Beauty and brains- Part 3

From the time I had become Sanju, I had been practising with sarees at home. So when I wore it on that thursday to office I was sure it had draped right and I was looking good. Even Panditji commented that I was looking very beautiful and should seriously consider marriage. I just laughted and kept quiet.

As soon as I entered my office, I peeped in to check if Arun had come. He was not in and I felt disappointed. Soon I was annoyed with myself for feeling disappointed. Why was it so necessary for me to show off to Arun how good I looked in a saree? For the last ten days I had worked hard to impress Arun with my intellect. What had changed now? I tried to rationalise to myself that by looking good, I was not harming my boss's 'intellectual' impressions about me. But I could not rationalise the fact that I was in a hurry to display my charms to him as soon as I entered office. That was clearly an act of a woman trying to 'hook' a man. What is wrong if I wanted to hook Arun, now that I was a woman? But for so many days I had not done any such thing. For all that I had dressed up well every day!

It took me almost half an hour to resolve this mental conflict to my satisfaction. The previous evening, at the gym, Arun had looked at me, in my two piece swimsuit, with lust in his eyes. That had set in motion a reaction within me. Just as he had realised that I was not only an efficient colleague but also a sexually attractive woman, I too, at a subconcious level, had started thinking that he could be a desirable 'catch' for me. The timing of all this was also immediately after my periods. The pheromones (love chemicals!) were running high in my blood making me respond to him as a normal woman. I smiled to myself as I looked at the way my red saree was draped over my firm and round breasts. I imagined how they would feel if Arun was hugging me and the force of his muscular chest was on them. I had to press my thighs together as a shiver ran through my body at this thought. I scolded myself mentally for such thoughts and decided to concentrate on my work. I also decided that I should show no unwanted reactions when Arun ultimately reached the office.

There was so much to do, that soon I was busy. Suddenly I heard the connecting door open. Arun stood there smiling at me," Hey after a long time you are wearing a saree and you are looking lovely."

All my resolve to be calm in his presence was forgotten. My heart was beating at an unbelievable pace. My face felt a rush of blood. My tongue barely moved as I said, "Thank you, Arun". I stood up wobbily for no reason at all and had to support myself by holding on to the wall. I was grinning with most of my front teeth on display as he looked me over. I was a women in red and very much in love. I just knew that he too was in love with me. But neither of us was going to say the crucial words for the first time, in the office.

After that initial pounding of my heart, we were back to work as usual in a matter of minutes. The need to attend scheduled meetings and prepare for future ones took precedence over everything.

It was almost four o'clock before we were somewhat free. Arun peeped out of the connecting door and said," Sanju, Can you come in for a while..." Immediately it struck both of us that for the time he had called me Sanju and not Sanjana. Both us just smiled and did not comment on this progress in our relationship.

I got up from my seat, adjusted the pallu of my saree, made sure that the pleats in front were properly arranged and went into his room.

" Come, come, sit down....Mother has been pestering me about changing the soft furnishings around our house. I have asked the decorators to come over this evening. Why don't you come home with me so that you can find out what mommy wants and co-ordinate with these guys. This may mean missing your gym today. Do you mind?" Of course I did not mind.

When we came down to the foyer in about an hour , I saw Panditji waiting for me with his taxi. I had forgotten to tell him that I did not need him today.

"Panditji. I am sorry. Mai aapko batana bhul gayi. Mai Arunji ke ghar ja rahi hoon. Arun, this is Panditji, my taxi driver."

"Namaste Arunji. I can also speak good English sir. I have not told that to babyji so far..... Koyi baat nahi beti. Aap aaj badi gadi mei jaiye." I could see a twinkle in the corner of Panditji's eyes as he looked at us and said his bit. Arun laughed out as he looked at me. I felt somewhat shy and overwhelmed as I felt the love of these two men for me.

It seemed as if the two men had exchanged a message which was about me. I wondered if my new closeness to Arun was appparent to everyone around us. Maybe Panditji being a well wisher, was just hoping that his "beti" would manage to hook the tall handsome saheb.

"But why is that you have not come home at all in all these years". Arun's mother, Mrs. Neeraja Gandhi, was saying to me. I just smiled. How could I tell her that she had met me in my male form and I had eaten her soft and tasty dhoklas. I was also a bit surprised to know that Sanjana had never gone to Arun's place.

"But ma. That was my mistake. I had never called her over." Arun explained.

We were sittting in the parlour of Arun's bunglow and having tea. The decoraters had left after their discussions with us. Mrs. Gandhi had been quite impressed with my colour sense and taste. Probably because both our tastes were similar!

Just then Arun's driver came in to find out whether he should have the car checked and filled up for the long weekend trip to a nearby hill station which Arun had planned. The next day was a Friday and a holiday. That made the weekend a long one.

"Sanju do you mind having dinner with us tonight. In that case Vasanth can finish the garage work and take you home later." Arun asked me.

" No Arun! I must go. My dinner would be at my door and there are a few personal things to catch up on. Vasanth could drop me on his way to the garage." I was keen to leave as I wanted some time alone, to think through the developments in my life.

Mrs. Gandhi could sense that I wanted to be alone and with a movement in her eyes told Arun not to insist.

" Ok my dear!" She said, "But why don't you join us for the weekend. We will leave only by 11 o'clock tomorrow."

I was immediately tempted. But then I remembered that I had promised to spend time with Glory and told Mrs. Gandhi about it.

" I think that is no problem, Sanju. Your friend could also join us. Why don't you talk to her and let me know by tomorrow morning. Afterall it is our bunglow there and the caretaker can organise things by the time we reach there. Is that ok Arun?"

There was mischief in his eyes as Arun looked at me away from his mother's gaze and said after a pause, "That should be perfect Sanju. You and your friend are most welcome". He could clearly see the possibilities in this trip and I too was not an dumb babe!

It was all very clear where Arun and I were headed. Only I did not know whether I could do that on a borrowed body. When I had decided to remain as Sanju, I had just wanted to be able to work with Arun. I had not thought of marrying him. Even now he had not proposed to me. I was sure that he just wanted me to think things over and come to a decision. I thought even his mother guessed where we were headed and indirectly approved of it by inviting me over for the weekend trip.

I knew the decision had to be mine. What would the real Sanju say? Her suspicions that I had stolen her body to be with Arun may be reinforced once she finds out that we have fallen in love. It will hurt her especially to see me succeed where she had failed. What about me? Was I ready to bid a total good bye to my life as a man and become Arun's wife and bear his children. Even as this thought passed through my head, my whole body seemed to say yes to the idea of bearing Arun's children and pressing them to my breasts to feed them.

I did not need much persuasion to come to the conclusion that I no longer wanted to return to being a man. I had got so used to my new form that I even wanted to forget that I was ever a man. But could I say the same for the person who had become Baskar? I wish I knew the answer.

Just as everything else, Sanju and I had even exhanged our personal e-mail ids. It was only now I noticed that her id was a play on the name Arun. My own id sunnyboy was also a play on Baskar. Over the last few days, I had noticed that Sanjana was quite comfortable in keeping up with my brothers through e-mail. She always sent me copies of her correspondence with my former family. I too was very comfortable with my acquired brother Sanjay. He had great admiration for his didi (that is me!) and was very keen to come and live with me. I was amused when for the first time I heard that Sanju's brother was also called Sanju among friends. Her parents were keen to name their first born as Sanjay, but since the first born was a girl, they gave her a name which was close enough and named the second one as Sanjay! I was also quite comfortable with my 'new' mother. I had to call her atleast twice in a week. She was always ready to weep over the phone. I was becoming adept at dealing with her and making her happy. She even praised me for having become more regular with my calls.

When Vasanth dropped me at home, it was already 7 pm. I came into the house, took off my saree, blouse and petticoat and put them into the clothes basket. Fortunately my maid would come in while I was away at office and do the washing and ironing. I put on a pair of shorts and and a t-shirt. I called up my parlour and cajoled Ms.Karen Lee into accomodating me by 8 pm. That gave me an hour to check my mail. Now even at home, I was into wearing the wig. I tied my hair into a pony-tail as I sat in front of my home pc.

As I opened the inbox of nura, I found a mail from sunnyboy. The mail was unusually large. I opened it with some amount of nervousness, esp as I was just planning to fall in love for which I may not have the approval of the original owner of my body.

Hi Sanjana,

I have been mostly responding to your e-mail on various issues which need to be tackled as we live each others' lives. Somehow until now, I always thought that I was on a holiday in your body and I just need to get back one day to give you back what is yours and reclaim mine. But then, something has happened in the last two days which seems to change things. I need to talk to you before I decide my future. I hope I can explain to you in a short and precise way.

You know that our International President Ms. Becky Young, has made it this far in her career without ever looking at marriage and family. With her age and maturity she does not feel like entering into a regular marriage. But she too needs male company from time to time. Within a short time I have gained her confidence and I am with her on many social occasions. To tell you the truth I have spent the last two nights with her at her chalet and I am sending you this e-mail from her bed room while she sleeps after one of our sessions in bed.

Do I need say more. I love Geneva and I am devoted to Becky. People may call me a toyboy behind my back but no one dares to say anything to me upfront. I once again feel the power over the people in our office and I like it. Dear Sanjana (because that was what you have become), can we both give up our rights on our original bodies and give each other total freedom to live our lives in our new form till we die. It has to be a joint decision. I will anxiously await your reply.

Baskar the sunnyboy

(You know Becky likes to called me Sunny. It throws off people. They think she means sonny !!!)

N.B.: I want to assure you that your former, which is my present family will not be embaressed in any way by whatever I do. I promise to be discreet. Similarly I want you to take good care of my brother Sanju. I love that boy. You need to find a good acting break for him. Try to keep my mother happy as well. I know it can be difficult.

I read and re-read the e-mail many times. Tears were flowing from my eyes. The e-mail meant I was free to fall in love and marry Arun. I wanted to be doubly sure. The e-mail had been sent by her half an hour ago.

I rang her up on her mobile and said, "Sunny! This is Sanju here. I saw your e-mail and I have no problem with what you say..."

"Yes Sanju! Thank you...."

"I want you to know that Arun is getting interested in me. Does that change your decision in anyway.."

There was a moments pause, "Sanju! I was sure this would happen. My looks were not enough for him. My beauty and your brains makes it nice for him. So you go right ahead and marry him. Even if he becomes tired of your sexy body, he will continue to love your brain. That is it Sanju! I will not send you mail or call you up henceforth. I dont want to be reminded of my past. I think it will be good for you as well. So bye Sanju and take care."

"Bye Baskar". I bid good bye to my former self.

When I called her up on Friday morning, Glory was excited at the idea of going for an outing with Arun, his mother and me.

"Hey that is great. Now I can watch the romance flowering, yes?"

"Oh! shut up yar" I told her.

"Someone is being very coy today. But you could not even wait till I called up. I was just about to call you up. Anyway Happy birthday my dear. You have really pulled it off by managing to be with Arun today."

"Oh Thank you dear" I managed to say.

I put down the phone and confirmed with my passport that it was indeed my birthday. Also my life as Sanjana was really begining today. It was truly my birthday.

Next to call me were my brother and mother. Mother reminded me that I was 22 now and needed to think of marriage. I agreed with her and let her know that I was going with my boss's family for an outing. She knew Arun by word of mouth. She was silent for a while. I was afraid she may ask if he was the guy in my life. But she seemed to restrain herself. She wished me a happy birthday once again and passed the phone to my brother. After wishing me he wanted to know when he could go over to my place. I told him soon, just to make him happy.

The next caller was Arun. "Happy birthday, Sanju. So are you ready to celebrate the day with us? Is your friend coming along as well?"

I thanked him for his wishes and said yes to both his questions.

I was glad I had visited the parlour the previous day. As I stepped into the bathroom and got under the shower I felt thrilled as I soaped my smooth legs and reached out to my hairless armpits. Karen had advised me to remove the hair on my mound as well and it felt good as I rubbed myself there.

After drying myself I wore my bra and panties. Then I did a my usual makeup on my face and applied some lipstick. After searching through my wardrobe I wore an orange dress. On a whim, I picked up a hat which belonged to my previous life as Baskar and placed it on my head. Karen had agreed to style my natural hair properly in another month. I had to tell her some lies to explain away its current shortness and poor style. Anyway she had given me some better wigs for the interim.

Glory appreciated my looks and my dress as she came in. She insisted on photographing me in the open air. Even as I posed for her, in front of my house, I could hear Arun's car entering the gate of my house. We walked over to greet them and I realised that Arun was driving himself.

As we went near the car Arun and aunty came out. While Arun handed me a bouquet of lovely roses, aunty hugged me. I had to fight hard to control my tears with this show of affection for me. I dont even remember what I said in reply their best wishes.

Since Arun felt we should move out fast to avoid crowded roads, both of us went upstairs to pick up my luggage while Glory waited downstairs with aunty.

It was not for the first time that I was alone with Arun in a room. But somehow I felt very excited. He too looked a little like a school boy, out on his first date. We did not say anything to each other as we picked up Glory's and my luggage and climbed down. As Arun walked in front of me in his jeans and checked shirt, I could not help looking at him with mounting pride and possesiveness. This was no longer my hero, but a man who would shortly declare his love for me and make me his wife. I, for my part, was no longer a gawky young man who was his bright sub-ordinate, but a beautiful woman fitted with a useful brain.

As we approached his Merc, I found Glory had already settled in the back seat with aunty and I had been elected to share the front seat with Arun. As I slid into the front seat and turned my legs in, I noticed, through a corner of my eyes, Glory smiling meaningfully.

That evening, I wore the new yellow dress which Arun had presented me for my birthday. I was the star attaction at the small party held at the hill bunglow that evening. Everyone present told me how beautiful I looked and I kept stealing glances at Arun who, though hardly looking in my direction, seemed to say with his body language, "Sanju, you lovely girl! You are all mine." I really wished everyone would go away and leave us alone.

But the evening dragged on. Everyone seemed to assume that I was the official hostess. Glory and aunty were busy talking to the guests and the servants were being re-directed by both of them to me. As the evening proceeded I was fully aware of the stock of food, layout of the bunglow and the oddities of the servants. As last of the guests was leaving, I was giving instructions to the servants as to what work had to be completed in the night and what could wait till next morning.

"Tell them also to wake us up by 5 am", Arun was saying. I turned around with a question mark on my face.

"Dont be so surprised Sanju. One of the highlights of this trip is to watch the sun rise above the hills. So we leave at 5.15 am for that."

"Count me out," aunty responded, "I have seen it too many times."

"Arun hope you will not insist on my joining. I think I am catching a cold." Glory too backed out. I was sure that Glory was nowhere near catching a cold. Both of them were scheming to give us privacy.

It was a beautiful sight. We sipped hot tea, bought from the roadside stall, as we watched the sun rise to meet the new day. We were standing close to each other. I do not know how it happened but somehow the fingers of our free hands were inter-twined. There were not many people around. Arun whispered into my ears, "Shall I say it now."

I turned and looked at his face. My eyes began to close as he continued to look staright into them.

"Yes Sanju! I love you. Will you marry me."

The deed was done. I managed to whisper back," I love you too and want to be your wife."

When we returned, Glory could immediately make it out that I had been taken. She kept teasing me trying to milk the juicy details out of me. But I did not have much to tell her. Arun had just manged to hug me and kiss me once on our way back home.

I spent the rest of the day in a haze. Arun was trying hard to be normal. All of us went out to a water park as the day became warm. By Afternoon I was really aching to be alone with Arun but saw no chance of that happening. But suddenly I got lucky.

By late afternoon one of Arun's servants back home called up to say that an uncle of his was expected to reach by that night. Aunty asked us to stay put while she decided to go back. Glory offered to go with her to give her company. I thought aunty may not approve of Arun and me staying alone at the bunglow. But she did not protest too much when Glory insisted and succeded in leaving with her and leaving us alone.

"Did you find it surprising that mommy decided to leave us alone and go back" Arun asked me as we driving down in the evening.

"Yes! I was a bit surprised" I admitted.

"Actually she was being quite logical...With our kind of working life, things will not just proceed unless we really fast forward conciously. She fully understood what was happening and wanted to give us time to come to grips with the new reality. We will go back to our office in about thirty six hours and we have to do our work as if nothing has changed between us...."

" Yes, I think you are right Arun. Until yesterday you were my boss and a role model. On Monday when we are in office, maybe I will recall something nice which happened here and might find it difficult to deal with you in purely professional way. You might also face that difficulty. At the same time I cannot think of giving up my work and sitting at home...."

"Look Sanju! You know me. I am against the idea of you wasting yourself at home. You are saying about getting distracted by me in office. What about me? For the past few days , everytime I see you I realise how beautiful you are and I want to hug you. It is going to be all the more difficult from now on, because I know that I also have your ok for much more than hugging...." Saying this, Arun took off his left hand from the steering wheel and squeezed my exposed knees below my short skirt.

"Please Arun! I dont want to sound like a wife... You should drive now rather than...."

"Rather than what...?" Arun laughed out but did take his hand away.

"Arun! I think we have a lot of time. Let us halt somewhere for a thanda before we go to the disco."

It was a deserted way side resturant where we halted for our coke. We sat facing each other near a viewing-spot overlooking a valley. The mild rays of the evening sun fell on us where we were seated. The lady who owned the place served us our coke and moved away. There was no one else around. I could hear the sound of a distant waterfall. Occasionally a car would pass on the road in front of the resturant. It was as romantic as you could get.

We were holding hands on the top of the table and our half emptied bottles were placed between our hands. " So what is bothering you" Arun asked me as I kept turning our joined hands in and out.

I looked up and smiled at him " What makes you think there is something on my mind."

" Come on Sanju. I can see it in your eyes. If you were relaxed you would be talking about us, our dear ones, our work or our surroundings. You are not doing any of these things. So out with it. Were you in love with someone before me and want to confess about it."

"What about you Arun?"

"That is just like a woman. You are answering a question with another question. But still I will answer it. I came very close to considering Kavitha, the journalist who works for the society column of " Today's News" . But I did not like the kind of gossip she wrote and decided she was not my type of person. But I think Kavitha still bears a grudge against me though I never ever told her that I love her or want to marry her."

I felt a little jealous. I knew who he was talking about. Kavitha was definitely a looker with brains. But she was too aggressive a person. I had never liked her.

"Now it is your turn." Arun said.

"I suspected that something was there between you and Kavitha, but I want to tell you I have no problems about it." Except for a bit of jealousy that she was the first to catch his fancy I had no doubts about Arun's current feelings about her.

"Darling, I know you are ok about that," Arun said and smiled, "So without dodging any further, come out with your true life story now."

I noted that Arun had called me darling for the first time. I felt a strong urge to move into his arms and snuggle up to him.

The sun was about to set by then. "Arun! Don't you think we will get late for the disco?"

"My dear girl. I am not going to leave this place until I hear your story. So if you want to go to the disco, say it fast."

"Ok hold it. I will come in a minute." Saying so, I got up and made my way to the loo. I wanted a few more minutes to gather myself. As I walked back to the table the horizontal rays of the setting sun were highlighting the curves of my body. I was dressed in a floral form fitting skirt and a tight white t-shirt. I could see the masculine energy in Arun's eyes as I walked towards him and it was very clear to me he was quite aroused by my presence. To claim that I was calm would be telling a lie.

Now that my mind was made up; the truth had to be told. I could not carry the burden for the rest of my life.

I adjusted my skirt and slid into the seat in front of Arun.

He waited patiently for me to start talking.

" Arun! What would you say if I told you that two weeks ago there was different body attached to my brain."

" Now Sanju! Don't talk in riddles. I was also not in love with you two weeks ago; so your body had little meaning to me. It is only when I noticed the improvements in your work that I started looking at you as a person. So speak clearly and not in riddles."

" Ok Arun! Here it comes. The person you are talking to now is Baskar, though the body you see is Sanju's."

Arun appeared to be shocked for a moment. Then a smile slowly spread itself across his face. "Do you think I didn't know?"

It was my turn to be shocked. "You mean to say that you knew all along..." I was stuttering for words.

Arun got up, came around to my side of the table and held me by pulling me close to him.

"Look my darling....and my darling is what you are now. It was an idea which came up during my discussions with Dr. Tandon. As usual, He asked me bluntly whether I was going to marry Sanjana. I told him, 'I cannot stand her small talk and that I will prefer someone like Baskar except for the obvious problem that he is not a girl'."

"When I said that Dr. Tandon gave me the whole theory of sexual assignment and asked me if I would like to try out a new gadget on both of you."

"The fascinating thing, though, is that "for the first six or seven weeks of development after the egg is fertilized by the sperm, XX and XY embryos look exactly alike. There are no differences," Tandon said. "A 6-week embryo has the full potential to become either a male or a female.

"At this stage, the embryo has both male and female internal structures. One of these - the Mullerian ducts - has the potential to become fallopian tubes and a uterus; the other - Wolffian ducts - has the potential to become the sperm-making machinery and tubes to carry sperm. Early embryos also contain primitive gonads that are capable of turning into either ovaries, which make eggs, or testes, which make sperm."

"But, at about seven weeks, the embryo sort of takes stock of whether it got that Y chromosome seven weeks back at the moment of fertilization," Tandon said. On the Y chromosome lies a key gene called SRY, which stimulates the primitive gonads to become testes. If the SRY gene is not present, the gonads become ovaries."

"Once testes form, they begin pumping out the male hormone, testosterone, which causes the Wolffian ducts to become the sperm production and transport system. The testes also pump out a chemical called MIS that causes the Mullerian ducts to shrivel up, so they cannot form fallopian tubes and the uterus."

I felt a bit upset when I heard that what had happened to me was known to both Tandon and Arun. I was silent for a while. Arun just hugged me from a side and kept quiet. He realised that I had to sort out things in my head.

What could have been done better in this series of events? I had to admit that if I had not wanted to remain a woman or if Sanjana had not been agreeable, the process would have been halted and reversed by Tandon. Actually I had used my brains to drive the whole process to a seamless conclusion. So what was wrong now? Should Arun have taken me into confidence. Maybe I would have gone along for a laugh but would have sought an assurance of reversal in advance. But what would have been Sanjana's position. She would have simply refused. On the final analysis there was no other way to do this thing than what was done and the beauty of it was that both Sanjana and I were happy in our acquired bodies. Having sorted out things in my head, I looked up at Arun and smiled.

For the next hour or so I briefed him on all that had happened from that fateful day to the final e-mail which I had received from Sanjana. Both of us laughed and cried as it all came pouring out of me.

By the time I had finished, I had no desire to go to the Disco. I did not want to see a crowd but just wanted to be alone with my sweetheart. The resturant owner was glad to serve us a simple dinner which we ate and returned to our bungalow.

The high heeled shoes which I had been wearing were hurting me. So when we entered the bungalow and I went quickly to the shoe cupboard, took them off and placed them inside. I turned to see Arun standing near the main door which he had latched by then. His arms were spread out in invitation. I ran up to him and jumped on to him as a little puppy would. He balanced me by clasping his hands below my buttocks as I put my arms around his neck.

" Oh Arun!" I mumbled with my face buried on his shoulder, "I hope you won't ever get tired of me."

He laughed and used his face to move my chin and kiss me deeply. While his tongue continued to explore my mouth, he carried me to the leather backed sofa from where he had watched me the whole of the previous evening. He put me down for a moment, kicked off his shoes, sat down on the sofa and made me sit sideways in his lap. He again kissed me and started feeling-up my legs. As he reached my thighs I gasped. His other hand which went around my back and was holding my left breast and massaging it gently. Sensations were starting from all over my body and getting transmitted to my pussy. I could feel Arun's cock swelling up below my buttocks. The thought that it would soon enter me was frightening. My mind made a mental calculation that it was the first week after my periods and therefore safe!

As Arun's hand moved inside my skirt, I shivered and arrested its progress with my hand. He laughed and pulled off his hands and gently put me down on the floor. As I stood in front of him, he unclasped my skirt and let it fall to the ground. As I stepped out of it, Arun told me to kneel in front of him so that he could take off my t-shirt. I was left in front of Arun in my bra and panties. Suddenly I felt very shy. I leaned forward to hide my face in his lap. I could feel his swollen dick against my burning face. He lifted my hand and put my fingers against his fly. I obliged by unzipping him. As he tried to stand up, I moved my face from his lap and sat back with my thighs resting on the back of my legs and my hand planted behind me on the floor. His trousers fell and formed a pool around his legs as he stood up. There was a prominent bulge in his briefs. He smiled at me a little sheepishly as I watched him pull off his shirt and vest.

As I continued to admire his muscular and hairy body, Arun walked up to the music system and played a sizzling Jenifer Lopez CD. He asked me get up and we started dancing. Though I was only in my bra and panties, I no longer felt shy. After dancing for three numbers, Arun simply picked me up and carried me upstairs, as JL belted out her next number.

All that I had read in the books about woman became a reality for me, as Arun fondled me in all kinds of places. I was giggling, squirming and thrashing while my pussy was filled with fluids. Suddenly without any warning he was inside me. I scratched and bit him as I went bersek with sexual frenzy. I wrapped my legs around his thighs and wrestled with him with all my youthful energy.

As he pumped me, I shouted out, "Arun I love you. All this is only yours. Love me dear. Do it! Do it to me please!" He kept saying calmly," Yes my darling" until he exploded inside me and sent me into my first orgasm.