The matched pair- Part 1


I felt excited as I neared my sister's hostel. She lived in a working woman's hostel. She was working as a salesgirl in the garments section of a mall. In addition, she was studying to become a commercial artist. She attended classes in the forenoon and worked at the supermarket in the afternoon. Though elder to me by three years, she was never patronising towards me. Another reason for my excitement was that the visit allowed me to get away from a series of boring lectures at my junior college.

Though I studied in the same city where she lived, I had to be away from her because no male; not even a brother, was allowed to stay overnight at her hostel. On certain weekends she had dressed me up in her clothes and passed me off as her sister. Not only did the kind old watchman of her hostel have poor eyesight, he was also hard of hearing. All her close friends in the hostel knew about this decption but no one squealed to the warden. Anyway the warden was usually away on weekends.

After the first occasion, I too felt quite at home as a girl and in fact carried on so convincingly that some of the guys visiting the girls started eyeing me! Their interest encouraged me to behave like a girl and I enjoyed their attempts to grab my attention. As a puny boy no one noticed me but as a young girl, guys were in competition to spend time with me. My sister had to pull me away at times. She would chide me and tell me to ease off while her friends and me would giggle about the lovelorn expressions of the young men who had talked to me. Another reason for my excitement during this visit was that I would remain a girl for four days and my sister would not be around to worry about me. My sister would be out on a picnic with her college crowd for those four days.


I felt exhausted as I neared my home. I was returning from a four-day business tour and looked forward to the three day weekend which my company allowed me as necessary rest. It is hard work when you have to travel in upcountry areas checking out farm machinery and certifying their worthiness. My company was keen that only a qualified engineer like me, rather than a certified mechanic, should do this job. I visited farmhouses located in a radius of about 100 miles around our city. My job combined service and corporate relationship building. Of course when I detected a serious problem, which could not be handled with the gadgets and tools which I carried in my jeep, I would call in the nearest service centre, which would set right the problem and send me a report within a week.

Just last week the comany had named me a "key employee" as they had realised that a lot of business came in because of my customer contacts. My customer relationship was not only because of my professional competence, but also because I always made them feel I was a friend who could be relied upon to solve their problems. I considered no problem to be too small for my attention and I never told them that many of their problems could have been solved by reading the Instructions Manual properly. They liked me for my work and loved me for my behaviour. My 5'10" inches height combined with my short hair and a lean body clothed in loose fitting overalls which I wore most of the time and the fact that I worked with machines made most people think I was a man. I, too, encouraged such an impression and did many things which added to my masculine image. People knew me by my pet name Bobby and I made sure my card carried only my initials and my surname. Even my driving licence and the photograph on it were smudged somewhat! The freedom and the power which my assumed identity as a man gave me, made me believe that God had intended me to be a man. A few of my colleagues did know my true identity but they always treated me as one of the boys.


As I got off the bus at the central bus station I looked like any youngster in my Nike shoes, blue jeans and a very loose fitting white t-shirt which hung around my shoulders and came upto my kneecaps. I had already taped my chest to produce a cleavage but it was hardly visible. My shoes also had cleverly concealed elevators to add about three inches to my height.

My luggage was a knapsack and a plastic carry bag. I carried one piece of luggage in each hand and walked towards a flyover near the bus station. I went under the somewhat low slung part of the flyover apparently trying to go to the other side. As I went to the middle of it, I was in the darkest part with two concrete pillars providing me with privacy. I looked on both sides and seeing no one pulled out a long haired wig from the plastic bag and wore it quickly. Then I dropped the plastic bag and continued my journey to the other side. As I came out, I put my arms through the shoulder straps of the knapsack. The knapsack caused my shirt-front to be pulled tighter around my small "breasts". I felt confident that now anyone looking at me from a distance would think of me as a girl.

I crossed the road quickly and went into a pay toilet nearby, placed a coin in the hand of the ten year old boy sitting there and dashed into the Ladies. When I came out ten minutes later, the boy had no interest in the fact that my breasts had grown, that I was now wearing a bra, that my buttocks were a bit larger, that I was wearing lipstick, that I had earstuds, that my hair was tied in a nice pony-tail and that I was carrying the knapsack in my hand. Well it will take him some more years to notice girls and have wet dreams!

As I came on to the road, now fully confident of my looks, a cycle richshaw screeched to halt near me. "Bibiji, where do you want to go." That boosted my confidence. I smiled at the guy, fully aware that I was turning him on. I told him where I wanted to go and he agreed to go for a low fare generally reserved for good looking girls!

"Hi Lakshmi" I heard someone call out as I was paying the rickshaw wallah. I turned and found Sarla, one of my sister's friends. I smiled back and said "Hi" as she hugged me very naturally. As the rick pulled away, Sarla held me at a arm's length and said, "You are looking beautiful and you know what? Shashank is coming tonight. I got a feeling that he was not planning to come until he heard you were coming." As she said that, both of us giggled thinking of her cousin Shshank.

Just as the two of us entered the hostel gates, I saw my sister Kamakshi walking towards us. "Now what are you two upto?" She said in mock anger as she hugged me. "Nice to see you Lakshmi. Today is Thursday. Our warden is still here. But I think we will not have any problem. Hey! Did someone tell you that you are looking almost as pretty as me?"

"Look Lakshmi, Stand still and listen. Please don't giggle; I am very serious. Some girls who are not my friends are very annoyed with you for chatting up their boyfriends. That is because they think you are really a girl and are planning to steal their boyfriends from them. So I am warning you to keep off all those guys who already have girlfriends."

"And mind you, this time I want to dress you up real nice so that you can pass off not only in the hostel but also at my workplace. My supervisor was not willing to let me go today as there will be festival shoppers. Then I told him that I will get my sister to take my place. You could use my id and that way my boss does not have to explain things to the management. So, will you please behave yourself. Only today you have to take my place. Next three days are off for me and I will back by Monday night." I nodded my head as my sister smiled and affectionately kissed me on my forehead.

But deep down I was scared. I really was not prepared for taking her place at the mall. Kamu sensed my discomfort and assured me that everything would be Ok. She asked me strip down to my panties and bra and wear a silk robe. I sat down at her dressing table and she proceeded to make up my face. A light foundation and blush went up first. Thin black lines and a generous coating of mascara highlighted my eyes. It took a little time to shape my eyebrows. My lips were made larger by a dark pink lipliner and then filled in with a lip brush in shimmery light pink. On top of the lipstick went the gloss that gave me a very sexy look. Kamu now released my hair from the pony tail and combed it so well that it simply bounced. I also noticed that there were no differences in our hairstyles.

Among the clothes that Kamu had laid out for me was a strange object. It seemed like a wide skin coloured belt with plastic bones built into it. Kamu told me it was a body shaper with cups to hold my breasts, padding for my buttocks and hanging the belts to hold up my stockings. After I had taken off my robe, panties and bra, Kamu fixed it around the middle of my body. My already small waist became even smaller. My waist looked almost wasp-like because my butts had become larger. I could hardly breathe. Kamu appreciated my smooth and shapely legs as she pulled up black lacy stokings on each of my legs and fixed the belts. I had to wear the stockings as it was a part of her uniform at the mall. This whole proceedure was making me very feminine. I now wore a pair of pink lace panties with a satin insert in the crotch. Kamu filled out the bra cups of my shaper with silicone gel filled inserts. They felt so real on me and jiggled as I moved. I now had 34B breasts. The front of the inserts had hard rubber nipples that pressed into the light satin cup of the body-shaper forming highly noticeable nipples on my breasts. Now I stood in front of my sister as she stood back and examined her handiwork with pride. Being of small build, I looked very much like the pretty young lady I was becoming.

Kamu then took out a silky satin slip from the wardrobe and slid it over my head. As it went down over me, it hugged every feminine curve of my pert young body. The slip was quite short coming a good 9" above my knees, barely covering my panties. A beautiful floral-print dress was the mall uniform. It had a deep neckline that exposed my cleavage and hugged rest of my body somewhat tightly. Kamu zipped it up at the back. Rows of pretty ruffles adorned the short skirt with a hemline that ended just 6" above my knee. The lack of sleeves for the dress left my creamy arms exposed except for the pretty slim watch worn at my wrist. Kamu then brought out a pair of black leather shoes with 3" heels. Pretty brass buckles adorned the top of each shoe.

I stepped into the shoes and had a little problem at first but was soon taking short girly steps. I walked over to the full length mirror and became dizzy at the sight of myself. I could not believe it. I was gorgeous! My pretty feet were adorned with sexy shoes. My legs were wrapped in fine stockings, exposing my shapely legs upto my thighs. The beautiful short dress which i wore did full justice to my feminine curves. The dress was the best I had ever worn. I turned around to see the back of the dress and spotted the large floral bow that had been tied at my waist. To finish the look Kamu placed a beautiful 16" long pearl necklace around my neck. It was complemented by drop pearl earrings that Kamu clipped on to my ears. Kamu whispered to me, "We must get your ears pierced someday. Then you will be able to wear so many more earrings."

"Honey, we must hurry. We have only an hour to have a some lunch and reach the mall." Saying so Kamu handed me a large handbag. I looked into it to find a salwar kamez among other womanly necessities. Kamu explained that it was her habit to change into a salwar kameez while returning from work. That reduced the chances of eve-teasing at night by road side romeos. Now that I was a beautiful girl and a virgin, I had to learn to protect myself in public places, especially at night.

Now that I was wearing her work clothes, Kamu changed into the clothes that I had discarded. As we walked out of the gate the watchman could not makeout that we had switched into each other's identity.

We caught a taxi to the malll. The driver was constantly looking back at to check out the two beautiful women in his back seat. Twice Kamu had to remind him to keep his eyes on the road. I had a hard time adjusting my skirt as I sat. The hemline rose to the top of my stockings. I kept my legs crossed, and my feminized hands were on top of my lap. I was hoping I looked modest this way. Overall I looked even more sexy than Kamu had thought possible.

Finally we reached the mall, but Kamu told the taxi to go a little further to a Udipi resturant. As we walked into the resturant I was conscious of my new status as a sexy looking girl. We walked down the tables catching admiring as well as lechorous glances from the men we passed. At first it felt funny to looked upon as an an object of men's desires. I felt very shy and concious, but soon I started liking the attention. As we walked back from the resturant to the mall I sort of responded to the admiring men by wiggling my cute and shapely bottom just a little and pushed out my firm breasts to make the nipples more jutting out against my dress. kamu noticed what i was doing and scolded me just a little. But I thought to myself, what is the harm in letting my body pass on a little happiness to the boys...probably this was how I was always meant to be.


After parking my jeep in the garage, I rang the bell at my landlord's place. As my landlord opened the door for me and went in to fetch the keys of my upstairs apatrtment, his daughter Aparna came charging into the room. "Hi, Bobby! Did you get the seeds for me..." The flower seeds that she wanted, were just an excuse. Anyone could see that Aparna had the hots for me. The only way I could keep her away was to keep reminding her that she was a 14 year old kid. "Sorry beta, I forgot. Anyway, where will you get time to attend to plants. You are so busy with school work. So instead I bought you some chocolates." I replied and handed over a box to her. She just pouted and left the room as my landlord came in with the keys.

It was nice to back home and the hot shower did wonders for me. As I dried myself and stepped out of the bathroom, all my tiredness had vanished. I stepped in front of the mirror to examine myself. Fortunately for me, I did not have large breasts. The tight vest which I normally wore pressed down whatever was there. My hips too were also not too broad but I did wish they were narrower.

While I admired my fit and muscular body in the mirror, I realised that I was hungry. In my desire to get back home before sundown I had skipped lunch. As there was nothing to eat at home, I slipped on a fresh white vest and briefs and wore a beige coloured silk kurta pajama and steeped out of the house.

As I pulled out the jeep from the garage and backed onto the road, I noticed Aparna watering the plants, a thing I had never seen her do! I smiled at her and waved out as I accelerated to join the traffic.

I reached the mall in five minutes. I felt it was a little early for the full dinner, so I had a little something at the McDonalds. Then I decided to go to a shop called Magic Lamp at the mall to pick up some formal office wear. The following week we had organised a customers meet and I could not attend in my usual overalls.

As soon as I entered the men's section of the shop, I saw her. She was attractive in a peculiar way. Her shoulder length hair was did not look real, but it was beautiful. Her somewhat longish face was made up nicely. There was a bit of rouge above her cheek bones. Her lipstick was specially attractive and she had long eye lashes. She was dressed in the floral uniform of the store. The uniform emphasised her curves very nicely. Her shapely legs were covered in black stockings. I guessed her stats to be 34-24-36! The engineer in me estimated her height to be about five and a half. She managed to look taller because of her high heels. Being slightly built she looked a somewhat school-girlish.

"Sir, what can I do for you?" She cooed and moved towards me with a sweet smile on her face. I smiled a little mischievously and paused while answering, "I want to pick up... some formals."

She lead to me an expensive section of men's formals on the upper floor and soon enough managed to sell me quite a few things. While carrying my purchases and walking with me to the cash counter, she asked me, "Is there anything else I could do for you". I felt there was more to her words than simple courtesy. The area where we were walking had no one within earshot. I let my eyes smile and said, "Well... you could have dinner with me..." She looked stern for a moment but slowly a smile lighted up her face. She just said," Really..." I did not know what that meant but did not press the point.

While I paid the hefty bill, she had got my purchases packed and she handed them over to me. I thought she winked at me and said, "Sir, your bills are in the bag. Please show them to the security as you go out.

While I pulled out the bills for the security guard, I found her note to me.

'Dear Handsome, If you find this note today, I will regard it as a sign from gods that I should meet you. It has to be today as I am just substituting for my sister just for today. If you are still keen to buy me dinner meet me in front of the store at 8 pm- Hungry Laxmi.'

I was debating whether I should take up her offer. But then I did reach the spot a little before eight. She came out a few minutes later. She had changed into a salwar kameez and was looking fresh despite having put in a many hours at work. As we came on to the door, the flower vendor who was selling jasmine on the sidewalk, smelt business and accosted me, "Sir, why dont you buy some nice flowers for pappa(little girl)." So I did as I was advised! But Laxmi would not let me pay the guy till she was sure that he had measured the two arm lengths right.

We had dinner at a place called Amma. I promised to drop her at her hostel. Since the night air was cool, we decided to stroll on the waterfront.

We had dinner at a place called Amma. I promised to drop her at her hostel. Since the night air was cool, we decided to stroll on the waterfront before we went home. We got into my jeep and in a few minutes reached the waterfront. I parked the jeep at the pay and park and we started walking. Soon enough we were holding hands. By the time we reached the five star riverfront hotel, my hand was around her narrow waist. By the time we reached the aquarium I had kissed her. For me to kiss her she had to stand on her toes and I had to lean forward. Though her hard nipples brushed my chest the kiss itself was rather brief. She perhaps felt that she had to be cautious! Soon enough, she said it was getting late and we should start walking back. Just as we turned to go back, a strong breeze blew up her kameez. As she strugged to pull down the Kameez, I happened to look at her salwar at the junction of her legs. The hug and the kiss had caused a bulge at that junction. That proved to me that she was a perfect match for me and I had to have her.

Her hostel was beyond my house. I pleaded with her to visit my place just for a while. She looked at me, lowered her eyes and said, "Listen... I like you very much. I am worried I may disappoint you..." I assured her that her fears were baseless. Half-heartedly she accompanied me up the flight of stairs to my apartment. I thought I saw Aparna peeping from behind her window curtains as we went up.

As soon we were in, I pulled her to me and kissed her a little violently. I caressed her back and pinched her bottom. Then I undid the string of her salwar and let it fall to the ground. Her smooth shapely legs were a treat for the eyes. She looked at me with fear in her eyes. I smiled and said, "Please darling, relax! I know you were not born a girl but then..." Without saying anything further I took her right hand and placed it on the junction of my legs. She seemed surprised and probed a little. Then she knew as much as I did that we were made for each other. She hugged me tight and started sobbing on my chest. I consoled her and carried her to my bed. Soon enough we were undressed and I was on top of her and riding her. Laxmi was shouting to me, "Please Bobby, do it fast..I love you..I love you..I love you..I am your girl and you are my man."