Amby-Part 4

My voice was raised when I said, "Chinna, I have to go" It was early morning and I was trying to get out of the bed. Before that I had to release myself from the tight embrace in which Chinna was holding me. My breasts had flattened against her chest and I could feel an independent movement around my navel. My neck was resting on her upper arm. The lower part of that arm and her hand were pressing my body against hers. "Please let me go. Maya will be coming and we have to go to the temple." Now my voice was almost pleading. This time she released me. I got up quickly before she could change her mind.


As I got up Chinna turned and was now lying on her front. I stood near the bed and admired the muscles of her back, arms and legs. We had slept naked the previous night as I was unwilling to be separated from her due to my repeating orgasms.


It took me almost half an hour in the bathroom to complete the morning rituals. I dried my wet hair and took a central parting all the way to the back of my neck. Then I formed the hair into two plaits one behind each of my ears. The plaits ended with black nylon rubber bands holding in place the final few inches of the hair. Then I opened the Max Factor compact and dabbed my face with the puff. I used a traditional black liquid to draw a teardrop shaped bindi on my forehead. I wore my diamond ear studs which had umbrella shaped gold danglers. I used kajal to line my eyes. Then I wore a black bra and let the medallions of my mangalsutra rest between my breasts but on top of the bra. When the medallions were pressed against my bare breasts they tended to leave a painful impression.


Now I wore the form fitting silk blouse normally called choli. Then I tied the long skirt, made of light white silk with floral designs on it, at my waist. The skirt had a two inch red silk-border at the ankles with intricate gold threadwork. These traditional skirts called pavadai are made out of expensive silk at a place called Kanchipuram near the city of Madras. The last item to complete this ensemble was two meters of brown translucent broad cloth known as half-saree. Now pavadi and choli by themselves are acceptable as a dress for a girl before her puberty. But when her breasts begin to grow it is necessary to wear the half-saree as well. I inserted one end of the half-sari near my navel and took it under my left arm, around my buttocks, pulled it forward a little below my right armpit, passed it over my breasts and then took it over my right shoulder and let the other end hang loose at my back.


Now I wore a special ornament along my hair parting called netti chutti and checked whether the silver toe ring on my foot was in place. Then I placed each of my feet in turn on the edge of the tub and clasped a pair of silver anklets fitted with tiny silver bells. The bells made soft jingles as I moved to check myself out in the mirror. I looked every inch a village belle.


As I was admiring myself the phone rang. I picked up the bathroom extension to assure Maya that we would in the lobby in half an hour, the time it would take for her to reach the hotel from her house. I replaced the phone and came out of the bathroom to wake up Chinna who was already up and rubbing her eyes. "So my amby has become Pattikadu (village girl) today. But that is not bad. You could well be a heroine for one of those movies about village life. Maybe I should call you Annam and not Amby." I just said, "Very funny...!" and made a face at her.


Chinna was ready in the given time and as we went down in the lift to the lobby I felt she looked fine in the silk dhoti (two meters of white cloth with one inch of gold work border) and angavastrum (silk cloth to cover the upper body). But she kept saying," I am going to murder Maya for this. I hope the lobby is empty." It was Maya who had provided our clothes and insisted that we wear them. She was also wearing a dress similar to mine.


As we stepped out of the lift on the ground floor Maya was waiting with a group of foreign tourists. She turned and said to them, "Go ahead! You can photograph them" At least ten guns flashed and the entire lobby was focussing on us.


"Maya what is this?" Chinna hissed as the crowd melted away after admiring and thanking us.


"Oh! These poor tourists wanted to photograph me but I promised to deliver a traditionally dressed couple to them so they waited." I could see mischief in her eyes and she was trying hard not to laugh.


Chinna shrugged and started walking away in anger. Maya followed trying to make her smile by alternately assuring her that she looked wonderful and that she should not be a spoilsport and that Maya was sorry etc etc. Ultimately she made Chinna laugh by saying that the three of us looked like Lord Murugan with two wives. In Hindu mythology Siva's son Murugan is supposed to have two wives. The comment was all the more funny because we were on our way to a Murugan temple.



"I am so happy to see all of you," the old lady gushed, holding on to me. She was also trying to catch her breath as she climbed the 330 steps to the temple. We were coming down the steps after the visit.


" Seeing you dressed like this, I am reminded of my childhood in India. Now my grandchildren refuse to wear such traditional clothes. "


She then narrowed her eyes and placed a palm over her forehead to block the sun and peered at Maya and me. Probably she managed to spot my mangalsutra and she said to me," This thamby is your husband no?" When I nodded my head, She turned to Chinna and said," I think she will soon be carrying your child. Name it Karthik or Valli when the time comes." Chinna and I felt a bit embarrassed about this announcement while Maya was grinning from ear to ear.


Now the old lady turned to Maya and said, "You my princess, will be coming here next year with your husband." It was now Maya's turn to be embarrassed.


"So my children, I will be now on my way. Thank you for making me happy. May God bless you. Don't you worry about me! I climb these steps every day. One day maybe I will go up and not come down at all." The old lady laughed loudly opening her toothless mouth in the process.


The journey back to KL was filled with a lot of friendly conversation and leg pulling. We visited a pewter factory and a jade center on the way. Chinna told Maya to drop us a little away from the hotel and proceed home to help out with the arrangements for her sister's engagement in the evening. She would have had to take a long detour for dropping us at the hotel.


After bidding good bye to Maya, Chinna asked me if I would mind walking back to the hotel on my own while she went to the mall to change some money and buy the gift for Jaya which we had already chosen. I sensed that Chinna wanted to be alone for a while, so I agreed.


The walk to the hotel would have been quite nice but for the fact there was a sudden cloudburst. I was quite wet by the time I reached the hotel lobby. Since both Chinna and I had our own key cards, I could rush and get into one of the lifts which was about to close.


On reaching the room I rushed into the bathroom to get rid of my wet clothes. Another reason to rush was because my bladder was full. Maya had advised me against using the poorly maintained public toilets near the temple. As I entered the bathroom I pulled up my wet Pavadai, sat down and relieved myself. The fact that I had not worn my panties was a great help!


Then I pulled off my clothes one by one, squeezed the water out of them and hung them on the shower curtain rod. I had to undo my hair before I could wipe myself with a towel. Then I dried and combed my hair and left it loose, covering my back. I simply left all my jewelry on because I liked the feel. Then I realised I had not carried any dry clothes into the bathroom. Fortunately for me, my jeans were hanging on the hook and a black chemise was lying crumpled in the bucket. I wore them and decided to pick up fresh clothes from the room. I opened the door a little to check if the front door was latched from within. As it was latched, I came out and turned towards the beds when I saw Chinna sitting on the dressing chair.


I got a shock of my life and my heart started pounding. Soon I was shaking. Chinna came up to me, put her arm around my waist and slowly took me to the dressing chair. I did not want to sit down and held the back of the chair to steady myself. Chinna sat down in the chair, again put her arm around my waist and told me to relax. I gave her a weak smile and placed my free hand on her shoulder and gripped it tight. As my heartbeat steadied I become conscious of my semi nudity and tried to close the slightly open window curtains.


"Amby see how the hormones are working on you." Chinna said as she could sense me relaxing. "A woman has to be much more conscious of her surroundings and feels fear more often." Chinna was not her usual playful self. She was sounding very serious. I just waited for her to continue while I stood near her chair with her arm around my waist. I was looking down, now with a smile on my face, and she was looking into my eyes with kind of thoughtfulness.


"The old lady at the temple once again made me think of all that is happening to us?" Chinna was saying; Now I knew what why Chinna had become so serious. I just rested my palm on her cheeks and waited for her to continue.


"You are choosing to be a woman in a male oriented society. When we go back to India you may have to accept my decisions on many occasions. Many of our own families could be less understanding towards you as a woman than towards me. May be you could tolerate everything till our child is born and then we could go back to being our former selves. Here again I have a problem?", Chinna paused. There was a little moistness around her eyes. I pulled her head closer to me and let it rest on my stomach. Nothing was spoken for a while.


Then Chinna spoke without lifting her head. " You know Amby, my problem is that I am beginning to fall in love with you as you are now. It is not just the physical thing.... . You know how much I like that by now" She started rubbing my buttocks and laughed a little nervously. I knew she was laughing just to punctuate her remarks.


"You know," she resumed after a pause," I have started loving myself as a man and I love you for the woman you have become. I don't know if I am making sense."


"Chinna, I understand what you are trying to say. You have started liking what you have become. You would like to continue being a man for the rest of your life. That means I have to remain a woman. You feel guilty about it. You feel I am getting a raw deal". I could feel Chinna' s head moving on my stomach. She was nodding in agreement.


"Let me tell you my view. As much as you enjoy being a man, I love being a woman. I too have fallen in love with the new you. In addition to being a wonderful lover, you are not a male chauvinist nor will you ever be. As to question of society being male dominated I think we have not lived our life that way. Even in the past I have accepted your leadership in many matters as much as I have made many final decisions. I don't think women are the only harassed ones in our society. If sexual harassment is more for women job based harassment may be more for men. Also I believe educated and working Asian women are much better off than their western sisters on matters of equality! As far as our family is concerned, I think anything can be tackled as long as I have your support. Ok, sometimes the hurt may be too much and I may cry on your shoulders, but I think you will like that because then you can play being a man to the hilt."


At my last sentence, Chinna's fingers pinched my buttocks. When she looked up at me I could see through my blurred eyes that she was smiling but tears were there in her eyes as well. She pulled me to her and made me sit on her lap. I bent my head a little and she tilted her head backwards and we kissed passionately. I playfully reached out and tried to pull one of her chest hair.


"Ouch" She cried out in pain and got up from the chair. Both of us fell on the floor. I could see that all seven inches of her was ready for action. She saw me sitting on the floor balancing myself with one arm so that I won't hit the floor. She gave me mock wicked smile, picked me up a little roughly and started biting my nipples. Her hand reached down to my pussy and her fingers started exploring me.


She could feel that my juices were already flowing, but she continued to fondle me. Her mouth was at my nipples, her one hand kept exploring all regions from my stomach to my cunt and the other hand was alternately rubbing and pinching my buttocks. I could stand it no longer and I was making all kinds of guttural noises at varying pitches and loudness.


She understood that I was totally ready. She sat on the armless chair and pulled me onto herself. My legs were on both sides of hers. My cunt descended on her cock like a stocking climbing up a smooth leg. I kept rising and falling on that heavenly piece of flesh while my head bobbed to the left and right to the same beat. My silver anklets provided the musical notes set to the rhythm of my body. I was a women possessed and Chinna had to use all her strength to slow me down otherwise there was a fair chance of me bobitting her! And when it came, it was really a glorious climax for both of us.