The Governess


"This conclusively proves you are mad." My brother said. We were standing next to his car at the gate of his apartment complex. The car was half inside and half outside the gate. The engine was still running. My Bhabi was just stepping out of the front passenger seat and my niece and nephew were hopping on the back seat as they saw me. My brother, of course, was referring to the fact that I had turned up at his Bombay residnce at 8 am on that Saturday morning without even calling him up.


Actually I had flown in from Hyderabad just then. I had a tough time convincing my brother and his family that I could not join them to go Khandala as I had to meet a client in the evening at Bombay. My bhabi offered to cancel their outing, but I said no because I knew it was the last two days of the school holidays and the kids looked forward to the trip. At last they gave me the house keys and agreed to proceed on their holiday.


Just as they started moving, my bhabi said to me," See..I am expecting the children's governess to be back today. I had told her that your brother will be at home while I would be away with the children at my parents' place. Though our plans have changed, it is good you are at home. For confirmation, the girl's picture is there on mantle of the children's room.


Sure enough the picture was there. Somehow the face looked familiar. But anyway I was feeling too sleepy to waste time looking at pictures. I had left my home at Hyderabad rather early in the morning. I decided I would unpack later. Quickly, I had a bath and slipped into my brother's lungi (coloured cloth tied around the waist covering the legs) and t-shirt, dried my short hair and combed it backwards without a parting. In no time, I was asleep in the master bedroom.


I must have slept for about an hour, when I heard the doorbell ring. I got up groggily and opened the door. I found a young girl holding a suitcase on one side and a shoulder bag on the other side. It took me a few minutes to recognise her as the governess. I told her to come in, as I suppressed a yawn.


"Aunty is not there?" she smiled and asked me in a husky voice. I was puzzled for a moment by her question. Then I realised that she had mistaken me for my brother. I found the situation amusing and decided to play along. Changing my voice a bit, I told her that Aunty had gone out to her mother's place with the kids. The girl nodded her head and moved with her things into her room.


As I went into the bathroom to wash away my sleepiness, I wondered why the girl seemed familiar to me. I tried to review what I had seen of her. She was neither tall nor short for a girl. Her build was slim and she was fair complexioned. Her skin was smooth. She must have just had her body hair removed. She was wearing a form fitting blue kameez on top of her salwar. Her shoulder-length hair was straight and shiny. She wore a glossy pink lipstick on her thick lips. Her c-sized breasts were pert and firm. Her waist was very narrow and her hips were a bit boyish. What puzzled me was her face. It seemed very familiar. I prided myself on remembering faces but this one had me foxed. My curiosity was aroused I had to investigate. Since she had mistaken me for my brother, I decided to look more like him. I combed my hair in his style and wore loose fitting pajama and kurta.


When I came out I found Nirmala in the children's room. "So how was your journey", I asked her. She said it was fine and that she was looking forward to be with the children again. She said she could set things right in their room before they returned. I told her to take it easy and start her work a little later. She nodded and went into her room adjoining that of children's.


Her room did not have an attached bathroom. When she went to the bathroom down the hallway, I went into her room and rummaged through her things. I managed to find an envelope with a Hyderabad address. That immediately rang a bell and Nirmala's secret was now revealed to me. Then I heard the bathroom door open. I rushed back to parlour, sat down on the sofa and pretended to read the newspaper.


Through the corner of my eye, I noticed Nirmala entering her room. I heard her latch the door and realised she would be dressing up. I tiptoed to the children's room and peeped through the slightly open connecting door. Nirmala stood in front of the mirror, wearing only her fawn coloured bra. As she turned to pick up her panties from the bed, I was able to confirm what I had learnt about her. As I continued to watch, she wore her matching panties. Then she slowly and carefully plaited her hair into twin plaits, all the while admiring herself in the mirror. After doing her face, eyes and lips; she pulled a few strands of her hair and let them fall on her forehead. This seemed to accentuate her girlish look. Then she wore a off-white silk shirt and blue-grey pants. For no apparent reason, she put out her tongue for a moment, looked in the direction of the closed door and smiled mischievously. I realised she was thinking of me. In a way she was dressing up for my benefit.


At last she seemed satisfied with her appearance. As she was wearing her heels, I slipped out of my vantage point and reached the parlour sofa and resumed reading the paper. As Nirmala came out of her room, I looked up and smiled. She too smiled and said, "Sir, shall I make some sandwitches for you?"


When I told her that I was not hungry, she made her way to the kitchen. As she moved through the furniture, I did not miss the fact that she was twisting and turning her body to let me view her from different angles. Well, why not, she was a dish worth watching.


While she was munching her sandwitch in the kitchen, I switched on the music system. The pulsating music of Lambada filled the room. Within minutes Nirmala was in the room. As I beckoned to her, she came near me. She would not look straight at me but a smile was playing upon her face. I got up and started dancing with her. She picked up the cues from me and followed me well. As numbers followed one after another our bodies were getting closer and closer.


When the last number was over, there was silence in the room. I pulled her to me and kissed her. She was hesitant at first but soon was responding passionately. I reached down and grasped her buttocks and lifted her off her feet. She put her arms around my neck and stuck to me. Together we reached the bedroom and I dropped her on the bed.


She sprang up from the bed like a coiled-doll and said to me, "Sir, I can't do this. This is not fair to aunty...Please let me go."


I smiled and said, "Don't you worry about uncle and aunty". Saying this I took off my pajamas. She had by then stood up, ready to run out of the room. As my pajamas came off, she was surprised by what was revealed and stopped in her tracks.


"But..but...I don't understand.." she stammered.


I just smiled and pointed out to my unopened luggage. She read the name tag on it and relaxed into a smile. A mischievous look came into her eyes and she said, "There are more surprises around..".


"No my dear", I said, "I spotted you quite sometime ago. I had known you as Nirmal in Hyderabad. I was even your elder brother's girl-friend for a while. He left me because he found me quite boyish. Maybe he was right. Afterall I am the guy today and you are my girl."

Nirmala lowered her eyes and blushed. I gathered her in my arms and kissed her. Soon my lips were on her ears and neck. My hands reached between her legs and I held her sex. Soon enough all her clothes were off and I used my lips and hands to caress her all over until she came uncontrollably. Later she took me in her mouth till I climaxed.