Girl Continuous Part 2

I open the bathroom door as noiselessly as possible and come into my room. Now my mom is not in the room. As I check myself in the mirror, I hear a knock at the door and my mom comes in smiling. I lower my eyes as I can hardly look into her eyes. I can also feel my cheeks burning out of shyness. My mother walks up to me lifts my chin and forces me to look into her eyes. "Are you composed now? I fully mean all that I have written in my note to you. Are you ready for the challenge?" I meet her eyes and say in an undertone," Yes mom! I can do it!"

"That is my girl! Now listen; I will be telling them that you had come here for an interview in the morning and will be leaving tomorrow. I will also say Susheel got called away for a cricket match in a nearby town and will be back only tomorrow. I will explain your similar names by saying you were born within days of each other. Now about your dress! For the "interview" saree was ok. But for going out with us you need to change...." Mom pauses.

"What are you saying mommy. How can I come out as a... as a girl. Won't people recognise me."

"No my dear! You are looking every bit a girl. With your nice hair, trimmed eyebrow, made up eyes, full red lips,painted nails, nice breasts and buttocks and a narrow waist, every boy will see you as a babe and every girl will think of you as competition...." Mom grins broadly as she says this.

As she finishes I start hitting her playfully on her shoulders with my fists. "Please, mom! I will say hello to them, but let me stay at home."

"Not acceptable! I think it is for your own good. Once you go out, you will gain confidence. Before your father returns, I want to be sure that you really want to be a girl. Only then I will be comfortable talking to him about helping you out. So no more discussion, young lady. This bag contains a pair of jeans and a nice top which I had bought for your cousin. I think it will fit you. You can continue to wear your heels..."

Having said her piece, mom is leaving the room. I am excited at the idea of wearing normal teenager dress. I take off my saree, blouse and petticoat and leave them folded on the bed. I pull out the contents of the bag.The bag has a pair of pre-faded slim fit jeans and a floral top. I sit on the bed in my bra and panties and pull up the jeans on my legs. My payal comes in the way, so I take it off. I also take off my jewelry and the bindi. My image in the mirror looks funny. The jeans hug my legs and buttocks. As I zip up, I find that the top of the jeans is below my navel. That is because it is a hipster. Oh mommy; what you have done. I am going to look sexy in this thing. I hope this guy Vijay is not a lech.

The top is cool. It is white with designs, loose fitting, half sleeved and translucent. It has imprints of flowers all over. I have now worn it. It feel a bit tight around my breasts. To conclude my dressing I wear my heels.

Now I walk to the mirror. I can feel my buttocks swaying, the muscles of my smooth legs rubbing the fabric of my pants, my navel is seen briefly through the fabric. The outline of my bra appears and disappears as I walk. As I swing my arms at the elbows the shiny smoothness of my swinging arms is lit by the flashes of the red painted nails.

Having checked my face in the mirror one last time, I take a couple of deep breaths to gather courage and step out of the room. There is no one in the passage. I tip toe to the kitchen and drink a little water. As I put the galss down, mom comes in and hugs me and kisses me on my forehead.

" Darling! This is Jaya aunty and this is Vijay." I say hi to Vijay and turn to shake hands with aunty, Vijay is sitting in one of the single sofas while aunty is sitting on one side of a double sofa. Aunty gets up to hug me and says, "Oh dear! You are so pretty. Seeing you, I wish I was young again" She starts laughing as I take an instant liking to her.

While aunty hugs me, mom has sat down on the other half of the double sofa, leaving me with no choice but sit on the single sofa next to Vijay. As aunty releases me and asks me to sit down, Vijay gets up from his seat to let me pass with a gesture of his hands. He smiles at me as I pass him closely. I realise that I am about six inches shorter than him and quite frail compared to his atheletic build. I can sense that he too is impressed with my looks. Now I feel confident.

As I sit, mom looks at me and winks once. I notice her opening and closing her legs slightly. I understand and bring my legs together.

"So how was your interview", Vijay asked.

"Yea Ok"

"What post'

"Oh! Frontoffice in a hotel"

"So when are you joining"

I smiled, "I still haven't been offered."

He smiled back, "I think that is just a formality"

"Thank you for your confidence. I wish you were my employer."

"Sure! Anytime you want, come to Delhi. I will employ you."

"Yes Susheela! Vijay is the General Manager in a hotel chain." My mom is saying.

"Yes beti! You can stay with us. After all there is nothing like home food," aunty is saying.

Vijay is laughing now,"Mommy never eats in my hotels."

I too am laughing now while aunty dismisses her son with a wave of her hand.

By the time we step out to drop the our mothers at the convention, Vijay and I have became friends.

I do not have any worry about how I look. I am sure Vijay is attracted to me. I could not help noticing a little bulge in his trousers as he got up from the sofa rather awkwardly.

One thing I was worried about is my voice. It is holding up nicely. I had read somewhere that you should hold your pitch midway between gargling and falsetto and speak with vibrations confined to top half of the throat. Top half resonance can be ensured by practising with fingers placed above and below your adam's apple. The movements of the lower finger should be kept to the minimum.

Now we are on your way. Naturally, I am sitting in the front with Vijay and our moms are at the back.

The plan is that after dropping the moms we are to proceed for some shopping. I will help Vijay to select some dresses for his little sisters. We will return to pick up the moms in about four hours.

"So beta take care of Susheela esp in croweded areas... there are enough roadside romeos" aunty is saying.

"Dont worry aunty; this is my city. Tell your beta to hold my hands. He may get lost."

Aunty laughs and says,"You naughty girl. You people may think you are grown up. For me you will always remain children and I will worry about you."

"Did someone tell you that you are pretty." Vijay is telling me as we leave the convention centre for the Hawa Mahal area.

I reply with an impish smile, "Ask me if someone has not said that. Anyway why are you saying it now?"

"A thing of beauty is a joy for ever."

I am still smiling and say,"Are you making a pass?"

He smiles back, "Not so far. Are you looking forward to it?"

Both of us are laughing now.

I feel something is changing in me. I want to become the sweetheart of this handsome man, who more than anything makes me laugh. But will he laugh when he knows the truth.

"So when are the two of you getting married. I would to sell your wedding dresses to you right now." The shopkeeper is saying as he packs our selections for Vijay's sisters.

Now, what made him say such a thing. I blush and keep quiet. Vijay laughs.

"That can wait. But show some latest designs for this lady here. Is there a place for trying? That way I can select and buy what looks best on her."

"Oh sure sir. We do have a trial room."

We have bought a salwar kameez, a lehanga choli and a night wear for me after trying out about a dozen dresses. Having trapped me, Vijay has converted the shop into a ramp and me into a one woman fashion show. But I feel so happy being able to try out lovely new dresses. Only the nightwear I have refused to try out though he keeps whispering into my ear to try it.

We realise that now we have just an hour to go before we meet our moms.

"Let us have some tea."

"Hey Sushie, you have made my day. But for you I would have died of boredom. I am serious. Why dont you come and work for me. If you work hard and continue to look beautiful, I may actually propose to you. Then we can come here to buy our wedding dress and get married."

"No Vijay! Dont say these things. I need time to think through. I feel confused now."

We are sitting close to each other in a dimly lit rersturant.

"Ok dear; I understand."

All this while my hand is in his hand.

What am I doing? Oh God help me.

It is night now. Mother and aunty are in the master bedroom preparing to sleep. I am in my room. Vijay is in the guest room next to me. There is a connecting door between my room and his. I am wearing the night dress which Vijay had bought for me. I tip toe to the connecting door and stand in front of it. This is the seveth or eighth time that I have done it.

I turn to go back to my bed, when I feel a presence behind me. I turn and find the door ajar. Vijay is standing there in his pajamas.

"The night dress adds to your beauty."

"Oh Vijay"

I rush to him and he embraces me. I am sobbing now.

He holds me tight and passes his fingers through my hair.

"Oh Vijay! Make me yours." I say as I sob.

Oh no! That was my original voice. I am stunned. Vijay knows now. Still he is holding me tight and comforting me. But he should be pushing me away.

"Now, now! My Sushie darling. Your mother has told me about you and got my consent for the experiment. She wanted no surprises and scenes in a public place. Dont worry. I still love you. I will wait till you become a woman fully. I will also help you become one. So relax now."

I am sobbing all the more now. Vijay leads me to his bed and starts kissing me. Soon he is playing with my boobs and tits. I take him in my mouth and he comes in explosions. He uses his hand to help me come. We sleep hugging each other.