The matched pair- Part 3


"Hello!" It was a deep-throated manly voice. It was so loud that I could hear it clearly inside the closed bathroom our guest house. I guessed rightly that it must be our host Ganesh. We had just reached the strawberry farm owned by him in the hills and were settling down in his guest house. Ganesh was one of Bobby's clients who never suspected him to be anything but a handsome young man. Bobby had told me about Ganesh's bubbling nature and had warned me to expect his visit very soon after we reached. This was when we continued our journey, after our session in the water fall.

The road being hilly, Bobby had concentrated on driving till we reached the guest house. As soon as we entered the guest house Bobby had taken me in his arms and kissed me passionately. In a few minutes he managed to mess up my make up and crumple my dress. It was because of that I had to force myself to move away from his tight embrace and deep kisses. I wanted to make myself presentable before our host arrived.

After our conjugal bath at the waterfall, I had changed into light blue Levi's and orange thermal top with a white floral design. Originally I had thought of changing into a skirt and blouse and had carried it to the falls. After being outside for a while I realised that the weather may become cooler as we climbed further and a short leather skirt worn without stockings may not be comfortable. Bobby had to go back to the jeep to get me the jeans and top. He did not seem to mind. Afterall he was my man and I was his little woman. I was only exercising normal womanly privilege of changing my mind! While he was away I lay on the large towel wearing only my bra and panties.

As I wore the slim-fit jeans and body hugging top I understood that Bobby, by offering to get my change of dress, had made me get into something in which he wanted to see me. After changing behind a tree I ran across to him and moved into his arms. He kissed me and said that I looked very nice and he could very well eat me up.

He did his eating up as we entered the guest house. However I had no intention of appearing for the first time in front of our middle aged hosts in body hugging jeans and tight top. So I had run off to the bathroom with my cosmetics box, jewelry case and a dress.

As expected, the weather on the way had turned cold. We did not turn on the heater in the car as we wanted to enjoy the crisp mountain air through the open windows. Because of that now I felt the need to urgently empty my bladder. I stripped myself completely in the bathroom and sat down to empty myself. Ah what a relief! As I directed the water spout at my artificial urethra, I discovered that water was entering my cock pouch and after a little circulation was exiting. Apparently the last valve worked both ways. After a few minutes I felt quite clean. I also cleaned my synthetic vagina which caused some nice sensations on my buried cock. It was about then that I heard our host's booming voice and decided to hurry up.

Hurrying up is not an easy thing to do when you are a girl and you have to look pretty. It was almost fifteen miutes before I could get out. During this time I had washed my face with an apricot scrub, redone my eyes and lips, added bindi and wore silver danglers on my ears, wore my bra and panties followed by an ivory coloured silk lehnga and choli which had thread embroidary all over it. Then I wore bangles on each of my arms and silver anklets fitted with tiny bells. My feet were now encased in soft brown leather sandles with shiny brass buckles. The sandles had three inches of heels. I also changed my wig into one of shoulder-length loose hair. The hair bristled on my exposed back because the choli had a deep cut rectangular back. After examining myself in the full length mirror I added a touch of rouge to my upper cheeks and a little moisturiser on my exposed arms.

I made my way slowly from the bathroom, across the bedroom. I paused at the bedroom to arrange a lock of hair falling on my forehead. As I approached the front hall, I shook my feet a little extra at each step, to make sure my anklet bells made enough sound. I sensed that my gambit had worked. As I was a few steps from the front hall, every one become silent and there was no sound heard except that of my musical payals. Three pairs of eyes were fixed on the door through which I made my entry.


I was stunned to see Lakshmi. Ganesh was grinning from ear to ear and his wife Devi was smiling approvingly. Lakshmi hesitated at the door. So Devi got up, walked up to her and gently escorted her to the vacant sofa next to me. I recovered a little by then and manged to say, "Ganeshji, this is Lakshmi." " And I am Ganesh and this is Devi.." Ganesh completed the introductions for me. Lakshmi was not sure whether she was expected to bend down to touch their feet or simply say namaste. She did a bit of both. Her confusion set off Ganesh. He started laughing," Arre, we are not that old...just think of Devi as your elder sister..."

That sort of broke the ice. Devi leaned forward and squezzed Lakshmi's hand affectionately. Devi said softly, "Lakshmi you are so young and lovely. Ganesh and I are not convention bound people. Ours was a love marriage too. I know both of you are not married yet and that does make a difference to us..."

As Laksmi smiled sweetly and gratefully at Devi, Ganesh turned to me, "I hope this is your final choice, young man. We have told our employees and domestic staff that you are here to get married. What do you say?...Shall we get the two of you married?..."

Devi looked disapprovingly at Ganesh and said to both of us, "That is the problem with my husband. He cannot build up interesting topics slowly..."

I was curious to know what they had in mind. "So bhabiji, looks like you have been planning something for us..."

Both of them were smiling meaningfully now but neither was speaking.

After some time Devi spoke up. " You know.. this is another problem with my husband... He starts something and expects me to complete it..."

Ganesh raised his hands in mock surrender." Bhagiyawan, you are better at these things..."

Devi rolled her eyes at Ganesh and got up, "Come with me Lakshmi. Let us go to the kitchen and make some tea..."

As the women left the scene I could not help but think that my Lakshmi was a lovely angel compared to the somewhat short and overweight Devi. I bit my tongue to kill any unkind thoughts about our friendly hostess. As they walked out of the hall to the musical sound of the anklets, I winked at Ganesh and for once he managed to whisper, "Wonderful choice, brother"


I could not help blushing when Devi didi told me what they had in mind for us. We were standing close to each other in the kitchen. She was making the tea and I was arranging the biscuits on a plate.

" Alright alright! You dont have to give me a reply now. Just talk it out with Bobby and let me know by tomorrow afternoon. Ok?"

I nodded my head.

"I will carry the tea and you get the biscuits. The time now is five thirty. At six we go the club. It is the annual day at the Planters Club. There will be a lot dancing. You know Laks, over here in the hills we are still somewhat 'Eurpoean'. I hope you have some western dresses. I can arrange something if you don't have.."

I could not help laughing out," But didi, I do have western clothes. I wore this thinking you would prefer the traditional one." Didi laughed along with me, lowered my head towards her and kissed me affectionately on my forehead.


I changed into my fourth dress for the day. It was a party dress with multi colourerd geometrical designs on it. The colours were brilliant and the material was thick. As the frock ended above my kneecaps, I did not expect it to reveal my panties as long as I did not swirl too much! I wore a black strapless bra along with black panties. I used eyeshadows to highlight my eyes and wore black pearl on my ears. I took off the bindi but wore a brighter lipstick. I applied a little more rouge on my cheeks. I replaced my bangles with a gold bracelet. I extended my nails with false ones and painted them in the same colour as the lipstick. As expected the top of frock hugged my body but it did not have a deep neck or back. After wearing warm socks I wore my shining ankle length boots. The dress set off my fair skin and I was sure the effect was stunning.

I checked myself in the mirror one last time, put some necessities into a black hand held purse and I came out of the guest house to others waiting on the lawn for me.


The club had a clearly outlined strategy to discourage preset couples. No lady could dance with her husband, boy friend, brother or cousin. At first, all single ladies had to drop their a card with their name into an earthen pot called Matka. Male members had to bid for the first five picks. Of course this did not guarantee a beautiful partner! But two good things happened. First the club collected good money. Secondly even some of not so beautiful ones got bid for and selected. The subsequent picks were sequenced by drawing of lots among men. As the pool of single ladies ended, the cards of the ladies with chaperons got into the matka and selection by drwaing of lots continued. If someone happened to select a lady known to be attached to him, he would have to pay a token fine and put his card back into the matka. Every man had the right to dance with his own selection and four selections made immediately after. The highest bidder for the first pick would have to dance with the last lady to be picked for the evening and start moving up the ranks. All this created hilarious situations and confusion. If numbers did not match perfectly, the surplus men were made bartenders unless a few of them agreed to cross dress for the evening and managed to pair off!!

I knew I was looking nice, but did not realise how much more desirable I was, comapred to the other girls until I saw how each of my partner was being congratulated by their friends for having got the chance to dance with me. Each of my partners also told me how lucky they felt to be dancing with me. All this got me so hyped that I was soon teasing and tormenting many of the males present. It reminded me of the fun I had at my sister's hostel. Little wonder then that I won best "mixer" prize for the evening. As I walked up coyly to receive my prize I blew a kiss to the males present and they clapped happily. Some of the girls were eyeing me envy. They did not seem to mind much as I was only a visitor.


I was proud that my Lakshmi was such a hit. I put my hand possesively around her shoulder as we walked out of the club. As we travelled in the back seat of Ganesh's car I held her close to me. When we reached the guest house I kissed her hard and deep for long. After a while she broke off and went into the bathroom. When she came out of the bathroom wearing a translucent baby pink negligee and stood framed with the bright light behind her, I could not but admire the lovely silhouette of her proportionate body. I walked up to her, gathered her in my arm and started pawing her body like any man would. Soon enough we were undressed, I was inside her and we were both awash with pleasure.