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    adithi (Saturday, 23 August 2014 06:21)

    Deep Love part-2_1 (continued from #913 in old page)
    She called after lunch calling her girlfriend and asked to hug and followed with loot of kisses. i felt like she is kissing me or the boy inside her kissing the girl inside. our sex went very long and deep.
    In the evening she came my home to meet my parents for normal reasons. i was in my room. She came in my backside since i was sitting. She hugged me from my backside and pressed my chest like a guy caressing a woman's boobs, she went after kissing on my neck. After talking to my mom for long time she came back to me as if giving the tea.
    " hey is your pink inner wet dear? can i touch and feel?"
    " No shree first you let me feel your Blue jocky"
    She laughed and went back to mom. in two min she came to give snacks and in the shade of door, she took off her inner sliding from her long skirt and put on my lap and went back. I understood that she want me to feel her went inner. It was the first time i was touching and feeling the hot wet inner of a woman. i went to my bathroom and some force made me to remove my blue inner and wear her pink wet inner. she came to take the glass and i hold her hands and gave it. She felt shy and went behind door to wear. she went back to kitchen as if nothing happened. That was the first time we shown our love towards each other. She didnt gave back while leaving my home.
    "bye dear, we will have more tonight."
    "ok Shree"
    She called at night with more husky voice to match the character telling her Jocky is already much wet. we Had a deeper sex that night and we were talking as she is a guy and i am a girl.
    In morning She called asking y i didnt woke up and good girls will not sleep that much late and all. in morning while we met outside, we secretly exchanged our old dress back.
    Many times we did this. One night she proposed me and asked which side i love. i told openly that i love her in all ways. she cried telling the same. That night we talked as normal people. next morning i didnt meet her. in evening i took her to cool bar and bought her favourite food. She was sad that i didn't meet in morning but it faded away hearing my reason about work at office and convincing food. one month passed and we didn't exchange any such dresses.
    One Saturday My parents went to mom's native and i was left alone. she came on Saturday while the time my parents were leaving. She also left along with them since we never been bad in anyone's eyes. But as soon as they left, she called telling meet me outside and told to bring the full dress set i wore yesterday. I packed them and met her on roadside. She was also having a pack with her.

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    adithi (Saturday, 23 August 2014 06:22)

    Deep love -part2_2

    We didnt talk much since she had her grand mom alone in her home. She told me to be ready and will call for going out. I didnt understand. Shree messaged like we are going out in our dream world. I laughed and came home and shocked to see the pack opened. Her last day's dresses along with two extra inner were there. in a small note she told to wear slowly since it ,may be a little tight for me.

    The pack contained her Long black skirt, yellow top, inner skirt, orange inner and red bra. She told to make breast proper with her other two inners. Her scent was all over it and the sweat since she wore it yesterday fully. I couldn't help myself turning to hers except my head..
    I felt much strange being in the ghost figure and the sexy feel building from inside. As i adjusted and got ready in dress fully, She called me for video chat. i felt shy but i attended, she shown her dress as she also looked nice in my dress.
    She called me in her name which made me naughty and i called her my name. we looked for much time. She told next time she will give a shawl to wear over head. i told nice to have it also. We talked for some time and left video call. We talked through phone and had sex with multiple orgasms. after 3 hours we exchanged back our dresses.
    We were in love in different way but the next day evening she came home for some doubt clearance. we hugged as normal and i said my love in her ears. she said her love with wet eyes. we didnt do opposite for many weeks as we started doing normal way.
    I went to long distance for work and our talks through phone only happened and our desire as opposite faded away.
    We got married after one and half years. She also got job in my city. My job was in senior post which gave me more time to stay at home and take care of thing to shift to new home a little far from city. We bought some land for cultivation and started fish farm, mushroom, birds and such business in small scale. we had very les sex due to these thing even after 6 months of marriage. but we loved each other and used to sleep hugging tight.
    As She left her job since we started getting profits from business, she started concentrating more into those businesses. our life started somewhat settled. On her birthday she told to have sex in opposite and we enjoyed much as same as we did long back. that night we felt much special. In morning she came in a white top and long skirt. i was still in bed. she lay near me.
    "dear, will it be nice if we can add some more things to our life "
    "mm? what you mean Shree? adding means Kids?"
    "No ma, i wish our love be strong and intense as yesterday night. thanks for such a beautiful birthday gift."
    she hugged me and lay on top. He boobs were pressing my chest.
    "I wish you could be more convincing while we play opposite. Shall we buy and try some new things?"
    "oh why not? you tell what all you wish to have, we will buy them."
    "No let me research on it and i will let you know."
    That conversation ended there and we started concentrating more on our small businesses to make things go smooth. While she got habit of being in internet and learning many things like cooking, stitching, studying and so on. our business made good profit and i resigned my job.
    One night while lying she asked me to have a honeymoon trip to nearby hill station. I said will go as we will sale our current growing mushrooms and before new ones are laid.
    "MM, dear, will you be Shree while going there?"
    "how Shree? i can not be convincing outside and you too."
    "No ma, i learned much things online, i can make you look much like a woman, and we can go as two SHrees. will you let me try?"
    "Ya sure, what you want me to do?"
    "nothing ma, some shaving and some acting, rest i will deal."

    "Oh Thats great." i hugged her tight and we had a sweet soft sex and we slipped to dreams.

    To be continued.. comment in here or in my blog

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    adithi (Wednesday, 27 August 2014 02:11)

    Deep love part-3_1

    Next weekend she called me to come home from field early. She was waiting with some newly arrived couriers she ordered online. She explained me like this is first trial. So we did some normal shaving of body, some make up, and wig setting and dressing. We finished by 7 pm and she was much satisfied in my change. we hugged and i felt the soft breast form making the feel of boobs, She smiled understanding it. I wore the dress she was wearing that time and we had a sexy night after food.
    She woke me up in early morning while i was in same dress.
    "Shree, go fast and get ready for temple".
    I got shocked from her words.
    "How ma? i cant go outside like this"
    "Why not now go and bath fast, i will arrange dress for you"
    She hold me to stand up and i understood the makeup and dressing can fake a woman, After bathing she made me to wear a new traditional wear she stitched and we went nearby temple. due to dim light of early morning and less people around, no one noticed me. She was also happy as things went smooth. When we came back, she hugged me and told she is so happy to have someone who can be her girlfriend.

    Our life was changing slowly into different perspectives. We had dressing up many times a month. After 3 months, Shree came to me asking am i ready to go for honeymoon on my birthday. i told i am ready and now no need to worry of it since more than 4 months are there. She smiled and lift back to home.
    While i came by evening, She made me to bath and come to bedroom.
    "Dear, i wish you also be able to enjoy more sex sides of woman, without harming our relation or the society. are you willing for that?"
    "Y Shree? we are enjoying this way itself na. But if you feel so, then i am ok"
    "I know we are enjoying, but some things are missing. and we have to have baby by next year. so now let us enjoy maximum"
    "ok, so what is your plan?"
    "I wish to marry my girlfriend"
    "ha ha, we are married na, and we are enjoying that also"
    "No no will you allow me to marry my girlfriend?"
    "mm, Ok if you desire for that, then go ahead, what about us?"
    "Nothing is going to happen to our relation, only two more people will come to our family."
    "Ok the go ahead. What i can do for you?"
    "I want you to leave for some months, so that i can make my girlfriend ready for the marriage and new life with us"
    "mm, ok fine"

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    adithi (Wednesday, 27 August 2014 02:13)

    Deep love part -3 _2

    I started walking outside, She came back and hugging,
    "I love you so much, Now my sweet girl sit hear, you are reaching puberty, so cant walk here like this. She made me ly and applied things over my body. they smelled much nice. she told me i may gro a little mode wide hips and breast since age like that. I was feeling like a mother advising her daughter."
    From that day She started behaving like i am a girl. she made me to practice walking, behaving, talking all as as a girl. To my surprise it didnt affected our daily life nad sex.
    I felt she is training me to have multiple personality with proper precision. I didnt feel difficulty while going outside as normal since the development on body was not that much visible outside.
    She made me to learn dressing my own and basic make up also. In the beginning and all i thought she simply told things. but She was also practicing her own way to act opposite. One month before my birthday she asked me to try to dress myself and go outside alone. I felst fear and shyness. But she insisted. I went outside to purchase some groceries in a jeans and tea shirt both of woman's style. no one recognised me. My fear went away by the time i came back. She was very happy. That night She omitted and i took her to hospital and came to know she is pregnant. we were much happy. SHe said we will not stop our plans and continued things. One day before birthday she gifted me a bag and told to use any dresses i like from them. We went to temple to pray and came to pack for the trip. I had booked a cottage at hill station for us to stay for one week. workers will handle my business till then. She insisted on driving. we went to cottage as normal people. night we hugged and slept in our heat.
    I wore the Dress she wore for our marriage and she changed to much convincing guy look. We went to nearby temple and got married as tradition. she was a little tired as she is on her 3rd month. When we came back i took her to bedroom and changed the tight wears she wore. she hugged me. and cried in my arms.
    She told things which was paining her till this day.
    " Shree, i am your husband now, but as a wife i am carrying our baby, but we dont know our future. I want you to be here these days as a complete woman, because you being a guy, i always felt i am the second woman in your life. But now i am the first man in your life. This is what i wished. "
    I felt her pain as inside me. I hugged her. I dont know in a weak moment i bend in my knees,

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    adithi (Wednesday, 27 August 2014 02:18)

    Deep love part-3_3

    " I never knew this pain you are carrying even though you smiled outside, You are the first man in my life, and woman also. But as you says, i will be taking this role also seriously. I left that woman's thought long long ago when i said i love you for the first time. But this is a fresh start. Forgive me my dear Husband for the mistakes i made."
    she also bend in her knees and hugged me.
    "No Shree, no matter who you are u are always my half, now you have all the right to be a wife and husband. go and change the way you wish. I didnt punish you in this way, i just want to have our own space."
    I stood up and made he to rest, My dress was a little heavy for me, i went to other room and opened the bag. Both my dresses were there. and some attachable things like artificial vagina with sensors, breast enlargement cream, real looking male penis with connection to attach with female organ. I was really surprised by the things Shree collected for us.
    I removed dress and in naked form i looked mirror. I had developed boobs with nice sensitive nipples that of a girl of 15 years which is small for a married woman. i read instructions on the breast enlargement cream which enlarges up to triple tomes for a temporary time of 12 hours if applied. i applied it and did massages as instructed, I wore a white soft bra of her's which was still half empty in front cups. I attached the sensors of artificial vagina and then arranged properly to make it look and work properly, The pre-cum will flow through its connection to make the lips moist.
    The wig was much realistic which i combed and adjusted. I chose a transparent tight top and half skirt to wear for the first night. Before wearing, i applied lotion on body to make it smooth. While looking at mirror i found the enlargement cream worked well, my breast had developed much size near to my wife. I wore the dress and took the artificial Penis with its accessories and came to her/his room, She was sleeping. I arranged the room without disturbing her. I kept the mechanism on table s that she can understand her role. I arranged food and came to call her. She had woke up and in a night wear. she asked me to attach that man in between her legs since its difficult for her to bend and attach. i dropped her Bermuda and inner and connected properly and dressed her no him back properly. he felt little difficult in walking. we had food and he went to bedroom,

    I cleaned the plates and with a glass of milk i came back to bedroom. we Hugged and stayed like that for a long time. i kissed him on forehead, and lips and all over body. i felt his man vibrating as its sensitive one. He smiled and we were in bed soon after that.

    We had our real Sex as opposite. those 6 days i made her to be a man and newly married couples. we came back to our normal life after reaching back. We had a beautiful baby girl who have two mothers and two fathers. we used to switch our characters in all weekends. I am so lucky that i got a better half who understands whats real deep love.

    Friends .. Support me for making new stories. come up with small ideas so that i can develop them.. but no harassment and no stories without love and care.. I hate bad ends..

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    latha (Friday, 29 August 2014 10:19)

    suman tun to sumathi part : 1,
    now i writing one diffrence story in this story fother-in-law turn to mother-in-law
    now i introduce characters my name is latha i am a house wife my husbend name is satish
    his doing job in navi he his every 6 months coming to house he his full beusy that's why
    he come only every six months my mother-in-law name is sumathi she died before my marrige
    my father-in-law name is sumanth is a bank employee my marrige his a arranged marrige i completd
    graduation i asked my husbend to doing job but he not agree to doing job now iam house wife last
    month satish meet and went to his job after 6 six months only he return to the house now
    life was going one day my father-in-law early came to house i asked him what happen ankle why you
    came early to the house that time he told latha do day last day to my job when listen this
    i shocked after i asked him ankle waht are you talking latha listen i am doing private bank job
    not govt in the private bank when age is 40+ they remove old age person re appientment to young
    ones that's why they removed me when listen first i shocked after i realise then i told ok ankel
    you take rest and enjoy your life when listen this he given big smiled to me after i went to my
    bed room that time he called me latha please bring tea for me i agree and went to kitchen and preapre
    for tea and given to ankle he like my tea after i went to my bed room that time he got call
    he talking morthen 30 mins after end the call i observed all things i went to hall i asked him
    who his talking with you latha my friend only call me o talking with him today he giving one friend ship
    party i must attend the aprty i agree and told ankle come quickly to party he agree and went to party
    now time is 10:00pm i call somany times but he not lift the phone i am waiting for ankle now i time
    is 11:00 he not came to the house after i close the door and went to the my bed room i went to deep
    sleep i wakup early morning i went the hall and call to ankle when i calling i listen the ring sound
    near by me i serch whare is coming this sound i open the door and serching i shocked for seeing
    becuse my ankle his drinking and went to deep sleep first time i seen him in this model after
    i take him to went his bedroom he not no any thing becuse he his deep sleep and drinking also
    that's why he not no any thing after i went to my room after 2 hours i went to ankle room
    when i ented room first he shouted me stopped him and asked what happen why you shouted to me
    he stoped shouteing and told i came at 11;30 i call somany time but you not come out to open door
    when listen this i shoced and told sorry ankel i wating for you till 11:00pm but you not came nad
    i call you also but you not lift the phone what happen why you casme late to the house sorry latha
    my friend party completd late and he forced me to drink that's why i came late to house i agree for this
    and i told ankle this is last time not repete this situation i told to ankle when listen this first
    shocked and agree this after i gvien tea to him i told go and freshup and come he agree after i went to
    kitecne for preapring for food to my ankle when i preapring ankle came to near me and hugeed me i
    shouted him ankle waht are you doing ankle why you doing like this plese leve me alone otherwise i called
    all near by house when listen this he stopped and leve me that time i slapped him first time i slapped him
    after i went to my room with crying i closed my room after i came out and serch for ankle but he not
    their in the house now time his 6:00pm i called his friends but they told he not come now iam thinking
    why ankle doing like this waht happen to my life that time ankle came to the house and told sorry latha
    i say sorry for morining situation that time i still crying he came to near and say sorry to me i agree and
    ask hime do you want any food latha thanks for asking but i eaten now idont want any food for me first you
    and face wash and eat i agree after i went to my room but i thinking what happen to ankle why he doing like this
    these type of questions coming to the my mind after i went to deep sleep................

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    latha (Friday, 29 August 2014 10:20)

    suman tunr to sumathi part :1(continous),
    with a tears after i wakup early
    morning i went to freshup and came out now i changing dress that time he observe me he sitting under the
    bed but first i am not see him after sound coming under the bed i seen under the bed i shocked becuse
    ankle sitting under the bed he obsering me and seeing my hole body i shouted hime ankle waht happen why
    you doing like this latha stop shoutd first listen i dont have wife you dont have husbed now we both
    are haveing same situation now listen now you and me coming one undersatnd that time i live like your husbed
    you live like my wife ing the house you agree for this he asked me when listen this i big slapped him
    after he realise he beatd me with his belt and told you must agree with my condition otherwise i have your
    nude photes i post these phots in the net all are seing your body stucutre when lsiten this i told
    ankle not do like this please give my photos with a crying but he not listen my words that time i told
    ankle i want one week time after i told to you he agree and told i give only one week time tell me quickly
    otherwise i post your photos on the net note this after he went out my eyes fill with a tears nobody
    understand my situation what i do now who will help me i thinking tha time i got call form my family
    doctor and she also good friedn for me i lift the phone when lsiten my voice she asked me what happen latha
    why you talking with a tension what happen plese tell me i must help you that time i told hole story to him
    she told wiat latha i am coming to your house she came to my house when she seeing me she's eye fill with water
    she came near to me and told latha first go freshup and come i am not listen his words i told no sneha i am
    also trying to died please help me when listen this first she slapped me and told latha what happen to you
    whay you talking like this i must help you first you go freshup and come i agree and went freshup and
    came out she told now wea re going to my house i agree we botha are went to she's houe after we came
    to house in this time she asking several question to me i told which she asked after she given food for me
    i eaten afer i asked him please help me sneha otherwise i die she told latha not think like that now
    thinking how control your ankle and take your photos after she told latha i got one idea use this eassy
    to control your ankle i asked him plese tell me what is that she told latha i give one medicen to you
    must give daily this medicen to your ankle when listen this i asked what is this latha first do what i say
    i agree and went to my house.
    after comments only i write next part.................................................................

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    SHAILLY (Tuesday, 16 September 2014 13:18)

    I am now 30yrs old man, I have the habit of dressing in a female dress,enjoy my female appearance, then masturbate finally.
    It all started, when I was around 6-7yrs, I started wearing panties of my elder without the knowledge of my family members. It all started just like that, there is now reason why I wanted to wear panties rather than underwears of mine.I somehow managed to steal my sister’s panties or even neighbour girls’ panties for wearing, I used to wear to school also. This habit continued, and I started wearing frocks of my sister’s also when I was all alone in the house, put bangles, make-up with bindies & lipsticks also, if I find.Slowly this habit still got a promotion as when I was around 11-12 yrs old, I got tempted to wear bra. I felt that my breasts are growing, so I should cover it, I had seen ladies wearing bras,I stole one of my sister’s bra to wear.Then this continued stealing my sister’s or mother’s or sometimes my neighbour’s bras or panties or females’ dresses and wear and I was alone in the house. I was not satisfied even by this,I wanted to show to someone that I want wearing bras or panties or dresses, so I started walking on the balconies at late nights wearing my female get-ups, or even at dark streets.Later I started wearing bras & panties permanently even to school or wherever I go out, but without the knowledge of others. This was also not sufficient to me, I felt could be a complete woman only when I wear complete dress of female, so I started wearing saree, petticoat, blouse along with bra & panty.I somehow managed
    to get my sister’s blouse as it fits better. One day when I alone in the house, I was dressing in my female dresses, suddenly my sister entered the house surprising to see me struggling to put the bra hooks, I was just shivering that all my secrets of make-uping as a female is disclosed.But my sister responded very cooly, she just smiled and asked me,should she help me, I stood still without uttering anything, she just came close to me, hooked the bras hooks, then she took one of her blouse & petticoat, asked me
    to wear and helped me to wear the saree properly.After this she walked away. Later on,I thought now at least I could wear her dresses freely without any hesitations, even I used wear expose to her that I am in female dress,She responded normally and helped me use her make-up articles.This made me more confident for wearing a female dresses, She even stitched blouses to fit, bought some bras & panties of my size, even petticoats & sarees.She insisted me to shave beard, hairs on body, legs & arms.She also purchased some latex breasts to enchance my breast appearance.All this continued until my sister is married and went to her in-laws house, now I am alone nobody to help me to make-up as a female,but somehow managed to wear female dresses without the knowledge of my parents and this habit continued. Now I am working, earning sufficiently, managed to purchase all the articles & clothes for my female make-up continuing the habit.Now even my females collegues know that I wear bras to office, but I never cared for that, instead I invited few of my female collegues to my house, when they came I make-uped as a female wearing saree, and exposed to them that I look as they are. My collegues instead of shocked or surprised they took photographs with my female get-up in full dress & also in semi-nude dress, i.e,undressing piece by piece, finally nude.
    I now still have this habit & never felt guilt of my habit, I know what I am doing, & before marriage I want to disclose with my would-be wife also.

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    Soundarya (Monday, 13 October 2014 07:11)

    Soundarya (Saturday, 14 September 2013 13:35)
    My name is Kiran and am from Mumbai. I am 20 years old. Short, 5'1", very very fair, thin but not bony, hardly any body hair, fine delicate features, cute and a voice that had still not broken, so sounded exactly like a girl. I cant remember the number of times I have been told I look like a girl and that I was born a guy by mistake. The fact that my name is Kiran, a name common to guys and girls does not help either. Due to my voice and name, people speaking to me on the phone always thought they are speaking to a girl.
    I am not too healthy and get migraines if am out in the sun too long. I had just completed my graduation and was going through the recruitment advertisements for a job. All the jobs needed experienced candidates or were for salesmen. I could not take up a sales job because that would involve going out in the sun.
    I finally saw an advertisement for telemarketing executives. It involved informing people about loan products and fixing appointments with those interested so that the sales person could go and pitch him the product. I called up the number mentioned in the advertisement and asked if I could apply for the job. The girl on the phone, Anita, gave me the address and asked to me drop in at the office with my updated CV. She scheduled my interview for 3 pm and asked me my name and when I said Kiran she said, ok ma’m, see you at 3. She hung up before I could correct her and I too decided that it was not a big deal.
    I reached the place and saw a girl sitting at the reception desk. The name plate on the desk said Anita so I assumed this was the girl I had spoken to. I walked up to the desk and handed over my CV and the covering letter which mentioned that I was applying for the post of Telemarketing Executive. She was on the phone and started going through the covering letter while she kept talking on the phone. Once she hung up, she looked up and said, Sir this position is for females only. I said, But I spoke to you on the phone before coming here and you scheduled my interview for 3 pm. When she heard my voice her eyes first widened with surprise and then she said, But I thought you were…and stopped. Then with a slight smile and a mischievous twinkle in her eyes she said, Ok Sir, please have a seat.
    She went inside thew office with my CV and came back 5 minutes later and said, They will see you now. Go to the first cabin on your right, Ms. Susan and Ms. Shweta are waiting for you. I went up to the cabin, knocked and entered to find two very beautiful women of around 27 / 28 years sitting behind a desk. When I walked in, they looked up and me and one of them, who I later learned was Susan, said, Yes? Can I help you? I said, am here for the interview. When they heard my voice I again got the same eyes going wide reaction and then they exchanged glances and Susan asked, You are Kiran? I said yes. They again looked at each other and started laughing. Shweta muttered something that sounded like Anita is a real practical joker. They asked me sit.
    Susan: Look Kiran, actually this position is only for girls.
    Me: But I had spoken to Anita before I came here and she still scheduled the interview.
    Shweta: Well I suppose she thought you were a girl. You have the voice of a sexy girl and since your name is Kiran she made an honest mistake. She realized her mistake when she saw you but still sent you in because she is a practical joker. But don’t be angry with her because she did just for fun and meant no harm.
    Me: Well then I will be off, no point is wasting your time and mine.
    Susan: Hang on. Maybe we can work something out. Lets see now, you really have a sexy girl voice and your name is Kiran, which can be a girls name, and you speak English very fluently. So you could actually take up the job because you would only be speaking to people on the phone and they will never know that they are speaking to a guy. So if you are game, we can give it a shot and if you feel you its not working out, you can quit anytime.
    The salary they offered was not bad so I decided to take

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    soundarya (Monday, 13 October 2014 07:12)

    Soundarya (Saturday, 14 September 2013 13:36)
    Office Girl Part 2
    They called Anita in and told her that I would be joining and to draw up my appointment letter. She smiled at me apologized for the joke she played on me but added that it had resulted in me getting the job and I was lucky because I would be the only guy with a team of 9 pretty girls.
    I started working with them the next day and after a 3 day training and a few days of working, I was getting a hang of it. I did have to tolerate a little teasing both from the girls in my team and from other staff members but I took it all with a pinch of salt. I was told things like since I was doing a girl’s job and that since all the members of the team are girls, I should dress like one and that I would look cute dressed as a girl, was born a guy by mistake, etc etc.
    I also had a few practical jokes played on me. Once Anita came to our room and was generally chatting with everyone when she asked me if I was able to cope up. As I was answering her, she said that I have an ink smudge on my forehead. I rubbed my forehead but she said its still there and she started rubbing my forehead with her handkerchief. She left after a few minutes and a noticed she had a slight smile on her face. I also noticed that everyone who saw me after that was trying to hide their smile.
    Susan walked in a little later and when she saw me she said, Oh Kiran, so you have decided to start dressing the part? Partly anyway.
    I had no clue what she was talking about. She added, suits you actually but does not go with shirt and trousers. I knew something was up and went to the washroom to look at myself and found that Anita had stuck a bindi between my eyebrows while she pretended to clean my forehead.
    One other time, on 1st April, i.e. April Fools Days, the girls from my team told me that one of the girls, Julie, has resigned. They said they are making a card on which each of them wrote, Julie, I will miss you followed by their name. They would then kiss on Julie’s name and leave their lipstick mark on her name in the shape of their lips. They all did it and asked me also to do it. I refused at first but they kept pestering me saying that I have to wear lipstick for just a minute, kiss and then wash it off.
    When I agreed, one of the girls applied a thick coat of lipstick to my lips. When she finished, all the girls surrounded me and started giggling and telling me that I have sexy lips and any guy would love to smooch me. Once I kissed on the card, I tried to wipe off the lipstick but it would not come off completely. They then told me it’s a long lasting day long lipstick and then told me that Julie has not resigned and this was an April Fool trick.
    They teased me incessantly throughout the day. I washed my face several times and finally managed to get the lipstick off.
    In spite of all this, I had more or less settled in my new job

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    soundarya (Monday, 13 October 2014 07:13)

    Soundarya (Saturday, 14 September 2013 15:08)
    Office Girl Part 3

    Next day when we were having our lunch Anita told me "Kiran you are 20 year old guy but still not broken your voice and i am

    also watching you since you joined you still not have any mustache or a single hair on your face is it natural or you are

    taking any female hormones" all girls were giggling. I was really embarrassed in front of all the girls. then Pooja said that

    "There is nothing to laugh some boys have girly figure and voice like him, and don't forget about Asha she is almost 6 feet

    tall and weight almost double of him, she can easly lift him in her strong arms like any hero lift heroien in our hindi

    films" suddenly anita said "hey girls what a good couple they can make AASHA and AASHA ki KIRAN". I was veryl ashmed and

    shouted loudly in my girly voice "SHUT UP GIRLS" and finished my lunch leaved from there.
    It was a small get together in our office every girl came there i was only so called boy girls always used to talk about

    there make up,
    sas Bahu serials, Boy friend and there future after marriage. ect. I was getting very bore over there suddenly Susan come and

    said "Come on
    Girls we will have some photos for today's gettogether" all girls gathered together i was sitting on sofa again susan said

    "Come on kiran do you need any special invitation" I said sorry mam "You said girls there fore i was not coming" susan said

    "See Kiran when i am addressing Girls you are also included in that, ok" i said "OK Mam" we all stand up in row i was looking

    very short because all girls were wearing heels and already i was the shortest among them, there is one another person who

    is looking very odd in picture she was AAsha she was already 6 feet and wearing 4" heels she was looking very tall. then

    anita said Mam AAsha and Kiran are not distrubing the photo it will be better if they both exchange there footwears, that

    means she wanted me to wear heals and Aasha to wear my shoes. I Shouted "Don't even think about it" then susan said "See

    AAsha ki Kiran" everybody laughed even Aasha was laughing. She again said"I am sorry, Kiran if you wear heels you won't

    change in to girl it is only for photo ok" i could not denied to her we exchanged our footwears i was very emmbarrassed that

    i was not only in KITTY party but also wearing heels. Photo session was over but anita asked me to stay there and called

    aasha and took one snap of both of us though her shoes were not visiable under her saree but mine was clearly seen under my

    skin tight jeans. I asked anita not to do that she laughed and took another snap i was going to grab her camara back but due

    to my heels i was struglled and was falling down then suddenly Aasha hold me from back again anita took snap of it. Due to

    heels my ankle was hurt and i was not able to walk i was shouting "Aah" then Aasha lifted me up in her hand very easly OH MY

    GOD I AM THE so called MAN in this party was lifted by a girl i put my hands around her neck like any heroin does then she

    moved towards sofa and put me on sofa i was amazed by her strenth she was very strong but stll crying in pain like any girl

    does "oouch my ankle" then she took of my (her) heels and lifted by pant up to my knee, Nikita gave her volini bam she rubbed on my ankle every one watching it, i got some what relaxed but then i realised that everyone was watching my leg witch was totally hairless is was very feminine and looking like any other girls leg again bloody anita said "Look at his legs they are very feminine any girl will love to have such legs don't to think he should wear skirt instead of pants" everyone laughed i was totally emmbarrassed and put my pant down. Party was over and due to my ankle was hurt i was now not able to drive my bike so everyone suggested that Aasha will drop me at home. I have to accept that. But again there was a problem how she will drive bike in heels so she wear my shoes and i have to wear her heels again. I was trying to sit on my bike on pillion seat but again there was a problem that i can't sit like boys beca

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    soundarya (Monday, 13 October 2014 07:15)

    Soundarya (Wednesday, 25 September 2013 15:50)
    Office Girl 4
    I was very in hell and I know that there is no way out I have to wear Saree tomorrow to office. I gone strigt to my home. Mom welcomed me and said how was my day at office. I said it was normal nothing special she again asked me what was going in my life why was I wearing girls outfit for office. I was sutnned and was very nevource but I broke my silence and explained every thing right from start to my Mom. She said “ I was knowing that you will wear saree one day because you were already wearing girls outfit and every girl like to wear saree on her special day to impress her Man” I said “ I am not girl and Aasha is not man, and Man can’t impress a girl by wearing saree” mom “ who says that you are boy and aasha is girl, I have seen aasha she never wear any girls cloths and since last one week you have never wore boys dress and anyway you can only impress her by looking beautiful and beleave me you will look awesome in saree” me “ So you want me to wear saree for tommorrow’s fancy dress” mom “ yes why not if you really like her you will” me “ ok if you think there is no way out I will wear saree” the movement I said ok she took me to saree shop and purchased one red and green colour desiner saree and necessary and saree was containing blouse pees of green colour I said to mom that “ In my whole life I have never wore any red or green colour dress” she ”don’t worry you will sexy in this saree” she also purchased red colour bangles of my size the sales girl laughing at me and said “ Is there his wedding tomorrow my mom also laughed and said “ No not wedding but tomorrow is WOMEN’S DAY and my son want to give gift me being woman whole day” sales girl ”So sweet, I could have find such cute hubby” mom “ see she is already impressed by you want to marry you” I was feeling very strange but happy.
    We reach home and my mom stitched my blouse. Then we go to bed and in morning and I woke up early than regular my mom was already waiting for me and gave me a cream to apply on my body I done that my body become very soft I took my bath my hair was already up to my shoulder mom made them up in girly style. Then mom given me BRA and panty I said that is not necessary but she said it is padded bra and will give you a good shape then I wear blouse peticote saree she put one red colour stone neckless in my neck and made me wear 18-18 bangles in each hand even I have wore payals. Lastly done my make up like eyeliner, bindi and finally lipstick that is too red . I was ready to office but I have no footwear to wear then she given her red colour wedding heals which she wore in her wedding. I was really looking like bride a very beautiful bride. I took my college bag and was about to leave for office mom stop me and said this college bag is not matching on this outfit “have you ever seen any BRIDE(it’s me) carry such college bag” then she handed a red colour ladies hand bag I placed all my thing in that she already kept my make up kit and lipstick . Finally I leave for office definetly not on my bike, I hired auto riksha to office I was already late for office finally I reached office.
    When I reached office what I see that every girl was in white shirt covered by black blasure black paint with black shoes and red tie. Every girl was in men’s outfit and the only MAN in office was in red and green colour saree with full make up and wearing bangles was made up like a BRIDE. I was again made fool by all girls. There was no place that I could hide my self. I was slowly waking to my desk making noise of my anklet and bangles, holding my purse in one hand and pallu in another hand.

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    soundarya (Monday, 13 October 2014 07:17)

    Soundarya (Friday, 27 September 2013 12:00)
    Office Girl 5
    I settled on my desk and just turn on my computer, I was very angry about all girls for making me fool. Then Aasha come to my rescue she said SORRY to me, and said that “Every year we wear only mens cloths on this day because before you we were only girls running this company and running successfully. We did not want any male dominance atleast in our company so we celebrate the day like this, and one last thing you are looking very beautiful today, Infact red and green color saree with green color blouse with any girl will think 100 times before wearing it. But because you are very very fair you are looking very SEXY,” I looked at her then she tried to correct her self “I mean very beautiful, even matching bangles and necklace adding more charm to your beauty” I lowered my eyes and given her smile and said her thanks for compliments. She again said “When I was at Auto riksha stand see saw me and feel that something was missing in me so I brought it for you” she gave me one carry bag which was containing jasmine flower GAJARA I said “Why you do such things first you made me wear girls jeans and Top now saree and now you want me to wear this gajara, you misuse me you know that I can’t say no to you” she said sorry and said “please wear it for 10 minutes only I want your one snap please, please, please .” I “but I don’t know how to wear them” then she took off jasmine gajara and attached it with my hairs” and photo session was on every girl has taken her photo with me. Anita was taking snaps so she everytime remembering me to give girly pose. She has taken atleast 20 photos of mine and Aasha with different pose, In one pose I have rested my head on her shoulder, in another pose she was holding me in her strong arms, in one pose I was lifed by her, Finally the last pose in which the BRIDE as in center and all boys were surrounded the BRIDE. After the photo session we gone to our desk and started our work, while working I noticed that every boy (girls dressed as boys) were looking at me only I lowered my eyes every time like any other girls does. Whenever I was moving my bangles are making noice so I have to move my hands very slowly like girls. My anklet made me walk slowly , heels made me move my ass while walking. And every one was noticing these things.

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    soundarya (Monday, 13 October 2014 07:21)

    Soundarya (Friday, 08 November 2013 13:52)
    post no 26
    Office Girl Part 6
    At last the day was finished, I was very eager to go home and get out of this outfit. I took permission from Aasha my boss and about to leave, Asha stopped me and say she will drop me at my home, I thought it will be better because the way I was looking that time there is a possibility that I would be raped. And it will be good for me to be with aasha to avoid any such circumstances as any girl want to reach home safe (wait… but why the hell I was thinking like girl, and wanted to be with guy, I couldn’t stop my feelings, am I in love with aasha?), and the fact was that I feel very safe and comfortable in aasha’s company. So I said ok to aasha, and just waiting for her to finish her work she said “I have work pending for 10 min why don’t you get fresh up and touch up your make up”. I was stunned but still nodded my head as ok and gone towards the girls toilet and got myself freshen up with little mascara, some foundation and ofcource a coat of lipstick (a girl’s make up is always incomplete without it). I was done with my make up but when again I took a look at myself I can’t took off my eyes from mirror, I was just trying to look as pretty as I can and giving more feminine looks as I can. At that time door bell rang and aasha was calling me “Madam, please come out it’s half an hour you are in” I just said “wait”, I gave last look at mirror and got out from toilet. Assha said “Why you girls forget about time when you are in front of mirror”. I said “shut up, do you know anything about make up, and looking pretty”. She just given a smile and we were about to leave. She again asked me can I have a one favor I given her a strange look as any girl does. She said “can I ask you for dinner?”, I said “ it’s only a six o clock, I usually have my dinner at 9 p.m.”, she said ok then we will go to some place which I like most from there we will go to dinner, I said where ? She just asked me “do you trust me?” I said yes, then come with me she took her bike and I was again sitting as pillion wearing sari, I have to hold her shoulder like any lady does when she is with her husband, (I was feeling very awkward wearing sari sitting like lady on bike and holding a girl like any girl does to her boyfriend) she is again going to give me another surprise after driving bike for 20 min she stopped and she parked bike and we are going upstairs. I could realize that, it was a temple where we are going, I feel very good and just thinking how good girl was she, because she could took me to any PUB, CLUB etc, instead of that she took me to a temple and it was of Radha Krishna. Everybody in temple were looking at us as soon as I realized it is temple, unknowingly I took my pallu on head and we were moving towards god there was a announcement in temple that “there will be a puja and any couple is interested in doing puja can give name to the pujari, after sometime one pujari come to us and asked us our name and made one chit of our name. After ten minutes again announcement made that Mr. Aasha and Mrs. Kiran Aasha the new married couple are the lucky couple we will perform puja today. We both were stunned; because I was dressed like new bride and aasha was dressed in bleasuse they thought we were newly married couple. Now we cannot deny and have to perform puja like married couple. We performed puja at last pandit asked aasha to feel my mang with sindoor. She was looking me for permission, everybody in temple were looking at us I blinked my eyes as sign of permission to go ahead. She filled my mang with sindoor, my whole body was shivering. It was strange feeling cannot be expressed in words. (But why I was going with this is my scilence was permission or submission towards aasha) we took blessing from panditji as couple and again preyed god and leaved from there.

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    soundarya (Monday, 13 October 2014 07:23)

    Soundarya (Tuesday, 12 November 2013 12:20)
    We leaved from there and assha was driving bike towards hotel for dinner. We both were silent finally Aasha (as any man would do) broke the science. And said “I am sorry, sorry for everything like pooja, I was not knowing that this will happen to us”. I replied “its ok, this was not your fault, may be our destiny”. We again kept science finally hotel came. Waiter came to us and asked for order Aasha asked “What is special in this hotel ?” waiter said “ For a man like you we have a special dish called as CHIKEN Maharaja and for the lady of the day (looking at me) we have QUEEN SALAD and be leave me sir you and ome:your Wife really enjoy this hear and at home .” I lowered my eyes and Aasha was looking at me. Looking at me she thought that I am ok with it (but I have lowered my eyes because of any of girl would do that, but the point was that why I was behaving like Wife). Till the order came we have our soups and waiter served me the so called QUEEN’S SALAD and CHIKEN MAHARAJA to aasha. It was strange because the man in relation was eating QUEEN’S SALAD and girl was eating CHIKEN MAHARAJA. However we finished our lunch but the day was not ended for us there was more to come when we reached to my home. My I rang the bell of my house Mom opened door, she looked at me with sindoor in my forehead she slapped me saying “I always you love Aasha and want to marry her, but atleast you should asked my before getting married, you didn’t think about me and my dreams, you selfish”. Teears rolled down from my eyes I ran to my room and was crying on bed. Then Aasha explained everything to mom, Mom said sorry to aasha and come to my room, she said “sorry beta I have misunderstood you looking at you with that sindoor I got frightened and scoled you I am really sorry.” Then aasha left for her house and I slept with mother. When in morning I wake up I was still in saree. I looked at my self in mirror, I seen girl which was first time come to her mother after marriage. I controlled my emotions and got ready for office this morning I wear my male cloths, though my feminine arced eyebrows, long hairs and my feminine figure saying that these are not proper outfit for you I still left for office. In office the day was normal nobody said anything of yesterday, and I was happy because of that. Aasha might have managed all the things before I came to office. Days are passing like this I and aasha are now spending very little time with each other.

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    soundarya (Monday, 13 October 2014 07:24)

    Soundarya (Tuesday, 12 November 2013 13:37)
    Office Girl Part 8.
    One day my mother told me that Navratri is coming so we need to wash our home and clean the house and now I am very old I can’t do everything you have to help me in everything so from tomorrow you will help in house work. I said ok , next day she woke up me at 6 o clock and asked me go and take broom and clean area infront of our house. I just noded my head and gone outside and clean the area then mom said put some water in the area and draw RANGOLI. I was shocked I said I don’t know and I will not do it. She said the take 8 days leave and clean house or give me more money so I can keep maid I just took RANGOLI pot and trying to draw then mom come near to me and showed me how to put RANGOLI. She also teach me cooking. Within 7 days I learned every girly thing like cleaning house, cooking, washing utencils, washing cloths ect. It was became my daily activity to wake up at 6 and put rangoli, clean house, make breakfast also prepare lunch before going office, and after returing from office I used to make dinner for both of us.
    One day when in office we were having our lunch aasha said your mother makes really good food and your tiffin in the best among all. I just laughed aasha asked me why you are laughing I said today I have prepared the tiffin. Aasha was surprised and just kiss my hands and said I have never eaten better food than it. I blused and lowered my eyes. Now navratri was only after two days everybody in office were going for shopping I asked someone what was the occasion then susan mam said they all were going to purchase GHAGRA CHOLIS for dandiya nights. Everybody in office goes to play DANDIYA. But I asked susan mam that like Aasha you also never wore girly cloths why you are going she said it she need to gift someone. Though I have no interest in playing DANDIA I gone to home. As I reached to my house I seen mom was lying on bed and she was having fever. I took mom to clinic Dr. said that mom was suffering from MALERIA and she now need complete bed rest for next 15 days. I paid to doctor and took medicens and come back home, and I gone to prepare dinner and asked my mother from now for next 15 days she will only rest on her bed and I will do every work. When I come back to hall I seen my mother was crying I said “what happened?” she just said that because of illness this is the first time that there will be no DURGA puja in her house. I said “ Don’t worry mom I will do DURGA PUJA. Please don’t cry” she said that is not possible because puja is performed by girls only. Now she started to cry even more. Looking her crying I also started crying. Then she said there is only one way out, but will you do what I say , I said I can do anything to make her happy, she said you have to perform puja like girls. I said means. She said for all nine days you will be girl only and wear only saris or ghagaras and girly things and do all puja both times. And I will call like girls only like you are my daughter. I said ok tommrow I will go to office and will take 10 days leave. Mom said ok then come early tomorrow you will also go for shopping and I want you to dress everyday in new outfit not used. I just nodded my head.

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    soundarya (Monday, 13 October 2014 07:25)

    Soundarya (Tuesday, 12 November 2013 15:07)
    Office Girl Part 9
    Next day as usual I woke up early and put rangoli and make breakfast and lunch and gone for office. I taken time of Susan mam and told her about leave she said she can’t allow 10 days leave because already two staff were on maternity leave how company will run. Then I said please mam please allow me leave. I also told everything about my mother’s illness and DURGA PUJA. First she given me smile and then she said “see kiran it’s festival time everybody has to go early to home and have fun and I really wish I could help you, but I can make it comfortable for you, till DASHAHARA I can come office little late and go early, and also allow you to wear saris in office that’s only I can help you. And because of you past good performance in office I can do one more favor to you, I will spouncer you from my own pocket to all 10 days outfit if you came to office but there is a one little condition every day till DASHAHARA you will wear only traditional dress which represents any states like one day BANGALI, next day PUNJABI some day SOUTHINDIAN and some day MAHARASHTRIEN. Ect. So think about it.” I said please give me time I will ask mom and will tell you in an hour. Mam said “Ok, don’t just asked your mom but also ask your BOYFRIEND Aasha”, I blushed and took her permission and gone to my desk and called mom she said it’s ok but ask your boss that everyone should treat you as GIRL only, talk to you as girl only I said ok. Then I gone to Aasha, and explained her everything she was more than happy because she always wanted to see me in girls outfit only. I gone to Susan mam’s office and said that my mom said ok for the office, but there is one more problem. Boss said now what? I said for next days I am going to be GIRL and mom wants that everyone treat me like girl and talk me like girl only. Boss again laughed and said it is not problem it is solution. She Then given me 25000 cash and said complete your work and go for shopping and also take Aasha with you. I just said thanks boss and leaved from cabin.

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    soundarya (Monday, 13 October 2014 07:29)

    Soundarya (Tuesday, 12 November 2013 15:09)
    Office Girl Part 10
    I requested aasha to come with me for shopping, she was already overjoyed with idea. And we left for home where I change in to saree done my make up added some jwellary like bangle nakelace and asked for puja samagri list and we left for shopping. Aasha was very chosee while shopping she was delebretly chosing the more firly and more feminine dresses for It took almost 4 hour for us for shopping. And Aasha asked me for dinner, I said it now my turn to give her treat I will pay bill for today’s dinner. She said “if you really want to give me treat I will like to have dinner prepared by me at home”. I said ok and just asked her jokingly “So, What my Boyfriend want to eat today?” she was stunned by my reply and said “RASILEE KIRAN” . we just laughed and suddenly she hugged me in her strong arms. I feel like haven after two minutes I realized that we were in moll I asked her to leave every body watching us. I just blused and lowered my head and my eyes and ran towards parking. We reach my home I just got freshen up and gone to kitchen for preparing food this is the first time I was making food wearing saree, I was feeling my self as wife and Aasha as husband. Aasha was countineously watching me mom asked her do you need any thing from kitchen aasha was looking for chance to come near to me she said just a little glass of water mom said to her laughingly then go have it from kitchen. I was buzy in kitchen Aasha come from back side and hugged me again, I again surprised I was shying like girl and always asking her to leave though in reality I was also want to be with her. Mom called “aasha don’t finish whole water we will need it at dinner” I smiled and pulled aasha back and told her in lower voice “Go………” aasha came to mom. I also finished with my work and we were now having our food I served her food, to my surprise today dinner was really awesome mom also complimented and also Aasha. Mom said “You know aasha this is the best food he has made till time, and do you know the reason” aasha said “What mom?” mom said “because in todays food he has added new thing” aasha “and what it is?” mom “Its LOVE” I again shoked and said “shut up mom”. Mom again said “there is one more thing today he has prepared dinner wearing saree, doesn’t he look beautiful in saree” I said “Mommmmmmm pleaseeeeees” aasha also joined mom company “ Yes, mom he looks most beautiful in saree and he should always wear sarees only” I made my eyes wide to show my fake anger. Though in reality I was liking the compliments very much. We finished our dinner and aasha is ready to leave. I gone to door to say her by she said thanks to me for wonderful evening and delicious dinner. And said “ I wish I could have such dinner every night” I said “Don’t worry you will have.” She just jumped in JOY and I hide my face in my hands. After she gone and I closed doors and going to change sari and wear my normal male dress then mom stopped me and said no my dear daughter you will have to sleep in saree from today onward.

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    Mohini (Tuesday, 14 October 2014 07:23)

    Short Story............Ashwani


    Tomorrow was going to be a big day for Ashwani, the day she has been planning and striving for since last so many years. Her dedication towards the job along with an ability to grab opportunities before rivals with a detailed paperwork had helped her to break the glass ceiling and rise in the corporate world. Seeing her dedication, Upper Management decided to promote her and make her totally accountable for Asia Pacific market.
    A successful corporate executive and an equally good wife is a one liner to describe Ashwani. Ashwani and Rishib had known each other since college days. While Ashwani joined the corporate world, Rishib decided to work as a creator and in present times is one of the best and critically acclaimed Creative Directors in the field of Advertising. Another quality which was unique to Ashwani is her dedication towards her home, her in-laws and especially her husband. As she is aggressive in office, she is equally docile at home, she ensures not to carry her official work to home and not to take any calls on weekends and on holidays, a practice which was followed by Rishib. Her day would begin with a Pooja, followed by serving breakfast to family members. She has been following this practice for ages and is extremely proud about it. Another important member of this family is Rinky and Diya, her 9 year old and 5 year old adopted daughters. Since Ashwani could not conceive, Rishib had decided to go for an adoption thus completing the family.
    For Ashwani, the day marked starting of a new innings normally, Ashwani would have worn a business suit to office, but she decided to go in an Indian Attire. At office everyone was amazed to see Ashwani in this avatar. Dressed to kill in Red See through Saree with zari complemented with a body hugging sleeveless Golden Coloured blouse with deep cup in back and front. The blouse design ensures that Ashwani assets looked firm and inviting in whole was redefining her sexy appeal, making everyone drool over. With white gold Bangles, earrings and neckless a pencil heel sandal with hair styled in latest style heightened her already elevated appeal.
    The moment she assumed her new role, she called her sectary and staff for a review meeting. All the staff was mesmerized by her looks especially the male staff who found it difficult to concentrate and some of them had to make an early exit to loo. The female staff was very happy to see Ashwani in such a glamour avatar. While moving towards washroom, she overheard someone referring her as a patakha and it reminded her of something she never wished to remember. Ashwani quickly relieved herself and adjusted her pullu to reveal her sexy midriff, which was making her hotter. Just as Ashwani was planning to settle down in her new role she received a message about her mother and her childhood friend which created an emotional disturbance and made her remember her past, and she decided to call off all her engagements for the day and head back towards her home.

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    Mohini (Tuesday, 14 October 2014 07:24)

    Ashwani II

    Ashwani had a dark secret which she never ever wanted anyone to know. Ashwani was born male, and was even raised as a male child. She was never confused about her gender identity and was a very much a boy who enjoyed playing cricket, football and other sports. In fact she was like any other boy, who would tease girls. Ashwani was a lone child and her father had expired when she was just two years old. Relatives on her father side had thrown her mother out without giving her any share in the property. Her mother found an employment with a bank and was earning just enough to support them. Ashwani mother wanted her to study and become successful in life. Her mother had brought a two bedroom apartment in a colony just outside the city and she always wished Ashwani to excel in life more than the other children in the colony like any mother. Ashwani was a good student and would always clear every exam with flying colors. After 12 exam, Ashwani mother wanted her to become an engineer, but fate has something else stored for them. The day the results were out, Ashwani result was declared as not present, due to some technical glitch which resulted in her not able to enter any entrance exam for any engineering college. By the time the mess was sought it was too late and thee opportunity was lost for the current year. With it all the hopes of Ashwani becoming an engineer were dashed as due to a year gap Ashwani would no longer be eligible for a scholarship.
    Ashwani mother could not believe it and cried her heart out to her childhood friend. On hearing the story she came with a radical solution which would alter Ashwani life forever. There was a college in another city where admission process was still underway as it had many seats left. Since it was a premier college and was Government funded with pre scholarship for students, which translated into a definite carrier boost what Ashwani mother wanted for her son. The only problem was that it was a women’s engineering college and since it was in another city it meant Ashwani to stay away from her family. The only silver lining was that Ashwani name was common for boys and girls and if properly managed Ashwani could get and admission in the college. Even though Ashwani was dead against it, her mother would not listen to her and was made to fill in the form and as if it were to be a magic, her form was accepted and her admission was confirmed to Computer Science stream. She was supposed to report to college in three week time and even a hostel room no 205 was confirmed for her.
    Ashwani mother was delighted to hear the news and she processed with her plan with a help of Ashwani female friend who was in love with Ashwani. The first thing was to procure wardrobe for Ashwani and to give her a nice makeover Ashwani mother brought her a dozen different dress and undergarments. To help her prepare for a role, it was decided to put Ashwani into female getup for next 2 weeks. All the time Ashwani was asked to think like a female and act like a female. With a two week training and heavy heart Ashwani was sent to join college.
    Ashwani shared room with two other Girls Ritu and Bhawana, both of them were from rich family. Ritu and Bhawana were not so studious and Ashwani would always help them which created a good bond between the three within few months. One thing which was bothering Rith and Bhawana was a unique behavior of Ashwani. She would never undress in front of either of the two, and she had unusual hair growth. After the first year Ashwani wanted to dropout but her mother would not allow her to do so. Due to constant infighting within herself Ashwani was becoming more and more rebellious in nature. During the term holidays, Ashwani mother and friend were coaching her to behave and think like a female only. She was made to do household chorus and dress up in female attire always.

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    Mohini (Tuesday, 14 October 2014 07:28)

    Ashwani iv

    In her final year, Ashwani was back at home and her mother was very pleased that her dream was fulfilled and her friends was making plans for their future. By this time Ashwani was almost a women and she decided to inform her folks about it. Mom I want tell you that I am a woman and want to be a woman forever. It was a shock for her mother and she tried to persuade her not to and make her a man. Having understood that she is not her son anymore her mother gave it up. After graduation Ashwani decided to continue studies further and got enrolled into a premier management college. There she met Rishib for the first time and eventually she was attracted towards her and he too was attracted towards her. She dated Rishib and after completion of the course she was selected in a MNC and started working while continuing to see Rishib. When Rishib proposed to her, Ashwani decided to end the relationship as she was still no a complete women. When Rishib came to know about her he arranged for her transformation and even paid for it. Rishib ensured that the end result was as per his expectation. Post numerous operations, Ashwani was reborn as a glamour’s women with a looks to kill for.
    Rishib and Ashwani got married and Ashwani looked extremely beautiful in Red and onion colored chaniya choli. Post marriage every day and night she fulfilled every responsibility of a women towards her husband and in-laws.

  • #22

    Ankita (Sunday, 19 October 2014 02:51)

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    maheshwari (Wednesday, 22 October 2014 04:16)

    This is mahesh. I am 31 year old man. I was happily married to vaishali. We had a 3 year old daughter named ramya.
    Life was going on happily. I love my wife and daughter so much.
    Ours was a love marriage. Our parents did not like love and did not accept our marriage. So we came out of city and married in register office.
    Since I was already working in a well versed company. There was no need for vaishali to go to office. She was a good home maker.
    We both showed lot of love to our daughter ramya. Ramya loved vaishali so much. Since she used to take care of her each and every moment.
    When life was going in a smooth manner, vaishali died in an accident.
    I too decided to suicide, I loved her so much. But the thought of leaving ramya alone, prevented me from attempting suicide.
    And am not able to come out from death of vaishali.
    My daughter ramya too always cried thinking about vaishali, she said she want mom.
    I don't know how to make that kid understand
    My friend' s advised me to have second marriage
    But I don't even imagine anyone in the place of vaishali
    Don't know how to convince my kid
    That day I put TV and watched movie. Chachi420
    In which the hero used to dress as a lady to meet his daughter
    I also decided to do the same.
    I searched in net about this and found out that it is known as cross dressing.
    So, I learnt how to feminise myself and then kept some tips how to be a female.
    Then I went to bathroom and had full body shaved and apply foundation and makeup
    Then I went to vaishali's cupboard
    And took her dress and wear her dress and stood in front of my daughter as her mother.
    My daughter became happy and came near me and hugged tightly
    She told me mom pls don't leave me
    So I decided to remain as a female and my daughter' s mother
    I resigned job from office and work from home.
    I joined my daughter to a school and used to take her in my scooter as mom and leave her in school
    At first I was shy to come out as a lady
    But now I gained confidence in me and came out as my daughter's mom
    Since I and vaishali were of same size
    Her clothes fitted me perfectly
    I forgot that I am a male and started living as a female.
    Ramya too forgot me as her father.
    She started calling me as mom. And if anyone asks her about mother's name, she used to say as Maheshwari instead of vaishali
    Once we went to parent's meeting.
    Ramya introduced me as her mother. Her teacher asked her where is our father, ramya started crying.
    Ramya came to home and started crying and told me mom I need dad also.
    I don't know how to convince her.
    Opposite to our flat one man of age 45 stayed. His name was Vijay.
    He used to show lot of affection to ramya.
    Ramya also liked him.
    Vijay lost his family in accident and used to live alone and told me that he too had a daughter like ramya
    Ramya got fatherly affection from him.
    She told me to marry Vijay and make him as her father.
    But how can I do this. I can be mother to a child. But how can I be wife to a man.
    Got totally confused
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    I asked to vaishali in my dreams whether whatever I am doing is correct or not
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    I got married to vijay.
    He told me not to work and earn
    I became housewife to vijay
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    Vijay used to work in night shifts
    From 10pm to 6am
    Ramya used to go to school at 8am. Vijay used to sleep till that time.
    As soon as ramya leaves. He will take me to bed. We will have nice time
    Then in the weekends he used to take me and ramya to outings.
    Finally I become traditional housewife.
    Wearing saree all him Wearing saree all time
    And keeping bindi on my forehead
    He used to buy flowers for me. Whenever we both are alone he used to romance me a lot.
    Thus our life became happy again
    That's my sacrifice

  • #24

    Deepu (Saturday, 25 October 2014 06:43)

    Rowdy Inspector:
    Radhakrishna and Krishnaveni are friends in a college.Both are having very fair skin complection. Both are slim. Krishnaveni is 5.6 heights and Radhakrishna is 5.5. Both are in love and got married recently in a register office. Both didn’t have parents. Both take care of their relatives. All relatives are selfish people. All are overburden of their families. So nobody is willing to do these peoples' marriages. Both are fed-up by all. So first both got jobs. Radhakrishna got job in s/w company. Krishnaveni is 2 elder than Radhakrishna and got selected in IPS (After a 2 year struggle). Radhakrishna is a normal employee in a software company. Started his career with 15,000 rupees.
    Krishnaveni is an IPS officer, she will get 40,000 per month and get all incentives.
    But she is habituated to doing all household works. Morning she will wake up at 5 am. As she is a police officer, she used to do a little exercise and jogging. After exercise she will take a bath and do the cooking and wake up Radha. After that she used to dress up and go to the office
    Radhakrishna is a silent guy. Do not have the communication skills. After 6 months he lost his job and did not get new job. Krishnaveni is not interest for kids. She told clearly to radha untill you get new job no kids. Radhakrishna does not have job and not at all doing house work. Krishnaveni is fed-up with this. One day she got good idea. She went to Radha and told see Radha you do not have job since long time and I don't think you will get new job also. And other hand I am getting good salary and frequently I am getting pramotions. Radha interupted and asked " what you want to say?"
    Krishnaveni: I want to say I feel your unfit for my husband post. Better we will take divorce.
    With this Radha got tears in his eyes.
    Radhakrishna: Please do not leave me. I don't have parents and I do not have property also. How will I live with out you.
    Krishnaveni: I don't have another choice.
    Radhakrishna: I will do what ever you ant but do not leave me... please... I beg you.
    Krishnaveni: I told you're unfit for my husband passed. If you want to stay with me you have to become my wife... Hahaha haha...
    Radhakrishna was shocked with Krishnaveni's words. Krishnaveni stressed Are you ready??? Or you want to leave...
    Radhakrishna silently nodded his head. Krishnaveni said I want to hear from your mouth... Radhakrishna said 'Yes Yes Yes'. Please accept me as your wife.
    Krishnaveni was very happy and told I want full surrender no exceptions... Physically and mentally. Overall you belong to me. Now I will tell you the rules...
    1. You should remove all your body hair. I want full, smooth 24/7 else you will be punished.
    2. Now on words your name will be Radha and my name will be Krishna.
    3. You should wear all female clothes 24/7. I am saying complete female clothes with inners.
    4. You should wear all women's accessories based on your dress/sari.
    5. You should please me with your beauty and all your gestures.
    6. You can wear pants, shirt, shoes, socks but only ladies...
    7. 24/7 you should available to me.
    8. In our house only one male available that is me. You should call me like evandi. You have to put me socks and shoes daily. And in the evening you have remove. You have to polish my shoes with your tongue.
    9. In the toilet you have to do the urine like a lady not like a male.
    These are all rules. Whenever I get time I will tell you new rules. Now go to the bedroom and change you get up and please me bitch...

  • #25

    Deepu (Tuesday, 28 October 2014 14:11)

    Rowdy Inspector 2:
    First Radha went to the bathroom and took a razor and shaved complete body. Next he put turmeric to complete body and took babule batch. From hall Krishna shouted “open cupboards you will find all clothes and jewelry. And open laptop and see YouTube videos to how to change saree and how to put makeup”. Radha said ok. Now he opened the cupboard and took panty, bra, petticoat, jacket and sore. He took his time and wore panty and bra. New Radha wore a petticoat, a low-cut blouse and blue silk saree. After that he wore Payal, bangles, necklace and ear-rings. Next took wig. It’s come to his hips. He took a comb and combed his hair this give him a womanly look. Next he went to the mirror and done his makeup applied foundation and face cream. Next took took eye liner and adjusted eyebrows. Put lipstick to his lips. Next he wore high heels and came out to see his husband.
    Krishna was watching YouTube videos on her smart tv. Suddenly she heard foot steps of Krishna and turned her head towards the bedroom door. She was shocked to see Radha in saree. She was very happy. Krishna was in jeans, T-shirt and with casual white colored knee socks. Radha was very shy and did not see his husband. He lowered his head and seeing Krishna’s sock covered foot. Krishna praised Radha’s beauty and ordered him to touch her feet to take the blessing. Inside Radha was burning with shame. Tears came out of his eyes. But he cannot do anything. It’s his fate. He touched her feet with his head. She has given her blessing ‘Dheerga sumangali bhava and Suputrika suputra prapthirashu”. Radha bit his lips with shame. His dick was little bit jurked. Next he stood . Krishna told to Radha you will have to take training for handle house, to please your husband. Most important to behave like a women and wife. Your training will start tomorrow. It will be approximately 2 months. My friend shwetha will train you. Tomorrow you have to go to her place and have to stay with her until your training is finished.
    Next day Radha went to Shwetha’s house for training.
    Krishna went to Himalayas to meet her kulguru Rachana. She is very powerful lady. She hates men like anything. Since 30 years she was doing tapasya. She only suggested Krishna “ Look for weaker guy and make love with him. Next marry him sothat your life will be peaceful”. Same thing Krishna implemented and where ever Radha went to interview she has used her police power to not to get a job.
    Krishna stayed 2 months in ashram and served kulguru. Kulguru was very much impressed with Krishna and gave her few powers to Krishna. And told nobody can defeat you. She has given special prasada to Krishna. After eating that Krishna felt something strange in her body. Kulguru told don’t worry. Now your voice will change little bit and with in one or two days you get cock. Your cock will be bigger than any men. And your brests will be disapper. If you fuck any men in the ass or in mouth, soon their dick will be disappear and they will get pussy and breasts. And they will become complete women. With that Krishna felt very happy and powerful. He (now she became He) took blessings from guru and left the ashram to see Radha.

  • #26

    amrutha (Tuesday, 28 October 2014 15:44)

    @deepu..... ur story is superb.....u had turned the story in the last lines of the part 2...... that step is awesome.......that...ashram step is marvelous....plz continue the story...... eagerly waiting for the next part

  • #27

    Deepu (Tuesday, 28 October 2014 16:42)

    Rowdy Inspector 3:
    Meanwhile Radha learnt house work, wifely duties, womanly behavior and gestures. Shwetha has secretly given hormonal pills to Radha. Now Radha got C cup breasts, slim waist and .wide hips. Now Radha is a complete women in physically (except her dick) and mentally. Shwetha got to know Krishna is arriving. So she arranged for a simple marriage ceremony. She called pujari for marriage. She has done small decoration. Radha was ready in her white designer saree and full jewelry. Full glass and gold bangles to 2 hands. Red lipstick. Full Mehandi to 2 hands and legs. Hair was decorated with jasmine flowers. Her breasts were full with excitement. Shini slim silver anklets. Gold rings to all fingers. Sindoor in forehead. Al last Krishna has arrived in Benz car. He wore white round neck T-shirt and white formal pant. He wore a blazer on top of T-shirt. White formal knee length socks and WhIte cute shoes. He wore Rolax watch. Now from his body womanly flesh has disappeared. He has light mustache. His hair was very neat and it comes up to his neck. He entered into the house and saw Radha and shocked and even Krishna was shocked to see Radha. Both Smiled by seeing each other, but Radha unable to keep her eye contact with Krishna. She lowered her eyes. Krishna felt very proud with that act and felt very powerful. Radha was ashamed. Now pujari ordered to both to exchange mails. Next Ordered Krishna to tie mangalsutra to Radha. As ordered Krishna tied mangalsutra to Radha. Next Pujari ordered Radha to touch Krishna’s feet with forehead for blessing. Again Radha feel ashamed, but lowered her head and touched Krishna’s Shoes with her forehead. Pjujari told this means you're completely belong to Krishna. Krishna lifted Radha with two hands and kissed on her forehead and hugged. Shwetha clapped her hands. Pujari took his Dakshina and blessed both and left the house. Shwetha already made arrangements for the first night. After dinner Krishna went bedroom and waiting for his bride. He took cigarate and was smoking. Suddenly door opened and Radha came inside with Milk glass and closed the door. From outside Shwetha Said All the best to Radha.

  • #28

    Deepu (Tuesday, 28 October 2014 16:44)

    Rowdy Inspector:
    Next slowly Radha came to Krishna with pallu on head and lower her eyes. Kris has hna was still smoking his cigarate. He puffed smoke to Radha’s face. Radha got caugh. Krishna laughed loudly. He came near to Radha and caught Radha’s waist. Radha was feared with that raugh hadling but did not say anything. She has given milk to Krishna and touched his shoes with her forehead. He blessed Radha “ Shegrameva suputra prapthirasthu”. Radha got shy and smiled slowly. Next Krishna finished smoking and drunk the half of the milk and rest given to Radha. She finished the milk. Krishna told Why you brought this milk… Radha saw Krishna with question mark… Krishna with smail said from your breast I will drink milk… Radha with shy said cheeeee… and closed her eyes with two hands. Krishna hugged Radha and slowly removed her saree. At first she has not allowed but Krishna has lot of strength so she cannot do anything. Now Radha covered her breasts with two hands and asked Krishna please give me my saree. Krishna with smile said no chance… This is my first night… I want to enjoy…
    Again Radha asked please andi… Krishna said you do one thing… lift your two hands and pray like gopika’s in mahabaratha… how gopika’s prayed Krishna for their clothes like that you pray…
    Radha started praying like gopika’s. Krishna was seeing her boobs with full view. He came near to Radha as he was giving saree to her. But suddenly he took her two hand wrists with his left hand and took her to wall. She was about to shout but he silenced her shout with long burning French kiss. In the kissing process he removed her blouse buttons one by one. Next he took one of her breast from her blouse and started pressing. She was stated moaning. Slowly he removed her blouse. She want to run away but he kept her in same place. Next again he caught her wrists with one hand and removed her petticoat’s leash. Pitticoat fall down around her legs. He took same petticoat lesh and tied her wrists with that. Now she is with all jewellery and flowers in her hair and in panty and bra. She is very sexy in her black panty and bra with all jewellery and anklets and metti. Next Krishna removed his blazer. First time Radha saw His tight fitting T-shirt with muscles. She bit her lips. Her dick came out from her panty. Krishna saw that and said now you have became my wife. Wife should not have dick. With that he liflted her and throwed on bed. Next he came and slept beside her. Her hands still tied over her head. He dragged her bra down and bit her breast Nepal with his teeth. She cried with pain and souted also. From outside shwetha was hearing all noicess and enjoying. Next Krishna took complete breast in his mouth and sucked. Radha moaned with pleasure. Krisha got crazy and sucked very hard and asked osey where is milk? I want now. Give me… Give me my milk…. Radha also repled …. After kids only I will give you milk…. Radha with passion offered her second breast… Krishna never wasted time took her second breast and sucked. In between he pressed both boobs with hands. She moaned like anything. Next he took her hand and guided to his pant. She never expected that. She thought he will have strap-on (fake dick) in his pant. Slowly she opened his zip and lovered his underwear. To her surprice she got real dick in her hand slowly she touched his dick. It is very thick and very fair and very long. It’s almost full in hand and 10 inches length. Next he took her her hair rughly and lovered her head towords his dick. And said bitch this is for you. I am least bothered about your dick. Your dick is very small and you have never satisfied any lady with that. It’s useless thing in your body. It will be used for urination. So never dare to show your useless thing. With that he inserted his dick in to Radha’s mouth. Slowly and rythamicly he started pumping her head. Tears rolled out from her eyes. It’s too big for her.

    To Be continued....

  • #29

    Deepu (Thursday, 30 October 2014 00:45)

    Rowdy Inspector 5:
    Krishna fucks Radha’s head continuously for ten minutes. Next he was ready to cum… Next he removed his dick from Radha’s mouth. Radha took complete breath. Krishna said if I cum in your mouth you will become complete women. I don’t want that. I want to fuck you as a man. And he laughed.. I will decide when you have to become women. Saying that he has pumped his sperm all over her face. Radha cried with shame and humiliation.
    Next Krishna order her to clean her face. Radha went to bath room with panty and bra and clened the mess on her face and came. Krishna was sitting on bed with his dick open from his pant. Krishna told Radha to sit on knees in front of him. Radha came and sat on her knees. Still her hands tied. Her hands was on her thighs now. Krishna kept his shoe covered leg on her leash sothat she came near to his dick. Her red lips are touching his dick. He ordered clean my dick with your tongue bitch. First Radha hesitated but Krishna slapped very hard. Tears rolled out from her… Slowly she started licking her husbands dick. Krisna suddenly took her bra from back and removed the hooks. Radha was shocked and try to turn her head but Krishna grepped her hair very rughly and kept her on position. She want to move her hands to avoid her exposing. But Krishna pressed his shoe very hard so that she cannot move.
    Krishna took the scissors from the side and cut the bra straps and removed from her body. She was cring but did not stopped licking. Next He took her two breasts in hand and gently massaged. Still her hands was under his shoe. She is not able to control her self. She is in good mood now. This is because krishna’s massage. Suddenly she took Krishna’s complete dick in her mouth and sucked very aggressively.
    Krishna laughed and said “so you licked my dick”… Radha rolled her eyes … she was in confussion…don’t know what to say and cannot say a word becaiuse she has dick in her mouth. Next Kriou likshna pressed her boobs very hardly and said say it bitch “you like my dick very much”. Radha left dick from mouth and said “ Yes yes yes “ Krishna said what ‘yes.. say it properly” . Radha with passion said yes my dear husband Krishna I like your dick like anything. I like too… you look very handsome… I love you… and again she took Krishna’s dick in her mouth and sucking like a crazy prostitute.
    Krishna asked you have your own dick why you like my dick? Radha said “It’s a useless thing in my body. I never satisfied any women with my dick”. Krishna said then I will ravish your dick. He inserted his 2nd shoe in Radha’s panty’s waist band and dragged upto her thigh’s. Next ordered her to remove the panty and sit in her position and do her work. She removed her panty and sat in same position and sucking his dick. Krishna tuched Radha’s dick with his white cut shoe. Radha jumped with that act. Next Krishna ordered Radha to stand on her knees. Radha stood. Next Krishna took her hands and tied to the ceiling.

  • #30

    Deepu (Thursday, 30 October 2014 00:46)

    Rowdy Inspector:
    He tied her legs together. Next he removed his pant. Now he is in white round neck t shirt, tight mens nicker and white knee length socks and white casual cut shoe. He sat on bed. He lovered his head and took her boobs in mouth and sucked. With passion she asked “please give me your dick”. He laughed and inserted her dick between his two shoes and pressed hard. Took her boobs in two hands and pressed simaltaniously. Radha shouted “ oh my lord my husband Krishna what your doing… I feel I am in heven” Krishna laughed and said don’t Worry I will take you to heven and hell. He Has done this process up to 1 hour. In between he sucked her breasts and inserted his inbetween her boobs and pressed, and inserted in her mouth and fucked. At last he kept her dick on floor and trashed with his shoe like a cigarate.
    Krishna said “ Now get ready for hell visit”. Radha did not understand first. Krishna went and came back with condom. Now Radha understood and said No please…. Don’t hurt me… your dick too thick and long… Krishna kept condom in Radha’s mouth and said put this to my dick with your mouth. She stuggled but done her job. Next He has given one more condom. She asked why? He said for normal men one condom is enough. My dick is larger than any men in the world. and you know If I drop my complete sperm in your body… immidiatly you will become women and become pegnent… with small drops of my sperm you will get more female fetures. Now itself your very sexy… next I will take you to honeymoon… You have wear all moden outfits like thigh high dress and frocks. Ladies socks, Stocking and tights. Ankle boots,knee length boots, ladies nike shoes , ladies high heels cut shoes. All modern panties, swim suits, bikini. . Radha said “yes my husband. Learnt all these things from shwetha”
    Next Krishna removed all leashes from radha. Now Radha is free. She knows what is Krishna’s plan. She ran out from Krishna and said please andi “ it’s too big” . Krishna said I know. But wife should obay.
    He caught her and lifted on his sholder very easily. Next he slapper her bum 10 times. Next caught her dick. It’s very small. This is due to cock sucking without condom. That Krishna knows. To humiliation he has done this.
    Next he took me to next bedroom.
    he started to fondle Radha’s boobs. He started sucking Radha’s boobs. Radha gave him a blowjob.
    He rested of ten menutes and smoked cegarate. looked at his limp cock Radha said "What's the matter? Your cock is becoming like mine. She teased.
    "Give me about five minutes, and you'll be answering that one," he snarled back.
    he put me on my back on the floor mat and told Radha’s to spread her legs. Radha paniced because she was still a virgin. Slowly he inserted his dick on my virgin ass. Radha felt like she was going to be split in two! When her cherry popped. He started pistoning his cock in and out of Radha. Radha cried and asked him to stop. But He did not listned her words.He raped her upto 20 munites. He has not done yet. Their first night started at 9pm now time shows 3 am.
    He put me on my hands and knees and took me doggy style. He is on one knee on floor and one leg be side Radha’s hip. He took Radha’s long hair in hand. Now he removed his T-shirt and knekker. He is complete nude except white knee socks and shoes. With one hand he caught her waist to keep her in position. He Started pumping his shaft. Infront of them there is a big mirror. She can see their reflection in the mirror. She can see a slut with huge breast and with tiny cock. Her complete body was bouncing with sex act. He was looking very sexy in his muscular body and with white socks. She feel she is a horse and her husband is jockey and riding her like a race horse. He is hitting her back and fucked. At last after 30 min he left her in carpet and slept.

    Sorry Guys I am leaving this story like this .... When ever I get time I will try to continue this story.. thanks for ur wonderful comments.

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    Ashwini (Thursday, 30 October 2014 04:12)

    @Raji ----I am finding difficulty in locating some contents of my previous story cousin comforts which is complete - as well as hostess to a hostess that is mostly complete because my laptop crashed . I request you to please include them in visitors' stories for the benefit of all our readers. i would continue to contribute by finishing the existing story , which is close to its end and then writing some other one soon...this is my humble request.
    @sisters.....i was trying to look for the previous content , but was not successful since the laptop crashed.please support since, i wanted to provide it to some, but if placed in visitor stories, it could be helpful to one and all.

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    Deepu (Saturday, 01 November 2014 14:15)

    Rowdy inspector 7:
    In the night Radha woke up and saw her husband was sleeping on bed. Her broken bangles was all over the bedroom. Her sindoor also all over the face. She has seen her boobs full red color due to sucking and pressing of her husband. She has full pain in ass pussy. She has seen her dick, it has became very small. Krishna saw Radha from back ... He was seeing sexy women with nice hips... Her hair touching her hips.. She has half flovers in her hair. She has Anklets on her legs. Slowly Krishna came from back side and pressed Radha"s 2 bums. Radha was shocked and said ohhh you horrified me. Krishna hugged Radha from back side. He took both breasts 2 hands. His dick was in between Radha's thigh's and came in front. Krishna teasingly asked Radha hey Radha you have too big dick see ... And showed her in mirror. She said chi pondi... And closed her eyes. Krishna turned Radha"s head and gave deep French kiss... Mean while he pressed her boobs with 2 hands.

  • #33

    Deepu (Sunday, 02 November 2014 15:14)

    Rowdy inspector 7-2

    Radha used her full strength and pressed her thighs together. But krishna's cock was very stiff. Radha could not do anything. Krishna released her and asked her dance in front of him. Radha said chi pondi and closed her two breasts with one hand and eyes with one hand. Next Krishna went and brought his reebok shoe and ankle socks. He said osey you have to close one more thing. He caught her dick and inserted his socks first... Radha difended but Krishna slapped her and said do not dare to stop me. I will rape you complete day and night. Radha said please donot do like that. I am very much affried of your massive dick. Krishna laughed and said remember I can make you pregnant any time. Radha said yes my lord I know. Next Krishna tied his reebok shoe to her dick And said let's start the dance. He went and switched on DVD player. Next come song Sheela Sheela ki jawaani.... Krishna went and slapped Radha's bum and said start the dance. Radha slowly started the dance... After 5 minutes josh fully she danced. Krishna saw her beauty while dancing... He saw her boobs bouncing. Krishna repeated the song... After 10 minutes she said I am very much tired. Krishna said ok and said bring 2 condoms and insert to my cock. She went and came and inserted condoms to his dick. Next he went and slept on bed and covered his body upto his chest. Next he asked Radha to come under sheet. She came and slept just beside his knees. Next Krishna turned and inserted his dick in mouth and fucked. At last first night is over...

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    Deepu (Monday, 03 November 2014 13:28)

    Rowdy inspector 8:
    Next morning Radha woke up and removed dick from her mouth. Next she removed reebok shoe and socks from her dick. Next she took her panty, bra, petty coat, blouse and saree and left the room. She wore bra , panty and nighty. Next she removed krishna's shoes and socks. Next cleaned the entire room. Shwetha came and said goodby to both and left. Next Radha took bath and came to bedroom. Now she wore black panty, black bra, black petticoat, black blouse, black bangles, black saree ,black ear rings

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    rani (Tuesday, 04 November 2014 01:38)

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    Deepu (Tuesday, 04 November 2014 06:07)

    @Rani : sure. Nice suggestion. Please give more suggestions to make story interesting.

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    latha (Wednesday, 05 November 2014 07:09)

    Hi friends now i coming with new story that is magic pot very interesting story i will be post tomorrow

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    Deepu (Wednesday, 05 November 2014 07:25)

    Rowdy inspector 8:
    Next morning Radha woke up and removed dick from her mouth. Next she removed reebok shoe and socks from her dick. Next she took her panty, bra, petty coat, blouse and saree and left the room. She wore bra , panty and nighty. Next she removed krishna's shoes and socks. Next cleaned the entire room. Shwetha came and said goodby to both and left. Next Radha took bath and came to bedroom. Now she wore black panty, black bra, black petticoat, black blouse, black bangles, black saree ,black ear rings, black bindi, thick red lipstick, red nail polish to 20 fingers, eye liner and mascara. Radha was looking gorgeous and sexy. Next she ca me to Krishna and removed bed sheet. Touched Krishna's feet and took blessings. Krishna woke up and said "sheegrameva suputrika praptirastu". Radha asked eentandi ... Why you have given blessings like that. Krishna said future is belongs to women and we will thrash bad men under our boots just like you. If any lady unable to handle any men then if they give complaint I will take care those men. Radha felt ashamed again. She said evandi go and take bath ... Break fast is ready. Krishna removed complete bed sheet and stood naked in front of Radha. Radha said chiiiiiiiii..... And closed her eyes. Krishna said what chi... Complete night my dick was in your mouth and you was enjoying it.

    Now I am going to bath room, I will do brushing and finish 1 and 2. Krishna finished everything and called rash to bath room to rub his back. Radha came. Krishna was in tub but tub was complete dry. Radha was looking very sexy in black sari. Her skin color was glories. Krishna saw her navel and his dick became stiff and pointing to Radha. Krishna said hey Radhakrishna why your wearing sari and why you sucked my dick last night. See my dick eagerly waiting for your blow job. Radha almost forgot his name with in two months. That much brain wash done by Shwetha. Now he/she comes to reality. Tears rolled from both eyes. Because I do not have job and even there is no chance of getting job said Radha. Krishna (veni) said not only that you are impotent, you never fucked me in entire 2 years. Your dick is very small like a school kid and that can be thrashed under my boots. Say yes or no asked Krishna. Radha cried loudly and said yes yes yes my dick can be thrashed under your boots. Krishna was sitting in tub and Radha was standing just beside the tub. Krishna caught Radha's hair and pulled upto his dick. Radha said please no andi ... Just now I took my bath. Now Krishna on his knees and caught Radha's waist. Removed sari from navel and kissed, circled his tongue in navel. Upto 10 minutes he has romanced with her navel. Now Radha is total control of Krishna. Radha closed her eyes and said hey krishna you can fuck anybody. I am yours now. Please take me in any position. Make me your women. With that Krishna took fresh condom and came out from tub. Next he inserted condom to his dick. He slapped Radha"s bum and said catch washbasin and bend and spread your legs. She has done like that. Now Krishna lifted Radha's sari and petticoat. Next he pulled panty from backside. Next aggressively inserted his dick in Radha"s ass pussy. Next he fucked Radha like a machine gun. In complete rest room full of both sounds 1 is Radha's cry's with pain and delight. And 2nd is fucking sound flesh against flesh. This process went upto half an hour. Radha's cries became louder please andi leave me please... But Krishna felt it's like encouragement and fucked hard. He slid her blouse and bra strap from her shoulder. Next he took breast neppal and kept in his mouth and socked. Next 10 minutes he socked her breast and at last released her. Radha removed condom from her husband. She was surprised with loads of sprem in condom. Radha soon you will drink my sprem. After that you will become complete women. Radha smiled and ran awAy with shame. Next Krishna took bath and came out with his underwear. He wore jeans and t shirt. Next called Radha and told her to bring his new nike shoes and nike knee socks. Next he told her to put socks and shoes. Radha felt ashamed...

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    Deepu (Wednesday, 05 November 2014 21:05)

    Rowdy inspector 9:
    Radha put socks and shoes to krishna's legs. Next Radha gave break fast to Krishna. Next she gave coffee. After words she eat break fast in same plate. Krishna looks very handsome in his black t shirt and denim jeans and white nike shoes. He wore Police brand dabang black specks and nike cap. Next he took his revolver and kept back side of his jeans. He gave smooch to rash and told her your so hot in black saree... He took her bangles hand and kept at pant zip. It was too big and hot. Radha told after coming from office I will take care of your weapon ... Radha cannot believe those words came from her mouth. Radha with shame closed her eyes and ran in to bedroom. Krishna with excitement told today I will make you complete women... Today I will not use condom. Make your self sexy ... I will ravish your all holes. From your mind I will remove all your male ego. And he took his jeep and went to police station.

    After 2 months Krishnaveni attended the office. After seeing Krishnaveni Everybody in the office was shocked. Now she looks very fit. Every inch in her body looks like male. She has very little mustache. One of constable came and told madam your looking very good... Your body is very good ... She touched and said wow very strong... Where you went and how you bace like this madam she asked. Krishnaveni told I went to USA for training . Our government knows I am very intelligent that's why they have chosen me for training. I have worked very hard in gym to get this body and six pack. Your look like a man... Please marry me madadam asked that lady. And donot pluck your mustache ... Shave ... So that you will get thicker mustache. Krishnaveni laughed and said enough now.. Please go to work

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    Deepu (Thursday, 06 November 2014 16:46)

    Rowdy inspector 10:
    Krishnaveni took criminals list. She was searching for most dangerous criminal. At last she found most dangerous criminal bio data. Criminal name Dilip. In public he is known as Dilip bhai. He has done 99 rapes and 150 murders. On officially he has done many things. She took her police force and went to Dilip bhai's den. After big fight all police force lost. Only Krishnaveni and 10 rowdy's left. She caught with all and defeated all. At last she approached Dilip bhai. Dilip bhai told after-all your a lady and I am a man, what you will do? I will catch you and put you in my form house like a keep. What your thinking with your getup? With this getup you cannot become men, you should have guts and dick to become a man. Krishnaveni said first we will fight and later we will decide who will keep whom and who is a man. Dilip used full strength and hit Krishnaveni but she has defended and attacked dilip. With in 3 hits he fell down on floor. Immediately Krishnaveni kept her nike shoe on dilip's head and crushed. Now onwards your life will be under my shoes. She took chain and tied his hands to his back. She slapped many times and said who is man now? She removed her zip and opened her massive cock. With that he opened his mouth with shock, immediately Krishnaveni inserted her cock and fucked his head. After 30 min she filled her sprem in dilip's mouth. With in 10 min dilip became complete women. He got full breasts, dick disappeared. Got full hair. Body hair gone. Next Krishnaveni said you should call has Krishna, why because I am a man and your a women. Krishna called beautician to do makeup. Dilip faught but he affried
    Of Krishna. At last dilip is ready with red saree, red bangles, red nail polish, red lipstick, red earrings. Beautician left. Krishna caught dilip's saree and said I am man that you and I know, now want to prove my manly ness. Now onwards your name is Deepika. Deepika begged please forgive me and caught krishna's nike shoes. KrishnA told lick my shoes I will leave you. Immediately Deepika licked both shoes. Meanwhile Krishna caught saree again and removed. Now Deepika stopped licking and coved her boobs. Both boobs are very heavy and coming out off blouse. Deepika understood the situation and ran away from that place. Again Krishna caught Deepika and forcefully removed blouse and petticoat....

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    Rowdy inspector 11:
    Next Krishna caught panty with left hand and bra with right hand. Deepika faught hard but no use. Krishna forcefully removed bra and panty. Now Deepika is full nude except ornament's. Krishna lifted her and thrown on heart shaped king size bed. Next he also climbed on to bed, kissed her navel, chicks, lips, forehead, slowly came down and kissed boobs. Next bit her nipples. Deepika tried to ranaway but Krishna caught tightly. Next Krishna came down and kissed her pussy, Deepika hit Krishna with her knees. Krishna bit her pussy with teeth. Next he stood and inserted his nike shoe in her pussy. She shouted loudly then Krishna inserted his 2nd shoe in mouth and pressed hard. He fucked both holes with two shoes. Next he slept again just beside her and opened his zip and pulled his cock out. He took Deepika's hand and kept his cock in her hand. She again tried to eskape but Krishna slapped. Next Krishna spread her two legs and inserted his cock in her pussy. Krishna told you have not finished your 100 th rape... I am finishing ucomplished work. His dick is too big for Deepika. She cried like anithing. But Krishna did not listened anything. He fucked very hard. He kept her in every humiliation position and fucked hard. Complete hall was filled with Deepika's cry's. At one stage Deepika begged him to stop but he did not stopped. He made Deepika complete women. He took her verginity. Almost half day he raped her. At last he took her to his home...

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    latha (Saturday, 08 November 2014 10:42)

    Mahesh turn to mahi part:1
    Hai my friends i am start new story first i will introduce charachters first after I am start story mahesh ia complete his grduate his MOTHER is a house WIFE his father his diedin last year mahesh not have any sistets and brother his MOTHER more likes him what is mahesh wants his MOTHER given to him his not rich family his only have own house his MOTHER doing job in bank casier post his mother have one sister she is very close to him that much love between them daily they both talking about off the day now days going on one day Mummy called me i went to Mummy i asked what happen why you called me then she told one post is vecancy in my bank you interest I will give reference to you then I asked which post then Mummy told that is po's job that is good suitable job for you agree with this tell me ok Mummy i agree for po's job mahesh go and prepare for tomorrow interview my manager asking some question afterwards they select you go and prepare for that i went to my room iam thinking for interview morning Mummy called me she given sujetion for me i noded head we complete break fast after Mummy and me both are went to bank
    Please comment for next part

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    latha (Sunday, 09 November 2014 03:41)

    Mahesh turn to mahi part:2
    Mummy and me both are went to bank iam attend the interview Mummy went to his work manager asking several questions to me i given all answer without any mistake after he told you selected to po's post iam in fully happy with his words i taken appintement latter first I went to Mummy cabin when iam enter cabin Mummy asking about interview I told Mummy i select for po's job when listen this Mummy also so happy after mumy told i pray god when you select in thi job we come and give your hair to lod venkateshwaru you must agree with this ok i agree with you every day Mummy and me both are went bank and coming out also same now life going lke this my hair growing up to shoulder i went to asked to Mummy how many days i will stay like this please do anything then Mummy replay ok mahesh you wait one week latha a also coming to house that why iam akso waiting for this latha is my Mummy sistet doughtet means she kosien sister for me she is stading degree every year she come to my house she enjoy holidys when holidays over she return back to his house Mummy like soo much when compare to me we both are same personality my hight is 5.6 She is hight 5.5 And remaing same body structure 25-28-26 this is the body size for me and she Mummy given separate room latha when she came she staying in that room only now life was goinf like this ine day one rowdy cane to bank she given checks i check the checks when i check i shocked because all these checks forgary signed i call back to account holder for enquiry they told they are nit issues any checks afterwards I call to police they arrested him when he went with police he told when i return to policestation I must murder you note this when listen this Mummy and all bank employees shocked afterwards i get some fear also Mummy also came to near and told why you takes these type of risk now see you in the near to die postion you must takes security when listen this i told Mummy he not do anything to me yo not think like that go and do your work she went with tears todays after morning Mummy came to my room and told mahesh rowdy came out with bail today you take leave for bank i told nothing happen Mummy no mahesh you must agree my words otherwise you wish the i told ok Mummy i agree with you but how many days i will do like this when listen this Mummy told tomorrow latha coming to hear we are all went to thirupathi for seeing lod venkateshwara ok go and bath and come i went for bath Mummy t old you remove your old dress give to me when listen thi i asked tomorrow we are went to thirupathi that's why i called work women today all old cloths will "

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    latha (Sunday, 09 November 2014 09:11)

    Mahesh turn to mahi part:3
    I agree and remove my all cloths with inner ware also i through out for washing in that time some sound from out sidei am not coming out because i don't weare any thing that why i am not coming out but listen some big viice but I am not listen clear in that time one man came to my room i an not seen anything but i am hear my MOTHER crying and talking with some one and she telling my sin went to other state please leave me alone i try to open my barhroom door but not open I think some one locked bath room in my room other person not get whare is the bath room in my room because my wall colour and my bath room door colour is same type that why i think Mummy only lock the door one hour later Mummy open the door but iam not coming out i don't weare any thing Mummy called me mahesh come out side then i told Mummy i am not weare any thing how I come out side sorry mahesh i for got that wait a movement iam come back with dress she came and given dress to me i taken and when seen that I shocked because Mummy given she's wearing nighty when i seen i asked him mum what is given you how iam wearing this i am not agrer for this please mahesh first you wear that and come out and see first i am not agree after agree and i weare night but this is not fitted to me very loose after i went out i shocked for seeing becuse my room all items are followen down and all my cloths in a fire i asked to mum what happen who's do like this mahesh rowday came to house with 10member group they search for you i told my son went to my sister house please levave him once again he not come to your route please listen i have only one son but they not listen my Voice the do like this and told when i catche your son he is also fire like this note this and told to your son whare he staying i must catch him i have somany rowdy gang in all state good by and he went out int that time latha came when seen like this she's also crying with Mummy i shiuted both are stoped crying they are seen me in ladies nighty both are loughing to see me latha called my MOTHER also Mummy mahesh really looking so beutiful in this nighty he have long hair also he really suitable to lady how it is my idea when listen this Mummy also agree with this no one identify he is a man when listen this i shoutes no iam nit accepet this the latga tols ok go and fight to rowdy then i told no iam not fight with him that why you must listen what we sed ok otherwise they catched you and murdering also wgen listen this I get some fear Mummy and latha firced me after i agree with his words after i asked mMummy give another suitable dress this is very loose for me in this time latha told i have suitable dreds fir you she serch her bag and given one dress when i taking this i shocked because she's given night weate if ladies then i asked what is dont no this this short and shirt she told do what I say otherwise I am not help you then i taken that and went to bath room first i wrare short good suitable after i wrare shirt but this upsilde side is loose down side is tight i went out when they seen me given smile after i asked latha i nit understand this shirt uoword is loosr downword is tight why like this then she repaly ok mahi tomorrow

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    latha (Sunday, 09 November 2014 10:25)

    Mahesh turn to mahi part:4
    Latha told i understand your problem tomorrow onwords yiu not get any problem like this i noded head after Mummy told today oneords you stay latha room only i asked why Mummy di what i say Mummy shouted me we both are webt to latha room after Mummy latga both are went out at 2:00pm i asked whare are you going mahi we are going out for shoping for new cloths for you then ib this tine latha told you don't want new cloths mahi when listen this i told latha stop calling like this I am not mahi i am mahesh but i called like this only latha told to me now time is 9:00pm iam waiting for Mummy and latha they both ate came at 9:30pmi asked why taken this much of time then they told we are went for shoping that's er are came late to house what happen any one cime to the house no not came any one itold latha but why ladies take this much of time to shopping i asked to latha then she reaply ok mahi 2days after you also cone with me in that time you only nows that wgen listen this my eyes red then i ask whare is my dress give to me then latha told mahi these dress are not now tomorrow onwords only you wearing this then i asked you show to me which type of dress are buying you in this time Mummy told mahesh not now tomorrow only we are showing after latha given shoppung bag to Mummy she takes and after she told gi freshup and come i asked i don't have any other dress what i weare now when listen this latha smiled and told mahi cone with me i will give dress for you niw web both are went to latha room first she told and showibg ibe coupbord go and serch which dress do you want i went to near cuppord i open it i seen this i shocked because this cupbord filled with all women innerwarea and dress thats why i shockec ib this time latha went bathroom freshup and came she seen me and ask hey mahi which one is select you then i repaly ni latha in that cupbord only hace ladies weare not have any men's wrare how iam weare such dress mahi today onwords you must weare these dress only when listen this u adked why i weare these dress mahi listen my words Care fully rowdy serching for you he his very cruel man you must stay like this because in this they not no he not catch also you but how many day i stay like this mahi withen 3months he for got about you please agree with this after i think i say iam also agree this but how it's possible mahi leve such question ok first you select ine dreds in this coupbord then i told latha your wish which dress given you ilke to weare that then she smiled and given one modren nighy to me i told no ltha give any other type of dress mhi now only you told no i am not given any other dress you must weare this i taken that went to bathroom i wrare and came out but this dress also same upside is loose down side tight iam not understand came out latha stopped me and ask mahi you weare any innerweare or not then i replay no latha i don't weare any innerweare she given innerwearei taken that i went to bath room when i seen this i shocked because she given ladies panty to me i weare that that is soo silky and soft also i like this after i came out she adked mahi that issuitable is

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    @x -q-zit ..... plz update ur blog..... i have been waiting for days now...... i am big fan of urs...... and i am telugu too.... i am checking ur blog daily.... but every time.... u disappoints me....plz post ur story asap...plz...thank ur for ur entertainment....

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    Plz give me ur email id..then we chat personally.

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    Deepu (Sunday, 09 November 2014 21:15)

    Rowdy inspector 12:
    Radha was waiting for krishna at the door. Radha decorated her bed with full flowers. She wants to change her mind set and body to female so that she can
    escape from humiliation, so that she can give birth to kids, so that she can continue her life. But Krishna's mind his intention is different. He wants to dominate
    each and every men in the world.

    While coming home krishna told Deepika "Don't try to resist me baby!
    The sperm that I have put on you has not only transformed you into a girl but will soon change your mind too and you will start falling in love with me..

    Note Krishna is 22 years old. Radha is 26 years old. deepika is 25 years old.

    Deepika scolded Krishna in her heart. Krishna took her to posh mall and baught all modren types of clothes,all types shoes,sandesls and boots.
    Also baught new types of bikinis, panties, bras, socks, tights and stockings.

    next they reached house. Radha was shocked to see one more lady with Krishna. Krishna introduced Deepika as his sister-in-law. Krishna said to deepika, Radha is your
    elder sister, now onwards you have to call her Didi/Akka. Deepika said ok. next both kept right leg inside the house entered the house.
    Krishna asked radha to bring mangalsutra. She came with mangalsutra. Next krishna said in ear ' see dont jelous of another lady... and remember you donot have
    potinsion to satisfy single lady and i have potension to satisfy many ladies'...

    Next he tied mangalsutra to Deepika. Radha told Deepika to touch her husband feet with her head. Deepika felt ashamed but she cannot do anything.
    she tuched krishna's shoe with her head. Krishnma blessed her 'sheegrameva suputrika praptirastu'. Krishna took both wives in both hands, he kept his both hands on
    both waists and pulled closer and kissed both on their cheeks. both wives blushed. He told today is first night for both wives. Radha you are already with makeup
    and all. so will start the first night. As Radha weared white saree... our dress code is white. Krishna ordered Deepika to wear
    sexy modren outfit with stockings and gloves. Deepika left to her bedroom. Next krishma lifted radha in both hands and thowen on bed.
    He surprised to see full flowers in bedroom. He got to know because of his spream soon both ladies are going to surrender to him .. physically and with heart.
    he want's to remove shoes but suddenly radha caught his hands and told. your my husband you should not do this... next she removed shoes and socks from his legs.
    he took bath and came. He wore white banyan, underwear, white shirt, white trouser, white blazer and white tie. Next radha bought white knee socks and white ankle boots.
    White boots ends are sharp and lengthy. She put socks to both legs next she put shoes and zipped. Next she combed his hair.

    Next Radha asked krishna shall we start... Krishna was surprised and took her to bed aggressively. he has not removed any cloth of her. He kept her in doggy position and
    lifted her saree, petticoat and pulled her panty. next he inserted his dick in her asspussy. She caught bed railing for balance and he caught her breasts for balance.
    He fucked her like a champion. Up 15 minutes room was filled with her cries and moans. Deepika heared all voices she is almost ready. She eagerly entered the Radha's
    bedroom. Now Radha became compleate women and she covered her saree and socking krishna's cock. krishna was sitting on bed and radha was on her knees. Deepika is looking
    very sexy in her elbow length gloves, white stockings, white high heel court shoes, white skirt which comes upto mid of her thigh.
    Her grater belts and panty clearly visible. She wore white blouse with full sleeves. Gloves are attached to sleeves. Deepika with Jealous came and took cock from
    Radha's mouth and inserted in her mouth. Radha also after one minute took the cock from Deepika's mouth and kept in her mouth. Krishna was enjoying the situation.

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    latha (Monday, 10 November 2014 10:05)

    Mahesh turn to mahi part 4
    I weare night dress which is given latha but this dress showing whole mybody without any hide showing my cock also in this time latha called me mahi how much time you take i am waiting for you come quickly i told latha wait i am coming after i csme out first time I weare ladies dress latha observing top to bottom i cover my cock with my two hands latha seen this she smiled and asked mr mahi you not weare underwrare why i told latha you not given my underweare how i were then she given one thing i am asked what is this mahi this is called panty modren underwear go and wear this i taken that i went to bath room she stopped me i asked what happen why you stopped me mahi you forgot one more thing what is that she given one thing i asked what is this she told mahi this cover your body not shows out go and weare this i take and went bathroom i try to wearing that i am not sucess In wearing this i called latha plese come and help me i fixed in this dress she came and Helped me i wear that in that time latha seeing whole by body and telling mahi you don't have body hair compare to normal men when listen this i shocked she came near she touch my body and told mahi your skin also smooth like me you mistekenly born as a man u must borm like female your body structre also looking like a female when listen this i shoutd him aftet we both are went to dinng hal Mummy seeing me she came near to me she huged me and told mahi you really looking soo beutifull compare to latha when listen this i shouted Mummy you also kiding me mahi i am not kiding you i saying really ok stopped talking like that after we complete dinner i went to room after latha came with a milk glass she given to me i told no latha i am not drink mahi daily you take milk your skin also glowong like normal girl latha you hunilating me no mahi i am not humilating just i am joking she given milk glass to me i told no latha i am not interest to drink this she told you not drink this i will humilating you when listen this i told ok latha i drink this but you must promise to me latha told mahi first you drink after i give promise to you i agree i drink that with in a minute i went to deep sleep i don't no what happening in frent of me morning i wake up in that time room is very silent i called Mummy and latha but they not came ifirst i wakeup i walking to bathroom i get some more wight on my chest i am not understand i went i seen in the mirror i shicked because i have big size brest i don't no how i get this i seen several times in the mirror i openef my nighty i checked that is looking real one but how it's possible i cryed i try to removing it but i fail to remove i get pain on my chest i quickly went to Mummy room in that time Mummy and latha chating for something i called Mummy she seen me she eyes filled with happiness she asked me mahi now you looking real women any one not identify your not a man they think you real women when listen i shouted him latha stopped me why you shoutubg like that these are doing me only the i ask please latha remove this she ask what which one then i told latha please removes my brest mahi that you must stay like this otherwise you not looking real girl without this understand or not then i ask how i went out latha mahi you went out like this only weare womens weare and went out like women only when listen this i cryrd a lit in this tine Mummy came near to me and told this is only for your safety your good boy you must understand situatin
    Please give comments for next part

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    rani (Monday, 10 November 2014 10:06)

    deepu where is you?
    reply me for more suggation

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    x-q-zit (Monday, 10 November 2014 18:22)

    Sorry all, I have been caught up with other things. Shall post the next part asap. Thanks for your patience.

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    Deepu (Monday, 10 November 2014 20:49)

    Rowdy inspector 13:
    krishna kicked both wives with his booted legs. Both fall down. Next he zipped his pant. He orderd Radha to keep quite and sit beside the bed.

    "You are driving me crazy in this hot dress, baby..." whispers Krishna with Deepika. Deepika's mind completly changed now.

    "Krishna you looks very nice in his suit" Deepika replyed, looking down, trying to negotiate the shyness adding to my nervousness..."'s making Deepika very hot..." Deepika look back into his eyes, and begin the ceremony...

    Deepika grab both of krishna's hands, and look straight in the eye, and say the following:

    I promise

    To love Krishna's cock

    To worship it

    To please and to serve it

    I promise

    To surrender my pussy

    To let Krishna take me

    And to hold Krishna semen inside me.

    Krishna took deepika closure and kissed, While Radha was ignored.

    Deepika feel the blouse rising, as they release their heavenly kiss. raises above her breasts, and over her head. Deepika revealed her assets to krishna now.

    Deepika stand there, dressed as a sexy slutty christian bride would for her man...the silky white gloves and silky white stockings were a clever lust spell, but her bridal corset holding her stockings up just makes Krishna melt. Little bows one each side of her hips are held by the panty, and little bows also stand proud on top of each stocking, front and back. Target locked: Deepika have Krishna where she want him, where she need him: hard, and in front of his bride-to-be.

    As the dress falls on the floor, Deepika gently push aside her black hair to reveal her smile...and as Krishna sees the little smile, he smiles in return...Krishna knows why Deepika is smiling. He noticed that Deepika slowly bending her knees, his bride lowering inch by inch...slowly lowering herself to her knees. As Deepika gradually lower herself, her silky white hands lay flat on krishna’s chest...slowly sliding downwards with her body.

    Deepika look directly in front of Krishna...Krishna's bulge is covered by the white pants. Deepika bring her lips closer, and plant a kiss on Krishna’s zipper. The hot red of her lipstick leaves a tiny smudge. She pulls back, look up and bring her hands to Krishna’s belt. She pulls open his belt, and undo his pants and zipper...his pants slide down to the floor, and Deepika looking directly at white briefs, covering Krishna's bulge. He bite her lower lip.

    "Mmmmmm..." she moans and lovered her head and start running her tongue on Krishna's shaft through his briefs. She try to put Krishna's huge cock head between her lips, but the fabric is resisting. She release what grip she had with her lips and continue to lick Krishna's manly dick through the fabric. Her hands start caressing Krishna's legs as she lick up and down, up and down, up and down, through the fabric.

    Krishna is nice and hard now. She hook a finger on each side of Krishna's briefs, and slowly peel them off, revealing her one and only reason for breathing right now: Krishna's big hard cock. As she let go of his briefs, she look up at Krishna, and lean forward and plant her lips on Krishna's knob, eyes locked in his.

    The kiss of submission is broken as she release her lips, and never leaving Krishna's eyes, she say:

    I worship there

    I surrender to Krishna

    For you Deepika is always on her knees

    I will please Krishna every needs

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    Deepu (Monday, 10 November 2014 20:52)

    Rowdy inspector 13: part-2
    she bring her lips back to the head momentarily, as she open her lips and allow passage of the crown into her mouth. she can already taste the musky flavor of Krishna's cum as the precum oozes lightly from the pee slit. A clear and thick liquid which she pick up with the tip of her tongue. she show Krishna her finding, and close her mouth to make it disappear. She reopen to allow entry of Krishna's pole into her mouth, and her hand gently starts moving up and down on Krishna's pole, following her lips by approximately 1 inch.
    Radha is simpley sitting and feels jealous and rubbing her pussy and breasts.

    Tonight Krishna OWNS Deepika’s pussy, Deepika think to herself, eyes closed and lost in the lust of her blowjob. Tonight, he will make me a woman...the true slut that I am...the whore that requires to be tamed. She continue to perform her womanly duties as she suck on Krishna's cock, her breastsl dancing in waves following the tide of her bobbing head on Krishna's cock.

    Krishna will get sucked until he is ready to put it in her pussy. It is all prepared: Krishna will just need to slide it in. Krishna's sweet little angel has cleaned her pussy for him...she lubed it and stretched it right before Krishna arrived. she dance her mouth on Krishna's cock, shifting between bobbing as she twist her head side to side, and stopping to twirl her tongue around Krishna's knob.

    "Mmmmmmm, yeah, let me inside, my little girl," Krishna commands, "I will make you a woman tonight."

    She looks up, beaming with pride as she release Krishna's rock hard stick from her lips. Still on her knees, he turn around and bend forward, arching her back as her hands fall lightly to the ground. Krishna looks down: his lovely lil angel is offering herself to him, surrounded by a bed of rose petals on the carpet. The mixture of the cinnamon and cranberry aroma, along with your lil angel's sweet perfume, is making your strong cock tremble for the touch of her warm hole.

    He stretch her back to point her pussy as high as he can, her shoulders resting on the ground as he lay her head on its side. Krishna kneels. It's finally going to happen...she can feel the tip of his cock head is teasing her lil entrance. He lose any sense of her surroundings, where he is, what day it is. These things do not matter anymore. Deepika here, offering herself to Krishna. The feel of her lingerie snug on her skin...the fruity mix of scents floating in the air...the brightness of the room with the multiple candles...the feel of Krishna's cock rubbing on her entrance...she shiver once more and feel small burst of cum pool in her panties.

    Deepika is his now. He pushed her behind against his manly rod...she need Krishna to make her a woman...she need Krishna to graduate me into the true whore that she is. The head slides in...because of the spit, because of the lube, because of how hard Krishna has become...the head is in...

    "Mmmmmmmm oh Krishna" as she close her eyes and feel the stretching of her insides warm up her loins. she adjust her back to align her ass with Krishna's height, and I let Krishna in some more as she feel his hands rest gently on her hips. The grip tightens on her hips as Krishna pulls back to leave just the tip in.. but she has to push back...the fulfillment can only come from a deep penetration and assault.

    She back-up her pussy on Krishna's cock and feel him slide all the way in until his balls come flat against her pussy. She tilts her head back as I release an "OOOOH" of surprise and contentment.

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    Deepu (Monday, 10 November 2014 20:54)

    Rowdy inspector 13: part-3
    Krishna looks down on his lil angel, her sweet pussy bouncing on his cock...the lace butterfly connecting the 3 strands of the white panty moving with the lil angel's ass...the stockings, the corset...the breasts gently rocking as Krishna increases his rhythm.

    It is finally happening. Right now, there is no turning back. They have crossed the line: Deepika becoming Krishna's little whore slut.

    She take each thrust with a moan as he try to inhale and exhale, feeling numb to everything around me but Krishna's cock. He pull out and turn around, and he lay on her back. She open her legs to let Krishna through...and she feel Krishna entering me again...this time it goes in fast and hard. I cannot help but yelp out a loud high pitch "aaaaah" as Krishna's balls slap down against her buns.

    she feel Krishna is close to cumming...she grab his shirt and pull him to her...she scissor his chest with her arms in an embrace, and she scissor his waist with her stocking-clad legs...locking Krishna in for the kiss of his life as he is about to cum in her pussy.

    she rub his back as she let him rock her pussy with his cock...and she grab his lower lip with her teeth to pull him in for the kiss...their lips touch...release...and touch again...Krishna's prick is getting so stiff in me...she feel the rhythm increase...the walls of her ass getting tighter.

    Krishna's tongue enters her mouth as a shiver runs down her spine...he feel her climax approaching as she feel Krishna's entire body tense up...for a moment she black out as she release her Krishna's tongue in a loud moan.

    "AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!" she scream as he begin to feel the rest of her hot sauce ooze out in her pussy. Krishna's cock stops its assault as he hear a deep moan rising out of deepika's throat. The first hot shot of cum sprays the inside of her pussy. As she come to her senses, small tears start leaking from her eyes as she allow Krishna to seed fully. Spurt after spurt warm up her insides as she feel Krishna's cock head slightly advancing deeper, allowing Krishna to maximize the draining of his semen inside her girly hole. The sensation is overwhelming as she feel the cold shiver run back and forth, head to toe, throughout her body. Her orgasm never having been so strong...and her pussy...Krishna has finally made a woman out of Deepika.

    Krishna leans down and kisses her...and she can feel in his kiss a love that is stronger than before...he releases her pussy with his rod...and she lay there, under Krishna...feeling the cold air enter her pussy as some of Krishna's juices rise up and coat the entrance of her cum pit.

    I bring her silky right hand to her pussy...Krishna circle her index finger around the entrance...catching the hot cum, coating her finger, and he plunge in. Her finger is in up to her 2nd knuckle, and he hook her finger upwards a few times, rubbing the inside of her walls before pulling out a huge gob of cum...he look into Krishna's eyes as he bring her finger to her lips, and kiss it.

    One thought, and one thought only, is in her mind. Krishna made me a true girl tonight

    She lick her finger clean, and she softly whisper to him:

    Krishna you owns me, Krishna you owns my pussy

    To him Deepika at her most slutty, I will wear most sexy cloths in my life. I will worship your boots.

    We kiss one final kiss... Radha fur-stated and came and hugged krishna from back side.

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    rani (Monday, 10 November 2014 21:12)

    deepu awesome update

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    priya (Monday, 10 November 2014 23:38)

    Deepu nice story write a day life of the both wives with u from mrng to nite

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    sneha reddy (Tuesday, 11 November 2014 03:03)

    Latha nice story

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    shila (Tuesday, 11 November 2014 07:27)

    deepu nice story

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    Deepu (Tuesday, 11 November 2014 22:10)

    Rowdy inspector 13: part-4
    Radha removed her sari and exposed her assets. Next Krishna removed his blazer and shirt. Now Radha and Deepika saw krishna’s 6 pack abs. Next Deepika and Radha took both legs of Krishna and pulled his pants. Now he is in white knickers, white knee socks and white ankle boots. Next both are trying to remove his knickers but Krishna stopped them and told whoever licks and worship my boots I will allow them suck my cock. Next they sportively took each boot and licked. Next they licked each leg socks. Next slowly they climbed up and try to kiss his cock from his knickers. Suddenly he kicked both wives with his boots. He kept his boots on both wives necks and told you bitches you have to obey my words. Your duty is to lick my boots and socks. They said sorry to Krishna. Next he removed each wife’s clothes.
    Now Radha is full nude except her manga sutra, ear rings, bangles, anklets and metties. Next he removed Deepika’s clothes. Now Deepika is full nude except gloves, griddle, grater belts, stockings and silver color court shoes. Next he removed his knickers and jumped on bed. Next both wives joined their husband on bed. Both slept each side of Krishna. Next Krishna kissed both wives navels. He pressed both wives breasts and put it in his mouth and sucked. Next he inserted his cock in Radha’s pussy and fucked.
    Next he inserted his cock in Radha’s pussy and fucked. Deepika went down and licked krishna’s balls. Krishna’s removed cock from Radha’s pussy and inserted in Deepika’s mouth. Deepika eagerly sucking krishna’s cock. While Krishna took Radha’s breasts in his mouth and sucked. 3 people are inter connected to each. Krishna started fucking Deepika’s mouth and sucking Radha’s breasts. He enjoying both at a time.

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    radha (Tuesday, 11 November 2014 22:19)

    Deepu, ur story has only sex.. no crossdressing.. so stop this and write a new one with only crossdressing in it n little sex

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    rani (Tuesday, 11 November 2014 22:25)

    deepu plz continue story

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    amrutha (Wednesday, 12 November 2014)

    @ x-q-zit..... we are waiting.... plz post asap

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    Ritu (Wednesday, 12 November 2014 06:03)

    Sunder……………………… Part One

    Maa Kasam Gazab lag rahi hoo…………
    Ek raat ke liya aayagee kya..........

    Were some of the lewd remarks Deepak had to undergo on a daily basis since he had attend a local festival organized in his chawl dressed as a woman. A timid and shy in nature, Deepak was a normal hetro-sexual male who never fantasied to live as a woman nor dreamt of being one. The only problem he had was he could not say no which landed him trouble every now and then. It was due to his timid nature that he had agreed to dress up as a heroine in a drama for a local festival, and ever since then he had been ridiculed by his neighbor.
    Deepak had seen many ups and downs in his entire life. After being disowned by his brothers due to property dispute, he had moved to a chawl in a suburbs of Mumbai with his mother who died few years back. A CA by education, Deepak was working with a private firm, as an accountant. He would slog from morning till evening and would never indulge into any gossip making him a fringe worker at office. His only so called friend was a lady doctor who he admired a lot and in her company he would find some peace and solace.
    The news about his role as a heroine had somehow filtered down to his office as well and this had created a great problem for him. He was often harassed by his office mates. Someone would call him sundari and other would call him Deepika, while as at some other time they would place either a ladies purse at his cubical. He would simply try to avoid them as much as possible. The moment someone left a pack of sanitary napkin at his cube, he decide to take up matter with his superiors.
    Deepak boss Verma, was a mean and a nasty fellow, he never liked him and was always searching for an excuse to make his life miserable. He did not listen to what Deepak had to say and asked him to get back to his cube and not to report anything in near future.
    In evening back in his room, Deepak was wondering as to what went wrong in his life and what has he done to deserve this. His thoughts were broken by a knock. He opened it to find his neighbor wife with a packet and a thali in her hands. Before he could react the lady picked a pinch of turmeric and sindoor and applied it on his forehead and handed him a packet. He was taken aback and before he could utter anything the lady responded that it was a haldi- Kumkum a local custom and he was the only lady to be left out. Hearing it everyone in his level burst into laughter and Deepak had to retreat back slamming the door loud.
    After cleaning his face Deepak opened the packet to discover a cotton saree, a blouse piece along with sindoor and turmeric. He tossed the packet aside in anger and started preparing for dinner. Next day while leaving for office he was greeted by same abuse which he was maybe getting used to. At office an office mate of his played a trick on him by placing a red bindi at his forehead without his knowledge.

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    Ritu (Wednesday, 12 November 2014 06:04)

    Sunder……………………… Part Two

    He was called by boss Verma and he entered his cabin with a red bindi firmly pasted on his forehead. The boss looked furious and pointed out few mistakes which were there in the balance sheet. He was fuming and started yelling at Deepak. Even though the mistake was committed by boss himself, and Deepak was just a scapegoat, Deepak kept quiet. On seeing a bindi on Deepaks’ forehead his boss yelled, “So you fagot you think by wearing a bindi, I would let you go, no way, you are fired.”
    Hearing it, Deepak began to sob and literally begged his boss to take him back. The boss was not in a mood to take him back and seeing him cry, he made a proposition with Deepak. “I can give you your job back, If you would dress as a lady and please me. Think about it” Deepak was caught unnerved and could not think of what to say. Sensing it the Verma said “it’s either you and I or you out on the road” Knowing that if was bit odd, but the fear of losing a job made Deepak agree to it. Good I knew it, that you wish to be a woman, and don’t worry I would make a fine one out of you. You can leave early and come to my bungalow in evening, dressed as a women. And remember no hair and wear some makeup otherwise you would lose this job, even if you have to spend some money to look beautiful do it”
    Deepak left his cabin with a heavy heart and left office early. He called up his friend Doctor, but could not utter anything to her. He simply enquired about a beauty salon and booked an appointment with them. The lady at the salon was surprised to see a man had booked an appointment. Deepak cooked a story about the play and asked her an entry. She agreed and let him in. There were few customers at the salon and to Deepaks misery the owner announced to her staff that Deepak was looking to transform into a woman and needed their help. Hearing it the entire salon burst into laughter and Deepak felt his cheeks turn red with shame. The owner handed Deepak a panty and a gown and asked him to Change. Seeing a panty Deepak did not react and went behind a wooden frame changed into panty and Gown.
    The girls were very excited to see Deepak and began to work on him. For next few hours he was subjected to an extreme kind of torture including waxing which pulled every last strand of hair on his body. His whole body was paining and had become red. Next to follow was a massage which did relax his body and lowered both redness and pain. It was followed by another round of waxing and it was less painful this time. After applying few cream all over his skin felt smoother. Next the girls created a cleavage using transparent tape and pulling his skin. He was made to wear a bra and with a help of balloons filled with water, a round shape was achieved. Because of the balloons weight Deepak could feel the bra strap digging deeper into his skin and also feel the effect of gravity. The sight of a man getting transformed was providing a wholesome entertainment for other customers and staff alike. Next the girls started working on his face and nails. Deepak could not guess as to what is happening and in between the different procedures he could feel burning sensation, peeling, plucking, more burning, paste being applied on his face and so on. In between he could also sense his nails getting filled and few coats of nail paint being added to them. Why is this happening with me, was what he could think of at this moment.

    To be continued.........................

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    Ritu (Wednesday, 12 November 2014 06:43)

    Sunder……………………… Part Three
    After applying a foundation base, the girls started working on his face adding different colors to couture and highlight few areas. His cheekbone area was painted red to highlight it while as in other parts they applied bronze colored makeup to give a dazzling effect. Next his lips were painted red initially by drawing a border with a pencil followed by applying red colored lipstick with a help of a brush. The girls added false eyelashes and blended it perfectly with a touch of mascara and applied a layer of kajal to create a right effect.
    He was made to wear a wig and after spraying it with so many cans, it was styled in latest fashion bun with few strands of hair left to fall on his face. Since he had his ears pierced as a child, the girls could easily fix a large artificial jumka in his ears. Next he was made to wear golden colored blouse with short sleeves and a golden colored satin petticoat. Deepak tried a knot in the in the front only to be scolded by the owner. “Common darling, you are not wearing a pajama, tie it on the side either left or right and don’t forget to close the hooks” The blouse was a modern design with deep back and front and had series of strings at the back. The front end housed only three hooks. It took a might of three girls to get Deepak into the blouse. Before saree, girls made him wear a necklace and planted 2 dozen bangles in each arm. He was made to wear a 1 inch sandal and after the girls pulled up sari and started tying it on him. They started by inserting an open end of the sari on one side of petticoat and after left after making adjustments they a pallu was crated from other side. Now equal pleats were made in the sari and after tucking them into the petticoat, his pallu was adjusted accordingly exposing his navel and relieving his midriff. The girls placed tons of pins here and there to keep the sari in place and adjusted the height to match the sandal. Next Deepak was handed over a hand back and for the first time was he shown a mirror. In a full length mirror, Deepak could see his transformation and was afraid about his future. Having paid the amount towards the services, Deepak left for his boss residence which was a 15 minute cab ride from the salon.
    Verma was pleased to see Deepak and without wasting any time, he pulled her towards his bedroom. “Splendid you look wonderful, I feel I can take you but before you please me I want you to kneel down and beg me to take you as my women do it and say it loud”. Deepak knelt down as ordered and said “Verma jee please take me as a women, please unflower me I beg you please”. Hearing it verma laughed and ordered Deepak to remove his shoes and pant. Deepak did as ordered and stood there. Verma started playing and fondling with his body. “Remove my undies he ordered” Deepak did and out came Verma penis. “Before you start, fold your hands and kneel before junior Verma, do it you fagot”. Deepak folded his hands and knell before verma penis. “Now take it in your hands and feel it” Deepak dis as ordered. “Hey bitch now beg before me to take it in your mouth, beg……….”. “ Sir please allow me to take your dick in my mouth” Deepak said. He was greeted with a slap, “How dare you call it a dick, say you wish to take Junior Verma inside your mouth and say with respect” “Sir I beg you to allow me to take junior verma in my mouth please sir”
    “Okay you can” verma replied and Deepak brought his lips near verma manhood. The smell of his manhood was distributing and Deepak was showing bit reluctance, “its this or out on street without job think about it” Hearing it Deepak without any second thought took his manhood inside his mouth nd allowed verma to violate him.

    To be continued…………………

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    kamala swamina than (Wednesday, 12 November 2014 10:25)

    now a days this site become more sexy than stories

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    arun (Wednesday, 12 November 2014 11:53)


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    usha (Wednesday, 12 November 2014 13:57)

    Ritu, such a nice plot but y did u add gay in it and spoiled the story?

  • #95

    Ramashwari (Wednesday, 12 November 2014 21:10)

    Agree with Usha, the plot was so nice, instead of male boss it should have been female boss... now its just another gay sex story

  • #96

    Ritu (Wednesday, 12 November 2014 21:51)

    @Usha and @Ramashwari: It is not a gay story. Encounter between Deepak and Verma is a part of the plot and many times as a writer we need to such sub-plots to develop the plot. If it were to be a female then the rest of the story would continue in the same environment and wont it be similar to many other stories all-ready written and archived here itself? In next few weeks would you all understand as to why this sub-plot was introduced.

    Comments are always welcome

    Luv @ Rits..................

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    Ritu (Thursday, 13 November 2014 04:20)

    Sunder………Part 04

    The moment Deepak took Verma’s manhood in his mouth he felt like vomiting. The pungent smell was irritating Deepak and he felt his head spinning. He immediately removed Verma’s manhood from his mouth and started coughing. This sight was making Verma more horny, seeing Deepak stop, he slapped him hard and yelled “Why you stop bitch; common take it” With tear in eyes Deepak begged to Verma “Sir, I can’t do it, please understand I am not a woman or a gay”. Verma looked at him and with a cold shoulder replied, “Okay your choice and now don’t blame me for your financial troubles due to job loss” Hearing it, Deepak was speechless. Without wasting any time he touched Verma manhood and proceed to take it back in his mouth. “Wait! You need to beg whore; remember what I said earlier?” Deepak was feeling the humiliation but felt helpless. “Sir; I am extremely sorry; can I make love to junior Verma and take it in my mouth; please sir please” “Yes you can” replied verma. Hearing it, Deepak took Verma’s manhood in his mouth.
    Verma was guiding him what to do and when to do; and after 20 minutes or so Deepak could sense Verma manhood becoming tighter. Before he could react, verma held Deepak’s mouth tight against his manhood and in few seconds Deepak’s mouth was full. “Drink it, as no drop should fall on ground” with it Verma refused to leave Deepak and held him tightly against his manhood.
    Once satisfied that Deepak had gulped it; did verma release him and told Deepak to be prepared to be boarded again. “You bitch beg me to take you from behind beg me”
    “Sir Please take me from behind please” Deepak could not believe the words which were coming from his mouth. Verma made him stand at an edge of a bed and asked him to bend at a certain degree. Deepak did as ordered. Verma came from behind and lifted Deepak Sari and lovered his panty down. “Ah lovely” He placed his legs to lock Deepak’s movement and applied large amount of lub on his penis and around Deepak’s love hole. “You bitch are you ready to be boarded Say yes or No” “yes I am ready please do it; I beg you please do it” With it verma started entering Deepak virgin hole; for the next minute or so; the entire room was filled with Deepak’s shirks as he could not control the pain; he tried to free himself but Verma being an expert would not let him move. After 20 minutes or so; Deepak was Deepak could sensing verma’s manhood thickening and in no time did he release his entire load into Deepaks’ love hole. Satisfied with it; verma immediately released Deepak and told Deepak to compose himself. Deepak started by picking his panty and wore it. He was drenched in sweat all over. “You can leave now” Verma said; “What about my job” Deepak enquired “I said leave; we will speak about it tomorrow. Now leave” Saying this he caught Deepak by arm and forced him out of his house.
    Understanding the gravity of the situation, Deepak headed towards his home. It was around 10:00 in the night when he reached his place; most of his neighbors were fast asleep; he hurried towards his quarter opened lock and entered as fast as possible. The first thing Deepak did was to cry his heart out; he cried for hours till he felt better. He opened sari and threw it on bed, he was in a hurry to get out of the woman’s clothes and nearly ripped blouse as it was tight. He removed petticoat and undergarments throwing them on bed as well. He decided to take a bath and after entering bathroom; did he realize that he was still wearing wig and jewelry. He carefully removed these items and placed them on bed and took a shower.
    He cleaned his body as he wanted to get rid of any sign of what had happened to him today. At least he was satisfied that he was able to save his job.
    Next morning with a fresh mind; he prepared for office and wore his favorite white shirt and blue Denim and started for office.
    He reached on time but was not allowed inside by the security as Deepak name had been terminated from office. Deepak had to wait till afternoon as the security man would not allow him to enter. Around 2 PM Verma came to office and Deepak tried to speak; but verma just passed and again security won’t allow him to enter. After constant poking, security person called Verma to enquire about Deepak. He was asked to come in evening around 7 PM as Verma was busy at this moment. With heavy heart Deepak left the premises and decided to return at around 6:30 PM.


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    Ramaswari (Thursday, 13 November 2014 22:15)

    I am starting a new story, I m new over here, please let me know with your comments on it.
    Initial background - Sanjanna and Rahul are wife and Husband
    Rahul to Parul part 1...

    I heard Sanjana open the door and walk in. I looked at the clock in my
    iMac and it was already 7 PM. I could still hear the scooters and bikes
    honking in the rush hour traffic of Bangalore. I closed up my work and
    went down stairs to great her. She gave me a fake smile and said Hi. I
    knew something was going on in her mind. I kissed her and asked her what
    the matter was. She said that she had been assigned to an off-shore two
    year long project in the United States. That sounded like good news to
    me. But didn't understand why she looked all gloomy. Puzzled, I said
    "This is something you longed for and the overseas opportunity would
    definitely strengthen your future career prospects. I don't understand
    why you haven't started celebrating yet?"

    Sanjana replied "Yeah, but that is not the only news. I told mom about
    this, she called me back after a while and warned me that her astrologer
    said that according to my horoscope I can't travel overseas as a married
    woman. If I travelled overseas something bad would happen to you, Rahul!"

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    Deepu (Friday, 14 November 2014 14:40)

    Rowdy inspector 13: part-5
    At last 3 people slept on same bed with Radha and Deepika kept their each breast on Krishna’s mouth. Krishna complete night sucked their breasts.
    Next day morning Radha woke up and went to bath room. Took bath and wore nighty and completed her morning duties like sweeping, cleaning dishes, worshiping god etc.,... next she prepared breakfast and everything she kept on dining table. Next she went and ironed her husband’s clothes. She does not know which dress he will wear casuals or police uniform. Hence she ironed all clothes. Next she polished his dress shoes and kept fresh socks in it. She prepared casual shoes and socks also.
    Next she went her bedroom and removed her nighty. Next she took green color petticoat and bra and wore. Next she wore green sari. Next she wore green bangles. Next she wore payal (anklets). Next she wore waist belt (woddanam /belly chain). Next she kept green nail polish to all nails. Next she went to dressing table and took red lip stick and double coated both lips. Next she wore green dangling ear rings
    Next she applied mascara and eye liner to her eyes. Next wore green color bindi and under bindi she kept small amount of kumkum. Next she kept jasmine flowers on her hair. She saw her complete figure in mirror and nothing is missing. She entered in to master bedroom where her husband and sister are sleeping. She heard Deepika’s painful noises from bedroom. She saw morning itself Krishna was fucking Deepika. He kept her in a doggy position and fucking like a champ. On his body everywhere he has lipstick of both wives. Deepika’s makeup was all over her face. She looks like a slut with her white stockings and white heel shoes. Krishna saw Radha and told… Good morning gorgeous. Would you like to join us in bed? He asked Radha. Radha smiled and said no. Just know I readied myself. Krishna told ok no issues and concentrated on Deepika. He fucked Deepika 15 more minutes and at last left her. He kicked her with his shoe and told go bitch and get ready. It’s too late for office. Deepika took her clothes and left the room.
    Next Krishna took Radha’s hand and kept his cock in it. Radha’s I have not done any mistake. You’re not belongs to men. I know this from day one since we met. Now you have proven with your gorgeous looks. Even real women will not do this much makeup. Everything is perfect. He took both hands in his hands and dragged her to bed. She know what Krishna wants. She begged please leave me. Don’t do anything. He kissed her navel. Played with her belly chain. He told “ I will attach navel ring to you”. She said cheee…. And covered her eyes with both hands. She tried to run away. But he pressed her toes with his boots and smooched her. It’s long burning kiss. With one hand she pressed his cock. It was very hard. Next she pinched him on cock and he loosened her. Next she ran away from bed room. He told her where you will go… night you will come to my bed only…
    Next he told Radha, He appointed Deepika as his personal secretary. He has given dress code details. Sometimes she has to wear uniform and sometimes she can wear her choice. His intension is Deepika was a DON. Hence she knows about criminals. Hence he appointed as a personal secretary. Out side house everybody thinking Krishna is a tomboy (Lady behave like a men). No body knows about the secrete. Deepika came out from her room with her new look. She wore black bra and black panty.
    White slip, white ladies skin tight shirt, black skirt which comes up to mid-thigh. Zed black stockings and black ankle boots. Boot has silver chain. She wore light pink lipstick. She kept her hair as bun. She looks very sexy in this getup.
    Her waist is very slim. She opened her shirt first button so that everybody can easily saw her cleavage and slip.
    Krishna saw her and told ahaa “ one wife is beautiful and 2nd is beautiful and sexy”. How can I work with seeing you both…

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    rani (Friday, 14 November 2014 20:58)

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    shila (Friday, 14 November 2014 21:06)

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    Deepu (Saturday, 15 November 2014 06:14)

    Rowdy inspector 14:

    Next Radha kneel down in front of Krishna and kissed his white boots and cock. Next Deepika did the same thing. Next both took each one leg and removed boots zip and removed boots. Next they removed his white socks. Next they told no naughty things and pushed him to bath room. He took bath came out from bath room with towel.
    Next he wore under wear and banyan. Next he wore brown color casual pant and lemon yellow color collar full sleeves shirt. He tucked his shirt inside his pant and kept his belt. He looks very handsome. He sprayed men’s perfume to his clothes. Next Radha bought kaki color knee socks which are exact matching to Krishna’s pants. Next she bought kaki color lacy shoes and kept his each socks covered leg in each shoes. At last she tied his shoe laces. His shoes come above his ankles. Next both wives kissed his shoes and touched their head to his shoes. Next he kissed Radha on her navel and cheeks and lips. Radha pushed Krishna away and told its office time. Krishna took Jeep keys and asked Deepika to get in. It’s open top jeep. Krishna Kept his Ray ban glasses. Deepika wore her blazer. It’s 20 km far. In travel he caresses his stockings legs, sometimes he pulled her closer. After some times he realized for public he is not he. For public he is Krishnaveni. He controlled himself but irritated and thought he has to do something about his identity.
    They reached police station. Krishna parked his Jeep. Deepika stepped down from Jeep. Everybody was stunned with Deepika’s getup. All male police got bulge in their pants. And women police get jealous on her. Nobody knows she is wife of Krishna. All male police are fluting with Deepika. Some are rude and touched Deepika’s thigh’s and breasts. Krishna observed this and he arranged Deepika’s desk on his room. He ordered everybody who enters to his room has to take permission before entering the room.
    Next he closed the door and opened his zip and pulled his cock. It was very erect. He took her waist and pinned her to his table. Next he opened her shirt buttons completely. Next hiked her slip and kissed her navel. Next took her bra and hiked. He took her breasts rudely in his mouth and socked forcefully. Next he pulled her panties down. It’s comes down and rested on her ankle boots. Next he inserted his cock in Deepika’s pussy and started fucking. With one hand he pressed her breasts and closed her mouth with kiss. Next he continually fucked her.

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    Suggestions please... to continue the story

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    Kat (Sunday, 16 November 2014 10:02)

    @Deepu: some bike scene and going to high command parties with his 2 wives in suit.
    Ministers behaving dirty n Krishna made them female too....
    Nice story... Waiting for the next episode..

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    Thanks Kat. Valuable suggestion

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    Deepu (Sunday, 16 November 2014 14:25)

    Rowdy inspector 15:

    Next Krishna leaved her and rubbed his cock to Deepika’s stockings and inserted in his underwear and kept his zip. She has not wasted any time. Immediately she wore her panty and adjusted bra, slip and buttoned her shirt. Next she adjusted her stockings. Next adjusted her makeup and hair.
    Krishna told Dilip, few days back you were big don and now you’re my bitch and my boot licker. See your dress hahahaaaa…. Tears rolled from Deepika’s eyes. I will use you wherever I want. I am your ring master. Compose yourself and come with me. Both came out of room. All police men are looking hungrily on Deepika. Slowly both came and sat on car. Now they are in different car. Krishna wore his ray ban glasses. Krishna started the car. After 10 minutes they are on high way. Krishna told Deepika, Have you observed those police men. If I leave you there for 1 hour… definitely they could have raped you. Deepika nodded her head. Next she told I am afraid of those people.
    Please do not leave me alone, I beg you. Krishna did not promise anything but laughed. Next both went to their house. Krishna ordered Radha and Deepika to get ready. He opened one big special suitcase which is covered with clothes, shoes, wigs, breads, mustaches, anklets, necklaces.
    Krishna told them we are going to criminal’s pub. The pub is full of sexy call girls. So many criminals are roaming around the pub. Radha asked Krishna why we have to come to criminal’s pub. Krishna told see sweetheart you people have to come there and mingle with criminals and seduce them and dance with them. Do not worry I will be there with many cops. In one good time we will come and catch them. Until then you people have to engage them. Krishna told Deepika your fine with your getup. Just remove your blazer and shirt and wear this sports bra and trendy half blazer. Her waist is clearly visible. Krishna put ring on her navel and kissed. Her breasts are clearly visible from her sports bra. Next Radha wore black bra, black tights; over tights she wore ash color knee socks. Next she wore black high heeled knee length boots. Next she wore silver color blazer which comes up to her bra end and did not cover bra or waist. Next Krishna wore mustache and full bread. Next limo came and driver came inside the house and intimated Krishna time to leave. Krishna kept his hands on both wives waist and sat in side limo.

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    Sure I will update. But suggest like which character should behave like what ... Any twist ...

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    Deepu (Tuesday, 18 November 2014 12:37)

    Rowdy inspector 16:
    That is most luxurious Limo. They sat in spacious sofa. Krishna sat in between both wives. Both wives kissed Krishna on his cheeks and told you’re looking very handsome with mustache and bread. Krishna told you both also looking very hot in your costumes. Next he kept his both hands on their waists and pulled very closer. He asks them to sit on his lap. Both sat on his lap on both sides. They kept their hands on his shoulder and kissed him. Krishna also kissed their neck, ears, cheeks and lastly given French kiss. He is in full mood. To divert his attention from Deepika, Radha opened his pant zip and pulled his cock while he was with Deepika. Krishna was observing Radha with one eye and continued with Deepika. Radha sucked his cock for 10 munities but Krishna did not leave Deepika. Next Radha got frustrated and stood angrily before the sofa and kept her boot on Krishna’s cock and pressed hard. Krishna was stunned with Radha’s act. His cock became very hard and Due to hardness Radha lost her balance and fall down. Next Krishna stood angrily. He cock became very large. Look like 13 inches. He kept his boot on her neck and pressed very hard and said you bitch how dare you to put your boot on my cock. My cock got humiliation. Now it will see your end. His cock still increased its length and width. Radha understood her mistake but it’s too late. To please him she took his cock in her mouth and sucked. But Krishna removed his cock from her mouth and took her log hair and throws her on sofa and rudely pulled her tights and panty. Both rested on her knee boots. Next Deepika took krishna’s cock in to her mouth to save Radha. ..

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    Rani.. How to humiliate Radha... Explain...

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    Deepu (Wednesday, 19 November 2014 22:49)

    Rowdy inspector 17:
    Krishna was very angry and aggressive. He fucked Deepika’s mouth very fast. Within one minute she got exhausted and begged Krishna to stop. Meanwhile Radha was looking for exist button of the door. But except Krishna and driver both wives does not know about exit button. Krishna pushed Deepika aside and grouped Radha’s hair and dragged her to sofa and throws her to sofa. Radha was very scared. Deepika and Radha both caught Krishna’s boots and licked. Slowly Krishna’s cock size reduced and become normal size i.e., 9 inches. He took Deepika to his hands and kissed. You know very much how to control men. Ohhh few days back your big don… I forgot … all ladies used to please you like this correct... Deepika nodded her head. He ordered both wives to get ready. We are very near to pub. They reached pub. First both wives went inside pub. After 10 minutes Krishna entered inside pub like a don.
    In pub all men rounded Deepika and Radha. They have never seen this much sexy women in their pub.
    Radha and Deepika were dancing with pub music. Soon few men came and dragged both women to pubs underground room. Their most wanted criminal and smuggler Srinivas was sitting. His gunda’s pushed both women to Srinivas feet. Srinivas lifted both women and asked where is your friend Krishnaveni? I know your plan. If you people tells the truth immediately I will not do anything or I will rape you people and remove your sexy clothes.
    Both women told we don’t know where she is. Next Srini angrily told until I do something you people will not tell the truth. He caught Radha and kissed lips. Next he removed her blazer and exposed her bra. Next he kissed her neck, cheeks. She was pushing Srini and crying to leave her. Deepika also begged to leave both. But He removed Radha’s skirt. Now she is in bra, panty, stockings, grater belts and knee boots. Srini told what a sexy lady… and ordered start the music. Next ordered Radha to dance. First she started slowly but later she danced with full josh. While Deepika was searching for Krishna. Next Srini took Radha to his bed room and closed the door. But his surprise Krishna was hiding behind the bed….

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    Deepu (Friday, 21 November 2014 00:45)

    Rowdy inspector 18-1:
    Srini lifted Radha on his both hands and throws on bed. Krishna is waiting for his support troops to come. But Srinivas was very vise person. He pressed one button, next under Krishna one door opened. He fell down in one more underground room. Radha was waiting for Krishna but Srini was too aggressive. He also jumped on bed and gave smooch to Radha. Radha tried to push him but it’s went vain. Radha tried to kick him with her boots but he escaped. Next he tied her wrists to bed railings and her boots to down railings. Next he went to his room bought Tequila shots. He put lemon and salt to glass and pours Tequila and forcefully pushed the glass to her mouth and closed her nose. Up to 5 pegs she has drunk. Now she forgot about Krishna. She is in full mood. Srini released her from restrains and both sat on nearby sofa.

    Srini asked Radha "Now that I freed you -- how do you intend to repay me?" "Let's have another drink and discuss it," Radha replied , holding out her glass. She couldn't believe it was she teasing, flirting like a brazen slut. It seemed to be having an effect. Reaching for Radha, slim hands grabbed her and pulled her onto his lap. As Radha squirmed to get comfortable, She could feel a bulge against my rear.
    Srini’s lips sought out Radha’s receptive mouth. A long, slim tongue slipped between Radha’s pliant lips. "Ooohhh!," She groaned into the invading mouth. She was drunk. Drunk from the alcohol. Drunk from passion. There was no holding back she was about to act out her role as the slut she was dressed to be. Besides, she doubted on Srini would let me hold back. "Ooohhh, yes! Yes! That's so good," She breathed heavily. "Let me help you get more comfortable." Her fingers tentatively began to open shirt buttons of Srini. Wickedly, she ran her fingers across a smooth chest, stopping only to pinch nipples. She became somewhat confused. She was sure that Srini was a man. But, this one actually had little titties. While she pulled off the shirt, a hand had dropped to my stocking leg, sliding slowly up its silky smoothness. Smooth fingers continued to inch higher. In an attempt to slow his progress, she began to lick and kiss his neck. He continued to caress her legs. Radha slid lower on the couch and began to bite and suck on his nipples. His hand left her legs only long enough to force her hands to his belt and fly.
    Radha ran her hands over his pants. Squeezing and rubbing his erection, she couldn't believe she was actually playing the role of the slut and she didn't care about the consequences. She was going to get off, no matter what she had to do. "Let me help you," he whispered softly. Srini forced her sit up while he removed his pants and shorts. Her hands flew beneath her panties and began finger fucking her pussy through her panties. Her legs were spread wantonly. "Please hurry! I'm so hot. Hot for you. I want to make love to you now," she panted. She was losing control of her senses. She heard the pants hit the floor. Next came a pair of bikini briefs. Her eyes moved up the outspread legs before Radha.
    "Oh my God!

  • #135

    Deepu (Friday, 21 November 2014 00:46)

    Rowdy inspector 18-2:
    And all this time she thought...! Oh, Wow," she gasped in disbelief. He was not a he after all. He was a she. And she was wearing a dildo attached to elastic straps. Srinivas laughed and told my name is not Srinivas, my name is Srivani. It was 10 inches long and a full three inches around. Her latex manhood stood proudly in front of her. It presented an imposing sight. The cock was longer and wider than the Krishna’s real one. But that is real. It should be rewarded. Ripples of fear racked Radha’s body. "Fooled you… and all world. Didn't I!" She laughed aloud. She quickly reached down pulled Radha’s hands out of her panties and pulled her to her feet. Radha had trouble standing. It didn't slow here down any. Radha was too weak and too drunk to resist. All Radha had left on been her bra, waist cincher, panties, stockings and Knee high boots. The next thing Radha knew Srivani had forced her down to her knees and was guiding Radha’s face to the shaft. "Show me how hot you are for me, bitch. Slip those hot lips around my rod, you little cock sucking whore!" shouted Srivani. Radha had no choice but to part her lips and take her cock into the confines of her mouth. Radha gagged at her size. Her false erection completely filled Radha’s mouth and her saliva coated it. "Get it good and moist, Dawn. You never know where else I might want to stick it. Maybe, later I'll bury it in your tight little hole" Said Srivani. Clamping Radha’s mouth tightly on her tool, Radha reached between her legs, under the harness and fingered her clit. She could sense that she was nearing a climax. Radha withdrew her dick from her pursed lips and began to kiss and lick her thighs. Srivani began bucking and moaning. "Ohhh yes, I feel it building. Mmmm! Ugghh! Ohhh! Oh fuck! Yeahhh! Mmmm! Argghhhh!" Soon, her juices doused Radha’s face. Radha gulped down as much as she could. She wouldn't release Radha’s face until she licked her crotch dry. Fully satisfied, she looked down at Radha smiling. "You sure give great head, Radha," she said as she stepped away and broke her contact with her crotch. There was no way Radha was going to let her leave until she got off somehow. "Please fuck me," she whispered up at Srivani. "What?" "Please fuck me." "I don't understand what you want, Radha. You have to explain it to me." "Please bury your cock deep in my pussy. I want your prick in me so deeply. I want to hump your big dick and pound my snatch up and down on your rod!" Radha begged. Radha took her hand in her and lead her to bed. "Why should I fuck you? I had my orgasm." Desperately, Radha climbed onto the bed on all fours, lowered her panties and offered her pussy to her. The sight of Radha’s cheeks swaying and wiggling in front of her brought her back to life. she knew then that Srivani wouldn't disappoint me. Positioning herself behind Radha, she grabbed her hips and began to push her cock into my tight anal passage. Radha’s muscles squeezed tightly on her fake erection. "You see that blowjob really got my cock wet. I can't believe how easily it slipped into your hot hole, Radha." "Ohhhhh! Oh my God Krishna," She moaned into the pillows. Srivani fucked Radha’s hole slowly at first and then with wild abandon. Quickly, she reached around Radha’s bra and her hand slipped into Radha’s bra and caught her breasts. Srivani told "Just as I thought, you're all wet and begging for release aren't you?" "Ooohhh! Yes. Please, yes. Help me cum. Rape my pussy." "How bad do you need it bitch?" "Really bad! My clit is on fire." "Beg, bitch," she commanded as she wrapped her hand around Radha’s breasts nipple and began to pump it in rhythm to her fucking motion. "Please fuck me hard and make me yours. I'm begging you." She fucked Radha’s pussy long, deep and hard, while expertly bringing Radha close to my release. "Mmmm! Yeeessss! Give it to me! Uuuuhhhh!" Radha’s hips bucked in time with hers. The friction of the dildo against her clit was also taking its toll. They both lost control at the same time. "Mmmm, yeah, I'm getting off again," she screamed as she stroked deeply in Radha’s hole. "Ugghh! Mmmm! Ugghh! Mmmm ... yes, please give it to me, give it to me," Radha pleaded. Radha’s rapist continued her assault asking, "Gonna come for me baby? Wanna come with my stiff cock pumping your tight little pussy?" "Yes," Radha moaned. "Fuck me! Fuck me! Ram your cock into my cunt!" Her hand Pressed Radha’s boobs aggressively, harder and faster. Radha’s entire body quivered. Quivered from her strokes in my hole. "Come for me, Radha! Come for me now," Srivani screamed. She pumped Radha swiftly. Radha closed her eyes as she felt her release building. At that instant, her hips bucked wildly as she approached a climax. The room was filled with both cries of ecstasy. Radha collapsed on the bed with Srivani on top of her.

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    Deepu (Saturday, 22 November 2014 05:44)

    Rowdy inspector 18-3:
    Meanwhile Krishna was saved by his troops and came out from underground room. Next he saw Srini in bed. He slowly put hand restrains to Srini and took Srini to his costady. Suddenly he saw her boobs from front side and his troops about to enter the room. He came out of the room and told his troops you people leave the place with all gunda's I will join you later. Next took Deepika and entered room and locked the room. Next he reached Srini and told ohhh your a women that's why my plan did not worked. In his mind he remembered his guru's words 'he can defeet any men, in case of women he has to fight acording to his strength'. Srini was struggling in her restrains. She did not have any cloth on her body. She had boy cut hair style and little boobs. In her body she had only knee socks and men's formal shoes. Srivani laughed and told Krishna I know your also like me lesbian

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    latha (Saturday, 22 November 2014 08:41)

    Mahesh turn to Maui part:3
    I agree and went to bathroom I wear anty which is latha given after I came out she ask me how you felling now I tell yes latha this panty more comfortable to compare to my under ware when listen this she lough after she given short to me I shocked for seeing this then I told no latha I don't ware this Maui you must wear this other wise I am not help you she forced me I weare this ask so silky but this this comes up to my thighs remaining free after she given matching top when I ware I really looking modren girl because this top v shape model my booms coming out and this top up to my novel showing really sexy I think in my mind in that time latha came to near to asked mahi in this dress you really looking so buetiful compare to me and she pinched at my novel I get pain but sweet after she take my hair she cone my hair I not seeing backlatha completed cove my hair after she told go and see your face in the mirror I went and seeing I shocked because she cobed my hair like a ponny and fixed matching hair brand I so irritation I with this I shouted him in that time she stopped me why you shouting see now any one not identify you as a mahesh that's I did like this in that time mummy came and see me first she cryed after she came to near me and kissed in my cheeks after she told Maui you really looking soo beautiful like really girl in that that time latha told
    mummy now wea are went out after 2hours we return back you agree with this yes latha go and cane as early when listen this I shocked I shouted to latha how it is possible any one identify me I asked to mummy also in that time latha laughed fans used mahi in this dress no one identify you in this model you really looking a real women but I am not agree I sed to latha in that time she told Maui do you no that rowdy are sou rounding the house they searching for you any time they came in to house they catch you and given to her boss do you like that no latha not do like that that's why now we are going out in that time they are not identify I agree going out with latha but where ale are going Magi you come with me I after you only no that I agree I say bye to mummy after we came out first time I came out with a women dress I got so much tension any one recognize me I am not a women I a man I think like this in that time latha told now we are going in my scooty I am not agree i told no latha we are going with car but she not agree no you must come with bike because they not identify we are going in bike other wise they came and asking question I agree I asked how I sit in this dress latha lough you sit like a women I sit lime a women we are going out I. That time all are seeing me and giving different looks because this dress shows my thighs and my novel I try cover but not possible latha stooped scooty in the butyparlor when I seen the bord I shocked I asked why we are came heare Maui stop asking questions in this parlour my friend is their I must meet him that's why we came hear after latha parking the scooty she catched my hand tightly taken me in to parlour in that parlour so many ladies observing me that's why I am not shouting to latha my heart beat increase more first latha went to reception talking something I am not listen any thing after latha called me we both are went one room in that room very cool and lighting I asked him latha please went out quickly I get tension please latha mahi you wait hear I went and talk to my friend after we go out I agree she went after one girl came in she smiled and given juice to me first I am not take she forced please you must take the juice after I went out I take the juice I drink but this juice taste I different in that time I went to deep sleep I don't no what Is going on I am in deep sleep when I wake up I seen in the mirror I shocked because I lost my body hair my body is smooth and glowing my eye browsshaped like a women and my lips colour is pink and my nails cutting ovel shape and apply nail paint on my all fingers and toe fingersi shouted in big voice but my voice also changed like a low pitch I get more irritated latha came to near me asked mahi how you feel now I slaves end him after I realise why you play with me why you doing like this in this time she told mahi you must hide your identity that's why I doing like this in this model you must accepte this otherwise I call rowdy and telling about you agree with this no latha I agree please not doing like that after we went out to shopping.
    Please give comments to next parts

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    rani (Saturday, 22 November 2014 09:06)

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    Deepu (Saturday, 22 November 2014 13:59)

    Rowdy inspector 18-4:
    Srini told to Krishna super you’re just like me … lesbian. I am in my den maintaining many vamps and I am the dominant partner here. But your great.. Married to two women. Haha ha… You shut up bitch. I am not like you, Krishna ordered Deepika to remove pant zip and pull his dick. Deepika did the same. Srivani was surprised and asked how did you get that? Tell me I want that. Krishna laughed and asked you want this then take it. Deepika and Radha dragged Srivani to Krishna’s dick and inserted in srivani’s mouth. Krishna started fucking her mouth and told this is your punishment for fucking my wife Radha. Now onwards you are also my 3rd wife and I will make women out of you. He opened one suitcase and gave 3 dresses to them. Radha and Deepika wore their bra, panty, blouse and skirts. Srivani wore panty, bra, blouse, petticoat and sari over her socks and shoes. They came out of the room and sat on car. Few people are observed Srivani like some where they have seen this face and her shoes over sari. They went home and Krishna tied mangalsutra to Srivani. Radha and Deepika took Srivani to bath room and asked her remove all clothes and asked her to take bath. She took bath and came out. All 3 ladies readied with white sarees, white blouse, white petticoat, white panty, red bangles, red nail polish, anklets, metti, dangling ear rings. All ladies came to bedroom with milk glass and with full jasmine flowers in their hair. Krishna sat in bed with white suit, white shirt, white pant, white socks and white boots. Both Radha and Deepika took blessings from Krishna but Srivani did not took…

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    nithya (Saturday, 22 November 2014 16:03)

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    rani (Saturday, 22 November 2014 17:25)

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    latha (Sunday, 23 November 2014 03:28)

    Mahesh turn to Mahi part:4
    after we went to shopping mall in that mall first we went ladies inner wear section first time I went to see ladies inner wears first I shy to going but latha dragged me to inner wear section one sales girl came and asking me my I help you madam she called me madam in that time latha told we want bra sales girl asking size when listen this again I shy again she asked me in that time I told I don't no about my size when listen this she smiled in that time latha told she's Brest size is 26B when listen this I shocked how latha no my size I went near latha asked she given smiled and told my size also same your size also same that's why I told in that time sales girl shows different types of bras model I really enjoying for seeing this in that to.e latha select one and given to me and told go and wear this I shocked but what I do I agree and went to trail room I try to wear but I am not success after I called latha she seeing me and given smile but she not came to trail room she send the sales girl she came to room she asked my I help you Madam in that time I shy she came she fixed bra straps after she turn me and and observed my Brest and touched and told madam your Brest is good Shape she given complement to me after we came out in that time latha given different looks to me after she asked how you fell now in that time my eye's filled with red color but what I do now I thinking in my mind in that time latha told mahi do you like to wear paded bra in that time I told latha I dont no about that what is meaning that when listen this all sales girls ploughing after I down my head latha buy some different model and padded bra also after paying that bill we went to jewelry section in this section different types of ladies jewels also their latha told something g to sales girl ears when listen this she smiled and she also given different looks I don't understand about the looks after latha came to near me asking mahi you line to wear earrings and nose ring when listen thhis I shouted him after she told Mahi why you so serious I am joking in that time sales girl given mango juice to latha after she given me to when I drink same I went to deep sleep when i wake I shocked for seeing me In the friend mirror because my ear pierced and fixed matching earrings in both ears and nose also pierced I. The hole fixed one golden stud now I really looking tradtional Indian girl in that time I cried a lot all are seeing me in that time latha can.e and told .ahi stop crying be happy
    Please give comments to next part

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    what happened ? so much delay
    we r eagerly waiting for next chapter..

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    Sia Shah (Monday, 24 November 2014 03:52)

    Very nice latha

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    Deepu (Monday, 24 November 2014 17:56)

    Roudy inspector 18-5:
    Srivani tried to drink from her glass but Radha and Deepika has stopped her. They took glass from her and gave it to Krishna. Krishna drank half and rest gave it to her. Srivani refused to drink that milk and told you crazy bitches why you people are crazy behind this stupid Krishna. They did not tell any word.
    Krishna laughed and told they are forced to worship me and to your surprise they are not women like you. They are born as a male and converted to women by me. And how I got this body and dick that is secrete. I will not tell anybody. Srini was scared and came near to Krishna and took his blessings and drank milk. Krishna told that’s like a good girl. Next Deepika and Radha served whiskey to Krishna and lighted his cigar. He ordered them to dance for him. They started dancing and he enjoyed it and drank.
    While dancing he removed sari from them. They begged Krishna to give sari or switch off lights. But Krishna did not do anything. They covered their boobs with hands and stopped dancing. Krishna told I if you beg me like Gopika’s I will give you saris. They sat on their knees and lifted their hands over their head put namaskaar and begged ‘hey Krishna .. mukundaa … muraari… please give our saris. As there is no hands on their boobs Krishna was enjoying the show. Next he ordered them “do not move else I will kick you”. He came backside of them untied their blouses and petticoat. Next he ordered them to stand. Petticoat fall down. Now they have bra, panty, bangles, anklets, ear rings, heckles, mangalsutra. Now he again ask them to dance and told whoever dances well I will give you gift. Now they started dancing with full josh. Krishna sat on bed with his legs crossed each other and enjoyed his wives assets. While dancing he went and touched all ladies all parts. Now all are in good mood. They desperately wants Krishna. They told hey Krishna you know all switches of women and which switch to trigger when. You’re a genius. Please take us and make us yours. Suddenly they removed his blazer, shirt and banyan.
    Next they dragged him to bed. One sat on top of the bed and kept krishna’s head on her lap next 2 ladies slept both sides of Krishna. All ladies kissed krishna’s cheeks and forehead and chest. Krishna’s body was full of their kisses. They kissed everywhere, his pant and white boots… their lipstick is evidence. Deepika removed his pant zip and from his underwear she pulled his cock out. His cock already grown. They took turns and sucked his cock. After 10 min it’s became 13 inches. It’s bigger than any men’s cock. They are scared and one by one stepping down from bed. But first he caught Deepika you are the one teased my cock first. Now you will get punishment. She begged … Krishna it’s too big … you have fucked me many times but now it’s too big… I can’t take. Krishna told nothing will happen. First it will show hell for 5 min after that full haven. Rest of the ladies went to each corner of the room and seeing what is happening. They are seeing Krishna like a lion hunting deer.
    Krishna took Deepika’s breasts in his mouth and pulled her panty lower and removed. Next slowly he inserted in her pussy. Shouted like hell. Please remove …….. I will die… he removed… again one minute… again he inserted… slowly he entered her. It went deep. He has not moved few seconds… slowly he started pumping… again she started shouting… after 10 minutes… she started shouting … yes yes… that’s it more… both ladies got surprised and came near to bed. He fucked Deepika’s all holes for 10 more minutes and left her. Next Radha and Srini took his cock to their mouth and sucked. Deepika exhausted and slept on carper just beside the bed. To be continued …

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    rani (Tuesday, 25 November 2014 00:32)

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    rani (Tuesday, 25 November 2014 01:12)

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    latha (Tuesday, 25 November 2014 03:01)

    Mahesh turn to mahi part :8
    I wakeup i shocked for seeing i ware a earrings and nose golden stud i getting more pain i shouted latha she came near to me and told now you really looking a indian traditional women you see in the mirror she showa me yes i am really looking a butiful women i think in my mind but i getting more pain on my ears and nose in rhat time sales girl given pain killung injection to me now pain is gone i asked latga please quickly we went home please larha listen but she not listen my words in that time latha told mahi you must spend 2hours after we house aother wise i leave hear and i went house my owan you agree with this when listen this i shocked after i told ok latha i agree with you but now whare we are going please tell me latha mahi yiu must come wirh me i will show after i follw the latha now we are going a foot wear section i asked who asking buy foot wear mahi you dont have good footwear that why wr came heare she called sales girl she came and what do you want madam she also called me as a madam latha told we want sandels and hells she welcome to ladies section after she askibg about size i told my size is 9 hen listen this sales girl lough i asked to latha i she loughing she told norl women not having more than 8 thats why she lough after she shows balck colour sandels i wear after latha told you try to walk i wear and walking i really like this becuse so smoorh to my feet after she given high hells i wear and walk in that time i fallen down becuse all are seeing me and loughed latha came to near she helped me after she showing how to walking with high hells i try severl tine after i get walkibg with high hells in that time iam forgot i am a man not a women after now we went to dress sales girls shown diffrent typed of modren dress first sales girl came near to me she take alk my body mesure ments after she shows suitable dress to me i am also enjoyung to see the dress in that time latha select ine middy given to and and told go and trail to this i webt to trail roon i wrare the middy after came out latha observing me to tobottom and told mahi this dredd is good sutiable to you in this dress you really loking so sexy when listen this i shy after she select choodidar abd diffrent modren dress after we webt to one resturent in that all men and boys giving diffrent looks to me i asked to latha she obsrrved me and told latha your bra straps coming out they is toidentify your wearing bra colour you civer that whenlisten this i shy and cover to bras straps
    Please give comments to next parts

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    meena (Wednesday, 26 November 2014 09:54)

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    Deepu (Wednesday, 26 November 2014 20:42)

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    priya (Wednesday, 26 November 2014 20:56)

    Make a deal with dgp abt srini make and offer him a note & make him as u r slut....... Deepu

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    sneha (Thursday, 27 November 2014 07:37)

    Female Boss
    This is dinesh i work in a private firm. my life is total because of female boss she always treats me like a slave. i worked hard for the promotion but my boss given permission to my junior because junior is girl. know she posted me under that girl both are same type of ladies they are man in woman body but they hate men.
    Suddenly my mom lost only person who cares about me in this world i was totally upset. One day i got a weird day to dress like a women in office. it is possible only 2 women and 1 man is their in my office so i can try this. so that my boss treat me as human. Next day i brought wig and i took my mother's sari my mom is fashion freak. she has lot of latest sari and with out my knowledge she brought so many modern dresses like skirts.
    I took blue sari it is looking perfect professional.when i took that sari in my hand i feel very differently my heart is beating very fast with excitement. Next i took ear rings and matching bangles i seen bangles in hand it is most suitable for my hand. next i took panty and matching blouse. after that i wore sari i seen my self in sari. thought about boss i shivered so i finished my make up fast. i took my mother's bike i left for office where both my bosses are smoking. they saw me and said what you want dear. i said me its dinesh they said oho know you are looking good. why are wearing this sari i said because i am doing female work and you are leading our company so i will support you as a female.From know i wear regularly female dresses and i like to be your maid.
    please give me your blessings they said ok tomorrow you are switching position with or maid and bringing your suit for our maid.
    Please post your comments

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    rani (Thursday, 27 November 2014 07:45)

    nice start sneha

  • #160

    sneha (Friday, 28 November 2014 10:22)

    Female Boss- slight satisfaction made hell
    My boss maya told from tomorrow you switch with maid. but neha my senior said why don't you switch today. my boss also accepted and called our maid she told to change our dresses. we went inside and changed our boss given another by switching salaries i begged her. she told it depends on your behavior i will pay double also but you have to satisfy me. you don't have another choice if you reject my offer i will keep your this pics in front of your home.
    with out any hesitation i said OK because i have only one way. know i am calling our maid as mam i cursed my self. i cleaned office and table our maid started domination on me. she told remove her sandals but my boss told remove shoe also. They all had lunch my boss maya and maid shanthi went out side for some work. neha is their in office with me.
    Neha called me and told me bring tea. she is having tea and said hey disha see you are guy and doing maid job and wearing sari. i kept my head down see we are the man not you. so i take my legs and pray them i taken her legs in my hands and removed shoe and taken her blessings.
    She stood and told me to remove her blazer and told me to close the door i did it she removed her shirt and inside she is wearing banyan. she told me to massage her shoulders and back. i am enjoying moment so i started pressing nicely slowly my dick became so hard and she removed her banyan and told me to massage her boobs and i did for some time later she told me to go inside the table and she removed and she removed dildo and told me to suck that.
    later she took my hand i slowly started moving from their she kissed on my neck and hugged me from the backside. later slowly she came down and kissed on my navel and later she came to my sari removed my sari. Later she kissed on my boobs she squeezing my boobs and she is in top like a man. she undressed my me totally but neha stood and removed door both my boss and our maid is their. they are blazers oho know it is trap and i tried to cover my self with sari all the three are laughing.
    Please post your comments

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    Deepu (Friday, 28 November 2014 21:19)

    If anybody want's to continue my story then please go ahead... I don't mind...

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    Naukrani ka Naukar (Saturday, 29 November 2014 04:34)

    @Deepu and Sneha -- Nice Stories dear. Please don't stop. Please continue.... eagerly waiting for an update.

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    latha (Saturday, 29 November 2014 10:35)

    Butiful life part :1
    Hi my name latha i completed degree i have mother and father i dont have any brothers and sisters and my family is middle class i must complete MBA after only i get good job in mnc company this is my life abition iam the topper of the college in degree now i trying free seat to MBA collge i got seate in Top MBA college this college in pune now i must went to pune i told my perents they agred i went to pune in train in that train beside of my berth i saw one person i shocked for see him i called him he asked what do you want then i tell my name after i asked what is your name first he not tell i asked severl time he told my name is sandeep
    Now i satart conversation
    Latha:sandeep is nice name whare you came from?
    Sandeep:i came from AP in hyderabad what about you?
    Latha:i am also Ap in guntur and i completed degree now i went to pune whare you going?
    Sandeep:i am also completed degree i am also went to pune latha you have any friends in pune?
    Latha:no sandeep i dont have any friends what about you?
    Sandeep:i am also dont have any friends latha what is work in pune?
    Latha:i got MBA admition in pune that's i am going to pune what about you?
    Sandeep:hey latha i am also got MBA admition in pune that's why i am also going to pune latha do you understand hindhi language?
    Latha:no sandeep you no hindhi language?
    Sandeep:inow latha but not fluent little bit understand hey ltha i forgot to asking which college you got seate in pune ?
    Latha: my college name is SRIDHAR sandeep what is your college name?
    Sandeep:hey latha my college name also SRIDHAR this amazing latha good new for me.
    Latha:sandeep you joking or serious i am not belive this?
    Sandeep:latha i am not joking i am telling serious
    Latha:i am agrer with you sandeep now i am askubg ibe question now you must tell me the correct ok
    Sandeep:ok latha i promice to you u ask any questions i give correct answers
    Latha:sandeep why u don't have any body hairs and your face also glwoibg like a girl
    Sandeep: no latha i hace hormines problem that's i lookung like this
    Latha:sanderp you dont have big mustch also why?
    Sandeepplese latha ask any different question not like this?
    Please comment to next parts

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    dipali (Sunday, 30 November 2014 13:11)

    Hi Ex-q-zit
    Have you any shame?
    Lots of people are waiting for you and you are just enjoying..Remember one thing if you taking this much time every time the charm of the story will over.
    And every time you doing this.

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    ex-q-zit (Sunday, 30 November 2014)


    If you dont ahve patience thats not my problem. I have a life outside writing as its not my full time job. I am have resumed writing it. If u lose interest then dont read it as simple as that. If i am not writing then there should be a reason for that. Think before u speak.

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    Deepu (Monday, 01 December 2014 03:43)


    Don't be harsh with Deepali, it's shows how eagerly people are waiting for your update...
    Ur good writer... Plz consider + ve comments and update ASAP.

  • #170

    nithina (Monday, 01 December 2014 03:48)

    It all stareted when was 10 years old in my school every one must participate in a completion and my mom made me compete in classical dance as she is a classical dance teacher .let me introduce my self I am nithin my dad was in military and I lost my dad when I was very young and my mom is dance teacher in my school .
    I lost in the dance but my mom became furious as her son failed in dance completion I competed in mohiniyattam dance form for girls thats why I lost but my mom didn’t understand it and she told me u must win in same dance form next year and for one years as a punishment in failing you must concentrate in dancing and you will be appointed as my assistant for one years ai cried and told mom I wont became your assistant as dance is for girls and I am a boy this made my mom very angry and told me you are became more sexist so I will punish you … apart from your uniform you will wear only girls dress form today and yoyu will assist me..
    When I reached home I was shocked all my cloths where gone I thought my mom was telling that just because she was angry and will forget when she reach home but alas my mom is very stubborn women she told me she gave all my cloths to to orphanage and brought new cloths and told me to take bath and I didn’t had any other option when I looked all my soap and shopoo changed it is a soap and shampoo for girls then when I came out after bathing she told me to tie my towel like girl and teach me that she gave a pink pantee to wears and alight red training bra and made me wear it and gave me a red cotton nighty and she applier bindi to my face and kajal in my eyes an told me from today onwards she will call me nithina and I must start to live like a girl….

  • #171

    nithina (Monday, 01 December 2014 04:01)

    And she told me I must help her in kitchen and must help her in dance class.. after cooking and cleaning vesels she told me now I can go and sleep from tommorw onwards you must wake up in 4 I was very tired I slept without thinking any thing.
    Next morning she called me at 4 I was in deep sleep she slapped me to wake me up and told me girls must not sleep after 4 o clock and told me to take bath I took bath in cold water and I remembered to tie towel in must chest like a girl when I come out of bathroom I didn’t wante d another slap for not rembering that .
    Iwas hair less in my body as iwas only 10 years old and she told me to wear dance uniform it’s a saree tied In a different way and a pant and taught me to wear it and form next day onwards I must wear it on my own…
    when I enterd dance class like that at first my moms students laughed but seening my mom they stopped and suppressed laughing they were all afraid of my mom …
    Ands she introduced me as nithina and told them about my punishment and told them they must not make fun of me if they do so they will also have to face punishment they were all afraid of my mom they all accepted me instantly
    And I started my traing as a dancer that day…

  • #172

    nithina (Monday, 01 December 2014 04:07)

    It went smoothly for about 3 monts my my routine was like this wake up at 4 took bath wear my uniform saree for dancing till 6 dancing traing then helped my mom in kitchen and then took broom and cleaned in front of my house and then again took bath as I must remove my bindi and kajal … then wear my uniform pant and shirt buut inside it I must wear pantie and bra and camisole as my mom told me and after that go to school and wen I return from school I must change into nighty and must clean house and danjce class and then took bath and then must prepare food before my mom camed and after eating I must clean utensuil and I went to sleeping after I study an do home work for 2 hour I became more and more obedient as I don’t even get enough time to thin this made my mom and other teachers happy ….

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    does anyone knows any other site to read stories

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    madhavi (Monday, 01 December 2014 11:30)

    dress 2 kill jimdo . this site have very good stories

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    ex-q-zit (Monday, 01 December 2014 12:49)

    I am very very busy off late so could not spend dedicated time on writing. But have resumed again and shall post ASAP. Kindly bear with the delay even if its inconvenient.

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    dipali (Monday, 01 December 2014 13:46)

    @ Ex-q-zit
    Sorry if you feel bad..but you are taking too much and you are so good in writing crossdressing stories that people cant tolerate this much of pain in waiting.
    Sorry once again..
    Please update it soon, we are dieing for it..

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    ex-q-zit (Monday, 01 December 2014 15:05)

    @Dipali: Sorry for being a harsh. I am collecting pictures now. Shall post teh next part very soon.

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    Poornima (Monday, 01 December 2014 16:34)

    Dipali, I think we should not command writers in such a way that they get hurt. We should understand their problems also. They don't get anything by writing here and still they write for us. We should be grateful to them.

    Having said that, Ashwini, I am still waiting for ur story. :-)

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    Deepu (Tuesday, 02 December 2014 00:11)


    Can you put deadline to yourself and provide us the date. So that we will not check blog on daily basis. Thanks for understanding.

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    Ashwini (Tuesday, 02 December 2014 10:39)

    @Poornima and others -----
    Dear Sis....indeed i do not wish to test patience as well. my sincere apologies. but there are many commitments in actual life which are time bound. and some unscheduled activities as well.
    I know the charm of the storyline is lost if there is no continuity and the reader involvement is lost too. and Poornima, the story 'flows' in a lucid manner with instinctive and intuition filled way needs time and focus. I am not trying to defend my delay. delay is a delay.......please bear with me....sorry.

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    Deepu (Tuesday, 02 December 2014 11:00)

    Thanks Ex-q-zit. Characters are confusing after long time... Who is who... we have to go back to old part and see...

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    I am in exactly the same situation as Ashwini. But shall try to post the next part ASAP. omes official.The actual story has not yet started so kindly be patient until the role reversal in relationship between teh 2 couples bec

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    Teja Ramya (Tuesday, 02 December 2014 19:32)

    Rich guy is forcefully dressed and become wife servant girl who is servant in his home. It is a plan(or can write in concept of revenge) by servant,her mom and her(servant's) younger sister. The guy is young talented and forced to take life of young lady servant.
    (Note : He is an ordinary boy without any girly habits. Completely forced to dressing. Not at all interested to that.)

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    Naukrani ka Naukar (Wednesday, 03 December 2014 12:35)

    @Teja Ramya,
    Please Start dear. I am eagerly waiting for your Story...

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    teja ramya (Thursday, 04 December 2014 08:42)

    Kindly give me some hints that how that story should move.... i will write

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    latha (Thursday, 04 December 2014 08:52)

    Crual husbend turn to lovely wife part:1
    Hi my name us meena my husbend name is lalith my marriage is arranged marriage my husbend doing a real estate business very rich my husbend dont have mother and father they recently they died in road accident i have father and mother and one sister she is a ladies doctor my husbend is good person he love somuch to me but last one month he miss behaving he comes at night with alochol after he beting me i dont understand why he behave like this every day he betting to me and using ugly words to me every day i crring why he doing like this one day i ask lalith why you doung like this please leve me i don't do any thing please leve me i begged with crying but he betted me afterwards he told when you came to my life i losr my enjoying life you must died after only i i get back enjoying life go and died otherwise wise i doing like this when listen this i shocked why he talking like this i cried a lot i called please any one help me but not came any one morning lalith went out i getting more pain i called him but he not helping me in that time lalith friend jeeva he is best friend to lalith and business partner he came to house he seing me taken to hospital in that time i am in unconcess because of pain when i wakeup i say thankhs to jeeva he ask meena what happen who is doing like this please tellme he asked several times to after he told ok meena you talk frankly with me you treat like a brother what happen i not tell to any one in that time i told hole story to jeeva when listen this he shocked iam not belive this lalith do like this ok now only i meet to lalith askubg why he doing like this i stopped jeeva but he not listen my words afterwards jeeva came to hospital now he is in sad mood i asked him jeeva what happen any thinf is wrong i ask several times after he told nothing meena ok no tell why lalith doing like this you got any information meena i got information but how i tell to you please jeeva tell me otherwise wise i went out meena not do like this first you take a rest i will tell let's tell meena do you no why lalith do like this after his father and MOTHER accident he contact with a one astraloger he see the lalith jodics after told when your wife came to your life your enjoying life is gone thats why your life change like this you when listen this i shocked and cried after i take possion bottle i drinking in that time jeeva see me called the doctor came to my room she given anti dose to me i went to unconsess i dont no what happen to my front when i wakeup i seen my siater latha she is sitting in my frent she crying with seeing mee i seen him and called latha why you crying please stopp crying in tgat time jeeva also their he also came please take a rest afterwards talk with your sister but i not listen i wakeup and told ok jeeva go and told your friend i agree to take diverce to lalith when listen this he shocked and my sister cried and told no meena not do like this lalith must came and say sorry to him please listen my words with in a 3 months i will change his mind he must loved him please not do any thing when listen this my eyes filling with a happiness in that jeeva also told yes meena i am also Help to latha for changing lalith after they went out
    Please comment afterwards i will write next parts

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    sneha (Thursday, 04 December 2014 09:21)

    @ latha u r story is very good but u r english is poor we can't understand u r points we don't want to miss anything in your story sorry if i was wrong

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    Sneha pls continue ur story..
    And deepika tooo... pls.. im regurlarl checking for ur story

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    latha (Friday, 05 December 2014 00:08)

    Thanks sneha giving a good sujetion to me i must improve my writing skills byee

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    Deepu (Friday, 05 December 2014 02:40)

    Rowdy inspector 19: Honey moon In Swiss:

    It's a small update for visitors. Soon I will update further.
    Krishna grouped Srini’s complete hair in his hand and scolded her for not came first time itself. He took turns and fucked both Radha and Srini.
    He prayed his guru while fucking Radha and next day Radha told good news to Krishna. Radha became pregnant. But he cannot celebrate. Why because for outer world he is known as Krishnaveni. He was very happy and he has given many gifts to Radha. He ordered Srivani “now onwards you have to take care of Radha” and upon satisfactory you will get reward.
    Krishna got an official work in Switzerland. He has to attend meetings related to
    international crime. It’s a one month tour. He got VISA and everything. He is taking Deepika with him. He told Deepika we will go to Swiss and we will marry again in the church. You will be my bride and I will be bridegroom. Poor Radha she does not have chance. We will do honeymoon in Swiss. We have total one month time. I have packed all types of dresses for both of us.

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    Deepu (Friday, 05 December 2014)

    Please check this site for femdom stories

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    rani (Friday, 05 December 2014 03:04)

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    latha (Friday, 05 December 2014 03:22)

    Crual husbend turn to buetiful wife part:2
    Latha jeeva went out but i think how they convince to lalith i thinking like this in that time doctor came and given one injection i went to deep sleep .
    Now latha and jeeva talking
    Latha now what we do jeeva first we went and meet to one good astrologer why latha jeeva becuse previous Astrologer telling correct or not first we get that good idea latha i no one good Astrologer now went to meet him he see the meena and lalith jodics he also told when they both are marry lalith lost enjoying life in that time meena also lost enjoying life when listen this we both are shocked after jeeva asked to Astrologer please tell me any have solution Astrologet think and told only two options their when listen this latha asked please tell me what is that wait latha i telling first option is they both agree to take a diverce when they both are married . Second option is when they both are not married they not agree to marrying. When listen this latha cried in that time i asked please sir give any other solution only on is their they both are changeing gender after they both are get back they enjoying life this is last after me and lath sed thanks to Astrologer we webt out after i asked to latha now what we do now in that time latha thinking i asked him what are you thinking jeeva we must change the genders of lalith and meena when listen this i shocked latha how it is possible jeeva it's possible please do what i say ok latha i agree with you but its possible jeeva now i will give one medicne first you go to lalith and in the night time he taking alchole you mixed in that he don't no he drink that after he went to unconsises after you take lalith and come to the hopital after i tell remaing what i do ok he agree and went to lalith jeeva mixed the drug in the alchole he don't no lalith drinken that after lalith went to unconsises i taken him to latha hospital latha see the lalith and told thanks jeeva you done a good job after i asked now what you do jeeva i booked 4tickets to thailand now we are going to thailand when listen this i shocked why we are going to thailand tell me latha what is your plan jeeva please listen in thailand more hopital doing SRS operatin with good doctors thats why now we are going to thailand with lalith and meena and you i dont understand what you are telling jeeva you also coming with me you see after you only understand please redy for that no latha i am not coming you only go i have work please leave me please listen jeeva you muat come with me becuse after SRS operation you must help to meena thats why i booked ticket for you please come with me after i understand latha problem i say ok after we went airport taken a flight after went to thailand latha booked hotel and hospital first we went hospital latha talking with doctr after admit the lalith and meena they both are still in unconsises after we went to hotel
    Please comment after i write next parts

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    rani (Friday, 05 December 2014 22:10)

    pls write latha

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    Deepu (Saturday, 06 December 2014 13:32)

    Rowdy inspector 19: Honey moon In Swiss:
    Krishna invited Shwetha to train Deepika. Shwetha had been to many countries. She is working in customs department. Whenever she is in India she used to visit Krishna’s house. She knows all secrets of Krishna. In past she has trained Radha.
    Shwetha entered in to Krishna’s house and went to Radha’s room. She was wearing tight sweater type ‘V’ shape, full sleeves and body fit lemon yellow color T-shirt. And skin tight shaded denim color jeans. She was wearing white puma shoes and white knee socks. She looks very sexy with her tight dress. But her body language is like a man. Radha saw Shwetha and hide her face between pillows. Radha came and caught both hands and lifted her. Now both are face to face. Shwetha said congrats darling. I heard good news. Whoever challenges ladies they will become women and soon they will be pregnant by women… ha… ha…haa. She kissed on Radha’s cheeks and went to Deepika’s room. Deepika saw Shwetha and did not show her face. Shwetha went inside and said Hi Deepika… I am Shwetha, Krishna’s best friend… Deepika said Hi but did not turn her head. Shwetha had doubt … she slowly caught Deepika’s hands and turned her. She saw Deepika’s face and shocked. She said I have seen some where… Your face is a familiar face… Your D…l… Dilip right??? Hahaha …. Yes yes I got it… You bustard…
    You had raped me and your hiding here… you don’t know your hiding in lions cave. Deepika in low voice told I know and this is my destiny. In between Krishna came and both Shwetha and Krishna hugged each other. Don’t worry Shwetha I will pray my guru, he will assist you to take revenge on Dilip. Deepika is crying… please stop I will do whatever you people wants but don’t get special powers… please…
    Shwetha said You bitch shut up and keep quite. Krishna prayed his Guru. Soon Shwetha got dick… Shwetha was in full mood and she want’s to take her revenge on same time. But Krishna stopped and told you also come with us… we will do human sandwich in swiss…

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    rani (Saturday, 06 December 2014 16:23)

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    Sudha (Sunday, 07 December 2014 06:51)

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    latha (Monday, 08 December 2014 10:03)

    Crual husbend turn to beutifull wife part:3
    Both are went to hospitallatha booked two rooms she given one room to key to i taken room key when i went to room she caller me what happen latha jeeva you go and freshup after quickly come to my room why latha jeeva 5:00pm we must meet to doctor ok latha i must come in a time ok byshe given smile to me after after she went to her room i went to my room i complete my freshup went to latha room she also complete freshup after we complete breakfast afterwards we went to hospital latha went to doctor cabin she talking with doctor mote then 1 hour time she takes time after she came out with two documents she given to i asked what is this latha jeeva this is patient agreement documents in this paper patient must sign afterwards they doing operation otherwise they not doing operation ok latha but what i do with this document jeeva you sign as lalith in documents i sign as meena document ok when listen this no latha you go and take a sign to lalith and meena i am not agree to do this jeeva they both are still unconcsiess how they wakeup and signed in this documents please signed in this documents no i am not do ok jeeva you go and serch in lalith pant i asked why latha jeeva do what i say i agree and went to lalith room he was still unconsises i serch in his pant and shirt i got his purse i take and went out when i came out latha seeing me and asked jeeva you got any thing yes latha i got lalith purse she taken to to she serch in that pures i asked latha what are you serching jeeva i serching lalith ATM or any credit cards latha what doing with that jeeva please wait and see she got lalith lalith atm in that atm having lalith signature she seeing that after she signed same as it is sign in lalith agreement documents i shocked and told latha you signed really looking like original lalith signed you having a great talent latha when listen she smiled after she again went to doctor she submit agreement copies to doctor after she came out i asked what happen latha doctor agreed or not jeeva plan is success doctor agreed tomorrow doing operation to lalith and meena at a time ok now we are went to hotel take a rest we went hotel take rest morning both are went to hospital they starts operation they taken more than 8 hours time first meena came out when i seen him i shocked because she's long hair turn to short and his having faltchet and his nose turing to big looking like a lalith nose i asked to latha meena nose really looking like a lalith nosr is correct yes jeeva your guess is correct meena all female parts fixed to lalith and lalith all male parts fixed to meena when listen this i shocked after i asked ok latha whare is lalith jeeva lalith having more operations compare to meena 3days after only we seeing lalith.
    Please comment afterwards i write next parts as early

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    latha (Tuesday, 09 December 2014 00:13)

    Crual husbend turn to beutiful wife part:4
    3Days after lalith came out to operation theater when i seen lalith face cover with full of bandage and his chest also cover with bandage when i seen i asked to latha why lalitg face and chest filled with bandages jeeva now they do operation that's they filled with bandage when doctor open jeeva wait and see after doctor came to room latha talking with doctor after doctor open bandages when i seen lalith i shocked because lalith having long hair and his face also turning to small and round his nose small and ears also and his flat chest turn big size brest and his eyes really lookibg si beutiful and lalith loss his all body hair and his penis turn to vagina ho god now lalirh really turn to women and his thaighs also looking sexy i think in my mind his body glowing and very smooth i touched his thighs latha seen me and asking jeeva what is doing with lalith with a smile i told no latha i am not doing any thing ok jeeva first you go out when listen this i asked what happen latha jeeva please listen now lalith changed to dress that's why you go out i say ok i went out after 15mins latha called me i went and i ask what happen latha jeeva now see the lalith when i seen him he wraring a night gown now he really looking so much beutiful compare to latha after i ask latha when they dicharged to both jeeva 2days after they dicharged to both when we are chit chatting lalith wakeup and first seeing me and asking jeeva whare i am what happen to me what is going on when his talking with me his high pich voice turn to low pich Voice means female Voice lalith asked several times what happen to but i don't no what i say in this time i show latha to lalith he called latha and asked hey latha what are you doing heare tell me what happen to with crying voice in this time latha talking with lalith and explain every thing after lalith crying and shouting to latha and in this time latha slaped i shocked for seeing this when latha slaped lalith he dum not talking any thing his cring latha realise and told lalith you only told you loss your enjoying life that's why i do like this meena love you somuch to you she not agree to take a diverce to you that's i plan like this now you both are get back enjoying life but how it's possible how i will stay like a women lalith first do what i say after you fet all ok lalith still crying
    Please comments after i write next parts

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    shila (Tuesday, 09 December 2014 09:48)

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    Deepu (Saturday, 13 December 2014 14:08)

    Rowdy inspector 19: Honey moon In Swiss 2:
    Shwetha requested Krishna I want to Deepika as my wife. I don’t want to share her with anybody. I want to take complete revenge on her. Krishna told you’re my best friend and I do not have abjection. As tickets and visa are ready all 3 ready to travel to Swiss. Deepika does not like Shwetha. Still she does not have any choice. She wore black panty, black bra, white tight round neck full sleeves t-shirt, black leggings; white stripes knee ladies socks and black knee high boots. She wore red lipstick, red nail polish. Her eyebrows had been shaped into extreme feminine way. She wore brown color square shape specs. Her shoulder length hair was blonde. She wore elbow length black gloved which went inside her T-shirt. Now she is fully covered with clothes. Her face is covered with full makeup. She wore studs with pearls on her ears. Krishna wore black pant, navy blue shirt, black tie, black suit, black knee socks and black ankle boots. Shwetha did not change her dress. All sat on car. Shwetha and Deepika sat back side of the car. Deepika expecting Krishna also. But Krishna told I don’t want to sit between wife and husband and sat in front seat. Meanwhile Shwetha completely became man. She looks like young man. She got small mustache and breed. Breasts completely gone. Her height also increased. Shwetha suddenly caught Deepika’s hand. Deepika don’t like Shwetha, she shouted leave me alone. But Shwetha did not listen her. She inserted ring to Deepika’s gloved finger. This is our engagement ring. And she guided Deepika’s hand to her pant zip. She ordered her to open her zip. But she did not listen her. Shwetha slapped Deepika. Krishna did not turn his face. Deepika understood… nobody will help her. She opened Shwetha zip and dragged her underwear down and pulled her cock out. It’s very strong and full length. Same size as Krishna. Shwetha grouped Deepika’s hair and pulled her face and inserted cock in her mouth. Deepika shouted please leave me… it’s too biggggggg… Fuck …. Fuck… Shwetha was in full mood… she was fucking Deepika’s face very fast. She caught her breasts and pressed from her T-shirt. Krishna shouted airport is nearing, please hurry up. Shwetha increased her pace and cum inside Deepika’s mouth. Deepika did not drop single drop. She drank all cum. Deepika cleaned Shwetha cock and drank water. Next she kept her cock in underwear and zipped her pant. Next she adjusted her bra and T-shirt. She took her purse and cleaned her lips and coated lipstick one more time.

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    Naukrani ka Naukar (Thursday, 18 December 2014 16:05)

    @Deepu, it would be better if the two powerful superior women use and abuse the abusive and unruly guys like Dillip aka Deepika. Let the transformed sissies be raped and tamed by both the powerful and strong females.

    @Rani : What do you say?

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    Deepu (Friday, 19 December 2014 09:39)

    @Naukrani ka Naukar ... Ya Sure..

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    Again to took 19 days for next part of stoty..
    Please yar post next part soon..

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    @ ex q zit
    i am a very grt fan of u..... i have read every single wrintings from u..... ur latest story is awesome.... i am restlessly waiting for ur next part.... as i know u r very busy with ur personal works.... i didn't request u from the last 15 days.... but being a fan of ur writings and utmost eagerness to read ur next chapter forced me to request you .... so plz update ur blog asap..... thank u for ur restless and priceless entertainment..... u will rock... thank u once again...

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    prema (Friday, 19 December 2014 17:36)

    Nowadays, there are no good stories here.. I wonder where are the authors gone?

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    ex-q-zit (Monday, 22 December 2014 14:15)

    Hi amrutha, i shall try to post during christmas as i shall have some time then. Sorry for the delay but am caught up with other work currently.

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    Plz girls.


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    Ashwini (Thursday, 25 December 2014 01:01)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 62
    Next morning I awoke a bit groggy. I had strange dreams of me standing in front of the camera, trying to emote to the best of my abilities, my co stars and Navin getting upset at my immature responses. I felt nervy and tossed up in the bed from side to side, waking up in between, only to be relieved that it was a dream, yet feeling tense, that in a few hours, the dream was to become a reality, and indeed I was supposed to perform .
    I prepared myself slowly, feeling that the clock was ticking by faster than normal. I removed the butt plug. Strangely it left an odd 'vacancy' in my region there. Oh god!! were I getting used to it or what?. I shuddered with that thought. I Had a quick shower and had a light breakfast, that was laid on the table by Kantabai. Under the plate was a chit, left behind by the girls before leaving, which read ----All the best Ashwini.....for your first trial in front of the Camera....I know you are gonna look hot babe.....kisses....Ava and Nimi....
    I breathed and exhaled deep, my bra clad breasts heaving visibly. I managed to eat some of the food, followed by the 'medicines' as recommended by Nimisha, feeling a bit tense and nauseated as well. Then drew out a modest White salwaar kurta which had deep brown floral print at the hemline and neck. It had a narrow cut, but with a semitransparent off white chunni, I could conceal a direct view, and I knew, that made it more provocative.
    I applied gentle foundation, touch up my lips with a mild faint red lipstick, and looked at the clock. It showed 9.25....oh... I must I picked up my purse and went downstairs, with my silver anklets making audible sweet sounds, filling the passage.
    I could see Kantabai doing her chores in the kitchen. She turned around hearing me and smiled softly..." ohh Ashwini baby, looking so sweet......hope your heath has improved..." I simply course that was the only thing I was supposed to do. Then Kantabai escorted me to Maaji's room where she was dooing some pooja. She had heard Kantabai and me come her way, and smiled gently.....these were real sweet ladies and I was making a fool out of them, playing with their pure emotions. I leaned and touched Maaji's feet. My eyes filled with tears, tears of guilt. "Husshhh baby, everything will be fine... Navin is a good boy. He will take good care of you. He has spotted 'something' in you, so has proposed you to be a part of his ad campaign.....all the best..." and Maaji offered me some Prasaad ...which I ate, nodding my head as if I agreed to what the kind lady said. Just that instant, the bell rung.
    I knew it was Navin, I knew it was another phase in my ordeal.... taking deep breath, I walked into the hall, ready to meet Navin, who was to give me another 'experience' ...

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    Poornima (Thursday, 25 December 2014 16:01)

    Thank you Ashwini for coming back! Just love to read your stories like always. Thanks again. Keep it coming!

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    amrutha (Friday, 26 December 2014 00:21)

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    Ashwini (Friday, 26 December 2014 01:19)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 63
    I could see Navin was visibly pleased to see me. He smiled saying 'Hi!' and I acknowledged by a shy , mute , sheepish smile. God, I could feel a feminine tension building up in me , with his presence. Was it only the enormity of the occasion, that I was going to face a camera for the first time? was it my physical 'conditioning' done by Nimisha and Avani? or was it the mental mould I was forced to accept? A swarm of thoughts......I guess it was partially everything that was responsible for it. " Ok Kantabai, I would take Ashwini with me and drop her off after the 'shift'" Navin told the kitchen maid. I somehow felt that it was similar to taking the daughter on a 'date' and taking a polite permission from the parents, in a gentleman way, before being brash and impolite outside.
    "Come", Navin was polite and firm in his instruction for me to move along. I complied as if on Auto Pilot. I exchanged glances with Kantabai, who had come to see me off. Navin gracefully opened the passenger door of his Honda car, I nodded and seated , a bit tense and awkward in the front, next to the Driver. Navin quickly made his way to the seat, and started the car. He swiftly drove us out of the porch and looked at me and smiled. It was a 'pure' comforting smile. "So!! we are finally doing this...!! " Navin was somewhat jubilant, as if having earned something he had desired and cherished a long time. " I mean, I am a Director Ashwini, and I have an eye for faces, expressions and mannerisms. And you have it in YOU. You have the face, the body, the charm, the dignity, the expressive reflexes, someone who could be a family lady, someone who could be a Diva ........" I was really blushing.....this was not course he was the only one who could talk, given my situation. " so, when I felt that 'trigger' in me , while I watched you in the get-together, I couldnt stop asking Maaji and Nimi. " Navin, with a firm grip on the steering wheel, was maneuvering the luxury car through the morning crowds of the big metro. " We are heading to a famous studio in the film city. This ad campaign is about a skin cream of a famous company. And you are the central character in this ad." oh...this cant be happening. I was praying that it would just be a passing appearance in the crowd, or group of people, where I would be expected to just, stand, or smile or wave hands etc. I pleaded to Navin, through my eyes, that let this idea be dropped." No, no baby, you are worth me. " and he held my right hand instinctively, with his left hand, glancing at me for a brief moment. ohh...this...this was the first time, a man had held my hand...Ashwini's hand, and gosh did it feel nice and natural!! what was happening to me?
    His touch conveyed his masculine dominance, a care of a friend, the assurance and comfort of a well wisher... a mix of all. " Just obey me....and everything will be fine Ashwini!!" Obey? whats that...was it a demanding Director giving me comfort or was it a dominating male, commanding a nervy, docile girl? He was making me confused, my mind in a frenzy.

  • #224

    Ashwini (Friday, 26 December 2014 03:28)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 64
    The car screeched to a halt in front of a famous studio. He parked his car ever so gracefully and made his way, towards the entrance, just motioning him to follow. Well, I was the one who was 'unable' to speak, not him. He just knew, that I would follow him in these alien surroundings . Was it in his attitude? or he was doing this intentionally? I followed him inside, in a Reception like area, where Navin was exchanging handshakes with a few. " She is Ashwini, our centre stage performer in this campaign. Here are some support casts, and yes Mr. Krishna, the Marketing man of the company. " I smiled at the group of young 'extras' followed by a handshake, initiated by Mr. Krishna....a fatty chubby fellow, who made his way forward, brushing past a few, to make it a point to hold my right and press his sweaty palm, onto mine, rubbing it gently onto...onto mine. Eeeks!! it was discomforting. " Hehe...ashwini maam, we needed a fresh face, and navin saab has picked up a diamond in finding you!! looking straight into my eyes....ogling me.......gripping my right hand. I was shaking, my cheeks were turning red with embarrassment. " Yes...Krishnaji.....allow me chisel this diamond.....if you could kindly permit me. " Navin intervened, and whisked away the fatty, sweaty palm of that pig of a man. I smiled , my eyes expressing loads of thanks.
    A round of soft drinks was served, while I excused myself in the women's Rest room, trying to calm down my nerves, besides doing the expected 'business'. I received a message ' I have told them, you have a very sore throat and wont dont feel nervous...all the best...Navin'.
    I gingerly walked out and mixed with the crowd. Once the things settled, I could see Navin raise his hands,announcing " May I have your attention? " everyone was quiet. There was only one Boss...the Director of the campaign. "We will start the shoot in the Cafe set. I want the you all seated in groups, chatting naturally as you do in your college canteens. Our 'actual' canteen Anna's boys will serve tea. So mix around, and get going, while I update Ashiwini Maam, about her part. All the best!! "Navin completed his pep talk, giving a big Thumbs up to the juniors. Then he motioned me again to follow her outside, where there were chairs laid under a huge multicolor umbrella. He sat first, and I sat next to him. " You would be seating there , as a college going girl, with a friend of yours. That will be Shamlee, the dusky girl you see there, in a pale yellow punjabi dress. You would now go into the makeup room , where I have selected 2-3 dresses, out of which we will try and finalize one. Then you would sit there, sipping a soft drink, enacting, as if waiting for someone.....your Boyfriend. The rest, laters. First go in the room there, where our make up 'dada' is waiting. I went into the room, where the elderly 'Dada' greeted me, motioning me into the closed inner cabin, where I was supposed to change. My white dress was not suitable for the role of the vibrant young college girl.
    Inside, I saw 2-3 normal fit dresses. I picked up a nice blue and black sleeveless chunidaar. It was a lovely fabric, and felt nice. Once I had that on me, I walked out. I was happy, that it felt nice...yet it was Navin who was to decide. The make up man ruffled up my hair a bit, giving them some mass. Then he asked me to remove the tiny white studs in my ears and attached dangling blue fashionable ear rings. Then applied base, and puffed up , applying a slightly darkish red lip stick. "Hmm....nice, Ab thik hai" he exclaimed. Then I went outside, and saw Navin talking with a young boy in early 20s. Mr. Krishna was also seated next to him. He was visibly happy seeing me, clad in a blue suit, with fresh, younger looks. "Wow....nice...Ashwini. Good job. Meet Pratham....your the ad." I nodded. I was in a way settled, enjoying the attention I was getting. Plus after a long period of bad experiences, I was enjoying a streak of happiness.

  • #225

    Ashwini (Friday, 26 December 2014 04:03)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 65
    Together we went towards the canteen set close by. I could see the natural effect I had on Pratham. He was also a relatively fresh face, as Navin told me, excited to be with another fresh face in the ad. Mr. Krishna was ogling me, while we walked, as he lumbered his heavy body behind us. I could feel, my 'woman's sixth sense' telling me of his lustful gaze, mentally undressing me every second.
    Navin motioned me and Shamlee to sit across, and instructed us. " Ashwini, you should act nervous, glancing at your watch, waiting for Pratham, who is supposed to meet you in the Canteen. Shamlee, who is your close friend, knows your anxiety and acts naughty, teasing you. You take the cream tube out of your purse and apply it to your face. Make sure that the name of the cream on the tube is visible to the camera. Shamlee would praise your beauty. Just then, Pratham will walk from behind you. Shamlee would off course watch him come. He would walk on tip toe, use his fingers to hide your eyes from behind. You would be shocked, yet pleased. You would stand up, look at him in mock anger, wave the cream tube at Shamlee. Hold his hand into yours and leave the canteen. "
    I was listening intently, as I used to in our class rooms. This was no different. This was not a small task, for me and even for other two. There was just a few lines which were off course given to Shamlee.....' Kiska intezaar ho raha hai itni be sabri se!! -- Who are you waiting for this eagerly!! " and later on "Haay kitni haseen lag rahi hai tu...yeh nikhaar...ufff mar jaawaan!!" rest were all expressions.
    The general long shot of canteen, the crowd were already taken. We were given proper positions, the camera movements were finalized. The reflectors, mirrors, mikes everything was set. " Light.....Camera.....Rolling....And........Action" Navin shouted, and the shooting began. We were doing it in parts. The two of us, my anxiety, her dialogue, me taking out the tube and applying it, Pratham coming from behind, closing my eyes, my mock anger, showing the tube, and us walking out of the all went along in patches, Navin cutting the shots in between, guiding us, extracting expressions....ohhh it was not easy.
    I knew, it would be only a few seconds after editing, yet it went along for more than 3 hours. Finally, the ordeal was over. The lunch was called. "It would be only Pratham , you and Shamlee in the post lunch." The extras were paid, and me, Navin, Pratham, Shamlee and off course Mr. Krishna were left at the lunch table.
    There was a casual talk, while the lunch was going on. Post lunch Navin gave further instructions. "next part of the sequel involves, Shamlee wearing a nice festive Saree" I was listening, curious to know my role. Although the day had been tough, it was exciting none the less. "This will be Ashwini's wedding night with Pratham, so she would be wearing the Red 'Shaadi ka Joda''. My knees sunk...ohh....whats this all about!! I glanced at Navin, who ignored me conveniently. Pratham would wear a Sherwani."

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    Ashwini (Friday, 26 December 2014 05:12)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 66
    "So ladies, in your change room ....." motioning us towards the room. " In about 30 minutes, we shoot. This is the final part ......for the day."
    Me and Shamlee went to the change room. She talked a little about the shoot earlier, her past shoots , weather and all. I only nodded, trying not to sound indifferent. Inside, there was an elderly lady, who smiled at Shamlee. Off course they must have known each other from past shoots. " Hello Mausiji....kaise ho?" Shamlee beamed and asked the 'mausiji'. "Meet Ashwini, our lead in this ad campaign of Navinji.....isnt she lovely?" Mausiji nodded, perhaps having seen many in her yesteryears. " ji. Navin saab has told me to dress her up as a 'bahu'.....and you in a wedding waali Sari. So I have kept them both, inside. I will join you shortly. " "So nice of you" Shamlee replied. She was at ease there. Quite comfortable. She must be around our and Avani....I guessed.
    We walked in the vanity room. I could see a neatly folded Red and gold embroidered silk choli,ghaghra and odhni......for me....and a rust colored sari, with a matching sleeveless blouse....meant for Shamlee. "Oh...nice one.....this I always like , when I work for Navinji. He thinks of all details carefully. You are the queen of this ad, but he has chosen a nice one for me too. He has a rich taste.....and I can see that, in you...." smiling naughtily. She was by the mirror then, unzipping her dress top, very was us girls there only!!! wasn't it ( for her at least?). She took it off and pulled the strings of her salwaar, with the same ease. I was a bit confused, should i do the same or otherwise.....but, Shamlee, came towards me, seeing me stand frozen at a place...... walking in her bra and panty , her smooth dusky skin all me a nudge......"hey...wake up barbie.... its only 20 more minutes we have....This is job....we must be through with this part of the ad today...." I nodded and took off my dress and ear rings. I heard Shamlee whistle......gazing me...."ohhh Ashwini, you have a lovely skin tone......we are together looking like cocoa and milk".....she giggled. She tossed the choli at me.....motioning me to wear it, while she got busy with her own sari and blouse. I was enjoying dressing myself up in the joda, as much as I did seeing her drape herself up in the Sari. In a few minutes, 'mausi' entered, after knocking on the door. She pinned up Shamlee's Sari on her shoulder, and near the navel, where the folds converged. Then Shamlee left for her make up, and Mausi adjusted my ghaghra, choli and helped me wear the odhni, in a seductive , revealing way...pinning it up expertly. Then I met make up dada again, who was aware of the duties....he applied a deeper foundation, followed by rouge, shades, mascara, lipstick . Mausi attached bigger golden ear rings in my ears....a clipped nathni was attached, my forehead was decorated with a set of lovely red bindi.......
    The professional work, was efficient as well as effective. I couldnt stop looking at myself in the mirror. Watching me was Ashwini...a different one from the suffering Ashwini, with a butt plug and a harnessed tiny cock to the Ashwini, the ad queen in a red bridal make up......momentary, it may be.....but I was enjoying this ride of the crest of the wave...

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    Ashwini (Friday, 26 December 2014 23:52)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 67
    Once we were done with, Navin joined me with Pratham in a Sherwani behind him. I could see Navin's reaction, after seeing me. It was that of in awe of what he was seeing. In a girl's life, wearing this holy dress is a dream, and not in my wildest dream I would have thought to be wearing one, be it for an advertisement. Pratham also looked very handsome, just like an eager beau. Shamlee, was no less, with her dusky complexion and shapely curves accentuated with the neatly worn silky saree. "Wow, you two are looking hot!!" Navin exclaimed an opinion seconded by Pratham , with a nod and a smile.
    " ...." Navin pausing , trying to break the 'tension' building up. Guys, however 'sher' they may be.....I knew...from either side now....that the 'macho' thinking is lost in the beauty and energy of the feminine splendor!!
    Navin cleared his throat - another sign of tension..." Well....." recovering his composure.."We have the set of a bunglow where the shooting resumes. In the living room, Shamlee escorts the bride, who is walking hesitantly. She gives Ashwini a hug, while sending her to the 'Suhaag Raat' room." I was blushing, listening to it." Yes Ashwini, thats the type of response I desire from you in front of the Camera" Navin noticed it and chipped in. " Shamlee, hands over the tray containing a glass of milk and says yeh jeeju ke liye, next to it is the cream tube....she says .....tumhara nikhaar kum na ho... yeh tumhare liye...and gives you a hug. Then you move in , place the tray by bedside and sit on the decorated bed. " The rest I will direct there itself.
    So we went to the part of the studio , along the paved pathways. It was a big estate, with diverse properties. The bunglow, was indeed a nice one, with a lovely porch, a big hall, a grand staircase. We went onto the upper floor, where there were rooms already decorated with Marigold flower garlands and mango leaves. Indeed the studios do create a 'second world' , and I was seeing it first hand. The camera, Trolley all were set up. The tray was set up on a decorated table already.
    Shamlee took me gently by my shoulder, walking next to me. I was walking modestly, with my gaze fixed at the floor, a bit tense. She took me to the identified 'spot' next to the table , where she handed over the glass of milk and the cream tube. In a few 'takes', it was accepted by Navin. " Open the Suhaag raat bedroom" Navin ordered. while the arrangements were being made, he updated me " There are 2 bedrooms here - one Suhaag raat - which is always kept 'ready' with floral decoration, a poster bed, paintings of passionate couples , dim lighting etc. " I nodded " the other one is the 'normal' double bed, with bed lamps either side, a wardrobe, a family picture and all. There is a kitchen, with a dining table in the adjacent room." Once the arrangements were done, he gave the further instructions " Now, you are seated on the bed, blushing, when Pratham arrives, with a smiling face. He bolts the door. You stand up, and offer him the glass of milk...He hugs you....and hands you over the cream.....aisi hi sundar raho...zindagi bhar...and you hug him passionately, closing your eyes"

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    Ashwini (Friday, 26 December 2014 23:54)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 68
    This was the difficult part. I was hesitating, and Navin could sense it. " C'mon Ashwini, you are doing can do this..." he whispered in my ear" and if you dont, there would be many retakes...and I am sure...Pratham wont mind....." He whispered and chuckled. I blushed again. I stood instinctively when Prathm arrived, while the shoot was being done. I could feel his embrace, a real , serious one......mmmhh.....ohhh....once this ad releases, I knew Avani , Nimsha and may be Sandra who 'knew' me...would enjoy it big time. That made me gasp further. Clutching him and hugging him. " Cut!!" Navin shouted." wow, Ashwini...lovely...very good and natural" little did he know the reason. "Sorry more retakes" winking his eyes mischievously. " Pack up for the day guys...see you tomorrow morning" . Mr. Krishna too enjoyed the shoot, perhaps had more intimate imaginations in the suhaag raat part.
    I was told to remove the make up, assisted by mausi. I did that, had my white dress on, and once Navin returned after giving instructions, we started our return journey. The evening was setting in, casting longish shadows. How symbolic it was, like the casting shadows, I knew there would be 2 shadows back home - Nimisha and Avani, casting themselves on my mind and body.
    I exhaled , upset by that thought. "Are you ok Ashwini?" Navin reacted. He was eager to know from me, converse if I could have. " I nodded affirmatively. " I tell you, you were fantastic......very beautiful , charming, even better than what I thought you would be" I was really happy to hear it. I smiled, with respect and admiration, even gratitude for giving me those lovely moments. I pressed his left hand .... the touch was the only other mode I could communicate with, besides my gestures. He looked surprised, yet patted my hand back reassuringly. No one 'spoke' anything till we meandered into the lane of my residence.
    Once he killed the engine, Navin smiled .." Here goes maam......a lovely day, spent together...see you tomorrow at 9.30" I smiled softly. I had the urge of saying a 'Thank you!!" if could...but resisted. He waved me goodbye, his car took an elegant turn and retreated. I rung the bell, once in went upstairs and collapsed in the bed, the physical and emotional exertion of the entire experience, taking its toll.

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    Ridhima (Sunday, 28 December 2014 14:53)

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    Ritu (Monday, 29 December 2014 06:05)

    Accident………It just happened…………Love

    Part One……..Accident

    “Rupesh Rupali banagaa –Rupesh would be changed to Rupali”, these words coming from mouth of jury members were enough to send my head into a spin, and before I could lodge any protest against it, the members handed over the verdict with judge thus sealing my fate forever.
    The lady judge closing the hearing passed the order for me to turn into Rupali and processed for the next case. I stood next to my lawyer trying to understand the quantum of sentence. The punishment which was awarded to me was awarded for the first time in the history and thus was termed as a historic judgment.
    Following the orders, I was supposed to be changed into Rupali- a process which would take a month or so. I was made to sign few papers and as per the verdict I was given a week’s time to say goodbye to my near and dear ones and make necessary preparations before my transformation would begin. I was injected with a tracker in order to prevent my escape. My brother, babhi and my sister were reluctant to have me with them as I had brought a taboo on to them.
    The week was full of tension and every day I was subjected to abuses and humiliation from my family. Everyone was under the opinion that I was responsible for bringing this to my self while as I was not responsible.
    Before the accident, I was leading a comfortable life. I has completed my masters in management, had joined successful family business as a CMO and was enjoying my life with a circle of close friends (I thought that they were my friends). I was engaged to a hottest girl and was planning to get married to her. About seven months back, I was invited by a few friends for a party, at party I was offered a new kind of a drug which really gave me a kick, I and my friends under the influence of this drug tried to molested few girls. As things heated up and started getting out of control, I along with few of my friends made a quick escape in my car. A friend of mine was driving and he moved down few ladies waiting for their husbands. My friends and I quickly dispersed from the scene, leaving the car behind. Next day I was caught by police. Apart from molesting charges, I was also charged for murdering five innocent women. Since I was not driving, I tried to plead innocent for murder but my friends (whom I considered as my best buddies) testified against me.
    It seems the entire city was interested in the case as I belonged to a very rich and effluent family. Everyday false allegations were leveled against my family trying to influence the judiciary bringing shame to my family and hurting my father’s political ambitions. My half-brother and half-sisters added to my problems by spitting enough venom against me in media and elsewhere. Sensing an increase in hatred against me, my father publically disowned me and left me to my fate. Sensing the mood of the public even the judiciary wanted to make an example of me and I wanted me to spend my entire life behind prison walls. The victim’s family argued that this was I was getting away and wanted nothing short of a capital punishment and a compensation for the loss incurred. The women group had their own agenda and wanted me to be handed with a punishment which would act as a deterrent for others. Based on everyone opinion, a unique and most novel punishment was decided. The punishment was awarded in parts:


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    Ritu (Monday, 29 December 2014 06:07)

    Part One……..Accident----Continued

    To compensate victims of the accident, I was to sell my entire stake in my family business and the out of it 90% money was to be shared among the families of the victims. This was to compensate the families for their losses.
    The judge initially wanted me to serve for the reminder part of my life in prison but to set an example she ordered that I was to spend my entire life behind prison wall. This was to make me repent the molestation I had subjected few girls with.
    Before I could say the worst was over, the prosecutor still not satisfied raised a question of the other victims who were left-out, the children of the women alleged murdered by me. Some of them were less than six months old. The prosecutor represented them with teary eyes and demanded a justice for them as well. There were 11 children in total. The prosecutor argued that these children need mom more than anything else and I who is responsible for the loss must compensate them as well. Hearing this the jury demanded a 20 minute recess to debate, and after 20 minutes the third it was decided by the jury that that I was to be transformed into a women and would be nursing the children (in short I was to be made their mom). To make things worse for me, I was to marry the men as well accepting them as my husband and server them as wife and take care of the babies and children. Under the new judgment a big mansion was to be brought were all the families would be living together (me with five husbands, new inlaws and 11 children). The jury ordered my transformation from a male to women under the supervision of the court and since it was a special case, as I had to breastfed few babies, I were to be changed into a full women with right body parts including female reproductive system. The operation date was scheduled and I was given a week to clear my affairs, transfer funds and say goodbye to my previous life……………….

    End of Part One………Continued in Part Two

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    Uma (Monday, 29 December 2014 17:42)

    @Ritu: Interesting plot but your part 2 sounds like there will be gay in future. Hope there ll be no gay and it will be nice if bhabhi dresses him as a girl and humiliate him.

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    Ashwini (Monday, 29 December 2014 21:23)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 69
    I refreshed myself after a nap. The moments experienced during the happening day trailed across my mind like a whirlwind. I sighed , it was a mixture of exhaustion as well as a sigh that was about the end of a day where I was treated more like a princess, while the potential evening of torment was beckoning.
    Was I a modern day Cinderella ? That I was to enjoy the party with the Prince charming till midnight and then suffer at the hands of step mother, just that my Prince charming was just a kind friendly support in Navin - nothing more serious than that and instead of a step mother I had an unfortunate ' Buy one Get one Free' offer from the evil Devil in Nimisha and Avani.
    Thinking of them, I passed an uneasy glance at the clock. I thought it was time to 'prepare' myself. Reluctantly, I proceeded towards the bathroom, cleansed myself and take out the 'plug' and with some lube and effort pushed it in its destined location. Like it or not, my muscles accommodated the alien member. I didnt want myself to be caught without it in a surprise inspection, and face the consequences. What could they be? ohhh..dont ask me, I dont even wish to think about it.
    " Hey was your first professional day?" I skipped a heartbeat, and nearly dropped the napkin from hand, when I heard my sister. I looked in her direction, only to meet her stern gaze and the shade of mockery and something in her eyes...something beyond that, something that was threatening , something that was heinous- distinctly unmistakable. "c'mon baby, you are supposed to SPEAK , when spoken to...isnt it" she stood up menacingly, closing down on me, as if a predator stalking a prey. She just ran her right index finger across my left cheek. Her warm exhale, felt on my skin. My face, reddening in color, matching with the shade of red on Avani's nail.
    "I......ughhh...." I had to clear my throat, to speak....the rare occasions when I was doing it. I thought I would be eventually loosing my ability to speak. Just as it happens, with some unfortunate children, who are deaf, are unable to speak. I managed to gulp and respond, " was good..." Even I myself struggled to recognize my own voice. " Hmmm....thats good. My little sissy seems to have enjoyed the first day away from us......and we are going to 'compensate' for that tonight....." while I was comprehending the depth of that statement, the door opened again, and in came the other half of the duo.....Nimisha having changed herself, in a casual loose pale blue top and gray trousers and sleepers. " Yes. we are as eager to celebrate , your first day of work!!"
    Professional day, first day of work.....were they serious about it? were they degrading me, was I seen as a cheap 'money earning' girl? with the extent they had gone to so far, nothing was impossible.

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    Ashwini (Monday, 29 December 2014 23:26)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 70
    Nimisha and Avani sat on Avani's bed, motioning me to stand in front. bad signs!! when they sit an front like the judges in a talent hunt show on a TV channel, and I am supposed to 'perform' like the poor ones in front. I was in my evening daily wear floral gown. I stood rather gingerly in front of them, wondering what sort of celebrations they had in their mind.
    "Strip girl!!" Nimisha, cold and calculated as ever. Somehow, if I could introspect myself neutrally, they had succeeded in demolishing my primary 'wall of resistance' . The immediate repulsion, opposition was diminishing. My hands immediately went in a 'X' shape across my pelvis and clutched the fabric and lifted it up. " Good" I heard, while I was busy in taking it off, through my head. "Stop...just like that Ash...." I froze in my pose with my hands gripping the gown, now the 'X' in front of my face, my entire face hidden behind the crumpled bundle that the gown was then. I had my body below the neck exposed. My bra clad breasts with visible cleavage, my flat tummy , slim waist curving into my ample panty clad derriere!! - I was imagining myself. It was more like a 'statue' pose in a game. I heard a typical sound of the clicking of the camera. I guess one of them was capturing my pictures on their cell phone in that awkward ( yet seductive ) pose. "Hmmm..." I could hear Nimisha coming closer and running her hand over . I cringed as I felt the relatively colder and unexpected touch of the hand on my warmer flesh. " Quite supple and tender. No six pack abs for Ashwini...right Avani?" while tracing my contours around belly and moving the hand laterally onto my lower back, inserting her index finger in the elastic of my panty. I wiggled my behind a wee bit, instinctively. Then I felt a spank on the fleshy part of my hips. "Mhhh....." I gasped with slight pain and more in surprise.
    Sisters, this 'hard pat' on my booty instinctively reminded me of a famous shot from a movie I had watched in my childhood, when the hero escaping away from his one time friend Messala ( a big clue to guess this epic movie!! send me the name...please.....giggles!!) meets Sheik Ilderim a rich horse trader in an oasis, where the proud sheikh thumps the behind of a lovely horse, saying that it is the way to inspect the health of a horse, and then invites the hero in the rich decorated tent, ordering his 'wife' to bring fruits to greet the guest. When the scantily dressed, silk clad seductive girl brings the dish in one hand and a lovely wine pot in the other, the sheikh pats her derriere with an equally harsh thump, and winks at the hero. No word said, yet the message, all the way sent to the hero and to the audience.
    "She is shaping up nicely Avani.....besides her visit for the ad shoot, we must take her to Sandra's for 'servicing' and checking her out" although I couldn't see, I knew for sure Avani must have nodded with that vamp like streak in her eyes.
    Were I seen like a cattle or mare, or an automobile, which needs servicing and maintenance? That decision perhaps was left for the mean girls, the only thing I knew was that perhaps they were conveniently ignoring the fact that I was a human.

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    Ritu (Tuesday, 30 December 2014 06:20)

    Accident………It just happened…………Love

    Part Two……..Transformation

    I tried to work with my counsel to get some relief from the verdict. I was ready to part with my share, but the fair of losing my manhood and turning into a housewife was sending shivers down my spine. I even proposed to give away the remaining 10%, but was not prepared for my transformation. Anu my girlfriend was standing next to me. I could sense her uneasiness, and was trying to pacify her that the decision would be overturned. My counsel tried his best to enter into an agreement, but nothing worked for me. Hearing that I am trying to get some relief against the judgment, the jury members ordered the panel of doctors to completed the transformation on due date and furthered ordered me to present in the court in a bridal attire on the very next day of my transformation. Hearing this ‘Anu’ turned pale, and without saying anything she left the courtroom never to be seen again in my life.
    With heavy heart I accepted the verdict and signed the necessary papers. Once the necessary formalities were completed, I was released into the custody of my folks. The journey towards home appeared to take a lifetime. The verdict was already changing me, and I was becoming more and more submissive. They say men don’t cry but I cried whole night repenting the time, but alas what was done could not be undone.
    In next day nothing major happened except me singing many papers to transferal my assets and funds (known one) in the name of would be spouses and families. Since my father and foster siblings were not interested in me and acted as if I was not present at all. With only few days left before my transformation, I decided to call ‘Anu’ and spend my last moments as man with her. She refused to acknowledge my presence on phone. On repeated calling she told me never ever to call her again as she was not interested in me at all. The news that she is seeing my foster brother left a deep scar in my heart and I decided to prepone my transformation and called my counsel to inform the jury about me decision.
    I got a call from the hospital where my transformation was to happen. They scheduled for a pickup and in one hour I was on my way towards the hospital.
    At hospital I was asked to sign in few documents and few tests were conducted on me including determining my blood type among other. The Nurse asked me to strip down and change into a hospital gown which she handed over to me. I was allocated a room and asked to wait in the room till further instruction.

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    Ritu (Tuesday, 30 December 2014 06:22)

    Accident………It just happened…………Love

    Part Two……..Transformation

    The room was like any other room found in a five star hotel. It must be dam expensive was the only words I could utter. The semitransparent and short gown was adding to my woes. In few minutes a nurse entered and asked me to lie down on the bed. She took my BP and temperature and noted it down in the file placed next to my bed and left without saying anything. She returned soon with other two nurses, a lady doctor and a senior Doctor. The Doc greeted and started going through my papers. After studying them he looked at me and said “Well Rupesh, it seems that you have requested for a sex change operation from man to woman. Your test are normal and you are physically fit to start the procedure. I must say that you have a very good skin tone plus you are quite young, just 25 years old, you would transform into a fine young women, ready to take on this world” The lady doctor and nurses were enjoying the pep talk as I could hear their giggles. The doc continued “Since you have already completed all the necessary paper work, we can start your transformation right away. But before we start I want to know if you are interested in freezing your sperms for any future use?” I pondered about it and finally said yes. The doc handed me a small cup. Sensing what he meant, I tried to lift from the bed and move towards bathroom. Doc stopped me and asked me to lie down. The nurse brought a device which had a virginal like opening with a tube at the other end. The whole apparatus was connected to a machine. I was asked to open strings of my gown. Lying nude in with all the people around made my penis shrink. “Yes you have made a right choice and now we understand why” said the senior doctor. Hearing it everyone in the room laughed. The nurse attached the device to my penis and placed the hollow end of the pipe into the cup. She inserted the other end into the machine and started it. I felt a small prick before I could make any sense, the cup was full.
    “Now we have your sperms, I will now update you about the procedure. We will transform you both physically as well as mentally for the life ahead. First we would inject you with male hormone blocker and simultaneously introduce you to female hormones. To accelerate the process, we would operate to remove your balls. Next you would undergo a laser treatment to remove each and every strand of hair from eye brows. Post this we would be placing a womb inside you. In next phase your boobs would be developed using the latest stem cell technology and to excess fat from your body would be injected to give them a proper shape and size. I believe 38 dd would suit you”

    Continued in next part…

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    Ashwini (Thursday, 01 January 2015 00:11)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 71
    I was told to remove the gown off myself and stand , showing my back to them, bending a bit. In that compromising pose, they could see....see my behind . Nimisha pulled down the padded panty off my hips, exposing my privates. Such exhibition of my intimates was never going to be comfortable, in case. "Ohh..please" I managed to whisper." Please what ash? Please check me out, please fill my behind with a bigger plug??" Nimisha hissed. I shook my head in a negating manner, although I couldnt see them. " Oh, Nimi dear she does not want a bigger plug" Avani commented, and again on one of those rarest of rare occasions, I agreed with my twin sis. But my agreement was not to last long..." My sweety, cutie pie of a sissy....doesnt want a bigger plug, she wants the BIGGEST there. " Oh , was there going to be an end to such torment? They were aggressive since the beginning, but now they were becoming unpredictable. Nothing seemed impossible.
    " Oh.....Really? Let us grant her wish then..." I heard Nimisha comment, and I instinctively turned around, with my hands folded, my eyes all panic, pleading them, not to execute their plans..... I felt a sharp stinging slap on my bum...."did we allow you to turn around?" Avani shouted at me. I cringed and returned to the posture I was told to be in. From the corner of the eyes, I noticed Nimisha exit from our room, only to come back with her 'bag of accessories' . " Avani, let's grant her request of not having the honor of hosting a bigger one. In fact I am going to remove this one. " Avani was listening to Nimisha as a sincere student does to a teacher. With concentration, anticipating something , some exciting secret shared by the 'Guru'!!
    "Remove that one Ash. Go and keep it in your washroom. Clean it, the way you are instructed and return it tomorrow". Something WAS can this huntress be lenient? I could smell something 'fishy' about the whole thing ( should I say the 'hole' thing? pun intended!! :) ). As instructed, I lifted myself, exhaling, went to the room, did as instructed and came back 'vacant' .
    "Good. Now girl, be in the doggy position, with your behind facing us...quick!!" The fire in the instructions, couldnt go unnoticed. I was clad only in my bra, and...and the string harness confining my tiny member. I rested my torso , balancing on my elbows and knees. Clutching my lips, the tension, and more than the tension the anticipation of the unexpected was more damaging.

  • #244

    Ashwini (Thursday, 01 January 2015 00:22)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 72
    I could sense, Avani stand up, while I was hearing Nimisha look for 'something' in her 'bag of tricks' . Avani took her palms below my tummy and lifted my bum a bit, to be at same level as Nimisha's hands. " So you dont want a bigger one, in there? Sure? You can say yes or no.....we allow you permission to speak only these two words. And preferably only Yes, when we want you to say so or a no to questions like are you afraid? are you worried? etc... got it wimp?" I didnt know what was the reason for Nimisha hating me to this extent. She needed psychological treatment..... perhaps because of the treatment her bro gave her lovely bhabhi? but I was not like that, I would never be....
    A slap on my bum brought me back to senses...." Say it dont want a bigger one? yes? " "Yes" I could weakly respond. " Noted. Do you want another one of the same size?" she asked further. Now this was a tricky one. Somehow, my surviving common sense told me, what was the 'expected' and 'desired' reply instead of a No. "Yes"....I said. " are learning quick." Nimisha drew out another cruel piece out of her bag....." creative" Avani exclaimed, which again sent a chill down my spine. I was in a leaning pose, offering my behind for 'work' to the ladies, not allowed to turn around and see, and to hear something that excited Avani must have been put it mildly.
    Nimisha came forward, holding the plug in her right hand by its base, and brought it upto my eye level. It was a dull yellow colored tapering piece about the same size as the earlier. Yet, this one had rib like patterns. Its surface had up and down wavy contours. My eyes widened with amazement. It was of the same size, yet different. "Ohh...Avani, your 'sis' seems to have liked it. " She smiled , looking at Avani. " Yes, you are gonna enjoy this one babe....This one doesnt have a smooth surface. There are contours, as you can see. These are for better 'grip' inside, to help your inner muscles 'grab' this one better and help it 'fit' .
    Then she turned it around gently. The 'knob' she was holding earlier, was thicker and broader. Also it had a through and through hole, as if one could 'weave' something through it. " Creative isnt it? I have stood by my word of not 'gifting' you anything bigger. And these holes.." she paused........"are for......" another extended pause............"oh...leave it. You are anyways supposed to experience it first hand, why waste my words?" This was pressure, big time and I was wilting under it.

  • #245

    Ashwini (Thursday, 01 January 2015 01:08)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 73
    She instructed her 'deputy' to lube it and give it to her. I looked up from my kneeling doggy pose at Nimisha, pleading her with my eyes. She looked even more menacing while towering on top of me. " So you dont want this? are you going to oppose us? You want you and your sis to be driven out of this home in 10 minutes? " her barrage of questions were like nails drilled in my coffin. " Listen...if you oppose this 'guest' inside you....I will push it in raw.....without lube.....and I mean it...." and I knew she meant it.
    Little did the outside world knew, what was happening in this room. May be the room had seen some extreme scenes , and this was no less. "Uhh..." I winced as the tapering intruder was pushed inside. My muscles, a bit 'trained' they were accommodated the member. I could also sense that 'Doctor Nimisha' was pushing it , while giving it a twist, like the way its done when a screw is pushed in the wall, or wood, unlike a nail being struck.
    And I somehow sensed that this one was here to stay 'better' , and yes the lube made it possible. Yes it did hurt, but could have been a lot worse. I had clenched my fists and sealed my lips while this 'operation' was taking place. Slowly , but surely the plug made its way, up into insides. It was a different feeling, as if I was impaled on the piece. It fitted that well. "wait....wait.....a lil bit of fun still left. We are celebrating your debut appearance...." Avani chipped in. Well, the 'ad queen' all seemed a distant thing, given the way, I was treated more like a livestock.
    I could her clink of metal, and my senses got alert.....hey whats that?? "This is something more than the usual plug baby" I heard Nimisha" I am weaving a thin, yet strong steel wire through the holes on either side of the plug. The flexible wire ends have tiny hooks" I was tense, and listening to it with anxiety matching the climax of a thriller movie.
    Nimisha had passed the wire through the tight fit plug holes, as could sense, while listening to her 'running commentary' of the celebration! "Now.....I am going to fit, these two heavy metal balls to either ends....together they would weigh close to half kg perhaps...." before I could comprehend what that means, I felt a sharp nudge, deep in me, as if the plug had come to life...."aaaaghhh" I winced. It was not painful, but you do not normally get a sensation and a nudge 'that deep' ever...isnt it?. " Yes.....thats the fun part baby......the weights dangling on either sides now, have lifted the plug tip. So, you can feel it pushing and probing, rather than staying dormant!! . I want you to stay like this!! "

  • #246

    Ashwini (Thursday, 01 January 2015 01:10)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 74
    "On my way up, I had asked Kantabai to prepare our dinner and keep it downstairs . We would bring it here. Avani would go and inform mom that you are exhausted and would have your dinner in the room. So to give you the company, we would be dining together in here. "
    Avani brought the dishes prepared in 10 minutes. It was a time of awkward silence, as I was taking time to adjust to the new 'load' and the intriguing effects it was having on me...physically as well as mentally. Avani placed two dishes on the table and kept the third one.....for me.......on the third chair in between their chairs. I looked at her quizzically. " You are gonna stay this way till night Ash!! so no more normal dining posture for you. So while we enjoy the dinner the usual way, you would only use your mouth to feed yourself. I will only do a favor of offering you pieces of the roti. The rest you have to manage. "
    Tears rolled down my cheek. There was no trace of pity in the two pair of eyes witnessing my degradation. But....but I was starving. I had to fulfill my basic need...come what may be the while the girls started their dinner, I was told to walk on all fours, and dig my head into the plate, which was at 'comfortable' chair level !! more like a pet. I tell you, it was not easy. I knew the girls were having the time of their evening, and their focus was more on how I cope up, rather than their own meals. While I was concentrating on anyhow, getting as much inside, whatever the way it would, Nimisha drew out her leg, to reach the heavy black metal balls dangling lewdly and gave it a nudge, which caused the plug to move a bit, causing me gasp suddenly, and look up......""ch ch ch!! myy ......what happened baby....?" Nimisha asked me with mock concern. Avani giggled alongwith her, teasing the metal balls, passing the sensations deeper in me.
    Eventually, the 'dinner' was over. I was permitted to 'eat' only as much untill their dinner was over , so I could really get only a few morsels in. I thought that now that the evening celebrations were over, there would be some respite. But alas! it was not to be.
    "Avani, your babe gets half sleep tonight" I again wondered, what this term concocted from her evil mind means!! " She can only place the upper half of her body on her bed. Belly below, she would just stay as she is now, on her knees, with the balls dangling and the tip lifted inside her. " I dropped my head down, falling deeper into the depths of oblivion. An act, it seemed, thoroughly enjoyed by Nimisha and Avani. "And listen, you crawling meat on the floor......I am leaving Avani, with a heavier set of balls, which would tilt the tip further up and mind would be painful....much painful.....So if you are found anytime during the night in a posture other than this......." intentionally leaving her sentence unfinished. Sisters, some times silence can be even more threatening than the most threatening words, because the words originate form a spoken language and the silence emerges from the universal unspoken language of fear.
    "Let the girl finish her ad work tomorrow, then we will discuss her maintenance. Now gulp your pills Avani gives and arrange yourself for the comfortable night ahead!!" The first input was for Avani and the second for me, yet little did my foolish twin sister understood that we both were manipulated by this power crazy maniac we had met in Nimisha.

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    Hi girls,

    Hope you all are fine. I have created the CD story blog for all languages.

    Please let me know if you want to share you stories in our blog. WE all can keep a single site for all stories as its easy for others to read.

    If you like, email me at


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    Poornima (Friday, 02 January 2015 02:10)

    @crossdressing stories:i just see tamil there. Not English

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    Crossdressing Stories (Friday, 02 January 2015 09:25)

    We hve started with Tamil. We need your help to make it a single destination for stories.

    This site is good but stories are difficult to read. so only i created this.

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    maddy (Sunday, 04 January 2015 05:07)

    Need all these tamil stories in hindi or englsih please cant understand tamil

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    uma (Monday, 05 January 2015 02:03)

    Ashwini, please continue

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    Ashwini (Monday, 05 January 2015 11:03)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 75
    I knew I would get no sympathy from Avani. Although it was a hectic day, and I had not been given to eat anything - infact treated more like a pet. But I tell you sisters, I could not sleep - not because of exhaustion or lack of food or even the awkward posture , I could not sleep because of the humiliation, because of the degradation I experienced.
    Little did I know how the night passed. I was feeling pains in the odd posture. I could hear periodic deep breathing of Avani. That was the night of reflection about what had happened to me. I had been loosing my calmness and composure and that was happening very fast. Ashwin ( yes thats me.....) was dissolving like sugar candy in water, and Ashwini was being etched, in the body, on my mind, penetrating in my soul.
    I was more in daze, when I heard the door open early morning ....( I think it was early morning. I had lost count of time and was feeling numb ...and dumb!!). I sensed Nimisha walk closer. "Hmmm...good. You are bound to feel stiff in the back...but that is nothing compared to the 'conditioning' your back door got. I am sure you have loved the sensation of the alien intruder. " She disengaged the balls and I could feel the plug 'restore' its original position. I exhaled, feeling the release....Nimisha patted my bum playfully, reminding me of my 'pet' status..." Go there baby, remove it. " motioning me with her index finger. I lifted myself up gingerly. "Aaahh... "I winced. My back had stiffened significantly.
    By the time I had arrived, Nimisha had vanished as if she was a Goddess who had suddenly arrived to rescue me off my predicament. She was far too away from being such angelic entity as I knew. I managed to trudge to my bed , to catch some sleep, if I could. This was the start of a 'Work' day for me, when I was in a true bad shape. I winced and writhed, stretched trying to 'adjust' myself back.
    I slept uneasily, vaguely noticing Avani prepare herself and leave. I had to keep an eye on the clock, and rather reluctantly had to pick myself up at 8 am. I was ready around 9.30 am. in the rust colored dress. As like yesterday, Navin arrived sharp at 9.30, to pick me up. I seated myself next to him, as if it was a routine of the last few months. He also didnt speak much except for greeting me and commenting that I looked a bit tired. I was trying to convey him that it was not so, through my gestures. He mentioned that it would be OK, since today the later 'half' of the ad will be shot, where I would be a housewife, so even if I was to look a bit tired, it suited the need. How convenient I thought, as the car entered into the studio, and we were greeted by the greedy eyes of Mr. Krishna.

  • #253

    Radha (Monday, 05 January 2015 14:08)

    Ashwini,I think Navin part was not necessary in the story. The story is beautiful when ashwini is humiliated by the 2 girls only. Why not involve a little bit of forced incest in the presence of Nimisha? Please give it a thought.

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    Radha (Tuesday, 06 January 2015 03:34)

    Ritu please continue your story

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    Misty (Tuesday, 06 January 2015 04:00)

    Girls, I have a question. Why do we all demand more humiliation for cross-dressing hero? Say in Ashwini story Isn't he already humiliated by making him wear women dress?
    Why cant we have stories with soft and romantic endings where our hero achieves what he wished for. After all we does one cross-dress? is it a addiction, fad or it is a way to get humiliated or it is a way to express a desire to be born as a women and live a life as a woman. Now if that is the case then every cross-dresser has a right not to be admired and not humiliated, he has a right to be respected and treated as a woman, and sex and children is a part of womans life so my question is why run away from it why.

    So does anyone support my idea and any good writer provides us with a romantic story on the likes of Mohana and other great stories...............

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    NEHA (Tuesday, 06 January 2015 05:38)



  • #257

    Radha (Tuesday, 06 January 2015 09:36)

    @Misty and Neha: This is a matter of fiction. Though we ask the pratagonist of the story to be humiliated, we definitely dont want that to happen for crossdressers in reality. Humiliation is just a label like crossdressing which is a form of fetish too. Yes, there are people who like sweet crossdressing stories and then there are those who like femdom and humiliation in the stories too. I think you did not read the previous story written by Ashwini which had a sweet ending and Ashwini had promised her next story would involve femdom and humiliation and she is carrying the story beautifully as promised.

    @Neha: Having the protagonist of the crossdressing story fall in love with an another male will become gay. This was discussed long back and there was a huge debate on calling it gay stories which I would not like to argue on again as I am sure there are lotz of people who say it's not gay but for a male who just likes crossdressing and still likes girls, it sounds as gay.

  • #258

    Radha (Tuesday, 06 January 2015)

    @Misty and Neha: May be you need to skip reading this story and wait for Ashwini's next story or read her previous one and allow this story to be taken to whole new heights of humiliation! No offence to you both and I sincerely apologize if I hurt you by any chance.

  • #259

    Uma (Tuesday, 06 January 2015 09:50)

    After reading both Misty and Radha's version, I guess I will have to say you both are right but I support Radha here......

  • #260

    Sri Lakshmi (Tuesday, 06 January 2015 11:53)


    Better you can come with any story na.. You have good command in english.. Y don't u give a try ? ? ?

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    Ashwini (Tuesday, 06 January 2015 13:20)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 76
    Mr. Krishna came forward, challenging his natural fat inspired lumber to greet hands with Navin and me, prolonging the slimy touch like yesterday. I was not upset with the obese physique , but his lusty gaze, his impure soul was more disturbing. Excusing myself with a lame excuse of refreshing myself, I paid a visit to rest room, without a cause. I noticed a smirk on Navin's face, through the corner of my eye. It was of appreciation, that how I managed to handle the situation intelligently. Upon my rearrival, in the common area of the hall, there was lady with a girl of 3-4 years seating as well . Pratham - my hubby in ad had also joined, who greeted me warmly. I knew that Mr. Krishna wanted to swap bodies with Pratham, if he could.
    Navin composed himself after a tea break. "Well, guys, we continue with the remaining parts of the ad campaign today. Now in the sequel, Pratham and Ashwini have gone ahead in their life. " Navin walked us - me and Pratham onto the lawns in the studio. There were 2 chairs placed, where he motioned us to sit." You are OK with the dresses you have, Pratham in a casual attire and Ashwini you are looking as sweet in your rust colored dress. Here is your daughter -Reena ." I looked at him quizzically. " Well you are in a sequel Ashwini dont forget. So what follows after marriage is an issue...isnt it? Here is a sweet lil daughter Reena. " The smartly dressed sweet little child actress walked towards us , leaving the hand of her mother with a sweet melting smile. " She is an amazing child artist....isnt it Reena baby?" Navin knew how to please the young girl. He showed her a milk chocolate, and promised to give it to her after a photo with these mom and dad....that were us! She was made to sit on my lap, and Pratham holding his left hand behind me, to make it a family photo.
    Navin instructed the photographer to make a quick print copy and frame it, while we were instructed to change. I went back to the same room , where I changed yesterday. I was given a wine colored cotton saree, and a sleeveless blouse made up of the same material. Mausi like yesterday helped me, pin it up. My hair were rearranged in a bun. A middle size Red bindi , a modest ear ring was given, some face powder was applied. A mangalsutra was also given. I...I hesitated while wearing it in. Sensing my obvious discomfort mausi commented " Aah madam, here in the studio , about thousand ladies get married and a few hundred separate as per the need of the script. You will get used to it. And in real life as well, marriages are being made and broken, like twigs." I sighed and nodded, bending my neck to accept the holy ornament.

  • #262

    Ashwini (Tuesday, 06 January 2015 13:21)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 77
    Then Navin took us to the same bunglow, where a kitchen was set up. Navin directed me to just chop some vegetable. "Continue chopping the vegetables honestly, full concentration." While I was doing so, then a touch of the soft cream and its scent on my cheek really startled me. " Wow...thats it are gonna rock!!" I heard Navin exclaim. He had asked Pratham, who was in his round neck t-shirt and track pants, as if just woken up, to walk behind me on tiptoes , holding the cream in hand and teasing me with this surprise attack. Navin had not revealed the plot intentionally to extract the natural reaction from me. Later on as instructed, Pratham held me in his firm embrace and applied another dot of the cream on my exposed milky slender shoulder. I blush and hide my face on his chest.
    I managed to 'clear' the shot in a few retakes. I tell you sisters, doing 'Romance' in front of the camera with a few dozen people watching you is the least romantic thing. Pratham made me comfortable. He was a nice company, along with offcourse - Navin.
    I dropped onto a chair. My back was aching. The anxiety of the shot and the relative inexperience about the entire shoot, had kept me enthusiastic and ignorant of my bodily and mental 'bruises' thus far, but it was telling on me now .
    Navin was busy planning for the last phase of the ad sequence. Pratham was familiar with the surroundings and was into small talk with some technicians and other people there. I...I had nobody except Navin, that I knew of. Infact how little did I know about him as well. I was 'safe' here though. This was the irony of my life. I was 'safe' amongst strangers and 'unsafe' with my own sibling, with whom I had shared womb of my mother for nine months!!
    I did not know, what else to do, but I knew I wanted to rest. So I went to the women's changing room, and decided to take a nap for few minutes, to compose myself.
    Navin sent a message, for lunch in about 40 minutes time. I was feeling a bit fresh after the nap. I joined Navin and Mr. Krishna on the lunch table with Pratham following me in a minute. "You are a great find Ashwiniji.....I would certainly like to know you 'better' to recommend you for ad campaigns of our other mean your acting" I retorted with visible anger in my eyes. I had nothing to loose. What was this all about, how do the girls react here? are they numb? do they succumb? Is there a casting couch here as well? A swarm of questions erupted in my mind like a hive of bees. Navin changed the topic quickly, reading my face and the predicament. "Well, we would now make your hair a bit gray, making you senior citizens". This ad was making me live 5 decades of my life in one go.
    The make up dada , worked on me fitting a wig , which showed a dominant strands of white, with a few wisps of black hair in minority. My face also was modified with thin and thick wrinkles across my forehead, cheeks . The skin tone was pale. Shadows and dark colored bags were created under my eyes. Some spots were created at random on my face. It was me...I knew that, while I was watching me grow older in leaps and bounds with every stroke of dada. I changed into an off white saree and blouse, with a gray colored sweater. Oh...I was stunned by the miracle , that was an older me. When Pratham the grandpa joined me in the common area, we smiled at each other, and so did Navin. The only person with a smug face was Mr. Krishna.

  • #263

    Ashwini (Tuesday, 06 January 2015 13:22)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 78
    "Two of you just see the photo of your daughter, holding your grandkid. Ashwini, you shed a tear in her memory. Pratham wipes out the tear lovingly, and applies the cream again. Patting your head with his shaking hand. "
    We were given to hold the photo of a mother around 25 years old - our grown up daughter in the ad, holding our grandkid, making us sentimental. "Ashwini, you need to use the Glycerin drops to cry. " I held my hand as if conveying I will try to go the natural way, else.....
    When we were enacting, I suddenly could sense and feel myself as the small kid and the mother to be my mom...what expectations and dreams she must be having....even at this age, having the pseudo satisfaction that her son is away in Africa, for an elite job, but....but in reality, her son is no more a boy....and is on the verge of transforming. I am a deceiver, to the parents, to kind souls like Nimisha's mom and a coward.
    This was so spontaneous, that tears rolled down in a flood. It surprised pratham as well as Navin, but they held their composure to see the shot through. I was sobbing, trying to control my emotions. My grief was real, my sorrow was genuine. It was perceived to be a nice act, but it was the sad saga of my soul, which saw the light of the world through the tears in my eyes.
    There was a silence and a natural round of claps. Navin hugged me to help me control. I recovered. I knew, I was ruining my makeup.
    "Great, Ashwini ! So here ends the ad shoot guys. We started with couple in their canteen, getting married, having children and in the twilight supporting each other, and in this entire journey our cream has been a witness. So there were dialogues yesterday, and today after these shots, we will end with a caption ' XXXX Cream, Zindagi bhar ka saath , Zindagi bhar muskuraahat' "
    I was still coming to senses, now realizing that I have finished a full professional ad campaign. Everyone around congratulated me, Pratham and Navin - including Mr. Krishna.
    I was dazed. The almost sleepless night, plus this hectic and mentally taxing work was telling on me. I was sensing a dull headache. I removed the make up carefully, became 'Young' again. Eventually, Navin also finished the wrap up activities, scheduling the editing and post processing, studio , dubbing, effects, background and all.

  • #264

    Ashwini (Tuesday, 06 January 2015 13:22)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 79
    On the way home, Navin was decidedly pleased. He was whistling a famous tune. Smiling at me. "You have been great dear. Soon once we edit the whole thing, do touch ups in sound, light and many other aspects, you would see yourself in this 30 second advertisement" . The entire marathon effort was to be condensed into a tiny little burst. I nodded happily.
    "Ashwini, you can really make a career in this. Yes there are people of all kinds, you need to deal with here. You have to act smart, protect yourself, do it your own way without hurting others, but I am sure, through your sheer ability and presence , you can do it. " It was very supportive of him to say so. I knew, if I was able to do something, it was due to his support. But for Navin, I would not have done such a dare and succeeded in it.
    It was late than yesterday, and when we approached near our suburb, sun had set and artificial dazzle of street lights had taken over. He killed the engine in our porch and walked in our hall, motioning me in, as if it was his house and I was the guest, contrary to the exact reverse case. Kantabai had come, from the kitchen, seeing the car enter.
    Maaji was also seated in her usual chair. She knew it was Navin and me, her sharp hearing senses. "Maaji, you have a gem of an actress in Ashwini...ohh I have found a talent...I must pat my back for that!! " Navin was ecstatic and I was blushing beat red.
    Just when I was enjoying this rare joyous moment, that I wanted to last came Avani and Nimisha from their course. They greeted Navin , who repeated the praises and then shared the entire outline of the ad for avid listeners in Maaji and Kantabai. Nimisha was her usual alert self, giving out little emotions and Avani was distinctly uncomfortable. She had not approved of Navin, since he had ignored her and chosen me over her place. Navin was not in her good books. Her anger meant a fresh wave of wrath vented on me. But I did not care. I wanted to deliberately loose myself in this moment. Standing up, glancing at the cell phone, Navin decided to make a move. Before departing, Navin took out an envelope and handed it over to me. "Ashwini......your first earning......." It was another pleasant surprise. I was really dumb momentarily. "Mr. Krishna and I had agreed for Fifty thousand.....since you were inexperienced. But he has been kind enough to pay you Seventy five thousand!! You have impressed him, and I dont have to tell you that. " He winked. I was still trying to figure out the amount ...Seventy.....Five.....Thousand....!! " Since you have recently come here and not been working, you might not have a bank account close by, so I arranged for the cash! Here goes. "
    He thrust the envelope in my hand, shook my hand, patting me firmly. That act couldnt have gone un noticed from the eyes of our lady hawks! Once he parted, I heard Nimisha tell her mom that we all would be upstairs since all were tired. Kantabai shook hands with me. I could only offer a tired smile back at her, before climbing the steps reluctantly towards my 'one room prison' .
    As expected, the girls were waiting in the room as if ready to pounce on me. I entered the room, immediately feeling the tension in the air. My whooping earning was not going to be well digested. I was expecting severe hatred, pungent remarks , instead of which I heard Nimisha say , " Look Avani, Ashwini is self supporting her visit to Sandra's. This way she can earn and support her own transformation!! Lets discuss post dinner, our rendezvous with Sandra." I had lost my appetite with that single sentence.

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    teja (Friday, 09 January 2015 10:19)

    Nice story Ashwini.............keep it up.

  • #266

    teja (Saturday, 10 January 2015 07:53)

    Ritu please continue your story.

  • #267

    amrutha (Saturday, 10 January 2015 11:36)

    @x q zit...... plz post ur story plz.... for ur fans satisfaction

  • #268

    Aditi (Sunday, 11 January 2015 05:06)

    Why cant I see stories from 2012 and 2013. There were amazing stories there but I cant access them now
    Please put them back

  • #269

    Ashwini (Sunday, 11 January 2015 18:41)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 80
    I was not clear about how the money could be spent, but for sure it was not meant for spending over at Sandra's in the extreme changeovers, that I had experienced. Nimisha was a quick thinker. It was my misfortune that Navin gave the amount in front of others. I had to prepare for the worst. It was happening many times. What I had been feeling as worst was turning out to be worse, and Nimisha was fathoming new depths to plunge me into.
    After our dinner in my room with Avani, wherein, I had just managed to chew in some morsels , I wanted to sleep and flush out these gloomy clouds lingering over my mind. But was it not my fate to propose something for myself and being disposed by the duo!! Avani received a message from Nimisha to bring me to her room. It was the Cruel princess of the castle summoning the victim to be brought for yet another trial by her 'assistant' .
    I was in the 'normal' evening gown used regularly, while I retire to bed. "Bring both the plugs with you " Avani instructed me quickly. There were so few dialogues, between us. It was predominantly monologues of the' would be Air hostess' about her course, how she and Nimisha were enjoying it, and how I was there passtime chat subject!
    I took them with me and joined Avani and Nimisha in their room with an enthusiasm of a lamb walking towards the slaughter. The dimly lit passage separating the rooms in front seemed creepy. It looked gloomy during daytime and creepy in the dusk.
    As usual, Nimisha motioned me to sit on the carpet in front of her, with a slight movement of her chin and eyes. She was also in her pajamas and a loose T-shirt. With a hand gesture, she asked Avani to be next to her on the bed. Avani looked at me, with pride, as if sharing the position next to Nimisha was an achievement. Little did she understand that Nimisha was controlling her as well as me!! for me the place to sit was announcing 'ranks' alright, but the fact that Nimisha did not also need even a word to 'show Avani her place' as designated was more disturbing.
    I was looking at Nimisha. Avani also was quiet. There was an awkward pause, like you experience in a tense scene in a movie, before something gives in. Just the difference, it was my life, my mind and my body that was tampered with. The onus was on Nimisha to 'start the proceedings' so to say.
    "Ashwini, strip. turn around, on your knees." total degradation of a lifetime offered in a tiny little sentence that lasted no more than 5 seconds !! I knew, that was the least I could expect, now that I had 'earned' money in the most unexpected manner, while they were still paying hefty tuition fees.
    I complied, exposing my wire strung member, my glued 'breasts' . " Hmmm....push the earlier one in Ashwini". I had brought the lube with me, without saying. Afterall I knew I was not going to discuss , how the plugs were manufactured. I coated the plug and slowly pushed it in, wincing and twisting. Somehow, I felt odd. " So you know it, it is a bit loose, right?" and she was right. " Now that you have been stretched a bit 'wider' by the other one with suspended weights, you would discard this tiny willy for ever! Now you wont feel the fit. For the tight fit, it craves for a bigger one!! Ashwini your body is deceiving you very fast. " I began to tremble. Her words as usual were incisive. "Now the other one....................please" The pause was the time when I was lost in my thought cycle. The 'please' from the pervert was a command, nothing less. I repeated the process a bit reluctantly. Avani lifted herself off her feet and bent and pushed it a bit deeper rather rudely. I winced. I was doing it a bit tenderly, since my muscles were giving me the 'feedback'. This rude insertion was painful to say the least. Once 'willy' was out and 'billy' was in, Nimisha was quick to harness the wire through the holes and arrange the weights. I could feel 'billy' come to life as if the wicked sorceress had invoked it in the ugly billy with a mantra!!

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    Ashwini (Sunday, 11 January 2015 18:42)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 81

    "Good. Now be on your back, spread your legs apart, hands above your head." I was spread eagled. Nimisha moved off the bed and sat next to me. I could see Avani watching the proceedings with a childlike enthusiasm. Enjoying the unpredictability, like a spectator, enjoying a movie. Nimisha leant and ran her hands, over my breasts, watching my smooth skin, touching it. I shuddered with her touch. " shhhh...I am doing nothing ...just checking the condition of the breasts and the harness. There is hardly any hair growth, all over your body. I bet you have less body hair than Avani.....I would be glad to check!! Avani, wish to lie down naked next to Ashwini ?? Nimisha asked Avani suddenly. She was visibly jolted, like a spectator engrossed in an interesting scene gets shocked with a sudden tap on the shoulder!! She was supposed to be a partner in crime, not a victim.
    Surely Nimisha enjoyed the sudden assault on my twin and perhaps noticed a point that Avani, like me can be jolted. She can be 'broken' as well. " Just joking dear.....I know you are as beautiful. I am aware you look 'mostly' like her , barring a few 'exceptions' , tugging onto my harness, that kept my tiny member honest and caged. She had this amazing ability to command the situation. "Hmmm...I think , the pills we were giving Ashwini are working as well. Off course we would expect Sandra to tell us better...isnt it?" Avani nodded obediently. That was Avani for Nimisha, no more than Kantabai, but my foolish sister didnt understand it.
    I was told to be seated as usual, and wear my gown. I thanked my stars for that. The plug was in, the inspection was made, a visit to Sandra's was deemed necessary after 'inspection' .....nothing surprising.....I was thinking.....and did I not tell you sisters, that whenever I thought something, I went deeper in the chasm of indignity and humiliation!!
    "Ashwini, I have one more toy for you in mind.....dont say No........please.....lets celebrate your 'advertisement debut' !!" I turned around and looked at Nimisha, what she meant. I smelled something fishy. And I was shocked to see Nimisha holding a ball gag and blinds!! "Now that you are tired from your heavy earning days.....I......We...thought" pausing intentionally , with a 'we' adding Avani to her party, confusing Avani, "that you need rest....bad rest.......I mean .....need to rest badly" Every word measured, every pause potent, as threatening as the words.
    "So you would have a mouth gag on....offcourse you speak so little when permitted, yet we dont wish to hear even that much!! Also, We dont want you to see the activities around you. How can we forget, all though you are Ashwini........there is a little Ashwin left in, and although she is your sis.....Avani is a fine young lady in early twenties....and you are sharing a room!! So, these special blindfolds are a must, at least this night!! later on, we may...............hmmmm.....lets see"

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    Ashwini (Sunday, 11 January 2015 18:42)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 82
    My mind was rapidly running away, away from the place, away from the city, yet my body was paralyzed. This was the way I was conditioned in the last year or so. "Open your mouth" I heard a leaning Nimisha from behind.......I tried to look around, requesting her to stop.... my hair were yanked from behind with a ferocity, that I winced....... "!! Do you want Avani to stop your breathing, will it be then, that you would open your mouth??" she yelled. Her voice echoing a bit from the woodwork of the ceiling in the oldish room. I complied and opened my mouth, just to allow the ball to fit into my mouth, blocking my tongue. Nimisha stretched the rubber straps across, around my cheeks. was an intense grip, it had across my face. My tongue was trapped and mouth was shut. "Now Avani, you add the blindfolds across this Philly." I was indeed being made a pet, a philly.....I had seen the cart horses ridden across in my city, with such blindfolds, and my fate was making me wear something similar. Avani, it was.....who moved behind me......and placed them over my eyes....I felt the touch of a soft cloth cushion , yet I was in no mood to appreciate that. Avani also pulled its string around, tossing my false hair aside, making space to tie the clips and lock it in place....It was very tight, and I could really feel the light around me switch off, so rapidly!! The world around me vanished in a flash!!
    "mmmhhggg...plllsszagg" that was all I could react!! The loss of ability to see, to speak made me even more vulnerable. My senses, 'entry and exits' of the body were being blocked progressively, opening new doors of terror in my persona.
    "pssst........dont drench the lovely blindfold...dont cry...." I heard the mock support given by Nimisha. " Avani, take this 'thing' back to your room now. You sleep well now, with plug, gag and blindfolds on, till the morning. Once you wake up Avani, shake him up, and remove the gag and blindfold. If you are spotted removing either..." the last 'threat' was for me. I shook my head vigorously, convincing my tormentor, that I wont dare so...." If....I said...If.....and you better not....I would tie your hands and legs it?" I nodded.
    I was paraded back to the room, with some guidance from Avani. Off course the distance was very small, it seemed like eternity for me. I stumbled a few times. My major sense for the movement was lost. I dragged myself back.....sensed my bed with my eyes....and collapsed onto it......the rest I dont know....

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    hey friends..

    why no new messages and stories coming in here.. someone try to add new small stories... serials are ok.. but some times small stories with normal concepts will be a new change..

    in my blog i am going to start captions and videos.. soon.. wait and watch/.. enjoy alternate life.. suggestions are always welcome...

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    Uma (Monday, 12 January 2015 18:08)

    Ashwini, please describe about clothes he is made to wear and making him play with his duppatta by the two ladies.

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    Uma (Tuesday, 13 January 2015 09:36)

    Madharchod bhenchod ex-q-zit when will you put your story. What the fuck are you doing. Are you sucking your fathers dick or your own dick. Or are you squeezing your tits thinking that it is someones breast. Burkachoda continue your story. Burkabal.

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    Happy to inform all that i started writing stories at tgstorytime website. and my blog also going to be alive from today onwards.

    Hoping for all your support.


    "Bad words in a public forum shows How much bad the person himself "

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    anu (Thursday, 15 January 2015 12:42)

    Ashwini, please continue

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    Ashwini (Friday, 16 January 2015 05:30)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 83
    Next 2 days went just like that. I was gagged and blindfolded in the night post dinner. It was as if the world around me used to switch off, like a TV set going mute. I always had the thicker plug with the suspended weights in me, even when I was having lunch, that Kantabai used to bring upstairs. Food served with loads of 'news of the neighborhood' . I learnt from her about Navin calling Maaji, casually, asking about her health, informing about the editing taking place to my ad etc. " Ashwini, you have become a TV waali heroine!! I cant wait to see you...." she was beaming with happiness. I managed to smile a bit as well. When ever I moved, the plug reminded me of its groovy presence. I was getting worried, that I was getting used to it. My muscles were adjusting themselves, always accommodating the intruder, making it theirs.
    On Friday night, I heard about the special appointment taken at Sandra's on Saturday from Nimisha. She had dropped into our room, when I was gagged and blinded. I could sense her arrival, smell her freshner fragrance. She felt more menacing and unpredictable with me sensing her only through my ears and nostrils!!
    I was instructed to be ready at 9 in the morning, with the plug in me. I was to carry the plug away from our room for the first time. I had worn a sleeveless top and a knee length skirt. Avani was in jeans and a casual t-shirt, and Nimisha had worn a simple trousers and shirt.

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    Ashwini (Friday, 16 January 2015 05:31)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 84
    They had already told Maaji about taking me to a 'Doctor' for a 'treatment' . We had our own share of looks while we went from our lane towards the main road and hired a taxi. Nobody spoke much. I knew, both girls were keen to 'get me serviced' . They had been spending majority of their life together, so there was very little for them to talk about with each other...that too in public. My mouth was hurting a bit, with the inflated ball gag in my mouth during the night. With the day being a weekend, it didnt take much of the time to reach her place. As like our previous 'meetings' we were the only clients for the pre lunch slot. Sandra greeted us with a cheer...."Oh Ashwini, you have hardly changed, if there is a change, you have grown more beautiful." I could feel a streak of jealousy rush through Avani's eyes. Whenever, wherever, if my beauty was praised, it made her unhappy.
    Sandra ushered us in. Twisted the board from 'OPEN' to 'CLOSED' on the glass door of the 'Boutique' and walked behind us. Her clink of the heals audible. I was motioned to sit on the chair in front of the Dressing table mirror and the girls sat next to me on either side, with Sandra drawing another chair closer , sat at right angle to us. "So, Nimi, what brings you here? She...I mean Ashwini looks fine" " was a while we were here, and she was made to take the pills you gave regularly. We wished ...I mean , me and Avani want you to see if the 'things' we planted last time, are in place, need replacement etc. And Sandra, Ashwini is a rich girl now, so do not hesitate to suggest something superior, but costing more. "
    So...they were NOT the medicine given by a Doctor ?? it was from Sandra's ? what were they? Now I could realize why my thighs and hips seemed more padded and softer. Why my chest was tender. my waist was more shapely. Why my 'member' trapped in, was reducing......and most importantly WHY??? WHY ME??
    I was really questing my very being. How many more twists and turns were there in my life. From a plain life of a struggling youth seeking job in Bombay, my life was changing to that of an actress outside, and a stranded pet inside the house.

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    Shyamali (Sunday, 18 January 2015 01:26)

    Ritu...your story is promising to be an excellent one...please continue...

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    shriya (Sunday, 18 January 2015 01:39)

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    Ritu (Sunday, 18 January 2015 21:49)

    Dear MadamX, Teja, Radha and Shriya, Thanks sisters for your admiration and appreciation. I would soon be continuing with the current story and on popular demand continue with Rohan's story as well. Just give me a week or so to fulfill my existing engagements.

    luv @ Rits

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    coments plz

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    Comments anjali??? This is English page. Take your story back to Telugu comments. For most of us don't understand the regional language. Which is why separate section is there for different languages. Stick to them

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    I request Anjali if you translate in english of your stories that will good for all of us

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    boy to daughter in law continue

    oka three days aa mattter andaramu vadilesamu kani oka roju malli swapna ki phone chesadu malli problem vachindi ani swaona enti ani aduguthe vala parents niku pelli ayindi kada nuvu kodalini thesukoni intiki ra ika nuvu mathone undu chesina nirvakam chalu ma relatives lo ma paruvu motham tehsuavu ani chepparanta
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    appudu nenu manasulo hmm ritesh ki kuda manchi taste undi ani anukunnnau..

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    boy to daughter in law continue

    ok inka ninu reday cheyali female laga anjali thondaraga pada ani cheppi nanu vere room loki thesukoni vellaru na male dress malli vinpinchesi naku malli facil vesi na hair ki mehindi petti and kalalku and chti fingers ku nail polish vesaru red colour di
    ala oka one hour uncharu aa tharvatha nanu snanam cheyamanru vellteappudu naku sunnipindi inka pasupu ichi ika nunchu nuvu soap vadaku ne skin padipothundi ivai vadu ani cheppi na chetiki avi icharu inka nenu velli avi thsukoni velli snanam chesi vachanu na face atntha change ayindi yellow colour glow vachindi
    inka nanu malli valu reday cheasru first bra vesaru red colour di fully design di next vati ninda napikins pettaru atharvatha panty vesaru chala modreb di same red colour di aa tharvatha blouse and langa vesaru anni vesthu ela vesukovo nerpincharu oko item natho oka 20 times vesi thepincharu na thone so ala nanu bra ela vesukovalo nerchukunnanu a tharavtah saree kattakru aa tharvatha nanu saree nerchokamini cheppai nenu adi full ga nerchukune sariki oka 35 times ayindi corrcet ga kattukovadaniki aa tharvatha makeup vesaru lipstick pettaru and jada vesaru jada ninda flowers pettaru inka jwellary pettaru antha reday ayyaka na pics thesaru vala phones lo aa thravtha mighatha dresees ani thesi vari suitcase lo pettaru as uitcase na chetiki icharu idi ne luggage annaru appudu nenu ok ani aa suit case thesukunnau inka na kaliki sandals vesaru vesi nanu bytiki tehsukoni vellaru vele darilo ritesh vala family members gurunchi chepparu vala intlo pethanam motham vala mamma di inka kuthuridenanta vala dady silent em cheyaledu anta ani motham vala family history chepparu koncham duram vellaka
    ritesh car tho pattu oka bustop lo wait chestunadu memu akkada digamu ritesh nanu chusi u are too beutiful ani annaru nneu thanku ani cheppanu na voice kuda koncham high pitch lo matladanu dantho naadi lady voice laga marindi inka sare veldamu ani cheppi na luggae bag thesi athani car lo pettukunnadu inka naku edupu start ayyindi nenu ma frnds andarini pattukoni edusthunnau valu nanu odarusthu em parledu oka three days matrame ani cheppi vellipoyaru akkadi nunchi appatike time sayanthram ayyindi ritesh vala ouru akkadinunchi 50 kms away so athanu manamu snacks thini vladam ani cheppi hotel ki thesukoni velladu akkada lite ga snacks thinnamu aa tharvatha crlo bayaluderamu darilo athanu okate topic gurunchi matladuthunadu na andam gurunchi nuvu chala andanga ga unnavu ani antunadu nuvu asalu inth avraku kanipinchaledu niku swapana ela frnd and u donea great job asalu a ammyi ila pelli cehsukovadaniki oppukodu ani cheppi matladuthune unnadu inthalo valu illu vachindi
    adi oka palace la undi chal peddadi car agindi ritesh digadu nanu car digamanadu nneu bayapaduthu mellaga car diganu appdu luggage bytiki tehsadu naadi bag na chetilo petti athani bag athanu pattukoni ma ammatho jagratha thana chala harsh ani cheppi intlo ki velladaniki bayaluderamu ventane ma iddarini door mungale vala sister apindi enti annya nuvu luggage mosthuna ne wife ki emaindi thana chetilu pani cheyatleda ani gattiga thittindi ventane athanu aa bag thesi na ctehiki ichadu,........ aa thravtha vala mma harithi pallam tho vachindi ma munduku harithi tesi ma perlu adigindi nenu ventane na peru cheppanu thanu ala kadu nuvu me husband peru cehppalia nd ritesh nuvu me wife peru cheppali ani annaru ... ritesh mamulaga na peru cheppadu kani nneu cheppaleka pothunnanu na manasulo enti idi nenu abbayini malli naku husband enti anukuntuna inthalo malli athaya voice vinapandi enti alochisthunavu cheppu thondaraga chal panlu unnayi ani ane sariki nenu mellaga siggutho thala dinchukoni "" rietsh nenu kalisi vachamu ani chepanu"" aa tharvatha nanu kudi kalu petti lopaliki randi ani ma athya anadam tho memu lopaliki vellamu tharavtha ritesh nanu athani gadiki sorry ma gadiki thesukoni velladu appatike late night ayindi so silent ga padukunamu nenu alage sofa lo padukunnau rietsh bed mida padukunnadu.................

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    maya (Wednesday, 21 January 2015 00:50)

    ashwini please continue your story you are the best writer here.. plz..plz plzz continue

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    laila (Wednesday, 21 January 2015 13:07)

    This an episode from Hindu Mythology.
    Even seeing this video feels more feminine and how they enjoy the feminine feel.
    Most useful video for people who are married and need to crossdress with your wife's will.One awesome fantasy video.Enjoy.Happy Crossdressing

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    Ashwini (Wednesday, 21 January 2015 18:09)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 85
    Nimisha instructed me to strip. I hesitated a bit and complied. My mind was still getting into grips with the fact that I was being given 'medicines' to enhance my feminine assets. In a way, with every gulp of a pill, I was slowly dissolving my male self into oblivion and these were danger signs.
    I removed my sleeveless top, removing the hooks and slowly drew the skirt down. I kept them tidily on an adjacent vacant chair. I was in the bra and panty. "C'mon gal, do I have to tell you everything?? Strip, means not in a bra and panty.......what made you stop halfway?? " Nimisha's voice reached a higher octave. "Shhh....Ashwini is following you dear....please give her some time. Dont rush her up!!" strangely Sandra came to my rescue. I did not expect an iota of help from my twin of course. I unclasped my bra and exposed my adhesive glued breasts. I also slid the padded panty down. Obediently bending, I picked it up and kept the pair of inner wear items next to the skirt and top .
    I knew when I had bent, my plug was visible for all of them to see and enjoy. " Look at the 'value addition' we have done on her rear end" Nimisha exclaimed proudly, as if sharing an achievement with a pal. Avani couldn't suppress her giggle as well. " Hmm, its nice and creative. I recommend her muscles to adjust to this a bit more, since pushing her further wont be good physically and mentally. " Sandra was making a lot...lot of sense for me. She was somehow assisting me. At least I had began to treat her as a softcore member, compared to the hardcore duo. Nimisha nodded. " Yes......all I can say I have bigger and better plans for Ashwini on the rear end. Yes, I would go slowly on that front." " Not the front Nimi...on that behind..." Avani passed a ghastly PJ at my expense. Neither Nimisha nor Sandra even bothered to react.
    Sandra had her gaze fixed on my 'front end' so to say! She wore gloves and put a mask on her nose, like the dentists do, and observed it from very close proximity. She ran her hand over the flexible , thin cable that held the 'cup' holding my tiny lil prick in place.
    She also ran her hands over my breasts. Although since they were 'external' to me, I didnt feel the touch, but still shivered and was a bit tense as she moved her hands over , from the shoulder side, descending along my torso. It was as if somebody was to climb a hill from one side and descend along the opposite. In a way Sandra was the only one other than me who handled them. She observed the 'joint' between my natural flesh and the artificial material carefully.

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    Ashwini (Wednesday, 21 January 2015 18:10)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 86
    Sandra was an expert. She diagnosed me the way a doc does. I recalled Nimisha revealing me her job profile, her beauty parlor clientele spanning from top heroines of the silver screen, to 'past their prime' ex divas, to leading superstars and character artists. Leading industry tycoons, TV personalities, Page Three celebs name them. All wanted to look better than what they were yesterday, enhance their looks, defeat mother nature's efforts to 'age' them.
    Sandra maintained absolute secrecy and confidentiality. She and her 'products' were reliable. She also had a network that included a psychologist, a dermatologist, a gynec, an orthodontist, trichologists......each one a big shot, able to keep their mouth shut thanks to the bundles of notes stuffed in for doing so .
    Her reputation, her scientific approach of 'inspection' strangely calmed my nerves. She seemed rather mature and 'motherly' in a way today.
    "Hmmm....we should .... I mean we need to replace both the breast forms as well as the harness" pointing her painted nail towards the crafted piece of equipment that had made me sit rather than aim, during my bio-breaks. "Oh, sure go ahead. I do not wish to have any hygiene related issues here. Sandra, you are the best cauz you do not recommend shortcuts. You always offer quality. " The middle aged catholic lady smiled with Nimisha's words. Praise always brings pleasure!!
    "Look Nimisha this is a time consuming work. We were planning an Inspection visit. Now it has become a 'Replacement visit'. So....." "Dont worry about money Sandra" Nimisha cut Sandra's sentence in half. I could note that this didnt go well with Sandra. Sisters, we all feel unhappy and a bit irritated when our sentence is cut short, when we are making a point. And Sandra was rich...ample rich.... this rough manner in which money matters were drawn in offcourse did upset Sandra " Did I not tell you Ashwini has a good sum to spend now, and she can earn more!! and I want you to increase the medication.......our graduation date is nearing and we wish to celebrate it with Avani's 'true sister' "

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    Ashwini (Wednesday, 21 January 2015 18:10)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 87
    I was shaking a bit, distinctly tense. This place was slowly turning from a parlor to a pet clinic, where the pet is to be ignored and the treatment is to be discussed by the pet owner and the veterinary doctor. I needed to seek help, think, act intelligently and somehow avoid this from happening. I was slowly 'shaping' up into Ashwini for sure. I had to tap Avani, I had to take the risk, else I was to be doomed.
    The ray of hope this time, at this instant was Sandra. Yes, she seemed a bit 'manipulable' at the moment. I was like a kitten trapped in a corner, with an enemy approaching fast. My only possible escape was to fight , avoid the inevitable if I could. My mind was racing, while 'I' was discussed. Nimisha aggressive, mean and demanding , I felt crossing her line today, entering into the 'not so good' people list of Sandra. I knew she must have had many such experiences. Avani was keenly listening to the interaction. She was anyways made a passive 'Barbie' by Nimisha and indeed like a doll without brains, Avani was dumbly following her.
    I picked up my purse and excused myself for the toilet. The harness was still 'on' , so the girls hardly noticed me leaving when I had indexed my finger towards the rest room. I went in and took out my lipstick and pulled out some toilet paper from the roll. I was excited, I was going to break take my chances....else ......Ashwin was going to vanish in the barrage of female hormones injected in me and the subtle changes enforced by the pills were showing visible signs on me.
    I tore the toilet paper and made 4 small approx one inch by one inch chits and looking at the mirror, using the lipstick drew image of H, followed by inverted E on the next chit....followed by inverted L and finally as you would have guessed, wrote an 'ulta waala P' . My heart was thumping. I could hear my heart beats in my ears. I had to ....had to try this....

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    Ashwini (Wednesday, 21 January 2015 18:11)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 88
    I flushed the tank pretend the conclusion of the pseudo task. I quietly sat on the parlor chair. I arranged a hand mirror nearby and very very casually took out one chit at a time, as if I was playing with some nothing-like paper ,and arranged the chits. I focused the mirror towards Sandra's face. All pretending to be 'just trivial nothing activities'......inside, I was enjoying the strange excitement of doing some chivalry....outside I was calm....atleast showing so. I was desperate to make an eye contact with Sandra through the mirror. I had fixed my gaze, without even blinking my eyelids and somehow.....yes...somehow she glanced at the mirror, just at random, while she was doing the small talk with Nimi. Nimi --the kameeni.....I cursed her.... I motioned with my eyes towards the space in front of the mirror, positioned the mirror to read H...E...L...P on the 4 assorted chits. I could sense Sandra pause.....pause significantly. I was sure she had read the combo letters.
    What was going to be her response? What if she explodes in anger, and three of them ruin me....debase me more?
    "Nimi, lets discuss this over coffee...should we?" I exhaled, atleast there was no spontaneous outrage. "Avani why dont you visit the coffee shop next door. My phone is not charged......" Nimisha turned around, and motioned Avani to do so. Her each action of announcing who was the boss. Avani was just not sensing it, or was also equally 'loyal' to her benefactor. While this was happening, Sandra turned around and drew a 'smiley' face and 'showed' me through the mirror, making me smile with lips wider than that of the smiley!!

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    priyakna (Thursday, 22 January 2015 11:54)

    Dear ashwini plz stop your story hostess..its being irritating now..giv others chance. .to lenghty stories are useless

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    Ashwini (Sunday, 25 January 2015 19:27)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 89
    I really couldnt believe what I saw. It was a real pleasant surprise for me. I looked at Sandra instinctively. She made a quick eye contact comforting me. "So, who is going to support these replacements? Nimi, you or Ashwini?" Sandra asked as if this question was deciding the course of action of my 'treatment'. "Well, did I not tell you? Ashwini has been earning off late....So she is gonna support her own changes." Sandra nodded knowingly. " There will be some time, till the new device comes. An hour or so. So how do you wish to spend the time?" Sandra asked them. Avani looked at her watch with exasperation. Exchanging irritating glances with Nimisha, who was equally upset, hearing this, unsure how to spend the time.
    After a pause in between, Nimisha said " We would go out to the market around and do some shopping for our course completion ceremony. There is going to be a formal activity as well as an evening bash. And we means two of us...Ashwini stays here." She did not even bother seeking consent from Avani. I was pleased to hear this. An idle time, away from the pair, with my surprise benefactor !! wow my fortune was changing for the better perhaps. I didnt know what to do, but I felt happiness in the heart. "Listen babe, you better behave. If we hear anything otherwise from Sandra, you are doomed. " Nimisha hissed. After refreshing themselves, they left. I breathed deeper and smiled sheepishly at Sandra.
    " So Ashwini, whats up? feeling the 'freedom'? " Sandra quipped sportingly. "And yes...feel free to speak. " I paused looking at the middle aged lady. I cleared my choked throat, and was about to ask " And yes, you are going to ask why do I help you and how, right?" I simply nodded. " Well dearie, there are two reasons for that. One - a professional one. You are going to pay for the further procedures. " I was listening intently. " And the other......more personal one......I could see the pain, a clear congestion of thoughts in your eyes. Nimi, I know since last few years. She has been coming here for her own beauty treatments, since she was a teenager. I could see her aggression, her anger about her brother, that she used to express from time to time. She is a very possessive and complex girl. And, your sister...I am sorry to say , is very selfish one. She is very shortsighted.

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    Ashwini (Sunday, 25 January 2015 19:28)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 90
    I would be glad to enhance and beautify those who wish to do so willingly. Not so in your case."
    I was indeed happy to hear these kind words from her. She had really answered all my obvious questions.
    " Do I run away from here itself? Whatever happens to Avani, so be it. Let Nimisha trouble her. With a bit of re-styling and support could Sandra make me a passable boy again? " Another wave of questions started flooding my mind.
    "Thank you Sandra" was all I could speak. "Do you think you can help me rescue the situation? can I recover?" I was almost pleading with her. Sandra paused. " Well.....Its not going to be that easy. Just as the drug induced changes so far were slow, reversing them will be slower also. But lets see"
    She brought another set of medicines and packed them. "This is what I would give Nimisha and Avani as the strong dosage for you. Actually these would help you revert the developments. Even I would be eager to see the way it works. So we need to go slow. And another thing. The breast implant and harness does need to change." I nodded.
    We talked small petty things in the remaining time. I was so damn happy, being able to talk, and get some relief.

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    my family members turn me as a women part:1
    hi my name is tulasi ram my age is 38 years i have wife she's name is padma and i have son he's name is vamsi and i have daughter- in-law she's name is latha my son marriage is love marriage first i am not agree to marry to latha because she's family is very poor me my family is very one of top rich family in my city that's why in that time my son attempt to suicide after i agree to marry to latha but i am not like to latha i am doing 10 different types of business my main business is real estate buying and selling plot's&buildings every year my birth day celebrating very rich in that day i called all my family members and all my workers and giving bonus to my workers and giving gold ring to
    my family members i celebrate my birth day like this this year also celebrating my birth day compare to more because i am going to 40th year this year also
    i called all family members and workers they seeing me and telling sir you really looking still young compare to your son like this all giving complements to me this year i am going 50% bonus to my workers and each my family members i am giving a car to us like this i celebrating my birth day all are giving good complements to me birth day celebrating is over next day my business is down fall i am not getting any profits in my business i don't no why i am getting loss in my business all business going to loss like this position is going to minimum 3 months i am coming to the road like this my business going down my son seeing a construction business this filed also we not getting any orders and some company asking to cancel orders also i don't to why they are thinking like this my company share value also coming down 100 rs to 45 rs like
    this in that time my wife suggest please you must called one pundit and ask to him my son and my doughtier-in-law also suggest to me i agree next day i called one famous pundit in my city his name is shanmukha sasthry he is very brilliant and famous in astrology he came to my house i welcomed him and all my family members taken blessing to him after my wife given my jodic to pundit he seen my jodic after he ask all my family members jodics in that time i ask why pundit your asking all my family jodics tulasi ram you must do what i am say not ask any question to me in that time padma went to pooja room she take all jodic and given to pundit he taken and seen a my family members jodic also after he ask tulasi ram last month you purchase one old building wright yes pundit your telling is correct i purchase one old building but i am bis mental that building in that place i am construction a new building in that place why you asking to pundit tulasi ram you not ask any question to me i agree to pundit after pundit called me and asking tulasi ram in that place on small temple also their what about that when pundit asking about the temple i shocked because how pundit no this i thinking in my mind in that time once again pundit asking me in that time i told yes pundit your telling is correct one small temple is their but that temple is not their in that place i am only told remove that temple because when temple is their we are not getting to construction to new building that's why i told remove that and constrict the new building in that place why pundit asking this tulasi ram do you no which god in that removing temple i am don't no pundit ji ok listen tulasi ram in that temple is very famous but the temple is very small that's why people doesn't no about that temple int that temple is goddess laxmi devi temple that's why goddess laxmi devi is angry with fire to your family and business when listen this all my family members shocked.
    please give me to comments after i write next parts.

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    i stood there in disbeleif........i had already started to feel the pain in my toes due to the ears felt a bit stretched and pained due to the hole in it now........and the weight of the saree was not helping me move..........everything felt heavy......the makeup had done the magic.........thin eyebrows now, red lips, matched eye-lids, the longer eye lashes hands with no hair on it, the mehendi gave them a new look, bangles many of those restricting the neck had the added beauty due to the necklace which was long enough to cover my shapely breasts.....and the pallu of the saree exposing a tummy was flat......the pleats of the saree hided the true identity....the heels gave me a new stance.....and to add to the beauty weere the long hair....curled....falling on my face...........

    hey!!!! you look beautiful.....common no one's gonna know it is you...........!!!!!!!!

    i was tensed......sweating....i took a tissue from my handbag and wiped it was......i sat there on the chair by taking all precautions to not spoil the grace of the saree...........i looked into the was me....but different.......

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    this youtube video is private how to view that

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    Ritu...where are you?...Please complete your story.
    Ashwini....please stop your boring story.

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    Ritu & Latha...we are waiting for your stories.Ashwini, please stop your story. Rather, try a new story.

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    my family members turn me as a women part:2
    when pundit ji told all are shocked in that time padma went to pundit ji and asking please tell me how to get back my business with profits please tell me pundit ji wait padma i must tell to you first i asking questions to your husband in that time pundit ji called me i went to near and he seeing and ask tulasiram who is the owner of you business and that temple place owner pundit ji i am the soul owner of all my property after my retirement my son take care of my business what happen pundit ji why you asking this question tulasiram because who is the owner of the property all profits and loss get his only this right or wrong tell me tulasiram yes pundit ji your telling is correct in this case also you are the you only phase all problems tulasi ram you listening my words yes pundit ji i am listing your business bring back with a profits only one solution is their please tell me pundit ji wait padma this not essay solution this solution is very difficult to doing i take any difficult please tell me the solution pundit ji OK tulasi ram listen now you must pray the goddess laxmi devi in women attire when listen this once again all my family members shocked i am not agree to this you telling all lies for a money i shouted to pundit ji he angry with me and told i am not telling any lies i don't want any money i am telling truth after he went out in that all my families came near me and they telling some thing to me but i am angry they also went to her rooms i am thinking abut that after i am also went to my room all sleeping in that time i got call but i am not lift that because of i thinking how to get back company profits like this in this time my son came to my room he called me i went and ask him what happen sandeep why you calling me in this time dad another problem we are getting what are telling tell me clearly dad now i got call from London company last month they promise to giving contract of 300 Cr but now they are not interested to give the contract to our company now they told to me after they put phone in that time my wife came an listen all and she is crying i seen him and shouting padma why you are crying ram please listen pundit ji solution other wise laxmi devi more angry with our family please listen pundit words ram when listen this i am so angry i shouted to padma and first time i beaten padma also my son seen this he shouted me and went to his room after i am cool i went to padma and told please listen padma how it possible how i acted as female i am a man not a women how it possible you only think i told to padma but she not listen my words she still crying after i wen to sleep mode she also went deep sleep morning padma called me with big voice i shouted him why you calling with big sound what happed ram you come to hall i went to hall in that all my office workers came to my house i asked what happen why you are all came to my house ram sir morning our factory is fire all furniture and all items burn
    with a fire when listen this i shocked and i told no problem we have a insurance to factory and workers also in that time accountant told sorry sir this month we are not paid insurance premium that's why we not get any coverage from insurance when listen this all are shocked.
    please give comments after i write next parts.

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    latha (Wednesday, 28 January 2015 10:36)

    my family members turn me as women part:3
    in that time i shouted to accountant after they are all wen to their places in that time padma came to near and told please do what is the pundit told other wise we must came with in a one month to the road in that time my son also told all my family members forced me after i agree to do the laxmi devi pooja i call pundit ji but he told no i am not come to your house you only come to my house pundit ji told to me i am shocked for listen this after we are wen to pundit ji house in that time he is alone and prying to god he welcomed but he seeing me with angry face i went to near him and i pray to pundit ji and sys sorry to him he listen and smiled and told it's OK ram now you agree to pooja of goddess laxmidevi yes pundit ji i agree to do pooja when i saying this to pundit ji with in a minute i got call from London company they told ram sir my company ready to give a order to your company you must come tomorrow we arranged meeting with my company CEO told to me after cut the phone in that time sandep asking what happen dad why you so happy sandep now i got call from London company they ready to give 300 cr order to our company when listen this pundit ji told see ram now you agree to do pooja that's why laxmi devi given order to you yes pundit now i agree with you please tell me pundit ji how i do pooja with female getup how it possible it's possible you agree or not tell me first yes i agree tell me how its possible ram listen i give one medicine to you you use 7 days after you call me i came to your room and told how to do pooja start tom marrow pundit ji given some red colour bottle to padma she taken that in that time pundit told padma listen you must give this medicine daily 2 time to ram morning and night time till 7 days ok padma taken that and told yes pundit i must give to him all are taken blessing and we went out in that time pundit ji called all we went in and asking what happen pundit ji why you calling listen in 7 days you not going out any where you must staying in the house only when
    listen this all are shocked.

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    Lakshmipriya (Wednesday, 28 January 2015 22:39)

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    my family members turn me as women part-4,
    when pundit ji told all are shocked and i went to near him and asking how it possible pundit ji when i am not went all orders are canceled how get back that because my son is not perfect still he is learning that's why i am asking no problem ram you must listen my words all are seeing laxmi devi you go and stay in the house in that time padma came and told ram stop arguing with pundit ji he no every thing do what he told after i agree and went to my house i told sandeep you to London and talking with CEO you have any doubts you call to me he agree and he arranged all his dress and morning went to London first time my son went alone to other place i thinking like this in that time padma came and given pundit ji given medicine to me first time i taken this is very difficult to taste is but i taken that daily 2 time taken 2 days completed but i am not get any changes i am get more boring because i am staying in the house that's why 3 day when i wake up my hair grow up to my shoulders i went to near mirror shocked for seeing in that time i called padma she came and seeing me and ask what happen why you calling me i told padma see my hair growing up to my shoulder what happening to me ram nothing happen to you not think like this she told me and given medicine to me i taken that after she told ram you go and fresh up and come i went bathroom i remove all my cloths i shocked to seeing my body because my body hair is not visible clear my body looking like a female body i quickly complete bathing i went out i wearing my dress after i wen to padma and told padma see my body not have single hair also why these are going me nothing tulasi ram these changes are common why you are taking serious you take it essay in that time latha came and she seeing me and she little bit laughing i seen him i more irritated with she's smile after i complete breakfast and went to my room i seeing my body in the mirror my eyes filled with tears what happing to me i think like this i went to deep sleep 8:00pm padma came room she called me i wakeup i asked what happen why you calling me ram now time is 8:00pm dinner time you come to hall i told no padma i am not interested to eat please leave me she asked several times but i am not like to eat food she also agree and told ok ram as you wish but now you take at least medicine i wakeup and take medicine after i when to deep sleep 4 th day i wake up first i went to mirror i checked my body now today my hair growing more compare to ye sturdy now my hair grow up to my back side and my hips also big compare to normal and my skin also turn so soft like a real female skin i seeing me in the mirror i cried a lot what happening to in that time padma came seeing me and told tulasi ram why you crying like this padma see today my hair grow up to my back side and my hips growing now my hips looking like female hips and my skin also so soft compare to normal man that's why i crying she listen all and told you must not think like this otherwise all questions coming like this she not listen my words she is take it essay after she given bed coffee to me and she given medicine in that time i told no padma i am not interest to take this medicine please leave me alone i prayed him but she not listen she forced me and she given medicine to me i agree to take because she shouting me that's why i taken but i shay to going out like this i told padma you only come with food i eat hear only i am not coming out i told to padma she agree and went after i went to bathroom first i touch my hips when i touch i getting a strange feeling i shocked for seeing this.
    please give comments after i write next parts.

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    latha (Thursday, 29 January 2015 09:56)

    my family members turn me as women part:5
    when is seen my hips i shocked after i touch my skin my skin also soft like how real women skin soft now my skin also soft after i touch my hair my hair also so soft and too silky like real women hair i think how my life going like this after i complete bath i try to we are my dress my my dress is little bit loose to me i wearing pant with a help of belt after padma came and seeing me and told why you not combed your hair she asked me i told i don't no how to combed big hair that's why i am not interested to combed my hair it's ok ram i helping you she came near to me she taken my hair in that she told ram you hair his so long and more silky compare to my hair when listen this i shock why she talking like this she combed several time after she fixed my hair with the help of hair band after she told tulasi ram i complete combed your hair go and see how its looking i went to near mirror i shocked because she cobbed my hair free and after she fixed ladies hair band to my hair now my hair really looking like real women hair i shouted to pdma she told why you shouting me why you playing with my hair tulasi ram i am not playing with your hair why you combed my hair like this tulasi ram listen your hair growing more that's why i combed like this why
    you think like that after she went i cried seeing me in the mirror after i sleep ed night time padma came to the room she called me i wakeup and ask what happen i came with a food please eat this i agree and eaten after she given medicine to i taken that after both are went to deep sleep 5th day when wake up my pant fallen down i seeing why my pant fallen down i went near mirror i seen and i shocked because my novel turning more slim like women after seen my face glowing and so soft like a real women now any one seen me they think i am women not a man now i looking like this in that time i called padma with big voice she ran and came to my room and ask what happen why you calling with
    big voice she seeing me she also shocked and told tulasi what happening our novel so slim and your face also glowing now you really looking much beautiful compare to me in that time she called latha she came and she seeing me she also appreciate ankle you really looking much beautiful compare to me and aunt y now you really looking like cinema heroine when listen this i shouted why you are playing with me go and do your job i shouted latha and pandma they given smile to me and they went out after i closed door i wen to bathroom i remove all my cloths i checked my body top to bottom my novel turn slim and my hips growing more and my face and by body so soft and glowing in that time i seen my private part means penis now my penis turn like small like children after i touch my chest i feel something in that time i observed my chest my flat chest place i getting little bit rounding on my chest looking like small teenage girl Brest i shocked seeing this after i complete bath i went to wearing my dress but they are to loose to me when i fixed belt that also falling down in that time padma came and seeing me and told wait tulasi rami i given suitable dress to you now she searched in she's cupboard and she given one normal black pant and black t-shirt she given to i seen this and i ask padma these are all women dress how i wear this please tulasi ram first you try it she told me i agree and taken to try t-shirt this is good fitting to me but chest side little bit loose i am not understand why loose is on chest side after i wear pant this is also good fitted to me same size but little bit tight on my knees i completed wearing this after padma seeing me and told in this dress you really looking hot beautiful after she went i wen to near mirror i seen i shocked because in this dress i really looking like real women that's why after padma came and given medicine to me when i taken that i went to deep sleeping day 5th is over.
    please give comments after i write next parts.

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    when is seen my hips i shocked after i touch my skin my skin also soft like how real women skin soft now my skin also soft after i touch my hair my hair also so soft and too silky like real women hair i think how my life going like this after i complete bath i try to we are my dress my my dress is little bit loose to me i wearing pant with a help of belt after padma came and seeing me and told why you not combed your hair she asked me i told i don't no how to combed big hair that's why i am not interested to combed my hair it's ok ram i helping you she came near to me she taken my hair in that she told ram you hair his so long and more silky compare to my hair when listen this i shock why she talking like this she combed several time after she fixed my hair with the help of hair band after she told tulasi ram i complete combed your hair go and see how its looking i went to near mirror i shocked because she cobbed my hair free and after she fixed ladies hair band to my hair now my hair really looking like real women hair i shouted to pdma she told why you shouting me why you playing with my hair tulasi ram i am not playing with your hair why you combed my hair like this tulasi ram listen your hair growing more that's why i combed like this why
    you think like that after she went i cried seeing me in the mirror after i sleep ed night time padma came to the room she called me i wakeup and ask what happen i came with a food please eat this i agree and eaten after she given medicine to i taken that after both are went to deep sleep 5th day when wake up my pant fallen down i seeing why my pant fallen down i went near mirror i seen and i shocked because my novel turning more slim like women after seen my face glowing and so soft like a real women now any one seen me they think i am women not a man now i looking like this in that time i called padma with big voice she ran and came to my room and ask what happen why you calling with
    big voice she seeing me she also shocked and told tulasi what happening our novel so slim and your face also glowing now you really looking much beautiful compare to me in that time she called latha she came and she seeing me she also appreciate ankle you really looking much beautiful compare to me and aunt y now you really looking like cinema heroine when listen this i shouted why you are playing with me go and do your job i shouted latha and pandma they given smile to me and they went out after i closed door i wen to bathroom i remove all my cloths i checked my body top to bottom my novel turn slim and my hips growing more and my face and by body so soft and glowing in that time i seen my private part means penis now my penis turn like small like children after i touch my chest i feel something in that time i observed my chest my flat chest place i getting little bit rounding on my chest looking like small teenage girl Brest i shocked seeing this after i complete bath i went to wearing my dress but they are to loose to me when i fixed belt that also falling down in that time padma came and seeing me and told wait tulasi rami i given suitable dress to you now she searched in she's cupboard and she given one normal black pant and black t-shirt she given to i seen this and i ask padma these are all women dress how i wear this please tulasi ram first you try it she told me i agree and taken to try t-shirt this is good fitting to me but chest side little bit loose i am not understand why loose is on chest side after i wear pant this is also good fitted to me same size but little bit tight on my knees i completed wearing this after padma seeing me and told in this dress you really looking hot beautiful after she went i wen to near mirror i seen i shocked because in this dress i really looking like real women that's why after padma came and given medicine to me when i taken that i went to deep sleeping day 5th is over.
    please give comments after i write next parts.

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    Latha do you know english. Do you know,we have to use full stop in english. We have to use symbols like these, .!? In english. If you don't know english why the fuck do you use it. You motherfucker. You illerate whore. Cocksuker please stop writting stories in english. And fuck off

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    I knw..latha do mistakes in writing english..but hav u ever gave a thought why ahe is taking efforts in writing it for free and posting here..because she love to share her thought and live fem side through her one is perfect here..what makes us perfevt is continos efforts and trying.hard..thats what latha one has right to talk like that to anyone...its open platform..if u have anything to share do share..we will appreciate it...if u dont like dont read..but discouraging someone is bad..

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    Exactly. At least she is writing stories. What are you doing Mr. Grammar nazi?

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    may be britishers raped your woman and left u here... losers
    English is not her language so doesn't matter if she write it correctly or full of grammatical mistakes.. knowing English doesn't mean u become educated because u r retarded who needs to learn some manners.

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    Ashwini (Friday, 30 January 2015 22:25)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 91
    After about an hour and so, Nimisha and Avani returned with a few bags in their hands. " Looks like you gals enjoyed yourself." Sandra quipped." Huh....yeah....We did shop a few things. Some bracelets, perfumes, some ear rings and a nice office wear dress for us both. We are still left with something more for the evening wear. But that can be done, next weekend. The farewell is about 10 days away." Nimisha said" And how did Ashwini do? did she behave nicely? or do we have to punish her with a bigger one?"
    " No, she has been fine. You have trained her so well. She didnt even utter a single word while you were out. I wondered if she is indeed a natural mute or what!! I pinched her at times, to hear her wince and exclaim 'ouch' to confirm she is not a mute"
    I was very happy to hear that. Sandra was indeed an aide for me. By then two sealed packets were delivered to her boutique.
    Sandra opened the first one. It contained an identical harness, cup and the lock n key arrangement like the one I had on me. Nimisha took out the key to that harness from her purse, upon request by Sandra and handed it over to me. " Go in the wash room, remove the one you have on and cleanse yourself fully. Then wear this one, leaving us only with the job of locking it in place" Sandra told me. " Yes baby, these are some precious moments when your 'tiny tony' gets to breathe fresh air directly. You may as well enjoy stand and your old self used to do earlier. That luxury is going to vanish soon" Nimisha was real cold and cruel.
    I tried to comprehend the real meaning of the words - 'the luxury is going to vanish soon' while I disengaged the old harness and threw it in the dust bin. I used the warm towels soaked in a medicated cleanser to clean my privates. It really felt fresh and soothening. Was...was she going to shrink me further? make it real useless? The hormone feeds already had an effect on it, as i could see. Was she planning to make it almost non existent and ultimately lead me.....rather force me to a removal surgery? I had to act ..and act quick for the escape.
    Luckily Sandra was willing to help me. Somehow, anyhow I needed to reverse the spell.

  • #338

    Ashwini (Friday, 30 January 2015 22:25)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 92
    "Come out Ashwini, we are not gonna be here for the whole day" Avani banged on the wash room door. I did as much I could do with the harness and came out to the main room.
    I was asked to lean into the compromising 'doggy' position, helping the gloved hands of Sandra to do the necessary adjustments. "Like earlier, Avani, you do the honors baby" Nimisha announced like RJ and my mesmerized twin sister locked my chastity device in a ceremonial manner.
    Then, I was made to lie on my back and Sandra applied some nice smelling spirit type alcohol based solvent to remove the 'breasts' off my chest. It took a while for the solvent to reverse the effects of the glue that had adhered and blended the real looking breasts.
    I breathed hard instinctively. The lightness on my chest seemed odd, indeed. My body had adjusted itself so much. It seemed odd, but true, tiny little mounds were indeed developing on my chest. Sandra again carefully cleaned the chest, my areole and cleansed me.
    With me enjoying only a few minutes of my 'male chest' I was again made to wear the soft spongy feminine assets, glued back in place.
    I quickly wore my undergarments. I was given a new panty, unlike the padded one, since we all sensed that my hips had grown a bit fuller and rounder. I put on the dress, and we were ready to go back to the 'home'.
    Sandra took out a pouch containing some pills and handed it over to Nimisha. "Now Ashwini knows her 'Ashwin' days are almost numbered, I would like you to give a more stronger set of pills as prescribed by our doctor attached to our boutique. This would accelerate the process, even more. She would feel a bit of nausea, some tasteless feeling, but that she has to endure....." I could see that Nimisha was way happy. "Wont you endure it Ashwini? You must take these pills and NOT the old ones" Sandra asked me, gazing straight in my if sending a message by telepathy.
    We came back with me in a cleaner body and with a fresher mind. Avani and especially Nimisha were happy that they had pushed me deeper into feminine world, whilst I was happy to have taken a step in the reverse direction.

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    Rathi (Saturday, 31 January 2015 01:37)

    Ashwini, don't make him a boy again please.. Let him be a girl.. Make him an air hostess too..

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    Ashwini (Saturday, 31 January 2015 14:49)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 93
    We came home, greeted by Kantabai at the doorsteps. "Ashwini didi you are looking fresh after your visit to the doctor. I have another news that would make you happier!!" I looked inquisitively at her. " Navin saab is going to come in the evening to show us the cinema that you did" The genuine happiness of the maid, unmistakable. "Silly, it was not a cinema, it was an advertisement that you see within the commercial breaks." Avani taunted the primary educated, almost illiterate Kantabai. " Yes, the shooting was over in two days" Nimisha added " And the ad would be seen for less than 2 minutes" Avani - completing the punch line. The two wicked girls laughed, making Kantabai distinctly unhappy. Off course as a maid she knew her limits, so she didnt counter argue with her younger Maalkin. Her expressions though had swung from happiness to bitterness within a minute.
    We went upstairs, Avani dropped the shopping bags and plunged into her bed. It was past 1 pm. We were both hungry and yet happy for different reasons. She was happy that replacement at Sandra's meant my further degradation and I was happy that in Sandra, I had found a surprise friend. I had dared urging her to help and that plea had gone unnoticed. I was also fortunate that they went shopping , giving me precious time to speak my mind out to the caring Christian lady.
    The information about their farewell ceremony had also triggered some thoughts in my mind. Thoughts about our a more selfish way future. There was nothing that I could think as 'our' now when it came to me and my twin.
    When Kantabai brought our lunch, we jumped onto it. Kantabai smiled at me softly, handing me over the meals. I could sense that she was doing it reluctantly to Avani, fresh from the instant a few inutes ago and I was not blaming her for that. When we started our siesta post lunch, I could sense Avani drift into the cozy realms of sleep. I had to expand the trails of the thoughts....what next, how do I go about it? tossing from side to side, looking at the decorated wooden ceiling of the room, all postures tried. I could neither develop a strategy nor get some sleep. It was as if, I knew it was high time to find an answer and I was getting none, making me even more restless.

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    Ashwini (Saturday, 31 January 2015 14:50)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 94
    When the shadows lengthened, Kantabai once again knocked and entered, carrying cups of tea, awakening Avani, who muttered something under her breath, for sure cursing Kantabai, who conveniently ignored her. "didi, Navin saab would come in about 30-40 minutes from now. Please get ready. Even if Avani didi doesnt come, its fine, but you must be there in time. My heroine......" the compassionate lady ran her fingers across my cheeks lovingly, whispering the words in my ear. I smiled at her, nodding affirmatively. I was about to move to the bathroom to refresh myself after the groggy afternoon, when Kantabai turned back....and yes, Maaji has requested you to wear a nice Sari." Ohh...that was not good. Wearing the other dresses was easy and natural, but Sari, it needed some skill, which I was lacking. " Come downstairs after you refresh, I will help"
    How did these extreme people kind to the core and cruel to the extreme coexist under the same roof, I wondered. After the cup of tea, I selected a black and gold Chiffon sari. It was not very coarse nor very shiny. It served the need to be a perfect evening I thought. I picked up the matching golden and black short sleeve round neck blouse, a black petticoat and went downstairs. I had also picked up the lovely anklets from the vanity. I glanced at the clock, it was nearing 5.30, Navin was to arrive in about 25 minutes.
    I went to the living room, where Kantabai was busy adjusting the neatly placed items, a little bit. She ushered me into the guest room, next to Maaji's room. My eyes searched for the glimpse of the kind landlady. "Oh, maaji is having her evening tea, she would see you when Navin saab comes. " I nodded and entered the neatly kept room. Although the room for sure had not seen any visitors for the past few years, Kantabai had made it a point that it was as neat and immaculate as the other rooms on the ground floor. She was not permitted to enter our room and Nimisha's room, and I knew the reasons why!!
    I bolted the door and swiftly removed my salwaar and kameez. The full length mirror showed my feminine curves. The ample breasts, confined by the dark bra, contrasted. I was more worried by the natural curvy shape of my buttocks, highlighted by the panty. I quickly drew my hands in the semi sleeves of the blouse, which hugged my back and the ample breasts. I slid my shaven legs through the black petticoat and fastened the strings. Then I unbolted the door, and peaked my neck outside. I knew there were no 'other' gents in the house, yet............ Kantabai heard the sound and came towards me smiling and we went in the room, bolting it again. "Ohh didi, you look so divine. You would beat any super actress." The ever talking , never stopping maid......that was her only negative, if you ask me one. She unfurled the neatly kept sari and clad me in it neatly, pleating it properly. Then she pinned up the pallu at the shoulder and below the navel, thereby ensuring that it wont slide and create an embarrassment for me.
    Once ready, I went upstairs for applying slight foundation, some talcum powder, a very light coat of faint red lip stick. I clipped some short rings, a matching necklace and then glanced at the watch. it was almost 6. Avani had been awake by then and was watching me prepare with some anxiety. The smirk on her face showed her casual approach , which I ignored and went downstairs.
    Maaji had settled into her chair by then. I could see her face light up hearing the anklets. " Come Ashwini, sit next to me." Just as I positioned myself on the seat next to her as instructed, the sound of the car coming to halt in the porch was audible and after a few seconds, the door bell rang. When Kantabai opened the door, Navin , in his normal confident and composed demure walked in and smiled at and maaji.

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    Ashwini (Sunday, 01 February 2015 05:54)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 95
    I could see respect in his eyes when he was looking at maaji and appreciation when had a glimpse at me. He greeted her, said hello to me and took a CD out of the leather handbag he carried. Placing it in the CD drive attached to the TV, he paused deliberately and looked behind. By then Kantabai had wiped her hands to her sari, as most maids do and had stood behind maaji. "This is the ad where Ashwini has played a lovely role Maaji. You will be very happy to see her. " Maaji smiled and patted my right arm softly, praising me.
    " this is a private show I have arranged , which normally is not done, since it is all professional. But I have this ad close to my heart as this is more of a family affair for me. Maaji because you permitted it , I was able to fine a nice ad actress hidden in Ashwini" I was beginning to blush with the praise I was receiving. " I leave it to you if she wishes to continue and make a career in this field." " Navin beta, you must have spotted some talent in Ashwini, and it is for her to choose if she wishes to go ahead . Kanta bai, call Nimisha and Avani downstairs. They should see the lovely work of their sister. " Kantabai moved away from her 'bodyguard' position behind maaji and ran the errand. After a few minutes Avani came downstairs in her simple gray top and cotton trousers, behind her was Nimisha in her gown - both clearly uninterested after the invite. " Look at you girls, should you not be a bit presentable? Look at Ashwini, she has been ready and you? " Maaji scolded the lazy duo, which was ignored by Nimisha. "Hi Navin, oh Maa, its Navin only. He is not a guest for us to be formal"
    Navin started the ad, which started with me and shamlee, my co-actress in the college canteen, with the lead actor as the college student. That was followed by the shaadi shot, where shamlee hugged me while I was the bride, followed by the kitchen shot and in the end when its two of us as a couple in a senior role. Everywhere, the cream tube shown off course. Navin was pausing the sequence in between, telling maaji and kantabai how the certain part was shot and the efforts taken by me, brightening their faces. Avani and Nimisha were compelled to sit there, so they were ignored conveniently by Navin. But I could see envy etched in those pairs of eyes.

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    Ashwini (Sunday, 01 February 2015 05:54)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 96
    Maaji asked Navin to repeat the whole sequence 2-3 times more, since she was limited in her vision and still she wanted to see all the minute details as well. As the ad ended, Kantabai clapped enthusiastically. Maaji's face was all lit up with joy and pride, as if her own daughter Nimisha had performed. She was seeing an ideal daughter, and an ideal daughter in law in me perhaps.
    She nodded to Kantabai, who went in Maaji's room and handed her over a decorative pouch. "Oh no.....not again...first the sari , then the anklets....and now what?" I didnt expect that....and given the situation on the upper floor....I was gonna be in deep trouble again.
    "come here Ashwini" the kind old lady motioned me towards her, as she fumbled her hands into the pouch and drew out 4 pearl bangles. The dull luster of the pearls , its radiance unmistakable. She held my right hand....I tried to let go of the grip, but ....but I could not. The grip of the old lady was not strong, but the love behind was way too stronger for me to deny. She pushed a pair of bangles in my hand, followed by the other pair. I could feel the trembling of the old hands. A tear rolled off my cheek. "Shhhh...good girls do not cry on happy occasions. You have made me happy Ashwini....this is my gift......for performing so nicely. " She also invited Navin gave him a pen set as a gift. She was a real noble lady.
    "The ad will be aired in the next week on the selected family channels. Our target audience are the teenage girls and housewives of the middle and higher middle class. I am sure the ad would do great and boost up the sales of the cream. And the credit goes to you Ashwini, for carrying the ad so nicely on your young shoulders. " I smiled at Navin. The credit was his. He had directed me as nicely.
    Navin left after dinner. Maaji retired to bed. My night was not over though. After I changd back into the night gown, I was given the dosage of the new pills. It was a win win situation for both. Nimisha was fuming with the appreciation and the praise I was receiving. Also the Pearl bangles were not going to be digested easily by her. My 'reward' for the night was the anal plug with more suspended weights, making even the walking movement uncomfortable. I was gagged and blindfolded. As if it was not enough, Nimisha brought out a paddle from her 'hall of cruelty' and my derriere was slapped, in a rather remorseless way, till my skin shade matched with that of a bright lip stick. I couldnt cry....and I didnt cry......I did not want to cry. With every stroke on my butt, my determination was strengthened. I was becoming a rebel. I had to endure this, and find a way. Somewhere around midnight, Nimisha returned to her room. I was left dumb, blind and with a painful bum.
    I knew, I had to talk with Avani. Fathom the depths of her thoughts. Time was my enemy. I had to act faster. I could hear steady inhale - exhale patterns of Avani's breathing. So I decided to try my luck with Avani the next day.

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    latha nice story

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    Tina (Sunday, 01 February 2015 13:14)

    I really wanted to see some action between Avani and Ashwini getting incest and teasing light romance or sex between them though it is a taboo for sister and brother.. Consider this please..

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    latha (Monday, 02 February 2015 03:15)

    my family members turn me as women part:6,
    when i wakeup i getting some weight on my chest ,i went to near mirror i seen my body i shocked .because i getting a big size Brest like a real women that's why after i remove all my cloths. i seeing my body top to bottom when i seeing my eyes filed with tears. why my life is changing like this i thinking like this,in that time padma came when she came to my room immediately i hide my Brest with my both hands like a women. i don't no why i hide like this when padma seen me she laughing and told no one is their why you hiding your Brest.when she asking me shouted when i listen my voice my voice also turn to high pitch to low pitch, she came near me and told tulasi nothing happened you must complete pooja .she called me as tulasi when listen this i asked padma why you calling with female name, tulasi listen today on-words i calling you as tulasi only not a tulasi ram because your not a man your a women now .she told to me when i listen this i went to unconsciousness.after 10 min i wakeup and checked ,i wearing a pink color night y i asked padma you cheated no all these things but you not told to me before my transformation yes tulasi your thinking is correct,but pundit ji told to me and latha you not told to tulasi ram to about his transformation.that's why we are not told to you after complete transformation .now your transformation is over that's why i told to you when listen this i crying like a small child ,she seeing me and told why you crying like a women ,please listen tulasi i no your not a women but when you complete pooja till that time you must acted as a women she told to me. when listen i am very angry i shouted to padma and latha in that time latha called to the pundit ji and told please come to our home what happen latha please pundit first you come after you only know every thing please pundit ji,after he agree and told yes latha i am immediately coming to our house.after he came and seeing latha and ask what happen latha why you called me. she told pundit ji tulasi ram ankle is very angry with me and my aunt y for his transformation that's why i called you,please you only told to him she ask to pundit ji after he agree and came to my room first he observe me and ask what happen tulasi ram why you angry with all pundit ji you also cheated me why you not told for my transformation when i ask him he thinking after he came near to me and told listen tulasi ram your transformation is over now you must agree to live like a female and to do to goddess lax mi Devi pooja ,when you complete pooja you get back your normal life other wise you not get back your male life when listen this i shocked.
    please give comments after i write next parts.

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    ak (Monday, 02 February 2015 08:52)

    please continue latha

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    Ashwini (Monday, 02 February 2015 19:15)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 97
    I had a restless night, mostly due to the thoughts in my mind. Needless to say the flogging did not help either. I spent the whole day trying to take rest. Sunday was damn hectic , with the morning at Sandra's and the evening with Navin's visit and the lovely bangles, and not to forget my night of punishment.
    By Monday evening, when Avani was back from her hostess training, I was reasonably fresh. I was keen to put my points in front of Avani. I was composing myself and then when THE moment arrived, I had gathered entire courage. When Avani refreshed herself and change into her home clothes, I decided to open the topic. "I......Avani, I wish to talk with you" "What? you ..........what for??" Avani barked at me like a cruel princess at a beggar.
    "It....its about me....I mean us. What have you planned for the future?" I could hear my softer voice, shocking my ears. Yes, luckily there were pills that would reverse it in a few weeks. I was more relieved to spill out the question, that was on my lips for last few days. Avani stared at me, instead of responding. She was caught unawares. I had to push this along, because if she was to contact with Nimisha and think united, it would be difficult, almost impossible for me even to talk.
    "You are about to finish your course in the next few days, isnt it? so what are we going to do then?" I asked. Avani sat on her bed, clearly trying to think before replying. "I havent thought about it yet. " she waved her hand casually, clearly uninterested in taking the issue further. " No. please. We must. Remember the times when we came to Bombay? Its more than an year. Look what you have done, for your career, and look what you have done to me!!" I was choking with emotions. " I dont care life is going fine. Infact better than ever before. I am almost done with my Air hostess course, we are living in a lovely bunglow without paying a single rupee, you are doing fine with your advertisements not to mention the gifts you are getting from maaji!! I dont see a problem"
    "The problem is here....right here..." I raised my shrill voice a bit, pointing to my hair, pointing to my breasts. It might have seemed a lewd gesture otherwise, but I was trying desperately to push the point ."Look at me Avani ! You are getting all the privileges, I am getting the affection, because of what? cauz I am MADE Ashwini. It is my misfortune, I feel now, that we are twins and have a very very striking resembleance. I am waxed, shaved, tortured mentally and physically, being conditioned physically through medicine. This year has been no less than hell for me" Tears were rolling down my face. My entire visage was reddening with the surge of emotions. " And I am enduring this, but.......but I cant take it more. I AM getting feminized sister, are you getting this? "

  • #349

    Ashwini (Monday, 02 February 2015 19:16)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 98
    Avani looked into my eyes, she was shaken. Perhaps my surge of desperation and aggression was unexpected. She shook her head "I....I dont care. I am getting what I had been dreaming to get since my childhood. I would soon get a good , nice paying job from an Airline company, and thats the dream I had been pursuing. And I will not tolerate, and I mean it I WILL NOT tolerate any obstruction in my chase of the dream, which is almost a reality now. "
    "Your dream of life has come at a severe cost - my life" I cut her short. Perhaps only the first time in the year was I speaking this emphatically. " And all I am asking you is about the future. What have you thought of the future?"
    " Oh did I not tell you earlier?? I havent thought about it. For me it is the present condition I love and I wish to live today and not tomorrow. And I am having enough of it." She stood up, ready to leave the room, having had enough of my barrage of questions.
    I held her arm with my right hand. She looked at my nail painted fingers and shrugged it off.
    "Look....look Avani, please......Once you complete the course, we....we will move out of this place and get a single room. Now, now that I have some money from my ad. We will ask Navin if he has some contacts, for us to get a shelter for a month or two. By then you will get a job, or even I will also search the job" I gripped her hand. " or...or else allow me to move out and live as Ashwin and you stay here peacefully. This.....this harness, false breasts, make up, that....that hideous anal plug, gagging, flogging........Avani, I.....i cant take it " I began to cry uncontrollably. Not caring if I could be heard out of the room.
    "Shhhhhhhhhhhh.....shut up you......listen. I can stay here, only if YOU are Ashwini!! understood?? Do you know how harsh the conditions outside are? And I am yet to get a job. And how are you going to earn the money if we move out? " she paused "As a dance girl?? enough is enough. I am going the way Nimisha takes us. If you ever reveal the truth to anyone.......believe me......I will forget our relation and ask Nimisha to....."
    " Ask her to do what?? What does she have in her mind? Tell me Avani...." I could sense my voice shaking , my entire body sweaty. This was going way beyond my control.
    " Aahhh....leave it Ashwini, I am not gonna tell about it. Just remember, I am holding her back. She wants to push you fully into this. Now it is no more about me and my training and our stay here. It is about her conquering you better behave, else she is going to unleash her entire ....entire anger and hatred upon you. I....I am the buffer. So, behave Ashwini, any further word off your sweet mouth and Nimisha gets , what she wants. I will step aside. No further talk on this ......this my future and your future means nothing for me. Only I have the future....a bright one and you better not think of the future. You only deserve to live in the present, and if you get nostalgic, you have the permission to think of the past and sigh over it upon your cold breath."
    Avani dismissed me off my presence and went out of the room, leaving the door of our room open. I was feeling numb. I had to calculate my odds and take a bold decision. My enemies - Nimisha and Avani, My aides - Maaji, Kantabai, Navin.....may be and Sandra. It was like destiny had laid a game of chess in front of me, and I had to make the right moves, with the game clock ticking.

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    latha (Wednesday, 04 February 2015 01:12)

    my family members turn me as women part:7(continuous-435)
    when i listen this i shocked. after i crying in that time padma came to near me and she told please listen my words ram stop crying,latha also came and she also told ankle please stop crying ,when listen this i stopped crying.after pundit ji told listen tulasi ram today onwards you live like a women and your name also not tulasi ram today onwards your name tulasi only you must agree with this other wise you not get back your male life.when listen this i told pundit ji agree with but how i live like this how it is possible.tulasi listen padma and latha they both are helped to you,you must take their help you agree with this yes pundit ji i agree with you ,after pundit ji called padma and latha and told listen you must helped him because she don't no women life that's why you both are must helped and showing women mannerism and how to behave like a women these are you must show to him you agree with this,yes pundit ji we must helping to tulasi.after pundit ji went out in this time latha stopped him and ask pundit ji how tulasi do pooja,when listen this pundit ji ask latha i don't under stand what are you asking tell me clear,pundit ji i mean tulasi doing pooja like a married women or UN-married women when listen this i shocked.
    please comments after i write next parts.

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    Latha Lover (Wednesday, 04 February 2015 01:43)

    I love you so much Shona
    Love your story

    Please continue

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    my family members turn me as women part:8(continuous-439)
    when latha ask to pundit ji .after he think and told good question latha now tulasi looking like 25 to 30 years women that's why tulasi must acted 7 weeks as a UN married women remaining weeks as married women pundit ji told to latha and padma and me . when listen this i started crying in this time pundit ji told please stop crying, do what i say i stop crying, after he went out.when pundit ji went after padma came to near me and told tulasi you really looking a teenage women you must wear modern dress also,in this time latha also came and told yes aunt y you really telling is truth.tulasi is really looking as more teenage women compare to me.padma aunt y let tell me what i do now latha first you go to your room bring some suitable dress to tulasi when listen this latha given big smiled to me and went to her room.when latha went i asked please padma stopped this i am not to interest to wearing ladies dress,tulasi you not telling like this first you see dress after you tell me.latha came to with a big bag she showing me when i seeing a bag i shocked because in this bag filled with a lot of modern dress that's why in this time padma told latha you show one by one dress and telling dress name also to tulasi because tulasi doesn't no the ladies dress names you under stand my words yes aunt y,i under stand you words i agree .now she showing one dress that is pink color very silky and having full of embroidery work in this dress now she telling tulasi this dress is called Punjabi dress ,after she showing little short compare to previous dress this is red color this is called ghaghra choli ,next she showing modern skirts different different models,next she showing t-shirts without sleeves and with sleeves,next she showing one dress when i seen that i very exited because that is white color and filled with embroidery work she told this dress is called anarkali dress,next she showing normal pant and shirt when i seen shirt this shirt button total revers compare to mens shirt button must having right side but this shirt having left side ,next she showing langha and jacket(half Saree)in this model latha having different types of color and designs also ,she showing dress after she showing Saree s first she showing pattu Saree with blouse,in this time padma told latha first you give dress to tulasi after you told dress name other wise she doesn't no correct dress name you understand my words yes aunt y i understand when i listen this i shocked ,after she give each dress to me first she give salwar kameez with good neck design very silky when i touch it i get some huge feeling i don't no why i feeling like this after she giving Punjabi dress white color this is cotton and little bit short after she showing half Saree when she giving to me latha told tulasi do you no only UN-married women only prefer to wear a half Saree now you eligible to wear this dress.when do pooja first week you must wear this because Essy to wearing that's why ,in this time latha ask padma aunt y i having one doubt,what is your doubt tell me latha aunt y any one ask who is she what i told ,when listen this padma thinking,after she told now she acted as UN-married girl and teenage women that's why any one ask tulasi is your cousin sister you tell like this.when listen this latha laughing loudly and today onwards tulasi is my sister when listen this my eyes filled with a full of water.
    please comments after i write next parts.

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    Alas again the need for humiliation. It seems that humiliation is the only point which brings readers to this forum. In every story humiliation is required.

    Why cant we have a romantic story....

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    Please ignore the people who has made bad comments on you and kindly complete your story on me, because of those bad comments please dont punish us, we are really your fans and eagerly waiting for you.
    Please compleate plz plz plz...we are waiting for you...

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    my family members turn me as women part:9(continuous-446)
    latha came near to me and told in my ears your my loving sister .after padma ask to latha where is the inner wear latha padma aunt y i forgot to showing inner wear,latha now showing inner wear to tulasi,when listen this i shy to seeing ladies inner wear first latha showing black color bra to and told tulasi this bra is called padded bra, after she showing different types of all bra after she showing lace and pant y when i seen pant y i shay to seeing. in this time padma seeing me and ask tulasi why you cannot taking inner wear first you take and feel that because tomorrow on words you must wear these inner wear you stop to wearing your mens inner wear that's why i am telling to you ,when listen again my eyes filled with a tears.after latha told aunt y i have one doubt what is the tell me latha,aunt y tulasi is same hight to me and same personality and same body structure,i think she's Brest bigger then me and she's hips also little bit bigger how she wearing my old inner wear.not thinking like that ,latha first you give bra to tulasi after seeing him this is suitable to tulasi or not you listen it yes aunt y.tulasi first you stand up latha ask to me i told no i don't wear any ladies inner wear,in this time padma came and told tulasi listen you not wear any inner wear when you walking you get some difficult to walking she told me when listen this i told padma i am not understand what you telling to me,tulasi you not showing problem now i showing first she removing she's Saree after she removing she's bra now she is semi nude now she showing,first she walking without wearing inner wear when she walking she's Brest bouncing like a ball,after she wearing bra again she walk in this time she's Brest not bouncing,in this time she ask tulasi now you understand or not,padma i am not fully understand difference between inner wear without inner wear,padma called to latha and told latha now you show to tulasi,when listen this latha agree to showing in this time i stopped him but she told tulasi you or not man your women now when listen this i cried,latha came near to me and told tulasi these are common all women are seeing all women body in bath room or wash room what is the mistake in this,all men's also seeing i am showing the difference of inner wear and without inner wear now latha removing she's dress after she remove bra she wearing padded bra now she told tulasi listen my Brest size is not more big that's why i using padded bra your Brest size is very good shape and looking big booms you not wear any padded bra when listen this i more shy, after she walking now i observe when she walking fast his Brest bouncing more walking slowly also she's Brest still bouncing but little bit low bouncing after she wearing bra ,after she wearing bra she's Brest looking big compare to normal again she waling now she walking fast now i observe she's Brest not bouncing after i get that ladies must wear inner wear,other wise they get more problems. latha came to near she giving one black color bra to me and told tulasi now you try this when i seen this i shocked how i wear to this.
    please comments after i write next parts.

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    Alok Fan (Saturday, 07 February 2015 06:49)

    @Alok, you are off to a great start. please keep adding more reversal videos.

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    Ashwini (Sunday, 08 February 2015 00:39)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 99
    I had my dinner and gulped my dosage of pills. I was feeling a bit nauseated and uneasy at times. Perhaps the effect of the pills had started on my systems. I had my own developing breasts, my hips had flared a bit, I did not have to shave my body any more, mainly due to electrolysis carried out earlier as well as my overall hair growth was arrested due to the pills taken earlier. I thanked Sandra in my mind, and felt that before the masculine features become visible, I had to take some decision. Else Nimisha would create problems for Sandra also.
    I had opened the topic in front of Avani, and thrown the ball in her court. What does she do? would she tell everything to Nimisha? I thought not. Having seen her react in a confused and somewhat defensive manner , at least earlier in our conversation, I felt that she would not open the topic in front of Nimisha. If Nimisha was indeed planning to ditch us, after the completion of course, raising the query would sure alarm her and for sure the comfy stay in here was the first preference in Avani's mind.
    If I read her correct, she wished to stay here as long as she felt. Off course she was not the owner here.
    I retired to bed and noticed that after some time Avani come to the room, hearing the rustling of her bed sheets and other activities. I had not put my ball gag on me as well as blinds. It was a mark of protest from my side, that I had quarreled with my sister. If she had the guts to still push me into those constraints? I wished to check that out. And she did not. I smiled softly, when she switched off the light next to her bed. My sister was indeed confused. She was engrossed in her own thoughts so much that little did she care about my status. and since Ms. Nimisha didnt arrive and retaliate with vengeance , meant that Avani had at least tonight, not shared the dialogue with Nimisha.
    The next day or two went relatively peacefully. There was a strain in my interaction with Avani. I felt that we were more like two unknown, unrelated girls being given to share a room in a camp, rather than the twins, that we were. Both of us were acting indifferently. Something was going to give in. She was waiting for me to open the topic again and I was waiting for her to tell her side as a response to what I spoke.
    I knew from our previous weeks activities, that the training course was about to end this weekend. Both the girls were engrossed in their final presentations, preparations for the interviews with the probable recruiters who would be visiting their campus after the formal training phase was done with.

  • #369

    Ashwini (Sunday, 08 February 2015 00:39)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 100
    There were strong chances, given the lovely confident figure that Avani cut, she would be recruited very soon. I knew she had the urge to fly the skies and impress top class people, in a way that she stays safe. And I guess the air hostess job fitted that bill perfectly. A typical chauvinist male passenger would admire the courteous service offered by her beauty. She would thrive on such admiration , which would inflate her ego to no bounds I knew. This training course was highly reputed and most of the decent performers from the training school had made very good careers in the Airline industry so far, so I was , and for that matter Avani was also pretty confident that in a few days she would be hired with a nice package!!
    Nimisha, as I knew was good looking, yet not in the same class as Avani ( and now for that matter me as Ashwini ) was. She was short tempered, and she was already well off and didnt have the urge and she did not have to win her bread by working. Plus given the aggressive and cruel way with which she had treated me, there would be chances that she would spark off issues in the flight if someone was to act smarter!!
    On Friday morning, Nimisha came to our room, and told Avani that she had planned a 'special' Sunday for us. It would be a 'treat' from her for the completion of their training. "Ashwini, you would remember this treat for your entire life" Nimisha commented in her teasing yet disturbing tone. "what.....what do you mean Nimisha? " I managed to question in my softened tone. Oh, the pills ......yet to take full effect. It was reversal , so it would be slow, I comforted my mind." Dearie.... did I not say 'special'? " Nimisha ran her right hand index finger along my nose, onto my lips. I began to breathe harder..." And......." Nimisha paused, pushing her index finger in my mouth, parting my lips....." When I say it is a treat worth remembering a life time...." I had begun to suck her finger unknowingly, my tongue was circling around her digit. " Good......" She pushed her middle finger in my mouth " I wont tell you now....would I do so sweetie?"
    Nimisha took out her glistening fingers coated with my saliva and arranged her fingers in the famous 'revolver' posture, with the shiny index and middle fingers stretched and the thumb over the remaining two fingers. She pressed her right hand 'revolver' on my forehead and 'fired' , then blew air over the fingers, cooling down the proverbial revolver, and leaving me mortified .
    She swiftly left our room, asking Avani to join her downstairs in 10 minutes. I was unable to control my shaking, since Nimisha had again served me a dish of fear. Avani left the room briskly, leaving a pitiful glance at me.
    Till the lunch time, it took me great efforts to clear my mind, settle and think again. I had taken the pills again, felt the familiar nausea in a few minutes and rested on my bed, lying down. What was going to happen on Sunday? Would they take me to Sandra's again? Would they insist Sandra to something against her will as well? Ohhh...then I had less than 48 hours with me to respond.

  • #370

    Ashwini (Sunday, 08 February 2015 10:24)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 101
    After I had my lunch ( plus some gossips served free ) with Kantabai, I sat in the chair, trying to evolve a plan. I knew that atleast now, Nimsha and Avani were away from the house on weekdays. From next week, I would even be loosing that privilege of privacy. They would play with my mind and body like children play with kitten for hours together during summer vacations!!
    Since Avani had not shown any positive indication , through her gestures or speech about leaving this...this place, she was not on my side and my emotional appeal had had no effect on her. I was alone, and had to be a freedom fighter.........the result ? ..............I would be a free bird .....Ashwin again. I knew I would be bordering between Ashwin and Ashwini for a few days, yet would breathe free air in my masculine chest eventually.
    or...........if this adventure failed?? God forbid, I would be a martyr........I really couldnt even predict and dare think ,what the consequences would be.
    In the rage of emotions, I stood up, looked into Avani's cupboard. I recalled that she had grabbed the money given by Navin and must have placed it somewhere in the closet. She as usual had kept her outfits, lingerie and other stuff in a neat manner. I knew, I had to be careful, and search with care, without leaving a hint that the belongings were disturbed. I looked carefully. I found the envelope in the safe of the cupboard. I opened it with shaking hands. This was MY money.... I had earned it by spending those 2 days in the shooting. When I ruffled the money , it seemed much less. When I counted, it turned out to be only thirty thousand!! Yes this was not less, but that meant that Avani and Nimisha had spoofed off fifty thousand rupees over !!
    I picked up my purse and stuffed the money. I was acting on my adrenaline rush!! This was the only day. Saturday, they would be home for some time and sunday they were going to do something nasty...nastier than before!! so I only had today and more than half of the day gone!! Now ....or Never..
    I changed from the gown into an off white silk chunidaar. which had a magenta and saffron colored printed pattern. I combed my curly hair briskly. I wore my sandals, took the purse and stepped out of the room. I went ahead a few steps, and paused. My mind made a quick recap, if I had not left anything else behind. I wished to carry a lot of stuff, but then I had to walk out of the home, without getting noticed and attracting questions. I moved briskly down the corridor, into the hall. My heart was already beating fast!! I was praying almighty to let me go out of the house without getting noticed.
    I wanted Kantabai to be either busy with some kitchen work or taking a nap in the kitchen and Maaji taking rest in her room.

  • #371

    Ashwini (Sunday, 08 February 2015 10:25)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 102
    "Who is it? Ashwini beta you?" I was startled by the slightly shaking tone of Maaji, who was ever alert, sitting in her familiar chair, looking towards the base of the stairs. She was visibly surprised to find me downstairs. I froze in place. All the love, care and affection this kind lady had given me, how can I just run over all of that? "Kanta, look if all is well with Ashwini, the poor girl has come all the way down. something must be wrong." like an obedient maid, she was, Kantabai briskly moved towards me, with concern on her face. " Beti, is everything fine?" the concern obvious in her tone and on face also.
    I had to think quick. If these two kind ladies force me to go back, my doors of escape would shut ....perhaps forever!! I held her hands softly, and gestures with my palm that all is fine and motioned her to bring me a pen and paper. I had to act true and honest till my escape. Kantabai nodded and brought them. I wrote in bold letters ....' Gift for Nimi and Avani'....and handed it over to Kantabai. " Ohh..Ashwini, if I could read ...." Ughhh another problem.....I couldnt speak and she couldnt read....I pointed at Maaji. For sure the kind lady must be able to read .......i...i hoped so. Kantabai took the paper very close for Maaji to read......" Ohhhh.. Gift for sweet........but we have many lovely items , or I will ask Navin to bring something you like. " I nodded negatively, and motioned Kantabai again towards me....." Maaji, its MY gift to them......some Girly I would go...not Navin...." off Kantabai shuttled back to Maaji, who smiled after reading it." You young girls........I should have known, you wont like traditional gifts but would love to give and take perfumes, bracelets and god knows what else!! Do you have money? " I walked close to maaji, held her wrinkled soft hands in mine, and patted them. I was surely going to miss her.....a lot!! and only god knows, what would happen to her, how would she react , if ........ if I would not return. My eyes were getting moist, and I didnt have time left for sentiments....
    "I will ask Kanta to help you take a taxi. Do wish her to come with you? but....but she has some extra work planned that is partially finished" I comforted her, that I would do it myself. I touched her feet and took her blessings and rushed out of the home.
    Sisters, my heart did flutter at the threshold of the house. True, I had faced my worst experiences on the top floor, but had my share of the most tender and loving moments on the ground floor. I took a deep breath, adjusted my odhni, checked my face in the handy mirror from the purse, double ensuring that the money taken is there.

  • #372

    Ashwini (Sunday, 08 February 2015 10:26)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 103
    Now, away from the home, I 'could' speak!!! My softer voice was convincing enough, I knew....or was it? I walked to the corner, reaching the main road and waved at a taxi standing nearby. Seeing me, the Sardarji Taxi driver whirled past the sparse crowd in between and asked me " Kitthe jaana hai madamji?" I hesitated....should I answer ..? or do i write ?" " Oye........madamji.........sochna hi tha to sochne ke baad taxi bulayi hoti!!" he smiled, as if cracking a big joke " Bandra........xxxx mall" I told him crisply about the landmark closest to Sandra's place. Indeed that seemed to be the most wise option then. I had not really thought where would I go to. Her place was where, I got my first signs of support.
    He nodded and let me in. The taxi moved towards the destination. I saw in the wristwatch of a person standing nearby at a signal, that it was close to 5 . I still had about an hour and half for the girls to realize that I had run away from them. I was a bit nervous. I wiped the sweating face with my chunni. I noticed the driver, glancing peeks at me, which made me even more anxious. " ji mai kahya....sub thik to hai na madamji....koi pyaar waar shaadi waadi ka chakkar to nahi hai na ji? " the Sardarji, acting oversmart!! I nodded 'No' to him . He shrugged his shoulders . "thik hai ji...aap ki marzi....koi gal nai.......lekin meri aankhen dhokha nahi kha sakti" and started muttering some Punjabi song , tapping the steering wheel with his hands.
    After about 30 minutes of sneak peeking and a free set of unknown punjabi songs, my ride came to an end. I paid the big, over enthusiastic driver and walked towards Sandra's place, which was about 8 to 10 minutes away. The sultry evening weather drenched me and my silk dress clung to my soft skin, even within that small duration. I reached her place and was greeted by a darkish toned receptionist. I stopped, breathing harder. The AC would take some time to take care of my sweaty body. " Yes maam, how may I help you? Sandra Maam is busy with an appointment. " The dangling Cross in her locket visible. Now this....I had not expected. Everytime, we had been there, Sandra was ready and without anyone else around. This, mine was a totally unscheduled meet. I picked up the pen and wrote , "Sandra, Ashwini here, need to meet you.....urgent" . The secretary read it, "Miss Ashwini, please be seated, Maam has just started a 'procedure' on a client. " I folded my hands, pleading the girl to rush. She nodded and went inside the opaque door.
    For next 10 minutes , there was no activity. I was just tossing my leg from one over the other. The clock on the side wall showed it was almost close to 6. I was getting nervy. I knew that, in half an hour, when the girls knew, I had left home around 5 and had not come back, they would start searching, and arriving at Sandra's was almost assured.

  • #373

    Ashwini (Sunday, 08 February 2015 10:27)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 104
    The door squeaked open. The secretary came out saying that I may have to wait for 5 more minutes. I nodded glancing at the wall clock uneasily. The secretary dug her head back into the work she was doing. Within a few minutes the intercom buzzed. "Yes Maam" the young girl replied efficiently, motioning me to go in. I stood up and walked past the door briskly. Sandra was just readjusting the chair. "Ohhhh.... Ashwini dear...what a pleasant surprise!!" she smiled at me softly" Is everything fine baby? what brought you here in these rush hours? the implant hurting? or is it the pills? " No..nothing...I nodded my head and hugged her and started sobbing, resting my head on her shoulder. I couldnt control my anxiety. " me please" she patted on my back, gave me some water to sip. "Wait dear. Its past 6. I will see off Cynthia , my receptionist and then be back with you in a flash. Give me a minute, will you?" I nodded.
    Sandra moved to the reception room and I could hear her talk. Nothing specific, just plans for the next day and all. She came back and sat next to me, holding my hand. "Now baby, Cynthia is gone, and its only 2 of us here. " "I have run form the home, Sandra, and I need your help. I dont know what to do. I wish to run away from this ......this city. Make me a man....make me Ashwin please....." Sandra stared at me, letting me vent out. " I.....remove those things....please...I wanted to go straight to the station. Pick up the next bus or train whatever and run back, but then I thought, you remove these false breasts, and that sickening harness......and remove the hair. Just give me my money back, since I am returning these things. and.......just a simple shirt and trousers....and I ...I. promise nothing needed
    I was shaking, choking, totally out of control. "Dear.......I cant take...those back" Sandra replied ..."Ok...Ok.......dont give me money...dont.....sorry..but please remove them soon....look Nimisha and Avani could be home in a few minutes from now. Just set me free.....break the padlock, use master key, do something. " I was begging her, for my life. she was the savior of my life. My entire face was wet with my tears. My eyes were pleading her. The compassion for the entire life was concentrated in my eyes.
    "Ashwini......go to the rest room and refresh yourself...... look what have you done to yourself. I will set you free in a few minutes. " Sandra motioned me towards the rest room. Sobbing, I lifted myself up. Taking support of the chair and a cupboard nearby on the way, I moved towards the restroom , with my clothes distraught, my mind distraught .....I felt weak.....worn out like an old man walking along a cement street under the bright sun on a summer afternoon.
    I applied some water on my face, wiped it clean. Did the toilet, sitting ........the last time......I sat there, comprehending the situation. Sandra had agreed to help me, so my choice of visit here was not wrong. Yes, I might have hurt her asking for refund of money, in return of the .....the nasty items. But then I asked her to just free me off those things as well. No money matter. She would give me some simple shirt and pant and off I would my parents....
    I lifted myself off the toilet seat and arranged my dress. I opened the door of the room......and........and I sensed something......someone was behind me. Before I could turn round to see who it was, aaaaahhh.....a needle stung me in the neck....a cloth smelling deep fruity.....chloroform it was.....pressed on my nose......."mmmmmhhahhhh" I blubbered, and fell in a heap within next few seconds .

  • #374

    Poornima (Sunday, 08 February 2015 12:40)

    Ashwini, I would love it if Sandra was as evil as Nimisha! :) This is turning out to be nice!

  • #375

    shyam (Monday, 09 February 2015 03:13)

    Latha ur story is nice please continue

  • #376

    latha (Monday, 09 February 2015 10:29)

    my family members turn me as women :par
    latha told to me i shocked.after padma came to near and told OK tulasi first you try this bra in this time i told please leave me padma i don't like to wearing this i begged them but they not listen my voice,padma told tulasi you must listen my words other wise we are not helping you you stayed like this only,do you want that no padma i don't want i want your help but no tulasi you not ask any question first do what we send i agree,i taken bra when i trying latha stopped me i asked what happen why you stooping me padma also asking same question in this time latha told aunt y see tulasi not having Brest nipples why when padma listen this she came near and observe to bottom of my body after she pressed my both Brest with she's hand when she pressing few seconds nipples coming out,latha seeing this she laughing when i seen him i more irritated but i don't do any thing,after i trying black bra but i try so many time but i not successful in this time latha came to near me and she showing how to fix the bra straps without any help,after i try now i successfully wearing bra without any help after latha given black pant y to me i shy to wearing this latha forced me after i agree i wearing pant y when i wearing pant y i get some strange feeling i like this pant y to compare my mans underwear more free to wearing pant y i think in my mind,after i wearing my inner wear,now padma came and she given one Punjabi dress to em i told no padma i don't want this give any other dress,in this time latha given one normal pant normal shirt to when i taken that ,first i wearing pant this is very tight to me i asked to latha she told tulasi this is skin tight that's why you getting tight you try after you no this i try to wearing after i success after i wearing shirt exactly sooted me but some tight on Brest side ,padma told tulasi go and see your body,i nodded head and went to mirror i shocked to seeing me because i really looking like real women any not identify me as man i looking like that in this time my eyes filled with water,padma seeing me and told tulasi why you crying stop crying,why you crying latha also asking to and giving same suggestion to me after i listen that i nodded head and stopped crying,padma called to latha and told latha you called to beautician to house no aunt y she's is very busy she's not coming to house we are only went to his parlor OK latha,latha you go and arranged to now we are going to parlor when listen this i asked no i don't want to coming out side like this any one i identify me how show my face to other,padma came to near me and told tulasi no one identify you now you really looking like real female why you cannot feel like that no padma i not agree to this ,in this time latha dragged me she catching my hand very hardly i came out side after padma also dragged me,after we 3 are went to parlor on the car,first time i came out like women,when i came out i shy to seeing people because any one identify me they laughing that's why,when i entering to the parlor all are greeted me as madam in that parlor filled with a modern female when seeing them i more shy because they are in semi nude that's why,latha went to reception she talking some thing to receptionist she seeing me in different look,after she came near to me and she called me as tulasi first time another women called me as tulasi after she showing another room we are went to that room is so cool and dark after one women come to the room she talking something to padma i cannot listening because, padma telling to she in ears listening she laughing after she told OK ,after she came near with a one injection i asked him what is that but she not tell to i asked padma and latha but hey also not telling to me i begged them but they catching my hands with tightly i cannot Handel them she given one injection to i went to unconsciousness means i am not seeing any thing with in a few seconds i went to deep sleep.
    please give comment's after i write next parts and give some idea how i more humiliating tulasi.

  • #377

    AK (Monday, 09 February 2015 12:13)


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    jayasee (Tuesday, 10 February 2015 01:19)

    pls inculde they rthree talking about saree hair style serials hipsize boob size like ladies do

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    reshma (Tuesday, 10 February 2015 06:20)

    very nice latha.....

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    Manisha (Tuesday, 10 February 2015 08:03)

    Part -1 of being Manish to Manisha.

    Hi every one my name is Manish.
    I'm from Hyderabad , I started to crossdress when I was 10. I was a complete closet crossdresser and use to wear my mother clothes whenever I use to get a chance to wear them. I was always excited looking at different colors and shades of feminine clothes and feminine ornaments. I started to crossdress with bra and panties.
    One day, in the afternoon around 2pm when I was 16 and there was nobody at home and I had decided to crossdress and wear my mothers clothes.i had pick up a white bra and a cotton maroon panties with a light green churidhar & kameez and a pearl necklace with matching ear rings. These ear rings were stick on ear rings. Due to excitement and in hurry i forgot to lock my house door. I went to my room with all the clothes and started to undress my self. First i wore the maroon panty, it was so soft, then I wore the bra and filled it with thermocol balls, but the fitting was too tight and was giving me a feeling of actual breast. Then I wore the green kameez, it was a bit heavy as it had multi-coloured stones and jewels on it and the feel was so feminine for me. After wearing the kameez and adjusting it properly, I picked up the churidaar and wore it. Ohh the feeling was just too amazing, I just cant tell you how i felt after wearing it. The tightness and the firmness around the thigh and the entire leg, it was too good, then I grabbed the dupatta. After I wore everything and having a look at my legs I was getting a bit annoyed and was wanting to wear payals. Then I wore the earings and necklace. It was so beautiful when I looked at my self in the mirror. The light green kameez & churidhar was simply suiting my skin tone. I felt something missing on my face, so I ran towards my mothers room and opened her dressing and removed a big and round red coloured bindi and stick it to my head and when I looked into the mirror, I was feeling complete woman. I was posing in front of the mirror and enjoying myself being a woman. All of a sudden, the door bell rang and I started panicking, I thought it was my mother and she could enter using a key and i realized that I didn't lock the house door . I quickly undressed my self and got back to my men's attire kept back all the clothes and jewelry. I immediately ran to open the door, when I opened the door , it was our servant babu, he is of 18 years of age, dark and tall with a slim body. Babu was looking at me with his eyes wide open, he was silent and entered our house. I was not able to understand his reaction, I went to my room and when I passed the mirror I was shocked to see the big round red colored bindi on my head. I felt so embarrassed and frustrated that I couldn't control my emotions and just banged my bedroom door and Locked it. I sat on the bed with my head down and thinking about babu and what he must be thinking about me. Just after a couple of minutes, I heard a knock on the door and I knew it was babu, I was getting the worst feeling of facing him. I immediately removed the bindi and threw it and went towards the door to open it.
    End of part- 1

    Pls comment

  • #383

    Manisha (Tuesday, 10 February 2015 22:56)

    Part -2 of being Manish to Manisha.

    The moment I opened the door, I saw babu anxiously waiting to see me after I open the door. I was so disinterested an was avoiding an eye contact with him. He told me that he needed to clean my room. I replied ok and went to take my phone and was leaving my room. Babu was adjusting my bed sheet and he picked that red bindi that I threw on the floor. Looking at that again my eyes were wide open and embarrassed. He picked it and threw it in the bin and didnt utter a word. I left the room immediately. There was no conversation that was taking place between us. After he finished the work, I decided to change my clothes and leave for gym. I was already in shorts and just need to change my t-shirt. While changing babu entered my room and was constantly look at my upper body. When I got to this notice and saw myself in the mirror, I was stunned to see the impression of the bra on my chest area. I was speechless and my throat was dry, I couldn't spk a word nor I could react as babu was still in the room. Looking at my state babu told me bhaiya, you were looking very funny in the red bindi but when I saw the impression on your upper body, a sudden current passed through my body and I imagined you in female clothes with you wearing ornaments and bindi. I was getting nervous and started to sweat. He told me bhaiya i know you wear women's clothes, can you please wear them once in front of me. Listening to this I was so happy and excited but didnt express it to him. All of a sudden he held my palm and was trying to seduce me by touching my skin smoothly and softly so that I get convinced to wear the clothes. I was enjoying this and I nodded and said a yes. Listening to this he hugged me and what an amazing feeling I was getting a feeling as if a man has held me in his arms and its a dream for every women to be in his man's arms. It was the first time I was in any man's arms. 2 mins passed and he slightly kissed me on my neck and then winked at me saying you apply women's talc na bhaiya, I was amazed at his observation as I actually use female talc cause if its essence. I nodded a yes and was shy.i told him that I'll let you know when I can plan to dress up for him, he was very excited and told me that he is waiting.
    End of part-2

  • #384

    Manisha (Tuesday, 10 February 2015 22:57)

    Part-3 of being Manish to Manisha.

    After about 4 to 5 day's, my mother informed me that she is going out of town day after for office picnic and she will be staying there for 2 days and I was super excited but made sure to control my emotions. I purposely asked her how will I stay alone as dad is in the navy. She said don't worry I will inform babu tomm to stay with you . When I heard this I was on cloud nine. I was eagerly waiting for day after. The next day when babu came to work my mother informed him that he had to stay at our place for 2 days till she returns and thn she left for office. He respectfully accepted to what my mother said and agreed. I was so excited that I wanted to dress up immediately, but to my luck the maid had come late and was still working. The next day, my mother was suppose to leave at 7 in the morning , I came till the veranda to leave my mom till the cab arrived. I went inside and I was all alone. I shaved and took a bath and was ready by 11 after completing my college assignment. I knew that babu would come around 3. So after my maid left completing her work, I decided to get ready. I went to my mothers room and opened her wardrobe. Removed a nice dark blue coloured anarkali with matching churidhar . The anarkali had golden work on it and also on the sleeves. I also took my mothers mustard yellow floral panty with a nice brown coloured laced bra. I changed to my inners and used thermocol balls, I then decided that I'll do the make up first. As to be comfortable to apply makeup, I grabbed one of my mom's nighty. I sat down at the dressers and started applying make up . I also applied eye makeup of a shade between mint blue or turquoise blue.
    I applied a bright pink lipstick as I wanted it to be attractive and seductive. I then removed my nighty and wore the anarkali and churidar. The golden work on it was so blingy and shiny, as my mom made this for a relatives wedding and hardly used it. After completely dressed with make up, I went to my mothers dresser and wore a nice crystal necklace with matching long ear rings. My mother wears clip on's, so for me it's awesome, to wear them.
    I also applied my moms perfume and it smelled very sweet and fruity. And was loving it . I found a long blue coloured zig zag bindi and applied it on my head. I also applied an artificial tattoo sticker on my palm and it was pink in colour and blingy. I wore my moms artificial gold bangles, 4 in each hand and was enjoying the sound. I was watching tv with bollywood songs and admiring the women dancing in it.
    I was all ready and was awaiting for babu.

    End of part-3.

  • #385

    Usha (Wednesday, 11 February 2015 01:07)

    Stop gay stories manish

  • #386

    AK (Wednesday, 11 February 2015 01:43)

    stop this i dont like it

  • #387

    latha (Wednesday, 11 February 2015 03:03)

    my family members turns me as women part:11(continuous-465)
    when i wakeup i get more pain on my ears and nose in this time i see one dutiful women sitting my f rent side i really like him i loved him but i am not clearly observing him because i am still in sleeping mood, when i clearly observed him i shocked for seeing him because i am seeing person non other than i am only i wearing a big earing and one small nose stud and now i wearing a one blue color dress and i wearing bangles on my both hands,when i seeing these items my eyes filled with a water,i shouted who's is doing this i am not a women i am a man i don't like to wearing all these girl items please removes these but no one listen my voice,in this time padma came and she asked to me tulasi how you looking now you agree with this are adding any other items she asking to me in this time i more irritated with him i slapped him now she's crying,in this time latha came and asking padma, aunt y what happed why you are crying in this time i told i am only bean him,tulasi why you beaten him latha listen i not like these girl y item but she forced me that's why i beaten him when listen this latha came near to me and she seeing me and she slapped me my both sides i shocked for seeing,first time latha get angry and she's beaten me,now i am crying in this time padma came to near me and she's telling please stop crying i am telling to latha once again she not beat you latha came near to me and she Tell's sorry tulasi when i am seen aunt y crying first time i seen aunt y with crying in this time i more irritated i get more angry that's why i beaten you she begged me after i stopped crying after i asked him padma and latha please remove all these girl y thing i am not like this tulasi now your a women women must accept all girl y things other wise she's not a perfect women but latha priced my both earing and nose also when i get my male life how i face to public with piercing holes,tulasi listen i have one solution when you get back a your male life these are not coming out you get your original ears and nose when she's tell to i accept,after when i walking some sound coming to my down side i shocked to seeing because she adding payales to my both legs that's why when i walking sound coming to my legs,i stopped walking padma seeing me she asked what happen why you not coming come quickly now we going out,but i am not coming now padma ,what happen why you not coming padma when i walking sound coming to my legs that's why i am not walking please remove payals after i walking,tulasi how many time i telling now you are women not when i listen this once again i cry ed.
    please comments after i write next parts.

  • #388

    Ashwini (Wednesday, 11 February 2015 15:57)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 105
    "I think she is regaining consciousness. Inject her again" I could vaguely hear such words, however it was very difficult for me to comprehend, who is 'she'? whom are they talking about? I remembered a masked lady bend , bring her face close to mine.....then a prick on my shoulder.......then....then...... peace , tranquility.....I wondered if this scenario repeated a few times or otherwise ..
    "Wake moron....." I heard the familiar rasping voice of Nimisha. I was forced back to reality , when water was sprinkled all over my face. I looked around.
    I ....I was in MY BED!!!. Suddenly the memories started flooding .....the pretext of the 'Gifts' for the girls, the taxi ride to Sandra's. The waiting there. Then me pleading her for the refund of money, else removal of those harness and......and the hands automatically roamed over my chest, to find the mounds standing proudly. They were proud and I was meant that I had was worse than the loss of life. Now I was to live the death every day. Endure...and had no escape.
    This entire series of thoughts crossed my mind within a flash. I tried to lift myself off the bed, but a pair of hands pushed me back. I was exhausted and was under severe medication and was feeling extremely dull. So it didnt take much of an effort to 'put me back to my place' - both metaphorically as well as literally. I had many questions, which were stinging me like angry bees off a bee hive.
    I looked around. Everything was familiar.....Avani's bed, cupboard, Mirror, the curtained window....
    From my sleeping position, I could see Avani, watching me intensely and Nimisha, busy on sending some text message to someone. I sensed some movement just behind my left shoulder. Now, I had not expected anyone else, other than the two girls - the usual suspects in my room. What was Kantabai doing in the room? what time is it? I turned my head slightly and looked over my shoulder to see what the maid was doing..............and I got the SHOCK of my LIFE. It was Sandra!!!! She was watching me, preparing some ugly dosage to be sent again through my veins. "You? Sa.....Sandra?" I couldnt recognize my voice. It was very weak, soft and tired. She nodded and pushed the syringe in my shoulder flesh and I blacked out again.

  • #389

    Ashwini (Wednesday, 11 February 2015 15:58)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 106
    I think I woke up a few hours later. I was just crisscrossing the thin boundary of reality and hallucinations. My mind refused to accept this entire reality. What I had planned, seemed all shattered. I opened my eyes and looked rather sheepishly, in front. There was no major change, except for the fact that Sandra was seated next to Avani and Nimisha was missing.
    I woke up , motioning towards the rest room. The walk of a few steps seemed like a few kilometers for me. I came back, taking support of the table in between. My breathing rate had almost doubled even due this minor activity. Avani motioned me to sit in the chair and went to invite Nimisha to our room.
    For a few seconds there was no one except me and Sandra in the room. Suddenly , I hated...hated and hated her. From my benefactor she had turned into a deceptive ,evil sorceress. Nimisha walked in, holding central figure, through her mannerisms and gestures. She was followed by Avani, her aide. Avani promptly closed the door . Yes Avani was her shadow...she had no association with me. I was sitting in a gown, which was all in bad shape - wrinkled, one sleeve lifted up, the neckline, having lost its roundness, upper few buttons open, my Bra strap visible. Hair in disarray, my face all strained, pale and puffy due to severe sedation experienced in...god many hours!!
    Nimisha pulled up a chair and stood right in front of me, making an eye to eye contact. She could see a pang of anger streaking in my eyes, yet subsiding eventually, accepting defeat. Nimisha smirked " Thats why you are a looser, ever since day one that we met, you have not been able to lock your gaze in me, and thats why, you, Ashwini are a pathetic wimpy looser. " I cringed in the chair, trying to in a way shrink myself and hide. I wanted to be a tortoise and hide my head under my shell. I wished i could dig my head deep in the desert sand, like the camels do during the sand storm!!
    "You did a nice job of trying to escape...Ashwin.....I mean Ashwini..... As you have already seen , Sandra is a part of US ...not other way round. The other day when we went to 'service' your implants, we were already aware that something was shaping up in your mind. You knew through us....especially Avani that our course was about to be over. So We knew you would rebel. You would try and see the end of...of this stay here. Why Ashwini? were you not happy here? Just a few slaps here and there, a few plugs here and there !! thats all. " Nimisha paused. She had so much venom to spit at me and she was doing it systematically .....ruthless as she was. " Where else would you get precious anklets as a gift? where...tell me where would one get pure pearl bangles as a gift? Saris, Advertisement contracts, a clever, handsome director falling for of my maa, readymade lunch and dinner at your doorsteps, that too, without any single rupee??? ridiculous, i mean really strange!! Show me a place in the entire city, where you are to get such privileges ? All i was asking was some pleasures out of you Ashwini. Your pleasures are MINE Ashwini, Avani stays here cauz you are Ashwini, isnt it?? " Both of us - me and my twin nodded. One out of total submission to her and the other out of exasperation and defeat.

  • #390

    sham (Friday, 13 February 2015 02:45)

    Please continue latha

  • #391

    Sunila (Friday, 13 February 2015 18:47)

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  • #392

    Ashwini (Saturday, 14 February 2015 10:41)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 107
    "So I could in know, my evil sixth sense could convey that you would act smart in the next few days. I saw how intelligently you wrote HELP only for the eyes of Sandra. We had also told her that you would likely be adventurous during our visit to her place. And you fell for it, Ashwini. So with intent and purpose, I thought of giving YOU the privacy to talk with the kind lady, Sandra is. Yes, she is kind to me......and that proved so important on friday evening.
    So last sunday, we decided to shop a bit. We hardly bought anything but just did some casual shopping. very casual. The idea was to spend time. If you were to notice carefully that day Ashwini, we hardly had any branded stuff in our hands. None were branded items. Dont you see our taste? the purchase on that day was a filthy one. The objective was to give you the 'privacy' you were seeking, make you commit and disclose your plans to Sandra. We all were happy to see your own breasts grow, the way the consultant attached to her 'parlor' had expected, the fatty padding your bums were getting, your shrinking tiny little johny.......your voice, your gestures, your softness in behavior....awesome Ashwini baby....In that hour, you opened your mind out. Sweet Sandra helped you , and gave you 'reversal pills' which in reality were a stronger version of the dosage to stimulate estrogen. So silly Ashwini, you were accelerating your grand journey towards womanhood in leaps and bounds while you were assuming that to be return to masculinity. " I was literally dumb stuck.
    "Then you spoke with silly. Yes I was confused a bit, honestly. But Nimi had already agreed to allow us to stay here afterwards. And with a dependent , sexy twin sister, its difficult to stay in this city....isnt it? Its a jungle out there beyond the fences of this bunglow. Did you not FEEL the challenges during your ad shoot, in the glances , remarks and gestures of the crowd?
    Plus Maaji adores you, Kantabai would take good care of you. If you were to be a real macho brother Ashwin, things would have been different. But...but look at yourself, you were also born to be a reflected through your mind" Avani spoke " And we are giving you a matching body" Nimisha cut her short and completed the sentence.
    "Then on Friday....and yes today is sunday afternoon....ok? You have been sleeping...or rather made to sleep for almost 48 hours." I was shocked again. I was kept heavily sedated for almost 2 days!!
    "On Friday, you surprised us with your dare!! Ashwini, if you were to go to the railway station or the bus transport, you would have been in your native place, or where ever, YOU would have chosen to. But you chose to fall in the trap again...when you reached Sandra's place and sent the chit in, requesting her help, even she was surprised. " Nimisha said. I was gasping aghast, cursing my own self.

  • #393

    Ashwini (Saturday, 14 February 2015 10:42)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 108
    "Yes. I was startled when you rushed in my clinic. First thing I did was to call Nimi and tell her about it. I had to stop you, in any possible way. The girls were coming to join immediately. They were on the way home. I use chloroform at times when there are some painful processes to be carried out, plus at times use drugs to cause local numbness. So, the moment you rushed in to refresh yourself, I prepared the injection and chloroform, and injected in the neck from behind"
    "Sandra.....I....I trusted you so much, yet ...." I sobbed. " They gave you my money ...didnt they?" Now there was no point in holding myself back. I knew what my future was. Infact there was no future ahead. " You got the ad because you are a lovely looking woman Ashwini. Who gave you the looks? who created Ashwini? it was ME.......ME and only ME. I deserve every penny that you earn. Not only of this ad, but any other that you do further. " Nimisha virtually charged at me with anger, index finger pointed at me, eyes raging. Sandra eased her a bit by pressing her hand on Nimisha's shoulder. " If you want her to 'earn' I can arrange for that. I know the dark side of the high profile society dear. She would bring lot of money, and I know many guys and even ladies who can derive pleasures out of her. " I shivered at what Sandra meant. " Yes, in her present physical status as well, she is an asset. There always are some rich men, who are fed up with 'routine' pleasures, she would bring a novelty. They would sure be in for a surprise, when they see what she has in store for them..." Sandra smiled wickedly. Avani and Nimisha nodded, their faces also painted with the same level of diabolic emotions.
    "We had to arrange for a Taxi at Sandra's, bring you at home here. We told Maaji that you fainted on the road nearby, and luckily we were on the way home, spotted the crowd around, found it was you. We took you to the Hospital, where you were treated a bit and sent home. Needing total bed rest" Avani completed the last chapter of my escape effort.
    In the mean time, Nimisha drew out a paper from the cupboard and flashed it across my face. "This is your status Ashwini....for the outside world." I was very tense while I read the contents. It was a photocopy of a message sent by Government of a East African country.
    ' With deep regret the Government wishes to inform you, that Mr. Ashwin **** who was working on the Government project is reported missing, possibly captured by the rebel groups. The Government authorities are trying their best to know the present status . Your embassy is informed. Till further development , he is officially identified as a 'Missing Foreign National'

  • #394

    Ashwini (Saturday, 14 February 2015 10:44)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 109
    " You are missing Ashwin.....and are you not? Avani has already told the 'shocking' news to your parents and told them that she would follow up the matter in Bombay. And you can tear off this copy, if you are angry baby....cauz we have got the original prepared and kept safe. So you can officially say goodbye to your former life"
    I was wiped out. My existence was eliminated. I was left blank and emotionless. No one spoke for a minute in between.
    " So, what punishment do we give you Ashwini? for attempting an escape, for creating problems in Avani's life. You know that if you were to flunk, she would be driven out . You are the bet , which allows her to stay here. " Nimisha was passing statements like one does in the court of law. That I committed an offense which is liable to be penalized under so and so clause of the penal code.
    If Avani and me could pull up the heist together, we could have escaped, but she was glued to Nimisha like a sucker fish. And I had tried to instigate her, yet it didnt work out.
    "Dont you worry about the punishment dear. There would be 2 options. Options A and B. Or.......should we choose something like heads and tails? " Sandra asked. It was very painful to hear Sandra comment in such a way. If only I was to run to the station that day, my life would have been different. I remained quiet. There was no point in arguing or asking any favors, because I knew none would be given.
    " goes the options.....stay as it is.......harnessed, plugged in the butt, gag in the mouth, blindfolded every night. The pills would continue to give you the glamorous shape and you would do the advertisements. The voice is being toned slowly as well. And people already know that you cant speak otherwise.
    You will be flogged on routine basis. I have some novel items imported , which shall add spice to your, Night Life here...." All of them giggled.
    "And as a punishment, we will send you as an escort to those elite from the society, who love some 'variety'. There are late night parties, where people enjoy quality services. Thats how you would earn your money in day, by means of advertisementss, but offcourse those would be far and few , and you would earn many times more than that in the nights. And mind you, ample care is taken to ensure that the escorts do not escape. And with you , we would be doubly careful " Nimisha said.
    I nodded in negation. I couldn't believe what was offered to me. Was this an option, this was very degrading. I could not accept such thing under any circumstances.
    Seeing me nod in negation, Nimisha smiled. " In that case, here is the second option."

  • #395

    Ashwini (Saturday, 14 February 2015 10:45)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 110
    I breathed deep and listened to her eagerly. " The other is to live as a full fledged woman. " The sentence hit me like a thunderbolt. " Listen. You are almost going to be there anyways. Just get rid of the dangling tool, which in no ways would be useful other than bathroom purposes." " And surgery has progressed leaps and bounds. We can fit an artificial female set up down there, which would be created out of your own skin. So except for the internal organs, you will have all exterior anatomy." I shivered. No.....No way. What an amount of extreme degradation was I going to go through! "I would not do that...I wont sign for the processes" I replied defiantly.
    " will do either...the way we wish you to. " Nimisha patted my cheek. She motioned Avani, who brought another file which was kept on the table. Now what?? Throughout these tough periods, these girls were always a step ahead of me.
    The printed front of the file showed the name of a famous hospital in the city. I opened the file. My face was all sweaty, and I was able to feel my heartbeats in my ears.
    The first one was declaration form, with my photo!! My identity proofs, which were stolen from me after I came to stay here, were photcopied. My consent taken, I had signed it. Forged .... Avani, giving consent for the 'operation' as the closest relative. Other medical tests and all other necessary documents were very much in place. "See dear? You are all set to walk past the threshold. Welcome to the pink will rock!!"
    I had sunk to my knees. I saw no light at the end of the tunnel.

  • #396

    Ashwini (Saturday, 14 February 2015 10:46)

    Hostess to a Hostess ---- Part 111 -----epilogue
    Sisters, thats where I am. I am plugged, gagged, tortured. I am play pet for the girls in the evening. The pills are taking full effect. I no more need a wig and my curves are filling naturally. I have gained mass in the hips and breasts, and my waist is narrowing, giving the lovely hourglass shape.
    Avani got a job in the next fortnight as expected. So she would fly across around the world and be busy. Nimisha didnt wish to get herself a job. She preferred an office job at the head quarters of an airline office.
    I would either have to keep myself as I am right now, but then Sandra and Nimisha would force me to work as an escort....Else I am supposed to give a nod of approval to the operation, and live a 'dignified' life, if there is any such thing left, in the house, involving myself in the household affairs of the home, stay pleasing to Maaji.
    I am not sure what to do......perhaps the second option is a one time pain. Endure it once and live a lady like life.
    Till them I am living this life........Ashwin, no more exists, Ashwini it is ....only Ashwini who is serving as a hostess to the hostess.

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    Usha (Sunday, 15 February 2015 10:47)

    The end? Was expecting more Ashwini.. :(

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    shriya (Sunday, 15 February 2015 11:43)

    @latha:please continue your are amazing
    @ritu:you promised to complete your story rohan to ritu. Where are you. Please complete

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    Why are you giving punishment to us (who are your real fans) of others who gives bad comments on you.
    Please compleate your current story we are egerly waiting for you.
    Kindly reply atleast..
    Others please request on behalf of me to Ex Q zit to compleate her story..

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    Sorry exqzit on behalf of every one..
    Please dont use my name in this kind of comments

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    Ashwini (Thursday, 19 February 2015 02:43)

    Hello sisters.....
    I am thankful to you all for giving your comments and words of support throughout my long (!!) story.
    As you know from my Cousin Comforts and the Hostess to Hostess story, i tend to write conversational stories. I like to feel and express the desires and thought in greater details. I tend to portray my characters in detail.
    Please write your comments. Your comments and suggestions always make me feel happy.
    These stories are liked by many and not so by a few - I respect you all. Everyone has their own views ......thats the way i look at it.
    I live the story, while i express it. The plot lingers in my mind , exploring plot, thinking of its possible variations.
    sisters, I am planning to write a mythological / magical story where i plan to indulge into passion and romance.
    I am sharing this outline as well, so that i can expect some comments about this theme. If many of you feel that the plot based on mystique and charm , curse, blessing etc does not meet with the purpose of this site , please express so.
    i...i am soooo thankful to all you sweet sisters who have been taking time to read my narrative makes the entire effort of writing and editing , rewriting a pleasure.....

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    Gauri Narayanan (Thursday, 19 February 2015)

    Hi Ashwini,

    Your latest story, hostess to hostess was simply superb. I love how you pay attention to detail. Your articulation is amazing. And the plethora of words you use to describe each and every situation. It just made me live the story!

    I wish you continue writing more and more!!! And the genre you have chosen for your next story seems fascinating. I sure shall be waiting for it.

    A small suggestion from this reader though. Could you please create a blog and have your writings pasted there as complete stories? It would be easier for us to find them and read them again if we so feel. Also it would give you a wider reach.


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    Poornima (Thursday, 19 February 2015 07:21)

    Ashwini, your story hostess was very good but I think end was little abrupt. I am not a fan of magical or curse themed stories but expect you write sonethink I like after the magical one.

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    sorry friends i am out of station that's why i am not to write to complete story, today i came tomorrow on words i must try to complete story.

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    Hi Ashiwini,

    your stories are very nice and am big fan of yours..

    as suggested by Gauri Narayanna, it does make huge difference when your stories are put together full in one place, if you are ok with it i would love to post yours or anybody else who would like it to be posted on the full story section under my site:

    Do let me know


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    Ashwini (Sunday, 22 February 2015 10:40)

    @poornima sister, thank you for your candid remark. I have a special bond of affinity with you. I am developing the outline of a plot based on the humiliation aspects that you enjoy along with many other sisters. I spent the weekend, thinking over it.
    and all dear sisters i am planning to develop the mythological one as well.
    So, I plan to run two stories in parallel, as my work schedule permits.
    Please bear with me, support me and continue to give your love and affection.

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    Dear Ashwini

    I m delighted with your return. . . Waiting for the classic story from you again...

    Would like to connect with you. . . I too thought of writing few stories after a long time.. Lets share the ideas and pen down few good stories I suppose.

    my email id is

    If you feels comfortable, ping me over there.

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    Ashwini why such abrupt ending :'( there was soo much scope to this story... can't we have sequel to this? and i remember there was one story which u left midway that was superb too.. sorry can't recall the name..if possible please continue it.. i just can't tell you how eagerly i wait for your stories to show up here :*

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    Thank you dear Ashwini

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    have an idea to continue any previous good stories where the authors endtinue

    latha pl continue

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    Latha please continue the story

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    radhika (Saturday, 28 February 2015 09:44)

    My mom is my everything...

    This is my 1st English story n I m very weak in English so if I make mistake plzzz forgive me...

    My mma is not only my mma but also papa...not only my boyfriend bt also husband...not only my bro bt also my fren its upon you to decide the reletionship after reading this story...

    I have a good n sweet n small family...only my mom papa n me...papa is a businessman so usually he is out of station n mma is the principal of a govt. School...ohh sorry forgot to speak u my name is Radhe...i m a student...

    I have a strong bond love with my mma. When papa is out station mma plays with me cricket, football n boxing, drop me to the school by the bike of papa, n only wear jeans n shirt, also she used to drinking, smoking, late night party with frenz, she also used to abuse her workers in the absence of papa bt mma is very afraid of papa when papa comes she never wear jeans only wear sari, don't drop me to the school n not play with me....

    One day papa came at home and in the night I heard weeping sound of mma...i didn't do than every night I heard the weeping sound of mma so after 1 week I asked to mma what is reason so mma tell me your father tortures me and bite me and kick me by his I m giving him divorce..tell me will u live with me or with your father so I told I live with you mma n after giving divorce we are me n mma living in other city than mma is free she stared her life in her way like bike riding...late night mean living as a Man etc.

    One night I awoke up due to thirst n went to the kitchen pass by mother's room but I saw mma's room light's are I peeked in the holl of door n saw mma was kept a belt in her waist this is the back-side of mma I can watch but I wanted 2 know what is actually mma doing after waiting 10-15mins mma moved from that position. Now I can saw what is mma doing...i saw that its a very big surprise for me that mma is doing masturbation like a man with the help of artificial penis(strap on). I cant believe on my eyes bt I kept silent n went to my room. I felt very bad why mma doing this...

    Next morning...i woke late becoz of tension of last night...n directly went ti the mma n told everything what I saw last night...n told why mma u r doing this dirty things...than mma silent n tears came from her eyes n she told me whole story that she has fantasy to live a man n make k man to woman it was the reason of divorce bcoz whem papa came she told her fantasy and ask for the cross sex role play it means wife to husband n husband to wife but papa got angry n started to heat mma by a hunt n kick n every this going on papa everyday stated to fight with mma for this fantasy so mma got divorced n mma told me tell me beta what can do yr I cant live without this fantasy to myself as man n u as a girl.....hearing this very emotionally my heat melt n I started adjusting myself n told mma I will fufill your fantasy I can do everything for you....n hugged each-other...

    Sorry fren for this mistakefull story if you like it I will continue bt u dont like I will stop writing so tell me frenz what to do if u want to do continuous this story than tell me n u can suggest also thanks....n sorry for very bad english...

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    niluxnandhinifan (Saturday, 28 February 2015 11:01)

    Omg awesome start radhika...
    Liked very much the concept of women want to live as man....its mindblowing to see such stories...
    I wanna be touch with you... Pls give me ur fb id and do write story regularly.....
    Keep up :)

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    Mumbai Escorts Service (Sunday, 01 March 2015 02:31)

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    and respect her wish, if she doesn't want to write its her wish.

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    latha (Wednesday, 04 March 2015)

    my family members turn me as women:11
    when i wakeup i seen one beautiful lady sitting in my front when i clearly observed she is me i shocked i seen my total body top to bottom they applied kajal to my eyes and lipstick to my lips and nail polish to all my 20 nails,applied makeup to my face,they change my hair style to modern style, and they change my dress also now i waring skirt when i seen all these things i shouted in that time all are came and seeing me the ask what happen madam why you shouting,in that time padma and latha told no she is first time wearing makeup that's why she is shouting when listen this all are seeing me they laughing after they went to their work,padma and latha came near to me and ask what happen why you shouting and crying like this, padma why your doing like this i am a man not a women why you doing like this please leave me alone i begged them in this time beautician came and talking some thing to padma i cant hear they voice they talking with low voice after talking is over padma and latha seeing me in different look with a cruel laughing i did not under stand what are they doing in this time beautician came with a one gun i asked what is this she told madam this is piercing gun this is use to piercing your nose and ears when listen this i shocked.i begged them no padma i don't want to piercing to my ears and nose but they not listen my voice they came to near me and padma catch my hand with tightly latha catch my legs tightly beautician came with gun first she pierced my both ears after she try to piercing to my nose in this time i begged them but they not listen my words beautician piercing my ears and nose also when i seen my face on the mirror i really looking like women in this time beautician put dangling earing to my eras and golden ring to my nose i cried lot but they enjoying my crying.
    please comments after i write next parts.

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    ritu (Wednesday, 04 March 2015 06:02)

    Bombay- The untold saga;

    Bombay- The city that never sleeps; true to its name Bombay has always been a cherished place for people from all parts of India. While most of the people came to Mumbai in search a decent job and for better living, there were few who were attracted by films and crime. You need to have luck by your side in order to succeed in Bollywood or to survive the Bombay underworld, while as we believed that all you need is just the passion, that where our story begins. My name is Ayeshya alias Ahmed and I am from underworld, and this is my friend Anita alias Amit and She/he is from Bollywood, and this is our story.

    The beginning…

    My father Abdul, migrated from a small town in Uttar-Pradesh to Bombay in early sixties in search of a decent living. It was here he met my mother Sonia (a Goan Catholic) for the first time. Soon love blossomed between the two and they decided to marry. The alliance between a muslim man and a Catholic women was welcomed by my grandpa and he decided to get my mother married off in the community. The problem escalated with the involvement of few goons (of Catholic background) and my father was cajoled and threatened over the alliance. Not willing to give up, my father and mother decided to elope. My mother converted (taking a name sania) married my father as per the Islamic rights and started their life in a muslim area (on the other side of Bombay). My grandpa and the entire Catholic community took it as a personal insult and soon my father was being hound by goons belonging to the catholic community. Understanding the gravity of the situation, my father took a refuge with a local goon (Shabir) and asked for his help. The man kept his promise by helping my father and in return was inducted into the gang. This is how our family was introduced to the world of crime.

    Shabir, involved my father into day to day activities of the gang. The main activities of the gang was extortion, gambling and bootlegging. The job was risky was the pay was good and my father was able to afford a decent life. My father started climbing the ranks and was now frequently crossing his paths with the police too often. He would spend more time in jail rather than home. Out of the five children, I was the youngest and the cutest one. It seemed that I had inherited good looks from my mother making my other siblings jealous of me. Since, my father was earning well, we enjoyed a luxurious life with all the refinements one longs for. The life was about to change, when my father was badly hurt in a gang war.

    Even though he recovered soon, but he lost his morale. He would spend more at home. One day the leader of the rival gang Mazid entered into our home and killed my father and my two elder brothers in a cold blood. I was spared because he took me for a girl and spared my life along with life of my sisters and mother. We heard that Mazid had taken a vow to kill all the male members of Abduls family and was searching for his youngest son, that’s me. My mother decided to flee from the place and hide till the situation improves. She took me and my two sisters and decided to leave the area. The problem was that Mazid was searching for me, so my mother decided to dress me up as a girl and against my protest, I was made to wear a salwar kameez, don a wig, wear bangles and earrings and above all cover my head with a duppata, while my mother and sister wore burka. I looked like a school girl. The escape plan worked and we made it out of the area. My mother decided to move to a small town just outside Bombay on the mumbai pune highway.

    On reaching the place, we came to know that Mazid goons were still looking out
    for us, thus it was very unsafe for me to live as a boy. It was decided that I would be made to live as a girl for the time till things do-not settle down. I was to be rechristened as Ayesha and my life had taken a turn, whether for good or bad, I was not sure, only time would tell……….


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    Latha di nice story complete the story

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    Ritu, too good.. Please don't bring any other make character in the story and let's have more teasings from sisters please

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    Hi rajani

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    raj (Thursday, 05 March 2015 06:56)


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    shriya (Friday, 06 March 2015 00:55)

    latha and ritu you are awesom please continue your own stories.ritu please write about nose piercing i love them a lot.
    love you both

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    Chandini, Man in saree Dancing

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    latha (Saturday, 07 March 2015 02:35)

    my family members turn me as women part:12(continuous-513)
    they seeing me and enjoying my crying after beautician went out first i called padma she came near to me and asking what happen tulasi why you calling me padma i not like to living like a women please do any thing i don't want any money ,tulasi why you talking like this you don't want but we want money you already agree to complete pooja but now you talking lie this what happen tulasi padma i am man how i live like a women listen tulasi we helping you but you must agree what we telling you must listen and do that other wise we are telling this secrete to all when listen this i shocked ,padma not doing like that i must agree what your told but how i live like this when i get back my original life how to hide these piercing holes tulasi first you complete pooja after we think about it ok padma i must listen your words,in this time latha came and she observe me top to bottom after she told tulasi you really looking so sexy now any man looking you he ready to rape you when listen this i shay i down my head after she told tulasi today onwards you must wear latest modern dress because you really so sexy in modern dress you having good figure compare to me and aunt y,that's why you must wear dress in this time padma told latha you telling is correct but in the house not having suitable dress for tulasi aunt y i no that's why now we are going shopping for purchase inner wear and dress to tulasi
    how my idea aunt y when i listen this my eyes filled with a full of water but what i do now ,i accept when i walking out i listing some sound i search wear is sound coming in this time i seen my legs i shocked because beautician put big payals on my both legs that's why when i walking sound coming out when i came out all ladies listening my payals sound they observe me and they giving complement to my figure when i listen this i enjoying their complements, in this time padma seeing me and she laughing to seeing my back side because now i wearing a modern skirt with good embroidery work in this dress my back side is open that's why she enjoying when i seeing him i asked padma i don't want to wearing modern dress please accept to change my dress i begged him after she told ok tulasi i accept to change your dress but not now after we buying suitable dress for you wear that when listen this i shocked.
    please give comments after i write next parts.

  • #434

    ritu (Saturday, 07 March 2015 05:11)

    Bombay- The untold saga ------------------Chapter I- continued

    With the possibility of Mazid’s goons looking for us all around frightened my mother. She decided to lay low, and after much consideration, we bought a small two room set in the heart of a basti and moved into it. The house was small as compared to what I was used to. My hatred towards Mazid was increasing with every passing hour. What further fuelled my hatred was the fact that I was to be rechristened as Ayesha and was supposed to live a life of a girl at-least for few years. On hearing it, both my sisters had a hearty laugh and I threw a big tantrum, but nothing worked. My mother took over the charge and decided to transform me into a girl. She saw a big problem in front of her. You see, I was like any typical boy of my age studying in sixth standard, with plump body, shorter and messed hair and a habit to play outside with boys of my age and a prejudice towards girls, and it would be too difficult for me to pass as a girl, but my mother was equally determined and all this was going to change forever.
    Determined to save me and the family at any cost, she decided to take charge and the first thing she did was to escort me to bathroom. Sensing something wrong, I tried to plea with her, but all felt to deaf ears. She forcefully removed my clothes and made we bath with soap twice and in between applying turmeric paste on my body and washing my hair with reetha and shikakai. The paste has a strange effect on my body, not only did it make my skin look fairer it somehow made it smoother as well. Before I could say anything, she quickly grabbed my hand and made me come to bedroom. I was made to wear a nighty. I was crying and howling, but my mother was not ready to give up. My sisters were enjoying the show as if it were some comic act. My mother brought out a long needle and next I saw her hearing it over the candle. I was terrified and before I knew, my mom asked my sisters to hold me. I was held by them and next thing which happened was the loud cries I gave out. Before I could even sob properly, my ears and nose had been pierced and a small golden wires were inserted into each hole. I was sobbing and I do not remember when, I dozed off. Next morning I woke up, believing that whatever had happened must have been a dream. I was feeling a pain around my ears and nose and in confused state I lifter my hand to understand the nature or the cause of this pain. Before I could understand the cause of pain, a sweet sound of choodiyan made me come out of Trans. I was shocked to see me wearing choodiyan. The sight of I with choodiyan, made me cry out and I picked myself up and started running towards kitchen to encounter my mom. The choodiyan were rubbing against and making a sound and it seemed that every sound was followed by an echo. I ran up to the kitchen and seeing my mother I started crying.”I am not a girl and do not wish to live like one. Why are you turning me into one?” I was sobbing. “Remove these choodiyan, I do not wish to wear them” I tried to put my point and at the same time, I was trying to remove them.
    “In Nazook kaliyaan per, yeah hari aur laal choodiyan kitne achi lag rahi hai”, my eldest sisters teased me with this statement. “Mash’Allah, Ayesha is also wearing payal, how cute” responded my other sis. This sentence made me realize that, what I thought was an echo was really the sound of payal and not an echo. “Enough” shouted my mother. “Not even a single word after this, and this includes you too Ayesha. Now remember, till things do-not cool down, you are not Ahmed, and you are certainly not my son. The son’s I had have been killed and there is no one left to take revenge. You are my youngest daughter ‘Ayesha’ and have been always my daughter. The son I had was killed along with my husband.” She said it with tears rolling down her cheeks. “But amma” I tried to put across my point, but she signaled me to not to utter anything. “Ayesha, why don’t you understand, Mazid and his henchmen are

  • #435

    ritu (Saturday, 07 March 2015 05:12)

    looking for you, and I do not wish to lose you at any cost. Do you understand, what I mean” I nodded my head. “Good, now that you have understood, let’s get me train you to a life of a girl.”
    Mother, brought a nice hair extension and carefully crafted, it to my existing hair with some adhesives. The result was amazing and I was now having a shoulder length hair. Seeing, me like, this my sisters started giggling, much to my misery. “Mom, what do we do with her voice, it has started cracking” enquired my elder sister. “Yes, I know that, and I have a solution for it as well.” Saying so, my mother handed me a piece of chalk and asked me to chew it before injecting it. I did it. It felt really strange but in no time, I could understand its effects. The chalk was making my voice to sound as a high pitch, making it sound more like the girls of my age.
    For next four days, I was not allowed to go outside, or to meet anyone. The alibi created was that I was not keeping well, and had been advised complete bed rest. Every day, I was made to bath with turmeric paste and shikakai and was made to swallow chalk on daily basis. This would be followed by a small training to teach me finer aspects of being a girl, like walking. I was not allowed to cross my legs, or to keep my legs wide open. All this time I was made to wear nighty and have a dupatta cover my chest.
    On fifth day, mom called me and made me sit down on the stool. She carefully removed the gold strings from both my ears and replaced them with small gold tops. She also replaced the ring in my nose with a small circle and a lock. I tried to open the lock but was stopped by my eldest sister. “Na Ayesha, abhi tumhari umar nahi hai, nath utrane ki”, saying so she burst into laughter with my other sister. Hearing it my mother yelled at both of them and asked them to be quite. Not able to understand what my sister meant and why they were laughing, I was cursing Mazid for all my misfortunes. What next, I was wondering. My mother brought out a suitcase and opened it to my horror. It was full of ladies dress items like salwar and kameez, much similar to what my other sisters were wearing. My mother brought out a maroon coloured silk suit and placed it against me. “Yes this one is what you would be wearing today”, she said. “But Amaa, what about inner-wear, I mean girls of her age would be wearing one” enquired my elder sister. “Yes Ayesha would also be wearing one” said my mother. Saying so she brought out a red colored bra and panty and showcasing it to me signaled me to remove my nighty. Mom, please, I tried. Seeing my reluctance, she herself removed my nighty. There I was naked in front of my sisters and mother. My mother made me wear the bra by inserting my arms and fastening the hooks at the back. As I was bit plum, she adjusted the skin around my chest and the straps, giving a desired shape and size. Due to the extra fat around the chest area, I has a perfect cleavage the kind of what the girls above my age would be having. Next she brought a sting and tried it around my penis. Next she tucked it across my anus, in such a way that it could fool anyone in believing that I was a girl. She made me wear the panty, and it seemed to fit. My sisters applied nail paint on my toes and finger nails. Combing my hair and applying light makup like kajal, I was finally made to wear the silk maroon kameez, which has zip at the back. The pajama was tight and it was with a difficulty that I was able to wear it. Mom placed a dozen bangles on my each arm and hurled a duputta across my head. Checking me from head to toe, she was satisfied. Before I could say anything, she placed a black don over my cheeks and said,”mere bachi ko kisi kin azar na lage”. In the meanwhile my sisters had also changed their dress. I checked my reflection in the mirror, and could see the boy Ahmed was long lost somewhere and in place of him was Ayesha, a girl who was on the verge of attaining a puberty and maybe studying in seventh or eighth standard.
    “Now girls, take your younger sister along and see it to that she does not fall ill again”, my mother said to my elder sisters. “Are we going out” I said. Yes we are going to a marriage and there we have arranged the mauli sahib to do some prayer for you” said my eldest sister.
    What was I going to do, going out like this had never crossed my mind. “Now remember girls behave and no boys” said mom.


  • #436

    latha (Saturday, 07 March 2015 05:22)

    my family members turn me as women:13(continuous-522)
    we are went to shopping mall first time i went out as women in public place all are seeing me because i wearing big payals big no ice coming out to my payals that's why all are seeing me when they seeing me i down my head because any one identify me how i showing my face to him that's why i down my head follows to padma and latha they directly went to inner wear section i am not seen any thing when i went in sales girls greeted me as madam when listen this i up my head i seen the mall i shocked to seeing because i went to ladies inner section that's why i went to padma and asking padma why you are came hears no don't want to stay hear please come out tulasi now you also women behave like that in that time latha talking some thing to sales girl she came near to me and asking madam what do you want in inner wear she showing some modern inner wear to me when i seen that i shy to seeing that,in that time latha came and told she want to bra showing to him when listen this i shocked i went to latha and told latha i don't want to wearing ladies inner wear tulasi you must listen my words what we are telling you agree other wise i told your secrete to public you want that no latha not do like that i agree in this time latha called sales girl she came and asking about my size latha told we don't no about she's body size you measure and giving suitable inner wear to him when listen this sales girl seeing me and smiled after she came with a measurement tape first she measure my Brest size she told madam your Brest size is 34b when listen this i little bit shy because compare to padma size my size is big she size is 32 that's why i asked padma to improve your Brest size to get good figure i thinking like this in that time padma came and told tulasi you get good size and good shape also you must wear latest models bra padma ask to sales girl she showing different type of bra in this model padma select one and giving to me first time i taken ladies bra i don't no how to wear this also but i am not talk any thing i taken that after she told go and trail this i went to trail room i cried why my life going like this i try to wearing bra but i am not successful to wearing this i called padma but she not came latha came to trail room she seeing me and laughing . she seeing me after she ask what happen tulasi why you calling latha i don't no how to wear bra ,tulasi listen every women must knowing this other wise she not successful women she taken bra to my hands she turn me and she fixed bra to me when i wearing that i get some feeling she seeing me and told good suitable to you tualsi but little bit missing after she went out she came with other new model bra now she told now you try this i taken taht i observing when i seen this bra is diffrent agree i try and wearing when i wearing this my brest size looking more big i don't no why my Brest size is looking like this after i asked to latha when she listen this she giving big smile to me after she told tulasi this is called padded bra when women not have big Brest they using this because their Brest looking more big compare to normal you wear this because you having good figure when wearing this you looking more sexy when listen this i shy again i down my head she seeing me she smiling.
    please give me comments after i write next parts.

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    ramba (Saturday, 07 March 2015 05:56)

    please latha stop writing..........such a crap. Do not waste your energy and time on writing.

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    Ashwini (Saturday, 07 March 2015 05:58)

    Latha, please stop now. enough of this torture. Please leave it. Do not write anymore.

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    Ashwini (Saturday, 07 March 2015 10:57)

    Sisters, it is not me - the writer Ashwini, who has commented about Latha in #527. Someone, with same name has written the comment.

    For your information sisters.

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    aijt (Saturday, 07 March 2015 13:38)

    they are faker latha dont worry that plz write more we always waiting for u

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    Usha (Saturday, 07 March 2015 15:52)

    Latha, write about sarees, salwars, dupattas soon..

  • #442

    Usha (Saturday, 07 March 2015 16:02)

    Wow Ritu, too good. Reading a nice story after a long time.

  • #443

    akshra (Sunday, 08 March 2015 00:53)

    Naari Ek Maa Hai Uski Pooja Karo,
    Naari Ek Didi Hai Uska Sam'maan
    Karo, Naari Ek Behan Hai Usko
    Sneh Karo, Naari Ek Bhabi Hai
    Uska Aadar Karo, Naari Ek Patni
    Hai Usko Prem Karo.. Respect
    Every Women.. Happy Women's Day. To all sister

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    Sona (Sunday, 08 March 2015 13:02)

    My new story is out pls read and comment.

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    sam (Sunday, 08 March 2015 14:44)

    Latha please write about forced tongue pricing or stud

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    maheshwari (Monday, 09 March 2015 13:10)

    latha plz story tamil version plz upload ungal kaalil viluthu kumbiduven plz upload

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    raji (Monday, 09 March 2015 13:20)

    ashwini plz story tamil version plz help story tamilil padikamal iravu thooga mudiya villai plz help me

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    shriya (Tuesday, 10 March 2015 00:01)

    ritu you are awesome writer please continue.and latha you also pleas3 comeplete your story

  • #449

    latha (Tuesday, 10 March 2015 04:34)

    my family members turn me as women part:14
    latha showing different types of bra to me in this time another women came to the trail room in this time i am i am semi nude when i seen him my heart beating more because she identify me or not i thinking like this in this time she came near to me and she seeing my top to bottom in this time i closed my face to my both hands she seeing me laughing what happen madam why you hide your face but i not remove my hands,in this time she touches my Brest to she's hands in that time i remove my hands she seeing me and told you having so beautiful Brest and good shaped and you good shaped body you doing any gym or exercise she asking to me in this time i told no madam i am not going to gym or i am not doing any exerciser also but you really so beautiful you really looking as cinema heroine please tell me what is your name i told my name is tulasi so good name after i asked what is your name she told my name is suhasini when i went out she stopped me i asked what happen suhasini why you stopped me tulasi i want your help what i do now tulasi please help me because my hands not coming to my back side that's why i asking your help i agree first time i seen another women Brest when i seen Brest she's Brest is looking very small compare to my Brest she taking a padded bra she wearing after i fixed she's bra straps now both are come out in this time suhasini kissing my cheeks i not understand why she's is kissing me i came out with a rubbing my cheeks in this time padma and latha seeing me they also laughing i don't understand why they laughing to seeing me, after i went to near padma i asked why you laughing like this in this time padma showing mirror i shocked because suhasini lipstick showing in my cheeks that's why they are laughing .after sales girl asking madam you don't want to panties she showing panties to me when i seen that i shy padma told go tulasi go and try this i taken that i went to trail room i wearing pant y when compare mens underwear pant y is very smooth and good feeling after i successfully wearing the pant y i came out after she taken one dozens pant y one dozens of bra in different colors ,after we are going to dressing section i seen different types of modern dress in this time latha select one modern dress to she given to me she i seen that dress i shocked because that dress is very short and v shaped neck model
    i told no latha i don't like to wearing this please select another dress but she's not listen this i asked padma also but she's also not listen my words i cry ed but what i do now i taken latha selected dress i went to trail room when i wearing that dress i seen in the mirror i shocked i really looking a teenage modern girl but this dress having v shape that's why my Brest came out and exposing and this dress came up to my knees only.
    please comments after i write next parts.

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    Sia Shah (Tuesday, 10 March 2015)

    Pls someone write on topic "wife makes husband as a daughter in law or her bhabhi"

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    Maddy (Tuesday, 10 March 2015 07:34)

    Latha you are doin great just add more humiliation lahenga and high heels and wife makes her wife of her brother and about honeymoon and goin to cocktail party and many more

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    jayasree (Wednesday, 11 March 2015 02:42)

    pls watch this video
    one more think is there is somany vidoes in that cattegory that male dancers dancing in female get up....
    pls if any get any think from that group please post the link here

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    jayasree (Wednesday, 11 March 2015 03:28)
    here is some more

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    Sia shah plz read shyamli 1

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    hello my dear members, this is priyanka sharma , admin of crossdressing my love, you may have observed i am not active these days, sad news is facebook asked me for my identity but was unable to give it as account name and birthdate resembling different than my original, facebook terminated my account, as i was the only admin of this page no one can manage it..sorry to say.
    as absense of access to my page..its frustrating me and i am going into depression..need to stay in touch with u all ..and long term relation, partner..this is my phn no-8796552149
    do whats app, i am avalible

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    lakshmi (Friday, 13 March 2015 04:54)

    Latha,please complete the story,daily one part please

  • #457

    ritu (Friday, 13 March 2015 06:01)

    Bombay- The untold saga ------------------Chapter I- continued

    On hearing that we have to go out, I was stunned. How could mom allow it, and why do I have to go were some of the quick questions hovering in my mind. I tried to argue with mom and my sisters about the situation. Mom, is it necessary for me to go to marriage, like wearing girl’s clothes is fine, but going out…….but Ayesha, if you do not go out how will you interact with people. Besides beta…I can’t keep you inside forever, If you go outside and mingle with society, may be Mazids men would stop looking for us as they are searching for a women with two daughters and a son, while as I have three daughters and we will be safe. Ayesha, why are you fearing, I am there to support you. Hearing it I was left with no option, but to attend marriage with my sisters. Mom again cautioned us against mingling too much with boys and we left for the marriage.
    It was for the first time that I was stepping out of my home since we left Bombay and again I was wearing a dress. Maybe wearing the dress or someone noticing me was making me extra cautious and I started walking small steps with my eyes firmly glued to the ground. The sandal I was wearing had a small heal and made my hips swing from side to side aggregating my problems. We walked for another 10 minutes and finally made it to the marriage hall. Maybe it was a pressure or may be on seeing so many people for the first time, my skin had turned bit pale. There were a group of boys outside and on seeing us, one of them gave out a wolf’s whistle, making me further nervous. Inside the hall, I could sense all the men and boys eyes following me. I was introduced to few ladies as Ayesha, the younger daughter of Sania, and it seemed everyone appreciated my beauty. The training provided by mom really helped me in fooling everyone that I was a boy. It was mendhi raat, and after a brief encounter with the maulvi sahib, I along with my sisters moved to zanana. While my sister were mingling with others, I decided to lay low out of fair. I was wondering how different my life would have been, had it not been the gang war which took life of my father. Suddenly, I felt a slight jerk on my shoulder and found my sister tapping me. What the hell is wrong with you Ayesha, I have been calling you for ages, tere dhyan kaha hai? Come Salma Aunty wants to meet you. Who was this Salma Aunty and what did she need from me, I wondered.
    Salma Aunty was our next door neighbor and was keen to see me. On seeing me she reached out and embraced me followed by a quick kiss on the forehead. Saina ke beta to vakai he bhauat sunder hai, saying so, she called others around her. Few more ladies joined us started appreciating my beauty. Mere bachi, allah tujha hamesha kush rakhe, abh kaise hai tumarhe tabiyat, enquired one lady. I am fine, now aunty, I responded in a high pitch voice. Waise haua kyat tha? Salma Aunty enquired. Yeah mahani wali baat to nahi hai na? she giggled. Before I could understand what she meant and respond, my elder sister responded, ha Aunty wohi baat hai, pelhi baar haua na, toh Ayesha Gabrah gaya aur thoda bihmaar ho gaye. Are mere bachi…..Is mai gabrane wali kaun se baat hai, yeah to him sab aurat ke saath hota hai, aur yeah to nishani hai ki ab tum bachi nahi rahi, badi ho rahi ho. She tried to console me. Tum ne bra to penhana suru kar diya hai na? Haa Aunty, who to pelha din se he, my sister replied. Chalo Ayesha, tum gabrana maat, yeah koi bimari nahi hai. Ha har mahina char din ke liya tum thoda uncomfortable feel karogee, per yekeen maan yeah allah tallah ki niyamat hai hum aurat ke liya. Hay mere bachee. Saying so she embraced my again. Main to thaan liya hai, ki is ko mai apni ghar ki bahu banayogee. Mai jaldi hi Sania Behan se tumarhe aur Tariq ki rishtey ki baat kar longi. Hearing this I was about to faint, and started crumbling inside. Sharma geyee, hai mere bachii. While I was shaking, my sisters were enjoying the show. Ha ha kyun nahi Aunty, Ayesha toh bhauat badi biwi banagee, responded my sisters with a big laugh.

  • #458

    ritu (Friday, 13 March 2015 06:04)

    Bombay- The untold saga ------------------Chapter I- continued

    I was relieved when, we the bride was called and everyone left to see her. Come….come ladki, dulhan aa gaye hai, I heard some referring to me and not knowing what to do, I followed her and see the bride. After a gap of five minutes, my sisters started dying their hands with heena. Tum haathon per mendhi nahi laga rahi ho Ayesha Enquired Salma Aunty. Who mai……..before I could complete, I was dragged by her and made to sit on a small stool, while she caught hold of a mendhi cone and started dying my hands herself. Amma………Amma, kya kar rahi hai aap, aur ghar kab tak chalna hai…..A boy two three years elder to me came with a bunch of boys and started pestering Salma Aunty. Dekh nahi raha hai Tariq, mai Ayesha ke haath mai mendi laga rahi hoon. Abhi kuch dheer mai chalet hai beta. Amma….Kaun hai yeah Ayesha, he enquired. Are…….teri hone wali biwi, beta mera toh dil aa gaye hai is bachi per, aur maine toh decide kar liya hai ki yeah mere ghar ki bahu banagee. Tariq was gazing at me and I felt like killing myself.

    Finally the ordeal was over and me with my sisters started walking back towards home. So Ayesha tum salma Aunty ke bahu banagee………..asked my eldest sister with a laugh. Ha..ha kyu nahi, ab o Ayesha jawan bhi ho rahi hai, hai na Ayesha……my other sister responded. Kya didi, why are you making fun of me. We are not making any fun of you dear, it was Salma Aunty who wishes to get you married to his Son Tariq, and make you her daughter in law, and it was only her who suggested that you had your first periods, we just seconded it…said my eldest sister. Imagine…..if Salma Aunty succeeds in what she wishes for……………..the shock Tariq would get on the first night…… other sister said and both on my sisters started laughing. I was literally in tears and was pleased to see that I have finally reached home.

    On entering the house, I could no longer control my tears and started crying on the top of my voice. It took mother half an hour to console me and put me to sleep.
    Things continues so for next few weeks. Now everyone knew that Salma Aunty wanter me to be her bahu. I was also slowly getting used to wearing different girls’ clothing. Salma Aunty would frequently visit us and many time I could notice Tariq eyes following me from head to toe. I also started mingling with others in the locality. The threat to me was still there as we heard that Mazid had increased the price on my head.
    One day in the afternoon, I saw some boys playing cricket and wanted to play with them. I asked mom that I wish to play outside and she agreed. I was wearing a purple coloured silk salwar kameez with translucent duppta. On reaching the ground, I asked boys that I also wished to play with them. Seeing me in salwar kmeez and with bangles in my hand, one of them reached out to me and said that I can’t play. Why I can’t play, I asked. Because you are a girl and girls can’t play cricket, that’s why he responded. But I know how to play cricket and can play cricket…….i replied. Suddenly one of the boys cried loud, hey Tariq bhai…….your maal wishes to play cricket with us, please take her away. Tariq who was also playing felt embarrassed and I made a hasty retreat from there. Why don’t you play girls game like any other girl of your age inquired my sister.

    Continued… next part.

  • #459

    Anu (Friday, 13 March 2015 17:16)

    Too good Ritu but Tariq character was not necessary. Involve more about elder sisters and ayesha please

  • #460

    asha (Saturday, 14 March 2015 00:47)

    ritu, thank you for giving us an excellent story, your story telling is great. but for the first time i could not enjoy it fully as half the story was told in hindi which not only me but many here could not follow. its a request .. please tell the story in english only.
    best wishes

  • #461

    latha (Saturday, 14 March 2015 04:44)

    my family members turn me as women:part-14,
    i wearing a latest modern dress i went to mirror when i seen the mirror i shocked because i really looking like teenage modern women i not like to wearing modern dress i told latha i don't like to wearing this please leave me alone in this time latha arguing with me i begged to latha but she's not listing my voice in this time padma came and asking latha what happen why you argue with tulasi aunt y listen tulasi is not interest to wearing new modern dress ok latha leave to tulasi in this time i crying padma came to near and asking what happen tulasi why you crying padma listen i am not a women i am a man how i wearing this dress, i know tulasi that's why i select one dress for you see this when i seen that dress i shocked because she selected dress is skirt padma please how i wearing this skirt when i wearing all are watching me when i told to padma in this time both laughing to seeing me and told listen tulasi first enjoy women life when pooja is over you not get back women life you must enjoy this when listen this i cried but they not accept i taken that dress went to trail room when i enter trail room one women already their now she wearing one dress when i open the door she is nude first time i seen one women in nude i enjoying to seeing him she's age is 3035 but she is really looking so young when i seeing him,she called me i ask what happen please help to tied my dress i went to she's back side i seen she's back is very beautiful and now she's wearing a black color bra when i seen little bit shacking my hands after i successfully zipped she's dress after she seeing my dress and told good select and you having good figure also when you wearing this dress all men watching you when she told to me i shy to listen this after she ask what is your name i told my name is tulasi ,ok tulasi now i will help you remove you dress when i listen this tension be cue still i having small penis when she seeing that how can i handle this position i told i don't want to any help please go out when she's listen she drag my dress now i am nude she is seeing my to bottom she asking you wearing good color pant y tulasi i don't doing any thing i heal ping you after she taken dress she fixed to me tulasi in this dress you really looking so sexy tulasi, tulasi i select one dress for me but now you wear that she showing dress to me when i seen that i shocked, because she showing bikini to me i told aunt y i am not wearing bikini now because i am not interest to wearing this but she's not agree with me she told tulasi you must listen my words other wise i post your nude photos in to net she showing phone in this have your nude photos you must agree other wise i post all are watching you nude photos when listen this i shocked .
    please give me comments after i write next parts.

  • #462

    Aditi (Sunday, 15 March 2015 13:19)

    Asha - respect the writers creative freedom if they want to tell in hindi then so be it. There are lots of people here who love mix of hindi and english

  • #463

    Ritu (Monday, 16 March 2015 01:20)

    @Asha- Since the story demands a mix of Hindi and English, but certainly your concern would be answered. I will include Hindi followed by its translation in English for you and others sisters. And many thanks for your appreciation.

    @Anu- Thanks for the appreciation. Anu, one thing I do not understand, how do you know that Tariq's character is not required? Don't get me wrong, what I mean, as a writer when i start writing any story, their are series of characters who would be introduced at different stages for a smoother flow and as far as the story goes every character has an important role to play. What is to be involved about Elders sisters and Ayesha.

  • #464

    Anu (Monday, 16 March 2015 05:35)

    @Ritu:Tariq's character might make the story gay. So the less male characters in the story, the more awesome it ll be. Elder sisters humiliating ayesha will be nice to read.

  • #465

    Asha (Monday, 16 March 2015 10:25)

    Thank you so much ritu for understanding our problem (inability to follow what the characters speak in Hindi.. a language foreign to people like me) and offering the right solution to it. you are not only excelling in your story telling ability but also proving that you are a good human being understanding and respecting others feelings and problems. your plot is excellent as many a times i noticed that whenever some one is forced feminised the reasons given are most of the times illogical. just a fantasy. but in Ayisha's case the reasons are perfect. now its your Liberty to to introduce any number of characters and incidents to build up the story and i am confident that "bombay- the untold saga" will rock.
    my best wishes.
    Aditi, kindly note that i always respect the liberty of an author. i would never say to introduce this character or add that incident to any author as its intruding his liberty. you know hindi so that you could understand every line written by the author. but if ritu has written that part of the story in Tamil or any other language that you could not follow, you would also say the same thing. If you dont say that, it would mean that you are really not that much interested in the story.
    so kindly try to understand my concern. rittu came out with a solution of giving English translation for the dialogues written in hindi. the problem is now solved. thanks to Ritu. And Aditi i hope that you now understand the real situation. thank you.

  • #466

    Telangana (Monday, 16 March 2015 23:20)

    Crossdressing Festival Kerala

    Kollam Crossdressing Festival called CHAMAYAVILAKKU will be held on 24-3-15 and 25-3-15 at Kottankulangara Sridevi temple near Chavera situated 14 Kms from Kollam,kerala.

    All the crossdressers are requested to participate and fulfill their CD dreams for entire year.

  • #467

    Ritu (Wednesday, 18 March 2015 06:18)

    Bombay- The untold saga ------------------Chapter I- continued

    Which games do you want me to play sis, I tried to reason with my elder sisters - farhana. I am not a girl, I am a boy and boys play cricket. Hush….kya bol rahi ho ladki, chup reah……….(what on the earth are you saying girl. Seal your lips), said my mother. Amma, per mai to ladka hoon na…….(but, mom I am a boy). Don’t you know what happened to us and why and how we had to leave Bombay and settle here…….mom replied with tears in her eyes. I have witnessed many losses in the past, starting with your father and your other brothers, Ayesha, I can’t afford another blow. And what is more important to you, your life or cricket?………..tell me. I had no answers and lowered my head. So, it is settled now, till things don’t settle down and the threat to our lives is not over, you would stay as Ayesha only……….theek hai ladi..(is it okay girl). Haa amma, theek hai………(yes, mom it’s okay), I responded.
    Hai mere bachi, aa ja amma ke gale lag jaa…………(that’s my sweet girl, come give me a hug). With a heavy heart I hugged her. My hatred for Mazid was growing and I wanted to avenge the misery awarded to our family because of him.
    Per, Amma, kya Ayesha ko ladikyoon ke kaam bhi karne honge……..(Mom, will Ayesha have to perform all the roles and responsibilities of a girl?)…enquired my eldest sister – firdous with a wicked smile.
    Haa beta, who toh karne he pandage, nahi to addos pados mai logon ko shauq ho jayagee…….(Yes, beta she has do it, otherwise people around would sniff something is wrong) mom responded.
    Okay that means our youngest sister would be helping us a lot in kitchen and other jobs Farhana said. So Ayesha, from today you would be helping us in helping Amma (Mother). You need to learn the trick of the trade, otherwise Salma Aunty would always curse Amma (Mother)
    What are you saying Farahan, Why should Salma Aunty curse amma (Mother) and what for?.....Firdous asked. Kya Farhana di, agar Ayesha ghar ka kaam nahi karge, to uski saas, Salma Aunty matlab Tariq ki ammi to amma ko he blame karagee na……. (come-on farhana di, if Ayesha doesnot know how to perform house-hold chorus, Tariq’s Mother – Salma Aunty her Mother in Law, would blame mom only for not teaching her daughter. Saying so both firdos and farhana started laughing. Mom also enjoyed it and did not utter a word.
    Amma, Ayesha school nahi jayagi kya? … (Mom, Wont Ayesha be attending school now?) Enquired Farhana. Of-course, even I was thinking about it, but the problem is how. Anyways let’s see what needs to be done, these are the times when I miss your father. Had he been around I would not have to worry for anything, she responded with tears in her eyes. Seeing her in tears, firdos, farhana and me hugged her together.
    That day my fate was sealed and I was pushed deeper into the dark territory, and my anger for Mazid was increasing. For Firodus and Farhana, I was a perfect tool for them to escape form their daily household work. In the name of training I was made to sweep the house on daily basis while they would sit back and enjoy. I did not mind it either as this way I would keep myself busy. What I hated was the frequent visits by Salma Aunty and her husband, and the way they would treat me. Salma Aunty was adamant to make me her bahu (daughter in law) and so was her husband. On one such occasion while I was sweeping the floor, Salma Aunty came and seeing me sweeping and my sisters enjoying, I saw a smile on her face, I could imagine her thinking me sweeping Tariq’s, house while she laying back and enjoying like a mother in law. Not allowing these thought to disturb me, I continued with my work. After I finished sweeping, Salma Aunty asked me for some water. I obliged and fetched her a glass of water.

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    Ritu (Wednesday, 18 March 2015 06:20)

    Bombay- The untold saga ------------------Chapter I- continued

    Kyu Salma Aunty, abhi see bahu se kaam kara rahi hai aap…….(Salma Aunty, it seems you wanted your daughter in law to fetch you water) farhana asked. Salma Aunty did not reply, and asked me to sit next to her. I pulled a small chair and sat as asked for. Soon mom also joined us. Suddenly, Firdous walked to me and pulled my duppta and adjusted it over my head. You should always cover your head in front of elders and especially your mother in law, she said with a wicked smile. Kyu Tang kar rahi hai isee……(why are you pestering her) Salma Aunty said holding my hands and she brought out few dozen glass bangles out from her bag she was carrying and handed it over to my sisters. Farhana and firdos were pleased to see bangles, I was wondering what would happen next, and before I could comprehend, Salma Aunty brought another set of bangles and started inserting them into my arms. I was shocked to see her placing bangles in my hand, but could not say anything. Soon her husband (Parvez) and Tariq joined us and they brought jalebee and Samosa out of bag. I could sense Tariq’s eyes gazed at me and him scanning me from top to bottom. Mom asked farhana and firdous to prepare tea. Ayesha why don’t you also join us in kitchen, one of them said. For the first time since we left Bombay, I was in sync with my sisters. Before anyone could say anything, I joined them. So we will prepare tea, and before would you like some squash uncle, farhana asked Parvez. Will do beta, he replied and we three sisters moved towards kitchen. I thanked farhana and firdous for saving me from the ordeal outside. They were more than happy to hear it and asked me for a favor in return. I agreed to anything they want and they added other grille’s duties to my list, which I agreed upon. I was naïve to understand that my sisters were not helping me, rather they had more sinister plan in mind and I had fallen prey to it. Firdos, prepare squash and asked me to carry it in a tray. Why me I tried to reason, because you are our little sister came a reply. Everyone was surprised to see me carrying the tray, I did not say anything and placed tray on table and moved back to kitchen. Afterwards I was made to carry tea as well. In those days, Televisions used to be a luxury and it seemed Parvez uncle had saved enough to buy one television set. Even though we could afford to buy one, but mom was of the opinion that we need not show any opulence for the fear of being caught. The news of Salma Aunty having a television meant that, we could watch Sunday Movie aired on Doordarshan at their place, and everyone including me was eager to watch it.
    I was eager to watch movie on television and waited for the Sunday to come. On the D-Day, mom I wore a maroon colored silk salwar kameez with matching nail paint and other accessories. After placing duppta, I along with my elder sisters headed towards parveez uncles place. The place was hustling with kids all around as everyone was eager to watch movie. Everyone over their were aware plans Salma Aunty had for me and in my eagerness to watch the movie I tried to occupy a nearest place to television, much to displeasure of few boys. Hey, girl move from here one of them asked me, why should I, I replied. I have found this place and won’t budge from here, I said with an authority. One of the boys said, let’s speak to Tariq and called for him. Tariq was there and the boys complained to him.
    Kya Bhai, Aap apni maal ko bolo na kuch, maana ki aap ki hone wali begum hai, per isko kuch samajoa toh…..(brother, please impart some sense into your would be.). Mai koi maal waal nahi hoon……..(I am not his would be), I replied with an angrier tone. Kya Tariq bhai……..Ayesha apki maal nahi hai yeah aap apni maal ko nahi sambhaal sakte………..(Taraq, isn’t Ayesha your would be or you have no control over her), one of the boys replied. This infuriated Tariq, and he asked me to move. Why I should move, I replied with a stronger tone. Because you are my would-be, so you have to obey me..said Tariq. No I am not………I replied with a stronger tone. Lagta hai Tariq bhai apni maal se darthe hai……..(looks like tariq is afraid of his would-be) one of the boys said. Hearing this Tariq caught hold of my hand and escorted me away from there. He literally dragged me. The boys joined us and were amazed to see the act. Tears were rolling down my checks. Seeing me crying, Tariq tried to console me and in the process embraced me and kissed me in the checks. Seeing it, all the boys laughed and I made a hasty retreat and ran towards my place with tears still rolling…………………….

    Continued in next part.

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    @kamini: I can understand your frustration. I plan to write on regular basis but some prior commitments prevent me. The other thing which frustrates me is the constant nagging. I know many readers like humiliating and want more humiliating, which irritates. If the story demands i would write about it and not every time. Also many readers would say this is Gay, don't do this nor that............. This attitude really turns me off.

    Luv @ rits

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    so please start writing again and believe you too are well appreciated by many. few writes here. MANY JUST DONT SHOW THEIR APPRECIATION OPENLY.
    Your plot is so nice and you created logical situations for boy to be forcefully made in to a girl ... and wow the way u write...! so please continue. Ad never bother about people who by giving suggestions force you to add things which are their fantasies. and may not fit in to your ideas.
    thanks in anticipation

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    Unexpected :

    I'm Salim, I call myself Sabina when I crossdressed, I've been Crossdressing in secret since childhood, I got married a year back, though I could able to satisfy my wife , I couldn't get a child, my Crossdressing desire is still in life, as a analyst my work Is completely based inside office cabin, so I do Crossdress my own bra or panties sometimes both to work, I never get caught, one fine day asusual I crossdressed with bra and panties and went to office, at evening my wife called me she wants to go to her father house as his father is little serious, I wanted to go home get this bra removed but she already reached my office, without a choice I left office and reached her house, everybody was sitting outside and keeping their fingers crossed about her father life, finally doctor said he passed away, everyone was in deep silence, mother in law cried so badly she cried on my shoulders till the ritual ends she didn't move off, finally my wife took her to her bedroom, after everyone left I asked my wife to go home and change dress and come back, but MIL came and said no dear u stay here after all done no one is here to take care of me and this big house, my wife said ok and she went with her mom to sleep, I finally got back to my wife room and prepared for bed, found her old clothes are still in place, so I locked the door and removed my clothes and used her nighty for sleep, to be continued......

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    Unexpected 2:

    Next day morning I woke up early wore my bra and panties and my shirt and pant and informed my wife that I'll go home change the dress and come for breakfast so that I'll go back to office, she said okay, asusual I got back home, since anyway I'll get back to home I thought why not wear bra and panties to work today also, so I wore under my male clothes went to my wife house, MIL welcome me and she helped me have my breakfast my wife also joined with me, at that time she hugged me and thanked me for consoling at that huge loss, I said it's okay aunty and started having my breakfast,  while starting to office my wife kissed me, my MIL also kissed me on forehead, I started to office and started my work, people who crossed my cabin had a small laugh, one my boss p.a sharmila while crossing she commented, Salim don't hesitate to ask for lipstick or foundation, you can find them on my cabin, I was totally dumbfounded, what d heck? I went to restroom and saw a small bindi kept on my forehead, but who did this? Then I remembered it must be mom or MIL, I removed it and came back to my cabin and started my work back, again the same P.A sharmila crossed my cabin, Salim where is your bindi ya, I thought I finally got a girl colleague, and you broke my dream so soon?, she laughed, I said please don't joke ya, it was a fun I had this morning I just came like that to office, sharmila said it's okay Salim you looked good anyway in that, with that note she came next to and had a girly cheek to cheek kiss, while doing kept her hand on my shoulders, quickly aware that I'm wearing a bra, I took her hand off immediately, she smiled again and it's okay Salim, I've a brother like you, I'll help you, are u gay?, I said no sharmila I just u know like to wear for adventure that'd all, please don't say to anyone plsss, she smiled again and left, I was completely shaking what to do, at lunch she came and sat next to me and ate, she asked about my hobbies and how it all started like that, I managed to answer, after office hours before I leave sharmila quickly entered my cabin and placed a bindi on my forehead, and said you came like that why not go with that, if you don't want to open my mouth, I said why are u doing this, she had a smile and told I ve a plan. Ull get to know soon dear ahhhhhhhhhh what u call urself yahhh Sabina ok, and put some lipstick and she came with me till my wife home, I felt very nervous to enter MIL house like that, but both MIL and wife didn't said anything.... to be continued ‎

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    Unexpected 3:

    I've entered the house soon, as soon as I enter no one talked about it, I entered my wife room and started clearing bindi and lipstick , my wife asked me what is this, why are you behaving like this, now I know my wife is not involved in this, so this must be my MIL, I convinced my wife saying, I actually lost a bet after office hours so that leads to all this dear don't worry, but she was little upset, and told all our things are moved here, she will be taking care of dad business, and also told me to quit my job and manage accounts from home, I asked whose decision is this, she said MIL, I went to MIL room and asked why is this decision aunty, I'm in a good job, I will continue this, she stood up and suddenly hold my shoulders bra strap, it's okay Salim u can go to work but wear a saree instead, or you can stay home handle the accounts, choice is yours dear, I felt completely broken and came out of room, I told my wife, I'll go to office, I cannot quit immediately,but I'll think about it, she said okay, next morning I got ready to office, I tried to control my desire but again wore bra and panty under male clothes, and went office, sharmila crossed my cabin, and called me Sabina, I was completely frozen and told her to stop calling me that way, she entered my cabin, oh oh is it, ok Salim I'll call u Salim, and she loudly called Salim where s d bindi dear.... to be continued.......

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    PriyaSri (Saturday, 04 April 2015 13:21)

    My Life - Story by - surabhiagl
    i had a gf(oh she is my owner mistress now).She was vanilla person, knew nothing about kinky and femdom i always tried to covience her for femdom relationship indirectly.i used keep femdom porn in my pc and when she came and saw it she asked me about it and found interesting.i suggested her some femdom sites to go through.after about 2 week she said she is ready now.we decided to do our femdom play at her place,we start gathering all femdom toys and furniture i took about a week after the she wrote a femdom contract and i signed it.according to that contract i will her crossdressed maid servent and complete she is my owner.i do all house chores,as her slave i bear all her humiliation moreover she keep me locked in chastity,i am her property now and she is my owner in all sense, i am not allowed to speak,pee,shit,eat,drink or do anything unless permitted.i always have butt plug inserted in my ass, as her slave i give her rimjob and worship her foot daily and whenever she needed, she uses strap on to fuck me my ass whenever she want to do it..she keep me locked in a room like a prison when she doesnt need as a slave my day starts early.i morning i am instructed to be ready as maid,i put on all maid cloths she gave to me(bra, panty,saree,blouse) i put on all woman jewellary as earring,nosering,mangalsutra(as if i am her wife),bangles.slavery collar(all time around my neck)ring of o,ancklets,toerings.then i put on some makeup as sindhur in maang,bindiya,and some other girly makeup and always have my hands and legs coloured in mehandi as girl . then i prepare breakfast for her and alarm her to wake up.after she go for laterine i clean her get her ready for office.and during her office time i do all my job such as washing utensils,cloths,cleaning house,cleaning toilet.after she return i submit myself totally to her highmess during this submission she does different femdom plays with me as blindfold,cbt, leashes,humiliation, strapon, waterspots,bondage whipping canning,foot worship, ass worship,torture,cocktease,tease and denial,and any fetishes or femdom play she like then after dinner before i go to sleep she puts back in prison i metioned earlier and there she fasten chains and shackles to my wrists,neck,legs put blindfold on me and goes to her bedroom to sleep.eventually on her office holidays she take me out(as her crossdressed maid slave)with her for public humiliation too...
    i am very satisfied with my life serving my mistress.i have no else aim in life other than her domination and my services in slavery.....!!!!!

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    Training Of A Husband - By deepaliroy
    My name is Mrs Deepali Roy w/o Miss Sunita Roy (as given by my wife) and i am presenting this story only after permission from my wife. From now onwards i will refer her as Sunita madam only because I am not supposed to take her name without adding madam. We got married about 3 years back. Then i was known as Rohit, a 25 years old guy of average looks. On the other hand, she was absolutely beautiful lady of 27years having sharp features. She was bold & confident and was enjoying a much higher post and salary as compared to me. I was totally flattened on meeting her but i was no match to her. I couldn't believe my luck when she accepted my proposal.
    After our marriage, i realized that not only she was stronger than me financially and psychologically but also physically. Once, some of her friends (all of them were girls)had come to our house for a get together. They were playing arm wrestling. I, laughingly commented that arm wrestling suited to men and not the tender ladies. On this, one of them challenged me to defeat them. The bet was that the loser will have to obey the winner whatever command is given. I accepted it. Madam (my wife) was selected to be my contender. But to my utter surprise, she defeated me within a couple of minutes. All of them started laughing. My wife said "I will give you two more chances. If you are able to win any one of them, i will accept defeat." I got slight relief. But she very easily defeated me both times. I was at the verge of immense humiliation and shame. But now i had to face more. I was standing quietly with my eyes down and face red with shame waiting for the command. Suddenly Mam ordered me to dance in a stern voice. I looked at her with feeling of anger and embarrassment. She said, "what are you waiting for? do you need a slap? As all of them were laughing, I started to dance because i was afraid that disobeying may lead to more serious consequences. They made me dance like a girl at various filmy songs for about half an hour. And in the last, I was given advice never to under estimate females.

    In our married life, she was the dominant partner and her dominance increased gradually as time passed. Moreover, I realized that she was much superior to me in every aspect. I had no choice than to adapt to the situation. Then my company suffered some major losses and I lost my job. On the other hand, she got promotion. I tried hard to get another job but all in vain. She suggested, "till you get a new job, why can't you stay at home and perform the household duties?" I had no choice than to agree. I continued to stay at home and look after the house rather than going to office. One day, she removed the maid saying she was unable to do enough savings from her salary and as I was not earning, I was supposed to do all the house work. I shouted angrily and refused to do that. She became furious and slapped me hard, " How dare you refuse me. I am the boss here. I will decide who has to do what sort of work. Go and make tea for me." I kept standing. This time she slapped me twice, harder than before. With difficulty, I somehow managed to keep my balance and avoided falling down. She uttered with anger, "Any further delay and you will be in all sorts of trouble. And make sure the tea tastes good." I quickly rushed towards the kitchen.

    I now realized how difficult a housewife's job is. All my leisures and enjoyments were gone. My routine entirely changed. I had to wake up at 6 AM in the morning, clean all the utensils, water the plants, attend the news paper vendor and the milkman. Then make bed tea for her and gently wake up her at around 7 AM. While she sipped tea, I turned on the geyser, kept a clean towel in the bathroom for her and quickly prepared the breakfast as per her wish and orders. When she became ready and dressed, I served her the breakfast. After she had left, I broomed and mopped the entire house as thoroughly as I could because she wouldn't tolerate even slightest amount of dirt and I was extremely scared of receiving slaps from her for that. Then I washed all the dirty clothes, first hers' then mine. After that I cooked lunch for her & sent to her office. My afternoon was spent in ironing the clothes, cleaning the cupboards, sofas, bookshelves. Hardly I got an hour to rest. After returning from the office, she liked coffee & snacks to be served which I did without any delay. Then I started preparing for dinner. Sometimes, at weekends, if she desired so, we went for outing. Otherwise she went with her friends and I remained in the house.

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    PriyaSri (Saturday, 04 April 2015 13:30)

    Training of A Husband - Part 2
    On account of her promotion, she had invited her friends for a dinner party at our home. She instructed me to behave properly in front of her friends. In black jeans and purple coloured designer shirt and brown boots , she was looking stunning, more beautiful and authoritative than ever. She commanded, "instead of staring me, it would be better for you if go and see whether the arrangements for decoration and dinner are being done properly". I immediately obeyed. While she was greeting her friends, I was busy with caterers and decorators. Suddenly I heard her voice, " Rohit, bring us some snacks." She was sitting with four of her friends on a sofa and ordering me as if I was her servant. I was so much embarrassed to hear this. All of a sudden, my male ego was aroused and I completely ignored her and acted as if I hadn't heard anything. Strangely she didn't react. This further encouraged me and I behaved in a similar way during dinner also. But she had other things in her mind for me. After the guests left, she came to me and gave me a hard smashing blow on the face. The impact was so severe that I had to grasp the door to prevent myself from falling down. I gathered courage and spoke, "what happened? Why are you so angry?". Then came the second blow on the other side of face. Very soon the third and fourth followed. I was so horrified by this unexpected assault that I became speechless. She said in a loud voice, " I had told you to behave properly. But you idiot, spoiled everything. Despite knowing that I can't tolerate any sort of disobedience and indiscipline, you dared to misbehave. You insulted me in front of my friends. I didn't want to spoil the party otherwise I would have smashed you there only. But now, it is time for punishment and that will be in such a manner that you will think a hundred times before disobeying me." Now I was completely aware of my situation. Suddenly, I felt there was some unusual feeling in the inside of my undergarment. Actually, I had .......... urinated due to fear. Both of us were trembling. She with anger and me with fear. After giving me few more slaps, she ordered me to undress. This time I immediately obeyed. She again commanded, "Turn into a cock and stand in front of the mirror". I obeyed and to add to my humiliation, i saw my image in the mirror- a completely naked man forced to stay as a cock. Then I was freezed with fear when I saw a cane in her hand. Then she again ordered, " Raise your hip and dont move a bit when I strike you." Needless to say, i quickly raised my hip as high I could have. Then came the first stroke. I jumped and screamed with pain. She gave five more strokes for that and said, "If you move one more time, I will complete the rest of your punishment in the street." After that I endured twenty more strokes on my buttocks and back of thighs without moving an inch! But this was not the end. She kept me naked for two hours. When I was about to fall due to tiredness, she ordered me to stand and do ups and downs holding my ears. When I was tired of that, I was again made cock. This continued for two hours. After that I was allowed to dress. But not in pant and shirt. She said in a commanding voice, "You need to dress as a girl, then only you will be able to respect girls. Go and wear that pink nighty kept in the wardrobe." I had to obey her each and every command. Wearing that nighty was no better than being naked. It was a transparent thing that easily revealed my private parts. Never in my life, I had felt so much embarrassed and shameful. For the whole night, she kept me standing in a corner holding my both ears with my both hands, dressed in a pink transparent nighty. It was only in the morning that she allowed me to wear normal clothes. I was unable to sit properly for about a week because of my sore bottom.

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    PriyaSri (Saturday, 04 April 2015 13:31)

    Training of A Husband - Finale
    A couple of months later, it was her birthday. She again arranged for a dinner party. This time I was careful not to spoil her mood. I worked hard and didn't even let her stand for a glass of water. I served drinks, food, salad, deserts and whatever she and her friends wanted. Some of her friends even thought that I was her servant. She was pleased with my service and praised me after seeing off the guests. I felt much relieved. She said smilingly in a notorious voice, "Darling, today you have done all the hard work to please me. Now wouldn't you come to me in my favourite night dress to make it more appealing." I understood what she meant. Though it was embarrassing, I fulfilled her desire as I didn't want to displease her by any means. On seeing me in the same nighty, she smiled, "Lets add some flavours to your sexy dress." She made me to wear a bra and inserted implants underneath the cups. Then she applied some lipstick on my lips and did a little bit of make up. My face was red with shame. She fucked me well that night. In the morning, both of us were aroused by the doorbell. It was the milkman. I asked for her forgiveness as I was supposed to rise much earlier. She ordered me to address him immediately. I started to change my clothes. She said angrily, "By whose permission are you doing that?" I said, "But how can I go outside in this dress?" She said, "It seems that you need one more session." I said sorry to her and quickly rushed towards the entrance door. The idea of milkman seeing me in a transparent nighty was bringing me nightmares. I hid myself behind the door and took the milk by just taking only my hands out of the door. Thus somehow I escaped that embarrassing situation. When I served her the bed tea, she said laughingly, "I will ask the milkman how he liked the new girl? What was his reaction?" I shyly told her the truth. She was not pleased with this act of mine, "So you tried to act over smart. You need to be taught a lesson. You will remain dressed as a girl for two more days." So more was about to come. During the day, I wore a salwar suit as per her instructions. In the evening, she brought me a new dress to wear. It was a maroon top, a black skirt which hardly covered my knees and a pair of transparent stockings and of course the bra with implants. She did a proper make up for me. When I looked at the mirror, I was looking like a pretty girl. She now revealed her plan, "We are going for outing, dear." Overwhelmed with humiliation, I begged her not to take me out in such a dress. But she was unshakable. First, she took me to a park, a place full of people. We spent our evening walking hands in hands there like a romantic couple even though I was looking down all the time full of shame and fear of someone recognizing me. Then she took me to a mall, again a crowded place. We did some shopping, had dinner in a restaurant and finally watched late night movie. Now I realized that it was better to confront one person as a girl rather than confronting the entire world. She enjoyed my harassment much. Needless to say what happened after we returned home. I was fucked hard for the whole night. The same business continued the other day as well. The only difference was that this time I was wearing an anarkali suit!

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    PriyaSri (Monday, 06 April 2015 01:07)

    The sun peeks through the windows and causes Madhu to awaken. She remains
    on the bed for a few minutes. Then she gets up and puts on a robe on the
    night stand and goes to the bathroom. She looks at the full length mirror
    and sighs. It had been a long journey for her. She had journeyed from
    being the male CEO of the company to a house husband and from a house
    husband to a house wife. Her wife Rekha, who now was her husband, had
    helped her in her transformation.
    The mirror reflected the face of a youngish woman. She was beautiful and
    fair. Her black hair went past her shoulders. Her hair were parted in the
    middle. In the partition, she was wearing sindoor. A sindoor is a red
    powder that every Indian wife wears to show her devotion to her husband.
    Madhu lets her robe fall away, and takes in her beautiful body. She was
    nude beneath her robe. She had never been muscular man. In her initial
    days, she had shirked body building in order to study. Her dream was to
    open her own company some day. So busy was she in her dream, that her body
    never had time to develop manly proportions.
    Madhu gazed at her breasts. She was proud of them. They were not
    artificial, but grown using herbs and medicine. She had a decent bust and
    some women did envy her for that. A smile played on her lips at that
    thought. Her eyes moved downwards, onto her slim waist. Rekha had been
    adamant on corset training. At first Madhu had complained, but at the end
    gave in. Now the effects of the training were evident in a very slim and
    gorgeous waist. Moving downwards, Madhu looked at her cock. At the moment,
    it was straining against a pink plastic cage. It had been so since her
    When Madhu had first proposed Rekha, Rekha had revealed that she had been
    abused by her father in her childhood. Due to this, she would never allow
    another man to penetrate her. Also to avoid any further complications,
    Rekha had put her under a chastity device. She had been so since the
    commencement of their marriage. And now the cock strained against the
    cage. It had been a month almost since she had got a release. The keys to
    the chastity belt were with the women of the house. That would be Rekha
    her husband, Pushpa her mother-in-law and Priya her sister-in-law.
    Rekha said, "Honey, get ready. I will be there in five minutes."
    This seemed to bring Madhu out of her self-examination. Madhu positioned
    herself at the center of the bathroom with her back to the bathroom door.
    A horizontal rod passed right above her from where she was standing.
    Quickly she raised her arms and cuffed her left hand to the cuffs dangling
    from the rod. She repeated the procedure for her other hand. After that,
    she waited for Rekha.
    Madhu heard the door to the bathroom being opened and she bowed her head,
    her eyes fixed on the floor. Soon, a pair of legs came into her vision.
    Madhu drew a breath. However, the legs disappeared from her vision.
    Suddenly her hair were pulled from behind causing her to arch her back. A
    blindfold was slipped over her eyes and tied at the back of her head.
    Rekha leaned over Madhu's shoulder, and kissed her behind her ear. This
    caused Madhu to shudder. It was time for anticipation. It was time for
    Madhu's monthly release.
    "You look so delicious Madhu," Rekha whispered into Madhu's ear.
    "Thank you Mistress," Madhu replied submissively.
    "Open wide slut," Rekha commanded.
    Dutifully Madhu opened her mouth. Rekha passed a ball gag into her mouth
    and lodged it behind Madhu's front teeth. Rekha then strapped the gag in
    "That's better," Rekha purred.
    Rekha bit Madhu's ear that caused Madhu to shiver. Madhu's cock was eager
    to be out.
    "Mmphh. leas re-eas ee," Madhu tried to convey her message.
    Rekha however ignored her wife's plea and started suckling at Madhu's
    "Mmmmm hhmphff" Madhu purred in pleasure.

  • #500

    PriyaSri (Monday, 06 April 2015 01:08)

    Rekha trailed a series of kisses towards Madhu's navel. Rekha's left hand
    was kneading Madhu's left nipple while her right hand was caressing her
    balls. Madhu's balls had become darkish red due to lack of release and
    huge. It was indeed time for release. However Rekha had something else in
    mind. Rekha continued stroking Madhu's nipple while fondling with her
    "Huh huhhh mmmfff mmfff," Madhu was panting slightly.
    To tease Madhu further, Rekha stopped her fondling and moved away.
    "mmmmfffff aaaafffffff," Madhu cried in ecstasy.
    Rekha moved towards the toilet. When she had come in, she had brought a
    cane with her. Taking the cane in her hand, Rekha positioned herself
    behind Madhu.
    "Mmmmmffffffffff," Madhu tried to scream as the cane landed on her bare
    back leaving a red hot mark.
    "hhhmmffffff" Madhu cried. It was stinging real bad.
    "My wife, are you wondering why I am caning you?" Rekha asked in an angry
    Tears were coming from under Madhu's blindfold. Madhu shook her head.
    "About two weeks ago, my Mother had called a few friends home. She had
    commanded you to make good lunch. But you shirked your duty and back
    talked to her. How dare you?" Rekha screamed.
    "mmmmmfffffff" Madhu tried to convey that she was sorry.
    "If you think your punishment is over, you have got more coming," Rekha
    Madhu's erection has gone cold long ago. Now the only sensation she was
    experiencing was pain. Rekha caned Madhu for ten more strokes before she
    stopped. Madhu was sobbing behind her gag. Rekha pulled at Madhu's hair
    causing her to bend her neck backwards.
    "Now for the final part of punishment. You will have no free release. I
    will milk you now, right inside your cage. Your next release will be after
    you have apologized and corrected your behavior," Rekha whispered
    menacingly into Madhu's ears.
    "mmmmfffff" Madhu cried.
    Rekha resumed her caressing and fondling with Madhu. She squeezed Madhu
    balls, eliciting a squeal from Madhu. With one hand on Madhu's nipples
    another caressing her balls, Rekha started arousing Madhu. It was not long
    before Madhu was hard as a rock. Her cock had expanded but was now
    constrained under the tube of the chastity belt. Madhu arched her back for
    release. Rekha knew that Madhu was close to release. So she gathered a
    small bowl and positioned it right under Madhu's caged cock.
    To push Madhu over finally, Rekha inserted her index finger into Madhu's
    anus. When the finger penetrated Madhu arched her back.
    "mmmmfffffff" Madhu grunted.
    That seemed to do the trick, as Madhu's body started convulsing. Streams
    of white cum began to fall from the chaste cock into the bowl underneath.
    Few minutes later, Madhu seemed to have become quiescent.
    Rekha got up and removed Madhu's blindfold. She looked into Madhu's eyes.
    "Are you sorry for your behavior?" Rekha asked quietly.
    The quiet tone of Rekha's voice conveyed that she was hurt. Madhu realized
    this. She nodded.
    "Do you love me? Rekha asked.
    Madhu nodded vigorously.
    Rekha undid Madhu's gag and put it aside.
    "Do not speak. Right under you is a bowl. It is filled with your own cum.
    Clean it up completely."
    Rekha quickly unlocked the cuffs and then sat on the toilet seat. She
    produced a video camera and started recording. Madhu now knew her
    humiliation would be shown to the other members of the family. Her
    penetrating gaze was like bullets to Madhu. Knowing that Rekha was hurt,
    Madhu got on all fours and tasted her own cum. It was higly salty and
    slightly sour. Madhu grimaced. However one look at Rekha and Madhu knew a
    lot more was expected of her. Quickly Madhu started licking her own cum.
    About five minutes later, Madhu had cleaned up the complete bowl. Her
    mouth was aching, and it tasted so bad, that instinctively Madhu reached
    for the mouthwash. However, Rekha beat her to it.
    "No mouthwash for you. I want you to taste it all day. Now, make a bath
    for me and then go prepare some breakfast," Rekha ordered before storming
    out of the bathroom.
    Madhu sobbed and grimaced. The pain in her back was making it's presence
    known. However, Madhu's day was just starting.

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    PriyaSri (Monday, 06 April 2015 01:09)

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    JRS #Jessica Rani Shilpa (Monday, 06 April 2015 03:05)

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    radha (Monday, 06 April 2015 05:25)

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    JRS (Monday, 06 April 2015 12:35)

    Unexpected 4:

    Sharmila shouted, where is the bindi Salim? My boss were just crossing, he smiled and questioned sharmila, what sharmila, teasing Salim? Poor guy yar. Leave him alone, with that note he left‎, sharmila smiled, howz that Sabina? Too bad sharmila, I thought u r my friend, s Sabina I'm your friend she said silently, I like the way u try to hide your bra, but have you ever noticed it's actually visible at your back? What? I was dumbed with that question. Sharmila is that true? , she laughed out loud. So you really are wearing a bra, caught u!!! Now I felt too bad how much of a fool I am to get caught on my own mouth!, sharmila sat next to me, now Salim u don't have a choice, come on put this on, she gave me her bindi from her purse, I begged her please sharmila everyone in this office will tease me, it's okay I'll support you come on she kept one bindi,took her purse styled my eyes with mascara, and put some lipstick. Showed me her small vanity mirror, yes I looked like a woman, but I'm in office, I cried sharmila please stop, she didn't heard me took me a photo and went her place and started working, I didn't went out of my cabin. Even for break, sharmila noticed this and came at evening, I see you are not coming out Sabina may I know why?, don't u know why sharmila? I asked back, whoa how angry is Sabina is, u forgot that all are still working here. She went silently and back to her seat, at the end of office hours, people started peeking out my cabin, murmering something, I could barely hear their gossip, what a guy I know he is into something, but didn't know he is a transgender bitch, I was shocked to hear that, that's all because of sharmila, after office hours again sharmila caught me gave me some tissues to full my bra cup, I begged her, she said tomorrow you will meet the unexpected if you keep doing this way, she said, they are already started talking about me I said, yes it's for your own good Sabina, sharmila replied, I couldn't talk back, she did filling up my cups. And took me in her bike, she dropped me at my home, hiding my tears I slowly walked into home, I had another shock waiting, my MIL seen my hidden bra and panty collections while arranging clothes in this new house, when I entered she were too silent, my wife was in shop, managing business,  I went to my washroom, cleared my makeup and came out my MIL stood there and to remove my shirt, I said why go out aunty let me change my dress, yes Salim you can change but before that you better show me the bra you are wearing, I showed her, well Salim you are very naughty on the inside isn't it, tomorrow you have to wear this blouse, it may look like a shirt but that is actually a blouse you can find how the collars look, and look at these pants, oh sorry leggings, and these shoes, isn't it pretty?, you are wearing all this tomorrow to office with your stupid old bra and panty, if you try to play with me, your poor wife may also will get humiliated too . With that note she went , to be continued...

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    Unexpected 5:

    Next day morning. My wife went early for her business, I was alone with my MIL again, she gave me the dress to wear, It was very humiliating‎, coz after wearing that my bra was completely visible through that shirt, everyone will easily see that I'm wearing a bra, plus the pant is very tight on my male part and fit at my butt, the tightness of the pant actually pulled back my male part and it looks very flat, with the open toed shoes, I looked like a college girl, fun apart, how am I going to face the world, MIL came in she laughed out loud, and Salim you better wear a saree pa, this dress actually make you look more a dirty girl, I questioned back, aunty why are you doing this to me? She said you are not man enough Salim, I saw you many times wearing bra to office, plus my daughter told me how useless you are in bed with her, as a husband you don't deserve to be man, be happy Salim I am actually encouraging you to be d house wife. No other MIL will do this, don't worry I will somehow convince my daughter to get married with current CEO of the company you work with, I was completely broken hearing all this, I took my old jerkin in my bag and came out of house, started walking down the road towards office, I went with jerkin inside office. No one have much notice to my pants and shoes, I felt lucky and got back to my cabin, removed my jerkin and started working, my intention of working is completely lost, all the words MIL said was going through my mind, again my hell time has come back, sharmila from somewhere she jumped into my cabin calling me Sabina, Sabina you look lovely dear, I begged her again please don't say sharmila I'll do anything for you, sharmila said I don't need anything Sabina, calm down I won't shout, with that she took her bag, and gave me one bright red  bindi , I looked at her with tear in my eyes, sharmila came close to oh Sabina what is this? I just heard my girlfriend saying I'll do anything for you sharmila. And here she is crying? No Sabina she kept bindi and styled my hair like a pixie cut and placed feminine reet on my hair, and gave me a smokey eye makeover, completing all this, she made me stood up and she sat on my cabin, and asked me to go cafeteria and call the housekeeping lady to bring tea for CEO, Sharmila! Are you talking to me? Yes Sabina, I'm not mad yo talk with this computer, come on go fast she said, I still tried to stay back at my cabin, house keeping lady crossed my cabin, sharmila called her and told her she is Sabina new PA for CEO, please take her and show the cafeteria, she called me Sabina and took me to cafeteria, the entire floor was looking at me, and people started laughing, some shown their face, It was very humiliating , orderd tea and came back to my cabin, told sharmila, sharmila please stop this the entire office had seen me, people are laughing at me, please stop this, I sat there on floor and started crying, sharmila helped me stand up and took me outside I was shocked again, hiding my tears I was looking at floor, sharmila loudly said hey friends look over here for a minute. We have an update on our floor, As you all know this is our Salim, he desperately wants to be a girl, we all are going to support her by calling her Sabina, we all should give a big clap, as he gave his job to me and he took over my PA job, please give a big applause all!!! Everybody Clapped, my career is gone, now I'm a PA, I have two options go to office as a girl, or stay home with MIL, what should I do?...

    To be continued.....‎

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    Unexpected 6:

    Standing like a woman in front of all employees made me so weak, I quickly went and settled at CEO office, CEO didn't came today, I was just simply sitting idle and thinking how I'm going to escape this situation and get my male life back, I have to go home but not like this, my MIL will definitely wait for me with a saree, if my wife saw me like this what will happen? I was sitting there crying the whole day, sharmila didn't turn back, I went to my cabin, I mean her cabin, she called me in, yes Sabina how can I help you? , Sharmila I can't go home like this, I said, she said okay don't go, I asked back where will I go then? She said ok come to my house, I felt releived and thanked her for helping me, she replied not yet Sabina, you can thank me later, I was thinking what she actually have in her mind, after office hours we left she took me in her bike, as I was feeling shy to come out like that, sharmila gave her shawl to tie and cover my face, we reached her home,‎ she took me inside, and she started refreshing, I was sitting silently in hall, sharmila called me from her room Sabina, go and start refreshing, I'll keep you some good clothes so that you can go home safe, I felt happy hearing that, went to her restroom, cleared off my makeup , she called from outside Sabina if you don't mind can you wash my restroom, my maid is on leave This week pls, I'll pay for you she replied, I sound back, no sharmila no thanks, I'll do it for free, finally in hope of getting my male version back, I happily did it for her and came out of room and to my shock no clothes were der, I went to hall asked sharmila where are my clothes are, she replied I can't give you my bra and panties mind it, I can help you only with my clothes, I smiled don't joke ya, pls I will forget my name Salim, come on get me a pant and shirt I have to go home, she smiled are you kidding, you are going home Salim, but not as a Salim as Sabina. She dragged me to her room and showed me her wardrobe see, find pant and shirt if possible, I have designer saree to cotton saree choose any one I'll give you my spare old petticoat and blouse, but you have to replace with a new one for me mind it, I was confused feeling very mad and broken, I asked her my old pant shirt this is enough for me go home I said, she pointed out a dog at her doorstep it's her dog and the dog pee on my clothes, shit I thought to myself, I got cheated with this stupid psycho, I got no choice left started wearing her old petticoat, it was a neat fit and her blouse, a crystal clear fitness, I didnt expected that, actually I was admiring myself in mirror and started drapping saree, I used her makeup and decided to go home as a woman, but before that I heard a noise in the hall, now it's two girls chatting each other, oh my god, how can I go out, I completely made myself as a woman, I can easily put two men on my feet with my shape, but I'm not ready for a humiliation, I locked the door and waited for that new girl to leave, now I heard bed room knocked my sharmila and asking me to come out, I could hear both girls still chatting.... Sharmila said Sabina you can go home safe with this, come on out... she called..... I opened door wearing her beautiful designer saree, walking feeling myself completely as a woman, but.... and and and..... to be continued ‎.....

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    Teja Ramya, I will write the story maid, after Unexpected!

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    JRS (Friday, 10 April 2015 12:14)

    Unexpected 7:

    Sharmila knocked the door, asked me to come out, with some confidence I started to feel like a woman and walked feeling womanly, sharmila have bought a Kurta for me to go home safe, Sabina hope this is enough for you to reach home safe, and there comes the shock the lady who sold the kurta is none other than my MIL, she laughed out loud and thanked sharmila for making me such a beautiful woman, she said, sharmila u called her Sabina? Well that's a nice name anyway, how did you made him wear a saree, I know he is worthless to be a man in my house, I was actually asking him to quit his job or end up home stay wearing saree, but Salim has gone a step ahead and started becoming a girl in public, I was facing the earth on shame, please MIL help me go home safe. I'll quit my job, I want to be me again, if my wife see me like this she will throw me out aunty, please help, I begged, but aunty replied yes Salim you are going to be thrown out not by your wife by me, with that note sharmila and aunty pulled me out of the house and closed the door, aunty said go home like this, else go with some man, I don't care, I told you to quit job, but u didn't, now get out, she left, standing outside the house wearing a saree is very stupid, people crossed by her home all were looking at me, I took my pallu covered my head like a normal house wife and started walking home, it's about 7 kms, it was nice walking down the road wearing a heavy saree, my feelings towards womanhood were raising at the same time, where will I go, how will I face my wife, will she accept me as who I am, or she will also throw me out just like MIL did, all these thoughts were running in mind, my MIL house came, the door were open, I slowly started walking in, MIL shouted where are you going Sabina, aunty sorry about everything I'll take care of accounts, please let me change, she stopped me, u stay this way Salim, u have guts to roam around the world in saree, why not you face your wife like the way you are, don't worry I'll support you, you can stay here as an accountant, and get paid, but as a woman!, she didn't let me change, I wish god to take my life right away for what's happening, this day is the worst day ever in history, my manhood is completely broken into pieces, I'm here sitting in middle of the house wearing sharmila's saree and MIL was waiting for her daughter at the door, she came in, asked me to go and welcome her, aunty what are you saying, please she is coming let me change, go Salim, Sabina I mean, go Sabina help your boss to keep her things, or go out! , with no choice I slowly walked towards the door, my wife saw me and handed me the things, she questioned what is this Salim? My MIL interfered she is Sabina from today onwards , what are you saying mom, he is my husband, how could you let this happen Salim, my MIL said he made this happen, he walked 5 miles wearing that saree, and flirting boys, he is not the man you married,et him go out and beg to live the life he wants, or you decide he may stay home handle accounts of our business, my wife started crying, you did all this to yourself Salim, why did you married me then, you useless, I still love you, and that's the only reason you are here, never ever come again in front of me as Salim, I'll kill myself, you can stay home as the way you are, and end your life, CEO Prakash is been following me for a month, he is the man, with money and manliness, With that more my wife went inside bedroom, my MIL laughed and came next to me, you never have to secretly wear bra and hide under your clothes, you are a woman now I helped you, be thankful, and stay Sabina, she left, no one let me talk, what I have in mind is this, yes, this is what I want I want to become a woman, but never the way I expected. It's totally UNEXPECTED , My life begins, I Am Sabina......

    The End ‎

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    JRS (Sunday, 12 April 2015 03:30)

    I may not able to post any stories this week, We'll see fresh story after this week,

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    JRS (Tuesday, 14 April 2015 05:04)

    I'm a :

    Part 1:

    I'm Kathir, studying college, i may discontinue my education very soon as I'm very poor in all my subject, and I'm not interested to study at all, I'm planning to live with the money that come from my dad business, I'm only son of a big rich family, my father. Mother died in an accident, my house is maintained with so many maids, all Junior maids have to wear a cotton saree, saree skirt and blouse should be lavender in color. That's the uniform of these maids, there are 3 Senior maids, Kasthuri, abirami, kamatchi, these three are living in my house and maintaining my big house by themselves, all are getting normally paid with food, when my dad was alive. He made a separate quarters for all these maids to live, I've never been into their quarters, but their dressing room is behind our kitchen, I had visited there few times, all the dirty smell, and the sweating aroma from their dress, skrits and blouse will be hanging there, but sarees, will be kept neatly folded. That's all about my house, and now my dad's business is took care my father's sister, I've never seen her, but she have seen me so, my dad's a photographer, always taken dozens of my photo and share it in his office, he always used to comment me I always looked like my mother, I wish so, yes, I looked like my mother, probably not 100% coz I'm a guy, but my eyes lips face shape will definitely look like my mother dress, I still have my mother's wardrobe safe in our house, I would like to give a visit to that room once, since I'm obviously not interested in any of the studies I volunteered to discontinue my studies, I started from my home, I didn't have any money. So I had to walk till college, or get a lift from someone else, most of the time I get lift from people, many of the people will respond good, but some will talk too much as if we are forcing them to drop in our location, my college Is a coed so before I reach my college. I'll take my handkerchief and tab it on my face to get rid of oily skin, I went to the head mistress of the college And informed why I'm quitting college, she asked some guardian to come and sign for me, first I thought about my father's sister, her name is Lalita, after a very very long gap I got a chance to meet the current M.D of this company and my workers, I went in, and one of her PA asked me to wait in her room, Lalita came and introduced herself and I told it's me Kathir she got shocked, and looked my face for a while, oh you are my brothers only daughter right? Oh did I said daughter, I'm so sorry Kathir, so how is life, I said good, she complimented me about my dressing and hairstyle, she said I look just like my mom, as I'm not cutting my hair for about 6 months, a little trim in the front will actually give a bangs,make my hair look like my mom she said, I smiled back, oh is it, thanks aunty, I will keep my hair like this itself, I'm happy with that I replied, and she asked what's the matter, I told about my decision of getting out of college, she looked me weird and asked why, I told her I'm not interested in studies at all, plus I'm old enough to get my dad's property back, and I think I can live with the current profit of this company earnings, her face turned little rude now, so Kathir if you are not continuing your studies, how will you manage this big company, as a MD I'm not ready to handover this successfully running company to an illiterate, would u? She questioned me,I said aunty, u run the company, I'm talking about the earnings, a little earnings are enough for me, she asked then who will pay for the dozens of maids living in your house, I kept silent, she said, Kathir go and finish your studies I know how to solve all this, you carry on with your work, I know how to put an end to all this, but aunty, please let me quit the college I seriously don't want to study, she asked then what r u going to do for the living Kathir, I can't simply pay you just for simply sitting at home, what are you going to do after quitting college, sleep? Cook? Or wash your bathroom, restrooms? Or wash the floor? Like a maid? Get the hell out of here Kathir, she screamed, I silently came out of office ....

    To be continued...‎

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    Ashwini (Tuesday, 14 April 2015 05:44)

    Abroad ..........Part 1
    "Passengers travelling by DW 303 from Amsterdam to Boston are requested to proceed to Gate No. 62. " The announcement brought me back to reality. I was waiting for the announcement of the connecting flight, halfway during my journey from Delhi to Boston. I was struggling to stay awake, due to the late departure from India and time zone changes. "Here is your Boarding Pass Mr. Anurag Tripathi. Have a pleasant journey." The blonde European girl gave me the fake smile and threw the stereotyped statement at me, pronouncing my name in a weird accent. I settled into my place after dumping my cabin luggage atop my seat, and drifted into sleep.
    The flight ultimately landed in Boston, as per the evening time there. I checked out of the airport, after immigration and security check, claiming my 2 large size bags. I was there to study my Master's in the prestigious University . What was even better was that I was going to stay at my elder brothers' home, that was a few miles away . My brother Chirag had married an Indian girl, Neeti ,just a month ago, who was born and brought up there only, who had Indian roots , but had never been to India. They had married in US and Chirag was planning to visit us in Christmas break.
    I saw a native american, in a cap, holding the placard showing my name. I came forward. He nodded, asked me to follow him with the nod of his capped head. It was a hired taxi, which moved sleekly along the evening crowd, away from the airport, into thinning crowds. The dusk was settling in, the August sun was pale golden yellow, hiding below the outline of the hill.
    The car stopped in front of a large size 3 story wooden building, so typical like many others i saw when we had reached into suburbs. It was very quiet. The driver went to the back side, placed the baggage on the doorstep. I was reaching my wallet, trying to draw out some dollars I had taken for the journey. "No. It is already paid, Enjoy Maan!" The man smirked, started the engine and moved out.
    I looked around. There were very scattered houses. Far away from each other, to ensure absolute privacy. I looked up at 'my' home. It was nice, new and looked classy. I knew Chirag would not have been able to afford this, but for his inlaws. He had got this house as a marriage present, from Mr. Grewal, his FIL. It was more like the 'Princess and half the kingdom' from the ancient tales.
    I did not expect such a cold welcome. I walked onto the small street running in front and looked at the house, checking for signs of human presence. Some rooms were lit up. Chirag knew i was coming, and why this? is this the way to receive your brother who has travelled almost 22 hours from the other side of the world?
    I stepped towards the door and rung the bell. Wind chimes sounded somewhere in the interior and i heard a loud click and the door swung open automatically. I was expecting a face behind the door, but there was none. It was automatic door. The door led to a wide and about 4 feet long passage, leading to a nicely lit, beautifully decorated hall. I dragged my bags slowly, one after other along the wooden floor. I was watching the entire surroundings. The hall had a blend of Indian as well as native artifacts. Luxurious beige colored sofa set, big flower vase , with bright colored fresh tulips was giving a rich feel to the entire place.
    "Hey.....Anu..You must be Anu...right?" I startled, hearing the sharp girl voice, coming from my right side. I looked there and was short of words. It was my Bhabhi - Neeti. She was far more charming and beautiful than what we had seen in photos shared by Chirag. My parents were upset, infact hurt, that Chirag took such a major decision without even informing them. Yes, bhabhi was beautiful, but belonged to a very, very rich successful business family. Not what the parents expected , or thought they could handle. But...that was past.
    I was offcourse not expecting my modern , newly wed bhabhi in a sari, but seeing her in tight jeans and tight fit deep blue top was quite something......Her midnight black shoulder length hair were flowing over her milky slim shoulders. Her dainty nose and shapely figure made her no less than goddess. I was just gasping at her. It was natural for a 22 year old young boy , in close proximity with a voluptuous girl. Neeti knew the effect she was having. Perhaps many like me were affected .....regularly.
    "Welcome Anu...." She beamed. " name is Anurag..not Anu...." Neeti shrugged her shoulders in a so-be-it manner. "I love short names and Anu fits into that. Your brother has gone for business tour. So I arranged for your pick up. Welcome. Your room is set up. You would have a nice stay .....i am sure. We will ensure it."

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    Priya (Tuesday, 14 April 2015 20:46)

    JRS story super... Continue...

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    ASHU (Wednesday, 15 April 2015 05:02)

    Ashwani story superb conti.....

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    sam (Wednesday, 15 April 2015 11:07)

    JRS each time you write the story is better than the last one. Please continue is simply superb.

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    raj (Wednesday, 15 April 2015 11:19)

    Aishwni after long time u came to write stories iam waiting please continue.

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    priyadharshini (Thursday, 16 April 2015 12:08)

    jrs ur story really suberb plz continue

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    priyadharshini (Thursday, 16 April 2015 12:08)

    jrs ur story really suberb plz continue

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    ria (Thursday, 16 April 2015 13:52)

    The red silk blouse fitted me nicely. Though borrowed from my neighbour aunty who got married recently, it seemed like it was made for me. My elder sister smiled as she did the final touches on my lips. All this really felt different.
    Hi people my name is siddarth, ii am 22 years old, slim like real waist just measure 28inches, i am 5’5’’ tall, fairer then many Indian girls and minimal body hair. We are 8 people in our friend group out of which 5 are boys and 3 are girls. It was the last week of college and so we all decided to have a party. A private party just for our gang. Just before the the party me and my friend astha got into a chess match, the looser had to do whatever the winner would ask. The match was all calm and good but then me and astha got into a conversation which ended up into an argument. I was there speaking that women were bad drivers while she was not ready to give up upon the fact. After an hour of game play astha won the match. Now it was my time to do what ever she would ask me to do. I was asked to pick up a chit out of four and what ever was to be written had to be done.
    I picked up a chit and and gave it to astha. She was giggling and that giggle didn’t sound good......felt like somethin’s fishy. I asked her to let me know about the deal and she handed me the slip. DRESS UP AS A NEWLY WED GIRL.....shit!!!!!!! no way was my reaction........karna to padega hi tmkoo!!!and yeh hi nhi ghar se yaha tak khud car drive karke bhi aana padega!!!
    I was in no way ready for this....i tried to argue but the outcome was a sentimental blast.......kar le na last party hai, fir pata nhi kab mile.........i tried to resist but then all was of no use finally i agreed. The party was tomorrow and all i had were 24 hours to paln out stuff so that no-one at my house gets to know. The only problem was my elder sister as my dad had gone for a business trip and mom had accompanied him to the same. I reached home and setteled in my room. I planned to steal few of my sister’s cloths and a bit of makeup. Being of the same size would help i thought.
    I reached my home and and found nobody in there. I went into my sisters cupboard and took out a salwar kameez from her cupboard. Also i fetched lipstick and some other cosmetics. While no-one was home i searched for makeup on youtube and tried to learn some. Since i tried it the first time i looked disheaveled. So i went in to the washroom to wash off the makeup. It was 15 mins later that i came out finding my sister fiddling with my laptop. i ran to close the laptop lid but then it was all too late......kya chal raha hai yeh sab?? She asked with a smile on her face............ladki banne ka shauk hai?????? I was standing there frozen and out of words.....the situation was hell for me. Dii holded me from my arm and came close.........sid kya kar rha hai tu???? And mere kapde tere rum mein kaise...and yeh makeup tutorials ka kya karna hai tereko??? Kuch hai toh bata......
    I was red.....embarrassed with the whole situation. Go wear something and meet me at the dining table. She walked out of the room with her belongings. My sister ankita is 4 years older than me and is the closest person to me. I wore a t=shirt and went to her......hmm ab bata kya hua??? In sab ki zaroorat kyu padi tereko?? Having no option i told her everything...............she was laughing like anything. she was all over the place finally the humiliation ended...toh tu yeh salwar kameez pehen k jayegii...pagal ladkii....the word ladki sent shivers inside my body............toh kya?? I don’t know i replied. She asked me when is the party and i replied it is tomorrow evening. It was already 8 in the evening. She asked me to go to the market while she would arrange for the dress. I was asked to bring a few creams and some food to eat for dinner. When i was back.....we had a silent dinner......all what was said was that i need to be awake early next morning.

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    ria (Thursday, 16 April 2015 13:57)

    It was 8 am when my sister woke me up. She handed me a cup of tea and asked me if i was ready. I shyly nodded to her. Kya baat hai meri ladki........sharmaa rahi hai tu toh!!!! I just hitted my sister on her arm with minimal force......aae hayee nazakat!!! She teased.
    She asked me to get out of the bed and take bath. as i did so she said that she would prepare for further things. When i came out i wore my towel on my waist......i wasn’t able to find my sister around. After an hour she was back. I was looking into the mirror posing like a girl. Ahem!!! Ahem!!! My sister interrupted from behind.....behna meri abhi se itna......she teased again. She asked me to sit on the chair......she first holded my hair back by the hair band and started applying face pack n my face. Since i donot have any facial hair, it was an easy job for her. She then appled hair removal cream on my arms, tummy and legs to make them smooth. While she did my hair removal my face pack also dried up. She cleansed my face and asked me to again take bath. after i was out she asked me to wear her cream bath gown. I knew there was no running out so i simply and shyly followed her instructions. She made me sit on the chair again and started applying mehnidi on my hands. I scolded her and threw the cone away and ran back to my room.
    I threw the bathing gown and changed into my clothes. After mins i heard a knock on my door. It was my sister on the door. She came and sat beside me. Sid....sorry...i got carried away......mereko laga ki ab bss 2 months bache hai meri shaadi ko, meri koi behen toh hai nhi toh aaj tereko hi........and there was a tear in her eye...........i wasn’t able to see her.....she said that she won’t apply mehendi and other stuff....and went out of her room............i sat was when i realised that 2 months later my sister would not be here with me as she would fly to Sweden after her marriage. So lets do everything now and enjoy these moments. I took of my clothes and went wore my sister’s bathing gown again. I went to her room but she wasn’t there, finally after searching the whole room i found her on the terrace. I went to her holding the mehendi cone in my hand. She hugged me tight and said sorry.
    For me i just knew that now i had to follow her. She took me to her room and applied mehendi on both my hands......she made the design up till my elbow. While my mehendi was getting dry she applied some light foundation on my face. She then started the eye makeup. 20 Minutes later she finished colouring my eyes. I looked different by now. She opened her shopping bags and took out fake eye lashes. She carefully adjusted them on my eyes. She then applied mascara on them. I felt akward.....the eyelashes gave a new look all together, she then took out the kajal and applied it in my eyes. Shit!! I looked eyes looked sleek, shaped like beauty, the eyeliner and the eye shadow had made them wonders. She then shaped my eye-brows a bit. They are naturally quite thin but she then just shaped them like a girl. We were already running late it was 1 pm and i had to leave by 4. We took some rest and allowed the mehendi to dry. After an hour we started again.....
    The mehdi gave dark colour.........are meri jaan...tera pati bht pyaar karega terese, my sister teased me......i just blused again. She brought me back to the room and started again. She started to attach fake nails on my fingers, these were long, she painted my 20 nails with hot red colour. In the meanwhile i heard some-one coming toward our room.
    I was scared like anything, my sister ran towards the door. I thought that she went to close it but then she welcomed some-one inside......shit shit shit!!!! I tried to hide my face but than it was of no use......i found ridhi aunty inside the room....she was smiling looking at me.......she had a few bags too in her hands.......i was there with my face down....she came and lifted my head by the chin........are bht sundar lag raha hai. I was now really angry on my sister. Ridhi aunty cooled the situation.....koi naa..mai kisi ko nhi bataungii...mai help karne aai hu.......what help i asked my sister. You would get to know she replied.

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    ria (Thursday, 16 April 2015 14:12)

    My sister then again started.....she applied some blush on my cheeks to mark my cheek bones.....she then applied red lipstick on my lips. And there my face was made up. I looked beautiful till sister then asked me to get up.....she handed me a panty along with a bra......i don’t need it i said......u would now just go and wear it......she sounded quite strict.....i went to the washroom and slid the frilly netted red panty over my smooth legs. These panties were padded and gave my buttocks some more flesh......i tried to wear the bra but after much struggle i was unable. I called my sister and she hooked it behind. I came out of the washroom covering my red bra with hands. So u brought wedding night collection for her......ridhi aunty asked my sis.....she nodded joyfully.........whyy???? why do i need to wear this i sister didn’t reply. She started stuffing the padded bra with some cotton. Now my chest looked much like a girl’s breats, round and curvy. While ridhi aunty and my sis were admiring me in the bikini....i grabbed my sisters dupatta lying on the bed and covered my breast.....wait a minute my chest............are ladkiii.....itta kya sharmana.....yaha kaunsa koi ladka hai....kyu ridhi dii said my sis........are sharam toh ladki ka gehna hota hai sharmane de isko bhi...said aunty..i stood there in embarrassment...........
    Ridhi aunty then unpacked her bags..........there came out a beautiful red saree with a lot of embriodary on it, she also brought her jewellery along with those red bangles.i was first asked to wear a pair of 3” heels which were brought by aunty and looked like of a newly wed woman.....glittry designed, heavy, then My sis took the blouse and made me wear it. It was silky it was covered my boobs perfectly, my sis tied the knots behind, a bit tightly just to irritate me. It now felt different. Breathing took lot more effort. My boobs moved up and down rhythmically. she then made we wear the petticoat, then came the saree,,,,,,,,,,,it was very heavy. Ridhi aunty helped my sister with the pall and the pleats. My sister intentionally tied the saree much below , my navel and made a thin pallu exposing my right boob. She did the final touches to the saree. It was really feeling different. The embriodary was at places hurting my waist and the soft cloth was turning me on. The air passing through my navel gave me a different feeling.the pleats made things different, the bottom felt heavy. the pallu hanging from the left shoulder......surreal..
    It was then i was made to wear 24 bangles in each hand, those red bangles were making me crazy. Even the slightest of movement made too much noise. Then she inserted jhumkas into my already piereced ears...the jhumkas were long to touch my shoulder, i had already started to feel too heavy......the came the gold was big and covered all my chest over the blouse. My sis then tied the mangal sutra around my neck. It came dangling over my new found boobs. Next my sister made me wear her engagement ring. the ring stood out over my girls hands, the diamond stole the show. I started feeling girly and was now enjoying the movement. The jewellery the touch of them was making me feel a girl.
    It was then my sister made me wear the wig. The hair came till half of my back. She styled them and left them open. I was all made now. She made me to stand up and checked her work............
    Omg!! I felt like....................................she took me to the full length mirror.........i looked hair complimented my beauty, the tightly tied saree gave my figure a better look, the mehendi,ring,nail paint and those bangles gave my hand look so girls, the jhumkas made me look tradiotional and the necklace and the mangal sutra enhanced the beauty..........i looked different,,,,,,,,ridhi aunty and my sis stood behind smiling..............i kept my one hand on my waist and brought the pallu forward with another....i looked into the mirror and found a woman in the reflection

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    ria (Thursday, 16 April 2015 14:28)

    Zara chal k toh dikha ria........i was in a different world.. riaaaaaaaa my sister shouted and i came out of my dreams..there was nothing i was able to speak......riaaa chal k toh was then when i realised my sister called me ria.....i walked....the heels gave a all new stance, the pleats restricted my movements, i took small steps to maintain balance, and lifted my pleats a bit for ease.....kya baat ria tu toh seekh gayi saree mein chalna....ridhi aunty commented. It was 4 sister handed me a golden clutch, in it were a few essentials, a lipstick, eyeliner, mascara. My sister also gave me a ladies hanky. She then taught me how to hold the clutch while walking. Something’s sister said and ran out of the room......
    Kaisa lag raha hai ria....ridhi aunty asked.......ajeeb i said....are ladkia aise nhi bolti......she taught me a girly voice. Finally i learned it. My sister was still not the meanwhile aunty taught me a few basics of how to sit, adjusting the pallu, how to keep he hairs behind the ears with the fingers and the most important how to walk like a girl. After 8-10 time i performed all things properly. While i was talking to ridhi aunty in my girly voice, my sis came in. She gave me her driving license and the asked me to close my eyes. I did so...............she tied something to my toes and something to my head......when i opened my eyes i realised she made me wear payals and put sindoor on my hair partition.
    Ab lag rhi hai tu shadi shuda........i smiled back...thanku didi......are kya baat ladkii ki tarah baat bhi karti hai tu. She did the final touches on my lips and then sprayed me with ladies perfume. We clicked pics together. I was then ready to head to the party. I walked as i was taught....i was trying to get my reflection everywhere possible, i holded the cluth with my phone and other important things inside. The hanky made me look more girly. Each step of mine made some noise. Each step mademe feel more of a girl. I stepped out of my house, my heart beating fast behind my newly found assets..........i sat in the car, my sis and ridhi aunty helped me to adjust my saree and the pallu as i sat. My sis wished me all the luck. Finally i took off.
    30minutes later i reached the party.....the gang had their jaws dropped after seeing me, i looked like a newly married woman. Astha came and teased.....c even woman are good drivers....i smiled and replied i know. The girls were really exited to see me that way. The guys on the other hand were busy teasing. I was made to do a cat walk in the party which i did quite nicely,i was asked to change to a higher pair of heels, the girls wanted to peep in to know if i was wearing a bra and were more concerned about the panty stuff. We enjoyed a lot....i came back later late at night, my sister welcomed me and i thanked her for everything.........she said i looked beautiful.....i said we have a few more days alone......she knew what i meant...i was enjoying it.......i changed into a nighty......the newly wed bride was still there to have more fun..........i tied my hair into a bun........and slept.........there was much fun awaiting...

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    Poornima (Thursday, 16 April 2015 14:46)

    Awesome Ria.. More episodes please

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    ria (Thursday, 16 April 2015 23:48)

    It was the next morning. I was awake and my sister was busy in the kitchen. I stepped out of the bed to go towards my sister. I catched a glance of mine in the mirror. I looked cute. The mehendi had become much darker now, the sindoor faded away a bit but was still there. I adjusted the mangalsutra to my comfort. My hair looked disheaveled. I somehow managed to grab hold of them. My lipstick looked real bad, so i somehow managed to fill the lips myself. I looked into the mirror again. I did look like a cute married woman. I searched in my sister’s dressing table to find a bindi. I found a red one matching to my nighty. I placed it on my forehead and then decided to go to my sister.
    Are madam aap uth gayi.....accha hua aap mayke mein hai, sasural hota toh aapki saas jaan nikal deti aapki. i blushed making me red hot....are kya baat......sasural k naam pe itni sharam.........i just sat on the chair with my legs crossed. It was feeling akward. The air rushed all the way to my panties through the nighty, the heaviness of my breast gave me a new posture, and the makeup and jewellery a feminine feeling. I just grabbed the tea cup and sipped the tea.....omg!! these bangles were making me go crazy.......they made my movements even more feminine.......dii....i said in my girly pitch......haan bol..............aaj kya karna hai??????
    My dii came close to me and sat near me, while she sat she observed me...........are kya baat meri behna, lipstick, bindi..naya hairstyle.....lagta hai koi bahut khush hai........aisa kya kia aapke pati dev ne she teased me.........i just hitted her on her arm again.......and tried not to blush much....i kept my hair behind my ears.........chal uth tu, and ja kar naha k aa....baki dekhte hai kya karte hai.....maine ridhi ko bhi bulaya hai....... i just smiled and went to the bathroom. Before me going in, my sister taught me how to wear the towel on my chest.
    It was 30 minutes later that i was out of the bathroom with my towel on my chest and my hair tied in towel, the makeup was all out now but i looked like a girl......i came out to the room, ridhi aunty and my sis were sitting there. Ridhi aunty turned back to see me first. Are riaa, bht sundar lag rhi ho tm, kisi ki nazar na lage tmko........i just smiled and stood there..unable to think what to do next. My ridhi aunty had brought another set of bags this time. She opened them and displayed the lingerie sets she brought for me. There were 4 of them, each more femenne than the other, more netted more frilly.....they looked like first night stuff. Go ahead select one for yourself...said ridhi aunty.....i shyly picked up a black and red pair, the panties in it were really thin and silky........kya baat ladki ko sexy dikhna sister commented........i ran back into the bathroom holding my towel.....i wore the panties which were again a bit padded, and somehow managed to wear the sexy padded bra.
    I came out of the bathroom wearing the towel again.......are kya baat......koi na ladki yaha teri saaas nhi aaegi tereko daatne, utar de yeh towel........i didn’t wanted to but after 2-3 times of request i had to do so.........ridhi went to shop for you and there is something we want to gift to you......i was sis gave me a box wrapped by gifting paper. I opened it up to find a pair of fake silicon breasts. I don’t need them girly voice........are itne pyaar se layi hai,and mummy papa bhi abhi 2 hafte k le nhi hai, har din thodina padded pehnegi.......i said sister asked me to unhook the bra and lie doen on the bed, she then placed the breasts on my chest and glued them. After five minutes she asked me to stand. It felt like too heavy. I was shown th mirror.....shit shit shit...these boobs had bulging out. My sister pinched me on the fake nipple....i was blushing red,,,,,,,dii i shouted in my girly tone..........and searched for my sis had it in her hand and the towel was already lost and gone. I covered by breasts with my hands. Ridhi aunty was enjoying the show.i ran towards her cupboard to find something to wear but the was quick enough to be there first. So she gave me a deal.....that i had to do a catwalk in the bikini i was wearing with high heels......with no option left i agredd......i grabbed the bra and hooked it asap........are ladkii badi ho gayi hai said ridhi aunty. My sister had some work so she left leaving me to ridhi aunty.

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    ria (Thursday, 16 April 2015 23:59)

    Ridhi aunty came to me and smiled. She asked me to wear the bath gown again. While i setteled down she said.....ria tu mereko meri behen ki yaad dilate hai......i just smiled back to her........sacchi mein agar tu ladki hoti na ladko ki line lag jaani thi yaha tere ghar k aage.....she teased me...kya ridhi aunty aap bhi naa...........aree Sharma kyu rahi hai tu........ab ladke line nhi marenge terepe toh kaun marega said ridhi aunty...........i just blushed but had no reply.......she came forward and kissed me on my cheek........thanku riaa........bht dino se meri behen ki yaad aa rhi thi...tereko dekh k accha lagta hai......
    She then asked me to sit on the chair. I sat with my legs together. The this time made me wear a new wig. The hair were a bit short. The wig was styled for seduction. The curls at the end made the look perfect for bikini. She then applied some foundation on my face....then a stroke of eyes were added with a new pair of fake eyelashes......she did the kajal and the mascara. Finally with the eyeshadow and the eyeliner she made my eyes look seductive. My lips were filled with hot red coloured lipstick.......and a lipgloss.......i looked sexy today till now...ridhi aunty was doing it slowly as my sis had some work that took time. She then brushed my hair.
    She then made me wear to loops in my ears, they were big enought to touch my shoulders,moving my head gave a new feeling all together, even the slightest movement of my head made the loops move......she then made me stand. I was given a pair of 4” heels. These heels were sexy, open toed, with a strap on the ankle,i somehow managed to get into those. Ridhi aunty asked me to walk in those. Taking small small steps made my bum move up and down.....hmm ladkii baat toh hai tere mein said ridhi aunty.........kyaa???i asked shyly......kuch nhii.....she said.......
    She then asked me to change. She gave me a red of shoulder kind of bikini. The bikini had just a few hooks behind. I managed to get into the bikini somehow and adjusted it to cover my boobs properly. The shape was such that the cleavage had to get exposed anyhow. I came out of the wasroom, ridhi aunty whisteled looking at me...........i blushed and asked ridhi aunty to tie the knots behind. My back was all exposed, ridhi aunty commented....kash aisi kamar humko mili hoti bhagwaan....iss ladki ko kya pata iske fayde.............she then gave me another set of panties.....those were orange i wore them.......shen then made a triangle out of a really thin multicoloured cloth and tied it diagonally over my panties. The cloth covered my bums and my middle. It covered my right tigh but exposed all the left part. It felt real akward. I tried to adjust it to cover a bit more part.....oye ria kya kar rhi hai.......aunty bht khula khula hai i said.....toh shart yaad hai na.......lakin fir bhi naa.........she came towards me smiling..........she had a long pearl necklace in her hand long enought to touch my navel.........she lifted my hair a bit and made me wear it, shen then folded the necklace as such that it became double layered, ehile one layer hanged over my boobs the other touched my color bones..........the white cold pearls were giving different sensations.....she then removed all my bangles and made me wear a triple layered pearl bracelet in my right hand.........

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    ria (Friday, 17 April 2015 00:05)

    Jaa zara dekh kaisi lag rahi hai tu sheeshe mein...said ridhi aunty.......i stod and tok those steps.....i could feel my boobs bpuncing inside my bikini though very less but the sensation was there........i could feel my hips dancing while i walked...up and down they did. It was when i reached the!!!! i was a model, the bikini enhance the look while the skirt kinoff hting made me look alluring,the panties peeping out a bit completed the beach look, the necklace i was in love with it, the danglers, the bracelet.......i was in a different world...the girly world.........the make was sensuous, my lips were ready to kiss material while my eyes tempting to get into a compromising position. I looked sexy.
    My sis wasn’t here, ridhi aunty asked me to cover up by that time if wished....i just nodded and wore the bathing suit. While there was nothing to do, ridhi aunty showed me some videos of bikini modelling......i had to do it this way i asked......haan toh........merese nhi hoga i said..........she then stood up and taunght me to walk,she taught me how to pose for the camera, chest out, buts out, tummy took 30mins for me to perfect it, my sister came to interrupt the proceedings.......ladkii kya chal raha hai....kuch nhi dii i said......wah ridhi tune toh isse sexy bana dia,,,,abhi toh shaadi hui hi hai iski, aur kita maaregi tu iske pati ko.......i bluhsed...dii aap bhi naa...please no pati wati...please..................
    My sister and ridhi aunty left me in the room with the instruction that i had to come out for the deal when they would was 10mins later i was asked to comein....i took off my bathing gown took a last glance, adjusted my skirt and bikini and off i sister sat there with ridhi aunty...staring at me.....i did what i was leg in front of another,small steps, the sister was out of words after my performance,she wanted it again and so i did!!!!
    My sister than asked me to wear a thin shirt and a better skirt upon my bikini. The shirt still exposed my bikini and cleavage, the skirt covered me till my sis along with me and ridhi aunty sat together talking......riaa......tere lie sahi mein ek ladka dhoondna padega........aunty nhi chahiye mereko koi i said............dekhte hai dekhte hai..........................................................

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    sam (Friday, 17 April 2015 13:36)

    JRS please continue ur story

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    nisha (Friday, 17 April 2015 16:02)

    Awesome jrs plz add girl as a bf of riddhi no boys plz...

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    Rani (Friday, 17 April 2015 18:51)

    Hii my name is Raja and girly name is rani. actualy i have big prblm. my elder broter is in hospital. he is patient of cancer. doctor said he is very serious and his operation will done as soon as possible. money. total operation charge is 1 lakh . i have only 25k. pls help my brother. only my brother is my family. i requested for all of you. i will return ur payment after 3 months. my accnt num is 157801512557 icici bank. pls help me and save my bro life

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    Roja (Friday, 17 April 2015 19:01)

    Add Indian girlie clothes ria.. I liked elder sister part but feel aunty is not needed in further parts..

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    Soyndarya (Saturday, 18 April 2015 01:55)

    World War 2016

    Date : 31st Dec 2015

    Entire world was ready to welcome new year same was us. Me Mahesh a 10 year boy and my 2 sisters Soundarya, lavanya, mom saraswati devi ,dad Nageshwar Kapoor , my mama harivansh rai, mami saumya kumari, and my cousine aaishwarya . My dad was having a big retail shop of girls cloths all over india. And my mama was having Jwellery shop all over india. We all celebrated 31st night and got to sleep.

    It was next day when we heard that there was a big blast in petrol mine at iraq. And the blast was so big that it was almost distroyed every thing. And the mine was burning till 4 months. But dut the huge lost all world economy was badly hurted and it was the main reason to start the world war. All europien and american contries along with india and japan got to one side and on another side were chin, rashia,austrelia and eslamic countries along with south african contries. Everyone was affected by the war.

    In year 2018 the world war was called off. There was huge life loss over 40% of men population was killed and no which was only 40 % of total population. But this is the not only problem the big was the the nuclear bombs which were used. Due to this there very bad side effects on entire humanity. Men were slowly becoming delicate women become more dominant and confidance. and now by the end of 2020 no man was having mustache and not a single hair on body except eye bros and head a d eye lashes. Though there was not many facial changes in woman but height of normal woman was increased one and half feet. Now avarage height of a women was 6 feet and 6 inch. And which was for men is below 6 feet. By the end of 2021 women breast was started to reduce and also small mustach was showing on there face there body become more muscular. While men become very delicate and also they stared to grow breast. Now by the end of 2022 men are having full c cup breast though they have a penis in between leg but the whole body was become so soft and feminine. While women were now fully confidant and almost ready to rule world.

    There were also some changes now every country was ruled by womens while men was in no picture not even permitted to go out of house without women. Men were only allowed to do household chores. Even they were not allowed to vote, drive they are strictly obey there mother and wifes

  • #553

    soundarya (Saturday, 18 April 2015 02:02)

    World war 2016

    Now back to our house i was now 18 years old now as per new noms of govt i have to write my name as Miss Mahesh Saraswatidevi Shenoy (not kapoor because my mom wanted her surname before marriage) my father name is Mrs. Nageshwar Saraswatidevi Shenoy. Though the war has stopped but problems for family was not reduced but they were increased. Due to physical changes in body womens now a day only wear pants and shirt also no jewelry though men were wearing Bra under there shirts but nothing more than that. Both my mothers business and my mamis business was in very very poor conditions both families having tons of loan on there head.

    on one fine day when we are having our dinner it means all womens in house i.e. my mom, 2 sisters, mami and aishwarya were having there dinner while we the men were serving the food to them. They were watching news on TV. And there was a breaking news on TV that now new govt has made new law for married men. And that was every mRriex man has to were MANGALSUTRA. Hearing this news aishwarya jumped from her sit and shouted in excitement "yes we have done it". No body could relise what was happening. Then my mom asked aishwarya what was going on. Aiahwarya explained it was her and her mother plan and using there political referance and spending lot of money the law has been passed is her idea only. Now definitely there business will increase.

    We all men were ashamed that now we the men has to wear MANGALSUTRA we had our dinner after women finished there. We all sat in our hall watching TV and also the discussion was on on the news. Aishwarya was telling it is just the start we will make men wear all the jewelry from toe to head. After some time watching tv every one gone in there room. while i was in hurry to finish my work in kitchen because i know that my love aishwarya was waiting on taries. I completed my work and gone up to teries.

    As i was entring on teris aishwarya come from behind and gave me hard kiss on my lips. I was trying to escape from situation. but couldn't do any thing in front of aishwarya's strength. After some time she released me. I shouted at her I Hate you she asked why i said because of you now dad and mama has to wear MANGALSUTRA. She said she is sorry but there in no other way we have to sell our jewelry. And asked "what about you ? You don't want to wear MANGALSUTRA." I was very embraced and tried to run away from there but she hold my hand and given one gift to me and said " tomorrow there is a function in our home and were these cloths. " I ran away from there

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    parimalla (Saturday, 18 April 2015 04:26)

    plz write more soundarya

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    ria (Saturday, 18 April 2015 06:47)

    The day passed by with us 3 chatting with each other. With each passing movement i became more of a girl. I learned sitting without exposing my panties to the world, adjusting my skirt as i sat. I was in love with myself. It was late in the evening that astha called me........hey sid......hum log kal ek party rakh rahe hai.......tu aaegi??? Aaegi she said........???? haan mai aa jaunga i said......jaunga nhi jaungi pagal........ashta mat chida tune dare dia tha maine kia ab aur nhi.....please i said.........accha theek hai sun phir......kal hum log ek girls nyt out maar rhe hai...bss mai preeti aur surbhi.......tu bhi aa jaa she said. What would i do in a girls night out i asked......please come na please.......we have been friends itte saala,nd nw to ek girls nyt out pen hi aa sakti...........i said no to her...........and went of to my sister.
    She was sitting on the bed talkin to her to be husband. Riddhi aunty had gone back to her place and i was alone then. I adjusted my hair a bit, and decided to go sit alone somewhere. I just wanted to be alone i guess. I went and sat near my house pool. I didn’t knew when i fell asleep. When i woke up i found astha standing in front of me......siddd tu kya???? Yeh kya hua????? I once more had no explanation. Ab to tereko aana hi padega hamari party mein warna mai sabko bol dungi kit u GAY hai!!!!
    Please astha nooo....i will come........good girl she said and came close to me. Sid terepe suit nhi karta hai.........and wo chod to yeh skirt blouse mein kyu hai??? I told her everything....she smiled and said chinta na kart tera secret mai kisi ko nhi bataungii...lkin tu please kal aa jaioo naa..........i loved her for that movement....and was not able to my girly tone i said.....MAI AA JAUNGI.......kya boli tu......jaungii.........she laughed and kissed me on my cheek. Ok my hot chick see you tomorrow at 7 at my place and haan......iss baar dulhan nhi ban kar should look sexy...........and she went away.
    Next morning i went up to di after freshing up myself. I was in her midi which barerly covered me up. She smiled at me and said...kya hua ria???kuch hua hai. I told her about the party...kya baat ladki tu toh popular ho gayi hai. She asked me to go wear her jeans and top and come back to her. I selected a blue jeans which was real tight and a white top which came up till my waist line. Kya baat kya choice hai my dii teased. She made me wear her flats and applied very light makeup. I asked her what was she upto. She just smiled and asked me to follow her.
    It was wen i was taken to the beauty parlour. I almost fainted about the thought of entering the place but my dii holded my hand and made me comfortable. I was made to sit of a chair and was made to strip to a gown. The beautician started her work. She waxed my already smooth arms and legs. Then she did my eyebrows and now seriously they looked girly. Then she applied a face pack. Meanwhile she did manicure and pedicure.
    After an hour or so i was ready to face the mirror. I looked completely different. My face looked like a girl those shaped arched eyebroes had transformed me and the manicure and pedicure made my hands look wow!!!! My sis then took me to a restaurant. The waiter asked me by using words like madam ma’am...that boosted my confidence. It was at 4 that we reached our house.

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    ria (Saturday, 18 April 2015 06:51)

    Oye ria kya pehnegi party k lie???? I had no idea i said........i was just told to look sexy i said shyly in my girly tone...........toh phirse bikini pehnegi kya???? Nhi nhi nhi dii pagal ho aap......i was hell scaredto wear those clothes out.....chal theek hai koi naa......jaa pehle change karke aa..........
    I went into the washroom to change. My dii had already placed the lingire i had to wear inside. I stripped naked and glanced my look into the mirror. Thin, curved juicy breasts, long hair, a pretty face...i had everything a girl would need,,,,,,,i somehow managed to take my sight away from myself. I wore the black panties kept for me. These were simple....just black and a black bra.......but this bra was straps. Just hooks for fitting. I wore the bra and panty and came out in those. On the bed was laid a beautifull black gown, glittery. It looked ravishing.....i eyes went wide after seeing it......dii is that for me i asked.....haan ladki tere lie hi hai....tune hi toh kaha than a ki tereko sexy lagna hai. That was my sister’s gown which she wore at her farewell and costed more than 20000 bucks......
    My sis asked me to sit on the chair.....i was just in a bikini feeling sis applied foundation on my face but this time till my breasts. She then applied diierent shades of black and gold on my eyelids, then she gave a stroke of the eyeliner. She then attached fake eyelashes and decorated then with lips were again painted red, but this time the colour was subtle....there were lesser layers of lipstick. My ears were provided with danglers and my hand with a bracelet. I was then made to wear a pair of black heels...............
    I stood and saw myself in the mirror. I could had turned any man at that point of time. My face looked like a diva and my body structure like a model,a thin waist, 32 boobs, 5’5” tall, the heels gave a all new stance....i looked ravishing. My dii the brought me out of my dreams. She asked me to step into the gown,,,,,,,,,silky it was and was turning me member raised and my sis spotted it......she smiled and said good girls don’t have that......i blushed and wanted to run...but wasn’t able to coz was half into the dii just asked me to wait as she came back.......yeh leh ladkii.....ab tu badi ho gyai hai iski zaroorat padti rahegi tereko.....she handed me a packet of sanitary napkin......diii...i blushed as i said that....ab yeh gown utar and ja ek laga k dii taught me how to do soo.....i went inside the washroom and wore the pad.

  • #557

    ria (Saturday, 18 April 2015 06:54)

    I was out again...kaisa lag raha hai???? Ajeeb lag rha hai dii.....koi naa aadat pad jayegi....lakin sun.....har 4 hrs baad change mein bhi samjhi......there was my elder sis...teaching me to be a good girl. I was really feeling akward....the pad was giving me different feeling down i decided not to take it much into consideration. I was again made to wear the gown. It came up to my boobs and covered them nicely leaving behind a sexy cleavage show. The silicon breasts were now doing there job. My sis adjusted the gown and zipped it on the left armpit area. Dam it was tight. It was difficult breathing in it. Felt like it would fall down anytime if i don’t hold it. My sis did my hair and left some of them to hang in front over my right shoulder. I was again taken in front of the mirror.
    Wow!!! I really looked sexy. The gown went effortlessly from my boobs till the floor. It was tight showing off my body curves. The breasts looked tentalizing, the bums more curvier and my flat tummy and slim waist made me a perfect girl for the night. The gown also exposed my left leg till the tigh as it had a cut all the way from the bottom till my tigh to facilitate movement. I stood there in astonishment. My sister handed me a small clutch, along with lipstick and a mascara she had put some sanitary pads in it too. I closed the clutch as soon as i opened it due to embarrassment. I tried to walk but it felt difficult, after some time it felt easy, though the boobs are felt unpredectible.
    It was time for me to leave. My sister came to leave me till my car. She adjusted my gown as i sat in the car............oye......haan dii.........ladko k chakkar mein na padioo aur haan...........pads change karna warna infection ho jayega....aur upar se samhalte rahioo apni dress......i just smiled back to her.....she kissed me on my cheek and i left. Astha’s home was a big villa, i drove till her place and it took me like an hour.
    When i stepped out of the car i asked astha to come down........her face showed how good i looked.......oyeee tuuu.........she shouted in astonishment......she held my hand and in excitement took me to her room where the rest girls waited. As i walked my left leg came out of the the way astha’s mom met.........namaste auntyjii i said in a girly tone.......her mom was a bit confused as she had never seen me before..........aunty mai ria.........astha ki fren.....acchhaa she said and we left.......
    Ooo toh tu ria hai........astha said and i winked back to her.........when i was presented to the girls they were mad in excitement. It was a fun night. Astha got hold of my clutch and say the sentry pads. I was then teased till limits. The girls gifted me another packet of the same for the future. The party was long and it was 2. I searched for my phone before i could leave. 15 miss calls by dii.......i called her back but there was no response........i removed my heels and ran towards the car and drove to my place.......

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    Soundarya (Saturday, 18 April 2015 15:53)

    World War 2016

    When i entered in my room i hurriedly open the gift. The bag was containing One peach colored silk shirt , and also same colored silk pant it was bell bottom pant but the bottom was so big that when i stand my leg closed it looks like long skirt. i decided i will not wear pant.

    Next day i wore red bra and the shirt given by aishwarya and red colour velvet pant. As my daily routine i have completed my rangoli and was preparing break fast and by now everyone was coming to hall for having break fast first was my love aishwarya she directly came to kitchen and hugh me from behind i was shocked and tried to escape from him the same time my mama entered in kitchen and scolded aishwarya for her act and strickly warn her not to be seen in kitchen thereafter. She given me an angry look i don,t know why? then my dad come in room my mama also gave him angry look and indicated her at my bra which was clearly shown underneath my new silky shirt. My dad ran to his room and come back with his red colour dupatta. and put on my breast. and also scoleded me for such negligence. then i was taken to hall for breakfast. at breakfast it was decided that there will be small function in evening where my mom will MANGALSUTRA to my dad and also my mami to my mama. anf the show will telecasted on national television.

    Me , Dad and my mama storngly opposed to the idea. My mom and my mami along with soundarya lavanya and aishwarya come and tried to explain us that is must needed for our family. My dad said only for selling JEWELRY aishwarya is doing that. Them my mom explained her that it was not the case they were also launching new outfit for men in todays event. Me, dad and my mama got another shock by that. Then aishwarya explained us that they are also launching some traditional wear for men which will be new salwar kurta for men man. Mami brought some bags from her bed room which were containing our new salwar kurtas. They were nothing but the ANARKALI SUITS made for girls in 2015. We the men strieht away rejected idea looking after thouse so called men's new salwar kurtas. But Mom, Mami and tried to convey us for just once try them if we do not like them they will reject idea. We all are convinced to give one try.

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    Sharmila (Sunday, 19 April 2015 05:33)

    Hi Soudarya,, your story is so nice please continue waiting for you next episode.

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    Sharmila (Sunday, 19 April 2015 07:19)

    video is so nice chandini(bou) dancing as girl:

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    Teja Ramya (Sunday, 19 April 2015 07:35)

    @JRS. Awesome.. PLs continue

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    sam (Sunday, 19 April 2015)

    Sharmila ur story is good please continue

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    khushboo (Sunday, 19 April 2015)

    really nice story ria. plz continue...

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    Soundarya (Monday, 20 April 2015 05:03)

    World War 2016

    I was handed over one light pink color ANARKALI suit. Giving aishwarya an angry look i make way to my room. First i tried the pant which is maid of very thin material from which my sheply legs without hair can be clearly seen it was skintight i think that was choodidar paijama made for girls in 2015. then it was time for kurta. i wore it it was so long only 8 to 10 inch above my toe. Was very good fit at my breast and waist. and also hips but too much firly at bootom. Though it was very feminine but was very comfertable in all area that we men needed almost 1000 times better than our old shirts which were not at all comfertable. I could not control my self for looking at mirror un till the knock on the door distrubed me. It was aishwarya saying that come out my prince everyone is waiting for you. I open the door and came in hall by that time DAD and MAMA were also ready in there outfits Dad and mama was also looking very good in there white ANARKALI SUITS. Everyone was waiting for our reply. We were standing there with our head down. Mom said then what does My KING and PRINCE has decided. still there were no answer from three os us. Finally it was me who broke scilance I said Only for sake of my mom and sisters i am ready to wear salvar kurta for evening event. My Dad and Mama also agreed to the condition.

    Then after some time at 11 am we all three sent to spa. We have given there verious beuty treatment Like manicure, padicure , bleech , facial, eyebrows were thinned also our shoulder lenth hair maid in very feminine way. Dad and MAMA were given hair style like brides. And my hair were made stright. We did allow them to use lipstick,rouse lip gloss ect bit they did applied some foundation and a eye liner.

    By that time it was time for the event we were again taken to home. When we entered in our lawn we saw a stage and one kalanmandapam on stage. we were directly taken in our room. I was hahded over another anarkali suit this time it was pink color but was party were. It was having only an inch of sleevs but it was having very deep neckline in front and my back was almost exposed till my waist line with one knoght of two lases. Though itwas good fit at may chest but again it was very firly and this time it was almost touching ground. It was also having one dupatta which was of see through material and of course one skin tight pant. I wore the dress but could not tie the knoght which was at my back. I was trying get help from some one but my dad and mama were also busy in getting ready. Then again i was trying to tie the knoght but was not getting it aishwarya was passing by there I heard her voice she was talking with someone on her mobile. I called her "Aishwarya please come in I need your help" she heard and come near door i slowly open the door look around that no body was there. and allowed her in. and again lock the door. She looked at me and said "Oh my god you are looking gorgious, no no you are looking stunning. I was not known my would be husband is this much beutiful." I blushed and hide my face in my hand. She then teasingly said " Oh ho Don't shy I am your would be Wife" I then shouted " stop it aishwarya" She then said " OK OK what you needed" i then turned back and asked her to tie knoght looking at my exposed back she could not resist herself and started rubbing her on my back , I then tried to go away from her but she hold me from back. Now my boobs were in her hands she sqizing my boobs ant started to kiss me onmy neck and back. I also getting arosed i closed my eyes and was totally in her strong arms aand at her mercy. she then after 2-3 minute of playing turned me, and kiss me on my lips her hands were on my on my ass. she then lifted me in her strong arms i was now in the her strong arm almost 8 to 10 inch above the floor. Aftersome time i got my sences back and now i tried to escape from her and this time i sucesceeded. I said blushingly "My dery WIFE still there is some time first you have to marry me". she " then let's go i want marry you today only" I blused and said blushing " Shut up and this time only tie the knoght".

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    ria (Monday, 20 April 2015 07:16)

    I rushed back to my house. There were things running in my head is everything ok, what could be the problem, is everything fine at home. I reached back to my place and rushed in my house. I some how managed to get out of the car without disturbing my gown, i was running holding my heels in one had and the gown from my boobs. The design was not letting me take long steps. I opened the door of the room to find my sister sitting there. There was a sign of relief on my face. I stood there and managed my gown a bit which had slipped a bit down on my boobs. I wore the heels and started to move......the house was all silent......tik tock tic tock my heels made the sound as i moved towards my sister.
    As i took the last turn towards my sister sitting on the sofa.......i was clutch fell out of my hand revealing my sanitary pads inside it. I for a movement froze at my place, before anyone could say a thing i ran to my room as fast as possible and bolted my room from inside. It was fear there inside me......2 mins later there were knocks on my door. I was still in the gown but was now sweating in fear. I would not open the door i said......just open it we need to talk........i won’t i mom pushed me to open the door and i opened it at last.
    My mom had a smile on her face while my dad stood there in astonishment. They came inside the room and asked me to sit. Hmmmm betijii yeh sab kya chal rha mom asked........nothing maa,it was just a dress up party so i dressed up as a girl i said.....ok ok..then why did u need mom said as she handed over to me my clutch with sanitary pads in embarrassment i closed it and kept it behind me.....kuch nhi maa bss mazak tha........hmm dikh raha hai mazak ki limits my maa said as she pointed towards my silicon breasts which were half exposed as my gown slid when i sat.....i just covered my boobs with my bedsheet........maa wo sister was called in too and was asked about the stuff.......without realising what she was saying she said the truth in excitement that things were happening since three days. She showed my mother and father my pics of the last three days.
    Kyu ladki banna hai tmhe, my dad said in is stern voice.......i nodded my head as yes due to the fear in me and then nodded in a no. Haan ya naa he asked....i sat there in silence........aap chodiye na usko........bacchi hai thoda time legi soachne k dad looked angry and went out of the room. My mom came close to me and lifted my head by the chin. Bht sundar lag rhi hai tu, she asked my sis to bring her bags from the room. My mom gifted me on of the jumpsuits she had brought for my sister and asked me to wear it for tomorrow morning. I said maa it was just for fun........there isin’t a thing like this.........i am a boy i said......this is all for fun i stressed.......boy my mom smiled....go look into the mirror and if u find a boy then let me know. She was right i guess there wasn’t any boy......there stood a girl in the reflection. A tall,sexy girl.........with a perfect body, waxed legs and hands.........a girl who could make men die for.............

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    ria (Monday, 20 April 2015 07:27)

    Next morning i woke up late. My dad had left for the office and my mom was in my room to wake me up.......riaa uth jaa ladki kitna soegi does my mom know about it. I was sleeping in my clothes for a change but the makeup and wig was still there. Chal uth jaa, aaj kahi jana hai. Wo maine jo jumpsuit dia hai wo pehen and mereko 1 ghante mein mil.....teri behen tera makeup kar degi she said........but maa..koi zaroorat nhi hai iskii.......sab mazak mein tha........please don’t stretch mom was in no mood of listening to me. I went to take bath and came out wearing my bra and panty, my sis helped me get into the black jumpsuit which ended just above my ankles. For the first time in the last 3 days my boobs were not exposed. My sis adjusted my hair and made a semi pony and let in hang on my right shoulder. She then made me wear the same heels which i wore on the gown. Thee was light makeup done on my face.......very little eye shadow and kajal, a light shade of pink lipstick was applied in my lip. My sis gave me a bracelet to wear in one hand and her watch in the other. She re did my nails and painted them pink as well. I was handed my clutch and i put in it my lipstick and mascara......ohooo ladkii seekh rahi dii teased.......dii please.....ek toh apne waise hi phasa dia hai ab aur nhii......koi nhi phasa hai ldkii.....bss tu chall......
    I mom was waiting for me at the door, she was amazed by the way i looked. Ravishing...........i looked taller than fair hands were exposed due to the sleeveless design and my slim waist and wide hips gave me a feminine look. My hair were done to perfection. Me and my sat in the car and she drove to this nice restaurant. We were in there seated at a table for four. And what would you like to take ma’am asked the juice i said in a girly mom had heard that the first time....she smiled and said.......ria tu kash ladki hi hoti. Maa.....i said and blushed a bit.
    It was 20 mins later, i was sitting there with my mother with my legs crossed, adjusting my hair time and again, telling her how all happened the dare and then my sister’s sentimental burst. Things were going like between a mother daughter talk when suddenly i heard a voice.......oo oth maa beti kya baat kar rhe hai.......shit who was it. My mom stood up and welcomed a woman. I was sitting struck....what the hell is happening..............riaa aunty ko Namaste kaho said my mother....i folded my hands and in a girly voice...namaste auntyjii........she smiled....bht sundar hai yeh...........jodi bht acchi lagegi.....jodi????? i was confused now....i am a man...dressed as a woman presented in front of another aunty and now a Jodi???????

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    ria (Monday, 20 April 2015 07:49)

    Miss ria??? The man came and sat besides me......and offered me his hanky to wipe of my tears. I lifted my head to see who he was......and there it was payal......m no miss i said...m a boy.......but you don’t look like one....perhaps you look like a girl who can give many beauties a run for the money, and also calling you ashu in public would look wierd coz u from no-where look like a that a compliment or are you trying to insult me............i said in my male voice......a man passing by gave me a look...a wierd that a compliment or an insult i said again in a girly voice............payal smiled and said......a compliment to the beautiful girl sitting right beside me......i just don’t look like a girl either i don’t look lie a boy me don’t look like a girl.......we look made for each other said payal...............are you proposing me Mr. I said to payal.........she smiled......and asked me to hop on to her bike........
    We reached the mall......all the way i sat behind her, she drove real fast and me out of fear had to hold her shoulders real tight...........on one signal stop she turned to ask......looks like you in love with me miss.....i hit her on her shoulder and smiled.........we were in the mall in the cafeteria..........payal i said..........pratyush she said....pratyush dutta.....ok well pratyush dutta.......hmm he we meet another time...........dinner tonight he asked.........ok...isin’t that fast.........i said.......ria......i never found anyone accepting me the way i am, there would be no boy who would love to have a tall handsome women as her wife, and then today i saw you. I don’t know from where my mom got to know but after seeing you......i felt you the one for me...someone who would understand me...............i felt and sentimental burst upon me......ok i will be there.....8pm sharp i will pick you from your house...........pratyush dropped me at my palce at 4 and went away............i came into my house to find my dad.........
    So you a dad she is a what kindoff relationship is relationship papa.......i was not able to face my dad......i felt guilt.......he came aound and hugged me...listen ria.....whatever would be good for you i would decide for that....if you find living this way something good for you in someway then i would be pleased to help........but beta see things are not going fast...............a tear dropped from my love you........i said in my girly dad smiled and gave me a crdit card.....go shop for your new wardrobe...........welcome to a new sister and mom were standing there......they hugged me tight.....maybe it was a new journey in beginning...........but a date awaited me..............

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    ankita (Monday, 20 April 2015 17:03)

    Superb ria plz write more episodes

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    Anonymous (Monday, 20 April 2015 17:37)

    You took a wrong turn ria.. Story was good before.. Turned off now

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    Nisha (Tuesday, 21 April 2015 01:58)

    Please continue your story Ashwini

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    Soundarya (Tuesday, 21 April 2015 05:11)

    World war 2016

    My phone was ringing DAD was calling me on my mobile he asked me to come in his room. I was ready by time locked my room and was waking to dad's room the dress was so heavy that i really have to lift with my two hands and walk also handling dupatta was a very hard work. Many times my dupatta was fallowing from my breast i then stoped and readjusted it. I took dupatta as it was covring my neck and also my visiable breast through deep neckline dress and twisted it in my both hand and then lifted my dress with my both hands and walking towards my DAD's room. Soundarya and Lavnya were watching my pediacment and laughing they said " Are MAHESH tuzse to ye dress hi nahi sambhal rahi hai tu meri SUPER STRONG BHABHI ko kaise sambhalega. aur BHABHI ka ghar kaise sambhalega." i said " Shut up didi" soundarya said " sorry mere pyare baiya. par tu to aaj bahot hi sunder lag raha hai. aur upar se ye event pure desh me live telicast honewala hai. Tu to pura desh hila k rakh dega aaj . kal se ladikia line laga k khadi rahegi tuzse milne ko" I "Didi please " " waise aap dono bhi suit me bahot handsome lag rahe ho" then i turned towards my Dad's room and i was totally surprised looking at DAD. he was wearing a a dress which was anarkali suit but was looking like ghaghara choli. The firls of the dress were so much firly with a golden embrodry and jari work. my dad was looking adorable in that dress. His nails were painted Bright red. His hands were so soft and glowing skin. His eyes were made with red eye shadow . chicks were red with rough. And to my surprise he was wearing Lipstick i.e.also a red. His hair were parted in middle and combed till below his shoulder. DAD you are looking like BRIDE. and surprisingly he said thanks. That means he wanted to look like bride. It's very tough for him to get dolled up and just be a Good Trofy Husband who were nothing but a thing which women use to satisfy there sex need. He had been very strong man who always dominated the house and the world. there was always a BIG mustach usder his nose and now it was just a Bright Red painted lips which ware now will be presented to his wife after they married. His wide chest was now soft full c cup breast which his WIFE will PRESS, SQEEZE and SUCK. His strong arms were now in the blouse like dress fitted to them and which were only use to cook for his WIFE. He was always being strong not like me. I was always told by my mother and sisters that " BOYS ARE PARAYADHAN" they has to look adorable for there wife, they should always obey there WIFE. for the husband his wife is his godesses. " PATNI PARMESHWARI HOTI HAI" Husbands place in his wife's foot. Once the strong man who with his singal word was able to change India's economy . Without his approval even indian govt could do big business deal, now was the first man on the earth who will let his wife to tie a MANGALSUTRA to his neck, and was surrendring his all ego, self respect and more ever himself to Wife. and just become a mere husband whose duty is only satisfy his wife's wishes. I was thinking this and tears rolled down from my eyes. Now i realised that we were men the poor men who can only cry but can't do any thing they are supposed to sacrifice there all wishes for just the little smile on there wife's face. My dad said "Are pagale rota kyu hai ? aaj to khushi ka din hai. " i asked what ? he replied " yes it was the happiest day of his life" i asked him how? he said " from last 5 years he is only sitting in home not able to contribute in any way for his family. It was only his mother who was carring all responsibility on her shoulder alone and managed business not get worse. Aur ab meri bari hai ki mai mere PATNI aur baccho ke liye kuch kar pau. By the way how i am looking." I " you are looking sexy DAD AAJ AAPKI KHAIR NAHI DAD" He said apne papa se aise bat karta hai badmash. at that same time My Mama entered in the room he was also in the same get up.

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    Soundarya (Tuesday, 21 April 2015 05:24)

    Ria your story is gr8 plz wight

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    JRS (Tuesday, 21 April 2015 12:08)

    I'm a... Part 2:

    After a hard day I reached home so sad, I was sitting in my room and started crying thinking that I'm unable to stop my studies, kasthuri was cleaning my room while I was crying, she came next to me and asked, Kathir hey are u crying? in my village I've seen only girls crying ma, come on Kathir stop crying you are a man aren't u? I was feeling aroused and a noise from my stomach, what was that? I felt aroused when she referred me as a girl. I stopped crying, I said nothing, u go and do your job, I don't want to study but they are asking me to study, how can I study? Kasthuri replied, if you don't want to study then how can you earn, Lalita mam is paying us, when will you pay us, and stop Lalita doing your dad business? , I replied no I want Lalita aunty to do dad business, I want only little money to go on with my living, you will be paid from Lalita, what's D matter with that kasthuri? She replied it's okay Kathir but as a woman I want my man to be a man, work hard, earn spend money for me like that only all girls want their man to be,  but you are different Kathir, you want to stay home? Don't want to study? I can't believe that, it's strange to hear a boy replying that way, kamatchi had heard all our conversation I don't know how, she came inside with a saree, I think Kathir wants to be a girl? Kathir.... am I right? She giggled, kasthuri replied stop teasing Kathir, kamatchi  come let's go outside, pity, he was worrying about his studies he don't want to continue his studies anymore, with that they left outside, but kamatchi forgot the saree when talking she kept it on the shelf, kasthuri were talking with kamatchi , kamatchi why did you talked like that. Poor boy la pa, he is small and he couldn't study ya, kamatchi replied yes yes I heard all your conversation that's why I left our saree inside, she giggled again, abirami joined the conversation, kamatchi what you did, what saree? , if that's my saree I'll kill you, and if that little devil wore it, that's all I'll make him wash all the bathrooms wearing that, kamatchi giggled. Stop abirami I didn't have your saree, I gave Rathi saree, new girl pa, so pity if she knew it she'll quit the job, kasthuri said hey how he will know to wear saree pa, if he wanted to do means he have learn from one of us only, let's see what he is doing, come on let's see what other maids are working on. I was here in my room looking at kamatchi saree and wondering how will I look in that saree, but was afraid how to tie, I don't even have a mobile to search how to wear a saree, shit I told myself, I want to try that saree immediately, thinking that itself my sex mood hot increased, I wanted to wear it very now, but how? I need someone to teach me, but how? Who will teach me, kamatchi? She only came in my mind,.... to be continued......

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    JRS (Tuesday, 21 April 2015 12:10)

    I'm a... Part small 3:

    ? Who will teach me, kamatchi? She only came in my mind, Becoz she only made fun of me, I slowly walked on to the place where they all sit and talk, kasthuri, kamatchi, abirami, all were there, but I wanted to talk only with kamatchi, so I was roaming outside looking at them, and was walking left and right, these 3 maids have smelled me what I'm thinking? Kamatchi said kasthuri, hey look at there Kathir has come, shall I call him? Abirami looked seriously at kamatchi she stopped, again she said, I think that boy wants to talk with one of us, come on abirami u go first, then kasthuri u go, I'll go last, I'm afraid ya, she giggled, abirami slowly came next to me and said any help Kathir? I said nothing nothing and started walking, she left to her quarter, kasthuri watched me for a while and she came next me and asked what happened Kathir? R u okay? Feeling better she questioned, I said feeling great so only walking fresh, just boring so just walking and thinking what to do to run off this bore? She smiled and she also left to her quarters from the back door of my house kitchen, now only kamatchi left, I kept looking at kitchen slowly kamatchi crossed me, she didn't talked to me, I was very afraid to talk to her, but with sudden guts I called kamatchi, huh... sorry to disturb, why did you asked I want to be Girl?, she replied sorry Kathir I didn't want to hurt u, actually I overheard your discussion in next room, so just made a joke, please don't take it serious, she replied, I said, it's okay please don't ask sorry, from now on you can call me the way you like, let's be friends I said, she replied how come a master and maid become friends, she giggled, I replied with arousal, so what then think me as a maid, she laughed loud, i said please don't laugh loud an don't tell anyone please, she said okay okay, hmmm if I have a maid thennnn I'll call you as Parvati, is that name okay, she laughed, I laughed back, oh you want only girl maids ah not boys ah? I questioned, she said yes master this house is full of girl maid, have you ever seen a man, so only I said, I laughed and joked back, didn't I look like a man? Ha ha ha I smiled, she replied you only said we are friends then you are my maid friend, all maids are here women, so how can I consider a maid man, so you are parvati she smiled, I said okay okay, you call me only parvati when we are alone okay? She said okay, all these conversations had make me feel so sexually aroused, with more arousal the more bold I talked with kamatchi, finally with more guts I asked her, I need one help, your saree is kept in my room, can you please leave it there for me, she smiled what Kathir, why? What are you doing with my saree? Wearing? She questioned me with a big face,.... no actually I wanted to learn how to wear saree, can you help me kamatchi?, she looked me weird for a while, what happened Kathir, why do you want to wear saree, it's a maid saree, and you are a man, what happened to you? Are you like eunuch? No!!!! I replied, ‎just as a friend will you teach me kamatchi, please don't tell to anybody, and keep this as a secret pa plssssss I begged, she looked me and smiled,.... to be continued......

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    radha (Tuesday, 21 April 2015 13:36)

    Nice story cobtinue please

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    Soundarya (Tuesday, 21 April 2015 23:20)

    World war 2016

    I stand between and hold mama's right hand in my left hand and dad's left hand in my right and taken both grooms to kalyanmandapam, where my Mom and Mami was waiting the both were in Sherwani suit. and now pandit started chanting mantras and asked my mom to tie mangalsutra in dads neck. Dad was standing there with his loared head mom tied MANGALSUTRA to dad she was now feeling proud and dad was also happy looking at his MANGALSUTRA which was the sign that now he belongs to the his wife. Same did the mama and mami. Every women there was happy and proud. Because this was the battle of sexes where WOMEN has won and men now was defeated. And my dad was sign of new men who is now just a toy for there women. The women were proved there supreemacy over men. It was now clearly shown on my mom's face that she is now has power over dad. And on other hand dad was standing like doll who now at the mercy of her owner i.e. my mom. The function was now over and everyone has left. Now I dad and mama gone to our room to change.

    I wa not at all in the mood to change the dress I was again and again looking mirror and giving verious poses. Half hour passed but still couldnot resist my self from looking in to mirror. Then i got call from soundarya she said "what happaned we all are waiting for dinner ? " i said just coming. I huriedly undressed and ran towards bathroom to have quick shower and come back to my wardrob but in my wardrob there were not a single boys dress. There were all anarkali suits. in another wardrob i saw there were bras and panties and some pant and shirts but both were of satin. Again my mobile rang it was soundarya again i cut her call and pick one pairs of pant and shirt . Shirt was deep neck sleeveless red color and made of satin but verywell fit in my chest area. pant was again having very big bottom when i am standing my legs together it was looking like long shirt. I wore that and come my hairs and ran to hall.

    Every body was waiting for me i ran and sat on the dining table . Dad complimented me on my looks . But I asked dad there are only these cloths in my wardrobe. From today onwords you will wore only these cloths said MOM. I said mom but why? Because now on we are the trand setter for country and will were cloths only like that. I looked at dad for help but to my surprise he was now wearing a silk and embrodrid pazzelo pant (pant which look like skirt) but this pant was looking like Gaghara. and he was wearing blouse which was half sleevs and very short. His belly button can be clearly seen. The Blouse was nothing but blouse which was wore on saree in 2015 by women but it was slightly long. And he was also wearing dupatta. I started taking my food aishwarya put on TV every channal was showing the event. The news telling boy was also wearing anarkali suit. Advtersiment wear also changed Cosmetic company also showing there model as man wearing anarkali suit. Then Mom made anousment that soon we will be having an engagement party at our house. And that was mine and aishwarya's.

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    Ashwini ur story is in Complete please continue

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    shila (Wednesday, 22 April 2015 22:12)

    waiting soundarya

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    Ashwini (Wednesday, 22 April 2015 22:54)

    Abroad ..........Part 2
    "Edward....." Neeti called in an authoritative manner. In walked a tall well built dark man. He could have been easily above 6 ft tall, his big bulging biceps, broad chest, flat tummy clearly visible. He must have been working hard at the gym - a few hours daily. He walked towards my bhabhi. "Yes maam?" Bhabhi introduced me to him and asked him to take my luggage to the guest room. He started dragging the bags on the castor wheel support. "No, Edward....the wheels and all are for the girls and weak men. Show Anu how a real man carries the weight." "Yeah..."the big black man grunted. He placed a bag on the flooring and the other on top of it. They were precise 46 kgs....the maximum allowed, containing my tiny packed world, plus some typical 'ghar ke laddoo' , 'achaar in sarson kaa oil' and homemade stuff for my brother and the 'gharelu' bhabhi. He took a deep breath, looked at bhabhi and then at me, smiling and lifted the pile of bags from either side easily, like a weightlifter does. The hulk then moved swiftly, keeping his occupied hands in front, as if he is holding an empty tray.
    I was taken aback by the immense power he possessed. I knew without seeing that bhabhi was smiling. She had a reason for asking Edward demonstrate his strength. I walked behind him, down the passage and reached my room. The home was bigger and much larger from inside, than what it seemed from outside. Bhabhi's dad Mr. Grewal must have been very rich. I thought, while entering my room. I was thinking how lucky my bro get such a nice hot bhabhi....i mean wife for him ( i wished his bhabhi should be as hot as well.....but its what was in future...right? !!) Plus the opulent, lavish home, a job in the empire owned by Mr.
    My room was dimly lit in the trailing sunlight still lingering, since the windows were closed, the lights were switched off. Edward had placed the bags neatly in the side shelf. He turned round to vacate the room and stood in front while I was entering. Oh man......he was much taller than 5 ft 6 ...that was me.....and much wider, and stronger than me. "Have a nice anu....." that 'a' in my name pronounced more like an 'a' in the apple. I simply nodded, waiting for him to leave and slumped onto the inviting bed. My mental and physical fatigue gathering together. I heard a knock on the door and in came bhabhi, without waiting for my reply. It was a formal knock, and she didnt care much than that. " Anu, the room is all yours. The restroom is attached, and hope you know how the hot water tub needs to be operated. " Her eyes roaming over me. She had a dominant aura around her. It was unmistakable. A beautiful daughter of a millionaire .....what else could she have been? "and if you want i can demonstrate " pausing....."how the accessories can be used" ohh bhabhi was teasing me. My modesty, and the fact that she was my 'bhabhi' ( sanskaar and all know ) was preventing me from falling for her....her charms........and it was as if she was deliberately stamping her authority, knowing fully well that i was having the conflict in my mind and the desired discomfort.

  • #580

    Ashwini (Wednesday, 22 April 2015 22:55)

    Abroad ..........Part 3
    "ok...not now.....may be later..." as if she took pity on me. Now the room is all yours ....unpack, refresh, dine and sleep. Sounds attractive agenda right?" she giggled, her curly hair, roaming over the soft buttery shoulders, her breasts ...............nooooooo she is bhabhi....bha...bhi .....dont look dont look!! The 'moral angel' of mediocre middleclass mind shouting, stopping me from seeing what my eyes wished to see. She walked closer, while i was seated in my bed. Her scents, filling my nostrils. I began to breath harder, trying to breath in as much i can stop looking at things you wish to see, but one cant stop breathing ..right....? right.
    I thought she would touch me, setting my third sense on fire, raging another battle of ethics and sanskar against my hormones and situation, with the winner already decided. She was standing close to me...close enough, yet she turned round and moved. " I...i dont have any appetite. I need some rest bhabhi, nothing else. My body clock needs some time to settle. So i would sleep after the bath. When would Chirag come? " " suit yourself" she shrugged. " and no need to call me bhabhi call your bro by first name and someone a few months younger than him with a 'bhabhi' ....not fair, call me Neeti. and as far as he is concerned, he has gone for an assignment. Once he completes it, he would come. And no more questions now...take rest.....from next week your orientation at University begins, but your 'orientation' at home starts tomorrow. " The girl in the jeans and sleeveless top .....( bhahi she is...) stopped, and swiftly moved away.
    I spent the next hour or so, into unpacking, taking essential things out, taking a relaxing bath. My mind was still trying to come to terms with the fatigue of travel, the rich house, its decor, the absence of Chirag, the presence of that hulk Edward, what orientation she means and the influential presence of what did she say i should call, neeti only!! ohh boy...i am too tired ....good night.

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    sam (Thursday, 23 April 2015 02:50)

    Ashwini some of them are written crossdress with own that would not be nice,If u write with more humiliating like u wrote in hostage it will be nice.

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    Nisha (Friday, 24 April 2015 10:17)

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    Ridhima (Saturday, 25 April 2015 02:13)

    Ashwini :* :* :* Superb story... Keep going <3

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    sam (Saturday, 25 April 2015 02:57)

    Ashwini please continue

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    jay (Saturday, 25 April 2015 04:11)

    Such a lovely stories are incomplete like ramani (second wife to brother in law) please continue if it possible

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    ravi (Saturday, 25 April 2015 04:54)

    Latha ur story also incomplete deepak to very nice story please complete if you can, I request you

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    Anita (Saturday, 25 April 2015 21:47)

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    dipika (Sunday, 26 April 2015 00:46)

    #Soundarya Awesome awesome...Please dont stop your story

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    Ashwini (Sunday, 26 April 2015 04:39)

    Abroad ..........Part 4
    "Wake up lazy baby..." i was startled at the feminine voice awakening me from the deep, sweet depths of dreams. I heard sounds of curtains been brushed aside, letting the fresh morning sun rays rush in the room.
    I glanced at the surroundings, seemed unfamiliar....then it dawned to me...i was abroad, in at my brothers' place.....although i had not met him yet, i had met bhabhi........mmmh....that made me sit into the bed.....bhabhi....neeti...bhabhi.....and there she was, smiling like a morning angel!! her jet black hair, bound in a bun, atop her lovely visage. she was wearing a pale blue floral gown. i was feeling much fresher and back into my senses.
    She asked me to join her in the kitchen after taking my desired time. I left my room in a casual T-shirt and shorts, in about 15-20 minutes, not knowing where the kitchen was. But what better way to explore my bro's house, while searching for breakfast, (and neeti serving it??) . It was a lovely house. Typical wooden furnishings, carpets, showpieces....all artistic and costly. The strong smell of coffee revealed the way towards the kitchen. I went there, greeted by neeti. She asked me to help myself with toasts and coffee plus the cut fruits. I couldnt take my eyes off her , the way she moved gracefully, making little talk about me, weather in india and all that. She had sure noticed it. When i was done , she handed me over a laptop. "your brother has sent a mail to you, now that he knows you have come here. You can read it here or in your room, wherever you feel like. and he has conveyed about your safe arrival here to the parents also back home "
    I went to the room, instead reading it in 'public', logged in and read the mail named 'Hi' from my brother. "Hello, nice to know you have arrived safe. i am on an assignment and would only be back when it is over. I would like you in the mean time, to settle...and....and obey Neeti. She is sweet isnt she? but she can be .........ohh just obey her. You have come to stay in her house, paa - her father has given it to her, where i live and now you are gonna be there. i work in his company and by the way, he is on the governing council of the school you are going to graduate from. So he matters and neeti matters a lot to him. see you soon.... Chirag"
    I was not at ease reading him. He seemed tense and uncomfortable. Once we see each other, we would discuss. Perhaps he is intimidated by his in law..his money, power, even his daughter....the words that etched in my mind were - her house not our house , obey and all. I shrugged the thoughts off me and unpacked my baggage. The clothes, food items from india for bro and bhabhi....they suddenly seemed out of place. Some study material, casual stuff, i took out everything, arranging it neatly. MY PASSPORT?? where was it? i searched frantically, disturbing my neat stacks, hoping that it would be somewhere...."Anu, what you are searching is in my custody" I was startled, i had just not noticed neeti walking in, in my anxiety. "It is safe, in my safe. I care for you...dont you think so?" neeti, the spoilt daughter of a millionaire paa was fluttering her eyelids innocently, while she was smiling. " I will keep it in my custody, after all." " i need it when i return to.....""shhhhhhhhhhh!!" Neeti placed her right index finger over her ruby red lips...the fingertip, touching the sharp nose tip. Her eyes suddenly fiery. "I even keep your brother's passport. why worry? I had asked Edward to get it off your luggage while you were having your breakfast. Sorry for doing it in this manner. But if you assure me that you would obey, what i tell, in your own interest anu, i promise i wont do it the discrete way.....okay baby? " again an innocent flutter of those lovely eyelids, with a sweet tug her neck tossing those lovely hairs back and forth.....ohh it WAS difficult to ....i mean ....impossible to say no.

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    Ashwini (Sunday, 26 April 2015 04:41)

    Abroad ..........Part 5
    " Now get your bath done and meet me. I have arranged for the body lotion and some fragrant items to be added in your bubble bath in the bathroom. Edward would even help you apply the lotion if you wish to" I instinctively said no. He...that..that bull of a man was in my room, stealing my Passport. How can i let him touch me?? " Oh i am not insisting, but then make sure you do use the lotion. It would protect you against the harsh weather here, when you go out. " I nodded rather coldly, wishing to cut the conversation short. She left, with a smile on her lips. I went into the bathroom, applied the lotion over my entire body, which dried very rapidly, forming a dry coat on my entire body. as instructed I dipped into the lukewarm waterpool . The body began to tingle a bit, somewhat scaring me. When the tingling grew into itching, I rubbed off the lotion, getting a bit irritated. Yes, it smelt nice, flowery yet the itching was intolerable. Removing the lotion felt more like a metamorphosis. I could feel some softness and different sensation on my skin, from my face below. My body hair were removed!! much for the conditioning for the weather. This made my skin feel like a baby!! I had a less hair density already, still this made me smoother.
    I spent some more time, draining the unclear water and reloading the tub with warmer fresh water and soaking my tender sensitive skin. It felt better, i must admit, now that the reality was visible. I mopped myself off the towel , wrapped it around the waist, aware of the smooth hairless chest and walked out into my room, startled to find Neeti, and let alone her, Edward also behind her.
    Instinctively i tried to hide my chest, producing a smirk on Edward's face. " worked very nicely, isnt it Edward?"neeti commented ignoring me, as if i was not a live person in front but an object to be inspected. Edward nodded, indicating Neeti to look at me, still with hands crossed across my chest, like a lady in distress!! . " How did you manage to come in? " I gathered myself a bit, asking Edward, i knew i couldnt dare ask it to the owner neeti, but to the servant, such was the charm the 'bhabhi' had. "Oh. I AM the OWNER here anu!!" She beamed proudly, full of ego...cutting me short." Your room lock has keys....and they are with me. Listen...never ever lock the door henceforth. No one is allowed. Understood??" I was about to oppose, talking of my privacy and all, but remembered what the mail from Chirag said, obey her....obey her..why??? she stole my passport, she has removed hair off my body in less than 24 hours and god knows what else was to follow. Let me meet him, talk the matter over, then decide....i thought.
    "Now, wear these...always. " She motioned at the cloth items placed on the bed. I couldnt believe, what i saw. It was a pink colored flowery panty and a white sports bra!! Now this was too much....obey her, obey what?? this? "anu.....this is my house, not your brothers...did he not tell you that in has mail? my house, my rules. He has written a wrong line though, and i will gently ask him why when he arrives." How did she know about the mail my brother wrote me from his mail id? may be he has sent a BCC to her...i was wondering " So, dear anu, please? Edward?" the hulk moved forward a few steps menacingly, making me retreat a few steps. " Tell the little Boi, i rarely.....very rarely use the word please...." Edward nodded.

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    Ashwini (Sunday, 26 April 2015 04:43)

    Abroad ..........Part 6
    "will you wear it.....please?" while the man beast was walking towards me , neeti 'requested' me again. He was seemingly growing bigger as he was approaching me. I cringed in the corner. I knew i would be forced to wear it. He reached towards me, picking up the panty and the bra in the hand, along the way. "i.....i will wear it, please dont hurt me" i muttered under my breath. " Eddy, him" i heard neeti talking in a husky tone. I had my eyes closed, awaiting the fate! and heard rustle of clothes, but it was not my towel dragged off my soft hairless skin. I opened my eyes to see the chiseled body of Edward........ohh grand biceps and 6 pack abs!! he had worn a large size white panty, barely hiding his grand sized member, infact revealing it in a nasty sexy way, and he had worn a white bra as well. The black skin contrasting with the white silk fabrics he was wearing. I was aghast. This was quite an anticlimax. "See, even Edward wears it, he is much more of a man, bigger , longer and stronger and he wears it, and why a small, tiny, slim, hairless soft bodied boi saying no?" she motioned me with her head to wear it. I kept the towel on me and drew out my inner garment gripping the towel firmly. Then lowered my legs one by one into the smooth garment as it slid along my shaved legs, lost inside, below the towel. Then came the sports bra. I passed my hands through and struggled with clasping the clips. In a swift motion, Edward turned me round and i had my back to him. he hooked the bra. I was told to dump my inner pant into the garbage can. I hesitated yet the muscular presence of Edward and the sharp egoistic presence of neeti made me do it. I saw, all my other inner garments were already dumped. "Edward works swiftly, isnt it anu? " neeti teased me. Your wardrobe is stuffed with ample number of panty of your size and sports bra. You are required to wash them periodically. You are to wear those in home, outside and while you sleep . I would inspect any time as a surprise check and if you are found wanting, you would be handed over to Edward for an hour, where he would be allowed to ......" " neeti..i will wear " " Good,, i do not wish to hurt are cute, soft and much better. You are required to now remove the bra and wear it. Remove it and wear it....repeat this 100 times. next time when i see you, you must fasten your own bra. The room is under camera surveillance. Even your bathroom is. Good that you applied cream and removed hair yourself, else Edward was ready outside with a razor, and no shaving cream. He would have removed it bare......Do the exercise before lunch and come to the dining table in your bra and panty only. " she twirled around and walked out, followed by Edward. The room door was left open, but a bigger gaping hole of surprise and fear was created in my mind.

  • #592

    kamini (Sunday, 26 April 2015 05:52)

    My world gone upside down.

    It was a cool december evening. i was waiting to see my sweet heart at the temple. Meena the girl with whom i was in deep love for the last two years is a politician's only daughter. since she lost her mother when she was 14 years .. the time she attained her puberty, she felt all alone in her own house. Apart from her grand mother and a few maids in the huge mansion she lived there were no other girls of her age or any woman of her mother's age to give her company or even to understand her normal feelings. Me- saravanan and meena studied in the same school and shared next seats in the science lab practical classes. i used to help her solving some puzzles in physics and chemistry and gradually we became friends.
    Me and Meena shared many common interests as both like Amir khan and Ajith as our favourite actors and Thirisha as our favorite female film star. we loved old classical hindi songs over the latest noisy songs. our tastes were alike in many things that soon we became so close to each other. her father sends a car to the school to drop and latter to pickup her to take home.. some times the car would come a little late and i would give her company till the car reaches the school. the car driver knew me well and even thankful that i always stay back with her till the car arrives. no wonder that in the two years we studied together in the school we were steadily pulled towards each other. we thought it was a strong bondage of friendship. but soon we realised it was not so.

    After the final exams the school was closed for 2 months. Meena's dad sent her to a distant relation's house in Hydrabad and i lost total contact with her. during that two months we realised that it was literally impossible for us to live without seeing each other
    When Meena came back her father put her in a women's college and my dreams of joining the same college with her were demolished. nevertheless we found ways and means to meet each other without the knowledge of her father. we were in deep love with each other.
    one day we both cut the class and went to a movie. she lied her people at home that she had some special class and would come late. But in the intermission time inside the cinema theatre a relative of Meena found us together which we were not aware off. When we were coming out of the theatre her car driver with the car was already waiting for her . i could see the fear in her eyes. but i bravely assured her nothing would happen to her as far as i am there . hearing this the car driver stared at me and said "vendaam thambi.. periya idam. unakku prachinai varum."please dont involve with this girl. her father is big shot you will land up in big problems)
    i took it as a challenge and told him to mind his own bussiness as i care my foot about her father. i told meena not to worry i know how to handle the situation.
    By the time the car left with meena i felt an iron like grip holding on to my left hand . my hand was really paining. i tried to release my hand and only then i saw there were 5 tough guys standing with some sticks in hands. before i tried to protect myself i was subjected to real blows and beatings by the canes non stop. i tried my best to protect myself but could not over power them. they stopped the beating and ordered me to get in to a Sumo van parked close by. Defeated and weak by their beatings i followed their order. they reached to the politician's (Meena's father) residence.
    Bal ram (Menna's father) was sitting in a bis sofa. he must be around six feet , well built and looked handsome. i could see meena was gifted with some of the good genetic traits from her dad.
    So, you are Saravan.... he was looking straight in to my eyes. Decide whether you want to live or die .. he was point blank in his approach." Meena is girl witout a mother. so i am putting all my love on her. her future is my only responsibility and a good for nothing guy like you should not have crossed her path". "Thambi unakku enna vayasu (brother what's your age?)
    I said 17. " ha just one year elder to meena.. hoom. what could be the value of your assets. how many bunglaws... cars and what else you have?" i just kept quite .
    "Annadam kaaichi nee, unakku ennode ponnu venumaada? ( A beger like guy .. you shoud never set your eyes on my daughter)"
    "Any way take this as my first and only warning as there wont be a second warning. driver leave him leave at the place where you picked him up."
    i was dying in shame. felt like an impotent. but inside i was burning with rage." i will never let you down meena my dear" i was silently talking to myself
    -will continue

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    JRS (Sunday, 26 April 2015 06:14)

    Kamini, one of the good story teller, please continue...

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    JRS (Sunday, 26 April 2015 06:15)

    I'm a.... Part 4:

    Next day kamatchi came at evening to my room and called me, Kathir, I'll teach you how to wear saree, but I have to get back this saree on place, if anybody knew it then it'll become a problem Kathir, abirami is our senior if she knew it I'll be screwed, so be careful with this saree okay, I was getting nervous, I told kamatchi, I'm getting excited pa, but you are not calling me parvati? I giggled, ‎kamatchi smiled I was just joking Kathir, are u really want me to call u parvati? , I smiled and said ah, ya, when I wear saree u call me that way, she paused for a while and said ok, kamatchi also warned me,to stay off from kitchen some of their clothes are there, if abirami or anybody knew it Kathir you will b in trouble she said, I agreed to kamatchi, she gave me one petticoat and asked me to keep it myself, bcoz I'm wearing now, and she also gave one old bra it was okay fit for me, I think it's her old bra, it looked so colorless, she said to keep the bra also. And she gave a blouse and helped me wear it. Since it is first time I was troubled to get my hands in, then she buttoned up the blouse and took that saree, first she insert one end of the saree and taught me how to wear, when she put the pallu on my shoulders and pinned it I felt like I'm a woman, I was excited, weak, and overwhelming, kamatchi taught me how to fold the front end of saree with fingers, u gently learnt it fast she finished it. I asked her that I'll try again, and stop me if I do mistake, I started again she watched me closely and appreciated for my speed, and also told I must've born as a girl, coz the way I wear saree was so elegant and beautiful and the figure is also like a normal woman. She asked me to walk inside the room, I slowly did, she said I look lovely and asked me to keep the dress till night and I'll come back at 9 pm, give back that saree I've to keep it back, with that she left,... till 9 pm I was enjoying myself in saree, at 9pm half heartedly I gave the saree back to kamatchi, she asked how I felt, I said I was feeling wonderful, I feel like I'm fulfilled today, I don't know what makes me feel that way, but I think... I'm a woman I said in a husky tone, she looked at me for a while and said, Kathir I think it's your age problem, be sure be smart, control your desires, don't spoil, but you really look beautiful in saree, okay bye... she left, I kept the petticoat, bra inside my cupboard and got to sleep, to be continued.....

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    Hyma (Sunday, 26 April 2015 13:25)

    If someone find new storie plz share the url

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    sam (Monday, 27 April 2015 04:04)

    Ashwini ur story awesome please continue

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    jai (Monday, 27 April 2015 04:06)

    Kamani your story is different please continue with more humiliating

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    priya (Monday, 27 April 2015 07:51)

    Aswini please write more....u r writing amazing...please add more humiliation ...

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    Ashwini (Monday, 27 April 2015 22:08)

    Abroad ..........Part 7
    I ran my hands over my bra and panty clad sweaty body. The soft , baby face like tender touch should have been more soothing, yet it was not so. I was breathing faster, thanks to the events that happened in the last half an hour or so. The removal of my hair, the dumping of my garments and...and more irritating and insulting was these...panty, bra and all.
    That reminded me ....i needed to learn and practice wearing the bra. I stood in front of the mirror. The skin looked soft and nice, devoid of any hair and the sports bra looked odd though, with filled cups that is. I strained my hands behind, reached the hooks and with some efforts, managed to take it off me. I knew i had to put it on.....bhabhi had her eyes set on what i do, with the cameras mounted in the room and the bathroom for that privacy. I was imprisoned and had to obey...obey....that reminded me of chirag...oh brother, please come and sort out the situation, i prayed , while my hand reluctantly picked up the bra and again tried to place it onto my chest. I tried for almost 5 minutes before i could succeed. Then i removed it, and wore it again, this time in a minute less than the first attempt. i knew i had to do it, although it was insulting , because as long as bhabhi was using her eyes was ok, if she was to use her 'hands - Edward that is' would be very very difficult for me. I honestly did the activity almost 60 times in the next 2 hours, although my arms were beginning to ache with the heavy activity, i knew i had to do it. Then i paused for a while. after all i had to do it 100 times before lunch, that was more than an hour away, and....and i was getting the hang of it.... how to clasp it and all.
    I went for lunch when i finished the 'task'. I quietly sat on the chair in the spacious dining room, taking the food in my plate, sitting in front of Neeti. It was an uncomfortable silence. I noticed from the corner of the eye, Edward moving to and fro the kitchen and dining room. He too was wearing the bra and panty... under his jeans and shirt, now I knew....and so was me also...I was loosing my appetite fast " good job anu! now this is a skill you can use life long!! like cycling, your brain has been trained, it will act on reflexes of hooking and unhooking the bra. And you WOULD need this skill life long isnt it?" neeti bhabhi broke the silence, like a glass pane shattering in absolute silence....sudden and sharp. I could feel the sting of the words. I looked at her.. was she making mockery?. She was staring at me as if awaiting me to look at her. So, it was not she who was startled by my sudden looks, but was prepared for it. It was her cold blooded stare that send chill along my spine.
    She learnt from me that my college is going to start in 6 days from now. She mentioned that they should accelerate the 'orientation' at home accordingly, which made me cough violently. Oh chirag , please come soon. If cleansing of body hair and wearing...those...those girly things was the 'start' of orientation, i knew hell was going to break loose on me in the next few days...and why?? . "Eddy, set up our meeting with Dr. McAdams for evening at 5. Tell the Doctor that its for an 'accelerated' orientation program. Anu, you can now sleep, if you wish to, cauz there could be some jet lag, as it is late night in India and you could be sleepy. Edward will wake you up at 4 sharp. "

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    vikram (Tuesday, 28 April 2015 00:06)

    I am a CD
    call me 7841969909

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    kamini (Tuesday, 28 April 2015 01:18)

    My world gone upside down - by kamini. part 2 from# 681
    That incident at Meena's mansion by her father and attack by the goons made my determination of never give up Meena for anyone . next day Meena came to know about the treatment i received from the hands of her father. she was scared to death. she secretly sent message to me and begged to see her discretely. when we met she cried on my shoulder while keep on telling me that her father would go to any extent to
    separate us and if we continue like this some thing very dangerous could happen to me. we discussed about this for a long time and at the end of our discussion we decided to continue our relationship but would take ultimate care that her father never comes to know about that.
    I was shocked to see Meena in a very bad mood that evening. i could see that she was crying and it pained me a lot. i asked her what was the matter. with tears still in her eyes she said that she heard from the maids that her father was discussing with some relatives to get her married to some rich guy who is also living in the city. she said she would commit suicide if such thing happens. I did not know what to do.I belong to a middle class family and my father has a heart condition that required a by pass surgery which we did pledging all my mom's jewels.I love my dad as he did everything to me in spite of all the hardships he faced in life.

    Me and meena discussed about what we are going to do. we did not know that while talking we entered the thick garden behind the temple .suddenly the sky became very dark and rain started pouring. we ran in side the garden to an old building there. By the time we reached the place both were totally drenched and meena was shivering like a bird. i just held her tightly. some strange feelings i felt in my body while holding her in that position. we could feel both of our bodies are hot. what happened to us we did not know. we were kissing each other deeply and passionately. before long both of us were lying on the floor and i was inside he. we did not know for how long we held each other in that position.
    Suddenly she pushed me away. She got up and moved away from me and started crying.I did not know how to console her. we held tightly to each other and i promised her whatever happens i will be her husband and would never lose her in my life.

    Our secret meetings continued and one day she sent an urgent msg to meet her near her house I could see that she was very tensed. During that meeting she revealed to me that she did not have her periods for more than two months and she gets morning sickness. the message was clear that she was pregnant. she cried on my shoulders uncontrollably. i was shocked and my mind went blank. she then dropped the bomb by saying that her father came to know that i am the father of the baby growing in her womb.
    she pleaded with me to abscond from the city immediately as she was sure if caught her father would kill me without a second thought. I refused to leave her like this and run away for my life as a coward. but then she fell on her knees and held my feet and cried. she was keeping on pleading to me to immediately get away from the town till things settles down a little. it is important that i am alive if we got any chance to live together in the future she was pleading. but she promised me that her father would not do any harm to her physically and if i kee pmyself alive only we could plan something in future to live as husband ad wife. after lot of convincing from her side i reluctantly agreed to leave the town for some time till things settles down. i saw to that she reached her home safely. then i went my close friend Mohan's house and told him that he should go to my house.. pick up my dresses and tell my ailing dad that i had to leave the town to do a project that would pay me handsomely.
    Mohan returned with my belongings and told me that with difficulty he convinced my dad about my "project work" but i could leave the town immediately.
    What he told me next freezed me in fear. he told me that he saw Balram's (meena's father) everywhere in the town searching for me. He said i will be definitely get caught by them if i go now . he told me that he got a plan for my safe escape from them and pleaded with me to go the college with him. he was the secretary of the Fine arts society of our college. he took me to a room and showed me many dresses from king to queen... sarees... blouses.. wigs etc. and advised me to dress as a girl to escape from the goons. His idea shocked me. never in my life i ever wore any female dress and how could i do it now all of a sudden. But mohan assured me that its the only solution to escape the threat on my life and to safely leave this town i need to follow his advise.
    To be continued.

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    Roja (Tuesday, 28 April 2015 04:14)

    @Ashwini:I think Edwards character should be suppressed.. His character stops the excitement you are building in the story.. Avoid male characters please

  • #603

    Maddy (Tuesday, 28 April 2015 09:05)

    Nice stories

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    Ridhima (Tuesday, 28 April 2015 19:25)

    @Roja please let the authors write with their own imagination rather than asking them to follow your directions.

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    Ashwini (Tuesday, 28 April 2015 21:08)

    Abroad ..........Part 8
    I had some restless sleep, following the lunch and went to see the doctor. Neeti sat besides me while edward drove the nice car. The richness was showing in everything neeti or her dad had. There was no presence of my brother felt anywhere. I had a simple round neck T-shirt and faded jeans on my thin frame. It showed my shaved elbows and wrists, but didnt look odd in a way. Neeti, looking ravishing as ever, was in polka dot semi sleeve top and a pleated black skirt, knee length and nice black stilettos. When she sat next to me, i couldnt take my eyes off her shapely creamy calves.
    The city was slowly changing from a busy education and business hub to a slightly relaxed zone of cultural activities in the evening. There were diverse people around, all races, all one even bothering to look at what others were doing. Rights of privacy and individual choices......seemed sooo different then from india, where every tiny activity may change into a mega event in cities and in towns and villages, even a change in hair cut is known to one and sundry in a flash.
    We reached the clinic of Dr. McAdams 10 minutes to 5. I was pretty scared why a visit to the doctor, while i was fit and fine. The 'orientation....part 2"? dont know. The place was named 'Living Dreams' and the exteriors looked comforting. Nice soft colored walls dominated by shades like beige, pink, lavendar; paintings of nature around, some decorative bushes around. Neeti sank in the chair next to me, and flipped through the magazines, awaiting our turn. At 5 sharp, we were asked to go in by the charming secretary , who waved at Neeti, perhaps knowing her, or thats the way she greeted all, and while i passed she added 'have a good one' . "Oh hello there....Neeti " the 'ti' in the name of bhabhi uttered more like 'te' in the word 'team' by a young, who was a brunette with shoulder length hair, clad in a typical business suit - coat and trousers. Neeti hugged her and introduced me as 'anu'- her in law. She smiled at me and motioned me to come into her 'serious place of work'. I took a long breath and went behind her to sit on the chair in front. It looked pretty 'innocent' chair, except for the pen like slender light source coming from the ceiling, something like what the dentists use. I looked at Neeti, as if she was going to let me not have it.....she simply pointed her index finger to ask me to do so. Dr. McAdams wore a surgical mask to make the things serious. I was quiet.....only the humming of the conditioner could be heard, nothing else. She placed some disposable paper napkin below my chin over my t-shirt
    "Please open your mouth anu, tongue out" the lady behind the mask spoke. All i could see of her face was the bluish eyes, roaming over my face professionally. "but.....i have got no tooth issues neeti bhabhi." Neeti, just opened her mouth, showing her lovely white teeth...emoting me to do a mother emotes expecting her child to mimic and i complied.
    Doctor focused light on my mouth and slowly pushed it in my mouth cavity like a finger inside. She had also switched on a monitor. A loud 'click' and the pen like source lit up...i could feel the warmth of the light in the palette of my mouth and like an endoscopy operation, she could see the insides of my mouth. " Look anu, the warmth is controlled and wont harm. The pen light used here is tiny, and we are not gonna touch anything just relax and dont gag..ok?" comforting me and patting on my shoulder..... looking into the tonsils, the base of my tongue and god knows what.....Biology never interested me.
    after a few minutes of twisting and turning, surveying my throat, the lady switched off the ugly medical apparatus. I was cold and sweaty despite the running conditioner. She asked me to wipe my face clean and in the mean time, removed her mask, adjusted her hair and smiled at Neeti, who was watching the entire activity from the chair nearby. "Yes anu is healthy and we can do 'it' by a semi permanent treatment by using numbing Lasers. Should be good for atleast 2-3 years. " Neeti nodded, while I joined ,sat back on the same 'operation' chair, all ears.....afterall it was me they were talking about. "yep, sounds good." "Lets do it today if you are gonna take good care in the next 12 hours at home. Just some paperwork now and we are all set."

  • #606

    Deepika@Mehta (Wednesday, 29 April 2015 05:59)

    @My world gone upside down - by kamini......... Superb start Kamini, please continue.Keen to read next part ..keep it up

  • #607

    Ashwini (Wednesday, 29 April 2015 20:30)

    Abroad ..........Part 9
    When the lady Doctor left us for some preparations and arrangements, I asked neeti what this is all about? why the name Living Dreams to a clinic?. She said that this is one of the most advanced set up where the richest come to live their dreams, and for my admission to the college, it was 'essential' that i undergo the therapy. She also showed me the mail sent by Chirag, saying that it is important for me to do it, and to obey what neeti says.....mostly similar to the earlier mail. I was tense, but had to comply.
    The Doctor took my signatures on some papers, giving my clearance for the treatment and all. She sat in front of us , looked at me and said " look anu, this is a burst treatment. I am going to numb the upper part of your vocal cords temporarily, with the help of intense and focused lasers. You see, our voice from the vocal cavity emerges the way it is due to the length of the vocal cords. If the length is larger, as in males, it generates a low frequency sound, like a slack string, but if the length is a bit smaller, when the vocal cord resonates in the cavity, it produces a higher frequency output as if plucking the string of a loaded guitar. Thats why females have a sharper , sweeter voice than the males. The infants , new born babies have cords of the length of a few centimeters and it grows till they become adults.
    I am a Cosmetic throat Surgeon, so I am going to buzz the cord endings on the accessible upper side with lasers, shortening the lengths. It wont hurt much, just like an ant stinging. Ok?"
    Oh....i was ......i mean why? is it needed for my post grad school ? seemed weird indeed. "Oh its nothing. You need to keep your mouth shut for 12 hours, till the 'fusion' of the cord endings takes place plus a few do's and dont's of what to eat and drink and what not to...which your lovely SIL will take care of, isnt it neeti? " and my 'lovely' bhabhi nodded, smiling.
    I again was made to sit, the ugly device now carefully, very carefully brought at the precise position. Her assistant applied clamps on either side of the mouth, so that i do not reflex gag and upset a position of the device, at even the slightest! "OK Anu, here goes the laser......Live your Dream...." and she operated some console from her panel, constantly watching the monitor in front with care. I was terrified, the way i was positioned, plus the clamps and the did hurt, deep inside in my was a steady, dull pain , that never increased in intensity, yet lasted for a minute or more. tears were trickling down my cheek, due to mix of pain and tension. She inserted a big cotton ball in my mouth carefully, saying that it is soaked with a chemical that would soak the excessive heat generated and help accelerate the healing. I was unable to speak and was not allowed to do so for the next 12 hours, plus only natural fruit juice in sips thereafter for next 24 hours. Plus loads of tablets for avoiding any infection and accelerate healing.
    We came back home, and it was a silent journey. I was unable to speak, bhabhi didnt want to speak and Edward spoke only when he was expected to by his ...his mistress!
    I killed some time in between, surfing through TV channels. At 10 in the night, neeti called me in the dining room. I went there, feeling a bit better, yet weak. Neeti had changed into a traditional sari - off white, with some sober design, a red bindi, sindoor and no lipstick. I think she only had a very mild coat of talcum powder. I was indeed surprised to see her change into a traditional indian 'nari' !!.
    "We are gonna skype your home, since its early morning there. Off course you cant speak, but listen to your parents. " I was very happy. This was a nice gesture indeed on her part. We sat in front of lappy, and bhabhi began " Pranaam maaji, pranaam pitaji" and the battle was won...if only my parents knew that this 'gharelu khaandani bahu' had forced her 'dewar' into a bra and panty on his hairless body !! plus the 'voice conditioning' . She mentioned that due to hectic travel, cold weather here, my throat was sore and would only listen. Since i would be going to the college dorm, neeti had arranged for the skype talk and all. I nodded to questions of my dad and mom, took their blessings. I tell you, neeti looked so nice and traditional in the indian clothing.
    I was off to sleep, with an odd sensation in my throat, as if something is stuck there. What further orientation was in store for me? i think only neeti knew.

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    Soundarya (Thursday, 30 April 2015 01:05)

    World war 2016

    After the annoucement of engagement every thing was changeed. I was forced to do manly works i.e. washing utencils, put rangoli, washing cloths, and cooking. After some days when mom and mami with aaishwarya came home after home they were very happy. At dinner they were dicussing about the engagement. Finally dad asked what was the reason for happiness. Then mom said this engagement is going a very very grand event. Dad asked how ? mom said when the news of aishwarya and mine engagement is confirmed by them to media. The all big companies in india were ready to sponcer the event. Right from shoes company till hair oil companies are ready to sponcer the event.

    Action florina wiil now be official partner for all mens foot wear in engagement.
    Zivame --- Innerwear
    clothes and jewellary ofcorse home production.
    bajaj almond oil - hair oil
    lakme -- makeup.
    and many more there

    reymond has launched new cloths for women now and aaishwarya is brand ambesetor for the same. also she was now making adds for Bata shoes.

    From these sponcership huge amount is paid to mom and aaishwarya and they are sufficient to pay off all our debts. Aishwarya and me were now the youth symbols for our genders. next day our interview was arranged. which will be telecasted on national television. Next day at 6 p.m.there was an interview.

    Next day i was taken to beuty parlor again. and this time i was given all beuty treatment. Now this time i also forced to apply lipstick. even a bindi is applied to my forehead. My shoulder length hairs given extention till my hips and made in pony tale. Also some jasmin flowers were attached to my hairs. My eyes given treatment like with eyebrow eyelashes kajal. Now it was turn for jewellary. As of I known very well that i was just a model which my dad and my would be wife is using to sell there products. My ears were priced and small dimond zhumkies were attached to them. A gold neckless was hanged in my nake it was of a delicate chain with heart sheap gold pendent decorated with dimonds the tale of the pendent was only a inch above my gap between two boobs. Very delicate bracelate with dimonds was hanged on my right hand. And a small diomond wrist watch was hang on my left hand.

    Now the time for my new dress i was expecting another Anarkali suit. But to my surprise it was not that but it was the light Purple colored lehanga choli to be more proper it was a half sari. Lehanga was made of very silky material and very lightweight but was very firly. Blouse was made of see through material. My purple bra was clearly visiable under blouse. My fair skin is adding more charm to my beauty. finally a purple see through dupatta was adeed. Now i was ready for interview.

  • #609

    kamini (Friday, 01 May 2015 11:14)

    My world gone upside down- by kamini. Part 3. From#690

    Slowly the depth of the impending danger on my life sank in to my mind. I understood the logic in Mohan's reasoning.
    "Come on let's start. From now on you dont ask me too many questions and trust me. I need to make you look like a beautiful genetic girl. Allow me to try my make up skills on you."
    He went to another room for about 10 minutes. Saravan" come here.".he called me from that room. When i entered i noticed many cosmetics.. a long haired wig and some clothes were neatly arranged on a long table.he asked me to remove my jeans and T Shirt.he observed my body and said with a kind of releif "wow no hair on chest, arms and back. Only a little bit on lower legs". he then gave me a cream and told me to apply it on the hairy part of my lower legs. He told me to shave the light mush i had on my face.i have not yet started growing beard but a thin mush was already visible. He told me to use razor. only on my face and the cream was for my lower legs.He thought for some time and told " wait for 20 minutes for the cream to be absorbed."He looked at my face for a few seconds and made a comment "you have very thick eye brows and it should be trimmed." I was shocked. "What.. trimming ...! "Yes to suite your facial make you look convincingly a girl. After all beautiful girls don't sport bushy eye brows" I could not object though i was very disturbed by the idea. He started working on my eyebrows. Nearly 10 minutes gone in the process. He then painted my finger nails with pink nail polish. I was then asked to take a bath and come back. I watched in horror that the hair in my lower legs just washed away in water. Then shaved my mush. i then finished bath. i was as smooth ad a skinned hair at all on my body. There was no mirror in the bath room. So could not see my face how it looked after removing my mush. I came back to Mohan. "Wow you are looking like barbie doll.. so smooth and silky he teased me.i did not like he was referring me anything that was girly. But l needed his help for safe passage from this town and for that the only possibility is escaping as a girl. So i was tight lipped even when he was provoking Me. "Ok now wear this" he gave me a black silk pantie and a satin black bra. I opened my mouth and immediately closed it. I silently wore the pantie. It gave me a strange sensation because never in my life i wore a pantie. I remembered meena was wearing one such pantie the day we had sex. I felt bad about wearing it but said nothing. Mohan helped me wearing the bra. It was filled with sponge and was a bit tight. The moment i wore it i immediately developed a pair of sexy breasts. Mohan looked at me and shook his head. He added more sponges to the cups and now my breasts looked more realistic. He selected three different blouses and helped me wear one among them. The first one itself fitted me as it was stitched according to my measurements. He helped me wear a golden colour frilled petticoat and finally a maroon colour half sari. He taught me how to wear it. And removed it twice and asked me to drape it myself. Once he was satisfied that i could do it of my own he asked me to sit on a chair and looked close to my ears. Oh a girl can not go out without a pair of ear studs. You have no holes in your ears and i have only screw type jumkis. No worry only if you could cooperate and Tolerate small pain i can fix them on your ears. I was shivering. "Ha come on Ramya it's just 2 minutes job."
    "Who is Ramya?"i asked him angrily.
    "Look Ramya you need a girl's name till you escape. Unless you hear it from now on regularly it wont sink in your mind. Remember i am doing it for your own safety. Forget that you are Saravan for a few days. Understand please." Once again i understood that what he was telling me was to help me only. he selected two jumukis and showed me. "This will hep you look more feminine".
    He was keeping on talking to me and in the meanwhile twice i felt some chillness on my earlobes and a sharp pain. Latter he told me that he applied some spirit and then a cream to numb my ear lobs so that i might not feel the piercing. I felt two heavy things hanging from my ears and each time i moved my head I felt the jumukis touching my face. There was no mirror so i could not see them.
    "Beautiful.. lets start some make up." He took a small bottle and showed it to me and telling me "Ramya,this is eye liner. I am going to apply this on your upper eyelids. Now close your eyes". I closed my eyes. After about 5 minutes he asked me to open my eyes and told me "now i am going to apply kajal to your lower eye lids. He took another 5 minutes. Then he. Put a long imitation chain around my neck. Next he took the long haired wig and fixed it on my head and positioned with many hair pins. He pulled it. But it held on tightly. Then he added a few glass bangles on my hands.

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    Bhavya (Friday, 01 May 2015 20:00)

    @Kamini: No crossdresser would prefer to be dressed like a girl by a boy.. You should have made a girl dress him like that..

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    Ashwini (Friday, 01 May 2015 20:50)

    Abroad ..........Part 10
    The next day, i was fed only fresh fruit juices with a spoon, in sips as instructed by the Doctor, till the vocal cords heal to a certain level. I felt ok , just a bit nauseated , due to the sensation of feeling something stuck in my throat.
    Edward used to sneak into my room stealthily , to give the tablets as prescribed from time to time. He always used to smirk at me, like a donor smiling at a pathetic child, adding insult to injury.
    I was mostly idle, doing nothing much till the evening. I didnt even hear from neeti, throughout. When I saw in the garage space, the car was not parked. She must have gone for some work, i thought. But what kind of work? I wondered.....does she really need work?
    In the twilight hours, I saw not 1 but, 2 cars entering our garage. One was neeti's known to me, and the other one was a silver colored range rover . In a few minutes i could hear some movement at the doorsteps of the house and went out to see Chirag - my brother had arrived with a suitcase , followed by neeti - in her usual outfit - top and body hugging jeans. I was very glad to see my brother, who was looking a bit tired, may be due to the travel , but he was as pleased to see me. "No talking anu....remember? "neeti touching her throat, reminding me of the care i needed to take. "and you have been good so far...Edward told me you are regular and co-operating. "
    I managed a weak smile, and walked towards chirag, to give him a hug.......but..but stopped , since i had the bra and panty on me at home, and chirag would feel those, when we hug. Chirag saw that i was hesitating, and aggressively came forward to give me a hug. "Anu....i know......i know everything" he said in a comforting tone. I was ashamed , feeling guilty that i was made to do something wrong, but now i had a shoulder to cry on. he patted me, and asked about the home, some of his friends from yesteryears, some relatives and all. I was able to reply with a yes or no, nodding my head accordingly.
    After some time, he said he would join me for dinner, after refreshing himself. During the dinner, while i was feeding on the fresh juice in sips, starving....feeling like eating much more, i had to restrain myself. He ate some of the home made stuff, i had brought. Once the dinner was over, neeti brought a colored docket out to show me. It had the university logo on it. It was called the 'University Induction Kit', as the printed name on the top announced.

  • #612

    Ashwini (Friday, 01 May 2015 20:51)

    Abroad ..........Part 11
    I opened it, with excitement. The first page started with a 'Hello Anu Tripathi' written in a nice calligraphy, followed by the message of the Dean of the college. There was plenty of other information, like the history of the school, map, lecture rooms and faculty details, student support services, academics, rules and regulations and all. What naturally startled me was offcourse my name ...even there, it was Anu. It was natural for most of the people there to refer to my name in half. But, i never expected that in the official entry.
    I recall, Chirag and neeti , doing the entire admission process from here, to make the tuition fees payment and other matters simpler. I remembered , giving my entire authority of admission to them. neeti, my new bhabhi stated then, that with her father in an influential position there, the work would be faster, easier and less expensive.
    "well...anu.....ahmmm" Chirag was perhaps trying to clarify, yet hesitating, seeing the unhappy looks on my face. Neeti, the aggressor intervened. "Anu..... you are admitted as Anu Tripathi, not as Anurag it?" She thumped a document, which was like an admission form...and....and i couldnt believe. It had a photograph of a GIRL , with facial features and looks almost similar to mine. In disbelief, I read the remaining document - the address , that of this house. Official guardian..neeti grewal . Sex - Decline to mention!!!
    I was aghast. "Yes....this is true Anu" Chirag cleared his throat and finally spoke. "You are going to the school...this..way" pointing to the photograph. "And I decided, it would be so . For reasons that shall be known to you, in the coming days...." I watched my bhabhi in terror. This was totally unexpected. Her voice, firm and furious. The eyes raging...and I was not allowed to speak and react.....due to the treatment, plus the authority of bhabhi. Even Chirag was cringing...she was the decision maker was clear. I had no hopes or expectations from my brother. it was not worth expecting him to intervene. He was already conquered by this indian power crazy diva, who was incidentally and unfortunately my bhabhi.
    "A few tweaks on the powerful imaging software dear, and you were transformed from anurag to Anu!! isnt it lovely? Now our task is --- that is mostly mine, supported by Edward, is to make you look that way, isnt it darling?" neeti fluttered her eyelashes, looking at her shy and demoralized husband. "And Anu, he is going to leave, early morning tomorrow, on yet another business assignment. So say.....i a goodbye to him and retire to your bed. Eddy, must have kept the necessary medicines. gulp them and call it a day."
    This was one instruction of the lady of the house, i failed to obey, caught in my own whirlwind of thoughts...i didnt even look at Chirag, let alone saying him goodbye. I went to my room as if on autopilot. Took the medicine and switched off the lights. If only we could switch off our mind the same way.....i exhaled...

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    Bhavya, kindly read my story clearly once again. Did i ever say the hero Saravan was a cross dresser? Tell me.
    In fact, i made it VERY CLEAR that no where in the process of his being feminized by his friend he ever enjoyed it. In fact he hated it. He was made to convince by his friend to disguise as girl because his life was in danger and he has to escape from the goons of the faher of his sweet heart. Under the circumstances his only friend convinced him with great difficulty to dress as girl to escape from the town.Hope you got it now.
    And please keep reading the coming chapters. You will love the story.

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    My world gone upside down upside down - by kamini Part - 4 From#698
    After he was convinced that he made me up fully he took a maroon colour half saree and helped me wearing it properly. He looked at me and said to himself " hmmm very natural." he asked me to follow him to another room to a man sized mirror that was fixed on the right side wall. he took me straight in to the mirror and for the first time i looked myself after the transformation.
    And.... i saw the girl on the mirror who was staring at me.
    Oh God who is she..! she looked so beautiful.. innocent and very fresh. oh.. no.. is this me! I Could not believe my eyes. How could a 17 year old boy transform in to such a ravishing beautiful girl in just two hours..! The slim body with the proper curves and a face that is so delicate with utterly feminine features..! It caught my eyes that my otherwise bushy eyebrows totally disappeared and replaced with very thin arched eye brows of film heroins. And under the bow like eyebrows the kajal lined eyes look bright and very expressive. i turned to Mohan and asked "why did you made my eyebrows so thin and feminine. once i escape this town and go to another town and remove my girly appearance how could i go out with this kind of feminine eye brows..."
    "Come on Ramya... cool, its simple. see this" he produced an eye brow pencil and applied it on his own brows and his already thin brows suddenly took in to the shape of a thick brow and it looked natural too " i will teach you how to touch your own eye bro to make them look thick manly brows. you need not excessively worry about that now. i got relaxed a bit but again asked him " why you said "excessively worry"
    "oh my god, questions.. questions and always questions. look i am worried about your safe passage from here. but i notice that you are not yet ready to leave this town"
    "what.. i opened my mouth but before i uttered any more words he put his finger on his mouth and said "shh.. let me explain. though you look like 100% a teen age gir , your voice is still male and you walk like a male. you need to learn to walk like a girl.. girl's normal feminine mannerisms and voice. i am not sure how fast you could cultivate the voice like a girl but other things i can teach you.. and mind that till you look and carry yourself more like a girl its not safe for you to go in public. he thought for some time and asked me to wait moved to the next room talking to someone over mobile.
    i was left all alone in the room and stared observing me in the full size mirror. My god, what a transformation ! Mohan is really an expert. even my own mother could not recognize me if she see me now. i could see that i have full round back (due to the padded underwear he placed over the panty) and slim waist but my hips took a natural wide look again by the spongy pads i was wearing under the frilled beautiful petticoat.
    The breasts were perfect..neither too small nor too big. They perfectly blended with the rest of my body structure and the half saree added to the teenage girl appearance. Suddenly it struck me that i was seeing my own image as if i am watching another girl.
    "Ok.. done. Ramya we are going to my home now. you stay there for 2 to 3 days or if needed a week as Ramya to learn voice culture and feminine body language. once i am convinced that you can leave for chennai. I spoke to my friend in Chennai and explained him about the situation. You can stay with him there till things become normal and then we can plan our future actions. Now i spoke to my mom and sister about the whole thing and they understood the grave situation and willing to help you.
    I tried to protest. But he continued "Ramya please don't raise any objections now. You should know that if Balram sir comes to know that i helped you .. who was responsible for making his unmarried teenage girl pregnant, just think what will happen to me. I am taking this great risk only for you. Then u you should also give me full co operation. i need not explain anymore. hope you understand."It took some time for me to realise how bad in a situation that i am in now and how big a risk Mohan is taking for me. I decided to go all the way with what ever he says and nodded my head in acceptance.
    "Ok lets move now." he showed me a shoulder bag and told me that he got some spare dress for me and my makeup kit." if needed we may buy few more dresses" he said.
    i never knew at that time that i would need more female dresses to be alive in the coming days.
    -To be continued

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    Sam, as Ridhima rightly said its always better to allow the authour to tell her story with her own theme and plans. If you continue to read you will find there will be all kind of surprising elements added and that will come more naturally rather than forced in and i guarente that you will thoroughly enjoy them. One more point,i just don't want to follow the path of the most familiar plots and incidents repeated several times here. my story will be centered around the most minute emotions that the characters are going you will eventually develop far more stronger bondage with the characters and will see that their emotions strongly affects you.

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    Raj, thank you for your encouraging words.. love to see more encouraging comments from others readers also.
    just think about this.... we spend time to write these stories for you readers to enjoy. but you are not willing to spend just 5 minutes to write some sweet little comments. that takes away my enthu. lemme wait and see how many more wake up from your lazy slumber and type some electrifying comments.
    -kamini with love

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    Guys plz subscribe the channel as i spend hours evryday searchng for cd videos through 100s of youtube channels..thanks

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    Ashwini (Monday, 04 May 2015 23:08)

    Abroad ..........Part 12
    I could not get the image on the application form off my mind. How did this happen, and why did Chirag allow it to happen? i was wondering.
    Next morning, i had my dose of medicines. The throat was recovering , it seemed because the 'something is stuck up' feeling was very negligible, almost none. neeti had consulted the doctor, and i was granted a porridge , a lukewarm one. Neither too hot or too cold. It also gave the required nourishment. I was told to come to the room on upper floor, after my bath.
    During the bath I noticed that there was very little growth of hair on my smooth body. The lotion was effective. I put my sports bra on me and the panty, wore some t-shirt and shorts, and climbed the stairs, to reach the room destined.
    Inside the room, strangely enough, there was a chair in the centre. There was a table and another chair in one corner of the room. Plus there was a big wooden cupboard of the older era on one side. That was it...strange indeed. It looked like an 'enquiry chamber' from a medieval castle, rather than a room in the posh suburbs of a large developed city.
    I looked around....the walls were gloomy in color. There was a large window opposite to the door, yet there were thick curtains over it. there was no positivity about the room, in any manner . it could be my mind games, yet i felt some negative vibes there and strong they were!!. I wondered what the room might have witnessed in the past, and also shuddered at the thought of what it may be witnessing in future, now that i was 'invited' in the room. I roamed the periphery of the room, and watched the intricate work on the mahogany cupboard, noting that it was locked. i tugged its handle casually, to feel the weight and the quality of the wooden furniture.
    I sat on the chair, placed in the centre, not knowing what to do. Within a minute or so, Edward walked in stealthily, with some bags in his hands. He was in his tight fit t-shirt and jeans. Neeti, followed him. She had a lovely orange colored polo t-shirt and white shorts. her lovely slender legs, soft thighs..all seen.... i gulped. she had had such presence...her beauty always imposed itself where ever.
    "Good you sat on the middle chair. I was watching you on the camera. That you chose the chair in the middle means, you wish to be controlled. Asked, questioned, tormented....thats your mindset Anu....submissive, timid, gentle." she was intense and precise in her choice of words. " So Anu, there is no point in hosting such a feminine and weak mind in a male body. " i shivered. her sentence meant a lot..."Right eddy? So what we do now is try and give you a matching much possible. I am going to drill into the depths of your mind" neeti, leaning towards me, pointing her index finger at my nose. A menacing sight reminiscent of a poison ivy from the greek mythology, who must have been a vision like this only....." I am going to deflower you...petal by petal....not crushing you anu.... I wish to see you crave for the change, accept it and beg me more...."

  • #631

    Ashwini (Monday, 04 May 2015 23:09)

    Abroad ..........Part 13
    In the meantime, while the 'bhabhiji' was towering over me, i failed to notice that Edward had been keeping some stuff he had carried from downstairs onto the table. "Eddy....lets get going baby..." The hulk nodded with a wry smile on his face. He went behind me, and pulled my hands behind. I gasped, but nothing came out of my throat. It was paralysed and healing. I heard a metallic click and knew i was handcuffed. " No harm anu...just that eddy wants to be doubly sure. He is a multitalented guy ....he can cook, he has the looks, he serves me gallantly , like a stallion on a stud farm.......i have paid a huge sum for him, and he repays every penny of it, in many ways..... " my pervert bhabhi, ran her hand over the strong man's bicep. The milky soft hand, over the chiseled choco colored muscles. looked strangely erotic.
    Eddy, took out a comb, and turned my longish hair behind. I had a reasonably long bunch of hair and they used to grow fast. it was as if the lack of hair growth otherwise was being compensated there. He tugged the in a small ponytail. Neeti nodded.
    While i was recovering from the hair pulled behind, i heard a small motor come to life. Eddy must have started a handy equipment i thought. He held a tiny drill gun, with a pointed drill beat of sorts, rotating fast, in front of me. My eyes grew bigger in terror. He held my left ear lobe and stung a hole through it, after dabbing it with a spirit mixed cotton ball. The same treatment was repeated for the other ear lobe. "I want 'her' pierced in the upper half of the ears as well eddy" and the hulk pierced my inner cartilage just above the opening of the ear canal on either ears. "Now the nose..." the lady was ordering, and the servant was obeying, and the subject ...that was unfortunately me....was ignored ." My left nostril was pierced, mercilessly. I cringed my face, tears rolling down. Eddy, paused for a while, bringing me back to life in a way from the world of pain. "Now......." The evil bhabhi aiming at my face, my chest, my tummy, geni...........oohh no....i was frowning..i shook my head vigorously, reading her evil mind...."Shhhh....i am not doing anymore.....atleast now. If you disobey, i will have your lips pierced, then the tongue, then the bellybutton, then......ohh...the list goes on and on..."

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    Ashwini (Monday, 04 May 2015 23:09)

    Abroad ..........Part 14
    Edward , i learnt suddenly held scissors and simply cut through the t-shirt from behind. a straight run from the neck of the shirt till bottom, and tossed it aside. The he cut the straps of the bra and tossed the garment aside. Neeti sat in the chair in front, watching my growing misery. Edward unhooked my shorts and pulled it down. Then looked at his maam, for consent, who gave it with a slight nod of her elegant chin and .....and he pulled the panty down. i was helpless, naked, stranded, pierced. "Good.....Eddy. Ohhh..look at HIM....... he is not even a quarter of your size....poor in a wrong body. Lets help my dewaraani ....." She took a padded panty from the stuff she had carried with her and a pair of almost real looking breasts. Edward reclined the chair in a leaning position. It had levers so it could be bent at a 'desired' angle. My naked body, ready for further insult...She stood up, with those and a bottle, reading 'super adhesive'. While my eyes were tracing her movement, i felt the padded panty being drawn over my slender legs. Eddy did it easily like replacing diapers of a child. " are taking soooo much efforts to match your body with the soul and you are not even smiling....not fair..chchchch......" her hands were applying the glue on my areolas and the flat hairless part around. She positioned the flesh like tender, soft and exact skin colored 'breasts' and motioned Eddy, who applied huge...i mean huge pressure to blend it with my skin below....i was winded......almost ran out of breath....such was the pressure. "Good....eddy" neeti kissed him on the was cheap....i didnt like it, , despite my precarious condition bhabhi kissing her servant on the cheeks . It didnt go unnoticed from her..." oohh....attitude anu......good...i like it....that adds spice to the game.....go have an amazing bhabhi..thats gonna be your conclusion....but..but i wont punish least right now...YOU will beg for some the right time..." She hissed. I was 'released' off the chair. My arms were hurting. I was given a proper C- Cup bra, to wear. My breasts jiggled, and i was told to 'stop' the 'immoral' show of those and confine them in the cups. My training bra practice, helped and i caged my pigeons.
    From the 'Pandora's box' neeti took out a golden locket. It was thick...thickness of the size of a pencil. It had nice design over it. At an end there was a projection and the other end, had a hole, obviously to make a solid joint. It looked elegant. I had my eyes, set on it. My face perhaps asked a 'for me?' question, to which neeti smiled." Yes bebo....this is for beloved dewaraani" She came behind me and rather ceremoniously brought it front the front and around my neck. "My gift for you ....anu......enjoy...." i exhaled, as i heard a loud 'click' with the locket shut. "and now are MINE!! As you can see, this locket is now locked has a magnetic key, which like many other things, is in my safe custody. You CAN NOT remove the locket now. moreover, it has a GPS enabled tracking chip, which broadcasts its location every 30 seconds, so i can track every movement now, where ever you go....and offcourse, i will take care you dont go, anywhere, other than where i decide for you. be a good girl, relax, accept, obey and enjoy the merging of your soul with a slightly better body. " She ran her fingers over my face, cupping my bra clad breast......teasing me.

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    And good stories should complete as soon as possible. and write stories with easy identification if possible with separate column for one complete story

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    I'm a : Part 5:

    I couldn't control my desire of wearing, the saree, I want them to accept me as a girl, I don't want to be a man, but why all of a sudden I'm getting these Strange feelings? I thought to myself, so far I always felt like I was Trapped into something, but now I realized why I felt that way, I supposed to be born as a girl, I don't want to be a man, with some courage I decided to do something, that is, I woke up next day, shaved my face completely hairless, it always were but again I removed the small traces of hair that left on my face, my grown hair actually looked a little masculine but more work will bring a feminine look to my face, I quickly searched my closet and found some thousands I kept for my studies, I got ready started having my break fast, kasthuri looked at my baby soft face and laughed, Kathir u look different? I said yes I shaved my face I hate those hairs on my face, don't know how all these men having it shaved daily, I wish to do some electrolysis to remove all the hairs, she laughed why Kathir u should such costly items, try naturally na, borrow some turmeric from us and apply on your face daily, kamatchi laughed and came in behind and said, hey kasthuri I'll give my manjal Kathir u apply, u don't have much hair we will support u, she laughed again, kasthiuri stopped her, hey stop teasing him, sorry Kathir u have ur food, I replied it's okay, I didn't took it seriously, I will get the turmeric later from u akka I said, kasthuri looked at me strangely what? Manjal for u? For what? Told u! I hate to have these hairs, kamatchi akka I'll ask u after some hours akka, I'm going to parlor, kamatchi said double ok and smiled, kasthuri asked her about the matter, kamatchi said he likes it kasthuri, let him live on his wish, we are just his servant, she left I left to parlor, ‎I reached a unisex salon , I looked at a school girl pictures with medium bob haircut with front bangs, my heartbeat were so heavy to tell the haircut boy to do haircut of a medium bob haircut, what he will think of me? He will kick me out of the shop? With the heavy beat of my heart I waited for all to go, I was the last now, barber men said u r last, and he put shop closed sign board in the door, I slowly sat on the chair and looked at him, he asked what haircut kid? I directed my fingers to the school girl picture, he didn't say a word, he started to spray water on my hair and started washing, while washing I asked him is the haircut I'm getting is what I show u? He shoved his hands slowly from my hair to my neck and slowly squeezed, and slowly bringing his hand to my chest, I started moaning and replied okay I understand the haircut u can proceed, but he didn't stop, he didn't stop the squeeze he squeezed my chest badly I started to moan in pain, after hair wash he mopped the hair with towel covered my hair and gave a deep kiss on my lips, the first kiss of a man, I just hugged him in pleasure,.... to be continued....

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    Ashwini (Tuesday, 12 May 2015 09:18)

    Abroad ..........Part 15
    I had a new 'feel' about my balancing itself, due to my 'revised' body form. The padded panty and the silicone breasts shifting my centre of gravity, making me walk in a strange way. I could feel my hips gyrating. Neeti asked Edward to draw two straight lines along the diagonal of the room. The lines were just about 6 inches apart from each other..."Anu, you will now walk within those lines. You are a girl now. Dewarani of Neeti Grewal....who is well known in the University. So, get rid of the ugly wayward walk of a brash young man and add the charming sway of the hips, graceful elegant walk of a girl in early twenties. "
    She asked me to place a book on my head and kept a heavy metal glass on top. I was asked to keep this weight on the head, while I was to walk along ...god!! it was tough. It was difficult to walk to and fro maintaining balance. The glass would fall a few times, once the book and the glass both fell, and i heard a threatening 'whoosh' sound !! I looked at the origin of the sound and saw Neeti had a cane in her hand. " This cane has not tasted blood in a few months...and says its hungry.... " Neeti paused ..." I want you to complete 500 rounds....without falling the falter and the whip tastes your blood. Is that clear? Eddy is going to stay here. " My bhabhi lifted her graceful self off and moved towards the exit. "yes and a tip anu....walk slowly today....the balance and the grace is important...thats what a girl should carry. I would turn you into a nice , traditional yet vivacious indian gal. And you WILL be one. I want you to do this exercise in this room, daily...after your bath , till i am satisfied...which is very very difficult..." She smiled and left .
    I exhaled and focused on the task given. It was difficult...yet i walked ....and walked......yes i would be honest with you.....the book fell down 2-3 times and Eddy - that merciless servant hit the whip across my shins....aahh it stung and brought tears ..yet i clutched my lips tighter and continued the walk for the next 2 -3 hours. I had the 'sway' in my waist and legs were hurting.....yet i finished the 'task' and then went to my room. throughout the ordeal I could sense the roaming gaze of that...that Edward on my body...more maddening was the smirk he had on his face throughout. It was more irritating, the looks as if he was taking pity on a captured kitten.
    We were to go back to the doctor in the evening, i was told during the lunch, while i was sipping my soup, clad in my bra and panty, adjusting to the newfound weights on my anatomy and a paining set of calves and waist.

  • #647

    JRS (Wednesday, 13 May 2015 13:31)

    I'm a Part:6

    As I hugged him in pleasure I realized I'm doing wrong, I quickly got up and started running back to home, I went to my room and didn't open the door, I was totally confused, I want to be a girl, but how can I become a girl. How can I survive, and who will help me achieve my desire, like this lot of questions were running in my mind, lunch time came , kamatchi came and invited me for lunch but I said I'm not hungry now I'll come back later, she asked any problems? I slowly opened the door and asked her to come in, I told her what happened in parlor and also asked can u help me get a beautiful haircut so that I can pass as both e and female, she thought for some minutes and said ok Kathir I will do, I use to cut hair for my niece, her teachers liked her haircut, I said it's ok, but hairstyles should be both feminine and manly pa is that ok? I asked she replied yes I can Kathir, u join with me in kitchen tonight after dinner I'll help you ok? I said ok and waited till night, she came from maid quarter, she asked me to remove my shirt and asked me to wear a bra and blouse, I asked why it is required, she replied I know u like to wear saree, u wanted to wear again am I right? I looked on the floor in shame and replied yes kamatchi I want to be a girl, when I wear this I feel like a complete life, she replied I can understand your feelings don't worry Kathir I'll help u, firstly wear this bra, she helped me put on the bra straps and then hooked it behind and gave me a blouse similar to her uniform, and then she gave me a petticoat and asked me to tie it, I tied above my pant and then I removed my pant and jockey, she gave me a panty, I looked her and asked who is this? I don't need panty pls, she smiled ah ah u'll wear somebody's bra blouse and petticoat and not the panty is it? It's mine only goahead wear it Kathir, she asked kindly, I wore it, she asked me to sit on a kitchen table, first she combed by shoulder length hair tightly, she pulled back with comb, I cried each time she comb it, she said Shhhhh Kathir, kasthuri will join then with your noise, I said ok I'm shut, she arranged my hair like for about half hour and she braided my hair both sides like a school girl, plus finally she took some hair in the front and she cut the bangs very shortly, I looked in the mirror and cried kamatchi please change the hairstyles I look like a school kid, she said okay and without hesitation she undid my hair and did french braid at my back, it again looked very feminine, I looked at kamatchi, she asked don't look at me like that Kathir, kasthuri asked me to put this hairstyles, ask her, I suddenly got down and chair and asked where is she? Kasthuri came inside with an old saree, here I am Kathir with a gift for u, this is my old saree, you can wear this, don't be shy, we will not tell to anybody she consol me, I said thanks kasthuri, they both helped me drape the saree, after that, they both praised me how good I looked in saree with a french braid, I felt shy and said thanks to both of them for making me my dream come true at night, I asked them can i sleep like this today pls? Kasthuri and kamatchi replied, sure Kathir we will take care have a pleasant sleep, welcome to the world of girls, she smiled waved gud n8 and left, I peacefully went for sleep, and being first time I had a best peaceful sleep of my life.... to be continued ‎

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    Ropa (Wednesday, 13 May 2015)

    Edward characterful in annoying in the story.. Let that character be done by a girl please

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    poonam (Thursday, 14 May 2015 07:14)

    Nic ashwini

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    Meenakashi (Thursday, 14 May 2015 07:27)

    Inheritance Part One.......

    You have to do it, beta, you have to. Why don’t you understand, you are the only one who can do it. You are the only one who can help beta, and the way things have turned, very soon your sister and brother in law will lose everything they have carved for, is that what you would like to happen? I was getting bombarded by the statements. How could I do it, and why don’t my folks understand it that I simply can’t do it. Not that I am not interested in helping my sister, but, helping her meant that I have to give away at least four years of my life, leave Prachi and maybe I was not prepared for it.
    You must be wondering about what this is all about. My name is Ravi Gupta, and I am a 23 year old handsome man residing in Mumbai with my family. I belong to a family with an established business line. In my family I have an elder brother who looks after the business along with dad, a lovely babhi, who along with mom takes care of house. I have a twin sister-Rashi. Three years back she had a love marriage with one of the most eligible bachelor. Her husband belong to a very influential business empire. And as far as I am concerned, I am going steady with Prachi. Prachi and I were classmates and I am looking forward to settle down with her this year.
    One brother some business of his own, and all of them bombed and he lost lot of money putting strain on the finances. Not that his family was not supporting him, but other directors in the group (cousins) were not happy with it. At the same time my brother in law lost huge money in share market, which resulted in a huge argument between my brother in law and his cousins and quickly turned into a fist fight. My sister tried to intervene, but was hit and due to it she fell from stairs resulting in loss of baby she was carrying. Doctors battled for hours together to save her. She was saved but at a cost of her motherhood. She could never become a mother now.
    The news of her unable to conceive in future was devastating enough. My brother in law decided not to share the news with anyone in the family. After eight months or so, they decided to adopt a baby to complete the family. Meanwhile I had proposed to Prachi and she had agreed, and we decided to celebrate. Everyone in my family was happy, as they were expecting two new members in the family, but destiny had something else store for me.
    To rob my brother in law of all his wealth, his brother colluded with his other cousins and uncles decided to transfer the whole business to themselves. The argument given was that since Rashi was not having a child so my brother in law had lost the right to inheritance. To complicate the things further, no adoption clause was added to the will. This meant that now Rashi and her husband would lose everything. Rashi, tried her best to make her husband’s grandfather understand, but she not able to conceive was the biggest hurdle. In a fit of rage, Rashi, informed everyone that she had no problem and she could bear a child. Hearing this it was agreed that Rashi needs to bear a child preferable a boy in four years’ time, failing so, my brother in law would lose all his right on the property. To ensure compliance, a DNA of the child was further proposed. Till the child was not born and his credentials were not established, my sister and brother were offered a monthly stipend of Rs. 50 Laks.
    The inclusion of DNA test meant the adoption plan had to be dropped. To save his share amounting to 2000 cr, my brother in law consulted many doctors but nothing was concrete. More than six months had passed with no result and with every passing day, Rashi and her husband losing the inheritance looked almost certain.

  • #651

    Meenakashi (Thursday, 14 May 2015 07:28)

    Inheritance Part Two

    One day my brother in law came in contact with a doctor who had been debarred from practicing medicine. For a hefty amount, he offered a solution which was something unheard about and I was to become a part of the solution. Since my and Rashi were twins, we were identical in many respects. If I were to become a women and bear a child with my brother in law, the child DNA would be an exact match and Rashi would be declared his/her mother thus winning the inheritance. After she wins the inheritance, I would be again changed into a man.
    The transfer from man to woman was quite possible for the doctor, and it was because of it he was debarred from practicing medicine. The unique solution was welcomed by everyone in my family and it raised expectations but I changing into a women meant a complete change for me and I was not ready for losing my manhood.
    Rashi was not ready to give up so easily, she contacted Prachi and shared with her everything. To make her compily, Rashi offered a 10 percent to Prachi and me in return. The combined pressure from Prachi and Rashi was breaking me but I was not bowing down to the pressure. On Raksha-Bandhan day Rashi tried rakhi and in return she asked me to help her out. Even Prachi, started pressuring me and finally I caved in. The news of my acceptance brought happiness on everyone faces including my brother in law.
    Before my transformation, Prachi and I decided to marry as I wanted someone close to me during and after my transformation. To create a perfect alibi, it was decided that after my transformation me, Prachi, Rashi and her husband would move to a remote location, where I and my brother in law would live as husband and wife till the baby is born. Rashi and Prachi would be helping me during the time. To avoid any issue, a story of me getting a lucrative job abroad was floated. As per the plan, I and prachi were to leave early and join with the doctor who would start my transformation, which would take almost a months’ time. Since the procedure was bit complicated, I was not to have any relation right away after my transformation. During the two months’ time Prachi was to coach me. Two months after my transformation, Rashi and my brother in law were to join me and start the procedure.
    With heavy heart, I boarded the flight and left for a unheard future.
    Continued in next part.

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    Maapi (Thursday, 14 May 2015 12:29)

    Superb start meenakshi.. Continue

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    DIVYA (Friday, 15 May 2015 00:47)


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    Meenakshi (Friday, 15 May 2015 05:54)

    Inheritance Part 3

    In about an hour’s time the plane landed and after completing the formalities we hired a cab. Prachi shared the address with the driver and we were on the way. The driver thought that we were on honey moon, and when he enquired about it, Prachi, had a hearty laugh much to my misery. After driving for around 20 minutes, cab came to a halt in front of a two storied bungalow. The sea facing bungalow had a huge lawn on the front with a swimming pool. It was really a delight and I wondered, if I could ever buy such a mansion. I was planning to hop into the bed with Prachi ASAP, but Prachi was not in a mood. She dialed few number to inform everyone about our safe arrival. Next she called in Doctor to inform about our arrival. I again tried to get Prachi in the mood, but somehow she seemed not to be interested in getting intimate. Nothing much happened during the day time. After a quick shower, I decided to take a quick nap. At around 5 in the evening we were joined by the Doctor. I wanted the procedure to be deferred by a day or so but due to strict timeline to be followed, it was to start immediate. While we were sipping tea, Doc started explain the procedure which seemed to be quite simple. The only concern was the time, which it would take. As per Doctor the whole transformation would take around a months’ time. While I was not interested in knowing anything else, Prachi, wanted to understand the whole procedure. Before, explaining the procedure, doc injected in my arm first of the three injection I had to take. After a gap of 5 minutes two more injections were administrated to me in each buttocks. The pain was killing me, and sensing my discomfort, the doc said that the pain would go away in a minute or so. He handed me a tablets which I was to take twice daily for next 20 days. After it, the doctor started explain the procedure.
    For next twenty days I was to be administrated with three injections every alternate day. After the last injection has been administrated, would the transformation begin. During my transformation which would take almost 4 weeks’ time, I would be going through different stages, and each week would map different stages experienced by a woman. Seven days after the last injection is administrated, I would develop a Virginia cavity. My condition at that time would be like a 5 year old girl that is I would not feel any sensation in it. I would be using it primarily for urination purpose only. During next seven days my body would experience few more changes and at the end of a week, the condition would be like a 10 year old girl. In third week, my body would start developing. My skin would become softer and there would be changes in my facial area especially cheekbones and neck. My hips would start winding and breast would start developing. The week would be difficult for me as I would be feeling different mood swings due to hormonals changes. As the week progresses, the virginal cavity would start developing with it taking proper shape. By end of the week or early next week, I would be experiencing my first periods which would announce my womanhood. The doc advised me to note dates as I would be experiencing it on monthly basis.
    “So after that, she can start her relationship” enquired Prachi. No! Not yet, around that time, she would be somewhere 12 years old. Her body won’t be able to bear child. We need to wait for at least two more months or two periods, only after that can she enter into a relationship. “And when can I expect a child”, I tried to ask. Hearing this both Doc and Prachi laughed and Prachi pecked my check. “It seems you are in a hurry to enjoy with husband”. “You need to be very careful during the transition. She needs all the support and Prachi you would have to act as her mother guiding her from her first bra to periods and eventually to her marriage” Doctor added. I will doc, do not worry, Prachi said with a wicked smile. Hearing this, I wondered whether I did a right thing or not.

  • #655

    Meenakshi (Friday, 15 May 2015 05:55)

    Inheritance Part 4

    For next twenty days, I was administrated with shots. I begin to notice some changes happening in my body. My penis was shrinking and appeared as if it was moving inside. The hair on my body was become thinner and thinner with every passing day. I was fast losing my muscular structure. In fifteen days, my penis was completely gone. I also noticed that somehow my height had also reduced. By eighteen day, my Virginia started appearing and my body was completely hairless. My voice had changed and I also looked younger. On the last day with final shot administrated, my fate was sealed. That night I had a very strange feeling of further shrinking and some restructuring happening inside. My days as Ravi had ended. Next morning, I could not find Prachi around. I had to pee, and that’s where I discovered Prachi. It seems as if she was waiting for me. She wanted to check me and asked me to remove my clothes. I was bit reluctant, but anyways removed them. Prachi was amazed to see my new equipment. She showed me how to pee and wipe and asked me to take a quick shower. Post shower she handed me a clean pair of cotton panties for me to wear. Next she handed me a skirt and a top. I did not wish to wear it, but Prachi would not listen. She also gave a pair of flip-flops and escorted me to a dressing table. There she started styling my hair to match my new persona. From now onwards you would not be addressing me as Prachi, instead you would call me Di, Prachi said. What, I was shocked. Prachi you and I are husband and wife and you know this, how could I call you Di. Now you are no longer a man, you are a girl a five year old girl, who requires a care, and soon you would be married, so technically you are no longer my husband. And since I have to explain you details about being a girl, I would prefer to be addressed as Di. Now common girl….ah let me see, I even have to name you… about Rati or Resham what do you say. Rati is fine and at home we can call you Resham she responded before I could say anything.
    Now Rati, common, get ready, Doc would be here soon. He would be examining you. Hearing it, I was left speechless. The news of my transformation and the stages involved was shared with my family as well. My mom was also interested in seeing me.
    I heard a door bell and instead of seeing Doc, whom I was expecting, I was shocked to see my entire clan. My mother, babhi and Rashi along with my two nieces. Everyone was delighted to see me especially my Mom and Rashi. My mom said I looked 100% like Rashi when she was of age 12. Mom, Babhi, Rashi everyone wanted to understand the changes, and Prachi was kind enough to narrate the entire procedure for them. Post it, my mother insisted to see my new equipment and it was seconded by Rashi and Babhi. I was not prepared for it, but no one seemed to listen to me. I was forced to lift my skirt and on seeing me wearing a cotton panty with some a mermaid’s image, my niece cried, it is same as mine. I lowered my panty to show them what they wished to check. Mom and babhi were amazed to see it and Rashi hugged me. At around 4 PM Doc came for the routine visit and I again had to remove my clothes for him to examine. Mom, babhi, Rashi and Prachi surrounded me while doctor started examining. After examining the upper half, he moved to the lower half. “Are you sure, that he I mean she has a Virginia or a 5 year old girl, I mean it looks developed” My mother asked. The doc ran his finger across my Virginia and I did not react. Now are we clear, he said and everyone nodded. After he finished his examination, he gave me another set of pills and left for the day. For the entire week, many changes were happening inside but not much outside. The doctor would examine me every now and then. During second week of my transaction, I started getting frequent mood swings and also noticed that my hips were getting wider. My chest also started getting heavier. I discussed it with Prachi and she after consulting Doc and Mon decided that there was nothing to worry about. My hair was also growing at a fantastic rate and now I had a shoulder length hair. Mom started introducing me to other dreses like salwar kameez, but I was mostly wearing Denim and Top.
    I think Resham, needs to learn Cooking and sewing after all she is gonna be married soon and her husband expects it from her. Mom agreed to it and soon I was now helping ladies in cooking and other household chorus. By third week, my breast had started developing and it was very embarrassing for me. Rashi was very excited to see me like this. Few more thing were added to my inventory. My ears and nose were pierced, and my long hair was regularly styled to suit girl of my age.

    Continued in next part.

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    Anita (Friday, 15 May 2015 22:28)

    awesome Meenakshi....

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    Sangeeta (Saturday, 16 May 2015 02:54)

    super awesome Meenakshi... simply rocksssssssss

  • #658

    Meenakashi (Saturday, 16 May 2015 06:11)

    Inheritance Part 5

    My body was changing fast. My hips were becoming wider and so was the area around my chest. I was also picking cooking skills and like a girl of my age was helping mom in kitchen. Even though my breast were developing mom had not put me on bra. She was waiting for doctor to advise it. Due to absence of bra, my breast were hurting me a lot. In evening time, doc came for a scheduled visit. He asked me to undress and I did as being told. The doctor was not pleased to see my breast, he made a note in a pad and starting feeling them. He then asked me to lift my hands in the air and he lifted both my breast and started fondling with them. I was feeling extremely discomfort with his behavior, but said nothing. He made few more notes. He further examined nipples and pinched it causing me to cry out. Mom, Prachi and Rashi were watching it and said nothing. Next he asked me to lie down and started examining my lower half. He moved his fingers around my vagania. He also checked my ass and again noted something in his pad. He discussed something with Rashi and Mom, and it seemed they all agreed on something. He brought out a syringe and administrated few shots in my ass, back and chest. In few minutes my entire body was paining and I felt some strange feeling and I passed out.
    Rashi and Prachi, placed me on the bed and, I slept peacefully. The week was fast coming to an end and I was feeling nervous as it meant that my periods would begin anytime in the coming week. I wished the ordeal to end ASAP. For next two days I was again administrated with injections and some oil was rubbed in my chest and on buttocks. Finally on Sunday, Mon handed me a bra for me to wear. Even though I had seen bra, but I had never worn one. I could not understand how to put it on. It was Prachi who guided me as to how to wear it. She showed me how to insert my breast into the cups and how to clasp the hook from behind. She also showed me as to how to adjust the straps for better support. Along with the bra, I also was handed a panty (silk black one), which was so different from the one I had worn earlier. The panty was a tight fit and its material created ripples inside me. What was happening and why, I was totally confused.
    I also noticed that my breast size had increased. My nipple were almost a thumb in size with aurora the size of a lemon. The purple nipple with Pink aurora and my fair complexion was something which was desired by every man. Even my buttocks size had increased. My skin too has become smoother and my voice had totally changed. Seeing the changes, I was worried.
    On Monday, Rashi and Prachi enquired If had my periods, I said no. same thing happened on Tuesday as well as Wednesday. On Thursday morning, Rashi again enquired and I said no. Rashi was getting irritated with it and started yelling. Mom and Prachi intervened and made her stop. At around 3 in the evening, I started feeling cramps followed by a shooting pain in and around my stomach. I did not feel like having anything. Mom sensed something wrong and she escorted me to bedroom. I was wearing a skirt and top. Before I could sense something, I felt something leaking and it was mom who noticed blood. She immediately shifted me to bathroom and asked me to remove my panty. She immediately handed me a pad with fresh panty and showed me how to put it on. Rashi and Prachi were excited to know that my periods had started and as a gift, they handed me a pair of bangles. For the next three days, I was in total pain. I was no longer allowed to wear skirt, and now had graduated to wearing salwar kameez. My breast size had also increased as I was wearing different size bra with increased cup size.
    On last day of my period, Mom applied oil on my head and gave me special lotion for body. After shower I wore a purple colored bra and panty. Next Prachi handed me a maroon colored silk salwar and kameez. Prachi applied a lighy make up and placed bangles in my hand. She also made me wear a ladies chappal and placed a duppta on my shoulder. Soon mom joined us and she took me to a puja room. She covered my head with the duppta and lifted a bindi and placed it on my forehead. Afterwards she handed me a gold bangles and made me wear it along with payals. She kissed me on the forehead and smiled.

  • #659

    Meenakashi (Saturday, 16 May 2015 06:13)

    Next day, doctor came for the routine visit. He asked me to strip down. I did as I was told, but for the first time I was feeling shy. Doctor checking my upper half asked me about the periods which was making me feel embarrassed. I answered his every question and then he asked me if I need to know anything. I was worried about my growing breast size and asked him about it. The answer was shocking, it seemed that my brother in law had insisted on bigger size and my breast were to grow more in size in few weeks. He pinched my nipples and this time somehow I enjoyed it. What was happening, I was totally confused. Next he asked me to lie down and started checking my viginial cavity. He was moving his fingers in circular motion and I was kind of enjoying it. I placed my hands around it. He then inserted a finger and I cried and at the same time enjoyed it as well. He then inserted a second finger and I gave out a small cry. The doctor concluded his examination and reported that the transition was successful, and in two months’ time that is after two periods, I could enter into a physical relationship. Hearing it, everyone was happy especially Rashi, who kissed me and hugged me.
    The transformation brought its own pearls, I would easily cry and felt weaker than before. By the end of next month, I was fully trained in cooking and handling house hold chores. Apart from western, I was also experimenting with Indian dresses. I used to make regular trips to beauty parlor and my hair was cut trimmed to modern style. It was during this time, I noticed that my brain was and body were behaving differently. Never ever was I interested in boys, but now I had started developing interest in them. When-ever I would see Salmaan topless on TV I would get excited. All this was troubling me. I gradually learned the art of makeup and in another fortnight was able to do justice with it.
    With less than 15 days left, Mom and Rashi decided that I need to interact with my brother in law (my would be husband) as it would be necessary. I was dead against it, but no one listened to me. My brother in law had not seen me since my transition had started, and he was amazed to see me. We went out for a date. I was wearing a white colored shirt with blue pants and he was in denim and tshirt. He looked dame handsome and we went out for a movie and dinner. Inside movie hall he kissed me and held me closer, and I felt something leaking. What was happening, I was not sure how to handle the situation. Back at home, I discussed the leakage with Prachi, who said it was normal for any healthy lady to feel like so. She was curious to know what happened between us and reminded me that I was to get married and be prepared for an assault. Hearing it I wished to run away but felt helpless. I was not keen in marriage, but Rashi and Mom insisted for it as they did not wish me to enter into any relation with the sacred ritual.
    It seems that even my BIL, could not hold for much longer, Just after my second period was over, my marriage was scheduled. The ceremony was kept private and small. I was given a light makeup and Rashi brought a ghagra and choli. I was made to wear it. In the puja room, my BIL applied sindoor on my forehead and then placed a mangal sutra around my neck. In no time I was his and he had now full control over my body.
    The girls had different plans for my first night. They has decided on a moroon colored heavy silk saree with matching blouse and satin petticoat. I was made to undress in the room. It is your first night so it has to be special. I was subjected to Brazilian waxing and I must tell you it is quite painful. Post it I was asked to take a quick shower. I came out wearing a just a towel and mangal-sutra and the beautician

  • #660

    Meenakshi (Saturday, 16 May 2015 06:13)

    and her team brought by Prachi and Rashi started working on me. They started with series of lotions which made my smoother skin feel softer. While one team worked on giving shape to my toe nails, the other was working on my hands, my finger nails to give them a shape. The effect was really amazing. It made my already delicate finger look fragile. Next a quote of red nail paint was applied on my finger nails and toe. While it dried, the beautician started started working on my face. While the team was working on me, prachi and rashi were enjoying it. The beautician worked on my face for at least 20 odd minutes. They added many layers of god knows what. They even styled my hair into a nice bun. My eyebrows were shepped, mascara applied and at last a second quote of nail –paint was applied and at the same time a dark red lipstick was applied. Have you too kissed before, the beautician asked me, I noded my head, hearing it, she applied a second quote and said enjoy. Once the makeup was completed, my mom joined us. I was asked to move out of the towel and was drenched with perfume. Special dabs were applied between by breasts and legs. Next I was handed the silk and satin thong with strings on either side. The strings are for quick access, Prachi said with a laughter. Next I tried to wear the bridal satin bra, but struggled with the hooks. Rashi, quickly hooked it. I felt it was tight and found bit difficult to breathe. Sensing it Rashi quickly inserted her hand in my cup and lifted my breast and adjusted it. I understood and did the same with other cup. She and prachi then adjusted the straps till they found it suitable. Next I was made to wear petticoat. The satin petticoat was giving a strange effect and I was enjoying the feel of it. The blouse was so tight that Prachi and Rashi had to help me in getting inside. The tight blouse hugged my round blossoms. With every breath I took, my breast were moving too. Next I was made to wear jeweler, starting with heavy jumka, and payal. Next two dozen glass bangles were placed on each of my arm with 4 golden kadda. A chain, few rings, a tikka and a nose ring and everything was rightly placed. Without saree, I was feeling bit shy, I immediately picked saree. Don’t worry, you won’t be in saree for long, Rashi said and everyone laughed. The saree was quite heavier and I had tough time wearing it. I was wearing saree for the first time and felt that it was gonna slip. Next a chunni was placed on my head and mom handed me a sindoor. She asked me to pick a bit and apply it on my fore head. Rashi placed flowers in my hair and Bindi on my fore head and gave me a wicked smile. I wore a bridal sandal and was ready for the night ahead. Ma looked at me and smiled, it seemed to me that she was thanking me for what I was doing. Rashi and Prachi started escorting me towards room. The room was properly decorated with flowers and a glass of milk was placed on the table next to the bed.
    Whatever happens, don’t starch him, Rashi said with a wicked smile. Why I would starch him, I asked. We will see, both Prachi and Rashi said together. I was made to sit on the bed with my legs folded. Prachi placed chunni like a veil. Now don’t let him open it, till he does not give you a gift, and remember, no starching, I would be checking his back in the morning. Why would I starch him, I thought. Anyways I was scared beyond doubt and the moment Rashi and Prachi decided to move out, i shivered. Why are you shivering darling, the fun is yet to begin Rashi said with a laugh. I think she know what is store for her added Prachi. I saw my brother in law entering and Rashi and Prachi making a quick exit. Out of fear, I lowered my head. For a next minute or so, nothing happened, I raised my eyes to see but my BIL (now husband) was nowhere to be seen. I raised my head a little bit more to see and then I saw him in the corner. I quickly lowered my head again. Sensing it, he came and sat next to me. He picked up the glass and drank milk from it. He then removed his shervani and placed it next to the bed. I was scared beyond my beliefs. He adjusted the flow of AC. I did not move at all, next he lifted my veil. I was feeling dam shy, I lowered my face. He lifted it from chin and I closed my eyes. He started praising my beauty. He removed his vest and pajama he was wearing and moved his hand towards my pallu.

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    Meenakshi (Saturday, 16 May 2015 06:16)

    I opened my eyes and tried to resist but seeing his muscular body, my resistance went for a toss. In no time my pallu had dropped. He removed my ornaments and started unbuttoning my blouse. I wished to run away but somehow my mind and body were not in sync. In not time I was out of saree and blouse, before I could understand, I was in my inner wear and we were deep kissing. He was felling and pressing my boobs. The next 15 minutes, we were completely naked and he was in a position to pop my cherry. He positioned himself over me and holding he started the journey, the moment he entered for the first time, I cried a lot and tried to push him away. It was an unbearable pain, but he held me strongly and would not let me go. After a while he started pumping and I was feeling the pain. Even though I did remember the warning I could not hold and starched him. He pumped me and god knows why, but i enjoyed every minute of it it and wanted it to go on for ever for about 20 minutes he pumped before he came . I was drenched in a mix of sweat and pleasure. It was a pleasure I had never experienced before. I was pleased and at the same time I was ashamed as well. How did it happen, I was a man and why did I allow it these emotions were going inside me. With these thought tears were rolling down my checks. In 20 minutes, he again climbed on me and we again had sex. He repeated it seven more times. I was totally exhausted by then. He again climbed for the eight time and this time I started biting him to make him go away, but like an experienced player, he did not budge. In total we had sex 10 times that night, which left me totally exhausted to the extent, that I did not even have energy to pee.

    Continued in next part……………..

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    The next day morning all maids were working I was having a sound sleep last night, without remembering anything I slowly walked out of my room, all maids started to stare at me and passed many gossips, kamatchi came from nowhere and pulled me fast to kitchen and scolded me what happened to u? Are u idiot why did u do this? Now everyone knows you are wearing a saree, kasthuri saw this and joined the conversation, Kathir just cool dear, go and brush your teeth, we can change saree later, I said ok and went brushing my teeth, after that, ‎I came out to have my breakfast in saree itself, I was feeling very happy and thanked kasthuri for making my dream come true, she smiled not yet save your thanks Kathir, just sign this paper let me help u to live the way u like, I blindly signed the paper, she gave me breakfast. Asked me to get ready, after I took bath, kasthuri and kamatchi were waiting with lavender color saree blouse and petticoat and a red color panty and white color bra, I came out with towel covering my breast, I slowly walked outside, kasthuri gave me the red panty and kamatchi helped me wear the white bra, I myself wore the petticoat and started wearing saree, since it is cotton and without application of starch it was fluffy and sticked to the petticoat, though it is little complicated I wore it elegantly, kasthuri and kamatchi praised the way I wore the saree, they help me adjust my french braided hair and help me adjust my face with little makeup, the both on each side kasthuri and kamatchi brought me outside of my room.‎ Abirami was waiting outside with all other maids for a meeting, and she introduced me as kayalvizhi the new maid in this quarter and she will handle all chores since she is new help her learn the work and train her to be the best maid! She came next to me and said kayalvizhi hope ur dreams come true, anyway now u r a maid, go and start ur work and by the way call me mam, okay! I asked her I am a maid? I want to be a girl, not a maid, she replied on this society all women are maids they are maids for their husbands their children doing household chores till they die being a woman is also to learn how to be a maid. Be D best maid and u'll b a best girl as u always wished for, and moreover u signed an agreement that u completely accept yourself as this house maid until u die, with that note she left, I asked kasthuri what she is blabering when did I signed an agreement? She replied and reminded me of signing a paper this morning, to b continued...

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    After that document signing kasthuri is now more close to me and she started teaching me how to clean the floors and dust the room and how to clean bathroom how to use chemicals to use bathroom very clean. Actually I was there excited that I'm wearing a saree and I'm with a woman wearing a saree just like hers, and she accepted me th way I am, but she wants me to work, that's okay I'll do anything to be a girl I said to myself, and in all these years I never been into bathroom and I never thought on how my bathroom looks very clean, now I am learning how to do it, but I should do it every 3rd day. Yes kasthuri assigned me to clean all bathroom including maids quarter bathroom every 3rd day and I should help cleaning my room and maids quarter. I've no idea where the other maids are going, but I always see only these 3 in home kasthuri kamatchi abirami now I'm one of them including me 4, but where are the other maids, I have no answer for that from kasthuri, she was very kind and the first whole day she was teaching me all the chores from washing, moping, broom, vacuum, kitchen works like washing plates, for that itself I felt very tired, at the end of day kasthuri said the training is over from tomorrow start working with kamatchi, u have to help her doing everything okay, she ordered, okay mam I replied, after work kamatchi came to my room and asked me to change into the gown she give, it was like a grey color gown, very old.model of a nightie, after dinner with all 3 of them I went to sleep, no one have started much talking with me after I'm into this new role, but often only kasthuri talks to me, she will always praise me how sexy I look. After the tired day of training I went to sleep in my room, next day morning abirami woke me up and she took me to their quarters and she showed me a closet shelves full of lavender color saree, lavender color blouse, lavender color inner skirt and few panties and bras, and she told me, I will never repeat this, this is your room, and you will stay here from today, and quick, go change yourself in saree and clean the masters room, I thought what she is thinking it's my room and now it's my master room, so who the master is anyway, I looked abirami in anger she gave a hard slap in my face, and said don't ever keep that look to me, you will be thrown out of this house, go! She said, my eyes started to tremble with tears, I quickly got ready and went to my room I mean my master room and cleaned it thoroughly and made ensure the room is spotless, kamatchi came and saw the way I cleaned the room and said kayal ur new name is sweet and your work is more sweet than that, how beautiful this room is, I really love your work kayal, but I wish u stay working here in this house, ok kayal come and wash the floors, I went and started washing the floor with mop stick, it was very heavy every time I dip the mop and squeeze and again dip and squeeze, it was very hard and in few mins I completely got drenched in sweat... to be continued...

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    The work continued, no one were much talking to each other, I slowly started to hate kamatchi and kasthuri, now a days I wake up and dress up in saree and at night I have to wash what I wear, slowly I became one of the maids, everyone started calling me kayal, kasthuri have me lots of work in my house, my room is no more for me. All my dress are gone, I only have left with few maid saree to wear, my hair is tied in a bun now a days. After a week kamatchi called me alone and asked kayal do u like being a maid? I said I like being a girl kamatchi, I love doing all household works, actually It keeps me occupied, I got no time to think of anything. And I'm proud I'm a girl. Kamatchi replied, happy to hear this kayal, I must tell you, you have signed a bond, an agreement to abirami, kasthuri only made u get into this, as per the agreement the property of yours is no more belongs to you. This house can be taken by any of your blood relations, I thought oh my god! Lalita aunty will take all my property, but what have I left with? I asked kamatchi, she said, u left with maid job, in that agreement I saw, it says, you are requested the government and law should not interfere and it says you voluntarily submit yourself to live as a lifetime girl and as a maid for our private company. I started to get tears in my eyes, I asked kamatchi is that why everyone calling me kayal? Should I have to live like this for the rest of my life? And as a maid in my own house? I started crying and couldn't stop, I quickly ran into my maid quarter and hugged my pillow and started crying. Kasthuri entered the room and asked kayal, our bathroom is not cleaned please clean dear, it's my periods time, it already smells bad, pls clean everything and also don't forget to put my pads in the black cover, I quickly stood and wiped my tears and without saying anything I went to bathroom, without ventilation my body sweats badly and I drenched in sweat, with that bad smell in bathroom tears were waiting on my eyelids, I controlled my emotions and started cleaning each bathroom, the pads are kept in a paper, I slowly disposed all used pads and replaced the box with new pads. After cleaning the bathroom I realised the day is almost over, it's time to sleep, without talking to anybody I went to my room and slept, next day morning abirami called me in kitchen and asked me to get ready fast. I quickly went and got dressed in my lavender color uniform saree. While return I saw many girls wearing same dress like mine are waiting outside a small cab came, everyone entered into the cab, abirami asked me to go in, I asked why? She said your duty for one month is not here you will stay in new maids r‎oom. And it's a surprise for you. Go and see the workplace , we will see after a month, bye kayal, she left, I started to panic, where I am going? I entered the cab, next to me a young girl of 19 years sat next to me, she looked me weird, she introduced her to me as Uma, she asked my name I said kasthuri, I asked where we are going, after she replied I got dumped, I got no words for a moment, Uma asked what happened kayal, I said nothing and sat silently, she asked can u stay with me in this one month. I'm new in this group, actually I was working a hotel maid, Becoz of stupid boys trying to flirt with me they changed my duty, I said ok I will give company to you. In heart I was actually in fear, what if she caught im a boy and no I'm a girl now,but if she know I'm a transgender will she live stay with me? We reached the office, it is not a new place, it is actually my office, my dad's office, now it's run by my dad's sister Lalita, I wish nobody should see me the way I am, with so many confused thoughts I entered the office, senior maid came and assigned duty and room for each of us, luckily the senior maid gave me the new friend Uma as Co worker and room mate. To be continued....

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    f2m cd based serial in malayalam one is already started 1) 4 The People Serial (asianet time 6.30pm) another one will start very soon on mazhavil manorama serial name mayamohini (mayamohini content not confirmed but its almost true) (starts on june 29 ) both serial are in malayalam language

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    he was in the dark , running heavily , panted , yet he was not known the reason for his current situation . He was not even know where he was , just running ... Breathing heavily and then alot of sudden he recoils why and wanted to know where he is . He fainted a while , to know that he is a stark naked . He ashamed of his body , quickly bring his hands to his front to protect his modesty . A golden chain was attached to his neck , he remember he didnot like to wear gold ornaments nor he can afford one . He got confused . Before he realised , someone come forward from the dark . He was saying no to that figure . Suddenly he felt the figure approaching him very fast . He cried , afraid and begin to look the place to hide but he could notfind one . That figure keep on coming to him and he was to identify that bright figure but suddenly that figure throws some clothes on to him , something , something so smooth, sosilky , he wants to throw out that from his body but he could not .Thatt figure approach him and he suddenly found that rope were attached to his neck and he was following that figure and before he could react , he found himself lying on the floor , the roof of his house was visible to him .Sun rays has entered from the roof , Morning time and he thanked god that it was a dream ... A weird dream . He realised himself , his name was rupesh , a professor in college and he realised that he is getting late for the lecture and he must have been hurried . He got prepared but the thought on dreams were still runing his mind .he was thinking about the part when he was stark naked ...that silky thing , what was that and his capturement and that figure ... But he must have to be in hurry .He prepared himself and was on the way to the gate. Rupesh was very hardworking, intelligent person , in his 30 , not married , came from the poor back ground and with no hint of his family or ancesstor . He struggled hard to be professor and it was evident on his face the struggle he had. He was deciplined also .but his face was very good , the kind of aura of good person . He was very famous in his college and a respectable personality . But he was a kind of reserve person . He would not mix withe people. His work was everything to him . The man of prniciple and due to this nature everyone is also afraid of him, specially students . He was on the entry of gate . Since it was morning time very few students was visible on the campus. The atmosphere was cool and marvellous and peaceful . He was walking towards his office and there was a sudden noise from the behind the bushes .he was thinking about his dreams and did not understand why he still remeber the some part of it . But this sound had breaks his thoughts . He wonder what it was . It was certqinly sound of some laughter and some commotion. It was coming from the bushes. His college was with alots of trees and since this is a college it was normal that students must have been roaming around the college making fun. What he got surprised though the time. Certainly no one will roam in the campus in theearly hours of morning . He normally would have avodied to know as per his nature of not interfering in other's life but today he was different entity , not normal. He stepped into the trees to look into the matter. The noise was still there. He was walking through the small road just sufficient for walking of one person. Trees were sorrounding and he loked in to the watch , the timefor hislecture to commence was less . He was about to return and he again heard the laugher .This time he j ust turned walked a little again in the direction .

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    He was about to say who's there but he could not utter a word . He was in a trance to see the visuals . He could not believe his eyes. There were some students . He saw some girls runnig away to know his presence but he was not attentive to them. The visual that has sstujned him has a different reason. His eyes was transfixed on that. He saw a young man , stark naked , with his back facing . He coud not seen his face . That young man was pulled behind tree frocefully and then he saw one girl pulling that student. No she was not nude but he could not see who she was . He quciky run towards after the boy and girl . What he saw there make is heart beat fast . He couldnot utter a single word. He was confused . He saw a girl , not a boy was nude lying there , on her neck she had the rope attached and she was with make up , lying on the stomach with payal on her legs and bangle on the hand and with good figure . Suddenly he was taken back as he was seeing a girl in her birthday suit and then he heard something , a voice of payal approaching beyond him and he got struck on his head by a heavy thing. Suddenly he heard the voice of a girl saying run ramesh run and then he saw the girl lying down was running away from . Rupesh's world was revolving around him and he could not understand but he looks in to the direction of the girl . The girl who was running was looking beyond . Another girl who must have hit him was approaching him . He could see the big heel sandle of girl and beautiful leg .his vision travells from heel of sandle to the theighs and end there . Another girl who was nude as per him turned to welcome other girl and he could not beleive his eyes as that figure was not a girl but a boy . Before he could see the face of that boy and girl he fainted and remain unconcious for a long time ... He was found himself in the hospital , his collegue sandhya was taking care of him . Police have approached him as the college has registered a police complaint against the unknown person as per the instructions from the priniciple. Police had asked him about the details but he could not remember the girl and boys . He himself hide the truth from the police that he actually thought that boy was girl . Police had told him that sandhya has found him after the college hours and she was the one who is Responcible for his admission in the hospital and the police complaint and he should thanked her for her help . He looked at her and found she was smiling at him , a little strange but he was under influence of her good deed.Friendship between Rupesh and Sandhya grows immediately .

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    Things were becoming normal for him after few days and he joined the duty .One day after college he was waiting for the bus at the bus stop and he heard again the beautiful laughter and he looks into the direction of laughter. A feautiful face immerse from that direction , he was transfixed on her face. She was in the skirt and his eyes travells from head to toe and she smile backs to rupesh. Rupesh eyes was travelling from the theighs to toe and he suddenly feels that he has seen her , no not her but this beautiful legs somewhere and he was immersed in the thinking . Confusion was evident on his face. He was trying remember where . He again look into the direction of the girl. This time the girl has hidden her face from him and was hurriedly on her way awayfrom him... Next day he was with Sandhya . Sandhya was meeting with him regularly as their special bond was increasing day by day. He was flatered by her beauty and by her caring nature . He was about to propose her but something kn his mind had been stopping him from doing so considering his poor back ground and the rich background of sandhya . Sandhya was belong to rich family. She was confident and caring nature . But he feared that social background may be hinderance to their marriage and he was not sure about the feeling of sandhya ?.He shared to her that his feeling about the other girl. Rupesh was working on sandhya' s computer checking his emails and he suddenly stopped looking for one email from the unknown id with subject line " open carefully and when alone " . He was curious to open the email. Suddennly Sandhya comes there bringing him tea. He stopped for a moment open that email when Sandhya has gone to kitchen and he shivered when he had open that email. Tea were on his clothes . His cries fetched sandhya running from the kitchen only to find rupesh is truing to close the email. She hurreidly pour the water on his clothes and thsn she was astonished to see despite the hot tea on his clothes rupesh was trying to close email and laptop. She found this strange but she hurried removed his clothes, next moment he was looking to computer even not realising the fact that sandhya has made him nude and was fetching him towards bathroom.he was still in the trance and was not in the concious. Sandhya was washing him with the water.She had felt it strange but now she was mot hinking about it .In front of her eyes she was seeing natural beauty , naked Rupesh as she had seen earlier also but this time she was making him bathe with water.Her eyes were bright with the thought. Rupesh was back to presence time when he sense sandhyas hand caresing his penis which was enlarging and he qucickly remove her hands and asked sandhya to go away . She said dont mind she had seen him earlier also nude but rupesh was not in his mind and told her to go away.

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    rupali (Thursday, 18 June 2015 21:25)

    Next moment he was taken back cause he had seens sandhyas father thrashing sandhya with a slap and he was standng in front of him stark naked. He hurriedly close the bathroom door. Then he heard big comotion and slap and cries of sandhya .he was looking for the way to come out but how he would come out of the bathrom . He heard threatening voice to come out of bathroom of Mr. Balwant who was a very famous and strong personality in the business circle. Now Rupesh was very frightened with the events. One was that email and now the current situation. How he would face sandhyas father that too nude . He look out for the way . There is no window of bathroom that he could use to flew away. He was standing there. He was getting impaitent as mr. Balawant was impaitiently knocking the door telling him that he will break it .His only option is to face him and he decided to do that . He look into the bathroom and found his clothes was not there but sandhya top and skirt was there. In his big humilaition he deciided to wear that . He was now thinking about the email also and now this situation. After alots of chaos and humiliation , mr. Balwant has told him to either marry his daughter sandhya or face the police . He was happy now but mr. Balwant said to him he has to stay with them after marrigae as househusband . Rupesh with no other alternative forced to accept everything.

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    rupali (Thursday, 18 June 2015 22:25)

    He was still standing there , not able to meet his eyes with anyone specially sandhya . He was staring a little to respond Mr. Balwant but he always look to his feet while doing so. He could feel the presence of Sandhya , his love who was sobbing but was now happy in her mind but her face shows still no emotions . How he could stand there so long , his legs were shivering , drops of tear rolling in his eyes but he was controlling them for the sake of not showing his weakness , his voice was trembling and he was speaking unnnecessary , unwanted , unclear. And he was well aware of the situation. He himself want to propose sandhya , he himself want to speak to her father but the turn of events were different now. He could not say anything , he was weak . He could not find his mascualnity and how could he ?, he was well aware of the situation , he was well aware of the clothes he has wear , skirt and top of sandhya . He felt it very good on the skin surprisingly but in his mind he was stark naked infront of sandhya and mr. Balwant . He purposefully straighten his skirt many times conciously so not to expose his legs . Top was silky just making inverted v shape to his navel . He was well aware that his navel was showing . To his bad luck he has wear skirt to low waist so as not to accidently show his private parts . He was well aware that piece of skirt is last clothes protecting his modesty as he had not wear anything inside . What he could not realise that he was fumbling while speaking . He wants to end this drama abruptly , even prefer to have the earth split and take him into her warm hands but this thing would not happen . He was surprised when Mr.Balwant propose him the marriage . How could he denied this thing . He himself loved that but he didnot like the talk of house husband as he was man of the priniciple but how could he resist , he was not the man enough to opose anything . Mr. Balwant had left the premises. He feel relieved still he was not on his mind . Suddenly Sandhya jumped on him . Due to this he had fall down on the ground but sandhya would not have care about the injury of him . She was on the seventh heaven as she had got what she wanted not realising the state of Rupesh , she crumbled him and kiss him forcefully like a tigress . It was long and passionate kiss , but the force was high . Rupesh could not understand what was happening. Events are turning out of bound for him . He was just a puppet there . Sandhya had broke the kiss only to found the blood oozing out of his lips. Seeing blood she was enormously happy and she kiss him again , this time . Rupesh was on the floor and she was on the top of him . A tigress praying her hunt. Her eyes were bright . Her smile was cunning but rupesh could not see her eyes . How could he see , he has close down the eyes the moment she began kissing him. He was not aware the blood has oozed out but his lips was paining . He could not get time for realisation , sandhya keep on kissing him voilently . He wants to stopped her but he could not take a breath also . He want to take air inside his lungs . He was helpless . His legs have been widen but the tigess sandhyas hold was powerful. She didnot allow him to go out of his situation and keep on kising and beating his lips. Feeling of happiness , confusion , helpness , crying , sexual all arises in his mind . He felt helpless and suddenly realise his modesty , the skirt has been removed by her

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    rupali (Thursday, 18 June 2015 22:26)

    She litterally tore down the top and once again rupesh was nude . He just lie down panting his chest , grasping more air . The air was making his nostrils to fill breath in and out . Sandhya was on her four looking at rupesh and rupesh was still lying on the floor , nude . His hands were straight beyond the head, he was vibrating from left to right unconciously , he did not want to realise he has been stripped , he just want to breath heavily . Minute has passed in this and sandhya was looking at him . How beautiful her pray was and she saw his penis was sprang like sword . As he was panting , his penis was also going up and down . She then hold it in his hand . Suddenly his penis become more hard to touch of her and she vigorously was giving him handjobs . She kept on doing this and she move her hands to his nipple . She only pinch his nipple and she heard the ooomph from rupesh. She surprised by this as she thought boys are not sensitive to this , she kept on tweaking it . Rupesh was in escatcy and he come heavily . Seeing this sandhya smile and was looking at rupesh with astoning eyes , her pray , her husband , his eyes was still closed . He was shaking his head . She was enjoying him but she did not want to continue this . She then move her hands to his hair and keep on moving his hair . Rupesh was getting concious . He was feeling good , no body has touched him like this. He was hungry for the affection , the affection he never got in his life . He was feeling good , he look at her like a child. He wanted more , so he just slept on her thighs , hoping , wanting more and more . He was happy ,he wants to sleep like this for a long time ... After some time , rupesh come to concious. He was feeling shy . Sandhya was happy , she congratulate him as their marriage was fixed . She was happy and dont want anything or anyone destroy her wish . She was taken back when rupesh said he dont want to be househusband. she scold him with her eyes , she kept on kissing him and said we will discuss later but said she knows her father very well . Many many boys would love to be with her , she said it has bengreat that her father has accept this realtion and if he had put such a condition then he must have think of something . So she asked him not to be spoil this but rupesh was not happy, seeing her reaction , she said , she would speak to her father but also told him not to expect much ....

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    Neha (Saturday, 20 June 2015 01:39)

    Rupali very nice story
    we are waiting for next part

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    dipika (Tuesday, 23 June 2015 06:48)

    Hello Saundarya/Ashwini/Ria,

    Where are you all of you???
    Please respond to us we are you fans not enemy.
    Please compleate your respective stories, your stories are awesome and we cant even spend a day without reading it, We are just reading earlier parts again and again and waiting for next part, please dont disappoint us, I request to all three of you on behalf of all readers who like your story.

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    shriya (Saturday, 27 June 2015 07:30)

    hi my name is sanjay .let me tell you in detail in my family I have one elder sister my mom&dad my grandmother(dadi) and my grandfather(dada).we are happy childhood I was so shy and so cute. My sister is like tom boy she don’t like to do house work also she is girl so he cant go anywhere without permission of my father. Other hand I was cute and shy also my sister is not so beautiful her face is black not too much but when it compared to my face she is black. So from childhood I am listening that I should born as a girl not my sister. Sometimes even I think so. When we are in school I was never mix with boys. Also at home no one boy in our neighbour there is two girls stay in our neighbour so my sister got their company and I was alone. After sometimes I also became friend with them and enjoyed with them. We are small so parents of that girls don’t mind if I play with them. My life was going smooth. But when we grow I quite to play with them. They time I was in 8th standard. In the school I was cutest boy also my body is clean no hair other boys started growing hairs in hand and legs also but my body is smooth. Also on my chest I have some kind of fat or man boobs cause of them boys in my class started playing with them. They also started to tease me saying you are a girl. That’s why I don’t like school and always find a chance to miss the school I was not so strong boy. So many time when they tease me I started to cry and my sister always come to my rescue. When I was in 10th standard other boys having light moustache but I till don’t have any kind of hair in my body. My uncle have a boy who is two years younger then me also started growing hair because of this I was so worried. I felt too bad why I am not like other boys. I want to share this to someone but I never can. I share my all talks with my sister but I cant share with her also. Days started passing and my tension increase with every passing day. I thought my hair will grow after sometime but it never grow I am in 12 but still cute innocent and clean hairless body. My uncles boy having moustache and also some hair of braid. Because of this everyone pamper him praised him and I was always on side corner. Also my brother’s(uncles son) social value become higher while there is no value of me. In india festivals are for enjoyment but for me they are nothing but a bad day cause on festival everyone meet and always praised my brother and ask me why you not having moustache I cant say anything just blush. Because of this hardly socialized with anyone. Time was passing and my brothers value increase while there is no one interested in me. Just my sister is good but sometime she also become like other people at that times I want to kill myself. I like a girl of my school so I sent her friend request she accept but never interest in me she reply me if there is no one online. And I always look to her my full day I just look for her when she online I send her messages but no replies while a boy in my class also send her request and she chat with him and ignore me. This incident broke me. No one care me no one understand me I wanted someone who I can share my feelings bur no one cared my feelings.

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