Once my sister and I took an overnight train to attend a relative's wedding. Unfortunately I lost my bag in the train. I did not have anything to wear for the wedding. My sister told me not to worry. She had enough clothes and agreed to lend me her lehanga choli. That way I could pass off as my eldest sister. Anyway it was not the first time I was wearing my sister's clothes in public! She too knew about this hobby of mine.


By the time we reached the hotel, our parents had gone to the wedding leaving instructions at the desk that the room keys should be given to us. We went to the room and started preparing. Fortunately my father's razor was there and it helped me remove all my body hair. I had my bath and came out wearing my sister's panties. She folded my father's lungi, arranged it inside my panties so that my bums looked big, nice and round like a girl's. Then she padded up the bra with two small mangoes from the fruit basket, filling up the gaps in the bra cups with cotton swabs and toilet paper. Then she asked me to wear it. These breasts felt heavy and when I protested, she assured me they though a bit heavy, they looked full, ripe and edible like the mangoes inside.


Then she did my eyebrows and combed my longish hair into a nice girlish style. I sat patiently while she painted the my nails on hands and feet. As the polish dried off she made up my face to look fair, free of dark spots, smooth and glowing. There added just a little bit of healthy rosiness to my cheeks. Then she pulled up some of my chest muscles from under my bra to create a cleavage which looked very sexy once I dressed up in the lehanga choli. The choli was tight and its cups were well stiched. That made my 'breasts' along with its visible cleavage look shapely and natural. My sister squeezed my breasts to see how they felt. I blushed and was also afraid the ripe mangos would crack up letting the juice would come out. As I was telling her my fears she laughed and slapped my butts and said both my breasts and butts looked nice and round and men would love to squeeze and pinch them. Again I blushed at her words she laughed and said I was behaving like a girl still untouched by a man.


To complete my girly looks she made me wear jewlry. The thin chain with a diamond pendent resting in my cleavage was like a magnet to make men notice my full breasts. The danglers on my ears moved as I turned my head and reflected light in many directions to draw attention to me. She gave me her heels which made click clok sounds on the hard floor as I walked. Everything about me was calculated to draw men's attention I carried a handbag containing all the little things a girl needs including an embaressing packet of sanitary napkins.


Once she had dressed me up, my sister got ready in just a few minutes. She had to be satisfied with a simple salwar kameez. As we walked out it was clear I was more attractive than her. I thanked her for letting me have the better looks. She smiled and said that she enjoyed dressing me more than getting dressed herself.


At the wedding I managed to pass off easily as my elder sister. Even my parents were fooled from a distance. We took them aside and explained the situation to them. They laughed and continued to play along.


We belonged to the bride's party. So I was required to help out in taking care of the groom's family. Many of their men would walk up to me on one pretext or another and linger with me until someone more important from their family came near us. I decided that I had to choose someone quite important from their family and attach myself to him so that I can keep off others.


The groom's younger brother was about my age and quite handsome. I started flirting with him and soon I had him tagging me everywhere. Other guys soon understood that I was now Manish's girl and kept away from me.


I smartly passed off some of my jobs to Manish. He was quite attracted to me and was willing to do whatever I asked. Some fresh flowers were needed for a ceremony. Someone suggested that we could pluck some from the garden behind the marriage hall. Manish volunteered that he and I would do it.


So we went into the garden with Manish carrying a plastic ladder. As both the ladder and I were of light weight, I climbed the ladder while he held it for me. I could feel his deep breaths on the back of my thighs. My calf muscles were digging into his muscular chest. The situation was full of possibilies and a spider which crawled onto my left arm just then and started the process.


As I used my right hand to knock off the spider, I lost balance and slid down into Manish's arms. In his effort to prevent me from falling, his arms were around my body and my breasts were caught under on his strong arms. As his body pressed into mine, I could feel his hard dick above my panties. We remained in a state of shock for a few seconds. As the danger passed, Manish slowly turned me around, hugged me tight and kissed me hard on my lips.

I cannot say I did not enjoy the special treatment from this handsome young man. But we had to deliver the flowers quickly before someone came looking for us. So I pushed him off a little forcibly and continued plucking flowers from lower parts of the plant.


As we walked back, Manish asked me in a low voice, "Are you angry with me?" Keeping my face a bit serious, I asked him back, "Should I be?" He did not know what to say. Just as we were entering the hall, I smiled at him and said, "Dont worry! I am not angry with you. And you know what? I think I like you..." There was no time for him to reply.


After that Manish tried many times to get me alone. I playfully slipped away all the time. When we were leaving the hall he managed to slip a small piece of paper into my hand which said," I will ask my parents to approach your parents to make you my wife."




It was three years ago. I became friendly with a girl. We wanted to go for a movie. She refused, saying someone at the theatre would see us and tell her parents. That is when I got an idea that I could dress up as a girl and go with her. First she laughed, but later on agreed with my plan. Still after some time, she started having fresh doubts about my plan. She said people may still recognise her and want to know who the girl with her was. I thought for a while and said she could dress as a boy. That way we would confuse people known to either of us.

One day as her parents were expectd to return from their work only by late night we met at her house by afternoon. Her house was a small secluded bunglow on a quiet road. I had come by the city bus and walked a bit to reach her house. As soon as I got into the house I hugged and kissed her. She broke off saying this way we would get late for the movie and the expensive tickets would be wasted.


I had to agree and we got into her bedroom to get dressed. Though she herself was dressed in a loose fitting salwar kurta, she had laid out for me an expensive embroidered silk salwar kameez. I had already shaved off all my body hair at my house before my morning bath. Nagma had insisited on it despite the fact I would be fully covered from neck to ankle.

Now she asked me to get into her bathroom and take off my boy clothes for her to use, wear the special panties kept inside and come out.


As I wore the panties, I realised it had a special stretchable water proof container. It held my cock vertically and allowed some movement for it so that it could get erect or limp. Whatever fluid came out of my cock would remain inside the container! The panties also had a removeable, stretchable and hollow rubber plug between my legs. The plug could stretch when needed and serve as a pussy. Once pulled out, it will help drain the fluids collected from my cock. As I fingered the pussy it caused nice sensations on my cock, telling me it was internally connected. I was sure if something moved in my 'pussy' for some time my cock would deliver the orgasm. The pussy was designed to rest between my ass cheeks and I understood I would experience sensations that way as well.


The back of the panties was also special because it had polyurethane padding on the back to give me feminine butts. The extra padding also accomodated the false pussy nicely. The skin toned device when worn gave me flat and smooth crotch in the front covered with pubic hair to hide the stiches. In the middle it gave me a pussy to service my partner's dick. At the back it gave me soft, fleshy, round buttocks and wide hip of a woman, all created by nature to reduce the pain of delivering babies


As I wore it I could see my reflection in the mirror and realised I looked a girl below my navel. So I tied a towel around my waist and came out. Nagma smiled at me said, "Ok! You dont want me to see your new privates. No problem!" She then picked up two jiggling cones lying on the bed and fixed them on my chest. They went on with 'plop' sounds. Partial vaccum had been created between the cones and my chest and my breasts were now in place. Now I was fully equipped to function as a temporary woman.


I was a little taken aback by the devices brought out by Nagma. I also suspected she had, for her use, the necessary male half to serve my female parts. I asked her about her source for these things. She laughed and explained, "My cousin was working with an arab sheikh, who wanted him to spy on his harem, dressed as a woman. Since the money was good, my cousin agreed to it. The sheikh had ordered these gadgets for his use. Once my cousin found a job in UK, he could not bring himself to throw away these and so he left these in a trunk under my bed. He told me about it and gave me the key for safe keeping. I never knew I would get a chance to use it." But then why did the sheikh go through all this trouble for just spying. Nagma laughed and said some of the women were lesbians and needed to be serviced at least in darkness to get their secrets out! Saying so, she playfully squeezed my breasts and laughed. Though I hit her hand in mock anger, I was really enjoying the funny situation. Afterall I had often thought it would be nice to be a girl.


Nagma now gave me a body lotion to be applied all over my body including the new parts that I now had. It was meant to even out the small colour differences between my body and its new parts. I felt a bit shy to show off to Nagma my nice triangular bush on a flat crotch, so I turned my back to her while I dropped the towel to apply the lotion to my privates. I could hear Nagma laughing behind me as she said that my exposed butts looked more interesting than the front which I was trying to hide. I could do nothing but blush. Then from behind, Nagma dangled in front of me a pair of pink nylon panties and asked me to wear it. I held it in my hands and bent down to pass my legs through. My breasts were coming in my way and I could understand how large my hips must be looking from behind as I bent. Now Nagma came before me and taught me how to wear the pink bra by reversing it and hooking it below my breasts.


Nagma made me wear a house-coat while she did my make-up. Then I wore the special embroidered salwar kameez she had selected for me. I could see the dress fitted me as if specially stitched for me. Though it was not tight, it was flowing along my body and swayed to emphasise my curves as I moved. The wig, jewlry and flat arabic shoes (also from the trunk) completed my change into a sweet looking girl. In the end, Nagma asked me to open my mouth a sprayed a orange smelling liquid deep into my mouth and said, "Just keep your mouth shut for ten minutes."


I was now a girl and I was in love, so I obeyed her. Afterall she was my boyfriend for the day! While I kept quiet and watched, Nagma went into the bathroom and came out in minutes wearing a man's brief and a vest with sleeves. Her breasts seemed to have changed shape to give her a muscular chest. I thought I could see a little bulge in front of her briefs. Before I could confirm, she turned her back to me and pulled up the jeans which I had discarded. She also wore my loose fitting full sleeved shirt and folded the sleeves half-way. She tied her short hair into a pony tail and wore a steel ear-ring on one of her ears. She now walked to the dressing mirror and did something on her face. When she turned, she had a nice moustache. I was amazed at her transformation. She pulled out a pair of boots from under the bed and wore it. As she straightened up, she was atleast an inch taller than me. Also she looked every inch a man.


Just as I had, she too sparyed her mouth with a different can and waited for a few minutes. When she spoke it was a man's voice, "So we are ready! We need to have new names now. We are no longer Saleem and Nagma. I am Nadeem and you are Salma. So my darling, open your mouth and say loudly, Salma loves Nadeem." As I voiced my love for Nadeem, I realised I was not only a sweet girl but I also had nice soft voice to go with it.


Nadeem smiled and said, "Dont worry. This change of voice will last only for eight to ten hours. Once we come back you can stay here with me as my saheli and leave early in the morning" Now she opened her arms and signalled to me to approach her. I moved into her open arms and she hugged me. As I opened my eyes, she lifted my chin and kissed me on my lips. It was now my turn to say we would get late for the movie and the expensive tickets would be wasted!


As we went out, I let her handle the outside world. I could see that most men whom we ran into on the road were looking at me with clear lust. I would try to hide behind Nadeem as some of them stared too hard at my breasts. As luck would have it, we reached the theatre very quickly. There was still some time left before they would let us in. So we went into a bangles shop next to the theatre. The shopkeeper insisted that for our good luck he had to slide the bangles on my hand. As that is also the custom in Hyderabad, I had to agree. As the man slid the bangles along my arm I thought his fingers were rubbing me in a lewd way. I did not say anything because it would be difficult to prove anything if I made a scene. Anyway for the pleasure of feeling my hand, he did give me a nice combination of colured glass bangles on both my hands which chimed musically as my womanly hips kept hitting my hands during our walk back to the theatre.


Our seats were second and third from the aisle. An elderly gentleman sat in the aisle seat. He came out into the aisle to let us in. I went in and sat in the third seat. Next to me was a boy and his girl friend was in the following seat. I smiled at the man before sitting down. The girl noticed that and immediately whispered something to her boyfriend and they exchanged seats. Nadeem, the elderly gentleman and I looked at each other and smiled. The girl was clearly suspicious of a smiling and beautiful girl like me sitting next to her boyfriend.


Because of this small incident the elderly gentlemen, Sri Ghanshyam, on the aisle seat, became our friend. Beacuase of him we were not caught red-handed by our family.


When we came out during the interval we could see that the sun was behind the clouds and rain would come down shortly. But we were not prepared for the heavy downpour which welcomed us as we came out after the movie. The autorickshaw drivers were refusing to go to our part of the city as the roads were flooded. It was then that our friend Ghanshyam came to our rescue. He had a car and took us to his house which was very near the theatre.


We soon realised we could not go back to our houses that night. Ghanshyam said his family was away and we could very well stay at his house. But we had to communicate this to our families. We were forced to reveal our true identities to our new friend and tell him we could not talk to our parents because of our changed voices. He laughed and said he would help us as we were lovers. He managed to talk to my parents and they were happy that I was safe. Nagma's parents were willing to let her stay if there were other females at home. Ghanshyam said his sister was around and asked me to speak to Nagma's parents, pretending to his sister, to assure them. I was able to do that though I was sweating by the time I put down the phone. Fortunately they did not ask to speak to Nagma herself.


Ghanshyam and Nadeem burst out laughing as I put down the phone. I blushed and tried to hit Nadeem playfully. Then Ghanshyam laughed even more loudly. Then he said, since I was the only girl among the three, I had to cook and feed both of them. I immediately agreed as I wanted to make our host as happy as possible.


While the men played chess in the front hall, I went into the kitchen to prepare food for them. I was so busy that I did not realise when my 'boyfriend' came into the kichen quietly. It was only when she playfully slapped my butts that I jumped in surprise and my heart started beating wildly. When I turned and saw her I blushed and said, "How can you? What will our friend think of us." Nadeem replied, "Don't worry my jaan-e-maan, He is taking a bath." Saying so she kissed my neck, put his arms around me and squeezed my breasts. I said in my high pitched voice, "Oh Nadeem, not now please." As soon as I said that I realised that I was giving her permission for doing all that afterwards. Again I blushed at my admission of my inner feelings. She said with a smile, "Okay my begum, I will wait till you come to bed."


At the end of our dinner, both the men appreciated my cooking. As time to sleep approached, Ghanshyam became a bit serious and said, "I am going to let both of you sleep in the same bed if you promise to remain Nadeem and Salma for tonight and not go back to your real selves." Nadeem looked at me and placed her hand over Ghanshyam's and said, "I promise." I too placed my hand over both their hands and repeated the promise.


Ghanshyam was relieved by our promise and said he had left his daughter's night clothes on our bed for me. He had also left some night clothes for Nadeem. I now went up to freshen up, change and wait for Nadeem. As I picked up the fine pink nightie left there I realised I would look rather sexy once I wore it.


As I came out of the bathroom, Nadeem had changed into a white pajama-kurta and was sitting on the bed. Now the bulge between her legs was clearly visible. She asked to sit on her lap. I did that though I was feeling shy with the realisation that I was the one with the pussy and she clearly had something which could enter and fuck me, making me a woman in every way. Nadeem seemed to follow my thoughts and said, "There was one thing I forgot to tell you at home. As my cousin passed off as a female spy for the sake of the Arab sheikh, Sheikh's principal wife found out about him and used some other equipment to give my cousin a full taste of being a woman."


With that Nadeem started playing with my body and managed to make me hot in no time. I was soon begging her to take me and give me relief. In my current situation, I could get satisfaction only when she filled my pussy. At last she took pity on me and made me lie down on the bed. I quickly pulled up my legs and opened them for her. Then she stepped out of her clothes, climbed on top of me and entered me as any loving man would. I cried out in joy as my man filled my pussy and fucked me fast. Soon womanly sensations burst all over my body like the chain fire crackers.





On a sunday, when my wife was out for her sunday classes, I was searching my wife's almirah to take out something nice to wear. Like a woman, I was standing and thinking in front of the open almirah trying to make up my mind. Just as I picked out a nice silk saree, placed it against my chest and looked into the mirror my sister in law walked in. She understood what was on my mind and I could see mischief in her eyes.


Though I denied that I wanted to wear the saree, she simply insisted that she wanted to see me as a woman. I resisted for a while but then agreed to go along. While I took off my man clothes, had a good bath, shaved off my body hair, she handed in my wife's padded bra and padded panties though the bathroom door. Once I came out, I wore my wife's petticoat, a low-cut blouse and blue silk saree. After that I wore her payal, bangles, necklace and ear-rings. My sister-in-law combed my hair to give it a womanly look. She also made me wear heels. I thought the mixed sound of my heels and payal made me feel very sexy.


Now that my sil knew about me, there was no question of hiding it from anyone. When my wife came back I was presented to her as a new female member of the household. My wife could not control her excitement. She kissed me, felt my breasts and hit my butts playfully. I remained a woman for the whole day, but changed to a green chiffon lehanga in the evening. Now on the slightest pretext I am made to dress as per my sil's desires. She even takes me out shopping.


Three months ago my office conducted a fancy dress competition. My sil made me dress up as a typical indian house wife for it.


I dressed up at home and went to office for the evening function. At the gate, our company security could not make out who I was. How could I blame them? My hands and legs had been waxed and I was wearing a sleeveless salwar kameez. My ears had jumkas and a pearl string was on my neck. My payal and heels were obviously not part of my normal office dress!


For their sake, I switched from my female voice to male voice. Then they got convinced and let me in. As I moved away from the gate I was sure at least half of the security staff was admiring my nice and round buttocks and I did shake them a bit for that extra effect. That evening I could see lust in the eyes of many of my male colleagues as their eyes feasted on my breasts. Anyway I got the 1st prize. The function got over rather late and my boss suggested he would drop me home. It is customary in our office to extend such courtesies to woman.


As we were traveling, we started talking about my good looks as a woman. One thing lead to another and he was soon feeling up my smooth arms. Since he had a driver and it was pitch dark, he started kissing me. Then he lowered my salwar to feel my shapely thighs and legs. Then he made me play with his cock till he got satisfied.


Last month my boss, who is a civil engineer, got transferred to a dam site in a far away hill. He told our superiors to depute me as his assistant at the site. Since there was no question of taking our families to such a remote location, we were now together in the same bungalow near the construction site. It is thick forest all around. Our workers come from nearby villages after sunrise and leave before sunset. When we are alone I become the wife to my boss. Now I have my own almirah with lovely dresses, undergarments, shoes and sarees. I cook and clean for my husband. Then we watch satellite TV together. Sometimes our love-making starts on the sofa and sometimes it starts after I change for the night into something flimsy. Not a single night has he failed to enter me. Unfortunately I am one hole less than other woman, but that has not bothered us.




One day my lover Maheshwari and I were going together for dinner in a resturant. We were joking and laughing as we walked to the resturant. Suddenly I fell into an open gutter. I was not hurt but my dress was fully dirtied. I tried to wash myself under a roadside tap but still I smelt of gutter. Maheshwari suggested we go to her friend's house which was nearby. The friend was a touring rep and had left a spare keys with Maheshwari to meet and give them to his parents who were expected the next day.


We managed to reach her friend's place without further trouble. I went into the bathroom, rinsed my clothes and handed them to my lover. She promptly put them in and started the washing machine. When I came out after a bath, wearing a thin towel, she had kept out her friend's blue jeans and white turtle-neck t-shirt for me to wear. Well! I am slightly overweight, and we soon realised that I could not get into her friend's pants. In the meanwhile, I had worn his discarded lungi. Since her friend, she and me were of same height, she had thought his clothes would fit me. Her friend had locked his wardrobe and carried the keys with him. The jeans and t-shirt were only clothes outside.


Now we had a problem. Suddenly Maheshwari's face brightened. She went into the bathroom with the jeans, t-shirt and the towel. When she came out she was dressed in the jeans and t-shirt. The t-shirt was not tucked in but hung loosely halfway to her kness. She had taken off one of her ear-rings and tied her short hair in a pony tail. Her chest looked quite flat. I realised she had pinned up the towel around her breasts, apparently giving her a muscular chest. She smiled at me and said, "Do I look alright!" I had to admit she could easily pass off as a boy. I laughed and said, "You have become my boyfriend now! How does that solve our problem."


Then it hit me and I cried out, "OH NO!" Maheswari laughed mischievously and said, "Oh yes, my pet. You just admitted that I was your boyfriend. So that makes you my girlfriend. Though you could not fit into this trouser, you should not have too much problem getting into my pavadai davani. And my blouse was anyway a bit loose for me. It should fit you nicely."


With that she almost pushed me into the bathroom. When I went in, the first thing I saw was her bra and panties. "Should I wear the panties?" I asked her through the door. She replied, "Of course you must. chi, chi! A girl should have some shame. Also fill the bra cups with the cotton wool kept on the shelf. It is just 34B- not too big." I knew she was laughing at my discomfort. But I did what she told me. "ok sweetheart! Come out in your bra and panties and I will help you with the rest." My new boyfriend called out to me as I was struggling with the bra. I did not want to give her pleasure of seeing me only with bra and panties, so I tied the lungi at my breast level, carried the pavadi davani in my hand and came out. My boyfriend had the last word, "You look more sexy this way than if you had come out only in bra and panties." Before I could protest she clicked my photo with her friend's digital camera.


Then while collecting the pavadai davani from me, she just pulled off the lungi, leaving me only with the bra and the panties. She laughed, hugged me and kissed me. It was clear to me that equations had changed between us. I decided to get into my role, pushed her off and said," Mahesh let me go or you will get no dinner tonight." She let me go but only after pinching my bottom.


As she had predicted the blouse fitted me well. Particularly it made my breasts stand out proudly. The thin davani draped over it made me all the more sexy and inviting. Mahesh then took out a compact, bindi and lipstick and made up my face. Then she transferred her neck chain to me. Then she undid my pony tail and combed it differently. She made me wear her slippers and she herself wore her friend's elevated boots making her just a bit taller than me. Then she handed me her bag to sling it from my shoulder.


"So Aruna, shall we go for dinner." I tried to convince her that we could order something by phone but she insisted. So we locked up the house and left. On the way she stopped at a shop and bought me clip-on ear-rings. She insisted that I wear it right there at the shop. The way I wore it and checked it out in a mirror, convinced her and me that I was fully into the role.


The resturant was dim-lit and I was happy about it. Mahesh let me slide into the settee kind of seat and she slid in next like a protective man. Even as we went into the resturant, I had seen many men looking at me or rather at my breasts. I liked the protection I was now getting from Mahesh.


After we placed our order, I knew Mahesh was enjoying her role as my boyfriend. She let her hand glide over to my knees. I hit her hand and scowled at her in mock anger. But the die was cast for the night.


With our reversed roles and dress, we had no hope of going back to our houses. We called up and made reasonable excuses and went back to Mahesh's friend's place. She made love to me after playing with body and undressing me slowly. After getting me hot she climbed over me and had me.




A few minutes after everyone had in my family had left on a holiday, I was making my preparations to become a girl. So it did not take me too much time to get dressed and go out that evening. I went out wearing a white skirt over a skirt-slip, black sleevelss top with netted shoulders which showed off my bra straps. my three inch heels which gave a nice shape to smooth shiny legs. The silky long-hair wig was properly pinned up on my head. I also wore a pearl necklace, an expensive gold watch and carried a designer shoulder bag. I went to different places which had separate areas/queue for ladies. I also went to a temple where I stood among girls and prayed. While I was roaming here and there, I could see many boys were attracted to me.


Mentally I was totally converted into a real girl. My movements,feelings and behaviour were totally changed. Nobody recognised the earlier me. So much was the change in me, I even went to a womens shop and bought Whisper, the well known Sanitary Napkins.


That is where the guy noticed me first. I think he had been forced to take his sister to that shop. He kept ogling at me standing in one corner. I was used to boys doing that. I was secretly quite pleased.


But the story did not end there. That night I made my own dinner and had it. Then I went to our balcony to look at the deserted road from our secluded company quarters. I was still wearing my skirt and top as I went into our balcony. I saw someone across the road from my house, sitting on a parked scooter under the street light. Once glance told me it was the same boy. He too saw me and waved. I just stood still with my heart beating wildly. He coolly walked across the road blowing me kisses. Then he stopped near our boundary wall and took out his cock. I thought he was going to pee, but he just jerked himself off as I watched. I felt great that I was good enough as a girl to make a boy jerk off looking at me.


I can't say if it was fortunate or unfortunate that he never came back to find out more about me.




I lived in a bachelors accomodation for 3 months. For my use, I had bought ear-rings, a long haired wig and a salwar kameez. I had also bought the special 'salwar-kameez' bra and panties.


Everyday my room mates and I go to work at 07.00 am and come back only at 8.00 pm. Once I told them that I was leaving late as I was expecting a relative. That way I had the day to myself. I shaved my hands and legs and took a nice shower. I came out of the bath wearing only my bra and panties. I felt thrilled as I saw myself in mirror along with the usual things of the room. Then I wore my salwar kameez. The special bra with its stuffing and padding, had given me nice round shaped breasts which looked very pretty as my kameez settled over it. Then I wore the free flowing wig and arranged it nicely on my head. Then I made up my face a bit and fixed a bindi on my forehead.


Then I tried out different hairstyles like pony tail, single braid, double braid, zigzag braid etc. Ulimately I let the hair free. Once I gathered enough courage I climbed and sat on the window ledge of our flat. My hair was flowing in the cool breeze. It felt great.


Once I was fully dressed and enjoying my feminity, I did not hear the front door open. Suddenly  one of my roomates entered. I was a little stunned, but quickly managed to revert to a girly voice and told him I was amrutha the sister of my male self. He could see the resemblance and did not suspect anything. He had come back because his company had declared holiday due to someone's death.


Within minutes I could clearly see he was attracted to me. I asked him about his work and what he does during spare time etc. He said he does not have a girl friend. Knowing what the answer would be, I asked him why. He said he was waiting for a beautiful girl like me. He had said what I wanted to hear.


I pretended to be shy and said, "R u hitting on me." He replied cleverly, "Only if you like." We both laughed and his hands held my hands. He pulled me closer and kissed me on my cheeks. Then he carressed my long hair. I knew I had to satisfy him before I could tell him the truth. After he caressed me for some more time, I unzipped him and used my mouth to make him happy. Once he was satisfied, I knew he would accept me. We soon moved into a separate flat of our own had a wonderful time for many years. Even after his marriage he continued to visit me. I remained unmarried just for him. I often feel very nice that my man was  attracted to me despite having a real woman in his life.



Once there was no one in my home. I had the full day to myself. I washed my long hair during the bath and came out like a girl with the towel around my head and the inskirt tied at chest-level. From that moment I felt I was really a girl. Having come out of the bath into my bedroom, I felt pleased with the items spread on my bed for me to wear. I started by wearing my stuffed bra and padded panties. Then I tied the inskirt around my waist. Then I wore the blouse and adjusted the material so that the blouse cups draped my bra cups properly. The blouse low cut in front and back and barely covered my bra and left much of my smooth skin exposed. I had to adjust both my bra and my blouse so that the bra cups and straps were visible only through the material of the blouse. I knew for sure that seeing the bra through the thin fabric of the blouse is more sexy than seeing it directly. Now I wore a beautiful maroon colored fancy silk saree, which draped snugly over my curvaceous body.


I applied minimum makeup and wore a little jewlry. I combed my long and well washed hair into a pony tail. Being a housewife, I now started doing house hold chores. I swept the floor, tucking in some of saree pleats into my skirt. This was not only to prevent the saree from getting dirty but also to show some of my ankle and calf to my invisible husband. Then I slid my bangles upwards on my arm and did the vessels. Then I lovingly handwashed the male clothes which I had discarded, imagining they belonged to my husband. By now I was hungry. I pretended that the food in the fridge was my husband's left over. I heated it and ate it. After that I came to the hall and lay down on the sofa with my legs drawn up and my head placed on the hand rest. I adjusted my saree to make sure my legs or blouse were not indecently exposed. I switched on the TV to watch a programme on doing facials and make-up. Our main door had iron frame through which any visitor could see me lying on the sofa. But I did not bother about it because anyone entering our house had to pass through our noisy front gate. That would give me time to sit up and look decent.


But then I must have slept off. I woke to hear the door bell. My sister's friend Seema was peeping through the frame. I was shocked, but pretended to be getting up from sleep slowly. But soon I was bold enough to open the door. She couldn't identify me. I managed to speak to her in my female voice and told her that I was my own cousin. She believed me and apologised to me for disturbing my nap. She explained that she was passing by and had spotted someone further whom she did not want to meet. So she had quickly ducked into our house.


She appeared to a bit upset about her encounter. I gave her cold water and told her to take it easy. She smiled and became normal in a short while. We were sitting on the two ends of the long sofa. She asked me if I minded if she kept her head on my lap and stretched herself for a while on the sofa. I said she was welcome.


Soon I realised that this was no innocent move. She was trying to rotate her head on my lap or rather on my privates trying to turn me on. I decided to talk straight, "Look Seema. I don't mind you trying to get me hot but I want to see you as a man for me to feel good about it" She smiled and went into the inner room.


It was a sunny afternoon, so I was not surprised when she returned in a few minutes dressed in clothes which I had handwashed couple of hours ago. They had dried quickly. Afterall I had imagined those clothes to be my husband's. When she turned up in them, something clicked in my head and I accepted that I was indeed with my husband.


Husband and wife are alone at home on a hot afternoon with no other work to engage them... you can imagine what would happen! She started playing with my body, gently at first and aggressively a little later. I was also feeling more and more hot with all the attention being given to me. It was nice that one person was so fully focussed on me and my feminity. As she became aggressive, I became shy and submissive.


When she finally climbed on top of me and let me in, it did not matter that our clothes and our behaviour did not match our sex parts. When our minds are clear about what we are realtive to each other, the misplaced organs did not reduce our pleasure one bit.




I planned it for an evening when I was alone at home. I used my mom-in-law's and my wife's clothes to dress up as a household servant. Then I started doing sweeping and dusting the house in preparation for the evening lighting of the lamp. while cleaning I relaxed for a while watching TV from the floor. One of my hands rested on the floor to support my reclining body and one of my legs was pulled up revealing my petticoat and legs. Suddenly I realised I was not alone. My wife's uncle had come into the house. I was scared that he might object to my dressing up and complain to the elders of the family. fortunately he looked at me and smiled,"Onnum pedikanda. Ni eppol nallu sundari kuttiya marittunda. Ninne katti kodukan gyan prandhan illiya. Nium Nanum sambandam cheyyam. Ni poy kulicchitu va." (Don't be scared. Your have now become a beautiful girl. I am not mad to expose you. Let us bulid a relationship. Go have a bath."


After bathing well, I shaved my body and face. Then I dressd in my wife's bra and panties, mom-in-law's blouse, petticot, thorthu and lungi. Then I applied scared ashes to my forhead and came out. Uncle had meanwhile lit two lamps and placed a full measure of rice between the lamp. He was seated in front of one lamp and he made me sit in front of the other. Then he presented me with new mundu. When I returned wearing that, he placed the rice measure in my lap and wished me fertility. Then he escorted me to the mat spread on the floor and planted his seed on me.




One day I was sitting alone at home. I was also deprssed about my parents expectations about me. My cousin came and asked me what my problem was. When I explained to her, she consoled me saying that parents don't understand that some boys are more dependent and some girls are more independent. She felt she was more independent than what her parents wanted her to be. I found she was making sense but want to tease her by asking,"Do you think I will be more comfortable as a girl and you more comfortable as a boy." Surprisingly, she said yes and said,"Let us do an experiment." With that she took me inside the house and dressed me in her saree and sleeveless blouse. I really started feeling good.


I even felt sexy with my nicely filled bra cups and elastic straps being visible through the very thin material of the blouse. She completed my dressing up with some proper makeup and wig (I did not know my mother had a wig). Then she decorated me with bindi jhumka, nathini and anklets. As a final touch, she made me wear dozens of bangles in both my arms.


Then she told me to look practice in front of the large mirror the gestures, talk and walk of a woman. She told me to practice for some time and went away to my room. After some time, a man came in wearing my shirt and it took a few seconds to realise that he was none other else my cousin Rani.


She was wearing my pure white shirt and black corduary pants. She was also wearing a cap. I was very pleased and a little shy to see her dressed as a man. I started to understand what my cousin had told me earlier. I felt good to be a girl and be dependent on my man. I think she too was feeling independent and powerful knowing that a girl like me was looking up to her for protection and care. To formalise our relationship, she opened the pooja almira and took out a box of sindoor. She put a little sindoor in the partitioning of hair on my forehead. Then she took a little piece of haldi, tied it with a yellow string and used it as mangalsutra to tie around my neck. i became very emotional and with tears in my eyes I bent down to touch her feet.


She held my shoulders and lifted me gently and hugged me till I stopped crying. Then she re-did my make up and fixed a string of jasmine flowers in my hair. Then she held me in her hands and looked at me admiringly. " You are looking very beautiful, my dear. From now on I am your husband and you are my wife." Then she kissed me on my lips. I wanted to give her much more. But then we have a whole life ahead of us for that. For now it was clear she was the powerful, supporting and independent husband and I was the beautiful, devoted and dependent wife. We were happy.





I told my sister in law that I was missing my wife who was away on some office work. She said that I will feel her presence if I dress up in her clothes. I had my doubts but gave in to her. So she dressed me up for the first time.


That whole week I remained a woman and could feel my wife's presence in me. On the day my wife came back I waited for her in our bedroom dressed up as a bride. My sister in law told her a surprise awaited her in the bedroom. My wife was asked to use the guest room to freshen up and wear a simple white pajama kurta before getting into our bedroom. She guessed it had to do with me and agreed. Once inside she played her role well and it was my shuhag raat as wife.


Then on every friday I was her wife wife and she became my husband. it gave a good start to our weekend. It also helped her to overcome her office tensions.


It was on one saturday when I was dressed in a saree that my wife came home with her boss. In her office worries, she had forgotten about our arrangement. Anyway she introduced me as her friend. That evening my wife`s boss took all of us out for dinner. He thought I was unmarried and tried to meet me often. I had a separate cell number to get his calls. As Rajesh (my wife's boss) and I started spending more time together he even took me out for shopping. I purchased 3 saree and wore them for him in the next few days. That was the starting point of a shared wardrobe between my wife and me.


At one stage I had to tell him that I could marry him as I did not have a woman's plumbing. He started laughing and told me not to worry about it. He said he liked me as I was. He admitted to me that when he needed a genetic woman he could screw my wife. This was already happening during their tours together. I accepted the triangular situation and we three started living together.