Shilpa Bala


I wear all types of feminine clothes, but I like the traditional Indian dresses the most. When I wear ghaghra-cholis, sarees and sometimes salwar suits I add charm to myself with big red bindis. My best dress-up has been with a pink silky lattice work ghaghra choli. While the silky inner side gently rubbed my hairless legs, I watched the outer pleats form a large canopy as I twirled in front of the mirror. The tiny choli no doubt covered my breasts but did not hide their lovely shape and delightful size. Between these garments, my smooth midriff, was sexily exposed.


"You know Shilpa, dressing up like a woman is one thing and really being someone's wife are not the same. I know you can pass for a woman but can you be a good wife as well." I understood that my wife Bala was throwing me a challenge. I thought for a while and said, "I don't know if I can but I will surely try, if only you would be my husband."


She had not expected me to suggest that in response to her challenge. But there was no way she could back out now. She thought for a while and agreed. I added that I would be a housewife only if she went to work as a husband should. So we decided she would be a working husband and I, a housewife for a day.


The local TV channel had advertised August 29th as 'Wife's day'. It seemed to be a good day for us to swap our roles.


We had planned to get up early and change. But we were so excited by the idea that we kept talking about it the previous night and made love many times. We slept late and got up late. I had fixed up for Bala a series of housecalls for selling my company's vaccuum cleaner. Her four calls were between 7 am and 9 am before the menfolk in those houses left for work. Since time was limited, we decided that she should dress up and leave first.


Lucky for us, both of us were somewhat short and slim and we could pad up well to give ourselves a nice figure or shape. My compnay insisted on salesmen being slim so that, using stuffed cotton vests and padded briefs,all of them can be made to look equally muscular and virile. Our trousers were tightfitting making sure that housewives would not miss the bulge at the front. We were required to wear elevated platform shoes to complete our image of being handsome men. Our looks made our male customer feel inferior but had the ladies very willing to deal with us.


No wonder Bala looked every inch a handsome man when she put on my uniform. She tied her short hair into a fashionable pony tail and wore a silver ring in one ear. As she wore the elevated shoes, I changed into her discarded flimsy nightie. She came over to me in a very masculine voice and said, "Bye Shilpa darling. See you in afternoon. By the time I come back, you must look your sexy best for me ok?" As she hugged and kissed me hard, I, being in my bare feet, had to stand on my toes to offer my lips to her.


Even before I could recover from the breathtaking kiss and ask her to have breakfast or atleast tea, she was out of the house and I could hear the motorbike being kick-started.

I flopped on the frontroom sofa and thought about my husband's parting hug and kiss. I smiled to myself and said to myself, "Yess! My husband loves me."


Being used to dressing up, I knew I did not have too much time. Fortunately body hair not grown back since my last waxing. Also I had already invested in a body suit which gave me a nice upper body with my waist narrowed, breasts fully ripe, butts enlarged and hips widened. I even had a nice pouch for my cockette which allowed me to pee sitting down. The suit had an artificial pussy but it did not go very deep. After a nice bubble bath I wore the suit and stepped out.


As my husband wanted me to be sexy for her, on our bed I laid out my lace bra and panties. Once worn, my skin could be partly seen and partly hidden. Long ago I had realised that nothing looks as sexy as diaphnous yellow saree worn over a skimpy blouse and a silky petticoat. I took them out of our wardrobe and placed them on the bed.


Fixing a hair band on my head, I started working on my face. Using a whitening spot corrector, I gave my face a uniform shade and smoothness. Liquid makeup, powder puff followed. Then I did my eyes with mascara and liner. My eyebrows were naturally thin. Then I lined my lips with a lipliner and filled in with coffee brown lipstick. Then I fixed a false hairdo. Danglers and a string of small yellow beads found their place on my body. I wanted to finish cooking before I wore the saree. So I just wore my bra and panties and pulled on a pair of blue jeans and a red tight fitting tank top.


Just then I could hear the key turning on the front door. It had to be the servant. We had forgotten to tell her to take a holiday. I was simply frozen in my tracks as she came in. From the front hall she could look into our bedroom and see me. I had no choice but to walk towards her.


She smiled at me and said, "Aap saab ki behan hain na. Mai Sarla bai hoon." Without even waiting for an answer she walked into the kitchen. From there she called out, "Aunty bhi baher gayi kya?" I had managed to recover a bit and said,"Haan"


After that Sarla was busy with her work. I kept out of her way as much as possible. After a long time she called out to me and said, "Aunty ko late ho raha hai, my roti bhaji bana doon kya?" I thought about it and said, "haan". That took another half an hour.


Just before she left, Sarla tried to chat me up. "Aap job karti hain ki padayi karti hain?" Then she asked me if I was married. When I said I was not, she assured me that I was beautiful and I would soon find my Rajkumar. I blushed and asked her what was beautiful about me. She said quite openly that men would fall for my nice full breasts, narrow waist and full hips which were just ready to deliver a baby. I just smiled shyly. Sarla laughed loudly and went out of the front door.


By the time Sarla left it was twelve o'clock. I felt happy about her remarks and the fact that all housework was done. Now I had about an hour before Bala returned. I set the table for two of us and went into the bedroom make myself "sexy" for my husband.


As the silky petticoat brushed my legs I began to feel hot and sexy. By the time I wore the blouse and saree and looked into the mirror, I knew I had made the right choice for my hubby. That afternoon Bala agreed I was an efficient housewife and a sexy bedmate and made love to me as never before.





One day there was no one in my house. I shaved all my body hair and took an oil bath. Then I stuffed and wore my sisters bra and panties. I felt bold so I went ahead and wore her bangles, gold chain and silver golusu (anklets). Now I could not stop myself. I made up my face nicely and wore a bindi. Having come so far I decided to wear her old school uniform and shoes.


Since I was a little bigger than her the uniform was tight on me and my breasts were clearly outlined. When my sister came back unexpectedly she was surprised to see me. As one of her classmates, a boy, was with her she just played along. She introduced me as her sister and went in to get some coke for all of us. For a while the boy stared at me. Atlast he managed to whisper, "You look beautiful. What is your name?" I told him I was Supraja. He gave me his mobile number and asked me to call him up.


In the meanwhile my sister came back. As we drank the coke I could see the boy's eyes going  repeatedly towards my breasts.


It felt good to know that a boy was attracted to me. Next when I dressed up, I called him up. So started a relationship. I told him I will let him into my panties only after we married. He reluctantly agreed. Whenever he felt too hot I would give him relief with my mouth. In a few years I managed to undergo the operation and got married to him. Even today he does not know why I cannot bear him children.




It was dassera time. Some of my friends wanted to go to the pandals. They really wanted to get introduced to some of the girls coming there. They needed a girl to help them with the intros. So they begged me to dress up as a girl as I was rather small and could pass off easily. When I resisted they forcibly took off my clothes, made me wear a stuffed bra and panties. Then they dropped me on a bed. as I tried to get up, one of the boys came forward, grabbed me and kissed me fully on my lips. another boy was busy taking photographs of what was happening. Now the trap was set. I had the choice of helping them or explain the photographs to my parents. To make it sweeter they said they will also give me hundred rupees for every girl I caught for them.


I agreed to help them, not too reluctantly. I was anyway a closet cross dresser. This was a chance of a lifetime. When I went into the pandal I realised that many girls there were also looking for boys. Soon I had made a cool thousand rupees as each of my friends slipped a crisp hundred rupee note into my purse before disappearing with the girl I had got for him. As last of my friends left I felt someone tapping me on the shoulder. I was scared as I turned. I found a tall boy looking straight into my eyes. He looked familiar. I realised it was my cousin Diya dressed as a boy. She had wanted to avoid the boys and was therefore dressed up as a boy. She took my hand and pulled me out on to the street. To anyone watching it was only a boy taking out his girl friend. No one could guess who was the real boy and who the real girl. Once outside, my cousin told me that she had spotted me right away because of my friends and she had seen me getting money from my friends. She said now that she was a boy and I a girl, I better hand over the money to her. I felt trapped again but I must say she really treated me well as a girl friend and even made love to me in the hotel room she hired with my money!




She told me to put on her clothes as she wanted me to experience life as a wife for the weekend. She said that was the only way I will understand things from a woman's point of view.

So she taught me to dress me up for the next day. Next morning I got up early. Had my bath with haldi water and dressed up properly in a saree. Then I did the rangoli in front of our house in the half light of the early morning. I could feel the early morning 'walkers' staring at my butt as I bent down to draw the lines on the ground. I thought to myself, 'Bastards! Don't they have women at home. How can they stare at the neighbour's wife. That was my first lesson as a woman.


Then I made some tea for my 'husband' and took it her bedside. Instead of sipping tea, she simply pulled me on to the bed. My saree flew off and I landed on her with my false breast resting squarely on her lips. She bit off my nipples and her hands played tabla on my butts. Despite my heart pounding I enjoyed her attention. As I got away from her and retied my saree she got a free show of my body. That made her whistle and made me blush.


That day, while I got busy with all the wifely jobs like washing, ironing, cooking and cleaning, my 'husband' would sneak up from behind me and touch my body in erotic spots. I understood how difficult it is to concentrate on your work if your husband plays with your body all the while. She pacified me by feeding me while we ate together.


During afternoon, I also had to sit on my "hubby's" knee while she watched football. If some player played well she would shout in joy and press my false boobs or put a hand between my legs and squeeze. I tried to protect myself and failed. The trouble was in guessing where I would be touched next. This was one game where she won hands up and down! By the end of the game I was so hot that I begged her to take me.


Despite all the ups and downs (hey you see a pun here!), I loved being her wife so much that we decided to swap roles. From that day we never had an argument in our house. That makes me think that our 'physical' gender is less important than our 'mental' one.



When I was 17, my girlfriend dressed me up as her friend. She was going to see her future Jijaji and wanted a girlfriend to go along with her. She did not want our other friends to know about the possible match, as that boy was sought after by many familis. Since we were meeting him in a city hotel for dinner, she decided both of us should go in sarees. She stitched up a new blouse for me for one of her sarees. Using her petticoat was no problem. But we had to buy a new bra, a wig and sandals for me.


With her help I got ready. I didnt have much body or facial hair. Still I shaved off everything I had. She asked me to sit in front of a mirror wearing just a towel and she made up my face. She started the dress-up first with the filled bra and then with the green satin petticoat. The specially made green blouse fitted me very nicely. I was a little uncomfortable with its deep neck and low back. My friend assured me it was the current fashion and will not attract too much attention. She then made me wear a green Chiffon saree, I could the outline of my blouse and my stomach through the thin material. Now I was not so sure that some men would not drool on seeing me. Now I wore the wig and she braided the hair in a single pleat. I knew I looked good. We went to meet her future jijaji and I was introduced as her friend Sonia. He was a nice guy and we also met his brother and sure enough he started trying to hit on me and my gf. I was keen to keep him off my gf, little knowing I would succeed so well in this job. Seeing that we were hitting off very well, my gf's jijaji offered to drop her leaving me with his brother.


Without knowing how, I was soon in the brother's room and he was making passionate love to me. I too liked his attentions. Now I dont know if I should remain someone's girlfriend or try to get back my own girl friend.



My bhabhi was going to a womens' get-together and I insisted on going with her. So she decided to take me as her devrani. She first asked me to remove all my body hair. Then she gave me her bra, blouse and petticoat. Then she wrapped me up in her beautiful pink saree. She also gave me golden bangles, a pair of anklets, a golden necklace and pair of her gold earrings. She made up my face nicely and combed my hair differently.


I fitted well into the party and really thought of myself as a women in the company of other beautiful ladies in the party. The hostess wanted me to meeet her devar. As luck would have it, the devar turned up just then. He had two tickets for a movie starting in half an hour and wanted his bhabi to join him. The lady virtually pushed me on to him and I rode on his bike as a pillion and landed up at the theatre. He told me many jokes before the movie started and I was laughing as never before in my life. I started liking him then and there. You know what guys do if they are alone with a nice looking girl in a dark theatre. He had already softened me with his jokes and once inside he started pawing me. Even reaching between my legs and finding some extra fittings did not stop him!




As my dance reaches its climax my ghagra rides a bit too high & suddenly everyone in the audience is stunned. This is because they can see my erect cock. But the nawab saheb is smiling because he already knows that I am a boy. I realised what has happened but end my performance gracefully and stand in front of all the courtiers blushing furiously. The nawab claps his hands and summons one of his slaves. Right in front of everyone the slave puts his head into my ghagra and starts licking my cock. Everyone knows what is happening but cannot see my cock or the slave's mouth. Apart from servicing my cock, the slave is also squeezing my buttocks. In response, my upper body moves in a slow dance. My face shows up the intense pleasure which I am getting. The audience claps happily. Now most hands in the audience are between their legs. It is not every day that one gets to see such a real and natural dance form.



I lost all of my wealth due to gambling. The casino owner, a lady, now forces me to take on a feminized submissive role. She taunts me on how males are inferior to real females, especially to Lesbians like her and how she and her tribe will take over and reverse roles in the world.


After I come under her power, she has me constantly under a chastity belt. She would have me dressed up as sexily as possible for every evening. Then I would be shown an X-rated movies to get me excited. After that my job was to walk the floors and distract gambers into making wrong bets. I would target those who would lust after me and become their arm candy. If I manage to make someone lose all his money then my mistress would reward me by releasing me from my chastity belt and new victim would be asked to suck me off.


If I failed to do that she would make me get on fours, strap on a dildo herself and have me for the night. With time I have started enjoying both forms of sex.





I was of age 18 when I went to my mamas house. One day an invitation came to my mami for ladies sangeet from a house nearby. I insisted on going along with her. After many request, she agreed on taking me along only if I dress up as her devrani. I agreed.


She gave me a hair removing lotion and asked me to use it for removing all the hairs from my body except from my head. I went to bathroom and applied the lotion all over my body. Within half an hour, I could see my smooth and shiny skin, without any hair.


When I went to the music gathering, I found lots of ladies in one room. Most of them are careless about their clothes as this was only ladies meet. The ladies were wearing beautiful sarees, salwar suit and even some of them were wearing lehenga. Suddenly there was a lot of noise in the outside room. We heard the servants screaming in fear. Soon a gang of dacoits entered the room. We understood that the servants had been captured and we were at the mercy of the dacoits. Many of the ladies fainted and I started crying.


The leader of the dacoits came into our room and said, "Behnoan (sisters), dont be afraid. I am not going to loot you or rape you. My six men here and me have not been with a girl for the last one one week and we are restless. I just want a young girl to make all of us happy.


As all the women there were over forty, they felt relieved. Then the head dacoit's eyes rested on me. "That girl is ok." More than me, my mami was terrified. She started screaming. The other women were merciless in pushing me towards the sardar. They said, anyway the sardar was not planning to rape anyone. So a couple of ladies took away my mami to the other room to keep her quiet. Others were curious what the sardar wanted from me the chosen "girl".


The sardar said, "We seven are like indra-dhanush. Let the girl come in different coloured dresses to please us one by one. I stand guarantee that none of us will undress her or touch her pussy.


Some of the women took me to the bedroom of the house. They explained to me that I should co-operate for sake of everybody. They promised to dress me up so nicely that the men would all reach their climax by merely looking at me.


As I always appeared before the women in a petticoat with my panties properly in place, no one guessed the extras that I had. They only felt my breasts had not grown up but did not see too much trouble in creating a padded breast for me. Soon I felt the ladies were enjoying the whole business.


The ladies pulled out sarees and petticoats from all the wardrobes to make sure I was dressed in all the colours of the rainbow to please the men. I went into the men's room the first time in a blue saree wrapped over a matching blouse and petticoat. My hair was in a single long plait. I kept my eyes lowered as I entered the room. I could see many men groan in disappointment while their leader laughed loudly. The sardar explained that each of them had selected one colour for themselves and I had turned up in sardar's colour. He laughed once again and said to his gang, "Isn't she a lucky girl." Saying so he picked me up and carried me to the chamber reserved for pleasing the men.


Once inside, he bolted the door and said to me,"Dont be afraid my little one. I am very easy to please. I will also tell you the secret wishes of each of my gang members. You will not have any problem. Quickly he explained what his gang would want."


By now I felt courageous. "What do you want my brave sardar." "Oh nothing..." he hesitated. I felt bold now and encouraged him. When he told me I had to control my giggle. The sardar wanted to pretend that he was a cow and I was his milkmaid. Within minutes I had milked him into a cup and he went away a very happy man. From then on it was too easy.