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    Radhika (Sunday, 11 June 2017 13:25)

    I am village boy, very fair and thin guy and having long hair daily morning I put rongoli in front of our house and I love to do house hold course and I will know cooking I always help my mother in cooking and house hold course and I am interested in fashion design so I know girls hairstyles and makeup nail art.There are so many girls are always ask me to do their make up.I got sit in fashion design in city but I am very fear to go to big city alone because my parents are not brought me stronger I always come to home before dark and doing my art work in home and help mom in house hold course. So I can't able to be independent and I need some one to protect me and take care of me.My mother and father worried because I need to go city my mother ask help from my bother and sister in-law. My sister in-law told and that her younger sister is living in city so that I can join her in her home she is so strong and independent girl leaving alone in city and going for job to earn her expensive. I got shy being a boy I am afraid to be alone and ask girl to take care of me.My mother told me to join sister in-law's Sister.

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    Radhika (Sunday, 11 June 2017 13:26)

    I packed so many clothes and wear one tight jeans and T-shirt and went to city to join my favourite course fashion design. I get down from train and waiting there I saw one​ tall and strong girl wearing pants and shirt give me hand I introduce to her and she replied the same I am searching for helper man to hold my bags but she told only you have two bags so that why you required helper I told her it's to wieght and I am not able to hold that much then she told don't worry I will left it it's not too​ heavy for me and she easly carry my bags I got surprise how this girl is so strong and I am so pretty in front of her muscularity.she drive her car to hotel for food I told her I know cooking so that daily I will prepare food for you and myself she got surprise because I know cooking so she went to her home I am worried seeing the condition of her house it is so missery and need to clean lots of things so ask her permission and started to clean her house and she went to her office i clean vessels and wash her all clothes she have less number of clothes and all are pants and shirt I ironed all her clothes and put it in her wardrobe I cooked food for her and myself have only some vegetables salads and fruit juice when she comes from office she was shook to see her room become so clean and all her clothes are wash and she come to hall after fresh up and she is wearing shrit and lungi and I am in shorts and t-shirts and put my hair bun I servied her dinner and I eat my vegetables salads and she started to drink whisky and I am drinking my fruit juice she ask me you are so Feminine and you can become submission housewife I got shy when I hear that she went to her room I clean her plate and I went to my room.

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    Radhika (Sunday, 11 June 2017 13:27)

    Next day I got up and started to clean house front door and put rongoli and do Pooja and take bed coffee to her she is having deep sleep I put tea near her table and get her up she slapped me unknowingly and due to her strongness I can't able to stand for that slap and fall down she got up and told sorry and try to make me up and put some water I getup and I got so much pain and started to cry in front of her she told me sorry I am in deep sleep so I don't got it I try to stop crying​ and told her to drink tea and take bath I went to kitchen crying warping my eyes she comes down and surprise to see the Pooja room and rongoli in front of house. I complete the breakfast and went to room for get ready for first day of fashion design she eat the breakfast and I take juice she told that I am looking so bueatiful I lowed my eyes due to shyness my chicks become red she said soory to put hard slap to this soft and sensitive chicks I told her it's ok we both leave house she told she will drop me to college and coming back I need to come in bus because she may come late I agree and she started her bullet bike and I sat single side like ladies behind her she ask me to sit both sides but I told her I am comfortable in sitting single side she drives fastly I got fear and hold her shoulder to get grip I get down in college and she went to her office at college I enjoyed learning art things​ and I am only boy in fashion design class and rest all are girls and I make them my friends I come back home and started to clean house and make some snacks to her to relax her after she comes from office I get some chocolate because I love chocolate and eating that and I make some neighbours ladies and girls as friends and I love to chat with them about fashion and house things I told them new fashion blouse designs and sarees makeup nail art they become closer to me then I hear bullet bike sounds and saw her she got surprise to see me with her neighbours she is staying there long time and no one is close to her but for me all are getting close I excused all ladies and went inside home and she come back wearing lungi and shrit and I servied her snack and she loves my cooking skills I put loose her she is happy to see my long her so I also started to attract her with my cooking skills and long hair daily I make different hair styles and different good cooking to impress her

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    Radhika (Sunday, 11 June 2017 13:28)

    one day she ask me If I give permission she brought me a gift and can you accept it I told her I am happy to get gifts from you she opened one packate and it have flower garland and she told can you put this flower in your hair I love to watch your hair I got shy then she push me towards her and turned me and put flowers in my long hair then she put bangles in my hand and bindi I am blushing pink she hand over me a package contains chudidhar and earrings jewelers Makeup and told me to try for her she is happy to see me in that dress I got trears in eyes and went inside room​ and get ready in chudidhar and earrings jewelers Makeup I come out in low my eyes and shy blushing pink she comes near to me and started to kiss me and lift me to outside of house and started her bullet bike and ask me to sit I got so shy because I am dressing like girl and sitting backside of bike where girl wearing pants and shirt riding bike she takes me to temple and we both pary god poojari give me flowers and told me get good husband and he blessed her to get good wife we both are happy she told she wants to marry me as I became her wife she will be my husband I happily agreed for her then she told this to my sister in-law and with help of her my family and her family agree for marriage.In marriage I am wearing bueatiful silk saree and blouse and my hand is full of bangles and I have bindi earrings jewelers and full bridal makeup and hairstyle my all nails are painted and my mother put me necklaces and bangles coming from her mother and grandmother . And she is wearing withe shrit and dothi and I am in marron withe coloured saree I got so shy to sit beside her so bunt my head and sitting in shyness she tired mangalsutra around my neck and put Sindoor and I bunt down teach her feet and ask for blessings she bless me in her confident voice and I cry due to happiness and this is my happiest day in my life she carries me until we reach car and I want to her home my mother in-law put aratti and told me to put right leg to her house I went inside and put light in front of God I again take blessings from my parents my in-laws and from my lady husband she is happy and proud for her self for blessings me in front of all I am blushing and got shy and went inside at first night I go inside room by wearing new silk saree and blouse and wearing all jewelry and bangles and carry a milk for her I give her milk and sit on floor and teaching her feet and ask me to bless she up my chin with her leg and blessings me to have more proud daughters like her I got shy then she hold me in her strong harms and push me in to bed and started to kiss me I am only response to her then she remove my saree and blouse and started to enjoy me holding my long hair I told her she is the owner of me. Morning I woke up and get ready in Saree and put rongoli and went to her with bed coffee I remember her slap and woke her up clamly as she get up and push me towards her and started to kiss me I tried to get out but I am not strong in front of her and she again enjoy me and went to bath I am still lieing on bed in half naked and in Moody after again I took bath and get ready in other saree and do Pooja of God after that I went to her with Pooja plate she is getting ready to office and she is in pants and shirt I went near her and told her you are my husband god so I need to do you feet Pooja then she sit on chair and I sit on floor and wash her feet with water and put flowers on her feet then make her aratti and put Tilak to her then she put Sindoor to me I took flowers for her feet and put it in my long hair I ask her blessings by teaching her feet with my bangles full hand and she bless with proud and I rest my head in her legs and she holds my long hair and show love to me I am thinking I am happiest man.....

    The End....

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    deepika (Monday, 12 June 2017 02:49)

    i am a muscular man with big biceps and hard chest. i go to gym everyday. i have a good dick but i am not good at sex. my wife is not happy about this. i think i am not good because i also wonder what it would be like to be a woman. sometimes i imagine that i am a small soft woman and think what life would be like.

    the girl who sits next to me is pretty and when i see her it makes me imagine me as her. her name is priya. she is married but young. this makes me imagine how she would be getting fucked and how i would too if i were a married woman. she is slim and maintained herself well. always wore nice makeup and sexy clothes. she wore dangler earrings which make me look at the shine and then i have to look at her juicy lips. then boobs which were big for girl so thin. from back her waist was hot and small. the hips were not very big but had nice round shape which was better when she wore heels sandals. she play with her styled hair often and threw it around showing her neck and narrow shoulders. her left hand nails were long and always painted. i think right hand nails were not because she had to take care of the house too.

    i always admired her secretly. but she knew i am always looking at her curves. she started looking at me when i was looking at her and giving strange smiles. i am thinking she thinks that i would like to fuck her. but i never knew that she also thinks that i am a sissy who would like to be her.

    one day she was sitting on a table and talking. her legs were crossd very girlily. it showed off her good shaped thighs and round ass. my eyes were traveling full on her curves and then it settled at the junction of her legs. i imagined fucking her on the table, her legs wrapped around me and my big dick inside her. i imagined her moaning and shaking. but then i also imagined how it will be if i were her, how my ass would also be pressed and will become wide if i sit on hard table, what sounds i will be making if i will be fucked by a man. i was in dreams and she was looking at me with mischief. she gave strange smile.

    after some time she secretly asked me to come with her, deepak come with me. we went to basement and she took me into her car. she said, i know about your fantasy and can help. i thought she is talking about me wanting to fuck her. i being a good looking macho man girls are attracted to me. so i said also started playing with her. i smiled naughtily and asked how. she started kissing me. i started pressing her boobs. we did this for 5 minutes. then suddenly she chanted a mantra. i knew something changed but do not understand what. she asked if i like blowjobs. i laughed and say i love them and that all girls should lick and worship big dicks. i said that that is what dicks are made for. she said i agree and started laughing madly.

    she brought her hand to my pants and started rubbing. i was shocked because it seems like there is nothing there. she was still laughing. it was very sensitive and her rubbing was sending shock in my body. i opened by pants fast and with fear. the bump in my underwear was not there. after kissing and pressing for this much time there should be a bump and a wet circle on top. but now i saw that there was a wet circles on the bottom of my underwear. i was shocked and i pulled down my underwear. there was only a soft wet pussy there. i had lost my big proud dick. she was laughing so hard now. she took my hand and brought to her salwar. it noticed it was bulging so much now. i touched it and it was same size as mine. she pulled her kameez up i knew from seeing that she had stolen my dick. she opened her salwar and i saw my dick coming out of her panties. it was rock hard and had a drop on the tip. she touched the drop with her sexy finger and brought it to my mouth which was open in shock. it tasted salty.

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    deepika (Monday, 12 June 2017 02:50)

    she said, you said dick is made for licking and worshipping, so now start doing it, and luahged. i said men dont suck dicks. she rubbed my pussy with her palm expertly and put a finger inside me. she asked, do men have pussies. i say no. do men moan like that when finger is put in them. i realized that i had moaned and i blushed saying no. she laughed dominatingly and said then dont worry about what men do because you are not man you are a girl. she put one more finger in me and starting finger fucking me. i was helpless. all my strength was useless. i was getting different feeling in my body. with my dick and balls gone it was like i was not a man and i could not use my manly strength. she was expert of her pussy so she expertly used fingers to take me closer to heaven. my hands and legs were not in my control. she was treating me like a slutty girl. she even massaged by chest as if they were my boobs. even if they were muscular i this time i felt like they really were soft and round and sensitive boobs. finally a orgasm came and i moaned out loud. she laughed at my helplessness and said good girl. now we have to go back to work so more fun will happen tomorrow. but today you should give me a hand job.

    i was going to say no, she slapped me and said shut up girl do what i say otherwise you will never get your dick back. i started crying and holding my dick which was her dick now. my tears fell on the dick. she liked that. it also made it easy to stroke. i continued crying like a weak woman and also stroking till it was over. the cum shoot out on my face. i was not expecting. i was shocked and made noise like i am a girl who saw a cockroach. she said that i am so girly. she took some cum in hand and put it in my mouth. after humiliating me for what she and i done she gave me tissues and tell to clean me and her up because i am the girl now. i cleaned my face and my thighs which were wet with my girly juice. we were wearing our clothes. it became clear that we would have to exchange underwear. it was ok for me but my old dick will not fit in her delicate panty. she also said that my pussy will hurt with the rough cloth of male undrewear, the soft panty is good for my soft pussy. she laughed when i wore her panty. it was white with pink dots on it and a ribbon just above my pussy. she said i looked so cute and she pinch my ass like she was a gunda and i was a victim girl. i could not do anything i blushed. we wore clothes and returned. but my humiliation was just beginning.

    she squeezed my ass on the way to the lift. i was ashamed. i looked back. there was a bump in her salwar but no one will know because it was covered with her long kameez. it was sure she will not cross her legs girlily today. maybe i will have to but. i looked down. i saw that where bump should be it is only air there. if someone look careful they will see that i am having a tiny dick.

    we entered lift. i was happy there was no one there. i was hoping it goes straight to our floor without any stop. she put her hand between my legs from behind and pressed my pussy. it hurt but she cruelly laughed. then she pull my pants back so it was sticking to my pussy. i put my legs tight together. my knees and feet were touching. i pressed my thighs together too so that she cannot put hand from behind. the door of lift opened. another pretty girl who i was looking at always and she is also interested in me walked in. she smiled at me. i gave a half smile with worry. she was wearing a short skirt and high heels. i felt horny and was thinking how good it will be to fuck her. but i remember i cannot fuck anyone now, i can only be fucked. because shw is interested in me she was looking at me up and down. then her eyes become wide and she cover her mouth and control her laughing.

    i suddenly realized how i am looking with my legs tightly together. the front of my pants was tight against my pussy and it looks just like a girl pants and i was standing like girls. she must be thinking i had maybe a half inch dick otherwise how is my pants front so flat. she was laughing thinking what a sissy i am and was thinkging how she did not notice it before. my chances with her were over and i was ashamed. priya also seen what happened and was smiling. i tried to stand more like man with legs apart but then priya put hand behind and pull my pants again. i made a girly sound and brought legs tight together again. my ass was also pulled back and it looked like it was big and round and i was pushing it back to show off like a girl. the lift opened and the girl in skirt cannot control more. she run out laughing.

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    deepika (Monday, 12 June 2017 02:51)

    priya said in my ear, you would look so good in that skirt and heels. i was in shame and horny. she said, it will be so hot to have a threesome with us two and her. i smiled because it is a fantasy of all men to have threesome with two hot girls and i was thinkgin priya and that girl will look so good naked. priya looked at me and said, yes i know it is fantasy for all men, i am also a man now and you and her will be hot girls in my bed. i understand that she is thinking of me as girl in threesome. she said, you two can suck my dick together, then i will fuck you both. she can lick your pussy while i fuck her and you can also lick her pussy when i fuck you because you can do only that to make her happy. i was shocked and shamed but my panty was wet.

    a woman in saree and a macho man entered lift. i wanted to stand like man but know that priya will not allow. she is now boss. she will pull my jeans and make me sound like girl and the others will look at me more. so i stand obedient with legs together and looked down in shame. the man was confident and flirting with the woman in saree. she was also becoming shy. i look at her stomach. it was soft and sexy. after some time the man saw me looking and stood in between so i cannot see her. he stared at me. i was still standing like a girl with feet together and flat pants front. i looked away and down like submissive woman even though i was more muscular then him. the lift opened and they left. the man was still staring at me. we were alone again.

    hff he thinks he is more man than me, i said. priya looked at me. she pinched my ass and twist my nipple till i cry in pain. she asked, are you more man than him. i say, no. she said i am a good girl and kissed my cheek. she said i would look good in that saree also. then maybe the man would be flirting with me and trying to fuck me. i was red in shame. she laughed so much looking at my shame and flat pants. we reached our floor and went to desks.

    in the night my wife wanted to have sex. she was wearing sexy clothes. but how can i do and how can i tell i have a pussy jsut like her. she was angry when i said i am tired. next day in office priya had come wearing a long skirt, 3 inch heels, payals, big earring, short top. she told me she will be wearing skirt for some time now to hide her huge manly dick. i blushed in shame and looked at my jeans and shirt. i called her outside to talk. i said to her, please why you do this to me, give my dick back, i want to be man again. she laughed and said, i always want to be a man, i know some powerful mantras from my grandmother so i used it on you. i shouted at her, but why me, why cannot you use it on someone else. she said it works only on willing men. it has to be used on someone who likes to be a man and a woman. i am girl but want to be a man also, you are a man but want to be a woman also, so it worked.

    i was shocked now. i said i dont want to be a girl, look at my muscles, i am a happy man. she laughed again and told me if you did not want to then the mantra will not work. when i saw you looking at me yesterday i could see in your eyes that you wanted to become like me. the other men only want to make me naked to fuck me. but you wanted to have boobs and pussy and be soft and smooth and wear nice sexy clothes and makeup and jewelry. i cannot lie more so i accepted and looked down in shame. she laughed and lift my chin like i was a shy bride and asked do you want more than just a pussy, then if you become more girly then you will enjoy more than yesterday. that was just trailer. i said yes so quickly that she laughed at my girly thoughts. ok, she said and took me to the car again.

    she said the mantra works when we are kissing and you think you want to be me. we started kissing. i was smelling her perfume and pressing her boobs. my other hand went in her skirt to play with her pussy but i got my dick and big balls there. i imagine myself that i am really a woman and playing with my boyfriend balls. i close my eyes. when i opened i had completely become priya and she had become deepak.

    she was happy and laughing. she admired her muscles and strength. she looked at me. i was afraid looking at such a muscular man before me even if that was me before. i looked down and saw the top of my boobs in my top. i looked down to see my skirt. i was in my fantasy but i could not be so happy like her. she will sure be happy because she is now so strong and the world will take her seriously. but i had lost so much. i had no dick. i cannot pee standing up. i am weak and soft. men will look at me and want to fuck me. if some bad man tries to i will not be able to stop. so now i cannot walk around safely. i will always be afraid. i will not be able to drink and smoke and go out in night like i use to as man. people will not take me seriously also calling me a stupid girl.

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    deepika (Monday, 12 June 2017 02:53)

    she put her big strong hairy hand at side of my hand. my hand was so thin and smooth. her biceps were two times my. she pressed my biceps. they were so soft i feel so helpless. she started pressing more and she dont know her new strength. it was paining for me and i said that and cried. my voice shock me. i sound like she did. it was such sweet and girly sound. she laughed and told me to not cry because my kajal will spred on my cheeks. her voice was so manly compared to me, i feel submissive and obedient then. i never think of my makeup. i look at the mirror and see my beautiful face. she laughingly told me that luckily kajal is ok but kissing has made lipstick go so fix my lipstick.

    i took her bag which was now my bag. it had lipstick in it. i start applying. she said it was hot seeing sexy girl like me putting lipstick. she put her strong hands on my boobs and pressed. i also enjoy it. she took the heavy dick and balls out of her pants and told me to suck it. i was still not ready to do it. priya got angry and hold my face and shouted at me, deepika you slut, you want to be a girl but will not do what girls do. i cannot speak and it is paining in my cheek. i took her dick and stroke it. she understands it i am agreed so lets me go and smiles like naughty man.

    i go down into her lap. the dick now looks so big when i hold it in my small soft hands. first i stroke the monster with my hands. i was now wearing so many bangles they are making sweet sound. i am afraid of my old dick but i kiss it. my long hair come on my face. it is in style cut. so some hair block my eyes and other comes on the neck. with one hand i put some hair behind my ear. she was happy seeing this girly thing. she said she liked seeing the long earring slapping my soft cheek. she said she wore the long earing because she knew that i will agree to swap and then she can watch it make me sexy. i was shy and came to know that it is why she was wearing such feminine makeup today. i just checked if my bindi is still there. she laughed at my worry about bindi. i shyly continued sucking. but the hair was coming again. i got up and pulled all my hair and tied it behind. this made her very very happy she started whistling and calling me a born girl. she put hands inside my top and removed my bra. i was also impressed by how she did it like macho man. i also looked down and shyly tell her you are also such a man. she become mad with horny then.

    she remove my top. my boobs are beautiful and big. she pulled me towards her. i am surprised by her strength. i am also ashamed that i gave up that strength. i was shamed that if i was a real man then the mantra would not have worked and i would be the one doing this to her. but i was not a real man so now she can do anything to me and i cannot stop her. i continued sucking her dick. it was so hard now. i can feel that she wants to now fuck me. she was becoming mad. she was sucking biting and pinching my boobs and nipples. it was sending sexy shocks in my body. she took her dick out of my mouth. she started putting my body in the way she wants so that she can fuck me. i feel so weak. i am like a barbie doll she is playing with. i am completely submissive and she is the manly boss.

    she roughly pulled my skirt. i was now only wearing my panty heels makeup and jewelry. i looked down to see. i saw that my panty is very sexy. it is transparent red with lace. i was shocked to see it is only a soft small triangel with only thread holding it. my ass was naked. only the panty thread was in the gap of ass. i felt very shame and helpless. now with no skirt i see that i was wearing 4 inch heel. i want to remove them so i bend down. my boobs are hangins and touching my thighs. but she shouts at me to not remove heels. she says, heels make girl look sexy in bed that is why in all porn they were heels. i am shy thinking that i am like the girls in porn. there are payals on my feet. it has two bells and is beautiful with small silver flowers. i look at my whole leg from heel to pussy. i still cannot believe that this beutiful and soft leg which looks like waxing yesterday is mine. i cannot trust this sexy thighs are me.

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    deepika (Monday, 12 June 2017 02:55)

    she laughs seeing me admiring my beuty but give me no more time. she is hungry for sex. she says it is enough deepika you have to make your man happy now. i wake up from admiring and get ready to be fucked. she remove my panty and laughs at how small it is. she takes it and puts it on the dick to show how small it is. she says only a slut girl like you can wear such panty. if a man wear it his dick will tear it in pieces and it will only be some threads. i am shamed. i know she is again and again teasing me and making me remember that i am not man now that i am now the most girly girl. she wants me to remembr what i give up and what stupid i am for becoming a weak girl. it also make her feel more manly and powerful. what can i do now. i dont say anything. she laughs and spread my legs.

    she puts her dick at my pussy. i am now shivering with fear. i am breething heavy. i looked at her and say please be gentle with me. this makes her laugh so hard. she sits and laughs for some time looking at me. i was still lie down with my legs spread like slut and my hands playing with my boobs. i ask why she laugh. she say, even if the girl body of your has had sex with husband so many times i forget that you deepika are a virgin, and laugh again. i am so shy i start getting up. she push me down and said ok i be gentle with virgin deepika. she insert her dick inside me. it was strange feeling. i press my boobs as she started fucking me. it is not as pain as i think and i know it is because priya get fucked so many times. i am now helpless. with one hand i am still press my boobs. she is also pressing. my other hand is out of control and is flying. the bangles making so much sound. it is hitting the seat and window. i am also making girl moan like in porn unknowingly. some time i hear my moan and feel very sexy and also shame. my payal are now come down from feet to the knee. it shake little and make sound. i think this is very hot. i dont know how much time she fucked me. it is like i not in hosh. she get orgasm and i feel cum flow in my stomach. i also get orgasm and close my eyes after seeing her strong face smiling and my red paint nails inside my heels on her shoulder.

    she very calm start dressing but i cannot move. she laughs at me but i still am in heaven. after she dress i slowly start. she now sits and looks the scene of sexy girl dress. i take tissue from my handbag and wipe some cum from my pussy. i take the panty and try to make the threads straight. it make her laugh again. after some time i make thread ok with my delicate female touch and wear panty. i wear bra then skirt then top. she told me bossy to make makeup ok. i shyly open bag and look in mirror to put lipstick. i check my kajal. my necklace was turn with locket on back. so i reach behind and bring to front. my hair is mess. i look at her smile face and shyly take all hair to one side and make it ok. i tied it in a tail. i said, now it is over so please change back, give my body back. she laugh and say, you are so stupid girl deepika, i am not going back to my female life, i like being man,i like to be strong and lift girls like you, now that i experience sex i feel so powerful with big dick making weak slut like you cum, why i will give up all this benefits of man and become girl like you do. i was shocked hear this. my eyes become so wide. she laugh and say, you look beutiful when you scared, your eyes are so big and pretty. i start crying. she say, ok ok i will see if we should swap based on your performance. she wipe my tears. she say, i should always obey and make her happy and then she will give body back. i shake my head yes. what else can girl like me do.

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    sahith (Monday, 12 June 2017 06:32)

    sahith to sahithya
    early morning 6 am alaram was ringing i stop it and wake up and i am in nighty and petticoat and went to bathroom and take bath and wear the saree and came out and wake up my daughter and readied her to school and wake up my husband and he is going to office and i cook breakfast and lunch to daughter and husband and send them to office iam free in the home now and iam cleaning the house suddenly i fond the album where my photos from childhood to now are there i am seeing the photos and taking the memories back into my mind up to 16 years i was a boy how the life was changed now i am women having husbAND and child wearing saree living like a housewife before as a boy now i will tell you how i became a women from sahith to sahithya

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    sahith (Monday, 12 June 2017 07:15)

    sahith to sahithya
    i am sahith i am the second son to my parent i am having one brother who is 10 years elder then me after my brother birth my mother want a girl child but after 1o years i was born some what sadness to my parent but they didnt show on me i was happy with my parents and brother and before my birth if my mom concieve a girl child then my aunt means my dad sister son would marry me but god made the fate i was born his name was rangith which was 3 years elder than me. while i am studying 9th standard my brother got married and new girl enter into my home her name is sanjana my bro and parent call her sanju and i will call him as bhabhi
    from my younger age i wont give any respect to the other girls in my class or near by home and in the home alsp according to me boys mens are superior togirls i listned onlly some words of my mother only i dont care any other women and even i used to whitles about the girls of my class and on road side now i am 15 years of age now i am having my own bike and iam 5.6of height and i dont have any facial hair or beard on my face. every day i used to see the bluefilms on the night time and think everytoime how to fuck a girls life was going on good but one day one icident happened me cahnged my life

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    Radhika (Monday, 12 June 2017 11:28)

    Raj to Radhika - Part 1
    I am city boy Raj for style I am leaving my hair long and it's arround my hip.And I love my hair and I take care of that everyday.One day in our collegeThey told we are selected to intercollegiate dram computation and we need to win I am happy because I am interested in drama​ but only me and rest all girls show the Interest to it,so girls only doing male character even some of the girls are taller and Stronger then me. Since I have long hair then all other girls our teacher told me to do draupadi Character first I think not​ to do but next I thought it will be challenging for me to show talent After I agree one of the girl I our class Ragini who is tomboy in nature is told to teacher if Raj do Draupadi then she will be Dushashan so I will pull his saree everyone laugh for that I got embarrassed but I no show to her then our teacher told how are are doing which character,
    Raj(Me) Draupadi
    Ragini Dushashan
    Pirya Duryodhan
    Anushka Bheem...etc

  • #13

    Radhika (Monday, 12 June 2017 11:30)

    Everyone start practicing dram teacher told Priya and me to exchange clothes then Priya wear my pant and shirt and I am wearing her Salwar duppatha,now screen is Pandavas lost the bet and Duryodhan tell Dushashan to bring Draupadi and make her slave and pull her saree,now duppatha only act as saree pallu so Priya told Ragini to do it Ragini is use this chance to show her tomboyness her muscular attitude she come to me and hold my long hair and drag me to stage it is so pain when she pull my hair I am crying and I am helpless in front of her strongness I am feeling pretty she easly drag me using my hair because she is doing that it's looking natural she is man and I am woman because of pain and Ragini is laughing seeing my condition in front of her that i can't able to act there is so poor feminine expression coming from me my teacher scold me and tell me to learn feminine behaviour and tell me to use this Salwar duppatha of Priya so if I wear Girls dress I can feel i am also girl and act feminine and tell everyone one to leave then I am wearing that salwar and duppatha and went outside their Ragini is smoking and she put westel and doing cat call for me I am feeling embarrassed and run from there

  • #14

    Radhika (Monday, 12 June 2017 11:30)

    teacher scold, Ragini behaviour and my actting capacity all are make me distribution in my mind I simply walking long thinking all and went to alone place I forgot what I am wearing it's already become dark then I realised and going back to home but suddenly I saw some durnken people coming towards me they mistaken me as girl and fellow me I run from there they also run behind me I am very scared even rain also started then I saw one car garage I went inside shooting help me then one tall and strong girl Aswini come she is in shrit and pant and she is so muscular and standing very boldly i run and stand behind her and hold her hand and ask her to help me from that rowdies she take spanar and fight with them there run away then she ask my name and ask everything I not told her truth I think I need to act as I am real girl and make her believe if she believes then I can act as girl in stage then I told my is Radhika and I am coming from village to learn in city college I lost address and this rowdies and fellow me she believes I am real girl she told it's already dark can you come to my home today then I will drop you to college tomorrow I aggred she started her bullet bike I sit behind her like girl and hold her shoulder each and every movement I am feeling I am girl then she take me to her house and interduce her sister senha she is welcome me and told me to change the cloth and give me her saree I told her I am not know to wear saree she laughed and told every girl should know how to wear saree then she told she will help me to wear and tell me to wear blouse and petticoat and wear that then she teaches me to wear saree and made me wear bangles and she comb my hair and put flowers and earrings I am feeling so Feminine because of saree I am not properly walking and sitting in saree then she teaches me to walk and sit feminine when we wear saree I quickly learn then she told me to serve Aswini the food I am sitting in floor folding my legs like woman and serving food to Aswini I am thinking I am wife and serving food to Aswini my husband then I take food with senha​. Next morning I remove saree take bath and wear my Salwar duppatha and give back senha saree she take that and ask me to take Sindoor and give me bangles new saree blouse and flowers she told it's her ritual to give this to every girl come to there house I took all and all this made me very feminine then Aswini drop me to college in her bike and went I went inside college my teacher was happy because I come to college in Salwar duppatha then I told teacher I will wear saree on practicing in dram I wear that saree and bangles and flowers given by senha and I performed very well in that Ragini is shocked seeing my performance she is so impressed after practice she come to me and proposed me but I refuse that because I am in love with Aswini and told her same she told she will not make anyone to marry me because she is impress with my feminine side and she wants me to her wife I totally rejected that and went to my home. Ragini become villan , Aswini become hero and me Raj(Radhika) become heroin to this story
    To be continue.....

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    Sahith (Monday, 12 June 2017 12:55)

    Sahith to sahithya 3
    Next day morning I wake up and went to school as usually I am studying 10th and final exams were remaining in the middle of school at afternoon I am getting pain in the stomach area I can't control it and I was admitted in the hospital after my parents are coming to hostiptal doctor checked me and take the scanning reports after getting reports doctor called parents and explaining I am at out of the doctor room doctor said to my parents that sahith Case is different he was born with both male and female genetitial now by looking behavior he was a boy and his penis is also there but he is having female genes inside his body now why he is getting pain means that normal pain when girls get on her puberty but for sahith egg was developed and not released frankly saying that it was like period but he was male his voice is like that only his thinking of mind was like male only but on his face book Beard or moustache was not there like a smooth body it was there we have to wait for 1to 2months until​what was happening in his body then only we will come to know what we have do with procedure don't say anything to sahith right now leave him like as usual after 2nd or 3rd period are coming then how it going ng to release we have to wait after getting whether his behavior is changing or not you have to notice that one but now I am giving tablet s use it and come after when he is getting problem now I can't confirm that he has to live in female or male then my Mom came out and said me it was normal pain if we use tablet it will he cure and we went home mom discuss this matter with my bhabhi sanjana and next day onwards my exam started and after 10 days exam are completed but next day onwards problem was started

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    Sahith (Tuesday, 13 June 2017 09:09)

    Sahith to sahith 4
    Next day when I wake up I saw some changes in my body I am in the t-shirt and shorts but I am getting irritated with nipple on my chest when nipple touches my shirt and after some time in afternoon against I got the pain and blood is coming in down portion and mother saw me and informed to the doctor and she gave me a tablet and after some time I was got relief mon consult the doctor and ask her about my situation she said I am turning into a female we have to do the operation with in a month mon said how can I saw to my son she said don't worry he will get so many changes in her body as well as mind after getting changes then slowly we will tell him about vsituation until then react according to him and we went home and afterv5 days are completed then while I am playing cricket due to sweat nipple is touching shirt irritating me and some what my chest is swallom and I said this toy mom and she asked her to remove my shirt she saw my body and my breasts are getting it is in small size but she didn't say that but she gave me one innerware camisole it looks like banian vonlyvi dont no it was girls innerware I wore it but it's having straps like bra when I wore camisole it was tight and due to smoothness my nipple are also placed well and wear the t-shirt and went for playing now I am confirt but after playing I used to sit on walls and see and trade girls but I can saw a girl wearing camisole inside the shirt it was visible it's looking like what I wear I go and ask about this to Kim Kim said this nipple candidate chest was increasing due to your pain in stomach it will be cure in 2weeks ok she said I got tension and went to my room and sleep

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    Sahith (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 13:04)

    Sahith to sahithya 4
    After 2 days while I was in home suddenly I was feltvon the floor then my parents admit me in the hospital I don't no that when I wake up I was in the hospital bed then I opened my eyes and I saw the doctor now she is fine tomorrow we will remove the bandages and we will discharge afterv2vdays she said then I ask my mon what happened to me she slowly said that the pain u got was not an normal pain it was pain which will get to girls while during periods means menstrual cycle u have been born with the male and female genes u can't live life like an male if u want to live u will going to die or u will be like a chalka so body is producing continuosly the female harmonies and that why it chest nipple is erecting and u didn't get the beard on your face and your skin is also looking smooth so doctor consult suggest me and dad to convert to do operation to become a female so then done the sexual reassign surgery so u have to live the life as a girl she said me by crying I got shock I don't no what to say and talk to mon I started crying I said my mon to get out of room and leave me alone so my mon went outside and went to doctor room. And doctor said to mon that sahith mind and behaviour is still boy only it will take some time change behaviour up to then he will behave like a boy but when his body is going to changes means breast increasing and hip size and from that time he will think in his way gradually he only will changes his mind until then don't force him to do anything don't tell him to wear these costumes don't go out hide it breast cooking like girl things don't say to sahith for some days leave him as he was living right now after 1 month u will see some changes in him after 6 months he will be. Complete girls but in his mind till the death he will think he was a boy but outside hevwasba girl in all manner and my mon came out and step intoy room and said don't worry beti we are all there for u if u want ask help from me or bhabhi Sanjana and I ask what about my studies and my friends she said don't worry ur results will come after 1 month u will join college in some other city no one knows about ur problem expect me papa bro bhabhi and aunt and uncle some family members only then nurse came and remove the bandages now I was feeling stages something was missing between my two legs

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    Sahith (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 13:27)

    Sahith to sahithya 6
    Instead of my penis there was an vagina was there between my legs later nurse told me to go to washroom I was in nude infront of mon and nurse I was hide my penis she laughed and said it was vagina like me only it was also there for u and ask me to sit on bathroom kamora and ask me go to toilet I used to do using the penis but she said release the pressure and asked to pee after lots of struggle and pain I pee it and ask me wash that area other wise u will get infection in that area u have to sit and pee everytime ok she said then I check my body and go there mon gave me clothscwhich were on bed It was bra panty shirt and skirt I shouted and said bbdont wantvtheese bring me shirt and shorts I wear the my brief and camisole before I worn and shirt band Kim gave me skirt I said I don't want I wear the shirt and came out and went to home my bhabhi vsanjana welcomed us in home my bro went to us for 6 months dad was there all are showing sympathy on me and we went for lunch and sit on table dad said that beti don't worry we all there for u if u want any help ask me mon or Sanjana and after lunch Sanjana came to me and said don't be afraid I am here to help I and I am also girl of your age only I got irritated and went to my room then I open my cupboard there I saw all the dresses of girls bras panties salwar different types of dresses no male dress was present I call mon and ask she said I have to wear these types of dresses only from now I said I don't want these iwant shirts shorts t-shirts and jeans only she said ok I will provide whatever I want but u have to do one help to me if u do using give My objection to your costumes for coming Friday u have to wear half saree function is there for u .u have to ciperate with us on that day only from next day u can Weta anything but in Friday u must not say objection what we do on you k I asked who will come to that function she said u me dad aunt uncle Sanjana and pranfpa and grandma and some relatives who know about u no outside persons will come or u have to wear from now only I said ok for Friday only from next day don't say any objections she said live as u like. Moms confident is that doctor said he only will change his mind . And my mon is good tailor in my town and know so many fashion designer works she is very devotional that why when girls comes to puberty they will do function that why she arranged I think and I went to sleep

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    Kanmani (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 13:27)

    I'm Kannan
    It all started when I was 14 years old, son of corporate employee couple. We live in first floor ground floor was rented by old couple. Loneliness was the biggest problem for all kids like me. Other kids were busy with gadgets but my parents couldn't afford one because they work for living and didn't earn much luxurious salary.
    I'm an introvert. Not having much friends I spent the entire after school evenings alone.
    To cure my loneliness I started working at home, I started from sweeping the floor and mopping the floor I became an addict of keeping my surroundings clean and spotless. I started keeping our house clean. Noticing these things my mom appreciated me to learn washing the vessels when I'm free. I stopped studying at evenings my educational part has become weak. I spent the entire evenings mopping sweeping washing the vessels. My progress report from better became average. But I still managed to study at night.

    My neighbours at ground floor left a few weeks ago now I'm 15 about to complete my 10th public examination and awaiting for holidays. No change in my loneliness and then one divorced lady had occupied my ground floor. Tabitha was her name. She was also alone. After my public examinations i started my works once again. I now became expert in doing house works. My mom praise me everyday for keeping the house clean. One fine day hearing me working at home she knocked at my door I opened the door for her. I smiled at her welcomed inside my house and made her sit and gave her a glass of water. She said thanks and asked am i busy? I replied yes, washing my vessels at kitchen. She asked would you mind helping me to move my old stuff in top shelves? I said ok aunty. She replied u can call me tabu or mami.i said ok mami. I'll finish my washing and join you she said ok and smiled. I started my work in kitchen and there she entered and says the house looks so nice it's wonderful you have any sister?
    I smiled no mami it's just me.
    She was shocked and praised me you are supposed to born a girl look at you doing all the works wow you are great.
    Thanks mami , shall we go and move your old items?

  • #20

    Kanmani (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 13:28)

    Yes please come mami replied.
    I walked into her house and found bunch of boxes to be moved in upper shelves, I enquired what's all these? She replied all these are my old dresses saree's skirts and so on and my late husband dresses in other boxes. Oh ok mami I lifted one by one boxes and helped her move all the boxes to shelves. She says thanks and said wait you must have tea for helping me. I said ok mami. I went with her to kitchen to notice how she makes tea, because my mom had never allowed me into kitchen when she was there. While making tea she asked about my schooling and studies and about my parents. I shared her about everything and also my hobby of doing house works. She surprised to hear my hobbies and praised me once again you supposed to born a girl Kannan your future wife is very lucky to get you as a husband. I asked why mami, she replied most men are same Kannan they want their wife as their maid and a sex toy, all men looks their wife as a stress relief machine. I finished my tea and skipped her conversation and said bye mami I have works to do. With that note I left home.

    I've completed all my works and mom dad came home. After dinner we all moved to bed. Something I felt weird after that aunty talks, why should I not try girls wear? I couldn't able to sleep the entire night, i got up from my bed and slowly walked to washroom and looked at my moms pile of old clothes she kept for washing I silently searched for her panty and a bra and her salwar kameez and slowly walked back to my room. I removed all my dresses and looked at my mom dresses with heart pounding fast and I slowly slid one of my leg into the panty and another leg and slowly all the way up to my penis I felt very normal and more comfortable than my boxers. Now I took her bra and locked it from front and rotated it for my cups and found my little flesh to be fit inside the bra i looked in the mirror and I felt my body looks more feminine and i thought maybe as mami said I supposed to born a girl.i took her salwar and shoved my head adjusted the salwar and took her Patiala legging and wore looked almost a perfect him little loose here and there. I looked in the mirror my face with no hair and my short hair i definitely looked like a teenage girl with a boy haircut. I sat there silently like a girl and went blank for so many hours and I realised it's almost morning and I don't sleep I quickly removed her clothes and kept in the same place and came to sleep.

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    Kanmani (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 13:29)

    Mom woke me up and started her chores,i brushed my teeth and walked into kitchen and asked mom can I make tea? Sure Kannan but do you know how to make it? Yes ma I know wait I'll show you. I made tea and gave it to her she tasted and said wow its really good Kannan keep up my dear and she again started her cooking for office I came out and waited for them to leave office.

    After they went I started to think about last night I felt more comfortable in my mom's clothes so I thought of trying it today once again. I locked my house and wore the same salwar after dressing I chose old bindi from restroom walls and pasted in my fore head. I felt more calm after pasting the bindi on my forehead. I started my cleaning activity for the day and I felt natural and completed all my chores but failed to notice I spoiled my mom's salwar. Quickly I washed all her dresses and included my dad's dress also after that I took bath and ran upstairs to dry all the washed clothes, mami was there collecting her clothes, she again surprised by me seeing I'm drying the clothes of my mom and dad. She praised me wow Kannan you are such a good boy to do all these works, you are… she stopped and smiled ok Kannan carry on with your works bye. She left, i felt relieved and got back to home. Mom and dad came noticed what I've done mom hugged me for helping her so much by washing her clothes I felt overwhelmed and had tears i looked down, she lifted my chin oh my dear love you so much don't be so sentimental, i smiled and chuckled mom go get the dinner and I got back to my room. I kept reminding about the entire day and I loved it, so my routine work continued till my 11th admission I daily dressed up in mom dresses and do all chores and finally wash her clothes and I started ironing both clothes too. After the date announced the school opened ,I couldn't able to concentrate on my studies, after school I dressup and do the routine chores like mopping sweeping and enjoy myself being a girl and get back to normal.

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    Kanmani (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 13:30)

    After so many days with dresses like salwar, kurta I decided to try on saree but I don't know how to wear the saree and I don't have the guts either to ask my mom. So I planned to learn this from the lonely mami. But I very rarely go there so next evening after completing the cleanup i decided to go her place. Next day as planned i did my chores and went her house, The door opened by a young male about 27 years old. A smart guy I somehow felt different about this guy looking at me , I asked is aunt home? He replied no Kannan come inside, I went inside ,I asked when aunt will come? She will be back in two hours. Oh two hours ok uncle I'll come later, he put his hands on my shoulder and asked me to Sit and help him time pass, without options I said ok and sat there silently he asked me to talk I just smiled, here started asking questions about me and what I do like a boy flirts with a girl I slowly answers all my question. Now he know nobody inside my house, I slowly stood and said ok uncle I'll come tomorrow I've here more than an hour. He replied ok Kannan we will meet tomorrow.

    Next day after I come from school I dressed back in my usual mom clothes and started doing my chores after work I thought of going back to mami place but afraid of the stranger I stayed in mom dress suddenly I jumped in shock someone rang doorbell, I thought it's mami and quickly removed mom dress and changed back to my dress and opened the door, to my shock it's the stranger I felt broken, not this idiot again, I welcomed him inside my house and gave him water, he looked at my house and smiled nice who does all this? I replied me, he smiled yes you must be I guessed already with a smile he turned back at me and said his name is Raj I said so what, he stood and locked the door I think you can share your little secret, I panicked what secret it is? Your bindi answers that he replied.

    I turned white, he came close to me hugged me from behind, I said please uncle don't tell this to mami or anyone, he replied it's upto you how you behave now, I replied please uncle I'll be a good boy, he said no be a good girl now I won't open my mouth. I got shocked please uncle, he said get ready fast don't waste my time or your little secret will go out, I said sorry uncle give me some minute, I quickly dresses in mom salwar and came back. He looked at me from top to bottom please don't waste time and came close to me and ran his fingers over my hands i felt tingling and I kept silent as I liked that feel he slowly touched my chest and started massaging and he ran his fingers in my belly button and suddenly he kissed on my lips I tried to get away but his hands were tight and the kiss an electric shock I felt lovely and forgetting where i am i hugged him he removed my dresses and made me nude and he played on my for sometime and hugged me from my back after some minutes I felt something touching on my back I tried to move please uncle I felt afraid and started tears he came close to my ears and said stay calm and he pushed like awwwww he started riding I don't know what happened to me I felt like a girl coming of age he kept driving and I started asking uncle please don't stop and after some minutes I felt the hot loads landing on my back I opened my eyes he kissed on my neck and says thank you and he slowly came out and left home leaving me naked.

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    Kanmani (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 13:31)

    I stood and collected my mom dresses and kept for washing locked my house and took bath and came back wearing my normal clothes and sat in my chair I slowly become normal I could feel my pant is wet now the hot loads are coming out now I started crying for what have I done mom and dad came home I acted normal and went back to my room couldn't able to control my feelings and started crying again the whole night. Next day morning I woke up and feeling freshed I thought of last evening and wondered if he come once again what I supposed to do? Ask him for what he did yday or keep calm? I asked so many questions to myself and couldn't able to concentrate on my school at all.

    After school I came home quickly dressed in mom dress and finished my chores like a good girl and was waiting for Raj and there is no sign of his arrival. I quickly undressed and went down to see mami house but house is locked, I felt broken and came back to house and did my regular activities. Next day i again waited for him and changed back to male self and went down mami was there she welcomed me and asked you want tea? I said I'll prepare aunty she said oh u learned cooking also? No aunty just tea from you. Me? Kannan u saw only once dear. Yes mami but wait I'll show you I quickly made tea and we both sat and had tea she was happy and appreciated me for my talent. And I started mami how you are always wearing saree and why not salwar kameez or nighty?
    Don't know Kannan but I'm used to this. Why are u asking?
    Nothing aunty for this hot place if u wore a nighty or salwar you may feel free know?
    Yeah maybe Kannan but I don't know how it's going to feel.
    It will be nice only mami after you wear it you will feel comfortable working at home.
    Oh really Kannan? But how you could say ? Did you ever wore one she smiled at me like she know the answer I chuckled and said I'll share a secret yes aunty when no one was there I tried once.
    She smiled oh nice! There is nothing wrong in trying our dresses it's just a dress.i replied yes aunty it's just a dress isn't it? She smiled back.
    With hesitation I started aunty how do you feel wearing a saree? It's tough dear you can only feel if u wore it I smiled yes but I don't know how to wear.
    Mami replied so if I teach you will you wear it?

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    Kanmani (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 13:31)

    I smiled shyly may be after our tea aunt asked me to take one box from the top shelves which has her old blouse skirts and discarded old underwear and saree, she asked me to chose my favourite and wear and come she will teach me how to wear saree I replied don't joke aunty you really asked me to take this box for that? Yes she replied if you are not interested I'm okay with it. I smiled it's ok mami let's try once she laughed yes yes once and asked to chose fast and come. I opened her box to find wide range of clothes I chose the pretty colours bright red skirts saree bra panty and blouse I wore all in matching red and came out with a saree mami looked at me in shock you look wonderful Kannan or should I say kanmani? You look just like your mom she praised, I stood there blushing she lift my chin oh look at the blushing lady ok ok let me teach you how to wear this saree, look at this, this is pally and this is the beginning of saree take this tip make a little knot and shove inside the skirt and make a round and leave some saree here for pleats and another round now make pleats with the end and place it on shoulder now check for length to flow behind you or the length you want to tie around your hip and now pin it and now come for the saree pleats make the pleats gracefully and shove it… she arranged and shown me the feeling was wonderful I hugged her and thanked mami for teaching this, she replied this box is yours you can come anytime and wear this. Oh thank you so much mami shall we stay like this until my mom comes ? She said ok kanmani let's do it. We both started talking she shared lot of tips about saree silk saree nylon saree chiffon saree cotton saree I couldn't control the feeling I want to stay as I was but mom came so I quickly changed back and asked mami will Raj come? She asked how do u know him? I said about our meet first day she said I don't know he may come next week I think we have to wait. I replied ok and went back to my home.

    Next day as soon I come from school I went to mami house and asked her saree she smiled are you serious? I replied can I wear this for my work mami pls she smiled ok dear go on but choose the old ones for house work I replied thanks mami and went back to my chores and finished soon and joined back to mami we talked about lot from makeup to pickup and in the middle of our conversation I asked about Raj she kept silent for a while and said I'll share you a secret you don't share with anyone ok? I promised her she started he is a useless fellow come here for sex for cheap rate he blackmail me sometime if I don't accept so last week I escaped and surprisingly this time he didn't insist for sex and left without notice. He must've got a better girl, I giggled and started can I share you one secret? Yes dear pls, I replied that new girl is me , Mami shocked what? And I started crying, she hugged me and said it's ok dear what happened please share to mami I'll help you. I told her about the sex and she felt broken and has tears in her eyes and said she will take care of him.

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    Sahith (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 14:00)

    Sahith to sahithya 7
    Next day My mon came to me ask me remove the shirt I removed to it and take the measurements from the dress and went I don't no what was happening and home was decorated with flowers and they arranged the chair for brides like chair was there in my house and next day is Friday so I slept early at 7 pm thinking what will happen vnext and around 12.30pm in night mon and Sanjana came and wake me up and kept the mehendiob my hands and legs I said no today is Friday y have to listen for this day after keeping without disturbing legs and hands I slept earlyorning they wake up and wash hand and legs and ask me to take brush teeth and they said me to come out and sit on chair my mil and fill came and gave me the halfsare dress kept on my hand and wish me I got shock and mon take photo and they taken us to bathroom and said to remove all the dress I removed and Kim gave me petticoat and tie up to breast and tell to sit on chair then they bath me with hot water and apply tumeric on my face I am getting irritated on one side but control for 1 days and they completed bathing for me later mon came and remove petticoat and she gave me one n panty to me said to wear I wore like brief but it was very good and later mon gave me the bra I said I don't have breast she said like curvature it will develop don't argue just do what I say she said she insert my hands and kept my chest inside and Hooke the bra from back it was an padded bra and she adjust the straps at front and USAID it was very tight she gave me petticoat and wearing it up to my hip navel and she tied a knot and sanjanga get the wig mon kept at back and fix on my head and kept flowers on my head later came the lehanga it was very weight and have so much embroidery work and glass work to step my legs into it and tied it on the petticoat so petticoat was invisible and later came the blouse it was also very work and Kim said to wear like shirt but I can't she helped me wearing it and ask me to hook it first time I am keeping the hooks I kept all the hooks last hook having the two threads I ask mon where I gave to keep she said hook it to last and blouse was tight and my bra was hidden in blouse and breast like padded Brea the nipple was pointing and I was in blouse and petticoat and Sanjana came with halfsare and ask me to stand I stood she ept one end of halfsare into my insidey lehanga at navel and I am seeing her breast it was clearly visible she saw me and laugh and said don't worry sahithya u also will get nice pair of breast Thant me remember ur a girls not.a boy all joys will see ur figure hide it ok she Laughlin said I shock and she take half saree around my body and take to front and arranged on breast and pin to the blouse if my left shoulder I was Reddy in halfsare mon came with gold she kept bangles ring necklace and earrings also I got shock they pierce my ear in hospital only and they take me to main room and said to sit on chair everyone was shocked to see me all praised me mon giving instructions to hide my breast part with saree and all give blessings on me and all ladies kept tumeric on my face and kept bindi on my head I gave two two bananas to each and every one and they changed name to sahithya to sahithya I schocked finally cemony completed I was happy and went to room to remove my dress I remove saree petticoat blouse and panty but bra I didn't what to do silent I wear short and t shirt and went to Sanjana for help she asked what I ask to come to my room and remove shirt ask to remove bra she taught me how to remove bra u have to learn all these I kept calm and wear t-shirt and went to sleep

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    Radhika (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 14:13)

    @Madhavi Thanks here is continue of Raj to Radhika
    Raj to Radhika part 2
    Our teacher told me to exchang more clothes with Priya so that I feel girly and act natural feminine,so I give my more pants and shirt to Priya and I got half saree and bangles blouse and chudidhar earrings jewelers Makeup from her I am feeling really happy, Daily to college Priya coming wearing my clothes and while practicing I wear her dress, Ragini is having angry with me because I rejected her proposal, daily in practice she pulls my long hair very aggressively and it is really painful but all my pain will gone when I meet Aswini and senha in lady getup and they believe I am real girl. To increase feminine behaviour and love in Aswini I meet them wearing half saree or chudidhar, senha teaching me all girly things she teaches me cooking skills and house hold course and putting rongoli how to manage house, husband and children I love to learn that and more lovely things is wearing Saree bangles and sit behind Aswini while she riding bike I love to roam with her in her bike and in her home I love to serve to her everyone seeing us think we are lesbians, Our drama is done very well and we got 1st prize and everyone appreciate my and Ragini actting but actually Ragini handle me very rude by pulling my long hair and drag my saree pallu everyone thinks she is actting but she doing purposefully after drama​ she doesn't have chance to drag me and she is waiting for chance.

  • #27

    Radhika (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 14:14)

    Once when me and Aswini roaming she found us and she come there and when Aswini went to shop to bring something to eat for me Ragini attack me she is dragging me I am completely helpless in front of her strongness somehow I pushed her and run she is also follow me and in alone place she catch my pallu in her leg and she is remove my saree and she slapped me I fall down and crying due to pain she is planning to rape me she is looking like complete villan now I am helpless heroin crying and I bugging her not to do anything to me and I covered my chest area because I am only in blouse and petticoat she not listing to me and fall on me and try to kiss me on that time my hero Aswini come and kick that villan Ragini, Aswini come near me and remove her shrit and give me to cover my body I take and cover my body and stand behind her holding her hand with fear Ragini and Aswini both fight finally my hero Aswini win i run towards her and hugs her started to cry and I fall to her feet and tell her truth to her and tell her I am loving her listing my word​ after comes​to know I am boy why Ragini attack me and why I lie her she is shocked and she doesn't talk anything and we simply went to her house her sister senha come to know truth and tell Aswini to marry me and she I should be wife and Aswini should be husband senha told due to Aswini tomboyness she is difficult to find boy to her but I will match to her then I went to Aswini and fall on to her feet and ask her to love me not to leave me alone Aswini told in her life she is happy when I enter her life and she is happy to marry me and make me her wife I cry due to happiness and think girls like me will cry for everything. Our love story going like this but Ragini angry towards me become more I complete my studies I now need to only marry Aswini and become her submission housewife, After college Ragini joined her father's business my father also ask me to join his business but I am not interested in it my interest is to be housewife so I helping my mother in house hold course and cooking simply roaming with Aswini.

  • #28

    Radhika (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 14:14)

    One day my father come and told me he saw one girl for me and she is also interested to marry me i am getting fear because I am loving Aswini I can't able to talk to my father regards my love because I am not join his business and only doing house hold course with my mother then my father told he is happy to marry me to that girl that girl id his friends daughter and now she is the win this year top businessman award and my father call that girl and her father I am completely shock seeing that girl because that girl is none​ other Ragini, I am in shock mood Ragini come and sit in sofa in leg on leg and simile seeing me my father ask me to bring something to eat for her I went to kitchen and my mother give me tray to serve I went in not mood and serve to Ragini and her father and my mother told me to sit on floor so they will girl and her father will happy and agreed to marry I am feeling embarrassed I say on floor Ragini feeling proud my mother told them I know cooking and house hold course so Ragini can look after business and I will manage house everyone agrees but no one ask my opinion I run to room and start crying

  • #29

    Radhika (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 14:15)

    Next day I went to Aswini home and told her everything to her, then my father and Ragini come there Ragini bring my father, my father get angry seeing me in saree and with poor girl he scolding me you are wearing Saree for this poor girl you must be ashamed I told him I am heartfully wear saree and love Aswini my father angry become more and he call police officer and fit Aswini in fake case I bug my father not to do this but he do that then Ragini hold my long hair and pull me to home and drag me to room and lock the door and told tomorrow only my marriage with Ragini I am crying in room.

  • #30

    Radhika (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 14:16)

    Next day my mother comes to room I hug her and crying I don't want to marry Ragini she is not good girl she comes to rape me once but stoping marriage is not with my mother hand my mother, then father come and told after Ragini seeing you in saree she wants you to be Bride and she is groom and wear this Saree bangles and jewelers and come I ask my father why you are force me to marry Ragini he told until this year I am top businessman but this year she took top businessman if she marries you then that top businessman award remain in our family and she having more money and you can happily live, I told my father for Happy living we not required money we want love my father scold and told me to wear saree and come to temple my mother dress me as Bride in saree blouse bangles and jewelers Makeup I am going without wish when I step out from home Ragini come near me she is in dothi and shrit she take me alone and laugh and said see I told you on drama​ practice day I told you i will not make you to marry anyone and make you my wife and starting laugh I am crying due to my defeat in front of her and wrapping tears in my saree pallu and me and Ragini in one car and my parents and Ragini parents in another car went to temple, in car Ragini is teasing me I am worried how to live being this girl wife.

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    Radhika (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 14:17)

    our car route change, me and Ragini are thinking why and Ragini ask driver why you change the route then drive Trun back and I am happy and Ragini is shocked because driver is my hero Aswini she escaped from police and come to save me from Ragini I am feeling happy then Aswini took to other temple and tried mangalyasutra around my neck and marry me in front of Ragini I happily fall to Ragini feet for blessings and she holds my hand and lift and told me you are my wife now I will protect you from all and she put Sindoor to me I am crying due to happiness and simile both and seeing Ragini defect my parents and Ragini parents come to that place and my father saw mangalyasutra around my neck and told me you will not get single rupee from me then Aswini told don't worry father in law in my hand I have strength I will take care of your son sorry my wife as princess you no need to worry my mother become Happy herring this I am feeling I lucky boy to have husband like Aswini then father and Ragini went in dospointment

  • #32

    Radhika (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 14:17)

    I am happily sit behind Aswini bullet bike and she took me to her house, senha now she is my sister in-law do arrti and ask me to come to home by putting right leg I went and light in front of God, in first night in went inside room wearing Saree bangles and jewelers Makeup and Aswini is in dothi and shrit I went inside and give her milk and sit on floor and falling to her feet she holds my hand and put me in bed Aswini simply sleep and put her legs on my lap I do namaskar to her feet and starting to push her legs she is drinking milk half glass and rest give to me I drink that then she made me lies on bed and remove my saree pallu I close my eyes due to shyness then she removed my hand and kiss me to lip I responded to her she is active and I am passive I am only respond to her move she put traps on my navel and earring in between kissing my hips and navel I am feeling honey she removed her clothes and my clothes and hold my long hair and start enjoying me I am responding to her and sounding like girl she is really Man on bed and I am real woman.

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    Radhika (Wednesday, 14 June 2017 14:18)

    Next day my housewife routine start by putting rongoli and serving bed coffee and preparing breakfast my sister in-law helping me I am doing daily feet Pooja to my female husband and put flowers into my long hair which is in her feet I told her I will be happy if you become rich and you need to win in front of Ragini and make my father happy and accpect us Aswini promise to me and start to work hard she is getting victory and final one fine day my hero my husband Aswini win top businessman award and I am feeling proud of being her wife my father realised money anyone can earn but happiness and love only good people like Aswini will give Ragini become anger and joules of Aswini she kidnapped me and take me to alone place she planing to rape me and kill but hero Aswini not give that she come for my rescue and fight with Ragini slips and falls she is tip of mountain and if she lives her hand she will die but good heart Aswini not leave her she helped Ragini and told her not to disturb our life Ragini realised her mistake and she give hug to Aswini and told today onwards she will be friend to her everyone went to home happily my father give all his property to my husband Aswini because she is son in law to my father then Ragini marry senha my sister in-law and me is the bridemaid in her marriage finally happy family photo taken in that my parents Ragini parents and Ragini is in dothi and shrit sitting as groom of senha the bride who is in saree and finally it's me in saree and hand full of bangles jewelers Makeup and standing beside my hero my handsome hubby Aswini where she is in dothi and standing boldly besides me and put her hand on my soft and sensitive small shoulder
    Happy ending.....

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    Sahith (Thursday, 15 June 2017 05:55)

    Sahith to sahithya 8
    While sleeping I have so many questions in my mind howbtheese girls will wear all these types of worst dressed like saree blouse petticoat bra jewelry and cosmetics how they will carry all these costumes on their body I got irtritation for one day only I got most irritated with bra and blouse they are very tight it will be up to half only below my chest only not up to down and from tomorrow how I have tobfve my friends and I have going out after 15 days from tomorrow onwards I have to wear banian over the camisole otherwise my friends can see the strap and humiliate me and I want to be so careful with them they don't no about my situation I know how they will comment girls how they will see the private parts of girls now I am a boy or girl I got a doubt I think I am looking like a boy only but down portion I don't have penis and I have the vagina I see in mirror that I am looking 100% like a boy but come to chest it was coming front I Weta loose t shirt and I will cover I think and went to sleep next day I wake up and fresh up and went to breakfast mom get the photos taken yesterday on ceremony get it from studios he given copies yesterday only morning all are seeing the photos of me I got schocked and I silent ate food and went to room they are talking girls thing how I am looking and my postures and my dad sister said that sahithya will be my daughter in law in two me by god grace when sahith born if she was a girls I will make her Dil but boy born but god's grace I am a girl now so everything is fine that sahithya will be my Dil she said I am listening from the door silently and I went to bath and came out I tied my towel up to navel only Sanjana bead there in my room I see her she said girls will tie up to breast so tie up to chest I didn't listen her later I wear camisole banian and shirt I take the jeans pants and I search for brief but compared to brief yesterday mon gave me the panty was comfortable due to vagina so is ant to wear but it was not there so I call Sanjana and be shy to ask her I ask her give me one panty she said I don't have it's and my size are different but for u mon already purchased dresses for u in that it was there I said she gave bra and panty I said I don't need bra I am comfortable bi wear pant and and jeans and went out there is no bike there instead there is an Honda cativa I asked mon where is my bike she said dad sell it brought for u I got schocked I don't say anything and I went to my friends palce every one was seeing me in the different my I asked why r u seeing me like this they ask what about these days I said I went to out of station and suffering from fever that's why I didn't came later we Rome's here and there while roaming we are doing comment on girls about brsleasts figure bstructures like o two enjoyed it but there is some feeling in my mind we went to my friends house we locked the door and started watching the blue films and every one is getting mood and go to bathroom band started rubbing the penis until sperms came out but I am also getting mood but I don't have what I have to do I got shy while my friend are watching the naked women and girls infront of me I am getting discomfort and leave that place and went to house while driving bike I am getting pin in abdomen and reached home an d ask Sanjana I am getting pain and bills in down side once see it I asked she came and see and think he is in periods she said ur in periods so please romove panty and wear the pad inside it and I done it for every two to three hours she said to repeat I can't beast pains like that I am in 2 days I suffered later it was fine then Sanjana came to me and said it was periods every bgirl will get for 15 days interval ubhave to hear and wear the pad at that time I ask up to how many months she said till the end of your life so evening we will go out and but panties and safety pads to u she said

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    Sahith (Friday, 16 June 2017 10:25)

    Sahith to sahithya 9
    In the evening Sanjana came to my room and said get ready we will go out she said I wear t-shirt and jeans she was ready in salwar we went out of home I take the scooty she ask me weather u will ride or shall bi ride I took it and she sat on back we went to the big bazar first we buy the sanitary napkin for my size and we went to women dresses section there we went to inner section there I can find different types of inners like bras panties camisoles nighties and swimwear she ask me select the panties I said u selecte any four of my size she said different types bare there I want full length or lace type or normal or for keeping napkins also different types are their she said u said take 4 normal which was suitable vfor both uses and finally we went home I went to sleep nextv15:days I am in home only I went outside for small reasons I didn't met my friend and my 10th class results are also declared I passed in first class but I schocked seeing results that my name is sahithya and gender as female in certificate while I am in hospital only my father send my report to board and changed mon call me to room and ask me what I will do now what u want to study I said mpc and she said where u will study in girls college or coed she said I want to go to college as a girl only I said I will say tomorrow in night I check the college s and select one where there is no restrictions for uniform but in next toy town there is an hiatal facility also but it is not in my home I said that college to my mon so father shifted home to that area I got seat in college I went to college in jeans and shirt first day in class mam came and issuing I'd cards all girls are sitting in one side and boys are sitting in one side ivsat on boys row mam issuing cards she called my name as sahithya I went to mam everyone schocked that I am girl but all of us thinking Ian a boy and Ian wearing jeans no hair no earrings jewelry no girly manner mam also schocked to see she exclaimed me from top to bottom she ask weather boy or girl I confused to say suddenly I say girl mam said to me sit on the girls row I sat beside girl also see me weather I am a boy or girl vshe got doubt

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    Radhika (Friday, 16 June 2017 12:38)

    My name is Raj I come to my hometown and feeling happy because after the long time I am seeing my parents when I come my father told day after tomorrow we are going to see girl for you, I am shocked and not talk anything and my mother also see me I am upset next day when I weakup my father went to office and my mother come to me holding cup of milk and ask why I am upset I saw my mother in anger face she simile and told she knows me I am always wish to wear saree and wanted to marry strong girl and my mother from childhood she raised me like her daughter she teaches me all house hold course and cook food and putting rongoli and she teached me how to wear saree and how manage house as a wife I also enjoy learning this but once I am become big I come to know about the gender discrimination in society and my mother told don't worry people can say anything but for me you're​ my daughter, at the same time my neighbour girl name senha she also knows my feelings and she is like my sister and we both always dress-up this is flashback now present my mother give me glass of milk and call my friend name suddenly senha come my upset goon and I laughed then my senha give me a cover I opened and feeling wow because it have kurtha, leggings and duppatha she told tomorrow you are going to see a girl as man but today shall we play that you are girl and the girl you are going to see tomorrow is coming today to see you and you need to impress her by wearing Saree and your cooking skills and you bueatiful simile

  • #37

    Radhika (Friday, 16 June 2017 12:40)

    I know seeing my upset face my mother only told senha to do this all I also feel happy and agreed and went to take bath and come back wearing kurtha leggings and duppatha and senha told before girl come to see you you need to cook food for her with your love in your hand I am feeling shy and started to prepare food and sweet thinking I am going to be wife I need to impress my lady husband in my cooking skills my mother help me telling you need to add this that then senha told me to clean the house and showcase your art and painting so that they know you know art and painting I take broom and swap the floor and wash the floor while washing I teach the floor and think her my lady husband will put her legs and this should be clean and then senha and mother took me inside and told you must wear saree and bangles and jewelers Makeup and you must be pretty for your muscles lady I am down my head and feel so Feminine and smooth my mother doing my face makeup and senha is painting my hand and legs nail then my mother give one pink blouse and petticoat and I wear that then she made me wear purple saree and senha is putting lots of bangles in my hand, suddenly our door bell ring we are all get shock my mother told this is might be some one not my father because he comes home always evening so she told us to stay in room and told to senha to finish my jewelry wearing and she will answer to door bell senha continue by putting anklet to my legs and my mother went near door she opened it

  • #38

    Radhika (Friday, 16 June 2017 12:41)

    and saw a lady and a girl , the lady is in saree and girl is in pant and shirt she is wearing man pant and shirt then lay ask my mother shall we come inside my mother nodded her head then when they come inside my mother ask who they are then lady told she is the mother of Priya the standing wearing pants and shirt she told tomorrow your son is coming to see this girl only for marriage and we have to say something to you so we come her my mother get confused and ask them to sit then sitting in chair and lady told point to girl wearing pants and shirt she is my daughter Priya she is so active and top in her college I am so encourag her and she is always playing cricket and football with boys and she wish to wear pants insitied of petticoat seeing her interest I support her but her father apposed but I support her with out know to her father I raised my daughter and son and now she is police officer and now your son is coming to see her make her his wife and she needs to spend her life for your son but she doesn't wish for that she is very strong girl and she having capacity to earn her money and she is independent and she can able to tie the to boy and she wants to become husband in relationship so insitied of ask you to come to our home and then tell this you are going back in dispointing is not our wish so we come here to tell this

  • #39

    Radhika (Friday, 16 June 2017 12:42)

    then my mother laugh and told I think god only make pair of your daughter and my son because how you raise your daughter as son I also raise my son as my daughter, the lady and girl shocked and see eachother​face then my mother called me and I unknowingly went to hall by adjusting my earrings and shocked seeing other people senha also shocked then my mother interduce me to them and told me to go and take blessings from from them I went to Priya and her mother and fall to there feet and ask for blessings, and I went inside due to embrace then Priya and her mother shocked seeing me and my mother explain them my flash back inside senha is teasing me see your dreams come true and our play become reality you made floor clean thinking your lady will put her legs and see Priya is sit and put her legs on that spot and you made food mixing love to it for your lady so go give this food and impress her, my check are becoming red and I take plate have my cooked food and sweet and I lowed my head and went to hall my hand and legs are shaking because of fear but Priya is sitting in chair confidential and put her leg on leg I serve the food and I sit in floor in front of girl by florin my saree and I am feeling uncomfortable because of saree and bangles make sound but Priya sitting freely because she is in comfortable clothes pant and shirt then Priya mother started to ask questions about my education what I am doing and my house hold course and cook skills I answered them politily lowing my head and Priya also ask me questions and tell me to stand and sit and tell me to walk and ask me to sing song for her and dance for her I do all and it is difficult for dance in saree Priya is full happy because she is to do this when I go to her house to see her but I am only obeying her and her mother other and she is checking my insisted of I am checking her and final she agreed to marry me and consider me as her wife and my decision is not matter here because Priya is my owner from now onwards and I just give my neck to her to tie mangalyasutra and obey her my life time I again take blessings from Priya and her mother and they both went and I stand behind door and seeing Priya in single eye in shy when she turn back and saw me I got so shy and close my face in my hand and Priya started her bullet bike and her mother dot in it and they went I am feeling happy because Priya have bullet bike and I don't know how to ride my wish is wear saree and bangles and sit behind strong girl who ridding bullet bike.

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    Sahith (Saturday, 17 June 2017 07:27)

    Sahith to sahithya 10
    Later in recess time I went to toilet some girls followed me I sat and pee then the girls confirm that I am a girl then they used to talk to me and later I went to home and mon ordered BME to not to cut my hair from now I didn't say anything I kept silent life was going fine but after one month my chest is increasing my breasts are producing and they form the round area it is increasing the weight on my chest as I am going to college every day in jeans and shirt only up to now I didn't wear any girls dresses except panty and camisole to college I am wearing the boys shirt so my chest is bulging outside so all my class boys are seeing me only while I am walking and it is moving up and down while walking for the boys I am the eye feasting to them I observed remaining girls there breast is so much bigger than me but they are fixed and they are not bouncing I think why and after two days one day in college mamade an bokb one me that thereby sbjo uniform up to now but they kept rules on boys and girls dressing they made a circular that from every Friday and Saturday Bhoy have to wear shirt and punch for girls every Friday she has to come in halfsare with eating and bangles and Saturday in ghaghra choli or chudidar and from now if students absent on Saturday and Friday they will be terminated from the college I got schocked listening the words iwent out of college and my books fell down I bend it and taking all boys are seeing my breast I got shy and take the books my friend​ Neha came to me and said tomorrow on wards wear the bra and come it will stop u bouncing and will give the nice figure and sliently listen bthe voice off bra I got tension and went home lol was not there she went out of station for 10 days only me and Sanjana was there how I have to tell my problem to her and costumes slowly my way of dressing and habits are changing but my mind is like a boy later I went to Sanjana and said about college circular and chest problem Sanjana said for chest you have to wear bra it will stop u from bouncing it will give support to you and nice figure u don't have any girls dresses so you and me will go to shopping and by necessary bthings to u so be ready in 10 mins we will go we went to ladies shopping mall first we went to the inner section and sales girl ask me what u want Sanju said she need a bra mam size please I don't no sales girl came and ask me to go to trial room and ask to remove shirt I removed and measured it she said 34b then she suggested BME which tulypenu want sportbra or t-shirt bra or strapless or padded Sanju explained me difference padded means your breast will inside padded cup and it will give extra structure and sports bmeans they don't have hooks at back like camisole but up to breast part and strapless means it won't have straps ubhave to push means lift it breast and u have to place it I didn't understand what she is saying I said select any one for regular wear and sales mam give me one for trail I don't no how to wear I and Sanjana went on trial room and she taught me hoe to wear and how to place breasts into place and how to adjust straps and how to hook it from back and how to unhook it she taught and ask me to try after several tries I learn how to Hook and unhook the bra she said to wear it and above camisole and shirt inside she said size is ok

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    Sahith (Saturday, 17 June 2017 07:49)

    Sahith to sahithya 11
    She said she taken that bra include in bill and pack 3 padded bras and 3normal bra and 2 sports bra and we later went to halfsare section and sales girls are showing the different types and different works types and I said to Sanjana select anyway u like she started keeping saree on me seeing and selected the different types of 4halfsaree sets and ask sales girl to where I will get the petticoat she said to go there and taken matching Colorado petticoats of my size and we went to chudidar section she ask me u want chudidar sets are leggings and tops I don't no she said see the Boucher in that she show me difference between legging tops and Punjabi dresses and anarkali dresses then she only selected the two types on each and we pay the bill and went out of shopping mall I can feel that bra is making the difference on me bouncing was stopped and if feel it was good support and we went to western section and she selected the shirts and I asked why she said those are boys ur near the breast side it will tight it will be girls shirts and t-shirt so u can go out like a ton boys as u like selected the jeans also she took to tailor shop andgive for stitching the blouses and chudidar and we went to jewelry sections she selected earrings and bangles and hair band cosmetics etc and finally we reached home she placed all the dresses in the cupboard I see all of them and cried inside I am crying why I have to wear these and l went to sleep

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    Sahith (Saturday, 17 June 2017 08:38)

    Sahith to sahithya 12
    Next day morning I wake up and took bath and came out took panty and wear later I tool bra and wear and camisole and taken new shirt which was purchased outside I wear it near to my breast sections it was loose and side it was showing like a curve and it was exactly fit to me and wear the jeans and take scooty and went to college now I can concentrate on my moves and work breast was not at all irritateing nipples also it given me the nice postures to me and my class not also not seeing me more after that evening went to home I am getting tension how I have to face class tomorrow in halfsare in my class girls all talk about which type u will wear tomorrow like that I reached home and sanjanavsaid that blouse came I said ok tomorrow as usual I wake and take bath and went to Sanjana for help I am in bra and panty she said to wear petticoat I took it and wearing from down she said stop and ask me to wear from top l wear it and tied the thread at hip she gave me blouse I took it and wear it like shirt and started hooking after one hok to hook it was getting very tight finally I hook the blouse it covered my total bra part inside before in function blouse was loose there is no breast at that time now Ian having so it looking tight and my nipple are pointing outside from blouse than take the lehanga I wear it by my own later she tie me halfsare and she ask me to remove and she said try it by your own after 10 to12tries I learn how to pleat Nd fixed it blouse and adjust around the breast she taught me how to handle halfsare outside and she gave Bangles to wear and she fix earrings and keep bindi on my head now Ian looking like a complete girl and went out and take scooty while driving my back side saree was flowing in air I can't control and my breast view was visible to boys I know how boys will see girls but now Ian facing now Ian adjusting finally I reached college and went to classroom and every one was schocked to see me in halfsare every time I am in boys costumes know I am in a girls traditional wear some boys say it beautiful

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    Radhika (Saturday, 17 June 2017 13:04)

    Village girl Radhika part- 1
    My name is Raj and I am from village in our village one bad person Bhai is ruling our village and everyone is fear for him and I am very pretty soft boy I don't bring up strong I also be indoor and helping my mother in house hold course my father is former but he wants me to study and be good officer so he not allowed me to go to agriculture field so I always be in home and study and free time I helping​ mother in cooking, washing clothes, putting rongoli, washing vessels etc like all girly work ,for washing clothes in our village we need to go to village lake all our village girls are going there me also joining them everyday to wash clothes. That bad leader bhai who is ruling our village is having one daughter Priya, she is also so bad since bhai don't have son he brought up his daughter like son and she is always very aggressive and show bad behaviour she riding bullet bike and come to village to get money from village people and ruling our village badly like her father.she is looking like macho man and always hurting people all village people are scared for her and her father.

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    Radhika (Saturday, 17 June 2017 13:05)

    One day after my studies i took broom and started to swap the floor and then I do mopping then my mother told me to wash clothes I take all the clothes and join all the girls and went to village lake I am in pajama and I am in bun hairstyles and all girls are talking about makeup Sarees serials I am totally involving in that and we are are washing clothes and talking, but Priya is watching all of us by sitting in her jeep and smoking but we don't notice it we all are involving in gossip and washing clothes, suddenly she jump to village lake where we washing clothes and we are all scared especially me I am too scared of her because she is macho woman, she swim to one end and take one bueatiful flower there our village boys also not swim that much but she easly swimming and then she come near me my fear increasing then she​ come out water with flower and come beside me and put that flowers in my hair I am feeling embarrassed then she hold my soft and sensitive lips and told "yours​ lips looking like apple I need to eat this but not only today I need to eat all your bueatiful body everyday you are such a lovely and pretty for me so I will marry you so that you can be obey my order and give enjoyment everyday for me daily I can't be wife to macho man because I am macho woman so I requeried soft sensitive little pie like you boy ok I will come with my father to your house ok". I am standing in shock she then bit my butt and squzing my hands and lips and went in her jeep, all girls are come near me I started crying all are consoling me they took to my home and told everything to my father all we are in shock.

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    Radhika (Saturday, 17 June 2017 13:06)

    That day night me and my parents are trying to escape with help of my girlfriend but Priya and her father is following us finally at railway station my parents and friends are get in to train but Priya slap me hard so I falls​ down into floor can't able to catch the train then Priya took me to me to her home lock me in one room. I am crying in room because no one in village to help me all my friends and parents are getting into train but I can't how can I escaped from this marriage.
    Next day early morning Priya's Mother come to my room she is very kind hearted person she come with saree she told me I will make you like girl and you escape from this bad person I fall into her leg and thanks her for saving my life for her bully daughter, then she put me in bra, blouse and petticoat and then warp saree around me and put bangles to my hand I feeling like happiness in my heart when I wear saree and bangles then she put earrings and give me some money and tell me to run away then I come out of room I walk slowly then saw Priya then I put saree pallu on my head and walking towards door Priya is drinking alcohol she is in her own land she thought me as some working woman because I am putting pallu over my head and after come out of that hell I am feeling happy and run run....then sun raised in Priya home she is get to know I escaped but she doesn't know I am in female getup then I run putting pallu over my head and suddenly one bike comes and hits me I fall into floor.

  • #46

    Radhika (Saturday, 17 June 2017 13:06)

    When I opened my eyes I am in hospital then I saw that bike rider actually that bike rider is girl she saw me and ask is I am feeling better I told yes she simile and went then I saw nurse she also simile and went I got surprise why they are laughing then I realised I am in saree then my moustache is still there I am starting to cry then that bike girl come to me and told not to cry and ask who are me and why I am in saree then I told her all the story she is really good girl I ask her name she told her name is Mashushree she told she is Software engineer her passion is she always go to long bike ride on every weekend and today she come to our village and mistakenly she hit me I told her I don't want to marry Priya because she is so mucho woman and black heart and I need to find my friends and parents then Priya told she is always wants help someone so she told me come to her home and we can find my friends and parents I agreed and told her what if bhai and Priya found us. She told you already in saree then shave your moustache and be very pretty girl I will take you to home as a girl then bhai and Priya not able to find you and you can easily find your friends and parents I agreed and shaved my moustache and Madhu give me make up jewelers I apply lipstick to my soft sensitive lips it's looking natural feminine because of shave moustache and I apply makeup and adjust my saree and long hair and I put all the bangles In my hand and went with Madhu she kick her bullet bike and started in one click I am wondering how this girl is so strong and start Kick bullet bike I can't able to move that heavy bike handle also and think being a boy I am in saree and bangles in hand and sitting behind where girl in pant and shirt ridding bike, she can kick Start bullet bike and give escalate bullet sounds I am only able to sit behind her and made my bangles and anklet sounds... I sat single side like ladies and hold her shoulder to grips and she took me to her house and interduce me as Radhika and told she is good student but having problem for fees for college I told her I will give you money but refused to take simply and told me she will work as maid in our house and take money, I am in shock because this girl shaved my moustache and made me wear saree and bangles and now maid for her house I simply accept because I am not in demanding stage so I went to parents of Madhu and get blessings and start to work as maid in Madhu house on the other hand Priya is searching for me...... We will see how this triangle love story going on next..... To be continue.....

  • #47

    Sahith (Saturday, 17 June 2017 13:17)

    Sahith to sahithya 12
    Then I sit in bench and thinking how girls will wear all these things at a time how they will carry all the time after wearing halfsare I can't able to walk fastly and every time I have to adjust the saree near blouse and after college I went to home and remove each and every thing and I went to sleep next day also different costumes that is chudidar this time I only wear bra and panty I call Sanjana she said to wear bottom I wear it it is like a pant instead of button and zip it have thread I tied it later she gave me top she said to wear it like t-shirt before that see what comes to be front and what have to come back I wear it and released till the down so top have came up to my knee length Sanjana gave me Chinni to wear she kept Chinni in v shape every time it is falling she taught me how to adjust or she said that keep pins to Chinni on both sides so it won't disturb u she kept it I like this dress very much it is very light weight and it is free to wear and it was comfortable to me so u went to college and came home Sanjana asked how about these two days are I confirt with dresses I said with half saree it was weight Ian not comfortable but today this dress was comfortable I said today onwards wear nighty while sleeping it is confer to u while going to bathroom also it will be easy to go using nighty instead of shorts after evening bath she kept nighty in my room I came out I took bra she said don't wear bra while sleeping no need bra in home better to leave feely while in home like petticoat and top wear the nighty like that I take and wear it from top it came up to my foot it was free she said keep hooks at front I kept and sleep it after one month gone every day Ian wearing ladies jeans and shirt to college except weekends in chudidar and halfsare and night times nighty now my wardrobe is fill with bras panties nighties chudidar and panties next week my birthday is coming my mother is coming to home after a long gap and she said she will celebrate in grand way Sanjana said and she say another thing mon see one marriage match to me and used to announce on birthday Sanjana said to me I got schocked

  • #48

    Sahith (Sunday, 18 June 2017 11:24)

    Sahith to sahithya 13
    Next day morning I wake up take bath and come out remove the towel suddenly my room door was open I got shock and keep my hands on the breast and cover mon came from out of Station she saw me and laugh she said u became a girls now she saw bra on bed and she asked me u r wearing bra also i kept silent I wear bra infront of her I adjust my breasts in cup and straps she is seeing me Nd came with the measuring tape and take measurements for birthday dress I don't no which type of dress and she went I wear short and pant and went to college and came home tomorrow isy birthday that night I sleep and wakeup take headbath and came mon show me two dresses one is ghaghra choli and another one is a saree and the anarkali churidar dress mon said now u wear saree we will go temple and chudidar to college and ghaghra choli in night function o got schocked why thees many u r a girl u have to wear all the types mon asked me wear bra panty and petticoat I wear it later the blouse I wear it and she came near me and tiening the saree she saying me how to tie how to make pleats after 10 mins saree wearing was completed and I am in difficult I'm walking I can't able to walk I can't able to handle everytime the pallu is falling she saw that she fixed pallu to the left side of blouse with pin now it is fixed now mon book a cab and we step in while driving in car cab driver is seeing me differently from mirror I got doubt that bra strap is visible I covered with blouse I got shy we reached temple first time I am standing in ladies queue before I went to temple for watching girls in traditional wear now I came as a girl in saree for boys I am the one of the figure to them after priest blessed me for long life with good husband and children and we came out of temple and went to home iwent toy room and remove saree and blouse now I am feeling very free after removing it now it's time to college I wear top and bottom but this dress at breast area it is some what tight and coming down it was free like a gown it is good and free to wear evening I came mon arranged party in home some guests are came I went to my room mom was ready with the dress and ask me to remove I am in bra and panty she ask me to wear petticoat and lehanga I wear then came choli it was back hook so I step the hands in and my mother kept the hook at back at front it was designed like blouse only but it having back hooks now my navel is visible and mon came with Chinni and kept on one side only so and keeping all jewelry I came out all came and blessed and give the gift my aunt also came and said I also bring gift and showed his son rangit they make an marriage proposal and held with in a year I schocked vto see Ranjit when I am a boy I ragged him if he is 3years elder than me also he will be feared when seeing me now I want to be going as a wife he also seeing me differently he schocked to sahithya as turned as sahithya bloke a beautiful girl she is seeing me top to bottom and he is seeing my breast pat only I got shy and he said I want to talk to her privatly in a room I schocked to hear that what he will talk to me we ro went to one room

  • #49

    Sahith (Monday, 19 June 2017 09:13)

    Sahith to sahithya 14
    We went to room he came back and locked the room he came near to me I step back he is coming very near I stepping back and came to wall he came closer tome he is seeing me from top to bottom and he came closer and he kept the hands on my hip area I got some sexual feelings and he is moving the hand from hip to breast side I at that time my breast and nipple became harder and I am ready to shout he close my mouth he kept hand on my breast on slowly pressed it and he touches the nipple also I got irritated and thrown him on the bed and ready to go out but he stop me and said I have done this because I want to check u ra girl r not o taken permission from mom sorry for doing like that u r really a girl I can't believe now once up on a time I ragged me and teased me now u r a girl and coming vas my wife and ur behaviour also totally changed I said I don't want to marry now I want some time after 1 year we will see I said rangit replied marriage must be with in 7months I said I want to study and I am not a girl totally by looking I am girl but mindset is still a boy by this physique and expression as a girl but I am wearing ladies dresses but I want to wear male dress only and I can't be ur wife and obey ur orders and finally not like a sex toy to u I said to him he got schocked and see sahithya in our family no girl studied more than 10th now ur study Ind intervafter 7 month u will be 18 years so parent arrange marriage to us next week will be the engagement and next month Marrage but I only said to then postpone 7months I will accept u but it parent won't accept if u convince ur mon then ok other wise next Monday engagement and after 7 month Marrage ok I am going out and he left room and aunt and uncle relatives left home mon came near to me and said next week is ur engagement be ready my bride I said I don't want she said if I want stay hear or go out from house mon replied no one will marry u by seeing it transformation band each and every thing but aunt and rangit accepted that's why she replied I went to room and cried and sleep

  • #50

    rohan becomes rohini (Tuesday, 20 June 2017 04:51)

    my name is rohan iam 19 yrs old... iam tall and little bit slim i was in band group when i was doing my 12.. i have long hairs i used to tie a pony all the time. my mother is a divorce because she was a career oriented woman her name is shama and she works in pvt bank. and my mom got transfer to mumbai so we shifted in mumbai.... i lost all my friends my band group college and shifted to nice apt... i was not happy but every thing got changed... i took up correspondence and started to stay at home as i didnt have any friends.. my mom is 40 yrs old so she use to work and come back in the evening,

  • #51

    rohan becomes rohini (Tuesday, 20 June 2017 05:04)

    So i didnt have much to do... i use to keep watching tv and study for sum time..
    my mom was good at work she was a manager in the bank she was happy tht i spend my time at home and got left frm the band and friends which she didnt like... we didnt have much relatives and friends so we were the family... we got settled it was almost 2 months.... and mom use to come home and make dinner and we use to spend some time 2gthr in evening..let me tell you about my mom she still lokks young and use to wear formals to work and in evening she use to wear t-shirts and track pants. the last time i saw haer in saree was when i was 7 yrs old after tht she changed in to western...
    she has her old sarees dresses nighties chudidhars and lehengas which are kept unused from long time... now she dont wear. she has her own car she drives to work and does her shopping all alone... she was independent... we look like brother and sister... she is fair enough she had married second time but she liked to be independent.... we use to work 2ghtr at home cook and do all household chores as we didnt hav any maids... my mom wanted me to take admission in regular college which i denied.. and took correspondence.

  • #52

    rohan becomes rohini (Tuesday, 20 June 2017 05:30)

    so the days passed i used to help my mom in household chores and learned cooking... now i use to cook for mom and keep the house clean.. we had lots of property as my mom was frm a good family and she had a good income.. so once my mom wanted to go to parlour she forced me as well to cut my hairs so we went over ther as normol my mom took some services where i did cut my hairs but shaped it and had a hair blow.. my mom was angry but i convinced her saying that i will join band group very soon.. so i looked little bit feminine and got done some threading on my eye brows... so we came back and my mom said u look like girl rather than boy plz cut your hairs and step out of hose and make sum friends... so days passed it was difficult to manage my hairs so my mom used to tie a pony tail and use to make my fun by calling me rohini my daughter i use to get irritate... and i forget to tell u tht i had pierced my ears as well with small stud earrings..when i was in band group. so one day mom took me to the shopping centre. i was wearing jeans and shirt.. everybody were busy seeing me..and mom was buying lipstick frm the counter as i was waiting the sales girl thought me as a girl and askd me whether u like to try lipstick or creams then my mom said he is my son then she apologized to me and gave me a smile.... so we returned home and my mom gave me a lecturer... so it was sunday morning we were cleaning warddrobes sudeenly my mom took her jewellery box and showed me she had nice collection of necklaces earrings bangles anklets etc it was all of gold...
    i asked her why dont she wear? she said iam a working woman it doesnt suit me any more...
    i have kept for ur wife... so it was lunch time we had lunch i took my bath and lost my one of earring so i was searching it but could not find so i asked mom to get me one frm the shop.
    she said its sunday no shops will be opened . she will get it tomorrow.. so she went searched her wardrobe and bought her jewellery box and took out 2pairs of gold earrrings and told me to try as i said her its girly she said no one is here to watch you wear it now.. for timebeing.
    as i was not comfortable she forced me and me wear her earrings which were little big i felt little bit shy.. my mom said now you look nice she showed me the mirror and asked whether you like to try bangles or necklasce i felt ashamed... and kept me had down .. she said nor u step out of the house nor u study in college... so what hav u decided? to become my daughter... a girl stays at home and does cooking? speak rohini from now on wards u r rohini my daughter.

  • #53

    rohan becomes rohini (Tuesday, 20 June 2017 05:59)

    she was angry litlle bit.... so i slept with the same earrings a week passed and i asked mom for my studs she said she didnt had time to buy...
    it was second saturday as mom had holiday she was busy cooking i took bath andwas adjusting my hairs... mom came and tied my hairs with her rubber band and made in a fem style.... i was studying she came and asked wht hav u decided i said iam studying mom give me sum time... she went and bought some glass bangles and said rohini wear this... i said mom whatz this now..
    she said bangles ( chudiyan ) wear it and stay at home....i got angry and went to my room... she called me dinner we had dinner she taunted me by saying now my daughter will wear bangles and stay at home and cook rite rohini.. i went and slept it was sunday morning i made tea and gave mom to drink.. mom said me to toast the bread and get.. i gave her bread she showed me the bangles again i kept quiet.. i took bath and came my mom did my pony and forced me to wear her bangles and said not to remove otherwise i will through you out... first time i wore bangles and was sitting bowing my head down.. mom came and said to me till you cut your hairs you will wear bangles at home.... i was feeling shy.. i said no i wont she slapped me and said then see what i do now... she went and bought her jewellery made me wear necklace and anklets... lipstick and kajal and a bindi... and told me to cook lunch.... i was feeling very shy... the sound of bangles and anklets was making me very girlish.....
    so then we had lunch my mom said to me sorry... i kept quiet... then she said u look very beautifull... like my daughter. how r u felling she asked i said can i remove now she said no you look good as a girl...shetook my photoz and showed me... i was feeling very red... she told me she wanted to hav daughter... then i kept quiet. she was seeing my bangles and went to the room.
    soon she came with her pink churidhar and said to me how is it i said nice... then she said to me to wear i said no.. i cant she said i will forward ur photoz to ur friends group.... so i was afraid first i removed all my jewela and removed my clothes.. first time my mother saw me naked and was astonished to see thy were no hairs on my body.... she went and brought a bra of my size and made me wear the bra when i objected she gave me a weird smile saying girls wear bra and then she made me wear her churidhar which was of perfect size of her... and made me wear her jewellery and did my make up and i was feeling shy and pinkish she smiled and said my daughter is feeling shy.... wait here she said and gave me duppatta on my head and took my photoz... and showed me in mirror i was looking like girl...she said to me from now onwards you r my daughter....... she made me make dinner and was watching all serials with her..... at nite she made me wear nighty and bangles with anklets.

  • #54

    rohan becomes rohini (Tuesday, 20 June 2017 06:09)

    She took away all my male clothes and made my wear girls clothes
    before going to work she use to get me ready in dresses and go to work and use to call me and ask me to cook and clean the house... she use to take me out for shopping movies restaurants etc
    now i got use to it adn use to wear skirts tops chudidhars and nighties...
    some times tops and jeans
    my mom use teach all girly things
    My nani came one day to stay with us she was shocked to see my feminine side and started to laugh my mom introduced me as rohini....
    she also lik my new avtar...
    both use to get me ready and taunt me lik a girl now i was flexible in woman aatire
    then one day we had a photo session my mom made me wear saree... ilook very beautiful
    and started to enjoy my fem role ...
    now i wear sarees perfectly myself and take care of my mom......

  • #55

    deepika (Tuesday, 20 June 2017 08:05)

    continue from #10

    we went back to the office. it is the last of month so salary is come. both of us got sms. i had her phone and she had my because we had to act like each other now. i looked mine sms and she also and both are shocked. we are doing same job and this month priya also get special bonus and still the salary sms was half of my salary as deepak. she smiled looking at double salary. i ask why she is getting so less. she laughed at me and say this is life of women. women get less money for same work. i shocked and am thinking i should get my body back fast but also fear that priya will not give it. she is getting more and more benefit and she will get used to being strong and earning more. i say this is not fair. she laugh and say life of woman is not fair, did u think being woman is only looking cute, you will see even more problem as woman when you go home today. i suddenly remember that i have to go to her house today. i am afraid how i will manage with husband and mother in law and sister in law. she see my eyes big with fear. she laugh and pinch my soft cheek and say, dont wory even if there are problem you look beautiful and sexy bitch, this is what you wanted so enjoy it. i so shame that she is calling me bitch.

    we leave early. she take me to a hotel room. i am scared about what she will do to me. she is looking so strong and confident in my muscle body. i never think of my strong when i am man but now i am soft girl so i am always afraid what men i see can do to me. we go direct to room. i ask why she book room. she say she know i will agree to become girl so only this room is booked so she can teach me about her life and then live here like a king while i go her home and be a wife. i am shamed that till i get body back i will spend night like a slut and day like maid in her home while she will be king in 5 star room. she tease me more and teach about her family and traditional customs. she tell me what i should do and how i should do. she tell me about her husband and what she does for him. i am shy listening to how she makes herself sexy for her man and how she make him horny by sexy moves and dancing. i am shy that i might also have to do it today. it is fantasy but now reality is scary. after some time i scared and crying i tell her let me also stay in hotel. she slapped me and say she is man so she call my wife and tell she go on business trip, but i am woman and wife so i cannot do such thing and i have to go back to house on time like good girl. i cried with pain of slap and shame and accepted. i am thinking what stupid i am to give my good body good salary good wife to get this hard life.

    now she look at her big manly watch and say it is time for me to go and be a good woman. i get up with fear and ask her what she will do. she laughed and said she go to the bar and bring stupid girls like me to fuck in the room. i am ashamed and left for my new temporary house. i want to call my wife but how i can call and what i will say, i am only a girl with sweet voice and a horny husband.

    i reach new house. my mother in law is angry that i come late. she tell me to go cook. i change cloth and wear sari. priya had teach me how. like she teach i also wear bangles payals and bindi. she say mother in law will scold without bindi and husband will scold without payal because he like to see and hear payal when he fucks. i go in kitchen and cook. i feel so bad that i am so tired but i have to stand in kitchen. my sister in law is in college and she is home in 4 o clock. but my mother in law never tell her to do anything. she is given freedom. i see she is wearing short and tshirt. priya tell that she is like a boy. she dont wear girly things and rules her. now she is ruling me. she dont know i am really man. i am now her brothers wife who is like maid in house. she tell me to get tea. i give her when she see tv. i manage dinner and washing plate alone. my husband came late after eating. i am jealus that as man he can come late and not do anything in house. he is sad with work so he want to feel good at home. he come and take me to bedroom. i am now afraid and shy. he likes seeing shy me. he tell me to do strip dance. priya had said he like this and taught me this so that we are not caught. i put his favorit song and start to remove cloth.

  • #56

    Sahith (Tuesday, 20 June 2017 08:57)

    Sahith to sahithya
    Next day morning I wake up and went to hall mon said to me when I run nighty u have to wear the petticoat she said to wear petticoat and come outside I wear it and she ordered me from now every day u have to learn the all household chores like cooking washing cleaning everything u r going to be a house wife and u must not wear ant jeans shorts and t-shirts u have to wear saree half sarees chudidar and if u want u can wear leggings and tops for ur convince every time u have to cover your breast with Chinni or scarf I ask mon u said I can wear anything at ceremony u said whyvr u saying to wear now she replied now ur having breast u r wearing bbras and panties your hair is long ur facecis like a girl that's why I said if u want to leave as boy then don't wear girls costumes and leave including bra and panties for two days after two days if it comfortable with male dresses I won't say anything if u r not comfortable u have to listen my words I said ok tomorrow onwards I will live like a boy and go to college next day I wake up and wear mens brief and fest and pant and shirt I went to take bike the main problem I faced with breast without bra it is bouncing every time I am walking every one is seeing bmy breast part only and my brief also not comfortable and and there is no Chinni to cover or if bra is Thier it will support at a place and give the cleavage to me and in the college I faced it and my hip size also increase and my hair is falling down again main problem is at that time only I got periods so it was bleeding the marks got on my pant it is visible outside boys seeing me in college and laughing two days completed mon came to me and ask u can live ur life as male uvsaid no I want bra I said so from today onwards u have to wear girls costumes silently I accept it she ask me to take bath and wear night and petticoat I came out wearing and she said tomorrow u have to learn how to wear saree and wear and do Pooja and go to college in saree she said I went to sleep while sleeping I got doubt when girls get mood what they will do I don't no I am mood so I am pressing the breast with hands and enjoying next day I took bath and wear petticoat bra and blouse I am seeing me in mirror I am looking like a girl only mon came and taught me how to wear saree how to make pleats and how to adjust around breast area how to cover how to hide your petticoat inside how to wear saree while keeping pallu in walking or driving bike how to adjust she taught after 20tries finally I wear the saree mon kept ear rings and bangles and bindi ske took to Pooja room after completing I took blessings and she blessed with to get nice husband and like wearing saree only I reached the college

  • #57

    Radhika (Tuesday, 20 June 2017 12:01)

    Village girl Radhika part-2
    Once Madhu told I will be maid of her house I am feeling embarrassed and I thought I will face very problem and slowly went inside then Madhu mother comes and show me where I need to live where all other maids are live i went to inside of maid room there already 3 maid are there Ramya,Surthi and Pooja they working in house more than 5 years they welcomed me every one ask my name and background I told them my name is Radhika and all they asked my clothes I told them I don't bring anything other than this, then Pooja told she will help me in that and give her old petticoat, blouse and saree I am thinking I must be fool to agreed for begin maid for Madhu then I take saree from Pooja and wear that then Madhu mother calls us and scolding us bcz lots of work is there and we are talking then she divided all work among us for me she told to clean the shoes stand and polished all the shoes of Madhu and her sister, I got wondering is Madhu have Sister, I went near shoes stand and saw there is saw only Men shoes and thinking why this girls only wearing men shoes then I started to clean that suddenly some one kick me backside I fall holding shoe then I saw one girl she again kick me and put her legs on me and told how dare to touch my shoes then I am start crying then Madhu mother come and told her she is our new maid your sister bring her then I realised she is sister of Madhu her name is Ragini,

  • #58

    Radhika (Tuesday, 20 June 2017 12:02)

    She is tall and muscular and wearing pants and shirt then she comes to me and check me and laugh and comes near my ear and told her sister told regards my history then I got shock does she know I am a boy then she told to her mother from today onwards I will be maid only for her I need to do her work only her mother agree then she comes to me and told me to go to her room and clean that I am went to room and start to cry because I escaped from Priya and believe Madhu is good girl and agreed to become maid but now she is more worst then Priya because she told truth to her sister how is feminist, Ragini come inside and told me she is feminist and wanted to teach lessons for male but none of them are caught for but I strick now she told she will teach how male treat female, how male owner treat female maid now you will also come to female difficult, then I got scared and take the clothes and start to clean the room when I bow down to swap the floor my saree pallu is fall down then suddenly I realised and push that to wear back but it's not coming then I saw Ragini put her legs on my saree pallu and in her hand she have cigarette and laughing seeing my condition I covered my chest with crossing both my hand on my blouse then she walking on my saree pallu and sit on chair then suddenly I took the pallu and push it on my shoulder then again I started to work in fear then she is watching my chest area on working I got very irritating in this but I can't able to do anything then after cleaning room she told me to massage her legs I sit down in floor near her legs then she put her legs on my lap I started to push that she is relaxing but I already got too tried because I don't have food and doing all work I got little sleep and fall on her legs and sleep for few seconds then she got more anger and kick me in her leg and weakup then she hold my long hair and told me how dare you to sleep I beg her sorry then she slapped me and told me not to repeat this

  • #59

    Radhika (Tuesday, 20 June 2017 12:02)

    Madhu and Madhu mother comes and ask why she is betting then Ragini told all then Madhu scold me and tell me to serve her sister well I saw her in anger look and shout on her I am man and you cheat me you told you will help me to escape from Priya but you bring me to this hell then Madhu laugh and told me you must be fool to believe me you know who I am , I am cousin sister of Priya, i take you her to teach lessons because you escape from marriage then Madhu called Priya when I heard that name I got fear then Priya come in she is smiling and told me you are looking very nice in saree and I thought of have you as my husband but you showed me actually thing you are such a girl and I will make you as my Wife, but then Madhu told Priya I made him wear saree so I must make him my wife then Ragini comes I am feminist I must make him my wife and make his life on my feet and become role model for all the girls and show them how to show man's place then I am getting scared hearing this then everyone turns to me and told you are mine I am crying then Madhu mother told them let 3 of you become husband of him and make him to serve you all then I come to know my faith.

  • #60

    Radhika (Tuesday, 20 June 2017 12:03)

    Next day all the maids dress me in saree and bring me to madappa there Priya is ready in dothi and shrit then she tried mangalyasutra around my neck then I fall on her feet to take blessings then again all maid take me inside and put me in one white bridal dress then they bring me there Madhu is in black suit and she put how in front of God to take me as her wife and I vow to consider her as my husband owner and I will obey and serve her then she kiss me on lips and lift me everyone claps then again maids bring me inside and give me bikini and bring me out side Priya and Madhu want me as her wife but Ragini need to humiliate me so she take me out side in bikini and she is in Rockstar dress then she ordered me to pool dance and then she is starting to drink whisky she put some on me and laughing and dancing with me I am feeling very embarrassed then she put come near me and squzing my hands and lips and make me knees down and hold my long hair and kick my butt and she take cigarette from her mouth and put on my neck and told me you are my wife now and mark you have is mangalyasutra for you this is new type of marriage and you must agree to accept me as your husband and you must serve me and she kicked my butt in her hand pulling my hair it's like horse riding for one bet I am tell I am your wife I will serve you all the way please leave my hair then she leaves me then I kiss her feet and consider her as my husband. In this way 3 woman make me as there wife in different ways in marriage all my friends and parents visit their were feeling bad seeing my condition but it's not under their control so I adjust to it and become porper submission housewife for 3 woman and mother to there kids,maid for her house and daughter in-law for their parents and daughter to my parents and girl friend for my village friends....

  • #61

    sneha (Friday, 23 June 2017 10:31)

    Introduction of hero
    Preethi a successful young dynamic IPS officer looking her track record without any hesitation department handover a difficult case to her. No one in the department ready to take that case because whoever deal with that case all are missing and till date nobody able to trace about them. Even all the male officers are afraid to take up that case but preethi took it as a challenge. from the next day she started her investigation she collected all the record of that case.

    One fine sunday preethi in her home since it is mid may and temperature is very hot she slipped men's boxer and t-shirt she set her A.C temperature to 21 and started studying about the case files. Their is no uniformity in crimes of this gangster he is killing, stealing, kidnapping and ransome he is doing very crime thats why he is a gangster. then she read about the police officer who handled this case all are kidnapped but who nobody knows.

    One kidnapping case police has applied chemical to ransom money so that it could get identify but he donated that money to orphanages. she shocked after reading it and started thinking how he found it he is too clever has to very careful she told to herself. in the mean time she hear some sweet voice of her maid sarla she turned towards her because preethi likes her walking style and she like observing her moments at navel while coming and while going her buttocks moments she will watch. Sarla came near to her and said mam lunch is ready come and eat before it become cold. Immediately preethi said sarla how many times i should tell you then immediately sarla said sorry sir please forgive me. preethi said sarla you are already very cute if you act like that i can't control my feelings may be i will rape you both laughed preethi left for lunch and sarla kept closed her files kept aside preethi watching her actions because she won't trust any one in her duty. preethi had lunch and came to corridor for smoke sarla came hugged from back preethi asked what happen sarla said preethi laughed but she saw smoke coming from her bedroom she ran their where all the files are seen burning.
    Please post your comments

  • #62

    sneha (Friday, 23 June 2017 10:49)

    Introduction to gangster

    As a gangster he will do all the crimes but one interesting part about him till date nobody knew about him even his picture or sketch is unavailable with police, CBI etc. A part from this interesting thing about him is he lives in a small village where only three visitors allowed to his house they are sarla, vimala soumya. Sarla a maid, vimala beautician and soumya a doctor all this three ladies are money they will do anything for money so he managed to keep good friendship with three of them and he never both at once all the 3 women don't know about each other.

    G woke up like every day his maid sarla has come to his house and g went to kitchen made a coffee for her and served to her. sarla sat in the chair and she already changed her clothes he served her coffee and she started enjoying it he left to his room where sarla left her clothes for him so he took his clothes and wear her used clothes with full of sweet and bad odor is coming out from that clothes. but he likes and starts all her works cooking, cleaning, washing everything he will do sarla will have to stare at his boobs will cleaning the floor and stare at his navel while cleaning utensils and his back while cooking.sarla has only permission to touch him for punishing him she can't romance with him that is the condition but she humiliate him. After having breakfast sarla left for day after she leaves then g do yoga to maintain figure.

    Then comes vimala a beautician know vimala is tomboy and she likes to call herself vimal know g will become young girl and vimal will become young boy and they will do romance like a college students.

    Last soumya she is feminist and she likes torturing and every night she fucks him and she is doing experiments on G to make him pregnant
    Please post your comments

  • #63

    Kumaari (Saturday, 24 June 2017 04:04)

    Welcome back sneha... A great story with a bang... We r waiting for more from u.

    Kumar to kumaari.

    My name is Kumar working as a manager in customs office and my wife name is Chitra working as a sub inspector. We both were married four years back but no children still we were happily living with lots of fun. Before marriage I have a secret tat my wife do not know tat is I loves to wear female dresses like saree, chudi and half-sarees. No one in the world except me knows this secret. But after marrying Chitra I never tried and almost forgot my secret and never thought of it. Life went like a smooth river. Until tat day come, yes one day my life totally changed. One fine Sunday Chitra has to goto some place for an investigation so in the morning I dropped in the railway station and returned to my home. While returning i saw some transgender crossing the road. Suddenly something struck me and I thought my little secret. All the while to the home I was thinking of my old secret to change into female avatar cos my wife already left and will be back after one week. My wife already has her wardrobe full of female things so I was determined to change into female. So on the way I bought jasmine flowers and my breakfast. Once I reached my home I removed my shoe and wear my wife's slipper and went inside and locked the door. And immediately went to bathroom for another bath this time I used my wife's soap and things for smoothness and I removed every hair in my body and also shaved my moustache and finally I applied turmeric paste on my face and body. And I came out of the bathroom and dried myself with my wife's towel. I myself checked in the mirror for any hair lefy and there was no hair and went straight to wife wardrobe and was amazed with her collections of sarees and chudis. I applied her favorite body spray all over my body. I already started to felt my femeine body. I took her long hair wig and carefully fixed on my hair. Then I took a black bra and white panty of my wife (we both are of same height and weight so bra fixed correctly). I felt so happy for wearing the bra and panty after so long years. Then take a petticoat and blouse which has tread to tie back. Finally I take a blue color saree and started to wear my heart start to beat happily. Once I wear the saree I checked my myself in the mirror and really felt happy. Then I started to wear bangles on the hand and goluse (Payals) on both legs. Then started my make-up everything was there in my wife's make-up kit. Once I finished my make-up I fixed the jasmine flowers in the head and bindi on the face. I looked 100% as a woman now. I just stepped out of my wife's room to have my breakfast suddenly I heard door bell ringing......

  • #64

    Bhavya (Saturday, 24 June 2017 05:30)

    The husband of a sister is called 'Jijaji' in India out of respect. Sonal's Sister Madhu is married to Rakesh. Rakesh and Madhu were visting his mother-in-law's home after their recent marriage just 2 months ago. His father-in-law was out of city on business trip. The relationship of sister-in-law and husband is very notorious for mind games in India, where sister-in-law cut jokes on husband of the sister and vice versa. After day one, madhu' mother went to some social function in the neighbourhood. Rakesh and Madhu had decided for city travel next day since they were tired of travelling the previous day. After breakfast, both had some rest and were absolutely free. Sonal bought movie tickets for the night show and there was plenty of time. In the meantime, Sonal suggested to play a game of cards called "Bhabhi', a very popular game in india. the game goes like this, a pack of cards is served to the players and each player has to play the higher number card until all his cards are finished. Person left with maximum number of cards is loser and called "Bhabhi - wife of Brother" as a slang to tease the loser.

    Sonal advocated that since there were only 3 players, i.e. 2 females and 1 male. It would be necessary that if a male loses then he will dress like a girl. At first instance, Rakesh refused instantly, but after repeated persuasions he agreed. As the games were played, Madhu lost the first game. Sonal noticed that she was saving her husband from losing. Since Madhu was a girl so her sister told her to dress in male clothes to make the game funny. In the second game, Sonal played very wisely so that even Madhu could not save Rakesh from losing and Rakesh lost. Now, Sonal told Rakesh that he will have to dress like a girl for them. Rakesh refused. Both sister told him that he can just wear for 5 mins just to oblige them as it was already agreed before playing that loser will dress like a 'Bhabhi'. Sonal aslo told him that she had a high regard for men who honour their words and also assured him that such arrangement will not be shared with his mother-in-law and father-in-law. Rakesh finally agreed.

    He was given a 'Patiala Shahi Salvaar', a very traditional feminine dress to wear on lower part of the body. He hesitatingly wore it and come out of dressing room. After that Sonal asked him to raise his arms in front. The moment, he raised, she put a bra on to his chest while Madhu buttoned at back. Then Sonal put a suit over his head and in a minute he was wear Salvaar Suit. Then Sonal open his long hair, (some men in India have long hair) she combed them and put a hairband over his head too. They put a 'Bindi' on his forhead and ear rings in his ears. Since his ears were not pierced, they just attached like danglers. Finally, Sonal gave her high heels to wear. Rakesh was taken to a full length mirror in their mother' room where Sonal picked a lipstick of her mother and forcibly applied on his lips. In a matter of minutes, the Jijaji was transformed into a girl and both sisters teased him a lot. Rakesh could only complain to Sonal that she had a wicked mind. Madhu could not believe that she was so much afraid of her husband in day to day life while Sonal just took one day to dress her Jijaji like a girl as she was very attractive and beautiful. her husband could not say a word in her presence. She realised the power of females.

  • #65

    Bhavya (Saturday, 24 June 2017 05:34)

    Rakesh felt nervous and wanted to change fearing that his mother-in-law will be back home. Both sisters threatened to tell their mother about the incidence if he did not do as told, on the other hand, assured him that their mother will return in the evening and he must remain in this dress while playing another game of cards. He had no choice but to do as told. While playing, Sonal told Rakesh to get a glass of water for them from the kitchen. Madhu felt akward as sonal was using her position to get work from him. Sonal spoke "Dear sister, today we have transformed my jijaji into a Bhabi, let her serve us, it will be fun". Rakesh went to get water from kitchen. Sonal knew that her mother has arrived and she opened the door and let her mother inside the room. When, Rakesh returned with a tray of Water, he was shocked to see her mother-in-law standing staring at him. At first she could not recognise him, Sonal declared that 'see mother, I have transformed Jijaji into a girl for fun" all three were laughing at him while he was just blushing like a girl. he tried to run away, but in high heels, he could bare walk and tumbled again. His mother-in-law holded his one hand while Sonal let her hand to support. Rakesh was all red with shame and could barely speak a word out of shyness. He could only complain that Sonal is very naughty.

    Mother assured him that they will not tell anyone about the play, but, he must remain in these clothes for one more hour. It was a wonderful bringing together of the family. Most important was how Jijaji was turned into a girl for fun. Such an event is a eye opener to all the sisters-in-law that they can transform their Jijaji s into a girl without much thought but with little trick and your personality. It is worth trying to gain such an experience and it will have lasting memories between sister-in-law and husband.

  • #66

    Priya (Saturday, 24 June 2017 20:34)

    Marriage proposal:
    It was 2PM on a Saturday and I was in kitchen doing dishes from lunch, but my lunch was still on the counter behind me, a roti, little bit curry and some dal were waiting for me. But it looked like I was not going to be able to eat it, as I had lot more work to finish. I had to finish cleaning the kitchen after this, then had to start laundry, then get some groceries done, and then start on dinner. I was extra busy today, as father was being punished for being late from office yesterday and I could see him bound to the dreaded horse, with a vibrator torturing him in his chastity and a ball-gag in his mouth.
    Let me tell you the situation at house, I am Chameli aka Vikas, I am the son of Chikni aka Shyam. Chikni(as I am supposed to call him) is married to Mistress Sneha, who is my step-mother. My mother had died around 15 days after I was born. Mistress Sneha before marrying Chikni had a daughter, her name is Rashmi, whom we also call mistress. Mistress Sneha married Chikni for his money, and within a few months of marriage, had feminized him to an obedient slave. I have heard that it was very difficult for Chikni to accept his position in house. I was raised as a submissive feminized sissy to Mistress Rashmi and Mistress Sneha.
    Rules of house were pretty simple
    1. Me and Chikni cannot wear anything except saree
    2. We were not allowed to talk except being talked to
    3. All household chores were to be done by us sissies.
    4. We were to be in ghunghat whenever in front of mistresses.
    5. We were to always designate everyone with either sir or mistress.
    6. We had to be always madeup as feminine as possible, Chikni had to do makeup as a married woman.

    My bangles were making sweet noise as I was cleaning the plates, when I heard mistress Rashmi call me to the hall. I put the plate on the counter, and ran as fast as I could in the 5inch heels, and saree with petticoat allowed me. Little locator bell on my chastity made sweet sound as I ran, reminding of how long it had been since I touched my wee-wee. I went to the hall and curtseyed, both the mistresses were watching something on TV. They ignored me for a few minutes, which made me more anxious, as I had lot of chores to finish and this waste of time would not give me any extension for those chores. After 10 minutes mistress Sneha asked me to get Chikni to the room. I again ran as fast as I could, to the frontyard, where everyone could see him strapped to the horse, with his ankles and hands bound, and vibrator attached. Chikni was just wearing bra and panty, with lots of makeup and all the married woman jewelry. I removed his straps but could not remove vibrator and ball-gag as they were locked, and I did not have the keys.
    As we sissies came back to the room, mistress Sneha asked Chikni, now do you understand? You cannot come late to the house, it doesn't matter if you have work, its your company, give it to someone else, but I want you here at 6PM dot. He just nodded yes, and his earrings and nosering made sweet noise. Finally mistress Rashmi said, I have asked you both to come here, as there is a marriage proposal for me, and the guy's family is coming here to see me today. You both have to prepare good food, and clean the whole house from top to bottom. They would be here at 7PM, so you have exactly 4.5hours to finish the tasks. Also to make sure you both completely concentrate on your chores, you both would be in ball-gags as we don't need any chit-chat. I was called near mistress Rashmi as she fit a ball-gag in my mouth, which almost ripped my jaw. Mistress Sneha removed Chikni's vibrator. We were given the menu to prepare and asked to divide the work between us as we saw fit. Also we were to get ready properly before the guests came.
    Chikni and me worked very hard for next 3.5 hours, making sure all the food was prepared to perfection and whole house was cleaned, as if it was brand new. We knew that a small mistake would lead to a gigantic punishment, which we both dreaded very much. At exactly 6PM, we both came to our tiny room, which could barely fit a small bed and a big wardrobe, with lots and lots of sarees and makeup.
    To be continued...

  • #67

    Priya (Saturday, 24 June 2017 20:35)

    We both selected a heavy embroidery saree, Chikni wore a red one and I wore a blue one, with matching blouse and petticoat. Then we both started doing makeup, we both put lots of lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, kajal. With each stroke our masculinity was fading away. After makeup, we added jewelry like earrings, nosering, 12 bangles in each hand, bindi, payals, necklaces, mangtika. Chikni also wore mangalsutra, sindoor and toe rings, we both put our shoulder length hair in a french bun with net. We both wore 5 inch matching heels and we were ready, by this time my jaw was hurting like crazy and I could not imagine what Chikni was going through.
    We went outside in hall and stood in our spot facing the wall, in 5 minutes mistresses walked in and sat on sofa. They called us over and asked us to turn 360degrees for inspection. They were happy with how their sissies looked. They said we would inspect the home later, as its almost time for our guests. They removed our ball-gags which felt like heaven. We were asked to go in our room and wait for the call.
    After sometime I heard the door bell and one of the mistresses opened the door. For next 10-15 minutes we heard some light laughters and chattering. Mistress suddenly called Chikni Chameli bring the snacks. We were startled, and tried to run to the kitchen, but heels and petticoats did not allow that. We got the plates of snacks and brought it to the hall, there from ghunghat we could see just the mistress Sneha and one more lady in an elegant black gown.
    Mistress asked us to serve them the snacks, and take blessings from groom's mother. We went and bent to her feet for blessings. After that we were standing in the room when I understood that Mistress Rashmi and my to be brother in law were chatting in private.
    After maybe 10 more minutes, I heard someone coming to the room. I could hear the sound of bangles, and anklets which was surprising because mistress Rashmi did not wear bangles or anklets. And then I saw the cutest creature in the world, with mistress was another sissy with very long hair in a pony tail, bright makeup, a see through saree with bra, and crotchless panties inside. The saree left no doubt that the creature was indeed a male biologically. Looking at him looked like I was looking at a teenage girl, he was strangly turning me on.
    Mistress Rashmi came near Mistress Sneha and sat, the sissy stood near his mother. All the mistresses started talking again, and finally mistress Rashmi said she liked Rajesh and would like him to be her permanent sissy slave bitch. His mother came and hugged mistress Sneha, and said that is really good news, Rajesh was never asked his opinion, and neither did anyone expect it. We were asked to bring the sweets and we immediately curtseyed and went to get it.
    After the guests left, mistress called us in the hall, as we were cleaning the kitchen. Chikni Chameli today is a very happy day for us, as Rashmi is getting married, I am in mood of celebration. So go get ready and I wanna see some good mujra. We were mortified to hear this, as we were very tired from running around all day and now this, which involved adding a lot more makeup and jewelry with dancing, but we kept our head low and said yes mistress.
    To be continued...

  • #68

    Radhika (Monday, 26 June 2017 10:10)

    Part 1

    My name is Rani and I am lady police officer SI today morning I getup and went to gym and do hard work after I come to my room and ready in my uniform pant and shirt and wear shoe and tick my hair put my cap and went to railway station. Yes I am going to railway station because I need to welcome our new inspector pirya, I am happy because our new inspector also woman and she is very intelligent and get promotion in short period.

    I am standing near train and a big tall and strong lady come wearing​ pant and shirt with shoe yes she is our new inspector pirya mam to our village I welcomed her she also did same after a minute a bueatiful woman is get down from train she is wearing red saree and her hands is full of bangles and mangalyasutra around her Nick telling she is married woman and she is wearing all jewelry from top to bottom and having long hair wearing flowers in hair she is so Feminine I am really attracted . Priya mam observed that and give single look towards that lady suddenly that lady put her pallu over her head and lowed her eyes to ground and stand beside pirya mam. I excused mam and ask about that lady.

    Me: mam who is she

    Priya mam: she ? No that is he !! Yes he is not a lady he is man

    I am in shock the person in so Feminine look wearing Saree bangles is not lady he is man

    Me : mam really he is man ?

    Priya mam: he is man but he is my wife a perfect housewife.

    I am totally confused and ask mam and her male wife to get into car I sat in front sit I am truned back and saw this special couple pirya mam sit comfortably because she is wearing pant and she put leg on leg and spread her one hand and put another hand on her saree wearing male wife shoulder he is simply sitting​ in small place close to mam lowed his head and uncomfortable because he is in saree.

    Me: mam I am feeling so proud of you because being a woman you not wearing Saree and you not become someone's wife instead of that you made your man as your housewife and you become his husband god and make him to teach you feet. ( Hearing that mam feel very proud and her male wife is feeling very embarrassment) .

    Priya mam: ( seeing her wife face) if you get to know his history you become more proud of me.

    I am in surprised and ask mam what is that she started to tell

    Priya mam: Before he became my wife he is the big husky rowdy with big moustache in the village where I was working before now he shaved​ his moustache and wear saree and bangles to his hand and teaching my feet daily for blessings.

    I am in complete shock how this big muscular rowdy become submission housewife to the Woman.Mam is told that to know the completely let go flash back....
    To be continue.....

  • #69

    Radhika (Tuesday, 27 June 2017 12:09)

    Part 2
    Now the story is narrated by Priya mam....
    Pirya mam: There is a village and there is a rowdy name Raj is in that village he is big muscular rowdy with big moustache and he is treating all girls of village as his slaves and teasing woman can only there for man enjoys and she can't do anything more than that and people who oppose will be admitted to hospital because of him, after his bad activity also he is not arrested because one bad politician is supporting him. My father is transferred to that village as head master of school and people tell him be careful because you having daughter but my father now me why we are going to that village and just smile for them, day by day went and every day I am going to village pound and bring water and I am crossing rowdy Raj area and always seeing him and giving simile and he is also attracted towards me and he is following me until my house. One day his follower come to me and told Raj is madly love with me and he wants to marry me he saw so many girls but he wants everyone to just enjoy but me attracted him to marry I am happy hearing that and told my father regards this he also happy and me and Raj spending time more and I make him he will not live without me once he is giving time to me that bad politician get anger and clash happen between him and Raj after that clash that politician is kidnapped and every one think Raj is the one who did this but he's not because of not political support he may arrest so he asked my help and I tell him come to my home and hide inside only and don't go anywhere. He said ok and he is in home and not going anywhere. 3 mount happened and he is not going to gym not going outside and simply eating and sleeping and his hair also comes near neck and moustache become long my father scolding me to kept this lazy in home and this word he heard I went to him and told my father scolding me because of you, can you do some work so that my father will not scolding me he told that if he goes outside then he will arrest so i told him to do house hold course he is shocked hearing that but due to my love he agreed but told he doesn't know anything about house hold course I told him my mother will help you to learn Household work. Next day onwards my mother is teaching him household work like washing my clothes and washing my eaten plates and teaching him my favourite food to cook so that once I come from office he is preparing my favourite food I told him to shave his moustache because it's looking bad and he is hesitate to shave his moustache then I only take him to bathroom and shaved his moustache he is felt embarrassed because a girl shaved his moustache but he kept quiet because of love. He became expert in cooking and house hold course and now daily morning he is putting rongoli in front of our house I am am surprised and proud of my mother training him. One day when he cleaning house his hair disturbing him my mother saw that and called him she and ask him to sit on floor and she is sitting on chair he is doing in no Moody but he doesn't have any chance he sitting on floor showing his back to my mother she takes the comb and started to comb his long hair he is trying to stop but my mother told him hold on I will bride your hair so it will not disturb you in house hold work and forcefully she did that he is helpless sitting simply. After some time she is resting long brided hair in to his shoulder and show him in the mirror he is suprised and simile to the mirror when I come from office he is hiding his face from me but I hold his hand and saw him I also suprised and ask him to bring milk to my room when he brings I pushed him and started to undress his pants and shirt he is shocked and felt embarrassed because before he is undressing so many girls but now one girl is undressing him and he is not not having strength to stop because he is doing only house hold course and become weaker everyday. Next morning me and my father both went to out of village and only Raj and my mother is there at evening my mother went to him and ask him help he told what he wants to do she told there is a function in her friends house and she ask him to come with her but he told he can't able to come outside because he may arrest. She told she have an idea and told him to wear saree and come with her so no one will recognise him he is shocked hearing that and told he can't wear saree but my mother told him she helped him in staying in this house by teaching house hold course but he is not helping her final he agreed on condition if he can passable as woman and no one can recognise him then he will come my mother agree and started her work on him he is removing so many girls bra but today he is only wearing bra

  • #70

    Radhika (Tuesday, 27 June 2017 12:09)

    After he wears skrit and ask my mother to hook bra and blouse she hook that and started to wear saree around him he is feeling better and better once saree is wrap around his body my mother put lots of bangles to his hand and put bindi earrings jewelers Makeup to him finally bride his hair and put flowers in it and show him in mirror he is starting crying seeing himself​ and enjoying his feminity my mother also get ready and both went to my mother friends house there function is for baby shower function and only woman are there he is getting nervous and simply standing when he was standing some small kids girl come towards him and call Antuy can you come with us to play games and he is don't know what to do and simply went with kids and playing them he is feeling happy with girls and he is also become one among them after some time mother called him and introduce to her friends as he is her daughter in law and he is shock hearing that my mother told him in his ears to touch his friends feet and ask for blessings he is feeling embarrassed and touching her feet she bless him to have more proud daughters he is feeling shy and standing there my mother friend give baby to his hand and tell him to hold it for some time so you can also get baby Like this he is feeling embarrassed and hold baby after some time baby is resting in his shoulder and pulling his saree pallu he is feeling happy and think he is treating​ girls as weaker but he understands now girls are strong because she carries baby and his heart is also become lady Like smooth once he come back home he runs towards room and cry remembering all faults he done how he treats ladies and realised his mistake the saree made him this sensitive because saree having that power any muscular man can become submission woman once he wears saree he only went to room and change to cotton saree which can wear in home and started his house hold work next day when I come to home he runs towards me and fall to my feet and ask him to marry he is in saree and his bangles full hand touching my,feet I hold his shoulder and get him up he is seeing ground I put him aside and went to my room and come back wearing my police uniform he is completely shock seeing me in police uniform he asks he are you police I proudly say YES I am police officer and I come to this village as undercover officer to arrest you and save this people. If I directly arrest you then you come back and again started your bad activity so I feminized you with help of my parents and I kill your male ego so you can't go back and do bad things again and I hold his long hair and push him towards station he is in still saree, he is crying and warping in his saree pallu I put him lockup and sitting in my sit he rest his head on his knees and crying I sitting in chair put leg on leg and watching his cry all the village girl come to see him in saree and all are laughing seeing him saree and tell him he is also become one among them after that I told him see the power of girls then he put his hand on my feet and ask for forgiveness for treating girls badly and he told that form today he wish to wear saree and bangles and he wants to marry me and become my wife after seeing kids and baby he is come to know the value of life and woman then I told our lead officer for his forgiveness and I bring him out and our marriage is arranged in the same village all the girls who tried badly and teasing by him helping him for wearing Saree and doing makeup of him all that girls put lots of bangles to him and told him before you teasing us you girls can't do anything because you wearing bangles but now we only put bangles to your hands and you can't able to do anything then touching Priya mam feet, all girls hold him and make him sit next to me after that I tried mangalyasutra around his neck and he bow down and touching my feet and ask for blessings I Bless him to have more proud daughters like me and all village girl happily laugh and call him loser and teasing him by claps for this. After I told him no one in this world bron bad or good or bron muscular or feminine every one become like the way they brought up and you brought up in bad but I show him the way for yours and you become very feminine wife of me now and he is simply blushing pink from that day onwards my service is becoming his duty I become his owner and he is not rise single voice against me if I bit him also.
    Rani : House will come while Priya mam finish the flash back both Priya mam and her wife went inside home and I am standing outside near car and thinking about Priya mam story after this she became role model to me I desire to become like her and wanted my man also should wear saree and bangles and sit next to me in marriage where I should wear dothi and tries mangalyasutra around him and make him my wife.
    To be continue......

  • #71

    sneha (Wednesday, 28 June 2017 09:19)


    Becoming a woman

    G is more fascinating to become woman and 3 years before it has happened when he met this 3 women accidentally after that they became important part of his life.Three years when he was his way back to his house his car got trouble and stopped in the middle road and temperature seems to be cloud chances of rain is also high. since he stays at rural area there movement of vehicles are less so he is waiting for lift after a 10 minutes he saw a two-wheeler heading towards him he asked for lift two wheeler fellow stooped and he sat on the bike one sided like a woman since his pant having dirt he caught biker's navel his he was driving the very fast bike is bullet and he seems like a expert in driving that bike suddenly rain has started very severely but he din't stopped they reached to G's house but their clothes become wet. Biker stooped his bike in front of G's home and removed his helmet g was shocked after seeing his face because women is riding the bike till now and G has recalled himself from his thinking and invited her to inside and G given her hot coffee. she said took the tea and asked can she stay here for the night G agreed very happily and she informed to her parents and asked for dry clothes to change before g said some thing she said i will wear only men's pant and shirt including male inner so bring your dress it is fine for me and go change your dress too it is also totally wet g given his T-shirt, track with inners.

    G went to his room and took hot shower bath thinking of that girl how dashing she is and g is searching for partner like her from very long time after having a bath he himself in the mirror he don't body hair and he kept his body soft like women and he regularly practice yoga to maintain his physic. G was deeply thinking whether to open to about his fantasy or to know about her more and then the secret to her. at last he stick for second and he changed to male clothes and went to hall hall where she is watching television he sat on the other sofa she asked him to sit beside to her collecting all the courage he sat beside her. she is been observing him and found out that something is wrong but what it is she couldn't trace

    She: I am vimala alais vimal
    G: I am sarlesh
    She: you only full size under wears
    G: shocked and asked what
    She: I prefer half because i play sports more and this feeling something weird to me saying this she saw her cigarette pack it is totally she kicked the floor and cursed her self then g given her new pack of cigarette she happily took started smoking and asked him this is a ladies cigarettes
    G: I am not regular smoker and i can't smoke strong one so i prefer this
    She: offered him
    but he refused suddenly television has stopped and g went to see that he bent down totally and she his panty from backside and immediately she caught his panty and said hey what is this g told her to leave him. but she is strong on her point then g opened about his fantasy to her she jumped with a joy after listening all this because she is searching for a partner like that.G's eyes was filled with tears seeing it she hugged him to console and said all is common and every thing is a part of life.

    She said if you wanna wear sari or female dresses please wear now i don't want to break your schedule i think everyday you does the same g seeing the floor and thinking and then she said i am not forcing you if you regularly does the same then go head my only concern is not spoil your moment. then G went to his room and Vimal started looking through the peep hole while changing his dress she shocked seeing him naked because of his figure and he came outside vimal shocked to see her and came near to him and sat on his knees said from know you will be princess forever i never such a beauty like this so feminine inner and outer please be what you are disguise like someone she said
    Please post your comments

  • #72

    Sahith (Thursday, 29 June 2017 05:10)

    Sahith to sahithya 16
    I took the scooty wearing saree and started to college and reached enter into class room all people schocked me to see in saree and some one praised me some said ur looking like aunty I got schocked my friend said ur saree is worn by aged ladies that's why ur looking like aunty while walking outside my pallu start falling it is some what uneasy to me to handle and some times bra strap was visible from blouse my class boys say to me I got embraced and feel shy and immediately I reach home and remove saree blouse and bra each and every thing and wear nighty and now ia m feeling free and said to mom I can't wear saree I am looking old and cant able to carry for me top and pants only looking comfortable she said ok and wear those no problem ur having only 3 to 4 pair go out and buy mon gave money I started single and went to mall and ftarted shopping I selected 5 tops next went to leggings biam wearing leggings it is pant only looking good but it was tight I selected all 9 Colors pack and went to inner wear took bras this time I took padded bra and some nightwear inners which was up to knee length and came home slowly I changed into girls without knowing I reached home mon was busy and she said tomorrow is engagement and next month is Marrage I tell I don't want to marry she said Ranjit is good boy u know he is from our family he no your problems eacha nd every thing with in an hour all relatives came next day I she wake me up early take bath and wear bra and panty ghaghra choli she kept all jewelry on me I said mon I am a boy she laugh and said if urvboy how u do girly shopping yesterday and why are wearing towel up to breast like that Ibkept silent and came out Ranjit came in a suit looking like hero and she kept ring in my finger I also kept it was over I felt free and go to room and change to nighty mon said tomorrow it going to grandma home to stay up to marriage date to learn cooking girly thing how to be a good house wife from now no needy o go to college in our home no girl study more than 10 ur lucky to go to college so pack all your dresses no chudidar and leggings and tops pack saree halfsare only it is a village I shocked to listen and said I buy tops and bottoms yesterday vshe said u can wear after pack those only learn cooking stitching cleaning all thing I cried Kim not able understand mon decision is final no one will say oppose to her so my fate decided mon pack all clothes next day I wake and take bath and came out wear bra panty mon kept half saree blouse petticoat skirt it is Village type like heroine from village how it will be like that looking simple it was green I wear blouse and petticoat skirt I only tie halfsare by own itook luggage mon came with me to grandma house and she dropped me there in village and she left

  • #73

    Sahith (Thursday, 29 June 2017 09:49)

    Sahith to sahithya 17
    Mon dropped me and went first time I came to grandma house being a girl after changing to girls first time she saw me she praised my beauty and dressing next day while going to bath in bathroom there is no soap I asked to grandma she said to wait and she came to bathroom and ask me to slip all clothes I removed she see me naked I got shy she said don't shy I am also female she asked me to sit she applied vtumeric paste all my body and leave me for few minutes and pour water and she took another paste and applied and cleaned and took some washing hair stones and did head bath after completing bath my skin is now glowing smooth no hair fairy Colorado she said to wear petticoat I wear and wear skirt she said no need panty and bra we two only in home she gave blouse to wear I wear blouse without bra some what not comfortable later wear halfsare and she said take another free end pallu of saree take from right take to front and said me to stuck into petticoat such that no falling it will be easy while working cooking etc now I am looking like a village working girl she did hair into single pleat and she kept flowers and she introduced me to all neighbours she took me to room and open one almara and show me jewelry gold to me said there's all are to you only she started teaching me cutting vegetables and cooking I learners silently and she started to teach stitching it is very difficult she started how to stitch blouse and petticoat with in a week I came to stitch petticoat blouse and I learners keeping Rangoli totally I became a girl in all manner but in Ming still some male is there now I am comfortable with halfsare and blouse daily

  • #74

    Sahith (Friday, 30 June 2017 08:39)

    Sahithya to Sahithya 18
    After some days I I came to my home and went to my room and open almarah I found the all western outfit of girls I ask mon about that she said Ranjit came and say I will accept Sahithya to wear tops jeans ladies shorts for her comfort he only buyer for u he asked about it sizes Ur getting a very good husband she said and left I went to my room and close door and remove half saree blouse everything and take bath and came out wearing bra and panty and took top it was good very loose comfortable and took capri it was like 3/4 the short but of materialwas smooth and I am comfortable in that and came out now I am very happy by wearing that momsaid to me night Ranji is waiting at hotel go there for dinner again for evening I remove short and wear jeans took hair as loose and went to hotel Ranji surprise to see me I am looking like a sexy girl now my breast was increased it was giving nice sexy look my hip was increased now I am looking bloke perfect figure to him he saw my manner walking style and makeup I sat in front of him I was silent due to shy he only talk me first he asked how r u I said fine he ask u will accept me as a husband I shyly yes he laughed and said once u tagged me now u r coming as a wife ihe said I saw all Ur pics in half saree cooking when Ur in your grandma house grandma send those pics now Ur totally Shirley Ian lucky to have u and I was happy with in a month marriage was held he tied mangalsutra on my head next was first night only now I was tensed once I was saw in blue films sex videos how boys will do now Ian a girl mon sisters are saying to me co-operate to your husband and loose Ur virginity I am tensed listening that how to handle situations I don't no mon gave me glass of milk and throw me into room and locked I am ina whites saree with the flowers on head there Ranjit was waiting their I gave the milk to him he said me to sit there

  • #75

    Sahith (Friday, 30 June 2017 09:02)

    Sahithya to Sahithya 19
    I sat he drinks some milk and gave to me I drink it he said to directly rchalo for sex I tensed he said I am waiting for this moment for past do many years I tensed he came near to me removed saree pallu I it came out suddenly I kept my hand on the breast and cover he laughed and said Ur my wife I have rights on your body Ur my wife u have to coperate to me I tensed he came near again and removed saree tightly I turned two times fastly saree totally came out I am in blouse and petticoat when he came near again my hands are ony breast only slowly he taken my hand and keep up at that time my breasts became tight and nipple are responding he lift me up taken to the bed and keep on bed he slowly removed all his clothes now I saw his penis which was harden and it was long now he started kissing me and body he came near vyo blouse and started unhooking it when he was unhooking blouse one by one I am getting secuslbmoof more I slowly co-operate to him without know to me he remove blouse he lift me some up and remove bra also now my breasts are released I felt some different mood that up to now breasts are tight due to blouse and Brea but now free he is pressing the breast with hands now he sucked my breast and nipple now he came to down part and he remove the thread of petticoat now Ian nude now he taken his hand he kept in vagina now I am screening now he started his penis ans started to keep on my vagina he inserted he gave a push I got pain and sounding now some blood came there again he inserted now he is started giving the strokes now he released sperm now his mood was down still I am getting pain but I am in a sex mood in that pain was not a big matter in that mood he leave for few minutes and he came and get up and stand he asked me to wake o came he ask to sit down I Sathe said take my penis into hand and rub it until spem came and swallow it ibgot schick and said no he said to do its Ken penis into hand I did like that at that time my breasts was bouncing I swallow it and againg on bed he gave strokes to me finally I don no when we sleep we slept and next day morning I wake up

  • #76

    Sahith (Friday, 30 June 2017 12:50)

    Sahithya to Sahithya 20
    Next day morning I wake up he is next to me and I stood I am in nude I can't able to walk due to pain all clothes are down I took all and keep at a side and took towel and went to the washroom and take head bath I am thinking once I was a boy now wife and he fucked me once I enjoyed seeing videos and girls while fucjing now I am girl now I am experienced in that I got embraced I tie towel and came out of bathroom take one normal set of saree Ranjit wake up he wished me good morning I kept head down and he said to remove towel he want to see me nude I stand silently he dragged towel I am in nude he came and see me full he touch my nipple and pressed I throw him I take petticoat and wear infront of him he said Ur having nice pair he asked me whether u enjoyed r not I shyly move my head he sit on bed I started wearing bra he is observing me how I am wearing blouse saree after completing he said now u became expert in wearing saree now I came out of room and went to kitchen there Sanjana was there she ask how was night youis he given strokes blood came she ask me I tensed then she said it is comon for every girl when they got mood we have to co-operate them we have to give them sexual pleasure otherwise we have to silent if we got mood also we can't ask first I also felt like u tensed fear now it will be fine because u also will be habituated to that but Ur lucky Ranjit is giving freedom tivu to wear my dress but your brother won't allow you wear except saree Sanjana said like that she ask me where is mangalsutra I said I forget it is in bathroom she said don't forget u have to wear till end of Ur life it must in your neck only I go take wear she said keep mangalsutra inside saree don't show outside she said don't remove toe rings also she said when anybody other gents came keep saree pallu in your head don't come infront of them don't say anywhere opposite to gent and elder we have to be in kitchen or washing or in bedroom for husband only we can't involved inputs idea works she said like that how housewife have to behave and work I got schick by listening all these I have to live life like this I make coffee and take to my husband he came after bath I given to him he take and drink and say coffee was. Good.

  • #77

    Radhika (Friday, 30 June 2017 13:01)

    Part 3
    After Priya mam and her wife went inside home some 5 people are coming inside the compound they all are female but they dress as male with lungi and shrit I asked them who are there then Priya mam come and told me they all are womans who lost their life because of her male wife when he was muscular rowdy, now he only needs to give life to all that woman right but he is now not muscular rowdy he is wearing bangles and saree and become my wife and doing my service so I give chance to this woman to work with me, so I train them fighting skills and gym training so this womans are becoming muscular and my that Raj rowdy become feminine and along with me he is serving this womans also who lost their life because this ladies are canstables to our police station ok, I become proud and salute to Priya mam as yes sir.she become happy and told me to stay with her and told me I am like her sister, so Raj her male wife is babhi(Sister in-law) to me and she is Priya bhai.
    Next morning I saw Raj routine he get up early and take bath wear saree and bangles and jewelers Makeup and he is looking like perfect Indian housewife and once he ready he needs to stand in front of mirror where next to mirror is his own photo is there when he was muscular rowdy, so when ever he see photo and his appearance now he needs to realise he is not muscular and now he is feminine and his place and job is to serve muscular women he is we embarrassed when he saw photo and see himself in mirror this is told by Priya mam to him after that he went to shoes stand and polished Priya mam shoe and next he take my shoe and polished then he takes all woman shoes who lost their life because him and polished them next he went inside and make food for all of us and next he went to Priya mam room there Priya mam is ready in police uniform he went inside with breakfast and he sit in Priya Mam's lap and started to feed the food to her in his hand and Priya mam leave some food in plate for him to have then Priya mam come out side and sit on chair then me with all ladies finish the breakfast then all ladies stand beside Priya mam I got surprise why they are all standing then Raj come with Pooja plate with aratti he come and tie Raki to all the ladies and put tillak to them and fall on their feet for blessings they all bless him , when he was muscular rowdy he teased them they can't do anything because they are female but now he only tie Raki to there hand and ask female to protect him and fall to there legs then he went to Priya mam and he do feet Pooja of her put flowers to her feet and put his head on her feet and ask for blessings then he took that flowers and put it on his long hair then everyone left to office and he is swing his bangles full of hand and say bye and he went inside and eat Priya mam left over food and went to wash Priya mam and ladies clothes and do house hold course.
    To be continue...

  • #78

    Radhika (Saturday, 01 July 2017 05:16)

    Part 4
    When we come back from office he come and first remove Priya mam shoe and then all ladies shoes and Last my shoe, then he took water and wash all of us legs and wash the wet leg with his saree pallu, then we are changing our clothes to lungi and shrit and we are all ladies sit in chair and then our leader Priya mam come in lungi and shrit and sit on big chair in centre then Raj bring snacks to us and Priya mam give whiskey to all and she is also drinking it and Raj went near Priya mam sit on floor and take her legs and put it on his lap and start to pressing legs then Priya mam put cigarette on her mouth and Raj light it, Priya mam put smook to Raj face and drink whisky Raj got embarrassed because Priya mam doing all this in front of ladies and me then Priya mam ask him to dance for her, Raj stood up and dancing then Priya mam come near him and catch his saree pallu and pull it he round and all saree fall down then he is blouse and petticoat he covered his chest with his hand all ladies laugh then Priya mam kick him and told to dance again he starts dance again Priya mam went near him and remove his blouse and petticoat then he is only in bra and panty he felt embarrassed and sit on floor and crying I am feeling bad for him and told Priya mam to stop then she tell he treats all this ladies like this only so I am doing this to him to realise his mistake to treat female, then Raj hold Priya mam leg and tell he already realised his mistake to treat female and he will spend his life to serve this ladies and Priya mam so he became wife of Priya mam, he beg her not to humiliate him because he is her wife and forgive him then all the ladies come to Priya mam to forgive him then Priya mam come to forgive him then Priya mam warp saree around him and kiss to his soft lips and tell him get ready for first night he went inside with pink chicks close his face due to shyness, Then all ladies make him ready in Red saree and blouse and put lots of bangles and jewelers Makeup and Bride his long hair and put all flowers and give milk to him and he went inside room where Priya mam ready in dothi and shrit and put flowers in her hand, he come inside room and then he brings his long hair in front and push his saree below his navel and come near her and bind little and give milk to her she took milk for him he sit on floor and fall to her feet for blessings she holds him and lift him in her hand and he is feeling happy because girl lift him then she put him on bed and she is on top of him and enjoy him.
    Next day he get up happily and take out his mangalyasutra and put it on his eye then he wears saree and take blessings from his husband then his routine start of being lovely perfect Indian submission housewife for Priya mam and sister in-law for me and sister for all the ladies his duty is to serve all of us.... In this way muscular rowdy convert into submission housewife of Priya womans are strong
    The Happy End....

  • #79

    Sahith (Saturday, 01 July 2017 15:40)

    Sahith to Sahithya 21
    After drinking coffee he said to ready we will go to my friend house he said to wear nice saree again he ask r u comfortable with saree and come I shyly said no then he said me to wear nice chudidar he already ready he is waiting for me I am thinking if he go out I will change dress he is not going he said why late I said if u go out I will change he said Ur my wife I see u full nude no need change infront of me I remove saree blouse petticoat he saw and ask where is panty oi said while wearing saree no need for panty then I wear panty and camisole and wear kurti and salwar then took Chinni and covered likevv shape and fix pins to sides of salwar such it won't fall then we go out he is riding bike first time I am sitting single side on back side of bike we reached his friends home he welcomed us he called his wife Pooja I saw her and schock she is my friend classmate up to 10th from childhood I know her I traded her so many times from childhood she don't know about me then she welcome me to her room she didn't recognise me after seeing me several times she said Ur looking same like my friend sahith I replied I am your friend sahith only now I am Sahithya he tensed and she is in confusion she asked me what I tell all the story about me she got schock and she recovers after half an hour and came ask me to stand she exclaimed my body she ask me if u don't mind remove your all dress such uwill confirm u r girl I removed and wear again now she confirmed me again she ask questions about our childhood memories I replied now she confirmed I was sahith now Sahithya after that she became very close to me and we became friends and she ask me how was Ur first night how u experience I got shy and after we left her home before leaving she kept hindi on my forehead and gave blouse piece we reached home he said pack all your western outfits and chudidar and my dreses we r going to Goa to night I packed all we reach Goa he said we will go beach he said to wear t-shirt and shorts in Goa all girls will wear like that I am happy I wear t-shirt short but short is like trunk iwear and we went beach I am comfortable with that but all boys are seeing my tight legs which was smooth I got embraced I said to Ranjit I will go and change vyo pant he ask why I all are seeing me different ly then I think a woman want to show his body to her husband only not all so that's why I am getting feeling like that we reached room and I wear nighty it is up to my 3/4length he also changed he was ready for to do sex with me now I am also eager waiting

  • #80

    Sahith (Monday, 03 July 2017 07:16)

    Sahith to Sahithya 22
    He times shorts and came near to me and keep in on my bed I am in half nighty he pressed my breasts and he vgiving strokes to me as I am enjoying so much pain is there but due to sexual enjoyment it was negligible after completing giving strokes we are in bed and we two in single banker in nude position he is starting asking questions how r u feeling now I don't say anything again he ask r u feeling good being awoman which one is good your male life or female life r u comfortable in your day duties like cooking washing and giving sexual pleasure to me and these dresses Ur wearing then I said I am comfortable In male life it is good no tension we will have so much freedom but we will have one tension in male life that we have to ear money and feed family but coming to female life I am having facing so many problems we want to do all households chores our body will be different we have breasts I was feel some what difficult because it is having a weight on my chest and walking it was bouncing and started wearing bra it was good but everytime I can't wear bra it will give scratch and it was tight and I have to cover every time everytime I want to see it was hidden or visible to some one but after some days I got change in mind after seeing other girls having bigger breast I got feeling why I don't have that much size coming to main part when I was male I can go toilet anywhere but now I have to go in bathroom and lift or remove dress and sit and pee and sometimes we can't control and another problem is when we are in periods it is very difficult to bear pain or mood swings these were I faced in a female ebody another thing was I can't go out late nights there will be restrictions in home for a girls we can't go for further studies we can't talk infront of men or elders we can't interfere in other matters and coming to dresses we have so many conditions we must not wear western or tight dreses we have to wear saree or haalfsarees which was very weight on our body we have to wear so many inside saree like panty petticoat bra blouse but In male simple drawer shirt pant but being a females so many variety of dresseswill be and so costly there will be no perfect sizes available if we buy saree we have to give blouse and petticoat for stitching and for festival we have to wake up early and did bath and wear costumes and do Pooja but for boy nothing will be but we have to wear all jewelry in our body everytime mangalsutra must in our mechanical and toe rings earrings etc so forready a girls it will take nearly 1 hour but when I was boy for me 5 mins to ready but when Ur doing sex and giving strokes we will get so much pain but we won't tell I we will bear after changing into girl these all are habituated to me now everything was fine ibcamtbgi back in life or I can't be a boy again this is fate now ia m wife to u. I have to take care and give sexual pleasure to u and Ur my Life I have to live within to end of life I said to him by crying he console me and given so freedom he said u can wear any dress what u want u can go and study what u want so next day I started wearing my comfortable dreses and after 2 month istared to study and within 2 years we got a baby was born and I started living happily with my husband and daughter

  • #81

    Bhavya (Wednesday, 05 July 2017 11:49)

    A memorable vacation
    I was born in middle class family. our family is small family me,mom,dad and my sister. from childhood i was very close to my sister we shared everything with each

    other. my uncle have two beautiful daughters. every vacation both came to my home. so it was like a big gang of girl. my father go to office at 10am. i feel myself

    alone whenever they come. i am 15 years old but still my sound didnt crack. it sound perfect like a girl(for which i got lot of teasing in school). also looking at me

    no one will say i am a boy. my hand legs and entire body is smooth hairless. i cant tell how much time i have listened "you should born as a girl".so the story starts

    here.. i was studying in 9th class. exams were over. and it was time for vacation. as i know my cousins will here anytime i was little sad. looking at me my sis asked

    "what happened? why are you sad?"
    me:- "i am ok. nothing happened"
    sis:- "are you sure"
    me:- "yes"
    sis:- "i have a good news. arpita(my elder cousin) and smita(my younger cousin) is gonna to be here any time"
    me:- "good(ohhhhh shhitt in my mind)"
    sis:- "i chatted with arpita some days ago and she is planning to go some hill station this year"
    ( suddenly a sound came from outside of house and someone is making sound by pressing horn of car. me and my sister rushed toward balcony and show arpita,smita and my

    aunt is arrived.arpita and smita waved their hands and my sis do the same in reply. we both go to hall)
    arpita:- hiii sanjay. how are you?????
    me :- fine didi. are you fine??
    meanwhile my aunt commented " sanjay you didnt changed a bit. still looks like a baby boy. i swear if you wear a wig you will look more beautiful than all three girls"
    and i recieve a great laugh followed by my sister and mom as well.
    my sister continued "right aunty. his sound also didnt crack it sounds perfect like a girl.if he speak from his room mom's friends misunderstood him as me"
    this sentences has given a lot of pain in my heaart still somehow i managed to say "veryyyy funnny"
    my mom came to hall with three glasses of water and served to them. my mom sits besides my mom and chatted sometimes. after sometimes the group of girls joined up and

    said we are going to nikita's(my sister) room. after that i also went to my room. the words of my aunt and sister is still paining my heart i tried my best to not to

    cry but tears rolled from my eyes quickly i moved to my bed and started crying like a girl.i dont when i was dozzed off while crying and after sometimes i open my eyes

    listening a sound she is my mom and waking me up. slowly i get out of my bed and forget that i was crying and my mom noticed my wet pillow. but diidnt said anything

    and bring me doown to dianing table.everyone was there waiting for me. my daddy is home from the work. i take the place and started eating and my dad announced that he

    have got promotions in office for which he have to go out of country for two months. i requessted my dad to took me with him but he rejected saying "i am going there

    for training not for roaming you stay with here and enjoy your vacation with your cousins." i cant oppose my dad so i kept quite. my mom said all men are the same you

    should take us somewhere for vacation but you are going alone.
    my dad:- "i am not going on picnic this trip is offered by compony. and if you want to go on picnic go i will not stop"
    all three girls jumped with joy and requested my mom and aunt for picnic. and my aunt instantly agreed "okkkk girlss stop. we are going to picnic on rajasthan"
    smita :- "but we are all girls sanjay is the only boy among us"
    me:- "ohkkk fine!!!!! go and enjoy i will not come"
    arpita:- "smita dont trouble my little brother. he is coming with us and he is gonna to remember this trip for life"
    me :- "no now i will not come. you go and enjoy i will stay in house alone"
    smita:- "i am sorry sanjay i dont want to hurt you i was just saying that you are only boy"
    ( the topic ran atleast 1 or 2 hours after that it was decided that tomorrow my father will go to australia and we will go to rajasthan. mom told me that we are gonna to spend 30 days in rajasthan so pack your all bags with all the necessary things.i asked help from my mom but she refused)

  • #82

    Bhavya (Wednesday, 05 July 2017 11:51)

    i go to my room took bags and started to pack my bag. first time i was packing my bag and its not a easy thing to do.after packing my bag i sleeped. as per the instruction i have to get up on 6 am. i put alaram and go to sleep.
    in morning i was waked up by smita "are you crazy man aunt asked everyone to be ready at 8 am just look at watch"
    i looked at watch oh my god its 7:30 " i am very sorry smita please give me towel i will be ready in half and hour"
    i quickly rushed to bathroom and feshen my self take a bath. when i was coming out of bathroom my mom was in my room and very angry. she said if i will not come in the hall after 5 minutes they will go. i was afraid and wear my cloths as fast as i can and go to hall although i taked 7 minutes but still my mom waiting for me.
    i said sorry to everyone. my mom said now dont waste time we are already late because of you and we all go to bus take our place. arpita and nikita was sitting besides each other and me and smita is sitting tohether. ( smita is very naughty girl she always findig ways to bother people and make fun of them. still he is very cute girl. any boy can fall in love with her very easily)

    on the way she asked many questions regarding my personal life and school life. today she was wearing a salwar suit and looking like a diva. his lips was colored with bright red lipstick her nail was also painted in red lipstick. a beautiful smell of a fragnance is coming from her hair.a long jhumkha was inserted in her ears which was touching her shoulder. a round hoop nose ring was looking precious in her nose.
    "ohhh myy godd she is so beautiful(i was wondering in my mind)" i taked my eyes away from her and looked at nikita she was wearing a top an jeans . jeans was skin tight and her hips were looking sexy.she was wearing a beautiful breslet his nails painted in pink naipolish her lips was shining with pink lipstick. she was wearing small studs in her ears a beautiful small nosering in her nose. arpita was also dressed in anarkali suits and looking very gorgeous. today my mom and aunt was also in jeans and looking much younger my aunt was bit fat but still looking very hot. in my mind i was feeling bit jealous from all girls i wish i could also dress like them. after long journey we reached to rajasthan. it was hill station so area was like a village type. but our hotel was looking good from outside. after reaching my mom announced everyone will carry their bags own....and my head started spinning.... what will i tell to my mom.

    somehow i gathered courage annd go to my mom and told her in low voice that i forget my bag in was very angry on me and told me to go in my room.she told me to waait for her in my room. after waiting for almost an hour she came to my room along with my three sisters. and told me "sanjay, none of us have boys cloths and all your three sisters have extra cloths as girls always carry more cloths in case if needed and they all are agree to give you their cloths you should thank them." but i am boy mom how can i wear girls cloths,i argued. mom said well there is only cloths we have and i am not gonna to buy you new cloths if you want to wear it then ok and if you won't wear it stay in that cloth for some days until we gome home. so i had no choice my mom was angry and i cant stay in that cloths. so without much argument i agreed. my mom ordered my sisters to make me ready. so they take me to their room and said don't worry dear you will look beautiful in this dress. there it is a pink anarkali dress with a floral work on it and a pink dupatta. i was shocked seeing this and thinking how will i look wearing this.

  • #83

    Bhavya (Wednesday, 05 July 2017 11:52)

    so they quickly send me to bathroom and told me to take a hot shower as i came out they handed me a panty. it was also pink in colour and matrial was very smooth it made some sensation in my body which caused my penis to stood up but still it was not noticable as my penis was very small(almost negligable). with my head down i took penty from my sister. again i go to bathroom and came wearing penty. it was amazing feeling i was liking it and at a same time i was feeling shame. i came out with wearing towel over my penty as i came out my sister quickly removed towel and i was only in penty in front of my all sister. i was really embarrassed and cant show my face to them my face was red in shame. so my sister lifted my face an said "wow look our new sister in shying in front of us. come on we are all girls." everyone was laughing. arpita continued and said "sanjay, are you really a boy?? beacause you are wearing penty and there is no bulge." i was almost cried at this statement girls noticed my eyes and stoped teasing and arpita said "sorry my little brother to hurt you but we met after a long time and you are gonna to wear this dress so we thought to treat you like one of us. i always know that you felt lonely everytime we three girls talk but believe me be our sister for this trip and we will treat you like one you are not a boy for this trip is that clear." i areed with tears in my eyes and she huged me and followed my my other two sister it was looking a girls group. so finally nikita said lets hurry up otherwise mom will be angry again. so they handed me next piece of cloth which was bra. again it was pink in colour. and really smooth. i also have what called small boobs which looks like a girl is started to grow his tits. as i dont know my sister teach me how to wear a bra. and told me to try it myself for sometimes. with some difficulties i put it on. my small boobs was fitted very nicely in it and i was wondering how because none of my sister have this size but i dared to ask as it is such a bad question to ask sisters their size. it gave me amazing feeling i never felt so much comfort in my male undergarment. without much discussion they shared some tips to me and quickly move toward next piece which was a legging again in pink. i slide into those leggings it was very tight and was giving a clear view of my wide hips. then came the top which is kameez. i wore it and it was perfect fit and was giving a great shape of boobs on my chest(now breast). we quickly moved to the make up section they applied a cream on my face my face was already smooth so i dont need to shave then she applied dark pink lipstick. i can taste it and i was feeling amazed as lipstic feels great and i love it. then comes jwellery they gave a necklace and i wore it followed by some bangles and a lady wrist watch on other hand. my ears were not pierced and we also dont have time so they left it. they give me a pair of payal and placed it in my legs which creates pleasant sound when i move. i was looking almost like a girl but there was a big problem which was my hair i have long hair for a boy but for a girl it was still short i was shocked when they gave me a wig i asked them who carried this wig and why. they told me nikita has small hair so she bring this wig for her but now you need it more than her so wear it. in no time they placed wig on my head it was a special type of wig which fits on my head and cannot be removed easily there was a special trick to remove that wig. i moves toward mirror to see how i look my payals were making sound a feeling of lipstick was amazing. my bangles gives me a feel in my hand. it was difficult to manage wig. i was shocked to see my reflection as i was really looking like a girl. as i was thin that gives advantage as my figure was awesome and shape of breast was amazing. tight feeting leggings was clearly showing shape of my wide hips. i was really happy but dont show it cause they may tease me. they rushed me to moms room where aunt and mom was waiting for me they analyzed me top to bottom and said good work girl. my aunt said i havent wear earings and mom said we will see what can be done. i didnt speak a single world as i was extremely ashamed.

  • #84

    RIA (Sunday, 09 July 2017 02:04)

    ‘merese nahi hoga’, I was made to stand after a tampon was inserted in me, ‘ abhi toh kuch hua bhi nahi hai jaan meri, my friend mocked me as she tried adjusting the chunni over my ghajra bound bun.
    Never ever in my life had I thought that things for me would change so drastically, that me who used to be a guy once would now stand waiting for the rituals to be wed to my husband as a dutiful wife and serve him for the rest of my life. I tried taking a few long breaths but the tightness of my blouse allowed nothing, I somehow managed to sit allowing the tampon to penetrate a bit more deeper into my hole bringing out a mild squeak out of my mouth. My friend she she smiled standing in front of me adjusting her saree before she could help me to move towards the stage where my husband waited for me to be his forever.
    I remember it was only last month that things changed that me Akash Verma fair, though only 5’4”, lean was now forced to be Akriti Singh.

  • #85

    The Window (Sunday, 09 July 2017 10:23)

    Riya Mishra
    God!! Rajesh is so muscular and hot. I can see him through my window. I wish I could get into his pants and suck his obviously massive cock. He has just come back from the gym , all sweaty and dripping. I can see that he is taking his shirt off and is standing just in his white vest and briefs. His shoulders are soooo broad and his butt is so luscious. I get wet dreams every night where he forces me to suck him off. I wish he could see me now looking all pretty in my fawn couloured salwar kameez and my pretty little makeup. I have worn my best silver danglers and applied my most sexy lipstick just in the hope that he notices, but he doesnt. I want to become his wife. The only problem I guess is that I happen to be a crossdressing male and he would never accept me.
    Rajesh SHarma
    I can see Riya through the window. She looks so pretty and feminine in her salwar kameez and her face is so beautiful. I wish I could kiss her soft lips and squeeze her pert breasts. I know she notices me going to the gym and I have been working out to make an impression on her. My biceps are now almost 20 inches and I could easily do a 300 lb benchpress. I would be her perfect protector and any guy looking at her would face my wrath. I dont know if she is being enticed the huge dick in my briefs. My dreams are just full of us being married and me being her husband. The only problem I guess is that I am a crossdressing female (yes my 8 inch dick is prosthetic). Why would she accept a female like me in her life

    Sharmaji, this is Mishra. I have gotten the muhurth (dates) for the marriage from Panditji. I think once again that your daught.....err son will be perfect match for Riya. Riya does not know that Rajesh is a girl and Rajesh you told me is also unaware that Riya is a boy. Anyway I look forward to receiving the baraat in my house. Also, my sincere thanks for not asking any dowry.

  • #86

    Radhika (Thursday, 13 July 2017 12:44)

    My name is Raj ours is orthodox family we are live in village in our village there is one kings family is there my father is working as priest and my mother working as cook in their home because of our tradition I am having long hair and I am real pretty soft boy I always be with my mother my father ask me to join him and help him as priest but I don't like that I like to do house hold course with my mother in kitchen and my mother teaching cooking and cleaning and putting rongoli I love that, after i come back from school I am not going outside to play with boys I always play with daughters of maids working in kings family, that girls always play House family game or cooking games so I like that and I join and play with them my father is disappointed with this but he can't do anything.
    On other on kings family now Rajendra is elder he have one daughter name Priya she is the only daughter he have so he raising her as his son by teaching her karate, horse riding,gym when she is playing she always play role of king and make everyone as her slaves
    One day when I playing with girls she come to us by riding her horse we all stood up and give respect to her then she comes down and ask her shall she can join us then we told we are playing marriage game you can join us then she tell since she likes to lead in everything she will play the husband role in game and ask me to play the her wife role since she is our owner daughter we all simply agreed then we start the game then some of girl takes me and give small girls full length skirt and blouse and put bangles and comb my hair and bring me, Priya always wear sarwani as prince wear, then we both sit I am acting like girl and Priya acting like boy then marriage game starts one of the girl play role of priest and telling mantra then she told Priya to tie mangalyasutra around my neck then Priya search for it then she suddenly run towards her big house and went to her mother room and open her lock and take out one mangalyasutra and run towards us playing area her grandmother see it and follow her in suprise why she take mangalyasutra then Priya come and sit beside me and tried mangalyasutra around my neck and I fall to her feet and ask for blessings all this her grandmother see and come to us and scold all of us including Priya she is shouting on us this is child marriage and marriage is not game you children are doesn't know value of mangalyasutra because of her shouting all people come my parents and Priya parents are come they try to make cool grandmother by saying it's just a game but grandmother is so orthodox and now agreed in it since Priya is raising as son and Priya is tie mangalyasutra around my neck now Priya should be my husband for the life and I should be wife of her for a life, my parents and Priya parents are shock hearing this but since the grandmother is elder everyone agreed to her then she told my mother to raise me as daughter in-law of this great kings family and I need to learn all house hold course and cooking and cleaning and all duties of perfect Indian housewife and traditional of kings family so on that day onwards I need to wear ghagra choli and bangles and jewelers Makeup and be Babhu of this kings family since my parents doing there job in kings family house they always agree to that and my mother dress me in ghagra choli and bangles and jewelers Makeup and teach me cooking skills house hold course and how to be daughter in law how to be wife by telling all the Indian housewife stories and daily I need to do all jobs of housewife and dress like girl and my mother told me Priya is my husband god and you need to serve her you need to obeying her you are porperty of her she is your owner I am also thinking her as my husband god and daily in my heart i am workshiping her and instead of going to school I am learning how to be good housewife.
    On other hand Priya sent to out of country to study and she is learning business because she is future of king family she needs to handle all the business of family and she needs to be strong so daily she is going to gym and riding horses is her favourite.

  • #87

    Radhika (Thursday, 13 July 2017 12:45)

    We both come to our young teenager she is learning and become stronger in the society and always wearing men's suit wear to look bold and muscular and fit she is very intelligent in her studies and first in University and always goes long raiding in her bike and cars and enjoying her life by going to party drinking alcohol and late night coming begin a girl now woman she is enjoying life like a boy man
    On other hand begin boy man me starting to wear saree and blouse bangles and jewelers Makeup and thinking of her my husband god and doing house hold course like cooking and cleaning house and serving my mother in law and father in law and grandmother washing there clothes and if someone say about Priya greatness I am feeling very Feminine shy and went to back of house holding her photo in my saree pallu and talking to her photo like wife talking to her husband and final cry for without reason warp my eyes with my saree pallu and bangles hands and went inside and performing duties of daughter in law of kings house.
    One day I heard by my mother in law that my hubby my life hero my god Priya is coming back from foreign and tell me to prepare her favourite food I am in joy prepare all the favourite food of her and dressed in nice saree and put lots of bangles and jewelers Makeup and comb my hair put lots of flowers in it and seeing mirror again and again and think is she likes my blouse designs is she likes my saree is she likes my soft bangles full of hand is she likes my food prepared by me for her I am having so many dreams because I am housewife waiting for long time for my female husband coming from foreign after long years by archiving.
    My mother in law told me to not to come to airport and told me to look after house hold course and ready to welcome Priya I am bit disappointed by I need to agree my mother in law and went inside kitchen and crying and again check everything ok and start to wash floor of house because my husband Priya will put her legs on this floor by thinking that I am washing and went to daydream with her like Priya is come and hugs me our first night and our children everything comes to my mind I am thinking like girl because I am brought up like wife of Priya then I heard the car sound and I am feeling so much happy and take arrati to welcome my hubby Priya and went near door and I completely shock to see other girl in modern dress with Priya her name is Rani she holding Priya hand and standing in door my mother in law told me to do arrati and I did then everyone went inside home I am feeling very much joules and scared about that girl Rani she is learning with Priya and she come with Priya for her vacation then I went inside Priya doesn't talk to me and always taking to Rani, my mother in law tell me to serve the food to them then I start serving Priya and Rani both sitting together and eating I am feeling very joules of this then after everyone went me start to eating food in Priya leftover plate and heared laugh of Priya and Rani with family I am sitting alone and I am start crying because I spend my life to Priya begin a boy instead of study and become husband in society I am wearing Saree bangles and learn house hold course and become housewife of girl my husband Priya but she ignored me and learnt a lot and become stronger person in society and enjoy with some other woman instead of me her obedient housewife, then night come I am went inside room with Happy with glass of milk then I saw Rani and Priya on one bed and laughing then Rani see me and ask Priya who is she then Priya she is not she she is man but my wife and tell her all story then she laughed seeing me I can't find any manness in me and you are being a man wearing Saree bangles and become woman wife means you are completely loader and went outside I am feeling embarrassed and my eyes wet then I went to Priya and give her milk and fall to her feet and ask for blessings she kick me you don't know the romance and you know only serving how can you be my wife I am feeling embarrassed to say you are my wife then she slept I went to her legs and put it in my lap and started to pressing then she told me to sleep on floor and kick me I sleep on floor and starting to crying holding my saree pallu

  • #88

    Radhika (Thursday, 13 July 2017 12:47)

    Next day was Pooja is there in our house I get up early morning because my mother in law is strict and take a bath and start to wear saree I am thinking if I not become wife of Priya then I will be someone's husband but begin a boy I am wearing Saree bangles and become wife of Priya then I went to pirya with coffee and weak her up telling ji getup see is so angry on me because distribution in her sleep and slap me I fall to ground and crying she told don't come here go I went to kitchen by crying but not show to all because they may scold my husband Priya, then Priya is went to bathroom and she is calling me for towel but Rani went inside the bathroom holding towel and push me outside of room I am feeling very scared because Rani may stolen my husband then I am went to Pooja and I am fasting for my husband long life and I am praying God to give long life my husband Priya and thinking if I am husband then my wife will pray for my long life but I am a boy and dress as wife and become wife of Priya and praying for her long life then Priya come but besides her Rani also there she is in hot modern dress our family elders are hating that but simply sit because she is friend of Priya the my mother in law told me to do feet Pooja of Priya and I happily agreed Priya don't like old tradition but simply sit because of her mom I am happily wash her feet and put flowers on that and put my head and eyes on her feet and tears also comes from my eyes and fall on her feet this is happens tears I wash her feet in my tears my mother in law happy seeing this and also proud because she is Mother of girl but then also boy is washing her daughter feet then I took flowers from her feet and put it on my long hair and rest on her feet in happens then Priya adk her mom is this over and mother told it's over then Priya push me in her leg and went with Rani i am in ground and feeling very emotion then my mother in law told me cook food and eat food from your husband hand I told ok and happy because my hubby Priya is feeding me then until evening I am fasting and do all house hold course and cooking but Priya is enjoying with Rani but me begin a boy wearing a saree praying for Priya and doing her house hold course and cooking for her but she not thinking me then mother in law told to serve the dinner then I serve then mother in law told Priya to feed some food from her plate I am feeling happy then Priya feed some food from her plate in not mood but I am feeling very happy and emotional and crying due to happiness then night I went to room there Priya and Rani is there Priya first slapped me and told in her childhood mistakenly she tie mangalyasutra around my neck because of that you not become my wife and you are village boy not know anything and doesn't know fashion see Rani how fashion she and kick me and told me to simply sit in Connor and not to make any noise they both will enjoy and they both started to kiss I am crying seeing this because my husband Priya is kissing some one that is also girl then they both enjoy Priya is real man in that seeing that I am also wish to join but Priya Kick me I can only one thing is crying seeing that that I can't able to do anything in it.

  • #89

    Radhika (Thursday, 13 July 2017)

    Next day Priya get up our village have village function then everyone went there Priya in dothi and shrit I am in saree blouse bangles and jewelers Makeup and Rani in modern dress then all of us went to temple and do Pooja I Pray god that Priya needs to consider me as her wife and Know the difference between modern girlfriend and traditional perfect Indian housewife then in village festival there is Wrestling and our village guy lost and opposite guy told is there any man how beat him then my hubby Priya get up and do wrestling with that muscular guy I am boy but I am scaring because of his muscular but Priya is girl but she fight with him and win I am feeling very happy then that lost guy is embrace because he lost in front of girl so he gets angry and come with big knife and comes towards Priya I saw and run towards Priya to save my husband then he push his hand and put knife but I push Priya and knife hit my hand I can't able to stand due to pain and fall down Priya hold me in her hand and left me and put me in car then that guy put knife to Priya stomach but Priya not lost like me she kick that guy and she drives to hospital and both of us getting treatment.
    I am having small injury so I get up then I heard my husband pirya is having major injury she doctor said pray with god to give her life then I went to temple and do all vartha of all wife do for husband long life I put wet saree and roll in temple I do fasting and walking in hot charcoal then give blouse piece and Kumkum Sindoor to married woman and all married woman put Sindoor to my head and put bangles in my hand and tell let your husband have long life then I take Kumkum of God and went to hospital and put it on Priya after some time she weakup I am feeling very happy then my mother in law told you ignore your wife because he is man wearing Saree and he is village boy not know anything but you forgot he is doing all this because you just tie mangalyasutra around his neck he may live boy life but Then also he is living as your wife and he is the one how save you because he is perfect Indian housewife and not your modern girlfriend how run away when you are in hospital he do somany Pooja to bring your life then Priya called me and ask sorry and tell me she will consider me as her wife I told her no need to ask sorry because she is my husband and she having right to slap me kick i am her submission housewife to serve her in all aspects she told she Born as female but she is lucky enough to have male wife as me I am feeling very happy and emotional and hold her legs and tell her I am also lucky to have female husband god you...
    The end.

  • #90

    Radhika (Sunday, 16 July 2017 12:05)

    Short story
    My name is Rani and I am a girl how brought up alone because my parents left me in temple when I bron so I grow in road and one old man who is having garage brought up me and he also dead so I am doing car mechanic in that garage and earning some money.
    One day one man come with my friend and that man told me his wife is sick and only I can make her better and she come out from sick I asked him how I can help in that then he told he have one son and in car accident he died and due to that shock she is on sick and then that man ask me to dress up as his son and act as his son so that his wife will recover, I told I am girl how can I act as your son then my friend told I know you from kid you are never be a girl and always you play with boy in road now also you are working in car garage that is also boys job and I never saw you in any female dress like chudidhar or saree you always wear pants and shirt and you are like Strong woman and from young age you didn't see your parents so god only give you chance to live with parents now so they will also get help so please go I thought for sometime and ready to go with them.
    That middle aged man name is Suresh sir, he took me to hairdresser and my hair cut as man and I am looking manly then he took me to clothes shop and I got new pant and shirt and two business suit and dothi and boxer and Bamiyan I wear one man suit and went with him in train when I get down from train some gang of men attacks me I just kicked them and thought they might be my old enemy then I went to Suresh sir home and saw his wife I feel like she is my mother I went near her and told her I am her son , while telling I am her son I am feeling like proud because I am a girl and instead of being daughter I become son to them, things are going like this but I am again and again attack by people I am suprised by this.

  • #91

    Radhika (Sunday, 16 July 2017 12:06)

    One day on attack Like this I caught one attacker and ask him why he is attacking me he told you are son of Suresh so my boss Ramesh is told to attack you then I asked why he needs to attack me then he told long before Ramesh and Suresh are Friends and in one accident Suresh accidentally hit Ramesh son and he died so Ramesh revenge to kill Suresh son that is you then I kick him and went to home there I hear Suresh sir is talking to his real son he is told since I am a girl and if I dress as his son and come to this village then Ramesh will kill me and he can take his son home safely I went near him and told him you are telling lies to me then he and his son ask for forgiveness and help of me then I told don't worry I will handle this and collect the information of Ramesh then Suresh told Ramesh is rich person of this village he will have 2 son and one daughter but one son is died then I told not to worry and I target the Ramesh son Raj.
    Raj is the one who want to kill me because of his father I went near him and we both fight and I kicked him and tried and put him one of old house when he gets up and saw arround he is feeling some things then he saw himself dress in chudidhar and I went near him and told him I am not real son of Suresh I am Rani and I am girl he feels embarrassed because girl kick him and make him wear chudidhar I told him you are such a lovely soft and sensitive boy why you want this mustache and I shave his moustache and he is feeling embarrassed and then I told him you must be bron girl he is shouting to leave him , but I went near him and told girls like you not to shout then he say he is not girl he is boy then I told him see the mirror you are wearing chudidhar and girls only wear this he is feeling embarrassed and I totally make him feminization each and every day by make him wear chudidhar sarees and one day I put lots of bangles to his hand and he became complete submission and day by day he is also enjoy his feminine side I always treated him as girl and he simply follow my order because he can't do anything now on the other hand Suresh wife gets well and we told her truth and show her real son she thanks me to save her and her family then here Ramesh is searching for his son but his son Raj is now under my control and his hair also become long I bride his hair and put his long hair in his shoulder and he is feeling very Feminine I put lots of bangles to him and make him wear saree saree is having a power it will make anyone as woman and Raj also become soft and sensitive he falls to my feet and ask me to marry him and make him as my Wife I told him now go to your father and tell him Same and also told the real son of Suresh will marry your sister so everything will be ok he Frist went to his sister and show her his feminine side and tell her now we both are sister now she hugs him and accept him then both ready in same saree and went to Ramesh and told they both Marry Suresh son ( now me also one of son of Suresh) then Ramesh not agree Frist but both including Raj mother make Ramesh to agree then he agreed now Raj Sister and my brother means Suresh real son are married and I and Raj also getting married but me is the groom who tie mangalyasutra around Raj neck and Raj is the bride who wears saree and blouse bangles and jewelers Makeup and sit next to me by binding his head and seeing my feet because from now onwards my feet is his place and my service is his duty and he is my wife and I am her husband.
    The end...

  • #92

    Radhika (Tuesday, 18 July 2017 12:48)

    My mother and my dad's sister both get pregnant at same time my mother is wishing for baby girl and my aunty is wishing for baby boy but for my mother I born boy and my aunty got baby girl.
    My mother is dospointed but also not showing even my aunty also. On 1st year birthday my parents and aunty and uncle all decide to celebrate like me in pink Princess dress and my aunty daughter in blue Prince suite. After an 6 month my uncle get transferred so my aunty and uncle and her daughter Priya all went to city.
    I am brought up in village by mother and father but my father is used to go to city always and stay with my aunty house because for his job and visit us once in a month. So in our house now me and my mother and she always looking after me very careful and I raised by her.
    When I was around 5 my first time hair cutting happen but I don't like to cut my hair because my mother having long and thick hair and I also wish to have like her my mother told she is girl so she have long hair but I am boy so cut your hair but I told I don't care about it I wish to have hair like you I can also become girl like you begin kid no one cares about it but my mother is happy hearing it.
    So I having long hair when I am going to school my mother Bride hair she is happy to do that so I am also happy and I holding mirror when she is coumbing my hair and I seeing in it and feeling so girly Like feeling my mother so time for fun calling me like girl and I am feeling very Feminine on that time and I always like to wear Bride long hair.
    I always helping my mother in house hold course and put less interested in studying so I only learn 10th and I am doing house hold course like cooking and cleaning and washing clothes putting rongoli washing plates etc and I like stitching so I stitching blouse and skirt and chudidhar to our village girl so all village girls are my friends and I always be with them I and all girls goes to village feast and girls are purchasing bangles earrings jewelers Makeup etc I am also feeling to take this but not having guts but my friends know and they gift me some earrings I wear it with only we are there.
    On other hand Priya my aunty daughter went with there parents to city and study well and now she is joining to police officer she is coming to our village with her mother and I am feeling happy because after long time I am meeting her.
    I standing near door holding light to take aratti, I heard bullet bike sounds and I saw my aunty behind that bullet bike I felt sad because aunty is coming with some other guy instead of Priya but to my surprise the one who is riding bike is Priya I in shock opening mouth and seeing her she is tall and athletic bigger than me her shoulder are broad and arms are strong and my arms are soft and sensitive compare to her I went near them with light and did arrati and both of them went inside I follow them. In inside I took belessing from my aunty she is happy to see me like this and told my mother you brought him up in good behaviour then I told aunty to get fresh up and I only prepare food she is really suprised and happy and see her daughter face and smile.

  • #93

    Radhika (Tuesday, 18 July 2017 12:48)

    I can't able to eye contact with Priya and can't able to tell her name also feeling so shy she is standing and seeing me in confidence and I am seeing floor and in respect tell her to fresh up and I will serve her she told ok and while going to bathroom she push me in her shoulder I am losing my balance she is so strong she having some naught smile in her face I am feeling very Feminine Girly shy because infront of her power I am very pretty doll.
    I serve their food and both of them are very happy and after there take food they went to there room my mother told me to clean the plate eaten by Priya I went to clean but not know what happened I am feeling to eat my food in same plate and I started to eat her leftover and feeling something and then I clean her plate.
    My mother talking to my aunty why Priya having short hair like boy then my aunty told since she is in police training her long hair disturbing so she short it and ask my me having long hair then my mother told he likes long hair so.i am feeling embarrassed and my aunty told me to take one glass of milk and give to Priya I agree and take it.I talk glass of milk and feeling afraid because I am alone going to Priya room she is in lungi and shrit and reading newspaper I am in pajama and my hair is single plate brided and I went to her and give her milk she ask me to sit but I am feeling scared and told her I have work in kitchen and try to walk but she holds my long hair and pull me towards her and I directly sit in her lap and she is holding my hair and I am feeling pain and simply sitting on her lap.
    She told she likes my attitude and my appearance and her long hair and she likes to pull my hair telling that she is pull my hair and laughing I am feeling pain and hold my hair and simply seeing her face like helpless then she ask me can you give me chance to pull your hair whole my life, hearing that I am feeling very shy my chicks become pink and i try to run away but again she pull my hair and I fall to her feet and she bless me to have more proud daughters like me I am feeling shy she requested me to wear one of the saree of my mother and come to top floor at night when everyone sleeping. I went to kitchen and thinking for what to can I wear saree and meet her or not.
    To be continue....

  • #94

    sneha (Wednesday, 19 July 2017 12:49)

    The Glimpse of Womanhood- Shopping

    I was moving in the chandinichowk streets at delhi it is very famous for the street shopping and so many small shops located their. Since this was my first time coming out as a woman i really want to take pleasure of shopping i saw many woman will have it. I took my hanky and cleaned my sweat over my forehead and then slowly i crossed the road i saw some bikers starring over me i thought they have recognized me already i am nervous because of them my heart is beating fastly but somebudy took my and i saw one lady took my hand over her hand and taken me to other side of the road. She said it is very common in this streets didi (sister in Hindi) don't panic be brave she said and left. I moment she took her hand into her hand my breath has calm down. I took managalsutra out and kept it out so that it should visible.

    As a cross dresser it is a boon for him to enjoy the life of both man and woman. I am a cross dresser and i like dress up in female clothing and i behave like a woman when i dress up only thing i never want to indulge sex with a man even i can't imagine so i was sure i am transvestite (or) Cross dresser. So many street vendors calling madam visit my shop this made me more confident i saw that women in one shop who helped me at signals. I went into shop she saw me said didi you please come what you want to see. I asked is this shop is yours she said yes and she will bring sari's from banaras.

    Slowly she started showing the sari's i felt like every saris is speaking with me and asking me to own them and she started to explain about the texture i took one sari and kept it on my shoulder and smell of that sari made me mad. Immediately she said didi did you liked it i said i am just looking she said did this color will matches please try she said i was shocked where should i try she said i will close the shutter and you wear here i said her in shock. she simple said yeah she immediately closed the shutter without listening to my words.Now i thought as a woman so i opened my secret to her she socked and said you wearing bangles, bindi and women's attire you looking like women to no problem i will help you wearing the sari so i removed my sari she started laughing after i removed my sari seeing my mangalsutra she was rolling on the floor laughing. i said stop and help me yeah the sari suited me really well and i took 2 sari's from her shop she took my measurements for blouse stitching. i took my hand bag to pay her then she said woman should keep money inside jacket so that it will be safe.

    I said thanks for suggestion and she asked me if you want to enjoy more womanhood call me.

    Please post your comments

  • #95

    sneha (Thursday, 20 July 2017 09:54)

    The Glimpse of Woman hood- A Trip

    Soon after coming back to the hotel i want to figure out all the things which gives me pleasure but i don't harm anybody for my pleasure. So i started listing the things.
    1) Cooking
    2) Dressing
    3) Pillon rider to woman where she has to dress like a man ( I am doubtful about this)
    4) dancing in the rain after dressing sari
    5) Serving elders
    6) travelling like a woman
    7) Mother hood ( This will give life time pleasure but it is not possible how i can become mother)

    As every body knew there is no end for the desires so i want to do some of the above so i have booked my return ticket to Hyderabad via train it takes 26 hours to reach Hyderabad on train. So i booked my tickets in second A.C. coach i got my ticket confirmation. I was excited about my first journey as a woman so i got ready 2 hours before my train schedule i switched on tv for some time pass but i am so excited i can't stay at hotel so i stood up and checked my sari adjusted it properly so that my private should not visible to every one. then i vacated my hotel room and took taxi to railway station.

    I reached Hazrat nizamuddin railway station in Delhi i asked my taxi driver to help for my luggage he kept his taxi in the stand and carried my luggage till the platform i have given him extra 100 Rs tip for helping me. He said mam you are very delicate eat well and maintain your personality i said thank u bhaiyya. he left from their still hour left train to arrive. So i seen around a place to settle then a woman called me near and given some space to sit i adjusted my sari pallu and sat beside to her. she is elderly seems like a uneducated but i have full respect towards her . she asked me about my journey and started little conversation she asked about my nativity and age soon. Then say hand she said what kid of a girl you are how can you keep you hands so empty and color less you girls won't wear mehendi's at least you can apply nail polish. I said i like mehendi more than nail polish she said we still have a time so i will keep you mehendi and i handovered my both hands to her and she started applying and people around watching us weirdly and some young boys commented women are women she did mehendi within 20 minutes for both the hands and she kept back her mehendi cone after applying all she said now how can you carry your luggage inside the train she said laughingly i said oho know she said i will help you don't worry i said thank you aunty.

    Atlast my train has arrived and aunty carried my luggage till my berth she hugged me with affection and left from their i sat on berth
    Trip continuous with lot turns
    Please post your comments

  • #96

    sneha (Saturday, 22 July 2017 11:24)

    The Glimpse of Woman hood-Trip continues

    Train till not yet started i am seeing out side through the window and remembering all the things happened in the trip m eyes filled with tears after it i saw here and their train is maximum empty and another family is their but other side of boggie railway boy has came and given water and he 2 more water bottles in my beside berth then i understood two more people are coming. Since i booked ticket in ladies quota so i expecting ladies in that berths also. Suddenly one lady came and asked help to bring her MIL inside i helped for her and she brought the luggage.

    Train started we settled down and she introduced herself anil i am not shocked because of her attitude she is wearing short till her thighs and she is wearing sleeve less top and men's floater's her MIL scolded her and shown me as example for women. But anil kissed me on cheeks and said really even i fell in love with her my penis became like a rod. i slowly went into inside the toilet and masturbated and came out i saw anil smoking their she said don't said in front of my MIL. I said ok and pinched my cheeks and she asked about me i said i came here to her relative's home and my parent's looking matches for me she said poor girl.

    She completed her smoke while we are going i walking first she is coming behind me and she pressed my navel with left hand patted with right hand on my buttocks i shocked and turned back she stood exactly back to me and train jerked i fell on her we hugged each other she caught one rod firmly we din't fall down. After a moment we came back normal position and i am adjusting my sari she caught my hand and taken me to another berth and said you are man i am shocked and said how you know she said your penis still standing like a rod. I cursed myself for this she said i will complain to railway police and by tomorrow you will be in jail. i begged her feeling on my legs she said you know even i have some dreams to met a man like you we have total journey left for us you have to convenience me by doing what i say with out delay and reverse question. i said ok anil she said no call me dear from now till over journey completed i will be your boy friend and now come near and given me hug and kiss on my cheeks and kiss should be gentle and smooth. i hugged from side and kissed on cheeks she said total fail have ever seen girl friend hugging boy friend from give me complete hug and i have given complete she started tightening her hands and hug becoming very strong even i am feeling pleasure and feeling good in her hug after so many days i am feeling secure in her arms.

    I have decide to do anything for her after a moment i regain my conscious she still in her dreams i said baby is it ok she regaining her conscious and asked me what you said. I said nothing baby is this hug is ok she said ok what about kiss she said i kissed her gentle she says let's go to our berth or else my MIL will come here. i handover a mouth freshener to her and said baby use this. she said say once again i said use this baby

    Hey i like it call me like this only we went to our berth me and baby sat in one berth. Aunty relaxing in one berth i said baby can you go for the top because i can't climb please help me both are shocked with my words.
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  • #97

    Radhika (Sunday, 23 July 2017 14:00)

    Part 2
    When I went to kitchen my mind repeating the request of Priya to wear saree begin a boy I am doing girly jobs like cleaning and washing cooking but until now I never wear saree or female dress but muscular attitude of Priya make me feel girly feminine and my heart telling me to wear saree for her but also having little scared to wear saree.
    Finally after all kitchen and cleaning work when my mother and aunty sleep I slowly went to my mother room and take one Saree. On holding that I am feeling very happy I placed that saree on my shoulder and seeing in mirror and feeling the softness of saree my mind is telling me to wear that but I don't have that much guts I heard some noise and felling scared and kept back saree and went to room, I am feeling sad because cannot able to wear saree and meet Priya, then I remembered that my friends give me on earrings as gift I take it out I wear my payjama and brided my long hair as single plate Braided and wear that earrings and I am seeing mirror feeling so girly shy in mirror I found on bindi I am feeling happy and take that bindi and wear that bindi on my forehead and I went to meet Priya but little sad because cannot able to wear saree while going I found one duppatha so I take that duppatha and went to top floor to meet Priya.
    In top floor Priya is in lungi and shrit and she is smoking I went to near her in low my head I am only seeing her feet she come near me hold my chicks and raise it I feel so shy seeing her bold face and close my face in hand due to shyness. She laughing tell is here girl is me or you, she told your face is looking very bueatiful in the bindi and earrings why don't you wear saree, I am in low voice I have no guts to wear saree, then she told yes you don't have guts so that's why I told you to wear saree begin a boy you don't go outside and earring and independently living but you always be in house and doing house hold course and cooking like ladies and stitch blouse and have good knowledge of feminine things so you can maximize can wear saree and become wife of me. Hearing that I feel embarrassed and also very happy and shy.

  • #98

    Radhika (Sunday, 23 July 2017)

    She come still close I am feeling very uncomfortable because I am very shy but she is in very comfortable because she is bold and confidence then she shows her arms her biceps are very big and strong and she told she my hand it's very powerful and I am great police officer and in this hand I punish so many bad people this is the power I have in my hand and see your hands it's so delicate soft and sensitive and with your hands you can do only house hold items cooking and cleaning and you can't able to do anything then stitch blouse, so my hands are powerful and so I can tie mangalyasutra around your neck but you can't do that and you can only touch my feet and wear this bangles telling that she putting bangles to my hands I am feeling very embarrassed because being a boy I am simply standing when strong girl is putting bangles to my hand then she holds my long hair and pull towards her due pain I hold my hair but bangles in my hand make sound and I simply seeing her helpless she in laugh told she wants me to be her wife and proposed me in knees down and give rouse I took in shy and hold it she told to put that rouse to my long hair I put it she told you are simply bueatiful and kiss me I am shocked and feeling very shy I run again she holds my long hair and pull but my shyness become large and my chicks become pink and i run to room and fall on bed and thinking of her power and her muscular attitude and compare myself how pretty soft I am infront of her and dream the film song where I am heroin wear saree and she is hero wear pants and shirt.
    Next morning I take bath and tied my hair in towel and I am putting rongoli in front of house there Priya is doing pushups and workout she is so strong I am putting rongoli and feeling honey seeing her strong arms and shoulders then I heard Mother voice and went to kitchen there my mother ask me to get one box in top but I can't able to take that because of my height then suddenly Priya come and take that box and give to me I feel now she is taller than me then my mother told me to open the box I try hard to open it then Priya take box from my hand and open it easly I am feeling embarrassed begin a boy I am short then her and weaker than her while going she asked where is my bangles I told it's in my room she told see you can't able to open that small box that's why I give you wear that bangles it well suite to this situation and you personality I feel very embarrassed. Then she told my mother and aunty she is feeling very boring and want to visit town and do some shopping and she told she wants me to join her one side I am feeling very Feminine Girly shy and another hand I also feeling scared then she told to get ready my mother told me to go.
    I went to room to get ready my mother come in and Braided my long hair then I am standing in front of mirror and apply so many Cream and powder and try to look bueatiful for Priya. Outside Priya is shouting she get bath and ready but I not yet ready I told her please give her another 20 minutes I will be ready she told it's already 1 hours you goon for ready and sitting in chair waiting for me after 25 minutes I went to her she is playing games in mobile I told her I am ready. She told thank God and ready to go shopping I went near my mother and aunty and take blessings they told me to be careful and told Priya to take care of me is already in sitting on her bullet bike and seeing this dram then I went to her bike and try to sit single side like ladies she is very happy the way I sit on her bike and she kicked the bike and in one kick she started bike I am feeling very embarrassed because I don't know bike riding and can't able to move this heavy bike but Priya is easly kick start the bike and riding it. I am worried that what are is there in this shopping and simply sitting behind her bullet bike simply.
    To be continue.....

  • #99

    Radhika (Tuesday, 25 July 2017 13:38)

    Thanks Rohini.
    Part 3
    Me and Priya went to town market there I everyone seeing me in different because I am boy with long hair and sitting behind girl in short hair and she is riding a bike she put we both first went to temple and after pooja, poojari give flowers I kept it in my long hair and she kept it in her pocket because she doesn't have long hair, everyone seeing this and I feel embarrassed Priya sit in one side and I went to round the temple then I someone pull my hair I thought it is Priya and turn around but it was small girl she pull my hair and tell your hair is looking good and she also wants hair like me, I actually like children so I take that girl and talking with her she thinks I also girl like her calling me aunty I don't mind that because it's a kid I also like when she call me aunty.
    After her mother comes and take her then I started to walk again someone is pulling my hair I thought it is that girl but when I turn around I saw some big and husky girls in pant and shirt and cigarette in her mouth she holds my long hair tight and pulling towards her I started crying due to pain and hold my long hair she blow smoke to my face and looking in bad smile suddenly Priya come and kick her, in fight when I saw Priya muscular body and her aggressiveness I am feeling very Feminine Girly shy she come to me and hold my shoulder and tell he is my property and nobody can touch me and she will always protect me and take care of me I just seeing her face and her words make me cry because she will take care of me I am feeling very happy and suddenly hugs her I until satisfied I crying holding her I feel very secure in her arms and I fall to her feet and tell her in this temple I am telling I will become your housewife and I will serve you in all aspects and your feets are heaven to me you are my husband god and ask her blessings she is feeling really proud because she is a girl and I am boy falling to her feet in public and tell her she is my husband god so she is standing in confidence and proud.
    She take me to Saree shop and when we enter sales girl ask Priya can I help you which saree you want then Priya laugh and told her I never wear saree and Saree is not for me and it's for him pointing me, I walking slowly bending my head and look that sales girl she is holding her laugh but I don't care because my hubby Priya is behind me so I tell her what kind of Sarees I want she shows all Priya tell me to take brided saree also for marriage she ask groom dothi and shrit for herself then I took other saree and kurtha leggings for daily use also then some nighty and petticoat she brought some lungi and pants for herself.
    She ordered me to wear one red saree which is her favourite colour, I simply agreed because agreeing husband order is wife like me duty I went inside and wear it and come out she opened her mouth seeing me in first time Saree I am also feeling better and very happy she took me to bangles shop and puts lot of bangles to my hand I am feeling very Feminine after wearing bangles she also brought me earrings jewelers Makeup it's hubby duty to spend money for wife Saree and jewelers Makeup I told to her both laugh and we went back home I sitting behind her she is in pant and shirt and I am in saree and blouse bangles jewelers Makeup I am feeling scared to show this all to mom and aunty but Priya give me confidence but girly boy like me never have guts and confidence.
    We enter the home I standing behind Priya holding her shoulder and bending my head to floor when my mother and aunty see me like this there face is completely angry I am seeing them in small eyes but suddenly they start to laugh I am confusing then they told they already know all this, and this is them plan only to bring girl inside me and they want to marry me to Priya so Priya muscular strength bring pretty soft Girly inside me out and now Priya will be my mother son in-law and I will be my aunty daughter in-law.
    In marriage she ties mangalyasutra around my neck and my life of Priya housewife is being and she is police officer and my husband god. Bless me my hubby Priya.
    The end

  • #100

    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:24)

    Sonu was living with his mother and 2 little sisters and one brother. Few years ago Sonu’s family was
    very rich people but due to loss in business they become poor. Sonu’s dad couldn’t survive with that
    shock and died by major cardiac attack. Sonu was living in small flat. That flat was earlier belongs to
    their driver. Later their driver allows them to live in his flat with minimum rent of Rs 500. Sonu was
    working as a clerk in private firm getting Rs 3000 salary. Sonu was very weak in studies so when they
    were rich, Sonu was not going to college for studies. That’s why he was not able to graduate from any
    university. And in today’s world without you won’t get any Job/work without Degree. So Sonu was not
    able to earn much higher than Rs 3000 which was not enough to survive. Sonu’s mother condition was
    not well after her husband’s death. And his brother and sisters also not going to any school for studies.
    Rs 500 going as rent and he had to survive in Rs 2500 for whole month. With very high inflation his debts
    was increasing day by day. He was very frustrated with his life. One day after job over he went to beach
    and sits their thinking about his and his family’s future. With no degree and not good job he will not able
    to take care of family for long period of time. He eats one time so that he can feed his brother and
    sisters. That makes his health very weak. Though he was very handsome and bodybuilder during richer
    days now he was looking very slim. To avoid going to barber, he never cut his hair that’s why he grows
    his hair till waist. He always make bun of his hair and wears hat to hide his long hair. He had only two
    pair of clothes which he wears alternatively. His brother and sisters not had good clothes to wear and
    nice toys to play. After few hours later he went to home with some food for family.
    Days were passing and debts were rising like mountain. All creditors asking their money and Sonu was
    unable to return them money. One day his mother’s health was deteriorates. Sonu called his family
    doctor. That doctor did free check-up of his family because of earlier relation. Doctor said “One of your
    mother’s kidney fail. She now surviving on her second kidney and condition of that kidney also not
    good. Your mother will not survive after 1 year. We need to transplant another kidney to her”. Sonu
    was collapse when he knew that his mother will not survive after 1 year and he also not have money for
    kidney transplant operation. He hugged his mother and cry like baby. Other siblings also join him.
    Mother said “I still have one year to stay with you so don’t worry”. Sonu decided to do something to
    save his mother from dying. He again went to doctor and asked them total cost of operation. Doctor said
    we need at least 3 Lakh rupees and one kidney donor. Make arrangement in 4 months otherwise it will
    too late to do anything. He went to his company and asked them 3 Lakh loan. Company was already
    furious over him due to constant money issue. They decided to thrown him out from company. And that
    was his last day in his company. He takes pending amount from company and leave office. His Rs 3000
    income was stop. He was not able to understand why destiny plays this kind of joke with him. He went
    to temple and asks GOD “Why I am suffering so much. Why you write such destiny of mine. Please help
    me to save my mother. I will do anything for her please god help me”. One of Temple’s Pundits was
    listening to all conversation between God and Sonu. Sonu was standing there with eyes closed. Pundit
    touched his head. Sonu opened his eyes. He eyes were numb. He wiped his eyes and does namaskar to
    Pundit. Pundit gives blessing to him. Pundit said “I listen to your conversation with God. I want to tell you that God always kind with everyone and whoever comes to his temple never go empty hands.

    God always have something for everyone and for you definitely God have something. Believe in
    yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Have faith in your own abilities, work hard and there is
    nothing you cannot accomplish”.

  • #101

    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:24)

    Sonu said “I lost my job today. I have ill mother and 3 siblings to feed. How can I give them food and
    medicine without job”. Pundit said “I told you God has written something very special for you in your
    destiny”. You meet me at my home backside after 1 hour. Sonu said “Ok Punditji”. After 1 hour Sonu
    went to Pundit’s home. He was living in hut which was behind temple. He gives Sonu fruits to eat. Pundit
    said “I have solution for your all problem. But you have to pay price for that”. Sonu said “I already said
    I don’t have money”. Pundit said “Not in terms of money but something which will far more than
    money”. Sonu asked “What”? Pundit said “You have to sacrifice your identity. Will you ready to
    sacrifice your identity to save your mother and siblings”? Sonu was thinking and was not able to
    understand what kind of identity he has to sacrifice to save his mother. Pundit said “tell me are you
    ready to sacrifice your identity”? Sonu said “yes for my mother I will sacrifice my identity also. Anyway
    I don’t have any identity”. Pundit said “Ok then I will tell you what you need to sacrifice to save your
    mother”. Pundit told Sonu that “You have to live as girl and do service of GOD for 4 months. Your
    mother’s operation will be done by temple trustee and your family will get Rs 20,000 monthly in your
    Sonu was totally shocked by Pundit’s demand. He said “It’s not possible Punditji to give up my identity
    and live as girl. I thought you asked me other”. Pundit said “No Sonu, I mean it what I said. You give up
    your identity and live as GIRL. God has written this in your destiny. By this you will save your mother
    and your sisters and brothers will live good life. It’s just matter of 4 months. After that you will free to
    go anywhere” and we will still give you monthly Rs 20000. I will give you 24 hour to decide. And go
    home and think about it. While going home Pundit’s word was moving all over in his brain. He stops and
    went back to Pundit. Pundit asked him his decision. Sonu said “Ok Punditji I am ready to live life as
    GIRL”. Pundit gives him Rs 20000 for first month. He takes money and went back to home.
    Sonu came back to home. He saw his ill mother coughing very badly. He said to mother “Mom I got new
    job and going to another city. I will send you Rs 20,000 money monthly. I will be back in 4 months. Take
    care of yourself and my siblings”. He gives her Rs 20,000. Mother said “take care of you also beta”. His
    siblings were sad after hearing that their big brother will not live with them for 4 months. Mother asked
    “Who paid you so much”? Sonu said “a new company don’t worry I will take care of mine”. In early
    morning he took his bag and went to temple. Pundit took him inside his hut. Pundit said “Now from
    today you give up your male identity and live as girl. Here are some girls living who help you to
    transform from Boy to Girl. But before start you have to fill one form”. Sonu said ok and he started filling
    form. Sonu was 21 years old very handsome looking boy. But after filling form he was neither remain
    Boy. He filled all details in form and give by to Pundit. Pundit then called few girls who also doing service
    in temple. Radha Meera and Geeta came to hut and asked Pundit “Where is our new sister who joining
    today”? Pundit showed Sonu to them and said “This is your new sister who joins today”. All girls were
    in shocked. They asked “Punditji he is boy and not girl. How can he be our sister”? Pundit said “today
    your first duty is to transform him into girl like you and bring to me when you were done with his
    transformation.” All girls said “Ok Punditji. After his transformation he will become our sister”. Pundit
    said “Right Beti…… Now go and do what I said”. Radha holds Sonu’s hand and take him to their room.

  • #102

    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:26)

    Sonu was looking very surprised by all this events happening in his life. Meera asked him “Why you want to service God as girl”. Sonu said “I don’t know Pundit told me to worship God as girl for 4 months then he will do operation of my mother and also provide money to my family in my absence”. Radha asked “What happened to your mother”? Sonu told that his mother was suffering from kidney failure problem. Geeta asked “But why you agreed to change your identity as girl? You know after change to girl it will difficult for you to turn back as guy”. Sonu said “Pundit told me that only 4 months I have to live as girl after that I am free to go”. Radha said “Ok so now our duty to make you girl so girls gets started”. Radha told Sonu to remove his clothes so that they check his entire body. Sonu asked them it is necessary to remove clothes in front of you. Radha said “Yes Sonu now you have to do whatever we said or Pundit said so starts removing your clothes”. Sonu said “Ok” and started removing his clothes. He was standing totally naked in front of Radha Meera and Geeta. He was earlier bodybuilder but now totally slim like models. His body doesn’t have much hair. Only light layer of body hair present all over body. He was wearing cap. Geeta told him to remove cap and untie his hair bun. He removed hat and untie his bun. They saw his beautiful long hair which was grown till his back. His hair was longer than Radha, Meera and Geeta. Radha said “Wow…………. What a lovely hairs you have”. Geeta saw his private part which was totally hidden in his groin hairs. All three started discussion that how to make him beautiful girl. Radha gives him paste of Sugar lemon and honey and told him to apply on entire body where he finds hairs. He applied that paste. After some time all three girls started pulling off that mixture from his body. With that his hairs also came off from body. He was in very much pain while removing paste from body. After some time his all body hairs removed including hairs from groin and anal area. His body was seeing very soft and glowing due to homemade waxing. He had very fair skin complexion and after waxing he was glowing like sun. Geeta told him to shave off his beard and moustache which was not cut since long time. Sonu went to bathroom and shaved all his beard and moustache hair. He came out from bathroom. He was looking very feminine due to slim hairless body with long hair and clean shaven face. Radha was shocked seeing in clean shaven look. He was looking so handsome in clean shaven look than moustache and beard look. Meera said “You are very handsome Sonu and now you will become very gorgeous as girl”. Geeta said “yeah Meera we will make him beautiful girl”. After his shaving Radha gives him another sugar and lemon mixture and told him to apply on face. After few minutes she removed that from his face. With mask all his tiny unwanted small hairs which left in shaving came out. His face also glowing due to mask. Geeta said “Wow dear… God really made you so beautiful”. Sonu feeling shy and said “Thanks for helping me”. After that Meera do threading and give him nice beautifully arched shaped eyebrows. He was already looking like girl with all these procedures. Radha take him to one room where one Jacuzzi type area was present. Radha took scissor and cut his hair from bottom to make them even. After that she told him to enter Jacuzzi. The water was warm in that Jacuzzi. Meera and Geeta brings Reetha, shikakai and amla mix shampoo. Then all three girls wash his beautiful long hair with that shampoo. His hair became smooth and silky by using that shampoo. After that they give him steam to his hair. He came out from Jacuzzi and feels his own hair. He was never imagined that his own hair looked so much beautiful. Meera and Geeta went to another room for preparing for his new clothes.

  • #103

    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:27)

    Till they came back Radha was drying Sonu hair. Radha also feels the softness of his hair and said “Sonu God really make mistake by born you as Guy. You should be born as Girl. You have each and every quality that any girl would imagine”. Sonu said “Thanks Radha. Yes God make mistake and now he is correcting his mistake by making me as girl for 4 months”. Radha knows that there is no come back after turning into girl but Sonu was not aware of that truth. Meera called Radha and told her that Sonu clothes were ready. Then Radha takes him to another room. Geeta was already present in that room with clothes. Sonu saw bra panty blouse petticoat and saree was placed on table. Radha told Sonu “from now onwards you have to wear only ladies clothes till your stay”. Sonu was feeling nervous. He was never wearing any girl’s clothes before. Sonu said “Ok Radha. I am ready to become girl for next 4 months. But only dressing in girl’s clothes makes me girl”? Radha said “in our world we judge people by the way they dressed. And called them male or female accordingly. Though by wearing this clothes will not make you girl from inside but your outer look definitely changed as Girl”. Sonu was happy that he still stays guy from inside. Both Meera and Geeta started dressing up Sonu in woman’s clothes. Geeta gives him panty to wear. Inside that she placed pad for safety. Meera told him to insert both hands in bra’s armhole. After that she clasps the bra from behind. Radha insert padding inside bra to get fuller look. After that Geeta told him to wear blouse and petticoat. He picks up petticoat and wears it. Then he pickup blouse and wear it. Meera helps him to button blouse from behind. Then Radha drapes Sonu peach color cotton saree. She neatly drapes saree on him so that Sonu looks very beautiful. After draping. Sonu saw himself in mirror. He was looking like young woman. Radha said “You are looking very beautiful in Saree”. Sonu was feeling shy and not able what to say. Meera said “Now Sonu we need to work on your look so get ready”. Sonu said “Ok Meera”. Geeta combed Sonu’s beautiful and soft hair and make middle partition of it. Then she make single plait of his hair. Meera insert white jasmine garland in Sonu’s hair. Radha came with needle which was sterilized. She told Sonu that she wants to make holes in both ears as well as nose. Sonu was afraid of pain happened due to piercing. Radha said “Don’t worry. Pain will last for short time”. Sonu said “Ok do it”.

  • #104

    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:27)

    Radha marked on both ears and both so that she was able to make hole. After marking Radha makes holes in both ears. Sonu was crying due to severe pain. Radha said “Don’t cry. It will go after some time”. Sonu was very hesitating to do piercing in nose. Radha said “please allow me to pierce your nose dear”. Meera and Geeta hold him and Radha forcefully pierced his nose. Again pain was so much. She was crying like hell. Radha wipes his tears and said calm down Sonu. I will apply medicine on your holes. That will reduce pain. Geeta applied lotion to his both ears and nose. After 5 minutes pain was reduced. He was feeling better. Geeta said “Sonu now we need to work on your face”. Meera take out makeup box. She first applied toner on Sonu’s face. Then she used light foundation because he already had very fair skin tone. After foundation she used compact powder and then using brush removes excess powder. She applied Kajal in both eyes. After that she used light peach color glossy lipstick and applied on his lips. Radha put big red bindi on his forehead. Radha asked him “How is your pain”? Sonu said “It was not much like earlier”. Radha then insert a medium Nose ring in his nose. She also inserted nice earrings in both earlobes. Meera gives some golden chains to wear and Geeta gives him some matching bangles to wear. Radha painted his hands and toe nails using red nail polish. Geeta put silver anklets in his both legs. Radha said “Sonu now you are completely ready as Girl”. Meera said “Sonu you are looking very gorgeous”. Geeta said “Yes! Sonu you are looking very beautiful as girl”. Radha said “Sonu you are our new sister after dressing as girl. Punditji will be very happy after seeing you”. Sonu said “Thank you so much for your help. Without you this is not possible. Be my sister forever”. Radha said “yeah Sonu we will now be sisters for life”. Geeta said “Let’s go to Punditji. And all 4 girls went to Pundit. Pundit was sleeping in his hut. All 4 girls came to him. Radha woke him up. Pundit wake up and saw Sonu was standing wearing a saree. Pundit said “Wow Sonu you are looking very beautiful”. Sonu touched his feet to take blessing. Pundit said “Sada Sukhi Raho (Be always Happy)”. Pundit said Radha Meera and Geeta you make your sister very beautiful looking girl. Look at her isn’t she pretty? Radha said “yes Punditji Sonu is very pretty”. Pundit said “From now we call him Sonam”. Radha said “Sonam is very lovely name Punditji”. Meera said “Welcome Sonam in our family”. Geeta said “Sonam di Welcome”. Sonam said “Thanks Punditji for everything you do for my family”. Pundit said “Now for 4 months you have to live like this. After 4 months your mother’s kidney transplant will performed”. Sonam said “Ok Punditji but what kind of work I have to do here”? Pundit said “Your life is now devoted to GOD. You are become now devdasi (Slave of God)”. Pundit said “from tomorrow you have to wake up early in morning at 4 AM. Take holy bath. Wear your clothes and do all cleaning of temple”. After cleaning you have to collect flowers from garden for Pooja. You give all those collected flowers to other Pundit. Then don’t stand in temple while God’s prayer happened. Then you have to learn singing and dancing. You keep practicing your dancing and singing. Your dressing should be always neat clean and proper. Don’t dress other than Saree. Radha Geeta and Meera always there to guide you. These 4 months worship God like it’s your only motto in life and then God will give you price for your devotion. Also don’t say no to any Pundit. You have to always obey every Pundit’s wish. Their wish is your command. You have to live with your sisters and take medicines regularly which I will give to you daily.

  • #105

    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:28)

    Those pills will help you in singing and boost your stamina for work. Sonam listens each and every words of Pundit very carefully and said “Yes Punditji I will do what you said and obeys each and every Pundit’s orders”. Radha Meera and Geeta know what other Pundit’s will wish from Sonam. Radha said “Ok Punditji we will leave now for some other work”. Pundit said “Ok you go now and I will take care of your sister Sonam”. They leave Pundit’s hut. Sonam was sitting on floor while Pundit was sitting on small sand stage. Pundit said “Ok Sonam beta I am feeling tired so please give my legs some massage”. Sonam said “Ok Punditji and he started pressing Pundit’s legs.” Pundit said “Thanks beta for pressing my legs”. Then Pundit told Sonam to cut some fruits. Sonam obeyed his wish and cut some fruits and gives him to eat. After that Pundit said “Sonam you go now to your room and take rest. I think you also tired by all today’s activities”. Sonam said “Ok Punditji”, and he again touches feet and takes blessing from Pundit. Then he went to his room. Radha Meera and Geeta were already in room. Sonam was entered room. Radha said “Welcome Sister to your new home”. Sonam said “Thank you Radha”. Geeta asked “What you do at Pundit’s hut”. Sonam told everything happened in Pundit’s hut. Meera said “From tomorrow actually your new life will start”. Sonam said “yeah I have to bear everything for 4 months so that I help my mother”. Radha was seen uncomfortable she identified that something not good will happen with Sonam. After 4 months Sonam whole life will change which was he unaware of? Pundit sends some medicines for Sonam. Sonam took those medicines. That medicine was very bitter in taste. Radha asked “Sonam Do you really know the meaning of slave of GOD”? Sonam said “Earlier I don’t know but Punditji was explained me that I have to worship GOD like true devotee that makes me his slave”.

  • #106

    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:30)

    Radha said “No Sonam that is not meaning of slave of God”. Ok leave it you will understand after staying here more days. Sonu was looking confused after talking with Radha. Sonu was thinking “Is he in trouble”? In evening Sonam saw how Radha Meera and Geeta with other girls do dancing and singing. They were taught by another old lady from temple. She was also looking beautiful. She was wife of another Pundit from temple. They all said her “GURUMATA”. Radha introduced Sonam to Gurumata. Sonam touches her feet. She said “ayushman bhava (Long live)”. She asked “Who is this beautiful new girl”? Radha said “Gurumata she is Sonam”. Gurumata said “Oh you are Sonam. What a beautiful looking girl you are. Punditji told me about you Sonam”. Radha thinks what Punditji told Gurumata and What Gurumata knows? Gurumata asked “You like Singing and dancing”? Sonam said “I never sing or dance in my life”. Gurumata asked “Why you sound like a Guy”. Sonam said “because I am Guy Gurumata. Just lived as girl here for 4 months”. Gurumata said “Oh My God……….. I never had seen such a gorgeous boy in saree in my life”. Mata said “Punditji was not told me that you are boy”. Sonam said “I am here living temporarily so maybe he was not told you”. Gurumata said “R u working here as Devdasi”? Sonam said “Yes Mata. I am new Devdasi”. Gurumata understands what Punditji has done. Gurumata knows that after becoming devdasi there is no return in previous life and only male child allowed to become devdasi and not girls. Gurumata said “Ok Sonam I will teach you dance and singing till you are here”. Sonam said “Ok Gurumata”. Then Gurumata was teaching other girls dancing. Next morning Sonam was wake up at 4 AM with Radha Meera and Geeta. They all take bath and wear clothes. Sonam was told to wear special clothes. After bath Radha gives Sonam red color Saree and red sleeveless blouse. Radha help Sonam to drape Red saree. She also does minimum makeup of Sonam. Sonam put red bindi on forehead and insert long dangling earrings in both ears and a small nose ring in his nose. Sonam went to temple to sweep it and then mop with water. She wipes entire temple area by hands. She was very tired by sweeping and mopping. It took 2 hours to clean temple area and no one present there to help her. After that at 6 AM all Pundit gathered for morning prayers. Sonam knows that she was not allowed inside so went back to garden for collecting flowers. Sonam was collecting different types of flowers in one pot. After some time some other girls also came there to collect flowers. She saw Sonam and started chuckling. Sonam was unable to understand their behavior. She thought maybe yesterday at Gurumata place other girls also know that is not girl. After that Sonam went to temple to give Pundit collected flowers. Other Pundit’s saw Sonam. They know that Sonam was new slave of God. Pundit asked “What is your name”? Sonam said “Punditji my name is Sonam. I am new here”. Pundit said “Ok Sonam always obeys what Pundit said to you remembers this”. Sonam was not able to understand why all Pundits want him to obey their orders. Then Sonam went back to Pundit’s hut. Pundit was not present at his hut. Then Sonam was looking for Radha Meera and Geeta but they also not seen anywhere. After not finding anyone Sonam came back to his hut. She saw some books inside room. She takes one book and starts reading it. She was so lost in book that she was unaware of how so much time lapsed. She has to go to Gurumata for learning dancing and singing. Sonam changed his Saree and wears another Saree. All other girls were already practicing dancing and singing. Sonam was reach late at that place. She said “Sorry Gurumata for delay”. Gurumata said “its ok but next time be on time”. Sonam said ok and Gurumata started teaching Sonam dancing and singing. Till evening Gurumata teach Sonam Dancing. Like good student Sonam learns dancing steps.

    After one month Sonam become master in singing and dancing in 1 month. Her daily routine was fixed. Wake up early morning then sweep and mop entire temple and then collects flowers. After that learn dancing and singing and practice it all day. In evening make some food for all sisters and some Pundit. Sonam was unaware that her voice becomes girly and her all behavior also becomes very feminine. She behaves like any other genetic girl. Due to those pills which Pundit gives Sonam showing effect on her? Sonam’s real boob’s developed. In one month growth of her boobs were of any teenage girl. Her body becomes very soft and curvier in shape. All extra fats deposited on hips and make her face chubbier.

  • #107

    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:31)

    In one month Sonam was transform into 50% girl. Radha Meera and Geeta also have seen changes in Sonam. Sonam becomes very good dancer and singer in whole temple. All girls and Pundit’s praises her for her singing and dancing. Sonam was forgetting that she was guy once. Her day to day activities make her totally girl. She was always wearing Saree and ornaments. She always looks very good and different from other girls. Gurumata also started liking her because she was different from rest of girls. After 2 months Hormone effect seeing on body very fast. Homemade Ayurvedic hormone pills create significant changes in overall persona. Sonam’s boobs were grows very big. Actually His boobs were seen bigger than Radha Geeta and Meera. Also face was seen very feminine than before with very soft hairless skin. Sonam also noticing changes in body but he was unaware that he was taking Ayurvedic hormone pills given by Punditji. He asked about changes happened to his body to Pundit. And Punditji told him that due to your dedication towards your goal God has doing all this. Sonam was not by with that answer from Punditji. He again asked same to Radha and Geeta. They said “Sonam, the pills you are taking daily for your voice is nothing but hormones pills. Now your body stops creating male hormones and that is replaced by female hormones”. Sonam was in shocked. Punditji kept him dark about Female hormones. He was furious on Radha and Geeta who knows all but kept truth hide from him. Radha said “Sonam we are very sorry but if we told truth to you then Punditji not spared us at all and throws us out from temple and you tell me where we gone that time? We have no place other than temple”. Sonam was calm down and said “now tell me what next happened to me” Radha said “We really not known Sonam”. Sonam said “Just 4 months and then I am gone forever from here”. Radha said to her “Poor guy not known what will happen to him”. Sonam then went to bathroom take holy bath then wear very simple saree and blouse and without doing any makeup and without wearing any accessories she went to cleaning temple. While cleaning temple some pundits were having some discussion. They saw Sonam was mopping temple floor. Due to sweat he was totally wet. He was wearing transparent saree and blouse so due to wetness Sonam’s boobs seeing through that wet saree. All pundits were staring at Sonam. Sonam was ignorant about his look. Main pundit came there and saw other pundits staring at devdasi. He scolds all pundits and told them to go inside temple. Sonam saw main pundit present there. He came near him and trying to touch his feet for blessing. That pundit stops him and said “You are not allowed to touch me. This is final and last warning never touches me”. Sonam was stunned by seeing Pundit’s behavior. Sonam held back and started doing his mopping.

  • #108

    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:32)

    That main Pundit also went to Temple. Then main morning prayers starts and as per rule she was not present during prayer so she went to garden for collecting flowers. There Sonam saw one girl same as her picking flowers from garden. Sonam went to near her and asked “Who are you and what is your name? Never seen you before here”? Girl said “My name is Ankita. I am new Devdasi of this temple and come here yesterday”. Sonam said “means you are guy from inside”? Ankita asked “How do you know”? Sonam said “My name is Sonam and I am also devdasi here from last 2 months and I am also guy”. Ankita asked “Then what is your Real name”? Sonam said “My name is Sonu”. Ankita said “My name is Ankit. I also live as girl from last 2 months but not here. I was living in other temple and Punditji bring me here yesterday”. Sonam said “Then we are sisters now”. Tell me your story how you become devdasi. Radha and Geeta called Sonam. They saw Sonam was talking with new girl. They enquire about her and Sonam said “She is our new sister. She is new devdasi just came yesterday”. Radha said “Another poor guy converted into beautiful girl for sake of God. God please save both guys from all evil people”. Sonam said “Ankita your story heard next time by the way where you staying”? Ankita said “I was staying besides Main Punditji hut”. Sonam said “Ok dear see you later”. Ankita said “ok dear”. Then Radha and Geeta bring Sonam to Punditji. Sonam was already furious on Punditji due to hormones. She asked again “Why hormones Punditji”? Pundit said “Beta as I said you have to live as girl here for 4 months and how you become girls without those beautiful pair of boobs which are clearly visible through your saree”. Sonam hides her boobs from another towel. Sonam said “But I am guy and after 4 months I wanted my male life back and with this boobs how I live life as guy again”. Pundit said “No problem Beti. With operation we removed your boobs so that so get your old life back”. Sonam was happy by hearing those good sentences from pundit. Sonam asked “How is my family”? Pundit said “All family members were very well and soon your mother get kidney transplant”. Sonam said “Thank you Punditji” and seek blessing from him. Sonam asked “Punditji I met new girl Ankita at garden. Do you know her”? Pundit said “yeah she is also slave of God like you and will serve 12 months here”. Sonam ASKED “Why 12 months”? Pundit said “Different people different wish and different span of serving God.” You are lucky that you only serve for 4 months. Many girls were stay here for many years and some were spend their whole life here. Sonam said “Thank God that I just live here for 4 months then I am free”. Pundit said “yes Beti”. Then Pundit give Sonam some work related to temple and then all of them gone to their room. Sonam finished her work and come to room and saw Ankita was present in her room. She said “Hi dear. How come here”? Ankita said “Just wanted to meet you all. There I was alone so feel very bored”. Sonam said “No worry sisters come here whenever you feel to talk with us. By the way you learn singing and dancing from Guru Mata” Ankita said “Yeah as per Punditji order I will learn dancing and singing from Guru Mata”. Sonam said “That’s nice”.

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    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:33)

    So tell us how Ankit becomes Ankita…………..

    My name is Ankit Pandey. I am 26 year old living earlier in Banaras. I was working in bank as clerk. As you see I was very handsome looking guy with very nice skin complexion which helps in adding my charm. After my two year job in bank one day bank was robbed by some goons and they kidnap me from bank in demand of safe release of all goons from bank. They take me along with them and kept in hostage. Bank and police thought that I was one of them and they issue warrant against me. I have no proof to show my innocence. Also they trouble my family in Banaras. Then one pundit from Ghats of Banaras told me to hide in temple for 1 year and serve god and clean my sin then after 1 year God show me route to prove my innocence. Then that temple they transformed me to Ankita. And now here I am in front of you serving God. Sonam said “OMG…….. So sad. Just finish your term her and then you are free”. Sonam asked “Then why you not living with us and live alone with main Punditji”. Ankita said “I don’t know dear. Main Pundit told me to live besides him”. Sonam said “Ok”. Radha knows why Main Pundit kept Ankita besides him. Radha said “careful with some people here coz you are new here”. Ankita said “Ok DIDI”. Geeta said “Why all beautiful looking guys come here and converted into girls and giving us complex”. Radha said “Right Geeta all beautiful guys looked very beautiful as girl and looked at us. We are looking very average in front of them”. Sonam said “No dear you are also very beautiful”. Geeta said “Stop saying lie. We know how we looked and it’s our great privilege that you girls come here and become our sisters”. Sonam cried and hugged them. Ankita also hugged them. Then they went to Guru Mata for dancing and singing class. At hall other girls were already doing dancing and some girls doing singing. Guru Mata saw Ankita and asked “Who is she”? Ankita said in manly voice “I am Ankita. New devdasi of temple”. Guru Mata again understands that again another beautiful girl transformed from handsome guy and makes him slave of God. Guru Mata asked “You like dancing and singing”? Ankita said “No Mata but I have to learn because Devdasi should know dancing and singing so teach me dancing and singing”. Mata asked “From how long you dressed as girl”? Ankita said “Mata from Last 2 months”. Mata asked “Then why no boobs developed yet” and your voice also not changed? Ankita said “I was living in another temple and there no one teaches me how to talk feminine voice and I am guy so how I develop boobs”. Guru Mata said “Ankita looked At Sonam. She also living here from last 2 months and she developed real boobs here and also her voice become very sweet and feminine”. Ankita said “in Next 2 months I also become like Sonam”. Mata said “Ok. I will teach you everything with I teach Sonam and other girls”. Ankita said “Ok Mata” and then Mata started teaching dancing and singing to Ankita. Sonam and other girls’ also practiced dance and singing with Ankita. Like Sonam Ankita also quick learner and she learns all quickly.

  • #110

    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:34)

    After 3 months………..

    Both Sonam and Ankita was trained in dancing and singing and temple trustee decided to arrange one dancing and singing competition in temple where all girls and devdasi were participated. In 3 months Sonam was become very good classical dancer and Ankita also learn very nice dancing in 1 month. At competition Sonam was judge as best dancer and singer. All girls were feeling jealous by Sonam’s achievements. They knows that being a guy how Sonam did very delicate moves and expression while dancing. And also in singing Sonam’s voice was like so sweet and pure like goddess Saraswati. Main Pundit was also chief guest of function and by his hands prize distribution takes place. Sonam was remember Main pundit’s word that never touch him again so while taking prize she totally ignore main pundit and not accept trophy from his hands. Instead of she received prize from Guru MATA by her insist. And that makes Main Pundit angry. He was so furious by behavior of Sonam so, he decided to teach Sonam Lesson. He come down from dice and went to his hut. All other pundit was eating food served by girls. Main pundit was not eaten anything. After Pundits lunch over all girls and devdasi eat food. At night when Geeta Radha Sonam Ankita and Meera playing in room one pundit come with message of main pundit that he needs devdasi Sonam for some work and she sleep in Ankita’s room tonight. Sonam asked “What work need to be done by this time”? Pundit said “Don’t know only main Pundit knows”. Sonam said “You go and I will follow you soon”. Then Radha said “Sonam be careful with main Pundit. Today you ignore him at event and he is also furious on you for some reason”. Sonam said “Don’t worry Radha. I handle him very well. I am still guy and powerful also”. Then Sonam went to Main Pundit’s hut. Sonam knocks the hut door. Pundit opens door and said “Come inside” and he locked door from inside. Sonam saw that door was locked by pundit. He asked “Why door is locked”. Pundit said “I locked door because I don’t want any one disturb us”. Sonam asked “What work you want to do from me”. Pundit said “You are devdasi and whatever any pundit said that you should obeys at any cost. This is main rule of temple for slave of god”. Sonam said “I know all rules of temple so please tell me what you want”? Pundit said “I want you to serve me tonight”.Sonam asked “What you mean”. Pundit came near Sonam and pulled off her dupatta. Sonam was in shocked. He said “Pundit what are you doing”? Pundit said “you so please me tonight”. Sonam said “Pundit I am guy and this is not possible”. Pundit said “no you are girl and more you are slave of God so obey what I said otherwise God will curse you”. Sonam was very scared by demands of Pundit. Sonam was deciding to leave hut and go back to his own room. Due to lock door he was unable to go outside. Pundit laugh loudly and pickup Sonam’s saree and pulling him towards him. Sonam was unable to stop him. Due to hormones his all-male power decreases and he was become more delicate and feminine. He was totally helpless before strong pundit. Sonam’s saree was come out from his body due to pulling. He was standing just in blouse and petticoat. Sonam said please pundit leave me. I am guy and leaving this temple next month. Please don’t do this to me. Pundit laughs and said “Who told you that you will leave in next month. Once slave of God is always Slave of God for lifetime. Now you will live here forever till your death and serve God as well as all Pundits in this temple”. Sonam was in shocked when he heard that there is no escape from this and he will live as girl forever as well as serve God till end of life. Pundit came closer to Sonam and holds his waist tightly and pulled him towards him. Sonam’s boobs were pressing his chest. With no time he pulled petticoat’s thread. Because of that his petticoat was fall on ground and Sonam was standing in blouse and Panty. He was trying to save his dignity by covering panty with one hand. Pundit then tears his blouse and unhooks all buttons of blouse. Sonam now was standing only in bra and panty. Sonam was pleading in front of Pundit but pundit was very reluctant to free Sonam at any cost. Sonam was looking very sexy in bra and panty. Many times pundit was ignoring his desire to fuck Sonam. He was liking him from very first day when he was entered the temple but keeping his desire with himself for 3 months but now he was out of control. Sonam was looking for place to hide but all in vein. Pundit was following him everywhere.

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    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:34)

    Finally Pundit grabs Sonam and throws him on bed. Then jump on him and tied his hands and legs to bed. Sonam was totally helpless after tiding hands and legs. Pundit then removed his all clothes and stands naked in front of Sonam. Sonam closed his eyes after seeing huge naked body of pundit. His dick was very small and belly was huge. Also all body covered with thick black hairs. Pundit said “Look at me dear. Today treat me like your husband. Make me happy and in return I will give you pleasure and lots of blessing from God”. Sonam said “You fucking pervert old man. I am your daughters age respect it”. Pundit was angry when he heard pervert from Sonam. He tears his bra and panty and makes him full nude. Sonam boobs were exposed after removing bra. His dick also visible after removing panty. Pundit then came near him and started playing with his Penis and Boobs. Sonam was totally helpless. He was still resisting but due to hands and legs tied by rope he hardly moves body. Pundit was sucking his nipples very brutally…. Then he started stroking his Dick to make it hard. But due to hormones His dick was unable to erect. But pundit was not leaving his dick and stroking again very fast. After some time His Dick was started erecting and becomes hard. Then Pundit was started sucking his dick. Due to constant jerking Sonam was ejaculate in pundit’s mouth. He eats that cum. He likes it very much. Sonam was ejaculates after 3 months. He never masturbate own when he was living in temple. He was totally forgotten that he was guy and he needs to masturbate regularly. Due to hormones his libido decreases and dick strength also decreases. After that he unties his ropes and makes him free. Sonam was already feeling very weak. He already surrendered to pundit because he knows that he was not previous Sonam at all who can fight any guy. He now become very weak and soft and delicate girl whose male strengths vanish and any male overcome his power. Pundit asked Sonam to go down on his knees and suck his dick. Sonam was goes on his knees and takes pundit’s dick on his hand and started jerking it to make it hard. After some jerks his dick erects and pundit said “Take my dick in your mouth and suck it like bitch and give me pleasure”. Sonam had no choice but to obey pundit’s orders. He very hesitantly put his dick in his mouth and started sucking it. Sonam was crying while sucking dick. Pundit holds his long hair tightly and started moving his head. He inserted his dick deep inside his throat that he couldn’t take breath due to that. He was very brutally throat fuck Sonam. After some time he said lie on bed in doggy style. Sonam stands up and sits on bed in doggy style. Sonam said “Please pundit leave me. My whole life destroys”. Pundit said “No baby your whole life get blossomed”. Then pundit inserts his dick into Sonam Ass. Ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhh………..He was screaming very loudly due to pain. This was his first time so his small anal not able to take his large Penis inside. He started bleeding. But pundit was very unwilling to free Sonam. He inserting his dick very forcefully inside his small anal. The pain was unbearable for Sonam and he was faint there. Pundit knows that first timers always fall due to pain. He throws water on Sonam Face. Due to that he gets his consciousness. Then again pundit said sit like doggy. Sonam begs pundit for not fucking him but pundit was not in any mood. He slaps Sonam on face. The slap was so hard that blood coming from his mouth. Pundit said “Bitch do what I said otherwise I will fuck whole night and ask other pundit also to fuck you till you dead”. Then Sonam sits like doggy on bed. Again his dick was inside his ass. Again he was screams very loudly due to pain. Sonam was crying and blood was coming from his mouth and ass. Pundit increases his speed of fucking and pain was double with each pushing. Finally he ejaculates inside his ass. Whole semen and blood was coming out from ass. Sonam was fall on bed. He was holding his ass from both hands. He was feeling burning sensation inside ass like someone put fire inside his ass. Pundit said “Oh my god you are very awesome Sonam. Never feel so much fun while fucking other girls”. Sonam said “You destroy my life. Now I can’t face the world with such humiliation”.

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    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:35)

    Pundit said “Why you face the world? You not go anywhere to face world. You are slave of God and live here in this temple till your last breath and now it’s just your opening match in coming days you will be fucked by many pundits from this temple and from outside temple also”. Sonam said “No way I am not going to allow to this happens with me”. Pundit laughs and said “You are slave and we all your masters and slave don’t have any powers to choose”. Sonam said “I will run from this place”. Pundit said “In dreams. You are not able to run from this because we inserted GPS transmitter in your body which you also not known and wherever you go our people find your location and grabs you and send back here”. Sonam was looking very dejected by hearing all this from pundit. He thought that now this is his life and no one will be able to change his destiny. He was worried about his sister and mother. He asked about his family. Pundit said “Look your family is living good life by sacrificing you to God. They all paid very well and your mothers operation is also successful”. Sonam was happy that his mother’s operation was successful. He was crying that at least his life was used to save his mother and sister. He picks up his saree and wrap around body to hide boobs and dick. Then he tied his hair and make bun and asked permission to leave. Pundit said “Where are you going? I never give you permission to go outside then where are you going?” Sonam said “Pundit I am going to my room” Pundit said “from today you live here only with me and do all my works only nothing else”. Sonam said “But I was told to live with other girls”. Pundit said “That was past and now you have to live with me only”. Sonam said “Please allow me to meet my friends”. Pundit said “Now no friends and no dance and no singing just me and only me”. Then pundit told Sonam to press his legs. He was lying on bed and Sonam started pressing his legs. He said “Use force”. Sonam said “Yes pundit” and started pressing hardly. He was totally exhausted by sex but still trying to use full power to press legs. Pundit was sleeping naked. After some time pundit went to sleep and Sonam also sleep near his legs. In morning pundit was wake up early for morning Pooja. He saw Sonam was sleeping near his legs. He hits him by leg and said “Wake up”. Sonam was fallen on floor. He was not understood what happened with him. He saw pundit was on bed naked and he was on floor. Pundit said “Take bath and get ready for cleaning”. Sonam said “Pundit I am feeling so much pain in my ass. I barely walk due to pain. Please allow me to rest today after taking some medicine I feel better”. Pundit said “Don’t do any Sonam. I fucked many girls like you. They all said same reason to avoid duty. Do whatever your duty is or I will punish you for not doing duty” Helpless Sonam look at pundit and went to bathroom for bath”. After coming out from bathroom Sonam asked his clothes. Pundit said “here are not any clothes”. Sonam asked “Then what to DO”? Pundit said “Ok now you stay here and take rest and I will bring all your belonging from your room.” Sonam said “Please call Radha and Ankita. I want to talk with them”. Pundit said “No talking with anyone”. Then pundit went outside locking door from outside. Sonam was cursing his destiny. He said “God why you do this to me”. First make us poor then make me girl and then take my respect Why god why…

  • #113

    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:36)

    After some time door knocks. He heard Radha and Ankita’s voice from outside. They asked “Sonam Are you inside dear”? Sonam came near door and said “Yeah dear I am inside. Pundit locked me inside and he raped me last night”. Radha said “I am sorry dear. I know it that someday this happens and sorry for not telling you truth”. Ankita said “this pundit was raping me from the day I came here”. Sorry Sonam that I didn’t tell this to you. Sonam said “You go dear I don’t want to talk with you. You broke my trust. You hide such a very important thing from me” Radha said “Sorry dear we are extremely sorry”. Then they went. Sonam was crying that his close pals not tell anything about the pundit. After morning Pooja pundit came to his room. He open door locks and saw Sonam was sleeping on floor. He comes along with bag containing all belongings of Sonam. He put that bag on table and again hit Sonam with leg to wake him up. He again rolled few times due to hitting and wakes up gruffly. He saw pundit. He asked “why you wake up me by hitting”? Pundit said “I like it”. Sonam said “it hurts”. Pundit said “I hurt very badly when you insult me yesterday and now you have to pay the price of my insult”. Sonam said “it’s not my intention to hurt you” Pundit said “But I insulted by you and that’s reality and pay price”. He said “I bring all your belonging from your room and never went there and no meeting or no talk with them. If I found that you break this rule then remember I will punish you such way that you remember for whole life and never dare to do same mistake again”. Sonam said “Ok pundit. I won’t go there and not talk to them”. Sonu then picks up his bags and check clothes for wear. He took out bra panty and another saree with petticoat and blouse. And went for bath again. She removed saree and check body which showing marks of brutality from Pundit. Also his ass was paining like hell. He quickly takes shower and washes hairs. Then wear saree and came out from bathroom. Pundit was sitting on chair discussing something with pundit who brought Sonam to temple. He saw Sonam there and was in shocked. He asked “What is u doing here”? Pundit said “Our slave of God serving me”. Pundit said “But she is different from others and we can’t use her for this purpose”. Pundit said “I don’t know about that. I wanted her at any cost and finally I got it. Yesterday we spend good night together”. Pundit asked “You have sex with her”? Pundit said “More than that”. Pundit was very angry and said “Just release her from your duty as early as possible otherwise I will this to trustee and then they will take call on you”. Pundit was afraid after hearing trustee’s name. He said “No please don’t do this. Take her with you”. Pundit said to Sonam “Let’s go Sonam”. Sonam was not able to understand how pundit suddenly changes after hearing trustees name. Sonam was unable to walk due to pain. Pundit said “Look what you have done with this poor girl. She was unable to walk properly. If anything happens to her then God save you from trustee’s anger”. Again Sonam heard trustees name and he was not able to understand why each problem with him connected to trustee and why trustee punish pundit because of him. He took his bag and left pundit’s hut with pundit. Punditji escort Sonu to him room. He finds Radha Ankita Meera and Geeta there. They all come to him and said “Welcome Sonam”. Sonu said “Sorry girls for my behavior”. Radha said “It’s ok dear” and then Pundit said “Girls take her with you and take care of her. She is not well and I send some medicine used that properly and apply proper place”.

  • #114

    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:36)

    Radha understand what Punditji wants to say. Radha said “Don’t worry pundit. We will take care of her”. Then they went inside room. Sonu was lied down on bed. He was feeling pain in ass so he was not able to lie down properly. Radha comes with medicine. She said girls you all go outside. Then Radha told Sonu to remove panty so that she can apply lotion on his ass. After seeing his ass Radha said “OMG what that wicked man had done to u. he totally destroyed your anal.” Sonu said “yeah dear will tell you in detail what had happen with me”. Then he narrates entire incident. Radha was crying for Sonu and feel very anger for pundit. While listening she applied lotion to his ass. His ass was soaring but after taking pain control pills he feels better. Then Sonu went to sleep. All girls come inside. Radha told them what happened with Sonam. They all feels for Sonu. Ankita said “Girls That pundit was doing same with me for so many months but never such thing happened with me”. Radha said “That pundit have sex with so many devdasi but never heard such thing before”. Then also went to their own work. In evening they all back from their work. They found Guru Mata there. She was sitting near to Sonu. Radha asked “Guru Mata what you doing here” She said “I know everything from pundit. Whatever happened with Sonam is not good.” Radha said “We will protest to trustee about this incident”. Guru Mata said “No now don’t tell anything to trustee. We take call on this later but for now take care of her”. Meera said “Yeah Guru Mata we will take care of her” Then she left. Sonu was awaking slowly. Pain was reduced but soaring is still there. Radha asked “How do you feel Sonam”? Sonu said “I am fining now dear. Thanks for caring me”. Radha said “You are my sister and it’s my duty to help and take care of my sister”. Pundit also came to see Sonu health. Pundit said “Don’t worry Beti everything will be alright”. Sonu asked “Pundit will I am free from all these in this month’s end”? Pundit looked tensed and said “Don’t think about that now. You take rest and we will discuss it later”. Then pundit thought Sonu again asked some questions related to his freedom so he thought better to leave that place. After 4 days Sonu back to normal. Punditji called Radha and tell her whole secret why Sonam will not get back to her home and why Sonam will not again become Man again. Radha was happy at one side but sad also because she leaves temple very soon and live new life outside temple. In these 3 months they become very close friends like sisters. So Radha said “Pundit we all miss Sonam so much.” Pundit said “Don’t worry she will visit here”. Radha said “But visited different and live together is different”. Pundit said “It’s all for better future of her”. Radha asked “Why we girls not get such chance and why only devdasi gets those chance” Pundit said “Well only lucky beautiful devdasi got such chance and not all devdasi got that chance and they required only Male who transformed into girl and not biological girls”. Radha asked “Will Sonam’s dick cut and give her Vagina to make her complete woman”. Pundit said “Yes”. Radha said “Ok pundit thanks for sharing secret with me. I won’t tell anyone about this” Then she left. Pundit said “God please help that poor boy so that he help his family”. Sonam packs all her bags and dress up in shirt and pant. She asked Radha to cut her long hair. Radha said “Sonam what you doing”? You can’t wear these male clothes and you can’t cut your hair. Sonam asked “but why? As agreement after 4 months I am free to go and I am doing same”. Radha said “No dear…….. There is no going back from this now. In 4 months you totally transformed into girl physically as well as mentally. Just by wearing these clothes and cut hair not make you male anymore”.

  • #115

    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:38)

    You still look like girl by wearing these male clothes so don’t wear them. Sonu said “I want to talk to Punditji” Radha said “Ok let’s go to them” and then they went to Pundit’s hut. Pundit knows why Sonam came there. He said “Look Sonam” Sonam interrupted and said “Call me Sonam now. I am free from your devdasi duty. I want my previous life back. You told me that I am free to live as I want after 4 months”. Pundit said “Yeah I told you that time but now this is not possible. Look at you. From which angle you look like male. If you wear this cloths and cut hair short still people call you girl”. And this way you live with people outside then again someone used you as you used by our own pundit. So just listen to me you live here as girl. Sonam said “I want to meet my ailing mother and sister”. That pundit told me that my mother’s operation was done but you said it is yet to happen so who is telling truth. Pundit said “yeah it’s true that your mothers operation is yet to happen” Sonam asked “When will happen”? Pundit said “Doctor is working on it and when they said its time for do operation then we will perform.” Sonam asked “What about my sister? How’s is she”? Pundit said “She is also fine, we were giving them money”. Sonam asked “When will I am free from this”. Pundit said “very soon”. Then Sonam nodded his head with disagreement and leave with Radha. Sonu come to his room and asked Radha “Why Punditji acting like this to me” Radha said “It’s all for your better future”. Sonu asked “Means”? Radha said “Well you serve God here for 4 months and for that change your identity also. So for your all these sacrifices God will give you nice reward but for that you have to live as girl only and no going back to male” Sonu asked “but why? Radha said “Wait dear this is not time to tell you all”. Sonu said “Ok” then he went to Guru Mata and asked her about his freedom. Guru Mata said “Well Sonam no one will tell you truth but I have to tell you truth and truth is that our temple trustee have 5 sons and for their youngest son one bride required and its ritual that only this temple’s devdasi was chosen by their family as daughter in law. And you will choose one of you and Ankita today as the daughter-in-law of your house. Both Ankita and Sonam asked together why Gurumata? Do not do such unfair with the both. Gurumata said accept any one of the two as your daughter in law. Any one of you will be set free only on the condition that before the marriage is completed, do not like any other man who will be freed, because if this happens then he too will marry a man. Have to do it. And that too with the whole rituals. When you will be taken to the Trustee's front and then if you ask for a marriage, then the answer must always be yes. Because not to speak in front of our Trustee means that the freedom of both of you will be snatched together, and you both will have to become the bride of the Trustee's daughter together. Sonu did not speak, do not do such a thing, do not do such a thing, I do not want to marry a man, I have to marry my daughter according to my natural nature, I have to settle my house, I do not become a bride of a man. Ankit said, yes Gurumata, we are boys, and how can we marry with a man? Listen to me, listen to me carefully, both of you, from now on, if one of the two of you said to yourself as a boy, then you will be given the marriage of the trustee's son, and secondly, in front of the trustee, both of you If anyone wants to be free, if you are asked if you are ready to be a bride, then your answer should be yes.

  • #116

    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:38)

    Now go and prepare for the evening, Radha, it is your responsibility to dress both like a bride and a thing, both of them should be worn with the heavy Nose ring and earrings, do not forget to put the skirt in the hands and the hands in the hands. Now, prepare the two and the two. Radha started preparing to decorate Sonu and Ankit like a bride. Radha said, I think, the color of Ankita's body is deeper than you, Sonam and I am sure that the trustee's son will love you much more than Sonam. Ankit was also happy to hear this and said, 'Radha, you are absolutely right, yes, Radha is speaking right, Sonam is more beautiful than me, I also feel that the trustee's son is the one you liked. I will come and then I will be free. Talking about the lamp does not need to be happier, even if I like it, unless you get married, you will not be free, and if a man wishes you to marry you, then you too you have to marry a man. Whatever the marked bid will be seen. Radha speaks both of you fast, and then you also have to prepare them. On returning after taking a bath of both Ankit and Sonu, Radha placed both of them in front of the mirror and very beautifully decorated both like a bride. Both were looking very beautiful, seeing the beauty of Sonam ensured that no one could stop them from being free today. Radha Bid Both of you are looking very beautiful, Sonam, you are looking many times more beautiful than Ankita, and you are also impressed, but a little less than Sonam. Ankit is said to be Radha, the trustee's son will definitely love Sonam, you know, Sonam means to marry a man?

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    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:39)

    After your marriage, your husband will leave you and take you home; he will celebrate your honeymoon with you. You will have to go through Ghaghara, Choli, and Ghunghat throughout life. Become the wife of a trustee's son you would rule on that house Sonam. Do not overdo, Radha's bid and forget that no decision has been made who will become bride. Sonu was worried thinking about how to live the whole life as a man's wife. I am also a man, who is waiting for his groom in a bride's costume for a man. The face is also very happy because he is not looking so beautiful, but this is happening with me and I cannot do anything. Then Sonam said to Radha, I do not want to marry a man, Radha, this Nose ring is very heavy and big, and not complete life by becoming a man's wife. Radha said, I cannot do anything Sonam, your beauty is your biggest enemy, due to which you will have to marry a man today. Let's calm down, now the time has come for you to take them to the trustee. Just a little while, the Geeta will be there for you to take both of them. Then the Geeta came there and said to Radha, Gurumata has sent these big ones Nose rings and Dildos. Radha's speech is okay, keep it here and I prepare the two in 10 minutes. Sonu said, this Nose rings is fine but why do we do it, and what will we do? Radha said, do not worry Sonam, very soon both of you will know and start laughing. Radha first dressed both of them in Nose ring, then tell them to take off their panties and stand in front of the mirror. Face and Sonu have both thrown their panties and standing in front of the mirror. Radha enters Dildos together in both of the asses, and turns her vibrator on. Dildos were small, but due to the vibrations, she suffered from pain. Both of them got so much pain that “ahhhhhhhhhhh” went out of their mouth, and both of them also became like girls. Both Ankit and Sonu bowed their heads with shame, then Radha said, both of you were in the clothes of the bride, but the fear and shame are to a bride, now both of you will realize what it would be like to be a bride is. Both Ankit and Sonu came to take the Geeta, raising both the shoulders and said, both are looking beautiful, the face has also become ashamed, now it seems that both the bride is ready to be born. While being a boy Sonu and Ankit were made brides, bowed their heads both with shame and flowing tears. Radha said, stop pretending to tear both of you, bride will be made up and you will have to make complete makeup again. Listen carefully to Ankit and Sonu you, now you are a woman and one of you are to be the bride of Ishaan. After making a make-up of both Ankit and Sonu, they were brought in front of the trustee and his family by making ghunghat. Then both of them were in front of the Trustee. There trustee was coming in his royal Rolls Royse with his wife and 4 daughter in law with 5 sons. Younger one Ishaan was sitting beside trustee and others sit on respected chairs. Trustee’s wife was looking old but beautiful. She was also devdasi from another temple and from inside she was having her male genitalia intact. Also all 4 daughters in law were looking very gorgeous in Kanchivaram silk saree. They all pickup from different temples of India and All daughters in law have Penis. From outside they all look like female but inside they are all Males. His 4 Sons also very handsome looking and younger Son Ishaan was very handsome. He was glowing like Sun. His complexion was same as Sonam. He is having long hair till shoulder. He was wearing a shervani which suits him very well. He saw few girls coming towards hall and he saw two very beautiful gorgeous girls in Lehenga walking middle surround by ordinary girls. Sonu & Ankit was not looking at them. Both were looking down on floor while walking. After reaching there he was sit on chair which was placed in middle of the hall. Then all girls went to their work so only Sonu & Ankit were left there alone with trustee pundit and entire trustee’s family. Sonu was still looking down. Trustee asked Ankit “What is your name”? Ankit heard question and said “Ankita”. Trustee asked “Do you know why you are here”? Ankit said “yeah I know Pundit told me everything”. Trustee asked “Do you agree to become daughter in law of mine”. What?

  • #118

    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:40)

    Listening to this, Ankit's senses got swollen. Why did the Trustee ask me this question, they had to ask this question to Sonu. Now what can I do, no, I cannot marry a man, what should I do? But I cannot do it, I will have to. Ankit said “Yeah I am agreeing to become daughter in law of you”. Trustee’s wife asked “Ankita see first whom you will get marry and then tell your answer”. Ankita lifts head and saw Ishaan and gives him smile. Ishaan also saw her and smile back to her. Ankita was thinking that it’s better to say yes to them and he said yes I am Agree. There was no place for Sonu's happiness; Trustee told Sonu, if a man likes you before the marriage of Ishaan and Ankita, then you will have to marry that man, and if not then You will be freed, the transmitter will be removed from your body and then you can go to your house. Due to this, there is no place for Sonu's happiness. Trustee said to pundit “Pundit congratulation to you. Your daughter now becomes our daughter in law”. Pundit said “It’s always my pleasure to serve you Sir”. Trustee said to his wife “Bring your new daughter in law here and take blessing from me”. His wife went near Ankit and brings him to trustee. Then Ankit touch trustee’s feet and take blessing from him. Also he touched his mother in law’s feet then pundit’s feet and then rest elder family members. Finally he come near to Ishaan and said “Congratulation”. Ishaan said “Thank you for accepting my proposal. You look so gorgeous and I promise I will take care of you for rest of my life like princess”. Ankit said “Thank you for those kind words”. Then trustee and his wife perform small ceremony where future daughter in law is welcome in family. Trustee and pundit perform some Puja and then his mother in-law presented him their traditional ornaments and Saree. Ankita was feeling happy yet sad because after this he is going to become someone’s wife and lost his identity as well. Then the Trustee said to Sonu, now you take Ankita and prepare her as a bride, tomorrow evening Ishaan will make Ankita a bride. Sonu reached the room directly to Ankit. Up to this day, Ankit was feeling that Sonu would be chosen for Ishaan's bride but now he would have to become a bride, thinking that his whole body started trembling. Then Radha came there and took the ghunghat of Ankit by raising the ghunghat, it says, face, look Ankita, like the bride is still shy, tomorrow the groom coming to you will bring a marriage, will marry you, it is called luck, till the morning So, thinking of making Sonam a bride, and now you have to become a bride. How do you feel Ankita, tomorrow is your marriage, and that too with a man. The next day, Ankit was very beautifully decorated like a bride. Sonu was also helping Radha, and was thinking that soon he would get married so that he could be free. Radha said Sonam wondering what? Ankit said Sonam is thinking what will happen if she does not like a man before her marriage, otherwise Sonam will also have to marry a man, is not Sonam! Radha said, Ankita, does your family know that you are going to become a man's bride today? Ankita sadly said no words; my parents do not know today a man is going to marry me. Radha said Gurumata has sent an invitation to your family; they will also come in your marriage. An excited surprise said, what did this Gurumata, how would my family members feel when they knew that their son would become a bride and would marry a man. Sonu said, he has not been told that the bride is his son, till the morning you were teasing me, will you tell me now? How do you feel like becoming a bride? And you know all about what happens in the honeymoon with the bride, and she started to laugh loudly. Radha also said yes, Sonam, will lead our Ankita to our bride, and know whether Ankita is ready to give birth to Ishaan's children. Then in the evening, Ishaan and Barati came, Ankita was also taken to the stage. Earlier, the ritual of Jaimala took place, then Ishaan took 7 rounds with Ankita, filled the sindoor in her mang, then Mangalasutra in her neck, along with Pundit declared her both as husband.

  • #119

    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:41)

    Then Ankit's parents blessed both. It was not known to Ankit's family that the bride who was giving this blessing to her was her own son, who had been married to Ishaan as a bride. Ankit who thought that he would marry a beautiful girl, make her daughter-in-law of his house but Ankit today himself became a man's bride. Now he is not impressed, Ankita was made, Ishaan's bride. On the next morning, Ishaan took Ankita away to his house and Sonam was also freed. Sonu directly from there into his house, tab He was dressed in a sari. Her sister opened the door, she could not recognize her brother, then Sonu told that he did all this for the operation of the mother, her mother took him close and said, son, whatever you did for me, it is hardly a beta Do it for your mother, I'm proud of you. Now wear these ladies' clothes and wear male clothes. Sonu wear his whip, ornaments, and wear shirt pants. Sonu's sister quotes, you look like a woman, brother, and your nose ring in the nose, making you even more beautiful. Speak rarely, tomorrow I will go to the doctor and after the operation, Will be as before all were very happy in Sonu's house and the note Ankit was also reached to his in-laws. There, the people of Ishaan welcomed both of them with great fanfare. In the underworld, they went on doing everything quietly, and then they started preparing for the honeymoon. The girls took the Ankit to a room, her clothes were stripped off and she dressed her without a Choli, wearing a saree, then she was knocked down, her nose was already bigger and the designer Kumauni Nath was worn. Then the girls told Ankit that when your husband came in then touch his feet, then after giving him the glass of milk, when he drinks milk then he who speaks listen silently, it is okay! Ankit said okay. Then all the girls went out. Ankit was thinking that all this happened so fast, despite being a man, he had to become a man's bride, and like a bride, he has to wait for his husband. How is sexual intercourse with a man, he does not understand anything. Girls wearing such a heavy Kumauni Nath in the nose will have to live in the same vein like whole life. Thinking of this, trembling began to tremble; Ankit started to try to hide himself in the ghunghat. Then Ishaan came in and closed the room from inside.

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    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:42)

    Then came to Ankit and raised his ghunghat. Ankit increased the milk, and then he asked him to drink with his own hands. Then Ankit got shy then they drank milk from his bride’s hands. Then Ishaan picked Ankit up and climbed on him. Ankit was completely suppressed under Ishaan, his nosering and bangles started to deteriorate and his eyes had tears. But there was no effect on Ishaan and he said that today I’ll make you the compete woman. Then Ishaan landed Ankit’s blouse and started to sweat his soft breast from the top of the bra, then lifted his Ghaghara and also threw his panties down. Ankit was coming out of the sky so that Ishaan landed his Sherwani and pajamas. The underwear removes Ishaan showing at least 8 inches long thick penis. Ankit’s life is gone. Not so great was my penis. Then they straighten it inside Ankit’s ass. His life got out Then Ishaan started to put it in. It seemed as if there was a hot rod entering. Ankit was suffering a lot and blood was coming out too. Ishaan say that now everyone will understand that you were virgin. He increased the speed and Ankita felt someone was cutting him in two pieces. Ishaan had nothing to do with Ankit’s pain and tears and he was enjoying it all. Ankit’s entire breast links were filled with love bytes. His breasts were red all over. Ankit just did not enjoy it at all. Ishaan said that your penis would not have been here, where I want my penis penetrates up to 8 inches. Ankit said that I am a woman just and your wife too, please forgive me, please, don’t do this. The first sex of Ankit’s life was a rape. Ishaan did it three times three times and slept and Ankit was crying whole night. Ankit was repenting his whole night after becoming a woman, on his breasts, on this ass, on these soft hands, seeing everything he was hating. For the first time after becoming a woman, Ankit felt that he is still a man who is imprisoned here even today in this woman's body. The next morning he was sleeping. Ankit went to the bathroom and sat down under the shower. The whole body was burning, there were noses of wounds and peeling everywhere. Ankit cleaned his whole body well and came out. Then a pink sari came out and wore matching bangles and made up of make-up. Then put vermilion and worn Mangalasutra. Whatever it is, this life is now. Ankit cannot run away anywhere, Other girls can also go to their parents' house but now Ankit has been imprisoned for now. Whether it is a pervasive bed or a woman's body, now Ankit has to stay in this. Ankit was prepared; that Ishaan got up and lifted him in the lap and threw it back to the bed. Ankit said that the mother and the whole family are waiting, today is the first day, let go quickly but where are Ishaan listening, then took off Ankit’s clothes and started cutting his breast, were getting pain, but also fun Ishaan was coming, Ankit even pulled out their pants and licking their penis in the mouth like a lollipop, they enjoyed a lot. Ankit was feeling very strange but it was better to get raped again. Then Ishaan came into Ankit’s mouth for almost 10 minutes. Ankit went to the bathroom part and washed his mouth and brush. These laughs smile, come from behind and brush how many times you speak, add habit quickly. Then when it went fresh, Ankit quickly corrected the makeup and came out. All the people took the blessings and then made tea and pakodas for everyone. Then everyone praised so much, the ritual appeared in the evening and I received lots of jewelery and jewelry. Then again the same thing happened again at night, Ankit was raped, today he did not cry. Just what Ishaan said quietly. The next day both left Andaman on honeymoon. When Ankit checked in the hotel, Ishaan had sex again and then both started to roam. Ankit put shorts and a top and Ishaan just put a shorts and both went to the beach. Seeing on the other side and seeing the rest of the chest roaming, once again, Ankit felt that now he can not do all this now. Now he has to cover himself completely.

  • #121

    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:43)

    Ankit thought; If I was a man, then it would rotate like this, not the bra and top of it. Again felt that now I am a boy who is imprisoned in this body. In a week of honeymoon, both kept roaming all day and throughout the night, Ishaan had sex with Ankit in every way. At night Ankit was nervous. Sometimes there was a bit of fun but there was a lot of pain. Ever since Ankit was a man named Ankit Pandey, then Ankita, after the transformation and after marrying a man, has become Ankita Sharma. Next day Sonu got disturbed and his mother took him to the doctor. The doctor examined Sonu on the table and examined it from top to bottom, after Ultra sound, MRI, X-ray, and CT scan, put Dr. Sonu to the bed and said, carefully listen to me and understand I see your reports Your body's male harmonics has ended and the female has changed into harmonies, now you have two options. First of all, this change should be stopped by medicines in your body, even if you go ahead with this option, preventing the secretion of blood from your penis is not just on medical science, you will have to live with this pain throughout life, Since sperm is not formed in your body anymore, you will also have to live with this pain that you can never be a father anymore. Sonu started weeping and asked the doctor why such a change was happening in my body, so the doctor said that due to heavy doses of female hormones. In this we humans are nothing Just try to make such a person better. Then cried crying to Sonu doctor, how I can adopt this change at this age. Doctor bidding Yes you will not be able to move forward in your life in this way if you go ahead with the other options given to me, then you will not have so much trouble. Sonu's tears were still not stopped. He said to him, Please Doctor, I cannot move forward in my life with the above-mentioned pain. You tell me something like this so that I get rid of these pains. The doctor says calm down and said that it is okay to make a decision after which I will tell him first, now stop crying and listen carefully. A scientist from a science division abroad has claimed that he can diagnose 100% of such men who have similar problems to you. They are living in India and he is living here today, if you say I will talk to him. Sonu agreed, talked to doctor Neo Scientist named Frank Stuart and gave him 4 days later, then Sonu asked the doctor how now I am alive, then the doctor said that you are not a man now and I believe you Start living like girls, because the texture and gesture of your body has become like that and it will be the best for you to wear clothes of another woman and work for someone else. This will end the feelings of your mind and will help you to move forward. Upon hearing this, Sonu became even more worried, he is a boy from birth, now he will wear the clothes of the girls and he will work for the rest of her life, after thinking enough and after telling the doctor he got ready but his mind is like a man, Called the doctor a bay and came out of the cabin. Sonu’s mother was waiting for her, she asked Sonu if she said, "Doctor, tell me, Sonu said come home. Sonu’s mother had an idea of what the doctor said to him then came home with Sonu’s mother.

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    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:43)

    Upon reaching home, Sonu told his mother everything that the doctor said to him. Sonu’s mother had no idea about all this. Sonu’s mother quote, then now does one thing. You should meet that Scientist 4 day later but from today you will wear sari, if Sonu refused, then Sonu’s mother got angry and he had to accept it. Sonu’s mother went to the nearest retail shop with Sonu, there she had 3 sets of silk sari for Sonu, 3 sets of small earrings and luxurious Choli which was completely backless, then went to Beauty Parlor for Sonu and set her hair well. Sonu could not say anything, quietly bowing his head. Then Sonu’s mother took Sonu to the Jewelry shop, where she bought a big nosering, nose pins and earrings and returned home. After reaching home, made a wish for Sonu, then she dressed him as she did before his sister. Due to being a little bit stale, Sonu got fit, but his back became nude and the upper part of his chest was completely naked. Then worn in a Rajasthani way, wearing a petticoat with a silk flask. Now it was the turn of Sonu's make-up, Sonu’s mother wore a big Nosering in the nose hole of Sonu, wearing earrings in ears, wearing a lot of bangles in his hands, wearing a Mangteeka on his forehead and wearing necklace on his neck, Glossy dark red lipstick on his lips. Now wearing a 4-inch heel red sandal and wax in the foot. Now Sonu was in the first time wearing the ladies dress and ornaments. Sonu’s mother told him to make his ghunghat from the sari's pallu, when Sonu used to make a knee, Sonu’s mother quilt whenever you kneel, bring the end of the pallu to your nose, yes it is okay! Now you’re looking very beautiful. Then Sonu's friend Rajiv came there. Rajeev and Sonu were friends of childhood, he saw Sonu in the clothes of the girls, not the identity, and then the younger sister of Sonu said, Rajiv; this is your friend Sonu. Rajeev was sitting in the upper body of Sonu, Rajiv said, Sonu you really look very beautiful, but why? Why are you wearing such clothes? Then Sonu's mother came there and told Rajiv, Son, Sonu is my son, not my daughter, but he will have to live his entire life as a woman. Conflicts in life are increasing, the first one was worried about the marriage of a daughter, and now how the two daughters will get married. Sonu said what are you saying mother, I am still a man, and you do not worry about my marriage, I do not want to marry a man, I have to serve you whole life.

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    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:44)

    Rajiv spoke no matter mother, you do not worry, and someone will definitely go out. Then Rajiv went away from there after talking to the Sonu. The next day, Sonu’s mother approached the doctor about Sonu. Even today, Sonu’s mother has taken a good green color sari backless blouse, earrings in ears, wearing a small silver nose in the nose, and putting lipsticks on the bangles and lips on hand and brought it to the doctor. Sonu was shy away from the whole path and he was sitting in the entire path by shaving his head with shame. After reaching the doctor, when the turn of Sonu came, Sonu’s mother also went in. If the doctor saw two people, then you have said that your turn has not come. There is a turn of a righteous person. Sonu’s mother laughed and said, Sir Sonu, this is also the same that is in front of you. The doctor said that Sonu is a boy but this is a girl. Sonu’s mother dialect this girl is not a boy, just clothes and jewelry are the ones. Doctor said, seeing him, he was cheated, sorry Sonu I thought you were a woman. By the way the doctor had told me everything about you, you look so beautiful even when you are a boy. My hospital has advanced technology equipment. If you believe me, you should get your penis removed. Sonu heard this and did not speak, Sir, I do not become a woman. Doctor said I have seen your reports, according to them; you have no other option besides this. The hospital with the most advanced technology in this country is my only where we do successful operations of sexchange. Apart from us, there is no such hospital in this country that can make you a complete woman, and if you change your gender in our hospital then you can become a complete woman. Sonu’s mother asked if the doctor can fully conceive, then the doctor can say that if a woman is capable of doing anything, she will be able to do everything that your righteous husband can do. Sonu said, 'Do not make me a woman, I should return my old form again, I love a girl. I have to marry her. I feel very embarrassed to wear these clothes. Doctor says now it is not possible to become your boy and no girl will not want to marry you nor will you ever become a father, so it is better that you change your sex and become a woman. Now it is so beautiful and attractive, after the operation, it will be a perfect model. People cannot recognize you today that if you are boys or girls, then think after sex change you will behave like all women. Doctor says you take some time to think, after that you should come here and make your sex change and become a woman. Sonu’s mother came home with Sonu; Sonu was crying the entire road, Sonu’s mother also called Rajiv. When Sonu’s mother told the whole thing about the affair, she went to the room of Sonu and closed the door from inside. Rajiv asked Sonu what is your problem, in changing gender, I am a boy and I also want that I should become a groom of a girl and become the father of her children, life like a man; Rajiv cut off his talk in the middle, which is no longer possible. If you remain like this then you will take away by eunchs one day, so it is better that you change your sex. We are all with you. Sonu said it would be worth spending too much, I do not have enough money to afford this operation. Do not worry about money. Do not you worry about all that I will see. Then he opened the door and called Sonu’s mother inside and told him that Sonu is ready to change his gender. Taking an appointment with the doctor tomorrow, Sonu has to be admit to the hospital from time to time. Sonu kept quiet, but he could not say anything, Sonu’s mother looked at him and said that if he had not done anything like this then any girl marry with you but who can avoid this, now you also have this thing right now. Suppose you are a woman, otherwise after becoming a woman, there will be problems in accepting this thing. Then Sonu’s mother called on the doctor and said that Sonu is ready to change the gender. Tell me when she has to be edited. The doctor gave 2 days later.

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    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:45)

    Sonu’s sister was very happy with this, she was going to be what she wanted, on the other hand, it was surprising that Sonu was going to be a woman now and her husband was very bad at that time, she had lost her manhood and Now after transformation, she had to live a woman's life and she was eating it inside from inside, After 2 days, Rajiv and Sonu’s mother took Sonu to the hospital and he got admission by the doctor. First of all, the nurse said to Sonu. Now you do not need to wear these saree and they take off their clothes and jewelry and wear a gown. When Sonu came out in the gown, the nurse said that take away the nose pin of your nose too, Sonu had forgotten that there is a small nosering in his nose, he felt embarrassed. Nurse gave these clothes and jewels to Sonu’s mother, now you can go home and if you want to meet Sonu then get it now and after that you will be able to get them after only 2 months. Sonu’s mother and Rajiv both went to meet Sonu and told him that now we will come to meet you two months later. You will be well cared for. Sonu said okay and then both of them left. From the next day, the operation of Sonu started. For the first 1 week, he was given female hormones and some injections. By the second week, the waist, hip and buttocks of Sonu became more thick and fragile than before. Over the next two weeks, Sonu's lips were already thicker than before, and the nose and the nose were also diluted in advance. Then Sonu's throat surgery was done, so that his voice became sweet like a girl. Now 4 weeks have passed, now the doctor has done the surgery of Sonu's chest and transformed it into breast size 36 was given to Sonu's chest and after that, his penis was removed from his body and she was replaced by vagina. Two ovary an ovary and uterine canal were developed in his body. For the next four weeks, the laser treatment method was removed from the body of Sonu's body, with which his body became soft and white and he became soft. Now doctors told the nurse to activate the vagina of Sonu, for 15 days, to enter Vibrator Dildos inside the vagina of Sonu so that its vagina may be fully absorbed in its natural shape. When the nurse told this thing to Sonu, he said, what is it needed or is there any other way for this? When Dildo looked, Sonu started to panic and the nurse told Sonu, "Do not panic. Now you have become a woman, I will tell you about why all this is necessary. You are now a woman with two ovaries and a uterus in your body. Every year an ovary is formed from one ovary. As the egg grows, the internal protection layer of the uterus also gets mature. When the egg becomes completely mature and fertilization becomes eligible. If it is fertilized, then this layer is ready to accept it and sets the fertilized egg in the uterus where the baby is formed. This means that the function of this layer is to give initial nutrition to the fertilized egg. If the egg does not fertilize, then this layer becomes useless. At the end of the cycle of menstruation, this layer has a mixed discharge of the tissue, blood and mucus. It exits from vagina in the form of a blood-mixed discharge, which is called a monthly discharge. As it is for all women, it is also necessary that you should enter the vibration of Dildo in your vagina, and when it takes its shape, you can interact with any man and also with the children. You will be able to give birth. When this process was started, for the first time, Sonu experienced having a woman and she started to understand how much pain women had to endure. After 14 days, the ovary, uterus and vagina of Sonu were fully developed. While congratulating Sonu, the doctor said that she has now become a woman. Listening to this, Sonu became very emotional and started crying. Nurse explained that now what will happen with crying; now you have become a woman, your family members will come and take you.

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    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:46)

    After all the Rajiv and Sonu’s mother went to the hospital, after doing all the formalities to discharge to Sonu, the doctor asked him in what dress would you like to see Sonu? Sonu’s mother gives; we have brought this dress and would like to look in this dress. Giving the dress to the nurse, the doctor said, "Get Sonu dressed in this dress and jewelry and bring it. Nurse went to Sonu and told him that your friend Rajiv and mother have come, the hospital has been processed, they are dresses and jewelry. I have to prepare you. When Sonu saw the dress, there was a golden satin, Stretchable Choli, Satin Red Sari, and some Jewels. The nurse first started wearing ponytail, she was quite small and tight, she was pretty writhful, then Sonu took it, but her fitting was very tight. Sonu saw her full back in the mirror as well as her breasts were going out of the cottage due to being very large. Then Sonu gave a petticoat and satin sari and put the pallu on his head. Then put gold earrings in ears and small silver nosering in nose, worn a 4 inch high heel sandal and put glossy lipstick and finally put mascara in his eyes. Now Sonu was completely ready to go in front of everyone, it is a different matter that he felt very embarrassed. The nurse put Sonu in front of the doctor and made him good luck and went from the cabin. The doctor said, "Sonu, now you have truly become a woman, you can marry a man and settle your own house and with the sexual intercourse with him, he is also capable of giving birth to that man's child." Sonu’s mother and Rajiv were also stunned by this form of Sonu; Sonu’s mother said, you look so beautiful by becoming a woman; Sonu does not seem to be you a man. Sonu said Thanks mother let's go now. Then the three came to the house of Sonu. Stared at all the way, Sonu was stunned and sat on bowing down. Sonu’s mother explained to Sonu at home that if you are now a woman, then whenever you have talked to anybody like girls and your name is also Sonam now, not Sonu. Anybody asked you what your name is, what would you say then Sonu said my name is Sonam. Sonam was shocked to say a lot. Now she had become a woman and her whole life had lived like this. After looking for a job for a long time, Sonam did not get a job, and then one day went to meet Rajiv and told him the whole point. Rajiv said okay, I will find a good job for you, though you remember that tomorrow is my birthday, you have to come home. Sonam said okay I will come. The next day Sonam was well groomed, wearing a bright blue salwar suit, a small gold nose ring and earrings, bangles and bracelets in her hand, as well as a sandal with 4 inch heels and then went home to his birthday with her mother and sister. He saw there was no one besides Rajiv and his family. Rajiv introduced Sonam to his family. His mother said, "Bitiya, you are very gorgeous, you know! What your name is and then she said my name is Sonam. The rest of the house also praised Sonam for her beauty. When she started drinking after the birthday, the Rajiv’s mother took her to a room and asked her how did you feel about Rajiv, and then Sonam said Rajiv is sensible and handsome. Then her mother quote; you are so beautiful, also decent, your will be very happy with my son, so will you marry with my son? What are you asking? Sonam quote is asking you, how can I marry Rajiv? Then Rajiv left from there. Time came back from where it started. Ishaan made Ankit her bride and took her with him and I too must now become a man's bride. Is this the destiny? Sonam reached home, her mother said, Rajiv's mother wants you to become her daughter-in-law of her house? What? Rajiv's mother also talked to her mother. Sonam said, "No mother, I do not marry a man. Then Sonam's mother said, then what to do, there is no job even with you, what should I do? And then her mother started crying. Sonam has silenced

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    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:47)

    Sonam has silenced her mother and she quotes what you like, mother, I have no objection. I can see everything but cannot see my mother crying, and then she started crying with her mother. Next day Sonam's mother went to Rajiv's house and told him, Sonam is ready to marry Rajiv. Listening to this, Rajiv's mother did not have any room for happiness. They got up and embraced Sonam's mother in the neck. Rajiv also was very happy to hear this. On that day, Sonam's mother told Sonam, "I have told Rajiv's mother that my daughter is ready to marry Rajiv." what? What did this mother do to you? What was it so fast that you decided that my relationship with Rajeev? Sonam's mother said that you are the eldest daughter of this house, you will get married then only your younger sister will get married. Rajiv's mother has fixed the time after 1 week, after which your engagement will be done with Rajiv, and after 1 month you will be married for days. Hearing this, the senses of Sonam got blown away, now everything is so fast? I do not understand anything mother; I will be married to a man. Sonam's mother said, "I too thought that my Sonu would bring me a lot, what did I know, my son would have to change his sex and become a woman, and he would have to become a daughter-in-law of a house himself. Sonam You will not get a good man from Rajiv. He also helped a lot during the sex change operation, he will love you very much, his mother has also liked you very much. In Rajiv's house you will find a lot of love, I am sure. Now leave all these things, prepare you in the coming, in the evening, Rajeev is going to see you with his family. Sonam got into thinking, what has happened, the fear of which is going to be the same, I have to become a man's bride like the face. Oh God! What's going on with me? How did this happen, how would I spend my whole life becoming a man's wife? Sonam was prepared for the evening, Ghaghara, backlash bodice, big nose ring in the nose, earrings in ears, necklace, necklace and made in the forehead in mangteeka, bindi, bangles, Lahti, payal, and 4-inch heel sandal was worn. Then they were thrown in front of Rajiv's family. Sonam's condition had worsened. He kept quietly answering questions from everyone and then sat in a room with Rajiv. Rajiv asked, Sonam, do you have any objection to this marriage? Sonam said no, I have no objection. Then Rajiv told his family that I like girl. Rajiv and his family had liked Sonam, now Sonam's younger sister told him that you have liked Rajiv and her family members. Day after tomorrow is your engagement, how are you feeling? Sonam did not say anything and went to her room. Sonam did not believe that in a few days a man would make her a bride and take her home. She started crying, then her younger sister said to her, sister, do not you cry, girls have to leave their mother and one day to go to their in-laws' house. Now relax, sister, look, in the slightest mirror; my sister-in-law sister is looking so beautiful. Do you know, how much was your pair with Rajiv Jiju? It seemed as if you both were made for each other. Yes. When you stood up with Rajiv Jiju, I clicked some pictures. You see yourself; Sonam got embarrassed from shame when she saw those pictures. Despite wearing a 4-inch sandal, Sonam was coming to the shoulders of Rajiv. As much as the handsome seemed to see Rajiv, Sonam was looking very similarly gorgeous. No one could say that Sonam was seen in a bride's clothing and she used to be a man. Everybody was getting Sonam to make Rajiv's bride early, her younger sister also continued teasing her day by day, and the engagement day was also coming closer. Sonam's sister said to her mother, Mother Sonam Didi's engagement is with Rajiv Jiju, then she will also get married, she will take Sonam Didi with her, what will happen after this? Nothing will happen, Sonam will serve her husband, according to her mother-in-law, and she will do the work of the house.

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    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:47)

    Sonam will have to endure the entire life; she will be wearing a big nose ring in her nose which will keep her whole life in her nose. This is why Mother, Sonam asked, so her mother told that, the nose ring is worn in the nose so that at all times she realized that she is the daughter-in-law of that house, and she is not free to do any work to do so, until her mother-in-law or husband is not to speak. How can a mother be like this, believe that I am going to be the wife of Rajiv, but this does not mean that I have to spend my whole life by covering my head with my face in the nose putting a nose ring? Sonam's mother said, "I cannot do anything, this is the tradition my daughter, Rajiv's house, tomorrow is your engagement with Rajiv. Now you forget that you were a man, now you are a woman whose marriage is about to happen to a man. On the engagement day, Sonam was given a small backless blouse, earrings in ears, nose ring in the nose, necklace in the neck, which was coming between Sonam's boobs. Ghaghara which was very attractive, a 4-inch sandal was worn, Mangteeka on her forehead, waistband in her waist and glossy red lips. Rajiv was also living in Sherwani. The two were put together, and then the engagement was performed. A lot of pictures of both of them were taken. Then both of them took the blessings of everyone. The wedding was decided on the third day of engagement Now, just three days left, Sonam had been engaged, how did she leave for three days, she did not even know about it. How many things suddenly changed in three days and Sonam did not even know when the wedding day came also. On the wedding day, Sonam was decorated like a bride. Sonam was thinking that from childhood she always thought that when she got married she would become a groom but she had written something else in her destiny and Sonam would have to marry a man after becoming a bride. The house in which a friend could be made was now on becoming the daughter-in-law of the same house. The little sister Anu is the one today she was decorating like a bride. Do not you know that tonight is your first night with Rajiv Jiju? You know what is happening between husband and wife in honeymoon, Sonam said such words Anu started teasing him. The hands which were hard and bracelets like the Man were made in the same hands, and the bracelet bangles and the cheekbones bangles were worn on the side. The eyes with which the eyes used to show anger at all were molten in their eyes and now those eyes were tilted with shame. Sometimes sandal pants and sandals were worn on the body and the 4-inch high heels sandal was worn. Hairstyles and eyebrows were set up and mangteeka on the forehead, large, heavy Rajasthani Nath in the nose and large earrings in the ears were worn. The forehead was decorated with bindi and the lips were glossy red. Big and designer necklace in the neck, whose last end came in the middle of both the boobs of Sonam. Due to being a tightly fitted and backless blouse, the relatively tight front was as open from the back. I had worn waistband and covered her face with ghunghat.

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    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:48)

    Sonam bid I do not understand anything. It all happened so early. Anu bid these short stories are coming out. The procession came in a while. Anu welcomed Rajiv and placed him on stage. The photographer had also come and he took photographs of both Rajiv and Sonam in many poses, forgetting all that and lost in that moment and enjoyed the moment of that time. Now, no matter what happens, Sonam's horror dream of being a wife is now realistic. Now Sonam was the man's property, someone had a halfqueen. At the time of the arrival of the procession, he felt terrified, Sonam’s mother and Anu also came in a while, and raised the Sonam, in her hand, she was given and she slowly started walking towards the stage. Sonam was very ashamed. If she looked into the middle, all looked at him, her nosering was quite heavy, but his feelings were just reminiscent of being a woman. Perhaps this is the meaning of being a woman. The big nosering and the earrings in the nose and ears are tied; all these fittings are kept tied to the women. Then Sonam's eyesight was on the verge, in the cream colored Sherwani, a nawab was being felt. Sonam was staring at a tick as she would eat it in front of everyone. Sonam bowed down and reached the stage where she was waiting for it. First of all, Jaimala was sulomed. Sonam and Rajiv were raised, Sonam with high heels of 4 inches high heels also seemed to be small in stature, and it was coming to the shoulders only. The two friends who once used to knit out together were brides and groom. Everyone blessed Sonam and Rajiv. An aunt said to Sonam, "Both of you are looking very dear to you. Now, quickly show the grandson's face too, listening to this, Sonam bowed her head with shame. Then both of them were taken to the pavilion and placed there. Rajiv wearing Mangalasutra for seven rounds with Sonam and put the vermillion in her mang. Then the agonized Aunty she put out the nose from Sonam's nose and put it in the nose of the second nosering which was even larger than that which was covering her half face. With some mantras, Pundit declared both of them husband wife. Shortly after the departure, Sonam started crying too much, Anu quieted her and explained that all the people have to leave their home and go to their husbands' house and anyway they have become the daughterin-law of this big house. There is no need to worry about things. After dipping, he took Sonam away and brought her home. When the time of honeymoon took place at night, Sonam was pierced with flowers and decorated with a glass of glass and Anu gave the best of luck and went out of the room. Sonam started to wait for her husband to come and help the sympathies by shrinking his two panes. The bride is sitting on the bed, and you can see her discomfort. You can see the nervousness, through her actions. She is still in her ghunghat. Whatever happens, don’t starch him, Sis in Law said with a wicked smile. Why I would starch him, Sonam asked. We will see, Sis in Law said. Sonam was made to sit on the bed with his legs folded. Sis in Law placed chunari like a ghunghat. Now don’t let him open it, till he does not give you a gift, and remember, no starching, I would be checking his back in the morning. Why I would starch him, Sonam thought. Anyways Sonam was scared beyond doubt and the moment Anu and Sis in Law decided to move out, Sonam shivered. Why are you shivering darling, the fun is yet to begin Sis in Law said with a laugh. Sonam thinks she knows what is store for her added Sis In Law. Sonam saw her husband entering and Anu and Sis In Law making a quick exit. Out of fear, Sonam lowered his head. For a next minute or so, nothing happened, Sonam raised her eyes to see but Rajiv (now husband) was nowhere to be seen. Sonam raised his head a little bit more to see and then he saw him in the corner. Sonam quickly lowered his head again. Sensing it, Rajiv came and sat next to Sonam. He picked up the glass and drank milk from it. He then removed his Sherwani and placed it next to the bed. Sonam was scared beyond his beliefs. He adjusted the flow of AC. I did not move at all, next he lifted Sonam’s ghunghat. Sonam was feeling dam shy, he lowered his face. Sonam sat with head covered and hands around her legs. He lifted it from chin and Sonam closed his eyes.

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    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:49)

    He started praising Sonam’s beauty. He removed his vest and pajama he was wearing and moved his hand towards Sonam’s pallu. Sonam opened his eyes and tried to resist but seeing his muscular body, Sonam’s resistance went for a toss. In no time Sonam’s pallu had dropped. He removed Sonam’s ornaments and started unbuttoning his blouse. Sonam wished to run away but somehow his mind and body were not in sync. Rajiv lifted removed the ghunghat and led out a deep breath. He wanted to have a final memory of Sonam on this day and spent a few moments adoring her beauty. She was still looking down and blushing. Rajiv lifted Sonam’s chin up and bent down to kiss him. The nose ring obstructed this kiss so Rajiv removed it with his own bare hands. He kissed Sonam again and removed the saree while kissing her. In not time Sonam was out of saree and blouse, before he could understand, Sonam was in his inner wear and we were deep kissing. This exposed Sonam’s new large boobs which made Rajiv’s male organ stiff as a rock. He almost tore apart her blouse and bra and started biting Sonam’s 38 size big boobs and nipples he pressed them as hard as he could and started kissing her all over her beautiful face. He was felling and pressing Sonam’s big boobs continuously for next 15 minutes, He gave Sonam multiple love bytes all over his shoulders and neck. There were waves of pleasure erupting in her body originating from her breasts. She was completely buried under the large muscular body of Rajiv. It was even hurting her at some places but she loved each and every bit of it. Rajiv started rubbing his hard dick against lower body and he pushed Sonam’s back in missionary position. He positioned himself over me and holding he started the journey, the moment he entered for the first time, Sonam cried a lot and tried to push him away. It was an unbearable pain, but he held Sonam strongly and would not let him go. She led out soft moans as Rajiv played with her boobs. She longed to kiss his long thick male organ which was pressing against her lower body. She whispered in his ears: "please stop Rajiv; you’re hurting me so hard, your dick is so big, please stop, pleaseeeee". After a while he started pumping and Sonam was feeling the pain. Even though Sonam did remember the warning I could not hold and starched him. He pumped Sonam and god knows why, but he enjoyed every minute of it it and wanted it to go on forever for about 20 minutes he pumped before he came. Sonam was drenched in a mix of sweat and pleasure. It was a pleasure Sonam had never experienced before. Sonam was pleased and at the same time he was ashamed as well. How did it happen, I was a man and why did I allow it these emotions were going inside me. With these thought tears were rolling down Sonam’s checks. In 20 minutes, he again climbed on Sonam and both again had sex. Rajiv repeated it seven more times. Sonam was totally exhausted by then. He again climbed for the eighth time and this time Sonam started biting him to make him go away, but like an experienced player, he did not budge. This unleashed the beast inside Rajiv. The sight of his dick made Sonam lose her mind, she had dreamt about it ever since she had never planned her wedding. And her it was in all its glory, a thick 8'' tool, hard as a rock she wanted to fill her mouth it but Rajiv wanted to fuck her once more. So he started rubbing it against her clitoris again. He was careful to enough to insert it slowly at first. Sonam led out a soft moan of pleasure and pain when the hot dick entered her body. Rajiv’s dick was huge and it was hurting her initially. None of her dilations had prepared her for this. But the pleasure, oh the pleasure, Sonam was getting wave after wave of pleasure from each of his stroke. His strokes starting getting faster and faster and so did the levels of pleasure in Sonam's body. The hot dick was hitting hard against her vaginal walls. She felt heavenly and wanted the pleasure to never end. Her moans became louder and louder and at one moment Rajiv had to cover her mouth to stop her.

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    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:51)

    Rajiv kept pounding her and Sonam wrapped her legs around his body, she buried her hands deep into back and started kissing him wildly. The waves of pleasure had broken some pleasure barrier inside her body and she felt ecstatic. Sonam knew she had orgasm. She felt so happy or, sad at the same time and felt that all the pain was worth this pleasure. Rajiv also soon came inside her and now her vagina was dripping with cum. Rajiv also lead out a loud moan and crashed beside her on the bed. She kissed him again. Now they both were too tired from all the rituals and decided to sleep. In total Sonam and Rajiv had sex 10 times in that night, which left Sonam totally exhausted to the extent, that she did not even have energy to pee. Next morning she found herself in his husband’s arms. She carefully tried to get up without waking up but the sounds of her bangles woke him up. Rajiv gave Sonam a large grin and caught her in his arms and said "you made me the happiest man in the world yesterday". Sonam replied “I want each day to be better now. Only you and me darling. Now let me go as everyone will be waiting for me downstairs" He made a sad face and let her go. She quickly gathered her clothes and went for the bath. Sonam sat down in the washroom to pee, there were cum stains all over her vagina. She missed peeing standing up. Sonam took a bath and got ready for her first day at Sasural. She felt a visualization of her male self form staring at her from some corner when she applied the sindoor on her forehead and wore a pink saree. Sonam went out and woke up her hubby with her wet hair. Rajiv grabbed her again and they kissed her again. Her lipstick was all over his face. Sonam laughed and decided to give a blowjob to her husband. He was still naked but his dick was still sleeping. With a few kisses it was erect as a pole again. Sonam thought of it as an ice cream and tried licking it in every way possible, all the porn videos that she had ever watched but not once had she thought that one day she would use those poses here. Finally she took it all inside and took it inside her mouth. She almost choked at one point. Rajiv finally came in her mouth and Sonam tasted sperm for the first time. Rajiv was almost mad from the pleasure, he laughed at her face dripping with cum. Sonam felt really ashamed and ran to bathroom and took a bath again and brushed her teeth as hard as she could. A voice shouted inside her "What have you done Sonam? How could you do this to yourself?" She had left the door open and Rajiv entered and grabbed her from behind. She tried to calm herself when Rajiv said: "You don't have to do it baby if you don't like it. I will never force you" Sonam covered his mouth and said "It was the first time. I will get used to it honey". She finally dressed up again as a newlywed bride with Mangalasutra, bindi, sindoor, toe rings, big earrings, heavy designer nose pin, payal and a pink saree. She covered her head and touched the feet of all elders. Her mother in law joking asked about last night and said that her glowing face was telling everything. Sonam blushed again and hugged her new mother. Her mother in law told her to get up early from tomorrow whenever she is at home as there are a lot of household chores. Sonam tried to help and did whatever she could but most of the people told her to rest. The rest of the day passed quickly with all the guests leaving and by evening she started packing for their honeymoon which began on the next day. They had the time of their lives in Mauritius. The days were spent in fun activities like parasailing, snorkeling or diving and nights were filled with wild sex. The week passed very quickly and soon they were back at their apartment.

  • #131

    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:51)

    Although Rajiv had told Sonam to start looking for a new job but Sonam wanted to remain a housewife for now because she was ashamed, how could I do the job as a woman with such a big pair of boobs? She didn't want to enter that corporate world again. She was happy being a devoted wife to Rajiv. She woke up before him, woke him up with tea. Prepared all the breakfast and did all the cleaning. She prepared the lunch and always drove to Rajiv's office to deliver his lunch. She loved her weekend trips to the beauty parlor and loved getting her eyebrows plucked and nails shaped. Six months passed and Sonam was a full time housewife now. They had started thinking about getting a child now. Now Sonam has no fear in his Sasural. Started just like 1st day the same routine Sonam woke up early in the morning and do all household works herself, and then in night Sonam’s husband carried her in his arms and put me into his bed and we both enjoying our sex life. Then that night Sonam told her husband that saasu maa was asking for grandson. Then he asked Sonam, are you ready for this, it’s been 2 years of our marriage. Sonam said I don't have any objection. Rajiv said then okay. That night he fucked Sonam without condom filled mouth, nose, ass and pussy with his loaded sperm. Sonam was totally exhausted, moaning loudly like any lady does while fucking. Sonam kissed him every inch, and after that we both got tired and satisfied. Then Sonam went and takes bath and washes the bed sheet, and cover pillow. Rajiv was watching Sonam like a king and Sonam was his Queen. After Sonam got sleep in her husband's strong arms. Now every day Sonam and Rajiv both having sex like never before, and then one day Sonam felt like vomit... she went to the washroom and try to vomit. Sonam told her mother in laws and after listening she said don't worry Beti we'll go to the doctor. Doctor checks Sonam and said you're pregnant with a baby boy. Sonam was in completely shocked and shows them that she was like in 7th heaven and so happy. Doc said to Sonam’s MIL the Bahu is pregnant. She was also so happy, and called Sonam’s husband the news that he is going to be father. Sonam’s mom also came with Anu to see her in Sasural after she heard that news. She congratulates Sonam’s MIL and FIL and her husband for this. She tell them that she'll stay till the delivery if you don't have any issues. They were so happy to hear and accepted. Now my mom started taking care of mine. One day she was watching our family albums in her Laptop. Sonam seen her pictures when he was a boy and suddenly Sonam’s MIL came inside and saw those pics. She asked Sonam’s MOM who's this smart guy? She said He was Sonam's twin brother met with an accident 3 years ago. Tears roll on by saying this. Then she went to the kitchen and Sonam and her mom started weeping that how this happened my baby. She closed the door first and then said how all these happened to my baby? You supposed to be my son, bring my Bahu, and be a father instead of mother of Rajiv’s son. You supposed to live with me, your dad and your brother in our own house instead of this. Everything has changed mom, Sonam said and look at me now mom I'm a fully functional lady, a housewife and soon going to be a mother. I've now accepted the fact that this is my destiny, end up as a lady. You have to hide this truth that I was born as a boy but my fate makes me a woman who carried her loving husband's seeds in her womb and in future going to deliver her grandson, Sonam said.

  • #132

    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:52)

    In 9th month of my pregnancy Sonam admitted in the hospital. Sonam bear the pain of delivery like other women did. She cried in such pain never felt before in front of her husband Sis in Law, Anu and his Mother. At the time of Sonam’s delivery all her friends, family are watching her crying in pain. After so much of pain and blood loss during delivery Sonam gave birth to a boy, now everyone is happy. Doctor give the suggestion to Sonam to feed her baby with her milk for six months, she said okay doctor! There are some medicines for blood loss and few exercise tips to maintain your figure Sonam. Doctor told Rajiv to prohibit sex life for minimum 6 months, got some yoga tips to maintain Sonam’s figure. After 4 day she discharged Sonam from hospital. His MIL and FIL was so happy, all the time they used to play with their baby. Three years had passed. One day Sonam was walking with her husband Rajiv, a voice suddenly, a voice surprised the lady of Sonam. She is with Ishaan, with Ankita. Both came to Sonam and Rajiv. Sonam told Rajiv this is Ankita, my friend and this is the husband of Ankita Ishaan. Ankita came to Sonam and said, "You married, Sonam, I am not sure. I thought that you will marry Radha but what is this, you married to a man. I did not say, today or tomorrow you will also have to marry a man, you are so beautiful. Then Sonam told that we both have a son too. What? You are joking, do not you, then Rajeev said no, we both have a son. Sonam quote leave me, tell me Ankita? What do I tell Sonam, Ishaan and I left the house because her parents did not want me to let me sex change operation, but Ishaan wanted it. Then, Ishaan and I left the house, then they changed my sex and now they want a child from me. What kind of life has happened to this, I do not understand anything, sometimes we both were men, but now see we’re women, a wife. Rajeev told Sonam, "Now it is too late, you have to give milk to my son, okay, take this home address, come to meet, with your husband, now we both are going home, Munna is alone at home She is also giving milk to her, then Ankita said we will definitely come. Then Sonam covered her face with ghunghat and came home with her husband. Both Sonu and Ankita were now a woman, Sonam had given birth to a child, Ankita was ready to give birth to the child. Two men had now become attractive married women. And their husbands loved them very much. Start another day! Sonam slowly removed Rajiv’s hand from her side and went up the bathroom slowly! Then knit down the Nighty, wash the bra and panty worn! It does not get all the time in the morning. Rajiv always loves being Sonam to stay in makeup and all this. So put the towel and sit down to decorate. Made of connected, nosering, cast mascara. Deep red color lipstick and nail polish, earrings in ears and bangles in full hand, payal, bindi and sindoor If Sonam look after herself after such a decoration then many times she was lost in the past. Well there's no time to think of something. Quickly got up and made tea and raised them with love, when Rajiv got up Sonam started to make fun. Sonam do not take the bid quickly and she takes breakfast. These but do nothing without worrying her. Rajiv pulled her in the arms and made tales till late. Then point to his pants. Sonam understood and made him happy.

  • #133

    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:53)

    Then Sonam got upset and she washed her mouth and made the makeup correct and then went to the kitchen. As soon as the sound comes out, the clothes will be ready for the clothes so after leaving the suit, after making the omelet. Today she has to visit parlor in the day. Eyebrow has not been made for a long time. In short, looking at the hands of the nails and bangles, who will say that these hands were sometimes of a man? What is the difference between all these things now? Now this is Sonam’s life. Once the breakfast was ready, it came out and said, "Sonam, where are my clothes?" How many times have you talked, do your work early in the morning, you will get late again. "Sonam ran away and pulled out the clothes. Rajiv is very angry. Everything is done according to Rajiv in the house. Sonam has to follow her husband’s commands only. They want Sonam to be always adorned, always wear saris and keep on wearing jewelry. Sonam got fatigued all the way and sent it to the office by ticking. The tea was made to eradicate the fatigue of the morning and sat down with ease in the house. This is going on since last 3 years. Sonam is the mistress of a house in Rajasthan and her husband is a government officer. The entire Mohalla is the public with the name of Mrs. Sonam Singh. Sometimes suffocation suffers from all these Keep sitting all day waiting for them, knitting, sewing, panchayat from the locality or watch the TV. That's all. They also do not like to meet me too much. Before Sonam got married, how many dreams did she see this married life? How will I live in my house, my wife will be a perfect homemaker and will comfortably do ash on my money. On the other hand, Ankita was very happy with her husband. Well this everyday work never ends for Ankita too. Some pages of the magazine were reversed, that came in handy. Ankita says Hurry to go to the kitchen and made of utensils and utensils. Then call Ishaan; His mood was still bad, so Ankita got to see the answer. Ankita said that you are enjoying the night, you think, the phone is cut. Answer: I know the car and driver will come from time to time. Ankita has always got what she wants. Whether Ishaan is to fulfill her every demand or to change their gender identity by changing gender. Ankita sat down to relax. Planted a little foundation and lift the lipstick and she has the right to decorate it. Nathini got out of the nose. They do not look good on her nose so she picked up another silver nosering. Do not have to do a woman for her husband. Ankita also wore the yellow suit and got matching purses and sandals. Here are the husbands' orders that there should be a heel of at least four inches. Now there is pain in walking without a heel. Always stay at the house of husband. Ankita saw herself in the mirror: A very beautiful married girl was looking back at her. Ankita also had surgery for my face so that there is no sign of Ankit. And seeing her today perhaps her mother could not even recognize her. Ankita lost her account in the mobile that: It was the phone that the driver would come from time to time and take lunch. Evening about the party in the evening. His Boss's son's birthday. Ankita was happy that once again a new saree would come out and then got into thinking which we would wear a jewelry. The driver came in a while. Ankita quickly cast a nail in the nose and then went to Ishaan’s office and gave a lunch box. It was busy with any file but Ishaan got up and looked at the lock and locked Ankita and said that the flower of her garland is killing him today. Ankita was embarrassed and very shyly covered her face closed her eyes. Soon Ishaan’s lips came to Ankita’s lips and both clambered to each other. Five minutes later Ankita opened her eyes.

  • #134

    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017)

    The mind was doing that Ankita should just sit in her husband’s arms; they also got into work again and then went out for a beauty parlor. There Ankita got a good friendship with Anita: she only understands what she has to do. She sat down to her and then got into threading. There is a little pain but all this is every day, nowadays. Anita was doing evil of her husband that she would drink alcohol every day. Ankita started thinking that I'm so lucky in this case. Ishaan, however, sometimes drinks in the party, but never was forced into drugs by me. Anita started waxing now and began to insist on making two more holes in ears. Ankita said I had been avoiding him for a long time, today he also got out of the machine she said my arbitrariness: Listen to my husband at home and I will do the same here on your behalf. Anita also laughed and cleared Ankita’s ear and made a hole. Now she has to take something to wear them. Then make Ankita’s facial. The face was absolutely blooming. Now Ankita got out in the market 36 DD size for four bras. Only 2 and a half years the marriage, he had implanted Ankita’s breast. First Ankita wanted to apply the C cup according to her size, but Ishaan needed big boobs. After that some of the household took the baggage and came back and sent the car back. When she come home, nail earrings in ears. Now for the party, Ankita has to find something for Ishaan in the jewelry. Ishaan will come in 1 -2 hours and then have to go quickly. You have to prepare now, Ankita thought. Ankita first got saree. There was green silk sari and there was a yellow job on the border. Pallu was Orange and with Backside Blouse. Saree is done now what to wear ornaments. When there was a boy, Ankit always knew when to do so. Never had to think so much. Just pick the pants that appear and go out with a clean shirt. How easy was that life? Ankita was always very clearer mind and now look at everything; she does not know how much she keep thinking. This is the same thing before every party. And what does the mood change? Ankita does not understand when she starts crying. Well her only decision was all these. Now she has to endure it too. Initially, this feminine liked it but now it feels like bondage. Jewelry was looking at the photograph of your wedding on the bedroom. Ankita feel like she is in it Red Ghaghara, four Necklaces in the Necklace, Mehendi, Mangteeka, Hands, bangles and Big Nath. In hand ankles, Even now every year Ankita was wearing Nath in Karva Chauth. On the Karwa Chauth, the husband who loves a lot of love - he keeps on moving back and forth throughout the day. Sometimes I think that if there were a man, then for me there would be someone who kept fasting. Then, think Ankita got the marriage album and lost in it! Ankita was shaking the pictures of Varmala, what was the moment she was when they photographed differently. Ever hold an earring and then put her hand on the nosering again. Never seen a peeping face with bangles, sometimes showing Mehendi. Even today, those days seem like horror dreams. The biggest horror dream of Ankita’s life came true that day when she saw herself as a bride. Ankita was completely lost in all these things that Ishaan’s phone called her back. Speech will come in half an hour. Ankita thought how to prepare for just half an hour, and then quickly set up the foundation, completed mascara, lipstick and make-up.

  • #135

    Raji 01 (Friday, 28 July 2017 04:54)

    Wearing bra panties and wearing petticoats, it was only Ankita’s backless blouse that Ishaan came and he took the blouse's edge with her hands and tied the blouse with his own hands. Ankita was shaking, then Ishaan twirled her and made tales. Then Ankita said tell me what new show in me today seeing it for a while and he laughed at her ears. Make these holes in her ears and fill the entire ear of her new holes. Will be cool Ankita said that as your command, my husband, God, and then they both got ready and went into the party. After coming back from there we both had a lot of sex. Although Ankita does not have much fun, she has to pretend to keep her husband happy. . Ankita get a lot of noise and do all the acting. Ishaan is very happy with all these and Ankita is also rested. Ankita gave birth to her first child after one year. Ishaan now had become the father of a daughter. On the other hand, Sonam gave birth to her second child.

    Five years passed…

    Ankita had given birth to Ishaan's three children, and Sonam on the other hand gave birth to Rajiv's fourth child. Both Ankita and Sonam got involved in the upbringing of their children. On the one hand, Ishaan makes a daily sex with Ankita; on the other hand, Rajiv has sex with Sonam. Both Ankita and Sonam have a similar life. Because of a wrong decision, both of them have to spend the lives of women. If Ankit and Sonu had not accepted to be devdasi then they would have been a man, but now Ankit and Sonu have become complete woman.

  • #136

    Manish (Friday, 28 July 2017 08:20)

    Part -1 of being Manish to Manisha.

    Hi every one my name is Manish.
    I'm from Hyderabad , I started to crossdress when I was 10. I was a complete closet crossdresser and use to wear my mother clothes whenever I use to get a chance to wear them. I was always excited looking at different colors and shades of feminine clothes and feminine ornaments. I started to crossdress with bra and panties.
    One day, in the afternoon around 2pm when I was 16 and there was nobody at home and I had decided to crossdress and wear my mothers clothes.i had pick up a white bra and a cotton maroon panties with a light green churidhar & kameez and a pearl necklace with matching ear rings. These ear rings were stick on ear rings. Due to excitement and in hurry i forgot to lock my house door. I went to my room with all the clothes and started to undress my self. First i wore the maroon panty, it was so soft, then I wore the bra and filled it with thermocol balls, but the fitting was too tight and was giving me a feeling of actual breast. Then I wore the green kameez, it was a bit heavy as it had multi-coloured stones and jewels on it and the feel was so feminine for me. After wearing the kameez and adjusting it properly, I picked up the churidaar and wore it. Ohh the feeling was just too amazing, I just cant tell you how i felt after wearing it. The tightness and the firmness around the thigh and the entire leg, it was too good, then I grabbed the dupatta. After I wore everything and having a look at my legs I was getting a bit annoyed and was wanting to wear payals. Then I wore the earings and necklace. It was so beautiful when I looked at my self in the mirror. The light green kameez & churidhar was simply suiting my skin tone. I felt something missing on my face, so I ran towards my mothers room and opened her dressing and removed a big and round red coloured bindi and stick it to my head and when I looked into the mirror, I was feeling complete woman. I was posing in front of the mirror and enjoying myself being a woman. All of a sudden, the door bell rang and I started panicking, I thought it was my mother and she could enter using a key and i realized that I didn't lock the house door . I quickly undressed my self and got back to my men's attire kept back all the clothes and jewelry. I immediately ran to open the door, when I opened the door , it was our servant babu, he is of 18 years of age, dark and tall with a slim body. Babu was looking at me with his eyes wide open, he was silent and entered our house. I was not able to understand his reaction, I went to my room and when I passed the mirror I was shocked to see the big round red colored bindi on my head. I felt so embarrassed and frustrated that I couldn't control my emotions and just banged my bedroom door and Locked it. I sat on the bed with my head down and thinking about babu and what he must be thinking about me. Just after a couple of minutes, I heard a knock on the door and I knew it was babu, I was getting the worst feeling of facing him. I immediately removed the bindi and threw it and went towards the door to open it.
    End of part- 1

    Pls comment

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    Kajal (Monday, 31 July 2017 08:30)

    Hi friends Thanks for all your love here and on my mail id. Just one request from my side

    1. Don't send your email id here on this site. Send me all request on my mail Id.
    2. My old blog is closed so don't ask request for old blog to read older stories.
    3. I will add you all on my new blog when i will make that blog public. Wait till you receive invitation
    mail from me

    This is beautiful story site which i am following since last 14 years so please keep this site clean and allow other writers to use this comments for writing their stories.

    As i said I am posting a story on this site. This story is mail me by one young budding writer Mithila

    Here is the story...........

    Copyright © Kajal Kapoor
    This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance of characters to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. The Author holds exclusive rights to this work. Unauthorized duplication is prohibited.

    All the characters and incidents in this story are imaginary, resemblance to any person dead or alive is purely coincidental. Neither the author nor the blogger , intend to outrage, insult , wound or hurt any religion or the religious sentiments, beliefs or feelings of any person(s) or class or community.

    Part 1

    Hey Aamna where are you? Come here and stand in front of me. One girl wearing a saree came from inside an stand in front of Priya. Priya said "hey hold your pallu on your head. You don't have manners? Woman should always cover her head in front of elders". Aamna said "sorry" and cover her head with pallu of Saree. Priya asked "Hey how you feel now"? Aamna said "humiliated and disgusting". Priya said "but as per our contract you will have to remain like this for next 6 months". Aamna said "not possible. I can't bare this for 5 minutes and ou expect for six months". Priya said "my darling husband punishment is punishment. If i lose then also i will accept my punishment and live as man for 6 months". Aman said "ok so here is one thing. I will live as girl if you will live as guy." Priya said "hmmmmm Ok done. I will live as guy". Aman said "staying here as girl not possible for me because everyone knows us so we will head to Nagpur. There no one will recognise us". Priya asked "what about your office"? Aman said "i inform my friend and partner Deepak. He will take care of office in my absence and only in emergency he will call me". Priya said "ok but it will not just a dressing thing. You will have to be transform yourself into complete woman". Aman asked "means"? Priya said "i mean Full body makeover". Aman said "its not possible. If Deepak want to see me then how come i go in front of him"? Priya said "ok that none of my problem". Aman said "if this is your wish then you will also change into complete Man". Priya said "ok i don't have problem". Aman said "ok then i am also ready for complete makeover"

  • #138

    Kajal (Monday, 31 July 2017 08:45)

    Part 2:

    Aman said "let's starts packing we will be leaving at night". Priya said "ok" and she started packing her suitcase. Aman also finished his packing. Priya said "wait a second what is use of this bags when we were not suppose to wear them". Aman said "yeah you are right" Priya said "we will buy new stuffs for ourselves there". Aman said "ok". And then he said "i have one important meeting so let me change to man again". Priya said "ok but later you wont get any chance to change back into guy mode again". Aman said "yes i know it". And Aman went to bathroom and changed saree and take bath and then went to office. Priya also went outside to buy some stuffs which helps her to transform Aman into beautiful girl. Later in evening Priya came home with some bags in her hands. Aman was yet to come from office. She got message from Aman that their flight will departs on 1 AM midnight. Priya was ready and waits for Aman to come. At 10 PM Aman also came from office. Priya asked "why you come so late"? Aman said "i told my staff that i will unavailable for six months and Deepak holds office and give them all work and instructions". priya said "Oh my boss........ here i am the real boss so do whatever i said". Aman said "yes mam". Then they leave for airport. Aman saw some bags with Priya. He asked her about that. Priya said "this bags contains some useful stuffs for your transformation". Aman said "put all in one bag". Priya then put all stuffs in one big bag. Aman saw that big bag. Priya said "don't worry its all you need there". Aman called driver and told him to put all luggage inside car. And in half hour they reach at airport.

    Part 3:

    They picked up their boarding pass after finishing all procedure and wait at gate 2 where their flight will come. Aman said "i feel nervousness and little fear." Priya said "don't worry it will be all nice". Priya said "thanks that you choose such late night flight so that no one will see us when we reach there". Aman said "yeah the whole idea of choose to this flight is to reach there late". And after some time they board flight and reach Nagpur at 3 AM in morning. They came out from airport and looking for taxi. That time weather was cold in Nagpur. Luckily they found one taxi. Driver put all luggage in taxi and they reached at one apartment. Gate was locked from inside. Aman was looking for watchman but he found no one there. Then he saw wall which was not tall so he decided to jump inside from wall. Priya was still waiting outside. Aman went inside and looking for watchman but no one there to open gate. Aman came and told Priya to jump inside from wall. Priya said "what about these luggages"? Aman said "oh yeah let me help you" and he jump outside and throw all luggages inside and then help Priya to jump from wall and then he himself jump from wall. They pickup their bags and went inside. It was freezing cold outside. Aman thought due to cold watchman sleep inside and no one looking at gate. Then they came to their flat. Aman opened lock and they went inside. Flat was already neat and clean. Aman asked "now what"? Priya said "i feel very sleepy but we both slept in flight and that was sufficient power nap so its time for action". Aman said "please i am too much tired and want to sleep more". Priya said "ok dim the lights and sleep and also we have latch lock so no one found that someone is inside flat". Aman said "yeah right and he dims light and went to sleep". Priya also went to sleep. In morning at 9 AM they both wake up. Aman went to window and checked outside. Watchman was present at the gate and peoples coming and going out from society. Aman said "thank god priya watchman didn't saw us last night. Now he is present there and lots of people also roaming outside". Priya said "now switch off lights and move aside from window. Now we have enough sunlight to prepare ourself. Remember six months we are living here with these people". Aman said "yeah so let starts".

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    Kajal (Monday, 31 July 2017 09:06)

    Part 4

    Priya said "undress yourself". Aman said "ok" and he removed all his cloths and stand naked in front of Priya. Priya saw him from head to toe. She said "you don't have much body hair but still i need hairless body so here is first thing remove all your body hairs and shave as clean as possible". Aman said "ok". Priya gives him Veet hair removing cream. She asked "do you know how to use this"? Aman said "yeah i know". Then he went to bathroom. He applied all cream all over body and then after 10 minutes he washed his body. With foam all body hair removed and he was completely hairless. He saw his newly hairless skin which was very soft and glowing after hair removing. He said "wow Aman you have very nice skin". Then he shaved his face and removed French beard. As Priya told he shaved as clean as possible. And then he took warm bath and came out. After 45 minutes Aman came out from bathroom. He was naked standing in front Priya. Priya saw his hairless body and said "wow Aman not bad". "You have such a beautiful complexion that every girl envy of". Aman blushed and said "thanks Priya". Priya saw his hair and said "wish you have long hair". Aman said "well i do have long enough so that i can make ponytail of my hair". Priya said "no i want very long so for that i brought long hair wig for you but for that you need to shave side burns as well so that wig gives natural look on you". Aman said "i thought you cut my hair like pixie cut style". Priya said "yeah i also thought that one time but my mind change now". Aman said "ok" and he went to bathroom and removed sideburns from both sides. After he came out Priya saw him and said "OMG you look so girly after just removing sideburns". Aman said "don't lie". Priya said "yeah now sit on that chair and allow me some work on you". Aman sits on chair and asked "can i wear some clothes? I feel cold". Priya said "ok" and she took a pair of bra and panty from one bag. She said "ok put this On". Aman pick up panty and quickly wear it. Priya asked "have you removed all your load while bathing"? Aman said "sorry i didn't empty my load but i can control it. Priya said "i dont want to take any chance so please remove that panty i need to put pad inside it". Aman laugh and said "hey i don't want to use pad inside panty". Priya said "its for your safety. You are always on periods so anytime anything can happen and if you leak then it will make you uncomfortable". Aman said "ok". Then Priya put sofysidewalls pad inside his panty. Aman wears that panty again. That time he feels little uncomfortable. Priya said "you will be used to this after few days". Then Aman pick up bra which was already padded. Priya said "use this bra so that you will get some big boobs". Aman tried to wearing it but not able to wear it correctly. Priya said "you are very good in removing those bras but now you are facing difficulty to clasps hooks". Aman said "don't give me my info just help me to clasp bra hooks. Priya said "just look at me and follow how to wear bra". Aman said "ok" and then Priya picked up one bra and put that around her chest and then close the hook. Then she turned around bra so that bra cups come to front side. Then she insert her hands in bra straps and then adjust bra cups so that it covers all boob. Aman said "wow its very easy" and he did same thing. After wearing bra and panty he saw himself in mirror. He was looking very much girly in those clothes. Priya said "in next six months you will have to lose weight so that this waist become smaller". Aman asked "why"? Priya said "woman always have curves and i want curvy figure of you". Then priya gives him blouse and petticoat. Aman quickly wear petticoat but again find difficult to wear blouse because all hooks were present on back side. Priya did help him to close all hooks. It was back-lace blouse so beautiful back of Aman was visible after wearing blouse and bra was perfectly fits inside blouse which gives him huge d cup boobs. Later Priya took out one beautiful saree from bag and drape over him. While draping Priya tought Aman how to wear saree. After that Aman saw again in mirror. He was looking like a young woman. He was tall, little slim and fair in complexion which gives him advantage to look more feminine.

  • #140

    Kajal (Monday, 31 July 2017 09:20)

    Part 5:

    Priya said "Oh My God Aman you looks so gorgeous. Even without makeup and wig you are looking so feminine. I thought initially that it will tough task to make you girl but you prove me wrong". Aman was continuously blushing. Aman said "don't praise me more. I feel ashamed. Yesterday i feel disgusted but today i feel proud myself." Priya said "last night was just casual saree wearing. Today i did more professionally". Aman asked "now what next"? Priya said "now sit on chair and relax. I will work on your face.

    Aman sat on chair and closed his eyes and said "ok go ahead". Priya first applied one cream on his face. She leaves that cream on face for 15 minutes. After that she clean face using damp cotton wool. All fine hair came out from face. After that she used moisturiser and again clean face. That not only makes his face clean but soft. Aman saw himself in mirror after cleaning face. His face was looking like a baby face. He was surprised that where those hair gone from his face. It looked like he doesn't have any facial hair before. Priya said "Aman you need to be hairless all time. Otherwise people will gets doubt. I used very rich hair removing cream on your face which stops hair growth on face and till 15 days your beard will not grow later little stubble will appear so again we need to use same cream". Aman said "hey be careful i have life after 6 months. I dont want baby face after 6 months. I like my beard very much. You know it". Priya said "yeah i know. This will not affect your hair growth later". Aman said "ok". Then Priya take out eyebrow trimmer and trim his eyebrows and give Aman nice arch shaped eyebrows. Earlier Aman have thick eyebrows so Priya trimmed all hair and make them thin and curvy. Then again she clean his face and removed leftover hair due to trimming. Then Priya applied CC+ cream on Aman's face. After that she used compact and applies on face. Then she used kohl and applied in both eyes. She used eyebrow pencil to shape eyebrows. Then used mascara and curled his eyelashes. Priya thought that Aman don't have long eyelashes so she insert fake lashes in both eyes and again curled them. Then she applied matching eyeshadow. Later light pink lipstick applied on Aman's pink lips. Priya said now open your eyes. Aman saw in mirror and couldn't recognise himself. Aman asked "who is in the mirror"? Priya said "my beautiful wife Aamna". Aman blushed "Oh my god what you done to me". Priya said" i do my job and rest is your natural beauty". Then Priya take out long natural hair lace front wig. She put that on Aman's head. Then she cuts extra lace from front side. Wig was so natural looking that no one will recognise that this is a wig. Aman said "wow this look so natural and i feel it is my own hair from inside". Priya said "yeah right". Then priya style hair wig and make single braid of hair. She attached jasmin flower. Aman stand up and look at mirror. It was barely unrecognizable that he is Aman. He was totally transform into beautiful and gorgeous young woman. Priya said "now i need to pierce your both ears and nose so that you can wear lots of nice ear rings and sometimes noserings or studs". Aman said "no way. I am not piercing my nose". Priya said "dont worry it will be fill after 6 months". Aman said "no". Priya said "Ok let me show you some videos" and after watching those videos he ready to pierce nose. Priya took out piercing gun and make two holes in both earlobes. Also she make one hole in left nostril. It was very painful and Aman started crying. Priya said "control your emotions. You are ruining all makeup". Aman said "it is very painful in my nose". Priya said "ok i am applying gel. It will reduce all pain but don't cry". Aman wipe tears and Priya rub gel on nose and both earlobes. After 5 minutes pain reduced very fast and he was feeling better

  • #141

    Kajal (Tuesday, 01 August 2017 07:37)

    Rowdy part 6:

    After 15 minutes priya insert ear rings in both ears and ear studs in another hole. She insert very small nose ring inside Aman's nose. He was looking very cute after wearing nosering. Priya said "Ok Aamna now i need to do your pedicure and manicure so shall we start"? Aman said "wait i feel hungry and also tired". Priya said "i am also tired". Then she opened bag and take out two burgers and coke can. Then both ate and took rest for few minutes. In mean time Aman was constantly looking at his face in mirror and Priya saw Aman was enjoying all this. Priya asked "Hey Aamna R u happy with my work"? Aman looked at priya and said "I just loved it". Priya laugh and said "don't worry its just matter of six months then you are again free to live as Man". Aman's laugh lost suddenly. Priya noticed that. Priya said "ok my wife show your hands". Aman's already had long nails so priya just cut them and give them nice french manicure. Also paint his toenails with red nail polish. Priya said "let them dry". Priya then looking for some jewellery in box. She took out gold bangles and mangalsutra and said "Aman remember this is your mothers set". Aman saw those and got emotional. Priya said "wear this". Aman then insert gold bangles in both hands. Aman said "now you are my husband so better you tie this mangalsutra on my neck". Priya said "yeah my pleasure" and Priya tied Mangalsutra to aman. Priya said "wait i also put sindhoor on your head so that rituals complete". Priya then put red sindhoor on his forehead.
    Priya said "Aamna now you are almost ready". Aman saw in mirror again and said "is this me really? In dreams also i never thought that i look like this". Priya said "yeah its you and for next 6 months you will see new of you every time". Then priya took out heels and give it to Aman. Aman asked "it look very scary why need to wear such high heels"? Priya said "ok now no need to wear but you have to practice to walk wearing these high heels". Then Priya gave Aman sandals with little heels. Aman said "its better for walk". Priya then gave him one handbag which contains all small little things which woman carries every time in their purse. Priya said "always carry this when you go out". Aman said ok. Priya said "in this i put small makeup kit one sanitary napkin few safety pins. Your all credit and debit cards your mobile phones and one paper spray. Also few things which you see yourself". Aman said "thanks priya". Priya said "no Priya I am your hubby so call me baby or darling or hubby or Priyansh". Aman said "Priyansh nice name". Yeah my wifey. Now we are living opposite lives so better remember this all time and specially during outside. Priya said "ok my baby its my turn to turn into man". Then she went to bathroom and came after 15 minutes. She cut her long hair till shoulder. Then took bath and came out. Aman was standing in front of mirror and looking at herself and make some adjustments to hair and saree and little things like woman do. Priya saw that and said "wow baby nice that you like being a woman". Aman was confused and didnt find word what to say. He said "no dear just mesmerizing by my own beauty but you still look like girl in bob hairstyle". Priya said "dont worry i will cut to boy later". I myself cant cut properly so i just cut to bob. And you know it that many boys keep hair till shoulder. Aman said yeah but you dont look like guy from any angle. Priya said "just wait and watch".

  • #142

    Kajal (Tuesday, 01 August 2017 07:57)

    Part 7:

    Priya sat on chair and took out beard and moustache. Also one gum and little hair particles. She started working on face. She first put gum on upper lip and place moustache over it. Then took french beard and stick over chin. Then by using small hair particle she put some fine hair over face. Later she used fake eyebrows and stuck over her original brows to give broad hairy look. Then she turned and asked "now tell me how i look"? Aman was "speechless". He said "oh my god you look like Man. What a amazing makeup you do on yourself". Priya said "thanks". Aman said "No one will recognise you that you are woman. This beard and moustache look so real". Priya said "yeah that's why i choose them". Priya then removed towel from chest and wear a chest belt. She put that around her boobs and told Aman to tightened it as much as possible. Aman tightened belt and Priya got flat chest. Then Priya took out prosthetic Penis and wear it. It was looking like real Penis surrounded by pubic hair. Aman was shocked. He asked "oh god how you manage all this stuffs?. Look at this. It is bigger than mine and look so natural". Priya said here is magic and she press one button present in testicle and that prosthetic Penis got erected in 7 inch size. Aman was stunned. He said "no way this could be real". Priya said "with this i can fuck anyone and beware this will come to you as well". Aman said "no baby its not possible. I cant take such long dick inside my ass". Priya said "like i take yours over years now my turn". Aman was scared by that. Then priya touched button present on testicle and then that dick came back to normal. Priya then wear brief and vest. In her underwear huge bulge was clearly visible. Then priya put on denim jeans and t shirt. She was looking like a macho guy with long hair. Both Aman and Priya have same height and there were no problem when they both stand together. Priya took out her camera and click lots of pics. Aman also took selfies of both. Then suddenly door bell rings. Both Aman and Priya looked at each other. Their heartbeats were beating fast. They couldn't understand what to do? Priya said "just be here and no need to open door". One old man asked Anyone present inside? Bathroom light is ON. Priya said "oh shit". Aman said "we have to face them". Priya said "ok but i stay inside and you handle them and be gentle while taking and try to talk in girly voice as much possible". Aman asked "how to speak in girly voice"? Old man was continuously ringing the door bell. And another 2 old men joined them. Priya said "lets face them go and tell them that we are friends to Aman and will live here for 6 months but in girly voice". Aman was too scared. Old man from outside said someone is present inside. I saw bathroom light On also heard some sounds because live below this flat. Then finally Aman controlled all emotions and open door.

  • #143

    Radhika (Sunday, 06 August 2017 13:05)

    Part 1...
    My name is Aswini I come to city for interview after Engineering I got call from Big company for interview and I got selected and get good amount of salary I am feeling very happy and after that interview I went to my bother house my sister in-law and bother welcome me and I am in formal pant and shirt with black shoes and I inshrith it and I did ponytail my short hair my sister in-law get surprise and tell my bother your sister become your bother today and laugh my bro tell my Sister in-law you know my sister always wear my pant and shirt when we are kids I told today for interview I come in formal pant and shirt but my sister in-law told me you can come with Salwar but I told it's not suitable for me for interview then my brother told sister in-law stop discuss we are getting late, I ask them where they are going, my bother told he is going to his colleague marriage and they will not be in city 3 day and told me be in house only because I have my vacation until I join the company. I told I will get bored then my sister in-law told me you will not worry because they give one potion to PG and one college girl is staying there, I am not interested in any Girly things so I just said ok and they went in a car.
    Once they went I close the door and remember my bother words of wearing his clothes when I am kid I got excited and get bath and went to my bother room I saw so many pants and shirt of it but I also have this jeans and T-shirt I want some things more than I saw lungi and I am feeling very happy and take that wear Banian and boxer and wear that lungi I am feeling very muscular I take out my sister in-law kajal and started to draw mustache I wear one T-shirt and saw in the mirror I am tall with Atlantic body broad shoulders and arms and this lungi and mustache make me still macho I take out one cigarette and start to smoke.

  • #144

    Radhika (Sunday, 06 August 2017 13:06)

    I heard door bell then I opened the door I saw one bueatiful girl she is having perfect figure. Large breasts, small waist, long feminine legs and long thick hair, very girly soft hand, white face soft and sensitive lips, kajal in eyes and bueatiful short skirt she is wearing, all her body don't have single hair and she is completely fair girl, seeing her I forgot world, suddenly I heard a word sir, I am completely shock she is calling me sir, I think I will do role play with her and told her yes she ask who I am, I told I am bother of this house then she gets shy and smile and give her hand and told she is Radhika and she is staying as paying guest in this house, her hands are so soft I forgot I am girl and holding her hand since I am a girl my hand and rough and my arms are big but her hands are so soft and sensitive and perfect feminine and nail art in her fingers shows she is perfect Girly girl I tell her to come inside then she comes in I close the door.
    Since I like to dress like boy but until now I don't feel like lesbian but seeing Radhika bueatiful feminine attitude I fall to her, I don't know because I am dressing in lungi it's giving me muscularity and I am macho girl now, she just want to her room and I want to see her but she is close her room door I thought she is changing I went to door try to see her in hole but can't able to find I thought I want to impress her and went outside and bring soft drinks to her and whiskey to me, and I am putting it to glass then suddenly door opens she comes out wearing wet towel to hair and she is in short nighty I am completely shock seeing that bueaty, she comes in she told her legs and sit on chair she is sitting as much feminine as possible I I sitting like king and ask her to drink she told she will only drink soft juice, I laugh and told ya Girly girl like you can only drink soft juice and I give her orange juice she drinking small amount, I take out large glass and put whiskey and aratti to drinking it, she simile and tell me you continue your drinks I will prepare the dinner, I told yes she gets up and open her towel from her wet her and shake her head all wet hair are bouncing and come to her face seeing her soft white face with Wet hair is heaven for I never felt like this before even though I am a girl I am attracting towards Radhika feminine attitude she went to kitchen and cutting the vegetables and I am drinking whiskey and seeing her everytime when she adjust her hair I losing my control.
    Finally I went to and lift her in my arms and she puts her hand arround my neack she is totally confused I take her to bedroom and put her in my lap, she is so small cute little pie she simply sit on my muscular lap, and I started to enjoy her by kissing her and when I undress her I got biggest shock that is the very Feminine Girly girl which is sitting on my lap is not a girl she is a boy, he dress not only dress his attitude and his behaviour and his figure all are so girly and he just standing in help less, then I laugh and rub the mustache and open my hair he gets shock like me when he knows I am girl.
    It's a story of muscular girl and feminine boy you get how I attached to muscular so we will see how he became so feminine... To be continue....

  • #145

    RIA (Sunday, 06 August 2017 23:20)

    ‘noooooooo!!!!!’ I almost shouted at anisha, she had shared a prospect of me wearing one of her tops and jaggings when I spilled hot coffee over mine while we sat in her rented apartment. It was a Sunday and me and anisha who happens to be my school friend and my best friend too were sitting together enjoying a movie over the coffee when the sudden appearance of a ghost on her LEd screen jerked me and my coffee spilled all over me. Anisha had a great laugh as she saw me getting scared and almost screaming after seeing that horror movie. ‘So what else would you wear’ she said ‘would you sit here in a towel tied over your waist and exposing your naked breasts, she mocked me. I had some weight issues but now when I lost most of it my chest still has these small molds that don’t go. I pulled the bedsheet and covered my chest with my face red with embarrassment. See there is no one around so wearing these wont deter you as a man, and moreover I guess you would look cute she winked. To be true she was right not about the fact tat in might look cute but about the fact that I cant sit there exposing my so called breasts according to her.
    Don’t you have something else I asked as I pointed over to the very tight jagging that laid there on the bed. ‘o teri nakhre!’ she mocked again, no nakhras I said, but don’t you think that this tight would expose my other prospects of being a man I said feeling embarrassed. She smiled and took a salwar out from the closet. Now there in front of me lied a white top and a beautiful orange Patiala salwar which on its ends had these golden cuffs making them more womanly. ‘Now go and change she said, and yes “You would need this too” she said as she handed me an orange panties. ‘Shutup!’ I said, arey!!!! I don’t want you spoiling my salwar just in case u start enjoying the silk she teased. Go now I will change as I accepted coz she sounded quite practical.

  • #146

    Kajal (Tuesday, 08 August 2017 09:38)

    Part 8

    Part 8
    Aman was standing in front of few old men . His head was covered with Pallu. One old guy asked who are u? Aman gives them letter. In that he writes sorry i am on "Maun Vrat". Then he gave them another letter. In that he write "He is Mrs Aamna Singh living with her husband Priyansh Singh". "They both took this flat on rent for six months from Aman Singh". "We are relatives of Mr Singh". Old man said "Ok" i will call to Aman and confirm the same"and he called Aman. Luckly his mobile was inside and on vibrate mode. Priya heard that conversation and then realised that Aman's phone was ringing. Priya not picked up phone and send message that "he is in meeting will call later". Old man read that message and send another message and ask Aman to confirm new tenant of his flat. Priya reads that and send confirmation message to old guy. Then old guy said "Ok Beti your flat owner confirm this that you are his new tenant". Aman smiled and nodded his head. Old man said "we will have meeting in 2 hours in society club house so come there so that you will introduced to all other members". Aman nodded his head in yes. And closed door. Priya came out and both take sigh of relief. Priya said "oh thank God for saving us". Aman said "they invite us for meeting". Priya said "ok but before that i need to cut my hair so i am going for saloon. You lock door from inside and be inside and don't open door for anyone". Aman said "ok but how you go"? Priya said "i called taxi. It will reach here in 5 minutes". Priya said "till i return you clean all house and put all things inside wardrobe". Aman said "ok' and Priya went out. She saw taxi was standing outside. Priya make ponytail of her hair and wear cap and hide that inside cap. She put on sun-glass over eyes and went out. She was walking like man. Aman saw that from window. She was unrecognizable for anyone. Security guard was also not looked at her. She sits in taxi and reached at salon.
    At salon she asked for haircut. She removed cap. They saw her bob hair. One guy asked "why you grow and cut like bob"?. Priya said in manly voice "do i owe you explanation". Guy said "no sir". Priya said in deep voice "then cut the hair". Priya sat on chair. Guy tied apron around her neck and asked for haircut style. Priya said "i like spike so cut it". Guy said ok and started cutting. When he put comb in Priya's hair he feel the softness of girly hair. He asked "why your hair feels so soft?. No guys have such soft hair". Priya said "i am from Punjab and there all guys have such hair". Guy said "Oh now i understand why i feel that way" and he finish hair cutting. Priya got new spike cut look. She was looking like handsome guy. Guy asked "you like my work Sir"? Priya said "yes its very nice". Then Priya paid Rs 200 to barber and came back home in rickshaw. This time security guard stops her and asked her where she want to go? Priya said in manly voice. "I am living in f 103 flat". Security guard said "but that flat is closed". Priya said "yeah but now i am living there. And remember my face and don't try to stop me next time". Security guard said "sorry sir you can go" and Priya came to her flat. She pushed doorbell. Aman was inside placing all items in wardrobe. He heard doorbell. He came out and saw outside from peephole. He was not able to recognise who was outside. Priya said "Baby open door its me". Aman opened door. He was shocked to see Priya in spike cut hairstyle. Aman said "baby you are looking very different and very handsome. My old Priya is not found anywhere". Priya said "my old Aman also not found anywhere here". Aman said "wow Priya i salute you. I thought you just plan to dress us in night as opposite and that's it but never thought that you go such far and changed whole look of us".

  • #147

    Kajal (Tuesday, 08 August 2017 09:49)

    Priya said "well let me show you one more thing" and she went inside. She saw Aman cleaned all room very nicely. Priya said "my wifey nice job". Aman said "thanks hubby". Priya brings two more things. Aman saw them. Priya said "this is prosthetic boobs and prosthetic vagina. Later you will have to wear this. It will gives you natural feeling of woman when you will see yourself in mirror naked". Aman asked "where u find these? Priya said "one of my friend works for makeup artist which provides these things to films and television serials". Aman said "oh that's why he gives you" these wont get outside. Priya said "yeah right". Aman said "society member called us for meeting". Priya said "yeah lets go. You keep your mouth shut and only i will speak there". Aman said ok. Priya said "i bring some food for us. We first eat that then we go there". Aman said ok and told Priya to bring plates from kitchen. Priya said "how dare you? I am your husband and you are my wife so go to kitchen and brings these in plates". Aman said "oh sorry. I forget i am wife now". Priya said "let get used to this as early as possible". Aman nodded his head and went in kitchen. He opened bag and found idli Sambhar. He pick up two plates and put idli in those plates. Then pour Sambhar in bowl and bring those two plates in hall and place it on dining table. Priya asked "where is spoon and fork? Aman said "oh sorry hubby" and he ran to kitchen and bring spoon and fork. He also sat on table. Priya said "stop. Wait for me to finish my meal and then you will eat yours. Stand behind me". Aman said "hey hubby r u kidding right"? Priya said "no i am serious remember when i serve you i stand behind you till you finish your meal". Aman said "yeah but why now"? Priya said "well i want same privileges as husband so stand there". Aman then stand behind Priya and wait for her to finish her meal. Priya said "bring water wifey i feel chock". Aman ran inside and bring cold water bottle. Priya asked "who pour in glass"? Aman said sorry and he pour water into glass. Priya drink water and finished meal. Priya said "ok now you finish your meal and there is leftover in my plate so eat that as well". Aman said "no dear why should i eat leftover of yours". Priya said "remember your mother and my mother in law forced me to eat your leftover when she was living with us". Aman said "but i didn't force you to eat that". Priya said "but you didn't tell your mom to stop that". Aman said "please hubby. Don't make me feel ashamed. I feel Very happy till now Dressed as woman". "also i am enjoying but if you treat me like this then i have to think about it again". Priya said "my dear wifey it is just starting and you will have to spend 6 months as woman without any option. As per our agreement". Aman said" that was just a fake contract". Priya said "no read it properly" and Priya brings copy of contract. Aman reads that there clearly mention that Aman have to spend 6 months as woman and he have to live as woman (24×7). Failing to complete this will extend punishment for 2 years and also imprisonment and also fine of 50 crore. Aman asked "well when i sign this clause? These were not there in paper"?. Priya said "it was there only. But you were in hurry so without reading you sign paper". Aman asked "but how come they know that i am not live as woman"? Priya said "for that my statement is final. So if you finish this 6 months and i told them that you skip one day then your punishment increases to 2 more years". Aman said " beg you please don't make my life hell". Priya said "till now i act as sweet wife to you just only to teach you lesson. You and your mom makes my life hell when i came to your house. I am not forget anything. Just remember things you did to me..............."

  • #148

    Kajal (Tuesday, 08 August 2017 09:56)

    Part 9

    8 years ago.....

    Aman 21 married to Priya 18 in very lavish wedding ceremony. Priya's dad was rich diamond merchant from Surat. Aman was studying Bcom in college. Priya's dad and Aman's mom were childhood friends. Priya was only daughter to her parents. Priya's mom was died in plane crash when she was six years old. Aman's mom was very cruel in nature. She decided to trap Priya so that all estate comes to her home. Aman was very handsome guy and Priya was also very gorgeous but Aman was in love with his girlfriend Sejal .One day Aman's mom went to temple and there she slipped down from stairs. Luckily Priya was there. She take care of Aman's mother and bring her to their home. When Aman's mom asked Priya about family she understand that she is same girl which she is looking for her son. And then she called Priya's dad and ask her hand for Aman. Priya's dad said she was too young to marry. Aman's mom said when she finish her 18 then only we will do her wedding. Priya's dad said ok and then there wedding happened when Priya's celebrate her 18th birthday. On same day both Aman and Priya got married. During bidaai Priya's dad got paralysis attack and then all business if her dad went to Aman. Aman then took over all business of Priya's dad and after that Priya's bad days started....

    On first day of night only cunning mother in law planned to torcher Priya. Aman also met Sejal after his marriage with Priya and spend lots of money on her and treat Priya as maid. Both mom and son makes her life hell for few years. Later due to good nature of Priya Aman fall in love with her and one day Priya's mother in law trapped in her own cage. She got electrocuted when she was trying to work in fuse box. After her death Priya and Aman was living normal life but Priya didn't forget her torcher by mother in law. Priya was acting sweetly so that one day she will get chance for redemption and that they she got that chance.....

    1 months before....
    Aman Priya Deepak Sejal Hardik and Smita all were playing cards at Priya's home. Aman Deepak Hardik were in same group and Priya Sejal and Smita in same group. First they were playing for money and then later things gets worsened. Both group were talking about how men were superior and how women were superior and then they ended up in huge fight. Deepak sejal hardik and Priya went to home but Aman and Priya was still on same topic. Aman said Men can do anything. Priya said woman can do anything. Aman said if i win you have to do whatever i said. Priya said if i win then remember my words you have to live as woman for six months. Aman was too high in drink so he accept it.

  • #149

    Kajal (Tuesday, 08 August 2017 10:08)

    Priya said "Ok here is game. You have to name things that only men can do and i name things that only women can do". Aman said "ok" and he was thinking thinking thinking and again thinking but didnt gave answer. Aman said "oh shit there is nothing that women cant do". Priya said "you already lost and here i am telling you one thing that only women can do'. Priya said "women can give birth to new living thing which men cant do. I rest my case here". Aman said "oh shit... "Priya said "so you lost the game and as per my punishment you will have to stay as woman for 6 months". Aman said "not possible for six months. I have work to handle". Priya said "just before game start you sign agreement". Aman asked "what agreement"? Priya said "in that you accept my punishment". Aman said "ok if i sign it then i will accept your punishment". Priya said "that's like my good husband. Now i will give you quick saree makeover" and she went inside bring one saree and drape to Aman. Priya said "i am waiting for you outside and when i called you you come out". Aman said "ok" and then Priya went outside and sits of sofa. After 5 minutes she said Aamna where are you?

    Part 11

    Aman knows that his mother was not in good terms with Priya earlier and later after her death things changed and Aman also changed but grudge inside Priya was still there. Now Aman was terrified. Priya's behaviour changed very suddenly. Priya said "now we will go to meeting. There you don't talk with anyone". Aman said Ok. They reached at club house and saw many people were already there. Men were sitting on one side and women were sitting on another. Aman went inside and sit on chair where men members sitting. Priya went to him and said "stand up and sit there where women sitting". Aman realized his mistake and sat where women were sitting. Priya sat near men. One women asked "Aman who are you"? Aman was in dilemma and Priya told him.not to speak. Another woman said "you are looking so pretty". Aman was scared. Priya realized his condition and went near him and said. "I am Priyansh Singh and she is my wife Aamna. We are new here and live for six months in Singh's flat. My wife is on Maun Vrat so she cant speak to you". Ladies said "ohh ok" . Chairman of society also came. He asked Priya and Aman to come on stage. Then he welcome both and told other members about Aman and Priya. One woman said "Sad that they were living just for 6 months". Priya said "well i also love to stay here for long but..... then" Priya said "sir carry on your meeting we have some work outside". Chairman said ok and then Priya and Aman came out from clubhouse. Aman said "thank god no one recognise us". Priya said "yeah otherwise there will be problem arise". Priya said "go to room and bring your handbag we are going for lunch". Aman said ok and he went to flat. There small girl was climbing stairs. She saw Aman and said "aunty can you help me"? Aman was stunned. He didnt believe that someone as little as that girl called him aunty. Aman said "yeah but in manly voice". Then that old girl scared and ran fast to her home. Aman said "oh shit my male voice". And he opened door and pick up handbag and came down. Priya already stops rickshaw. Then they went to market. Priya said "first we eat then will do shopping". Aman asked "can i talk"? Priya said "yeah but only in girly voice". Aman said "its difficult for me to talk in girly voice". Priya said "then just shut up. If you speak and they understand that you are guy then not only they beat you but also send you in jail and there you know how they treat to criminals". Aman said "its better for me not to talk with anyone". Priya said "thats better and make sure you will act as a girl". Aman said "i will try my best but in one day dont expect female mannerisms from me". Priya said "its better to go back to home and there i will teach you everything. Now please till we eat behave as woman". Aman said "i pass off nicely at society meeting so here also i manage". Priya said "ok" and they went to one restaurant...........

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    Kajal (Tuesday, 08 August 2017 10:20)

    Sorry for numbering...... Part 11 is Part 10

    Here Part 11 Continues........................

    Priya and Aman sat in private area in restaurant. Priya said "thank god here no one sees us". Aman said "yeah now give me that menu. I want to order food". Priya said "hey dont forget i am husband and like always husband order food". Aman said "sorry". Then Priya ordered food and they ate food and then Priya send Aman back to home. Priya said "go back to home and clean all home. I will shop few things and then come back". Aman said "ok". Priya stops taxi and send Aman home. Then she went to Mall. First she shopped for some grocery and then buy some vegetables and send them to home. Later she went to clothes shop and buy some clothes for Aman and herself and that also send to home. Then she came back home. She pushed the bell. Aman opened door. Priya was tired by shopping. She sat on sofa. Priya said "bring cold water for me". Aman was shocked. Always Aman demands water when he was came back home from office. Priya angrily said "you not listen what i told you". Aman said "you play this game very strictly". Priya said "its wife's duty to take care of all needs of husband so go to kitchen and bring water fast. I am very thirsty". Aman went to kitchen ans bring glass if cold water and gives that to Priya. Priya said "remove my shoes". Aman asked "why"? Priya said "i am giving you final warning. I am boss here and do whatever i told you to do". Aman also get angry and said "please dont act like that with me. I feel humiliated". Priya said "well i also feel same when you and your mother treat me like this". Aman said "but it was long time back later i love you so much and take care of you". Priya said "the pain which you given to me is difficult to forget and now its pay back time. Sometime i will nice to you and sometime you will have to face my wrath. Now remove my shoes and socks". Aman sat down and remove her shoes and socks. Then Door bell rings. Priya said "open door and take those all things". Aman opened door and delivery boy said "mam your home delivery things are here". Aman nodded his head and take all bags and put that inside. Again door bell rings. Aman opened door and another boy with bags standing there. Mam here is your shopping bags. Aman take that also and put inside. Priya said "as i bring grocery and vegetables so start preparing dinner". Aman said "i dont know how to cook? Priya said "open your ipad and watch youtube videos and make food". Aman said "please i am tired now by wearing this all ornaments and heavy saree". Priya said "ok so remove Saree and wear your nighty. But you not allowed to remove any ornaments". Aman said "ok and he went to bedroom and removed saree". He was feeling relieved. Priya said "wait for minute" and she entered bedroom. Priya saw Aman was in bra and panty. Priya gives him new pink satin nighty. Aman was looking sexy in nighty. Priya couldn't control her emotion and kiss Aman. Aman was in shocked. He was also responding. Priya slap him and said you are in receiving end and allow me to control you. Aman said "ok" and he went into submissive mode and Priya took advantage of him.due to that Aman's dick was erect and he lost control and then all load came out. Luckily he was wearing pad so all liquid soaked by pad. Aman said "hubby i just cummed". Priya said "dont worry clean pad yourself and wear another panty". And then Priya left bedroom. Aman was very embarrassed by that. He removed panty and throw pad in dustbin and wear another panty. Aman saw himself into mirror. He was looking sexy in nighty. His hair was disturbed by kissing. Also lipstick smudges. He clean his lips and came out. Priya saw his clean lips and she said "wear your lipstick. I dont want to see your plane lips again. Only in night during sleep you allowed to remove all makeup and accessories". Poor Aman went inside and applied lipstick on lips. He opened his ipad and started watching videos of food making. Meanwhile Priya called some people.

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    Kajal (Tuesday, 08 August 2017 10:32)

    Part 12

    Dinner making was very tough task for Aman. He was not able to understand from where to start. He messed up whole kitchen. Priya came to kitchen to see progress but got angry on Aman due to mess around kitchen. Aman said "wifey i am very sorry. I cant cook at all". Priya said "you just ruined whole kitchen. And look at yourself. You completely messed up urself. Wheat floor on your face and hair". Priya said "clean the whole kitchen now in 15 minutes then i will instruct you how to cook". Aman said "hey i am so tired can we ordered food from outside. I will cook from tomorrow morning". Priya said "ok but i want my kitchen clean". Aman said "yeah and he started cleaning kitchen". Priya went out and bring some food for dinner. Till Priya come Aman cleaned whole kitchen. He was very tired and completely drenched due to sweat. Priya said "i want my wife look good all time. Go and take bath and then we will eat". Aman went to bathroom and saw himself in mirror. He was looking like housewife who work so hard in house. Priya said "before bath remove your wig and all ornaments". Aman said "yeah" and quickly he removed wig and bangles. Also remove earrings and mangalsutra. Aman asked from inside "what about fake eyelashes"? Priya said "take that out too". And he removed eyelashes. He saw himself after removing all. He was looking like girl with nosering and shoulder length hair and kohl in eyes. He asked "how to remove makeup? Priya said "in bathroom you will find makeup remover use that and clean your face". Aman saw one bottle of makeup remover. He read how to remove makeup and then using that removed all makeup. Then take nice shower and came out. Priya was waiting outside

    Part 13

    Priya said "dry your hair and now afterwards drape towel around your waist and cover your chest. Dont come wearing towel around waist". Aman said "yeah hubby". Priya said "your face is only look like girl but below that whole body shape was still like guy. I want your feminine body so from today we will work on that". Aman was clueless about that. He want to ask her but due to fear he didnt ask anything. Priya said "i will do your makeup for few days but later you have to do your makeup by yourself". Aman nodded his head. Priya then open bag and took out prosthetic boobs and prosthetic vagina. Priya said "wear this". Aman took that in hands and saw vagina. It was very beautifully designed and boobs also looked very natural. Aman asked "how to put on this?". Priya said "this vagina is same as panty. Just wear that". Then Aman wears that prosthetic vagina. Priya said "put your Penis inside bag so that you get flat surface". Aman insert his dick inside pouch present inside vagina. He feels some sensation. Priya said "yeah when you insert finger inside vagina it will give you sensation. It is designed in such way that you can pee by sitting like girl and you can masturbate using finger". "Now put that has adhesive so let me see proper position to stick this". Then Priya marks position and then she sticks those boobs on Aman's chest. It was looking like real boobs with d size. Aman asked "how to remove this"? Priya laugh and said "it is non removable. Only with boob removing cream it come out. Now it is fixed on your chest. Same as vagina. That also sticks with your body. Now you cant remove that without remover". Aman was crying. "Why Priya you do this to me. I have life outside. How can i face people with this after six months". Priya said "i will take them out after 6 months". Aman asked "and what if you not then"? Priya said "then you will live your whole life wearing this prosthetic". Priya said "dont think about operation. With operation you can get rid of boobs but not vagina. Your real penis was also attached so to take that out your dick will also suffer a lot". Aman said "please dont do this. I am agree to do all". Priya said "well you dont have any choice also. Remember 2 year extended if you break contract also also imprisonment". Aman said "ok". Priya took out one corset and put on Aman's waist. She tightened lace of corset so that it will reduce in size and get slim curvy waist. Aman said "please stop. I cant able to breath". Priya stops and said This is to make your waist small. Aman asked it hurts a lot. Priya said "it hurts more when someone your loved one give you pain". Aman said "sorry for that". Priya said "Sorry is easy way to get rid of sin but i am not in any mood to forgive so no need to say sorry". Priya then took out baby-doll and told aman to wear. It was very short in size. Aman wears babydoll. Then Priya took out another bob hair lace front wig and attached to his head. He was looking like Chinese doll. Then Priya quickly makeup Aman's face. He was in very much pain. Priya said "oh my wifey now you are ready so go to kitchen and serve dinner".

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    Kajal (Wednesday, 09 August 2017 07:47)

    Thanks to all who loved Mithila's story. Don't waste comments here and #300 Not written by me. Someone who have identity crisis did that mischievous thing.

    Part 14:

    Aman said “please relaxes me from corset. It is very hurting”. Priya said “I am not even started. You are on level 1 only. Gradually level will increases. Also i am not giving you stilettoes to wear. You will get them tomorrow and you will have to wear them all time when you are in home so that you can walk like girl. Also you need to practise to talk and behave like girl so don’t talk to me like guy. Try to talk in girly voice”. Aman said in girly voice “yes wifey”. Aman then serve dinner to Priya. Like morning he was standing behind Priya. After priya finished her dinner in same plate Aman ate his food. Priya went to bedroom. It was very cold due to winter. Aman was also feeling cold and he was wearing just babydoll. Priya then turn on heater of AC. Aman also came to bedroom. Priya said come here and she relaxed his corset so that he sleep properly. Aman said thanks wifey. Priya said “sleep now tomorrow there will be surprise for you but before that take this pills”. Aman asked “what is this”? Priya said “its multivitamins which needs you”. Aman took those pills. Priya said “you have to take these pills daily for 3 times”. Aman asked “why 3 times? Multivitamins only take for 1 time”. Priya said “these are different than regular pills”. Aman was not in mood to protest so he went to sleep wearing makeup and wig and prosthetic boobs and vagina. Priya said “make sure you wake early and prepare tea for me. I need bad tea in morning”. Aman nodded his head in sleep. He was very tired after long day both went to sleep.

    Part 16:

    In morning at 7 AM with alarm sound Aman wake up. His whole body was feeling ache. He never felt that earlier. Priya also wake up due to alarm sound. Aman woke up and went to kitchen. Priya said “i need strong black tea without milk”. Aman asked “how to make tea”? Priya said “let me come” and she also went to kitchen. Aman was playing with utensils. Priya said “pour one cup water and tea leaves in pot and put it on Gas. Add little sugar and keep boiling for 10 minutes and then bring it”. Aman said ok and after 10 minutes hot strong black tea was ready. He pour in mug and bring in bedroom. Priya take one sip and said nice tea. Aman was happy that finally he make something of his own. Priya said “today is very important day for you. We are going to temple for Pooja. There you will be donating 100 blankets to poor girls so make sure you learn everything before we go there”. Aman asked what time? Priya said around 2 PM. Aman said ok. Then Again Priya tightned laces of corset and said go and make some breakfast. Aman asked what to make? Priya said make poha. Aman said “please come to kitchen and teach me”. Then Priya went to kitchen and teaches him how to make poha. Aman and Priya both did their breakfast. Then Priya said ok go and take bath. Aman asked “what if my prosthetic boobs get wet”. Priya said “don't worry they were made up of waterproof material and high quality substance. They will last long till ages without wear and tear”. Aman said ok and he take bath. Before that he removed his wig and some ornaments. Aman was naked and saw himself in mirror. He was physically looking like a woman with big boos and vagina. Waist was still there but due to corset rashes visible there. He said “what the fuck is this? I cant remove this shit from my body. I look like horrible”. Aman said “Priya takes nice revenge and destroy my body and my image. I think i ran from here today only. If i went to Outside country then no law will force me to be woman for 2 years”.

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    Kajal (Wednesday, 09 August 2017 07:50)

    *Sorry Earlier is Part 15 and not Part 16

    Part 16:

    Aman finished his bath and came out wrapping towel around chest as Priya told him earlier. Priya was waiting for him. She took out white kanchivaram silk saree with golden border. Also had matching blouse and petticoat. Priya said “so you dont need any padded bra so wear this normal bra and panty. As usual its a padded panty for your safety”. Aman picked up bra and wear it. Then put on panty. Then wear petticoat and then wear blouse. It was deep neck blouse so cleavage was visible after wearing blouse. Priya closed hook from behind. Then Aman drape Saree by its own. Priya did little help to drape Saree. He was looking very refreshing in white saree. Then Priya told Aman to wear wig cap. Then she attached full lace front wig on his head. It was having layered hair till back. Priya said “wow my wifey looking very beautiful”. Aman looked at mirror and said “wow. Why i look so beautiful”? Priya said “you are born in wrong body. I think you should born as girl only”. Aman said “no way i like what i am”. Priya said “well for atleast six month forget who you are. You are woman only”. Then Priya told Aman to do his own makeup. Aman said ok. First he applied cc cream on face and spread evenly over face. Then used compact powder and applied on face. Then used Kajal and applied on eyes. Priya taught him how to apply properly. Later Priya attached fake lashes and then He used mascara. Later Aman put lipstick on lip and then add some gloss. Priya shaped his eyebrows with pencil. Aman then insert jhumkas in both ears. Then wear gold bangles in both hands and also insert white glass bangles. Then tie mangalsutra and some gold chains around neck. Put sindhoor in forehead. Priya then attached white mogara flowers to Aman's hair. Priya gives Aman silver anklet and told him to wear it. Aman wears anklet which makes nice sound when he walk around. Priya gives him new sandal to wear. Aman was looking very beautiful in traditional saree. Priya said “now clean this mess till i take bath” and priya went to bathroom. She removed her jeans and t-shirt and then remove chest belt and then remove underwear and vest. Priya check herself in mirror with dick and boobs. She was look like man with boobs. She then quickly removes beard,eyebrows and moustache. And then took bath. Hairs on her face were gone due to bathing. Then after bath she came out. Aman already cleaned all mess in bedroom. Priya was naked when came out. Aman saw her dick. He was scared by her look. Aman said “hubby you are looking very macho”. Priya said “don’t worry i will get six pack abs and then look more macho and you will get zero figure very soon”. Aman didn’t say anything after that.
    Priya then wear chest belt and told Aman to make that tight. Then she put on vest and brief. Then she wears white Kurta and payjama (Salwar). She was looking dashing in that pathani. Priya then quickly did her face make up and attached beard and moustache and eyebrows. All fine hair particles added to face. Then she wears black shoes. Aman saw her and said “you are looking very handsome”. Priya said "thanks". Then she put her wallet and mobile in her pocket. Aman also took her handbag and then they went for temple.

    Part 17:

    It was lord Shiva's temple and had 100 stairs to climb. Aman asked “why you choose this temple?look at these stairs. My whole makeup will gone”. Priya said “don’t worry i kept makeup in your bag so after we reach at top i will do your touch up”. Then they both started climbing stairs. In half distance Aman was very tired so he sat on stair. Priya said “take rest i am going forward”. Aman said “please be here for me. Look at those people they constantly stares at me. Few people were also tried to touch me while climbing”. Priya said “I know here many road Romeos roaming”. Then Priya also decided to be there. Then after 10 minutes Aman stand up and started climbing. Priya wipe his sweat with her hanky. Aman saw that and feel very nice. Then after some time they reached at top. Both were tired due ti climbing. Priya said “there is Restroom. Lets go there”. Then they both take rest inside restroom. Aman also touched up his make up. Priya also touch up her look. There another couple was sitting. Woman said “you look very beautiful”. Aman said “thanks” in girly voice. Woman asked “you have any problem in throat”? Priya said “yeah she has soar throat”. Man asked “Are you coming for pooja”? Priya said “yeah we will do pooja and then later blanket donation to poor girls”. Man said “nice by the way my name is Akshar and she is my wife Ramya”. Priya said “I am Priyansh and she is my wife Aamna”. Ramya said “you got very beautiful wife”. Priya said “yeah thanks. What you guys do here come and join us”. Akshar said “thanks its great pleasure to join you in good cause”.

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    Kajal (Wednesday, 09 August 2017 08:08)

    Part 18:

    Then all 4 went to main temple take blessing of lord Shiva. Akshar said “we come here for child. Here one baba is resides and he told me to do pooja in temple”. Ramya asked To Aman “do you have children”? Priya said “no we don’t have child but we want child as soon as possible”. Aman looked at Priya. Ramya said “don’t worry after donation we will meet baba”. Aman was scared by that. Later Aman and Priya waits for poor girls. They also came there. And then all 4 did blanket donation. Aman and Priya got blessing for girls. Ramya asked “ hv you eat anything”? Priya said “yeah we did breakfast earlier in morning”. Akshar said “ok so first we eat lunch at temple then later we go to met Baba”. Aman asked in girly voice “what is his name”? Ramya said “Swami Ramkrish baba”. Aman said ok. Ramya was trying girly talk with Aman but due to instructions from Priya he most time keep his mouth shut. After lunch Priya told aman to take pills. Aman opened his handbag and took out pills and swallows that with water. Ramya asked “is this contraceptive pills”? Priya said “no its a multivitamin tablets”. Then all 4 went to baba's ashram. Swami Ramkrish baba was sitting on dice with his follower and some people were sitting on floor. Ramya and Akshar went to them and touch his feet and take blessings. Baba said Aayushman bhava long live. Ramya also touches feet. Baba said saubhagyavati bhava. Keep married. Akshar said “baba they are my friends. They also come here for child”. Priya touched his feet. Baba feels woman's hand. He said “Aayushman bhava”. Then Aman also touched his feet. Baba realised that its guy's touch. He said “saubhagyavati bhava”. He was confused why they live as opposite gender. Baba said to Akshar. “I will give your wife mahaprasad tomorrow. After eating that in 9 months child will be born in your house”. Baba's follower went inside and bring one jar. Baba said “in morning eat this and stand in sun for 15 minutes”. Ramya said “ok baba”. Ramya asked “can i give same to Aamna? She also want child”. Baba said “your problem is different and her problem is different. Now you go and sit and let me talk to them privately”. Then Aman and Priya went inside. Priya said “baba we don’t need child. We just came here to take blessing of you”. Baba said “I read your mind and her also. Your wife wants child more than you”. Priya thought how he knows? Aman wanted child from priya since long time but due to medical problem Priyadidn’t conceive. Aman said in girly voice “how you know baba”? Baba said “I read people's mind”. Priya said “no baba here all story is different”. Baba said “I am extraordinary man. I can do anything. Now you go home and let your wife to stay with me today. You come tomorrow and then take her back and don’t worry she is very safe with my shishya”. Priya said “no need for this baba”. And Priya holds Aman's hand and said “lets go to home”. Baba said “don’t get angry. Your wife needs child so let allow to choose her”. Priya said “you don’t know her. We don’t want any child”. Aman said “yeah baba i cant stay with strangers”. Then few followers came inside and hold Priya and baba said “show him exit gate of our ashram”. Aman said “please leave my husband”. Baba said “don’t worry my child your husband is safe”. And then Priya thrown out from Ashram fromback gate. Aman was locked in one room and few girls keeping watch on him. Baba came out from room and told Akshar that your friend went to home from backside. Akshar said “oh i don’t have his phone number”. Baba said “he will come tomorrow so if you want i will take his no”. Ramya asked is Aamana also with him? Baba said "no my son that beautiful girl stays here. We need to do special pooja on her to get her pregnant". Ramya said "ok" and they leave Ashram. Baba Ramkrish called Ranvir and said "Sir beautiful bird is caught by our people. Bird need special treatment. Come here and take that bird with you and also bring money because this time bird is very expensive". Ranvir asked "how much"? Baba said "only 10 cages". 1 cage is equal to 1 crore. Ranvir said "you demands very much". Baba said "This time bird is very unique and different". Ranvir said "ok i am coming in 1 hour". Baba said" ok".

  • #155

    Kajal (Wednesday, 09 August 2017 08:18)

    Part 19:

    Priya was worried about Aman. He thought there is something fishy about baba. He was looking for Akshar and Ramya but they also not found Anywhere. Priya decided to go to cops. Priya came to police station and said "Sir my wife is missing"? Cop asked "when you see her last time"? Priya said "just 1/2 hour back in Shiva temple". Cop laugh and said "go to your home and wait for her. We cant take missing complaint before 24 hours. She is there in temple only. Will come home soon". Priya was sad that cop also did not help her. Priya said "Sir people from Ashram kept my wife with them". Cop said "don't blame good people without any proof. Baba is very nice human being and help many people. Don't talk bad about him otherwise i put you in jail". Priya said "believe me sir". Cop said "stop..... why you sound like woman". Priya said "no sir i am man". Cop said "but you just talk like woman. Show me your hands". Priya's hands were soft and hairless. Cop asked "why your hands don't have hair"? Priya said "i don't like hairs on body". Priya was worried that if cop find out that he is woman then he put her in jail. Priya said "ok sir let me go". Cop stops her and said "i am having huge doubt on you. You are not what you are showing". Priya said "i am man sir". Cop said "ok mr Man prove it". Priya was shocked. She said "sorry sir i cant prove here". Cop asked "why not"? Priya said "please sir let me go". Cop told constable to hold Priya. Two constables holds Priya's hand. Cop said "just co operate with me". Priya said "this is not human. I will go to top officials". Cop slapped her. With hard slap fake mustache removed and french beard also came out from corner. Cop asked "why this fake mustache and beard"?. Priya said "i don't have thick facial hairs". Cop said "ok" and then he removed Priya's knot of salwar. Priya said "sir please stop what are you doing"? And salwar was on ground. Priya beg "please sir i am good man". Cop then told constable to lift kurta. Cop saw Priya's underwear. Cop then came close to Priya and then touched his underwear.

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    Kajal (Wednesday, 09 August 2017 08:45)

    Part 20

    Ranvir was also came to temple ashram. He was carrying 10 crores with him. His men were went inside Ashram. Baba Ramkrish was giving gyan to people. He saw Ranvir's men and bag. Baba with eyes showed them another room. Baba's follower and Ranvir's men met at one room. They took money bag from Ranvir's men and told them to go inside. There Aman was held captive by baba's follower. Ranvir's men said "this is bird". They nodded their head. Aman asked in girly voice "Who are you"? Without any delay Ranvir's men give Aman injection. With that he felt unconscious. Baba's follower said "go from.back side". Ranvir's men then put Aman into one big bag and then pick him and take him to Ranvir. He was waiting near Jeep. He saw bag and said "put Bird inside". Then Ranvir drive his jeep and his men follow him in another car. Then they reached at Ranvir's bungalow. Ranvir told his men to take out bag and keep into bedroom. Ranvir follows them to bedroom. Ranvir said "now open the bag i want to see how 10 crore bird look". Ranvir's men opened bag and Ranvir saw Aman dressed as traditional woman. He said "oh my god masha alla what a beautiful bird". Ranvir said "put her on bed firmly and go". Ranvir's men place Aman on bed. He was in unconscious state. Ranvir said "ok you go". Later after men went outside Ranvir came close to Aman. He touched his face and said "wow" and then checked out his whole body. Ranvir received call from Baba. Baba asked "how is bird"? Ranvir said "Marvellous". "Where u find her"? Baba said "i am always in search of birds". Ranvir said "Take care of bird's family. They were looking after her". Baba said "don't worry i will manage". Ranvir said "ok" and he hangs phone. Then Ranvir went out and locked bedroom from outside. Whole room was in surveillance of CCTV.

    After some time Aman get consciousness. He wake up and saw around. He was in someone else bedroom. There he saw photos of Rowdy Ranvir. Aman realised that he was kidnapped by some people. Ranvir saw from outside that Aman is wakeup. Ranvir then came inside. Aman saw him and he was stunned. He saw huge man with 6.5 inch height and also had huge biceps. Aman asked in male voice "who are you"? "Why you bring me here"? Ranvir was also shocked. He said "say again". Aman said "why i am here". Ranvir laugh and said "oh lord i never ever saw such a beautiful man in my life". Aman then tried to hide his identity by talking in girly voice. "I am.not man. I am woman". Ranvir said "i like woman only but you are special one". Aman said "please leave me. There my husband waiting for me in temple". Ranvir said "you cooperate with me otherwise i will kill your husband". Aman was scared by that. Aman said "please don't make any harm to my husband". Ranvir said "Ok then be my bride for tonight. I will leave your husband". Aman said "no way. I am already married". Ranvir said "ok then forget your husband". Aman said "please leave me. I beg you". Ranvir said "so are you ready to be my bride for tonight". Aman was crying and said "please leave me and my husband". Ranvir said "i ask you last time. Yes or No". Aman said "please please i beg you. Leave me". Ranvir asked "Yes or no". Then Aman said "yes but leave my husband". Ranvir said "that's like a good girl. I will not touch your husband. Remember i am going to marry you today in evening and then we will have our honeymoon. I am sending here all things and one girl who help you to dress as bride". And then Ranvir went out. Aman saw phone there. He picked up and called Priya but Priya didnt pick up his phone. Aman was worried about Priya. Aman heard door sound and he put phone back. Aman saw one woman who carried few bags with herself. Aman asked "who are you"? Woman said "i am Alia. Ranvir's wife". Aman was stunned. He asked "why you doing this"? "Why you stay with such man". Alia asked "what happened your voice"? Aman said "sorry i have soar throat". Alia said "for me my husband is my god. I can do anything for him. I am orphan and don't have any place. If he dumps me then where should i go? I have no money and no relatives. Also he is very powerful and influential. He can trace me and kill me anytime". Aman realized that he trapped in big mess. Aman said "he told me to be his wife for tonight. How do you agree with this"? Alia said "Ranvir was married with many girls here before you and then killed them after honeymoon". Aman was shocked. He was very afraid by that. Aman said "now its my turn to go to heaven". Alia said "maybe yes or maybe No. It all depends on his wish only". Alia said "don't waste time. He is watching us thorough CCTV".

  • #157

    Kajal (Wednesday, 09 August 2017 08:49)

    Part 21:

    Aman was scared. He said "i just make call from here". Alia said "this phone is no use. You heard only ring but you cant connect to that person". Aman said "oh shit. Please help me to run away from this place". Alia said "its next to impossible. You are captured by Rowdy Ranvir. Even cops cant come inside then no question of you going outside". Alia said "ok please take bath first and then came out. I am waiting for you". Aman went to bathroom. It was very huge bathroom with mirrors placed on each wall. Aman saw himself. He said tonight you gonna marry with a Man and then will have honeymoon night with Man. Aman said "oh god why this to me? I am Man and i cant marry with another Man". Aman then removed hair wig and placed at table. Then removed all jewellery. And then take off saree. And then blouse and petticoat. He was standing in bra and panty. He removed that also. He saw is naked body in mirror. He was looking like woman. He removed headband and make his hair lose. He said "i cant go ahead with this. Its not real vagina and boobs. He cant fuck me". Then Aman took bath and came out wrapping towel.

    Alia was waiting outside. Alia saw him without wig. Alia said "Oh my god. That was wig you were wearing". Aman said "yeah in manly voice". Alia said "your voice is cracking". Aman said "becuase of a man and not woman". Alia was shocked. Aman removed towel and showed her body. Alia saw boobs were present there and vagina also present there. Alia asked "why are you lying?". "Check your body. This boobs and vagina only woman have and men don't". Aman said "this boobs and vagina are not real. They are prosthetic". Alia asked "means"? Aman said "this is made up by special material which is used by makeup artist in films". Alia said "no way. Its look so real". Aman said "yeah therefore it is used to get real look". Alia asked "then why you not removed it"? Aman said "its not possible to remove this without special remover and that is present with my wife". Alia asked "means you will have to wear this all time till your wife not come". Aman said "yeah". Alia said "well as you said you are man but that also not save you from Ranvir". Aman asked "why"? Alia said because i was ones Man. Aman was stunned..

    Yeah you heard right i was man. My name was Ali. Ranvir kidnap me from college and bring me here and then he transform me into girl and made me his wife. Aman was stunned by that. Aman asked "you mean within inside you are still Man". Alia said "no i did SRS long time back and now completely become woman". Aman asked "means Ranvir will not leave me?". Alia said "not at any cost. He paid 10 crore for you". Aman was stunned. What 10 crore? Alia said "yeah". Aman asked to whom? Alia said "to baba". Aman understand that baba is main culprit who sends poor people to Ranvir and then Ranvir destroyed their life. Alia said "you are lucky that Ranvir is not in home otherwise he sees us in CCTV". Aman said "now what to do"? Alia said "be his bride. No other option left". Aman said "ok". And then Alia's work started

  • #158

    Kajal (Wednesday, 09 August 2017 09:08)

    Part 22

    Alia told aman to wear new lingerie which was red in colour. Aman saw that sexy lingerie. Aman said "its my first time to wear lingerie". Aman picked up and wear those quickly. Then Alia took out choli which was having heavy work of zardosi and embroidery. Aman picked up and said "oh my god its very heavy". Alia said "its a wedding costume so naturally have some weight". Aman wears choli. It was backless choli which was perfectly fits him. Alia then tied laces of choli from behind. Then Alia gives him lehanga which also had heavy work of zardosi and embroidery. Aman said "its very heavy". Alia said "yeah'. And then he wears lehanga. Alia tied lace of lehanga. Aman was looking very "beautiful in lehanga choli. Alia said "ok so can you do your makeup by own or i should do". Aman said "do the honor". Alia said "ok" and she did Aman's bridal face makeup. Aman was looking very gorgeous after makeup. Alia used lots of glitter and shimmer on face. Then Alia asked Aman to put hair wig on head. Aman went to bathroom. It was difficult for him to walk with heavy lehanga. Aman saw himself in mirror. Without wig with his original bob hair he looked so beautiful. Aman then make ponytail of his hair. Then wear head cap. After that put lace front wig on head. Alia came to bathroom and help him to adjust hair wig. After that Alia comb hair and make a bun of hair. After that attached round flower garland (gajara) in bun. Aman was looking stunning in bun and gajara. Alia said "come out i need to apply mehandi on both your hands and legs". Aman said "wait a minute" and he adjusted his dress and came out. Alia told him to sit on bed and then Alia draw nice mehandi on both hands and on legs. Alia said "i write Ranvir's name on your hand". Aman was looking for name but cant find name. Alia then showed him where she write name of ranvir. Aman asked "why you write his name"? Alia said "he is going to be your husband tonight". Aman said "you know very well that i am guy". Alia said "but for him you are girl". Aman then wait there to dried up mehandi. Aman said "i am very hungry now". Alia said "wait i will send fruits for you" and alia went out. After some time one guy came inside and give fruits plate to Aman and one note from Alia. Alia wrote that "dear Aman now you wear your jewellery by your own . I keep all things there and also write here what to wear". Aman then removed mehandi and then eat fruits. He saw his mehandi was looking very nice. Aman then wear bangles in both hands and wear jhumakas in both ears. Then wear gold necklace and other few gold ornaments. Then wear nosering. Later he wears anklet and then wear waistband which was made of gold. Aman was looking like goddess in bridal outfit. He was himself couldn't believe on his eyes. Aman did try last time to call priya from that outdated phone. And no reply from another side. Aman prays for safety of priya. Alia came inside. She was also wearing silk saree. She was all ready for marriage. Aman said "you are also very pretty". Alia said "not like you. You are more beautiful". Aman asked "how are you so happy knowing that your husband going to marry with another". Alia said "well as i said i put ranvir in gods place so i dont have any rights now to ask question or to feel sad". Aman said "please find my wife Priya its her no" and aman gives alia her number. Priya said "i will try but dont expect anything more from me". Aman said "yeah sure". And then they heard sound of men outside. Alia said "maybe Ranvir is here". Aman was scared. Alia said "dont worry just dont make him angry". Aman said "i am not in position to make anyone angry".

  • #159

    Kajal (Wednesday, 09 August 2017 09:14)

    Part 23

    And Rowdy Ranvir came inside bedroom. He was wearing jodhapuri sherawani.He saw Alia and Aman. Aman was covering all head with ghunghat. Alia said "She is ready". Ranvir asked "what is her name"? Alia asked Aman "what is your name"? Aman in girly voice said "Aamna". Ranvir said "nice name Aamna. All set for wedding". Aman nodded his head. Ranvir said "lets go. I already booked 7 star for wedding". Aman asked "where is my husband"? Ranvir laugh loudly and said "here standing in front of you". Aman asked "my real husband"?. Ranvir said "he is safe in police custody. If you do anything fancy and then i will send him to heaven". Aman asked "why police"? Ranvir said "he is booked for raping girl". Aman said "its not possible". Ranvir asked "why'? Aman said "because he is not man but woman and cant rape any woman". Ranvir laugh and said "who said he is woman?. Cop checked his body and found he is man. He possess long penis which harm any girl". Aman said "not possible". Ranvir said "don't argue now. He is safe with cops".

  • #160

    Kajal (Wednesday, 09 August 2017 09:29)

    Part 24

    Inside police station

    "Stop sir don't touch my private part". Cop then pulled down Priya's underwear. He saw huge dick with big testicles. Cop said "oh my god. You really a man". Priya pulled up underwear and pulled up salwar and tied lace. Priya said "ok now happy". Cop said "not at all. I received a complaint that you raped a girl so i am going to arrest you now". Priya said "no sir. Its all lie.i cant rape any woman". Cop said "well you have that big gun which can harm any girl". Priya said "no sir please leave me and find my wife". Cop then send Priya to lockup. Priya was crying but cop ignores that.
    Ranvir Aman and Alia and his men leaves for 7 star hotel. Ranvir and Aman was sitting together in one car and Alia and few other men sat in another car. Aman was so tensed about whole situation. And then they reached at hotel. Ranvir already made all arrangement. Few guests were also invited for wedding. Aman saw pandit was sitting near hawan fire. Ranvir holds Aman's hand and took him to the mandap. Pandit said "ok so bride sit to left side and groom sit on right side". And then he started chanting mantras. Aman was looking for Priya but he was not there. Alia said "concentrate here. Your wife is not here". Aman was feeling embarrassed by whole thing. He was never thought in dreams also that one day he weds with another man. Ranvir was looking very happy. And then pandit said "ok now groom tie mangalsutra to bride". Aman was stunned. Ranvir said "ok" and he tied mangalsutra to Aman's neck. When he touched Aman. Aman was feeling awkward. Then pundit told Ranvir to put sindhoor on forehead. Ranvir then put red sindhoor in his forehead. Alia said "Aamna now you are my sister and Ranvir's wife". Then Pundit told both Aman and Ranvir to stand up to take 7 phera's. In first 4 phera's Ranvir was ahead of Aman and later Aman was ahead of Ranvir. With 7 phera's they took 7 promises (vachans) which they fulfill till end of life. Then pundit said "now you both exchange garlands". Ranvir said ok and put garland in Amans neck. Aman was reluctant to put flower garland to Ranvir's neck. Alia came to him and then she forced Aman to put garland in Ranvir's neck. All guests throws flowers on newly wedded couple and give them big round applause Alia said "so now you are officially become my little sister with whom i share my husband". Aman cried and said "find my Priya". Alia said "don't cry now". Then after wedding reception was held and all people who attend wedding eats after that and then they gives gifts to New couple. Many people praised beauty of Aman and give ranvir congratulations for getting such beautiful wife. Alia was keep trying on Priya's mobile which was kept inside cop's wardrobe.

  • #161

    Kajal (Wednesday, 09 August 2017 09:35)

    Part 25

    Alia said "now lets go home". Ranvir said "you go home. I already booked VIP suite for our honeymoon here". Aman said "its not possible. Leave me and stop this nonsense". Ranvir slaps him hard and said you bitch just shut up. I am your husband now and you have to obey me. No one can deny my wish. It was very hard slap from ranvir than Aman's blood was coming from his mouth. Alia cleaned Aman's face and told him not to oppose anything what Ranvir said. Alia said "ok i am going home". Ranvir told his men to finish Alia. Aman was stunned by that. Ranvir said "i never ever keep two wives. One has to go to heaven. Till now i am keep Alia and killed others coz Alia is very beautiful and very special girl but i found now more beautiful than Alia and you are also very special girl". Aman said "she is so nice please leave her." Ranvir laugh and "said you will see her in heaven only". Then Ranvir holds Aman's Arm and drag him towards elevators. Aman was thinking about Alia. Then they both reached at their VIP suite. It was nicely decorated as per honeymoon night. And bed was specifically decorated with lots of flowers and rose petals. Fragrance of sainted candles makes ambience of room romantic. Also soothing music playing in background. Aman was never seen such thing in his life. He was also not spend his honeymoon like this with priya. Aman was also rich person but he never thought to do honeymoon in 7 star hotel. Ranvir locked door from inside with pin number so that Aman cant ran away. And then he went to bathroom. Aman saw phone and again he called Priya but again he didn't get any reply from Priya. Then Aman sat on sofa. Ranvir came out from bathroom. Ranvir said go to washroom and release your pressure. It will be long night. Aman was scared by that. He went to bathroom and then sat for pee.

  • #162

    Kajal (Wednesday, 09 August 2017 09:46)

    Part 26

    There Alia was travelling with Ranvir's men. They changed the route and car was travelling in very narrow lane and no one around there. It was very dark at that time. Alia was sleeping in car. Due to jerk Alia's sleep broken and she opened her one eye and saw from window outside that she was not going home but out of city. Alia realised that now its her turn to go to heaven. Alia said "stop car i want to go to pee". Ranvir's men not in any mood to stop car. Alia said "please stop car". Ranvir's man said "Now do your pee and pow in heaven". Alia then opened gate of car and jumped outside. She was fall on grass very badly. Ranvir's men scared by that and they stops car. They return back but Alia was not found anywhere. It was very dark outside. Ranvir's men scared by that. They started searching in forest. Alia saw them coming and she climb on tree and hide there. Ranvir's men failed to find Alia. They said "if we told boss then he will kill us". One man said "we will tell boss that we kill her". Other guy said "ok" and then they went out. Alia heard their conversation. Alia then climb down from tree and looking for some place to stay for night. Luckily she found few houses around back side . She went there and villagers helped her and she stays with them. Aman was still inside bathroom. Ranvir get call from his men and they said "Boss Work is done". Ranvir was happy. He called Aman and said "come outside". Aman came out and when Ranvir is about to come near him he slips very badly and fall on ground. His head was hit by floor very badly and that makes him unconscious. Aman saw him laying on floor. He was very happy that for some time he was saved from Ranvir. He picked up his cellphone. He saw Ranvir's call history. There he found cops mobile no. He called cop and said in manly voice "hey its me Ranvir". Cop said "Sir i kept that guy in lockup as per your instructions". Aman said "leave him immediately and bring him to 7 stat hotel". Cop said "ok sir". Aman thanked god that he finally get information about Priya. Like Aman said cop freed Priya from custody and bring him to hotel 7 star. Cop called Ranvir and told him that they come to hotel. Aman said to cop. "Give phone to that guy". Cop gives phone to priya. Aman said "hey hubby its me Aamna". Priya was happy to hear voice of Aman. Aman said "come to room no 9001 and take me out". Priya said "ok". And then priya gives back phone to cop. Aman said to cop. "Now you go to station. I will take care of him". Cop said "ok" and they leave. Priya was totally in bad shape. He was stopped by security at the entrance. Priya said my husband lives here at room no 9001. Security guy said "r u drunked or what"? "You are man and how your husband lives here"? Priya said "i am sorry my wife stays here. I need to meet her now". Guard asked "what is your wife doing here at this time. Its 3 AM in morning. All cleaning maids gone to home". Priya said "my wife is not maid". Security guard said "go from here" and he throws her out. Priya was worried. Aman was waiting for Priya. Ranvir was getting some consciousness. Aman saw that and hit hard on his head by candle stand. Again Ranvir went to unconscious state. Aman was trying to open door but all in vain. Priya was not able to enter inside hotel. And then Aman decided to call hotel reception to open door. Aman called at reception. "Please open door of room no 9001. We forget pin". Reception woman said "sure mam and she sends one guy to open door". And finally door opened. Aman ran from room. That guy saw ranvir was laying on floor. He tried to wake him up. Aman came down to lobby and looking for Priya. He was still in bridal attire. He asked there if they saw man in while kurta. Security guy said that "he saw one guy recently here and throws him out". Aman slaps guard and then he ran away outside. There he saw Priya was sitting on road. Aman screams loudly "Priya..............." Priya saw Aman. He was dressed as bride. Priya ran towards him and hugged him. Priya said "i am so sorry". Aman said "i am also very sorry". Then he saw one taxi coming towards them. Aman stops taxi and both sat in taxi and came to home.

  • #163

    Kajal (Wednesday, 09 August 2017 10:06)

    Final Part of the story Rowdy climax time..................

    Rowdy Final Chapter

    Like always gate of society was locked and watchman was nowhere. It was cold weather so Priya quickly jumped from wall and went inside. Aman also followed her and they came to their flat. Priya said "finally we met after long day". Aman said "i missed you so much". Priya said "well my earlier plan was to make you woman for lifetime but later i realised that i am doing mistake". Aman said "don't be sorry. If you want then i loved to be your woman for lifetime". Priya asked "really"? Aman said "yeah and i am enjoying being a woman lot". Priya said "i am also enjoying being a man". Priya said "you are looking very beautiful as bride". Aman said "thanks". Then Priya kissed him very tightly. Aman also responding to kiss. Priya said "let's have our honeymoon" and they went to bedroom. Aman sat on bed as wife with head covered with ghunghat. Priya came and she lift the ghunghat of Aman. Then slowly slowly Priya removed all ornaments of Aman. Then priya untied choli's lace. And then push Aman back. She untied ghaghara's lace and removed from Aman's body. Aman was wearing nice red lingerie. Priya then removed Aman's sexy lingerie. Aman was completely naked on bed. Priya removed ber kurta and payjama. Then she removed underwear. Then she touch button and make her Penis hard. Aman saw that huge big cock. Priya said "come here baby suck my dick". Aman was on his knees and put that penis in his mouth and started sucking it slowly. Aman gives Priya nice blowjob. Aman then turned back and Priya insert her finger in his ass. Aman was excited by that. Priya applied lubricant gel to penis and applied some to Amn's butthole to make his asshole little relax. Aman said "be gentle with my hole. Its my first time". Priya said "don't worry baby i am very gently gives you pleasure" and then Priya inserted long big 7 inch dick inside Aman's ass. He screamed due to pain. Hole of ass was small and very tight. Priya started fingering to relax butthole. And then again she tried to insert dick inside the ass. That time it was inserted little gentle manner. Aman was in pain. He was enjoying yet crying due to pain. Then firmly Priya started fucking Aman. Gradually speed was increased and Aman was in pain. He said "please leave now. I am done with this". Priya said "one last time and she removed dick from ass and put into Aman's prosthetic vagina. Aman said "oh gosh what is this"? Priya said "now your own dick is responding. When i insert dick inside your own dick also went back and forth". Aman was enjoying his masturbation without hands for the first time.and within few strocks he ejaculates. Priya said "now finally done". All cum was coming out from vagina. Priya asked "have you taste your own cum? Aman said "no". Priya then collect that all cum and put that in Aman's mouth and said "tell me how it tastes"? Aman said "oh shit very bad. very salty and warm". Priya said "i used to eat many times". Aman said "sorry dear for that". Priya gives him kiss and lick all cum from his lips and said "thank god its over now. And they went to sleep".

    In morning door bell rings. Aman wake up and opened door and saw Priya was outside. He quickly wink his eyes. Priya was wearing same kanchivaram Saree which he was wearing earlier and she came from temple. Aman looked at himself. He was also wearing night payjama and t-shirt. He realised that he was dreaming all night. And he said thank God its a dream. Priya asked "what dream"? Aman said "nothing i love you so much and without brush teeth he gave kiss to Priya". Aman said "Dont leave me ever......................................"

    The End

    ©Kajal Kapoor........
    Hi readers’ story not ends here because who knows "DREAMS DO COME TRUE" so don’t take it as end but take it as New Beginning. Thanks for your time, comments and suggestions and i hope you like the story...................

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    Radhika (Friday, 11 August 2017 15:01)

    Hi thank you all for your support here is my story part 3 and I will finish this story here and come up with new story concept.
    Aswini: I ready in pant and shirt and riding cot and he wear modern shot dress and loss his long hair and did facial makeup and put rose lipstick to his soft and sensitive lips and wear earrings and necklace and bracelet and one high heels and take one ladies bag with make up and other inside it I Waiting for him more than 2 hours but after he come out he is checking his face in bike mirror. I told him how much time you want to get ready, he replied you girls don't know how to look pretty and soft beautiful, you girls can wear one pant and shirt and coumb your hair in hand but we boys need to put bar, panty dress need to coumb long hair and do makeup and wear jewelers we need to look beautiful for you girl so to look pretty we need time, I told ok sir please sit on bike, he sit beside in bike and hold me tight I kick start my bother bullet bike he is just shock seeing that and told he can't able to move handle of it but you kick start it, I told that's the power of girls and you boys only be pretty doll for us, he smiled I started the bike and take to one beautiful place where only we both is there and full of green.
    He is happy and playing with Birds butterfly and flower and sitting in bank of pound and playing in water I build a hut with wood and I am in only jeans and toplesss he is seeing my body and come near me and told you have a great body almost flat breast and 6 packs and big arms and he kissed my Strong biceps with his soft and sensitive lips and his lipstick make a mark in it I lift him and run in that place and put him on flowers and hold that flower and looking me and give him one gift he asked what is it I told him today I brought a new saree for my sister in-law but you made my day so this is the saree for you, he is completely blushing pink and close his face with his hand due to shyness, I try to open his face but he is burning with shyness and his chicks become complacent red I just bite his apple chicks he pushed me and take the saree and run due to shyness I am feeling very macho because I gift a saree to boy and make him shy and I am in toplesss and jeans with complete muscular attitude and make my boy full feminine.
    I am putting fire and playing guitar and he come and stand in front of me showing his back he is weari the saree and lots of bangles in his hand his hair is completely wet and loose hair some of the his hair comes to his soft face and his back is completely visible through his blouse and he is looking like angle I am in only jeans and toplesss I went to him and hugs from behind and kiss on his neck he just close his eyes and make a sound I lost complete control and lift him and put him flower bed and I standing in very muscular attitude and he simply sitting in flowers in very feminine way and sexy I hold his saree pallu and pull it and went to him and remove his blouse and petticoat in is in only bra he stands and sit infront of me and remove my pant and in wild look take me near bike, we both enjoy on the bike while riding it and it's a mind-blowing.
    Next day when I get up he is just crying I asked him why he told , he holds my hand and ask me to marry him and make him my wife I promise him and We went back to home in all the day when he comes back to home he dressed in my sister in-law saree and do house hold work and be my wife and I dress in my bother clothes and be his husband once I join the company with the help of my sister in-law I tie mangalyasutra around Raj sorry radhika Nick he dressed in bueatiful silk saree with blouse and bangles and jewelers bridal makeup and I am in dothi and shrit and with proudly tie in around his neck and make him my pretty doll wife and I become his owner husband.
    The end...

  • #165

    Radhika (Monday, 14 August 2017 13:27)

    Simple story
    Today I went to shopping to mall and I purchased some items and returned back to home after an half hour I got call from a girl she is telling " hi pirya my bother started new leggings shop what is your bra size" I got confused and tell wrong number and kept the phone after some time again I got call and one guy told me "Madam your blouse is ready please collect it today" again I got confused and thought why this guy's are crazy after some time again I got a call that form the mall today I went the manager of mall called me and told "Miss Priya mam we are happy to tell you your name is selected for miss Princess of the mall and you won our lucky drawer where you will get a bueatiful woman dress which every you like next the some jewelers and you will get Makeup pradicare and Medicare and hairstyles with the biggest shop in our mall and you will get date with the Mr.Prince of the mall " and he kept the phone I got confused why everyone is calling me Priya then I check the phone it's not my phone it's someone's may be a girl named Priya's phone.
    I just sat on the bed and thinking from childhood I have fantasy to wear girls clothes but today I got chance to get ready by professional ladies and getting my own dresses so I decided to go as Priya to get the bumper offer by mall, but how to go now then i have one idea from the time I stay in room I have fantasy to wear our room owner daughter dress there house is next to us I slowly went to balcony and see all side and take her one bra, panty and kurtha leggings and a duppatha then I run to room I just hold that clothes against my body and I am feeling very Feminine happy then I want some accesories like earrings jewelers Makeup and bangles how to get that then I went to our owner house to give room rent then I ask owner Antuy I am missing my home made food toady I am can I eat food from your home the Aunty get emotional and told me to sit and she will bring the food, when aunty went to kitchen I went inside there room and take one necklace and earrings set then I take a bindi and some bangles and one lipstick and put it in my packet and went to hall she comes with food I eat and went to room.
    I got all and started to dress-up I wear bra and panty then I wear that leggings I am feeling very Feminine Girly Mode then I put kurtha and put bindi earrings necklaces bangles and loose my long hair and looking in mirror I feel like heaven then I come out of home in front of aunty house I saw one ladies slipper and I wear and run towards auto stand, I take a auto and reach the mall they welcomed me by giving the pink roses and they welcomed mr. Prince by giving red roses, I saw him he is tall and bigger than me but I thought somewhere o saw this guy and the clothes I know it but not getting who is he then the manager side both will get the free dress which every you like and then I will take to bueaty palor and I will get makeover like facial makeup and hairstyle and nail polish to my hand and legs and he will get all gents palor facility and we will date in the restaurant in that mall all are free I get excited.
    They take me to clothes shop I just love seeing all the clothes and I am trying all type of dress from modern to traditional when I hold Sarees my shoulder it's make me feel so happy then I finally take one long skirt wear a super-cute dress in pastel shades, ladies in palor take of dress and put wax to body since I don't have lots of hair I feel little pain in waxing then they did facial makeup put Kajol to my eyes and pink soft lipstick to my lips and flushed cheeks then they dress me in the dress I got, then they make my hairstyle with casually tousled hair then put small earrings and necklace and nail art work to my 20 nails and then finally Finish off the look with a cute bag and matching pumps. they show me to the mirror and I am feeling very Feminine happy and can't able to believe myself I am questioning is I am really a boy? Due to shyness my chicks become pink and all the ladies teasing me I am really like all the ladies they are so cute and helpful.

  • #166

    Radhika (Monday, 14 August 2017 13:28)

    I went to restaurant there he welcomed me by giving the rouse and open the door like gentle man and make me sit in a chair and he sited I can't believe I am acting so feminine the dress I am wearing feels so sensitive on my body make me forget I am a boy and my long dream come true today suddenly that guy gets the phone ring and I saw my close friend number then I got surprise I forgot what i am wearing I told it's my phone and he looks at me I am feeling very embarrassed because he got I am a boy then he told, "then I thought you have my phone" then both realised when we come to shopping to this mall our phone get exchanged and the the boy infornt of me is nothing but Priya whose phone with me and he is not boy he is she a girl and another surprise is she is our room owner daughter, I wear her kurtha leggings and duppatha and come to this mall in her name and get the lucky gift which she won and like me she wears my pant and shirt and come to this mall to get the lucky price I got and we both laugh eachother, I told from childhood I have dream to dress in girls clothes so I come and she also told from childhood she is a tomboy and wish to wear boys clothes and she use this chance.
    Today is her first date and that to in guys dress with a guy in girl dress I also told the same, and that evening is amazing. After that everyday we both meet each other on top of house balcony and exchange eachother clothes it's become normal for me to wear saree, chudidhar etc and for her also it's become normal to wear pants and shirt.
    One day it's a festival and our owner aunty called me I went to her home she ask me to come inside when I went inside I get shock to see Priya our owner daughter she is wearing dothi and shrit and aunty told me she gets to know our relationship and she take me to room and give me one bueatiful saree and blouse she makes me ready in that after that she shows me some jewelers like earrings necklaces bangles she told it's given by her mother in-law and now she is giving to me this and I am wearing all that jewelers and makeup she take me to infront of God and told me to light I light the lamp she put Kumkum to my head and told me she consider me as her daughter in-law and tell me to marry her daughter and be her housewife, o am crying with happiness and agreed to her then she told to her daughter to tie mangalyasutra around my neck and she tie mangalyasutra around my neck I got surprise and get tested with happiness we both get blessings and I fall to Priya sorry my husband feet and take her blessings she bless me to have more proud daughters like her and I down my head due to shyness she put Sindoor on my head I am feeling I am lucky guy to get my phone exchange with my husband Priya and in life gets to each other a lot and new type of love story begins....
    The end

  • #167

    Riya (Wednesday, 16 August 2017 12:23)

    I finished making the last chapati and then called everyone for eating. My hands are completely white with flour, I don't even feel the knive cuts now. It has been 7 years since I married Jaggan and moved to this village. Life is very simple and slow here. I wake up 4 am and get ready for a long day. I make food and send my children to school. I take care of the buffaloes. My husband mostly stays outside. His visits are random and filled with day long sex and hits. He blames me for all his problems. Earlier I used to wait for him and he used to surprise me with gifts of jewellery and sarees. I used to wait for him for many different reasons. But now I loathe his visits and I feel very happy the day he leaves. He has grown old but his libido has only increased. I am sure he fucks random girls everyday but I don't know what brings him back. I am a barren woman. I take care of his old mother and two children from his first wife.

    In this village the girls have to wear the traditional ivory bangles. 15 on upper arm and 9 on lower arm.Also a nose ring, a central forehead ornament, silver toe rings on the middle toes and silver anklets with attached bells. Earrings are large, with additional small decorative chains and hanging miniature pendants. I have grown used to this slowly. Although I miss my younger days when I never gave 2 shits about wearing anything anywhere. Everything changed after I volunteered to go undercover to bust a dacoit gang in West M.P.

    Jaggan, my husband, you know is the most wanted dacoit of MP for last 12 years. He started by killing his uncle over land and then he killed few landlords and quickly became a robin hood. The police tried everything from declaring huge award for any information about him, laying traps from him and sending girls to him. He always escaped, all informants were routinely found murdered in most gruesome ways. While all girls weren't even looked upon. Before the elections the CM promised to end Jaggan's terror and appointed a very senior IPS officer to solve this terror. I do not know if it was my plain luck or this idiot officers stupidity that I ended here. I was hoping for a promotion from a Constable to S.I. but instead all I got is the designation of dacoit's housewife.

  • #168

    Radhika (Saturday, 19 August 2017 14:00)

    Part 1
    When I get up morning I am feeling very sad because today is my marriage, I went to bathroom and put shaving cream and started to cry my sister and her friend come inside and started to laugh seeing me crying my sister told "oh baby why are crying come shave fast we need to make you ready your girl is waiting outside", then my sister friend come to me and told "you are such a cute pretty doll and crying for small things", I am feeling very embarrassed because last time when I meet her she is crying and told my sister she broken her nails and I teased her telling you girls are really fool and crying for small things but today she is teasing me telling you are crying for small hair in your face and she started to shave my lovely mustache I am feeling very ashamed because girl shaved my mustache. Then they both apply turmeric powder to me and make me to take bath.
    Then both take me to room and give me bra and panty then they put petticoat and blouse to me both my sister and her friend teasing me.
    My sister: see brother I am really lucky to put petticoat and blouse to my bother that's you see your hands it's so feminine that blouse perfectly suites you, you are also now girl like us.
    My sister friend: stop it your bother is not like us he is more feminine than Girly girl like us leave about Strong girl he is weaker than girly girl like us see being a boy he shave his moustache and wearing lipstick insitied of pants he is wearing petticoat and blouse and insitied of shrit he is wears saree, he not fit to take of saree from his wife insitied of that he only wear saree and his female husband only take of his saree and pull his long hair he simply standing and obeying her he can do nothing can that. She is teasing me more and dressing me, where I feel very embarrassed.
    Then they both take a bueatiful Saree and dress me in it I am feeling very girly when they put bangles I completely lost and I feel I am really a girl because of power of saree and bangles I am feeling very Feminine Girly. Then they put bindi and earrings jewelers Makeup, then they show me in mirror and I am shocked about my transformation they completely dress me as a traditional Indian bride, my long hair is braided hairstyles with lots of flowers. My sister and her friend teasing me more telling your female husband will enjoy your bueatiful body today when she gets your ownership. I feel very embarrassed. My sister friend teasing me more telling your are more Feminine then us real girl, then both took me to temple where my girl sorry my husband Priya is waiting. She is dressed in dothi and shrit and looking handsome when I sit next to her my sister told me you told to me you are a girl and you will wear saree and down your head and obey your man when he tie mangalyasutra , but see before me begin a boy you only sit wearing a saree and down your head and obeying your girl so she will tie mangalyasutra around your neck. I feel very embarrassed because my own sister teasing that to infornt of her friends. Priya tie mangalyasutra around my neck and I fall to her feet and ask for blessings, All girls and my sister laughing and saying congrats Priya for her success. But I am down my head and seeing Saree and bangles in hand and holding the mangalyasutra around my neck thinking what is happening to me.
    This is all because of my foolishness the girl who became my husband is my aunty daughter Priya and I am very muscular macho guy and very naught and always think boys are superior and girls to serve us and love my mustache, but now a days girls are very smart and they make me realise what I am and make me shave my mustache and wear saree and bangles and be wife of Priya. If you want to know about how I come to this situation we need to go to flashback. To be continued.
    Please put your comments.

  • #169

    Riya (Sunday, 20 August 2017 06:06)

    Thanks Nisha.

    Contd. from #350

    Its not easy being a dacoits wife. He is gone for months at times leaving me alone to take of his house and family. I do all the household chores and take care of everything. Whenever I find time I sit and chat with other women of village and hear their stories about how someone's husband fucks them daily or how someone's husband is unable to satisfy her. I sleep at night thinking about these things and finger myself thinking about my nights with Jaggan who has a huge organ and also fucks me daily whenever we are together but those nights are so few. He should visit me more often. I feel jealous of these women who are lucky to have their husbands around all the time. Sometimes when I am thinking all this I get reminded of my past life and how different sex used to be then. Anyways, I was lost in all these thoughts while preparing some pickles when the some policemen arrived on the door.

    "Open up! We know the devils home", I went and opened up, it was some new sub inspector who was posted to our village a few months ago. He came barging inside and caught me hand and started twisting it asking about Jaggans whereabouts."I do not know, I swear, please leave me", I pleaded him to leave me. My hand was twisted badly and I couldn't free myself from his muscular grip. An older policemen told the new officer to leave me. He said "Jaggan's too clever to tell her about his whereabouts, his phones are tapped.She knows less than us about him. She is nothing but a maid and part time whore for him." I felt so ashamed and angry at this comment. This idiot doesn't knows what I have given up to get Jaggan arrested. I was young 24 year old constable who gave up his identity and settled in a village. After this the officer let me go and told me to inform him about Jaggan as soon as he came to visit. He didn't know that the guards he has put around me home know more of Jaggan's movement than me. But who cares about this bloody government and its assholes. I trusted them and begged them for years but all in vain. Jaggan was way better and honest than these assholes.

    After they went I locked up myself in a room and took a bath. My body felt impure by the touch of this young SI. I could see lust in his eyes as he first saw me. As the water trickled down from the tips of my breasts and hair down to my pussy I imagined what it would be to be in his arms. I imagined his penis, I imagined stroking it. The thought of penis reminded me of my own penis. I remember how the IPS officer told me that it would be re-attached after Jaggan is caught. I was too stupid to believe him. At that time I knew it was risky but all I was dreaming about the perks of being SI after just two short undercover years and the dowry I would get after becoming an SI. It took me 6 months to get adjusted to the life of a girl. I was sent there as the daughter of a policemen who returns after graduation. I remember getting used to breasts and vagina. Using those dildos to keep my hole open and taking hormones daily. How stupid I was. After that I had to learn how to walk and talk like a girl. Then I had to befriend the sister of Jaggan and I started going to her home to teach her. It was there that Jaggan first saw me. I smiled at him. He kept staring at me for a long time. He was initally skeptical and very angry at his sister. She even got a beating but after 2-3 visits he became normal and started flirting with me. It was strange being flirted on initially as I was straight but I guess it was hormones because it felt good. Jaggans children also got used to seeing me and Jaggan liked it.

  • #170

    Riya (Monday, 21 August 2017 12:53)

    Thanks again Nisha for the suggestions. More stuff to review for you is below.
    Contd 374.
    Thinks were going as per plan. I had to entice Jaggan and lure him into a trap and call police. He gave me a phone. It rang only when Jaggan came, the meeting place changed everytime. It was very awkward for me as I was a straight guy. Even after the removal of penis I liked girls only, in fact I was starting to love his sister. In those meetings I had to act like a super shy girl when Jaggan used to flirt with me. I had to perform what I had learn in six months of being a woman: laughing on silly things, playing with my hair, getting angry on him for no reasons and avoiding physical contact. I was slowly becoming physically weak, as the meetings progressed I found it harder and harder to resist him and it was like he was getting stronger everytime we met. I remember when he had forcibly kissed me for this first time. I felt violated. It was really strange but I went through all of it in the name of duty.
    On the other hand I was really starting to love his sister Bindiya. She was small and really cute. We used to spend a lot of time together and I learnt so many little girly secrets from her like wearing a saree and making braids etc. I used to wonder what she would think if she knew I was a man few month ago. She used to treat me as her elder sister and was surprised when she learnt that I didn’t knew cooking or wearing saree and taught me with patience. I was planning to marry her once I got out of this and used to dream of making love to her after getting my organ back. In my dreams I used to have my dick intact and Bindiya used to be under me making lot of noises. But when I woke up it was nothing. I used to squeeze my breasts to get some pleasure. I missed masturbating and I missed my organ. How much can one loose for his duty.
    All this while I always used to inform the cops of jaggan’s arrival but nothing ever happened. It was as if the police had no interest in Jaggan. I once even went to the Police station myself and told the story to the SI but he showed no interest. He said that it must be a plan to get police killed and warned that he would lock me up if I showed up again. I was too ashamed to tell him that I was undercover. Every month I used to call the IPS officer and tell him about the status, he always used to reassure me that Police will definitely act the next time. But nothing ever happened. I started feeling trapped here.
    Over time I was slowly getting accustomed to being a tribal girl. I only wore sarees, my nose was pierced and a small ring was placed which unmarried women had to wear. It was tough to walk in a saree. I had to do the household work, clean utensils and cook food. I learned all these things in an year. I even started knitting in winter. My ears were also pierced multiple times and many rings were placed. I had to fake a period infront of other girls to appear normal.

    Things slowly started getting out of hand, Jaggan started getting more and more physical with me. Initially it was only touches then it moved to toucing. Then to kiss and grabbing my breasts. He even tried to fuck me but I stopped him somehow after begging and telling him I cant do that before marriage. I didn’t knew then it would become a reality. That in a few weeks I will really marry him. Thinking back I should have never said that. I pleaded him to stop on pretext of this and he agreed. But after a few days my acting father received a marriage proposal from his home.

  • #171

    Radhika (Monday, 21 August 2017 13:59)

    Thank you Radha, Geeta and Poornima, her is continuing of my story part 2
    The day I Born, my father is feel proud because I am a boy, both my parents are happy and proud because of boy baby all the Realtive also congrats but only one person is in jelouse is my elder sister because she is a girl. When I brought up my father give me all independence but they restricted my sister saying she is just a girl this is make her angry, she needs to do house hold work but I just play and watch TV, I am a very naught boy that always pull my sister hair, this turns her as feminist. She is want me to know what is she started her work she started to care me more so my sister love increase then teasing her, she also told me you have very good hair and tell me to kept it long. Since now a days long hair is fashion I kept it long.
    She is waiting for time and that's come when my aunty daughter Priya come to our home. She is a tomboy but her parents restricted her. When she come to our home she started to wear my clothes and my sister helping her, since we are just children my parents not tell anything. But my sister teasing me Priya wearing your clothes why can't you wear her clothes, and I feel embarrassed. Then both my mother and aunty got one idea to dress Priya as Krishna and dress me as Radha, I told I will not wear but my mother told it's just for fun and no need to worry since you are a 10 year child. They dress Priya in my silk dothi and toplesss and some jewelers of Krishna and tie her hair and put one peacock feather and give her flute, she is looking like Krishna and then they started for me my sister is very interesting in it and started to give her ghagra choli and dress me in it my mother put lots of bangles and jewelers to me my sister started to Bride my hair and put one duppatha on my head and adjust it with pins then they do my makeup and put one bindi earrings necklaces all to me, Priya come to me and pull my hair and I said it's paining and my sister told it's common for us Radha don't worry and laugh. I feel very embarrassed. But my mother come and told no one should tease my bueatiful daughter. Then again my sister start to laugh.
    Then they take us to photo shop where they take our photo, me as Radha and my aunty daughter Priya as Krishna finally I went to home and remove everything and go to room and start to cry, my sister come and told not cry, I told her you make me feel embarrassed she told she will not do more and kiss my forehead, after when I go down every one laughing I ask why then my mother told you still want to be my daughter dear, I told no why then my mother told then why are wearing Priya bindi on your forehead then my sister come and told he wants revenge, since Priya wearing his clothes he wants to wear her clothes, then my mother told there is nothing wrong and laugh then Priya come with her one chudidar and give to me until I go to my place back you wear all my chudidhar, kurtha leggings and duppatha it's all your and everyone start laughing,on that time I Holiday I completely dress as a girl and my mother teach me cooking and cleaning and washing clothes etc and my sister enjoy the company of me in her work and she and Priya teasing me more. But once Holiday over and my father return everything comes to normal. I come back as boy once again but inner somewhere that Girly feminine things is just born, I become teenager, I started to look like macho man and playing sports but inside me that feminine girl also slightly growing, I feel the some time when ever I saw bueatiful girl my eyes goes to her dress and her hair and my heart telling me to wear that dress have long hair like her but again I told to it no I am a boy and started my boyish activity try to be macho naught but it's fake.

  • #172

    Radhika (Monday, 21 August 2017 14:00)

    The girly attitude become more and once I saw my sister friend she is very Feminine Girly girl she is always wear bangles and long hair and she dress and talk more feminine whenever I saw her my girly things grow but I always teasing my sister friend for being so Feminine and show in front of her I am macho.
    One day is my sister friend birthday and she come to our home in saree and she looking so beautiful, my eyes goes to her saree but try to be a boy and pull her pull and wish her happy birthday she treats me as her bother also and don't mind, my sister told her your saree is very bueatiful please give me I will also try it once. Next day my sister brought that saree to home and in evening both my sister and mother went outside, i started to see old photos and saw the photos where I dress as Radha and Priya dress as Krishna and remember all that Holiday days, suddenly I went to my sister room and open that Saree and stared to try it. I wear my sister bra and panty and petticoat then I wear blouse and stared to wear saree I try hard to wear properly I finally wear it nice.
    Then started to put bindi earrings jewelers necklaces bangles of my sister and mother and trying to Bride my long hair but suddenly some one is hold my long hair and started to brided it then I Trun back and saw my mother, sister and her friend my sister and her friend started to laughing more but my mother told them don't to laugh my cute little son sorry daughter will get scared, then she Bride my hair and told you are grown up dear you become Man from a boy we need to celebrate your mature function, hearing that I started to cry and both girls started to laugh, my sister friend come to me you always teasing me for being feminine but you are more Feminine then me see you looking so pretty soft doll and bueatiful in my Saree actually it's look more suitable to you then me, then my sister join her welcome to Womanhood Radha, my sister friend look my sister in crazy look then my sister explain all to her, then both my sister and her friend teasing me more.
    My mother told me we need to go to village where my aunty and her daughter priya is there, where Priya is working in agriculture land like a man of home and now you become mature and begin your Aunty daughter she needs to give gift to you a half saree and saree and you need to wear it and we celebrate half saree and saree mature function of you that in that village. hearing that my sister friend told I also want to see this function because he is looking more bueatiful in saree and half saree. Hearing all I am getting very scared how can I handle that tomboy priya and this girls my sister and her friend when I am wearing Saree and all traditional rules to be performed for me for my mature function.
    To be continued. Please tell your comments.

  • #173

    Riya (Monday, 21 August 2017 15:20)

    Contd 396
    I was shocked beyond my imagination on this development. Here I was, in love with Jaggan’s sister and planning to marry her. On the other hand my father her was ready to marry me off to this dacoit. I somehow got the number of the IPS officer and called him. He responded and told me that he will find a solution and told me to call after two days. Only him and few others at head office knew my story. My adopted family was told that they would receive money to act along, the father knew but now after 1 year it was as if he had forgotten everything. Meanwhile my marriage was fixed. After 2 days I called the officer again. He had a plan: he wanted me to go ahead with the marriage. He had taken approval for attack and they had planned to catch Jaggan during the wedding. I had no option but to go ahead with this plan. Although I had my doubts but I believed the officer and started playing along.
    The wedding preparation started. I was eagerly waiting for the day as I hoped it would be my last day as a woman. What a climatic ending it was. Last year had been beyond my wildest imaginations and now it was all coming to an end. I decided I will enjoy my last few days as a woman and decided to enjoy. I picked my own wedding jewellery: it was a huge ivory nath that almost covered my face and an equally huge maang tikka. I wanted to enjoy my last day as a woman so I went for a heavy payal and kamarband. Other jewellery were choosen by Jaggan’s sister and my mother. Bindiya also secretly brought a night dress for me for the suhag raat. I really fell ashamed infront of her and pushed her aside when she gifted it to me. I acted all shy but in reality felt relieved that I will never have to wear it. At night when I was alone in my room I tried that dress. It was a red satin nighty upto my thighs. My boobs looked beautiful and huge in it. I just fell in love with my reflection. It was one of the most sexy lady I had ever seen. My hand automatically went in search of penis to masturbate but it was a plain surface there. I suddenly remembered there was nothing there. It was all a drama. It was a duty. Two more days and I am done with this place.
    Next day was ladies sangeet and mehendi. All village ladies came and danced. Everyone was happy. My face stared paining from all the fake laugh I had to give. Everyone was teasing me about Jaggan and suhagraat jokes were the theme. Everyone had there own idea of how I would go down. I acted along thinking how I would be free before that. Mehendi was applied on hands and legs. I had to sit down for hours holding my hands and legs in postion. It was very beautiful. I also danced and enjoyed my 2nd last day as a woman. Next day I had to stay hungry till wedding. I woke up and had mix feelings. It was my last day as a woman but also I would get to be a bride. I know how every girl dreams of being a bride. I was a guy and I will be bride. For the whole last year I have to came to know how girls are treated in our society. How they are looked down upon, my opinion matters to no one. None of my warnings were taken seriously by any team. Anyways it will all end today. But somewhere I also wanted to become a bride. Since I had came this far, I wanted to know how a woman feels on the day of her marriage. What feelings run in her mind when she walks down slowly towards her husband. To be someone’s wife forever.

  • #174

    Riya (Monday, 21 August 2017 15:21)

    By afternoon I received information that Jaggan had came. I thought of calling the IPS officer but there were so many people in the home. I couldn’t find my phone. I started searching for it frantically but I couldn’t find it. Meanwhile it was time for bridal preparations to start. I told a little guy and gave him some money to find my phone and went for the preparation. They applied foundation on my face. They did my eyebrows and attached eyelashes. Little bindis covering my whole eyebrows were draw. Hair was done in a beautiful way and maang tika was attached. My little nose ring was removed and the huge nath was inserted. It was way heavy than what I had imagined. Then came long earrings in my main ear piercing and numerous smallones in others. My hands were filled with bangles and traditional jewellery. I was enjoying my last few hours as a woman but I was also tensed as the boy was unable to find my phone and I could get no confirmation from police. I decided that I will search again after getting ready. But I also believed the officer. Makeup continued and my neck was adorned with 4 or 5 necklaces. Kamarbadn and payal came after that. I was draped in a lehenga which was too heavy for my new delicate body. It was really hard getting up wearing all that. They applied fresh coats of nail paints of bright red colour and soon I was ready.
    By the time I got ready the baraat came and everyone left to welcome them. I was alone in my room and started searching for the phone. It was tough to move in the heavy lehenga. I could barely bed and check under my bed. I tried searching for 10 mins but nothing. Meanwhile a few girls arrived and told me “Jijji , jijaji is here to take you away, he is looking very handsome, just a few hours more “ and laughed hysterically. I acted along and started acting shy but in truth I didn’t care about what they said. I was just waiting for police to come now. Soon I was called upon and I was escorted by four girls including Jaggans sister. I thought of telling her the truth so that she holds no grudges against me after all this is done. I also thought of proposing her after telling her the truth so that she knows I love her. She will be the wife of SI soon I thought.
    I started walking slowly towards the stage. I was looking down and slowly moving forward. The weight of lehenga was too much and jewellery was just pulling me down . Then there were heels to further restrain me. I caught a glimpse of stage and Jaggan was standing there with a sword in his hand. He looked very tall smart in shewani and he was just staring towards me. My heart jumped when I thought what would have happened if I had to spend a night with him. I was sure in a few hours it would all be over and walked forward. I reached the stage and Jaggan took my hand and pulled me up on stage. There were so many people there and my eyes were searching for someone in a police dress. We were given garlands and jaymal happened. Jaggan looked very happy. He whishpered:” You cant run anywhere tonight”. I was terrified but I consoled myself that Police is coming soon. He will be the one running after seeing them. Many guests came and gave us blessings. All the time my eyes were fixated on the gate but no one came. Soon it was time for main wedding to start. I borrowed a mobile and dialled the IPS’s number but it was not reachable. I thought he must be on the way to this village.

  • #175

    Riya (Monday, 21 August 2017 15:21)

    For the main wedding I had to change into a yellow saree. I was give a different nath and maang tikka. I came and sat beside Jaggan. Soon we took our vows. My eyes were fixed towards the entrance. I was just counting seconds and my tension was growing each moment. Finally a few cops showed up. I felt jubliated and almost thought of running towards them but they had flowers and gifts so I waited. I thought they must be hiding weapons in them. I waited as them came to the mandap. With each step I thought my freedom came near me. And when finally they reached my heart ripped into thousand pieces. They were friends of Jaggan and those were real gifts they had brought. Tears came down my eyes and I started sobbing. Jaggan was puzzeled by this and he held my hand firmly and told me to calm down. But I couldn’t stop. I was completely terrified by even the thought of suhagraat. I kept crying and looking at gate when he filled my maang with sindoor. I kept crying when he tied a mangalsutra on my neck. Everyone thought I was just emotional on leaving my parents home and consoled me by saying that it happens to all women but I couldn’t stop. Nor could I tell them the truth.
    Soon it was dawn and I was ready for the vidaai. Tears had dried by now and all hope was gone. I was betrayed by my own people. I was a man 1 year ago and now a married woman ready for her suhaagraat. My penis was gone and I had two boobs and my husband couldn’t wait to get his hands on me. I parted from my fake parents and went with Jaggan. All the consoling he was doing earlier stopped and he foricibly caught me and kissed me as soon as I entered the car. As the car left my house I left all the hopes of becoming a man again. Here I was caught in the arms of a dacoit. My manhood taken away from me and a life of a woman infront of me.
    We reached his house and whole day was spent in different rituals. I had no expression or feeling left inside me. I could no longer act. His relatives were puzzeled by this and asked me what was wrong but I could tell nothing. Jaggan kissed and touched me everywhere as soon as he got a second alone with me. He showed me the condoms that he had brought for the night. I was just dead inside. After all rituals were over I was sent to a decorated room with a glass of milk. BIndiya came in and told me to change into nighty but I denied. She asked me what was wrong but I could say nothing. She told me to enjoy my first night went away.

  • #176

    Riya (Monday, 21 August 2017 15:22)

    I sat and waited for Jaggan to destroy my life. He soon came and locked the door. He took the glass from me and stared at me. After that he slapped me and started abusing me over being sad for the whole day. He shouted that he married me because he loved me and now I was acting like I had been forcibily married. I felt nothing. He soon stared kissing me. It felt so gay to me. Kissing a man. I was still a man inside. I hated his tongue inside me. I tried to get away but he forced me. He was too strong to resist. I tried holding my saree but he ripped it apart. I was just in blouse and petticoat now. He unhooked the blouse and started pressing my boobs. I was devastated, I could not believe my luck. How stupid was I to get into this trap. I hated when he pressed my boobs and kissed me. He then removed my petticoat and started licking my pussy. I felt a little pleasure but I missed my dick. He kept pressing my boobs and kissing me. He finally unleashed his organ which was huge and fucked me. I cried with pain and I bleed. He was really happy to see blood and started kissing again. While I felt a huge pain. My pussy was too small for his dick. It was too painful, my largest dildo was half the size of his dick. I cried with pain. I still hoped that police will barge in and arrest Jaggan. The fucking continued and the pain ran through my body. There were bite marks everywhere and I was completely naked. He wrapped himself around me and I buried my nails deep into his back and thought how it would have been if I was Jaggan and bindiya was under me. I felt that IPS officer laugh somewhere and Jaggan increased the speed. I slowly lost consciousness and passed out from pain.
    Next morning I woke up to find myself in a Jeep. Jaggan was driving it and a few of his friends were on bikes behind us. He told me he got information in night that police had entered the village and killed few of his friends who were on lookout. Since I was passed out, Jaggan dressed me up in his pant shirt and left with me leaving everyone behind. He said some IPS officer was able to infiltrate his gang. Jaggan said that first he will kill the guy who had infiltrated his gang and then the whole family of IPS officer. It was all too much for me. I thought of jumping from Jeep and running away but I was still bleeding. I couldn’t sit up and I told Jaggan about it and he said that they will stop after 3 hours. He held my hand and kissed me lightly. I was happy that the police had not given up on me. But also I was very afraid of the outcome now. I had no idea where were going. Jaggan refused to tell anything and told me to sleep. I was no longer a man on duty, I was wife who had celebrated suhagraat with her husband. I was now his wife and it was my duty to be with him in life and death. I wondered if last night had changed me and drifted to sleep as jeep went ahead.

  • #177

    Radhika (Monday, 28 August 2017 13:38)

    Dream come true
    My name is Priya and here I am standing in the middle dressing as a Krishna by dothi peacock feather on my hair and started playing flute to that all the my boyfriends dressing as Gopikas in lehenga choli and jewelries are started to dance and surrounding me all of the sudden another beautiful boy in red lehenga choli comes in the middle and tell all other boys to go and he is comes next to me and sat he is my Radha and I am his Krishna, then our teachers tell ok guys today drama practice is over and then everyone spread.
    I went to my Radha and proposed him to become my housewife and he agreed next screen is marriage hall while I am tieing mangalyasutra around his neck and he bind and take my blessings next screen is when he gets up we are in first night room where I am in dothi and he is wearing silk saree, I pulled him to bed and put bedsheets when we open the next screen is we are in hospital and he is suffering from labour pain , he is carrying my kids, I am father for his kids and he is mother for my kids, doctor said you got baby girl. I am feeling proud because I become female father of baby girl I wish my daughter should be like me and holding her in my hand sudden I get pee of my kid to face and my face become wet, someone is shaking my shoulder and telling hey Priya getup.
    Then I open my eyes the things until now I saw is dream, my mother is come to my room and tell me to get up because.
    Mom: Priya getup it's already 4
    Me : what it's still 4 why you distrib my sleep.
    Mom: what you are girl you should get up at 4 take bath and put rongoli in front of the house and help me in kitchen and clean..
    Me: what I hate doing this house hold work, I will go for jogging and excess.
    I went to bathroom wash my face and saw my brother pant and shirt and wear that ready to go mother come and started to scolding me and tell you are a girl you can't able to wear pants and you must always wear petticoat and skirt. I heat wearing that but my mother take me to bathroom and give a bath and forcefully make me wear half saree and teaching me house work without interest I am doing all.
    Ours is a very orthodox family believe in woman is lower than man and she is for serving the man. But I hate that I love independent, I want to be in freedom and I wish to wear only men's clothes like dothi, pants and shirt etc I hate to wear saree, half saree chudidar etc but due to my mother forcefully I am wearing it. My mother braiding my hair and give me all jewelries like earrings, bangles etc and tell me to go to college by binding head and come home early I simply said ok and went outside I saw my father and I am told him I will go to college he said ok , I went outside of my area and feel like I come out of jail.

  • #178

    Radhika (Monday, 28 August 2017 13:39)

    Slightly I went to my friend room I brought my own men's clothes and put it in his room I removed all feminine clothes and wear Bamiyan and boxer then wear jeans and T-shirt and shoe and take his bike and I started to riding it he sit behind we went to college and I am girl but I am like a king to it then I saw a New admission guy , seeing him only I can say he also coming from family like me very traditional, he have long hair and he is wearing dothi and A shrits, I call him to rag and he come and standing in front of me like I told him to tell his name and he told his name is Radhakrishna, I said hey Radha where is flowers in your hair and bangles in your hands and bindi on forehead and I call one girl and tell her to remove her bra, bangles, bindi Payal she is scared of me and remove it and give it to me I pulled her duppatha and with duppatha I pulled Radha, he is so weak and come near me I make him to wear bra, braided his hair and put flowers and bangles to his hand and make him wear bindi and Payal. He is crying and went to office.
    After a bell we went to class, at Frist period we get surprise because the guy who we rag morning Radhakrishna is our teacher. He removed all and come to class in dothi and shrits, I am little worry but he don't say anything and finish his period. After our class I went to home and my mother told today one boy is coming to see you I told I don't want to become someone's wife I want to become a husband, my mother told it's not possible in this life for you because you are born as a woman and you will become someone's wife not husband and forcefully make me wear saree and present me in front of the guy. To my surprise the guy is nothing but our Radhakrishna. I am feeling somewhat happy and agreed to marry him because in future I may become his husband. Both our parents tell us to talk eachother, we went to upside and sit and start talking, I told him sorry for doing that morning but he told no need to tell it , I told him I don't want to be housewife of someone's I like to live as male, husband of someone's and like to wear pants and shirt dothi etc but due to traditional I am wearing this saree forcefully. Hearing that he is smiling, I got confused and ask him why , he started to crying and telling me like me he is always forcefully living life due to orthodox traditional family, he told from children he likes to wear saree and do house hold work and his mother is inspiration for him, he wants to be housewife like his mother, but his family is orthodox and he is wearing dothi and going for job, he told me make him my wife and he accepted me as his husband, I feel very happy hearing this and I kiss him he gets shy and his chicks become red he is acting completely feminine and I am acting very macho way, he falls on my feet and told you are my pathideva ( husband god) I blessings him he told I am your Radha and you are my Krishna Then I remember today's dream and this is coming to true now. We both went and tell our parents that we both are agreed. For them he is husband and me is wife but reality is He is my wife and I am his husband god.

  • #179

    1234 (Tuesday, 29 August 2017 09:34)

    I had just passed my college and enjoying my life. My subjects were art and history. I lived with my mother in an apartment on the 20th floor of a new building on the outskirts of Bangalore, we had recently moved in to this house and did not know many people around. My mother had divorced from my father when I was a year old and I had never seen my father or his photo. My mother gave birth to me when she was 19 years old. She had eloped with my father but he had abused her and they parted ways after my birth. I was the centre of her life and she had never considered marrying again. Last month we celebrated her 40th birthday but she is slim and has maintained herself very well and looks much younger. We were well to do, mom had inherited lot of money and it was well invested and there was no need for us to work.
    I forgot to describe myself. I am about 5ft 6inches, about 65 Kg and fair. I have an athletic body and practiced yoga. I used to keep my hair long and they were just below my collar, touching my shoulders. My mom used to pester me to cut them if they start touching my shoulders and just below my collar was a good compromise. I had sharp feature and most of the people used to say that I resemble my mother. I had a thick moustache and also used to keep long sideburns which used to give me a very macho look.
    My mother’s name is Veena and my name is Naveen.
    About a week back mom told me that one of her friend’s daughter is coming to meet us. I asked her why she is telling me. She said that if we like each other we may become life partners. She knew the family very well. I had never had a girlfriend in my life. Although I had many female friends as with my subjects there were more girls in our class and very few boys. I used to chat a lot with my female friends but because of my shy nature I could never propose to anyone.
    My mom told me the background of Neelam (her friend’s daughter). Neelam’s parents lived in the USA and Neelam had recently come back to India for her job. Neelam was working with an MNC in Mumbai. She was an MBA and a manger in a company at a senior post and was earning very well. Mom told that she is earning very well and even after marriage you will not need to work and continue your lifestyle. I asked mother about Neelam’s age and she told me that yes she is 2 years older than me but that should not be an issue as we have already matched your horoscopes and they are also ok with it.
    On the day of Neelam’s visit mom told me to make tea and some pakoda for her. She was going to come at about 11:00 am. I had prepared everything by 10 am. Then mom told me to go and change in to fresh clothes, she had kept on my bed, it was a kurta pyjama, kurta was blue in color with pink stripes. Mom shouted from outside that I should also put oil in my hair and tie them in a ponytail at my neck to make it look neat. After my bath I put some coconut oil and tied my hair in low profile with a black rubber band. When I came out I saw that mom was also ready and we were wearing matching clothes, she was wearing a pink saree with blue stripes and with her hair open with jasmine flowers she was looking very beautiful.

  • #180

    1234 (Tuesday, 29 August 2017 09:35)

    Neelam rang the bell of our house sharp at 11. Mom sent me to open the door. At the first glance I felt a shiver go through my body, she was beautiful and smiling warmly, just like a goddess. Let me try to describe her, she seemed to be slightly taller to me perhaps because of the heels she was wearing, she was slim but she had a strong built. She had bob length hair almost same length as mine, her features were sharp and she was wearing very little makeup, and she was looking very beautiful. She was wearing minimal jewellery, diamond studs in ears, Om pendant in neck and a bracelet. I think the dressing theme of the day was blue and pink, she was wearing a blue jeans and a pink top with blue flowers and our colours were matching.
    “You must be Naveen? Hi I am Neel” said Neelam.
    “Yes I am Naveen. How are you? Neel?” I said.
    “Yes, Neel short for Neelam. Everybody calls me Neel and I am used to introducing myself as Neel” she said.
    I welcomed her in and asked her if she had any difficulty in finding our house. She came in and sat down on the sofa and said “The smell of food is awesome. Aunty has made something really delicious”. “Yes, we have prepared few things for you and I will serve them just now” I said. I offered her water first and just sat down chatting with her. In a few minutes my mom came and she hugged Neelam and they sat down to talk. The first thing Neelam told mom was that she was very beautiful and said “I don’t think I will ever be able to call you aunty, you look so young and if you change your look and stop wearing the saree you will look the same age as Naveen”. Mom loved such compliments as she had maintained herself very well and they were quickly chatting with each other. I excused myself and went to the kitchen to prepare the snacks and tea. When I brought all the things to the coffee table for serving, my mom praised me saying that everything has been prepared by Naveen and he cooks very delicious food. Neelam said “I could guess that from the smell of food when I came in”. Neelam was all praise for the pakoras and loved the tea with ginger and cardamom. She was sitting comfortably on the sofa and I was sitting on a hard wooden chair which was closer to kitchen, so that I can fetch more food or other thing if required. Neelam had been talking and me and mom had been listening, she told us about herself and her work. She seemed to be a nice person and very well to do. She told my mom very clearly that she will never fit in the role of a typical daughter in law as she wants to be out of the house and make a successful career for herself.
    After some time mom excused herself and me and Neelam were alone in the room. Neelam asked me to come and sit on the sofa and be comfortable. I came and sat on the other end of the sofa and Neelam started laughing. I asked her why she was laughing and she said that she was amused by my shyness as I did not sit next to her but sat at the other end of the sofa. I was also embarrassed a bit and then moved closer to her on the sofa and soon her arm was around my shoulder and she pulled me closer to her “that’s more comfortable” she said. She inquired about my hobbies and what I do in my free time and I told her that I like to cook, dance and sing and also love reading and can also sing a little bit. She had a very good personality and she was making me feel special and we were laughing a lot, I think I liked her. Then she offered to take me out and we can go out and know each other better if we spend some time together. I said it is lunch time and let me cook some lunch for her and then we can think of going out in the evening. She was in no mood to listen and called my mom by her name “Veena, Is it ok if I take your son out so that we can spend some time together and know each other better”. Mom was very delighted and eagerly agreed and told us to have a good time and enjoy. Neelam said “don’t worry Veena I will take care of Naveen and bring him back home by night”

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    1234 (Tuesday, 29 August 2017 09:37)

    She asked me to change in to something more modern, I went to my room and was quickly back in blue jeans and a light blue t-shirt. Neel, quickly commented that I must wear something pink so that we are matching. I told her that I don’t have anything pink and she said we will figure that out later and perhaps she can do some shopping for me. I had a quick look in the mirror and we started from our home, my oiled hair were still neatly in a low pony and I had given a curve to my moustache in rajput style which made me look very macho. We walked to a mall near our house and she had her hand around me and tried to keep me close to her. We sat at a café and ordered coffee and started talking. She was appreciating my slim figure and said you have maintained yourself well but if you lose another 5kg you will be really hot and I told her that I will definitely do that. And suddenly she grabbed my hand and started playing with them and I shivered because of my shy nature and she started smiling. She said we may get married soon and you cannot be so shy with me, bring your chair closer to me and sit by my side. Slowly her hand started moving over my body and she was checking my face. I was totally embarrassed as we were sitting in the open in a café. She said you hair look thick and beautiful, why have you tied them, you should keep them open. I told her that mom insists on oiling the hair and keeping them neat and tied. She said she will talk to Veena and also we should do something with your hair to make them look prettier, but right now they are so oily that I don’t even want to touch them. Then she noticed my ears and said you have pierced ears. I said yes in childhood my mother had them pierced for the religious ceremony but I have never worn anything in them for the last 15 years. She said that is going to change today, I am in the mood for some shopping let’s go and buy something for you. She paid for the coffee, although I insisted that I should pay, but she did not listen to me. We were at the Tanishq shop in the mall and she said that she want to look at some earrings. She checked lot of them and then she shortlisted 4 of them, one was a diamond stud which looked really expensive, one was a golden ring small in size, pearl earrings and a gold flower earrings. She said that I want you to try them so that I can decide which one to buy for you. I said that it will be very painful to reopen the holes as I have not worn anything in them for 15 years. The shop assistant was expecting a big sale so she said “Sir you don’t worry, I will help you and we do it all the time and it will not be much painful”. She picked up the diamond studs and slowly stared pressing it to my earlobes, I was feeling a little pain but seeing the smile on Neel’s face I bear it and then with a little push the earring went through, same with the other ear and then Neel asked me to turn this way and that way so that she can have a good look. And then the salesgirl helped me try the other earrings also and I modelled them for Neel. She asked me which ones I like and I started asking the salesgirl for the price of each. Neel scolded me and told that I should not bother about the price, so I said that she should chose it for me. She said then I want you to wear the diamond earrings as they are giving a nice sparkle to your face and we will have matching jewellery in the ears and then told the salesgirl that she will buy all 4 sets. The sales girl said that we also have matching neck chain and bracelets for the earrings and we looked at them also. So when we left I was also wearing a gold chain with a diamond pendant and also a thin chain bracelet with diamonds in it. Although I protested to Neel that the studs are ok but the chain and bracelet look like they are for girls, but she did not listen to me. I was truly impressed by Neel as I could have a look at the bill and she had paid 5 Lakh rupees for all the jewellery she bought for me, she must be really rich. By now I was very comfortable with her and her hand was around my waist and sometime it will slip down and she will pinch my butt which will send shivers through me.

  • #182

    1234 (Tuesday, 29 August 2017 09:38)

    When we came out of the jewellery store we saw shoppers stop next door. Neel said I think now I want to buy a new look for you and we will look at some clothes. I said “I will do whatever you want to do”. So we were clothes shopping very soon. She took me to a sales girl and said can you tell me his size and the sales girl measured me and gave Neel my sizes. Neel said I will choose the clothes and then we will go to the trial room so that you can model them for me, you just browse around. She took an hour to select the clothes and came back with 2 bags full of clothes for me to try. The store was very empty that day, there were not many customers. We found a big trial room in which she can sit inside, although I said that I don’t want to change in front of her but she did not listen and said that she wants some private movements with me, where no one can see us and took me inside the trial room and latched it from inside. She first gave me five jeans to try, they were of different colours blue, red, pink, purple and white; they fitted me well but they were all skin tight. They all fitted me well and it was almost as if I was wearing a churidar. I told Neel that I am not used to wearing such tight jeans and can we look at something loose fitting. She patted my bum and said you are looking so sexy in them and I want you to show your beautiful figure and I want you to wear this style only, so I agreed. Then she showed me the tops, they were cut very differently from my t-shirts and had different patterns. She told me to keep wearing the pink jeans and try all the tops. I modelled for her again and soon I had tops in all the colours of the rainbow. They had sparkles, embroidery or threadwork and all of them looked a little feminine. When I said this to Neel she said if she likes me in a particular top then we will buy it and she is not bothered with what I think. She selected six tops she liked on me and told me to keep wearing the blue top which had pink stripes on it, now our clothes were matching. I was in a light pink skin tight jeans and a blue short sleeve top with pink polka dots and pink embroidery around the neck and she was in blue jeans with a pink blue top. As we were collecting all the clothes in the trial room which we were going to buy, she came close to me. She took my face in both her hands and started coming closer to me. I was so shy that I just closed my eyes. I felt her hot breath near my face and she kissed my cheeks first right then left. Then she came close to my lips, but barely after touching them she moved back and even pushed me. I opened my eyes and saw that she was wiping her lips, I was shocked and asked her what happened. She said that with that big moustache of your I will never be able to kiss you, it is so yucky and feels so weird, I want to kiss your juicy lips and don’t want these hair in my mouth. I was so scared almost as if I will miss her as my life partner because of my moustache and said that I will trim them so that the hair are small and they don’t come in your mouth, but she was very silent and did not respond. We went to the payment counter and they removed the tags from the jeans and top I was wearing and again Neel paid for all the purchase, another 50 thousand rupees.

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    1234 (Tuesday, 29 August 2017 09:38)

    We were walking in the mall, but now she was very silent, we were still holding hands but she was not talking much and we just walked to a pub on the upper floor of the mall. She asked me what I will have and I said I will have a sweet lime soda and she ordered a beer for herself. I asked her that does she drink regularly. And in her bad mood she looked at me very angrily and said “why? Do you have any problem with that and if you have a problem than you can leave right now?” Now I was really worried about our future and almost felt like crying, the tears were almost about to come out of my eyes. I said “Dear Neel, I think I like you and I will do anything for our relationship to work please don’t shout at me and don’t be angry”. She said are you sure you will do anything? I said yes I will. She said ok let me see if you are true to your promise and started making a few phone calls. Her mood had improved a little bit but she was still not as cheerful as earlier and she had quickly finished 2 pints of beer by now. Suddenly she grabbed me by my hand and said let’s see if you are serious about our relationship, I have made an appointment for you downstairs at a salon and we will soon found out.

  • #184

    1234 (Tuesday, 29 August 2017 09:39)

    We started moving down one floor of the mall and we came to a unisex salon, I think the name was Options. I really felt that whatever are my options I will do everything to make Neel happy. She took me inside and started talking to the manager and a stylist. The stylist asked me to sit on one of the chairs and then the three of them started looking at my face, then the stylist opened my hair and looked at them. He commented that I have good hair texture but why do I put so much oil in them and I should keep them open. She said don’t worry when we are done with you, Neel will be so happy with you. I was very scared with the three females surrounding me and said please don’t cut my hair. The stylist started laughing and said don’t worry we will not give you a crew cut. She spread a cape around me, which was pink in colour. Then she started applying shaving foam on my face and she also applied it on my moustache and sideburns. I looked at Neel and my eyes were asking her if she is getting my moustache shaved and she just smiled at me and said trust me. After applying the foam she took a straight razor and immediately attacked my moustache, I just closed my eyes and hoped that I will not look very odd without my moustache which I had grown so lovingly. After the moustache was shaved, I felt the razor go very close to my ears and realized that even my sideburns were being shaved very close to the ears. After the first shave she applied the foam again and shaved my face very closely. All this time the chair was turned away from the mirror and I could not see what was happening and Neel was sitting in front of me in another chair. As my shave progressed the smile on Neel’s face became broader and broader and this gave me the satisfaction that at least my sacrifice is making her happy. After my shave was done I tried to turn to look at myself in the mirror, but she said it is not over yet and took me to the shampoo area and started washing my hair. The shampoo smelled of roses and jasmine and the warm water and her head massage made me relax a little. It was the first time that I had got a shampoo in a parlour and I really enjoyed it, I think I even slept of for a few minutes as the stylist tapped on my shoulder to say that the shampoo is done. Then she wrapped my head in a towel and brought me back to the chair. I was so worried that she will start cutting my hair but she picked up the hairdryer and started blow drying my hair and then she started using a brush to make my hair very smooth. I think she had parted my hair in the middle and I could see my hair on both side of my face. When she was done with my hair she applied a light spray to set my hair which smelled of roses. I thought my adventure at the parlour was over as it was almost 8 o’clock. But she pushed me back and said look at the ceiling, I saw her rolling a thread in her hands and coming closer to my eyes. I asked what she was doing now and she said don’t worry I will just shape your eyebrows and remove the hair in the middle. I saw Neel come closer to me and press my shoulder. She said “don’t worry I will not do something to you that will not look good on you”. I was tense but sat back and let her do what she wanted to do. After my eyebrows were done the stylist cleaned my face again and brushed my hair and said are you ready for your inspection by Neel and I nodded. She made me stand in the middle of the room and Neel looked at me from all sides. Neel came close to me and touched my hair and also rubbed my upper lip area with her hand. I was feeling very shy and my eyes were down looking at the floor, she placed her hand on my chin and turned my face up so that we were looking each other in the eye and I could see that she was very happy with the way I was looking now. Then Neel quickly turned and asked the stylist if they had a room which we can use for 5 minutes privately. The stylist showed us to the room. Neel pulled me in to the room and attacked my lips like a hungry wolf and she started giving me a deep French kiss, I don’t know how long it lasted but we were kissing each other for ever and ever and her hands were in my hair and she was playing with my hair all the time. She said now you look like my future life partner, you are so pretty Naveen, I am in love with you. I had not seen myself till now but I was really happy that Neel was happy with my new look. When we came out my hair were messed up and the stylist was giving a sweet mischievous smile to me, as she knew that Neel had taken advantage of me. She said let me help you, I hope Neel didn’t rape you inside, her eyes almost wanted to eat you up. She took me to her chair and brushed my hair again, when I tried to tuck my hair behind my ear she said don’t do that you will spoil the hairstyle.

  • #185

    1234 (Tuesday, 29 August 2017 09:41)

    We were now ready to leave the parlour and I asked Neel can I have a look at myself and she nodded. The stylist took me to a mirror and as I looked at myself in the mirror I could not recognise myself. My moustache was gone and even my sideburns were shaved of completely, there were no hair in front of my ear. The hair on my head looked a little longer as they had been brushed straight and slightly curled inside, it looked like a bob haircut and my hair were framing my face nicely, the diamond earrings were visible through the hair and looked very nice in my ears. The eyebrows were ok, the hairs in the middle were gone and only a few hair from below the eyebrow were removed which gave them a clean shape and they made my eyes look bigger and cleaner. Overall I looked completely different from when we entered the parlour but I was still looking very good, with the pink jeans and the blue and pink top, Neel had changed my look fully in the last 2 hours. I was very happy and cheerful and came back and hugged Neel and gave her a kiss on her cheeks and thanked her for giving me this new look. She said you are so pretty and sweet I will eat you up just now. As we were in a public area we controlled ourselves and Neel started to pay the parlour bill. The manager said that as part of the package they will give me a complimentary lipstick free of cost and I can choose a colour. I asked Neel to choose the colour so that I can gift the lipstick to her. She said that the lipstick is for me and she does not use this brand. I said that I also don’t use lipstick so we don’t need it. Then the stylist said that I can choose a transparent lipstick which has the flavour of raspberry which will make my lips even more delicious for Neel and I agreed. The stylist helped me choose the lipstick and then said let me teach you how to use it and opened the lipstick and applied it to my lips. I could see in the mirror that my lips were now shiny and plump and I could smell the fragrance of raspberry on my lips. When I came outside where Neel was waiting she looked at me and said your lips are looking so sexy and kissed my lightly without messing my lipstick.

  • #186

    1234 (Tuesday, 29 August 2017 09:41)

    With my tight jeans and no pockets in my top I was holding my wallet, mobile and keys in my hand all this time and as Neel was kissing me my mobile fell down. Neel said “you cannot keep holding all your things in your hands let’s buy a men’s handbag for you”. I said do they make handbag for men also and she assured me that yes they do. As we were walking towards another store we saw that in the open area a few henna artists were sitting and applying henna. Neel took me there and said sit down, I protested that I don’t want to apply henna on my hands and it is for girls. She started laughing and said that we will not apply on hands today don’t worry. She told the guy to make a design on my arm on my bicep and told me to wait here and she will buy a handbag for me and come back quickly. I was a bit relived that the design is on my upper arm and I can hide it under my shirt sleeve. The henna guy made a heart shape with lots of intricate design and in the middle wrote “N&N”. I liked the design and it would be a good remembrance of our day together. While he was doing his work I got an idea to surprise Neel, now that I was getting henna applied to my arm I can do a little more to make Neel feel special. I asked him to write NEEL on my arm in a beautiful design so that I can surprise Neel. The henna guy was almost done when Neel returned. She was so happy to see the design and also surprised with her name on my arm. I said that I want to be her’s and this is just to demonstrate that. She showed me the handbag she had purchased for me and it was matching my outfit in a blue colour with pink handle, I thought it was a ladies bag but did not say anything to Neel. It was too big for my few things and Neel said don’t worry now that you have a bag you can carry other stuff also with you. She was very happy and we both went to a restaurant for dinner.

  • #187

    1234 (Tuesday, 29 August 2017 09:42)

    The restaurant was very dimly lit, as we entered the manger welcomed us by saying hello ladies how can I help you? I ignored his mistake; perhaps because of less light he was not able to see me clearly. Neel ordered a bottle of champagne to celebrate, although I refused to drink but she insisted on me and I had only a few sips to please her. She had almost finished the full bottle and was in a very good mood. Then she turned toward me and said Naveen listen carefully to what I am going to say and give me your answer. I was a little worried as what is she going to ask and our evening was going on so well, why she has to bring up a serious topic. Neel started talking “I have always been an independent person and have also thought about my career. I had never thought about marriage as I didn’t want to become a typical wife to a husband. But, I think after meeting you I am changing my opinion. If we marry our relationship will be very different. I will take care of all your financial needs and you will have to take care of me and my house. What I am saying is that you will have all the roles and responsibilities of a typical housewife, to keep our house in order and take care of my needs. You are a very gentle person and also know how to do all the household work. I don’t want you to be very masculine, I like you like this soft and beautiful with your clean face and your long hair. I will expect you to make yourself more pretty and beautiful as we live together; wear more jewellery and different clothes in pretty colours. It will almost be like a new birth and you will completely forget your old life. If you are ready for it then I will even change your name”. I was about to say something but she stopped me and continued “I will rename you Navya, the new you. Even our marriage will be in reverse and you will have to wear the mangalsutra and sindhoor of my name all your life. I don’t want an answer from you. What I want you to do is to go out to the person who did heena on your hand. If you are ready for the adventure of your life and love me unconditionally then get your new name put on your hand in henna. I will finish my drink, pay the bill and come there in 15 minutes. If you are still there and I see my Navya with his name put in Henna on the arm, I will come and take you to your house and we tell Veena about our future plans. Otherwise you will never see me again, the decision is completely yours but you have only 15 minutes, go now and don’t call your mother to check with her. The decision has to be made by you only.”

  • #188

    1234 (Tuesday, 29 August 2017 10:04)

    I picked up my handbag and started walking slowly towards the henna guy. Neel called me and asked to take all my shopping bags also with me. Thousand things were going in my mind and I was asking god, why I have to make this tough decision. I had spent such a good day with Neel and I really liked her but was I ready to make the commitment of a lifetime and change myself completely for her. Is she so special for me and am I ready to make these changes. While thinking all this I had walked over the henna guy and he asked me what else I can do for you? I sat down in front of him but I was still lost in my thoughts. Henna guy said “sir do you want me to do some more henna to your hands” and as I was lost in my thoughts I said yes without thinking. He took the palm of my right hand and said “Sir you are very daring very few men get henna done on their hands. Your skin is very fair and the colour will come out very nicely on it. I don’t have any more clients so I will do a very detailed work on both your palms and you would have never seen such a beautiful design.” I was lost in my thoughts and did not hear what he was saying and he just kept on applying Henna to my hands. Suddenly I woke up from my thoughts and looked at my hands and saw that both of them were covered in henna up to 6 inches above my wrist and the design was very beautiful and it covered my palm and also the back of my hand. I scolded the henna guy and said what have you done why have you put henna on my hands. He said that I only agreed to it and did not object when he was putting the henna and perhaps now that you have to pay for it you are doing this false drama so that you don’t have to pay for it. I said it is not about money and suddenly it struck me as if it was in my destiny to get my “Haath peele” perhaps god wanted me to agree to Neel’s proposal. With this realisation I was cheerful again and told the Heena guy that he has done a wonderful job and I will pay him extra money. Then I asked him to write my new name on my forearm and I spelled it for him “NAVYA”. Also, I requested him to put “Neel” in the design he has done on my palms but it should not be easy to find. He also was happy again and started doing his job.

  • #189

    1234 (Tuesday, 29 August 2017 10:05)

    I saw Neel walking slowly towards me from the restaurant. I smiled at him and nodded my head that it was done and I saw a big smile spread on her face. She started walking quickly towards me. When she saw my hands she gasped and said I am so proud of you and I think you are the one for me. You have not only done what I asked you but also done this beautiful design on your hands. I was happy to show her my new name done in henna on my arm. She picked me up and said “Navya, you are the best thing that has happened to me in a long long time and I will take care of you and love you forever” I just shied and went close to her and she gave me a big hug. I couldn’t hug her back as I had henna on my hands. Neel paid the henna artist and also gave him 500 Rs. Tip. I showed my hands to Neel and said now you have to pick up all the shopping bags and carry them home. She smiled at me and said anything for you my dear Navya. We started walking back home it was almost 10:30. Neel was carrying bags in one hand and her one hand was around my waist. The wind was blowing and my hair were coming on my face. I asked Neel “Can you tuck my hair behind my ear”. Neel said “you will never tuck your hair behind your ear, they frame your face so nicely and you should always keep them open”.

  • #190

    1234 (Tuesday, 29 August 2017 10:05)

    We were about to reach my home and I started having butterflies in my stomach, how will mother react when she will see all the changes in my look. She will definitely scold my for keeping my hair open and what will she say about all the heena on my hands and arm. As we knocked on the door, mom was quick to open the door. She welcomed Neel inside and on seeing me she was surprised and only one word came out of her mouth “wow”. Neel said “Isn’t Navya looking beautiful in his new look”. Mom turned toward Neel and said “Who is Navya?”. Neel said “Veena sit down and I will tell you everything. Navya, why don’t you leave your shopping bags in the drawing room and make some tea for all of us.” Neel was already feeling at home and ordering us around. She grabbed mom’s hand and took her to the drawing room. She said “Veena come here and sit down, I will tell you everything”. My henna had dried a little bit by now so I could work in the kitchen. I was in the kitchen making tea and could not hear clearly what Neel was saying but they were talking continuously. When I came out with tea and biscuits for everyone, my mom got up and waited for me to keep the tray on the table, then she kissed me on my forehead and said “Navya I am so happy for you and Neel. You have found the perfect life partner in Neel. Now turn around and let me have a good look at you to see how Neel has changed my Naveen to her Navya.” I stood in front of her and then did a round turn so that she can have a look at me from all side. Mom came close and played with my hair, she looked at my earrings and necklace and then looked at all the heena I had on my hand and arms. I started saying something about the heena on my hands were an accident and it happened because of some confusion but she told me you are looking so pretty and my hands are looking so delicate with all the Heena, you have more heena on your hands and arms then a bride. Mom came close to me again and hugged me and whispered in my ear “Navya I am so happy for you”. Mom was very cheerful, my heena had dried by now and I said I will remove the dried henna and come back. The tea was finished and we were still chatting, but I was feeling very sleepy. Neel asked me to show all my clothes shopping to mom. I showed all the clothes to her and mom appreciated all the different colours and styles. Neel commented “Veena I think these clothes will look good on you too. I think you should try them also.” Mom just laughed it off. I was now yawning a lot as I was very sleepy. Neel said “Navya it has been a long day and you must be tired, why don’t you go and sleep and don’t tie your hair when sleeping keep them open otherwise you will spoil the hairstyle. I want to talk to Veena for some time more and after that I will go.” I said good night to everyone, Neel came to me and kissed me on my lips in front of mom and then I went to my room. I changed in to my kurta payjama and went to bed.

  • #191

    1234 (Tuesday, 29 August 2017 10:20)

    It must have been 2 am when I woke up, I was thirsty and wanted some water. I walked towards the kitchen and saw the light of the drawing room was still on. I started walking towards the drawing room to switch off the lights and I heard the voices of Neel and mom. I was a bit surprised that Neel was still here and they were talking. When I peaked in to the drawing room what I saw surprised me even more, mom was wearing clothes from my shopping, she was in the white jeans and a yellow top with white lotus design that I had bought with Neel. Mom’s hair were open and she was sitting with Neel with her head in Neel’s lap and Neel was playing with my mom’s hair and talking.

  • #192

    1234 (Friday, 01 September 2017 03:37)

    I had never seen mom in anything other than saree and it was a big surprise for me. She was looking much younger in this outfit. I was not angry at seeing this but was very confused on what is going on. I walked in to the room and seeing me mom got up quickly from Neel’s lap and tried cover herself with her hands, she was very conscious of my presence and perhaps embarrassed. Neel had a small smile on her face and called me to come sit with her, she said “Come Navya meet your new sister Vanya”. I said “Vanya?” Neel said “ Yes Vanya, what Veena was doing to herself for so many years was injustice, she needs to enjoy her life and live like a young women. From now on she is not your mother Veena which is a very old name. But from now on she is going to be your sister and her name is Vanya, which is a name suited for a young girl”. Neel continued talking to me “Are you not happy for Vanya, now that she can live a more free and modern life. And both your names are so nice just like sisters, Vanya & Navya. I want you to go hug Vanya and tell her how happy you are for her. I was in a shocked condition and forgotten about my thirst. Mom was standing in front of me in jeans and top with hair open, I had never seen her like this, although she was scared but she was looking very pretty and radiant in this new look. I know whatever Neel will do be for everyone’s good so I went towards mom. I hugged her and said “I am so happy for you didi, and you are looking so pretty like this and I love your new name Vanya. We have matching names now, Navya for me and Vanya for you.” Neel interrupted “You will call each other by name. We will decide later who will be called didi (elder sister).” I did not understand what she was saying but did not question her. I quickly got some water from the kitchen and then sat with both of them. Neel was sitting in the middle of the sofa and she had one arm around me and one arm around Vanya and she was playing with our hair, soothing them down slowly. She told us that she will come for lunch tomorrow and both of us sisters should prepare something nice for her. Neel also said that she is going to book a full day at the spa for all three of us on the day after and we will have a good time together. Neel left after sometime and suddenly the house was very silent. Me and mom collected all the clothes from the shopping and her saree petticoat blouse which was also lying in the drawing room and went to my bedroom. Did mom change her clothes in front of Neel just as I had done in the trial room? But I never asked that question. We both sat on my bed and it was difficult to look at each other and we were staring at the window. I started speaking “so much has happened in one day mom, I don’t know what is happening”. Mom stopped me by putting her hand on my mouth and said “Don’t call me mom any more. As Neel said, I am your sister now and my name is Vanya. You should call me by my new name and I will not feel bad about it.” I said “ok Vanya if we are sisters than why don’t you change out of this jeans and top and we can sleep together like sisters do”. Vanya changed in to a nighty and came back quickly, she was holding a nighty in her hand and said sisters don’t sleep in kurta pyjama, you also change in to proper night dress and threw the nighty at me. I still considered her my mother and was used to doing whatever she said so I took the nighty from her and changed in to it in the bathroom. Me & Vanya were in matching nighty now and we were lying down on my double bed. It was almost 4 am now and both of us were super sleepy and we were in the dream world very quickly. I rarely see dreams, but this time I saw Neel in a sherwani walking towards me and I am wearing a red costume which is very heavy. In my dream I was trying to figure out what I was wearing and suddenly my mom shook me and said get up and have tea, Neel will be coming in 3 hours and we don’t have much time to prepare lunch. I looked at the clock and it was 9 am and then looked at mom and said “good morning mom”. This time she scolded me that stop calling me mom I am your sister Vanya. I checked myself and said “sorry sis I was sleepy but I love you even more as my sis and will always call you Vanya” and we hugged again. Quickly me and Vanya finished tea and went to the kitchen and started preparing for lunch. We worked efficiently as a team and in 2 hours we had prepared a lavish lunch with 5-6 dishes for Neel.

  • #193

    1234 (Friday, 01 September 2017 03:44)

    By now I had stopped questioning what was happening and just going with the flow and doing whatever Neel wanted. Soon I was in a white and red saree, the blouse was of stretchable material so it fitted me well but the front was empty as I had nothing there. Vanya had used lot of pins to tie the saree so that I can manage it easily, then she did my make-up. The lipstick was darker now matching the red colour of saree and also she did my eyes with thick eyeliner, mascara and finally she put a red bindi on my forehead. She kissed my forehead and said you are looking so pretty. She started combing my hair with a middle part and my hair framed my face. As she was combing my hair, I saw her in the mirror and she seemed to be thinking about something. I asked her “ what happened Vanya where are you lost, what are you thinking about”. Then she kept the hairbrush on the dressing table, sat beside me and started talking “Navya, I hope you don’t think that I am a bad mother. I have shared your future spouse with you. But I had not received any pleasure in last 20 years and forgotten all about sex, you were the only thing I had focussed on. Yesterday when Neel started making advances towards me, I did not know how to react and suddenly I was in her arms and I think I got lost in my passion. I am so sorry and I think I will go and talk to Neel and put a stop to what she did to me”. I knew that Neel would not like that and also I had seen my mom enjoying every movement and I was not jealous of her for sharing my Neel. I said “Don’t worry mom, I know you had a good time and you also deserve to enjoy your life. From now on we are sisters and you are Vanya and I am Navya and we have a common lover Neel. Let’s enjoy our life and do what we like and forget about the rules of society. I still love you and will always love you”. We gave each other a hug and started crying, the tears were of relief and happiness. Thankfully my eyeliner and mascara were water proof and I did not spoil my eyes. I checked my saree once and started walking back to Neel and Vanya went to take her bath. Neel was sitting in the drawing room and was still not wearing any clothes, my payal sounds must have told Neel that I am coming and she was looking towards me and smiling. She got up from the sofa and came towards me and hugged me and said “you are looking so pretty and delicate in saree, I think I am going to keep you in sarees only from now on. She kissed me and also her hands explored my blouse and played with my nipples.” I was enjoying her attention and also the way she was playing with my nipples. She said but the blouse is not fitting you well and there is lot of loose cloth in front. I said “I don’t have what is required to fill the extra cloth as the blouse is not made for men.” Neel started laughing and said “you still consider yourself a man. You are my cute and beautiful wife and you are going to be a girly girl. Don’t worry we will do something very soon to fill out the loose cloth”.

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    1234 (Friday, 01 September 2017 03:44)

    Just then Vanya came out she had finished her bath and her hair were wrapped in a towel. She was wearing a saree and just lipstick for make-up. She gave a smile to both of us and I smiled back but the expression on Vanya’s face changed and then when I saw Neel, she looked unhappy and was shaking her head. Neel said to Vanya “young girls don’t wear saree, You are not a mom any more, go and change into a frock or jeans and come back quickly.” Vanya ran back in and also at the same time doorbell rang. Neel said “it must be the food delivery, go and take it from the guy.” I said “but I am in a saree, I can’t show myself to someone like this”. Neel said “you are going to be in sarees from now on so stop doing this and go quickly to open the door”. The doorbell rang again and I rushed to open it otherwise the delivery guy may go back. The delivery guy looked at me and gave a smile and said “Madam your food parcel”. I took the parcel but did not look at him or replied I was lost in my thoughts. What did Neel just say? I will have to wear sarees from now on. Is she going to make me look like a women and act fully like a wife? Am I ready for this, do I want to do all this? Do I love Neel so much that I will do whatever she says? I was walking back lost in my thoughts. Vanya came out from the bedroom and she was now in a jeans and top. She took the parcel from me and said I will open it and set the food on table. I walked back to Neel, she was also wearing her clothes now and I sat by her side and was still lost in my thoughts. I gathered the courage to talk to Neel, I said “were you joking that I will have to wear saree from now on. Why is it so important for you to change the way I look or dress? I love you and will do anything for you but I don’t see the need to these changes in me. Don’t you like me the way I am?” Neel said “You are a silly girl, Navya. You are going to be my wife and it is important for you to dress and look as per your new life. You have already accepted your new name which is a girly name. You act like a girl in front of me and it is important to look the part for your new role in my life. We will not do anything that you don’t like, I don’t want people to laugh at you. Don’t worry my love, all will be ok.” And she gave me a kiss on my lips and I was again lost in my love for her and forgot about everything. Vanya announced that the food is ready and both of us walked to the dining room with my head on her shoulder.

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    1234 (Friday, 01 September 2017 03:45)

    After the dinner was over, I and Vanya both asked Neel to stay back for the night. We all had to go to spa in the morning at 8am so why go to her hotel room for just the night. Vanya asked “Neel why don’t you live with us for rest of your stay and check out of the hotel”. Neel accepted our offer and said let’s all of us go out, we will have coffee somewhere and then we will go to the hotel to take my luggage. As we were all getting ready to go out, I whispered to Neel “can I change out of the saree. I don’t want to go out looking like this”. I think I had made Neel angry again with my request. She called Vanya and said “Get Navya ready quickly for our outing. Give her your tallest heels to wear and also give her some more jewellery to wear, her hands and neck are empty” Neel also whispered something in Vanya’s ear which I could not hear. Vanya took my hand and we walked inside to my bedroom. She said take off your blouse and I will bring all the things that we need from my room. I said “Neel has asked me to go out in saree why you want me take off my blouse”. Vanya said “just do it” and left for her room. When she came back she had lot of stuff in her hands. The first thing that she showed me was a white bra, it was padded. Vanya said “please wear it” and gave it to me. I asked “why bra, don’t you think I have already been humiliated enough”. Vanya said “ with a bra you will look more normal, right now with your flat chest anyone can make out that you are not a female. This will help you in appearing normal and I am doing what Neel told me. So if you have any questions go ask her.” If Neel wanted it then I will have to do it and I took the bra from Vanya. I did not know how to put on a bra, I put my hand through the loops but was not able to reach the hook at the back. Vanya said let me help you and closed the hook in the back, then she tightened the shoulder straps so that the bra was fitted on me. Then she brought some balls that she had made of tissue paper and put them in bra cups. It was a push up bra, I had washed my mother’s lingerie many times and read the ladies magazines that she used to subscribe so I knew a little bit about bra’s. Then she helped me put on the blouse and closed all the hooks, now the blouse was stretched over my chest or should I say my breasts and the yes the shape was more natural now. Then she helped me in wearing saree again. Next came the heels she had brought black heels which had 3 inch heels and even Vanya used to wear them very less as it was difficult to wear them. After helping me with the heels she readjusted my saree so that it covered me feet. Next Vanya removed my earrings and showed me one of her gold sets which had big jhumkas and large necklace and soon it was on me. The jhumka was really heavy, my ear were not used to such heavy jewellery, actually they were not used to jewellery at all and it was paining a little. Mom made me sit on the dressing table and applied my make-up again and this time it was heavier, she had used eye shadow, mascara & eye liner on my eyes and dark red lipstick on my lips. As we walked out of the room I was feeling very shy, my eyes were on the ground and I was concentrating to walk on the high heels taking very small steps and holding Vanya’s hand. When Neel saw me walking like this, she said “you are acting just like a new bride, I am loving your new look”. She came close to me and said “slowly slowly you are becoming the bride that I want. See, there is no loose cloth in the front of your blouse and cupped my breasts in her hand”. I was made to practice walking for the next 15 minutes while Neel & Vanya freshened up. While I was looking fully made up ready to go to a formal party both Neel & Vanya were very casually dressed in a jeans and top. As we were ready to go out Vanya gave me a purse to carry in one hand and in the other hand told me to hold my saree pallu. As Neel helped me go out, I realized that in heels I was almost the same height as her and can see her eye to eye.

  • #196

    Radhika (Saturday, 02 September 2017 05:12)

    Inspiration from Telugu movie part 1
    There is two villages and two leaders Murthy and Annaji , but only one can rule both the village who is strong, so for this always that two leaders family and there people are fighting each other and so many people are died for it. But what happened is Murthy get the baby boy but Annaji get baby girl, due to this all people told since Murthy has son he will be powerful and his son will be further of the village so for both village he only become the leader, and Annaji felt embarrassing because he lost the power because of he is a father of baby girl, he started to hate that girl Madhuri and always betting her, on the other hand Murthy is proud of his son and raising him like him, so that his son Ajay also become leader like him.
    Madhuri is always getting scolding from her father seeing this Madhuri aunty means Madhuri father's sister take her to city because if she is in this village only Annaji may kill her due to anger. Like this both are grown up to teenage, Ajay become young leader of village he is so muscular and macho guy having big mustache and always riding bullet bike with his followers,all village girls have crash and also fear of him because he is harsh husky muscular boy with strong body, on the other hand Madhuri is complete her education in city and she is very beautiful and intelligent and smart girl, she wants to return to her village and do agriculture in scientific way. When she is returning to village she saw Ajay and think because of him only she is away from her father this time, when she returns to home his father not give interest and go outside.
    Next day there is village festival is going on and wrestling match going on Ajay is fighting for village, but the opposite guy bit the Ajay and Ajay is lost the match and village is in sham position, suddenly Madurai jump into the wrestling field and tell the opponent to fight with her, he is laugh and told go home and do cooking and cleaning this place is not for girls, it is fighting computation not rongoli computation, she tie her hair and her dress with duppatha and take jump towards him and give him one punch he fall to ground and again they started to fight, Ajay is seeing all, finally Madhuri bit him and she win the wrestling. Everyone told she save our village. But Ajay felt embarrassing because begin a boy he lost but begin a girl Madhuri win. He wants to teach her a lesson.
    After that Madhuri father anger went and he started to love his daughter because she makes him proud now. She is strong because her aunty send her to gym in city. Next day when she is working in agriculture land Ajay alone try to attack her, but she is more stronger than him and she only bet him and put him one alone house.
    Madurai: Hey babe why are so worry, you are such a pretty.
    Ajay: what pretty!? I am not girl like you to be pretty I am strong because I am a boy.
    Madhuri: Being a boy not make you strong, but this village people don't know that and make your father as leader and because of it I am away from my father so I want to teach you and show what feminine is.
    She started to feminization of him by showing lots of video and telling him you are feminine. Like this she is doing for a month, everyone is searching for Ajay but he is in control of Madurai finally she shows a video of mother giving birth to kids and tell him she how strong woman is and went outside, when she returns to alone house she not able to she Ajay, but she feels someone holding her legs. When she saw she gets surprise because it's Ajay, he wearing one of Madurai old chudidar holding her legs and asking for sorry. He realised the power of women, and he is ready to serve her, she ask him shall you become my wife, he simply agreed, she became happy and left and kiss him, he got shy, then she make him to sit on her lap due to less food and feminization he lost his muscular body and looking slim, she told him to shave his mustache, he agreed and shaved it and put his shaved mustache to her legs and tell her I completely become your submission wife from now onwards and my name is Ajali and you are my Madhusudan, she left his face from her feet and tell him make everyone accept you are not muscular but feminine and make your father to agree for our marriage where you will be my wife and I will be your husband he agreed and went to his home.

  • #197

    Radhika (Saturday, 02 September 2017 05:13)

    Part 2
    When Ajay come to his home after a long time everyone become happy his father ask where he went he told because he lost the wrestling match he went out of village, next day his father ask him to come with him but he told he is not comfortable to come outside because of lost in match his father alone went with his followers and in home only Ajay and his mother is there.
    He went to his mother and ask her shall he help him in kitchen, his mother told no you are a boy why you work in kitchen, he told he gets bored so he comes to help, his mother become happy because she gets help for her house work, she told him to wash the vegetables and cut, after Ajay ask his mother to teach him also cooking so he will help she started to teach him cooking and both done the lunch, he also help his mother to cleaning the house and when her mother went to wash cloth he comes behind and started to wash the clothes. His mother mother imaging him how he previously and now, previously he is not doing any work and simply rooming outside but today he washing sarees and helping his mother in cooking.
    Like this everyday after Ajay father went outside he started to help his mother in cooking and cleaning and washing the clothes, he became close to his mother and both of them started to watching ladies serials and ladies program like makeup and cooking in TV and Ajay also started to grow his hair long and now he became master in house hold work and cooking and cleaning and washing. He gets training from his mother how to be Indian housewife, where every mother give to her daughter but her she is training her son.
    After six months one day after work when both Ajay and his mother watching a serial where one mother and daughter sentiment screen going on both Ajay and his mother crying that screen after that Ajay Went to his mother and ask her to braided his hair, her mother become happy and make him sit infornt of her and started to brush his long hair when she pulls all his hair back he feels like heaven, he holding one small mirror in his hand while his mother braiding his hair single plate. After that suddenly he gets up and wear one bindi and show to his mother, she loves seeing him in braided hairstyles and bindi on his face. She started to cry , he asked why she takes him to her room and show him a jewellery box which is given by her mother, she told this jewellery I need to give to my daughter but you only I got as a son I am very worried about this jewellery but today I not worry if you wear all this jewelries, Ajay started to cry by hugging her mother and agreed to wear, but her mother told you can't wear this jewellery in pants and shirt you must wear saree for that Ajay agreed happily, then she gives him a blouse and petticoat and he wear that after she opens a saree which is silk saree green in colour with golden boarder and tell to Ajay this is her wedding saree and place that saree on Ajay shoulder, Ajay become happy and told to his mother in India every daughter first saree is from her mother's wardrobe like that I am wearing my mother saree as my first saree mom and you know happiness is wearing mother olds saree and both hug each other and crying with happiness, Ajay mother teaches him how to wear saree and she dress him neatly in saree after that she takes jewellery box and him to Pooja room she put jewellery and 24 green glass bangles and make Ajay to do Pooja and pray the God after that she takes earrings from box and pedicure his ear and make him wear big earrings he is gets pain she ask him did it's hurts, he told he is enjoying that pain, then she put necklace and other jewellery then she put Payal to his leg and she started to put bangles to his hand. She put 12 green glass bangles and two golden bangles to his both hands and his hand looking very feminine then she take him to her room and started to do makeup and put big bindi on his face and puts lot's of flowers to his hair. But of them enjoying but Ajay father come and started to scolding both of them and started to bit Ajay.
    On that time Madurai come to rescue him and she is standing boldly where Ajay holding her hand and standing behind her in scarry look. She told he is my wife you don't have right to bit him he is your son not enemy instead of hating everyone loves everyone and she makes realised him. Finally Ajay father agreed to marriage where Madhuri is husband and Ajay is wife after marriage Ajay father told from today onwards Madurai will be the leader of this both villages. Madhuri sit on leader chair in proudly and her father also now proud of her then Ajay sit on Madhuri lap in crossing his leg then Madhuri put her hand on Ajay shoulder and pulled him towards her.

  • #198

    1234 (Monday, 04 September 2017 16:36)

    As we arrived at spa there was a team of employees waiting for us. We were welcomed with a glass of wine and we were taken in to separate rooms. I was given a gown and asked to remove all my clothes and just wear the gown. I was helped by a lovely girl, her name was Priya and she was very pretty. Priya took me to a room and said please take of your gown and lie on this bed. She said “Don’t be shy with me, I see nude people in my work every day”. So much had happened in the last few days that I was ok to follow whatever orders I get. I lied on the bed which was high, almost the height of table. Priya said that she will start with my waxing and said it will be better if I finish my glass of wine so that the pain will be a little less. I gulped the full glass and Priya started her work. The pain was crazy, although I did not have much hair but still I shrieked with pain. Priya was very thorough and she waxed me everywhere, even my bat and balls were waxed and it was the most painful. After the waxing she helped me take a shower and I was back on the table and she started a massage to relieve the pain and I enjoyed it and was feeling better now. Then she brought an instrument and gave me dark glasses to wear and started using it on my face, it was sending a current kind of thing to my skin. Priya explained that this is for permanent hair removal and I will not have any face hair after this. Does this mean that my moustache is gone forever? I was now going with the flow and stopped worrying about anything. My face was done in an hour and it was still stinging and a little puffy. Priya said “you can wear your robe and come with me.”
    I was taken to another room and made to sit on a salon chair and 6 girls came in the room. The three of them were behind me and along with Priya started looking at my hair and one of the girl started combing my hair. One girl soaked my feet in a bowl of water and another girl did the same with my hands, I think I was going to get a pedicure and manicure. Another girl told me to look up and started applying a paste all over my face and neck and also put cucumber slice on my eyes. The girls behind me had started parting my hair and they were pulling and pushing my hair and doing all sort of things. After sometime my face mask was removed and my face felt very fresh. I saw that my hands and feet were also done. All 20 nails were painted in bright red and my finger nails were very long almost 3/4th inch longer than my fingers and made my fingers looked very slim and feminine. The people behind me were still going on with my hair and I don’t know what they were doing. My head was getting heavier and heavier as if they were putting lot of things in it but I had no clue of what was being done. Then a cart was pulled by the side of my chair and they started putting aluminium foils and colour in my hair. In 30 minutes my head was full of aluminium foil and the weight on my head was even more. I was put under a hair dryer and given a copy of Femina to read. Another girl came and started putting henna on my feet. Then another girl came with a piercing gun and started preparing my ears. When I asked her what she was going to do, she said that Neel has told them what to do.

  • #199

    1234 (Monday, 04 September 2017 16:38)

    I felt 3 more piercings in each of my ear, one just above the lobe, one on the top and one on the middle cartilage. I wanted to ask why she was doing this but she was only following orders and did not know why it was being done. Then she opened my robe and applied antiseptic to my belly button and it was pierced too with a ring which had a big red stone and a bell hanging from it. Then two girls helped me get up holding all the aluminium foils on my head and took me for hair wash. After that my head was wrapped in a towel and we came back to the salon chair. Priya came back and started sectioning my hair and then she picked up a scissor and comb, I said please don’t cut my hair short and she started laughing and saying don’t worry soon you will have the longest hair in your family. I was perplexed on how I can have hair longer than Vanya. She cut my hair from various angles and I could see the hair falling on the floor which were of different colour from my natural hair, some blonde some light brown, had they changed my hair colour also? Then Priya started putting my hair in hair rollers and when she had put all my hair in curlers I was under the hair dryer again. In 30 minutes my hair were dry and one of the girls started working on my face, she threaded my eyebrows, were they going to make them even thinner from what was done 2 days back. While all this was going on I had already drank 4 glasses of wine and was slightly dizzy and lost in my own thoughts. Suddenly Neel came to see me and said “you are looking so pretty and you are even more beautiful than what I dreamt”. Even Neel was looking very good, her hair had been cut very short in the back but the sides were a little longer covering her ears. Even in the robe provide by spa she was looking so good and I so wanted to get in her strong arms and have a long warm hug and kiss with her. She asked the girls to leave us alone for some time. As the girls left, she attacked me and we had a long and passionate kiss. Soon I was on my knees and giving her a good licking and brought her to an orgasm. Once she was normal, she said I have a gift for you too and said turn towards the wall and bend down. I did as she said, she pulled down my panties and approached my virgin ass with her finger, which was dipped in some liquid, once her finger slide in it sent shivers through my body. Soon she replaced her finger with a rubber kind of thing and it entered deeper in my ass. I turned to look at her and I could see a smile on her face. She said “you can stand straight now” and took out a small remote from her pocket and pressed a button. The thing inside me started vibrating slowly giving a soft massage to my prostrate and sending loads of pleasure currents through my body. I could not take it and had to hold Neel or else I would have fallen down. Neel’s strong arms gave me support while I tried to get my balance. I was able to stand again but the slow pulse of the thing in my ass was sending shivers throughout my body and my mind was a mess by now. Neel quickly put a sanitary pad in my panty and pulled it up. She helped me sit back on the salon chair and when I sat the plastic thing pushed even deeper in to me.

  • #200

    1234 (Monday, 04 September 2017 16:39)

    I was now almost semi-conscious because of the waves of pleasure running through my body. Neel gave a kiss on my lips and said enjoy your first fuck and left me in the room. The girls came back immediately and started working on my face but now I was in a different planet and lost in my pleasure. I don’t remember what all they did, they made me stand and sit and look up and look down. The girl with piercing gun cam again and starting cleaning left side of my nose. I was almost at my climax and did not even bother to ask what she was doing. The movement the nose pin pierced my nose I came, I think it was the biggest climax I had ever had till now. I felt the pain of nose piercing but it was lost between the effect of wine and the climax I had. I shuddered so much that two girls had to hold me as if I had an epilepsy seizure. It must have taken me 5-10 minutes to gain my composure and then the girls started their work again. Thankfully the pad in my panties absorbed everything and I did not create a mess, but the thing in my ass was still doing it’s work and I was building toward another climax. The girls had started with my makeup and they were doing a very detailed job, with false eye lashes and lots of cosmetics. I think I came again during the makeup session and it happened when the girl was applying lipstick to my lips. My shuddering messed up the lipstick and she started laughing and had to wipe my lips and apply it again. I think the girls knew what was happening in my ass but I was not bothered anymore with what others thought or knew, I was so happy in my dream world. Once my face was done, Priya came back and started taking out the rollers from my hair. She put lot of hairspray and left my hair open. Priya took me back to the waxing room and asked me to lie down on the table. She applied artificial breasts to my chest which looked very real and then with makeup ensured that no one can see the seam where they attached to my skin. Then she brought my clothes and with the help of another girl helped me wear a very heavy saree. The saree had embroidery everywhere and must be weighing 5-6 kg, it was in dark pink colour with yellow and green border. It was very difficult to hold it and Priya put lot of safety pins in all the places so that I can carry it comfortably. As I looked down I saw that the blouse was very deep cut and my cleavage was clearly visible, covered with just the net of the saree. Then I was given three inch black stiletto heels to wear and Priya helped me walk in it. I did a few rounds of the room. The heels very thin and the thing in my ass was still working and it made walking even more difficult, but slowly I could get my balance if I walked very slowly with one feet in front of the other. Few of my hair came in front while walking and I was amazed to see them. They very long almost touching my waist and when I cheked my back the hair were almost up to my hips. Also, the hair was now light brown with lot of blond hair mixed in it. Priya said no peeking you will see the final result very soon so don’t try to see what we have done with your hair.

  • #201

    1234 (Monday, 04 September 2017 16:45)

    Then came all the jewellery, I got very heavy earrings and also the earring in my other 3 piercings in each ear were changed. I could feel the weight of so much jewellery in my ears, although I was not allowed to touch it. The nose ring was also replaced by a big one which was touching my upper lip and from it a chain was attached to my left ear. I got 2 necklaces and about 18 bangles of glass and gold in both my hands. Then a waist chain and armbands (bajuband) were put. I got 3 rings in each of my hand and a very heavy payal was put on my feet which had 100s of small bells making lot of tinkling sounds. And finally she took out contact lenses which were blue in colur and inserted them in my eyes. Priya checked my final look and did a few touch up of my make-up especially my lips, she applied a fuity lip gloss which smelled of strawberry.
    Priya said are you ready for your big reveal, I will take you to meet Neel and Vanya and I just nodded. Priya gave me another glass of wine to help my nerves before we go to meet them, I saw my lipstick mark on the wine glass and it was the same pink as my saree. How far I had come in last three days, from a handsome boy with a big moustache to such a feminine look in heavy jewellery and saree, I don’t know what more is there in my future. Priya then held my left hand and we slowly walked out of the room to the reception area of the Spa and then she took me to a side room which had a few sofas. She helped me stand in the middle of the room and adjusted my saree and jewellery and said wait here and Neel & Vanya will come in a minute. In a few seconds Neel and a young girl entered from 2 different doors. I say a young girl because it took me a few seconds to recognize that she is my mother, more about that later. Neel’s was looking so charming in a blue pant suit and a cream blouse with blue shoes. She came forward and took me in her arms and said you are looking so magnificent and gave me a big hug and a kiss on my cheeks so as to not mess my makeup. I kissed her back and whirpered in her ear “Can you stop this devil in my ass? I cannot stand straight for long.” Neel gave me a smile and took out the remote to stop the thing. She said “I hope you had a good time with my rubber friend. Soon you will get the real pleasure.” Her hand grabbed my crotch and she could feel the wet & heavy sanitary pad and said “My Navya likes her new friend and you have been naughty with her.” I was relieved by switching off of the vibrating dildo but also felt an emptiness in my rear as the action stopped. I just wanted to be in Neel’s arms and closed my eyes.

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    1234 (Monday, 04 September 2017 16:58)

    As we both were getting cosy Vanya came forward and my attention went to her, she was looking so sweet and it was very difficult for me to believe that she is my mother. Her hair had been cut short in a chin length bob with lot of spiral curls on the sides which were tied with pink ribbon, front hair were cut in thick bangs which covered her full forehead and just touched her eyebrows. She was wearing a baby pink frock with white flower print, the frock was just up to her knees. She was wearing pink pearl earrings. Necklace and bracelet were also single strand of pink pearls which looked like plastic jewellery that little girls wear. She was wearing white frilly socks and pink mary-jane shoes with no heel. She was hardly wearing any make-up, I think just a little lip gloss and blush on her rosy cheeks. She was looking so cute in this young girl look and for effect she was also holding a Hello Kitty doll in her hands which was making her look so adorable. I think she was feeling a little shy of her new look as she was not looking me directly in the eyes. I was taller than her earlier but with my 3 inch heels she was not even coming up to my shoulder height. I bent down to look at her and pushed her chin up to have a good look at her face. I said “oh, Vanya you are looking so pretty and I love your new look and I am so happy for you. Come to me and give me a hug”. She came forward and wrapped her arms around me, but because of the height difference her arms were around my waist, just like little kids hug their parents. I said to Neel “you have done a complete transformation of Veena and no one can now imagine that she is my mother”. Neel said “Yes now she is your younger sister Vanya and she is fitting the role perfectly”. Vanya had not spoken till now and Neel asked her “Vanya do you like how Navya didi is looking”. Vanya hesitated to speak and then said “Nabya dhidhi ith looking so pretthy” more than her comment I was surprised by why she was talking with a lisp.

  • #203

    1234 (Monday, 04 September 2017 17:00)

    NeeI understood my surprise and said “Vanya, show Navya your tongue”. When Navya showed her tongue, I was surprised to see a golden ring piercing her tongue which also had a pink pearl in it. Neel said “Isn’t her tongue piercing so cute, they had numbed the tongue to do the piercing and the little lisp when she speaks will go away by tomorrow”. I was a bit scared now of what all Neel had done to both of us and what more she had planned. Vanya was cheerful again and said (I will not write what Vanya said with the lisp as it will be difficult to understand and translate it to proper English) “Navya you are looking like a heavenly bride and I could never imagine that you can carry off everything so elegantly. Your long hair and fully made-up face is so beautiful and I love the way you are looking in this saree with all the jewellery. Am I also looking pretty, I have not seen myself till now and from your reaction I think I am looking good.” I realized that even I have not seen myself till now and we both turned towards Neel and said “Can we look at our self, please.” Neel gave a little laugh and said don’t you believe me when I say that you both are looking gorgeous. We pleaded again and Neel said “ok let me call Priya”. Priya came in and started moving the curtain on one of the wall which revealed a full wall to wall mirror.

  • #204

    Radhika (Tuesday, 05 September 2017 13:52)

    I am Raj, Today morning I getup and take head bath after that I wear towel to my head for drying my long hair after that I went to my room and wear my pant and shirt, then I went outside to draw a Rangoli in welcome design because today my sister is coming after winning a cup for India in cricket match. She is very good cricket player and hitting ball likes a man. But I don't have any interest in sports insisted of sports I have interest in art, so I am drawing rongoli infront of our house. After that I went to kitchen to help my mother because she is preparing food for my sister and other guests attending the party today to welcome her. I am know cooking very well because I learnt from my mother but my sister doesn't know it.
    My told me to clean the house before everyone come so I went outside and started to clean the house after the food prepared my mother told me to get ready so I went to room to get ready, I open the towel tired to my long hair and make it free then I take a coumb and started to brush my long hair after it I braided my long hair to single plate it comes until my butt. After that seeing my pretty face in mirror I lost the world I take all fairness Cream and powder and apply then I saw bindi of my mother I thought of wearing it but I am scared and leave, I heard sounds outside I thought my sister come.
    I take the arthi and started to do arthi and put Tilak to her, she is standing wearing a men's suit and holding the cups she win like a boy while I am holding arthi to welcome her like a girl. Then once she comes inside my father hugs her and told I am proud of you my son. Hearing this I felt bad because he not told this words until now but he is tell this to his daughter, tears are sit in eyes but my mother come and hold my shoulder back I rub the tears and went to room I sitting on the bed by holding one nailpolish which takes me to back.
    When my sister born my father start to raise her as son he is taking her to gym and all and always give her boys clothes with all freedom, but my mother missing her daughter she wants her daughter to dress pretty and she likes to give the long hair braid but my father don't allow my sister to kept long hair and dress as a girl so my sister growing like a boy with playing all sorts and going to gym and wearing boys clothes. After I bron again my mother gets disappointed because I am boy, but when I grow up I am not interested in any spots or physical work I like to play with girls with dolls and like to play kitchen game with toys my father is disappointed because of it and always scolding me but my mother always comes to my rescue at that time my father goes with my sister to teach her cricket. So I am alone with my mother I am like wear nailpolish my mother happily apply it to me, she is starting to teach me house hold work and cooking I am happy learning it I told my mother I will have long hair she agreed and I started to grow it long and my mother raise me like daughter we both watching ladies program and serials and discuss about sarees and jewellery.
    Holding this nailpolish I am remembering all my mother called me and tell me to serve the food to all and my sister and guests are eating one of them ask how is this guy serving the food my father not told anything but my sister gets up and told he is my cute and pretty bother, in home I will go out ot play while he is cooking food for us, while I come home and see TV and sleep while he is doing house hold work while I riding a bike while he is sitting backside sit, while he tied me Rakhi and I give gifts to him, I am rude and playing in sunny day while he is pretty and washing my clothes and cleaning my plates. I am proud of him and because of his support and pray I am winning the cup. Hearing I feel very happy and started to cry due to happiness, and run to my room my sister come in and put one beautiful saree on my shoulder and tell me this is gift for you bro please wear this my mother come and take me inside and started to dress up me in saree, then she gives bangles and jewellery and accessories I looking like a girl and I am feeling very happy and feminine I come out my sister told me you are looking very beautiful in this saree bother I bring someone special to you and she shows me her friend, she is also looking handsome like my sister, Her name is Priya and she is also sports woman and having very good athletic build body my sister told she already discussed about me and Priya is agreed to marry me and accept me as her wife and I will be her wife and she will be my husband. I and my mother cry due to happiness and my father and sister and all clapping when Priya left me easily and kissing me I bring with shy because begin a girl she is wearing pant and shirt and lefting me when I am wearing a saree.

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    Nisha ki Maa (Wednesday, 06 September 2017 08:25)

    It all started when I was feeling lonely. I had just broken up with my girlfriend and I was feeling really horny. I remembered how I felt when I grabbed a pair of her silk panties and jerked off into them. I don't know what made me think of it, but I realized my mom was at work, and I was wondering if she had some nice panties.

    I went into her room, opened up her panty drawer. The smell of pussy waived into my nose. I noticed she had a lot of sexy panties. My cock was straining my jeans. I grabbed the first pair of silk panties; a nice black pair, with lace trim. I dropped my jeans, lay down on her bed, wrapped my hard cock in them. I did that for a few minutes and then I grabbed another pair of panties and brought them to my nose. The smell was intoxicating. I jerked off with more enthusiasm. The feel of the panties and the smell drove me so far of the edge, I took my jeans off all the way and I put her undies on.

    I started rubbing my cock through the panties. I guess I must have had my eyes closed, because the next thing I noticed, was my mom standing in the door way, her had up her skirt, and down the front of her panties. I could feel my cheeks turning red, and I started to sit up.

    My mom said, "don't let me stop you," as she came to the bed. Her hand came out from under her skirt and she sat down beside me. My hand was still on my dick and she took it away. She then said, "You look so hot in my panties". She reached up under her skirt, removed her panties and handed them to me. The pale blue cotton panties were wet, had the faintest smell of her pussy, and I immediately brought them to my nose. She started rubbing my penis through the panties I was wearing. I swear it grew another inch the second she touched it.

  • #206

    Nisha ki Maa (Wednesday, 06 September 2017 08:26)

    She started rubbing it more and more, all the while telling me how she wanted to see me in more of her panties. She could tell I was close to cumming, because all of a sudden she removed her hand, pulled the panties down, and took my cock in her mouth. I knew I wasn't going to last long. With the smell of her panties, and her mouth on my cock, the stimulation was just too much. I started to shake and lost it. I unloaded my cum down her throat. She took it all and what seemed like an eternity, she released my cock and smiled. I still had her wet panties on my nose and was just breathing in her pussy smell, as I regained my senses. She went to her dresser, started rummaging thru her drawers, and she pulled out another pair of panties, a bra, garter belt and stockings. The bra and panties were a hot pink, and the garter belt and stockings were black.

    She then took me to the bathroom, ran a bath, and told me to shave off all my hair. I then realized, not only did she want to see me in her panties, but all her clothes as well. I started getting more turned on, and I got in the tub. My mom left and I shaved all my hair off. After half an hour, I got out, and went back to her room. There she was.. in a short red nighty, red panties, and red stockings. My cock was hard again at this point. My mom helped me get dressed. The stockings on my shaved legs was a feeling I have never experienced before. The garter belt was next wrapped around my waist, the panties and bra went on after. My cock was nearly ready to break out of the panties I was wearing, and I could tell my mom like what she saw. I was standing in the middle of her room, and she came up to me and started rubing my cock. She then took my hand and placed it between her legs. She was wet. She led me to her bed, lay me down, and started kissing me. She kissed my stocking covered legs, went up to my cock, and started licking and kissing my cock thru the panties. She swivelled her body around, so her pussy was above my nose. She made a comment about my 21st birthday coming up, and how we were going out as girls, and started sucking my cock. All I could think of as I stuck my tongue up her pussy, was can't wait.

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    1234 (Wednesday, 06 September 2017 11:19)

    As I looked at the mirror, I could not see myself in the mirror, I saw Neel, Priya, Vanya and a model in a saree in the mirror. Then it hit me that model in the mirror was actually me and I was shocked at my look and lost my balance. I had to hold on to Neel’s arm so that I don’t fall. Slowly I took a few steps toward the mirror to look at myself. For Vanya it was easy to run quickly towards the mirror in her flat shoes and frock to look at herself. As I came closer to mirror and looked at myself it was very difficult for me to recognise myself. Let me describe myself, my hair were very long, they were below my waist and I was almost a blonde with a mix of light brown and blonde highlights, I had some layers around my face and the hair were loosely curled. I touched my hair and they were real hair and I was looking like Rapunzel. I had 4 piercings in each of my ear now. My nose was pierced too and the nose ring was huge. My eyes were now blue in colour, the colour of deep blue sea with thin arched eyebrows, thick long eyelashes and lot of makeup. My makeup was very exquisite and classy and made me look very beautiful. I was wrapped tightly in my saree and all my curves were visible. As Neel came close to me and her arms wrapped around my waist we looked like a beautiful couple. Neel didn’t give me much chance to look at myself and said “I am so hungry, let’s go out to eat”. I said “like this” and she said “you are always going to be like this from now on”. I was holding on to Neel’s arm as we walked out and Vanya held my other hand and in her other hand was her doll. Priya came while we were leaving and gave me a clutch to carry with me and she said that it had all my things in it.
    We went to a restaurant nearby and sat down to eat and Neel started talking. She said “Navya you know you are wearing something of Vanya on your body”. I said “what, I don’t know”. Neel said “the hair on your head is Vanya’s. Once her hair was cut they were made in to extensions and attached to your hair.” Neel ordered food for all of us, she ordered children menu of burger fries and apple juice for Vanya, only a salad for me and grilled fish for herself. Vanya spoke “Can I ask you something Neel?” Neel said “go ahead baby”. Vanya said “What are your plans with us and what all are you doing to us and why are you doing this”. Neel said “Ok, let me tell you everything. I was not serious about marriage but when I met Navya I think the idea developed in my head that I can be married and not be the wife and that is what I have been working on. I am going to marry Navya and he is going to be the wife both in looks and action. Navya will dress like a wife in saree and all the pretty dresses, take care of the house work, she won’t have to do any house work but supervise the maids and ensure that the house is running smoothly, take care of my pleasure and also do all the rituals that a wife does and also love doing all this.” “Won’t you Navya?” she asked me. I nodded my head and said “Neel, so many things have happened and I am completely transformed beyond my imagination. At the same time I have enjoyed my few days with you and started loving you and will love to be with you and be yours forever.” Neel kissed me and said then let me offer you something to seal it and took out a box from her pocket and from the box took out a beautiful diamond ring. She took my left hand in her hand and said “Navya, will you be my wife”. I nodded and she put the ring in my finger, I became emotional and a few tears came out.

  • #208

    1234 (Wednesday, 06 September 2017 11:20)

    Vanya came to hug me and said I am so happy for you two. Neel took me in her arms and gave me a deep kiss to seal our love. As we settled down again, Neel looked at Vanya and said “When I saw you, I saw a sad person who had nothing much left in her life. After Navya’s marriage to me, I would have taken her to my home and you would have been alone. So I thought I need to help you too, to live your life fully. Vanya, you are going to be now a young girl, I will get you a new i.d. of a 25 year old girl and you will be now Navya’s younger sister and my adhi gharwali. You can do so many fun things in your life and also I will help you live all your dreams. As you are going to be my Saali or aadhi gharwali you also get a ring and she took out another ring from the box which had a smaller diamond then mine and put it in Vanya’s left hand finger.” I could see all the happiness on Vanya’s face and she said “Thank you Neel for making me too a part of your life.” Both mine and Vanya’s lipstick was messed up so we excused ourselves to the ladies room and freshened our make-up, we gave each other a long warm hug and also shed a few tears. Me and Vanya were so happy for us and loved what had happened so far.”
    As we were finishing our dinner, I said Neel do you have any other outfit for me as this saree is so heavy. Neel said ok let’s do some shopping and soon we were hitting the mall. When we came back to our home, I had changed in to an anarkali suit and Vanya had changed in to another frock dress. We all were carrying several packets of clothes and Neel had also purchased a few bottles of wine. As Neel opened the first bottle, she said ok let the fashion show begin and we started going inside to change in to our new clothes with all the bags. Neel stopped us and said “No you change here, in front of me.” Me and vanya agreed and started taking off our clothes. I tried the 4 suits, 3 cocktail dresses and 3 gowns I had bought and showed to Neel. Vanya had bought many frocks, 3 jumpsuits with shorts and a denim skirt which she tried and showed to Neel. My hair were looking so lovely and I was just in love with the way my long blonde hair made me look sexy in all my dresses. We also finished 2 bottles of wine in the 2 hour fashion show that we did and all of us were high. The night was as colourful as 2 days back. Neel rode me to heaven and I licked her to the pleasure world and we did this till 4 in the morning. We were exhausted and slept till noon the next day. When we woke up we took the bath together. I changed in to one of the salwar suits I had bought yesterday and Vanya was in a yellow frock and Neel in a comfortable pair of jeans.
    We had ordered lunch at home and as we finished our lunch Neel said “You both are going to a place with me in the evening for the final step of your transformation.” We both asked Neel several times for more details but she did not say anything and we all were getting cosy again and had another great round of sex. We must have woken up at about 6 pm and Neel said “Girls get ready quickly for our appointment”. We freshened up and started doing our makeup, I had practiced well by now and was quickly done with my lips and eyes and brushed my hair. Vanya in her young girl look did not wear any makeup just a little Vaseline on her lips to make them look shiny.

  • #209

    1234 (Wednesday, 06 September 2017 11:21)

    As Neel drove us to our destination, I asked her again of where we are going but she did not say anything. Soon we were entering a hospital and were at the admission counter. A girl was waiting for us and took us straight to our room on the 15th floor of the hospital. It was a private floor with only 4 rooms and two of them were attached which had my and Vanya’s name on them. I and Vanya were again asking Neel of why she is getting us admitted to the hospital. Neel said “This is the next step in your makeover for your new role. Don’t worry this will make you look even more beautiful and sexy.” I said “Please Neel don’t do any surgery on us. Are you going to cut my penis.” Neel started laughing and said “No silly Navya, I love your little thing and it is not going anywhere. You will be looking even more prettier and beautiful when we leave from here.” Vanya said “Neel please don’t do anything extreme on us. I don’t want bigger boobs.” Neel said “just relax and have faith on me. Don’t you trust me? Have I done anything to both of you till now that you have not liked? You will be even more happy with your look when we are done here.” The nurses had come by then and took us to our rooms and helped us change in to our hospital gowns. The screen was removed from between our rooms and me & Vanya can see each other from our bed. Neel came and gave a goodnight kiss on Vanya’s forehead and my lips were sucked as she said goodnight to us. The nurse had put an i.v. line on both of us and she put some injection in it and both of us sleeping very soon.
    In the morning a doctor visited us, she was an anaesthesiologist. She took our history and said you both will be in surgery for almost the whole day and then we will keep you asleep for the next 5 to 7 days as you recover and you will be fine and leave the hospital in a weeks’ time. She injected a drug in our i.v. line and asked us to count from 1 to 10. I think I could count only up to 5 before I became unconscious. I woke up and felt lot of aches in my body, as I opened my eyes I saw a nurse standing above me and she said “Go back to sleep” and she pressed some button. I think I got more of the sleeping drug and was again in my dream world. I had lot of dreams, most of them I don’t remember. I saw me and Neel in a garden having a picnic and Vanya playing skipping rope. I saw Neel taking off my ghunghat and kissing me. I saw Neel marrying me and putting sindoor in my hair and mangalsutra around my neck. I saw me and Vanya getting our hair done in a hair salon. I must have woken up some more times, I could feel lot of bandages on my face and on my body, there were big headphones on my ear and also I could feel a dildo in my ass.
    This time when I woke up I did not feel any pain and also there were no bandages on my body. As I opened my eyes I saw Neel smiling at me. I extended my hand toward her and said “Neel where have you been. I want you and need you by my side.” The voice that came from my mouth was different, it was much lower and thinner and I did not recognise my own voice.

  • #210

    sripriya (Wednesday, 06 September 2017 14:56)

    My name is Hemanth and my mother's name is Nothing.Later I'm staying with her.I am also a 2-year difference.My father is married to another woman and we all live in the town on the side. My father often came home my mother saying anything Dad and me to that house will take, but Lata wont even varamattalanta at home mom and I take good care kolvarkalavar name Revathi them plenty to eat inflict's why I walk home, they Lata why not come and asked, I do not know what the Told

  • #211

    sripriya (Wednesday, 06 September 2017 14:58)

    The next day, Revathi mummy also went to the shop. Revathi mummy took the sari and took me a skirt and took a jewel in the jewelry store.After arriving at home I told him to show that skirt and shirt. I do not want to say that the female children will do this. He is you The girl's baby was saying that I was holding her hand and I thought I'll put this skirt shirt and they kissed my happiness. He named me Hema. When I'm studying in the fifth grade, The boy is in that house Revathi mother looked at me and happy for me to hug and kiss kotuttarappa work has gone Obamacare for mother and Ajay and Vijay have 2 boys, they Obamacare mother her name Hema your sister told me that they and me sister, saying, alaittarkalmarunal morning Mama raised a packet child so ne E do not sleep that raised the threshold to amplify said Sakura utensils washed connara atarkulamma cooked vittaramma me to take a bath to escort him to take a bath and then yellow body Apply on the face and put just the etukkunnu asked packet bathes this pucin of the disease to prevent said. When three of us go to school, mother said to me that you told me that you can talk or play with boys. When Lata arrived on the way to her, she did not like them. Ajay immediately called her Latha. At the school I was talking to Lata when Ajay Akanan called me Lata immediately asked me what a little boy he did not know that she did not know if she did not know if I had to tell him I asked him if I asked him a boy asked Vijaya stating I fast stopped him Dattan immediately lata come and lifts him and he ran away. Lata she is a little boy than you can not beat him. She said you are right to call me right away. And she also got up and asked me if he had cried. I cried. I immediately cried when she got up and I went back .

  • #212

    sripriya (Wednesday, 06 September 2017 14:59)

    -------- / --- / -----
    On after school and went to the house mother to the school what had happened and told them my daughter itukkellam not cry off by saying that tomorrow we get out to the store and go Eni connarmarunal Elise mother come to the school to pick me up in the evening and come home, and that Obamacare with mom make clothes polamnu colliyirukkannnu told Amma Carinu also went on to say. In the afternoon, Revathi mummy came to school and talked to the teacher and asked me to go shopping.I also went with him. First we took the clothes and came out of the jewelry. I thought that I was home but when I went to a different store and got a beauty salon then mother talked to the lady and asked me to cut my hair more

  • #213

    sripriya (Wednesday, 06 September 2017 14:59)

    ----- /// -------
    This is the name of my daughter, Hema. Then Mom told me that his name is Rajesh. You are married to him. I was standing without talking. Rajesh immediately told me to talk to him alone. When the mother sent me he closed the door and came close to the door Kneel and hold the waist I was thinking of running away. He pulled me up and kissed me on the lips and kissed him. Then he went out.

  • #214

    sripriya (Wednesday, 06 September 2017 15:00)

    ----- / ---------
    I'm just a little boy to marry what I want to marry him right now.You have become a big girl then just said mama You have to see me girl you will not have a boy.It told you that if you tell me that you can see the bride you will not see a wedding then mom will slip on my cheek I'm crying Ontu I ran to my room. The door was shouting to open my mother's door open and I went open too Lata stood out with the twin sister. She was so shocked that she looked at me. I called in. She had not spoken. She told me that she would tell Narmala mom that she did not sleep all night in fear. The next day I went to school and searched for Lata. She could not find me when she was supposed to eat in the afternoon.He asked me to come.I told you that I should call all of you yesterday.If you were fine in downtown then I asked her not to tell mother.If I told you that I should please you again.

  • #215

    sripriya (Wednesday, 06 September 2017 15:02)

    When the school ended up, daddy came and I told my dad and got to our house Nirmala mom was happy to see me. Mama Mom Latha raised her up and she slept with me for some time.Mother, I will go to work sooner.You have to do all the work. I want to tell mother what is her little girl tell me I will do it I will take the cooking and the rest of the work I said that the mother went to work Literally asked me to take care of me and say thank you to me and say thank you for all this I have learned all the household jobs. Computer I learned that I was right. Lata said to me that I am going to be in computer class. You have to answer in the answer to the tailing. If I knew Mittu, I learned Bharatnatyam too.Later learned to learn very well.We had some more days to leave.Mama invited us to the shop and gave us a new dress and then went to the saloon to cut the hair.Mother told me to cut my hair I did not say Lata cut me hair The trio is home We went to bathe both of us and put a new cloth Lata Band shirt. She muttered to tell her to dismiss her. She told me to wear a nail. She said she can not. Mama's face has gone in. I was wearing cloth and necklace. Look beautiful If you were only a girl, I would have given a necklace and said, "I still call Hamman.

  • #216

    1234 (Friday, 08 September 2017 04:50)

    As I brought my hand up to feel my throat from which this voice had come, I felt that my adams apple was missing and my throat was smooth without any bump. Neel smiled as she realized that I had discovered my first change. Neel asked the nurse to leave us alone and then came over the hospital bed and lied by my side. She said “Oh, Navya you are looking so beautiful and so cute in your new look. Do you like your new voice it is more feminine and will suit your new look very much. The process was a complete success for you and Vanya and I am so happy the way both of you are looking now. I was not interested in what had been done and just wanted the warmth of Neel by my side and hugged her and I might have gone to sleep again. I woke up and Neel was still in the bed with me and she was playing with my hair gently running her hands through them. She said “Is my princess awake now? Do you want to get up?” I said “No I just want to lie here in the bed with you forever and forever” and hugged her tightly. Neel laughed and we lazed in the bed for some more time. As I was awake now, suddenly I started feeling hungry and said “Neel I am hungry can I get something to eat.” Neel said “off course, but you have to get up first.” I stretched a little and felt some heaviness in my chest region and also it seemed as if there was a cushion under my bums. I said “Neel can I know now what all has been done to me? Is Vanya also awake?” I peeked in to the other room and Vanya was not in her bed. Neel said “sure, let me order some breakfast for you and then we answer your curiosity” she pressed the buzzer and asked the nurse to get me some breakfast. Then she helped me get up from the bed and helped me stand up, as I had been lying on the bed for so many days I lost my balance and had to hold Neel to stand straight. Slowly I took a few steps and we walked towards the mirror. The artificial boobs were still on my chest and also my junior was standing straight at attention as I wanted to pee. I was relieved that my penis was still intact and working.
    Neel helped me take a few steps and said “you have already discovered the first change, your voice cords have been tightened and Adam’s apple removed to give you a beautiful musical voice.” She helped me walk towards a full length mirror and I looked at my face for the first time after surgery, I was not able to recognise myself. If I had a twin sister, she would have looked like the image I was seeing in the mirror. Neel started talking “Your face has been fully remade. The eyebrows are curved up and the manly brow is gone. The nose is now smaller and thinner and I love your cute button nose now.” She continued as I explored my face “you have fuller cheeks now and when you will smile you will get dimples on both your cheeks. Your lips are now more delicious and make a beautiful pout. The jaw and chin were also reduced to give your face a more oval feminine shape.” I liked how my face looked; it was feminine and also sexy with my bigger lips, smaller nose and wide eyes.” Neel removed my robe and I saw rest of my body, her hands moved over my breasts and she said “we won’t need artificial breasts now as you have your own D size boobs and also the nipples have been enlarged to match the size of your boobs” and she squeezed the big nipples and sent a shiver through my body. The breasts were my own flesh and not artificial as I had thought and the nipples were extra sensitive. Her hands moved down to my waist and said “your waist has been reduced by removing a few ribs on each side and you are now a size 24 waist.” She squeezed my bums and said “they have inserted silicon padding to your rear too so that you get a nice set of bums for that extra curve.” I realized that my swollen back was giving me a huge curve in the back and with my thin waist my hips were looking like two swollen globes.” She continued “You were asleep for almost a week and with reduced diet your weight has come down to 48 kg and your figure is looking so exotic.” I turned this way and that way in front of the mirror and saw that I had a very sexy figure now and was happy that my bat and balls were still there. I was looking very sexy and also beautiful with my new face. Neel said “I am in love with your new look” and came forward and started kissing me. By the time breakfast came Neel had ridden me to heaven and back. My stiff cock with no action for last one month was hungry for her and she rode me like a rodeo and we both came thundering. As I was eating my breakfast, I asked about Vanya and Neel said “She woke up yesterday and we will meet her later.”

  • #217

    1234 (Friday, 08 September 2017 04:52)

    As my breakfast got finished, two ladies came to the room, one was Priya from the spa and she had an assistant. Neel said “they will help you get ready and then we go to meet Vanya.” As Neel left the room for some work, Priya took me to the attached bathroom and removed my hospital gown and helped me take shower. As I rubbed my body with soap, I realized how thin my arms and legs had become and I had no hair on my body at all. After my shower, Priya shampooed my hair and gave me a towel to wrap around my bosom. As we walked out of the bathroom, Priya’s assistant had converted one part of the room in to a salon and some clothes were kept on the bed. Priya helped me in to a pink matching set of bra and panty in delicate lace. I loved the way bra hugged my new assets and created a deep cleavage in the middle. Then she gave me a pink petticoat and blouse to wear. She tied the petticoat very low on my waist and blouse had hooks at the back to close which she closed. I was seated on the chair and she started blow drying my hair, while her assistant started painting my already long nails in a matching pink colour. Priya had blow dried my hair straight with curls at the ends. Priya started my make-up and I was fully made up with eyeliner, eye shadow, mascara, blush, bronzer, lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss and a heavy spray of perfume. I was looking so good after the makeup and once they had draped and pinned the saree around me I was looking like a movie star with my blonde hair and sexy curves showing through the saree. Priya called Neel on the phone and said “your Navya is ready.” Neel came in the room and had a wide grin on her face when she saw me and came forward to hug me and said “Navya you are looking like an Apsara. I am so happy to have you in my life and may god protect you from other’s evil eye.” And she kissed me to show her appreciation. Neel clicked a few selfies with me and then asked Priya to click a few pictures of us together.
    Once the pictures were done, Neel said “Even Vanya is waiting eagerly to meet you. Let’s go to meet her.” Downstairs a car was waiting for us and we both sat in the back and Neel told the driver to go, the driver may be knowing where we have to go as Neel did not tell him where we are going. I soon figured out that we are going to our house on the outskirts of Bangalore. Vanya was waiting for us in the drawing room, she was looking even more pretty now and when I saw her I ran to her and we gave each other a strong hug. Then Vanya said “Let me look at you Navya” and I said “oh Vanya you are looking so pretty, even I want to see the new you.” And we both looked at each other. Even her face had been changed, the skin was stretched and there were no wrinkles at all, and she had also lost some weight. Neel came forward and said “Vanya’s surgery was done to make her look younger, so no more wrinkles on her face, the nose is smaller and the cheeks have been filled in but I wanted the innocent look so nothing much was done to the eyes and lips. Her breasts have been reduced to A size and tightened so that there is no sagging which happens with age. Isn’t she looking cute.” In her short bob hair with bangs on her forehead and a frilly yellow frock, she was looking like a 20-25 year old young girl and not at all like my mom. Then Neel told Vanya about what was done to me and Vanya also checked me out and said “Navya you are looking so hot and sexy and I love your new look.” Neel said “Vanya you will show some respect to Navya from now on and call her Navya didi, ok.” My mom will be calling me didi from now own? That was strange and I looked questioningly at Neel, even Vanya was speechless with this request. Neel took both of us in front of the mirror and said “look at both of you, who looks younger between the two of you.” With the surgery, all the cosmetic changes and our hair & make-up; it was clear that Vanya was looking younger than me. Neel said “As me and Navya will get married, I want Vanya to go out and enjoy her life. I have already discussed with Vanya and she will join a college in Mumbai to study fashion design.”

  • #218

    1234 (Friday, 08 September 2017 04:53)

    What more to say. We winded up our affairs in Bangalore over the next week and moved to Mumbai with Neel. I married Neel in a fairy-tale wedding and lived happily ever after. I wear mangalsutra and sindhoor of Neel’s name at all times. I run our household now, ordering the maids around and ensure all the comfort for Neel & Vanya. I do all the rituals of married women and toughest is staying hungry without water for whole day for Karvachauth. The love between us has become stronger over time.

  • #219

    Radhika (Friday, 08 September 2017 13:46)

    Continue of #123 comment Muscular Rowdy become housewife Part 5.
    Hi you know I am Rani and our senior officer is Priya mam and her wife is Raj previously he is macho rowdy. Today morning I get up and come out Side there Raj is putting Rangoli in front of house he is wearing petticoat blouse and beautiful saree his long hair is braided into single plate and I can hear bangles sound of his hand when he is putting Rangoli. I am imagining once he was a muscular rowdy but today he is wearing saree and become housewife of woman and putting Rangoli in front of her house. He heard the sound of bangle seller voice who is going in our street, suddenly Raj went inside to ask Priya mam to get bangles for him, because he is completely dependent on Priya mam for things of one rupees also he needs to ask Priya mam.
    He went inside Priya mam is doing excess her biceps are like iron and big Raj went to her and requesting her to buy bangles for him, but Priya mam told she is feedup with spending money for Raj's petticoat, blouse stitching, sarees bangles etc , Raj holds Priya mam legs and begging her to buy it, he is telling you don't know the feeling I get when I wear this sarees and bangles and ask her please to buy bangles for him, finally Priya mam ask me to call that bangle seller I called him he come and sit in hall. Raj is become happy and run from to get bangles but he suddenly falls and his legs get hurt, Priya mam come and slapped him and scolding him like why you are excited to small thing like bangles, Raj told you don't know that feeling, Priya mam left him with her strong hands him like a doll and put him in front of bangle seller, he is excited seeing lots of bangles and started to choose it and wearing it. His hands are looking so feminine because of lots of bangles, I can't believe he is once a big husky muscular rowdy with big mustache, but know he doesn't have mustache and completely feminine and perversely his hand holding knife to fear the people but his hand know fill with bangles.
    I get the phone and I get an impact news from that call, I went to Priya mam to inform and I told her the The Female Don Devi is coming to our village, Priya mam ask why she is coming to our village, I told to Priya mam because Don Devi is native place is our village only and she is also my childhood friend, Priya mam shocked hearing this, I told complete history of Don Devi, she bron in our village with very traditional and orthodox family where the female doesn't have any value, there duty is only cook and clean house and in night give satisfaction to males, Devi is frustrated with this and she became feminist because of this and started to fight against all traditional rules of female and she build one gangs of strong female, her aim is to make female as rules but money change everything and she started to lot money with that gang then it promotes to do lots of illegal activities and she became Lady Don Devi, and build lots of bar, we need to stop her from all her illegal activities.
    Hearing all story of Don Devi from my side Priya mam call Raj and told me we have a plan to arrest the Don Devi with help of Raj, both me and Raj got surprise, and Raj told I am not bold and brave like you girls I am just a housewife how know house hold work I am scared of that lady Don I can't do anything. Priya mam come and slapped him and told just listen to her don't raise voice, Raj simply sit and started to listen to Priya mam plan. Priya mam told since Don Devi is feminist and also she have big clubs, let push our Raj to her club as a bar dancer, since he is feminine boy with attractive body and wear feminine dress he became near to Devi he should start to make false love to hear and bring her to alone place and we both will go and arrest her, I really surprised with this great idea but Raj holds Priya mam legs and tell her he can't make love of any other girls because Priya mam is husband god for him Priya Priya slapped him and holds his long hair and left him and told I am your husband and I am only ordering you to go and dance as bar dancer and make false love to her and bring, with helpless Raj finally agreed to become bar dancer, I take him to Beauty parlour and he dress in one of the sexy bikini top and with full make up and with help of some person I put him in Don Devi's club as bar dancer and put one lady constable as server to observe all, I am really laughing seeing Raj condition because once he was a muscular rowdy and make girls to dance for him when he is drinking alcohol but now he only wearing bikinis and dancing in bar as bar dancer to entertain the lady Don, let's see how our Priya mam idea will work.
    To be continue...

  • #220

    Radhika (Saturday, 09 September 2017 13:14)

    Thanks for all your comments here is part 6
    When Raj agreed to become the bar dancer, Priya mam become happy and come to Raj and holds his saree pallu and remove it, now he is only in petticoat and blouse he felt embarrassing and cover his curvey chest with his hand, Priya mam come to him hold his long hair and told him don't act too feminine as typically indian housewife now you need to act as bar dancer so come on remove your blouse, but Raj told he can't show his body to anyone, Priya mam slapped him and told him to remove and leave this shyness, he simply standing so Priya mam only come and start to remove his blouse and petticoat now he is in simple bra and panties that is too girly, first time I am seeing a man in bra and panties he is completely embarrassed because of my presence, he holds Priya mam legs and begging her not to do this I can't be bar dancer because I can't show my body to other girls because this body is only for you my husband god, Priya mam started to scolding him and tell this is just acting and you need to help us in this, this is my order, so finally he agreed, Priya mam is sitting on chair she is wearing jeans and Bamiyan her big arms and strong body is visible, she told Raj to sit, Raj sit on Priya mam lap, his body is so soft and smooth sensitive next Priya mam on the TV and show him the item songs and some clubs song and tell him to learn and practice, he also stated to dance but not coming correctly Priya mam scold him you are completely useless and went to sleep, Raj practicing whole night.
    Next morning when Priya mam getup her room is complete dark, suddenly she heard music then for that Raj started to dance, he is in bra and panties and wearing one transparent white shirt above it, he is dancing very feminine manner with showing his curvey body, Priya mam acting very muscular and support him he opened the bathroom door and switch on the shaver and dancing in water his bra and panties are visible in his transparent white wet shirt his wet long hair and his sexy looks tempting Priya mam and she can't control and hugs him and started to kiss him his already soft body become more smooth due to wetness, she lips are so soft and sensitive when he hold Priya mam body he felt like holding rock, her body is strong like iron but his body is soft and smooth, after enjoying Priya mam become happy and tell me he is ready to become dancer send him ASAP.
    I sent him to one of the Don Devi club with our one constable and our constable sell him to Devi's club as dancer, and I heard today night Devi coming to this club and for that party Raj is dancing. Raj become ready for evening party to welcome Don Devi, he is wearing one red bikini top and with enlargement make up red lipstick and losing his hair and long earrings and one noise ring, he saw around 10 bullet bike riding by strong girls and in middle of that one big car is come and stopped when car door open Don Devi is stepping out from it with men's black suit, she is so tall and athletic build body and tied her hair as bun she is holding one cigarette in her hand and drinks on other hand and sit in middle with very macho attitude by putting leg on leg and ask Raj to start dance, Raj with sexy looks started to dancing and showing his round butts and curvey chest he is dancing holding whiskey bottle and put some on Devi's glass and put his soft hands on her, Devi enjoying this and also started dancing with him she drank some whisky and rest she put it on Raj curvey chest, he felt very embarrassed when she do that but he can't do anything now and simply dancing, after that dance Devi is become more happy with Raj performance, she pulls him towards her and make him sit on her laps, she started to squeeze his soft arms and told begin a boy also you are so sexy girly and feminine I like boys like you from today onwards you need to with me all the time and give satisfaction to me, Raj agreed to it and started to become more close to Don Devi, hearing this news me and Priya mam become happy because our first step in the plan is gets successful, now next is Devi needs to complete trust Raj and come with him to alone place, let's see is it works. To be continue....

  • #221

    Reema (Sunday, 10 September 2017 02:56)

    After Marriage

    My name is mansi. iam a general physician in reputed hospital also I have my own clinic which i visit on Saturdays only by appointments or emergency. I got married 1 yrs back to chander it was a love cum arrange marriage he works in a mnc and stays out for business meeting and work…
    We were happy and use to spend our weekends watching movie and shopping. As we were from Mumbai we shifted to Delhi after marriage we took a nice house and started living happily I had shifted my clinic next to my house as my husband was busy with work. So I used to visit my hospital weekdays In evening hours and take care of my house hold chores in morning cook food for myself as I don’t like to eat outside fast food… and my hubby use to eat from office cafeteria …

  • #222

    reema (Sunday, 10 September 2017 03:16)

    Let me tell you about my husband chander he is reserved and doesn’t miggle with anyone easily and slim and fair little tall as same as my height. Our personality matches much. He has very thick hair which are long little bit he use to ponytail when he is at home at office hours he uses gel that’s wet gel on his hairs… and talking about me I use to wear saris and chudidhars after marriage now iam use to wear tops and jeans or t shirts more over in hospitals…….. But I have good collection of saris and dresses, suits which I rarely wear now. We didn’t have any servant at home because we didn’t like to depend on them.
    We use to share work because my hubby use to be out on business trip all the time so rarely I used to cook for him. Talking about our family background my husband family stays in Bangalore which consists of parents and elder brother who got married and staying happily.. And about my family my mother stays in Kolkata and my father die when I was small… my mother stays with my brother. I use to talk them over the phone or visit them once in a year n diwali time

  • #223

    Reema (Sunday, 10 September 2017 03:24)

    So my husband had a good income from his job as well as he had properties and also he had given his building for rent where they were complex and also he had shares where he used to invest lot.
    I also had a good income so we didn’t have any issues with money. On other hand we use to spend less time together as we both were working. So the days were passing.

  • #224

    Reema (Sunday, 10 September 2017 03:38)

    It was Sunday me and my hubby was having breakfast he told me that he won’t be able to travel all the time for his office purpose so he like to resign from his job and will take rest for some time and he will rethink about it further so I was ok with it.. becoz I knew we didn’t have any money issues.
    So within a week he resigned from his job and had gone to Bangalore to visit his family after 2 weeks he returned and was busy with his bank work and I was cooking food for him and taking care of him and visiting my hospital in evening. Now he use to spend time with me till evening till I go to work.
    He use to watch tv and listen to music and use to hang around outside he didn’t have much friends so he use to spend more time at home….
    He started to cook dinner for me. (Before that let me tell you that he used to stay alone when he was working so he knew to cook food) and use to wait for me for dinner I felt very happy seeing him.
    It was 2 months that he had resigned from job and stayed at home…. He had beard and mustache which I didn’t like he didn’t shaved and also his hairs had gowned little bit more long.

  • #225

    reema (Sunday, 10 September 2017 04:00)

    So that day I told him to shave his beard and moustache so that we can go out for dinner after I forced him he shaved his beard and moustache and we were ready to go for dinner..
    Couple of days passed he got a job opportunity in a big mnc in Mumbai he got selected and had to join after a 2 weeks. So I thought I will miss him again because of his work… he was happy but I was not I told him not to join that company as it is far he became angry and pushed me and said not to interfere in his career .
    So that same night he fell ill because of outside food which he had eaten so I checked him gave him some medicine for food poisoning and he slept. Then I thought a plan to make him stay with me here and serve me like a wife. I gave him HRT Hormone Replacement Therapy male to female I gave him high dose telling him it’s a pain killer. And next day when he woke up he was felling good and I gave him tea and then breakfast after that he was sleeping I left for my duty and he made the dinner for me I was happy… and then again he as feeling tired so I gave him one more dose and he day when he woke up he was glowing and was acting soft. So I added some pills in his juice which were for breast enlargement... a week passed i could see the changes in him.

  • #226

    Reema (Sunday, 10 September 2017 04:09)

    so after a week he was fine now and I came back from my duty and he was watching tv and we had dinner I gave him milk with the same pills but with high dose… he drank then we went to sleep he was telling me that he will be getting ready to join his job very soon. So he went to change his clothes so I saw him closely where his breast was taking a good shape.. He had no hairs on his body and was very soft…
    we didn’t have any sex after marriage we were planning no to have kids early…
    so he was sleeping next to me so I thought of holding his hands and check his feelings

  • #227

    Reema (Sunday, 10 September 2017 04:24)

    So I wanted to hold his hand and started to talk to him that I will be missing him he said no to worry as he will be visiting me in between… then I thought of taking charge and started kissing him he was also kissing me then I started to play with his breast he was feeling shy like a girl then I thought this is the right time to take a charge so I could feel him soft and could see the change in his boobz that of like a teenage girl’s I was happy I had become dominant I was upon him he was feeling shy and acting like a girl and I started to play with him I caught his hairs and said him jaan ur hairs are very thick and long he said he will cut before joining the job.. I said not to it looks good he just gave me a smile then I took my rubber band and made a pony tail he was feeling shy then I started to suck his nipples I felt like he his my wife…… then we slept

  • #228

    reema (Sunday, 10 September 2017 04:35)

    It was morning I was feeling tired little bit I saw my huby he was sleeping so I got up made the tea and bread toast… I waked him up and could see his breast easily from his t shirt and his hairs were tied in ponytail. He got up had tea I had mixed the pills dose in tea. Then he took bath he came and was admiring his body in the mirror so he told me that he is feeling different today… I asked what he means.
    Then he kept quiet we had breakfast then he was feeling uncomfortable with the shirt he was wearing becoz his breast was little bit clearly visible…

  • #229

    Reema (Sunday, 10 September 2017 04:51)

    Then I did same thing with his milk added some hypnotized pills and later we were in our bedroom watching tv he was touching his breast was lost in his world then I switched of the tv and went to change my clothes…
    I took out a nighty a pink one and bra and kept on my bed.. And chander asked me how cum you are wearing a nighty normally you wear track pant and t shirt. Then I said him now I feel like wearing pink today want to have a good timt with you…
    Chander was lost little bit becoz the medicine started to react then he was felling unconscious and I started to remove his clothes easily then I made him wear bra which was perfectly fit and then started to feel him he didn’t knw what was happening I played with his breast I felt like he is my wife then I tied his hairs in feminine way took kajal lipstick did sum make up then I shaved his private parts and underarms then I made him wear panty and made hime wear nighty it was a femine sexy nighty and removed my mangalsutra and made him wear and made him wear some bangles and nail polished his nails in pink and finally I made him wear anklets…………. I took his sum pics

  • #230

    KV.SHEELA (Sunday, 10 September 2017 05:55)

    I am Sridhar, 14 years. I was the Second child to my parents and I had one elder brother. But I was born after long gap after 13 years after my brother was born. My mother did lot of Puja and other vrath to various god praying that she should have a girl baby. But I was born as boy. She was very much disappointed. As my father was a top executive of a multinational company and most of the time he use to be on travel and may be 2 or 3 months once he use to come home stay for 3 / 4 days and then go back on travel. As I was born fair like mother and had a oval shaped face like her with small nose. My brother was like my father. Since, the gap age between me and my brother was more while I was growing he was not much attached to me and after his PUC he went to another city in northern India for doing his engineering.
    Now, me and my mother two only left at home, I was growing normal boy. But my mom always use to have the feeling not having the girl, till 6 years she did not cut my hairs and at home she use to sometime dress me frock and other things like braiding my long hair and she use to enjoy my girly things and love as her sweet daughter. The time was going and when I was arranged a 1st hair cut at the age of 7, I was not willing to cut my long hairs as I liked it. But as a tradition and as per my grandmother’s wish the removal hair was done. I was crying for whole day for looing long hair, I Use to like it very much.
    I started going to school and things were going on smoothly. My brother use to come once in 6 or 8 months for 1 or 2 weeks’ vacation and my studies was going on normally and I was not too bright student and not poor ranked also but an average scorer and a middle bencher. As I was fair and thin and had a nice looking face, mom use to say if I was born as girl I would have been a very beautiful and pretty girl. I never use to care much about her sentences. Who knows in the fate and destiny wat is written for the human beings. When I was in 8th Standard, there was a School function where in the drama was organised. As I was studying in a boys high school, in the drama they need some boy to act as girl or heroin of the drama, as I was thin and fair and had a good oval shaped face they selected me as heroin of the drama. The drama Teacher told me to bring my mother to school next day. Then as soon as I went home, I told my mother that I was selected in school drama and the Teacher has called her to school next day to discuss with you on the same. She said ok. END OF PART 1. BY KV SHEELA. BANGALORE.

  • #231

    KV SHEELA (Sunday, 10 September 2017 05:57)

    Next day my mother also came to school with me and met the drama teacher and she had explained the role of me as hero in where in the heroin the drama will be a village traditional girl falls in love with a city boy and then finally change to modern girl and then she realises with the help of her and due to modern life, she gets into a problem in the city and escape from the danger and come out of the problem and realises that the modern thoughts are good but the modern and social behaviour of a girls at the young age how they are put to problems then she changes back to a traditional girl and marries a man who has been selected by her parents. This is the gist of the drama. Mom was happy hearing that and the teacher said, my mother is required to train me as girl at home in dressing and other girly behaviours as the time is only one month left also she told my mother that I should learn changing the dress quickly as I need to first wear half sarees, then midi, skirts, jeans tops then in the last saree. She also mentioned that the Juries are coming from the judge the drama from Inter School Cultural Association of the State and if the drama comes out good then the same will be selected for inter School Drama Completion to be held after 8 months for State Level Inter-School Drama Completion. By chance our School becomes winners or at least runners they will be selected for national level inter School Festival next year. That is the reason we are selecting the boys from 8th Std. only as they will continue in school for next 3 years. Mom was so happy hearing this and she assured the Teacher that she will take ensure that her son will be the best heroin as the main story is revolving round heroin and only the good acting of heroin will make the drama success. All this my mother only told in the evening as I was not there during the discussions of my mother with the Teacher. My mother was so happy and she said I have learn so many things to be a good girl and the acting should be so natural that no one should guess that a boy has done this role. She asked me will I co-operate and listen to me. I said ok I am ready to make her happy and pride and ready to make the school also pride. I said her I am ready to give the best and ready to go to any extent to ensure the success of the drama. Then she called the Teacher and told her that she need a day leave for me tomorrow to purchase certain things for me. The teacher said no issue she will inform the Class teacher and principal both on this and get a special permission for me. END OF PART 2. KV SHEELA, BANGALROE.

  • #232

    KV SHEELA (Sunday, 10 September 2017 06:16)

    Normally, I go for hair cut every 4 or 5 months. Last time when I went for hair cut was more than 7 to 8 months as I could not go for hair cut in between as I had fallen sick for 15 days and it got somehow postponed due to which my hair had grown up to neck. One way mom said it is better that I could not go for hair cut this will help in drama as I need not have to keep wig with hair extensions I can have braids. Then she told me that tomorrow we need to go to market for making some purchases and she also told that she has taken permission from the School. I said ok and did not ask much what she wants to purchase for me. As I was still 14 years my voice had not broken and I also did not get much hairs on the body and afcourse few of my class boys had got lot of hairs and also little hairs on face like moustache which I did not had. However, without much thinking I went to sleep.
    I got at early morning and got ready as I was not going to school i did not wear uniform and wore normal pant and T shirt. Mom also got ready and we had breakfast and we left to purchases by 10 30 am. And reached market place, we went to a mall where we get all. She first took me to under garment section and she started selected around 6 fancy panties of my size, different colours and lacy once, I asked why she is buying my size instead of hers. She said my dear it’s all for you only as we discussed yesterday that the best performance has to come from you in drama so you will have to be full and real girl for that. I said ok. She also selected 4 camisoles of my size and went to bra section. She selected 6 padded bras in pink, red, black and blue, brown and skin colour. The size was 30 size and she wanted to try me on that as they will not exchange the same and she took me to trial room. Luckily since it was mooring not much customers and no one was in trial room. She asked me to remove the T shirt and she put the bra straps on my hand and pulled back the hook at the back, it was little tight and I said mom it is tight. Then she shifted the hook to second one and I said it is tighter now. She said girl wears bra tightly only dear so don’t worry it will be alright. I was surprised she addressed me girl I thought ok she is meaning for drama I said ok. END OF PART 3. BY KV SHEELA. BANGALORE

  • #233

    K V SHEELA (Sunday, 10 September 2017 06:34)

    Next we went to dressing section where she selected, 2 midis, and 2 maxis and then fancy flowery which are short tops with short sleeves and sleeveless. Then she selected girls Jeans pants and one Jeans till little below knee only. She again took me inside trial room to check the sized fit me properly and after ensuring the same she gave it for packing. Then she brought 2 nighties of my size I asked why she is buying nighty of my size she said in the night while sleeping if I wear nighty it will be comfortable she said and I nodded my head. Next we headed to jewels section. Where she selected 2 ear rings with big Jumkas and normal studs and rings 2/3 of different designs and she bought long chain and a necklace set all of 1 gram gold made. The she bought bangles where I had to show my hand to the sales girl for the size. She asked mom why she is buying so many bangles for a boy, my mom said no it is for gifting to her sisters daughter and since both are of same size I checked on his hand, I was afraid where mom will tell the truth to the sales girl and was feeling shy and humiliated. Then she bought payal, leg chain and then other few accessories like rings hair clips hair bands etc. Then she took me to saree section and showed me few good costly sarees and asked me did I like those. I asked why she is buying new sarees already she has her sarees from which I can wear for drama. She said no, for my new daughter I want to get all new and for her own use as per her like and she smiled, I had to accept it and smile back. Then finally we selected 3 sarees with matching blouse one in RED, Pink and Yellow sarees. She also bought matching petticoats of my size only. Somehow I was feeling weird when she use to put the saree on my shoulder to check and keeping the petticoat to my waist and see the size. Few of sales girls were looking at it and I felt bit embarrassed but mom said don’t worry as she has already told them that it is for your cousin sister who is of same age and size. So they also did not bother much. END OF PART 4. K V SHEELA

  • #234

    Mitali (Monday, 11 September 2017 00:27)

    Hi, radhika I am your big fan,
    Here some suggestions for you
    1)don devi fall in love with raj & raj also love don devi.
    2) made hardcore sex with strapon between don devi & raj.
    3)raj remary with don devi & became mafia queen and dev is mafia king.
    4)Priya wants revenge with raj and raj also revenge Priya.
    5) Priya and police force wanted devi and raj shoot at sight order.
    6) all underworld control by devi and she became king of underworld and live with her beloved queen raj.

  • #235

    1234 (Monday, 11 September 2017 06:58)

    It has been 5 years since my marriage to Neel. I have officially changed my name to Navya Neel Narayan. Even Vanya changed her name and adopted surname of Neel and her driving licence says ‘Vanya Narayan’, with some money we could also change her date of birth and officially she is now a 28 year old girl. Neel started her own consulting company a few years back and is even more successful now. Vanya finished her fashion design course, she worked with Manish Malhotra for a few years and nowadays does freelance work for some clients designing feminine western wears. She is a typical Bombay girl now with lot of partying, late night disco and lot of adventures. The three of us live together in a sea facing apartment in Bandra and enjoying our lives. We never plan to have any kids and hence immediately after marriage I had my operation done. Me and Vanya had a few more plastic surgeries done to make us even more beautiful and maintain our feminine charms. Neel during the early years of marriage picked up the habit of smoking because of the stress at her job. She made me and Vanya also to pick up the habit of smoking which we didn’t like initially but has become a part of our life now. If you are on the Bandra seaface in the evening, you can see the three of us on our balcony enjoying a glass of wine with a Marlboro in Neel’s hand and Virginia slims in mine and Vanya’s fingers. My own hair has grown long in the last 5 years and I don’t need hair extensions anymore. My hair is regularly maintained and looks beautiful with lot of blonde highlights. I wear full make-up every day and most of the days it is saree for me. Over the period of time I have accumulated so many sarees that I need 4 cupboards to keep them all. We have converted one of the rooms in our apartment to clothes room and last time I counted I had about 160 saree in different colours and designs. The three of us are very active in the party circle and most of the weekends we are invited to one or the other party and we love our lifestyle. 2 years back I was getting bored, with Neel and Vanya busy in their respective careers. So, I started a salon in Bandra, as I was an expert in make-up and hair by now. Also, I wanted to help people like me to find their true identity and enjoy it without inhibitions. The name is Transformation Salon; it is on link road in Bandra. It is a full service unisex salon with 15 employees, all girls either born or manmade. We provide expert service in a safe environment for people to transform in to what they dream or what they have never dreamed. I have helped many couples, boys and girls to find their true identity and helped them transform and enjoy their lives. Some had wanted to do these changes and some were coaxed by their partner or me in the right direction. I have several stories to share of these transformations in my salon. I hope you have enjoyed my story and keep waiting for more stories of my clients which transformed from caterpillar to butterfly in my salon. Write to you soon!!!

  • #236

    Radhika (Monday, 11 September 2017)

    Part 7
    Once the finish his dance, Devi is feeling very happy because she is looking for this kind of boy she opens on whisky bottle and drinks half of it and rest she put on Raj he felt embarrassing because a girl put her half drunken whisky once he was rowdy and doing this to girls but one girl only doing to him, but Priya mam complete killed his male ego, so he just standing helplessly, after that she left him and take him to her room to enjoy his body, she put him on bed and she remove her shrit and she is only in jeans and topless her 6 pack abs, big biceps and triceps and her muscular body is attracting Raj she told to change to him and he went to bathroom and take head bath and come out wearing black bra and panties and stockings and heels with heavy lipstick, Kajal and wet hair, he comes near to Devi holding a whisky bottle and put some drinks and try to kiss her but she slapped him and push him to her feet and tell him your place is at my feet and you don't have access to start you must be passive I will only start and I will be active so you just accept what I do to you without question, Raj simply accept it and started to push her legs, then she comes near him and tell him to sleep on floor with out questioning Raj slept on floor, then Devi take on grapes and put that on Raj navel and put some whisky on it then she started to eat that grapes and lick the whisky due to this Raj loos his control and started to kiss her but she again slapped him and tell him to just make sound and sleep, Raj is trying hard his feminine is increasing for every muscular touch of Don Devi.
    Finally she started to riding on him by holding his long hair and Betting his butt, he felt plan but also enjoy it, even though he enjoyed with Priya mam, Raj feminity increase due to Devi's muscularity, Raj slightly fall in love on Devi but his faithfulness on Priya mam bring him back, he thought Priya mam is husband god to him, he agreed to this also for Priya mam, but some where in heart he have love on Devi, but Devi is completely loving Raj submission nature to her she holds his lips and tell from today onwards you will be my wife, I have completely owner of your body tomorrow morning only we will get Marry, but for Raj he is already getting married with Priya, he is traditional Indian housewife he can't remarry anyone when his husband Priya mam is there so he went to thinking what to do how to tell Priya mam to stop this and take him with her.... To be continue...

  • #237

    Mitali (Monday, 11 September 2017 22:53)

    Radhika please send your email Id
    Here more suggestions for you......
    1) describe don devi muscularity more and more and power of her.....first devi forcefully marry raj...,.then don devi and raj visit her private office, where a king size throne, she sat the throne and raj sat on her lap.....then don devi show her power to raj, she ordered her goons to introduce guest people.....raj show minister, gangster, buissnessmen, police commissioner, DSP, acp all are her guest people, all are dominate and control by her....all fell in her feet for blessing...even then fall in raj feet because he is wife of don devi....... Priya mam and her police gang search a operations find raj and don devi.....but they don't know where they are......

  • #238

    K V SHEELA (Tuesday, 12 September 2017 01:45)

    By the time we finished all these purchases it was already 2 pm, and I was feeling hungry and mom was also hungry then, she said we shall go to hotel near by finish lunch and then go home. Then we finished lunch and reached home by 4 pm. Mom said since we are tired we shall take rest for an hour and we both slept. Before we went to rest, she had called one of her friend who was a beautician and said she needs appointment in the evening around 6.30 PM for her and also she told about my drama and some things need to be done on me too. She said ok. Then mom said we need to go out again at 6 15 pm and she woke me up around 5 30. I had a face wash and I wanted to change my dress, mom stopped me and said to wait. She opened the packet and gave me a pink panty and pink bra, I asked why I need to wear this now, for drama is 1 month time is there. Mom said that as we are going to a beauty parlour of Suma Aunty, u cannot come inside as boy so you need to dress as girl then only u can come in. I asked her why I need to come there now. Mom said don’t worry, there will certain small things u need to get it done to be more girly and woman as u need to prove to the judges ur a real girl not a boy in drama. I said ok. Then she gave me one jeans and top. I wore the jeans it was very tight at thies and back which made me feel little un comfortable. I told this to mom she said don’t worry u will get used it slowly. The she gave me a pink top which I wore and it was semi-transparent and it was also little tight and any one can easily view my bra inside. Since it is a padded bra now I have a bulge in the area of chest which looked like a breast of my aged girls. I said mom I am feeling odd, she smiled and said, my dear u will have to be wearing these type of dresses for next 1 month till your drama and by chance u get selected for next inter school competition, till then you need to wear all this, so don’t worry you will get used to all this and you will feel more comfortable in these dresses. I said ok and then she combed my hair to look little bit girly and then we left to Suma aunties Parlour. END OF PART 5. K V SHEELA

  • #239

    reema (Tuesday, 12 September 2017 06:43)

    After marriage

    Continued from 477

    After taking pics…. I removed all the make up and changed his clothes back to his t shirt and pyjama which he was wearing. Then removed his nail polish with remover and just tied his hairs in pony tail and it was late night so I slept…
    It was morning he got up and was feeling hazy and tired. He went to washroom and cameback and saw me and asked what the hell happened yesterday nite… I said him that we were having good time so he gave me a surprise. He didn’t remember much so he looked confused and went to take bath…
    After bath he came out and was checking his breast which had already taken good shaped and he was confused and then he asked me that he is feeling different today. I asked him what sort of difference he said that his breast looks different and it has got litlle big and feeling itchy so I told him will check so I made him liedown on bed and started to check and was happy to feel them and as I was checking it he was feeling shy and concious so I asked him that how is he feeling is it paining he said no… then I said him its very soft and feels good to touch them

  • #240

    reema (Tuesday, 12 September 2017 07:02)

    Then I said him that his breast looks like a teenage girls breast which is almost 17 yrs old….
    So then he asked me what should I do now? I said him that iam confused too…
    Then I checked his entire body and was feeling it… he was feeling concious then I said him that his body looks like a girls body like a female one. He was lost then I said him that I will check with my senior doctor what can be done. I asked how does he feel about his changes he said that he feels very soft. And his breast makes huim feel like a girl… I was happy to here that. Then I told him that I will call my sr doctor and he will check and let u know what can be done. He said okay and was little bit shy enough.
    So after a hour so I called up my friend sonam who was a doctor as well and had given me this idea and explained her everything. So she was ready to visit him so the bell rang she came in I introduce her to my husband and she started to check him and was asking him sum questions and enquiring about him..
    Finally she said him not to worry and wrote sum tablets and said him to avoide taking any sort of health drinks and his breast had already taken a proper shape it might be because of hormones. So she said him to take rest and take this tablets and gave sum oilment to apply which was for proper shape which we doctors knew and she said him that his body also Is changing into female… and finally told him to wear a bra to avoide it to grow.. his breast is demanding for bra that’s the reason you are felling itchy in your nipples. He was feeling guilty and lost then the doctor gave me a smile and left and I was relieved.

  • #241

    reema (Tuesday, 12 September 2017 07:16)

    then I started to console him, and was happy that my dream will come true. After an hour I asked him what to do next he said that he is confused how can it happen then I tried to explain him here and their and then finally I showed him some pics on line with men with breast and how it works then he was shocked. So I said him will work on that and I am with him he was crying like a small baby I felt sad for him but was happy that we will liv toghther. So I took leav for couple of days and started to stay with him so he started to take medicine and apply ointment for couple of days.. he didn’t knew it works oppositely.. now it was almost a week he was feeling more feminine so he complaint me about itching and then I reminded him about bra he said that he cant wear how can he is not a female to wear bra.
    I said him your breast is increasing if you don’t wear bra then how will you manage. He said he cant.then
    His phone started ringing it was from his office to remind him to join he was like what to do? I said him to wait for some more days till you get cure then you can join. So he tried to convence them but they said him that the cant give him more time so thay cancelled his joining he was sad. And a week passedi started to work again and was happy about my husband that he will be my wife soon.

  • #242

    reema (Tuesday, 12 September 2017 07:32)

    So now I stopped the ointment and changed his medicines so that I can keep him with teenage boobz size which he looked cute in it.

    So now he was not able to wear his t shirts which he was feeling uncomfortable in it and his trousers became lose. So he complaint about it I said I cant do anything about it rather you work on it or go to your mothers house he was getting angry on me I said him to shut up and don’t make me angry I have lots of works in my hospital so I said that from 3 months you are sitting at home and doing nothing so please cook dinner and clean the house and wash those clothes or go to your mothers house And I left
    So when I came back I saw that the house was cleaned and the clothes were washed and he had made nice dinner I was happy gave him smile and we had dinner together. Then I said him that you did a great job he wa blushing like a girl..
    I said him that you are blushing like a girl today hope you are feeling like a girl today.he kept his head down. Then I saw his hairs had grown till his shoulder so I took a hair brush and made his hair in a bun he tried to stop me put I pushed him he was weak and I slapped him hard this was the first time I slapped him he fell down then I made him stand and said him listen to me you don’t have work now I work here I take care of you right so listen to me or else I will throw you out he kept quiet and his tears were falling from eyes. so i pushed him made his hairs into pony tail.

  • #243

    reema (Tuesday, 12 September 2017 07:59)

    so then he was sitting on bed in girls posture and then I said him that from today you will take care of house and cook 3 times food and keep the house clean and wash all the clothes. I asked him did you hear that he nodded his head and I said good.. I will earn for you and you will be here working in the house like housewife you are not fit to be my husband.and you will transfer all your property and rights to me tommorow will get the paper and you will sign on it so that I will take care of your income and further your finnces from nowonwards.. he told that he don’t want to become my wife I caught him and tored his t shirt and showed him his breast and asked him what do you want to prove then I slappeh him and said you are my wife you remember that then I tored his pyjama and took out the bra which I had brought for him according to his size then I took him to bath room gave hime nice bath turmeric bath removed his hairs which he had on his arms and then brought him inside and cleaned him and gave him a panty to wear he said he cant wear them I slapped him again and said him to wear he got scared he wore the panty then I madehim wear bra he didn’t agree again then when I got angry he wore it. he got erection I said u are not fit to be my husband then I gave him injection on his private part it become soft and then I did his hairs into ponytail thengave him sum make up and gave him lipstick and kajal he had good eyelashes like a girl so I did his eyelashes and then took out the same beautiful nighty and made him wear it was pnk in colour withfull sleeves and much feminine like a bride wears on her first night.
    He was calm and quiet then I gave him 6 bangles on each hand then anklets then nail polish and transferd my mangalsutra. And now he was a perfect house wife sitting so I said how is he feeling now he kept his head down I said from no onwards you will dress up like this only and take care of my house completely. I will pierce your ears tomorrow is that ok he said yes. And you will never step out of house with out my permission.and never will wear mens wear and you will call me as raman and your name Is chandrika and you will speak to your family over phone if needed I said him get up and go get me milk to drink chandrika went to get me milk and I was happy. When chandrika came back I drank milk and gave chandrika half to drink.

  • #244

    reema (Tuesday, 12 September 2017 08:10)

    Then I saw chandrika top to bottom and made chandrika see the mirror then took her pics togther chandrika was feeling shy I said her that I will train her properly in everything even in make up dressing and talking as well. Chandrika kept quiet I was happy to see her submission. Chandrika was looking beautiful I said her that you will wear bangles and anklets mangalsutra every day and night. Any misbehave you will be punished every morning you will get up wear proper suit or saree and wake me up with breakfast and make lunch later clean the house and you will do pooja and do rangoli outside I will teach you everything as you have started to learn you will never question me okay. Chandrika said yes.then we switched of the light and I took chandrika in my arms started to kiss her and play with her breast andsucked her nipples and played with her bangles and anklets I was in heaven to see my hubby as wife

  • #245

    reema (Tuesday, 12 September 2017 08:38)

    it was 7am in morning so I waked up chandrika and told her to make tea so it was first day chandrika made tea and bread toast I got freshed and we had tea chandrika was feeling shy still I told her to take bath and come. I gave her turmeric bath and gave her fresh panty and bra to wear. Chandrika wore that and came I made her hairs in pony tail first then showed her how to apply make up and lipstick then kajal.she learnt easily then I gave her suit so its easy for her to manage so it was red in colour it was perfect fit for him with red salwar kameez and then I gave him red bangles 12 in each hand then comes the mangalsutra and anklets then bindi red one and finally the red dupatta. Which chandrika wore I told her to do pooja she did then I told her to touch my feet she did and I applied sindoor and then she started to wash clothes and clean house. She made lunch and then we had together and theni was sitting and watching my wife and then later she made tea and snacks. Then I took her showed her new wardrobe where all women items were kept and told her to start wearing from nowonwards and locked my husbands wardrobe and warned him to stay in same clothes all the day and also told her that will teach you wear saree soon ok. Chandrika said yes then I said good and then the bell rang sonia had come I told chandrika to open the door but she was not ready I forced then she opend the door and sonia saw chandrika and was shocked omg she said you look lovely and congratulated us both and had bought the piercing machine gun then we both pierced chandrika ears and made him wear small earrings. Sonia was happy to see my hubbys transformation and chandrika went and bought tea we three of them drank tea then the door bell rang again I went to open the door the papers had come so I gave to my chandrika to sign the papers he signed… than I was happy it was time for celebration. Then sonia questioned him how it feels to be a girl and do house work and wear bangles suits and accessories . you feel humiliated or nice. Itold chandrika to answer chandrika said I feel like a women. Good said sonia then sonia disclosed him the actual plan and started to laugh. You men are fit to be women you don’t know what we go through chandrika was shocked but chandrika couldn’t do anything now. Sonia said that she did same with her husband when he use to not work and torture her for money. Now he is a perfect wife of mine and does allhouse work and wears saree all the time I tae him out humiliate him all the time in front of his family and my family as well.sonia said you should meet my wife she is scared of me all the time. Then sonia said reema makehim wear saree and take him to his family and she left. Chandrika was shocked I said him will go to meet your family soon I pleaded her not to do. She smiled and left for the hospital with sonia.

  • #246

    reema (Tuesday, 12 September 2017 08:53)

    So when I came back from work chandrika opened the door and served me dinner we ate dinner I made him eat from my plate and told himto clean and cum back to bedroom. After completing work chandrika came to room and I asked her how was the day chandrika said I did my work and was waiting for you I said good and then we sat and was watching tv then I said chandrika to press my legs she did for half hour and then I kissed chandrika.
    Then I went and changed my self in vest and briefs chandrika was shocked seeing this i switch off the light.He felt scared.I slowly touched his shoulder,and spreaded kisses all over
    his body.Meanwhile,i maked him nude.i removed his suit and started to I climb on him and he was in
    his cloud nine.I also undressed,i am in my vests and briefs.I
    opened my brief, my hubby was shocked to see the artificial
    penis(dildo) which sonia had given me today hanging on me.He was shocked to see it.I inserted my
    dildo on his mouth.He got down from the bed.But i caught hold of
    him,.so, he was unable to move and i made him to neel down and i sat on the bed.I forcibly inserted
    my pennis on his mouth,tears are rolling from his mouth due to
    shame.I made him to suck my cock. First,he was uncooperative,
    later he sucked my pennis.He was sucking my penis for more than a hour. He was crying
    like any thing, due to pain.I stripped all his male ego. Now he became submissive and I was happy my plan worked then I made him wear nighty and sleep.

  • #247

    reema (Tuesday, 12 September 2017 09:17)

    so it was Sunday morning I waked him up and told him to get fresh chandrika took bath and came I gave chandrika saree to wear chandrika said she didn’t know to wear I said u bitch your mother didn’t teach you to wear saree or never you tried to wear saree I said no. i slapped chandrika for back answering. I told chandrika wish your mother had made you wear saree you have not been like this… I took bra and gave chandrika to wear she wore it properly then panty before tht I gave injection to his private part it became soft and then I showed chandrika blouse and petticoat and made chandrika wear… then I took out a georgette blue colour saree with light weight and showed chandrika how to wear and draped the saree properly and chandrika looked beautiful then I made chandrika wear necklace 24 bangles 12 in each hand mangalsutra and nailpolish anklets and finally I gave blue earrings. Then bought sandals and told chandrika to wear and practice walking in it she started to walk and learned quicklyi told her to learn to wear saree soon watching you tube or else I will tell your mother to teach you chandrika was shocked and was listening carefully. Then the bell rang and i went and opened the door sonia had send beautician for chndrika so her name was mahima she saw chandrika gave a smile and made him sit did his threading and made his hairs soft and did sum finishing touches and went. Now chandrika was looking hot in saree any one would fall for her.Suddenly my mother ( reema mother ) called up that’s from kolkatta and I answered her she said how are you I said fine chandrika was watching me . and she inquired about my husband I said chandika is here and gave the phone to chandrika he was quiet and didn’t talk and was getting nervous my mom herad the sound of bangles over the phone then I took back the phone my mom asked why didn’t he talk I said he is busy doing housework so could not talk.
    then mom said she heard bangles noise I said your son in law loves to wear bangles because he doesn’t have job and is busy trying my sarees and suits so that he wants to become your daughter in law. I will send you his sarees pic you will like your bahu. So I clicked the photo in saree and sended to my mom.

  • #248

    reema (Tuesday, 12 September 2017 09:27)

    My mom was happy to see her sil as dil and was apppreciating my work. I said to my mom I want to be head of family that’s the reason I converted my hubby to wife. Iam working and chandrika takes care of our house So she invited us to come to her place so that she can train chandrika more I said will come soon. Then she spoke to chandrika over phone and told chandrika she looks very beautiful and she wants to treat her as her dil. Chandrika was feeling nervous so I did a video calling and made her talk and showed her figure my mom was amazed she said that she will get her more sarees and suits to wear and make her proper bahu and said that she also had did same with her husband ( reemas father ) and made her to serve her.

  • #249

    reema (Tuesday, 12 September 2017 09:40)

    Then I told chandrika to remove saree and start practicing again and again I showed her twice and then she watched on you tube and learnt it quickly. I was happy to see her learning quickly. I told chandrika this are light sarees I will make you wear some heavy saree once you are comfortable in it. She kept quiet and I said her that my mom also had made my father do the same by feminizing him. Then I asked chandrika can I send some pics to your mom I pleaded her no to do. So I agreed I kept quiet. So I took chandrika in balcony she covered her head with pallu I said her not to worry no one will recognize her.
    Then we went near the gate I thought her how to put rangoli she learned little bit but was getting concious with the people watching her. Then I saw a flower vendor selling flowers I bought flowers made her wear she looked beautiful.. and then we had a good time again she likes her new role I thought so and asked her she said she loves me. So then I asked can we go out for movie she was not comfortable then I made a plan and ordered a burqa she didn’t agree still then I forced her rather to wear burqa and come or she can come in saree itself, then she agreed so we wnt to watch movie I had a activa so I made her sit back like a proper women and went to watch movie then I took her for shopping groceries and came back had a good time with chandrika. remembering my husband chander he never took me for a movie nor for shopping which he could not do i did that by making him my wife chandrika

  • #250

    reema (Tuesday, 12 September 2017 09:50)

    so then chandrika became a perfect wife and wears saree perfectly even the heavy sarees and takes care of me. now my mom also joined us and she treats chandrika as bahu and she gifted her sarees and suits sometimes i allow her to wear tops and skirts and now she is keeping karwa chauth for me..... i am thinking of doing her sex change operation and adopt a child so that chandrika takes care of her like our child we will adopt a daughter....

    if you like my story plz do comment its reema here
    thankyou neelam for the support

    All characters and events depicted in this story are entirely fictitious. Any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

  • #251

    Radhika (Wednesday, 13 September 2017 13:08)

    Thanks for all comments and suggestions here is Part 8
    Some how with help of canstable Raj send news to Priya mam, but the reply of Priya mam is made Raj shock, because Priya mam told Raj to marry the Don Devi, she told him to marry her and act like you are loving her and bring her to unknown place so she can arrest or kill her, but Raj is a traditional Indian housewife he can't marry someone but now he is not in that position so I need to accept it and Marry the Devi.
    Suddenly few girly girls enter into Raj room they told they come to make Raj as bride for Devi's marriage, so all girls surrounding him and remove his clothes, after seeing his body all girls are laughing because his body is more feminine, then one girl make him wear bra and panties and petticoat blouse she holds his arms and telling even us girly girl arms have little strength but see your arms it's so soft and delicate then us, this arms are only useful for sliding bra strap and blouse and for enjoyment for your husband and laugh another girl started to dressing Raj in saree and she told if you are real muscular man you will be remove some girls saree but now see girls only dressing you in saree and after that another muscular girl ( Devi) will remove your sarees all girls are laughing and teasing Raj for his feminine begin boy also, and Raj can't do anything and feel embarrassing, one girl putting more bangles to Raj hand another girl ask her why she is putting that much bangles to him then that girl told see this Raj he should wear more bangles to his hand because he can't do anything other than begin feminine pretty and become housewife of woman so this much bangles also not enough to show his weakness and femininity all girls laughing for that and finally they dress him in bridal Red saree with all jewellery and accessories and braided his hair into single plate and put flowers and he is looking very beautiful and pretty more girly his feminity went to extreme that no one can say once he was a male that also big mustache muscular rowdy, this is his faith.
    Here Don Devi dressed in dothi and black shirt and she put red tur turban and one black glass to her eyes and one cigarette on her mouth, two big and strong tall muscular girls left Devi and put her on there shoulders and other strong girls of Devi are surround Devi take out her gun followed by other girls also take out there guns when that two girls holding Devi started to move Devi started to fire on air with her gun and other girls also firing on there guns on air, like this Devi entered the marriage hall and sit on big thrown with complete muscular attitude, then all girly girls dancing holding their saree pallu and taking Raj to marriage hall Raj is in complete traditional Indian bridal look and he welcome by soft flower and due to heavy bridal dress he is walking slowly by putting his head down once he reach the hall, Raj sit on Devi's lap in very feminine manner and with authority Devi put her hand on Raj shoulder and he just lowered his head due to over shyness and embarrassing, then Devi take out mangalyasutra and tried it around Raj neck and put Sindoor on his face, Raj is crying remembering all his background, he remembered his muscular rowdy time and how he falls in love to Priya mam and how she killed his male ego and make him more feminine and her wife and finally now he is in position of again wife of another strong girl he is crying for his faith and his density.
    There are so many male and female celebrities and big people are visiting that marriage everyone wish and take blessings from Don Devi and standing male and female in different line, all males are in pants and shirt and female are in saree and salwars, seeing them Devi become angry and told them this is not way to meet Devi she is completely reversal for traditional gender role, so she ordered them to exchange both male and female celebrities clothes and they need to dance and give her entertainment, no one can talk reverse to Devi and everyone went and exchange there clothes with eachother and all males now in saree and salwars and all female are in pants and shirt seeing them Devi become happy and she also dancing with them along with Raj.

  • #252

    Radhika (Wednesday, 13 September 2017 13:11)

    Next all girly girls take Raj to room and there Devi is waiting for him she is extremely muscular and Raj is now extremely feminine, now she left Raj and put him on bed and undressed him then she herself undressed and started to enjoying the Raj feminity and his feminine body, she is more aggressively handle him and he is responding to it very feminine manner and it makes her more aggressive.
    Next morning Raj got news from Priya mam that he needs to bring Devi to alone place, Raj went to Devi and he is now dressing like a sexy housewife and Devi is sitting in thrown he directly went to her and falls on her feet and take blessings, Devi fell very happy and proud because in front of all a boy is dressed in saree and falls to her feet, Devi left his face by her feet and blessed him to become mother of more girl child like her, Raj felt embarrassing and he takes her legs and kept it on his lap and start pressing, after everyone left Raj requesting Devi to visit the temple outside of city in her bullet bike, he told his wish is to dressed in saree and sit behind in bullet bike when a strong female husband is riding it, seeing Raj obedience and submission nature Devi feel happy and agreed to take him to temple and tell him to wear silk saree, Raj agreed and ready in silk saree and went to Raj she kick started her bullet bike and Raj is sitting in single side behind Devi because he is in saree, Devi told other girls to not come because she is going with her wife, so now only Devi and Raj went.
    Both Devi and Raj went to temple and temple have 200 steps then Devi left Raj like a small doll and Raj is suprised with this, Devi told when she was like normal girl her father told her when you get Married your husband will left you and take you to top of hill to temple, but now she is muscular girl and she doesn't have husband instead of that she have a wonderful wife so she is lefting him and started to climb the hill, Raj is feeling very happy to have her as husband, but he remembered Priya mam words and get fear, Priya mam entered firing the Devi and she shoots her, Devi falls down Raj is completely shocked and started to crying and begging Priya mam to not kill the Devi he showed his mangalyasutra around his neck to Devi and told you don't know the value of this it is tried by Devi so she is also husband god for me like you so please don't kill her, Priya mam take Devi to hospital and doctors started to give treatment, Raj started to prayer for Devi to god, finally when Devi getup and doctor told because of your wife prayer you get life now then Devi Get to know Priya mam plan and she gets to know raj is wife of Priya mam, she holds Priya mam hand and told you are very very lucky to have Raj as your wife, Priya mam told now he is wife for you also, if you follow my words I will close all your case and make you a good person and you can live with your wife Raj, hearing this Raj feels happy and ask what is that idea.

  • #253

    Radhika (Wednesday, 13 September 2017 13:11)

    Priya mam told Don Devi to leave all her activity and become girly girl, anyhow Raj is extremely feminine and he will teach you how to be feminine and once you become girly girl you live as both husband and wife of us, everyone gets confusing what is it, then Priya mam told once Devi become feminine woman, she will tie mangalyasutra around Raj neck and make him as her wife and Priya mam will tie mangalyasutra around Devi's neck and make her as her wife and already Raj is wife of Priya mam, everyone is excited with this new complex Realationship. Raj is giving training to Devi to become girly girl and the matter is boy is giving training to girl how to be feminine, Then once Devi become girly girl she wears saree and blouse and jewellery and accessories with makeup learnt from Raj and Raj also dressing in saree and blouse and jewellery and accessories with makeup and Devi tied one mangalyasutra around his neck and he falls to her feet and takes blessed then Priya mam come wearing dothi and she tied mangalyasutra around both Devi and Raj neck and both Devi and Raj falls on Priya mam feet and takes blessings, all three went to room and one woman in dothi and one woman in saree and man in saree and three of them enjoying eachother, Priya mam rid on both Raj and Devi, but Devi is only rid on Raj and respond to Priya mam but Raj can't ride on anyone but response to both Priya mam and Devi. In this way Priya mam again win in second case by making them as wife, in first case Raj is rowdy and she makes him her wife now to second case also she makes Devi as her wife, now Priya mam is husband god for both Raj and Devi and she will only wearing pants and shirt, Devi is wife of Priya mam and husband god for Raj she is girly girl by wearing female clothes, but Raj is submission traditional Indian housewife for girly girl Devi and strong girl Priya mam and he always wear saree with blouse and bangles with jewellery and accessories with makeup... In this way I will end story and make new story with other concept thank you...

  • #254

    Radhika (Thursday, 14 September 2017 12:14)

    Part 1
    My name is Raj and I am teacher in school and I am taking classes for small children, let me tell about myself, I am from small village with middle class family and only son to my parents, my parents raise me in very traditional way, my father is farmer but he don't want me to become like him he wants me to learn and earn money from job, so I am not allowed to go with my father and outside so I am growing up inside home only by helping my mother in her house hold work and when I complete my studies I become expert in cooking and cleaning house and rongoli drawing, washing clothes and vessel and other house hold work, since I not go outside and play with boys I started to watch serials with my mother and learning switching clothes like blouse and chudidar, so all girls in village are my friends so I also kept long hair like girls and my mindset and behaviour also like them, once I complete my studies I joined as teacher to girls high school because I am scared to face boys and my mindset will only set for girls and teaching them because I don't have strength to do rough job, and I am the only male teacher in that but none of my colleagues feels that because I also talking them like other ladies like fashion, hairstyles sarees etc all teachers are teasing me I mistakenly bron as boy and they consider me as one among them and started to call me as Radha insisted of Raj, I also started to responding to the name Radha.

  • #255

    Radhika (Thursday, 14 September 2017 12:16)

    There is one girl Anjali, she is a daughter of rich business woman Ragini mam, she is my students and I like her because of her cuteness and she is intelligent student, she and all other students are like me because of my kind nature. All day she will activate but while going home she is very sad I asked her why she is sad,Anjali told me, her mother will come to home at night and her father is get divorce from her mother because she is completely career oriented and she told even she have money she is feeling alone, I feel pretty for Anjali and told her to stay with me until night and go to home at night, she feels happy and agreed, we inform her mother about Anjali will stay with me until night and I will take care of her and Ragini mam is busy and agreed for this, both we went to home and Anjali is feeling so happy and I told her to wash face and change her clothes, she dressed in one chudidar, I went to make some snacks to her and after I finished cook I went to her she is applying nailpolish to her nails told her you are very creative, she asked me shall I put nailpolish to your nails I feel some shy seeing this she only started to putting pink nailpolish to me, she told sir your nails are so girly we girls always wish to her this type of nails and painted my nails, then she told even though you have long hair you always put it like old age people and she started to do my hair, after she done my hairstyles she saw my face and told sir your face is looking so beautiful, I blushed and told her thanks she saw my blush and laughing I told her let me finish cook and join you until that see TV she told ok and I started cooking for us, I am feeling somewhat special because of nailpolish on my nails and braided hairstyles, so I finished cook and went to her she told she is feeling bored and ask me to play with her, I told what is the game she told now we will play one role play game where you will be Anjali my student and I will be Raj your teacher, I felt different in it and agreed, she became too happy and told me to dress up in her school uniform, and she will dress up in my pant and shirt. When I hear I need to dress I apposed that but Anjali convenience me and take me to room and give her school uniform, it's a white shirt and blue skirt after I dressed in her school uniform she changed my hairstyles to double plated braid, and she put small bindi on forehead and put her earrings on my ear I feel embarrassed and also shy because begin a male and also teacher I dressed as school girl, then she wears my pant and shirt and we started the game she acting like me and I acting like her we both enjoyed the game and after that game she dressed me in her chudidar and she dressed in my lungi and shrit and both eat dinner after that we exchange to our original dress and she went to her house and told me tomorrow will be more existing and went, I feel somewhat happy and also shy

  • #256

    Radhika (Thursday, 14 September 2017)

    next day morning in school I can't able to face her, but after school in evening again both went to my place and she told me today she is excited and also happy, I told her why then she opened her bag and show me one saree she told this is her mother saree but it is wasted in her home because her mother don't wear saree, she asked me to wear this saree and act as her mother and she will be my daughter, she told until now I don't feel mother love, she wants mother and daughter best relationship my eyes filled with water and I hug and told her I will be your mother, she became happy and started to dress up me in saree, she told she wants her mother to be very traditional Indian housewife, she wants her mother to be more feminine Like middle class mother always wearing saree and do cool for husband and children and all house hold work and take care of their daughter needs and questioning her when she returns home late etc, I told I will act like typical Indian mother don't very my daughter, Anjali feeling happy and dressed me in saree and blouse with petticoat and this is first time I am wearing saree and I feel like heaven, then I braided my long hair into single plate and put flowers on it next I wear all jewelleries like necklace, earrings, nosering payal more bangles to my hand I feel like I am bron as woman, then she put makeup to me I look like typical Indian housewife and mother, then Anjali comes and hugs me and called me mother, hearing that my body vibration happen, she calling me as mother and told me she is my daughter, she give one cumb and told me to brush her hair it's her wish to mother coumbing her hair,I sit on the floor and started to brush her hair and braided her hair after that I cooked the food and feeding her in my hands both Anjali and me crying with happiness, after food she slept on my lap and I am caring her like mother and she told she is feeling very happy because first time she is feeling mother love and told me I love you mom, I replied her I love you my daughter, suddenly we both saw Ragini mam there she comes to pick up Anjali and see me in her saree she is in business suit, all are in complete shock and let's see what next... To be continue...

  • #257

    1234 (Friday, 15 September 2017 08:04)

    I used to spend lot of my time on internet writing stories where I fuck my own mom and some other mom's of my friends I liked, In all these stories I used to portray myself as being bigshot stud who can fuck any woman he wants to. And usually whenever i would have any problem with any of my friend or classmate or any boy, I would use his name and fuck his mom in my stories so this was my way of getting my revenge on them, but in my real life? here it is.

    My name is Zaheer. Every body calls me chickna because I am very good looking 22 y/o young man studying to become an mechanical engineer. My mom Rubina is a nice looking 5.6in 155 lb nice lady with very attractive figure she has nice long legs and big boobs thin west and nice butt. My father passed away in an accident 3 years back. Since then she is very sad and keeps herself buisy in her job most of the time. She is a nurse in Dr Ray's nursing home.

    I had to live in a hostel in XXX which is in XXX. That is the nearest engineering college we have. I came back to Bhind in summer vacation after my first year exams.This time mom's seems to be taking more interest in me. She was talking and smiling more I thought her wounds are healing.

    She asked me to hook her bra and blouse in the back she was complaining about some stiffness in her arm and it was not able to move it up. While closing the hooks I could see her vally and some part of breast and it gave me instant erection and worst was mom's butt was touching my bulge because there was not much space between mirror and bed. Mom asked me to do it while she was combing her hair so because of her movement soft and warm boobs were pressing and rubbing on my cheek and driving me crazy. Closing her hooks were difficulf because the hooks got pressed I have to use my theeth to spead the hooks in that process my cheek was touching her bare portions of boobs. Couple of times my lips touched her breasts I felt she was breathing heavily. It seemed she did not mind her breasts pressing and rubbing my cheek. Through her tight bra her erected nipples were showing.

    Then She thanked me with a naughty smile. She aske me if I can take her to her town so she can get some new blouses stiched. I said ok that gives me oppertunity to meet my friends from school.

    My best friend was Rasheed. He was ladies taylor it was his family buisness. He was very intelligent and good looking tall handsom. He stayed in family buisness just to touch and feel woman and fuck them if get chance. His older sister was prostitute. He took me to her to make me loose my virginity.

    She was from his fathers first wife. He and his sister Shiza liked ( loved ) each other too much and were cought smoonchig and touching each other's private parts couple of times. Parents got scared and got her sister married to a man hurriedly. They did not enquired about man and later found out that he was gay and loved to get his ass fucked. He had a boy friends and used to come to his house and fucked him all night she got involved in it too to take revange from her parents and started having sex with his boy friend. Over all she was happy with situatin and further encouraged hes husband to crossdress and both had group sex with 3 to 6 men on regular basis.

  • #258

    Radhika (Friday, 15 September 2017 13:59)

    When Ragini mam come to my home this is the first time I am seeing her, but I am really shocked and also Ragini mam also shocked seeing me because Ragini mam is my ex girlfriend, Ragini mam told me is it you Raj I don't believe my eyes I must meet you once again in my life and I am also told her I also surprise seeing you, but she told I am very much suprised because of seeing you in my saree and acting as mother to my daughter, I felt embarrassing because I am wearing saree and acting as mother of my ex girlfriend daughter, we both started remembering our olden days and how this things happening.
    In college I am very silent guy, because of our traditional I am having long hair and I am going to college by making hair bun and I am wearing dothi and shrit, all the college people teasing me and raging me, one day a group of senior girls ragging all the people one of the powerful girl tell the joiner girl to remove her bra and handover to her and she did it when I come there all girls surrounding me and remove my dothi and shrit one girl Remove my bun hair and braided into single plate then all girls put that bra to me now I am in bra and underwear and hair is braided, they told me to run the campus, I felt very embarrassed and started to cry, then for my rescue Ragini comes, she bit all the rowdy girls and she takes one duppatha from other girl and covered my body and take me to class room she hand my clothes and told me to exchange, I fall to her feet and thanks her for this help, she told he likes my innocent attitude and she loves me so she helped me, she looking like hero for me and I am her heroin so I agreed and accept her love.
    After love we started to see films and going to parks and hotel etc all the bills given by her and she have bike and she rides it and I sit behind hugging her, when are in final year on last days of college we planned for trip, she told we will go to one forest and she will rid and I need to sit behind, once we reach forest she started to make tent and I simply sit and watch her because I don't have strength to do anything and she only take always active in work I just started to cook for both that max I can do, once tent done she comes to me while I am cooking food she opened one box and told me to wear, when I opened the box it's a transparent white saree, I felt very shy, and take that and run to tent, she removed her T-shirt and now she is in jeans and Bamiyan, I come out wearing a saree and little lipstick and few bangles in my hands and opened hair Ragini gone mad seeing me and she hugs me and both of us falls on one water lake, when we come out both of us are wet and hot both of us started to kiss and enjoy, Ragini become really a man in it and I just responded to her like woman. Once we done Ragini promise me to get Marry, after our exams over I can't able to see her, If I call her it's not reachable and I become alone and after this much year I am seeing Ragini here as mother of my student how believe me as her mother.
    Ragini telling me the reason she can't able to meet me she told after exams her father force her to marry a business man, due to force she married him but due to the night we spent in forest Ragini become pregnant, because of that her husband take divorce from her and she became alone and she started new business and now she is top business woman, after hearing this I felt happy because Anjali is my kid only, and Anjali also become happy
    Next morning Anjali dressed me as a bride in red bridal saree and blouse and jewellery and accessories makeup and braided my long hair, Ragini dressed as groom in dothi and shrit and in temple we are getting married infornt of our child but her father it's me here bride and her mother it's Ragini is groom, when Ragini tied mangalyasutra around my neck I falls to her feet for blessings seeing us Anjali become happy, from that day ones Ragini become my husband god and she going to office and I started to wearing saree daily and become housewife by doing cooking and cleaning house hold work for my husband and children, and Ragini become father and I become mother to Anjali and Anjali is happy to have me as her mother.
    The end...

  • #259

    sahith (Saturday, 16 September 2017 04:22)

    part 1
    hi in the early morning alaram was ringing at 6 i wake

    up and stop it and went to bathroom and remove the

    nighty and take bath after i wear the saree and came

    to kitchen and cook the brakfast later i wake up my

    husband and my children son and daughterready them up

    and sent to the school and prepared the lunch and keep

    in box and send the husband to the shop he is a

    business man and doing the paints dealerand my name is

    sravani and my son and daughter are studying the 2nd

    class of 6years agewe are living in the village and i

    am 26 yeras old this is my life but i am not born with

    female i am a male up the age of22 and my male name is

    sravan due to one incident accident my fate changed

    now i will explain how i changed from sravan to

    i am the only child to the parents and my father died

    early and with my mom i amliving iaa studying thr

    btech final year with in 4 months i will complete my

    graduation i am living in a village there is no ploice

    station and there is only village head we have to obey

    his orderd i lived happily and enjoyed due to only one

    son my mom gave me money and whait i want i am having

    the habbit of drinking and smoking one day in the

    night i have drinked fully and drive the car and i met

    with accident due to drunken drive and i admited in

    hospital after two days i recover and released from hospital

  • #260

    sahith (Saturday, 16 September 2017 04:22)

    part 2
    then i

    come to know that i dashed the bike inthat one lady

    was died she is having the two children so the village

    heads kept one meeting for judgement village head ask

    what i have to do then my my mom said it was my son

    mistake what ever the judgement u will give we will

    obey the orders then thay opposite side they said we

    want money mom said we will give my half property to

    them its worth 30l they accepted but the husband of

    lady asked one question that money is ok but i am

    having the two children which are 1 and halfyear old

    dhe need a mother now they became motherless i want

    justice for that villeage head decided that i cant

    give right justice for u if ur accept i will give one

    solution this accident was made by thesravan he will

    take of your children as a mothrt and house wife we

    will change into women and make her wife i got

    schocked listing that isaid no then village head said

    u have to obey due to your drunekn drive accident it

    happens so the judement must be strick such that no

    will drinkand drive seeing u and i said iam studying

    btech within four months iwill complete graduation and

    i will get job how i will be housewife i said.i am

    amle not women.then villahe head think twice and

    discuss with mom and their parent and doctor he given

    thr final judgement . sravan listen now ur studying no

    problem complete ur graduation from now ur name is not

    saravan its sravani after 4 months after exams u will

    marry him as a husband be a housewife and mother of

    children and now ur entire property will be on his

    name murali ur husband name and now onwards u have

    live like a feamale u have to go to college as a girl

    only in girls costumes and doctors will give u

    medicines and convert you into female it is a 4 months

    procedure mean wile u can study and procedure will go

    on and u need to learn all things like cooking washing

    kniting dont cut your hair now onward ur name will be

    sravani in your college record and i will inform to

    the management dont try to escape there is no

    permission to get out of villege u need permision

    every one will know now then murali accepted the

    decision that she will be my wife and mother of

    children and mom accepted the judgement and signed in

    the papers that my properties are belong to murali

    after two days i have to go to college ias a girl.

    then we left to home amd wento my room and crying how

    the fate was changed my mom came to me said dont worry

    be a good girl now onwards my mom was some what happy

    that i become a girl intead havin a son with all bad

    habits before he cant control me now i have to lstned

    her words and went to sleep, fro next day onward my

    training to female was started

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    sahith (Saturday, 16 September 2017 05:54)

    part 3
    next day morning i wake up and went to bathroom and

    take bath wear tshirt and trackpant and came out mom

    order me to get ready we will go out for purchasing

    dresses and i said i have now and mom came and say to

    me in our village no girl is supposed to wear pant and

    shirt even in the night time also from now u have to

    wear the nighty sarees halfsarees and chudidhars only

    u have to wear top to bottom day after tomorrow onward

    u have o go to college in girls costume chudidhar only

    i schoked and cried mom said to come first we went to

    girls cloth shop then first we went to nighty section

    then mom order to select the onei refused and she

    only select four and we went to inner wear section

    there are differen types of bras panties and banians

    mom ask the sales girl to show bras for me she look me

    diiferntly i siad mom i dont have any breast like you she said it will come in fusture if u go out u have to wear indisde and mom selected one padded bra and take me to trail room and ask to remove tshirt and i removed she kept bra on my chest i kept hands in she hook at bacj it was tight the cup was free because it was a flat chest i am having but due to paded it fix on my chest she ask me to dont remove and wear t shirt on that i wear it i look like girls only due to paded bra she selected the 5 and next for baniand she said it name is camisoles its like baniann only she selected 5 and 5 panties also i said i am having drawera she said its for male now you havr to wear theese and we went to chudidhar section she select one top and ask me to try it i went toroom and remove tshirt i dont no how to wear mom said wear it like tshirt i wore and i have drag the one edge to bottom it fiited but tight she sae me and ok she selec the3 ready made tops and 3 dress materials for chudidhars and she selected three differnt tuypes of halfsaress and sarees also and we went to tailor shop she is woment and mom ask to take measurement for dresses she took and she take breast are how mush paded bra was three she took and she took bloude measurement also and petticoat measurements idont know she took ahe said as per villege head order tomorow morning i will give in home for ue=rgency i got schock noe everyone know about mu situation and we went to parlour there one lady take me to room mom said to got i went she said to strip all my clothes i refuse she orderd me to do villehe head orderd i remove all she said to remove my underwear also as am male i shly removed itand ask me to sllep on bed i lay one bed ske tie my hands and legs and started applying the cream allover my body and after one hour he remove with one instrument my skin totallybecome smooth she did eletrolysis on my faceno hair was there onmy bdy itwas so smoothshe gave injection and said no hair will grow on my body she said my face is loook like girlshe said to wear dresses and go out later we went to hospital there doctor saw me and nurses are laughing seeeing my situation and she is sayingthe procedure first we will give tablet take for 1 month it will stop your male harmones togrow and female harmones will develop in your body and your chest is going to increase hair also hip size and in next stage your manners will change and your breast totaly takes place and penis will become small and finally a small operaon we will fix vagina in place of penis and you scan enjoy sex also i schoked and cried doctor ask me signinthis paper i signes there is no chance to escape.she gave me the injection and gave tablets to take daily
    and mom take to jewelery shop and pinned hole onmy ears andwe went home it was a worst day from morning toevening everything covered i came to my room i cried and sleep

  • #262

    1234 (Saturday, 16 September 2017 07:05)

    Rasheed also fucked his brother inlaw Masood. The day Masood saw handsome Rasheed he wanted his cock. Masood was a very good man and through gentle man. He told Shiza that he is gay and told her he has hots for her borther. She got very happy with this development. She knew that his brother also a ass man and love to fuck young boys.Masood was too chikna any ways. She told Masood that he is not the only one who has hot for her bother she also wants her brother to fuck her. Looking at Rasheed He was not surprised at all. Shiza told Masood that he should not worry about any thing he can play with as many man as he wants to and she will help him to get men from internet. Even if the she has to use her body to get men. As per her it is little price and gratitude to pay for her beeing able to make love to her brother.

    Since her husband was not Working they did not have any source of income she desided that she will make money by being prostitute. That way she, Rasheed and Masood can live their love live way they want. So hole setup was working fine.

    Rasheed took me to her sister. I did not now that Shiza was Rasheed's Sister till after fucking her. I was little shocked after knowing but Rasheed told me since I was his best friend it is ok beside it is safe for me to fuck her instead of prostitute which may not be safe (health wise).I was very thankful to him that he thought that much about health risks

    It was aobut 7.00 pm we started from home it started getting dark. Mom told me to take scooter she sat behind and held me tight her left breast was pressing against my back and her hand was almost resting on my bulgin cock.Finally I droped her at Churaha and told her that I will pick her up in couple of hours.I parked my scoter on the back of Rasheed's shop and went inside. It was slow evening and Rashid was sitting with couple of people one was out school friend, Shamim and other guy was Balraj he was big 6.3 ft tall and about 225 lb or aprox 110 kg packing 8 inch tool. When some lady cutomer cames Rasheed used to ataind customer and We use to sit down back room and were able to see Rasheed taking customer's mesurement. We could see how much liberty customer was giving him to cares her body parts. Some ladies wanted more then he took them to room in back of place he was taking mesurments. Once she is there and started having sex with Rasheed it did not matter who many more men fuck her. Evrery vacation I came to Bhind I must have fucked 4 to 6 woman with him.

    Suddenly power went off. Load shedding started earlier this year. Rasheed put on some candels and lanterns. We herd customer comming in Rasheed went to takecare of customer and we went in back and expecting some hot measurements. And specially if it is dark customers olso are less scared to to seen. Rasheed took customer in the back and started taking measurements. We could see only breast portion of customer and that's the measurement
    Rasheed was taking. We could see Rasheed's fingers inside the tape and he was moving it across the breast.

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    1234 (Saturday, 16 September 2017 07:18)

    Customer did not pull back or reacted so Rasheed put his other hand in the tape and moved on other breast. Rasheed was asking how tight blouse she wants but lady was taking time in deciding. It was working out good for Rasheed he kept on moving his finger on breast to make tape tight and loose. Suddenly Rasheed stopped his fingers on both nipples I think he was pressing her nipples between his fingers. Lady started moaning then she said something to Rasheed seemed she is saying "harder". Rasheed turned his hands and started pressing her boobs lady was saying not here and was looking at closed door behind Rasheed. Rasheed immediately opened the door and took her inside the back room. We also moved other side of room from where we could see Rasheed was holding lady from behind and his one hand was inside of that woman's blouse and other hand he inserted into the sari from west and was caressing her vagina.
    Lady was now moaning louder and puting her hands behind her to touch Rasheed's cock. She opened his zipper and started shaking his cock. We could hear every thing they were talking about."Rasheed your cock is hugh I will love to take it in my mouth and my choot and fill me up with your cum"

    "I will fulfill your every desire. In fact I have couple of my friend here and we all can fuck You from both side and give you the pleasure beautiful lady like you deserve."

    "How sweet of you Rasheed but I do not know them will it be ok? I do not want many people to know about me so I do not want any body other than you."

    "And since how long do you know me. 10 minute? And you want my cock in your mouth and your choot and fill you with my sperms? Wonderful And after all that you potray yourself as dignified lady?"

    "Please do not feel bad my friend told me about you and told me that you are very reliable."


    "Savita Thakur"

    "Yes she was also singing same song like you of beeing respected lady in the front but was cchinal like you behind

    the parda. We all gangbanged her and then she came back again and begging for more and more lund so you will too. I put that randi friend of yours on dhanda with my sister Shiza. My sister sends her to rich married people. So now she is getting paid to have fun."

    Listening to Rasheed's dirty talk and exitment created by fear for getting cought her vagina was gitting wet and she was gitting more exited.

    By the time this talk was finished she found her petticoat with sari was being pulled down and she was standing in

    her blouse and panty without even waiting for reply.That time she new she is going to be gangbanged. Now Rasheed was in process of making her fully nude.

  • #264

    sahith (Monday, 18 September 2017 02:34)

    part 4
    next day morning i wake up mom said to take bath and come out i take bath wrap the towel at waist and came out mom kept me one nighty and petticoat and said to wear when ur in home wear theese it will be comfortable to you tailor will get your clothes in one hour tommorow onwards u have to go to college in girls dresses only u know ur college dress code is chudidhar only u have to wearshe said remov your towel i removed she said when u r coming from bathroom u have to tie towel up to your chest she said to take petticoat i said i dont want i am comfort in this tracksi will wear another one she said i have throne all your male dresses to outside means given to some one u have to wear this only from now ur going to be good daughtr to me and house wife to your husband. igot cried i dont have any other chance i take the pettioat and wearing from down mom said that wear it from up i wearit came down momsaid to tie the thread to your waist i did it later it came nighty she said to wear it from top idid it came up to my legs fingers mom said to keep hoos at your chest idid it my penis was going to get errect while waering the nighty mom see that and said dont worry sravani it will be erect for some days only later it will be calm future u dont have anything there i am looking like a girl but have a flat body chest and no hair on my head means boys hair only that is only the odd one later i took breakfast and thiniking how to go to college tomorrow how to go as awomen and face the my friends and girls how they will react i am thinking next mom said that ur college friend swathi will come tomorrow and will pick ut o college in her bike she said i schock because she is my classmate and iam loving her she dont know that i love her after one hour tailor came and gave all the clothes mom called me go and check is there any altration ahe will do i kept silent mom only take one blouse top and bottom and take mt to room and locked and ask me to remove nighty i did and she took the chudidhar top and she tried on me she checked its ok and later came the blouse she ask to wear i dont no she said to wear like shirt i did and she said keep all the hoos idid it size is ok but looking odd due to flat chest cups feeling empty and salwar bottom pant she said to wear idid it she said ok and said to tailor all are ok she went mom take the ear rings and fix to the ear for college u have to wear earrings otherwise villege head will come to know college prinicpal will report to villege head about you your attendance and behaviour i schoked and went to my room cried from morning to evening and tinking what about my future and take diiner and went to sllep in the nighty.

  • #265

    sahith (Monday, 18 September 2017 06:38)

    part 5
    next day morning i wake up and went to bathroom and take bath and came out wrap towel like a boy only but i schocke to see swathi in my room she said i am here to help you i schocked she said i heard about your issue sorry i cant do anything what ever may be now onwards be a good girl i will be help u in all ways dont worry see sravan sorry sravani how u before being a boy leave it forget it now ur a girls lady within four months u will be housewife u will have huband children everything u have to change ur total mindset think u r a female now in college also dont worry in college we got a circulat that ur a living as a female from now no one will tease u rag u all will welcomed good only they given warning to all friends behave properly with u otherwise they will get a punishment also so dont think about our college friends and your boys in your gang listening this i got schocked . she said why are u wraping towel to down u have to do up to chest level ok remove ur towel i said no she said dont worry we two are girls only no boy is there remove she said i didnt do she take the towel out i am in nude infront of her and she locked the room also i got shy she said sravani your body is too smooth no hair likes a girl body onlybu only penis is there she came near to me and toich it and said dont worry it will be removes and u will get vagina also i am standing like a dumb infront of her she ge me one panty to wear i wear it she gave me a bra i said dont want she gave me a camisole whw said its like banian only i wear it it was very tight she gave me college chudidhar top due to new to wear diificult mom get me the chudidhar top with back some lenght zip and last hook swathi gave to me i wear it but zip was back it was difficult to me to keep she keep zip and hook at last she gave a pant i wear it it having a lace to tie i tied it now i was in chudidhar and next comes to the chunni but she say to me how to wear it i did but it falling she said it will come by experience today she fixed the chunni in v shape at front remaing at back and pinned to chudidhar now it not falling now i am looking like a girl but with flat chest and having no hair in top now she opened the door mom saw me good then mom get a win from outside i schocked to see that she fixed the wig tomy head now i am having hair like a girl now mom braid the hair like a girl but i am having the weight on my head she kept bindi on my head now i am looking like a perfect girlmom gave me apurse to me to keep mobile and money because it wont have any pockets now i wear tha ladies sliipers and came out swati take her sccoty and ask me sit back like lady before 1 week back i ride herscooty and went out she sit at back like girl now i am sitting she started bike and we reached college.

  • #266

    sahith (Monday, 18 September 2017 07:22)

    part 6
    i reached the college i bend down my head and silently went to my classroom all the boys and girls stunned to see me in the girls avatar girls said u r looking good boys seeing me differentlythey didnt talk tome even my friends gang see me diiferently and didnt talk they are showing pity on me ididnt see them due to shy and swathi take to me and sit in the last girls bench and sat beside her i am also lookig like other girls only bit i dont have breast curvy structures like them and one madam came to the class she issued the id card to me in that name sravani was thereand sex as female before i used to see girls breast stucture and seeing inners weather she wearing bra or not and commenting on their dress etc with my friens sitting beside row now i was sitting like a girl in same dress now my friends what they will think about me i taught in class beside me swathi is there and another side another frindis there swathi is close to me now i am seeing her breast into her dress she saw me and said dont worry sravani u will also wii get with in monthlike our curves and structures now its time for recess all girls are went to the washroom swathi take me to the washroom first time i went into girld washroom as a boy before i will stand and pee but in girls washrooms there are so many rooms we have to go and sit and pee then i think thats why chudidhar pant was loose and having a lace it was easy to remove and wear first i went remove my pant and pee using the penis then my penis go errect and came out some girls are removing there chunni and again keeping adjusting all time infront of mirror only and talking about the boys.

  • #267

    Sahith (Monday, 18 September 2017 13:53)

    Part 6
    One girl came to me and ask if ur no t having breast u can wear a padded bra and come because you are looking odd in this dress all girls are having same age and after graduation we will marry and all having nice structure and figure if I also wear we will look good she said Swathi came and said Sravani will get nice figure in 1 to 2 months don't worryband again we came back to class and after college we went to home Swathi dropped me in home and she went I step into home and remove my wig l think it became burden on my head and finally remove my salwar top and camisole and did not remove bottom and I am feeling free I take a nap on bed like a boy sleeping without shirt after1 hour Kim came and saw me wake me up and give a tight slap on face and scolded you are girl you vmust not sleep like this you must not show your topless body to everyone you have to cover each and everything's u have to show your naked body to ur husband in bedrooms only mon bought me one packet she opened it is a artificial breast form she said that it will fix to me and she said it can be removed using a cream only wear this one month then u also have some breast up to then fix it she take that and fixedvtovmy chest and attached it now it was having weight and inside it was having some spring action like that it was fixed to me and mon ask me to walk i did in room she said how it was I said it was bouncing she said to wear nighty I wear it now I am looking like a girl and take dinner and sleep before sleep every day I was taking tablets and one nurse coming and giving injection and next day I wake up today also Swathi came early tovmy room and came from bath Swathi saw me and she seeing my artificial breast and ask how u got I said mon fixed it okie having nice pair compare to me it's looking real now she said to wear bra I ask why she said it will give support from bouncing and it will fix to one place give nice structure and figure she gave me bra and ask to wear I said I don't no she taught me how to wear a bra and how to adjust the straps and how to fill the cup without gap I wear it she said to remove and ask me to try by own itried 10times but it is difficult to Hook at the back I tried after several tries I did it and wear panty and she tooke to mirror and she show me how I am looking I looking like a wearing ba bikini now I try to wear top she said wear camisole and top now I wear chudidar vfully again she kept Chinni on my dress and fixed now I am looking vlike exactly girl now I think how girls will wear all the stuff inside now if I go out for should be careful because boy will coment on girls figure seeing breast size weather having less size or more size or sagging etc because I did to other girls now I am going like that Swathi and I went to college and to classriom

  • #268

    sahith (Tuesday, 19 September 2017 04:23)

    when i enter into classroom all girls and boys see me in different way because yesterday iam having flat chest today having breast they see me diiferently but some girls see me and said ur looking good now u have to hide your cleavlage i saw the girls breast it was big and good i think i also will get like that only but i am getting itching due to bra stap and some what uncomfortable to breeth also because due to that tightness and i took paper from floor while bending my bra breast was visible to boys then swathi said keep your hand on top otherwise it will be visible to all she said after class there will be different seesion for boys and girls for boy sports for girls stitching aerobics likethat today it was aerobics class all went to the room there is a special uniform for that it is good tshirt and track pant i like that now girls are went to dressing room to change it is open room for all so they will change alll at a time now all they removed thier tops and bottoms and wearing tshirt and trackthen i am seeing all girls without dress they are changing the bra also and wearing sport bra for that then i saw swathis breast also swathi seeing me and said what r u doing this is common dont worry ur a girl now remove infront of us and wear yours i said i dont have sahe said urs it is in my bag ueaterday aunty gave money and said to buy for u then i removed all dresses and wear sports bra top and track pant and do the exercises in class after that we went to home like that one month completed i am going to college and come ididnt talk to my friend still now i am wearing nighties chudidhar only and bras panties remaining ididnt try anything still i am thinking like a male only i am not having feelings like female while seeing gents but physically changes are coming i reduced my weight and looking fair and skin was totally smooth

  • #269

    sahith (Tuesday, 19 September 2017 04:47)

    part 8
    one day mom came to me and said remove all dress and said to be nake i did it she kept hand on my breast it was artifical i didnt remove from first she kept cream and removed my artifical breast then i feel some weight was remove and feel free then i saw my chest there was breast was devloped mom measuresd and say it was 32b your bra size i schocked to see my original one due to high dosage of harmones my breast was developed and isaw penis it was become small no sperms are coming from past 5 daysthen i come to realize tablets are working and hair also grown and mom usung a measuring tape and measured for new clothes i ask why tomorrow is aladies festival u have to do wearing the halfsare or saree i buy one new good designer wear to you for stiching blouse i took measurments ok wear night and sleep but the nipple o f mt breast was getting errectd and when it touches dress feeling uncomfortable mom said morning u will wear saree for puja evening to temple u will wear halfsaree she said and went i went for sleep and wake up next day morning and take bath and tieng towel i saw my breast side then againg i tie towel up to my breast and came out mom was there and gave petticoat and bra i wear petticoat and new bra of my original size theni wear and adjusted the cup of the bra then she gave blouse second time i am wearing blouse i wear and fixing hooksafter all hooks then my bra was totally inside the blouse now mom came with saree she take the saree and kept on my waist on fron and tied one round and take another end keep at sholder and keeping the pleats and tuck it into my petticoat and adjustded the saree at front on breast side and fixed the pin to saree and blouse and sholder such that it didnt fall now iam in saree.

  • #270

    sahith (Tuesday, 19 September 2017 05:33)

    part 9
    for me it was so much uncomfortable in saree it was very heavy weight i cant able to walk fast and blouse was also up to the half only means like a shirt it doest come up to wasit it will be up to underbust area only between blouse and petticoat space was free and blouse was also tight and due to that one my nipple was also pointed out and sharply agai mom kepy so many jeweleries on me like chain bangles and later mom take me to th epuja room and do the pooja like girl i sit beside her this is for one hour only after that take break fast today college was nothere mom said we will got to temple now so wear half saree it wil be easy to she said and ask me to remove i am happilr removed the saree fast and trying to remove blouse and petticoat also but she said no need be with that i will comw with in 10 mins ia m in blouse and petticoat then i went to see in mirror how i am looking in this i went to mirror to see i saw iloking like a teenage girlthen i come to see my bre strap was visible from my blouse then i adjusted it and mom came with heaavy designer skirt and halfsaree she said to weat skirt i wear it and she said blouse was common for both like that i but then she took the halfsaee and tucked the one end into skirt take around me and tied at shouled and adjusted at the top it is also similar to saree but less weight and less length simply wrapind around me mom said to remove and said to try it until it was liooking good itried nearly i learned by own now i am in halfsaree like agirl and we strated to the temple it was just away from house i was going out as girl in halfsaree first time
    all the surrounding people saw me some praised me some boys in road seeing me o lowered the head everytime iwant to check it was in good position or not atlast we reached the temple and we stand in a girls que before i came to temple to see gir now iam a girl intemple that to intraditional wear and eye feasting for so many boys and did darshan and after we reach home i removed every thimg and wear nighty and mom said toady i am going to out of station swathi will come here to night to stay with she said and mom went to out of station amd swathi came with bag to my house to stay it was alreday late night swathi came to ask me a request to me i asked what she said u have to do keep promise she said i did it she said i want to do sex with you you are a boy before now you are agirl now i want to experience a sex before marrage dont worry ur having penis i can know that it was no use and sperms also dont come due to tablets but think now u having apenis do sex with me and enjoy ur boys wish after 3 months u will be enjoy sex like a female do for me na now she saidthen i think twice before i also do may this is my last male sex offer to enjoy it wont come i accepted it and said ok he said remove all and wear thins pant and shirt and i will wear white transpent saree and come t your room in 5 mins i feel happy and went to my room and remove nighty and petticoat and wear pant and shirt but have breast the shirt was tight no problem ithink and wear iam feeling happy wearing boys cloths after long time and waiting for her she came in transpent saree to my room.

  • #271

    sahith (Tuesday, 19 September 2017 07:13)

    part 10
    she came near to me she is looking so sexyi saw her but i am physically some female but mentally male i take her and keep on bed and removed my shirt she saw my breast and schock she said u got real breast i said leave it and removed her saree and she is in blouse i pressed her breast with hand and rubbing she is enjoying bue m penis is not getting any feel and physicallly no feel to me but i mentally my mind was satisfying me that i am doing sex with my lover and and i moved hand from her breast to down and come to the petticoat and down to the led and i moving hand from legs to vagina moving her petticoadt up she sttod suddenly and removed the knot of petticoad and she only remove blouse and i take and thrown the petticoat away and keep the finger near vagina and inserter finger and again came up and hugher and remove the bra hooks and i swa her breast it was looking good and larger than me and pressing again and again she is moaning and enjoyiing and her niipples get harden ilater she came tome and remove pant and taken my penis into her hand mastubating it but not getting harden due to small she said to sleep on me and she said keep your penis into my vagina i taken mine with hand and insert into her vagina no feel from my side butsomewhere male harmones are working after keeping into her it became hardi inserted and remoed like strokes i gave her she enjoying but it became hard and not releasing sperms then i think i am no more a male now ans she is in full sex mood after half an hour she came to normal and saw me and said ur now a female ur penis not working and we both are nude and she tried to keep hand onmy breast i throw away her not to keep she said dont worry sravani we two are female and she came to me and pressed my breast and i get some hat feeling and i only said to press my breast again and my nippleas are responding like her and i am also moaning like her it was like a leasbian sex means sex between two females but i dont have vagina .finally we two sleep nudein a bed we sleep next day morningshe wake up and went to bathroom and came in nude only and all clothes are in diiferen places and she gathered her i am thinking inside she is having a good boobs structure shape when i willhave like that she take bra and wear and panty she took chudidhar and wear from her bag and i wake up and she gave me a petticoat i tied it she exclaming my breast and i wear nighty she keep cofee and gave me.

  • #272

    sneha (Tuesday, 19 September 2017 09:35)

    Home prison
    I am jailer for the lady's prison so all the colleagues except for the security guard are women so everyday i watch their activities because i am a secret cross dresser after associating with these jail and girls my personality has changed. Femininity flavor is added to my behavior and actions became girly too. If i want to pee i have to go from one corner to other corner one day while i am going for Pee it is raining out and i am waiting for my Zeep one of the head constable has came their she said sir why don't you use this toilet we don't mind using if use it so i immediately went inside the toilet and did my pee came out happily.

    She was waiting outside and told me today you also became women sir i laughed for her comment but her words made me feel so comfortable. next day all the ladies said sir we are very comfortable with you than other men in fact we feel you like one of us. I asked them why you feel like that one lady constable said sir you are so soft and gentle you respect all like a women adding to that she said we are that much comfortable we can come to toilet with you i was shocked with that words.

    One girl came in front of me and told please don't say no to us today i din't said any thing all the women came and circled me slowly started undressing me wow this is my dream to to be undressed by women to spice it up i started acting by saying leave me but they are stubborn on their decision. They din't listen to me removed my complete dress and by seeing my small penis they started laughing and said your's to small i covered my private parts and asked for my clothes back they said wait sir we will give your clothes in a 5 minutes i went inside my table with a shame. they all are laughing after 5 minutes that girl who came in front of me she came and sat on my chair in my dress she thrown her dress on my face while collecting i removed my hands from private parts she clicked photo of it and said sir my nephew is small kid his one is little bigger than you.

    I went to waiting room i saw myself nude and recollected what they have done today to me i felt really happy with that treatment i took her dress which she wore from the morning i smelled it like a dog. i Kept that dress near my cheeks to feel the fabric and slowly i wore that dress and came out they all stood outside and said sorry sir. Today you are one of us don't feel bad and she will be jailer for today she came out in my dress and she kept mustache all the women stood in a line even i she started pressing each women's breast and she pressed mine too they kept hair wig for me they are prepared for this.

    I visited prisoners today till date i am busy in my cabin with administrative work all are women i am unable hear their words they are not wearing full clothes too.
    Please post your comments

  • #273

    Sahith (Tuesday, 19 September 2017 13:45)

    Part 11
    She gave coffee to me and ask me when ur father died I said in my early stages studying 5th how was after that she ask it was very difficult to live she said u did an accident in which one lady died na she is my cousin wife and Murali is my cousin like brother and their children is just 1to1.5 years old very small that don't no how mother will be they did not call their mon bybvoice she died thing those kids how they will live how u suffered before they will suffer likeore because vshe is mother not father Murali is a good person he did not accept for your change but village head gave order later he consul t your mother on judgement day only don't worry I will take care I want mother tovmy children he said to your mon he said to me that to convey a message to that now it on middle of transition now it is your choice to live with Murali like a good house wife and he will take care like a wife see ubvery good he will do what u want otherwise u have to live like chaka means nither a boy or girl iu can't go back to make life but I can live as female he said if u want to live with him he gave me a saree yellow colour wear that and send the pic to him in WhatsApp by this weekend means with on two days otherwise he will leave u like this he don't marry also he will say to village head he also can't do because transformation on middle urvlife will spoil think and take it decision she said and went from home I think for total night and decided to live with him then I took saree it was good but I don't no how to wear saree sovi called Swathi to home she certainly and I said I am ready to live with him and be a mother to child she was happy she said to remove all the dress now I am nude I wear petticoat bra blouse she tie saree tome and take pic and Seng to him from bmy mobile.he saw it Swathi said next day our college vfarewell was there al girls will wear saree we two are going she said o don't have sarees only twoshe said today we will go and buy Swathi took me to shop sarees ideas wearing chudidar and went to mallshe select two fancy sarees and gave blouse measurements to tailor she said back hook blouse she gave in 3 hours and we reach home and she sleep in my room only she ask me how u feel wearing vsaree I said I don't like saree it was heavy chudidar was good very simple I can't carry and walk in saree then why I wear saree for him I want to live with him that's why I wear that

  • #274

    sahith (Wednesday, 20 September 2017 02:04)

    part 12
    she said me go and emove all the dress what u wear i ask why she said i removed she saod to remove the panty and bra i removed she saw me full naked she said today i will make photoshoot on you and she take one bag and keep all the thing on bed there are all cosmetics bra panties and dresses she took one panty and said to wear she took bra said to i wear she take aphoto and show me i am looking so sexy in inners now i am having a nice structure and shapeshe gave me ghaghra to wear i war and tied it given choli i said dont no because back hook she said to insert hand i did it and she hook at back and adjusted it she took the duppata and kept like vshape and i am loking good but my hip area and area between choli and ghagra are exposing how much breast is there totally shown in choli because not covered

  • #275

    sahith (Wednesday, 20 September 2017 05:11)

    part 13
    she asked me ur enjoying dress i said no i dont like these dresses she ask why iam not inrested i cant able to wear so many on my body i want simple like chudidhar not like saree halfsaree etc because while in saree i cant able to walk and i canr handle some time spallu will fall and blouse also it is very tight to bra is also tight due to straps itching is coming some times breast pain also coming and bra is tight wearing blouse on that it is also tight blouse is not like shirt the hooks will come in betwene thr two breast place and some times bra is visible from blouse and it is half only not up to waist while i am removing bra and blouse my breasts are feeling free like it coming from the jail

  • #276

    sahith (Wednesday, 20 September 2017 07:11)

    part 14
    and i said i dont like the breast also it has weight it wont be in place it will swagg falls unless support is there starting i dont like i think how girls will like their breast and carry i know when i was a boy iwill see ur breast and attract because most attract feature in girls is breast only now i am having i dont like but one day i was bending some boys in class see my breast suddenly i cover i dont know how i did at that time but now mindest is changing now i am thinking yeaterday insex i saw ur breast is big size then i thought when i will get my boobs like u ok she said to sleep we sleep and next day we wake up today is farewell day she take bath and tie the saree i took bath and came out wear brapanty petticoat and i inserted hand in blouse she hooked at back and blouse is good costly and backless it having only 3 hooks my back was totally open and she taught me how to wear saree and she said to learn now after 10 to15 tries i wear a saree she said to dont pin leave freely and saree was transpernt my blouse wasfront side was totally visible from saree and she keep my hair loose and gave erarings bangles and higheels and we started to collge and went to function all girls see me and stunned i am looking like gorgeous sexy lady my boys friend also seeing me only my his breast etc they schoked to ssee me like this

  • #277

    Radhika (Thursday, 21 September 2017 14:18)

    Part 1
    My name is Raj and I am teenage boy with little fashion, so I have long hair and always style it as bun, and Very fair and tin with no hair on my face people always mistaken me as girl. Once the Day it's my sister birthday I thought of giving gift to her and went to shopping, I went to ladies section, one girl come to and ask, how can I help you, I told her I am searching for good clothes for my sister's birthday gift she asks me about size I told my sister is almost my size only she told ok and take me to dresses, she opened so many dresses, salwars and holds against to me and told is it ok mam, can you try it once and check, I just awakened she thought I am a and calling me as mam, I was about to explain her but she took me to changing room and pass all dress and close the door, I am in very confusing and thought to explain her but suddenly what happened in my mind don't know I just hold one salwar against me and current pass, I can't hold it and started to dressing in that, once I dressed in that I see Myself in mirror and I can't believe I am looking good in that dress the soft cloth against my body is feeling too good, suddenly that sales girl come in and say wow madam it's looking good for you only, I am also thinking that only she told please open your hair it's look good and removed my hair band and she coumb it I am looking so girly, then she take me to jewellery section and show me earrings and necklace and told me gift this also and she put some earrings on my ears I do so many trail of earrings and necklace and choose one pair, I change back to my dress and come pick that all dress and jewellery.
    I went home my and fresh up, my sister come I wish her happy birthday and told sorry sis, I forgot to bring gift to you, so you only go and purchase and give her money, she went with disappointed, then I look back the cover of gifts I purchased for her, my mind told me to kept all dress and jewellery for myself, I fall love with this ladies dress, I opened the Google and started to see ladies fashion hairstyles etc, I purchased some girls t-shirt and jeans and started to wearing that and doing some hairstyles and one day in home there is a festival and I wear that salwar suit and jewellery I brought for my sister, and went down and started to helping my mother in cooking, both my sister and mother got confused and asking me why I am dressing as a girl, then I told mom can I also dress like you both, can you consider me also one among you please, my mother and sister both get shock and can't tell anything, the salient kills me more, I told my mother that, mom is begin a girl is wrong? My mother told no my boy, but you are not born as girl right, I told yes I not bron as girl but girl bron in my soul, the girl inside you and sis is the same girl inside me mom and like you I am proud to be feminine like you, my mother hugs me and both started to cry, then my mother and sister told welcome to womanhood I feel so happy and feminine, my mother take me to god's room and put one saree and blouse and jewellery and bangles in one plate and put my hands on that plate and told me accept myself as a girl infornt of God and told me to wear all this,. My sister take me room and help me to wear saree and Jew and bangles she started to calling me as sis I feel so feminine when my sister putting bangles on my hands, finally me my mother and my sister enjoy that festival with wearing same colour sarees and jewelleries, next day to office I went wearing girly jeans and T-shirt with hairstyles and little makeup like lipstick Kajal etc, all my colleagues are surprised with my changes but all female colleagues accept me and be normal, our boss come and saw me, I lowed my head and she called me inside, I forgot to told about our boss, her name is Priya and she is big business woman with macho attitude, and always wear men's suit and she is tall and athletic build body, I go inside the room she gives me a letter when I saw that it's telling me I promoted to become secretary of our boss, she told me to from tomorrow onwards you are my secretary and you need to dress too girly feminine and sexy ok, I become too surprised and also happy because I can dress girly to office but Don't know what is in our female boss mind... To be continued...

  • #278

    Sahith (Wednesday, 27 September 2017 13:53)

    Part 15
    I am sitting in the chair one of my friends called me Sravani come here I heard from boys side after I started living as female I didn't talk to my boys in class my gang also now my friend called me slowly I walk to there all my gang of 4bous stand there they are seeing me from top to bottom and some seeing my navel area and blouse breast area I got shy I know how my friend will see girls and scan girls now I am here like girls my friend ask me how are you sorry to see u like this said fine and my fate is like this I said by lowering head I can't see their faces due to shy or embarassing by seeing me they to understand my situation and they leave me then I feel happy and went to chair and after function I went to home and remove the sare blouse pnow Ian feeling free now I am also now petticoat and start to wear nighty but mon came and said don't wear mon bought one bag in that she buy me a shirt jeans and two t-shirt and skirts and nighty up to knee half length only she said u can wear up to your marriage but after ur husband wish if any elders came I have to be in chudidar or saree ok she said I said ok then tomorrow u can try so remove petticoat and bra she said I remove it I am nude she gave nighty half length like up to half legs only there and sleeves top side ok but bra shape it is there I wear it it was free and nothing I wear inside breast are also freely due to no support mon herself removed dress infront of me and be nude and wear her normal nighty I schocked to see her changing confront of me she saw me and said don't worry we two are female no male is there don't be shy but when I saw her breasts size I think when I will get like that and went to sleep

  • #279

    sahith (Thursday, 28 September 2017 04:27)

    Part 16
    next day mom said to be ready in salwar i was ready in salwar mom take me to the hospital and we reached doctor said to me lie on bed she checked me and ask me to stand i stood and ask me remove the dress i got shy she said to remove we are female only iremove the top andbra she came near to me and touch the nipple i got some feeling and sensation she observed me and she ask me to wear the hospital gown and sleep on bed then nurse came and gave the injection i went to sleep and after i wake upthen mom was infront of me see saw me and said congrats u ra female now operation was sucessfull i got schocked without information they did it and after sometime doctor came and remove all the bandages and ask me stand slowly i did it and ask me to remove gown by hand idid it and then i can fell there is nothing in between my legs they replaced the vagina penis was gone i was schocked to see down but my breast was came between i cant see my vagina properly i can feel by the hand then doctor came with one mirror and show me properly then i saw agirl nude have nice breast structure and shape that was me mom asked me to go to bathromm and go for urine i went and sit she ask to pee i release presuure and mom said u have to was ur vaginal area with water after urinal and my breast size also increases and bra size was 34b and mom gave me bra to wear i wear it and she gave me a panty i wear it it was too comfort to me and wear bottom and top of salwar now i am complete a girl having all parts and went home and i went to my room and warrobe was full of sarees and i went to bed then swathi came to see me she saw me and ask to be nude to see my full idid it she stunned to see my figure and she ask me to lye on bed in nude idid it the tie my hands and legs with cloth to bed i ask what r u doing then she came with artificial dildo vibrator and sheinsert me into my vagina and i am getting so much pain and she is moving to and fro like boys give strokes while sex she is doing on me and i cant control pain and cries some time i moaned then she said welcome to womenhood doctor advised to do this everyday ur mother cant do to her daughter that why i did it after pain was released islowly wake up and wear nighty i cant to able to walk properly due to pain i am having uneasiness but some feel was came then mom said to me tomorrow is friday u have to wake up and take headbath wear saree and do pooja this u have to do in your husband house time is less learn from now onlylearn to cook and wash cloths and sweeping all house hold chores u have to be a hoouse wife tomorrow onward u have to wake up early in morningand learn to keep rangoli outside tomorrow swathi will help you she said and went to sleep

  • #280

    sahith (Thursday, 28 September 2017 07:10)

    part 17
    next day morning i wake up and going to bath mom stopped me and said to sweep the house i schocked mom order mw to do first time i took that in hand and tried to sweep the room while doing i have to bend and do and mom saw the breast was exposing from nighty mom said that cover your breast with towel or chunni and do the work then i take chunni and covered and doing and chunni was falling then mom tied chunni to nighty and do the work i sweep the room i got tired due to work then mom said to take bath and come i take the headbath and tie towel up to breast and came out mom kept one dailywear halfsaree to wear mom said still some work is there after u wear saree and do puja then i took bbra blouse petticoat skirt and wear halfsaree then mom said go out and keep rangoli i take powder and went i dont no how to keep then swathi hepled me how to keep and slowly i keeping some boys are roaming outside and it was early morning one of my classboy saw me keeping rangoli in front of house wearing halfsaree and he is scanning my hidden parts while doing i got shyand went to room and take breakfast i went to myroom i removed halfsaree and skirt and i am in blouse and petticoat suddenly room door was opened i got stunned and keepmy hand on breast to cover i saw a lady and mom mom said she is your mother in law she schoked that i am hiding breast with hand like girl and laugh she said to me sravani donth worry tie the sare i want to know how my daughterin law will do i got shy and take saree and wrap around me she said u did like perfectly mom order me to take blessings from her idid it and she handed me expensive saree jeweleries to me and said tomorrow small engagement with my son to you so i bought these to you

  • #281

    Vilpa Bindani (Monday, 02 October 2017 00:04)

    Hi All
    My name is Vilpa and I became the bindani of one of the Rajasthani family.
    Happy Navratri and Dusshera to all my girls!
    I hope you get a chance to wear Chaniya Choli at least once during the Navratri days.
    I was very fortunate to say that I've been wearing such gorgeous Ghaghra Choli on all 10 days.
    I also played Garba while wearing this beautiful chaniya cholis along with all the jewels.
    I'll start telling my life story very soon and hope you all like that.

  • #282

    SRS (Monday, 02 October 2017 12:25)

    Property mess part 1

    Hi my name is sham, am an handsome boy fair looking slim but had six pack, i had hair up to neck for fashion cause our is fashion industries, My height is 5.6 an age is 27, An i very rich business man son, my parents died 3 years b4. B4 my parents died there close friend family lived together i dint like them an my parents too but they stay with us. There name was vijay her daughter kavitha an her son prakesh , 3 of them stay with us cause vijay aunt husband worked hard with my parents in our company an died in an accident in our factory, so court says to satay with us. Vijay aunty age is 40 height 5.4, kavitha age is 23 height 5.5, prakesh height is 5.7 age 26 , My life going luxury big house imported cars lots of girls etc. Prakesh an his sis work in my company, v have lots of branch such as fashion industries, textile industries, add agency etc. Kavitha is my personal PA an prakesh is branch manager, i never give respect to them. i keep kavitha do all the work to me an for both i used to humiliating them an her mother also. Kavitha is an typical decent girl she kept her hair up to waist an dress only in saree r chulidhar no western dress but i always used to tell her about that, for me there is lot of trainers eg ( gym , diet, health an beauty etc ) i lived like a superstar. All the things are well until 1 day my family lawyer came to meet me. She is mid 35 an hot lady her name was swathi i make her sit an started watching her beauty an her boobs, she notice but dint react after that i asked her what the reason to make her come an she told that there is an will ur parents created b4 they died an i asked what it is an she told that it is for ur marriage it told that if u does"nt get married with an year than all the property which is 1000 c will transfer to trust , an this is because ur not respecting any woman an simply playing in woman life an for that v thought until otherwise u get married than all the problem will solve. i got angry an smash my cell , my lawyer went away. I dint know from where i will get woman for me as a life partner. i never treat woman as 1 part of me only treat as sex toy, 1 day in our company there was an model for add agency an she felt sick an the add shot is final otherwise there will be loss of 10c ,so i was thinking at that time my PA kavitha came an i was screaming y she dint inform to me b4 an she told that she has been forgot an that was a silly reason an i again started to shout. After i thought what to do an i got an idea that kavitha will be the model an told to be ready an she got scared an started to please , but i not lesson an made her ready for the shoot after an hour she came an i can see her eyes are watering an her hair was choped in boy cut an we made an semi nude shoot. After the shot complete she left to home. An i finished all my work at that time i received an call from my home an my aunt vijaya is shouting that her daughter is tried to sucied attempt, i got tense an start my car to get home, i drove fast at that time my concentration went off an i hit 1 small girl but i dint stop i went off, when i reach home my aunt is angry an told that it was because what i did to her in office. But i tried to explain but she dint lesson, i apology an told sorry , but still they dint came down. At that time police came to my house an told that i had an accident an it was a small girl nothing but her leg was fracture an she cant able to walk now, i told to the officer that i will pay for it what i did but he told that it was not the matter of money she was daughter of famous surgeon in Thailand an she was very rich both came for an official mater an u hit her daughter now she put an case on you. I dint know why this happening me like this. after using my power of money i came out free, An i saw her, her name was doctor manju she came near to me an told that u have escaped but i will not leave u, u have to pay for this till ur life dead an went. Again everything went back to normal an i was concentrating in my business. After few months my family lawyer came an told that there is only 2 month left, if u dint get married than all your property transfer to trust an u will come mid of the street. I dint know what to do an who will marry me , I got my new add project in that its fully based on koren & Thailand product an its matter of 50 c project an i dint wan to lose that project. am looking for an koren woman or Thailand but none can able to find, here my time is running out i left only 1 an half month for my married otherwise my property will transfer.

  • #283

    SRS (Monday, 02 October 2017 12:26)

    Property mess part 2

    I dint know what to do, at the mean time while i was sitting in my home my aunt an her daughter kavitha was there an suddenly i got 1 idea an i went near to vijaya aunt an told that i want to talk an important matter , she listen to me an i told that i dint have time to search for an woman to get marry an if not than we all come to road , an she told ya i know for that what should i want to do an i told for that i thought y should if i marry ur daughter kavitha then it will be easy to us. on hearing that she felt shock an slapped me . i was horrified what she did , she told that how could u able to think like that she is like ur lil sis , but i dint live an told look aunty i have thought 1000 time b4 make this dissension cause if i get married than it will be a separate family an if my wife doesn't like u means u have to pack up everything an go from this house tats y i told otherwise ur wish. An my aunt think for that but kavitha doesn't accept for that after my aunt advice her that if she marry me than they could njoy the property with full rights because u will become his wife an kavitha accepted by force but his bro dint like this thing. after two days my aunt an kavitha came an accepted what i told an i felt so happy for that cause least 1 problem was solved at that time i received an isd call in that i got an information which is useful for my add agency an got some information that there are many models which are suitable for my add so i have decided to go for that places an look directly. I have decided to book ticket to Thailand immediately an i took kavitha with my self because she is my personal secretory but there was a problem her mom dint accepted this an told that she dint believe in me b4 marriage wife should not Rome with husband an told she will also come an after argument i accepted an told prakesh to look after the company, i was planned that after the add shot successful completed an i get marry to kavitha an after i get my property i will divorce her an marry an royal woman. We started after 2 days an v reached over there, i go through plenty of woman an after long i have selected an Thailand woman. We started to shoot some sample add , kavitha an my aunt both with me they too njoy , but some other add not working with the background location. I was lill tense about the location where to get at that time kavitha an my aunt came with an idea to shoot in the wild forest an that to made me impress about her work an involvement. We had a nice breakfast an moved to that location,it was far from the city an there no humans used to come, v took an permission with high influence with the government an v stayed in there big house which is near by forest. The house was full of dust an its too old, there was lot of strange insert in that after seeing that i decided to not stay in that house an complete my add an leve as soon as possible. My add was going well but suddenly i my aunt felt server stomach cram an told that i need to use wash room u carry on i will be back , i went inside into bathroom but it was totally mess she dint go there an came to me that the bathroom was not good she need to move on an at that time i went tense an shouted to her that at any cast i will not cancel this shooting just get last , after that she get anger but dint show to me an she went silent. after few hours the same thing happen to me an i too went to the bathroom an when i look i got shocked cause it was dam dirty , so i thought an cant make excuse so for showing my macho i adjust but she saw me an given an crazy smile. i drop my pant an inner ware an put the toilet pad down after i cleaned it an sat , i relief my self after few minutes i felt an sudden sting in my penis an it was an huge burning pain in my penis, i started to scream after everyone came to see me what happen an i felt unconscious due to sever pain an pass away. After few Hours i was woke by an beautiful doctor , i wore hospital gown an there some tube running below my stomach. i slowly asked what happen , the doctor explained that there was in strange insert which bite in ur penis while u using toilet an it has very dangerous poison an the doc took her i pad an show the pic, my penis was totally blue i was shocked on seeing that an afraid , my aunt an kavitha both r standing there , i asked that is anything serious n she told s u got only few hours to deiced otherwise ur total internal organ will get infected an u will die. i was shocked on hearing that , i dint wanna die in such an short period i asked what should i do now , an the doctor kept silent an told that v have to remove ur penis completely , i shouted when they told me an my aunt an kavitha both con vise me that they will be with us till death but u should live ur life.

  • #284

    SRS (Monday, 02 October 2017 12:28)

    Property mess part 3

    An i dint know what to do, my pain is getting back slowly so i can tolerate it an after thinking a lot i got convince cause of pain an the operation start, i was given anesthesia after i went of. Next day i woke up an i felt so week, i saw that every body was standing there even my lawyer swathi was there an she was smiling, i felt totally shame. i touched my bottom but it was totally bandage. doctor came an i asked about the operation an she explained that it went successful ur penis is been removed an u can life ur life back. i told what is the purpose of living without penis for that she told then how v girls leave without penis is nothing harmful. An i was upset after i asked what now look like an she told that it seems like small skin with tube is hanging an yes now u have to pee like us an smiled. I was shocked an i dint know what to say i told ohh god what happen to me i was man today morning an look what happen now, my aunt asked is there is any solution for this an the doctor explained that either he should live like a eunuch or live like a complete woman on hearing this i started to shout an told everyone to live after that i stay alone. After few hours my lawyer came with my aunt an told that she need to discus an important think to me but i was totally in shame to face her. But still i managed an i can see that she is keep on smiling for my situation. I asked what the matter an she told that u have only 50 days left, i again asked for what an she told for completing ur parents will. An i was again felt in trouble an told ohh my what am going to do now no one will marry me in this situation, if i dint get marry then i will not get my property an i lose 1000 c, so i cant able to think what to do now an i asked for an idea but they also could not able to tell at that time kavitha also came an listen about my conversation after lot of discuss my lawyer get an idea an told that there is an solution for that vijay an her family should be agree an vijay told that sham is like my son an v will help him at any cost an she explained that first sham cant live without penis like this it will looks like eunuch an he cant able to marry for that he should became complete woman, on listing this i again started to shout but this time she shout against be an told first you here me what i telling otherwise ur wish u will lose ur property an come to road as eunuch an live with them an for vijay family they will manage with his son an daughter both r incoming high salary. What about u? , i kept silent on hearing this an after i told please help me. An she again explain her plan she told first i should became complete woman an after if i get married to some one else then he will know about sham previous an he will not marry an if he then the property will transfer to his name cause woman cant have the property after marriage the property will transfer to husband name an if that person think than he can transfer the property again to sham name an that no guaranty so v should trust 1 person so that v can believe to him. An my aunt asked who is that person were do i get, please tell me i will con vise him an beg him for that swathi told u know him very much it was non other then ur son prakesh. an my aunt get shocked an slapped her even i to was shocked an faint out. after they wake up my aunt was carrying dint know what to do kavitha was tensed an me too. After kavitha told that this is not in our hand, prakesh should be accept this but he cant marry a drag looking man an i told that no way i will die for that an swathy told ok ur wish an went away.

  • #285

    SRS (Monday, 02 October 2017 12:29)

    Property mess part 4

    After two days everyone was came to see me an what i took my dissension but i still dint accept this but now v left only 48 days, the days r running out after doctor came an v explained this situation an she told after making sham an complete woman reversible impossible an for changing him as woman it cost about 80 lacks an i felt irate because it is horrible an that too i have to pay money for that an it too expansive. After the doctor told there is an solution for reversible, there is an doctor her name was salina but she is in jail. she only can able to reverse this but u have to live as woman for two years then only v can reverse. an another problem was v have to release her in jail for 200 c which is big amount an i thought money is not a mater but i will back as male. At last they all convince me an i agree for the operation an my aunt told that she have to explain to her son an she make a call an explained everything but prakesh dint accept it an hangup the phone. My aunt came near to me an told that her son din listen about this plan an even dint want to cooperate, an kavitha told maybe sham would try an talk to him on saying that i was shocked how could i make him a call an told to marry me as his wife this is total embracing an my aunt told an after i made a call but i cant able to speak i went on silent after long he agree an put some condition that only for an year an i too was conf iced that within 2 years i will turn back as man an everything was solved, i agree for the operation an the next day they bring me lot of papers to sign, my lawyer explained everything an she made up an story for my transformation that i was an transgender an i was already in love with prakesh an for that i came here to Thailand to do my srs surgery so that i could able to marry prakesh, after reading that i was shocked an asked swathy what is this rubbish an she explained that if v make believe like this then only u can get property otherwise if u told that it was an accident than it is doubt anyway its only the matter of two years. An i started to think after i singed it. the doctor came an i put operation gown an lie down in stretcher after the put anesthesia i slowly started to pass away an everyone is smiling at me, i dint know when i woke up my life will change completely, An how would i face everybody is really humiliating ohh god please help me.

  • #286

    Sumathi (Tuesday, 03 October 2017 09:10)

    Son-in-law to Daughter-in-law

    My name is sumanth and am only child to my rich parents. Dad is business man who always travels outstation mostly and mom housewife and I m very pet to her. Being rich I always adamant and playfull and always roam with my friends. I never respect girls and always treat them badly except my mom. Whenever we friends make trip for any place we surely molest some girls. At the age of 23 mom start to look for a suitable girl for my marriage but I hate marriage. I loved my playboy role and never listen to my mom and she requested me to marry a girl of her choice. Once I was arrested by police for teased girl very badly in public. But with my dad's influence I got realised but the arrest matter made the headlines. My mom consulted a astrologer for my future and he told that my future is very bad and if I didn't get marry in next 60 days more problems will occur even death can also happen. After hearing this my mom got tensed and convised me for marriage but the no one ready to give their girl to me even my dads money not helped. And already 45 days went without any improvement and finally my mom's distance relative who is my mom's sister accepted our marriage her name is Lalitha and her daughter name is kannama. Once I heard her name i avoided her and also not seen her photo also but my mom forced me and finally my marriage was over with a village girl whom I never seen before. On the first night I drank fully and went away and came back after two days.

  • #287

    Radhika (Tuesday, 03 October 2017 11:34)

    Grandmother story 1 part 1
    I am Raj and I am very slim fit and feminine nature boy having long hair, I used to dream dressing up as a girl but in reality I can't. On my vacation I went to my grandmother place and my grandmother welcomed me I feel happy to see her and she told you have very beautiful hair like your mother and I felt happy for that, in my grandmother place only she is living alone and I started to helping her in her house hold works, since I know cooking cleaning I started to helping her. She felt happy and told me she is happy seeing my attitude and told me to ask what ever I want. I make my heart strong and told her my wish to dress up as a girl. She smiled and take to her room and opens trank it's have my mother old dresses like Saree halfsaree Salwar Chudidhar etc, she dress me in one of the halfsaree and I felt happy then she put earrings to my ears and that pain feel happy then when she put bangles to hands I felt I lost my muscularity and feminine is growing more than she put all jewellery and bindi on my forehead then brush my long hair in coumb and when she pulled back my hair i fell heaven, then she braided my long hair into single plate and she look my face and tell me you looking like your mother when she is younger then I told her, grandma please tell me a story where I will be feminine boy and marry a strong and handsome girl, she said yes I feel happy and adjust my long petticoat of halfsaree and my pallu and slept on my grandma lap and feeling my bangles and long hair and closed my eyes and my grandma stared to telling story and started to imagine all characters and story screen.
    Story started by my grandma. Once up a time all film industry is ruled by males and females are just to act as glamour model doll how is wearing sexy dress and dance with male heros and when villan attack she needs to wait for her hero to come rescue her, in this male domination industry there is only girl how come up as action queen and she have more fans than any male actors her name is Ragini, her film have female led characters and she is the hero of the movie, her entry is having bike ride or fighting, on of the director went to her and told she is the hero of the movie and she needs to play male leading role she agreed to project and screen is shooting in village and screen is marriage between hero and a village girl, the told his assistant to arrange one village girl but couldn't find anyone because no girls ready to act as wife of Ragini, assistant is a girl of same village she told to director she have one friend his name is Raj and he is having long hair and feminine nature I will bring him to act as wife with Ragini in this movie, director agreed and assistant went to Raj house and convening him to act as wife finally he agreed and went to location.

  • #288

    Radhika (Tuesday, 03 October 2017 11:36)

    Ragini is wearing dothi and shirt and her hair is bun and put one marriage cap and big moustache to her, Raj shaved his moustache and wearing Saree and bangles and long hair and jewellery and ready as a bride. When the director said action Ragini tied mangalyasutra around Raj neck and Raj mother and father accidentally see this once shooting over Ragini went but raj still in Saree his mother started to scolding him and told you become such a sissy boy to become wife of a girl he told it's just a acting in movie but Raj parents are such orthodox they believe once if someone tied mangalyasutra around neck they become husband and wife.They find out Ragini house address and went there and told Ragini to accept Raj as her wife, Ragini told it's just a acting she can't accept it, but Raj parents beg them to accept this Raj feel bad and take Ragini separately and fall to her feet and beg her to allow him to stay in her house atleast as maid of house and just act in front of my parents accept me as your wife, she told ok and tell to Raj parents she accept Raj as her wife and told Ragini mother and sister to take raj inside of house, Raj mother and sister take raj inside of house and Raj parents went back to village, Ragini sister started to calling raj as bhabhi ( sister in law ) and Raj felt happy Ragini mother come and saw mangalyasutra around Raj neck and told him you are such a sissy boy to become wife of my daughter from today onwards you are my daughter in law but Ragini told no mother he is maid of this house he must do what ever I you and my sister told, tell him to wash her clothes, then Ragini sister shena take raj and told don't worry bhabhi sister will cool when day passed you have very beautiful hair come let me dress up you in my Saree and she take him and her room Ragini mother told make raj ready to first night and shena started to dress raj in Saree for his first night and he is feeling very shy , at night Raj wearing beautiful Saree and bangles and long hair and went to Ragini room she is in lungi and shirt and he went near her and fall to her feet for blessing she kick him in her leg and told not to come near to her, Raj started to crying, she told him to sleep on floor and she is sleeping on bed, he come to her warping his tires and tell her atleast allow me to press your feet because I am your wife, Ragini told ok and lie down on bed, Raj went near Ragini feet and put it on his lap first he put his head on feet and feel it's his female husband feet then started to pressing, once Ragini went to sleep, he sleep on floor thinking his condition now...
    Meantime I went to sleep on my grandma lap wearing halfsaree and thinking in future I will also be housewives like this and grandma will continue her story tomorrow....

  • #289

    Radhika (Friday, 06 October 2017 14:00)

    Grandmother story 1 part 2
    Next day morning I still sleeping in bed my grandma come and tell me to getup and told in future you will become housewife of some strong girl and sleeping this much is wrong you should getup early and put rongoli in front of the house I told ok then my grandma take me to bathroom and apply tarmaric powder to my body then I take a both then she tick petticoat underneath of my chest and tied towel to my long wet hair I cross my leg and seeing my image in mirror the tarmaric petticoat and towel in hair telling me I am more feminine then my grandma dress me in one of my mother Saree and told me today i will continue the story and that will teach you how to be good Indian ideal submission housewife and she started the story.
    In early morning due to cold and Raj sleeping on floor so he getup first he take his mangalyasutra around Raj neck and touch that to his eye and pray for his husband Ragini long life then he went near bed where Ragini is sleeping he touch her feet then to his eye and went to bathroom and take bath and come out, now he is in confused because he doesn't have any Saree and if he wear male clothes then his husband Ragini and her mother will scold him but now he doesn't have any choice and wear one pant and shirt and go out of room, suddenly someone slapped him and he fall on ground and started crying, it's was Ragini sister shena she come to him and told sorry bhabhi I thought someone because you are not in Saree and slapped you he told it's ok then shena told if mother or sister see you they will scold you why you are wearing pants, you fall to ground for girly girl like my slap then how you can handle strong girl like my sister such a weaker loser you are and begin such a sissy boy and daughter in law of this house you doesn't have to wear pants you should wear petticoat and Saree bangles to you hand that will suits you , Raj felt embarrassing then shena told I am happy to share my sareses with you Raj bhabhi you and me are same sorry you are weaker then girly girl like me but you ask your husband to buy Saree for you I told ok then she take me to her room and dress me in her Saree and bangles and petticoat long hair braid, then shena told to Raj now go and do house hold work I will go to do yoga because begin a girl I will not weaker then you.
    After that Raj went to kitchen and prepared coffee for all then he put Saree pallu over his head like ideal Indian submission housewife and went to his mother in law room his mil become happy seeing Raj , then he went to Ragini room she is in lungi and shirt and still sleeping he put coffee on the table and call her she getup from sleep and become angry because of Raj disturbance she slapped him and he fall on ground and started crying she told from tomorrow onwards just put coffee on the table and stand infill I getup he said ok and tell Ragini he prepared for her bath and he started cleaning the house once it done he went to his mil and ask her choice for breakfast and prepared it, then he went to room and started to iron Ragini clothes once Ragini come out of bathroom wearing baniyan and boxer and he gives her clothes she only wear jeans and top she is in baniyan her strong arms are visible to Raj he compared his arms to her his arms are so soft and sensitive where her arms big and like rock, then he went to pooja room and bring one plate, Ragini is sitting on the chair in very attitude and confidence, Raj holding plate and his Saree pallu over his head like ideal Indian submission housewife and went to her and standing Ragini ask what is this he told you are my husband God I need to worship you and do your feet pooja, she sitting on the chair and Raj sitting on the floor near Ragini feet and he wash her feet then rub her feet with his Saree pallu and then put flowers on her feet then he do arati to her and put tilak to her then Ragini put sindoor on Raj head then he fall down to her feet and ask for her blessing, she proudly bless him to have more girl child like her then Raj take flower from Ragini feet and put it on his long hair.

  • #290

    Radhika (Friday, 06 October 2017 14:02)

    Then Ragini and her mother and sister sitting on dining table and Raj started to serve them once Ragini finish her food she wash her hand in the plate then Ragini mother tell to Ragini why she wash her hand in the plate Raj need to eat his breakfast on your used plate only then Ragini told I don't care about him and went and sit on shopa putting leg on leg like a king , Raj is standing covering his face over his Saree pallu and crying and warping his eyes with his weak bangles wearing soft hand, Raj have no choice if he want to eat he need to eat in Ragini used plate only then he drink the Ragini hand washed water and take his food in the same plate Ragini and her sister shena laughing seeing Raj condition, after food Raj clean the table and wash all the plate then his mil calling him, he run with a fear, she told him to polish Ragini shoe and put it on her leg then Raj went and polished Ragini shoe and he sit on Ragini feel and putting shoe to her while tieing the her shoe lies he is thinking if he is manly man he will tie mangalyasutra but now he is feminine then girly girl so he is tie shoe lies of strong girl.
    Raj asked Ragini a request he ask her he doesn't have his own Saree and ask her to buy or else he need to wear pants and shirt then Ragini gets angry and slapped him and told to him see begin a boy you are wearing Saree and bangles and petticoat long hair and fall to girls feet and become wife of strong girl and you don't have right to wear pants and shirt and told him she will buy Saree and petticoat and he need to wear that.
    Then she take him to Saree shop since she is Actress Saree sales girl know her and ask her mam is you come to Saree shop to buy Saree and wear it, Ragini laugh and told her in my dreams also I will not wear Saree, this Saree for the boy who doesn't fit to wear pants and he is standing here, all sales girls laughing seeing Raj in Saree and Ragini's word , Raj get public humiliation and felt very embarrassing then sales girl told see mam your male wife is so cute and pretty and I will show him a nice collection of Saree then sales girl open so many Saree she holds that on her shoulder and explained and kept on Raj shoulder and telling it's Match for you finally he brought more Saree with more humiliation from sales girl then sales girl told to Raj try bra, she take him to changing room and tell him to remove blouse and try the bra to check is bra size is correct , he felt shy to remove blouse but sales girl say don't be shy because we both are same who wear bra, petticoat Saree etc and she only remove his blouse and put bra on him he felt more embarrassing and tell this bra is too tight but sales girl say don't worry sir tight bra will give more shape and your female husband will like it. Finally Ragini paid the bill and take back Raj to house and she went to shooting Raj opens all his shopping clothes and hold infornt of his body and seeing himself in mirror and felt his feminine side.
    Then grandma tell did you learn how Raj is obedient to his husband Ragini in future you should also be Indian ideal submission housewife like him and I adjust my Saree pallu and plates and told ok grandma then grandma told now you learn how to Indian ideal submission housewife next in the story I will tell you how to be good Indian ideal submission daughter in law your mother in law. To be continue....

  • #291

    Reema (Saturday, 07 October 2017 08:23)

    Drunkard Husband to Obedient wife.......... Part 1

    My Name is shalini. I was a topper in my college days did my mba and got a reputed bank job as a manager in bank I was working for last 5 years in same bank and had a good salary and a apartment to stay. I use to stay with my mother as my father had passed away just year back. I didn’t have any siblings so life was going good. My mom use to force me for marriage but I use to ignore it I didn’t want to leave my mom alone so I was 30 yrs old now. Happy In my own world. So finally I registered in a matrimonial site and use to get many proposals so I use to talk to them and reject them. And met many guys face to face but unfortunately none of them were perfect enough to match me. So finally one day I got a call and spoke to guy named nimesh he was 28 yrs old and was working as a assistant director in television world. So I and my mom went to meet him n his studio. He was busy in his shooting so he saw me and finally took a break and met us near the studio café. So we started to questioned each other and were happy to see him and his position he introduced me as a friend to everyone and my mom met her television stars and she was impressed. So days passed we started to chat and talk for a month and he use to visit me frequently in bank . so finally we accepted the proposal.
    To tell you more about nimesh he was a orphan and had much problems in his childhood days he faced much hardship did his education from charity education departments and started to work with small companies and worked as a actor in small banner serials and advertisements with short roles. Learned direction and started to work as a assistant director in his 15 serial. He was smart, slim and lean and had long hairs because he had worked and participated in mythological serials. As he was a actor he was fit enough and active he was younger to me but we didn’t have any issues.
    So soon after final decision we met in a restaurant. He said that he is settled and looking for a perfect partner as we were happy and I asked about his house he said that he stays with his shooting crew in the rooms or hotels because of shooting locations so he said that he has money for a new house once we get married. Then I told him that after marriage can my mom stay with us he didn’t have any issues he was happy about my mom as he consider my mom as his mother as well. But because of shooting he may have to go outdoors many times I didn’t have any issues about that. Then I told him that he won’t have to buy a new house as we can adjust in the same house, so that he can utilize the money for savings in future. he didn’t have any bad habits like smoking or drinking it took me three months to finalize him and So everything was finalized and the marriage took place as we didn’t have much relatives and friends we had a registration marriage an had a small reception with some friends.
    So finally we had a bedroom session suhagrat and had a good time he had taken a protection as we had planned for children after sum time. So we had a small vacation like a small honey moon and came back and got busy with our work. A month passed we were having nice family time and married life.

  • #292

    reema (Saturday, 07 October 2017 08:35)

    So days passed it was almost 2 months after our marriage. one night he came home late when i opened the door i saw him he was falling down he had sum of his friends with him who were holding him and putting him on their shoulders. so when i asked hm he said that it was a party so they forced him to drink. i was not happy about that. i became angry next morning i didnt speak to him and left for office.. so the next night same think happend then we both fought for first time.

  • #293

    Reema (Sunday, 08 October 2017 03:09)

    Drunkard Husband to Obedient wife.......... Part 3

    So days passed nimesh had gone for outdoor shooting it was almost a month I was busy in my work. Let me tell you about myself I was born as girl but my parents bought me up as a boy I did my mba from London and worked hard day and night and achieved my goal so I use to love cycling when I was a school girl and then had a activa in my college days I was little tom boyish and now I use to wear jeans and tops more over business casuals to work. I didn’t wear any chudidars dresses or sarees much as I remember but I had good collection. Now I wear business casuals t shirts jeans blazers to office and t shirts or pajamas at night had a Mercedes now to drive. So I didn’t now to cook or do household chores I felt as if iam boy and not interested in woman hood much as my mom use to take care of this household work.

  • #294

    Reema (Sunday, 08 October 2017 03:29)

    Drunkard Husband to Obedient wife.......... Part 4
    Now compare to me college days I use to wear lots of chudidars dresses skirts and occasionally sarees and salwar kameez now as I have put on weight I use to not get fit in those dresses so I changed into casuals and tops. Before getting married we have transferred the money into joint account as I was primary account holder nimesh cant even with draw a penny without my authorization and all the property was on my finally nimesh was in Delhi shooting for his serial. As we were in Mumbai I went for Delhi branch for some urgent work and had called up nimesh that we can meet up for some time so the meeting was fixed nimesh had called me and said that I can meet him up in studio rather meeting in café so I went to his studio to meet him. I saw him he was busy with some actresses of serial and having good time with them by cracking jokes and mingling with them. He was busy with them so I left from their and came back to airport to catch my flight back to Mumbai he gave me calls but I didn’t answer any. So a week passed nimesh came back that night and as usual he was drunk . I pushed him out of my bedroom and made him sleep in hall on sofa. So next day I got a call from his production manager stating that he had been chucked out of the serial as he had misbehaved with the stars after drinking I waked him up and asked him he said that he didn’t remember anything I got angry on him and slapped him hard so he left me and went. So after couple of days he came back and apologized to me I said him this is first and last warning if you again misbehave and drink I will divorce you and file a case against you for alimony. So he started to search for different production unit but no one was ready to hire him as the news had leaked everywhere. It was almost 2 months he was searching for a break but he couldn’t get any break.

  • #295

    Reema (Sunday, 08 October 2017 03:50)

    Drunkard Husband to Obedient wife.......... Part 5
    One fine morning nimesh came to me and asked me for some money I asked him for what he requires the money he said that he is going to Delhi for job search I said him that I can’t believe him so he assured me that it’s his last chance to get his job back I said why he wants to get humiliated in front of them again rather he can start some other business or work somewhere else. He didn’t listen to me started to shout on me on top of his voice I got angry and pushed him and said to him that he can’t shout at me or I will file harassment case against you. And then divorce as well. He kept quiet he started to beg me for money but I refused and left for work. When I came back I saw him watching TV in hall I got refresh had my dinner then I discussed with him saying that I want to divorce him and file a case against him for alimony. He got shocked listening to this and told me that he doesn’t have anything to do now and the money which he had saved was already into our joint account. So I told him to think what he wants to do. As my mom was also not happy about him what he did. I gave him option that I can divorce him and file a case against him or he has an option to listen to us and sign this papers. So he asked what papers are they I gave him papers to read. He read out that from now onwards he will listen to shalini that’s me .

  • #296

    Reema (Sunday, 08 October 2017 09:49)

    Story continues drunkard husband to Obedient wife part 6
    So I told nimesh that from now onwards you will listen to me or else you know what will happen next
    ! you will switch off ur number and never switched on again and hand over your mobile to me
    2 you will stay in the house and never step out of house without my permission
    3 you will never drink
    4 you will help your mother in law in house hold work, learn to cook and listen to her she will train you in house work.
    5 wake up early in the morning and prepare breakfast for us
    So he first didn’t agree I gave him one tight slap and told him to sign the papers he signed the paper and went inside the room. It was early morning I waked him up and told him to make bed tea he went with very difficulty he made the tea and gave me a cup and the other to mom. Then I said him to make breakfast he went and made bread toast and omelet then I told him to iron my clothes and I had my breakfast then I told him to help mom in house hold work and told mom to teach him he felt ashamed bending his head down. When I came back he was waiting in the room I called him and told him to serve dinner then I asked mom what she taught him mom told that he knows to cook so I made him clean the house cut the vegetables he made dal, zeera rice, allu sabji and raita. I tested the food it was very delicious I asked him how did he knew cooking he said that he use to work in restaurant their he learned to cook I was happy that my plan started to work. After dinner I told him to clean the table and come to bedroom. Then my mom called him to press her legs so I sended him to do that he was feeling guilty and his eyes were down then he came back I asked him to do the same after half hour I made him sleep. So like this 2 weeks passed now he was doing all the work. Now my mom was free from work. We use to sit and watch tv serials at free time and weekends and didn’t have any issues. So one night when I came back from work I saw him using his phone I took the phone and threw out from window and gave him 2 slaps then I called my mom and told her to keep eye on him. He became arrogant and said that he don’t want to work like a slave here. He his not happy to serve his wife and mil.he said iam a man not a housewife i gave him 2 more slaps and then

  • #297

    Reema (Sunday, 08 October 2017 10:15)

    drunkard husband to Obedient wife part 7
    I told nimesh I will teach you who is a housewife and then I filed a complaint against him to police. A lady constable came and warned him and gave him last warning I took my complaint back and told nimesh that now you will pay for it.
    Next morning I called up my personal beautician her name is lila and she came I called nimesh to sit on the chair she asked me what should I do I said her to level his hairs and give him good hair style , waxing and do threading and shape eyebrows as my husband is participating in show in a girl getup. Nimesh couldn’t do anything as he was afraid of lastnite so lila started her work and finally it was done then I told her to pierce his ears and nose. He couldn’t do anything as he knew what will happen.
    After the work was done lila left and then I took him to bath I gave him turmeric bath he started to cry and ask for apology but I didn’t care then I said him its just starting darling you will have good time. It was Sunday noon so after bath I called him in and started to search for bra and panty which can fit him then I remembered I had my old bra panty sets which can fit him easily. Then I gave him bra and panty to wear he was feeling shy and bending his head down then I told him to change into panty he went inside wore panty and came again he asked for apology but I didn’t listen to him and hooked the bra with some adjustment he was crying I said him to stop crying like a girl. Then I thought him making wear suit or salwar but I wanted to start with top and skirt like a teenage girl so I selected one of my college days blue top and black long skirt. I forced him to wear the top and then skirt omg it fitted exactly then I tied his hairs in pony tail as they were near to shoulders and then did his make up with mascara lipstick and eyeliner. And then I gave him bangles to wear each hand I gave 6 bangles then I had mangalsutra I tied around his neck and earring small one with blue color painted and then anklets and I gave him blue nail polish on his 20 nails. Then I was shocked to see him as he was looking like a teenage girl then I gave him a dupatta to wear around his neck so he feels femine. Then I should him mirror he was bending his head down then I said him to look he saw and was feeling humiliated then I called my mother and she came in and started to laugh saying where is nimesh then I said her its not nmesh its nimi from now onwards then mom removed her nose ring and made nimi wear and I applied him sindoor.

  • #298

    Reema (Tuesday, 10 October 2017 08:29)

    So the entire day nimi was in same blue top and skirt. Nimi made dinner and served to us my mom was making fun of nimi so after having dinner nimi came to bed room and sat next to me I scoulded her and said her to press my legs she did it was 10 at the night. Nimi wanted to go to washroom I said her to lift her skirt sit on the pot and feel like woman. Nimi did the same she was feeling shy. Then nimi came back and asked me to forgive her she cant liv like this. I said her you can drink misbehave with girls no from no onwards you are staying like this or else you can leav my house nimi didn’t have any option so nimi kept quiet. And I told her that from tomorrow you will start your new life wake up early morning make bed tea and take bath get ready do pooja and make breakfast it waqs your first day I gave you some break ok. So I called my mom and told her to teach nimi to do pooja and rangoli. My mom was happy to teach nimi. So it was Monday morning nimi waked up and made bed tea and break fast I got ready and told nimi to take bath and come nimi took bath and came I gave her a list to do it contained to make lunch and dinner wash clothes and clean house watch serials with mom. So I decided to make him wear another top a pink one and skirt and did some light make up and made him wear sandals and practice today so I left for office and went to meet one of my doctor friend Sonia and told her he entire story as she was experience in this things she gave me a breast enlargement tonic and tablets for a week for nimi. So I came back from work and saw nimmi preparing dinner so I gave her the tonic and tablet after dinner and forced her to drink. So for 1 week the same routine was continued and after a week I could see the changes nimi has a teenage breast in a good shape and was lean and weak like agirl. So it was Sunday for one week I dressed him in tops and skirts now it was time for real feminity. So I told him to take birth and after nimi came I took her and made her the new bra set which I brought it was the same size it goyt fit exactly it was 32 in size and then I gave him panty to wear. Then I took salwar kameez which was in red colour made him wear salwar then kameez I could see his breast curve it was so nice then I did his hair style with center partition and gave him make up with liner eye brows and red lipstick then I gave him red bangles which were of glass ( kanch ki chudiyan ) and anklets and gold earrings and 2 rings and nail polish and finally the net red dupatta ,sindoor and mangalsutra and red sandals. My god nimi looked beautiful she was feeling shy and then I told nimi to go to kitchen and help mom nimi was scared to go in front of mom so I called mom then mom came she was surprised to see nimi. She holded her hand and took nimi to kitchen and was describing her beauty and gave her red bindi and diamond nose ring. So my mom said to me that she looks like a housewife and very we watched tv together it was a movie vivah I told nimi to behave same like the heroine in the movie. So nimi prepared dinner we had dinner then I called nimi to bedroom I asked nimi “How do you like your new routine of a housewife, nimi?” he looked at me ; i was having a notorious smile. Without letting nimi reply, I said “You seem to be pretty much enjoying it. Isn’t it?” Confused what to say, nimi kept quiet. And I told nimi, “I assume your silence to be confirmation. Well, now just listen carefully. I have taken a decision.that now you have started behaving like female and enjoying the house work. Look you beautiful in salwarkameeez and from today you will start wearing dresses chudidars and my mom will teach you sarees as she has lot she complaint me that I don’t wear now she is happy that you will wear and be her bahu and you will speak as female to me now and will take you to temples sometime for shopping and movies ok. Nimi said yes good I said. So I told nimi to just remove her salwar kameez nothing else she removed her clothes and was in jewels and inners bra and panty I took out nighty a satin red one and introduced to her and showed her to wear she wore nighty she looked like bride I said her at night you will wear all jewellery including bangles so that its understandable you are my wife. and took her in my arms and sucked her nipples i was in cloud nine this was the first time we were having sex and then i played with her bangles and kissed her. nimi was lost then we slept

  • #299

    Reema (Tuesday, 10 October 2017 08:50)

    so I started to dress him up in salwar suit sand some times in anarkali dresses a month passed now nimi use to do her make up get ready on her own . nimi use to feel shy so now she use to wear on her own and work like a house wife so it was Friday then I was in my bank. So mom called me and said that she is tired seeing nimi in suits and dresses so I said mom she is your bahu you can dress her in saree so mom selected a new saree in green flower one a georgette saree and called nimi and told her to change in petticoat and blouse as she will teach her to wear saree nimi was confused as first time she will be wearing saree so nimi wore blouse and petticoat and was feeling shy to face my mom but my mom understood she holded the hand of nimi showed her the saree and draped the saree beautifully and gave veil ( Pallu ) on her head nimi was feeling shy as first time she wore saree then mom gave her green bangles 12 each and then the jewwllery and green bindi and explained her about pallu she need to keep all the time she took the picture and forwarded to me on whats up and told me to get jasmine flowers so when I returned from bank I took flowers and went home and was surprised to see nimi in saree. Nimi wore the jasmine and kept pallu. Wow it was amazing to see my hubby turned as house wife. So at night nimi was in my arms sleeping with her pallu and I was watching her kissing her. So next day she wore blue saree and was looking beautiful then we went on terrace and had nice time she learnt wearing sarees with in a week. So then Sonia visited me and met nimi she was happy to meet nimi as she knew everything finally nimi had a sex change operation she got vigina and female harmones now she lives as my wife we got married as lesbians and she keeps karwachauth for me.we go for shopping movies restaurants and also had a good honeymoon. We are thinking of baby very soon as nimi wants to give birth and want to enjoy mother hood.

  • #300

    Reema (Thursday, 12 October 2017 01:26)

    Real story of my hubby..............1

    My name is reema i was born in Mumbai and completed my education from Mumbai i wanted to be independent so i had small family my parents and elder brother so after completing my education i got opportunity to work with a mnc a big company after working with them for 5 years i got promoted as a assistant manager was shifted to Bangalore. so i left my family started to live in bangalore. so i got a nice apartment to stay overther with 1 bhk and a small kitchen. things were gong good till i met rajiv

  • #301

    Reema (Thursday, 12 October 2017 01:57)

    Rajiv had joined the same company and he was from Hyderabad he left his family because of some property issues. He was smart and had pink lips he didn’t have any bad habits. He was very slim and had short hairs. He use to liv in guest house of the company as he was new and was reporting to me in the office the first time I met him he was sweet and cute to look at and was little bit shy enough to mingle with he joined as supervisor and I started to explain him the work and train him. So he was on probation when he started to learn the work and almost it was a month and we started to have lunch together and mingle exchange text so we became good friends. He was very much reserved in nature and use to talk me rather than anyone. So one day I prepared lunch and called him over to my house on Sunday. So the bell rang I knew it was him so I opened the door I invited him in I showed him my house and my family photo an told him my story soon we had lunch and started to watch TV then he told me his previous work experience and his family story then we ha tea and force him t had dinner and go. So he waited than I started to prepare dinner he was helping me by cutting vegetables and he made chicken fry.Then we came little bit close hugged each other before leaving for the day.
    Soon we started to meet outside the office started to visit malls, movies and finally he proposed me and I said yes to him. So it was almost 3 months he had joined office. he had started his work. So finally before getting married we started to liv In the same house so he shifted to my place and we use to work together no one knew about our relationship. As I was elder to him by 2 years and we were having good time on weekends so I was very possessive about him I didn’t wanted anybody to mingle with him so whenever I use to see him talking to anyone I use to get angry on him and fight with him specially girls of my office. So I use to wear salwars and suits and sarees on occasions I had lots of jewelery. Then one day I told rajiv to stop talking to those girls he said that its just for office purpose which I said I dont like so that you are mine an nobody mingles with you. i get afraid sometimes if they take you away from me.

  • #302

    Reema (Thursday, 12 October 2017 02:17)

    So rajiv assured me is nothing like that. So we use to share the work at home and cook food and watch TV on weekends. So to tell you about myself iam fair and slim enough and had a salary up to 1 lakh per month and I used to get monthly incentives around 30k. so it was almost 1 year we started to lv in relationship so one day I saw him in office having conversation with two of my office girls in cafeteria I got angry and fought with him the same night. And told him to leave me rajiv said it was just a meeting so I said him to leave me or resign from office as I can take care of him. He thought for 2 days he loves me very much so nor he was happy with his work so he resigned and stayed at home. So it was almost a month passed I made him busy with the house work to make 3 times food clean house and wash clothes and h used t wait me in the evening we use t eat dinner and have some quality time and sleep. I didn’t want him to go outside as well in my absence so I use to look the house and go. So he was happy to be at home and take care of me. S it was almost 2 months now so one day we went for shopping .so wanted to buy some clothes for me so this was the first time I bought jeans and shirts for myself and told rajiv to buy some clothes rajiv said he don’t want to buy as he has enough and now onwards he doesn’t go outside much and stays at home. So we came back. Then it was Monday so I left for office and I use t call rajiv on his number and enquire about him what he is doing so he use to tell that he is making food and cleaning the house in a slow voice . I felt like he is my wife and iam his husband.

  • #303

    Reema (Thursday, 12 October 2017 02:35)

    So when I came back from office I asked him how was his day he said same thing about the household chores. And then he served me dinner and we were sitting and watching TV. There was a movie ki and ka was coming so we said that we play the same role in our real life. So he became shy I said him that you should also wear that everyone knows that we are marred. He kept quiet. So the next day I went to office and came back 2 hrs early he was happy to see me then we had dinner and were talking then I gave him the gift it was a box so he opened an saw a mangalsutra in it. So I tok the mangalsutra and made him wear he was feeling shy it was made of gold. So he kpt hs hea down I said him you are acting like bride so then I said him from now onwards you will wear it daily. Rajiv was keeping his head down so I said him are you feeling shy an then gave him my duppatta on his head. He thought of taking it but I said him its ok as you are feeling shy you can wear it for today as you want to feel my wife. So we slept it was morning he got up and made tea and breakfast saw his mangalsutra he was still wearing it and I asked him whether you need duppatta he kept quiet then I said him you can wear as you are my wife you don’t have to feel shy as I will like it. They are so many things you can share from my wardrobe as I dnt wear much now that will easily

  • #304

    Reema (Thursday, 12 October 2017 02:42)

    fit you. So I left for my office I was happy to see him in mangalsutra and duppatta so I thought I want to dress him completely in female attire and it was a weekend so it was Saturday so I said him see you work here as a housewife why don’t you dress up like a complete woman and work nor you go out nor you have any friends you will feel like a woman and it will look nice as I have so many variety of clothes which I like to share with you. So rajiv was amazed. I said him nowadays they are househusbands who take care of the house some dress up some don’t but I want you t dress up for me everyday which I will like it and you to. i dont want to force yu but yu will like your nice role very much.

  • #305

    Reema (Thursday, 12 October 2017 06:36)

    so after listening to me rajiv became quiet then i didn't want to force him i wanted to love him like a wife in female i opened my wardrobe showed him my salwar suits chudidars suits and i had lehenga also and some sarees nighties as well which would easily fit him. so i told him sitting at home from past 3 months you have become soft and you had been watching those serials and watching those recipes shows you have became like a complete house wife so plz do wear this clothes it will suit you

  • #306

    Reema (Thursday, 12 October 2017 07:07)

    So rajiv felt shy when I said about him that he loves house wife work so then I told him to take bath and come in mean while using veet I removed his hairs from the arms and legs so he didn’t tell anything looked like he was enjoying it then I applied cream all over his body and gave him Multani mitti to apply on his face and body after that he took bath. Then while he came out of bathroom I searched for the bra and panty and I kept it on the bed so once he came out I gave him panty to wear he was not ready but when I kissed him on his lips he agreed then I gave him bra to wear he said he don’t want the bra I said him just for fun he wore the bra I felt his body which was smooth and shinning. Then I saw him and was ready to lose anything on him so then I adjusted his bra with some stuffing and then took out a yellow salwar kameez with maroon duppatta and told him to wear he wore kameez first which was fitting him properly then salwar as well. Then I did some make up like mascara eye liner and lipstick the pink one. Then he had grown his hair little bit because he didn’t cut s hair for 3 months he use to shave daily so I didn’t have any issues with that. So I used hair band and caught some hair and did pony tail he didn’t utter any word looked like he was enjoying it as well. Then I took some maroon bangles and made him wear then anklets and did his nail polish a red bindi and gave him duppatta finally he was looking gorgeous s then I made him wear mangalsutra. And said him to work today in same attire and feel the difference. So he got up and went to prepare lunch so then I took bath got ready we had lunch and I teased my wife a lot and called him rajini. Her bangles sound and anklets sound was making her more femine Rajini was busy managing her duppatta so then we had dinner then rajini was sitting n bed I asked her who does she feel now rajini said like a woman I felt happy then I told her to change in nighty.
    I gave her blue nighty and some light make up with same jewellery so that I can listen to her bangles and anklets sound.

  • #307

    Reema (Thursday, 12 October 2017 07:36)

    so then it was morning rajni had got up made tea and break fast I asked her how was she feeling now rajni said good then I asked her what she will wear today. Rajini said its Sunday so let she be dressed in nighty itself I said no you take bath will decide so when rajini took bath and came I took out my red lehenga and choli and kept ready so I wanted to have a good time so when rajni came out I made him wear bra and panty then choli and adjusted the bra and gave him lehenga to wear then I did his makeup gave him bridal make up an gave him red lipstick then the red bangles and anklets and mangalsutra. Some more jewellery like mang tika and necklace a gold one then final the red heavy dupatta . an a red bindi matching it perfectly I couldn’t make him wear earring as his ears were not pierced. Then I made him sit on bed like a bride waiting for her husband then I took bath wore t shirt and track pant and came and slept next to my wife rajini and started to kiss her asked her how she is feeling rajini was quiet I told her to talk like a female my wife she was feeling nervous like a brie on her first night I kissed rajini all over and had nice time it was a suhaagrat for me. so it was 4 pm now so we ordered food from outside and had like a bride and groom

  • #308

    reema (Thursday, 12 October 2017 07:55)

    Then rajini was feeling sleepy we slept for some time and got up it was seven in the evening we had tea then rajni made some snacks then we ordered dinner again from outside. So then rajini wore same nighty and we were watching tv for some time then we slept. So it was Monday morning I left for office after having breakfast I told rajini to wear some suit after cleaning the house she took bath and wore green suit.when I called her up and check her she was wearing green suit with jewellery and light make up so a month passed rajini started to dress up herself. So whenever we use to go out he use to dress normally in his male clothes. so on day we went to salon unisex an did his hair smothning and threading and i pressurized him for ear piercing as it was fashion now we bought some nice nighties skirts and tops for rajini which he selected and some bra and panties as well.

  • #309

    reema (Thursday, 12 October 2017 08:13)

    so then rajini started to dress up in sits chuidars anarkali and nighties to. so after piercing rajini ears she was looking beautiful with earring and i use to dress him up in skirts and tops to and tie her hairs in pony tail. so she was now a beautiful housewife then after 2 mnths i wanted rajini to wear saree it was her birthday so i decided to dress her in saree first we ordered a cake then gifted her saree it was a blue saree with black border so once rajini had taken bath i dressed her in saree and make up gave her a purse also in her hand we took some selfies and i trained her in wearing sarees so rajni was quick learner she wears sarees now daily and does house hold work.

  • #310

    anonymous (Sunday, 15 October 2017 03:51)

    At our initial days of marriage my hubby had a fascination over nail polish and lipsticks. He even tried nail polishes on 1 or 2 nails. He stays with us as ghar jamai. Within three months I started to make him wear sarees and salwars, with nail polish, lipsticks, churiyas, bindi, sindoor, earrings, nose ring etc. I also tied payals on his feet. Now he stays as my wife, my dad-mom's daughter-in-law and my sister's sister-in-law.
    I'm placed in good job, so I dont let him work. I make him do all household things and he's also happy. He looks so preety and cute that I cant stop loving him. When I come from office, he takes off my sandals and rubs my feet. He also rubs my mom's and sister's feet. Every night he comes to bed in bra and panty with all ornaments on. Trust me, I feel so delighted to see my man as my obedient wife. He knows classical dancing. So, frequently at night when he is in bra and panty, my sister tie ghungrus on his feet and we make him dance. He's just my SWEETY.

  • #311

    Crossdressing husband (Sunday, 15 October 2017 03:54)

    Easy step to Crossdress men in Saree.
    First with love tie his hand to the back tighly so that he will not be able to free his hand himself.
    Now make remove the pant and tie a petty coat on the waist. And a panty instead of his under garment.
    Keep the pant out of his reach.
    Untie his hands and remove all his top cloths. He will obey you now, make him wear a bra and stuff it with cloth so that it looks like breast. Make him wear blouse of your choice preferable black or red. Now make him wear a saree in black or red. You have a crossdressed man in saree keep him in this dress for atleast a week and enjoy him as you like. From next time he will obey to crossdress him when ever you like. Try it with men all the best.

  • #312

    sangeeta (Sunday, 15 October 2017 03:56)

    we women mostly want our husbands should be very obedient and carry out all our orders. This is our strong inner desire. why can not we achieve by making our husbands wear saree, salwar,get their ears, nose pierced and do all household works. We can relax and pursue our hobbies. We can become bread earners and lead family in better way.

  • #313

    anju (Sunday, 15 October 2017 03:57)

    It is so nice to see husbands wearing saree and other ladies garments.I also wishing every husband should wear ear rings and nose studs as a sign of a married men.If we train them in cds they should be, the real house wifes for us.Me having strong inner desire of conducting my marriage as my husband(real wife) should sit as a bride wearing saree,earrings,nose studs,bangles,ornaments,anklets,chains,long hair with jasmines,and bindi in forhead and me as a groom should tie mangalyam yellow rope around his neck.I support crossdressing so that we are the bread earners and enjoy my life to the greatest extent

  • #314

    Sri D Hope (Monday, 16 October 2017 03:42)

    A new disease is spread in whole world. This disease causes
    hormonal imbalance in males who are in puberty age. It does
    not affected males who already reached puberty. It caused a
    havoc in society as it results were severe. Due to hormonal
    imbalnce, male teenagers also experienced breast growth just
    like girls. There skin also remain soft, hairless and they got
    curves like girls. There is no beard grwoth. Voices of young
    boys also became like girls .They get erection and able to
    perform normal sexual act but they are feminized so much they
    does not look like boys. I am one of affected boys. Doctors were
    not able to find any solution to undo this. Girls used to tease
    young boys and make fun of them. Soon everyone accepted the
    faith of new generation boys. Some boys also started growing
    their hair like girls as they do not look good in short hairs. Soon
    this trend spread all over the world. Now boys also have long
    hairs and one can only tell difference between boys and girls
    from their clothes. Though all boys now have to wear bras but
    weraing girls clothes is not usually seen.
    Disease Part 2
    I am also forced to grow my hairs long. 7 years passed since
    this disease spread. Now crores of boys are affected by this
    disease and look like girls and the only diference is they have
    penis instead of vagina. Society has also changed a lot in these
    years. It is now female dominated as 80% of jobs were acquired
    by woman. New marriage trend started in which boys became
    househusband and have to live in wife house. Soon this trend is
    also followed by many girls. Boys were unhappy but they have
    no other choice. My marriage is also fixed with a beautiful girl.
    Soon i married i was forced by MIL to stay with them in their
    house. My MIL insisted that as i m a househouband and i m
    jobless so i should do all housework. I agreed to her demand.
    Me and my wife had a rocking honeymoon in london. Then we
    returned to home. Life was moving on just like normal. I used to
    wear t-shirts, shirts, jeans and pants just like normal boys. One
    day my wife during sex asked me to wear her nighty. It was
    stange request but i accepted to please her and told her that it is
    first and last time i m weaing ur clothes. We had a great sex and
    i slept in her nighty. I woke up late in morning. I was terrified
    thinking that my MIL might have seen me in nighty. I got busy in
    my work. My MIL also did not say anything. Few days later my
    MIL called me in her room. She was looking very serious. She
    said she had seen me sleeping in nighty that morning. She told
    that older generation men were real men and they never wear
    girls clothes but u new generation men are sissies. She told me
    as i m househusband and i have breast, hairs, curves and voice
    just like girls, i should wear saree atleast infront of her. She said
    that she always dreamt of having served by an obidient bahu
    and now its my responsibility to serve her like a bahu.
    Disease Part 3
    I tried to protest but she said your generation males do look like
    women so ther is no harm or shame in wearing woman's
    clothes. She said this is her final decision. However she said
    that you have to wear saree only at home and you can wear
    your normal clothes at home. She immediately opened her
    wardrobe and picked a beautiful pink saree with blouse and
    petticoat. She told me to undress. I was now standing in bra and

  • #315

    Sri D Hope (Monday, 16 October 2017 03:43)

    . Bra and panty were the only girly stuff i have to wear due
    to breast and big hips. She made me wear petticoat then blouse
    and then she taught me how to wear saree. She also mad e me
    wear bangles, bindi and lipstick. When i looked in the mirror i
    was looking like a beautiful indian woman. Before i looked like a
    woman wearing mens clothes but now i was looking completely
    feminine. I was feeling aroused looking at myself. My MIL said
    this is the way u should dress infront of me. I will call u bahu
    and u should cover ur head with pallu as long as u can. I
    changed back to my male clothes when my wife comes at home
    or when i go outside. I was living like a complete woman infront
    of my MIL. My MIL was very dominant and enjoys being served
    by me. One day my wife returned early from office. She was
    surprised to see me like this. My head was down in shame.
    Disease- The end
    My MIL told my wife that she wanted me to be act as her bahu
    so she made me wear saree. She said that i should wear saree
    regularly at home as they look good on me. My wife was excited
    but she told me that i can wear my male clothes if i do not like
    saree. My male ego was saying that i should stop wearing saree
    but secretly i also liked my look in saree. Finally i decided and
    told my wife that i am feeling very comfortable in saree and
    these males clothes are not comfortable at all. From that day i
    wore saree fully at home and wear male clothes only outside
    home. I now became my wife's wife.

  • #316

    Radhika (Monday, 16 October 2017 14:27)

    Grandmother story 1 part 3
    I told grandma shall I wear Chudidhar and she told me now you can wear but once you become wife of strong girl daily you need to wear Saree, or else your mother in law will scold you I told ok then she starts to tell story how to be good Indian male daughter in law for your mother in law.
    Once Ragini went to shooting Raj went to kitchen and preparing food his mil called him and ask him to wash her clothes and Ragini and shena clothes then Raj wash and went upstairs to put clothes for dry, there his neighbour girl saw him and ask who are you, then Raj told he is the daughter in law of this house and went down, that girl got confused and all the ladies and there daughter in law and daughter went to Raj house, Raj mil welcomed everyone and shouted on Raj to bring juice for everyone and everyone got confused and ask raj mil who is she, you have only two daughter how come she become daughter in law of this house then Raj mil told to everyone she? No it's he, he is the wife of my big daughter Ragini, everyone got surprised and also she since today is karwa chauth he is fasting for my daughter his female husband Ragini, then Raj come to hall, he is dressed in beautiful blouse with Saree and his head is covered with his Saree pallu and hand is full of bangles and he shaved his moustache and face is made up of makeup with lipstick and eye with kajal and bindi on forehead, he is putting small step and anklets in his leg making sounds, all the ladies are completely shocked once he served he sit near his mil feet and started to pressing it, one old lady told to Raj mil you are so lucky to have daughter in law like him since you are mother of girl child also you get very obedient male daughter in law, my daughter in law needs to learn from him. Then raj mil send Raj to inside kitchen and some of daughter in law of neighbour went with Raj.
    Inside kitchen all the checking Raj that really he is a male and everyone laugh seeing him, one girl told you are more soft and sensitive and beautiful and feminine then real woman us, another girl told you are a such a weaker loser person you shaved your moustache and wearing Saree and bangles and petticoat long hair and become wife of strong girl and daughter in law of the house, Raj told you girls also wearing Saree and bangles and daughter in law is you girls are also losers no right then she told we are born women become wife or daughter in law is not new for us but you are born as a boy and become wife or daughter in law, then Raj told feminine or muscular will not come by birth it's come by how you grow and I am happy to be submission housewife of strong girl and daughter in law to her mother, hearing this Raj mother in law become happy and promised him to not to scold or teas him and treat him as daughter and she hug Raj all the ladies clapped for them at night once Ragini come Raj dressed in heavy worked Saree and ready to worship her for karwa chauth, Raj mil told to Ragini all and tell he is fasting for your long life he is having real love towards you please consider him as your lovely wife, then Ragini dressed in pant and shirt and went to Raj, Raj worship Ragini and offered his prayer and saw her face after seeing moon and fall to her feet Ragini blessed him and hold his shoulder and take him up she give him a water to break his fasting and give him a sweet Raj is crying due to happiness then Ragini left him like a doll easily and Raj is in strong arms of Ragini she takes him to Room and started to enjoying him.

  • #317

    Radhika (Monday, 16 October 2017 14:28)

    Grandma told in this way if you are submission and obedient to your female husband and her in law after some difficult also you will get love so be good feminine nature boy with all the girly wifey quality like Raj in the story, I said ok and started to braiding my long hair, but suddenly everything is covering like fogs and me and my grandma stared to disappearing and everything completely become dark and I opened my eyes and saw I am in hospital and my face is having moustache and I am wearing pant and shirt, then I realised me and my wife Priya come to hospital because me and my wife always quarrel so we come to this hospital and this doctor take me to subconscious mind and my teenage story when I went to my grandmother place is come to my mind and I told all and my wife heard all this, doctor take my wife to her room and after some time we back to our house, I can't face my wife and went to room and slept my wife also slept next to me.
    Next day morning I getup and see my wife is not there I thought she left me and started to crying, suddenly someone put hands on my head and hold my chin and make my head up, it's my wife but she is wearing dothi and shirt, she told happy marriage anniversary, smile come to my face and told her sorry dear for hiding my wish from you and also sorry I forgot the anniversary, then she told don't worry dear from next year onwards I will forget but you will remember because from today onwards you are my wife and I am your female husband and she give me a Saree she told it's her Saree which she worn on our marriage, now you are bride so you will wear my Saree and I am groom and I wear your dothi and shirt, after I dressed in Saree and bangles and long hair braided me and Priya sorry my hubby went to temple there priest bless me to have marriage with good husband but I told him I am already married and she is my husband I am pointing to Priya then priest ask then where is your mangalyasutra then he only went inside and bring one yellow rope and made it as mangalyasutra he give it to Priya and tell to tied it around my neck then she tied mangalyasutra around around my neck she put sindoor I felt very happy and fall to her feet for blessing she blessed me and priest say you both will live happily as husband and wife and Priya told yes I will take of him and consider him as my lovely cute wife I felt very happy and tell I will obeying each and every word of her and consider as my husband God. We both hug each other and happy ending.

  • #318

    Experience (Wednesday, 18 October 2017 00:20)

    I'm a great fan of lady2maid blog, here's my short story about my obsession of being maid, married 4years ago on my first day I let my wife sit and did the cleaning of my tea spilled on floor, any girl will fall for getting such husband who does everything for her. From day 1 I broom floor mop house clean kitchen wash my and her clothes and keep all dresses neatly folded, the entire house on my hand, when no one at home I transform being dressed as maid in old cotton saree and I do my work. No fantasy story will fulfill my desire but me DOING it. My desire and secret will continue.....


  • #319

    Story is taken from another site its just the same from the witer (Tuesday, 24 October 2017 00:43)

    Newly Wed Couple : 1

    My name is Satish, I am from Hyderabad bt settled in Mumbai. It’s a story about my one mistake which turn into series of trouble. I am not a professional writer and my English also not that good, So excuse me, for any spelling or grammatical mistake.
    As I said my name is Rupesh and I am from Mumbai. My age is 26, height 5.7”. I work as aPROJECT MANAGER in a software development company. I have clear skin and lean body and according to me I am very handsome :-). I was married before one and half year with a beautiful girl.
    Her name is Madhavi. She is 5.9’ in height, so much beautiful, loving, caring and have good knowledge about dressing sense. We did love marriage. I know her from collage days. I propose her and she accept me. After completing my education we talk with over family and they also accept us. We know each other from 3 years before get married. She is like my closed friend in collage days. Now Madhavi is house wife. She like to gave me surprises in dinner and also in bed. I love her so much.
    The only problem with Madhavi, or I can say, only one thing about Madhavi I don’t like is her superstitions. She keeps fast twice in a week, on every Thursday and Saturday. I don’t like she hurt herself, in this way, but she don’t agree with me. She stop me by saying, I keep fast for you my darling. She called me home early from office on her fast days, before 8 in evening. So she can leave her fast with me.
    That was a normal Thursday; I am getting ready for going office. My office timing is morning 10 to evening 8. Before leaving home, Madhavi remind me to coming early. In office till evening 6 o clocks, I remember that I have to go home early, but after few minutes I get call from one of over customer. I and my team develop one application software for a bank. There is some error in application. I was project manager of that project, so it’s my duty to help them and also if they gave any bad feedback about me to my company then it’s going to affect on my performance.
    Me and my two team members immediately went to their bank and try to understand the problem. After hours of efforts we almost solve the problem. Finally, we (me and team members) all happy and ready to go home after solving problem, at that time I realize its 10 in the evening and I immediately check my mobile. There are 28 miscalls from Madhavi’s number.
    My mobile is on silent mode. Ohhhhh… shit how I forget about her? She reminds me in morning also. I take taxi and went to home. While going home I call her. But she never receives my call. Now I realize she was angry on me.
    Around 11pm I reached home. I press door bell but she was not replying. I open door and went inside, I remove my shoe without making any noise and went into bedroom. She was sleeping on the bed. I think she take her dinner and sleep, thank god. I get fresh; dinner is ready on dinner table. I seat on chair and check what today special dinner is. Soon I realized that, quantity of dinner left is telling me, she was still hungry. Ohh…. no.

  • #320

    Story is taken from another site its just the same from the witer (Tuesday, 24 October 2017 00:44)

    I take 2 roti’s and some bhaji in plate and run in the bedroom. I am on my knees, seating near to bed and ask her,”baby u still not get your dinner. I am so sorry.” I started to explaining why I m late but she turns on another side and not listening me. I went on another side and keep on saying sorry to her, but she was not in mood to accept my apologize. After some time she said,”you always do the same thing. Don’t talk with me”. I replied her, “what baby, when I did that”. She gave me angry look and closed her eyes. Then I said,”ok I accept. I did that before also. But I think that time also I said sorry to you. And that topic was finish there. Please dear, if u angry on me then doesn’t talk with me. But don’t angry with the food. So at least take your meal.”
    “Ok it’s completely my mistake, don’t hurt yourself. You punish me for this but eat your dinner first.” I said in caring and soft voice. I said this around two-three times. After that she slowly opens her eyes and gave me an angry look and said, “Think again, I will punish you whatever I want? And don’t aspect mercy from me this time.” I was happy, finally she said something and ready to accept me after some conditions.

    I have fantasies like bondage, being slave; I enjoy both the parts master and slave. After marriage I share my fantasies with her and she accepts it. We try so many things on each other. She punishes me before also so many times. So I know what she going to do this time. It’s nothing else then bondage or something like that. We have some bondage gears also like handcuffs, neck cuffs, ankle cuffs, few gages and few soft ropes. When she said about punishment that time I realized, today night she makes me cry. I love that. I accept her condition of getting punishment and said,”you can do whatever u want with me, but take your meal. Promise… gentleman promise …. Please…”There is silence for few minutes and then she gave me smile and said, “You said promise now can’t back off”. I also smile and said,”Yes I will do as u said my mistress. But what u wants me to do.” “Don’t worry nothing special, and lets go, I am hungry.” she said. Its midnight 12, we started taking over dinner. She never asks about why I am late today? She never discuss about what’s in her mind about punishing me. And I also not ask? After completing over dinner we went to bed room and I started behaving like nothing happen. I relax on the bed she was sleeping near me and after lights are off. In soft voice I ask her, “Darling you still not said a single word about my punishment. What’s that? ” she said,”Ok. So now you want your punishment? Then get ready for it? ” she gets up and went near to cupboard. She remove one box from it, its contain all bondage equipments we have. Light was still off. She put that box on the bed next to me and came on the bed. She stared removing my cloths.
    She remove all my cloths accept my underwear. Now I am almost naked and A/C also on so I am feeling so cold, I hug her. She pushes me away. She said me, to stretch my hands and legs to bed post. I know she want to tie me to bed post. I did as she said. I feel some cold metal on my hands and legs and then locking sound metal locks. She uses metal chain to tie me to bed post. We don’t have metal chains, I think she buy that for me.
    Then she gets down from bed and switch on the lights. Without lights also I know that, she stretch my hands and legs and tie them well to bed post, I m not able to move an inch from my position. Those

  • #321

    same (Tuesday, 24 October 2017 00:57)

    metal chains are new, shiny and really heavy duty chain. Now I can’t get out of it without her help. Now I am completely under her control. She came on bed and seat on me, just below my stomach, exactly above my penis. Ohhh…. I can express those things. How I feel about her touch. She bends down on me and started to kiss and byte me on my nipples. I was laughing and shouting at that time. After some time she gave me a long kiss on my lips and then get up from above me. I surprise why she get up, I ask, “what happen why u stop?” she turn her face to me and said, “Yes darling it’s not over yet! Don’t worry. I have one gift for you! You want that or not? ” I suddenly said, “what gift, what’s that? Tell me. Please.” She laugh and said, “don’t be in hurry it’s only for you but wait for some time! Not now.”
    She went to bathroom and brings something. She brings plastic paper and slides it below me. It’s exactly below my booms. She shows me some cream. Its hair removing cream. I ask her, “Why hair removing cream, what u want to do?” she said, “nothing, just some cleaning of your private part and I want to do that with my own hands because that’s my property from now on. And only I have the right to enjoy it.” I smile and said, “Yes. It’s yours my mistress.” She applied cream near my penis and then removes it after few minutes with a small plastic scale like thing. She remove all those cream and then clean that part with towel. Then apply turmeric powder over it.She remove that plastic paper, which is below my ass and put those things back to place from where she bring those. She touch my penis and said, “Darling its so soft, your skin is feeling like baby. Ohhh.. my baby, I love you so much.” I smile and said, “this thing happen with me first time, I never shave my private area before.” She said, “its nice dear, latter you touch and feel how is it in touch.” I get excited and said, “I want to touch and feel now, free me” she said, “shut up, I think now its time to gift you. But its something strange and make you wild, so ….” She keep silence after saying ‘so’. She is wearing Panjabi dress at that time. She remove her salwar and then remove her panty. Then she wear her salwar again with another fresh panty. She came near to me and put those panty on my head from above and closed my eyes, with her panty. I can sense where she is in the room. She get near to that box and bring something from that. she came near to my mouth and closed my mouth with a big ball gag. I can’t speak a word from that gag.
    She ask me,” Darling is this hurting you? Tell me if yes then I will remove your gag.” I want to say, yes dear its hurting me quite. But the word came from my mouth is she laugh on me and said, “its better if you keep your mouth shut and you know your looking more handsome with my panties and ball gag. my sweet baby.” she kiss on my ball gag.
    She went inside kitchen and came back, I can feel that with her noise, then she bring something from cupboard and seat on my thighs. I feel she have some leather pouch kind of thing. She open the zip and remove something from it. She cut my underwear with knife and then pull then hardly away from me. She touch my penis with her cold hands. I get erecting in my penis then She gave me soft massage. Now its feel like I will get explode if she keep on doing this. I started making noise. She hold my penis and balls in her both hands tightly and suddenly she put my penis in the bawl of ice. It’s too cold. After this I can’t feel my penis. She dry my penis with towel, then slide some kind of metal on my penis. There is another metal which came around my balls also, then I heard sound of ‘tuuk‘. I understand my penis is surrounded by some metal kind of cage and that sound is of lock. She clap her hands and said darling your ready.

  • #322

    same (Tuesday, 24 October 2017 00:59)

    ‘Ready?’ ready for what? I am thinking in my mind. She pull her panty from my head and said, “leave it, I know you like smell of my panties so much. But its time to surprise you.” After removing her panties, I saw my penis. Oh no. it’s a metal cage kind of thing surrounded by my penis and secure by metal lock. I know what’s that. it’s a chastity belt. She lock me in chastity belt. But why? I looked at her with question mark on my face. She smile and said, “dear, hope now you understand, why I said, your penis is my property?” She started to unlock my hands and legs, and remove my gag also. While doing this I gave her one angry look. She stop and said, “dear don’t angry. You promise to accept my punishment.” Then I control my anger and understand it’s a game nothing serious in this. So I accept whatever she did. She untie me completely and remove my gag also.Then she tell me to stand still and not to speak a single word. She check that chastity belt secure completely and not possible to remove without keys. She laugh and tell me, ”A challenge for you. If you get out of this chastity belt within 10 minutes without keys then you are free. And if not then I will play some more time with you.” I saw wall watch, its 2 in the midnight. Then I try to remove that cage from my penis, but I can’t. That cage is very tight and exactly of my size. 10 minutes are over, then she said, “time over”. I look at her by making face like a small baby. I said, ”Darling its too tight, you please remove it. As you said, I did all. Now free me. My punishment is completed.” She gave me look and said, ”who said your punishment is complete. It’s just started. I tie you in this chastity belt, so you can do as I said without doing complaints.” Now I was shock, and angry to, and in loud voice I said “look you can’t do this with me. Whatever you did till now its ok. I accept that. but now enough, stop this here. I know I was late but this is too much.” Usually when I raise voice she lower her tone and speak with me but instead of doing that she shout on me to lower my tone. Then she said, “it’s a metal cage darling you cant get out of it, without my help. And if u really want to get out of this, then try to make me happy otherwise you will have to spend rest of your life In this cage.” This time I know she was serious and I don’t want to mess with her. I lower my head and silent for a movement.
    She take my hand in her hand and said, “dear, I know may be its hurting you. But you promise me to do everything I said. So don’t back off now. I am your wife and I know what good for you and what bad for you. Trust me. I will take care of you. Just do as I said.”
    I said yes in lower tone, and ask her now what she want to do with me. I think this whole night she want to play with me. She smile and hug me and said, “now nothing! This is enough for today. Now we can go to bed.” Before sleeping I stand in front of mirror, and see how’s my chastity belt was looking on me. I am completely naked only with that cage to hide my penis. Madhavi admire me while I am doing this, but before she say something I went to near to bed. madhavi said in strong voice, “Look from now on you can call me mistress and follow each and every order of mine. You’re my slave now. And if u behave like a good slave then only you will get chance for intercourse with me.” I said, “Ok mistress.” I always want to be slave of my wife, but today she get complete control of me, now I can’t back off. I am totally under her control. I am lock in cb and don’t have any idea where those keys are. I am enjoying the position in which now I am.
    My mistress madhavi sleep on the bed and I am standing next to her, as soon as I seat on the bed, mistress order me, “come her, and lick my pussy.” I went near her legs and started to remove her salwar, she look at me and said, “I am not feeling you like slave, its look like something is missing.“ she

  • #323

    same (Tuesday, 24 October 2017 01:00)

    get up and remove handcuffs and leg cuffs from box. She tied those handcuffs in my hands by keeping my hands in front and then my legs also. She look me from top to bottom and said, “Now your looking like slave. Common and do as I said.” I get myself on the bed and remove her salwar and panty. Then she spread her legs and take her knee up by touching bed with her toe. I started licking her pussy.I hold her stomach with my cuffed hands and insert my face in between her legs, as much as I can. I started tickling in her pussy with my tongue, I try to insert my tongue in her, like penis. I just tried to fuck her with my tongue. Soon she get her orgasm and love juice started flowing. I tried to take my mouth back from her pussy, but she hold me tightly with her thighs. I struggle but no use of that. my mouth is completely wet by her love juice. After her climax she get back to normal, I remove myself from her thighs and try to clean my face. But she shout in louder voice, ”You Bitch, why the hell u stop. Am I tell u to stop.” She never shout on me before like this. I really tried to gave her good orgasm, and I think I did also. She enjoy that. but then also she is shouting. I am not understanding what’s in her mind. Its 3.30 am in night. I am already tired from office work and all this tortured. which I get from my wife. I just want to sleep, I want to relax.

    My eyes are full with water, I know I can’t talk against her. I lower my face and said sorry mistress. She ask, ”where you keep my panties. Wear my panties.” I shock and look in her eyes. I take her panties and started to wear that on my head. She laugh and said, “bitch you were your underwear on your head.” now it’s a second shock for me. She wanted me to wear her panties. Suddenly she came near to me and slap on my face. “What your thinking, you not understand by once. Wear that.” she remove my leg cuffs, then I wear those panties and started to lick her pussy again. That night I gave her climax three times and then sleep between her legs after been too tired.
    I have habit of get up 7 am in morning. I wake up, and slowly open my eyes. All things happen yesterday night came in front of my eyes. For a movement I think those all happen in dream. But when I touch my penis, I realized that was not my dream. Madhavi is not on bed. I went in to kitchen, and ask madhavi, “Yesterday night was hell. You are too strict my mistress. But I enjoy all, love you mistress and gave her a small kiss on her lips. Hope my punishment was completed. So can you release me from this cage, its hurting like hell. I have office today, common release me now. ” She gave me mysterious smile and said, “who tell you. Your punishment is over. It’s just the beginning.” “hay what do you mean by that. I do all you said. Now finish this here. I am getting late for office.” I said. She said, “your not going anywhere today, not even office. Call you office and inform that, your not coming today, I wanted you to stay at home and serve your mistress whole day like a good slave.”
    I don’t know what to do? Yesterday night was hell for me, but I enjoy all she did with me. Now she behaving like real mistress, exactly the way I want her to behave with me. I decided, not to go to office today.
    As she said, I informed in office, that I am not feeling well, and so I m not coming office today.
    She order me, “go take your bath. And come fast I have some plan for you my slave.” Those words really excited me. I run into bathroom and get quick bath, but because of excitement I forget to take my

  • #324

    same (Tuesday, 24 October 2017 01:00)

    underwear and towel. I call her, from bathroom and ask for towel and underwear. she came with towel, and dry me with her own hands. after she complete, she kiss on my chastity belt and said, “Come to bed room, I have another surprise for you.” She hold chain of my handcuffs and take me to bedroom. Yea I am in handcuffs whole night and while taking bath also.When I went inside bedroom. I saw, on bed there are two salwar and kurtas, one maroon red colour and another is sky blue colour. She show me those dresses and ask which one u like. I said, “blue one is nice. You look so sweet in light colour dresses.” She smile and said, “ok. Then today I will wear blue dress and you wear red dress.” I shocked. What she just said, she want me to wear that dress. I said, “no way! I am not going to do that. I don’t like to wear this things. It’s over. I don’t want to play this game. Leave my hands and remove that cage from me. I am going my office. ”
    She laugh loudly and said, “my dear slave. I am not asking you to wear that dress. I am ordering you to do that. don’t forget your still under my control, if you want to get out of that chastity belt, then do as I said like a good slave. Otherwise go your office with handcuffs and chastity belt. Choice is yours. Its just the matter of one day.” After saying this she went to kitchen. I think on what she said, she was right. Its just for one day. I also went into kitchen and said, “sorry mistress! I am ready.” She ignore me and went to hall. I followed her. She seat on sofa. So I go and stand on my knee in front of her and said, “ Mistress! please forgive me. I am sorry.” She said, “you will get punishment for this, take your hands on your head.” She gave me 10 slap on my face and pull me to bedroom by holding my handcuffs.

    She remove my handcuffs. Then I aspect, may be she will remove that chastity belt also. But she never remove my cb. She remove2 pairs of bra, panties and matching dupata for those dresses from cupboard. I have lean body, may be this dresses are of her size and also fit well on me.
    She help me to wear bra, and panties. Then she take some cloths and add as padding in my bra. So they are looking like breast. Then I wear salwar. Its too lose and feeling comfortable then trousers. Now its time to wear that kurta. I wear it from above. Its having zip on back. I tried to close zip kurta, but not possible for me. Madhavi help me in that. its quite tight on my chest area. Finally I am in all female dress now. She look at me and laugh. And said,” you are looking like men in panjabhi dress. You need some touch up via make up”.
    She tell me to do close shave and after completing come back and seat on chair of makeup table. I went inside bathroom, and she started to change her dress. When I come back, she was wearing that blue dress and did some make up. She was looking very hot in that dress. She saw me and said, “Ohh…. beautiful your looking hot.” I just lower my head, I don’t want to even imagine about how I am looking. I went inside bedroom. I tell her to stop this,” please mistress stop this now. I really feeling too much shame in this dress.” She look in my eye and said, “please don’t, you are looking nice, and don’t worry, you are with your wife and I tell u to do this, No need to feel shame.”
    She take me to makeup table, I seat on the chair, she started doing my makeup. She apply some foundation on my face, and then put kajal, and eyeliner on my eyes. She bring red colour lipstick, and put on my lips. She admire my ear holes. She said, “hay beautiful you pursing was healed, now you don’t

  • #325

    same (Tuesday, 24 October 2017 01:01)

    have hole in your ears to put earrings.” (I am from Hindu family, in over religion we put thin balli kind of metal ring in child’s ear. Doesn’t matter child is girl or a boy). She bring something from cupboard and said, “common now I am going to purse your both ears.” After hearing this, I shock and said, “No way.” I stand and started to get aggressive. She said in soft voice, “Ohhh…shut up… I am just kidding. Don’t cry like girl now”.
    I feel relax and seat on the chair. She bring press red colour small earring for me, she put those on my ear. She gave me two red colour cadas to wear in right hand, and her ladies watch in left hand. She then put a short, black colour hair wig on my head. Wig hairs are touches my shoulder. She brush my artificial wig hair, and keep then open. When I saw in mirror, I realize that, I am looking good. I saw in madhavi’s eyes. she said, “Now u trust me or not, I tell you before also your looking beautiful.” I just smile and started to gave some feminine expressions in mirror. She put her payal also in my both legs. Then she said most important is still remaining, she tell me to close my eyes. I did. She touch my forehead. I realized, she is applying sindhur in my head. I said in surprise voice, “hay, why this”. She replied, “ This make you complete married women and enhanced your beauty. You are ready now beautiful”.She admire me form top to bottom. Then she hold me tightly and kiss me, and said, “I love you darling”. Then she went to hall, I started to follow her. She seat on the sofa and switch on the tv. I am stand near her. She saw in my eye and tell me to come closer. I feel I am really looking too beautiful and she wanted to do some love with me. But as I go closer, she slap me on my face and said, “idiot what the hell your doing here. Go inside kitchen and make breakfast for me.” I said, ”Sorry mistress, but I don’t know cooking. ” and I lower my face. she said in normal tone, “I know that bitch, breakfast is ready, just bring it in plates and serve me”. I am really feeling strange to walk in female dress and ornaments. Those heavy cadas and payal are making noise while working. Its really amazing feeling. I feel to say thank you to madhavi, for dress me in female cloths. But then I think, if I said, her thanks and complement her. Then she will think I like this things and I am transgender or something like that. So I decided to keep silence on it.
    I went to hall with tea and breakfast. I served madhavi, and also seat and did break fast with her. After completing I saw, madhavi fall too much of food around her plate. Without making any complaint I started to put all those in plate and then bring plates to kitchen. I wash all plates and come back to hall. Its 10 o clock in the morning. I stand in front of madhavi, and ask her, “mistress now what? You have any order for me.”
    She said ,”You are looking so sweet in this dress and I want to capture this movement in pictures. So go and bring camera.” I know, its useless to argue with her. So I went inside bedroom and bring Digital camera which we are having, and gave it to her. Then she tell me to stand in front of wall and started taking my pictures. I gave some nice posses with my own, and also few posses and expression she suggest me. She take around 30-40 pictures and then seat on sofa and started to see them in camera. She smile and said, “Nice work my bitch, I never ever imagine that you have such talent inside you, Good..”. I just smile and lower my face.
    Then she order me, “you stand here and don’t move until I said.” Then she went inside bedroom, may be she is having one more surprise for me, I again feel excited and get scared at same time. But she

  • #326

    same (Tuesday, 24 October 2017 01:02)

    went inside kitchen and call me there. As I enter inside kitchen she ask me to come close and close my eyes, she was hiding something in her hands behind in her. I went near and closed my eyes. she started to tie something around my neck, soon I come to know its metal neck cuff. She lock it with metal lock and attached a metal chain to it. Then she tell me to move away from her. After walking 3-4 steps she pull that chain and said, “Now you can’t run from me.” And then she started laughing.
    That I also know, that I can’t run from her now, I am in female dress, and tied in cb. How I suppose to run, and where I go after running from here, this is only the home we have in Mumbai. What a stupid she is, saying you can’t run now?
    Then she said, “You don’t know cooking, your mother never teach you that. Its ok, I will teach you. ” she was standing next to me by holding chain which is attached to my neck cuff. Then she stated giving me instruction for making chapattis. I try to make then in round shape but its very difficult, specially when you do first time. After few minutes she come to know that, I am wasting too much time. Then she gets angry and get out of kitchen. I smile and keep doing time pass with that chapatti making fun. But she return and bring my leather belt. She pull that metal chain down and that forces me to bend. She hold my neck and that chain tightly in her left hand and stated slapping in my booms very hardly with belt.
    That was to painful. She really beat me very hardly, my eyes are full of water, I feel like I’ll start crying at any second. After slapping 10-15 times she stop and said loudly, “Bitch don’t make me angry, I am trying to make this in less painful way but your not left me choice. Now stop crying and do properly.” She was liar, I was not crying at that time, just my eyes are get wet, but that doesn’t mean I am crying. I don’t want those slaps again so I take that work seriously and did chapattis in almost round shape. Then she teach me to make bhaji, rice and daal.When all cocking work finish, she tie my neck chain to water tab. And order me to wash all dishes which we use while cocking. Then she move to hall. I stand there and started to wash all dishes, and thinking in my mind, Its really feeling strange to work in kitchen in all female dress and ornament. My booms are still paining, she really beat me hard. I complete my work and called mistress.
    She came and ask, “what happen?” I show her that I wash all dishes. She take a look and open my lock and remove that neck cuff also from my neck. Then she move to hall, I followed her. She seat there and started watching tv. I am really happy that she dress me, teach me cooking, and all what she is did, so I decided to gave her some respect. I went near to her and seat on the floor near her legs. I watch her and ask in soft voice, “Mistress I am tired, can I also watch tv for some time.” She smile and said ‘yes’ by the movement of her head up and down.
    Now its about a hour passed, that we both seating and enjoying tv. After that, she off tv suddenly and looked at me. and said, “hay beautiful, I am getting bored can you entertained me.” I gave her shocking expression and ask how I do that mistress. She started thinking and said, “Ok first bring me a glass of water. After that I will tell you how?” I went inside kitchen and bring water for her. She had that water and then she tell me to move sofa on another side. Actually sofa was place in front of tv. Now she want me to move that sofa closer to tv but facing in opposite direction. I did as she said.

  • #327

    same (Tuesday, 24 October 2017 01:03)

    Then she seat on sofa and make me stand in front of her. Then she tell me, “Look beautiful, I want you to dance for me and make me entertained for some time. ” I react immediately and tell her, “Sorry I can t mistress. I don’t know how to dance.” She get up from sofa and come near to me and start slapping me on my face. first I take 2-3 slaps without defence. But she was slapping me very hardly so I try to hold her hands. as soon as I hold her hands, she try to kick on my centre point, but stop and touch my penis area with her right foot knee. And said, “.leave my hands and don’t thing again to stop me or this time I will really kick you in centre.” I have no choice. I leave her hands take my both hands behind me. She then slap me 5-6 times. And shout on my face, “Dare you do that again.” She went back and seat on sofa. I was standing in front of her by lowering my head. She tell me, “Look you have tv in front of u, I will play any music channel you can watch How heroine dancing in tv and try to dance like her.” I replied her by saying, “yes mistress!”
    Whatever she was doing to me, I started to like all this. May be its in my slavery nature. She played music, first song was, ’chikani chamela from agnipath movie’, she smile and said, “nice song, common dance my dear.” I watch the way kaitrina kaif dancing. Its difficult for me to dance. She is doing every time new steps. Then also I start dancing, I don’t know what I a doing but I just keep my hands and legs moving. My mistress was seating and laughing on my dance. After seeing her I also get happy. Now at least she was laughing. If I keep her happy by my dance, then may be she will free me soon. All this kind of things are dancing in my mind. And I am dancing for my mistress. That song finish, then a advertised came on tv. I feel relax and started taking rest. But immediately she change channel to another song channel. There is a song, ‘jara jara kiss me…kiss me… kiss me…’ from movie which name I not remembering now. I stand again and stated to dance. This is keep happening for next half an hour. Now I am too much tired. And finally felt on ground. Mistress was seating on sofa and laughing on me. I said, “Sorry mistress, I am tired. Now I can’t perform more.” She control her laughing and said, “Its ok, You did a great dance. Now go first arrange our lunch on dinning table and then take your rest.” I look her with angry face, and said, “Bad mistress!” she smile and said, “Yes I am, go now.” I went to kitchen and start arranging lunch on dinning table which is near kitchen. After I complete I went to mistress. And stand in front of her and try to speak in nice soft voice like girl, “mistress your lunch is ready, would you please come and have it?” she gave me a smile and kiss on my lips, “Very good bitch, finally your getting some manners. Good…Hope one day you will become very obedient slave.” I don’t know what to reply her, after listening this.Then we both started to move towards dinning table and had over lunch. First I serve mistress and stand there, but she ask me also to seat and have lunch. So I also enjoy my lunch with her. After this I put all things back inside kitchen and wash all dishes and all. Till that time she was inside bedroom. I went there.
    She is sleeping on the bed. I get near to her, and stand on knee near bed and ask her, “Mistress I done all my work!” what can I do now. She slowly open her eye and ask me, ”You wash all dishes also?” I said, “yes mistress”. “Good now go and bring handcuffed from cupboard!” I know she is going to tie me again and not allow me to take rest. I bring handcuffs and gave it to her. She get up from bed and seat. Then she take my right hand and put handcuff on it. Then I gave her my left hand but she ignore me and tie her left hand in handcuff. Then she said, “I know your thinking your mistress is very strict, but don’t

  • #328

    same (Tuesday, 24 October 2017 01:04)

    forget she loves you to much. Now take some rest, because most of the women sleep in afternoon. Take at least 2 hours of nice sleep now.”
    After listening this I happily sleep next to her and try to move closed to her. I am now feeling to hold her tightly and sleep. But she get up and start beating me, on my arms and chest. Then she shout, “Behave yourself. You’re my slave, I m allowing you sleep near me, that doesn’t me you can touch me. I am not giving you permission for that. so just sleep and don’t disturb me. Otherwise I will tie you in balcony in such a way that you never hide yourself form public. Tell me if you really want me to do that? if no, then sleep without disturbing me.” I close my eyes and try to sleep away from her as much as I can.
    After some time, I feel like, I want to go for pee. I never go for pee since morning after taking my bath. But how I disturb mistress again, what if she get angry on me. First I decided to hold it for 2 hours. But not possible for me. I started calling mistress in low voice, “Mistress, mistress… I want to go for pee!, mistress….” It feeling like school boy, I try to wake up her, but no use of it. Soon I come to know, she was not going to wake up so early, but suddenly at that movement she get up from bed and start pulling me away from bed, to balcony, “Come Bitch, you want me to humiliate you in public, so come now…. Stand in balcony and do hi… hello with neighbours…. ” I feel like now I am gone, she was real serious for that time. I just hold bedpost with my one hand and start saying sorry to her, “Sorry mistress…. Please forgive me … it wont happen again, please excuse me for once…. ” I was just begging in her legs for stopping her from doing that. finally she calm down and seat on bed and I am seating on the ground holding bed post tightly. She look at me and ask, “Do you really want to go for pee?” I lowed my face and said, ”NO mistress!, I don’t want to go now…” then she again shout on me, “Then why the hell you wake up me…now come on dear stand in balcony for one hour after that you will never disturb me for such stupid reasons. COME ON NOW…” I don’t know how to stop her, “Then finally I just start crying….by keeping my face down… ” I think she will get melt and start saying sorry to me, or may be start kissing and loving me, to get me back in mood.
    But she again start shouting on me, “Shut up bitch….Why don’t you keep your mouth shut…. Don’t cry now? I am not taking you in balcony…So don’t worry…. And please let me sleep for some time…” I don’t know what to say, this is the first time I am crying in front of my wife, I don’t understand why I never stand like a man and take control in my hands, I can easily make her cry in one slap, and in next 2-3 slap I get my chastity keys also from her. But instead of doing this, I just seat there and keep crying like really hurt girl, its now difficult for me to speak a single word? then also I try to speak in crying voice, “But mistress! I really want to go for pee... ”“OK, so come now?” finally she agree and start removing handcuff from both of our hands. I start moving towards toilet, and she also followed me. When I went inside toilet and try to close toilet door. That time she hold door of the toilet and said, “Don’t closed it! Keep door open…” we have normal indian toilet at our home… so I just stand on toilet and open knot of nadda of my salwar. She shout form behind, “Is this the way girls do pee… now you want me to teach you this also? What kind of dumb women you are? ” I come to know, what she want to say, so immediately by keeping my head down(coz I don’t have guts to see her angry face) I turn and seat, and did my pee. When I am all done, I see up, she was not standing there(in front of toilet door).

  • #329

    same (Tuesday, 24 October 2017 01:04)

    I wash my legs, hands and come out and check in bedroom. She was sleeping on the bed. without making any noise I dry my legs and hands, and then sleep next to her. Its look like she was really in deep sleep now. So I just keep thinking on what all happen. She really make me cry, and I also cry in front of her. I don’t know what she was thinking about me, when she saw me crying like little girl. Now only god know weather she will respect me again as her husband or not. But my mind is telling me, no no… she is a good girl, its just D/s game happening between us, and all will be normal once again.
    • But whatever she did with me I like that all. So I decided to surprise her. I keep doing time pass in bed and get up at 6pm. I know she will get up at any time now. I went inside kitchen and start making tea. I heart some voice from bedroom. Its mistress calling me. I take tea, water and some snacks on one trey and move inside the bedroom. she gave me smile and I also happily serve tea to her. We did some normal chat with each other like husband and wife.
    Then I ask her, “Mistress hope you done with me. I did all you said. So please release me now?” she agree on this and said ok. Happily I started removing kurta. Slowly slowly without doing any damage I remove it. Then she tell me to wait. She said, “wait for some time, I remember something. Don’t move from here.” She bring one metal chain and lock from cupboard. I am standing in front of her in padded bra and salwar and have long hairs with make up and all. She tie that metal chain around my stomach and lock it with padlock. She tie free end of that chain to bedpost. I adjust my self and seat on one corner of bed. then she take my kurta which I just remove and put it on bed and then remove her kurta also. She place her kurta near my kurta and said, “Darling look, we have same size almost. But look this, the stitches on both side of kurta you wear are get stretch.” I take a close look and I also agree on this. Then she show me her kurta and that was not get stretch.
    Then she said, “from this we can conclude this, your body size is quite bigger then me. I can understood why this kurta get stretch. But now can you answer me, why my others kurtas are get stretched. (she remove 3-4 of her kurtas from cupboard and place that on bed.) answer ,me what I ask? How this kurtas are get stretched.” I was shock by this.
    She keep all those dress aside and seat near to me and said, “Darling are you cross dresser, you tried all my kurtas, when I am not at home.” I don’t know what to answer her. I just want to get out of there. I stand and try to remove that chain which tied around me. But no use. She watch the way I struggled to get free and run from there. She laugh and said, “hai… dear don’t even think about it. Io have another surprise for you.” She went to kitchen and other rooms and bring camera and laptop. She remove memory card from that camera and put into laptop. She make video of mine while, dancing cocking. she also show me my pictures which I gave then in different posses. She tell me, “now if I want I will call your and mine parents and show them this videos. Don’t worry I will edit this video so nicely that they will agree that you make this video without knowing me. I make them agree you tried this all when I am not at home. And I found all this pictures and video in your laptop. Then just imagine, what will happen.”
    I don’t know, why I allow her to take my pictures, and when she arrange camera to make video. I ask her about this, then she tell me, when she sent me to kitchen to bring water that time, she arrange camera in showcase. I just lower my face. she hold mu chin and up my face. she ask me, ”tell me now, are a

  • #330

    same (Tuesday, 24 October 2017 01:05)

    cross dresser or not? Yu tried all my dress in my absence.” I start shouting on her, “Once I said NO, mean no. I never tried your cloths at all. And your are not going to show those videos to anybody else. Just free me now?” I was keep shouting on her and she staring at me with sad face. now I can see on her face there is no anger, no mistress kind of attitude, nothing, she was blank now.Finally she lose her temper and said, “look if you don’t want to accept that you are not a cross dresser then, Don’t accept it! Go to hell…. And here all your video and pictures look I am deleting from memory card. Take this keys of your chastity and metal chain. But don’t forget this, that I know your secrete and you don’t want to share that with me. You just keep enjoying with your own self when I am not at home.” She gave me keys and went out of bed room.
    I was holding keys and thinking, yes, I am a cross dresser, I really tried all her dress and saree in her absence. I think I will keep on doing this and she will not catch me. But now she know about me. I don’t know what to say. I always have fear, if anybody come to know that I like to wear female cloths then they will think in wrong way about me. I free my self from bed post and wear that kurta again.
    I saw my wife, seating on sofa in hall and watching tv. I went near to her. And said her sorry, that I try all her cloths and all. I accept that, I am a cross dresser, I also tell her, that I only love her. I am a straight guy and not a gay. She watching at tv and keep saying all this things to her. I take her hand in my hand and gave her keys of my chastity and said, “Sorry mistress that I never you about this, you are my life partner and its my responsibility to share all my secrete with you. Please forgive me…”
    She look at me and smile and said start kissing on my face. within 5 seconds she pull me on sofa and seat on me and start kissing very widely. After few minutes she stop and said, “You don’t know how much beautiful your looking my dear. I just feel to rape you now? ”
    Then we seat there and I tell her, all about my cd life, how I get started? How I wear my sister’s cloths in her absence and then my wife cloths? Which which dresses I tried? She also share her thought of seeing me in different females cloths in future. We did lots of gossip on that night. Then we enjoy sex also. Off Corse, I fucked her, she remove chastity from my penis. We really had great sex that night.
    After that so many things are change. I started to wear Panjabi dress, saree with full female getup at home. She buy different size of wig for me. Now I have my own female cloths. I started learning all the house hold chores. Most of the time I do all house work when I get home early and she used to relax. But after this incidence, i lost my position of being the man of the house. She started taking all the decisions, and i started following that without complaining. Gradually, she started dominating me much and she herself started dressing in men's wear such as jeans and shirt. She mostly wear shorts and t shirts without any jewels or accessories, so i became the only person to wear all feminine things and started behaving as the traditional wife to my husband.

  • #331

    anonymous (Tuesday, 24 October 2017 06:29)

    one day i&my husband were playing chess.several times i was defeated by him.i was kissing him 10 times where ever he said to last game agreement was who will loose game he will follow the command of winner for that night,whatever may be the command.luckily i won the game.i said my hubby to wear my bridal makeup,dress,all ornaments.he refused to wear.i recall him about the agreement made before game starts.then he said that he does not know how to wear.i said ok.thats not a problem.will shall be made bride by your wife.i pierced his ear nose with needle wear him rings.all golden ornaments put on my red saree,chunri,he was looking like newly makeup done bride.i put gajra on his long hair wig.due to dark eyeliner on his eyes looked very sexy.he was feeling too much shame.whole night he was as suhagin i was enjoying him as a nice doll.i was dominating on him.after sometime he was normalized accepted the situation.he forbid me not to disclose.i agreed,we enjoyed the rest of night as married couple do in his dressed early morning he allowed to remove all.

  • #332

    malika (Tuesday, 24 October 2017 08:34)

    my husband is unemployed i taunt him by saying "din bhar kya karte hon tum
    ghar pe , jara ghar ka kaam karlo?.tum meri biwi ban jao , me kaam
    karke tumehe khilaungi. tum khana pakana sikh lo. aur tumhe sharam
    aati hain to saree pahan lo, chudiya dalo , wasie bhi tum achche

  • #333

    Radhika (Tuesday, 24 October 2017 15:16)

    Triangle love story.
    My name is Preethi and I am a lesbian tomboy, my father is very rich person so every morning I getup and go to gym make my body strong and after get ready in jeans and shirt and go to pub or bar in my bike or car and enjoy with hot girly chicks. I saw so many girls it's getting bored daily hangout with modern girls, but I like homely feminine girly girl. I told my father I need marry a homely feminine girly girl, my father know I am lesbian so he doesn't tell anything and told me in this city you will not find any homely girls so go to our village and you will see so many girls so you can marry them, I get exited and get ready to go to village , I born as a girl but I don't have single ladies clothes so I packed my boxers and baniyan and my jeans and shirt I dressed in riding jacket with my jeans pant and shoes and stared my bike to go to village.
    I the middle of the journey my bike gone to repair so I started to asking for lift, one of the car stopped the driver driving a car and I saw a slim and fair skin boy with bun hairstyles wearing a late pant and shirt and glasses on eyes and reading a book his name is Raj , if someone see him from distance they will think him as a girl, I started to talking with him since I am a tomboy I am talking bikes, cars, girls topic with him but he is very reversed nature boy how don't know about sports bikes or car he just love to read his books, I get bored with him because he just reading his book and talking to me he told he is also from our village and he will drop me to our house. He told his grandparents and my grandparents are same. I think he mistakenly bron as boy, his hobbies and nature completely suits to girl, we reached the village and I get out in middle only he told he will drop until home but I told no I will go by walk and see the nature, he went and I started to walking in next house of our grandparents house I saw a very beautiful homely looking girl her name is Geetha, I talk in love at first sight, she is girly girl but she is very bold girl with lots of helping nature I started to introduce my self and try to impress her.
    But she in not getting impressed I just went to home and sleep next day I thought to roam the village I take the car and went I saw Raj he is going somewhere I called him and ask he told he is having some work in town so I is going to town, I ask then why are you not taking car he told he doesn't know driving I laughed at him and ask him come into car to drop him while going I also saw Geetha she is also going to town I told I will drop her so she also get into car. In car she first time seeing Raj I introduce Raj to Geetha but Raj is shying and reversed nature guy he talk very less, Geetha ask Raj why you are worry is there anything problem so that I can help you. Suddenly I got an idea using Raj I need to become close to Geetha so I started lieing about Raj and building a story on him, I told Geetha Raj is a crossdresser he like to wear Saree Chudidhar bangles and petticoat and other feminine thing that's why he is having long hair but in this world no one is there to understand his feelings but he is my childhood friend so I am supporting him

  • #334

    Radhika (Tuesday, 24 October 2017 15:17)

    Herring this Geetha believe everything but Raj is completely shocked and in confused face , Geetha hug Raj and say don't worry baby you are a boy but you have very kind and soft heart like us girl being a girl I understand your feeling and I will help you, you are born as a boy but see you, you don't have moustache in your face God give you such a pretty feminine face and body to you so don't worry you will also girly like me from now onwards and I will treat you as my sister, my bestie mg girlfriend and help you to become girly feminine like me. Raj is still in shock he saw my face I signed him to help me in my love. Geetha tell me to stop near clothes shop and tell Raj to purchase feminine clothes she is giving confidence to Raj to wear girly dress in public, in shop Geetha choice many sarees and kept it on Raj shoulder and checking is it is good me laughing for that seeing me laughing Geetha scold me that you born as a girl but you doesn't have any feminine quality and feeling about saree but Raj born as a boy he doesn't have any muscularity and his all body have feminine nature and he knows Saree and bangles feeling so don't laugh on him, finally she take so many Saree and Chudidhar kurthas and leggings and also bra and panties to him.
    When Geetha went to pay bill I said sorry to Raj and beg him to help me in love he is a guy with soft nature and agreed to help me I told him act as girly as possible and I will tell Geetha I will help you seeing my helping nature Geetha will love me. Next Geetha take us to one bueaty parlour and tell girls to make ready Raj as a girl, all girls first laugh at him and Raj felt embarrassing then girls remove small hair on his face and then started his face makeup then pick his eyebrows and make it girly then they applied lipstick and kojal to his eye then they straight his hair and coumb it in very girly hairstyle then they put paint on his 20 nails and dress him in one of the Salwar Chudidhar and Geetha come and give one gift box to Raj when he opens it it gave lots of bangles, Geetha started to putting bangles on Raj hand and hugs him and tell welcome to womanhood baby, we will consider you one among us ladies and accept you as my sister, the bangles Salwar and all the words making Raj to believe himself a feminine girly boy and he started to crying and huging Geetha, I wondered when Raj standing beside me and he is a boy I am a girl but he is in Salwar Chudidhar and bangles on his hands and I am in pant and shirt , he is so cute and pretty and soft sensitive hands and body and face and I am looking very handsome dashing manly girl, he is such a weaker sissy boy and crying and become sister like best girlfriend to a girly girl and I become naught and boyish lover girl to girly girl Geetha.
    To be continue.

  • #335

    Radhika (Friday, 27 October 2017 13:27)

    Next day morning I got call from Geetha and she ask me to come to her home o dressed well and take care and went to her house she told me to take her to Raj house. We both went and surprised to see the door is open we went inside, I thought Raj will be in make dress I will caught in red hand, but to my surprise Raj is dressed in nighty, Petticoat and bindi on forehead and bangles in hand and bun hairstyles and sleeping on his bed huging big pink teddy bear. Geetha kiss on Raj forehead and tell Good morning sis getup, Raj gets shock and surprised seeing us. Geetha tell to Raj you are looking so cute in nighty and sleeping with this teddy Raj tell thank you sis, then Geetha tell to Raj to take bath and she have a surprise, Raj went inside bathroom and close the door.
    Me and Geetha saw kajal Mark with tears on pillow and teddy, according to Geetha perspective There is no one to understand Raj feeling to dress as girl so he cried whole night, according to Preethi perspective she force him to act feminine and humiliated him in public by make him girly clothes like Salwar Chudidhar. But real fact is Raj having crush on Preethi because is a strong girl because of her raj wear Chudidhar his feminine nature come out, he love to be her girlfriend and wife of Preethi, he dressed himself in ultra feminine way and think in his heart Preethi as his husband,but Preethi being a girl she make use of him and love girly girl Geetha and feminine nature of Raj loving muscular nature of Preethi but tomboy girl like Preethi end up loving girl like Geetha and become lesbian. So because of all this feeling he cried.
    Once Raj come out from bathroom he tied his hair with towel and tied petticoat until his chest level , Preethi and Geetha completely shocked seeing Raj feminine body and laughing telling youare not real man you are ultra feminine. Geetha told we both will dress in same type colour lehenga choli and dollup pretty and go to my friend mehandi function she is getting married and started dressing, Geetha told to Preethi go out of room and we will come after changing our dress, Preethi told i also girl when boy like Raj is inside the when you are changing why I can't be there, then Geetha told Raj is a boy but he is more girly, feminine weaker then girly girl like me and he is one among us ladies and no difference between me and him but you are girl but tomboy with Muscular attitude your manly nature not suit here so go out and wait for us. Preethi went outside and waited about 2 hours and went to sleep. Finally Raj and Geetha come out and call Preethi. Geetha is looking beautifullyin lehenga but Raj looking so cute and more beautiful then Preethi his small waist surround by long skirt of lehenga and his cuvery chest is hidden in thin clothe blouse his small cute navel and sexy hips are showing his soft and sensitive hand filled with lots of bangles and his cute face is made up of makeup with lipstick and eye with kajal and he wearing earrings and jewellery with his lose hairstyles in girly manner, Preethi is completely shock and seeing Raj juicy lips, Geetha tell to Raj you looking so cute and more beautiful in marriage Mehandi function is only for girls so my all girl friend will come there and they will laugh at seeing your condition and tease your muscularity and remove your male ego and make you completely feminization you and finally considered you one among us ladies and encourage you to dress more girly and finally put Mehandi to your hands like us girls, so that you will feel more feminine and get guts to dress up as a girl in public, then Preethi told why i need to come with you to this ladies function then Geetha told we both are girly and don't have strength and now you are like a man and you need to take care of us and be our car diver. Preethi told i always here to help you ladies and lift Raj Easley in her strong arms and Raj is in her hand like a doll he seeing Preethi face and her strength his love is increasing towards Preethi but he can't expressive, finally they reached marriage hall.

  • #336

    Radhika (Friday, 27 October 2017 13:28)

    There all girls treating Raj like a girl and increasing his feminine side more he felt more happy and all girls put Mehandi to his hand his hand looking so cute and pretty with nail polish, Mehandi and lots of bangles, all the girls teasing him and Raj enjoying it once his Mehandi is finished he is searching for Geetha to show it. When he saw Geetha with Preethi he is completely shocked, Preethi express her love towards Geetha and Geetha accept it because Preethi helping nature, both of them kissing each other and Raj is seeing that and start to crying he can't do anything he can only wear Saree Chudidhar petticoat bangles and help strong girl to get girly girl he is crying remembering his condition all other girls are come Raj wapped his tears and bring one fake cute smile and tell congratulations to them. Then went back to home and drop Raj to his house, Preethi thank Raj for his help for her love and told she will never forget it.Raj tell don't worry and went inside saying bye to Preethi and Geetha, he went inside his room hug his teddy bear and cry alot. From that day onwards he daily dressed as a girl he think he is Radha and he consider in his hearth Preethi as his krishna and think her as his husband and krishna rukmini means Preethi and Geetha get married and living happily and Raj become Radha and consider Preethi as his krishna and husband in heart and live as girly. The End.

  • #337

    suhas (Tuesday, 31 October 2017 09:18)

    The atmosphere was crazy . The laughter was brusting from the house and why not , it was diwali time and it was first diwali after marriage. Sandhya had came with Suhas for celebrating their first diwali after the marriage . So it was fun time . Sandhya as usual , dominant and that too on the homeground was cracking the jokes where as Suhas as calm ( apposites attract ) was smailing coyly , little bit shy and being the first time in his in law's house was cautious and courious and he was little bit tired from the hectic train journey. He wondered to see Sandhya all energiatic and smiling , still thinking from where the hell she got her energy . He was looking at her and then his Mother in law drawing parallel between the two , mother and daugher . There he saw his father in law , smiling like him . It was cleared he was not getting importance by the family . There are only two male members in sandhya's family , her father and her younger married brother , incidnetly sandhya's younger brother also married recently. Then along the fun , suddenly there was entery of a beautiful lady clad in a saree , traditional attire . She was radient with her beauty and inner glow. It was difficult for suhas to control the inner desire . Lust has been borne inside his mind. While he was playing his eyes from the bottom to top and top to bottom , by holding his breath, there was suddenly an electricity run through the spine as his hand touched her accidently while taking tea cup . Due to this tea felled on his pant and shirt . There was sudden change in atmosphere . Sandhya along with her sister rangoli was laughing heavily , where as sandhya's mother was angry on her daugher in law kamala.kamala was shocked . She was the only one who knows what had happened there. She was puzzled with suhas behaviour. She had not expected this , but she had no time to think on these . She was worried . Her radiant face had become pale like some one has the taken away the nector from the flower. She looked hurriedly to the face of her mother in law then she looked at her last hope , her husband so called mr. Macho . But mr. Macho was as afraid as her . Only people laughing there were Sandhya and her carbon copy Rangoli. Both looked like tomboy , even dressed like a tom boy. Kamala was fainted , but she suddenly ran inside . She might have wetted her panty on seeing the angry face of lady don .

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    suhas (Tuesday, 31 October 2017 09:20)

    Here , Suhas was confused. He was cautious, courious, gulity about the lust , angry and afriad . He thought had sandhya had seen what has happened , she would definately going to kill him. But he saw her laughing . He was really angry . Then he was also rushed to the bathroom for change of clothes . Suhas was in a towel and only in a towel as he has removed his clothes holding , tea in a hand . He was cautuous this time . Sandhya was not there as she was busy inside the room , trying to find the clothes. He was there with his mother in law and rangoli.. Rangoli was lusting her eyes and scanning him in the almost naked suhas. She was loking at him like a pray . As she was tomboy she was looking at suhas , wondering how he was looking like nude. His body was hairless and that had made her to smile . She was thinking , calculating in her mind. She rembered suhas at the time of marriage was hairy and was suporting mustache. She thought to ask sandhya about these but she had waken up by sudden commotion , made by her dear sister and she and her mother ran inside to see what has happened?, leaving mr. Handsome guy alone in a towel , taking a sip of tea. His eyes was red but he suddenly remebered the most mesmerising moment , the beauty he was lusting and he smiles shyly . But then he wonder weather kamala would tell anybody , he would be in a big mess. In the thought process , he had forgotten the commotion about and suddenly her wife entered in the room and he afraid again , hardly managed to put the tea cup on the table , and he suddenly standup fearing what has happened. Had kamala had tell anything to his wife . He saw her angry , he know , he is in trouble and alot of sudden , he heared laughing sound . He didnot able to cope the situation . His wife was angry . He was looking at the laughter noise to found the rangoli , was laughing uncontrollably and not only her but her mother was doing the same. Sandhya was also clueless and as she turns to see what all about laughing , she joined the laughter train almot falling on the ground . Seeing them laughing , suhas was worried but he did not aware that he was standing nude. In almost a flash of second , he had been betryed by towel . He was trying to hold his hand covering her privacy and all three ladies were laughing like mosters who were molesting him... To be continued....

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    suhas (Thursday, 02 November 2017 04:05)

    After uncontrollable laughter and humiliation , suhas was confused as what had happened. Sandhya (laughing litterally on the ground ): -"Suhas , you idiot !!!, can't handle the towel also, look what you have done ". Suddenly suhas found the movment of Rangoli. Rangoli was in a mischievous mode cunnilngly smiling , picked up the towel from the ground . She was looking at sudden exposure of nudity . Then there was slapping sound . Suhas was exposed nude , not withstanding the pain. The pain was compounded with the humiliation. Rangoli bend him on the sofa like a dog . Her hands were moving on his ass caressing , suddenly she again slap him on his ass. He was about to cry at the humiliation from her beloved sister of his wife. Rangoli was biting her lips . She was in trance . She looked at him like a pray. There was something about her , when she saw male nudity exposed at the mercy of her . She slapped him again . Then she picked up Suhas with the hair . There was immense pain . He wants to fight back but he found that he was not strong enough. She suddenly raised him and again put him on the four in a doggy position continuing assaults on his ass. His ass was on the fire. Nobody treated him like this . Her hands were circling his ass cheeks , and with each sound of slaps , his ass was getting redder. He might feel like a infinity but it was just a minute had passed . Sandhya and her mother was amazed at the event. They were looking like a bystander but enjoying everything . Here the condition of Suhas was terrible . With each slap , the pain was immense but the humiliation at the hand of his wife's sister was so immence , that the tears began to roll down from his eyes. Suddenly rangoli stopped about the moment . She encircled him like a goddess . He was at her mecy . He could not look into her eyes . He was looking at her painted toes. He was mesmerised in the design . Her legs were beautiful . Her payal was golden colour . He was in a trance . Something was so wronged with him. Instead of fight , he was falling down in the magical spell of Rangoli . Rangoli eyes were mischievously smiling . She looked at him laying at her legs crying . She looks at his body , hairless . She slowly bend down , ran her hand from his head to his back patting him like a dog. He was responding her submissively. With each touch , he was becoming slave of her. Rangoli looked at sandhya and her mother . Her hands were still rubbing suhas. She made the gesture of victory V , then she puts her hands in her mouth . She closed her eyes . She was licking it like a lolly pop. She suddenly laughed .she roared like a tigress. Her fingers were now exposing suhas anus . Suddenly she put pressure and insert her finger in his anus. Sudden pain made suhas to cry like a hyena . Suddenly more pressure increases . Her finger was in his ass and revolving in a circle . With second finger inside his ass , he was dancing uncontrolably.

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    suhas (Thursday, 02 November 2017 04:06)

    Sandhya was looking at him with pity eyes. She knows the drill. She knows what is going to happened .She knows the game. She had played it so many times but she had never thought it will be played on her beloved husband . She ran out , followed by her mother. Here Rangoli was unstoppable . She was on high . Her fingers were writing a different story now . She has orgasmed two times till now. But she seems she was thirsty since ages . She would not stopped now. Her hunger has become a monster and she didnot care even vicitim is her beloved sister husband and why not , he was acting and looking like a wimp.. Things would have certainly changed for suhas from a loving husband of sandhya to a wimp. He was not fighting at all . He had rather enjoyed the drill. His enjoyment was evident . His penis was hard . Rangoli knew she had found some one special. Sandhya had gathered a courage . She came inside the room. She saw the monster playing with her husband . She saw him , now in transe , enjoying the assault . She certainly did not want this to happened. She rescued him some how from rangoli. Rangoli was even furious . Her hunger has not stopped . She looked at him. Her apetite has increased . She looked him .she found him the feminine. She got the hint . Then she suddenly stopped , and then smiled . Sandhya was amazed at her transformation. She had never seen Rangoli in such a state. Suddenly Rangoli held sandhya by her hands. She is capable of hurting anyone. With one hand she captured Sandhya and then her other hand was moving to Suhas' s face. She held is chin and smile mischievously. She said to Sandhya , she was leaving him now, but make him ready for her. She said she wants him more feminine and in a bridal saree. She said to suhas " My girl , I will come back to enjoy you , be ready. " she put her bindi to suhas's forhead and amazed at his pretty face. A simple bindi was lokking good on him. His figure feminine. She just need to work somethjng kn him. She told sandhya to make him girly as she wanted to enjoy him. She had given two days to prepare him else she would do it on her way ...

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    Radhika (Thursday, 02 November 2017 12:57)

    My name is Raj, when I was child one day my mother dress me in saree and petticoat and apply bangles on my hand and take the photos I don't know I am feeling a bit girly and a little crossdresser born in my heart, from day onwards I feel myself more girly and I always play with girls and grow up in feminine nature and dress my mother clothes when no one in house, I love to have long hair and I have long hair up to my back and I learn house hold work cooking cleaning from my mother when I am studying engineering everyone from my college tease me being girly but my all girl classmates are too supportive and they consider me one of them so many times all girls asking me do you feel feminine and like to wear Saree so that they help me to share there dresses but I am too scared to tell them truth but in our last day of college all girls wearing saree every girls force me to wear Saree like them and stand with them finally I agreed and all girls become happy and started to dress up as a girl, they dress me in pink Saree with purple colour blouse and they put earrings to my ears and Payal to my legs and made my makeup with lipstick and eye with kajal and bindi on forehead and put lots of pink bangles to my hand and did my hairstyle too girly and all other girls also dressed in Saree and we take lots of photos.
    That all photos I carry to everywhere and saw it and become happy , after my education I joined a company to my luck I got all team members as girl and also my team lead also a girl she is elder to me and she is taking good care of me by helping in all , her name is Meenakshi, I calling her as sis and she like it and consider me as her younger brother, in little time only we become good friends because of my girly nature we both went to shopping and it is lovely time for both of us, she always telling you have good choice in women clothes and you mistakenly bring as a boy.
    In one of the festival she called me to her house and I went her mother and sister she all welcome me I feel very happy, then Meena sis take me to her room and showing her old photos then suddenly in between of that photos my college last day photos which I am in saree is there I got shocked, then Meena told when checking my phone she saw my Saree pics and share that to her mobile she told you are looking so cute and more beautiful in saree, I told thank you sis, then suddenly Meena sister come with one Saree and told this is for you and Meena and her sister dress me in saree and petticoat and apply bangles and makeup and braided my long hair into single plate they also dressed in Saree all three of us become girls and enjoyed, her mother give flowers to us to put it in our long hair and all of us ladies went to temple. That day is unforgettable and while leaving Meena, her sister and her mother all 3 give me there old dresses like Saree halfsaree Salwar Chudidhar etc and tell enjoy your feminine side. Form that day onwards Meena treating me as girl and sharing all girly things.

  • #342

    Radhika (Thursday, 02 November 2017 12:58)

    One day she come up with one good news that she is getting married and I become too happy, she requested me to be her bridesmaid and ask me to dress in saree, I agreed with full heart one day before marriage, me Meena and her sister all went to bueaty parlour and get our eyebrow done facial and Medicure and pedicure done, in her Mehandi program i also become girl and dressed in Salwar and get my hand with Mehandi, we all girls take lots of selfies and enjoyed, finally groom side people come, Meena sister and me did arathi to groom, but groom bother is looking me I felt shameful because boy is attracted to me, in marriage I busy in all women rituals but groom bother is taking our photos, Meena's sister start teasing me but i don't like that, finally when marriage is over we all girls crying while sending Meena, I hug her and cried a lot because she is my sister over a best friend over a my team lead, she told me her bother in law liking me if you agree we both can become bahu of same family I told I like to dress up as a girl and treat as a girl but don't like to marry with a guy I like muscular and strong girls and be her wife, then Meena laughed and told actually my bother in law is a strong girl , I got shocked and saw then Meena's bother in law remove her fake moustache and told her name is Priya and I love you , I am crying with happiness then Priya come and told when Meena come to our house first time she meets me ,she ask why am acting as tomboy then I told her myself and I want to marry a homely feminine girly boy how become my submission housewife then she told about you so I act as guy to see your feminine nature and you are perfect for me , I fall to Priya feet and tell her thanks for giving me life then she lifted me in her strong arms and I am in her arms like a doll she is in pant and shirt suit and being a boy I am in lehenga choli, finally we also get married while Priya tied mangalyasutra around my neck and I touch her feet for blessing she put sindoor to me and make me her submission housewife, me and Meena both become daughter in law of same house and living as bahu to our mother in law and housewife to our husbands.

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    suhas (Friday, 03 November 2017 09:27)

    The threat was evident on Suhas's face. He was shievering like leaf in a strom just hanging with little attachment . But he failed to understand him as why he had enjoyed the assault . His penis was hard as never before, but his mind was weak and as weak was his legs so he could not find the courage to walk straight and had shifted his weight on sandhya. No body has spoken for a quite time . There was just exchange of fears between all family members. It was a time of lunch and all r waiting for suhas to come out. His tormentor was not at home . Sandhya conveinced him for lunch somehow . She said to suhas " Dont worry Rangoli is not at home ". At the middle of lunch , while all were enjoying the lunch silently , the strom had returened again. Seeing it , suhas jump from his chair . His legs were trembling . Sandhya had known the effect. She was wondering what is the wrong with Rangoli. Suhas look at the family memebers . He pleaded with his eyes to His father in law and then to snadhya's brother. Then there was movement of chair as both the father in law and sandhya's brother just about to stand in the support of suhas . Suddenly the movment has stopped and both has seated down the chair seeing the stare of Rangoli. Suhas was terrified . He was thinking who would help him . She came near him , dressed in tight skirt , looking like goddess. Suhas could feel the body heat of her . He would have melted by now . Unable to do anything , he joined his both the hands , pleading meekly with eyes . The position of the surrender , unable to speak . He thought he had spoken but the words could not came out of his trembling lips. Rangoli asked Suhas " Hey girl , how are you ?, I hoped you enjoyed being like a girl with me ". Suhas with very low sound frisking " I