Amby-Part 3


It was the pain in my legs, which made me get up. The weight of Chinna’s legs on mine was the cause of the pain. She must have become very tired after our "athletic" sex of the previous night. She must have also slept without changing her position. I felt both sorry and proud. I felt sorry that she was tired. I felt proud that she had handled my body with such obvious strength and agility. I was totally in her control as she carried me around the room. With all that she managed to wait until I was ready. Even now I blushed as I reflected on the happenings of the previous day.


With an effort I moved her leg away and she sleepily protested and went back to her dreams. In the faint early morning glow, I could see how her body was responding to the dreams! I felt the urge to run my hand over her body. It took an effort to resist that temptation but I did resist it because I did not want to start something, which would have been difficult to control. I gently slid out of the bed without waking her up. As I stood up, my pink chiffon nightie slid over my body and covered part of my thighs. I could feel the fabric on my hardened nipples and I could see the dark areola through the thin fabric. Noiselessly, I stretched my arms outwards and upwards and tried to suppress a yawn.


The mirror in the bathroom and the harsh neon lights revealed the mess that I was. My hair was disheveled. Mascara and eyeliner had joined to create strange patterns around my eyes. There was a little tenderness where Chinna had bit me on the neck. I could also feel some stickiness between my legs.


The area around the sink was also a mess. The hastily removed jewelry was strewn along with the pins from my hair-do. Boy, was I glad that I had not woken up Chinna, and let her see me and the rest of the mess.


Now that I was fully awake, I set about cleaning the mess. I decided that from now on I must resist having sex as soon we get into the room. I should learn to remove my make-up, put back my jewelry and brush my hair and teeth before I went to bed. I only hoped every-time Chinna would keep awake till I finished all this. Maybe I should let her help me and I should keep talking to her while I did all that!


After tidying the bathroom, I stepped out of the nightie, brushed my teeth and washed my face. I also used cleansing lotion to reach deep inside the pores of my face to clean them. Then I wiped my face clean and started combing my hair.


As I combed, I watched my body in the mirror- sans clothes, sans jewelry. I had kept aside even the mangalsutra. After the wash, my oval face was shining naturally as my thick luxurious hair framed it on both sides. There was a hint of mischief in my large sparkling eyes and there was a slight smile on my thick sensuous lips. My long slender neck had few creases and my rounded shoulders and well formed arms were a treat to watch. On the smooth glowing skin of my upper body, my globular breasts stood firm defying gravity. The nipples were taut and the area around the nipples was much darker than the rest of my skin. A well-shaped navel adorned my flat stomach and my narrow waist.


As I looked at my round buttocks, they reminded me of the round-bottomed earthen pots of our villages. The v-shaped hairy mound below my navel was like an oasis in the desert. The shapely legs, which stretched out from my trunk almost had a translucent quality about them.


Once I finished admiring my body, I forced myself away from the mirror and stepped into the bathtub. I set the shower for a gentle flow and washed my hair. Then I wiped my hair with a towel and tied it into a bun. After that I washed my body and wiped it.


I stepped out of the bath and dried my hair fully with an electric drier. I 'set' it at half heat to prevent it from flying in all directions. After taking a central parting, I combed my hair backwards such that my ears were clearly visible. With a view to keep the hair in its place, I formed two narrow plaits of hair just behind my ears, brought them together at the back of my neck and plaited them together. After that I brought the flowing hair covering my back to the front and combed it well. I did not plait it but let it settle all over my back.


I had not brought my fresh clothes into the bathroom. I opened the door just a bit to make sure that Chinna was not awake. Then the naked me, stepped out quietly and quickly, took out the shopping bag in which I had all that I had bought along with Maya and came back into the bathroom. I smiled to myself at my little achievement as I took out the things out of the bag. I placed my selection in a dry area on the bathroom platform and started my make-up.


That day we were planning to be outdoors. Hence I did not want to look too made up. So I applied a light foundation and a thin layer of liquid makeup. Then I drew thin lines over the eyes with my eyeliner and wore a lipstick in the same colour as my lips. The only jewelry, apart from the mangalsutra, which I wore, was black-pearl ear-danglers.


Next I wore the black lace bra and matching panties. I smiled to myself when I imagined what Chinna's reaction to these garments would be. I had to press my legs together to prevent myself from getting excited.


On that day our plan was to go to a place called Genting Highlands. The hilltop place had a casino and an amusement park. The casino was open to local Chinese and foreigners. Generally, one was expected to wear the locally designed dress to the casino. Maya had selected a sarong for me for the occasion. The pattern of the sarong was similar to the one worn by airhostesses of Singapore Airlines except that the colour combination was slightly different.


Sarong is a body-fitting two piece dress consisting of a top and a long skirt. The top comes down a few inches onto the skirt, which is tied at the waist. The dress is not revealing but makes sure that that the curves of the wearer are clearly outlined for all to see. Wearing a sarong, I was sure that the size of my breasts, the narrowness of my waist or the roundness of my buttocks, would be well outlined for everyone to drool over. As the dress restricts rapid movement it is possible in it to observe the leisurely grinding motion of the girl’s butts. As I wore the sarong, it was clear to me that a lot of men were going to notice me that day.


I took one last look at myself in the mirror before stepping out of the bathroom. As I moved slowly to the settee in the room, I was amazed how completely I had become a woman. Now that I was dressed up I could hardly wait for Chinna to get up and appreciate me. Before I could wake her up, I wore my Dr. Scholl shoes, which had a two-inch platform, supplemented by another two inch heels. When I stood up in my shoes I was sure that my height was impressive and that I will be touching ground (of course with my toes) when Chinna kissed me!


Chinna likes coffee on waking up. My ordering it over the room service woke her up and she tried to pull me onto the bed as I was replacing the receiver. I managed to escape and stood near the window, which was now bathed in the bright morning sunlight. I was also aware that the bright light behind me would show me up as an attractive silhouette. Seeing me like that woke up Chinna fully. " Good morning amby, the would–be mother our children. You are looking very delicious today. Come here so that we can work on making you pregnant."


I was pleased with her words but refused to acknowledge them. "Get up my lazy atthan, Coffee will here any moment." Atthan is common term for husbands in south India, but I used it almost mockingly as I lisped the word.


She got up from the bed and came towards me. I turned my back to her and pretended to watch the scene on the road below. Actually I was a bit embarrassed to look at her erection even though I knew I was the cause of it!


Though I did not want to start anything, I could hardly run off in a sarong. It was then that I realised the control that men had, over women dressed in certain traditional ways. Anyway Chinna put her arms around my waist and hugged me from behind. I could feel her warmth on my butts despite my clothes. "Oh, Amby," she sighed and said, "I never realised that you would make my life as a man so wonderful. I think you are more of a woman than I have ever been. You always seem to exactly what to do for your man." I felt very happy at my husband’s words and did not say anything lest she notices the emotional catch in my voice. We stood there hugging each other until the front door bell rang.


The ride to the cable car base at Genting Highlands was uneventful. Uncle Sambandan had sent a car with a driver to take us to the foothills. Chinna sent back the driver and decided to drive herself. So after losing our way we reached the base station.


Though it is possible to drive right up to the highlands by car, most people prefer the cable car, as it is faster and safer. So we joined the queue for buying the cable car tickets. Just before us was an Indian lady with a little girl and an infant. Soon enough I was chatting with them. They had come from Bombay. The lady’s husband was busy in a business meeting at KL so she had decided to amuse the children on her own.


As is natural, the lady with the children shared a cable car with us as we started our journey. While we were enjoying the beauty of the surroundings, suddenly the infant woke up and started crying. The mother tried to take out the child’s feed from the bag even while the child started thrashing in hunger. I took hold of the infant from the grateful mother and tried to console him. "Oh god," the mother exclaimed as she examined the temperature of the baby’s feed, "this has to cool down and I am not even carrying the baby soother." The child meanwhile started reaching out for my breasts.


I looked at Chinna and she nodded her head. I opened the top of my dress, Chinna helped to undo the hook of my bra and I let the child suck my now freed breast. The mother looked at me and her eyes thanked me as the child quietened down for a few moments. But he would whimper from time to time as he realised that no milk was coming out!



The people at the over-crowded casino were very polite and nice. Chinna kept saying that my good looks were working to our advantage. I did not believe her until a white couple wanted to photograph us for our good looks and ethnic dress. Chinna in her batik bush-shirt and black trousers and me in my sarong posed for the visitors while a whole lot of people looked on. Though we had already gambled and lost the money, set apart for the purpose, the couple insisted on our betting on their behalf at the blackjack table. They seemed to be sure that a beautiful lady like me could bring them only good luck!


After losing some more money and suspecting that the interest of our admirer in me was more than platonic we moved away from the casino. As we came out, Chinna told me, " That guy will have wet dreams about you tonight." We both laughed at the thought and moved towards the cable car for the journey back.


We were alone in a cable car for the return journey, which started pleasantly enough, but became a bit scary as the car system came to a halt with our car hovering over a deep valley. I became anxious as I looked down. Chinna asked me to put my head on her lap. I did just that and assumed a foetal position on the bench of the car. As I calmed down I felt the bulge in Chinna’s trousers. I think she was aroused by the fact that I was now the scared woman while she was my confident husband and the fact that a short while ago another man was smitten by the beautiful me.


I lifted my head slightly and looked at her. She smiled and fondly moved her hand through my hair. We were suddenly startled, by the PA system in the car, springing to life. ‘Ladies and Gentlemen please do not be alarmed. We have a technical problem. We will correct it in the next half an hour. There is no risk to any of you. We will keep informing you of the progress in the repair every five minutes. Thank you for your understanding." While music started on the system we realised there was no human life nearby.


The other cars of the system were far away from. Suddenly Chinna reached out and opened the top of my sarong to squeeze my breasts. I lifted my head, smiled at her, placed my hand on her fly and said," Looks like you are ready." She winked and said,"Check it out." I said, "Really" and proceeded to pulled down her zip. Then I yanked out her cock through the slit in the brief. It almost hit me as it got released from the confined space. I put my mouth around it sucked on it. Meanwhile Chinna continued squeezing my breasts. She tried to reach between my legs but my dress would not allow it.

I lifted my head slightly and let my eyes tell her that she should not bother about pleasing me in the confined space. She seemed to understand as she continued to squeeze my breasts and tousle my hair. As the PA system came to life again, Chinna jerked and released herself in my mouth and I gladly swallowed what she offered me.


When we returned to KL uncle Sambandan’ s driver was waiting for us in the hotel lobby. He had got a mouthful from uncle for letting us go on our own. Now he had been instructed to drive us to an Indian restaurant called Saffron on the outskirts of the city. We promised him that we will return to the lobby in about half an hour and went up to our room.


After a quick bath without any hanky-panky happening, I changed into pure white inner garments and a purple grey salwar kameez, which I had carried with me from Bangalore. I quickly plaited my hair as Chinna used the bathroom. Being evening I wore some mascara, rouge and a bright lipstick. I also changed my bindi to a drop shaped blue one. I wore my diamond ear-studs and a gold bracelet. I changed into chappals with slightly elevated heels.


Chinna changed into a silk kurta-pajama and looked handsome in it. When I complimented her she said, "Well, you know, I am forced to keep up with the ambys."


"How many other ambys do you know."


"So far only one. But now I am not sure! You seem to be changing everyday."


It was a compliment of sorts and I smiled.


The friendly sardar who owns saffron was nice to us and we were treated to the best he had to offer. When we returned to the hotel around 9 pm, Chinna suggested we go to The Mall across the road before we went back to the room.


After tucking an ice cream at Baskin Robbins we reached the electronics goods store on the third floor. Chinna was keen on a newly launched remote controlled music system. After deciding on the purchase we were walking independent of each other around the store. From a distance I saw Chinna watching a TV programme along with a lot of local people.


It is common in Malaysia to see people in a shop standing around a TV watching music videos. Particularly Indian movie songs are quite popular. I found my current husband totally fascinated by "Thu Cheeze badi hi must must". Not that I needed any proof about the work of hormones in her body. When I went near and she realised I was observing her, she grinned sheepishly and said, "I miss my dancing you know." I just said,"Oh, I see" and smiled. There was some truth in what she said. We were equally good at swimming, but she had been a class apart in dancing.


"Is there something that you miss," Chinna asked me, as she settled down on our bed wearing only a colourful lungi. "No, not really…." I trailed off and changed topic, "Shall I dance for you, since you miss it."


Chinna's face lit up, "That would be nice."


I teased her, "I may not be as good as the bollywood females.."


Chinna threw a pillow at me as a response.


I just laughed and went to check the CDs which Chinna had bought along with the music system. I selected one and set it to play a certain track. I turned back to Chinna and said," What would you like me to wear."


"Wear something different," she said without elaborating.


I thought for a moment and said, "I have an idea. Hold this remote and press the start button when I call out to you." Saying so I handed her the remote, picked up some clothes from the wardrobe facing the bathroom without Chinna noticing what I had picked up and I quickly disappeared into the bathroom.


Inside the bathroom first I stepped out of my clothes and sat down to pee. Standing and peeing was one thing, which I missed, but I was not going to admit that to Chinna.


Then I washed away my makeup and brushed my teeth. Then I combed my hair, took a central parting all the way to the back and used elastic bands to gather my hair in two large ponytails, one behind each ear. Now I wore Chinna's batik bush-shirt and buttoned up only the middle two buttons, gathering the two loose ends and tying them into a knot just below my breasts. The shirt being oversized for me, appeared to a loose blouse on me, within which my braless breasts bounced freely as I danced. Next I folded the translucent chunni and tied it around my hips in the manner of a wrap-around mini-skirt. As I was not wearing any panties, I was hoping to give a few tantalising glimpses of my privates to my darling. As a final act of daring, I took off all jewelry. I was not even wearing a bindi.


I placed my palm on my chest to calm down my rapidly beating heart, took a deep breath and peeped out of the bathroom and called out to Chinna, "Start now!"


The famous song from Rangeela started and I entered the room and started dancing. Chinna sat up on the bed and was grinning and clapping. As I went near her in the middle of the song, she managed to pull off my wrap-around. I laughed and continued to dance. Within moments I managed to pull off her lungi, as she was engrossed in my dance. She too laughed and continued to watch me from the bed without a stitch on her. As the song came to an end I unbuttoned the shirt, threw it off and climbed into Chinna's lap.

She had anticipated my move and quickly repositioned me so that within seconds she was fully inside me. With a little help from my side she moved me up and down on her. My breasts rubbed her chest. My legs circled har back. She kissed me whenever our lips met during the motion. Then she held me at my waist made me move rapidly until we both exploded uncontrollably.