Our joint family lived in a large house. My father, a widower, was the oldest male and his mother, i.e., our grandmother was the oldest female. Two of my father's immediate siblings had settled abroad. The wives of the next two brothers and my father's youngest sister were in the same age group as me and my sister. The men in the joint family were very busy with the family textile business. I being a student was not old enough to be involved in the business, That way I spent much of my time with the ladies at home. Soon I was tempted to wear my favourite 'aunt' Lakshmi's dresses. Once into dresses, I was hooked.


One day, during the festive season, nobody except my grandma was at home. I entered Lakshmi's room to "keep my contract with fate". Pushed by my desires, I did not waste any time. Soon all my male cloths were on the floor. I took out one of Lakshmi's bras, adjusted the straps and slid it on my shoulders and hooked it from behind. I could see I was filling the cups nicely because as a growing boy I had some fluffy flesh on my chest. Then I wore one of her nylon panties. For a few minutes I admired myself in the mirror. Then I wore the lovely green salwar kameez which she had bought recently.


After that I wore six of her gold bangles, neck-chain, ankle-chain and hip-chain. A little make up was the next step. After that I combed my hair in as womenly a style as possible. When I checked in the mirror, what it reflected was definitely not a male. I stored my male clothes in a bin and sat down to watch a DVD movie in her room. I got too much involved as I imagined myself to be the heroine of the movie. On the scrren I was soon  being hugged by my favourite hero.


All of a sudden, the room door opened. I saw Lakshmi coming in. She said," Hi! Malthi (my sister name)...". Then she took a second look and realised it was me. She went back and quickly bolted the door. Then she switched on all the lights in the room and came close to me. She was really surprised and told me that I looked exactly like my sister. She asked me to get up and hugged me as woman often do. She playfully felt my breasts and said they felt soft and full like a girl's.


Now Lakshmi decided to improve my appearance by working on my hair, eyebrows and lips. While she was doing that, we heard a knock on the door. My aunt went to answer it. It was grandma who wanted to know why the door was bolted. My aunt replied it was Malti who was with her and she was helping her to dress up. My grandma said there was no need to bolt the door as there were no men folks at home. She had forgotten that I had come in earlier.


After getting the door open, my grandma went away, My aunt continued to train me in being a girl. She asked me to use only the upper part of my throat while talking. She made me walk with heels, gently swaying my hips. She also padded up my hips to make them look ok. While we were having all this fun, my grandma came back, holding the cordless phone in her hand.


"Malti, Suresh is on the phone for you...". Suresh was Malti's boyfriend and I had no choice but to take the phone from grandma. I tried to speak softly as I said hello to him.


"Hey listen Malti", Suresh said, "I managed to get two tickets for the movie. We have just half hour to reach the theatre. I will be at your house in five minutes to pick you up."


"I cant be ready so soon. Forget it." I told him.


"Please sweetheart, dont tell me lies. I am calling from the shop opposite to your house and I can see through the window of your house that you are ready...", he said. I looked out of the window and my heart jumped as I spotted him. He waved out to me and said into the phone, "You know you are looking nice. Just try to put on your usual lipgloss, I like its taste..." Before I realised the meaning of what he had said, he had disconnected and I was blushing uncontrollably. Lakshmi smiled and asked me what Suresh wanted. I told her he wanted me to go out with him wearing the lipgloss which he liked. Lakshmi started laughing.


I know how difficult it is to control boys especially if you given in to them before. As the theatre became dark, Suresh started his mischiefs. I had told him that I had my periods to prevent him from reaching between my legs. I had anyway worn a sanitory napkin in case he touched there accidently.


The movie hall was not very crowded. He hugged me and kissed me a number of times. He pressed my breasts to make me hot. He complimented me on my hair cut and felt it with his fingers. Then he took my hand to his legs. I realised that his fly was open and his cock was out. I played with it and was soon sucking it. When he came, I could feel my sanitory napkin getting wet.




One day when I visited my cousin I found that bhabhi (cousin's wife) was alone at home. As we chatted, I asked her to show me her wedding albums. They had got married recently. I admired her looks as a bride and said it must have felt wonderful being a bride with everyone admiring her. She smiled mischievously and asked me if I would like to try being a bride. When I turned red without saying anything, she knew that was what I wanted. She decorated my hands and feet with mehndi. She applied kajal to my eyes, fixed rings on my nose and ears. Then she combed my hair and applied tika on my forehead. She made me wear a tight blouse and a lovely saree. Then she slipped a few bangles on my hands, payal on ankles and rings on my toe. I blushed like a bride when I saw myself in the mirror.




I convinced my wife for crossdressing. She agreed to dress me up once in a while. She took a lot of care whenever she did it. She would ask me to shave off all the hair on my body. Then she would do my make up. After that I would put on filled up bras and padded panties. Then she would make me wear nice sarees. My favourite saree is a red and black floral print, which she would take out for me. Finally she would let me wear the wig and jewellery which would complete my make over.


Once dressed, I would feel thrilled but shy like any girl. My wife would smile and look into my eyes. I would automatically lower them to look at her feet. She would lift my chin and kiss me on the lips. My eyes would automatically close whenever our lips touched. She would tease me about it and I would blush. That entire day I would remain dressed and behave as a girl. She would keep complimenting me on my good looks and my sexy figure. We have had about half a dozen rounds of dressing up in a year. I often dream of my wife becoming my husband and carrying me to our bed in her strong arms. At that time I imagine I would be wearing a nice saree and blushing happily. What comes after a girl is taken to bed like that, is known to all of you! I am too shy to tell you.




This happened to me with a very close friend of mine. He was married and had a very small child. His wife was employed had to go on an important weekend conference for two days. The maid who took care of the child developed fever and did not come for work. Since it was a weekend, my friend was at home and he could take care of the child.


That day I happened to call him up for some work, I could hear the little girl crying. She wanted to go to the beach. My friend wanted to make her happy but he could not drive the car as well as hold the child. He was unwilling to spend on a taxi and too status-concious to use the public transport. I offered to help. He laughed and said two men with a small child would look odd on the beach. "Unless of course", he said, "you come along as my wife." Without any hesitation I said ok. I saw this as an opportunity. Anyway my friend knew about my cross-dressing right from our college days, though he had never seen me dressed up.


I was living alone and it was not my first time out as a woman. In about an hour's time, I had made up my face, worn filled-out bra and panties, wore a body hugging blouse, tied on a translucent synthetic saree on a linen petticoat, fixed a wig on my head, put on some jewelry and put my feet into 4 inch heels.


I reached my friend's house in a rickshaw. When he opened the door for me, he took a few seconds to recognise me. Then his jaw dropped in surprise. I pushed past him and entered the house. The child came to me after a little hesitation and I picked her up. When I turned to look at my friend, I could see that my appearance as a woman was having an effect on him. He was smiling slyly and there was that unmistakable tent in his shorts.


After I had made friends with the little girl, my friend remarked that my dress was hardly suitable for the beach. When the child heard word beach, she started crying once again. I pretended to scold my friend for not fulfilling the baby's wish. He said he was sorry. But now we had no choice but to go to the beach. We decided to go to a less crowded beach which was attached to a hotel.


My friend took me his bedroom and opened his wife's wardrobe for me. I was smaller than my friend but his wife was even smaller than me. I could not get into her full length jeans. But I managed to get into a pair of blue pedal pushers, without much effort. It hugged my thighs and made my butts bulge. But then all girls feel their butts are huge and all guys seem to like them that way! Then I wore a yellow T shirt. Since the T was one size small, my falsies pushed out against the fabric making it stretch and hug my boobs. I had no doubt I looked very hot. The child clung to me even as I dressing up. The father, who did not leave the room, was having tough time hiding his responses. I felt great that he was showing normal male reactions towards me, now a sexy girl. That gave me confidence to carry on my role.


As I wore my heels before going out, my friend remarked that my legs looked very shapely. Actually he was staring at my boobs and padded butts when he said that. I smiled and said teasingly, "I dont think it is only the legs... I know you are seeing more than my legs..." He went red as he moved his eyes away from me.


As he drove the car, I sat in the passenger seat with the baby in my lap. When we settled down on the beach I started thinking of my friend as my husband the child as our child. That day remains fresh in my memory even today. For anyone who walked our way, it was obvious that I was with my husband and the child I had borne for him. We were in a far away secluded beach. Our child was playing in the sand with other children. Suddenly my husband pulled me to him, hugged me and gave me a long kiss.


By the time we returned, the child had gone to sleep in the car. After tucking in the sleeping child, my husband made love to me as would any man who had had a good outing with sexy looking wife and a pretty and happy child. Afterall throughout the day he had to restrict himself in front of the child. Every wife knows how passionate a husband becomes if he had been forced to keep his hands off her throughout the day despite her looking very sexy. After he had his way with me, we slept in each other's arms.




I really like heavy make up as worn by girls when they are getting married. I like using kajal, lipstick and eyeliner. I want to look like a bride with all the jewelery. I often wear ear-rings at home and I am crazy about nose rings which are very feminine. During my college holidays, I told my people that I was going on a excursion and slipped away to my bhabi's house. She lived alone as her husband was abroad. Once she had caught me wearing kajal and I revealed to her my desires she told me it was not possible to change me into a girl. I pleaded with her that only she could help me. Finally the day came I went to her house with my bags for the "excursion", she had made all the arrangements. First she dressed me in normal girl's clothes and we went shopping. The next day she called up a professional and made me up nicely.

When I was ready with the change over I couldn't recognize my self in the mirror. The red dress, black kajal rimmed eyes, maroon lipstick, the beautiful red flowery mehndi on my hands and the jewelery fullfilled my great dream.




My 18 year old sister and I were alone at home. Often my sister dresses up in my shirt and pants. One day when she was in my jeans and t-shirt, I said she took unfair advantage of me by using my clothes. She offered me her clothes almost as a joke. When I agreed to wear them, she got me her bra (stuffed with cotton), panties, a blouse and a lovely silk lehanga. When I was dressed up she made me wear ear-rings, mala, payal and bangles. Then she did my hair and fixed a bindi on my forehead. As I slipped into her chappals the door bell rang. We were both in the front hall of the house and I became a 'statue' on hearing the doorbell.


My sister walked to the door, saw through the peephole and opened the door. Then she pretended to be me and said, "Come in sir, didi badi der se aapka hi intezar kar rahi hai. Aapki to woh tarif karti hai... (My sister is anxiously waiting for you. She keeps praising you...)"

The tution master was not much older than either of us. He blushed when he heard that his girl student was waiting anxiously for him. My sister who was pretending to be my brother immediately left the room leaving me and the master alone.


I had no choice but to play along. The master sat in the dining chair and pulled the books lying on the dining table towards him to start his work. I sat in the adjacent chair prepared to learn from him.


He was explaing some passages of a poem to me and I knew he was finding it difficult to concentrate. He somehow managed to complete the poem and asked me write down what he had explained. As I wrote in the note-book, I could feel his toes touching my feet. I did not pull off my feet as I liked the attention I was getting from this handsome guy. Slowly his hand came over my shoulders as he pretended to read what I was writing in my note-book. Then he whispered almost sheepishly, "You are looking very nice today." I looked up at him and pretending to be angry for a split second as I broke into a mischevious smile. I could see his face showing sudden fear and then happiness. As I did not want to give in too easily, I took off his hand from my shoulder and pointed to the door through which my "brother" had gone into the house. The master understood, took off his hand from my shoulder but continued playing with my feet and legs under the table.


Donna Bosco


Hi! I live in Mumbai. I like to crossdress whenever I get a chance. Last year I went to Bhubneshwar on some officework. I was staying in a hotel and I realised that this was the best time to dress up in my favourite dress. So I went to a few cosmetic stores and bought cold wax, liquid make-up, a powder compact, lipstick, eyeliner, fashion jewelry and a wig. Then I shopped in the roadside shops for a salwar kameez, handbag and a pair of heels. Then I went to the hoseiry shop to buy some padded bra and panties.


I went back to my room and took off all my man clothes. I took a couple of hours get rid off all my man hair. Once I was smooth all over, I started working on my ugly man face into into a nice girl face. Then I wore my filled up bra and panties and slipped into salwar kameez. The heels and wig completed my change into a girl.


I stuffed my bag with lipstick, powder compact, some paper tissues, some money and my room keycard and slipped out through the fire-exit which I knew opens out into the street near the hotel. Considering I was in a small town, I went to a church so that I will not attract any attention.


But fate intervened. The manager from my hotel walked out of the confessional as I walked into the church. He smiled at me knowingly. I ignored him and went to one of the desks, kneeled down, closed my eyes and started praying. Soon I heard a voice from behind me. "I know who you are and I like you as you are. I wont harm you. Just meet me outside the church."


Richard, the hotel manager, took me to a movie and bought me dinner. He told me the fire-exit will have a night watchman and I could not get back to my room. I spent the night with him as his girl and we pleasured each other.




I stay alone in single room and I dress up regularly. Every dress-up seems to get better than the previous ones. Let me write down the steps: Shaving-bleaching-Facial-lipsoftener-concealer-foundation-compact-eyebrows-eyelashes-eyeliner-waterproof mascara-lipliner-lipstick-powder on lipstick-second coat of lipstick-lipgloss-wig setting-bindi-nathni-earings-necklace-bangles-ladies watch-nailpolish-stuffed bra-padded panties-dress of choice-heels-bag I get very much excited after all this. I take some snaps with my digicam. Then I just stand in the balcony late at night.Though no one notices I am really worried and excited. I am sure no one would recognise my other self.




It was my wife who challenged me. She said that until I dressed up and worked as a wife I will never be able to know the problems faced by women. After a heated debate I accepted her challenge. We decided to give it a try the following sunday. we really did not expect any visitors as it was rainy season.


Since we had planned it for sunday, my wife urged me to shave my entire body on saturday night. Once I came out with smooth shiny skin, she gave me her bra stuffed with water baloons and a pair of panties. Then she told me to wear a see through nighty. She even applied nail polish on the nails of my hand and feet. Before going to bed she told me to get up at six o'clock in the morning. Sleeping next to her in a nightie, I was excited and hoped she would start something. But she simply ignored me.


Next morning I woke up and started being the wife. When I had performed all my duties as a wife on Sunday, I dressed up in a silk saree and entered our bedroom as a new bride would enter. It was only then that my wife became my husband and made love to me. it is my dream to become a full time housewife to serve my husband, become pregnant and give birth to at least three children.



I will tell you a secret. The owner of the company which I work for is a lady. I too did not know it for a long time. It had so happened that her father had left a will handing over the reins to her brother despite knowing he was really not interested in running the business. One day the brother simply disappeared. The business would have gone over to a management agency. Then my boss decided to become her brother to gain control.


I did not know all this when I joined the company as management trainee to help my boss with important projects. Sometimes I would work late at his (I did not know it was a her) house. On one such occasion, it started raining very heavily and he persudaed me to stay back. I had no clothes with me and his clothes were large for me. It was then he gave me a set of girls clothes saying he had just bought them to be gifted to his niece. When I turned out in them, he remarked I looked as pretty as his niece.


A few days later when I went to his place, he suggested that he would prefer if I could be in girls clothes when we worked at home. When I hesitated he offered to pay me ten percent of my monthly salary for one evening of dressing up. That was too much to resist. As time went on, I realised I was becoming more and more a girl while at his house. Soon I had a wardrobe of clothes with salwar kameezes and blouses stiched for especially for me.


One day he proposed that I sleep with him. One month's extra salary for sharing the bed was too much to resist despite the fact I was not too keen to get into a bed with a man.

That night as he caressed me and overcame all my resistance, I loosened up and decided to pleasure him. As I reached between his legs to hold him, I realised that his dick was not real. But it no longer mattered. He was my man I had become his woman. I sucked on the brute attached to his crotch until the mechanical device spewed artificial cum into my mouth.

Soon enough we were married. I became his trophy wife and now he had taken over his brother's masculine role fully.




I had to stay for two weeks with my cousin in another province while her parents were away. To prevent neighbours from talking she asked me to be a girl during that period. Since I have long hair almost to my waist she persuaded me that I could easily become a girl.


When I got to her place she got me to shave and gave me a cream to remove all my body hair. Then she shampooed and blow-dried my long hair. She also fixed breast forms onto me, dressed me in bra and panties, and then a sleeveless print dress. She painted my nails and made me wear jewlry. That night I went to bed in a nighty, and spent the remaining two weeks dressed the whole time. My cousin took me out with her in various dresses and hair styles. Not only did anyone not realise that I was a guy but I even got whistled at.




It started just by chance. Four friends, all male, were playing cards. There is a game called “Bhabho” in which one player looses and is termed as Bhabho (meaning wife of brother in Punjabi). I lost and became Bhabho which is very normal while playing. But I continued to be Bhabho even after the penalty was over. Now I have three male friends who understand my deep feminine feelings and extend me their kind support. I work as Neeraj for five boring week days and every weekend I enjoy being Neerja and one out of them by turn play the part of my loving husband. I always cook and clean for my husbands and they buy me things to make me beautiful for them.


Once I was with Rajesh (one of them) dressed in a beautiful pink saree. I was sure I looked pretty. Rajesh kissed me on my cheeks and forehead. I returned the kiss as woman in me got stirred up longing for a loving relationship with a man! Encouraged by my response Rajesh started fondling me in many places. I lost control and lost my virginity to him.


I believe in turning all my dreams into reality every weekend but still I want to become a real woman instead of role playing. My dream is to possess real breasts and real cunt. I would like to look like a woman even without any clothes on. I would then spend my days caring for my men and spend my nights opeing out my legs for them.