Beauty and brains- Part 4

"The bitch..." I said quite loudly as I scanned the Monday morning newspaper. I had already sensed that she was upto no good within the first five minutes that we had spent with her on our way back from our holiday.

We had decided to leave early on that Sunday morning to avoid the evening traffic of returning holiday makers. For the journey I decided to wear a silk saree in the Gujarati style. Afterall I had decided to marry a Gujju! I hummed to myself "prem chhe..prem chhe" as I draped the saree around my body. When I came out, Arun said I looked beautiful and insisted on photographing me. I posed for him coquettishly.

As I was about to enter the car to start the return journey, I noticed one of the female servants touch the sides of her forehead with clenched fists. I knew it was a traditional gesture to ward off evil spirits. I realised she was doing it to prevent evil eyes being cast on my beauty. I smiled my best smile in acknowledgement of her gesture. Out of shyness, she hid her face in the pallu of her saree. Spontaneously there was a cry of "" from all the women present while the men folded their hands in namaste. These simple folks had no doubts that I was soon to become their master's wife.

"What was that cackling?" Arun asked me as we pulled out of the gate and touched the highway.

He knew perfectly well what had happened. I did not want to give him a chance to tease me; so I said,"Oh! Nothing."

"Now.. come on Sanju! They were clearly trying to score brownie points with their new mistress. I don't blame them. I think they have understood that you are not just a pretty woman and a capable house keeper, but also the employer who controls their future...."

"Is everything so obvious?" I was blushing uncontrollably as I asked Arun.

" Well! We don't seem to be too good at hiding it." He said as he pinched my cheeks. His touch sent a wave of sensations through me and I just closed my eyes and pressed my knees together.

'Oh my god! How am I going to do anything with this man around.' I thought to myself. I wondered whether I was capable of being anything but Arun's wife, waiting for him and his amorous moves. I was clearly a woman in love. I wished he would stop the car, so that he could gather me in his arms and crush my body onto his. My nipples hardened and the I could feel the stitched parts of my bra rubbing against my sensitised breasts. A wetness was spreading itself in my panties. My heart was beating madly and I could feel myself radiating raw heat from all over my body.

Both of us were silent for a few minutes. As I calmed down I turned towards him and smiled. He obviously knew what I was going through. He again put out his hand towards me to touch me and I instictively hit out at him. My mouth uttered the words "No Arun, keep your hands off", but my voice was so full of sexiness and I could very well have said," Hey come over and take me".

As it often happens on the road, a crazy van overtook us just then. Though nothing bad happened, the sexual spell was broken. As the van passed us I noticed a female in the passenger seat looking at us in alarm. Her face seemed familiar but I could not guess who it was.

We halted at a small resturant on the roadside to pick up some coke. I noticed that the van which had missed us narrowly was there as well. I saw that the lady passenger was about to board it. Then she noticed us walking towards the resturant. She came towards us. When she reached us and she said," Sorry! My driver is new....hello! hello! If it isn't Arun and Sanjana?"

Now I recognised Kavitha, the journalist from "Today's News" and her press van. As usual she was quick with her questions, "Hey Sanju! You look a gujju bride in this saree. Are you two already married? I heard both of you go to same gym now. Where is aunty? Was she not at the bunglow for the weekend getaway?"

"Mom and Sanju's friend left a little earlier" Arun volunteered.

"And both of you stayed over a little longer." She asked with a meaningful smile. Despite her smile her eyes betrayed anger and curiosity. It was then I knew that she was upto no good.

" I heard you have packed off Baskar to your head office. That means Sanjana has to work harder to take care of your needs...I mean your official work.." She giggled like a little girl while her eyes were boring through me to determine the state of my relationship with Arun.

"Hey come on. Don't try the journalist stuff on me. Baskar has been sent for training and Sanju had always worked hard for me." Arun said as calmly as possible.

"Nice to see corporate chiefs being good to secretarial staff. Most CEOs consider the staff as part of the office fixtures. Arun! Do you have some kind of rotational system to take your staff on holidays.."

Arun replied." In fact we do. Two weekends ago I was with my people on a weekend holiday. At that time Sanju and Baskar were working hard for me in the office. I have made up atleast to Sanju now."

" Hey Sanju! Arun is a prize catch for any female. See if you can seduce him. I keep hearing he is great in bed, but, as we say in my profession, these are unconfirmed reports. Wear all your sarees the Gujju way if that will help to catch him."

" Oh no my dear!" I cooed to her," I see no chance of succeeding with this guy as long as there are so many lady journalists forever swooning over him. Incidentally you are looking very trim now. Are you on some programme? How are your interactions with the CEOs? Have you netted many already? You know I envy your job for its variety. Unlike me you get to see a new face everyday."

" My dear girls! If you want to discuss men, why dont you call for a kitty party and do it. You don't have to do it on the highway under a scorching sun."

Both of us laughed. Before leaving, Kavitha shook Arun's hand and then hugged me. Her hug was tighter than necessary. I was then sure that she had no friendly thoughts about me.

The gossip column of Monday's "Today's News" proved me right.

"Here is a juicy bit about a dapper bachelor CEO of a biotech company. He is so much like a Greek god that even hard nosed liberated female journalists swoon for him. The guy joined his secretary's gym some days ago and spent the last weekend with her in his getaway bunglow. The CEO mummy got called away early leaving the pair by themselves. According to unconfirmed reports they managed to spend one night alone and I am sure they must have used the night to put in combined efforts to complete unfinished jobs.

Hey girls! Don't be unfair to Executive Assistants of CEOs. What can they do? As they practically live-in at offices, they have no choice but to turn to their own bosses to fulfill their social and other needs. After all why should girls not have fun and having it with virile bosses can be great. It can't be bad for your career too. Well! If you carry it off too well and it begins to show, marriage is always possible. We all know that CEOs are decent guys. We just need to play our cards right with them.

Ok girls! Don't droll over the matter. Just keep watching this column for updates. Please support my sponsor so that the editor is prevented from firing me."

I read the item twice before calling up Arun. "Yes Sanju I have seen it," Arun said as soon as he picked up the phone.

"What about mom?" I asked.

" I showed it to her. I don't want her to hear about it from anyone else. I suggest we discuss this at office. By then both us might have good ideas for dealing with it. OK Sanju, I love you and I know we can handle it" He then blew me a kiss into the into the phone and put it down.

As soon as I put down the phone I got a call from Glory. She asked me to ignore the gossip monger.

" Look I am not worried about what Kavitha says or thinks. But you can imagine many others who will think the way she does without even saying it. I don't want to carry this cross throughout my life...."

"Hey don't do something stupid like calling off the whole thing," Glory was alarmed.

"No silly! I want to prove to the world that I am not just a brainless female who managed to trap her boss with good looks. I want to achieve something professionally before I marry Arun".

"Wish you luck", Glory said. I could see that she was not convinced. I knew that often friends underestimate you. They get to see too many of your social faults and too little of your professional competence. Anyway even I myself had no idea how I was going to prove myself.

It did not take Panditji too much time to see through my cheerful chatter. He gently nudged me to tell him what my problem was. Once I started it, it all came pouring out. But soon I felt relived. It was almost like the relief one gets on vomitting. The sick feeling was there but I knew I was on my way to recovery.

The taxi halted at a signal. Panditji turned around and said to me, "Beta I will tell you one thing. You are more capable than many male executives I carry in my taxi. I am sure you will do something very special. I am not a influential man. Just trust Arunji and speak to him openly. He can give you breaks in your career without anyone noticing it. That is needed in today's world. Once you get a break, my dear child, I am sure no one can stop you. And another thing, I know this Kavitha. She calls me up to do trips for her just as you do. Maybe I can help you in dealing with her. Think about it..?"

Panditji words made my day. As I walked into my office I had the usual bounce in my steps.

As soon as I opened my Outlook Express, I spotted the e-mail from Arun to all employees.

Dear Colleagues,

Some of you might have already seen it in the papers; some others might see or hear shortly the gossip about me and Sanjana. As you know, both of us are young unmarried adults and I believe we have a right to feel attracted to each other and get married. But the fact that Sanjana works in my office gives it another perspective and makes it necessary to send this e-mail to all of you. The current status is that we are good friends and have not contemplated marriage. If at all I am lucky enough to be accepted by a beautiful lady like Sanjana, I can tell you she will no longer be working in my office. This does not mean she will not have a career elsewhere. It is my belief that organisations bring together strangers. Some of these strangers may choose to share their life. At that point of time they need to make professional adjustments. Until that time I believe, all of us are professional enough not to use office mechanisms to locate life partners.

I am writing this mail, so that each one of you feels free to discuss this subject with me or Sanjana openly and need not rely upon third parties for your information. As to why people write malicious things in newspapers is something about which most of us in significant positions do not have answers. Probably answers in these cases are unknown even to GOD!


For a moment I was shell shocked. I was not sure if Arun had done the right thing. But slowly I felt tremendous relief. Now I could face anyone in the office and talk about it.

I knocked on Arun's door and went in.

"Thank you, Arun! I think you did the right thing"

"I am glad Sanju that you approve. But there are a couple of things we need to discuss immediately. First the good news. The project for which you had made your first presentation to the board has been approved and we will float a separate company in Thailand for implementing it. Through. Dr. Tandon will head that company, I expect you to play an imporatnt role in it. Now comes the bad news. Kavitha called me up. I think she has gone paranoid about you and me. She is not able to take it that you are where she should have been. She is planning to chase us and keep writing against us. We need to find a way to shut her up."

I just nodded my head.

"Look Sanju, consider it a business problem and I am sure we will find a solution by evening".

Having said that he went back to his e-mail as usual. The weekend may not even have happened for all you know!

But then he was right. We had the solution to our problems by evening.

The first part of the plan was for me move away to Thailand as Tandon's public reations officer for sometime. The second part was to discredit Kavitha with her editors and cut off her column. Both would take place concurrently.

" But didi, I thought you were not taking me seriously. I thought you would never send for me. I am so happy I am here with you" Sanjay, my brother was quite excited by the fact that I had worked out something to advance his career.

I had just then picked up my 'brother' from the airport. He had arrived by the morning flight. I had spoken to him on phone after Arun and I had decided on our plan. My mother was rather upset that I was asking him to fly the next morning. But Sanjay was very keen and since it being his holidays after the final exams, she could hardly refuse.

After becoming Sanjana, this was my first face to face meeting with Sanjay. I was worried that he might find something in me which was inconsistent. I need not have worried. My eighteen year old 'brother' simply worshipped me. I realised that he could info source about my 'earlier' years.

First of all I was amazed by how much he resembled Sanjana. I just appeared a bit taller than him because of my heels. I realised he had one more spurt of growth left and probably would become taller than me in a few years.

For ten minutes out of the airport, I let him say all he wanted to say. But as we approached our company guest house, I thought it was time to tell him why he had been called over. Fortunately I had hired a self-drive car for picking him up and we were quite alone as I drove him.

"Sanju! Now be quiet for a moment and listen. I have worked out something to push your career in acting. Before that you will have to undergo a test..."

"I am ready for any kind of test didi.."

"This test will be in real life.."

"I can do it didi.."

"You will have to act as a girl for a few will have to act as me..."

For a moment he was silent, "Yes didi, I can do it..But I will need a lot of help from you."

"Of course silly. I will not only help you but also explain to you why this has to be done. If you do it successfully, your acting career is assured."

The voice which replied me was that of a girl "Yes didi, I will do anything for my didi." When I looked at him in surprise he even managed to smile coyly and lower his eyes. Then I knew I was dealinng with a real actor.

Today I can look back on the way he carried out the task with a lot of pride. Better than me I reproduce below his notes about what happened in the next few days.

Though I was a bit surprised by didi's request, I saw nothing wrong. I had often played girl's roles in school plays. I was a little bit worried about doing it in real life. But I trusted my didi fully and knew she will take care of everything.

As we entered the secluded compound of her company guest house, didi told me that Raju the housekeeper was away at her office to settle the weekly accounts and collect money. He would return late in the afternoon after buying various necessities for the guest house. Didi had told him that a guest was arriving and that both of us will use the guest house for freshning up before going into the city. For some reason didi wanted me to change into a girl before entering the city.

Time was limited as Didi had to go back to work. She asked me to dress down to my vest and brief. She used special depilatory pads to remove the little facial hair that I had. Next she trimmed my brows to resemble hers and added some lashes to my thin ones. Then she asked me to take off my vest and wear a bra filled with C-cup breastforms. I was quite amused by the padded panties which she asked me to wear. I let the panties slide up my legs. My upright cock and slightly compressed balls went into a front pouch which had a narrow opening. Lastly I zipped myself at the back with fabric covered zip nestling in my crack. The padding was done so well that now I had perfect womanly hips. Didi warned me that when I get excited the front of the panties will appear as if I have a little spread out paunch but still my manly bulge will not show up. She assured me that she will get me better things for my makeover in the next few days. Didi measured me up next to make sure I had statistics similar to hers. "Your height, breasts and hips are same as me but the waist is 2 inches more but I think that is ok".

Then didi asked me to wear a blue nightie with white dots which she took out of the suitcase she had brought with her. She let me do my makeup as she gave me instructions. The foundation covered my face well. I used a little translucent powder to make my face look softer! I decided on sober colours for my eyes, light pink on the upper lids, and maroon on the lower. My eyeliner was a little thick making my eyes stand out. I wore a deeper shade of a pink lipstick. Then didi pulled out a wig exactly like her own hair and made me wear it. It was then that I stood up and posed for her. She smiled and hugged me. I saw the image of both of us in the mirror and as they say, we were spitting images.

While I danced around the room playfully, didi asked me to listen to her carefully."Now I think you look enough like me to pass off. I am leaving this suitcase here and taking away the clothes which you were wearing. Please pick your dress, shoes etc., and wear it. Then pack the suitcase and wait for the taxi. I have told you about my taxi driver Panditji. He will be here by 3 o'clock. He knows that you are a boy but he will treat you as a girl because the caretaker Raju may be here by then. He will get you to my house. At that time the ground floor landlady should be napping and the owner and their daughter will be out on work. Even if landlady meets you you can tell her you are my sister. ok?"

"Before I go, let me also tell you why I want you do all this for me. I would have loved to tell you all this calmly and slowly but there is no time. Arun has told me he wants to marry me but I would like to wait till I achieve something in my work. He agrees, but a stupid journalist called Kavitha, who wanted to hook Arun, is creating problems. We are seeking help from you and Arun's cousin to sidetrack this woman and make her file a wrong report. That is it for now. I will tell you other details later tonight. I have to go now".

Even before I could digest all that she had said, didi had left wishing me all the best!

I examined the suitcase didi had left behind. It was full of soft, silky, lacy, delicate lingerie and dresses in the latest styles and fashion, all perfectly folded. There were other accessories as well. I tried a few things like a lovely pink salwar kameez. Then I wore a pair of simple jeans and top. I decided to rest for a while as I did my nails in a nice shade of plum red which I knew would go well with my lipstick.

I had enough time before I left. I took out everything from the vanity case and put it on the dressing table. I found a bottle of cold wax. I read the instructions and tried it out on my wrist. I found I could do it. Within an hour I had no hair on my body. I even removed the hair on my mound. Then I heated a little water and steamed my face and applied a face mask. Once done, I ordered a pizza by phone ate about half of it. Then I took a nap for about half an hour. Once awake, I sat in front of the mirror and carefully applied foundation to make my face flawless. Then I powdered it to "set" the foundation. I brushed in a shading along the sides of my nose to elongate and thin its appearance and along the back of my jawline to "hide" the lower jawbones. I put a lighter powder on my forehead and along the front of the jawline to further accentuate my facial bones. These shadings improved my looks. Then I wore the eyeshadow and eye liner. I applied a few coatings of mascara on my lashes, a dark lip liner and a shiny frosted lipstick.

I completed the look, with long gold dangly earrings. Fortunately my ears were already pierced. Then I wore a gold bracelet, gold watch and slipped into a pair of low black heels, while moving around the house getting things ready for my departure.

A little after two thirty I changed into a an orange salwar Kameez. This was my fourth dress in a span of five hours. I was moving more and more into my role. I checked the handbag which didi had left for me. It had everthing a girl might need. Since I was not going to be doing much walking, I decided to wear my white sandals with heels. Afterall I had to get used to it fast. At last I went to the mirror to check my looks and brushed out my hair. I had no doubts that I looked a normal girl.

I little while after I reached home didi came back from office. She had bought a few things for me. Among them was a white box.

I watched as didi opened the small white box and pulled out a perfectly shaped breast! It was jiggling as she held it her palm for me to examine. While I held them in my hands to understand their texture, didi used a small marking pencil to make small marks on my chest, then using some kind of adhesive, she attached each breast to my chest, and stood back. I looked in the mirror and realised they were so lifelike, the color almost exactly my skin tone, the nipples poking out just a little, the breasts with almost no sag to them. Using a skin color stick, didi easily hid the thin line where the edges met my skin and now my breasts looked very natural! Didi now used the same adhesive to attach a pair of oddly shaped, foam filled, latex pads, one on each side of my buttocks, making them rounder and fuller. My hips were now wider. Then she gave me skin coloured elastic panties which looked normal from outside but were specially designed either to tuck in my cock or let it be pressed against my tummy. She had even bought a swimming costume with a similar arrangement. I read the instructions and found things which had been stuck on to me, will remain pefectly in place for atleast a week. I could bathe or swim with them on. I looked and felt great. I smiled as I got dressed. My panties were perfect now but the straps of my bra needed to be adjusted.

Then didi and I chatted for a while. She was reclining on the bed as I sat by her side. She told me what would happen in the next few days. I had the next three days to practice at home and fully get into my role. Friday night I was to meet my partner, who would substitue for Arun. I would go for dinner with him. By the time I would return from the dinner, didi would have left for Thailand. I would be on my own after that. My 'Arun'and I would leave for a hill station on Saturday morning. Vasanth, Arun's driver, would drive us there. My instructions were to just have fun with my 'Arun' till Sunday evening.

Wednesday morning started with didi's instructions on how I should conduct myself as a girl. I was wearing white harem pants and spagetti top and a loose checked shirt. I was feeling lazy but didi would not let me off. "You should bend your arms at the elbows Sanju, and hold them out like this." Looking at her I saw what she meant. "You need to loosen up, be more flexible in the way you move your hands and take shorter steps." She paused. "You should work on those as well as learning how to sit properly. Sweep your dress down before you sit and always cross your legs. That's how many women sit, and nobody will question it".

On Friday evening I was ready to meet 'Arun'. Didi was getting me ready for my first date as a woman. I was wearing a yellow dress with ankle boots. "Now for some perfume." she said as she handed me the small bottle. I dabbed some on my wrists, elbows, and neck as directed by her and stepped in front of the mirror and looked at the girl smiling at me. The image did not look at all like Sanjay!

As soon as the door bell rang, I became nervous. Didi held my hands and calmed me down. She insisted on my opening the front door. 'Arun' was there. He just smiled at me and waited for me to put out my hand. When I did, he held it lightly and said to me, "Did someone tell you that you are beautiful.."

Didi brought in some tea and biscuits for us while we chatted. The time had come to wish didi a safe journey and get into my act. I felt like crying but didi asked me to be calm. She asked me if I had the key to the flat. As she gave me some money for the next three days she said," One of the advantages of being a girl is you dont have to spend for your outings". All of us laughed.

The next day saw me dressed very casually in a skirt and top for the journey. Except for a visit to the ladies washroom to freshen up my make-up the journey was uneventful. At the washroom I ran into one of didi's former hostel mates. She just asked how I was and said she will catch up with me later, never for a moment suspecting that I was not didi. Though my heart beat faster, I was very pleased that I had pulled it off. 'Arun' was also pleased with my success.

'Arun' was formerly a stunt artist for movies. He had got typecast and could not get the charcter roles he wanted to play. So one day he chucked his stunts career and started the now famous drama school. I was to study acting at his place. By friday night he had already confirmed my admission.

After checking in, we changed our clothes went into the town. I had changed into a red dress. Vasanth took our photograph on one of the main streets. It was at that time I noticed Panditji at a distance taking a photograph of us. He was pretending to hide for the benefit of his temporary employer! I told 'Arun' about this and both us smiled knowingly.

The resort where we were staying, had the tradition of organising evening activites for the inmates. There were good prizes to be won in addition to the fun. 'Arun' and I had volunteered to mime for one of the film songs from Bobby. Though I did not have the exact dress worn by Dimple in the movie I wore something similar.

We rehearsed a few times in our room before the performance. But when we actually did the mime for "Hum tum ek kamre me bandh huon..." in front of the gathering, it was pure magic. Apart from the first prize and and praise of all present, deep down something happened to me. 'Arun' was no longer my partner in a live show. I was in love with him. I felt very confused about my feelings. All through the evening I was glowing and polite to all our well wishers, I could hardly look straight at 'Arun'.

Mercifully dinner was over early. We managed to get away from our admirers and went back to our room. When we were alone at last, I found myself in Arun's arms and we were kissing passionately. After a while I admitted to Arun that I was confused. He told me to relax and start enjoying myself. I was a beautiful 'girl' and he was a handsome man and nothing was wrong if we went a little beyond friendship.

We continued to talk and play with our bodies. One by one our clothes came off. Arun admired the way I had prepared myself. As his clothes came off I could hardly look at him . I accepted my position as a girl and acknowledged that Arun was my man I pleased him in many womanly ways and he played with my body only as a man could. I orgasmed as he climaxed and we slept hugging each other.

Next day we went out into the mountains on a hired motorcycle. We knew we were being followed. We even let ourselves be photographed. Afterall that was part of the plan. As we left the town by evening, again we were photographed on the streets!

Most newspapers the following morning carried one news about Bioform. The news was about the inauguration of Bioform Limited in Chang Mai in Thailand. Arun and I were clearly visible in the photograph taken in Thialand. Only the society column of "News Today" carried a news item about Arun and Sanjana at a nearby hill-station.

Epilogue: Two years have passed since that incident. Kavitha was unceremoniously sacked for concocting news to serve personal ends. Sanjay has become a minor celebrity in the film industry and lives in with Arun's cousin. I have come back to India to head the Indian subsidiary of Bioform. Panditji now drives my company provided car. Arun and I got married seven months ago and I am pregnant with our baby. Ouch! the little fellow just kicked me now.