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This is a site for those of you who are adults and love TG fiction. Here the stories are of Indian origin...


Authors write stories in installments. Also it is natural and intuitive to read the earlier part first and then scroll down to the next part. It is for this reason that the comments are arranged with latest ones at the bottom. Since most visitors are infrequent or new, this arrangement works best for most. For the daily visitor who wants to reach the latest entry quickly, the following method will work. Please click on the 'comments' area and then press the 'End' key on your keyboard. You will reach the latest comment very quickly this way. I request your understanding in this matter. 


Please note that I have never used and will never use the comments pages to give my views. In fact, I have not and will never express any opinions about authors. Even in this space I write only about administrative matters. 


Only in case a comments page is nearing 1000 comments, one of you may send an email to rbjimdo@gmail.com