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    Radhika (Sunday, 11 June 2017 13:25)

    I am village boy, very fair and thin guy and having long hair daily morning I put rongoli in front of our house and I love to do house hold course and I will know cooking I always help my mother in cooking and house hold course and I am interested in fashion design so I know girls hairstyles and makeup nail art.There are so many girls are always ask me to do their make up.I got sit in fashion design in city but I am very fear to go to big city alone because my parents are not brought me stronger I always come to home before dark and doing my art work in home and help mom in house hold course. So I can't able to be independent and I need some one to protect me and take care of me.My mother and father worried because I need to go city my mother ask help from my bother and sister in-law. My sister in-law told and that her younger sister is living in city so that I can join her in her home she is so strong and independent girl leaving alone in city and going for job to earn her expensive. I got shy being a boy I am afraid to be alone and ask girl to take care of me.My mother told me to join sister in-law's Sister.

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    Radhika (Sunday, 11 June 2017 13:26)

    I packed so many clothes and wear one tight jeans and T-shirt and went to city to join my favourite course fashion design. I get down from train and waiting there I saw one​ tall and strong girl wearing pants and shirt give me hand I introduce to her and she replied the same I am searching for helper man to hold my bags but she told only you have two bags so that why you required helper I told her it's to wieght and I am not able to hold that much then she told don't worry I will left it it's not too​ heavy for me and she easly carry my bags I got surprise how this girl is so strong and I am so pretty in front of her muscularity.she drive her car to hotel for food I told her I know cooking so that daily I will prepare food for you and myself she got surprise because I know cooking so she went to her home I am worried seeing the condition of her house it is so missery and need to clean lots of things so ask her permission and started to clean her house and she went to her office i clean vessels and wash her all clothes she have less number of clothes and all are pants and shirt I ironed all her clothes and put it in her wardrobe I cooked food for her and myself have only some vegetables salads and fruit juice when she comes from office she was shook to see her room become so clean and all her clothes are wash and she come to hall after fresh up and she is wearing shrit and lungi and I am in shorts and t-shirts and put my hair bun I servied her dinner and I eat my vegetables salads and she started to drink whisky and I am drinking my fruit juice she ask me you are so Feminine and you can become submission housewife I got shy when I hear that she went to her room I clean her plate and I went to my room.

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    Radhika (Sunday, 11 June 2017 13:27)

    Next day I got up and started to clean house front door and put rongoli and do Pooja and take bed coffee to her she is having deep sleep I put tea near her table and get her up she slapped me unknowingly and due to her strongness I can't able to stand for that slap and fall down she got up and told sorry and try to make me up and put some water I getup and I got so much pain and started to cry in front of her she told me sorry I am in deep sleep so I don't got it I try to stop crying​ and told her to drink tea and take bath I went to kitchen crying warping my eyes she comes down and surprise to see the Pooja room and rongoli in front of house. I complete the breakfast and went to room for get ready for first day of fashion design she eat the breakfast and I take juice she told that I am looking so bueatiful I lowed my eyes due to shyness my chicks become red she said soory to put hard slap to this soft and sensitive chicks I told her it's ok we both leave house she told she will drop me to college and coming back I need to come in bus because she may come late I agree and she started her bullet bike and I sat single side like ladies behind her she ask me to sit both sides but I told her I am comfortable in sitting single side she drives fastly I got fear and hold her shoulder to get grip I get down in college and she went to her office at college I enjoyed learning art things​ and I am only boy in fashion design class and rest all are girls and I make them my friends I come back home and started to clean house and make some snacks to her to relax her after she comes from office I get some chocolate because I love chocolate and eating that and I make some neighbours ladies and girls as friends and I love to chat with them about fashion and house things I told them new fashion blouse designs and sarees makeup nail art they become closer to me then I hear bullet bike sounds and saw her she got surprise to see me with her neighbours she is staying there long time and no one is close to her but for me all are getting close I excused all ladies and went inside home and she come back wearing lungi and shrit and I servied her snack and she loves my cooking skills I put loose her she is happy to see my long her so I also started to attract her with my cooking skills and long hair daily I make different hair styles and different good cooking to impress her

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    Radhika (Sunday, 11 June 2017 13:28)

    one day she ask me If I give permission she brought me a gift and can you accept it I told her I am happy to get gifts from you she opened one packate and it have flower garland and she told can you put this flower in your hair I love to watch your hair I got shy then she push me towards her and turned me and put flowers in my long hair then she put bangles in my hand and bindi I am blushing pink she hand over me a package contains chudidhar and earrings jewelers Makeup and told me to try for her she is happy to see me in that dress I got trears in eyes and went inside room​ and get ready in chudidhar and earrings jewelers Makeup I come out in low my eyes and shy blushing pink she comes near to me and started to kiss me and lift me to outside of house and started her bullet bike and ask me to sit I got so shy because I am dressing like girl and sitting backside of bike where girl wearing pants and shirt riding bike she takes me to temple and we both pary god poojari give me flowers and told me get good husband and he blessed her to get good wife we both are happy she told she wants to marry me as I became her wife she will be my husband I happily agreed for her then she told this to my sister in-law and with help of her my family and her family agree for marriage.In marriage I am wearing bueatiful silk saree and blouse and my hand is full of bangles and I have bindi earrings jewelers and full bridal makeup and hairstyle my all nails are painted and my mother put me necklaces and bangles coming from her mother and grandmother . And she is wearing withe shrit and dothi and I am in marron withe coloured saree I got so shy to sit beside her so bunt my head and sitting in shyness she tired mangalsutra around my neck and put Sindoor and I bunt down teach her feet and ask for blessings she bless me in her confident voice and I cry due to happiness and this is my happiest day in my life she carries me until we reach car and I want to her home my mother in-law put aratti and told me to put right leg to her house I went inside and put light in front of God I again take blessings from my parents my in-laws and from my lady husband she is happy and proud for her self for blessings me in front of all I am blushing and got shy and went inside at first night I go inside room by wearing new silk saree and blouse and wearing all jewelry and bangles and carry a milk for her I give her milk and sit on floor and teaching her feet and ask me to bless she up my chin with her leg and blessings me to have more proud daughters like her I got shy then she hold me in her strong harms and push me in to bed and started to kiss me I am only response to her then she remove my saree and blouse and started to enjoy me holding my long hair I told her she is the owner of me. Morning I woke up and get ready in Saree and put rongoli and went to her with bed coffee I remember her slap and woke her up clamly as she get up and push me towards her and started to kiss me I tried to get out but I am not strong in front of her and she again enjoy me and went to bath I am still lieing on bed in half naked and in Moody after again I took bath and get ready in other saree and do Pooja of God after that I went to her with Pooja plate she is getting ready to office and she is in pants and shirt I went near her and told her you are my husband god so I need to do you feet Pooja then she sit on chair and I sit on floor and wash her feet with water and put flowers on her feet then make her aratti and put Tilak to her then she put Sindoor to me I took flowers for her feet and put it in my long hair I ask her blessings by teaching her feet with my bangles full hand and she bless with proud and I rest my head in her legs and she holds my long hair and show love to me I am thinking I am happiest man.....

    The End....

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    maya (Monday, 12 June 2017 02:33)

    I wanna to write a story.can anybody suggests plots for me..

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    deepika (Monday, 12 June 2017 02:49)

    i am a muscular man with big biceps and hard chest. i go to gym everyday. i have a good dick but i am not good at sex. my wife is not happy about this. i think i am not good because i also wonder what it would be like to be a woman. sometimes i imagine that i am a small soft woman and think what life would be like.

    the girl who sits next to me is pretty and when i see her it makes me imagine me as her. her name is priya. she is married but young. this makes me imagine how she would be getting fucked and how i would too if i were a married woman. she is slim and maintained herself well. always wore nice makeup and sexy clothes. she wore dangler earrings which make me look at the shine and then i have to look at her juicy lips. then boobs which were big for girl so thin. from back her waist was hot and small. the hips were not very big but had nice round shape which was better when she wore heels sandals. she play with her styled hair often and threw it around showing her neck and narrow shoulders. her left hand nails were long and always painted. i think right hand nails were not because she had to take care of the house too.

    i always admired her secretly. but she knew i am always looking at her curves. she started looking at me when i was looking at her and giving strange smiles. i am thinking she thinks that i would like to fuck her. but i never knew that she also thinks that i am a sissy who would like to be her.

    one day she was sitting on a table and talking. her legs were crossd very girlily. it showed off her good shaped thighs and round ass. my eyes were traveling full on her curves and then it settled at the junction of her legs. i imagined fucking her on the table, her legs wrapped around me and my big dick inside her. i imagined her moaning and shaking. but then i also imagined how it will be if i were her, how my ass would also be pressed and will become wide if i sit on hard table, what sounds i will be making if i will be fucked by a man. i was in dreams and she was looking at me with mischief. she gave strange smile.

    after some time she secretly asked me to come with her, deepak come with me. we went to basement and she took me into her car. she said, i know about your fantasy and can help. i thought she is talking about me wanting to fuck her. i being a good looking macho man girls are attracted to me. so i said also started playing with her. i smiled naughtily and asked how. she started kissing me. i started pressing her boobs. we did this for 5 minutes. then suddenly she chanted a mantra. i knew something changed but do not understand what. she asked if i like blowjobs. i laughed and say i love them and that all girls should lick and worship big dicks. i said that that is what dicks are made for. she said i agree and started laughing madly.

    she brought her hand to my pants and started rubbing. i was shocked because it seems like there is nothing there. she was still laughing. it was very sensitive and her rubbing was sending shock in my body. i opened by pants fast and with fear. the bump in my underwear was not there. after kissing and pressing for this much time there should be a bump and a wet circle on top. but now i saw that there was a wet circles on the bottom of my underwear. i was shocked and i pulled down my underwear. there was only a soft wet pussy there. i had lost my big proud dick. she was laughing so hard now. she took my hand and brought to her salwar. it noticed it was bulging so much now. i touched it and it was same size as mine. she pulled her kameez up i knew from seeing that she had stolen my dick. she opened her salwar and i saw my dick coming out of her panties. it was rock hard and had a drop on the tip. she touched the drop with her sexy finger and brought it to my mouth which was open in shock. it tasted salty.

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    deepika (Monday, 12 June 2017 02:50)

    she said, you said dick is made for licking and worshipping, so now start doing it, and luahged. i said men dont suck dicks. she rubbed my pussy with her palm expertly and put a finger inside me. she asked, do men have pussies. i say no. do men moan like that when finger is put in them. i realized that i had moaned and i blushed saying no. she laughed dominatingly and said then dont worry about what men do because you are not man you are a girl. she put one more finger in me and starting finger fucking me. i was helpless. all my strength was useless. i was getting different feeling in my body. with my dick and balls gone it was like i was not a man and i could not use my manly strength. she was expert of her pussy so she expertly used fingers to take me closer to heaven. my hands and legs were not in my control. she was treating me like a slutty girl. she even massaged by chest as if they were my boobs. even if they were muscular i this time i felt like they really were soft and round and sensitive boobs. finally a orgasm came and i moaned out loud. she laughed at my helplessness and said good girl. now we have to go back to work so more fun will happen tomorrow. but today you should give me a hand job.

    i was going to say no, she slapped me and said shut up girl do what i say otherwise you will never get your dick back. i started crying and holding my dick which was her dick now. my tears fell on the dick. she liked that. it also made it easy to stroke. i continued crying like a weak woman and also stroking till it was over. the cum shoot out on my face. i was not expecting. i was shocked and made noise like i am a girl who saw a cockroach. she said that i am so girly. she took some cum in hand and put it in my mouth. after humiliating me for what she and i done she gave me tissues and tell to clean me and her up because i am the girl now. i cleaned my face and my thighs which were wet with my girly juice. we were wearing our clothes. it became clear that we would have to exchange underwear. it was ok for me but my old dick will not fit in her delicate panty. she also said that my pussy will hurt with the rough cloth of male undrewear, the soft panty is good for my soft pussy. she laughed when i wore her panty. it was white with pink dots on it and a ribbon just above my pussy. she said i looked so cute and she pinch my ass like she was a gunda and i was a victim girl. i could not do anything i blushed. we wore clothes and returned. but my humiliation was just beginning.

    she squeezed my ass on the way to the lift. i was ashamed. i looked back. there was a bump in her salwar but no one will know because it was covered with her long kameez. it was sure she will not cross her legs girlily today. maybe i will have to but. i looked down. i saw that where bump should be it is only air there. if someone look careful they will see that i am having a tiny dick.

    we entered lift. i was happy there was no one there. i was hoping it goes straight to our floor without any stop. she put her hand between my legs from behind and pressed my pussy. it hurt but she cruelly laughed. then she pull my pants back so it was sticking to my pussy. i put my legs tight together. my knees and feet were touching. i pressed my thighs together too so that she cannot put hand from behind. the door of lift opened. another pretty girl who i was looking at always and she is also interested in me walked in. she smiled at me. i gave a half smile with worry. she was wearing a short skirt and high heels. i felt horny and was thinking how good it will be to fuck her. but i remember i cannot fuck anyone now, i can only be fucked. because shw is interested in me she was looking at me up and down. then her eyes become wide and she cover her mouth and control her laughing.

    i suddenly realized how i am looking with my legs tightly together. the front of my pants was tight against my pussy and it looks just like a girl pants and i was standing like girls. she must be thinking i had maybe a half inch dick otherwise how is my pants front so flat. she was laughing thinking what a sissy i am and was thinkging how she did not notice it before. my chances with her were over and i was ashamed. priya also seen what happened and was smiling. i tried to stand more like man with legs apart but then priya put hand behind and pull my pants again. i made a girly sound and brought legs tight together again. my ass was also pulled back and it looked like it was big and round and i was pushing it back to show off like a girl. the lift opened and the girl in skirt cannot control more. she run out laughing.

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    deepika (Monday, 12 June 2017 02:51)

    priya said in my ear, you would look so good in that skirt and heels. i was in shame and horny. she said, it will be so hot to have a threesome with us two and her. i smiled because it is a fantasy of all men to have threesome with two hot girls and i was thinkgin priya and that girl will look so good naked. priya looked at me and said, yes i know it is fantasy for all men, i am also a man now and you and her will be hot girls in my bed. i understand that she is thinking of me as girl in threesome. she said, you two can suck my dick together, then i will fuck you both. she can lick your pussy while i fuck her and you can also lick her pussy when i fuck you because you can do only that to make her happy. i was shocked and shamed but my panty was wet.

    a woman in saree and a macho man entered lift. i wanted to stand like man but know that priya will not allow. she is now boss. she will pull my jeans and make me sound like girl and the others will look at me more. so i stand obedient with legs together and looked down in shame. the man was confident and flirting with the woman in saree. she was also becoming shy. i look at her stomach. it was soft and sexy. after some time the man saw me looking and stood in between so i cannot see her. he stared at me. i was still standing like a girl with feet together and flat pants front. i looked away and down like submissive woman even though i was more muscular then him. the lift opened and they left. the man was still staring at me. we were alone again.

    hff he thinks he is more man than me, i said. priya looked at me. she pinched my ass and twist my nipple till i cry in pain. she asked, are you more man than him. i say, no. she said i am a good girl and kissed my cheek. she said i would look good in that saree also. then maybe the man would be flirting with me and trying to fuck me. i was red in shame. she laughed so much looking at my shame and flat pants. we reached our floor and went to desks.

    in the night my wife wanted to have sex. she was wearing sexy clothes. but how can i do and how can i tell i have a pussy jsut like her. she was angry when i said i am tired. next day in office priya had come wearing a long skirt, 3 inch heels, payals, big earring, short top. she told me she will be wearing skirt for some time now to hide her huge manly dick. i blushed in shame and looked at my jeans and shirt. i called her outside to talk. i said to her, please why you do this to me, give my dick back, i want to be man again. she laughed and said, i always want to be a man, i know some powerful mantras from my grandmother so i used it on you. i shouted at her, but why me, why cannot you use it on someone else. she said it works only on willing men. it has to be used on someone who likes to be a man and a woman. i am girl but want to be a man also, you are a man but want to be a woman also, so it worked.

    i was shocked now. i said i dont want to be a girl, look at my muscles, i am a happy man. she laughed again and told me if you did not want to then the mantra will not work. when i saw you looking at me yesterday i could see in your eyes that you wanted to become like me. the other men only want to make me naked to fuck me. but you wanted to have boobs and pussy and be soft and smooth and wear nice sexy clothes and makeup and jewelry. i cannot lie more so i accepted and looked down in shame. she laughed and lift my chin like i was a shy bride and asked do you want more than just a pussy, then if you become more girly then you will enjoy more than yesterday. that was just trailer. i said yes so quickly that she laughed at my girly thoughts. ok, she said and took me to the car again.

    she said the mantra works when we are kissing and you think you want to be me. we started kissing. i was smelling her perfume and pressing her boobs. my other hand went in her skirt to play with her pussy but i got my dick and big balls there. i imagine myself that i am really a woman and playing with my boyfriend balls. i close my eyes. when i opened i had completely become priya and she had become deepak.

    she was happy and laughing. she admired her muscles and strength. she looked at me. i was afraid looking at such a muscular man before me even if that was me before. i looked down and saw the top of my boobs in my top. i looked down to see my skirt. i was in my fantasy but i could not be so happy like her. she will sure be happy because she is now so strong and the world will take her seriously. but i had lost so much. i had no dick. i cannot pee standing up. i am weak and soft. men will look at me and want to fuck me. if some bad man tries to i will not be able to stop. so now i cannot walk around safely. i will always be afraid. i will not be able to drink and smoke and go out in night like i use to as man. people will not take me seriously also calling me a stupid girl.

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    deepika (Monday, 12 June 2017 02:53)

    she put her big strong hairy hand at side of my hand. my hand was so thin and smooth. her biceps were two times my. she pressed my biceps. they were so soft i feel so helpless. she started pressing more and she dont know her new strength. it was paining for me and i said that and cried. my voice shock me. i sound like she did. it was such sweet and girly sound. she laughed and told me to not cry because my kajal will spred on my cheeks. her voice was so manly compared to me, i feel submissive and obedient then. i never think of my makeup. i look at the mirror and see my beautiful face. she laughingly told me that luckily kajal is ok but kissing has made lipstick go so fix my lipstick.

    i took her bag which was now my bag. it had lipstick in it. i start applying. she said it was hot seeing sexy girl like me putting lipstick. she put her strong hands on my boobs and pressed. i also enjoy it. she took the heavy dick and balls out of her pants and told me to suck it. i was still not ready to do it. priya got angry and hold my face and shouted at me, deepika you slut, you want to be a girl but will not do what girls do. i cannot speak and it is paining in my cheek. i took her dick and stroke it. she understands it i am agreed so lets me go and smiles like naughty man.

    i go down into her lap. the dick now looks so big when i hold it in my small soft hands. first i stroke the monster with my hands. i was now wearing so many bangles they are making sweet sound. i am afraid of my old dick but i kiss it. my long hair come on my face. it is in style cut. so some hair block my eyes and other comes on the neck. with one hand i put some hair behind my ear. she was happy seeing this girly thing. she said she liked seeing the long earring slapping my soft cheek. she said she wore the long earing because she knew that i will agree to swap and then she can watch it make me sexy. i was shy and came to know that it is why she was wearing such feminine makeup today. i just checked if my bindi is still there. she laughed at my worry about bindi. i shyly continued sucking. but the hair was coming again. i got up and pulled all my hair and tied it behind. this made her very very happy she started whistling and calling me a born girl. she put hands inside my top and removed my bra. i was also impressed by how she did it like macho man. i also looked down and shyly tell her you are also such a man. she become mad with horny then.

    she remove my top. my boobs are beautiful and big. she pulled me towards her. i am surprised by her strength. i am also ashamed that i gave up that strength. i was shamed that if i was a real man then the mantra would not have worked and i would be the one doing this to her. but i was not a real man so now she can do anything to me and i cannot stop her. i continued sucking her dick. it was so hard now. i can feel that she wants to now fuck me. she was becoming mad. she was sucking biting and pinching my boobs and nipples. it was sending sexy shocks in my body. she took her dick out of my mouth. she started putting my body in the way she wants so that she can fuck me. i feel so weak. i am like a barbie doll she is playing with. i am completely submissive and she is the manly boss.

    she roughly pulled my skirt. i was now only wearing my panty heels makeup and jewelry. i looked down to see. i saw that my panty is very sexy. it is transparent red with lace. i was shocked to see it is only a soft small triangel with only thread holding it. my ass was naked. only the panty thread was in the gap of ass. i felt very shame and helpless. now with no skirt i see that i was wearing 4 inch heel. i want to remove them so i bend down. my boobs are hangins and touching my thighs. but she shouts at me to not remove heels. she says, heels make girl look sexy in bed that is why in all porn they were heels. i am shy thinking that i am like the girls in porn. there are payals on my feet. it has two bells and is beautiful with small silver flowers. i look at my whole leg from heel to pussy. i still cannot believe that this beutiful and soft leg which looks like waxing yesterday is mine. i cannot trust this sexy thighs are me.

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    deepika (Monday, 12 June 2017 02:55)

    she laughs seeing me admiring my beuty but give me no more time. she is hungry for sex. she says it is enough deepika you have to make your man happy now. i wake up from admiring and get ready to be fucked. she remove my panty and laughs at how small it is. she takes it and puts it on the dick to show how small it is. she says only a slut girl like you can wear such panty. if a man wear it his dick will tear it in pieces and it will only be some threads. i am shamed. i know she is again and again teasing me and making me remember that i am not man now that i am now the most girly girl. she wants me to remembr what i give up and what stupid i am for becoming a weak girl. it also make her feel more manly and powerful. what can i do now. i dont say anything. she laughs and spread my legs.

    she puts her dick at my pussy. i am now shivering with fear. i am breething heavy. i looked at her and say please be gentle with me. this makes her laugh so hard. she sits and laughs for some time looking at me. i was still lie down with my legs spread like slut and my hands playing with my boobs. i ask why she laugh. she say, even if the girl body of your has had sex with husband so many times i forget that you deepika are a virgin, and laugh again. i am so shy i start getting up. she push me down and said ok i be gentle with virgin deepika. she insert her dick inside me. it was strange feeling. i press my boobs as she started fucking me. it is not as pain as i think and i know it is because priya get fucked so many times. i am now helpless. with one hand i am still press my boobs. she is also pressing. my other hand is out of control and is flying. the bangles making so much sound. it is hitting the seat and window. i am also making girl moan like in porn unknowingly. some time i hear my moan and feel very sexy and also shame. my payal are now come down from feet to the knee. it shake little and make sound. i think this is very hot. i dont know how much time she fucked me. it is like i not in hosh. she get orgasm and i feel cum flow in my stomach. i also get orgasm and close my eyes after seeing her strong face smiling and my red paint nails inside my heels on her shoulder.

    she very calm start dressing but i cannot move. she laughs at me but i still am in heaven. after she dress i slowly start. she now sits and looks the scene of sexy girl dress. i take tissue from my handbag and wipe some cum from my pussy. i take the panty and try to make the threads straight. it make her laugh again. after some time i make thread ok with my delicate female touch and wear panty. i wear bra then skirt then top. she told me bossy to make makeup ok. i shyly open bag and look in mirror to put lipstick. i check my kajal. my necklace was turn with locket on back. so i reach behind and bring to front. my hair is mess. i look at her smile face and shyly take all hair to one side and make it ok. i tied it in a tail. i said, now it is over so please change back, give my body back. she laugh and say, you are so stupid girl deepika, i am not going back to my female life, i like being man,i like to be strong and lift girls like you, now that i experience sex i feel so powerful with big dick making weak slut like you cum, why i will give up all this benefits of man and become girl like you do. i was shocked hear this. my eyes become so wide. she laugh and say, you look beutiful when you scared, your eyes are so big and pretty. i start crying. she say, ok ok i will see if we should swap based on your performance. she wipe my tears. she say, i should always obey and make her happy and then she will give body back. i shake my head yes. what else can girl like me do.

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    sahith (Monday, 12 June 2017 06:32)

    sahith to sahithya
    early morning 6 am alaram was ringing i stop it and wake up and i am in nighty and petticoat and went to bathroom and take bath and wear the saree and came out and wake up my daughter and readied her to school and wake up my husband and he is going to office and i cook breakfast and lunch to daughter and husband and send them to office iam free in the home now and iam cleaning the house suddenly i fond the album where my photos from childhood to now are there i am seeing the photos and taking the memories back into my mind up to 16 years i was a boy how the life was changed now i am women having husbAND and child wearing saree living like a housewife before as a boy now i will tell you how i became a women from sahith to sahithya

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    sahith (Monday, 12 June 2017 07:15)

    sahith to sahithya
    i am sahith i am the second son to my parent i am having one brother who is 10 years elder then me after my brother birth my mother want a girl child but after 1o years i was born some what sadness to my parent but they didnt show on me i was happy with my parents and brother and before my birth if my mom concieve a girl child then my aunt means my dad sister son would marry me but god made the fate i was born his name was rangith which was 3 years elder than me. while i am studying 9th standard my brother got married and new girl enter into my home her name is sanjana my bro and parent call her sanju and i will call him as bhabhi
    from my younger age i wont give any respect to the other girls in my class or near by home and in the home alsp according to me boys mens are superior togirls i listned onlly some words of my mother only i dont care any other women and even i used to whitles about the girls of my class and on road side now i am 15 years of age now i am having my own bike and iam 5.6of height and i dont have any facial hair or beard on my face. every day i used to see the bluefilms on the night time and think everytoime how to fuck a girls life was going on good but one day one icident happened me cahnged my life

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    Radhika (Monday, 12 June 2017 11:28)

    Raj to Radhika - Part 1
    I am city boy Raj for style I am leaving my hair long and it's arround my hip.And I love my hair and I take care of that everyday.One day in our collegeThey told we are selected to intercollegiate dram computation and we need to win I am happy because I am interested in drama​ but only me and rest all girls show the Interest to it,so girls only doing male character even some of the girls are taller and Stronger then me. Since I have long hair then all other girls our teacher told me to do draupadi Character first I think not​ to do but next I thought it will be challenging for me to show talent After I agree one of the girl I our class Ragini who is tomboy in nature is told to teacher if Raj do Draupadi then she will be Dushashan so I will pull his saree everyone laugh for that I got embarrassed but I no show to her then our teacher told how are are doing which character,
    Raj(Me) Draupadi
    Ragini Dushashan
    Pirya Duryodhan
    Anushka Bheem...etc

  • #14

    Radhika (Monday, 12 June 2017 11:30)

    Everyone start practicing dram teacher told Priya and me to exchange clothes then Priya wear my pant and shirt and I am wearing her Salwar duppatha,now screen is Pandavas lost the bet and Duryodhan tell Dushashan to bring Draupadi and make her slave and pull her saree,now duppatha only act as saree pallu so Priya told Ragini to do it Ragini is use this chance to show her tomboyness her muscular attitude she come to me and hold my long hair and drag me to stage it is so pain when she pull my hair I am crying and I am helpless in front of her strongness I am feeling pretty she easly drag me using my hair because she is doing that it's looking natural she is man and I am woman because of pain and Ragini is laughing seeing my condition in front of her that i can't able to act there is so poor feminine expression coming from me my teacher scold me and tell me to learn feminine behaviour and tell me to use this Salwar duppatha of Priya so if I wear Girls dress I can feel i am also girl and act feminine and tell everyone one to leave then I am wearing that salwar and duppatha and went outside their Ragini is smoking and she put westel and doing cat call for me I am feeling embarrassed and run from there

  • #15

    Radhika (Monday, 12 June 2017 11:30)

    teacher scold, Ragini behaviour and my actting capacity all are make me distribution in my mind I simply walking long thinking all and went to alone place I forgot what I am wearing it's already become dark then I realised and going back to home but suddenly I saw some durnken people coming towards me they mistaken me as girl and fellow me I run from there they also run behind me I am very scared even rain also started then I saw one car garage I went inside shooting help me then one tall and strong girl Aswini come she is in shrit and pant and she is so muscular and standing very boldly i run and stand behind her and hold her hand and ask her to help me from that rowdies she take spanar and fight with them there run away then she ask my name and ask everything I not told her truth I think I need to act as I am real girl and make her believe if she believes then I can act as girl in stage then I told my is Radhika and I am coming from village to learn in city college I lost address and this rowdies and fellow me she believes I am real girl she told it's already dark can you come to my home today then I will drop you to college tomorrow I aggred she started her bullet bike I sit behind her like girl and hold her shoulder each and every movement I am feeling I am girl then she take me to her house and interduce her sister senha she is welcome me and told me to change the cloth and give me her saree I told her I am not know to wear saree she laughed and told every girl should know how to wear saree then she told she will help me to wear and tell me to wear blouse and petticoat and wear that then she teaches me to wear saree and made me wear bangles and she comb my hair and put flowers and earrings I am feeling so Feminine because of saree I am not properly walking and sitting in saree then she teaches me to walk and sit feminine when we wear saree I quickly learn then she told me to serve Aswini the food I am sitting in floor folding my legs like woman and serving food to Aswini I am thinking I am wife and serving food to Aswini my husband then I take food with senha​. Next morning I remove saree take bath and wear my Salwar duppatha and give back senha saree she take that and ask me to take Sindoor and give me bangles new saree blouse and flowers she told it's her ritual to give this to every girl come to there house I took all and all this made me very feminine then Aswini drop me to college in her bike and went I went inside college my teacher was happy because I come to college in Salwar duppatha then I told teacher I will wear saree on practicing in dram I wear that saree and bangles and flowers given by senha and I performed very well in that Ragini is shocked seeing my performance she is so impressed after practice she come to me and proposed me but I refuse that because I am in love with Aswini and told her same she told she will not make anyone to marry me because she is impress with my feminine side and she wants me to her wife I totally rejected that and went to my home. Ragini become villan , Aswini become hero and me Raj(Radhika) become heroin to this story
    To be continue.....

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    Sahith (Monday, 12 June 2017 12:55)

    Sahith to sahithya 3
    Next day morning I wake up and went to school as usually I am studying 10th and final exams were remaining in the middle of school at afternoon I am getting pain in the stomach area I can't control it and I was admitted in the hospital after my parents are coming to hostiptal doctor checked me and take the scanning reports after getting reports doctor called parents and explaining I am at out of the doctor room doctor said to my parents that sahith Case is different he was born with both male and female genetitial now by looking behavior he was a boy and his penis is also there but he is having female genes inside his body now why he is getting pain means that normal pain when girls get on her puberty but for sahith egg was developed and not released frankly saying that it was like period but he was male his voice is like that only his thinking of mind was like male only but on his face book Beard or moustache was not there like a smooth body it was there we have to wait for 1to 2months until​what was happening in his body then only we will come to know what we have do with procedure don't say anything to sahith right now leave him like as usual after 2nd or 3rd period are coming then how it going ng to release we have to wait after getting whether his behavior is changing or not you have to notice that one but now I am giving tablet s use it and come after when he is getting problem now I can't confirm that he has to live in female or male then my Mom came out and said me it was normal pain if we use tablet it will he cure and we went home mom discuss this matter with my bhabhi sanjana and next day onwards my exam started and after 10 days exam are completed but next day onwards problem was started

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    Kajal (Monday, 12 June 2017 23:57)

    Hey friends i am back and good news for you. I am starting new blog soon which not only contains good stories but also some other interesting stuffs. So just little wait.........

    Love Kajal

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    neha aryan (Tuesday, 13 June 2017 00:47)

    Thank god you are back kajal.
    Waiting for your stories.

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    Anupama (Tuesday, 13 June 2017 04:33)

    Thanks for coming back Kajal.

    Awaiting your stories.

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    Sahith (Tuesday, 13 June 2017 09:09)

    Sahith to sahith 4
    Next day when I wake up I saw some changes in my body I am in the t-shirt and shorts but I am getting irritated with nipple on my chest when nipple touches my shirt and after some time in afternoon against I got the pain and blood is coming in down portion and mother saw me and informed to the doctor and she gave me a tablet and after some time I was got relief mon consult the doctor and ask her about my situation she said I am turning into a female we have to do the operation with in a month mon said how can I saw to my son she said don't worry he will get so many changes in her body as well as mind after getting changes then slowly we will tell him about vsituation until then react according to him and we went home and afterv5 days are completed then while I am playing cricket due to sweat nipple is touching shirt irritating me and some what my chest is swallom and I said this toy mom and she asked her to remove my shirt she saw my body and my breasts are getting it is in small size but she didn't say that but she gave me one innerware camisole it looks like banian vonlyvi dont no it was girls innerware I wore it but it's having straps like bra when I wore camisole it was tight and due to smoothness my nipple are also placed well and wear the t-shirt and went for playing now I am confirt but after playing I used to sit on walls and see and trade girls but I can saw a girl wearing camisole inside the shirt it was visible it's looking like what I wear I go and ask about this to Kim Kim said this nipple candidate chest was increasing due to your pain in stomach it will be cure in 2weeks ok she said I got tension and went to my room and sleep

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    Kumaari (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 00:24)

    @Radhika nice stories... Keep tat coming... Eagerly waiting for more stories from you...

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    Radhika (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 03:58)

    Thank you kumaari I will complete my story and come up with new theme

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    madhavi (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 08:17)

    radhika waiting for u r story one of the best stories read in recent times

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    Sahith (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 13:04)

    Sahith to sahithya 4
    After 2 days while I was in home suddenly I was feltvon the floor then my parents admit me in the hospital I don't no that when I wake up I was in the hospital bed then I opened my eyes and I saw the doctor now she is fine tomorrow we will remove the bandages and we will discharge afterv2vdays she said then I ask my mon what happened to me she slowly said that the pain u got was not an normal pain it was pain which will get to girls while during periods means menstrual cycle u have been born with the male and female genes u can't live life like an male if u want to live u will going to die or u will be like a chalka so body is producing continuosly the female harmonies and that why it chest nipple is erecting and u didn't get the beard on your face and your skin is also looking smooth so doctor consult suggest me and dad to convert to do operation to become a female so then done the sexual reassign surgery so u have to live the life as a girl she said me by crying I got shock I don't no what to say and talk to mon I started crying I said my mon to get out of room and leave me alone so my mon went outside and went to doctor room. And doctor said to mon that sahith mind and behaviour is still boy only it will take some time change behaviour up to then he will behave like a boy but when his body is going to changes means breast increasing and hip size and from that time he will think in his way gradually he only will changes his mind until then don't force him to do anything don't tell him to wear these costumes don't go out hide it breast cooking like girl things don't say to sahith for some days leave him as he was living right now after 1 month u will see some changes in him after 6 months he will be. Complete girls but in his mind till the death he will think he was a boy but outside hevwasba girl in all manner and my mon came out and step intoy room and said don't worry beti we are all there for u if u want ask help from me or bhabhi Sanjana and I ask what about my studies and my friends she said don't worry ur results will come after 1 month u will join college in some other city no one knows about ur problem expect me papa bro bhabhi and aunt and uncle some family members only then nurse came and remove the bandages now I was feeling stages something was missing between my two legs

  • #25

    Sahith (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 13:27)

    Sahith to sahithya 6
    Instead of my penis there was an vagina was there between my legs later nurse told me to go to washroom I was in nude infront of mon and nurse I was hide my penis she laughed and said it was vagina like me only it was also there for u and ask me to sit on bathroom kamora and ask me go to toilet I used to do using the penis but she said release the pressure and asked to pee after lots of struggle and pain I pee it and ask me wash that area other wise u will get infection in that area u have to sit and pee everytime ok she said then I check my body and go there mon gave me clothscwhich were on bed It was bra panty shirt and skirt I shouted and said bbdont wantvtheese bring me shirt and shorts I wear the my brief and camisole before I worn and shirt band Kim gave me skirt I said I don't want I wear the shirt and came out and went to home my bhabhi vsanjana welcomed us in home my bro went to us for 6 months dad was there all are showing sympathy on me and we went for lunch and sit on table dad said that beti don't worry we all there for u if u want any help ask me mon or Sanjana and after lunch Sanjana came to me and said don't be afraid I am here to help I and I am also girl of your age only I got irritated and went to my room then I open my cupboard there I saw all the dresses of girls bras panties salwar different types of dresses no male dress was present I call mon and ask she said I have to wear these types of dresses only from now I said I don't want these iwant shirts shorts t-shirts and jeans only she said ok I will provide whatever I want but u have to do one help to me if u do using give My objection to your costumes for coming Friday u have to wear half saree function is there for u .u have to ciperate with us on that day only from next day u can Weta anything but in Friday u must not say objection what we do on you k I asked who will come to that function she said u me dad aunt uncle Sanjana and pranfpa and grandma and some relatives who know about u no outside persons will come or u have to wear from now only I said ok for Friday only from next day don't say any objections she said live as u like. Moms confident is that doctor said he only will change his mind . And my mon is good tailor in my town and know so many fashion designer works she is very devotional that why when girls comes to puberty they will do function that why she arranged I think and I went to sleep

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    Kanmani (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 13:27)

    I'm Kannan
    It all started when I was 14 years old, son of corporate employee couple. We live in first floor ground floor was rented by old couple. Loneliness was the biggest problem for all kids like me. Other kids were busy with gadgets but my parents couldn't afford one because they work for living and didn't earn much luxurious salary.
    I'm an introvert. Not having much friends I spent the entire after school evenings alone.
    To cure my loneliness I started working at home, I started from sweeping the floor and mopping the floor I became an addict of keeping my surroundings clean and spotless. I started keeping our house clean. Noticing these things my mom appreciated me to learn washing the vessels when I'm free. I stopped studying at evenings my educational part has become weak. I spent the entire evenings mopping sweeping washing the vessels. My progress report from better became average. But I still managed to study at night.

    My neighbours at ground floor left a few weeks ago now I'm 15 about to complete my 10th public examination and awaiting for holidays. No change in my loneliness and then one divorced lady had occupied my ground floor. Tabitha was her name. She was also alone. After my public examinations i started my works once again. I now became expert in doing house works. My mom praise me everyday for keeping the house clean. One fine day hearing me working at home she knocked at my door I opened the door for her. I smiled at her welcomed inside my house and made her sit and gave her a glass of water. She said thanks and asked am i busy? I replied yes, washing my vessels at kitchen. She asked would you mind helping me to move my old stuff in top shelves? I said ok aunty. She replied u can call me tabu or mami.i said ok mami. I'll finish my washing and join you she said ok and smiled. I started my work in kitchen and there she entered and says the house looks so nice it's wonderful you have any sister?
    I smiled no mami it's just me.
    She was shocked and praised me you are supposed to born a girl look at you doing all the works wow you are great.
    Thanks mami , shall we go and move your old items?

  • #27

    Kanmani (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 13:28)

    Yes please come mami replied.
    I walked into her house and found bunch of boxes to be moved in upper shelves, I enquired what's all these? She replied all these are my old dresses saree's skirts and so on and my late husband dresses in other boxes. Oh ok mami I lifted one by one boxes and helped her move all the boxes to shelves. She says thanks and said wait you must have tea for helping me. I said ok mami. I went with her to kitchen to notice how she makes tea, because my mom had never allowed me into kitchen when she was there. While making tea she asked about my schooling and studies and about my parents. I shared her about everything and also my hobby of doing house works. She surprised to hear my hobbies and praised me once again you supposed to born a girl Kannan your future wife is very lucky to get you as a husband. I asked why mami, she replied most men are same Kannan they want their wife as their maid and a sex toy, all men looks their wife as a stress relief machine. I finished my tea and skipped her conversation and said bye mami I have works to do. With that note I left home.

    I've completed all my works and mom dad came home. After dinner we all moved to bed. Something I felt weird after that aunty talks, why should I not try girls wear? I couldn't able to sleep the entire night, i got up from my bed and slowly walked to washroom and looked at my moms pile of old clothes she kept for washing I silently searched for her panty and a bra and her salwar kameez and slowly walked back to my room. I removed all my dresses and looked at my mom dresses with heart pounding fast and I slowly slid one of my leg into the panty and another leg and slowly all the way up to my penis I felt very normal and more comfortable than my boxers. Now I took her bra and locked it from front and rotated it for my cups and found my little flesh to be fit inside the bra i looked in the mirror and I felt my body looks more feminine and i thought maybe as mami said I supposed to born a girl.i took her salwar and shoved my head adjusted the salwar and took her Patiala legging and wore looked almost a perfect him little loose here and there. I looked in the mirror my face with no hair and my short hair i definitely looked like a teenage girl with a boy haircut. I sat there silently like a girl and went blank for so many hours and I realised it's almost morning and I don't sleep I quickly removed her clothes and kept in the same place and came to sleep.

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    Kanmani (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 13:29)

    Mom woke me up and started her chores,i brushed my teeth and walked into kitchen and asked mom can I make tea? Sure Kannan but do you know how to make it? Yes ma I know wait I'll show you. I made tea and gave it to her she tasted and said wow its really good Kannan keep up my dear and she again started her cooking for office I came out and waited for them to leave office.

    After they went I started to think about last night I felt more comfortable in my mom's clothes so I thought of trying it today once again. I locked my house and wore the same salwar after dressing I chose old bindi from restroom walls and pasted in my fore head. I felt more calm after pasting the bindi on my forehead. I started my cleaning activity for the day and I felt natural and completed all my chores but failed to notice I spoiled my mom's salwar. Quickly I washed all her dresses and included my dad's dress also after that I took bath and ran upstairs to dry all the washed clothes, mami was there collecting her clothes, she again surprised by me seeing I'm drying the clothes of my mom and dad. She praised me wow Kannan you are such a good boy to do all these works, you are… she stopped and smiled ok Kannan carry on with your works bye. She left, i felt relieved and got back to home. Mom and dad came noticed what I've done mom hugged me for helping her so much by washing her clothes I felt overwhelmed and had tears i looked down, she lifted my chin oh my dear love you so much don't be so sentimental, i smiled and chuckled mom go get the dinner and I got back to my room. I kept reminding about the entire day and I loved it, so my routine work continued till my 11th admission I daily dressed up in mom dresses and do all chores and finally wash her clothes and I started ironing both clothes too. After the date announced the school opened ,I couldn't able to concentrate on my studies, after school I dressup and do the routine chores like mopping sweeping and enjoy myself being a girl and get back to normal.

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    Kanmani (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 13:30)

    After so many days with dresses like salwar, kurta I decided to try on saree but I don't know how to wear the saree and I don't have the guts either to ask my mom. So I planned to learn this from the lonely mami. But I very rarely go there so next evening after completing the cleanup i decided to go her place. Next day as planned i did my chores and went her house, The door opened by a young male about 27 years old. A smart guy I somehow felt different about this guy looking at me , I asked is aunt home? He replied no Kannan come inside, I went inside ,I asked when aunt will come? She will be back in two hours. Oh two hours ok uncle I'll come later, he put his hands on my shoulder and asked me to Sit and help him time pass, without options I said ok and sat there silently he asked me to talk I just smiled, here started asking questions about me and what I do like a boy flirts with a girl I slowly answers all my question. Now he know nobody inside my house, I slowly stood and said ok uncle I'll come tomorrow I've here more than an hour. He replied ok Kannan we will meet tomorrow.

    Next day after I come from school I dressed back in my usual mom clothes and started doing my chores after work I thought of going back to mami place but afraid of the stranger I stayed in mom dress suddenly I jumped in shock someone rang doorbell, I thought it's mami and quickly removed mom dress and changed back to my dress and opened the door, to my shock it's the stranger I felt broken, not this idiot again, I welcomed him inside my house and gave him water, he looked at my house and smiled nice who does all this? I replied me, he smiled yes you must be I guessed already with a smile he turned back at me and said his name is Raj I said so what, he stood and locked the door I think you can share your little secret, I panicked what secret it is? Your bindi answers that he replied.

    I turned white, he came close to me hugged me from behind, I said please uncle don't tell this to mami or anyone, he replied it's upto you how you behave now, I replied please uncle I'll be a good boy, he said no be a good girl now I won't open my mouth. I got shocked please uncle, he said get ready fast don't waste my time or your little secret will go out, I said sorry uncle give me some minute, I quickly dresses in mom salwar and came back. He looked at me from top to bottom please don't waste time and came close to me and ran his fingers over my hands i felt tingling and I kept silent as I liked that feel he slowly touched my chest and started massaging and he ran his fingers in my belly button and suddenly he kissed on my lips I tried to get away but his hands were tight and the kiss an electric shock I felt lovely and forgetting where i am i hugged him he removed my dresses and made me nude and he played on my for sometime and hugged me from my back after some minutes I felt something touching on my back I tried to move please uncle I felt afraid and started tears he came close to my ears and said stay calm and he pushed like awwwww he started riding I don't know what happened to me I felt like a girl coming of age he kept driving and I started asking uncle please don't stop and after some minutes I felt the hot loads landing on my back I opened my eyes he kissed on my neck and says thank you and he slowly came out and left home leaving me naked.

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    Kanmani (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 13:31)

    I stood and collected my mom dresses and kept for washing locked my house and took bath and came back wearing my normal clothes and sat in my chair I slowly become normal I could feel my pant is wet now the hot loads are coming out now I started crying for what have I done mom and dad came home I acted normal and went back to my room couldn't able to control my feelings and started crying again the whole night. Next day morning I woke up and feeling freshed I thought of last evening and wondered if he come once again what I supposed to do? Ask him for what he did yday or keep calm? I asked so many questions to myself and couldn't able to concentrate on my school at all.

    After school I came home quickly dressed in mom dress and finished my chores like a good girl and was waiting for Raj and there is no sign of his arrival. I quickly undressed and went down to see mami house but house is locked, I felt broken and came back to house and did my regular activities. Next day i again waited for him and changed back to male self and went down mami was there she welcomed me and asked you want tea? I said I'll prepare aunty she said oh u learned cooking also? No aunty just tea from you. Me? Kannan u saw only once dear. Yes mami but wait I'll show you I quickly made tea and we both sat and had tea she was happy and appreciated me for my talent. And I started mami how you are always wearing saree and why not salwar kameez or nighty?
    Don't know Kannan but I'm used to this. Why are u asking?
    Nothing aunty for this hot place if u wore a nighty or salwar you may feel free know?
    Yeah maybe Kannan but I don't know how it's going to feel.
    It will be nice only mami after you wear it you will feel comfortable working at home.
    Oh really Kannan? But how you could say ? Did you ever wore one she smiled at me like she know the answer I chuckled and said I'll share a secret yes aunty when no one was there I tried once.
    She smiled oh nice! There is nothing wrong in trying our dresses it's just a dress.i replied yes aunty it's just a dress isn't it? She smiled back.
    With hesitation I started aunty how do you feel wearing a saree? It's tough dear you can only feel if u wore it I smiled yes but I don't know how to wear.
    Mami replied so if I teach you will you wear it?

  • #31

    Kanmani (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 13:31)

    I smiled shyly may be after our tea aunt asked me to take one box from the top shelves which has her old blouse skirts and discarded old underwear and saree, she asked me to chose my favourite and wear and come she will teach me how to wear saree I replied don't joke aunty you really asked me to take this box for that? Yes she replied if you are not interested I'm okay with it. I smiled it's ok mami let's try once she laughed yes yes once and asked to chose fast and come. I opened her box to find wide range of clothes I chose the pretty colours bright red skirts saree bra panty and blouse I wore all in matching red and came out with a saree mami looked at me in shock you look wonderful Kannan or should I say kanmani? You look just like your mom she praised, I stood there blushing she lift my chin oh look at the blushing lady ok ok let me teach you how to wear this saree, look at this, this is pally and this is the beginning of saree take this tip make a little knot and shove inside the skirt and make a round and leave some saree here for pleats and another round now make pleats with the end and place it on shoulder now check for length to flow behind you or the length you want to tie around your hip and now pin it and now come for the saree pleats make the pleats gracefully and shove it… she arranged and shown me the feeling was wonderful I hugged her and thanked mami for teaching this, she replied this box is yours you can come anytime and wear this. Oh thank you so much mami shall we stay like this until my mom comes ? She said ok kanmani let's do it. We both started talking she shared lot of tips about saree silk saree nylon saree chiffon saree cotton saree I couldn't control the feeling I want to stay as I was but mom came so I quickly changed back and asked mami will Raj come? She asked how do u know him? I said about our meet first day she said I don't know he may come next week I think we have to wait. I replied ok and went back to my home.

    Next day as soon I come from school I went to mami house and asked her saree she smiled are you serious? I replied can I wear this for my work mami pls she smiled ok dear go on but choose the old ones for house work I replied thanks mami and went back to my chores and finished soon and joined back to mami we talked about lot from makeup to pickup and in the middle of our conversation I asked about Raj she kept silent for a while and said I'll share you a secret you don't share with anyone ok? I promised her she started he is a useless fellow come here for sex for cheap rate he blackmail me sometime if I don't accept so last week I escaped and surprisingly this time he didn't insist for sex and left without notice. He must've got a better girl, I giggled and started can I share you one secret? Yes dear pls, I replied that new girl is me , Mami shocked what? And I started crying, she hugged me and said it's ok dear what happened please share to mami I'll help you. I told her about the sex and she felt broken and has tears in her eyes and said she will take care of him.

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    Sahith (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 14:00)

    Sahith to sahithya 7
    Next day My mon came to me ask me remove the shirt I removed to it and take the measurements from the dress and went I don't no what was happening and home was decorated with flowers and they arranged the chair for brides like chair was there in my house and next day is Friday so I slept early at 7 pm thinking what will happen vnext and around 12.30pm in night mon and Sanjana came and wake me up and kept the mehendiob my hands and legs I said no today is Friday y have to listen for this day after keeping without disturbing legs and hands I slept earlyorning they wake up and wash hand and legs and ask me to take brush teeth and they said me to come out and sit on chair my mil and fill came and gave me the halfsare dress kept on my hand and wish me I got shock and mon take photo and they taken us to bathroom and said to remove all the dress I removed and Kim gave me petticoat and tie up to breast and tell to sit on chair then they bath me with hot water and apply tumeric on my face I am getting irritated on one side but control for 1 days and they completed bathing for me later mon came and remove petticoat and she gave me one n panty to me said to wear I wore like brief but it was very good and later mon gave me the bra I said I don't have breast she said like curvature it will develop don't argue just do what I say she said she insert my hands and kept my chest inside and Hooke the bra from back it was an padded bra and she adjust the straps at front and USAID it was very tight she gave me petticoat and wearing it up to my hip navel and she tied a knot and sanjanga get the wig mon kept at back and fix on my head and kept flowers on my head later came the lehanga it was very weight and have so much embroidery work and glass work to step my legs into it and tied it on the petticoat so petticoat was invisible and later came the blouse it was also very work and Kim said to wear like shirt but I can't she helped me wearing it and ask me to hook it first time I am keeping the hooks I kept all the hooks last hook having the two threads I ask mon where I gave to keep she said hook it to last and blouse was tight and my bra was hidden in blouse and breast like padded Brea the nipple was pointing and I was in blouse and petticoat and Sanjana came with halfsare and ask me to stand I stood she ept one end of halfsare into my insidey lehanga at navel and I am seeing her breast it was clearly visible she saw me and laugh and said don't worry sahithya u also will get nice pair of breast Thant me remember ur a girls not.a boy all joys will see ur figure hide it ok she Laughlin said I shock and she take half saree around my body and take to front and arranged on breast and pin to the blouse if my left shoulder I was Reddy in halfsare mon came with gold she kept bangles ring necklace and earrings also I got shock they pierce my ear in hospital only and they take me to main room and said to sit on chair everyone was shocked to see me all praised me mon giving instructions to hide my breast part with saree and all give blessings on me and all ladies kept tumeric on my face and kept bindi on my head I gave two two bananas to each and every one and they changed name to sahithya to sahithya I schocked finally cemony completed I was happy and went to room to remove my dress I remove saree petticoat blouse and panty but bra I didn't what to do silent I wear short and t shirt and went to Sanjana for help she asked what I ask to come to my room and remove shirt ask to remove bra she taught me how to remove bra u have to learn all these I kept calm and wear t-shirt and went to sleep

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    Radhika (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 14:13)

    @Madhavi Thanks here is continue of Raj to Radhika
    Raj to Radhika part 2
    Our teacher told me to exchang more clothes with Priya so that I feel girly and act natural feminine,so I give my more pants and shirt to Priya and I got half saree and bangles blouse and chudidhar earrings jewelers Makeup from her I am feeling really happy, Daily to college Priya coming wearing my clothes and while practicing I wear her dress, Ragini is having angry with me because I rejected her proposal, daily in practice she pulls my long hair very aggressively and it is really painful but all my pain will gone when I meet Aswini and senha in lady getup and they believe I am real girl. To increase feminine behaviour and love in Aswini I meet them wearing half saree or chudidhar, senha teaching me all girly things she teaches me cooking skills and house hold course and putting rongoli how to manage house, husband and children I love to learn that and more lovely things is wearing Saree bangles and sit behind Aswini while she riding bike I love to roam with her in her bike and in her home I love to serve to her everyone seeing us think we are lesbians, Our drama is done very well and we got 1st prize and everyone appreciate my and Ragini actting but actually Ragini handle me very rude by pulling my long hair and drag my saree pallu everyone thinks she is actting but she doing purposefully after drama​ she doesn't have chance to drag me and she is waiting for chance.

  • #34

    Radhika (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 14:14)

    Once when me and Aswini roaming she found us and she come there and when Aswini went to shop to bring something to eat for me Ragini attack me she is dragging me I am completely helpless in front of her strongness somehow I pushed her and run she is also follow me and in alone place she catch my pallu in her leg and she is remove my saree and she slapped me I fall down and crying due to pain she is planning to rape me she is looking like complete villan now I am helpless heroin crying and I bugging her not to do anything to me and I covered my chest area because I am only in blouse and petticoat she not listing to me and fall on me and try to kiss me on that time my hero Aswini come and kick that villan Ragini, Aswini come near me and remove her shrit and give me to cover my body I take and cover my body and stand behind her holding her hand with fear Ragini and Aswini both fight finally my hero Aswini win i run towards her and hugs her started to cry and I fall to her feet and tell her truth to her and tell her I am loving her listing my word​ after comes​to know I am boy why Ragini attack me and why I lie her she is shocked and she doesn't talk anything and we simply went to her house her sister senha come to know truth and tell Aswini to marry me and she I should be wife and Aswini should be husband senha told due to Aswini tomboyness she is difficult to find boy to her but I will match to her then I went to Aswini and fall on to her feet and ask her to love me not to leave me alone Aswini told in her life she is happy when I enter her life and she is happy to marry me and make me her wife I cry due to happiness and think girls like me will cry for everything. Our love story going like this but Ragini angry towards me become more I complete my studies I now need to only marry Aswini and become her submission housewife, After college Ragini joined her father's business my father also ask me to join his business but I am not interested in it my interest is to be housewife so I helping my mother in house hold course and cooking simply roaming with Aswini.

  • #35

    Radhika (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 14:14)

    One day my father come and told me he saw one girl for me and she is also interested to marry me i am getting fear because I am loving Aswini I can't able to talk to my father regards my love because I am not join his business and only doing house hold course with my mother then my father told he is happy to marry me to that girl that girl id his friends daughter and now she is the win this year top businessman award and my father call that girl and her father I am completely shock seeing that girl because that girl is none​ other Ragini, I am in shock mood Ragini come and sit in sofa in leg on leg and simile seeing me my father ask me to bring something to eat for her I went to kitchen and my mother give me tray to serve I went in not mood and serve to Ragini and her father and my mother told me to sit on floor so they will girl and her father will happy and agreed to marry I am feeling embarrassed I say on floor Ragini feeling proud my mother told them I know cooking and house hold course so Ragini can look after business and I will manage house everyone agrees but no one ask my opinion I run to room and start crying

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    Radhika (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 14:15)

    Next day I went to Aswini home and told her everything to her, then my father and Ragini come there Ragini bring my father, my father get angry seeing me in saree and with poor girl he scolding me you are wearing Saree for this poor girl you must be ashamed I told him I am heartfully wear saree and love Aswini my father angry become more and he call police officer and fit Aswini in fake case I bug my father not to do this but he do that then Ragini hold my long hair and pull me to home and drag me to room and lock the door and told tomorrow only my marriage with Ragini I am crying in room.

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    Radhika (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 14:16)

    Next day my mother comes to room I hug her and crying I don't want to marry Ragini she is not good girl she comes to rape me once but stoping marriage is not with my mother hand my mother, then father come and told after Ragini seeing you in saree she wants you to be Bride and she is groom and wear this Saree bangles and jewelers and come I ask my father why you are force me to marry Ragini he told until this year I am top businessman but this year she took top businessman if she marries you then that top businessman award remain in our family and she having more money and you can happily live, I told my father for Happy living we not required money we want love my father scold and told me to wear saree and come to temple my mother dress me as Bride in saree blouse bangles and jewelers Makeup I am going without wish when I step out from home Ragini come near me she is in dothi and shrit she take me alone and laugh and said see I told you on drama​ practice day I told you i will not make you to marry anyone and make you my wife and starting laugh I am crying due to my defeat in front of her and wrapping tears in my saree pallu and me and Ragini in one car and my parents and Ragini parents in another car went to temple, in car Ragini is teasing me I am worried how to live being this girl wife.

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    Radhika (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 14:17)

    our car route change, me and Ragini are thinking why and Ragini ask driver why you change the route then drive Trun back and I am happy and Ragini is shocked because driver is my hero Aswini she escaped from police and come to save me from Ragini I am feeling happy then Aswini took to other temple and tried mangalyasutra around my neck and marry me in front of Ragini I happily fall to Ragini feet for blessings and she holds my hand and lift and told me you are my wife now I will protect you from all and she put Sindoor to me I am crying due to happiness and simile both and seeing Ragini defect my parents and Ragini parents come to that place and my father saw mangalyasutra around my neck and told me you will not get single rupee from me then Aswini told don't worry father in law in my hand I have strength I will take care of your son sorry my wife as princess you no need to worry my mother become Happy herring this I am feeling I lucky boy to have husband like Aswini then father and Ragini went in dospointment

  • #39

    Radhika (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 14:17)

    I am happily sit behind Aswini bullet bike and she took me to her house, senha now she is my sister in-law do arrti and ask me to come to home by putting right leg I went and light in front of God, in first night in went inside room wearing Saree bangles and jewelers Makeup and Aswini is in dothi and shrit I went inside and give her milk and sit on floor and falling to her feet she holds my hand and put me in bed Aswini simply sleep and put her legs on my lap I do namaskar to her feet and starting to push her legs she is drinking milk half glass and rest give to me I drink that then she made me lies on bed and remove my saree pallu I close my eyes due to shyness then she removed my hand and kiss me to lip I responded to her she is active and I am passive I am only respond to her move she put traps on my navel and earring in between kissing my hips and navel I am feeling honey she removed her clothes and my clothes and hold my long hair and start enjoying me I am responding to her and sounding like girl she is really Man on bed and I am real woman.

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    Radhika (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 14:18)

    Next day my housewife routine start by putting rongoli and serving bed coffee and preparing breakfast my sister in-law helping me I am doing daily feet Pooja to my female husband and put flowers into my long hair which is in her feet I told her I will be happy if you become rich and you need to win in front of Ragini and make my father happy and accpect us Aswini promise to me and start to work hard she is getting victory and final one fine day my hero my husband Aswini win top businessman award and I am feeling proud of being her wife my father realised money anyone can earn but happiness and love only good people like Aswini will give Ragini become anger and joules of Aswini she kidnapped me and take me to alone place she planing to rape me and kill but hero Aswini not give that she come for my rescue and fight with Ragini slips and falls she is tip of mountain and if she lives her hand she will die but good heart Aswini not leave her she helped Ragini and told her not to disturb our life Ragini realised her mistake and she give hug to Aswini and told today onwards she will be friend to her everyone went to home happily my father give all his property to my husband Aswini because she is son in law to my father then Ragini marry senha my sister in-law and me is the bridemaid in her marriage finally happy family photo taken in that my parents Ragini parents and Ragini is in dothi and shrit sitting as groom of senha the bride who is in saree and finally it's me in saree and hand full of bangles jewelers Makeup and standing beside my hero my handsome hubby Aswini where she is in dothi and standing boldly besides me and put her hand on my soft and sensitive small shoulder
    Happy ending.....

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    Jaynil (Thursday, 15 June 2017 03:51)

    Deepika ,kanmani,Radhika and sahith awesome � stories plz çontinue... Love

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    Kumaari (Thursday, 15 June 2017 04:44)

    Wow.. awesome stories... Finally this site became alive with nice stories... Friends please share it comments on these stories.. tat will make the writers to write more... Keep tat stories coming friends...

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    Sahith (Thursday, 15 June 2017 05:55)

    Sahith to sahithya 8
    While sleeping I have so many questions in my mind howbtheese girls will wear all these types of worst dressed like saree blouse petticoat bra jewelry and cosmetics how they will carry all these costumes on their body I got irtritation for one day only I got most irritated with bra and blouse they are very tight it will be up to half only below my chest only not up to down and from tomorrow how I have tobfve my friends and I have going out after 15 days from tomorrow onwards I have to wear banian over the camisole otherwise my friends can see the strap and humiliate me and I want to be so careful with them they don't no about my situation I know how they will comment girls how they will see the private parts of girls now I am a boy or girl I got a doubt I think I am looking like a boy only but down portion I don't have penis and I have the vagina I see in mirror that I am looking 100% like a boy but come to chest it was coming front I Weta loose t shirt and I will cover I think and went to sleep next day I wake up and fresh up and went to breakfast mom get the photos taken yesterday on ceremony get it from studios he given copies yesterday only morning all are seeing the photos of me I got schocked and I silent ate food and went to room they are talking girls thing how I am looking and my postures and my dad sister said that sahithya will be my daughter in law in two me by god grace when sahith born if she was a girls I will make her Dil but boy born but god's grace I am a girl now so everything is fine that sahithya will be my Dil she said I am listening from the door silently and I went to bath and came out I tied my towel up to navel only Sanjana bead there in my room I see her she said girls will tie up to breast so tie up to chest I didn't listen her later I wear camisole banian and shirt I take the jeans pants and I search for brief but compared to brief yesterday mon gave me the panty was comfortable due to vagina so is ant to wear but it was not there so I call Sanjana and be shy to ask her I ask her give me one panty she said I don't have it's and my size are different but for u mon already purchased dresses for u in that it was there I said she gave bra and panty I said I don't need bra I am comfortable bi wear pant and and jeans and went out there is no bike there instead there is an Honda cativa I asked mon where is my bike she said dad sell it brought for u I got schocked I don't say anything and I went to my friends palce every one was seeing me in the different my I asked why r u seeing me like this they ask what about these days I said I went to out of station and suffering from fever that's why I didn't came later we Rome's here and there while roaming we are doing comment on girls about brsleasts figure bstructures like o two enjoyed it but there is some feeling in my mind we went to my friends house we locked the door and started watching the blue films and every one is getting mood and go to bathroom band started rubbing the penis until sperms came out but I am also getting mood but I don't have what I have to do I got shy while my friend are watching the naked women and girls infront of me I am getting discomfort and leave that place and went to house while driving bike I am getting pin in abdomen and reached home an d ask Sanjana I am getting pain and bills in down side once see it I asked she came and see and think he is in periods she said ur in periods so please romove panty and wear the pad inside it and I done it for every two to three hours she said to repeat I can't beast pains like that I am in 2 days I suffered later it was fine then Sanjana came to me and said it was periods every bgirl will get for 15 days interval ubhave to hear and wear the pad at that time I ask up to how many months she said till the end of your life so evening we will go out and but panties and safety pads to u she said

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    Sahith (Friday, 16 June 2017 10:25)

    Sahith to sahithya 9
    In the evening Sanjana came to my room and said get ready we will go out she said I wear t-shirt and jeans she was ready in salwar we went out of home I take the scooty she ask me weather u will ride or shall bi ride I took it and she sat on back we went to the big bazar first we buy the sanitary napkin for my size and we went to women dresses section there we went to inner section there I can find different types of inners like bras panties camisoles nighties and swimwear she ask me select the panties I said u selecte any four of my size she said different types bare there I want full length or lace type or normal or for keeping napkins also different types are their she said u said take 4 normal which was suitable vfor both uses and finally we went home I went to sleep nextv15:days I am in home only I went outside for small reasons I didn't met my friend and my 10th class results are also declared I passed in first class but I schocked seeing results that my name is sahithya and gender as female in certificate while I am in hospital only my father send my report to board and changed mon call me to room and ask me what I will do now what u want to study I said mpc and she said where u will study in girls college or coed she said I want to go to college as a girl only I said I will say tomorrow in night I check the college s and select one where there is no restrictions for uniform but in next toy town there is an hiatal facility also but it is not in my home I said that college to my mon so father shifted home to that area I got seat in college I went to college in jeans and shirt first day in class mam came and issuing I'd cards all girls are sitting in one side and boys are sitting in one side ivsat on boys row mam issuing cards she called my name as sahithya I went to mam everyone schocked that I am girl but all of us thinking Ian a boy and Ian wearing jeans no hair no earrings jewelry no girly manner mam also schocked to see she exclaimed me from top to bottom she ask weather boy or girl I confused to say suddenly I say girl mam said to me sit on the girls row I sat beside girl also see me weather I am a boy or girl vshe got doubt

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    Radhika (Friday, 16 June 2017 12:38)

    My name is Raj I come to my hometown and feeling happy because after the long time I am seeing my parents when I come my father told day after tomorrow we are going to see girl for you, I am shocked and not talk anything and my mother also see me I am upset next day when I weakup my father went to office and my mother come to me holding cup of milk and ask why I am upset I saw my mother in anger face she simile and told she knows me I am always wish to wear saree and wanted to marry strong girl and my mother from childhood she raised me like her daughter she teaches me all house hold course and cook food and putting rongoli and she teached me how to wear saree and how manage house as a wife I also enjoy learning this but once I am become big I come to know about the gender discrimination in society and my mother told don't worry people can say anything but for me you're​ my daughter, at the same time my neighbour girl name senha she also knows my feelings and she is like my sister and we both always dress-up this is flashback now present my mother give me glass of milk and call my friend name suddenly senha come my upset goon and I laughed then my senha give me a cover I opened and feeling wow because it have kurtha, leggings and duppatha she told tomorrow you are going to see a girl as man but today shall we play that you are girl and the girl you are going to see tomorrow is coming today to see you and you need to impress her by wearing Saree and your cooking skills and you bueatiful simile

  • #46

    Radhika (Friday, 16 June 2017 12:40)

    I know seeing my upset face my mother only told senha to do this all I also feel happy and agreed and went to take bath and come back wearing kurtha leggings and duppatha and senha told before girl come to see you you need to cook food for her with your love in your hand I am feeling shy and started to prepare food and sweet thinking I am going to be wife I need to impress my lady husband in my cooking skills my mother help me telling you need to add this that then senha told me to clean the house and showcase your art and painting so that they know you know art and painting I take broom and swap the floor and wash the floor while washing I teach the floor and think her my lady husband will put her legs and this should be clean and then senha and mother took me inside and told you must wear saree and bangles and jewelers Makeup and you must be pretty for your muscles lady I am down my head and feel so Feminine and smooth my mother doing my face makeup and senha is painting my hand and legs nail then my mother give one pink blouse and petticoat and I wear that then she made me wear purple saree and senha is putting lots of bangles in my hand, suddenly our door bell ring we are all get shock my mother told this is might be some one not my father because he comes home always evening so she told us to stay in room and told to senha to finish my jewelry wearing and she will answer to door bell senha continue by putting anklet to my legs and my mother went near door she opened it

  • #47

    Radhika (Friday, 16 June 2017 12:41)

    and saw a lady and a girl , the lady is in saree and girl is in pant and shirt she is wearing man pant and shirt then lay ask my mother shall we come inside my mother nodded her head then when they come inside my mother ask who they are then lady told she is the mother of Priya the standing wearing pants and shirt she told tomorrow your son is coming to see this girl only for marriage and we have to say something to you so we come her my mother get confused and ask them to sit then sitting in chair and lady told point to girl wearing pants and shirt she is my daughter Priya she is so active and top in her college I am so encourag her and she is always playing cricket and football with boys and she wish to wear pants insitied of petticoat seeing her interest I support her but her father apposed but I support her with out know to her father I raised my daughter and son and now she is police officer and now your son is coming to see her make her his wife and she needs to spend her life for your son but she doesn't wish for that she is very strong girl and she having capacity to earn her money and she is independent and she can able to tie the to boy and she wants to become husband in relationship so insitied of ask you to come to our home and then tell this you are going back in dispointing is not our wish so we come here to tell this

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    Radhika (Friday, 16 June 2017 12:42)

    then my mother laugh and told I think god only make pair of your daughter and my son because how you raise your daughter as son I also raise my son as my daughter, the lady and girl shocked and see eachother​face then my mother called me and I unknowingly went to hall by adjusting my earrings and shocked seeing other people senha also shocked then my mother interduce me to them and told me to go and take blessings from from them I went to Priya and her mother and fall to there feet and ask for blessings, and I went inside due to embrace then Priya and her mother shocked seeing me and my mother explain them my flash back inside senha is teasing me see your dreams come true and our play become reality you made floor clean thinking your lady will put her legs and see Priya is sit and put her legs on that spot and you made food mixing love to it for your lady so go give this food and impress her, my check are becoming red and I take plate have my cooked food and sweet and I lowed my head and went to hall my hand and legs are shaking because of fear but Priya is sitting in chair confidential and put her leg on leg I serve the food and I sit in floor in front of girl by florin my saree and I am feeling uncomfortable because of saree and bangles make sound but Priya sitting freely because she is in comfortable clothes pant and shirt then Priya mother started to ask questions about my education what I am doing and my house hold course and cook skills I answered them politily lowing my head and Priya also ask me questions and tell me to stand and sit and tell me to walk and ask me to sing song for her and dance for her I do all and it is difficult for dance in saree Priya is full happy because she is to do this when I go to her house to see her but I am only obeying her and her mother other and she is checking my insisted of I am checking her and final she agreed to marry me and consider me as her wife and my decision is not matter here because Priya is my owner from now onwards and I just give my neck to her to tie mangalyasutra and obey her my life time I again take blessings from Priya and her mother and they both went and I stand behind door and seeing Priya in single eye in shy when she turn back and saw me I got so shy and close my face in my hand and Priya started her bullet bike and her mother dot in it and they went I am feeling happy because Priya have bullet bike and I don't know how to ride my wish is wear saree and bangles and sit behind strong girl who ridding bullet bike.

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    SRS (Friday, 16 June 2017 19:34)

    Sahith please continue

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    Dipika (Saturday, 17 June 2017 00:44)

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    Kumaari (Saturday, 17 June 2017 01:15)

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    Radhika (Saturday, 17 June 2017 02:03)

    Thanks Dipika and Kumaari... Today I will come with new theme story..

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    Sahith (Saturday, 17 June 2017 07:27)

    Sahith to sahithya 10
    Later in recess time I went to toilet some girls followed me I sat and pee then the girls confirm that I am a girl then they used to talk to me and later I went to home and mon ordered BME to not to cut my hair from now I didn't say anything I kept silent life was going fine but after one month my chest is increasing my breasts are producing and they form the round area it is increasing the weight on my chest as I am going to college every day in jeans and shirt only up to now I didn't wear any girls dresses except panty and camisole to college I am wearing the boys shirt so my chest is bulging outside so all my class boys are seeing me only while I am walking and it is moving up and down while walking for the boys I am the eye feasting to them I observed remaining girls there breast is so much bigger than me but they are fixed and they are not bouncing I think why and after two days one day in college mamade an bokb one me that thereby sbjo uniform up to now but they kept rules on boys and girls dressing they made a circular that from every Friday and Saturday Bhoy have to wear shirt and punch for girls every Friday she has to come in halfsare with eating and bangles and Saturday in ghaghra choli or chudidar and from now if students absent on Saturday and Friday they will be terminated from the college I got schocked listening the words iwent out of college and my books fell down I bend it and taking all boys are seeing my breast I got shy and take the books my friend​ Neha came to me and said tomorrow on wards wear the bra and come it will stop u bouncing and will give the nice figure and sliently listen bthe voice off bra I got tension and went home lol was not there she went out of station for 10 days only me and Sanjana was there how I have to tell my problem to her and costumes slowly my way of dressing and habits are changing but my mind is like a boy later I went to Sanjana and said about college circular and chest problem Sanjana said for chest you have to wear bra it will stop u from bouncing it will give support to you and nice figure u don't have any girls dresses so you and me will go to shopping and by necessary bthings to u so be ready in 10 mins we will go we went to ladies shopping mall first we went to the inner section and sales girl ask me what u want Sanju said she need a bra mam size please I don't no sales girl came and ask me to go to trial room and ask to remove shirt I removed and measured it she said 34b then she suggested BME which tulypenu want sportbra or t-shirt bra or strapless or padded Sanju explained me difference padded means your breast will inside padded cup and it will give extra structure and sports bmeans they don't have hooks at back like camisole but up to breast part and strapless means it won't have straps ubhave to push means lift it breast and u have to place it I didn't understand what she is saying I said select any one for regular wear and sales mam give me one for trail I don't no how to wear I and Sanjana went on trial room and she taught me hoe to wear and how to place breasts into place and how to adjust straps and how to hook it from back and how to unhook it she taught and ask me to try after several tries I learn how to Hook and unhook the bra she said to wear it and above camisole and shirt inside she said size is ok

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    Sahith (Saturday, 17 June 2017 07:49)

    Sahith to sahithya 11
    She said she taken that bra include in bill and pack 3 padded bras and 3normal bra and 2 sports bra and we later went to halfsare section and sales girls are showing the different types and different works types and I said to Sanjana select anyway u like she started keeping saree on me seeing and selected the different types of 4halfsaree sets and ask sales girl to where I will get the petticoat she said to go there and taken matching Colorado petticoats of my size and we went to chudidar section she ask me u want chudidar sets are leggings and tops I don't no she said see the Boucher in that she show me difference between legging tops and Punjabi dresses and anarkali dresses then she only selected the two types on each and we pay the bill and went out of shopping mall I can feel that bra is making the difference on me bouncing was stopped and if feel it was good support and we went to western section and she selected the shirts and I asked why she said those are boys ur near the breast side it will tight it will be girls shirts and t-shirt so u can go out like a ton boys as u like selected the jeans also she took to tailor shop andgive for stitching the blouses and chudidar and we went to jewelry sections she selected earrings and bangles and hair band cosmetics etc and finally we reached home she placed all the dresses in the cupboard I see all of them and cried inside I am crying why I have to wear these and l went to sleep

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    Sahith (Saturday, 17 June 2017 08:38)

    Sahith to sahithya 12
    Next day morning I wake up and took bath and came out took panty and wear later I tool bra and wear and camisole and taken new shirt which was purchased outside I wear it near to my breast sections it was loose and side it was showing like a curve and it was exactly fit to me and wear the jeans and take scooty and went to college now I can concentrate on my moves and work breast was not at all irritateing nipples also it given me the nice postures to me and my class not also not seeing me more after that evening went to home I am getting tension how I have to face class tomorrow in halfsare in my class girls all talk about which type u will wear tomorrow like that I reached home and sanjanavsaid that blouse came I said ok tomorrow as usual I wake and take bath and went to Sanjana for help I am in bra and panty she said to wear petticoat I took it and wearing from down she said stop and ask me to wear from top l wear it and tied the thread at hip she gave me blouse I took it and wear it like shirt and started hooking after one hok to hook it was getting very tight finally I hook the blouse it covered my total bra part inside before in function blouse was loose there is no breast at that time now Ian having so it looking tight and my nipple are pointing outside from blouse than take the lehanga I wear it by my own later she tie me halfsare and she ask me to remove and she said try it by your own after 10 to12tries I learn how to pleat Nd fixed it blouse and adjust around the breast she taught me how to handle halfsare outside and she gave Bangles to wear and she fix earrings and keep bindi on my head now Ian looking like a complete girl and went out and take scooty while driving my back side saree was flowing in air I can't control and my breast view was visible to boys I know how boys will see girls but now Ian facing now Ian adjusting finally I reached college and went to classroom and every one was schocked to see me in halfsare every time I am in boys costumes know I am in a girls traditional wear some boys say it beautiful

  • #56

    shruthi (Saturday, 17 June 2017 08:43)

    sahith pls continue ur story dont stop

  • #57

    Radhika (Saturday, 17 June 2017 13:04)

    Village girl Radhika part- 1
    My name is Raj and I am from village in our village one bad person Bhai is ruling our village and everyone is fear for him and I am very pretty soft boy I don't bring up strong I also be indoor and helping my mother in house hold course my father is former but he wants me to study and be good officer so he not allowed me to go to agriculture field so I always be in home and study and free time I helping​ mother in cooking, washing clothes, putting rongoli, washing vessels etc like all girly work ,for washing clothes in our village we need to go to village lake all our village girls are going there me also joining them everyday to wash clothes. That bad leader bhai who is ruling our village is having one daughter Priya, she is also so bad since bhai don't have son he brought up his daughter like son and she is always very aggressive and show bad behaviour she riding bullet bike and come to village to get money from village people and ruling our village badly like her father.she is looking like macho man and always hurting people all village people are scared for her and her father.

  • #58

    Radhika (Saturday, 17 June 2017 13:05)

    One day after my studies i took broom and started to swap the floor and then I do mopping then my mother told me to wash clothes I take all the clothes and join all the girls and went to village lake I am in pajama and I am in bun hairstyles and all girls are talking about makeup Sarees serials I am totally involving in that and we are are washing clothes and talking, but Priya is watching all of us by sitting in her jeep and smoking but we don't notice it we all are involving in gossip and washing clothes, suddenly she jump to village lake where we washing clothes and we are all scared especially me I am too scared of her because she is macho woman, she swim to one end and take one bueatiful flower there our village boys also not swim that much but she easly swimming and then she come near me my fear increasing then she​ come out water with flower and come beside me and put that flowers in my hair I am feeling embarrassed then she hold my soft and sensitive lips and told "yours​ lips looking like apple I need to eat this but not only today I need to eat all your bueatiful body everyday you are such a lovely and pretty for me so I will marry you so that you can be obey my order and give enjoyment everyday for me daily I can't be wife to macho man because I am macho woman so I requeried soft sensitive little pie like you boy ok I will come with my father to your house ok". I am standing in shock she then bit my butt and squzing my hands and lips and went in her jeep, all girls are come near me I started crying all are consoling me they took to my home and told everything to my father all we are in shock.

  • #59

    Radhika (Saturday, 17 June 2017 13:06)

    That day night me and my parents are trying to escape with help of my girlfriend but Priya and her father is following us finally at railway station my parents and friends are get in to train but Priya slap me hard so I falls​ down into floor can't able to catch the train then Priya took me to me to her home lock me in one room. I am crying in room because no one in village to help me all my friends and parents are getting into train but I can't how can I escaped from this marriage.
    Next day early morning Priya's Mother come to my room she is very kind hearted person she come with saree she told me I will make you like girl and you escape from this bad person I fall into her leg and thanks her for saving my life for her bully daughter, then she put me in bra, blouse and petticoat and then warp saree around me and put bangles to my hand I feeling like happiness in my heart when I wear saree and bangles then she put earrings and give me some money and tell me to run away then I come out of room I walk slowly then saw Priya then I put saree pallu on my head and walking towards door Priya is drinking alcohol she is in her own land she thought me as some working woman because I am putting pallu over my head and after come out of that hell I am feeling happy and run run....then sun raised in Priya home she is get to know I escaped but she doesn't know I am in female getup then I run putting pallu over my head and suddenly one bike comes and hits me I fall into floor.

  • #60

    Radhika (Saturday, 17 June 2017 13:06)

    When I opened my eyes I am in hospital then I saw that bike rider actually that bike rider is girl she saw me and ask is I am feeling better I told yes she simile and went then I saw nurse she also simile and went I got surprise why they are laughing then I realised I am in saree then my moustache is still there I am starting to cry then that bike girl come to me and told not to cry and ask who are me and why I am in saree then I told her all the story she is really good girl I ask her name she told her name is Mashushree she told she is Software engineer her passion is she always go to long bike ride on every weekend and today she come to our village and mistakenly she hit me I told her I don't want to marry Priya because she is so mucho woman and black heart and I need to find my friends and parents then Priya told she is always wants help someone so she told me come to her home and we can find my friends and parents I agreed and told her what if bhai and Priya found us. She told you already in saree then shave your moustache and be very pretty girl I will take you to home as a girl then bhai and Priya not able to find you and you can easily find your friends and parents I agreed and shaved my moustache and Madhu give me make up jewelers I apply lipstick to my soft sensitive lips it's looking natural feminine because of shave moustache and I apply makeup and adjust my saree and long hair and I put all the bangles In my hand and went with Madhu she kick her bullet bike and started in one click I am wondering how this girl is so strong and start Kick bullet bike I can't able to move that heavy bike handle also and think being a boy I am in saree and bangles in hand and sitting behind where girl in pant and shirt ridding bike, she can kick Start bullet bike and give escalate bullet sounds I am only able to sit behind her and made my bangles and anklet sounds... I sat single side like ladies and hold her shoulder to grips and she took me to her house and interduce me as Radhika and told she is good student but having problem for fees for college I told her I will give you money but refused to take simply and told me she will work as maid in our house and take money, I am in shock because this girl shaved my moustache and made me wear saree and bangles and now maid for her house I simply accept because I am not in demanding stage so I went to parents of Madhu and get blessings and start to work as maid in Madhu house on the other hand Priya is searching for me...... We will see how this triangle love story going on next..... To be continue.....

  • #61

    Sahith (Saturday, 17 June 2017 13:17)

    Sahith to sahithya 12
    Then I sit in bench and thinking how girls will wear all these things at a time how they will carry all the time after wearing halfsare I can't able to walk fastly and every time I have to adjust the saree near blouse and after college I went to home and remove each and every thing and I went to sleep next day also different costumes that is chudidar this time I only wear bra and panty I call Sanjana she said to wear bottom I wear it it is like a pant instead of button and zip it have thread I tied it later she gave me top she said to wear it like t-shirt before that see what comes to be front and what have to come back I wear it and released till the down so top have came up to my knee length Sanjana gave me Chinni to wear she kept Chinni in v shape every time it is falling she taught me how to adjust or she said that keep pins to Chinni on both sides so it won't disturb u she kept it I like this dress very much it is very light weight and it is free to wear and it was comfortable to me so u went to college and came home Sanjana asked how about these two days are I confirt with dresses I said with half saree it was weight Ian not comfortable but today this dress was comfortable I said today onwards wear nighty while sleeping it is confer to u while going to bathroom also it will be easy to go using nighty instead of shorts after evening bath she kept nighty in my room I came out I took bra she said don't wear bra while sleeping no need bra in home better to leave feely while in home like petticoat and top wear the nighty like that I take and wear it from top it came up to my foot it was free she said keep hooks at front I kept and sleep it after one month gone every day Ian wearing ladies jeans and shirt to college except weekends in chudidar and halfsare and night times nighty now my wardrobe is fill with bras panties nighties chudidar and panties next week my birthday is coming my mother is coming to home after a long gap and she said she will celebrate in grand way Sanjana said and she say another thing mon see one marriage match to me and used to announce on birthday Sanjana said to me I got schocked

  • #62

    shruthi (Sunday, 18 June 2017 02:06)

    sahith pls continue

  • #63

    Kumaari (Sunday, 18 June 2017 09:50)

    Nice updates sahith and radhika... Keep posting.. One small suggestion radhika kindly try to give some humiliation and try to avoid the repeation from ur old stories it's my small suggestion tats all..

  • #64

    Sahith (Sunday, 18 June 2017 11:24)

    Sahith to sahithya 13
    Next day morning I wake up take bath and come out remove the towel suddenly my room door was open I got shock and keep my hands on the breast and cover mon came from out of Station she saw me and laugh she said u became a girls now she saw bra on bed and she asked me u r wearing bra also i kept silent I wear bra infront of her I adjust my breasts in cup and straps she is seeing me Nd came with the measuring tape and take measurements for birthday dress I don't no which type of dress and she went I wear short and pant and went to college and came home tomorrow isy birthday that night I sleep and wakeup take headbath and came mon show me two dresses one is ghaghra choli and another one is a saree and the anarkali churidar dress mon said now u wear saree we will go temple and chudidar to college and ghaghra choli in night function o got schocked why thees many u r a girl u have to wear all the types mon asked me wear bra panty and petticoat I wear it later the blouse I wear it and she came near me and tiening the saree she saying me how to tie how to make pleats after 10 mins saree wearing was completed and I am in difficult I'm walking I can't able to walk I can't able to handle everytime the pallu is falling she saw that she fixed pallu to the left side of blouse with pin now it is fixed now mon book a cab and we step in while driving in car cab driver is seeing me differently from mirror I got doubt that bra strap is visible I covered with blouse I got shy we reached temple first time I am standing in ladies queue before I went to temple for watching girls in traditional wear now I came as a girl in saree for boys I am the one of the figure to them after priest blessed me for long life with good husband and children and we came out of temple and went to home iwent toy room and remove saree and blouse now I am feeling very free after removing it now it's time to college I wear top and bottom but this dress at breast area it is some what tight and coming down it was free like a gown it is good and free to wear evening I came mon arranged party in home some guests are came I went to my room mom was ready with the dress and ask me to remove I am in bra and panty she ask me to wear petticoat and lehanga I wear then came choli it was back hook so I step the hands in and my mother kept the hook at back at front it was designed like blouse only but it having back hooks now my navel is visible and mon came with Chinni and kept on one side only so and keeping all jewelry I came out all came and blessed and give the gift my aunt also came and said I also bring gift and showed his son rangit they make an marriage proposal and held with in a year I schocked vto see Ranjit when I am a boy I ragged him if he is 3years elder than me also he will be feared when seeing me now I want to be going as a wife he also seeing me differently he schocked to sahithya as turned as sahithya bloke a beautiful girl she is seeing me top to bottom and he is seeing my breast pat only I got shy and he said I want to talk to her privatly in a room I schocked to hear that what he will talk to me we ro went to one room

  • #65

    shruthi (Monday, 19 June 2017 00:59)

    Sahith give more updates

  • #66

    Sahith (Monday, 19 June 2017 09:13)

    Sahith to sahithya 14
    We went to room he came back and locked the room he came near to me I step back he is coming very near I stepping back and came to wall he came closer tome he is seeing me from top to bottom and he came closer and he kept the hands on my hip area I got some sexual feelings and he is moving the hand from hip to breast side I at that time my breast and nipple became harder and I am ready to shout he close my mouth he kept hand on my breast on slowly pressed it and he touches the nipple also I got irritated and thrown him on the bed and ready to go out but he stop me and said I have done this because I want to check u ra girl r not o taken permission from mom sorry for doing like that u r really a girl I can't believe now once up on a time I ragged me and teased me now u r a girl and coming vas my wife and ur behaviour also totally changed I said I don't want to marry now I want some time after 1 year we will see I said rangit replied marriage must be with in 7months I said I want to study and I am not a girl totally by looking I am girl but mindset is still a boy by this physique and expression as a girl but I am wearing ladies dresses but I want to wear male dress only and I can't be ur wife and obey ur orders and finally not like a sex toy to u I said to him he got schocked and see sahithya in our family no girl studied more than 10th now ur study Ind intervafter 7 month u will be 18 years so parent arrange marriage to us next week will be the engagement and next month Marrage but I only said to then postpone 7months I will accept u but it parent won't accept if u convince ur mon then ok other wise next Monday engagement and after 7 month Marrage ok I am going out and he left room and aunt and uncle relatives left home mon came near to me and said next week is ur engagement be ready my bride I said I don't want she said if I want stay hear or go out from house mon replied no one will marry u by seeing it transformation band each and every thing but aunt and rangit accepted that's why she replied I went to room and cried and sleep

  • #67

    rohan becomes rohini (Tuesday, 20 June 2017 04:45)


    After my moms permission iam posting this story its real happend to me rohan

  • #68

    rohan becomes rohini (Tuesday, 20 June 2017 04:51)

    my name is rohan iam 19 yrs old... iam tall and little bit slim i was in band group when i was doing my 12.. i have long hairs i used to tie a pony all the time. my mother is a divorce because she was a career oriented woman her name is shama and she works in pvt bank. and my mom got transfer to mumbai so we shifted in mumbai.... i lost all my friends my band group college and shifted to nice apt... i was not happy but every thing got changed... i took up correspondence and started to stay at home as i didnt have any friends.. my mom is 40 yrs old so she use to work and come back in the evening,

  • #69

    rohan becomes rohini (Tuesday, 20 June 2017 05:04)

    So i didnt have much to do... i use to keep watching tv and study for sum time..
    my mom was good at work she was a manager in the bank she was happy tht i spend my time at home and got left frm the band and friends which she didnt like... we didnt have much relatives and friends so we were the family... we got settled it was almost 2 months.... and mom use to come home and make dinner and we use to spend some time 2gthr in evening..let me tell you about my mom she still lokks young and use to wear formals to work and in evening she use to wear t-shirts and track pants. the last time i saw haer in saree was when i was 7 yrs old after tht she changed in to western...
    she has her old sarees dresses nighties chudidhars and lehengas which are kept unused from long time... now she dont wear. she has her own car she drives to work and does her shopping all alone... she was independent... we look like brother and sister... she is fair enough she had married second time but she liked to be independent.... we use to work 2ghtr at home cook and do all household chores as we didnt hav any maids... my mom wanted me to take admission in regular college which i denied.. and took correspondence.

  • #70

    rohan becomes rohini (Tuesday, 20 June 2017 05:30)

    so the days passed i used to help my mom in household chores and learned cooking... now i use to cook for mom and keep the house clean.. we had lots of property as my mom was frm a good family and she had a good income.. so once my mom wanted to go to parlour she forced me as well to cut my hairs so we went over ther as normol my mom took some services where i did cut my hairs but shaped it and had a hair blow.. my mom was angry but i convinced her saying that i will join band group very soon.. so i looked little bit feminine and got done some threading on my eye brows... so we came back and my mom said u look like girl rather than boy plz cut your hairs and step out of hose and make sum friends... so days passed it was difficult to manage my hairs so my mom used to tie a pony tail and use to make my fun by calling me rohini my daughter i use to get irritate... and i forget to tell u tht i had pierced my ears as well with small stud earrings..when i was in band group. so one day mom took me to the shopping centre. i was wearing jeans and shirt.. everybody were busy seeing me..and mom was buying lipstick frm the counter as i was waiting the sales girl thought me as a girl and askd me whether u like to try lipstick or creams then my mom said he is my son then she apologized to me and gave me a smile.... so we returned home and my mom gave me a lecturer... so it was sunday morning we were cleaning warddrobes sudeenly my mom took her jewellery box and showed me she had nice collection of necklaces earrings bangles anklets etc it was all of gold...
    i asked her why dont she wear? she said iam a working woman it doesnt suit me any more...
    i have kept for ur wife... so it was lunch time we had lunch i took my bath and lost my one of earring so i was searching it but could not find so i asked mom to get me one frm the shop.
    she said its sunday no shops will be opened . she will get it tomorrow.. so she went searched her wardrobe and bought her jewellery box and took out 2pairs of gold earrrings and told me to try as i said her its girly she said no one is here to watch you wear it now.. for timebeing.
    as i was not comfortable she forced me and me wear her earrings which were little big i felt little bit shy.. my mom said now you look nice she showed me the mirror and asked whether you like to try bangles or necklasce i felt ashamed... and kept me had down .. she said nor u step out of the house nor u study in college... so what hav u decided? to become my daughter... a girl stays at home and does cooking? speak rohini from now on wards u r rohini my daughter.

  • #71

    rohan becomes rohini (Tuesday, 20 June 2017 05:59)

    she was angry litlle bit.... so i slept with the same earrings a week passed and i asked mom for my studs she said she didnt had time to buy...
    it was second saturday as mom had holiday she was busy cooking i took bath andwas adjusting my hairs... mom came and tied my hairs with her rubber band and made in a fem style.... i was studying she came and asked wht hav u decided i said iam studying mom give me sum time... she went and bought some glass bangles and said rohini wear this... i said mom whatz this now..
    she said bangles ( chudiyan ) wear it and stay at home....i got angry and went to my room... she called me dinner we had dinner she taunted me by saying now my daughter will wear bangles and stay at home and cook rite rohini.. i went and slept it was sunday morning i made tea and gave mom to drink.. mom said me to toast the bread and get.. i gave her bread she showed me the bangles again i kept quiet.. i took bath and came my mom did my pony and forced me to wear her bangles and said not to remove otherwise i will through you out... first time i wore bangles and was sitting bowing my head down.. mom came and said to me till you cut your hairs you will wear bangles at home.... i was feeling shy.. i said no i wont she slapped me and said then see what i do now... she went and bought her jewellery made me wear necklace and anklets... lipstick and kajal and a bindi... and told me to cook lunch.... i was feeling very shy... the sound of bangles and anklets was making me very girlish.....
    so then we had lunch my mom said to me sorry... i kept quiet... then she said u look very beautifull... like my daughter. how r u felling she asked i said can i remove now she said no you look good as a girl...shetook my photoz and showed me... i was feeling very red... she told me she wanted to hav daughter... then i kept quiet. she was seeing my bangles and went to the room.
    soon she came with her pink churidhar and said to me how is it i said nice... then she said to me to wear i said no.. i cant she said i will forward ur photoz to ur friends group.... so i was afraid first i removed all my jewela and removed my clothes.. first time my mother saw me naked and was astonished to see thy were no hairs on my body.... she went and brought a bra of my size and made me wear the bra when i objected she gave me a weird smile saying girls wear bra and then she made me wear her churidhar which was of perfect size of her... and made me wear her jewellery and did my make up and i was feeling shy and pinkish she smiled and said my daughter is feeling shy.... wait here she said and gave me duppatta on my head and took my photoz... and showed me in mirror i was looking like girl...she said to me from now onwards you r my daughter....... she made me make dinner and was watching all serials with her..... at nite she made me wear nighty and bangles with anklets.

  • #72

    rohan becomes rohini (Tuesday, 20 June 2017 06:09)

    She took away all my male clothes and made my wear girls clothes
    before going to work she use to get me ready in dresses and go to work and use to call me and ask me to cook and clean the house... she use to take me out for shopping movies restaurants etc
    now i got use to it adn use to wear skirts tops chudidhars and nighties...
    some times tops and jeans
    my mom use teach all girly things
    My nani came one day to stay with us she was shocked to see my feminine side and started to laugh my mom introduced me as rohini....
    she also lik my new avtar...
    both use to get me ready and taunt me lik a girl now i was flexible in woman aatire
    then one day we had a photo session my mom made me wear saree... ilook very beautiful
    and started to enjoy my fem role ...
    now i wear sarees perfectly myself and take care of my mom......

  • #73

    deepika (Tuesday, 20 June 2017 08:05)

    continue from #10

    we went back to the office. it is the last of month so salary is come. both of us got sms. i had her phone and she had my because we had to act like each other now. i looked mine sms and she also and both are shocked. we are doing same job and this month priya also get special bonus and still the salary sms was half of my salary as deepak. she smiled looking at double salary. i ask why she is getting so less. she laughed at me and say this is life of women. women get less money for same work. i shocked and am thinking i should get my body back fast but also fear that priya will not give it. she is getting more and more benefit and she will get used to being strong and earning more. i say this is not fair. she laugh and say life of woman is not fair, did u think being woman is only looking cute, you will see even more problem as woman when you go home today. i suddenly remember that i have to go to her house today. i am afraid how i will manage with husband and mother in law and sister in law. she see my eyes big with fear. she laugh and pinch my soft cheek and say, dont wory even if there are problem you look beautiful and sexy bitch, this is what you wanted so enjoy it. i so shame that she is calling me bitch.

    we leave early. she take me to a hotel room. i am scared about what she will do to me. she is looking so strong and confident in my muscle body. i never think of my strong when i am man but now i am soft girl so i am always afraid what men i see can do to me. we go direct to room. i ask why she book room. she say she know i will agree to become girl so only this room is booked so she can teach me about her life and then live here like a king while i go her home and be a wife. i am shamed that till i get body back i will spend night like a slut and day like maid in her home while she will be king in 5 star room. she tease me more and teach about her family and traditional customs. she tell me what i should do and how i should do. she tell me about her husband and what she does for him. i am shy listening to how she makes herself sexy for her man and how she make him horny by sexy moves and dancing. i am shy that i might also have to do it today. it is fantasy but now reality is scary. after some time i scared and crying i tell her let me also stay in hotel. she slapped me and say she is man so she call my wife and tell she go on business trip, but i am woman and wife so i cannot do such thing and i have to go back to house on time like good girl. i cried with pain of slap and shame and accepted. i am thinking what stupid i am to give my good body good salary good wife to get this hard life.

    now she look at her big manly watch and say it is time for me to go and be a good woman. i get up with fear and ask her what she will do. she laughed and said she go to the bar and bring stupid girls like me to fuck in the room. i am ashamed and left for my new temporary house. i want to call my wife but how i can call and what i will say, i am only a girl with sweet voice and a horny husband.

    i reach new house. my mother in law is angry that i come late. she tell me to go cook. i change cloth and wear sari. priya had teach me how. like she teach i also wear bangles payals and bindi. she say mother in law will scold without bindi and husband will scold without payal because he like to see and hear payal when he fucks. i go in kitchen and cook. i feel so bad that i am so tired but i have to stand in kitchen. my sister in law is in college and she is home in 4 o clock. but my mother in law never tell her to do anything. she is given freedom. i see she is wearing short and tshirt. priya tell that she is like a boy. she dont wear girly things and rules her. now she is ruling me. she dont know i am really man. i am now her brothers wife who is like maid in house. she tell me to get tea. i give her when she see tv. i manage dinner and washing plate alone. my husband came late after eating. i am jealus that as man he can come late and not do anything in house. he is sad with work so he want to feel good at home. he come and take me to bedroom. i am now afraid and shy. he likes seeing shy me. he tell me to do strip dance. priya had said he like this and taught me this so that we are not caught. i put his favorit song and start to remove cloth.

  • #74

    Sahith (Tuesday, 20 June 2017 08:57)

    Sahith to sahithya
    Next day morning I wake up and went to hall mon said to me when I run nighty u have to wear the petticoat she said to wear petticoat and come outside I wear it and she ordered me from now every day u have to learn the all household chores like cooking washing cleaning everything u r going to be a house wife and u must not wear ant jeans shorts and t-shirts u have to wear saree half sarees chudidar and if u want u can wear leggings and tops for ur convince every time u have to cover your breast with Chinni or scarf I ask mon u said I can wear anything at ceremony u said whyvr u saying to wear now she replied now ur having breast u r wearing bbras and panties your hair is long ur facecis like a girl that's why I said if u want to leave as boy then don't wear girls costumes and leave including bra and panties for two days after two days if it comfortable with male dresses I won't say anything if u r not comfortable u have to listen my words I said ok tomorrow onwards I will live like a boy and go to college next day I wake up and wear mens brief and fest and pant and shirt I went to take bike the main problem I faced with breast without bra it is bouncing every time I am walking every one is seeing bmy breast part only and my brief also not comfortable and and there is no Chinni to cover or if bra is Thier it will support at a place and give the cleavage to me and in the college I faced it and my hip size also increase and my hair is falling down again main problem is at that time only I got periods so it was bleeding the marks got on my pant it is visible outside boys seeing me in college and laughing two days completed mon came to me and ask u can live ur life as male uvsaid no I want bra I said so from today onwards u have to wear girls costumes silently I accept it she ask me to take bath and wear night and petticoat I came out wearing and she said tomorrow u have to learn how to wear saree and wear and do Pooja and go to college in saree she said I went to sleep while sleeping I got doubt when girls get mood what they will do I don't no I am mood so I am pressing the breast with hands and enjoying next day I took bath and wear petticoat bra and blouse I am seeing me in mirror I am looking like a girl only mon came and taught me how to wear saree how to make pleats and how to adjust around breast area how to cover how to hide your petticoat inside how to wear saree while keeping pallu in walking or driving bike how to adjust she taught after 20tries finally I wear the saree mon kept ear rings and bangles and bindi ske took to Pooja room after completing I took blessings and she blessed with to get nice husband and like wearing saree only I reached the college

  • #75

    shruthi (Tuesday, 20 June 2017 09:56)

    pls sahith dont give break pls continue

  • #76

    Radhika (Tuesday, 20 June 2017 12:01)

    Village girl Radhika part-2
    Once Madhu told I will be maid of her house I am feeling embarrassed and I thought I will face very problem and slowly went inside then Madhu mother comes and show me where I need to live where all other maids are live i went to inside of maid room there already 3 maid are there Ramya,Surthi and Pooja they working in house more than 5 years they welcomed me every one ask my name and background I told them my name is Radhika and all they asked my clothes I told them I don't bring anything other than this, then Pooja told she will help me in that and give her old petticoat, blouse and saree I am thinking I must be fool to agreed for begin maid for Madhu then I take saree from Pooja and wear that then Madhu mother calls us and scolding us bcz lots of work is there and we are talking then she divided all work among us for me she told to clean the shoes stand and polished all the shoes of Madhu and her sister, I got wondering is Madhu have Sister, I went near shoes stand and saw there is saw only Men shoes and thinking why this girls only wearing men shoes then I started to clean that suddenly some one kick me backside I fall holding shoe then I saw one girl she again kick me and put her legs on me and told how dare to touch my shoes then I am start crying then Madhu mother come and told her she is our new maid your sister bring her then I realised she is sister of Madhu her name is Ragini,

  • #77

    Radhika (Tuesday, 20 June 2017 12:02)

    She is tall and muscular and wearing pants and shirt then she comes to me and check me and laugh and comes near my ear and told her sister told regards my history then I got shock does she know I am a boy then she told to her mother from today onwards I will be maid only for her I need to do her work only her mother agree then she comes to me and told me to go to her room and clean that I am went to room and start to cry because I escaped from Priya and believe Madhu is good girl and agreed to become maid but now she is more worst then Priya because she told truth to her sister how is feminist, Ragini come inside and told me she is feminist and wanted to teach lessons for male but none of them are caught for but I strick now she told she will teach how male treat female, how male owner treat female maid now you will also come to female difficult, then I got scared and take the clothes and start to clean the room when I bow down to swap the floor my saree pallu is fall down then suddenly I realised and push that to wear back but it's not coming then I saw Ragini put her legs on my saree pallu and in her hand she have cigarette and laughing seeing my condition I covered my chest with crossing both my hand on my blouse then she walking on my saree pallu and sit on chair then suddenly I took the pallu and push it on my shoulder then again I started to work in fear then she is watching my chest area on working I got very irritating in this but I can't able to do anything then after cleaning room she told me to massage her legs I sit down in floor near her legs then she put her legs on my lap I started to push that she is relaxing but I already got too tried because I don't have food and doing all work I got little sleep and fall on her legs and sleep for few seconds then she got more anger and kick me in her leg and weakup then she hold my long hair and told me how dare you to sleep I beg her sorry then she slapped me and told me not to repeat this

  • #78

    Radhika (Tuesday, 20 June 2017 12:02)

    Madhu and Madhu mother comes and ask why she is betting then Ragini told all then Madhu scold me and tell me to serve her sister well I saw her in anger look and shout on her I am man and you cheat me you told you will help me to escape from Priya but you bring me to this hell then Madhu laugh and told me you must be fool to believe me you know who I am , I am cousin sister of Priya, i take you her to teach lessons because you escape from marriage then Madhu called Priya when I heard that name I got fear then Priya come in she is smiling and told me you are looking very nice in saree and I thought of have you as my husband but you showed me actually thing you are such a girl and I will make you as my Wife, but then Madhu told Priya I made him wear saree so I must make him my wife then Ragini comes I am feminist I must make him my wife and make his life on my feet and become role model for all the girls and show them how to show man's place then I am getting scared hearing this then everyone turns to me and told you are mine I am crying then Madhu mother told them let 3 of you become husband of him and make him to serve you all then I come to know my faith.

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    Radhika (Tuesday, 20 June 2017 12:03)

    Next day all the maids dress me in saree and bring me to madappa there Priya is ready in dothi and shrit then she tried mangalyasutra around my neck then I fall on her feet to take blessings then again all maid take me inside and put me in one white bridal dress then they bring me there Madhu is in black suit and she put how in front of God to take me as her wife and I vow to consider her as my husband owner and I will obey and serve her then she kiss me on lips and lift me everyone claps then again maids bring me inside and give me bikini and bring me out side Priya and Madhu want me as her wife but Ragini need to humiliate me so she take me out side in bikini and she is in Rockstar dress then she ordered me to pool dance and then she is starting to drink whisky she put some on me and laughing and dancing with me I am feeling very embarrassed then she put come near me and squzing my hands and lips and make me knees down and hold my long hair and kick my butt and she take cigarette from her mouth and put on my neck and told me you are my wife now and mark you have is mangalyasutra for you this is new type of marriage and you must agree to accept me as your husband and you must serve me and she kicked my butt in her hand pulling my hair it's like horse riding for one bet I am tell I am your wife I will serve you all the way please leave my hair then she leaves me then I kiss her feet and consider her as my husband. In this way 3 woman make me as there wife in different ways in marriage all my friends and parents visit their were feeling bad seeing my condition but it's not under their control so I adjust to it and become porper submission housewife for 3 woman and mother to there kids,maid for her house and daughter in-law for their parents and daughter to my parents and girl friend for my village friends....

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    Introduction of hero
    Preethi a successful young dynamic IPS officer looking her track record without any hesitation department handover a difficult case to her. No one in the department ready to take that case because whoever deal with that case all are missing and till date nobody able to trace about them. Even all the male officers are afraid to take up that case but preethi took it as a challenge. from the next day she started her investigation she collected all the record of that case.

    One fine sunday preethi in her home since it is mid may and temperature is very hot she slipped men's boxer and t-shirt she set her A.C temperature to 21 and started studying about the case files. Their is no uniformity in crimes of this gangster he is killing, stealing, kidnapping and ransome he is doing very crime thats why he is a gangster. then she read about the police officer who handled this case all are kidnapped but who nobody knows.

    One kidnapping case police has applied chemical to ransom money so that it could get identify but he donated that money to orphanages. she shocked after reading it and started thinking how he found it he is too clever has to very careful she told to herself. in the mean time she hear some sweet voice of her maid sarla she turned towards her because preethi likes her walking style and she like observing her moments at navel while coming and while going her buttocks moments she will watch. Sarla came near to her and said mam lunch is ready come and eat before it become cold. Immediately preethi said sarla how many times i should tell you then immediately sarla said sorry sir please forgive me. preethi said sarla you are already very cute if you act like that i can't control my feelings may be i will rape you both laughed preethi left for lunch and sarla kept closed her files kept aside preethi watching her actions because she won't trust any one in her duty. preethi had lunch and came to corridor for smoke sarla came hugged from back preethi asked what happen sarla said preethi laughed but she saw smoke coming from her bedroom she ran their where all the files are seen burning.
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    Introduction to gangster

    As a gangster he will do all the crimes but one interesting part about him till date nobody knew about him even his picture or sketch is unavailable with police, CBI etc. A part from this interesting thing about him is he lives in a small village where only three visitors allowed to his house they are sarla, vimala soumya. Sarla a maid, vimala beautician and soumya a doctor all this three ladies are money they will do anything for money so he managed to keep good friendship with three of them and he never both at once all the 3 women don't know about each other.

    G woke up like every day his maid sarla has come to his house and g went to kitchen made a coffee for her and served to her. sarla sat in the chair and she already changed her clothes he served her coffee and she started enjoying it he left to his room where sarla left her clothes for him so he took his clothes and wear her used clothes with full of sweet and bad odor is coming out from that clothes. but he likes and starts all her works cooking, cleaning, washing everything he will do sarla will have to stare at his boobs will cleaning the floor and stare at his navel while cleaning utensils and his back while cooking.sarla has only permission to touch him for punishing him she can't romance with him that is the condition but she humiliate him. After having breakfast sarla left for day after she leaves then g do yoga to maintain figure.

    Then comes vimala a beautician know vimala is tomboy and she likes to call herself vimal know g will become young girl and vimal will become young boy and they will do romance like a college students.

    Last soumya she is feminist and she likes torturing and every night she fucks him and she is doing experiments on G to make him pregnant
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    Kumar to kumaari.

    My name is Kumar working as a manager in customs office and my wife name is Chitra working as a sub inspector. We both were married four years back but no children still we were happily living with lots of fun. Before marriage I have a secret tat my wife do not know tat is I loves to wear female dresses like saree, chudi and half-sarees. No one in the world except me knows this secret. But after marrying Chitra I never tried and almost forgot my secret and never thought of it. Life went like a smooth river. Until tat day come, yes one day my life totally changed. One fine Sunday Chitra has to goto some place for an investigation so in the morning I dropped in the railway station and returned to my home. While returning i saw some transgender crossing the road. Suddenly something struck me and I thought my little secret. All the while to the home I was thinking of my old secret to change into female avatar cos my wife already left and will be back after one week. My wife already has her wardrobe full of female things so I was determined to change into female. So on the way I bought jasmine flowers and my breakfast. Once I reached my home I removed my shoe and wear my wife's slipper and went inside and locked the door. And immediately went to bathroom for another bath this time I used my wife's soap and things for smoothness and I removed every hair in my body and also shaved my moustache and finally I applied turmeric paste on my face and body. And I came out of the bathroom and dried myself with my wife's towel. I myself checked in the mirror for any hair lefy and there was no hair and went straight to wife wardrobe and was amazed with her collections of sarees and chudis. I applied her favorite body spray all over my body. I already started to felt my femeine body. I took her long hair wig and carefully fixed on my hair. Then I took a black bra and white panty of my wife (we both are of same height and weight so bra fixed correctly). I felt so happy for wearing the bra and panty after so long years. Then take a petticoat and blouse which has tread to tie back. Finally I take a blue color saree and started to wear my heart start to beat happily. Once I wear the saree I checked my myself in the mirror and really felt happy. Then I started to wear bangles on the hand and goluse (Payals) on both legs. Then started my make-up everything was there in my wife's make-up kit. Once I finished my make-up I fixed the jasmine flowers in the head and bindi on the face. I looked 100% as a woman now. I just stepped out of my wife's room to have my breakfast suddenly I heard door bell ringing......

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    Bhavya (Saturday, 24 June 2017 05:30)

    The husband of a sister is called 'Jijaji' in India out of respect. Sonal's Sister Madhu is married to Rakesh. Rakesh and Madhu were visting his mother-in-law's home after their recent marriage just 2 months ago. His father-in-law was out of city on business trip. The relationship of sister-in-law and husband is very notorious for mind games in India, where sister-in-law cut jokes on husband of the sister and vice versa. After day one, madhu' mother went to some social function in the neighbourhood. Rakesh and Madhu had decided for city travel next day since they were tired of travelling the previous day. After breakfast, both had some rest and were absolutely free. Sonal bought movie tickets for the night show and there was plenty of time. In the meantime, Sonal suggested to play a game of cards called "Bhabhi', a very popular game in india. the game goes like this, a pack of cards is served to the players and each player has to play the higher number card until all his cards are finished. Person left with maximum number of cards is loser and called "Bhabhi - wife of Brother" as a slang to tease the loser.

    Sonal advocated that since there were only 3 players, i.e. 2 females and 1 male. It would be necessary that if a male loses then he will dress like a girl. At first instance, Rakesh refused instantly, but after repeated persuasions he agreed. As the games were played, Madhu lost the first game. Sonal noticed that she was saving her husband from losing. Since Madhu was a girl so her sister told her to dress in male clothes to make the game funny. In the second game, Sonal played very wisely so that even Madhu could not save Rakesh from losing and Rakesh lost. Now, Sonal told Rakesh that he will have to dress like a girl for them. Rakesh refused. Both sister told him that he can just wear for 5 mins just to oblige them as it was already agreed before playing that loser will dress like a 'Bhabhi'. Sonal aslo told him that she had a high regard for men who honour their words and also assured him that such arrangement will not be shared with his mother-in-law and father-in-law. Rakesh finally agreed.

    He was given a 'Patiala Shahi Salvaar', a very traditional feminine dress to wear on lower part of the body. He hesitatingly wore it and come out of dressing room. After that Sonal asked him to raise his arms in front. The moment, he raised, she put a bra on to his chest while Madhu buttoned at back. Then Sonal put a suit over his head and in a minute he was wear Salvaar Suit. Then Sonal open his long hair, (some men in India have long hair) she combed them and put a hairband over his head too. They put a 'Bindi' on his forhead and ear rings in his ears. Since his ears were not pierced, they just attached like danglers. Finally, Sonal gave her high heels to wear. Rakesh was taken to a full length mirror in their mother' room where Sonal picked a lipstick of her mother and forcibly applied on his lips. In a matter of minutes, the Jijaji was transformed into a girl and both sisters teased him a lot. Rakesh could only complain to Sonal that she had a wicked mind. Madhu could not believe that she was so much afraid of her husband in day to day life while Sonal just took one day to dress her Jijaji like a girl as she was very attractive and beautiful. her husband could not say a word in her presence. She realised the power of females.

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    Bhavya (Saturday, 24 June 2017 05:34)

    Rakesh felt nervous and wanted to change fearing that his mother-in-law will be back home. Both sisters threatened to tell their mother about the incidence if he did not do as told, on the other hand, assured him that their mother will return in the evening and he must remain in this dress while playing another game of cards. He had no choice but to do as told. While playing, Sonal told Rakesh to get a glass of water for them from the kitchen. Madhu felt akward as sonal was using her position to get work from him. Sonal spoke "Dear sister, today we have transformed my jijaji into a Bhabi, let her serve us, it will be fun". Rakesh went to get water from kitchen. Sonal knew that her mother has arrived and she opened the door and let her mother inside the room. When, Rakesh returned with a tray of Water, he was shocked to see her mother-in-law standing staring at him. At first she could not recognise him, Sonal declared that 'see mother, I have transformed Jijaji into a girl for fun" all three were laughing at him while he was just blushing like a girl. he tried to run away, but in high heels, he could bare walk and tumbled again. His mother-in-law holded his one hand while Sonal let her hand to support. Rakesh was all red with shame and could barely speak a word out of shyness. He could only complain that Sonal is very naughty.

    Mother assured him that they will not tell anyone about the play, but, he must remain in these clothes for one more hour. It was a wonderful bringing together of the family. Most important was how Jijaji was turned into a girl for fun. Such an event is a eye opener to all the sisters-in-law that they can transform their Jijaji s into a girl without much thought but with little trick and your personality. It is worth trying to gain such an experience and it will have lasting memories between sister-in-law and husband.

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