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    randi akshara bhabi (Sunday, 10 June 2018 14:05)

    Hi friends taken this story from rani kumari site beautiful story my favorite
    Hi friends, my name is Priyank. I am 24 years old and work in an International BPO in Mumbai. I got transferred to Kolkata which happened to be my home town. My parents were settled in Mumbai though. I had a secret desire of Crossdressing myself whenever I used to be alone in my house. However I never got the chance to indulge myself deeper in Crossdressing as I used to stay at home. My grandfather used to stay alone in Kolkata.

    My grandmother had died years ago and grandfather was also not in good health. Thus, my parents decided that it would be nice if I stayed with grandfather and also look after him in old age.
    So I got settled at his place. Grandfather was not in good health, he could barely walk, couldn't speak much and also needed help in eating food. It was a big house with three rooms. He used to stay in one room and I acquired another room. I thought anyways if grandfather is not well, then I could easily crossdress and roam around freely in the house.

    There was a large almirah in the third room which had all clothes of my late grandmother. Clothes ranging from when she was young to when she was old. I was really excited as they were so much in variety and would easily fit me as grandmother was also a bit bulky just like me.

    Whenever I stayed at home, I used to wear my grandmother's clothes and roam around freely in the house. I used to wear her bras, panties, nighties, sarees etc. I would completely transform myself into a woman by wearing wig, breast forms, jewelry and make up. While dressed in grandmother's clothes, I prepared food, did all household chores and take care of grandfather. I started feeling completely like a woman. Due to my care, grandfather's health started recovering and he started to speak and walk a bit.

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    randi akshara bhabi (Sunday, 10 June 2018 14:06)

    One day during diwali, I decided to dress up in a red saree. I had a bath, then dried myself up and wore a wig which had long black hair till shoulders. Then I wore my 36 inch breast forms which looked like real breasts with black nipples. Then I hid my semi hard penis in between my thighs and wore a black color cotton panty which nicely covered my ass and its cloth made me feel very hot.

    Then I wore a white bra by putting the breast forms in the bra cups and hooking it from behind. The bra gave my breasts a nice round shape with deep cleavage. Then I wore a red petticoat which was made up of semi cotton and semi silk. Wow, the feeling when the petticoat touched my skin cant be described but it made me feel really hot and horny. I tied the petticoat just under my belly.

    Then I wore a Red blouse with deep back cut and semi deep front cut. My cleavage was exposed and the arms were tight. I already started feeling like a horny woman. Then I draped a red saree around my waist over the petticoat and made a three fold pallu and covered my front assets. Then I wore a dozen red bangles on each kalai. After wearing all jewelry and make up, I looked at myself in the mirror. Wao, a perfect Indian Housewife. I also wore gajra on my tied panytail. Have a look at the image to have an idea on how I was looking.

    I thought because it is diwali, I should make my grandfather have a nice bath and wear new clothes. So I entered his room and his eyes sparkled by seeing my new avatar. HE smiled a bit and with my help, he stood up and we started walking towards the bathroom. Inside the bathroom, I removed all his clothes making him completely nude. It was a daily activity for me as I used to make him bath.

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    randi akshara bhabi (Sunday, 10 June 2018 14:07)

    I started pouring water on him by making him sit on a small stool. I applied soap on his back, neck chest and legs. When I applied soap on his penis, I could feel his penis becoming warm and a bit hard. I looked at him, he was staring at my cleavage, my tight blouse and my navel. I felt horny. I started rubbing his dick with my hand. It was dark in color. He closed his eyes and started breathing heavily. I started washing the soap foam on his penis. Now his black penis was almost erect.

    It was almost 6 inch in size but if it was completely erect, then the size would have become almost 8 inches. It was mouth watering. Without giving it a second thought, I started taking his dick in my mouth. I started sucking his dick in and out of my mouth. I heard grandfather moaning 'Ohhhh Sharda... ohhhh'

    Sharda was my grandmother's name. I understood that he was thinking about grandmother and assumed that I was her. I removed my saree and I was now in just petticoat and blouse. I started sucking his dick very fast. Then I took his dick in my hand and slowly removed my panty from under my petticoat. With one hand I was stroking his dick and with other hand I was stroking my dick.

    When I increased speed, suddenly grandfather's hard black penis spurted out lots and lots of white thick sperms and all his sperms fell on my face, my cleavage and my blouse. Once again I started sucking his penis and sucked off the remaining sperms while stroking my rod like hard penis with one hand. My penis also spurted out a lot of sperms. Grandfather was moaning heavily.

    Oh gosh, what a session it was. Grandfather's health started improving. Daily I used to dress up in different clothes and he used to fuck me every night. Very soon, he became so healthy that he started riding his old bike, he started to jog, he went for shopping and he used to fuck me like dog.

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    Srs fan (Monday, 11 June 2018 02:50)


    The story happened on year 2020 where the male to female gender ratio is low as 70:30 and the government passed a new bill for young males in colleges for to fill the gender gap.
    Hi my name is Shamala age 25 years old female.
    Let me start my story when my age was 18 years old .My birth name is Sham born as a boy. Sham Krishna used to stay with my uncle and aunt in a very rich family where my uncle is industrialist and my aunt is housewife. My parents have been died when I was small age, and because of my parents my uncle have become so rich a some of the properties are mine. My aunt have two sisters sherya aged 20 and pranitha aged 16 .My uncle is well dominated man in our family and everyone has to obey his orders without any contest. My uncle always thinks and teaches me that women should not raise a word against man and they are only capable of household work and taking care of children. Because of my uncle impact on me I too started treating women in a different way by not giving any proper respect to my sisters and aunt. I always used to tease my sisters by pulling their hair bands and bra straps. They usually gave a complaint to my aunt regarding my behavior. What can my aunt do to me hahaha I always have a full support from my uncle , even though his own daughter he dint care an he always support me.I joined in one of the top engineering college in Chennai. My class strength is of 50 students where 35 are male and 15 are female. I am very good in sports and very poor in studies. Lot of girls try to hang with me because of my money and six pack body but I always treat girls as candies and try to use them and leave them as dustbins. I am the captain to my class cricket team and volley ball team. I have few enemies in my class one of them is Prakesh and he is a very big competitor to me in every aspect. He is the vice captain to the cricket team and he is from political background family where his father is Member of Parliament. He tries to dominate me and very often we are going to fight in the college.Two years gone successfully in the college and on one fine day I have seen a very beautiful girl named Kavita who joined as a fresher to my college.I tried to talk with Kavita and date with her. But she always smoothly rejects my offers as she is a very reserved and traditional girl. After some days I got frustrated because of her continuous rejections in my love and I started ragging (teasing) her in college. One day she gave a complaint to her brother as I am continuously teasing and what's the biggest shock I came to know was she is the sister of Prakesh my rival in the class. He warned me and asked me stay away from his sister. As usual small fight happens between us and this makes Kavita and me apart. She too starts hating me like his brother Prakesh. Life seems very bore to me and I didn't guess my life is going to completely change very soon. India is one of the top countries which are more advanced in space research and medical fields. It was year 2025 where the our prime minister Ramiya Krishnan who is the youngest female PM aged 35 years old held a top secret meeting in new Delhi. Top scientists and medical research girls in the country participated in the meeting and came to conclusion that they have start a revolutionary medical operation in the country by 2025.The operation is named as sakthi. The main goal of this operation sakthi is to neutralize the gender ratio as 50:50 by turning the access males to females very soon. As of now males are outnumbered as 70:30 due to there is a huge shortage of girls in the society .Marriage for boys is going to be very difficult and the rape cases on women is going high day by day. The main target of operation sakthi is twenty year old boys in the country. Every twenty year old boy has to attend a gender test on women's day march 8th every year. If someone misses the test then he is going to pay the price.Test results are declared by depending upon several analysis. Total marks for this test is 100.Blueprint for this test as follows.10 percentage for sports test,40 percentage for analytical test and 50 percentage of marks is for male hormonal count.The government of India announced operation sakthi and moved the bill to the parliament. What's interesting is none of the MP's in the parliament opposed because everyone knows the drastic things are going to happen if they are not going to pass the bill for future generations. So many teenage boys below 21 years old are protested against the bill. The government has taken necessary steps for these agitations and finally passed the bill in the parliament. The synopsis of this bill is once the guy fails in the gender test they are going to give a drug called sakti which will change the gender in three months of time

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    Srs fan (Monday, 11 June 2018 02:52)


    Once the news is telecast-ed my uncle and I were shocked because at that time I am 20 years of age and I have to go through the test. My aunt and sisters felt very happy inside even though they didn't express any enjoyment feelings outside as because my uncle is seriously watching the news. My uncle told me everything is going to be fine and be positive. On that night my sisters came to my bedroom and told me for sure, I am going to fail the exam because they are some analytical questions in the test which will almost worth of 40 percentage of the result. They waved their hands happily told me good night sister and soon you are going to join in our bedroom in between two of us. At that time my fear starts inside me what if I am going to fail in the test and what about my future and how the class boys treats me once I changed to female and what about Prakesh. How can I show my face to Prakesh and his sister Kavita. How my uncle treat me after the change and how my aunt and sisters take revenge on me. I didn't have proper sleep that night.On the next day every one is the class have a discussion regarding this issue. My college principal Priyanka Sharma conducted a assembly meeting to all the guys in the college and instructed everyone in the third year engineering guys to prepare well for the exam. She told us mostly last 15 guys in the class out of 50 were going to fail in the exam and after the result the class is going to maintain 50:50 gender ratio. Those who are going to fail in the test are going to follow special circular throughout the year. Everyone dispersed from the meeting with at most fears in their heart.On that day my uncle told me he appointed one of the top tutors in the city so that it will be easy to pass in the gender test. For 2 months I studied hard and prepared for the exam in mean time my sisters are teasing and disturbing me. I am just concentrating for the exam once I got passed then I will show hell to my sisters by abusing physically and verbally.Day by day I am gaining the confidence and tried to be very good in sports as well. One of my friends told me Prakesh had an accident last night and for him it is very difficult even to write the exam. Then sudden dreams came to my mind if Prakesh is not going to clear the exam then I will rape both Prakesh and Kavita. on that night I slept very happily by dreaming Prakesh will fail the exam and am going to harass both Prakesh and Kavita daily in the college.Then it comes to most awaiting day of the year March 8th gender test day. I attended the test in my college and what surprised me is my enemy Prakesh too attended the test with swollen face. In the evening we had to attend sports test and finally doctor takes our sperm and blood samples. On April 1st results are going to be displayed on the internet. After completing the test my uncle asked me how I have written the exam. I told him that I am very sure I cracked the exam very well and we are going to celebrate a big party on our home on April 1st. Because of over confidence in the exam I again started teasing my sisters and Kavita. Kavita is waiting patience for April 1st results. I asked Kavita about her brother result she told me he will pass the exam with the top in the class. I had a very good laugh for 30min as I know that he will fail in the exam because he didn't do well in the sports exam. On that day I finally dared to touch kavita breasts and ass because she looks too hot in the saree. she cried and went to her home.It seems I am very lucky she didn't inform to anyone about this harassment.

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    Srs fan (Monday, 11 June 2018 02:54)


    Big Day: April 1st

    I woke up in the morning by my sisters and aunt. It seems they went to temple in the early morning for to pray god that I should fail in the exam. My uncle called me and gave Benz car as a gift. I told him that we will go for a ride after 10am because they will declare results by 9am in the morning.I opened the website gendertest.com and entered my unique id in the screen. Result shows that Sham Krishna fails the exam. My heart explodes and i am unable to breathe properly. I am hearing very good enjoyment laughs by my sisters in their bedroom. It seems they already gone through my result. I got a phone call from unknown number says HI BABY..HOW ARE YOU SEXY DOLL..it's me Prakesh …in the background voice someone is saying brother I will take to her..Please I am eagerly waiting for this undaunted then I came to know she is none other than my lover kavita. She says HI SISTER-IN-LAW I am waiting for you in the college please try to touch me again you will see what is going to happen next..Then I switched off my mobile phone immediately.My uncle is shouting angrily from the hall and all the servants in my house came to know that I have failed in the exam and I am going to change into female in next 3 months of time .My aunt came to my room and told me bear your uncle words for today and never say a word against him. I slowly reached to the hall and uncle told me I have a lot of expectations in you but you have failed to reach my expectations. I always try to give the best and never asked you how much you are going to spend .But today I have lost my only one son Sham and gained a third daughter Shamala. please return your credit card and Benz car keys. Now onward your aunt will take care about you. I always plan to handover our company when you reach 25 years of age. But now it is out of question and I will try to get best husbands for my 3 daughters. The word husband once reaches to my mind my body starts shivering. Instead of going to office daily just take care of your husband once you got married then there will not be any problem to you as there is no more analytical test and sports test. Do you know how many marks you got just 79 out of 100.cutoff marks in your class is 81 marks. You have lost the race in 2 marks. Your sister pranitha showed me your marks sheet which is available in your college site. Just move from here and cry like a girl in your room. I went to my room and closed the door and just thinking how cruel my uncle is. From today onward I should not ask anything from him and just started crying like a girl what my uncle just said.On April 1st no one tried to console me because they know my condition and I am too much humiliated by my uncle words. On that night my aunt came to my room and told me that nothing is going to change in a big way so that I can resume my normal happy life from tomorrow. I returned the credit cards and car keys to my aunt and she asked me to sleep early as I have to attend the college tomorrow morning.The next morning I woke up early completed the bath and started dressing as usual in my jeans pant and body fit tight t-shirt .on seeing the mirror a very handsome guy resembles and I am too much worried about my body in the next 3 months of time. I tried to get my car keys as usual then I realized i didn't have car now. I complained to my aunt that how can I go to college without vehicle? In the meantime both my sisters sherya and pranitha joined the conversation and asked me to come with them in their scooty pep (why do boys have all the fun) bike. I told to them that I never sit in a girl's bike and both my sisters started laughing .They told me that soon I have to travel by only ladies bike to the college or I have an option to travel in a public bus where so many boys try to touch your new boobies and rounded ass. My aunt interrupted my sister's words and ordered me to go with sherya bike so that she can drop me in the college. I calmly listened my aunt words and started the journey in my sister's bike. sherya told me to sit properly and during the ride so many boys try to check my sister. I informed to her but she told me that we should feel happy when someone is watching you and you too will adopt all these things in the very near future. Then I didn't a say a word to her in the journey and finally she dropped me in my college and shouted "good luck sis" for your first day in the college.

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    Srs fan (Monday, 11 June 2018 02:58)


    Then I slowly started walking to my class room and everyone in classroom is watching me as an alien and everyone is whispering with each other and then I saw group of boys are sitting very calm in the last bench. I occupied a place in the last bench and one girl shouted in the group that " sham please sit with us as we reserved a place for you" then everyone in the class started laughing .Then I realized she should be prakesh's best friend named tamanna and may be prakesh would have informed her to tease me. Apart from me and the other 14 boys who failed in the exam are sitting very lonely and they didn't have a life in their face. In the meantime prakesh accompanied with his sister kavitha entered the classroom with a bunch of roses and started walking towards me. My heart beat is up and he came to me and placed bunch of roses on my desk then everyone is looking to my face and they are very curious that how I am going to react. Then my masculine pride bounces back and started insulting both kavitha and prakesh but kavitha just slapped me on my face as everyone are watching and she told me this slap is because of what I have done in the past. Then I tried to slap kavitha but prakesh stopped me and as usual small words exchange between us. Then kavitha left from our class with pride that she slapped me in front of everyone in the classroom. Our principal Priyanka Sharma called everyone to attend an open auditorium meeting. Everyone just left the class to attend the meeting.Principal addressed the meeting and she gave a speech regarding operation sakti project and how our college successfully completed the mission. I am not able to concentrate on the meeting because of recent kavitha slap "How dare to touch me in front of everyone " and my mind is wandering for revenge on both kavitha and prakesh. Then my mind again came back to the principal's speech that we are going to follow new time table for boys who failed in the exam and she starts reading the names and everyone has to occupy the stage. Now on the stage everyone in the college came to know that I am going to be a girl. She informed to everyone as these boys are going to help our society we should treat them with at most respect as same as girls. From today we are going to call this group of boys as sakti girls. As the meeting comes to end everyone again went to their classrooms.One very beautiful middle aged woman named sneha entered to my classroom and every boy in the class have a lust and desire in their eyes including me and she introduced to the class that she is new teacher specially appointed for to address sakti girls group and mental orientation to all class students.She started announcing new time table for sakti girls group and I am frightened with the schedule what she has read.

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    Srs fan (Monday, 11 June 2018 02:59)


    New Time table:

    9AM - 10AM Yoga class
    10AM -11AM Home economics class
    11AM-12.30 PM Technical class combined with boys
    2PM - 3PM cooking class
    3PM - 4PM Singing and classical dance class
    4PM - 5PM Beauty and Hair care class
    5PM - 6PM Exercise and swimming class
    Sakti girls today please go to the medical examination room so that all of you get your new medicines and injections for three months so that your bodies are going to blossom as sexy and all of you can gain curves in right places. Prakesh just saw my face reaction when my teacher sneha is saying all these things and I am very much embarrassed how the things are going to happen in future. Sneha told that for clothes and other accessories government is going to bare all the expenses so that no need to buy any extra clothes including swim suit for college. And coming to the hair department we are going to follow a very strict rule that every girl in the college should have a waist length hair and from today onward sakti girls should not cut their hair and they too have a target of below waist length hair. Then my body is in complete shock and just thinking me from backside that how I am going to resemble to boys?And coming to beauty department every girl including sakti girls should wear makeup and high heels for the college. Two days in a week has to wear a traditional Indian dress like half saree and the next two days is reserved for to wear a skirt and appropriate tops (tight). Only one day in a week is for jeans and t-shirt. As it will take time for transition, slowly sakti girls has to adopt all those things and we will give strict instructions to the parents regarding all these things so that it will help all the sakti girls to promote their feminine nature.As the time passes teacher sneha left from the class and in the evening we sakti girls went to the medical exam room for to collect medicines. Nurse took all the measurements from every boy and we injected with some pink color liquid in our hips. She told us we need to come to doctor's office for every 15 days. As curious I just asked the nurse what they have injected by seeing nurse beautiful breasts. She replied that they have injected with estrogen which will block our male puberty and you too will soon grow a beautiful pair like me. Then I am bit embarrassed by the nurse words and just changed the direction from her breasts to her adorable face. I called to my sister sherya in the evening as she told me she is going to pick me up in my college.My sister reached to my college and we started to our home. Once reaching to my home my aunt informed me about the new time table and instructions to the parents list as the college already send a mail to my aunt . In the mean time my other sister pranitha reached home and aunt instructed everyone to have a bath and should gather everyone in the praying room.I have completed my bath and went to the praying room where my aunt and sisters are waiting for me. She informed me that from today your new life is going to start and your name is going to change as shamala Krishna.

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    Srs fan (Monday, 11 June 2018 03:03)


    when they have told that my name will be shamala form now on wards I was totally embarrassed an felt shy, after that my sis told that tomorrow is Saturday so u have 2 days time to get transformation an my aunt told that I have to change all my indent in my driving licence, voter id etc. This an all making me total shock I don’t know what comes next, we took dinner an my uncle is watching news , in that many sakti girls who are boys now attempt for suside an many of them dead , some of them became murderess while forcing them into famine and they to escape from house. I was thinking what to do whether I escape from this houses a go somewhere else, at that time my uncle told what ur looking for, if u want to go out from this house then ur welcome we will not stop u because I dint like you to stay as sissy boy. I was totally shocked on hearing that. There come small tears from my eye while my uncle told it. after we took dinner and I went to sleep in my room at that time my aunt told were ur going go to ur sis room an she took me to her room an told to remove all of my dress an were nighty on saying this my sis started to lol, I felt very humility an throw the cloth while doing this my sis grab me but I too pushed her and she felt down , my aunt was shocked on seeing my strength after that she took her phone an talked to someone an I too left from there I went to my room but unexpectedly there my uncle was standing there and he was really angry about what I did to his daughter , he told u have not allowed to sleep in individual room , either u go to ur sis room r there is lil place outside the house were our dog use to sleep, I felt sad while my uncle speak like this to me, b4 he loves me an respect me but everything turns upside down. I slowly went to sis room an my sis saw me in anger face for pushing her down an I dint were any of her cloth I lie down. in other side my aunt was talking to her close friend shoba she is an top most surgeon in India , but she hate me a lot cause my uncle showed interest a lot for me instead of his own daughter an my aunt complained to her an cried a lot about this, I too not give her respect an one day there is small fight going on between me an shoba telling that I dint respect woman not only I dint respect aunt an daughter an always took advantage with my uncle and I told men no need to give respect to woman cause they are slaves of men , they always want to serve men can do their needs, better u don’t interfere in this are else u too become my slave. on saying this she became anger an slapped me after I to slapped her too , the main thing is she is equal to my aunt age at least I have to respect to her age, I complained to my uncle and he came an told to get out from this house an never dare to come again. on hearing this she felt insult an told to me that ur not respecting woman cause u have those balls , make sure 1 day I will cut those balls of yours an hang it in both sides of ur ear as earring so that u can able to know how woman’s feels when they hurt, I told get lost bitch an she went off, after that several years she dint come to our hose nor talk, This are all happened in past now the thing is different cause everybody know that I get power before for only of my uncle support which I will not get anymore. Now my aunt request her to come our house , my uncle dint care about this convention cause he totally felt upset about me an he don’t care now. It was late night when shoba came to our house I was sleeping with my two sis, my aunt took here to another room. Shoba asked what’s the matter y u have called me urgently, is there any problem by that bloody sham, an my aunt started to explain everything to her after hearing all the thing she felt really happy an told look even god also support us an that’s he deserves this kind of punishment, an my aunt told not only god total government with us unexpectedly they make un rule an that’s turns our favor, an shoba asked ok now what kind of help u need ?, an she told that I have given first shot of Harmon an they told the dress code in school an activity but he is not accepting it an if then he is more stronger so v cant able to control it in fact today I told him to were nighty but he pushed my daughter an went off , I can’t understand how its possible while he is getting the female hormone!.

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    Srs fan (Monday, 11 June 2018 03:05)


    Shoba told that it’s because of his male Harmon is more powerful so that it will take more time to change even though v put heavy does, my aunt told is there is any solution cause he is not listening anything , an shoba told that male hormones’ produce from testicle from where the balls locate due to high produce of sperm which he get that’s y it took long time to change, an my aunt ask that is there any solution for that an she told that did u remember that what I have told last time when I saw sham that I will cut those balls of yours an hang it in both sides of ur ear as earring so that u can able to know how woman’s feels when they hurt, an my aunt was shocked and ask if any problem will happen then we will go to jail ? an shoba told u have forget that he is suppose to turn as woman an if we do like this then government will encourage us cause we are doing this for our government also. My aunt ask them how will we operate to him and she told u bring him to my clinic tomorrow then v will see. An after long conversation she left an my aunt too went to sleep, here I was sleeping with my two sis sherya an pranitha , this is the first time am sleeping with woman an its loll uncomfortable in early morning when I was I deep sleep v three are in the same bed, I was dreaming about kavitha that we make a love an had a wonderful sex at that time suddenly sherya woke up and saw what am doing my penis get hard erect at that time my aunt came for woke us an she too saw that an told to here this is the last time my dear I promise next time it will not happen. An she left, after few minutes I wake up an my aunt told to get ready cause v have lot of work to do, I take a quick bath an wore my old dress and ate the breakfast an v four of them went an my aunt told that she want to meet her friend after that we will started our work an v stop in one clinic I told that I will wait in car but she told that it will took some time so better come inside an wait. we went inside in a cabin an there I saw shoba mam an she started to smile at me it was strange to me I thought that something is going to happen to me an suddenly I thought that what she told last time and I felt scared and I started to run from there an shoba order there nurse to catch me , I was running like hell at 1 point I saw police jeep is standing there I went for help there 1 lady inspector was standing an I came to her an told that they are trying to kill me an beg for help, she took me by jeep an went to that clinic an went near to shoba an started to enquirer I was now relaxed an thought that if the police woman arrest her an after long conversation an my aunt showed some proof an after that lady inspector came near me an told don’t worry my boy Indian will me so proud of u all an suddenly she grabbed me so tight an pushed me in the corner of the wall and that sister bring the injection an inject me in the left side of my arm after few seconds I felt into deep sleep.

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    Srs fan (Tuesday, 12 June 2018 00:28)


    When I woke up my aunt and shoba mam smile at me. I am feeling something strange. I can fee something is missing between my legs. I tried to speak but I can't speak properly. Shoba man told me that they removed my penis. She showed me box and told me it's my testicals. I started to cry. She told me, it's women's natural call. Every women will cry some day. My aunt told me, your breasts will grow automatically by taking medicines. My aunt told me, we did small surgery to change your voice. Soon they left the room. I asked nurse that I am getting toilet. She took me toilet and asked me to sit and pee. It was strange for me to sit and pee. Soon I am discharged from hospital. When I went to my room, I was totally different. Entire room is in pink colour. On the dressing table I can lot of make up stuff.i opened the by cupboard, lot of women clothes. My aunt told me you should wear all these clothes. If you want any help while wearing your clothes can take your sisters help, because we all are women. My aunt and sisters forcing took me bath room and shaved all my body hair. They tied the towel around my breasts. They tied me, from now onwards you have to wear towel like this only. Then they forced me to wear braids and panty. I tried to resist but they are stronger than me. My sister took a chudidaar and started to dress me. I can't do anything. They dressed me properly and made me to sit before dressing table. They are enjoying dressing me. My aunt started to put bangles in my hand. She was laughing,, she told me bangles are symbol of women. My sister took earrings and kept in my ears. I asked them when they piersed my ears. My aunt told me, they pierced when I was in hospital. She kept bindi on my forehead and finally my aunt stated to braid my hair. My sister is laughing seeing me like this. My aunt braided my hair and placed it on my shoulder. When I saw in mirror, I was shocked. I am exactly looking like a girl. My sister told me, come sister it's time for college.

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    Srs fan (Tuesday, 12 June 2018 05:44)


    When I heard the word college, I started to shiver. My aunt gave me high heels. I wore it. It was very difficult for me to walk. With lot struggling I managed to walk. My sister started her scooty and I sat on back seat. While entering college, I started to shiver. I was thinking about prakash. What he will do, when see me like this. When I entered the class every one shocked seeing me. Our lecturer told me to sit with girls. I silently sat in girls row. Everyone is saying,, shamala you looking gorgeous. I was happy that I haven't met prakash till now. It was humiliation for me. I have to attend beauty and hair dressing classes. In the evening while going to home prakash saw me. He came to me and started laughing. He told me shamala you look great like this. I didn't say anything and we went to home. My aunt told me to fresh and come. I went to my room and came after some time. My aunt told me, from today onwards you have to start learning household works. She told me, if you don't learn household works than you are going to struggle in your husband's home. My sister started to laugh. They took me kitchen and started to teach me cooking. Tears rolled in my eyes while cooking. My aunt told me you are new to womenhood and it will take some to adjust. We cooked the food and my uncle is waiting for food. Actually women shouldn't sit with men am, while men are eating. Now only my uncle is the man in our home. So I was standing near the dinning table and started to serve food to my uncle. My uncle saw me but he didn't say anything. After my uncle ate. We started to eat. It is the first time I am eating with my aunt and sisters. My aunt told me to eat less, so that I can maintain my figure. After we had our dinner, we cleaned all the utensils and went to our room to sleep. I was about to sleep, my aunt told how can you sleep without wearing nighty. We women should wear nighty while sleeping. I got angry but didn't expressed it. Silently I got up and wore a nighty and slept. Next day my aunt woke me and took me to kitchen. After some time I went to my room to get ready for college. I went to my bath and came out wearing towel around my breast. My aunt saw me, and told you are learning fastly. My aunt told me, today is traditional wear, so today you're going to wear a half saree. I was shocked. As usual I wore a bra and panty. My aunt took the blouse and made me to wear it. It fitted me well. Then I wore pavada and my aunt started to drape choli and pinned it on my left shoulder. Then she started to put bangles in my hands, earrings in my ears and anklets in my legs. She asked me to sit on a chair and stated to braid my hair. While braiding my hair, she told me, now you are a woman and you should always cover your breasts and she completed braiding. At that some women came to sell flowers. My aunt bought some flowers and kept in my hair. I was feeling shy. My aunt gave me a hand bag, it contains lipstick, small mirror etc. My sister is wearing jeans Pant and shirt. The rules are only for sakti girls. She stated her scooty and I sat back like a women. We went to college. At that time Kavita saw me,, she came near me and started treatment like a women. She is asking me , where did you bought this half saree and earrings. She told me your breasts are visible. I immediately started to cover it. She is laughing seeing me covering my breast. She told me, your husband is so lucky to have a beautiful woman like you. I didn't speak a single word. The total day was humiliation for me. Always i have cover my breasts. In the evening prakash saw me, he came near me and pinched my hips. He told me you have beautiful figure. I got angry and I was about to slap. He caught my hand and pulled me towards him. I was tensed. My sister is watching all these but she didn't stop. She was enjoying it. I started to cry. Then he left. While going to home home my sister is teasing me. She told me even you have a boyfriend but I don't have. I felt shy. And we reached home. My aunt asked me how is the half saree. I told her it was difficult for me to cover my breasts. She told me you have adjust all these things.l if you get married you have to wear only sarees in your husband's home. At that time my sister told my aunt that shamala got a boyfriend in the college. My aunt asked me is that true. I said no. He is not my boyfriend,, he is my enemy.

  • #13

    Srs fan (Tuesday, 12 June 2018 08:49)


    My uncle went some where for his work. In the evening my aunt and sisters started to watch TV serials. They forced me too watch with them. I am also getting bored, so I decided to watch serial with them. While watching serials they are discussing about their sarees and jewellery. They even started to discuss with me. I don't what to say. They are enjoying discussing about dresses and jewellery. My aunt told me,, you should know about the jewellery properly, so that when we buy jewellery for you marriage, you have to select on your own. Every time they discussed about my marriage, I was tensed. When I think about being a wife to someone, tears rolled in my eyes. We went to kitchen and cooked food. While eating my sister and my aunt asked me, did you get your periods. I was shocked. I don't know that even I can get periods. I asked my aunt that will I get periods??. She told me, you're a complete women and you can get periods and after marriage you can become a mom also. I don't what to say. In the night while sleeping I wore a nighty and slept. Tomorrow also I have to wear half saree. Early in the morning I woke up and went to kitchen and cooked breakfast. Then I went to my room and got freshup. I wore half saree by myself. My aunt surprised see me. She told me,, shamala you are learning very fastly, even your sister can't wear half saree by herself. Then I went to college. But today is very I didn't get much trouble. In the evening when I went home, my aunt asked me, how was college today. I told her it fine. While we are cooking, they treated me, like one of them. I told them sorry for I have done in the past. Even I started crying. They consoled me and told me that they forgot about sham,, now they only remember about shamala. I started laughing, even in this situation they are teasing me. We had dinner and went to sleep. Next day when I woke up, I am getting stomach pain and there is blood on the bed. Then I noticed that I am getting period. I told my aunt about my periods. My aunt told me you are a matured women now. I started to wear pads also. I didn't went to college for 4 days. Next day when I went to college, our lecturer mam asked me,, why I was absent for 4 days. I was very to tell her. She whispered I'm my ears that, did you get your periods I said say. She laughed and told me to sit. All girls understood that I got periods. Now all girls in the college started to treat me as one of them.

  • #14

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 00:28)

    Incharge of house
    My name is shalini i got married 1.3 yrs back with ashish he is sikh frm punjab and marketing manager. He was slim and fair and use to travel overseas for work purpose. When initialy i got married i moved to inlaws house in punjab It was arranged marriage and it was big family i had father in law, mother in law and his 2 brothers as one of thm was married and one sister who was doing her bsc. i some how managed to stay with thm.and life was going on. i basically belong to nagpur where before marriage i use to stay with my mother who was a teacher in college as my father was no more and use to to work in reputed bank as manager before marriage and after marriage i was in my inlaws house and doing house hold chores which i didn't lik. My mil use to taunt me and make me wprk at home which i was not comfortable in it. I use to complain ashish but he never use to respond to it.

  • #15

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 00:44)

    Incharge of house
    So life was going on to tell u more abt myself i use to lov my freedom before marriage and use to wear western wear and was happy to work in bank as manager but as i was 27 my mom forced me for marriage whn i got this marriage proposal. Ashish was 28 years old and was very sensitive and reserved person. Now iam opposite to wht i was wearing saree and covering my head with palu wearing anklets bangles nosering and cooking and helping my mil in kitchen. So almost it was 3 months of our marriage and ashish had to go to usa for his business trip where he informed me a month ago and also updated his family.so he was leaving after a week frm new delhi airport. I was afraid tht i hav to stay alone here with out him as my mil will torcher me. So I requested ashish to drop me to nagpur till u come back frm usa which he denied and said tht i need to take care of his family in his absence. But i didnt agree and fought with him and didnt speak to him for 2nites some how i convinced my father in law so he told ashish to drop me to nagpur for 2 months with my mother as i was happy and ashish didn't hav any option so the next day he booked our flights and reached to nagpur and met my mother and told me tht after 2 months i need to go back to punjab he stayed for a night thn left to airport to catch his flight.

  • #16

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 01:14)

    Incharge of house
    To tell you more my fil has a big garments showroom. Where my bil also take cares of his business. So ashish doesnt want to depend on his father so he works independently. My bil wife also works in a mnc. So his second bro has a supermarker grocery store he is also getting married next year. So i also wantd to work but ashish didnt allow me to work.now the house which we liv is very small so thtz the reason we didn't hav any privacy.

  • #17

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 01:53)

    Incharge of house
    Thtz all abt ashish family. Now it was almost a week i was staying in nagpur and was having good time. So my mom use to cook nice food we had a good time going for shopping, movie and lunch. I use to speak to ashish on phone. I was free frm my bahu look and was happy to come back to my western attire which i had collection in my house. So almost a month passed so i didnt want to go back so i went to meet my colleagues in my previous company i met all. And thy told thy still has a requirement for manager in this bank so i was little confused so i finally thought i will work for year till ashish comes back so tht i will hav my old days back. Soon i took decision joined the company back

  • #18

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 02:11)

    Incharge of house
    So almost 2months passed i got call frm ashish i told him tht i cant go back rather let me stay here till you return frm business trip he was not convinced hearing tht i joined the bank. He shouted at me but later at tht night he told tht once he comes back i need to resign and come back to inlaws house i didnt hav any option i said yes to him. He informed his family thy were not happy abt tht soon 8 months passed ashish came back as he had finished his work. So it was surprise tht he returned to his house and stayed with his parents for month and had tuff time answering thm and fought with his family. He resigned frm his job as he was tired travelling and came to nagpur to pick me up. I was at home whn he came back thn he got angry on me and shouted at me and also askd my mom for wht was happening.
    So my mom told him tht just 2months more so tht i can resign with bank and go to my house.
    So some how i and my mom manage to convince him so he agreed. So almost a week passed soon he got a call frm his father thy askd him whts happening so he told thm tht he will b coming to home by tomorrow ane shalini will reach after 2 months so his dad got angry on him and disconnected the call. Soon ashish left to his house and had a tuff time answering all. Soon it was almost a month. He was helping dad in business which his elder brother didnt lik as he had kept the eye on the property so some how he managed to manipulate his dad and ashish fought with his family and left the house and finally he took my belongings and his and came back to nagpur. To stay with us

  • #19

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 02:32)

    Incharge of house
    He came back and bought his and my belongings which had his clothes and stuff and my heavy sarees and suits and jewellery. So he almost was tired so he didnt tell anything and slept he woked up next morning and had breakfast and i was getting ready to go to bank this is the first time he saw me wearing jeans and shirt and was shocked he didnt tell any thn so i left to work in my scooty. Thn my mom left to college. So he was at home
    Soon i reachd in evening and my mm prepared dinner so it was nite i aekd him wht he did today nothing he said he was just applying for jobs on line and watching tv and taking rest. So a week passed he didn't get any job he was at home and use to keep watching tv or sleeping. He asked me tht i hav changd my complete look here in western clothes wnd look different compare to sasural. So i said him i love to wear western and casauls and want to liv freely and work.i feel happy. So finally i finished my contract for 1 year so i askd ashish wht to do next as we cant survive in my moms place with out money or job. Ashish had saved much money and had fixed deposit on my name. So he told me to continue as he is also searching for job. I was happy to hear so i extended my contract and was taking care of ashish.

  • #20

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 02:46)

    Incharge of house
    So he was feeling guilty to stay in my moms place and dependent on me. So days passed he was not able to find job. So his family never called him and he was little bit lost. So soon he was loofing outside and started to drink. So i was not happy with tht he felt sick and his bp was low so he was admitted to hospital for depression. I checked with doctor so she told me to take care of him. So doctor wrote some medicines and i went to bring the medicines thr was a lady who was buying her medicines to but due to rush in medical our bags got exchanged. I came back and discharged ashish and went home.

  • #21

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 03:08)

    Incharge of house
    So we came back to home and i was the ith ashish giving him juice and taking care of him. I took his medicine bags and was not sure abt which tablet i hav to give him as i misplaced the prescription so i called doctor she told all rhe tablets is for 3 times a day and syrup for 2times so i was so busy i didnt ecen read the name on tablets or syrup gave him and advised him to take on time as it was for 1 month so days passed so almost it was a month so ashish was very weak was sleeping for most of time.
    So almost it was week he complained abt his chest pain at nite so next morning we went to doctor and the doctor started to check him and wrote for blood test and some usual check up. Thn we got blood report the doctor was shocked as he was confused and checkd the tablets anf syrup and told me tht we gave him wrong medicine as this medicines are for the growth of women for thr breast and health. I was shocked as the doctor told me tht ashish has developed breast and his body is producing female harmones. So i askd doctor wht we can do now he told he will prescribe medicine and not sure abt the changes as his body has already started to produce female harmones. He checked ashish breast as it had already talen nice shape and told me to make him wear bra so rht it doesnot increase more

  • #22

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 03:32)

    Incharge of house
    I was not sure wht to do now soon i told everthing to mom. My mom was shocked too and was concern abt him. As we didnt knw wht to do. Soon i gave him medicine for week i could clearly see his breast increasing so i was tensed as i couldnt do anything more as it is my fault tht i didnt check medicines properly. So i went to doctor and told him abt the changes so he told tht ashish body is changing into female so we can do operation but chances are very less of survival. So i didnt wantd to take chance so finally i went back home and told mom wht we can do now. So mom told not to worry as his body is changing we can surely make him wear bra as his neither working nor going out any where. So he can stay here easily no one will knw tht he is wearing bra. So next day whn i woke up i saw him he was taking bath it was sunday he told me tht his chest is paining and thr is swelling in chest. So i told him tht due to some harmonial changes your chest is swelling so i checked with doctor as ur chest is turned to breast he was shocked and i told him tht u need to wear a bra as it will stop ur breast frm increasing.so he was shocked and didnt agree i tried to check as the tshirt he was wearing was tight on the upper level. He told me he cant wear bra. So i called doctor but he told me tht i need to make him wear bra as his body is demanding. I requestd him but he disnt listen next day again he complaint the same thing at nite. I askd him does he love me or not he said he loves me more thn anyone. So i took him on charge i was wearing tshirt and trackpant he was wearing the same i removed his tshirt saw his breast it had develop almost the same which i had thn i played with his breast and i removed my bra and forced him to wear as he was weak he couldnt stop me thn i showed him the mirror and it fitted him perfect and he was feeling relaxed. So i told him if u lov me you wont remove the bra and sleep in same. He slept i waked up in morning saw him sleeping took some pics of him in bra and woked him up and askd him how was he feeling now he said he didnt hav any pain. So i said him good frm today you will wear bra till i check with doctor he kept his head down. Soon i left to office

  • #23

    randi akshara bhabi (Sunday, 17 June 2018 04:25)

    Do u realy want to complete your story soon
    Please dont do that make him more forced to wear all clothes
    And introduced some characters from your home like your sister and mom
    And ashish mom and sister
    Go and speak with doctor to make him totaly female and dont do sex change
    Do apply fake vegena
    Make hom wear small doll maod dress with out underwear and
    Introduced him with Leasbens play and slowly masturbate his fake vdgina
    And ass crack
    Fuck him with dildos
    In kitchen and bath room during watching TVs etc
    Make and erotic story
    Because there are many writers
    Who write only simple Crossdresing stories
    But some stoties forced will be very intrestIMG
    Make the story with twist and turns and when u meet him with your daddy dont tell yoir daddy that he is your husband and tell him tha he is our maid
    And make a incedent and make your widow daddy happy by
    Making them alone in house
    For some reasons your mom has divorced your daddy or she died
    So that your daddy feeling alone
    You and ashish has decide to satify him
    By oral but
    Ashish has got taped by your daddy
    And he became your step mother and you get marry with another man with your office colleague

  • #24

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 04:54)

    Incharge of house
    So finally i went to doctor and showed him pics as the doctor told tht he has a perfecr breast of female who is abov 28 yrs. So he told me to allow him to wear bra so tht he doesn't have any itchiness or swelling and told tht with recent reports he hav changed almost to 60 percent as woman as his body has started to produce female harmones. So rather accept him as woman rather thn ur husband. I was shockd and i knw thy were no options. So i discussed with mom so my mom told me tht no one knows him here as he belongs to punjab so we can easily give him a proper fem get up and keep with us as his family also left him. So i thought for a while thn i thought i will convert him to my wife as he is staying with us no job and i can also continue my career.

  • #25

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 05:09)

    Incharge of house
    So i went to bank and came back saw ashish was sleeping i waked him up and told him to get me a class of water he was surprised when i showed him anger he went and bought glass of water
    So i was happy he is scared of me. So thn i went to my mom and told her plan. My mom was surprised as i told her tht we will convert ashish to asha. As i needed support frm my mom to help me so ashish was in the dinning room i locked his almirah and hided the key. I told ashish to take bath and come and he ask me for fresh clothes.i told him i will get frm almirah and asked him for his dirty clothes so tht i can wash. So he gave me and i told him to take head bath as well. So he removef his turban and was taking bath thn he askd for fresh clothes. So i said iam searching for ur almirah keys he almost waitd for 10mts and came out tying towel. This was the first time iam seeing him with out turban wuth long hairs almost till back.

  • #26

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 05:36)

    Incharge of house
    So he came out frm bathroom and shouted for clothes as i was pretending to search the keys and was not able to find. So he was also searching with me but we were not able to find. Thn suddenly i saw his breast and covered with othr towel. Thn ashish askd me for old clothes i said just now i gav it to laundry for wash. Now he was blank thn i told him sit i will search sum othr option.thn i askd him about his hair he said tht as he belngs to sikh family i hav long hairs i was happy thinking tht my plan will b successful. Soon i searched i was not able to find so i told iam not able to find the key's. So he askd wht should i wear now. I said wait i will search some clothes for u.

  • #27

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 06:12)

    Thanks akshara.
    Giv me ideas regard to between husband wife and shalini mom. So i get some conept to complete story. Where ashish can become bahu and shalini husband so tht he can serve his mother in law and shalini. Lik dressing concept and little bit humiliation. So tht i can complete story today

  • #28

    randi akshara bhabi (Sunday, 17 June 2018 06:28)

    Dont u want take ur daddy into story
    And make him as your mommy and make your mommy your boy friend or old women who cannot satify your dad
    How will be that

  • #29

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 06:36)

    Hi akshara
    Shalini wants to make her husband wife. Because she loves him and she doesnt want to share her husband with any one. She want ashish to serve her as wife and her mom as bahu. As shalini was serving in her sasural. So tht he can also understand a womans world. So tht shalini can work and ashish can become bahu.

  • #30

    Vijiya (Sunday, 17 June 2018 06:43)

    Shalini good concept let it be a love crossdressing story lik role reversal. Let ur mom torcher him make him wear gunghat.make him wear heavy sarees. Teach him cooking pierce nose and ears and make him wear lots of jewellery and take him out and give him braid.

  • #31

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 07:25)

    Incharge of house
    So it took me almost 10 mts to search clothes but i was not able to find any. Thn i askd ashish i dont hav any men clothes so wht should we do knw i cant see u seating lik this u will catch up cold. So i askd ashish can i giv u some of ny clothes i hav western and casuals tht should fit u easily. So he was confused i opened my almirah took one top and searchd for casauls pant or jeans but i was not able to find one. So i took top and a black skirt i thought it will easily fit him. But he denied seeing tht thn i said to him i dont hav any othr options rather you can sit lik this or wear this top and skirt or i can lend u mom saree so he was quiet thm he said he dont even hav undergarments thn i had bought nice panty and bra and kept in advance which can fit him properly.

  • #32

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 07:39)

    Incharge of house
    I told him atleast wear this panty and bra he took bra but he was not ready to wear panty but i requested he wore thn later he was sitting quietly and was feeling shy. Thn he told me to get a key maker so tht we can break the lock i said him today is sunday we cant find any tomorrow will get some one to break the lock. So i requestd him to wear top atleast it was very nice blue in colour.

  • #33

    randi akshara bhabi (Sunday, 17 June 2018 08:42)

    Ok thats it i want to say
    Its your story u should write what u wish
    No problem dear keep going
    But you didnt told about beard aur mustache or body hair
    Does he has beard and body hairs or not
    Make a situation of shaving it

  • #34

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 09:19)

    Incharge of house
    So he was not ready to wear i said mom also is not here she has gone for kittie party she will be coming late plz wear this top so finally he wore the top which fitted him properly and it gave his breast a proper shape and thn i forced him to wear skirt as he didnt hav any option he wore black skirt.thn he was feeling shy because this was the first time he was wearing fem clothes.

  • #35

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 09:37)

    Incharge of house
    So he was looking fine as his body structure was lik a female but only thing was tht he had body hairs little bit and had a light beard and moustache. So thn he said why cant u go out and buy some clothes gor me i said him today shops will be closed so market is almost 5 kms away adjust today will surely do something tomorrow. So he was little bit nervous i made tea and breakfast and we had togethr he was feeling shy. Thn i did his hairs in pony tail and tied a rubber band. As he didnt tell me anything almost it was 12 in noon. I took bath wore t shirt and track pant. Thn i saw him he was reading newspaper so i askd him how does he feeling now he told comfortable i told him u should wear clothes which are little bit soft and free.

  • #36

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 09:54)

    Incharge of house
    So finally we ordered food frm outside and had lunch. Thn i was watching tv he was sleeping lik a teenage girl thn i had also slept for some time. Thn it was almost 5 i waked up and made tea gav him tea and thn i askd him wht he wants to do now regarding job as he is living here with out any income. So he told tht he is applying for jobs online and getting calls but not upto his level. So i said now wht u want to do as your family hav left u and u r staying here frm 4 months. He was confused now and askd me wht you want now. I told him tht iam settle now and happy here. I was not able to adjust with ur family amd ur mil torchered me a lot. So wht i want frm u is tht plz give me divorce.as i wont b able to take care of u.

  • #37

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 10:45)

    Incharge of house
    So he was shocked and tears were rolling out of his eyes.so i gave him two options rather giv me a divorce and go back to your family. Or stay here with me and take care of my house as i knw tht u wont b able to get job and u r unfit to b my husband and i will take care of u. U remember how u torchered me whn u mothr use to complain to u abt me. And u use to hit me and never u took me out and i use to get up early make tea and breakfast. Pack ur bag and lunch and whn u use to come back i use to wait late nite and serve u dinner.so u will do same for me or else you are free to go. I use to pray tht whn will i get free frm duties looks lik my prayers are fullfilled. So i want u to take my place and liv my life and i hav already taken ur place and earning good and enjoying my life.

  • #38

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 12:07)

    Incharge of house
    So decide and let me knw wht you want divorce or serve me. So he was thinking and after som time he agreed as he didnt hav any options. So i told him frm now onwards you will take care of house and ur mil and cook food wash clothes clean house. So ashish told he dont knw to cook i told him not to worry as me and mom will teach you everything and train u. You will nevervstep out of house without my permission and never contact any of ur family member.ashish agreed as he knew he didnt hav any friends nor his family was interested to talk to him. You will call my mom as sasuma and listen to her. And listen to me u will never back answer.
    As you will liv here like bahu to my mom and wife to me. And you already hav got breast now. As doctor told tht you are 60% woman. Now you are not fit to be my husband.

  • #39

    Naukrani ka Naukar (Sunday, 17 June 2018 12:20)

    Ohhh Shalini!!!
    I so wish to be your wife or if not, your keep. Please make me yours...

  • #40

    randi akshara bhabi (Sunday, 17 June 2018 12:32)

    Your are not loving your husband /would be wife
    You are taking revenge and going to be a cruel husband
    Please be loving and caring husband and show him how a husband should behave
    That will be good lesson ok

  • #41

    randi bhabi akshara (Sunday, 17 June 2018 12:35)

    Teach him lovingly and tell him u are nothing without me
    I will love you
    Not the one u do to me
    I will show you how the real man love a women

  • #42

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 12:49)

    Incharge of house
    So let me keep you update tht you hav already started to wear bra. As you hav breast and long hairs you are fit to be my wife a woman. So also let me remind you. Tht you will dress up as woman which i will teach u and get u ready. You bought so many sarees and dresses for me rite and didnt allow me to wear western or casauls which i wear freely now always forced me to keep pallu on my head and you loved my banglesvand anklets sound rite. Now you will understand how does it feel.whn i make you wear thm.

  • #43

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 13:09)

    Incharge of house
    So r u ready to be my wife and serve me or u want divorce. So think abt it ashish as u dont hav any way dont worry i will keep u happy if u serve me and be a proper housewife. So ashish was thinking i removed his clothes showed him mirror and asked him see your self ur bra fits you as you hav lovely breast and ur hairs are longer thn mine dont worry i will braid them nicely and keep flowers. See your body it is slim and weak like a teenage girl. But you have nice navel tht should b beautiful whn u wear saree and wait me on bed at nite.

  • #44

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 13:58)

    Incharge of house
    Thn i got a call frm my mom stating tht she will be staying in her friends home for 3 days. So i taught its nice time to take ashish on ride andvteavh him his first lesson of womanhood.
    Now he was in bra and panty as i was laughing and i pulled his hair and took him to bathroom and took veet cream and applied on his arms. And he had less hair on his body. And thn i took trimmer and shaved his beard and moustache. He tried to stop me i said him real men hav beard and moustache but not the sissy my darling. Thn i shaved his beard and moustache. And applied veet cream and removed his hairs on legs and arms
    Thn i took trimmer and shaved his private part hairs he tried to stop me i pushed him he was weak and slapped him.and gave im multani mitti to apply on his body and face.after tht he took bath and came out he was nude so i gave him panty and bra to wear he wore panty but was not able to hook bra so i helped him.

  • #45

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 14:18)

    Incharge of house
    So now he was in bra and panty thn i asked him wht do you want to wear asha.he was quiet and nervous had his head down thn i showed him mirror and asked him see are you man enough. Thn i laughed and took out a pink nighty and showed him.so i said him today is ur first nite as my wife. So take this nighty and wear.remember this nighty u bought for me frm dubai this is same satin nighty. Which u gifted me on my birthday.so plz wear now baby. Ashish was not ready to wear he ask for tshirt and track pant.i told him now you will wear wht i want you to wear.you will be here as my wife do you remember. You will never wear any mens wear. I got angry and told him to wear. He wore and stood quietly i said see how beautiful you are looking thn i caught his hair and did his pony tail and added a hair clip.thn i made him sit in front of mirror did his make up added lipstick thn he had good eyebrows gave maskara thn took bindi and kept on his forehead thn i took some glass bangles and made him wear transferred my mangalsutra and tied anklets thn i took nail polish and coloured his nails.i had piercing machine i pierced his ears and gave him small earrings.thn gave him dupatta on his head. He was quiet and nervous thn i showed him mirror.

  • #46

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 14:27)

    Incharge of house
    So now he was quiet and calm we took som selfies and thn reminded him tht ur duty is to keep me happy remember so now u r my wife and iam your husband you will respect me and listen to me. Remember you will wear bangles anklets and mangalsutra every day and night. As now u r woman this three things are reminder tht u r woman incharge of this house. Tomorrow i will call a beautician she will pierce ur nose and do threading and shape ur hairs got it.asha was afraid and was tensed i said not to worry she is my friend she will keep this scared ok jaanu.

  • #47

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 15:20)

    Incharge of house
    So he was calm and silent his voice was sweet whn he speaks so thn i asked asha who is she feeling.now frm here i will refer asha as she.she said sorry and forgive me. I said to her dont cry asha your makeup will get spoil. So i said her today is ur first day will order food frm outside ok. So we ordered food and i had first as she served the food thn i made her to eat frm same plate.thn i switched on tv and was watching serial made her to watch. In the serial thr was a scene were husband was messaging her wife legs so i said to her to do the same she did startd to press my legs. Thn in same scene the wife wad telling her husband" din bhar kya karto hain ghar pa kuch kam karlo thoda khana bana la sikalo aur ghar kam bhi agar sharam ati ho to chudiya pahenlo aur chunri odhalo waisi bhi tumpe acha hi laga gi mein tumhe kama kar kilaongi aur tum meri biwi banka rahena.I taught its rite dialogue for asha thn i told asha tht nowadays men are fit to be women. Thy dont knw wht pain ee go through. Iam happy for you.You did a rite job by wearing this bangles and dupatta it suits u. Wish your mothr had seen u in this avtar and thn i made her sleep with same nighty and dupata on her head. It was morning i waked her up and told her to make tea and get toast. She woked up made tea and toast and gav to me i ate and appreciated for her good work. Thn i took leav taught i will call poonam my friend frm beauty parlour to pierce asha nose. So she came i told her the entire story so she was my childhood friend.asha was not comfortable to comebin front of poonam thn i pushed her and bought in front of poonam.She saw asha gave a bleach and thn facial thn gave her proper haircut and gave her blow and thn pierced her nose and did eyebrows.

  • #48

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 15:40)

    Incharge of house
    Thn poonam gav sum oil to apply on body before bath so tht it will glow and body hair will not grow soon
    Thn i took asha to bathroom and applied lotion gave her nice bath and hot shower her body was totally looking lik female. Thn i made her wear bra and panty thn picked up a yellow salwar kameez with gold zari work which punjabi wear its heavy as it has zari work. Which ashish had made me wear whn we had gone to honeymoon i complained him its heavy i can't wear but he didnt listen now it was my time. She didnt agree to wear. I gave her one tight slap reminded her not to disobey ur husband.
    So made her wear it fitted him properly thn did her make up applied lipstick and maskara gave her bangles and all jewellery gave her nose ring and anklets and made him wear mangalsutra. Thn i braided his hair kept on his shoulder.thn finally i gave dupatta on his head. So asha was ready we took some selfies thn i told her now go and clean the room and swipe the floor which she did thn I went to take bath wore top and jeans. And went out to get flower's so i came back and pinned the flowers on her hair. She was feeling shy rhn we both cooked lunch as i train her. Thn i made her eat frm same plate.thn she spoke softly lik a teenage girl tht this dress is heavy and i laughed and said get use to it. Ans reminded her the same thung i told u but u never listened. So now enjoy the same.

  • #49

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 15:57)

    Incharge of house
    Thn i made her to learn how to cut vegetables and cook rice. Thn we took some more selfies. Thn i got a call frm doctor as she wantd to ask abt ashish. Thn i answered the call told her tht ashish is fine. She asked how is ashish feeling i told her tht breast is same now ashish stays at home and take cares of home. The doctor was surprised and ask me whether he wears bra i said to doctor yes he wears bra.thn he wanted to meet her so tht we can do check up. So i took todays appointment and told asha to get ready as we need to go to doctor. She was afraid to go out i told her not to worry no one will recognise you as you look perfect female. So i took her in car and went to hospital directly to doctors cabin. So i met doctor and he asked me abt ashish so i said she is rite here infront of u. He was shocked to see asha in her new role. And was happy tht she accepted her new role. So she did blood test and thn he got the report were asha body is producing female harmones and asha was almost 80% tirned to woman internally. As she was 100% externally. So doctor gav her some women medicine and congratulated on our life. And thn gave me option to remove his male part as ashish man power will not function. But i said let me think abt it.

  • #50

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 16:07)

    Incharge of house
    So finally we reach home thn she was comfortable and i asked her to get a glass of water. She served me thn i was happy tht asha will be complete woman and doctor gav som women vitamins tablet i made her take regularly.thn we made dinner she served me and i made her eat frm my plate.thn i was watching serial she cleaned vessel's and came sat next to me.thn i asked her wht she said she is missing her family.so she want to meet thm i gav her permission to meet thm but in same getup because now you are woman and my wife so think abt it. She kept quiet thn i told her ur house is ur sasural not mica. Thn i gave her violet colour nighty made her hair in bun. And made her wear more bangles.and kept dupatta on her head.

  • #51

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 16:17)

    Incharge of house
    So it was morning she woked up made tea and amlut and bread thn i went to take bath first thn told asha to take bath. She came out i saw her breast has taken good shape her navel was beautiful.thn i decided to make her wear saree. So i picked a green saree with petticoat and net blouse.thn gave her beautiful bra and panty. She wore and came thn i took petticoat and tied her thn made her wear blouse as we both hav same size.thn gave her green bangles and added jeweller gave her big nose ring which is attached to big earrings amd braided her hair gave mangtika.and finally draped sarees and gave pallu in head told her to make sure palu is thr on head all the time. Thn applied sindoor and told her to touch my feet she did and took my blessings.

  • #52

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 16:35)

    Incharge of house
    So finally my dream came true where asha was wearing saree looking perfect. So thn i askd her who is she feeling now she was lik a doll. Thn i took some selfies and she was having difficulty to manage in saree i told her not to worry you will get use to it frm now onwards you will wear sarees only. Like a perfect house wife
    Soon my mom reached and i opened the door and mom could hear bangles voice so she went straight to kitchen and was not able to recognize ashish thn i introduce mom tht she is ur bahu. Mom didn't believ she was surprised thn i told her she is asha ur bahu. Now she is woman and will manage the house. Mom was happy to see her and she started to call bahu and made her work in kitchen and serve her and taunt her torcher her by giving her more work.
    And took her out taught her how to put rangoli and water plants.we three ladies made dinner as she was in learning so my mom took guarantee to train her in cooking. So i made her eat in my plate as my mom was happy.thn it was nite she cleaned vessel's later she gav milk to my mom and came to room i caught her and had some good time and sucked her nipples she was crying in pain as her man part was not erecting she was helpless thn i got dildo and gave her nice time she started to cry and had nice time. So she was yelling lik a woman which i liked thn i told her woman has to go through this pain which u gav me on first nite.

  • #53

    Shalini (Sunday, 17 June 2018 16:44)

    Incharge of house
    Finally she was in control thn she slept in blouse and petticoat with all jewellery. So it was morning she waked up and went to make tea as she didnt knw how to wear saree and forgot tht mom was here. Suddenly my mom saw her and scolded her and draped the saree and told her to keep pallu on head as she is her mother in law. And told her to touch her feet which she did.So she made tea served mom and to me.so my mom taught her to wear saree and practice everyday.as she should learn quickly.
    Thn i left to office mom was on summer holidays so mom draped the saree which was pink in colour and braided her hair and was teaching all kitchen work and taunt her.

  • #54

    Shalini (Monday, 18 June 2018 10:27)

    Incharge of house
    It was almost a month so asha was wearing sarees and doing house hold chores. So my mom had to attend a ladies party so she wanted to take asha so my mom took my permission and next day i took asha to parlour did her facial threading and pedicure manicureand got waxing done. Thn we went back to home and i checked my almirah for sum party dress. Thn i got a lehenga choli i thought it was special for me as i wore on reception of our marriage.so it was almost more thn a year i had wore the lehenga.so it was in maron color so i dressed him in bra and panty thn did his make up as now asha was experienced she applied foundation lipstick and maskara. Thn i took choli as it was little bit tight but was giving nice impression and thn lehenga and did the jewellery gave him maron bangles along woth gold bangles and gold jewellery like gold necklace which ashish had given to me on our first nite. So i made him wear and gave him designer bindi and tied mangalsutra to make sure tht everbody nows tht he ia married. Thn gav him dupatta on head typically in muslim style. And then tied the choli lasess at back and applied sindoor. So asha was looking more beautiful thn me... i took her to hall my mom was surprised as she was looking beautiful thn i made her wear sandals with low hills. So thn i got ready i wore kurti abd tides and mom wore her orange saree. So o askd asha you never took me to any functions or party So you are lucky tht iam taking you with me we left to party in car.

  • #55

    Shalini (Monday, 18 June 2018 10:45)

    Incharge of house
    So finally we reachd party and i introduced asha as my sil and everybody were asking abt her. So i was enjoying tht asha was speaking slowly in her girly voice and thn she was adjusting her self in the party she was little bit netvous to see so many womens in party and thn we had beauty contest she won first prize. She got make up set and purse and thr was mehendi contest so mom applied on asha hands so we won 2nd prize.and mom got a beautiful nighty so mom gifted to asha. So we had dinner so i feeded asha as she had applied mehandi on hands. Thn we left to home and i appreciated asha and kissed her on her cheeks she was shy. Thn as soon as we reached home i huged asha and told her god made a mistake by giving her wrong body not to worry later he rectified by making you women and my wife.

  • #56

    Shalini (Monday, 18 June 2018 11:09)

    Incharge of house
    I was in love again with asha seeing her beauty and softness. So she was sitting lik a bride with maron lehenga so i played with her bangles and kissed her she was feeling shy and trying to escape her mehandi had got her nice color. So thn i removed her choli and played with her breast and hugged her in my arms. So thn i askd her did u like ur new role she was nervous and thn said yes. Which i accepted frm asha. So thn i removed her lehenga and made her wear tht new nighty it was red in colour and thn told her to wear dupatta on her head and removed necklace kept bangles anklets and mangalsutra.

  • #57

    Shalini (Monday, 18 June 2018 11:22)

    Incharge of house
    So it was morning she woked up to make breakfast she made dosa and chutney made tea and packed my tiffin thn i left as mom was along with her. So thn mom saw her she was in nighty so mom made her wear her saree which was blue chiffon saree and did her hairs into bun and added bangles and did som little makeup. And she made lunch and was serving my mom and thn she had lunch. And she was pressing my moms legs as mom was watching tv thn she cutted the vegetables and helped mom to make dinner and was waiting for me. As soon as i reached she use to give me smile and take my bag remove my shoes and get glass of water. Which i use to do whn i was in my in laws house in punjab for ashish. Thn she got dinner and served me as mom had already slept after having dinner. I saw her in moms saree and told her good now you hav two wardrobes to share with. Thn suddenly she put her pallu on head and had dinner in sam plate.thn she came to room after cleaning kitchen. And bought glass of milk i drank half and gave it to her to drink she drank and was sitting quietly. Thn i kissed her and had sex as lesbians. Thn she wore nighty and slept.

  • #58

    Shalini (Monday, 18 June 2018 11:57)

    Incharge of house
    It was second Saturday as it was bank holiday and next was sunday i got 2days off. So i was thinking wht to do soon i saw her cleaning the house and washing clothes. Thn i was searching for some good stuff to make her wear. Thn i got my marriage saree and stuff. So i told asha tht we are getting married again so go take ur bath and come so she took bath i went out bought flowers and came thn i called mom as i needed her help she braided her hairs and thn she did her make up hooked her bra made her wear blouse thn tied the petticoat. She already had mehendi on her hands thn i putted the rings in her fingers and toe rings thn gave him gold anklets gold bsngles. Mantika big gold earrings and nosering. She was looking beautiful thn we draped the red heavy saree.so thn i pinned flowers in her braid and made her wear red chunri which i wore on my marriage. Thn she was sitting quietly thn i went to take bath wore his sherwani and got ready and came. Mom also got ready so we had remarriage in a role reversal i took het photos with mom and solo pics and thn together we took saat phere my mom blessed her thn i tied her mangalsutra and applied sindoor thn we ordered food frm outside cutted the cake she was feeling shy as a new bride. Thn my mom made her sit on bed with a big ghunghat thn i went inside. And told her remember we were on the opposite side more thn one year ago. Now u r bride and iam groom see how beautiful you are looking my chamak chalo. I remember on our first nite you made me sing song rite but i want you to dance on this song i played devdas song hum pa yeh kis na hara rang dala on my phone. I opened her ghunghat and kissed her and told her to dance she was not ready but whn i forced some how she started to dance for 5mts thn i pulled her and had nice time and she was just lying on bed holding me i kissed her suck her nipples bitted her as i knw her male part was not functioning she was totally female now i was happy gave her ride just to make sure she remembets iam the man in this house i gav her dildo experience so tht she never forgots she is my wife. She started to yell which i was enjoying thn almost 2hrs we had sex thn she was tired and sleeping.

  • #59

    Shalini (Monday, 18 June 2018 12:43)

    Incharge of house
    So almost 3 months passed now asha was a perfect female and a proper housewife she was enjoying her role. So one day we were watching tv all 3 of us suddenly the bell rang and i told adha to check who is it. She went and saw her mom was standing near door she was shocked she came and told tht her mom i was surprised i told asha to go inside thn i opened the door her mom came in and saw me and i was wearing shorts and tshirt thn saw my mom and said hello. My mom said plz come in and bought glass of water.so she askd me who are you i said fine thanks. Thn she told tht she had come to attend a marriage here with her family so taking some time she came to visit her dil and ashish without telling any of her family members.as no one wants to talk abt him in my family as iam mother i wantd to meet my son.so she askd abt ashish thn i didnt hav any option i went inside the room and saw asha she was scared and nervous to meet her mom. She was wearing green colour chiffon saree and with full makeup and jewellery bangles anklets and mangalsutra. So i told her go and meet ur mom not to worry tell her tht you love to be a wife rather thn husband. I told her make tea and come or elz i will send u with her.so she got afraid and made tea and came with some strength so her mom askd me abt ashish ignoring asha as her moms eyes were searching ashish. Thm i told asha to take blessings of ashish mom she blessed her seeing her mangalsutra sada suhagan raho. Ashish mom adkd me whr is ashish thn i said ashish is here standing infront of u.

  • #60

    Shalini (Monday, 18 June 2018 13:30)

    Incharge of house
    Thn still his mom eyes were searching him thn she askd where is my son. Thn i told her sasuma your son is now ur daughter as she is now asha the bahu of this house. She was shocked and saw asha as she was still not able to recognise her son who has turned into female.so thn asha was wearing pallu on head she removed the pallu and saw her closely thn she saw her hands breast and askd ashish. Asha replied in her fem voice yes mom ashish. Thn she was surprised and saw his hairs eyes body and asked why is he wearing saree bangles and has braid he looks lik a women. Thn i said sasuma your son was incapable of being my husband.so he chose to liv lik women as my wife and bahu to my mom.
    So he didnt hav job nor family supported him and he lost all hopes and got into depression his bp was low got admitted to the hospital because of wrong dose he developed breast and female harmones. So i tried my best to get him back but already his body had started to develop female harmones the doctor was unable to give him treatment and he developed breast which is 36 in size so doctor told me to make him wear bra as he had turned into female.so i started to make him bra so he started to stay at home. His body became lik female and he was feeling lik a woman and doctors didnt hav any othr option i had given him divorce but still i loved him so l couldn't do that now as he was sleeping and watching tv as i was working my mom was working so i didnt hav any othr option rather thn convert him into female so tht i can keep her busy in house work and take care of him. Now i wear pants he wears sarees So now see her she is so beautiful and fit to be a house wife

  • #61

    Shalini (Monday, 18 June 2018 13:53)

    Incharge of house
    Asha mom was still thinking thn she took him inside check her breast and was surprised and asked asha is tht true she said yes iam happy here as my husband is taking care of me. And iam comfortable in my new role her mom was surprised tht her son was daughter now.she kissd asha on her forehead removed her golden bangles and made asha wear. Thn she had bought some sarees and dresses she gifted to asha. And said to me damadji plz take care of my daughter she is very sweet and soft. So she had bought some tshirts and jeans she gifted me and blessed us.she asked my perm
    ission tht she want to dress her daughter in saree once so i said she is your daughter plz. Thn she took asha and went to bedroom and removed her saree and blouse she saw asha in bra as asha was shying and saw her breast and her body she was surprised tht asha body was totally changed into fem thn she took the new blouse which was a purple in colour she made asha were blouse she felt the nipples of her daughter.took the new saree which was with flower prints and in purple colour she draped the saree and did her hairs into braid and removed her flowers and pinned into asha hairs.thn she made her daughter wear bangles. Thn applied lipstick and som make up.soon she putted the palu on her head and bought her to hall.so she said thanks to me and said can i take one pic so tht its just for remembrance so she took the pic and told its between us dont wory i wont share with anyone. Wish my daughter had stayed with me she was little bit emotion soon asha made lunch her mom was watching her she ate the food and appreciated her. Saying tht u are an ideal bahu. Asha took her blessings and her mom took my number so tht she can talk to asha with out anyones knowledge. So we all together took one pic and she left. Asha was happy and emotional.

  • #62

    Shalini (Monday, 18 June 2018 14:01)

    Incharge of house
    Soon it was 6 months now asha was a perfect female. So finally i thought for the sex change operation and removed her male part and got a vagina and she was in hospital for week thn she got discharge thn i took her for hair laser treatment and now she was a proper woman. Thn doctor gave her medicines where she had periods now she became a
    Complete woman.
    The end

  • #63

    Shalini (Monday, 18 June 2018 14:06)

    Thanks to all ur support as i finish my story as per ur request i made it long and added some extra concepts.
    So if you like my story do comment and provide feed back as i will work on tht on my next story.
    Plz do update ur comments so tht i can write my next story soon
    Once i receive comments i will write my new story
    Soon thanks take care bye shalini

  • #64

    Gayatri (Wednesday, 20 June 2018 20:47)

    Nice story dear.....and it would have been Great , if Shalini was changed as a complete man....

    I wrote same kind of story in Telugu .....where a Husband and Wife , even after 4-5 years of marriage are not having a baby.....so they will go to an IVF Center for treatment..... And the Doctor their will give separate medicines for Husband and Wife.

    But unfortunately Husband's medicines will be taken by Wife and vice versa....then the real drama starts....

    And they got completely interchange and how will the new Husband will force new Wife for sex......really it's a nice story.

    But as it is in my local language Telugu , many of you guys cannot understand.... Am sorry for that.

    Anyways dear your story is super.

  • #65

    Arun (Sunday, 24 June 2018 04:05)

    For my wife - 1

    My name is arun and I am working has teacher in school . I loved a woman named anjali. But my parents didn't agree for our marriage. So I left them and married her. Now I am living with anjali's home along with her mom. Anjali's mom is a nice women.
    Everything is fine until one day. Anjali met with an accident. We immediately admitted her in the hospital and she is fine. Continuesly something bad is happening against us. So one day my mil took me and anjali to a priest. After listening to us. He told us that, your have done is a wrong time and now you have to face the consequences of it. We were horrified. We requested him for a solution. After thinking some time. He told me that you shouldn't cut your hair from onwards. I was shocked and disobeyed it. He told me, if you disobey it than your wife will die. I don't know what to say. Soon we returned home. I have no other choice, so I started to grow my hair. Everything is going fine. Six months passed, my hair grown below my shoulders. As I was working in a government school, no one asked about my hair. One day while I was going for bath, my wife gave me a shampoo and asked me to use this from now onwards. It is a ayurvadik shampoo. I am getting irritation when ever my hair comes in my eyes. In home my wife started to put a ponytail for me. 4-5 months passed. now My hair is touching my butt. Now also I am wearing ponytail only. So many times my wife told me that she can braid my hair but I didn't agree. My mil likes my hair a lot. One day I was very tired after coming from school. I sat on the sofa and slept. After some time, I can feel something is happening to my hair. When I saw back. My wife is braiding my hair. She almost completed braiding. I tried to undo my hair. But my wife told me, if you let your hair freely than it is going to get damaged. I silently sat there. After some time she complex braiding my hair and placed the braid on my shoulder. I was shy to see my long hair.

  • #66

    Arun (Sunday, 24 June 2018 21:17)

    For my wife - 2

    At that time my mil saw my long braid and told me, arun you have learn how to braid your hair, life long you're going to have long hair, so it is important to learn different hair styles. When I walk my long braided hair is swinging. Next day while I am going to school. My mil braided my hair. I sat on the floor like a girl. When I went to school, everyone shocked seeing my braid. My hair is longer than some of the teachers. Some of the female teachers started to pull my hair. Then I started to keep my hair on my chest. I went home like that. My wife saw me and told me, you're enjoying your long hair. I don't know what to say.

  • #67

    raashikha the high class rand (Monday, 25 June 2018 08:36)

    I am a normal househusband my name is rashika know as my wife wants me to be a high class rand my name was given by her boss who is her boy friend my original name was raj mohan , and like every other male, my full time job is to please my wife, look after to all her needs, wear a short dress and be ready for her in bed at night to her utmost satisfaction of any one she choose may be boyfriend boss coulees and family person . I have been married for almost five years now and I have not given her any chance to complain till now. My wife prefer me to be always in modern western dresses like miniskirts
    Know it is evening she called me
    Sheetal jee aur meri rand kaisi hain
    Me jee aapki charno ki dasi hoon apka hukam meri zindagi hain
    Sheetal jee sun meri rand chicken bana lena with rice and doll up aaj tera malik tujhe chodhne aa raha hain
    Me Jo hokum malik ka
    So I went to bathroom showered and selected a dress. It was a red colour miniskirt with a black panty and a white blouse without a bra. The blouse was backless and sleeveless. I did a light makeup and wore no jewellery except my Mangalsootra. I had also prepared her dinner started waiting for her. As she entered with her boss I bent down and place my forehead at her feet seeing her boss cum boyfriend I was in utter shame . My bare back and hips were invitingly exposed to my wife and her bossr who was now enjoying the show and I knew what was to come as he has fucked me almost every day know I opened my arms gaved her a kiss his hand went to my hips and he started squeezing them he said u are a real high class rand I love you and he immediately lifted me on her right shoulder and carried me to the bed. However, I could not speak the dialogues which I had rehearsed as per my patni parmeshwar sheetal jee loves to see my humiliation he caught hold of my hair and pulled my face towards her crotch while just opening the fly of her pants. he was so excited and pressing my face between penis with such force that it was difficult for me to breath. I kept licking and sucking he shuddered to a glorious climax very soon. I ran to the washroom to gargle and wash my face.
    As the makeup of my face had been washed out, I applied only a fresh coat of red lipstick and came back. he had taken off her coat and tie and was watching me with eyes full of lust. I started towards the kitchen to bring dinner but he caught my arm and pulled me towards the bed. Removing my blouse was a matter of seconds, skirt and panty also did not last long and within a minute, I was lying totally nude in bed.
    I tried to start some conversation sir jee kindly leave me as I have to serve dinner to my patni parmeshwari and help her to get change and complete other works in kitchen , sir jee with full lust and rect cock move towards the bed and said saali rand meri seva tera baap karega and slapped me infront of my wife My bold dress had turned him into an animal this is what happens every day and my wife plans and orders me to be sexy as she has made me sleep with her boss boy friends cousins and even the gate keeper and driver know She was kissing me on the lips at the same time when her fingernails were deeply embedded into my hips and back. I was moaning and he was getting more excited by it.. Within a few minutes, the only sound in the room was of my cries of pain and pleasure and her boss asked me to clean his cock serve dinner and doll up as my father in law will be sleeping with me my wife shouted i ran to bathroom

  • #68

    raashikha the high class rand (Monday, 25 June 2018 10:04)

    so I went to the bathroom had a bath and took a sexy pink lingerie and a lot of jewellery and a dupatta
    as my sasur likes her rakhel in minimum clothes and maximum jewellery and 5-inch heel so that my ass flaws when I walk I was getting ready and the bell rang as my wife was busy with boss in the bedroom I went to open the door to my surprise my father in law was there i touched her feet shook my ass and asked him to come in he closed the door and took me in his arm tightly and started kissing and smooching his hands were playing with my soft hips my wife shouted dad he is there to serve you please have a seat

  • #69

    Arun (Monday, 25 June 2018 22:07)

    For my wife - 3

    Soon my wife's birthday day came. I forgot about her birthday, so I didn't bought any gift for her. She became little bit sad. After some time she came near me and told me, you forgot to get a gift for me, so you have to do whatever I will say. Without thinking I said yes. At 8:30pm my wife took me to my room. She pointed her finger towards the bed and told me, you have to wear that clothes. When I saw, I was shocked. Its a saree, with jewellery, flowers. I said no but she requested me a lot, so finally I agreed. My wife told me that she going to next to wear her clothes. I said I don't know how to wear a saree. She told me that her mom will help me. She gave me a hair removal cream and asked me to remove all my body hair. I went to Bath room and removed my body hair. Except my eye brows and my long hair, there is no hair on my body. When I came from Bath room, my mil is waiting for me. My mil asked me to remove my clothes. I was bit shy but removed my clothes except my under wear. My mil helped to wear a bra and filled it with some cotton balls. Then I wore the blouse and it fitted me correctly. Then I wore pavada and my mil started to drape the saree. She finished draping and pinned the pallu on my less shoulder. Then she made me to sit before the dressing table. She applied little make up and started to put jewellery. She kept bangles to my hands, clipped earrings to my ears, anklets to my legs , bindi on my forehead and started to braid my long hair.
    She was happy braiding my hair. She compled braiding my hair and kept lot of flowers in my hair. I was feeling very girly. When I walk the sound of bangles and anklets are making me even more girly. My mil told me that my wife is waiting for me in the next room. I went the room and my wife was ready in shirt and dhoti. She came near me and I was in shy. She kept her hands on my shoulders and took me to the bed. She started to smell the flowers in my hair and playing with my bangles. I don't what to do. I simply sat like a women. She kept her hands on my hips and started to kiss on my neck. Slowly I am also getting mood and we had set in normal way. In the morning when I woke up. My saree is not in proper manner, flowers in my hair are damaged. I don't how to arrange my saree. I slowly went to Bath room and took my bath. Soon I was ready for my school. My wife was working in kitchen. I was feeling shy to meet her. She came near me and kissed me on my cheeks. She said, thanks for wearing saree for her. I just smiled. Then I had my tiffin and went to school.

  • #70

    Arun (Tuesday, 26 June 2018 01:19)

    For my wife - 4

    In the evening while returning home, I saw my mom along with my sister. I was bit hesitate to meet them. I slowly went near them and met them. I thought my mom will scold me but it didn't happen. My mom hugged me and started to cry. I too got emotional. Then my mom asked me about my long hair and I explained her everything. Then went to our home. There my mom and sister met my wife and my mil. They are happy to meet each other. While talking my sister asked me, brother you have long hair why can't you wear a saree for me. Immediately my wife told them that, arun wore a saree yesterday. It was embarrassing for me. Both my mom and sister started laughing. My mom told me that, my sister's marriage is in next week. Suddenly my sister asked me, brother will you wear Saree on my marriage. I was shocked. Even my mom also requested me. My mom told me, no one know will you, when you wear Saree. After requesting lot , I agreed to wear a Saree.

  • #71

    Teja (Friday, 06 July 2018 21:42)

    Evil sisters - 1

    My name is teja. I am studying 9 the class. My father died, two years back. Now I am living with my mom and two sisters. My mom runs a beauty parlour. My elder sister is studying intermediate and younger sister is studying 7 the class. My both sisters are close to each other but they hate me. Being a boy I don't do any household works. They are angry on me because I don't do any works. My elder sister had a boyfriend and I told this to my mom. My mom scolded and slapped her. My sister anger increased even more on me. She is waiting for right time to take revenge on me.
    One day my sister told my mom that her clothes are missing along with some stuff. They are searching everywhere. Finally they came to my room and found her dress along with some jewellery in my cupboard. I was shocked. I don't how it came to my room. My sister asked me, are you wearing my clothes??.
    My mom also asked the same question. My sister asked me, are you a crossdresser. I was shocked and said no. My sister checked my browser history in my computer and it is all about crossdressing. I got tensed. I don't how this happend.my mom got angry and slapped me continuesly. I started to cry. My sister stopped my mom and took her to her room. After some time my mom came to my room along with my sister. My mom told me, since you like to dress like a girl. From onwards you will live like a girl. Now I have three daughters. I begged my mom that I am not a crossdresser but she didn't listen to me. My mom told me, you are going to wear girls clothes when you are in home and will do all the household works along with your sisters.

  • #72

    Teja (Friday, 06 July 2018 22:43)

    Evil sisters - 2

    My mom took me to kitchen and started to teach me cooking. My both sister were happy seeing me doing household works. Next day I went to school wearing my school uniform. When I came home and went to my room. My room totally changed. My computer is missing. When I open my cupboard, I was shocked. It is filled with girls clothes. In place my my computer I can see another cupboard. It is filled with bangles, bindi stickers and some make up items. I started to shiver.
    At that time my mom came to my room and asked me to wear a nighty. I begged my mom but she didn't listen. She removed my clothes and made me to wear a nighty. I started to cry but my mom didn't care. She kept some bangles to my hands and anklets to my legs and did some make up. My mom told me soon you are going to wear a bra and a wig till you grow them on your own. Then she took me to kitchen and started to teach me cooking. When my sisters saw me, they started laughing. I was feeling very femine wearing bangles and anklets. Whenever I move they making sounds. Then my mom forced me to watch serials along with them. This continued for six months. My mom told me, not to cut my hair. So my hair grown below my shoulders. In school I told them that my mom took a vow to grow my hair till I finish 10 the class. One day my mom gave me a hair band to wear. My mom told me, you are going to wear hair band till your hair is long enough for braiding. I simply nodded my head. Next day I wore the hair band and went to school. Everyone started to laugh. But I don't have any other choice except to wear it.
    This continued for next 6 months. Now my hair grown till my back. One day I was ready for school. At that time my sister told me, your hair has grown long and it is enough for wearing braides. My mom also saw my hair and told me, today onwards you are going to wear braides. I begged my mom not to braid my hair but she didn't listen. She centre parted my hair and braided my hair. I went to school wearing braids. Everyone started to laugh. Girls started to tease me. Days passed, months passed. Now I am in 10 the class, and my 10 exams are about to start . My hair grown very long. My mom teached to how to braid the long hair. Now I can braid my hair on my own. One day my mom came our school and spoke with our principal and our class teacher. I don't what my mom spoke with the principal. Soon our Hall tickets arrived and they gave us our Hall tickets. When I saw the hall ticket I was shocked. My name printed like sneha and the gender is female. I went you my class teacher and asked her. She told me, that your mom told everything about your crossdressing and asked us to print your Hall ticket in girls name. I was shocked. When I went home and showed my Hall ticket to my mom. I asked my mom why she is doing this to me. My mom told me, you wanted to be a girl and I wanted to help you. I told my mom that I don't want to be a girl. My mom got angry and told me to stop the drama. On the day of exams. I went to Bath and came, my mom was waiting for me. She told me, you can't attend the exam wearing boys clothes. She showed me a chudidaar and told me you are going to wear this. I begged my mom but this time she slapped me. I started to cry. She made me wear a padded bra and filled it with cotton balls to get a shape. Then I wore panty. I slowly dressed in the chudidaar and pinned the chunni on the shoulders. Then she braided my hair and kept bangles to my hands, anklets to my legs and a bindi on my forehead. Tears rolled in my eyes. I took my stuff and I am about to leave. My sister stopped me and gave me a rose. I can't understand. My mom took the rose from my hand and pinned in my long hair. Then my sister told me, now your are looking like a girl that you dreamed of. I went to exam Hall. Our classmates started laughing but girls prised me about my looks. With lot of struggle I completed my exams.

  • #73

    Teja (Saturday, 07 July 2018 01:24)

    Evil sisters - end

    Slowly I noticed some changes in my body. My chest size is increasing. Days passed it increased even more than I decided to tell this to my mom. When my mom saw my breast she was acting normal. She told me that, she was feeding me with females hormones for months. I was shocked and started to cry. She told me, you can't go back to your male life any more. Again I told my mom that I don't want to be a girl. My mom asked me, why are you lieing to me?. Even when I accept you like girl. I told my mom that, May be my sister would have planned to take a revenge On me. When my sister came to home, my mom asked my sister why did you planned to turn teja into a girl. My sister stood silently. My mom slapped my elder sister. With fear my younger told the truth that they kept the dress in my room. My mom shocked. She started crying and asked me for forgiveness.my mom slapped both of them. Immediately my mom took me for hospital. We spoke with the doctor but she told us that it is impossible to turn back into boy.
    Doctor suggested me to continue the medicines. So that at least I can be a girl. I started to use the medicines. Me and my mom stopped speaking to my sisters. Soon results came and I got passed. But the certificate is in my girl name.
    I completed my intermediate with my girls name. Soon the operation is over to change me into a women.
    Years passed, now I am doing a job wearing sarees. I know no one is going to marry me. Now I am living only for my mom. She too started to treat me like a daughter.

  • #74

    Teja (Saturday, 07 July 2018 22:28)

    Ball hit my balls - 1

    My name is rohit and I am studying 3rd year in a engineering college. I study in hyderabad and my family lives in rajahmundry. My mom is a housewife, my dad is a businessman and my sister is studying mbbs final year. I have a girlfriend and her name is neha. I have a grandmother too.
    I am about 5.6 height and average body. I don't like sports much.
    In summer holidays, I went to home and I was happily enjoying holidays. One day in the evening me and my mom went goes walking. Suddenly a ball hit on my ball and I started to scream with pain. It is not a rubber ball, it is like a stone. Immediately someone took me to the hospital. After examining the damage. Doctor told me that, my male is damaged a lot and it has to be removed immediately. My pain is increasing more and more. My dad came to the hospital and he came to everything and agreed for the surgery. Tears rolled in my eyes. Suddenly they injected me something and I went to deep sleep. When I woke up, I have a strange feeling between my legs. I understood that my male is removed. I started cry. My mom also crying but she tried to console me.
    After 10 day we went home. Nobody knows that my male part is remove. Everyone thought it is small problem and I didn't told to anyone. It is among me, my mom and my dad. Even my grandmother and my sister also don't know. As my sister is studying in bangalore. In holiday, the wound healed completely. Whenever I went for toilet I started to cry seeing my private part. Now I have to sit and pee like a women. My mom and dad stopped to speak about my male part. After completion of holidays I went to college. Nobody knows about my surgery. So, I was acting normal.

  • #75

    Teja (Sunday, 08 July 2018 01:25)

    Ball hit my balls - 2

    I started to think about my girlfriend. If we marry, I can't satisfy her in the bed. So, slowly I started to neglect her. When I wanted to go for toilet, I have to go for men section but I can't stand and pee. I have to go inside a toilet room and come the door and I have to sit and pee. Days passed, I started to become more soft and my chest Size is increasing.
    Soon I went home in holidays and told my mom about my chest growth. She too shocked and took me the doctor who did my surgery. He told me that, my body stopped producing male hormones and started to pump female hormones. I asked him for a solution. He told me to wear a bra just like all women. I have no other choice except to wear a bra. My mom measured my chest and bought some bras for me. Next day I took my bath and came out of Bath room. I can see a bra on my bed. I know it's for me. But I don't know how to wear it. So I called my mom to help me wear it. My mom came to he'll me wear a bra. I was feeling shy to show my face to my mom wearing a bra. She hooked on my back and told me learn how to wear a bra. Then I were shirt and Pant. I didn't went to college and my mom informed the college that I have some health problems and will write only exams.
    Days passed, slowly my breast size increased even more. Now my shirt became tight near my breast area. Seeing my struggling my mom me to wear my sisters nighties. I was shocked but I have no other option. As my grandmother went to her native place only me, my dad and my mom are present in the home. My mom gave me one of my sister's nighty to wear. I wore it and my mom zipped it from my back. It fitted me nicely. I was shy to see my mom. My mom just smiled and went to kitchen. I was getting bored to sit in my room, so I went to kitchen to chit - chat with my mom. While talking my mom gave some vegetables and asked me to cut. Without any hesitation I started to cut the vegetables. Soon we both cooked the food.
    My dad came home for lunch, he saw me in the nighty but he didn't say anything. Actually whenever we had lunch I will sit with my dad and afterwards my mom and my sister will eat but today my mom stopped me while I was about to sit and told me we can eat later. We had Lunch later. Days passed my hair also started to grow long. Suddenly one day my sister came to home and saw me in the nighty. I was shocked to see her...

  • #76

    Teja (Sunday, 08 July 2018 04:54)

    Ball hit my balls - 3

    First my sister didn't recognise me. After absorbing closely, she recognised me. She asked me, why I am wearing a nighty. I didn't told her anything. My mom took her aside and told her everything. She too felt sad for me. Then my sister to her room. When she came down I was helping my mom in the kitchen. She came near me and asked me, do you know cooking?? " I told her that I almost learned every dish mother would cook. Then we had lunch.
    After lunch my sister took me to her room and started to show new clothes. At that she gave some of her clothes to me. I asked her why she gave me her clothes?? She told me you can wear my clothes. How many days you are going to wear only nighties. I was about resist. At that time my mom came there and saw a sarees on the bed and placed it on my shoulder. My mom told my sister that, he will look great in the sarees. I got angry and started at both of them. I told them that I am not a women to wear sarees. My mom asked then why are you wearing nighty and wearing a bra. I have no answer for that. My mom told me, your boy life is over now, you are a women. Tears rolled in my eyes. My mom consoled me and said, you can't go out wearing male clothes. Everyone will see your breast. She told me to start living like women. I slightly nodded my head. My mom felt happy and kissed on my cheeks. My mom told me, today onwards you are my 2 daughter.
    Then my sister gave her one of top and long skirt to wear. I removed my clothes. Now I am standing only in the bra and my male underware. My sister gave me one of her panty to wear. Then I wore the top and the long skirt. Then my sister started to do some make up. My mom kept some bangles to my hands and anklets to my legs. Then my sister added hair extension and braided my long hair. My mom took some flowers from the fridge and kept in my long hair. I was feeling shy to show my face for my mom and my sister. When I walk the sound of bangles and anklets are remembering me that I am a girl now

  • #77

    Teja (Sunday, 08 July 2018 05:54)

    Ball hit my balls - 4

    I decided to stop studying and cutted all connections with my college friends and even with my girlfriend.
    Days passed, now I became a expert in cooking. One day my mom took me to a doctor and discussed about my male to female voice change, soon my voice also changed to women voice. When anyone asks my mom about her son she told them I went to foreign and showed me as her friend's daughter.
    3-4 months passed, now my hair became long and I am braiding my hair on my own. I almost wore every dress except sarees. One day suddenly my girlfriend came to our home. She saw me but didn't recognise me. She is asking me about rohit(it's me). I don't know what to say. Then she saw a scar on my hand and recognised me. I started to cry. She asked me what happened. I told her everything. She too felt sad for me. After some time i became normal and we started to speak normally. She asked me, how is your life like a women? I told her it is difficult when compared to women. Then I went to kitchen and made coffee for her. She tasted it and asked me, you know cooking?. I told her that now I became a expert in cooking. She just smiled and while she leaving she promised me that she won't tell to my friends about me. I was happy hearing it.
    Days passed, one day early in the morning my mom and my sister woke me up. I don't know when my sister came home. They made me to Bath, when I came from Bath room, I can see a silk sarees along with some jewellery. I asked my mom, why all these but she told me it is surprise. I wore the bra, panty, blouse and pavada. Then my mom started to drape the saree. Finally she pinned the pallu on my left shoulder. This is the first time I am wearing a saree. Then my sister did some make up and my placed a necklace and a chain in my neck. My mom kept some bangles, anklets and a bindi on my forehead. Then she braided my long hair and kept some flowers and arranged it on my shoulders.
    I don't know why my mom is decorating me like these. Now I am ready. My mom and my sister slowly took me took the hall and I can see some guests there. They saw me and told us that, we like the bride. Then my sister took me my room. I asked my sister what all these? She told me, you are going to get married. I was shocked. She told me, the groom is none other than neha's brother. I was shocked again. At that time neha came to my room and called me bhabi. Neha told me that her brother was married before and he had a baby boy but his wife died 6 months ago. So now you can become a wife and a mom simultaneously.
    I don't know what to say? I never dreamed of marring a man. Soon the grooms family left. My family is joy. My mom kissed on my forehead and told me that, you are going to be a bride. I don't know how to react.

  • #78

    Sarita (Sunday, 08 July 2018 15:16)

    Hi dear friends
    I was 24 and was workng in a finance co.had a good life with me and my mom...she too was a working woman...so we just 2 in the house...
    Shi uses to go out often for her meetings...I used to stay back and also work from home when ever posai le.
    Once mom was not well I took to a hospital. Doc gave some mesicines to her even I asked him to checky health as well..we too left hospital taking our medicine with us..
    Nezt day mom left house 4 her businesses meeeting..shi took her mesicinea with her..
    Ahi was away for a month..and I was consuming my doses regulary..
    Strangly I was loosing wight..
    My hair geowth was fasterr and it came till my shoulder..
    Mu bums startes to fel heavy and my chest was a liitle painfull..
    I ignored....one day when I was bathing I rubbes a soap on my chest suddenly I felt.preeaing them..
    My mind was going wild.. and I masturbated pressing my chest..
    I came out wored a tee..when I saw in mirror I was shock to c my long hair..and my cheat as boobs..
    It felt appiling..I said woww..
    Ops did I sais that...I was very nervous

    I thoughy of letting it know to mom but waited for a week more..
    By now my hair came down of my ahoulder..
    By brest became heaver..my tighs became heavy ao did my bumps..

  • #79

    Teja (Sunday, 08 July 2018 21:58)

    Ball hit my balls - end

    Soon our marriage date was fixed . my name changed to anjali. Now it's time to buy clothes and jewellery for the marriage. We went to a shopping mall along with grooms family. There my mom asked for a costly silk saree for me. My mom took some sarees and started to place on my shoulder and asked me select. I felt very strange. Finally I selected 4 silk sarees and 4 normal cotton sarees to wear in the home. Then we went to jewellery section. I was feeling shy to select jewellery. Raghu(groom) saw me. He realised my problem. So after completing the shopping, he asked my family that, he would like to take anjali for dinner. My family agreed happily. I was very shy to meet raghu. Till now I didn't talk to him. He took my hand and left the shopping mall. He came in a bike. So, I sat on one side like a women. Soon we went to a restaurant. We ask there and he started to prise my beauty. I even started to blush. Soon I started to talk freely. He promised me that he will take care of me. Then after the lunch he dropped me in my home. While Leaving he asked me for a kiss, I was very dry to kiss him. He pulled my hand and kissed me on my lips. I don't why I am enjoying it.
    Dailly we used to talk in the phone. On the day of my marriage, I was excited. Early in the morning, I woke up and did my bath. Then I can see a silk saree, jewellery and flowers waiting for me. Soon I was ready like a traditional Indian bride. My sister is teasing me and I am enjoying it. Then all the women escorted me and made me to sit beside raghu. Then he tied mangalrutra in my neck and sindore on my forehead and kept toe ringa to my toes. Now I am raghu's wife. We took everyone's blessings.
    In the night it is our first night. I was ready is silk saree and lot of jasmine flowers in my hair. My mom gave some tips and rituals. She told me to take raghu's blessings and told me obey my husband. Then I went inside our room which is decorated with flowers. I was very nervous. Raghu came near me and kept his around my shoulder and made me to sit on the bed. Then I took his blessings and gave a glass of milk to him. He drank half and gave remaining half.
    Then he pushed me on the bed and started to unhook my blouse. I was enjoying it, he was so anxious to suck my boobs.he even bitted my boobs.then he slowly insert his dick into my vegina and started to give strokes. I was getting pain. I asked him to stop but he is not in the mood to stop. Soon I started to enjoy it. In the night I slept hugging him tightly. In the morning when I woke up. My saree is disturbed complete along with my flowers. I adjusted my saree and went out. My sister laughed seeing my condition. Then I met my son who is so cute. Now I am his mom. Raghu treated me nicely. I am teaching my son to call me as mom. My mother in law treated me like her daughter. I was happy living like a wife to raghu, mom to my son and daughter in law to my mother in law and father in law.

  • #80

    Teja (Monday, 09 July 2018 03:57)

    Man outside women inside - 1

    My name is rohit and I completed my engineering just now. My dad died long time ago. Now I am living with my mom, my brother and his wife. I am not good at studies. So I didn't get any job opportunity. Days passed, but I am unable to find a job. Even though I was poor in studies, I am very stylish, I grown my hair till my shoulder. And pierced my ears.
    I like to ride a bike. Its what I do daily. My height is about 5'6.
    One day when I woke up, I started to get some pain in my stomach and I can see blood on my pants. I was shocked and shouted loudly. Immediately my mom and bhabi came to room. Even they shocked to see me bleeding. I change my clothes and went to a hospital. After conducting lot of tests, the doctor told me that you got your periods. We can't what he is saying. He told me, you are 80% women and 20% man. Soon you will become 100 women. I was shocked. I asked him for some suggestions to get back to my male life. The doctor told me, you can be a man but you can't become a father. He told me another option,if you become a women than you can be a mom.
    I told the doctor that I wanted to be a man but my mom didn't agree. She told me, you born like women and you should like a women. My mom is not listening to me. Doctor prescribed me some to turn me into a complete women. We home and my mom was happy that she is going to have a daughter. Everyone in the home are happy. My dad is happy that he is going to get a daughter, my brother was happy that he will get a sister and my bhabi is happy that is going to have a sister on law.
    My mom called me and told me the rules that I have to follow.
    1)you shouldn't cut your hair
    2)always wear bangles, earrings
    3) should learn household work.
    I was shocked listening to her rules. I told my mom that I don't want to be women but my mom is not listening to me.
    She told me that, from now on your name is anjali..

  • #81

    Teja (Monday, 09 July 2018 05:47)

    Man outside women inside - 2

    I started to use the tablets. Everyone starred to treat me like a women. My mom and my bhabi starred to teach me household works. There are always speaking about women stuff in front of me. After 1 month surgery is done to my male part and to my voice. Now I am a complete women. My grandmother was anxious to see me. She always wanted to have a granddaughter.
    Even after completion of operation I was wearing only male clothes. One day my mom told me that we are going to grandmother's home for function. I was ready in my male clothes and went to our grandmother's home. She was little disappointed to see me male clothes. She took me to a room and started to talk. At that time she asked me, is you puberty function completed. I don't know what it mean. My mom told her that, it's not completed yet.my grandmother told me than we can do within 2 days. I asked my what is the function?. My mom told me it's a girls function and you are going to wear half saree on that day. I was shocked. I requested my mom, don't do this. But there not listening to me. In the evening a tailor came to our home and took my measurements for the blouse. I was very nervous. Next day some lady applied mehindi to my hands and legs. I hate it but I don't have any choice.
    On the day of the function. They woke up early in the morning and took me to Bath room. There my mom applied turmeric paste all over my body. I was requesting my mom but she told me it's necessary for all women. Then after bath I was made to wear a bra and panty. And now the half saree. I never thought of wearing it in my life.
    My mom made me to wear the blouse and pavada. The blouse fitted me correctly. Then my bhabi draped the voni and pinned it on my left shoulder. Then my grandmother mother added some hair extensions and braided my long hair, it came till my hips. Then my mom kept some bangles to my hands, earrings to my ears, anklets to my legs and then came a old lady with a needle in her hand. Everyone caught my hands tightly. Then she pierced my right side of my nose. Tears rolled in my eyes.
    Then my mom kept lot of flowers in my hair. It is so heavy. Then they escorted me and made me to sit on floor in famine way.

  • #82

    Teja (Monday, 09 July 2018 06:11)

    Man outside women inside - 3

    One by one all women came and kept bangles to my hands and applied turmeric paste to my cheeks. After the function I cried and hugged my mom. She told me it's common for every women. I slept on my mom's lap. In the evening I woke up and I asked my mom for my clothes. My mom told me you have be only in half saree. I requested my mom to atleast remove flowers in my hair. She made me to sit on the floor and remove all flowers and braised my hair again. This time she kept only little flowers in my hair. It was difficult for me to adjust half saree. Some how I managed it. We had dinner in the night I slept. In the morning my grandmother woke me up and told me to keep rangoli in front of the house. I told her that I don't. My grandmother took teached me and I drawn rangoli. My mom was happy. Then it time for us to leave. While going my grandmother gifted 10 silk sarees. I was surprised. I took the sarees and went home.
    When I came home, my dad and my brother surprised to see me on half saree with nose stub. My dad kissed on my forehead and said you are looking beautiful Princess. I just bowed my head down.
    Days passed, soon I learned household works and wearing sarees etc. One day my mom called me and showed me some gents photos. I asked why??. My mom told me that, they are looking groom for me. I was shocked. I don't know what to say, everything is going fastly. At that time my bhabi asked my mom that can you anjali for my brother??
    My mom and dad agreed happily. Soon they fixed marriage date also. They didn't ask me anything. I told t my mom that I don't want to marry now.

  • #83

    Teja (Monday, 09 July 2018 21:19)

    Man outside women inside - end

    My mom got angry. She told me, women has to get married 24-26 age. We decided your marriage and it will happen even without your approval. I was shocked. I have no choice. One day we went for shopping and bought lot clothes and jewellery. I haven't met groom till now. His name is rajesh. The night before my marriage, my hands and legs are filled with mehindi. My grandmother is teasing me, she told me, if your hands mehindi colour is darker than your husband will care of you properly.
    On the day of our marriage, I was ready in silk saree, jewellery and my hair is filled with flowers. Then rajesh tied mangalsutra in my neck and kept my toe rings. Now I am his wife. In the it us our first night. I was ready in silk saree and flowers with a milk glass in my hand. I slowly went inside the room and my hubby was waiting for me. I took his blessings and gave the milk glass, he drank half and gave me another half.
    Then he kept his hand on my body. Immediately I told him that I am not ready yet. He was little disappointed but understood my condition. It is the first time I spoke to him. We discussed about our habits and tastes. We slept without having sex. Next day I woke up, took my bath and made coffee for me. After tiffin, everyone like my cooking and appreciated me.
    Days passed, I started to behave like women and daughter in law to my mil and fill. Rajesh was controlling his feelings. He used to stare St my novel and my breast. I liked it but I didn't express it. Soon rajesh birthday arrived, everyone gave him some gifts. I thought it is the right time, to give him, what is want.
    In the night I wore a silk saree and wore lot of flowers. When he was me, he was shocked. I told him, you can do whatever you want. He was happy. Immediately he removed his clothes and started to press my breasts. We had a great sex in the night. Romance between us grown.while I was working in kitchen, he started to hug me from my back and started to him. I was enjoying it but acting like I was resisting.
    Soon I became a pregnant and then I became a mother.
    I missed my male life but now I am enjoying my life as a mother to my daughter and wife to my hubby..

  • #84

    Teja (Wednesday, 11 July 2018 21:01)

    Feminisers disease - 1

    My name is rohit and I am a working in a software company. I was married one year ago. My wife's name is anjali. She studied well but I didn't agree her to do a job. So, she is a housewife now. I don't have father, he died when I was 10 years old. My mom owns a beauty parlour.
    Let's begin our story.... In 2020, a new disease just entered. The disease name is feminisers disease. The disease has seen in 1/1000 members. It is not a virus. It is due to climatic and pollution. Reaserch is going on to find the cure...
    One day I noticed some changes in my body. Day by day my chest size is increasing and I am becoming more soft. I told my wife about my problem. We went to the hospital and had check ups. After the reports came, doctor told me that I have been suffering from a rare disease called feminisers disease. This disease slowly turns you into a women. I was shocked. I asked the doctor for the cure, he told me the cure is not found till now there is a alternative procedure. When I asked him, what is it, he told me that we will feed you with female hormones. Once you turned into a women, we can do reverse procedures to turn you back to a man. By doing this, your disease will be cured. I asked him, how days it takes to cure. Doctor told, Days?? "it takes 2-3 years to cure, that to only 70% of people only cured. When I asked him the remaining people. She told him that, they have no other choice, they agreed their fate and started to love like women. I was shocked but I no other choice. So, I agreed for the procedure. Doctor prescribed me some pills and injected my first dose of female hormones. Doctor told my wife to turn me into a complete would, so it will be easy to live, if the procedure fails. My wife agreed to that.
    When we went home, my wife told everything to my mom. She was shocked and surprise to listening to this kind of disease.

  • #85

    Teja (Wednesday, 11 July 2018 21:42)

    Feminisers disease - 2

    Days passed, the pills started to work. I started to go to office but no one knows a busy disease. One day, I felt like a weight on my chest. I noticed that my chest is turning to breast. I told my wife about my breast. She checked my breasts and said there are looking cute. I was thinking what she just said??. My wife told me to start wearing bras. I am disagreed with her. She didn't force. One week passed, I started to get pain my chest while walking and running. I know that I have to start wearing bras. I went to my wife and told her that I am ready to wear a bra. She was happy listening to that. After I removed my shirt, my wife measured my breast and said it 36b. I asked her is it big. She told me that she too have same size. She went for shopping and bought some bras for me. And made me to wear one. After wearing bra, I felt relaxed. My breast pain decreased. But I thought how can I go to office wearing bra. It is completely visible that I am a wearing a bra. I told my wife about my problem and she suggested to resign the job. I know that I do u have any other choice. So I resigned my job. When my mom saw me, she was surprised. She told me, you have wear that 24/7 from now onwards. I don't know how can I manage it for 2 years. After we had tiffin my mom went to our beauty parlour. Me and my wife started to discussing about my disease. At that she is applying nail polish to her nails. After completing her nails. She asked me to give my hands, when I asked her why??. She told me that doctor told me to turn you into a women physically as well as mentally, so I if you give your hand then I will nail polish to you nails. With shy, I gave my hand, she slowly started to apply nail polish which is in pink colour. She applied nail polish to both my hands and legs. I was feeling shy to see my hands. In the evening my mom saw my hands and said your hands look beautiful my daughter,,,sorry,,, son. My wife started to laugh loudly. Days passed, my hair grown below my shoulders. I asked my mom that I going barbar shop for my hair cut. My mom told me, your are not going to cut your hair for next 2 years. I was shocked. My mom told me if you want hair cut, you can come to out parlour. Days passed, I started to develop curves my penis became small.

  • #86

    Teja (Wednesday, 11 July 2018 22:06)

    Feminisers disease - 3

    One day my mom asked me to come to beauty parlour at 7pm. Actually we will close parlour at 6:30pm . I thought It was emergency. When I went there, I can see my mom along with my wife . I asked my mom why she asked me to come here. She told me, your body is full of hair, so I asked you to come here to remove your body hair. I was shocked. Immediately my mom and my wife removed all my clothes. I am unable to stop them. I was weak like a little girl. My mom took a cream and applied all over my body and removed my hair. Then she applied a lotion. My wife is doing my nails. She is enjoying it. Then my mom started to trim my long hair. While trimming my told me, to come to beauty parlour every week. I was shocked. Then she applied little make up and only one thing is not completed. I don't what it is. My mom took a piercing gun and came to pierc my ears, I begged my mom not to do but she didn't care. Tears rolled in the my eyes. My mom told me it's common for women to pierc theit ears. Then i wore my clothes and came home. While I am going to my room, my mom also came with me.she locked my cupboard and said your not going to wear male clothes from now onwards. She took one of my wife's nighty and asked me to wear. I said I am not going to wear. Immediately my mom slapped me, she told me you are my daughter for till the cure of the disease and my daughter have to wear only women clothes. I slowly took the nighty and wore it. She said good girl. After that we went to our dinning room and my wife arranged everything. She was surprised to see me in her nighty. While eating my wife told my that, she is looking beautiful in the nighty. Did my wife mention has SHE. And my mom too. Tears rolled in my eyes, my wife told me, you are going to love being women.

  • #87

    Teja (Thursday, 12 July 2018 00:26)

    Feminisers disease - 4

    After we had dinner. I went to my room and started to think about my future. At that time my wife came to our room and asked me what I was thinking. I said nothing. She told me can we have sex now?? ". I was exited and forgot all my problems. I kept my hands on her breasts and started pressing but my penis is not erecting. She asked what happened?" I told her that my penis is not erecting. She just smiled and kept her hands on my breasts and started to press. I got some feelings. She removed my nighty and started to bit and I don't know why I am enjoying this. Soon we went sleep. Morning when I woke up, my wife is playing with my breasts. She said, good morning beautiful. Go and fresh up, we have lot of work to do. I don't know what it mean.
    When I came from Bath room, I can see a chudidaar on the bed. I know that it's for me. I wore my bra and wore the chudidaar, at that time my came and told me good girl you are learning quickly. See took some bangles and started to put to my hands, I was just standing like a statue. She applied some make up and arranged my hair in free flowing way.
    She took my hand and directly took me to kitchen. I asked her, why she took me to kitchen. She told me, you have to learn some cooking also. She have some vegetables and asked me cut. Saying so, she went to our room to take bath.
    At that time my mom came to kitchen, she was happy seeing me. My mom said, "oh my daughter started to learn cooking". I didn't say anything. My mom arranged my chunni and said you have to be careful, when you are in public and started to teach me cooking. Then my wife and said "oh both mother and daughter have fun". Both my mom and my wife giggled.
    Days passed, one day my mil called my wife and both are talking and my wife said about my disease to her. Then she gave me the phone to talk and bangles made sound. My mil asked, rohit are you wearing bangles. I silently stood, she told me it's OK. Soon you are going to be fine. I said thanks.
    My mil told me, we are coming for your birthday. I was shocked. I was thinking, it's going to be horrible when my mil sees me in women clothes. Then I gave phone back to my wife.

  • #88

    Teja (Thursday, 12 July 2018 03:02)

    Feminisers disease - 5

    Next day my mom and my wife took me for shopping. I didn't like to go but I was forced to come with them. Directly we went to ladies section, there my wife bought a heavy ghagra choli for me. And some dresses. In the night while sleeping, my wife came to room with a mehindi cone in her hand. She took my hand and started to put designs. I asked why she is doing this. She told me, it's your first birthday like a women, so you should gorgeous tomorrow's birthday girl. Next day I woke up, I can see my hands are filled with mehindi and red nail polish, which is matching to the ghagra choli. My wife asked me to my wash my hands and asked me to come kitchen. I washed my hands and went to kitchen. I was feeling so girly, seeing my hands. Everything was normal till evening.
    In the evening around 5pm.my wife asked me to take bath. When I came from Bath room, I can see my mom and my wife waiting for me. On the bed I can see, heavy ghagra choli, jewellery etc. I wore my bra and my wife made me to wear a panty. Now I wore the blouse and then the ghagra. My hips are totally visible. Then my wife fixed the choli. It was so heavy. I started to cover my hip with the choli. Seeing me, struggling my wife, told me, you started to behave like a women. Then my mom who is expert in the make up,,done my make up. I was made to wear golden bangles, anklets, bindi then my my mom arranged my hair in free flowing way. Every minute I have arrange my hair back my ears.
    My wife told me, it's party time. When we went to Hall, my mil and her both daughters are waiting for me. I felt shy seeing them. My mil came forward and lifted my chin and said, happy birthday daughter in law, listening to this everyone started laughing. Then I went to cut the cake. After cake cutting, everyone presented me, some gifts. I started to open each and every gift. I sat on the sofa and my mil sat beside me. First I opened my mil's gift, it is heavy designer saree. I was shocked. My mil placed the saree on my shoulder and said, she will look beautiful in this saree. Dud she mention me SHE. When I opened my sister in law gifts, I was shocked, they are necklace sets. My mom and my wife too presented me sarees. I didn't know how to respond, I simply said thank you.
    My mil asked about my breast size, I felt shy to tell. My mil told me, we all are girls, so nothing to shy. I told her that mine is 36c. Everyone treated me like a women, my mil asked me, are you getting periods also?? I said no. She told me, if the disease is unable to cure than you have come to our and start living like a daughter in law to me. I was shocked and my mom agreed for that.

  • #89

    Mounica (Thursday, 19 July 2018 07:14)

    Please continue your story.

  • #90

    Teja (Thursday, 19 July 2018 23:57)

    Feminisers disease - 6

    In the night I wore a nighty and slept. Next day I woke up, took my bath and went to kitchen. My wife hugged me from my back and started to kiss me on my neck and pinching my novel, I tried to resist but she is stronger than me. Then my wife told me that she is going to office. I asked, what office??. She told me that she got a job. I was shocked. After having tiffin, while going to office she kissed me and left. I was feeling shy. She is treating me like I am her wife.
    Days passed, I became very famine. My mom and my wife stopped, helping me in household works.
    One day we went to hospital for check up. Its been 8-9 months. I am all most a woman now. After taking lot of tests, doctor told me that I can't turn man again.

  • #91

    samar (Friday, 20 July 2018 10:01)

    Hi i am samar. I am 20 years and doing my pg. I am white and dont have much body hairs.5'6 and 58kgs. So practcialy i had a girly figure. My father died when i was 10. So my mom raised me and my sis. She is 2 years older than me. I like to crossdress since my childhood. It was a sat mrng and mom was out to work and sis went for a movie with her friends. So i thought of crossdressing . I went to my sis room and opened the cupboard. I took a pink top with frils and a white mini skirt. I removed all my dress and worn a bra and a satin panty. It was so smooth and i was enjoying it. Soon i dressed in the top and skirt.the dress was so girly and i
    was on cloud nine. I did a little make up such as eyebrows, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, foundation, added some earrings, bangle, neclace, my sisters old anklet. I was looking like a girl except my hair. I looked like a teenage girl in pop cut wearing a sexy skirt. Sudenly i heard someone entering our house..............

  • #92

    samar (Friday, 20 July 2018 10:02)

    Hi i am samar. I am 20 years and doing my ug. I am white and dont have much body hairs.5'6 and 58kgs. So practcialy i had a girly figure. My father died when i was 10. So my mom raised me and my sis. She is 2 years older than me. I like to crossdress since my childhood. It was a sat mrng and mom was out to work and sis went for a movie with her friends. So i thought of crossdressing . I went to my sis room and opened the cupboard. I took a pink top with frils and a white mini skirt. I removed all my dress and worn a bra and a satin panty. It was so smooth and i was enjoying it. Soon i dressed in the top and skirt.the dress was so girly and i
    was on cloud nine. I did a little make up such as eyebrows, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, foundation, added some earrings, bangle, neclace, my sisters old anklet. I was looking like a girl except my hair. I looked like a teenage girl in pop cut wearing a sexy skirt. Sudenly i heard someone entering our house..............

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    Seema (Tuesday, 24 July 2018 02:00)

    Teja pls continue

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    D (Wednesday, 25 July 2018 10:09)

    Koi cd baat karna chahata ho to number do

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    rohit (Thursday, 26 July 2018 05:43)

    D no. bata

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    D (Thursday, 26 July 2018 06:52)

    Boy hu

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    D (Thursday, 26 July 2018 06:55)

    Aap kon aur kaha se ho

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    D (Thursday, 26 July 2018 11:53)

    Cd boy hu

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    debolina (Friday, 27 July 2018 05:12)

    This was a cute and beautiful story written by Sowmya in Dress2kill, long back. Felt like sharing with other interested readers


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    debolina (Friday, 27 July 2018 05:16)

    Sowmya part2


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    debolina (Friday, 27 July 2018 05:18)

    Sowmya part 3


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    debolina (Friday, 27 July 2018 05:21)

    Sowmya part 4


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    debolina (Friday, 27 July 2018 05:28)

    Sowmya part 5


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    debolina (Friday, 27 July 2018 06:55)

    Sowmya part 6



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    debolina (Friday, 27 July 2018 07:00)

    Sowmya part7

    ME: ITS OK.

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    debolina (Friday, 27 July 2018 07:01)

    Sowmya part8


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    debolina (Friday, 27 July 2018 07:02)

    Sowmya part9


  • #108

    debolina (Friday, 27 July 2018)

    Sowmya part10

    I: WHAT?

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    debolina (Friday, 27 July 2018 07:05)

    Somya part11

    WORE IT.

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    debolina (Friday, 27 July 2018 07:10)

    Spwmya part12

    Sowmya giving me some tips meanwhile mom and aunty came to my room,sandhya aunty applying makeup mom busy in selecting jewelry,me and sowmya looking each other,aunty finished makeup and gave final
    touch up,mom selected ear rings and nose ring.aunty inserted nose ring its little bit painful,mom held my ear and inserted earrings too they are bit heavy and it is first time for me wearing big ear
    rings. Sowmya brought long hair extension form another room.iam surprised and asked her is it for me?she replied then for whom? Aunty begin to comb my hair she neatly combed my hair and begin to
    braid then she joined extension and braided it came up to my hips.sandhya aunty swayed my braid to front side and asked how is your braid,iam quite surprised to see this long braid of mine i stood up
    and saw through mirror in differently angles i tossed braid front and back checking it from every angle then i noticed they all are keenly watching me with eagerness.i asked what?sowmya replied even
    a new bride will not be curious as much as yourself.i covered my face in shyness.<br/>
    Sowmya gave me some tips how to handle pallu while walking and when bending and taking blessings she also taught me how to adjust my saree while walking and to look after my braid. I practiced
    walking braid is bit heavy it is first time for me handling long hair so sowmya game me tips too. My mother came with lots of flowers and asked me to turn back i obliged then she placed flowers in my
    hair and secured with pins now i can smell freshness of flowers they are absolute delight aunty moved some flowers to front they are resting on my shoulders iam feeling different sensation.then they
    escorted me to pooja room i sat there in front of god my mother offed prayers then she placed kunkum on my forehead.
    I stated listening voices in living room sowmya left to receive guests pandit also came he busy in arranging his things.mom and aunty asked me to follow them i slowly walked towards living room but
    surprised to see all my neighbor ladies and relatives there. There curious eyes killing me some of them were smiling and murmuring to each other meanwhile my own aunt came to me and said how
    beautiful you are? I want to marry you to my son right now. Will you be my daughter in law? I don’t know what to say and i nodded my head in confusion suddenly all of them are laughing even sowmya is
    laughing heavily then i noticed the mistake i have done and lowered my head in shyness. Then i walked to the pandit he asked me to sit i st he performing pooja and all ladies are watching me iam
    unable to make eye contact with them,some hours passed aunty and mom are adjusting my hair and saree while performing pooja soon pandit performed pooja and he left. Now one by one coming to me and
    blessing me.

    Here comes the intresting part one of my neighboring aunty with wom i used to be friendly she came laughing towards me and asked hey girl who are you i have not seen you before in this
    Where are you from? I kept quiet mom came to me and whispered don’t be silent reply them.
    I looked at them they were smiling and curious.
    I said iam from here.
    Aunty said then who are you.
    I said iam my moms..........and iam stopped don’t know what to say
    Then they keep asking i slowly replied daughter....now they all are laughing then sowmya intervened and asked to say my name. I replied in mumbling voice kavya. Then they said your voice is sweet
    like lady how you can do that. I said i can mimic lady voices. Then they asked me to sing now iam bit hesitant but my mom encouraged me i sang they appreciated it they came and put bangles on my
    hands and blessed me and asked me to be happy. Soon i gave them some sovereigns they accepted , blessed me and left. A s they all left we lie on soft as we were so tired. After some time sowmya and
    her mom left.
    my mom begun to take of jewelry and all expensive stuff she about ot remove hair i said i want to be it for some time,long hair and bangles are looking good on me i want to explore them. As my mom
    left i looked up my room.

  • #111

    debolina (Friday, 27 July 2018 07:13)

    Sowmya part13

    As my mom left I locked up my room.
    I sat in front of mirror looking at my self,first time in my life iam feeling like a girl now,don’t know how this happened so quickly but from past few days living roaming with ladies and wearing
    women outfits slowly iam fantasizing me as a girl.
    While looking and admiring my self in mirror my mother came un noticingly behind me,she wispered in my ears, today I just felt like you were like my real daughter,then she took me to her room there
    she showed me gifts I got today there was ahuge pile og gifts that iam really exicted to unwrap them. Me and mom competeting each other for selecting big gift to open,iam little unpatient begun to
    open gifts one by one mostly sarees were there rest of them were girls stuff,iam little disapointed and sat there watching my mom. She is busy in putting all stuff in closet then I observed there is
    a special box lying there untouched. I asked my mom what is that she told nothing that too important leave it but I am unable to resist so keep on asking her to show me what is inside finally she
    agreed to show me oncle she cleared all stuff on bed.
    After finishing she brought the box and placed on the bed iam eagerly waiting to see what was there in it. While she opening she said listen my dear these were given to me by your grandmother and
    they were absolute priceless to me,

    There were lot of jewelry and below them there were some clothes, she slowly showing one by one they are utter master piece I never saw her wearing them, iasked why mom these are so beautiful why I
    didn’t saw you once wearing them,then she replied I told you that they were so special to me these were there passed on to me through generations. I started looking at one by one they all are
    glittering,there were necklaces, beautiful nose rings,earrings that I have never seen before at last I saw a saree I asked what for you kept in this box? She replied this is my wedding saree this is
    so special to me then she begin to unfold it my eyes were bright opened it was utter master piece she said this is very special saree I did’nt showed it to anybody else you were the first one after
    years to see it. I asked in surprise what is so special in it that you hidden it for so long. She interrupted not hidden! Preserved.
    I asked what for?
    She said to pass it to your wife,I kept silent for a while.
    Mom said in our family there is a traditon all the jewelery and saree of marriange will be passed on to their daughter,but after long pause she said these belongs to my mother her mother so on never
    been out of my blood line, no I have to give it to your wife. After that she did’nt speak any word she sat there looking at them placing back in the box with out disturbing her I left from her
    As night is passing by iam unable to sleep thinking about that incident but iam not clear so I rang phone to sowmya explained her whole situation.after hearing this she shouted stupid moron.now iam
    really pissed. What? I exclaimed in utter disbelief. She said your lame fellow she want to pass it to her daughter not your wife. That’s why she is so dissapointed.now whole clear picture cam into my
    mind.i passed in to sleep thinking …….
    Days passed on iam busy in my work and others in theirs, one day pandit cae to my house said from coming days onwards each Thursday and Saturday your son has to perform ritual to goddess in women
    attrie to deflect bad omen. He stressed he need to be total girl to perform this ritual if any unpure incidents happens he has to wait for another auspicious days.now iam shivering my mom said that
    she will take care of it and he left.
    Its been a while I spoke to sowmya as iam busy in my projects I couldn’t call her so iam thinking to call her but postponed to call her after work. Iam busy in my work my phone rang ,iam surprised to
    see its sowmya calling me. I lifted she spoke have you forgot me are you alive?<br/>
    I said sorry I am busy with project so I have to complete it in deadline. She said well then iam coming evening to your place I ave to meet one of my friend there,so I will met you after my work. I
    replied well then see you evening.i finished my work waiting for her.

  • #112

    debolina (Friday, 27 July 2018 07:16)

    Sowmya part14

    Its about to get five in the evening iam watching tv suddenly bell rang sowmya was there . but in suprising tome she asked where is your ear rings and nose ring why are you in boys clothes again,iam
    smiling sheepishly atleast you have worn ear and nose ring other wise your hole disappears,i don’t know what to say buti stood there. While talking she asked where is your mom I said she went to
    shopping , day after tomorrow is her birthday so she went to do shopping. We were watching tv in middle she asked how is my gift I asked what gift?
    There was utter silence I turned to her
    Her face was red eyes wide open ready ro crouch on me I quickly analised the moment and ran for my life she is chasing me I quickly ran in to my mothers room and hidden under her bed.she slowely came
    in to the room and begun to search for me I kept quiet and stayed there then she opened close huge pile of clothes fell down she picking up and putting one by one in to the closet then she saw me she
    got furious and dragged me out by catching my ear.i pleaded her for mistake she forgived me andwe were putting clothes back in to the closet then her eyes went in to the box lying there.
    She is about to take it out but I stopped her not to take its belongs to my mom and she won’t let anybody to touch it.
    She simply pushed me away and took box out and about to open I sat beside her not to do so if my mom knows it she will kill me. But sowmya is so stubborn that she is not listening. She said your
    mother is not at hoem right now we will quickly look at them and replace it back before she comes,then I went to close the door while iam returned I saw sowmya jaw dropped and looking at them in
    utter disbelief. I asked wasn’t they beautiful. She replied these were amazing I didn’t saw any thing so beautiful as these even I think that your mother didn’t showed to my mom.
    I exclaimed really!
    Sure If she had told my mother would have told me.
    She exclaimed I now realised why your mother is so upset. No women want this kind of beautiful stuff to pass it out of her boodline. Then she is busy in looking at them and not listening to me I
    intrupted her and said place it back my mother will arrive any time better you quickly finish seeing it while keeping back in closet she said how lucky your wife is ?
    After a little pause why don’t you marry me?she asked
    In surprise iam looking at her she said I was joking. But inside iam feeling happy and exicted.
    We went to living room and watching tv in middle she asked what are oyu planning to gift her?
    I said I will buy some thingof her taste after some time my mother came we had dinner she left her home.
    I was sleeping in mid night my phone was ringing iam surprised to see it sowmya I aske dwhat for you wake me up in midnight she said don’t hung up I have a intresting plan I asked what plan she said
    plan to make your mother birthday special. She said that she will come to my house to discuss it. I hung up the phone and returned to sleep.
    Next day someone pulling my blanket and calling my name as I realised its sowmya iam surprised to see her in this early hours in my home.
    She said keep quite I have a kickass plan to surprise your mother on her birthday.
    She explained me whole plan iam in utter disbelief shouted WHAT THE HELL. ARE YOU MAD?

  • #113

    debolina (Friday, 27 July 2018 07:18)

    Sowmya part15

    She yelled at us why are you shouting what’s the problem. We said we were joking nothing serious and we pushed her out and I locked the door . Iam going mad on her. I said listen sowmya I don’t want
    to be humiliated another time in front of others one more time.
    She interrupted me and said listen if you want to see happiness in your mother eyes and give best birthday gift of her life this is the right choice do it.
    I thought for a while and asked do we have time for that?
    She said you do have a hell lot of time in the universe then I questioned how to steal them?
    She replied leave it to me I have a plan.
    We both went and finished our breakfast meanwhile sowmya asked my mom aunty can you accompany me to nearest shop? My mom replied why don’t you take him with you I have lot of work to do. She said no
    aunty its a ladies thing I want you to come. After a pause my mom agreed I was happy it was over part of the plan to distract mom so that I can steal her box. Mom went inside sowmya said after we
    gone quickly go to her room and steal her jewelry box and hide it in your room I said ok.<br/>
    My mom got ready and they left after few second I got an idea then I rushed towards them and dragged sowmya aside to talk. Hey if we steal box she will know that her box is missing I will take all
    jewelry and saree from that box and place blank box in side she won’t get doubt. Sowmya said what a genius u you are? Keep it up and finish job quickly and I said don’t bring her unless I give you a
    call keep her busy she said done.
    I ran in to her room opened the box took all the jewelry required and her sarees. Then rushed to my room to hide them I successfully stole and hide them. after some time they came I sat on sofa
    pretended like iam watching tv as soon as my mother left to kitchen me and sowmya ran in to my room.
    She asked have you brought all the stuff required I said yes. She checked all of them and took saree ,blouse out and checking it thoroughly after awhile she said I think it is some what big to jour
    size they wont fit properly we have to alter its size to yours.
    I said what? if she knows that I altered it she will kill me. No please don’t do that I beg you.
    Sowmya said believe me I will make all things right. I nodded in agreement.
    She completed check list and said we need makeup kit I said its not possible we will get caught then how ?she asked. I we will go to your house . she replied if my mother knows even a bit of our plan
    she will inform kavitha aunty immediately then our plans will be ruined, I asked them what shall we do?
    Me and sowmya thinking for awhile and sowmya begin to make some call she left to outside and talked for some time and happily coming towards me. i asked any good news. She said my friends agreed to
    our plan’s asked in surprise where are we going?
    She said we are going to my friends place hurry up we have to leave now and don’t forget to take duplicate key of house its very important.
    I sat there she took comb and begun to comb my hair, she neatly combed my hair and asked now your hair grow up to your mid shoulder which hairstyle do you want?
    I said please hurry up do ponytail. She combed my hair to backwards smoothly and asked for hair band I gave it to her she then pulled my hair back and tightly secured it with rubber band and combing
    my ponytail neatly. We took a bag and packed all the stuff we required and said to my mom,iam going out with sowmya we will return late night don’t worry you sleep iam taking duplicate key your sleep
    won’t be disturbed. We ran to the car she said I will drive it the I gave car keys to her as I got into the seat I asked where are we going exactly?
    She replied surprise!!!!!!!!!!!

  • #114

    debolina (Friday, 27 July 2018 07:19)

    Sowmya part16
    We drove for some time and then she stopped in front of a house asked me to come in. we rang the door bell and a beautiful girl in her t-shirt and jeans opened door i never saw such a beautiful girl
    in my life I thought sowmya is beautiful but divya is even more beautiful than her,I stood there silently she then hugged sowmya looking at me asked he is the one you always spoke of. I shocked hear
    that I immediately asked what did you say to her about me. They both went inside ignoring me I sat thereon sofa another girl from distance watching me. I also observed her and after some time I asked
    why are you looking at me?
    She Asked me are you kavya?
    Now my heart stopped I don’t know what to say iam embarrassed totally, I kept my head low she came near me and said you look similar like a girl my sister divya showed me. Are you her?
    I didn’t utter a word.
    She said don’t be tensed I know it is you I want to have fun with you sowmya sister told me everything. by the way iam meghana. Now iam feeling little well and said my name is naveen.
    She said I thought you were kavya? I replied stop joking meghana iam already tensed.<br/>
    As we were talking I asked about her parents she said they went to another city and will come after two days. meanwhile sowmya and divya came to us and meghana said I think you both became quite
    close,meghana introduced me to her sister I said hai she replied you look better in saree than this pant and t shirt now iam smiling and they too. Iam watching tv and they looking at all the stuff
    and saying how great is your mother I have never seen all this beautiful designer stuff in my life a both of them exclaimed.
    Divya said I know a tailor she is the best we can sort it out then divya said wait five minutes I will get ready she came after five minutes sowmya busy in getting car out and divya asked get up we
    have to go.i said You people go and sort it out I won’t come.divya called sowmya and she came to me and asked how can we take measurements without you you have to come.i said I won’t come to shop in
    this hairstyle and this t shirt both were thinking and meghana is watching me . both started to whisper some thing meghana also ran to listen. After discussing they came to me and said look kavya if
    your outfit is the only problem them we will help you I said thanks.
    Sowmya went out to park car, divya and meghana took me to their room I sat there sowmya came,divya and sowmya busy in selecting clothes and finally they chose one grey design dress and placed towards
    me and said this will perfectly fit him. I shockingly looking at them sowmya handed me panty, bra and dress and told me to change it,they all went out.

  • #115

    debolina (Friday, 27 July 2018 22:17)

    Sowmya part 17

    I first removed my t shirt and then took bra from bed pulled from behind up to my hips then I hooked straps then slowly moved cups towards front and smoothly slide to my upper body then I inserted my
    right hand gently and then left after that I kept my hands behind and checked bra straps and smoothly adjusted my cups. now iam looking my self in the mirror i slowly touched my ponytail and tossed
    to my left shoulder now iam looking beautiful like a girl then I quickly unzipped my pant and wore panty its first time for me wearing panty it is smooth and feeling differently and I took dress its
    such a gorgeous dress with half hands and designers print on it I put it in front of me it came up to my mid thigh,its looking so beautiful on me so I slowly inserted my hands one by one and then
    gently pulled it down ,its anice fit on me but iam unable to zip it on by back after several tries I called sowmya three of them came inside. Divya looking at me in surprise meghana exclaimed you are
    so gorgeous, divya came behind me and whispered in my ears.
    Hey you are so beautiful in this dress by looking straight in to the mirror I smiled at her she came so close behind me iam feeling her body touching me she then placed her hand on my hip and slowly
    moved around and grabbed front my heart started to beat heavily my breath stopped I feeling her breath from behind she slowly pulled my zip up.
    I stood there motion less sowmya and meghana brought makeup kit divya took it from them and said I will finish make up you go fuel up car. Sowmya and meghana went. Me and divya are alone in the
    I sat there divya went to lock the front door .
    Divya with smile on her face came to me she is very hot in her tee and jeans everything is perfect on her. She told me when sowmya told me about you iam very interested to meet you but you are more
    beautiful than i imagined, I said sowmya never spoke to me about you? She said I asked her not to say about me I want to personally meet you in person, by listening this iam feeling happy inside,then
    she asked me to sit on chair I sat she said I have to finish your make up by the time they arrive. She took out makeup kit and started to apply it soon she finished then she put kajal on my eyes iam
    feeling different her perfume I can feel when she comes near me its so absolute,she came behind me and took my ponytail in her hand and said you have such a beautiful hair I will give you a nice
    hairstyle she removed band and started to comb my hair she neatly combed my hair all back then she parted my hair adjacent to the centre and started to comb on my she came to left and combed my hair
    and to the right then she combed my hair towards back and secured it with some pins she curled at ends and pushed left side hair on my shoulder now iam looking so beautiful with this hairstyle. she
    sat in front of me and applied lipstick and gave nice ear rings I wore them she gave me nice hand bang and said to carry it as it will look modern with this dress I stood and saw myself in mirror iam
    looking beautiful asi revolved my dress begun to rise Iam feeling happy. I at on bed she is applying nail polish to my feet, I sat there watching her she looked at me and said I understand how you
    are feeling now in this women’s dress you must have faced lot of trouble to be like agirl. I said yeah but I did it for my mom,I want to see her happy all the time. She said you are lucky to have a
    mother like her I replied indeed iam. We talked for some time after divya finishing nail polish she showed me how to sit in this dress.

  • #116

    debolina (Friday, 27 July 2018 22:18)

    Sowmya part 18
    Meghana and sowmya honking horn, we collected our stuff and get in to the car. After travelling sometime we reached a busy street me and meghana waiting in car meanwhile divya and sowmya went to
    tailor shop after sometime she texted me we both got out and walked towards shop. Tailor lady saw me and asked me to come inside went with her she took a tape and taking my measurements after that
    she said to come after two hours to collect them, I asked now what we will do? Sowmya said we will wait then divya said my sister and you wait here me and kavya has some little work,then she took car
    keys from sowmya and asked me to come with her I followed her.i asked her where are we going she said I want you to look beautiful tomorrow so we are going to parlor soon we reached parlor she spoke
    at reception one lady came to me and escorted me to inner cabin there she applied face mask and shaped my eyebrows beautifully later she asked me to follow her as I went there was divya waiting for
    me. She came to me and said look I selected a nice haircut for you I saw and said its women haircut off course but believe me you look beautiful in in trust me.
    I went inside and sat on chair divya standing beside me and waiting for some one soon a lady came both of them hugged each other. Divya said to lady she is my best friend so please give her a nice
    haircut, lady came to me and said I will give her my best. She covered cape and begun to cut my hair after cutting she blow dried my hair and shaped it when I saw final touch I didn’t believe my eyes
    iam looking so beautiful as I got up divya hugged me and I also hugged her I said thankyou,she said get quick we have lots of things to do. we both returned to tailor shop sowmya couldn’t believe her
    eyes iam looking so stunning in this new haircut. We collected saree and blouse and went to shop some more accessories.<br/>
    Finally after shopping we returned Divya ‘s home its already seven o clock some hours passed meghana went to sleep me divya and sowmya discussing tomorrows event, sowmya said we will get her ready by
    six o clock and surprise her mother we all agreed and went to sleep.

  • #117

    debolina (Friday, 27 July 2018 22:21)

    Sowmya part 19
    Sowmya woke me up at five thirty in morning I quickly bathe and wear panty and bra as iam wearing bra I covered towel up to my chest and came out sowmya handover me a blouse and I wore it soon divya
    begun to drape saree first time in life iam happy to wear saree it is silky smooth and gently touching my body iam feeling like a girl, while divya adjusting pallu sowmya brought all the jewelry.
    Soon sowmya applied make up divya inserted nose stud and ear rings I selected necklace sowmya placed it around my neck. Sowmya held my hand and divya placed bangles on my both hands soon they tied
    anklets to my feet iam now looking like a new bride in this saree divya dried my hair and kept loose hairstyle on me as iam looking beautiful in that. Soon it became six in the morning we got in to
    car and ran to our place. I slowly sneaked in to my house without making noise I opened door and went tip toe to my room both of them also followed me, I went in to kitchen and made some coffee ,I
    took coffee mug and stood in front of my mothers door I took deep breath and looked at divya and sowmya they are asking me to get in to room I slowly opened room and begun to walk silently but my
    bangles and anklets are making noise,I went near my moms bed and stood there looking at her meanwhile some one pushed door so my mom woke in sudden as I turned I saw sowmya and divya sneaking in in
    to room I turned towards my mom she is unable to see me as room was dark soon sowmya switched on the light. My mother surprised by seeing me.she is in utter shock I moved forward and gave coffee to
    her and said happy birthday mom, she can’t believe her eyes,I went to her bed and asked.MOM HOW IS YOUR DAUGHTER LOOKING IN THIS SAREE, ISN’T SHE BEAUTIFUL. Tears are rolling out of her eyes she got
    up and hugged me and kissing all over my face,I also kissed her. Divya and sowmya both of them are recording our reactions happily ,my mom while tasting coffee said I never tasted coffee like this
    before, it is so delicious.
    while sipping coffee she said this saree suits you more than me, I am smiling and said I love you mom. She asked me how did you planned all these iam so surprised I pointed my finger towards divya
    and sowmya said without them I cannot do this alone. My mom saw divya and asked who is she? I never saw her with you before, I said she is my best friend she has helped me a lot to plan all these, my
    mom called them both of them wished her, after some time we moved to my room I hugged both of them and started to cry they started consoling me and I said this the best day of my life thank you,
    thank a lot, divya intervened and said there is no thanks in friendship, am feeling more happy now. I invited divya specially to the party she said she would definitely will come to the party I also
    personally tanked sowmya a lot with out her it wouldn’t possible as its getiing late they both left.
    Now I slowly walked to my mother. She stood there looking at me I quickly went to her and hugged her, she also hugged me tightly and kissed me,she said you are looking beautiful in this saree, keep
    it your self, you earned it, iam feeling so happy that tears are rolling out of my eyes my mom wiping my eyes said look my beautiful daughter is even more beautiful when she is crying also by
    listening that I smiled at her, she walked around me and said I didn’t knew that this saree would perfectly fit you. I said mom I stole it yester day and altered it to my size now she is laughing
    heavily and said poor kid you went into all these troubles to surprise this poor lady.i replied I will do any thing to keep you happy.
    She noticed my new haircut and said you look more beautiful in this haircut,I said divya helped me a lot.

  • #118

    Neha (Sunday, 29 July 2018 04:54)

    Uniform - 1

    My name is Kiran and I just completed my intermediate with lot of struggle. My mom is housewife, my sister completed her engineering just now. My dad is lecturer is college, which is near our home. The college is filled with beautiful girls and their uniform is half saree. The college name is bharathi college. I enjoyed watching their navel. My dad hates me a lot. He likes my sister because she studies well.
    I wrote my eamcet exam and I got 42 marks and I just qualified. So on the day of selecting college . First I selected a college, which is near our home, with full of beautiful girls. I know it is strict college but I didn't care. I care only about beautiful women. Soon I got my allotment order for that college. I was happy and jumping in joy. When my family came to now that I joined bharathi college, they were shocked. They know that the college is filled with women. They asked me to change the college but I didn't agree. Finally all counclings are over, now we can't change the college.
    On the day of college opening, I was ready like a hero. I happily entering the class and I can't find a single boy in the class. The class is filled with full of girls. Suddenly I got fear. Everyone started giggling. I silently sat on the bench but sometimes I was watching girls body and enjoying it. Days passed. One day our principal is teaching and suddenly she caught me staring at girls. But she didn't say anything. After the class she asked me to come to her cabin. When I went there, my dad also waiting for me, he was angry. I realised, he know everything. Our principal told me, your behaviour is not good on the class, so we decided to give you tc. I was shocked, even my father also shocked. My dad asked me to wait outside. After a long discussion, my dad called me in. Principal told me, we allow you to study in college under one condition,that you have to come to college in girls uniform, including their stuff. I was shocked. I got angry and started to shout at them. Suddenly my dad slapped me. Tears rolled in my eyes. Then principal gave me, 3 days permission to come to college in male clothes.

  • #119

    Neha (Sunday, 29 July 2018 05:34)

    Uniform - 2

    I went home on tears. My mom and my sister asked me, why I am crying but I didn't say anything and went to my room. But my dad told them everything. In night around 8:30 pm we are having dinner, at that time my sister asked me the colour of the my uniform, I told it's white shirt and blue Pant. She told me, I am not asking boys uniform, I am girls uniform. I got angry and tears at a time. My mom scolded my sister for teasing me. I told my mom that I won't go to the college. My mom told me you have no other option. I silently went to my room.
    Newt day I went to college and everyone asked me that why I am not wearing half saree. I didn't say anything. I simply sat till the evening. In evening I went home, immediately my mom told me we have to go for shopping. I know why, so I asked I am not coming but my mom forced me. We went to mall and my mom bought our uniform colour materials and whole going home, my mom took me to a tailor shop and gave my measurements for stitching.
    2 days passed and now today I have to wear the half saree. My mom woke me early in morning and asked me to remove all my body hair. I went to Bath room and remove all body hair and took my bath. When I came from Bath room. My mom is holding a bra in her hand. She gave me a bra and asked me to wear. I said no, I can't wear it. My mom told me you can't wear half saree without having proper shape. I know what she mean. I took the bra and started to wear it and my mom Hooked is from my back and filled the bra with lot of cotton balls. Now it looks like I am having breasts. Then I wore the blue blouse and padava. Then my mom started to drape the voni. She pinned the pallu on my left shoulder. Then my mom made me to sit dressing table and started to apply make up. I simply sat. Then she took a wig and arranged it and started to braid it. She kept matching bangles to my hands, anklets to my legs and bindi on my forehead. Now I am ready.
    I went downstairs. My dad and my sister shocked seeing me. My mom asked me for eating tiffin. While sitting on the chair my mom told me swipe the pavada before sitting and take pallu to your hands. My sister is happy watching. My mom told me, today onward your dad will drop in the college. I was happy for that. While was walking, my my long hair is swinging, it is upto my hips. Bangles and anklets are making noise. I sat on the bike, like girls (one side).within 10min we reached college

  • #120

    Neha (Sunday, 29 July 2018 21:35)

    Uniform - 3

    When I entered the class, everyone shocked seeing me. Some of them teased Mr and some of the them appreciated me. Principal also happy seeing me in half saree. Frequently I have to adjust my half saree near my breasts. Finally in the evening, I went home. And removed all women stuff and came to downstairs. My mom anxiously asked me, how is the college today. I said it was difficult for me to adjust half saree. My mom laughed and said, if you wear regularly, you won't get any problem. You have wear half saree for 4 years and within 2 years your hair will grow long and you won't need any wigs. I was shocked, I didn't thought about it. At that time my sister came from office and said hi sister. I got angry and said, I am not your sister. She asked me, then why you wore a half saree. I don't know what to say. I silently sat.
    In the after we had dinner, I was watching TV. At that time my sister came and sat beside me with a nail polish bottle in her hand. Her nails are painted already. She asked me to give my hand, I understood, the nail polish is for me. Before I could say no, my mom sat other side. She told me, wearing nail polish doesn't make you a girl. Before I could say anything, my sister started painting. She is enjoying painting my nails. Finally she painted my nails. It looks so girly. My mom saw my hands and said, if you wear mehindi, it will increase your beauty even more. I immediately ran to my room. Both my mom and my sister are laughing watching me running. Next as usual I was ready in half saree and all the stuff. I asked my mom that why she bought this much long hair wig. My mom told me, she always like long hair but you sister doesn't like long hair. So I decided you should have long hair. After having tiffin, I started to move, then my my mom stopped me and asked me to turn back. I didn't ask anything and turned my back towards her. She kept something in my hair and arranged it on my shoulders. When I saw it, I was shocked. My mom kept, lot of jasmine flowers in my hair. I saw about to remove but my mom requested me not to remove. The smell of jasmine flowers making me crazy. When my dad saw me, he just laughed. Soon we went to college and I went to class room. Everyone shocked seeing me in flowers. No one in the class wore flowers except me.
    At that time principal came to our class. She scolded all girls saying, being girls no one wore flowers but being a boy he wore flowers. I don't know what to say, is she is prising me or teasing me.
    While we are having lunch, I used to sit separately but today all girls sat along with me. One girl told me, you should apply turmeric paste to your body, so that you beauty increases more. Another girl told me, you should keep you braid on your breasts, so that I will not get damaged. They are treating me like, I am one of them. In the evening I didn't went with my dad, I went along with girls walking. Keeping my braid on my shoulder. My mom is waiting for me outside, when she saw me with the girls, she was surprised. When I entered the home. My mom told me, you became even more girly today. I started to go to my room for change my clothes but my mom asked me to stay like this. I said no but she requested me a lot. So I agreed

  • #121

    Neha (Monday, 30 July 2018 02:52)

    Uniform - 4

    My mom made me to sit on the floor and braided my hair again and she even kept flowers. When my sister saw me, she was surprised that I am still in the half saree but she didn't tease me. I slept in the half saree only. Next I woke up and I was ready in my uniform. While go to college, my mom gave me a bag, which is similar to hand bag. When I opened it, I was surprised it contains bindi stickers, small mirror and finally a pepper spray. I told my mom that I don't need pepper spray. She told me that, she want her daughter to be safe in the public. I know that my mom that she will definitely force me to take it. So I took the bag and went to college.
    It was normal day, but in the evening our principal told us that after 3 days there will be freshers party.
    While going home, I went along with girls. They are discussing what to wear for the freshers day. Finally everyone decided to wear saree. And asked me to wear a saree. I went home thinking about it. I was nervous how to ask my mom that, I want a saree. My mom saw me and asked me, do you want to tell me anything. With shy, I asked my mom that I want a saree to wear for fresher's day party. My mom just laughed and said we can buy the saree now. My mom was so desperate to see me in the saree. She took me to a mall and told the sales girl to show some designer sarees for my daughter. The sales girls started to show the saree. I don't know which one to select. I asked my mom to select. She understood me and selected 2 designer sarees, 1 silk saree and 2 cotton sarees. I asked my mom that why she bought this many sarees. She told me, you can wear on special occasions. We bought one of my blouse and gave the tailor for stitching all the blouse. While going home. My mom took me to a accessories shop, there my mom showed, my saree pics and asked matching earrings for them. And bought some bagles.the earrings are not clipped. I asked my mom that there are not clipped. My mom told me, we are going to pierce you ears now. I was shocked. I begged my mom a lot. But she didn't listen. They made me sit on chair and pierced my ears. The sales girl saw my nose and asked my mom that what about nose. My mom thought for a while and said pierce the nose also. I was shocked. Forcingly they pierced my nose also. I started to cry with pain. When we came home, I asked my mom, why did you pierce my nose. She told me, a nice ring can increase your beauty. I got angry and shouted at her and when to my room.
    After my anger reduced, I went to my mom, she was sad. I said sorry to her but she didn't talk to me. I asked her, don't you forgive your daughter. She immediately started laughing and kissed on my forehead. I haven't seen my mom, this much happy. While just was watching TV. My mom came to me will vegetable tray and a knife and gave me to cut it. First I thought to disagree but seeing her happy face, I accepted to cut the vegetables. My mom started to teach me how to cut the vegetables. My mom became very close to me. My sister was bit jealous watching me me and my mom. My mom teased me saying, you have to learn all household works, before your marriage, otherwise you are going to struggle in your husband's home. I started laughing. I don't why I didn't get angry for that.

  • #122

    Neha (Monday, 30 July 2018 03:05)

    Uniform - 5

    Next two days are normal. The next day in the night, my mom came to my room with cone. I was surprised.my mom is treating me like I am her daughter. I don't want to spoil her joy, so I gave my hand to her. She applied the mehindi till my forearm. While sleeping my kissed on my forehead and said good night Princes. I slept without disturbing my hands.
    Next I woke up and washed my hands. I am feeling so girly watching my hands. I went to Bath room and removed all body hair and took my bath. When I came out, my mom was waiting for me. I wore a bra and filled with cotton balls.i already wore my underwear. Then I wore the blouse and pavad. Now saree. My mom started to drape the saree. She was exited. She finally pinned the pallu on my left shoulder. Then she arranged my pleats properly. They she applied little make up and started to keep jewellery. She kept a gild chain, golden bangles and anklets and bindi. Then she took a wig, in this my hair come too my mid back and it has curls at the end. She fitted the wig and arranged hair on my shoulders.

  • #123

    Neha (Tuesday, 31 July 2018 01:15)

    Uniform - 6

    I took my hand bag and wore my sandals. My dad dropped me in the college. Everyone appreciated me for wearing saree. At that time, my friend showed me a girl, named kajal she is our principals daughter and she doesn't fallow any rules. Kajal saw me and called me. I went near her. I was very nervous. She asked me, what's your name?. I told her Kiran. She asked me, your voice sounds like a boy. I told her that I am a boy. First she shocked but later she started laughing. The total day, she didn't left me. In the evening while I started to go home. Kajal came in a bike and said do want lift?. I said no. She told me I am your senior and you have to obey me, otherwise you have to face some consequences. I am afraid and sat on her bike. She started to go fast and she applied sudden brakes. Even though I don't have real breasts, I felt it's like a embarrassment. Finally she dropped me near my home. My mom saw both of us. When I entered the home, my asked me, is he your boyfriend?. I told my mom that it's she, not he. My mom also bit surprised. Kajal almost looks like a boy. My mom told me, being a boy you wore a saree and being a Kajal wore Pant and shirt. I don't what to say. What my mom said is exactly correct.
    Next day onwards, Kajal started to flirt with me. Sometime she used to come to our and sat beside me. But no one asked anything. All are afraid of her.
    Now it's been 5 months, now it's time for exams. One day while I was in library. Suddenly Kajal pinched on my hips.. I got angry and slapped her. She didn't say anything and left the library. Them after Kajal didn't disturb me. Soon Hall tickets came. I went to exam center wearing our college uniform. Invigilator didn't get any doubt. As Kiran is unisexual name. After the completion of exam, some boys of another college are misbehaving with me. Tears rolled in my eyes. Suddenly Kajal came and slapped everyone. And saved me. Then she dropped me in my home. I told her sorry and thanks at a time. She understood and said it's OK. She asked me, if you like I will drop you in the exam center and will drop you back after completion of exam. I am happy and said OK..

  • #124

    Neha (Tuesday, 31 July 2018 01:34)

    Uniform - 7

    We used to have nice time and we became very close to each other. One day she told me that she like halva (sweet) a lot. In the afternoon I went home and asked my mom to teach me how to make halve. My mom was bit surprised but she taught. I made the halva and went college in the evening. I am waiting for kajal. Kajal took me for park. And in the park a gave the halva, which I made for her. She is surprised. She ate a spoon of halva and said it is the best halva, she ever ate I blushed a little. When I saw her, she is staring at my lips. I realised that she wanted to kiss me. I blushed even more . She kept her hands on my cheeks and kissed me on my lips. Then kajal dropped me in my home. She don't want to leave me. She pulled me towards her and asked me for kiss. I blushed and escaped from her.
    When I entered the home, my mom told me from today onwards you will learn all household works. I asked her why? My mom told me, you have to do it the future. I didn't understood what my mom said. Before I could ask, my mom told me, no more questions. From next day onwards my mom started to woke me up at 5am and started to teach me how to keep rangoli and other household works. My sister used to wake up at 8am and asked me for tea.

  • #125

    Shalini (Sunday, 05 August 2018 06:25)

    My name is vijay iam 24 yrs old. I hav one elder sister name shalini she is 26 yrs old she took divorce because she was career oriented and stays with us works in a corporate as a asst manager.my mom she works in a bank and my dad left my mom and married a rich lady so have not seen him almost whn i was six yrs old. I completed my graduation use to organize shows like fashion shows and won for mr. India contest twice in my college days and now i hav become a model and hav done so many ads and was hottest in my area with kool body and long hairs. So i use to not talk much with my sis and hardly i use to meet my mom.

  • #126

    Shalini (Sunday, 05 August 2018 07:02)

    Let me tell u about myself. I was smart and good looking guy i use to daily work out in gym had good personality and use to take steroids to build my body and had long hairs. After graduation i fought with my mom as she didnt gav me permission to work in film industry so i ran frm my house and came to mumbai started to work for ads and small banner programmes have audition for movies but didnt get selected so i was not happy with myself. So dqys were passing and i didnt hav much money to survive so i gav my best for auditions but unfortunately my badluck and i had given up so i didnt hav any options left .

  • #127

    Shalini (Sunday, 05 August 2018 07:14)

    So abt my sis shalini she had a love marriage but due to her carrier oriented mind her husband was insecured so she took divorce and now liv her lif in her own way. My mom has a good bonding with my sis as both liv happily but my mom misses me badly. And my sis as well we both use to fight a lot and as she took divorce i was not happy with her decision as she doesnt want to get settled again. We use to stay in apartment we didnt hav much relatives nor friends.

  • #128

    Shalini (Sunday, 05 August 2018 07:23)

    So we use to stay in delhi. And i was in mumbai as i didn't get any projects so it was almost 3 months so i couldnt manage so i started to drink and waitd for another 2 months but my badluck i didn't get any projects. So i didnt had any options left so i hav to leav back to delhi and some how i paid my rent and managed to take a train to delhi in sleeper class as i was running short of money.

  • #129

    Shalini (Sunday, 05 August 2018 07:47)

    So finally i reached delhi to my home it has been almost more thn 3 years. So the security didnt let me in so he dialled my moms number so me mom answered the call and she was happy to hear my name and she was waiting at the door she was alone at home as my sis had gone to work.so my mom was not able to recognize me as i had grown hairs and due to my body built up as i have done laser hair removal on my body as i was in modelling.

  • #130

    Shalini (Sunday, 05 August 2018 08:06)

    So my mom hugged me and started to cry due to her emotions so it took her almost half an hour to settle so she asked me all the questions which she had for me and i told her all abt my career snd ups and downs. So it was government holiday my mom was at home as my sis was in office. So i took bath got freshen up and thn had food after a long time frm my moms kitchen. Thn my sis arrived she saw me gave me a smile and said hello u greeted her she gav me hug and askd me how r u? I said iam fine thn she went to her room. Shalini had changed a lot as she was wearing jeans and shirt she was looking different. Thn we 3 had dinner thn i went and slept in my room.

  • #131

    Shalini (Sunday, 05 August 2018 09:07)

    So it was morning it was sunday as my sis and mom had off i got up at 10am so i had breakfast thn i was reading newspaper so my sis saw my long hairs and asked me i said her tht it was requirement for modelling and i use to clean shave and thn she askd me tht whn are u going back i said her tht i dont hav any schedules now so waiting for the update frn some of my producers where i hav given audition.
    So thn i went out and just was rounding in metro went to malls thn i went to bar and had drink with the money which i had saved.

  • #132

    Sindhu (Sunday, 05 August 2018 15:10)

    Nice story Shalini. I wish his diveros because she like to be man and looking for a feminine boy. Would like to read her masculization , especially her body hair growth. Very rare I found this type of stories.

  • #133

    Shalini (Sunday, 05 August 2018 23:12)

    I came had dinner and slept. It was monday morning i got up and was reading newspaper waiting for break fast. I forgot to inform u abt my sister she had a bob cut and she had coloured her hairs in light blonde. Before she use to hav long hairs nicely braided but now it was totally opposite. She wore formals along with jacket and had juice and drove her car and went to office. Thn my mom made breakfast and left to bank. Thn i was watching tv and slept for some more time.

  • #134

    Shalini (Sunday, 05 August 2018 23:18)

    My mom and my sis use to hate male as thy had bad experience.A week passed i was getting bore as i didnt hav any work. So i quit gym and didnt take any steroids so i was losing my weight and thy were side effects of steroids so it was giving my body opposite reaction because thy are side effects of steroids. So now almost a month passed and my chest started to become soft and started to grow and my stomach become slim and i was losing out my body. As i use to drink i became little bit weak.

  • #135

    Shalini (Sunday, 05 August 2018 23:35)

    So i was concernd little bit regards to my health as i was getting pain in my chest.so i went to a doctor and got my check up done. Thn the doctor told tht is swelling in the chest and it had become red due to itching and i told him abt steroids as he told to get a blood check up. So i did a blood test and was waiting for the report in evening thn doctor called me in and told me tht due to steroids and power supplements ur body has got opposite reaction so it has started to produce female harmones so tht the reason you have developed breast and ur body has become slim. And your hairs are growing quickly so almost 75% of your body has changed to female and producing fem harmones.so i askd doctor is thr any medicine or treatment. But doctor or old me he cannot guarantee me because its to late for the treatment as ur body has already accepted fem harmones so its better if u accept ur faith. He gav me pain killer and gave my reports and i left frm hospital.

  • #136

    payal (Sunday, 05 August 2018 23:52)

    The night my wife made me her bitch Part 1

    It was almost 5 in the evening and I was just finished cooking food for my wife and myself, I put champagne on the ice, took my cooking apron off ,lit scented candles on the dining table, checked my face in the mirror and went to take shower. I have very little hair on my body and face but shoulder length hair on my head since my college years. I washed my smooth body with exfoliating lotion and washed my long hair with volume boosting shampoo and shaved my private parts and whatever the hair I had on my body. You see today was a special day for us I promised something to her and she is vary exited about it. What exactly am I talking? I will explain in the next few para.After taking shower I wrapped my hair in towel and wore a bath robe and started primping my self in front to mirror. My wife already had put a box on the bed since morning marked "wear me" and made me swore not to open until I am done taking shower in the evening and I can not say no to my wife when she ask me to do something in such a seductive manner squeezing her ample breasts and biting her juicy lips. She will soon see me for the first time in woman's cloths and I am not sure she is as exited as I am for wearing them-not the first time. I am really curious what she has for me in the box but I will curb my curiosity for few more moments.

  • #137

    payal (Sunday, 05 August 2018 23:54)

    The night my wife made me her bitch Part 2

    Let me just give you some background.You see I was out of work for about a month now and my wife is the sole breadwinner for the house.My daily routine has become that of a housewife. I wake up I cook -I say bye to my wife- I go exercises and yoga- I read magazines- I wait form wife to come back from work and we sleep. I am searching for the job as well but nothing seem to be there for me.Let me tell something about my wife: she is strong confident domineering woman but beautiful and sensuous as well with curvaceous body and waist length hair with milky white skin and legs to die for.She is carrying both of us for now. We are married for about two years now and we were normal couple for about one and half years which I think is known as honeymoon period.It was a time to deeply fall in love with your spouse and most exiting time of the marriage- but so I thought. We were so much romantic I never knew I could be. We held hands wherever we went, we kissed each other in public and fed each other when we went to the eatary. It was so beautiful and cute. We were making passionate love almost everyday -sometimes twice or thrice a night. It was one of the best times of our lives- well atleast so far .But after sometime the whole lovey-dovey thing started becoming routine and the spark started to fade. Now we were making love less and less, we were more and more immersed in the work and we were kind of growing apart. One time we did not even see each other for whole 3 days since we both were busy at work. Now this was troubling to me and I talked to her on one of the pillow talks at night and she agreed that we are not as close as we were before but she assured me that is normal for any married couple but I never wanted the excitement the spark and the lovemaking so I reminded the whole beginning of relationship and beautiful sweet times we had. She also wanted that back but it was not possible to take back the bygones and ,alas we can not get that back. After couple of day it was she who come up with this spine tingling idea of I become wife and she become a husband for sometime and try to regain the whole beginning of the marriage excitement back in the marriage. Her thinking was since I already am doing all the woman's work at home and since I have time I can look good for her which she said she was doing for me up until now I can do the same for her. I was overjoyed from inside but faked the resistant and finally agreed to go with whole role reversal after her little more convincing. So after few days she had above stated box for me, which I am not supposed to open.

  • #138

    payal (Sunday, 05 August 2018 23:55)

    The night my wife made me her bitch Part 3

    So here I am infront of mirror of the dressing table drying my hair and admiring my naked body infront of mirror. My heart is now racing and my hands are shaking with exitment of opening the box. It was quiet a big one too. As soon I opened it I saw red colored ghaghara and matching choli and chunni with it. Right away I know it was "Dulhan's Joda" which is usually worn by Indian bride on the day of the marriage and I am on cloud 9. The box also had sexy satin red and black lingerie type paadded bra and thong panty. It also has makeup set , fake gold jewlerry -including clipon earrings, mangalsutra, bangles , payal and waistband.I right away put panty and bra. To my amazement the cups of bra are almost filled with my own flash on the chest which is creating beautiful cleavage. The thong made my buttox looked really curvacious and plump and anyone would want to spank it. Then came the ghaghara and the feel of the beautiful silk cloth was giving me shivers and I was getting hard in my panty and after that came choli. The choli was perfect fit to me and the it created even more beautiful curves on my chest-which frankly looked more and more like C cup breasts . How is that possible? I am having C cup breasts? I could not resist squeezing them my self and I was so hard I was on the verge of exploding in my panty so I calmed down and drank some water. I put on the jewlery and the feel of whole thig was chaniging my thinking as well. I am now trying to act like female automatically. I dont know what has gotten in to me but I am walking with my hips swinging and behaving very shy looking in the mirror. I guess my inner female is taking over my mind as well.At last when I put mangalsutra I felt like I am a completley new person and I never want to be anything else. I checked the time and it was only an hour left til my wife will come.So I started applying makeup. First came the foundation and then rouge, the then mascara and then finally bold red lipstick. All I have to do is get my hair done and put the long acrylic nails I am ready for my wife as her wife. I used curling iron to put the curl the hair but than I thought it would be better to go with a french bun updo the one worn by Princess Kate Middleton with one curls on the each side near ear. I have done the hairstyling on myself plenty of times so I dont need to too much time to do it.I am done.I was kind of exited as well as really shy to look in the mirror as a fully made up but I looked in the mirror and I cant believe what I was seeing, it was beautiful, sexy, curvaceous woman looking back at me. I wonder what my wife would think after all I was dressed for her. At that time I realized my whole thinking was just like woman as well. My whole body except huge bulge between my leg and hair looked just like sexy woman and now mind is also thinking like woman waiting for her lover anxiously.

  • #139

    payal (Sunday, 05 August 2018 23:56)

    The night my wife made me her bitch Part 4

    I could not take my eyes of the mirror and at the same time I hear knock on the door and my heart started racing so much I thought it would burst out of my bra and choli: It was my wife. Anticipation of her seeing me for the first time as woman that too really sensuous at that, was killing me. I ran outside and turned all the lights off only faint light coming from the candle in the dining room was there. I put my ghunghat over my face like a bride and opened the door and there she was holding flower in her hand for me and I could not look straight to her as a 'shirmili' baiwi. She also seem to have changed in pant suite like a groom but her hair was free flowing and she was showing a little cleavage and her face was made up with bold red lipstick.She gave me the flower and said “ this is for my lovely lady love”.I was very shy and blushing like a tomato.Then she put her briefcase on the table and took my perfectly manicured hand with pink nailpolished hand and took me to the sofa,
    Then without saying a word ,she lifted my ghunghat and put her long finger tips under my chin and took a long look to see how I look all the while me looking down not having to look in the eyes of my “wife” , and then I closed my eyes.then her lips gently touched mine and two sets of lips with red lipstick met for the first time.after a long deep passionate kiss she hugged me and my Breasts squeezed against hers. My spine was tingling like never before and I was hard as a metal rod.Plan is to have a romantic candle light dinner where we have dinner and champaigne and get tipsy a bit but she just held me hand and took directly in the bedroom.Once we went in the bedroom she just surprised me with her strength and pulled me in her arms like I was some doll.She gave me big strong hug and started feeling me all over my body.Her hands are moving up and down my back side squeezing my buttox and backless choli.She really started taking control she held my hand firmly and led me on the bed and made me sit on it.I can see the lust and naughtiness in her big eyes.She was looking at me like she was going to eat me alive. She snatched my goodnight and my breasts were exposed and I quickly tried to cover with my hands but she said “ are meri chhamiya, mujhse kya shamana meri jaan”.

  • #140

    payal (Monday, 06 August 2018 00:01)

    The night my wife made me her bitch Part 5

    I was so shy and embarrassed I could not even make eye contact. Then she removed her blazer and unbuttoned first couple of buttons on her shirt and let her hair loose. She then came close to me and put her hands on my feet and slowly moved up and under my ghaghara and all the way up to my inner thighs and then started scratching my inner thighs just below my erect member and that was unbelievably erotic. I can’t control my self and had to hold her hands before she reaches my male parts. Her eyes then focused on my ‘breasts’ and I can see a mischief in her eyes as she bit her corner of her lower lip and her hands slowly came close and initially just used her both palms to just sort of measure the size of my ‘breasts’ and her eyes widened and had that dirty smile as if she is asking how come they are so big? She suddenly squeezed them and she looked totally amazed about how soft and real they felt. She really fondled them allover and found my hard nipples and she pinched them as well. I was in extreme state of euphoria.I was blacking out and serotonin levels must be off the charts. I was feeling and enjoying every second of her hands squeezing my ‘breasts’. I did not want this to be stopped. I really felt like I was a woman and a lesbian at that. Her fingers now started to unhook my choli hooks one by one. I was writhing with ecstasy while she was taking my clothes off. She also took her clothes off one by one and in no time she was stark naked and looking at that perfect body I was drooling like a puppy and then my eyes caught one thing and that one thing was she was wearing a harness and on the harness there was protruding an 8 inch brown colored real life dildo with attached balls as well.It was really realistic looking dildo and it scared me a bit.I knew I was going to be anally probed by her but it was way too big and I started thinking how is it going to fit inside of me.She just grabbed my throbbing member and I screemed like a little girl. She then climbed on top of me and finished removing my ghaghra and choli and I was only in my lingerie now.Both of her hands held my hand as I was shuddering by the touch of her dildo but she held both of my arms firmly and clamed me down.Then she started kissing me all over me my lips my ears my neck my shoulder my forehead, my “boobs”. She latched on to my left nipple and her hand was squeezing my right boob.She was sucking and biting my nipple like tigress biting in to her pray.I thought she will rip my nipple off.I also tried to grab her big swinging boobs but she slapped on my hand and continued with squzeeing my “boobs”.

  • #141

    payal (Monday, 06 August 2018 00:02)

    The night my wife made me her bitch Part 6- The Ending.

    After 5 minutes of “boob” play she brought out lubricant under the pillow which she generously applied on her dildo after putting on a condom on it.She also liftet my hips removed my thong that was barely containing my rock hard rod and threw it on the floor and then spread my legs and and said “ on wow just look at your man pussy, so tight and so fresh and untouched, it would be sad to pop your cherry” and then put generous amount of lube on my anus .I knew what was coming and thought of it made me just scared to be frank. That’s when I realized how women must be going through. I was sexual arousal at the highest and also quite a bit of fear as to how her husband will be rough or gentle. I was also wondering how my wife will be behaving. She suddenly pushed me to change my position and made me sleep on my stomach. She came from behind now and lifted my hips, I was mentally preparing my self and at the same time trying to make sexy feminine whimpers. She climbed on my back and whispered in my ear “ hold on baby girl, this will pain a bit but very sweet pain” Saying that she opened my French bun with one stroke and there goes my curled hair was freely on my back. She lifted my but higher to make me in a doggy style and also to have wider access to my “vagina”.And suddenly she slowly inserted her dildo inside of me, It was a feeling I can not describe. It was pain but extreme arousal as well.It was nothing like I have ever felt before.She was stroking me like a pro as if to give me right amount of pain with the pleasure. While continuing to stroke she bent over and removed my bra and threw it on the floor as well and grabbed my “breasts” and started to knead them like a dough or like making slightly unripe mango softer.She squeezed my “breasts” so hard and pinched my nipples so hard I thought I will start lactating there. She bit me on my ear as well.I was ready to cum at that time and she noticed that as I was screaming louder and louder like a whore but suddenly she grabbed my balls very hard and whispered “ not yet my wify not just yet, We will both cum together” She grabbed hold of my balls for 3-4 more minutes tightly with one hand and pulling my hair with other while increasingly stroking harder and harder. She really was making me her bitch, well I was screaming like a horny bitch as well. She said whispered “ I am about to cum baby” and she let go of my balls and in next 30 seconds we both had massive explosive orgasm as we both screamed so hard it felt like we will break the ceiling. The orgasm lasted for next 3-4 minutes. She was still stroking me while having her own orgasm. And we were spent at that time. She pulled her dildo out of my man vagina and just fell to the bed. I just could not open my eyes for next 5 minutes.My butt was extremely sore and hurting like hell being pounded hardcore for more than an hour. She rode me 3 more times like that before we slept in each other’s arms,Without wearing single clothing but only dildo which was still touching my sore man “ vagina”.

  • #142

    Shalini (Monday, 06 August 2018 01:55)

    So my world came to an end. I was thinking how can i be so careless and cursed myself for taking steroids and thn i went to my room and kept my reports in almirah and slept. It was almost a week so i thought i will go back to mumbai. And manage some or the othr option. As i was running short of money so i checked with mom manage to take 5k frm her whn to the bar and spended almost all the money. Almost lik a week passed and i was feeling weak and the pain started to increase. So i askd shalini for some loan and managed to get 10k i spended almost all the money i had taken. Then again i borrowed money frm mom so days were passing my pain increased so one day i had gone out and mom was cleaning my room and she opened my almirah and saw the medical reports. She was shocked and concerned thn she called the doctor and confirmed with him as doctor told her all the options.

  • #143

    Shalini (Monday, 06 August 2018 02:05)

    So i came back and my mom opened the door she gav me tea it was almost 5pm and asked me is everything fine and i said her yes giving her fake smile. Thn she showed me the medical reports i said not to worry everything is fine is just tht overdose of steroids wnd power supplements. Thn she told me to remove the tshirt which i was wearing i tried to avoide her but some how she managed to remove as she saw my chest had taken proper shape and it had develop in breast. My mom was shocked and she sa my complete body thy were no hairs and slim lik female.

  • #144

    Shalini (Monday, 06 August 2018 03:55)

    Thn she told your body looks lik a complete female with the breast. She was confused so she took me to her doctor and did my check up and showed the reports to her. As the doctor told her same tht due to steroids my body has started to produce female harmones so thr is no medicine nor any options thy hav as it will be danger for my life. So doctor told my mom tht my male functions will not work as my body is almost changed into fem. So doctor advised my mom to make him wear bra and treat him lik daughter. As she saw tht my hairs are grown and my breast has completely taken the shape

  • #145

    Shalini (Monday, 06 August 2018 04:11)

    Then we came back to home and i went and slept it was next day morning i got up and went to hav breakfast i saw my sis she was giving me smile and thn my mom gav me milk and i was confused thn i askd mom tht she had given me wrong glass. She said milk is good for ur health thn i justkept quiet. So thn i went to take bath and came out thn my mom came and gave me my sisters bra to wear as we were of same size. I got shocked as i have never wore any fem attire.it was red in colour very soft with net design on it. I said mom i cant wear this as iam male and cant imagine myself in this. Thn mom started to shout on me telling tht you never listened to any one of us you did wht you wantd. Thtz the reason god is punishing you. Now u dont hav any othr option nor u hav any contracts nor any one will be willing to cast u if thy com to knw tht you are not a man enough and nor u hav any money left with u. And nor u hav cleared ur graduation. You hav one option left is tht you can giv pleasure to men lik being a fem prostitute with ur breast and fem characters and earn money.

  • #146

    Shalini (Monday, 06 August 2018 04:25)

    So my face became red and i was really shocked the way mom replied. Now it was my sis turn shalini she told tht never u listened to any of us see now wht you hav done. Now do you think so any of the girl will marry u. And how the people will react if thy come to knw tht u are a female not male everyone will laugh at u. And please never go out alone in nite nowadays it's not safe thy will rape u. See its not safe as thy are people who dont spare small girls.so watch out rather stay in as much as you can we will take care of u my small sister.she told mom to teach her the girls lif and dont let her go out.we will search a nice guy and get u married till thn plz learn all the household chores lik cooking washing and cleaning. Thn she came removed my towel and hooked the bra and checked my breast and told it fits very well see.i was not able to do anything she laughed and said see sis how good u r looking my mom also started to laugh i was totally embarrassed.

  • #147

    Shalini (Monday, 06 August 2018 04:49)

    So now i was standing wearing bra infront of my sis and mom. Thn mom told me to come to kitchen and help her so i wore tshirt were easily any body can see my nipples visible. Thn i went to kitchen mom told me to clean the dinning table and thn wash the vessels. My sis was watching me and ordering me i was feeling very awkward thn mom gav me vegetables to cut as i knw cooking because i use to stay alone in mumbai i use to cook.thn i did cut vegetables thn mom told me to wash clothes in washing machine.thn mom left to her work as my sis took a leav she was thr with me. Thn i was sitting in my room thinking wht to do. Thn shalini called me and told me to make tea i made the tea gav her she said wow nice tea thn askd me to clean the rooms which i did. Thn she askd me how you are u feeling now i said yeh good. Thn she said see you hav long hairs and breast you are wearing bra but it doesnt match. You should be braiding your hair wear a saree or suit. I was tensed i said i cant iam not female shalini started to laugh sorry sister you dont hav option see ur self. I will train you to a beautiful bahu and search a nice guy get u married. So tht u understand womanhood and i will make sure tht you are happy at ur home after marriage. You knw all the household chores and i will train u believe me.so let me braid ur hair she bought a hair brush and rubber band and did my braid and kept on my shoulders. See sis how beautiful you are looking.i was afraid thn she removed my tshirt and track pant i was in bra and underwear thn she took me to her room and gav me a red panty to wear.

  • #148

    Shalini (Monday, 06 August 2018 05:20)

    I said i dont want to wear plz dont force me shalini iam your brother. She saw me gav me a smile and said now you are not my brother now you are my sister. See here i look lik ur brother i dont hav long hairs and i work wear jeans and shirts.see you are totally opposite sister so plz wear i dont want to be harsh on you.your body demands it wear plz you will love it. Dont worry plz wear now before i lose my patience. So i went inside wore panty and came as i didnt hav any hairs on my body and clean shaved. Thn did my make up she applied foundation lipstick and mascara. Tears were rolling out of my eyes she warned no to spoil the make up. Thn she did nail polish applied on my nails and thn she opened her almirah she had lots of suits chudidars and sarees which she never wore after her marriage ended. She told me tht she is happy tht i will be wearing all her clothes as she never used it. So she took one yellow colour suit with golden work on it and made me wear i said i cant shalini. I cant wear. Thn my sister u dont hav any option now left. So she made me wear salwar first thn made me wear suit it fitted as if it has been bought for me thn she opened her jewellery box she thn took glass bangles which were in yellow colour she made me wear 12 in each hands thn a necklace and thn she took pair of earrings as i had already pierced my ears for modelling she didnt hav any issues so she made me wear earrings thn followed by anklets.thn she gav me matching duppata covered my breast. Thn she showed me the mirror and said welcome sister to home.

  • #149

    Shalini (Tuesday, 07 August 2018 04:11)

    It was almost 12 noon shalini made me make lunch and i was feeling uncomfortable wearing bangles and anklets and adjusting dupatta. This was the first time we ate lunch together. I was feeling very shy. Thn shalini gave the dupatta on my head and askd me to speak lik female.thn she made me sleep next to her on the bed and was playing with my bangles and thn she hugged me and slept for sum time. I tried to move her but she didnt let me go.it was almost 5pm she waked me up and told me to change back to normal clothes and removed my make up and jewellery. I was in bra and panty.thn i wore my tshirt and jeans.thn she let me go and warn me telling tht not tell mom otherwise i will post ur pics on net. And surely she will dress me up completely with moms permission.

  • #150

    Shalini (Tuesday, 07 August 2018 04:29)

    Thn mom came it was daily routine now for me to help mom in kitchen. Almost 2 weeks passed so i was afraid of shalini. So mom and shalini used to go to work i use to be at home.so it was raksha bandhan so mom bought rakhi and gave it to shalini so tht she can tie to me but shalini was confused as she thought its no use so she gave me rakhi to tie her back. Shalini told mom tht now vijay is not fit to be her brother nor he is male nor he works so stays at home does house hold chores. So rather it could be good if he ties rakhi to her so tht shalini will take care of him. As she is independent and works so mom was ok with tht and told vijay to tie her rakhi. So shalini took dupatta frm almirah and covered the head if vijay. Mom was smiling. so vijay did the rituals and tied the rakhi to shalini and shalini was happy and gave him 1000 rs. So shalini announced tht frm now onwards you are my sis and i will take care of u. So mom also said me to listen her. So thn shalini told me to get water so i want and bought water. Still i had the dupatta on my head shalini told mom see vijay likes dupatta. Why dont we make him wear dresses as i want my sister to be beautifull.

  • #151

    Shalini (Tuesday, 07 August 2018 04:57)

    So mom said its a good idea rather we make him a beautiful girl ur sister and my daughter.so mom took me to bathroom gave me a head bath and gave me turmeric paste to apply on body so I didnt hav any option so i took a hot bath and came so my sis gave me a new set of bra and panty.thn mom was smiling so mom hooked the bra and i wore the panty thn my sis gave me a green colour suit to wear. So mom helped me to wear thn mom did my hairs into a braid and thn applied lipstick makeup kajal eyeliner and mascara. Thn gave me jewellery lik bangles thn anklets and earrings thn finally a gold chain to wear. Thn my sis gave me the dupatta on my head. Mom couldn't believ her eyes she had tears in her eyes hugged me. I was feeling shy. I couldn't tell anything i knew tht as already shalini had planned to convert me into a female.

  • #152

    Shalini (Wednesday, 08 August 2018 03:02)

    Thn mom was happy and shalini was excited seeing me in female attire. Thn mom took me to kitchen made me make breakfast thn do all house hold chores. Thn i was feeling shy wearing chunni on my head and thn me and mom made lunch shalini was busy doing her office work.thn mom made me sit next to her and i served lunch to shalini and mom thn i ate my lunch and thn i cleaned the dinning table. Thn i was feeling sleepy so mom made me sleep with her. Thn it was almost 5pm i woked up made tea served mom and shalini. Thn mom told you ate fit to be a girl rather shalini should be a boy look lik god made a mistake i kept quiet shalini started to laugh. Thm shalini took me inside her room stripped my clothes gave me a top and a long skirt with a duppata and made me wear bangles and anklets and gave a simple make up with a bindi. Thn she made my hairs in bun. Thn we were watching tv and thn finally we made dinner and my mom gave me her nighty to wear. And made me sleep next to her.

  • #153

    Shalini (Wednesday, 08 August 2018 03:17)

    Thn it was morning mom waked me up and told me to make tea and breakfast. Soon i served tea and breakfast to shalini so mom left to work and shaluni made me wear top and skirt did light make up gave me simple jewellery thn gave me dupatta on my head took me to beauty parlour i tried to stop her but she didn't listen and took me in car i was afraid and kept my head down soon we reached parlour thr no body recognize me soon i was sitting on chair. It was her friend she did my threading eyebrows thn gave me a facial and bleach thn gave a hair spa and thn shaluni told her to pierce my nose. I couldnt do anything. Thn we reached home and shalini told me to take bath and come. Soon i took bath shalini gave me bra and panty thn gave me a ghagra and choli which was pink in colour and thn gave me jewellery and braided my hair thn made me wear nose ring.did my make up thn gave me sandals to wear. Atlast she gave me a matching dupatta.And she got ready in jeans and top. Thn she took me to a mall i was feeling concious thn she told me not to worry as i look lik female and thn we went for movie as i was not comfortable but still she took me inside the theatre and she sat holding my hand thn we ate at hotel she bought me some more jewellery and undergarments. Thn we took some selfies.Thn we reached home so i was tired but shalini made me work at home and told me to make dinner.

  • #154

    Shalini (Wednesday, 08 August 2018 04:33)

    Thn mom came back frm bank shw saw me and complimented on my beauty. And told shalini she did a great job. Now i was complete female staying lik a girl and doing house hold chores.thn we had dinner mom made me watch some serials thn shalini gave me a short nighty. Mom made me wear bangles anklets and a gold chain and kept my hair loose.
    Soon i got up in the morning i made tea waked shalini first she holded my hand and forced me on bed and started hug me and sleep. Thn some how i managed to escape thn i gave tea to mom. Thn it was Saturday as it was bank holiday and shalini had taken leav frm work. Thn i made breakfast shalini was watching tv. Thn i took bath and came mom took me to her room and made me wear bra and i was already wearing panty. Thn mom took one of her saree and showed me and askd me to wear. I was feeling shy. Thn i was calm and quiet thn mom took a blouse and thn made me wear petticoat and braided my hair and did my make up thn it was a green colour chiffon saree she draped the saree made me wear green bangles and anklets. Thn gave me a necklace to wear. I was uncomfortable in saree as i was wearing for first time.thn mom told me now you are a complete girl so frm now onwards you will wear sarees and suits. And take care of house.see how good you look. Thn shalini saw me and was surprised she told me took keep pallu on head. So i kept. Thn we all three went to temple and my sis kept flower's on my head.soon we came back to home thn mom took me to kittie party in our society.and introduced me as her daughter. Thn we came back thn my sis took me to her room and made me sit like a bride on the bed keeping pallu on head and she told me to act lik her wife. I was sacred but i kept quiet thn she locked the room and started to play with my bangles and pressed my breast and lost her control and kissed me and opened my blouse and started to suck my breast.thn i was acting lik her wife she became my husband.

  • #155

    Shalini (Thursday, 09 August 2018 01:57)

    Thn shalini made me wear nighty along with bangles and anklets and gave me dupatta. We shared the bed together she hugged me and slept.it was morning i waked up and made tea. Served mom and sis thn i made breakfast. It was sunday so i took bath wore my inners. Thn shalini gave me a blue saree along with blouse and petticoat. I wore blouse and petticoat she draped saree and told me to learn as earliest. Thn gave me jewellery and did my make up and applied nail polish. Mom did my braid and made me wear nose ring. Thn shalini gave me pallu. It was a nice blue saree with gold border. Thn mom took me to kitchen to make lunch we had lunch thn mom went and slept in her room. Shalini took me to her room and started to kiss me and play with my breast. I was feeling shy thn shalini told me to marry her as she will keep me happy and tale care of me. I was shocked.

  • #156

    Shalini (Thursday, 09 August 2018 04:38)

    It was almost a month now i become perfect in wearing saree and dresses and doing house hold chores. I didnt have any manly features now as i had a beautiful breast and thr was no erection in my penis. As thy both use to go to work i was sitting at home wearing saree and bangles.cooking food cleaning house. Like a perfect bahu watching cooking shows and serials. I use to keep pallu on my head all the time. Shalini use to torcher me a lot. I started to behav lik a women.

  • #157

    Arun (Monday, 13 August 2018 07:31)

    Part -1 of being Arun to Aruba

Hi every one my name is Arun
I'm from Hyderabad , I started to crossdress when I was 10. I was a complete closet crossdresser and use to wear my mother clothes whenever I use to get a chance to wear them. I was always excited looking at different colors and shades of feminine clothes and feminine ornaments. I started to crossdress with bra and panties.
One day, in the afternoon around 2pm when I was 16 and there was nobody at home and I had decided to crossdress and wear my mothers clothes.i had pick up a white bra and a cotton maroon panties with a light green churidhar & kameez and a pearl necklace with matching ear rings. These ear rings were stick on ear rings. Due to excitement and in hurry i forgot to lock my house door. I went to my room with all the clothes and started to undress my self. First i wore the maroon panty, it was so soft, then I wore the bra and filled it with thermocol balls, but the fitting was too tight and was giving me a feeling of actual breast. Then I wore the green kameez, it was a bit heavy as it had multi-coloured stones and jewels on it and the feel was so feminine for me. After wearing the kameez and adjusting it properly, I picked up the churidaar and wore it. Ohh the feeling was just too amazing, I just cant tell you how i felt after wearing it. The tightness and the firmness around the thigh and the entire leg, it was too good, then I grabbed the dupatta. After I wore everything and having a look at my legs I was getting a bit annoyed and was wanting to wear payals. Then I wore the earings and necklace. It was so beautiful when I looked at my self in the mirror. The light green kameez & churidhar was simply suiting my skin tone. I felt something missing on my face, so I ran towards my mothers room and opened her dressing and removed a big and round red coloured bindi and stick it to my head and when I looked into the mirror, I was feeling complete woman. I was posing in front of the mirror and enjoying myself being a woman. All of a sudden, the door bell rang and I started panicking, I thought it was my mother and she could enter using a key and i realized that I didn't lock the house door . I quickly undressed my self and got back to my men's attire kept back all the clothes and jewelry. I immediately ran to open the door, when I opened the door , it was our servant babu, he is of 18 years of age, dark and tall with a slim body. Babu was looking at me with his eyes wide open, he was silent and entered our house. I was not able to understand his reaction, I went to my room and when I passed the mirror I was shocked to see the big round red colored bindi on my head. I felt so embarrassed and frustrated that I couldn't control my emotions and just banged my bedroom door and Locked it. I sat on the bed with my head down and thinking about babu and what he must be thinking about me. Just after a couple of minutes, I heard a knock on the door and I knew it was babu, I was getting the worst feeling of facing him. I immediately removed the bindi and threw it and went towards the door to open it.
 End of part- 1. 

Please comment

  • #158

    Rama Gupta (Wednesday, 15 August 2018 00:28)

    A short Feeling
    was monsoon time and Teej Is Two Days Away (teej the hindu festival where married ladies do fast and njoy by singing dancing etc ) so i went to my aunt house she lives alone as she is unmarried . She has a close freind circle of 10-12 ladies of same age group .

    One fine evening ladies had gathered to discuss there plans regarding teej festival there is lots and lots chit chatting gossiping going in my aunts house lawn i was there admiring all ladies fashion sense

    My aunt knows my desire of crossdressing she called me and tells me about their plan and as m good in photography and asked me capture their pics i happily agree. Then one of them said he’s a boy and its all ladies function how can he come. Then my aunt told them about my secret hobby that i love to wear women.s clothes firstly i felt embarrassed but i was at cloud nine. And the day comes.

    I was there dressed beautifully in salwar and suit posing for a picture

  • #159

    Arun (Wednesday, 15 August 2018 05:03)

    Part -2 of being Arun to Aruna

    The moment I opened the door, I saw babu anxiously waiting to see me after I open the door. I was so disinterested an was avoiding an eye contact with him. He told me that he needed to clean my room. I replied ok and went to take my phone and was leaving my room. Babu was adjusting my bed sheet and he picked that red bindi that I threw on the floor. Looking at that again my eyes were wide open and embarrassed. He picked it and threw it in the bin and didnt utter a word. I left the room immediately. There was no conversation that was taking place between us. After he finished the work, I decided to change my clothes and leave for gym. I was already in shorts and just need to change my t-shirt. While changing babu entered my room and was constantly look at my upper body. When I got to this notice and saw myself in the mirror, I was stunned to see the impression of the bra on my chest area. I was speechless and my throat was dry, I couldn't spk a word nor I could react as babu was still in the room. Looking at my state babu told me bhaiya, you were looking very funny in the red bindi but when I saw the impression on your upper body, a sudden current passed through my body and I imagined you in female clothes with you wearing ornaments and bindi. I was getting nervous and started to sweat. He told me bhaiya i know you wear women's clothes, can you please wear them once in front of me. Listening to this I was so happy and excited but didnt express it to him. All of a sudden he held my palm and was trying to seduce me by touching my skin smoothly and softly so that I get convinced to wear the clothes. I was enjoying this and I nodded and said a yes. Listening to this he hugged me and what an amazing feeling I was getting a feeling as if a man has held me in his arms and its a dream for every women to be in his man's arms. It was the first time I was in any man's arms. 2 mins passed and he slightly kissed me on my neck and then winked at me saying you apply women's talc na bhaiya, I was amazed at his observation as I actually use female talc cause if its essence. I nodded a yes and was shy.i told him that I'll let you know when I can plan to dress up for him, he was very excited and told me that he is waiting.

    End of part-2

  • #160

    AAAA (Sunday, 26 August 2018 10:03)

    Role reversal reality show
    In the age of reality shows many young boys and girls used to compete to become famous celebrity overnight.
    A new tv channel was started by a feminist group of women. They wanted to promote role reversal show. So they started a reality show for young boys and girls and offered a prize money of 1 crore. But the theme of reality show was the best role reversal couple. Many boys and girls applied and few were selected for audition and were told to come in role reversal way as boys have to dress in short dresses and skirts and apply makeup and the girls would dress in pant shirt. About 100 boys and 100 girls came to audition.The guys were dressed sexily in different skirts with attractive makeup and dresses exposing their thighs and were looking beautiful. Few guys wore tight sleeveless tops exposing their navel. The girls meanwhile were dressed in jeans and t shirts and were looking handsome.

  • #161

    AAAA (Sunday, 26 August 2018 10:27)

    In the audition 3 female judges wearing mens suit were sitting. They were radha, rani and priya. They first met the contests and asked them to continue only if they have no inhibitions to any task. The show would go on for 10 weeks on a private island which was very beautiful as it had beaches on all sides and a beautiful natural beauty. The beach had a single cottage in which the contestants would be. They had to do any task on which they would be immune from elimination. The best couple would be selected as king and queen for a week while the losers would be eliminated. The guys were told that there would be humilation tasks in advance and they had to continue only if they desire. Around 10 guys and 10girls left while the remaining 90 guys and girls accepted the terms and conditions. Then the girls were called first. The 3 judges selected 20 girls who were handsome in pant and shirt and were also a bit stronger and then the guys were asked to come. The 3 women judges were happy to see beautiful boys in skirts of various colours mostly pink and violet. The guys were told that they would be dressed like that for the entire show and they were free to leave if they want to. But if they accept they should be ready for any humilation task they would be given. All the 90 guys accepted.

  • #162

    AAAA (Sunday, 26 August 2018 11:15)

    The 3 lady judges had difficulty in selecting the guys because all 90 guys were beautiful in their skirts with matching makeup and were willing to do any task. So the 3 judges decided to call the 20 selected girls for them to choose.
    The judges initially thought of just a boy and girl per couple but now seeing so many boys they decided that initially a girl would have 4 boys pair and she could choose the best guy as show proceeds. The guys were told that the next day the would have to seduce the girl and a girl would pick 4 guys meaning 20 girls would select 80guys and 10 would be eliminated. The 20 selected girls came next day happily in jeans t shirt and were looking handsome. the 3 judges gave a rubber stamp and inkpen to each of the 20 girls and told to stamp the 4 guys navel and sign on the stamp with their name. The pen and stamp were permanent type and would remain upto a year and so be very careful in selecting the guys they wished. The girls would be serially called into a large hall based on chits in lucky dip and a girl would now have to select 4 boys of her wish. All the 20 girls were made to sit in a room and chit was taken. The first girl name taken from the chits in lucky dip was anusha. She was led into a big hall and she was shocked as she went inside as there were boys dressed beautifully in sleeveless short tight shirt and a top on the shirt which was merely for style and was clearly exposing their navel and short skirts of different colours which hardly came upto their mid thigh with matching makeup and were looking hotter than the previous day
    As Anusha went inside she was made to sit on achair. The guys came around her. She told the guys to perform a seducing dance . The guys were told to dance for sexy song sheela ki jawani. All the guys started dancing sexily. She got up from chair and was observing the guys dance and was shocked at how the guys were able to dance so sexily. As anusha came near by the guys would move their navel towards her so that they could tempt her and she would stamp on their navel. Anusha though observed all the guys and she selected the 4 best looking guys after the song. She stamped on their navel and found that the stamp had anusha name on it and she signed above it. The 4 selected guys were happy and seeing them blush anusha was controlling her laughter as she had already participated in 3 other reality shows before and several dance shows. In the dance shows she was always dressed sexily and looked lika a damstel in distress. In the reality shows it was far worse as she was most of the time dressed in skirts and bikinis. She had to expose her navel and thighs and was just looked as a sex bomb. In a reality show she was always humiliated by doing sexy tasks and was also fucked in a task. Now she was happy as tables have turned and now it was her time to enjoy

  • #163

    AAAA (Sunday, 26 August 2018 11:30)

    Not only Anusha but all the 20 selected girls who were selected by the judges had previously participated in mens reality shows and were always considered as sex bombs and were humiliated in various sexy tasks and were also fucked in a task. So they had revenge in their mind. Knowingly the judges selected them as they would not backoff in humiliating a guy. One by one all the 20 girls came and each girl selected 4 guys after a sexy song for which the guys danced. The 20 girls selected 80 guys 10 heartbroken guys were left out. Those 10 guys were sad and dejected and left. While the selected 20 guys and 80 girls were told to get ready to go to the island in a week.

  • #164

    AAAA (Sunday, 26 August 2018 11:57)

    The selected 80 guys though thought that just like a routine reality show though they were dressed in skirts or sarees they would later become their bosses as the have been always in reality show and turn the girls into sex bombs and enjoy them and fuck them in exotic island locations. They thought as they were numerically superior the girls will be no match to their strenght and they woukd show the girls their place and put them in their skirts and sarees . Few boys even discussed about this and decided they would form a group and would feminise girls and humiliate them just like in other reality show and no matter whether a girl wears pant shirt deep inside she would long for sarees and would easily surrender to the boys
    All the 20 girls and 80 guys left for the island the next week. It was a very beautiful island with beautiful beaches and exotic scenaries. There they were met by 5 women in mens blazer suit who would be giving the contestants tasks. The 5 women greeted the contestants well and showed them their rooms. In a room there would be a girl and 4 guys whom she selected . They were told to enjoy for few days before a task would be told but as a rule the girls have to be dressed in jeans t shirt and come to gym daily in the morning while the guys had to be dressed in saree wear makeup and attend cooking lessons in the morning. At night a girl can wear a cotton t shirt and pyjamas. While the guy has to wear a sexy transparent nighty. The guys though thought that it was just for few days before they would become the boss in pant and shirt.

  • #165

    AAAA (Sunday, 26 August 2018 15:56)

    The guys and girls were initially shy and hesitant to move closely with other. They slept separately that night. The next morning it was announced that their actual task would begin after 2 weeks and for these 2 weeks they were supposed to concentrate on their fitness. The girls had to wake up in the morning and dress in mens gyms clothes and go to gym. After coming from gym they were given protein diet which would make them tough. Then they had to dress in shirt and pant and had to go to horse riding. Till evening they were taught horse riding. In the evening for an hour they had to go to swimming pool. But their dress was a t shirt and a knicker.
    In the night the girls were again given protein diet before going to bed.
    The guys also had to get up in morning. dress up in saree and wear attractive makeup and have to go to cooking class. Then they were given soft diet which would make them look thin and even develop good attractive shape. Then they had go to a waterfalls nearby to take bath. There before taking bath they had to apply a lotion which would make their skin smooth. The guys just removed their saree, blouse and lehanga. They took bath wearing bra and panties because they felt shy in removing total dress as it was open place. The guys felt upset that they were told to bath in open waterfalls while the girls had their own washrooms. Then after coming from there the guys had to dress in school girl uniforms which consists of a tight blouse and a short mini skirt which would hardly come upto their mid thigh. The school uniform also had a tie to be worn. The guys were not supposed to cut their hair and until they develop hair they had to wear a wig. Then they had to apply makeup. Then they had to attend sessions where they would be taught how to beautify themselves and the various types to seduce a girl. The girls felt what was the need for them to seduce and were thinking that once the tasks begin they would show their manliness and put the girls in their place. In the evening they were taken to a separate swimming pool and were told to change into swimming costumes. The guys were shocked when they received 2 piece bikins as their costume. The guys hesitated a bit but later taught it as a competition and as the girls were in another swimming pool they would not laugh at them. The guys after wearing bikinis swimmed for sometime before changing back into their school dress and went to their cottage. They were given a light soft dinner and then they went inside their rooms. There they saw that the girls were sleeping after a tired day in the bed wearing cotton short and pyjamas. The guys to were tired and they quickly changed into their nighties and slept in the floor as the bed was occupied by the girl. This routine continued for 2 weeks.
    After 2 weeks the girls had become a bit stronger due to their training while the guys became very lean thin and developed good shape due to the effect of their diet. The guys skin also became soft.They were looking a lot sexier than when they had come but the guys thought that they had retained their earlier strenght which they would readily show in the tasks.

  • #166

    AAAA (Sunday, 26 August 2018 17:39)

    In the 2 weeks though the guys and girls slept in the same room they did not interact as they were busy with their training schedule. After 2 weeks the first task was announced.
    THE First Task: - Wrestling between guys and girls
    The guys laughed thinking that they would easily defeat a girl in wrestling.
    Each girl had to wrestle with all the 4 guys she selected simultaneously
    The guys burst out laughing thinking that it was not possible for a girl to defeat one guy on one on one and how can they defeat 4 boys simultaneously. The girls though looked silently. The girls who lose will be eliminated while the guys whom the losing girl selected would gain power as they won in wrestling. The power would be to select the guys whom they want to eliminate. Each winning guy would eliminate a guy and take his place. The winning guys could therfore go into a group where they liked
    The next day in the morning the competition started. The guys and girls had come to a stage wrestling ring which was constructed for this wrestling
    The 5 contest judges came there and told the contestants to get dressed for the wrestling in dresses provided in the adjacent room. First the girls went and they were given a mens banian, mens underwear, a yellow sporting shirt and a yellow sports pant. They were looking handsome.
    The guys went next and they were given a bra, panty, a short violet sleeveless blouse which had single back threads . As it was sleeveless it had no support and was solely dependant on single back thread. If the thread was pulled out the blouse would automatically falloff. Then the guys were given a loose short violet skirt which was also tied with single thread on back. The skirt was peculiar as it was a large size compared to guys waist and had no elastic. The guys just had to tie a thread with loose ends at back as per instructions. Since the skirt was very loose and just based on a thread that was tied losely the skirt would falloff if the thread was just merely pulled. The guys felt very vulnerable that the blouse and their skirt could easily be pulled off. The guys then had to wear lipstick and mild makeup. Then they came out to the stage. Seeing them the girls laughed.
    The 5 women judges then announced that the wrestling would be a bra and panties match meaning either the guy must pull out the girls shirt and pant and expose her in banian and underwear or the girl would pullout the guys blouse and skirt and expose the boy in bra and panties after listening the girls looked confident that they can easily pull away the guys dress.
    The guys then thought that they would play as a team and since 4 were there they would catch a girl and pin her down to floor and then pull away her clothes. If it failed 3 guys would hold her hands while 1 guy would pull away her pant first making her to loose confidence then the rest 3 would pull away her shirt and expose her in banian and underwear . The match started first girl was Anusha. She was at a corner and started defensively. The 4 guys she selected came near her and tried to catch and pin her. But they were surprised when they found her to be stronger which was due to her gym training. Then the 4 guys tried to hold Anusha while 1 guy tried to pull her pant as per their plan-b. It was tight as it was a sports pant tied inside. As the pant was a bit tight another guy bent to pull her pant. This loosened the grip on anusha. Anusha took advantage of this and pulled away the bent guys thread of blouse. The guy was startled and left her. Anusha took the opportunity and pulled away the other 2 guys who were holding her their skirts threads making the 2 guys skirts fall away. The guys startled left her and bent to catch their falling skirt. This was sufficient for Anusha to pull away the 2 guys blouse threads too. Now the 2 guys had both their blouse and skirts pulled out and were dressed only in their bra and panties. They tried to cover their modest with their hand and felt shy as all the other girls were clapping and shouting anusha anusha. The 2 guys were declared out and had to step out of wrestling ring just in their bra and panties. The other girls whistled seeing the boys like that. Now in the ring Anusha had still 2 guys. One guy had his blouse pulled off and was only in the ring with the skirt while the other guy had both blouse and skirt. The guys did not know what to do and they went to a corner in defensive. Anusha came forward in attacking position.

  • #167

    AAAA (Sunday, 26 August 2018 18:30)

    The guys were not in a position to attack Anusha and as Anusha came forward the guy who was just in bra and lost blouse thought it was difficult to fight Anusha as she was stronger and he felt it humilating to be seen in bra in the ring. So he stood their silently and surrendered to Anusha. Anusha pulled away his skirt thread and he was declared out.
    He left the ring in only bra and panties covering them modestly to the whistles and claps of other girls.
    Now there was just a single guy left in the ring with Anusha.
    The guy thought it was better to attack and went forward near Anusha. To his surprise Anusha pulled him and held him tightly under her grasp. Anusha held the guy tightly with her hand around his navel. The guy thought about freeing him bit the grasp of Anusha was tight. Anusha though immediately did not pull down the guys dress as she was in mood for some fun. She teased him by saying he was sexy and kissed him on his back. Anusha then pulled the guys face towards her and kissed him on his lips. The guy felt humiliated and surrendered in order to not face much humiliation. He begged her to just pull away his dress. Anusha teased him that whether he was eager to expose in bra and panty. All the other girls laughed. The guy felt shame and looked at Anusha sympathetically. Anusha decided okay and not to humiliate him further and pulled away his blouse and skirt thread. The judges declared Anusha as winner. Anusha stepped out proudly as winner while the 4 guys humiliated stood by her in just bra and panty trying to cover them with their hands as modest as possible.
    The next girl to enter the ring was Ritu
    Ritu had entered the ring confidently seeing the first easy victory of Anusha. The 4 guys who now entered the ring though were cautious and had planned a defensive strategy. Ritu came allout forward attacking the guys,
    while the guys just were trying to dodge her. The guys initially managed to evade her swings. Now the guys decided to dodge her swings for sometime make her tiresome and after sometime they managed to tire her. She became tired after sometime. Using this as advantage the guys now went near her and all the 4 guys held her tightly and as she was tired and she could not retaliate and a guy successfully bent and with great difficulty pulled out her pant. Ritu lost her confidence and now the other guys too confidentally pulled away her shirt. Now Ritu was dressed only in banian and mens underwear. Now it was the guys turn to whistle. The guys confidentally stepped out of the ring while ritu was embarassed and stepped out in banian and underwear

  • #168

    AAAA (Sunday, 26 August 2018 19:20)

    The next girl who stepped in ring was Rajini. The 4 guys who entered also planned similar strategy as their previous had planned towards ritu. They first tired her and then then when she was holding a guy the other 3 guys attacked her and pulled away her shirt and pant. The boys became extremely confident of their new strategy

    The next girl who entered was Priya. The 4 guys also came into ring. Their startegy was same. The guys were on defensive and went to a corner and Priya came forward to attack. The guys initially dodged her and tried to make her become tired. But Priya thought of a better strategy that was to as the 4 guys were together at a place and were trying to dodge her simultaneously she pretended to strike and as 4 guys moved in a opposite direction she was quick to adjust and she pulled away 2 guys blouse threads. The 2 guys lost their blouses and were only in their bras. The 2 guys though managed to escape and reached the other end and went behind the other 2 guys who managed to escape her grasp. Then Priya made an offer for 4 guys to surrender saying she would silently pull away their blouses and skirts. But if they didnt surrender she would pull down even their panties. The guys though decided to fight and teased Priya that she would lose , not them and they would show her her place crying like a girl . This incenced Priya and she decided to attack The guys were again on a defensive. This time she targeted guys navel. Priya first appeared to strike and as the guys moved in opposite direction with the other hand she hard pinched a guys navel. As the guy bent due to sudden pinching of his navel Priya grabbed him and pulled him towards her. She took him the other side of ring and was careful in holding him tightly with a hand around the guys navel. As a guy came forward to free him she pinched his navel too and as he bent Priya quickly pulled away his blouse thread The guy as only in bra went behind towards other 2 other guys who were also only in bras. Now Priya was holding 1 guy while other 3 guys were in bras . Priya now removed the guys who she was holding blouse and skirt. She quickly pulled down even his panty exposing his ass. The guy was only in a bra and rest naked. All the girls clapped and whistled while the boy bent his head in shame and tried to cover with his hands. The guy was declared out. He stepped out in humiliation as he did not even have panty and was bottomless with only a bra. Then along with Priya 3 other guys were there in bra and only had their skirts. Priya attacked them and as they tried to dodge her this time she got hold of guys leg and as he slipped she pounced on him and pulled away his skirt and panty. The guy to defeated humiliated stepped out in hiding with his hands while the girls complimented about his ass. The other 2 guys seeing the bottomlessness of 2 guys now decided to surrender but Priya refused saying that she had offered them before and they refused

  • #169

    AAAA (Sunday, 26 August 2018 20:01)

    The 2 guys then went into corner in defensive position while Priya came forward. They tried to escape but then Priya caught hold of both of them. Priya held them both tightly with her hand around their navel. The guys were shocked at her strenght as she was able to hold 2 guys simultaneously. The 2 guys were then pulled close and she told them to kiss each other. The guys humiliated begged her but she told them she would not leave them till they kissed each other. The guys reluctantly started kissing while all the girls were giigling. Now Priya bent down and pulled down their skirts and panties too. The guys startled stopped kissing. Then Proya hit them hard on their exposed ass and told them not to stop till she tells. They started kissing again and after sometime satisfied she told them to stop. Priya came out of ring proudly while the 2 guys came out ashamed bottomless only in bra. The 4 guys bent their head and were standing behind Priya bottomless only in bras.
    The next girl was Veena. The 4 guys now thought of allout attack thinking that their defensive strategy failed. The 4 guys attacked Veena allout. They held Veena tightly. No guy was in a position to bend down as they did not want to give her any chance and they just wanted to make her tired. But as they were holding Veena tightly a guys navel came near her hand and it was sufficient for her. Veena pressed the guys navel and the guy as a reflex the guy for a moment left her hand. That was the moment she was waiting for and she pulled away the guys skirts thread and as the skirt was falling the guy bent forward Veena pulled away his blouse threads. The guy startled at the speed of Veena and had to step out of ring in shame in bra and panty. Now the 3 guys went to a corner and decided about a plan. 1 guy would attack Veena and divert her attention while the remaining 2 guys would come from behind and pull away her pant. As planned a guy came forward to attack. Veena was surprised as why a single guy came to attack her. Veena thought to finish him at once and go to remaining 2 guys. But as Veena tried to hold the guy a guy came from behind and tried pulling her shirt. Veena though startled responded in time and turned behind with a hand on her shirt leaving the guy who initially attacked her. This time was sufficient for the guy as another guy too had come in opposite direction behind Veena and pulled down her Pants. As her pant was pulled down tightly her underwear also came down and seeing her ass the guys clapped and shouted the boys to strip her completely for revenge for the way Priya stripped the guys bottlomless. Veena was humiliated and angry. She went into a corner adjusted her shirt while Priya came near her and told her to believe in herself. Priya told Veena that she had to pull down the guys panties and punish them for making her bottomless. Veena said okay. The girls started shouting Veena while the guys were supported by the other boys. The guys again aggressively came near Veena thinking she is bottomless .They held her and tried to pull away her shirt. But this time Veena was extra cautious and held her shirt tightly. Now a guy decided to divert her attention and as she was bottomless he tried to pinch her ass and as he pinched her she became angry and bent and kicked that boy. The other 2 guys also she with difficulty was able to push them. Now Veena immediately went near the guy on floor whom she kicked and pulled away his skirt thread and also his panty and threw it towards the girls in gallery. The guy still had blouse on so technically he was not out though he was bottomless

  • #170

    AAAA (Sunday, 26 August 2018 20:40)

    Veena now approached The other 2 guys. They did not know whether to attend or defend. The guys tried to dodge but she was able to catch a guys navel and pinched him hard and as he bent a bit she pulled away his skirts thread. She then pulled the guy near her and pulled down his panty too. She pushed down the guy and then went towards the remaining guy. The guy could not dodge and he to was stripped of his skirt and she pulled down his panty. Now along with Veena 3 guys were ther in the ring. Veena was bottomless as were the guys. The 3 guys were in their bra and blouse. As they had their blouse on they were in the game. All the 3 guys decided to attack Veena at once but she was able to defend her and by now the guys had become tired. They offered to surrender but Veena refused. Veena was angry that they made her bottomless. She mercilessly attacked them and hit them. The guys became too tired to continue and told Veena to accept their surrender and pull down their blouses as they did not have the capacity to continue. Veena gave each guy 100 pushups as a punishment and told them to complete them if they wanted to surrender. The 3 guys could hardly do 10 pushups as they were too tired. Now Veena went and asked Priya what the punishment should be. Priya told Veena that since the guys stripped her bottomless they must remember their punishment whole life. Veena told all the 3 guys to bend over and expose their asses . The guys hesitated but were too tired that they decided to accept anything The 3 guys slowly bent over in all fours and lifted their hips in order to expose their assholes to Veena. Veena first looke at their assholes and commented.All the girls too were happy on seeing the guys assholes and clapped and whistled while the remaining guys looked in horror. Veena came behind the guys and she filled the syringe with ice cold water and she then pulled a guys ass exposing his asshole. Veena inserted the syringe in his asshole and slowly emptied the syringe. The guy was startled due to the coldfluid but decided to remain calm as he was now at VeenaS mercy
    She refilled the syringe and went to the next guy and pulled his ass and inserted the syringe on his asshole and emptyied the syringe. This way she punished the 3 guys by giving each of them 10 injections in their asshole. After the 10 injections the 3 guys were extremely humilated and finally Veena pulled down their blouses and the 3 guys stepped out of the ring in their bras only. The guys could not lift their head as they had been stripped of their pride. The guys were not only stripped by a girl but also had to take a punishment from the girl and that too injections in their assholes. The girls clapped at ultimate punishment of Veena.
    The girls then teased the remaining guys by showing them a syringe filled with water and telling them they cannot wait to empty the syringe into their guys asshole.
    The boys were afraid seeing the punishment and on seeing the girls holding the syringes all the remaining boys surrendered without even a fight to the girls.

  • #171

    AAAA (Sunday, 26 August 2018 20:44)

    First week task has been completed the 2 girls who lost were eliminated and the 8 guys who defeated those 2 girls were given the power to choose the group and the could replace and elimate 8 guys of their choice. The guys decided to eliminate weak looking feminine guys so that they can compete stronger with the girls. They were told to rest for week while their next task would be on their next weekend and they returned to their rooms

  • #172

    AAAA (Monday, 27 August 2018 04:54)

    The contestants both boys and girls returned to their rooms and the guys were all ashamed that they were weaker compared to the girls and were defeated in wrestling.In the room the girls constantly teased the boys. The guys felt humiliated but were too tired to think about anything after the tiring day. The girls changed into their cotton shirt and pyjama and slept on the bed while The boys changed themselves into see through sexy nighties and slept on the floor. The next day the girls were again told to dress in tshirt and jeans and come to special training while the guys were told that they were completely free. The girls wore t shirt and jeans and went while the guys remained in their nighties and were chatting with each other. The boys spoke about the humiliation they received in their previous task and the boys decided that they were not inferior to girls and they just lost the previous day wrestling because they did not plan well. They decided to fight better in the next task and also agreed not to surrender. They felt they had surrendered to easily just after seeing Veena injections. They felt that when the girls showed them their injections they should have not lost confidence and rather if they had planned well and fought they would have defeated the girls and also shown their place. The guys who defeated the 2 girls were considered by the remaing guys as being strong and decided to follow their advice in their next task.
    The next week the guys had nothing to do and were always chatting with themselves in their nighties while the girls went for the special training. The guys wondered what the special training was but considered it to be a silly thing
    In the weekend the guys and girls were told to come for the competition. The guys decided to defeat the girls and feminise them as their punishment. The guys wished to see the girls in beautiful skirts and sarees as sex bombs and they decided to defeat them and make them wear saree as her punishment

  • #173

    AAAA (Monday, 27 August 2018 06:37)

    After the weekend the contestants were told to come to a similar stage where the 5 women judges were waiting.
    The second task was told as Oil Wrestling.
    The girls looked happy and told the guys to surrender while the guys also decided that today they would not surrender and rather as a team they would coordinate and fight and make the girl wear half saree as her punishment. The guys went inside their rooms and brought sexy half sarees and bangles and mangalsutra and bridal makeup and showed it to the girls and told them that after defeating the girls they would make the Girls wear the half saree with bangles and bridal makeup and the guys will tie mangalsutra to the girls.
    This was plan of the guys to demoralise the girls and make them to surrender.
    The girls were incensed and they went inside and each of them brought a syringe and waved it towards the guys. They told the guys that yesterday they had escaped but today the girls will not leave any boy without injecting in the guys asshole.
    The 5 judges then told the contestants to get changed. The girls first went and were given a banian men underwear, blue shirt and a blue sports pant similar to what they wore for previous task. The guys then went inside and were given bra panty and a white blouse which was like the previous day having a single thread tied behind and a white skirt which was similar to the one they wore previously having a single thread tied behind. Just pulling the threads both blouse and skirt would fall off. The guys came out and were told that as today it is oil wrestling they had to apply oil for their whole body. The girls and guys applied oil liberally along their body
    The guys started looking sexy as the white blouse which they wore became transparent and their bra was clearly visible. The girls commented about their bras and giggled
    The first match was of Anusha and again the 4 guys who fought with her in the previous match entered the ring.
    Anusha came forward to attack the guys and tried to catch a guy but since they had oil all along she were not able to catch a guy as the guy slipped from her grasp. Anusha immediately understood that due to oil it would be difficult to catch and henceforth she went backwards. Seeing this he guys came forward to catch her.They foolishly came forwards thinking to catch her. But once they caught her they felt that they cannot hold her due to oil and as their grip weekened it was sufficient for Anusha to pull away 2 guys skirts threads
    As their skirts fell the guys bent down Anusha had chance to pull their blouse threads but rather she pinched them on their back. They felt pain and as they got up in a moment Anusha pulled out their panties. Now the 2 guys were bottomless and still in game because they had blouse on but they tried cover their genitals with hands and moved to a corner. Anusha now fell on the remaining 2 guys and like a hungry lioness she pounced on them who were no match for her strength and pulled out the remaining 2 guys skirts and panties too.

  • #174

    AAAA (Monday, 27 August 2018 06:48)

    Now all the 4 guys wear in the ring bottomless and still in game as they had blouse on but were hesitant to attack Anusha since they were bottomless and were trying to cover their modesty with hands. Anusha now came forwards and pulled a guy towards her by holding his waist as holding hand was slippery due to oil. The guy tried to free himself but was unable The other 3 guys hesitated to come forward to help him as they felt afraid. Anusha looked at the boy whom she was holding. He was looking sexy due to oil on his body. First Anusha kissed him on his back then turned him forwards and kissed his navel. She then bit his lips. The guy humiliated requested Anusha to accept his surrender. Anusha refused and pushed away the guy Then she waent near the remaining 3 guys who were hesitant to attack her. Anusha grabbed them 1 by one and kissed them on their back, navel, lips. Humiliated all the 4 guys pleaded with her for surrender.
    Anusha accepted on condition that they bend over and take injections in their assholes. The guys refused and asked for someother easy punishment. Anusha refused and Anusha now once again attacked them and pushed each of the guy with ease. The guys felt it was impossible for them to defeat Anusha and they were too tired to continue fight and felt it extremely humiliating to be bottomless in the ring for a long time so they surrendered to Anusha and told her that they were ready to bend over and take injections in their assholes. But Anusha told that initially she thought of giving each guy 10 injections but now each guy has to take 50 injections in his asshole and in addition the guys should wear the half saree , bangles and bridal makeup which they brought and Anusha would tie Mangalsutra around their necks. The 4 guys hesitated a bit.
    Anusha told that if they refuse now the punishment later would be 100 injections and after dressing them in half saree she would fuck them in the ring with strapon. After hearing this the 4 guys trembled and accepted the initial punishment which was 50 injections in each asshole and then they would wear half saree.
    The 4 guys bent over in all fours exposing their asshole to Anusha. All the other girls too laughed seeing the guys surrender so easily.
    Anusha filled the syringe with ice cold water and went near a guy. Anusha pulled the guys hip to lift his ass properly and then Anusha pulled his ass cheek exposing his asshole and placed the syringe at tip of his asshole. The guy felt a bit tensed and simply closed his eyes. Anusha pushed the tip of syringe inside his asshole and emptied the syringe.
    The guy felt tingled sensation and moaned while all the girls burst out laughing and teased the remaining guys about same fate.
    Anusha next went near the next guy lifted his waist and pulled his asscheek exposing his asshole and gave him an injection. The other guy also moaned.
    Anusha commented that they were rather enjoying the punishment like sissy sluts. All the girls laughed and said they cannot wait to give each guy injection in his asshole. The guys were terrified and their confidence was lost.
    The 4 guys were ashamed but did not react.
    Anusha gave 50 injections to each of the 4 guys in their assholes. Then the 4 guys were dressed in half sarees bangles and bridal makeup while Anusha tied mangalsutra around their necks. Then Anusha stepped out of the ring confidently while the 4 guys feeling subdued in half saree bangles mangalsutra bent their heads and went and stood behind Anusha like demure housewives.

  • #175

    AAAA (Monday, 27 August 2018 07:24)

    The next girl to enter was Priya and the 4 guys entered. Priya offered the 4 guys surrender with 10 injections and wearing halfsaree and mangalsutra would be tied by Priya .The guys initially discussed and refused.
    Priya came out attacking them. They tried to tackle her and dodge her but were cornered. They felt that it was best to attack her now and all the 4 guys went and held Priya. Eventhough it was slippery due to oil they tried to catch her tightly but a guys navel came near her hand she pinched it hard He bent leaving her which was sufficient for the grip to loosen and she immediately pinched all the 4 guys navel
    All the 4 guys startled left her and taking advantage she pulled down their skirt and panties. Now as all the 4 guys were bottomless she gave them an offer of surrrender to 50 injections and half saree. The guys refused.
    The guys tried of attacking her 2 at a time while other 2 guys would come in opposite direction and pull away her pant. The 2 guys were attacking her and Priya immediately understood their plan. She caught hold of 2 guys tightly with her hand around their navel and thinking it as right time 2 other guys came in opposite direction and as they came near Priya surprisingly pushed the 2 guys she was holding towards them. All 4 guys fell with great force and were shocked at Priyas strength.
    They offered to surrender but Priya told that initially it was injections but now they have to get strapon fucked by her in the ring in front of everyone. The guys trembled and begged Priya that the humiliation will be very great in front of everyone, rather they told her that they would do anything in private. Priya told okay and told the guys that their punishment in the ring would be 50 injections and dressing in half saree as bride while in the night from now on they would become her wives. The guys accepted
    The 4 guys bent over and exposed their assholes to Priya. Priya gave each guy 50 injections and later dressed them in half saree and tied mangalsutra

  • #176

    AAAA (Monday, 27 August 2018 08:05)

    The next girl who came to ring was Veena. She also offered surrender of 10 syringes and dress in halfsaree and become housewife, but the guys thought that previous week they had her stripped bottomless so they decided to fight rather than become housewives. The guys tried to catch veena on her waist and pull her by navel so that she would become weak.
    But as Veena was dressed in shirt and pant with her navel covered it was difficult for the guys to locate her pleasure points on her navel.
    The guys though forgot that they were dressed only in a sleeveless white blouse and short white skirt and the blouse covered only part of upper chest and were exposing their navel, midriff and back and as they were also oiled up their shapes and curves were visible easily and their pleasure points on their navels was easily visible and the girls rather enjoyed pinching them and pressing them on the guys navel and were clearly took advantage by pinching or pressing the guys navel and when he loses concentration they were pulling out their dresses. The foolish boys did not understand this simple logic and were loosing and being humiliated.

    Similarly Veena too when the 4 guys tried to held her by waist and rather were searching for her navel she was easily able to see the guys waist curves and midriff and navel and knew the guys pleasure point. As a guys navel came near her hand it was sufficient for Veena to press it and as the guy felt startled due to pinch Veena pounced on all the guys as her grip was loosened. Veena pulled away the 4 guys skirt and panties. Bottomless only in blouse the 4 guys asked for surrender. But Veena was adamant that they did not accept surrender first and last week they humiliated her by making her bottomless. So she decided to punish the 4 guys for disobeying her request of surrender. Veena went aside and at a corner of the ring she took a strapon from her bag and tied it to her waist. All the 4 guys begged her but she refused and told the 4 guys to cooperate so that the session would be over smoothly and if they refused they would remember it rest of their life. The 4 guys hesitatingly accepted and bent over They lifted their waist exposing their asshole to Veena Veea first went behind a guy and applied oil around his asshole. Veena then teased the guy by just keeping the tip of strapon at entry of his asshole. The guy was in tension and afraid and just closed his eyes Then Veena suddenly with a jerk pushed the entire strapon into his asshole. The guy screamed while all the girls laughed and all the guys were afraid. Veena fucked the guy very intensely and once his pleasure point was found he moaned and climaxed. All the girls cheered and clapped happily while the guys were horrified of the terror. Veena then went to the next guy lifted his waist and played with his asshole for sometime before inserting her strapon into his ass. Veena fucked that guy also taking him to the thresholds of pleasure and he moaned and climaxed. The other 2 guys also were strapon fucked by Veena.
    The remaining girls now teased the boys about same punishment. All the boys were terrified and surrendered without any fight.

  • #177

    AAAA (Monday, 27 August 2018 08:11)

    All the boys after accepting defeat were given 10 injections in their asshole by their girl and were dressed in half sarees with makeup and had become house wife to girl.
    Each girl had now 4 guys who were her housewives.
    After the contest ended they went back into the cottage and their rooms and the girls wore t shirt pyjama while guys wore transparent see through nighties. Now after seeing them like that the girl could not control themselves and pulled the guys towards them tore of their nighty and once again enjoyed woth them before taking them to thresholds of pleasure and then strapon fucking them.
    The guys to by now became subservient to girls. From next day the guys were trained to beacome proper housewife doing chores while the girls were taught to become tougher.

  • #178

    AAAA (Monday, 27 August 2018 12:28)

    The third week the contestants were told to come to a hall.
    The 5 women judges present there announced that the task for this week would be only with guys.
    The contest name was Slip and Slide.
    In this the guy was supposed to apply oil on his body. Then he had to run for a distance and then jump and slide on the mats present there in the hall. The mats were also oiled up so the guy would not get hurt when he jumps. The guy has to slide and the guys covering the longest distance would win and his girl would be nominated queen while last 4 guys would lose and would be eliminated. Then the judges announced the guys to get dressed up and be ready for the task. The guys went inside and were shocked when they were given just a 2 piece bikini. They had to wear the bikini and makeup. As the guys came out the girs started laughing and
    Commented about their sizes and shapes. The guys too by now got used to those comments.
    Now the competition began. The guys were taken to a place and given an oily shower and their body was now totally with oil. The guys now came near the mat. As they were fully drenched in oil they were looking sexy. As oil started dribbling around their navel they were looking stunning hot.
    The guys started the task in which they had to run for a short distance before jumping on the mat and they then slide on the mat due to oil. The guys one after another performed the task. Finally as all the boys completed the task the boy who slid farther was chosen as winner and it was a guy from Veena's 4 guys. Hence Veena was chosen as queen.

  • #179

    AAAA (Monday, 27 August 2018 13:28)

    Veena was very happy that she was chosen as queen. Now she had the power to dump a girl too. Veena dumped a weak girl who she taught was soft and not dealing with the guys properly. Now all the contestants came back to their cottages.
    After dinner Veena in a happy mood decided to go to swimming pool in the night. Anusha and Priya were also happy and told they would come with her. The 3 girls called their 12 guys to also come to the pool. They went to the swimming pool and were happily enjoying. The girls were dressed in t shirt and short pant while the guys had dressed in bikinis.
    The guys were looking hot in the swimming pool in bikinis in the night light. After chatting with each other for sometime Veena went near the 4 guys of her group and thanked the guy Rajesh for winning and making her the queen. Veena also apologized that the previous week she fucked Rajesh in the ring openly. Rajesh and the other guys told no need of apology as because of that they had bonded well and they too eventhough embarasses had enjoyed her strapon.
    The guys told Veena that they would compete hard even in the nexy competition and make sure Veena would win. Veena was happy and then she told the guys how much she liked them when they smeared themselves with oil and slid on the mat. Veena told that she felt like fucking them then there only but had to control her temptation. Veena told them that she wished to fuck the 4 guys in moonlight in the swimming pool.
    The 4 guys happily consented. The guys were a bit hesitant that there were Anusha and Priya and there 8 guys too in pool but the guys decided that open romance was always fun and went near Veena. Veena tied strapon to her waist. Veena then entered the pool and the 4 guys to came to a corner where was upto the level of their chest. Veena went first behind Rajesh and she tightly pressed his navel. Then she slowly slid down the underwear he was wearing and threw it out of pool. Then Veena pressed Rajesh's ass slowly and she then teased him with the tip of her strapon. Rajesh then felt sudden jerk when Veena pushed her total strapon into him and he too started enjoying and moaned happily. Veena took rajesh to the threshold of pleasure and fucked him intensely till Rajesh climaxed. After climaxing he felt very much relieved and happy. Seeing him moan like that the other 2 girls Anusha and Priya too wore strapon and fucked their guys till midnight . After finishing all the 3 girls and their 12 guys returned to their cottage rooms.

  • #180

    AAAA (Monday, 27 August 2018 13:53)

    The next week task was pichkari fill the bowl.
    The 5 women judges described the task.
    In this the girl would fill a pichkari with coloured water and shoot the water at a guy from a distance. A bowl would be in front of guy and he has to fill that bowl with that water with the help of a white shirt he would be wearing. Timer would be for 15 minutes and the guy who fills the bowl with maximim water would win. The girls first went and got dressed in jeans and t shirt for the task. The guys went then and were told to strip naked. Then the guys were given a bra and panty. Then they were given a loose white shirt which was designed in forward and had buttons on back like a blouse. It was like a top worn by the girls. It hardly came upto their thighs and were barely covering their panties. The guys then asked for a pant or any lower but were told that their attire was thats all for the task. The guys felt a bit shy to go out in front of girls like that. They hesitatingly stepped outside all the while pulling the hem line of the shirt so as to not to expose their panties in front of all the girls. The girls giggled and were laughing and commented about the guys soft thighs.
    Then the contest started. The girls had to fill the pichkari with water from a tub, run for a distance then from a point shoot the water in pichkari at guys who were at a distance. The guys had to fill the bowl only with the help of white shirt/blouse they were wearing. The girls filled their pichkaris and as they shot the water at the guys the guys held out their shirts and tried filling the bowl. The guys faced difficulty as the water which the girls were shooting was also falling on their face. The guys tried filling the bowl as much as possible but as their shirt was getting wet the white shirt became transparent and their bra and panty where visible to the girls who laughed. As timer was coming to an end The women judges told last 1 minute remaining. Hearing this Veena group guys thought of plan. They removed the white shirt which they were wearing much to the surprise of other contestants and girls and they squeezed the white shirt totally in the bowl as the the guys observed that the shirt had become wet and they could squeeze more water. As the timer ended the 5 women judges announced Veenas group as winners. Veena became happy and came and kissed her 4 group guys
    Then The judges decided to give a second chance to all the contestants. They announced that other than Veenas group all the other contestants could again participate and this time the loosing group a girl and 4 guys would be eliminated

  • #181

    AAAA (Monday, 27 August 2018 14:49)

    This time all the contestants again participated and this time in the last 1 minute Anusha and Priya group guys too removed their white shirts and tried to squeeze the water in their shirts. They did not bother that they were only in bra and panties and looking hot as they were wet. The timer ended and as usual the bowl with least water group of a girl and her 4 guys were eliminated.
    Now 16 girls and 64 guys remained.
    The winner was Veena and her group.
    Next 2 weeks was a total rest and had no task
    All the contestants went back to their cottages and all the girls came near Veena and asked her how she was able to win her tasks so easily.
    Veena answered that it was due to bonding with her 4 guys.
    Veena told the girls that the 4 guys have become her fuck buddys and would do anything to make her win. This was the reason why Veena had fucked the 4 guys with strapon in the wrestling ring openly. Though the 4 guys were embarassed at that time it removing their hesitancy and also stripped them of their male pride. Now the 4 guys were ready for any humiliation to see that Veena would win. Last week to remove any of the guys second thoughts or mens rebellious thoughts after winning Veena took her 4 guys to swimming pool and fucked her 4 guys with strapon till they ejaculated in front of 2 other girls Priya and Anusha and their 8 guys.
    This removed Veena's 4 guys second thoughts and any of their remaining male pride or male rebellious thoughts. That was the reason that today in the competition they had happily removed their shirt and did not even bother that they were only in bra and panties. Only after seeing them perform like that the guys of Priya and Anusha group too removed their shirts as they were also strapon fucked by the girls in swimming pool openly.
    All the rest of guys have hesitated and did not even remove their white shirt because the rest guys had male pride which was not stripped by those girls.
    Then Veena told the girls that as they had 2 weeks time for the next task, in these 2 weeks the girls had to first bond with the guys properly. Then the girl must dress in jeans t shirt and properly dress her 4 guys in sexy sarees, half sarees or skirts or middis with matching makeup and take her 4 guys along the island to various exotic locations like beaches or waterfalls or dense trees or swimming pool and humiliate and tease him first and then strip the guy of their male pride by telling them to bend over and expose their asshole and then the girl should strapon fuck the guys ass after taking the guy to threshold of pleasure. To remove second thoughts as a man would have rebellious thoughts the girl must again take her 4 guys to a different open location and see that atleast in presence of 2 other girls mostly her friends among the contestants she would tease him and make the guy bend over and expose his asshole and then strapon fuck the guy taking him to the thresholds of pleasure. This would remove all the guys male pride and manly rebellious thoughts. Stripped of his male pride the guy would happily become a fucking slave buddy to the girl so that the guy would take any humilation in order that their girls would win the competition.

  • #182

    AAAA (Monday, 27 August 2018 16:08)

    The girls after listening to Veena now understood the reason for them loosing in tasks. The girls felt it was necessary to make the 4 guys completely subservient to them in these 2 weeks as they were now in the middle of tournament and going forward they needed strong cooperation from the guys because if the guy hesitated in a task due to humiliation along with the 4 guys the girl would also be eliminated.
    The girls decided to start from this night itself first in their room. The girls decided to strip the guys male pride and remove his hesitancy in doing a humiliation task.
    The girls went to have dinner first. The guys too were having dinner in their mess canteen.
    Geeta was the first girl to finish dinner fast and went to her room. Geeta found that the 1 guy of her group (Vijay) of 4 guys was sleeping on the sofa in her room in his nighty and the remaining 3 guys were still in the mess. Geeta saw the sleeping guy (Vijay) going to mess in the evening itself and he had finished his dinner and was sleeping happily without even feeling bad that they had lost the tasks and could be eliminated.
    Then Geeta heard foot steps sound. She understood that the other 3 guys of her group were coming from the mess. She went out and told the guys that a female judge was there in the room and was discussing about the competition. Geeta told the 3 guys to go to a lawn outside and come after an hour that too one by one as the judge wanted a one one conversation. The foolish guys believed and went away. Geeta then locked the door slowly without disturbing the sleeping guy Vijay

  • #183

    AAAA (Monday, 27 August 2018 16:15)

    Geeta then slowly went near Vijay who was sleeping on the sofa and he was deep asleep sleeping on a side. Geeta slowly with a feather tickled his nose. He sneezed in sleep and automatically turned to a face down sleeping position. The back of the guy was up. Geeta waited for this moment and waited for 5 minutes to ensure that Vijay went back to deep sleep. Geeta then slowly pushed Vijay's nighty up to his hip. Since the nighty was loose the nighty was easily pulled up. Geeta saw that he was wearing a panty which was supported by 2 threads on their either side. Geeta slowly pulled out those 2 threads and the panty fell down under his thighs exposing Vijay's ass.
    Geeta went inside the washroom filled a bucket with cold water As it was night time the water was a bit cold. She opened the fridge and then she put the ice trays and ice bowls in her fridge into the bucket of cold water. As the water was already cold the water became very chill almost like freezing. Now Geeta took a syringe filled it with the ice cold water.
    Geeta now went near the sleeping Vijay and slowly without disturbing him stretched his ass a bit and inserted the syringe in his asshole and emptied the syringe. Due to the cold water Vijay screamed and awoke startled.
    Vijay got up on his feet from the sofa and with both his hands he tried to cover his ass behind not knowing what has happened. Vijay was hesitant to check in front of Geeta and ran to the washroom like that in the nighty. In the washroom he found his panties were missing and thought that he may have tied it loose and it fell down automatically or Geeta may have pulled them down. He was hesitant to ask Geeta about it. He called Geeta from the washroom and when she asked What he said nothing. After a moment when he got a feeling Vijay felt his asscheeks with his fingers and finding them a bit wet now understood that it would definitely be the work of Geeta. Vijay fumed and came angrily out and called Geeta as bitch and how dare she give him an injection in the ass.
    Geeta pushed down a fuming Vijay and told that it was his punishment for not performing properly in the task. Geeta told Vijay that it was just a trailer and his punishment was 10 injections and Vijay like a slut should bend over expose his asshole and take the remaining punishment from her. Vijay refused and tried to hit Geeta. But Geeta caught hold of Vijay and tore his nighty completely. Now with Vijay was only in his bra. Geeta held Vijay tightly by her arm around his navel. Vijay could not free himself from her grasp. Geeta Told Vijay that this room was locked and he had no were to go. Geeta told him that either he could now bend over and take 10 injections as his punishment or else he would be given a chance to escape punishment if he played a game similar to a humiliating task but the stakes would be higher. If Vijay won he was free from any punishment but if Geeta wins he had to undergo 50 injections in the public near the swimming pool.
    Vijay confidently accepted the game.

  • #184

    AAAA (Monday, 27 August 2018 16:39)

    The game was that in their room Geeta pushed the sofa and bed into their varandah and locked the verandah and also the outside door and the washroom. Now the room was empty and like a closed space.
    In the room Geeta would attack with a injection and Vijay would be free to run in the room and Vijay would have to defend himself from getting the injection in his asshole. If Geeta catches Vijay and gives him an injection in his asshole there would be a pause for a minute before the game restarted and again Geeta would attack with a injection and Vijay would be free to run in the room and Vijay would again have to defend himself from getting the injection in his asshole. Geeta jokingly asked how many injections Vijay could resist in an hour. Vijay told 10 injections. Geeta laughed and gave Vijay an extra 10 meaining 20 injections. Listening Vijay felt happy as it would be impossible for her to give 20 injections in an hour and he would win the game. Now as per game in an hour if Vijay could resist and stop Geeta from giving 20 injections in his asshole he would be the winner and he would be free from any punishment but if he lost he would have to take 50 injections in his asshole from Geeta in public in the swimming pool.
    Geeta knew either way it was a punishment for poor Vijay as now in the name of game he has to resist from taking 20 injections in an hour. Had he earlier surrendered to her Geeta thought of only 10 injections. Poor Vijay due to his male pride refused and accepted the game and now he had to suffer double the initial punishment of 20 injections in the game and if he lost 50 injections in the public near swimming pool.
    Geeta knew that Vijay's male pride made him accept her challenge. Geeta decided to strip Vijays male pride and show him his place.

  • #185

    AAAA (Tuesday, 28 August 2018 03:25)

    Before the game started Vijay saw that Geeta was dressed in a blue cotton t shirt and a mens pyjama. The shirt was totally covering her chest and navel and the pant was covering her thigh and legs. There was not a single part on her body exposed while Vijay was dressed only in a bras as his nighty was torn down by Geeta and was bottomless. Vijay told Geeta to wait for a while before he wears another dress. Geeta told okay but she would select the dress which Vijay would wear. Geeta selected a blue blouse and a short blue skirt for Vijay to wear.The blue blouse was low cut sleeveless type and was exposing his upper chest, back and midriff navel while the short skirt was exposing his thighs. Geeta wantedly selected a revealing outfit for Vijay so that Geeta can see all his curves navel and thighs and could easily access his pleasure points while Vijay would not be able to resist once Geeta caught Vijays pleasure points.
    Vijay asked for a better dress but Geeta refused saying either he play the game in that dress or he can play only in his bra. Vijay said okay to play in that dress
    Then the game started and Geeta as usual started attacking and Vijay went into defensive. Vijay was initially able to dodge Geeta but then Geeta targeted his legs and as he slipped over her legs and fell down Geeta immediately pulled down Vijays skirt and panty and threw them aside and then held him down only tightly. Geeta then took the syringe from her t shirt pocket and pulled Vijays ass cheeks and inserted the syringe on Vijays asshole and pushed the water in the syringe into his asshole. Vijay felt a shrill because the water injected was extremely cold almost freezing Vijay could not stop moaning. Geeta teased him that whether Vijay enjoyed it so much and easily surrendered in becoming her bitch. Hearing this Vijays male pride was hurt and he told he will not let her inject in the next time. Geeta told we will see. After a minute pause before the game started Vijay got up and wore his skirt and panty and thought about dodging Geeta better this time. The game started again but this time Geeta targeted Vijays exposed navel. Geeta carefully selected Vijays navel pleasure point as it was clearly visible in the dress Vijay was wearing and pinched there. Vijay felt a jerk and bent due to the sudden pinch of his navel. Geeta immediately pulled down his skirt and panty and once again held him tightly with her arm around his navel. Vijay tried to free himself but Geetas grasp was too strong for him to get released. Geeta then again took the syringe from her t shirt pocket and with her other hand pulled Vijays ass cheeks and inserted the syringe on Vijays asshole and pushed the water in the syringe into his asshole. Vijay could not remain silent and because the water injected was extremely cold almost freezing and Vijay could not stop moaning. Geeta teased him that now Vijay had become her bitch and was moaning like a sissy girl. Vijay was embarassed.

  • #186

    AAAA (Tuesday, 28 August 2018 03:27)

    Once again as the game started Geeta targeted his thighs. Then in the next round she targeted his back area which was visible as the blouse covered only a part of upper back. Vijay felt that since he was wearing a dress which was exposing his midriff, navel and thighs he felt Geeta was able to see all VIJAY'S curves and was easily able to locate his pleasure points press his navel, midriff, back thighs while it was impossible for him to resist as Geeta was wearing tshirt pyjama which totally covered her navel, midriff and thighs it was not possible for Vijay to see Geetas pleasure points.
    Vijay thought that the only way to resist was to overpower Geeta but when Vijay tried to catch Geeta she easily freed herself and pushed him.
    Lastly Vijay thought of defence and to resist.
    Vijay tried to resist Geeta but he found that Geeta was way muchs too stronger than him and the way Geeta was able to easily catch Vijay and held him tightly with 1 hand around Vijay's navel and with other hand easily pull Vijays ass cheek and give him an injection in Vijay's asshole and that too in standing position itself made Vijay to loose confidence.
    Vijay tried everything that came to his mind but he was unable to defend and Geeta went on attacking him and giving Vijay injections in his asshole. Within half an hour Geeta gave Vijay 19 injections in Vijay's asshole. Vijay became tired by now and Geeta was still in full energy as she had undergone lot of gym training. Geeta told Vijay that within half an hour of the 1 hour game, Vijay was not able to resist and got 19 injections in his asshole from Geeta and since he became tired, Geeta told him that either Vijay surrender to Geeta now and take his remaining 1 injection or else Geeta would give a minimum of 30 injections in the remaining half an hour as they still had half an hour of the game time left. With full energy Vijay could not resist 19 injections in just half an hour then Vijay can imagine how many injections Geeta could give when Vijay was tired. Vijay thought for a while and surrendered as he thought it was better to take 1 injection than many in the next half an hour. Vijay then pulled down his skirt and panty himself and bent over exposing his asshole to Geeta and told her he was ready for his 1 injection. Geeta told Vijay to wait in the same position. Geeta then went to the fridge and she brought a separate syringe which she had kept in freezer. Geeta found that the water in the syringe was as cold as ice and in semi solid state eventhough it didnot fully convert into ice. Geeta silently brought the syringe and went near Vijay. Vijay in a bent position was thinking why Geeta was delaying in giving him injection. Geeta first pulled his asscheeks a bit and teased Vijay by keeping the syringe at tip of his asshole for sometime. Vijay was unable to control the delay and requested Geeta to give him his injection. Geeta teased him saying that her bitch could not wait to moan. Vijay decided this time to remain silent while she gives injection and not to moan. Geeta then slowly pushed the syringe in his asshole and rapidly pushed the content of syringe into his asshole. Vijay was shocked because before it was cold water and now since the water was in semisolid ice like coldness he could not control himself and moaned. Geeta laughed saying now Vijay has become her bitch. Vijay was embarassed. Geeta then told Vijay to wear a half saree and go to lawn. Vijay refused saying that the game was over. Geeta told him that just the game was over but before game she told Vijay that if he lost he has to take 50 injections in public near swimming pool. Vijay remembered that how foolishly he accepted the game. He asked why he should wear a half saree eventhough he lost the game he was not told to dress in a half saree. Geeta then brought her mobile and showed him in an online sharing group which had all the girl contestants their entire game video of Vijay playing game with Geeta and losing and taking 20 injections in his asshole and also his sounds and moaning. Vijay was shocked that Geeta shot this video but Geeta showed him in the group their were videos of other guys to from getting strapon fucked to getting injections in their assholes. Even their first day videos too were there in the group. Geeta told that from first day the girls were recording every humiliation of the guy and sharing them on their online closed group which was only for the contestant girls. Geeta told Vijay that he had to follow every order Geeta says, if not Geeta would share Vijays video in an open group and then he would become a very famous prostitute once their competition ended. Vijay was worried. Geeta told Vijay that either he could become Geetas wife during the remaining tournament and completely obey Geeta or else she would share his video. Now Vijay knew he was trapped and hence he agreed to become wife to Geeta.

  • #187

    AAAA (Tuesday, 28 August 2018 03:39)

    Vijay went to bathroom wore a new bra and panty. Then he wore a pink blouse and pink lehanga. Then he wore a violet half saree. He was looking beautiful in violet pink half saree. He came out of bathroom. Geeta called him near and she readjusted his voni to expose his navel. Geeta added a chain to his waist. Now with the chain on his navel it was looking beautiful. Geeta then applied lipstick added bangles, sticker, ear rings and a nose stud and a chain to his neck She then made him wear anklets that even his slight movement made sound. Geeta then combed his hair as a braid which had grown long by then as he did not cut his hair after coming to the island. Geeta then kept jasmine flowers on his hairs. Geeta showed Vijay in the mirror. Vijay was shocked at how he transformed into a stunning beauty. Geeta looked at him and told something was missing. Geeta told Vijay to lift his hands up. Geeta then bent near his waist and blew his voni so that the voni moved and Vijays navel was more visible. Geeta then took a pen and drew a mole like mark in Vijays navel. Geeta told that this would increase his sex appeal.Geeta then took a mangalsutra and tied it to Vijays neck. Geeta told Vijay to take her blessing as now he was her wife.
    Vijay bent and took her blessing. Geeta told that as vijay became her wife from tomorrow daily morning he has to get up dress beautifully in half saree then wake her uo softly by giving tea. Then Vijay has to cook food for her before she goes to gym. Before going to the gym Geeta would give a lip kiss to Vijay. After she comes from gym Vijay must remove her shoes and keep warm water and towel fir her bath. Then in the evening Vijay has to sexily seduce her before she would strapon fuck him. If Vijay disobeyed any of her order or did not follow his wifely duties Geeta warned him of giving him 100 injections in his asshole openly in front of all other contestants. Vijay was terrified but had to obey because for the rest of the tour he was at Geetas mercy. After todays game he understood he was of no match in strenght to Geeta and cannot fight her anymore. Vijay then silently requested Geeta to forgive him of the 50 injections he need to undergo in the public near swimming pool for losing game. Geeta told that she would forgive him from his punishment if Vijay helped Geeta feminise the rest 3 guys in her group too. Vijay accepted.

  • #188

    AAAA (Tuesday, 28 August 2018 07:00)

    Geeta wanted to crush the remaining 3 guys (Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) ego and male pride just as she crushed Vijays ego. Geeta knew that now Vijay was totally under her control and would not overstep her. Geeta told a plan to Vijay. Vijay though hesitated he was afraid of going against Geeta. Vijay once again went inside the bathroom and he removed his halfsaree, bangles bra and panty and then he had a bath washing away all his makeup.
    Now he came out naked in front of Geeta. Geeta gave him mens banian and underwear and then Geeta gave Vijay one of her tshirt and jeans pant and told him to wear that. Vijay wore tshirt and pant after so many days and it was the first time he wore it since coming to the island. Geeta then removed her tshirt and pyjama which she was wearing wearing and wore bra panty and half saree. She exposed her navel a bit to tempt. Geeta then applied makeup to her face wore bangles and anklets. This was the first time in the island that she wore halfsaree and was stunning looking beautiful. Vijay saw Geeta for the first time in half saree and he thought that it was the first time Geeta looked and dressed like a proper girl. Then Geeta told Vijay the whole plan and how he was supposed to act like a man in front of those 3 guys. Vijay thought that what was acting lika a man, was he not really a man who was supposed to wear pant and shirt. Vijay felt that now he became like a wife of Geeta. Eventhough now he wore pant and shirt he knew it was temporary and he had to dress in saree and become the wife of Geeta. Deep inside though he accepted the fact that he liked all the humiliation Geeta gave him and he liked the half saree which he wore initially. He was embarassed to admit it openly.

  • #189

    AAAA (Tuesday, 28 August 2018 07:01)

    The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) then came near their room. From evening they wear in nighties and then they knocked the door. When they heard bangles and anklets sound they thought that might be Vijay was coming to open the door.The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) were shocked when the room was opened by Geeta in half saree with makeup and bangles and anklets. The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) came inside and laughed that why Geeta was wearing a half saree with makeup, bangles and anklets. The foolish guys did not know or understand that as a girl Geeta was always supposed to be in half saree or saree and not in pant and shirt. Geeta did not respond and bent her head pretending to be afraid and shy. The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) then saw Vijay in pant and shirt sitting on the bed like a king. The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) asked Vijay why he was wearing t shirt and jeans. Vijay replied that in the island only in the outside they had to crossdress while in the room they could wear pant shirt. Vijay told that he dominated Geeta and showed her place. Hence in the room Geeta would wear half saree and act like a wife to all those 4 guys. Vijay asked the 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) why they were still wearing nighties and asked them to change into jeans and t shirt and told them that in the room they must act like the dominant sex and wear pant and shirt while the girl Geeta would be the one who would be wearing saree, half saree and nighties. The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) were very happy that after so much time they were wearing pant and shirt.
    The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) then happily removed their nighties bra and panty went to have bath one by one and then came out wearing towel like a man. The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) then wore mens banian and mens underwear. On top of the banian they wore a tshirt while on top of the underwear they wore jeans pant.
    VIJAY in front of all the 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) teased Geeta that she was now a bitch to 4 of them and she would have to serve them. Daily in the room Geeta had to get dressed in saree or half saree, wear bangles and anklets and like a slave girl Geeta had to serve them. In the night the guys would fuck Geeta before which she has to seduce them. If she did not obey then she would be fucked by those guys in open in front of everyone
    The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) were happy listening to Vijay.
    Vijay then told the 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) that begining with Geeta they could show all the girls in the show their place and by fucking her openly in front of everyone they could remove the fear and hesitation in all guys present in the show and all the guys would regain their manliness. Vijay told the 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) that he still wondered how so many guys have surrendered to these girls inspite of their numerical superiority of 4 guys for 1 girl. Vijay told that the girls broke the guys morale first in the wrestling when Veena had shown them a syringe or in the next when Veena strapon fucked the guys in the ring. Vijay told that as a guy they have to be strong and seeing a syringe or strapon they must not fear and even if they take an injection or strapon in their asshole they must not loose confidence rather keep on fighting and later give the girl double the things which she did to them rather than meekly surrender and become her slave.
    Vijay told them that as guys they were born to rule and as girls they were born to serve. The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) nodded and were happy that they found a proper leader Vijay who could keep the girls at their place. The 3 foolish guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) did not knew that these were not the lines of Vijay but were written by Geeta to bring the guys manly pride to full force and then Geeta would totally strip them of their arrogance and male pride.
    Vijay then told the 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) that he would remove the fear of each guy and show that always a man is superior to girl no wonder what.
    And for that Vijay asked the3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) their cooperation. The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) told Vijay that they never thought him to be so tough and would happily cooperate and blindly follow so that Vijay can show the girls their place. Geeta silently laughed as how well Vijay acted in the lines she told him and how now all the 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) have fallen into her trap. Geeta decided to transform the 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) into her obedient housewife in half saree, with makeup, bangles.

  • #190

    AAAA (Tuesday, 28 August 2018 13:52)

    The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) told Vijay that it was so many days since they had sex so they told they wanted to fuck Geeta and seeing Geeta navel in half saree they told Vijay that they are dying to fuck Geeta . Geeta heard their words and thought even she is dying to fuck them with her strapon. Vijay told 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) that they would tease and humiliate Geeta first and in the moonlight they would fuck her in the swimming pool as sex in moon light would be amazing and that to in an open place.
    Vijay told the guys to come with him to the swimming pool where they would humiliate Geeta and then fuck her. The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) were happy but they told Vijay that in swimming pool they needed to dress in bikinis as outside it was not allowed for them to go in pant and shirt.
    Vijay told it was okay to wear bikini thinking of the greater pleasure the guys would get in fucking Geeta. The guys desperately wanted to fuck Geeta so they agreed to wear bikinis. The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) were sad that they had to remove their pant shirt so early but they thought after fucking Geeta they would come by midnight and again wear pant and shirt. But the 3 guys did not knew that rather than pant and shirt, a half saree along with bangles anklets and mangalsutra was waiting for them when they return.
    The guys then wore bikinis and on top of that they wore a nighty while geeta wore a track short and t shirt and took a small bag with her. The guys then left for the swimming pool.
    They decided to go for a far off swimming pool as they thought some people may come and disturb in the nearer swimming pool. They went to the swimming pool and found the pool to be empty. They switched on the lights and found that the pool was well illuminated. The guys removed their nighties and now in their bikinis went to swim. Geeta came like that only in water in her tshirt and track short. Then Vijay told to the other 3 guys (Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) first they would play a game and tease her first beforw fucking her. The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) accepted and told Vijay to decide about the game.

  • #191

    AAAA (Tuesday, 28 August 2018 13:57)

    Vijay told the 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) and also Geeta that they would be playing a hide and resist game.
    Vijay explained the rules of the game meaning which the 4 guys would be a team while geeta woud be their single opponent. The guys would attack her with syringe while she has to escape from taking the injection in her asshole If she dodges 50 injections in an hour she would be winner while if the guys gave her 50 injections she would lose and would have to take an extra punishment that would be the four guus would fuck her. The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) laughed and thought it was a good punishment and teasing for Geeta and the guys would get aroused seeing Geetas asshole.
    Geeta refused about the game and told them that 4 of them were too much for her. Then Vijay announced a lesser stake that he would not participate while the 3 rest guys (Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) would participate. The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) said okay to Vijay and do not bother as 3 of them were sufficient for 1 girl but then Geeta told she had a condition. That was she will also have a syringe and she too can attack the guys and now the winning condition would be who would give the highest number of injections in an hour. The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) foolishly accepted the condition thinking that Geeta was soft and eventhough she had a syringe she will not be in a position to attack. The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) told Vijay to not to worry and actually enjoy seeing them punish Geetas asshole. Vijay came out the water in swimming pool in the bikini and silently sat on a chair there. Geeta saw Vijay and smiled meaning the 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) have fallen into her trap with Vijay actively helping her. Vijay was feeling bad that he betrayed the boys but he couldnot overstep Geeta.
    The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) though felt that they were dressed in bikini which could be easily pulled away while Geeta was dressed in guys tshirt ang mens short which was a bit tougher to pull. The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) thought that eventhough Geeta wore mens shirt and short they saw how docile and soft she was in the room in front of Vijay and so they thought she would not be in a position to resist.

  • #192

    AAAA (Tuesday, 28 August 2018 17:56)

    Before the game began Vijay announced that their would be no surrender in the game and Geeta even if she was humiliated she could not leave the pool before 1 hour. Geeta announced what if the guys leave. Vijay told Geeta that they were guys and not sissies and if the guys left the game in between then Geeta could write on the guys ass that they were sissy bitches and model them in front of all other contestants only in bra and the guys would take 100 injections in open in front of all other contestants. The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) were shocked and looked at Vijay who told them that it was just a reason to satisfy to make her play her for full 1 hour and she would not leave before fucking her.
    The 3 stupid guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) trusted Vijay blindly and thought that this was just a ploy to see Geeta doesnt leave the swimming pool before getting injections in her asshole and then they would happily fuck her.
    The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) even said thanks to Vijay that Vijay had announced a game which was favourable to guys and was actively helping them to fuck Geeta.
    Vijay knew that the opposite would occur but didnot dare to tell the poor 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen).
    The game began Geeta kept her syringe in the pocket of her tshirt for later use and thought of initially defending at a corner in the pool where the water level was upto their chest levels.
    The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) came all out attacking her swinging their syringes. Since they were in bikinis and had no pockets they had to hold the syringe in one of their hand and with only other hand they could attack. The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) tried to catch her by her navel but she could easily dodge them and swimmed to the other side which was very deep and Geeta went there very quickly as she was a good swimmer who could hold her breath for long time. The 3 guys (Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) were not that good swimmers and hesitated to go to deeper side of water. Geeta understood that they were not that good swimmers and decided to take on a guy one by one . Geeta suddenly took water goggles which she had kept on the otherside. The water goggles had even a night light at edges which made her see clearly inside the swimming pool water even though it was dark. Geeta wore the water goggles and took a long breath and quickly went down in water. Inside the water there she had also kept a small oxygen mask which she wore and now she had oxygen for full 3 hours and she need not surface to the top of the water for breath. The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) were shocked to see Geeta disappear suddenly in water.

  • #193

    AAAA (Tuesday, 28 August 2018 17:58)

    The guys were looking where she went or which side she went when suddenly 1st guy Ajay felt that underwear of his bikini was pulled of. Ajay looked down with 1 of his hand while the other hand had syringe. Ajay knew that he was now bottomless and was only in bikini top. Ajay warned the other 2 guys to be careful but did not tell that he lost his underwear . All the 3 guys were franatically searching for Geeta . Ajay went a bit far from the other 2 guys and was swinging widely with his 1 hand in water while the other hand he had syringe. Then Ajay suddenly felt his asscheeks stretch a bit. Ajay understood it was Geeta eventhough he couldnt actually see her as it was night and water in pool was dark blue and he had no goggles, he tried to hold her with 1 hand. Geeta was easily able to push away his hand and pushed the syringe into Ajays asshole and emptied the water in the syringe into Ajays asshole. Ajay felt a tingling sensation and he shouted aah.... and then controlled and did not moan much as Ajay knew that he would be laughed at . The other 2 guys asked whether Geeta gave Ajay injection in Ajays asshole. Ajay simply told that no. He dribbled with something in the floor of the pool and told that the floor of the pool was not clean and slippery and so he slipped and dribbled. Ajay did not want Vijay who was sitting on the bench know that he got an injection in his asshole as Vijay had just given them lecture about man and mans pride. Ajay thought that if Vijay came to know about how easily Geeta gave him an injection in his asshole Vijay would call them a sissy.The 3 guys Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen searched for Geeta in various parts of pool and were shocked how she was able to hold her breath for such a long time. Vijay then shouted from above the pool that Geeta was a good swimmer and from childhood she had the capacity to stay in water for a long time. The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) themselves have to search in water for Geeta. The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) told Vijay that they were not good swimmers and it was difficult to search as in 1 hand they had to hold syringe and had to search with only 1 hand. Vijay told them to keep the syringe inside the blouses of their bikinis and search. Vijay then threw 3 rubber tubes in the swimming pool. Vijay told now they can wear the tube and can go any where in the swimming pool even in deep water. The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) thanked Vijay for his help. But they did not knew whatever Vijay was doing was acting the plan given by Geeta.
    The 3 guys(Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) now wore the rubber tubes and around their chest and could easily float on water. Now the 3 guys (Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) went in different directions to other end of pool where water was deep. This was the thing Geeta wanted. The 3 guys (Ajay, Ashwin, Naveen) must be separated and be in deep water so that they cannot run away. The guys too were just floating with the help of rubber tube and not able to move fast. They were not able to see anything in pool due to night time dark blue water and they had no googles. They just kept on swinging their arms wildly hoping to find Geeta.
    Geeta then targeted Ashwin. Geeta came suddenly and pulled down Ashwins bikini lower. Ashwin tried to catch but as his hands were around the rubber tube he could not react in much time. Ashwin then put his both hands behind tightly covering his asshole so that Geeta would not be able to find his asshole but Geeta came first around in front side. Geeta looked at the sexy body of Ashwin from forward. Only his head, upper chest and arms around the tube were out of the water while his remaining body was submerged in water.
    Geeta saw that the bikini top Ashwin was wearing was barely covering his upper chest while his lower chest and navel and complete lower was visible to her and since Ashwin was under water his beauty was increased many more times . Geeta kissed on his navel and as he turned back she kissed on his back. Ashwin due to kiss on back removed his hands from behinnd exposing his asshole to Geeta. Geeta pulled his asscheeks and inserted syringe at tip of Ashwins asshole. Ashwin by now tried to resist with his hand but was unable as Geeta caught hold of his both hands with one of her hand and
    Geeta pushed the syringe deep into Ashwins ass and emptied the water in the syringe into Ashwins asshole. Ashwin also moaned and said aah.. but controlled and when asked by other guys whether Geeta gave him an injection in his asshole. Ashwin refused saying that he felt Geeta with tip of his legs and shouted to inform them that he was about to catch Geeta and gave her a injection in her asshole. Vijay smiled silently from the top of the swimming pool as he knew what had happened.

  • #194

    AAAA (Tuesday, 28 August 2018 18:01)

    Then Geeta targeted the third guy Naveen. Naveen was swimming in the middle part of the pool. Geeta came suddenly near him without being visible to him and pulled away him with the help of tube to a side away from other 2 guys. As he was in water wearing tube Geeta could pull easily. Naveen though acted as if he was going vigorously to a side searching for Geeta. After taking him to side of pool Naveen wildely slashed at the water to prevent Geeta from coming near him from any side but to his surprise Geeta came from below and pulled down his panties. Geeta then thought of pulling his legs a bit deeper into water so that in a reflex he would bend his hips and knees and automatically pull his legs up while due to water buouancy his position would curve and his ass would come down a bit.
    Geeta immediately pulled Naveens legs a bit deeper into water and in a reflex he bent his hips and knees and automatically pulled up his legs and due to water buouancy his position curved and his ass came down a bit and Naveens asshole was exposed. Geeta immediately pushed the syringe deep into Naveens asshole and before he could react emptied the water in the syringe into Naveens asshole. Naveen felt a tingling sensation and he shouted aah....... and then controlled himself and before the other guys asked him whether Geeta gave him an injection in Naveens asshole Naveen said that he slipped in the corner and so he shouted. All the 3 guys assured Vijay that all was fine and though they were unable to find Geeta they were safe and they did not even get 1 injection in their asshole from Geeta. Vijay laughed and thought that in reality that all the 3 guys had got injections by now in their asshole from Geeta.
    Then Geeta again came near Ajay who was not able to see or feel Geeta. Geeta once again stretched his asscheek. This time Ajay turned in a jerk and successfully resisted Geeta.
    Ajay was happy that he escaped but he forgot that when he turned his full navel and frontal was dislpayed. Geeta tightly kissed Ajays navel and bit his chest and with a hand pulled his penis. Ajay was in a shock and turned behind once again exposing his asshole to Geeta.Geeta pushed the syringe deep into Ajays asshole and before he could react emptied the water in the syringe into Ajays asshole and as he moaned aah... he told the other guys he slipped before the other guys asked him whether Geeta gave him an injection in Ajays asshole. Next Geeta went near Ashwin and pulled Ashwin down a bit by the reflex Ashwin curved bending hips and knees and Ashwins ass coming a bit down and totally exposing his asshole to Geeta who easily injected syringe into Ashwins asshole and emptied the syringe.After which Geeta went near Naveen and similarly pulled Naveens legs a bit and easily injected into Naveens asshole. Geeta felt this very easy. She would go to a guy pull his legs down and when he reflexly pulled his legs up his asshole would be visible to Geeta and there would not be any resistance. Geeta went on giving the 3 guys injections one after the other in their assholes while the 3 guys even though moaned when they got injection they always gave a lame excuse that they had slipped and didnot accept that they got injection in their asshole from Geeta.
    Then Ajay asked Vijay still how much time in the game was remaining. Vijay told last 5 minutes and told them to atleast find Geeta in those 5 minutes. The guys though played safe saying they got tired and need to rest. The 3 guys then came from the deeper water side of the swimming pool to the other end where water was coming upto their upper chest.

  • #195

    AAAA (Tuesday, 28 August 2018 18:04)

    Then Vijay anounced the game time was over. Now Geeta carefully removed her oxygen mask and placed it on floor of pool. Geeta even placed her goggles on the floor and silently surfaced up. The 3 guys (Ajay, Ashwin,Naveen) hesitated to say anything to Geeta as they were afraid she may reveal that she gave injections to them. Vijay then asked Geeta how she was able to say for so long in the pool. Geeta replied she was swimmer from childhood and practiced breath holding which helped her to hold her breath. Geeta told Vijay that all the time she was silently sitting deep in the pool and that is the reason the guys could not find her. The 3 guys (Ajay, Ashwin,Naveen) were relieved that Geeta did not tell anything as they thought she was afraid of Vijay and only silently played with them in the pool. Each guy thought that he was alone given injections and played by Geeta and the other 2 guys in the pool and Vijay did not knew anything about it.
    The 3 guys (Ajay, Ashwin,Naveen) then told to each other that they had tried fanatically and each one boasted to other of how close they had come in catching Geeta and giving her injection in her asshole. Vijay told the guys to come outside the pool. Geeta went out while the 3 guys hesitated as they were only in bikini top while their bottom was pulled down somewhere in the pool by Geeta.
    The 3 guys (Ajay, Ashwin,Naveen) though didnot want to tell Vijay that they were bottomless so they told Vijay that first they would fuck Geeta in the swimming pool before coming out . Geeta who was out of the pool told that simple fucking would be bore and they have to catch her in the pool and can fuck her.
    The 3 guys (Ajay, Ashwin,Naveen) hesitated but accepted on thinking about the pleasure of fucking a beautiful girl like Geeta. Geeta told now no more conditions just catch her and fuck her. Geeta told that if a guy catches her in the pool the other 2 guys must move away and should not come near them till they ejaculated so that the guy could completely enjoy.The 3 guys (Ajay, Ashwin,Naveen) foolishly accepted.
    Once again Geeta went to the deeper side of pool took a deep breath and vanished. Geeta actually went down wore her goggles and oxygen mask. Geeta also tied a strapon to her waist which she placed in the water when she came out previously. But Geeta knew that the 3 guys would not able to see anything in her as it was night and in the dark blue coloured water they didnot have googles. The 3 guys (Ajay, Ashwin,Naveen) this time decided to play safe and did not wish to go to deep water immediately. The 3 guys spent sometime in shallow water and were not willing for deep water when they saw hand of Geeta who was shouting that she was there and the guys to come and fuck her. The guys now since they knew the position they ties rubber tubes on their chest and went to deep water where initially Geeta was. There they could not see anything in the water and were just trying to find Geeta while Geeta came in opposite direction and caught hold of Ajay and pulled him to a side in deep water. Ajay though told the other guys that he caught Geeta and was fucking Geeta. So Ashwin and Naveen did not come near them.

  • #196

    AAAA (Tuesday, 28 August 2018 18:05)

    In the side in deep water Ajay tried to see Geeta but he could not see her. Geeta kissed on his navel and Ajay thought slowly she might come up but to his shock Geeta went to his back stretched his ass cheek and Ajay felt something on the tip of his ass near asshole and before Ajay could react Geeta inserted her strapon into Ajays asshole and fucked him. Ajay was shocked but he could not react much as all the guys would laugh. He rather pretended to be fucking her. As Geeta found the pleasure points Ajay simply screamed but after screaming he was telling the guys that it was due to him fucking a girl after long time. Ajay could not control himself and was moaning finally climaxed and ejaculated in the pool itself. Ajay though told that he successfully fucked and penetrated Geeta . Vijay outside the pool understood that it was Geeta who penetrated Ajays asshole. Ajay now a bit relieved that he ejaculated after so many days was happy though it was not the way in which he wanted. Ajay went to shallow side of pool as next Geeta fucked Ashwin till he ejaculated. Then Geeta fucked Naveen till he too ejaculated. Geeta was happy that she deflowered the 3 guys (Ajay, Ashwin,Naveen). The 3 guys (Ajay, Ashwin,Naveen) were relieved that they ejaculated but they told each and other guy that they fucked Geeta. Then Geeta removed all her strapon and goggles inside the pool and kept hem in her t shirt and shorts pockets and silently stepped out. The guys believed that Geeta would not tell anyone that Geeta strapon fucked them in their asses due to her fear of Vijay. The guys too pretended to be manly and asked Vijay to throw a towel to clean themselves. As vijay gave them towel they tied it inside the pool and came out so that Vijay doesn't know that they were bottomless. The guys wore their nighties which they kept outside the pool and left for their rooms.
    Immediately after going to room all the 3 guys (Ajay, Ashwin,Naveen) removed their nighties and wore boys t shirt and track pant and successfully told each other how they fucked Geeta. They then slept like logs on the floor itself as they were very tired.

  • #197

    AAAA (Tuesday, 28 August 2018 18:59)

    Seeing them sleep Geeta signalled to Vijay and Vijay immediately went into the washroom wore a bra and panty. Then he wore a red blouse and red lehanga. Then he wore a blue half saree. He came out of bathroom. Vijay then added a chain to his waist. Now with the chain on his navel it was looking beautiful. Vijay then applied lipstick added bangles, sticker, ear rings and a nose stud and a chain to his neck. Vijay then combed his hair and kept them loose like a college girl. Geeta was though dressed in a cotton t shirt and pyjama.
    Geeta asked him where his mangalsutra was. Vijay told he forgot to wear that. It was in his desk. Geeta told him if he forgets wearing mangalsutra next time she would severely punish him. Vijay apologised and they both went out silently without disturbing the sleeping guys. Outside they went outside Geeta took Vijay into a long hall which was on the top floor. Geeta immediately locked the hall room.
    The hall had a large bed and sofa sets and a home theatre. The hall had dolby speakers and was so well constructed that any sound inside would not go out.

  • #198

    AAAA (Tuesday, 28 August 2018 18:59)

    Then Geeta sat on the sofa comfortably and asked Vijay to sit on her lap. Vijay came and sat on Geetas lap happily. They looked at one another for sometime and then they both burst out laughing. Geeta told Vijay that he acted well in his part to trap those poor guys. Geeta said that at few places she thought whether his male pride was returning. Vijay told that he had willingly become Geetas wife and would always obey her and do anything for her. Geeta told to act in front of the 3 guys for the next day also in the same way as a dominating man, Vijay accepted. Geeta was happy and told because of Vijays cooperation Geeta successfully deflowered the 3 guys (Ajay,Ashwin and Naveen) with her strapon. Vijay then asked how many injections Geeta gave to the guys. Geeta told that she did not count but it would be a minimum of 30 to 40 syringes in each of the 3 guys (Ajay,Ashwin and Naveen) assholes. Vijay giggled.
    Geeta told Vijay to switch on the home theatre tv.and insert a pendrive on the pendrive slot. Vijay switched on tv and inserted pendrive and came and sat on Geetas lap
    As the home theatre tv started Geeta with tv remote started the videos in her pendrive.Vijay was shocked to see that the video was their entire scene in the swimming pool. Vijay was surprised at the quality and asked Geeta how she could record them so well that too inside swimming pool. Geeta told Vijay that she placed 10 waterproof hd camera which records under the water in hd in all parts of the swimming pool. Due to dolby speakers in the hall each and every sound was also audible. The video started and each and every scene of Geeta giving injection was clearly visible while the guys initially moaned while they later covered it with lame and duck excuses. Geeta enjoyed their startling reaction when they gave when she inserted the syringes in their ass.
    Then their moan sound in dolby effects was very funny to listen. Next video was when Geeta strapon fucked them which too was clearly visible in hd and was looking amazing as the guys gave strange expressions and the way were telling that they were fucking. The next video was when Geeta previously gave Vijay injection when he was sleeping the previous day. Geeta teased Vijay that the startle by which he woke up was the best and better than ex0ressions of other guys. Vijay though bent his head in shame but was enjoying the teasing. After seeing all these videos Geeta told she was in full mood to deflower Vijay as previously she gave him only injections but did not strapon fuck him.
    Vijay too agreed and told he was ready. Vijay went from sofa to the bed and teased Geeta to come. Geeta in tv put the video of her strapon fucking the other 3 giys and then slowly she too went to bed. It was lije watching a porn movie before fucking. Geeta full aroused went to bed and wore her strapon and pulled out Vijays saree Then Geeta lifted Vijays lehenga and pulled down his panties. Then Vijay passively lifted his hips exposing his asshole to Geeta. Geeta teased him whether her bitch wanted to be strapon fucked so badly. Vijay just smiled. Geeta then first teased him by placing her strapon at entry of his asshole then Geeta suddenly pushed it deep inside Vijays asshole. Since it was Vijays first time he screamed and then started moaning and enjoying. Geeta fucked Vijays asshole with full intensity and did not leave him . Vijay started moaning in full sound saying ah...please stop, ah....please stop........ah.........please stop. But Geeta did not stop till he reached threshold of pleasure and then climaxed and ejaculated. Only after ejaculated Geeta removed the strapon from Ajays ass. After ejaculating though Vijay felt on the bed like that and felt very relieved as he had not had ejaculated for many days. Geeta looked at him and teased him whether he enjoyed her strapon so much that he was feeling so relieved and happy. Vijay just smiled. They both slept on the bed there only as they were tired.

  • #199

    AAAA (Tuesday, 28 August 2018 20:08)

    The next morning Vijay went and woke up those sleeping 3 guys and told them to come to the auditorium room where geeta was waiting for them. The guys were shown the whole swimming pool episode video and they were shocked and surprised of the video. Vijay told them that all along they were played by geeta and vijay. The guys were angry but then Geeta told them that if they did not become proper house wife to Geeta she would put these videos online. The guys agreed to become Geetas housewives and to obey her.
    In this way all the girl contestants brought the guys under their control and turned the guys into proper housewives.
    The tasks also started becoming more house wife oriented as their next task was rangoli and after that it was best cooking competition.
    Finally the best rolw reversal couple was chosen as Geeta and Vijay
    The end..

  • #200

    PriyaSri (Saturday, 01 September 2018 18:28)

    Collaborative Story:
    Hi All,

    Please suggest on how you want this story to go ahead. Please write in comments and I can write further based on most popular answer.

    It was 6AM, but the sharma house was already bustling. There was lot of jingling sound all round of bangles and anklets. Three saree clad ladies were working around the house, trying hard to work fast, with keen eye, but there was something different here. All the ladies were in bondage, their feet were in hobble chain and had ankle strap 6" heels. They had a chain attached to their hands and a ball gag. Actually all the three ladies were actually men and their hand chain were attached to the chastity device that wasn't visible through their saree, they also had a butt plug inserted in their glory hole.
    Sharma house was also a sissy house, all the men were sissies. They were called Sissy Shyam, Sissy Ramesh, and Sissy Taran. Ramesh was father of Shyam and Taran, but after sissification they were all at the same level, and every sissy was dominated by all the ladies of the house. The ladies of the house were sleeping contently in their rooms, Taran's wife/mistress also had her boyfriend in the room. In order to make sure sissies don't talk, they were always in ball gag from morning to evening. They could take it down only 3 times in day, during their lunch and 2 other times for water. Breakfast and dinner was not allowed for them as they had to look sexy and slim. All of them used to wear red bridal saree every day, with bridal makeup and jewelry like long dangling earrings, mangtika, a few necklaces, mangalsutra, big nosering, waist chain, 24 bangles in each hand, 2 anklets, rings in each finger, big bindi, and sindoor. They also had a very bright makeup like lipstick, eye liner, foundation, kajal, etc. Their long hair were braided in long chotis with gajra in hair.

  • #201

    harini cd (Saturday, 08 September 2018 19:09)

    Father in Law to Wife -1

    Hello friends, I am Saravanan and this is a fantasy story of mine. Please consider this as a story and never criticise me for anything. I am 45 years old now and I have lost my job and unable to bear the scolding from my home. I got addicted to drink and I started to drink whenever possible. My wife is still working and her name is Chitra. I used to have a guilty mind that I need to live in her earnings. I have a daughter named Suhasini. She is 22 years old and she is working in a software company.

    I used to drink a lot and come to home and start to scold my wife and beat her. She is very traditional women and she accepts all the beatings and scolding from me and never showed any anger on me. But, my manly nature never allowed her for anything. I was always becoming mad and I used to continue scolding and beating her. I always beat her up, scold her, vomit and lie on bed. She cleans everything and never showed any anger on me.

    My daughter started hating me, since I behaved like an irresponsible man. Already two persons are earning in the family, I can be responsible person in home and take care of home activities. But, instead I was spoiling my own health, mom's health, as well as money. Once, I pushed her out of anger and she fell down and when my daughter started to check her pulse, she died. From that moment, my daughter stopped talking to me.

    To Be Continued......

  • #202

    harini cd (Tuesday, 11 September 2018 19:40)

    Father in Law to Wife - 2

    Suhasini not bothered about her father and decided to live life for her own. She started to look out for a understanding person, who could treat her like his princess. She met a bank manager named Prasanna and both started to love at first sight. They both shared each other's problem and they both fell in deep love.

    Prasanna is the only son and he never had any parents or siblings. He told suhashini to be the everything for him till the end of his life and Suhasini agreed to it. Suhasini told about the state of her father and the torture he did to her mother. She never wanted that guy in her life. She told that, she is also like orphan, even though she has a father.

    Both of them decided to get married soon and only close friends were invited for their marriage. She did not want her father to get know about the marriage of her. She married him in the register office and took official picture of them getting married. She took all her belongings from her home and moved to Prasanna' s home.

    To be continued.....

  • #203

    harini cd (Tuesday, 11 September 2018 19:41)

    Father-in-Law to Wife -3

    Suhashini started to shift to Prasanna' s house and she never bothered about her father. Whenever prasanna asked about her father, she used to say some excuses like he is not interested to come and stay with her daughter. But, the reality is that she hates her dad to the core and she thinks that he is the reason for the death of her mother.

    Some days went and they both were living happily as a couple and they had made their love and Prasanna was happy that he is going to become father. Suhasini was pregnant by that time. He was very happy and took care of her like his own child. Everything was going in a peaceful manner until that day.

    Someone fell down in front of the Bank where Prasanna was working. He rushed and went to see who it was. He was none other than his own father in law. He took him to his house. Suhashini scolded him for bringing her father. But , prasanna convinced her by saying that, it is always essential to have a elder person in home.

    Suhasini was not at all interested, but for the sake of her husband, she agreed to allow her father inside. But her father was uncontrollable, he used to drink and come. Once, he had a quarrel with Prasanna. Suhasini was not able to bear this and decided to teach a lesson to her father.

    To Be Continued.....

  • #204

    harini cd (Tuesday, 11 September 2018 19:41)

    Father - in- Law to wife -4

    Suhasini could not bare the trouble made by her father to her husband. She decided to make something to understand her father about the trouble faced by others due to him. She decided to feminise him. She injected chloroform to his body. He felt down unconscious.

    Prasanna began to work on his facial hair and removed all the body hair from him. She injected hair growth vitalizer which made him to grow long hair in a small time. She made his hair in style of long hair women. Then, she decided to dress him up like a lady.

    She thought that he might feel shy to go out as a lady. This is the only way of stopping him. Then, she made him wear padded bra, then tied artificial vagina to lock his penis. Then, wore panty, petticoat, blouse and drapped saree around him.

    He looked like a middle aged aunty. But, this is not enough, they wanted to make him realise himself as a real women. So, suhasini made him listen to a lot of feminine tapes. They tied him inside a room and he was made to listen to all of them.

    To be continued......

  • #205

    Vishali (Saturday, 15 September 2018 11:46)

    Hi dear sisters and girls.....this is my imaginary story.

    The new girl in the hostel : 1

    Hi guys my name is Vishal, I'm 19 years old and I'm studying in a men's engineering college. I stay in the hostel there, my daily routine during the evening is to roam near the girls hostel which is located towards the opposite of our hostel.

    One day, as usual when I was roaming there, I saw a beautiful girl and I followed her. She was wearing a pink coloured chudidhar with long hair up to her waist which was neatly combed and braided in a perfect long braid with a pink ribbon. I called her but she didn't respond so I pulled her near me by holding her braid. She started shouting, all her roomates gathered around me. They tied me with a rope and took me to their room. There were around seven to eight girls in that room. The started to blackmail me, I pleaded them not to inform that to the college Dean. So they told me to respect their orders so I agreed.

    First of all, a girl told me to remove my t shirt and pants. She told me that you harassed a girl so now you're going to get harassed being a girl. She gave me a chudidhar and leggings to wear and come. I obeyed and did as she said. All the girls laughed at me.

    They told without any makeup you look like a girl. A girl teased me by pinching my hip and saying you're going to be a good little girl. After which she gave me a long wig which was up to my butt and I wore it. She middle parted the hair and started braiding and she finished braiding my hair into double braids tying ribbons like a school girl. Then, they applied a binding in my forehead, applied lipstick, eye shadow and wore me necklace, bangles, nose ring, mangtika and also anklets.

    They took photos of me and started teasing me. They named me as vishali

  • #206

    Anusha (Sunday, 16 September 2018 13:03)

    Undamma bottu pedata

    Hi Sisters!! I am bored waiting for stories here. So I thought why not write one. This is me writing first time so support me with your comments

    Lets jump into the story. My name is Vamsi. In my schooling I always used to fight with a girl named Anusha. The schooling is over, I have graduated in Computer science. I got job in an MNC and life is going fine.

    One day my mom called me saying that she got a proposal for me to marry. But I rejected without even asking fo details. This repeated for 2-3 more times after that. As I am doing well with job it didnt matter much. Soon due to recision I lost my job. I have tried for other jobs but no luck. I have spent all my savings and dont know what to do. I hv finally called my mom and told everything. Inspite of consoling me she started shouting that is why I hv been asking you to marry but u r rejecting all the offers. Now without job who will marry you? Anways first come home without money what will you do in city?

    I have gone home. Mom isnt behaving same as before. May be she is angry that I rejected the offers. You dont have job so atleast help me in household works mom said. I tried to say no but with the angry look of my mom I simply noded my head to say ok. She said atleast learn the household duties well so that I can look for a girl who needs house husband. I lowered my head with shame.

    To be continued...

  • #207

    Randy (Monday, 17 September 2018 00:08)

    For my mom - 1

    My name is raju and I just completed my intermediate. My dad is a businessman and my mom is a housewife. 3 years ago my sister died, since then my mom forced me to grow my hair. Now my hair is till my hips. My dad also now my mom's loss, so he too asked me to grow my hair. All my neighbouring aunties loves my hair a lot. My hair is longer than their daughter's. Due to my long hair I stopped playing cricket also.
    One day my aunt and her daughter came to our home. My aunt's daughter marriage is fixed. While coming to home, they bought some gifts also. I was exited to open it. My aunt gave my mom a silk saree and gave me a box. When I open it I was shocked. It is a designers half saree. My mom took the box from me and told my aunt that it looks great on raju. Before I could say anything my aunt's daughter requested me to wear it for her marriage. After requesting a lot, I agreed to wear it. My mom was happy that she is finally going to see me in half saree.

  • #208

    Randy (Monday, 17 September 2018 00:19)

    For my mom - 2

    My mom is very happy within evening she bought matching bangles, earrings and all jewellery. And stitched the blouse. The day before marriage me and my mom went to marriage. I went normally wearing my Pant and shirt. In the evening it is mehindi function. My aunt forced me and started to apply mehindi to my hands and legs. After completing applying mehindi. Some aunt took a comb and started to braid my hair. And kept lot of flowers in my hair.as my hands are filled with mehindi I am unable to remove the flowers.

  • #209

    Anusha1 (Tuesday, 18 September 2018 00:28)

    Undamma bottu pedata - part2

    Just to clear the confusion I hv renamed myself as Anusha1. Anusha (Not me) you can post your long story here.


    My mom works in a bank. So she goes to bank by 10 and come back home by 5. In the evening she used to teach me cooking and she makes me watch daily soaps with her. As I have no other work and as my mom uses the TV so I am left with no option but watching serials with her. Then we both used to make dinner and have it. Once done she asks me to wash the dishes and sleep. The days have been going like that. Then came the weekend. My mom wakes up early in the morning. Take head bath. She does pooja. Then apply rangoli infront of house. This weekend was not same for me. She woke me up as well in the morning. She made me do head bath. Then I along with mom did Pooja. Oncw Pooja is done she gave me harathi. I took her blessings. Then she went to put Rangoli infron of house. I also went infront of house and started watching her. Dont know why I did that. But may be I am doing all the things with her. I got used to be where ever she is. While I was staring at the rangoli and admiring, my mom saw me. She asked what are you watching. I said nothing just seeing how you are making rangoli. Then she replied dont worry I will teach you this. You can soon put better ones. I got shocked from moms reply. I suddenly realized what is happening. What did she just say. Meanwhile my mom finished rangoli and said lets go in and prepare breakfast.

    To be contd..

    Please give your comments for me to know if anyone is liking it or I am just writing..

  • #210

    Navya (Tuesday, 18 September 2018 05:24)


    Hello friends,
    My name is naveen. And I completed my engineering but I couldn't get a job. My mother is ladies tailor and my father is a teacher. My sister is married and she will stay in her husband's home. Everything is going normal.
    One fine day I noticed that my chest size is increasing but I didn't take seriously. Days passed. My chest size is increased even more. I thought to say it to my mom.
    In the morning after my father went to school.i called my mom and told her that my chest size is increased. First she didn't take it seriously but when I showed her my chest. She was shocked. She immediately took me to a hospital and we doctor. After taking some test, doctor told me that, I am suffering from gynecomastia. I don't what it mean?. So I asked the doctor to explain clearly. He told me that in this disease. Your chest will turn into breasts. I was shocked. But doctor told me, not to worry it can be solved doing a surgery.
    Finally he told me the cost of the surgery and told me to wear anything tight to support my breasts. We went home and started to think about it. Suddenly my mom took a towel and covered my breasts. I was shocked. My mom told me your breasts cleaveage is completely visible. I tried to remove the towel but my mom requested me not to remove. Whole day I covered my breasts with the towel. In the evening we explained everything to my dad. But the problem is that we don't have the minimum money. But he told me that not to worry, he will get money from someone else. I was happy about it.
    Next day I took my bath, wore my clothes and came to kitchen for my breakfast. This time my mom gave me a duppata to cover my breasts. Without any arguments I wore it. After having our breakfast, I told my mom that my chest is bouncing a bit. My mom thought for a while and told me that she has a solution.
    My mom went to her room and bought a cover. When I opened it I was shocked. It is half saree.
    My mom told me it is the only option my mom told me if you wear half saree,it can cover you breasts as well as it can give support to your breasts.

  • #211

    Navya (Tuesday, 18 September 2018 05:38)


    I said no and told my mom that they are women clothes. My mom told me they are not women clothes, they are wore by who have breasts. If you have breasts than you too can wear it. I tried to convince my mom a lot but she is not listening. Finally I agreed to wear it. I removed all my clothes except my underwear. First I wore the blouse, it is so tight. With lot of struggle my mom hooked it. Then slowly I wore the half saree. My mom arranged the voni in a way of covering my breasts and pinned it on my left shoulder. Its the most embarrassing moment in my life. I told my mom that the blouse is very tight. My mom told me that she will adjust all the blouses of my sister which are in the home to my measurement. I was shocked. The whole day I stayed in half saree and my mom stitched all the blouses with my measurements.

  • #212

    Anusha1 (Wednesday, 19 September 2018 01:18)

    Undamma bottu pedata part3

    We went inside and she instructed me how to make breakfast. I have prepared vada and chutney as she instructed. We had breakfast together. She praised me that you have the done it very taste though being first time. As my mom gets time only on weekends she generally cleans the gouse on weekends. And this weekend she has me. So she sat on the sofa watching TV while I was cleaning the house as she directed. Then came moping. My mom used to do it with a mop stick. So she asked me to get it and start mopping. Once I started mopping immediately the stick got broke. I went to mom and complained like a maid does to her owner. She just saw at me and laughed. She said oh poor baby u shouldnt put all ur strength on the mop stick while doing it. Now fine get tht cloth from the kitchen and also a bucket of water. We always have an alternative solution. You can use that cloth and clean the floor by sitting on it. I have no other option but to sit on the floor and start mopping the floor. All this while she is sitting on the sofa and didnt move by an inch. Now when I reached near the sofa to mop she is sitting there with one leg folded on top of other and moving it like an owner does. While I was at her feet like a maid. I just couldnt believe this. Just loosing a job n rejecting two or three marriage proposals will turn me into this. I am fully tired by the time I finished mopping all the house. I thought I would rest for a while now. But that is not the case. My mom gave me a pile of clothes and asked to wash them. I thought this is my fate and cannot say against my mom I took them went to washroom. Started washing them. I am done with all washing and went to terrace to try them. While drying them a young girl on the adjacent house just saw me and started laughing. By the time I could see her and respond she ran downstairs and entered into her house. I ignored it and went back inside my house. Still I dont have time to take rest. My mom made called me made me sit near her feet on the floor. She said watch this cooking program. This program comes every weekend afternoon 12:00PM and they show preparation of very good delicacies. You also watch. You can prepare whatever they show for today’s lunch. I started watching the program with her. Seeing that the chef is a young man and he preparing the dish infront of an young woman who is the anchor of the program made me relax thinking that men cooking isnt something weird. Today he was making butter roti and panneer butter masala. I watched very keenly as me being new to cooking i dont want to miss anything and go wrong. I noted down all the procedure that he followed and the program is finally completed. I was sitting there watching the advertisement. My mom shouted what are you still waiting for. Go prepare lunch. I went into kitchen to prepare lunch while my mom continued watching TV. Now she is watching star mahila program. I started preparing lunch once in a while my mom calls me and ask for some favour like give me some water. Can you turn down the speed of the fan...

    To be contd..

  • #213

    Navya (Wednesday, 19 September 2018 09:29)

    Gynecomastia - 3

    In the evening my dad saw me and it's embarrassing for me. He didn't say anything. I started to get some itching. I told my mom about this and my mom just laughed and said it is common for all, who have breasts. My dad didn't say anything even while eating. In the night I slept in the half saree only. Next day while I am going for bath. My mom told me, it doesn't look good having beard and mustache. So she asked me to shave it. I did as my mom said. I removed all the hair near my breasts also.
    When I came out my mom is waiting for me with a half saree. This time the blouse fitted me correctly. As usual I simply watched the TV whole day. In the evening our neighbours daughter came to our home and asked my mom to apply mehindi to her hands. My mom is an expert in it. After completing applying mehindi the girl went to her home. I was hidden in my room. Then suddenly my mom came to my room with mehindi cone in her hand. My mom salt beside me, took my hand and started to apply mehindi to my hands. I was shocked and tried to stop her but she requested me.
    I simply sat there silently. My mom applied mehindi to both my hands till my forearm.

  • #214

    Navya (Wednesday, 19 September 2018 09:39)

    Gynecomastia - 4

    I was in fear, that what will my dad say if he see me like this. I just stayed in the room. After some time my mom came to my room and told me that my dad went to some seminar in Mumbai and he will return after a week. In the night my mom spoon feeded me. Next day I washed it, and I can see my hands in red colour.
    Day passed normally till the evening, my sister, and her mother in law came to our home. They don't know anything about my disease. When they saw me, they were shocked.

  • #215

    Anusha1 (Wednesday, 19 September 2018 18:57)

    Undamma bottu pedata part4

    Finally I finished preparing lunch. We started having lunch. As we were having I brought in the topic what happnd on the terrace. Mom who stays in the adjacent house of ours? I saw a girl on the terrace who was laughing at me while drying clothes. Mom laughed and said oh her she is daughter of Sumathi aunty who stays in the adjacent house. Btw she studied in the same school as yours it seems. Do you remember a girl named Anusha in ur school? By that question I was stunned. Could recollect all the memories of school. The way we used to fight. Then my mom interrupted hey where are you lost. Did you remember. I said yea mom I can recollect a little tht there was a girl with that name. Though I could clearly remember I didnt want to show it to mom. Then mom said she is the same one. Then we finished lunch and mom asked me to clean the dishes. Anusha’s topic ended there. Then I started cleaning dishes and finally arranged all the cleaned dishes in the tray. Finally I thought now I will get some rest. But I think mom has other plans. She asked me to make mango juice and get to her. I know I cant deny it. I went ahead made mango juice and brought it to her. Once she had the juice she said she will go to sleep. Now I was sure that I will get chance to relax as mom herself will sleep. But all my hopes vanished with a calling bell. There comes Sumathi aunty. Mom opened the door and welcomed her. She asked Sumathi what happend yiu visited at this time? Then Sumathi aunty said nothing I will need help in cleaning dust to the roof in our house. My daughter said tht she saw some maid in your house so thought of asking help. Hearing that I felt ashamed and went into room. Then my mom laughed and said bo Sumathi thats not my maid. He is my Son. Then Sumathi aunty apologized my mom for calling me maid. My mom said no problem sumathi its okay what else a jobless son can do at home? Other than doing the duties of a maid. Hearing this from my mom almost tears rolled in my eyes. My mom continued anyways Sumathi dont worry I will ask him to come and help. Then she called me and introduced this is Sumathi aunty. She needs help in cleaning dust in their house as they couldnt reach roof she came for your help. Go and help them. I dont have rights to answer so I just bent my head down and noded. Meanwhile my mom said sumathi wait u can have mango juice and go. Then my mom ordered me go and get mango juice for aunty. I then went into kitchen and prepared mango juice and gave it to aunty. Aunty thanked me. She also praised my mom saying u r lucky to have such a good son. My daughter doesnt even put her leg down n do some work. Once aunt finished her juice she handed over glass to me. Then mom said wash the glass and go with aunty. I went to kitchen washed glass an returned back to them. Standing near them ready to go. My mom is ready to go and take a nap. While me and Sumathi aunty walked out to her house

    To be Contd

  • #216

    1234 (Monday, 24 September 2018 08:20)

    Teaser of my upcoming story

    I want us to be exactly the same just like twins, which was the latest fancy Rajni had. She took out one of her skinny jeans and said wear this, I said but I don’t want to. She said I am not asking you, I am telling you to do it. Do it now, it is just harmless fun. I took the jeans from her and took of my shorts and started wearing it. As soon as I pulled them up, we realized the problem. Although it was fitting nicely as me and Rajni were the same size but the loose boxer underwear that I was wearing was bunching up under the skin tight jeans and not looking good. She said we will have to wear matching underwear also I guess and opened her wardrobe and threw one of her jockey panties in green colour at me. I caught them expertly but was uncertain of should I wear them or not. She came towards me and said just lie down on the bed with your feet up and I will pull of the tight jeans. I was used to doing what she said without questioning and just laid back on the bed. She pulled of my jeans and boxer, came close to me and kissed my junior which was looking cute and pretty without and hair around it. I had started using words like cute and pretty as she wanted me to think more feminine thoughts and she made me watch lot of female soaps and copy how the females acted in them. As I was an aspiring actor it was supposed to be a good practice for me. By the time these thoughts cleared from my head, she had already pulled the panties and the jeans up to my bums and asked me to stand up and buttoned up my jeans. With hand in hand we walked towards the full length mirror and we looked at ourselves in the mirror. She was wearing an identical jeans and our bottom part of the body was looking almost the same. As I was observing ourselves in the mirror she disturbed my thoughts and pulled out a few things from the dressing table, Soon we both were wearing one anklet each in out left ankle and she tied a black thread on my right ankle just like she had. Now we were looking exactly alike waist down. She turned towards me and said you are looking so sexy just like and soon her hands were in my hair and was moving my head towards her to suck on my juicy lips and taking advantage of me. What had Rajni done to me, I always felt like the weaker sex in front of her as if she is always trying to take advantage of me and I felt shy when she made advances toward me. Once she had enjoyed my lips and her hands had played with my nipples enough, she again turned towards the mirror and said soon we will look exactly the same from waist up also.

  • #217

    Anusha1 (Monday, 24 September 2018 20:53)

    Undamma bottu pedata part-5

    Kindly see it as a fictional story to all who are not liking it. Others who have been encouraging me thank you. I will try to reach your expectations.

    So I along with Sumathi aunty went to their house. I was looking around to find Anusha. But she isnt there. Aunty has asked me to take that stool and broom stick to clear the dust to the roof. I went ahead and took the stool started to clean the dust. The dust started falling all over my shirt. Aunty said as ur shirt may spoil let me get something to cover. I said its okay aunty no problem I will clean it once all cleaning is done. But aunt didnt listen to my words. She went in searched for some old clothes but as its only her n her daughter she didnt find anything to get me. Finally she came to me and ask me to put on one T-shirt. I can see its a pink skin tight t-shirt. N definetely not for men. I said its fine aunty I will continue with my shirt. No please use this. I didnt find any other clothes. So this is my daughters old shirt n she isnt using it. So u can throw it off after cleaning. She insisted on me till I put it on. I tried putting it on top of my shirt but as it is skin tight it is not fitting me. Aunty then said okay do one thing go to washroom remove ur shirt and put this on. Once cleaning is done u can put back ur shirt. I went into washroom changed to pink t-shirt and came out. It was still tight but somehow I was able to manage to put it on. I acn fee that smoot fabric on my body. I continued cleaning with that shirt on. Meanwhile I can hear someone shouting from the room. “No I am not available for that time. Make it for 8:00pm on thursday. If u want me to come then make it to the timing I want” and after that complete silence. Then I can feel some walking towards me. I didnt dare to see back. I know it will b Anusha. I am embarassed to this this with her seeing me. So I continued doing my work as I didnt know who was around. She also didnt talk anything to me and went into kitchen and was speaking something to her mom. I couldnt hear much of their conversation. I finished the cleaning part and waited there. Sumathi aunti came out and said good work. Thanks for the help. You can go now. I want to go as soon as possible. I dont want to face tht embarassing situation of Anusha coming out. So I left in a hurry without even realizing I am still waering pink t-shirt n my shirt is in their washroom. I went and knocked my house door.

    To be contd..

  • #218

    Anusha1 (Tuesday, 25 September 2018 21:19)

    Undamma bottu pedata part 6

    Sorry if if the relationship between mom and son is offending you. You can check out in the net where there are dominant moms in Indian society and they practice petticoat punishment on sons. As I have said please consider this as fiction and do not co-relate with any feelings.

    Back to the story. My mom opened the door yawning. I can understand that she just woke up from her afternoon nap. She asked me to come in. She saw me in that pink shirt and couldnt realize her eyes. She rubbed her eyes and again stared at the pink shirt and asked me what is that you are wearing. I said no mom actually actually Sumathi aunty asked me to put this on while cleaning so that my shirt doesnt get spoiled. N i forgot to change back while coming home. She laughed and said its okay you are looking cute in this. I just dont know what to reply I bent my head down in embarassment. She then said okay make some tea and get me. I went into the kitchen made ginger tea and got to her. She sat on sofa and having her tea. She said the jasmine plant in our garden has blossomed well this time. It has got more jasmines than it ever had. Go, pluck them and get it. I took a basket from the kitchen went to the jasmine flower in the garden. Plucked as many as I could. As this being my firat time, this work was fascinating and I plucked so many. I didnt realize till my mom called me in. I went in with basket full of jasmines. She said good you have got so many flowers. Now go get needle and thread. I went in and got needle and thread to my mom who is sitting on sofa. She asked me to sit down put the flowers on the floor and start making a garland using thread and needle. She showed me one sample and asked me to do it in similar way. While I was doing this she was watching movie. I continued doing it, in between I am stopping the work to adjust my hair which is falling on my eyes when i bent to do the work. By now my hair has grown almost till my neck and I havent had haircut recently. My mother noticed this and said isnt it disturbing? I asked what are you asking about mom. She said ur hair, i have been seeing that u r adjusting every now and then. I didnt know what to say. I just noded my head. Okay go to my room get the comb and side pins. I said but why mom I am fine. I am able to do it. She said shutup and go get what I say. I went into her room got the comb and side pins and came to her. She said give them to me and sit adjacent to me. I handed them to her and sat by the side of her. She combed my hair and made a partition in the middle. Now using the side pins she lifted the hair falling on my eyes and fitted them above my head tightly and ensured that they arent moving by moving my head. She said now it will not disturb. Place this comb backa nd come n continue your work.

    To b contd

  • #219

    Ashi (Tuesday, 25 September 2018 21:29)

    I read this story in rajibalan hindi comment 2014...
    but story didn't complete
    i request to all writer if any who compete this story or its request to orignal writer to complete the story...
    Story kuch aise hai
    shaktiman to ganga hamare is dunia ka rakhsa karne ke liye shaktiman ka aabhirbhav hua tha. Aaj ke samay shaktiman lagbhag sabhi super villain ka khatma kar diya he aur dr jackle ko jel me bhand kar diya he. Uski girlfreind geeta ko chod ke koi bhi shakiman hi gangadhar hai ye raj nahi janta hai. Aajiban brmachari rahane bajah se wo geeta se shadi nahi kar sakte. Kuch din se saktiman ko bina bataye geeta gayab thi is liye wo parishan tha. Idhar geeta ko aandhera ka raza tamraj kilbis ne kidnap kiya tha. Geeta boli tamraj tum ne mujhe kidnap kyu kiya hai aur tum zinda kaise bach gaye. Tab kilbis bola dunia ke koi bhi shakti kilbis ka khatma nahi kar sakta wo chaye shaktiman ho kyu na aur ha mene tume kidnap shadi karne ke liye ki hu. Geeta boli me tumse shadi nahi kar sakti kilbis me shaktiman se pyar karta hu aur wo mujge bachane jaroor aayega tab kilvis bola aisa he to me tuje shati man ke samne hi sadi karunga. Kuch samay me shaktiman geeta ki talas karte karte tamraj ki darkland

    plz some compleete it..

  • #220

    Anusha1 (Wednesday, 26 September 2018 21:07)

    Undamma bottu pedata part 7

    Thanks Anjali and all other for your encouragement. I feel very good with your comments.

    I came back and continued making garland. Finally I completed. My mom asked me to put them in refrigerator to be fresh. I did as she asked. Then she asked me to go freshen up. I asked her permission if I can remove the pins so that I can take head bath. She said ok u can go ahead remove the pins and take bath. Lets do something about your hair once back from bath. Also do shave all your body hair it doesnt suit you. I said mom but. No but just do as I say. Who is gonna watch your hair. I also thought that as I dont go out much it will not effect me. I removed pins placed them back at mom’s dressing table and went into bathroom to shave my body hair and do head bath. I shaved all my body hair without any traces of hair even on my private places. Now I have hair only on my head. I was searching for hair shampoo around. I couldnt find any. My mom said I dont use shampoo, I just use soap nuts. You also can try them. Now that your hair is little longer its good for hair. I thought no other option n started using them instead of shampoo for hair. I returned back from bath. My mom came near me and inspected if any hair is left on my body. She just saw me completely clean without hair and she had a wicked smile. Now that you are cooking cleaning no body hai n also you have tried on pink t-shirt, there is no harm in trying my nighty for tonight. I said mom please I dont want to wear nighty. Come on sweety no one will know, just see how it feels. I thought first time mom is not ordering and trying to speak good. So I dont want to upset her n said okay give me one. She just smiled and got her very girly pink nighty with rose flowers design on it. I couldnt believe my eyes. I didnt say anything took it and went into bathroom to put it on. Without inners I know i will be in trouble in the nighty. So I put on my inners and then got into the nighty. I just saw myself in the bathroom mirror I almost looked like a girl. I couldnt believe just nighty could make me look so differently. I went to mom and she was happy to see me in nighty. Okay now lets go prepare dinner. Then we started to kitchen. I dont what made her remind of it. She said wait wait we forgot about your hair. Mom its okay now we just need to prepare dinner ryt. I am fine with it. She said now it will disturb while u r cooking. It will not take much time go get that comb and that pink hair band lets fix it. Mom but why hair band? You go get it.

  • #221

    Anusha1 (Wednesday, 26 September 2018 21:26)

    Undamma bottu pedata part 8

    I went and got the comb and hair band. I hand over them to mom. She said come lets go to the sofa. We went there and she sat on the sofa. She asked me to sit adjacent to her on the floor so that she can do my hair. I sat as she asked. She started combing my hair backwards and holding in the other hand. With the help of comb she grabbed all my hair in the back with her hand. She then ensured that no strands of hair are left out. She then using the hair band made a pony tail at the back. She twisted the hair band twice n then thrice to ensur that my hair doesnt get slip away. She also pulled my hair at the back to ensure it is tight enough. She then had a sigh of satisfaction. Now your hair will not disturb. Go place back the comb and get back. Lets prepare dinner. When I went back to place the comb at moms dressing table. I just had glance in the mirror there. Couldnt believe that its my reflection. I am looking different than usual. Till now my forehead wasnt visible much as my hair used to cover it. Now that mom pulled my hair back and fixed it with pony tail. I am finding it new to see my forehead. I then went back to kitchen. My mom was instructing me to cut the vegetables and made me prepare dinner. Finally dinner is ready, i followed all her instructions. Then we had dinner and while having dinner my mom asked how are you feeling. What are you asking about mom. Nothing just the hair fixed and the nighty feel. I dont know why but I said I am feeling comfortable. May be I didnt want to upset my mom as she was treating me good. She smiled n said oh nice that you are liking it. I just bent my head down and my cheeks turned red due to embarassment. We completed dinner. Now without her asking I myself started cleaning dishes while she sat on the sofa watching TV. To impress mom I made fresh mango juice and got to her. She was little surprised but she dont want me to show that. She just grabbed the juice glass and drank it. I was waiting by standing beside her all the while she is having juice. She didnt bother I was standing there. She slowly completed the juice and handed the glass back to me. I went into kitchen and cleaned glass and came back. She said go get the garlands you have kept in the fridge. I totally forgot about that. I went into get the garlands.

    To be contd..

  • #222

    Anusha1 (Thursday, 27 September 2018 21:44)

    Undamma bottu pedata part9

    I brought the garlands and came back to mom. She took them from me. Cut them into multiple pieces measuring with her hand. One garland she cut it for the length of her hand. The other one she took it for the length of her hand then she didnt cut this time but she started measuring for more one hand length and then again one more. So this time she has got 3 hands length garland folded at one hand length each and cut it. I didnt know why she made it a large one. Still there is so much remaining in the garland as I have plucked more jasmines without knowing. My mom said ok go and keep the remaining garland back in refrigerator. These two should serve our purpose. I didnt know what she is planning with them. I just went and put the remaining garland back in the fridge. When I came back she is already putting one of the garlands that she cut in her hair. I was happy seeing that I got relieved that it was for her that she has cut them. But I didnt realise there is still one more in her hand which is longer one with more jasmines. Once she finished putting the flowers in her hair. She called me and asked me to sit infront of her on the floor. I asked but why mom. She said just do as I say. I simply went and sat infron of her. She took that 3 hands length jasmines garland and started fuxing in my hair. I was shocked. I didnt know what to do. I just sat there without saying anything. She fixed the jasmine flowers in my hair and checked to see that there are not loose n fall off. Once ensured they are fixed in place she said now it is done. Your hair is looking good now. I just lowered my head down out of embarrasment. I am getting hypnotized by the fragnance of the jasmine flower. Also i can feel the weight of the flowers on my head. When I moved my head the flowers rub against my shoulder and vibrations spread down my spine dont know may be it is due to the chillness of flowers for being in refrigerator or I am just liking the feel.

  • #223

    Anusha1 (Thursday, 27 September 2018 21:54)

    Undamma bottu pedata part10

    My mom then said lets go to sleep. We need to wake up early in the morning. We both left to our rooms to sleep. I dont know why I was unable to sleep soon. I am just thinking of what all happend today. I coulndt believe so many things changed after I came back home loosing the job. Also I didnt get chance to try for another job after coming here. Slowly I fell in sleep thinking all these. Morning my mom woke me up by 5 0 clock. She asked me go take head bath and come. But mom why so soon. Just do as I say is her reply. I removed the jasmine flowers from my head and threw them in the dustbin as they wore out. I went to bathroom, brushed and took head bath again with the same soap seeds. I came out of bathroom, my mom is ready with another nighty. But I said mom if someone comes I cant face like this. She said no one will come just wear it. I took the nighty from mom put on my inners and then got into the nighty. This is also girly nighty yellow in colour and lilly flowers design on it. I came back to my mom. She said with the long hair you have to dry your hair properly otherwise it gets damaged. She took the towel and started drying my hair. Then she wrapped my hair in towel like an ideal housewife does in the mornings after head bath. She then said come lets put rangoli.

    To be contd..

  • #224

    Anusha1 (Saturday, 29 September 2018 20:30)

    Undamma Bottu pedata part 11

    I went along with my mom to the front of our house. I was afraid if anyone will see me and notice. My mom asked me to bent and sit to put rangoli. She instructed me how to put rangoli. She asked me to put dots in specifi order and later told me how to combine them to make a beautiful rangoli. I couldnt believe seeing the final output that I can put such a beutiful rangoli myself. Then we went in. She said come lets do pooja. We both went into pooja room. My mom already brought the jasmines garland from fridge and place them there. She started reciting mantras and asked me to follow her. We completed pooja. Now she cut the garland enough to put around the gods frame and the remaining she took and hand it over me n ask me to use them after drying my hair. I took them without any hesitation. I didnt even realize that this time my mother didnt take her part of jasmine garland to use for her. Instead she gave me all the remaing to put in my hair. I went into room and opened the towel and my hair was almost dry. I dont know what to do. I went to mom and said mom my hair got dried can you help with it. I didnt know why I did this. Even if I dont my mom will anyways ask seeing my loose hair. She just gave a wicked smile and said go get the comb rubber band and jasmines. I will see what can be done. I went in brought them all and as usual sat near my mom’s feet. While she was in sofa. She yook the comb brushed my hair. She saw to that all my hair is pulled back without leaving anything in the front. She parted my hair into three parts and started braiding. After a while she took the rubber band and put it around the end of the braid to ensure it doesnt get loose. She then put the braided hair on my shoulder for me to feel. I was shocked it was coming almose near my chest when she put it on my shoulder. Now she asked me go get a hair pin from her dressing table. I went in, got the hair pin amd handed over to her. With the help of pin she fixed the jasmine flowers in my braided hair on top of the braid. I can feel the weight of the flowers its defenitely more than what she used on me yesterday. Also the tight braid of my hair is reminding of it every time. She said now you are all set for your work. Go complete cleaning and washing of clothes. I did faster this time as I already know how to do. I have completed cleaning and washing of clithes. As yesterday she asked me to come and watch the cooking program to prepare lunch. Today the chef prepared chicken biryani. My mom asked me to do it fast that she is hungry. I immediately went into kitchen not wasting any time. I started preparing as shown in the program. Meanwhile my mom kept on asking if it is completed. On her asking I used to make the things faster. Finally I prepared biryani then raita. I asked her to come for lunch. She sat on the dinig table. I thought we both will have it together. When I was almost sit she asked me served biryani in her plate. Then she asked to put some raita. Then she asked me to put a glass of water for her. Then she ordered me to prepare mango juice. Only then I realized today I am not going to get a chance to have lunch along with her. While preparing juice in between she used to ask me to serve again, put raita and all. She finally completed her lunch. She washed her hands and went back to hall and sat on sofa. She ordered me to get her the mango juice. I went and handed her the glass of juice. She finished her juice and handed over the glass to me. She theb said that she was sleepy and going to take a nap. I just noded my head and went back to kitchen. I served the biryani for my self and had lunch. After lunch I vleaned the plates and vessels and her juice glass.

    To be contd.

  • #225

    Revathi (Monday, 01 October 2018 01:35)

    Hi guys this is my first story. Please I all need your support for writing more.

    Naught boy to good girl - 1

    Hi guys I'm ram. This all happened a few weeks ago. I had completed my 10th board exams. I have a enemy whose name is Radha. She studied in my class and stayed near my house. One day she came to my house to meet my mother as my mother is a beautician. She came to me and asked me about my mother. I said why do you care?. She said your mother braids my hair daily and I wanted to remove my hair braid and change it into a ponytail. I said I'll inform you when she comes. She turned back while I grabbed her braid in my hair. I said to her you like your braid so much uh. Let me braid it for you. I tied her to a chair and tied her mouth. I opened her hair and then divided her hair into two and then I braided her hair into twin braids and then I tied a braid to the door knob and the other to the cupboard. She was shouting like hell. My mother came. I came to know that I was going to be on a big trouble.

  • #226

    Anusha1 (Monday, 01 October 2018 21:03)

    Undamma bottu pedata part12

    Thank you well wisher for your encouraging words. I am sorry other for the delay. I couldnt get time.

    After completing the cleaning of dishes. I thought of getting the clothes from terrace they must be dried. But I am afraid if some one will notice me. But anyways my mom will ask me only to get the clothes later. So its better to get it now so that no one will be there. So I some how got the courage and went to terrace. I picked the clothes as quickly as possible and ran down. I am not sure if anyone was there but I didnt wait a second to see around I just came back home with the dried clothes. I started folding them and placed in them in the shelf. My mom woke from nap. She wondered what i was doing. Seeing me folding the clothes n placing in the shelf she was happy. She then asked me to make some tea and get it. I went into kitchen prepared tea and gave it to her. She was relaxing sipping tea and watching TV. Meanwhile she remembered something. I didnt know what. She asked me to get her red colour blouse and a needle. I thought may be she got to do some altering. But to my surprise she said you have to remove the stitches and alter it. It has become tight. I was shocked. I didnt know how to do. Mom but I dont know how to do. She smiled and said dont worry I will show you. And then she showed me how to remive the stitches carefully without leaving a mark. She asked me to do it carefully. I followed her instructions and started to slowly remove the stitches. I finally completed removing all the required stitching which will make it loose. I showed mom and said I have done it. She inspected to see if any marks are left. She wasnot satisfied by just seeing at it. She said you put it on let me see if the marks are visible when it is on. Mom but why me. She said see I cant see it properly if I try it. So do as I say. I said okay and removed my nighty. I was in my inners. She asked me to remove my bunnian and put it so that she can understand. I did as she said. I removed my inner. Put the blouse. The blouse have strings in the back and hooks which need to be fitted. I said mom can you please help with them I cant reach. She laughed and said no problem come near me. She then put the hooks and tightened the strings so much that I am having difficult to breathe freely. Once she is satisfied with the tightness she tied a knot. She asked me to turn around to see that it is not showing any marks. I felt shy, i turned towards her and put my head down as I cant see at her like this in a blowse with braided hair and jasmines. Once she is satisfied she said okay good you can get back to your nighty. I know I cant get rod of the knot and hooks. I just went to her and kept a pleasing face to remove it. She laughed again and started removing the knot and hooks. You should learn all these how to tie and untie. I didnt know why she is telling me to learn all these. Anyways once she removed. I put back my bunian and then nighty. Its again time to prepare dinner. She asked me to prepare it. She went out to chit chat with aunties around. I started preparing dinner in the kitchen. Finally dinner is ready and this was also similar to lunch she didnt allow me to have it along with her. She asked me serve that this.. finally she is done with her dinner. She then said I am going to sleep and I need to go to bank tomorrow. Prepare breakfast and lunch early tomorrow. I didnt understand first. But then I realized that from two days I am only preparing it and tomorrow as she has to go to her job she wants to take lunch along. I just said ok and she went to sleep. I then had my dinner. Cleaned all the plates. Finally i thought I am done for today. I am so tired I didnt even bother to change or remove flowers. I went and slept as I am.

    To be contd..

  • #227

    Revathi (Tuesday, 02 October 2018 10:10)

    Naughty boy to good girl - 2

    My mom grabbed my hair(I have hair up to my shoulders). She said how dare you humiliate a girl. I'll show you what a girls life is. She untied the braids of the girl who was crying. My mom convinced her and to make her laugh she took hair extensions from her closet and she tied me in front of a closet that had a big sized mirror on it. She attached the hair extensions and started braiding my hair in a single braid and then added a ribbon to it. The hair was below my butt swinging like a rope. It gave me a gentle feeling. She then took s bindi and applied it on my forehead. She made me wear a half saree and took many photos. She told me to give girly posses as she had my photos.


  • #228

    Anusha1 (Wednesday, 03 October 2018 01:07)

    Undamma bottu pedata part13

    Today as I was tired with all the work in the day I slept off really soon. In the morning i woke up by 5. I then removed the worn out flowers took head bath. Tied my hair in towel. Now I want to put rangoli but in my male clothes if I go someone might catch me. So I went to moms room saw that she is still sleeping. Without making much noise took a pink frilly nighty. Didnt get much time to choose one being afraid if my mom will wake up. I put on my inners and then got into nighty. I went and put rangoli on my own. Was in a fear if someone will notice. But today my luck was good noone passed by while I was putting rangoli. Once done I went into pooja room did pooja as mym mom used to do. Took harathi and went to my mom. I was afraid to wake her up. Just touched her and she woke up. I told mom take harathi I did pooja. She was happy to see me in her pink nighty and standing there with harathi. She took harathi and went to freshen up. I went into kitchen madw her coffe and gave it to her in the hall. While she was having the coffee I started preparing her breakfast. I served her breakfast and once she is done she went to get ready for bank. I didnt have time to have breakfast. I started preparing lunch as she might get late. Once lunch is ready i have put it in a carriage and gave it to her. She smiled and took the carriage and left for the bank. I then had my breakfast and continued my routine of washing plates. Then washing clothes and drying them. Dont know why once done I started watching that cooking program. Once the program is completed I had lunch. After lunch I remembered still my hair is in towel and I forgot to remove. I removed the towel from my hair and its completely dry by now. To make it comfortable I went knto moms room took a band and have put a ponytail behind. Once it is done I thought I will go have a nap. By the time I started going to my room my door bell rang. I was afraid who it could be. I was in a hurry dont know what to do. I ran into my room changed the nighty and got into my track pants and t-shirt. Then went to open the door by then the bell rang 2-3 times. I went and opened the door. To my surprise it was Sumathi aunty along with Kavitha aunty who stays in the next lane. I told hi aunty. Then Kavitha aunty asked is your mom at home. I said no my mom has gone to bank. Then Sumathi aunty said to Kavitha aunty didnt I say that she will be going to bank. Kavitha aunty said oh I just thought she might be there. Then they were about to leave. I just enquired if it was for anything that I could inform my mom. Sumathi aunty was staring at me I dont know why. Kavitha aunty said nothing its my daughters puberty function we came to invite your mom. I said oh okay I will inform my mom. Then I was about to close the door. While doing so Sumathi aunty was saying something to Kavitha aunty. Suddenly Kavitha aunty said “Undamma Bottu Pedata” I was shocked but I stood like that. Kavitha aunty took kumkum from the container she got. She put it like bindi on my forehed. I thought she will stop there. But she again put her two fingers in the container took more amount of kumkum and then put it in tge pratition of my hair like a sindhoor that a husband puts to a married wife. She almost brought till middle of my head. I was just in shock. Then Sumathi aunty had a wicked smile and said. You can join your mother for the function.

    To be contd...

  • #229

    Anusha1 (Wednesday, 03 October 2018 21:49)

    Swetha “Undamma bottu pedata” true translation means “Wait let me put bindi” I know it doesnt sound good but hope you understood. And why I have mentioned about single is ideally when they come to invite woman for such puberty funtions it will mostly be married woman and they put kumkum near the partion. Moreover its crossdresser dream to get the maang filled with sindhoor.

    Will continue next part soon. Kindly post your comments on how the story is?

  • #230

    Anusha1 (Thursday, 04 October 2018 21:37)

    Undamma bottu pedata part 14

    I went in after they left. So many things going in my head on what just happnd. I just realized why Sumathi aunty was staring at me though I am in my clothes. I still have a pony tail with midlle partitioned hair. I couldnt believe that I appeared infront of them like that. I then thought I will be in my clothes itself but somewhere I have a feeling that mom might be upset if I am in track pants and t-shirt. So I went back and changed into pink nighty. I didnt get chance to take nap today as well. I again dared to go to terrace to get the dried clothes. I took them off too quickly and turned back and started to go down. I hear someone laugh behind. I think that is Anusha only. I didnt dare to turn back amd wwnt into home. Folded the clothes and placed them in the shelf. By then mom has returned from office. She was shocked seeing me with that bottu (bindi) and sindhoor in my partition. She said nice you have started putting these also? I said no mom Sumathi aunty and Kavitha aunty have come to invite to Kavitha aunty’s daughter’s puberty function. I said u went to bank. Then they applied this to me and told to inform you. She laughed out loud and said didnt they ask you also to come. I have no reply, I was wondering if she was serious or just casually asked. I just bent my head down. She said okay get me some tea my head is aching after work. I went in kitchen and started making tea. She sat on the sofa and turned on TV. I brought her tea and she started sipping. She said do one thing go to my room and get that coconut oil. I didnt understand why she was asking to get it. I just went in and brought that parachute jasmine oil. She said can you massage my hair with oil I am feeling severe head ache. I got schocked from what she asked. I dont have an option. Took some oil in hand. Removed her hair band and tried to remove tangles in her hair with other. Then applied oil to her hair. Once I am satisfied that all the strands of her hair have been immersed in oil. Started to slowly massage her head with the tips of my fingers. She just finished her tea placed it on the table. Then she put her legs on the table and started relaxing with my massage. I can feel that she is happy with my massage. I continued to gently massage all her head. She slowly closed her eyes in sleep while I was doing this. I am not sure if I stop she will wake up. I was so afraid to stop it. I dont know from where I am getting this fear. May be from all the things that is happening to me. I continued massaging even though my fingers and arms started aching.

    To be contd

  • #231

    Sneha (Friday, 05 October 2018 05:12)

    The girl next door

    My name is Saran, I'm working as a salesman in a popular company. I recently came to a rental home as it is near to my office. My family lives in a nearby village, they often come and visit me once for a month. I was not into crossdresser until this incident happened. Although I had long hair up to my shoulders as my mom took a wow that if I get a job I would grow my hair for 3 years in my native temple.

    I just came to the rental house. I was very much happy as now I can be independent and do what I wish. So first I wanted to introduce myself to the neighbors. So I went down and ringed the bell of a house nearby. A lady in her mid thirties came. She was dressed in a saree and her hair was very long and it was neatly braided, she kept her braid in her front.

    She greeted me, so I introduced myself, she invited me to a party that evening. I was so happy as there would be many girls coming. She gave me a cup of coffee and while I was drinking it my hair was keep on falling down.She noticed that and then said that she can help with my hair. I agreed, she told me to sit in a chair, she came behind me and then started combing my hair and then she parted my hair and she was doing something and I didn't know. Something felt heavy on the back of my neck and she placed something on my shoulders. I was shocked to see it, she had braided my hair.

    It was a great feeling!

    to be continued........

  • #232

    Sneha (Saturday, 06 October 2018 02:11)

    The girl next door - 2

    I didn't show my excitement to her, so i asked her why did she braid my hair. She said that why what is the big deal, every girl braids her hair. I said but I'm not a girl. She was surprised, I came to know that she mistaken me to be a girl. I realised that I was wearing a leggings of my sister instead of my pant. She was laughing and she said that party she said was a girls only party and she had already informed the guests that a girl will come to the party.

    I said I cannot come their like a girl, she said I will help you in your makeover. She convinced me after sometime. She told me to come to her house 2 hours before the party. I went to my home , my owner laughed at me. I didn't understand. Then I realised that I didn't unbraid my hair. I went to pull off the rubber band but she stopped me and she told me that she knows everything about what happened and she told that you will look like a perfect girl.

    I went to my home. I was very much scared about what will happen and one side I was also excited. I took the braid in my hand, I really loved it. I went to YouTube and learnt how to braid. I unbraided my braid and then I middle parted my hair and the I braided my hair into double braids like a small girl.
    I felt something, someone pulled my braid. I shouted like a small girl in pain.

    To my surprise, it was........

    To be CONTINUED.........

  • #233

    Anusha1 (Saturday, 06 October 2018 22:02)

    Undamma bottu pedata part15

    I slow reduced the speed of massaging and stopped it in a while ensuring that she doesnt wake up. Once stopped I washed my hands and started preparing dinner. My mom is still sleeping on the sofa. I went to wake her up so that she will have dinner. I slowly woke her up. She said thanks to me for the massage. She said why did you leave my hair untied. Go get the comb and hair band. Once I got it she asked me to braid her hair. I started braiding her oily hair. I dont know why i am liking it. Once braided I have put the rubber band at the end. After that she had dinner and went to sleep. I continued my routine work. Finished dinner and went to sleep in my room. I didnt get chance to see in the mirror whole day. In my room when I saw I am shocked. Still bindi and sindhoor in my forhead and maang. I am looking fully like a married woman with that bindi sindhoor ponytail pink nighty. I am just remembering all the things that have been happening to me. Slowly tears rolled from my eyes. I want to get a job and get married. But getting job isnt going to possible soon that I realized. So I atleast wanted to get married soon before I get old. Thinking all the things I fell asleep. Again my routine started woke up in the early morning. Took head bath. Now I went to my moms room to get a dress for today. I opened her wardrobe this took time to select the most firlly nighty. I saw a purple nighty with all the frills and decided I will go for it. I have nwver seen mom putting on it. I just took it went to my room and wore it. I dont know why I am liking the satin material of the nighty and all the frolls on it is making me excited. With that I went to the front of the house with my hair tied in towel. I started putting rangoli. This time I tried a new style which I have seen in the serial that mom was watching. I feel someone was standing behind me. My heart beat started racing. I just turned back to find it was Sumathi aunty. She made remarks on me. You have put very good rangoli. I just thought u have a ponytail. But you wear nighty and put rangoli also? She exclaimed. I dont know what to say. My face turned red out of embarrassment. I just ran into the house.

    To be contd.

  • #234

    sissy wife to Mother in law & wife (Monday, 08 October 2018 23:41)

    I nearly spent a month already as the female of house, during this period I got used to all household activities. I used to dress like an unmarried girl in a salwar kameez & western outfit . But also learned to wear saree western wear and crosset properly during this period my MIL helped me a lot. I started taking hormones to give more curvy figure and light skin. After three months of Hormone intake I went under transformation surgery. When I finally recovered from the transformation a new life was waiting for me. She had made it clear once I get married to her and her daughter . I will have to dress as a sex doll of the house. Soon my wife know my second husband was to come home after foreign tour
    So she ordered me to get dressed as bride for her as she was to be my first husband and marry her And I wanted to look the best for my wedding so I nearly spent a whole day on the parlor. Soon it was the wedding night and my mother in law my first husband asked the lady from the parlors is everything had been done , she was here for just to check my make up and accessories. After that She applied foundation first and did a bridal makeup, I had watched some videos of bridal makeups. She was near to perfect and my face was glowing nobody could even imagine I was not a girl. After that I wore the Ghangra helped by her it was heavy but beautifully designed I was feeling happy to be wearing it. After that she added some jeweleries, necklace, earrings, bangles and inserted nosering and attached the chain down to hair with clips. I had a stud on right and big bridal nath on left of my nose. Finally I was ready as a bride she placed a dupatta over my head and I was on the bed in the bedroom of mil first husband
    As soon as she came I went near her and touched her feet like a decent wife. I promised to obey her, respect her and fulfill all her needs as husband for as long as both of us shall live She was quick to react, She gathered me up and praised how beautiful I was looking. It released all my tensions. She asked me to wait for her and left the room. I thought why? but I knew I was going to find out soon. She came with holding a cane in her hand I was bit horrified. She said she wants to check my promise and asked me to stand lifting my saree. I couldn't believe what I just heard now I had to show her my loyalty. Her words were so demanding I didn't have courage to say no.It was incredible how my thinking had changed now I was ready to suffer this. As I took position she smacked one stroke, I felt a shiver. She gave some time to gather myself and second one landed, and the third one. She told me to hold this position for 15 more minutes, no more caning after that. The veil was covering my face and I could feel the weight of the nosering as my head was hanging low I felt a bit vulnerable. Then she told me to go and sit in the bed she started removing my jeweleries one by one. She asked is my girl ready to experience the most enjoyable moment of her life. I just nodded my head in anticipation. Finally we were about to make some love. The kisses became more passionate and both of us got aroused. She slowly pressed the rubber penis in. With a lot of difficulty it went in but some moments later it turned out to be a lot pleasing experience. After a hour of sex Both of us felt satisfied and slept.
    It was a new beginning of my life I had got such a loving and strict husband in mil . She has this weekly maintenance routine to remind me who is in charge. I to avoid the punishments as much as I can by being obedient and showing enough respect to her.

  • #235

    sissy wife to Mother in law & wife (Monday, 08 October 2018 23:51)

    Know my second husband that is my wife was coming back G know my first husband told me to come in my best possible looks when we go to receive her. I was so excited I wanted to please my both husband. I wanted to look sexy in saree. I actually showed my navel and wore big earrings, not to forget the nosering, glossy lips. Indeed I was looking more sexy than beautiful. She kept looking at me in amazement and fucked me in the living room than I got dressed again mean while she reached home, I went to kitchen to prepare some tea and other stuffs for us. She was looking at me as if she wanted to eat me. Plenty of lust on her eyes like her mother . But she couldn't do anything infront of her mother. After dinner we went to our rooms, after sometime she came to my room. I was not asleep yet. She came and hugged me, she was happy to have me as her wife. She tired to kiss me but I strayed away from her feeling a bit shy. Why are you feeling shy I am your to be husband marriage is just a formality she said but I was not ready for it. I asked her to wait until marriage as I have to serve her mother also. Ok I will, now you are all mine it is me who is going to take off your nose ring she said in a strong voice. It was like a stamp of authority over me.
    In the morning MIL woke me up saying today is our marriage. I tried to oppose but MIL persisted. Later I knew Samira had told her mom to do this quickly. She wanted me in her arms as soon as possible. After initial denial I agreed. MIL told me to get ready, I took a bath. She was waiting in my room with a beautician. She gave me a saree and blouse to wear. After that beautician started my makeup it was bridal makeup, pink cheeks, glossy red lips, polished nails, bangles necklace. I was indeed looking like a bride. Finally she inserted the bridal nath and placed a ghunghat over my head. We went to the temple, did the rituals, Sam had a smile on her face I could see it past my ghunghat. After that we returned home, MIL had already prepared the dinner but I was feeling really shy to take off the ghunghat. But I eventually did, the nosering which came right down to my lips was also disturbing me. All in all it was not a great experience.
    After finshing the dinner MIL escorted me to our nicely decorated room and asked me to give full pleasure and satisfaction as she deserves all rights like her . I patiently waited for my husband to come. I knew she was not gonna leave me today I was officially her's now. I pulled my ghunghat as she came inside. She started removing my dress and jelwellery one by one, now I had payals on my leg and nosering, finally she removed the nosering. And then she got of me , and said me to close my eyes and rolled me on bed such that my ass is was upwards. My male part was nicely tucked under pads and was not visible from front. She was dominating me in such a way that I was already falling for her.
    She put a finger in my ass and fingered me in and out. I started to protest, but then remembered it will be of no use she had full authority over me. And then there were two fingers going in and out. I felt pain but also started enjoying I felt like a women.
    She started penetrating really hard now with a dildo she was fucking me really hard. My body began to feel the love of sex and started responding to her moves. She was spanking me in between her moves. It was just a beginning I knew I had to satisfy her like this for my whole life now After we both got exhausted we rested on bed.
    In the morning I woke up got dressed like a typical bahu with pallu over my head and put on every jewlellery, sindoor on my head and mangalsutra. I went towards the hall took blessings from my MIL, and went to kitchen to prepare tea for my both husband. After that I went to my second husband and gave tea. She again grabbed me and rolled me down to the bed. I told her it's day time now and her mother will scold me. But she told our days have just began. She kissed by back, I closed my eyes in anticipation the fun rejoice was going to start again.
    In other parts I will tell u how both my husband enjoyed me together with their friends and how I was punished by my both husband

  • #236

    Sai (Monday, 15 October 2018 13:17)

    Holidays - 1

    My name is naveen. I am studying engineering in tirupati. . My mom is housewife and my sister is doing PG. She is staying in hyderabad. I don't why, till now I didn't have beard and mustache. I hardly have a mustache.
    Sometimes my sister teases me, for not having mustache. My father is a businessman. He have more travelling works.
    It's dusura holidays. I went home for holidays. All my clothes are dirty,so I took all to my home for washing. I told my mom to wash all my clothes. As said she washed all my clothes. When I came from Bath room, I realised that I don't have any clothes to Wear. My mom got angry and started to scold me. I was simply standing in my underwear and towel.
    My mom searched, if there is any clothes present for me but she couldn't find anything. It's been 30min. Finally my mom bought one of her nighty and gave it to me. I was shocked. I tied my mom that even I can sleep in towel than wearing a nighty. But my mom is no mood to listen to me. My mom told me that no one is coming to our home now, so you can wear it. Before I can say anything, my mom draped me in the nighty.

  • #237

    Sai (Monday, 15 October 2018 13:55)

    Holidays - 2

    It was very embarrassing for me. My mom didn't say anything. I just stayed in my room. Now it's time for dinner. My mom called me for dinner. I slowly went near the dinning table and sat on the chair. I started to eat. While eating my mom told me, you can sleep comfortable in nighties than night pants and t-shirt. I didn't say anything and went to my room and slept. When I woke up, I thought what my mom said is correct, I slept comfortably in the nighty. I just brushed my teeth and went to my mom for the coffee. My mom just smiled and said, how is your sleep last night. I said nice. Immediately my mom said sarcastically. if you want, I can buy you some nighties for you. Both me and my mom started laughing.
    After some time all my clothes are dried and I wore my male clothes for the remaining holidays. Soon holiday completed.
    After 3 months, sankranti holidays are about to come. For this holidays my sister also coming home. One week before holidays, my sister sent me the pics of half sarees, midies and some girls clothes and asked me to select. I asked my sister, why she is asking me. My sister told me, because you are the whose is going to wear them. I was shocked. I said I am not going to wear them. At that time, my sister sent me, my pics of wearing a nighty. I am shocked. I begged my sister to delete the pics. But she told me, she is not going to delete these pics until I wear the girls clothes.
    She selected some clothes for me. Next day she sent me the pics of some wigs. I selected a short hair wig and she too agreed for that.
    Soon holiday came, I was nervous to go to my home.
    When I went home. Everything is normal. My mom and my sister didn't ask me anything about the clothes. 3-4 days completed, today is festival day. Early in the morning my mom and my sister woke me up. Both are ready in sarees. My sister gave me a hair removal cream to remove all my body hair. I did as she said and came from Bath room after completing my bath.
    My mom and my sister are waiting for me. When I came, my sister immediately took a bra and made me to wear it, then she filled it with some cotton balls, it gave me a good shape.
    Then I wore the blouse, I don't know how they have the correct measurements. Then I wore the pavada and my sister started to drape me in the saree. She draped nicely and pinned the pallu on my left shoulder. It is a silk saree which is identical to what my sister wore. Then my sister made me to sit on a chair and asked my mom for the wig. I thought it is a short hair wig but I was wrong. It is very long hair wig. My mom fitted it to my head and started to braid it. In the mean time my sister painted all my nails. My mom completed braiding my hair. The braid reached below my hips. My sister applied some make up and started to keep, bangles to my hands, anklets to my legs, bindi clipped earrings then finally my mom kept dozens of flowers in my hair.

  • #238

    Sai (Thursday, 18 October 2018 01:18)


    After decorating me, my mobile and my sister left my room to their household works. I just stayed in my room. Every time I move my bangles and anklets are making lot of noise. Even my earrings are touching my cheeks. After some time my mom called me for doing some puja in our home. I went to my mom with shy. My mom made me and my sister to do puja with some mantras. My sister is teasing by calling me has her sister. Whole day is completed like this. In the night my mom gave a nighty and asked me to change to nighty. I thought nighty better than saree. I immediately went to my room and changed to nighty. While I was removing bangles, my mom stopped me and ordered me to wear it for the whole night. In the night, it was uncomfortable for me to sleep, wearing bangles and anklets. Every time I move, they are making a lot of noise.
    Neodymium I woke up, did my bath and changed to my normal male clothes. My mom and my sister also didn't ask me anything. All my remaining holiday completed normally.

  • #239

    Sai (Thursday, 18 October 2018 02:11)


    Soon I went to college. In the college every time I see a women wearing. It was embarrassing for me that I too wore a saree like a women. I started to became nervous whenever my sister sent me my pic wearing saree. After 3 months, I got summer holidays more than a month. I started to think, if I go to my home, my mom will make me to women clothes, so I decided to go to my aunts house. My aunt is single women. She likes me a lot. When I went to my aunts house, she was happy to meet me. I was enjoying holidays. One day while my aunt is cooking, she asked me to help her. I felt bad that she is only doing entire house work, so I thought to help her a little. She felt happy and started to teach me, how to cut vegetables, cooking etc. After 15 days, my aunt told me she have a emergency work in Delhi. So I have no choice, except to go to my home. I went home sadly.
    But this time my mom didn't ask me to wear women clothes. But not so long, one day my mom and my aunt spoke in phone for a lot if time. After speaking to her, my mom came to my room angrily. My mom asked me, did you do any household work in aunt's home??.
    I stood silently, my mom understood my answer and told me, from today onwards you will help in household works. I was shocked. Before I could say anything, my mom shouted at me and ordered me to come to kitchen. I silently followed her to kitchen. My mom gave a tray of vegetables and asked me cut. My mom is impressed with my cutting skills. My mom started to teach the dish that we are cooking. After we had our dinner, my mom asked me clean the the kitchen and wash the utensils. At 11pm I went to sleep. Next day my mom woke me at 5:30 am and asked me to clean the home with a broom. After that I went to my room and took my bath.
    I wore my clothes and went to kitchen and started to do cooking. Total holidays I did all the household works and learnt so many dishes.

  • #240

    Riya (Friday, 26 October 2018 15:48)

    Hi All,

    This is the story of myself Anoop Singh Yadav and my friend Rohan Singh over the course of last 10 years.
    It all started when we met during the freshers play in our college, Rohan was in my dance group and we soon hit off as we liked the same movies and had similar music tastes. We soon started hanging out together and our group expanded and we had a lot of fun together. We were even room mates during our final year. We used to watch blue films together and challenge each other to propose to girls. But because we were very mischievous and naughty, no girl could stay permanently in our lives. In those days I used to get into a lot of fights but Rohan was always there to handle such situations and it was because of him that I never got into any serious trouble. . After college we got placed in different cities but we had planned our Post graduate studies in foreign countries. After approx. 2 years of Job we applied to a college in Boston together and we were both selected. On hearing this our families were very relieved as we were not alone in new countries. Soon we packed and decided to meet on airport.

    Anoop - Delhi - 2010
    "Hey Rohan !!", I shouted from the top of my lungs as I saw my best buddy on airport. I was seeing my best friend after almost 2 years. Rohan had lost a lot of weight and was looking very fit. I on the other hand had gained a tummy. We both had almost the same height and I was always the heavier one, anyways, I saw that Uncle and Aunty were also there. I touched their feet and they blessed us. No one was there from my family as I come from a village in U.P. My mother had been crying since past 3 days as I had told them that I will return only after 2 years as I had a loan and travelling costs a lot. Rohan was from Delhi only and his parents were both in good MNCs. Soon the checkin time came and we started our new journey.

    Anoop - Boston 2010-2012
    It was a long flight and after all the rules and regulations we finally got a room together in college. We became super busy in college, each day was filled with papers, presentations etc. Rohan had a habbit of keeping the room very clean and he also liked to cook. So I always felt assured about these things a took care of other things like groceries and financial matters. Rohan always had an habbit of staying alone in Room for 1-2 hours daily and I used that time to play basketball or roam aroud getting drunk. While Rohan was almost a teetotaler.

    Soon my birthday came and Rohan was not able to give me any gift as he was short on cash. He was too proud to ask his parents so he came on the night of my birthday and asked me: "bro, what do you want for the gift", I said that I only want you to get drunk and he was trapped. I arranged for the booze and we got stone drunk that day. Rohan was soon out of control and stared dancing, I never knew he could dance. He never danced, so when I asked he told me that he learnt dancing during Job, he showed me steps of Indian classical dances and I was really shocked. Afterwards he stared ranting about the teachers, classmates and the world. I made him do shots after which he got very emotional and we started talking about our parents when I told him how mine very conservative and thought I will loose my caste if I cross the ocean. My mother took a promise that I shall not marry without telling her etc. Rohan started crying after this and told me that his father used to beat him and his mother a lot and started telling about the sacrifices his mother had made for him. He also hated his Dad and swore to never became like him. He wanted to be like his mother and always support his children. The topic then shifted to women when I told him that women have it easy as men will take care of them if they choose not to work and they can stay home and enjoy. I was just drunk and knew I was saying nonsense but Rohan took it to his heart and started defending woman and said about the restrictions and control men have over lives of women in their lives be it as a sister, wife or daughter or even mother. Each role is defined and dignified and must be maintained in boundaries of society and family. I realized my mistake and agreed with Rohan. I told him how my mother still covers her head with her saree whenever she goes out in village. Women work like a horse in my family but are treated like shit. We both drank more and he told me lot of things from the other perspective and it felt like if I ever knew this side of Rohan. Soon we slept and next day life continued as usual.

    We both graduated soon and stared working in different cities in US. . We agreed to meet after an year in Vegas. With a very heavy heart we parted ways and became busy in our lives.

  • #241

    Riya (Friday, 26 October 2018 16:15)

    Anoop 2013-14:

    My working hours start a 8 am in morning and continue till 7. After that I have a call with my Indian support team at night from 12-2 am. I was so busy that I used to call home once in month. I had a few flings with some native girls but it never lasted due to cultural differences. I was looking for an Indian girl but the ones in my office were trying too hard to become american. I earned well and saved for my parents back in India. I used to call Rohan once in a fortnight but after first year he has stopped responding properly. He told me had issues with his boss who was bully and I had offered him some jobs in my city. But he never applied for any of them. Eventually he stopped picking up my call and my ego also did not allow me to check on him.

    July, 2015, Anoop, San Jose, US
    I was still asleep when I got a call from Chicago Police that Rohan had attempted suicide, I was shell shocked and drove straight for more than 30 hours in my shorts to see him. I reached the hospital where I was informed that he had overdosed on sleeping pills and was discovered by his landlord. I went to his room and I was shocked to see my best friends lying there unconscious and weak. I held his hand and waited for him to wakeup.

    The next morning I was awaken by little sobs. I woke up and saw Rohan crying. I was really heartbroken on seeing my best friends like that and I told him:"Rohan, how could you even think of doing this, please think about me, your parents. I was always there bhai, how could you do this" Rohan started crying loudly and nurses came and gave him an injection to sleep some more. Doctors told me that I could take him back by evening but I should stay with him for few days and keep him under watch.

    He got discharged and we went to his home in evening. He was OK now and kept asking me to go back as I had a busy job. I ignored him and told him that I have already taken permission for a week. He sighed and showed me the guest room. After that we had a beer and chatted for a few minutes. Somehow it felt that I was talking to a different person. He was definitely trying to hide something. I then had a quick view of his apartment and asked him for clothes, he got and showed me the closet and I took a tshirt and shorts. I started searching for towel and opened a drawer but I saw ladies undergarments there. I understood the matter at once and asked him when did he broke up and why he had hidden this from me. But Rohan acted all surprised and his face turned red, he came running and closed the drawer and warned me to not touch his stuff and leave him alone. I did not want to hurt him anymore so I went to the bath and we slept in different rooms.

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    Raji (Sunday, 28 October 2018 23:36)

    Two Unique Weeks

    My consuming interest in women's apparel began before I entered junior high school. I would look with interest at my female classmates as their bodies were just beginning to develop. I would try to see their bras through their blouses or catch a glimpse of their lacy slips under their skirts. On occasion, I would even imagine myself dressed like my classmates. At home, I would look through the catalogs that we regularly received, paying particular attention to the women's apparel, whether it was lingerie, dresses, gowns or even maternity. I was enthralled with it all. While I would rummage through Mom's lingerie drawer or her closet when she wasn't around, I usually only looked at her lovely things or briefly touched them because they were Mom's and moms are to be treated special by their boys. I mean, how would it look if Mom caught me wearing her lacy panties and slips or one of her nightgowns. So, even with my consummate interest in feminine apparel, I had not taken the final step of wearing any of these delightful items.
    It was hard though growing up in the single parent house, with Mom the only parent around and no male there for me. She had a good job and was able to provide well for us. In my consummate interest in women's apparel, I did crave to see more and more of what the girls wore under their skirts and not simply look at pictures in catalogs. Toward the end of the school year, I started looking in the schoolyard for those girls who wore the full skirts or dresses with slips or petticoats underneath. When I saw one, I would run past her and try to flip her skirt up so I could get a look at her lovely lacy underthings. This resulted in more that one visit to the principal's office and finally a letter about my ungentlemanly behavior being sent home to Mom. Needless to say, she was not happy with me. Since she did not believe in spanking or any other physical punishment, she merely yelled at me and cajoled me to do better. Also, she took away all of my privileges for a few weeks, hoping that would turn my behavior around. She constantly reminded me that in the fall I would be going to a new school, a combined junior-senior high school. My past behavior would not be tolerated and I might find a few of the boys physically objecting to my flipping their girlfriends' skirts. I put on a good front, saying I would behave better, knowing full well that I would again try to look under girls' skirts every and any chance that I would get.
    When school started in the fall, I didn't realize that there would be so many temptations for me. Not only were there the girls who had been my classmates before, but also there were the older high school girls dressed in such a way to tease and tempt their male counterparts. Being one of the youngest and smallest boys in the school, I was completely enamored with them all. As an additional source of sightings, I regularly passed by the doors to the girls' locker room. I would go slow, hoping I could see one or more of the girls in some state of undress when the doors were open for someone entering or leaving. More than once I had been chased away by a student or a teacher who sensed what I was trying to do. One day, Ellen, one of the older girls from my neighborhood, almost caught me. To try to cover my tracks, I asked her how the girls kept from getting their hair wet when they showered after gym. She smiled at the seemingly innocent question and said that many of the girls wore plastic shower caps to protect their hair, especially if they had gym the first class of the day.
    It didn't take long before I again began to flip up the skirts of the girls at school. One day, I made the mistake of flipping the skirt of one of the seniors. While I enjoyed seeing Linda's lacy petticoat and her lacy white panties as I quickly lifted her skirt into the air, I didn't realize that this action would result in a unique punishment for me.
    Unbeknownst to me, Mom had been i

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    Riya (Monday, 29 October 2018 11:17)

    Anoop 2013-14:

    Next morning Rohan woke me up. He had make breakfast and seemed happy. We had a coffee and talked about various issues. He seemed cheerful and better. In afternoon I dropped him for his therapy and brought some groceries. I had learnt to cook while I was alone so I planned to treat my friend. After therapy I talked to him and he seemed happy. We went back to his home and relaxed.

    In the evening we started drinking and I again asked whose clothes were there in his closet. He simply ignored and tried to change the subject but I insisted and kept pestering him. He got angry and told me to leave him alone. He went and locked himself in his room. I felt bad and made spicy chicken curry for him which I knew was his favourite. I waited for 2-3 hours for him to open up and kept knocking in between. When finally I got fed up and stared banging on his door. On finding no response I broke down the door and saw him lying in his washroom with his wrist slashed. I also noticed he was wearing bangles, it dawned upon me that my friend was probably a crossdresser or transgender. I called 911 and his life was saved again.

    This time I took no chances and took him to my city. I told his office that he was going on leave for 2 months. Rohan had no words and he kept repeating that he wanted to die. I took full care of him, I cooked, I washed his clothes and fed him while he just lay on his bed. Often I heard sobs coming from his room. I told him I was ok with him being crossdressor or transgender or whatever. He told me that he just liked women clothes and was fascinated by them. He used to get high after wearing them. I felt very awkward but he was my friend so I told him that we could go and buy him some clothes if it would make him happy. I saw his eyes lit up and he felt very happy. We agreed to go to an Indian store and pretend to buy clothes for my sister.

  • #244

    Riya (Monday, 29 October 2018 15:05)

    We went to a store far away from my place. It had all kinds of ethnic indian stuff like sarees, lehengas, salwar kurta, jewellery plus undergarments etc. I was feeling really shy when the sales girl came and asked us what do we want. Rohan took the lead here and told her that his twin sister was coming from india tonight and she has misplaced her bags during an interconnecting flight. She has to attend a wedding function tonight so they need full range of clothes for her for a week until her luggage arrives. I was really impressed by Rohan. It seemed he had done this before. So the sales girl started showing us stuff. I was really embarrassed to choose undergarments for my friend, let alone choosing bra and panty for my best buddy Rohan so I pretended to do a work call and left outside for few mins. When I came back they hade choosen those stuff and were on to jewellery choosing earrings. I saw Rohan had no piercings so I asked if they had any clip on ones, the lady looked at me wierdly and asked if our sister didn't have her ear pierced. Rohan interrupted and said she likes clip on earrings. The lady told that there was no variety in clip on and we had to choose one. We choose a big dangling jhoomkas for my so called sister. It was. Followed by choosing a matching set of bracelets, gold set for neck, maang tika and our Rohan even insisted on a nose ring to which I again felt ashamed. Then she showed some beautiful lehengas and we choose a banarsi one with floral lehenga and shiny blouse and jacket typed dupatta. She took Rohan's measurements and added some room for breasts and butts. Rohan face was lit up and he looked so happy doing it. It was the same Rohan from my college days. I guess I knew them what he used to do in those two hours alone in college.

  • #245

    Riya (Monday, 29 October 2018 15:37)

    We started to our home but I reminded Rohan that he had no ear piercings so hoe will he wear the earrings. He looked sad but he said he cannot get anything permanent done as people will doubt him. He told me how his parents were forcing him to marry a girl and kept arranging meetups. Because of all this he had stopped going home and even didn't pickup their calls. He told me he did not want to ruin any girls life. I told him that it's just a part of your life and you should accept it. I told him that he may even find some girl who understands all this and accepts him as he is. He really doubted me and said I was saying it because I was his best friend. We really had a moment together and it struck me that I knew a tattoo parlour near my home where we could get his ear pierced. So I just stopped there on our way back and took my confused freind inside and asked that give this man three holes in both ears. Rohan was shell shocked and said why three , he had some old clip on at home and he was fine, he again started his family bullshit but I told him to trust me and told him it will fill up on its own in a few ears. I showed him my one pierced ear and told him it was ok.. He still doubted me and told me he was afraid and to let it go and started walking out. At this moment I became the bully I was in college and told him to get it done quietly and be my little obedientsister for a week or I will slap him and make him one. Now Rohan complied like a little girl and got those 3 holes in his ears. He even gave those girls noises while his ears were pierced. He got gold studs fitted in them and now my Rohan likes a little bit girly.

    We came back and I told him that for the next week he is my little sister and he has to live full time as one. Rohan was really was really excited and said " ok anoop bhaiya " and I felt like a big brother.
    I said, " but my sister's name cannot be Rohan", to which my sis shyly replied : "how about Riya ". I smiled and she went to change into the new clothes. I also changed and he came back after half an hour wearing a yellow salwar suit with green dupatta. He looked beautiful, he was looking like a short haired sports girl from haryana like kangna in tanu weds manu part 2. I complimented my sis and we watched tv together. The I sat down to drink but my sister refused as she said that she was already too high and it all seemed like a dream. We took some selfies and then she took a lot in her phone while pouting etc while I had a beer and watched cricket. Finally we had dinner coked by her and slept.

    Next morning I had to leave for office as I had an important client meeting but I told riya to wear the lehenga tonight as I had a surprise planned for her.

  • #246

    Sai (Monday, 29 October 2018 23:22)


    I was happy staying in college rather than going to home. Now I am in the final year. I didn't went to home for 3-4 months. My sister completed her studies and my dad decided a marriage for my sister. Soon marriage date also set. Me and my dad will have so many works so, I took leave from the college. One day we went for shopping buying some sarees and jewellery etc.
    I was happy that my mom and my sister not forcing me wear women clothes. The day before marriage, in the night my sister and my mom came to my room, while I was about to sleep. My mom is very sad that my sister going to leave us after the marriage. While we are talking, somehow I went to sleep. Next day when I woke up, I was shocked to see my hands are filled with mehindi and it's dried. I immediately went to Bath room washed it, but it's too late.
    I don't know what to do. Then my mom and my dad came to my room with a bag. My dad saw my hands but he didn't react anything. My dad sat beside me and said "" I know your secret and your sister wants you to be her bridesmaid"". I was shocked. I was thinking what secret?. Before I started to talk my mom asked my dad to leave the room and told him that we don't have enough time to decorate the bridesmaid.
    Then my dad left the room. My mom asked me to remove all my body hair using a cream. And ordered me to a take a bath. With no other option I went removed all my body hair and took my bath. When I came out of Bath room, I saw my mom is waiting for me. My mom took a bra and filled it with some breast forms. It looks like real breasts. I already wore my underwear. Then my mom took a silk blouse and made me to wear it and adjusted my bra properly. Then I wore pavada and finally my mom started to drape the silk saree. I started to think how my life is changing. My mom did 4-5 pleats and arranged near my novel then she arranged my pallu and pinned on my left shoulder.
    Then I sat before the dressing table and my mom started to work on my face. She applied lipstick, blush etc I even don't know the names of the make up items. Then she took some jewellery and started to decorate me. My mom made me to wear golden bangles, anklets, and some clipped earrings. Then my mom fitted a long haired wig to my head and started to braid it. Then she filled it with lot of flowers. And arranged it on my shoulders.

  • #247

    Riya (Tuesday, 30 October 2018 03:03)

    I spent the whole morning working and during lunch time I got a call from rohan and I said "Yes brother" but then Rohan said softly that it's me Riya. I said "aah yes " and realized my mistake. She asked me if I had lunch to which I replied no. She then told me that she wanted to buy a few more things for the evening like a bindi, some bangles and wanted to go to a beauty parlour also. I told her that that she can do what she wants and I would try to come early. I completed my work by evening and stopped at a local jewellery store and brought a silver anklet for my sister. I went home and rang the bell and she took some time to open the door. When she opened and I saw her my jaw dropped on the floor. Seeing my expression Diya started giggling and I seriously regretted making her my sister. She said that "bhaiya, you have interrupted my makeup and and please close your mouth. I am your sister you idiot. " I felt like shit and quickly went to washroom. I had an erection. God she is beautiful. She had done her eyebrows and waxed her hands which were full of bangles she was wearing the jhumkas that we had purchased earlier and that lehenga looked gorgeous. I was feeling so strange as firstly he was my friend Rohan, secondly he was now a hot girl and stupidly I had called her my sister. Of all these things I was regretting making her my sister the most. In gathered myself and told myself to accept Rohan as Riya. I wanted to take Riya for a lavish dinner tonight. I went out to her room where she was applying lipstick now. I noticed the beautiful kajal inhee eyes. She seemed to be an expert in doing this. I really felt attracted towards her. Why the hell did I make her my sister.

    I had arranged for a dinner in a fancy restaurant for us. She took another hour to get ready and I noticed her hair was also styled like a girl now with a wig. I took her hand and said " Come my sister I have a surprise planned for you". Riya was surprised that we were going outside and seed afraid. I understood it and told her that she looked like a beautiful angel right now and even in my stupidity I blurted out that I regretted making her my sister. Riya laughed and agreed to come along. We went to the restaurant where I took her to our table and she found a cake saying "Happy Birthday Riya". Her eyes were filled with tears and she hugged me. She cut the cake and we took alot of pics. After that we started chatting where Riya told me that she was still unsure if she wanted to live full time as a female. She said that she was just a cross dresser and did not want any surgery. I told her she can be who she wants and I will accept her in any form.She held my hand and thanked me. I told her she was, is and will always be my best friend and I would do anything for her.

    After dinner we started back.i was driving and Riya was sitting beside me. I kept looking at her all the way and she kept blushing and told me to focus on the road. In this sweet fight I noticed our exit from highway was coming up and I slowed down at last moment and sweared right but I noticed another suv behind me so to avoid it I applied breaks and the car swearwd to the right and the car topped and hit a tree. I blacked out after that.

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    Riya (Tuesday, 30 October 2018 09:11)

    Anoop 2016

    I woke up and my eyes were burning. I tried to see my surroundings and it felt like a hospital. I saw my mother standing beside me with a young woman in saree and she had her hands on my forehead. I could see tears flowing from their eyes. She said "it's miracle ! Finally God has answered our prayers " She told me I was in coma since past two years. I was completely shocked and I tried to recall but I could only remember till I heard the news of Rohan attempting suicide. I asked my mother what year it was and she said : 2016. I asked where I was and I came to know that I was in my village. I said I cannot remember the accident and I started getting irritated and all i could see was a woman who resembled the one standing next to my mother and i could see a tree and it gave me an immense headache. On seeing my reaction the woman who was standing next to mother came near me and asked "Do you remember me ?" I tried very hard to remember this woman but it was no avail so I said sorry but I have seen you before who are you ? She howled and started crying ver loudly and almost fell on floor. I looked at my mother who told me "She is your wife Riya" . I said it is not possible and I have no wife. On hearing this that woman started howling even louder. I felt very uncomfortable and asked for a doctor.

    The doctor checked and told me that due head trauma I had lost my memory for a month before the accident. I could remember things before that. After that he asked my mother and my so called wife Riya to avoid stressing me too much. Riya was still crying. My mother told me that you had just met Riya before the accident. "You two returning from a dinner when the accident occurred. You lost your consciousness while Riya escaped with minor bruises. She called us that night and even booked me and you father's tickets. When we reached there we found you were in coma. Riya bore all the expenses and took care of us. But since the expenses were too high we brought you two back to India. Here Riya started a job in nearby by school by the held of your elder brother. She is taking care of you and our family since last two years. You are so lucky that you met her just before the accident."

  • #249

    Riya (Wednesday, 31 October 2018 03:00)

    I was at the hospital for 1 more week. During this time I learned to slowly start walking again. Riya and my mom used to come in morning and stay the whole day while my brother used to come at night. I needed their support for my basic needs. It was really frustrating and I used to get angry at my family but they supported me a lot. My mother kept praising my wife while Riya tried to remind me of the events before the accident but all I could remember were flashes of her and Rohan. I was very angry at Rohan because he didnt call me . I asked my mother if he had came to see me but she said that his phone was switched off. I used to keep thinking what happened during those days that he has stopped talking to him. Is he safe ? I used to worry if he has harmed himself again and succeeded this time. It was also strange that I woke up after two years in my village and had a wife. Although she was very supportive and beautiful.

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    Riya (Wednesday, 31 October 2018 05:00)

    I was at the hospital for 1 more week. During this time I learned to slowly start walking again. Riya and my mom used to come in morning and stay the whole day while my brother used to come at night. I needed their support for my basic needs. It was really frustrating and I used to get angry at my family but they supported me a lot. My mother kept praising my wife while Riya tried to remind me of the events before the accident but all I could remember were flashes of her and Rohan. I was very angry at Rohan because he didnt call me . I asked my mother if he had came to see me but she said that his phone was switched off. I used to keep thinking what happened during those days that he has stopped talking to him. Is he safe ? I used to worry if he has harmed himself again and succeeded this time. It was also strange that I woke up after two years in my village and had a wife. Although she was very supportive and beautiful but i felt trapped somehow as i felt i had no choice here. Even though the sacrifice she had made for me made me really grateful towards her. I was lost in these thoughts when she came suddenly and told me I would be discharged tomorrow. She seemed very happy and said i have brought new clothes for you. The clothes were nice. She came near me and said there was so much that you dont know and she was about to say something more when my father came with sweets in the room. She adjusted the pallu on her head and my father came and hugged me. I wondered what she had to tell.
    Next day afternoon I was discharged, my father and brother came to pick me up. When I enquired about mother and Riya, I was told thag today was Karwachauth and all girls were fasting. I felt a pinch of love towards Riya and wondered how she would look tonight. We completed the formalities and I was told my therapist would visit me every alternate week. The doctor told me to rest for another six months and then I can resume working. Wr reached home and found Riya waiting with a plate and welcomed us. She was wearing a blue saree and i noticed she had mehendi on her hands which looked beautiful. I kept staring at her and noticed how happy she was to see me back. I already had a huge crush on my wife. We had some food and then I decided to rest till evening.

    I was woken up by the sound of bangles and payal in my room. I tried to ignore it first but then I heardy bhabhi, mom and Riya helping each other in getting ready. They all were trying different jewellery and discussing makeup. I saw Riya had changed her saree. She was wearing a bright pink saree with golden embroidery on blosue. She looekd incredibly sexy. She was trying different bangles on her mehendi filled hands. I noticed she had made a beautiful bun of her hairs and decorated it with a flower. She was also wearing toe rings, payal, kamarband. She looked so beautiful and spoke in the village slang. I wondered about her previous life in US and wondered about the drastic change in her lifestyle.

    I was lost in her beauty when my mother noticed I was awake and jokingly told me "Stop staring at her, now get out of the room and sit with your father and let us get ready. Riya smiled and winked at me while I got out of the room. I went outside and sat with my father. He told me how my brother had became a contractor and had good links with officials. He told me how he had helpde Riya in getting her id proofs and names after she had left US with my parents. He told me my brother andy mother had made a few trips to Delhi with Riya. I was half heartedly listeing to my dad while he went on about how Riya slowly accepted life at the village. All i could think abou was Riya and I felt I was getting an erection. I controlled myself somehow and talked about resuming soon. My father told me to wait for 6 months and told me to become healthy first. I started talking to my brothers kids and enquired about their studies.

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    Riya (Wednesday, 31 October 2018 09:19)

    Soon it was pooja time and the moon came up. The girls came out one by one and I was waiting for Riya. She was led by bhabhi who said " Go ahead bhaiya, stare at her now. Stare at her till morning. She has spent tye whole morning in beauty parlor and whole day getting ready for you" I felt shy and smiled. Riya was wearing a beautiful heavy nose ring which was clipped in her ear. She was wearing studs bin two ear holes while a big jhumka in the main hole which went around her ears. She was holding the prayer plate in her hands which had pink nail paints. Everything about her was perfect. She was made in heaven. I was so in love with her
    I knew she also loved me.

    The women passed the plates and looked at the moon followed by their husbands. Then they touched their husbands feet. Riya touched my feet and then she had water from my hands and broke her fast. I hugged her and it felt so good to have her in my arms. She became shy and freed herself and told to mind the elders but I kept holding her hands for a long time.

    It followed by dinner where my brother invited me to join him at work as he had both his hands full and he neede someone.He told me how choti bahu or Riya helpded him in keeping a track of finances as well and it further impressed me of how Riya had kept my whole family together in my absence. He told me his kids used to sleep with choti bahu and loved hearing stories from her. He jokingly told me that from tonight they will sleep in his room so I could make some kids of my own. I laughed and asked him to stop messing with me.

  • #252

    RIYA (Wednesday, 31 October 2018 09:20)

    Afterwards we retired to our rooms and I sat and waited for the choti bahu to complete kitchen work. She came and i got up and quickly bolted the door behind her and she started laughing. She had brought some rose petals and decorated our bed and sat in the moddle like a bride. My legs trembled as I moved towards the bed and I could see she was shaking as well. She had put the veil all over her head and all I could see were the lower part of her nose ring. I remember seeing the same nose ring was used by mother when I was younger. Behind the ring were her bright pink lips which I could not wait to kiss. With trembling hands i opened the veil and saw her beautiful face. She looked like a princess and I felt my organ becoming hard. But Riya procedded to hide her face with haer hands. I expressed and sigh and forcibily removed her hands. I proceeded to kiss her lips but she turned her face so I could only kiss her cheeks. I turned her hand and smooched her lips. It was pure bliss kissing her. We both would remember that kiss forever. We kissed for a few mins befor Riya pushed me away saying she was out of breath. I kissed her again and she asked me to slow down. It was the first time we both were together and I wanted to ask her what she wanted to tell me. But what men would want to waste time talking when such a hot girl was with him. So I proceeded to make her lie down. I removed my kurta and got on top of her and started kissing her neck and face.She again tried to hide herself but i pinned her hands with mine and continued to kiss her randomly. She started moaning softly and her body started moving like a sine wave. I pressed her breasts but I wanted more so i lifted her back and unhooked her blouse and I saw she was wearing a pink bra. I kissed her exposed boobs which she was trying to hide with her hands filled with bangles and mehendi but I removed them and continued kissing. I unhooked the bra also and removed it from her and threw it on floor. I could now see her huge breasts and they were sl soft and squishy. She continued to moan slowly which made me hard as a rock and I pressed her boobs with all my strength. She cried with pain and begged me to do it slowly. I sucked her boobs with all my will and waggled my tongue around her nipples. It was great and I even bit her a few times but she cried and told me not to use any teeth. I removed my pants now and asked her to remove her saree. She asked me if i could remove the jewellery as it was hurting her. I removed her nose rings and jhumkas, she also removed her bangles and I helped her in removing her heavy saree. She felt very shy and got inside the blanket to remove her peticot and now she was only in her panties. She asked me to switch off the lights I jumped inside the bed and kissed her panties. I kissed her pussy and removed her panties, she said no and tried to close her legs but I spread them wide and started kissing her pussy. She started moaning and screaming. Her whole body wss shaking and she started pressing her boobs herself. She placed my hand on her boobs and I continued using my tongue for a minute and she kept shaking and that she forcibly removed me and told me to stop or else she would die. I washed my face and was back for next round but she was completely exhausted and wanted a break. But I hadnt come yet so she agreed to stroke me and kissed my dick she used her tongue and licked my dick for a while first slowly and then wildly. I also touched her wherever i could and told her to let me put it inside. After a few mins she smiled and agreed and then got up and sat on me putting my dick inside her. She let out a scream and I had to put a hand on her mouth to avoid waking up others. I fucked her as hard as I could and soon came inside her. I just felt awesome and laid besides her.She got up and washed herself and then we slept in each other's arms

  • #253

    Ragini the slave (Friday, 02 November 2018 19:55)

    Hello friends,
    My name is Raj. I'm 21 years old. I completed graduation last year I have a dream to become world great share market analysis but I have no money to read further and my parents are no more in the world except my parents I don't want to make relationship to anyone. So packing my bag I came to Mumbai the dream city. After trying so hard I can't find who thought me marketing free and my savings were come to end so I took a big decision to do anything for this. After taking decision I came to a top marketing company in India the shandhayal there was interview mame called me and I entered the cabin and given my file she (Shandya owner of company) you have nothing how dare you to come here. I said I had nothing but I can do everything to make my file nothing to everything. She said what that means I said it means I become slave for knowledge. She said are you serious main bola offcource she said name raj par Baatein slave wali I said one day I will become original Raj. After that she went out of cabin and came in 10 minutes with an agreement in which written. She taught me everything but I have to live with her as her Girlfriend and my new name will be ragini. U am shocked but I knew she was the best so I accepted after one knows my original identity.
    Sorry dosto intro hi lamba ho gaya next time

  • #254

    Ragini the slave (Friday, 02 November 2018 21:01)

    After sign the agreement she and I had come a famous fashion expert here she ordered me to wait here and go to talk her best friend who was a gay and best makeover expert. After sometime she came with him and both are smiling I already knew the hell of mines was start here Chad jaa Raj sorry ragini suli par. They called me to his fashion room. Oh my good it was not a room here is everything branded. He took me a chair I sat down and he said relax with a seducing way my full body was shimmering after listening this . At first she remove my hair in the whole body in this process when he came below the leg he said OMG how u secrify this. I said passion is everything for me. After this she massage my face to soft after long time to massage he exhausted and he apply a grower cream to the face and said wait for half hour and after this he come and at this time I was slept he saw a opportunity and pierced earing to my ears I woke up with pain. I saw the earing it was beautiful I asked was this necessary he replied slave had no right to question and came to the work he she weared me a lady dress wow it was wonderful how to describe this and also he gave me a bra a pair of boob's ball and lock of panis and panty. I asked and he interrupted me and said for security. Than I understood his point wearing bra and panties and dress he applied lots of make up to make me a completely beautiful girl and ornament payal, bracelet, churi, necklace and last a dog belt in my back and he said Shandya order never removed this belt. All my enjoyment gone in air within a second Shandya came with a dog chain and hook it with my dog belt and said followed me. I followed in her car where a lots of space she ordered me sit on the floor like a pet I sat to my knees and she came his home no no palace in the films I saw this home but for me it's nothing in front of all family members and survent she introduced me her new pet name ragini every one laugh at me but she angried to all noone dare to do this afterthat she took me in the bedroom and ordered cook to make two plates of dinner in my room he come with dinner and mame gone to bath I stood out of the gate the chain also his hand at that time. After she came and dressed night said to wearoff the dress and took my old nighty I did the same she take dinner after her I gone to dinner again she ordered took dinner in my plate and sleep in the floor. I did the same but before sleep I said to her day off and what is the lesson of today she smiled and you never accept defeat hunn I also see when you servive and gave a lession on marketing.

  • #255

    Sai (Saturday, 03 November 2018 05:19)

    Holidays - 6

    I was very girly. My mom took me outside. Everyone shocked seeing me like this. My mom told them, that it is ritual. My sister was very happy seeing like. I don't why my mom and my sister wanted me to be a women. Every time I move, the sound of bangles remembering me, that I am wearing bangles. Finally the marriage is over. And I felt happy that my sister won't force me to wear women cloths from now on.
    When we returned home. My mom and my dad are very sad that my sister is not there. We are very hungry. My dad told my mom that you 2 women go and prepare dinner. I was shocked. I can see only one women and she is my mom. My mom took my hand and said, cooking is our women's work. I can't understand what is happening.
    I finally asked my mom that why everyone is treating me like women. My mom told me that she hate men a lot. And she told my dad that I wanted to live like a women and they even made some arrangements for it. I was shocked. My mom told me, after your b.tech there will be an operation for you and you will your life as a women for the rest of the life.
    I said no to my mom. My mom told me that, your father having some health problems, if you don't agree Then, I won't give you a single rupee for the operation. I. Was shocked. I don't know that my mom is this much cruel. After listening to all this, I don't know what to say.
    Soon I went to college. Within months I am going to complete my studies and then I will turn into a women..
    Every time I see a women, I started to feel that soon I am going to be one of them,wearing sarees, bangles etc. I started to grow my hair also because my mom asked me to grow.
    Soon I completed my b. Tech. And my mom did all necessary arrangements to turn me into a women. My mom told all my relatives that I am having some health problems with my gender and the only way to save me is, by turning me into a women. I signed the papers for the operation. Then the doctors took me operation theatre and slowly I went to deep sleep

  • #256

    Sai (Saturday, 03 November 2018 05:34)

    Holidays - 7

    After many operations, I came to consciousness. My mom is very happy seeing me. But my dad is sad watching me like this. All my relatives and my sister are happy that I am alive. After some day, we went to our home. When I went to my room. All my male stuff are missing. I know that from now onwards I have to live like a women.
    My mom started to treat me nicely. I don't why she hate men a lot. Because I am a woman now, she is explaining all women stuff. Soon my dad also started to treated me like his daughter.
    One day, while me and my mom watching the TV. In the movie, there is marriage scene. My mom told me that your marriage also will happen like this only. I told my mom that no girl will marry me. My mom laughed and said, yes no women marry another women. You are going to marry a man.
    I was shocked, I didn't expect this.

  • #257

    Raghu (Saturday, 03 November 2018 05:56)

    Lakshmi - 1

    My name is lakshman. I am very good at studies. I am go to fail my intermediate one more time, I already wrote 3 times. My mom is a school teacher and my dad is a businessman. I have a sister, her name is neha. she is younger than me. She is studying 10th class
    Her 10class exams turned my life.
    One night my mom and my sister are discussing something. I went to them and asked them, what there are discussing. My mom told me that, they have to draw a rangoli tomorrow morning but my sister is not agreeing because she wanted to study at that time. At that time my mom saw me with a mischievous smile. My mom asked me why can't you help in drawing a rangoli tomorrow. I was shocked and my sister started to jump and said whole day you're staying in home without doing anything, so why can't you draw a rangoli at least. Before I could say anything, my mom shouted at me and said from tomorrow onwards you are going to draw rangoli. My mom taught me, how to draw a rangoli.
    Next the day early in the morning my mom woke and took me outside. Then my mom helped me to draw it. Our neighbouring aunties started to laugh watching me. But my mom didn't care about it.

  • #258

    Raghu (Saturday, 03 November 2018 11:24)

    Lakshmi - 2

    Finally I wished drawing rangoli. Then I went to my room. I sat on my bed and started to think what I have done.
    I drawn rangoli like a women. Entire day completed nicely.
    Next day also my mom woke me up and gave me a cup containing rangoli powder and asked me to draw rangoli infront of our home. I went slowly and started to draw rangoli. One of our neighbouring aunt teased me by asking which type of rangoli, are you drawing today. I don't know what to say. She understood the rangoli I was drawing and helped me to complete it. I said thanks hesitatingly and came to home.
    My mom saw the Rangoli and praised me for learning quickly. My sister started to tease me.
    Days passed, I became an expert in drawing rangoli.
    One day I need money some to buy a new smartphone but my mom didn't gave me anything. Instead she have an idea that tomorrow in our street, there is a rangoli competition,the price money is 10,000 rupees. If you win then you can buy a mobile on your own. I was shocked. How can I participate in women's competition. At that time, our neighbouring aunt came to our home and asked me, are you participating in the competition. I don't know what to say. She told me, if you willing to participate then I can help you. Saying do, she left.

  • #259

    Raghu (Saturday, 03 November 2018 12:01)

    Lakshmi - 3

    I started to think about it and decided to participate in the rangoli competition. In the evening I went to the neighbouring aunt's house. She was surprised seeing me. I asked her to help me to win the competition. She just laughed and started to teach me, different types of rangolies.she taught me how to sit and how to behave.
    Next day, early in the morning I went to competition. Everyone is surprised and started to laugh. Soon competition started and I drawn a beautiful rangoli. Everyone surprised and appreciated me. And I even won the competition. The title of the competition is "" Queen of rangoli "". Even though I hate the title but I was that I got 10,000 rupees.
    When I went home, my mom and my sister felt happy as well as jealous. In the evening I bought a new phone.
    In the night, while we are having dinner, I told my mom that I was very happy to win these kind of competitions. My mom told me, of you want to earn more than you can participate in cooking competition also. I got little excited and told her that I don't how to cook. My mom told me not to worry, the competition is after a month and by that time you can learn cooking. My mom told me from tomorrow onwards, she will teach me cooking.
    My sister is very happy that her cooking work is going to be decreased. Next day I woke up and drawn rangoli outside and came to home. Immediately my mom took my hand and started to teach me cooking. First she taught me, how to make tea and coffee. Then she went to her teaching job.
    In the night, while making finner, she taught me, how to cut clean and cut the vegetables. Slowly I started to learn all cooking works and simultaneously my mom started to take rest. Within 25 days she completely stopped coming to kitchen. Soon in the cooking competition also I won.
    My mom prised me saying you are "" goddess of money "" means lakshmi. From that day onwards she started to call me lakshmi.

  • #260

    Raghu (Saturday, 03 November 2018 12:18)

    Lakshmi - 4

    It's been 3 months. I didn't see my dad and I didn't cut my hair also. My mom also did ask me anything about my hair but she asked me to share my little mustache and beard.
    One day while coming from school my mom bought a hairband. And gave it to me. First I didn't understood then my mom told me that your hair is growing long, so that this hairband will help. I saw many boys wearing it, so without any hesitation I wore it. One day my sister teased me saying, she used to wear the hairband, when she is a kid. My mom told her that your brother also going to wear the braids like you, if his hair grow fast. But I didn't care anything about it.

  • #261

    Raghu (Saturday, 03 November 2018 13:42)

    Lakshmi - 5

    My hair started to grow long. Daily my mom started to brush my hair just like she used to brush my sister's hair. One day while we are watching TV. My mom saw a my favourite hero with small ear stubs and asked me why can't you pierce your ears just like your hero. I felt happy that, I asked my mom do many times before but she never agreed. Now my mom only asking me to pierce my ears.
    Next day my mom took me to a shop and pierced my both ears. For a week I wore, small stubs. One day my mom came to my room with some new jhumkas and told me these are for you, if you wear them, your holes in ears will get freely, so that you can wear the male stubs nicely. Without my reply, my mom removed, my stubs and replaced with these heavy jhumkas. I can feel the weight in ears. Every time, I move the jhumkas are moving continuously.
    My sister also started to play with my earrings,Which I hated the most. My mom and me became very close. She started to discuss about women stuff with me like cooking, clothing etc

  • #262

    Raghu (Saturday, 03 November 2018 23:20)

    Lakshmi - 6

    My hair started to grow fast and long. My mom and my sister started to love my hair lot. One day, in the night I took my bath and wore my night Pant and t-shirt. When my mom saw me, she started to scold me. My night is very old and little tight for me. My mom asked me to wear any other night Pant. I told my mom that I don't have any other night Pant. My mom thought for a while and asked, will you wear a nighty? " I was shocked and said no to my mom. My mom said why not, nighty is more comfortable than night pants. Still I didn't agree. My mom told me to wear it, while I am going to sleep and asked me to remove in the morning. After listening to her suggestions I agreed to wear it.
    My mom went to her room and bought a nighty and it is a new one. My mom told me, it's a new nighty and we both are of same size, so it may suit you well. I removed my Pant and shirt and wore that nighty, it is pink one. I adjusted my hair properly. My mom told me, you are going to sleep comfortably wearing the night. Then she kissed on my forehead and then I went to sleep.
    Next day I woke up and went outside wearing a nighty and drawn the rangoli. When I came inside the home. My sister laughed me, seeing me in the nighty. Then I realised that I went outside wearing the nighty.
    I immediately started to go to my room, at that time, my mom stopped me and told me you can your clothes after making breakfast. So I went to kitchen and started to cook. At that my mom asked me, is nighty is comfortable than pants. With shy I said yes. My mom just smiled. After making breakfast I went to my room to take bath but I am unable to remove it because if the zip on the back side. I called my mom and she helped me to remove it.
    Then I went to Bath room and took head bath and came outside. My mom is still in my room. Seeing my wet hair, my mom asked me, why are not using the towel to tie your long hair. She took a towel and showed me how to tie it.

  • #263

    Raghu (Sunday, 04 November 2018 00:18)

    Lakshmi - 7

    Then I wore my clothes and started to dry my hair. Then took a comb and started to brush it. It feels so good to brush the long hair. Then I wore my jhumkas and went down. My mom saw me said, you look beautiful in this earrings.
    In the evening my mom applying mehindi to my sister, at that time, I don't why, I asked my mom to keep mehindi to my hands also. Without any hesitation my mom applied for my hands also. After completing. My mom told me that tomorrow there is a age attention function for my sister. And all neighbours are coming to our home. I was devastated. I don't know how to hide from them. My mom told me, there is nothing to worry about. Tomorrow you can stay here along with all women. I asked my mom how. She told me, she have an idea. And she will tell me tomorrow.
    Next day my mom woke me up early in the morning and I washed my hands. Then my mom asked me to take bath. When I came from Bath. My mom is waiting for me. With women stuff. My mom showed me some Sarees and asked me which one is nice. I selected a saree and asked my mom that why she is asking me. My mom told me because you are the one who is going to wear it. I was shocked. I said no. But my mom told me it is the only option. Then I agreed.
    I wore the blouse and my mom filled it with some cotton balls and I wore the pavada and my mom started to drape the saree. She is enjoying it. Finally she pinned the pallu on my left shoulder. Then she made me to wear golden bangles, long dangling earrings, anklets, bindi then she braided my hair and kept dozens of flowers. Now I am ready like a traditional women. When I went down, I saw some womens. No one recognised except one aunt who taught me rangoli.
    She came near me and said nice saree. She adjusted my hair and flowers properly. My mom applied turmeric paste to everyone including me.

  • #264

    shruthi (Monday, 05 November 2018 00:29)

    raghu in my opinion every one in the function enquired about Lakshmi.then his reveals the truth saying that he is her brother wants to live like a women.so that every one got shocked including lakshman and his mother.later all ladies think for while and said there is nothing wrong inn living like women and decided to do age cermony funnction for him along with her sister.

  • #265

    Raghu (Monday, 05 November 2018 05:23)

    Lakshmi - 8

    I thought, the is going to be over without any problem for me. But I was wrong. Then came a old lady, who was called by my mom to pierce my sister's nose. She pierced my sister's nose than she saw me, without nosering. She started to enquire about me, I stayed calmly without saying anything.
    Immediately my mom joined the conversation and told them that I am her friends daughter and I vowed to not to talk to anyone today. It was a big relief for me. If I speak than everyone will come to know that I am male.
    The old lady asked my mom to pierce my nose also. I was shocked , I can't speak infront them. My mom tried to convince them by saying me, as her friend's daughter and we don't have any rights on her. One of our neighbouring aunt asked my mom for her friend's phone number and they will ask her because it's a nice day to pierce the nose.
    My mom went inside her room and acted for while in the phone and told them, that her friend agreed for piercing.
    I was shocked. My mom told in my eyes that, nothing will by piercing, the holes will be closed in days. Without any option, I sat silently on the chair. The old lady came with a needle and I started to shiver. When the old lady pierced my nose, I controlled my pain and didn't shout at all.
    Soon the function is over then I went my room and started to cry. My mom came to my room and tried to console me.

  • #266

    Raghu (Monday, 05 November 2018 06:23)

    Lakshmi - 9

    I slept in my room and in the evening I woke up and removed all female stuff like saree, jewellery and even earrings also. My mom saw me but she didn't ask me anything. Two day after this my dad came home. Its been months. First my dad was surprised seeing me long hair, he didn't noticed my ear piercing but he asked about my nose. I told him that I got an injury to my nose. Somehow I managed it.
    Days passed, my hair grow longer and longer but I started to love my hair. So I didn't cut it. One day mom asked for how many day you still going to wear these hairbands now you should start learning different hair styles if you want to keep you hair long. I agreed for it and my mom started to teach me different hairstyles.
    One day my dad, said today we are going for his friends son's marriage. In the night all our family members were ready to go. I wore my tight Pant and t-shirt and simply wore a ponytail.

  • #267

    Raghu (Monday, 05 November 2018 07:18)

    Lakshmi - 10

    We went in a car, I don't know driving, so my dad drove us there. When we met my dad's friend family. Everyone thought I am a girl and there even my dad's friend asked my dad, that do you have 2 daughters. My dad and my mom started to laugh and corrected them about me. I saw my dad's friend daughter her name is sneha.
    We both started to talk about each other and I started to love her. After the marriage we exchanged over numbers. Daily we started to talk and chat. Sometimes we used to meet in the parks.
    One fine day I proposed her and she accepted my love but she kept a condition that after the marriage I have to be her wife. I was devastated. She told me, you agree than, you have to meet me tomorrow wearing saree. Saying so she left.
    I went home and started to think about it. My. Mom noticed and asked me are you thinking about sneha? I was shocked and she told me that she know that I love sneha.
    So I decided to tell her about my problem. After listening to it, my mom told me you are very lucky to have girl who understands you properly. I didn't understood. My mom asked me, would you like to have long hair? I said yes. Then asked me, would you like to stay in home and cook food for her. I thought for a while, because I am very poor at studies and I can't earn money and I love cooking, so I said yes.
    My mom told me, being a wife also, just like this, but you have wear sarees and obey your husband. I was in total confusion.
    Finally my mom asked me, do you love her, if so then you have to whatever it makes her happy.. For now she wants to see you in the saree. I love her a lot, so I OK to wear saree.
    Next day in the I woke early in the morning. And I took my bath. When I came out my mom is waiting for me. She is giggling and laughing. She teased me say, " today my daughter lakshmi is wearing saree to meet her husband" ". I felt shy listening to her. I wore the blouse and filled it with cotton balls then I wore the pavada and finally my mom started to drape the saree, simultaneously she started to teach me. Then she started to do make up. She applied so many stuff, even I don't the name of the stuff. She put bangles to my hands, anklets to my legs, bindi on my forehead, earrings and she took a nose stub. I though the hole is disappeared but I was wrong. The whole is still there, and my mom helped me to wear it.
    Then she braided my long hair and kept flowers in my hair. Now I am ready to go. Luckily my dad also not in the home. I called sneha and asked her to come to the park. I asked my mom to drop me near the park. My mom started her scooty and I sat on the back, like a women. My mom dropped me near the park and left.
    I slowly started to walk. I saw sneha, waiting for me. When she saw me, she was surprised. She praised my beauty and hugged me. I started to feel like a women. She kissed on my lips and cheeks. She is unstoppable. I told her, everything is after the marriage. She just laughed and said OK.

  • #268

    Raghu (Monday, 05 November 2018 07:57)

    Lakshmi - 11

    We left the park and she started her Royal Enfield bike. Sneha asked me, you know driving? With shy I said no. She said don't be sad, you don't have to drive a bike or a car. Being your husband I take you to whatever place you want.
    She started her bike and I sat on the back. Then she took me to movie, then restaurant finally for shopping. There she selected one costly designer saree and gave it to me. With shy I took it. Then she finally dropped me, in my home. I went home happily without realising my dad is in the home. He was shocked to see me like these. He got angry and he is about to slap me. My mom stopped him and told him about, my love for sneha. I slowly went to my room. Then I don't know what happened between my mom and my dad.
    Next day my mom woke me early in the morning and asked me to get ready in the saree. She told me that my dad asked me to wear saree. I was nervous. I took my bath and wore my saree and my mom gave me some jewellery and kept flowers in my hair. I don't know, why my dad wanted to see me line this. Then my mom and sister slowly escorted me to the hall. There I saw sneha along with her family.
    I was shocked. My mom gave me a tray containing tea cups and asked me to serve them. After serving, my dad asked them, do you like our daughter lakshmi. Sneha's mom sat beside me and asked do you know cooking and household works. With shy I said yes. She just laughed and said, we like your daughter. Then she asked me, do you like my son Sneha, with shy I said yes.
    Then my mom took me to my room. And told me that my dad agreed for the marriage and soon you are going to be sneha's wife. Soon they left our home. Then my dad came to my room and said that my Princes is going to be a bride. I just hugged him, he kissed me on my forehead.
    Next day onwards my mom started to teach me, how to behave in husband's home. Soon marriage date is fixed and in the marriage day, my mom made me to turmeric bath and then she started to dress me like a traditional Indian bride.
    My mom dressed me in the silk saree with gold ornamentals and kept dozens of flowers in my hair. Now I am ready. Then my mom escorted me and made me to Sit beside sneha. She is ready In shirt and dhoti. Then priest asked sneha to tie the mangalsutra and she tied in my neck. I felt like now I am completely belong to sneha.

  • #269

    Raghu (Monday, 05 November 2018 11:00)

    Lakshmi - the end

    Then I was made to wear toe rings. Then we took blessings. In the night it is our first night. I am ready wearing a silk saree and my hair is filled with lot of jasmine flowers. Soon I went inside the room with milk glass and sneha was waiting for me. I took her blessings. Then we shared the milk.
    I silently sat on the bed, I don't know how it's going to start. Sneha pushed me on the bed and started to kiss me and bite on my neck. She even started to bite my chest. And we had a great night. When I woke in the morning, I was in sneha's arms. I slowly came out of bed without disturbing her. I arranged my saree then took my bath and made coffee for my husband. She was very happy seeing me like this. She pulled me back to the bed and started to kiss me and I some how escaped from her.
    Soon I went to my husband's home. I was for having these many understand people. My mil treated me like her dil. My brother in law's wife started to call me has sister. We both enjoyed cooking together.
    I don't how I turned into a women but I am enjoying being a women.
    The end

  • #270

    Raghu (Monday, 05 November 2018 11:37)

    Vow - 1

    My name is rajesh and I am 25 years old and I got 3
    years ago. With my wife name neha. She is also of same age of me. We both are lovers and married at early age. I am living with my mom dad and my wife. We are living in a village and me and my dad are teachers in a same school.
    I got married 3 years ago but still we don't have any children. We even consulted a doctor but it is of no use.
    One day in the temple, one old lady told told us that if I stop cutting my hair, there are will be any improvements if my wife gets pregnant then I should cut my hair after the baby turns 2 years old After born. . . I actually don't believe a these things but many People told us and my mom and my wife begged me. My wife even cried. So finally I agreed to stop cutting my hair.
    I am fast forwarding it....
    6-7 months over, my hair grown long. I started to wear ponytail. But there is no improvement. Daily my wife used to brush my hair and in the evening she used to apply oil to my hair. Actually my hair will grow fast , now I started to grow it so, my hair is longer and longer.
    After a month, I decided to cut my hair because it is not working. Next day my wife got vomiting and doctor told us that she is pregnant.... Our family members are very happy. A week passed, one day while I was getting ready for the job. I wore a ponytail but again my hair disturbing me whole eating. At that time my wife bough a comb and started to brush it. I didn't care about it. After sometime she left. I completed my breakfast and I was about to leave. While I am moving my hair is not disturbing me. Once I checked, I was shocked. My wife braided my long hair. I got very angry and I was about to remove it. But my mom stopped , she told you have to grow your hair next 3 years. In three years, your hair will grow much longer. So you have start adjusting to it,ling hair can only managed by wearing braides. My dad also supported me. So I agreed.

  • #271

    Raghu (Tuesday, 06 November 2018 11:32)

    Vow - 2

    When I went to school, everyone saw me differently. But my dad told me, that they will used to it, your hair style will become normal to them soon. The day is over, in the evening I went home. My wife asked, if I got any problem wearing a braid. I said no and she is happy. My wife told me to go and fresh up. I went to my room and took a bath and wore my regular clothes and came to Hall for watching TV.
    My wife is waiting for me with a comb and a oil bottle. I sat on the sofa and started to watch TV. My wife asked if she could massage my head. I said OK. She removed my braid and applied oil to my hair and started to massage my head. It was a heaven for me. I started to watch TV interestingly , at that time she braided my hair. But I didn't care much. It continued for 3months.
    My hair grown very long. Now if I wear a braid, it is below my mid back. My mom and my wife started to love my hair because my hair volume is high and it is very silky. My mom started to tease me, saying within a year, my hair will be longer than my mom's and my wife's. My mom and my used to cut their hair, if it crosses their hips but I don't have any choice. My wife always asks me to learn how to braid the long hair and she wanted to middle part my hair and wanted to braid it but I didn't agree for both.
    One day while I was in the school, the rubber band in my hair is lost. And my braid stared to become loose. I don't know what to say. Then, one our women staff teacher saw me and understood my problem. She told me that she will give a rubber band but she will braid my hair. I have no choice , so I accepted it. She took me to staff room, there is no one except us. I sat on a chair and she sat behind me. First she removed my braid, then brushed my hair properly. Then she tried to middle part my hair. I requested her not to do this. She told me, if you want me to help you, then you have to listen to me.
    I silently sat. She was enjoying braiding my hair. She neatly braided my hair and arranged a rubber band at the end.
    Now I was ready to go. I thanked her and left.
    When I went to class, my class praised me saying, sir this looks suits you better. I don't know what to either I should say thanks or do I have to scold them. So I did say anything.

  • #272

    Raghu (Tuesday, 06 November 2018 11:57)

    Vow - 3

    Evening I went home and my wife was surprised and asked me about my hair. I told her, the entire story. She just laughed and asked me to learn how to braid the hair and asked me take some rubber bands with me for school.
    In the evening my wife started to teach me how to braid my hair and it me a long time . Within a 2days I learned perfectly. One day, in the morning I was ready to school, except my hair style, daily my wife used to braid me hair. But today I braided my hair by my self. When my wife was me, she was surprised.
    On Sunday, morning my wife requested me to braid her long hair. I can't disobey my pregnant wife, do I agreed to braid her, while was braiding her hair. Suddenly my mobile sat behind me and started to braid my long hair. My wife can't stop laughing. My dad saw us, braiding each others hair, he took a camera and took our pic. Then my mom asked me to give some poses for the pics, we three of us, kept our braids in the front side, I was standing in the middle. Its like a mom and her daughters pics. In the evening my mom took the photos and made a big photos and added a frame. She kept that in our photo collections . it is completely visible for everyone who comes to our home.
    Now my wife is 8 months pregnant. So we decided to do a baby shower function. Her parents also stays in village. We called all the relatives and neighbours.
    My wife is ready in a beautiful saree. Every started to bless her one by one. I was ready in my Pant and shirt and Wearing a braid. All relative are surprised seeing my long hair. Some of them even asked me tips for having this much dense hair.

  • #273

    Raghu (Tuesday, 06 November 2018 12:22)

    Vow - 4

    The function was over and I took 2 months leave from the school for my wife. Actually I know cooking but after our marriage I stopped cooking and helping my mom in kitchen. Now I am back to help my mom. Being a women, my mom always stayed beside my wife, my dad is going to see school and he is doing his job. I started to do cooking and cleaning works.
    One day while I was washing clothes, I was sitting, so my hair started to touch the ground and the water. At that time, my mom suggested me to, keep my hair on front side while working. I did just like she said and it became a habit for. Now even if I watch TV and talk with anyone. I kept my hair front side.
    One day me and my mom went to temple while my wife is taking rest. In the temple, we prayed for the god, priest distributed flowers kept nervy the god. He gave to all women, by mistake, he gave to me. My mom told me, keep it in the hair. I was shocked. I told my mom that, men don't keep flowers in the hair. My mom told me, men don't keep flowers in the hair because they don't have long hair, if they have then they will also keep flowers in their hair. Some how my mom made me to agree it.
    She took the flowers which are in my hand and kept it in my hair. My mom told me, flowers increase the beauty of having long hair and you have to try it regularly.
    We went home, we gave flowers to my wide, she saw the flowers in my hair and asked me, you too started to keep flowers. I just smiled. When my dad saw me, he teased say to my mom, tomorrow onwards buy more flowers, we have three long haired persons. Everyone laughed, including me. But my mom took it seriously. Next day she bough more flowers. She was kept some flowers in my wife's hair and some in her hair. Then she called me and asked me to turn back. I asked her why? She told me, for keeping flowers in your hair. I was shocked. I requested my mom but told me nothing is going to happen if you wear flowers. Finally she forced me to agree. I turned my back and my mom pinned the flowers in my hair. Then I went to kitchen for doing some works.

  • #274

    Raghu (Tuesday, 06 November 2018 13:28)

    Vow - 5

    One day my mom asked me to shave my beard and mustache. Actually, I don't like having beard or a mustache,because I don't have more hair in my face. So as usually I removed it. And it looks very smooth. Now daily my mom starred to keep flowers in my hair also.
    One day while I was working in kitchen, 2 ladies came to our home to invite my mom and my wife for their daughter's some marriage function. They are new to our village and don't know about us but as a formality, they came to invite. They applied turmeric paste to the cheeks of my mom and my wife. And gave some bangles to them. To my bad, I came to see who are they, they saw me, in the Pant and shirt and I am having long hair and flowers, so they thought I am a women and one of the lady applied turmeric paste to my cheeks and started to put some bangles to my hands. I didn't say anything because they will came to know that, being a man I was doing household works and wearing flowers. Then they left. My mom asked me, why didn't told them that I am a man. I told my mom about my reasons. I told my mkm that I will remove this now. But my mom told me keep it for today because it was prayed before God and it is Friday. . So, I agreed.
    While I was working the bangles are making lot of noise. In the evening my dad saw me and started to laugh seeing me like this. My dad again teased me saying to my mother that, tomorrow buy some bangles for three of you. This time i felt like a embarrassment. Next day I remove the bangles and the turmeric paste automatically disappeared. My dad also went for his friends son's marriage, so he won't be here for 3 days.
    In the night I used to wear soft shervani. At that time, I tool my bath and came to wear my clothes. I can't see properly. I identified a shervani and direct it. When the power came, my mom and my wife saw me and started to laugh. I can't understand why they laughing. My mom asked me, why are you wearing nighty. Then I realised I wore a nighty. I told them that I was confused in no light. My mom told me, no problem you can wear it for today. I told no to my mom.
    My mom and my wife told me that you are staying only in home and doing household works in your shirt and pants and spoiling them, so better to wear nighty and do household works. I was shocked and I tried to convince them but they are no mood to listen. They locked my cupboard and my father's cupboard. My wife told me, we can share the nighties and you can take from my cupboard.

  • #275

    Raghu (Tuesday, 06 November 2018 13:42)

    Vow - 6

    Next day, in the morning my mom went to a temple. But she didn't return. I tried her calling her mobile but she is not lifting. I started to sweat. I thought to go to the temple. But my cupboard my dad's cupboard is locked. Now I don't have any clothes to wear. I can't go out wearing a nighty. I started to about it. Suddenly my wife told me, I have an idea but you don't like it. I said what. My wife told me, you can wear one of my saree and can go. I was shocked. My wife told me, going in saree in better than going in nighty. I don't have more time, so I agreed.
    My wife took a saree and a blouse. She made me to wear her blouse and pavada then she started to drape saree, she pinned the pallu on my left shoulder. The she started to put some bangles to my hands She told me, you should look a women so that no one will recognise. She kept bindi on my forehead. I. Already centre parted my hair and braided my hair. I wore my wife's sandals and moved quickly to the temple

  • #276

    Raghu (Tuesday, 06 November 2018 22:17)

    Vow - 7

    I can't walk quickly because of the saree. My pallu is flowing in the air, so I took my pallu in my hands. My long hair so swinging left and right. Finally I reached the temple and I saw my mom, she is helping the staff, to do some works, the temple is totally decorated, I think there is special puja on the temple. I went to my mom, she shocked to see me in the saree. I asked my mom that why, she is not attending my phone calls. He told me was busy and the she kept the phone in silent mode. I sat their beside my mom. My mom asked me why are you wearing a saree. I told my mom that, you bought the cupboard keys with you and I don't have any other clothes. My mom felt happy that, I came for her, even wearing a saree.
    Then me and my mom went home. My mom requested me to stay in the saree for today. I agreed to stay. In the evening my dad came to home, I thought he don't come for 2 days. My dad saw me in the saree. My dad is funny person and always tries to tease me. My dad asked, my mom that am I the only person in the home who wear pants and shirts.
    My mom laughing said yes. I too just smiled. Then I changed back to my normal clothes. Soon my wife got pains and we rushed her to the hospital. And she have birth to a baby girl. Both mother and daughter are safe and we all are happy. Soon my wife's family came to the hospital and they are happy for having grandchild.
    2 days later we all went home. Soon I decided to join the school for teaching. The bad news is the school wants a women staff. For nursery and lkg kids. They told me that, they will transfer me to another school which is in, another village because my post is given to another teacher. The principal is women and she told me that , the nursery kid are comfortable only with women. So we don't have any choice.

  • #277

    Raghu (Tuesday, 06 November 2018 22:51)

    Vow - 8

    The principal know my condition that I can't leave my mom and dad. I was thinking what to do. Then our principal thought for a while and told me she have a idea. I asked her, what?? She told me, you already have a long hair and you don't have any hair on your face, so you work as a women teacher here. I was shocked and I told her that it's not gonna happen. She told, think calmly, the nursery school is far away from this high school and no one will get any doubt and no one will tease you.i was in full confusion. Principal asked me to tell my decision tomorrow.
    I went home and sat on the sofa sadly. Everyone asked me, what happened? I told them , the entire situation. They don't know what to say. I can't simply stay in the home. My mom told me, if I agree to work as a women. Then my entire family will help me. If I want stay in home, my family will agree from this too. But I know that me and my wife can't stay in home and eat my father money. I know I have to feed my family. So, I told my family that I will work as a women.
    There happy that, finally I came to a conclusion. Next day, I met our principal and told her my decision. She felt happy for choosing family, over the type the work.she informed me that, the dress code is saree. And asked me join and Monday onwards. Then I went home, when I went to my room, my mom and my wife are discussing something. My mom took a tape and measured, my measurements for the. My wife told me, from now on we can share all the saree. My wife told me, she is going to stitch me blouses for all her sarees. So that we can share them. I too agreed for it.
    In the evening, my mom and my wife took me for shopping. First they selected some bras, and some sarees for me. Then my mom and my wife took me a footwear shop and bought female footwear for me. I thought, all shopping is over but I was wrong.
    Finally my mom and my wife took me to a shop and they spoke something to a lady. My mom asked me to sit on chair. I can't understand what is happening. I asked my mom why are we here?? My mom told me, to get your ears piercing. I was shocked. I said no for piercing. My mom asked me, if you don't have holes in your ears, then how can you wear earrings. I asked my mom why am I wearing earrings? My mom laughed and said, you are going to work as a women and women need to wear earrings. I tried a lot to stop piercing but my mom and my wife some how made me to agree.

  • #278

    Raghu (Wednesday, 07 November 2018 02:35)

    Vow - 9

    The Lady pierced my ears with a needle. It was very painful. Soon we went home. In these 4 days the pain in the ears reduced. Today is Monday, early in the morning my mom and my wife woke me up. They gave a cream to remove my body hair. I went inside the bath room, removed all the body hair and took bath. When I returned, my mom and my wife both are waiting for me. First my wife helped me in wearing bra and filled it with cotton balls. Then my mom showed me the saree I was going to wear. It is silk saree. My mom told me, start the working wearing a new silk saree. The blouse in stitched with my measurements. I wore the blouse and pavada. Then my mom took the silk saree and started to drape. My mom pinned the pallu to my left shoulder and arranged safety pins, for my pleats also. Now I am wear a silk saree.
    My wife made me to sit before the dressing table and started applied little make up. My mom middle parted my hair and started to braid it. This time my mom added some hair accessories also. My wife started to put matching bangles to my hands, anklets to my legs, bindi on my forehead, then my mom put a small good chain in my neck and she bought jhumkas and kept to my ears. I had my breakfast and now I am ready to go. My father was surprised to see me like this. I asked my mom for my wallet and phone. My mom went inside her room and bought a handbag and gave it to me. My mom told me, there are no pockets to keep wallet and phone, so take this. When I opened it, it contains bindi stickers, hair bands, money, phone and safely pins.
    I took the handbag and wore my new women sandals. My dad started his bike and I sat behind, like a women. My mom came near me and told me to take pallu into the hands while sitting. I took the pallu into my hands and we are ready to go.
    My dad droped me, in my work place and he told me that will be came in the evening. I went inside the school, it have only two room. And are filled with small kids. Our principal saw me and praised me. She showed me one room and told me " madam this is your room" " saying so she left.
    All are small kids. I went inside the room, and every one started to call me madam. I kept my handbag in the locker and started to teach them, alphabets and numbers. The kids are so cute and naughty. They started to pull my hair and pallu. But I was happy staying with them. The other class room is taken by principal itself. I didn't expect this. She told me that she loves to spend time with kids. In the evening school was over. I was waiting for my dad. At that time, our principal told me that daily she can drop me in my home. I said OK. Then my dad came to pick me up. I sat on the bike and we went home and told him that daily in the evening I will come with principal mam. I went to my room, to change my clothes but I can't find my male clothes. I asked my mom about my clothes and she said, you have to get to sarees, so now you can stay in the saree or change to a nighty but don't remove any accessories. I thought nighty is better than saree so I changed to nighty.

  • #279

    Raghu (Wednesday, 07 November 2018 02:59)

    Vow - 10

    I sat on the sofa and started to watch the TV. My cute little daughter is sleeping. My mom came to me and they have decided to do naming ceremony for my daughter. I was happy for that. 3 days later we did arrangements for naming ceremony. I was ready, wearing my male clothes. So, many relative came for the ceremony. We named our as swathi.
    Everyone is happy and the ceremony is over. Everyone left our home except my wife's parents. My mil sat beside me and gave a gift for me and my wife. When I opened it, I was shocked. It is a silk saree and my wife opened her box and it is also a saree and both identical. My mil requested my family to come to their home for lunch, next Sunday. She asked me and my wife to wear these sarees while coming. I was shocked. I realised my mom or my wife would have told my mil about me.
    Next day I went to school. And It was happy. While returning home, our principal took me to a temple. I said no but she told me that no will recognise you. We inside the temple and did prayer. Priest gave me flowers and turmeric paste. I don't what to do with turmeric paste. My principal took it from my hand, she kept flowers in my hair and applied turmeric paste to my cheeks. I was shocked. She told me, you are already wearing saree and bangles, and this turmeric paste is not going to do much difference. We sat there for a while and left. She dropped me, near my home.
    I gave some flowers to my mom and my wife and told that I went to temple. My mom told me, we can understand by seeing your cheeks. My mom and my wife started giggling.
    I already applied turmeric paste once, so, I didn't care much.
    Today is Sunday and I know today we have to go to their home for lunch. My mom and my wife are ready in the sarees, my wife wore a saree which was given by her mom. She came to my room with my saree and it's blouse.

  • #280

    Raghu (Wednesday, 07 November 2018 04:35)

    Vow - 11

    I told her that I want to be in a saree in front of your mom. She told me that, her mom everything about me and she wanted to see you, how you look in the saree. After all lot of discussion as usual I agreed. I already told my bath, so I wore, bra, blouse and the pavada but I don't how to drape the saree, so my wife helped me. She arranged with safety pins. Then bought matching bangles to my hands and anklets to my legs and I wore it. Then she kept bindi on my forehead and braided my long hair,. My braid is touching my butt. I wore earrings and now I am ready. My mom told me that my dad have some work, so he is not coming. We three of us started to move, I took my handbag. And left.
    Soon we went to our mil's home. We went inside the home. My mil is surprised seeing me like this. She told me, you look better than your wife in this saree. I got shy. My fil is not in home, my mil told me that, my fil went for a emergency work on his office.
    My mil saw our hair and asked, why are you not wearing flowers. She took flowers from the fridge. She gave some flowers to my mom and some to my wife than she came towards me, I don't what to do. She came near me and asked me to turn back. I turned with hesitation. Then my mil kept flowers in my hair also. She told me, that now you look even more beautiful. I don't know what to say.
    The food is not ready yet, so my mom told me we 4 of us can cook quickly. My mil asked me, do you know cooking? I said, I used to cook daily before marriage. She laughed and took me kitchen. She gave me some vegetables to cut. I started to cut it, while cutting my bangles are moving and making noise. Soon we cooked the food and we had it.
    My mil became very close to me. In the evening she took me and my wife to her room. There she gave me a box to open. It is nose stub. She told me, it was passed from generations after generation. She told me that, actually your wife have to wear it but she is afraid of nose piercing and she never accepted it. I was thinking, why she is telling all these to me. With hesitation she asked me, you can wear it. I was shocked. My mil is very desperate, she wants someone to wear it. Again I said no. She felt very sad. I felt bad for making her sad. My mom told me, you are wearing, everything that women wear. And this nose stub is not going to make much difference. Listening to all this, I said OK, and promises her that I will wear it. My mil felt happy. She gave the box to me.
    In the evening we left my mil's home. While going to home, my mom took me a shop and asked a lady to pierce my nose. I didn't say anything because I promised to wear it. It is very painful.
    Next day, I went school and our principal asked me about my nose piercing. Listening to it she can't laughing. After a week, my nose is healed and I can wear the stub. My mom checked my nose and said from today onwards you ha e to wear nose ring. She inserted it into my nose and screwed it.
    My dad smiled seeing me like this. When I went to school, principal mam saw me said, finally you wore a nose ring.

  • #281

    Raghu (Thursday, 08 November 2018 04:42)

    Vow - 12

    Soon I started to wear saree by my self. Now my hair grown longer than my wife's and my mom's. Because they used to cut their hair when the hair reached below their hips.
    One day I got, some skin problems. My mom told me, we have a solution. I was ready to take a bath. My mom came to my room with a bowl in her hands and she gave it to me. I was shocked seeing, it is turmeric paste. My mom told me use it while taking bath, it reduces your skin problems. I don't know what to say. My mom told me, there is nothing wrong applying turmeric paste. If you want to reduce the skin problems and wanted to prevent them from coming back. You have only choice that is to use turmeric paste.
    I went to Bath room with the bowl. I was hesitatingly applied turmeric paste all over my body. After the bath I noticed, my skin colour is in yellow colour. After that I wore my saree and soon I was ready for school. While I was about to leave my mom, stopped and asked me turn back. She kept jasmine flowers in my hair.then my dad dropped me, in my school.
    Our principal noticed that today I applied turmeric paste but didn't ask me about it. Today, principal mam came to school with her daughter and she is studying 6 class . As it is a nursery and lkg school, we had lot of easer hours. At that time, me and our principal are discussing about something and her daughter came in the middle. She wanted to apply nail polish to her mom, but our principal already have nail polish to her nails. So, she turned towards me and asked me that, she would like to apply nail polish to my nails. I said no because I already wearing all things, that women are supposed to wear. My principals daughter started crying. She not listening to me or her mom. So, with no choice I gave my hand to her, to apply nail polish. She immediately stopped crying and started to apply pink nail polish. She applied to hand nails as well as to my toe nails.
    In the evening our principal dropped me in my home and she left with her daughter. And from tomorrow onwards we have sankrati holiday for 10 days. My mom and my wife saw my pained nails and they giggled but they didn't ask me anything.
    One day my mom woke me, early in the morning and took me outside. She gave me a bowl containing rangoli
    powder and asked me to help my wife, who is waiting for me.
    I told my mom that I don't but my mom told me, if you don't know then, you start learning from today onwards. I didn't expect this from my mom. My wife told me, why are you standing simply, start drawing. I sat to draw rangoli, at that time, my hair started to touch the ground. My wife told me keep your braid front side. I did just like she said. Soon we completed drawing rangoli.

  • #282

    Raghu (Thursday, 08 November 2018 05:06)

    Vow - 13

    My mom and my wife started to treated me like a women. I was wearing sarees with lot if flowers in festivals. I was just helping my mom and my mom wife while cooking remaining all jobs like buying vegetables and grocery are done by my dad. I just stayed in home, in holidays. Because of doing only cooking works and not lifting weights made my muscles week. Now I don't have any muscle. One day, the gas cylinder was in hall and I tried to keep it in the kitchen. But I am just able to move it, for a small distance. My mom saw me struggling and asked my dad to help me. My dad lifted it easily. Then my mom told me, you don't have to do weight lifting works, your dad will help us.

  • #283

    Raghu (Thursday, 08 November 2018 05:24)

    Vow - 14

    One day, one sales man came to us home, to sell sarees. I was in my room and my mom and wife are buying sarees. At that my dad came to my room and asked me, what are you doing hare, your mom and your wife are buying sarees,go and see if there are any sarees for you too. He just said it very casual, just like he will say to his daughter. I went near my mom. My mom asked me to sit and started to keep one by one saree on my shoulder and asked me do you like it?
    My wife took a saree and gave it to me. She told me you look good in that saree. I don't what to say. I just said OK and took it.
    Days passed and now I am just like a women. Sensitive body, long hair, wearing sarees and doing household works.
    I know I don't have any other choice so I was just accepting it.

  • #284

    Raghu (Thursday, 08 November 2018 10:48)

    Vow - 15

    Days passed, my dad started to go for movies, by himself , before me and my dad both are used to go for movies , my dad doesn't like to watch movies with women. So we both used to go but it all changed. I don't like to go for temples, now my mom started to take me to temple, at least 3 times a week. Before me and my dad used to spend time with his friends at we used to come home at 8:30pm.now I just stayed at home and my mom and my wife used to watch only serials, with no other I choice, I too started to watch serials.
    Crazy thing is, while watching serials, my mom and my wife, started to discuss about the TV actress, sarees, blouses and jewellery with me. It was very strange for me.
    Life was going like, morning going to school and in the evening working in kitchen and watching serials. I started to become even more soft and sensitive.
    One day, we all are decided to go to a temple, which is very famous in our region. Me, my mom and my wife are ready in sarees and my dad in Pant and shirt. My wife took a box, I don't what it is, she told me that she wanted to do puja for this box. We went to temple and the temple is heavily filled with men and women. We went to counter to buy tickets, my dad asked, tickets for 3 women and I man. I was devastated. I dad is now referring me as a women. He gave us 3 tickets and he went to men's line. My mom and my wife didn't care anything. They are acting normally. We went to womens line. No one doubted me. I was holding, my daughter. In the line, one women asked me, is she is your daughter? I said yes. She asked me, then why are you not applied sindoor, between you hair portion.? I was shocked. She gave me, sindoor and asked me to keep in my forehand near my hair portion. My mom asked me to keep it, otherwise everyone will doubt you. I gave artificial smile and applied on my forehead. Everyone is thinking I am the mother to my daughter.
    We are slowly moving. I front of the god, every women is applying kumkum to their magalsutra. I started to feel, nervous. I don't have magalsutra and everyone thinking I am mother to my daughter. At that time my wife called me, now I am in between my wide and my mom. She told me, she have an idea. She opened the box and it is the magalsutra. She told me that, she bought this for her friends marriage. I was listening to her, what is she thinking about. She told me to wear magalsutra. I was shocked. She told me, if you don't have magalsutra they will ask you, if you talk then, they will find you that you are a man, if we say you can't speak, then they will ask us about you and it will get complicated, if they don't trust us. So we have no other choice....
    I don't know what to say, I was silent, my wife understood me and tied the magalsutra in my neck. silently, without getting caught to anyone. We went near the temple, just like all women, I took kumkum and applied to my magalsutra. My mom told me to keep magalsutra inside the saree. Then we came out of the temple.

  • #285

    Raghu (Thursday, 08 November 2018 11:03)

    Vow - 16

    My dad was already waiting for us. He saw the sindoor on my forehead but he didn't ask me anything. Me, my mom and my wife didn't speak anything in front of my dad. Soon we reached home. I immediately went to my room and my mom and my wife fallowed me. I told them that I am going to remove the mangalsutra. My mom stopped me, and warned me not to removed it, she is very angry this time. I was afraid. She told me, it was tied in Temple before God and with your approval. By wearing mangalsutra is not going to harm you.
    I tried to argue with my mom, my mom told me, your wife and me wearing mangalsutra for a long time, and you too joined us. She told me, by removing mangalsutra, can harm the person, who tied it,. I was shocked. Even though I don't believe in God. I can remove it and keep my wife's life in danger so. I stayed quietly. My mom and my wife understood me. My mom told me, from today onwards, you should wear sindoor on you forehand and should apply kumkum to your mangalsutra. I simply nodded my head. Then my mom and my wife left my room. I kept mangalsutra inside my saree and came to Hall to watch TV.

  • #286

    Raghu (Thursday, 08 November 2018 11:52)

    Vow - 17

    I was careful hiding mangalsutra from my dad. Next day I went to school our principal noticed, sindoor on my forehead and asked me about it. I told her everything. She too told me not to remove it. One day, my mil came to our home. She was very happy seeing me in nose ring. It is the first time she saw me in nose ring. My mil took me, aside and asked me to show her my mangalsutra. I realised my mom and my wife would have told her. I hesitatingly showed her. At that time my mom also joined her, my mil asked me, when are you going to replace the thread with the golden chain. I don't what it mean. My mom told her this Friday. I don't know what is going on here. I asked my mom about it, my mom told me you will came to know this Friday.

  • #287

    Raghu (Thursday, 08 November 2018 13:16)

    Vow - 18

    On Friday, my mom woke me up early in the morning.and made me to take turmeric bath. I took my bath and came out. Now my mom and my wife waiting for me along with my mil. My mil asked my mom and my wife that she will make me ready today. My mom and my wife smiled and left the room.
    I wore my bra, blouse and pavada. My mil saw me and asked me, why are you so hurry. She took the silk saree and started to drape me. She took so much time and finally she pinned the pallu on my left shoulder. Then she made me to sit before dressing table and started to work on my face. She applied little make up and started to keep jewellery.
    I don't what is going to happen. But my mil is decorating me like a bride. She kept necklace in my neck golden bangles, anklets, bindi, dangling earrings, nose ring and then she started to braid my long hair. She middle parted my hair and braided. Now my braid is touch my butt. She kept lot of flowers in my hair. Then she told me, now we are ready to go. I was feeling very feminine. While I was walking, my long hair is touch my butt. My bangles and anklets are making lot of noise.
    When I went to Hall I saw, my dad, my mom, my wife and our principal. My dad is not at all happy. There was chair, my mil made me to sit there, I don't what is going on. Slowly one by one came and blessed me. Then my mom replaced the thread in the mangalsutra with golden chain and asked my wife to tie in my neck. And my wife tied in my neck
    Then to my surprise, my mil showed me toe rings. She kept toe rings to my toe fingers. Now I am complete married women just like them.

  • #288

    Raghu (Thursday, 08 November 2018 21:44)

    Vow - 19

    I started to go to school like a married women. Soon my dad started to talk normally with me. I slowly tried to talk in women's voice. I started to speak, lightly without more sound.
    One day, my mom asked my dad to take us to a movie , my dad actually hate watching movies with women. Blue somehow he agreed. We went to movie theatre, my mom set on the corner seat, then my wife then my me and my dad set beside me. While watching, my wife started to talk to me, about there saree, blouse designs a few jewellery. My dad was interestingly watching movie, my dad told me, you 3 of can discuss about your sarees later, don't disturb me.
    At interval, my mom asked my dad to bring snacks, my dad was ready to go, I thought to go along dad, but my dad stopped me and told me, the snacks counter is filled with men, so it better for you to stay along with your mom. I don't what to say, I silently sat. After the movie, I tried to talk with my dad, like a man but my mom is talking with me, like I am also just one of the women.
    My mom and my wife started to take me to all womens functions and their meeting.
    Now my hair is longer than my mom's and my wife's hair.
    I thought it is only for a year after that I can return to my male lifestyle.

  • #289

    Raghu (Thursday, 08 November 2018 22:38)

    Vow - 20

    Slowly one year passed, now I can cut my hair or can stay with it. I happy that, I am going back to my male life style. I asked my mom, about it, she was little disappointed listening to it. My dad didn't care much.
    At that time, my mobile and my wife started beside, my mom told me, you can't live a male lifestyle again. You have been in women attire for almost 3 years, you can try to act like a man but you can't be the man you used to be before. I told my mom that I can be the man, I once used to be. My mom told me you can try.
    My mom told me, today you should wear your male clothes and do man's job than you will understand. I said OK and changed to my male clothes, except mangalsutra in my neck. I kept my long hair inside my shirt and wore a cap. My mom told me to go for shopping with my dad, I was happy that after a long time , I am going to spend time like a man.
    My dad started his bike and I immediately set beside like a women like one side . My mom laughed seeing it. Then I sat like man. My dad took me to shopping for buying groceries. I bought all the groceries and stranded in line for paying money. The entire line filled with man. I started to think, how can I go and stand along with them. I was thinking what to do. At that my dad took the groceries from my dad and payed the bill. I don't why I am acting like this. My dad started his bike and I was thinking about it and set like a women again. I confused even more. Then we went home., my mom asked me to go out and spend your time but I don't like to go out.
    Total day was like that, I started to feel something is missing from my hands, legs and ears. My mom told me, if you want, you can cut your hair tomorrow. Then I started to think about my hair, then I realised my love for my lovely for hair.
    In the night I went to my room to sleep and I was thinking what should I. Thinking like that, I slept, middle of the, I got a dream, in which I have short hair, wearing males and staying along with men. Immediately I woke up, then I realised it is bad dream, entire night I can sleep properly.

  • #290

    Raghu (Thursday, 08 November 2018 22:55)

    Vow - the end

    Next say my mom woke me up and asked me to get ready in my male clothes, she told now, we are going temple to cut your hair. I didn't even move, I simply set on my bed. My mom set beside me, suddenly I cried and I told my mom that I can't live like a man..Once I used to be. Then my dad and my wife also came to room. My dad told me, you can be whatever you want, we will support you. I was hesitating to say my answer.
    My mom asked me for the answer. With shy, I told them, I wanted to live like a women. Everyone laughed and said OK.
    My mom told me, from today onwards your name is ramya. Then my dad and my wife also called me ramya. Then my mom told me, get ready fast and come to kitchen. I became very happy. Soon I came to kitchen wearing my saree and please jewellery. Soon everyone started to refer me has "" " she, her""".
    One day my mom asked me, that your hair grown very long. If you want, you can cut up to your butt. I told my mom that no, I want grow toll my knees. Now my mil also called me ramya. My dad started to treated me like his daughter.
    Now I stated to talk about women stuff like sarees and jewellery with my mom and my wife.
    One day my wife told me, I am her wife, and she is my wife because we both are women ....... And we both are mother's to our daughter

  • #291

    Raghu (Saturday, 10 November 2018 02:57)

    Serial actress - 1

    My name is rajesh and I am 24 years old and I got married 1 year ago. My wife's name is neha. Me, my wife and my mom are living together. My dad died 6 years ago. It is my dream to be an actor. But I tried again and again for auditions. I used to get small roles.
    One day, while I was acting in a serial, my role is to act like a women. It is small clip. I was ready like a women. Then our director shocked seeing me like this. He told me that i was looking like a real girl. Than he offered me a role in his new serial which is go to start in 4 months. My role in the serial is, a women. I was shocked. He told me, it is the one of the main character on the serial. I was asked him why can't you, take a real girl for the character. He told me, in the beginning you will be a man later your enemies turns you into a women and later you will take revenge on the them, and how your family accept you after turning into a women. The director told me, if you act in the serial than , there will be some similarities between the man and after he turned into a women. And audience will get some interest to see how the male can act as a female. I was in confusion, I don't know what to say. The director told me, the serial is going to be telecasted for at least 3 years just like all our India serials.
    And you can get paid a lot of money. I told him that, I will tell my decision tomorrow, he too agreed and I went home.

  • #292

    Gayatri (Saturday, 10 November 2018 03:11)

    Hi friends my name is Gayatri , many of u don't know me ....i usually write stories in Telugu....for the first time am writing in English...


    So , i wrote a story on this concept in Telugu previously...so based on that theme...i am writing an another story...

    Actually the Theme is a Meteorite falling an earth....

    Let me introduce our Characters in the story

    Madhav - Naveena ( husband and wife age 42 & 40 resp)

    Vijay - Kalyani ( husband and wife 42 and 40 resp )

    Actually Madhav and Vijay are big landlords and in that village and they r the two main heads in the village.

    And Madhav and Kalyani & Vijay and Naveena are brothers and sisters...

    The other two main characters are Ankith (son of Madhav and Naveena) and Arpitha (daughter of Vijay and Kalyani)

    Both are Brother and Sister - in laws to each other.....

    So , a Meteorite from million kms from earth was approaching towards earth and will definitely hit Earth surface....

    Many scientists were researching against that Meteorite and were not able to exactly find what kind of Meteorite is this and what may be the sequences if it falls on earth....

    Let's come back to story....as our story is confined to a village...the villagers are not that much aware of the Meteorite... They just simply comes to know from news channel's etc... that , some Object which is 1/32 th size of Earth is coming from outer space and it is going to hit Earth surface.......

    So , as it is a village.. they think that if that Object hits Earth surface , all living species on Earth gonna die ...It is a convention in villages that , if something gonna hit Earth from outer Space ...then it will be the last day for all living species on Earth....

    So Madhav , Vijay and all big people in that village think that , as this gonna be last day , they decide to celebrate the last day in their life....

    So , they make an announcement in the village that , today everybody are equal ...there are no disparities and no inequalities.... All are equal , No disparities between Higher caste , lower caste ....no disparities between Men and women....

    Everybody in the village Enjoy this last day in their life....eat as much as you can , drink as much as you can and dance as much as you can....

    So , everyone in the village Men , Women and children enjoy themselves by eating , drinking and dancing etc...

    This typical behavior of those people is because , they think that , anyhow they r going to die....so let's enjoy and forget the fear of dying....

    So they all enjoy themselves and go their home after eating, drinking and dancing...

    The Meteorite was approaching towards eath with many light years speed...

    Scientists were planning to stop and crash it in outer space itself , but they were unsuccessful and the Meteorite fell on earth somwhere near an ocean...

    When the Meteorite hit the earth surface , some gas like material comes out of it and soon it spread through entire atmosphere.....

  • #293

    Raghu (Saturday, 10 November 2018 03:30)

    Serial actress - 2

    I went home and told my mom and my wife that I got main role in the serial. My mom and my wife felt very happy, but they noticed, some sadness in me. My mom asked me, why are sad?! . I told them the entire story director told me. My mom and my wife told me, there is nothing wrong in it, you should be proud of doing such a role then only people will will treat every one equally without any gender bias.
    I felt happy you get this much support from my family. My mom teased me, saying, even now if anyone turn you into a women, I will take care of you like my daughter. Listening to this we all laughed.
    Next day I told the director that I am ready to play this role.....

  • #294

    Raghu (Saturday, 10 November 2018 04:25)

    Serial actress - 3

    Soon serial shooting started. Soon my male role is about to finish. So director advised me, to learn little girly things, in my home, so that I can act better on sets. I too agreed for it.
    In the evening, I asked my mom to teach me some girly things. My mom told me, girly behaviour can be learned only by wearing women clothes and spending time with them. I was shocked. I told my mom that I can't Wear women clothes. She told me, then you are going to struggle while acting. I thought for a while and agreed for it. My wife is very anxious to see me like a women. My mom and my wife took me to my room and they asked me to get bath and gave a hair removal cream to remove my body hair. I did just like they said. When I returned my mom and my wife are waiting for me. My mom told me, start your women wearing this nighty.
    My wore the nighty than my mom started to put bangles to my hands. I tried to resist but my mom told me bangles are main things in women life so, you shouldn't remove them. With hesitation I too agreed for it. My wife applied some make up and kept bindi on my forehead.
    My mom told me, not to cut my hair till the completion of the serial. She told me, wearing the wigs may damage you hair and may cause baldness. So I too agreed to it. Because I role will be there for 3 years.
    My mom and my wife started to teach me how to walk and how to behave like women. After some time, they went to kitchen for cooking, I was watching TV. At that time, my mom called me, she asked me to come to kitchen, so that they can teach me some womanly things. So I decided to go to kitchen.
    My mom discussing about girly behaviour and suddenly she gave me some vegetables to cut. I told her that I don't know,my mom told me, no problem dear, I will teach you. Soon we cooked the food and we had it.
    Next day, my role so women started, I was ready like a women. Because of the tips given by my mom and my wife helped me a lot and the director appreciated me.
    In the evening, my mom and my wife are waiting for me. I told them, that I acted well and thanked them for helping me.
    I went to my room and took bath. When I came out, my mom and my wife discussing something. My wife showed me, a bra and told me these are for you. She told me, today you are going to wear saree. I was shocked but my mom and my wife requested me to wear. I wore the bra and my wife filled it with some cotton balls to get good shape, then blouse and then pavada. Then my mom took a saree. She slowly started to drape. She finally pinned the pallu on my left shoulder.
    Then my wife made me sit before dressing table and applied make up. Then my wife took a long haired wig. She fitted it to my head and braided it. The braid reached till my hips.
    My mom told me, within the completion the serial you can have this much hair. Then my mom kept bangles to hands and anklets to my legs, I have no holes on my ears for earrings.

  • #295

    SRS (Sunday, 11 November 2018 04:52)

    property mess part 1

    Hi my name is sham, am an handsome boy fair looking slim but had six pack, i had hair up to neck for fashion cause our is fashion industries, My height is 5.6 an age is 27, An i very rich business man son, my parents died 3 years b4. B4 my parents died there close friend family lived together i dint like them an my parents too but they stay with us. There name was vijay her daughter kavitha an her son prakesh , 3 of them stay with us cause vijay aunt husband worked hard with my parents in our company an died in an accident in our factory, so court says to satay with us. Vijay aunty age is 40 height 5.4, kavitha age is 23 height 5.5, prakesh height is 5.7 age 26 , My life going luxury big house imported cars lots of girls etc. Prakesh an his sis work in my company, v have lots of branch such as fashion industries, textile industries, add agency etc. Kavitha is my personal PA an prakesh is branch manager, i never give respect to them. i keep kavitha do all the work to me an for both i used to humiliating them an her mother also. Kavitha is an typical decent girl she kept her hair up to waist an dress only in saree r chulidhar no western dress but i always used to tell her about that, for me there is lot of trainers eg ( gym , diet, health an beauty etc ) i lived like a superstar. All the things are well until 1 day my family lawyer came to meet me. She is mid 35 an hot lady her name was swathi i make her sit an started watching her beauty an her boobs, she notice but dint react after that i asked her what the reason to make her come an she told that there is an will ur parents created b4 they died an i asked what it is an she told that it is for ur marriage it told that if u does"nt get married with an year than all the property which is 1000 c will transfer to trust , an this is because ur not respecting any woman an simply playing in woman life an for that v thought until otherwise u get married than all the problem will solve. i got angry an smash my cell , my lawyer went away. I dint know from where i will get woman for me as a life partner. i never treat woman as 1 part of me only treat as sex toy, 1 day in our company there was an model for add agency an she felt sick an the add shot is final otherwise there will be loss of 10c ,so i was thinking at that time my PA kavitha came an i was screaming y she dint inform to me b4 an she told that she has been forgot an that was a silly reason an i again started to shout. After i thought what to do an i got an idea that kavitha will be the model an told to be ready an she got scared an started to please , but i not lesson an made her ready for the shoot after an hour she came an i can see her eyes are watering an her hair was choped in boy cut an we made an semi nude shoot. After the shot complete she left to home. An i finished all my work at that time i received an call from my home an my aunt vijaya is shouting that her daughter is tried to sucied attempt, i got tense an start my car to get home, i drove fast at that time my concentration went off an i hit 1 small girl but i dint stop i went off, when i reach home my aunt is angry an told that it was because what i did to her in office. But i tried to explain but she dint lesson, i apology an told sorry , but still they dint came down. At that time police came to my house an told that i had an accident an it was a small girl nothing but her leg was fracture an she cant able to walk now, i told to the officer that i will pay for it what i did but he told that it was not the matter of money she was daughter of famous surgeon in Thailand an she was very rich both came for an official mater an u hit her daughter now she put an case on you. I dint know why this happening me like this. after using my power of money i came out free, An i saw her, her name was doctor manju she came near to me an told that u have escaped but i will not leave u, u have to pay for this till ur life dead an went. Again everything went back to normal an i was concentrating in my business. After few months my family lawyer came an told that there is only 2 month left, if u dint get married than all your property transfer to trust an u will come mid of the street. I dint know what to do an who will marry me , I got my new add project in that its fully based on koren & Thailand product an its matter of 50 c project an i dint wan to lose that project. am looking for an koren woman or Thailand but none can able to find, here my time is running out i left only 1 an half month for my married otherwise my property will transfer.

  • #296

    SRS (Sunday, 11 November 2018 04:53)

    property mess part 2

    I dint know what to do, at the mean time while i was sitting in my home my aunt an her daughter kavitha was there an suddenly i got 1 idea an i went near to vijaya aunt an told that i want to talk an important matter , she listen to me an i told that i dint have time to search for an woman to get marry an if not than we all come to road , an she told ya i know for that what should i want to do an i told for that i thought y should if i marry ur daughter kavitha then it will be easy to us. on hearing that she felt shock an slapped me . i was horrified what she did , she told that how could u able to think like that she is like ur lil sis , but i dint live an told look aunty i have thought 1000 time b4 make this dissension cause if i get married than it will be a separate family an if my wife doesn't like u means u have to pack up everything an go from this house tats y i told otherwise ur wish. An my aunt think for that but kavitha doesn't accept for that after my aunt advice her that if she marry me than they could njoy the property with full rights because u will become his wife an kavitha accepted by force but his bro dint like this thing. after two days my aunt an kavitha came an accepted what i told an i felt so happy for that cause least 1 problem was solved at that time i received an isd call in that i got an information which is useful for my add agency an got some information that there are many models which are suitable for my add so i have decided to go for that places an look directly. I have decided to book ticket to Thailand immediately an i took kavitha with my self because she is my personal secretory but there was a problem her mom dint accepted this an told that she dint believe in me b4 marriage wife should not Rome with husband an told she will also come an after argument i accepted an told prakesh to look after the company, i was planned that after the add shot successful completed an i get marry to kavitha an after i get my property i will divorce her an marry an royal woman. We started after 2 days an v reached over there, i go through plenty of woman an after long i have selected an Thailand woman. We started to shoot some sample add , kavitha an my aunt both with me they too njoy , but some other add not working with the background location. I was lill tense about the location where to get at that time kavitha an my aunt came with an idea to shoot in the wild forest an that to made me impress about her work an involvement. We had a nice breakfast an moved to that location,it was far from the city an there no humans used to come, v took an permission with high influence with the government an v stayed in there big house which is near by forest. The house was full of dust an its too old, there was lot of strange insert in that after seeing that i decided to not stay in that house an complete my add an leve as soon as possible. My add was going well but suddenly i my aunt felt server stomach cram an told that i need to use wash room u carry on i will be back , i went inside into bathroom but it was totally mess she dint go there an came to me that the bathroom was not good she need to move on an at that time i went tense an shouted to her that at any cast i will not cancel this shooting just get last , after that she get anger but dint show to me an she went silent. after few hours the same thing happen to me an i too went to the bathroom an when i look i got shocked cause it was dam dirty , so i thought an cant make excuse so for showing my macho i adjust but she saw me an given an crazy smile. i drop my pant an inner ware an put the toilet pad down after i cleaned it an sat , i relief my self after few minutes i felt an sudden sting in my penis an it was an huge burning pain in my penis, i started to scream after everyone came to see me what happen an i felt unconscious due to sever pain an pass away. After few Hours i was woke by an beautiful doctor , i wore hospital gown an there some tube running below my stomach. i slowly asked what happen , the doctor explained that there was in strange insert which bite in ur penis while u using toilet an it has very dangerous poison an the doc took her i pad an show the pic, my penis was totally blue i was shocked on seeing that an afraid , my aunt an kavitha both r standing there , i asked that is anything serious n she told s u got only few hours to deiced otherwise ur total internal organ will get infected an u will die. i was shocked on hearing that , i dint wanna die in such an short period i asked what should i do now , an the doctor kept silent an told that v have to remove ur penis completely , i shouted when they told me an my aunt an kavitha both con vise me that they will be with us till death but u should live ur life.

  • #297

    SRS (Sunday, 11 November 2018 04:54)

    property mess part 3

    An i dint know what to do, my pain is getting back slowly so i can tolerate it an after thinking a lot i got convince cause of pain an the operation start, i was given anesthesia after i went of. Next day i woke up an i felt so week, i saw that every body was standing there even my lawyer swathi was there an she was smiling, i felt totally shame. i touched my bottom but it was totally bandage. doctor came an i asked about the operation an she explained that it went successful ur penis is been removed an u can life ur life back. i told what is the purpose of living without penis for that she told then how v girls leave without penis is nothing harmful. An i was upset after i asked what now look like an she told that it seems like small skin with tube is hanging an yes now u have to pee like us an smiled. I was shocked an i dint know what to say i told ohh god what happen to me i was man today morning an look what happen now, my aunt asked is there is any solution for this an the doctor explained that either he should live like a eunuch or live like a complete woman on hearing this i started to shout an told everyone to live after that i stay alone. After few hours my lawyer came with my aunt an told that she need to discus an important think to me but i was totally in shame to face her. But still i managed an i can see that she is keep on smiling for my situation. I asked what the matter an she told that u have only 50 days left, i again asked for what an she told for completing ur parents will. An i was again felt in trouble an told ohh my what am going to do now no one will marry me in this situation, if i dint get marry then i will not get my property an i lose 1000 c, so i cant able to think what to do now an i asked for an idea but they also could not able to tell at that time kavitha also came an listen about my conversation after lot of discuss my lawyer get an idea an told that there is an solution for that vijay an her family should be agree an vijay told that sham is like my son an v will help him at any cost an she explained that first sham cant live without penis like this it will looks like eunuch an he cant able to marry for that he should became complete woman, on listing this i again started to shout but this time she shout against be an told first you here me what i telling otherwise ur wish u will lose ur property an come to road as eunuch an live with them an for vijay family they will manage with his son an daughter both r incoming high salary. What about u? , i kept silent on hearing this an after i told please help me. An she again explain her plan she told first i should became complete woman an after if i get married to some one else then he will know about sham previous an he will not marry an if he then the property will transfer to his name cause woman cant have the property after marriage the property will transfer to husband name an if that person think than he can transfer the property again to sham name an that no guaranty so v should trust 1 person so that v can believe to him. An my aunt asked who is that person were do i get, please tell me i will con vise him an beg him for that swathi told u know him very much it was non other then ur son prakesh. an my aunt get shocked an slapped her even i to was shocked an faint out. after they wake up my aunt was carrying dint know what to do kavitha was tensed an me too. After kavitha told that this is not in our hand, prakesh should be accept this but he cant marry a drag looking man an i told that no way i will die for that an swathy told ok ur wish an went away.

  • #298

    SRS (Sunday, 11 November 2018 04:55)

    property mess part 4

    After two days everyone was came to see me an what i took my dissension but i still dint accept this but now v left only 48 days, the days r running out after doctor came an v explained this situation an she told after making sham an complete woman reversible impossible an for changing him as woman it cost about 80 lacks an i felt irate because it is horrible an that too i have to pay money for that an it too expansive. After the doctor told there is an solution for reversible, there is an doctor her name was salina but she is in jail. she only can able to reverse this but u have to live as woman for two years then only v can reverse. an another problem was v have to release her in jail for 200 c which is big amount an i thought money is not a mater but i will back as male. At last they all convince me an i agree for the operation an my aunt told that she have to explain to her son an she make a call an explained everything but prakesh dint accept it an hangup the phone. My aunt came near to me an told that her son din listen about this plan an even dint want to cooperate, an kavitha told maybe sham would try an talk to him on saying that i was shocked how could i make him a call an told to marry me as his wife this is total embracing an my aunt told an after i made a call but i cant able to speak i went on silent after long he agree an put some condition that only for an year an i too was conf iced that within 2 years i will turn back as man an everything was solved, i agree for the operation an the next day they bring me lot of papers to sign, my lawyer explained everything an she made up an story for my transformation that i was an transgender an i was already in love with prakesh an for that i came here to Thailand to do my srs surgery so that i could able to marry prakesh, after reading that i was shocked an asked swathy what is this rubbish an she explained that if v make believe like this then only u can get property otherwise if u told that it was an accident than it is doubt anyway its only the matter of two years. An i started to think after i singed it. the doctor came an i put operation gown an lie down in stretcher after the put anesthesia i slowly started to pass away an everyone is smiling at me, i dint know when i woke up my life will change completely, An how would i face everybody is really humiliating ohh god please help me.

  • #299

    SRS (Sunday, 11 November 2018 04:56)

    property mess part 5

    I woke up after 8 days, an i was so tiered. I cant rember what happen to me. When i slowly gain my consius an i saw that nurse came to me an smiled an told that ohh at last u have woke up dear. An she feed me juice an some sort of medicine, after few hours i gain back my strenth an i saw that my face an whole body was wraped with bandage. I tried to spoke but the nurse stopped me an she gave me an injection an i passed away. Next day when i wokeup i saw everybody is standing in front of me, an my aunt was holding my hand an told that ohh ur so beautiful i was affaried of what she was telling. i can fell the huge bulg in my chest area an something is missing in bettween my legs,i slowly risied my hand an saw it was so soft an slim an i touched my chest an felt an huge sort of flesh it was schoked an i went down my hand between my legs an felt that there is nothing except an small mound of flesh in with some juice thing which smell like fishy. After tried to get up an at that time nurse help me to getup an i slowly did an its really uncofortable, i felt an wait on my chest but i wore an robe, Nurse hold me an make me stand in front of mirror but my knees are all in pain cause its for long i dint walk. When i saw me i was totaly shocked cause it was not the well muscular macho man insted it was young an dilicate beautiful woman an i saw my face it was completely diffrent, again i passed out on seeing me, next day same nurse came an woke me up an i tried to talk but i cant insted while talking only air is comming out of my mouth, an i went to see my self in mirror, my nose was bandage an some line mark in my fore head an my hands are slim an delicate, i got an huge pair of breast an flat in my area. Its totally shame on being like this. At that time my aunt came neer to me i was shame on facing her i dont know what should i do now, she came an hug me to her chest an told not to worry every thing will be all right. An i felt relax an confident on saying that few minutes later i got strike in my mind, Wait a miniute i was hugging my aunt directely without bend in her shoulder,an i look straight to her eye how could it posiable its impossiable, did she were any heels an i saw her she was standing in her bare foot, i was schocked an i dint get understand an tried to ask about it but i cant able to speek its hurts, i dont know what they did in my throat, an my aunt understand for what i was getting tense. She smiled an told that , no dear am not wearing the heels it was u who wears heel an i was schocked on hearing this. Wtf an i saw that i was weering a pencil heel an it was 5" inch , ohh my an i started to remove it, i quacikly ran into my bed an sat down an tried to remove it, at that time my aunt told no dear u need not want to remove it cause if u then u cant able to walk properly , but i dint care about her an i removed an started to walk, suddenly i got an pain in my foot an i sat down. Nurse, my aunt an all came to see me but i felt embarasy to face them after doc came an enquri about my helth. she started to explain what are the alteration did to me. Helo miss - ter i know u were lil bit confusion about what we did to ur body , dont worry we will explain everything detail to u, First from the top we have lift ur fore head an brows so that it will give u female shape, second we did ur nose job an plump ur lip an also replace ur teethan jaw line, ur teeth is slightly press inside like tamil actress kerthi suresh, now come to ur center part of ur body v have done breast implant now u have a nice pair of tits like us, ur hips bone as been widen an ur butt is now round an big , an coming to the main point that every man has the main indenty to be a man is penis which is been infected an that thing is been removed like v have removed ur banna an replace with a strawberry, no u have a nice pink pussy going on standing pee is gone now u have to sit an pee like us for ever, an last what u have getting confused is ur tender cords its been alter so that u cant able to walk in bare foot u have to put higher heels always an ur ribs an kneen joints its shorteen so that every woman should depen on men that u told so if u were 5.6 feet an prakesh be 5.5 then how could it possiable thats y it would be better if u will be short an delicate thats y v have reduce ur height, now ur height is 4.9 its lower than ur aunt, i was schocked on heering that an started to screem with all wtf what have u done u all rune my life i will put up an case with all an while talking i was schocked on hering my own voice its to girlly girl an the doc told ohh i forget another think that v have shorten ur voice box so that u sound like a girl. My head starteto spin on hearing all this an i fell down.

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    SRS (Sunday, 11 November 2018 04:56)

    property mess part 6

    next day when I woke up again everybody came to see me my lawyer an aunt there is present over there, I was sad about what happened to me it looks like a nightmare, I don't know how to escape from this, my lawyer came a told that don't worry sham everything is reversible just want to spend few bugs, after u get the whole property then the total problem will be solved. After I have counsel and told now what should I do she told to cooperate After she told to ready but first see we have to train ur nature call, she called Kavitha an explained an told that she is the responsibility for my transformation. Kavitha came to me an asked me to come inside the bathroom, After she gets herself undress a been completely nude, I was shocked on seeing her lovely body cause this the first time I was seeing her body.she slowly came close to mean I felt excited but now I was looking upwards to see her, she is 5.3 and was 4.9. After she told that won't be so excited about seeing my body I am now same in fact ur better than me, I felt shame on hearing this word. She came near to me a told to look at her body an explained each thing she told to look at ur lips its very pouty an juicy a cock sucking lips an i get irrate on saying like this , after she explained about the breast an told that ur breast is larger than mine an u have wonderful hourglass body an ur pink pussy is nice while she touched me I cant able to fight with her I felt a sudden electric jolt after I get more plesure, I started to mmm, she touched my breast its more pleasure that I cant able to control, after this over she told to sit in the closet an used to pee. I just sat over there a stat to pee, it's strange that I cant able to aim just sitting for my natural call. after that the urine felt like its coming from my bud she told to wipe it from front to back otherwise it will get infected. We took bath she takes care of me i went out, she told to wrap the towel upper the breast, girls should do like this. I did it felt strange, after she gives me panty an bra this is all strange to me she fasten my bra an after she give me salware to were an I get ready, I felt sad that ones I used to put suit now I used to were this, After Kavitha told that we shall able to leave back to India, before that we should complete all the formalities an go, a few hours later we complete all the formalities an we all came back to India. kavitha told look what happen to u while going to Thailand u was a macho big businessman an while returning ur beautiful delicate woman this is known as fate. n saying that everyone started to laugh. I felt humiliating. As we entered the exit point of airport in India I was shocked on seeing no of reporters is waiting for they all rushed in front of me an started to ask the question like ( are u a transgender , that's y u go for Thailand to make surgeries, its from birth are u changed now, do u completely transformed as woman , do u still have the penies , is that real boobs, how do u fell mam, shall I call u as mam). This kind of question makes me irate a trouble all the reporters are certainly womaned its made more humiliating for me. I tried to escape an at that time someone hold my hand an I saw that it was my aunt she told to me keep silent she started to explain to reporters, she told yes whatever u asked is correct Mr sham one of the greatest businessmen in India have a little secret from childhood that he didn't share with anyone , but now he thought why he has to live his life in fake identity an he expose to this world what he was. ur right, Mr sham the big businessman as became a businesswoman. I was shocked on hearing this conversation wtf going on to me, at that time one lady reporter asked me is that true sir amm I mean mam, i started to talk but my aunt cut me an told them that I did throat surgery so that I could not able to talk now we will arrange a meeting after some time we all left home.

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    SRS (Sunday, 11 November 2018 04:57)

    property mess part 7

    I started to shout to everyone that what they did on me on saying my aunt told that what do u think by telling the truth u can escape an get the whole dam money instead that will be more humiliating, what people will think that some insert bites an he became woman, what they say that if u cant able to save our own penises than should could u run the business. Listen my plan is u have to arrange a press meeting an tell that ur a transgender u want to marry Prakash cause he is the only one who understands u an after that marriage u can receive all the amount in the name of ur husband we will transfer to us will be back as normal an enjoy. If u don't trust me than live us we will go. on saying that I was shocked I don't know what to do I came to my aunt an told me please help me, after that she told ok. She told now u need to change all the document name legally at that time my lawyer came to me with document she started to explain were were I have to sing at that time my pen is fallen she picked by bending down an I saw her boobs a njoying an she noted a told y dint change but insted ur body change , dont worry sir ur is bigger than mine on saying that I felt humalated, she told by the way sir now ur name will be ligaly changed from Mr sham to Mrs shamala a woman, at that time my aunt came an asked my lawyer that y u ofently calling him as a sir please call her as mam an she corrected her self, my aunt told that we need to meet up with our family lawyer which she was an x judge she needs to inspect u , she is the only one u can get all ur money an life , just u need to make her trust that what ever is going is all true. After mean my aunt, Kavitha my lawyer Swathi all went with a land rover to meet the x judge. While we locate over there its a big house we entered into that house we waited for judge arrival , we all sat on the sofa an my aunt told that to be carefull u need to perform well than only u can get the whole proprerty, an while talking i heared payal sound an bangels sound a saw that one lady age will be 50+ a she is looking hot an she sat in front of our sofa an put her legs up she is looking stylish she introduce her self as radika a told that she never expect that one day I will be coming like this i explained what my aunt thought of lying an I think she dint belife me, an after she told that if its true then no problem u left only 40 days in those days u have to do some task cause beeing woman is not easy u should be a perfect woman, u should know cooking, take clasical dance class, take beauty course an after I satisfiy then u can able to marry ur dream husband and all the money will be urs. but after all the training u have to stay with me for 10 days so that I could able to watch what u learned about being a woman I was getting tense on hearing this all. She called a lady an told something after that she came an called me I slowly went near by she gave me a key its seems biger an she told that this key belongs to ur mom actually if ur a man an been married to a woman then I supose to give to her but here u became the woman so ur the one who have rights for this all an ur the queen of this family so u only have to were saree an be like a queen , meet u after u get trained, ur mother belongs to north u belongs to south so u decied which way u have to get dress in northern style or in south indian style. Be ready an come tomorrow so that I will arrange the training program best of luck. On hearing this my head started to spin an I fell down. I don't know how to face an how I get money to my account it's really tough.

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    SRS (Sunday, 11 November 2018 04:58)

    property mess part 8

    When I woke up I was in some sort in a chair which is used in salon i come to know that it was the saloon and that also its was my company salon which is used for the woman who acts in my ads film. It was totally shaming on being here, I asked for Kavitha wtf is happening she told please don't ever speak like this we are just helping u to bring up.Do u rember what judge mam told u should be ready as rani sai ba as ur kandhani so thats y we came here an please coparate an i told ok k let it be all the fucking thing but y in my company saloon an she told because if we go out side then everyboady comes to know thats y, i kept silent at that time our company saloon staff came in front of me similling her name was amala an she asked how are u, sir, u looking beautyful and dont worry sir while leaving this place u will most beautiful woman in this world, on hearing this I was in to temper I started to shout how dare u just concentration in ur fucking work donnt ever talk to me like this , I was speaking in my most girly voice that girl felt schock an hearing my was but felt sad to while iam scolding her. At that time my aunt came on she was fedup a told amala to wait outside an came to me an told what what u thinking ur doing just keep on shouting while u before , dont think that ur sham now ur shamala a complete woman an that to u have changed by ur own willing this should act as in front of everyone except us the whole world its should know like this without any doubt, this all procedure will be revesed after two months wile u getting ur money, I shout that cant be my aunt told for god sake its a matter of 3000 c amount than ur wish an she turn from me an kept silent, she stod like that for few minutes after I acept a told aunt that ok this will be acept as bad dream I will coparate. After she called amala a told ok u can continue a while she came I told sorry amala in my girly voice she told its ok sir at that time my aunt asked for amala y u calling her as a sir please call her as mam that's y he gets tense she told oops sorry I forgot an told maaadaam this way please it felt like she was teasing me. After we went to a room an there she told to undress completly i was first not ready to do after she told dont be shy maam its now we are same an she started to remove it an suddenly she want back an measuring my body an seeing me an i asked what happen mam what about ur height u supose to be highter than me right but now ur shorter than me an i was schocked on hearing that i dont know what to say at that time my aunt came an told that because woman should be always shorter than men an her shamala future husband is prakesh an he is shorter than sham before thats y ur sir became too short than him so that he always depend on my son a fell into his chest while hugging, an hearing that amala told ohh my what a love story an asked sir u dint let us know ur were rude all that time a scolding prakesh sir but ur acting in front of us u love from inside ur house soo sweaty what a love story. On hearing this all I thought y cant I die on hearing this thing. After she waxed my whole body it was lilled bit of pain she told me to lie down in the table an applied oil in my boddy a started to masage at that time first she pressed my breast an rubbed it she told my my ur breast is bigger than mine mam an she poured more oil an applied to my vagina a started to rubb, this made me more sensetive, she did it constantly that I could not able to control my self an i started to moon ( aww please live me awww ) my eyes are went up side an i byte my lips after she stoped an she told mam ur a good screamer , few months ago ur not virgin but now ur completly virgin in that place only insted of penis u have vagina but dont worry sir u will have penis but that will be in oppsite side an that too will be prakesh sir ur lucky. I was gettin irrate but I controlled my self, we again went to main room she told ur hair is long but it frezy so she started to do her work another woman came an doing my 20 nails an add extension an I can smell some sort of chemical is been add in my hair a wraped in some plastic after she started to do my eyebrows its pain she keep on pluging a shapeing she attached some lil hair like thing in my eyelids she again started to wash my hair an blow it after she did with hair straightener an add some extension with some strange mission I dont know what this stuff and all .

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    SRS (Sunday, 11 November 2018 05:06)

    property mess part 9

    I have seen many of my staff came an go through this beauty but I never thought that one day I will also go for this crazy stuff, After my aunt came an showed that too big plates in that two types of saree an jewellery I asked what this all she told that remember what judge told either u have to go for south Indian style or north Indian style an I was shocked by seeing this stuff in 1 plate there is south Indian silk saree an some small type jewellery an in another plate there is designer saree an one big nose ring I was afraid on seeing that I thought 1 movie in that Deepika paduku were big nose ring so I told immediately that I will go for south Indian style. An amala told k to let start she first put panty an told that this general for boys only differences is panty but there is boxer a second she took bra an told insted of baniean is bra she took blouse with low neck an backless a told insted of shirt this she took peticoat a told insted of pant is this an after she wrapped silk saree an told this will come extra cause ur a woman, an she makes me sit in the chair an took an small like machine an she took a small pen an started to mark in my left ear first she dot four holes in my left ear like bottom milled an two at the top an the same thing did on the other side of my ear she marked my both side of my nose , i was schocked about what she is going to do an I asked to amala an she told that we are going to price ur ear an nose an imediatly stand up an told no i can do this an she told but mam woman are shold be priced ear an nose but here ur going to be the rani for the big hous ean entire business u must do it, mam,,, but i dint accept a told no not at all an my aunt spoke some think to her an told to me ok leve it we will stick some thing are put clip on dont worry an amala came to me relax mam ur very tired while doing this process an is been 4 hours so better take this juice an relax we will completly it soon, after I felt r elife a took the juice my aunt an amala r smilling on seeing me like this i pass out. I don't know what happens to me what they are planning.
    I was slowly opening my eye , i don't know how many hours is been passed away, i felt heavy an my eyes felt too , when i focus my eyelids also felt heavy ani could not able to see an after some time when i came back to proper sense ani saw that i was wearing a saree my both the hands has 24 bangles in each an i had finger rings my nails are half an inch long in bright red color an i don't know how to handle this. I wokeup from the chair my ears an nose r paining an i touched it an come to know my ears an nose is been priced, but something is still touching in my upper lip an i touch it felt like ring an i quickly went to the mirror an saw that it was a nostril ring which is hanging in my upper ring, i quickly went in front of mirror an i was schocked on seeing my self , i cant able to reconise my self , i wore a saree an it was backless an i wore payal which make sounds while i move, an i had 4 pricing in each ear an my nose is been priced in double side an in center my nostril also been priced which is hanging in my upper lip , when ever i used to talk it jigiles an taht irate me, i had a lengthy hair with hair jewllery which is upto my hip an lots of garlender is been fixed in my hair, i just look like a dipika in padmavathi movie, i was shame to face this world at that time my aunt with kavitha came an told my my what a beauty an u cant able to control by ur self see simply standing in front of the mirror an addmiring ur beauty, i was angry about what she was talking an asked y the hell do u priced my ears an nose an i dont like this jigling sound which keeps on comming while i move, an my aunt told woman which supose to do like this only an ur a rani of this entire property tats y an u look goerous , so lets come for the press meating an i was schocked a told noway i will come like this but she told this is ur dress forever u should to be practise in this dress an get used of it. Now be prepared to face the press , after that we all went to press meeting hall an there started my humiliation , some rash question is been asked a that too gets irate to me , some asked who do u feel mam by being woman that thing is missing , a some asked what is the relationship between prakesh an u , a some asked did u able to be pregnant, each an every time while am talking the nose ring in my nostril is moving with jigs sound an thus make me more irate, an after all replays of the photos we closed the meeting now it published in the newspaper an media, whole world comes to know that am a transgender.

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    SRS (Sunday, 11 November 2018 05:06)

    property mess part 10

    Next day i went to the judge house for my training purpose an it was a strange feeling, my aunt a Kavita left me over there by telling me best of luck an give a strange smile after i slowly came near to the madam a sit. she started to explain everything about the schedule of my training, ( i should wake up by 5 am from 5 to 8 am i should ready by my self an do house cleaning work , take bath, put rangoli an prepared breakfast for madam, after i should get public transport an went to the address which judge madam give there i have to reach b4 9am and learn classical dance class, from 9to 11 am after again i took the bus a go for the cooking class which is about 11.30am to 1:30pm. after in meantime i have taken the same food which i have learned an made by my self an at 2:30 again i have to take the bus an at 3:00 pm i have to attend the beauty class from 3:00 to 5:00 pm an after from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm i have attended the parabolic class to maintain my body. After that i should come home by 7:00pm an prepared for the night dinner. This are the schedule a training process, i kept silence cause the matter is of some 3000cr, An i accepted. Thus my training started from tomorrow i don't know how i will face it.

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    Anjali (Sunday, 11 November 2018 06:16)

    Loveable life 1

    My name is Madhu I'm studying BTech...this story is how Madhu become Anjali..
    Usually I get up at 7am daily but today my phone rang at 6am I got up and heared the news that my friend father has passed away and reached his house and console my friend and aunty and his sister and did the remaining activities on that day and I stood by them at this time.days passed and one day me and my friend cleaning the old books and I got hold of one old book written long back and it looks like some one personal diary and I opened that book.as it's old I don't mind reading that diary and turned some pages and got shocked by reading some notes and kept the book secretly with me without my friends notice.as usual we cleaned the book rack and sold the books to old newspaper person and we got home..I had lunch and came back to my home and get into my room and opened that book and read it completely I got shocked by completely reading the book...I had planned to make my dream come true..

    What's the news I read in diary and what's my dream..I will tell in another part

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    SRS (Sunday, 11 November 2018 08:30)

    property mess part 11

    I was sleeping in nightmare and in my dreams my aunt Kavita judge and and my my lawyer Ola or laughing bye lifting my p****** and C see my last penis I was really humilated I don't know what to do do after that somebody wake me up and when I open my eyes I saw it was judge servant it by telling me MI me that it was 5 a.m. you have to to do your duties and I slowly wake up after that at I went to bathroom Om and brush my teeth after that I I stand to p on seeing that my servant it started to laugh and told oh my mai you don't have penis did you forget about that at just sit and be like us you are a complete women now I was humilated in front of servant it after that at I took bath and came outside she was ready with dress like saree and all and she started to do dressing me and she bride mai my long hair in a a tight ban it was really paining to me after uh that she took to the pooja room and and thought to do Pooja after the completing Pooja I went outside and she she thought how to do rangoli I was really shameful the neighbour aunt another public started to seeing me and there recognise me that I am a man who had transform into to a beautiful woman for my love Mr Prakash that too to the news has been published in channel so that everybody d i come to know so who I am I don't know what to do do I slowly put my head down and started to to applying rangoli on while she is teaching me after completing he rangoli I went inside to the kitchen and and she teach me me how to make a tea after that at I I handle the tea cup and when to the the judge room the judge is sleeping she is very arrogant woman I never seen in my life before I slowly kept teapot into the table l tell me the time I'm that servant come inside and told me me to take a bless on touching her feet it it it was very insulting me once I was a great man and it's so much power the Supreme Court judge will get afraid on seeing me me but here year I have to touch the the retired judge foot it is really embarrassing me after that I came outside and started cleaning the room each and every time I'm a servant it is guiding me after sometime I'm judge came outside and told add your learning quickly and ba obedient women you have to to take bless every morning to your Guru who I was shocked that who is my Guru who and the judge told by lovingly that is my servant it and command to touch her feet it I didn't obey her but suddenly I get Strike Out that at some how how I need my money after that at I will show so who I am and and I bend and touch servant feet it she laughed and saying soon you bring become a pregnant woman god bless you and they both started to love it was really tough how to manage this this thing after completing he cleaning work ok again I went to the room and she started Tu dress me again for class first I was petticoat and bra after uh she gave me me sleep less blouse which was deep neck and back open it is really brazing to wear it after that she she taught me how to wear saree and again main he started to do my hair this time I'm see tightly pulled my hair and braiding hair and after completing she did my makeup up and started to to put bangles in my both hand the earring and nose ring on it makes lot of sound this bring me I was a woman and now now I was ready for class add my first class is classical dance class I don't know how to face them and how will I learn that

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    Anjali (Sunday, 11 November 2018 09:28)

    Lovable life 2

    Next day I woke up as usual and got ready to go to college and went to my friend house by walk and waited for him while he is getting ready and his sister got ready and left before me.its almost 8am I'm thinking of how to build my plan and mean time my friend came and we started to college and seen aunty in bad mood due to loss of uncle and left to go to college.while my friend is taking his bike I am thinking how to execute my plan.he came near me and asked me to sit..I said that iam feeling headache and I can't come to college and asked him to go..he asked me shall i will drop in my home I said I will go as it's getting late to his college.he said bye and gone.i waited for him until he turns to main Street and came back to his house and knock the door.aunty opened the door and asked me where is my friend I said he left to college and asked me why didn't went I said I'm not feeling well so came back and said I will sleep here until I feel well.aunty said ok and asked me rest in my friend room.i gone to his room and acted like sleep and seen aunty doing her house chores..I waited for my time aunty feeling dizzy while she cooking food and went to her and asked her can I help her in cooking she seen me and said you are not feeling well go and take rest.i said it's ok aunty I will help you and asked what can I help her she felt inconvenience and scoulded me to go and sleep.i thought for while she arranging for cutting vegetables and asked her do you like to be man in your life listing to my question she got irritated and asked me to leave but I insisted her to tell whether she likes to be male in her life, she got angry and asked me to leave..seeing her angry I left to my friend room I took out of diary and came back to her..seeing me she scolds to leave and by seen diary in my hand she got shocked and felt shivered..I went near her and said I read the whole book and knows about her dream and how she hated her female life in her teens..once she got married and conceived she drops her dream and become normal women and adjusted as housewife.she sat down and weeped for a while and requested me not to tell her children and asked me to promise that I won't reveal her desire to anyone..I promised her I won't tell anyone but ili asked what I will get in return she didn't understand me and asked mewhat I want..I felt shy to ask her..
    Why I felt shy and what I ask I will narrate in next part

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    Anjali (Sunday, 11 November 2018 09:59)

    Lovable life 3

    I felt shy before her and she couldn't understand why am shying..and asked me what I want stand seeing her and felt nervous she seen my condition and came near me and asked what I want..I turned back and she said how can I understand what I want and by holding my shoulder she turned me towards her and asked again.i felt shy and said I can't say but I will show and taken her to her bedroom and she can't understand what I am doing and asked me what I want..I made her to sit on bed she didn't understand what I'm doing and felt nervous and sweat has been started on her face and she wiped her sweat by her saree I seen her tense and laugh she feels tense I asked her can I open her cupboard..she said what I want I asked her can I open her cupboard she said yes and went to her cupboard and opened it she seeing me curiously there are lot of sarees,inner lenghans and blouses and bra ..I taken one purple and blue colour saree and came back to her she didn't understand what I am doing..I came to her and placed the saree on my shoulder as noyrmal women do to check how it looks on her..I placed saree on me up to waist completely covering my upper body and asked her how it looks on me she didn't understand what I'm doing and Ali again asked her how it's looks on me.she said it looks good I am seeing my self in saree and she came near me and seen her near me I felt shy and placed my face down..she hold my cheek and asked me to look at her I felt shy to see her but she told me to look her..I seen her and felt shy she laughed me seeing like that and asked me do I like to be women..I said her it's my dream to be women.she said it's not easy to be women as she herself hate women in her as she don't have any right in family decision she has obeyed her husband words entire her life.women are like second citizen in society they don't enjoy the previlagous as man.and asked me don't spoil my life dream of being women and asked me to keep her saree in cupboard and leave..I supposed to say something but she said in stubborn voice think like this again and went to kitchen..I silently kept saree in cupboard and locked the door while seeing my dream saree and left out of room and went to kitchen..seeing me kitchen she said boys don't come to kitchen and asked me to go to my friends room or else go to my home..I silently went to friend room and locked the door..
    What happened I will narrate in another part

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    Anjali (Sunday, 11 November 2018 12:25)

    Lovable life 4

    Aunty readied lunch and knock my door Madhu come and have lunch I didn't respond she knock the door thrice and left by saying food will be on table come and eat if you want.i listened to her and not responded.i stayed in the room up to evening and left from there while I'm going aunty was bringing the dry clothes from terrace and she was full sweat I didn't said anything and left to my home.next day morning I said I was going to college and went outside and called my friend and said I'm not feeling well so I am not coming and asked him to go..I seen him while he go away and went to his home and rang the bill.aunty opened the door and scolded me not to come again I fell on her legs and was crying and felt embarrassed as it is main door she asked me come inside .we both went inside and she locked the door and went to do her work with out speaking to me..she is doing her work I'm simply watching her how she handles her saree and how she manages her work and got admired and felt can I have atleast one day in my life to be like married women and felt bad... seeing me like aunty didn't spoke anything as usual she called me to lunch I didn't eat and she eat and left her eaten plate on table and goneto her room and locked the door.i was still in hall thinking how lucky women life is they cook food what they like they sleep in afternoon as they don't have to bother about carrier and I too want to have that life...it's already 3pm aunty came out and seen me in the hall and didn't speak and switch on the TV and watch the serial and watching the serial she turn towards me and asked so you want to be women in life..I felt happy and said yes...she said ok then it's going to be between us only when ever we both are in house alone you be the women and help me in household duties and once you learn the work I won't help you..and all the inner hous works has to be done by you only she said I felt happy and went to near her and said thanks..she said now go and eat food..I went and sat on the table and placed my food in plate and not able to serve my self as iam not used to serve myself in home my mom's do it..she seen my struggle and came to me and served the food while I'm eating she said women in house eat last and no one will help her to serve and into should learn and get used to that..I said yes and ate my food.after completing my food I am going to watch TV.aunty called me and asked who will clean the table and wash the plates..I said daily you only do aunty she said up to yesterday she and her daughter are only women in the house as her daughter is going to college she did the work now she as another women in house so as women has to share the housework it's my duty to clean and wash the plates...I said ok aunty and went and clean the tables and wash the plates..she watched me while doing the work... after completing my work she said she will bring clothes from terrace I have to keep them in racks..I said yes she went up and brought clothes of her son pant, shirts,underwear..her daughter chudidar,inner petticoat and panty,aunties saree,blouse and lengha.and gave to me and asked me to arrange them neatly...I took them and went in to bedroom. To arrange them first I arranged my friend pant shirt and underwear..then I arranged aunties saree,blouse and lengths,then I arranged her daughter chudidar and petticoat I hesitated to touch her panty...aunty seeing me it's nothing wrong for women to touch other women clothes as they both have same parts and said to me you also women it's nothing wrong to hold another women panties and said to me to take her daughter panty and keep it in rack I took it and arranged inside the cupboard both daughter and aunties clothes.then she said go and keep my friends clothes in his room as it's not good to club aged boy clothes with our women dress and I said yes and kept his clothes in his cupboard and came back.i felt very happy when ever she is saying our women as she accepted me as women.and left that day to my home.while going aunty called me back and asked me to keep kumkum on my face I didn't understand that she said Turmeric and kumkum are very auspicious in women life and as your leaving my house and you being women I have to keep them to you but I'm widowed so keep it yourself I felt happy and take kumkum in hand and kept on me face in round shape..and left there.

    What happened iwill narrate in another part.

  • #310

    Anjali (Sunday, 11 November 2018 22:35)

    Lovable life 5

    I returned back to home With kumkum on my face.while I'm coming back to home my cousin sister just came on her bike and asked me to come with her I didn't like to sit in back seat with women but as I don't know how to ride i sat back in bike and she dropped me at my home..while both of us coming in to myhouse she seen my face with kumkum and asked did I went to college or temple.i said I came from college while coming to home I went to temple she said ok and went to speak with my mom.i came in to my room and felt happy as I have atleast one who understands my inner desire..I called my aunty in phone and said thanks.she asked me did I'm going to college tomorrow...I said I have to she said it's ok my sister came into my room without my knowledge I felt fear and scolded her to go away and she left angrily and I cut the call.. at night I'm thinking of whether to go to college or not..I decided that it's my only opportunity to be women in life I decided to keep holidays for one week nd be with my aunt.. early morning I called my friend and said I not feeling well so I don't come to college this week he asked me what happened I said I'm not feeling well will come from next week.. he said ok...so I have sometime to enjoy my life as women and went to my aunt house...she seen me and asked me you said you are going to college i said I kept holidays this week and she laughed seeing me and asked me come inside and she closed the door.she said so you decided to be women like me I said yes...ok come to kitchen I will teach you how to do house chores..I felt happy and followed her.. first she gave me broomstick and asked me to clean each and every room neatly I took the stick and started to clean..while I'm sweeping her bedroom she came from backside and said women don't sweep in semi standing position and asked me to bend completely and sweep I bend as she said and swept all rooms by finishing I felt some back pain...she asked me to come inside her bedroom and went to her she said being women it's mandatory to keep bindi daily and kept one bindi on my face and asked me to see my face...I like the bindi on my face very much seeing me she said we don't have all day to look in mirror and asked me to collect all the used dress of my friend and sister and her last day and bring them to her.I collected everything this time without thinking as I'm one of women like them only..and taken clothes to aunty she asked me to keep them in washing machine..I kept them after a while I took them out and placed them in bucket aunty took them to terrace ..

  • #311

    Anjali (Monday, 12 November 2018 00:27)

    Lovable life 6

    After she came from terrace she seen me watching cricket highlights she directly came and switch-off the TV and said there is lot is working pending and you are watching leisurely..I asked her what I have to do she asked me to go and bring vegetables from fridge and cut...I went and taken them from fridge and sat on table to cut she asked me to sit on floor and cut I didn't understand why she said and asked her she said we women has to sit by crossing legs while sitting and usually women gets used to sit like that from childhood as they wear skirts to school but you are new to women hood so learn yourself by watching serials in TV ..I sat on floor with my legs crossed and cut vegetables mean while aunty went to take bath.i cut vegetables and kept on table and switch on TV and started watching serials aunty came out from bathroom with drying ourself in old saree and seen me watching serial she said good girl you are fast learner..I seen her for the first time without saree I shocked..she understand my question and said we both are women so I feel free to roam around without crapping saree but I asked her why she doesn't use towel to bath she said women usually housewife don't use towels in house like shown in movies as getting towel to cover completely is difficulty so we use used saree to dry ourself saying this she went into bedroom Nd came out drapping saree...and while coming out she said you to should start using oldsaree to dry yourself after bath so that no man should see you nicely..and laughed at her and she said come we cook food and we both went to kitchen and cook food..after food I cleaned and washed everything while washing my full hands shirt got drenched she seen this and asked me to work properly...I came out from kitchen she asked to watch serial and she to sleep.

  • #312

    Anjali (Monday, 12 November 2018 02:54)

    lovable life 7

    At 4pm she got up and went to terrace to bring clothes and gave to me arrange in cupboard.i arranged women clothes in there cupboard and kept my friends in his room..and asked me to keep tea for her i said i dont know she said today she will help me and from tomorrow onward i have to keep by myself and she said me how to do tea and we drink that tea she said that im not that bad in cook,after tea i taken cup from her and washed both of our cups while washing my shirt got drench in water again as its time for her daughter to come from college i said i will leave to home she said ok and asked me to dry my shirt in drier for a while i removed my shirt she seen me wearing full baniyan under shirt she said good girl you know how to cover your body as normal college going girls do by wearing petticoat i felt shy i went to my friend room and tried to wear his t shirt my aunt seen me and said do girls wear boys t shirt?i said no then she asked me why im wearing i said i dont want to walk nude in home she laughed at me and said go bring my old saree which i used morning and cover yourself i did as she said and cover my body with saree and dried my shirt and wear it.while im ready to go out she reminded me to remove bindi and keep kumkum on my face then i remembered that im wearing binid from morning and removed it she asked me to place bindi to mirror so i can use it again i did as she said and placed kumkum on my face and left home.while walking my sister came from backside and seen me having kumkum she teased me im daily going to temple..i seen her angrily and she said sorry and asked me to sit she will drop me in my home and sat on back of her and went to home.next day as usual i came to aunty house she seen me and said to and take bath.i said i laready had bath she said i know how you take bath in your home and ordered me to go and take bath while going she gave me turmeric powder in bowl and said to apply it on whole body .i did as she said applied turmeric paste to my body she knocked the door while im taking bath..i opened door semi and asked her what she said to come out i wrapped towel upto waist and came out my upper body is covered with turmeric paste seeing me like this she me scolded angrily you are almost 20 years and dont know how to take bath and thrown one of her used lengha on my face and asked me to wrap it around my breast
    i did as she said lengha came up tp my half legs then she said go inside bathroom and went she came along and asked me to sit on small stool i sat on stool she said me and my daughter not only us every women sit and take bath men only stand and bath being women you also should learn i said yes and she showed me how to bath like women which areas to wash and while coming out she gave me old saree and asked me to dry i did as she said.after 10 minutes i went to wear my clothes she said no one is in house and you are spoiling your dress so bought new nighty for you separately so you only wear it daily and gave me nighty.i felt haapy and wear it as pant from downside she hit on my head women wear it from upside and asked me to wear properly i slide it down from head it fitted me perfectly.then aunty said you look good now go and keep bindi and come to hall i bought something for you.i kept bindi and seen myself in mirror wearing nighty for first time i felt happy and went to hall..there aunty holding one box and when i went there she opened it i was shocked by seeing anklets.she asked me raise my nighty i felt happy and shown my legs she placed anklets on my both legs and asked do i like it.i said i love them she felt happy and asked me to do routine household chores i did with easy asit feel comfort to work with nighty then pant and shirt..while im walking my anklets sounds make me feel happy..on day end i took off my nighty and placed it in our women's cupboard and removed bindi keep kumkum and went to home.my sister again came from my back side and drop me at home.

    i felt something why my sister is coming from this side as her college is on different side..but as dont want to think about her as im happy with my women life and went back home

  • #313

    Anjali (Monday, 12 November 2018 05:23)

    lovable life 8

    Next day i went to my aunty home she seen me and said go take bath and went to kitchen poured turmeric powder in bowl and taken old saree and went to bath room she noticed me and appreciated me and i went inside and sat on stool and had my bath sitting on stool when im back i taken out nighty and wear and kept my bindi and came to aunty and ask about anklets she said she kept them in dressing table and went and opened it and taken anklets and wear while im wearing aunty came and asked why i came so fastly from bath i said im completed aunty said you have to spend atleast 20 min in bathroom as women has to clean each and every part cleanly to maintain beauty and femininity from tomorrow you try to learn to stay in bathroom atleast 30 min so you will get used to femininity i said ok and she taking out something from dressing table seeing them i loved them and aunty asked to show my hands and wear 24 bangles each hand got 12 bangles and i loved wearing them and hugged aunty and said thankyou. she said these are just starting i will make you a good housewife to your future husband.i felt shy thinking about husband seeing me shy aunty said every girl feels like this only when listened about husband,and asked me to go and do washing clothes i did as she said and gave clothes to her in bucket and went to dry them and mean time i preparing lunch as aunty said she seen me sweating alot on my back while im preparing lunch i felt some uneasy lifting my hands as it was my first day wearing bangles and working but i liked the sound they made when ever i turn my hands.after lunch aunty went to sleep and started to watch serials and the day finished normally while im going home my sister came and gave lift i asked her from where she is coming she said she dropped her friend and coming i said ok and drop off at my home.next day i went to aunty and did everything as she said earlier and when im ready to wear nighty she stoped me and gave petticoat and asked me to wear inside nighty i did as she said and felt little tight then normal nighty aunty said you have to get used to them as one day you will be wearing chudidar with that only so that when you sweat your inner body wont be visible to men i laughed at her and aunty had something in her hands she didnt shown me i asked whats that she asked to come near her and asked me to close eyes i closed eyes and listened clip sound on my ear and opened eyes she is keeping clip ear danglings to my ears i ran to mirror and seen my face its glowing when compared to earlier as im using turmeric paste to bath..seeing me aunty asked one thing didnt suit you i asked what she said go and remove your little mustach i immediately went to my friend room and removed while coming out i thought what stupid thing i did what can i say to my mom..aunt seen me tense and said evening straightly go to saloon and have haircut and say to shaved there..i loved the idea she came near and you little girls panic to small issues there are lot of things in your life to get tense now enjoy your life as u dont have any responsibilities on you and said go and remaining work i said thank you and went. im enjoyed my day alot and after straightly went to saloon had my haircut and came backhome.i remembered aunt saying we girls panic to small things and have to bear alot in future..i didnt understand what she meant..thinking of i went to sleep.

  • #314

    Anjali (Monday, 12 November 2018 06:45)

    lovable life 9

    As usual i went to my aunt house and shocked to see my friend and sister there.he asked me how you feeling now i said im good then my friend said come we go and play cricket i dont know what to say and i said yes we started to go while we are going aunty came and shouted at me you dont feel well upto yesterday now you are going to play cricket in this hot temperature..my friend tried to said something but aunty asked him to leave if he wants to play i didnt said anything he left to play cricket..aunty shouted at me to go inside i went inside and opened aunties bedroom to take bath and wear my clothes there i seen my friend sister in her room speaking to her friend her friend turned to see me its my sister..i was shocked to see my sister there she said hi to me i asked her what she is doing here she said my friend sister got closed in college few weeks back and now they are good friends.my sister friend asked me why i came i said aunty called you and came back to hall my friend sister gone to her mom and asked why she called me she said i didnt call you she seen me and understand the situation and said you and your friend go out and bring vegetables she said to her and they both left from there i said thank you to aunt.aunt said dont waste time go and do bath and wear your dress i shocked listening to this she said wear your male dress and relaxed at bit she gave me turmeric paste and thrown me in to bathroom. i started to paste turmeric paste to my whole body aunty knocked door and said dont keep paste to face it will look as u used it to others immediately i said ok and dropped off pasting to my face and started to take bath fastly again aunty shouted dont need to come fast i will call them and said to bring other items so you take care of your beauty its must for every girl than anything and said thanks to aunty ..i did my bath almost 45 min and aunty knocked door you girl come fast you taking hours to take bath i said coming aunty and went outside after 10min..she seen me and said you too becoming one of us you
    said coming and u came out after 10 min covering my fill body in old saree..i said sorry..then aunty said girls never say sorry for these things if anyone questions you why you taking some much time to bath you say its your wish its your life but dont say sorry.i said ok and aunty asked me go and open cover in cupboard i said aunty they willcome she said dont worry i am there.i believed her and opened cupboardand taken cover in that black bra and blank half cut panty is there seen them i loved them but felt fear as my sister and daughter comes at any time she said dont worry anyway you have to underwear in that place you wear panty i convinced but asked about bra?she laughed and said you are not wearing outside the shirt as you are wearing baniyan you can easily wear it inside baniyan i said yes and stood silently she understands my position you girl feeling shy to wear infront of me i didnt say anything she said if i go now i wont come back again to help you..i said i dont want her help i can wear them..she again said that i said i will wear them and come outside she left out.i removed old saree and wear panty its quite different then normal men wear..its difficult to keep me groin inside it but i managed and kept inside and opened bra and loved that as it was every crossdresser dream to wear bra today i am fulfill my dream and curiously opened it and placed my hands in two straps and tried to hook it from back side..i tried several times but all my tries goes in vain and even time is running out at any time my sister and her friend comes so went to door and opend it half and called aunty.she is watching tv and said she wont help me..i requested her alot to help me atlast she accepted my request and said if i dont obey her in future then she wont help me i said sorry she laughed and came inside the room and immedietly asked me to turn back i turned back she hooked the bra to my tight chest..i seen my flat chest and felt she understand that and said you still looks like 10 years girl u have time to grow your own breast by the time you attain puberty age you will get breast like us and dont feel now..i asked her do i get breast like her she said every girl will ask that question to her mother but you are asking me thats only difference and said im thinking like how girl of my age thinks only regarding breast i felt shy and suddenly i asked her how she knows that called her to hook bra as she asked me to turn back when she entered the room.

  • #315

    Anjali (Monday, 12 November 2018 06:49)

    Lovable life 10

    she laughed and said only women can understand other women needs as you become one of us as a women i can undertsand you and its quiet common for girls while wearing there first bra they say that they know how to wear to their mothers at last they will ask mothers help to hook bra and even you did same thing girls of your age think like this only..i felt happy as she is telling me as i am behaving real women without my knowledge..by then suddenly main gate opened i got tensed..she said dont worry go to friend room and wear your dress but be careful while bending as bra is tight outlines shape will visible if you tight yourself and should be cautions while doing anywork so from today you have to be careful in your daily life as you shouldnt show bra straps or bra outlines as they attract male very much be careful and door bell rang..i said yes and ran to my friend room and closed door aunt opened door both of them get inside.in bedroom i dressed my self and seen in mirror do my bra straps are visible as i am wearing full hands shirt straps are not visible and remembered her voice i should no bend tightly as bra outlines will be visible so i tightened my shirt very tightly and turned back to check i seen my bra outlines clearly and feels disappointed.

  • #316

    Raghu (Monday, 12 November 2018 22:19)

    Serial actress - 4

    My mom and my wife started to teach me, how to adjust saree and how who handles pallu etc. I started to learn cooking nicely.
    Days passed, I was acting nicely. My name in the serial is swati. Soon serial is telecasted. Serial got nice ratings.
    My mom and my wife also started watching it. I was becoming very famous. Neighbours also appreciated my acting and even they started to call me as "swati". My mom and my wife also started to call me as swati.
    One day my mil came to our home, she was waiting for me. I came home after shooting. My mile came to me and told me, she too watching my serial. She told me nice acting " swati" ". I just laughed.
    Soon my hair grown long enough to remove my wig. My wife took nice care for my hair. One day while watching serial, my mum asked me, why are you wearing the same earrings. I told my mum that I don't have any piercing to wear all kinds of earrings. My mom told me then you can have piercing. I was shocked.
    Next day, my mum pierced my ears. Within a week, I started to wear earrings.
    My behaviour also changing like women, because everyone is treating like a women and I am acting like a women.

  • #317

    Raghu (Monday, 12 November 2018 22:35)

    Serial actress - the end

    It's been 2 years since my serial started. My hair grown very long with special care of my mum and my wife. My hair is now till my hips. My mom started to braid my hair daily like, mother braiding her daughter's hair. I too learned some hair styles.,, in the serial also, my mom helps me to became a women, by treating me like her daughter..
    I started to love being a women. Now I am getting so many roles in the serials but all are women characters. Even though now I am acting like a women but I am a man.
    My mom and my wife encouraged me to do the women roles. I started to wear only sarees. Now in my home there is clothes of men. We started to help each other while getting ready for any occasion. And I started to do only women roles.......
    Now I became a women in real life also and I am happy to be a women

  • #318

    Raghu (Monday, 12 November 2018 23:27)

    Wife's death - 1


    my name is ramesh. My parents died when I was studying my 10th class. My family is a very traditional family. I even wore stubs in my ears. After my parents death, I studied hard and got a job. Soon I got married and decided to stay with my wife along with her family. My mil and fil treated me very well. Soon my wife gave birth to a baby girl. Now she is 1 year old. One day me and my wife went to a marriage Leaving our daughter in our home.
    While coming to home, we met an accident and got injured very badly.
    2 years later, I woke up suddenly in my home, and my mil saw me and rushed towards me. Tears rolled in her eyes. She is very happy seeing me. I asked her what happened to me. My mil told me, in the accident, I was injured badly and I was in coma for 2 years. I was shocked.
    Then I asked my mil where is my wife. My mil cried and told me, my wife died in that accident. Tears rolled in my eyes. My mil gave my daughter to me. I was happy to see her now she is 3 years old. I tried to stand but I can't stand properly. To my surprise I was wearing a nighty and I have long hair which is braided nicely.
    I asked my mil about it. My mil told me, it was difficult for them to clean me, in Pant and shirt, so they made me to wear a nighty. And I didn't have hair cut for 2 years, so my hair grown long and to keep it clean my mil braided it.
    Soon my fil came home to see me. He was very happy to see me. He always treated me as his son. I was feeling very week. For 2 years I was in the bed due to this, my muscles became week.
    Days passed, I was still thinking about my wife. My mil understood my pain. She tried to cheer me up. She always asks me to play with my daughter. Daily in the morning and in the evening my mil used to braid my long hair. I too didn't care about it much.
    One day, my mil was working in the kitchen and my dad was sleeping. I was getting bored, so I went to kitchen to help my mil. My mil surprised seeing me. My mil asked me, what do you want, I told her that I just want to help her. She felt happy and gave some vegetables to cut. I don't how to cut, so she taught me how to cut.

  • #319

    Raghu (Tuesday, 13 November 2018 00:03)

    Wife's death-2

    Days passed, one day I thought now my wife is dead and I don't have any job and I am living with my mil and fil with their money. I told his to my mil and fil and I am leaving them. My mil and fil became very sad. My mil even cried. My mil told me, before you are our son in law, from now onwards you are our son,,Please don't leave us .my fil told me, we have so much property and you don't have to do any job. You just take rest now, till you get normal. I too agreed them.
    One day, I took bath remove my ear stubs in my room. When I came back, they are missing. I asked my mil about and she told me, she don't know anything about it.
    Then I went to kitchen to do some work, at that time my mil came to kitchen with my wife's jhumkas. She gave it to me and asked me to wear it. I said no. My mil told me, you an wear it, till we can buy some new ear stubs. She requested me a lot, so I agreed to wear it. My mil helped me to wear it. Whenever I move, they are swinging.
    In the afternoon my fil saw it and told me you look good in this earrings. Listening to it I just smiled.
    Days passed, I didn't bought ear stubs and I continued to wear this earrings. One day, I wanted a open a bottle but I was unsuccessful and my mil opened it easily. I don't, either I was weak or my mil is strong. But my mil didn't care to much about it.. My hair grown longer and longer. But I didn't thought to cut it. All my clothes are faded and damaged.
    My mil told me if you want you can wear your wife's jeans and shirts. You are staying in home only, so there is no problem wearing it. I too agreed for it.
    . I took one of my wife's jeans and shirt, they are still new, May be my mil washed, my wife's clothes.

  • #320

    Raghu (Tuesday, 13 November 2018 00:29)

    Wife's death -3

    I wore the jeans and the shirt. My mil saw me and told me it fits you correctly. I too realised that. Because lack of my muscles in my body, it fitted me nicely. My fil also happy seeing me, in these clothes. I was happy with my daughter.
    One day all my wife's jeans are washed and they are still wet. I don't know what to wear. My mil asked me my problem, she thug or a while and gave me my wife's top, I wore it then she gave my wife's long skirt. I was shocked. She told me, you don't have any other clothes except sarees. I thought skirt is better than saree, so I decided to wear it. I thought to wear my fil's clothes but they are very loose to me. So I wore the shirt. It is a different feel for me.
    My mil centre parted my hair and braided it. I didn't care much about it. When my fil saw me, he became very very happy. My mil taught me how sit and stand wear a skirt. My mil told me to keep my legs, close while sitting. I did all my mil asked me to do. One day my fil bought lot of flowers.
    My mil kept in her hair and still lot flowers are remaining. Then my mil turned towards me. I realised what she wanted. I said no. My mil requested me, she told me, lot of flowers are going to be wasted, if you don't wear. She requested me continuously, so finally I agreed. She asked me to turn back. I did just like she asked , she took a hairpin and kept lot of flowers in my hair and I can feel weight in my hair. My mil arranged them on my shoulders. Every time I move, flowers are coming front side and remembering that I am wearing flowers. One day my mil bought me, some bracelets. That too for both hands. But they look like golden bangles. I asked her, bracelets are worn for only one hand, but she bought two, she told me, now a days bracelets are worn to both hands. She convinced me some how and I wore it.

  • #321

    Raghu (Tuesday, 13 November 2018 00:55)

    Wife's death - 4

    My face hair is not growing much. Days passed now my hair crossed my hips. My hair is very dense and strong. It will take at least 20min to braid it neatly. One day I asked my mil to teach me, how to braid my long hair, my mil told me, I will teach you, but only I will braid your hair. I agreed for it. She taught me, how to braid my long hair but she daily used to braid my hair.
    My daughter loves to play with my long hair. Now regularly my mil keeps flowers in my hair.
    Slowly I started to feel my chest size is increasing, I don't how it happened. I asked my mil about it and my mil told me a shocking news.
    In the accident, my testicles are damaged, so the doctors removed it and replaced it with some silicon balls. Doctor warned us that, if the testosterone content decreases than automatically estrogen content increases and you start developing females features. I was shocked. I didn't expect this. My mil told me, there us nothing to worry, we will help you. We went doctor, he saw my reports and said there is only way to turn you back into man but it is after you fully turned into women I was shocked. We came home. And days passed, my chest size increased even more, and I started to get pain.
    Then my mil told me, the only way to stop the pain is to wear a bra. I was shocked but I don't have any other option, so I agreed to wear it.

  • #322

    Raghu (Tuesday, 13 November 2018 01:22)

    Wife's death - 5

    We went to shopping and I wore the top and long skirt. We went to bra section and my mil asked bra for me. The sales girl measured me and said 36b. I realised, my wife's breast size also same. We bought some bras and came home. My mil took me to my room and asked me to remove my clothes. I felt shy but I removed my clothes. My mil took a bra and made me to wear it. Then I wore my clothes back but my breast size is completely visible like a bump. So my mil gave me a dupatta to cover it. My mil told me always cover you breasts.
    I went to kitchen and while working, my dupatta is not properly, my mil shouted at me. She told me to cover my breasts properly. My mil told everything to my fil so he didn't ask me anything. Next day, my mil asked me to take bath, when I came back, she is waiting for me. My mil told me today we are going to temple, because today is your daughter's birthday. My mil told me, today you are going to wear saree, I was shocked. I said no but mil asked me, then what are you going to wear? I have ever no answer to it. I wore the bra and the blouse which fitted me correctly them pavada and my mil took a saree and started to drape. She finished draping and pinned the pallu on my left shoulder. Then she applied little make up and made me to wear bangles, earrings, anklets, bindi then she started to braid my hair. Which is touching my butt. After braiding, she filled my hair with flowers.
    My fil is waiting for us, he is stunned seeing me in saree. My took my daughter and now we are ready to go. I wore my mil's one of her sandals. My mil told me, to cover my breast always with saree. We reached the temple and we went inside. Priest asked our names and my mil told my name as ramya (my wife's name), I am the mother to my daughter. I simply stood there. The priest gave flowers and turmeric paste to us. My mil took it from my hands and applied turmeric paste to my cheeks and kept flowers in my hair.

  • #323

    Raghu (Tuesday, 13 November 2018 02:06)

    Wife's death - the end

    Then we went home, I was very sad. My mil understood it and said, we cannot do anything now. You have to accept your fate. Tears rolled in my eyes, my mil consoled me. Months passed, now my breasts are developed properly. Doctor Checked me properly and said we can turn you into a man any but we can't guarantee that again you can't turned into a women. I was shocked. He told me other option, if you turn into women completely than you will get no problems. I have no answer.
    We came home and my mil and my fil convinced me, saying girl needs a mother. So I agreed to it. After a month I was turned into a women, my voice also turned like women.
    I thought it is over, one day my mil told me that they saw a match for me. I asked what?? My mil told me, we saw a man who can marry you, he will become a husband to you and dad your daughter. I was shocked. I started to cry.
    My mil told me, after your daughter grown and if me and my husband died, you don't have anyone to take care of you and your daughter, so please agree for the marriage.
    I agreed for my daughter and my future husband met me. He told me that, he know everything me . He told me that, he don't have any family except her daughter. We all can live together.
    Soon married date fixed. On the day of marriage, I was ready just like my wife was ready on our marriage. I wore saree with lot of jewellery and flowers. I sat beside my future husband ( pavan). Like women with shy. Soon he tied mangalautra in my neck. Now I understood, I am wife of pavan. And I have 2 daughters. Then I wore toe rings. For the pictures, pavan pulled me towards him with his hands on my shoulder. Then we took blessings from my mil and my fil.
    In the night it is our first night, pavan was waiting for me, I was ready and my mil is giving some tips and traditions to follow. I. Went inside the room with milk glass. Pavan closed the door, he drank half and I drank half. I was very nervous. He told me, forget about your past now I am your husband and you are my wife. I nodded my head. He kept his hand hands on my shoulder and pulled to the bed. He removed, all my clothes, and started to press and bite my breasts and slowly inserted his penis into my Vegina. It was painful. Tears rolled in my ears. We both are exhausted after doing so many times. He kissed on my forehead and told me, he will take care me and my daughter. We both slept like that.
    Morning I woke up took my bath, wore a saree and made tea for him. He again pulled me Towards him and started to kiss me, I felt shy and ran from him.
    My mil told me never ever remove your mangalautra and keep it under your saree. I started to teach my daughters to call me mommy and soon they started to call me mommy. My husband loves me a lot, daily he brings flowers and used to keep in my hair.
    There after, I never interfered between my husband and my fil talking to other, I just stayed back with my mil like all other women.
    Me and my husband started to love each other truly. He loves my long hair and my bangles, he loves to play with my long hair and with my bangles. Whenever I was in kitchen, he will hug me from back and kiss me, I resist it outside but inside I was happy
    Soon I became a true wife to my husband, mother to my daughters and a daughter to my mil and fil
    The end.............

  • #324

    Raghu (Wednesday, 14 November 2018 01:33)

    Love for money - 1

    My name is deepak. Now I am studying b.tech 3rd year.
    I am living with my join family, my dad have 2 brothers, everyone got married and have only sons. My mom and my aunties always feel bad for not having daughter. There are elder than me, and doing some jobs.
    I am not like my brothers. I am not muscular and having little long hair till my shoulders. I am not interested in sports also. We are not rich and I am not good at studies, so I decided to marry a rich girl but till now I don't have any girlfriends. Many girls in our college proposed me but I didn't accept anyone because they are not rich.
    One day,, one rich girl transferred from her college to our college, her name is neha. I don't know why she transferred. and she is my class. Now I decided to marry her somehow. I am not regular to college but only because of her I started to go to college.
    Days passed , one day I decided to talk to her,. I went to her, and started to talk. Slowly she too started talking to me.
    She is very beautiful and I always prised her beauty.
    One day while we are talking she told me, you have nice hair and you should grow it long. For the first time she gave me a complement. So, I decided to grow my hair.
    I stopped cutting my hair and neha preferred me some hair growth conditioners, tablets, she was using, so I too started to use them...

  • #325

    Raghu (Wednesday, 14 November 2018 01:49)

    Love for money - 2

    One day, my mum asked me about my hair. I told her that, I would like have long hair. My mom felt happy and my aunties are also supported me. One day, neha told me, beard and mustache doesn't suit you. I only have little beard and mustache, so I didn't mind shaving it. My mom and aunties are encouraged me, in my new look.

  • #326

    Raghu (Wednesday, 14 November 2018 04:11)

    Love for money - 3

    Me and neha used to meet regularly. Because of all the conditioners I am using, my hair is growing fast.
    Now, I am completed my 3rd year. My hair is till my mid back. One day, while me and neha talking my hair is disturbing me by filling on my face. Neha took a rubber band and made a ponytail for me. I didn't say anything about it. I went home like that, my dad and my uncles scolded me but my mom and my aunties defended me. In summer holidays, neha went for a 10days trip with her friends. I am getting bored. I neglected my friends for neha and now they don't like me. So I stayed in home.
    One day in the evening, I was watching TV. My mom set beside me with a comb and oil bottle. She removed the rubber band in my hair and applied oil to my hair. Slowly she massaged my hair. I felt very relaxed. Then she took a comb and started to brush my hair. After some time, my mom got up by placing something on my shoulder. I was shocked. My mom braided my long hair. I started to shout at my mom. At that time my dad came near me. My dad told me, you have long hair like girls and there is nothing wrong wearing braids like girls. My dad told me, if you don't cut your hair than your mom will whatever she wanted to do with your hair. If you ever shout again at her than I am going to kick you out of the house. Listening to it, I was shocked. I simply stayed quietly.
    Now daily my mom started to braid my hair both in the morning and as well as in the evening. But I don't want to cut my hair because of neha.
    Soon neha came back from the trip. One day she called me and asked me to come with her for shopping. I was happy and we both went for shopping.
    Than she told me, now we are going to beauty parlour. We went to beauty parlour, I told her that I will wait outside. Neha told me that, she booked a appointment for me also. I was shocked. I asked why?? Neha told me, you can trim you hair, and you can have some skin treatment also. so now you can come with me.
    I went inside the beauty parlour. One of the beautician made me to sit on the chair. Then they started to show there work on me. Soon they trimmed my hair at the bottom,. Then they did waxing, threading and all the beauty treatments. When I saw in the mirror, I was shocked. I am looking like a girl. My eyebrows are shaved nicely and I don't have any hair on my body. Finally neha asked the beautician to pierce my ears. I was shocked. I said no. But neha requested me and I don't want to disappoint her, so I agreed. Soon she pierced my ears. Neha felt very happy. Then I went home. My family shocked seeing me like this. My dad gave a angry look but he didn't say anything. My mom saw my ears and asked me, why didn't pierce your ears. I don't what to say, so suddenly I told her that I would like to Wear earring. My mom just gave a smile . soon I started to wear ear stubs to college. One day in the evening my mom came to me with a box and gave it to me. I opened it, they are jhumkas and my mom told me they are for you. I was shocked. I said no mom, I can't wear them.
    My dad set beside me and he gave a angry look. Than I said OK mom I will wear them. My mom helped me to wear it. I can feel the weight on my ears.

  • #327

    Raghu (Wednesday, 14 November 2018 04:46)

    Love for money - 4

    My aunties and my mom felt very happy seeing me like this. Next day, I went college like this, everyone laughed at me but neha told me nice earrings. She started to play with my earrings. She loves to see earrings swinging. Whenever she goes to parlour, she used to take me too.
    One day neha asked me, you know cooking?? I was surprised and said no. She told me that she like boys who cook. To impress her, I told her that, I am not an expert in cooking but I know some dishes. She asked me to cook and bring a sweet for her. In the evening I went home. I don't how to ask my mom. I went to my mom and asked her to teach me, how make sweets?? My mom asked me why?? I told her that I like to learn cooking. My mom felt happy and told me, daily you should come to kitchen, so that you can learn all type of dishes.
    My mom and my aunties taught me, how to make sweets and finally I made some sweets. I thought to give it to neha tomorrow.
    Next day morning my mom woke me up, my mom told me to come to kitchen. With hesitation I went to kitchen. My mom and my aunties taught me, how to make tea, coffee etc. My mom asked me to make tea, after I did,, my mom gave it to my dad. My dad tasted it and appreciated me. It is the first time my dad appreciated me. Then I went college and gave sweets to Neha . She asked me how to make?? I told her, step by step and she is impressed. But bad thing is, now my mom daily made me to do kitchen works. Now I became one of them.
    Now every time, my dad and uncles eat, I have to serve the food. After that, I used to eat along with my mom and aunties. They used to talk only girly things.
    Days passed, all these things became daily routine for me. Now my mom is not allowing me to go out after 6pm.my mom and my aunties even made me to watch serials with them. My hair grown very long. It is about to touch my hips.
    One day, neha took me to a place,there some specialists are applying mehindi to hands and legs. Neha set on one chair and I set on one chair. Then she told them to apply for both of us. I was shocked. I said no but Neha told me, it will be washed out in a week. Finally she convinced me. The specialists completed applying to us. Than neha's car driver dropped me in my home.
    I went inside the home hiding my hands. Some how my mom and aunties saw it. My mom saw my hands and told me nice design. I thought my mom will scold me but she didn't.

  • #328

    Raghu (Wednesday, 14 November 2018 05:08)

    Love for money - 5

    My mom asked me, if you like mehindi, you should have asked me, I would keep nice design for you. My mom and my aunties are not teasing me, they just talking to me like I am a women. I just gave fake smile and went to my room. Now I don't have much muscles like a man. My body is very sensitive now.
    One day, my aunties son gave me his bike because he bought a new car. Immediately I took the keys. Everyone is happy for the car. I kept the keys and tried to lift the bike. I can't control it because of it weight. It is about to fall on me immediately my dad, lifted it. My mom got angry and told my dad to sell these bike and bring a scooty for me. My dad said OK. I don't what is happening?? I can't even lift it. My mom came to me and said, we can't lift the bikes. Its for your dad, uncles and her sons not for us. What is my mom saying. Is she considering me as a girl?
    My dad bought a pink scooty for me. Soon I started to go to college in the scooty.
    Soon I got holidays for, sankranti festival. On the day of festival, my mom and aunties are drawing rangoli. I casually went to see it. My mom gave me a cup containing some colours and asked me to help them. I said, I don't mom about these. My mom told me to just fill design they made with colours. The full day I have so many works because of the festival.

  • #329

    Raghu (Wednesday, 14 November 2018 06:34)

    Love for money - 6

    My mom used to make different hair styles for me. In 2 months, I am going to finish my b.tech. Neha and me became very close to each other. Soon, it's farewell party. Everyone is happy about it. At that time, neha took me to her friends room. I was getting excited. I thought we are going to have sex but no. Neha asked me to promise her that today we will both were similar type of clothes. I thought, it may Pant and shirt of similar colour but I was wrong. Neha told me, today we are going to wear saree. I was shocked and said no. Neha got angry and asked me, you promised me, if you don't wear it than we are not friends from now onwards. I don't want to loose Neha and her property. So I said OK.
    I removed my clothes, neha took a bra and made me to wear it and filled it with some balls than I wore the blouse and pavada. The blouse is perfectly suited me. Than she took a saree and draped me. She pinned the pallu on my left shoulder. Than she applied some make up. Neha started to pit bangles to my hands, earrings to my ears, anklets, bindi on my forehead. Than she styled my hair in girly way. When I saw in the mirror, I was shocked. I was looking perfectly like a girl. That neha went to another room and wore her saree and came. We are wearing identical sarees and jewellery.
    When we went to party. Everyone shocked and surprised. Everyone prised my beauty. I didn't mix with the boys, I just stayed with girls. Soon party was over and I was happy that I didn't get much trouble. Again I changed to my males clothes and went home.

  • #330

    Raghu (Wednesday, 14 November 2018 07:21)

    Long for money - 7

    When I went home, everyone is discussing something. My dad stopped me from going to my room. My dad took his phone and shown my pictures, in which I wore a saree. I don't what to say. My dad started asking questions. My dad asked me, are you a gay?? Immediately my mom interfered and said yes. He like to be a woman and I will help him to be one. I was shocked, I don't know where it is going...
    My mom asked me to go to my room. After hours of discussion my mom and aunties came to my room. They set beside me and said, son,, everyone agreed to accept you as my daughter ,,from now onwards you can live as a woman. I was shocked but I don't how to tell my mom that, I did all these for a girl and her property. I silently sat. After staying some time everyone left. Soon I went to sleep.
    Next day, I woke up and got ready in my male clothes but I don't how to face my dad. I slowly went near dinning table to have lunch. At that my dad, uncles and his sons came to me. They apologised me fro what happened yesterday. Everyone told me, from now onwards everyone will treat me like a women. I don't how to respond. Than I went to college.
    When I returned home and went to my room. My room is totally changed. My mom and aunties followed me. My mom asked me to open the cupboard. I was shocked. The cupboard is filled with sarees and other women clothes. In the next cupboard contains jewellery. My computer is missing, instead there are bangles and make up items.
    My mom took a nighty, bangles and other items. She gave it me and said wearing all these,,come to kitchen. I just nodded my head. Tears rolled in my eyes. I changed to nighty and wore all the accessories and went to kitchen. Soon exams also finished. I haven't seen neha for a while.
    Now I am having holidays......
    One day my mom woke me up and told me, today we are going to temple. I took my bath and came back, my mom and aunties are waiting for me. My mom gave me bra and filled it with some balls and I wore silk blouse and pavada. Than my mom took a saree and started to drape. She draped neatly and pinned the pallu on my left shoulder. Then my aunties started their magic. They applied make up and started to put bangles to my hands, anklets to my legs, bindi, earrings than my aunty braided my long hair. Now it is till my hips. Than my mom took lot of jasmine flowers and pinned in my hair. Now I am ready. My mom teased me saying " my daughter is looking like a bride in this saree" " my mom and aunties laughed. I was very nervous. My mom told me, there is nothing to worry about. You are a women now..

  • #331

    sneha (Wednesday, 14 November 2018)

    Wrong Turn

    My self Vinod working in a IT firm. Generally i knew about my calm behavior and good work ethics rest all i don't care. Like every day while i am moving to my place from work. One of my colleague deepa stood on the road and by seeing me she waved her hand to stop my car. I did it she came inside my car and asked me vinod my car is broke down and i couldn't find any cab it is getting late so i will come to your place from their i catch any vehicle to my house. I felt as a colleague i should at least this much.

    We reached my place and the moment we came out from the car rain has started. Rain came so heavily that we are completely wet, we ran into my house. I gave her hot coffee which she likes i often see her chilling with her group with coffee. I changed my clothes took a sip of hot coffee i said umm splendid. She turned to me and said damn it throwing her phone. I said i will drop you don't worry if you don't find any cab. she said ok let's go i took umbrella we came out and my car tyre is punctured. Again she became wet she went out side of umbrella. we both went inside of the house and called her husband. he said he stuck in some other place so he suggested some where and she told i am in colleagues house, I will come in the morning he agreed. smile came back to her face once again and said cool now i am free bird till morning.

    I said first change your clothes you may affected by wet clothes, she said do you have any women's clothes with you. I said yeah i have let me bring for you she interrupted me and said you are single guy and no women stays with you then how you have women's clothes with you. I said i have my mom's clothes she kept here on her last visit. She said okay let me choose show me the wardrobe i stuck with that question why all this happening to me i cursed but i shown that wardrobe.She quickly glanced the wardrobe and gave a wicked expression you said your's mom's clothes but this fashion seems to be very updated to you mom and these makeup kit. I don't think so your mom will going to use all this stuff. I said i don't know anything about this stuff first time i am seeing this wardrobe. Deepa still not convinced by my answer and she turned towards wardrobe and this time she found a photo graph this time with out listening a word from her mouth i fell on my knees and said deepa this is all my stuff i am cross dresser. Listening it deepa kept her both the hands on her mouth. She regained her conscious after a minute and she is laughing loudly it means you are a 50-50 she said.Listening to it i kept my head down and tears are fallen from the ground. Deepa saw me sitting in front of her like a helpless she came near to me and stood me up and hugged me. She said i am very sorry for that filthy joke which i made i said it's ok.

    Deepa: hey vinod please get dress i want to see you
    I: first you change clothes you are totally wet after that i will change
    Deepa: no i can't hold my excitement any more please come fast meanwhile i look your house
    I: any choices
    Deepa: your comfort is my choice madam
    After listening madam word from deepa i felt butterflies moment at my stomach. I closed the door and took my favorite sari i don't what is happening but i fell impress her, So i dressed up in my favorite sari with my wig. I look my self into the mirror and felt like a woman slowly keeping my head down i opened the door. deepa said wonderful i started blushing again she said no woman match to you vinodini i kept my head down with a shame.
    She came near to me and lifted my head to my shock she changed her dress, she wore my T-shirt and lungi. She once again hugged this time tightly i said deepak shall why you changed your avtar. She said long story baby some other time let's enjoy the moment. We sat on the sofa and she switched on the tv. she asked me who is that with you on the photograph i said my mother she burst into laugh. She asked me same answer some other time long story.She said nice whether beautiful lady beside me, nice movie if pop corn is added then this moment will be more beautiful.

    Immediately i baked pop corn and went near to her. I sat on her right side facing her not the television and said now this beautiful lady feeding you to make your moment more bright. After i started feeding she took the pop corn bowl kept on her left side. she pulled near to me and i fall on her shoulder. She said now you feed me
    Please post your comments

  • #332

    Raghu (Wednesday, 14 November 2018 07:55)

    Love for money - 8

    My mom and aunties surrounded me. When my dad saw me, he was shocked. He told me, you looking great in the saree. Soon we reached the temple. I just stayed with my mom and aunties. My aunties are telling me to cover my chest. I did just like they said. After prayer. My dad told us that, you women stay here, we will bring the car. My mom told me, driving is men's work. So we can relax here might sat among my mom and my aunties. My mom told me, while sitting take your pallu into your hands. My aunties told my mom that soon "" she "" will learn. My aunties mentioned me as she. Soon my dad came and we went home.
    Days passed, I tried to contact neha but she didn't pick my calls. I don't know what to do.
    One day while I was I'm kitchen, my mom came to me happily. My aunties asked what is the matter?? My mom told them, that soon her daughter is going to be a bride. I was shocked. I got shivering. I called neha and she told me that she will meet me tomorrow.
    Next day, I was ready in saree, jewellery and Wearing lot of flowers. The groom family saw me and said OK for the marriage but I didn't see the groom. My mom told me to wait in my room, groom wanted to talk with me. I went to my room, suddenly door opened and I saw the feet and he put his hands on my shoulder. I started to feel nervous. He told me not to worry about anything, after marriage he will take care of me. Saying so he left.
    After some time, I was in tears, some one set beside me, it's neha. She asked me, "" why my bhabi is crying ? "" I was shocked. Neha told me, her brother is a gay, so he didn't get any matches, so she decided to turn me into a women. I was shocked to listening all these. She told me, you have no other choice except to marry my brother. Everyone knows you wanted to be a women. If you tell your parents about loving me for my property, they will kick you out. Even though you wanted to stay like a man,, I will post all your pics in the Internet. Everyone in the college also know that you wanted to be a women.
    The best choice is to marry my brother and be his rich and lovely wife. I started to cry even more...

  • #333

    Raghu (Wednesday, 14 November 2018 08:09)

    Love for money -the end

    Soon marriage date fixed, on the day of marriage I was ready like a beautiful Indian bride. Neha's brother (arun) gave me more jewellery. The Jewellery is very heavy,. I can feel lot of weight on my body. My mom told me, you are very lucky to have husband like this. Soon arun tied mangalsutra in my neck. Tears rolled in my eyes. My mom told me, it is the one of the best day in women's life. We took blessing.
    And in the night it is our first night. I was ready beautifully with lot of flowers. I went to my room. My husband was waiting for me. He told me, he likes girly boys a lot. He pushed me in the bed and started to have sex with me. It was very painful, he hugged me tightly. He is very strong.
    Soon I moved to my husband's home. My mil and fil started to call me as daughter in law and neha as bhabi.
    I started to live with my fate.
    Soon neha got married, in her Marriage, I was ready like a married women.
    The end

  • #334

    Anjali (Thursday, 15 November 2018 03:21)

    Lovable life 11

    On that day I wasn't comfortable two girls in home so I went to aunty and said that I will leave but she said don't worry one day you have to be like them and will discuss all girly things with them by listening this I said I will go..she said go and keep kumkum before leave I said how can I she shouted at me to go do as I said...I went and kept kumkum while I am going my sister seen me doubtly as she seen kumkum but I said nothing and walk away...on way my sister came and asked me to sit on bike we both went to our house while dropping she said now she know why daily I'm keep kumkum I got tensed and she said your are keeping from aunties house and laughed at me and left..I was relaxed as she didn't doubt me and went to my home ..i was much in my senses as I shouldn't do any work which make my bra visible...at night my aunty called me said don't remove bra while sleeping I said ok and went to take my bath and removed my bra...and almost half hour my mother calling me to come out of bathing I am wearing my bra with difficult but atlast I hooked my bra and came out wearing my dress inside bathroom only..my mom seem me coming from bathroom fully with clothes she said you boys can wear your dress in hall and asked me I'm learning new habits..I said nothing and went to dinner while doing dinner i was very careful as I'm wearing bra at that time l ate food fastly and went to my room and slept..

  • #335

    Raghu (Thursday, 15 November 2018 12:34)

    Not a man anymore - 1

    My name is suhas. And I am police officer. I am married. My wife's name is neha, she is doctor. and we have a daughter. We are living with my mom and dad. I am very sincere officer.
    One day, I went to search a rapist, who rapid a 12 old girl. While chasing him, all my team members are separated. At that one rowdy, hit me with a Rob on my head, when I was unconscious, he injected something into my body but I don't about it. I was admitted into the hospital, it is not a big injury, so I was discharged soon.
    Soon I was returned to my normal life. As a police officer, I used to do lot of exercises. Soon I realised I am loosing my weight and muscles. I told this to my wife but she told me, it may be a vitamin deficiency, so I started to use vitamins also.
    One day I found the rapist and killed him. Because of that, I was suspended for for 6months. But I was happy killing him. Even my family felt happy for my work.
    I just stayed in home and used to roam in the day time. But I started to loose lot of my muscles and strength. Now I can't lift the weights that I used to lift before. Soon my chest size also started to increase. I told this to my wife, we checked me completely and told me, I was producing more estrogen. I asked my wife, we can stop is right?? My wife told me, someone injected you with a chemical and we don't have medicine for that. I was shocked. I became very sad. Seeing me like this, my wife told me, soon I can cure you somehow.
    I went home but me and my wife didn't tell this to my family. My dad and my mom also started to ask me about my weight loss.
    Two months over, thinking about all these stuff I didn't go to barber shop. My hair started to grow long. My chest size also increased. I stopped going to gym and jogging. While running my breasts are bouncing.

  • #336

    Raghu (Thursday, 15 November 2018 12:56)

    Not a man anymore - 2

    I told this to my wife. My wife checked my breasts and surprised see them. She told me, you have to wear bra to support your breasts are they will swag and you will get a pain. But I didn't agree to wear.
    One day while, I was walking down the stairs fastly, at that time, my breasts are bounced heavily. Than after, every time I come down from stairs, I kept my hands on my breasts and started to get down. One day my wife noticed me, she told me, it looks ugly. There is nothing in wearing a bra, if you have breasts. She checked my breasts and they increased more. My wife told me, you can slow down your breasts size only wearing a bra. I have no other option so, I agreed to wear a bra. Than my wife thought my breasts and her breasts are of same size, so she gave one if her new bra and fitted me perfectly. My wife adjusted my breasts properly into the cups and she told me check my bra straps always. Then I wore my shirt. Now it is completely visible that there is something under my shirt. My mom noticed it but she didn't ask.
    One day, I was wearing the bra in my room and suddenly my mom opened the door. She was shocked seeing it. Now I can't hide it from her, so I told her everything. My mom cried and consoled me, that I am going to be normal soon.
    Than my mom told me, if I want any help,?? I said no. My mom told me, if you want any help, don't hesitate to ask me. I said OK.
    My dad to saw something strange in me but he didn't ask, maybe my mom would have told him about my problem.
    One day I was watching TV at that time TV remote fell down, I bent and took it. Seeing it my mom came to me and said if you want to take anything on the floor sit and take, don't bend your body, if you bend, your breasts are visible. I said OK. My body hair started to reduce, even my beard and mustache.

  • #337

    Raghu (Thursday, 15 November 2018 13:19)

    Not a man anymore - 3

    One day my wife bought a hairband for me. She asked me to wear it. I said no. She told me, either go to barber shop and cut your hair or else wear this hairband. My mom also asked me to wear it so I wore it. My hair crossed my shoulders.
    I am getting bored, staying in home. Till now I never helped my mom, so now I decided to help her till I get normal.
    I went to kitchen and asked my wife, if she needed any help. My mom was surprised and told me she always wanted someone to help her in kitchen but she could find anyone.
    My mom washes some vegetables and taught me how to cut it. I too felt happy to reduce her work and simultaneously I am not getting bored. In the afternoon my dad and my wife cane home foe lunch. They were surprised seeing me, helping my mom. They sat on the chair to have lunch, my mom asked me to sit but I told her, I will eat with her. She just smiled and said OK. After having lunch my dad and my wife left home for their jobs. Than me and my mom had lunch. My mom taught me, to make different dishes.
    Entire day, I helped her. In the night, my dad and my wife slept in their rooms after having dinner. Than me and mum had dinner after that we clean it. I thought to go to sleep but my mom asked me to watch TV serial with her. Today my mom is very happy, so I don't want to spoil it, so I watched serial with her.
    Days passed, actually my mom don't like women wearing Pant and shirts. My wife also never Wears it. One day while we are working, my breasts and my shirt became very tight.
    My mom took a dupatta and covered my breasts. I was about to remove it but my mom stopped me. My mom told me she is uncomfortable to see me like that. Listening to it I didn't remove it. My wife saw it and told me, you should always cover your breasts like this. I said OK.

  • #338

    Raghu (Thursday, 15 November 2018 13:48)

    Not a man anymore - 4

    My mom taught me, how to handle dupatta and how to cover breasts with it. One day while we are cooking, I needed to open a box. I tried my best, but I can't open it. Than my mom took it from my hands and opened it. I was shocked. My mom told me, if want to open anything like this, you can ask me. With hesitation I said OK. Soon my skin became soft and sensitive.
    One night, I wanted to have sex. My wife also ready. We haven't had 4-5 months. My wife removed all her clothes but my penis is not erecting. I became very sad. Seeing this my wife removed all my clothes. Now we are naked. My wife started to kiss my breasts. I started to get pleasure. She press my breasts, I too did the same. Next day I woke up and as usual my daily routine.
    Soon six months over and now I am ready to join. One day, our head of the department came to our home. He saw me covering my breasts with my dupatta. He told me, you can't continue to do work like this. If you can get normal than you can join back otherwise you have to resign your job. Saying so he left. I don't know what to do. I don't know how to get back to my normal life.
    Days passed, I learned all household works. One day while we are watching TV in the night, my mom noticed the holes in my ears. I used to wear ear stubs, till I got my police job. My mom asked me, are the holes are closed?? I said, I don't know. My mom went to her room and bought some earrings. She took a earring and inserted into my ear and screwed it than she took another one and inserted into my another ear and screwed it. Than I asked my mom to remove it. My mom told me, you can wear it for some days and your also covering it with you hair , so no one will see it. Again said no but my mom requested me. Finally I said OK.
    Than I went to my room, my wife saw my earrings and said you look good in this earrings. My wife started to play with it. My earrings are big, so she like to swing it.

  • #339

    Raghu (Friday, 16 November 2018 00:40)

    Not a man anymore - 5

    Next day I woke up and did my daily routine. After my wife and my dad went to their jobs. I started to watch TV after completing all my household works. At that time my mom is applying oil to her. Than after sometime my mom sat beside me and started to apply oil to my hair, I didn't because it's just oil. She massaged my head and started to brush my hair. Soon she left. Now I am wearing any hairband and my hair is not coming onto my eyes. I checked my hair and my mom just made a ponytail for me.
    One day while, I am doing work. I started to get inching. I am feeling discomfort. I just tried to rub my breasts. My mom understood me and told me, to go to washroom. I went to wash room and cleaned my breasts nicely.
    When I returned my mom smiled and said, these are very common problems of having breasts. I just smiled and said OK.
    Days passed, I used many medicines but non shown any effect. My hair growing fast. My breasts size also increased more. One day, I took my bath and wore bra and Pant but while wearing shirt, the problem started, I tried very hard to put the shirt button into the hole, it is very tight. I covered it with dupatta and went to kitchen. While doing work, my shirt button came out. My mom noticed it. My mom told me to wear another shirt, I told my mom that it is the only shirt which is less tight to my body. My gave a angry look and took me to my room and opened my wife cupboard.

  • #340

    Anjali (Friday, 16 November 2018 00:51)

    Loveable life 13

    As days passed by I used to spend my leisure time and kept holiday to college once in aweek and enjoyed my womenhood..as I was used to wear my bra daily to college and in home bra marks are visible when I remove my dress..one day I called my aunty and said about that and she said I don't have to be tense she will do something..next aunty called me and asked me to keep leave to college..I went to her home and had bath...while I'm booking bra she came and asked my bra...I covered my breast with hands and stand there semi nudely she laughed seeing me hiding my breast...she added bra cushions to my straps and gave to me..I weared it and seen my bra straps are not Digging in to my shoulders...on that day aunty Gave me one cover and asked metro open it..I opened it and seen red grey chudidar with red leggings she said wear it and come to kitchen...I wore that dress with earrings and anklets and matching red and grey bangles and covered with red duppata..seeing me like this aunty laughed at me and said wait here and went inside my friend room and came out with two tennis balls and asked me to keep them inside my bra...I did as she said and kept them in my bra and felt strange as they look like real breast..she seen me and asked me cover my body with duppata I did as she said and went to kitchen.

  • #341

    Raghu (Friday, 16 November 2018 00:58)

    Not a man anymore - 6

    My mom took a saree and asked me to wear it. I was shocked. I asked my mom to give me, one of my dad's shirt. My mom told me, you will spoil it with your breasts. I asked my mom to give me any other clothes except saree. My mom thought for a while and gave me a punjabi dress. I was thinking what to do. My mom told me you have only 2 options, Wear a saree or a panjabi dress. I know saree is very difficult to handle, so I choose to wear punjabi dress.
    I removed my clothes expect my bra and underwear. First I wore the top and then the bottom. Than my mom gave me matching dupatta and covered my breasts. Seeing me like this, my mom told me, this suits you better than Pant and shirts. Then we went to kitchen.

  • #342

    Anjali (Friday, 16 November 2018 05:16)

    Lovable life 14

    As days passed she asked me not cut my hair and my hair increased upto my shoulder..one day while im with aunty her daughter went to take bath...I'm watching TV alongwith my friend then her daughter shouted from bathroom for towel as she didn't taken it with her...I listened this but ignored but aunty shouted at me and ask go and give towel to her I hesitated but she said go and give my friend didn't understand as his mother asked me to give towel...i don't know what to do but silently went to her bedroom taken towel and knocked door she opened door half and shocked seeing me fastly taken towel from me and closed the door...after while she called her mother in to room and both shouted at eachother I understand she upsets as her mother sent me to give her towel..she asked her brother to me inside he went all three had discussion and aunty came out angrily and send in warning tone to them this is her house and it's upto her what to do and she will decide what others has to do if they want they can silently obey her if not they can leave the house
    . listening this they stood sliently...I never seen aunty in such a angry mood...after two days me and aunty were in the house watching TV me wearing purple colour embroidered chudidar with purple colour pant with earrings..while watching TV aunty seen mother in law presenting necklace to her daughter in-law and she asked me do I like that necklace I said yes and we both discussed about saress, jewellery and make up in the serial..after watching she came near to me and said I was more women then man as I know more about women stuff and went inside.while I'm cleaningthe kitchen she came and asked me to turn back I turned she placed one gold chain in my neck .. she said women neck should not be empty I felt happy.

  • #343

    Raghu (Friday, 16 November 2018 05:39)

    Not a man anymore - 7

    In the afternoon my wife and my dad see me in punjabi dress. They both surprised seeing me like this. My wife told me, not to feel bad about wearing women clothes. After you get normal, you can change back to your normal clothes. Then I realised, I have to wear women clothes till I get normal.
    In the night, my wife hugged me tightly and slept. Now my wife is stronger than me and I can't resist her. In the morning, I was my wife's face on my breasts. I slowly got up and took my took my bath. And made breakfast.
    One day, my mil cane to our home, she saw me in punjabi dress but she was surprised. My mil told me, everything will be alright in few days. I realised my wife would have told her. Than my mil requested me to come to their home this Sunday. Before I could say anything, my wife told OK.
    On Sunday, me and my wife went to my mil's home. My fil also surprised seeing me like this. My wife wore a saree and I wore punjabi dress. While eating my dress spoiled. I wore a white punjabi dress and the food marks are completely visible. I don't know what to do.
    At that time my mil took me to her room and asked me to remove my clothes. I felt shy to remove in front of her she told me, you don't want to remove you underwear. Than with shy I removed my clothes. My mil was surprised to see my well developed breasts,. My mil kept her hands on my breasts and said, you have nice pair of boobs. I felt shy. Than my mil took a saree, blouse and pavada. I was shocked. I said no to saree. My mil told me, you can remove it after going to your home. I have no clothes now, so I agreed to wear. First I wore the blouse and pavada. The blouse belongs to my wife and it fitted me nicely. Than came the saree. My mil slowly started to drape the saree and pinned the pallu on my left shoulder.
    Than she adjusted my hair. Than we both left the room.
    My wife and my fil surprised to see me on the saree. We all spoke for some time and than me and my wife left for our home. By the way, my wife told me to adjust my pallu and asked me to cover my breasts. Somehow without any further problems we reached home.
    In home, my mom surprised to see me in the saree. My mom came to me and you didn't agree to wear saree, when I asked you to wear. But now you allowed your mil to drape you a saree. I told my mom that, my mil don't have any clothes but my mom is in no mood to agree.
    My mom told me, from today onwards you will wear only saree. I was shocked. I requested my mom not to do this but my mom didn't care.
    From that day onwards I started to wear sarees.

  • #344

    Raghu (Friday, 16 November 2018 06:39)

    Not a man anymore - 8

    My mom and my wife taught me how to wear saree. Soon I started to wear saree by my self.
    Days passed, my hopes of becoming normal decreasing day by day. Now my hair just crossed my mid back. One day, my mom told me to sit down in front of her. I sat on the floor with my hands around my legs just like women sits. My mom told me, now you hair grown very long and it's time to wear braids. I was shocked. I was about to get up but my mom pulled me with my hair. Than my mom took the comb and middle parted my hair. She brushed hair and started to braid it. I just simply sat without saying anything. Soon my mom braided my hair.
    Soon I became an expert in household works. One day my mom teased me, say, " we have to prepare lunch quickly otherwise, your husband and my husband will scold us" " even though my mom said jokingly, I started to think, what my mom said is right. My mom is a women wearing saree and cooking food for her husband. Me also wearing saree and cooking food for my wife.
    In the night, I asked my wife, will you treat me as your husband if I can't return to my normal life. My wife told me, you will be my husband, no matter in which condition you are.
    I started to cry for that, my wife teased me saying, now why are you behaving like a wife. I laughed immediately. Than my wife pulled me towards her. I tried to escape but she is stronger than me. She hugged me tightly and started to kiss on my neck, ears, nose and started to press my boobs. Today, I didn't resist her, while she pressing and kissing my boobs. Next day I woke up, as usual my wife face is on my breasts. I just smiled seeing her face on my half visible breasts. and started to do my regular job.

  • #345

    Raghu (Friday, 16 November 2018 07:18)

    Not a man anymore - 9

    Soon dewali festival came. My wife took leave for one day. Early in the morning I woke up and did all household works. Than my mom told me to take bath and asked me to wear a silk saree. For the first time I wore a silk saree. My wife and my mom also wore silk sarees. At that time my dad bought lot of flowers. My mom kept some in her hair and some in my wife's hair. Than she came towards me. I understood what my mom is available about to do. Before my mom could ask me, I said, I no flowers. Than my wife took flowers from my mom's hand and asked me to turn back. I said no to my wife. But my wife told me, today is festival, so there is nothing wrong in it. I tried a lot but my wife didn't listen. Than I turned back, my wife kept flowers in my long hair with pins.
    Then, my mom took me and my wife to do prayer. My mom made me and my wife to tell some sentences, which are in sanskrit. After completion of the prayer I asked my mom what is the meaning of those lines. My mom told me, it means, you are asking God to take care of your husband and children safely. I was shocked. I don't have a husband. My mom told me, there is nothing wrong in doing prayers.

  • #346

    Anjali (Friday, 16 November 2018 07:44)

    Lovable life 15

    I'm become much closer to my aunt she gave me natural supplements to increase my breath size and even she showed me some exercises to grow my own breast and.i regularly do them. after somedays I got small moulds which looks like 12 years girls breast...one day while me my sister and her sister my friend 4 of us preparing for exams as annual exams started...aunty frequently called me to help her in her housework I helped her as usual..as three of them are studying they didn't notice me helping aunt...after completing of preparing lunch aunt called them to eat as all of us sat aunty said let them eat first we eat later..so i served them lunch while aunty watching serial...in between I too went and watched serial...after they ate we two eat and cleaned table and plates.aunty daughter got doubt on us as she is treating me differently and even I'm helping her in kitchen she got suspicious but didn't ask..that night me and sister going to home she said you cook nicely and said thanks for the lunch ..i got tense she said they seen me cooking along with aunty and said my wife will be lucky and left...as I was getting bond with aunty and like my feminine life I love to be wife of man rather than husband and even loved to be in bed with man thinking that my breast got tighter and I felt itching very much ...I went in to my room and removed my dress and stand with bra infront of mirror and placed my breast and pressed them i
    Like the sense it create in my body and even think of my friend in bed with me playing with my breast I was uncontrollable by that time my mom called me I got into sense and fastly went into bathroom and shower myself coldwater with bra and panty i felt some strange as was developing my feelings toward my friend...

  • #347

    Raghu (Friday, 16 November 2018 08:07)

    Not a man anymore - 10

    In the night, we are ready to fire crackers. My dad didn't bought any bombs, he bought only small crackers which can be fired by women and small girls. My mom told me to be careful, and told me to take care of the pallu. I said OK and started to enjoy it. Than my mom asked me to help her in cooking. My mom told me, your wife got holiday after long time, so let her enjoy it. I too thought about it.
    Than me and my mom cooked dinner. While my mom serving food for my dad, I started to feed my daughter. After that me, my wife and my mom had dinner.
    In the night, I went to my room. At that time my wife told me, she bought a gift for me. I asked her what is the gift?? My wife told me to close my eyes. Than I felt something on my legs. When I saw it, I was shocked. My wife just screwed anklets to my legs and the anklets contains lot of bells. I tried to remove it but my wife screwed it very tightly. My wife stopped my efforts of removing anklets. My wife told me, you can remove it after you get normal. But I didn't stop to remove it. Than my wife requested me, please please please. Listening to all her requests I said OK with hesitation. My wife kissed me in happiness.
    Next day I woke up and went to kitchen. My mom is already there in kitchen. My mom heard, the anklets sound. My mom asked me, are you wearing anklets?? With hesitation I said yes. My mom told me that, she also wanted to ask me, to wear anklets but hesitated. But now I am wearing it.
    Day by day, my hopes of returning to my normal life is decreasing and I started to become more like a women.

  • #348

    Raghu (Friday, 16 November 2018 12:01)

    Not a man anymore - 11

    Now every time I move, my anklets are making lot of noise. Soon my birthday came. It is a different birthday for me. Early in the morning, I woke up and took bath. Than I wore a silk saree. Everyone wished me. And in the evening cake cutting. For cake cutting, my mil and fil came to our home. We didn't invite everyone. Only our family members. After cake cutting. Everyone gave some gifts to me. My mil asked me to open the gift in front of her. I opened it and I found a box and I opened it also. I was shocked, they are 6 golden bangles. My mil asked me, does they fit you?? I don't what to say. I said, I don't know. My mil took the bangles and started to put to my hands, 3 bangles for each hand.
    Bangles making me feel, so girly. After my mil and fil left our home. I went to my room to check the remaining gifts. First I opened my mom's gift, it is a silk saree than I opened my wife's gift it is a heavy designer saree. Than I opened my fil's gift, it is a iPhone. Finally I opened my dad's gift, I thought my dad will give any manly gift but I was wrong. My dad gave a jewellery set. It contains golden earrings, nosering and necklace. Than I slept.
    Next day I woke up and removed my bangles and went to kitchen. There my mom asked me about my bangles. I told my mom that there are golden bangles, so I kept them in my cupboard. I thought my mom won't ask me anything about bangles here after but I was wrong. My mom went her room and bought matching bangles to my hands and started to put to my hands. These glass bangles are making lot of noise.
    My mom told me, you can wear golden bangles for special occasions and the remaining day, you can wear glass bangles. Than my mom took a golden chain and arranged to my neck. My mom told me, you should never keep, you neck empty. I simply nodded my head.

  • #349

    Raghu (Friday, 16 November 2018 12:41)

    Not a man anymore - 12

    Soon my marriage anniversary came. Me and my wife promised each other that for every anniversary we will go the temple which is in our grandmother's village. So we decided to go. Dad had some emergency works, so me, my wife, my mom and my little daughter packed our bags and went to our grandmother's home. We three are wearing sarees. First my grandmother didn't recognise me, than my mom explained everything to her. Than my grandmother set beside me and asked me, is your long hair is natural?? I said yes. Than my grandmother pulled my hair. I shouted aww. Than my grandmother laughed and said, I will believe you. She started to talk nicely to me. My grandmother always wanted to have a granddaughter but I was born. So from my childhood, she didn't care much about me. But she is talking nicely to me.
    In the evening, my grandmother called me and asked me to sit before her. Than she removed my disturbed long braid and started to apply some oil. When I asked about it. My grandmother told me, it is very natural oil and will help you to grow your hair fast and strong. While saying all these things. My grandmother middle parted and braided my hair. Than she kept some flowers in my hair. She is very happy now . I don't want to spoil her happiness, so I didn't oppose anything she is doing. Next day we went to temple. The temple is very crowded, but my grandmother is know everyone, so we finishes the prayers very soon. Soon we went home. In the night, my grandmother called me to her room. Than she opened a box which contains lot of jewellery. My grandmother told me, she saved all these for her granddaughter but she didn't have one till now. She told me, now I have you. My grandmother game very all jewellery to me. After giving it to me, my grandmother asked me a favour that, she wanted to see me wearing all the jewellery. My mom and my wife also watching us. I thought, I already wearing everything and wearing these won't make any difference, I agreed to wear it. Than my grandmother asked me, do you have hole on the nose?? I said no. My grandmother told me no problem we can pierce it now. I was shocked and about to say no but watching her face, I accepted to pierce my nose. Immediately my grandmother called a old lady and pierced my nose. It was very painful.
    Next day, my grandmother asked me to get ready in silk saree, after that she took one by one jewellery and started to keep it to me. Than she kept nose ring to my nose. Wearing all these jewellery, made me to look like a bride. The jewellery was very heavy. Than I took blessing for my grandmother and we took lot of pictures.
    Soon after that we came back to our home. My dad was surprised to see me wearing nose ring.

  • #350

    Anjali (Friday, 16 November 2018 21:31)

    Lovable life 16

    Next day I went to aunty house my sister is not there...while me and my friend are speaking aunty called me iwent to her she said you can talk later with your friend first complete the works while she is saying my friend sister entered into kitchen and listened to our conversation and left from there..my friend said he is going out and went away without calling me aunty said women has to be in house and look after house duties and said to me not to go out with him anymore as he men he can go anywhere anytime but I should not go with him while she is saying my friend sister entered into kitchen and listened to our conversation and left from there we didn't notice that and started to speak casually how we speak daily while working..her daughter went to bathroom and had her bath and called me madhu...madhu I'm taking there clothes to aunty to wash...i was shocked as she called me by name for the first time as she usually calls me as brother...I went to her room and she wasn't there she shouted from bathroom I replied what she asked Madhu can you give towel I taken it and knocked the door she opened it and taken towel and smiled at me I too smiled she closed door and I returned from there she shouted again and I asked what she said can I open her cupboard and give her inners I hesitated about but she said I'm getting cold pls give me fast I taken her inners and gave she taken them ...I came back and cleaned hall ...while I'm cleaning she came and said so you also help her in cleaning also..I didn't say anything she looked at me and said my sister is coming prepare breakfast to them
    I don't know what to say she said I cook nicely listening this I felt happy and said ok she went to her room.. after sometime I prepared breakfast went to her seen my sister gave breakfast to them and came back...they ate and called me to take plates I went to take plates my sister said she liked it..this is my routine upto completion of our exams...by now my hair is up to more than my shoulder while working it's falls on my face...one day while they are watchingTV im working innkitchen my friend asked for towel as he forget to take by that I came to hall and watching serial with them I listened him and started to go to give towel to him ...aunty seen me going and told me I shouldn't go and ask her daughter to go and give she replied what's there if I give she said she knows what she is doing and asked her to give towel she left angrily to give towel..I went to my kitchen and started preparing lunch..while I'm working I'm thinking why aunty didn't send me to give towel to my friend... thinking about that i prepared lunch

  • #351

    Anjali (Friday, 16 November 2018 21:47)

    Lovable life 17

    I served food to them and eat after them by this time my friend sister got doubt of me and even my friend started to doubt on me as I'm doing housework as common for me...that day at evening my friend went to play cricket and I stayed in home with women..i prepared tea to all of us we drank it while speaking aunty used to ask me about jewellery and sarees in tv her daughter suddenly left there and we speak about them..I took cups and went to clean them with afternoon utensils..while washing I listened shouts from hall I ran there to see what happened..I was shocked to see all my churidars on floor and they both shouting angrily..her daughter asked whose dresses are they her mother said they belong to her...her daughter said she won't believe as she never seen her in these dresses and looked at me..I stood without speaking...her daughter shouted at her why she is sending me to give towel as no mother will allow man to give ...and even asked why she didn't send me to give towel to her brother as it's quite common between two male..I got tense as she is questioning every doubt I had...aunty listend them and said it's none of her business but she angrily said I want answers...aunty look at me and said ok and said they are my dresses...I was shocked why she is saying and got tense.

  • #352

    Raghu (Friday, 16 November 2018 22:27)

    Not a man anymore - 14

    Soon I hair grown long. One day, my mom asked my dad to sell my Royal Enfield and asked him to buy a scooty. I asked my mom why?? My mom told me, you handle it's weight and moreover you can't ride a bike, wearing saree, so scooty is the best option. We can go for shopping in scooty and for any emergency works.
    One day, my mom and dad went for some marriage. So, total day I stayed alone. In the evening, I was making snacks for my wife. I was in kitchen, my wife came home, with flowers in her hand. She came to kitchen and kept flowers in my hair. And hugged me from my back. She kissed on my neck, on my ears. My wife told me, you have beautiful long hair than she asked me for milk. I took a milk bottle and started boil milk, my wife told me, not that Milk, I want your milk. I felt shy. She removed my pallu and than removed my blouse and started to suck my breasts. I was trying to resist her but inside I wanted it. After some time, I pushes and and wore my saree back. Than I made snacks for her. She was sitting on sofa. I gave her snacks. She pulled me, and made me to sit on her lap. And hugged me tightly with her arms. She kissed on my cleavage. Total night she didn't leave me alone. My wife prised my beauty. Again and again. My wife told me, if you wear nail polish, you look even more beautiful.
    I started to feel for that. Next day, after my wife went to her job. I took my bath, at that time I saw nail polish on my dressing table. I took it and applied nicely to my hand nails and toe nails. In the afternoon my wife came home. I was very excited, I served food to my wife. I was thinking, she would see my nails and prise me but she didn't say anything.
    I felt sad and went to kitchen to do some work, suddenly my wife hugged me from my back and kissed me. She told me, you look cute in nail polish. My wife told me, if you apply little make up,yiu look very beautiful. I was showing anger on outside but inside I was very happy. Next day onwards I started to wear make up also.

  • #353

    Raghu (Friday, 16 November 2018 22:50)

    Not a man anymore - the end

    One day, my wife told me that, it impossible to turn me back into a man again. I felt sad for that.
    Days passed, one day my wife wore Pant and shirt in our home. I was shocked, I was thinking what my will say. To my surprise my mom even asked my wife to wear Pant and shirts regularly. I was in confusion. My mom noticed my confusion and said, we women shouldn't were pants and shirts but your husband and my husband can wear pants. I was shocked. My mom just said that I am wife of my wife. I got very angry and started to shout at my mom. At that time, my dad and my wife came to us and my mom told everything to them. Listening to it, my dad said, what is wrong in it, my wife supported my mom. Than I didn't talk to my wife.
    Next day, morning my wife took me Park and explained me that, I cannot return to my normal life, and you are staying only in home just like all other married women. So there is nothing wrong in accepting me as your husband. I started to cry. My wife consoled me and said she will take care of me, nicely. I agreed to it. Than she took me temple. I closed my eyes to do prayer. When I opened my eyes, my wife took her hands from my neck. When I saw in my neck, I can see mangalsutra hanging in my neck. I felt shy seeing it. Than my wife took kumkum and kept in my middle parted hair portion.
    Than my wife told me, from now onwards you are my wife and I am your husband. I hugged her in happiness. Than she took me home and took blessing from my mom and dad.
    My mom said "" finally my son became a wife ""
    Soon we informed my mil and my fil about our marriage and they too blessed us.
    The end.........

  • #354

    Raghu (Saturday, 17 November 2018 00:13)

    New college - 1

    My name is rajesh and I just completed my intermediate. I am very naughty boy, my mom and dad aways scold me for teasing women. I have a sister, she is doing.mbbs . One day my dad told me that he, saw a nice college for me. But I have to be is college hostel. First I didn't agree but my dad told me he will give me more money, if I study in that college. I was happily agreed.
    Soon my mom, my dad, and my sister also came to join me in the college. After joining me, they left. I went to the hostel, it is very peaceful, everyone is silently studying. I was shocked. I thought engineering college will be full of fun.
    Next day morning, our principal arranged a meeting for a us. Our principal told us that "" I know all you boys like to tease women and it is very special college for you people "" I started to feel nervous. Than our principal started to tell us the rules
    1) no one should cut their hair from now onwards
    2) from Monday to Thursday, you should wear your male uniforms
    3) Friday, everyone should wear women clothes and accessories and will have household classes.
    4) Saturday it's your choice to ease any type of clothes.
    5) Sunday is holiday but you have to stay in the hostel
    6) you will get holiday for 10day after every 3months.
    I was shocked, after listening to these rules.
    At that time, one boy, told the principal that he won't fallow the rules. Immediately some security guard started to beat him.
    I went to my room and started to think what to do now. I opened my bags and I was surprised. In one bag, I have boys clothes and other bag contains women clothes with jewellery.
    Than I realised, all my family members know about this college.

  • #355

    Raghu (Saturday, 17 November 2018 00:32)

    New college - 2

    The college have girl students also. All girls parents thought this is the best college for girls. It was fine till Thursday. Now it's Friday, I have Wear women clothes. I already did my bath. At that time, one old lady came to my room. She asked me to take one girls clothe. She told me in commanding voice. I feared and took it immediately. Than she made me to wear it. She told me, from tomorrow onwards you have to wear your clothes on you own. I simply. Nodded my head. I wore a punjabi dress. She told me, after you hair grows long, you have to wear braids and flowers. To my bad I already have holes in my ears. Than I wore earrings and bangles. She kept bindi on my forehead. Now I am ready to go.
    With shy I went to class. I was shocked. All boys are wearing girls clothes and all girls are wearing boys clothes. Than all boys are took me kitchen class.
    It was going like this. We are not allowed to play any games. They started to teach us how to draw rangoli also.
    One day, I got a phone call from my home. I went to reception to attend it. It was my mom, listening to her voice, I started to cry. My mom told me, you will get used to it within a year. After talking some time, my mom cut the phone.
    My hair also started growing. One old lady told me, if your touches your mid back than you have to wear braids daily.
    Days passed, soon we got holidays and I was very happy.

  • #356

    Raghu (Saturday, 17 November 2018 02:53)

    New college-3

    My dad came to pick up me. I went home. I was really happy. My mom and my sister saw me and surprised see my hair. They know that I have to grow my hair but they didn't see it. In the evening my sister started to ask me, how I felt wearing women clothes. My sister asked me, did you wear half saree?? I said no. At that time, vane between us told my sister that, I have to wear half saree in third year and saree in 4th year it is the rule.
    My mom enquired about my cooking skills. My mom even made me to do cooking while I was in home. Soon holidays over and I have to go to the college.
    Soon I went to college. One day, I saw a girl named kajal, she is different from other, she is little manly than girly. She sat next to me and started to talk to me. Soon we become friends. One day kajal asked me, did you also tease women?? I said yes. Than I asked her, why did join this college. Kajal told me, she likes to tease boys,and because of the mischief , her parents joined her in this college. It is the strangest reason I have ever heard.
    Days passed, I started to learn household works and kajal don't any household works. I started to wear hairband.
    Soon another 3 months over. I went home. My. Mom is very sad because she can see me only after 3 months. She never left me alone.
    One day my mom asked me, do you have enough clothes?? I said no. In the evening my mom took me to a shopping mall. First we went to men section and bought some some clothes than my mom took me to womens section, I was shocked. I told my mom that I don't want any women clothes. My mom bought different dress materials and took me to tailor shop. There my mom gave my measurements for stitching. My mom made me to wear earrings in home also.
    On the day of festival my mom asked me, did they taught to how to draw rangoli, I said yes. Than my mom took me out and asked me to help her. I felt shy but helped my mom.

  • #357

    Raghu (Saturday, 17 November 2018 03:17)

    New college - 4

    Holidays are about to over and my dresses came from stitching. My mom asked me to try all the dresses, to check whether it suits me or not. All the dresses I wore, it while I am removing last dress my mom asked me to stay in this dress. I was shocked, it is punjabi dress. I requested me that, you will go to college tomorrow, so only for today, stay in this dress for me. So I agreed to stay. I took the dupatta and arranged it on my shoulders. Seeing it my mom pinched my cheeks and said, you have learnt lot. I just smiled.
    Next day I went college.,
    It continued for 2 years. In 2 years, me and kajal became very close. Now I am in third year and I ha e to wear half saree to college. Now I am in home for summer holidays.
    My mom too know that, I have to wear half saree. She took for shopping and bought many half sarees and stitched blouses for them. New the day, my mom told me, to shave all my hair. I did just like my mom said. My mom told me, your hair is long now and you have to learn how to braid your hair or you are going to struggle in the college. I agreed to learn and my mom started to teach me how to braid the long hair.
    Soon I went to college. My mom told me to wear silk half saree for first day. Just like my mom said, I wore the half saree and wore earrings, bangles, bindi. Than I braided my long hair. At that time, the old lady came to my room, she have me flowers. I asked her to keep in my hair. She smiled and kept more flowers in my hair. She told me, you look beautiful in this half saree. I went to class and kajal exited to see me in half saree. She sat beside me and started to pinch my hips. She can't control her, excitement, she even kissed me.

  • #358

    Raghu (Saturday, 17 November 2018 22:28)

    New college - 5

    Kajal always wants me in half saree but only once a week I am wearing. One day in our college, rangoli competition is conducted. I participated, and everyone should wear half saree for that. I was ready in half saree and participated and somehow I won it. Kajal started tease me saying, that I even defeated women in rangoli. I felt very comfortable with Kajal even though I am wearing women clothes. Days passed, and i started to love Kajal more and more. Months passed like this and now I am in 4 the year.
    In holidays, my mom took me to a shopping mall and bought about 10 sarees for me. I asked my mom why she bought these many sarees. My mom told me, sarees are not like Pant and shirt. Pant and shirts may get Size variations in future but sarees are always same, you have just adjust your blouse size. Than we gave it for stitching.
    My sister teased me saying, from now onwards you are just like me and mom. You are going to wear sarees. Soon my blokes are stitched. Than my mom took a saree and started teach me, how to wear it. Slowly I learn wearing a saree. My mom always tells me, saree is difficult to handle and you have always adjust your pleats and near your chest area.
    I went to college wearing a saree. Kajal already know that i have to wear saree today. Kajal was exited, seeing me saree. Kajal requested me, to wear saree in Saturday also but I said no. Than she became little sad.
    But on Saturday I wore a saree whereas all boys wore their male clothes. When I went to class everyone surprised seeing me in saree but Kajal felt very happy. I sat beside her and asked her "" are you happy now? "" she smiled and sad yes.

  • #359

    Raghu (Saturday, 17 November 2018 22:50)

    New college - 6

    Months passed, now it is our farewell. I was very sad. Till now Kajal didn't propose me. I was ready wearing heavy designer saree and now my hair is touching hips. I was ready wearing all accessories. Party was over and still Kajal didn't propose me and I can't find till now. I was about leave, at that time some pulled me catching my hand. It is Kajal. She took a ring and proposed me. I was very happy. With shy I said yes.
    After college, we used to meet regularly. One day, I got a job offer. I went to the interview wearing my male Pant and shirt but I didn't like to cut my hair even after the college. Soon I went to the interviewers room. And I was shocked. Kajal is the interviewer. I Know Kajal is very rich but I never asked anything about. First question she asked me is "" why are you wearing Pant and shirt. "" I said smilingly it's my wish. She got up and pulled me towards her and told me, she always wants me in saree. I just smiled and said OK.
    Than she took me to her home, it's is a big house. I went inside the home and Kajal introduced her mom to me. Kajal told her mom that,, mom it's rajesh, I told you about. Than Kajal mom started to treat me differently. She asked me to sit on the sofa and started to ask me about girly things like, you know cooking and cleaning works.i did yes to all her questions.
    Kajal's mom told me, tomorrow is diwali and I want you to be here on the morning. I said OK. And soon Kajal drooped In my home. Next day i was ready in saree and some jewellery and braided my long hair. Kajal came to pick me up. Kajal's mom surprised seeing me saree. She asked me why are you not wearing any flowers. Saying so. She bought lot of jasmine flowers and pinned in my long hair.

  • #360

    Raghu (Saturday, 17 November 2018 23:08)

    New college -the end

    I felt very shy. Than she took me kitchen while Kajal is watching. I helped Kajal's mom In cooking and she is impressed. Entire day in over, in the evening, Kajal's mom took me to a room and opened the cupboard, it is filled with so many saree and jewellery. Kajal 'so mom told me, she bought all these for her daughter but she never likes to wear women clothes. Than she told me, now these are for you. After marriage you can wear all these sarees. She asked me, if I marry Kajal, she will take care of me like daughter. I said yes to marriage.
    Soon I went home but I don't how to tell my family about getting married like women. I told my family that I loved a girl and I was thinking what to say. My mom interfered and said you are going to be the bride. I was shocked. How my family know about it. My mom told me, Kajal already told them everything. Soon our marriage date fixed.
    On the day of marriage. I was ready like a bride, with all heavy jewellery. Soon Kajal tied mangalsutra in my neck and made me her wife. We took blessings from our family.
    Kajal's mom treated me like her daughter and Now I am living happily with Kajal......
    The end...............

  • #361

    sneha (Tuesday, 20 November 2018 07:49)

    My name is jyosna people call me Jyo even i too like that name very much. Recently i completed my bachelors and got a job as a personal Secretary to M.D i was happy since i got job immediate after leaving my college.I want to use this as steeping stone to fulfill my ambitions and reach top position in carrier.The first day of my job i neatly dressed in the cotton hand loom sari and HR executive Ms.Ramya invited me cordially and explained me about my roles and responsibilities clearly i noted down all in my paper.Then she took me to my boss whom i am reporting is Mr.Shekhar i wished him with a pleasant smile he looked me from top to bottom once and again he started working in the laptop with out saying anything to me i thought because of work pressure he did like that.Ms.Ramya shown my cubicle and left from their. I sat on the chair and MR.Shekhar has came out and said i have sent to you mail i need a print outs in a minute i said i din't turned on my computer. Mr.Shekhar said Uffff and left from their till evening he din't spoke to me i felt really bad about myself i went to my room and slept without eating.Next day i went sharply 9.30 Am to office and turned computer immediately i got a call from Mr.Shekhar thru intercom he asked me to come inside cabin he want me to dictate something to prepare a draft.I went inside started noting points while writing my pencil point has broken immediately Mr.shekhar has become angry and scolded me like anything even after i said sorry to him he thrown file on my face and asked me to get out of his cabin.

    Next day I prepared well and this time i took pen instead of pencil and i noted all the points which he told me. I prepared it very well and Mr.shekhar din't liked the format again he scolded me due to shortage of time he took my draft and presented in front of client.Every day he is scolding me finding silly reasons i slowly started loosing interest in this job since i am orphan i already came out from the orphanage for survival this job is needed i am waiting for another opportunity.First month salary i got half the amount i asked Ms.Ramya she said Mr.shekhar is not happy with your work so he cut the salary. I said it is against to the rules Ramya in this office what Mr.Shekhar says is the rules i can't go beyond that. I understood and came back to my seat enough is enough i want to talk with Mr.shekhar about this issue i am waiting for him he came and went inside his cabin.I went after him and knocked the door today he with a lovely smile said come in Jyosna i asked him about my salary he praised me and said till know nobody has dared to ask me about this i like your guts wait let me speak to miss Ramya he called in front of me to ramya and informed her to give the total salary of miss jyosna and she followed his orders.I am very happy and that day Mr.Shekhar spoken me very softly i was very happy and again i got interest in this job.

    Next day he again started speaking with me in the same way harshly i din't understood One day i want his signature in a very important file he asked me come to hotel and he kept me waiting for so many hours it is around 9.00 PM i have to take his signature by today at any cost if i failed he will fire me thinking of that i went to his house to wait their. I took a cab and went to his house and i tried to knock the door and it is already opened so i slowly opened and tried to look around for someone for asking permission. I saw a man who is watching TV and his back is facing me i thought he is Mr.Shekhar but personality is not matching he is slim may be he is his brother i thought and tried calling him hey sir but no use i know it is not decency to go inside some one's house with out permission but i am helpless in this situation so i removed my foot wear and went near to him and said excuse me sir he just turned towards me.

  • #362

    sneha (Tuesday, 20 November 2018 07:54)

    Real Boss

    My mouth my opened completely with a shock and my lower jaw is almost touching my neck with a shock my eyes has become wide and i stood like statue for a while he waived his in front of me and i gain my conscious after getting conscious i am laughing and rolling on the floor like a mad fellow but i am unable to stop my laugh Mr.Shekhar tried to cover his face by sari pallu but after moment he got angry and said you stupid girl i understood about you are good nothing. I gained control and said sorry for disturbing your privacy i just want to take your signature on this contract which i have to submit to client tomorrow sharply by 9.00 AM so i came here because i feel responsibility towards my job that's why i am here so please respect my sincerity i said.He signed on the contract papers and i started leaving from their another person stopped me and asked me to stay for the dinner i said thanks but he ordered me to stay and Mr.Shekhar also asked me to stay so i said ok and Mr.Shekhar serving us food we both sat on the dinning table and that man din't spoke much about him and he left to his kitchen and pinched on Mr.Shekhar navel i can't see their romance i just closed my eyes i went to wash basin to clean my hand Mr.Shekhar was standing behind me with a hand cloth he is observing and i din't understood his looks properly and i cleaned my hands and took hand cloth from Mr.Shekhar's hands cleaned my hands and given back to him i am taking plates on the table Mr.Shekhar stopped me to do that thing and told me to leave. while travelling i am thinking about the same i saw other man chest i seems like a breast may be he is she that's why he din't spoke about him much any way let me share my experience i have my room mate vaishali his real name was vishal but he feels like vaishali since I like his company so i shared room with him.

    While leaving i am recollecting what i have seen. The moment i recollected the scenario of Mr.Shekhar where he is pressing that person's leg in a sari. I think this may be Mr.Shekhar's fantasy and immediately another thought got struck me that day when Mr.Shekhar spoke with gently and nicely that day i am wearing vishal's dress. I think he likes in women in men's dress.

    I Reached room around 11.00 PM that time vaishali slept and opened the room door in sleepy mode i turned on the lights and i was shocked he is wearing my night dress i don't have another night dress i hate because of this he takes all my clothes and they suit him perfectly than me. I shouted on him again you took my clothes i don't another night dress to wear what should i wear he with a wicked smile said i kept my boxer and banian for you i said why don't you wear your clothes. he said my clothes suits you perfectly than me. So i don't have much energy to argue with him so i changed into boxer and black banian which he kept for me and slept in the morning Vishal came with a strong bed coffee and woke me up every morning he does this for me. By hand overing coffee cup to me he told me to get ready i am preparing breakfast. I had coffee since i have to move early so i got ready early after bath i went to vishal room and I dressed in white shirt and Blue jeans seeing me vishal said hey handsome.Shut you mouth stupid and serve me he always boss he served me breakfast i left from their i submitted in time and came back to my office.Mr.shekhar waiting for me and i went to his cabin directly and said i submitted contract in time and tender is our's he is happy i got from his expression he want to thank me but some reason he looked nervous and his words are not clear.while calling me he started adding jyo ji and i am calling him shekhar with his name. Day by day things are getting changed and now i became very confident.
    Please post your comments

  • #363

    sneha (Tuesday, 20 November 2018 07:55)

    Real Boss

    I understood how to take control over situation, SoI am just concentrating on Mr.Shekhar fake confidence i want him to feel under confident. So one day Sunday i wore Vishal's track and T-shirt after seeing me in his dress vishal was completely shocked till now vishal asks me to wear his dresses or behave like a man but today i voluntarily wore his dress. Vishal came near to me and reviewed me totally roaming around of me and said hey Jyo you look cool hero why you wear this dress without my pressure.I prepared for this question earlier i know any body will ask the same it is human tendency. I said you stupid fellow you are the reason you always keep on saying that you look handsome and male clothes suits you well know i am feeling a man inside me.Vishal Said mera baccha you are looking great let's go check in the mirror once or else i will take your pic and let's compare with your earlier pic.While talking vishal's body is totally in the air he is excited and he can't hide his feelings. it's is common for every girl and vishal is also girl he is talking non-sense I just want to take him back to normal position.So i extended my right hand and hold him from the back since he is sari i touched him at bare feel know i could sense the softness of his body immediately i pressed his navel so hardly immediately he became blank and opened his mouth wide this happen in a fraction of seconds.I closed his mouth and went near to him and hugged him from the front he closed his eyes as a acceptance to me go forward. I hugged him as hard as i can since it is the week moment nobody can't control their so i smooched him hardly and bite his lips this has gone for 10 minutes.

    I slowly released but he still want to be in safe arms after removing my hands totally he still hold me tightly. I patted on his buttocks slowly he gained his conscious and slowly keeping his head down started moving i clear see his cheeks became red. I said hey vaishali he responded to me by nodding his head and i continued see baby you are staying with young male bachelor who can eat you away any time so be cautious and don't your body so much i am not a good boy.he left from their with a shame he asked me to have breakfast this time observed vishal's walking completely feminine and he kept his sari lower than before to expose his body more. I washed my hands and had breakfast left to my bedroom i saw my phone i got 7 missed calls from Shekhar i called him back he said he need my help in doing the presentation so he asked me to come for office today i agreed immediately with out saying anything. I told vishal about this till know i told vishal about Mr.Shekhar's bold personality immediately vishal told me to go and given his bike keys Pulsar 220 CC recently i learned driving the bike. While leaving i pinched vishal at navel and ran from their.

    I Came to office wearing vishal's formal pant and shirt Mr.shekhar has already in the office i saw his car and then i punctured his car tyre and went inside the office. When i went inside Mr.Shekhar stood up and said sorry for disturbing you in sunday i said it's ok shekhar let me see till where you have done.He did work well but nobody can present 100 % i found some errors in that file and shown it to Mr.Shekhar he kept his head down. I said don't worry shekhar i will do it immediately his became bright and i asked his seat by saying it is tough for me to operate the key board from here he offered his seat first time in M.D seat in front of him felt like a really M.D.

    Already i kept my shirt first button open and one opened one more button so that my banian should visible to him after seeing me like that he immediately went inside the toilet and came back. I said shekhar it has become a mess i think i need smoke. He shocked and said do you smoke i said yes i like smoke and tea combination but there is no maid in the office and the work is very hectic i have to adjust with smoke only. Shekhar thought for a minute and stood up and went out side i am seeing everything from inside Shekhar went out to bring cigarette for me and he brought milk packet too. He given cigarette pack I said why you have done this for me he din't say anything.He din't brought milk packet may be he is preparing tea for me i did with presentation i am awaiting for shekhar i saw his shadow he is coming with tea tray i lite my cigarette and looking to the computer i took a hard puff and when Shekhar came near to me to give the coffee cup i released all the smoke and i started acting sorry shekhar i din't saw you he said no problem jyo please have tea he said.Oho know poor your did this for me so sweet i patted on his cheeks his face became bright i am in standing position and he sat on the chair i took his head and kept on my chest and started patting on his cheeks saying poor baby and i kissed on his bald head.

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  • #364

    Anjali (Tuesday, 20 November 2018 12:44)

    Lovable life 18

    As aunty Said those dresses are mine I got tensed...seeing me like them her daughter didn't speak ...we stood there silently for a while after that I started to move from there but aunty asked me to stay there as I'm going to say something she shouted at me to stay..I stood silently...aunty spoke to her daughter and said showing me it's his life he wants to live like women by mistake he was born as male as everyone has their dreams he too has a dream to be women but as society won't accept his dream he became crossdresser..her daughter didn't understand what is cross-dresser..she said to her I like to wear women dresses more than male dresses and like to behave like women,speak like women if he gets chance he will become women like us.knowing his dream I'm just supporting him as one has to be with him who understands him.. being women is most difficult as women has to cook,wash,clean these can only done by women but most of now a days women don't like to do these work but he enjoys them while doing..so I understand him and accept has women so he is helping me in your place..and as he is a women I asked him to give towel to you as you both are women but your brother is man i won't allow other women to see my son naked body so I didn't send him...and she looked at me I was tensed...she gave assurance by nodding head nothing will happen... listening this her daughter sat silently after awhile she seen and came towards me and asked do you want to be women really I said yes she said ok and went to her bedroom..seeing me standing silently aunty said as she knows truth there is no need for you to be in male dress go and wear chudi and come..I silently took my dresses from hall and went into bedroom.. when I entered she sat on bed and chatting with friend in phone seeing me she asked what I said I have to change dress she said change and started chat I tried to go into bathroom to change my dress she said no need to go as there is no one except we so you can change dress..I said ok and started removing my male dress and kept aside now I'm in light green bra and light green panty seeing me in lingerie she asked do you even bra also and came near me and tried to touch my breast I stopped her but she forcefully removed my hands and seen my small moulds and said nice you are developing your own breast one day you will get bigger breasts than me I said please she said what please it's quite common between two girls discussing about boobs and said if I'm with aunty I will enjoy only housework if you're with me I show more than that and asked me to dress up saying I'm exposing more than heroines...I dressed in white kameez with square neck patterned, white churidar and light pink chiffon duppatta.and pinned on both shoulders easily and kept pink Bangles on my both hands,kept chain in my neck and placed earrings..sat on bed and kept anklets and stood and went to mirror seen my face combed my shoulder length hair in pony style kept rubber band tightly to my hear and kept bindi and turned towards her she shockingly seen me and said I look beautiful I said thanks..she came near me seen me closely she took lipstick from her kit and kept pink lipstick and said now I'm looking more beautiful...I felt shy and went to kitchen aunty seen my lipstick and said so you two girls helping eachother I said nothing her daughter came and asked her mom what's my name I said Madhu she said Madhu is unisex it can be male or female name aunty said correct and asked what name I want I said nothing aunty thought for a sec and said from now onwards your name is Anjali...her daughter said even she liked my name and called me Anjali I was so happy to get new name as Anjali... suddenly aunt said to her daughter that this matter should be with in them only she promised she won't say to anyone and laughed at me...by then I don't understand why she laughed but I like the way she treats me now.

  • #365

    Raghu (Wednesday, 21 November 2018 03:58)

    My brother - 1

    My name is arun and I am a working in our shopping mall. I have a brother, his name is varun. He is doctor. My mom is housewife and my dad also work's in the shopping mall. My mom likes my brother more than me and my dad likes me more than my brother but I don't know the reason.
    My uncle's has a daughter and her name is anjali. From our childhood, my uncle thought of marring his daughter with anyone of me or my brother. My uncle is very close to me than my brother, so I was very confident that I will marry anjali. I was very stylish than my brother. I have long hair till my shoulders and I wear ear stubs. I am stronger than my brother.
    Days passed, I stopped going to gym because of the work in our mall and I felt loosing my muscles.
    Soon my chest size started to increase. I don't know the reason. I thought it is because of stopped going to gym.
    Days passed like that, I went to my mom and told her I have a problem. I took her to my room and showed my chest to my mom. My mom was shocked seeing it. Me and my mom went to my brother's hospital. He too shocked seeing my breasts. After some check ups. He gave some medicines to use and with hesitation, he asked me to use the bra. I was shocked and said no but my mom told me, bra prevents growing your breasts fast. After a lot of discussion I agreed to wear a bra.

  • #366

    Raghu (Wednesday, 21 November 2018 04:15)

    My brother - 2

    I started to use the medicines. And in the night while closing the mall, my mom measured my breasts and took some bras for me. Using these medicines, I didn't find any improvements in my body. Soon I started to realise my penis is chanced a bit.
    One day, anjali came to our home. At that time, me and my brother were in home. We started to talk with anjali, at that time, me and brother started to find who is the stronger in front of anjali. So we decided hand wrestling to determine our strength. We started hand wrestling and my brother easily defeated me. I was shocked. I used to be more stronger than my brother by now he defeated me easily. Anjali started to prise my brother. My brother teased me saying, even anjali can defeat you. I am getting angry. Anjali asked me hand wrestle with her. I thought I can defeat her easily but I was wrong, anjali also defeated me. Anjali started to tease me, she is saying you can't even defeat a girl. My mom saw all these things. With embarrassment I went to my room.
    Days passed, again one day anjali came to our home with gifts.

  • #367

    Raghu (Wednesday, 21 November 2018 07:31)

    My brother - 3

    First anjali asked my brother to close his eyes than she made him to wear a watch. Than she asked me to close my eyes, I did just like asked me. Than anjali made me to wear something to my hands. When I saw it, I was shocked. Anjali made me to wear bangles. I asked anjali, why she made me to wear bangles?? She teased me saying " bangles suit you better than watch" ". I was shocked, listening to her words.
    I went to my room, removed bangles and cried a lot. My mom saw me crying but she didn't care. Days passed, because if having breasts, I didn't go to barber shop and my hair grown long. My dad also know my problem. Soon I stopped going to my work also. I just stayed in home and spent time watching TV and sleeping.
    One day, my mom got angry on me. She came to me and said, you can't spend your whole life like this. Now come to kitchen and help me in cooking. I was shocked and said no to my mom but my mom forced me to do.
    Days passed, it's been 8-9 months. I used medicines regularly but still I can't any improvement.
    Soon my penis started to shrink. Again I went to hospital with my mom. My brother checked me and told me your penis is now useless and you testicles are spoiled. I was shocked. I asked him for a advice. He told me, by doing an operation you can live your life happily. Soon my brother fixed a date for the operation. On the day of operation. My mom and dad also came to hospital. I signed on a paper without reading. Soon, they took me the operation theatre and injected me something. And I went to deep sleep.

  • #368

    sneha (Wednesday, 21 November 2018 07:45)

    Real boss

    After kissing on his bald head i saw Mr.shekhar he is blushing and laughing by turning aside. I sat on the couch just next to him. I said Shekhar my job is done from it is you to do well so prepare well and rock the presentation.Till day Shekhar have gave hundred of presentations but this time he is nervous because of my words.Immediately I took his head near to my chest by rubbing his cheeks and said i know baby it is tough time for you,I can understand how it feel i wish i can help you. He immediately went back and said yes jyo it's a great idea i will book ticket for you know let's go to Bangalore. I said is it possible he said yes it we can stay in their guest apartment for next week.I hold his noise and smart boy.

    Okay Shekhar let's meet at airport then he also said same we locked the office. I came outside to lit a cigarette i know shekhar need a lift because i punctured his car tire. By taking cigarette puffs i entered into office campus and shekhar shocked after seeing me he is trying to hide his hard dick. I thrown my cigarette and said what happened shekhar he told car tire has punctured i said i will drop you.Both left on my bike while i leaving Shekhar oho no Jyo you are rock star and please go slow.

    Evening we took a flight and came to our stay where it has arranged.I said shekhar baby take this cover and wear it. He asked what is there in it i said it is surprise for you open after getting ready. I got freshen up and i brought vishal alias vaishali clothe, I wore track & T-shirt with out inner. I was waiting outside for Mr.Shekhar i don't understood why he is taking so much time i saw his room door was bit opened so i want to see from through that opening. Shekhar is sat facing towards other side but he wore what i gave him, I went inside and said hey are you ready.

    Shekhar: Jyo what is it
    Me: I want to see my baby in frock i brought you baby frocks for whole week.
    Shekhar: Actually you know i am elder than you
    I Closed his mouth and told him stand up and he stood up frock is hardly his thighs we can his underwear to i angrily said why you have used inner wear gave by me how can you do like this, I slapped on his face water from his eyes has slowly started.Know remove it and wear inner first and wear the frock. He said i wore petticoat jyo only under wear i din't wear. I said don't trust you let me check. He said okay go out i will dress up. I said without seeing how can i check. He stunned with answer and i said angrily how much i have to wait. He regained his conscious and started undressing in front of me his penis is smaller than my thumb that's why he din't married. he dressed completely and stood in front of me i said my cute baby and kissed on his cheeks.I said let's take daddy and baby duo selfie and took our selfie.

    I took laptop and started browsing, I gave shekhar barbie dolls to play. we heard door bell sound and i said baby i ordered food for us go and take it. He was shocked and standstill, I told you go and take the food daddy is busy in his work i shouted. He quickly ran to the door i was observing from behind the wall he quickly removed frock, wig and petticoat kept them on sofa and tied sofa cover to his navel and took the food.
    Post your comments

  • #369

    Raghu (Wednesday, 21 November 2018 07:55)

    My brother - 4

    Soon I woke up. I saw my mom, dad, brother and anjali with her family but everyone are bit sad. I don't know why. There is bandage to my neck also. I am unable to sleep. My dad told me, you can speak well after a week. I felt something strange between my legs. I thought surgery is done to make my penis work properly.
    After some time,i asked my mom to help to go to the toilet. She helped and I slowly went to toilet. Than I kept my hand to take my penis to pee. I was shocked. My penis is gone. I started to cry. I saw my mom. She don't what to say. She asked to sit and pee. After that, I sat on the bed. With hesitation my mom told me that my penis damaged a lot and the doctors have to remove it. I didn't stop crying. My mom tried to console me.
    Soon we went home. Than I went to my room. And I was shocked. My entire room is changed. I opened my cupboard and I was shocked. It is filled with women clothes. I started to cry. My mom saw me and consoled me. She told me, from now onwards you have to wear these clothes only. Than anjali came to my room than my mom left my room. Anjali sat beside me and told me, it's your fate and we cannot change anything now. Saying so. She took a top and long skirt. First I was bit hesitate to wear it but anjali made me to wear it. Than she took earrings and kept in my ears. And arranged my hair.
    Soon I started to get used to women clothes. One day, my uncle came to our home to talk about anjali's marriage. My family agreed to get my brother marry anjali. Soon marriage date fixed.

  • #370

    Raghu (Wednesday, 21 November 2018 08:24)

    My brother - 5

    One day we went to shopping. Anjali bought many sarees for marriage and my brother also bought some clothes for marriage. At that time, my mom asked me to select a saree, with hesitation I selected a saree. My mom told me, it is for you. I said no. My mom got a angry and told me, you are not 10 year old girl to wear a dress. Now you are 26 years old. My mom is very dominating and I can match her speaking skill, so I agreed to wear it.
    On the day of marriage. Early in the morning, my mom woke me up. And asked me to take bath. After that she made me to wear a bra, panty, blouse and pavada than she started to drape the saree. She finally draped me by pinning pallu on my left shoulder. Than she applied little make up and added a hair extension to my hair and braided it. The braid reached my hips than my mom started to put golden bangles to my hands, anklets to my legs, bindi, dangling earrings, necklace in my neck and finally she took lot of flowers and kept in my hair. Now I am ready to go. I felt shy to meet everyone but my mom gave me confidence. My brother was ready like a groom and anjali's mom and her friends decorated her like a bride. Soon priest asked the groom to tie the mangalsutra in bride's neck. My mom asked me to lift anjali's long hair. I did just like my mom said and my brother tied the mangalsutra in anjali's neck. I controlled my emotions. First I wanted to become her husband but finally I became her sister in law.
    Days passed, everyone started to called me as "" Aruna "".
    One day my friend came to our home. His name is ramesh. And he is a doctor. First I felt awkward meeting him but he spoke normally with me. He asked me, how I turned into a women. I told him that, I stopped going to gym and my chest increased and for that my brother gave me some medicines but it didn't help me and spoiled my male part. He was shocked listening to it.
    He told me, you can't be turned into women just my stooping your gym workout. I told me, it is what happened.
    He asked me to show him the medicines. I showed him the medicines. Seeing it, he was shocked. He told me, they are high dose female hormones. I was shocked. Than I realised, my brother turned me into a women. After sometime ramesh left.

  • #371

    Raghu (Wednesday, 21 November 2018 08:35)

    My brother - 6

    I waited for my brother to come home. After he came. I started to scold him for spoiling my life. I told my mom and my dad about the medicines but my mom told me, you are lying. You are jealous of his life. My dad also supported my brother. I was shocked and started to cry. My mom told me, you are living in the home only because of your brother. The entire property belongs to him.
    Listening to her words, I left the home. Now I don't have anyone. While I was walking, ramesh saw me. And asked me where am I going?? I said everything happened in my home. He told me, you can stay in my home. I said no but he requested me. He told me at least stay in my home till you get a job. I said OK and went to his home

  • #372

    Raghu (Wednesday, 21 November 2018 11:20)

    My brother - 7

    When I went to ramesh's home, his mom was bit surprised seeing a women with him. He told his mom that, I am arun. She know that I am a woman now but she never met me. I sat on the sofa and she sat beside me. She is staring at me continuously. I asked her, why she is staring at me. She told me, you are completely changed into a women. I felt shy for that.
    Ramesh told everything to her. She felt sad for me. She told me, you can stay here as long as you want. I felt happy that I got someone who care about me.
    But the problem is, I don't have any other clothes. Ramesh's mom took me to a room and showed me lot of women clothes. She told me all these clothes belongs to her daughter in law. I know ramesh's wife died a year ago. To my surprise all her blouses fitted me.
    Days passed, one day ramesh's mom went out for a work. I was watching TV. At that time I realise Ramesh is staring at my novel. I felt little discomfort.
    Ramesh's daughter is 5 years old. I used to play with her and she started to like me.
    One day, someone called ramesh's mom and told her that ramesh died in an accident. Ramesh's mom is devastated. We went to hospital and saw Ramesh's body. His mom cried a lot and I tried to console her but I it is a big lose for her.
    Weeks passed. Slowly Ramesh's mom started to feel better. She is tailor and she taught me tailoring. Days passed, she too started to call me Aruna..
    One day, I saw her thinking something. I asked her what is she thinking about. She requested me to take care of her granddaughter. I promised her that I will take care of her granddaughter.

  • #373

    Raghu (Wednesday, 21 November 2018 11:27)

    My brother - 8

    One day ramesh's daughter, Rupa started to call me aunty. At that time, ramesh's mom told her to call me as""mom " I was shocked. Ramesh's mom requested me to be her granddaughter's mom. I too agree for it and I started to teach Rupa to call me as mom. Soon I started to feel like a women.

  • #374

    Grammar (Wednesday, 21 November 2018 19:29)

    Raghu beautiful story, he should go back to his home and there should be a more humalation by his girlfriend and brother, with lots of pricing

  • #375

    raji (Wednesday, 21 November 2018 22:58)

    Hi my name is raju I’m staying with parents and elder brother. From childhood onwards I’m very naughty person. In every week neighbors will give complaint on me for wrong behavior with their daughters. Still intermediate it’s going like this only. Once my relative came to my house my mom given complaining about my behavior then my aunt given suggestion about me. In her home town very strict college is there very harsh rules, then my parents felt happy now onwards my behavior will change. Next week I join in college. But hostel also available in same campus only. In my first class they are so many boys and girls are available I’m feel so happy, we are chit chatting after few min one madam came with notice. We know about your behavior please follow the college rules for boys. Boys should not cut their hair for 3 years, every Friday they should wear half saree or saree. They must come in full girls accessories. And girls also must come in Half saree or saree. Both boys and girls can discuss what should wear. In every Indian festival boys must wear saree, if any one break this rule in entire month they should come in saree. Saree’s and accessories are available in our campus only.

  • #376

    Ajju (Wednesday, 21 November 2018 23:41)

    Ye meri 1 story he. Ye story he human nature or insaniyat ke bich ye story Avinash or Anita ki he. Avinash ek baht ache baht bade school me 9 std me padta tha Avinash baht ache family se belong krta he. Avinash ke dad government job krte he or Avinash ki mom bank me assistant manager he. Avinash bachpan se study me acha that wo pure school me top karta. School Aisa koi bhi teacher nahi he jo Avinash Ko Janta ho. Avinash ki body structure uske nature ke opposite thi. Avinash baht hi over weight tha or uske hair bhi lambe the Avinash Ko Apne hair se baht hi pyar tha usne last 4 saal se Apne hair cutting nahi ki. Wese to Avinash Apne mom dad ki har baat Ko ache se sunta or use follow bhi krta. Avinash ka aim he wo aage Jake baht bada doctor Bana chahta tha or use PURA bharso tha ki wo baht bada doctor Banega or uske mom dad Ko bhi PURA bharso tha ki Avinash doctor jrur bnega. Avinash ke class me Anita Naam se ek ladki padti thi Anita Avinash ke natrure ke bilkul opposite. Anita ek Bindaas type ladki thi wese to Anita bhi study me baht achi thi PR wo study ke mamle me Avinash se piche rahti thi jaha Avinash pure school me top krta Wahi Anita 2 number me rahti. Anita Kahi na Kahi mn hi mn me Avinash se jealous feel krti. PR ye baat wo Apne face me aane nahi deti. Mn hi m Avinash Ko harne ki sochti. PR hr Baar Avinash hi baaji maar deta Avinash study ke alva or kuch nahi Janta tha Avinash kbi sports cultural program me participate nahi karta PR Anita sports cultural program me Sabse aage thi or hamesha 1 aati

  • #377

    Ajju (Thursday, 22 November 2018 00:30)

    Ek din Anita ne Avinash Ko class me sabke samne nicha dikhane ke liye class teacher Ko Avinash ke lambe Baal Krane Ko kahne lgi teacher Ko baat me logic lgi or teacher ne Avinash Ko next day Baal chote katwake aana warna the me rhna aise jor deke kaha. Avinash ne teacher se kaha ki wo Baal nhi katwaega aap muje koi b punishment de do. Ye baat sunte hi Anita Ko ek baat suzhi Anita ne sad face bnake teacher se kaha ki 21 century chl rhi he or ABI b girls Ko koi freedom nahi he. Class teacher Ko Anita ki baat nahi samjhi to Anita se pucha kya kahna chahti ho khulke bolo. To Anita ne btaya ki girls ke lambe Baal he to girls baalo Ko do chottiyain bandhana complusory he wese hi same Avinash ke Baal b girls ke baalo ki tarah lambe hai to use bhi Apne dono baalo me do chottiyain bandhana Ko kahiye. Class teacher sab student Ko ye baat sahi lgi to class teacher ne Avinash Ko agle din se do chottiyain bandhe ke aane ka punishment de diya or agle ek month tk ye punishment jari rhega. Break time me Anita Apne sath kanghi or Baal me ribbon leke Avinash ke pass aayi Avinash ne añita Ko waha se jne Ko kaha Anita ne Avinash ke dono hath pkde or Anita ki friends Sneha or Ruchi ne Avinash ke baalo ki kanghi ki or baalo ki dono chottiyain baandh di Avinash ki chuttiya dekh Sabi girls or boys Avinash me hasne lge or Anita mn hi mn Apne es Jeet Ko celebrate krne lgi. Avinash pure period apna sar niche jhukaye betha rha or rota raha

  • #378

    Riya (Friday, 23 November 2018 05:12)

    Contd. from 300
    The next morning I was woken up by Riya when she was trying to release herself from my grasp. I knowing tightened my grip and told her she has to give a blowjob if she wants to get up from the bed. She laughed and refused and we settled for a kiss. After waking up she went to bath and I was still feeling sleepy so I slept again but after 30 mins I was again woken up by tiny droplets from her wet hair. I opened my eyes and saw her standing in green chiffon saree and the earrings and nose pin were back. She was looking amazing and hot. She was getting ready and applied mascara, eyeliner, kajal, lipstick and what not. She told me to get up and apply sindoor on her forhead to which I happily obliged. I was feeling so good to have her as my wife we started talking.
    'Riya, I am so happy to have you as my wife, although I do not remember how we met and anything about our marriage but I promise you that I will start again. I will woe you again, we will date and we will go through everything again. Consider it as a new chapter. '
    'Its ok Anoop, do not stress yourself. Even if you do not do anything I will love you for I owe my existence to you. Last two years were very tough and my family hasn't talked to me even once after I told them about marrying you. You are my life now and taking care of us and our family is all that matters. Your family has adopted me like a daughter and given me love and respect. Initally it was very strange and hard for me to live like in a village but your mom has taught me everything now. And as far as your memory is concerned I will either wait for it to come back or I will let it be like it is as you may not believe what has happened.'
    'Oh, its so sad that you do not talk to your family, I will definetly make it up to them. I married their daughter and its my job to see that they accept us. No matter what. And please tell me how we met and how we married. I want to know it all'
    'I will not tell you anything and you do not worry about my family, we will talk to them when the time comes. Now please let me go as I have to prepare breakfast for the whole family and leave for school. You also get up and get ready to help your brother in his work.'
    Few months passed like this. I used to go to therapy for my memory issues to the city. Initally Riya used to come with me but she found it tough to take out time from housework and school. She also took tution classes as the cost of therapy was high. I worked with my brother and tried to learn his work. Meanwhile, I was refreshing my earlier job knowledge and was planning to resume work as early as possible. Life was slowly coming back on track but I therapy was not going anywhere. All I saw in therapy was Rohan telling me something and then I used to see me and Riya doing dinner. I also had snaps of doing shopping with sometimes Rohan and sometimes Riya. I used to call Rohan but all his numbers were not in use now. I asked my classmates but none of them had heard from Rohan from the same time I went in coma.

  • #379

    Riya (Friday, 23 November 2018 05:13)

    It was giving me a lot of stress and I finally decided to visit Rohan's family. I lied at home about an emergency therapy session and went to Rohan's hometown. Riya knew something was fishy and was about to call the clinic to check but somehow I convinced her. I had visited Rohan's house many times and his family knew me. I reached his town and saw that his house also had gone old. It was a huge bunglow which used to be bumming with servents and pets. I guessed his father had retired by now. A servent met me at the gate and recognized me. He escorted me inside and I was asked to sit on the sofa. His father came and shook hands with me. It took a second for him to recognize me and instantly he lost his temper.
    'You bastard! you took my son from me and now you dare to enter my house. I will shoot you dead. Get out you piece of shit.'
    He was shouting hysterically and I was completely shocked and dumbfounded. I told him I had no idea where Rohan was and I was really sorry but he listened nothing and kept abusing me. Finally Rohan's mother came and calmed down his father.
    'He has lost his son because of you, his only son, the hier to all this property.'
    ' I loved Rohan aunty, he was my best friend. If I knew he hasn't contacted you too I would have slapped the hell out of him. But aunty I have lost my memory after an accident and I really do not know what happened in past two years. The last thing I remember was Rohan attempting suicide and me travelling to meet him'
    'Son, Rohan died in that accident that night with you'
    'But Aunty, Rohan was not in the car, I remember having dinner with my wife and she was the one who was with me this whole time. I hate myself for not even remembering how we met, the woman who has supported me like a rock all this time, who left her job in US to be a village wife. I cannot believe that anyone would care so much about someone.'
    'You are lucky son to have Riya has your wife. She is wonderful'
    'Aunty, how do you know my wives name, did you visit us when I was in coma ?'
    'No son, Rohan is Riya'
    She said those words and left the room. I couldn't believe my ears and sat there for a long time. I came out and brought a ciggerate and smoked after many years. Rohan was with me all this time. My best friend never left my side. He even went a step further and became my wife. I was having doubts about such a great person. My memory also started getting clearer now. I remembered how Rohan used to crossdress and that was why he tried to end his life. I remembered everything now. I thought I have fucked my friend. He has a vagina now. I wondered when and how did he decided to become Riya'
    I caught a bus back to home and reached there by night. It was already dinner time and Riya was serving everyone. I sat on the table. She looked at me and smiled. I tried to find my friend Rohan in that face but I could not make it out. Her manners and the way she talked and moved had no trace of Rohan anywhere. She was a beautiful woman.

  • #380

    rajibalan.jimdo (Friday, 23 November 2018 08:04)

    Real Boss
    I went near to him and stood behind and waiting for him to turn back.He turned back and saw me immediately he left he food packets which was their in his hands. But i din't care about the food packets i gave him a serious look. He just folded his hands by keeping his head down, I scolded him stupid he said sorry daddy.I was bit relaxed the way he called me. Immediately i said remove the packets and clean the floor. He did it and searching for his dress and i called him to bedroom, he came to bed room and shocked seeing his frock near me. I said poor baby come here i should not scold you like that you are small baby. I can understand from the childhood you represented as a man (or) boy in the society so suddenly you can't represent your self by changing your gender.He nodded,i kissed on his cheeks and said my sweet baby let me reboot your life saying that i handover a diaper to wear.

    First he was reluctant to wear but i scolded him and told him to wear in front of me. So slowly he undressed in front of me and i said come and have food. After wearing diaper you will become baby and from now on wards till we reach our place i will feed you only milk. So enjoy your last dinner for the week. He came quickly and started having his food and after having our food he took our plates and cleaned it. He came inside of bedroom and wore diaper i told him lay down on bed as a baby and i kept a nipple in his mouth.

    Next day we got ready and went to met our client Mr.prashanth his secretary told us to wait and Mr.Shekhar left for wash room. I saw a young, vibrant and handsome looking man coming towards us. I thought he was the person for whom we were waiting i kept paper over my face and acting like reading. I sat on the very corner beside a secretrary Ms. Riya cabin was their and i am not visible to any one.So Mr.Prashanth came and wished good morning rohan and riya said good morning prashanthi aunty. I din't understood their conversation immediately Mr.shekhar came their and said hellp prashanth ji how are you.

    We both went inside with Mr.Prashanth and gave our presentation and he told we have to present in front of board of directors. Mr.Prashanth told Jyosna you give the presentation, I said yes sir. Mr. Prashanth and Mr.shekhar left for lunch and they invited me too. But i said today i will only have fruits i brought them with me. I went wash room where i saw Miss.Riya she is fat, tall. With that body she wore skirt and business suit it makes look so ugly. riya said din't went for lunch i said no today i will only have fruits and i brought with them so i left her only. I said will you give me company for lunch. She said sure we both sat in a cabin beside to her cabin it is a small meeting room can accommodate four people. We started having lunch their and riya is so talkative she is speaking non-stop. I started to praise her and supporting her statements, after some time i asked about the morning why are you calling Mr.Prashanth as prashanthi aunty, She so dumb and started crying i tried to console her. But she wiped her tears and said he treats me like a son here i will call him aunty and in his house he treats like a son their i will call him mom.

    Please post your comments

  • #381

    Riya (Monday, 26 November 2018 10:03)

    I caught a bus back to home and reached there by night. It was already dinner time and Riya was serving everyone. I sat on the table. She looked at me and smiled. I tried to find my friend Rohan in that face but I could not make it out. Her manners and the way she talked and moved had no trace of Rohan anywhere. She looked at me staring at her and knew something was suspicious. We had dinner and retired to our rooms. She came inside and changed into a nighty and lied besides me. She came near me and asked directly
    'You went to my home. Didn't you ?'
    'No no! I went to doctor, I already told you earlier'
    'Anoop, I know your lying face yaar, stop this charade. I can be myself infront of you know and she hit me on my groin with her knee.'
    'What the hell Rohan, you haven't done this since college'
    'Stop shouting you idiot, everybody will start searching for Rohan otherwise'
    'You piece of shit, why did you go through so much for me. You could have just told my parents the truth and lived your life in US.'
    'I fell in love with you'
    'But .. but.. your whole life.. your whole career is gone yaar, you could have been so much more in your career'
    'I did what I thought I had to, what I thought was right. '
    'But why did you get a complete sex change, I thought you just enjoyed crossdressing'
    'I couldn't lie to your parents. They are such good people. Also your brother came to know about me and he told me it was for the best if I did it. It was your brother who paid for the operation and told my parents too'
    'What.. why would he do that.. did he force you ? Tell me the truth Rohan, I will kill him.'
    'No, he has kids and wife, moreover now that you are back we can move back to US, I want to leave it all behind and start a new life with you'
    'Oh Rohan, I do not know what happened behind my back and what the hell you had to go through, but I promise you I would make it all better'
    'I know you would, now go back to sleep, I am too tired. In morning there is a pooja at 8 am in neighbour's house and I have to go and help her'
    'Oh boy, ok lets sleep'
    And they hugged each other and slept. Over the next 6 months they applied for Visa again. Anoop's company accepted him back and Riya underwent all the official documentation and applied for a depended visa as Anoop's wife. They moved back to the US and slowly Riya also started working. No one can tell now that she wasn't born a woman. No one can tell that they are not any ordinary couple. No one knows that Riya was forced to be a woman by Anoop's brother. Riya is now far away from him and happy. She was just a crossdresser and misses her old self sometimes but she is happy with all the love she gets from Anoop as a woman and her old habbit is always satisfied as she is always dressed in most feminie attire. She has now accpeted her new life and is happy.

    Guys did you like this story ? let me know please..

  • #382

    Shalini (Monday, 26 November 2018 21:18)

    Working Wife

    Hi, Hope everyone remembers me.

    My name is shalini. I got married 8 months back my husband name is vimal he use to work in bank as a assistant manager. We used to stay in Mumbai in a 2bhk with my mother in law as we 3 use to be in our family. I was working in a bpo as a HR manager. To tell you more about my husband he was a reserved person in nature no bad habits. who use to work hard and took care of his mother when his father passed away when he was just 15yrs old. He earned lots of fame in very young age. Had a good savings own house. And well invested in properties. So we were financially good.talking abt his personality he was slim and handsome, whitish in colour and had very soft hairs little bit long enough till shoulder.as he belonged to rajasthan he had pierced his ears with one stud in ear after his graduation he came to Mumbai and settled here. So I worked for time being as I didn't have much work at home.i basically belonged to Delhi but after marriage I shifted to Mumbai. We met first time in marriage of one of our friends and his mother liked me and sended a marriage proposal to my parents. That's how we got married. After marriage I got job apportunity to work as a hr manager. It's almost 6 months I have been working in one of the reputed company.

  • #383

    Shalini (Thursday, 29 November 2018 03:51)

    Working Wife

    So it was a daily routine for us to go to work and we use to return by evening.let me tell you about my work as I was working as a HR i use to recruit candidates and take their interviews. My work timings were 11am to 8pm. I use to wear formals,jeans or casuals. At home I use to wear t-shirts and track pants. So it was like almost 6months I have been working.i had a good salary. To tell you about my husband he use to work as assistant manager at bank. His timings were 9 to 6 pm.

  • #384

    Shalini (Tuesday, 04 December 2018 04:53)

    Working wife

    So I was not a good cook but my MIL use to cook food and we both had a good relationship. On weekends we use to go for shopping, parlour and for movies. As we didn't have much relatives we 3 were complete family. On other hand vimal use to be a workaholic as he use to be busy in his work. He was found of cricket as he use to watch matches specially t20 and Ipl.

  • #385

    Shalini (Tuesday, 04 December 2018 05:14)

    Working wife

    It's been almost 1yr for our marriage so we decided to celebrate so we took leave from our work for a week went to goa and celebrated. So we had good time in beaches, boating and also I did some shopping. So then we came back as MIL was alone at home. Then the life was going in the same routine. The bank where vimal was working collaborated with a different financial institution as thy recruited people from foreign as thy had agreement with USA. So vimal was offered a different post of a field marketing manager as now he had field work as he was upset little bit. So he use to travel from city to city and get the work done he use to be tried and use to come late night. Now he use to get off on Sunday's. So he worked for 6 months then he resigned as he was not happy with his job profile. Soon he decided to take some rest and then look for a new job. It was almost a month so he started to look for a job as he was little upset with his previous company so it didn't work out as he was getting rejected. So he stayed at home like a lazy just watching cricket and loafing in market. So as we had good savings and income we didn't have any issues. I had my job so we didn't have to worry. So almost 3 months passed his hairs grown little bit more till his shoulders. So he used to tie his hairs in pony tail. I use to go to work and come back help mom in cooking and do rest of work.

  • #386

    Shalini (Tuesday, 04 December 2018 20:22)

    Working wife
    So almost like 4months passed and vimal was at home. I was working and MIL use to cook. So one day my MIL felt sick we took her to doctor as she had viral. Doctor told that she had to take rest and be away from water. So we took medicine and came back. Then I took a leave for couple of days and stayed with mom [ my MIL so frm here onwards I will refer her mom ] so I washed clothes and cooked food gave medicine to mom. So I requested vimal to go to market get fruits and vegetables. He was so lazy that some how he managed to go. Then when he returned I requested him to cut fruits and giv it to mom. But he went to his room and slept. I got angry on him some how I controld my anger. I served fruits to mom. Then I went to the room and told vimal that I need his help in kitchen. He completely ignored me and said he can't. Then I told him mom is not well plz help me out in cutting the vegetables he said no he can't. He told it's ur work rather do it yourself and told me to resign from work enough now take care of house. So I was little upset with his behavior. So I went manage to cook and served the food to make mom and vimal. He didnt like the taste but he didn't have any option he ate the food. So almost like a week passed as I didn't go to work. now mom was fine and I went to office. When I came back their was a fight between me and vimal as he told that I didn't listen to him and joined the office. Some how mom supported me and I was able to save my job. We both never talked for a week.

  • #387

    Shalini (Wednesday, 05 December 2018 10:48)

    Working wife

    So a week passed
    So it was Sunday morning I waked up early made tea and bread toast. I waked up mom and served her breakfast then I served tea to Vimal. Then I cleaned the house and cooked lunch. Then we had lunch together. It was 5 in evening so Vimal requestd for tea as I was working on my laptop. So I told Vimal to make 2cups while I'm busy in work. He got angry on me and pushed me towards the kitchen and told that he needs housewife not working wife. Then mom came in and scolded Vimal for his rude behavior. Then mom made tea and I was shocked with Vimal behavior. I was sad and felt like crying.

  • #388

    Shalini (Wednesday, 05 December 2018 20:28)

    Working wife

    So it was Monday morning Vimal was still sleeping I left for office. A week passed as we both were not talking to each other. Then Vimal had to Mumbai to attend one of his friends wedding for 3 days. So I had taken leave from office so that me and mom can spend some time together. So we went for parlour and shopping. Then we went for a restaurant and had lunch. Then we were watching TV were thy were playing ki and Ka so a plan come in my mind. Where I thought to make Vimal to work at home like a househusband. So I shared the idea with mom. So mom was OK as Vimal behavior was totally different rude and he had become violent so we thought how can we make him do household chores. And make him soft like a female. So Vimal came back after 3 days. So mom asks him how was the wedding and his trip to Mumbai. So he said everything was fine and he enjoyed with his friends after a long time. Then mom askd him wht about his job now it's almost 5 months? Wht did he thought about it. So he hesitated and said he will search with in this month. Thn mom told him that he has become lazy being at home and his behaviour is totally changed. He kept quiet then he went to his room and slept. Now with beard and mustache he was looking like a Punjabi his hairs were long enough. So then I checked on Google how to make him work at home. Then I read about househusbands and the experience. I was not OK to make him househusband. I wanted him to become housewife and feel the pain of women. So I thought of feminizing him. But here we were not talking almost a month passed.

  • #389

    sneha (Thursday, 06 December 2018 07:53)

    Real Boss

    I am very interested to know about Mr.Prashanth and I feel riya is the perfect source to know about him.Mean while riya whipping her tears i kept my hand over head and started rubbing on the head like we general do pets. She gained her balance and started saying about her actually she feels like a small boy in the women's body. I am not all interested to know about her but i am bearing all this to get close to her. I said what is the problem you are young girl if you wear sports wear you will be boy.She blushed with my comments. She said please jyo don't saw like that and i said hey you respect for the elders and call me aunty. we both burst into laugh after that and had our lunch.

    Mr.prashanth and Mr.shekhar has came back from lunch. Mr.shekhar went to discuss regarding financial terms with Mrs. Rekha who is the financial head and Mr.Prashanth's aunt. I was waiting for Mr.shekhar at riya's cabin and Mr.prashanth called me inside and asked some query about the presentation.Then i rushed towards the laptop and trying to understand it, I just turned slowly Mr.Prashanth but his looks is some where else on me i thought he is interested on me.I explained his query and sat in front of him to clarify if any further doubts may arise.
    Mr.Prashanth: Hey Jyo i am busy know any way you missed to have lunch with me so you join me for dinner at my house.
    I: Yes sir sure.

    Riya invited me to her house so i told same to Mr.shekhar and left to guest house. I Went to riya's It is double bedroom apartment gifted by her Mom her husband died and her son is studying in Hostel. Actually i came her to lend some beautiful sari from riya for impressing Mr.Prashanth.
    I: if you don't mind if i ask you something
    Riya: Don't be formal you are my aunty na
    I: Can i lend your sari actually i want to meet important person tonight for dinner.
    Riya took me to one bed room and asked me to choose, I choose cape which is looking decent and fashionable. I am looking lovely i left pretty confident to Mr.prashanth's House and rang the bell.He opened the door and his face is blank with out any expressions, I said can i come in sir he said formally come in. He is not seeing me any more just arranging dinner i asked about his family he said he likes to stay alone a cut shot answer. I understood immediately i took soup bowl and sat on the couch and pour soup on my dress. I said Mr.Prashanth where is the bathroom i want to clean it. He showed me the bedroom which is having attached bathroom. I went inside and came back Prashanth was stunned by seeing me and asked what are you doing in my dress, I said you din't kept for me i thought because my dress became wet you arranged it for me, i will change while leaving my dress is still wet. Prashanth said it's ok let's have dinner this time he fumbling while talking with me.

    Prashanth is rushing to arrange dinner, I said let me help you Mr.Prashanth he said be cordial don't be formal. I said ok prashanth let's have soup first and then we will both arrange for the dinner and saying that i hand over soup bowl. I hold his hand and took him to sofa and ordered him to have since he is arranging the dinner table. I took a spoon of soup and said wow great soup i am totally refreshed after changing the dress. Prashanth said how actually i don't dresses i am very much comfortable in trousers. Prashanth why like that dresses are very comfortable, Immediately i said how you know. he was silent any way men cannot understand women's problem but i am happy i will wear trousers only and live like a man.

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  • #390

    Raghu (Saturday, 08 December 2018 00:07)

    I am innocent - 1

    My name is pavan and I just completed my b.tech and got a job,in a software company. Our bose is very young. Her name is neha (24 years). She is very beautiful but I don't like her character. I am fair and slim. I am living with my mom and dad, my sister got married recently. Neha started to grow feelings for me. One day she proposed me and I said no to her. She begged me a lot but I said no without any hesitation. She left very angrily.
    Next day also I went to office and it was normal. One day, neha gave me more work and I am unable to do it in the working hours , so I stayed in the office. At that time neha came to me with a coffee cup and wished me normally. I was happy that she is talking normally. I drank the coffee and I started to feel differently. After sometime I woke up, I saw police officers and the security guards. Most importantly neha is crying and her clothes are torn.
    I don't know what is happening. The police officers took me police station and filed a case on me, saying I raped neha in the office. I was shocked. I told them, I didn't do it but they showed me a video in the I was trying to rape neha. I started to feel nervous. I don't know how all these happened.
    All women community is against me and media made is worst. Soon I was taken to court. I don't what to say. Seeing all these evidence. Neha is acting nicely. Listening to all these, the judge declared that, I am going to stay in jail forever. I was shocked. Suddenly neha stopped it and said, pavan has to be punished even more. Judge can't understand what is neha saying. Judge also a women. Neha told rapes continued for years and no one changed. Now I want pavan to know how difficult is women's life is. Judge got more interest and asked neha what is her advice. She told the judge that pavan should be punished by turning him into a women permanently. Everyone in the court shocked. But soon they all are requesting judge to punish me by turning me into a women. After thinking for a while, judge decides to punish me by turning me into a woman. Tears rolled in my eyes.

  • #391

    Raghu (Saturday, 08 December 2018 00:26)

    I am innocent - 2

    Judge declared that all expenses for the operation will be paid my the government. Then they took me to an hospital and injected me something and I went to deep sleep. When I woke up. I was in my home, surrounded by mom, dad, and sister. My mom said, finally pavani woke up. I said I am not pavani and I was shocked. I have women voice now. My mom told me that, you are complete women now, with advanced surgery, now you can bare a child also. I was shocked. I quickly went for toilet and found that my male part is removed. My mom followed me and said, now you can't pee like a man, you are a women and women have to pee like women. I started to cry. But my family didn't care. My mom warned me saying f you try commit suicide, then the entire family will die. I was in nighty. My mom told me, now you can wear nighties, after you completely healed. You have to wear sarees like all other women.
    One month passed, I was healed completely. One day, I came from Bath room and I saw my mom in my room. She slapped me saying women should tie towel around their breasts. Then my mom told me, today you are going to wear your first saree.

  • #392

    Raghu (Saturday, 08 December 2018 04:43)

    I am innocent - 3

    First my mom took a bra and told me, soon you can have breasts like a adult women. I wore it then blouse and pavada. My mom took a saree and started to drape me, tears rolled in my eyes. My mom see me crying and told me, you should have thought before raping a women. Now you are one of us.
    She pinned the pallu on my left shoulder and made me sit before the dressing table. She applied little make up and took a wig. She fitted the wig on my head. She is teasing me saying, soon you can have your own long hair. She braided my hair. My mom started to put more bangles to my hands and kept anklets to my legs. Then she took earrings and nose stub which was pierced, when I saw in unconscious. She kept earrings in my ears and nose stub in my nose. Than she kept bindi on my forehead. Now I small ready. My mom told me daily you should ready like these. I simply nodded my head.
    Then my mom took me to kitchen and started to teach me cooking with no other choice, I saw learning. At that time, one lady came sell the flowers, my mom. Immediately went and bought flowers. My mom took a hair pin and came towards me, then I realised the flowers are for me. Using the pin she kept flowers in my hair. Then my mom told me, you should learn all household works fastly. After your marriage you have to do all the household works in your husband's home. I started to shiver when I heard the word husband.
    Soon I learned all the household works. My dad didn't talk to me. One day neha came to our home. She laughed seeing me in saree. My mom and dad greeted her. Neha told my mom that she bought some bangles for pavani. My mom laughed and told her put bangles in my hands. Neha came near me and started to put bangles in my hands. I stood silently.

  • #393

    Shalini (Saturday, 08 December 2018 06:34)

    Working wife

    So then I started search on web regarding female hormones. Then I got idea regard To my cousin sister Neha who was a doctor and gynaecologist. So I contacted her told her my plan she was Surprised and shocked. So we thought of meeting in her clinic. So we met and told her my plan. That I want to convert my husband to a female a proper house wife. She told me that It will be permanent and later she wont be able to convert him into male again. I was OK with that as I wanted to enjoy my life as a free bird. So I said her wht should I do so negative gave me the plan and prescribed some medicines. Soon I bought the medicine those were for female hormones. Which will develop the breast and increase female hormones. Next day I started to use the dose in his tea and in the juices which Vimal use to drink almost 2 weeks passed so he was feeling little soft and his behaviour started to change. I can see his difference in his body he was already slim he was loosing his weight and feeling weak.so he was not well as his body was changing so he felt sick might be the dose was high. Soon I took him to same doctor as neha was visiting a different hospital as Vimal was not aware that she was gynaecologist.so he was first not OK to consult a lady doctor but some how I managed to telling that she is one of the best doctor. But some how I managed to take him to neha. Then neha checkd him prescribed some medicines and gave him two Harmonial steroids as he was not aware of that. Soon we reached home thn Vimal slept. 2 days passed so now his skin became soft and he had a nice breast.

  • #394

    Shalini (Saturday, 08 December 2018 07:12)

    Working wife

    So he was hiding his breast as it had taken a nice shape and he was confused. Soon he realized his body has become slim and soft. Then he told me that his chest has grown and it's the same as mine. Then he was not ready to show then some how I managed to see and started to laugh and told him that he is not a man now. Then I called mom and told her that your son is now your daughter. Mom knew everything she acted as if she didn't knew any thing at this plan. So I said Vimal I will file a case against you in the court that you are not a man and you married me and thats the reason I don't have any baby from you. Thats the reason you are sitting at home not working because you are not a man. See your hairs and your figure and now you have breasts too. I said mom that thy double cross me by getting married to a female. Vimal said no he is a man not a woman. Then I said him then why do you have a breast and long hairs. He was silent then mom said him we will take to him to doctor that I contacted neha and she reached home checked him and gave him final steroids and said him welcome to womanhood. He was shocked then me

  • #395

    Shalini (Saturday, 08 December 2018 08:15)

    Working wife

    Then Vimal was shocked. Then neha told him welcome to womanhood. Then neha told him that his body has female hormones and that's the reason he has developed breast and his body is soft. His hairs has grown long and he is weak. So shalini was happy and excited. Mom was surprised seeing her son turned to daughter. Then neha gave ointment to shalini told him to apply on his body and give him hot bath so thy his body hairs will get removed. Vimal was still under shock. Then neha said him bye and left. Then I slapped Vimal and said him from now onwards better to listen otherwise will through you out. Then I told him to go and shave his beard and mustache because now he is not a man. He went and shaved . Then I called a beautician whom neha had recommended. So she came her name was Poonam she knew everything. Then me and mom forced Vimal on the chair tied his hands and Poonam started her work. She first started with threading did his eyebrows as we holded his head then Set his hairs in proper shape as he had long hairs. Then she took a piercing machine and pierced his ears and then pierced his nose. Then she did his pedicure and manicure. Then she did his waxing of his hands then his legs.

  • #396

    Shalini (Saturday, 08 December 2018 09:32)

    Working wife

    So then after Poonam had done work she left. Then mom and me released Vimal. He didn't have much hairs on body. So then I removed his clothes and massaged his body with ointment and then gave him hot bath. He was silent and weak. Then I gave him head bath and used hair conditioner as his hairs became soft and smooth. Then he was in bathroom I gave him black panty to wear as he was nude then he denied the mom shouted at him and said him to wear or else we will make him wear. So he came wearing panty then me and mom started to laugh at him he was feeling shy and tears where rolling out of his eyes. Then mom pushed him on the bed and told him to stop crying. Then I took the bra and hooked frm back

  • #397

    Shalini (Saturday, 08 December 2018 12:09)

    Working wife

    Bra fitted him properly as he had 34c size which was same as mine. He Looked like a Barbie doll With His hairs opened And body glittering. Then he tried to remove bra then I caught his hand and warned him get use to it darling. You look awesome then I made Him sit on the chair and tied his hands at back. Then mom started to braid his hairs using hair pins as his hairs were long enough. And I started to work on his face as already poonam had did bleach and face message. His face was smooth so warned Him not to spoil the make up. Then I started with eyeliner and Mascara followed by foundation little bit. Then a dark lipstick. So mom braided his hair and kept on shoulder. So then I painted his nails with nail polish now he had surrenderd as he knew whats going to happen next. Then we thought wht to make him wear as it was his first day. So mom decided to make him wear awkward Janeen and I thought Saree. So we both where still thinking then we asked Vimal wht he wants to wear he said plz leave me. I will join to work soon. I told Vimal sorry darling your time is up now you will work at home as a house wife. And I gave him a smile.

  • #398

    sneha (Sunday, 09 December 2018 02:19)

    A destined journey

    My name is anil and i am stage artist, My femininity has aroused interest towards my job and made it my passion. My friend deepa always calls me neela a feminine name because whenever i take up to play female role, i will excel in it rather i could say i live in it. deepa is also stage artist before my introduction to our troupe she was leading lady, later i was replaced her place know she is playing my friends role in the act and real world. My bond with deepa became strong by our love towards dance. Dance makes me in touch with my femininity so i dance every day with deepa. I will become so feminine sometimes that deepa has lead male role and continues the moment.

    Our lives are rich but enriched with happiness and love, I was constantly trying to reach my family as they are actually unhappy because of my carrier as my younger sister is earning 100 times more than i do. Once my mother cursed that instead me that instead of me that my sister should have born has boy. it's almost 18 months i left from my house.I wiped my tears and came out where i saw deepa was accompanied with a tarot reader,to be honest i don't believe fortune reading but i went near and sat beside to make of her.

    Tarot reader took a card which touched by her blindfolded and he said so you are going to rich and deepa told me to try. I said i don't i believe in this

  • #399

    sneha (Sunday, 09 December 2018 03:11)

    A destined Journey

    After receiving a series of request to deepa, I accepted to try it. He showed some cards and asked me touch one by closing my hands. I picked one and he opened and you are destined and prepare for exile. Both of us stood in a shock what are saying could you elaborate more on this to us. Tarot reader said i can only read the predictions only time has unfold the things. Later deepa fell in love with one guy a regular visitor for our plays. First he proposed her and deepa feel for him seeing his loyalty towards her. deepa told to me his name is Ajay she strictly told me to reveal my female avtar in front of me because she is afraid may fell after me after seeing me like that. I said if he is our regular visitor he also knows me and keeping me aside he loves you most and seems to be his love towards you is genuine. They had their marriage in the small our troupe and ajay friends has made the marriage success.

    Deepa told me to get ready in the evening i want to suprise ajay by showing my sister's dance, So i went to ajay flat they are yet to reach, First i wore sari and took a plate for welcoming them as they reached with some of ajay's friends. I welcomed the couple and arranged for snacks as deepa is getting for her night. Ajay's friends started leaving while all left ajay changed his clothes and shifted to comfort wear. I received call from deepa so i went inside her room.She said are you ready i said in minutes. she left to the hall to arrange the music system. I removed my sari and wore a silk jacket and tucked my sari like dhoti and from my back i took some sari pleats and tucked in between my breast palace. I saw in the mirror i am looking like a ancient palace dancer who will dance in king's palace for the entertainment of royal court and people.

    I went to the hall and took blessings and turned towards the deepa, She played music i just dance with beats i was immersed in the dance and seeing me deepa turned on the music. Ajay stood with amaze and his mouth opened wide and said i have never seen such terrific dancer and bowed me on his knees. I said okay let's start your mating and ajay you go inside first i will bring deepa with me. Ajay went inside till know he don't that i am a man, deepa kept head down with a shame and she is blushing i pinched her at navel and said all the best. She turned me and hugged me and planted a kiss on my cheeks and said thanks for all. I left her with ajay.

    I entered in another room want to relax to end very tired day, i sat on bed i saw one book with a silver cover. A destined journey was written on the book i just opened and a flash of light has fallen on me and with in a moment i saw myself in the small lake. Since i don't know swimming i am shouting for help and after while travelling in that lake i got hold to one tree. My feminine body so soft that unable to with stand to the tides of this small lake. Holding the tree branch i slowly went to bank of the lake side. I was almost exhaust and no power walk more and made me fell on the floor.

    Later when i opened my eyes i heard a woman talking in command with other woman. Other woman said i thought she is woman from another tribe that's why i brought her here. The commanding woman said he may be spy handover him to our police woman for interrogation after her recover. I woke up and say the commanding lady i saw her and said mom and started moving towards her.

    She took her sword and said hey you reveal you identity or else you will beheaded. She resembling my mother but she is not my mother she is looking a warrior prince. She wore a armor and her head shaved i saw the premises which is totally new to me it look like i was in the royal king's palace. She once again shouted on me i revealed all the story of me. They din't believed me she ordered other lady to keep me in the prison.Other lady said my lady queen how can we keep a man in woman's prison and we don't have male guards.

    Let him accompany with female prisoners and stay with them queen said, But this is against our laws. Queen said whatever i said is law other lady bowed to her i will do what you saw my lady. Next in a few minutes two women soldiers has came with their bows and took me from their. I thought i was other world where the only women will rule. I think i was in right palace her i can find my prince charming.

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  • #400

    sneha (Sunday, 09 December 2018 05:33)

    A Destined Journey

    The Women Soldiers escorted me around and one women soldier is waking in front of us. They blindfolded and taken me with them. Somebody lifted me and made me sit on the wooden plank i heard the horse foot sound clearly and no vehicle sounds are listened by me while travelling. I understood that i did time travel but how can female superiority is omitted in our history it should have been recorded for us. Once again they lifted me and made me to stand on the ground. One soldier hold my hand since i am blind folded her hand is very rough like a warrior. we stood after walking for a while then one soldier said, Jailer we are here to handover a new prisoner. jailer asked my name i said anil. Jailer said what i repeated anil a male said jailer Soldiers nodded for that.

    Jailer and one head solider went aside i heard their footsteps and they are talking in private. After some they both came jailer said how can i mix up with female,I thought this female superior society but this jailer is afraid of keeping me with female prisoners may be it is a same society like ours.Soldiers said allot him a special jail where only he will be their. They took me to one prison and removed my blindfold, I saw them are really muscular, I fell on their feet and said please show mercy on me i am innocent, Please leave me. But they are kicked me aside and closed the iron gate of prison which don't have any opening.

    next day in the palace both Queen and Prime Minister has assembled, prime minister want to speak about that man but the queen her self asked where did you find this man jaya. Aruna i find him on the bank of our lake (Both the queen and Prime minister are childhood friends) I saw him wearing ancient women clothes and i thought he woman no trace of masculinity on him. Yes even i observed it said queen then why you sent him prison asked prime minister, I just don't want to take any chance that's why i sent him let's observe him from their but my queen said prime minister.Queen turn towards and said i understood your concern he is weak and we have 12 wicked prisoners in our prison may harm to him I will shift him from their so soon and tell instruct jailer to keep track on his moments. after that they had some grape wine and dispersed for the day.

    On the same day around mid day prison doors has been opened i saw a tall dark women standing at the door. She is wearing dhoti and top no armor and nothing her top is uncovered. hey you come and out be nice with the women around. I went out side and feeling like a refreshed and i saw pool which is of large bath tub size and i jumped in bath tub. I was started move my hands on the water like a tides and playing in the water, They are some women and jailer seeing with awe struck. All the women top is uncovered i think here women will go top less slowly i came out from the bath tub and stood aside. They started laughing at me i slowly left from their in to my prison and closed my door.

    One thing must say women here are strong and muscular i was trying gaze from the small window which was their on the prison but my height is so small that i could not see through it. Next Day again door opened i went out side all the women are already their and they are playing with each other and i sat aside seeing them i laughed softly. Jailer sat behind why are you laughing i said by seeing them. Jailer said know you don't afraid of them at all, I said no see they are playing like a kids. Jailer stood and said without hesitation from today no prison door closes except for the main door. I took a large breath i can come out at least from know.

    I stood up and went near to the pool all the women at the pool vacating after seeing me and one women trying to rub her hair with towel i took towel and started rubbing her hair and she saw me in awe struck with fear. I rub her cheeks affectionately and smiled.
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  • #401

    Sneha (Sunday, 09 December 2018 06:19)

    Real Boss

    Prashanth took a deep breath and said Jyo you are like my aunty, She likes to be like a man and she wants male companion to be her wife and she still din't find her and she lost interest about marriage i feel pity for her. I immediately said vaishali prashanth said vaishali who. I said prashanth vaishali is my childhood friend and his original name is vishal but he likes to dress like a woman and he wants to became wife of female husband. Prashanth said i don't believe it, I said i will call him here tomorrow you can directly peak with him. I called immediately vishal and asked him to bangalore by tomorrow morning and vishal said ok i kept speaker phone on and prashanth listened it.

    Prashanth was in dilemma after listening my and vaishali conversation. I went near to him and sat aside of him keeping my left hand on his shoulder and with right hand i started brace him by rubbing his hand.Prashanth what all are happening are looking like a dream. I said why are feeling that you have to optimistic every person has his/her feelings we have to respect them, under mature guys will not concern about other feelings. Prashanth said right but the society has to accept them. I said why are thinking about the society if vaishali and you aunt real wants to get together they will get together and live like a normal in society and they can live to their personal likes in their house.

    Prashanth took a deep breath once again and said jyo let me tell you some thin about me, I was always dream of being a house wife i like the touch of the female clothes. In fact i made riya my son too. I said prashanth what is your feminine name he said prashanthi, I said in return can i see you in total avatar. he said sure just a moment and left. I was started having and i took 2 glasses staring at the small balcony garden which is opposite to me. I heard a door opening sound i thought he was ready i turned back he is coming towards to me by adjusting his sari pleats and pallu. I was stunned with his beauty seeing me he quickly took his sari pallu and placed it over his right shoulder to cover his arms because he is wearing sleeve less blouse. I took a bow in front of him and took his hand know i am on my knees and said my lady i have never seen such a beautiful women in my whole life and i firmly no women will match your beauty can i show my admiration to your beauty. He nodded and i kissed on his hand.

    soon we sat on the sofa and i said prashanthi i am very hungry he said sorry let me serve you food. He served me food and he stood till i complete my food and took my plate and shown me place to wash my hands. I went towards the tap and slowly i observed that prashanth is eating left over food from my plate generally wife does. I told to my self boss is back
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  • #402

    Raghu (Monday, 10 December 2018 00:08)

    I am innocent - 4

    Then my mom asked me to bring coffee for neha. I went to kitchen and came back with the coffee. Neha tasted it and told my mom that pavani made a nice coffee. Mom teases me saying, women should learn household works and pavani is not special. She also learned all household works. I was silently standing listening to all these embarrassment. Soon neha left with a smile on her face...
    Weeks passed, my hair started to grow long and now my breasts are in proper shape.
    Now my mom started to take me to shopping and temples. She completely forgot of having a son.
    My sister is already pregnant and now it's her baby shower function. Early in the morning my mom woke me up and gave me a silk Saree to wear. I took the bath and wore the Saree. Then my mom came to my room and added hair extensions to my hair and braided it. She made me to bangles, anklets, bindi, earrings, nose stub and necklace in my neck. Then my mom took me to my sister's room. All women are decorating my sister. Some of the then are changing their clothes. Everyone saw me but everyone treated me like a women. Even I helped my sister. At that time. My sister's mil kept lot of flowers in my sister's hair and saw my hair empty. Then she took some flowers and pinned in my hair.
    The function was going normal. At that time neha also came to function with her mom.

  • #403

    Raghu (Monday, 10 December 2018 00:33)

    I am innocent - 5

    Neha saw me and came to me. She told me, some day you and me also will have baby shower function. Ta that time, neha's mom came to me and started to scold me for raping her daughter. Listening to all these things, I got angry and told her that neha is a slut, she wanted to marry me but I hated her, for that she turned me into a woman. Listening to it neha's mom got angry. She told me that she will teach me a lesson. Soon function is over. Soon my sister gave birth to a baby girl.
    Now my hair is long and till my midback. With all these medicines, my hair grown faster. One day my mom told me that I am going to get married soon. I was shocked and requested my mom. But my mom is not listening to me.
    Next day early in the morning I was ready wearing saree, jewellery and with some flowers. My sister told me that the groom family is arrived. Slowly my mom and my sister escorted me to the hall. And I can see neha's family. My mom asked me serve tea for them. I did just like my mom said.
    Both families agreed for the marriage. I went to my room and started crying. Soon marriage date is fixed and on the day of our marriage. I was decorated like a bride. I started to feel nervous, my mom and sister told me, if you haven't raped neha, you would have been groom in your marriage but now you are going to married like a women.

  • #404

    Shalini (Tuesday, 11 December 2018 07:49)

    Working wife

    So finally we decided to make him wear Saree. So tht he can understand woman. Mom told me to get a heavy saree along with a blouse and petticoat. So I bought a red golden embroidery Saree. So I made him wear blouse which was a good fit as he tried to avoide mom gave him a tide slap and told him to cooperate and then we tied the petticoat and then finally me and mom draped the Saree. So now he was quiet and calm. So now it was jewellery so mom made him wear earrings and necklace. Then to remove his male ego I made him wear red glass bangles and anklets. Followed by bindi.then I kept pallu on his head. Then I removed my mangalsutra made him wear. Then mom got sindoor and told me to apply I applied sindoor and mom told Vimal to touch my feet and take blessings so he did. Then he was keeping his head down. So then we took him to hall and took sum pics. Then mom was happy to see her son as daughter. Then mom told him that frm now onwards his name is Vimala he is the bahu of the house and got a nose ring and made him wear. And locked his cupboard and told him from now onwards his duty is to take care of house. Cook food, wash clothes and take care of her husband and from today onwards his mom is his assume.

  • #405

    Shalini (Tuesday, 11 December 2018 08:50)

    Working wife

    So mom ordered Vimala to call her sasuma so tht she can make her proper ideal bahu and shalini is her husband then I went and wrote a list for Vimala for the rules which she needs to follow.

    1. My name is Vimala and I'm a housewife from Now onwards
    2. Should wear only sarees and suits with proper make up and jewellery
    3.24/7 mangalsutra with pallu on head and sindoor
    4. 12 bangles in each hand with anklets all the time even while sleeping.
    5. No back answering
    6. Watching serials and bhajans. Cookery shows
    7. No using phone
    8. Doing Puja and putting rangoli
    9.need to go to temple with sasuma
    10. And pressing sasuma and my legs daily.

  • #406

    Raghu (Tuesday, 11 December 2018 11:46)

    I am innocent - 6

    Soon I sat beside neha's brother (ram) . Priest asked him to tie the mangalsutra. My mom lifted my long hair and ram tied the mangalsutra in my neck. Tears rolled in my eyes. I can see my mil with a wicked smile. Soon I wore toe rings. Then we took blessing from all elders.
    In the night it is my first night, I was ready in saree and lot of flowers. I slowly went to our room with milk glass. I saw ram waiting for me. I took his blessing. Then we shared the milk. I started to feel nervous. He pushed me on the bed and started to remove my saree then he unhooked my blouse. I tried to resist but he is so strong. He started to bite my breasts and slowly started to fuck me. It was painful. I requested him to leave but he didn't care. I started to cry. Finally he released me. We went to deep sleep.
    Next day morning I woke up and took my bath. I went to kitchen to make tea. I gave tea to my husband and went to my mil. I was very nervous to meet her. I have her a cup of tea, she tasted it and warned me to wake up early from tomorrow onwards. I went to kitchen and started to cook. At that time, I heard neha asking me, " bhabi do you need any help??". I didn't care about her words. She came near me and told me, if you had agreed to marry me, now you could have been my husband but now you are sweet and cute bhabi. Tears rolled in my eyes. Neha wiped me tears with my pallu.

  • #407

    Shalini (Tuesday, 11 December 2018 11:50)

    Working wife

    To start with mom took Vimala to kitchen told her to make tea. Vimala had difficulty managing Saree as this was the first she was wearing Saree. Mom instructed to make tea so this was the first time she made tea and served us. I made Vimala stand next to me while I drank the tea then mom told her to clean the kitchen and swipe the house. So this was the first day. So mom told her to go-to room and take rest. So I took Vimala in room and it was evening mom slept for some time. So then Vimala sat on bed so I told her to keep complete gunghat and kept my legs so tears came out of his eyes I said it just the beginning darling now press my legs she pressed my legs then I took her sum selfies with me. Then I asked her who is housewife now she kept her head down then I told her now I'm your husband and you are my wife butch and then I slapped Vimala. Then I told her to fold the clothes and keep in Almarih. Then told her to arrange the sandals and keep my office bag ready for tomorrow. Then mom waked up called Vimala then she went to her mom gave her vegetables to cut and thought her. then she thought her how to make rice and dal. Then allu sabzi and salad. Then Vimala served the food then I made Vimala to eat from my plate and then she cleaned table and kitchen. Came with glass of milk to the room. Then I made her sit near me and drank milk gave her half to drink she was scared and drank the milk. Then I asked her who is she feeling and did she like her role. She apologized to me I said baby it's to late I think u will start liking this role. When you were sitting unemployed and ordering me. See now what are the consequences you face. Then I removed her Saree and blouse kept the jewellery and make up. I gave her full nighty to wear and told her to wake up by 6 and help your sasuma and don't forget to keep dupatta on head. So I switched off the lights took him under my control and kept my legs on her.

  • #408

    Raghu (Tuesday, 11 December 2018 11:51)

    I am innocent - 7

    I was very carefully while doing any works. I know that I get punished, if I do any mistakes. Every day me and my husband started having sex. I barely slept in the night.

  • #409

    Shalini (Tuesday, 11 December 2018 20:35)

    Working wife

    So it was 6am in the morning I waked her up and told her to make tea and wake up sasuma. So Vimala went to kitchen made tea waked up mom and gave her tea. Mom was happy to see Vimala in nighty told her to serve tea to your husband take her blessings and come to kitchen as she need to make breakfast. So Vimala made nice tea. She came to me and touched my feet I blessed her. Then mom thought her to make dosa and chutney. She was a quick learner so she made dosa served us then she ate her breakfast. Then mom told from today you will cook 3 times and clean the house and wash clothes. So she said ok. Then she went to mom and said sorry mom please forgive me I can't do this. Then mom pulled her ears and told her I'm not your mom I'm your MIL so you are my bahu and shalini is your husband. So now you're lady of this house so better accept this. Then mom called shalini and told her that get Vimala ready so that she can do pooja. So I took her to the bathroom gave her hot bath then gave her fresh bra and panty. Then took a chiffon blue colour Saree. I hooked her bra then gave her blouse to wear she was not ready to wear then I slapped her called mom so then mom gave her two slaps and warned her to listen or else she will through her out.now she will stay as bahu here. As now it's woman world not men any more. So then I made her wear blouse and then mom tied her petticoat and I braided her hair. Then I applied the make up and mom bought her earrings made her wear then a gold chain and gave her chudiyan to wear. Then finally sasuma made her bahu wear Saree kept pallu on head. Then I tied the anklets. Kept bindi on head and tied mangalsutra. Then mom gave her blessings and took her to do pooja. After doing Pooja she cleaned house and made lunch with moms assistance. I was busy watching TV then she served lunch to mom and me. Then mom felt pity on he her bahu so she made her sit and feeded lunch to her. And told her that she is beautiful so better to listen to them and it's good for her. now she should stay as her bahu. Listening to this Vimala kept quiet. Then mom went to her room then I told Vimala to clean up the dinning table and come to the room. With in a day she was able to manage the Saree and holding the pallu. She came to the room I locked the room she was scared. This was the first time she was scared otherwise he use to be macho guy. Yeah a Saree and bangles can make any men submissive Sissy. So then I pushed her on bed and Holded her hands and smooched her. Said her that now you are my bitch and then opened her blouse sucked her nipples.she was in pain this first time we were getting close to each other.thn we slept for some time.

  • #410

    Shalini (Wednesday, 12 December 2018 05:12)

    Working wife

    So for one week we kept her in Saree now she was doing her duties on time. It was Sunday morning so I waked her up and told her to take bath. Then I gave bra panty and then gave her red Punjabi suit with heavy work on it. Did her makeup and braided her hair then comes the jewellery and finally dupatta on her head and told her to make breakfast. mom was happy to see her bahu in suit so then she helped mom to make breakfast and cleaned the house.

  • #411

    Shalini (Thursday, 13 December 2018 05:05)

    Working wife

    Now a month had passed so now Vimala was a perfect house wife. So mom had gone to visit her native place for a month. So me and Vimala where thr thought to have some nice time so I dressed her in my wedding dress a red ghagra and choli.I had bought chuda I made her wear. Added the jewellery did her makeup and braided her hair and finally dupatta on her head.thn I tied the mangalsutra and applied sindoor and I dressed in black blazer took sum pics. Then I took her on bed and kept gunghat and wanted to have my first night. So then I switched off the lights and took her started to kiss her. Played with her chuda and then sucked her breast she tried to avoide but now she was weak she couldn't stop me. Then I had sex with her as her male part was not erecting as she was now female. Then I removed my dildo which neha had given me and gave her a nice ride she started to shout like a female I was enjoying it I ripped his male ego and pride. Now told her that your are my wife and a bitch. Tears were rolling out of her eyes.

  • #412

    Neha (Friday, 14 December 2018 08:22)


    I'm Vinoth. A few months ago, I stole in a super market as I had no money or shelter. I'll describe my hints, I look very slim, I had long hair as I didn't have any money for hair. I had a little facial hair.

    They caught me stealing money from the counter. I threatened to kill the lady there but the police aressted me and took me to a women police station. There was a inspector who told that she is going to send me to a special place for treating a girl like that. The insurance was laughing at me with a evil look in her face.

    The night.... I stayed there where they shaved all my facial hair. A women police there gran ed my long hair in her hand pulled it heavily with much force, I screamed like a lady, everyone was laughing at me. I started to weep, the policewoman teased me by saying you have longer hair like a lady, why don't you braid it and wear saree and place a bindi in your fourhead and be the station's maid.

    In tamil, yen da evalo Neeta pombala maathiri Modi vechuruka, yen ne etha pinni Jada pottuka koodathu, venuna podava katti potty vachuu entha stationukku valakaariya erruka koodathu?

    She took my hair and rolled it in a bun and added a bun net in it. She gave me a bindi and told me to place it myself. I cried but did as she said and she made me to tell that I'm a sissy and took a shot of me.


  • #413

    Sneha (Friday, 14 December 2018 08:23)

    A Destined Journey

    With my action she saw me opening her eyes wide and pushed me aside and jumped into water once again. After dipping 5 times in the water she ran from holding her towel she even din't tied towel running nude. I wandered with her actions the slowly i stood up and went inside my cell. Meanwhile Jailer has knocked my door and took me to her personal chamber, she sat on a chair and told me to sit near her legs. I did what she said because i already scared of her strong muscular body. She said why you have touched other prisoner. I said my mistress please for give me i am complete ignorant of rules of this place. She listen we have only one rule here in our tribe that no women should speak with man then i understood that's why she ran like that and no women till know not responded except for this jailer.

    I asked my mistress you are speaking with me are you free from that rule. She said no i am cursed i repeated that word cursed. She said yes i asked her but how, she said in my childhood when i was months old baby and i was in cradle one man came to our house and feed his breast milk to me. I was thinking this is totally ridiculously and how can man feed breast milk but i was listening to her. From that day i was kept separate from tribe due to my family requests my queen allowed me stay in this land but i am untouchable. We heard the strong foot steps sound soldiers has come we both stood and a scroll from queen has handover to me from one of soldiers.All the Women vacated the room.

    I started reading the scroll " Whoever you may be i want to give you a chance to prove your innocence, for this you have to do task for me on the other side of our lake bank our enemy's men's tribe is their we have strong feeling that they want to wage a war on us so i want you to visit that tribe and find out their secrets for us. I am sending ancient man's clothes for you so from know your are our spy" . After reading that i took clothes from the bag and changed it i kept my old clothes in the same bag. This clothes are totally unfit for me since i am wearing bra regularly so i have developed prefect breast. I came out carrying that again soldiers blindfolded me and took me to the bank of lake.

    Their they unfolded i saw one small boat and i started travelling to the other bank, I took for me to around 2 days for my soft hands to complete that travel. I found one secret place to hide my boat and i did it. I came to the shore under the tree i am relaxing my body, I heard my sound of some men so immediately started following the sound, Hiding beside the tree i slowly observed them i lost my mind completely watching it. I saw a group of 20 young men playing in the lake they tied a cloth having a thread to tie it is looking like modern lingerie till their breast. I visualize the same scene in the movies where heroines and her friend's play in the lake. They delicately hitting the water tides and gentle throwing water over each other.

    I saw they are coming out so i hide out from their vision. They came to shore and took their clothes and they arranged themselves a small changing rooms near the shore and all the women went inside the rooms to change clothes i saw one beautiful pair lying on the ground so i lifted all came out and i observed their way of dressing.
    Please post your comments

  • #414

    vinothini (Friday, 14 December 2018 08:28)


    I'm Vinoth. A few months ago, I stole in a super market as I had no money or shelter. I'll describe my hints, I look very slim, I had long hair as I didn't have any money for hair. I had a little facial hair.

    They caught me stealing money from the counter. I threatened to kill the lady there but the police aressted me and took me to a women police station. There was a inspector who told that she is going to send me to a special place for treating a girl like that. The insurance was laughing at me with a evil look in her face.

    The night.... I stayed there where they shaved all my facial hair. A women police there gran ed my long hair in her hand pulled it heavily with much force, I screamed like a lady, everyone was laughing at me. I started to weep, the policewoman teased me by saying you have longer hair like a lady, why don't you braid it and wear saree and place a bindi in your fourhead and be the station's maid.

    In tamil, yen da evalo Neeta pombala maathiri Modi vechuruka, yen ne etha pinni Jada pottuka koodathu, venuna podava katti potty vachuu entha stationukku valakaariya erruka koodathu?

    She took my hair and rolled it in a bun and added a bun net in it. She gave me a bindi and told me to place it myself. I cried but did as she said and she made me to tell that I'm a sissy and took a shot of me.


  • #415

    Vinothini (Saturday, 15 December 2018 23:58)


    The morning I was sent to another jail, they took all my clothes and gave me a saree and blouse I was shocked they sent me to a women's jail. They got me naked so I had no other choice. So I wore the saree and blouse they were all laughing at me. I was sent to a cell there with three women. None of them knew that I was a man

    I went there with loose hair, one woman came before me and took hold of my hair, I shouted in pain. She braided my hair and placed it in front. She whispered in my ears that they all know that I'm a boy


  • #416

    Sneha (Wednesday, 19 December 2018 06:45)

    A Destined Journey

    seeing men's in sari i was totally confused i thought i visited wrong tribe instead of men's tribe. So instead of going in front of them i want to observe their daily activities. Again i started gazing at them they are trying to dry their hair. All of them are of normal height with fair complexion and huge breasts. They wore bangles of brass not much worth and anklets, earrings everything is made of brass. They make a complete beautiful women but suddenly somebody from far shouted akash of them in the troop respond yes where are you, everything is feminine but their voice not feminine. I changed into that dress which was lifted by me near lake from their dresses.

    So i selected one place at near by hill to observe the village properly, I was seeing only sari's and half sari's in the village no male attires. They are doing agriculture, pottery and some brass works and they are staying in huts. I am feeling like a home seeing all of them and i thought this is the right place for me. Immediately i sensed a sharp blade on my back and in a feminine voice asked me who are you and what are doing you here. I was totally terrified and another woman came in front of me she is so tall my eyes is meeting at her breast only. She said being a man how can you stay single here you broke our rules common let's go to our tribe.

    One Women lifted me and took me to on her shoulder, she seems to be very strong and walking normally with out any pressure. They took me into the village and tied me to tree and shouted all the men come out. They pointed one old man and said see one of the man broken our rules know we have no other choice to kill him. I said no i am not from this tribe i am from future one women shouted shut up you bitch how dare you to speak with woman with out our permission. all the man stood silently facing towards the ground i think they respect this woman.

    A group of woman has came their and a woman at front asked woman already present about the situation. I was crying and shouting at them i am innocent please leave me. The Woman came in front of me if you are from feature then prove it you came from feature. Immediately i said my lady i have proof release me i'll show you after they released me i showed them my wrist watch and some bands they believed that i came from future and said you seem to be harmless and we have caused some physical harm sorry for that from know you are this tribe member you have to follow this tribe rules. I said yes my lady slowly with very low voice.

    After all the women left all the men raised their heads and their eyes was filled with tears and all of them came near to me and took me to one of the huts and they feed me with their hands.

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  • #417

    Sneha (Thursday, 20 December 2018 11:06)

    A Destined Journey

    It has been one week from the day i entered this place, I feel like a home only femininity all over. Men are so soft and delicate they are only dealing with House hold chores and agriculture. The best part of the men is breast from front whenever they walk since they won't wear any bra or inner wear you can see their breasts hanging and if you see their walk from back their hair till buttocks and every time they walk their hair will hit to their buttocks.I din't saw that muscular women in the village actually i was attracted to them and i want to serve them.

    Slowly i started helping them in household chores and in the evening i will dance in front of them at center of village, which made me so close to them. One day one of my friend samaram has come to my hut and said anil will join with me i am going to soldiers to feed them. I asked do we have soldiers in this tribe he said they only brought you here then i understood he is talking about that muscular women. I said i will some let me bath and will join with you, he said no we will bath after coming from them we have to serve them.

    Actually i was looking this chance so joined them and another 8 men joined with them and they are carrying bags with them. I thought may be food they are bringing for them and we are started to their place. Samaram came near to me and said hey anil this is your first visit so don't raise your head in front of them and don't speak until they told to so. I said what we have to do to them. He said everything what they orders i asked seems to be you have visited to them earlier so please tell what happened in your last visit so that i can be prepared.

    Samaram said yes we will discuss with new comers about this every time, I said so please tell me. Last time only 5 young men visited their and women soldiers are doing exercises that is their regular work. We all stood in front of them keeping our head down the main lady asked me to come inside the hut where she told me to undress her and i did it for her. Later she told me to shave hair at her private parts like under arms etc. Then i applied a bathing powder across her muscular body and gave her bath. Whenever i pour water on muscular body the water drops glittering like a diamonds.

    We have reached like samaram said we all stood in the line and women stopped workout and reached near to us. Two women said this we are in a different mood so be ready to loose your virginity and both women lifted two men and took with them. We din't raised our heads because we are afraid and also it is disrespect to our mistress to see. Head lady came and this men are already done our shaving they are doing harshly so you come and shave our heads said pointing towards me. I was in cloud nine thinking this as life time opportunity so i slowly took the knife and moving towards her.
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  • #418

    Sneha (Friday, 21 December 2018 08:01)

    A Destined Journey

    All the women went back to work out and Head women went inside the hut and waiting for Me. I was about to me Samaram had interrupted me and said hey listen be careful while serving to head woman you have to remove your blouse and keep your breast visible to him and while shaving the soap you to apply it to your breast, I said i never done before like this before any body. He said you have to if not they may kill you or all the women have with you till your death.I was terrified listening to it do i have to do stood topless in front of every woman or only head woman, He said only in front of head women. I was relaxed bit and took all the accessories went inside the hut.

    She stood up by seeing me, I kept my accessories aside and went near to her. I stood in front of her i was up to her breast and she turned to other side i understood so slowly i removed her armor from her breast, she said haa a sign of relief. She turned towards me, I was gazing her muscular body, Her Sweat smell give me odor of the valuable scents. Nobody can see her chest as breast. I went back two steps to gaze her totally body she is looking like gargantuan, I kept my hands on my cheek opening my mouth wide open in awestruck looking her. She broke silence what happened to you.

    I regained my conscious and kept my head down, She said go on. I slowly went near to her and touched at navel i want to feel he bare skin but her body is so strong then i thought. I kept my hands around her to untie her dhoti knots, I was touching her body parts after some time i untied her dhoti knots and made her total nude. Oho know what i am witnessing the only feminine spot in her whole body is vagina. Then i slowly removed my blouse and tucked my sari at my navel. Know i am also half nude i saw she is starring at my boobs.

    Then she sat on the rock near, I stood in front of her and slowly applied soap on her head and took a shaving. I started moving shaving knife gentle on her head with fraction of seconds i completed. She then lifted her hands and showed me to shave her under arms i did and lastly i removed her private part hairs. Then gave massage and bath,he got ready with her new look she is looking more handsome than before i cleaned my breast and wore blouse and adjusted my sari. She said this is the first time some body shaved me with out any cut.
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  • #419

    Riya (Friday, 28 December 2018 15:24)


    I am writing this letter to you all as I have been trapped into the life of a submissive wife. I was an easy outgoing man who used to fantasize about transgenders. I had a nice job after graduating from college and used to browse crossdressing blogs just like you all and I used to masturbate thinking of myself as a woman. It was all ok until I joined a facebook group where people used to arrange cd meetups. After seeing lot of pics and making a few friends I finally gathered the courage to go into one such meetup and it was a very nice experience and girls were very supportive. Soon they gained my trust and I told them about my real identity and job. It was the biggest mistake I ever made as one of them mailed my photos to my HR department and I was fired.

    After I was fired one of these girls consoled me and offered me a job at another city for a far less amount but I had no other option so I went. She gave me the contact number of a guy in farrukhabad in UP and sent me there. When I reached the site he told me he will take me to my employer and helped me checkin to a hotel. I entered the hotel and relaxed for that day. Next day morning a middle aged man came with an old guy and said in local slang that I was ok for the job. I was happy knowing the same. The old man told me to come to his office at 5 PM. I thought it might be night shift. When I reached the site I came to know that the old man was a local compounder and after the doctor left he called me inside and told me that they shall conduct a medical exam for the job. He told me to lie down and gave me a few injections after which I lost consciousness.

    I woke up to find that I had been castrated and I had a huge pain in my groin area. There were tubes inside me at the place where my penis used to be and I started crying and shouting for help. The old man came in and started laughing and told me that I was the latest in a long chain of human trafficking. I would be converted to a kinnar and sold off to the highest bidder. He said that the middle aged man whom I met was a pimp and he would normally sell boys to different kinnar gurus but for me he had a special client. I begged him to let me go as my parents would be worried but the old man kept talking. I was feeling very thirsty so I asked him water and he gave me some. He said that I will be sold off to village landlord whose wife had just died in mysterious circumstances and he had told the pimp of wanting a transgender wife. He had apporved my CD photos before I was kidnapped. I was in too much shock to register anything and soon slept again. When I woke up again I found myself in a flat with the door locked. I was wearing a nighty and I noticed heaviness on my chest. I moved my hands and found two big breasts which gave me a pleasure sensation on being squeezed. I hated them and started crying. On hearing my voice a kinnar came inside and told me to calm down and accept my destiny. She told me how she was kidnapped just a few days before her marriage and now she has accepted her life and is living happily. I asked her if I would live with her but she said that my marriage is scheduled next month and I have to be trained in all wifely duties until then. She will teach me how to wear clothes and makeup in first 2 weeks after which I shall be taught other girly things.

  • #420

    Madhu (Sunday, 30 December 2018)

    How a boy trapped into girl
    A boy named Arun lives in a village,he is poor boy, he has
    no father only mother is live. Arun loves a girl named geetha.
    Geetha is only daughter of village president couples named
    Sekar and Swathi. They were rich family .They don't know about their daughter love.
    One day gettha mother know about her daughter love,she got tension
    and warned to do break up with Arun.But she refused to do that.
    Geetha mother planned to kill arun.Her wish is to marry her daughter
    to her brother,but getha loves Arun.getha monther asked help from
    her sister to kill Arun,but her sister give an idea instead of killing Arun
    transform into girl,then getha dislikes him and marry her brother.
    Getha mother also accept this idea and planned for Arun transformation.
    Will arun escape from trap and marry getha or getha mother transform Arun as girl ?
    See in next part....

  • #421

    Madhu (Monday, 31 December 2018 21:46)

    How a boy trapped into girl
    Then suddenly one day Arun mother has got severe heartattack
    Arun admitted his mother into hospital, doctors checked his
    mother and told to do operation, payment of this operation will
    be 5lacks,Arun went to sad and no other option to get money
    from geetha father.But Sekar has refused to give money to Arun
    because he has no property,Arun felt disappointed and went to
    Very sad.At that time Geetha visited Arun and asked about
    sadness.Arun told hole story about 5lacks payment want for
    His mother operation.then Geetha went to his mother and asked
    Money for her lover Arun mother operation.Geetha mother Swathi
    accepted to give money and used this situation to plan to trap Arun as a girl ,then she told to
    his daughter,that she want to meet arun and speak to him reg 5lack
    Money.geetha went to Arun and tell about her mother want to meet
    him.arun has just relaxed that money problem solved.
    What happen when Arun and Geetha mother meet?

  • #422

    Boyfriend (Friday, 11 January 2019 23:20)

    Who is stronger - 1

    Hi friends, my name is Kiran. And I am studying engineering. I am living with my mom, dad and sister. My mom is tailor, my dad is a school teacher and my sister is also a teacher and working along with my dad.
    Being a engineering student, I used to be very stylish, I don't have any hair on my face and I have little long hair just like dhoni used to have.
    One day, on festival time, my mom and my sister is fighting for something. I went to them and asked them the reason.
    My mom told me, she bought a new saree for my sister but my sister is not agreeing to wear it. My sister told me wearing a saree makes her feel she is weak and she don't want to wear it. I jokingly told her women are weak. My sister got angry because of my comment. Then my mom joined me and said, weaker one's have to wear saree. My sister told my mom that based on your comment Kiran has to wear the saree. I laughed and said I am stronger than her.
    My sister told me a deal, if she losses, she will the saree whenever my mom asks her to wear.
    If she wins, I have to wear girls clothes whenever my mom and my sister asks. If I don't agree then I am not a man...
    I agreed for it in front of my mom.
    My sister and I thought of arm wrestling. My mom is the referee. We started the competition. I tried a lot but my sister defeated me. I don't know what to say. My sister happily took the saree and placed it on my shoulder and told me, you look better in women's clothes more than in men's clothes.
    First my mom also shocked but soon my mom came to me and told me, there is nothing to feel ashamed of, you look more beautiful in saree. My mom took my measurements and started to stitch a blouse for me. I can't deny it now, if I do then I am not a man. I was worried and started to think about my future.....

  • #423

    Boyfriend (Saturday, 12 January 2019 00:00)

    Who is stronger - 2

    Soon my dad also came to know about it. In the night while eating, my sister teased me by saying, you have little long hair and if you start growing it then you can wear braids. I didn't say anything. My mom joined my sister saying, why not now Kiran also going to grow her hair. Did my mom just mentioned me as " her" . I thought my dad is going to save me. After having our dinner. My dad told me, if you promise something, you gave to do it, other wise you are not a man.
    Then I realised that there is no one who can save me.
    Next day my mom stitched the blouse for me. And bought all the necessary jewellery for me. In the night, I can't sleep properly.
    Next day my mom woke me up and gave me hair removal cream . I know what I was about to.
    I went to Bath room and took my bath and came out. Without any body hair. First my mom gave me the blouse and helped me to wear it and filled it with some small clothes in it.
    Then I wore pavada. It is very strange feeling. Then my mom took the saree and started to drape it. My mom neatly draped the saree. She arranged my pleats nicely.

  • #424

    Boyfriend (Saturday, 12 January 2019 00:25)

    Who is stronger - 3

    My mom started to put bangles to my hairless hands and anklets to my legs and I have hole in my ears and she made me to wear jhumkas in my ears. Then my mom took hair extensions and arranged it to my hair and braided it. She then placed bindi on my forehead. And applied little make up. Then my mom took lot of flowers and pinned it on my hair. I can feel weight on my hair. My mom arranged some flowers on my shoulders. Then my took a girly chain and kept in my neck. I can feel very girly. Then I realised why women feel weak in sarees along with jewellery. Then my mom took me to the hall. Where my sister and my dad are waiting. My dad didn't say anything but my sister touched my bangles and earrings to make realise that I am wearing them. My sister is wear her jeans Pant and a shirt. My mom made me to do the prayer. My mom keeps on saying how to sit and how to stand. And how to handle pallu. It like a hell for me. Some how the entire day finished. In the night my mom asked me to wear a nighty, I did just like my mom said. I am still wearing all the basic jewellery. Then I went to sleep...

  • #425

    Boyfriend (Saturday, 12 January 2019 01:51)

    Who is stronger - 4

    Next day it was normal, I went to college. Its been 2 weeks, my mom and my sister didn't ask me anything. One day, I was about to go for the hair cut but my mom stopped me and warned me not to cut my hair. Daily my mom made me to wear bangles, earrings and anklets when I was in home. First it was very strange but soon I got used to it.
    Daily my mom started to oil my hair and brushed it. It is the oil used my females to increase the growth of the hair.

  • #426

    Boyfriend (Sunday, 13 January 2019 10:09)

    Who is stronger - 5

    Soon my cupboard started to fill the sarees, half sarees etc. I even got my own jewellery.
    It's my birthday, I went to college and I don't have many friends, so it was normal for me. But when I returned home, my mom asked to take bath, I don't why I simply went to my room and took my bath. When came out of bathroom, I saw a pink ghagra choli. Then I understood, that what I am going to wear. Then my mom came to my room with some matching jewellery for me.

  • #427

    Boyfriend (Sunday, 13 January 2019 10:51)

    Who is stronger - 6

    First my mom helped in wearing the bra then she took a pink choli which fitted me nicely, then the lehenga, it is very heavy. Then my took the dupatta and arranged it.
    My mom applied little make up and she took the jewellery. She kept a necklace in my neck, designed pink bangles to my hands, anklets with large bells. Dangling earrings, and then my mom centre parted my hair and just brushed it, then she took bindi and placed on my forehead. When I saw in the mirror, I was shocked, I looked exactly like a girl with slim figure.
    Then my mom took me the hall where, my sister, and my dad are waiting for me. When I walk anklets are making lot of noise. My dad was surprised seeing me like these,. There is cake. My family wished me and then I cut the cake.
    Everyone gave me some gifts. Now the time is 8:30pm. My mom asked me stay like this. While my mom and my sister were cooking. I sat on the sofa but I was very uncomfortable to sit beside my dad wearing women clothes. Soon dinner is ready, while eating my bangles are making lot of noise. I tried to ignore it but I can't. Some how I ate my dinner. I went to my room and opened the gifts. First I opened my mom's gift, it contains a heavy designer saree, then I opened my sister's gift, it contains a jewellery set and finally I opened my dad's gift and I was shocked. My dad gifted me golden bangles.
    Total night, I was thinking about my dad's gift that why he gave bangles. Soon I slept like that.....

  • #428

    Nagaveena is back in bangalore - 1 (Sunday, 13 January 2019 19:55)

    Third Saturday of the month, we dine with our friends, Pushpesh and Vibha Joshi. We take turns, one month at their house and one month at our house.

    Last month at our house, Vibha and my wife Smita discussed how men can be self-involved. As an example, Vibha went on and on about how Pushpesh spent a lot of time and money on photography.

    Not to be outdone, Smita mentioned how I spent a lot of time and money on crossdressing.

    I turned beet red with embarrassment. My crossdressing was a family secret. I was incredulous that Smita would let the cat out of the bag, but in the heat of the moment, she wanted to up Vibha's complaints about Pushpesh.

    "Who would have thought that about Nagesh," commented Vibha.

    "I'm shocked," said Pushpesh.

    "Yes, 'Nagesh the Man' likes to become 'Nagaveena the Girl' about twice a week," added Smita.

    "I'd like to meet her," Pushpesh said with a Cheshire Cat grin.

    With a twinkle in her eye, Vibha suggested, "Maybe Nagaveena can dine with us next month."

    "I think that can be arranged," Smita replied.

    "I can't wait!" Vibha exclaimed. I did not say a word and the subject was dropped for other topics that I cannot recall because my head was spinning about what just happened.

    On the way home, Smita apologized for telling Pushpesh and Vibha about Nagaveena.

    "I accept your apology, but why did you go along with Vibha's idea about Nagaveena showing up for dinner next month?"

    "At first, I thought it would be too embarrassing for you, but Vibha and Pushpesh were so enthusiastic that I thought, why not. Nagaveena is a beautiful woman and she deserves to go out and be seen."

    "I'll think about it," was where I left it.

    The month passed and I thought it was a dead issue.

    Over breakfast on the morning of our next dinner with the Pushpesh and Vibha, Smita asked, "What is Nagaveena wearing tonight?"

    I didn't see that coming.

    "Nagesh was planning to go to dinner without Nagaveena tonight," I replied.

    "Vibha and Pushpesh were expecting to see Nagaveena. In fact, I was expecting to see Nagaveena, too."


    "You are going to disappoint everyone. Why don't you stop being so self-centered and think about others for a change."

    Smita was angry... very angry. I felt guilty and started reconsidering. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad. Pushpesh and Vibha already know and it might be fun to get out of the house en femme, as the "girls" say.

    I finally relented, "I guess Nagaveena can make an appearance tonight."

    Smita's anger turned to elation, "Great! I'm so happy that she changed her mind."

    I completed my Saturday chores by mid-afternoon and began transforming myself into Nagaveena.

    I disrobed and applied hair removal cream on my legs, arms, breasts and as far as I could reach on my back. While waiting for the cream to do its job, I applied a shaving gel to my face, neck and armpits, put a fresh blade in my razor and got in the shower.

    As the water washed the depilated hair from my body, I shaved. Then I cleansed my whole body, rinsed and stepped out of the shower.

    After drying myself, I rubbed moisturizer into my soft skin, then I slipped on a pair of black lace panties (the only kind I will wear) and sat at the vanity to do my makeup.

    I used some concealer to hide the faint shadow of my beard, then applied foundation and powder. I did my eyes next. The eyeliner makes them stand out and a deft application of mascara and eyeshadow make them look smoky and mysterious. Some blush and muted lipstick followed.

    Nagaveena is a brunette and has a variety of hair styles at her disposal, so I had to decide which coiffure she would wear. I selected a short wispy layered cut with flipped ends and dark roots that add authenticity to the wig. I slipped the wig onto my head, straightened it and finger-styled it.

    I removed my undies from the bureau and pulled on a high waist panty girdle, while tucking Willy and his friends out of sight. Next came the matching long line bra and silicone breast forms that went into its cups.

  • #429

    Nagaveena is back in bangalore - 2 (Sunday, 13 January 2019 19:56)

    Sitting on the bed, I put my pink-polished toes into a pair of suntan control-top sandalfoot pantyhose and worked the sheer nylon up my legs and over my girdle.

    I slipped a black sheath dress over my head being careful not to smudge my makeup on the fabric.

    Then I asked my spouse, "Smita, would you please zip up my dress?"

    "Yes, honey," she answered. She stopped combing her hair to assist with my zipper.

    "There you go," she said when she finished zipping me up and closing the clasp just above the zipper.

    "Thank-you, sweetheart."

    I completed my look with some tasteful jewelry: a silver watch on my slender wrist, silver heart clip-on earrings and my wedding band and engagement ring. Finally, I added a set of stick-on nails to my fingers.

    I straightened out my dress and smoothed the hem, which fell about three inches above my knees, then slipped on a pair of 4-inch black patent pumps. A spritz of perfume on my wrists and on the nape of my neck and I stand back to admire the finished product in our full-length mirror. Stan has left the building and Nagaveena was in his place!

    I announced, "I'm ready," using a feminized version of my voice.

    "You certainly are, Miss Nagaveena! I'm almost ready, too. Can you return the favor?"

    Smita had just slipped on her green belted sweater dress and was waiting for me to zip her up.

    "Sure thing," I said and I zipped up her dress.

    "Check me out, honey, to make sure I look okay," she asked.

    She spun around with her arms posed akimbo so that I could see any flaws in her ensemble.

    "You look perfect," I said, "I am so lucky to be married to a drop dead gorgeous woman." Then I spun around with my arms posed akimbo so that she could see any flaws in my ensemble.

    "Perfect... I am lucky to be married to a drop dead gorgeous woman, too," she replied.

    We air-kissed each other so as not to smudge our makeup, grabbed our purses and walked to the garage.

    Smita drove because I had never driven wearing high heels. It was only a 3 minute ride to the Joshi home and when we arrived, Smita parked the car on the street and we walked hand-in-hand to the front door.

    Smita rang the bell and we soon heard the clicking of high heels approach the door from the inside. The door was opened by a beautiful woman, who I didn't recognize.

    Smita said, "Hi, Pushpesh. You look lovely."

    "Thank-you, but Pushpesh's not here. Please call me 'Pushpa.' May I assume your beautiful girlfriend is Nagaveena?"

    "You assumed correctly, Pushpa."

    I was speechless. Pushpa nee Pushpesh looked fantastic. She was wearing a white jacquard mini-dress, off white metallic pantyhose, and silver strappy 4-inch sandals. His shoulder-length chestnut hair was up and his makeup was perfect.

    "You look fabulous," I gushed.

    Vibha joined in from the kitchen where she was finishing preparing dinner and she looked stunning in a red ensemble with a diving neckline which ended thigh length. her short, plump frame with the red ensemble was a striking contrast with her fair skin

    "You, too, girlfriend. Let's take some photos ans start the evening!"

  • #430

    Boyfriend (Sunday, 13 January 2019 23:52)

    Who is stronger - 7

    Immediately next day my mom stitched the blouse for my new saree. I haven't bought the new male clothes for 6-8 months. Soon I completed my engineering but with my poor percentage I am unable get a job. So I stayed in the home.
    In the day time, I used to watch TV wearing my old male clothes but I don't have any male night clothes, so my mom forced me to wear nighties just like my mom and sister.
    Daily my mom and my sister used to brush my hair and started to make ponytail. I don't know how to stop them from doing all these. So, I decided to tell my mom and my sister about my clothing. My mom and my sister scolded me, that how can you not bound to your promise, if you are a true man then you have to wear whatever we say. I asked them for another chance. Thinking for a while, my mom and my sister agreed, but my sister added a new rule. If I loose then I have to do household works also. I was shocked. But I was confident this time, so I agreed for their condition.
    My mom's and my sister's happiness increased more. I don't why my mom wanted me to be her daughter.....

  • #431

    Boyfriend (Monday, 14 January 2019 01:11)

    Who is stronger - 8

    My sister gave me a 10 days to prepare for the arm wrestling. But the condition is until I win the competition, I have to wear bangles. I have no other choice, so I agreed. I can't go to gym wearing bangles, so I stayed in the home. Whenever I see the bangles in my hands, I feel that I am weak. My mom and my sister are teasing me that soon I am going to do household works just like them. 10 days finished and I didn't do anything.
    On the day of competition, we are ready and my sister defeated me again, she gave me another chance and again she defeated me immediately, by this all my confidence is destroyed. My mom and my sister are jumping in joy. After my sister and my dad went to their work, my mom took me to kitchen and started to teach me cooking. At that time, I asked my mom that why she is so happy when I lost the arm wrestling with my sister. My mom told me, she always wanted to have only daughters but I was born she was little disappointed. But now she is going to have another daughter again. After listening to her words I was shocked. My mom told me, Kiran is a unisexual name, so I named you as Kiran.
    My mom told me cover my chest with dupatta,. She asked me to learn how to use dupatta and saree pallu. Like this my life is going on. Until one day, my dad told me that their school is having some vacancies and asked me apply for the job. I thought doing a job is better than doing household works. So I agreed and I even got the job.
    I was happy that I am going to be in my male attire again.
    In the evening my sister took me to a shopping mall to but new clothes for me. She took me to the female section and asked for women jeans pants and shirts. I begged my sister but she didn't listen. She bought some clothes for me.
    Next day I went to the school in the female jeans and shirt. Principal is a women and bit surprised seeing me in the tight jeans and long hair. But she didn't say anything.
    The high school contains most of the male teachers and the females are working in primary school. I am a primary teacher along with my sister. Daily my sister and me are wearing similar clothes. I faced lot of difficulty in handling my mobile and wallet. My Pant is so tight that I can use the pockets. Daily my sister used to handle my mobile and wallet in her handbag.

  • #432

    Boyfriend (Monday, 14 January 2019 02:01)

    Who is stronger - 9

    One day while, I was going to school my mom gave me a handbag, I said no but my mom forced me. She my mobile and cash and kept it in the handbag. I wore it on my shoulder, it was really strange. I never thought of using a handbag in my life but now I am using it. I went to school, the students are kids and they didn't found anything wrong but the teachers found it different. My sister teased me in front of the teachers saying that, Kiran wore only tight pants, so he choose to carry a handbag. All the teachers also supported me. Days passed, daily I used to do household works in the morning and in the evening but in holidays, I used to do household works total day.
    One day, while my mom and sister are out for some work. My dad saw me and asked me to cook something to eat. I went to kitchen and cooked some food for him. My dad tasted it and told me, you really cooked the food like women cooks. Its an embarrassingly for me.
    One day my sister invited me to a party hosted by the teachers. They are my colleagues,. It was filled with women. I went to the party. Everyone is talking about women stuff. I hated but I can't do anything. In the party my clothes are spoiled due to the fall of drinks in me. The hosted teacher took me inside the home and gave me a dress to wear. I was shocked it is a punjabi dress.

  • #433

    Boyfriend (Monday, 14 January 2019 03:32)

    Who is stronger - 10

    She forced me to wear it till I go home. I removed my clothes and wore the punjabi dress. While wearing the dress, she saw the holes in my ears. She asked me about the holes and I told her that I have holes since my childhood. She took hoop earrings and made me to wear it. When I came out of the room, everyone is shocked seeing me. Our principal also saw me and and was surprised. She told me that I look better in women clothes than male clothes. She based on your body physic and long hair, you should have born like women. Even our principal asked me, you can come school in the women clothes also. My sister even told them that I have women clothes in my home. I don't what to do. After the party I came to home, my mom was surprised seeing me like this. My sister told everything to my mom and my mom told me, tomorrow onwards you can wear women cloths to school also. I was shocked and my sister also agreed for it. I can't deny them.
    Next day, my mom woke me up early in the morning, my mom told me, it takes more time to get ready as a women, so daily you have to wake at this time only. I went to Bath room and took my bath after removing all my body hair. When I came out, my mom is waiting for me with saree in her hand. My mom told me, you have to wear saree today, my fear increased even more. I wore the blouse and my mom filled it with small clothes, then I wore pavada then my mom took the saree and started to drape it. My mom is very exited to dress me in the saree. My mom neatly did pleats and arranged it. Then she pinned the pallu and pinned it on my left shoulder.
    I sat before the dressing table and she applied little make up.

  • #434

    Boyfriend (Monday, 14 January 2019 04:01)

    Who is stronger - 11

    Then my mom made me to wear matching bangles, a small in my neck, anklets and earrings, then my mom centre parted my hair and started to braid it, I said no but my mom it is difficult handle your hair, if you don't wear braids. I sat calmly, she braided my long hair, it is till my mid back. She kept bindi on my forehead, my mom bit disappointed that I can't wear a nose ring. I am ready now and now I can go home. My sister is waiting for me in her jeans and shirt. My dad already went to school. I took the handbag and wore female clothes. My sis started her scooty. Daily I uses ride it but today my sister told me, it is difficult for you to drive wearing saree. I sat on the back. By the way my sister stopped near a flower shop. She bought some flowers and was about to keep on my hair. I denied it but she forced me. I can't fight in front of the public, so I agreed to wear it. She pinned it in my hair.
    We went to school and everyone surprised seeing me like this. I gave the earrings I got yesterday. She asked me about my earrings and I told her that it is mine. Our principal also surprised seeing me. All teachers treated me like a women. They even added me to their girls WhatsApp group. It continued like this....

  • #435

    Boyfriend (Monday, 14 January 2019 04:45)

    Who is stronger - 12

    One day, our aunt came to our home, it's been years since she came to our home. She saw both me and my sister. She told my mom that, I thought you have one boy and one girl but you have two beautiful daughters. My mom and my sister started laughing. My mom told her that Kiran is my son, she was surprised. She got up and Checked my earrings and long hair. She told me, you have long hair like women. She asked me to sit beside her, then she told me, if you like to be a women then it is nothing wrong in dressing up like a women.
    I can't say her, I lost arm wrestling against my sister.
    At that time I was wearing punjabi dress. Our aunt asked me, do you wear sarees also. Immediately my sister took her to my room and showed her all my sarees and jewellery. She was shocked. She told me that even she don't have these many sarees. My aunt going to stay with us for 2 days and tomorrow is sravana sukravaram. In the night I was helping my mom and sister in cooking, aunt also joined is and started to help us. Next day I woke up early in the morning. My mom took one silk saree from my cupboard and asked me to wear it after the bath.i asked my mom why but she didn't say anything. I took my bath and wore the blouse and pavada but I am not am expert in wearing saree, I was calling my mom but she didn't came. At that time aunt came to my room and I was in blouse and pavada. She asked me, do you want any help. With shy I said yes. She took the saree and started to drape it. Simultaneously she taught me. Then she took the matching jewellery and dressed me completely. She center parted my hair and braided it. She took lot of flowers and pinned it on my hair. When I move the glass bangles are making lot of noise. My mom and my sister are also dressed in silk saree. I don't know what is happening. We did prayers then my mom told me, today is ladies festival.

  • #436

    Boyfriend (Monday, 14 January 2019 05:39)

    Who is stronger - 13

    One day I got an offer to transfer my teaching job from here to another place. I was happy that, now I am going to leave my mom and my sister. I selected a place and there our aunt is living. My mom was little disappointed. My mom and my sister packed my bag. My aunt a called me and requested me to stay with her. I too agreed her.
    Happily went to our aunts home. When I went her home, she was happy to have him. And I can see another woman. Aunt told me that she is her daughter and her name is jaya. Jaya is very beautiful and she is in the saree. She showed me my room and I went to my room with my bags. When I opened it, I was shocked. It contains women clothes also. Suddenly my aunt came to my room, she saw the sarees and started to arrange them in my cupboard. I sat silently. She told me, you can be very freely with me.
    In the night, aunt and jaya are working in the kitchen, I can't sit ideally, so I went to kitchen to help them. While we are working, jaya asked me, about my hair. I told her that I like long hair. She laughed and said, your hair is longer than mine. I just laughed. We had our dinner.
    Next day, I was in the bathroom and when I came back, jaya is waiting for me. She told me, you have nice collection of sarees. With embarrassment I told her thanks. She laughed and left my room, then I realised that aunt would have told jaya everything. I am ready in my male clothes and went to dinning table. While I was eating, aunt took a comb and braided my hair. After having tiffin, I went to school.
    I was very nervous to go the school. It is government school so, there not many students and they have only one teacher that too principal. She was surprised seeing me with long hair. She told me, everything about the school. She told me, even some days no students will be there in the class.
    I stayed till the evening, we became very close. In the evening I went home. My aunt and jaya asked me to go change to nighty or anything. I went to my room and I can see a nighty on my bed. I changed to nighty and came to Hall.
    Aunt told me, go and Wear your bangles and earrings. Jaya went to my room and bought my bangles and earrings and made me to wear it. Then aunt made me to sit on the floor and started to massage my hair. I enjoyed it and went to deep sleep. Aunt woke me up and told me you are ready now. I don't what she mean. When I saw in the mirror I noticed that, she centre parted my hair braided it and she even kept flowers. Jaya bought a bindi and placed in on my forehead.

  • #437

    Boyfriend (Monday, 14 January 2019 06:28)

    Who is stronger - 14

    Aunt told me that daily she and her will be ready like this . From now onwards, you also will be ready just like us. Then we all set on the sofa to watch TV. They have the habit of watching serials and I can tell them anything, so I too watched with them. Aunt asked me to keep my braid on my shoulder, so that you can admire your long hair. Before I could say anything, jaya took my braid and placed it in my shoulder.
    Then we went to kitchen and we cooked the food. Both my aunt and jaya are treating me like a women.
    Soon I started to have feelings for jaya but I don't what she is thinking about me.
    One day aunt is applying mehindi to jaya, to my bad luck, I came at that time, aunt completed applying to jaya then she asked me to show my hands. I said no but aunt and jaya forced me to accept. Aunt happily applied to my hands till my forearm. For dinner, aunt fed us with a spoon. Next day I washed it. Then I realised that how can go to school like this. But I have no other choice. I went to school like this. Our principal teased me saying, if mehindi is dark then you will get a good husband. No students are present, so we left the school in the afternoon. I went home but it is locked. I called aunt( she owns a parlor). Aunt asked me to come to the parlor for the keys. With no other choice, I went to parlor. No one recognised me as a man. Aunt told me, you can have little beauty treatments. I did no but aunt told me, if you don't agree then she will tell everyone that I am a boy. With no other option, I sat silently. Beauticians started to work on me.
    After sometime, they showed me in the mirror. All my nails are painted, they shaved my eye brows, they did waxing, pedicure etc. Then aunt gave me keys. I went home and to my room.

  • #438

    Sheela KV (Monday, 14 January 2019 08:04)

    By Sheela KV – Part 1
    I was a boy by name Sridhar. Now living as a loving wife of a man. How Sridhar became Mrs. Sheela Harish is the interesting turn and story in the life of Sridhar.
    I am a Sridhar doing my graduation and I am the only son of my parents. Father was in business and most of the time he uses to be in travel for business. I was brought up under the shadow of my loving mother who was a beautiful dutiful responsible supportive woman and a house wife. It all started when I was in 1st year B.com. To describe about me, I am fair and lean built and less body hair and very few facial hairs at the age of 18 also. Face was like my mom with sharp nose, bright eyes round face all.
    During the year there was a college day and all the friends decided to do dance and drama for the college day. It was a family drama, of a village girl who goes to city and changes to city and modern culture and escapes from getting duped by a boy friend and her own uncle son who is in love from the child hood saves her and then take her to village and she gets love on him and gets married. The drama was liked by all and selected for enactment and the characters were finalized except the heroin. The Lecturer who took the responsibility of the drama told he want to bring the drama best one and more realistic one as this highlights the true facts of the society today how village girls are duped by few city boys. He also wanted to bring the marriage scene realistic like he wanted enact a marriage scene on the stage. Since, there will be a Mangala sutra tieng and all none of the girls in the college wanted to do that role as they were not willing to accept such enactments and said their parents may not like it and may object. So now the Lecturer was thinking wat to do meanwhile one of the boys suggested why don’t we make one of the boys to act as heroin. The suggestion was accepted and liked by all. Next question who will be the heroin and most suitable for heroin role.

  • #439

    Sheela KV (Monday, 14 January 2019 08:05)

    By Sheela KV – Part 2
    They try to select from the 3rd and 2nd year boys, but none of them had such a physic to take that role. That lecturer was taking economic class for us. They could not finalise any one for the role yet. Next day he came to our class for teaching. That day only I was late by 10 min to class as I missed my bus and I asked may I come in sir, he saw me and asked me why I am late then I told I missed the bus. Then he saw me from top to bottom and asked to come in take my seat. Then he said after the call he said to meet him in the staff room. It started fear in me and thought why he is calling me to staff room. If he wanted to punish me, he could have done now, why he is calling me to punish in Staff room and I could not concentrate on the lecture.
    After the class I went to staff room, he along with other few boys of final and 2nd year were there. He called other 2 lecturers and other boys and showed his finger at me asked will this boy be appropriate for that role? All looked at me from top to bottom and said in one voice I think he is the right person for that roll sir, and appreciated his selection. I was blinking without any knowledge of what they are telling. The lecturer called me near his table and asked me Sridhar, will you act in drama for the college day? I said sir I don’t have any such experience in acting and never done any acting. He said nothing to worry he will be thought and guided properly how to act. Without thinking and knowing what role I have to do accepted and said ok sir. Sir said Sridhar, once you accept you have to do without backing out, and you will be committed to do it and he said that is the main lead role and the entire story revolves round the character of the story, then I thought maybe they are offering me hero role as it will be the main and lead role in most of the dramas, I said I will do it sir, and then asked what is the role I have to do is there any special dress for the role I have to stitched or purchased thinking that some role with some different dressing I may have to do. He said, yes for that you have to bring your mom tomorrow to college we need to talk to her about your acting in this drama and role. I was puzzled why she need to come, but then thought maybe they want to take permission from her to make me act in the drama I said ok sir, I will bring her tomorrow.

  • #440

    Sheela KV (Monday, 14 January 2019 08:09)

    By Sheela KV – Part 3
    In the evening, at home while taking dinner, I told mom our lecturer wants to meet you tomorrow regarding our college day drama in which they want me to act in a lead role. She said ok she will come and meet him. Next day I went to college and told the lecturer that my mom will come and meet you around 1-30 pm when we have break. He said ok. I asked him what is the role sir can I know it? He said why are you so eager to know don’t worry our History Professor Lalitha madam will also talk to your mom as you know me and she are the in charge of this programme. He said don’t worry your mom will tell u which roll you will be doing and kept me in suspense and then I went to class and concentrated on the lectures for the day. Around 1-30 Pm I went to Staff room and saw that my mom was there inside staff room and both the History and Economics lecturers were discussing with mom. Peon was standing at the door said I have wait outside till they finish the talk. I waited there only outside eagerly expecting my mom.
    After 20 minit my mom and Lalitha madam both came out laughing holding hands together. Mom came and told do you know this madam is my classmates in school and were best friends and we met after 25 years. They were very happy and mom said will tell the details at home in the evening. And Lalitha madam also said don’t worry Sridhar I have done diploma in dramatics and teach you well how to act and get best out you provided you co-operate to learn, any way we have another 2 months for the College day and nothing worry too much. I said ok mam I will surely do it. Then both of them laughed and mom left home.

  • #441

    Sheela KV (Monday, 14 January 2019 08:10)

    By Sheela KV – Part 4
    I reached home and freshened up. Mom gave me some snacks and she was ready to go out somewhere and she came to me and said she want to take some measurements for drama dresses. As she knows tailoring also, I did not say anything and stood in front of her. She took the measurements and noted down in a paper and any way I did not understand head and tail of the measurements she took and asked me to take rest she will go to market and come. I asked her which dressers you get me can I also come for selecting the colors and dress, she said no need she will select and Lalitha madam has told me full details about your role and drama. I said I will go to my friend house and return by 9 pm as we both plan to go to movie. As I was the only son, she never uses to say no to my going out for movies as she had trust in me and my friends. She said she has prepared some special items for me and told me to come home directly for dinner at home and not to eat any thing outside. I also said yes and went to my friend’s house and then to movie. After movie I returned home around 9-15 and my mom was waiting in the hall for me to come. She asked me to freshen up and come for dinner. I asked her did she bring the dresses for the drama role and can I see them, she said she has ordered and will come in 2 days noting to worry. I asked her what all she has brought for me, she kept saying why are u so much worried about it, have dinner and sleep. When we get the dresses after stitching you have to wear and see and if any alteration required, we can get it done. I said ok and finished dinner and went to my room for study and sleep.

  • #442

    Boyfriend (Monday, 14 January 2019 10:26)

    Who is stronger - 15

    I went to my room and saw in the mirror. There is no sign of a man. In the evening jaya came home from the office. She was surprised seeing. She told me, you should go to the parlor regularly. In the evening aunt came to the home, I was bit angry on her, she noticed and told me, sorry for what happened in the parlor. I too didn't took it seriously.
    Next day I went to school, wearing Pant and shirt. With long curly hair flowing all over my face, nail polish. Our principal is surprised. Our principal told me, as per the rule staff have to wear the uniform. Pant and shirt for the men and saree for women and I was bit confused, what do you want. I was shocked and told her Pant and shirt. She told me, saree suits you better. She asked me to say about the uniform tomorrow.
    In the evening, I asked the aunt about it and without any excitation she told me saree. She told me, based on your physic saree suits you better. Next day, with hesitation, I told our principal that I want a saree. She laughed and took sarees from her cupboard. They are pink sarees. She took one saree and placed it on my shoulder and told me you look great in this saree. I just smiled and took my sarees.
    Aunt took the sarees and one of my blouse for the measurements for stitching blouses.

  • #443

    Sheela KV (Tuesday, 15 January 2019 02:16)

    By Sheela KV - Part 5
    Next 3 days noting happened and I was attending the college as usual and coming back home. When I went from school on the 3rd day, mom told me to get refreshed and come, the dresses for drama has come and we can see the trial for any alteration required. I came after refreshment and she took me to her room and asked me did u know wat role you are going to play and did I know wat is the story of the drama, I said no I was still not told. She smiled and said, my sweet darling will be the heroin in the drama and it is responsibility of me and Lalitha to ensure that we get best out of u as girl and woman for which I have to make u, teach u all female mannerisms and dressing and managing the dresses as woman like in saree, half saree and all. After hearing that, I was dumb struck and, in a shock, and asked her how I can be a girl and act as female. She said don’t worry dear u can do it u are having a good physique for a girl and with little efforts u can be a good woman and prove yourself better than those real girls. I was feeling weird to wear those dresses but mom is not a mood to listen to me and she told she has arranged all the dresses I have to wear in order to ensure that I get the best acting in the drama I will have to live as one and the principal also agreed and you will be going to college for next 2 months as girl and you will be at home also live as girl fully till the drama is over. I asked how I can do this, she said one thing, Sridhar, can I tell u one thing I so happy, that I wanted a girl baby only always but you were born, I was really upset when I heard that I got a boy baby not a girl, now I got a chance to have a loving daughter for me through this drama. Now let us try this and from Monday you will attend the college as girl not as boy. I asked then how my friends and our class girls will think of me how can I face them will they not tease me. Mom said principal and Lalitha will take care of that and I need not have to worry on that issue. I have to adapt and practice the feminity for next 2 months so that the drama comes reality and best one. I had no other option than to say OK mom.

  • #444

    Boyfriend (Tuesday, 15 January 2019 02:41)

    Who is stronger - 16

    Me and jaya started becoming close. I don't whether she is thinking me as a gay or straight man.
    One day, while we are talking, I proposed her but she left without saying anything. For next 2 days she did spoke to me.
    One day, in the evening, while aunt was in the parlor, jaya came to me, I was very exited. She told me that she will marry me on one condition. I asked her what?? She told me that she wanted me stay like this as women with long hair. Saying so she left.
    Entire night, I was thinking about it. Next day, in school, I thought to ask our principals suggestion as she became very close to me. She told me, if you love her then it's your decision to make her happy or make her sad. I'm the evening aunt gave me my blouses. Next day, I took my bath and started to wear my uniform saree, at that time jaya came to my room and started to help me. At that time, I told her that I accept her condition. She felt very happy. She told me, that she hates strong guys who hurt women, so I started to like you. You are weak like me and we can share our clothes and I strongly believe that we can love happily.
    Now I am in saree and she started to work on my face. She applied little make up then she kept bangles to hands and anklets to my legs, earrings,bindi. Then she started to braid my long hair. Jaya told me that she loves my hair a lot and asked me to grow it till my hips. I started to think that first I started to grow it because of my mom then now I have grow my hair for my wife. Jaya told me that she will drop me in the school. She started her scooty and I sat behind her. She stopped near a flowers shop and bought some flowers and pinned in my hair. Jaya told me that, she always wants me see with flowers in my hair and simply nodded my head.

  • #445

    Sheela KV (Tuesday, 15 January 2019)

    Sheela KV – Part 6
    She told me to remove my pant and shirt banian and also shorts, I felt shy mom told nothing to worry u r my daughter now, in front of mom daughters need not have to shy. I further felt shy when she told me I am daughter. I pleaded her, should I wear these and should do that drama as hero in please tell Lalitha madam to select some other girl or boy for this mom please if you tell she will accept. Then mom said they have checked entire college and you are the only person suits for that with your physic and facial look and all. They believe that if you do it with dedication you can do it better and look more beautiful than those girls in the college. With pale face I removed my pant and shirt and banian but standing in my male shorts. Mom gave me a towel and told to tie and remove the shorts too. I did that and now mom gave me a panty which was lacy and designer pink color, she told me to wear, the moment I wore, I got some unknown feelings and goose bumps on me when it touched my skin. I was surprised. Then she took a padded bra pink color only and told me as a girl I have to wear this always. This give the shape to the body properly. I told I don’t know how to wear it, then she put me on and showed me how hook it from back and told me to practice for some time mean while she will be back in 5 min. I did practice of wearing and hooking the bra from back side, initially It was very difficult and I was thinking how this woman do this without any problem. Then finally I learnt and after trying for 8 to 10 times I could manage to put it easily. Mean while mom came and asked did, I learn it and am I comfortable in that, I said it is ok but bit tight, she said yes bra will be tight only so you will have to get used to these because next 2 months this will be your dress 24x7. I did not say anything and said ok. Then she removed the towel and inserted petticoat on me and tied the knot at the waist. Then she took the blouse and put on me, this blouse wat with back hooks she said I have to learn that also to wear the back-hook blouses, and told me to remove and practice. I said ok and started practicing like bra, I took almost 45 minit to master the wearing of the blouse with back hooks successfully, my mom was watching sitting on the bed my practice when I did successfully, she clapped and kissed me on my fore head and told my girl is so smart and learns the things fast. I felt shy for the moment and did not say anything.

  • #446

    Boyfriend (Tuesday, 15 January 2019 06:16)

    Who is stronger - the end

    Soon we told our love to our parents. They too happy.
    Soon I stopped wearing my male clothes. I started to learn how to wear sarees and how to braid my long hair.
    My sister is haven't married yet. So we are waiting for it.
    My mom is happy for having 2nd daughter. My sister is happy for having a sister. My mil and jaya are for having a sensitive son in law and a husband. All started to love me a lot. Soon I started to love being a woman..
    The end

  • #447

    Boyfriend (Tuesday, 15 January 2019 08:26)

    My sister's death - 1

    Hi friends, my name is arun. I completed my degree. My dad died 9 years ago. Me, my mom, my sister and my grandmother are living in a village. We are very traditional.
    My mom, my sister and my grandmother have long hair. I was very slim and with no males in our family except me, I don't much works that males do. We own a small shop and sell the clothes.
    Suddenly one day my sister died due to snake bite. We cried a lot. My mom and my grandmother missed my sister a lot.
    One day while I was going to get a hair cut, to shave my little hair on my face. My mom stopped me and asked me not to cut my hair. I said no but my mom started to cry and finally made me to agree.
    First I didn't took it seriously, but soon my mom made me to use the hair oil used my ladies for strong hair growth. Daily I used to work in our shop.
    Now, it's been 1 and half years. My hair crossed my mid back and touching my hips. But till now, I never agreed my mom and my grandmother to braid my hair. I just used rubber band till now. Every man in the village used to tease me and women used to encourage me for growing my hair.

  • #448

    Boyfriend (Tuesday, 15 January 2019 10:21)

    My sister's death - 2

    My hair grown longer and longer. My hair is flowing all over face. One day, it's my mother's birthday. I wished her and she asked me for a gift. I asked her, what do you want?? She smiled and told me that she wanted to braid my hair, I was shocked. I don't know what to say. I can't deny it. I said OK.
    My mom felt happy and told me sit in front of her. My mom took a comb and started to brush it. After some time, she middle parted my hair and started to braid it. She slowly braiding my hair. Finally she braided my hair and told me, your first braid is ready. I thought of going to shop but my mom told me that she wanted to go the temple on her birthday. We called our grandmother, who is in her room. She was surprised seeing me in braid. She told me your braid is very thick and strong. I just smiled them. We started to go to the temple. While I was walking my braid is swinging. My mom told me, it is great feeling when your braid touches your back. I was shocked and started to think that how do my mom know, what I was thinking. We went to temple. And my mom kept kumkam in a way that it looks like bindi. I don't about it. Suddenly someone pulled my braid, and it's my friend swathi. She told me, finally you started to wear braids just like us. I told her that It is only for today. She asked me why not, it is difficult to handle long hair unless you wear braids. She told me, today you are going to feel the difference of wearing braids and keeping your hair loose.
    Then I went to the shop while my mom and grandmother went home..

  • #449

    Boyfriend (Tuesday, 15 January 2019 10:49)

    My sister's death - 3

    In our we have only 2 staff and both are women. They surprised seeing like this. They too suggested me to wear braids daily. Entire day I have to arrange the clothes, at that time my braid used to come front and I have to put it back. Our staff women suggested me keep my braid front side, and I did just like they said.
    At the end of the, I felt that braids are much better than loose hair. Its a village, so we close the shop around 7pm.
    I went home, keep my braid front side. My mom saw it and asked me, you are getting used to the braid. I immediately pushed my braid back. My mom laughed and pinched my cheeks.
    My mom again asked me braid my hair, I agreed and sat before her. She again combed my hair neatly. I remembered that this is what my used to do with my sister's hair.
    In the night I slept happily.
    Next day I was ready but I thought braid is comfortable, so I went to my mom and with shy I asked my mom to braid my hair. My mom laughed and asked me to wait for 5 minutes. With comb I started to brush my hair.

  • #450

    Boyfriend (Wednesday, 16 January 2019 01:22)

    My sister's death - 4

    Then I sat on the dinning chair and my mom started to brush my hair with the comb. I asked my mom not to braid by middle parting my hair but my mom didn't listen. She perfectly middle parted my hair started to braid. Soon my mom braided my hair, she even kept barrettes in my hair but I didn't noticed it. Then I had my tiffin and went the shop.
    While working I started to feel strangely, whenever my braid is moving. To my bad, swathi and her mom came to our shop to buy clothes. Swathi and her mom surprised seeing me in braids. Swathi teased me saying, you are getting used to braids and even you started to wear barrettes also. Then I realised I am wearing barrettes. Swathi's mom came towards me and checked my braid. She told me, your hair as long as her daughter's hair. She even gave me hair suggestions. Soon they left.
    In the evening while my mom braiding my hair, I asked my mom to teach me, how to braid my hair. My mom laughed and told me, first you need to learn how to braid a long hair then you can easily yours. After she braided my hair. My mom gave me a comb and asked me to braid her hair. My mom sat before me. I took the comb and started to brush her hair. After brushing for sometime. I thought of braiding her hair. I divided her hair into 3 different parts and started to braid it.
    My mom started to teach me and I slowly I braided her hair.
    Finally I completed braiding her hair. My mom took both of our braids into her compared it. My mom told me, you're braid is lot more thicker than mine. My grandmother was laughing seeing both of us. In the night my mom is cutting vegetables while watching TV. She asked me to help her a little. I agreed to it. Then my mom gave me the vegetables and knife to cut them. I don't how to cut it. Then my mom taught me how to cut it. After cutting it, she took me to kitchen. In the kitchen, the knife felt down. I bent my back and took it, at that time, my mom told me to sit and take.
    It continued for some days.
    It time for sankranti festival. This time, our panchayat president, order everyone to participate in anything. Women are going to participate in rangoli competition and men are participating in some fights. I know that I can't fight. So my mom and grandmother asked me to come with for drawing rangoli. With no other option I too agreed.
    Early in the morning we all are ready and went to the place of competition. While I was helping my mom, swathi and her mom saw me. Swathi kept my hair front side and told me, it's is going to be damaged if the colours touch you hair. She teased me saying, you are very at drawing rangoli and asked me to help her. Most of our rangoli was drawn by me.
    Finally we won the competition. My mom felt very happy.

  • #451

    Boyfriend (Wednesday, 16 January 2019 02:00)

    My sister's death - 5

    After we came home, my mom taught me many types of rangoli. I don't why, so I asked my mom about it. My mom told me, rangoli should be drawn by luckiest hands. You are very lucky and because of it we won the competition. I tried a lot to convince her but she didn't listen.
    Next day, I woke up early in the morning, I did head bath, so I tied my hair with towel. I went outside and drawn rangoli. My mom saw it and told me, you are learning very quickly.
    In the evening swathi took me her home. Me, swathi and her mum spoke for a while and swathi's mom is designing swathi's hands with mehindi. After completing swathi's hands, she turned towards me and asked me to show my hand. I was shocked and said no. She told me, there is nothing wrong in it. I tried a lot but she didn't listen. So I sat silently. She nicely designed my hands. Now I am ready to go.
    She stopped me again and asked me to wait. Suddenly, she kept something in my hair. I asked her, what is it. She told me, it's nothing, there is something in your hair and removed it.
    Then I started to move. I went home and my mom was surprised seeing my hands. I immediately going to wash it but my mom told me, to keep it for some more time.
    Then my mom asked me, who gave you the rose you are wearing in your hair. Then I realised it that swathi's mom kept it. I asked my mom to remove it but my mom laughed and told me to keep it till the morning. In the morning, I washed my hands and removed the flowers.

  • #452

    Rohan (Wednesday, 16 January 2019 03:48)

    I am Rohan from Hyderabad I am getting addicted to cross dress stories and cross dress fiction what's the reason I use to crossdress when I was child now its more than 3-4 years I have done it I get attracted to women also what's the reason for my crossdress addiction!

  • #453

    Boyfriend (Wednesday, 16 January 2019 04:50)

    My sister's death - 6

    I didn't my bath and went for having tiffin. I sat on the chair for eating and my mom started to braid my hair. I completed eating and my mom completed braiding. I went to shop. I went to shop and our women asked me about the mehindi and the rose in my hair. I was shocked. I don't that I am wearing a rose in my hair. I immediately removed it.
    In the evening, I asked my mom about it. She told me that I thought you like a rose, so I pinned it in your hair. I don't know how to react to it.
    Few days after that, my mom told me, she bought new ear stubs for me. I asked my mom why she bought it. My mom told me, you are wearing that new stubs for a long time. She removed my ear stubs and replaced it with new ones. But new ear stubs are much bigger than my old ones. And in my dressing table, it is filled with rubber bands, barrettes etc.
    Now my braid is touching me hips. One day I went to swathi's home. Swathi and her home saw my earrings and told me, you look great in those earrings. I asked her why she kept rose in my hair. She told me, that there is nothing wrong in wearing flowers, if you have long hair and your hair is as long as our hair. We talked there for a while. And I left.
    After some days, my mom told me, she bought new anklets from the city . She requested me to wear for a minute. I said OK because I am going to wear it only for a minute. She fitted the anklets and screwed it tightly. After 5 minutes, we tried to remove it but we are not successful in it. I don't what to do. In our village there is no shop for removing it. My mom told me to keep it like that until we go the shop next time. I asked when? My mom told me, next week. I was shocked. I said no. My mom told me, no one will know about it. It has small and less bells. With no other choice, I accepted it.

  • #454

    Boyfriend (Wednesday, 16 January 2019 05:14)

    My sister's death - 7

    My mom and grandmother felt happy. I don't how to hide the anklets. I spent 3 days like that,. I started to go to swathi's house regularly. One day in the evening I directly went to her home. Swathi's mom saw me and told me, your hair is like a mess. She came with a comb. First she un braided my hair and then she started to braid it. She braided it tightly by middle parting my hair. Swathi is enjoying watching it. Suddenly she noticed My anklets and asked me about it. I don't know what to say. She showed her anklets and we both are wearing same type of anklets. I told her everything about the anklets..

  • #455

    Nidhi S (Wednesday, 16 January 2019 19:42)

    My name is Nidhi. I was searching for a job after completion of my graduation. I use to stay with mom and my brother Sanjay in Bangalore. We had a nice apartment with 2bhk. Me and Sanjay use to share the room. As my father was in army he died surviving his nation almost 5yrs back. My mom was a lecturer in a reputed college. She use to drive car to her college and use to drop Sanjay as well. We had good income. Now to tell more about my brother he was in his 12 class where he had two backlogs which took almost 1 year for him to clear and then he joined degree college. He was shy in nature and was slim enough had thick long hairs as he had joined college he didn't have much friends. To tell you more about myself I hated to do house work I loved my mom very much so I wanted to get married after I achieve my target that was I wanted to work and earn and get myself placed in good organization. So after graduation I gave my first interview at a reputed bpo and got selected I joined the company. I was happy informed mom as she was not OK me working in Bpo first but later she agreed. Soon it was 2 months I started to work in evening shift that was 4pm to 12 am in note so I use to get transport from company my salary was 25k which was really good being fresher. Mom use to go to college from 8am to 3pm. So now to tell Abt myself I was carrier oriented so during my college days I didn't have any boyfriends so I concentrated on my studies. Did scored good marks and then got a job through campus recruitment. So when I got my first salary I gifted mom a beautiful Saree and Sanjay with a mobile. And bought some western clothes. So months passed it was almost 6 months I bought a dio for myself. I got promoted to next level with in six months due to my hard work. On the other hand Sanjay didn't clear his first year semester as he had two backlogs. So mom gave him a nice class and he was taking it lightly. Soon His 2ND semester results were out as he had 4 backlogs in his bcom so mom took his class again as he then discontinued his studies.

  • #456

    Nidhi S (Wednesday, 16 January 2019 20:06)

    So now my brother Sanjay was forced to stay home as my mom wanted him to clear his backlogs of his first semester and second semester then to continue his studies so mom use to take his tuition and he use to get nice scoldings from mom. Mom took away his mobile as he use to be busy playing games. So then after 6months he wrote exam just cleared his first semester. Still he had backlogs for second semester. On the other hand I was enjoying my work now I become a team leader and was doing a day shift from 1.30pm to 10.30am. So mom was on a summer holidays so it was Saturday as I had fixed offs for Saturday and Sunday. So Sanjay was sleeping it was almost 10 am in the morning my mom tried to waked him up and scolded him for sleeping for a long time. Then we had breakfast then my mom was asking abt my job routine. Then mom made tea as their was no sugar mom told Sanjay to go and get sugar. so he was going to super market I gave him my dio keys for him so that he can drive and get sugar. But he didn't know to drive then I got up took him with me and bought sugar and some groceries. Then we reached back so then mom told him that he don't even know to drive Learn from your sister see how she is earning