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This is a site for those of you who are adults and love TG fiction. Here the stories are of Indian origin...



Only in case a comments page is nearing 1000 comments, one of you may send an email to rbjimdo@gmail.com


I once again request authors to provide their email ids at the end of each chapter in their story. This will help readers to write an email to appreciate your work. Your co-operation will free the comments quota for more stories. It takes about one minute to delete one small comment. There is no provision for bulk deletion in Jimdo. I am forced to delete so that Jimdo does not tell me one day that I have reached the end of my free allowance! If you still want to ask for comments, please write it as a N.B., at the end of your chapter along with your email and not as a separate comment. Thank you in advance for your understanding.


Those of you who want to advertise your pages are welcome to do so on "Other Indian Links " page. You can email me your request. The addition will be done only after checking the page.