Beauty and brains- Part 2


My mobile beeped early in the morning. For a moment I did not even recognise the sound. When I did, I swung my right hand to reach the mobile lying on my left-side table and my arm pressed my breasts. That jolted me into full wakefulness. I sat up with a jerk to look at my exposed thighs. The night dress had climbed up during the night. With all this stimuli, I was now fully awake and the time was only 6.30 am.


The SMS was from Glory. "At dinner got to know that your mother is sick. Call me if you need anything". 'Oh God' I said to myself. The plot was thickening. Glory probably thought I had taken the night flight to Delhi and was on my way to Aligarh where Sanju's mother lived.

As I was still in the same city, there was a good chance that Glory and I might run into each other. Then she would be really upset about me (that is Sanju) not having confided in her. I also realised I needed at least one friend as I became Sanju in every sense. Sanju's life until now had revolved around office, gym, supermarket and parlour. She generally spent the weekends with Glory chatting or going to movies. Longer holidays were always spent with her mother and brother at Aligarh. Even at office, she often stayed back to impress Arun.


So I sent a SMS to Glory, "Actually mom is fine and I am still in city! Shall call up at yr office and explain. Don't get mad!"


Within minutes there was another SMS, "Have you eloped with someone."


"No Chance LOL." I responded.


Technically I was a new tenant but really I was continuing my tenancy. So I went about my place and work as usual. I only took the precaution of drawing the blinds to prevent my neighbours from getting a peep show of me walking around in my night dress with nothing underneath. As I brushed my teeth I had to try to avoid hitting my breasts. I casually looked into the mirror and was shocked to find that I had forgotten to take off my make-up and wig and now I was a complete mess. I decided then and there, that if I am a woman I must do things as woman do. I decided to concentrate on all I do so that I could remove the rough edges from my new life.


As my coffee brewed, I took off my wig, brushed it and hung it inside the empty wardrobe. Then I used a cleanser to clean my face. Even without make up or wig I looked very beautiful.

It was my habit as Baskar to exercise after my coffee. I saw no reason to give up on that. But I knew that some of the exercises would feel funny in my new body. So I settled for some relaxing yoga. I decided I must go to gym in the evening as was Sanju's habit.


After the exercise it was time to bathe. I stepped out of my leotard and walked into the bathroom. As the shower poured cold water over me, I used a wet pouf soaked in body wash to clean myself. The lather of wash accompanied by the mild debridement made my skin very smooth to touch and the movement of my hands over my curves was getting me aroused. I almost shivered as I reach down to clean my privates. My hardened nipples were hurting and I really had to struggle not to play with myself. I wondered if Sanju ever felt aroused by her body. Not likely! Probably you get used to a body you live in and don't feel aroused by its look or feel. I was now like a child with a new toy! So excitement was natural.


At last I came out of the bathroom. I had to decide what to wear for the day. For a moment my stomach churned at the thought I was going to meet all my colleagues as a sexy female. I was sure many of them would undress me in their minds. I recovered quickly as I realised that these guys had no guts even to smile meaningfully or pass comments because I worked for the top guy. That gave me the feeling of power over them. I smiled at the thought. In a way Sanju was right when she said that she will miss the feeling of power over people. Not that one exercises such powers on a day to day basis!


As these thoughts were passing through my head, I draped myself in a towel and dried my hair with a drier. As soon as my hair was dry and set I dropped my towel to the floor and wore my 'Loveable' bra and panties. I caught a glimpse of my sexy looks in the full sized mirror as I bent in front of my suitcase to pick out the dress for the day. Sanju generally wore expensive but sober clothes during the weekdays and I agreed with her choices. So I picked out a yellow salwar kameez for my first day in office as Sanjana. But I took care to make up my face before I wore the dress. Then I reluctantly wore a wig. I felt if I wore the wig for a month, my new hair would grow enough for me have a "boy cut".



Fortunately the taxi driver was an kind elderly man who called me beti and kept chatting with me till we reached office. Though it was just a twenty minutes trip to office my chat with him proved to me that I could deal nonchalantly with people in my new avatar as Sanjana. He also offered to take me back from office in the evening.


As I approached the Security desk in the foyer, Ramlal said "Good morning, Madam," and handed me the keys to my office.


"When will Baskar sir come back now." he enquired casually as I signed the register without hesitation as Sanjana.


"I really dont know Ramlal. Maybe in one year." I spoke clearly as Sanjana.


"He is a very intelligent young man. But still he is so respectful towards all of us. Shows he is from a good family.''


I smiled at him for his words. It is rarely that you get to hear firsthand what people speak about you behind your back.


As I entered the reception area Mallika smiled at me said," Boss is already in and wants to see you as soon as you come in."


I don’t know if it was the effect of her words or the contact of my high heels with the smooth tiled floor; I faltered a little, but managed to steady myself without damage. Since I had to walk into Arun’s cabin immediately I decided to make a short trip to the Ladies before going to my office.


As I placed my bag on the side table next to my PC, I saw the note from Arun asking me to see him on arrrival. I drank a little water and walked up to the connecting door, knocked twice and walked into his ofice.


"Come come Sanjana! Sit down"


I smoothened the back of my kurta and slid into the chair in front of him. He was busy with his emails for a few minutes. That gave my pounding heart the time to return to normal.

"Well you are looking good as usual. Now you know that we have a board meeting today. Make sure things are in place at the conference hall. I want you to participate, contribute, as well as keep the minutes. I have told IS to issue you a laptop immediately- a small steel gray stuff suitable for a delicate lady! They will also provide you a remote access. By the end of the day let us discuss what else we can do so that you can manage your additional load caused by Baskar's going away. Now get out and let us see some action. We meet at 10 am… Ok?.By the way speak to mommy at home, she wanted some things attended to.. I don’t want to know what. Just make sure we are not exceeding my house-maintenance budget. "


"Yes Arun!" I whispered. He looked up from his machine and said, "Why are you whispering. Is something not ok?"


This time spoke clearly, "No Arun! Nothing is wrong. I will attend to everything. Just tell me whether Mr. Dubey is coming for the meeting."


"Yes he is coming" Arun said without looking up from his e-mail.


My audience with him was over and I returned to my office.


Murgan was already at my table with the new gleaming laptop. "Hi Sanju, put in your password on this deskie so that I can transfer your user files and take away this machine." I did as told and proceeded to the conference hall to check out things. On the way some wished me and I wished some and I generally smiled a lot, but my attention was totally on the task on hand. At this moment it made little difference that I had become a lovely lady and eyes were following me as I walked around the office making tik-tok sounds because of my heels.


"We are in the business of curing disease and not in the business of making people beautiful." Mr. Dubey was shouting at no one in particular. "As a financial officer of this company I will not permit the use of our resources for some hare brained ideas."


"So you think me and my team are hare brained" Dr. Tandon asked in his cool and calm manner and went on to narrate the achievements of his unit and the international awards won by his scientists and the number of papers published by them. Dr. Tandon spoke non-stop for fifteen minutes.


At last Arun had to put up his hand asking Dr. Tandon to stop and turned to the others around the table for their opinion. While the other five took neutral positions for the next half hour, I used my LAN connection to access a lot of figures about the level of revenues and operating profits in lifestyle business vis a vis healthcare business and showed it Arun.


Arun winked at me and addressed the group. "While we have been discussing this issue, Sanjana here has been doing some number crunching. So Sanjana, why don't you tell us what your findings are..."


I had not expected this. I could see Dubey looking at the ceiling skeptically. His message was clear: 'Now are we going to ask our secretaries to run our business'? But I was not going to let down Arun. I connected my new laptop to the projector and explained complex data for the next half an hour. Most of it, I addressed to Dr. Tandon, who was smiling at me encouragingly as the presentation progressed. There was spontaneous applause as soon as I sat down after my presentation.


As the appalause subsided, I could hear Mr. Dubey clear his throat, "The data just shown does prove that we could enter life style business. But we need to check what our shareholders would feel about it and whether it will affect our credit worthiness. Anyway Ms. Sharma, that was a nice spontaneous presentation." Knowing Dubey his appreciation was like getting the Nobel prize.


Arun concluded by saying that he would appoint a Project Team to consider the proposal in depth. For the rest of the meeting, some routine issues were discussed.


By afternoon the whole office knew that I had managed to convince Dubey for a difficult project. Arun called me to his office and complimented me.


"Sanjana! I never knew you could research over the internet so well and make such an impactful presentation."


"You are right Arun! Three months ago I could not have done what I did today. Actually Baskar has been teaching me a lot of things. I must admit I did not like it when you recruited him. But with time I have learnt to appreciate him and recently I started learning from him..."


"Good! If you continue to contribute as you did today, then we can make better plans for you. In the meanwhile what are your suggestions for reducing your workload so that you function more as an assistant to me and less as a secretary? I do not want you to keep long hours. I am looking for smart working rather than long hours."


I knew that Arun himself never missed his golf sessions or socialising. He also spent enough time with his mother. So I said, "Yes arun! I have two or three thoughts. Now that we have automatic dialling of extentions for outside callers, our receptionist Mallika can screen calls coming to your direct line and schedule your appointments. As for official correspondence we could use the secretaries of other directors in rotation. Anyway much of the confidential stuff goes by e-mail. You can call up Adminstration with your arrival departure needs for travel and they can create an electronic requisition for your approval."


"Umm"! Arun smiled,"You have practically eliminated your earlier job and would like to do what Baskar was doing."


I smiled and kept quiet. Arun sensed I had something else to ask him.


"Ok ! what else". He raised his eyebrows.


"Can I get a comapny car with a driver. That way I can work on my laptop while I travel."

Arun laughed, "That was a good try. I tell you what. You get hold of a regular taxi fellow. Buy him a pager if need be and call him whenever you need. I will give you a monthly limit of taxi claims and you manage within that."


"Ok boss!" I too laughed, "Anyway. I must tell you that I have moved into Baskar's paying guest accomodation."


"Now, that is great. I could drop you or pick you up at times. It is on the way to my place."

Just then my mobile rang. I excused myself and returned to my office.


It was the taxi driver. He asked me if he could come over. As it was 4.30 pm, I asked him to come over within an hour and call me from our security cabin. While I was talking to the driver, my extension rang. I concluded my talk and picked up the extension absent-mindedly and said, "Sanjana here."


"Hi Sanju! Glory here! Today you are not announcing yourself formally... What happened?"

I had clean forgotten that I had promised to call Glory.


"Sorry Glory! I forgot to call you."


"You are confused Sanju! You are announcing yourself informally and calling me by name instead of saying dear. What is wrong? Has that boss of yours proposed to you finally."


"Hey shut up. He might walk and catch the drift of our conversation" I said as I thought about my earlier guess that Sanju was after Arun.


"Ok he hasn't. But why have you run away from the hostel."


I had to think fast and give her a convincing answer. "Hey tell you what... Come to my office. I will leave by 5.30. We can talk on the way. That way you will also see my new place."


"Alright.. It means extra travel for me but I am dying to hear your story". Glory said.


Over the next few days, I organised my life into a nice routine. I made light breakfast for myself in the morning, went to office in Panditji's taxi, did a lot of research and presentations for Arun and reallocated the work which Sanju used to do, to others. I had told Glory that I had moved to Baskar's room because it was on the way to Arun’s house. I told her about Arun wanting to drop me off and pick me up from there. I giggled as I told her that I saw possibilities now.


Though she bought the story, Arun actually dropped me only on one day during the first week. But he was very happy with my handling of my job. I had also shifted my gym membership to a place very near my room and arranged for dinner to be delivered every night by a caterer.


My routine got shattered when I woke up on Saturday morning. There was blood on my bed. I panicked and took a few minutes to realise that it was my periods. I realised I had no pads.


Shamefacedly, I called up my landlord's daughter and asked her to lend me a few pads. I spent my first weekend as Sanju suffering from my chum.


The first three days of the following week were also uneventful. On wednesday Arun asked me if my gym had a swimming pool. When I said yes, he said he would go there with me in the evening and take a membership so that he could have a daily work out and swim. That evening we finished our workouts at the gym and went to the pool. By that time I was in my bikinis. When I turned up at the poolside he was already in the water. He was resting after a lap holding the handrail. Our eyes met and in that gaze I could see, not my boss or my hero, but a man looking with lust at a good looking woman.