The matched pair- Part 4


I woke up as bright sunlight coming through the window hit my eyes. I was lying sideways with Bobby hugging me from behind. His hand was cupping my breast and I could feel him nestling in my crack. The feeling was delicious and I had to force myself to get up.

Even as I steadied myself on the wooden floor, I felt myself being pulled back. I landed back on the bed on top of Bobby. He Simply turned me around, hugged me and started kissing me. I felt frail against his muscular body.

"" I managed say as he continued to kiss and squeeze me. I managed to roll out of the bed, move away and stand up. "Oh God! Why did you have to select this muscular tractor mechanic for me," I said with a mixture of anger and admiration. When no response came from the bed I realised Bobby was staring at my naked body. I felt myself blushing but was unable to move away.

"Hey you look every bit a girl, including that nice bush between your legs."When I heard that, my hands rushed to cover my mound."Now let me describe your boobs. They are big, shapely and firm"I just turned around to hide my assets from his view. I understood how men look at women when he said, " Well, Yes, your buttocks are also round and full"

Bobby was now laughing away at my attempts at hiding my juicy body from him. But by now, my legs had regained their power and I left the room carrying my hot blushing body with me.


The time was ten in the morning. I was dressed in my blue denim trousers and denim jacket wearing a white turtleneck t-shirt inside. I had been waiting for Lakshmi to get ready. I knew Sera had given her a very difficult schedule to follow in the morning, but I was also getting the feeling that Lakshmi had fallen in love with her new looks. Knowing that she was a good looking woman, meant she had work hard to maintain it. I understood though felt a bit impatient. I had started feeling hungry!

Once again Lakshmi managed to stun me as she entered the room. The Indian 'nari' of the last evening had turned into a sexy teenager. She was wearing dark brown leather miniskirt and a short unbuttoned jacket of the same material. Inside the jacket was the red-mesh halter top through which I could make out the outlines of her lace bra. Her flowing hair with was framing her face. Rectangular brushed silver danglers adorned her ears. Her face was shining. Her eyelids were done in a shade of maroon and the same colour was on her lips and nails. She was wearing ankle high leather boots with pointed heels. The soft bag which she carried on her shoulder had a metallic finish.

"Are you sure you can walk in those pointed heels." I asked her.

"I think so..still you can carry me whenever I find it difficult." She winked as she said that.

when she said that, I did gather her in my arms and placed her on the passenger seat of our jeep.

As she setlled down, she thumped me on my chest and said, "My Hercules"

Not to be outdone, I unexpectedly put my hand under her short skirt and pinched her inner thigh and said, "Yes my Barbie doll, I am at your service."

I knew she could not get down in a hurry without tripping, so I moved away quickly. All that Lakshmi could do was to stick out her tongue and close the jeep door.


The English Inn brunch service was as good as its reputation. After the brunch we were leaning on the railing of the verandah overlooking the sunbathed valley.

The deliahs in the garden just below the verandah were swaying in the cool breeze blowing across. I had buttoned up my jacket to ward off the chill. Bobby was standing close to me with his arm around my waist. His other hand moved to my forehead and pushed back a lock of my hair. I was afraid he might do something to embaress me in a public, so I indicated with my eyes that there were people not too far away.

"Don't worry. I wont do anything....But tell me... Will you marry me."

I knew this question was coming. Didi had told me of a local temple which was famous for carrying out lovers' marriages on certain specified days every year. Today was one such day.

I just looked up at Bobby and lowered my eyes.Bobby continued,"You know both my mother and father are not alive. My brother will have nothing to say. In your case you may want to consult your mother and sister."

"I am sure my family will be happy for me. Yes Bobby! You are right. After being with you, I can't imagine of anyone else in my life. I think I love you." I managed to tell the handsome man holding me protectively.

"I too love you my dear. Let us get married. With time we can explain things to your mother and sister."

I looked into the Bobby 's face and said, "I think I want to marry you and become a full time woman. If possible, I want to give birth to your baby. Will you help me to do that?"

"Yes my dear, I am sure we will have our own baby. Even if you cannot carry it, it will be formed out of our tissues. Of that I am sure."

I smiled up at the man who had changed my body and feelings into that of a woman. I had last word as I said,"Let us do it Bobby".


Ganeshji and Devi Bhabi were very happy with our decision. The marriage itself was a simple ceremony with we exchaging garlands with me tying a yellow mutistrand thread around Lakshmi's neck. Laksmi wore a salwar kameez for the ceremony and I wore kurta pajama. We returned to the farm where our insisted that we had to spend our first night under their roof and not at the guest house. I was given the task of fetching the necessary things from the guest house while the new bride received a stream of visitors from neighbouring farms!


Didi insisted on my wearing a traditional saree for my "first" night with Bobby. Ganeshji was given the task of keeping Bobby entangled in discussions about farm machinery until I was ready for him.

Didi had organised a matching blouses in my size for six of her lovely silk sarees. All of them were so lovely that I could not make up my mind. Didi decided for me at last. She gave me the petticoat and the blouse and asked me wear it while she saw to other arrangements. When I told her I may need to pick up a fresh pair of panties from my bag, she laughed and asked whether panties were really necessary. I blushed at her implication and out of shyness hid my face with my hands.

By the time I had worn my saree along with jewelry and flowers in my hair, the nuptials room had been readied and decorated with jasmine flowers. I was asked to carry a silver tray laden with fruits and a bowl of milk and then was escorted to the room by Didi. As I stepped into the room I saw Bobby dressed in dhoti kurta sitting on the bed and smiling. I could feel the door behind me closing as didi retreated silently. My eyes fluttered without control as I saw my husband advancing towards me.

Flesh mingled with flesh as our minds was filled with the joy and bliss of our marital state.