The matched pair- Part 2


As our breathing returned to normal, I wanted to move my weight off Laxmi but she held on to me tight and would not let go. She encircled her legs around me to make doubly sure that we would remain coupled. I was touched and repeatedly kissed her all over her face. I could understand my darling's need to stick to me.

"I don't want to leave you now and go to my sister's hostel." Laxmi whimpered as her legs tightened their grip on me.

"Who is asking you to go? You are going to spend the next two days with me. Just sleep now."

"But I don't even have a change of dress...and I may not look that good in the morning...." Laxmi started listing her problems.

I lifted my head a bit and placed a palm on her mouth to cut off the blabbering!

I said "Darling, just keep quiet and listen to me. Now remember that you are my girl it will be better for both of us to leave some decisions to me.

"Ok!" Laxmi nodded her head in agreement. I looked steadily into her eyes for a while. She could not stand my gaze and started blushing. Soon she lowered her eyes out of shyness. Somehow this small event seemed to firm up our relative roles in the budding relationship. I smiled fondly at my darling. The pressure of her legs on me, eased a bit. I rolled off her and propped myself on my arm and started explaining my plan to her.

"I have already thought of what is to be done tomorrow. First of all, tomorrow early in the morning you will go from here wearing my old pajama/kurta and Kholapuris to my friend's beauty parlour. The parlour is opposite the main railway station. Dont try to say goodbye to me before you go. I will not even open my eyes till you are gone because I just dont want to see you in boy clothes. I will speak to Sera on telephone by the time you reach her place. You must let her prepare you. She deals with clients like you and me and she stocks a lot of things useful to us. I will be there to pick you up by noon and we will go on a trip. If you need to inform someone at the hostel do that tonight; Is that clear."

Such was her trust in me that Laxmi did not press me for details. She was happy to leave me in charge of the situation. Obviously she was delighted to be spending the next two days as my girl. Her face lit up as she heard my arrangemnts for her. She hugged me and planted many kisses all over my face. I caressed her long hair and the smooth arms lovingly. As I carried my palm beyond her narrow waist and moved towards her silky and shapely legs. I realised that she was once again ready for me. This time I asked her to come on top of me as we made love.


Bobby slept almost as soon we finished making love the second time around. I tiptoed over to the phone and called up my hostel. I kept my voice a little high pitched without turning into a falsetto. I had practiced it well. It had never failed me. The watchman who picked up the line fetched Sarla to the phone.


" Hi Sarla! Lakshmi here."

"Where are you? I am worried about you.Your sister told me to take care of you and you did not even call me up when you got late. It is ten o'clock now."

"Ok, Ok! Don't do the elder sister act. Even Kamu does not do that with me. I am safe but will not be coming back till Monday afternoon."

"What are you saying, Lakshmi?"

"My dear,just keep quiet and listen to me." I was repeating to Sarla the words that Bobby had used with me. I managed to briefly tell her how I had met Bobby and had dinner together.

When I said I was in Bobby's flat, Sarla gasped and lowering her voice to a whisper, said," Did you go to bed with Bobby! Does he know about you...I mean the fact that you are a boy."

I just laughed and did not explain. Sarla had no way of knowing that Bobby was born a woman. I said, "He knows and does not mind it."

There was a momentary silence. I could hear Sarla sigh as she said,"Ok, Lakshmi. Just take care. What will you do for clothes?"

"Don't worry Sarla. Bobby said he will take care of everything."

I then put down the phone and went back to bed wearing only my bra and panties. I was hoping Bobby will wake up in the middle of the night and take me.


Sera's parlour was a part of her house. I reached there before sunrise. No other customers were expected for many hours. She switched on the lights in her workplace only after I entered. She asked me to sink into one of her comfortable chairs, as she started assembling things.

"Look Lakshmi! I just want you to relax and fully co-operate. I know my job and I have also received clear instructions from Bobby. By the time I am finished you will be a very pretty young girl."

I nodded my head and smiled.

"Tell me Lakshmi, do you have any unwanted hair anywhere on your body?"

"Nowhere except down there."

"Ok. First of all, I would like you to steam your face and remove the black heads." This took about 15 minutes.

"That is good. Now strip fully and go into the bathroom. I have kept a cream near the basin tap. Use it on your mound and clean yourself. There is a little stubble on your face. Take that off as well. We will do a permanant job on that later. I dont want see any hair anywhere except on your head, lashes and brows! Then apply on your face the peel-off mask kept on the bathroom shelf. You can let the mask dry as you sit down to clean your bowls. I am keen on your shitting because you can't do it atleast till tomorrow morning?" I nodded without a clue as to why there should be such a restriction.

But Sera continued without explaining. "I think you know how to peel off the mask. After that wash your hair, have a relaxing bath and come out."

The bath did wonders to me. I stepped out wearing just a towel around my body. Sera smiled and pulled off the towel. I felt my face reddening as Sera examined my naked body head to toe. "Look girl, I have seen enough naked people in my life and work. To me you are like clay which I need to convert into a lovely goddess. Think of me as a doctor and relax. Ok! I think you have done a fine job of cleaning yourself. Your face also has a nice glow. Your lips are full enough. You are thin and healthy. God has also given you nice shapely legs."

She made me wear a lavender negligee and sit in a chair. She dried and combed my hair and plastered it against my head. "We dont want it peeking out of your wig do we?" She asked and smiled.

Then she plucked my eyebrows to make them thinner. Her hand was below my chin as she worked on me. "Your face is delicate, your lashes are lush and I think you will turn out beautiful."

She then proceeded to do my face with a thick liquid make up. Next she applied mascara and eyeliner around my eyes. Then she coloured my lips with a dark coloured lipstick.

"Now comes the piece de resistance." Sera declared with obvious glee. She opened a shoe box from the nearby table and took out what looked like a large diaper. Though it had padding all over its surface it did not feel heavy. It had a depression in front to hold my cock in a upright way. Sera pressed the bottom side of my cock into the groove and sealed top of it onto the diaper with a special adhesive tape. I was begining to understand the purpose of the device as she asked me press and hold the two front ends against my hip bones. She went behind me and put her hand between my legs to push my balls into their sockets and pull up other side of the diaper over my butts. Then she attached the back ends to the front ends with the help of the velcro bits provided. Then she slid her fingers and tore of the coverings of the adhesive strips already present on the innner linings of the diaper and fixed the diaper on my buttocks, hips and mound. Now my testicles were inside my body and my cock was restricted in a soft elastic pouch and left pointing upwards. The diaper had enough padding all around to give me ample girlish hips and a well formed smooth mound. The curly false hair on my mound camoufloged its somehat large size. My buttocks had become fleshier and rounder like that of a girl. The diaper, being flesh coloured, completely merged with my body.

"This is very interesting Sera...but how do I pee." I asked her.

"By sitting down like any girl... When you start peeing, valves which will open up as liquid builds up. You have an exit point hidden in your pubic hair from where the liquid will trickle out. Exit point valve will close automatically once liquid pressure falls.Every time after peeing you must wash the exit point properly with soap and water. Any remaining liquid inside the diaper will be absorbed by the padding present. Every twenty four hours you must change into a fresh diaper after a through bath and an hour of airing the skin. Is this clear?" I nodded my head like a little girl being given her potty training!

"There is a hole..." I blushed even before I completed my sentence. How silly of me? Every girl needs a hole between her legs. Sera smiled and pushed a finger into the hole. I could feel her moving finger along my cock. As she moved her finger back and forth, my cock stiffened and filled the free space around it. I could feel her finger more and more. I started to get aroused.

" Oh Oh!" I moaned.

"Now I think you understand." Sera was laughing. "And in case you are wondering, Bobby will be wearing the thong briefs which comes paired with your diapers! He will have a big enough 'meat' to fill that love-hole of yours."

As the meaning of her words registered in my mind, I turned as red as a tomato. I could feel raw heat surging through me as I realised the potential of my current equipment.

I could pay only half attention to Sera as she told me that I could bathe or swim in cold water with the device on. I needed to change it every twenty four hours. I had to use fairly hot water to peel off the device. She told me to shred the used piece before packing it in a sanitary napkin disposal bags. I was also not to spend too much time in the hot sun with the device on as sweat and heat could peel off the device.

After that lecture, Sera tickled me on my waist to bring me out of my reverie. She held the upper half of the device for me to put my arms through. She proceeded to attach it properly. My waist was now clinched and I had a lovely pair of boobs. Sera took out a tape and measured me.
"A nice 36-27-38 with a B size cup" She cooed with the satisfaction of an accomplished sculptor.


I had just finished my bath and was putting together an omlette and a few slices of toast when the door bell rang. As expected it was a delivery from Sera. I tipped the delivery boy and closed the door.

Sera and I belonged to the same club. Often I had used my engineering knowledge to help her create special solutions for her clients. But for the first time I was using her professional services. Though I had helped Sera to create the special devices I had never used one myself.

After breakfast I opened the parcel to find two parts of the special device. The truncal part pressed my breasts and provided me with a wider chest and abdomen. My arms now had to swing a little outside my body to allow for my larger chest. My trunk looked much larger but my buttocks were now two inches lesser than my chest.

Sera's instructions about the thong device were clear. "It has two cock like projections on it. One is inside and the other is outside. The larger tube goes into your vagina and the smaller tube jutting out in the front serves as your male equipment. The two are connected by a flexi-tube. You may wonder why the outer tube is smaller. That is because a man's equipment is quite small until he gets excited. When you wish to enter your partner or ask your partner to service your equipment, press the button on the left side of your brief to engorge your outer cock with a fluid. Sticky liquid will also come out of the cock as intercourse progresses. The timing of this ejaculation is regulated by the movements of the muscles in your vagina. The device has enough liquid available for three sessions. The brief has to be discarded after that. Please note that your male member cannot be used for peeing. You will still have to do that pulling down the brief and sitting down!! Sorry about that. LOL."

After fixing the device on my body as instructed, I dressed myself in a deep orange shirt tucked into khaki trousers. The shirt was tight around my chest and loose around my hips. I also fixed a moustache above my lips and combed my hair with a left side parting. I also wore brown leather boots.

While I was packing for the trip I wondered how Lakshmi was being prepared. Around 10 o'clock I got a call from Sera telling me that everything was proceeding properly. She asked me to pick up some clothes for Lakshmi from a boutique belonging to a mutual friend. I could make the final choice from a collection set aside to match Lakshmi's new figure. I gasped when Sera told me that she had already told her friend to buy two 28" soft suitcases to pack Lakshmi's stuff. "Why two suitcaes" I cried out. Sera laughed and reminded me that woman needed more things and on this occasion she also had to pack the spare special devices for both us. She teased me and asked me not to be a miser on expenses!

As I made the selections at the shop I was pretty excited imagining how Lakshmi would look in each one of the items. I ended up with two pieces each of salwar suits, skirts and tops, party frocks, lehanga-cholis and trousers with t-shirts. The half dozen panties and bras ordered by Sera gave me a fair idea about Lakshmi's new stats. As packing was proceeding Sera's friend added a one piece swimsuit, a few negligees, two sweaters and a host of cosmetics. I quietly handed over my credit card as I was given a five digit bill!

"No Sera! This is too small. I will feel naked in it. You cant expect me go in public in this? I don't think Bobby will approve of this?"

I was standing in my lace panties and bra in front of Sera. My face was properly made up. My nails had been maicured and painted. A jewelry box was ready for me to carry and use as needed. I still had to wear the washable wig which Sera had selected for me. She was holding up a teeny weeny shorts for me to wear.

"Look darling! You are a young girl going out on your first date. Thanks God and me for your stunning body. Now you need to show it off to your man. Later in the day you can hide it if you want."

My resistance melted fast. Sera had touched my vanity. I was really proud of my new figure. I had admired it enough in the mirror. Sera had also shot a pictures of me on her Mavica and run it up on her pc to give me confidence about my looks. Now I was caught up between my desire to show off and the normal shyness of a girl. The desire won and I wore what Sera held out for me.

The cut off denims hardly covered my buttocks and left my shapely smooth legs for all to see. The full sleeved shirt which I knotted below my breasts left my creamy midriff fully exposed. Added to that Sera insisted on my leaving open the top two buttons of my shirt. You could get fleeting glimpses of my cleavage as I moved. I looked every bit a sex bomb and thought that I just had to take a short walk in a lonely place to get myself raped.

"But who is asking you to walk around." Sera exclaimed as I told her my thought."Bobby will here to pick you up and you will get into the jeep inside my compound and you will be in the forest in less than half an hour after you leave."

Feeling comforted by Sera's words, I sat down on a a plush chair and wore the laced socks provided by Sera followed by my own Nike shoes.

"Sexy legs"Bobby said once again as he stroked my thighs for the nth time. I raised my palm to hit his hand. Meanwhile he pulled off his hand. My palm landed squarely on my own thighs and I winced in pain. Bobby was laughing. "You wanted to show off your body. So why are you complaining as I admire it." As he said that he put a finger on my exposed waist and tickled me. I was not expecting that and danced in my seat.

We were on our way to the hills. Though pretending to be angry, I was actually enjoying his attentions. At the same time I was concious of the fact that I was sexily dressed on a public road. Fortunately the jeep was higher than most vehicles around us. The windows were dark and raised as the airconditioning was on. At a traffic jam there was a lorry driver waiting on the other side of the road. He could make out through the front glass that I was skimpily dressed. Fortunately for me as he started leering the traffic moved on, saving me the embaressment.

Soon we left the city for the woods and started going uphill. Within about an hour we were inside a thick jungle and not a soul was in sight. "A little ahead there is a waterfall. We will stop there for a bite." "Will it be safe for me to bathe there." Bobby seemed a little surprised at my request,"Oh! Why not. I have a stock of fresh towels in the jeep. But they may not be large enough for you to wrap around yourself. I will give you one of my coloured dhotis. That way your clothes can remain dry." I leaned forward and kissed Bobby on his cheeks and said,"Hey Bobby! You really know how to make a girl happy. Did someone tell you that before?" "Ok baby! I acknowledge your compliment and I am at your service. Do you want me to rub your back while you are under water."

I made a face and did not say anything. We had stopped by the side of the road. I could hear the sound of water but could not see the falls. "Five minutes we will be there" Bobby said as we stepped out. The air was cool and I expected it to get cooler so I decided to change into a frock which Bobby had bought for me. He groaned as my heavy suitcase had to be taken out for the purpose.

We approached the waterfall with Bobby's arms around my shoulders. Suddenly he said,"Nice boobs" and squeezed my breasts. I broke off from him showed him my tongue mischievously and started running towards the waterfall. As I neared it I used the dhoti to screen me as I took off my shorts, shirt, bra and panties. Tying the dhoti little above my breasts and tying my hair in a knot I started running again. Before Bobby could reach me I was in the water.

It was then that it happened. The knot of the dhoti had come loose as I run. I had not noticed it in my excitement. As I came on to cold, forceful jet of water the knot was fully undone and the fast flowing water carried the dhoti away. I had no time to react. I only realised that I was standing naked in under the sky. I covered my breasts with my arms and pressed my legs together. Then I noticed a tree nearby and ran to it tried to hide myself behind it.

Bobby came up to me as I stood shivering near the tree. He said" Relax dear! There is nobody here." As I calmed down, he took off his clothes as well and led me into the fall. We stood hugging each other as water with force hit us. We were soon groping each other. We french kissed passionately for a while. Then his hands felt my thighs. Soon his lips were on my breasts. I for my part tugged at his new equipment. We were quite excited in a short while. He lay me down on a large smooth boulder and lean forward to enter me. Both of us could feel all the sensations which nature had given us and science had enabled. Soon he reached his climax as I experienced my orgasm with him inside me.