Amby-Part 5

As soon as we got out of the lift and entered the lobby area, I knew I was looking great. The noise level in the lobby went down by a few decibles and many paused or turned to look at me. Chinna too realised what was happening as she walked beside me on my left. She herself looked handsome and dashing as she towered over me in her bluish grey suit and shiny black Italian shoes. You guessed it right. Maya had selected the suit for Chinna.

For that evening, I was not wearing the saree given by Maya . The engagement ceremony is a less formal occasion and so I decided to show off my designer salwar kameez. It was a three piece dress made with a very soft, translucent baby material. It was a combination of deep blue with white. The blue was running into white in streaks.

I had also changed my jewlry. I had replaced the six gold bangles on each of my wrists with a broad diamond studded bracelet on the right wrist and a Gucci watch on the left wrist. The silver toe ring on my foot was in place. I had left on my silver anklets with their tiny silver bells. They seemed to go well with my silver coloured soft shoes. The most noticible of my jewelry was the large diamond ear studs. Considering the intricate pearl work on my dress I avoided wearing anything around my neck. The makeup on my face was a bit thicker than usual, but it was suitable for the artificial lights of the evening. I had used just a few pins on my long hair and I was sure that my hair looked lovely as it cascaded down my back right upto my buttocks. I knew I was every inch desirable. I could see it in the eyes of every male present. Just a short while ago, I had so affected Chinna that she would neither release me nor stop kissing me. But for my insistence we would have ended up on the bed. As we walked through the lobby, I looked at my "husband" through the corner of my eye. Her face looked calm but her eyes told me that she was very happy with the impression we were making on the lobby crowd

All through our journey through the streets of Kualalumpur Chinna kept looking at me with a mixture of lust and admiration. Occasionally she would hold my hand and squeeze it. I was sure that in her mind she was squeezing some other part of my anatomy! I couldn't help blushing at the thought. A couple of times I had to move her hand away from my thighs. I liked all the attention I was gettting from Chinna but could not help being conscious of the fact that we were in a public place and there was a driver in the car. At one stage I had to pinch her hand rather hard to move it away as it was slowly creeping up my thighs towards my panties. Now the hand was off me but I could feel her staring at me and smiling. I tried to look out of the window, partly to avoid the stare and partly to hide my own shy smile. I did not want her to be encouraged by my smile and my face. My face had become as red as a ripe tomato. I realised that physically she was much stronger than me now and any attempt by me to stop her with physical force would only make her laugh and indulge in more mischief. Now that I was the physically weaker one, I could appreciate and admire her strength and realise its importance for our life together. With these thoughts in my mind I suddenly turned and smiled at her. Her raised eyebrows wanted to know the reason for my smile and I stuck out my tongue and said nothing. I was now a women and a little mysterious behaviour is part of my rights.

The driver was in touch with Maya on the cell phone so that it was not surprising that Uncle Sambandan was at the main entrance to receive us. Both Chinna and I felt a bit overwhelmed by this attention. He intoduced us personally to Jaya's would be husband and the most important of the relatives. Jaya was overjoyed to see both of us. Maya had been briefing her about us. We asked her to visit India with her husband and stay with us. Maya joined us just then and wanted to know if only married people would recive invitations from us. I said to her with a twinkle in my eyes that I did not want any competition for me. Maya laughed and said, "If you are going to look as beautiful as you do today, you need not worry about competition." We both laughed and turned to look for Chinna's reaction. But my Chinna had been pulled away by some elderly relatives and was performing the social obligations of a man. She was also the first cousin to the bride and had to do her bit looking after the guests.

It was our turn to move to the womenfolk. We found our way through a boisterous lot of kids and reached a group of women who were standing around Maya's mother and maternal grandmother. Maya introduced me to her as Ambalavanan's wife. The old lady could not recall who Amby was so Maya had to explain that I was her Athanmanni (cousin's wife).

Grandma smiled and asked me to approach her. She peered at me smiled and said, "My child, you are beautiful. But why aren't you wearing a saree."

Maya intervened and just said," Grandma..." Grandma looked up at her favourite grandchild and said to me, "If I let this girl have her way, she will make me wear a skirt and go to the Mariamman Temple." To make the old lady happy I said I would be wearing a traditional silk saree for the main function next day. Maya's mother informed grandma that similar sarees had been bought for me and Maya.

But Grandma had lost interest in the topic. Her attention had shifted to my diamond ear-studs. She held one of them along with my ear and tilted it in different directions to observe the quality of the reflection. She seemed satisfied with the quality. "My child, not only do you have a good face and body you also dress well. Where is your husband? I want to tell him that you should not delay your child. Only when you are young you will deliver normally. Afterwards they will cut you up. Also you have to feel labour pain to really love your child. I should know. I had half a dozen." All the women standing around laughed and grandma smiled at me. It felt as if everyone was standing around our bed encouraging Chinna to put her seed deep into me. I visibly blushed and there was a roar of laughter. Maya came to my rescue with a request that grandma should not make fun of me. Grandma got up from her seat and hugged me and I buried my face in her ample bosom. I knew I had been accepted by her. Though some of the women tried to make snide remarks about my childlessness, Grandma rationalised it as the requirement of modern times and the need to pursue a career.

"Where is our athan?" I asked Maya as I could not spot Chinna anywhere in the crowd. Maya laughed and said," You are already missing your husband. I have no plans of keeping him here. Come I will show you where he is." While we moved away I was sure of the large gathering following us with their eyes. And we both were a treat to the eyes.

As Maya was in-charge of getting the nuptials room ready for Jaya and her husband, she had taken Chinna there to get her suggestions from a male perspective. Also she felt chinna could be away from the nosy relatives for a while.

When we entered Chinna was sitting on a chair by the window and reading a book. On seeing us she closed it and put it back in its place on the book shelf. Some time later we were alone and Chinna went into the bathroom and I checked out the book. It was titled "A Man's body-The owner's manual". I was thumbing through it and came across a section on different sexual positions. I was so facinated by it that I did not see Chinna approaching me.

She came up from behind and whispered softly into my ears, "Interesting eh!" I was startled and dropped the book. She simply gathered me in her arm and kissed me. All this happened so fast that I was breathless and speechless. As I regained control I scowled at her and said," You shameless man! If someone were to come in now..." She pointed to the door which she had been latched. I pretended not to understand the implication and told her,"Ok now you go out of this room so that I can freshen myself and come out." She laughed, kissed me once again, wore her coat and went out.

Chinna practically ignored me on our journey back to the hotel. She was seriously discussing vehicles and KL road conditions with our driver. This was a new experience for me until I realised that it was necessary for both of us to relate freely to the outside world. It was our last night in KL. I did feel a twinge of jealousy but soon settled down to watching the road and the shops. I tried to decide what I had to buy the next afternoon on our way back from the marriage hall. Chinna might lose her patience if I spent too much time at the shops.

I need not have worried about Chinna's interest in me. As soon as we entered the lift at the hotel Chinna started pawing me. I pleaded with her," Please Athan, have patience till we reach the room." She laughed and said," Ok Pri, I will try." As if to confirm our committment to our new identities, after that moment I always called her Athan and she always called me Pri.

Athan pulled me to her and hugged me tight as soon as we latched the door to our room. I did not have the heart to tell her to wait till I could take off my make-up and comb my hair. How could I, when I could see that she was trembling with desire. After hugging me tight and kissing me deeply for several minutes she calmed down a little. She released me from the tight embrace and stood back to admire me as she removed her coat and tie. Then she started undressing me. She took off my jacket and tossed it away as I kicked off my shoes. Next to go was my kameez. Then she undid my salwar and I helped her to take it off. I stood in my baby pink panties and bra. Her hands were moving all over my body in a frenzy. Despite all the frenzy, I managed to unbutton and unzip her. While she took off her shirt and trousers, I tied my hair in a bun at the back of my neck. She stood in front me in a vest and brief. Her cock, the source of my joy, was straining against the cotton brief. I freed it by pulling off the brief while Chinna undid my bra. She then took off her vest and pulled off my panties.

As we stood naked, Chinna picked me up in both her arms, moved me up and started sucking my breast as she carried me around the room. In a short while she placed me on the bed. As I assumed a comfortable position, she was beside me with her mouth on my pussy and her cock staring me in the face. We licked each other vigorously for a while. Suddenly she got up and asked to get on my fours in the doggy fashion. My feet and ankle were outside the edge of the bed while my knee cap rested on the bed. I knew my bums were invitingly exposed to my husband who rammed her cock into my pussy as she stood on the floor besides the bed. As she moved back and forth inside me, she would occasionally pause, lean forward and squeeze my breasts. Sometimes she would slap me in frenzy on the sides of my buttocks. She kept doing this and till my orgasm started. Now I kept my pushing my buttocks back at her keeping time with my orgasmic rhythm. She took another minute to climax while I had reached the zenith of my pleasure and remained there for a long time.

It was about a week after our return from KL that one day I noticed a blood stain in my panties. I thought it was my first period. But then it seemed to be a little too early for that. Then the spotting disappeared and my periods just did not come. The pregnancy test confirmed my suspicions! When I told Athan, she hugged me. We did not tell anyone and continued with our routines. Two weeks later, one morning I threw up at my work place.

Then my pregnancy became known to the world. Sore breasts, fatigue, and frequent urination followed the nausea. In another two weeks I had abdominal cramps. At two and half months, I still did not look pregnant. But I tended to be moody and cried for no reason at all. Athan felt confused but was supportive. By the third month I started feeling more energetic. Physically my skin had bothersome patches and there was a line on my stomach. At fourth month I could feel my baby move and I could feel it turn. By the fifth month I was clearly pregnant for the world to see. Our parents took turns to be with us. As my baby grew, I felt pain in my back. After the 7th month I noticed that the baby was gradually going down. I was worried until my doctor told me it was normal. Only troublesome thing was, wanting to pee all the time! Towards the close of my term my baby seemed to fill me totally without any movement at all. But the funny thing is, we had sex all through my pregnancy.

I delivered my baby on the 9th of June. Athan held my hand while I shrieked in pain. Now it is just eight days and I am back in action to tell you my story. I have to end my story here. My little one is crying. I need to feed him. My husband and I will be soon visiting Babaji to seek his blessings.