hai tujhe ladki
      banne ka, meri mashooka banegi? (So you very fond of becoming a
      woman, will you become my girl friend). With fear and nurvousness
      I could not utter a word, although In my heart I was dying to
      scream “Yes” Mean while Madhu said “Arre yaar rajbeer Jab se yeh
      mere se khula hai hum dono ladkiyon ki tarah hi baaten karte hain,
      yeh to din raat tere hi tumhare sapne dekhta hai,( Rajnbeer since
      I came to know about his hobby we are now openly talk about men
      and he always dream about you)” Hearing this Rajbeer looked at me
      and said “ Oh meri rani, kya baat hai” He encircled his arm around
      my waist and tried to hug me but I managed to slip and went to
      stand near Madhu.Watching this madhu said teasingly to me” Poonam,
      agar tumhe aurat banna hai to yoon darne se kaam nahin chalenga(
      If watnt ot a woman you will have to be prepred for all this).
      Considering it a good opportunity Vijender who was till now just a
      mute spectator suddenly snapped at Madhu “Madhu, Tu uske baarain
      main to bahut bol rahi hai apne baaren main bhi to bata, ab tera
      marad to kisi aur ki masooka ban gaya hai, to tujhe bhi to ek
      marad chahiye hoga (You are just talking only about him but since
      your husband now want to become another men’s girlfriend you would
      also need a men)” Bur Madhu was un fazed. She said frankly to him
      “Mujhe to pata hai tu mera deewana hai isliye main to is barein
      main nishchint hoo (I know you are crazy about me so I have no
      worry regarding this)” Both the men started laughing.
      Since the both of them were young handsome men and they must
      already have a lot of affairs with other woman thay were expert in
      playing with girl emotions. Suddenly their manly behavior came
      back. Vijender said “Look ladies, if you want to have us your men
      you will have to seduce us by serving us” Then she said to Madhu
      who was dressed soberly “Dekh, Yeh behenji ban ke kam chalega
      nahin, mujhe pana hai to tumhe bhi poonam ki tarah hi banna padega
      ( Look, If want to please me you will also have to dress like
      poonam)” Madhu was all game for it . She said “you just wait for
      few minutes and we will be back” Then she said me “Chal poonam in
      dono ko aaj dikha dete hein ki humkyan hain (Lets go poonam we wil
      show them who we are). She saud to them them “You both enjoy your
      drink, we will be back in a while)


      *Sonia Sharma* (/Wednesday, 29 September 2010 12:28/)

      The Plan – Part VII
      She took my hand and we both came back to our bed room. She took
      out a similar miniskirt with top like me, She quickly undressed
      and wore it. She tied her hair in a high pony tail. She also done
      a flashy make up like me.Now we both were looking quite similar.
      She put on high heel shoes.Then we both came back to the drawing
      room where both the men were sipping their drink. Watching madhu
      dressed sexily vijender got excited and said “ Yeh hui na baa, ab
      hum donio ko maja aayega” Rajbeer said “ aisa karte hain ki ab hum
      pair mein hi baith jaate hain, “ Then he said to vijender “ You
      please go to that sofa with madhu and let poonam sit beside me”
      Vijender was all to happy to oblige. He quickly stand up and sat
      on the other sofa. Rajbeer said to me” Darling come please sit
      beside me” I was nervous and hesitant but madhu give me a liitle
      shove” Kya sharma rahi hai ja na (Why are you shy go and sit
      there)”. I slowly go and sit beside rajbeer. Madhu and vijender
      was also sat together.Sitting near a men dressed like this was a
      incredible experience.
      We both pout dtinks for our men and soon party went along nicely.
      Both were teasing us but we were taking this in stride. Soon both
      were quite drunk. Watching us dressed so sexily it was becoming
      quite impossible for them to control there desire. They both
      started touching our bodies. Rajbeer wee looking quite mad at
      watching me dressed like this. He strated caressing my body.Since
      my body was very much exposed he started expolering my body. His
      hands were touching my back and legs.And that made him hornier.
      Suddenly Rajbeer took my face in his hand and started kissing me
      on my lips. I was shocked a liitle and tried to escape but he had
      taken my face so tightly with his strong hands that I was unble to
      resist. Soon I fall into his desire and gave into his
      maneuverings. His tounge was exploring my whole mouth and I was
      responding like a woman. His force was so great that we could into
      maintain our balance. He laid me down on the sofa.My skirt rode
      high and all me legs even panties began to show. Now he was unable
      to control himself and started removing my clothes.Soon my skirt
      and top was gone and I was in my bra and panty. He strated kissing
      my chest and boobs. His hands were all over my body. My c*** was
      also erect and panty was barly able to hide it. In his lust he
      even forgot that in the the panty there was nothing for him. His
      face came near my and in flash he removed it. My erect c*** nearly
      hit him in face.. A smile came on her face He said “Ponam I ove
      you so munch that I am ready to eccept you even wih this.” Saying
      this he kissed my cock. I was feeling a great sensation. Then he
      strated licking it with his tounge. Soon his mouth strated to to
      gobble the lenth of my c***. I was escatic. I started pumping his
      mouth and soon got ejection. He drank all the fluid without any
      effort. I was exhausted and was feeling weak. Watching his love
      for me I was choked with emotions. I said to him in soft voice
      “Darling now I have become your slave, how I can I give you
      pleasure” Then he stand up. I started removing his clothes.first
      his shirt came out. I kissed on his hariy chest. I unbuttoned his
      pants and now he was I his underwear. I lowered his underwear and
      soon his huge c*** was exposed. It was around 8’ long and 2” in
      dia. It was enough to drive any woman crazy. Since he had already
      lend me favour I have to respond to that. I kissed it and started
      licking it. Soon I took in my mouth and it started to grow harder
      and longer. Contrary to my case my sucking was just a appetizer
      for him for more sex.He said to Madhu where is your bed room.
      Madhu just gestured towards one of our bedrooms. He lifted me in
      his arms and takes me to the bed. My sandles and all the other
      things were on still on. I always used to dream to be his arms of
      a men and my wish was getting fulfilled. I encircled my arms
      around his his neck like a true lady.
      Watching this unfolding in fronts of their eyes both vijender and
      madhu was stunned. They were also getting excited but they choose
      to be witmess to this amazing experience.