Beauty and Brains- Part 1


That Friday, I walked into my office with mixed feelings. It was my last day in our India office before I left on Sunday night for a six month secondment to our head office in Geneva. While I looked forward to the experience of working abroad, I was not very happy about my new job as one of the three assistants to the International President. At the moment I was the one and only executive assistant to the Indian CEO. That gave me an a total overview of my boss's work and made him depend heavily on me. Being the juniormost among the assistants in Geneva, I was afraid that I might become a glorified personal secretary in the foreign setup.


In our India office, I shared my cabin with Sanjana, the personal secretary to my boss. Our roles were very clear. She took care of the office routine, while I did the cerebral stuff for the boss. Like any good secretary, Sanju was always polite and smiling but I could sense that she was somewhat jealous of me.


I had been handpicked by my boss Arun Gandhi from among the juniors in his former business school. Arun was just five years senior to me and within a short time had built-up the the Indian operation of our biotech MNC into a significant contributor to the global business. Unlike many others in our industry, he combined an excellent understanding of science and a keen business sense. Within the first year of his career he had become a darling of the business press. The fact that he was young, tall, handsome and atheletically bulit, did help matters along. He had many female admirers some of whom happened to be business journalists! Being my senior at school, I naturally admired him and made him into my role model.


I was quite sure that Sanjana was in love with our boss. She definitely had all the qualifications for being a "trophy" wife. Though her fair complexion was god-given, she spent money in gyms and parlours to keep it lovely and healthy. Her slender frame covered with a fine balance of muscle and skin-level fat gave her all the right external measurements and attractive curves. Her narrow waist and flat tummy would have been the envy of many a belly dancer. There was also a small but attractive black mole near her belly button, which was occasionally but tantalisingly revealed when she wore sarees. Her ample, firm and shapely breasts with their large nipples were good enough to cause premature ejaculations among adolescents in her neighbourhood. Her wide and round hips made roadside romeos follow her for long distances. A number of my colleagues turned up on saturdays, when she usually wore short dresses, so that they could ogle at her smooth shapely legs. On top of all this she had a face which was so full of delicate features and expressions that she had received a few movie offers.


As a personal assistant to the number one man in the company, she was very competent. She shielded Arun effectively against all internal and external people. She took care of his appointments and travel. Her formal letters, though few in this e-age, were neatly and faultlessly done. Despite all that Arun and I were clear that with our competence in computers and internet, her role was shrinking. Our attempts to involve her in other work did not meet with much success. After much persuasion she had manged to get a Diploma in Public Relations at an evening college. Because of these limitations I was sure Sanju would never become Arun's wife. Modern CEOs like Arun, wanted wives who are not only intelligent and capable but also had their own identity in the world.


In that sanctum sanctorium of the corporate office, the third party, yours truly, was a tall lad of 21 years who was slowly but surely growing into manhood. I dreamt that I would soon be quite handsome in the conventional sense. But neither I nor anyone else had no doubts about my mental capacities. I could understand most complex issues in a very short time and come up with a number of alternate approaches to deal with them. Often I had amazed Arun with my tangential thinking.


"Hi Baskar...." Sanju greeted me in her well modulated and pleasant voice, as she continued to fill lipstick into her plush lips which already carried an outline drawn with a eye brow pencil.


"Hi Sanju..Has the boss come in?" I responded pleasantly as I reached my desk and proceeded to connect my laptop.


"I think he is going to be a bit delayed...He is meeting Dr. Ramesh Tandon over breakfast."


"Oh", I said. Meetings with our research centre head, tended to drag on for hours. Now I could calmly check all my e-mails before the pressure built up on Arun's arrival! Having connected the power and LAN chords, I pulled my chair closer to my table and slipped into it. I loved my chair. As I sunk my bottom into its soft cushioned leather I could almost feel it rising to hug me. As I settled down, my phone rang. One of my colleagues had called in to wish me all the best in my foreign assignment. After acknowledging the good wishes politely, I opened my outlook express and began to check my mail.


"Oh I forgot...", Saju said as I was halfway through my inbox. "Arun has asked both of us to wear this on our wrists today. It is some kind of instrument designed by Dr. Tandon's bozos to remotely monitor our body fluids. We are supposed to wear it for twenty four hours and then destroy it." Absent-mindedly, I extended my hand to collect the watch like gadget and strapped it on my right wrist. I vaguely noticed that Sanju was wearing a similar device.


Normally I would not eat anything until lunch. That day however I felt hungry and I readily agreed to share a sandwitch with Sanju at 11 am. I noticed both us were also drinking a lot of water. By afternoon, I suggested and Sanju agreed to have lunch at a resturant opposite to our office. We felt so relaxed in the resturant that we started talking about various things. Sanju told me the good times she had with her late father and her mother who still worked as a teacher in Indore. She had a younger brother who wanted to be in the movies. Sanju lived in a working woman's hostel while I stayed in a paying guest room. Being the last child of my parents I was given a free reign with my life as long as I visited them atleast once in a year.


Though Sanju had been my colleague for the last six months, I had never had an occasion to move with her socially. Even at the two office get-togethers we were actually on duty to do things which would make Arun look good. It was my job to whisper various points about the executives present so that Arun could choose between delivering subtle messages or complimenting people. It was Sanju's job to draw the 'bores' away from the boss.


So it was very surprising to me that we were sitting together on a working day sharing anecdotes from our personal lives. By the time we returned to office by three o'clock we felt like long lost friends. The security staff looked at us in a amused way as we passed them laughing like college kids.


Once we settled down in our cabin and started working, I found that we were again drinking a lot of water as well as visiting the washroom quite often. Despite this inconvenience, both of us seemed to be in high spirits. We continued to talk about each other.


By the time Arun came in at five thirty, We had also consumed a large pizza with double chesse, drank a lot more water and chatted about many things.


With Arun's arrival, all hell broke loose. Arun briefed us about his discusssions with Dr. Tandon. He dictated the minutes to Sanju. He wanted letters to be shot off to various people as follow-ups. He wanted me to cover his discussions in a powerpoint presentation which he wanted to use for the board meeting on Monday. He wanted the presentations to be backed with proper references from published papers. He wanted my work and Sanju's work to be emailed to him for his comments by Saturday afternoon. He would access it remotely, while on a picnic with the rest of our colleagues. It was very clear that we would be spending our saturday in the office!


While he left after attending to his e-mail and paper work, he wished me luck with my foreign trip and told Sanju that he would depend on her a lot while I would be away. "Of course, Arun," Sanju responded with a beautiful smile, "Dont forget that I ran this circus all by myself until six months ago." Arun smiled in return and said to me, "Looks like you will not have your job when you return."


Despite that one-up-man-ship shown by Sanju, I continued to feel good about her. For the first time we had our dinner together. By ten pm, I dropped her off at her hostel and returned to my room. On entering my room, I kicked off my shoes and clothes and stepped into the brightly lit bathroom. As I observed my naked figure in the bathroom I felt something was different. I seemed to have added on a layer of fat all over my body. My body was suddenly filling out but not in the handsome way I had imagined it would. It was as if I was putting on baby fat. My chest and buttocks seemed to have gathered much more fat on them than the rest of the body. Suddenly I felt the urge to urinate and noticed that my balls seem to receding into my body and my cock had shrunk. Even as I did my job and washed myself, I felt very sleepy and tired. I decided to postpone the diagnosis of my body by a few hours. I went into the kitchen to drink some water. I also collected packets of almonds and cashew from the fridge and kept them by my bedside, in case I felt hungry at night!


While I drifted off to sleep, I was thinking of all that Sanju had told me of her life. I could visualise her as a child running around the garden with her father. I could see her mother and her brother who resembled her a lot. I even cried as I saw her father lying dead. I could then see through her eyes as I walked into the office on my first day. Then there seemed to be a period of blackout. Then I saw Arun in my dreams as he walked into our office and I could feel my heart fluttering.


It was the ringing of my landlord's telephone downstairs which woke me up. I was a little surprised that it sounded so loud and irritating. In the past, I had often slept through such sounds without getting disturbed. Anyway, I decided to get up and groggily made my way to the bathroom.


When I looked into the mirror I realised I had changed quite a lot during the night. I now had good pair of breasts. My hip including its bones had widened. When I looked at my legs, waist and especially my navel with its tell-tale mole, it was clear to me that I was turning into Sanjana. I panicked as this realisaton hit me, but quickly considered the sitaution logically. As I brushed my teeth, I realised nothing much had changed above my neck. I concluded that my face, hair and teeth may change a little more slowly.


That meant I could dress up in my loose clothes and no one would notice anything. With this sobering thought I came out of the bathroom and switched on the coffee maker. As I sipped my coffee, I wondered about what was happening. Being a rational person, I dismissed supernatural intervention. To me it appeared to be a bio-technological phenomenon. That led me to look at the strange device strapped to my arm. Maybe it was malfunctioning and causing changes in me. Question was whether Sanjana was changing as well. I would have to wait to find out.


Probably the correct thing to do would have been to report the matter to Dr. Tandon and ask him to reverse what had happened. At this point my tangential thinking started operating. If I complained about the device Tandon may reverse them and I would soon be on my way to switzerland far away from my beloved boss. But if I remained changed, I could continue to work for him and not lose myself in a foreign assistants pool. I also considered the posssibility that by becoming Sanjana, I might get the genetic diseases that Sajana had inherited. It was also possible that with time some of the changes might get reversed and I might partly become Baskar. I dismissed these thoughts mainly because I still possesed Baskar's brains and was sure to find solutions if something went wrong. I decided I was not going to miss a chance to remain with Arun.


My plans were based on the assumption that Sanjana was becoming me. I hoped that was true. I had to find some way to convince her to remain Baskar and go to Switzerland. I had to use all my gigabytes of intelligence to make sure things happened as I wanted.


Having decided on an action plan, I quickly had my bath which I noticed got rid of my all my body hair. I chose clothes which would not reveal the changes in my body, particularly my growing breasts! I was also keen to reach the office before my face started changing.


I waited in front of our building until I saw Sanjana. That way both Sanjana and I entered the foyer of our office at the same time. She wanted to say something to me as soon as she saw me. I motioned to her with my fingers that she should keep quiet. I collected the keys from the security staff and walked with a little forward stoop towards the lift. As soon we reached our office and Sanjana was sure no one could hear us; she hurled her handbag at me with the words, "You are a bloody thief and you are trying to steal my body." She would probably have continued to attack me but for the fact the voice which came out of her mouth was masculine one and it shocked the hell out of us. Right in front of me Sanjana collapsed to the floor and I could hear her sobbing.


I did not try to console her. After a while she calmed down and said," Baskar, I am sorry I hit you. I am really really sorry. Anyway you are the Einstein around here. Why dont you figure out what is happening and change us back quickly." When I heard that, I said to myself 'I have her in place now.'


I told her, in my by now feminine voice, that there are many cases of such changes brought around by some kind of rays from outer space. Those who admitted to have undergone such changes were thought to be mad and were either stoned to death or sent to asylums. Those who did not tell the world about the change lived a full and happy life. After their death some circumstantial evidence was often found about what had happened to them.


If the changes had not actually happened, my story would not have convinced her. But now she swallowed it. "But my loss is greater than yours. You have got my nice body and I have got your skinny one" she said after a while.


I was expecting this question, "Don't be silly. You will also get my super duper management degree and my foreign posting along with my body. Once you go abroad and impress them, I am sure you will see tremendous progress in your career and you will be earning much more money than I can ever dream of. After all I am a personal secretary now and will continue to remain one. You also know that the job I or Arun do is not so great that you can't do it." By the expression on Sanjana face I could see I had struck the right note.


Suddenly I saw her smiling," You know; you will the one now, to have periods. You could also get pregnant." I put on a shy smile on my face and said," And you are the who is going to give babies to others." I was hoping Sanjana had enough penis envy to feel good about it.


I was right. She said," That is true. Same way as your breasts, my dick is growing. But still I think I will miss the way I controlled men with my smile and looks."


"But you will not have to starve and spend hours to look good. Now you dont have worry about what you eat or how much you exercise. In addition my brothers are handsome and you will also become handsome like them. Just give it six months; you will have girls swooning over you."


When I said this Sanjana was standing in front of my desk. I thought I was laying it too thick. Then I noticed the bulge in front of her skirt and realised my thoughts were causing a reaction in the right place. She was getting a kick out of being a man


Just at that moment the gadgets on our arms beeped. I realised that 24 hours had passed. I took it off and crushed it with my shoes before depositing it into trash. Without batting an eyelid, Sanjana did the same. I was worried she may link up the gadgets to the change.


Within seconds of the gadgets being crushed I could see Sanjana's face begin the change process. She did not see what was happening to me, as she excused herself and went to the washroom. She took time to return and when she came back she was carrying my face except for the teeth and the long hair on her head. Her chest had flattened and her hips had narrowed.


When she saw me she exclaimed "Oh my God! With your short hair, your face looks like that of my brother. But the difference is you have full size breasts!" Saying so she started laughing


I responded," You too look like my brother but for your longish hair."


Just then the phone on rang on Sajana's desk. As she reached for it, I pushed off her hand and picked it up and said," Mr. Gandhi's office. Sanjana here."


It was the security guard," Madam, do you need anything for lunch."


"Ramlal! It is only 10 o'clock now. I will tell you by 11. Let us finish some work now. Baskar saheb and I might go out for lunch.Ok."


"Ok Madam."


"You really have become Sanjana." She said as soon as I put down the phone. She was trying to adjust her dress at the waist as she talked to me.


"Sanju; I think your waist has expanded and the dress has become tight for you....I think we need to change clothes now"


"Alright", Sanju said somewhat gruffly. Probably she wanted to demonstrate that she was a man now." You go into bosses cabin. I will take off my clothes and pass them in to you. You change and pass your clothes to me for me to change."


That suited me fine. After having seen the bulge between her legs, I had no desire to stand naked in front of her. I went in and waited. In a few minutes the door opened a few inches and Sanju handed me her clothes and shoes in a bag. After taking and placing the clothes on the boss' tea table, I latched the connecting door. Through the one way glass I could see my naked self pacing up and down. Except for her long hair she looked every bit me.


Having secured the door I took off my shoes and stepped out of my stretch pants. My brother had given me the oversized pants for my birthday, telling me I would grow into them with time. In the last 24 hours I had grown to fill them at my hips,they were loose around my waist! Anyway I took off my full sleeved loose casual shirt. I also took off the two undersized vests which I had worn to keep my breasts from showing up too much. Last to go was my brief. I could see that the elastic of my french cut briefs had pressed into the skin of my larger hips leaving an impression. As I pulled off the brief I could feel the differences in my body. As I bent down, my breasts hit my arms and my buttocks felt unwieldy. As I straightened up and looked down I could see that my dick was replaced by a nice smooth slit. I could clearly sense the vagina between my legs. As I thought of it, my nipples hardened and a wave of sensation passed from my breast to my vagina. I had to steady myself against a chair to let the sensation pass.


Once I recovered, I pulled out my "new" clothes from the bag. I was grateful that the lace cotton panties which I pulled up,had a panty lining. I only hoped there were no traces of Sanjana's semen on it which could make me pregnant. Though I was ready to be a women, I was not yet ready for pregnancy! Anyway I had not intention of creating a child with former self's seed. Next I wore the matching white lace bra. I had acted in school and college plays as a women and the experience came in handy now. That was a funny thing. I had started innocently to take part in plays but had soon got type-cast as a boy-actress. After a while I liked acting out the female roles and put it down in my college application for fun. I got similar parts in college as well, as professors found it difficult to convince many girls to participate in plays. With me around they could even think of intimate scenes!


Having worn my inner garments, I picked up the short blue cheerleader type of dress which Sanju had chosen for the day. In the morning her body had still not grown as per my genes, she had been able to carry it off. Now that I had changed, I was looking sexy in it. Fortunately my colleagues were out on a picnic. But somehow the idea that colleagues would want to ogle at me, pleased me. As I wore her sneakers to complete the ensemble, I was curious to see how my clone would react to me.


As I peeped through the one way glass, I was surprised to see Sanjana had cut off her long hair using the office scissors. Though the job was not perfect, it was acceptable. I called her on the intercom telling her that I was ready to give her the clothes. As I unlatched the door, her hand came in and took the clothes from me. Within minutes, she came in to tell me she was ready. Deliberately, I was sitting in the darkest part of the room but could see her clearly. I told her, "Hey you are looking alright now; but I am not coming out till you get me a proper wig."


"You want me go out as Baskar?" she asked.


"Of course", I said mercilessly, "While you are out, you could buy yourself a new trouser. Looks like this will slide down." I could see she was rather uncomfortable in those loose trousers. I also told her to get some food for both of us!


Soon, I could hear Sanju leaving by the lift. I came out, collected her handbag which was mine now, and went into the 'Ladies' to do myself up. I could do a quick facial. I applied make-up and lipstick and returned to my table. I pulled out the lace curtains from one of the windows and tied it around my head as a turban.


Then I went back to my original table and finished and mailed the powerpoint presentation to Arun. That convinced me that my brain was intact despite the changes to my body. Having done my work, I moved over to Sanju's desk and started doing what she had been assigned. As I was half way through it, Sanju returned from her shopping.


As she saw me, her mouth opened wide and she just stood and stared. I got up collected the shopping bag from her, went into the washroom and fixed the one of the wigs on my head. She had done a good job of selecting the wigs. The hair colour matched her original one and it looked as if a hair dresser had cut the original hair differently. She had brought me four options of wigs, which was very thoughtful of her. I walked back to our room placed the shopping bag on a chair and posed for her, while she watched me with a smile on her face.


Just then the phone rang. Sanju picked it up and responded rather grandly "Baskar here."


"Baskar, Arun here. What are you doing on Sanjana's extention? Anyway, I got that presentation which you sent me. There are some small changes needed, which I will do myself. I am still to get the letters and the minutes which I had asked Sanjana to do. I suggest you check them yourself and sign them on my behalf and send them out. Is that clear.


"Yes Arun!" was all that Sanjana could manage to say. She had gone pale once she realised it was Arun on the phone.


"I did not know you had sent your part to Arun..." she mumbled.


"Hey I am Sanjana now and it is my job that is pending. Why are you getting upset?" I tried to console her.


"I Know..but I cannot carry out my new role with Arun. At least not yet." I was amused to see that Arun had such an influence on her.


Considering the fact she was disturbed by Arun's call, when I offered to finish her work and she did not resist. She left our cabin and did not return for about half an hour.


In the mean while I finished and printed out the letters. Sanju had told me she was expected to sign the letters on behalf of Arun.


I had the nagging doubt whether Sanju could sign as me. While the printing was on I tried to sign as Sanju on a piece of paper. I found I could manage it. That made me confident that she will also be able to manage. With that our conversion into each other was legally tenable.


I went out of our cabin and yelled out to her. "Hey Baskar! Come over and sign the letters. While you do that I will go around the corner"


As we stepped out of the office by 4 pm we were both fairly comfortable in our identities. Still I did feel a bit odd that the security guard was slyly looking at my legs as he collected the keys from neuBhaskar. While the guard was circumspect in staring at me; the people on the road were openly staring at my pert breasts, my round back and my smooth exposed legs. I had to remind myself that in public I was just a nice piece of ass, whom, if given a chance, every guy would want to fuck me. It mattered very little that my IQ was much higher than most of those johnnies or that I was a male just like them till yesterday. It was at that moment that I decided that I had to be something much more than a secretary and move in circles where the common folks could only see me from a distance and those dealing with me would be fully aware of the brain inside my sexy body.


Before I embarked on that journey to conquer the world, I had to settle a few more issues with Sanjana. I learnt more about her mother and brother, just as I told her about my parents. We even called up her mother and my parents so that we would overcome the intial nervousness. We had also tallied our bank account on the internet and shared our codes. My account was slightly larger and she had agreed to square it up in the next six months from abroad. I also made her call up my landlord and say that a lady called Sanjana would be their next tenent. As they themselves had a grown up son and a daughter, they readily agreed. Earlier I had decided to keep the room to be passed on to my brother who was coming over on a transfer. I would have to e-mail him a story about the non-availability. The landlord was given the message that Sanjana and I would be visiting the room a little later so that she could look it over while I packed up. While I was comfortable with her role in the office, I did not want to be trapped in her hostel with little knowledge of the intimacies she shared with the other inmates. Anyway Sanju had told me that her only friend in the hostel was Glory. Rest were just on hi-terms. I was planning to go to the hostel a little later in the day, pretend that my mom was sick and leave quickly with a suitcase full of essentials and move into the room the same night. I planned to go again a month later in the afternoon to avoid the inmates and collect the rest of my things and vacate quietly.


On the way to my room I suggested that we do some shopping. Sanju smiled thinking my female hormones had started kicking in. Actually I did not want to meet my landlord for the first time in a revealing dress. I bought and changed into an attractive jeans shirt combination and we reached my place. In the room I explained the travel proccedures to Sanju and handed over my tickets, passport and credit cards. Then I put her in a cab and sent her on her way.


While I was travelling back to the room from the hostel, I received a call on her mobile which was now mine that Sanju was about to board the plane; I smiled to myself. I had completely become a woman, yet the retained the comfort and familiarity of my surroundings and my bed. To boot, I had managed to pack off my former body to a distant land. Not a bad job for one day !!