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    jiya (Tuesday, 10 November 2015 03:53)

    I am jiya, married to beautiful man Kumar. We are
    married for 5 years and have a wonderful child together.
    Ours marriage is through engagement as we hail from
    orthodox Hindu families. This is the story of my loving
    husband Kumar.
    He is highly educated successful marketing person; I
    am a graduate house-wife. He made very good savings
    and we are happily living in our own apartment in
    Hyderabad. He is bright, caring and gentle person. I love
    everything in him; he always treats me as a princess.
    However one thing which made me restless during our
    early marriage days was that he was too busy with
    work leaving at 7am to return back after 9pm. I was
    being lonely, as a pastime learned to stitch blouses. I
    became expert with my inherent interest and by trying
    out a few varieties for my fittings. I used to model my
    work and take suggestions from him. He liked my
    creativity in stitching and started encouraging me more.
    One day while I was complaining about my loneliness
    when he is out, he suggested I should start a business
    on tailoring. Though I pushed the idea aside, it made
    more sense to me as I kept thinking about it. I cogitated
    to begin small by working from home â€" As I stitch
    only ladies blouses, it would be pretty safe and keep me
    engaged during daytime. I worried a bit as none in our
    families ventured to business in the past. He
    encouraged me; prepared some fliers for advertising and
    distributed in the apartment complex.
    I thought to myself, I have to present him
    something unique and special to commence the
    occasion of my business. During my thinking of what to
    gift, I recollected the conversation we had on first week
    of our marriage - He expressed he likes color green and
    he likes flowers. Relishing that moment I thought to
    myself, Poor man he cant have both to wear. Playful
    smile rolled over me. Then an idea stuck me, what if I
    stitch first blouse which is green making tiny floral
    embroidery work and present him. He can keep it as a
    trophy to cherish in our later years thinking of my
    success in this line of business. I felt this as unique gift
    that relates to my new business. This way my first
    artifact from the business goes to him as gratitude
    towards him, what else could be more apt than this?
    The more I thought, the more I felt this as appropriate
    trophy for him.

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    jiya (Sunday, 15 November 2015 02:22)

    continuous---frm 7

    I got a parrot green blouse bit and did some embroidery
    with orange and yellow floral designs. Sunday morning,
    after puja, I surprised him by giving this blouse in a
    box. My first delivery is for you, hope you like it and will
    come against. He didnot understand. Once he opened
    the box and saw a blouse he was shocked, surprised
    and got nervous. He slowly said he cant wear this
    alone. Surprised hearing the word ALONE, thinking he
    might be playing along, I sheepishly inferred to wear
    with a suitable matching saree then. I never meant for
    real, just wooed thinking as an intimate joke between
    couple. I was shocked to see tears in his eyes & got
    moved by his thank you note while hugging me.
    I sensed from his studying of the blouse that he would
    like to try it. Without thinking much, I picked one of my
    green silk sarees and told him to wear with his new
    blouse. He was hesitant, yet I could feel he wanted to
    wear a saree deep inside his heart. So I took initiative
    and dressed him with the saree, the blouse filling up the
    cups. I did his hair to look bit feminine. I complemented
    him with bangles, ear-rings, anklets, and a necklace.
    Finally with a red dot on his forehead, he looked more
    like a girl. He did not look that bad, but it is bit funny to
    see him as a girl. Even today I remember how he spent
    15 minutes adjusting his pallu staring in the mirror
    forgetting everything else. That's when I realized he is
    not just handsome but a beautiful man who wants to
    wear sarees. His sadness showed in a subtle way upon
    changing to his clothes later that evening. First time I
    saw in him his vulnerability towards women's clothes

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    jiya (Sunday, 15 November 2015 16:09)

    continuous frm 18

    I did a little role play while he was in saree.
    I asked Madam how is the blouse? Are your breasts
    comfortable in there?
    He immediately replied it is great.
    Surprised by his answer, I continued: Madam, with a
    good bra, it will be even nicer.
    He responded in a shaking voice: should try then.
    I slowly asked: besides sarees, what other clothing do
    you like madam?
    Without hesitation he blurted out parikini-pavada and
    I was surprised at his answer and asked him madam,
    when would you like to wear sarees?
    Adjusting his pallu, he said with a blush: a feel like
    wearing all the time.
    I felt he is in Trans or under influence, yet I am getting
    to know this side of him.
    I in an investigative manner popped the question: At
    what age have you started wearing girly clothes?
    He dropped his head with no answer. His face turned
    red like a kid who was caught at candy store. I didn't
    want to press him further.
    As an attempt to ease up I asked would you come to us
    for getting your blouses stitched?
    He shyly nodded his head. I thought to myself he is
    definitely not in this world.
    For two to four months, he wore a saree once a month
    with that blouse. Thinking he might be little more
    passable, I surprised him with long braided wig and
    arranged rows of jasmine flowers. One should see the
    ecstasy on his face. His love towards me multiplied; he
    remembered small occasion and started surprising me
    by bringing new sarees for me. However, he used to
    get two blouse bits for every saree he purchased. I
    perceived that he wants one blouse bit stitched for him.
    I didn't protest for his passion towards me. I used to
    stitch for him also. Whenever, I wear one of these
    blouses with a saree, he used to wear same color
    blouse of his and wear a saree. Slowly he increased his
    wardrobe with two dozen blouses of his own and
    became good at wearing sarees. He started spending
    more time with me during weekdays as well which I
    liked most. For that I didn't mind him being in sarees.
    He became confident and comfortable in a saree as any
    other traditional woman would. I admire how he flows
    in his saree in style and elegance. Though initially I used
    to think this is odd for a man to dress and act as a
    woman and plan to stop him from doing so, I couldn't
    really see the unhappiness in him (though he
    immediately would oblige me by purging women's
    With time, I got used to seeing him in sarees. Now I
    even ask him to wear a saree while we are home. I
    don't know why I ask him but I guess that's how I love
    my beautiful husband.
    We tried to find reasons why he wants to dress as a
    woman; we read a lot of material on internet; he did a
    deep soul search. Nothing could find us a reason.
    Probably it's the same as me not knowing why I would
    like to see my husband in a saree though I never gave
    thought of men dressing like women earlier in my life.
    Perhaps it's the same as why I can't answer why I
    adore him though he wears more bangles than me.
    I at times think perhaps this nature of him brought good
    qualities in him like being sensitive, gentle, helpful and
    passionate. I love my saree wearing husband for these
    good qualities and of-course his justification in
    impersonation of a good homely woman whenever he is
    in saree.
    Yet, reality hits me sometimes I keep worrying on what
    if our child knows of it; what if others find out; what if
    he wants to experience womanhood outside the house;
    what if he becomes more beautiful than me with age.
    We share a cry when these thoughts flow, wishing that
    society could have been more acceptable to the traits
    that my Kumar adopted.
    My final thoughts, seeing my husband's saga for 5
    years - I think society should be friendlier for saree
    wearing men. I personally wish every man be
    encouraged to wear sarees. This brings men to
    understand women better. Perhaps men would
    experience and express all the cool things that we
    women do and feel. My beautiful husband Kumar surely
    changed my perspective towards this demeanor, now I
    am more proud that he is man enough to express as a

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    SRS (Monday, 16 November 2015 11:53)

    hi guys am back with the new kind of stories an iam sure i will make much interesting than the b4 one i hope u will njoy my stories.


    hi my name is shyam , am very slim an fair . My height is 5.6 is not too height its average height an am studding in arts an science collage 1st year. Am so macho kind an very irrelevant student i live with my aunt she is running a parlor. I got two friends like same character as me his name is rajesh an his mother name is ramaya she is an cosmetic surgen an another friend name is mani an his mother has an boutiques . v three boys r close friends an there mother an my aunt r close friends my aunt done cosmetic surgery in ragesh mother clinic an they also share as they need . v three got bike mine is honda cbr 250,ragesh got duke 250 an mani got yama R15 v all got stuns in this bike v never respect any one in an out side the road but our parents an gardins r really very strict in discipline they always want trim shave an be smart.they dint want such macho type,v offently made bet with 3 of them an who win v 2 will give the money to the 3rd one, this happens from the childhood. v have saved sufficient money saved from our pocket money an v also stole some costly thing from our aunt an there mom an sell it, this make us save lot of money an our aunt know about this but she don't care about that. now the bigger bet was going to start , every ladies would like to get in a costly bike so v have decided to get that, v have search an so 1 awesome bike which is hardly Davidson it basic model cost about 6 lacks so v have decided it who ever win have to sell there bike an put our own money to bye that bike but v have to put a tough bet, while discussing about this our girlfriends came an v told about the bet all the girls decided it an planed one but they not support us they always need money that v don't know after long time they came an told that ur aunt an there mom r very strict in discipline that v have to break it so for that u three of them have to grow ur hair till final year so u got 2 years so who cut last he is the winner an u can also trim ur split ends but after it grow till shoulder length than only it grow nicely, v all get shocked about the bet an after v agreed it.This went for few months but our aunt doesn't know about the bet when the day come for cutting our hair there came the big problem that v have to face it in our life that is the worst thing.

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    SRS (Tuesday, 17 November 2015 11:46)


    after 11 months our hair came to shoulder an our aunts dint care about that but one day when i went home with our girlfriends there our aunt r talking an suddenly they saw me an my aunt was very happy an told that she has been selected for the best parlor an quality award so they has been invited in lakeme salon for the award an function its in one of the top most 7 star hotel an u all have to come for the awards function, ha ii i have forget to notice y u guys growing ur hair like this , make it very short an come v have to go for function tomorrow so be smart. after hearing this v all shocked but v all know that Mani mother is not very strict as our she is a casual type an v know that Mani will win this bet surely but y should v have to live its about the bet v will never compromise in this , but what about our aunts. Mani mother is with our aunts an they explained that u should not live Mani like this otherwise he will be out of control an make him learn discipline then only u will get respect in ur society, all 3 r member in woman club an they r discus every bit of thing about treating an though ting there son.they give 500 bugs for all three of them including Mani an Mani have shocked about this now he is also in trouble v dint take serious v thought v got 1 day time so v will manage it.after next day while my aunt is getting ready she saw me an started to shout u still not cut ur hair an get ready its getting late , i told that am not going to cut my hair an its my style am not a kid i have grown an now am 19 so please don't interfere in my dressing sense an etc. this is the first time i was speaking against my aunt an she was shocked an told even though ur 19 u still leave in my money u pig an that's true i dint have parents they have died in car accident at that time all the others r came to my aunt an they too get angry about there son behavior an they all just want to know y v r not cutting our hair an while disusing our girlfriends came an told everything about the bet.after hearing all that my aunt shocked an told this all for only bike an its HARDLY DAVIDSON were the hell u got the money to by that bike its cost about 6 lack something then again my girlfriend told that i used to stole the product an supply the product in black while hearing this she got angry an come an slap me in front of everyone, this make very insult so i told that here after i will not stay in this house i will do part time job an after finishing my studies i will go for job an settle in my life , my aunt laugh haaa u pig i know that i have paid full amour of money for whole year an u got room an food too that's y u talking like this but if i put one case on u for steeling the product an supply in market they will cancel ur certificate an through u out from the collage an then where u will go pig i have all ur past certificate with me u will beg outside , i was stun on hearing this an told angrily told now what i have to do, she told either u cut ur hair r i will make one deal with u , i think i told ok after she made discussion even my girlfriend with them i don't know y an after she came near me an told from tomorrow onward u have to add girly thing one by one everyday until u cut ur hair, i was shocked on hearing this an stood silently after i discus with my friends rajesh drop the bet an told that i will give my bike an money after when u win, i asked Mani he told that my mom will not care about me an my hair an she is jolly type so iam in the bet, i was shocked an his mom too told that i help my son to win this bike an he will took 1 round in me is very costly bike i never want my son to lose that bike. i felt sad on hearing that cause his mother support him very much i stood silently that i will never back of in this bet , my aunt told what Mr hot shot what u have planed , i told in loud voice that i will never back of in this bet an u do whatever u want , aunt told u pig i know ur ego is breaking u grown up in my money an u have such kind of ego then i will show u who am, after she called some one in phone an after few min 1 woman came with a small laptop bag an told that she is an lawyer , my aunt told u told u have grown up now ur 19 that's y i want to move this bet legally an she showed some born paper an some document to sing an told from tomorrow on words u have to surrender u to me an i will do anything to u i dint read anything an sign that document after everybody singed that for witness protection an they even took the video of the sinning , after sinning she told to my girlfriend that u have to support me what ever he do in collage on out side in house i will pay nice for u an she also happy on hearing this , now i was cornered everybody is against me nobody is helping an my ego is breaking me i will never lose with my aunt an my friend an told that to them, my aunt y laugh an told that v will c that an smiled an went out from home to atten the function.

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    SRS (Thursday, 19 November 2015 12:16)


    Next morning when i woke up i have thought that she would have forget on every thing an am doing as regular brushing took tea an while going for shower my aunt came an told wait after she took an bottle an started to rub it in my whole body is some kind of jelly stuff, she applied carefully not to touch in my brows an hair in head after few min my skin started to burn after she told to take bath i was shocked while am bathing my whole body hair is been removed an now my skin is smooth an soft, i was lil bit angry but i dint show that i came out side after bath an my aunt told what Mr how do u feel about ur hairless body, i tell thanks aunt by the way i need to remove my whole body hair cause i start doing six pack an some body builders here r some powder an capsule to improve my body i will do in gym, on hearing this my aunt got tense an told that too ur doing with my money an don't be thanks still ur deal r not complete she throw one panties in my bed an told from today ur deal with me is starting, here is the first thing of girly item were this till u get ur haircut other wise u drop this an tell sorry to me what ever u did, i told i will never fail in my both deal an bet an i will never tell sorry to u. u go on what u want.she get anger an lived my room after i thought who will c whether i wore a panties r not i open my drawer to get my boxer but when i did i was shocked there was only panties in different variate what the hell i smelled burning when i look through the window my aunt is burning all my boxer an smiling on seeing me , i get tense an put the panties an rest of the dress an started to go college an i was searching for my bike key at that time my aunt came an tell what ur looking for i told my bike key an she told u no need to go by bike i will drop u in my car an pickup u at evening after she drop me in collage at that time she saw my girlfriend an talk something that i dint understand after she lived an my girlfriend came near to me an told wooo ur wearing a panties an how does it feel, i told to shut up an mind ur job an c told this only my job after i said i know ur plan my doing this u may think i will drop my bet i will never do that go an tell to my aunt, she is informing every thing to my aunt what am doing an saying about her this make me strange about her that she is doing only for money,This going on college i was get teasing by my girlfriend whole day,my aunt offently used to come for lunch in home at that time she went to ramaya clinic an took some tablets an powder she also helping my aunt an she told look my son is been drop the bet due to my pressure this is the perfect way to controlling on hearing this she got more angry an told that i always wanted daughter while adopting but for only my husband pressure i was suffering a lot till the date now he is no more an while hearing this ramaya told don't worry u till have time to get daughter that's y am giving this medicine an here took this injection which contained collagen to increase fatness u should put daily night in his two side of the chest an but so that it will swell fastly an this another injection in penis it will shrink an use for nothing , on hearing this she was happy but she told that i can he take this pills an what about this injection , ramaya told that is there anything he offently used to take like coffee,milk etc an my aunt told no i don't thing so but he is developing 6 pack an for that he used to take fat burner an some powder which he takes morning an night , ramaya told that's enough i will give one sleeping does which v used here before operation its equal to Anastasia , its effect will stand for 8 hour so u replaced this powder which he take in night than after u can do whatever u want an on hearing this she told thank u very much this help is enough for me to turning him into strong an macho man to delicate lil daughter.At that time while i was living her clinic she stopped me an told i forget one thing when u told this word , i will give u another injection to reduce his manly power an make him weaker than a lil girl, an my aunt took that too an went happy from the clinic an told let the transformation began to change him.

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    Ashwini (Sunday, 22 November 2015 03:26)

    Sisters , I am continuing with my story Abroad. Since it has been a while, and the earlier parts are in the previous link, a quick recap....
    'Anu' has taken admission for Master's course abroad, planning to stay at his brothers' place before joining the University. Neeti, the amazingly beautiful, intelligent and demanding bhabhi takes total control of his life. Anu's brother is also in no position to oppose, for reasons unknown to Anu. Neeti with the help of Edward, her servant (many services!!) is 'conditioning' Anu very fast
    Abroad ..........Part 16
    In the evening we went to 'Living Dreams' to revisit Dr. McAdams. I was asked to wear a relatively loose fit lavender colored top, which boldly read 'GIRL' in front and body hugging tight jeans. The choice was intentional, as I could sense that Neeti, wished that I am announced to the world around as a blossoming girl. I did look like one, with C cup bra, wider hips and pony tail hair and with a slightly made up face. Neeti was in a more formal attire, having come home from a business meeting to pick me up and accompany to the clinic.
    Again we went through the ritual of hi and hello with the receptionist and casual hugs. I was taken to the chamber, where we were greeted by a smiling Dr. McAdam. "Oh hello Neeti, and wow...who is the sweety pie next to her? is that you Anu darling? Neeti, you have done wonders with 'her' " the Doctor was speaking with the speed of a fast train. While doing so, I was motioned to the 'patients' chair. I complied, and awaited the ordeal to begin. I exhaled, again hearing the familiar murmur of the air conditioner. The good lady Doctor asked me to open my mouth and in a swift motion, carefully arranged the inspection probe in my mouth cavity. After inspecting the 'inner world' she switched off the unit and smiled at me and neeti. "Dear, she has healed totally. The lasers have numbed the upper part of the vocal cords and they have been shortened precisely......precisely a melodious voice for this young indin chic" it was for Neeti. Turning round, she asked me not to eat ice cold or extremely hot drinks. "Neeti, we are gonna welcome Anu's voice, the way its gonna be with her for years to come!!

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    Ashwini (Sunday, 22 November 2015 03:27)

    Abroad ..........Part 17
    What do you wish to say Anu? Dont utter loudly, just some please Neeti, who gave you a new voice....." I didnt need that change, I am not mind wished to speak these lines, yet I knew, such things had no value. "Nee......Neeti Bhabhi.....thank you..." Ohh...I couldnt identify my own self...was it me? it was a girl in early twenties....a soft, melodious girl....that was me.....tears came rolling off my eyes....."Awww...poor baby...." the doctor gave me some tissue, hugging me gently."Perfect Dr. !! " Neeti beamed....her pleasure all for two of us to see." My SIL now has a fitting voice to match her mind. Some other adjustments to her body....and we would be having a hot Indian Chic, who is going to be the talk of the University!!"
    We thanked the doctor, after receiving further dosage of medicines plus the Dos and Don'ts. Once we adjusted ourselves in the back seat of the car, Neeti asked me to thank Edwards..." Thank him Anu...he has done 'sooooo much' for you, hasnt he? " fluttering her eyelids. "Thank you Edward....for all the help" I said weakly......the tough , big driver cum servant cum bodyguard cum lover (?) simply smirked, as if I was just and object to be 'processed' as felt necessary.
    By the time the car came screeching to a halt, dusk had settled. "Eddy, drop us and go to the shop to bring the 'material'. We will be spending more time with Anu tomorrow. " Neeti descended from the car, motioning me to follow her. When we went to the living room, Neeti hugged me. " I was immediately lost in the soft warmth of her curvy body and breathed her feminine scents deep...she was toxic.....a sweet tormentor......" you happy ?" she looked at me with authority in her eyes..." happy that you have got a matching , melodious voice to fit your feminine charms." She held my head on her ample bosom. Was she expecting an answer from me? I doubted. For her the only thing existed was her own self, her own ego. Everything else came second. I did not know how to react. I was lost in my own honey trap, feeling Neeti's soft breasts....the smell......ohhh godd...I was getting an erection, despite all other odds.
    and.....and she knew that I did....she was experienced enough to know, what effects her charms would have on poor boys around her.....or on poor boys with nose stuffed with the warmth of her breasts and sweet maddening scents. She held my head on her breasts, knowing I was almost paralyzed with her charms...and ran her right hand on the zip of the girl jeans i was wearing ...unzipping them, she ran her warm palm on my raging cock !! her long slender fingers, fair, with red nail polish roaming over my pink padded panty front. " Anu baby....boi......." she whispered, tapping the mound gently....." ohh.....aahaahhhhh...." I exclaimed in my soft girly tone instinctively....." we will take care of 'that' tomorrow... off you go to your room. See you tomorrow......" Neeti turned round swiftly, as if nothing had happened leaving me panting and shaking....her fragrances on my clothes and body, and my mind totally disordered with her charms....

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    SRS (Tuesday, 24 November 2015 12:30)


    While i was roaming in my collage with my girl friend i saw my friend rajesh an mani is coming, rajesh is completely cut his hair an trim it an mani put is hair in low ponytail both r looking smart an am so uncomfortable with my new panties an mani asked is there anything start from today i was angry an told nothing , when my collage end my aunt came an took me an v went to home an as usual i used to play with my friends an when i went home for dinner my food is been reduced like oats an some fruits she told from today its self u have to take care about ur diet an i told ya i know very well am doing Jim u need not want to teach me she felt irate on speaking like this to her after i took juice an went to sleep,i offently used to sleep at 9 to 9:30 pm cause i woke at 5 am an go for joking i took juice an went to sleep after i go their my aunt parlor staff came an my aunt told that u have ot every night still i tell, i will pay 2 times of one day salary on hearing that she was happy an she told everything about my plan an my girlfriend also came to help my aunt she was so eager about my transformation, i went to the deep sleep they all came in my room an they took me an slowly went out an put me in the car back side door after they took me to her parlor i can feel anything what they r doing my girlfriend told sleep nicely so that v can turn u into beautiful, they took me inside an closed the shutter my aunt told now the transformation began she took me in the table an i lie down after she she removed my whole dress while removing they have shocked that i was wearing panties an they started to laugh when i became complete nude my aunt started applying jelly in my whole body at the same time staff is waxing my brows she waxed totally an she took phlips eyebrow trimmer an started to trim after she finished , at that time my aunt oned 1 electronic device in that same laser light is getting on and off she put the dark glass in her eye an give it to every one an told that this light is very harmful an my girlfriend asked whats this she told just wait an see after while she getting to start her staff asked mam ru sure about this an she told s 100% sure now she massing the light beem to my whole body an when she did my lower body she told to shave my sideburns an she put the jelly an start the massage an she did my lower an upper lip an eyebrow an she complete an cleaned my whole body an she put lotion an now she explained this called laser hair removal if v apply it will not grow rest of ur life an she shocked an thought that my aunt each step is extreme after she saw in the tray there some iv bottles an injection an asked about that an my aunt an my aunt told that is collagen its used in lip to make it plum did u saw angina jollily lip like that an she is eager to do in her lip an did it free of cost an she got sexy pout y lip after she told y cant v put this collagen in his lip an my aunt told ya its good idea an she did it now my lip has plumped after she placed one small bit of paper an she lift my eye lash an she placed below it after she took small bit lil hair an start to attached in my eye lash after she doing in my both side of my eye she told that this is eyelash extender an today its enough she put one nighty to me an v went home at 11:30 pm by car an again she make me slept in the same bed an she removed the nighty again am in nude now they asked mam now what do u have to do she told just lil more hormone injection, she took first injection an told this is for breast enlargement so that he would develop breast an put it on the both side of my chest an she took 2nd injection an told this for bum enlarge an finally she took another injection an told this for shrinking his penis an inject in my penis an all the procedure is done again they put night an now am sleeping,an they all went home safely.

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    Ashwini (Tuesday, 24 November 2015 12:52)

    Abroad ..........Part 18
    Next morning, I didnt see Neeti around. Nor did I hear Edward moving around. It was a bit strange, yet I felt comfortable. The macho presence of Edward and moreover the more overpowering sense of Neeti around, her oozing charm used to make me wobbly. It was clear that she had conquered my mind with the mental superiority, at times threatening me with the raw physical power of Edward, hinting that the animalistic power and will he was like .... like ...he was a huge beast held at her feet by a leash. Just one signal and he would pounce on me....
    I had my bath, with the tossing and juggling breasts...i knew they were glued to me....they had become one with me.....i exhaled, i sighed, and out came the feminine sound, that echoed in the restricted walls of the room. I was being transformed...slowly but surely. I ate my pills given and browsed through the University Brochure. My sight was stuck on the was unmistakably me...those who knew me, thats my (former) male self , would have indeed appreciated the resemblance. I was steadily going...rather made to transform from Anurag to Anu.
    I was lying idle, then suddenly a thought flashed in my mind. I was in my unisex top and shorts. I threw the document on the bed and ran to the main door. An impulsive thought of running away from the 'home' surged across my mind. I had not noticed the weight of the jiggling bra clad breasts, the girth of my hips, my long pony tail hair, changed voice. Neeti was not at home, that...that bull of a thing Edward was seen no where. I didnt care what would happen to me outside. I just need to run. I was fluttering like a lovebird caught in a cage in this...this so called mansion.
    Much to my chagrin, I found that the door was locked. It was a big wooden decorative door, which was solid, heavy and .....and closed on me. My future was closed on me.....I tried the knob, I pulled the handle, I banged the door...."Help....please help the door" I heard my female voice.....louder than earlier....a sharp soprano....but alas!! there was no response.....I sunk to my knees, the reality hit me....I could not escape.

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    Ashwini (Tuesday, 24 November 2015 12:58)

    Abroad ..........Part 19
    After some time, I heard some sound. Was it a glimmer of hope for me? I heard of a key being inserted. Would it be Chirag? can I request him to let me go? even ask him to run with me. Being a hubby, he would know where Neeti has hidden my Passport. Or...would it be someone else? even some one unknown, whom I...I can try and explain. I was all eyes, looking at the door from my seated pose.
    In came a creamy white, smooth leg.....adorning a lovely fashionable Black Suede high heel sandal. Nails painted in bright red. Knee length hip hugging black skirt. My entire hopes got shattered like a multistory bunglow of cards. I knew the leg.....I had secretly adored the anatomy of the Goddess who was showing her treasures.....Neeti. Her mind was satanic but her body was angelic. It was her body, that had spoilt her mind in a way. The rich, rotten brat .....hypnotic and charming....she knew how to bend a straight line, how to sell ice to an Eskimo!!
    "chchch......poor Anu...Darling, what are you doing here? oh...trying to escape ? banging the door? calling for help? did you like your new voice dear? I was away, Edward is away but my 'eyes' are set all over. There are cameras all over....and are connected to my car TV screen . So I was watching my dewaraani trying her 'maina' trying to flee from her silver cage......" Neeti was walking towards me, taking measured steps. I was seating on the carpet, lost, forlorn. She reached me and halted, looking down at me "and I enjoyed watching the show from within the car, while Eddy was buying out a few 'ornaments' to decorate you further. " Neeti shook the trendy purse she was carrying on her left shoulder, hinting that the purchase was in there. She took another step. Her black skirt touching my face. She lifted her knee and started rubbing it on my cheek. Her scents begun to fill my nostrils. Her smooth skin rubbing with my soft cheek. " I am not happy with you Anu"...her voice as cold as a steel blade contrasting the hot softness of her flesh!! She patted my head.....I was sitting paralyzed . She suddenly stopped caressing my head and pushed it in towards her....towards the point where her creamy thighs met. She draped my head and wrapped it under her skirt. My head was forced stuck under her skirt. I could smell her musky smell, mixed with perfume. It was dark 'around' me. My only live senses were me touch....I was having my head trapped in the luscious , tender flesh and my nose was filled with the charming scents. " Kiss me there.....kiss my thighs....lick my flesh Anu......" and I complied. I kissed her soft white warm flesh. I drew my tongue out and started licking her skin..... She was shaking a bit...I could feel it. I could feel her spread her thighs. My head instinctively pushed deeper and she clamped her thighs around like a vice. It felt strangely part of my mind wanted to loose myself in it. But... . It felt nice for a minute....then I was struggling to breathe ." mmhhh .....nneeetiiii" I was mumbling in my soft tone....I was held in that pose for a few more body was going limp, then she released her grip, and stepped aside. I started coughing, face flushed, trying to come to senses.

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    Ashwini (Tuesday, 24 November 2015 13:03)

    Abroad ..........Part 20
    She looked at me, throwing a pathetic glance. She sat on the sofa, motioning me forward. I crawled towards her. She lifted her left leg, towards my face. Motioning me to kiss her sandal clad foot. I was shaking my head , not wanting to do it.....but I bent my head and placed my lips on the exposed part of her foot. "Good....good girl" she nodded appreciatively. "Learning stand up" When I stood in front of her, i found that my top had clung to my sweaty body, highlighting the curves of my breasts. I closed my eyes....breathing in a steady, slightly excited pattern. I could hear my heart beats in my ear, a strange knotty feeling in my stomach. "Hmmmm...what do we have here though Anu?" forwarding her slender palm. I opened my eyes, to see the long nailed fingers running over the tent formed in my shorts. "You love to serve me. I can see that. But when a girl serves a lady, we want softness everywhere.....whats this ugly thing doing in here?" she whispered seductively. " Wait, wait sweetie, dont feel sad. your bhabhi always thinks ahead.....she has a solution!! she fondled in her purse and brought out a cock cage with a harness. It dangled hideously in front of me.
    "see this beauty baby? it will prevent you from that troublemaker hard-on. " I watched that craftsmanship. It looked costly. It had a leather harness with locking metal buckles. A moderate size chrome steel cock ring about 2 inches in diameter, 4-5 inches in length and about 4 inches in circumference. On top of it was a steel flexi cable, about half inch thick. "Strip Anu" she hissed. "Lets cage this tiny little birdie of yours, till we decide to completely get rid of it" she motioned me to drop my shorts and panty, just with wave of her right index finger. By now, seeing the cage, my sexual excitement had vanished. member... was at its normal tiny length. She made me wear the leather harness, just the way the undergarment is worn, by passing the legs through it one by one.
    Then she placed the ring behind my shrunk tiny nuts and snapped into harness. I could hear the loud metal 'Click' in the quiet room. "Good" Neeti exclaimed. "Now do the honors yourself and place that..that small thingy of yours inside the cage. I hesitated, but did as instructed. I knew she could overpower me in all senses. She fit the two parts together and locked them using the padlock. " you wont be bothered by that ugly erection. This key goes where your passport is.....this key goes where the key to your locket collar is sound.....yes baby?? happy ? and yes...." she paused intentionally....." what were you going to do , even if you were to escape? You have no passport . you cant even prove you are a boy or a girl.. You do not have a social security number. You know baby, the world outside is bad....very very bad.....they..they would pounce on your flesh. You would be attacked, used, thrown out in garbage can!! " I was terrified. I couldnt distinguish if she was telling the truth , or was exaggerating. Whatever it was, it didnt sound good for sure. "And here is a bhabhi, who is trying to give all comforts to my cutie pie 'chhutki ( younger sister)' , isnt it? . Remember your life now onwards is at my feet, or shall I say 'your head is trapped between my legs??" she smiled, standing. she took steps walking behind me. I was mortified, I stood frozen...yet my eyes traced her movements. She moved right behind me and passing her hand under the cock cage and pulled the flexi cable behind and tied the loose end to the back of the harness and locked it shut. That forced cock to be pulled inwards. I winced a bit in my new soft tone.

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    Ashwini (Tuesday, 24 November 2015 13:04)

    Abroad ..........Part 21
    " now thats more like a girl...isnt it Anu? smooth hanging and dangling parts....." she giggled, lost in her own world of domination. " and yes, and now on, you wont have to stand and deliver in the potty. like a decent , mannered girl you will sit and release.....not the aim and shoot game....eeeks..." I was gone beyond responding to her freakish comments....." and one more thing ...a good thing you did Anu, that you complied and co-operated. You know, Chirag had resisted this...silly......" This shook and startled me !! I looked at her , full of horror and surprise...."yes.....I wanted him to just do breasts, voice, hair, inner clothes ...nothing, just the cage...cauz he is different than are destined to be his sister than a younger brother....take it from me. God had almost 'processed' you that way. See.....he filled your mind that way, gave you..almost gave you skin, complexion, dense hair, fragile body frame...everything. All I am doing is just taking over from god and doing the needful...." I was watching in her eyes, if she was insane....or lost her mind..." So, was i not fair to him Anu? but he resisted. So, I had to unleash Edwards on him. Who wrestled him on his back, got the wind out of him, tied his hands and legs, and then fixed the cage....quite a fun time I had watching, when your brother lost a fight, even he knew from the beginning, he was going to loose. So, honey, in this home, now we all would follow the same practice..sit...and release, right??....I only allow Eddy to be an exception, cauz he is a servant and a servant cant copy his owners....Now, pull up your ...your shorts and go back..." I simply picked my shorts up, and in a way the shattered remains of my confidence as well....and ..started walk...." and listen......Anu.....dont you ever dare to escape from the home....I have many creative ideas and you have a very right body for that, plus a few other body orifices, that can be plumbed in innovative ways....."

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    Ashwini (Wednesday, 02 December 2015 10:09)

    Abroad ..........Part 22
    I lumbered back to my room....all broken and distraught. The winds from my sails were already blown out. I was feeling the harness and the grip it had on me, while I was walking. all felt different. I had wig of curly black flowing hair running upto my shoulder. I had eyebrows plucked, had a thin coat of lip gloss, my voice was 'cultured' to be soft feminine. My breasts buoyant and bouncy, like any girl in the prime of her beauty in early twenties. I had a 'collar' pendant dangling .....resting enticingly in my cleavage ; I had padded panty, hair free smooth glowing skin -- soft, supple and tender......where was the male self left....neither in my body and nor in my mind.
    I slept, all tired and exhausted, getting used to the new sensations due to modifications in my anatomy. The next few days went along, with me following the same 'schedule' prescribed by Neeti......administered by Edward.....Feminine walking, sitting postures, talking politely with seniors, clothing, etiquettes, mannerisms etc.
    On Sunday, Neeti showed me the 'contents' I must carry in my handbag....Lip gloss, powder compact, a sweet smelling girly deo, handkerchief , some money, some assorted ear studs, breath mints, hand lotion, nail file.... and what not!! I was aghast...this was a new world unfolding in front of me. This world has its own expectations, I had to learn it quickly. "Keep these 2 items as well.....Anu..." Bhabhi handed me the ...the female hygiene packet first ..."Bhabhi......I.....I wont need....." my painted fingers politely pushing the packet away..." wish you would have needed it my nanad raani " Neeti muttered under her breath. "You would need it dear..... Anu must be convincing.......what if any of your close friends wants it? if you 'never' carry one, it would raise many eyebrows....and Anu, take my words for this, girls can be a lot ...and I mean...a lot mean and nosey bitches" I was nonplused. " And then this one also...and she stuffed a pack of condoms in my hand !! Once I realized what was thrust in my hand, I shook it off like a cockroach falling on my hand suddenly. " What......why??" I squeaked in my shrill girlish tone...." A beautiful , elegant girl would have many macho guys hovering around. I have experienced it....and I still am .....and I enjoy that attention girl. So, as a caring bhabhi for my lovely 'nanad' I need to be protective. I know, your boyfriend would be in for a surprise in the end, when something unexpected would be revealed. But, then lets us 'cover' other options that may arise in such case...." Bhabhi spoke in her 'matter of fact' cold tone and I felt a bead of perspiration travel on my back.

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    SRS (Thursday, 03 December 2015 04:56)

    sorry guys to being late its been floods all over here an all water came inside my house no power for a week tats y its been late.


    Next day when i woke up my body felt like burning i thought due to the hair removal it caused i dint know that they have done laser hair removal an my lip its num like some thing bite it , so i went for brush my teeth an after when i wash my face an so the mirror i was shocked to see that my eyebrows are high arch thin like very girly type an my sideburns are shaved now its look like girl from the side, i went anger to my aunt an started to shout an she told dont shout if u want to withdraw the deal an cut ur hair then u will come back to ur old position , i told no way u do what u want i will never give up but what u did to my eyebrows how i will face in collage n she told u dont worry about that i will help for that , but i still dont know y my lip is so plummy , she told to take bath an not to put water in hair it was strange but i do it cause she want to help me about this brows so i done it what she told after i took bath i went to my aunt she got a mini parlor in one of her room so that she can help i never went to that room b4 its was strange an fully girly there was a strange chair which is used in saloon so i sat there an after she started to work on my hair , first she washed my hair with shampoo an conditioner for 3 to 4 times after she told “You have lovely hair.”She whispered into my ear,this made me irate an she took jelly cream whatever an started to massage my hair an hair scale after she put some cherry red paste in my hair an wrap it for an half hour i told that i was getting late for collage , she told please wait dear i was helping u for those brows so that no one can notice after she washed an she take a scissor an comb an started to trim my hair from the back an she took few strains of hair in mid front of my hair an my hair felt in front of my both eyes an told what ur doing i cant see if my hair comes in front like this she told wait dont be hurry an took scissor an placed scale in front of my eyebrows an started to cut , i was shocked the bit of hair is been cutted an fell down in my lap i asked y ur doing like this i will lose bet she told dont worry its just a trimming an its allowed in bet so u need not to worry about that. Now i can see clearly but some sort of hair lying in my fore head an i feel like my whole hair is surrounded my head like i have wore the helmet but she did not want me to see the mirror , after she told to get dressed an this time she hand over me a bra an told to wear for the deal i took like a man an my aunt came near to me so slip the bra into my chest an suddenly my chest flesh getting to tight i already have some loose flesh in my chest when this bra fixed my flesh is lifted upward an its looks like i got a small amount of breast like a teen age girl after i wore a lose t-shirt an a jacket an v started to go for college again my aunt drop me in college an told to remember if u do against ur deal in ur way than u will receive punishment, an she drop me an i slowly went inside the camp an my girlfriend came near to me an hugged me it was strange an i dont know y she is doing like that an she came to know that i was wearing a bra an she told whoo nice tits can u just tell me where did u by these i want it too an by the way nice hairstyle , it was very humiliating while she is telling this to me after mani an rajesh came mani is becoming so smart an handsome rajesh to is well dressed they r all asked about my hairstyle but i dont know y.

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    SRS (Thursday, 03 December 2015 04:57)


    after when i enter to my class room every one is giggling on seeing me there are full of girls only v there r boys after v settle down an mam came an started to take attendance she is very hot mam slim fair an bob cut hairstyle , while she was taking the attendence she saw me an came near to me an asked do u like my hairstyle on saying this everybody started to laufgh an i cant understand y she asked this type of question i tell bolt that mam what type of question is this if u ask do u like me then i will tell but ur asking do u like my hairstyle then what to tell an on hearing this she started to laugh an told u have this kind of thought , i asked because u have copied the same hairstyle like mine except this bangs if u dont have this bangs then it would be like twin sisters u an me , i was shocked on hearing that an hearing this everybody started to laugh an while speaking mam touch my bangs an lift it an she was surprised on seeing my brows an told wof u have done ur brow also its really very thin than mine am so jealous about ur brows that v dont have such one so u dont have to hide with ur bangs such a lovely brows , i was afraid what she is going to do now see asked can u girls any one have slide hair clip an while she asking every girls help him to give clip an she told to me look every girls in class want to help u to make u beautiful an she came near to me an she took one comb from her bag an started to brush by bangs an she placed the clip in my center of my hair an there comes a sound tip an now she done it i can see anything what they done after finishing it she told now it look exact copy of my hairstyle, when the class was over i rushed into toilet to see what they have done i was shocked on seeing it was in cherry red color an it she made it into puff bob hairstyle i took one cap an comb all my hair into Singh boy style an put the cap so that no one can notice my hairstyle an i started to go home.

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    SRS (Saturday, 05 December 2015 09:29)


    While i was waiting in the gate my friends r went by there by there bike it felt sad that i used to go with them with my bike but now am waiting for my aunt , after my aunt come to pickup me an we went to home , when i went to come i was shocked on seeing that there is everyone present in my home , i dont know what is the matter , there my girlfriend an my friends mother r present an my aunt lawyer is also there , Hmm mm no what deal is going to be sing for me , i stood simply there what ever they do i dont care, after my aunt welcome them an give them drinks , they all prised about my hairstyle that i dont like , now the meeting start , my aunt told that u have successfully passed the two test now ur chance either u cut ur hair r proceed to the next stage , i replied that harshly ( ru deaf i already told u that u do what ever u want i will never give up my bet then y ru asking me again n again ru mental ) she an her friend everybody shocked on hearing my words an my aunt get very angry cause i have insult her in front of everyone , after that my aunt spook OK miss-ter is my duty to remain me what ur opinion but ur so arrangement what to do k leve that matter come to the point u have wear the inner were bra an panties so from tomorrow on words u have to were external dress so my option is either u go for western then u have to go for (T-shirt , Jeans etc) like this r if u go for Indian traditional then u have to were ( saree , chulidar etc ) this include with the type of jewelry an hairdo , i thought that if i go for western than i can were jeans an T-shirt so i told that i will go for western after so took another agreement an singed it an told tomorrow u will were jeans an T-shirt before that she told that do u remember i told about the punishment , i told ya so what i have doing what u bloody tell every thing. she again get angry an shout mind ur words otherwise i will through u out of the house an i kept quit an she told the punishment is for that i have made the hairstyle for u but u did what u have hide it in cap so that u will receive a pricing in ur ear , i got shocked on hearing that after i thought that i will run from this house an go somewhere else i started to run before that they caught me i fell down in ground ramaya aunty an kavitha aunty both grab my to legs my girlfriend sat on my stomach an hold my two hands tightly the layer woman came an hold my head tightly i cant movie my body my aunt came with the pricing gun an she priced my right ear one time its pain a lot i was shouting awww owhh uu fuckkk bithchh uuu fuchhhh an she priced in other side an put an loop earring an she showed the small mirror i get angry an while she is in front of me i spit my saliva to her face an spoke harsh words to her an she felt very angry after she told i have to do something to this big mouth an went inside an came with some thing which it look strange like a plier an she told to open my mouth an am not i just closed my mouth tightly hmmm an my girlfriend twist my finger thus make me hurt highly an i started to open my mouth an screem while that time my aunt grab my toung with plies an pulled out from my mouth an told this toungh only speek to me so harshly an spit out in my face so that i want to do this while she was telling i was shocked what she is going to do either she cut my toung r what i cant tell anything cause she grab my toung with plier an told here after u will not behave like this an suddenly i felt a sharp pain in my toung , tears r rolling down from my eyes due to heavy pain , afer when she did i pulled out my toung back in mouth an i feel a small metal stud in it an i asked to her ( whath iss thisss ) i cant speek properly due to the stud an she told this is a cock stud an i priced ur toung while u go for blowjo its rely help full to ur boyfriend an s u cant open ur mouth wide to speek now on an if u then everybody can see ur stud an started to laugh , i stood silently , i dont know what to do after when they all gone i eat food an went to sleep an the same procedure was happened to me , my aunt inject haromons to me i dint get any sence an i slowly went to sleep but still i got pain in my ears an toung i dont know how to face .

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    SRS (Sunday, 06 December 2015 10:34)


    Next day when i woke up again my body felt some sort of pain , the pain that comes in my chest area my nipple r erect an i felt sensitive an my bud felt like some one beat it in cricket bat an i dont get erection in penis while i usually get in morning its so num now i dont know y , after when i get brush i have seen my face in mirror, i felt shame on seeing my face my hair in bob cut , my eyebrow r thin high arch i got ear priced an i open my mouth to see what they did to me an shocked that its a stud an i have seen this in many item girl song they used to were this in there toung and it felt humiliation to me how to face everyone.after i took bath an came outside an my aunt is waiting for me an she give me bra an panties an after that it came my jeans it was Levis skin tight jeans i wore it slowly cause it was really tight an it fit correctly in my ass an this look strange this jeans was in black collour an she give me T-shirt it was in pink an that to short i wore it an my bra is been showing its v neck n in chest area its written hot baby , i silently put an she told to come to her room again i used to sit in her beauty chair an now she applied oil an oiled my hair after she combed it an she all combed all hair in the top of my hair an put it in high pony tail. after when i saw mirror i was shocked on seeing that i look completely woman an my hoop earing r all clearly visible i dont know how am going to face everyone after she again drooped me in collage i felt too weak i dont know y an am loosing my strength , when i enter my girlfriend came an told that am looking hot it felt rely embracing to me after she told that she was sorry for what she did an she will help for that an taken me to rest room where no one is there an told to were a jacked which she had so that no one can notice an she undid my hair to hide my earrings i was so happy at least someone is there to help me an v came out an go to class surprisingly no one notice my jeans thus make me safe an v all sat for the class , i was swelling my mouth cause for the toung priced it felt irate that some thing is laying on my toung after mam came an she took attendance an started to take class luckily she didn't tell anything to me this make me clam i thought for each an everyday is being tough for facing the people like this .while she taking class mam noticed that i was swelling something in my mouth she told to stand up i was afraid now what , she came near to me an ask what is in ur mouth i told nothing mam an she dint live she shout dont lie to me open ur mouth i dont know what to do i slowly opened my mouth after she get surprised what i have did an suddenly she burst into laugh i dont no what to do she told yesterday her daughter was forcing to get toung pricing but as a mother she should grow like a proper woman not like a whore but i dint know what made u do this , on hearing this word my whole head started to spin i dont know what happen in my life y the heal is like this when the class end i slowly went to get for my aunt i still remembering what incident happen in class i felt sad after my aunt came to pickup me an v came to home i was shocked again seeing that whole gang y the hell the coming , my aunt fresh up an told me ru ready for ur next punishment i was shocked i shout for what i have to get punishment an my aunty smiled an told do u see what have u done an what i made in the morning . i got sense actually i have forget to go back after i got tense what in class happen i i told am sorry please forgive me an my aunt replied am sorry i cant do without punishing u a all garbed an pushed me in sofa this time she told i will price ur ear 3 times now , 1 for undone ur hair 2 for wore the jacket to hide ur T-shirt 3 for not doing in the same mistake in future an she did one by one it get realy pain to me an after finishing it she insert loop earring which attached in 3 holes an which base hole come larger one an they have finished this make me irate when ever i move my head r do something this earring chain dangle in my chin an the lil chain sound come , at night i took food an went for sleep but i cant turn it around cause my priced earring hurts a lot , after when the sleeping drugs take place my aunt again started her work for injecting me the harmons. For each harmons my body its getting change that i dint no what.

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    SRS (Monday, 07 December 2015 03:19)


    Next day when i woke again i felt the same thin an i felt deze an so much weak like i got fever r something an i went to washroom to brush , normally i dint get any morning erection b4 but today is shock what happened to me , i stood in toilet 4 pass d urine but what happened i cant able to aim all the drop is fell over my nightty sorry i have forget to tell u that my aunt forced me weer a nighty in night time , after while i get shocked a have screamed an my aunt ran over to me an saw what happened , she lift my nighty an smiled she know well what is going on an told OMG what happened she act like she dont know anything after she told v go to the doctor at eve so u need not to worry about that , i have told that my ass is too getting pain she told k v will c that too, after i took bath an came she give me the dress which was different , it was the same tight jeans but now its length up to knee an the T-shirt my navel is shoeing while i used to hands up r stand straight its lil bit shorter than b4 , i were that dress it felt strange what the jeans felt to me after she told here comes the next deal an she lift one box an opened it i get scared on seeing that it was a black pencil 5 inch heel , she showed to me an told here after u need not were that branded woodland slipper , were this sandal an before she forced to put skin colour stocking to me an told to were it after she put the sandal to my feet an i here a click sound an i saw that this is built in lock an it was so tiny that no one can notice an after she thought how to walk i fell 2-3 times after i manage to walk taking small steps , after again she took me to her room an told to sit in that chair, she took comb, oil an some girly pink hair band an she started to put oil in my hair . now my hair is grown lil bit below my shoulder. she started to comb my hair , she stork 2-3 times an take the center part of the hair an started to braid , she took the hair from the various side an pulled it tightly an it went the end of my hair an she put the girly hairband an took the hair straightener an straight my bangs after she told that it was done . i touch my hair it felt like girl hair it was very shame an she packed her makeup tool box which is huge but not so , she went outside an told that she forgot to bring that box please bring for me, i told OK an went to take the box , i try to lift but it was tooo weight for me , i cant understand y the box was such weight an i opened an see there is only makeup stuff an some bottles of lotion , it was only 6-7 kg of weight that too i cant lift is really shame an i applied forced to lift an while cumming in the hall way it slipped from my hand an the box was opened an all the items r felled in the floor, i was scared weather my aunt punished for this. she ran an came to me an saw what i did , i stood silently an told sorry my hand slipped , but the response from her is different that i never expect . she told ( ohh my lil baby its OK here after i will not tell to carry such weight think to u . u just take care of ur body an beauty my lil baby an she kissed me in my chin ) after i get shocked y the hell she behave like this an i was surprised about my strength . i used to go 4 gym an lift more than 30-40 kg now i cant even lift 3-4 kg what happened . it felt strange what is happening to me an after she took all the stuff an she drooped me in the college . I slowly balance in those huge heels an my girlfriend came again to me i was surprised she also were the same hairstyle an heel. she came near to me an pinched me an told same pinch that v to r in same style , she asked how ur going to manage with those high heel i mean as a girl for me is no problem but as a boy like u is difficult to walk an what if someone saw than they all keep on teasing u, i thing for few second an told i dont no what to do please help me , an she told to stand here its self an she went , i saw rajesh an mani they r waving there hand , i felt so sad that once v all Rome together but now they all avoiding me, after some time my girlfriend came an she showed me ax-saw blade an told that v will cut down the heel completely so that u can manage to walk properly , i told but what about my aunt if she comes to know than again she will punished me an she told dont worry i will tell that due to the worst road the heel was broke an this is a party heels so it can only used in soft an smooth floor not in this rough place. on hearing this i felt relief that she was at least helping me.

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    SRS (Monday, 07 December 2015 03:21)


    now v both r started to walk together for class , she told hey this hairstyle is suit for ur face , an that loop earring is also nice , i wish if i had those earring in mine but i got only two holes in my ear my mom dint allow me to get more priced but ur so lucky that u got priced 4 times in each ear an wearing those earring , i shout what the hell ur talking to me like this iam ur boyfriend not a girlfriend , an she told sorry an v both walked in my class , there everyone was surprised on seeing my hairstyle an my earring an mam also started to tease . The whole day went like this after v return to gate an this time i dint leave my girlfriend , i told her that u have to explain about those heels than only i can ex cape from those punishment an she told OK my dear , an v all waiting for my aunt. i was still get nervous about my aunt that what she will do either she will accept r not an i felt scared about that.

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    pooja (Saturday, 26 December 2015 09:34)

    Baby Preeti:

    For those who have missed the previous stories, I am a 30 year old man who has been babified by my mil, wife and 2 SIls. I know call my wife mommy, MIL as Amma and kavya akka and Aishu akka. I go to office regularly and on weekends and holidays, become the baby girl of the family. Today is my first month birthday and also a weekend!!

    I wake up to find the room empty. I cry one comes in...the wet diaper from yesterday night is troubling me. I wonder where is everyone....I remember that I should crawl on the floor like a baby and not walk to the hall. I crawl crying mommy till the hall. As I enter the hall, surprise!!

    The room is full of ladies all in sarees and makeup....

    Mommy: of baby, so cute.....we decided to celebrate your first month birthday among us ladies.

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    SRS (Sunday, 27 December 2015 08:40)


    After some times my aunt came an v two get inside the car an this time she instead of taking me to home she took me to straight to her parlor telling that she had small work to do , an while v stepping out from the car v my aunt told to get inside an wait while she do her work , i thought that she has some important work with her clients an i slowly went inside an wait for her , every body looks strange to me after she as about my heel thus make me nervous an my friend explained about the road condition an told tats y its been brake aunt . on hearing this my aunty started to laugh an told to my gf that i bought two pairs 1 for u an another for him but if u tell then y ur is not broken u also wearing the same , ur making out a nice story for helping ur friend , an told to her for that u also receive punishment an she make a sing to her , i dont know that all was drama which they r making in front of me . After my aunt told to her that the punishment is that u will get nose priced an on hearing that she make to screem which looks like its going some stupid drama.after my aunt make her sit in the parlor chair an she priced her left side of her nose an she put nose ring , i was surprise to see her she looks dam hot , she came near to me an act that she was forced to get priced an make me to sorry for her,then my aunty pointed me to come to her , after she make me sit on the chair,i was scared an started to run but she an other staff hold me tightly an my aunt came an slap me hard which almost faint me an i felt week , an she came with some sort of solution an took a sponge an she applied in my left side of the nose after she came near to me with needle an slowly priced my nose it was very horrible pain an i felt shame that i cant do anything , she insert a nose ring an she took a pliers an twist the end of my nose ring so that i dint able to remove, i was bleeding badly after she done v came outside of the parlor . My gf came near me an started to act an told its was paining a lot an this happen only because of u. An told hai u did getting any pain while doing this an u look like sania mirza just make this hair in high ponytail on hearing this i got tense an slapped her , she got anger an told i got the same punishment what u get an ur slapping me, i told ur a girl an this nose ring is normal for u , on saying that she replied to me that what makes u do to feel like a boy , u got a long hair which is styled as woman , u got 4 times ear priced mine is on u, u got nose ring,u dressed as woman an wore high heels an look at those brows is very thin an make me jealous . this all future looks like woman an ur telling that ur a boy, ohh only because of that lil thing hanging below ur leg tats y , i make sure that one day i will cut down that lil thing so that ur ego will brake down an u will become 100% woman like me. on hearing this i got angry an slap her hard an she get faint an fell down. i was scared on doing this what my aunt will tell , after my aunt came outside an saw what i did an told ur behavior an activities r so worst even though ur in this position a mr u will get punishment for slapping her an she took forcefully inside her parlor an she make me lie down in a table inside one room an tod u need another punishment an i was shocked what this time. My gf is still faint an thus make me sad after the staff hold my two hand an leg an mu aunt came near to me an she lift my T-shirt upward an apply some liquid in my navel . i thought that she is going to cut my stomach r something i was afraid an my aunt told that not to screem if does than she will loose her all customer an she put a cloth in my mouth so that i cant shout , an she took 1 pliers an grab my naval an she took one ring which look like a earring an she pressed the needle an she insert the ring it looks two tiny chain hanging an there with two lil heart in the bottom of my ring , she cleaned the blood with sponge an told its over , at that time my gf woke up an she was very angry to me that i have slapped her an my aunt told she was given another punishment for what i did to her an she came near me a saw what my aunt did after she told to my aunt that iam looking dam hot except that lil thing is hanging over there please remove it then only he will looked , my aunt told ur right there is no use of it see v all girls r standing an he cant get hard, i was shocked on what she told , she was right i cant get hard an iam confused about it.after my aunt took me home an again she drug me an i feelt sleep she again put Harmon injection on me.

  • #23

    PriyaSri (Sunday, 27 December 2015 11:21)

    Rashmi reached home after a day of shopping. He had to shop for her sister's wedding, which was due in a few weeks, the day was hectic and it had taken almost a day to shop all the necessary stuff. Her sister Sneha came out and said hi sister, shopping done?, Rashmi said yes, and called out to Ram, Ram please bring water and help Shyam get stuff taken out of car, there are a lot of bags.
    Ram came out of kitchen, he was making a lot of sound as he moved, today Ram(Brother of Rashmi and Sneha) was dressed in a red saree, with all the makeup like red lipstick, kajal, mascara, eyeliner and accessories. Rashmi liked extra accessories and hence Ram was wearing three sets of dangling earrings which made noise, 12 bangles in each hand, anklets, a big nose ring, mangtika, a small bindi, 3 necklaces and a diamond chastity device, the chastity also had a small bell attached to it as per wish of Sneha. Ram gave the glass of water to Rashmi and made a curtsey. He was then allowed to go and help Shyam retrieve the shopping bags. Shyam was dressed in similar way as Ram, except that Shyam was wearing blue saree and had Sindoor and Mangalsutra with a bigger bindi to show that he was married(Shyam was husband of Rashmi).
    Shyam and Ram carried the bags inside the bungalow. Their Anklets were making sweet noise, which was making them more hornier then they already were. But practically it was not possible to be any more hornier, they weren't milked for almost 2months now, in preparation for Sneha's wedding, both mistresses were busy. Shyam carried the Sneha's bag in her room and Ram carried other bags in master bedroom, where Rashmi slept. Shyam and Ram came back, curtseyed the way they had been trained. Shyam went ahead to take shoes out of Rashmi's legs. Ram asked for permission to go into kitchen and prepare dinner, which was granted by Sneha.

  • #24

    PriyaSri (Sunday, 27 December 2015)

    Part 2:
    Let's understand the dynamics in the house, any male in the house was not allowed to talk, unless spoken to. There was an exception though to this rule, that being Sneha, Rashmi and Ram's father Rajendra who also wore sarees, because he was trained to wear them his whole life, by his wife. Rashmi's mother was very strict and she made sure that her daughters also grow up to be same. Ram was their step brother, or the child of first wife of Rajendra. Rashmi and Sneha knew that their mother never allowed their father to penetrate her, instead she used dildo on their first night itself, making sure their father stayed under her thumb, Rajendra was chastised the next day, with only release coming from his daughters when they milked other males in the house. Rashmi and Sneha were conceived by artificial insemination.
    So currently in house lived 5 persons.
    Rajendra - The feminized father
    Rashmi - Elder daughter of Rajendra
    Sneha - Younger daughter of Rajendra
    Ram - Oldest of the siblings, step-brother of Rashmi and Sneha. He is feminized and dominated by sisters.
    Shyam - Husband of Rashmi. He is also feminized and dominated by his wife and sister-in-law.

    The males in house had to obey following rules. Almost all of which were applicable to all, few restrictions were lifted for Rajendra
    - Always be in saree, even while sleeping
    - Always should wear enough jewellery and makeup to accentuate their status
    - Do all the household chores
    - Always obey the lady in the house
    - Ask permission to do anything, that also includes going to pee and drinking water. The permission if granted then only they can proceed, Rajendra was exempt from this rule.
    - Always call others by salutation, ladies of house as mistress, other ladies as mam, all the males as sir. This also included any worker like postman, delivery boy or a servant, even a child.

    Shyam was a businessman and CEO of a fortune 500 company, he still held the post and went to work everyday. He had around 5000 people working under him, but at home he was a sissy and was even lower then the servant. Ram and Rajendra also owned a big company and were filthy rich. Rajendra used to sign all the documents and checks related to their business, but had no access to even a single penny, without asking his daughters.

    To be continued....

  • #25

    SRS (Sunday, 27 December 2015 12:39)


    Next day when i woke up again i felt the same thing an this time my chest is lil more puffy an i went to pass urine but there was no use of was too small then b4 so i cant able to aim , i hold it but also its smaller than my lil finger an i again pissed of in my nitty, i was so sad about that an i sat silently in hall at that time my aunt came near to me an ask about my sadness an xplain about what she told day b4 yesterday an what am suffering 4. after she told that she will took me to the doc very soon an i came out after bathing an went to dress but this time the dress was different . it was legging an tight T-shirt , i wore that without any arguing about it an when ever i walk straight r lift my hand my navel is showing an the naval ring was jiggling this make me irate, an she make me sit in her room chair an she was doing my hair , she stroke my hair 2-3 times an after she took my hair from side an started to braid an after she left it , i thought that she will braid another side but she told that it was over i dont know what kind of hairstyle is this, my one side of the hair is braid fully an other side is open an it came forward towards my chest like iam in shampoo add showing my hair in one side. i try two put that hair backwards but its no use its not going due to one side braid. after the shock came that when my aunt told bout my next challenge that now onward i have to were makeup an she started to apply foundation after eyeliner, mascara,kajol an brown co lour lipstick an she took black nail polish an applied in my all 20 finger an my finger is already long cause i dint cut for a long time,she filed it an make it in a shape an she applied into it . an again she give one high heel to were an warned me not to break, i felt shame an confused how to face in college, after she drop me in college an i covered my face with scarf an started to walk an my gf came near to me i hate to face her but she told sorry for what is happened yesterday an she felt sad for that an v both went to walk she told hai nice hairstyle an dress ur so lucky that ur aunt is in beauty line an she now everything an u also get it for free , i again warned her to not talk to me like that an after that she told do u want to come like this to class i was standing an she gave 1 idea she give her sandal which is low heel an she were mine an she told that now u wash of ur makeup an while the end of closing time b4 an hour u will put it back, i thought this is great idea an i have done it after while i was going for class at that time my friend mani was coming near to me , he was the only reason for which i came to this position cause of the stupid bet, his hair also too long but he kept as sardharji an he look smart an handsome. he told to me hi ur looking dam hot i want to appreciate u for the bike ur loosing ur manhood grate i was anger for him an told get the fuck of from me , he started to laugh an told what fuck in this situation u cant able to fuck , i was getting more angry an told fuck u basturded get lost, he felt shame i shout in front of his friend an gf so he told to me that u cant fuck me but i can for that one lil complimentary first i will kiss u , an i was shocked on hearing this i kicked him but it was useless my strength was loss an he pulled my hair tightly an lift my face an came closer to me i closed my mouth tightly but he forcefully inserted his toungh into mine an i can feel that his toung was playing to my stud which i wore in toung an after he back of i felt shame that i cant able to do it anything an suddenly i felt that something is inside my mouth an when i saw that it was chewing gum i dont were the hell it come from an he told on seeing that it was mine i have placed in ur mouth while chewing no u chew baby an i make sure that one day i will give a chance to lick my cock, i dint say anything an everybody started to laugh , i went silently went to class an lie down mam came an my gf told that i got ill thats y, after while the class was going on one mam came for me an told that some one is waiting for me in staff room i went to see an after that i get shock that it was my aunt she came to took me for permission but i dont know y an i got afraid now what she is going to do for removing my makeup an sandal , she saw what i did but she dint talk about that , she told that her doc was going out of station thats y she came now for the checkup for my problem , i sat silently in car an v moved in hospital there the doc was left cause of late coming an v went to home, i was scared about what i make today an what punishment she will give, cause each punishment which make me more humiliation an i took food an went to my room i lie down.

  • #26

    swathy (Monday, 28 December 2015 04:30)

    I was simply scared what to wear and look of my hair and moustache and beards. I know that I will look so unfit for that firm. Finally interview day came, I wore a blue shirt and black pant. Both looks so dull because of washing many times. I have combed my hair in neat manner as possible. I have reached the company before time. There are 20 peoples came, 15 of them are girls as they are mainly manufacturer of women products. My confidence level is decreasing, I haven't thought of it. In that company I haven't seen any men working. My hope was lost. But anyhow I need to get a job I was preparing hardly for that. Everyone is attending interview one by one. My heart is beating so badly. Finally they called the name 'Meera N', I thought it was another girl but every girl already attended. Again they called MEERA, where is she. Then I said my name is meeran, there might be misunderstanding. They checked again and asked me to go. Once I went inside I got cleared the first round and they asked me to meet the MD of the company KIRAN. I got relaxed as it was a men who is MD to company.

    I went inside and got shocked as KIRAN is actually a young aged girl. She became MD at the age of 22 and now her age is 25. Mine is also 25. I went inside and greeted her.

  • #27

    swathy (Monday, 28 December 2015 04:39)

    She asked me to sit down and the interview continues. She asked many questions I have managed to answer everything. She came to know that am not fluent in English she started talking so slowly. So that I could understand easily. Then she said that you are selected. She told me the rules that I have to submit my original certificates and I have to pay 1 lakh rupees if I discontinued from company before 2 years. She said that why I got was because since there are mostly women are working in the company. It feels like a woman only company. She need to change that, so 2 men are self including myself. She also told that u r not fluent in English but your academic and skills are good. She said that she will give me one day to think about the offer and asked me to go through the rules.

  • #28

    swathy (Monday, 28 December 2015 04:45)

    She also told me that she doesn't like moustache or beards as it is not professional. If you are planned to join, shave it.

    I greeted her and came to reception to get my appointment letter. I was so happy and I know I will accept whatever it says. Went to room and enjoyed a lot with my close friend Rahul. We had drinks and smoke and enjoyed a lot. He was so happy for me. He helps me a lot.

  • #29

    PriyaSri (Monday, 28 December 2015 12:37)

    Part 3:
    Rajendra came out of kitchen, he was in a white saree with minimal make up and accessories, he asked Rashmi about marriage.
    Rashmi explained him that marriage is going to be with Ramesh, a son of a millionaire NRI businessman who is dead and Ramesh has no other family member. Sneha has got Ramesh under her thumb and she has already put him in a diamond chastity as a mark of their engagement. Rashmi also added that feminization and training of Ramesh has started and he will soon be a part of their sissy group. Rajendra felt pity for Ramesh but had no other option other than accepting whatever was happening. Rashmi said as Ramesh has no family member, she is taking care of all the shopping and marriage preparations.
    Sneha asked Rashmi to show her all the sarees she had bough for Ramesh and also the accessories he would wear during marriage. Rashmi said ok, she asked Shyam, come with us to my bedroom. Shyam stood up and curtseyed. Sneha and Rashmi started walking and Shyam followed them making sweet sounds from his earrings, bangles and bell on his chastity. As they reached the room, Shyam opened the door for the mistesses and stood aside, after they were in the room, both sisters sat on the bed and Shyam was asked to retrieve the bags. As he came with bags Rashmi started taking out all the stuff and showed it to Sneha. Sneha liked it a lot, but wanted to see how it would look on her husband.

    to be continued....

  • #30

    PriyaSri (Monday, 28 December 2015 12:51)

    Part 4:
    Rashmi had an idea, she said let's dress my husband in these sarees. Sneha liked it and asked Shyam to remove his saree. Shyam complied and removed it, after that Rashmi and Sneha drapped him in a red embroidery saree which was heavy, Shyam looked a stunner, but Sneha said his makeup and accessories do not suit the saree, she wanted him to change it. Shyam curtseyed and started to walk out of room, but Rashmi said, do it in my room today.
    Shyam sat of vanity and started removing his accessories, he removed three earrings, bangles, anklets, bindi, mangtika, but the most difficult was nosering as it had a chain attached to the ear, after some effort he was able to remove it. Sneha said also change the hairstyle, I like hair to be open. Shyam as trained, complied. He remove the garland, all the pins and undid the french bun, his long hair flew down and reached halfway into his back, just short of his bum. Shyam walked into the bathroom and started removing all the makeup.
    As he came out of bathroom, shyam looked his male self again, it still pained to see his true self, a person who used to be free, is rich and still owns a company, but at home is nothing but a puppet to mistress. He wanted to do his makeup and wear accessories asap, to help him forget this pain, Rashmi said wait, I will get you ready my husband. She came near him and in hush voice said "you look a handsome man, you would make any girl go weak on her knees, but not me...I like you as my feminized slave husband". Shyam was almost at the verge of crying, Sneha said don't cry jiju...You would never be able to get out of this, until we have key to your engagement ring, both the girls laughed and a tear dropped from Shyam's eye. He got a tight slap from Rashmi and Sneha followed, his wife said stop crying you wimp, or else you will ruin the make up and that will all three of you a tight spanking.

    To be continued....

  • #31

    PriyaSri (Tuesday, 29 December 2015 12:44)

    Part 5:
    Two weeks passed, Shyam, Ram and Rajendra all three worked hard to get all the preparations in place for the wedding. it was wedding day and Ramesh was supposed to come and get ready at their place. Shyam and Ram were in red saree with heavy makeup and lot of accessories, they had special sarees which showed their caged cocks to the world. Rajendra was in white saree with minimal makeup but lot of accessories. Ramesh came in wearing salwar kameez and minimal make up, he had worn only a single set of earrings, a small nosering, 6 bangles in each hand, and a necklace, as all the other men he had his tool caged.
    Three men started working on Ramesh, they asked him to go have bath, and remove all the hair from his body below his head. After his bath, the groom sat on a small vanity in the servants quarter where all the men slept on a single bed. they started with makeup, Ram took his feet and started applying henna, Shyam applied henna on his hand and Rajendra was applying make up on his face like lipstick, mascara, eye liner, blush and he also started brooming his hair like in old movies, with a puff on top and a long choti till his bum. After the henna was applied, his feet and hands were adorned with red nail polish.
    Make up was done and now was the time to dress the groom, Ramesh stood up and was asked to wear a white panty, Shyam glued breast forms on his chest and buckled a white bra, then it was petticoat, petticoat was red and had heavy embroidery. Next came blouse which was also red and had embroidery, saree was the last item and Ramesh was fitted in a heavy, expensive, wedding saree which was red in color and had golden border. Then it was time for jewellery, all the jewellery was diamond and gold and was very heavy. Ramesh already had three holes in his ears and all three holes were adorned with dangling diamond earrings which were quite heavy, he also wore three heavy diamond necklace and a huge gold nosering, that touched his lips. he wore 3 kadas in each hand and two anklets, one goongroo and 3 rings, he wore a gold mangtika and gold waist chain. groom was ready for his wedding

  • #32

    PriyaSri (Tuesday, 29 December 2015 13:10)

    Part 6:
    Ramesh was now taken to mandap where Sneha was already waiting wearing an expensive saree and some light jewellery, it was clear she wanted to look good but not a bride. Wedding was performed and Sneha tied mangalsutra to Ramesh and put sindoor in his mang. Ramesh vowed to obey her commands for lifetime and be an obedient feminized slave husband, he also vowed to chastity and allowed Sneha to have relief when she wanted, with anyone she desired.
    As expected Sneha penetrated Ramesh on the wedding night, and it marked the beginning of his servitude. Ramesh cleaned, bathed and dressed Sneha, she slept on bed and Ramesh started pressing her legs, he was still in his wedding dress with all the jewellery. Sneha was enjoying this as she had a millionaire husband who was dressed as a bride and was pressing her legs, at the same time Ramesh was happy that he found a girl who would dominate her, as he was a submissive all his life. Next day Ramesh woke up early morning, and joined the sissy group in getting ready, Shyam was removing all the makeup and jewellery, except mangalsutra, he had an urgent meeting in office and was going there. Ram and Rajendra were in sarees and were doing pooja, Ramesh joined them. After pooja Rajendra went to do Rangoli, Ram and Ramesh went to make breakfast. At 8AM, Ram asked Ramesh to join him in giving breakfast to Rashmi and Sneha, he said observe how I do it, and make sure you follow the same process whenever you serve them anything.
    Ramesh and Ram went into Sneha's room and Ram very gently asked Sneha to wake up, he had to do it 5-6 times, as Sneha woke up, Ram touched her feet, and asked for blessing. She kept her feet on his head and Ram kissed her feet, Ram then went ahead and curtseyed. As Sneha started to put her feet on ground, Ram kneeled and put slippers in her feet. Then as Sneha walked towards bathroom, Ram went on kissing the floor behind her, in bathroom Ram put toothpaste on toothbrush and brushed her teeth, Sneha sat on comod and started doing her business, during this time Ram was continuously kissing her feet, as her business was done Ram cleaned her ass and flushed the toilet, Ram again kissed the floor behind her, until she reached bed. Ram now stood up curtseyed, and gave breakfast to Sneha.
    By the time this all happened it was 9AM and it was time to wake up Rashmi, Ramesh had seen everything that happened and Ram told Ramesh to do all this with Rashmi, but Ram warned Ramesh that if he made even a single mistake they all would earn a big punishment as mornings are the most crucial times and everything needs to be perfect. Ramesh followed the same process with Rashmi and did everything fine, and while the boys were in bedroom serving his daughters, Rajendra was cleaning the drawing room and kitchen and making sure not even a single scrap of dust is anywhere to be seen, even behind the tables and under sofa, that was unacceptable.
    Shyam was feeling happy that finally today he would not have to do the breakfast ritual, but he dreaded what was coming the next day. It was their ....

    To be continued....

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    Kajal (Wednesday, 30 December 2015 04:47)

    Thank you nandini. I m not getting any motivation and driving force to write stories your comment and suggestions dried up no one like to write comment on story. So this again force me to go back to limited access to whom who are very genuine reader and write and give comments. Like I said earlier I don't want thousand of unknown readers. I want few good readers who appreciates work so those who already have access to blog can continue enjoying stories rest guys you are open to other good sites

    Those who want access and want to write comments now onwards you can mail me at princesskajal.

    Thanks for your love and appreciation till now and Happy New Year in advance to all readers and writers

    Love Kajal

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    PriyaSri (Wednesday, 30 December 2015 13:24)

    Part 7:
    Shyam was feeling happy that finally today he would not have to do the breakfast ritual, but he dreaded what was coming the next day. It was their weekly punishment day, and also Rashmi had decided to milk all of them as their balls were blue from lack of relief.
    The day passed and during night after washing all the clothes and cleaning kitchen, Shyam joined Ram, Ramesh and Rajendra in their small room. Ram and Rajendra were almost asleep, Ramesh was very distressed, as he hadn't asked anyone for permission to pee and he had to go urgently, but he wasn't allowed to wake up anyone. Shyam told all of them that it is their punishment day tomorrow and have they updated their chart with all the mistakes they have done, they nodded yes. Shyam said good Ramesh you are becoming a good husband in the house. Shyam saw the chart and almost fainted, he saw 5 mistakes for the week, like taking 2min extra for cleaning clothes, which were small but punishable mistakes, he dreaded more about the one that would earn them the biggest punishment. Ram had by mistake squeaked while Rashmi had put a butt plug, and it was a big mistake with atleast 25 strokes for each sissy, even more. Shyam almost screamed at Ram, Ram in defense said the plug was 8 inches long and very thick it was very painful, I could not stop myself from squeaking.
    Next day exactly at 8PM all the sissy stood in the center of punishment room, all 4 of them were naked except all the jewellery and chastity with bell. They were also in 6 inch stilettos, with lockable straps. Each of them had helped other in putting a big red ball gag in their mouth, they were ready for punishment.
    Rashmi and Sneha had their own chart, but they never bothered to put anything there as they knew all the males were well trained, so as not to lie with them. Rashmi though today was in naughty mood and wanted some entertainment before starting punishment, she had already thought of it. Rashmi spoke and said, let's have moojra competition today between 4 of you, and the one who wins will not be punished today, the other three will share his punishment. All the four males were surprised to hear that but kept quiet and just nodded their heads. Rashmi said you would not wear any clothes but do make sure you prepare yourself well in 30mins, and also decide on a song you would perform moojra on. your time starts now.
    All the men, started to run towards their small room, as fast as they could in 6inch heels, as they reached their room, they started taking out jewellery from cupboard and wore as much as they could as Rashmi liked that, they filled their body with all the jewellery and were barely able to stand. next came makeup, as Sneha liked loud makeup, they started making themselves look like a hooker with extra lip gloss, extra mascara, and lot of kajal.
    On 29 minute all of them were in punishment room, Rashmi asked all of them which song they would want to dance on, but as a surprise, gave each of them the song from other men. Competition started, first it was turn on Rajendra.
    Rajendra was wearing 6 sets of huge earrings which touched his shoulders, had a big red bindi, and 8 big necklaces, he also wore waist chain and 24 bangles in each hand, he wore 5 rings and rings had chains attached to bangles. He wore 3 sets of anklets, and ghoongru. He had a big gajra in his french bun, with chains attached to the bun. He was asked to dance on "Humpe ye kisne hara rang daala"...He danced with all the grace he had and almost fainted from the weight of jewellery and dancing.

    To be continued...

  • #35

    swathy (Friday, 01 January 2016 08:32)

    After completed drinking, we have started talking. Since that is his treat, I have thanked him and told him I don't know how can I repay him. He replied 'you got selected in big firm, you will easily repay in next month itself'. Then he asked me what is my salary, even I haven't seen it. So I opened the cover it contains rules. I have to submit my original certificates and I have to work there for 2 years like such things. I neglected and came last to see my salary. I got shocked as it says I will get 7k as my salary for a year and it will increase in next year based on my performance since they are recruiting me as interns.

  • #36

    swathy (Friday, 01 January 2016 08:38)

    I said it to my friend rahul. He said I can reject the offer. My rent will be 5k and how can manage with 2000. I told him that I needed a job. We discussed and decided to take the offer.

    Next day I went to office next day and accepted my offer to kiran. She congratulated me and asked her assitant

  • #37

    swathy (Friday, 01 January 2016 08:46)

    Asked her assistant to show the office. She have shown every department and also my desk. There are 7 interns including me. Only me and other guy arun is man. I was checking my mails and places. Kiran shown in my place and said me that she will show my work the next day. She asked me why I haven't shaved. I totally forgot that but managed like I don't have enough money for going to salon.

    I thought she will say me to do it tomorrow. But she told me that there is a parlour available here itself. It is there because they are producing women products they will use and test it there.

    I accepted since I don't have any other options. I walked behind her following to parlour.

  • #38

    swathy (Friday, 01 January 2016 08:59)

    It was such a big parlour. I have never been to such big salon. She asked me to sit. She called her senior stylist and asked her to shave me closely. She told me that this will be free of cost. I was overjoyed and asked her that I needed a haircut too. She asked me what kind of. I told like buzz cut which will be professional. She said I like long hairs so don't cut it. If you still want to cut it will be reduced from ur salary next month.

    I don't able to oppose her. So I said only shave. She started working on my face. Clean shaved. She put some cream and massaged. Then she shampoo ed my hair and massaged very well. She put something on my hair too. I haven't seen the mirror. Then she dried my hair,combed it and rotate me to mirror.

    Wow! Simple amazing. I look so clean and well groomed. But my side burns are little low. Hair also became little smooth. But kiran told it's amazing. I also liked that. So we started leaving. She told me that she will have appointment on every Friday evening free of cost till under her conditions. I accepted immediately.

  • #39

    sameera (Saturday, 02 January 2016 08:42)

    Hi Kajal Mam...... I m new reader to this site and your blog and i just want to say that you are just tooooo gr8. never read such different genre of stories before and all stories are one notch above others.You make me flat. I become your fan now. I read all previous comments and curious to know what actually you have in your blog. Hats off to you and your thinking and your writing. I find myself watching a movie. All characters of your story alive in front of my eyes while reading... I thought you were movie script writer or what... Just want to say Salute to you....

    if possible i want to know you as person and wanted to chat with you so plz give me that opportunity

    And SRS swathi priyasri Jiya you all are also good writer but sorry dear Kajal Mam impress me more than your stories so dont feel bad and write your stories also.... you all also Good

  • #40

    Monika (Saturday, 02 January 2016 19:53)

    Hey SRS!!
    I am huge fan of ur story. Please continue the story. Don't stop or don't finish of soon!!
    Please prolong it for more days or months if possible till next year!! Please write atleast one part of story per day!! My day never ends without reading ur post!!
    I like the way u write story!! The tempting feminization step by step n the suspense at the end of each part is extremely fascinating!!
    N the ppl who intially didnot like ur story or who said its routine mst hv changed their opinion!! Awaiting for ur story to be continued!!

  • #41

    SRS (Sunday, 03 January 2016 12:27)


    When i got deep sleep my aunt an my GF came to my room , each an every time i was drugged with sleeping dos that i dint know, they came with her my aunt staff was also there , 3 of them took me from the room an make me sit in the car then she took me to her parlor , then v went inside i was still sleep an i cant know what is happening to me , she took me to in the table an make me lie down, after the work is been started , she cleaned my face an told that here after i need not want to do makeup again an again , she took one strange machine which has a minute needle an in the top there is an ink tank ,then she started to work ,the needle is getting vibrate an some humming noise is coming ,first she applied a black liner in my top an the bottom in my eyelash then she put the kajol in my eyelid , after she finished my eye she filled pink colour in the tank an started to do the same thing in my lip , after few minutes she finished . Now she rolled me an my face is in the table side , she removed my shirt an pant she cleaned my lower back hip an started to work , after she finished it. Then she closed the shop an drooped me in the same position where i lie down. Next day i woke up i went to bathroom, day by day my penis get worst now i even cant hold it its fleshy an too small , i done it with very difficult an my face is burning an my lower hip also getting itch, my chest is look like n teen girl, i was shocked on seeing this thing whats going on to me , but i cant understand it, after when i looked in mirror i was shocked , i tried to remove it but i have failed , i went to my aunt an asked about it she told its difficult to put makeup in everyday basic so that y i have put permanent makeup to u so u need not to worry about makeup , on hearing this i was shocked an started to shout that this is a bet than y u did like this , in future i will come back to my old position than how it will come off, she told that it will see in future not no an i was quite, after i took bath an started to dress , each an every time my situation is getting worst , this time my aunt give some sort of dress which give me shock, it was short jeans which is the same size of my boxer underwear which i used to were b4, an short top , i begged her for not to were it cause my naval pricing is been seen an it dangle when ever i moved but she dint listens she told that a deal is a deal , after lot of struggle i wore that but it felt that am naked an once gain she took me to her room for another hairstyle, she combed my hair 2-3 times an gather few hair from the front position an did something with comb an after she put an clip an make it in ponytail, now she gave me high heel sandals with 5 inch, i wore it an v started to go for college , i know difenatly that i cant face my college this time , but what to do now i dont known ohh god please help me to escape from this.

  • #42

    PriyaSri (Monday, 04 January 2016 13:20)

    Part 8:
    Next was Shyam's turn, Shyam was asked to dance on "Maar Daala". Shyam was wearing 3 sets of huge earrings which touched his shoulders, had a big red bindi, and sindoor with a bing triangle in maang and 5 big necklaces, he also wore waist chain and 24 bangles in each hand, he wore 5 rings and rings had chains attached to bangles. He wore 3 sets of anklets, and ghoongru. He had a big gajra in his choti, he also had put a long extension to his already long hair and had flowers' weaved in, he had put a big nosering with chain to his earring. Shyam also didn't forget to wear 8inch heels, which were killing his legs, but at the same time he wanted to make sure he wins this competition. Shyam was a good dancer as Rashmi had made him do moojra for her many times and he had learned to do it properly the hard way of spanking, orgasm denial and humiliation.
    After Shyam, Ramesh was asked to dance on "Dil cheez kya hain". Ramesh was wearing the least of jewellery, he wore 1 set of huge earrings with small bells at the end, sindoor in maang and 2 necklaces and 2 mangalsutras, he also wore 12 bangles in each hand. He wore 1 set of anklets, and ghoongru, his hair was in a long choti with small flowers attached all over his head, a big nosering but not as big as Shyam. As Ramesh had no experience in moojra and was new in way of acting like a woman, he was bad in his dancing. Ramesh knew that he was for sure going to get punished.
    Last was Ram's turn, he was asked to dance on "In Aankhon ki Masti main". The song was selected for him as Ram had biggest eyes of all four males and he had made sure his eyes look stunner, with lot of eyeliner, kajal and big fales lashes, his jewellery was not much with 3 sets of earrings, mangtika, 12 bangles in each hand, 2 small noserings on both sides, 3 necklaces, waist chain, and 2 ghoongrus in legs, he also wore 6inch heels, his hair was in a french bun with a net and had sparkles in his hair. Ram had a good charisma as a dancer, as he had got classical dance training.
    After all four males had their chances, now it was time for results. Rashmi said it is very difficult to choose between 4 of you, as all of you sucked big time and I think I will add as a mistake to your chart, and this will earn 25strokes each, hearing this all 4 were surprised and saddened, but kept their heads down and just uttered "thank you mistress", on this both girls laughed. Sneha said because we had promised, we would spare one of you, and that lucky winner is "Shyam".
    Shyam was very happy to hear his name, but felt sad that his partners, the other 3 sissies would earn his part of punishment.
    All four of the males were secured with their hands tied on a hook above their heads, their legs spread apart with a rod, and a big dildo in their rear. They all had big red ball gag in their mouth and were instructed not to grunt as that would add strokes. Shyam was confused as to why he was also bound, but did not dare to ask.
    3 men Rajendra, Ram and Ramesh each earned 100 strokes and at the end of punishment their asses were glowing red, today Rashmi and Sneha had used paddle for 50 strokes and small whip for other 50 strokes. After they were released from the hook and ball gags removed, all 4 men dropped on their knees and mouthed in unison "Thank you mistress, for correcting us and helping us be better wives, sisters and sissy, we would be eternally grateful to you for all the trouble you take in making sure we are good sissy faggots.", after the thanks all four kissed the legs of their mistresses and stood up making a curtsey.
    Rashmi stated as per the chart today was your monthly release day, but as we said earlier you guys have done very poor job in moojra, so we are going to extend your chastity by 2months, for these 2months you will have to learn moojra and perform it, if we like it then you will get release or else this will keep on going, all 4 men were about to cry..

    To be continued....

  • #43

    PriyaSri (Monday, 04 January 2016 13:56)

    Part 9:
    Sneha, as per plan just then spoke.. she said hey sis, look at the balls of these sissies they are blue, if we keep on denying them than it might cause some trouble for us. While speaking Sneha went ahead and started stroking Ramesh's cock and this made him more excited, but he was not to make any sound or else he would earn all 4 of them punishment, so other 3 were requesting him to be quiet. Sneha and Rashmi were enjoying this show of their total control over these weak men.
    Rashmi said, you are right but what should we do, we can't release them, and she started stroking Shyam's cock and drove him crazy.
    Rashmi said, Ram and Rajendra why are you guys not thinking, you also think...They both understood, they curtseyed and said "yes mistress". They stood facing each other and started stroking other's chastised cock. Girls almost burst out laughing, looking at father and son stroking each others cock and bells on their chastity making sweet sound. Sneha said let Ram and Shyam also think, Rashmi got the idea and asked their husbands to think, they repeated what father and son had done and started stroking others decorated tool.
    After about 5 mins, and giggling uncontrollably at the scene in front of them, Rashmi couldn't take it anymore. She was going mad laughing looking at 4 men, completely in jewellery like even a normal women would not wear on her wedding, with makeup stroking each others chastised cock with blue balls dancing and this making sissified men go crazy, and feel humiliated to the core.
    Rashmi announced, ok stop thinking. I have found the solution, let's milk them. Listening this a small squeak came from Ramesh, and Sneha was infuriated with this, she went ahead and started slapping Ramesh saying "how dare you make a squeak, who allowed you to open your mouth, don't you know that you are a worth less, spineless, sissy slave. You are in no condition, allowed to let any sound out of your mouth, unless asked to", after almost 10 slaps, Sneha stopped and asked them to put this in their chart as a serious mistake and you all would be punished for it next week. Rashmi and Sneha then proceeded to arrange for their milking session, but before that they secured all 4 of them to the hooks on top of their head and ball gag in their mouth. The dildo's were never removed, but a longers leg separators were used for better access to their rears. They also added vibrators, and instructed men not to spurt until they came back.
    The girls went upstairs leaving 4 of them downstairs, they all were highly desperate to cum, and vibrators were just killing them. After 10 minutes that felt like an eternity the girls returned and said ok let's get your milking started. The girls removed the dildos and inserted tubes in each of their rears. They started pouring some hot water via the tube and this made all 4 men uncomfortable, after few minutes they were in so much discomfort, they felt they would explode,but water flow wasn't stopped, almost as they were about to faint water flow stopped and the pipe removed from their ass, then the water started coming out slowly and it rinsed in a few minutes, girls said it was enema, before we start milking. Now the girls removed ball gags from their mouths and inserted four dildo's in their mouth and started moving them in and out, they also kept on saying, comeon girls you are going to get the pegging of your lifetime.
    it was chance of Shyam and Ramesh to be milked first, as they were the sissy wives, but girls exchanged the partners, Shyam was going to be raped by Sneha and Ramesh by Rashmi. the girls started ramming their rears and in no time they were on edge, but they were still not allowed to cum, it was getting difficult for them to keep it in as they were frustrated and rammed from both sides by vibrator as well as the girls.girls then said cum you slaves and both sissy wives cummed, which relieved them but did not give any satisfaction, as they still longed to get hard.Next it was turn of Ram and Rajendra, they were also raped and they also cummed in no time.
    Girls said whow, that was a lot of cum, where do you guys keep so much of it, your tools look so small, its like a needle.The men were humiliated to death, they thought how can they live like this, I mean being a full grown men, they were being completely controlled by girls and had no say in anything that happened in their lives, they used to do all the household chores, earn money and still get nothing but punishment and humiliation in return, to add Salt on the wound, girls asked all of them to lick clean the floor, which they did as even after humiliation and consciousness, their training and fear was much greater than any other feeling they had.
    All the men in family thought they would live life of slavery, feminization, domination and humiliation from the girls, which was true and somehow they longed for it.

    The end...

  • #44

    PriyaSri (Tuesday, 05 January 2016 12:23)

    Short story

    Shyam was waiting near the door on his knees, he was wondering what his wife will bring today, he had particularly put an attention in getting ready as he was going to get a release today. Shyam was feminized husband on Swati and was wearing a black see through saree with no blouse and a white floral designed bra, his boobs were huge 38DD which were real and he got them via hormones and breast implants his wife performed on him. He was wearing 3 sets of earrings, with first being special which he was not allowed to remove anytime. The earrings in first hole contained his balls, which were encased in gold case. He wore a big red bindi and a big triangle of sindoor in his mang accentuated his married status. he had a french bun, with gajra in his hair, his hair were long and real. He wore 2 noserings both being pretty big, and were visible from long distance. He wore 2 sets of mangalsutra and other 2 necklaces. His hand were adorned with 12bangles each and 3 rings in each hand. He also had a waist chain and 2 anklets. His saree was special, which showed his diamond clad penis, yes he had worn a special chastity device made from diamonds, and he was required to always show it, hence his white floral panties and saree had holes at crotch to make it visible.
    Swati came in and saw his little pet sitting on knees and waiting for her, she looked at her husband and was happy that he was dressed nicely and seductively. Shyam immediately bent and kissed her feet and said welcome mistress. He stood up took her purse, and asked her to sit down on couch to bring her water. He ran as fast as he could in 6 inch heels to the kitchen and came back with a glass of water.
    Swati was sitting on couch with legs on table, Shyam gave the water to his mistress and took her sandals out. Shyam put her legs on his lap and started pressing them. His bangles were making sweet noise, and it soothed Swati. Swati started TV and watched a soap opera, while Shyam kept on pressing her legs. Swati after sometime said, ok go ahead and prepare dinner, Shyam kept her legs on table and ran to kitchen and prepare dinner. Swati in between whenever needed anything buzzed him, the buzz was a vibration in his chastity, and the vibration rate increased every minute and hence he tried to answer her buzz asap. The dinner was ready by 8 and Swati came to dining table in her office clothes, she stood and dinner was served to her. She ate the dinner and asked Shyam to first come with her to change her clothes and then have his dinner.
    It was a ritual in the house that Shyam had to bath, dry and dress his wife, his wife would just sit or stand and he would perform all the duties. Shyam gave her a hot bath, including putting soap. He patted her dry and started dressing her in night dress, he just had to put a night gown on her. He did that and asked permission to leave.
    After finishing all the duties in kitchen, he had a bath and put a baby doll nightie. Shyam came to his wife in bed, and started pressing her legs. She said jaanu I am too tired today, let's have your release next month, Shyam was disappointed and was very horny, but could just say "thank you mistress". Swati said, ok get down from bed and kneel in front of bed, Shyam knew what was to come, his wife came forward, spread her legs and said ok baby go ahead. Shyam put his head between her legs, she did not wear any panties during night, so Shyam directly went ahead and started licking her pussy. She got three orgasms, and she mouthed..."I hope everyone gets a boss like you, who is a sissy wife at home"

    The end....

  • #45

    sneha (Wednesday, 06 January 2016 07:57)

    Its our own way
    Myself a bachelor staying away from hometown tried so many hostels and rooms with friends. I don't know what is the problem i can't adjust myself in hostels or bachelors. So i want to go for PG accommodation. Hardly i found one PG near to my workplace i enquired near the house whom they are planning to give girls or boys all the people said one thing that house owner is Miss.sunita she stays single so she can't entertain guys.Know i am totally confused but i gathered courage and went till gate where i lost my confidence.suddenly i smelled the pleasant smell of beautiful Lilly flowers. I followed fragrance by closing my eyes when i opened my eyes i saw beautiful lady with dark eyes and dusky skin tone but short hair cut.
    She asked me what u want i said your Lilly fragrance brought me here she smiled and trying to ask another question but i seen roses i totally flatted seeing different color roses in area. I begged her to show all the plants in her lawn she smiled and offered a tea. I regretted the offer because i don't have tea or coffee she brought me milk and tea for herself. She is having very beautiful sitting in her lawn for tea. she asked about myself i introduced me and i said i was looking for PG accommodation, She immediately offered the pent house for me. I ran to my room cleared all the debts and shifted to Pent house. I really liked this place here i can live for a life time.In the evening we both had a dinner and she said i have to help her in gardening and cleaning of the house i agreed her terms and conditions.She said you really like flowers like a women i enjoyed her comment slightly blushed with that comment.
    I came to my room i usually read book before going to bed. so i see my back side balcony it is totally underpopulated area i hardly seen one or two i turned of balcony light and i went inside and slipped into satin nightie yes i am cross dresser. I kept lamp and started reading so that no one can observe correctly. cool breezes are tickling me and smell of the flowers making me more feminine and around so much pleasure i completed my reading with a hard heart i shuttered my windows and doors.This was the first time in my life i enjoyed the reading in this city. I slept nicely and next day i woke up and went for office in a week time Miss.Sunita became very close to me.She said this Saturday is her birthday, so she is arranging a party with her small gang and she invited me and she said i am the only & first male coming for the party. I took beautiful blazer on that day and i hanged to my bed on the top i am going for bath Miss.Sunita came to me because she is confused what wear for the party and i took permission of 5 minutes for bath i will take more time to bath. I completed my bath and wearing my inners and got dressed in track and T-shirt i don't want go semi-naked in front of her. Seems to be she made my day i thought she left but she tried my blazer. she said i can't resist by seeing it so i tried know i want to wear this for party. I don't spoil her birthday i said ok in excitement she left to her room with out taking her clothes so i remembered her words i don't want go as male so i slipped into her clothes suited well for me i want to suprize her
    Please post your comments

  • #46

    swathy (Saturday, 09 January 2016 04:34)

    Evening went to meet rahul. He saw me and said wow u look completely different. It suits you buddy. I feel happy and was using the conditioner and shampoo provided by parlour. I feel clean and smooth. I went to office wearing the old dress. I went and wished kiran. She smiled back wow her smile is so cute.
    Then days are going fine. Next week again went to parlour to get a clean shave and massaged the face. I looked into the mirror hair grows a little and side burns looks little.
    Like that weeks are passing. I became pet to kiran. Going parlour became my regular hobby. Week by week hairstyle and face is changing. Now my hair is more not comfortable to comb.

  • #47

    swathy (Saturday, 09 January 2016 04:42)

    Next week when I was trying to type, hair was disturbing. Kiran saw it and called deepa the stylist to inform. Then on that weekend I went to parlour. While she was shaving she have seen my hair falling on my eyes always. She went and taken a barette and put it on one side. It avoids the hair falling.
    But once I see the mirror I thought of what other people think and removed it. She requested but I didn't accept.
    I have talked with rahul in weekend he asked me to have a haircut. Next Monday I went to office, me, kiran and other interns are having lunch together. She have seen my hair was disturbing while eating. She have taken a barette and put it in my hair. When I tried to remove she hit my hand and told to keep it , don't remove it.

  • #48

    swathy (Saturday, 09 January 2016 04:47)

    I went to home and removed it. In the morning I have went to office without barrete.i went to wish kiran she looked me and got angry and asked me where is barette.I touched my hair and remembered that I forgot. I told her I forgot she told me to go and sit.
    During lunch she asked me why did I forgot. I was feeling bad and I said I will wear it from tomorrow. She presented me a gift and told me to open. It does full of black barettes. She asked me wear one I have worn it without opposing.

  • #49

    swathy (Saturday, 09 January 2016 04:59)

    She said it looks nice and asked me to keep it in my table and Wear it always. I can't oppose her. From next day I was wearing it. On Friday I went to parlour deepa have seen it and just smiled and said it looks cute and did same thing.
    Weeks are passing by, after three weeks I went to meet deepa, she has seen me that my hair grows well and asked me to use two barette. I opposed as it looks girly. She called kiran. Kiran came to parlour and take two barette and put it in my hair. It looks comfortable. Kiran warned me that don't oppose deepa in any manner. She is doing for my help only. If you oppose u will get dismissed. I feel afraid and I said ok.
    Then kiran asked deepa to do whatever she want. Deepa took a pink barette which is more girly and put it in my head. I thought of removing but I have seen kiran and stopped.
    Kiran smiled and Wear it on next day too. On evening I went to meet rahul and one more friend kavi from school. They saw me and smiled. I don't know why. Kavi told me that I have good hairstyle. Then I remembered that I haven't removed my barette and I remove.while eating my hair is again disturbing and kavi took my barette and put it again. I feel comfortable.

  • #50

    swathy (Saturday, 09 January 2016 05:11)

    I feel fine and started wearing it. Next day during lunch kiran gifted me more barrete. And asked me to wear matching my dress. On Friday it went to parlour wearing purple barette which matches my dress.
    Weeks are again going by, once I reached parlour she has seen I have not that much beard too. She has seen that it was unable to maintain using two barette too. So she has taken a band and wore it my head. It looks little manly so I didn't oppose.
    Next week kiran have gifted me bands in all colours. I asked her how to wear this, it's my wish for you to wear. Then ur choice. I don't have a choice so I wear. I have seen other male interns are wearing barette.
    On weekends I have worn a white band which matches my white t-shirt. Rahul have asked me about bands and I told them the situation. He asked me to leave the job. Kavi told me it's cute. I don't want to quit my job.
    Next week onwards I was wearing band. Kiran gifted me more bands. Weeks are going by and my hair reaches shoulder. Deepa have cut my split ends and make a low ponytail with rubber band.

  • #51

    swathy (Saturday, 09 January 2016 05:17)

    I have asked her to cut my hair short. She asked me to get permission from kiran. On weekends rahul and kavi saw me but didn't mention about ponytail.
    Next week I thought of asked kiran for permission for haircut and I have noticed suddenly that only two interns are there.I asked her what happens to them. She said she asked permission for haircut which I don't like which opposed my terms so I dismissed them. I got afraid and I didn't asked anything.

  • #52

    swathy (Saturday, 09 January 2016)

    Next week once I went to parlour I have noticed that I don't have sideburns (click the link for pictures) my hair reaches shoulder too. Then on next week kiran asked me to come to her office and asked me about some reports. She also said that she liked my hair.
    Next day when am getting ready kavi came to my room. She has seen me getting ready. She has asked whether she comb my hair.
    I have thanked her and went to office.when I went to meet deepa she said nice hairstyle and noticed that it was middle ponytail.
    She cut my split ends and did the asusual. I used to middle ponytail.
    Then next weekend my salary came, me kavi and rahul was having drinks. We had more so they slept in my room itself. Rahul slept nicely and left so early. Once I wake up, kavi was sleeping so I went and preparing tea. I was not wearing ponytail so it was disturbing me. Suddenly someone take my hair and saw it was kavi. She put a new hairstyle.

  • #53

    PriyaSri (Sunday, 10 January 2016 12:50)

    Shyam was running around the kitchen as fast as he could in his saree and 4inch heels. He was particularly ashamed and felt like dying but did not have courage to talk to his wife. His in-laws were supposed to come today, and they had never seen him in saree. Even though Shyam had been sissified from day1 in this marriage, his wife atleast allowed him to be in male clothes with her parents, but today she said it was time for her parents to know the truth.
    Shyam was as instructed wearing a ghaghra choli with lot of jewellery and make up. He wore 3 sets of dangling earrings. He had a big red bindi and a big triangle of sindoor in his mang. he had a long choti that almost reached his waist with gajra in his hair, his hair were long and real. He wore 2 noserings both being pretty big, and were visible from long distance. He wore 2 sets of mangalsutra and other 2 necklaces. His hand were adorned with 12bangles each and 3 rings in each hand. He also adorned anklets. His tool was encased in special chastity with vibrator attached inside, so that his wife can summon him from anywhere and also keep him horny just for fun, to make sure everything happened on time today, his wife had started the vibrator since morning, and would only stop it once all his assigned chores had been finished.
    To be continued...

  • #54

    Parikalpana (Sunday, 10 January 2016 23:13)

    It was little late ..... but I am happy - Part 1

    I am sitting in the middle of a big bed decorated with flowers, all decked up waiting for my husband Rohit. Tonight is our first night as man and woman, husband and wife. My friends helped in getting ready for Rohit. By the way my name is Kiran also know as Mrs. Kiran Rohit.

    I am dressed up in Lehanga, Choli and chunni. yes only three pieces of cloth and lots of Jewellery. I have lots of piercings on my body, my ears have three piercings, my both nostrils are pierced, septum is pierced, has bar bell in tongue, belly button is pierced and have nipple rings as well.

    I have hour glass figure with 38DD breasts. I was not not like this 3 years back. Let me tell you about my past....

  • #55

    Parikalpana (Thursday, 14 January 2016 23:09)

    It was little late ..... but I am happy - Part 2

    I became orphan at an early age and Rohit's family raised. Rohit's dad had a travel agency plus he owned a resort on a hill station. My dad was his minority business partner and caretaker of resort.
    My mom dies when I was very young and my dad died when I was 10 because of heart attack. Rohit's parent raised me as there moral responsibility and treated me like they own child. People used to say my mom was very beautiful and I inherited body structure from her except my voice which was very manly and my p..... which was very reactive. Reactive not in bad sense but I liked girls. I was short and little bulky, compared to me Rohit was very big. Kids in school and locality used to tease me by calling me girly names. I tried to retaliate but because of my body structure I was not able to do much. So decided to join Gym to build some muscles.

  • #56

    Parikalpana (Saturday, 16 January 2016 07:20)

    It was little late ..... but I am happy - Part 3

    I used to help Rohit's mom with household work as I felt obliged to do so because of all the things they did for me. Soon I learned all the household work. I called Rohit's mom Ma. Ma used to tell she would have loved to have daughter like me and this used to make me angry because for her I was a girl trapped in boys body where as for me I was buy trapped in girls body. My anger didn't go unnoticed and Ma asked me what is wrong and I told her about all the teasing I received and I want to grow big look like a boy instead of girls and this is the reason I joined Gym , exercise toned my body but I didn't get any muscles or gained any height. She did discuss this with Rohit's dad . One day he returned from work and gave me bottle of HGH human growth hormone ) pills. He arranged this from one of his Dr friends and asked me to take one pill per day. This may help with height increase and muscle building. Pill and work out and Gym started showing effect on my body which surprised me.

  • #57

    Parikalpana (Sunday, 17 January 2016 08:06)

    It was little late ..... but I am happy - Part 4

    I started noticing small changes within 15 days after starting HGH treatment. I felt like I am bulking up and started feeling tightness in cloths. As I wrote earlier my body was on bulkier side and because of workout session at Gym I did loose almost all the bulk. No with HGH I started bulking up again my shoulders were looking rounder but my lower body was showing more changes, my butt was looking big my legs were feeling more muscular. I got excited by seeing these changes and started dreaming about turning into a tall handsome boy. You cannot fight your destiny.... after couple of months I developed a bad reaction of HGH and had to stop taking them. My height didn't and I didn't plumped up a bit more by mu body started retaining water and HGH were damaging my kidneys. After stopping HGH I continued with GYM to regain my old body. after couple of months I lost extra weight I gained but my shoulders didn't loose roundness and my butt and thighs remained big like girls. I accepted this as my destiny and continued with life and tried to ignore comments and teasing. Rohit also started teasing me and whenever he got chance and depending on my mood either I got mad at him and expressed my unhappiness or ignored him. Life continued Rohit got admission in a a reputed engineering college in a different city. I loved arts and decided to make my hobby my carrier. I took admission in local college as commerce student and at the same time joined interior decoration and fashion designing institutes. This was the turning point in my life.

  • #58

    SRS (Sunday, 17 January 2016 09:33)


    she drooped me in my collage gate , i slowly entered the compound an my gf came near to me, she was shocked on seeing me like this, i dont understand y this happening to me,she told u looking dam hot,u were those short jeans an short tops with high heels, An ur hairstyle is puff ponytail ur hairstyle looks like deepeka paudoku, i was getting irate an started to shout an she told kk sorry now what ur going to do , u want to come like this inside class room, i told no what ever my aunt give punishment i dont want to were this type of dress,she told then u have to remove this k lets v go to washroom then v will c , an when i walk front she stopped an told ohh u have get tattoo in ur lower hip nice, i was shocked she took a snap in her cell phone an showed to me it was to stem in both side an in center there was rose in that written shamala , i was shocked whose name was that an she started to tease me ohh nice tattoo an is that ur name sham becomes shamala nice tats y u dressed like yhis to show ur newly made tattoo , i get tensed an started to shout at that time my class lady professor came an saw me an she too shocked , she asked me y the hel i dressed like a slut ,look at u those high heels on those sexy leg, ur short jeans an T-shirt an those ring which u get priced in ur navel,ur earring an u priced four times in that ear, an ur puff ponytail hairstyle this all make u dam hot an my gf started to laugh, on hearing this i felt shame, she took me to the staff room, n she called my aunt an talk about this for a long time, i dont know what she talked an after she smiled like a evil an called 1 mam an told something after long time while i was waiting in that room that mam came with some bags an show it to me an told that u need not want to dress like slut be a nice proper lady an i was shocked , first she told to remove my dress i dint listen to her she forced me an then removed it, i only were panty an bra , she saw my body an told wow u have nice curves an skin , she saw that my bulge is not seen she doubt an removed my panties an saw my penis an get shocked an told ohh poor boy u got such a small penis like 1 year kid got how did u pee in that, these all making me tense , an she told anyway u will no need in future i cant understand what she is talking about, after she handover me the petticoat an forced me to were that after she give me the blouse it was sleeveless an backless an she forced me to were that to an even though i dont have boobs my chest looks like an 12 years girl , after she drape me a nice black saree an make me sit in a chair , she removed my nose ring an earring , she did makeover on it with Bright red lipstick an black eye shadow an now she removed my nose ring a put 7 stone stud an she removed all 4 earring an give 1 big jumka an small diamond stud in the next 3 holes,she insert a dozen of bangles in both the hand an payal in my leg,now she un did my hair an combed 2-3 times an started to french braid my hair an insert a dozen of jasmine flower i couldn't able to fight for this now she showed mirror i was stunned on seeing this, i was just like a village girl an i was blushed , she told now u looked like a proper woman b-careful men will proposed u soon,an she took me to the class everybody was stun on seeing me now the professor told that student this is sham an she become as shamala she is a transgender an u must treat her as before what u did like the same way, on hearing this my heart stops, i was shocked what she had told to them an she told to sit but i told i dint felt good so i went to take rest, after when the collage was over i went to the gate an waiting for my aunt she came to pick me , she was shocked to on seeing me like this an started to tease me , after she also picked my gf an this time she not took me to home she took me to the hospital an told that u got some problem u told me tats y v came here.

  • #59

    SRS (Sunday, 17 January 2016 09:34)


    After when v entered hospital my aunt talk to the doctor an showed me, suprisely rajesh mother ramaya is present she saw me an told is there any fancy dress competition going on in ur college , u dressed well i cant believe u that ur r a boy, this make me bluss,after the lady doc took me to 1 room there she told to remove all the dress for checkup i done it with happy cause i dint like to were these dress, after they give 1 gown which look like some surgical gown an i wore it, she explained that she will conduct one small surgery to reduce the glands which as been formed in my chest area an take care of my penis , but this all made me doubt cause ramaya aunt also came there ,i felt doubt an i told i dint want any treatment that i will take care of my self an i started to run from that hospital an they all garbed me an the lady doc came near to me an inject some thing forcefully in my but after my body get parilized i cant move she told that this is an muscle relaxant so u could not feel any pain an i cant able to move my body then they all lift me an put me into the stretcher an moved me to the operate room an lie me down in the bet that is strange bed iam not sleep i can see everything but i cant do anything they removed my gown now i was totally naked an they lift my 2 leg an spreed it in a eagle position an tied it , i dont know what they r doing i was afraid after they lift my head my adjusting the bed position it can be adjust in any direction now i can see what they r doing , there everyone is present in the room , my aunt ,my gf,ramaya mam an the doc with here nurse , i felt shame for i cant do anything, everything is out of control, they started to laugh an my gf told i was waiting for a long period an ur aunt too needs a nice daughter, ramaya mam told a macho man now going to turn into a nice woman, the doc applied ailment in that area an she took 1 small knife n started to cut i got scared iam screaming inside tears r rolling down my cheec,then she removed my balls an showed it to me an told say good bye to mr penis an my aunt came near to me an told u should say thank to doc for removing that nasty thing in u.after she make me lie down an this time i slowly getting into sleep an i can feel that she is doing something in my chest area an i went to deep sleep, i dont know what they r doing to my body. ohh god please help me i was stuck in this situation.

  • #60

    Parikalpana (Monday, 18 January 2016 07:00)

    It was little late ..... but I am happy - Part 5

    My family was from a small town and my grandma was very superstitious. She believed in tells of black magic and those who practice it kidnap kids for sacrifice and they are looking for whole (undamaged bodies) so she got my ears pierced when I was a kid to protect me as after piercing my body is damaged. I used to wear ear rings which I removed after moving in with Rohit's family but piercing holes became permanent.

    In degree college there was a dramatic society and I because of my inclination towards arts I became member assuming I will be able to practice interior designing by designing stages and scenes and fashion designing by designing costumes.

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    mohana (Monday, 18 January 2016 10:35)

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    PriyaSri (Monday, 18 January 2016 11:08)

    Shyam was making a sumptuous dinner for the in-laws, he had to make 2 sabjis, roti, puri, 2 side dishes, 2 sweets, butter milk, and 2 chutneys. It was going to take few hours to prepare full meal.Also he had been instructed to clean whole house very carefully, even the back sides of table and floor under sofas, bed had to be cleaned. Shyam was getting really horny by the vibrator and was trying to finish his chores asap, but his wife kept on ringing her bell for small small things like getting water and nimbu pani or just to ask how everything was going on.
    After almost 6hours Shyam had finished his chores, and he went to see his wife, who was lying on bed and watching TV. Shyam curtseyed and stood there without speaking anything as he was not allowed to, the vibrator was making him crazy, he wanted to ask mistress to stop it, he wanted to beg for it to stop, or even just pound on her to get it off completely. His training was way too good, his mind was hard wired to do exactly as he was trained, by lot of spanking, pegging and bondage.
    After what felt like an eternity, mistress said, do you want me to shut the vibrator, Shyam just nodded. She said "oh my pet, why didn't to say before?", he knew she just said that to tease him, she perfectly knew he was not allowed to speak unless asked to. She asked him to explain in detail what he has done today, and asked all unnecessary questions to just elongate his torture, which she was really enjoying. She finally stopped the vibrator, Shyam said "Thank you mistress" and curtseyed. His mistress asked him, so my pet, do you want to cum?, Shyam nodded vigorously, he wanted to explode, but he knew as always it is going to be humiliating for him, but as of now just letting out his frustration was important for him.
    Mistress said ok, in evening we ll make you cum, he just wanted the earth to open up and swallow him, he did not want his MIL and FIL to see him in saree, let alone cum like this. A slight hesitation from Shyam on this did not go unnoticed, but the wife did not say anything, she wanted to play this right. As instructed Shyam then started pressing his wife's feet, after almost an hour it was 5PM. Shyam started to take out hot bath for his wife, and called her in as the bath got ready. She came in naked, he was just looking at the perfect body of hers, even if he had to see it everyday, it just made him feel tingle in his tool, those perfect breasts, those round bums, so smooth body, perfect physique. He had to bath her, and that just made him leak precum, touching her smooth sensuous body, her private parts, everything was just like he just couldn't take it. He felt relieved after giving her bath and wetting her dry, he now had to help her dress, she selected a black strepless dress that reached her ankle and black undergarments. He helped her in wearing panty and bra, also he put the dress on her and zipped it at back. She then sat on the vanity, where Shyam painted her lips red, and put small amount of mascara, eye liner, and kajal, nothing too over the top, she wanted to look elegant. She put minimum jewellery and she was looking like an actress, very elegant and stylish. In the mirror Shyam saw him with his wife and that was a sight to behold, he being a man was in ghagra choli with over the top makeup and lot of jewellery, wearing married wife symbols like mangalsutra and sindoor, and his wife on other side was wearing a sumptuous dress that just would make any man, go week on his knees.
    Just then the bell rang, and Shyam was instructed to open the doors for his in-laws.
    To be continued....

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    mohana (Monday, 18 January 2016 22:23)

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    Dandelion root is effective in the formation of new breast cells and tissues. It is, therefore, important for the purpose of breast enlargement.

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    Kajal (Tuesday, 19 January 2016 10:50)

    This is first preview on story BAhu.... Rest parts on blog
    Part 1:

    Parth was travelling in tram. Tram was slowly moving in narrow lanes of Kolkata city and one yellow taxi was stuck on tram route and that tram hit that taxi very hard. Parth who was sitting inside tram was feeling very bad jerk in his groin area. All other passengers also gets some minor injuries. That yellow taxi was empty when hit by tram. Later Parth came to home. He was walking very weirdly. His mother was watching TV in hall. She saw his walk. Parth’s mother asked him “hey babu what’s happened to you? Why you walking like this”? Then Parth told entire incident to his mother. Mother said “Ok go and check yourself and if you have major injury then see doctor”. Then Parth went to his room. Parth take off his pant and underwear and stand in front of mirror. He saw something missing from his groin area and red blood was flowing from that place. He check his Penis and was stunned. His Penis was not there. He was very frightened and then check underwear and saw his small Penis there. He was not able to understand how his Dick was came off from body. He was not feeling any pain there. Parth wanted to tell that to his mother but due to humiliation he was resisted. He wear his underwear and then wear his pants. He pick up his dick in one box and put that inside pants pocket. Parth told his mom that he going to meet doctor. Mom asked any serious issue? Parth said “no mom just routine check-up”. Mom said “Ok” and Parth went to his family doctor.
    Doctor was not present in his clinic. Attendant told him to wait for ½ hour. Other patients were also waiting for doctor. He check his pant and saw no red blood mark visible on pant. He was not able to understand why he was not paining. Then after ½ hour doctor came. Parth was having 5th number as per appointment. Then when his turns came receptionist told Parth to go inside. Parth knock the door and went inside. He was totally shaken by the incident. Doctor said “hello Parth. Please sit”. Parth said “Thank you doctor”. Doctor asked “So tell me what issue is? Why you look so tense”? Parth take out box from pocket and keep that on doctors table and opened it. Doctor saw that Penis contained Box. Doctor asked “What is his Parth”? Parth said “Doctor this is my Penis which came off from my body in morning. Doctor also stunned.” Doctor said “How can this possible? How anybody’s Penis come off from body?” I have to check your body please lie down on that bed and then Parth lied down on bed. He opens zip and down his pant and then slide down underwear. Doctor opens torch and check his private area. He said I have to cut your hairs so that I can see it properly and then using trimmer doctor trim all his Pubic hair. Then doctor check his groin area using finger. While checking doctor feels something there and he insert his fingers inside it. Parth said “OMG doctor you insert your finger inside my wound”. Doctor then repeating put his finger in and out from that wound. Parth was making moaning sound Hmmmmm oooooooooo hhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Doctor said Parth I found Vagina here. Parth was stunned. Parth said “VAGINA”? What are you saying doctor? I am man and how can I have both vagina and Penis. Doctor said Parth you born as INTERSEX means you born with both male and female Genitalia. It is also called as hermaphrodite person. Your parents and others not know about this cause your vagina was totally hide behind your Penis so anyone who saw you naked can only saw your Penis. Parth asked “But how I not have any idea about it”? Doctor said “Your vagina was attached with Penis so it’s not possible to see by you also”. Doctor asked “How this came off”. Parth told that in morning tram hits taxi and in that accident he gets jerk and due to that jerk that came off from body. Parth asked “What should I do now”? Doctor said “Enjoy your new life. Now you are girl and not guy anymore so from now live your life as GIRL”.

    Love Kajal

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    Parikalpana (Tuesday, 19 January 2016 22:50)

    It was little late ..... but I am happy - Part 6

    In fashion design institute, seniors organized a welcome party for us (freshers). Venue was institute and agenda was welcome address then introduction followed by dinner. I found it surprising, instead of ragging we are getting a welcome !!!. In welcome address seniors didn't introduce themselves but assigned that as a task to junior to know seniors. After our introduction all juniors are suppose to either sing a song or dance on song of his or her choice. Dancing came natural to me. So I was very happy. But last announcement wiped out my happiness. We are suppose to introduce ourself dressed in opposite sex attire. This irritated me a lot. Next day we will be tested and test will be to identify maximum number of seniors. Punishment for loosers will be to present themselves a models to seniors for trying out their designs.

    Freshers were instructed to go to rooms adjoing halls to change attaire. Few seniors were already there to help us. Aftering entering room when they asked me remove cloths I lost control and started shouting and yelling at them. Couple of seniors grabbed me and took me to next room. They forcefully removed all my cloths, took few pictures of me and asked me to obey their command otherwise they will circulate my pictures. They made me put on panties. One senior commented that from back side I look like a girl with big butt and fat thighs. They secured all my cloths but promised me if all obey their instructions they will delete the pictures and retun my cloths after party is over my punishment for misbehavior will be to stay in girls attire for remaining duration of the party. They walked me to other room where other freshers were getting ready. They asked me to wear knee high skirt a blouse and "Dupatta" and I refused. Once senior waved his phone and unwillingly I started putting on cloths. Seniors helped me with getting ready. They applied light makeup, made me wear anklet, glass bangles, a neckless and clip on nose ring with chain. They found out about my pierced ears and made me wear very heavy and long earings. I used to keep hair long over the ear to hide piercing. Now my hair were in a pony tail and with head jewelary. When my turn came I did perform half hartedly and did attend the dinner dressed in girls attire. I totaly forgot about the task of knowing seniors. True to their words as soon as party finished my pictures were deleted from phone and I got my cloths back. I changed into my male cloths and dashed out of venue. Guess what, in rage of anger I forgot to remove makeup. I reached home Ma openned the door and and asked with a surprise what happened to me. Rohit was at home as well he started laughing and told me that I look very beautiful but am dressed in wrong attire.
    I did ran to bath room and saw makeup on my face. I cleaned my face and ran to my room straight into my bed.
    Next day morning I went to barbers shop and got my hair done in crew cut. I wanted to change every thing about me that make people think I am a girl. My face was looking funny but I was feeling better.

  • #66

    ria (Thursday, 21 January 2016 10:56)

    Here you go babes taunted my sister as she did the final touchups on my lips. I could see the changes in me through my mascara clad eyes. I looked different or I should say I looked like m ready for my first date out as a wife, all ready to show my husband that he made a beautiful choice and a wise one too. As I tried to take that final deep breath before being presented to my husband the bra clasps inside my blouse made it sure to remind me that I should act like what I am dressed as. As I got up I could feel the difference,I looked tall, my center of mass tended to shift, it felt like more vulnerable. My navel could be easily seen through that netted thin pallu that was an ideal way to make me look sexy. Ahem!!! Ab kab tak khud ko niharengi aap madam……and I was back to reality…….i just took my glance away from the mirror and tried to move away. As I moved the pleats made me feel in heaven as they restricted me to take those large manly steps and those heels complimented the pleats too well.
    Dii yeh kaise……I said as I pointed towards my pallu showing my right boob……ab aapki izzat toh aapke haatho mein hai madam said my dii……lakin dii I tried to protest….ask me like I say said my dii……ask me” diii please teach your little sister how to handle the sari”……………

  • #67

    Parikalpana (Saturday, 23 January 2016 07:44)

    It was little late ..... but I am happy - Part 7

    As soon I stepped in institute I realized I need to recognize seniors for which I was not prepared and I expected I was the one who recognized least number of seniors. For next one month my seniors used me as model instead of dummy for trying out there creation. They dressed me up in variety of their creations for males and females both but mostly females. I liked when I got chance to wear male cloths but wore female cloths as part of punishment. Some times dressing as female involved makeup and jewelry as well.

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    sapana (Sunday, 24 January 2016 14:02)

    nice story srs
    i like u r story

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    Love Reading (Sunday, 24 January 2016 23:07)

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    Priyasri parikalpana going good....keep writing

    Love kajal

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    New Crossdresser (Monday, 25 January 2016 08:58)

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    PriyaSri (Wednesday, 27 January 2016 01:12)

    Part 3:
    Shyam opened the door, and there was standing a woman with similar dress as that of his wife, but the dress was red and had thigh cuts, Shyam was stunned to see his MIL in a dress like that. It looked like MIL was not at all surprised to see her SIL, she just gave him her hand bag and said "Jamai raja apni sari training bhool gaye ho kya, curtsey kaun karega?", Shyam was stunned, he just curtseyed and let his MIL in.
    Shyam was going to close the door and MIL said, wait Rakhi is coming, Shyam was dumbstuck, who is Rakhi?, He saw a woman coming with lots of bags in her hand, she was dressed in a red saree and had lot of jewellery, she also had put generous amount of make up and had very long high heels, Shyam could see her having trouble in walking. MIL shouted, you idiot go ahead and help her. Shyam ran as fast as he could in his heels to help this mysterious lady. Rakhi and Shyam kept all the bags in the spare bedroom that Shyam had prepared for his in-laws. Shyam wanted to ask a lot of questions, but Rakhi just sprinted out of the bedroom to the living room and Shyam also went behind her.
    In living room, both mother and daughter were sitting on sofa and discussing their life, just then Rakhi and Shyam entered. Rakhi to Shyam's surprise curtseyed and Shyam just dumbly followed her. Looking at the surprise on her SIL's face, mother said, meet your FIL, he is my pet and slave, who has been named Rakhi to fit his current state as the wife of our house. Mother than said why don't you rename Shyam also, it doesn't look good when you call him Shyam when he is looking like this. Daughter agreed and started clapping and cheering like a small child, she was like Shyam you say, what you want to be called?, I like pussywhipped, dickless or cumslut....Shyam was almost crying, he was neer humiliated this much, and he had been humiliated a lot. Shyam just could not say anything, just then mother said, don't give that kind of names, make them decent. We can name him Sharmili, how does that sound, daughter agreed and they announced you will now be called Sharmili, Shyam curtseyed and said Thank you mistress.
    rakhi and sharmili as they were called served dinner to their wives and had their afterwards from the same plate. Shyam cleaned the table and kitchen, while Rakhi washed the plates. After the work was finished, they went to living room where their wives were sitting. the wives said, so today is your monthly release day right sissies, both the husbands nodded.

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    PriyaSri (Saturday, 30 January 2016 06:18)

    Part 4:
    The husbands were naked except 6" stilettos and jewellery, with their hands locked to hooks attached at ceilings, the chains were small to make sure sissies don't get too comfortable, also large penis gags were put in their mouth.
    Rakhi and Sharmili as they were called now, were in lot of pain, but they could just think about their release. Both the wives came to the sissies, they were giggling on their husbands. MIL spoke and said "Sharmili, you would have a lot of questions right?, let me tell you everything, how Rakhi came to be how she is today."
    "Rakhi was under my thumb even before we got married, in our times it was very difficult to meet before marriage, but we used to make excuses and meet in private. All the while we met I knew that she was submissive, and I was dominant. I used to make her press my legs, and massage me, make food for me. This behavior just reinforced my dominance over her and by the time we got engaged, I had her in chastity. Our marriage was usual affair, but during night, as she came inside the room, I just made her take out all my clothes and did same for her, I forced her to wear my clothes, it was difficult but I spanked her to make sure she knows who was the boss. As she was in my bridal wear on the wedding night, I took out another surprise and fucked her with my dildo. This turn of events basically just stamped my authority over her and this is how it has been since."
    "As for you, my daughter had already told us about you before marriage, and I gave her ideas on how to feminize you, also she kept on sending me photos and I was closely looking at your progress." Now comes the real part, we will take out your chastity for 1hour and you will be in same position as you are now, if in this one hour you can satisfy yourself thats fine or else wait till next month. Both sissies were groaning, they wanted to ask how can we relieve ourselves tied like this, but penis gags did not allow any legible words to get out. Wives just chuckled and said, oh wow see our husbands are happy we are releasing their clitties today.
    The chastity was removed and the husbands were given 1hour, the wives had set up a camera and they just left, to watch some TV. Both men had their penis upright, but they had no way to rub it and release the load, after struggling for almost half an hour, Shyam had an idea, he started to rub himself against his FIL, and that just disgusted both of them. They had no other option, both were rubbing against each other and they just threw the load on other within 5mins.
    Wives came back, and saw the husbands limp tools and cum on their legs, they just laughed and put the chastity on, and removed the penis gag. As soon as the gags were removed both husbands echoed "Thank you mistress."
    Wives released their hands and asked them to clean each other by licking their cum. Husbands were accustomed to licking their cum, but licking from other person was something that was humiliation that they just could not handle, they started crying and said "Please mistress don't make us do this, anything else but not this". The room got filled with noise of slaps and kicks and moans, after lot of sounds, the husbands were begging their wives to stop and accepted the ultimate humiliation and started licking the cum from each other, wives were watching the show. Husbands now just accepted their fate and hoped the wives do not find anything more to do with them, and wives were happy and also were thinking new ways to increase their control if that was possible.
    The End

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    New Crossdresser (Saturday, 30 January 2016 06:53)

    PriyaSri a wonderful story. Enjoyed it very much.

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    krishnapriya-kp (Saturday, 30 January 2016 13:55)

    hi sisters how ru all well i wanted to present a short story to u sisters, hope atleast few people may like the story it is a single part short story im writing this as these days everybody were busy with their work and my trail to refresh them a small token of refreshment hope u all like the story "A DREAM COME TRUE".

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    krishnapriya-kp (Saturday, 30 January 2016 14:00)

    Hi all my name is Krishna priya this took place when I had completed final exams of my degree..before joining of my MBA I had time of three months for the commencement of my classes. My mom and dad went to uk for six months as my sister was pregnant I felt happy as im getting the chance for crossdressing,yes im a secrete crossdresser.our house was an isolated house in the lane with only two to three houses were there next to ours, after my parents left to uk I started crossdressing happily after 2days I met a girl who is so pretty and sexy who is living next to our house i used to observe her daily but never tried to talk to her and she sensed that i was observing her and she hersefl started talking to me and to my goodness she is a shemale we had chatted for long time told her my desire and she promised me that she will help me and she asked to come to her place and told to make a call to my parents that im leaving to my friends place which is small village where there will be no internet or telephone facilities available so that I will talk with u very rarely. The next day early morning I had been to her place she welcomed me and after entering the home I felt unconsciousness and suddenly I woke up after some time I don’t know whats happening but im feeling very strangely after opening my eyes Im shock to my sense that Im naked and tied to a bed and my complete body was waxed and my skin was so smooth that even clothes won’t stay on my body and then I was shifted to chair and tied again later I was blindfolded and left for some time after that I heard some other voices and shalini(shemale) came to me and applied some solution on my ears and my nose before i understand what was happening to me and within a minute I felt pain and yes my ears and nose got pierced there I was crying and jumping like a girl with pain. Shalini came to me and whispered in my ears oh great so u started feeling like girl from now on and the rest of the people laughed by seeing me. She added a beautiful ear rings which were a bit heavy and even added nose ring to me. I was feeling a strange pain but as it was a dream to me to be a girl I was enjoying then they removed my blindfold. “This is anusha” shalini introduced me to another shemale and she is an M.B.B.S student and other two were sujitha and rajini all were shemales. Anusha greeted and said the words

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    krishnapriya-kp (Saturday, 30 January 2016 14:01)

    Part - 2
    “ WELCOME TO OUR WORLD” to which I had goose bumps, Then anusha injected me an injection and told me to take some rest after that they shifted me to bed and they tied again. After some time shalini waken me up and applied some oil to my hair and said that “that oil will grow my hair very fastly which is rarely available in forests”. Again anusha injected(which develops the breast due to the chemical reactions and the breast development will remain for 12hours) me an injection but this time directly to my nipples “ahh oh my god “ started feeling pain at two places at a time due to the injection to the nipples and the onther one coz they inserted a big annal plug “oh my god I can’t bare this “ and due to the pain im crying a lot and all the three came to me consoled me and said that Ill get habituated to it. Within span of two days I can observe my hair grown up to my neck and due to the regular injections to me breast for every 12 hours my breast were perfectly shaped like the females and they started squeezing and massaging my breasts I was on cloud nine as i got what i wanted from long time in my life. Within span of time my hair grown up to my hips and my breasts were becoming heavy day by day and they reached upto "C" cup and they were full then one fine day they untied me and I had seen my image in the mirror oh my god I just can’t believe this im perfectly feminized after seeing this dick got erected and all the three started laughing by seeing this and shouted that girls will not have dicks and told me that they were planning to cut off my dick and my body becoming red hot and started sweating from my head to toe as my blood was flowing through all the veins from head to toe and started crying then they said that they were just joking. Then anusha injected me an injection to my penis due to which my penis got shrunken then they started doing make up to me my eyebrows were threaded and applied lipstick and foundation to me after my makeup they given a new set of inners of my size to wear. later they bought a new saree and told me to get ready and I told them that I don’t know how to wear a saree then shalini asked me that u said that u were a crossdresser and u don’t know how to tie a saree and slapped me on my cheeks and squeezed my breasts. And finally my hair was braided and added some jasmine strands to my hair and stood me at the mirror it was stunning I was just looking like very blond hot girl but this time my dick dint erected and i started feeling so girly. After getting ready they were planning to take me outside again I started sweating that if some body see me like this what is going to happen I pleaded them not to take me outside like this they said ok and called a person. After 20mins our door bell rang they told me to open the door I hesitated but finally opened the door found a guy he is gaint and handsome may be due to my daily harmonal injections i was getting crazy thoughts as a girl in my mind but stood numb for some time later i welcomed him and closed the door.

  • #88

    krishnapriya-kp (Saturday, 30 January 2016 14:02)

    While closing the door im sensing that a hand was inserted from my back and squeezing my breasts. I turned suddenly and shouted what ru doing. Then shalini, anusha, sujitha and rajini came to me and told that he is my customer and I have to satisfy him before completing their sentence they man came to me holded my breasts and started kissing me as I was a girl that time i followed him.after few mins the man asked to blowjob him and unzipped his pants and frightend to see his 12inch cock and started sucking it after some time the man taken me in to his laps and started kissing me and sucking my boobs may be due to the daily hormonal injections my breasts started milking but only few drops due to which i was feeling so heavenly. The man inserted his cock in to me oh my god I was crying all through our intercourse but I was enjoying it very pleasurely. The next day morning they woke me up and told me to prepare the breakfast and to clean the house and I said that I don’t know cooking and household chores due to which they give me punishment for my mistake and the punishment is they use to slap my breasts. After few days I learnt cooking and all the household chores and learnt how to behave and get ready like a girl and how to satisfy men. Everyday my duty is to do the household chores and to cook and getting ready by the evening for a unknown hubby daily this continued for the 2months and they complimented that im a quick learning girl and a perfect house wife. After that they had cut my hair and use to give some tablets to me daily by which my breasts got disappeared and even my feminine features got disappeared upto some shades. After becoming man I had been sent to my house, as shalini know that my college use to open after three months. It was horrible at first for few days but I enjoyed a lot later and even after getting back to home as mom and dad will come after another 3months I use to dress at home but this time perfectly as a girl.....

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    srs, kajal , parikalpana, swaty plz continue

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    based on true story
    my story
    this happen in while i am studied +2 my name is rajesh one day my cousin sister (distant relative) came to my home she staying in hostel but some what problem in her hostel she came to our house she studying degree 3yr final exam time so for 10 days she stayed with my family. my dad went to office come at late night my mom daily she go to temple near by my home she come at 8 clk to home. I will come from school at 4 clk and she come at 6 clk from college after reached home she do light makeup in front of me She wont go out evening time we sit and study together My mom wont do such makeup she use only turmeric paste and bindi . Days goes like this one day she out with friends and i came from school my mom went to temple no power in my home that day so i roaming here in there in my home itself while i saw her makeup set just for fun i applied something in my face and lipstick in lips suddenly current came then i realize something wrong so i went to bathroom and washed my face repeatedly after few hour later my sister came and watched my face and she smiled and i too smiled her but suddenly she rub lips little bit lipstick in her finger i scared with fear.......continue...

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    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife.

    My name is ravi and my age is 21 years just completed my degree. My family consists of my Mom , sister-rupa , and brother - Rajiv. My brother got married 2 years back and staying seperatly in hyderabad.

    I want to tell you about my vadina(bhabi) and her name is suhasini. She is very dominating in nature and always wishes to be top in every aspects. She is working in MNC and earns good amount of money. My brother works in small job so she asked him to stay at home and look after household and she will earn money. So my brother does all the household chores like washing clothes, dishes, cooking, and he even stiches blouses and some ladies stuff for my babhi as it is her order so that he will not be free all the time.

    As I have completed my degree in search of job went to hyderabad to stay in my brother house sorry in my Vadina(sister in law) house as she is paying the rent and looking after the house. I have reached the house with great effort and knocked the door I heard some sound coming from inside similar to bangles in hand and anckles bell sound. I felt that my bhabi may be opening the door but to my surprise my brother opened the door and here I want to describe him , he is wearing dozens of bangles on each of his hands and payal in his leg so it confirmed that the sound came from my brother.when I observed him from top to botom he has put bindi on forhead and to my surprise he is in nighty. having toe rings and also mangalsutra yellow thread is visible in his neck which hide inside the nighty. He was shocked seeing me and imidiatly made me silent by keeping his hand on my mouth so that I will not talk even a single word. He imidiatly took me inside there I saw my bhabi sitting on chair and reading newspaper having tea in her hand. Then my brother asked me to be quite and called my bhabi evandi(in telugu wife calls husband like pathi dev) my brother came to see me. Then imidiatly she came towards me and hit me on my back and told 'Raji' your brother is looking hot and with cunning smile she left the place.

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    Thanks Sunitha and roja..I will continue shortly...stay tuned.. sujestions are welcome

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    Here I am posting my part-2. Please let me know if u like as this is the first time am writing the stories and they are purly from my imagination.

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    Sharmila Devi (Thursday, 18 February 2016 07:04)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -2
    My Vadina left our place keeping me in puzzle. Then immediately I turned towards my brother who is in state of hurry and fear took me into his room (Kitchen) that is the place where house wife be at all the time. When I started asking him about all these things he made me again keep quite and told me suhas(my bhabi) may listen our conversation and once he goes to office I will explain u every thing and for my well being please do not talk until she goes to office . Then I heard a loud voice from bathroom my vadina calling my brother “Rajiiii Rajiiii” then immidiatly with in a second my brother left me there and started running towards bathroom. While he was running I could see his movements they are so feminine , the way he carried the nighty carefully and not allowing Mangalsuthra to move much he handled with one hand and with other hand holding the nighty and petticoat and started running. While running he lifted his nighty there is sound coming from his feet then I could see his feet which consists of heavy payal with so many bells..Neatly painted toes with nail polish with violet color as he is wear violet nighty for matching and then some rings are also there in his toe finger then I came to know that he is even wearing toe rings which the married women wears . He looked completely like perfect house wife and also his gestures are like any other female. With in no time I heard my vadina screaming on my brother and asking something. After 5 mins he came into kitchen, I could see he is wiping his tears which are rolling down his cheeks and one of his cheek is red and I understood that my Bhabi given him slap on his cheek. Then asked him y did she beat you. He started cleaning the dishes to get ready for breakfast but did not answer to my question and told this is very common to him and after my continues asking he told that all the arrangement should be made before she goes to bathroom but today he forgot to keep towel in bathroom so this is happened and asked me to forget about it. I understood how strict vadina is in the house and also my brother is also equally opposite to her in submissive nature.
    Time is 8:30 AM time to breakfast rajiv immediately took all the items to dinning room and waiting for my vadina to have her breakfast . In few mins she came down hurriedly and had break fast and leaving two idlies in the plate went up to bedroom to change into her office dress as it is time to go fast. At 8:45 she came in a great suit, white shirt and grey phant, having tie perfectly tied and she is looked very manly . Then she came and sat on the sofa adjusting her tie immediately my brother took shoe from the shelf and sitting down beside sofa keeping his legs backwards in most feminine way and started wearing shoe to my vadina legs. Then I understood how controlled he is under her. After that she adjusted her dress and shoes and mean while brother brought suit case and given her then my bhabi immediately whispered something in her ears pointing towards Kitchen .And She started to office on Royal enfield which perfectly suited her as she have muscular body with good height. My brother waited at the door steps till my Vadina left the place.

  • #128

    Sharmila Devi (Thursday, 18 February 2016 07:49)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -2 continued...

    Then he took some breath, called me out side from kitchen to hall and asked me to sit on table and have breakfast. And he asked not to ask him anything till he have his breakfast as he is very hungry. Then I have taken two plates for both of us. Rajiv rejected the plate and started eating in the plate which my vadina left two idlies saying, that is how he has to eat daily, only in wife’s plate. Even while he is eating he took small peaces and eating softly like any other girl even though he is very hungy in 10mins we had our breakfast and my brother again went to kitchen to complete the remaining work and asked me to wait in hall. While he was doing all house hold chores I was watching from out into kitchen how fast he is doing all the house hold works just like our mother and sister, in middle he is adjusting his hair with his finger having long nails (which are perfectly shaped and painted with violet color nail polish) from falling on his face . I also observed that he very lean wen compared to my bhabi and his nighty is perfect fit showing his large breast moving while he was cleaning the dishes .While he is working some of the bra straps are coming out and he adjusted very neatly making it hidden under his nighty. Coming to his face it is in golden color as glowing as if he applied turmeric powder while taking bath. Looking at his eyes it clearly indicated that he applied eye liner so perfectly with good curvy shape and also applied some lipstick to look more feminine. And also I could see other accessories like simple ear rings , nose ring and also he kept sindoor on his forehead indicating that he is a married women. It took half an hour to complete the entire work in kitchen. And he came outside adjusted his nighty and petticoat as they were misplaced while he was working. He came out side with his head was down feeling shame to stand before me and started feeling guilty to face me in this situation. Then I immediately went to make him cool and asked Rajiv what is this why are you doing all these things. Then he immediately asked me please for god sake do not call me Rajiv, I already had tight slaps from my husband for u calling me Rajiv and told now onwards call me Raji or akka(elder sister in telugu) . Then I immediately told ok Raji (as I don’t like calling him akka). And also continued that he was house wife in the house and my vadina is his huband and her name is suhas not suhasini showing his magalasutra in his neck and toe rings. I was in drum struck as my brother himself accepted it…………..And then my brother started explaining the story how it all happened to him and turned him to a so called women Rajiiii.
    to be continued....

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    Oh.... sharmila you are really very good in writting. And your story is so so much nice that it's making me die to read the next part.... please post the next part. I can not wait. I simply can not wait.

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    Nice story sharmila.... add more humiliation.. dress both the male in silk sarees... and make them maids of the house... continue soon...

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    Sharmila Devi (Thursday, 18 February 2016 11:35)

    Thank you so much Kumkum. your words are so encouraging. You can see the next part sooner.
    aishu u can see more humilations in coming parts. Both bothers will be dressed in saree but it take long way as there is so much of story left to make this happen.

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    Sharmila Devi (Friday, 19 February 2016 03:31)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -3
    My brother starts telling me the story of his submissiveness to his wife , her domination and feminity transformation .
    Note: For the convenience the story now will be narrated by Raji (my brother) and explain how he trasformed.
    After my marriage with suhasini we came to Hyderabad as her company is here and it is MNC. She used to earn 4 times more salary than me. And I used to work in a small BPO having timings from 11Am to 3 pm so my salary is very less 6000 PM which is nothing before her. So remaining time I used to stay at home. As coming weekend is a special day so we have planned for our first night. I was very happy about my first night and always think about it. As I used to stay most of the time in home due to my timings are very less we have decided that I will help my wife in the kitchen so that it will relief her from her day long hectic work. Our days starts in kitchen preparing breakfast and lunch for ourselves and once they are done my wife used to get ready and go to office before 9AM. So I used to watch TV and go to my work at 10:30AM. And used to come back early by 4pm to home and start my work in kitchen so that it would help my wife to relax after she returns home. She used to come back by 7Pm- 8PM every day. Once she is in and gets relaxed and after some time we used to have dinner and go to bed. Here I want to describe her nature which is very dominating. And she always wants to be in upper hand in all the aspects. That is why she married me knowing I have low profile in by Job.
    The day has come i.e. my first night I had started early to kitchen and done all the works so that my wife will not get tired during bed time. The time is 11AM I went and searched my wife she is not there in the home then I got a call from my wife that she is going out for some work and asked me not wait and have my lunch and also asked me to clean the entire house and make the bedroom neat and clean then without any word I told “ok”. Exactly at 3 Pm my wife returned back to home I smiled seeing her and gave her the towel to clean her face as she is very much tiered. Then she asked me to close my eyes and open slowly after 10 sec. When I opened my eyes I could not believe my eyes as there are many varieties of flowers in front of me “For our first night dear she exclaimed” I was excited and kissed my wife then she naughtily kissed on my neck which gave nice feeling and I moved slowly back from her and then she immediately asked me to make some coffee for her meanwhile she will decorate the bed with all these flowers. Without hesitant I went to kitchen and started making coffee for her like wife and she went to bedroom to decorate the flowers like husband. This is the first time I felt so much humiliated as she brought all the required items for first night and I stayed back at home looking for her like a women doing all the house hold work like cooking, cleaning all the rooms .
    Now the time is 8PM we had our dinner my wife came to kitchen and gave milk to me(which is used for our first night as we see in many films wife gives milk to husband) and asked me to heat the milk and asked me to complete the remaining work in kitchen and come fast to bedroom. Then I started cleaning all the utensils then suddenly my wife came back and gave me white dress to wear and she is already ready in white saree and she is angry on me as I have still not finished the work. Handing over the dress to me in a commanding voice she said “complete the work fast and come to bedroom with the milk” and left to bedroom saying that she has some other works in bedroom. Then I started cleaning all the utensils and Once the work is completed I changed into white dress which is Kurtha pyjama usually used for these occasions.

  • #137

    Sharmila Devi (Friday, 19 February 2016 03:36)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -3 - continued
    Note:to make the story more interesting, I will explain every thing more elobratly.

    I got ready and have taken hot milk in one hand and started moving towards the bedroom in which my wife is waiting like a bride. I was shivering so much that I could not walk through the steps where my bed room in upstairs as this is a duplex house. Then I got thought somebody should be there here to take me into the bed room and leave me there before my wife. After so much of shivering and heavy heart beat I reached to my bed room but to my surprise the door is locked from inside. Then I knocked the door from outside but could not get the response from inside then I took some courage and knocked the door for second time then immediately my wife opened the door and suddenly I got so much shy that I could not see her completely but lowered my head. Then she liked me very much with my behavior without second thought she placed hand on my shoulder and taken me inside the bed room.
    Inside the room it is beautifully decorated and many sweets and fruits are arranged and all these arrangements are made by my wife of which I have to make. She tool milk from my hand and when touched my hand at time I felt very much shy and blush and started playing with my toe fingers on the floor. Seeing me in the dress she praised me very much and also complemented that I was so beautiful and sexy in this dress which made me feel so happy. Showing the milk to me she drank the milk and for half of the glass and gave me remaining half which really made me embarrassed as she did exactly in reverse way. Without saying anything to her I drank remaining milk. Then my wife asked me to sleep on the bed so that she can continue the work. I did not understand but did as she instructed me without questioning her. She started kissing me all over my body starting from head till toes. And started removing my shirt ….then again she kissed on my chest and she started to rub on my chest and she is enjoying me like a prostitute. Then she removed all the cloths on my body except my underwear as I denied when she is opening that due to my shyness. Then slowly she made me into different world and open my underwear without my knowledge.
    Then suddenly she stood up and turned back so I opened my eyes and I could see that my wife turned towards back and started laughing, and she could not control herself and burst out loudly. I asked for the reason then she slowly showed me my small penis which is under my drawer then I immediately closed my penis with my hands and she stopped laughing and slapped tightly on my face and aksed me to remove my hands from that place then I got fear and removed immediately my hands . She started playing with my small penis teasing me so much that I started crying . Then she again asked me to keep quit . and started removing her saree to see if there will be any development in my penis size. Then she made me stand and look at her before she removed all her cloths and remained naked. To my surprise she has very small boobs size of 32 bra size and looks flat like a man. Then I understood that she is more like a Man then a women. She again started playing with my penis and went on my top and started riding crazily then I got erotic and started responding to her moves as she inserted my penis into her hole and stated riding on me holding my hair . Then due to pain I started moaning like women…. Aaaauuuaaaaaa…..ummmmmmmaaaa…..aaaaauuuuaaaaa…….pleaseeeeeeeeeeee…Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee and pleaded her to do it slowly as pain is go on increasing. Then she started enjoying me and my sounds gave her more mood and increased the speed then there are tears in my eyes to stop but she did not stopped till she got satisfied and after some time she made me cum on floor not allowing me to cum into her vegina But I really enjoyed her on my top like male and me moaning like a women. Finally she released and made me free so that I will be comfortable. Then again she satisfied me 3 to 4 times the entire night. And could not sleep for the entire night. This is how I completed my first night. But this first night brought many changes in us like my wife more became more dominating and strong then before and I became so much submissive in nature and week.
    my transformation To be continued...

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    Geeta (Friday, 19 February 2016)

    Nice sharmila plz carry on

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    Kumkum (Friday, 19 February 2016 04:54)

    Sharmila... very good going. Post more and more.

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    Sharmila devi your story is very good . Don't stop writting .please continue writting.

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    Sharmila Devi (Saturday, 20 February 2016 02:46)

    Today am publishing the next part..please write ur valuable comments and sugestions which really boosts me. Write ur own imagination into which I can include in the story and making more u involved. Thank u

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    Srs (Saturday, 20 February 2016 04:11)

    Sharmila Devi ur awesome please continue ur story soon

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    sudha (Saturday, 20 February 2016)

    sharmila devi pls continue ur story was really good im eagerly waiting

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    Kumkum (Saturday, 20 February 2016 04:35)

    Sarmila.. my humble suggestion... to make it long.. after suhas made ravi... her second wife... bring a sister of suhas who is equally dominating like her and ravi get married to the younger sister and the 2 sister lives with their pretty house husband's . The two brothers will be the new home makers now. they both helps each other in the kichen.

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    Ajit (Saturday, 20 February 2016 05:20)

    Sharmila Devi plz more part and make two bro helping dress her them self. U r gud writer

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    aishu vani (Saturday, 20 February 2016 06:26)

    Gr8 going sharmila... make both the brothers humiliated publicly by wearing sarees... add one more lady to dominate both... kindly update soon...

  • #148

    Sharmila Devi (Saturday, 20 February 2016 08:20)

    Thanks Kumkum good idea i really like it..I will surly implement that.!
    Ajit u can see that after few parts from here brother helping in saree after Raji story.
    aishu a lady maid is coming u can enjoy that part after 2 parts from here.

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    Sharmila Devi (Saturday, 20 February 2016 08:45)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -4

    The next day I woke up at 10Am Sunday morning and my wife still sleeping deeply as she is tired because she has taken active part in our sex during last night and being holiday for both I did not asked her to wake up. Then I went down to kitchen to make some Tea , while making Tea I could not get out of the incidents happened last night and felt so much shy and happy for that. When I finished making tea I could hear my wife screaming loudly from bedroom for Tea. I didn’t understand the situation as initially she used to come to kitchen to have Tea but now she is asking me bring to her. Then without second choice I went to her with cup of Tea. Went towards the bed but could not see directly into her eyes as I felt shy for last night incident. My wife seeing me feeling shy teased me “do you want it again this night”. I felt ashamed and lowered my head and asked her to take the Tea as there is so much of work in the kitchen. While taking the cup from my hand she touched me then unknowingly I started shivering. And I ran from there and my wife started laughing looking at me.
    Then I started preparing lunch thinking that my wife would join in middle to help me. But she did not come into kitchen instead started watching Cricket match sitting on Sofa. I understood she will not come and I also don’t have dare to ask her to come into kitchen to help me. For few minutes I was fully involved in the work and due to heavy work doing all alone am feeling so tired and sweating . Then suddenly a strong man hugged me from behind to my surprise it is none other than my wife. I could not get out from her strong arms. I urged her to release me as a girlfriend asking to his boyfriend. Listing to it she released and asked me to cook fast as she is hungry. Later we both had lunch together and I have to again wash all the dishes alone. Then realized there is drastic change in my wife behavior after our first night. Now she is enjoying other things and going with friends leaving me in house as a house wife. In the night during our dinner she burst a Bomb that I should not expect her in kitchen anytime and it is my duty to do all the house hold works as she is earning and more than that she is satisfying me on bed which I have to do. So she finally declared that I will be as a house husband and stay at home like women and do all house works like a good house wife and she will be the head of the family and earn money for our living like a Man and husband. And she also changed our names from now she will be called Suhan(male name) from suhasini and I will be call Raji(female name) from Rajiv.
    Accepting all the conditions without anything as she is head of the family, I went back to kitchen to wash the utensils. After sometime my wife shouted from the hall that I have to come to bedroom as she is in full mood. Listening to the voice I was so much fear as sill I have some pain for the sex she made the previous night. Then in low voice I replied “Please suhan I have so much of work in kitchen and clean the house leave me for today”. Within no time she came to kitchen and lifted me up on to her arms as she is very strong now and I being week. Then I pleaded her leave me at least for today as I still have some pain with my penis. But she did not listen to me instead she took me directly to bed room and thrown me on the bed . First she removed my shirt and started rubbing my chest until it becomes very and lick my nipples due to this act I could feel that my chest is coming loose and also I could find small nipples being formed. Later again made me in dog position and started inserting her fingers into my ass as I have pain in my penis. I felt so much enjoying and I was in full mood and asked her to do faster. She understood that I like to be fucked rather than fucking. So now she started inserting more fingers and increase the speed. Then I started moaning like the dog. She called me bitch turn towards front and she opened her dress and put my penis into vagina and again started with so much energy till I cum out of it and taken that I will not cum into her vagina. From then she used to enjoy me at least 5 days a week and even I liked her very much fucking me like a bitch. As the days passed my flat chest started increasing and they are just looking like a small boobs with nipples in front which made me worried but my wife enjoyed with my boobs during the sex pressing them very hard.

  • #150

    Sharmila Devi (Saturday, 20 February 2016 08:53)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -4 continued

    Due to my increase in the boobs they are easily visible from my shirt whenever I bend. Even in office I used to be very much care full that when I bend to take any things fallen down I used to keep my hand on by breast like a female seeing that all my colleagues used to tease me that I am doing all the acts just like a lady. Even in the buses as there will be so much crowd in the city bus , I have to continuously keep my hands on my breast as there is nothing to cover my breast inside. Seeing me always concentrating on by breast all the ladies used to laugh at me and also some ladies ask me to show my boobs in a teasing manner.
    As the days passed she also demanded me to quit my Job as my salary is very low and asked me to completely stay in home. I did not agree to her and told that I wanted to go to office, then she did not even talk a single word but tight slap on my cheek which made me cry and roll on bed like women crying.
    From next day as usual my day started in kitchen doing all the house hold works making my wife ready and taking care of her and looking after the house like a maid. Now even I quit the job and am not allowed to go out of my house without my wife permission. The days are passing in which I become master in all the house hold work and my wife became more stronger than before and I happen to be in control of my wife completely. Now even to buy a small things I have to depend on my wife . As the days passed I had my hair growing till my neck as I did not have my hair cut for last 3 three months. So I have asked money to my wife so that I can cut my hair but she refused, asked me not to waste money unnecessarily and she also told that there would be no mistake if I have grown my hair. Then for the next couple of months I did not care my hair growing it went upto my shoulders and it disturbed be many times while I was working in kitchen seeing me struggling with hair my wife tied my hair with rubber band which made me comfortable but when I saw that in mirror it looks a women tied her hair but in the male dress. As that solved my problem I started keeping rubber bands to hair. It became so feminine that now I am trying different rubber bands some time even I used my wife clips to my hair. Even my nails have grown but when I decide to take them off my wife asked me to keep them as they look beautiful on my hands.
    As the days passed my wife appointed a new maid in our house as I was alone in the house and having lots of work. Then comes my maid next morning her name is Kanthamma with her arrival to my house there are lot of changes taken place which turned me totally into women from top to bottom,
    Kanthamma has only 1 daughter and she is 18 where both the ladies are so dominating in nature, which is going to be more and more humiliation for me.
    Stay tuned ... to be continued..please do comment

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    Kumkum (Saturday, 20 February 2016 09:00)

    Very nice going sharmila.... my humble request.... make feminization process slow... so that we can enjoy every change in raji.. with full feeling and in detail.

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    aishu vani (Saturday, 20 February 2016 11:00)

    Nice updates sharmila... eagerly waiting for next.. now start humiliate raji by maid and her daughter.... made him wearing maids sarees... and her daughter make him to wear modern dresses....

  • #155

    Kumkum (Saturday, 20 February 2016 11:31)

    Sermons we will love if susas give the maid the power to femize raji say put jasmine floeer...daughter combs Reji's long hair and make different girly styles.

  • #156

    Sharmila Devi (Saturday, 20 February 2016 12:05)

    sure aishu and kumkum I will take ur considerations...
    I have already dressed in langa voni with some make up, mangasutra and teo rings to get totally involved and to get more feminized feeling to write the remaining story.

  • #157

    Kumkum (Saturday, 20 February 2016 12:17)

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    Sharmila Devi (Sunday, 21 February 2016 00:17)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -4 continued

    Note:Before introducing maid let me tell you the incident which happened to my body changes and then I will introduce our maid.

    It is Saturday morning 7Pm. I woke up with a very week and saw that suhan is still sleeping so deeply due to our last night sex. I felt so much pain on my chest sorry my breast as they have already grown more than suhan boobs. But still I have to wake up and do all the household work as suhan will punish me if I don’t do it, overcoming all the pain I first went to bathroom and adjusted my breast under my shirt to my comfort. And went to kitchen for preparing breakfast with great effort I could complete the work , suddenly I felt so much pain and cried loudly keeping my hands on my breast . Suhan came to me running from bedroom and saw me in that situation and immediately took me to one of the lady doctor who is breast specialist. I was made to sleep on the bed and the doctor asked me open my shirt but I did not agree to it then suhas forcefully opned my shirt, then immediate my two boobs jumped out of my shirt seeing that doctor was shocked and tested my breast and gave me some injection which gave me some relief.
    After that doctor asked me why did my breast grown like a women and asked if I have taken any sex change surgery seeing my grown breast and my body structure with a smiling face. I felt ashamed of me and lowered my head then immediately suhan gave answer with proud “ No doctor , this is because of me who pressed his chest during our sex and which I enjoyed a lot but I did not know that it leads to such problem.” Then doctor immediately smiled, “so suhan you are taking the active part in the sex” and looking at me doctor smiled like teasing me and said there is no problem to ur Raji and s/he is alright. She asked us to use some cream before sleeping and the oil to massage daily twice continuously for 1 week. Then doctor told suhan to massage Raji boobs during sex with this oil which gives good result and they both started laughing which made me embraced. Then doctor asked me to stay back in the room and let suhan leave the room. Now only me and doctor are in the room.
    Doctor immediately looking at me scolded me saying “How can you go out like this without a Bra and for sure many man would have seen ur boobs under ur shirt in any form”. then immediately I lowered my head with shame and she continued warning me that without wearing bra I would face so many problems in future. I just shocked listening to her words and started crying. Then she came towards me and made me cool don’t worry everything will be alright and again tested my breast. This time she is enjoying pressing my boobs and told that I have beautiful boobs and even she does not have the size of which I have boobs. She measured my breast size and told that I have 34 size breast and is ready to grow up to 36 size as I will have massage to my breast with suhan during my sex for 1 week. And then she started pressing my nipples and asked if I have any sensations then I told that I have good feeling.
    Then she again gave me another shock there are some genetic changes going to happen in my boby such as my back portion increases and my waist size will be decreased and I would get the size of 36 26 36 like a sexy women . She teased me saying that soon I would land into womanhood with male part inside and she also added that I was so lucky that I have such a beautiful breast and body structure without any hormones injected into my body which are overfull and she also asked me to thank suhan who worked so hard during our sex to bring such beautiful curves in my body, adding to it I having very less hair on my body which made doctor to tell in that way. She mischievously asked me if I am getting any periods and laughed out louder pressing my nipples. Then she asked me what my wife bra size is, I remember that her size is very less something around 32. Then doctor laughed at me and asked me not try my wife Bra’s instead buy new Bra’s. She also asked me to not to go alone in the public places as I would be raped If anybody notices that if I have breast and female structure and always take help of suhan when going out. And she also asked me not to lift heavy weights as my body is very week and sensitive like a just now matured lady. Looking at my long hair and nails she praised me so much and asked me to have some sessions in beauty parlor so that I look more beautiful. This made feel so embraced that I was treated as a women and doctor is discussing all the girly things with me.

  • #162

    Viru (Sunday, 21 February 2016 02:06)

  • #163

    Sharmila Devi (Sunday, 21 February 2016 03:14)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -4 continued

    After discussing all these things doctor called suhan inside and mischievously asked my wife to take care of me from all the men. When we are leaving from the place doctor just stopped us gave her dupatta to me so that it covers my breast and reminded me to do all the things which she explained. Then in low voice I Said yes and suhan thanked doctor left the Place. When we reached out of the hospital suhan asked me what all doctor told secretly inside the room. I told everything except bra, then suhan started laughing saying that don’t worry I will keep a maid who can help you in all ur work and be with you all the day till I reach home. We were on the way to home going on my wife bike me sitting at back holding her like wife and my wife driving in front. Then with some courage I asked my wife to stop at any cloths store , my wife didn’t understand and told that don’t waste money and she told that I have to adjust with what all cloths I have and she will not buy any dresses to me. Then with some hesitation I told that I need to buy bras for me, suhan stopped the bike after listening to it and I continued that doctor suggested me to wear the bra as part of her treatment. Then suhan told that I can use her bra’s as there are so many bra’s in her wardrobe which are of no use as she not at all uses them instead she uses some flat inner wears. Then in low voice I told that my size is 34-36 so her bra cannot be used. Then she giggled slowly and stopped in front of ladies inner showroom and we both went to showroom. There are many sales girls inside and two of them came to us asked suhan what do we need. Then suhan showed towards me and we need bra to him. Then sales girl immediately looked at my breast part and understood the situation and asked suhan to wait outside and they have taken me inside laughing at each other, so that I will collect bras from the different sections.
    There are many varieties of bras inside, they have asked me the size to pick up few, I told 34-36. Then one of the sales laughed and told that it should be either 34 or 36 then I told 36. As anyways It will grow in a week. The girl taken so many bras and kept in my hand to try them in a trail room. When I went to trail room with bras in my hand there are already so many ladies waiting for their chance. Looking at me all the ladies started discussing and laughing each other, so I did not raise my head and waited for my chance. Then I went inside to check the size. It is the first time am going to wear the bra. The bra is so smooth and silky that I felt happy to wear as there are no one in the room and no body would watch it. Then I have taken one red silky bra into my hand and wondered seeing it how to wear the bra. I have tried in many ways but I could not wear it. Suddenly there is some body knocking the door then I immediately wore my shirt and opened the door.

  • #164

    Sharmila Devi (Sunday, 21 February 2016 03:16)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -4 continued

    There is one sales girl standing outside and asked me if I need any help as I have taken so much time and there are many ladies waiting outside. As I have no other choice I asked her to come inside. She came in and asked me to open the shirt fastly. Then I turned towards the other side and opened the shirt so that the lady will not be able to see my breast forgetting there is mirror also infront of me. Lady stood surprised seeing my bouncing boobs in mirror. Then I realised that the sales girl watched my boobs from mirror and kept my both the hands on my breast and went towards one of the wall feeling shy. Then suddenly sales girl came towards me giggling and asked me to wear the bra so that she will help me. I did the same and she locked the bra from back and she started adjusting my bra front side and asked me how could I get such a big breast as she wanted to know so that she can also increase. Then I immediately wear my shirt and went away from there warning her to behave properly. Then she whistled to other sale girls who stoped me to go from there. Then I got full fear and told them to leave me as I have to go and pleaded them looking at me they release me and I went to suhan telling that I have selected few bras. Then suhan went to counter to pay money and the sale girl came asked me if need any panties as there are some offers , then suhan told no and started paying the bill for 4 bra’s then sales girl interrupted and told that I have taken five bra’s and fifth one is I am already wearing it. Then suhan and salesgirls started laughing saying that your husband liked the bra so much that he don’t want to remove it. Then we left the shop after having my first time girly shopping. But I felt very much comfortable then before by wearing bra and I have decided to continue wearing the bra as it will be hidden under my shirt and anyways I will not come outside always.
    Then starting from next day I started wearing bra’s feel more comfortable in it and suhan started massaging with the oil on my breast for next few days. There was a great change in my breast that they are now like two hill standing on my chest very still which are clearly visible now to the outside world, but previously they are very loose and hidden under my shirt. But now I cannot pretend as if I don’t have breast. So now I have breast with size 36, long hair , and womanly structure. But am happy with my wife that she did not make me dress in her saree as I have girly structure and parts.
    As the days passed my wife appointed a new maid in our house as I was alone in the house and having lots of work. Then comes my maid next morning her name is Kanthamma with her arrival to my house there are lot of changes taken place which turned me totally into women from top to bottom,
    Kanthamma has only 1 daughter and she is 18 where both the ladies are so dominating in nature, which is going to be more and more humiliation for me.

    Please do comments.....Next coming part 5 with dressing me in lady

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    Geeta (Sunday, 21 February 2016 07:25)

    Sharmila carry on..i m fond of silver anklets with lot of bells? I want u knw if u 2 like anklets(payals) like me?

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    Sharmila Devi (Sunday, 21 February 2016 09:16)

    yes geeta i do like it.u will see in my story...Y there are no comments..Please do sujest na...part 5 is getting ready

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    Geeta (Sunday, 21 February 2016 10:23)

    Thnx sharmila..carry on dont wait others comment

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    Kumkum (Sunday, 21 February 2016 11:21)

    Sharmila..Please do the feminization slowly .... if you let raji's boobs and hair growth complete beforehand then not much will left to enjoy. Let them grow slowly and keep the humiliation parts simple. Humiliation in the hand of huhas is more enjoyable.

  • #169

    Geeta (Sunday, 21 February 2016 11:27)

    Dont take so much suggestion sharmil..write your own..because u will get puzzeled n i bet u all r enjoying n will keep keep on doing chan chan with your anklets

  • #170

    Raji (Sunday, 21 February 2016 12:41)

    @Sharmila: Story gets spoilt when u add all suggestions.. Dont listen to others.. Just write ur own version..

  • #171

    Sharmila Devi (Sunday, 21 February 2016 22:57)

    Thanks taking only which are apt for my story and this gives pleasure to the readers.
    And all Ravi is the main lead in this story not rajiv. So u can see actual and slow femization there.

  • #172

    Kumkum (Sunday, 21 February 2016 23:20)

    Raji and geeta are also right.too many cooks spoil the broth. We the readers are with you sharmila. You just keep on writting and post as many parts as possible.

  • #173

    Sharmila Devi (Sunday, 21 February 2016 23:24)

    Thanks for the support sisters...

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -5

    Today am so tensed as there will be one more women along with me in the complete day as my wife informed that my maid kanthamma will be joining today to help me in household works. Now it will be very difficult for me to hide all womanly structure before her and don’t know how she will treat me after knowing that I have breast and all the women structure inside except my small penis which is of no use. Thinking all these things I have woke up from my bed and I have taken my bra which is fallen down the bed as suhan doesn’t allow me to wear bra when am on bed with her. Taking the bra on one hand and adjusting my long hair I have decided to go to bathroom to fresh up my self . When I started to bathroom suhan who observed everything from my behind have taken my bra and asked to give her a kiss . As I have no other choice I gave her kiss and pleaded her to give my bra as I have to wear and do all my remaining works for the day. Then after enjoying with my boobs pressing suhan released me and thrown the bra on the floor. When I went to take my bra and bend down to take my bra my boobs came out of my shirt so suhan immidiatly taken snap of me in that position and teased me that She is going to publish it in the magazine. I just lowered my head and went to bath room and wear the bra and adjusted my bra straps so that they will not be visible to suhan and to get out of teasing from him.
    I am in the kitchen busy preparing breakfast to suhan then suddenly I head my door bell ringing, no doubt it is my maid whom suhan appointed thinking in my mind I went to door to peep into the window so that I can know who knocked the door . My fear came true it is my maid kanthamaa..She is dressed in cotton saree with her hair tied up and her age will be around 45 and she is looking like typical house wife who follows all the rule. I have adjusted my bra properly so that she can’t see it and also kept my hair front and opened the door. Soon after opening the door I ran into kitchen without welcome her in. then suhan who is in the hall reading newspaper saw me running into kitchen and understood that my maid has come. Then she asked my maid to come inside and introduced herself to maid that she is the owner of the house. Then maid immediately with puzzle looking at the kitchen asked is there any other women in the house who ran into kitchen jus opening door. Then suahn started laughing out loud and said “let me introduce her sorry him to you.” And called me “Raji come out of the kitchen don’t fear our maid came here to help u in ur household work”.

  • #174

    Sharmila Devi (Sunday, 21 February 2016 23:27)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -5-1

    Then my heart started beating fast with taking small steps I came out of kitchen into hall. Now I was standing before my maid and my wife. Maid saw me in a puzzle and started peeping into my shirt where she could find the breast like structure, and my hair properly tied with the clip from back side and she started watching me from top to bottom. I could find that my maid started laughing inside without expressing it out. Looking at my maid my wife came to know that she has many doubts about me, suhan told everything about me like am a house husband and it is me who is going to work along with kanthamma and suhan is the head of the house. And suhan also told my maid that it is her duty to help me in house hold work and take the salary from her monthly without asking me(Raji).
    Am totally surprised by suhan as she told all the secrets to maid which they have not enclosed with anyone till now. And Started walking towards kitchen. Then suhan stoped me and asked to take maid along with me and asked my maid to help and do all the work which raji tells her. Then my maid with wicked smile told “ I will take care of everything madam.” And she continued telling her story that her husband is a drunkard so she hates all the men in the world . And she has one daughter age 18 and her name is vishali she is now working in a beauty parlor and also completing her degree. And she want to make her daughter like suhan who does not depend on Man. This statement gave me a clear view that my maid hates males and all the men should be like me obedient to women.
    I have taken my maid into kitchen and she followed me thinking something in her mind. She started preparing the breakfast and asked me to give the breakfast to suhan as it my duty to serve my landlord Suhan. And she also warned me that don’t give anybody a chance to serve there wife as it would disturb there married life. Listening to her I have taken breakfast from her and started serving suhan . then suhan asked me why did I served the breakfast wen there is maid in the house. Then I in a low voice told that it is my duty to serve my suhan not anybody else. Then suhan is very much impressed and gave me kiss on my breast . After suhan left for the office my maid helped me in doing in all the house hold works . In the middle of my work my bra starp came out side of my shirt which is seen by my maid then she immediately came to me and said always be cautious with my bra and she made the adjustments which made me feel discomfort before her. It is 10 Am so I asked my maid continue to her work until I do bath and come back. Then I went into bathroom and opening all my dress and after completing my bath I came out naked thinking that there would be no one in the room. But to my surprise my maid is sweeping the room and she saw me naked with no dress on my body . I don’t know how to react as my breast , curvy shapes of my body and my small penis everything is visible to her. Then I immediately went to bathroom and came out with my towel wrapping around my breast. With some anger I slapped my maid and warned her to leave the room immediately. This made her feel so bad and she decided to teach a lesson, without saying a word she went out and continued her work in kitchen.
    As the days passed I have handed over all the work to my maid as it is being very difficult to work along with her covering my body structure. So I have decided to take care of suhan and leave all the cooking and washing work to my maid. My maid is just waiting for the right time to take revenge on me but she never shown any anger on me as she is working in our house and always talk happily with me even though I used to scold her for all the things. The days are passed and the coming weekend I have decided to ask to buy some cloths to me as all the shirts and pants are not fitting to me due to my change in body structure and also they are very old and bad condition to wear them.

    It is Friday the weekend I have decided to ask suhan about my dresses . so I have made suhan feel more comfortable and satisfied during our sex in the night . I have voluntary opened my shirt and asked my wife to open the bra and suck my nipples and njoy my breast seeing my acts my wife got doubt that I am expecting something from her. But she enjoyed me a lot making me slut and bad bitch the entire night and played with all my organs but I did not say anything rather I asked her to do more like a prostitute which increased her mood. We both slept after some time me keeping my head on suhan chest and suhan keeping her both hands on me tightly the whole night with no dresses on our body just a blacket which covered both of us.

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    Sharmila Devi (Monday, 22 February 2016 12:25)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -5-2

    It is Saturday morning 9Am , I suddenly woke up and thought about all the work in the kitchen then I remembered that we have maid and she might have already started her work. She daily comes at 7Am to our house without disturbing us as she have separate key with her. Now my position is I don’t have any clothes on my body and suhan is having an underwear and tshirt. I am sleeping on her chest slowly called suhan to wake up with fear as wife calling her husband. Then suhan opened her eyes and saw me sleeping on chest and feeling shy to ask something. Then suhan asked me is there something to ask her pressing my boobs. Then in a low voice I asked her to buy some dresses to me as my dresses are not in good condition to wear. Then suddenly with loud voice suhan throwed me on to the floor and told “ don’t play such girly tricks with me, and I already told you many times that I am not going to waste my money for unnecessary things.” Saying that suhan left the room and went directly to hall. But all this conversation is heard by my maid. Now I stood up and went to bathroom room and wearing bra felt so sad about suhan act. While I was going down to the hall whipping my tears floating like river adjusting my long hair I could see my maid is saying something to suhan showing our bedroom. Then suhan thought for a while and told “good idea kanthamaa from today I will increase your salary you have saved lots of money”. Saying that suhan turned towards me and asked me and kanthamma to come with her to the bedroom and when we reached the bedroom she opened her wardrobe to my great surprice there are lots of colorful sarees like silk sarees , benaras, Pattu sarees and fanscy sarees collections and many types of blouses…peticoats…bras..panties. And to the other side there are many chudidars…tops.and.leggings. Seeing all the dresses I was so much surprised that why is she not wearing all these dresses these many days wearing only jeans ..tshirt.. or business wear to her office.
    Suhan understood my doubt and explained me that all these dresses were bought by her during our wedding and due to the work culture and her busy schedule she could not use them. And also she told that she don’t want to use them in future as she doesn’t like them and she is more comfortable in jeans ..tshirt..and business wear and she will wear some night pant and tshirt when she is at home. Explaining all these things she told that these dresses should not be wasted and with a pause she asked me to use all these dresses instead of buying new dresses and it is apt that there is no problem wearing the saree as am staying at home all the time. Listening to suhan words I was in drum struck and did not understand how to react to the situation. Then my maid came in middle and praised my wife that she has really good collection of saree and anybody can look beautiful in these sarees seeing me she stopped. Then my wife continued and asked our maid to help me in wearing all these sarees and make sure that all the blouses will perfectly fit to me. She also added that I have to start wearing her dresses from today without any delay.

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    Sharmila Devi (Tuesday, 23 February 2016 08:55)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -6

    I have no other choice except wearing my wife dresses as she is very strict and would punish me if I don’t wear it. And my maid came towards me as if she is there to help me out. Then I went towards the wardrobe along with my maid to get started. First she has taken all the blouses and started displaying on my body to check if it suits me or not which I really didn’t like. Then she have taken one new Dark pink color low neck blouse which clearly makes my back visible and asked me to try the blouse so that we can know if there should be any changes to be done to the blouse. Then she asked me to open the shirt to wear the blouse. I felt shy to open the shirt in front her then she came towards me in a commanding way started opening my blouse as it is her duty to make him ready in saree by end of this day. I could not say anything to her it is my wife order to my maid to take the charge. On opening the shirt she found a beautiful breast hidden in a bra. Now I was standing like a half nude women infront of her. She made comments on my breast that no men would leave me if I go side in this half nude way and this statement made me feel shy and looking at me my maid teased me saying “But you have no chance as these boobs are belongs to your wife and nobody else.” And I thought she is right as I was just like an object to my wife.
    My maid pick up a blouse and told me to insert both hands in arms of blouse. Then due to back hook of blouse maid started hooking all pins from back. The blouse is so tight that I was just moaning out like a girl asking my maid to hook it loose . And with the great effort she completed all the hooks. Now the blouse is so tight that I could not even breath for a while. Blouse was perfectly fits on me but my boobs did not fit inside blouse cups being my breast size more, some portion of the breast along with bra came out side making it a nice cleavage. Then my maid tied a knot at back of the blouse and made the threads flow on my back which gave me feel good. Maid saw it and said “Wow so sexy look baby” . Then my maid continued in selecting a saree. She asked me to select a saree from the collection but I could not select as all the sarees are equally good and started looking at them one by one. Then my maid teased me that I am looking into saree collection like a women who takes long time to select. Then my maid selected a pink color silk saree saying that as this is the first time am wearing a saree. Pink is always the best for any girl. And selected a matching petticoat on the saree. Then she handed over the petticoat to me to wear .I was asked to open My pant but due to my shyness I went inside the bathroom opened my pant and came out covering my underwear with one hands. Seeing me in the underwear My maid asked me to open it as it belongs to men and asked me to select any panty from wife collection and wear as it is not correct way to wear women dress having male undergarments inside. With no other choice I went to pick up a panty and my maid asked me to wear a pink panty as it will match and gave me a pink panty which is net type panty so soft and silky. And wear it without any hesitant. Now my maid asked me arrange my private part properly tucked in so that it will not be visible and panty looks flat in that area. And I did the same. Then I started wearing petticoat from bottom then my maid laughed at me and told that men should only wear from down and women should always wear from top and saying that she asked me to raise my hand and adjusted petticoat such that the petticoat coming below my novel. She tied the petticoat so tightly due to which few folds came on my body and novel is very sexy than before with small curvy shape. But it is great feeling wearing both petticoat and blouse even though there is pain. I am wondering how I was looking with this blouse and petticoat and wanted to check it in the mirror.

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    I am very exited to read,shymal,ex q zit,princess kajalkapoor are also very good writers but they disappointed frequently
    I am telling the truth,obviously they hurted
    I am very very sorry,please ignore me.

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    Hi all due to my busy schedule it is being very difficult for me to complete...plz understand..and u go...

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    Sharmila Devi (Tuesday, 23 February 2016 11:46)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -6-1

    Then with great effort I asked my maid that I wish to check it in the mirror with shy on my face. Then my maid laughed and told “every girl wants to see her first time wearing saree and it is same with me also” and I was made to check the blouse and petticoat in the mirror and also asked me to check the fittings of the blouse. When I went to mirror I saw a young sexy women inside the mirror, as there is no facial hair on my face I looked so feminine with the long hair and the blouse is so sexy to me the cleavage is visible and petticoat made my lower parts like my hip , navel look so sexy. Then I felt blushed and my maid could find out that I liked wearing this dress. Then my maid immediately came towards me and told me “”You can feel shy in front of your wife and now you please check how they look on you” pinching my hip. And then I came out of my world to check my blouse and petticoat. I Checked the petticoat it is perfect but the blouse there are many corrections I found in the size and started adjusting my boobs to cover it completely then suddenly my wife came from behind and asked me if I like the blouse with smiling face. Then my face turned red and put my head down and went behind my maid so that I can cover my cleavage from my wife lust eyes. She continued saying “how can you cover your parts in our bedroom dear” and started laughing. Then my maid also started laughing and made me to come in front of my wife so that she can watch my beauty and enjoy, as all my beauty belongs to my wife. Then my wife watched me from top to bottom enjoying like a man and she enjoyed looking at my sexy cleavage , novel and all the curves on my body and went down to watch Tv asking my maid to complete it fast.
    Then my maid started drapping saree on me and asked me to learn very quickly as it is very difficult for her to dress me up daily. She started tucking in one side of the saree into my petticoat. When she tucked the saree into petticoat very deeper she even touched my panty inside and moved her fingers inside to properly fit, but it gave me great sensations and I started holding her shoulder in a shy. Then she started moving the saree around my waist for one time and left some portion of the saree infront for the pleats below my navel. Then she started with my pallu of 6 steps and she intentionally wanted it so thin that my breast under my blouse and bra will be clearly visible. Then she nicely adjusted the pallu on my sholders with a pin so that it will be in it position. Now she started with pleating the saree at the bottom and made nicely pinned so that it would get good shape and finally tucked the pleats into my petticoat very deeper such that she even now touched my small object and teasing me she started moving her hands on it which made me mad and asked her to stop it. And she finally pinned the saree pleats to the petticoat and adjusted all around my saree. Now am completely ready in soft and silk pink color saree with low neck blouse at back which is clearly visible and my cleavage at front with my navel and curvy hip visible in front making me so sexy. Then she combed my silk and loose hair at the back and adjusted it properly with the hair pin at back.
    My maid left me in the room and went down to inform my wife that am ready in the saree. Mean while I started looking my self into the mirror I looked myself a very sexy and young lady of age 24 who is ready to get married. After few seconds I heard my wife call me down. Then my heart again started beating fast as this is the first time am being in saree in front of her and that too in a so sexy way. Then my maid came fast towards me to help me walking down the steps to the hall as a women taken towards men in her engagement ceremony.

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    Kumkum (Tuesday, 23 February 2016 13:34)

    Great going sharmila. Thank you very much . In spite of being busy you made time for us. You are very kind.

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    Sharmila Devi (Tuesday, 23 February 2016 16:43)

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    Sharmila Devi (Wednesday, 24 February 2016 12:18)

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    Sharmila Devi (Thursday, 25 February 2016 07:59)

    With great effort I could write next part. Please provide ur valuable comments which encourage me and continue writing.

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    Sharmila Devi (Thursday, 25 February 2016 08:04)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -7

    My maid came to me and asked me to walk slowly when going down as this is the first time am wearing the saree and also how to carry the saree while walking. I have prepared myself to face my wife with this beautiful saree. Then we both started moving towards the hall , my maid helped me to walk and kept I my head down while walking. Finally we reached hall and I was in front of my wife. Then my wife stood up seeing me with surprise and also praised me for my beauty in the saree. She started moving around me so that she can enjoy each and every bit of my dressing. Then she observed my blouse where my breast is half visible making clear view of my cleavage. And my navel having a sexy curves around my hip. And then comes to the back my blouse made my back visible and look sexy. She came towards me and lifted me up and rotated round feeling so happy. And hugged me very tightly , then I asked suhan to stop as maid is watching us and this made feel shame as my wife lifted and taken control on me before my maid. She thanked my maid for making me such beautiful and sexy doll.
    Then she started looking at my face and asked my maid to bring something from the bedroom. Then maid laughed and went to the room and bought 2 boxes and given it to my wife. Then my wife took something from one box and came laughing towards me and asked me to close my eyes. And she did something which made some sensation on my forehead. And they both started laughing each other. And now my wife told that am perfect now and the remaining changes can be done gradually. Then to find out the change I went towards the mirror in the hall and observed that there a fancy bindi kept on my forehead and I understood that my wife kept bindi on my forehead. I felt shame and started removing it then my wife came to me and warned me not to remove it. I should keep the bindi always, as from now I will always wear women dresses and this bindi shoots me very well on my face. Then she asked me to bring some water so that she can observe my walking and also the moving breast from blouse.Then I went to kitchen, while walking I have to walk in a different way due to saree and also make sure that I cover all the part by covering with my hands. Then I have taken some glass of water and given it to my wife. While my maid is observing everything and she came to know that my wife is enjoying me in female dresses.
    And my maid continued that if my feet contains the payal then it would me more feminine and also I will walk like a lady. Then my wife with a smiling face opened another box having some ornaments in it, she took out pair of heavy payal and asked my maid to keep payal on my feet. Then I resisted to wear payal but my wife gave a serious look with which I just lowered my head and my maid kept payal to both the legs. And she added a nice chain in my neck which my wife used to wear during her collage days. And then comes to my hand my wife felt that my hands are empty and they should be filled with something. Then my maid continued saying that matching bangles will really give good look. Then my wife immediately asked my maid to select two dozens of bangles from her ornament box which perfectly suits to the saree. Then my maid took some pink and golden color bangles and she made some pattern with both the bangles which are looking so nice. Now my maid bought all the bangles towards me to wear them on my both hands. Then I resisted that only women will wear bangles then my wife came in middle and told that only women will have breast and wear bra why did di I have so large breast as a sexy bitch. Then I lowered my head without uttering even a word as my wife would continue describing my other feminine parts also. Then my maid started wearing 1 dozen bangles on each hand making even my hands more feminine and matching with the saree which am wearing. Then my continued that I have to always wear all the matching ornaments to impress her. But am bit relaxed that my wife did not make me to wear her mangalasutra and toe rings and make me her wife completely, if that happen I would die as I should always obey her and be at her feet like any other women.

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    vasantha (Thursday, 25 February 2016 10:54)

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    Sharmila Devi (Thursday, 25 February 2016 11:52)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -7-1

    Thinking all these things I and my maid went to kitchen to prepare lunch for suhan. While doing the works suhan used to come to kitchen with some work like drinking water or asking something to me and she used to my touch my curvey hip and navel and also that she can look into my body structure which will be more visible when am working. After some time my maid went out to clean our house outside as she did not complete that work as she is busy in getting me ready in saree since morning. Seeing this suhan came into kitchen quickly and lifted me on her arms saying that she is in full mood after seeing me in this saree. I slowly asked her to not to do this now as our maid is there in the house still. But she did not listen to me and even I could not make noise as my maid would come to know that my wife is fuck me now. She took me with her strong arms into our bedroom and throwed me on to the bed. I then stood up from bed and pleaded her not fuck me now and I would totally surrender this night. Then my wife told laughing “ This night anyways u will be under my control and even now I want to enjoy as u look so sexxyyy which is imposible for me to control…come u bitch…” .
    Saying this she came towards me and kissed on my back which is sexy and visible, and then she gradually came down and started kissing my navel, pressing my curves formed on my hips and this is first time she is kissing on my navel as it is looking more sexy under my saree. Then I liked the way she kissing my navel due to increase in mood I catched her hair and started caring her like a man. And then she started opening my blouse which is very tight from my back which very pain full to me. Now she removed my saree from body and throwed it on the floor then I ran back to take the saree and cover my body. Then she pulled me from there and again throwed me on to the bed and jumped on me. Now I could not move even an inch as she has more strength than me. Now she started placing her hands into my petticoat and removed my panty from inside, playing with my penis for some time and she got surprised that even I have started wearing her panty. Then she asked me to turn back and show my ass. And I like this very much as she will insert her fingers into my ass so without a second thought I turned back and lifted my petticoat so that she can easily insert her fingers and make me feel satisfied. Now she applied some oil on my ass and this is first time she is applying the oil I don’t know why she is applying but I enjoyed it as it making my ass more smooth and silky. Then she started inserted something into my ass. Now started shouting loud as it gave me pain and turned back to check what did she insert into ass.
    To my surprice she opened a didlo from her pant zip. This shocked me and the size is 8 inch which is very large and it cannot be inserted into my ass as I have small hole in my ass. Then I understood why my wife applied oil on my back. Then my wife with cruel smile asked me to lick her dildo first so that I would understand the depth of the object and enjoy it. While I was sucking the dildo she opened my bra and started pressing my boobs and nipples making it so red which made me cry like female. Then she made me turn back and started inserting her penis into my ass like vagina . I am getting tears from my eyes and I pleaded her not to do that as it is very much paining to me. Then after so much struggle she pushed the entire dildo into my ass Which made me shout loud as if am getting raped. Then she started pumping into my ass to and fro and after 1 hour of long fucking she left in the bedroom and went back to hall watch TV as if she did not do anything.
    Now am only with the petticoat on my body and my bra, panty, blouse and saree are on the ground. Then I collected all my cloths and wear my bra and panty. Now I could not wear blouse as they have back side pins. So I have to take help from my maid to help me wearing the saree. But am bit hesitant that my maid would ask me why I have opened my saree again and she would not help me wearing. But I went towards her covering my body with blouse and saree . When I went into the kitchen I saw her cleaning the utensils after seeing me she laughed at me in a teasing manner. I understood that she may be knowing what happened now. Then she immediately came towards me and asked me not bring those cloths into kitchen as they have to be washed with this, I came to know her intention. Then told me why she came up to kitchen as it would be difficult for me to walk during this time. Which made me feel embraced and asked me to go back to bedroom and she also came along with me to bedroom to help me in wearing another saree.

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    Kumkum (Thursday, 25 February 2016 14:52)

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    Kumkum (Thursday, 25 February 2016 14:53)

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    Sharmila Devi (Thursday, 25 February 2016 16:18)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -7-2

    After reaching the bedroom she asked me if I have enjoyed a lot then I lowered my head feeling shy. Then she told me that I am very lucky that my wife is having sex with me even during day time and this does not happen with her husband. She also told me that I have to be little cautious while my wife fucking me and she continued asking me why I have shouted so loud during our sex. And asked if my wife used any naughty things to make me more pleasure. Then I understood that my maid came to know even about our sex life that I am submissive and my wife is dominant even in the bedroom. Then she took a black color blouse and black color silk saree and gave me new bra and panty to wear from my wife wardrobe saying that it would be beter to wear dark colors after the sex so that it cover the blood strains formed during sex time. Then she again continued wearing tight blouse on me and this time she has taken my breast measurements and blouse measurements so that she will get all the blouses fitting beter by tailor and this is my wife order to my maid. Then she started wearing the saree to me and completed now am ready with the black silk saree. And then she applied a black bindi on my forehead to match my saree and she gave me black bangles to wear.
    My wife after seeing me in black saree, she got a thought and also asked my maid to paint my finger nails and toe nails with black nail polish so that I would look more feminine and sexy. Then my maid continued that she don’t know how to apply nail polish properly. Which gave me a sort of relief but after some time my maid exploded a bomb saying that if my wife agrees her daughter would come here and help me to turn into beautiful and gorgeous women as she is working in beauty parlor and she is also free now as her final exams are completed. Then my wife felt very happy and asked my maid to help in making me into beautiful and do whatever she wants to make me more beautiful. I was in silent mode listening to their conversation thinking about my future and also feared about the coming days as there will be new person (maid daughter) to make me feel more humiliated by changing me completely.

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    meena (Thursday, 25 February 2016 21:53)

    சகோதரன்- TANSACS - C.SHARP இணைந்து வழங்கும் 'மாற்றம்' சமூக மக்களுக்கான பல்சுவை கண்கவர் கலை நிகழ்ச்சி

    நாடகம், ஆடல் பாடல், பேஷன் ஷோ மற்றும் வினாடி வினா போன்ற அழகும், அறிவும், பரிசும் நிறைந்த அரிய நிகழ்ச்சி

    நாள் - 27.02.2016
    நேரம் - மாலை 5 மணி
    இடம் - ராயப்பேட்டை அமீர் மஹால் அருகில், மீர் பக்ஷிஅலி தெரு, சமுதாய நலக் கூடம்

    அனைவரும் வருக... அனுபவம் பெருக...


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    And dear all other star writter please post your updates. EX-Q-ZIT,KP,Srs, priyasree,swati... Where are you all..WAITING FOR YOUR STORIES...

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    poonam (Saturday, 27 February 2016 22:38)

    nic stry

  • #215

    Sharmila Devi (Sunday, 28 February 2016 00:17)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -8

    The two days of weekend is completed with my wife completely enjoying me in different sarees and Today is Monday the time is 7Am my day started as usual with lots of pain in my ass as the dose got increased last night due to my sexy saree drapping made my wife feel horny and fucked me very hard. Now she is very fond of having sex with me and I should never say anything to my wife like I have change the sarees when ever my wife wishes and my bangles should match the saree which I am wearing. I woke up from the bed with no saree ,blouse, petticoat, bra and panty on my body am completely nude except 2 dozens of bangles on each hand which she always wants me to wear and payal on my legs.This is how she always wish me to be on the bed. I stood up from bed keeping my hands on my breast, now my breast is covered with my hands having full of bangles which making lots of sound. While I was walking to take my petticoat and bra so that I Can atleast cover some portion of my body there is a nice tinkling sound coming from my payal. I first took my panty and bra to wear while wearing there is lots of sound coming from my bangles which made my wife to wakeup. And she started moving towards me then in fear I started running from her taking my petticoat and saree along with me towards hall. By seeing me my wife just laughed and told that she would take the revenge tonight and she slept again.
    When I went to hall covering my breast with petticoat I saw my maid is sweeping the floor and a girl is sitting on the sofa reading newspaper. My maid saw me in a half nude dress and started laughing then the girl turned back and saw me .OMG she is maid daughter . I just ran from there to our bedroom in a shame that even a girl of just age 18 saw me half nude . Thinking all these thing I wore my petticoat , blouse and called my maid to help me wearing the saree. Then my maid came towards me and told that her daughter would help me in learning wearing saree in different ways. Saying this she asked me to come to kitchen. Then I went to kitchen to help my maid in preparing the breakfast. Then I saw both my wife and the girl are talking to each other and laughing . I understood that she may be telling about me. So I am in fear that how the new girl would treat me and how the thing going to happen in the coming days.
    I prepared coffe and went to hall to give my wife and the girl is sitting on the other side while I was walking to wards my wife to hall with coffee in my hand there is a lot of disturbances from sounds made by payal and bangles in the hand which made me mad.I gave the coffee to my wife and Then my wife introduced me to the girl saying “Raji she is Vaishali daughter of our maid and your new friend and she will train you how to dressup and look beautiful. I could not see her face as I am ashamed of me introduced as women in front of a girl. Then she came towards me and kept her hands on my pallu and asked me to always cover my breast properly that is the first thing every girl needs to do and she adjusted my pallu. Then I felt shy and left the place and went back to kitchen immediately without saying anything. Then my wife again asked me to come back to hall. Then my wife asked the girl to look at me and asked if she can turn me in to a beautiful women. Then the girl replied to give her 1 month and she will totally change me into a perfect women . Then my wife asked me to learn every thing from vaishali and be like a good girl and both my wife and vaishali started laughing. Then vaishali started looking at me from top to bottom . I was in a yellow saree , red blouse and some portion of the bra is visible. And two hands are having full of bangle and payal on my legs. Now she told my wife that I need many changes . And she told that for some of the things to be changed she has to take me to the beauty paurler. Listning to it my heart started beating fast as I never went to beauty pauler and that too with a girl. Then my wife gave some money to girl and asked her to do what ever she wants. And she went to get ready for the office. After sometime my wife came down and asked me to give her office shoes immidiatly . Then immidiatly I went and taken her shoes and polished properly and make her to wear the shoes . The girl saw all my submissiveness and all the dominating nature of my wife and she completely understood about me. Then my wife left for the office. Now I my maid and vaishali are in the home. Suddenly I heard a voice from hall “Rajiii get ready we have to go to beauty parlor now to make you more beautiful and feminine.” Vaishali shouted am fully tensed for this she gave as a order to me and that to in a commanding voice, Now am in fear as how to face this situation and what would be my situation in parlor and what are the changes going to happen to me???????

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    Kumkum (Sunday, 28 February 2016 05:38)

    Sharmila.. You are driving us crazy.please post some more parts.

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    Pratiksha (Sunday, 28 February 2016 11:35)

    Sharmila give raji different long hairstyles like braid, braided juda, french plaits, twin braids hairbun etc. to add more feminism

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    Sharmila Devi (Sunday, 28 February 2016 22:40)

    hi friends..happy that your are encouraging me . but from screen #286 till now i was the only person posting and no other sisters stories. Wat happen to other writers...even readers u can try and put your ideas here....and this is the first time am also you can also write..plzzzz post your stories ...request from my side..

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    Aaradhana (Tuesday, 01 March 2016 18:40)

    Hi All,

    By clicking the below URL, you can get Moto G3 for 9999/- only.


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    Why Did He Change in to a GIRL??? @

    Why Did his Friends Change him in to a Woman @

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    plz someone write any magical story plz

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    This is my first post here and i hv been a silent reader all this while. Im a closet cd 54 years old. Wish to congratulate all the writers for their fantastic writings and of course Raji for providing this wonderful platform. I shall follow up more often with my ideas for writers to expand into stories. is their a group where we can all chat and fantasize our thoughts. Please let me know. Love you all. Jaya

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    Sharmila Devi hats of, ur simply awesome. Nothing to compare ur story, please continue.

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    Kumkum (Thursday, 03 March 2016 02:49)

    SRS What happened to you ? Please story post karo.

  • #232

    Sharmila Devi (Thursday, 03 March 2016 06:08)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -8-1

    Vaishali came along with me to the bedroom to select the dress to wear for going to the beauty parlor . She opened the wardrobe and asked me to select from the list of dresses in the wardrobe. Then my maid came in side and took out a plain green saree having flowers in the border. Then I told that I don’t like the saree and started choosing the different one then both maid and vaishali started laughing saying that I started liking the sarees and even am able to select the sarees which I like. Then vaishali stopped me to selecting the sarees from wardrobe instead she took some cloths from her bag which she bought. I am eagerly waiting what are those. Then she took out a bluse jeans a modern Tshirt. I felt so happy and thanked vaishali for the dress as after so many months am wearing the male dresses. Then I happily took the jeans and Tshirt and started moving towards the bathroom to wear as am feeling so shy to change my dress before two ladies. Then vaishali stopped me asked me to wear before her and then my maid started laughing and even she also asked me to do the same. So I have no other choice and am not worried as am changing into male dress.
    I started removing my saree slowly before both the ladies feeling so much shy now am only with my petticoat which is placed blow my navel and with the blouse. I wanted to remove my blouse first but I could not as blouse pins are at back side. I felt shy and asked my maid to help me remove my blouse pins then vaishali came farward and started removing all the pins from back and she even started touching my soft breast inside the blouse in a teasing manner. While removing the pins she said me to open the petticoat fast as she is eagerly waiting to watch if I have the male part inside or not in a teasing way and both the ladies started laughing. Then I removed the blouse completely, now am only with the bra and petticoat and I have to open the petticoat first time before other ladies. With great discomfort I opened the petticoat and now panty is visible to both the ladies. Then vaishali doubt full looked at my panty as it is very flat just like a female. Then she asked me if am a women or a man, as she could not see any bulge shape from the panty. Then I lowered my head with shame. Then she came forward and asked me to sleep on bed to check the parts on my body. But I resisted to do that then my maid catched me and asked her to check. Then she lowered my panty and took out my small penis and started laughing saying that this has no use to satisfy and started playing with it like a doll. The I stood up and went to one corner of the room and started crying then they shouted on me and asked me to wear the dress fast as it time to go out. Then with fear I took both the jeans the tshirt to wear. First I took the jeans and started wearing .with great effort I could wear as it is very tight making my thighs and ass virtually visible and to my surprise the pant came only upto my knees. Then I asked vaishali that the jeans is not my size. Then she started laughing and told that girls jeans would always look like this making sexy parts visible. Then I understood that she bought her dresses. Then vaishali continued that as they are going to beauty parlor they have to look modern so she asked me to wear the jeans instead of saree. Now I understood her intention and took the tshirt which is beautifully designed with flowers and it is very thin. Then I even wear the tshirt which is very tight and short that it came above my navel making my navel and hip visible from outside and even my bra and cleavage is visible from outside due to the thin material of t-shirt. Then both the ladies started praising me that I look so sexy and no man would leave me if am alone. Then vaishali came and hugged me in a girly manner and told me to manage to cover my body parts from out side world. Then she started loose my hair and to suit my dress and she removed the bangles and payal and added one bracelet to my hand now am looking just like collage girl. Then she gave a high heels of 6 inch to wear taken from my wife collection after wearing I could not walk as that is the first time am wearing the high heels. Then she understood my problem and gave me 2 inch heels and asked me to wear even now am discomfortable but I could manage.

  • #233

    Sharmila Devi (Thursday, 03 March 2016 06:11)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -8-2

    Then We both started to beauty parlor she is driving the scooty and I am sitting on the back side like her girlfriend. This is the first time am going outside with other ladies after my inner shopping with my wife. Now so much discomfortable with the dress as all the man on the road are watching both of us and some of the man are watching only me as am looking more hot and sexy. Finally we reached the parlor I ran inside the parlor as I could not manage myself before man who were outside. Then vaishali asked me to sit on a chair and she went inside and came out changing her dress. Then I understood that vaishali is working in the parlor. All the other girls staff greeted vaishali asked about me . Then she told that am her friend and told something into ears. Then the girls looked at me and started laughing and teased me saying that do you like this change. Then I understood that vaishali told them that am a boy.
    Then the girls took me into a room and asked me to remove my cloths to do the complete waxing on my body. Then I got fear and asked vaishali what is the need to do waxing on my body. Then she told that as am looking like a women now with breast and all and even am wearing the girls dresses it is not good to have hair on my body and she also told that she has taken permission from my wife. Now I could not do anything as this is my wife plan indirectly. Then I went inside and opened my dress and came out with the towel on my body. Then the girls started doing waxing on my body as there is very less on my body they could easily remove all the hair but it is so painful I even started crying and pleaded them to stop . But they continued and removed all the hair except in the private area. Now my body is so smooth and silky there is not even a single hair on my body. When I looked myself into the mirror I could see a feminine body with beautiful beast and curves on my body. Then they asked me to do the bath with the hot water and come outside. Then after my bath I changed my clothes before the girls and now vaishai took me into other room to do the other changes. She made me to sit on the chair and asked me to get ready for a pain on my ears and nose. I understood that she is going to make hole on my ears and nose to keep the ear rings and nose rings. Now I started crying and asked her not to do it as that will be a permanent change on my body and that cannot be changed again. Then she pressed my breast and told that how this is can be changed and also told that there are many womanly changes already happed on my body and this is just the add on to make me more beautiful before my wife. Which made me feel embraced and I lowered my head. Then she took a gun and started making gun shots on my ears and nose which made so much pain and I started crying there is also some blood came. Seeing me in this situation some girls came towards me and told that it is common to all the girls and we have to accept it and they started teasing me now you are ready to wear your first ear and nose rings and they made to wear ear studs and nose stud. After some time she took me into other other room and this room is like a makeup room for the girls. First she did eyebrow shape and then she started applying some creams on my face and did some massage on my face for 30 mins. And made to sit on a chair and some girls came to me and started doing my hair staighting and cut some unwanted hair. Then they started shaping my hand nails and toe nails and painted them beautifully with pink nail polish. I could not understand what they are doing as my eyes are closed with kheera. After 2 hours they released me and asked me to look myself into the mirror.

  • #234

    Sharmila Devi (Thursday, 03 March 2016 06:12)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -8-3

    “O MYyyy GODDDDD” I screemed out then all the girls inside turned towards me then I just sat on my chair and started looking at myself in the mirror. Unbelievable I could not belive my eyes as there is beautiful women in front of me when I looked into the mirror am totally into the different world. My face looked so feminine just like a real women there are lots of changes. Vaishali understood that am enjoying my new face and change and they started teasing me . Vaishali came towards me whispered that today night I will be having long sex with my wife as my wife would not leave me seeing at my beauty. And when she told that first time I blushed and lowered my head feeling shy. Then vaishali came and gave me the bill . The bill is 20,000 which is very huge and am not so tensed as my wife already gave money to vaishali. But vaishali told that my wife only gave 5,000 and I still have to pay remaining amount asking my wife which is very hard as wife is very strict in spending money. Then we both took the bill and left the place promising that I would pay her the remaining amount after asking my wife.
    We both reached home on her scooty and this time I was so confident when the man looking at me as am completely changed and looking so feminine like real women and even I have enjoyed the man looking to me with their lust eyes and even I gave them the reply with my laugh. We finaly reached home and we knocked the door my maid opened the door and stood with out even a single word from her mouth and then she started saying that now am looking like real women and she started teasing me that I should get married to man instead of a women. She when asked to marry some of her relatives which made me feel angry and went into my bedroom. Then my maid and vaishali came towards me and asked me to get ready in one of the saree as they have to present me before my wife in a beautiful saree before my wife reaches home.

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    POOJA (Thursday, 03 March 2016 09:43)

    Hai sharmila Devi....Nice story, you have good skill to write story We r wating for next parts of story plz plz don't delay to next part
    Plz make him wear heavy saree always with Ghungat.and give him heavy payal and heavy nosering with chain.and tease him always and give more household work.

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    Kumkum (Thursday, 03 March 2016 14:47)

    Again a great update. Sharmila don't stop.

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    Srs (Friday, 04 March 2016 03:49)

    sharmila Devi, nice and thanks for continuing ur story quickly, kumkum iam sorry about my story, my laptop got mes and i lost my data. I promise I will continue my story soon.

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    anu radha (Friday, 04 March 2016 08:30)

    sharmila i like your story very much , your narration is good ,

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    anu radha (Friday, 04 March 2016 08:35)

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    Sharmila Devi (Friday, 04 March 2016 08:50)

    Thanks Kumkum, Srs ,pooja and anu for ur encouragement..will continue as am bit busy... Srs please continue ur story..other writers, Y every one stopped writing al of a sudden.Plzz continue..

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    Kajal (Friday, 04 March 2016 12:26)

    Nice Story dear Sharmila Devi..... very interesting concept and your story telling skill is awesome keep continue and post more such Stories

    LOve KAjal

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    Srs (Saturday, 05 March 2016 03:59)

    Ya soon i will continue my story

  • #243

    ramrj (Monday, 07 March 2016 03:40)

    Kajal when u ll complete ur story...???

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    Kumkum (Monday, 07 March 2016 03:45)

    Kajal.SRS.Exqzit.Priyasree.Aswani.Sharmila. we (the readers) are dying please save them.

  • #245

    Carina (Monday, 07 March 2016 11:32)

    Hello Sisters,

    Advance Women's Day wishes !!
    Along with this wish planning to post a story .
    This is my first attempt so kindly bear with me !!
    It's a quite lengthy story which happens between couple who gonna to get married !!
    Hope you all like it!!

    Comments and critical reviews are more welcome !!


    Story Title : Happy Women's Day

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    mahesh (Monday, 07 March 2016 11:33)

    tamil story plz yaravathu ezthungal plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • #247

    Carina (Monday, 07 March 2016 11:37)

    Chapter 1

    We are so close that apart from sexting we do exchange naked selfie . It all started with once such selfie share . My gf had done her first waxing upon my request for our marriage and that night she sent me the selfie while sexting after making me exciting with all those seducing words. I didn't get any reaction apart from the word SEXOW ( This is the reaction sexy+wow which we use while sexting ). Even she was feeling so good after that and sharing her feelings like how her body feels so good against her satin bed spread and her satin baby doll night dress. She was so much aroused and asked that I also should wax my body. I was not accepting for long time and finally end of the day I did accept and said I will not go to parlour and all so she has to help me to do it. She also accepted.

    Since we both took a week holiday before our engagement , planned to meet at my place since she is living with her parents. She came to my room with all the required stuffs and we started to do waxing with the help of YouTube and special advice from her beautician. It started with honey chocolate wax and veet at the end. She was teasing me to the core when I was suffering in pain. She was gigglling all the time and having fun exploring intimate regions of my body. Finally we are done and she asked me to take cool water bath. I was still in the pain of waxing and got into bathroom with the body lotion and shampoo given to me from my gf. Had a good bath and after the bath it was feeling weird for me without all body hair and it was also feeling good for my chubby body built. We started out for lunch and some shopping. I was wearing my jeans and full sleeve tee which started irritating my body and was complaining to my gf see what she had done to me. She said she have a solution for it and at that time we entered into a home interior decoration shop which we had decided to get our King size bed. We ordered it and along with it she had got some satin bed spreads, pillow and pillow covers also. By that time I went to men's room to help myself and she had done her shopping. Our bed was delivered that night itself and it was all set up in my bedroom soon to be our bedroom.

  • #248

    Carina (Monday, 07 March 2016 11:41)

    Chapter 2

    My gf said use the new bed spread which we brought , the satin one which is red color which is our favourite color. I did the arrangements and skyped my gf to check it out she was excited to see it. She asked me to use the body lotion and shampoo before going to bed so that I will feel good. I did and I was feeling good until I wear my tee and shots. I was again showing how discomfort I am to my gf. She asked me to get on the bed and call her. I did and that's the moment I was feeling really comfortable and excited at the same time. Because my legs are feeling great against the satin spread. She teased me saying today it's my turn to send a naked selfie. I got naked with in seconds got on my bed and sent her multiple selfie and she got that I am more excited even without seeing her natural beauty. And we had great chat and slept early since I was all tired from shopping and waxing and we kissed Good Night.

    Dono how much time I slept and heard my calling Bell and mobile was continuously ringing and it was my gf . Picked the call and she was yelling at me to open the door and I don't want to get off my new satin bed . I opened the door covering myself with satin bed sheet. She started laughing heavily seeing me in such avatar. Hi Sexy good morning was the words from her mouth but she was more attracted below my waist and I saw down there was a satin tent.
    Hmm it seems that you both had a great sleep my gf still teasing my in the morning itself and I went back to my bed while my gf was making coffee for us. And she come to the bedroom to see me all awake and lying on our bed with a red satin tent. She was like this is not the time honey get the coffee. While having coffee I expressed that I don't want to get out the bed at all I love this feel so much. My gf was like so you also love satin , I know the moment it feels good and it gonna to spice up our love life a lot. So you enjoy ur nap I will come back saying so she took my wallet , car keys and my house keys. I was least bothered and back to sleep.

  • #249

    Carina (Monday, 07 March 2016 11:43)

    Chapter 3

    My gf was waking me up around early evening. I was all up seeing my gf in such a sexy dress. It was purple color transparent saree , deep neck blouse showing her sexy cleavage and backless with 2 strings exposing her sexy back. Dangling earrings , simple necklace with a pendant decorating her cleavage followed by a small navel ring. With all this she was walking seductively towards me with each step payals chilling and heeling tick-tocking. So you still need to sleep all the day ?? was I hearing from her sexy lips which is complimenting her saree not sure about the color and her kajal clad eyes will full of love and arching eyebrows all this questioning my manliness. Answer was much visible for both of us in the from of my satin tent bed sheet. She was so reluctant not like this you dirty ass. I took bath with respective lotions and had some snacks with her on our bed with so care that it was not spilling any where .

    I was hurrying over her unable to control myself. But she held me back saying let me make you comfortable with a good dress first since you suffered a lot yesterday because of me. Saying so she seductively blindfolded me using a satin napkin. I was feeling something more kinky gonna happen today and the day is just started. (From now on my gf will narrate it, we all will get to know why so in next few lines).
    ( Romantic music on which keeps up the mood with some Jasmine room freshner. Imagine best karaoke of your favorite romantic song until the dressing part finish )

  • #250

    Carina (Monday, 07 March 2016 12:09)

    Chapter 4

    I held his arm and made him stand and applied some moisturizer for my whole body and took care not to spoil his erect bro. My motive was to make his body feel so comfort that he has to forget all the pain and irritation which he had yesterday. Then I thought and realised i was so comfort in my satin baby doll then I thought so it will be kinky for my bf to dress in such a baby doll. With this plan I went out taking my bf wallet and car. But in the shop I saw something more. They have satin sarees !! Bingo this is it so I brought two sets of sarees one for me and another for my bf hope he will enjoy it as it just a kinky sex experiment. I brought red color and purple color saree with all required jewels like earrings , necklaces and also navel ring. To my luck they had ready made blouses which has good satin lining inside especially made for brides to wear it in their first night and got those too yes same red and purple color. Also I realized my silky hair also played important role so purchased a human hair like wig which had length reaching the bottom and covering entire back of one's body. I was sure it will suite my bf since we are just few inches difference in height. Followed by shoe shopping got good pair of slippers with 3inch heel for me and 2inch heel for my bf. I was so turned on with all these plans running in my mind.

    I got all my thought collected got settled with thoughts and made myself ready for such a new experiment in our life. And my bf had already given the details of my dress and now I am in progress to dress him up like me but in red color because of his fair complexion. I made him shave today also as it will help me a lot to apply good makeup on his smooth face. As he is chubby built I was quite sure he will look good with all dolled up. So let's the kinkiness begin.

    I can see he is all happy and was ready to face anything comes as he have more trust upon me and hope I won't disappoint him. Starting with red chilly color satin petticoat , I made his hands held up started flowing the petticoat through his hands and pulled it down slowly made sure that it touches his entire waxed body and when it touch his chest nipples it gave him goosebumps and I tied the petticoat safely with required tightness below his navel. Moving my hands all over the petticoat and rubbing it all around his lower body starting from his ass and smoothed all over the back then his thighs and kissed on his navel at the end of tying the knot as I am moving along with the music . I can feel his hairless body all goose bumbed and excited not failing to make a tent here also and I hit his bro saying shut up and he was also giggling along with me. He didn't say a single word or ask me keeping entire trust on his hot and sexy gf without know that he is also gonna be hot like her in next few minutes. I was sure to make this saree tying for atleast some 20-30 mins. Now comes the one of the most admired beauty of a girl a transparent strap bra as he gonna to wear backless blouse (sure I will mention the size I can hear the mind voice Sisters). It's 38D fully padded and we girls know how to make a sexy and successful cleavage out of know where and I got a chubby bf I made a sexy cleavage like mine . I pulled the bra on both of his hands and securing the hooks in front and I was doing this standing like almost hugging from behind and make sure my boobs touch his waxy smooth back along with the satin saree touching his bare back. All along with my silky hair touching his body while I inserted my fingers in his bra cups (yeah it's his bra now) and pulling his chest to create a sexy cleavage with some falsies. He was all aroused by my seducing act hope he is also awestruck since he is not saying any word but his heart beat rising which I can feel. Then I stood back and decreased the AC temperature to 20°C. I was so happy that he is enjoying and I can make him happy this way also.

  • #251

    Carina (Monday, 07 March 2016 12:17)

    Chapter 5

    I want to make sure that he need to experience his silky soft hair over his wax smooth body. So I decided to go with wig instead of blouse.I took the silky hair wig from the box without making much of noise as it can disturb the aura happening here. Combed it properly and was more jealous as it more soft and silky than my hair. I was standing very close to him so that he can feel my breath and enjoy my Jasmine perfume also. Then carefully put my one hand which have the wig over his shoulder and another hand over other shoulder with the wig cap and at this position my breasts are brushing his bra and cleavage , a soft moan escaped his mouth as he was enjoying the satin touch from my saree and blouse over his front body . First wig cap securing his unruly hair and I opened his blindfold and to my surprise he was closing his eyes and enjoying unaware his blindfold is taken. Once he opened his eyes he was showing some shyness but I signalled him through my to close his eyes. He obeyed like a baby and I pulled the sexy silky smoothy jet black hair wig over his head and let the hair fall on his back. Now smoothed its all over his back and made sure my satin covered body was in constant touch with his waxed body. Now I started combing his hair and made sure it will not fall down and secured it properly. And there I took a moment to take full look of my hot , sexy ,beautiful bf in the world. Yes he is !! Long silky hair , hot red bra and petticoat exposing his navel and cleavage with him mouthing to the romantic numbers playing back. Now I combed his hair and secured it in a sexy bun to avoid disturb while wearing blouse & saree. This moment I realised that my bf is androgenic ( person who looks good to the fullest in both male & female attire )

    SEXOW !! yeah thats how he was to me now !! I bet that I was more turned on than him now. There goes the blind fold again you know boys are more naughty they need some whip to control and this satin blindfold is one!!
    Back to the blouse or backless blouse !!
    Back to the backless blouse !! He he !!
    Again I was behind him pulled the blouse through his hands and securing the strings behind his back but this time little more distance and tied it tight so that the satin lining hugging his sexy body !! And moved my finger nails on his exposed back and I came front to confirm my work on cleavage !! Yup we girls are pro in it !! If you don't believe see my bf ( LOL he he ). I made sure his false breasts looks good and made few adjustments so his boobs looks sexy and awesome !! I felt like that am sculpting a beautiful statue out of a normal rock!! My bf hotness and beauty is coming out as I am dressing him with all his accessories and dresses. Another moment to take a look ! !!
    A red hot hotie was only visible to me !!

  • #252

    Carina (Monday, 07 March 2016 12:25)

    Chapter 6

    Saree , here comes the most awaited !!
    I felt the Saree against my face and I was like wow !! My bf is gonna get crazy after wearing this !! And I started it with his navel and inserted one end there below the navel. Moved it around the body and pulled it across this body to make the pallu. Folded it for proper fleets and pinned it in his shoulder. Now I went around him held him by hips and took the saree to make fleets and inserted the fleets below his navel to touch his bro which is still actively erect. I made sure that the inserted part of saree touches his erected bro. Now I smoothed my hands all over his body starting from his neck lowering the hands over his cleavage and boobs playing with his navel and moved my fingers to his ass and ending at his toes!! Hmm there standing my bf as hot as red chilly !! Since he is fair planned to do minimal make up!!
    Made him sit on a chair which have a steel back and once he sat down he felt the chillness of the steel at his back and came front and I pushed back him. I sat over his lap and started his makeup. Normal foundation for his fair complexion and black kajal accompanying the red eye shadows !! Now the luscious hot lips also pained with red lipstick !! Which made me to kiss his lips there itself !! Just a gentle kiss !! Now started with jewls dangling earrings , chiming bangles , jiggling payals . That's it !! Wakeup you silly and I removed the blind fold. So how are you feeling now !! Don't show any fake anger !! Tell the truth !! And he said , I am more excited to see me as I know I am all dressed up as a girl !! Oh so intelligent you are !! How brilliant my bf is !! I was teasing him !! Now he stood up from the chair!! And I can see he is enjoying each and every second until he stoop up as all the satin around his body touching all the required body parts!! Now I closed his eyes with my hand until he reached the full length mirror!! Now I removed my hand !! He was like SEXOW !! I will take her to bed anytime of the given day and I pinched his hips saying she belongs to me only not to my bf!! Saying so I removed the U pin from his hair bun !! Honey now can you just move your head so that you can hear and feel your earrings honey !! As he did the hair bun deflowered and open and the silky hair flew and spread across his back body which touches his back body and few hairs fell on his face also !! He moved his hair fell on his face behind his ears as girls used to do!! Oh my hottie and I kissed him on the cheeks and started running around the King side bed !! He felt so different as he started chasing I can see his difficulty in running along with payals and while approaching with his hands his bangles and his long hair coming in front.
    We both stopped and I said to him " so you are more comfortable now it seems " he accepted with a shy Smile. He asked so whats the plan , I said today is the day that you will not forget , that I am gonna make you enjoy to the fullest with all these along with your waxed body. He said the shoulder pin is on the pallu is irritating so I removed it to make him understand later about the pin. Now I asked him to relax for some time on the bed mean while I pained his nails red as sexy. And he was asking why i got such idea !! I replied I am comfortable in this dress I know that you also will be ! Yet another incident which made us realise that we are made for each other. Once the nails are dried I asked him to get wine , ice cubes and honey from the kitchen. He said yes and then I realised something is missing I asked him to wait and made him wear 2inch heels now go !! He was so sweet to play along as those saree , heels and payal made him to take feminine steps which moved his ass and hips in a seductive way with hair flying in air !! Wowie my hot bf !! So he kept all those things in a plate and coming back to the bedroom mean while I was properly bunning my hair and made a sexy updo !! I can hear he came back to the room but he was standing near to me and calling out my name !! I just turned to see the most sexiest site if my bf!! The plate he was having was covered by his pallu and I can see the innocent and seductive look of my bf !! See what unhad did !! I said the pin is important and u didnt realise and see now how hot u r looking !!

    ( Bf narrating countinous now )
    I just turned my head to see my beautiful made side view clearly showing my boobs and white hips with that I bend down to keep the plate on the chair wow !! I am the red hot sexy wife behaving slutty for my bf and I kept the plate and pulled the pallu up and asked my gf to pinup again but she refused saying these are few scenes which couples should not miss!! It's ur punishment for not obeying the words of your wife !!

  • #253

    Carina (Monday, 07 March 2016 12:31)

    Last Chapter

    You should take care of this the entire day without pin!! Now she made me the chair slanting its back and ask me to sit with my back resting as she need to change the dress !! I was made the sit opposite direction so that I can't see my gf changing !! Yet another blind fold and after I had comfortable seat my hands also tied !! Then she removed the pallu !!

    ( Gf continues )
    I removed his pallu to see his boobs moving up and down heavily ! Now I took an IceCube and started playing with my bf by moving it slowly above his cleavage and blow his neck and he was trembling like a girl and finally kept the cube on his cleavage!! It's started melting slowly due to the body head and started flowing down slowly through his blouse and his midrif and got collected in his navel!! He was enjoying all this and I got undressed completely except for my purple bra and my lower body was looking more like my bf now !! Exactly as you all guessed it's a 7inch dildo with vibrator !! I secured my long hair in a high pony tail !! I don't want to scared my poor sweet bf so I made sure that he should not see my dildo untill I inserted it into him!! Now I gone near to him and drank the water colleted in his deep navel through the melted ice !! ( this is his technique actually which we used to do may times ) now he was all high in the mood of intercourse !! I talked to him in his ears slowly asking do you need more my dear !! He responded positively !! And I untie his hands and made him sit straight so that I can make his hair in high ponytail as mine and made it fall in his front body touching his cleavage !! How you are feeling now he said it's weird but I like it and now I know how you get all high active during our sexperiment and I want more !!
    Yes baby you will get more !! I feel so hot by seeing and hearing such words from my bf!! ! !! And I made in stand-up and removed his blind fold !! And started pulling his pallu like I gonna rape him !! He rotated with his long pony flying in air and pulled him closed and hugged from back and made sure that my dildo felt his ass and my boobs touch his bare back !! He was surprised for a moment and I said yes baby it's all yours !! Now I removed his blouse by smelling his hot body covers with sweat and Jasmine fragrance !! The scent of love and eroticism was in the atmosphere !! Unknotted his petticoat it fell down and now his waxy smooth ass felt my cock !! Now I stepped aside and we both turned to the mirror !! That scene made both of us hot !! A red hot high pony and seductive looking with hot 8inch erect cock accompanied by a twin with a pattaka purple hot high pony with 7 inch erect cock (dildo) . he was made to bend down in front of mirror so that he can see how hot he looks !! And I poured honey on my dildo and lubed some into my bf ass .
    Now i hold the high phony of my bf and inserted dildo into his ass and wishpering in his ears "HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY" my dear hubby and I fucked him hard with all his cleavage bouncing , our bangles chanting and earrings ringing while my dildo vibrating !! He was still hot tht his penis was erect and as I said this body belongs to me only and I sucked his cock while he was lying on the satin bed spread and my hot sexy bf finally fucked my mouth emptying all his load which drank !! After all these games his cock become normal in size so that finally I made him wear his red panty!! Then we took a selfie while we wear our bra and panty with open hair pouting our lips and kissing each other !!! Umma !! Omg his cock is getting erect again !! We fucked each other like rabbits that entire night !!

    Then that entire day we both did some house chores and me lusting over all his movements and he catching me staring at his assets and teasing me by flaunting !! There were more pallu drops and navel kisses for both of us !!
    Finally sleeping on each other with me in my purple baby doll and my bf in red baby doll and our hair open !!

    Finally decided to wax my hubby for every International Women's Day !! Yeah we are married now!!

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    Carina (Monday, 07 March 2016 12:35)

    Happy Women's Day Sisters !!

    I got this idea from so many years of reading many Crossdresing Stories and myself being a secret CD . This is moment I thank all of the authors and I am following Rajibalan for so many years. Great work sister!!

    Hope you all like my story !!
    Kindly post your comments and suggestions so that I can improve !!

    Thanks a lot Sisters
    With love,

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    HAppy WOmen"S DaY...... to all readers writers and all women around the globe

    LOve Kajal

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    Dear Carina wonderful story.... As a first timer you wrote such s beautiful story.... hope u post many more long stories......

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    Wishing all a very happy woman's day. Chsrish and embrace the feminine persona .
    Carina, great story dear, fabulous work.

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    Hi Kajal & Kahmiraa

    Thanks for those positive words Sisters !!
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    Hi to all my friends........ I am super busy in my work that can't take out 15 minutes also to write updates of stories. I am writing in parts when I get little time so that I will post complete story when give you next updates so please bear with me and enjoy other writers stories on this site and my blog. I promise I will come soon with all new interesting stories and finish all unfinished stories in my next updates. Thanks for reading...... post your comments and suggestions on my blog and also post new theme of stories. see u soon

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    That too from best authors !!
    Thanks krishnapriya , Kumkum & Sharmila Devi dears !!
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    Thinking in progress !!

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    Sharmila Devi (Thursday, 10 March 2016 12:44)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -8-4
    My maid and vaishali are busy in selecting the saree for me and they are so muched intensed to show me as a beautiful women to my wife. So they have given me a nighty, and petticoat from my wife collection and asked me to wear the nighty and do the kitchen work until they select the saree and matching blouse for me. I just got surprised as I never wear the nighty before and asked why should I wear the nighty instead I can wear saree directly then my maid laughed and told that every girl wishes to wear nighty while doing the house hold work in the kitchen and gave the nighty and asked me to wear then I removed my jeans and t-shirt before them and wear petticoat first and then nighty. I liked the nighty very much as it is very light weight and is easy to carry. By seeing my face my maid told that I started enjoying even the nighty also. Then I blushed and went to kitchen to do the works. After sometime they called me into the bedroom and showed me the saree which they selected. Waw awesome saree is so nice and beautiful. It is red and yellow combination in color having glittering flowers in the border and the saree is very heavy. The matching blouse is so much golden glittering at their borders and red in color and having good design at back portion.
    They asked me to go for bath as I was so much tired doing all the work in kitchen and given me a white bra and panty to wear while coming out. While I was going to the bath room my maid stopped me and asked me to apply turmeric powder on my face as that will give glow to my face. Then I resisted to apply turmeric paste on my face as that will be used only by women. Then my maid again reminded me that am no more a man. Then I have taken the turmeric paste and went to bathroom. Then vaishali stopped me and told that she would make me bath today and explain me how to apply the turmeric paste and do the bath like a women. As I have no other choice. I just tied my petticoat up to my breast as vaishali will be there with me while bathing. Then both my maid and vaishali started laughing saying that I tied the petticoat just like a village girl who goes for bath.
    Saying that vaishali followed me towards the bathroom. She made to sit on a table and applied the turmeric paste on my face. Then she applied on my hands and then she asked me to remove my petticoat for which I resisted due to shy but vaishali forcefully opened my petticoat saying that we both are girls and no need to feel shy. Now she took some olive oil into her hands and enjoyed massaging on my boobs. Then she kept her hands on my penis and asked me to remove my panty but I did not remove. So she just kept hands into my panty and measured penis size in a play full manner. Then she told that my penis much smaller than her boyfriend ones. This statement surprised and understood about her. She continued saying that she want to make me GF of her BF which made me feel shame. Then she talked all the girly things while making me bath which are really interesting. After bath I wear bra and panty and wear petticoat up to my breast and went out where my maid is waiting for us. Then my maid gave me a heavy blouse and asked me to wear. With much effort I wore it and vaishali helped me adjusting my breast cleavage. Then started with the saree. As the saree is very heavy they used several pins to position the saree pleats and pallu in correct shape. Now I was in very heavy saree and unable to breath as the blouse is very tight and the blouse is beautifully designed with pearls and kundan’s making it more heavy.

  • #272

    Sharmila Devi (Thursday, 10 March 2016 12:45)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -8-5

    Then vaishali opened her beauty kit and started doing my face with makeup. She applied red lipstick on my lips and eyes are beautifully shaped with eyeliner and added with mascara made my eyes look more beautiful. Then they painted all my nails with red nail polish and vaishali done nail art on my nails by keeping some designs which are realy so beautifull and then painted my toe nails with red and green combination to match my saree. After that they combed my hair and made it loose tying only some portion of the hair and making some hair to flow on my neck which made me feel so different. Then they selected heavy earrings, nose ring, payal and golden nackels from my wife collection. They made me to wear all the ornaments. 2 dozens of designer bangles on each hand. And they finally left me before the mirror. I saw a beautiful lady in me in the mirror in this saree and wearing such a heavy ornaments for the first time. I was in heaven and I started enjoying looking into the mirror.Then my maid interrupted and asked if I like the way I was dressed.
    Then vaishali came with a 2 inch heels which are very nice and asked me to wear.I wore them and they asked me to walk in the bedroom to see how am going to carry the saree and the way I look from back. When I was walking both vaishali and my maid teased me saying that “ Please walk fast your husband is waiting in the hall who came to see you”. And after that they asked me stop walking and they observed that my navel part which is very clear from my saree and they decided to make it more beautifull so they made a small black DOT below my navel to make that part more sexyyy and visible.. Wow very nice idea I just enjoyed the way they are making me ready but I did not show my intension out. Now am totally ready as beautiful and sexy lady to be displayed before my wife by both the ladies…”Rajiiiiii where are you dearrrrr…come down fast” I heard sound from hall . OMG my wife is calling from hall and she wants to see me in beautifull saree .Then I was taken by my maid and vaishalii on each side helping me to walk towards my wife in to the hall…wooohh what a nice feeling I felt like a women taken to for her marriage and sounds made by payal , bangles and ear rings making me madddd…… be continued

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    Another great update sharmila.great.
    @carina, will you open an account in fb,to connect with your admirers?

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    This will be the greatest indian TG story of all time.

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    Carina (Friday, 11 March 2016 13:24)

    @Kumkum : sure I will open once I get next story or next part for the same story !!

    @shailu: thanks a lot dear

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    Sharmila Devi (Sunday, 13 March 2016 00:22)

    Thanks for encouraging coments sisters..i LIK TO MAKE THE STORY SHORT AND FINISH IT FAST AS AM BIT BUSY NOW A DAYS....

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    Geeta (Sunday, 13 March 2016 06:47)

    Sharmila plz update soon n add silver anklets,ghunghat,nose ring please

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    PriyaSri (Sunday, 13 March 2016 23:54)

    It was 9AM on Friday morning at Sharma residence, Shyam was getting ready for annual board meeting today, he was very happy with the way company had performed, the numbers looked good and he wanted to look good too. He was awake since 6, as it was a rule in the house, that all men woke up at 6 and perform Puja, make tea and breakfast, have bath and then get ready for work.
    Shyam wore red saree with blouse and bra that held is 36DD breasts. He had fair amount of jewellery like long earrings, necklace, anklets, nosering, 12 bangles in each hand, 3 rings in each hand, he looked exquisite in his red lipstick, mascara, eyeliner, bindi, sindoor and long hair in a french bun with garland.
    He was looking like a stunning house wife, and his tool was itching in its cage to be released. Shyam was making himself horny, which was a bit ironic. He went to his mistress, who was reading a newspaper and wore nothing. He took blessings from her and asked permission to go for the board meeting. Ramesh on the other hand looked similar to Shyam but was wearing yellow saree with matching jewellery. Ramesh was also a CEO for a big company, but at home was a sissy to his wife.
    Ramesh also happened to be Shyam's FIL, Shyam got blessing from his FIL and Ramesh said "Sada Suhagan raho", it was a daily ritual they had to follow.
    As Shyam left, both mother and daughter came out of the room for breakfast, Rama was mother of Sneha and wife of Ramesh. Rama called for Ramesh and asked him to serve breakfast. Ramesh dutifully served the breakfast and waited on his toes for any needs, it was particularly busy today for him as Shyam was not around.
    The day went past without much of an event, Shyam came back at 6 and kept his bag in the room shared by the sissies. He directly went to kitchen and started helping Ramesh, Sneha came to kitchen and saw her husband working there, she just kept on looking at the men doing house work in saree, whereas she was there standing in a comfortable jeans and top, it was blissful for her. She called Shyam, let's go, I have some work for you.
    He obediently followed his wife to her room. Sneha sat on the bed and Shyam stood near the door, Sneha said strip, I want to have sex. Shyam was still a bit sore from their last session, but had no say in it, he just started stripping.

    To be continued...

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    Priyasri beautiful start of the story. Now please not stop writing.

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    Hi, fellow readers....please refer post no # 432 for queries regarding the blog update.. Thank you for your patience.

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    Naku ma amma aadapilla juttu penchi 10 years varaku Jada vesi school ku pampedi ma amma Nana accident lo chani pothe ma atta nannu penchukotanani cheppi nannu chduvu manipinchi inti panunulu vantapanulu oka aadapillaku nerpinchinattu balavanthamga nerpinchinattu bottu pettukovadam jadalo poolu pettukovadam compalsary chesi nannu AA intiki moodo kodalunu chesi migatha eeddari kodallutho kalasi sumangali pooja chesukomani balavanthamga peduthunnadi eppudu nenu moodo kodalanu naku estam lekapoyina AA inti kodaluga maripoyanu

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    Sharmila Devi (Wednesday, 16 March 2016 13:45)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -9

    I went down to hall with the help of both ladies my maid and vaishali. My wife is waiting on the sofa to see me . My heart is beating fast as this is first I got fully dressed up with makeup.There are lots of sounds made by my bangles, ear rings, nose rings and payal while I was walking. My maid and vaishali left me before my wife and they both asked me to call my wife to look at me. With great effort I called my wife then she looked at me with surprise and came towards me, as she approached near me I lowered my head , then my maid and vaishali giggled and asked me to riase my head as my wife also have to see my face. But I could not raise my head then my wife came towards me and kept her hands on my shoulder , I some how felt shy and moved away from her. Then she again came laughing towards me and with her index finger on my chin raised my head. But I closed my eyes as I could not see my wife directly. Looking at me my wife praised me as am looking like fresh matured lady and she started saying that no more you are my husband and now you are fully qualified to be my wife . Then my maid contined saying that my wife is lucky to get a such a pretty and beautifull house husband. And she also told “why don’t you marry him by tieing mangalasutra to him”. By listing to my maid words I am totally surprised and confused and even my wife agreed for that. My maid went inside and bought some jasmine flowers in one plate having kumkum also. Now both vaishali and my maid arranged some jasmine flowers into my hair and then my wife removed her mangalsutra and gave it to my maid. Then my maid arranged the managasutra with yellow thread. I just stood there lowering my head like new bride. Then I was made to sit on the floor like a new bride, Now my wife came towards me with the mangalasutra and tied the managalasutram to me. And she also removed her toe rings and put on my toes and made me her house wife and she applied sindoor on my head. Now am totally became her wife and I have to follow her rules and respect her like any other women does.

  • #289

    Sharmila Devi (Wednesday, 16 March 2016 13:46)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -9-1

    Now my maid asked me to take blessings of my wife and asked me not called her with name and only I have to call her with respect . I have taken blessing of my wife by touching her feet. She blessed me and looked at me in proud by seeing that I felt so much ashamed. My wife and vaishali sat on the sofa and I stood there with shame. Then my maid asked me to sit on the floor and I should always follow the same before my wife and I should obey my husband(wife) and I should never thing that she is my wife and should always treat her like a husband. Listning to my maid words my wife got impressed and told me that my maid will be my mother-in-law from now on words and I have to obey in her and do all the works as told by my maid and she also told that my maid will not do any house hold works till I will get perfection as house wife and till I maintain the house and do all the house hold work. And my maid will only train me how to be a good housewife and perform all the works which a house wife does like cleaning the house , doing the kitchen works, preparing food for all, keeping rangoli in front of the house and even perform daily pooja for my wife sorry for my husband from now. Listning to it my maid started laughing and even her daughter and my wife started laughing. Then my wife asked viashali to make me dress even in all western wear as she wants to introduce me to her lady friends , so that it gives her proud and also shows how dominating her chanrecter is. My maid accepted for everything and started behaving like my mother in law and first she asked me to tough her and vaishali feet as now three ladies are bosses of house I will be treated as a slave to them. And the she asked me keep rangoli infront of the house and make the house clean. I stood there as I don’t know how to keep the rangoli, then I asked vaishali to help me in keeping the rangoli then vaishali started laughing and it is every girls duty to learn by herself go and practice and I will see how u r doing. Then I lowered my head and went out to keep the rangoli. Then all the three ladies left me and started watching Tv and discussing about me and how to change me completely. I bent down and started keeping some rangoli but I could not keep it so nice . When I was struggling hard to keep the rangoli I heard a voice from the gate. I turned and saw who the person is to my surprise “OMGGG she is my wife’s Aunty shyamala. She did not recognised me and asked me who am I. I did not utter even a word then she went inside and called my wife. Then my wife came running towards her and hugged her tightly. I am in a great fear as no body from both of families know about me and don’t know what my wife say about me. To tell about her aunty she is very arraogant and dominated person . Where she always treat me in bad manner. What will be my future lets see how wil things happen how can I face her???????????

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    Santhi (Wednesday, 16 March 2016 14:07)

    This update is little bit boring, sharmila your story is not moving, please keep going do not spend too much time in one situation. You are a great writer .

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    Roja (Wednesday, 16 March 2016 19:35)

    I liked this update Sharmila.. Rangoli concept is nice but no western clothes please.. Make him wear half saree to meet vaishali friends and all see his penis

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    I am writing few paid fiction novellas on crossdressing and
    Will soon update. My first will be
    Title: Cross Couples
    A bet leads to a Role reversal between a married straight couple and a lesbian couple.

    It will finished by end of this month
    Do you all like the idea ??

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    Reader (Thursday, 17 March 2016 02:34)

    What do you mean by paid here @karan.

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    Frankly speaking even I am going to go pro now. Will be posting pdf's in amazon. Anyone interested can buy th em online n read.

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    Same as ex-q-zit it will be available on amazon kindle

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    Thanks all for comments..Roja considering your comments... I will post with updates....anybody can sugest and make your comments if i like your theme i would keep in the story...

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    very nice story developing skills you have Sharmila Devi...Thanks for spending your time for this effort..shall i give some hot suggestions,,fem nudity and exposing with humiliations are hot and make more faster to guy to girl transformation...maid and daughter may force him to wear a lots of jewels and flowers to cover his body without any single piece of cloth on lace ribbon and special decorations to his small cock,,have to stay whole day like that in front of them..make him caught and teased by his male co workers,,he never face any man straight after the humiliations from them,,,fully dominated by women

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    Shemale Godess (Saturday, 19 March 2016 13:57)

    very nice story appreciating skills you have malini...Thanks for spending your time for this effort..your hot suggestions like "fem nudity and exposing with humiliations are hot and make more faster to guy to girl transformation...maid and daughter may force him to wear a lots of jewels and flowers to cover his body without any single piece of cloth on lace ribbon and special decorations to his small cock,,have to stay whole day like that in front of them..make him caught and teased by his male co workers,,he never face any man straight after the humiliations from them,,,fully dominated by women" are good ..please go ahead and suggest ideas are an asset to cds....amazing malini.....

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    Sharmila Devi (Sunday, 20 March 2016 00:33)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -9-2

    My wife suhas called me inside and introduced to her aunty as I was my maid’s elder daughter . This made me feel relaxed as she did not tell the truth and also feel bad as my relationship is turning round and round. Then her aunt laughed and asked me to follow her to out side and she wants me to learn how to keep rangoli and also how to adjust my saree while keeping the rangoli. First she asked me to adjust my pallu perfectly so that when I bend down no men can peep into my boobs. Then she told the position how to bend and how to keep rangoli while she was doing that she was very near to me by touching my boobs. Finally I learned some part of rangoli. She told me that she come again and see how I have learned and went away to her house. Due to heavy work my pallu came out and cleavage is visible from blouse and as now my hands are full of colors so I could not arrange my pallu. My wife and vaishali started laughing teasing me go and adjust my pallu . Then I ran from there and washed my hands and adjusted my pallu like a girl felling shy.
    Now myself , vaishali and maid are in the kitchen doing the household work then suddenly vaishali asked me to come to picnic tomorrow as she was going along with her girls gangs and she told that it be fun and relaxed But I did not agree for that as I did not go out to public as women anytime. Then vaishali warned me that she would reveal that am a boy turned to a girl to all the people around our colony and she would also post the Pics of my naked photos. I was in fear then she continued and told that my wife gave her full rights and she can do anything to me . As I could not do anything I accepted and asked her to keep everything secret and introduce me only as a girlto there frinds. Then vaishali laughed and tolk ok. She asked me to take permission of my wife as we need money also . Then I went to my wife and asked about the picnic, and asked for money. Then my wife called vaishali and both of them laughed saying that we already know this. Then my wife asked vaishali not to allow me to look at any men and also talk to any men. Vaishali agreed to it. Then my wife gave 10000 cash and credit card to vaishali and do what ever we want to do shopping and all. And asked me to take money from Vaishali when ever needed. This made me feel shame as I have to ask money vaishali for everything.
    Monday morning my wife as usual went to her office reminding me to behave properly in public place and be like a good girl. Then I noded my head like a good house wife. Vaishali started for our arrangments to picnic. She called all her friends and told that I wil be coming to picnic. She made the conference call and introduced me as “Raji my cousin”. Then all her friends started talking all the girly things. And asked me if I like to wear langa voni(Half saree) as all of them decided to wear half saree only. Feeling shy I told yes. Then they started laughing and asked vaishali to make me ready as a girl and not like aunty as I was already married which made me feel blushed. To listning to there conversion I could understand that I am the only married house wife in the group. Finally vaishali finished her call and asked me to change into langa voni which she bought with her. I was made to do bath. When I came out she gave a langa voni which is very heavy she told that it is her halfsaree which she used only once during her maturity function.

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    i hope you would reconsider it

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    At first writers start writing out of passion. Then slowly it become a burden to write on contineous basis.. then they want money for their time.

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    Sharmila Devi this story is a saga and I am following it. I like the plot, the style of writing and presentation. I hope the admin could create a separate tab in your name and you could post the update there. I hope you continue your hard work and after completion it would be the great Indian TG novel I guess. I know most of them prefer humiliation and all but I want some romance. Husband wife romance. A complete role reversal 60's romance, where the wife is shy and husband is protective. Like when the Raji is attacked by some goons Suhas saves her. He is now in true love with her. May be on a rainy day husband and wife together and Suhas becomes naughty and there is a lot of sex and romance.
    I hope you will consider this. But its a really wonderful series and I love it a lot.

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    swapna (Sunday, 20 March 2016 11:49)

    Sharmila garu
    Story is nice, but where is the second wife , means younger brother also turned to your wife. But u didn't focus on the topic. Story is deveaiting from the name

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    Your story is superb and going very well. Just one thing if you listen too many suggestions then your own originality of story lost somewhere so listen all suggestions and make necessary changes to story and not force one just to make readers happy. As far as your story is concern going very well and hope you add more twists and something unique which is never heard before best of luck and Keep writing

    Love Kajal

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    So in next updates hope we see new and improved sharmiladevi with same story which you started writing earlier

    yours fan

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    PriyaSri (Tuesday, 22 March 2016 00:25)

    From: 449
    Life Part 2:
    Shyam stripped, he was now just in his bra, and panty. Sneha said, completely strip. Shyam removed his bra and panty, even after so many years he was humiliated to show his penis in a pink cage, with small bell attached on lock. Shyam had not had relief in more than 3 months, but he was not allowed to ask for release, or else he would stay in it for a longer time. Sneha had to clean his penis every few days, and during those times Shyam's hands would be tied, to make sure he doesn't play with himself.

    Sneha showed her Strapon and asked Shyam to lubricate it, she specifically said, the more you lubricate it, less is gonna be the pain for you. Shyam diligently started sucking on it, as he had been trained to do. After what seemed an eternity, Sneha said, ok position yourself. Shyam went near the bed, and kept his hands on edge of it, moved his ass out and kept it visible and available. Sneha rode on it for around half an hour, Shyam was crying like a small girl.
    Sneha was exhausted after the fun, and asked Shyam to lick her clean, Shyam while licking her, was thinking she has had orgasm twice in last week, and probably he is gonna get her through few more today using his tongue, and he on the other hand had no relief, not even an erection in last 3 months. After almost 2 hours, Shyam was asked to stop and wear his clothes again. Shyam wore the saree and re did his makeup to look like a traditional housewife. He came back to Sneha's room and waited for his wife to give orders. Sneha was too tired to give any orders, she just motioned him to move out and get working in kitchen again.
    Sneha could not rest for long, as she was called for dinner, and unluckily for Shyam it was he who was ordered by Rama to do so. Sneha hit him with a cane as he woke her up from sleep. On dinner table both mother and daughter were talking about a lot of stuff like politics, fashion, movies, etc. and were served by their respective husbands, finally Sneha talked about, letting the men out of their cages, as they needed some relief or else they can have some infection. Rama agreed, she did not like it, but had to do it, as it was for the health reasons.
    The problem with coming out of cage for men was, it was very humiliating for them. It used to be like a celebration where they were the display pieces and had to entertain everyone. They had done things like dance after having Viagra, masturbation, humping on a pole like dog, and a time when their hand, legs were tied and still had to relieve themselves. Their wives always found ways to humiliate them, and wives also knew they had to come up with something more humiliating this time. The time for release was decided as next Sunday. sissies were both looking forward and dreading the day, they were desperate to get some relief and at the same time were very scared about their next humiliation.

    To be continued....

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    @ALL: Sharmila is not incorporating all suggestions. She is just taking the good ones. If you don't like the story, just shut the fuck up and leave.

    Sharmila, your story is turning nice. Please continue. I think people are restless and waiting for ur main plot. I guess you need to write more to arrive at main plot soon else u ll get these type of idiotic comments by assholes.

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    @Kashmira: Why are you touching your penis if I am calling a robber in general!! Lol!! And are you saying you are a respected person after saying all those MOTHERFUCKING words? Bitch please!! :D

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    SRS (Sunday, 27 March 2016 10:38)

    Sorry to be toooo late for continue my story from the part 15 , (from 219). I hope u will Njoy reading my story.


    My operation was went good, i was still unconscious after two days i woke up an i dint felt well. I was too tired an my body is totally covered with bandage , i cant able to speek my through is in pain, one nurse came an feeding me only juice item, this went for a week, after my aunt an my gf came to see me , i was fully covered by bandage, the nurse now started to remove all of the bandage in my body an slowly i can see my body , the first think was the huge breast which block my total lower body view, i cant able to see anything,an after removing the base i felt empty my aunt too is been shocked, the nurse took the mirror an came near to me an showed my face i get shocked on seeing my face, it was not mine it was totally changed in very feminine way, my brows is been raised my nose is small an my lip is plummer an suddenly i felt pleasure while something touched down, when i saw that rajeh mom ramaya was standing there were a surgical gloss in her hand an she put her finger into me it was strange pleasure,at that time i was trying to see what they have done but my huge breast is blocking my version my aunt told wait my baby i let u show what beautiful ur an she took a hand mirror an make me see i was shocked on seeing my gf told look how beautiful it is say bye to MR.penis an say hi to mis vagina an she started to laugh,my aunt told say thanks to ramaya mam for removing the nasty thing from u,i get irritate an shout but the shocking is my voice dosent sounds like me its sounds like teen age girl, an i faint an lie down in bed.After that when i woke up i saw that i was wearing a long skirt an blouse, my boob was so big that i cant see my lower half of my body , no its clear that i was in my home, i was crying an my aunt came inside an shout dont cry like a girl oops sorry ur , but is that anything that if u cry than u can get back ur penis there is no use of it and adjust this sutivation an be a good girl,an she called my gf , i was surprised y she was still here an she also wearing the same dress, my aunt told she was ur best friend an tats y i called her, she is the only one who can change ur behavior an attiuted as a complete woman, i dont wanna see her it felt shame on me, she near to me an told come let me introduce u to nature call an she puled me to bathroom after she told that those days have gone for standing an peeing now u have come to womanhood so i will teach u how to pee an she lift her skirt an pulled down her panties , i was exited on seeing her because this is the first time time i have seeing her nude and while am seeing her she laughed an told dont be so excited , what am having here the same thing is with u even better that my on hearing that i felt shame,after she sat in the toilet pad an told to watch her close she relaxed an started to pee an after she told that u should not forget to wipe from front to back otherwise u will get infection, it felt like mother is teaching her small daughter to pee, an she guided me an i did the same but i felt really humiliating to do in front of her an i sat in the pad after i started to aim but while she saw that an started to laugh an told what u looking for its gone just simply sit , i hate every time they tell about this, an when i relax i heard a water doping sound came from my bottom, but i cant able to see cause of my big boob, it felt that i was peeing from my butt,after i finished an i wiped it felt strange and now she make me bath an v came out of bathroom an there in my bed laying dress i was shocked on seeing that it was sarees an blouse my gf told that here after u should were a dress like this only,she forced me to were me but there is no use i lost my strength, my strength is like 10 years old girl, she insert panties an bra, it felt strange, after she put me petticoat an took the blouse , the blouse is so strange its backless an low neck , while i put the blouse it covered only my to hands an my half of the boob is showing , i told to her to give any other thing but she dint agree,after i wore saree,again she insert all the jewelry , first she gave me payal in leg after my navel is priced so she insert navel ring an she gave 2 dozen of bangles,an neck less,an now she insert an small nose ring an for my ear there is 4 holes in each ear so she insert a big dangling earring an for next 3 holes she insert a small diamond stud, after she done the makeup an she oiled my long hair an make it tight bun an put jasmine flower in it, after v came to hall my aunt was surprised to se me that i look stunning in that saree.

  • #326

    SRS (Sunday, 27 March 2016 10:39)


    After she tease me did u learn ur natural call ohh here after there no need to clean the toilet pad again an again cause u will sit nicely in the pad without getting dirty for the loss of ur tiny penis,i get anger an my aunt told k come lets have the breakfast an v sat in the dinning an a get difficult to sit in the dinning chair cause of my boob after i saw that in my plate there only boiled vegetables an salad i ask for that but she told i dont care what u ate before u was a man but now u have to maintain ur figure to be slim, thats y i gave this types of food, i got anger an told to my aunt that who can i eat such kind of food already iam loosing my strength an iam not an cow r goat to eat like this an she told u have to eat my dear than only u can become zero size an a perfect , again an again she make me humiliated an i went silent after i asked for tomato sauce for the salad she told that its already in ur plate ,i saw but its not there an i shout an told y ur playing like this please pass me the sauce an after they all started to laugh loud, i dont know y they r laughing like an idiot ,after my gf came near to me an told ohh baby u have to keep the plate lill upwards cause ur boobs r blocking the view ,an she did an told c there already sauce in ur plate but u started to shout. i got bluss an become red of shame after i silently took the breakfast an sit in the sofa watching TV, my aunt called me to kitchen an started to teach to make tea an coffee,after i heard a door bell an i saw from the kitchen an i get shocked that there my friend mani who is in my opponent for the bet an his mother kavitha aunty an two more woman with some jewelry an cloth an some fruits, i thought either he is going to drop the bet r there may be some function thats y they came to invite us, but there is no use if he drop the bet i have changed completely because of him. my aunt welcomed her an his son an make them sat i sofa, i felt scared i dont wanna met them after my gf came an took 2 tray an told to take tea in 1 tray an coffee in another an she asked to bring the coffee an while she took the tea, iam not willing to come over there but she forced me after i slowly went near them an give the coffee an while seeing me kavitha aunty was surprised to see me an told ohh wow u have became more beautiful my son is lucky, but i cant understand what she is telling may be he won the bet an bought the hardly Davidson bike, i was eager to see that bike it was my dream an here my enterier life has been changed for that, while he was seeing me wild an i can see that he was checking out my boob i slowly pulled my saree an adjust it. After kavitha aunt told my dear u can get a ride in that bike when ever u want , on hearing this i felt happy but soon she dropped the bomb, she told that u can get a ride but u cant drive only u can sit with mani in backside of his bike as his beautiful an his obedient house wife, soon u both will get marry, on hearing this i faint an fell down.

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    rajesh (Tuesday, 29 March 2016 10:01)

    True story
    This happen in my +1(junior college) My name is rajesh I’m only son and mother home maker and father is worker my mom is devotee daily goes to temple regularly in evening time and my father went to work mean he will come at late night my life goes like that but one day she came to my home my sister laxmi (distant relative) laxmi had some problem in her hostel so laxmi came to my home for stay few days my sister laxmi came from village and she is first person get out from the village for study and she is first educated person in whole village. After my school over i come to my home and my sister will come after few hours later then we study together like that time goes for few days. One day my sister came from college early she clean her face and started to apply her makeup i watched her with surprise because my mom won’t do makeup at all and i asked her with some kind strange feeling and interest what is this for in every colour she applies after that laxmi do her makeup daily in front of me and i also helped her to apply and weekend my mom went to marriage function and dad went to work. Me and my sister only in home laxmi take bath and came out dressed in chudithar and she asked me help hair to braid but i told her that i don’t know that laxmi laughed at me and said one day it helps you i looked her angry she told just kidding bro laxmi braided her hair in one side plaits and started doing make up i watched her usual and laxmi asked me to shave my face and she went to kitchen to cook i went to bath and make clean shave my face and came out with trouser and went to her and laxmi busy with cooking and told me to do make up i was tensed and scold her i am boy how can i put make up myself laxmi intermediate my talk and told go sit in hall i will come laxmi told. I came out and watched tv in hall and i feel hungry after few minutes she came to hall with tiffin and we eat the tiffin together and watched tv and time bell rang i opened the door one beautiful young girl standing outside and she asked about laxmi i called her she came out and i went inside and watched tv both the girls came in my sister introduced her to me that she is my friend latha my classmate and we three started watching tv and started chat. my sister started prepare for lunch latha and me watched tv my sister asked me to buy some products from near market so i went out that time my sister and latha planed something while i came in latha helped my sister i given the product to my sister and came out from kitchen latha asked me to help so i just sit in front of latha started to cut the vegetables. That time latha bends her bra visible to me clearly first time i seeing the girl with the bra i cant take my eyes from her that time my sister saw me and shouted me rajesh get out from here so i shocked and came out from there latha don’t know anything and she asked to laxmi what happen my sister don’t know what to tell and latha compelled to tell her truth and laxmi told everything. Some sound came from kitchen i went to kitchen with scary face i saw latha cried lot and laxmi said something to latha. She saw me with angry face i said i didn’t do anything latha said i knew what you did now my turn to see you. I saw my sister with confused face then my sister asked me to come to room i just followed her she open her wardrobe and taken one red bra and asked me to open my t-shirt i removed my t shirt and given to my sister she hand over the red bra to me and asked me wear it i looked strange to my sister with confusion and she told me you saw latha in that costume latha also want you in same costume till she leave from home that is your punishment so wear this i told her i wont do that you must obey my order because latha father was police inspector if she told her you know what happen next so wear this i got feared and get the bra in my hand shaking with fear. The dress give some feeling like exotic i just kept with my hand my sister busy doing something and she saw me what doing wear that i looked her she came near to me and helped me to wear and hooked my backside i standing in front of my sister with bra and trouser i feel shame and she taken some cloth and make it round shape and put it in my bra it blow up and she asked me to remove my trouser and saw my sister and started cry then she cool down me gave one white chudithar top with low neck and she helped me to wear that if i bend mean my bra easily visible to others and she asked me wait and went out i heard laugh sound loudly and my sister came in she had makeup set in her hand i saw her asked is it need laxmi told yes it is necessary for girls but i am not girl laxmi told shout up close your eyes and i closed my eyes she tied my eyes with her duppatta she started her work in my face

  • #331

    rajesh (Tuesday, 29 March 2016 10:02)

    few minutes later she untied my eyes latha also standing in front of me and latha told something missing she applied lipstick in lips and mascara in my eyes and bindi in my forehead she started some correction in my hair style with gel and coconut oil she showed mirror to me i looked girl in cute face and surprised and watched few minutes without blinking my eyes. Latha and laxmi laughed loudly. To be cont.. comment pls

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    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -9-3

    she made to wear her half saree and kept some jasmine flowers on my hair . Nicely painted my nails and did some make up on me. She gave a hand bag to me to keep always with me as it will be very much usefull for every women while going out. When i opened the bag it contained a lipstick, eye liner and small make up kit.then she bought a small 2 inch heels and made me to wear. She also got ready in halfsaree. Now we both are looking like sisters. We both went out and took auto to reach the spot of picnic. while we reach the picnic spot all the girls already reached the spot all are well dressed in half saree with big brides and having mehendi on hands. some of the girls came with there boy friends. Now am the only married she/Male in the group . so i adjusted my mangalasutra to keep it inside my blouse. By watching that vaishali giggled and warned me to keep the mangalasutra always outside and i will be treated as aunty in the group and I am no more teenage girl. Which made me feel bad. Vaishali introduced me to all the girls and all girls started teasing me and calling me "Raji aunty" which made me feel shame and I lowered my head . Then they started with all the girly talks and girly games . and always treat me as aunty and make me feel embrased. After some time i was in urge to go bathroom for toilet. Then i started going into mens bathroom then immidialy a lady from other side took me into ladies bathroom by seeing this all the girls started laughing.when i went inside the bathroom all the girls are busy in makeup then i understood why vaishali gave me handbag. By looking at me women asked me to keep my face clean as women should always keep there face look good. So i opened my handbag and did some make up and applied lipstick.When i went out i was asked to pay money for bathroom of 10 rs. As vaishali is only having the money , I went to her asked her money in a pleasing manner. Then she laughed and gave me 10 rs and gave extra 100 rs and kept inside my blouse as every women safe place is her blouse. I went to counter and took 10rs from my blouse and gave it lady at counter. Then all girls started laughing and then suddenly one of the girl asked me why did i go to boys bathroom first . THen i lowered my head and felt ashamed. All the girls started laughing and screaming u sissy boyyyy...OMG vaishali told them every thing that am a girl. I could not speak even a word. Then one of the girl came and asked me a naughty question about my penis under peticoat. Then all the girls laughed loudly and started discussing that they got a good chance to take revenge on a boy like me which is not posible with others and took me into room which they already booked.

    As i went inside there is a bed and they thrwed me on to the bed and some girls enjoyed my boobs and they opened my halfsaree now am only with the lanhga and blouse and mangalasutra is hanging down my boobs. Then they asked me to lift my peticoat and show them my tiny penis under panty. I just turned red and shouted on them. Then they got angry and slapped me tightly and now am totally under there control. As per there wish i lifted my peticoat up and one girl come near me dropped the pink panty down and removed my panty. Now my penis is hanging down and under my peticoat. Looking at that all the girls teased me as this is of no use and i cannot satify a women. After some time a girl bought a gun and piersed my novel and painted sexy tatoo under my novel and in the breast area. I pleaded them to stop as my wife would scold me. But they didnot listned. NOw they gave me westrn dresses and asked me to wear . I wore a small piece of cloths which made my boobs clearly visible and tatoo is also visible as i am not allowed to wear panty my penis is also visible under my small skirt. And asked me to wear pointed high heel and do the cat walk before them. I fell down several time while walking which made my penis fully visible to them . After many attempts i could do cat walk like a model with my back moving fast and also carry high heels by the girls training. Now one of the girl beautifull painted my hands with the mahendi and also kept mehendi on my legs. As this is first time mehendi is kept i felt some nice feeling.After all the humiliations and teasing they left me to wear my half saree. Then i immidiatly went away from them and wear my half saree and pleaded vaishali to leave away from them. Then all the girls told bye to us and they thanked vaishali to bring me to picnic and they njoyed my company and asked vashali to bring me always to there girls picnic.

  • #339

    Sharmila Devi (Friday, 01 April 2016 14:24)

    By the time we reached home suhas already came to the house and watching TV.I was in fear as she would know about my novel piercing and tatoos So when we entred the room i covered my novel part with half saree as it is piersed and tatoos are also there and covered properly my boobs with the blouse and half saree pallu. I managed properly and started walking into the bedroom. Then suddenly suhan asked me to wait and turn towards her. I was in fear as she has seen my navel parts. But to my surprise she asked me about my walking style. As i am doing cat walk then immidiatly vaishali laughed and told that all the girls taught me how to walk like a girl and cat walk styles. Then she priased me and asked me always do cat walk before her . I said yes and went inside bedroom immidiatly and changed into nighty so that she will not see the tatoos. I went into kitchen to do dinner for her.Then after sometime suhan called me out and asked me to try the blouses which the tailer bought this morning and come before her as she wants to see if they are fitted to me well...OMMMMGGGG am in full fearrr as I cannot hide the tatoos before her when i wear the blouse. And i could not understand how to face my wife with my peirced novel and tatoos on my body.......To be continued...

  • #340

    Sharmila Devi (Friday, 01 April 2016 14:27)

    Am realyy sorry for the late posting as am fully busy..And could not share time..Now with great effort i came before you, in hurry I wrote this part .. As you are very encouraging me and please appologize me for my late postingg...Please under my problem.

  • #341

    Kashmiraa (Friday, 01 April 2016 21:35)

    Yes dear .. We can understand that it's not easy to update on a continuous basis ,,, coz we also have many works to take care of. Sarmila never worry... We are always with you and supporting you. Take your time ... Enjoy writing .

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    Rishi (Saturday, 02 April 2016 00:38)

    Great going sarmila Devi. Keep d spirit up.

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    Srs (Saturday, 02 April 2016 01:48)

    Sharmila thanks a lot to add noval pricing and tattoo, it great to read like this type of stories.

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    Radha (Saturday, 02 April 2016 03:03)

    Sharmiladevi devi Wat a story continue fast with lots of humiliations

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    Vani (Saturday, 02 April 2016 13:24)

    @Sharmila: Too good.. Describe color of dresses also in ur story please.. Waiting for next parts..

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    hhhhh (Saturday, 02 April 2016 14:11)


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    Srs (Monday, 04 April 2016 12:05)

    Kajal please complete ur sing is queen story

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    Kumkum (Monday, 04 April 2016 13:10)

    Dear Sharmila you are going from good to bad to now worst. For sake of quick updates you are spoiling entire story. You stuck in one situation and now like jalebi going round and round and round. Nothing interesting happening in your story. Please write some good updates. Don’t write boring updates. And introduce brother soon and make him his second wife.

  • #349

    Kashmira (Monday, 04 April 2016 13:11)

    KUMKUM is right please stop writing boring updates. I know u are busy but that doesn’t mean give us such boring story.

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    Roja (Monday, 04 April 2016 13:11)

    I thought you are not like other writers who stops writing stories in midways but I am wrong. You also following same path as them. I am totally disappointing.

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    SRS (Monday, 04 April 2016 13:12)

    dear plzzzzzzzzz Came out from home and add some beautiful events in her life. Its getting very boring.

  • #352

    PriyaSri (Monday, 04 April 2016 13:13)

    Sharmila dear. Don’t listen too many suggestions. You add those suggestions which other not like. Just to make 2 3 persons happy you are making others sad and unhappy. Write your own way like you write in starting of story without listening to anyone

  • #353

    Carina (Monday, 04 April 2016 13:15)

    Like my first story? Thanks for all your comments. Will post second story soon. @ Sharmila Hey babes write short and interesting story like me. Finish in 6 7 paras and don’t add much saree into each updates. Come out from shell. You trapped in one situation and not come able to come out from that. Some south Indian guys like your saree and half saree but not others. So come out from traditional and make them modern. Just by wearing top and jeans not make them modern.

    With Love

  • #354

    Pari (Monday, 04 April 2016 13:15)

    Sharmiladevi…. Don’t be shy to open up to more in your story. Earlier you was writing much more nicely and freely but later you stop writing that way and went to loop. Just one advice from me. Don’t drag too much. You already overwritten about all characters now its time to write something more interesting. You gets lots of suggestions so include those in your story and move forward. Waiting for brother’s journey start.

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    Carina (Monday, 04 April 2016 14:43)

    Hi Rajibalan ,

    Is it possible to make this site an exclusive Indian cd storis site ?? If u need any help we can work and make it a site only for stories .

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    Carina (Monday, 04 April 2016 15:15)

    I just thought of a sequal of my previois story... .
    Pl give suggeations which suies the part 1

    With love

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    Deepa (Monday, 04 April 2016 18:39)

    @Sharmila: I liked your previous parts. I wonder why this north Indians doesn't like half saree when we like their ghagra cholis.

    Anyway, I liked your previous update and would love to see such sequences more. Please continue your story.

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    This site is already made for indian cd stories only if you want to make another for stories then you can create your own blog

    With warm love and Regards

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    Deepa (Tuesday, 05 April 2016 02:21)

    Carina dear in your first story till part 3 boyfriend telling his story and suddenly in part 4 how girlfriend started story telling....???? As a first timer to write nice swet and short story hope ur second one also comes out short and nice

  • #360

    Carina (Tuesday, 05 April 2016 13:42)

    Wow ..raji balan replied to my comments.
    Feeling privileged. This is the best platform to share stories.
    Thanks a lot Rajibalan.

    @Deepa : Rookie mistake. accepted. Will not let it happen in next parts

  • #361

    Carina (Tuesday, 05 April 2016 13:48)

    The entry #521 is not me . Some one is using this name wrongly. This is a loophole in this awesome site.

    Because i love traditional wear a lot.

    Sorry Sharmila if tht comments in #521 had offended u. Some body with less brain functionality had did that.

    Kindly countiue when ever you have time.


  • #362

    Carina (Tuesday, 05 April 2016 13:51)

    @Deepa : but i had mentioned in brackets tht gf will narrate it from now on.

    Will make it more visible next time.

  • #363

    Rani (Wednesday, 06 April 2016 05:50)

    If u don't know about it then plzzz read carefully....The Seven Types Of Sexuality
    #Heterosexuality- Is the sexual attraction between members of the opposite sexes such as man attracts to woman and woman attracts to man sexually.
    #Homosexuality- is the sexual attraction between members of the same sexes such as man to man and woman to woman.sexually.
    #Bisexuality- Is the sexual attraction to both the opposite and same sexes such as man to man and man to woman, woman to woman and woman to man.
    #Asexuality- Is also known as nonsexuality which is the lack of sexual attraction and sexual interest towards others.
    #Polysexuality- Is the sexual attraction to more than one gender but do not wish to be known as bisexual as it implies that their are only two binary sexes, do not confuse this with pansexuality (Pan meaning All) and (Poly meaning many).
    #Pansexuality- Is the sexual attraction towards people regardless of gender also known as omnisexuality, some pansexuals refer to themselves as gender blind as to them gender is insignificant in determining whether they will be sexually attracted to others.
    #Transexualism - Is when a person identifies themselves with a physical sex that is different to their own biological one, A medical diagnosis can be made if a person experiences discomfort as a result of a desire to be a member of the opposite sex. for example a person may be born male, and is uncomfortable with their gender as a male and changes to a female, or a female may change to a male. It is a long process that they will go through and an expensive one too.

  • #364

    Sharmila Devi (Wednesday, 06 April 2016 10:14)

    Sorry sisters am of station , now am back. I am really upset with the comments. Even am also a common reader like you. I just started with some thoughts in my mind and really struggled to continue as am not a professional writer.
    Now am not getting any kind of intrest due to negivitive feedback. Forgive me if i hurt u.
    I wrote one part before reading these comments. So am posting here. Plz do not read this part as you will feel bored.
    And this is my last part.......

  • #365

    Sharmila Devi (Wednesday, 06 April 2016 10:18)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -9-4

    I tried to convince my wife that I would try the next day all blouses as I have so many works in the kitchen. Then she immidiatly stood from sofa and gave tight slap on my cheek. I could not bear the pain and the tears rolled down from eyes. Then my maid and vaishali asked me to wear blouse and come down quickly. Then I took all the blouses and started to bedroom then my wife stopped and asked me to change before her but I resisted to do that as she would clearly find out my novel piecing and tattoos on my body and also changing dress before my maid and vaishali is more embrasing. Then my wife shouted on me and beaten me to always obey her without any arguments. As I have no other choice I turned to other side and opened the nighty which I wore. Now am only with petticoat and bra. Then my wife angrily asked me to turn towards her then with some fear , I turned towards her lowering my head and covering breast under bra with one hand and novel part with other hand. Then my wife got doubt and asked me to remove both the hands. Then I slowly removed hand from boobs then she got shocked by seeing the tatoos on my breast. Then she asked me to remove hands from novel. And now she could see the novel pierced and tattoos below my novel . Then is more surprised by all these on my body and stood from sofa and came towards me. Then I closed my eyes due to fear as what would be my wife reaction. Then she kept her finger on my novel and moved her finger on tattoos. Then she laughed out loud and hugged me tightly saying u r so sexyyy dearr. Then I felt so relaxed but felt very shy as she is doing all the romance before my maid and vaishali which I don’t like. Then I asked my wife if I can change into the nighty now. But she did not allow me and asked me if there are any other part I have made tattoos then I told no. Then she asked me to lift my petticoat till my private part to know if there are any piercing or tattoos under the petticoat. Then I lifted my petticoat and she could see the tattoos made in the private part also then she enjoyed all the parts on my body and asked vaishali to make me get ready in most sexy dress and also asked to make me get ready like sexy girl and not as a aunty so she asked me to remove mangalasuthra and toe rings tonight and wear all the western jewel which are belongs to vaishali. And asked my maid to arranged the bed in a first night mode and for doing this both my maid and vaishali will be awarded with some money.
    Then vaishali is very happy and took me into bedroom to make me into beautiful and sexy slut before my wife. First she removed all the ornaments and then asked me to remove mangalasutra and toe rings but I resisted removing without my knowledge. Then vaishali started laughing and told only for tonight you will be a sexy girl and u can wear all the things and be as house wife from tomorrow. Then she gave me hair removal cream and asked me to remove all my hair on body and warned me to be so smooth as that gives good feeling in sexy dress. Then I completed removing hair and did bath in hot water and came out with pink panty and white bra.Then she gave a mini skirt and semi bra of black color and I wear them .After that she painted all my nails with black nail polish and she gave balck neck rounded neckless, long modern ear rings and braslte to wear. Then she did some hair loosening and then applied some make up with foundation , blush , eyeliner , mascara and then applied red lipstick. She bought high heels 6inch looking so sexy. After wearing the heels she asked me to look into mirror if I like myself. Then I went towards the mirror I could not believe my self as Looking like so young and sexyyy girl and dress is making half of the boobs coming out. Novel piecing and tattoos are now clearly visible. Now she asked me to go and stand before my wife. While I was walking she came towards me and asked always to do cat walk like a model on ramp. And cautioned me to be carefull tonight as my wife will not leave me the entire night as am looking sexier than before and tonight I will be a prostitute to my wife. Then I blused and and asked her to please stop the nonsence.

  • #366

    Sharmila Devi (Wednesday, 06 April 2016 10:20)

    to be continued...

    I walked towards my wife in a cat walk style. Hearing the noise my wife turned back and felt so much horny after seeing me in this dress. And praised me as am looking like a sunny leone and she made fun that I would get more money if I go before a men like this. Then she asked me to walk before her , I did the same she is very impressed and now she asked me dance for a song “ sheela ki jawani” before her she would enjoy like a man before me. The I made to dance having sexy movements while dancing she always looked at my boobs movements and hit on my back like a man hitting on women back. I felt so embrased as my wife , maid and vasihali seleted different songs and made me to dance like a club dancer before them. After that my wife lifted me up and took me into bed room .By seeing that vaishali and maid laughed and cautioned me to be careful. My wife enjoyed me the entire night making me a slut did sex in different angles pumping her dildo into my ass hole and took several nude photos of mine with different angles. I being so submissive enjoyed all the movements she gave with pressure on me and there are twinkling sounds coming from my long ear rings and steels bangles made her feel crazy and increased her speed of fucking , and due to pain on ass I moaned loud “aaaoouchhhh aa ummmmmmm” like a slut .. The night is completed as a sexy girl which cannot be come again as I will be back as a house wife from next day.
    The next day is most important as my wife told that her office friends(all the three are ladies with there husbands) are coming to our house and I have to treat them properly and be as good house wife before them. I am so much tensed as how to face the new people for the whole day as I am not treated as man in the house and my attire is different compared to other men as am women in the house, many questions raised in my mind….

  • #367

    Sharmila Devi (Wednesday, 06 April 2016 10:22)

    Thanks for bearing me sisters. take care . byee

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    Fan (Wednesday, 06 April 2016 10:29)

    Sharmila Devi gaaru!!
    Please do not stop ur story!
    I am die hard fan of urs..
    I bet there many fans like me for u who are not expressing!!
    There may be 2-3 dogs in between who will bark nonsense..
    They do not write and also dont have a habit of encouraging the writers!!
    Pls pls pls do not care there comments!!
    Continue ur story!!
    My only request is pls write regularly and donot stop!!
    We can not pass our day without ur story!!
    U make many ppl day better with ur story!!

    Please continue Sharmila devi gaaru!!
    We are die hard fans of ur writings!!

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    Radha (Wednesday, 06 April 2016 10:31)

    Dayachesi vadili vellamakandi..
    Meeru chala baaga raastunnaru story
    Meeru rayaka pote maa roju gadavadu..
    Yevari maata pattinchuko maakandi
    Dayachesi mee story continue cheyyandi

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    Jyothi (Wednesday, 06 April 2016 10:35)

    No way Sharmila
    You can't leave like this disappointing many fans of urs
    We all are eagerly waiting for ur stories
    Don't take these fuckers comments seriously
    They don't have the sense of writing..
    U are the best writer i hv seem so far in this blog
    Please do continue writing, u have so many fans here
    Eagerly waiting for ur next update

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    Pinky (Wednesday, 06 April 2016 11:05)

    Sharmila Devi there is no point in the negative comments
    Half of them are done under the writer names just to create a fight among the writers..
    Some nasty fuckers did those comments
    Please don't consider them
    They are all not genuine
    U have been writing very great
    Please continue the story
    I am very anxiously waiting for the next part
    Please don't disappoint us

  • #372

    Kumkum (Wednesday, 06 April 2016 14:36)

    Sharmila you are a great writer please continue your story. I did not made that defaming comment on your story. Some idiot did this by using my name.this is a free page so any one can make comment. But I can assure you you have more fans here. Please ignore those idiots. Continue your story.

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    Raji (Wednesday, 06 April 2016 20:09)

    The problem with this site is one guy can post 4 comments in 4 minutes under 4 different names. Do not surrender to negative people. If you quit, it makes only the negative people happy whereas the positive ppl will be the real sufferers. Do not quit! Do not give up!

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    Rani (Wednesday, 06 April 2016 21:31)

    Sharmila pls don't give up.

  • #375

    Sharmila Devi (Wednesday, 06 April 2016 23:04)

    Thanks sisters for supporting me. I will treat these negative comments as dogs barking from on wards. I will continue with your encouragements and positive comments. Feeling so happy and proud noww.Thanks a lot

    My small request to you all as am very busy now a days , not getting any ideas. Can you share your new ideas (it can be small idea like introducing a person or any events), if they suite to my story i will apply to the story. Thanks in advance.

  • #376

    Lakshmikumari (Wednesday, 06 April 2016 23:23)

    There is no need to care for the negative comments Sharmila. Negative comments from those who envy your writing and purely out of jealousy. Carry on your good work dear.

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    sneha (Thursday, 07 April 2016 00:25)

    Send couple for honeymoon shrmiladevi....

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    Kajal (Thursday, 07 April 2016 00:46)

    Hey Sharmiladevi... You done fantastic job so far and this is real Kajal Kapoor from princesskajal blog. I didn't comment here earlier. Some stupid guys making comments on behalf of few readers and writers here including myself. You done marvelous job and continue doing same and ignore all negative comments.

    @Srs I m posting all updates on 20th April dear.

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    Kashmiraa (Thursday, 07 April 2016 01:36)

    Sharmila Devi you are doing some awesome stuff. You have a nice storyline. So I hope you will continue your writings. We are always with you. Take your time and enjoy writing. And for the records someone else had used my name and put filthy words . I never made those dirty words.and as Kajal ma'am said nor I, or Kajal ma'am and I think neither SRS or Priyasree criticize you, coz they are here since long time and if you read earlier years post also they never criticize others rather they always support and encourage writers... So this time onwords do not believe if someone make negative words in our names . keep doing the great job and we are always there to support you.

  • #380

    Roja (Thursday, 07 April 2016 04:22)

    All three vaishali, maid and wife should spit on his face daily.

  • #381

    Sharmila Devi (Thursday, 07 April 2016 04:32)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -9-5

    Next day in morning I woke up early and made all arrangements for guests. Maid and vaishali woke up late. They saw me working in kitchen. Both happy to see my progress as housewife. I was tired by sex last night. My assignment was hurting a lot but due to fear of my wife I work hard in kitchen. Later my wife also woke up and call me in bedroom. I heard my wife's calling and went to bedroom without any delay. My wife saw me. I was sweating due to work. she said I am happy to see working hard as housewife. Don't let me down in front of my friends. I said no need of worry. Everything is going to be perfect. My wife asked me towel and brush. I give her and went back to kitchen. After tirelessly working in kitchen for 4 hours I finished by food. I also went to bedroom and prepare myself to welcome guests. My maid which is my mother in law and vaishali already ready along with my wife. My wife wearing a white cotton dhoti and short kurta. Traditional outfit of tamilnadu. Vaishali was wearing a kanchivaram silk Saree and maid was wearing silk Saree. My wife also told me to wear traditional dress to welcome guests. I saw in my cupboard lots of silk sarees present. I took one Saree and wear it and vaishali later help me in makeup and finally she attached lavender flowers on my single braid.
    I heard door ring. I realized that guests come to home. Maid opened door. 3 couples were standing in front of door wearing same traditional clothes. My wife welcome them inside home. And called me down. I and vaishali came down and saw 3 couples. I was little surprised to see them all bcoz in every Jodi husband is shorter and wife is taller. I was curious to know them and my wife introduced me ......

  • #382

    Sharmila Devi (Thursday, 07 April 2016 04:42)

    To be Continued........

    My wife said he is my husband. They saw me and laugh and said you too. My wife laugh and said yeah my husband also like to be in home and love doing all household chorus so I decided why not like you I also change my househusband into housewife. I was shocked. Itvwas hard to believe me that all ladies in that 3 couple were actually male like me and all husbands were woman like my wife . Vijay said yeah my husband also like to wear Saree a lot. Karthi said my husband is very shy. Vaishali said your all wives were very gorgeous looking. But my bhabhi is best.

  • #383

    Sharmila Devi (Thursday, 07 April 2016 08:25)

    @ Roja How about I spit on your face... Don't give such stupid suggestions

  • #384

    Ramya (Thursday, 07 April 2016 08:29)

    Wow dear sharmiladevi awesome story. I like traditional Tamil stories . Plz update as much as possible on daily basis and ignore negative barking dogs take care bye

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    Sharmila Devi (Thursday, 07 April 2016 10:58)

    What is this really my hard work gone in vain. Some body on my name wrote this part. really sad..You can directly find it out by the way of naration and who is this karthi in middel telugu and this fake writer introduced different story..I think somebody from negitive commenter did this.
    @fake writer - you realy have good writing skills . Please use them in writing new story we will be very happy for that.

    Roja- that is not my comment. Dont know what is happening in this can we prevent this??????

  • #386

    Sharmila Devi (Thursday, 07 April 2016 11:04)

    Now am posting part-10 . This is continuation from Part 9-4. Please do not read part 9-5 as that is fake.

  • #387

    Sharmila Devi (Thursday, 07 April 2016 11:18)

    Note: Please do not read part 9-5 as that is from fake writer u will get confused.

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -10

    The next day I woke up from my bed my wife is still in the deep sleep due to our last night sex. I was necked with only some ornaments on my body. I went to cupboard and took a violet color nighty and a white bra to wear. After that I wore mangalasutra and toe rings and kept bindi on my fore head. Now am completely looking like perfect house wife. I went to kitchen in a hurry as my wife staff would come to our house for lunch and my maid and vaishali would come late today as they have some other work. While I was making some arrangements in kitchen suhan came from behind and asked me to get ready in beautiful saree as her friends would arrive shortly. Then I went to bathroom and did bath appling turmeric powder to look more glowing face. I came out with towel. First I took a pair of panty and bra which is red in color. Then come to saree as I have to look more beautiful I selected green saree having blue color border and saree is completely with embroidery work. I took green color petticoat and wear it. Next comes the blouse which is parrot green with golden border having knots at back. While wearing blouse I took care so that my tattoos will be shown out, as I have to look homly . I have also removed the pierced ring in my novel as it won’t be good for a house wife to wear before others.I neatly wear my saree adjusting peates and arranged my pallu so that it cover my breast and look good without exposing.I did lite makeup appling eyeliner,mascara and lipstick. Then braid my hair beautifully so that it looks neat. Next comes green with golden color bangles of 2 dozens in each hand. Then I wore a small neckless , black haram(nalla poosalu), heavy payal, long ear rings and a nose stud.I tried my level best to impress my wife and her friends. Then painted my nails with dark green and blue comination polish with nail art to match my saree .Finally I kept a designer bindi on my head and kumkum on my forehead to give a house wife look.
    After getting ready I went down to hall I saw my wife got ready in nicely dressed in blue jeans and green Tshirt to match my saree. Then I understood that she already watched me while I was dressing. She praised me for my dressing and took some jasmine flowers from the bag which she already bought. As a daily rituals I have to touch her feet for blessings. She blessed me “Deerga sumangali bava” and took me up and kissed on my forehead. I felt shy and asked her to leave me so that I have to do so many works in kitchen and am also in fear that if she is in mood then I have to again get ready as she will remove all my cloths and fuck me hard.Then my wife understood and asked me to prepare lunch fast and went out to bring chicken and motton for the luch to prepare. I stayed back in house doing all the house works my wife went out to bring all the required items like all other men. In hour she came back with a bag and handed over to me to make the lunch.

  • #388

    Sharmila Devi (Thursday, 07 April 2016 11:19)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -10-1

    After some time there are some horn sounds coming from out . Then my wife shouted and asked me to come to see my friends who have arrived. Then my wife went out to greet them. I saw a surprising thing out, as all her frinds came on a Royal fields and their husbands sat behind like ladies on the bike. All the three women are in jeans and Tshirts and there husbands are in normal pant and shirt. All the ladies came into our house along with my wife but there husbands followed them behind like women. I was watching everything from kitchen . My wife offered chairs to sit then all the three women sat on the chair and there husbands stood behind them. Then I understood that even my wife friends are so dominating and also made there husbands submissive similar to me but the only difference is all the men are in men dress and they didn’t even wear mangalasutra and there is no resemblance in them like a women. I felt jealous on them as they are living happily like a men but they will be illtreated only in there houses. Thinking all these I again started preparing the lunch.
    Then suddenly suhan(my wife) called me to introduce me to her frineds. I was in fear as how she will introduce me to her friends.I walked slowly towards hall while walking there are lots of sounds coming from my bangles and payal. I went and stood in front of them . All the three ladies looked at me and asked there husbands to lower there head as am looking beautiful. Then my wife intrupted and told that my name is raji and am married then all the women asked about our relationship and about my husband. Then wife my laughed and asked them to don’t ask anything now and will tell everything later. I felt happy listning to it as my wife did not reveal that am her husband and not women but male. Then all the ladies asked their husbands to treat me as there sister and follow me to kitchen to help me in the kitchen work. Then in a surprised tone I asked them not to help me as they are men. Then wife’s continued that they are good in all the household works and they are best fit in kitchen and started laughing. Then all the men noded there head and called me “Raji sister” and we 4 went to kitchen to do the house hold work. Then I understood that all these men are also in the same situation as me except the dress change.
    We all four started our works in kitchen like any other women and all our wife’s started stayed in hall cracking all the adult jokes on us and laughing out and enjoying like any other men in the house.

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    Kumkum (Thursday, 07 April 2016 12:31)

    Nice going sharmila.good update again.

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    Sharmila Devi (Thursday, 07 April 2016 12:48)

    To Be Continued........

    I was not happy when they crack jokes on us. All the men also agreed with me. Then we decided to teach our wife lesson. we add lots of chilli powder in food so that after eating them they will go to toilet and spend whole day in toilet. My wife call all of us outside. we bring four plates for them. All wife's started eating food made by us. After first bite they shouted due to unbearable spiciness of chilies. They all asking for water but we refused to give them water. then they feel pain in stomach and all wanted to go to toilet at same time. We laugh at loudly after seeing their condition. they were running inside to go first to toilet. Then we sat on sofa and eat another food which was not spicy. i know that my wife will not spare me. but till now i bear lots of pain and humiliation and now it is enough for me.
    My wife saw me eating food. she screams at me and asked me why i made such spicy food. I said I dint like being a woman anymore and wants my male life back. My wife laugh and said No that is not possible. Then i came to her and slap her. i was very weak so my slap wont affect her. Then she slap me back. i fell from stairs. i was hit on head and lots of blood started coming from head. My wife pick up me and take me to hospital.

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    Sharmila Devi (Thursday, 07 April 2016 12:56)

    What is this why are you making fun of my story???again #558 is a fake story writen by some body. Why is this happening? Wat r u expecting?
    friends #558 does not belong to my posting....this fake writer is mis using the site and making fun of us. Please stop it friend...pleading u ..please dont do that

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    Sharmila Devi iam always ur fan, some bloody tools my name and posted negative comments please don't believe that it's not me and please don't stop continue

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    Thank you kajal iam waiting

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    Kashmiraa ur right, the same thing happened in tamil blogs. I don't know which bloody is doing that and for y?

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    Srs (Thursday, 07 April 2016 13:58)

    Sharmila Devi u need not want to plead that bitch, v know the way of style u write, so please don't worry, just go on

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    Sorry guys for using your name and creating bad comments on sharmila Devi, iam such a pig and busted, i used to lic pig butt every day that's why I have a bad mouth. Iam really sorry sharmila Devi, i surrounded under your feet, here after this will not happen please forgive me, iam lil bit jealous about your story writing that's why I did like this sorry.

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    Thank you unknown for accepting your fault. I know I am pig asshole and pig like u like to lick my ass. I also know that my story is not more but a pigshit. I forgive you and you also forgive me for writing such a shit. I am also very jealous of your beautiful writing so very sorry from me. I know your English is not good but my English also sucks so no need to sorry me.... Yours pigasshole..

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    Sharmila Devi (Friday, 08 April 2016 13:27)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -10-2

    Due to fall I was totally paralyzed. I was not able to move my hands and legs. That gives shock to my wife suhas. Then she realised her mistake and take care of me. Then after few months I was completely recovered from my paralyzed body. But due to that my my wife was not interested in me anymore and mostly ignores me. And now you come Ravi it is great help for me. Ravi said don't worry brother. I will take care of you. Then both brothers hug each other. In evening suhas came from office. My wife saw Ravi. Ravi also saw my wife. Then my wife go eat him cunning smile. I understand that something brewing in mind of my wife. Ravi went to his room. My wife went to Ravi's room. She saw Ravi was sleeping on bed wearing just brief and vest. She saw his body. It was same as me. My wife's intentions were not good. She constantly staring at Ravi. Then my wife called me. Due to that Ravi also wake up. My wife said tell your brother that he leave this house tomorrow. Both Ravi and me shocked.

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    Girija (Friday, 08 April 2016 14:37)

    @Fake Sharmila Devi: No matter what you do here, you are just wasting your time. We still know who is fake and who is not. Does that make you burn? :D

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    Sharmila Devi (Friday, 08 April 2016 23:25)

    Friends this fake person is wasting his own time pity on him. ignore #565,#566.
    I will come up with my update soon. U can understand who is fake and who is real.Just read first few lines u can understand about the fake writer.

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    raji (Saturday, 09 April 2016 00:38)

    All of u fake commenters...go to hell....u r the slut which likes to only hearing abuse...

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    Very nice story sharmiladevi plz continue and make Ravi her second wife soon

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    Sharmila Devi (Saturday, 09 April 2016 01:41)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part -10-2

    We all started doing all the kitchen work helping each other with out listning their comments. While talking I observed that they talk about all the serials and girly talks and we even discussed about their daily works in their home. It is similar as my day to day life living in home and doing all the ladies stuff in the home. After some time my wife asked me to bring drinks to them. Then I have taken drinks out and served them to all her friends. During that time one of her friend asked about me then my wife saw me with cunning smile. She stood up and came towards me and introduced to all her friends “this is my beautiful husband Raji” who is in front of you in lady dress is my husband she told. Then I got angry and tears rolled out of my eyes and I left the place and went to kitchen running. Then all the men in the kitchen saw me as different and they felt pity on me and then they tried to console me as am also a men like them and asked me about my dressing and I told them all the things happened and why I am living totally like women and this is done by my maid, vaishali and my wife together. Then all the three men understood , felt pity on me and we again continued our work in kitchen but now all the men started praising my beauty and they like the way I adjusted myself as women. While we are doing our work in kitchen we heard sound laughs from hall where my wife and her friends are discussing about me and making jokes. Then my wife called me out and asked all the three men also to come out. Then we all went out from kitchen to hall. When we are in front of all the 4 ladies we could see a cunning smile on their faces and there is also some plan in their mind. Then my wife revealed the plan that I should make all the three men wear women dresses and get ready like beautiful women. Then all the three men felt feared and pleaded their wives to not to make them dress as women. But they did not listen and even biten up them so as the men are so week they accepted for dressing themselves as women.
    So now I have to dress up the three men in different styles of dressing and 2 of them are above 35 in age and they are fat so my blouses will not fit them . So my wife asked my maid to bring her blouses as she is also fat so that they can perfectly fit. One of them Is 25 in age so he can be fit into my dress. Now there is no issue with dresses. My wife asked vaishali and my maid also to help all men while wearing dressing and do the makeup part. First all the three 3 men are given a hair removal cream , turmeric powder asked to remove their hair on their faces and body with clean shave. After bath I gave them bra and panty with different sizes which are mine and my maid’s. I and my maid helped the three men to wear bra for the first time. Then pattu sarees one in red color, green color and yellow saree are selected to wear to look traditional. My maid , vaishali and me taken 3 men each and started helping them to wear saree. We made them to wear matching peticoats first and then the blouse and arranged cotton filling in the bra to make the boobs more attractive. Then sarees are perfectly drapped. Then my maid bought three wigs which are so smooth and silky as natural and arranged on all the three men. Then comes the makeup ,red lipstick, eyeliner and mascara. The two middle aged men are kept with big bindi and other men is given designer bindi on forehead. All the nails are painted with matching there saree colors red, green and yellow respectively. 2 dozen Bangles on each hand ,heavy ear rings, payal and made them to wear ornaments bought by their wives. Now all the three men are taken to mirror and to watch themselves. They shocked and they are now completely looking like women. Now my maid went down to inform all our wives that we are ready . Then we are asked to come down. Then I have taken all the three men towards hall. They felt very shy and shame to face their wives in women avtar. After coming down all there wifes got shock and got impressed and thanked me to making them perfect women. My wife told there friends to remove mangalasutra and tie them to all there husbands as they are now fit to wear mangalasutra and toe rings and become house wife. Then all the men pleaded to not to tie knot for them as that is not proper to do. But they warned and tied mangalasutra , kept toe rings and kumkum on forehead to all the three men. Now the three men are also complete house wives. They are given girl names as Savitha, Ramya and priya according to their previous names.

  • #404

    Sharmila Devi (Saturday, 09 April 2016 01:42)

    To be continued from part 10-2....
    Now all the women ordered their husbands to bring lunch and serve them . All the husbands went to kitchen and bought all the required food items made and served their wives and after they completed the lunch they ate the food in their wives plate. And in the evening all the four couples are dressed nicly like all the men wear designer silk sarees and chudies. All the women wear jeans and Tshirt and enjoyed the whole day going for ride and making their husbands feel comfortable even in public places as women. We had these meetings many once in a month we men are always be submissive and wives always dominating now all of them are perfect in wearing women dresses and be like women in house.
    With all the incidents happened in my life I turned completely from “Rajiv to Raji” , men to women and now am no more to wear men dresses and behave like men and be strong and bold . Now am completely changed and so feminine and now am totally under your babhi control as she is earning like men and the BOSS of our home and I am the home maker and obedient house wife called “Rajiiii”.

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    Sharmila Devi (Saturday, 09 April 2016 02:58)

    Hey dear it's me sharmiladevi. Finally you finish early due to my interference. Otherwise you keep dragging boring story on and on and on....... Now As your title said Make Ravi suhas's second wife. And write in good way otherwise I will come again to teach you. OK now I am going to silent from now carry on yours sharmiladevi

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    Srs (Saturday, 09 April 2016 04:46)

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    Sharmila Devi (Saturday, 09 April 2016 07:45)

    Hey unknown I feel sorry that you are son of whore. Don't worry I forgive you. I don't mind if you disturb me here

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    Tina (Saturday, 09 April 2016 09:50)

    Feminizing My Sister-part 1

    Hi name is tina and i am a slut crossdresser,this is the story of how i introduced my elder sister to the wonders of Femininity.

    It was a lazy sunday afternoon when i got the call that would change my life.But first let me tell you a little about myself.For as long as i can remember i have absolutely loved femininity and always wanted to embrace it fully,So i used to crossdress in secret in my mother's clothes which just didn't fit right but were my only option but after i completed my bba, I took a job in noida and as my family was situated in north delhi daily travel took about 3-4 hours everyday so i requested to move out and they agreed.Some time has passed and here i am living my dream.That particular sunday I was wearing hot pink denim shorts, a black padded bra , thong panties,purple six inch heels,and a special accessory a choker necklace with the words slut written on it (, My face was also made up with pink lipstick,thick mascara, pink eye Shadow and foundation.
    Around 12:30 in the afternoon i got realy horny and started playing with my clity(cock) and boipussy(ass), after a minute of foreplay i took a thick 6 inch realistic dildo and shoved it deep in my boipussy which made moan realy lound(just like the slut i am) but just as i was about to cum my phone ran, it was my mother.After saying all the mom things she told me that my cousin sister sonali has taken addmission in highly reputed college in delhi and will be coming to live with us.I was realy happy to hear this as she and i were very close but after six months my whole happiness faded as due to her college being near to my flat it was decided she would live with me as travelling was taking up a lot of time.Before going further let me tell you a little about my sister and my family. My grandparents had four sons, In the 80's due to the threat of terrorism it was decided the eldest and youngest brothers would go to delhi to setup the family business,but in time it took them to fully setup the threat of terrorism faded so the other two brothers decided to stay back in a small town called toga near Ludhiana. Now to my sister, From looks she was the definition of small town girl never properly waxed or had her eyebrows done ,wore loose and dull suits etc,but she was very smart and wanted to achieve something before marriage so after her bba she wanted to do mba but her parents denied, it took her 2 years to convince them and another to convince them let go to delhi,now here she was 23 years old and coming to live with and endangering my crossdressing lifestyle....

    To be continuted

  • #411

    Tina (Saturday, 09 April 2016 10:03)

    Hi sisters this was the first part of my story,I know it doesn't have a lot of crossdressing or sexual stuff but i really wanted to establish everything before that, please give me feedback.

    Also the next few parts will focus more on westren clothing but worry not i plan to feature many indian dresses like saree,punjabi suit , lengha , gaghra choli and much more

    List of things
    #my feminization
    #my sister's feminization
    #my sister's wedding
    #a special crossdressing festival called BDSM-divas
    #much more

  • #412

    Vani (Saturday, 09 April 2016 13:12)

    @Tina: Good concept but we would like to see is the elder sister humiliating him. It would be good when the elder sister makes him girly without her being boyish. Both should be girlie..

  • #413

    Carina (Saturday, 09 April 2016 14:29)

    Sorry to say it Rajibalan....
    This is what i said few days before.
    People are started faking upon the need and it will end up in mess....
    The mess will get more filth in future...

    Extremly Sorry
    Carina -the real one

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    Kumkum (Saturday, 09 April 2016 15:33)

    SRS . PRIYASREE please continue your story. We are waiting for long time. Please do post.

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    Tina (Saturday, 09 April 2016 15:45)

    Feminizing my Sister-part 2

    It has now been 1 ½ months since my sister came to live me, during this time my crossdressing was stopped but the urge to crossdress and fuck my boipussy with large dildos only increased tremendously, So i decided to start it again even with the fear of getting caught. The plan was perfect,a crossdressing club i was a member of(more on that later) were having thier monthly event which i decided to attend,as my sister was having her practicals that day she would come home late,so i would get out of the house before she comes and return late while she would be sleeping. After waht felt like an eternity the day finally came , just as my sister left I started preparations , i laid out the clothes and took a bubble bath to make my skin softer, after the bath i started dressing. As the event was at a 5-star hotel(the owner was a crossdresser too) I decided to go as a classy slut, i wore a midriff lbd( paired with gold 6 inch heels, hoop earings,a platinum bracelet and my slut choker,For makeup i went with the subtle look with dark lipstick , a littile bit of mascara and foundation.I finially comepleted my look with a blonde wig and girly perfume. I was ready to go but just as grabed my clutch i heard the door opening. It was just as i feared my sister was standing there schocked at what she was seeing, the only word she was able to say was "why". It then and there i decided not to hide my trueself anymore and tell her everything.(now i will write about my journey in crossdressing in detail). It all started when i was 12 , one day my elder brothers were watching the bollywood movie STYLE in which two boys crossdress to stay in womens hostel.I didn't knew why at that time but i thought about the movie all the time.Fast forward a few years and i discovered internet and the world of crossdressing with it and after a couple of years more i finally gathered enough courage to post one of my pics online to facebook.i didn't look good by any standards as i still had body hair and also didn't knew how to use makeup properly but it was still a big step for me. It was there i met a person who commented on my pic by the name of shilpa crossy, she appreciated my effort and told me i had potential, after chating for a while she invited me to her home so that she can help me achieve my full potential. After thinking about it for a while i decided to go there this coming saturday. When reached at her home i was in awe the person standing before me was not a crossdresser but a goddess she was wearing a black saree with large earings(, and was looking absolutely stuning. She invited me in and talking for a while she promised me she can make me look even better than her
    , but i didn't believed her but now i can say she was right. The first thing she asked me was to get rid of all body hair and come to her house again. I didn't respond to her for two weeks as i had no idea how was i gonna explain removal of body hair to my family then i got a brilliant idea, I told my mother that i have joined the college swimming teqm and the coach has suggested me to get rid of my body hair as it helps with swimming. So everyday with the excuse of swimming practice i went to shilpa's place and practiced crossdressing. It went like this for a few months till i got perfect in the art of crossdressing. One day shilpa told that she wanted to take me to a special place so i should get dressed to the nines, I was very exticed to go out as not my boyself but as the beautiful tina. I wore a yellow mini with large earings, pink lipstick,drak greenish eyeshow, heavy mascara and lots of lip gloss(,shilpa saw me but said something was missing and handed me what would become my favourite accessory the slut choker. I wore it with pride and we went out. We reached the place but i got scared as it was in a bad part of the city, we went inside and it looked like a brothel so i got scared that shilpa wanted to fuck me but i was not gay, i followed her with fear when she asked me to head inside a large door, i thought it would be better to explain that i was not gay inside than outside with a lot of people present. So i went inside the door and was pleasantly surprised by what i saw. It was a large room filled with crossdressers. Shilpa told me it was my membership celebration and explain the club to me,she told me that here some were alone , some were with their wives or girlfriends , some were even with their whole families fully crossdressed. Some of them were gay , some were staright, some were bi, but they were all there for one thing acceptance of their crossdressing lifestyle. And she also told me that this crossdressing club was aslo affiliated with national crossdressing organization.

  • #416

    Tina (Saturday, 09 April 2016 15:47)

    The rest of the night was very enjoyable i drinked, i danced like a girl with other crossdressers,also met alot of helpful and beautiful people. The party ended with me receiving my membership gift my very first dildo(it was 3 inches long and pink in colour).after a stopping at shilpa home i got into my male cloths and went home with my new dildo.over the next couple of years i enjoyed crossdresinng in secret and then moved out and got my own flat and now i am here standing in front of sister looking a better woman than her.(this is end of my feminization now back to present). She was hearing everything very carefully and said that i need not worry as she understood and will not tell anybody. i got overcome with and hugged her thight and said "thanks Didi". It was special as this was the first time i called her didi. She was really happy and then i went out to get to the club

    To be continued...

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    Sharmila devotee (Sunday, 10 April 2016 02:10)

    Please Sharmila mam.. Don't mind anything continue your story ... This is my humble request, pls think abt us also dont consider that bitch.

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    Kashmira (Sunday, 10 April 2016 03:02)

    My request to sharmila Devi please ignore negative comments. We are early waiting for story. We still enjoy your story very much.

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    SRS (Sunday, 10 April 2016 11:58)


    After when i woke up i felt deze an weak, my aunt told that she has inject me with some kind of doss which make me feel weak an so that she can get ready me for the marriage, first she applied mehendi in my hands up to fore arm an in my leg up to knee, after few hours when it dry they cleaned it , the smell is strange to me i dint like. after she bring up the bridal saree an show it to me it was heavy an now she put me in the panties an bra an she give me the petticoat an blouse , the blouse look very different , it low neck blouse which show half of my boobs an it backless , it rely very strange to wear it. after she forced me in that bridal saree, my boob is clearly visible,now she started to make my hair,she did with very high an heavy up-do,an she did my makeup which is very heavy an my eyelash is been extended it felt different to my eye,an she started to put the jewelry,first very heavy payal after waist band an dozen of bangles an neck less an she gives long dangling earring in my first ear hole an small diamond stud in other hole an after she took one big nose ring an insert it to my nose hole an another end in my earring , it felt irate that the nose ring is always touching lip an while i want to talk the ring is making sound,they all started to laugh i felt dizziness so that i cant do any thing,after when i got ready they took me by car into near by temple , there i was shocked an everything was arranged i pleaded my aunt that am a boy i dont want to be married like a girl but she dint care an stated to laugh an she told which way ur looking like a boy, r u sure u have the penis an laugh an felt embrace i even pleaded to my gf but she smiled an say u have become my lill sis so dint worry i will help u in every way,an she forcefully made to sit an my marriage started mani bring sindor an applied in my forehead an attached toe ring in my leg finger an the marriage was finished now he hold my hands an took me to his bike i was surprised on seeing that bike , i have dreamed for long for that bike but now my entire life is been changed for that bike,he told what do u wana drive an laugh an told sorry now u only can get an ride not drive come my dear let v go to our home an he drove it to his home, when v reached there all of them r present b4 us an they welcomed us an his mother told b4 u came here as his friend but now u became his wife i felt shy an she told to enter in his house by placing a right leg after i enter his mom told u know already what an which in this house as his friend but u dont know as his wife so u have to learn everything an she start to teach me after it came first ni8 i was rely very scared at that time my gf came with me in my room i cant understand she told me that she will teach me i was shamed i got a milk in my hand an stood in front of me my gf guide to touch his feet i silently touched it an started to cry an she told y u crying baby ohh ur afraid of fucking dont worry first it will be a lil pain after it come with pleasure that every woman like an she pushed me to bed an told even i did this b4 trust me it is more pleasure than u had when u got a penis i was shocked an she told s he is my lover , he married u only cause of businesses deal an now u will become servant in this house an she tore all my dress an now i was completely nude an he told do u r ember that i have told that 1 day i will put my penis in ur vagina i was shocked he also removed his dress an i can see his big penis an he came near to me i told please leave me for god sake an she told v cant here u please speak it up near mic an he bring his penis near my mouth an told speak it up in mic i told please get that thing out of me an suddenly he tried to enter in mouth but i closed it tightly , my gf pressed my nose so that i can breath through my mouth an while opened it he entree his penis into my mouth an she guide it just to lick, because of the toung ring which i have already he get more pleasure an he burst all his cum into my mouth now only i can understand that y some girls used toung ring after i forced to sallow all the cum of his an i felt tired an sleep.

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    Shilpa (Sunday, 10 April 2016 12:58)

    That was a sexy update . good job srs.

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    Tina (Sunday, 10 April 2016 15:27)

    Feminizing My Sister-part 3

    That night at the crossdressing club was like every other night there but i was enjoying it way more knowning that i had the acceptance of my didi. I reached home late and didi had already slept, so without disturbing her i went straight to my room. I was feeling sexy all day but just as looked at my reflection in the mirror i got realy horny. So i took out a monster 8 inch black realistic dildo which i only use for special occasions and started fucking my boipussy, it me absolutely no time to orgasm but was yet not satisfied so i kept going. As weak sissy men like me can't ejaculate back to back it took me nearly an hour to orgasm again, i got so tried that i slept right there on the ground still dressed up. I woke up to the sound of didi shouting at me, i immediately got up and said sorry didi as i was very tired i slept on the floor only. I told me that i should take care of things like this as the city is not safe and she dosen't want anything to happen to her little sister. Hearing this i got very happy and hugged her thightly. But i also noticed something, as she talking to me she not looking at me but at the 8 inch dildo on my table, she was almost hypnotized by it. After that me dressing up in the house became common and i also noticed that it was not just the dildo that hypnotized her but everything from the clothes i used to wear, the make up ,the heels. The way she used to look at these things i knew she wanted them, she wanted to be feminine, she was a girl after all but why was she not feminine,why she was not waxed i didn't knew. Next in casually asked her about it, she told me that it was because in our culture things like makeup,dresses etc are seen as a sign of maturation in girls and they are deemed ready for marriage as she didn't wanted to marry yet she stayed away from it. I could sense the sadness in her voice so i decided to do something about it , over the next few days i repeatedly talked her about how much fun i used to have at the club. I would see the want in her eyes everytime i talked about it. Finally the day of the next party came closer and exactly what i wanted happend. Didi asked me if i would take her with me, that was all the encouragement i needed.i told her not like this,i explained to didi that i had a reputation and the only way i would let her come with me if she let's me give her a makeover. She reluctantly agreed and i got to work. First i gave her a full body wax including above vagina, she protested but i told she can trust her little sister. Next i made her take a nice bath with scented soaps and lotions, then i shaped her eyebrows. And then it came to clothes, i decided to go with long gown as it was her first time but she rejected it and said if she was gonna do it she was gonna do it right so i git her a sluty blue mini(,blue heels and a bracelet. Then it was turn for make up.i used dark maroon lipstick, light blue nail polish, bright sea blue eye shadow and foundation. It is every crossdressers dream to get dressed up by his sister but here i was introducting my didi to feminity and i was enjoying every second of it. After she was fully dressed i also got dressed in a dress similar to her but in pink. We went to the club, i introduced didi to everyone and we started dancing. The club played only the most sexiest and raunchiest item number and seeing didi dance on them i felt like i had unleay a monster. As all her suppressed feminity came out in one go and she was giving everyone erections.i was very proud but also very jealous. At 10:30 we left the club went home. When we reached home she told me her pussy was on fire and demanded a dildo,i gave her a 5 inch purple one. But didn't knew how to use it and revealed to me that she has never actually masturbated. I said "i wil show you". And took a 6 inch pink steel dildo(steel dildos are different from normal ones as they fell very cold and make you loose erection so you can only cum from fucking your boipussy) and started slowy sliding it in my boipussy then slowy turning and twisting it. Didi started to copy me so i started to increase my speed. After several minutes we both from my small penis and didi from her glorious vagina. As it was her first proper orgasm at 23 years of age she was not able to get up and slept on the floor and i joined her.

    To be continued...

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    Reader (Sunday, 10 April 2016 23:03)

    Very bad news for.... Friends...At least 102 people have died and more than 200 were injured after celebratory firecrackers caused a massive blast and fire at a temple located in a coastal town near Kollam in Kerala. ... Rest in peace those . pray for them.

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    Arun (Monday, 11 April 2016 01:09)

    Their soul may RIP

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    Santhi (Tuesday, 12 April 2016 11:34)

    What is happening to this page! Not a single post for long time ! Are all afraid of the fake person ?

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    Srs (Tuesday, 12 April 2016 11:53)

    No, if v continue our story the fake ends our story with funny way

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    Sharmilla Devi (Wednesday, 13 April 2016 00:19)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife – Part - 11

    Note:Raji Completed her story how she got feminized and changed to women, from now brother continues his story.

    Raji started crying telling his story and how he is treated in the home. I consoled him and told that I will teach lesson to bhabi and make raji back to men. Then raji laughed and told me that first you be carefull later you can save me. I told that I will leave the house once I get job and change everything in this house. Then It was evening suhan my bhabi came back from office. Then Raji immidiatly went and took shoes from suhan legs and gave her coffee. After having coffee suhan gave a shocking news that she removed maid and vaishali will also not come anymore. They will come when required. Then Raji asked it will be very difficult to do all the work in the house then suhan continued that “your brother is anyways free with no other work he will help you in house work”. Then I did not accept to do the house work like women. Then my bhabi got angry and told me to get one job, earn money like men and then you can stop working. I took her words challenging. Next day morning I went out in search of job I searched in many places and went each and every company but could get any job as my marks are below average which is only 50% and also I don’t have good communication skills. This continued for a week searching the job but could not get any job. Now am totally depressed and understood that it is very difficult for me to get job and decided to slowly search job as “slow and steady wins the race”. I went home feeling so sad and sat on the sofa relaxing due to tiredness. Then Raji came towards me and asked about my job but I lowered my head then Raji continued saying no prob I can search job slowly and asked me to come and help her in washing my bhabi cloths as she alone was not able to do all the works in house. I felt so sad but could not do anything as I have no other chance except to stay in my bhabi house and do what ever they say.
    It is night I and Raji are completely tired so I went to take bath. While doing bath I did not find any soap instead turmeric powder and naturally made paste which is used by women. Then I asked Raji for soap then he replied that only suhan uses soap as she is earning and we have to use these naturally made pastes as they are cheap. Without saying any word I applied the paste on my entire body and completed bath. While coming out I found out that my hair on body removed little bit and skin became smooth and silky. Then I asked Raji about it then he told that the paste which we uses is for women where it is made to remove body hair and make body smooth and silky. Then I got fear that I slowly entering into women world. I asked Raji to provide any night dress for me as all my dresses are completely in bad condition and only two pairs of formal dresses are there which can be used for my interview. Then Raji laughed and brought a green color petticoat and a dark green nighty having beautifull red flowers to wear. Then I shouted on Raji that I am not women to wear Nighty and I need men night wear. Then Raji got irritated by me and throwed nighty on my face and told this is the only dress he can give me and went away from room in angry.

  • #427

    Sharmila Devi (Wednesday, 13 April 2016 00:21)

    to be continued part-11.

    As I have no other choice I took nighty into my hands wow it is so smooth but I don’t know what would happen if I wear this women dress. Thinking all these things I wore the nighty from top and tried to zip the nighty from back but I could not. After some trails I found that somebody is helping from behind. OMG it is my bhabi she helped me from behind to zip my nighty and laughed at me told that “ welcome to your new womenhood” and she praised me that I look so nice in this nighty and she is expecting me to change entirely into women. Then I lowered my head and went away from her feeling embrased and angrily asked her to leave the room. Then Raji came inside and pleaded suhan to leave the room as I was in fear. Then suhan with cunning smile gave flying kiss and went away from the room. Then I started crying like a women then Raji made me keep calm and told that this is very common in this house and asked me to go to my hometown next day. But I did not care him as I have decided to get the JOB and then go to my hometown in proud.
    Raji understood me and asked me to be careful with my bhabi as she likes week men like us. But I did not care raji and Raji found that I did not wear petticoat inside the nighty watching that raji scolded me and asked me to wear petticoat inside as that will protect my inner parts from outside. I understood and decided to wear petticoat also under my nighty . Then Raji helped me in wearing petticoat from down. Now I felt so comfortable and now it is very easy to carry the nighty while walking. Raji left the room asking me to sleep quickly as we have many works in kitchen tomorrow morning and also told that she will teach me how to wash utensils, clean house neatly , and washing clothes as all the works have to be done by both of us .Then I went to mirror to see how I look I could not believe my eyes as I look like a teenage girl below my face as I have small trimmed mustache and beard. Let me describe myself am 5.4 inch short and slim guy (and my bhabi is 5.6 inch so she is taller than me) I have fair skin tone and I have very less hair on my body by applying the natural paste now am not able to find the hair on my body. As this is the first time am wearing women nighty I felt some different mood and thinking my future in this house I went to sleep as We have to start early tomorrow in kitchen and do all household works.

  • #428

    Tina (Wednesday, 13 April 2016 06:55)

    Feminizing My Sister-part 4

    We woke up next morning really exhausted, so we both took the day off( me frok my office and she from her college) to relax. Around noon i got an idea and asked didi to get ready, she asked why and said it's a surprise and went to my room to get ready,that day i wore a midriff red dress(,blode wig, bright red lipstick and maroon 6 inch heels, small earings with sissy written on them, and of course my slut choker. I went to the lobby to see that didi was still not ready and required my( her little brother) help.I helped her choose the clothes and also wear them. Then asked about my choker that i always wear and if i had another one. I said that the slut is mine and only i wear it but i have some with other words she can choose. She choose one with words BITCH written on them. After that we went out and i took her to sarojin(famous market in delhi). As we were walking through the market she was looking around astonished at the clothes,shoes,makeup on display. I told her to move fast as we have not reached our destination and she was confused listening this. We went to a silent back lane which was empty except one watchman gaurding a door . i went to him and showed my sissy earings, he opened th door and we went in. Didi was shoxked at what she saw it was a underground supermarket run by the national crossdresser organization. Every thing a crossdresser, sissy, mistress would need was here. Upon entering we were greeted by raji( the manager of the palce), she said hi and planted a deep kiss on my painted lips and grabbed my clit. Didi got scared seeing this so i explained to her that it is common for crossdressers to greet each other like this. Raji said"so slut,are you coming to the paryy next week". i replied to raji"no i wil not".Didi asked me why she called me slutand why we are not going to the party . i said as i always wear a slut choker it has become kind of my nickname. As for the party i said we are not going as it is indian. Themed party where everyone is required to wear saree,lengha or other indian dresses. Didi's eyes lit up hearing this and she requested me to go. After a couple of minutes i agreed. Both raji and didi got happy seeing this.raji said so it is true no crossdresser can say no to a woman. All three of us laughed and started shopping, we bought a lot of stuff,me and didi got fitted for blouses . the guy there asked us for the size of breatforms we were gonna wear. Didi said she has boobs she dosent need it. The guy siad that she has small boobs and should really consider them. she reluctantly agreed and we both bought size d bereast forms. We went to eat something. The speciality of this place was that every thing was in the shape of a penis.we ate penis gol gappe( with a little cum mixed in the water), penis sandwiches etc. We went home and were both horny, i suggested we try something new and took out a 15 inch long two sided dildo. I took one side in my boipussy and she took one in her vagina. We came closer and closer while masturbating. At the end i looked like she was the one fucking me.we both came and again collapsed on the floor and slept there.

    To be continued....

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    ishu (Thursday, 14 April 2016 00:55)

    Sharmila devi....u r simply awesome.... Pls write the story fastly

  • #430

    Kashmiraa (Thursday, 14 April 2016 03:44)

    Superb .... Awesome sharmila Devi.

  • #431

    Deepika Mehta 4464 (Thursday, 14 April 2016 10:56)

    Sorry friends for Delay in updating stories, for previous part u can visit to my blog by clicking below link (Blog also contains pictures, so u can imagine the feeling at the same time) don't forget to give your valuable comments.

    (after taking a snapshot, all girls stared laughing)

    Sheela :Now our Deepika looking very Hot.

    Natasha : Lets make our beauty queen look more gorgeous, Neha take her to our makeup room, we need to give her some touch up.
    (Neha told deepika to sit on chair, first time deepika see herself in the mirror , she totally shocked, feeling ashamed in front of other girls, She knows very well, if she refuse to obey, then her truth will be revealed by these rubbish girl.)

    Neha: Hmmm, I think we should start with her eyebrow trimming first.( After hearing this word Deepika immediately stand from the chair)

    Deepika: (Angrily) Not at all, I do not want any eyebrow trimming. How I will go like this in front of others.
    (From back Natasha and others girls came)

    Natasha : Ohhh my Deepika Darling, why are you forcing us to reveal your truth. Each and every argument from your side will increase your humiliation. Quitely sit on chair, otherwise will take you outside in the college in your current get up. Everybody will notice your inner beauty.(All girls laughed heavily)

    Neha: Sit Deepika, let me do my work.
    (Now neha started trimming her eyebrows, after that putting matching lipstick,Eyeliner, foundation,etc)

    Pooja: We should paint her nails with heavy cot of nail polish, it will enhance her beauty.

    Neha : You are right Pooja. (Deepika’s fingers and toe nails were painted a deep red multiple times then toped off with clear polish to gloss the nails and make them shine.Now Pooja has done with Deepika’s Makeup)

    Pooja: Neha, I feel something is missing.

    Neha: You are right, Earrings is missing.

    Natasha: Let me do her ear piercing.

    Deepika: Now you are crossing all limits, why are you doing this to me.

    Natasha: Just for fun, do not interrupt us. Come on girls let tie her to the chair.
    (Now Deepika become rebellion, try to escape from these girls but unfortunately he was forcefully tied to the chair)

    Natasha: Hahaha, don’t use your mind, only follow our instruction. Don’t worry; we are just keeping you with fashion trend, now boys also pierced their ears.
    (For full story visit blog by clicking on my name)

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    Kumkum (Thursday, 14 April 2016 12:25)

    Thank you deepika for unloading story... Nice going.

  • #433

    SRS (Thursday, 14 April 2016 13:43)


    i woke up next morning an saw mani is still sleeping my gf told to get bath an be clean an after when i went to hall mani mom kavitha aunt told that u will get teach everything here after an if u fail the u will get punishment, she called her servant an told to teach about how to were saree,makeup,hairdressing etc. i was not in interest my only aim is some how i collect all the money an get reversed into my old life by surgery, while i was thinking she called me an make me sit in the dressing table an told that u have to learn what i will do an she started to teach me n she told today only i will teach u from tomorrow u have to do by ur self otherwise u will get punishment, an she thought how to were saree an do the hairstyle , even though they got a servant all the work iam doing, after when mani woke up his mother told everyday u have to touch our feet an get bless for our 3 mani,my gf an his mom this becoming humiliate, after i forced to touch there feet mani asked how did u like my cum in ur mouth i was silent he got angry an started to beet suddenly my gf stopped him an told to him that i was shy to tell him, he told me that i like ur cum very much an it taste like more than a honey ,he told thank to me an pleaded to do same every ni8, i was shocked on hearing that what she was telling an he also laughed an leaved me, i was really angry about that but i cant do anything, after i did the house work an finished an again i went to bedroom she is presenting already an she again ripped all my cloths an pushed into the bed forcefully an he stood there with his penis opened clearly visible he he near to me an my gf told in my ear hold it an started to guide , i dint lesson to her an she garbed my nipple an started to pinch , i dint able to tolerate the pain an do what she told after she told to kiss the tip of the penis an i did with it after he pushed into my mouth an i started to blowjob it she guide me that make him cum with ur beautiful cock she his face did he njoying r not an told to sallow all his cum an after he enter his tool in to my pussy an i felt lot of pain he pumped it lot of time after it become a pleasure it was different i never felt this kind of pleasure when i was a boy, an again i felt tired an slept, next day morning i woke up an cleaned my self there the servant who thought me yesterday give me the saree an blouse an told to were , i did it the blouse was the same low neck an backless, but after i tried to were the saree i failed to were it n she simply noted, an after i did my makeup an that too not got an i put my long hair into bun , i dint like my hair i just want to cut it but i cant ,an i put my hair in a tight bun an she corrected my saree an i started to work mani mother was setting in the table an reading i went near to her an touch her feat an gives the tea while i was giving my hair opened an touched the tea in the tea cup on seeing this she got tense an told u bitch cant u do ur hair properly an she shout at her servant an servant told mam i have thought her perfectly but she dint show any interest an even thought she dint were her saree properly i did it for her , on hearing this she got tense an told for this u will get punishment , i was afraid of it , now what more i will get, she told for u dint learn the thing properly for saree,makeup an hairstyle, u will get 3 punishment, u will get 2 nose pricing 1 in another side of the nose an other in the spectrum pricing in the center of the nose,an another is ur vagina pricing , i was shocked an plead but there is no use of it, i thought to run after they caught me an make it sit in the chair, cause of my lose of strength i cant able to do anything, she bring the pricing machine an priced my another side of the nose an put a 7 stone diamond stud in the middle she priced an placed an dangling ring which touched my lip, after she un dress me an removed my panties i was in shame an she priced my vagina it was really very pain that i cant tolerate , an due to that i faint an felt down due to heavy pain an the blood beading in my pricing

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    Kumkum (Thursday, 14 April 2016 14:40)

    Extremely exciting update sharmila. You are a great writer. Keep this going dear.
    SRS great going dear.

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    Srs (Friday, 15 April 2016 01:41)

    Deepika awesome please continue ur story soon

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    Kumkum (Friday, 15 April 2016 02:13)

    Srs please post updates dear. Sharmila please post you story it's very tough to to wait. Please post.

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    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 03:26)

    Aishwarya was cleaning home. She was finished washing utensils and clothes. She had always finishing her cleaning duty in morning itself. Because Mr Shekhar Verma who was big politician and minister in centre cabinet will came for lunch. Mr Verma is 60 year old politician. He was in politics for more than 40 years. He was having wife and 4 children of which 2 were sons and 2 were daughter. All children were married and having their own good life. They all were living together in Verma’s bungalow. His daughters were also living with their husband with Verma. Verma’s wife was 55 years old lady who was suffering from thyroid problem. Her weight was around 100 Kg and she was not able to do household chorus.Aishwarya heard big siren’s sound coming from outside. She understands that Mr Verma came to home. His car stops at bungalow gate and his bodyguards open door and he came out from car and told his bodyguards to wait outside till he will come back and he went inside home. Aishwarya brings water to drink. He was sitting on sofa and started watching NEWS. He pick up glass of water and drink it. Then he returns empty glass to her. She holds glass. He slap on her butt. She went to inside kitchen without saying anything

  • #438

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 03:26)

    Aishwarya called Mr Verma for lunch. She said “Sir Lunch is ready. Will u like to eat now”? Verma said “Darling today I don’t have mood to eat that lunch. I want to eat something else so prepare yourself”. Aishwarya understand what Mr Shekhar Verma wants. She went to bedroom and wait for Verma to come inside. After few minutes Verma come inside and he saw Aishwarya was laying on bed. She was wearing a black satin nighty. Shekhar Verma started removing his clothes. He was totally naked. He jump on bed and pulled Aishwarya towards him. Then he was started kissing to Aishwarya all over her body. After that he started kissing on her lips. She also responds to his Kiss. After that He takes Aishwarya’s tongue and started sucking it. Aishwarya also jerking his Penis from one hand while kissing. They both were kissing passionately. After long kissing Mr Verma told Aishwarya to sit on knees. She obeys him and sit on knees. Verma took his Penis inside Aishwarya’s mouth and told her to suck it. Aishwarya started giving him very hard blowjob. Aishwarya’s intensity increases of sucking his dick. Within 5 minutes Verma ejaculates in her mouth. She eats his cum and then again starting kissing his Penis and balls. Verma told Aishwarya to lie down on bed. She was lying on bed and he also lays besides him. After that he inserts his loose dick inside her Ass. Due to looseness that dick was not able to insert inside ass. Verma was frustrated because his dick became loose. He told Aishwarya to jerk off his dick to make that hard. Aishwarya said “Sorry Sir your dick is not hard enough to insert in my ass”. Verma slapped Aishwarya and said “I know bitch do your job and jerk off”. Aishwarya was started jerking his dick but no use. He pushed Aishwarya and went out wearing his clothes. He was very angry. He said “be prepared because I will come tonight”. Verma feel insulted in front of his mistress.Verma come back again in night. Aishwarya was ready to be fucked again by Verma. He removed his clothes and showed her his hard dick. Aishwarya knows that he was taking Viagra to make his dick hard. Without Viagra not possible to make old man’s dick hard. He told Aishwarya to sit like doggy. She was sitting in doggy position. Verma lifts her nighty and pulled down her panty so that her beautiful ass seen. Verma insert his dick in her ass. She was screaming due to pain. He pulled Aishwarya’s hair from behind and stroking hard in Aishwarya’s ass. She was making moaning sounds. And again within 5 minutes Verma ejaculates in her ass. After that Verma removed Aishwarya’s chastity which used to lock down Aishwarya’s Penis. After removing chastity Verma told Aishwarya to jerk off her own Penis. Aishwarya said “Ok Sir and She started jerking of her own dick”. While jerking she was getting heaven like feeling because she was locked down since many months. Aishwarya’s desire to masturbate was reach on very high level. She was feeling restless because not able to masturbate. After some jerking Aishwarya was ejaculates and her loaded semen was all over floor.
    Verma called her and kissed Aishwarya’s dick. Her dick was locked again in chastity. The key of chastity was with Verma 24*7. She wears another panty and went to bathroom to clean up floor. Verma also went to his home.

  • #439

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 03:29)

    Last year during elections Verma required some young and dashing people who will do election campaigns for Verma. For that he was organised interviews of candidates. In that interview Aishwarya also came. Aishwarya was 21 year old young and very handsome guy that time. She has 5.10” height and slim body. Also she was looking very handsome with sharp features like beautiful eyes and sharp and small nose with very pinkish lips. And very much fair complexion which was not seen in men. Aishwarya was very different of Boy from rest of candidates. Aishwarya was very cleaver also. When personal interview date was told to candidates they all present on that day in his office. All candidates interview was over and Aishwarya was last guy whose interview was yet to come. Verma told his secretary that he was not feeling well and going to home. His secretary said “Sir only one boy left”. Verma said “No tell him to go home. I am not taking any more interview”. Then His Secretary went to Aishwarya to tell her that Verma sir was not well and so they was not conducting interview anymore. Aishwarya was feeling sad and it was her dream to work with Verma like politician. She said “Please allow me to meet Verma Sir for once”. Secretary said “No please leave now”. Aishwarya was understands that her dream was shattered in front of her eyes. She pick up her bag and started walking to home. Mr Verma also came out from his office and went to his car. He saw one very handsome tall guy walking dejectly from his office stairs. He asked his PA “Who is this handsome guy”? Pa told him that he is last guy whose interview was yet to happen. Verma was not able to take his eyes off from Aishwarya. He was looking Aishwarya from Top to bottom. Aishwarya’s Hair was so silky and long till neck. His butt was bigger than normal guy. And he was slim. Verma said “Called that boy what is his name”? Pa said “Sir His name is Aishwarya”. Verma said to himself “Aishwarya................ what a name Aishwarya......His name sounds like angel from heaven”. His PA called Aishwarya and told her that Verma Sir wants to meet you. Aishwarya was jumping in joy. She was very happy when she heard that Verma wants to meet her. Aishwarya then started walking towards his car.Verma said “Come beta sits inside with me”. Aishwarya sits with her. He told driver to take car to his farmhouse. Aishwarya shakes her hands with Verma. Verma took her hand and he was shocked when he feels her hand which was very soft and delicate. He was not leaving her hand. Verma asked Aishwarya “What is your name”? Aishwarya said “Aishwarya and I really wanted to work with you”. Verma said “Aishwarya nice name”. Aishwarya said “Thanks my name resembles to famous actress”. Verma said “You are very beautiful than any actresses. What kind of work you want to do with me?” Aishwarya said “Sir I wanted to do campaign for you for next election”. Ok first we go to our firm house and then after finishing dinner my car will drop you at your home. Aishwarya said “Ok sir”
    At farm house all other politicians also present. They had meeting there to discuss planning and strategy for upcoming elections. Aishwarya was present at farm house waiting for meeting to over. After late night there meeting was over. They all had very nice dinner along with alcohol. Verma’s PA told to Aishwarya to eat something. Aishwarya said “I will eat after interview with Sir”. PA said “Your interview was already finished and you are selected so now eat something”. Aishwarya was very happy when she knows that she was selected for Verma’s campaign. After that she ate dinner. Then PA drops her to his home. Verma was very much high due to alcohol. He slept there.Aishwarya’s old mother and Sister were waiting for him to come. Aishwarya told her job news to them. They were very happy for Aishwarya. Their family knows how big fan Aishwarya was of Verma. Aishwarya’s sister was unable to walk. She had polio. Aishwarya’s mother was also not able to see from one eye. Aishwarya’s family condition was not good and this job will improve her financial condition. Aishwarya brings food for mother and sister. They also ate that food and then all went to sleep. Next morning Verma’s PA was standing outside her house. Pa told Aishwarya that Verma Sir sends me to pick up you from your home. Aishwarya was on cloud nine after knowing that Verma Sir cares for her. She was ready in 5 minutes and went with Verma’s PA.

  • #440

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 03:30)

    At office Aishwarya meet Mr Verma. Aishwarya touches Verma’s feet. Verma pick up Aishwarya by grabbing her hands and hugged Aishwarya. And said “Your place is not on my feet but near my heart”. Verma was not leaving Aishwarya. Aishwarya was unaware of his intentions. He leave Aishwarya and said “From now you have to be with me 24*7 till election over. Tell your family that you won’t come to home till election over”. Aishwarya said “Ok sir. I will tell my family”. Then Verma told PA to make all arrangements of Aishwarya. PA went to make arrangements. Aishwarya asked “Where are other candidates”? Verma said “I wanted only one sharp clever and intelligent candidate and I found you”. Aishwarya said “Thank you Sir for believing me and I will not give you any chance for complain”. Verma said “I want much more from you than your commitments”. Aishwarya said “I promise Sir my life devoted to you. Whatever you said I will obey without any question”. Verma give him one agreement to sign. Aishwarya Sign that agreement with reading it. Aishwarya was following him blindly. Election was near. Only 25 days remaining for the elections. Aishwarya was made very good campaign for Verma. And till election she was main leader for Verma’s campaign. She worked very hard to make Verma Win this year’s election and her hard works pays off. Mr Shekhar Verma was won election with highest margin of votes in state. And for that he was appointed as minister in central cabinet. In his constituency Diwali like atmosphere was everywhere. Verma was congratulated by his wife and children and their families like daughter in law son in law and grandchildren. Verma was having one adopted daughter who was 20 years old. Her name was Shakti. She was also accompanied Verma with Aishwarya and other family members for rally. Shakti was studied in USA and was come back for holidays. Shakti was totally tomboy kind of girl. She was never dress up like another girls. She always wears Jeans and Shirt. And also her hair was cut like pixie cut. Though Aishwarya and Shakti was present at same rally but they not met at that time.In night at Verma’s bungalow there was huge party for his success. In that party he give credit to Aishwarya for his all success. All people congratulate Aishwarya. That time Shakti saw Aishwarya

  • #441

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 03:39)

    Shakti was struck by Aishwarya’s beauty. In USA she met many handsome hunk but not like Aishwarya. She was totally different from other handsome hunks. Shakti was such kind of girl who never loses to any guy or fall for any handsome guy. She always put handsome boys on her tip of sandals. Aishwarya was busy chatting with some other small politicians. Shakti’s eyes were constantly staring Aishwarya. She wanted to go near Aishwarya and wanted to talk with her but Shakti’s ego was not giving permission to her. After party over all guests were returning to their home. Aishwarya said “Sir please allow me to go to my home now because due to election I was not able to meet them for long time”. Verma said “Go tomorrow in morning tonight sleep here with us”. Aishwarya said “No Sir please give me permission to go to home”. Verma had given Aishwarya one packet and told her “Take this and now go and take my car”. Aishwarya said “Thank you Sir”. She come to home.Aishwarya’s sister Urvashi saw Aishwarya and said “Mom Aishwarya finally come home”. They all hugged each other. Aishwarya’s mom started crying after seen her. Aishwarya give packet to mother. That packet contains 10 Lakh rupees. Aishwarya said “Sir given this rupees after impressed by my work”. Urvashi was very happy after knowing that they become rich. Aishwarya said “Now we also have our own house”. Urvashi said “Aish your Sir won the election and become minister congratulation”. Aishwarya said “Thanks Di”. Later they eat dinner which Aishwarya brings from Verma’s home and then they went to sleep. Next morning Aishwarya got call that Verma called her at their Farmhouse. They send car to pick her. She then went to Farmhouse where Mr Verma was waiting for Aishwarya. Verma saw Aishwarya. His temptation was wake up after seeing Aishwarya. Aishwarya touches his feet. He gives blessing to Aishwarya. Due to nonstop work Aishwarya was unable to cut her hairs and they grows till her back. She tied them and make bun. Verma said “All people giving me gifts but you not given me anything”. Aishwarya asked “What type of gift you want from me Sir”. Verma said “The gift which only you can give and no one able to give”. Aishwarya asked “Tell me Sir I will bring it for you”. Verma said “Go inside and prepare yourself. After getting ready I told you what I want”Aishwarya was unaware of what will happen with her inside. She said “Ok Sir please gives me 5 minutes I will come back after getting ready”.
    Aishwarya went inside where she saw two girls were waiting inside for her. They said Hello Mam. We are here to help you. Aishwarya said “Hey girls you were mistaken me as girl but I am guy and not girl” Girls said “Sorry mam but Sir told me to called you mam”. Aishwarya asked “Who”? Girls said “Verma Sir”.Aishwarya was in shocked when she knows that Verma wants her to getting ready dressed as GIRL. Aishwarya came out and asked Verma “Sir what is this all about? Why you wanted me to dress as girl. I am not girl and not want to be girl”. Verma said “Aishwarya I like you very much. The day I saw you I was falling in love with you. That’s why I always keep you by my side 24*7 so that I can be with you always”. Aishwarya said “You are nothing but fucking pervert old man”. You tell me and dress as girl. No way am I not obeying anything from now. I am leaving you and your job. Verma said “Oh baby please don’t get angry. Remember you sign paper before join me. In that paper you agreed to obey each and every commands of mine also your family means mother and sister were with me. If you disagree then I killed both mother and sister”Aishwarya said “please I beg you. Don’t kill my family. I do whatever you want please leave them”. Verma said “Go inside and come out as beautiful Girl”. Aishwarya then went inside. She was crying. Both girls console her and said “Do what Sir said otherwise he also killed our family”. Aishwarya then wipe out her tears and said “Ok Go ahead I am ready”

  • #442

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 03:40)

    Shakti was looking for Aishwarya but she was not seen anywhere in Verma’s bungalow. She asked people where is Aishwarya but no one knows where Aishwarya was. Her return flight to USA was scheduled at 9 PM in night. Girls said to Verma that “Sir to make Aishwarya complete girl we need around 5-6 hours so please don’t wait here and come after 6 hours”. Verma said ok I will come at 8 PM. And he went to do another work. He locked door from outside and told guards to watch on them.
    One girl Tia and another girl Pia was working on Aishwarya. Pia asked Aishwarya to remove all clothes so that they check her body hairs. Aishwarya said “Can I keep my underwear” Tia said “No Mam who have to be full naked”. Aishwarya was crying while removing clothes. Girls said “Please don’t cry Mam. Treat us as your friends”. Aishwarya was standing naked in front of them. She was already very gorgeous slim body and skin with very fine layer of hairs on body. They said “Mam we now do waxing for removing those unwanted body hairs from hands legs chest back stomach underarm groin and anal.”
    After that they put waxing strips all over her body and started pulling it to remove all hairs from body. Aishwarya was screaming due to pain. Her body was seeing red and soar. They removed each and every single strand of hair from body. Aishwarya’s body was glowing due to waxing. Her very fair complexion was looking very very fair. Aishwarya saw her pubic area which was looking totally hairless with small little dick. Tia said “mam you have very beautiful skin”. Aishwarya said “Thanks Tia now what next”? Pia said “Now we have to remove hair from face. For that we used one mask which will remove all unwanted hair from beard moustache forehead”. Tia applied white mask on face. After 10 minutes she removed mask and with mask Aishwarya’s Total facial hair removed. Aishwarya was looking so beautiful after removing beard and moustache. Tia said “mam you are looking very pretty”. Aishwarya said “Thanks”. Pia said “mam we need to pluck your eyebrows hair to make them thin”. Aishwarya said “You don’t need my permissions every time do whatever you want. I don’t know after all this what will happened with me and my family”. Pia then started threading of eyebrows. She gives Aishwarya nice thin arch shaped eyebrows. Tia said “Mam now we need to piece your ears and nose can we proceed?” Aishwarya nodded her head. Tia make marking on earlobes and nose. Pia take piercing gun and makes holes on marking places. Within minutes Aishwarya’s nose and ears were pierced.
    Aishwarya was having long hair till back due to that she was always tied her hair in bun. Pia said “Mam can we cut your hair in short or give you nice haircut with medium length”? Aishwarya said “I want short hair cut into boy cut”. Tia said “No Mam Boy cut will not look good. We cut your hair in layers so that it look good”. Aishwarya said “please cut in boy cut”. Pia said “If you not look good then Verma sir will kill us so please Mam agree with us”. Aishwarya said “Ok cut in layers”. Then Pia cut Aishwarya’s hair in layers. Her hair was already silky and soft so they not required any shampooing. After that Pia and Tia started giving Aishwarya Pedicure and manicure. They cut her nails in very shapely manner and then paint it. After finishing that Pia asked “Mam what type of dress do you like to wear”? Aishwarya said “I am not a girl who like to wear girly dresses”. Pia said “But now you are becoming girl Mam so you need to tell us what dress you prefer Saree Salwar or anything else”. Aishwarya said “ok so dress me in Saree”. Tia said “Ok Mam we will dressed you in saree”.

  • #443

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 03:41)

    Pia brings one bag which contains very beautiful designer Saree with designer blouse, petticoat and lingerie. Also contains fake breastforms with adhesive and some jewellery. Aishwarya asked “How do you knows my size for blouse and lingerie”? Pia said “Mam your blouse measurement was already with us and from that we knows lingerie size”. Aishwarya said “But how do you know my measurements”? Pia said “Verma’s PA told us your measurements”. Aishwarya remembers that one day for stitching Kurta and pyjama Verma’s PA called one tailor and maybe that day that tailor took my measurements. Aishwarya said “yeah now I remember how you get my measurements. So what next”? Pia said “Mam please wear this lingerie first”. Aishwarya was still standing naked in front of those girls. She take that lingerie and wears it. Pia teach Aishwarya how to wear bra so that in future she will able to wear it by own. After that Tia took one object. That was nothing but fake vagina. She placed that inside Aishwarya’s Panty. That thing gives her real vagina look. That object was design in such a way that dick was rolled back inside automatically and when someone need to go to washroom for pee then that person needs to sit for peeing. Otherwise that person was unable to pee. After that using adhesive she sticks two breastforms on Aishwarya’s chest. And cover it with bra. That gives her real boobs look. After wearing lingerie with breastforms and fake vagina Aishwarya was looking very sexy. After that Aishwarya wears blouse and petticoat. That designer blouse has backless design which gives Aishwarya backless look. The size of that blouse was so perfect and her fake boobs were perfectly fits inside that blouse. After wearing blouse Aishwarya wears Designer Saree. Both Pia and Tia drapes Saree very beautifully on Aishwarya. They also teach Aishwarya how to drape Saree. Aishwarya asked “Why you girls teaching me these things”? Girls said “Mam in future you need all these so remember what we teaches to you”. Aishwarya nodded her head again.
    Aishwarya was looking stunning gorgeous and beautiful in that designer Saree with backless blouse. She takes Saree pallu in one hand. Due to her height she was looking very slim and sexy. And her newly hairstyle also added charm in her beauty. Pia put dangling ear rings in both earlobes and necklace in neck. Tia also inserts dozen of matching bangles in both hands. Pia said “mam you are naturally very beautiful that you won’t require any makeup but still we do light makeup on your face”. Aishwarya said “Thanks and ok”. Pia then started doing light makeup on face. She wasn’t used any foundation due to extra fair complexion of Aishwarya. Instead of that she used Ponds BB cream on her face. After Cream she put powder on her face. After that she applied Kajal in both eyes and shape eyebrows with Kajal pencil. After that she applies Light pink lipstick with some lip-gloss on her lips. Then she curled Aishwarya’s eyelashes with curler. And finally she put bindi on her forehead to make look complete.

  • #444

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 03:42)

    Aishwarya was finally ready with minimum makeup. She was looking like diva. She was completely transformed from handsome guy into a beautiful gorgeous young girl. It was around 8 PM when they finished their transformation. Siren sound was heard from outside. Pia and Tia said “Verma Sir arrived”. Aishwarya was looking frightened when she heard Siren sound. Aishwarya was unaware of what will happen with her. As per Verma’s instruction both girl transform Aishwarya into perfect beautiful girl. Verma entered inside home and called Aishwarya outside. Pia and Tia take Aishwarya out with them. Verma saw Aishwarya in Saree and he was shocked speechless. Verma said “OMG Aishwarya is that really? I couldn’t believe my eyes. You are looking so gorgeous. I imagine you as girl in my mind but you are more stunningly beautiful than my imagination”. Verma said “Ok girls please leave us alone now”. Pia and Tia said “Ok sir” and they went outside house. Aishwarya was not looking at Verma. Her head was down seeing floor. Verma said “God really make mistake by make you guy but see I rectify his mistake and make you what actually you are. A real perfect woman”. Aishwarya said “Sir please let me go now and release my family. I obey what you said. Look I am totally dressed as girl. You got your gift Sir so now let me go to my family”. Verma said “Oh baby wait...... how you know that I got my gift. I am not tell you what gift I want. Now I am telling you what I want”. Verma said “I want you Aishwarya. Yes you heard right. I want to fuck you tonight. And not tonight but for lifetime. I am making you my Rakhail (Mistress) for rest of my life”. Aishwarya said “Sir please don’t ruined my life like this”. Verma said “I own you Aishwarya”. Do whatever I said otherwise forget your family. Aishwarya touches his feet and begging for her and families release. Verma grab her and said “You are my mistress. My wife is no use for fucking. And I am not seen any beautiful girl than you in this state for fuck so till I get new mistress you live your life as my mistress. Whenever I feel I will come here and fucked you”. Aishwarya was crying. She knows her life becomes hell. Being a guy dressed as girl and fucked by old man this whole thoughts were so disgusting for her. Verma was not in any mood to release her at any cost. Verma said “My baby go to bedroom and sit like newly wedded bride. I will come soon”. Aishwarya had no choice and she went to bedroom and Sit on bed folding her legs to chest like newly bride.

  • #445

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 03:43)

    Verma entered room having bottle of beer with him. He already finished half bottle. He asked Aishwarya to drink some beer from that bottle but she refused to drink beer. Then Verma came near Aishwarya and Sits beside her. She was covering head with Pallu. Verma lifts her Pallu to see her beautiful face. Verma said “Mashaalla.......... Khuda ne Kya badiya Cheez banai hai. Chand bhi aaj tumhare aage Sharma jayega itni khoobsoorat lag rahi ho meri jaaneman”. (Wow..... God has made very beautiful thing. Today moon also shy away by seen your beauty). Aishwarya was feeling very humiliated dressed as girl like bride and old man was praising her beauty like girl. Verma touch Aishwarya’s chin and lift her head up to see whole mouth. Aishwarya closed her eyes because she was not want to see what happened with her. Verma started removing ornaments from Aishwarya’s body. First he removed nose ring and then earrings and then necklaces. Then bangles and anklets. Then he removed pallu. Then Aishwarya said “Sir think again I am not girl why you make me girl and doing this to me”. Verma said “Well I always like transsexual who have dick and dress as girl”. Aishwarya asked “What transsexual”? Verma said “Girls with Dick”. Though you are not transsexual but I really what to make you one so I decided to dress as girl. After dressing you beat all transsexual and transgender who came to my life. You are best among all. SO now don’t ask anything and allow me to finish what I want. Aishwarya was crying. Verma said “Don’t cry baby. I will do very softly. It will not hurt you”. Verma then started playing with her boobs. Which are not grown. Then he removed her blouse and petticoat. After that she was only in lingerie. Verma unhook bra and removed bra from body. Aishwarya’s fake breastforms visible. Verma was trying to suck nipple of breastforms. After that Verma stand up on bed and told Aishwarya to sit on knees. Then he removed his pyjama and underwear. His long black and wobbly Dick was coming out from underwear. Aishwarya feels disgusting seeing that old man’s dick. She refused to see his dick. Verma grab Aishwarya’s head and told her to open mouth. Aishwarya said “No Sir I will not open my mouth”. Verma slap on her face and pulled her hairs. She was in pain. Verma said “I don’t like to listen NO word from anyone and especially from my Mistress. Just open your mouth and take in dick in your mouth and suck it”. Aishwarya pick up his dick from one hand. She was crying. She was very hesitate to put that dick inside mouth. Verma closed her nose and said now open mouth. Due to nose closed Aishwarya’s mouth was open and Verma inserted his dick into her mouth and said now suck it like lollypop. If I was not feel good then remember your family. I will make your Sister and mother suck my dick. If this ok for you. Aishwarya was very angry when she heard what Verma said. She trying to hit Verma but Verma was more powerful than her. Verma hits back at her and said “You bitch start sucking”. She again sit on knees and started giving him blowjob. After few minutes Verma’s dick was erected. Then Verma told Aishwarya to sit like doggy style and he torn her panty. That fake vagina also came out showing Aishwarya’s dick. He put his two fingers in her Ass. She was scream due to pain. Ouch.............. Please don’t do this. We both are Guys and this is illegal in our country. Verma said “There are many illegal things which we do daily so why not this”.
    At Airport Shakti was waiting for her flight. In All her journey Shakti was thinking about Aishwarya only. She was able to get Aishwarya’s number from Verma’s PA. At 8:30 PM flight announcement was made. Shakti was boarding her America’s flight. At sharp 9 PM Shakti’s flight was take off.

  • #446

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 03:44)

    At 9 PM Verma put some gel on his dick and insert inside her Ass without using condom. There Shakti’s flight was take off and here Verma’s dick also insert in her Ass. She was screaming like hell. OMG......... Ouch.................. Oh maaaa............... Please leave me....... AAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ouch............ it hurts Sir Leave me. Verma was stroking hard inside Ass. She was bleeding from Ass. She said “Sir my hole is too tiny to take such big dick inside sir please leave me. It hurts me inside. Verma said “Shut up bitch and he started again stroking”. After few minutes he ejaculates in her ass. His semen and blood was coming out from ass. Aishwarya was unable to control her pain. She said “Sir please call doctor. I was in pain”. Verma said “No need for doctor. First time all girls feel same later they used to it”. Aishwarya said “No sir please no next time. Leave me and my family. We will not live in your city”. Verma said “You are my mistress and from today this is your home and not your hut in city. Also live your life daily as girl and make lunch for me daily. I will eat here only. Remember your family is still with me if you try to run out from this then I will make sure your mother and sister will fucked by each and every living thing from city. Living things means animals too so remember my words”. Verma went to sleep after fucking her. Aishwarya was wiping her tears and sit on floor naked but she was not able to sit due to pain so she lay on floor. In morning Verma went to his home without informing Aishwarya. Aishwarya was still laying on floor naked. Her blood was everywhere on bed sheet and floor. Her saree and other clothes were also lying there. Aishwarya was wake up but her pain was not gone. She controls herself and wakeup. She saw Verma was not present there. Few bodyguards were seen outside house. She pickup her clothes and put them into washing machine. She went to bathroom for peeing. She feels pain in abdomen. She wants to see her anus but didn’t able to see. She touch and saw blood still coming from it. She put cotton on that and wear panty. After that she brushed her teeth. She was not able to forget what happened to her last night. Verma was destroyed her completely. Though all happened with her consent Aishwarya took it as Man Rape another man. When she was brushing all things came in her eyes in flashes. She was not able to concentrate on her daily routine. After finishing brushing she takes bath. She wants to forget the touch of Verma on her entire body. She saw her anus through mirror. The whole area was badly damaged due to fucking. The area was looking swollen and red. After bath she applied medicine to damaged area. That hurts lot. She was not able to sit and walk properly. Aishwarya was all alone to take care of herself. She was thinking about her mother and sister. She prays God to keep them safe. She was trying to call her sister but her phone was switched off. She was looking for men cloths but in that room only female clothes present. She had no choice but to wear girl’s clothes. She already wear panty. Then she took bra from closet and wear it. After that she took one nighty and wear it. She comb hair and make ponytail. She saw her bra looked empty. She sticks breastforms on her chest. And cover it with bra. Then bodyguard bring food for her to eat. She was feeling very hungry so without any question asked she ate food.

  • #447

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 03:45)

    After some time a Doctor come to see Aishwarya. He was male doctor. Aishwarya refused to show him her injury because she was that time completely looking like a woman and not man. Doctor said “Ok” and he sends another lady doctor to check up Aishwarya. Doctor came her name was Dr Anita. She said “Hi... Doctor told me about you that’s why I come to see you. What is the problem”? Aishwarya said “Dr Please check my Anus. It was paining very badly”. Dr was shocked to hear male voice from Aishwarya. She asked “R u male or female”? Aishwarya asked “What you feel”. Dr Anita said “Thought from outside to definitely 100% looking like girl but your sound not matches your body”. Aishwarya said “It not matches because I am Guy and not a girl”. Dr Anita asked “Then why you dressed like girl”. Aishwarya said “Dr please first checks my injury and then later I will tell you everything”. Dr Anita pulled down panty. She saw her dick. She said “Now it confirms that you are not female”. Then she was checking her Anus. She understands what happened to her. Anita asked “Who do this with you”? Aishwarya said “MP Verma”. Dr Anita said “OMG dear your ass was very badly injured. He totally ruptured your hole.” Dr Anita said “I will support you to file complain against him. He is culprit of raping another man”. Aishwarya said “No Mam please don’t do this. My family was captured by him. He blackmails me and turned me into this. He said if “I run from here or go to police then police will not do any harm to him but my family will killed by him”. Dr Anita said “Well I will give you some tablets and some lotion. You take tablets 3 times daily and apply lotion on damage area 5 times in day”. It will heal but will take time. And don’t sex again at any cost. Dr Anita said “if you like my help then just call me”. Aishwarya said “Thanks Dr but no one will help me in this situation. I have to find solution of my own”. Dr Anita said “I totally understand your problem and I will not tell anyone anything about this. Take care bye” and Dr Anita leave that home. Later Aishwarya took medicines and apply ointment to anus. She was feeling better after taking medicine then she was gone to sleep.
    At night around 8 PM Verma came to home. He saw Aishwarya was still sleeping. He screams loudly to wake Aishwarya. Due to that noise she wakes up. She was not fully awake. Verma said “Why you sleeping this time and where is my dinner”? Aishwarya said “I am not well that’s why I am sleeping and not make any dinner”. Verma was angry and he slaps her on face. He said “You bitch... without having any problem you are just making drama”. Aishwarya started crying and said “No Sir.... I am really sick and feeling very much pain in my abdomen”. Verma asked “What will I Eat now”? Aishwarya said “Sir please you go your home and eat there”. Verma slap her again “Who is Boss here. Don’t teach me”. Now get ready for some enjoyment. Aishwarya said “Sir please not today. Doctor said no sex till you recover”. Verma was angry he asked “Who called Doctor here”. Aishwarya said “I don’t know One Male doctor came then another lady doctor came”. He was again slap her and said “I told you. You will heal automatically no need of doctor but you still called doctor and told them everything happened here”. Aishwarya said “No Sir I am not telling anyone anything believe me”. Verma said “Ok If tomorrow anything happened then you forget your Mother and sister”. Aishwarya said “No Sir please allows me to talk with them once”. Verma said “No you slut. Your punishment is that you not able to call them”. Today I leave you but tomorrow I will fuck you at any cost. I will come tomorrow morning for lunch. Make sure all ready when I come. Aishwarya was crying and said “Yes sir” and Verma went to his home. Aishwarya was crying a lot and then went to sleep

  • #448

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 03:45)

    Next morning she woke up early. She was feeling better than previous day and her ass pain also reduced. She remembers that Verma will come for lunch. She went to bathroom and take bath. After that she take out nice green Patiala salwar suit and wear it. Inside she wears matching bra and panty. She sticks breast forms to her chest and put fake vagina inside panty. She make single braids of her hair. She wears ear rings and bangles. She applied very light makeup on face. She applies kohl in eyes and light lipstick on lips. Then she went to kitchen. She was not liking dress up like girl but she knows that If Verma saw her in different mode other than girl then he will killed both her mother and sister. She check kitchen and found nothing inside kitchen for making lunch. She called bodyguard and ask permission to go outside for bringing some groceries and vegetables for lunch. Bodyguard said “Verma sir not allow you to go outside. Whatever you want we brings for you. Give me list”. Aishwarya write on paper and give that list to bodyguard. After ½ hour bodyguard brings all items from list. Aishwarya knows how to make food so she was decided to make cabbage for Verma.

    After 1 hour Aishwarya made Cabbage Sabzi with Rice and some Rotis. She was waiting for Verma to come for lunch. But after 3 hours there was no sign of Verma. She called bodyguard and ask them about Verma. Bodyguards said “Sir went to Delhi for meetings and he will back in next week only”. Aishwarya takes sigh of relief. She said “Thank God for saving me from that evil”. She then happily went inside and eats lunch. She was looking very happy. She knows that till next 8 days no Verma and no sex. She had no mobile with her. She called Bodyguard and told him to call Dr Anita. Earlier he refused to call doctor but later decided to call her.
    Dr Anita came to meet Aishwarya. Aishwarya was seen happy. Dr Anita asked her what happened. She told that Verma went out for one week that makes her so happy. Dr Anita asked “How’s your injury”? Aishwarya said “Pain was very low from yesterday”. Anita said “It takes 4-5 days to recover fully. After recovery also take care about your anus and try to avoid sex as much possible”. Aishwarya said “Sex is not in my hands. If Verma wanted to fuck me then he will. I can’t stop him”. Anita said “DO you know about your sister and mother? Where they kept”? Aishwarya said “I have no idea where Verma kept them”. Anita asked her address so that she went to Aishwarya’s home and tries to find mother and sis. Aishwarya said “If I found my mother and sister then I will run from this city”. Anita said “I will try my best to find your family”. Aishwarya showed some pills which Verma given to Aishwarya. Dr Anita said “They are hormones pills”. Please don’t take any hormone pills. If you take these pills then you can’t be MAN anymore. These pills turn you into complete Girl. Aishwarya was shocked when she heard that was hormones pills. Aishwarya SAID “Why Sir wants me to be girl”? Why he doing this to me? Anita said “Verma was very obsessed with you. And really you are looking very gorgeous as girl. No one said that you are guy. You are looking prettier than any other girl. You are giving complex to any other girl. I also seen many guys but never seen such a beautiful guy in my life”. Aishwarya was blushing and said “Dr please find my family”. Anita said “Ok Aishwarya”. And she leaves. Aishwarya looked herself in mirror and she was checking her beauty. She said “Dr is right. I can give any actress complex. But I am not girl. I am guy”.

  • #449

    mahi (Friday, 15 April 2016 03:48)

    Luck By Chance : Part 1
    Hi Friends, this story might be old, but I hope you will enjoy. It is my childhood dream.
    My name is Madhu, son of a major Iron ore dealer in south India. I have one elder sister; her name is Jyothi.My Mother is house wife. My dad’s name is Prasad and My Mom is Shantha. Let’s come to the story:
    During the year 2006, mining business was at peak and we started seeing the money in a big way. At that time I was around 13 year old, now I am 20 year old, in the final year of B.Com graduation. Now in 2013, mining business is not in a good shape, due to which, my dad ended up in bankruptcy. Then one of my dad’s friend who is a Mine Owner “Vikram Jain”, he has many iron ores across India, China and Russia and he supplies iron ore to all the biggest steel plants in the world. He also has one daughter and son. Daughter (Naina Jain) already married and Son(Raghu Ram Jain) is finished MS in US and was about to start his career in family business. My sister Jyoti is very beautiful and we almost resemble very similar, both in complexion and height. She is just 2 years elder to me by age. As my dad and Vikram uncle has good business relations from the past 20 years , he has agreed to help our family in clearing all the debts which are close to around Rs.25crores. In return, my dad asked Vikram uncle if he can make this business relation as family relation by making his son as son-in-law. Vikram uncle said he has no issues if his son Raghu Ram accepts. But still Vikram Jain does not know about Jyoti or Madhu.
    Raghu Ram is very intelligent and won many prestigious awards at very young age. He also has so many process oriented patents against his name. So meeting has been arranged between Raghu and Jyothi. Both liked each other, but during the conversation, Raghu conveyed to Jyoti that he already has an affair in US during the college days and they were in love and they broke the relation as he can not become father due to some medical reasons ,though he is good at sex. Jyoti could not understand what he is conveying. And then Raghu explained that his sperm count is not good which can result in pregnancy.
    Jyoti is completely disappointed and said she is not in ready for the marriage and ready to discuss the same with parents. But Raghu was not at all ready to discuss with his parents as it will result in humiliation to his family. But Jyoti decided to discuss with her family as she do not want to be in such a situation and suffer lifelong. Raghu accepted the fact to discuss with my parents.
    Raghu discussed completely with my dad and mom, and my dad appreciates Raghu for being so open and conveyed that he is ready to go to jail because of debt but not against the wishes of Jyoti. But my Mom broke the discussion, and asked for 3 days’ time to finalize. And in return, Raghu wanted this information should not be shared with his families and if he becomes son-in-law, he promised to give another Rs.10crores which will take care of our family needs completely for the rest of the period.
    Lot of discussions happened between my mom and sister, but my sister was very clear and she conveyed that she is not at all ready to face the tough life being the wife of a person who cannot become father. And she angrily conveyed ” if money and prestige is only the aspect, then your son can marry Raghu”.

  • #450

    mahi (Friday, 15 April 2016 03:49)

    Though she made this statement bluntly, my mom started to think seriously on this. I was listening all these discussions and watching the IPL match. The moment I heard this statement, I just ran away from home and went out for smoke. I came back after late night at around 10.00 PM. My dad was still reading some of his accounting statements and office records in his office room and my mother was waiting for me at the dinner table.
    I finished dinner and asked about sister. My mother started crying and said she left the house and left a message that she is travelling the US for further studies and took all her ornaments and took the bank fixed deposits certificates which are close to Rs.2crores. My dad has decided to leave her on her own as he has decided to face the legal battle which may end our family on the road.
    It was like a bullet in my head. I went to my room and started thinking till midnight. I went out and saw my mom and dad are still talking to each other and they are planning to end their lives if it worsens. I could not control the emotion. I immediately called my mother and said that I am ready to marry Raghu as female if he is ready to marry me ! My mother could not understand and I explained everything to my parents that I am cross dresser and wears the clothes in my room whenever I feel.
    My parents could not believe as to what I am talking. Only my sister knows about this and that’s the reason she shouted at my mother to ask Madhu to get married with Raghu. My parents both are still surprised and not able to react. Then I took the liberty and told them give me one hour time and went back to my room. I shaved my body completely, took bath and took the “femskin” from my cupboard, applied talcum powder entire my body and wore the femskin. Attached thigh pads which made my hips broader and inserted breast forms inside the femskin. Now I have the complete body of female, with broad hips, artificial breast and artificial Vagina.
    Then I took the red colour petticoat, red bra and pink panty. Took the red colour cotton saree and blouse. I started wearing the saree and fixed wig and started to see myself in mirror. I could not believe myself; I feel I am looking beautiful.
    It is exactly about 1.30 AM in the night. I slowly opened the door and both my parents are not sure what is happening.And stood in front of them. Both could not recognize who I am. I started talking to them in the female voice. My dad really could not believe and became very emotional and started saying at the end my son is saving me . My mother does not know how to react and she started crying that her son is no more son! I was in complete shock and do not know how to take the control of the situation.
    I took my mother to the kitchen and prepared tea and started explaining that nothing is wrong and right here, I am ready to be as Raghu’s wife if he agrees, otherwise I am fine. If he agrees, I will change my sex and be his wife. Otherwise, I am perfectly fine as your son. While talking to this, she is amazed the way I am handling the saree and preparing Tea. I prepared 3 cups of tea and served my dad and mom and took one glass for me. My dad is very happy and wished me all the best and said he is with me what ever I take the decision.
    After drinking tea, at around 2.30 AM, we decided to sleep, and mom asked me to change the dress and be in male clothes, but some how I was not ready and conveyed the same to Mom. Till I get clarity from Raghu I will not change into male clothes. If he is ready to marry me, will be like this, else I will change into male clothes. Then my mom gave my sister’s nighty and asked me to wear.

  • #451

    mahi (Friday, 15 April 2016 03:51)

    Luck By Chance : Part 2
    So in the morning at around 6.00AM as my dad could not sleep, called Raghu to visit the house after finishing his morning walk. As he goes beyond my house, he came sharply at 7.30 AM. Before that, I got up at 6.30, got ready and wore my mother’s beautiful Mysore silk saree, my mom helped in wearing the saree as it is difficult to adjust the pleats & she gave me her gold necklace to wear. I am ready and looking like this.
    I took some coffee and served Raghu. Raghu was shocked to see me and thinking that I am Jyoti.My dad left both of us in the room and went to another room.Then the discussion started between me and Raghu :
    Raghu : Good morning Jyoti, you are looking beautiful in this dress..
    Me: Thanks, but I want to tell you one thing, I am very happy that you are so open the other day, and want to tell you that I like you very much, but will you accept me as your wife
    Raghu : of course !! I am totally in love with you
    Me : Are you sure !!
    Raghu : who will miss such a beautiful lady ?
    Me : Ok, let me tell you, I am not Jyoti, I am her brother Madhu, now sister Madhu. She left the house yesterday.
    Raghu : what the hell you are talking about?
    Me : (I took Raghu’s hand and took him inside my room and explained,)Dear ! I am cross dresser, and if you are ready to accept me as your wife, I am ready to convert myself as complete female and I am doing this as I love my family.
    Raghu: (surprised) Wow…I can’t believe this.
    Me : Dear please believe me, I will love you the most and can promise that no body can love me as I will love you. I accept as you are !! I know about your medical problems and I have no issues.
    Raghu : I agree, if you are ready to take this step for your family, I am sure that you will take care my family as well in future.
    Me : I felt very happy.
    Raghu went out of the room and conveyed to my parents that he is ready for marriage with Madhu, but wanted me to go through sex change and he is ready to bear the complete expenses.
    My parents both were happy with the news and congratulated both of us. Raghu took back to my room and closed the door and said he wants to see how I can love the most.
    I completely understood the intensions of my fiancée and started undressing him and took his big penis in mouth and sucked it completely. Raghu was completely shocked and for a moment he did not understood what has happened. He took me into his arms and kissed me passionately for 5 mins. This is the first kiss that I experienced in my life as a female. I started blushing and composed my self, took the pallu and tucked across my waist and slowly opened the door. Raghu followed me and mentioned he will come with his parents in the evening to finish the formality.
    Mom took me inside the kitchen and asked me “ are you happy or are you doing because of any compulsion?”. I said,” Yes, I was under compulsion in the beginning, but now I am happy with the decision that I took”. My mom, kissed on my forehead and wished me all the best.
    In the next 30 mins, Vikram uncle called me and confirmed that they are ready for marriage after 6 months as Raghu wanted to spend some time. I understood the intentions, as I need to change my self to complete female in the next 6 months.
    My mom called me and asked me to change to Langa-oni (half saree), she gave me my sister’s old dress and asked me wear when I am at home, she made some adjustments to the blouse to make it fit to me.
    After having the breakfast, my mom took me to the beauty parlor which is just walkable distance from my house. Made all the necessary adjustments to my eyebrows, proper waxing on hands and legs. My mom made sure that I look perfect and beautiful
    My mom very much surprised, as to how quickly I am learning the tricks and traits of female avatar. Mom became very busy from then onwards making the arrangements for my in-laws visit and Dad finished all his works by afternoon. My dad changed all the servant maids at home, so that information about me does not go out in public. So, as planned my in-laws came home at about 5.00 PM.

  • #452

    mahi (Friday, 15 April 2016 03:51)

    Luck By Chance : Part 3
    After having the usual snacks and coffee, mom came to my room and she hand-holded me presented me in front of the audience. Vikram uncle and Avneet aunty (Raghu’s Mother) were very happy to see me. Raghu was dumb stuck and started staring me with his killer looks.
    This is how I am looking.
    I have made sure to sit properly and touch aunt and uncles feet before sitting. My parents were praised for my upbringing. Vikram uncle asked Raghu to discuss with me privately if he wants to clarify. We both were sent to my room and immediately closed the room and kissed me again passionately. Then he sat down and called couple of friends in US and verified about the treatment and took the local contact details. He told me he will come tomorrow in the morning at 9.00 AM and asked me to be ready in casual clothes as the appointment is fixed at 10.00.
    Everyone in the family were very happy .So sharp at 9.00 AM, Raghu came and handed over Rs1 crore to my dad which is from his personal money and asked dad to finish the major loans so that he can concentrate on my marriage. Though my dad was not ready to take the money, and at last he was forced to take because of Raghu. So we met the doctor at 10.00AM, finished all the psychological tests and confirmed that I am mentally female and can be given hormone therapy at the earliest.
    So at around 2.00 PM, I got my first injection. It was very painful and could not get up from bed for the next 2 hours. Raghu was with me for all these times and caressed me through out. My eyes were filled with tears because of the pain.
    These injections were supposed to be taken on a monthly basis, but as they treated this case as a high profile case, I got my next shot in 15 days.
    By the end of 2 months, I can see lot of changes in my body. I need not wear any thigh pads now, my hips are wider, I have my own breasts, my skin became soft and glowing , I lost all my body hair, my penis shrinked close to an inch. I started getting tears for silly reasons. But during all these days, my family and Raghu were with me all the times. My mom took special care of me and taught me cooking, and how to be as a good wife and good daughter-in-law. She even told me how to satisfy my hubby during the intercourse and made me read all the feminine magazines.

  • #453

    mahi (Friday, 15 April 2016 03:52)

    Luck By Chance : Part 4
    I started attending the aerobics classes to ensure that I can have best figure and so that hormone work properly. Doctor was checking the progress and confirmed that everything is going on fine at the end of 3rd month. Now my wardrobe is filled with lots of female dresses, I do not remember, when I worn my male clothes. At home, I am completely wearing the half saree. My dad and Mom went to Chennai to buy silk sarees for me and I was alone at home. Raghu came home and served him coffee and looking like this.I sat infront of him, I can see that he started looking at my real boobs and looking at my petticoat which was slightly visible. After understanding his intentions, I started moving towards my room,now I am walking in typical female style, moving my hips in very natural way, he just followed me from behind and closed the door. Pushed me to the bed, and removed my half saree. Now I am on just with lehenga,inner petticoat, bluse, bra and panty. He removed blouse & bra and started playing with my breast. I took his head into my hands, kept my right breast in his mouth. He started enjoying like a baby. Hmmm..i really started getting the pleasure pain and then after 5 mins, I kept my left breast in his mouth. He started sucking and chewing, and slowly removed my entire dress. I am completely nude now. Then I removed his trousers and for the first time, I do not know why, I really got scared by looking at his big dick which is about 8 to 9 inches. I closed my eyes immediately. Slowly Raghu caressed me and rubbed his penis across my thighs, navel and boobs. The moment it came to my neck, I holded it with my hands, trying to stop there, but Raghu was in no mood ,and I took into my mouth, it tasted very differently this time and I chewed it like a lolly-pop. He pushed deep into my mouth and after 5 mins, removed and applied oil over my hole and played it with finger. I started moaning with pain and slowly inserted his manhood in my body. I was about to shout, but Raghu holded my mouth and controlled. I was in deep pain, and my eyes are filled with tears, he started pushing very hard and after couple of mins, I started feeling relieved and started enjoying the foreign object in my body. After nearly 15 mins, he got exhausted and released his hot sperms in my hole. Afterwords, we both slept holding each other. Suddenly I woke up from deep sleep, understood what has happened, it was like a dream. I started feeling pain in my legs and bit blood on the bed sheet. Unable to control the pain, slept like that, but overall started feeling happy that I am able to satisfy my man (my hubby), turned towards him and kissed on his forehead.

  • #454

    mahi (Friday, 15 April 2016 03:53)

    Luck By Chance : Part 5
    I got up from the bed, went to wash room with towel, cleaned my self, came out by wearing the towel covering my breast, took new panty and wore it. Took my petticoat and lehange and wore bra& blouse. Took my half saree and weared it properly and adjusted pallu by standing in front of mirror. Removed my jasmine flowers from hair (BTW, my hair has grown in a decent way due to hormones)
    Suddenly, Raghu got a call from office and he got up, and was on phone for 30 to 45 mins, and I kept on looking at him, and he kept on signaling me that he will take 5 more mins. Once the phone call got over, he pulled me towards him and kissed very passionately and was about to remove my dress again. I stopped him and served him hot tea. He really liked the tea and complimented me.
    He enquired when my parents are coming back and when I told him that they will be back after 2 days, he winked at me about my plan. I quietly stood up and went to kitchen to prepare dinner. He followed me to the kitchen, and tightly kissed my neck and gave me a love byte at my neck. He did not allowed me to cook the food and lifted me back to the room and had a passionate session again in the evening.
    I can feel that the moment he came home, I was not wearing the clothes for more than 30 mins. This time it was not much pain ful and we both enjoyed . After the session, my eyes are full of tears and asked him, “ Are you loving me?”. He responded me by kissing and conveyed that he loves more than himself.
    Afterwards, I went to bathroom, took bath and changed to another dress and went to kitchen to prepare Dinner. Raghu was busy in answering office calls and in between he is coming to kitchen and talking about his office stuff and tasting whatever I am preparing. This is how I am looking.
    After having dinner and then he started asking me as how I am feeling in this avatar, whether I am comfortable or not .I told him, I am completely comfortable and loving it. And conveyed that I am ready for surgery so that I can have my vagina to satisfy my sweet hubby.
    Next day parents came and brought variety of silk sarees. I liked all and thanked my parents. So next day, my mom took me to nearby boutique and gave for stitching the blouse and saree falls. I am very much excited and some sort of tension.
    It is almost 4th month of hormones, my Doctor verified and satisfied with all the results and mentioned that I am ready for surgery. Initially Raghu thought of going to Bangkok, but local doctor suggested he can suggest good doctor in Mumbai. Me, Mom and Raghu all are excited and the D-day has arrived.
    Visited the hospital early in the morning at around 8.00 AM, finished breakfast and asked me to have finish food by 12.30 PM and asked me to ensure not to eat any solid food for the next 24 hours. It will only be liquids. At around 4.00 PM in the evening, Doctor visited and gave me one bowl full of liquid which was very sour and difficult to consume. He asked me to finish in the next 3 hours. I kept on drinking and started feeling severe pain in stomach and kept on visiting the washroomIt is for clearing the stomach. It is Enima medicine. Till midnight, I had been vomiting and it was very tough and my mom literally could not see the trauma that I am undergoing. Raghu consoled my mom and asked her to be normal and it will be done by tomorrow night.
    I am not sure, when I slept, but when I got up it was about 11.00 AM. I just remember that Doctor gave me one injection at 3.00 AM in the morning. I brushed me teeth and had one glass of orange juice. At around 12.30, two nurses came and asked mom & Raghu to wait outside. Once they went out, nurses cleaned my entire body including my ass holes and ensured that there is no stool left in the body. It took almost 1 hour and they wished me all the best for the surgery which will begin at 4.00 PM in the evening.
    Nurses took me to Operation Theater at around 3.30 PM and I do not remember what happened next. Next day at around 6.00 in the morning, I got my senses back and every one clapped and congratulated me.
    Almost I spent about 4 days in hospital and came back home. I can really feel the difference now. It is a different world altogether now. Though I look very pale now and week, but I am very relieved.This is how I am looking.

  • #455

    mahi (Friday, 15 April 2016 03:54)

    Luck By Chance : Final
    I cannot forget what my mother has done to my life. In order to ensure that I full-fledged life of female. As we all know, science is developing very fast, my mom has given her uterus and Doctors fixed in my body. This is the first kind of surgery and Doctors are waiting for the results to come. Till date, after one week, I am comfortable.
    My problems started after one month of surgery and started getting severe pain in stomach. It was tough to manage, as the wounds of my surgery and getting nurtured and now I got my first periods. It became big news in Doctors forum, though my name was kept anonymous. After 5 days, me and mom visiting temple and thanked god.
    Now everyone is waiting for the marriage occasion. Raghu was very excited and so I was. Everything going on smoothly. Shopping and stitching done for both of us. And as expected day arrived faster than expected.
    My hands are fully decorated with mehandi and I had fully body waxing, pedicure and manicure and I am ready to take the life in different route, probably I think I was destined for this life. But what ever, I am happy and would love to make my family proud.
    I was looking like this in the marriage function hall.
    Everything went on very well and my dad is completely out of debts and he stopped doing his business. He has decided to keep the balance money in banks and retire over the interest money. My dad’s business got merged with Vikram’s business . After several follow-ups, got to know about my sister Jyothi, she happily settled in US and is earning decent salary and she confirmed that she has no plans of coming back.
    After one month of our marriage, once I was ready for intercourse, we went to honey moon trip and this time Vikram ensured not to carry any mobile phone, so that he can spend more time with me.
    Vikram never made me realize that I was a man and now his wife and neither I got that thinking into my mind. Thanks to all the doctors and psycho therapies.
    We both had fun time for about one week and I rarely remember wearing my dress. Once we went outside the room that too, to the balcony and it started raining heavily and we had good time. During this period, I did what a wife should do to their hubby, I satisfied him in all the ways and he took care of me very well.
    Life is going on very smoothly and I am having my monthly periods. After two years of marriage, we went for IVF and now I am in 4th month. Enjoying the life.

  • #456

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 03:57)

    Anita went to Aishwarya’s place. Door was locked and no one there. She asked few neighbour and no one knows where they gone. Anita returned back to her home. Anita was 20 years old young and very gorgeous looking Doctor. She was finished her MD for same city medical college. She got her degree certificate from Verma’s hands. She was not believed that Verma was such an evil man. She was thinking about Aishwarya only. She decided to help Aishwarya at any cost. Anita was also mesmerised by Aishwarya’s beauty. She thought in mind that “If Verma was not there then definitely I will be marrying to Aishwarya”. Anita went to Aishwarya’s place and tell her that she not find her family. Aishwarya was seen worried about her family. Dr Anita consoles her. Aishwarya was crying keeping her head on Anita’s shoulder. That time Anita was feeling something for Aishwarya. She asked “R u ok? I mean your injury is good can I see your injury again?” Aishwarya said “Yes doctor pain is less. You can see it. No problem”
    Then Aishwarya removed her Patiala salwar. Then she removed her panty. She lifts her Kurta and told Anita to check her injury. Anita saw Aishwarya was standing half naked in front of her. Earlier Anita just check Aishwarya’s Anus and saw glimpse of her Dick to confirm that she was not Man. That time again Anita saw Aishwarya’s dick. Her dick was very fair and totally visible due to removal of Pubic hair. Anita went close to Aishwarya and sit on knees. Then she said to turn Aishwarya. Aishwarya was turned and bend little. Anita started seeing her Anus. That was healing well due to medicines and ointment. She touched Aishwarya’s dick. Aishwarya was shocked when Anita touches her Penis. Aishwarya asked “What are you doing Dr”? Anita said “Don’t worry just checking your Penis was damage or not”. Aishwarya said “Ok”. Anita started jerking her dick to make that hard. Aishwarya was started responding to jerking. She feels something from that jerking. Dr Anita makes that dick very hard by jerking and started noticing all over. She said “Your Penis look perfectly all right”. Anita asked “You have any body injury”? Aishwarya said “No Dr not any injury on body”. Anita asked “Can I see it”? Aishwarya was thinking that Anita wants to check her body as doctor but Anita’s intention was different. She wanted to see Aishwarya fully naked.

  • #457

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 03:58)

    Aishwarya then removed her Kurta. She was wearing a green bra with attached breastforms. Anita saw her fake boobs. She was shocked because that breast forms look likes very much of real boobs. Aishwarya was trying to hide her boobs by covering it by hands. Anita said “Don’t be shy Aishwarya. Doctor many times saw their patients naked. Then Anita came close to Aishwarya and removed her bra hook. Then Aishwarya was standing totally naked. She was looking like transsexual. Body of girl with dick. Anita was mesmerised by Aishwarya’s beauty. She said “Really Aishwarya you are very sexy and gorgeous”. Aishwarya said “Thanks doctor”. Anita asked “Can I touch that fake breast form” Aishwarya said “Yeah Doctor and see no injury on my body”. Anita said “Yeah I also see no injury on body”. Then she was grab her boobs and started pressing it. Aishwarya was not able to understand what Anita was doing. Aishwarya asked “What are you doing Dr”? Anita said “Aishwarya I really fall on your beauty. You are very gorgeous”. And then she Kissed Aishwarya. Aishwarya was shocked. She did not understand how to react to that situation. Anita was kissing her very hard. Aishwarya’s tongue was totally inside in Anita’s mouth. Aishwarya finds difficult to breath. Then Anita sits on knees and takes Aishwarya’s Dick inside mouth and started giving Aishwarya blowjob. Aishwarya was trying to control her but she was not able to stop Anita. Aishwarya was also enjoying blowjob. Aishwarya asked “Anita do you like me”? Anita said “Yeah Aishwarya. I really started loving you”. Aishwarya laugh and said “Then why you not tell me earlier”. Anita said “How can I say... I am very scared that if you said no then”. Aishwarya said “Even I also love you”. Then Aishwarya removed Anita’s Kurta and Salwar. Then removed her bra hook and Panty. She was standing naked in front of Aishwarya. Though she was beautiful with nice figure but Aishwarya was more beautiful and sexier than Anita. Then Anita went to bed and call Aishwarya. Then they take blanket over them. And started fucking under blanket. Till now Aishwarya was virgin and she lost her virginity to Anita. After sometime ejaculates in her Vagina. Both get orgasms. Anita was feeling happy that she also lost her virginity to her first love. Anita was caressing Aishwarya’s hair. Anita asked Aishwarya “Will you marry me”? Aishwarya said “I really like to marry you but it is not possible”. I am now Verma’s mistress. Anita said “Please don’t say no dear. I will free you from Verma’s jail and also find out where your family is and then we will marry”. Aishwarya said “Thank you very much for helping me. But till you free me, Verma will turn me into girl”. Anita said “Don’t worry dear. I am in love with you by seen you as girl so I don’t have any problem marrying with you if you will become complete girl”. Aishwarya said “No Anita I wanted to marry you as Man and not girl”. Anita said “Ok dear then we will marry as husband and wife only”. Where you will my husband and I will be your wife. Aishwarya said “Ok dear now you leave because bodyguard will come here to check and if he finds you here for long time then he will inform Verma”. Anita said “Ok dear take care I will come again tomorrow bye” and then she wears her salwar Kurta and leave Verma’s home. One of Verma’s bodyguard saw and heard everything what they do in that room. That bodyguard decided to tell everything to Verma when he returned. Aishwarya was also seen very happy. She finds her soul mate for life.
    After one week......
    Anita and Aishwarya’s relationship grows in last 8 days. They had sex daily in last 8 days. Anita was tried very hard but couldn’t find Aishwarya’s family anywhere. Verma’s plane reaches at airport. He was welcome by party workers. Then he told his PA to take him to Aishwarya. That time Anita was also present in that house. Siren sound heard by Aishwarya and she was very scared. She knows that Verma now not leave both Anita and herself. Aishwarya told Anita to run away from house. Anita was determined to face Verma.
    Verma was briefed by their bodyguards what happened in last 8 days. Verma was very angry when he knows that Anita was coming daily in his house and they fucked each other daily.
    Verma angrily called Aishwarya. Aishwarya was very frightened. Verma went inside bedroom and saw Anita and Aishwarya standing holding each other’s hands. Verma asked “Who is this another bitch”? Aishwarya said “Please leave her she is my doctor come here for my treatment”. Verma slaps Aishwarya and said “You bitch. I don’t like lies and you are untruthful with me”. Bodyguard told me about your Rasleela. He again slap Aishwarya “How you dare to sleep with another woman. You are only my property.” Then he moved to Anita and started beating her. He said “You fucking bitch come here to steal my properly. I will not spare you” then he called his bodyguards inside and told them to hold her.

  • #458

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 03:59)

    Aishwarya was seeing all this but couldn’t do anything. Her love was murdered in front of her eyes. Anita was trying to free herself from bodyguard’s hands but she couldn’t do that. Then Verma said “You bitch now you have to pay for what you did to my slave”. Verma said “I will cut your tongue from which you kissed my mistress”. Anita was in shocked when she heard that Verma was trying to slit her tongue. Aishwarya said “Sir please I beg you leave her. I love her”. Verma anger reaches high when he heard that Aishwarya loves Anita. By knife Verma slit her tongue. And said “You kiss my mistress and I am cutting your tongue”. Anita was bleeding very badly. Verma showed her piece of tongue to Aishwarya. Aishwarya was helplessly seen everything but she could do anything. She was crying a lot and Anita also crying a lot due to pain. Then Verma said “Now I will cut those hands who dare to touch my love”. Aishwarya said “No Sir please don’t cut her hands”. Verma then by using sword cut both her hands. Her both hands were fallen on floor. Aishwarya was not able to see what happened with her lover. Anita screams loudly due to immense pain. Verma showed both hands to Aishwarya. Then Verma said “you dare to see my lover from your evil eyes so I will take out your eyes”. Aishwarya said “Sir I beg you don’t ruin her life”. Verma was very determined to do his job. By using sharp needle he takes out both eyes of Anita. She was very loudly screamed due to pain and bleeding started from her eyes. She was bleeding from eyes mouth and from hands. Then Verma said “Now you take my love’s dick inside your pussy so I am giving you punishment for that”. Then Verma removed her pyjama and torn her panty to make her half naked. She was trying to resist but all in vein. Verma was much stronger than her. He said “You are a doctor and doctor stitches patients wounds and now I am going to stitch your Pussy so that no one able to penetrate you in future”. Then using stitching needle and thread he stitches her Vagina. She was crying and screaming in pain but evil Verma was not care about that. Aishwarya was fainted by seeing Anita’s vagina stitching process. Verma totally stitched the vagina so that she was not able to fuck by anyone in future. Verma said “You can Pee but not fucked by anyone and when your desire to get fucked increases and no one able to fuck you then you will understand what you have did”.He made Anita totally helpless. She was not able to ask any help to anyone due to her hands cut and tongue removed also not seen anything. Verma was decided to leave legs so that she can walk. Then Verma told his bodyguards to throw Anita out of city border. Aishwarya was still fainted. Verma pick up Aishwarya and put her on bed and then throws water on her face to waken her. Aishwarya asked “Where is Anita? What you have done to her”? Verma slap Aishwarya and said “You don’t any rights to ask your boss any question and remember your family still with me. In future you will do anything like this again then your mother and sister also face same kind of punishment”. You are my lover so I will not do any harm to you only your loved one will take punishment of your sins. Aishwarya said “Please I want to see my family. Where you kept them”? Verma said “They are living good life and don’t worry about them”. Just concentrate on me. I am tired of journey so please me now. Aishwarya wipe her tears thinking about what happened to Anita and her family.
    Anita was thrown out of city border. She was thrown down to one bridge. Then bodyguards come back to Verma’s home. Aishwarya was pressing Verma’s legs while Verma was sleeping. After some time he gets call from his wife and he went to his home.
    After his leaving Aishwarya was crying like hell. She was remembering the golden moments which both Anita and her shares in last eight days. She was feeling petrified when she remembered how brutality Verma slit her tongue and cut her limbs also removes her eyeballs and stitched her vagina. There few villagers who saw Anita laying there in bloodbath. They pick her and take her with them to their home. They saw her eyes were taken off. Her hands were cut and also no tongue inside mouth. One lady from village saw her Pussy which was stitched by threads. All villagers were terrified by seeing Anita’s condition. They said “Who done this with such a poor girl”? Some said “maybe she was traumatised by some evil goons”. Some said “maybe she was raped and to hide name they cut her hands and removed tongue so that she can’t take her name or write their name”. Doctor from village treats Anita. The stitches on Pussy were so tight that village doctor was not able to remove that.

  • #459

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 03:59)

    After few days Anita was recovering well. She can’t speak and can’t see anyone so villagers finds very difficult to able to find where from she. Verma was gone to USA for 1 month for educational trip. While going to USA he trap Aishwarya’s dick into chastity. By using chastity Aishwarya’s dick was locked up and she was not able to jerk off it without removing that chastity. And the key of Chastity was with Verma who seize key with himself. Only once Verma and Aishwarya had sex previously. Then Verma had gone for 1 week and now Verma had gone for 1 month. Aishwarya was feeling relieved that Verma was not around for 1 whole month.
    Verma meets her adopted Daughter Shakti at USA. She asked about everyone and especially she asked about Aishwarya. Verma said “Aishwarya was not working with us anymore. He leaves city and went to another place. I don’t have his new contact now”. Shakti was looking sad when she heard that Aishwarya leaves job and move to another city. Verma was unaware that Shakti liked Aishwarya.
    Aishwarya asked Bodyguard to allow her to go outside. Bodyguard was refusing her. He was not giving her permission to go out. Till 15 days continuously Aishwarya Asked permission to bodyguard and all 15 days that bodyguards not allowed her to go outside. Aishwarya was hopelessly trying to get permission from bodyguard but all in vein. Then on 16th day Aishwarya decided to get permission by using her charm on bodyguard. Aishwarya thought that if Verma was fall on my beauty and Anita also like me then this bodyguard will easily fall for my beauty. She wears black sleeveless dress. Her smooth legs were visible through that dress because the length of that dress was till her thigh. And that dress also backless so it showed her back. She applied heavy makeup and let her hair loose. She went outside and called bodyguard. All bodyguards were also looking at her. One guard came who always said no to her. He was totally flat by seen Aishwarya in that dress. Aishwarya then do some small drama of falling. That guard holds Aishwarya’s hand and lift her up. Aishwarya was constantly looking in his eyes and he also seeing in her eyes. Then Aishwarya said “Thank you for helping me”. Guard said “it’s Ok”. Then Aishwarya again fall on his arms. That time guard was totally fallen for Aishwarya. He picks up her again and started caressing her body. Aishwarya was feeling disgusting from inside but to get permission she needs to do all this. Then bodyguard kissed her on her cheeks. Aishwarya acted like blushing and asked him permission to go outside. That guard gives Aishwarya permission and said please do come back quickly and don’t tell anyone about this. Aishwarya said ok and she Ran from that Place. And never come back.

  • #460

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 04:00)

    Aishwarya was carrying another bag which contains some clothes. Aishwarya searches some room to change her dress and she finds one room there. She went inside and wear Salwar Kurta. She takes dupatta on her shoulder and leave that room. Aishwarya straight went to her home. She finds lock on door. Some neighbour saw Aishwarya there. They were not recognised that she was their own Aishwarya who was living there few days ago. She asked them about her mom and sister. They said “They not seen them for long time and didn’t know where they gone”? Aishwarya then leave that place and started searching Anita. She went to her clinic and finds that Anita was not come to clinic since 15 days and no one knows where she was. Also Dr Anita didn’t have any family. She was living alone. Aishwarya was looking very frustrated because she was not able to find Anita and her family. Aishwarya was looking for bus who takes her to another city. At bus stop she buy ticket and sit in bus. That bus was going to one small city.

    After reaching that city she was looking for place to live. After searching finally she got one place to live. Owner asking Rs 100 rent for month. Aishwarya was agreed to pay Rs 100 rent to them. It was small house with two rooms. She spends her next 15 days there without fear of Verma.

    After 1 month Verma was came back to India. Again he was greeted by his party supporters at Airport. Then he meet his PA at airport. He knows that Aishwarya was ran from his house 15 days back. He was directly went to his another home where he kept Aishwarya. He meet with bodyguards and asked them every detail about what happened that day. After knowing what happened that day he takes out his Gun and Shoot that bodyguard who fall for Aishwarya that day. In One shot in head that guard collapse on floor. Verma said “Dispose his body and search Aishwarya. I want Aishwarya at any cost”. Guards said “Yes Sir”. And they went for searching. Verma used his entire force and police to search for Aishwarya.

    On 6th day someone call him and give details of place where Aishwarya stays. Verma with some bodyguards take car and went to that city. That man showed one house to Verma. Verma entered that house and found no one there. Aishwarya already fled from that place and hides some other place. Verma was very angry that Aishwarya was escape from his hand.
    Aishwarya decided to change her look again and stay like Man so that no one recognised her. She took scissor and cut her long hair. She stole one shirt and pant which was placed on string for drying. She wears that Shirt and pant on her bra and panty. She removed that breastforms. Though she was wearing Shirt and pant but still she was looking like girl because of thin eyebrows and absence beard and moustache. Also her body was very delicate and curvier than earlier. She decided to visit barber and cut her hair very short in boy cut. She was not grown beard and moustache due to treatment of Pia and Tia. She then decided to stick fake beard and moustache on face. At barber Shop that barber cut her hair into nice style. Barber asked Aishwarya “Why your body look very feminine and your face look very soft like girl”? Aishwarya said “I participated in drama where I become girl that’s why. It grows in few days”. Barber said “ok” and then Aishwarya was come out again as MAN. After applying fake beard and moustache and with boy cut Aishwarya was looking like Boy. But still he was not looking which he was used to look earlier. Her thin eyebrows still making problem. Also her nose and ears pierced. Aishwarya was trying to walk like guy but she was not able to walk like guy. She was walking like girl. Her one month stay of girl makes Aishwarya behave like girl. She decided to overcome this and hide her identity. She was living as a Man in another city. There also she took house on rent. But her destiny not support her. That home owner informed Verma about Aishwarya. Due to her weird behaviour and look that flat owner easily understand that Aishwarya was not Man but same girl who ran from Verma’s home.
    After his information Verma’s men reach at that flat owner home. There they found Aishwarya who was sleeping in her room wearing shirt and pant. They wake her up and pick her and took her with them. Aishwarya was resisting so much but she can’t stand in front of that huge guys. They give money to flat owner and leave that city.

  • #461

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 04:01)

    Verma was waiting for Aishwarya in his home. Guards came along with Aishwarya. Verma saw Aishwarya. Verma was totally shocked after seeing Aishwarya in Guy clothing with beard and moustache. Verma slap Aishwarya hard on her face. He said “What you have done with yourself”? Why you run from this place? I told you earlier if you run from this place and wear male cloths again then I will kill your mother and sister. Aishwarya said “I am sorry Sir. Please don’t kill my mother and sister”. Verma again Slap her hard and said “You bitch now you will understand what happened if anyone disobeys my order”. Verma said to guards “bring her sister here”. Guards went and after 10 minutes bring Urvashi there. Aishwarya saw Urvashi. She was happy to see Urvashi but sad also after knowing what will Verma do with her. Aishwarya said “Sir please leave my sister. I will live as your mistress forever and not run from this house again”. Verma slap her again and said “You fucking bitch. Now you have not any choice but to live as my mistress but for your punishment you see how your sister suffer”. Urvashi asked “hey Aishwarya what r u saying? What mistress and why you looking very feminine”. Aishwarya said “Urvashi please don’t ask me anything. I feel very shameful to tell you everything”. Verma said “Why bother……. I am here to tell your Sister truth”. Verma then told entire story to Urvashi. Urvashi was shocked after knowing her brother becomes mistress of Verma and living life as girl. Urvashi said “Aishwarya please don’t do this with yourself”. This pervert old man not deserve beautiful person like you. Don’t worry about me. If he killed me then no problem but don’t become his mistress and ruin your life. Verma slap Urvashi and said “You didn’t know what will happened to you now”. Urvashi split on him and said “You fucking pervert leave my brother”. Aishwarya said “Please sister don’t make him angry”. Aishwarya knows what he did with Anita. Verma called all his guards and told them fucked her till she died. Don’t leave any hole of her body without your dick. Starts here now.
    Aishwarya touch at Verma feet and crying and begging him for Urvashi. She said “Please don’t rape her in front of my eyes”. You either kill me or kill her but don’t rape her. Verma slap Aishwarya and said “You bitch as I told you earlier. Your loved ones will suffer when you did any mistake”. Verma said “Why waiting guards attack her”
    All guards attack Urvashi and torn her clothes to make her completely nude in front of all. Aishwarya closed her eyes. She was not able to see her sister’s rape. Then all guards take out their long big black dick and each and everyone started inserting their dick in each hole of Urvashi. One guard insert in her vagina. Second guard insert in her ass. Third guard insert in her mouth. Other guards waiting for their turn. Urvashi was crying and shouting in pain. Aishwarya still closed her eyes but not able to hear her screams. They all guards fucked her hard. Due to mouth fucking she was not able to take breath. But those guards were not any mood to slow down. When one finished another takes his place. In 20 minutes all guards fucked her alternatively. She was totally exhausted due to hard fuck. Blood was coming from vagina and ass. Her mouth was totally filled with Semen. She was not able to walk due to polio. They was still fucking her hard. She was fainted due pain. Verma throws water on her to wake her up. Then one guard close her nose and insert dick deep inside throat. She was totally suffocated due to that. She was unable to take breath. And she was out of breath and after one minute she was died due to loss of breath. That time also they were fucking in her ass and in pussy. After she died they removed their dick and pull up pants. Verma said “Look Aishwarya my darling you did sin and your sister perish”.
    Urvashi was laying on floor in blood. Aishwarya was crying by putting head on her body. Aishwarya said “I am very sorry sister that I am not able to save you. You died because of me”. Verma said “Next turn is your mother so beware of what you will do here”. Aishwarya was crying and guards take her body for crumbling. Aishwarya said “Please give her fire so that her soul rest in peace”. Verma said “She will not get any fire. Her body was decomposing in farm. Crow and eagles will eat that body”. Aishwarya said “God is seeing everything Sir. Please give respect to dead body”. Verma laugh and said “Go inside”. And guards took her body and throw her in one of their farm.

  • #462

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 04:01)

    Aishwarya went inside and crying a lot. Verma also went inside. He saw Aishwarya was crying. He said “Don’t cry and do something with yourself because I can’t see u like this in male clothes.” Aishwarya said “You just killed my sister and now tell me not cry”. Verma said “Your mother is still alive and if you want her alive then stop crying and change to girl”. Aishwarya said “Please no don’t hurt my mother”. Then she wipes her tears and went to bathroom. She removed her male shirt pant and then underwear. She takes warm bath and came out naked from bathroom. Already her hair was very short in boy cut style. She saw Pia and Tia was present there. They said “Hello Mam. You look very different in your hairstyle”. Aishwarya covers her body by towel and said “hi girls who call you here”? They said “Verma sir call us here”. Aishwarya asked “Where is Sir”? They said “Sir went outside for some work and will back in evening”. Aishwarya said “Ok then do whatever you wanted to do”. Aishwarya was sitting on chair. Pia and Tia both check her entire body again and said “Mam you live as Man for one month and thus manly symptoms is showing on your body”. Some body hairs grow on body as well as on face and underarms. Also your skin becomes dull due to exposure on sun and dust. Pia then waxed her whole body to remove all unwanted body hairs. Then again using face mask removed all facial hairs. Then trim her eyebrows again which grows back in last one month. After removal of body hair and threading her skin was again looking very glowing and soft. Pia said “Mam why you cut your beautiful hair? Now either you used long hair wig or we will cut your hair in pixie cut style to make them more feminine.” Aishwarya not say any words about her hairstyle. Tia cut Aishwarya’s hair into pixie style.
    That pixie cut was looking very nice on her. Then she attached fake breast forms on her chest and her dick was already locked into chastity. Then give her bra and panty to wear. After that they give her very beautiful Saree and blouse to wear. Pia said “She will not look good in saree and having pixie cut”. Tia said “Then what we do”? Pia gives her nice black western dress to wear. She wears it. The length of dress was below her knees. Then she gives her high heels to wear. She wears those high heels. Then Pia gives her nice makeup and Tia gives her nice accessories to wear. Finally Aishwarya was again looking like girl.
    Aishwarya was looking like diva. Pia said “Mam, now Sir will be very happy to see you like this”. Aishwarya said “Thanks girls”. Pia gives her some pills and said “Mam take these pills daily”. Aishwarya said “Ok Pia” and then both girls went to their parlour. Aishwarya saw herself into mirror. She was again looking like very feminine and gorgeous. Both Pia and Tia again transform her from boy to beautiful diva. Aishwarya was feeling something in her dick. Her dick was trying to erect by seeing herself into mirror. She was not able to understand why she was feeling like this. But due to chastity she was not able to free her dick and due to that she was feeling pain in dick. Chastity totally controls the dick so that it can’t be erected.
    Due to chastity she was not wearing her fake vagina. She was again admiring herself in mirror. She was thinking due to her beauty two persons have to give their life. One is her own sister Urvashi and another is her love Anita.
    She was waited till night for Verma but that night Verma not come. Due to corruption Verma was removed from his portfolio and he was suspended from party till enquiry will over. That gives Aishwarya relief because he was not coming to her.

    After 1 and ½ month

  • #463

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 04:02)

    By using money and power he clears all charges of corruption and he was taken back in party and returns his portfolio. That day he again takes sworn as minister. That day he was very happy and last one month he was not visited Aishwarya. Last time he saw Aishwarya when He killed Urvashi and brings Aishwarya back to home. He also wanted to forget that male dress Aishwarya from his own memory. He was very much eager to celebrate his success with Aishwarya.
    Aishwarya was on pills from last one and ½ month. Effects of those pills were showing on Aishwarya’s body. She knows that those pills were of hormones. But she took that because she lost hope to escape from that place again and lost mother so she started taking hormones.
    Due to taking 1 and ½ months of hormones pills Aishwarya was develop her own boobs which are little bit bigger than any teenager girls. Also her weight loss and some fat deposited on her face, butt and thighs. She was grown her hair again till shoulder. Those hairs were very thick and strong. She make high pony of her hairs. Due to her own boobs she was not sticking those fake breastforms on chest.
    She saw news and knows that Verma was free from all corruption charge and take his portfolio again. She was sad that Verma was free from all charges. She thought Verma was caught by police and she was able to escape from his place but her luck was not that good. She knows that Verma will come to celebrate his success and today finally Verma was able to fuck Aishwarya again. She decided to live life as her mistress and obeys his orders. Also respond to his sex.
    And then she got to know that Verma sir was coming for lunch and told her to make lunch for him. And then she started preparation of lunch. And what happened next is all you know
    Then it was daily routine that Verma was coming to Aishwarya’s home for lunch and then went to his work. He understands that slowly Aishwarya was turning into girl. She develop own boobs and whole body structure was turning more feminine with curves and big butt. Her voice changes into feminine voice. Her face was chubbier than before. And her hair was longer and thicker till her waist. Verma decided to stop fucking Aishwarya till she was reach to fully female body.
    Verma treat Aishwarya as his wife and Aishwarya also treat Verma as Husband. Verma stops beating her and loves her more than previous time. Aishwarya was still asking about her mother but Verma was not telling her about her mother.
    After 6 months.......

    Verma was as usual coming for lunch in afternoon. Aishwarya was wearing a very beautiful red silk saree. Her hair was very long and she makes single braid of that and put white jasmine flower into that. She was looking very gorgeous in traditional attire. She prepares traditional meal for lunch. She was wearing all gold ornaments in neck and in hands. Also diamond earrings in ears and nose ring in nose. She was developed full 36d cup pair of boob. Her figure was 36-24-36. With good height and perfect figure and gorgeous look she was completely transformed into WOMAN after 6 months of hormones. Her dick was there locked in chastity. Sometimes Verma freed that Dick so that Aishwarya was able to masturbate and relax herself.
    Siren heard by Aishwarya. She knows that Verma come for lunch. Verma enter home and saw beautiful Aishwarya standing wearing traditional attire. Verma said “Wow darling today you are looking very stunningly beautiful”. Aishwarya was shy after hearing complements from her husband. Verma said “Should we marry today”? Aishwarya said “You already married”. Verma said “I give divorce to my old fat wife and marry you”. Aishwarya said “No Sir please don’t give divorce to my sister”. We will live happily like we live now. Verma said “I am waiting for my wife to die after that we will marry”. Aishwarya said “Ok” and she serves lunch to Verma. Then both eat lunch together and then Verma went to office. They hadn’t have sex since last 6 months.

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    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 04:03)

    Shakti informs her home in India and told them that she was coming to India as she finished her education. Verma family was very happy that finally Shakti was living with them. Since childhood of Shakti she was living in USA. Verma was unaware of Shakti’s return to India. Next day Shakti sits in flight and come to India.
    At airport Verma family receives Shakti and bring her home. Verma was not at home that time. He was with Aishwarya at his another home doing lunch. At night when he comes back at home Shakti gives him surprise. Verma was looking very happy to see Shakti but also worried because during his USA visit he knows about Shakti’s interest in Aishwarya. Verma asked “Why all you people hide this surprise from me”. Shakti said “It’s my idea not to tell you anything and gives you surprise”. Then whole family eats dinner together.
    While eating dinner Shakti asked his father “Where is Aishwarya Dad”? Verma was seen restless after hearing Shakti’s question. He said “Beta I already told you that Aishwarya was leave our city and move to another city”. Shakti said “Dad you give me wrong no of Aishwarya. I call him many times but he not picks up any calls of mine”. Verma said “maybe he was busy that time”. Shakti asked new number of Aishwarya. Verma’s family knows that Verma still meet Aishwarya but they not known that Aishwarya become Rakhail of Verma and he was living in another Home of Verma. Shakti’s mother told Verma to give Shakti Aishwarya’s mobile number. Verma had not any choice left but to give Aishwarya’s new mobile number.
    Shakti was looking very excited after receiving Aishwarya’s number. After finishing dinner she went to her room and dial Aishwarya’s number. Aishwarya saw unknown number on her phone. She pick up phone and in girly voice she said
    Aishwarya: “Hello who’s this”?
    Shakti: “Hello may I talk to Aishwarya please”?
    Aishwarya said “I am Aishwarya here but who r u”?
    Shakti was not able to understand why Aishwarya sounded like girl
    Shakti: “please give mobile to your brother Aishwarya. I am Shakti Verma’s daughter”.
    Aishwarya hang up phone and switched off mobile. She was stunned when heard that she was Shakti.
    Aishwarya knows that Shakti was Verma’s adopted daughter. Though they never met but He saw Shakti in Verma’s house. He was not able to understand how she gets her number and she wanted to talk with Aishwarya a Man and not a Woman. Shakti was again dialling number but she was not able to connect to Aishwarya due to switch off phone by Aishwarya. Shakti was wondering why a girl pickup Aishwarya’s phone. She thought either she is one from family or maybe Aishwarya was married and his wife pickup phone. She was totally confused in her thoughts and went to Verma’s bedroom and asked Address of Aishwarya.
    Verma was earlier very hesitating to give address but after very long discussion and Shakti’s mother’s interference Shakti got Address of Aishwarya. Verma was worried that if Shakti saw Aishwarya then what she thinks and if Aishwarya told truth to Shakti then what happened. Verma was trying to call Aishwarya but her phone was not reachable. Then he call his PA and told him to go to Aishwarya’s home and hide her in different place.

  • #465

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 04:03)

    Next morning Shakti was ready to meet Aishwarya. She was doing extra makeup and wears some girly clothes for first time to impress Aishwarya. She also grows her hair long that makes her look little girlish than tomboyish. All family members were surprised when they saw Shakti in girly manner. Shakti told them that she like Aishwarya very much and wanted to get married with him at any cost. Tell Dad to talk with Aishwarya about our wedding. All members were in shocked when she was talking about her wedding with Aishwarya. Shakti’s mother said “Ok Shakti if you love him then we have no problem. Aishwarya is very good person”. Shakti then went to meet Aishwarya at Verma’s another home. As per plan Aishwarya was removed from that home and hide her to another home.
    Shakti was not found any one there. She asked few neighbour and knows very horrifying truth about her dad Verma. Neighbours told Shakti that Verma keep a girl in that home and they come daily for lunch. They also said that “The girl whom Verma kept as Rakhail was very young and beautiful”. Shakti was stunned by truth she known from neighbour. Shakti asked name of girl to those neighbour. They said “We don’t know the name but heard Aishwarya name few times from people here”. Again Shakti got another shock. She decided to investigate real truth behind all this. Shakti said “When that girl come back here then please inform me”. Neighbour said “Ok but who are you”? Shakti said “I am social worker who help poor girls and free them from imprisonment of Verma kind people”. They said “Well done beta. Do your work and free that innocent poor girl from captivity of Verma”. Shakti said “Yes I will” and she went to find truth behind all these. Verma’s PA informs Verma that Shakti was return back from home when she not found anyone there. Verma said “Ok then bring back Aishwarya and I will come there soon”.
    Some guards bring Aishwarya returned to home. Neighbours saw it and inform Shakti about it. Shakti said “Ok I will come”. Then in 15 minutes Shakti also comes there. Guards saw Shakti they said no one live here. Shakti said “Allow me to go inside I am Verma’s daughter”. But guards refused to give her permission to go inside. Shakti said “Allow me or I will call cop here”. Guard said “Cop also not do anything here so please you go back to your home Mam”. Shakti was determined to go inside but not able to go inside. Finally she leaves that place and come back home. She saw Verma who was ready to go for work. She looked at him very angrily. Verma was unaware of what happened at his home. He then left home.
    Shakti was thinking about Aishwarya only. She was thinking “Who is that Girl? How her name matches with Aishwarya? When I called Aishwarya, then one girl pickup phone so who’s that girl?” Is there any relation to my Aishwarya and that girl Aishwarya? She was totally confused.
    Shakti then decided to visit that home again in night when all guards sleep. She then make all arrangements of her detective mission.
    Verma reach Aishwarya’s home and asked her about Shakti. Aishwarya said “”Sir your daughter Shakti called me last night. Verma said “She come here to visit you” Aishwarya was shocked and asked “Who gives her my number and address”? Verma said “I give her your address and number due to my wife”. Aishwarya said “Now Shakti will know truth of yours”. Verma said “No darling please don’t say this”. Aishwarya said “Then do something and protect me and you”. Verma said “Ok darling I will do”. Then he left that home. Aishwarya was happy to see Verma in that state for the first time in his life. Aishwarya thinks that this is best chance to free her mother from Verma’s custody. Her life was already ruined but she wanted to save her mother from torture. Aishwarya said “Now Verma’s countdown starts”................

  • #466

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 04:04)

    At night when all people sleeps Shakti wake up to go to Aishwarya’s home to find the real truth behind all gossips. She pickup her gear which used in mission and come to Aishwarya’s home. All guards were sleeping and no one actually guarding that home. She jumps from compound wall and came inside. She switches off main lights of house. Then using night vision binoculars she entered main gate. Gate was locked from inside. She was looking for open window and found one open window. She enters inside home from that open window. Lights were still off. She then enters bedroom. She saw a very beautiful girl sleeping on bed. A light of night lamp was directly falling on her gorgeous face. She was sleeping very innocently. Shakti removed her night vision goggle. She came closer to Aishwarya. She thinks that she saw her somewhere because that face was seen very familiar to her. She again gone closer to her and saw her again closely. She then strikes that the girl who sleeping innocently is looking like Aishwarya. She was shocked. She thinks “how and why Aishwarya become girl? Who my dad fucked daily? She switched ON Torch light and focuses on her face. Due to that Aishwarya woke up and asked “Who’s this”?
    Shakti switched off torch and said “Wake up girl I am Shakti”. Aishwarya said “Shakti why you come here”? Aishwarya switched ON light and saw Shakti standing in front of her. Aishwarya was shocked to see Shakti in her place at late night. She asked “Shakti why you come here”? Shakti asked her “Who is u? Do I know you”? Aishwarya said “Yes you know me. I am Aishwarya. Your Dad’s mistress”............
    Shakti asked “Your face familiar to me so tell me who really u is”? Aishwarya said “I am same Guy Aishwarya who helps your Dad’s in election campaign”. Shakti was stunned when she heard that truth of Aishwarya. Shakti asked “Why you live like girl and become mistress of my dad”. Aishwarya told her entire story of how she becomes Rakhail of Verma. Shakti was crying after hearing Aishwarya’s story and she feel very bad about loss of her sister Urvashi and Anita. Also she was very fuming on her dad Verma. She was not believed that her dad was such a sinful man. Shakti said “Hey dear I am with you. Don’t worry. I will get your mother and I will teach my dad lesson”. Aishwarya hugged Shakti and said “Thank you very much dear”. Shakti was feeling something strange when Aishwarya hugger her.

  • #467

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 04:05)

    Shakti said “Let’s go Aishwarya from here and i hide you in safe place”. Aishwarya said “Ok”. Shakti said “Dear please change your nighty first and wear something comfortable for run”. Aishwarya said “Ok Shakti i wear jeans and top”. Shakti was not able to understand how Aishwarya become so girly from boy. She said “Ok dear but change fast otherwise guards will wake up”. Aishwarya said “Ok” and she went to bathroom and change her nighty and wear denim jeans and top. She came out from bathroom. Shakti was stunned seeing her in jeans and top. She was looking like Teenager College going girl. Shakti said “Dear you r looking so young in this dress”. Aishwarya said “Thanks Shakti”. Aishwarya was shying and that makes Shakti very nervous. Her dream Man behaving like girl. Aishwarya wears sports shoes. And make ponytail of her long hair. She was doing all these things very proficiently just like normal girl. Shakti was impressed by Aishwarya’s act but same time not like. After that again Shakti switched off lights and they come out through window. All guards were in deep sleep. Then Shakti holds Aishwarya’s hand and they come out from that bungalow.
    It was still dark at outside. Aishwarya feel the sense of freedom at that time. She hugged Shakti again and said “Thank you Shakti. Without you it was not possible for me to free from your Dad’s imprison”. Shakti also hugged Aishwarya very tightly and said “Welcome dear. You don’t know what I achieve today”. Then Shakti went somewhere and brings one bike from there. Shakti told Aishwarya to sit behind her. Aishwarya said ok and she sits behind her. Aishwarya sits keeping both legs on same side like girls. Shakti told her “Dear Aishwarya Mam sit like Man and not girl”. Aishwarya said “Ok dear and then she sits like man keeping both legs on both sides”. Shakti drives bike very fast. Aishwarya was afraid of speed and tell her to slow down. Shakti told Aishwarya to hold her tight so that she couldn’t fall from bike. As she said Aishwarya holds Shakti very tightly around her stomach. After some time they reach at one village. Shakti told Aishwarya to get off from bike. Then she parked bike near one home. Shakti bangs door. Door opens after some time and one girl Opens door. She said “Hey Shakti....... U r here at this times any problem”? Shakti said “First let me come in and then I will answer all your queries”. Shakti then told Aishwarya to come inside home. They all come inside and sit on floor. Then that girl closed door. Her mother also wakes up due to their arrival. She asked “Shakti you come here at this time any problem”? Shakti said “Aunty this is Aishwarya my friend. She is in trouble and need some place to hide for some time”. Aunty Asked “By whom” ? Shakti said “From my dad”? They were all stunned when heard that Aishwarya was in trouble due to their own MP and Shakti’s dad. Neha Shakti’s friend said “Don’t worry Shakti no one will knows that your friend Aishwarya stays here”. Shakti said “Thank you Neha”. Neha said “What Thank you we are friends from childhood and when you gone to USA for studies then I miss you so much”. Shakti said “I too Miss you so Much Neha”. Neha’s mother was Maid in Verma’s house then she left maid job and settle in village and do some farming. Neha’s mother said “Aishwarya Beti you look very beautiful”. Aishwarya said “Thanks aunty”. Neha said “Shakti whatever Maa said is very true indeed she is very gorgeous like film actress”. Shakti said “yeah dear She is very gorgeous than any other girls including you and me but there is one secret which i am going to tell you “. Neha Asked “What secret”? Shakti said “Well Aishwarya is not Girl. She is Guy”.

  • #468

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 04:06)

    They get another shock. Aunty did not believe that Aishwarya was not girl. She said “From any angle she was not looking like guy”. Neha also said “yeah Shakti I can’t believe that She is Guy”. Shakti said “yeah Aunty She was born as guy but my dad make him Girl and then make his Rakhail (mistress)”. Aunty was staggered when heard that Aishwarya was man and mistress of Verma. Neha asked “Why your Dad act such malevolently. Make poor guy into girl and fucked him”. All these things were unbelievable. Aishwarya was crying when Shakti narrating her whole story to them. How she traps into Verma’s hand and then how Verma kidnap mother and sister and then killed Sister and his Girlfriend in front of his eyes. That aunty knows about Anita because they take care of her in that village only. Aishwarya asked “Where is Anita now”? Neha said “Don’t know because she was suddenly disappearing from our village and then never appear to anyone”. Shakti saw concern about Anita in Aishwarya’s eyes and voice. Shakti wants such feelings for herself in Aishwarya’s eyes and heart. Neha asked “Where is her mother”? Shakti said “That i want to find as early as possible till you hide her here”. Aunty said “Don’t worry Shakti. Now Aishwarya is also my daughter. Though she is guy from inside but for me she is beautiful girl only and i treat her as my daughter only”. Neha said “yeah I treat Aishwarya as my elder sister only. I really wanted to have such gorgeous elder sister”. Shakti was saying in mind “Please guys stop call my Man Gorgeous girl. I wanted to change her into Man again”. Shakti told to Aishwarya that she lives here till she finds her Mom. Aishwarya said ok and then Shakti coma back to her house in early morning. She breaks into house by hiding herself so that if anyone caught her then not get doubt on her. Then she went to her room and removes all gears which she used for mission and then wears nighty and then went to sleep.

  • #469

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 04:07)

    In morning all family come together for eating breakfast. Verma also present there. But due to last night mission Shakti was still sleeping in her room. Verma asked her wife about Shakti. His wife said “She watched some movie till late night so she is still sleeping”. Verma said “Ok ” and His mobile rings. He saw phone was coming from Aishwarya’s house. He picks up phone. Guards told him that Aishwarya ran from house. Verma stand up on his place and move into another room. Wife was also gone behind him. Verma scolding guards that how Aishwarya ran from House and what they doing. Wife heard all conversation and asked Verma “Who is Aishwarya and where she Gone”?
    Verma was not tell anything to his wife and gone to Aishwarya’s house to search her. After reaching there he beats all guards for their irresponsible behaviour. They also search whole house and nearby places but Aishwarya Was not found to them. Verma also knows that this time if Aishwarya not found to him then he was in trouble. Also Aishwarya’s mother was very ill and bedridden. She hardly walks and does anything on her own. One woman was there to care Aishwarya’s mother. Verma was thinking that Aishwarya also knows that she will not see her mother again and never come back. Verma told guards to spread all over the district and search her at any cost. They also widen their area of search.
    At village Aishwarya was still sleeping. Neha and her mother wakes up and making lunch. The sounds of chorus were wakening up Aishwarya. She said “Good morning aunty and good morning Neha”. Neha said “Good morning sister”. Aunty said “good morning Beti. Don’t call me aunty just call me Maa or Mom”. Aishwarya said “ok mom”. Neha said “That’s like my good sister”. Aishwarya was happy that she got new sister and mother. She was feeling awkward when Neha called her Sister but then she was used to that. Neha said “Sis go to bathroom. I placed everything you need”. Aishwarya said “ok Neha” and then she went to bathroom. She finds one new towel kept on hanger. Also fresh pair of bra and panty also kept on hanger. She finds one petticoat and one saree and one blouse also hanging there. She takes Saree petticoat and blouse and put them outside on bed. Then she went to bathroom where new soap new shampoo and new toothbrush kept for her. She removed jeans and top and kept on hanger. Then she started brushing her teeth. After that she used toilet. After that she takes nice cold bath due to hot and humid atmosphere. After bath she wears new bra. That fits her perfectly. Her boobs also fitted inside bra cups very nicely. She saw her Penis was locked in chastity and key of chastity was with Verma only. Aishwarya was in tension if key was not found then whole life her dick was locked in chastity and she was not able to masturbate or perform sex. Then she put on panty and placed her chastity dick inside that properly. Then she came out from bathroom and then wears blouse and petticoat. Then drape saree. Neha come inside room and saw Aishwarya in Saree. She said “Sis you are looking very beautiful in my Saree”. Aishwarya said “Thank you Neha”. Neha said “Sis you are very gorgeous and your beauty can’t hide for long time if you live here like this”. Aishwarya asked her “Then what we do” ? Neha said “Sis we need to hide your beauty that makes easier to hide here for long time and villagers also didn’t get any doubt about you”. Aishwarya asked “But how to hide”? Neha said “First drape saree in Half saree Style then make two ponytail of hair and tie ribbons at end also applied Kajal all over body to hide gorgeous very fair skin and wear high number spectacles.” Aishwarya said “Nice Idea Neha. We do as you said”. Neha then drape saree in half style. Neha said “This half Saree also looking very nice on you”. Then she combs her hair and makes two ponytails of her hairs. Then tie red ribbon at end of the braids. Then she applied Kajal all over her body to make her dark skin girl. After some time whole body was covered with black colour. Then she colour two front teeth black to give them missing teeth look. After that she brings old spectacle of her grandmother and told Aishwarya to wear it. Aishwarya also wears that spectacle. After that she was hardly recognisable. She was totally transformed into dark village girl from young fair beautiful gorgeous city actress.

  • #470

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 04:07)

    Aishwarya saw herself into mirror and she was not able to recognise herself. She said “Wow Neha your idea works. I am not recognising to myself then no one will able to recognise me and finds me. Thank you very much for your help dear”. Neha said “Anything for my sweet sis“and they hugged each other. Aunty was coming into room and she also not able to identify Aishwarya in that look. Aunty said “Now live freely here. If any villagers asked who is she then i told them that you are my sister’s daughter”. Aishwarya said “thanks mom”. And then all hugged each other.
    There Verma was perturbed and frustrated due to not able to find Aishwarya. All his searching parties came empty handed. Shakti was wake up and saw her Dad was not in home. She asked about her dad to her mom. Mom said “Some call come that Aishwarya missing and then your dad also went to search Aishwarya”. You know who is Aishwarya? And why your dad so angry when they know Aishwarya was missing. Shakti said “no Mom i don’t know who Aishwarya is” Mom said “Ok go and eat something” Shakti said ok and she went to her room. Shakti understands that her dad knows Aishwarya Ran from their captive.

    Verma’s wife was thought that maybe Aishwarya is a guy and not a girl who help Verma in election and he was missing so Verma was angry. Shakti also eats breakfast in her room and get ready to meet Aishwarya

  • #471

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 04:08)

    Aishwarya was looking like typical village girl. Then Neha gives some ornaments to Aishwarya. Aishwarya wears kada in both hands and long ear rings in both earlobes. Also big nose ring in nose. Neha told Aishwarya to keep head covered with some dupatta. Aishwarya said ok and put dupatta on head. Also Neha gives Aishwarya anklet to wear. After accessories Aishwarya was fully ready. Aishwarya asked Neha “Now what i do here”. Neha said “You come with us for farming”. Aishwarya said “But this black colour will come off due to sweat”. Aunty said “Yes Aishwarya is right. Due to farming in sunlight black colour comes off from body”. Neha said “Then what will she do”? Aunty said “She can work in vegetable shop and sell veggies there so that her body colour will intact and no one questions her”. Neha said “Great idea Maa”. And then they went to their vegetable shop where Aishwarya was working as a Vegetable seller.
    Shakti also reaches at Neha’s place. She saw Locked on Door. She was calling Neha on her phone but her phone was switched off. On vegetable shop Verma’s men come to enquire about Aishwarya. Aishwarya saw them and look very frightened. She was totally amazed how they Ask people showing her photo dressed as girl. Aishwarya saw her photo and said “No I am not seen this girl in our village”. Guard said “If you find her then inform on this number and you will get big reward”. Aishwarya said ok and keep that photo. Then they went to another shop for enquiry. Shakti was also feeling very tensed that home was locked and Neha’s was not answering phone. After some time Neha pick up phone and give her address of vegetable shop. Shakti reaches at shop and saw one black village girl selling veggies to villagers. She not had seen her Aishwarya there. Shakti asked Aishwarya “Have you seen any beautiful girl here”? Aishwarya said “No Mam i am not seen any beautiful girl here before but now i am seeing very gorgeous girl in front of me”. Shakti then turned back and approaching to her car that time Aishwarya called her “Hey beautiful I am here”. Shakti looked back she heard Aishwarya’s voice but not able to saw her. Aishwarya said “Dear I am here”.
    Shakti was surprised to see Aishwarya in that getup. She said “Is that u really”? Aishwarya said “yeah dear it’s me Aishwarya”. Shakti hugged her and said “Oh My God who did this to you. You are absolutely unrecognisable”. Aishwarya said “its Neha’s idea to give me this look so that I can hide from your dad’s guards and from villagers”. Aishwarya said “Few minutes back your dad’s men come here and enquire about myself to me”. Shakti asked “Then”? Aishwarya said “Then they also not able to identify me”. Shakti said “My dad was very angry and looking for you like mad dog so hide till i find your mother. Once we got your mother then i will teach my dad lesson of lifetime”. Aishwarya asked “Why you do all this for me dear”? Shakti said “because I love you dumbo”.
    Aishwarya was again thunderstruck when she knows that Shakti was in love with her. Aishwarya said “Dear I am not able to love you because I am girl now by body as well as mind”. Shakti said “Don’t worry dear I will again transform you into Guy”. Aishwarya was crying keeping her head on Shakti’s shoulder and said “Thank you very much dear”. Shakti said “Then Say I Love you Shakti”. Aishwarya said “I love you Shakti”. Shakti said “I love you too my darling”. Aishwarya asked “from when you love me”? Shakti said “When i was seen you first time at my dad’s success party from that time i was fallen for your beauty. I never seen such handsome guy in my life and now seen you like this hurts me a lot dear”. Aishwarya said “it’s my destiny only”.
    Some villagers who came there for buying veggies saw all this. They were not able to understand what happened between two girls. Aishwarya said “Shakti There is one thing which i want to tell you”. Shakti asked “which thing”? Aishwarya said “Well Shakti my thing of Manliness that is my Penis was locked in chastity and key of chastity is with Verma only. So please try to capture that key from your dad otherwise I was locked in that chastity for lifetime and no doctor or any key maker will be able open that chastity”. Shakti said “Ok dear i will find both key of your Manliness and your mother”. Then again both hugged each other. Due to that some black colour removes from Aishwarya’s skin and sticks on Shakti’s clothes. Shakti said “This Kajal Idea not works. I will give you dark foundation which helps you in hiding fair skin complexion”. Aishwarya said “ok dear” then Shakti sits in car and leave village.

  • #472

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016)

    In evening Neha and her mother came back from farming. Aunty asked “R u happy with your job”? Aishwarya said “yeah mom i am very happy today and i sell veggies of Rs 2000”. Neha said “Wow sis nice job and was Shakti come here”? Aishwarya said “yeah Neha she come here and we met and discuss few things. Also Verma’s guards had come to enquire about me”. Neha said “be careful Sis from those goons”. Aishwarya said “I will Neha”. Aunty asked “Have you eat your lunch”? Aishwarya said “no mom not yet”. Neha said “Then let’s go home quickly and eat something there” and they shut shop and come to home.
    Aishwarya removed her half saree and went to bathroom for bath. She removed all Kajal from body. She washed her hairs and tie towel around head and second around chest and came out. Shakti was given her bag full of clothes. She opened it and saw some male clothes there. Aishwarya was remembering her old days when she was wearing male clothes. She open pack of brief and vest and wear it. Her boobs were coming out and showing through vest like tank top. Then she wears underwear. Then wear boxer. Then put on one white t-shirt. She was looking at mirror and saw girl wearing guy’s clothes. After wearing those clothes from any angle she was looking like girl only. Female hormones totally convert Aishwarya from guy to girl and these clothes will not make Aishwarya guy at any cost. Aishwarya was crying. Neha was come to her room and asked why r u crying my sis? Aishwarya said “After wearing these male clothes not makes me guy anymore”. I am still looking like girl in these clothes. Neha said “My sweet Sis forget now that you are guy and live life as girl only. Look you look like girl and your body also transform into girl with this boobs and bigger ass and small waist. So enjoy this life. There is no harm being a girl”. Aishwarya wipes her tears and said “You are right Neha. I have to admit that destiny choose me to live as girl for rest of my life so from now I live as girl only. No thought of going back into guy life”.
    Neha hugged Aishwarya and said “That’s like my sweet Sis” now quickly change into nighty and come outside for dinner.

    After Aishwarya that Aishwarya once again gone to bathroom and wear saree. Then all family eat dinner and then they went to sleep.
    Next day same routine Aishwarya wake up early then transformed into village girl. That day she applied black foundation on body so that it will not came off with touching or sweating. Then wear all accessories. She was again looking like typical village girl. Both Neha and her mother went to farm and Aishwarya went to veggie shop to sale vegetables.
    Days passed and Aishwarya was totally familiar with all villagers. They also like Aishwarya due to her sweet and caring nature. There Shakti also trying too hard to find Aishwarya’s mother and keys of chastity.

  • #473

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 04:09)

    After 1 months……………………..
    Verma’s goons once again came to village. They saw one girl who sailing vegetables. They attacked shop and vandalised everything. Aishwarya was trying too hard to save her shop but all in vein. All villagers were just seen like onlookers. Nobody saves her from that goons. Then suddenly from nowhere one bike stops near shop and one handsome and dashing young guy approaches towards shop. He alone beats all goons and they all was falling all over place. Then that dashing young man came near Aishwarya and pick up from ground and said “R u Ok”? Aishwarya said “yeah I am ok” That guy was surprised when she heard nice fluent English from Aishwarya. He asked “How you speak such beautiful English? Who are you”? Aishwarya was afraid she thought that maybe Verma’s send detective to find her. Aishwarya said “Just learned by my friend”. That guy said “Oh ok By the way my name is Rahul. Inspector Rahul”. Aishwarya was shocked when she heard Inspector Rahul. Aishwarya asked “R u really police officer”? Rahul said “yeah I am police”. Aishwarya knows that many police works under Verma so decided not to tell anything to Rahul. She asked “Ok Sir thanks for helping me”. Rahul said “Its my duty. But I just want to say that if that goons again come and trouble you then don’t afraid. I am here to help you anytime”. Aishwarya said “Thank you Sir”. Rahul said “I posted this village and today is my first day of office and look today itself I rescue one very beautiful girl”. Aishwarya was shocked. She said “I am not beautiful sir” Rahul showed Aishwarya mirror and said “then you look yourself and tell me who is laying”? Aishwarya saw her face in mirror. She was stunned. All black foundation was removed in patches and her beautiful fair skin visible in spots. Rahul said “I don’t know why you hide your beauty behind black colour but I just want to say that I am here to help you at any time”. Then Rahul helps Aishwarya to pick all vegetables from ground and then he rearrange shop of Aishwarya. Aishwarya was very much glad to see Rahul helping him in everything. They way Rahul looked At Aishwarya she knows that Rahul was fallen on her. Aishwarya said “Thanks for helping me”. Rahul said “It’s my duty but where you live”? Aishwarya said “I live near temple”. Rahul said “Ok in night I will come to your house”. Aishwarya said “Please don’t come”. Rahul said “Don’t worry I want to see real you and not in this getup”. Aishwarya asked “But why”? Rahul said “That I will tell you in night”. Then Rahul sit on bike and went to police station. After some time police constables come and put on goons behind bars.
    Aishwarya told all incident to Shakti and Neha. Both were worried for her and her safety. Shakti said “She will come to her home at night”. Aishwarya told them how Rahul saved her from goons and then later help her in arranging all shop. Neha was like that her gorgeous sister was helped by another handsome hunk but Shakti was not like that at all. She feels jealous that another hunk saved Aishwarya from goons and she yet to find Aishwarya’s mother.

  • #474

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 04:10)

    At night…………….
    Neha and her mother was came home late from farm. They saw Aishwarya at home. Neha hugs Aishwarya and asked “R u ok Sis”? Mother also asked? Aishwarya said “I am perfectly fine”. Aishwarya was wearing nice saree with blouse. He combed his hair into single braids. She was not applied that dark foundation. Neha asked about reason for same. Aishwarya said “That Rahul wants to see me as original me and not in that village girl mode” . Neha asked “How he knows it”? Aishwarya said “he is sharp police and also my foundation came off while fighting with goons”. Neha said “Oh I see. So Mr Rahul wanted to see real beauty behind fake mask”. Aishwarya blushed and mother said “hey Neha don’t tease her” Neha not known that Shakti is in love with Aishwarya. And Aishwarya also give her nod to their relationships.
    While they were talking handsome hunk Rahul knocks the door. Neha opens the door. Rahul asked “Aishwarya stays here”? Neha saw Rahul and she was totally flat on him. She was not able to answer anything. Rahul again asked “Aishwarya live here”? Neha said “yeah please come inside”. Neha’s mother greets Rahul. Rahul touches mom’s feet. Rahul saw Aishwarya saw standing near neha’s mom wearing pink colour saree. That room was brighten due to glowing skin of Aishwarya. Rahul was stunned to see Aishwarya in that mode. Rahul said “Marvellous, gorgeous, beautiful stunning”. Neha was feeling jealous of Aishwarya. Neha said “Stop sir”. Aishwarya also blushing. Rahul control himself. He said “never seen such beauty in my life before”. Aishwarya said “Thank you”. Shakti also come there and she was witnessing everything. How Rahul praises her BF Aishwarya. And how Aishwarya blushing with those comments. There Shakti was fuming with jealasy.
    Then Aishwarya and Rahul had very long conversation. Then Rahul decided to take leave and he went to his home. After he went Shakti came inside. Aishwarya saw her after long 1 month. Shakti was trying to be look more feminine. She left her tomboyish look for Aishwarya. Aishwarya hugged Shakti and Asked her “How r u”? Shakti was still angry on Aishwarya but after hug her anger gone. She said “I am good hope that goons not recognised you”. Aishwarya said “NO Dear they not recognised me and Rahul beat all of them”. Shakti said “Hmmmmm………… who the hell Rahul is”? Neha said “Hey Shakti he is so handsome so dashing so cute police officer”. Shakti said “So what I don’t like that Aishwarya was talking and blushing while talking with that guy”. Neha asked “means you were there while he talking with my sis” ? Shakti said “yeah I listen everything”. Neha said “So what if Aishwarya like Rahul. He is very handsome. I am also fallen in love with him”. Shakti said “But Aishwarya is my…………… and she stops and said Aishwarya is my friend and I don’t want anyone flirts with her”. Aishwarya thought maybe she said Aishwarya is my boyfriend. Neha said “You should be happy for your friend”. Shakti said “Just stop it and don’t teach me”. Mother said “Ok girls stops fighting. I also like Rahul very much. Aishwarya you should think about Rahul”.
    Shakti was in mind “Oh My god…. These mom daughter was too much. They just want to marry my boyfriend with some another guy. Why they not leave my boyfriend alone. If Aishwarya stays here more then surely both mom daughter will marry my boyfriend with that stupid Rahul”.
    Aishwarya said “Will you find my mother”? Shakti said “I got clue of her and I will go there tomorrow”. Aishwarya said “Please take me with you”. Shakti said “Sorry you have to be remain hide for few more days”. Aishwarya insists but Shakti not listen to him. Then Shakti Aishwarya Neha and Mom eat dinner and then they sleep. Shakti was also staying back with them.

  • #475

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 04:10)

    Next morning

    Due to too much tension Verma got heart attack and his left side was paralysed. He was rushed to hospital were all family members present except Shakti. Shakti’s phone was also unreachable so family members not able to inform her. Shakti was on her mission to find Aishwarya’s mother. She was reached at village where in one room one old lady was sleeping and one nurse was take care of him. She never saw Aishwarya’s mom neither had her any photo so she came inside and asked that old lady “You know Aishwarya?” That lady wake up and said “yeah he is my son. You know him”? Then Shakti told her that Aishwarya is fine and living in adjacent village. Mother asked “Why he not come here with you to meet me also his sister is missing from long-time” . Shakti said “Well your daughter is no more” That news gives Aishwarya’s mom heart break and she get massive heart attack and she died on spot there. Shakti was stunned that Aishwarya mother died due to heart attack and that because of her news. She was feeling very guilty for death of Aishwarya’s mother.
    Shakti’s phone rings and she got news that her dad got cardiac attack and admitted to hospital. Shakti was totally shaken by both news. Though she feel bad about Aish’s mother’s death rather than Verma’s attack. She already break all relation with dad after knowing what he did with her Boyfriend, Anita Urvashi and Aish’s mom.
    Shakti called Aishwarya and give news to him. Aishwarya was traumatised by news. Aishwarya was totally broke down. He lost his family. Aishwarya was crying a lot. Neha and her mother were in farm. Aishwarya was in shop and that time Rahul was also present there. Rahul console her and give courage to her. Aishwarya was keep her head on Rahul shoulder and cried a lot. Aishwarya said “I want to go to meet my mother”. Rahul said “I will take you there” and both reach that village. Shakti already make preparation of antim sanskar. Shakti saw Aishwarya was sitting behind Rahul’s bike and holding his waist.
    That makes again Shakti angry. That time she not said anything. Aishwarya saw his mothers’s body and he hugged it very tightly and keep crying. Rahul again console her. Shakti again not liking it that. Aishwarya was again keep shoulder on Rahul’s chest and then cried. Shakti was not able to saw it and move away from that place. Then with witness of some villagers and Rahul Aishwarya give agnee to her mother. Aishwarya was looking for Shakti but she was not seen anywhere.

    Part 33:
    Then Rahul Asked “whom you looing at”? Aishwarya said “I am looking for Shakti”. Rahul asked “Who Shakti”? Aishwarya said “She is my girlfriend”. Rahul said “Awweeeeee Girlfriend means”? Aishwarya said “She loves me and I loves her so that girlfriend”. Rahul laugh and said “Sorry for my laugh but you are girl and she is too girl”. Aishwarya said “No I am not girl. I am guy”. Rahul was stunned after knowing truth that Aishwarya is not girl. Rahul asked “Then why you live as girl”? Aishwarya said “its very long story and will tell you later”. Rahul said “I want to know the truth Aishwarya. First you hide your beauty behind that dark colour and now you tell me that you are not girl. I am so confuse”. Aishwarya said “Ok then listen”
    Then Aishwarya narrated entire incident how he first meet Verma and then elections and then Verma’s desire to make him girl and Then how Verma killed both Urvashi and Anita and then how Verma torture him and then how Shakti rescue him and how Neha and Mom help him and why he hide behind that black colour and all.
    Rahul was very angry on Verma. He said “I will kill Verma”. Aishwarya said “He is my enemy and I will teach him lesson”. Rahul said “I will help you in that”. Rahul said “If you are not really like Shakti then I really want to marry you”. Aishwarya said “Rahul I am guy like you not girl”. Rahul said “I don’t mind being marry with such a gorgeous and beautiful guy”. Aishwarya said “We don’t have any future Rahul. Please don’t get into it”. Rahul said “Think again dear”. Aishwarya said “I already think. I will marry to Shakti as husband. I will transform into guy again and then live happily after with Shakti”.

  • #476

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 04:11)

    Then both came back to their village. Neha and his mother worried about Aishwarya. Aishwarya said “I lost my mother. I am not able to talk to her in her last time”. Neha’s mother said “Don’t feel guilty. We are helpless in front of destiny”. Neha asked “Where is Shakti”? Aishwarya said “I don’t know. I am also looking for her”. Rahul said “Ok Aishwarya I am leaving now. Think again about your decision” and then Rahul leave.
    Neha asked “Which decision”? Aishwarya said “he wants to marry me but I refused it”. Neha asked “Why”? Aishwarya said “I love another girl and wanted to marry with her only”. Mom said “Beti you cant marry with girl now because you are girl and girl don’t marry with another girl”. Aishwarya said “Now after my mom’s death I am free to do whatever I wants to. I am not afraid of verma anymore. I will transform myself into guy again and then get married with my love”. Neha asked “Who is that lucky girl”? Aishwarya said “Your best friend” Neha said “OH Shakti”. Aishwarya said “yeah”.

    Neha hugged Aishwarya and said “I am very happy for you. You leave Rahul. I will marry with him”. Then all laughed. Mom trying to call Shakti but her phone was not reachable. Aishwarya was worried about Shakti.
    Shakti reached at Hospital to see her Dad. She was alone there in that room with Verma. Verma was half awake and half unconscious. Shakti said “God punished you for all sins you committed till date. I know everything about Aishwarya her mother and her sister and that Dr Anita”. Verma was in shock in that moment. His heartbeat again increased. Blood pressure gone high after listening all those things. Shakti asked “Where is keys of Aishwarya’s chastity”? Verma was not able to convey his message to Shakti. Verma was trying too hard to speak but due to paralysis attack he was not able to speak. Verma then pulled down his pants from one hand and then pulled down underwear. He was wearing a black string and some keys were attached to it. Shakti pulled that keys and said “You are not my dad anymore. I feel pity on your destiny. Pray to God that you will be in this state forever otherwise I will kill you and most important sign this paper in that you transferred all your properties money and everything to Aishwarya including me. I will be her mistress and he will treat me as her mistress.” Verma was crying while signing papers. No one knows what Shakti doing in that room. Then she came out from room and went to home.

  • #477

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 04:11)

    At late night Aishwarya called again Shakti and asked her about her absence in his mother’s funeral. Shakti told Aishwarya everything that Verma got attack and he was in hospital and she got keys of his chastity. Shakti not tell anything about property papers. Aishwarya said “Shakti I will come to city to meet Verma for last time”. Shakti said “Ok”
    Next Morning Rahul came to Aishwarya’s home. Neha and Mom also there. Aishwarya told them that she is going to meet Verma. When she about to leave for city Rahul came with Jeep. He asked “Where are you going”? Aishwarya told him that she is going to city hospital to meet Verma for the last time. Rahul said “I also accompany you”. Aishwarya said “Please I have to face him one on one alone”. Rahul said “As police officer it’s my duty to meet Verma”. Aishwarya said “Ok” then both came to city hospital. Shakti saw Aishwarya with Rahul. Shakti understands that Aishwarya finds her soul mate. Shakti thought in mind that beautiful girl like Aishwarya will be happy with Rahul kind of guy only. Though she was still have Penis but by SRS operation she will be completely female. Shakti thought that she will help Rahul in getting married with Aishwarya.
    Aishwarya hugged Shakti. Shakti cried and said “Justice happened by God”. Aishwarya then went to ICU where Verma was kept. Aishwarya saw Verma. He was in very bad shape due to paralysis. Aishwarya said “You get this because you hurt people. You killed them and you play with their emotions”. Aishwarya said “I feel like kill you right now but your state doesn’t allow me to kill you. You are already dead. Aur mare hua ko kya marna”.
    Then Aishwarya removed his Saree and then Petticoat and then blouse. Aishwarya was in Bra and Panty. Then she removed Bra and panty also. She was standing completely naked in front of him. Her Penis was locked in chastity. She opened the chastity by using keys given by Shakti. Then Aishwarya show him her dick. She said “Look at me you pervert.”
    Then Aishwarya jerking her dick to make it hard and then she came to Verma and then removed his oxygen mask and then put her dick inside his mouth and close the nose. Verma was helpless in that situation. His one hand was not working and second hand was tied by napkin to bed. Aishwarya said “Remember how my sister feels when your guards fucked her”. Verma was trying to removed Dick but not able to remove it. Due to nose close and dick inside he was not able to take breath. And after long struggle with breath he finally lost and died.
    Aishwarya then take out her dick and said “Sis I take revenge and now your soul RIP”. Then Aishwarya wears again all clothes and then came out from room. Shakti asked her “Everything all right”? Aishwarya said “sorry Shakti” and Aishwarya went outside hospital. Shakti went inside room and saw Verma in that state. His hand was tied with rope to bed and oxygen mask was not on mouth. Also Semen was coming out from his mouth. Shakti understands that Aishwarya takes her revenge. Rahul came inside and saw Verma. Rahul said “I am very sorry”. Shakti said “Don’t be please help me to undo all things and make this death natural”. Rahul help Shakti cleaning Semen and then removed his tied hand. He again cover mouth with mask. Verma was lying on bed like nothing happened there. Shakti said “Thank you so much for your help”. Rahul said “Anything for Aishwarya because I love her so much”.
    Shakti said “I also love her so much”. Rahul said “You are so lucky that you get Aishwarya as your life partner”. Shakti asked “Means”? Rahul said “Aishwarya told me everything that you and she both love each other so much and will marry as husband and wife”. Shakti said “But I think she loves you”. Rahul said “No I love her and not she. Its just one way love from my side but she loves you only”. Shakti was very happy that finally Aishwarya and she getting married. Rahul said “Please don’t change Aishwarya into guy. Marry with her as it is”. Shakti said “But marriage between two girls not allowed in this country”. Rahul said then “You become husband and keep her as your beautiful wife”. Shakti said “yeah I will transform myself into guy and then marry with Aishwarya”. Rahul said “yeah that’s like good guy”. Both laugh and Rahul hugged Shakti.

  • #478

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 04:12)

    After 2 months………………
    Though all property transferred to Aishwarya but Verma’s family still lives in their bungalow. Aishwarya also lives with Neha and her mom. As per Shakti’s plan she convinced Aishwarya to remain as girl forever and she will be transform into guy. So in two months lots of body changes happened to Shakti due to hormones and some surgeries.
    Doctor removed her breasts and due to high dosage of hormones all male characteristics were showing on Shakti’s body. Like body hair beard moustache deep voice and masculine body. In 2 months Shakti was looking like young handsome dashing guy. Due to weight training Shakti also develop biceps and six pack abs. Doctors keep her Vagina as it is because Aishwarya was having Penis. So to balance it they keep her Vagina intact.
    Shakti was living in another city. Her family not knows about her transformation. Aishwarya also not met her since last 2 months. Rahul keep visiting Shakti and help her whenever she needs.
    After 1 months…..
    3 months passed since Verma’s death. And finally Shakti told her home that she was transformed into guy and marry a girl. Verma’s family shocked by her revelation. Her mother asked her why she take such extreme step without discussing with family. Shakti said since childhood I grow as tomboy and I always wanted to be guy so I take this decision. Mother asked “Who is that girl whom you wanted to marry”? Shakti said “her name is Aishwarya. Your daughter in law”. Mom asked “Aishwarya name seems familiar to me. Which caste and which family”? Shakti said “Aishwarya is dad’s personal assistant who help dad winning elections and dad makes him girl and make his mistress and our whole property given to him”.
    Mom WAS stunned after listening to those lines from Shakti. Mom said “You will be marrying with guy who now live as girl”. Shakti said “yes”. Mom asked “Is he same guy Aishwarya”? Shakti said “Yeah mom he is same”. Mom asked “R u sure that your dad makes him girl and keep as rakhail and fucked him”? Shakti said “yes mom everything I told you is true”. Mom was fallen on floor. She said “Oh my God. Never thought that your dad do such things”. Shakti said “Only you knows the truth now if brothers and sisters and all other members knows truth then they will die in shame”. Mom said “I wanted to meet my daughter in law”. Shakti said “yeah mom in afternoon I will take you there”. Then Shakti also left. Her brother and sister saw her and not able to recognised her. They asked mom who is that guy? Mom said “he is your little brother Shakti”. All members shocked by mom’s words. How’s that possible? Asked them. Mom said “Your sister wants to be Man so she changed her sex and now she is Man like you”.
    They asked “Why she come here”? Mom said “She will getting married soon with Aishwarya so she come here to tell me”. They asked “Who is Aishwarya”? Mom said “Aishwarya is same guy who help your dad won election. He was living as girl and Shakti loves him so both are getting married soon”. They said Mom she is insane. How one guy who live as girl married to girl live as guy?
    Mom said “Why not possible? Its same thing just both changed their gender”. Mom said “And one most important thing that whole property of your dad is transferred to Aishwarya’s name”. They again get shocked. They asked “How and when this happened”? Mom said “Shakti showed to property papers and in that written as whole property transferred to Aishwarya. Mom said if she take decision then she will throw us out after what happened with him”. They asked “What happened with him”? Mom said “That none of your business. Right now starts arrangements of your little brother’s wedding”

  • #479

    nani (Friday, 15 April 2016 04:13)

    Its Wedding time…………………………………………….
    (Everything in short)
    Its wedding day for Aishwarya and Shakti. Last two days were very busy due to sangeet and haldi and mehandi nights.
    All palace were enlightened by lights. Aishwarya was wearing a designer wedding dress stitched specially for her by top designer. And Shakti was wearing jodhapuri suit. Neha and her mother with Rahul accompanied Aishwarya and rest Verma family was with Shakti. Aishwarya was looking stunningly gorgeous in that wedding dress. Both wear sitting in mandap in front of hawankund and priest chatting wedding prayers. Then Shakti tied Mangalsutra to Aishwarya and then both exchanged garlands. Priest said “Both are now happily married couple”.
    Then Shakti pick up Aishwarya in her arms. Aishwarya was blushing because of that act. They both take blessings from elders. Shakti gifts Aishwarya property papers. Shakti said “this whole Verma properties is yours and me also. Make me your mistress for lifetime”. Aishwarya was crying and she hugged Shakti and kissed her in front of everyone. She said “I don’t want any property. I just want you and she torn all papers”. Mother in law was very happy that she got such a beautiful and very sanskari daughter in law. All Verma family members were also happy that they got their property back. Aishwarya said “Just accept me as one of your family members”. Then mother in law hugged Aishwarya and then they perform bidai of Aishwarya. Aishwarya cried like any normal girl in her bidai. She hugged Neha, mom and Rahul.
    Aishwarya came to Verma’s house and daughter in law of Verma. She entered house by kicking jar of rice. As she enter hall she saw Verma’s large photo. Mother in law said “Take blessing from your father in law also”. MIL in Aishwarya’s ears “For sake of house members”. Aishwarya understands and she take blessing from Verma’s large photo by touching feet.
    Then they perform some after wedding rituals with couple and then in late night mother in law said to her daughter in law “This is your first night as wife so enjoy and take care of my son Shakti”. Aishwarya understands why mother in law tells things which normally told to son. Then Aishwarya went inside bedroom and waiting for her husband Shakti.
    Shakti came inside and locked door. He saw Aishwarya was sitting on bed with head totally covered. Shakti came close to Aishwarya and removed that ghoonghat. Shakti said “Marvellous gorgeous and take kiss”. Then Shakti drink glass of milk and then started removing her suit. Aishwarya said “You are very much hurry for honeymoon”. Shakti said “yeah I am now you also removed all this heavy clothes and jewellery and wear nice sexy lingerie for me”. Aishwarya said “Ok my Pati parameshwar” and Aishwarya went to bathroom and came out wearing sexy red lingerie. Shakti was already waiting for her. Shakti said “I will eat you completely today”. Then Shakti pulled Aishwarya hands and due to that Aishwarya was fall on Shakti. Then both kissed each other and then Shakti removed Aishwarya’s lingerie and Aishwarya also removed Shakti’s underwear. Shakti kissed Aishwarya all over the body. Shakti takes Aishwarya’s dick in one hand and put inside mouth and giving her blowjob. Aishwarya was feeling good after blowjob. Then Aishwarya also kissed Shakti all over body and then lick her vagina. Shakti was in heaven due to that licking. Then Aishwarya insert her dick inside Shakti’s vagina and then started fucking Shakti hard. They had very rough sex in first night itself and then finally Aishwarya ejaculates inside Shakti’s vagina. Both were exhausted by sex and long wedding rituals. Aishwarya said “You love me forever same like today”. Shakti said “You also love me same”. Then both hugged each other and then sleep happily…………………………………

  • #480

    mahi (Friday, 15 April 2016 07:17)

    Rajini : Part 1

    It was early in the morning 6.00AM, alarm rang. Snoozed for 5 mins. Again same alarm. With much difficulty, I got up. Brushed and prepared coffee for myself, started preparing breakfast, lunch box for my hubby and daughter. At around 7.30AM, started waking my 4 year old daughter for school and started preparing for her school. I watched the time it is around 8.00AM. I went close to my hubby, gave a kiss on his forehead and wished him good morning. He smiled and wished the same. I told him, I am going out to ensure Veda(daughter) gets into her school bus. After I came out, my hubby (Raghu) getting ready. In the meantime, I prepared breakfast and was ready. He came to the room and normally I feed him with my hands and he will be reading the newspaper. By about 8.30AM I am alone at house doing the house hold work and maintaining the other things. As the festival season approaching, I asked my servant maid to come early today. While cleaning, I got my old photo album. I took that to my heart and asked the servant maid to clean the house. It was around 11.30 AM cleaning was done. She left the house and I took my bath and tied the towel around my chest, stood towards taking another salwar kameez which I normally wear at home. But somehow, I felt like wearing the saree today. I took pink colour petticoat, matching panty and bra. Took the cotton saree and wore it
    finished my pooja and other things. Finished my lunch. In the meantime, finished talking to my mother for about 15 to 20 mins. After finishing my food, I took the old photo albums and started seeing my self how I was looking when I was young. My name is Rajini. I was born as a boy. Yes. This is true. My name was Rajesh. I am the youngest kid to my parents. I have one elder brother. Now he is in US with his family. Let me share my story:
    I was born in a small town with a problem of ambiguous genitalia, which my parents were not aware when I was born and science was not so advanced those days. So when I was born, Doctor declared that baby boy was born. All my relatives were very happy. But my Mom and Dad wanted a baby girl, but they took me as a god’s gift. Soon after the delivery mom got vasectomy operation. My childhood was very memorable growing up as a boy and my dad’s business went on to became big after I was born. Dad always says that I brought Lakshmi (Goddess) to the house. I still remember that I rarely used to go outside play with other boys. I always used to be at home reading stories, colouring or helping my mother in the kitchen. The life went on very smooth till my 11 years age. I was the first ranker in the class and always a good child. It was during my 6th standard during the Dasara festival celebration, I suffered severe stomach pain. That time my house was filled with lot of guests as we were celebrating the success of our business. When I was complaining about my stomach pain, my brother took me to the general physician and he gave normal medicine and on the way back home, my brother (Vamsi) bought Lime soda for me and we reached back home. Though it was there for the next two days, I did not complain much as parents were busy with guests. After guests went back, my mother verified my trousers and observed that there are blood stains. She got very scared, asked me what happened. As I had no clue about it, I said I do not have any idea. And then she verified with Vamsi as he took me to the Doctor. After my dad, she discussed with him and he mentioned probably because of the body heat. She mentioned me that if I get stomach pain, do not neglect and inform me first. Due to this, she made sure that I drink butter milk every day.

  • #481

    mahi (Friday, 15 April 2016 07:18)

    Rajini : Part 2
    And everything was going on well for the next 15 to 20 days. Roughly after the month, on Sunday morning I got up from my bed and was suffering severe stomach pain. I called my mom from bed and she came running towards me. My brother gone to tuition as he was in 10th standard by that time. I told her I can’t bear this stomach pain. She took me to her lap and observed that bed sheet has blood stains, she took me to the washroom and cleaned my body and I was crying with pain. She observed from where I was getting the blood. She was shocked to see that I have both testicle and vagina which is very small. She could not believe how to convince me. She brushed my teeth and made me bath immediately. She asked me to stay in washroom. She went out and came with sanitary napkin. She fixed in my underwear and made me ready and asked me to sit in the room and not to come out. In the next 30 mins, dad came back from walking and both discussed for long. I could sense from the discussions that my mom was crying. After 1 hour, mom took an appointment with her lady doctor. After verifying me, she asked me to take me to Bangalore which is close to our small town. Infact we were planning to shift to Bangalore after Vamsi’s 10th standard. Immediately, me and my parents left to Bangalore and my brother to stay in my aunt’s house. Journey was just about 3 hours. We went straight away to meet the doctor and before meeting the doctor, my mom took me to the washroom and changed the sanitary napkin. I kept on asking her what is happening to me. But my mom, smiled at me and said do not worry everything will be fine. But I could sense from my mom’s eyes that something was wrong.
    Finally after waiting for 1 hour, I got my turn. Doctor checked me completely and written lot many tests for me. By the time we finished our tests it was around 6 in the evening. As we could not get the results, we stayed in our guest house that night. I stayed for about 1 hour alone and in the meantime, my mom brought night gown for me . I was shocked at night, when she asked me to wear it. She mentioned as you are suffering from stomach pain, better you wear this cloth. Me and mom slept in the room and Dad slept in the hall. I slept very early as it was painful day. When I got up in the morning around 7.30 , I could sense that both mom and dad has not slept entire night. We got an appointment with Doctor at 9.00 AM. As dad is a businessman, he has lot of connections and got the appointment very easily. After seeing my reports, I have been admitted to the hospital. Dad has taken special room which is air conditioned and has a TV. I asked mom, why I have been admitted and told her that now I do not have stomach pain. Mom was very silent and asked me not to speak and just asked me to relax. But I was not ready and shouted at her. She was about to slap me and then Dad immediately hugged me and said, “dear it is just normal. Mom is not well, do not ask questions to her”.
    After this, dad told me , both me and mom are going out for 30 mins, will be back soon and you please watch TV. Those were the days even the incoming call in the mobile used to chargeable. But dad used to have the mobile phone. He asked me to call from the phone which is next to my bed in case of emergency. For the next two days, mom ensured to change the napkin for every 4 to 5 hours. It smelled very bad. After two days, I was about to meet the psychiatrist. She gave my favorite chocolate and asked me how am I feeling now.

  • #482

    mahi (Friday, 15 April 2016 07:19)

    Me : I am fine now, but not sure why I am in hospital
    Psychiatrist : Are you not liking this hospital?
    Me : No. I am missing my school, friends and my brother
    Psychiatrist : Ok..thats not a problem, your brother will come here if you want
    Me : No, I want to go back home.
    Psychiatrist : Tell me what games you like?
    Me : As such, I like all the games
    Psychiatrist : I mean do you like outdoor or indoor games
    Me : normally I prefer indoor games. I do not like outdoor games
    Psychiatrist : Why, any reason?
    Me : Nothing like that. I just like to be at home, doing colouring, reading and like to spend time at home
    Psychiatrist : What you read most apart from school books?
    Me : I like to read comic books like Chandamama, Famous five. I like Vikram- Betaal stories very much
    Psychiatrist : Are you not scared?
    Me : No. I love those stories
    Psychiatrist : Do you know why you are admitted to the hospital?
    Me : I have stomach pain and whenever I am getting pain, I am getting blood from below.
    Psychiatrist : and what?
    Me : It is very painful when I suffered first time. But now it is not much pain. It comes once in a while. I am fine now
    Psychiatrist : Dear, let me ask you question. Will you answer?
    Me: why are you asking so many questions?
    Psychiatrist : Sorry, I just like you and want to spend time with you. Tell me about your friends.
    Me : I have so many friends
    Psychiatrist : Tell me about your close friends name?
    Me : Her name is Deepa.
    Psychiatrist : Why do you like her?
    Me : She also likes colouring and she gives me her crayons and we don’t fight and she does not tease me when I say I don’t like outdoor games.
    Psychiatrist : Does anyone teases you?
    Me : Yes. My classmates and my games sir.
    Psychiatrist : Do you know only girls like indoor games and I think that’s why they tease you. Have you complained to your mom that they tease you?
    Me : No.
    Psychiatrist : In your comic stories, have you read any story where a boy changes to girl in one day?
    Me : No.
    Psychiatrist: Think for example, if you are changed from boy to girl, how will you react?
    Me : I don’t know. I am happy as I am. How will change to girl?
    Psychiatrist : I agree. Just think if you are changed as a girl, I think no body will tease you for not playing the outdoor games, you can play indoor games and you can help your mom in kitchen and you will be dressed in beautiful clothes. What you say..
    Me: I am bored talking to you..let me go now
    After this, I went to my ward. My parents met the Psychiatrist, she mentioned still Rajesh did not understood what he is undergoing. From the reports it is very clear that he cannot take a male form of life. He should be mentored to take the female life, else he might get cancer and will be tough if he survives. We need to start the medication at the earliest. With these words, my mom started crying loud and dad could not control her.

  • #483

    mahi (Friday, 15 April 2016 07:19)

    Mom and Dad both came to room and were silent for about 30 mins. Both started the discussion at the same time asking me how am I feeling. I said I am fine. I told them that I want to go home and want to attend school. It is very boring here. Mom came towards me and holded myhand and said, “ dear, I want to tell you one thing now. Listen carefully and be calm”.
    Me : Yes. Tell me that we are going back home. I don’t want to stay in hospital. I am tired of so many blood tests, x-ray and other tests.
    Mom eyes were red and felt like she was about to cry. Looking at her, I controlled and said, tell me what you want to say.
    Mom : You are our sweet darling and you are one on thousands who has a small problem with your body. And listen carefully. You are not a boy, but you are girl.
    Me : How can this happen? How come my stomach pain can change me to a girl
    Dad : Dear, when you were born you were born with combination of both male and female organs, but now your female organs are more than the male organ. So from now on you will be a girl
    I was not at all ready for this shock and confused.
    Me : I am not able to understand.
    Mom ; You love me right, and sometimes you used to tell me that you want to be like me. Now you can really be like me. You can dress in beautiful clothes
    Me : But how will I attend the school, my friends will tease me. I cant attend the school as a girl and I cant show myself to my friends and teachers. Please leave me alone.
    With this, Dad could not control his emotions, he left me and mom in the room. We both discussed for a long time and she convinced me that if I do not agree to change as a girl , I will be seeing major problems which will impact my life. After nearly 2hours of long discussion, I have agreed to listen with a condition that I don’t want to go to the same school and like to join new school and preferably girls school. For which both my parents agreed.
    My journey towards being a girl started now. Next day I have been discharged from the hospital, but for the next one week we stayed in our guest house and in the mean time dad took a rented house . Before going to the rented house, my mom bought all the clothes like half saree, salwaar, skirts and other night wear clothes for me so that I start my journey as a girl.
    My brother to complete 10th std by staying in aunt’s house and my dad planned to visit him every Sunday and take care of his education. Before moving to the new house, my mom called my grand parents and some important guests. On that day, my first ceremony as girl was celebrated as my aunt and uncle gave me half saree. It was different feeling as for the first time, I wore half saree. I still remember it was a lovely half saree. As I had boy hair cut, my mom added me a extra hair and kept lot of jasmine flowers. I could not face my dad that day as I felt very shy. From that day, my relation with mom increased very much. That was the beginning of the day where I stopped wearing the boy’s clothes. I was really feeling shy to talk to every one. But my mom was very happy that now she has a daughter. My grand mother was praising me a lot that I am looking beautiful. But my mom was constantly behind me to ensure that I sit properly and adjust my half saree properly.
    After one week, we moved to the house. Every one used to ask me why I cut my hair. I felt very much uncomfortable when they used ask these questions. My regular check up with the doctor started and to begin with I was asked to take hormone tablets to restrict the male hormones and develop the female hormone. After nearly two months, my menses cycle became normal and now I developed breast. Initially during the night time I was just on nighty, but after one month, my mom ordered me to wear the petticoat inside the nighty. It was really nice smooth feeling to wear petticoat. Though it restricted my movement, I started accepting. I could not study 6th standard because of regular health related problems.

  • #484

    mahi (Friday, 15 April 2016 07:20)

    Rajini : Part 4
    My hormone medication continued for 6 months and my dad’s business grew very rapidly after moving to Bangalore. Slowly my relation with Dad started to blossom. I started feeling comfortable talking to him and I realized how much he loves me. Even psychiatrist and Doctor surprised to see change in my body and behavior. After 6 months, surgery day arrived and I have been operated successfully. After 5 hours of surgery, declared that I am out of danger and can be discharged after 10 days. Those 10 days were really painful in my life.
    After discharging from hospital, it was really different feeling as I do not have any thing hanging between my thighs and was really feeling comfortable. My monthly cycle is pretty normal. Though my studies taken a big hit, I was not bothered as my health stabilized. I remember my first rakhi very well when I tied rakhi to Vamsi, he gave me my favorite Dairy milk chocolate .
    Whenever dad used to travel on official trips, he always used to bring me either clothes or other things. It became a habit for him to see me before going to bed and used ask me how am I feeling, whether I am ok and spend about 15 to 20 mins with me every night. But after becoming girl, my mom became very strict with me and she started teaching all the kitchen work and help me how to be a good girl like when to talk and how to behave in front of others and how to manage half saree and other things.
    After 6 months of break from my school, I got admitted in Bangalore school which is meant only for girls. My life took a big change after joining school. I have been accepted as a girl and soon became a best friend for so many classmates and became best student in the class. My brother Vamsi got the good marks in his 10th std and he got admitted into the best college.
    Before attending the school, at home always used to be half saree and bangles on both the hands. But as I was not supposed to wear any bangles to school, my habit of wearing the bangles gone. Mom started scolding me to wear bangles and bindi. Even after coming from school, I stopped wearing the half saree and started feeling more comfortable in salwar and kurtas. Though my dad never used to say anything, but my mom used to ensure that on every festival I wear halfsaree. Even in the house , my health issues never became topic for discussion and everyone accepted me the way I am. During one of the festival, couple of best friends came home and all were shocked to see me in half saree and appreciated the way I look.
    That was the time when my friendship with Deepa who is my senior in school but of my age became close friends. She is a kind of very dominating in nature. But she likes me very much. Everyone in school used to treat as sisters. Due to some hormonal problems, she was not matured physically at that time (meaning she was not getting periods) though most of the girls of my age are having this pleasure pain by that time. She always used to be worry when ever we girls used to discuss about our menses and changes in our body. She used to pull me from those discussions and say non-sense discussions. I never used to say anything to her, because we like each other company and discuss on better things. I think she started getting periods in the 9th std, it was grand celebration in her house, though they made it very private like my function. I was the only outsider who attended that function. She felt so happy be seeing me that day and she was wearing her first half saree that day. We both hugged for the first time and both felt very happy that day.

  • #485

    mahi (Friday, 15 April 2016 07:21)

    Rajini : Part 5
    By the time I was finishing my 9th std, dad bought a beautiful house and we moved to our own house. My friendship with Deepa keep on growing solidly and she finished her 10th std with good marks and joined the prestigeous college and it was necessary for me to follow her footstep. I studied very well and finished my 10th std.Got admitted to the same group and in the same college as a junior. Before joining the college, me and Deepa enjoyed for a 10 days in our house as both mom and dad went to US to arrange things for my brother as he got selected for MS .
    That was the beginning of extended relation between me and Deepa. That time I realised how much she loves me. She requested me to wear a saree, though I was not good at it wearing saree, but after several attempts, I got it perfectly. As I do not have any saree, I took my mom saree.
    But always she preferred to be in shorts and T-shirts. But like my mother, she insisted me to be either in saree or half saree. That night is still in front of eyes. That is the first night after my parents left to US. I got tired after trying saree and slept on saree. Suddenly at mid night, I saw Deepa was touching and caressing my breast and navel. I was not aware what she was trying to do. I pretended as if I was sleeping. After some time, she tried to remove my blouse hooks and started sucking my boobs. I tried to stop her, but she was in no mood. After several stops, I left to see what she wants from me. She removed my saree and made me nude and first time I realised what is sex. I was still closing my eyes and she removed her clothes and inserted a dildo into my vagina. Though it was very painful but it was beautiful. She kissed my entire body and sucked my breast very hardly. After some time, I took the lead and inserted dildo into her vagina. We really enjoyed that first night. We both slept very late and could not get up even the servan maid was ringing the bell. About 10 in the morning and got up. As we both could not get up when the servant maid came, we ended up having the breakfast and lunch outside.

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    mahi (Friday, 15 April 2016 07:22)

    Rajini : Part 6
    But next day, I told very clearly, I don’t want to spoil my mom’s saree. But she refused and requested me to be atleast by half saree. Though I resisted, but unable to see her sorrow face, surprised her by wearing my favourite white saree.
    The moment she saw me she was dumb and surprised. She asked me now I realise why you locked the door for so much time. At that time, she was in nighty, she requested and went to washroom and changed to shorts and T-shirt. When asked why you changed, she mentioned “how can Rajini’s husband be in nighty?”. We both laughed at each other and prepared delicious dinner and watched TV and some porn video websites. When I thought of changing to nighty, she pulled me back and asked to sit down for some more time . We kept on watching till 10.00PM . After some time, she kept her hands on my pleats and mentioned how neat my pleats are!! She started counting my pleats,kissed on it and slowly removed my pleats. Though I was stopping her, but she was in no mood. With in minutes, saree was on sofa and we both were on bed. I was on blouse and petticoat. She lifted my petticoat and removed my panty. When I asked her what you are doing. She requested me to remove blouse and bra. Now I am just on white petticoat, covering breast with my hands. She removed my hands & took my hand and made me to touch her vagina. I was shocked to see that she has kept a dildo there which is dual one (meaning one side of dildo will be in her vagina like a penis and other side will be a penis to insert into my vagina). When iwas asking how you got this, she just closed my mouth and lifted my petticoat. She inserted the dildo deep inside my vagina. We both were moaning heavily. We both ended up having love bytes at our breast. It was more enjoyable than yesterday as we both were enjoying at the same time. It was beautiful night. Next day, both had little bit pleasure pain at pussy, but we were enjoying each other company. Till before last one day, we enjoyed,but last day before my parents arrival, I got my periods and we could not enjoy it. But it was really fun altogether.
    Could not realize how soon I completed my +2 and joined the same engineering college Deepa studying.
    Engineering college was full of fun. Just because of Deepa’s friendship I could aviod the ragging. But still remember my fresher’s day where it is necessary to be in saree for all the girls on that day. So before that night, I took my saree and other inner clothes to Deepa’s house so that I can go with her in her car. As normally we share our clothes and items. So that night I took Deepa’s nighty and petticoat. After after nearly 15 months, we enjoyed our intimate relation again. Though we had enjoyable night, we got up early and attended the college in saree.
    Everyone praised me and reached home in saree only. My dad really felt happy after seeing and smiled at & said, “my baby became big, I need to look a boy for her J”

  • #487

    mahi (Friday, 15 April 2016 07:22)

    Rajini: Last Part
    During the fresher’s party, first time, I met my hubby Rajesh. Its only after 6 months, I got to know from Deepa that he is totally and totally interested in me. And he is behind Deepa for a introductory meet with me. Deepa ensured that I first finish my education and Raghu to finish his education and settle in life before going for affair. She protected me in college at each and every occasion.
    Could not realise how quickly I finished my college and joined MNC. Surprisingly for the first time after education, I joined a different company which Deepa is not part of. But we were sharing the same campus and I happen to join the same company where is Raghu is working. I Still remember, it was during the company all hands meeting in the Amphi theater, where we met for the first time after the college. We discussed about the college days and exchanged our numbers. Slowly after 3 months, our good night and good bye calls became more and started liking each other.
    Time went so fast and we got engaged.

    we both finished our engineering and ended up working in the same company. It was all fun working in the same company and we had really great time.
    Even now me and Deepa are in touch with each other and now we are family friends.We both enjoy our intimacy when our respective husbands are busy in their life .

    Life is all about fun and respecting each other.

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    This is to inform you that police complaint has been lodge against you @Nani for posting my story from my blog to this site without my permission. All my stories are copyright protected and sharing not allowed without my permission which is clearly written on blog in bold letters.

    Your IP address traced and police will reach at your house in 24 hours. Copyright infringement is serious crime and punishment is severe. I don't know your purpose of stealing story from my blog. Your gmail also traced with IP address and i know your real name and hometown address. Will meet you soon in jail then you will understand stealing is very bad thing.

    Love Kajal

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    One day one of my teachers( not school teacher ... Coaching class teacher but successful and famous) told me that from his experience he learned that " never to trust any one " . hearing this I was little confused.. Come on, he being a respected and famous teacher , he Should not convey such negative thoughts to student.
    I did not know how true was that statement.....
    I just wanted to say " thank you sir for sharing you experience..." Though I learned it in a hard way but I got you after all.

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    Dear Krishna. I am happy that you accept your mistake and apologies. I accept your apology and take my FIR back. I am happy that you like my stories so enjoy it on my blog only and never share it anywhere. Keep reading

    @SRS yeah i know 20th April is date for my updates

    Love Kajal

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    Sharmila Devi (Sunday, 17 April 2016 01:44)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife - Part-12
    Raji started her work in the kitchen and he came to me lying on the bed still sleeping. He shouted on me to get up and help him in household work. Ohhh I forgot I thought I can stay similar in my house. To stay here I have to work along with my brother. I wokeup but this time am in nighty and a petticoat inside. I went to bathroom for toilet but found very difficult to go on with nighty I lifted up nighty and started doing it. Then my sister observed everything and told me to sit and do toilet like women so that It would be comfortable when in girls dress. Then I followed the same and felt very comfortable. I went to kitchen to help my brother as am new to all the works I observed everything and followed the direction of my brother. After sometime Raji gave me cup of coffee and asked me to give it to suhan(my bhabi). I felt embrased as am in nighty and my bhabi would laugh at me looking like this. But Raji scolded and asked me to do what ever he say. Then I took coffee and went to bedroom where my bhabi is sleeping. I called her in low tone “ Bhabhi coffee. Then she woke up and observed me from top to bottom and started laughing which made me feel discomfort . Then she praised me that I look very nice in this nighty and in a romantic way she touched my hip and pressed I shouted in fear then Raji came running and took me to kitcken, looking all these my bhabi stated laughing and told loudly “I will not leave you baby.” Which made me feel fear. Then Raji warned me to be very carefull with my bhabi as she likes the men like us who are very week and as am very young and fair than Raji my bhabi started liking me more then Raji.
    Raji completed her kitchen work and went to do bath and asked me to wash all the utensils. Then I adjusted my nighty tucked into my petticoat and started washing utensils. Then suddenly my bhabi came into kitchen from back but I did not notice her as am busy in work. She tightly hugged from back and started kissing me on neck and she unzipped my nighty from back and kept her hands into my nighty and started sqeezing my nipples. I felt very frightend and pleaded her to leave me but she is stronger than me, I could not get out of her control. I shouted loudly and cried out of fear. Then my bhabi stopped and turned towards my front and told that “ Sorry Ravi I thought your brother from back as this is the same nighty as Raji’s.” And she left me from there with wicked smile. I understood that my bhabi did this knowingly. Then Raji completed her bath and came to kitchen in a cotton orange color saree. He saw me crying and asked me what happened I told him everything. Then Raji took me into his heart and consoled me to don’t worry and promised me that it would not repeat again. Then she took me to bedroom and gave one of her white color bra to me to wear . I was puzzled and asked him why should I wear Bra. Then he explained that we should wear bra when ever we are in girly dresses so that it covers and save us from Idiots like my Bhabi. Then I understood everything and accepted to wear bra when ever I am in nighty or girls dress. Raji helped me in wearing the Bra from back as the bra is very loose I felt very discomfort. Raji understood that and she kept some cotton cloths into my bra. Now the bra is comfortable without moving but I felt something strange as it gave a look like breast of a women. Then Raji again told me to feel comfortable as these are very much needed when we wear women cloths and she also told me that they will protect me from Bhabi and I will get used to it when I wear daily.

  • #497

    Sharmila Devi (Sunday, 17 April 2016 01:45)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife - Part-12 continued...

    Slowly without my knowledge I am changing into women, first I have nighty and petticoat, now padded bra making me look like women from out. What ever it may be I have decided to overcome all these hurdles and get good job and teach lesson to my bhabi. Raji asked me to cover my upper parts with dupatta when ever am before my bhabi and also she gave me assurance that she will always be with me.
    My bhabi started to office now only me and Raji are there in the house.I have decided to complete the household works fast and start preparing for my interview. It is one hour we have completed all the works in kitchen and I asked Raji to leave me as I have to study. Then he told me to help in washing the cloths , there are many cloths of my bhabi, Raji and some blankets. I am so tired after washing all the cloths so I just relaxed on sofa. Then Raji came and started watching ladies serials, ladies special programs, ladies games shows in TV. Even I got very much interested towards all the ladies programs in TV and forgot about my preparation . We both happily watched all the shows , Raji talked all the girly things with me and discussed about serials . We completed our lunch and again Raji started waching TV as it is his daily activity to see all the ladies programs and slowly even am liking all these programs and started discussing about girly matters with Raji. We watched some cooking programs where Raji asked me to learn all theses as he also learned cooking from programs in TV.
    I slowly learned all the household works from Raji like washing dishes, washing cloths, and cleaning house. The days are passing I became perfect in all the household works and also now am only in the nighty wearing petticoat and bra inside so that my bhabi will not take control on me. I totally forgot to prepare for my interview and I used to go to interview once in a month but I could not get the job. As am not going to jim and not doing any men works but only doing all the ladies works so body became very week . And my hair growed below my shoulders as I don’t have money to cut them. To adjust my hair properly Raji used to tie my hair with hair clips and also used to comb it in different styles.Now I became expert in cooking and even my bhabi observed all my changes but she did not get chance to do anything to me.
    Once Raji bought red color nail polish and asked me to help in applying nail polish to him. I felt shy as only ladies do all these things and how can I do . Then EGO stoped me to apply nailpolish then Raji got angry and scolded me that I don’t even know how to apply nailpolish then how I do job . Then I got angry and took nail polish from him and started appling to him. Then he teached me how to apply nail polish in different styles and he tought me some of the nail arts. Now am fully expert in applying nail polish in different style. Then Raji got very much impressed but with naughty way he told that anybody can apply nailpolish to others but they cant apply on there own. Even now I took as challenging and started appling to my black nail polish which he age to my nails and also to the toes. Then Raji appreciated me and felt so happy that I applied nailpolish so perfectly without any help.

  • #498

    Sharmila Devi (Sunday, 17 April 2016 01:46)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife - Part-12-1

    In the evening my bhabi came and watched me from top to bottom .She watched my breast which are very huge and commented me that how could you grow your breast day by day then I felt shame and lowered my head even Raji could not say anything as my bhabi is head of the house and after watching nail polish on both my hands and legs she felt very happy and proud that even I am also slowly changing in to girl. She has something in her mind and started laughing without saying anything out. Then Raji immidiatly gave duppatta to cover my breast so that my bhabi will stop staring on my assets. My bhabi took some bangles from her bag and gave them to Raji to wear but the size is small so she could not wear them and decided to exchange then my bhabi did not agree as there is no exchange offer for bangles and she bought them with love and cannot give it back. Then Raji felt bad and don’t know what to do as it cannot be wasted. Then my bhabi gave an idea to wear them to me even Raji was happy as they will not be wasted. But I did not accept as I am not women. Then Raji pleaded me and finally I accepted but to wear only once. Then he is happy and I wore 2 dozens of bangles on each hand they are green in color so Raji bought green nail polish for matching bangles and painted my nails so that they look more beautiful in my hands. Raji asked me not to take out these bangles from my hands as it is not good to the house and family. Then I could not say any thing but to accept. From then when am doing house work lots of sound came from bangles now am totally looking like half women except with inner organs. After sometime my bhabi bought jasmine flowers and gave them to Raji . Raji kept some flowers in her head and some on my head saying that it looks good to have flowers as my hair is long. Now watching me from top to bottom Raji bought a red color bindi which she always applies at home and applied on my forehead and gave me complete look of women. And took me to kitchen to work so that I will not ask any questions to him.
    We three had dinner at night me and Raji serving my bhabi. Suddenly after seeing me my bhabi is impressed and asked Raji to make me ready in half saree as every girls dream is to wear half saree for the first time. Listning to it I was in fear and sheavering as the days are passing am totally changing into women and now they are trying to change my Dress. So in a loud voice I told “NO” I will not wear the women dresses anymore and I have decided to wear only male dresses. Then suddenly bhabi gave tight slap to Raji and scolded him badly that “how can your brother say like this and asked my brother to leave the house and go to my parents home so that my bhabi will get another marriage. Then Raji started crying and pleaded my bhabi that he will make me get ready in half saree . Then my bhabi was happy and asked to make me ready from top to bottom as a beautiful girl without any features of men left on me.
    There is another shocking news me as my sister called Raji and told that told that she is coming to this place as she got selected in Big MNC Company with huge salary package. Listening to it me and Raji felt shame as even my sister got Job and that too a Big Job and we are worried as how to show my face to her as Raji is already completely changed to women and I am changing into a girl day by day.

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    HAHA...I have something planned for suhas sister later.
    sisters beter dont give ideas for already completed story. Plz comment for future episodes.

    Thanks for ur comments..

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    Please dont make raji dress his brother. It sounds so gay. Have his sister or any other girl dress him in half saree. I would love to see the elder sister squeezing raji brother's penis while crossdressed.

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    Deepika Mehta 4464 (Monday, 18 April 2016 08:24)

    (After hearing girls’ plan, Deepika worried about her escape)

    Pooja: Oh! Wow great idea, we should make her wear lahanga choli, payal, jumaka, nathani, kamarband, mangtika, necklace, toe ring, bangles and many more, because how she will do item song without all these accessories?

    (All girls laughed very loudly, hearing this Deepika come to a conclusion that it is better to run away from these girls otherwise they will not let her go to home)

    Deepika: Please give me break of 5 minutes, I will do whatever you want.

    Kamolika : Ok Girls give her 1 chair to sit, meanwhile we are also going for break, Pooja take care of her, I am coming within 5 minutes.

    (Now Kamolika and others girls except Pooja and Natasha went outside for bringing some snacks and other items for their evening plan. Pooja is talking with someone over the phone and Natasha watching Deepika’s face, suddenly Deepika asked for some water.)

    Deepika : Please can u give me some water.

    Natasha : Sure.

    (Natasha went in the inner room for bringing some water. This is the best time for Deepika to come into action. She stand up from chair and ran outside of the room and without wasting a single minute, she locked the door from outside and taking her male clothes and bag and ran away from there without changing her clothes.)

    (Further story will be continue in the words of Deepak )
    Hurrah,Finally I managed to escape from those rubbish Girls, it was very difficult task to do.I was very happy at that time, taken auto from outside of the college to go home. But I was feeling something strange as auto driver staring me weirdly, he try to seeing me continuously from mirror of the auto which reminded me that I am in girl attire. I tell him to look ahead on road but he ignored my voice completely.

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    Sharmila Devi your stories are mind blowing, Keep Posting ...

    Thanks Kumkum and SRS for positive response regarding previous update

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    I went to college for further studies
    wen I entered there I saw many girl around there .
    suddenly I went to my class it was my first day
    No one were there in class I sat in second bench of middle row.
    I heard a bell rang. All student entered in class...I didn't saw anybody.
    I was just reading some notes of mine.
    I am sitting alone in my bench. All are busy in talking. Suddenly a lady came inside our class. Everyone stood n greeting 'Good Morning' her.
    she was lady of forty. Teacher took attendance of everyone an finally teacher
    asked me to introduce in front of everyone.I went a head to introduce facing my friend while introducing I saw many girl in front of mine...I became shy & introduce me that I am Amit from Nepal. Everyone in the class started looking at me ..I felt nervous & finish my introduction I came back to my sit. I feel someone from back doing something to my hair...Oh I forget to tell u that my hair are long. They were pulling my hair...I suddenly move back n saw they were girl giving smile to me..
    I asked them "what are you doing?"They said nothing n said they like my hair. I felt shy &introduce each other. They were three girls Lata Rashmi n Apsara
    we became friends.
    they are asking about me that why I have long hair like girl I told them I like that from childhood to grow so I have
    I love having my long hair. After few hours a group of boys came inside our class They were the bad boys of our class or college .They belong to political parties.
    They always used to tease and ragging girl & boys
    everyone were frightened from them They belong to political parties.They always used to tease and ragging girl n boys
    everyone were frightened from them .There was a girl name Subha. She was so bold forward n beautiful rich girl she didn't care about due to her proudy nature .She is naughty too There was another girl named Lakshmi she was beautiful and intelligent n she is good in studies n stood 1st in class.She didn't talk much. They sat in front of mine. Suddenly gang of boys tease Subha I couldn't control myself and went to protect Subha. Though I was not strong enough but I help her by threaten them that I will tell the board member of college for such thing. .

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    Nisha (Thursday, 28 April 2016 06:46)

    Hi Friends,

    After a long time , I thought of pen down my new story. Hope you like it. This story will be said from the perspective of a girl.

    ( Note: This is purely an imaginary story. So, no offence on the names or the places or the situations mentioned in the story )

    Hi, this is Aisha. I was born in a traditional muslim family in Madurai. My father consists of My Father, Salman - A Customs officer and my mom, Afrah - A typical home maker, and my elder brother Arif - A Software Engineer in TCS, Bengaluru.

    Let's come to me now I'm doing my final year MCA in Ethiraj. When i was too young, i was treated as a princess by my family and i literally loved my life. After my 3rd standard, whenever we are going to relative marriages or functions, my parents firced me to wear burkha, which i feel uncomfortable. But my parents forced me and i complied with them every single time.

    After my tenth standard, my parents started putting lot of restrictions to me, like dont play with boys, dont go out, should not speak with boys, cover your face, head, wear burkha most of the time and i started hating it completely.

    I felt like that, i was not that kind of person as like my mom, who says yes for everything. I have my own ideaologies on my life, but i was not permitted to pursue it. On the other hand, my brother getting ultimate freedom. He was free to do all the things as he wish. I started feeling jealous about him.

    Even though I knows, it incorrect, i couldn't stop that feel of jealous on him. We both study in the same school, he was a year ahead to me, he scored some seventy percent on his final board exam and my parents put him up in one average engineering college in the same city. After he left to college, i thought i got my freedom back. But, it was not the case, my parents still forced me on everything i do in my day to day life.

    A year rolled on and i studied well and secured 90 % on my board exam. But my father, didnt allow me to go for engineering, he forced me to take Bsc degree in local women's college. I tried hard to convince them, but i couldnt do. I resented to my fate.

    My dad gifted my brother a expensive bike on his birthday, and he felt very proud to own a bike and started enjoying his life to the core. Meanwhile, i was put up in a college bus. I felt very much bored, in my college, same environment, same routine. One fine day, while i was browsing through the racks of my library, i accidentally came across one book named "Simone De Beauvoir the Second Sex. It started fuelling my aggressiveness and i started reading almost every book on feminism and gender equality.

    I had great anger towards my parents and the society for not treating female equally. I thought of taking my life on my control.

  • #568

    Nisha (Thursday, 28 April 2016 07:53)

    Part 2

    I realized one thing, that i cannot react or outburst now. So i decided to formulate the plan slow by slower and achieve what i desire in my life. It needs lot of things to improve on my self, and it requires time too. So i decided to go as per the situation now.

    In general, many are thinking that women are weaker in nature. It's not the case. Actually, women are stronger than men. Will any man can bleed for seven days straight and live? Will any man carry a baby weight 2 to 4 kgs for six months and bear the labour pain? Labour pain will be equal to 54 bones crushing at the same time. But our society and out ancestors started simulating us that women are weaker.

    I started exploring in net about women who are stronger in physique and all about martial arts. I had two options in front of me, to go to gym or to learn any martial arts. Going to gym was not an wise option, as my parents will never allow me. So i decided to learn martial arts. But i was clueless about the way.

    I had my bestiee in my college, her name is archana, and we grew together, as her home is very near to me. We both studied in school together and now in college too. She knows my mindset, i used to share with her all my thoughts and wishes. She had her cousin, who is a karate master. She said , that she will make him to train me in her house, as my parents wont doubt me, its because, my routine to go to her house and my parents wont object that too.

    So its fixed. Archana's uncle is Krishnan Master. He was very jovial and broad minded person. On the first day i felt very nervous. As it was the first time, Archana also a karate champion. She secure her black belt on it. I was wearing Archana's karate dress. I felt very new. After my very young age, i dont remember wearing anything masculine. So it was a joyful experience for me.

    Earlier i struggled a lot. While learning, i got few injuries and it pained a hell. But, i know there is no gain without pain. Day by day, i started picking up the techniques and to the surprise of kannan master , i performed very well, and he appreciated me alot.

    I started defeating him on our one to one matches. Archana lost to me, n number of times. Few times i made her to cry also. All this progress were kept secret, and i behaved very normal to my parents.

    I was in my final year and my brother moved to bengaluru for his internship. My dad too got deputation in hyderabad. As due to my education, mom stayed with me in madurai itself. It gaves me sort of freedom to me. I and my brother have adjacent rooms in first room, and my parents have their bedroom in ground floor.

    I had a sudden urge of wearing men's clothes one fine day. On that night, i peeped into my bros room. My hands were shivering, while i was opening his wardrobe, i took a vest, brief, jean and short shirt.

    I carefully switch off all the lights and went back to my room. And i started removing my clothes, acessories, and started wearing his clothes. I felt very happy and energetic. I made my hair as a bun behind. So i look some what closer to a good looking guy.

    From next day on wards, i started wearing his clothes one by one. I make sure, i kept it back on his wardrobe as it was in the next day. So there were no doubt on me. I used to share selfies with Archana, on one day while chatting, she called me Arif; I was clueless, she explained me i was wearing male clothes and looking like a male. So she named me Arif which is similar to my existing name Aisha.

    We started playing like that. From then, she always call me arif and i started enjoying it. I used to pamper her alot and she on back started treating me as her boy friend.

  • #569

    Kumkum (Thursday, 28 April 2016 08:35)

    Very good start Nisha.waiting for more .

  • #570

    Nisha (Thursday, 28 April 2016 09:40)

    Part - 3

    Meanwhile, My brother got placed in TCS and shifted to bengaluru. On the other end, i completed my graduation and waiting for my exam results. At that time, my dad felt ill and we all went there to look after him. Doctor's advised him to have home food. So confusion arises. My mom decided to move to hyderabad and take me along with her.

    I hate that idea, because again i will get back to the cage and which i dont want to. I insist archana to apply for the colleges in chennai for both of us. She did the same. Results came and asusual i secured good percentile. My parents started asking me to study in hyderabad, and i pleaded them to make me on my own and i said that i will study in chennai.

    My dad said big no. Later i cried, protested, stop taking food and after a week of hardship, dad said ok for me to study in chennai. But on one condition, that i should join in women's college and stay only in college hostel. I happily agreed for the same.

    We all three went to chennai and admission process was smooth. I was claded in burkha and all the girls there gave me a strange look. After admitting me in hostel, parents left to hyderabad. My brother wished me all the luck over phone, and insist to be on my limits.

    I shared my three bedded room with Archana and another girl named Deepthi. Deepthi is from Coimbatore. She seems very sweet. So we three became happy room mates. As in my ug college, ragging was prohibited and we didnt ragg our juniors too.

    But here, on the very first night of stay, seniors bagged in to our room, they were four of them and they sported in casual tee and shorts. I was wearing a salwar and both deepthi and archana were in their night suit.

    It all started with the casual questions like whereabouts, interests, favourite actor ...etc. We were answering them meekly. One of the senior girl asks me to come forward, and i went and she started feeling my body and praising about my beauty. For your information, i m on my very fair complexion and proper curves at proper places with the height of 5.6

    I pushed her back and it irritates my seniors very much, and one of the senior girl slapped me, i just dont want to create any scene over there, so i kept quite. I was controlling my new born agressiveness and my karate strength. They slapped me three more times, and they started tearing my salwar.

    Without my consciousness, i hit one girl and she fall on the wall, which stunned everybody who presents in the room. Within next five minutes, all my seniors were beaten blue and black by me. They fell down without any more energy to fight, and i just threwed all four of them out side of my room, and warned them not to mess up with me again.

    Archana and deepthi were in shock and they warned me about the consequences. But, i dared myself to face anything. This news spreaded like a fire. As ragging was prohibited in the college, my seniors were not able to do anything against me. Every first year students, started knowing about me and this gave me the status in my college.

    Seniors were not ready to speak with me and my fellow first year students started seeing me as a hero. Curriculum was quite ok and i was made as the class representative. Which gave me more authority, my parents will be speaking with me daily and my brother used to call me once in a week.

    Meanwhile, I started wearing mens wear again during nights. I felt very much comfortable with my dresses. As i packed few of my brothers clothes along with me. Even while wearing salwar, i used to wear men's under garments which gave me comfortness and confidence. Gradually we moved to second year, i started participating in allmost all the events happened. Either it may be a sports, or speech or in academics, i started topping in every field. It gains me very positive name among faculties as well as in students.

    We became seniors and i made my mind very clear that, i should not indulged myself in ragging juniors as my friends were in same thought with me. so it was simple as it is. I started developing my physique in college gym, and i spent nearly six hours in gym everyday. I felt very strong internally and externally.

  • #571

    Archana (Thursday, 28 April 2016 12:18)

    Wow story plz continue

  • #572

    ishu (Friday, 29 April 2016 00:27)

    anyone pls write gender vhange story

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    Srs (Friday, 29 April 2016 01:01)

    Nisha what kind of story is this female to male.i thought u will feminise his brother

  • #574

    Kumkum (Friday, 29 April 2016 06:29)

    Nisha is this a f2m crossdressing story... Or you Just building up the plot ?

  • #575

    Nisha (Friday, 29 April 2016 13:07)

    @ Srs & @ Kumkum : Im jus building d plot. Story ll have m 2 f crossdressing, femdom and role reversal.

  • #576

    unknown (Friday, 29 April 2016 14:40)

    Sharmila ma'am plzz update ur stories
    Everyone is waiting very much

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    Reshma (Friday, 29 April 2016 21:40)

    @all sisters here, requesting everybody to urge Priyasree for her story, priyasree meri jaan apni jadu dikhao fir.
    Sharmila &srs sisters app Saab chup kiu ho.. Story to likhkho.

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    Srs (Saturday, 30 April 2016 00:53)

    Nisha if u write on forcing his brother for feminisation it would be nice

  • #579

    nandhini (Saturday, 30 April 2016 05:28)

    Nisha wow!
    What a plot f2m, m2f,femdom and all four fantasies in one place one story........ Please update asap and also please give the updating date and time else i will be 24x7 online waiting for your story

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    Sharmila, where are you?

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    Kumkum (Saturday, 30 April 2016 09:48)

    sharmila we are waiting for your story

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    Nishu can't wait plz post next story

    Love u

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    Nisha (Saturday, 30 April 2016 13:57)

    Thank you friends for your love.. U can expect the next part on monday late evening. :)

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    Nice creativity Nisha, good narrative skill, keep it up, waiting for more updates with mtf plot

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    sneha (Tuesday, 03 May 2016 08:41)

    Familiy secret
    My name hasan and i am police officer, Being police officer i used to spend lots of time with criminals and wicked people so i always get angry easily and my language is very harsh. I married to Shikha we are normal couple but shikha died while giving birth to our child even this also moved me and this incident made me very stubborn. I named my kid deepak and engaged Nanny for for deepak but no one will look his needs perfectly so i took advice of my mom. My mom told me that no one in the world can take parents place for kids you have too play dual role for your kid both as a mother and father.
    daily i drop deepak in at my mom's house and after completion of job i used to pick him slowly i am learning things one day i thought in the night i wear shikha dress and make deepak feel better. So i dressed in shikha sari and i din't kept any accessories that time why i did like this i don't know.Deepak din't recognized me after 2-3 days he started playing and slowly he started calling mama. That word moved me and for that i want to do any thing in life what ever will be the consequences. One night like regular i dressed in shikha sari and i kept food to deepak and he slept.

    I went to hall to relax some strange thing happen all the furniture is moving and heavy air here and their suddenly everything stopped i saw shikha i was confused it's a shikha soul.after seeing her like that my eyes filled with tears.
    Shikha: hey hasani why don't show this avtar when i am alive
    Me: even i don't know about this avtar after your death to take care of baby i dressed like this
    Shikha: Now deepak wants a dad marry my sister she will make good father
    Next day as shikha told i call my mom and shikha's parents i told everything what shikha said to them.
    Shikha father: If you both agree to live together i don't have any problem
    Even my mom and their mom agreed each other
    Sweecha: shikha's sister told that she want to speak with me in alone so we went to our bedroom
    Sweecha: See hasan i don't have a problem in marrying but i am total different from shikha you can't handle and i can't handle your i am not house wife material
    Me: shikha told me everything i am ok what you are
    Sweecha: what shikha you are saying nothing you know
    Me: ok take this package i brought this for you please see it
    Sweecha: What the fuck she opened her package she shocked and asked me what is it
    Me: i am asking you to be my husband not wife
    Sweecha: oho know and lifted me rolled me in air this is my life dream shikha i love you dear
    Me: are you satisfied know
    Sweecha: only 50 %
    Me: what why 50% what else you want
    Sweecha: lets get dressed up in our roles and we have to take our parents blessings
    me: please i don't dare to do such things please
    Sweecha: you are not agreeing me as your husband in front of our parents then how can i trust that you will serve me for whole life
    she is right i want to face all situations for my baby and to be her mother.
    Me: ok ji lets get dress up
    I went inside baht room and draped and shikha changed into casuals
    we both stood in front of parents they laughed what you made for your selves they i kept my head down.
    Sweecha: this is our new roles and we want to live like this what ever will be the consequences
    My mom said i don't have any problem because i want girl from the beginning and my uncle said yes i want son from the beginning. i am proud of you sweecha you made man into woman. My mil said till know i served my SIL from know he serves me i like it
    All agreed for marriage we married in a home and i resigned my job before marriage and we shifted our city.
    My MIL told me keep Pallu over my fore head 24/7 till know nobody dominated me like that.

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    Look who is Back?
    Queen of short gender reversal stories sneha mam....
    Happy to see you again...
    Nisha still waiting

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    riya (Wednesday, 04 May 2016 08:21)

    I went out wearing some girly things under my boring male clothes for thrills

    I chose the thin stretchy bra hoping it would not be very visible through my tshirt. I removed my boxers and wore the pretty panty with pink dots on it and a little bow at the top. I admired myself in the mirror. I didn't like my belly but I liked my hips. They were big for a male and even though from behind they didn't look good from the side they looked quite girly.

    Only one of the payals could be worn. The other was broken. I wore it on my right foot. My left foot was sad but I consoled her saying it is the new style wearing only on one foot. It was a thin delicate payal but it didn't make noise. The girl inside me wanted to announce her femininity with her musical feet. She wanted to be reminded of her utter lack of manliness by the tinkling sounds of her steps. So I used a broken keychain which had bells on it. I hooked it to my payal and catwalked around the house making sweet sounds.

    I was ready to go out and risk exposure for the first time. I walked out of my first floor flat with my heart thumping. I saw the neighborhood couple climbing the stairs. I was filled with fear. I wanted to adjust my bra straps and tshirt to make sure nothing was visible but I couldn't. They were climbing very slowly. The husband was helping the wife climb because she was not well. I stood there waiting for them to cross me on the landing. They were looking down most of the time being careful with the wife's steps. Now I was scared that they could see the shine in my payals even though they were somewhat hidden by my sandals. Anyway they passed and didn't mention anything.

    I took my bike and went to buy vegetables. I saw many women there. I was filled with embarassment knowing how I was like one of them. Wearing payal, panty, bra and closely inspecting our vegetables. I was such a housewife!!! I wondered which of us girls was wearing the prettiest panties. Maybe it was me !! I blushed at the thought. I hoped none of the other customers noticed. I was continuously worrying if my bra was visible when I was reaching out for vegetables or bending etc.. This made me feel like extremely girly because girls always worrying about such things while men have bigger things to worry about.

    Looking at the men was also not comforting. Suddenly they all felt so much manlier than me. It was humiliating to be walk around them wearing all my girly things. At least the sound from my payal wasn't too loud. I giggled to myself wondering if any of them was wearing a panty. I am sure none of them ever considered it also. Especially those dominating men scolding their submissive wives for taking too much time in the market. I noticed a muscular man looking at me. I realized that I was looking at men's crotches while imagining what they were wearing. I looked away and down in submission and shame. He smirked. Maybe he thought I was gay. I scolded myself that a male like me shouldnt be thinking about what underwear men are wearing.

    I shivered imagining what the people would think if they knew about me. I guess some women would laugh and pass some comments, other women would be disgusted by such a sissy. Most men too would be disgusted. They would look down on me and make condescending remarks. Some might even grab/pinch my ass or my boobs. So shameful..

    I billed my vegetabls hoping the one behind me in the line didn't notice the back of my bra under my tshirt. I quicly came home and removed my male clothes. I lied down on the bed and spread and raised my legs like a girl during sex. I started rubbing my penis with two fingers because only men are allowed to stroke like engines. I saw and heard my payal make tinkling sound and masturbated on to my stomach.

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    The world is changing fast. people are also being transformed. day by day we are becoming more dependant on degital system. you are making me think of this really. You have a great method of sharing your thoughts.

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    Sharmila, still waiting for your update

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    SRS (Sunday, 08 May 2016 13:44)

    THE BET THAT GONE WORST PART 20 : from 601

    Next day i woke up, i was totally changed into whore, but i was afraid of my punishment an i slowly learn all the thing. I woke up at 5 am an get fresh an took bath an started to were the saree an all the jewelry, i always hated my body put am getting used to it.i did my hair in a tight bun its really tough to maintain such a huge hair, after i went to kitchen an prepared tea an came near to my mil an touched her feet an served it an again i went to mani an woke him up, he asked about the pricing i was shy but he forced to show me an i slowly showed him an he touched it i felt so much of pleasure i dint know y, after the servant came to me an told to get dress change an i again changed my dress an this time she did my hair in different style its french twist an she put some long hair on the both side so that it look sexy but that felt uncomfortable to me an i took some clip an put that hair in backside an my mil saw this an shout at me y the hell u do like that, what ever i told to servant u should accept that an i explained that its getting irate an disturb an it felt tingle so tats y i did it on hearing this she got angry an ask me to sit on the stool an she went inside to bring something , i was scared now what this time she is going to punish when she return she told her servant to undid my hairstyle an make it free an after she did my mil took the comb an put it in the center part of my hair an pull all the hair in front side now i cant able to see anything an after i hear scissor noise an i saw my hair is get cut an fell in my lap, i was very happy on seeing that but after she did an again she did french braid but i cant understand after cutting my hair how she can do braid then i felt tense an touched my fore head cause it get tingle an i was shocked that there it was hair an its too short exact up to my brows i tried to put it up but it again an again fell in my forehead an on seeing this they all started to laugh an that time my Gf also joined an my mil told that this is called bangs hairstyle , now u can do any kind of hairstyle with this bangs it will layout in ur forehead an my Gf told that i look too pretty after this all over my mil an GF told that they want to took me to some important place an they took me into the car an came near to hospital an i was confused y again an again they r coming to hospital an they took me inside the hospital they sat me outside an at that time ramaya mam came near to me , i was felt afraid an lie my head down she came an lift my chin an laugh an told nice hairstyle an went inside the room, this was embarrassing to me i was simply sitting outside an hearing what they r talking about. I can here that my mil was saying that ru sure it will work 100% an ramaya told s an after my Gf came outside an took me inside an sat near ramaya an she took 1 syringe an came near me i was afraid an started to shout but she punched that needle into me an i was faint after next day when i woke up i saw that am wearing a surgical gown an laying on the bed , i felt a pain in my abdomen an when i saw that there is stretch in both the side of my stomach i dint know y i get scared that whether they stoles my kidney r something an i cant tolerate that pain an i lie down but i still not know what they did to me an getting scared of it.

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    Nic 1

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    Srs, very nice update. Please don't stop.

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    @frustrated fan.. hi i too feel your frustration. but i am also frustrated about the lack of appreciation for the ppl who contribute. i see everyone urging only 2 3 fav writers and when others write they are ignored. also we all should participate more. if you are girly girl why dont you write your fantasies or do something girly and write about your experiences like riya did two times? if you are manly man and like to dominate cds why dont you write about your dominating fantasy?

    @riya.. you wrote well about your experience and also it was brave of you. it takes balls to be girl haha.. plz write more

    @nisha.. you are a good writer. we are all waiting for next part

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    sneha (Monday, 09 May 2016 09:44)

    Happy mother's day
    My self hemanth my daughter name is shikha we both are family. My wife rashmi we divorced 20 years before when shikha is 3 years old Rashmi hate to house hold chores and she hate kids also.She never cared about shikha even when shikha is toddler after my several requests also she never concern about my daughter. One day when shikha is crying for food she kicked shikha and she got sever injury on her head and even after that rashmi is not accept her mistake.So i thought it is better to separate so i explained everything to court about rashmi's behavior even she's not shown any interest in Shikha. So many people suggested to remarry but i refused. I made Shikha as my life.
    I thought giving birth is not only thing will make you mother so from that day i became shikha's mother and father. when shikha is too young i used dressed like a young mom in sari's and chudhidhar's. I use to take her for evening walk in public park like a regular mom and i will cry when she cries. shikha is very brilliant girl she accepted me in both every mom i dress up my kid in different dresses and once i dressed in super man's costume. At out side she will papa and inside home she will call me mama.
    When shikha started going school i took care of her studies and i learnt sewing, cleaning. i attend as her mom in school cooking competition no where she felt missing her mom's presence as per the latest trends i use to brings latest collections for my daughter.
    When shikha in teen age and she is matured as a normal mother and daughter we too had some contrary conversation between us but she never said a word which hurts me. she always taken good care of me. At her young age i kept restrictions on her dressings and i din't allowed her to go with boys in public i always request them bring home. whenever they will i dress like housewife and severe them they all like my cool attitude they treat me like friends.
    This 20 years gone like 20 days tomorrow is shikha's big day that is her marriage day. I want to invite rashmi for that purpose i visited rashmi's house. house is nice garden and beautiful furniture i think rashmi earned alot after seeing me she hugged me with love.
    I: Tomorrow is our wedding you should come
    Rashmi: did she knew me
    I: she don't you but she knew her mother
    Rashmi: sat on the floor her eyes was filled with tears. I am totally wrong my success made me blind all my friends are happy with their families i use to work for hours after coming back to home i see no one. I always remember that smily face of Shikha i want to come back but i don't want to disturb you.
    Shikha came suddenly said we both turned a side. Rashmi shocked by seeing her beautiful daughter in wedding who came to invite her mother. Shikha went near to rashmi and hugged her told her i know you are very busy kindly attend my wedding.
    Rashmi: From today you both are my life i resign my job i will spent my whole life with you guys

    Me and Rashmi grandly celebrated shikha's wedding with rahul this day both rashmi and shikha are crying i controlled my feelings and went my room. Rashmi came near to me said shikha is searching for you they left know why don't you attend her cermony. I said i can't see her crying so i left from their.
    In the night i forgot and i dressed in sari and started preparing for dinner and rashmi came to me and asked what are you wearing. I saw myself and said all these years i used to dress like woman to be shikha's mother.
    The END

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    Kumkum (Monday, 09 May 2016 10:09)

    Sneha... Brilliant short story. Loved it soo much.

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    Neha (Tuesday, 10 May 2016 01:12)

    pls kajal mam ,do invite me
    i like ur all story,pls invite me

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    Srs (Tuesday, 10 May 2016 01:19)

    Kajal i request u please complete ur story

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    riya (Tuesday, 10 May 2016 07:40)


    Amir was a star in the film industry of a far away country which was very male centric and where females were considered inferior. Salman was a rival and didnt like that Amir always got attention with his character roles and method acting while he only got to do stupid movies. He made a plan. He will use Amir's dedication against him. With his influence a director offered Amir the role of a woman. The woman will go through many hardships and be a prostitute. Amir was taken aback but he liked challenges. He accepted without carefully reading the contract and also became the lead producer. He didnt know his life was going to change drastically.

    Amir was famous for serious preparation for role. For his last movie he had done lot of body building to look very strong and muscular. So he had lot of work to do. He had three wives. He asked them for help. The wives had always been very submissive and respectful. Now they were being asked by their macho husband to train him to act like a woman. They didnt know what to do. From childhood they were told about the superiority of males. They couldnt understand their husband changing his body to be more like theirs. How can someone want to be weak? They believed god had punished them by making females and would have given anything to be a man.

    With his wives help Amir started losing his muscle. He was on a strict diet and did feminine exercises for toning and flexibility that his wives taught him. One wife still didnt like this. But the other two had seen that their husband was beyond repair. They accepted that they were now free women with no male authority in their lives. They loved the freedom but they longed for a dominant man who would put them in their place and tell them what to do. They didnt like making decisions.

    Amir was not happy with the changes. The shooting was nearing and he didnt have curves yet. He started to do more emasculating things to be psychologicaly girly. He waxed his whole body, thinned his eyebrows and started wearing womens clothes all the time. The director also gave him female hormones. This meant that his penis was not standing anymore. His wives started laughing at the cute hairless small penis he had inside his panties. They started using dildos for themselves and even asked him if he wanted it. He felt humiliated but this is what he had signed for and he was going to use all this experiences to act perfectly he thought with pride.

    Eventually his penis started to shrink too and he couldnt pee standing. One day he pulled up his skirt and tried peeing like usual. He peed all over his smooth legs. He was worried and called his director to confirm that all this is temporary. The director told him to not worry like a pathetic woman and laughed saying you are already getting in character. Amir was embarassed but he suppressed his manly pride. He washed his legs and dried them by patting them with a towel so that his skirts didnt become wet. Amir thought to himself that anyway holding the heavy skirts up while peeing was difficult. If he was going to wear skirts he might as well sit to pee like girls too. So he started doing that.

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    Srs (Wednesday, 11 May 2016 01:47)

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    Nisha (Wednesday, 11 May 2016 08:56)

    Part 4

    Every single day, I put an effort towards strengthening myself. In second year, I joined in College Cricket Team. It was a fabulous experience to play so called Gentleman's game. Asusual, i started scoring big runs and together as a team we won many championships happened across in the state.

    My friends were busy in love and fight games with their boy friends, but my thought process was different, i wish to have upper hand in my life in all aspects, either it may be my career or my personal life. So, i just focussed on doing what i was passionated about.

    Gradually a year flew and i was in third year, and my parents were busy in seeking alliance for my brother, and they found a girl named Raziya. She was a BE Candidate and after her graduation, she was just spent her time in her home, as her parents are very strict. She was a dazzling beauty, even seeing her by being a girl, i got an hormonal imbalance.

    Marriage was fixed very shortly, i was dolled up again in burkha with lot of jewels, bla bla bla.. And after a couple of days, i came back to my hostel as well as to my routine.

    On one fine evening, i saw deepthi was crying. I inquired her the reason. She said, she was close with one guy, and he forces her for love making, as being a conservative girl, deepthi said no; Due to that, that guy started threatening deepthi that he will forward all the selfies which they had taken to deepthi's parents. Deepthi was frightened.

    I asked deepthi to text him saying that she is ready for sex but that should be the last time. Deepthi became mad on me. I made her relaxed, and explain my plans to her. She accepted after hearing my plan.

    His name is aravind. Deepthi invited him to one of our common friends house. We chose that place because, she lives there alone it is in outskirts, so there will not any problems.

    Aravind arrived on the very next day, he was unaware about that I'm in that house. After seeing both of us, he inquired about me to deepthi. Deepthi managed saying that, i too have interest on him and he felt very much happy thinking about double delight. If he had brain means, he must have thought about my entry over there. What to do, Sex drive is stronger than usage of brain.

    I signalled deepthi to remain composed and calm. He started jumping on both of us in bed and started spreading kisses. Deepthi started removing his shirt and massaging him, meanwhile I removed his pant. Aravind was enjoying our activities with his eyes closed in sheer happiness.

    I just excuse myself for going to loo, went to the store room and brought thick ropes. Aravind was busy in excitement and failed to notice me. I just went near to him and kissed on his neck, in arousal, he extended his hand backwards to get hold of my face and kiss.

    I just utilized the opportunity and tied both his hands very tightly together. He was clueless and realized something fishy. So he started trembling and kicked deepthi, she felt down. I just jumped on him and with little difficulty tied his leg. For your information, aravind was not a great macho kind of guy, he was very lean and on his 5.5 height.

    He was in his boxer with his hands and legs tied together. Deepthi without even asking me, jumped on him and started slapping her on both of his cheeks. I didnt expect this outburst of deepthi. Within few minutes, she started increasing the speed, and he was in tears due to immense pain and his cheeks are red like tomato.

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    riya (Wednesday, 11 May 2016 12:35)

    AMINA PART 2 (contd from #772)

    Amir felt ashamed to practise his role when his wives saw him so he moved to the small room near the kitchen and stayed away from their sight. Here he got privacy to act like a girl. He practiced walking like a girl. He practised swaying his hips. By now his shape had blossomed. He had D cup boobs, tiny waist, a big round ass and a one inch dick. He had transformed into a sex fantasy of men so seeing himself in the mirror he got aroused. But this time his nipples got hard not his dick. He could no longer get any sexual satisfaction from penis. So he walked to the kitchen swaying his hips. He selected a carrot which had a thin end and very slowly became thick. He also took some oil and turned to go to his room to try and masturbate like girls do.

    Two of his wives were standing there. They had come to get something to eat. Amir stood there with wide eyes. The women didnt identify who this sexy girl was. They wondered if Amir was cheating on them with some belly dancer before they realised that this girl was Amir only and that now he couldnt do anything like that even if he wanted to.

    The women inspected him from top to bottom. His hair had grown long till his back and fell in waves. He was wearing forehead jewellery which hung in his hair parting in the middle. They noticed he had become very very good with makeup. Of course he was the method actor. His eyebrows were neatly trimmed and very thin. His eye makeup was the best they had seen and made his shocked eyes look even bigger and femininely innocent. His face felt so soft that no one will ever guess that there once grew a beard on that skin. He was wearing long earrings that touched his shoulders which seemed to have become narrow. They were amazed that their husband had gone to such an extent to even pierce his nose and wear a diamond stud in it.

    The glamorous necklace ended in a big stone and drew their eyes to his impressive cleavage. He was wearing a blue transparent blouse over his lacy bra. They started smiling thinking even they didnt have such sexy clothes. They pressed his boobs and made honking noises and laughed. One of the wives said she wished she had such big boobs. He had a flat stomach which beautifully curved out to his wide hips. His exposed navel was better than the best actresses in the industry. They noticed the small heart piercing on his belly button and started giggling. We are sure your man will like it, they said. His light transparent harem pants which had slits and matched his blouse showed off how his legs didnt have any muscle. Instead they were soft, smooth and shapely. One of the women shaked his belly chain to make some noise and then laughed. The women liked the fact that Amir had his feet tightly together. The toe nails were all painted and he was wearing a pretty anklet with dangling bells.

    They hadnt yet noticed the most significant part. They looked at his arms. Arms that were once so strong that he could lift one wife with each. Once he had taken two of them into his bedroom on his shoulders and they felt so helpless because they were being taken for sex unwillingly but couldnt do anything. So they had kicked their legs in the air and cried but their jingling anklets had only turned Amir on more. Back then a bangle couldnt even be put on his hands but now his bangles went right upto his elbow when he raised his hands. They doubted if Amir could even open a jam bottle with his weak thin arms.

    Then they saw what he was taking to his room. They understood what he was about to do. They started laughing loudly. The third wife also came down. They all looked at him and started mocking him. They couldnt believe how much he had changed. A few months ago he was their superman and today he was more like an item girl. They looked at his crotch now and saw the small panty he was wearing under the transparent cloth. One of them rubbed him there and was amazed at how flat it was. He gave out a little girly moan too which amused them even more. They realised that he could no longer fuck women and was sexually frustrated. This amused them even more. All three of them had lost even the little bit of respect that had remained. They decided to dominate their new play doll as much they could.

  • #608

    Fan (Wednesday, 11 May 2016 16:27)

    Hey Riya!!
    Super going!!
    Please continue!!
    Don't be like other writers who stop in between..
    Waiting for the next part!!
    Supeeeeerrr!!! Riyaaaaa!!!

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    riya (Thursday, 12 May 2016 07:34)

    AMINA PART 3 (contd from #776)

    The women took him to the room and told him to do what he was going to do. He was humiliated so much. Oh so our 'husband' is feeling shy about masturbating! they said and laughed. One of them took the carrot and put oil on it. Then she pulled down Amirs pant and panty. After admiring how big and round his ass was she applied oil on his asshole and inserted two oily fingers in. Amir squealed like a girl. But he didnt ask her to stop when she finger fucked him. Instead he stuck his ass out for easy access. As she started gaining speed Amirs eyes rolled up with pain and pleasure. He slowly turned his head towards his wife and shyly asked her to be gentle just like she had once asked him. This made her laugh so much that she couldnt continue.

    All three wives were now horny and they all got their dildos out. They told Amir that now that they had helped him start he should continue on his own. Let us all masturbate together they said. Amir was too horny to resist. He removed his pants and panties completely giving everyone a nice view of his dick which was smaller than a babys now. They all laughed saying they would be using only dildos for a long time. Amirs face became red with shame. He couldnt meet any of his wives eyes. This amused the women very much because till some time back they were the ones who always kept their eyes down in his presence.

    He laid on the bed like his wives and they all spread their legs. The women were very wet they started inserting the dildos and fucking themselves. Amir also started fucking himself with the carrot. He heard his wives moan and saw them tremble with passion. He studied them with fascination so that he could act even better. He started imitating their sounds and expressions and movements too. The women seeing him acting like that climaxed fast. They removed the dildos and watched him. His eyes were closed and he didnt notice that the others were done. The women started taking his video. He kept on moaning and squealing. The women especially liked how he kept positioning his ass so that the carrot went as deep as it could. Finally he came. He had not touched his penis even once. There was only a drop of cum that came out. A few months back his precum used to more than this. All the women clapped and whistled. They laughed and asked, how was your first time as a girl? Amir was too embarassed to answer. They laughed more and said it is better with a real cock. Amir was shocked but couldnt say anything. While his wives were still laughing madly he thought that for best acting maybe he should also try that some time.

    Now you are no longer Amir. Amir doesnt get fucked in the ass and moan like a whore. From today you are our wife and we are your husbands. And just like you had changed our names when you married us, today we will change yours. You are our wife and we name you Amina said his youngest wife.

    And we are no longer Huma, Farah and Zara to you. You can call us Hamid, Farhan and Zaheer, said the oldest wife.

    The middle wife walked confidently towards Amina held his chin in her hands and kissed him forcefully and deeply. The others encouraged her and she started fondling his boobs and pulled his hair to hold his head looking up. Amina closed his eyes and accepted his husband's aggression. And when they saw that Amina was femininely moving his legs together as if he was afraid his husband wanted sex they all started laughing and making noises like drunk men watching a bar dance.

    Amina thought to herself that now his wives are also helping him succeed in his acting mission. He will get to learn more about being a woman and a wife. He will understand women even better by serving his husbands. Farhan let go of her wife. Amina was looking so powerless. He had submitted completely. He opened his eyes to look at his smiling husbands and then he looked down shyly. All of them admired how his long eyelashes made this scene look very erotic.

    Zaheer said, wow you are very sexy we want to fuck our bride again but before that we need refreshment. Go bring tea and snacks.

    Amina put his legs together and swung them to get off the bed and turned to leave the room. Hamid pinched his ass. Amina shrieked and playfully pushed her away before he walked to the kitchen.

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    riya (Tuesday, 17 May 2016 06:18)

    AMINA PART 4 (contd from #779)

    Amina returned with a tray. It had four cups of tea and biscuits. It took him some time to figure out how to make tea. It was his first time. He was surprised to see that his wives had transformed into his husbands in appearance also. They were wearing his old clothes. All of them were wearing pants and shirts. No female clothing was on them. They had removed all their nail polish. They had used some shapewear to press their boobs down so that their chests looked flat and manly. They had removed all their makeup and tied their hair back. They were wearing his old mens watches with large dials to increase their masculinity while he was wearing delicate bracelets and bangles to decrease his own.

    But what amazed him most was that they all seemed to have bulges in their pants. He kept looking at them wondering how it was possible. Hamid saw his scared look and told, haha looks like our wife wants to see our cocks, so let us show her. They all shamelessly unzipped their pants and let their strapon cocks out threateningly. Amina saw that they had claimed his manly underwear too. Of course their cocks wouldnt fit in pretty panties like the one I am wearing, he thought. Another wave of shame hit him when he thought that his shrunken 'cock' did actually fit in his panties which was only a triangle of cloth held by two strings. He wondered if their clothes would fit him now. He felt a sudden ]oy at the thought of having a lot of dresses to try out but then he felt ashamed that he was thinking like a woman.

    He knew they were the same women. They hadnt magically become men. They still had the bodies that God gave them. But they all seemed so much stronger. And before them he seemed like a weak woman who couldnt do anything to resist the advances of even one of these strong men.

    W..w..why do you have strapon cocks? he asked with fear. The new men laughed loudly and this time didnt bother covering their mouth modestly like they used to do before. "How do you think two of us managed when you were sleeping with the third? And now that you have given up the privilege of fucking your wives, given up your freedom and locked yourself up in a room like a pure girl preserving her honor for her future husband, how do you think we managed? We have been making each other happy. But now we dont have to because the girl is out of her room. She is married to her husbands and will make them very happy!"

    He was humiliated beyond belief by the scene. Three women hanging their big realistic strapon cocks from their pants and being proud of it like men. They were wearing no decoration because only females decorate themselves to attract males. They were ready to admire feminine beauty not to display it. And he looked at himself. He was the exact opposite of maleness. He wasnt wearing anything masculine. He was standing there with a flat crotch afraid of looking at his wives cocks. He was not sure how to feel. On one hand he felt that he was making progress in preparing for the role of a woman but on the other hand he felt that he was losing control of his life.

    He consoled himself saying that his wives were also acting and helping him. Once his movie is done it will be a masterpiece. He will return to being a man and they will all become obedient again. He didnt realise that once a girl has tasted dominance and freedom and power she rarely becomes submissive and even if she does it will not be with the one she dominated. She might happily submit to other manly men but he will never be considered a real man again. He will always be a sissy to be made fun of and played with.

    The women walked towards Amina with their cocks swinging. He stood there in the middle with the tray. They were standing very close and their cocks started touching him a little. He was aroused and afraid and that was such a womanly combination of feelings he felt more girly. He lowered his gaze and offered them tea.

  • #616

    riya (Tuesday, 17 May 2016 06:35)


    Farhan brought three chairs. They all sat down on them after taking a cup of tea. They had kept their legs far apart like macho men and their cocks were still hanging out shamelessly. Zaheer asked Amina, I see you brought 4 cups.. why? Respectfully Amina said its for me Sir. Hamid got up and gave a tight slap to him. Half of his face went red. "Did you think you get to eat and drink with us? You are a wife, a woman, and you know what wives do in this country, they wait on their husbands like sexy waitresses and then they eat if anything is left over. That is how they maintain their figures. I know you didnt notice all this when we used to stand when you sat and ate like a king. Many times we had only little to eat and have slept hungry. But we didnt have time to be disappointed because soon we would be smiling and dancing in the bedroom for your pleasure. You wouldnt even thank us for our efforts. The only appreciation we got was the cum we got in our mouth when you climaxed. You have so much to learn Amina.. so much. Now sit at our feet and keep the tea away. You can drink it after we are done if none of your husbands drink it." They all laughed at poor helpless Amina.

    Amina started to sit on the floor and faced one of his many girly problems. Sitting cross legged didnt seem right. That wouldnt be decent because it would spread his legs far and would give his husbands a good view of his soft crotch covered by panties. He realized that he had to learn a lot more about how to be a woman. He brought his knees together and curled the legs under him. Seeing him solve this feminine puzzle made his husbands happy.

    The ex-wives ate and drank everything leaving nothing for Amina. They told him to be happy at having satisfied his husbands. But you havent yet satisfied us fully, Farhan held her cock and said. Come here and suck my cock. Amina was shocked. He couldnt move or speak. But eventually after hearing abuses, getting kicked in the ass by the others and being teased and lectured about his wifely duties he held Farhans cock and fearfully kissed it.

    Oh so sweet! they said and laughed and urged him to do more. Amina slowly went down on his husbands fake cock taking it fully in his mouth. He moved it in and out slowly. The new husbands were extremely horny seeing this. Farhan said, come on Amina be a good girl and show more enthusiasm for your husbands cock, remember the more you lubricate it the easier it will be when I fuck you with it hahaha. Amina trembled with fear but he knew that Farhan was right.

    He remembered all the porn he had seen and started giving a world class blow]ob. It was the sort of blow]ob he wanted his wives to give him but they were always too shy. He decided to show them how to really give a blow]ob. He started sucking the cock like it was his biggest ambition in life. He made the most girliest moans. He looked up at Farhan like a slave on her knees looking up at a king. He worshipped that cock like it was his God. 'Oh it is so big Farhan', he said. 'You are such a man!' Farah felt like a Sultan in his harem. She had never felt so powerful. She felt even more ]ealous of men and disgusted by her ex-husband who had given it all up to become such a cocksucker.

    They were acting like men but the other two felt familiar womanly ]ealousy. Farah was always Amirs favorite they thought with envy. She was beautiful and pleased Amir the best and now even as a man she was having the best time. Back then they quietly suffered but now they were men who acted on their wishes. Unknown to Amina his husbands had become competitors in dominating him.

    Amina faced another girly problem when he started moving up and down Farhans cock. His soft hair was falling in his face. Farhan watched as his wife solved this one too and gracefully put his hair behind his ear and held it there while he continued loving his cock. This excited Farhan more. She took control. She held his head and started fucking his mouth roughly. Amina helplessly sat there and let her use him. Soon she orgasmed and the other two wanted their quota too. Soon Amina had showed a replay of her performance. Every time he got more girly. Every time he and his husbands added more and more humiliating things to be done and lines to be said. He was quickly becoming the worlds best cocksucker.

    After being satisfied by their new wife they decided to take her virginity. The three took turns. Amina satisfied two husbands at a time one with her mouth and one with her ass pussy while the third made a video. It hurt so much in the beginning because cocks are not like thin carrots and his husbands were rough and macho. But soon he got used to it and started acting well for the camera. He thought he will see the videos and know how to give a better performance in the movie.

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    Am really sorry for delay as am really busy now a days even not finding time to check our site also...Please wait i will come back with update...
    thanks for understanding me

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    AMINA PART 6 (contd from #785)

    5 am
    Amina heard the alarm ringing. He was a wife now and had duties so he woke up. He remembered how when he was a man his penis used to wake up before him.

    Salman was sleeping in his home.

    6 am
    Amina cleaned the house with a broom and then a wet cloth. He hated that his husbands didnt allow him to use a mop. He had to sit down on the floor and wipe the floor. He hated that he had to wear a short skirt while doing that. It was difficult to do the cleaning respectfully when the skirt went up frequently and displayed his fat white soft thighs and pretty panties. But he had no choice because his husbands had decided he will only wear skirts which ended above his knees and he had to obey. No one was there to see his long smooth legs so he was little bit relieved. He hummed to himself and finished cleaning the house. Now came the scary part. As per his husbands instructions he went out to clean the lawn. His mini skirt flew up when he opened the door. With a lot of shame he held it down and looked around to see if anyone saw. He thought he was lucky when he didnt see anyone but he didnt know that the milkman had seen his sexy panties from the neighbours house. The milkman watched with manly amusement as Amina blushed at his humiliation and cleaned the lawn with broom. He saw that Amirs new maid was very sexy. He saw the girl bending over. When she was not facing him he saw her beautiful legs and sexy ass. When she was facing him he saw her boobs falling down in her blouse. Her hair would keep falling in her face and she would put it behind her ears and sometimes she would consciously hold her top up so that no one could see into her blouse. Suddenly Amina realised that he had seen his boobs. The milkman gave the sexy maid his best smile. Amina ran away into the house. The milkman watched her run girlily and his dick got hard seeing her skirt fly up. He thought how lucky Amir is to have such a maid who is more beautiful than his heroines and is so well behaved and feminine and shy. Amir must be fucking her for sure, he thought. He wished he was Amir and decided to wait there everyday to see her.

    Salman was still sleeping like powerful men do at 6 30 am.

  • #630

    riya (Friday, 27 May 2016 02:31)


    7 30 am
    After preparing food in the kitchen Amina made tea for his husbands.

    After looking at the watch Salman turned to other side and slept.

    8 am
    Amina put on his yoga pants and tight top. He did stretching and yoga. He did exercises for increasing his flexibility and maintaining his figure. He looked at the old weights he used to lift and felt sad that he couldnt lift them even if he wanted to. They seemed so manly compared to his small 1 kg pink dumbells.

    Salman woke up, peed, shit, brushed and went to his gym. He didnt usually get up this early but he had a meeting with the director today to discuss their project of making Amir a woman. He lifted weights which weighed more than Amina. He admired his bulging muscles in the mirror and left to take a bath.

    8 30 am
    His husbands had told him to serve tea after taking a bath. Amina removed his clothes and looked at the mirror. He was proud and embarassed at the same time by the curvy body he saw. He wrapped a towel over his breasts and walked into the bathroom.

    Salman was already ready for the day. He sat on his sofa while a maid brought him breakfast. He smiled and pinched her ass.

    9 am
    Amina used to like showers but now the water hurt his sensitive skin. He used bathtub. He used the most expensive products to smell feminine. He shaved his legs crotch and armpits. He didnt need to shave his face anymore.

    Salman arrived at the coffeshop. The director was already there. Salman didnt like waiting.

    9 30 am
    Only Aminas head and boobs were above water. He was very horny. He rubbed his tiny dick till he had a girly climax and he moaned. He felt ashamed after climax every time. With shame he dried himself and tied his hair in a towel. He came out wearing the other towel around his breasts and saw Farhan standing there. She laughed at her sissy husband and pulled the towel away. Amina squealed like a school girl. He quickly brought his legs together. He covered his tiny dick with his left hand and tried to cover his boobs with his right hand. They were too big too be covered but he managed to hide his big nipples. Farhan laughed seeing him cover his breasts like a harassed girl. Get ready fast your husbands will soon be hungry for food and sex, she said and left the room laughing. Amina was red with shame.

    The waitress walked towards Salmans table. He looked at her whole figure. She lowered her eyes and asked if they wanted anything else. There are a lot of things I want baby, Salman said. But for now we will have some more coffee and make us some sandwiches too. She was proud she turned on a star. She was ashamed of being so powerless.

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    I suddenly said in which planet all this happened she said in that where you planned to love a girl being girl. She said how you got this great idea to love her like a girl she is laughing by catching her stomach. i said continue your story she said my little baby please don't cry. I angrily stood and told her that i am leaving and i came out from that cave i saw guards so i went inside in a hurry i slipped my legs fallen on her lap. She said Itna Pyar mujhe pe (means so much of love on me) you came back for me. I said guards are there so i cam back oho you came because of guards. She started shouting hey guards come her we are here i kept my hand on her mouth and said please. She stood up and said i am helping and you are treating me like a idiot i fell on her legs and said sorry my friend forgive me. she said ok give me friendly hug i stood till know i din't hugged anybody so i felt shame so i kept head down i gone closer to her and i lifted my head she is smiling and said hey you are blushing like a girl. after hearing that word i covered my face with my hands and she hugged me

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    riya (Wednesday, 01 June 2016 06:48)

    AMINA PART 8 (contd from #799)

    The director looked at how Salman looked at the waitresses. He knew that all the men in his country were like that. He wondered how Amir will suffer the shame of being female because females had no status at all in this country while Amir was a star.

    "You have to push him more. He is such a showoff about his preparation but we havent seen his progress this time. I hope he is not backing out. I really want to see him being fucked on screen" said Salman. They both laughed at the thought and the director said "I am going to have so much fun directing him. I am going to make him do so many humiliating scenes. And I will make him do it many times when I order retakes. Hahaha"

    He said to Salman not to worry Amir cant back out we have a contract ensuring that, and about the progress I will let you know soon. I am going to his house right now to check. They left the coffeeshop.

    The director rang the bell of Amirs house.

    Amina ]umped with fear when he heard the bell. He was standing near the sofa while his husbands sat comfortably watching TV. He was not allowed to sit in their presence. As ordered by them he was wearing a short skirt. They loved seeing him scared. They laughed seeing his boobs move because of scared heavy breathing. Go open the door, they said. Amina was even more scared. He shaked his head no.

    Zaheer took his delicate arm and twisted it behind his back with her left hand. She used the other hand to hold his neck. In threatening voice she told him to open the door. YOu have to get used to being seen in public, you are going to in movies and posters looking like a prostitute so this is nothing, she said to Amina. Amina walked towards the door saying, not movies.. only one movie.. then I will be a man again. This made everyone laugh.

    The door opened. The director was happily surprised to see a sexy girl. The girl stood there speechless with eyes wide with fear. The director looked her up and down. He noticed how beautifully she had combined western dresses and traditional ]ewellery with very artistically put makeup. He loved her ka]al lined eyes, painted lips, big boobs, small waist and soft limbs. He loved her short skirt which showed her beautiful legs and little bit of thick thighs. He loved how she kept her anklet decorated feet tightly together, he loved how she shyly put her hair behind her ears, and he loved how he looked down shyly. The director was amazed at her beauty and wondered where Amir found such a girl. He wondered if she was a maid or did Amir marry again. If not I will cast her in my next movie and the audience will go crazy, he thought.

    Call your master Amir, he said and walked in to the room. Amirs wives all got up in respect to the man in the room and asked him to sit down. The director sat down like a king in the biggest chair and started talking to them. After hi hello he en]oyed looking at all three of them and then the girl standing in the corner behind them. He asked Huma whether Amir was not in home.

  • #641

    riya (Wednesday, 01 June 2016 06:49)


    The wives covered their mouths and started laughing. Huma grabbed Aminas hand and brought him to the middle and told him to introduce himself. When he didnt say anything she pinched his panty covered ass. He jumped around like a schoolgirl but she didnt let his ass go until he cried out, ok.. ok!! He stood there rubbing his ass and said to the director.. Ami.. Huma pinched his ass again as she realized he was going to say Amir. Amina jumped and said... Amina.. sir.. i .. am Amina now....and Amirs wives are helping me prepare for my role.

    The director was shocked. How can this sweet girl be the Amir who used to bash up villains and fuck beautiful girls. How can Amir be dominated by his wives so much. But he knew it was true the moment he heard Aminas voice. It was not very manly but it wasnt yet girly. The director decided he can push Amir even further. He decided to not show his surprise.

    He didnt want to give Amir any satisfaction. "Did you think I didnt recognize you Amir... sorry Amina" he laughed. 'I knew it was you under those clothes. you cant fool anyone. you look like a stupid man in womans clothes. This is not what we agreed to. You have become a woman. We are making a erotic art film not a comedy show!!!' he shouted at Amina.

    Amina couldnt say anything. He felt so useless when this man walked into his house and scolded him for not being girl enough.. that too after all that he had done to himself. After all the humiliations he was shocked to hear what the director was saying. His eyes started watering and tears came down his smooth cheeks. The director was enjoying seeing him like this and was laughing inside but he still acted angry.

    'I saw you walk it was not girly. Do you think you are the hero of a movie that you are walking like a man. No no no you are the girl so learn to move like girls.' he said remembering how his cock was hard seeing Aminas swinging hips when he walked away.

    'Look how freely you walk without footwear. Have you practised high heels?' he asked. Amina shook his head no. 'Then how do you think you will dance wearing heels???! That reminds me of dance. Have you started learning to dance.. our heroine is an expert of belly dance and pole dance and cabaret.' he asked. Amina shook his head no. The director slapped Amina and told him to start learning to walk and dance in heels. He stood there and cried.

    'We dont have much time Amir you have to put in more effort. And your voice is still manly. I will send the doctor who will do surgery for making your voice girly and a dance trainer who will teach you.' Amina accepted the directors decision.

    The director walked around Amina and inspected his whole body. He was having too much fun. He touched Aminas hair. He made his earrings swing. He pressed his boobs for more time than necesary. He noticed how Aminas breathing changed while he did that and how his nipples got hard. He held Aminas narrow shoulders and moved his hands over Aminas smooth hairless arms and waist and broad round hips. All the time he was acting like this wasnt enough. He made comments about he not being girly enough and not being beautiful enough while inside he was very horny.

    Then he pulled his skirt up. This time he decided to give some compliments. He looked at the pretty and very small panties. He knew that Amir had a big cock that the junior artist girls were fans of but now he held his panties and found that he only had one inch left. He said, very good Amir. And after being scolded for so long Amina actually was grateful and he said thank you so much and started crying. The director rubbed the panties like he used to do with new actresses. Amir shivered and helplessly stood there like those new actresses.

    The director decided to leave. On the way out he held Huma. He had always liked Huma and he loved how she dominated Amirs ass today. He gave her a deep kiss patted her cheek and left.

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    Maddy (Wednesday, 01 June 2016 09:54)

    Amina awsome story just simply awsome dont stop and include tatoos and naval peircing ! Pls its just great story great

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    Riya..Awesome story,...please continue dear...I've also tried your idea on Youcam makeup and Montage..Its great and addictive indeed...

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    Good going riya

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    Riya awesome, please forced him in permanent make up and tattoo

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    I am Babu. I am 28 yrs old. One day I thought of being a lady is good for ever. I wish i want to be a woman from the age of 17. A vehicle with out tyres arrived. It makes much noise.

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    riya (Monday, 06 June 2016 06:27)

    AMINA PART 10 (contd from #810)

    There was a knock at the door. As usual Amina had to humiliate himself by opening the door. He saw Madina standing there smiling. Usually Madina wore sexy and feminine dresses but today she was wearing a jeans and shirt and she had tied up her hair in bun under a cap. It looked like Madina was a schoolboy and Amina who was wearing a short skirt and acting shy was a schoolgirl.

    He knew Madina. She was one of the best dancers and also she was famous for giving awesome blow jobs. She was a pet of Salman. Amir had fantasised about her a lot and once he had even got close to having sex with her. She knew Amir was a fan and had teased him that day by rubbing his big cock.

    Amir did not know how to react and why she was there. The director had already told Huma that Madina was coming to teach Amina dance and whatever else she wanted to teach. Huma and Madina laughed at the shocked Amina. Did you recognise who I am, Madina asked and Amina said Ma..Ma..Madina. She laughed and said, so you do remember.. you can call me Maddy.

    Huma asked to Amina, hey Amir how humiliating is it to stand before a girl you always wanted to have sex with and get blowjobs when you are dressed like a whore and your panties have a half inch penis in it. She and Maddy laughed.

    Maddy told Amina to stand in the middle of the room and she walked around him doing a inspection. She pressed and pinched Amina in his soft and private parts. She laughed as Amina made sounds of pain. Very good Amir..sorry Amina hihi.. you have turned yourself into a weak girl very well. Back then you would not feel pain even if a girl like me punched you. You would have laughed at my girly punches but today you are making crying noises. But you have a lots of things to do before you are ready for your role. She came near Amina and held a chloroform cloth to his nose. Amina tried to push her away but he was so weak that he could not even move her hand a inch. The girls watched him struggle uselessly and laughed.

    When Amina woke up he he saw the wives and Maddy were standing around his bed and smiling. They asked him to say their manly names. He said Far.. and his eyes became very big in fear and shock. The women laughed at the poor sissy. His voice had become girly. Zara told him that the doctor had done the operation on his throat and left. Amina cried in his girly voice. They told enough of this stupid woman like crying say our names. He slowly said his husbands names.. Farhan Zaheer Hamid and then we looked at the beautiful Madina and said Maddy. He could not believe how girly his voice was. It made all the women surrounding him sound manly. He tried to sound manly and with the deepest voice he could he asked them.. why? But he still sounded like a girl with a cold.

    They laughed at him and said, for the role.. that is why everything is happening. We also made a few other changes. Then they told him to look at his stomach. He saw that he had a navel piercing. A small red heart was hanging into his belly button. The other end of the piercing looked like a shiny star. Maddy told him that he was going to learn belly dancing and he should have a piercing to make his belly look cute and so that it will be clear if Amina was shaking the belly enough by seeing the shining. Zaheer held the piercing and shook it. Amina cried with pain and shame.

    Did you see your tattoo, Hamid asked. Amina was scared what all had been done to him. He looked at his biceps. They laughed and told him, stupid girl did you think you got a manly tattoo on your bicep.. maybe a skull or a scorpion.. haaheehe.. No girl you got tattoos on your ass above your pussy and on you ankles. Amina saw that near his ankle there was a big girly tattoo of butterflies and hearts. He pulled down his panties without caring about the audience to see that above his half inch penis it was written 'sissy amirs useless cock'. They laughed at him and said be careful to always keep it hidden like all girls so that his shameful secret is not revealed. He can hide his identity as long as his panties are on. He was crying out loud at seeing all this and asked what is on his ass. They showed him photo of a barcode under his ass and told him that all slave girls have barcodes and because he was going to act like one he should have one too.

    Amina sat there stunned trying to become calm when Maddy brought a mirror to him. He looked and saw that his face had also been changed. They told him he had permanent makeup on his eyes and lips so that he does not waste time getting ready like stupid girls and can use the time to prepare for her role. Amina buried his head on his legs and his hair covered his face. He cried very hard. The girls laughed at him saying he looked like he was raped by a strong man.

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    "CLOSING OF Cross-dressing Story BLOG"...

    I Know you all feel sad and angry on me to but i cant continue more. I give 3 years on my blog but now my current state not allow me to continue on this blog. I cant give time to write stories because i really dont have time for that. Thank you so much for your love and support. Bye Bye forever

    Love Kajal

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    Sorry Srs but this is ultimate reality and I can't keep you all waiting and guessing for long time. REASON BEHIND delay on updates is that I can't find time to write and without giving 100% on story one can't write as you know very well coz you are also good writer. i will keep coming here to read you all as one of reader and cherish you and others work silently......... Thanks again for all yours love and support

    Love Kajal

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    Land lady
    My self dinesh working as a Software engineer carrier wise i am not that much successful i am an introvert who likes to be stay alone.Due to my character i am always single due to CDR my company is running under losses and i am afraid of my job so i started searching for a new job but i couldn't find so i want to improve my savings so i joined as a caretaker for bungalow for that job i don't get much salary but my lodging will be free. My land lady is single her husband died last year due to sickness.She is very active person always makes other smile and she keep aura of joy around her.
    I am introvert because i can't accept my body i feel like female inside male body but i have smooth skin like a young girl and pleasant smile.Even i don't have a body hair and i am shy like a girl i feel i am 100% girl. I don't have boy qualities but i never got a chance live like a girl but i hope for the future.So one day my landlady asked me to come with her so i accompanied her she taken me too her friends home. Where her 3 friends made me feel comfortable even i started liking their company but after some time one lady name jenny she started commenting i want to answer her but i couldn't all the three woman are laughing on me. I am so timid that my legs are shivering so i simply vacate the place.
    My land lady came to home after an hour i am watching TV i stood seeing her she told me to feel comfortable.I sat on Sofa but i am not comfortable seeing all this she told me hey boy be brave no one will hit you or kill you. I can't express her anything i was silent she told me she is leaving for Singapore tomorrow night and told me to take care of her house.Next day she left from home at 10.00 Pm we had dinner i am not hungry i tried to sleep.After a while i got an idea to dress up in landlady clothes so i opened her bedroom door my heart started beating very fast.My breathe became so heavy i slowly went inside and opened her wardrobe after seeing that colorful dresses i forgot everything so i dressed in pink satin nightie with her inners and i saw wig which suited me.But this dress made me feel better and naughty i put on TV watching songs after that i started copying like heroines in the songs. i danced like them first time in my life i was very happy after having so much of fun i slept in the morning some one is ringing the bell continuously. so i woke up and opened the door my landlady said WTF after that i gain my conscious that i am in her clothes.
    I started crying in front of her she came in and closed the door and said hey please cry after wards first make a strong coffee for me so i went kitchen made coffee for her and came out i was afraid to give coffee to her. she sat on sofa i went near her i was shocked seeing her she is in my track and t-shirt with fake mustache. we both smiled and she said come on dear come sit on my lap and taste me your coffee. i sat on her lap with a cup slowly she sipping coffee. Her left hand is on my boobs and other hand is on my navel she is squeezing both them.I am enjoying moment i kept my head down with shy but this time with happy. she slowly took my hand and kissed it and said what a coffee your hands made dear.
    She told me that from today in the house we are lovers and let us bath together today i was blushing like a woman and she is ordering like a man. Then i went inside bathroom filled bathtub with water and called her she came inside topless she tied towel till her navel and i closed my eyes she said their is nothing personal between us dear open your eyes.
    I slowly opened my eyes i kept head aside and told her turn to undress.she said from today your my property i have right to see you completely naked. Then i turned back showing her sign to open my hooks she slowly opened it and slowly my dress fallen on ground i just pushed it side she hugged me for me back and said can i open this keeping hand on my bra. I said i am your property dear. After listening she felt like a thousand volts power. she lifted me in her hands and taken me to bath tub we are breathing we feeling it through our eyes.
    She removed her towel their nothing i saw one dildo hanging i thought of sucking it
    Please post your comments

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    Support ----- Part 1
    I am Ashwin, an Engineer by profession. I got my degree 3 years ago. After some months of job search I got a job in a software development firm. It paid reasonably well, so I decided to continue with it, gaining some vital job experience. I used to live with my family, my mother who is a home maker and dad, who is in a nationalized bank. Since last year, he is away to another city on transfer. Mom has also gone there, like a dutiful wife, she is.
    My elder sister Vandana is happily married and is abroad for the last 2 years. I feel a bit vacant at times, that Vandana is not around, since we were very close and she has been protecting me since my childhood, at times fighting like a fierce cat with the other children of my age to protect me!!
    She has been in a way, my only friend and guide since teen age, I have been dependent on her for petty things in my life. Whenever, I feel lonely, I tend to go to her room, close my eyes, breathe deeply and imagine that she is around. Then after a few minutes I retreat to the cruel and demanding world waiting outside.
    Oh, I so so depended on her. Not that I was weak, but I felt weak in her absence. Especially from a simple happy family of 4 persons, I am now alone.
    Most of the days, tired and taxed, I return home from the mess, around 8.30 in night. The lonely home haunts me. My belly is full but my mind is vacant and hollow. I go to my room. refresh myself, and enter Vandana's room and start 'talking' with her. It is my confession box.
    That day, I had an argument with my project leader, who was stealing credit for the efficient code I had developed for the client. He was a menacing , tall and crooked fellow. There was a rumor running around the office that he had strong connects with the authorities and one was better off staying away from him. I could only curse him under my breath and came home all dejected and disappointed.

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    Ashwini (Saturday, 18 June 2016 10:39)

    Support ----- Part 2
    I went to her room and could not console myself. I needed her support, her strength, her touch, her feel. I stood there, in front of her vanity table, clad in my night clothes. Tears began to roll on my cheeks. some strange chord in my mind was struck. I fondled the vanity desk to find her cupboard keys. With shaking hands, I opened her cupboard. It was closed for quite some time, except for occasions when mom had opened it for pest control. Her faint sweet fragrance still lingered there. Vandana had not taken all her belongings to US after marriage. Her skirts, tops, Salwaar kameez, all hung there quietly, as if waiting for the lovely owner to wear them, to do justice to their existence. In the drawer below , were her saris and blouses , ghaghra choli and other festive dresses.
    In the bottom most drawer, were all her intimate clothes. Lingerie items, Bras, Panty, a teddy nightie, sleeveless gowns.....all satin, silk and feminine........ I stood speechless for a while. Dumb stuck with the 'treasure' I had stumbled upon. I had been frozen by the sheer feel of the apparel around. The most exotic, beautiful , charming feminine grace.....this is what she wore, this is Vandana....for me....I picked up a gown, and simply brought it close to my face and took a deep breath, inhaling Vandana.......ooohh are here...I wish to feel you, more intimately , I wish you to be with me...always....please let me be YOU.
    As if in trance, I undressed myself and picked up her bra and panty.

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    Nisha (Saturday, 18 June 2016 13:06)

    Welcome back Ashwini. I m very much excited to see you again.

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    SRS (Saturday, 18 June 2016 14:10)


    After when i woke up they dint told about anything an v took home an my life become same , now i have learned many thing an i used to change my costume an jeweler offend. While doing my hairstyle i got tense cause whatever hairstyle i make the bangs lie in my fore head, an while i was sweeping outside i saw my favorite bike HARLY DAVIDSON because of that my life turned like this an i started to deeming about the bike on seeing this my mil an gf both lol an my gf told something to her an my gf called her servant an spoke out an told that u will act as this bike model i was shocked n her servant took me of to the room an undress me after she gave me small skirt an black top which shows my half of the boob an she wore me pantyhose an high heel an did my hair in high ponytail after she did with slutty makeup an she removed all the traditional jewelry instead of that she add diamond stud in my top 3 holes ear an a long silver loop in the bottom an she add navel ring an its shows sexy after that photo shoot was done i felt shame an after it was complete mani came to house an on seeing me like this he felt horny an he forced me to having sex, i cant protest after i felt much pleasure than b4 an i lie down, the next morning become with the same servant came an reedy me after i started to prepare the food at the meen time my mil told me to go for market ,i was wearing the sexy saree which shows my navel an full backless an i wore my hair in high ponytail, was too shy to go out like this but i was forced while i came out i was looking for my sandle but to my surprise my mil told to were 3inch heel an gave me pink scooty pep i was shamed that i was riding girly scooter , but that to failed cause i cant able to ride an it made be shock that i completely forgot my balance at that time mani came an told me he will drop me near market an he started his new harly Davidson bike an told me teasingly that due u want to drive ohh iam sorry that u cant it felt humiliating to me an i cant sit keeping my leg both side an this bike is lil sporty type so my mil told to were quickly some dress which can i put the leg in both the side, i was thought that i can were jeans an T-shirt but instead of that they give me churidhar but it was to low neck an i back side there was full thread from my but to shoulder they dint even give me the dupata an my every tattoo is been seen , they give a big loop silver earing , round nose ring ,lots of bangles an payal my total body makes sound when i move they again bring me out side forcefully an mani started to shout that how long do u take to change the dress u bitch, an this made me sad that once before i used to told to my GF now i can feel how tough ids this , after i sat in his bike he rode fastly it made me scared an sometimes he used to put break suddenly an my boobs get touch in his back side an this make me horny an i shout at him y u doing like this an he told that it was u who taught me to do like this then woman get horny but u dint no that 1 day u will expertise the same as woman , how do u feel now. i was blushed an become red an dint answer any thing to him, after he drop me an went, when i saw the market place i was shocked that it was huge crowed in that place, there was 2 side shops in that place an in center crowd was moving on, i slowly moved on as i move inch by inch in the crowed, i dint have wallet in my pocket due to this stupid gender so i used to carry a purse an a bag in my hand, while i was moving i feel irate that some guys r wanted pressing my boobs an but an hip but i dont know who in this crowd is doing like this now only i feel the pain of woman but in my side i cant make a point cause i dress like a whore an every one is staring at me, so i slowly finished my purchasing an started to live from there , when i start i saw 1 lady an surprised that she was the teacher in my class an my aunt best friend too, i caught me while escaping an came near to me , i was shame to face her an bend down my head, she lift my chin an told my my it was u shyam i never believed when they told but u turned into hot , how do u feel the womanhood , an u got the tattoo too wow nice , once u used to play an sit home ur aunt used to request u to go for market an u ignore that after she an me used to go, when i asked about that u told dont worry when i get marry i will send my wife to company u but look what happen now instead of sending ur wife u become the wife an came an she told that an started to laugh , i felt shame an stood silent.

  • #673

    SRS (Saturday, 18 June 2016 14:11)


    After she took me with her v both went to her home an my dress is completely drench due to sweating , she told to remove my dress an she give another dress i saw that it was white with red border saree with matching blouse after i used to were she teased that ohh u learnt to were saree also an i notice that it was our school teacher uniform , an she asked about my hairstyle that y u put ur hair in high ponytail , i told that if my hair get touched in my back due to the sweetness i get allergy thatch y an she told then ok v make any-other style i refused but she forced me after she undid my hairstyle an put some oiled an massage my hair she gather all the hair in top of the center part of my head an combed neatly an she make a tight bun that oiled smelled triable i complained an she told that this oil help ur hair grow strong an thick like me but for the smell i got 1 solution an she went inside an bring the jasmin flower an put round in that bun an clip it an showed it to mirror, i was shocked on seeing me an she told ru look exactly like me as a teacher just put the glass on then u will be fine, an she told do u remember on those days while i was teaching in the same costume u used to stare my Brest an but an make it fun around the boys , on that day i felt so irate an made a wish that u too have to feel the same to my surprise it happened, an after she made a lot of humiliating an now i start to went home, while i came out i felt deze an i felt down after she took me to the lady doc an inform to my mil , when the doc checked me an told that what happened i felt ton of shock an faint down.

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    Poornima (Saturday, 18 June 2016)

    Look who is back! Ashwini! I am sure you will rock here again with your new story. Thanks for choosing the elder sister story again, you are best at it!!

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    When i woke up everybody is in front of me an smiling an my mind is still spinning an i felt deze the doc once again told that congress ur conceive an everybody started to jump an i was shocked that how could be even though they did some surgery than how it is possible an my mil told due u r ember that i made a small surgery last time an v dint told about that its v fixed an advance external ovaries an female organs so u can bare a child , on hearing this i was completely shocked an everybody lol an after they took me to my home an started to take care as a child an my food is been strait i hate my life now living , 1 day my doc came to checkup me an she saw that there was no lack ting in my breast an she told that some to be used for suck twice a day then only the milk flow in my breast on hearing that my sere vent told that dont worry man i got 1 solution my son is only 7 years but he still need to like feeding milk if i bring him than it will be useful i was shocked an i dint want to do this an i protest after they all gone mani came to hose an he too was surprised on hearing this news an again he had a sex with me forcefully n i slept next day was same i woke up early had a bath an went to work, i prepared a tea an give it to my mill after she told to sit with her in table i sat an suddenly my gf an servant grab my both side of hands an tied it in the backside of the chair with rope i cant able to move an after my sere vent called her son an he came near me i know that kid i offensively used to scold an beat him for lill mischief an he came near to her mom an asked what happened mom an she told that u like breast feed now here is the chance to take it from this aunt an he smiled an told thanks aunt an at that time my gf come to remove my blouse but she stop an told that my son will look after that an he removed my saree pallu an un hoked my blouse an bra , my boobs fell in front of him it was huge an he smiled an took with his small hand an started to suck i protest but no use i feel her tongue which suck an it felt strange an i was shocked how my own milk is coming out an his mouth full of milk an it gave me some pleasure for me an after when he is finished an every body started to comment that she he has turn into a cow which produce milk , i get anger an i spit in that lil boy face an he started to cry on seeing this our sere vent get tense an told to my aunt that u asked for it tats y i helped it but look what he is doing its not fair ,then my aunt told to clam down for this he will get punishment, at that time that lil boy told mom i want to go pee an my aunt got an idea of punishment an told to that boy that u can pee but not in bathroom in here an she took up an stand in front of me an unzipped him ,my aunt told open ur mouth bitch but i shut my mouth tightly an she dont know how to open the mouth an my gf gave a clip an she clipped my nose so that i cant able to breath an after i opened my mouth to breath an at that time that boy pass the urine in my mouth an it disgusting an it felt very salty that was really humiliating, i dont know y i have to leave still.After so many months passed my stomach is been built up due to the growth of baby, i felt strange that i cant able to walk properly with lot of main an i cant were any of my normal cloth my back ach a lots an i can feel the baby inside me,1 day i start severe pain in my stomach an they rushed me into the hospital an the put me into the operation thereto an i gave a first deliver to my girl child an that pain is not comparable after few hours 1 nurse came carrying my baby an showed to me on seeing that baby an i shamed that now i was completely turn into an mother of this child an i fain. THE END.......

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    SRS (Sunday, 19 June 2016 12:24)

    Thanks sis for liking my story so long an soon i will post my new story with new concept. i hope u will n joy.

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    ash (Sunday, 19 June 2016 12:50)

    Is this year on india's got talent..
    There is any crossdressing????
    Plz replyy

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    Will be waiting for the new story, please update asap.

    Your greatest fan..

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    Maddy (Tuesday, 21 June 2016 02:11)

    What a story gtreat it was! Waiting for more stories

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    riya (Tuesday, 21 June 2016 06:19)

    AMINA PART 11 (contd from #817)

    There was a knock at the door. Salman saw that it was the director. The director smiled naughitily and sat on the sofa. Salman was curious.

    The director took out his phone and showed Salman some photos. They were photos of a girl and Salman was always interested in seeing photos of new girls wanting to get in the industry. The director always used to show him such portfolios and they both choose which girls to fuck. No actress in the industry got her first role without getting fucked and sucking cocks.

    But this did not look like a normal portfolio. The photos were not taken in studio and the girl was not posing for the camera. She was doing things in the house. But Salman liked the natural photos even more. Even though she was inside her house she was wearing short sexy skirts and other small clothes. She was wearing heavy makeup jewelery and high heels. Salman liked girls who happily acted like girls and not try to wear man clothes and kept themselves pretty and showed off their bodies for powerful men like him. There was a photo from back of her bending to take something in kitchen. He admired her ass. He zoomed in to see a little bit of pink panties and a barcode tattoo. He loved it and could feel his cock becoming hard. There was a photo of her sweeping. Her boobs were hanging inside her low neck tshirt. Salman zoomed in to see her big boobs and his cock was even more hard. There was a photo of her coming out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her boobs. In the next photo someone had pulled the towel away and she was standing in fear and shame. Salman loved her navel piercing. He laughed at the pain girls went through to be attractive to men. She tried to hide her breasts and pussy with her hands. Salman commented how he wanted to see her pussy too and laughed with the director. There was a photo from side of her sitting naked. Her knees were hiding her boobs and she was painting her toenails. Salman saw that she had a perfect figure and wanted to see more so he zoomed in to see whatever he could. He loved the tattoo on near her ankle which was so girly with flowers and hearts and butterflies. By now Salmans cock was hard like a rock.

    You like her? the director asked. Like her? I love her.. she will become the star of the industry.. but only after sucking my cock of course, Salman said. The director laughed seeing Salmans big cock bulge in his pyjama. The director said that Salman already knew her. Salman looked surprised. The director told him that her name is Amina but some time back it was Amir. Salmans eyes came out of his head with shock. The director showed him more revealing photos of Amina.

    The both laughed too much seeing Amir in very humiliating photos. There was a photo of him wearing nothing but his jewelery. It was obvious that he had no muscle left and his figure was 36-24-36 and best was his crotch. Salman looked at it and asked about Amirs cock that was famous among the junior artists. The director laughed and told him to zoom in. Salman zoomed in twice before he saw the tiny balls and tiny penis which was left. He loved how the tattoo announced that it was sissy amirs useless cock. He laughed like mad and said that he had seen babies with bigger cocks. 'His balls look him pudin hara' he said and laughed. The director burst out laughing and said, 'by the time of shooting it will become like homeo medicines !!' and they laughed some more. 'At least his hands are as thick as my cock hahaha !'

  • #682

    riya (Tuesday, 21 June 2016 06:24)


    The director told how him about his relationship with Huma. 'She is disgusted with what Amir has become. haha. All the wives are frustrated and want manly attention. I always liked Huma so I am fucking her now. She loves my cock and does everything i tell her. She humiliates Amir and sends me these photos.' Salman asked does Amir know. The director told him how he had kissed Huma in front of him and he just stood there looking at the ground like a maid. Salman laughed loudly and said that any male who does like that does not deserve to be a man and is better off being a powerless girl. He loved hearing how Amirs wives had become Aminas husbands and dominated him very much. The part when his ass was pinched by Huma in front of the director made him laugh more.

    The director showed him some more photos of how the 'husbands' dominated Amina. Salmans favorite one was where Maddy was sitting in the chair with Amina lying on her legs. She was spanking Aminas round beautiful ass which had become red. His panties were around his sexy ankles and he was moving his high heeled legs with pain. He was crying like a schoolgirl. The director told him that his makeup is still remaining after crying because it is permanent and told him about how Maddy was teaching Amir to dance and used such punishments to make Amina learn. Salman was very happy at this and said that he hoped Maddy teaches her to properly suck cocks too because the world needs more expert cocksuckers like her. They laughed some more about how stupid Amir was. 'He thinks it is all temporary and he will grow his cock back hahahaha.. it is so easy to make him do anything because of his dedication to acting and also because he is full of female hormones now which make him obedient and submissive..'

    After stopping laughing Salman thought for some time and said, he could still be a star.. The director was surprised and looked at Salman. Salman said, A PORN STAR !!! They both started laughing again.

  • #683

    Sharmila Devi (Tuesday, 21 June 2016 11:56)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife–part13:
    Continued from #666

    Raji and i was so tensed that my sister Rupali(She is elder to me and younger then Raji) is also coming here and she would come to know that we are living like women in the house and her bhabi is one who is heading the house by doing job .But one good news was she will stay only for one day and will leave by the end of the day as she has to report in the company provided accommodation failing which she cannot get her accommodation allocated and she has to stay outside with her own expenses.
    Next day Raji as usually got ready in normal green color saree and I was in the nighty. My bhabi saw me like that and asked me why didn’t I wear halfsaree then I told that the half sarees are not in the proper condition and I don’t want to wear them . Listing to it my bhabi didn’t say anything but laughed thinking something in her mind and reminded us about our sister’s visit. Listning to it we both felt so tensed about the day and how to face Rupali our sister we call her roopa. We got call from roopa that her train in 1 hr late and she will reach home by 10AM. Listing to it we felt so happy that bhabi will go to office at 9Am as she has urgent meeting and would return back at 7PM. Mean while we decided to somehow do something so that roopa will not know about US and make her go to her company provided hotel before my bhabi comes to home. Then my bhabi asked both of us to treat my sister properly and we should do all the works in the house not roopa as she is also like head of the house as she is even earning from now. Listing to it Raji and I felt ashamed and noded our heads saying “We will only do all the works in house”.
    Bhabi left to office at 8:30 AM then immediately I went to Raji and explained my plan he felt so happy about my plan and hugged me in a girly manner which I don’t like. Then I ran back to my bhabi room and asked Raji to give any phant and T-shirt of my bhabi he gave me the dress I wore them but I felt little discomfort as they are very loose as my bhabi is fat than me and removed nail polish on my hand and leg. Raji changed his normal saree to red color designer saree having heavy work to look so much special and he also wore many ornaments, with matching 1 dozen of red and golden bangles to each hands nicly painted nails with red color, with heavy make up, applied lipstick and eyeliner and got ready like a bride as part of our plan. Then I asked him to remove mangalasutra from neck and toe rings from legs for which Raji denied to remove thinking them as a sentiment but I scolded him and asked him to remove so that our sister will not know that my bhabi tied mangalasutra to my brother and made him his wife. Listing to them he removed mangalasutra and toering crying. Seeing that I came to know that he completely accepted himself as a perfect housewife and asked him act properly so that our sister will not get any doubt.
    Suddenly there is a door bell rang we both are so much tensed and don’t know what to do . So according to our plan I went near door and asked Raji to stay back in the bedroom and told him to come when I ask him to come out of the room. I saw from window who the person came it is none other than our sister roopa. I slowly opened the door and welcomed her inside she was very happy and bit proud seeing me giving me sign that even she also got job but still I did not get any job. She came inside and with surprise asked why did I grow my hair long like a women in a teasing manner then I got angry and hit on her head just as we had little fighting since our childhood and told her that it is a fashion now a days. Then she sat on sofa and asked in a relaxed mode about our bhabi thinking my brother Rajiv(Raji) went to office as she does not know that it is our bhabi who is going to office and our brother is staying at home. Listening to her I told that she went to her relative marriage and would return again tomorrow. Then She asked if my brother went to office. Then my tension increased and I have decided to start my plan. Then immediately I started laughing loudly and told no he did not go to office but there is a surprise . Then my sister asked about what is the surprise then without delay I called screaming “Rajiiiivvv come out side”.

  • #684

    sharmila Devi (Tuesday, 21 June 2016 11:58)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife–part13-1:

    Then Raji came out side lowering his head and stood before both of us. Seeing Raji in fully dressed as women Roopa got surprised and kept her question mark face with so many doubts in her face. Looking at her I and Raji started laughing and I told her that Rajiv has to be dressed fully as a bride and participate in his company celebrations day and this has to be followed by all the employees in the company and the best bride dressing will be given promotion. Listing to it Roopa got relief and started laughing along with us and she started praising Raji that he is looking exactly like a women and nobody can recognise him as a boy. Listing to it Raji felt ashamed and lowered his head then Roopa told jus for kidding and went into bedroom make herself refresh and she went for bath and wore red color chudidar to match Raji saree. Then Roopa called me and asked me to bring some flowers to keep on Raji hair as it look so beautiful. Then I went out and came with flowers. Then Roopa kept bunch of flowers on Raji head and told now he is looking perfectly like a bride. Then we all started chating and playing jokes on Raji and Even raji enjoyed our jokes as he is anyways living like a housewife daily. Roopa started watching all the gestures of Raji his hairstyle, his talking , his walking everything resembles like a girl and she was very much surprised seeing him like that.
    Afternoon as usual I and Raji went to kitchen and bought food to dinning hall and called Roopa for lunch then she got doubt that how her brothers bring all these as we always fell proud at home and think that all these kitchen works belongs to women only. Then I managed that as today she is our guest we have bought all the items from kitchen. Then she asked us to serve her first and then they have to eat . Then we got angry on her and shouted on her that she is a women and she has to serve them we will sit on table like boys. She angrily scolded as usual and served us and she also completed her lunch then we asked her clean all the utensils so that she will not get any doubt . Roopa went to kitchen and started doing all the works and we both started watching TV serials and started chitchatting and we are in our own world by enjoying .
    The time 3Pm in the afternoon roopa is about to complete her work and we both are in hall enjoying then suddenly we heard somebody from outside calling loudly “ Roopsss where are you dear ……….” Then we turned to see who the person is? and to our greatest surprise it is Suhannn (my bhabi) came from office. Listing to the voice Roopa came out of kitchen and saw my bhabi. Roopa is very much surprised by seeing my bhabi as she is entirely changed and now looking like strong man and there are no evidence like she is a housewife as she don’t have managasutra and toe rings. My bhabi came near Roopa and hugged her happily and congratulated for her job. But Roopa could not understand what is happing in front of her as she is confused by behaviour of my bhabi suhan. Then bhabi turned towards us sitting on the sofa. Then we immidiatly stood up in respect of her and lowered our heads. Looking at us even my bhabi got surprised and she got very much angry and gave a tight slap to me saying that “ How dare you wear my dress go and wear your petticoat, bra and nighty you bitchhhh”. Listning to it I got frignted and Roopa was still surprised . Then I immidiatly went to bedroom and changed my dress to nighty wearing petticoat and bra inside. Then My bhabi asked Roopa to come and sit on the sofa while Raji is standing before them like a cought thief feeling shy. I Went to hall and stood before Roopa and Raji in nighty then Roopa got surprised and asked me why did I wear nighty?...I was silent and now my bhabi saw missing of managalasutra and toe ring from my brother Raji . She immidiatly got angry and gave very tight slap to Raji and started kicking him with her foot. Seeing all these Roopa could not even speak a word but just sat on sofa in a surprised note.

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    Sharmila Devi (Tuesday, 21 June 2016 12:02)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife–part13-2:

    Then my bhabi stopeed beating Raji and asked about managalasutraa and toerings and also she shouted angrily that “Do you think am dead and so go and wear white saree and remove your bindi and flowers and become widow.” Then Raji immidiatly pleaded toching her foot and pleaded her to forgive him and he immidiatly went into room and came with mangalasutra in his neck, toe rings on his feet. Then Roopa stood up and asked my bhabi about what every thing going on in this house. Why her both brother’s should live like women in the house. Then my bhabi started explaining everything about Raji that he is not fit to do any work and earn money and he is also not fit as a man to satify her so she made him as her wife and remain in the house. And then she also explained about me that till I get any job I will stay as a girl in the house and do all the household works and help his brother in washing cloths , cooking cleaning house and all the ladies stuff.
    Listing to all the things told by my bhabi Roopa started clapping with her both the hands and hugged my bhabi tighty and told that “Hatsoff to you bhabi ..You have done good job.” I and Raji got surprised listing to Roopa as is even encouraging her bhabi and praising her for the work she done to us. Roopa started laughing looking both of in a cruel and cunning face having something in her brain…Now we are in dilemma as we have to face two women from now as our boses……

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    I and my wife had a love marrage after hbeeing in relation ship for many years. We were very happy we use to enjor a lott we loved each othe alot
    we both had a habbit of healping any one and every one who seeks for help to us any time irrespective of weather is is financially or phisaclly.
    I was after three year of our marriage we did dent had a chils but none of us had aproblem because of that we were still wery happy.
    my body structure was always very normal not very much mussele atall because i never go to gim but do yoge alot so i am selender with no musseles a bit chubby with fat s layre on my body. even my body dideent have much of hair on it only a light lare of hare on my hands and leg and my facial hare is also light.
    i uselly spote a sholder lemgth hair like my favorate rock star rock star.
    now i woulsd like to begen my story

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    Day after tomorrow - 2
    My wife had a younger sister whose had been married in bihar in patna. I my self beang a behari never liked behar i hadly went there for one or two times after my sister in law's wedding
    Then after few months i got an ainvetation for my sister in law's nanads wedding means my sisterin laws' husbands younger sister 's marrage was fixed.
    at first i diddent showed intrest in there wedding and asked my wife to go with her parrents
    but she than started crying and forcing me to come along with then i had a garments shop in a market place in the town in bombay i took a leave and asked my employ to take care of the shop untill i come back
    Then i took a train for patna along with my wife and her parrents
    we reached patna next day we went to there house we were treated nery nice lly
    that village was very strict they were not allowed to meet men and wo men publically
    men and women were given seperate room in seprate places
    the marrage was about to hekld three days from that day. so i got borred there there was hardly any thing to do in that village just relax and eat
    villagers usally pass there time just by gossipping and talking about oyher people life .
    there topicks were really booring so i use to romee in near by places in that village to pass my time even i diddent seem y wife for few days now because of she beeing staying away with rest of the ladies in a different banglow were only ladese were allowed

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    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife–part14:

    My sister roopa started praising my bhabi for her brave decision to make us women and make us do all the household works. Then my sister remembered that she has to leave as the time is already 5Pm to go and get company provided accommodation. Then my bhabi asked roopa to stay in her house along with them as roopa office is very near from here and she can stay here happily. Listening to it roopa felt so happy and thanked our bhabi to be so kind and after listening to it both me and raji felt so much afraid as we have to stay as women infornt of our sister and now she will tease us every day. Then my bhabi also told roopa to not do any work in the house as it is only mens work to do all the household work and kitchen work and asked her to concentrate more on her job and improve professional skill rather than being a week girls like Raji and me. Listing to that me and Raji felt so much embarrassed and lowered our heads without saying any word. Then my bhabi asked us to bring coffee for both of them(to my bhabi and my sister) then we noded our heads and started walking towards kitchen seeing us in this way roopa giggled which we could here and that made us much ashamed.

    Then we made coffee and gave to both of them they happily started drinking the coffee and my bhabi suddenly asked roopa if she had langa voni(half saree with her) then roopa told that she bought three pairs of half saree to wear them in any traditional occaions.Then my bhabi asked her to give one nice half saree to me . Then my sister did not understand why should she give half saree to me. Then my bhabi told everything that as am looking so beautiful in nighty, petticoat ,bra with bangles on hand and beautifully painted nails she also wanted to see me in different girlly dresses and enjoy the beauty in him. Listning to it I felt so embrassed and my face became red as she is saying everything to my sister roopa. Listing to it roopa also felt so happy and she is even more eager to see me fully dressed as a girl so that she can tease me.Then roopa immidiatly went into bedroom and bought out her bag in which she bought all the collections of dresses which includes chidars, tops , anarkali suits, some western wears of short model ,half sarees and designer sarees. And she also bought full makeup kit and some fake ornaments in her bag. Looking at them my bhabi praised roopa that she has good collections of dresses and ladies stuff and also asked roopa to make me dress up in all the dresses which my sister bought.

    Then immediately I got angry and shouted loudly that how can I wear my sister dresses and am not female to dress up in all ladies cloths. Listening to it my bhabi got angry and gave tight slap to me and asked me leave from her house and never show my face if I don’t listen to her words. Then I understood my position and stayed back calm without saying any word. My bhabi also asked me to obey what ever my sister says to me like a good girl. Then my bhabi asked my sister to buy some formal suit , tshirts , jeans, pants, trouser which are very comfortable to office and never use chididars, sarees to office. Then my sister roopa agreed and asked what to do with the collection of girly dresses which she has, then my bhabi in a naughty way asked to give all her dresses to my sister’s hubby after the marriage then my sister started laughing in a teasing my brother Raji saying “ just like my brother and ur husband”. And they both started laughing.

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    sharmila Devi (Saturday, 25 June 2016 03:49)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife–part14-1:

    Then my sister took three pairs of half saree and asked me to select any one of the half saree then I lowered my head without answering then my sister took one half saree and asked me how is the half saree. It is green, red and violet color combination half saree and it looking so beautifull and having having heavy embroidery work. Then seeing my face my sister understood that I like the half saree then she told it was her maturity half saree and she wore only once during her maturity function and now I will wear that half saree. Listing it to I felt so bad as I saw my sister in this half saree when I was in my home in her maturity function. Then listning to it my bhabi continued saying “ why can’t we make him dreeses like a matured girl?? and make some function???” and she also told to call some of my bhabi friends and my sisters friends… Then my sister also added to call all the aunties in our street as even they should know about this and even they will implement the same in their houses if their husbands or sons doesn’t listen their words. Even my bhabi like the idea and asked to prepare me in more beautifull and young girl who is in her teenage so that no onw should recognise that I am a boy.
    Then my bhabi decided to do maturity function after 7 day from now as per our tradition and She kept some rules to me, as that is followed to all the matured girls:
    • I should not go out or meet anyone and even I should not touch any one during these 7 days.
    • And I have to daily apply turmeric powder on my face and always apply kumkum on my forehead so that my face looks shiny on function day and I have to wear many dozens of bangels to my hands.
    • Should always keep some jasmine flowers on my head
    • and for all these 7 days I should wear only normal half saree from my sister dresses and on 7th day I will be dressed in beautifull and heavy designer halfsaree for my maturity function .
    • And finally I should not eat any spicy for these 7 days as per the rule and should eat only lite food and take good diet.
    • And I should not sleep on bed for these 7 days and should sleep only on mat on the floor which are made of coconut leaves.
    Saying all these points my bhabi asked roopa to take care about all these things as roopa is having 1 month to join in her in job. And my bhabi will tell to all the friends and aunties in the street to attend the function. And my bhabi stricktly warned me to follow all these rules and Asked Raji to be always with me to guide me like women. Listening to all these I started rolling down tears from my eyes and even Raji is very tensed to face the people from outside who comes to attend the function….

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    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife–part15:

    Next day morning as usual I and raji completed our works in kitchen this time Raji went to give coffee to his wife suhan and I went to give to my sister. I went towards her she is in sound sleep I thought she might have forgotten about the function they have to do to I felt so happy and in a low voice I called roopa to wakeup. Then she woke up slowly and suddenly got surprised to see me in nighty and then she remembered all the things which happened yesterday and she started laughing inside her drinking coffee. Then she told to me in a most teasing manner “sister from today 7 days are yours and I will take care of you don’t worry.” Then I got fear and pleaded my sister not to make me dressup like mature girl and show to all other people. Listing to it my sister started laughing and told even I have to bear the pains of all the girls and then I can understand the greatness of all the girls. Then my sister asked me not to waste even single minute of time as it is already late and she also informed me another shocking news that our bhabi is not going to office today as she wanted to see me in this avtar and make all kinds of fun on me just like any another men. Listing to it i went into kitchen and holded raji hand to save me but even Raji couldn’t do anything as he is also one of the changed girl and became permanent house wife the only thing he can do is obey his wife.

    My sister came with a cream which is used to remove my entire body hair and make the skin so smooth. And this is called waxing so she decided to do waxing on my body so she asked me to remove all the cloths and wear petticoat up to my breast and now I was in petticoat in front of my sister then my sister laughed and bought some cotton to keep them near my breast to have the girly feeling . Then she started doing waxing on my entire body without leaving a single hair on my body. I cried and pleaded her to stop as it is so paining and unbearable. Listing to my crying roopa enjoyed a lot and asked me to bear all the pains and this is only starting and I have to see many other pains in front as a girl. Then she made me to take bath in hot water and asked me to dry up for 10 mins and now I could see smooth and silky skin like a girl and even my sister touched my skin and felt happy that her first task is done completely. Now she again asked me to apply turmeric powder all over my body as it is tradition for matured girl to apply turmeric powder to make the face glow and it also acts as antibiotics during period time. And finally I completed the bath and came out with a new yellow petticoat given by my sister.
    When I came out of bathroom I could see white bra, violet panty, red blouse, yellow lehanga and red with golden border half saree which were already arranged by my sister on the bed. Then i finally once again requested her and even touched her feet to not to make me a girl. Now my sister got angry and gave a tight slap to me and this is the first time she beat me since childhood. As I have no other chance except to accept whatever they say I just lowered my head and kept calm. Then my sister first asked me to wear bra and panty and also insisted me to take care of my manly part to properly tuck inside so that they will not be visible outside. I agreed and wore white bra first and next wore violet color panty and properly tucked my private part in between and now I could see there is no sign of manly part near panty. My sister saw me and in teasing manner told ”it is flat there like a good girl and from now you are my little sister and I will take care of you baby.” Then I felt ashamed and just noded my head. Then she made me to wear red blouse and lehanga and she also tought me how to wear this dress and from next time I alone have to wear them without any help. Next come the half saree she nicely drapped the beautiful silk half saree many time and asked me to watch carefully and after 4 or 5 times and for the final time she nicely drapped half saree around my waste and arranged the pleats on my breast so that it covers completely . I felt so happy that she did not make me look sexy by uncovering my girly parts. After that she did little makeover and applied foundation lipstick,bindi on my forehead, Fake ear rings, nose rings, neckels and some ornaments from her collection. After completion she made me to stand before mirror. After seeing my self in mirror I totally forgot that I am a man but I realy got feeling that I am girl who is just ready for marriage but I did not show any sign on my face as my sister would notice me and tease me.

  • #718

    Sharmila Devi (Sunday, 03 July 2016 01:22)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife–part15-1:(Myname changed from Ravi to Ramya sree)

    After sometime there is a loud vessel sound came from my behind when I turned back I saw my bhabi along with raji stood infront of bedroom . my bhabi praised my sister very much for making me ready such a lovely girl. Then my bhabi came towards me and watched me so closely like a boy. I felt so much ashamed and my face became red as I could not tolerate this kind of acts by my bhabi and sister but I could not say anything. Then my bhabi praised me from top bottom and she added there are some corrections in dressing and she made my half saree to drop down so that my novel will be visible and then she made pleates very thin so that my breast will be visible outside. And after finishing her correction my sister praised my bhabi that “you made my cute , little sister into a sexy girl. Thank you so much bhabi”. And then my bhabi asked me to wear half saree or saree(in my future) below my novel and should always make my curvy breast visible.
    Now my sister and raji took me to hall where I have to sit down on the floor so that all aunties and my bhabi friends would come and bless me. By the time I reached the hall I was so surprised as I could see many neighbours women already came and they are ready with flowers and some things all around which are used for maturity function. I was forcefully made to sit on the mat which is arranged on the floor. While I sat on the mat all the women around asked me to sit in a girly manner to keep my legs crossed behind and asked take care of breast part as many would stare at my assets. On listing all of them I am totally in different world and even I couldn’t see one man around me, even though Raji is there he is also now turned to women. “OMG” I could see many items in front of me turmeric powder, kumkum , fruits , flowers, many different color glass bangles and many coconuts. Then all the ladies who attended the function asked about me then my bhabi without any hasitation told that I am boy once upon a time and now willing to turn to a girl as am not able to get job and earn money.
    Listing to it all the women started discussing and started laughing looking at me and even they praised my bhabi for doing such thing and even they agreed to change there hunbands and son if they are not fit to do earn money and take care of family. Listing to it I and raji felt ashamed and tears rolled out of my eyes . Then my sister came towards me and asked me to control and gave cloth to wipe my tears .Then my bhabi came and applied kumkum on my fore head, flowers to my head as if she is my husband and I obeyed to her like a wife. Then all the women came in a line applied turmeric powder and kumkum on my fore head and some flowers on my head and wear glass bangles to my hand and some of them even applied nail polish to my hands and toe nails. And I was made to give them coconut and fruits so that they all blessed me “Deerga sumangali bava” Listning to it my bhabi started laughing as the blessing will be given to the girls who are married and yet to marry.

    After completing all the formalities my bhabi annoused that there is one more important item in this function and she told that she is going to give a girly name to me. Then I and raji are in shocked state and then by bhabi with out delay announced my name from “Ravi “ to “Ramya sree” and people can call me ” Ramya”. Then all the people including my sister clapped and started calling me “Ramyaaaa”. And she told that from now I have to be called as Ramya only and I will be treated as sister to both Raji and roopa. And she told that I will be in my maturity period during these seven days and 7th day there will be function arranged with all friends and relatives. Listning to the words of Suhan I felt so much fear as she added that she would call even relatives.

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    Rita (Sunday, 03 July 2016 18:41)

    @Sharmila: Just beautiful!! Please continue..

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    Srs (Monday, 04 July 2016 02:00)

    Sharmila y fake earrings and nose ring let him put the real one by forcing

  • #721

    Ghost (Monday, 04 July 2016 09:55)

    Nice update, will be waiting for more.....

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    Prabha (Monday, 04 July 2016 11:27)

    My story in koovagam festival: I have married one gril near koovagam village. I am working in Chennai. I completeed +2 working in small company. With megare salary. My wife not passed tenth she is only daughter to their parents. After marriage I difficult manage my family with low salary. My in laws are very affectionate with me .They are in village doing cultivation.

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    Sharmila Devi (Monday, 04 July 2016 12:35)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife–part15-1:

    Day 1 completed with many ristrictions and pains to me I was always allowed to sit on floor and not touch anything in the room . I was given curd rice to eat and only few fruits to take.And half glass of milk. Even though am hungry I was not allowed to eat more and also not allowed to eat spicy food. And I should always apply turmeric powder and kumkum on my forehead , full of flowers on my head and full of bangles on my hands.
    Day 2 started early in the morning am not allowed to do bath as I was allowed to do only on 7th day, but I was given different half to wear having blouse with deep neck green color with yellow border, green lehanga,light green petticoat and maroon color half saree and this time I myself wore the half nicely and now they gave me only two idlies with half milk I started feeling so much sick and week like girl. Few aunties came to me gave some tips to how to behave like a women and how to stay during these seven days. And some of them forcefully made me to wear wisper as this has to be with matured girl during her periods time and this made me more humiliated. And as usual all the ladies sat before me and started discussing all the ladies stuff and ladies maters. First I got so much bored and later I got habituated to these conversations and they openly talked all the girly things about their periods time,marriages and their first night and made fun of me.
    Even day 3 started similarly but now habituated with all the formalities so am comfortable with all the things and now started adjusting my saree pallu like a girl, and wear half saree which my sister gave on my own and felt good when people applying turmeric powder and kumkum. And even I started eating very less food due to which I started loosing my weight and even I become more fairer then before and are there many other changes on my body shapes. Even curves are being formed on my hip area which is clearly visible from my half saree. And all these changes are seen by my bhabi and sister enjoyed that I am slowing changing into girls body. And even my bhabi took some changed measurement of mine to stitch some blouses for me in a more trendy manner for my maturity day. Raji could only do all the kitchen works lonely as I was also not there to help him so he is helpless.

  • #724

    Sharmila Devi (Monday, 04 July 2016 12:37)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife–part15-2:

    Similarly all the 5 days completed with many hard tasks and I wore different color half sarees and mastered in wearing half saree and so I can even wear saree as it is similar to half saree and even my body shapes changed my body became lean, lost my weight , and now my waist size became 26 and my lower part increased 34 like a girl as am continuously sitting on floor. and now am in the 6th day which is not as usual as my bhabi made something different which made me to change something more like a girl. AS usual I wokeup and started my day adjusting my saree pallu and getting ready for my day. Then suddenly two beautiful women came with a bag and sat on the sofa. They both started laughing looking at me and asked me if am Ramya. I told yes. Then they told that they came for me only. And asked me about my bhabi and by that time my bhabi came and introduced them to my sister. In their conversation I came to know that they are beauticians and they came to make me look more beautiful before maturity function day. Listing to it I felt so much fear as I don’t know what all the changes they would do to me. Then my bhabi asked both ladies to do their work and asked my sister to help them.

    Then I asked my bhabi what they are going to do to me. Then she told that they are going to do eye brow shaping and some face massage to look beautiful. I cried out loud and pleaded my bhabi to please don’t do any changes to my face as it will give permanent look but she did not listen instead all the three ladies gave a small dose of sleeping injection which made me sleep. And after some time I woke up , and don’t know what happened I was lying on the mat on floor and when I woke up I got some pain on eyebros, ears and also nose….Then I started checking them “OMGG they made it ..pierced my ears,nose, and done eyebrose.” I started crying out loud listing to it Raji,Roopa and Suhan came out made me to cool down and explained me that as I will not allow them to do so they did it. And now I cant change anything back so they asked me to just keep quite and do ever they say. I could not stop crying and crying and in some time I could feel some pain even on my stomach to my surprise I could even see my novel is also pierced and a pin is kept for temporarily. Then I shouted at my bhabi why did she peirce even my novel then in a little joke manner she told that it is a free package as a whole so they did not miss the chance. Listing to it I felt stunned and just covered my head with saree and started crying. Then my bhabi came near and warned me not to cry as tomorrow is a function and I should look cute in the function. After saying everything She gave another shocking news that she is even calling my mom and tell everything to her and make some important decisions before her. “OMG” Even my mom my bhabi is making to know everyone in my family and last one is my mom even she will know about the things here. Now even Raji is equally tensed along with me as she would see both of us as girls. In the night roopa applied mehandi with full of design on my hands and even on my feet so that tomorrow is seventh day and it would look so beautiful on my hands and legs.

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    Sharmila Devi (Monday, 04 July 2016 12:38)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife–part16:

    Today is seventh day and most important day as my bhabi wanted to make the event so success and even she called all her friends and most important my mom is also coming. And she may come at any time. We got up early in the morning and this time bhabi gave a beautifull desighner white and red color saree to wear and come fast down after getting ready. At first I washed my hands and legs which is full of mehendi wow it so good, looking so much beautiful and red in color.I did my bath after 6 days so it took so much time and I even applied hair removal cream given by my sister and now I wore red panty and white bra. Then I wore white petticoat and red blouse. And started draping beautiful white color saree having red border . After wearing saree I adjusted the saree below my novel and made pallu so tight so that my breast will be visible and then I applied light makeup, eye liner now my eyebrows are very thin in shape and looking so feminine, I applied red lipstick and kept designer bindi went down as my bhabi asked me to come fast. As I went down Raji is already ready in similar saree what I wore and both roopa and suhan are ready in jeans and Tshirt in men look. Then after seeing me my sister told me that we are going to temple and now we have to go and come back fast to home as early as possible as there are many people coming to attend the function.

    Then my bhabi saw my saree drapping it looked so sexy so she scolded me and asked my sister to arrange the saree in normal way as they are now going to temple. Then my sister bought two dozens of red and golden combination glass bangles and made me to wear . Then she applied red nail polish nicely to my fingers and then bought nice ear rings and nose stud and applied to me as my ears and nose is pierced. And then they both saw my novel and decided to decorate it afterwards and now let’s go to temple. Then both my bhabi and sister took two royal enfields and asked both of them to come and sit on backside as ladies. Then knowing my bhabi intention I went and sat on my sister bike and raji sat on suhan bike. Then suhan started laughing saying “Roopa your little sister is so intelligent but I will not leave her.” Saying that both roopa and bhabi started laughing. When I was sitting on backside I could see many men on road side watching me in a different way and this is the first I am facing such condition and I could even observe that my sister has built so strong body and she is now have more strength then me and even handle any hard situations like men. Finally we reached temple we all four went into temple completed our pooja and came out . both my bhabi and roopa went to take bike and asked both of us to wait near temple gate. Then some rowdy fellows came and started teasing us we felt so embrased as we are facing the problems similar to girls and we are so week that we could not even defence ourselves so we both are in fear and waiting for someone to help us . Then suddently one of the roudy member catched my saree pallu and dragged my entire saree I was only in the petticoat and blouse and I started screaming loudly for help. And then one of the member started kissing my novel then suddenly I could see my bhabi came from behind kicked him and took me and raji to the other side. I cried and went towards other side covering my body then both roopa and suhan fighted with them and then all the rowdy fellows with fear ran away from there.

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    Sharmila Devi (Monday, 04 July 2016 12:40)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife–part16-1:

    Then my bhabi came with the saree which they opened and covered my body and then without my knowledge I cried and hugged my bhabi and thanked her very much to save me like a real hero and this happened without my knowledge. Seeing all these Raji felt guilty and asked me come back from bhabi and now am safe and then I understood the situation and came back. Then bhabi understood me and asked both of us never go out with anyone permission and without strong person guid like us. Then I and raji lowered our head with shame and seeing this both suhan and roopa felt so proud of themself. Then we all decided to go fast to home but this time I was in fear that gang would follow us so I asked bhabi to allow me to go on her bike and raji and roopa would come in one bike . Then Bhabi felt so happy and even she is waiting for this chance so she immidiatly told ok. But raji felt so much unhappy as I am become nearer to his husband(wife).While we are on road suddenly bhabi used to give sudden break and made my breast to touch her back and did all the naughty things like any other boys. And finally we reached home with all the hurdels and after reaching home there is another shocking incident happened. My mom already came and waiting outside our house for us.

    My mom saw all of us me and Raji in saree and my bhabi and roopa are in jeans and Tshirt. She could not recognize me and raji and but she could recognize my bhabi and roopa and she asked about their dressing style and also about us(me and Raji). Then my bhabi took my mom into house asked her to sit on sofa. We all are in the hall and all are silent for few mintues and now my mom started “what is happening here suhasini my bhabi real name(now called suhan) why you and roopa are in male dresses and who are these two ladies who just look like Rajiv and Ravi. what is happeing in this house?” she asked . Then my bhabi replied immidiatly you are right mami they are your sons’s once opon a time but now they are your daughters. Listning to it my mom fainted and then immidiatly my sister , myself and raji went near my mom and gave her some water and waited for some time till she recovers from shock.

    Then after sometime my sister and my bhabi sat beside my mom and we both raji and myself stood behind sofa like women in the house. Then my bhabi explained everything starting from how rajiv became Raji and how Ravi became Ramya. And as both of us are not fit for anything they made as girls and left in home like girls and She also told that roopa is having job and she can earn and look after you like a son. Even after listing to all these things told by my bhabi my mom did not accept she is worried how the marriage of roopa and ravi(ramya) would happen. Then my bhabi try to console her saying that it is her duty to make both the marriages. My bhabi also promised that she would get marry ramya to a strong and elder girl than him and similarly roopa will get married to a week and submissive boy who is younger then roopa. Even though my bhabi try to convince but still she has some doubt in her and she starts crying .
    Then finally my bhabi asks my mom to just give 1 month to complete 2 marriages and she also promised that even my bhabi and along with roopa will take care of my mom like two sons. Listning to it my mom got conviced and started thinking of it and asked my bhabi to take care of everything and made my bhabi head of the family as even my bhabi doesn’t have any family so she decided to take care and be like head of the family. Now all are happy and even mom accepted me and raji as her daughters and do my halfsaree function along with the family . This made both Raji and myself to again worry as all the family member know about our transformation and also accepted it.

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    Sharmila Devi (Monday, 04 July 2016 12:42)

    My Sister-in-law made me her second wife–part16-2:

    Now my mom and my sister took in charge to make me get ready for the function and even my bhabi called the two bueaticians to make me look more beautiful . The two beautiladies took all the makeup kit and started doing my makeup and mean while my mom along with my bhabi went to kalamandir shopping mall to bring a new heavy desighner saree to me and also they decided to make altered desighner blouse. After 1 hr i wore the saree which Is violet color having golden strings work on it and the blouse looked so sexy as there is only one theard at the back and anybody can look at my back and the saree is very heavy and hard to carry. Then I had a full makeup with good combination of foundation, eyeliner, eye mascara, eye touchup , dark red lipstick and even made a small fake mole on my upper lip to look sexy and then applied red and white color nail polish with golden nail art to match my saree. Then comes ornaments Raji bought some ornaments from his collection and roopa also bought some ornaments. Which includes heavy neckles, haram, big heavy ear rings, jumkas, waist belt two chains and at last my mom bought a 20 thula big and thick haram which is wore by all the ladies in the family since past days and then they asked me to wear bangles which contain both gold and glass bangles which are different colors to match my saree. Now am fully covered with gold on my neck , bangles on hand and then they added heavy payal on my two legs which made so much of sounds. And then they started with different hair style and kept bunch of jasmine flowers to my head.And finally they bought 6inch high heel as they look beautiful in saree and also I will start learn how to walk like girl. But I could not walk with those high heels so they changed my heel size to 2inch and now am able to walk slowly . And even my walking style changed as I have to take small steps and every time I move any body part there is so much of twincking sounds coming from bangles. Payal or ornaments which made me more feminine.

    I was taken into hall and sit on a chair which Is beautifully decorated. As we reached hall there are many aunties and my bhabi friends husbands who are also in saree and it looked like three are no male in the room and it is purly a female function In the entire hall only my bhabi, roopa and my bhabi frnds are in male avthar and remaining al the people are in female attire and even am confused who are male or female. Then first my mom came crying towards me as cared me like a daughter and applied kumkum on my face accepted me as her daughter this made me feel so bad and felt so much humiliated as all the people around also accepted me as women. And so even I also remained calm for the entire function and all the girls and aunties danced before me and told many girly things to me and all the secrets of girls and also tought me how we will be treated after our maturity they warned me to be very cautios with the boys around us and also be safe and gave all the tips while in periods time and all the women started laughing making me embraced. And at the last all the people introduced me into womenhood and asked me to enjoy the feminity.

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