The Transformation

My partner and I ran a public relations agency. We were doing reasonably well. We were not among the top twenty five in Bombay but hoped to be there soon. We were looking for an account which would give us the push to reach the top. It was then that the owner of Transformation apprached us. It was a beauty parlour run by Lily Fonseca. She had one branch at Colaba and another at Bandra. Her objective was only to make herself known in the two localities where she had her establishments. We made some preliminary enquiries and found out that they had competent staff who did an excellent job. But they were known to be a bit expensive, but those who patronised them, swore by the quality of their work.

We decided to take up the account and asked Lily to give us a week's time to come with a concept. We had been toying with various approaches until one morning I had an idea. I had just completed my morning exercises and was examining my muscles in the mirror. I was quite pleased with my slim and trim body. I was an inch shorter than the six feet people assumed me to be and I never bothered to correct them. I smiled at my image in the mirror. The only blemish I could notice was a somewhat masculine hair growth on my upper lip. I thought to myself that I needed to visit Lily to remove that. It was then that an idea struck me. I rang up my partner and suggested that we meet within the next hour to discuss my idea.

By the time I reached our office in Sion my partner was already there. "Jaya, I think I have found the concept for promoting Transformation...". My partner smiled in his usual charming way and asked me to sit down and explain things.

Jaya, who went by the official name of Jayaram, was a level headed introverted person. Though his coolness and charming smile, often made me want to bash him up, I controlled myself because I needed him to tone down my over-enthusiasm. Not only our minds but also our bodies were a study in contrast. He was almost half a foot shorter than me with a nice angelic face. I used to tease him that he could be a model for Amul butter. Though there was a layer of fat all under his skin, one could not call him fat. Looking at him, I had often thought he could, with a little make-up, pose as a cherubic lady for Ruben or Ravi Verma. Once again this thought passed through my mind as I started explaining my concept for Transformation. Actually my concept took a quantum jump with the passage of this thought.

"Transformation is a parlour meant for both men and women", I started on my explanation, "So it is best that people see some good examples of their work. My plan is as follows. You and I will pair with a girl and a boy. Each pair will enter one branch of the parlour at exactly seven pm on a Saturday evening and come out at eight fully transformed".

"Before that we would have run an ad in the local supplements for people to come and watch the parlour entrance between 7.00 to 7.15 pm and observe the clients ntering and repeat the observation between 8.00 and 8.15 pm of clients leaving. They would e-mail us their observations. The ten best answers would receive a weekend packages at a nearby resort".

After seeking a few clarifications, Jaya agreed with my concept. We fleshed out the details and met Lily with our plans. She was somewhat amused by the idea, but assured us that she could deliver finished products worthy of the hype being created by us. She was only worried that the housing societies where the parlours were located might object to crowds inside their premises. Jaya and I felt it could be turned to our advantage by not letting the crowds get too close to our "finished products". We decided to employ a security agency for crowd control and decided the pair would come out of the parlours, linger for a moment in the lights of the foyer and get into the waiting taxis right inside the society compounds. That way they would be atleast ten feet away from spectators.

Soon after Lily's approval, we ran the ads to select a boy and a girl to pair us. To maintain secrecy we conducted the interviews in a hotel room.

I had the first go at the interviews. The boys whom I had to interview had been shortlisted by evaluating their responses to a set of questions on a computer. The questions were graded first to test physical characeteristics, secondly to examine past influences, thirdly the mental make up and lastly the secret desires. The critical questions hidden among routine questions were: How often do you shave in a week? Those shaving more than once were rejected. How tall are you? Those more than 68 inches were rejected. What is your waist measurement? Waists larger than 28 inches were rejected. Do you think boys are stronger persons than girls and should never cry? Those who answered yes were rejected. If you are the youngest of the family, how many sisters do you have? Those with two elder sisters were favoured. Did you ever feel jealous about their lovely dresses? Yes answers were favoured. What role did you take up for fancy dress or in a school play? Those who had dressed up as girls were given more questions. Do you think it is better in today's world to be a girl than a boy? The yes answer was favoured. Would you be upset if your job requires you to dress up as a girl without anyone knowing? If given a chance would you like to live as a girl in a small circle of friends.

The next part of the test was a vocal test. Those who could sing with a girl's voice were shortlisted.

I met the five shortlisted boys over lunch. They were asked to behave like girls during the lunch. I observed their walk, talk and gentleness at the table. Post lunch only two remianed. I asked both to read a preset passage from Mills and Boon. When they came in one after another, to see me, I asked them what they had liked in the passage. One said he liked the part where the girl looks out of the window at her sweetheart approaching her house.

The second said he liked the part when "I move into my sweetheart's strong arms". I asked the second one to go into the adjoining room and change into a dress kept there and return to me. While he changed, I checked his papers. I began to feel that Uma, known officially as Umakanth, would meet my needs.

Shortly the door to the adjoining room opened. Uma was wearing a light blue pleated frock. I put out my arms and said to him, "Uma darling come to me". He responded word for word from the book. "...And I thought you would never come," and moved into my arms. My choice had been made. For the project, I decided to change my name from Ms. Chandra to Mr. Chandrakanth and enrolled Uma as my girlfriend.

"What kind of men do you like", Jaya asked the first of the last two left behind in his selection process as he put down the telephone after completeing a call.

The five feet ten inches tall swimmer with short hair, possessing bulkier biceps than boobs and wearing faded jeans, looked straight into Jaya's eyes and said, "I like short buttery ones with shiny cheeks". Having said that Aswini leaned forward, held Jaya's head in her hands and kissed him on the lips.

Before Jaya could regain composure, Aswini walked to the door of the room, peeped out and told the other girl waiting her turn, "Sorry my friend. The interview is over and I am selected. The boss has asked me to tell you to go away."

"Hey, hey..." Jaya started saying...

Aswini once again closed the door, turned around, smiled at Jaya and said, "Look; I agree you are the boss. You will not regret selecting me. I have the confidence that you will be fully satisfied with me around..."

Jaya saw no reason to contest Ashwini's words. Her physical appearance and mental profile were quite suited for the job on hand. To confirm matters, Jaya could still feel a tingling sensation on his lips where Ashwini had kissed him.

We had selected the Saturday when our plan would be executed. The morning papers had carried the news about the Observation Contest in their city supplements. We had put ten girls on the task of calling up the households in the target area. We were sure of a reasonable gathering. We had photographers appointed to cover the event so that we could create stories for tabloids.

The four of us gathered at my house in New Bombay. I am fortunate enough to own a row house with a private garage. It was the first house on a lane off the main road. We could drive out without attracting too much attention from my neighbours.

We were all seated in the main hall watching Tootsie on my home theatre. Ashwini was dressed in a light green saree with a matching blouse. Her pink lipstick was a little too loud on her dark skin. Her short hair was dishevelled. She was seated on a sofa with her feet up. Her saree had moved up a little revealing her hairy legs. Her hands were folded against her flat chest. The arms of her blouse were at bursting-point because of her muscles. There was a smile on her face as she saw Dustin Hoffman struggle with the baby. I was dressed in a sober non-descript fashion. The black loose shirt and grey trousers were almost unisex in design. My short hair was hidden by a shoulder length wig and I was wearing leather sandals without heels.

Jaya was wearing a light grey shirt and formal black trousers. His shiny black shoes were highly noticeable. They had two inches of sole and another inch of inner padding. Jaya managed to look as tall as Ashwini. As his sleeves were folded, I noticed that his arms were very smooth looking. One of Lily's assistants had visited my house in the morning to make sure that both Jaya and Uma had no body hair. She had also done their eyebrows and nails and given them facials.

Uma was dressed in a plain white kurta and pajama. His dark false moustache was a bit funny on the soft skin of his face. He looked a little nervous. I smiled at him and said that I will be with him all the way. He visibly relaxed with my assurance.

The time was four thirty in the evening when the movie ended. The plan was to leave by 5.30 pm. Jaya volunteered to make some tea for all of us. Uma volunteered to help him. As they left the room I winked at Ashwini. She nodded her head. Jaya and Uma were in a way doing, what girls would, in a mixed company.

"Hey girls, give us something to eat", Ashwini bellowed out to them so that the two of them could hear her in the kitchen.

"You will only get fatter if you keep eating like this", was the response from the kitchen.

I smiled to myself and started feeling more confident about our campaign.

We reached the parking lot at Dadar TT around 6.30 pm. We got out of the car and locked it and started looking for taxis to take us to our destinations. Uma and I were going to Bandra and Jaya and Ashwini were going to Colaba.

It was not yet 7 pm when we reached Bandra. I went into a shoe shop and bought myself a pair of kolhapuris of size 8 and pair of ladies heels of size 7. This way we reached Transformation a couple of minutes after seven pm.

I got out of the taxi first and went into the parlour stealing a glance at the crowd of about 100 people who were waiting on the footpath near the entrance. Uma came in leisurely after paying for the taxi.

Lily's sister Shaina greeted us enthusiastically. She asked us to quickly move into a separate room assigned to us. There were no other customers in the parlour as it was beyond normal closing hours. Clearly she had a lot to do in one hour. She asked me to wait, while she started off with Uma. She removed Uma's moustache and asked him to go into the adjoining bathroom, strip completely and wear the special body suit kept there for him. In five minutes Uma was back in the room. The body suit with a soft texture and skin colour gave him a good figure with 34c breasts, natural waist of 26 and a padded hips of 34. Now he even had soft and luxuriant pubic hair. Shaina merged the edges of the suit with Uma's body by using some clever make-up. Then she made Uma wear a sheer bra with only lace work for the cups. Portions of his breasts were visible through the windows of the lace and it made him very sexy. The panties were also made of lace allowing few strands of his public hair to escape through the lattice work. Uma was blushing now. Though he had had quite a few practice sessions trying to be a girl, this was for real now.

Shaina asked Uma to wear a dressing gown and sit in front of one of the mirrors. Shaina's assistants started working on his face. The foundation went up followed by powder puffs. The lashes and eyelids were done next. Then came a little colouring of his cheeks, followed by a proper application of lipstick. I could observe professional competence in their work. Then they parted Uma's hair in the middle and skillfully fixed an expensive wig. The cascading hair now covered all of Uma's back. Shaina tied it into a pony tail.

"Ok, dear, you get a short break now, while I attend to your boyfriend", Shaina told Uma. Uma smiled at me. Her eyes got automatically lowered when I looked into his eyes and smiled back. As I had predicted, he was turning out to be a very pretty girl.

Shaina now gave me my inner costume. I went into the bathroom to wear it. When I wore it I realised it was tight around my chest, flattening it in the process. My waist was enlarged by a padding and so my buttocks did not look too large. The interesting part was a special artificial cock. I was amused by it. When I wore the brief and vest and went back to the room, Shaina winked at me.

My makeup consisted of implanting microscopic black dots on my face to give it a shaven look. I also acquired a small but well developed moustache. Shaina added some hair to my brows and combed my naturally short hair in a manly style.

My dress for the evening was orange red kurta and pajama along with an off-white jacket. Jacket helped to cover any minor distortions in my bodyline.

"Ok, darling let us get back to work," Shaina turned her attention to Uma. "Take off your gown and let us give you different dresses so that your guy can select the one he wants you to wear this evening. Afterall we girls try different dresses to attract these men, right?" Shaina laughed.

The navy blue translucent dress moved with Uma's body and accentuated the curves. It was definitely an improvement over the previous one. But I wanted a "wow" response from the public who were watching the parlour entrance for something dramatic.

The last dress met my requirements. The orange chaniya choli with jari work was really grand. When Uma wore it, I could see that the fit was excellent and his curves were very well accentuated. Particularly his pert breasts and round proportionate buttocks looked very attractive in it. He looked every inch a young girl dressed for a social occasion. The addition of ornaments on his legs, hands, neck and face added to his beauty. I smiled indulgently at Uma as he pirouetted happily in front of us. Suddenly he felt shy as he felt all eyes on him.

The last touch by Shaina was superb. She made Uma wear a mangalsutra. A tiny bindi and a little sindoor completed the traditional look. A light veil on his head made him look a little vulnerable. Lastly Uma wore the heels which I had bought for him. He did not falter at all as swayed his hips just a little walked around the room.

We were ready now. Shaina made us pose together in front of a mural. As we turned after being photographed, we caught our images in the huge mirror on the wall. For a moment we kept staring at the image. Then suddenly, Uma was in my arms and I was kissing him. Shaina and her staff applauded happily as we hugged each other. For all practical purposes, Uma was my wife and I was "her" husband.

Just in case we had forgotten and decided to move on to other activities of a husband and wife, Shaina reminded us that the time was 8 pm and we needed to move on. As a parting gift Uma got a soft leather bag with a few essenential womanly things and I got a wrist bag with my keys, money etc.

We paused for a moment under the bright porch light while Uma pretended to adjust his ear studs and I adjusted my kolhapuris. Then we got into the waiting cab. Uma asked the cab driver in his sweet girlish voice to take us to Dadar TT parking lot. I held Uma's hand as the cab pulled out. We did not look at the observant crowd.

We reached my car in the lot in about 45 minutes. We sat in it to wait for our friends. In about five minutes, a tall hefty fellow got out of a cab which halted on the opposite side of the road. As the taxi moved off, we saw the girl who had got off from the other door. She was dressed in an onion coloured silk saree with a simple gold chain around her beautiful neck. As she moved to a side to cross the road, we were struck by the length of her hair which reached her buttocks.

Her companion was a rugged bearded guy, dressed in a loose fitting white shirt and trousers. His shoes were polished to perfection. As they were about to cross the road, the guy put his arms around the girl's waist and she moved close to him quite endearingly. As the couple reached the middle of the road, Uma whispered to me excitedly,"By God! It is Jaya and Ashwin".

Both of us got out of the car to welcome our friends. As they approached, Jaya waved out to me. I was so amazed that I did not even wave back. I was totally amazed at how beautiful my partner had become. Uma pulled at my dress and said, "Chandru, Don't stare at Jaya like that. I am getting jealous..."

I came back to my senses quickly as I put my hands around Uma's waist and pulled him to me. His sensous perfume hit my nose as his ample buttocks brushed my legs.

We complimented each other as Jaya and Aswini came near us. Jaya told us of the good crowd which saw them leave the Colaba branch of Tranformation. There had been a lot of cheeering when they had come out. He shared with us the poloroid photographs of the various dresses he had tried before conceding to Aswin's request that he should wear a saree. He almost looked at her accusingly for not letting him come out with one of the other dresses.

While I was thinking of the good public response so far. I noticed Ashwin examing Uma closely. She went near Uma and examined his mangalsutra. Suddenly she put her hand on Uma's stomach and said, "Hey, when is your first baby coming out". Uma blushed and pinched the back of Aswin's hand. As Aswin cried out in pain, Jaya and I laughed. Jaya said to Ashwin, " Serves you right". Uma felt bad so he took Ashwini's hand and kissed it where he had pinched her. Both Uma and Aswin were standing quite close. Apparently the perfume worn by Uma worked on Aswini as well. Ashwini planted a light kiss on Uma's forehead. Jaya started making noises; "Hey! Hey! Don't forget I am here". Ashwin sidestepped and picked up Jaya by the waist despite his protests and planted his little lady on the bonnet of the car.

"My sweet heart, Have a heart and don't be jealous. See how your smooth and shiny legs are affecting Chandru". Jaya's saree had moved up while being placed on the bonnet and I was indeed looking at his nice shapely legs. There was a moment's silence but then all of us laughed out at the humour of the situation.

As the leader of the group, I said, "Ashwini is right. All of us belong to each other. We just need to have fun together. After all that hard work today, we deserve a nice break. Let us start with dinner".

At the resturant, we found a table at the back of the hall. As we sat down, I found Uma whispering something into Jaya's ears. The ever ready Aswin told them that the ladies loo was down the corridor.

The meal was full of fun and laughter, probably helped by a little gin which Aswini had added to the girls' lemonade while they were away at the loo.

After consuming all that fluid, I too felt the urge to visit the loo. While I could unzip to do my job, I found the appendage provided on the costume was capable of swelling and stiffening on being squeezed.

I left the experiment halfway to avoid embarassment as I went back to my table.

Safely inside the house we photographed ourselves as different pairs. All our inhibitions and posessiveness were gone and we were teasing each other freely.

We were in my living room. I was seated on the floor next to Jaya and was feeling up his smooth legs without even thinking about it. Jaya said, "Hey partner! You are making me horny". I simply smiled and moved one of my arms to Jaya's boobs. They were larger than Uma's because Ashwini had made him wear a padded bra. But Jaya's breasts felt good to squeeze.

In the meanwhile, Uma and Ashwini were dancing to music. Ashwini kept pinching Uma's bottom while Uma giggled. I suspected that gin was working on Uma. All his shyness was gone. As the music came to an end, Ashwini declared, "Let us play rummy".

"What an unromatic thing to do", I thought until Ashwini explained the rules.

We moved into the large bedroom to play. Jaya won the first round. As a penalty, I took off my kurta, Ashwini took off a shawl and Uma took off his salwar. Jaya seemed to be lost in thought. Suddenly she flared up at Ashwini,"You cheat! You have extra things on". Aswini laughed and took off her pants as well. Her strong and hairy legs were now revealed. Uma looked with awe and amusement at the obvious bulge in Ashwini's briefs. Next round was won by Ashwini. I tugged at Jaya's blouse. He removed it obligingly. I could not help staring at the silk bra holding Jaya's breasts. I removed my pajama and sat in my brief and vests. Uma had taken off his salwar, revealing his beautiful silky legs, flat stomach. As I had noted earlier his firm young breasts could be seen through the lace. Ashwini seemed more interested in Uma's lace panties and his partially visible pubic hair. By the end of the next round the Uma took off his bra and Jaya took off his panties. I leaned forward and kissed Uma's bared boobs while Ashwini reached for the junction of Jaya's legs.

Soon enough everything was in a haze. Bodies were moving on the bed uncontrollably. Dresses came off without the need for further card games.

In a few minutes, Uma and Jaya were were standing on the floor with all their dresses gone. Their smooth curvaceous bodies for fully exposed for our enjoyment. Ashwini and I responded as men would were expected to, and made passionate love to our lovely darlings.

As we reached our climaxes, I only thought about the larger party we would have with our contest winners. I was sure they had to think along same lines as we did, to find out and describe what had happened and they would be equally willing to play the game as we did.