The Matrimonial Switch



As soon as I entered the college cafeteria, I spotted Sudha sitting all by herself. There was a letter in her hand and she did not look happy. Anyway I walked up to her, thumped her on the back and said, " Hi !" Normally she would have grinned at me and banged her palm against mine in greeting. Today, all that I could get out of her was a weak "Hi". Then I knew that something was really bothering her.

Sudha was two years senior to me. During ragging, she had given me tough time. She had made me run around the college building wearing a sari. I had tripped and fallen three times. She would not let me go until I had completed three rounds. From that time I had a high regard for those who went around in a sari. Wasn't I lucky to be able to run around in jeans?


So coming back to our main story, Sudha had just received a letter from her father asking her to meet one Kumar at the Tanjore Restaurant of The Taj Mahal Hotel on the following sunday. This guy was the only son of one of her father's friends and was on his way to New York. It did not need a genius to know that a marriage proposal was in the air. Normally Sudha would'nt have minded. She would have had lunch or dinner at the guy' s expense and simply refused the proposal. On this occasion, the timing was bad. She had promised to go for a picnic with Ramesh. She was hoping to make Ramesh propose to her during the picnic. I sat next to her and tried to work out a solution. We both knew that her father will not take 'no' for an answer. Suddenly Sudha looked at me , her face lit up and she said, " You know what? You could go instead of me".... "and maybe in a sari," she added mischievously. Before I knew what I was saying, I blurted out, " No, no , not in a saree." " Ok bud, you could go in a salwar that we have solved our problem let us go for a movie." I started saying something in protest. She refused to let me speak. " If you don't want to go for a movie, let us go to a play." I knew it was useless to talk to her. I also did not want her to get upset with me. I was hoping, by sunday she would forget our conversation.


Promptly on sunday morning, Sudha called me up and asked me to reach her apartment by eight o' clock. When I reached there she said to me, " Remeber our plan? I wanted to dress you up properly before going out on my picnic." I wanted to refuse but looking at her happy and expectant face, I simply could not. May be the whole business may turn out to be fun. I thought I was nowhere near Sudha in looks or figure and so there was no danger of the guy proposing marriage. Well at that time I had not been subjected to Sudha's talents for make up.


She started her work in right earnst by asking me strip down to my undies. It took her an hour to wax my body. The threading of eyebrows, the facial, the make up and the setting of my hair took another hour. Then she let me go to the bathroom. There I took off the last piece of my clothing and wore the specially padded panties which added a few inches to my hips. Once I returned to the room she made me wear a tight fitting bodice which gave a c- size breast and merged well with my fair skin. Then I wore a white laced bra, which left the top of my new found breasts exposed. As I turned to face her, I found her examining me critcally.


Suddenly she smiled and said, " You are looking very nice. Your arms and legs are smooth. Your stomach is flat. Your face is glowing. Your hair is clean, soft and curly. I think your figure must be 36-25-36. I am sure the guy will want to take you to bed." I statred blushing and said defiantly," May be I will not turn up for the date.." " Of course you will.." said Sudha as she picked up the camera and clicked a few shots of me in this state of undress and locked up the camera before I could grab it. In frustration, I started crying.


Sudha came up, hugged me and kissed my tears away. She reminded me of how important the picnic was for her. I relented and smiled at her. She released me. I went into the bathroom to wash my face. I came back to the room and touched up my make up. I picked up a red dot ( bindi) and fixed it on my forehead.


While I admired myself in the mirror, Sudha came up from behind and gently moved me away. " We have things to do, my dear and very little time left." She handed me a salwar kameez and asked me to wear it. The kameez (loose fitting top) was made of pure orange coloured silk with elaborate embroidary in thread. The orange colured salwar (loose baggy pants of similar thin material) matched the kameez.

When I wore the Salwar and the kameez, I realised Sudha had bought it to my new measurements. The top rested well on my chest and stomach and then expanded at my hips. I was proud of my shapely breasts as they pushed against the fabric. The cllinging fabric around my stomach and waist and the its subsequent flare gave me a sexy figure. Sudha now made me wear a chuuni. The chunni is a three meter long translucent cloth meant to cover the breasts modestly. Nowdays it is worn in a folded manner and passed over the shoulders in such a manner that when the girl moves, chunni works like a flag to her breasts.


Sudha asked me to wear a pair of white leather shoes. I put each foot in front of the other as I took small steps and practised walking. My arms swung in a semi-circle around my now wider hips. My chunni moved as I moved and my breasts were revealed and hidden in a sexy way. Sudha took a few more snaps of me as I practised walking.


After a few minutes, Sudha clasped a gold chain around my neck. The chain had a diamond pendant. She fixed diamond earrings on my ears. She Looked at me now fully dressed and wearing jewellery. I thought I was looked smashing. But Sudha shook her head. She asked me to sit in front of the mirror for a moment. I heard her walking to the cupboard and take out something. In five minutes she joined me and fixed a wig of jet black hair on my head. The long hair covered my back fully and touched my buttocks. In a few minutes Sudha had plaited the hair in a single plait. she swung the plait around my shoulder and let it rest on my left breast. Now I was quite close to being a traditional bride. And I blushed looking at myself. Sudha put her arms around me, lifted my chin and leaned forward to plant a kiss on my forehead. I smiled happily at her.


My next task was to walk around the room gracefully and read out in a soft voice paragraphs from a finishing school publication. From time to time Sudha would ask me summarise what I had read. While I learnt how to conduct myself as a girl, Sudha had changed into a frayed denim shorts and a batik printed t-shirt. She got into her Nike shoes and I knew she was ready for the picnic.

The time was 1130 am . Sudha made me sit in the living room sofa and asked me to close my eyes for ten minutes. Before I knew it I had fallen into a catnap. When I opened my eyes, it was noon and I was fully refreshed. I looked at myself and smiled. I was reminded of the story of the ugly duckling. I noticed that Sudha had painted my nails orange while I slept.


Sudha smiled at me as she came in from the bedroom. She handed me a cup of tea. I drank the hot tea and then went into the bathroom. I came back and touched up my face without any help from Sudha.As I did that the front door bell rang. I froze, while Sudha smiled and said," Please open the door for me." I was turning pink and said," Who... me?" " Yes" said my merciless friend, " It must be Ramesh. Remember your name is also Sudha. Chat with him and I will join you."


My confidence improved as I reached the door walking in measured steps as I had learnt. Ramesh stood at the door wearing blue jeans and white shirt. He was little more than six feets in height and well built. He was surprised to see me but managed to say,


" Oh ...hi...hello. I am Ramesh." " And I am Sudha...not your Sudha...but still Sudha..How do you do?" I moved from the door to let him in. Sudha was coming into the room as Ramesh entered. She said,"I see! You have met my friend already." Ramesh was himself now . He said," Ya ! We met. I didn't know you had such a beautiful friend." Sudha and I were very happy to hear him say that. My self-confidence also multiplied many fold.


" But mind you Ramesh. She is not available. She is going to meet a guy today, whom she is planning to marry." Sudha was saying.


" Really! I wish you all luck. I am sure the guy has no chance in front of you. He wouldn't know what hit him."


We sat around and talked about this and that. I could see that Ramesh was mentally stripping me. I could see him looking at my breasts hungrily. Sudha was helping the process by leaving the room often. Anyway I was glad when we left at last by Ramesh's car around 1230.


Ramesh and Sudha put me in front of the Taj at ten minutes past one for the one o'clock appointment. Ramesh shook my hands to wish me luck. I felt he held on to them a little longer than necessary. Sudha winked at me and said, " I believe Taj rooms have soft and cosy beds..." I blushed a bit and pretended to hit her with my bag, while Ramesh smiled.


Kumar was waiting for me at a table near a window. The window opened to the sea with a majestic view of the Gateway of India. I could see that my suitor was a little nervous as the captain escorted me to his table. He stood up and smiled as I approached. I guessed his height to be a little more than 51/2 feet. His hair was somewhat longish. I was pleased to see that he had taken pains to shave himself that day. His skin had a nice healthy glow. He was wearing a loose fitting white shirt and with light gray comfort-fit trousers. His shiny black shoes were somewhat in army style.


The meal progressed beautifully. I smiled a lot and nodded my head very often while he did most of the talking. His voice seemed strangely familiar, but I could not place it. While we were waiting for the coffee he said," Sudha, you are not what I imagined you would be." I was not sure what he meant but he continued," I expected to meet a teenager in skin tight jeans with short hair; being starry eyed about a guy from the US. You are none of these and I like you for it." I was not sure that I liked the new twist. I was certainly attracted by this well behaved man and wanted to his wife; but how could I?


About this time the waiter approached us to pour coffee into our cups. I think he was looking at me rather than at the cups and ended up by pouring coffee all over the front of my kameez. I was more embarrassed than scalded. My host came to my rescue. He scowled at the waiter, who was apologising profusely, and told him to get the room keys from the front desk. We now had no choice but go to my suitor's room which was just across the corridor from the resturant.


He asked me to sit in a chair in his room, while he rushed out. Within five minutes he was back with a new dress from the hotel shopping mall. When I went into the bathroom to change, I realised that he had even included a new pair of panties, guessing that mine might have become wet with coffee.

When I changed into the beautiful dress which he had bought for me, I realised that the fabric was of a fine variety. The outline of my body and my bra were visible through the dress. I knew I was looking sexy and did not mind it. I wanted to please my man waiting on the other side of the door for me. So strong were my feelings that I wanted to become his wife. But I knew he will not accept me once he knew the truth. I wanted to cry, but just managed to console myself thinking that god was with me till this moment and he might just work out things for me.


To improve my sexy looks I unplaited my hair. The dark hair framed my lovely face, covered my back and gently brushed my buttocks. I combed it a few times to make it bouncy. I checked myself in the mirror one last time and went out to meet my man.


While I was getting dressed coffee had been served in the room. I went and sat next to Kumar on the sofa. He handed me a steaming cup of coffee and said," You look lovely and... and... sexy." I blushed with pleasure as he continued, " The time has come to tell you a truth. I am not Kumar, but a substitute for him. He already has a fiancee in the US and was not interested in meeting you. I am here so that his father will not know about his fiancee until Kumar is ready to tell him." When I heard this , I started laughing. I told him that I too was a substitute for Sudha. It was his turn to be surprised. Before he could recover I told him something which you might have guessed by now: that I am a girl with a dick.

Just as I said this, my suitor got up from the sofa, dragged me to my feet and kissed me almost violently. Between kisses I came to know the truth the man hugging me was the female crooner of our college well known for her husky voice.


After a few minutes of passionate kissing, Radha released me and made me sit on her lap as she admired me. She smiled happily at me and said," Ashok, I like you just as you are. Have no doubts. I love being a man and I feel you are not only beautiful to look at but also like being a woman." I nodded my head as I was totally overwhelmed by these turn of events. All I could sense was that I was an attactive girl sitting on a handsome man's lap whose eyes spoke of his love for me.


While I started dreaming, my man tapped me lightly on my cheecks to get my attention and said," I think we should thank our friends for discovering us. I just want to be your man and I want you to be my girl. You take my name and I take yours. Here and now I propose to you.... Radha! Will you be my wife?" My eyes were filled with tears and there was a chocking sensation in my throat, but I managed to whisper back," Yes, Ashok."


Ashok asked me to relax. He held my hand and we moved into the darkened bedroom.


As we settled down his hand moved to squeeze my breasts. I could feel his other hand moving between my legs. He continued to kiss me while playing with my willing body.


Soon enough my new dress was on the floor and I was lying on the soft bed in my bra and the new panties. Ashok was lying next to me wearing nothing. He was trying to bite my nipples through my bra. I chided him and told him not to ruin my bra. He laughed and took them off and the panties. He leaned back and admired me as my dark hair framed my body on the white bedspread. Then he started licking my nipples as I passed my hand over his hairy legs and found the tiny dick between his legs. As both of us were aroused, Ashok moved his legs between my legs, moved on top of me and started fucking me. Within minutes I reached my orgasm as he reached his climax.


P.S.: During the following year we went on picnics with our exchanged identities. After that we moved to a far away place. Now we run our own business and live happily as man and wife. Sudha and Ramesh do visit us from time to time. Ramesh still likes to ogle at my breasts and Sudha wants to tell him the truth one of these days! But I dont think he will believe her.