Girl Continuous Part 1

It is the opportunity that I have been waiting for. It is not that I did not get opportunities to be alone at home. But since both my parents worked out of home, I am never sure when they would decide to return home. That created a lot of excitement but I could never achieve the perfection which I wanted. That bothered me a lot. I also ended up doing much less than what I wanted to do. Mostly I finished too early, regretting all the time which I was spending alone as a boy. But sometimes there were close calls and I barely managed to put things back in place.

I have been planning for today for quite some time. I know my mother would be away for the day and return home only after a late dinner at a businesswomen's convention which she is attending today. The convention is at the other end of our city and she will not waste taxi fare even if she wanted to come home for some rest in between. My father is in another city today to attend a family wedding.

My preparation consisted of many small things which I have secreted away behind the ungdergarments in my wardrobe. I never left the wardrobe unlocked and the key was always with me. Among my collection is a padded 36c size bra with matching black cotton panties. I have sewn another panty inside the black one and filled the space in-between with cotton at the right places to give me ample buttocks with the right curves. I have filled a pair of old socks with cotton and tied the two ends to form a ball. I have nipped off the extra portion of the knots and the two balls will serve as my breasts with knots doing the job of nipples. I believe better than cotton would be light small seeds like linseed. They give a shape which moves and jiggles better than cotton as we walk. May be, next time I will do that. I have also bought a black ready made blouse which fits me snugly. It is also a bit transparent so my bra outline will be seen. The saree which I want to wear today is a black silk one with a nice border. It is a pretty saree and I think I will look good in it. I have already noted where my mother has kept the saree and the black petticoat which goes with it. I can take it out in no time. I should take care to put it back in the same way.

Though I am going to wear a saree, I do not like the idea having body hair. Last one week I have been secretly using wax to get rid of hair. As such I did not have much hair, but I had to struggle a little with my chest hair. Today I am quite proud of my clean tummy and smooth arms which will be visible despite the saree. I have even removed the hair around my thing! Last night I tucked myself between my legs and looked into the mirror. The smooth mound looked nice and womanly. I felt good.

Just two days ago I had gone to a costumes company and taken things on hire saying I was participating in a college drama. The owner was quite helpful. In addition to a wig of short hair and a set of costume jewelry with clip on ear rings, he even gave me a pair of leather sandals with two inch heels.

I have taken stock of the cosmetics available in the house. I think I have everthing that I might need. Last night I had steamed my face on the pretext that I had a sore throat. I had done a home facial secretly late last night and I am sure my face is looking good. I even plucked my brow but that fact is now hidden by my specs. In a short while I will wear my contacts and my thin arched eyebrows will be fully visible.Once my folks are back, I must remember not to wear my contacts for the next one week. That way my eyebrows will remain covered.

I am sitting in our living room now. I am wearing my pajamas and long sleeved kurta. There are butterflies in my stomach as I look forward to the day. I can hear my mother getting ready. I dont know why she is taking so much time. The taxi has already come. She will be late if she doesn't hurry up. But I will not open my mouth. She may get angry and decide not to go at all.

Ok I think she coming into the living room now. I look up from my newspaper.

" Ok Susheel, I have kept food for you. Try to eat everthing that is there. If you are going out lock up properly and leave the porch light on. Ok." she is smiling at me now.

"Yes mom. Have a nice meeting." I smile back at her.

Now I am going to walk with her and properly see her off at our porch.

She is wearing an expensive Dacca saree. I should try it someday! She also has a nice perfume on. Let me see if I can locate that one.

We have now reached the taxi. She is smiling once again at me as she gets in. I smile and wave out to her.

Ok that is it. I am all alone now. Whatever happens I am not going to attend to the doorbell. It is the convention in our house not to use a padlock. The main door looks the same whether there is anyone is at home or not. The lock is only the inlaid Godrej lock. Each of us has a set of keys to open the door when we come in.

Now I am in my room. First I wear my contact lenses. Now I am stepping out of my kurta and pajama. As I put away my boy clothes into wash basket, I look into the mirror to admire my smooth skin. I feel myself getting all excited. It is too early for that! So let me move away.

The shower is wonderful. The soap glides over my smooth body. I must avoid the temptation to reach between my legs.

I have wiped myself fully now. I dry my hair with a drier and comb it backwards.

I am now in front of my mother's dressing table. I have tied my towel around my waist modestly. I am not wearing anythingelse.

I take a little liquid makeup in my left palm and start putting it on my face little by little. I cover my ears and neck as well. As it dries on me I use a wet cotton swab to clean my lips and eyebrows where a few smudges can be seen. The make up looks a bit too shiny. So I pat a little talcum powder on it.

I have opened my mother's lipstick case. I think I will go in for the deep red one. I dab a tiny brush with lipstick and draw a border at the edge of my lips. Now I use the stick to fill the whole area. I think I will also use a little lipgloss. It looks and tastes good! Ok that is done.

Now comes the eyeshadow. A darker shade of brown on the top lids and a lighter one below. My eyelashes are quite long and nice. Anyway I can't use anything on them with my contacts on. But I can use an eyeliner. I do that carefully. This is one of the toughest things. But it is done and it is looking very nice.

Before I do anythingelse, I need to wash my hands properly. I do that and go to my room.

Now I pull out my collection from behind the undergarments. Without putting my arms through it, I hook the bra at my chest. I slide it back into place and now I put my arms through it. I knead my artificial breasts into shape and place them inside the bra cups. I adjust the nipples into their proper place and use a little cotton wool to make my nipples erect.

Now I drop the towel from my waist and wear a condom. I wear my panties while keeping my thing pressed against my lower tummy. As I have a little cotton padding in the front of the panties as well, my mound looks quite girly. But the best part is my widened hip with a nice round buttocks. I can see the woman in me coming to surface. I cant help looking at myself in the mirror. I am now a woman with smooth fair skin who is just half way through her dressing up.

All this has taken a lot of time. I am begining to feel hungry. But anyway let me complete my dressing up before I eat. I now wear the black blouse which fits snugly over my lovely breasts. I can see the outline of my black bra through the blouse.

I again go back to back to my mom's room. I take out the black petticoat and the silk saree and place them on the bed. I wear the petticoat by sliding it down from my head. It now covers my legs and rests on my wide hips. I smoothen it out and tie the tape at my waist. As my hips are now wider and my breasts are ample my waist looks narrow and womanly. I smile happily to myself. I now unfold the saree taking care to note how it was folded. I note the falls and determine the right side and start wearing it. I do it three times yet I am not happy. Ultimately I tie it the Gujarati way. Now I feel happy with the way it has draped over the curves of my body. To hold the pallu in place, I have fixed it on to my blouse with a safety pin. One of the bra straps peeps out of the blouse. So I put the straps through the button loops at the shoulder of my blouse.

Now I am walking through the house. I take small steps and carefully place one foot in front of the other as I move. This causes some movement at my buttocks. I also swing my arms at the elbow and not at the shoulder. When I observe myself in the mirror I know I am now walking like a girl. I have been practising this walk for over a month. I think I can do it without mistake.

Again I am back in my room. I comb my hair backwards and sort of plaster it against my head. Now I slide the netted cap of the wig over my head and fix it properly. As I toussle it, the false hair falls to cover the net cap properly and falls over a part of my forehead. Now the effect is stunning. Hair does add beauty and I am now a beautiful girl. Now the girl in me feels the urge to check my face for any shortcomings in my make up. I use a tissue to smoothen out things. I go back to mom's room and apply a fresh coat of lipstick and purse my lips to spread it evenly. I now want to apply nail polish to my fingers and toes. I sit on my parents bed and file my nails evenly. Then I apply red nail polish. It is going to be a lot of work to remove all this. But I have the time. While I replace the nail polish, I notice my mom's silver anklets in the draw. I wear them and walk back to my room. My anklets make me more of a girl as the tiny bells in them produce music as I move. They also time my walk and help me to slow down with a nice hip movement.

Now the time has come for the ear danglers, a necklace and bangles. They are all made of silver and coated with gold. I wear them and go back to my mom's room to wear a black bindi on my forehead.

I now collect a black shiny handbag from my mother's collection and go back to my room. I place in the bag my lipstick, my compact, some tissues and money. Now I wear my high heeled sandals and stand up. The bag is slung from my shoulder. I check myself in the mirror and know that my tranformation into a girl is complete. I will walk through the house and catch glimpses of me in various reflecting surfaces to make sure I look completely natural. As I see my refections I will become more and more of a girl in my mind.

I am now satisfied that I look and feel every bit a girl. All the work has made me very hungry. I leave my bag on my bed and walk into the kitchen. I heat some idlis in the microwave. I put them in a plate along with a little chutney. I break the idli into small pieces, dip it lightly into the chutney, put it into my mouth and try to eat it slowly without too much noise. I think I am doing it in a gentle way. I wash the plates on eating and put away the balance food properly.

I now come to the living room and smoothen my saree as I slide into the sofa. I take care to keep my legs closed as I sit. I switch on the TV to surf the channels. Now I see a song from Raju Ban gaya Gentleman. I imagine myself as the heroine who is looking at hero from a balcony while he is dancing with his friends. The images excite me.

I switch off the TV and go into my bedroom. I take off my sandals and leave them near my bed. I swing my legs up and gently hit the bed. I pick up a long cylindrical pillow and hug it. I Imagine my hero is with me. I help him to move up and down on me. Now I can swear I feel him inside me as I reach my orgasm.

" Susheela wake up" I hear my mother's voice. But why is she was calling me Susheela? Have I fully changed into a girl?

Now I hear my mother whispering, "Though your eyes are closed, I think you can hear me. Keep your eyes closed till I leave the room. Now don't be surprised that I am at home. I am back beacause we have unexpected visitors. They are in the house and I dont want them to know anything about what you done in my absense. Ok?"

I take a few minutes to open my eyes. Mother is not in the room and the door to the room is closed. I can hear voices outside. It is all coming back now...

Now I know that my mother has seen me fully dressed. She is being calm as there are guests at home. She is pretending that I am someone called Susheela. Now my heart is beating fast. What will happen to me now? How can I face my mother? Looks like I had slept off after all the excitement. Let me first check how I look. I walk up to the mirror. Not too bad. Despite having got up from bed I look very much a lovely girl. Hey this note here seems to be for me. Yes!It is from mom.

"Dear Susheela,

I think that it is the correct name for you now. No no! I am not angry with you for what you have done. In fact I think you have dressed yourself up very nicely. But I have a ticklish problem. At the convention I got to know a lady from Delhi. During recess she fell down and dirtied her clothes. Since she is from Delhi on a day trip she does not have a change of clothes. I suggested that she could go over to our place to change into one of my sarees. Her son who drove her down from Delhi brought us home. We have been here for an hour while you have been sleeping. As i showed them around the house, they have seen you sleeping. Now it is only courtesy that you should say hello to them. You can't suddenly become my son now with painted nails and all. Anyway I told them that you are my sister's daughter who turned up after I left and even said I was annoyed with my son for leaving you alone and going away.

Darling, I have no problem if you want to be a girl. I am sure your father will also support you. But you have to decide once for all. If you come out now and prove that you can deal with strangers as a girl, then dad and I will help you become a woman fully. If you dont do that and remain inside the room, you should never again dress up as a woman.

I think we have given you right values in life and you have the courage to face the truth. When you come out now, do refresh yourself and come out as a radiant young woman who is confident of herself. I want you to come out and be a girl atleast till tomorrow morning. That is the time when Vijay and his mother Jaya will be leaving for Delhi. Are you upto it?

With all love and support,

Your mom

Can I do it? I love my mother. I can't let her suffer throughout life with the thought that her only child is incapable of meeting life's challenges. I am in the bathroom to check my eyes for any signs of sleep. Little work with a tissue and compact set me right. I take off my saree. I take off my panties and remove the condom. I sit down to relieve my bladder. I wear my panties again tucking in my thing between my legs. Again I tie my saree properly. I adjust my wig and brush it. I hear my mother whispering from outside the door. She says," Are you there?" "Yes aunty, I am coming out in a while." I answer a little loudly in my girl's voice. I have practised that well and I sound good. "Ok my girl. We have somes guests", my mother says in a normal voice. I can sense happiness in her voice.