Amby-Part 2


The music stopped suddenly and the voice of the captain came over the PA system, "Ladies and gentlemen, we have just commenced our descent into Kuala Lumpur International Airport, which is also known as KLIA. We should be landing at 6.30am local time. Hope you had an enjoyable flight. We hope to see you again at the earliest."


Chinna nudged me on my ribs with her elbow, "Hey lazy bones! Time to wake up. Our holiday begins now." I opened my eyes, gave her a charming smile and stretched myself as much as one could in an economy class seat. It was not a very long journey from Madras to KL. But we almost did not make it.


We had planned our holidays so as to be away from the first of Sept for a month. Chinna had got her periods on the very first day of our holiday. So our trip to the ashram could take place only on the 6th 7th and 8th Sept. Her period days were useful in obtaining air-tickets, visa and foreign exchange. When we returned to our home at Bangalore by the evening of the 8th and checked our tickets we realised that our flight to KL was to take off from Madras in about eight hours. Since the date on the ticket was 9th with departure time a little after mid-night we had made a mistake in reading it.


"We are leaving in half an hour", Chinna told me while she dialed for a taxi to take us straight to the international airport at Madras some 360 kms away. She relaxed a little when the taxi was confirmed. So she came over and hugged me, "I am sorry Amby that we have to rush like this. Just empty the suitcase, which we took to the ashram, on the bed and pack in minimum toiletaries, a few undergarments, two salwar kameezs and one silk saree for the wedding, which we have to attend. We will buy dresses and other things for you in KL…." Given Chinna ‘s tastes in these matters I could imagine where all this would lead. But I had agreed to be as modern as my surroundings would allow. That was a good position to maintain. Not that the idea of wearing new things did not excite me.


" Now let me ring up your uncle in KL about our arrival…One more thing before that…Wear denims for the journey Ok?" That is how as we I was dressed in tight blue denim trousers and open jacket as we landed in KL .

"I am glad both of you could make it," My uncle told me as we were travelling from the airport to the city. He thought he was talking to his nephew's bride rather than to his nephew who had become his niece!! Uncle and I were seated in the back-seat of his merc while Chinna sat in the front with the driver.

Uncle Sambandan was elder brother to my mother and had spent his entire life away from India. He had visited us just three times during these years and I remembered his two daughters as ugly looking teenagers. The first of these cousins was to be married three days after our arrival, viz; 12th Sep 99.


" Now listen to me Ambalavanan!" Uncle was telling Chinna," Jaya will be busy with preparations for her marriage. Maya will come to your hotel by this afternoon - by the way the name of the hotel is Pan Pacific. Maya will help Priya with the shopping at the Mall opposite to your hotel. You know, I wanted both of you to stay at my house; but my wife and daughters insisted on booking you in a hotel saying there was a big crowd of relatives at home." I understood what was being implied and couldn't help blushing.

"I think you will like the hotel," Uncle continued, "It has nice rooms and a big swimming pool. Maya tells me that you both are good swimmers; and Priya dear, this is not India! You can be a bit bold in wearing clothes; OK!"

I could see that what uncle said made sense. I observed the pedestrains on the sidewalk. Except for the muslim girls who covered their head, I could observe short skirts, tight trousers and slit gowns. I saw Chinna smiling as she had also seen what I had seen!


"I have to change money." Chinna was telling uncle. He replied, "You could do that at the Mall...But remember that while Maya is there she will do all the spending and I will also pay your hotel bills for your entire stay. As both of us protested uncle said, "No; I don’t want any discussion on this."


As soon as we were alone in the room Chinna gathered me in her arms and kissed me. The romantic nature of our situation was not lost on me. I clung to her with equal passion as our tongues explored each other's mouth. Slowly Chinna's hands reached my buttocks and she squeezed them. A kind of electric shock ran through my body as I let go of her mouth and cried out," Ahhhh…"

My movement caused us to fall apart. I pretended to be angry," Chinna, go easy. I am just getting used to this body."


Chinna laughed," I am not responsible for what happened. It is just these chemicals in my blood. Could I control what happened on our second night at the Ashram? " There was some truth in what she said. She had been embarrassed by a premature ejaculation on that day. I had to assure her that it was quite common and that I was not disappointed…


Actually I had been a bit relieved on that day. I was slightly frightened when I saw her naked and realised how large her erect cock was. How could my small vagina take such a long thing? Afterwards I was amused by my thoughts. Over the years the same cock had entered the same vagina countless number of times without any damage to either of the parties!


" I think we should bathe before we start doing something." I tried to change the topic. Surprisingly Chinna agreed and started taking off her clothes. I sat on a chair and watched her. When she knew I was watching her she started behaving like a male strip-tease. She did a nice show and I clapped my hands in genuine pleasure as she posed in naked in front of me.


She then held out her hand and made me get up from the chair. When I was up in front of her, she started unbuttoning my shirt.


"But I thought we were going to bathe", I said.


"Exactly! We are going to bathe."


She had undone my pants while I realised what her plan was. I wanted to protest but for did not want to disappoint her. So I simply gave in.


My pants had come down to my ankles when she made me lie on edge of the bed as she pulled them off fully. I was wearing multi-colured bikini panties. I lay on my back with my head resting on my clasped palms and my feet touching the floor. I must have looked very sexy because I could see her cock rising.


She extended her hands towards me. As I grasped them she gently pulled me to my feet. Then she took off my shirt and bra. My breasts were now free. She licked my nipples hungrily. Simultaneously she peeled away my panties. She stood back for a moment to admire my nudity. In the next moment she had gathered me in her arms and started moving towards the bathroom.


While she shampooed my hair, rubbed my breasts and soaped my vagina, she was in full control. Only when I kneeled down and playfully took her cock in my mouth did she lose some of her control.


" Oh please darling, don’t do that. Let us do it the normal way a few more times before we try variations."


I respected her wishes and let go of my lollipop.


As we finished bathing and had wiped each other to some extent, Chinna spread two towels on the floor of the bathroom and made me lie down with my legs drawn up and spread apart. She came on top of me. She squeezed my left breast while she licked my right breast. Her right hand reached down to find my vagina and her index finger went in and started playing with my lower lips.


I was getting more and more turned on. I wanted to reach out and hold her cock but was scared that she may shoot off her load. Suddenly I lost all control and started shaking when she started biting my ears and put her fingers into my armpit.


" Oh Chinna, please come in..I want you my dear" I shouted.


There was a movement on top of me and I could feel my hot and ready Chinna sliding into me. I felt wave after wave of pleasure washing over me as Chinna pounded me- slowly at first and rapidly thereafter. She reached her climax in a flurry of movements. I continued my pleasure trip even as Chinna rested on top of me after having transferred her rather large load to me!


Oh God please help me! I was almost in tears as I waited for an autorickshaw outside the hospital. I had to reach the day-care centre to pick up my baby. I had been delayed at the hospital library where I worked. Not that the day-care centre would have any objection to my reaching late. For every extra hour or part of it they would bill me! But I missed my baby and wanted to be with her.

As I was getting more and more anxious, I saw a red Astra Opel slow down and stop near me. The driver leaned sideways and opened the front passenger door. I recognised him as my present boss. The guy was lecherous and he was grinning at me.


I could have refused the offer of lift but there was no auto in sight. As the car started moving I sensed that he was looking more at me than at the road. I was wearing a tranlucent saree and a well fitting blouse. I could feel his eyes alternating between my breasts and the junction of my legs. I tried to keep my thighs as closed as possible and leaned forward to avoid his gaze.

By the time he dropped me off he had tried to convince me that I should resign my job and work for him in his private clinic. I knew that he had used this line with all good looking women. Chinna had warned me about him. I smiled and politely declined though in heart of hearts I wanted to bobitt him!

When we reached the day-care centre I thanked him hurriedly and rushed out. My heart was beating rapidly and I could calm down only when I picked up my baby and pressed her against my breasts. She started sucking at my blouse as she came close to my breast. I knew she wanted to be fed. I went to an inner room, undid my blouse and the nursing bra and let my baby suck me.

Suddenly, I could hear the sharp ringing of a telephone. I opened my eyes, found Chinna sucking my breasts and the telephone in our hotel room was ringing.


All this while I had been dreaming....


"Hello Maya, where are you calling from" Chinna was saying on the telephone, while she switched on the speaker phone for me to hear.


I could hear Maya laughing, "Dont worry Athan (cousin). I am still at home. It will take me fifteen minutes to reach there. Is that ok or you need more time." She once again started giggling.


Before she could continue in the same vein, I chipped in, "We are ready receive you right away my dear. But what is the plan?"


"Ok! We go across to the Mall. Amby can change money and check out some tourist information. Priya, you and I will go buy clothes. After that we grab something at the McDonalds. Then we come back to the hotel and go for a swim. Then we go to a discotheque and have dinner in a nice place. Then I will leave you two alone. Is that ok!"


I would have preferred a full swimsuit but Maya had insisted on buying the a two piece yellow bikini set saying that only 'aunties' wore swimsuits. I could see she was right as we walked by the pool towards the change rooms. We did spot a few suited aunties with their kids. When I in my yellow bikini and Maya in her fluorescent blue one, came back to the pool area, some of the uncles had mysteriously appeared at the poolside. Their eyes followed us as we entered the pool. I realised that, at that time, Maya and I were the most beautiful ones in the pool. I even thought that my measurements were a bit better than Maya's!


As we completed our first lap and held on to the railing at the deep end, Chinna joined us. " Looks like many of the guys are afraid to get up from their chairs after you two walked by!" Chinna was saying. I scowled at her and said, "Is there nothingelse that you can think of."

Maya teased Chinna, "What about you athan? Are you ok with a backstroke now?" Chinna just laughed and with a powerful push against the wall, started a new lap.

After a while I got up and found a chair next to the kidspool. I was about to close my eyes I found a little girl staring at me. Soon she gathered courage and came near me and whispered into my ears. " What must I do to get nice breasts like yours?" Though I laughed out, I also felt good. I hugged the girl and whispered back. "Just swim everyday and it will grow into nice ones."




We had some time to kill before we could go to the disco. Maya and I decided to go to the parlour while Chinna decided to go for a drive in Maya's car. Though I had taken an international licence, I was anxious that Chinna should not have problems finding her way around. Maya said that if athan had a problem he could simply park the car and take a train to Putra or world trade Centre and reach the hotel. I requested Chinna to do just that in case of problems. 


The chinese lady who attended to me at the parlour asked me to buy a proper swimming cap for my extra long hair. Then she set about drying and combing my hair. I could see many of the customers admiring my hair. It took her almost an hour to create a conical hair-do which left my neck fully exposed. Though I loved my long hair it was, for a change, nice to have it all wrapped up on my head.

Next I had my eyebrows and nails done. Maya insisted that I should have my blackheads removed and a facial done. The chinese lady wanted to know where we were going for the night and suggested we should let her do our make-up for the occasion.


I just relaxed while the lady worked on my face, eyelashes and lids. She taught me the proper way to apply lipstick. She also rented me some costume jewellery. When I wore it she blended my mangalsutra into the necklace to make it look a part of the design.


Maya had received the same full treatment. Her hair had been formed into multiple plaits all around her crown. As her hair was only shoulder length it looked good in thin multiple plaits.


Maya settled the huge bill with her credit card, while the chinese lady advised us to get out our jeans and tank top and change into more appropriate dresses for the disco. She also suggested it may be better to avoid jewlry.


I wore the strapless bra and thong panties before I slipped on the bright red halter top dress. While I did this I was at my exhibitionistic tendencies. The new chemicals in my body seemed to have dissolved all my conservatism. Maya too encouraged me to shed my inhibitions. To make me feel comfortable, she was dressed in a turquoise coloured spagetti strap top and a camouflage hipster shorts.


Just as we finished dressing up, Chinna returned. " Is this..?" she stuttered and whistled instead. She wanted to say 'Is this my Amby' but checked herself.


"Hey hey" Maya was saying, "Give way! I need to go to the washroom. I am going to take some time to come out. ok!"


As the bathroom door closed, Chinna held me at my waist and spun me around. My feet traced a large circle while my skirt bellowed upwards revealing my thong panties. When Chinna saw my new panties she put me down and put her palm over my buttocks to feel the soft fabric. In mock anger I hit her hand. She just laughed and hugged and kissed me. She had to let me go as we heard a knock at the bathroom door.


"Sorry to be a spoil-sport," Maya said as she came into the room, "We have miles to go and a floor to dance on and food to eat before we go to bed, perhaps to sleep."


As expected the disco was fun. During the break for the disc jockey they had a contest. It was called "How well do you know your partner". There were many intimate questions. Chinna and I won it hands down and were awarded a family dinner coupon at a nearby resturant. That is where we went as we did not want Maya to pay any more bills.


The candle-lit dinner was romantic. From time to time Chinna's hand would stray over to my bare thighs. I would gently put it away. Maya probably realised what was happening but she continued her non-stop chatter.


When Maya dropped us off at the hotel it was past 10 pm. She refused to come up to our room. We bid her goodbye promising to meet her at her sister's engagement the next day.


As soon as we entered the room, Chinna went bersek. The room was bathed with lights of the city. She did not allow me to switch on the room lights. She kneeled in front of me pulled down my thong panties and started kissing my vagina. In a few minutes she got up and started biting my shoulder. While she did that I reached down and unbuttoned her cargo trousers. They fell at her feet and she stepped out of them. Next I yanked at her Hugo boxer briefs and she came out of them. Next I removed my dress and she removed her t-shirt. Then she helped me out of my bra.



As we stood as Adam and Eve, Chinna picked me up. I wrapped my legs around her while she let my vagina descend on to her cock. I tightened my arms around her as my vagina covered encased her cock. She started walking around the room with me perched on her. Her walk was causing the cock to move inside me and driving me crazy. My vagina acquired a rhythm of its own and I reached my orgasm.




Chinna dropped me on the bed and continued to move inside me until she reached her climax.