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    Kajal (Tuesday, 16 August 2016 09:28)

    Thanks a lot @Rajibalan for providing new story writing Section.... hope you are doing good Enjoy ur life and Thanks for providing such a beautiful Platform

    Love Kajal

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    Kashmiraa (Tuesday, 16 August 2016 22:25)

    Hi... Sisters! New page new beginning... . Thanks Raji . Expecting alot of existing stories . Hopefully kajal ma'am will consider writing again. SRS , PRIYASREE, SHARMILA DEVI,SNEHA and all our very own writers, you spend your valuable time for us hopefully we will be fortunate to read from you again. Best of luck.

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    ex-q-zit (Wednesday, 17 August 2016 09:15)

    Hi all,

    I am posting my story 'THE EVIL TWIN' tonight on amazon n post the link in blog. You can download it or if you have amazon prime you can read for free.

    I shall be posting stories regularly now on amazon.


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    Arun (Wednesday, 17 August 2016 12:17)

    @ex q zit
    Very very thanks , was waiting eagerly for it.

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    Priya (Thursday, 18 August 2016 02:10)

    "He's here, Sissy- answer the door," she calls confidently from the dining room where I just poured her a cup of tea.

    I steel myself for the humiliating ritual that's been perfected through rote repetition- though the number of times it's performed, like every other degradation I suffer through on a daily basis, does little to lessen the sheer gut punch of the act of pure submission.

    I open the front door and step back to allow Sir through, my gaze downcast as not to make the punishable offense of eye contact. In my mind, the ridiculousness of this situation is heightened as he's quite a few years younger than me, not particularly well muscled, and not even
    as tall as me in flats, let alone the 5" inch stiletto heels constantly required of me.

    But while he's wearing a trendy button up shirt and simple slacks, I'm attired in a ridiculous ensemble that's more of a bride than a man. My entire wardrobe now consisted of sarees and
    appropriate accessories of an indian bride, most of which were pink.

    My naturally straight dark hair was dyed and exhaustively maintained long till my mid back, curled with pink highlights and held with ribbons into the occasional ponytail, or, more likely (like today), a french bun.

    Of course I have to maintain full, overdone makeup at all times, with requirements of married indian wife like sindoor and mangalsutra.

    Today's outfit was a particularly heavy embroidery saree with puffy organza short
    sleeve blouse and two full petticoats, beneath that are the bow tipped stockings that highlight my smooth legs and dainty ankles, my feet encased and contorted in pink patent high
    heels laced shut with sheer ribbons. Both my hands are adorned in 24 bangles, 3 rings on fingers and mehandi.

    Despite the physical superiority I would have felt over this man in another life, now our roles were universally clear. Unfortunately, it's not just the outrageous clothing I wore, but the enforced behavior that cemented my role.

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    Priya (Thursday, 18 August 2016 02:10)

    Part 2:

    I immediately curtseyed deeply, a ridiculously revised one Mistress taught me that consisted of exaggerated movements and a deep bow that showed off my enhanced cleavage. In addition, I grabbed the front portion of my saree and petticoats in each hand, lifting it so my tiny,
    inescapable titanium chastity device was on full display to him, it's integrated PA piercing securely compressing my once proud seven inches to a mere inch and a quarter.

    Panties for me was forbidden so that my emasculated state could always be shown easily when required, which was often.

    When Sir had expressed concern over another "man" living under her roof, Mistress brutally trained me to increase my submission to him, which included this completely degrading Greeting ritual. In addition, the only key to the device, which she had once proudly worn around her neck,
    was replaced with a ceremonial, decorative one.

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    Priya (Thursday, 18 August 2016 02:12)

    Part 3:
    The real key, a specialized hand forged affair, was given to me for the first time in over three years - so that I may immediately and tearfully present it to Sir on the same platter I delivered wine and condoms to Mistress with.

    He had laughingly taken it with the smuggest expression- the same one I sensed he had now as I mentally counted to three as I struggled to maintain my curtsey and expression.

    Despite being a scholar and intellectual, Mistress insisted my IQ was 85- as such I must always maintain a vacant, doe eyed stare and a wide, simpering smile.

    After three seconds I straightened, just long enough to sink steadily down to my knees. Slowly clasping each elbow behind my back, then crossing my ankles, ("No rushing, Sissy!") I knelt down, to kiss the top of each of his black wingtips - two seconds of contact exactly with my pursed, moist and colored lips on each shoe.

    Still staring at his shoes, I slowly straighten up until I'm back upright on my knees before performing the next act of my choreographed sissified submission.

    I slowly and deliberately unclasp my arms and bring them up to my sides like I'm nothing more than a mechanical doll, elbows tucked in against my slender waistline, wrists limp at shoulder height, fingers spread outwards to show off my pretty polish. ("Sissy
    Presentation Pose", for Two seconds.)

    Then my right hand comes to my mouth so I can "hide" a practiced, nervously high pitched giggle into my straightened fingertips as my gaze shyly darts between his shoes and the zipper of his pants. (Three seconds.)

    Then both my arms are back into Sissy Presentation (one second) before finally transitioning into "Sissy Princess", where I bend my wrists up, both palms facing outwards, finger tips ever so slightly curled in- a dainty pose familiar to Disney lovers everywhere.

    But the Disney comparison ends there as, arms still prissily posed, I bite the corner of my lower lip and hesitatingly lean forward slightly to gently place my nose against the bulge in his slacks, then more firmly as I slowly nuzzle and giggle, while occasionally inhaling his musky scent deeply and sighing with wonton lust. ("Fifteen full seconds
    Sissy, and not a moment less!")

    He rests his hands confidently on his hips, (Superman style, in strict opposition to my Sissy Submission) as I feel his member stir and then grow under his pants, and while mentally counting I reflect on how much I HATE this and oh my god how did I let this happen and I'm going to punch him in his smug face and...

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    Priya (Thursday, 18 August 2016 02:13)

    Part 4:
    ...And then, still nuzzling, I direct my gaze up as I plant a kiss on the thin material covering his hardened manhood- the only time I'm allowed to make eye contact is with a penis or semen in the vicinity of my mouth.

    And my wide, faux blue eyes maintain his arrogant, sneering gaze, his firm crotch hot against my lips as I lean back a bit and look up to face him, force a smile, and gigglingly dart the tip of my tongue out to playfully touch his bulge for a moment as I make my eyes sparkle
    naughtily and wink like this is our little secret...

    ...I want the Earth to open up and swallow me whole, to put an end to this miserable spectacle of sissy servitude that I had in a way helped create, that I had at one point SOUGHT OUT, a game I nearly had to force my beautiful, formerly sweet and innocent girlfriend to partake in which has spun completely out of control...

    But of course, the Earth doesn't open up. Instead, I feel another powerful stirring, this one within my chastity device, and I'm reminded what put me on the path that lead me here. At the moment, I'm wearing this ridiculous outfit, pathetically forcing a pose that took months of
    practice, tongue out, smiling prissily on my knees before the man I would be intimately catering to later in the evening to physically prepare him to make rough love to my former girlfriend, to which I was now an unpaid maid and source of endless amusement for.

    ...The same man I would be allowed to, a few times a year, beg for him to unlock my cage and let me masturbate in some degrading way of their choosing...

    ...The man who's watched Mistress serve me his spent cum in all manner of humiliating ways- most recently by "allowing" me to pour his used condoms on to my tear streaked but always smiling upturned face, which I then delicately and diligently collected and sucked and kissed off my pinky tips, endlessly moaning and lisping my thanks for the "wonderful gift" as they laughed at my disgusting display...

    And I'm brought back to the present again as a gush of sissy juice squirts out of my cage, trailing slowly down my thigh- my forced smile turning into an O as an unrehearsed moan escapes my lips and a tiny full body spasm partially unbalances me for a moment.

    My cheeks flush anew as Sir sees my body betray me in the most intimate way, and I know being a pathetic sissy is exactly what I deserve to be.

    My training takes over as I know exactly what to do during all too frequent leakages like this, and the consequences if I don't.

    "Oopsies!" I lisp loudly in shocked surprise, touching my index finger to my cheekbone, downcasting my eyes again with a giggle. "Pardon me, Sir, but your-" (I almost choke on the words) "-magnificent cock has caused this sluts pathetic dolly to leak it's worthless, naughty fluid
    again. Please allow me a moment to freshen up!" One arm still ridiculously posed in the air, the other hand comes down, scooping up the slimy trail on my thigh with a long painted nail before suckling most of it up into my mouth, rolling on my tongue before swallowing loudly. The last bit gets quickly pat on my pursed lips with a smacking kiss. "Ding! Hehehe! There, all gone where it belongs!"

    I then fluidly return to my heavily arched feet, all efficiency now as I take his coat. "Sir, Mistress awaits you in the dining room, Sir," I say, lisping excitedly. ("A good sissy is always flamboyantly happy!")

    It's then that I finally get to close the front door, stopping dead for a moment when I catch the laughing gaze of the nosy, gossiping woman across the street who is well aware of the pathetic neighborhood sissy, but probably just got to witness this full, pathetic spectacle for the
    first time.

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    supraja rani (Thursday, 18 August 2016 03:50)

    Madam Prius please write some interesting stories. Not waste stories

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    ex-q-zit (Thursday, 18 August 2016 15:13)

    Hi all,

    My latest story 'THE EVIL TWIN' can be bought (or downloaded for free if you have amazon prime subscription). It can be accessed any of amazon local country website like etc.

    Link for UK site is

    Please do put in your reviews in amazon as it will be helpful.


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    Nisha (Friday, 19 August 2016 03:01)

    Dream comes true:
    Hi, this is me Shafana. I was born in an conservative Muslim family in Tamilnadu. Right from my birth, my parents induced being conservative on me. I had an elder brother, his name is Shafiq. I hate the partiality at my home right from my child hood. This makes me feel irritated every single time, that my brother was treated special and i was denied to have very nominal things and small small happiness which i can enjoy.
    I was good at studies right from the beginning, on the other hand my brother was an below average student. He was 3 years ahead to me. When i crossed 10th standard, my parents were forced me to wear burqa, I really didn't liked that costume. Especially during summer, it was hard to manage the burqa, in my house, i was not permitted to wear anything beyond traditional. So, i will be wearing a chudidhar or half sari, and over to that, i need to wear burqa. So it created lot of uneasiness for me while going public.
    As my father is into business and his business is doing so good, we were enjoying all luxuries. But, entire household works has to be done by mother and as i crossed my 10th standard, i was also forced to take active part in all the works. I really envy my brother, he just do nothing and laze around home or go out for roaming with his friends.
    My dad always used to have frequent travels and I, my mom and my brother will be there in the home most of the time. As like my father, my mom also has traditional mindset, so she always ensure that I m under her control and follows all the values and rituals.
    In my home, we have individual bedrooms, and I used to sleep or study or do whatever in my room. Eventually 10th board exams came and I wrote it very well. After that nearly there was 2 months holiday. As my father is in abroad and my brother just joined in college first year, we didn’t had chance to go for any trip.
    So, I was forced to stay indoors. My mom taught me, how to cook different cuisines and lot of household activities, which I least interested, as I had no other options, I learned it. My mom has the habit of sleeping in noon.
    One fine day, in afternoon, my mom was sleeping and there was no power in home. So, I felt very bored and I was taking a stroll in my home, and just like that I went to my brother’s room. I found pile of clothes been washed, ironed, folded and kept on his wardrobe, I thought about me, where I was forced to wash my clothes and wear it.
    A spark clicked on my mind. I took a jean and shirt, rushed into my room. As my mom was sleeping, I didn’t have to fear about being caught by her. So I went to my room, locked it and start undressing, I wore his clothes. After my childhood, that was the very first time I was wearing men’s wear and to my astonishment it gave me ultimate pleasure. And the fit was perfect, as we both were lean and almost had same height.
    I removed all my inners, jewels, Mac up and accessories. I tied my hair in a bun behind; I looked somewhat close to a male. After two hours, I changed to my clothes and replace his clothes in his room as it was kept.
    Then it became my favorite hobby. I steal two pairs of jeans, a shirt, t shirt, and short one pair of his old underwear set. Every night, I used to wear his clothes and sleep peacefully. I never shared this happy secret of mine to anybody else in this world.
    I finished my 12th and I secured 1149. My parents were very much happy and my dad gifted me a I phone along with lot of advices like should not misuse it and should never share no with boys and strangers like that.
    My family members were started discussing about my higher studies. All preferred to put me in reputed women’s college in the same town I resided. I thought myself, if I didn’t utilize this chance, I will never get another chance to enjoy in my life. So I decided to join in an reputed engineering college in Chennai. So that I will be independent and can able to enjoy my life as I wish.

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    Nisha (Friday, 19 August 2016 03:28)

    I proposed it to my parents and they were deadly against it, after lot of struggles, crying, not eating food, I was able to win it. I was put up in an engineering college in Chennai, 300 kms away from my home. I was made to join in college hostel.

    I had two more room mates, they are deepthi and harini, both of them are very sweet, and to my bad luck they are very much introvert in nature. So I felt bored. They used to study, pray, mingle only with girls, being sweet all the time.
    As my college is strict, we didn’t have any ragging nuisance. I happened to meet one of my senior girl named Ramya. She was an athlete and always be fit. She used to sport tomboyish look all the time. I had a great respect to her.

    As being in metro city, there is no difference or partiality between boys and girls in our college. Only 3 of us hail from small towns, so we use to be very conservative in nature and rest of our friends use to bully us for this purpose. Even though, I love to be modern and stronger, I didn’t tried in public.
    One fine day, I went myself and met ramya in gym, she spoke very nice, we met often and I shared my family background and my wishes to her. She assured that, she help me to get transformed. As per her advice, I make a first move, I nominated myself for the class representative post, and I bagged it for my Excellency in academics. My class mates and friends were astonished and at the same time felt happy for me.
    I did my duty to the perfection and it gained me more respect from my friends, seniors and staffs. Within first semester end, I was the known personality in my college. My parents used to call me every day and visit me often.

    After the first semester holidays, I went to my native and again boring lifestyle. I came back to college after a month of holiday and the very first day, I joined in gym. That was the first time; I wore tracks and t shirt in public for the very first time in gym. As my parents won’t permit this and all, I hided all this from them and I purchased those sportswear from my savings.
    Going to gym was my eye opener. I used to spend around 6 hours per day in gym. This gave me lot of courage and helps me to become confident. I used to carry heavy lifts and I practice the same in my room by carrying my roommates.

    Eventually second semester flied and I entered into second year. I can see myself, lot of changes in me. I no longer wore chudis to my classes, I always wore shirt and jeans, sporty canvas, and literally no jewels or accessories. My friends and classmates, used to give a shocked reaction first, later they accepted me as I was.

    I also induced the same thoughts on deepthi and harini, slowly they to started transforming as like me. In the second year, second semester, our college management, brought karate classes for all students. I took participated on that and I secured black belt.
    In the second year end, one of my friend veena was continuously abused my batch mate. He used to threaten her by telling that, he will send all their happy times picture to her parents. He forced her to share bed with him. She was telling this story to me full of melted eyes. I decided to act on this.

    I took the help of ramya. Ramya was also hails from an effluent family. She stays in a individual apartment little close to college. So, the spot was fixed, Ramya’s Apartment. We made veena to spoketo him and ask him to come to that apartment. That stupid, didn’t had any doubts and came there. Me and ramya was hiding in another room, he came and started bouncing on her. In no time, he became nude, and started undressing her upper clothes, we jump on him and took hold of his hands and legs.

    It was a absolute shocker for him. He didn’t expected this. We tied his hands and legs on the four poles of the bed. He was immovable. Ramya inserted his boxer on his mouth, so that he won’t scream. Veena was shivering to see the things which are happening.
    We three moved out, and ramya said to veena, that she is gonna punish him. Veena became nervous. We calmed her and told what are the troubles she faced because of him, after some time, veena became confident.

    Initially veena went and took pictures of him at his nudity. He tried his best to remove the bondage, but he couldn’t. So his nude pictures was our trump card, immediately we transferred the photos from mobile to lap and mailed it to harini and deepthi for our safety. As Ramya, lived alone, she had very limited things on her apartment. We were thinking what the ways to punish him.

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    Nisha (Friday, 19 August 2016 03:47)

    We searched in net, we found ball busting. We tried to implement that first. So I went and sat on his legs and we made veena to crush his penis. Veena was scared to do. We coaxed her to do and she accepted as he deserved it. We all three hide our faces with masks. Ramya started recording the entire event in her phone.

    After seeing the video on internet, veena got an idea and started crushing his penis. He was shivering and he was literally in pain and crying. She did it for full five minutes and slowly he started fainting. So, we stopped it.

    After that, we went and had lunch, and he was lying in the bed and was very tired due to the extreme pain and hunger. So we made our next move, which was spanking. We just re tied on his back facing upwards and body facing bed. As he was deadly tired, he didn’t showed any resistance. This time ramya took the charge and I recorded the video.

    She started spanking his bums with stainless steel ruler and Ramya was spanking him really hard, within a minute, there were several cuts and blood started oozing from his bums. We mailed this video to our friends.

    We untied him and he was all the time crying and bowed his head down. Ramya being the natural leader showed his phone to him, we took his father’s mobile no in watsapp and attached all his videos and nude pictures, and threatened him, he felt at her leg and cried for mercy. To our shock, veena went forward and started slapping him hard. We both were amazed with her sudden outburst, he felt at the legs of veena and asked for apology.

    Veena asked us to throw him on the roads as it is. But we felt, that was not enough for him. Our thought is that, he doesn’t value a woman and mistreated veena and used her friendship. So, we both proposed veena that we should dress him feminine. So he will not forget on his lifetime. But Again veena came with an idea to our surprise, it is that, let him feminine himself, and let him make video of it. We were very much happy.

    So, we gave him food to eat, and warned him about the consequences if he failed to obey us. He was not that macho guy, normaly built person with average height and was wheatish in complexion. He had lot of chest hairs. So, we removed the sim card from his cellphone and asked him to take a self video, of his feminization.

    We made him to shave his body hairs first and then his facial hairs. We taught him to wear bra and then he wore it himself and panty, then he applied Mac up on his face with eyeliner, foundation, lipstic, finally he wore a nighty and walked feminine. Everything was recorded by himself. Ramya obtained the phone from him and transferred the videos to our phone and mailed to our friends.

    We made him to write a letter that, he was torturing veena for having sex and what all the things he did it to her and made him to sign below on the letter. We also made him to write another letter, if anything to happen to three of us, he was responsible for that.

    After that, we let him wash his face and gave his sim card and gave his clothes, he was unable to wear his boxer due to pain. Somewhat he managed and wore it. We warned about the consequences and send him out. We three felt very content and happy that we taught a lesson to him.

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    ex-q-zit (Friday, 19 August 2016)

    @Nisha : Ohhhhhhhhhh god its unbelievable. I have started writing a story about a muslim girl too n I have written exactly till she good to IIT chennai to study have very freedom.

    I am shocked at how similar out thoughts were. But as my ways I am sure after this point our stories would be different.

    My next story title is tentatively 'YOU WILL BE MY WIFE' or 'THE HIJABI WIFE - TABLES TURNED'.

    All the best Nisha. Good going


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    Nisha (Friday, 19 August 2016 04:24)

    Hi ex-q-zit. I m equally excited to read your comment after my story. How similar our thoughts were !!!

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    Nisha (Friday, 19 August 2016 04:37)

    So I often used to hang out with Ramya, we used to share lot of lighter moments together, I moved to third year and Ramya is on her final year, along with me, veena, harini and deepthi also became close with ramya.

    So in my 3rd year, I almost started and behaving likes a boy in all aspects. So whenever, I go to home, it was extremely hard for me to dress and behave as traditional girls. During third year holidays, my mom scolded me daily for not doing house hold chores as I forgetted it. So third year second semester opens and ramya came with the good news that she bought a bullet. Within next three weeks, I became master in driving bullet.

    Driving bullet became my favorite pass time, at the mean while I was still holding the class representative post right from the first semester till now and I was the topper in my class too. So my parents are happy on that way.

    So I started being strong in every aspect, most of my guys in my class are my friends and they feel very comfortable with me and share their boyish things with me. I too felt being in their company. At the same time, I enjoyed having my good time with veena, ramya , deepthi and harini. I never indulged in the activity of smoking or drinking. According to me, whoever does it is wrong for their health.

    Meanwhile my brother, passed his graduation with lot of difficulties and started accompanying my dad in his business. I came to fourth year, ramya moved to higher studies for states. We missed her company terribly. I focused on being strong and practicing my gym, karate and as well as studying well. Final semester came and I got selected in one of the reputed IT Firm.
    As usual, my parents were against working and this time I am unable to convince them. They were very adamant and they forced me to get married. My mom started blackmailing me emotionally. So, I gave up. I thought of myself, all my good days are gonna end and my dreams going to get shattered.

    One of our relative came with the marriage proposal. My parents showed interest on that particular profile. His name is Asif. Asif was working in a reputed software firm in Chennai. He hails from a very poor background. My dad never considers wealth as an important constraint, as he also hails from poor family and earned his own fortune. Asif has no father, as he died at asif’s younger age. His mom was a school teacher, working in the government school. Asif had two elder sisters and one younger sister. All of them are married and now living their life comfortably.

    So my mom shared his photo to me. Very first glance, I liked him, reason is that, he looks beautiful, yes you read it correct, he looked beautiful rather than looking handsome. He had no facial hairs, absolutely no hairs except his head, he looked like me with same height and skin tone. I had the confident that, I can make him to dance on my tunes and live like I wish. So I nodded yes, and the marriage was fixed.

    As you can imagine, our marriage was a very grand event. And it is time for first night. Even though I wish to by boyish in nature, that girly feel aroused on me during marriage and after it increased to its peak on my first night.

    So I was waiting there in my bedroom wearing expensive silk lehenga and lot of jewels. Even though I felt uncomfortable, I felt happy to wear that on that occasion. After waiting for few more minutes, he came to the room. We didn’t spoke a word before marriage or during marriage also there was no conversation between us.

    I didn’t have the courage to look at his face. So I remained calm looking at the bed. I am sure that, it has been more than 15 minutes; there was no movement in the room. So I decided to look up, to my surprise, he was still standing near the door and looking the floor.

    I was very much happy inside and zolt of electric current passed on my body due to excitement, at the same time girl inside me felt worried. So I decided to call him near me, I just uttered amir, he looked up and he smiled slightly. I can read the blush on his face. Wow. Wat am I seeing on my husband’s face, a blush!!

    As we both were in the same age, I decided to take the liberty and called him near, he came and sat on the other corner of bed, exactly opposite to where I was sitting. More than hour passed away, pin drop silence was maintained on the room.

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    Nisha (Friday, 19 August 2016 04:43)

    I take this time to thanks to Raji for creating the new page for 2016 - 2017. So let's friends make this forum as useful one. Let's try our best to avoid arguments/ fights with any of the members in the comments section. It take lot of space on 1000 comments.

    Comments are always welcomed either positive or negative. But kindly take into consideration , that we authors take lot of our time and energy in penning down a story. So dear friends, come with new stories. Try to write on your own. Language is not a barrier. If you write in any regional language also, you can easily convert it with google translator.

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    ex-q-zit (Friday, 19 August 2016 05:06)

    Hi Nisha, I have no words as except fit the events in college everything else in my story too is the same. In fact including the name Asif.

    Please continue. If it goes as I am thinking then I shall drop my story as it's no user having 2 similar stories


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    As (Friday, 19 August 2016 15:27)

    Kajal please open ur blog for everyone

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    rajesh (Saturday, 20 August 2016 10:51)

    Dear srs & writers can u finish story but i need it tamil if u can write in tamil font....(Thursday, 07 July 2016 08:06) #735

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    rajesh (Saturday, 20 August 2016 10:52)

    Dear srs & writers can u finish story but i need it tamil if u can write in tamil font....(Thursday, 07 July 2016 08:06) engcom 15-16 #735

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    Kumkum (Sunday, 21 August 2016 06:47)

    Superb writing Nisha, continue plz. I am waiting with a lot of excitement.

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    vasantha (Sunday, 21 August 2016 08:45)

    nisha continue plz I am waiting with a lot of excitement. very super pa

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    Pooja (Sunday, 21 August 2016 15:22)

    Hey ex-q-zit, why isn't your role reversal story not available here in India? The one set in British Raj? I tried looking for it, but it is only available for UK users

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    Pooja (Sunday, 21 August 2016 15:23)

    Hey Raji, trying desperately to look for stories from 2011 and before too, there were some lovely stories from 2010-2013. Can you look to bring the archive back?

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    ex-q-zit (Sunday, 21 August 2016 16:53)

    Hi Pooja

    The family secret story is available in at the below link

    Also my latest story of a Muslim girl is shaping very well. Will try to finish it ASAP n post it online.


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    Srs (Monday, 22 August 2016 01:30)

    Iam really happy to continue my story here, I thought it's over தண்டனை ur story is awesome but what to do same problem happening in tamil blogs. Hope any one can solve this problem so I can njoy reading Tamil stories.

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    Pooja (Tuesday, 23 August 2016 01:42)

    Hey ex-q-zit

    Thanks I have downloaded that link. Thanks a lot. I want you to a lot of gender role reversal/couple crossdressing stories.

    What about a story where they change mid-way and the wife's friends become the husband's sahelis and the husband's friends become wife's pals. And both the set of friends comment about how now they fit the genders they are.

    Would be good fun, the same scenario where they go out for parties before, and then later, when the roles are reversed. The push for the change has to come from the wife.

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    ex-q-zit (Tuesday, 23 August 2016 04:29)

    Hi pooja,

    Your idea seems interesting. I shall work on it. But my next 2 stories are already locked. So may be I shall try this concept after that.

    I have never written a story based completely on school life. That will be the one after I complete my current story.

    Guys please can you also pay your reviews in amazon.


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    ex-q-zit (Tuesday, 23 August 2016 04:31)

    Please can you put in your review agree you read them in s mm amazon

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    Raju (Tuesday, 23 August 2016 06:18)

    Oraye ex q zit mundu nee story finish chaye ra jaffa

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    ex-q-zit (Tuesday, 23 August 2016 08:41)

    Nee lanti vaalla valley evaru rayadaniki Ishta padaru.

    Do you know how much of personal time I need to invest to write each story. I need to do this while doing my day job n family life. Also incurring the wrath of my spouse at times for picking the laptop after coming from work or in weekends.

    Also a story is a flow of thought. I am not a machine to just type without thinking. Anyways How does that matter to you.


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    hema (Tuesday, 23 August 2016 22:54)

    Am a boy aged 26 working in a software company. Am very lean, smooth body, no hair at all, looks like a girl if I wear girls dress. I don't know it is luck or bad luck to posses the features of a girl.

    One day I was supposed to go to my flat where I stay alone. On that night I was totally drunken. So by mistake I entered D-Block instead of B-Block. Because all the flats and blocks are designed similarly. I just went to the flat and tried to opened it. It was opened. No one locked it. As I was drunken I went straight to the bedroom. There I saw a beautiful in her 20's changing her dress. She was so beautiful. I became harden. I want to sex with her. I called her, hey baby looking sexy. She quickly ran to the front door and locked it. She again ran to the dining table and arranged drinks and came to me hugged me. I was so excited. I kept my hand at the place of her vagina and i found a cock there. I was shock. She was only wearing towel. She is having good boobs but don't know why this cock. I slapped her for trying to do such a sex. She said am sorry. Please at least give a company for drink. I said OK. She wore a T-shirt and a denim short. We sat for drink. We started drinking much and much until I fell unconscious. I woke up by 11 AM. I saw her sitting in front of me wearing my clothes. I asked why are you wearing my clothes. She gave a silly answer because you are wearing my clothes.

    I just stood up and ran to the mirror. I was wearing a blue coloured silk saree, 3/4 sleeve blouse, and its back open added only two threads. She added some ear rings, she placed a nice wig which make me look girls with the addition of the makeup and all. She placed a watch on my right hand.

    I got lots of angry and went to her to beat. Suddenly she took her mobile and shown me some pics of me which I never expect. I was in shock and she started saying what have happen last night.

    After heavy drunk she took me to the bathroom and did a nice bath for me by applying turmeric powder and brought me to the bedroom and put in a bra and panty on me and she inserted her cock in my mouth. I don't know I sucked it. She is having those pics and she even fucked me. She is have those too. She at last spouted her sperm on my face and later took a bath again and she dressed me in this saree and left me for sleep.

    I begged her to delete those pics. She said some conditions. She said me to go out in this saree and all to buy some vegetables & fruits, and some staff from the supermarket. I was tensed. She gave her scooty keys and pushed me out from the flat with a handbag.

    Now am starting for shopping. Actually am feeling very happy to show my inside girl to this outer world. But if I feel happy infront of her she will punish me more. So I just behaved like that.

    It's 1PM, lets go out and have some in this city and kill the heart of some guys............

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    vasantha (Wednesday, 24 August 2016 09:59)

    ex-q - exit pls give link pa

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    Vaishali (Wednesday, 24 August 2016 13:30)

    Can i not read ex-q-zit's story for free. See dear author i am not able to pay this much to you and never ever have read your story but i want to read your story can you give free it to me than it will be very very very big favour for me so plzzz give it to me i am very very eagerly want to read it i am dieing to read yr...

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    vasantha (Thursday, 25 August 2016 09:27)

    Can i not read ex-q-zit's story for free. See dear author i am not able to pay this much to you and never ever have read your story but i want to read your story can you give free it to me than it will be very very very big favour for me so plzzz give it to me i am very very eagerly want to read it i am dieing to read yr... pls pls input stories in sites i am request very much

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    ex-q-zit (Thursday, 25 August 2016 12:56)

    here is a short preview of my latest story. I am really excited about this. Its about a muslim girl who becomes the husband and makes her husband the wife.

    Sathwik came to his senses after an hour and slowly got up from his bed. He didn’t understand what happened. His rear was burning and was wet & sticky. Sathwik touched and found something sticky. He had a closer look at it and his brain went numb after realizing what it was. He didn’t understand what had happened and wondered where Salma was.
    Just then he received several messages on his WhatsApp. On opening it he was shocked beyond belief. There were several pictures sent my Salma which had him dressed in a salwar kameez with full make-up wearing a bra. Before he could digest came the final knockout punch. He received the video of him being raped by a man. Sathwik’s hand started to tremble in fear.
    Gradually his fear turned to fury and he called Salma on her mobile.
    “You bloody bitch………….how…………… dare you…………you cheat me” Sathwik could hardly speak in anger. Salma laughed at his plight.
    “What happened Sathwik? Wasn’t it a memorable occasion as you envisaged?” Salma teased him.
    “How dare you? You have made a big mistake. I shall send your pics to your Dad right now and have you killed by him” Sathwik said in anger.
    “OK, you can do it by all means. But the whole college will receive the video and pics of your sexual endeavour and cross-dressing. Imagine what will happen to your reputation. The macho Sathwik will be seen as a gay boy. Is that fine with you, honey?” Salma asked him innocently.
    Sathwik was taken aback. It would just ruin his life completely. Sathwik immediately begged her not to do so.
    “Hmmmm since my sweetie is pleading I cannot dare do it. But from this moment you are going to do as I say. Is that clear?” asked Salma dominatingly. Sathwik agreed.
    “I am a person who stands by her word. I shall still go with you to the farewell party but it will be on my terms and conditions. I shall meet you tomorrow morning in your flat, so don’t go anywhere” Salma told Sathwik and disconnected the call.
    Sathwik just lay on the bed in a daze still not able to get over the fact that the tables had now turned.
    The next morning Salma and Bobby went to Sathwik’s house. Sathwik who was ready to pounce on Salma was taken aback on seeing Bobby with her and also felt embarrassed that even she knew what had transpired the previous evening.
    The girls gave him exactly 10 mins to get ready and leave with them. He got no answer on asking where they were going.
    An hour later they entered a upmarket boutique owned by a famous fashion designer. The designer was called Rohit Gupta who was a gay. On learning that it was this group that had booked an appointment he welcomed them inside. Salma and Bobby left Sathwik alone and took Rohit aside.
    “What can I do for you darling?” asked Rohit.
    “Next week is your college farewell day for which my boyfriend Sathwik and I plan to attend in a saree and tux” informed Salma. Rohit clapped in happiness.
    “That’s great what a lovely couple you both make. I have the right sarees and ensemble for you and also a variety of suits for your boyfriend” Rohit said happily.
    “No, you don’t understand. Sathwik is the one who will wear a saree while I will be the one in a tux” clarified Salma leaving Rohit bemused for a moment and thought they were playing with him because he was gay.
    Salma narrated the history between the two and how it came to this and asked for his expert help in getting them ready for the D-day. All the while Sathwik stood idly I the boutique wondering why he was there in the first place.
    Rohit was doubly excited and he clapped twice in happiness and was more than ready to help. He found it a exciting challenge to cross-dress a couple.
    The three went to Sathwik. Rohit closely examined in all angles.
    “Fair complexion, slim and trim body, good height. Everything is perfect. I think I had loads of clothes that fit you as well as your girlfriend. Why don’t we start off with taking your measurements?” said Rohit.
    Sathwik was puzzled as this was the last thing that he was expecting. He didn’t understand what Salma planned to do by buying them designer clothes for the farewell party. But he decided to silently follow suite for the time being.

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    ex-q-zit (Thursday, 25 August 2016 13:00)

    I shall complete the full story by tomorrow or Saturday. Hoping you all will like it.

    @Vaishali : i am really very very very sorry as I will be cheating all the others who pay for it. I understand your plight but if I make an exception for u then have to do it for others too.

    But i shalld efinitely think of something in futiure

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    priya (Thursday, 25 August 2016 13:12)

    thank u ex q zit u understanding our feelings we are waiting for your story's pls write for us ..

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    Vaishali (Thursday, 25 August 2016 14:31)

    Yeahhhh ex-q-zit try please if it is possible....i will pay you double in future but right now i can't condition is so poor but as i get job i will pay you i am doing mbbs...i have faught aipmt with good rank but because of my poor condition i can't pay fee my college is going because of only i have taken a education loan

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    aj (Thursday, 25 August 2016 23:35)

    ex-q-zit , i am disappointed that you have gone paid route

    but at the same time i understand you reasons for going for paid route

    writing story requires lot of time and effort and its only fair that you get some sort of monetory benefit from it

    jut a few suggestions

    may be once a while you write free story that everyone could read

    and if its possible may be few months after you have released story , you can make it free so that everyone can read it

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    Srs (Friday, 26 August 2016 00:49)

    ex-q-zit it's a bad idea for making money by selling ur stories. Please don't do like that it will hurt many fans and all the author will do same.

  • #43

    ex-q-zit (Friday, 26 August 2016 01:12)

    Hi all,

    I feel bad for Vaishali and others who cannot afford. But for the near future i have no option as I have a few commitments which cannot be avoided. I want to see how it goes as a amatuer writer.

    Also do you know I have slept for getting hardly 4-5 hours per day for last one week as I leave at 6 in the morning and come back in the evening. After spending some time with family I sit late night to write.

    @aj: thanks for being understanding. At some point I may think about doing a promotion for a day or two where it can be read for free. But that will be at least 6 months after releasing the story.

    I am sorry if I appear money-minded but this is all I can do for those who cannot afford it. Please do wait until I make it free for a short period at some point later on.

    I shall no longer be posting any comments here as I don't want to hijack this thread. If you have anything to say please say it my blog. I shall be posting my latest story sometime today. Please do visit my blog to check the link m details.

    Sorry to my fans who cannot afford to pay but u will have to wait for some time to read.


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    Ritu (Friday, 26 August 2016 07:19)

    God knows where is NISHA. Plz come back and complete your story. Plz plz plzzzzz

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    JRS (Friday, 26 August 2016 14:02)

    All the readers & writers, just ignore the comments, stop your reply, this place is for story posting, don't request, don't beg, don't show your wealth for stories, an open blog to post story, if u hav time - write, If hav Time - read, I've stopped writing stories, now reading when i have time, as simple as that, don't waste another post by a reply to my comments..

    Next thread shud be a story! Hopefully......JRS

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    radha shaym (Friday, 26 August 2016 14:02)

    ex.q.zit i am yours great fan but i am not able to read your story because i download on my mobile but now what to do to read it

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    Sania (Friday, 26 August 2016 22:02)

    Dear ex-q-zit love your story. Early waiting for your next story of a Muslim guy . Please post it asap... <3
    As I have read all your stories it awesome.
    I thanks all of them..
    @ashwini we really miss your stories please come back.
    @raji if possible please we need stories of 11-12 & 12-13 pages back or you can update on visitors page

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    Ajaab peem ki gajaab kahani (Saturday, 27 August 2016 01:42)

    Smile rahul, priti says. Rahul gives shy smile. Dam rahul you are soo pretty, if had a cock I would bang you then and there. Rahul knows very well what priti says she mean it. He remembered what priti said in there 1st night when he compelled priti to suck his cock. That day In wet eyes priti said rahul, one day I will make you realise how it feels to suck a cock. What can he do now? Nothing, 3years from their marriage and now priti , not only controls his entire estate but also his personal life. Despite of being a woman , Priti is now even physically stronger than him, she can carry him easily. And shame is that it makes him horny. Though rahul has his dick still but priti calls it a clit . Rahul remember that shameful day in clinic, when priti wanted his doctor Ritu to hav a look which she mentioned as clitty, rahul was soo horrified, he thought they going to remove his dick , he began to cry loudly... Other patients become worried and both priti and Ritu began to laugh, at last they calm him down and said Ritu is just checking . Priti said rahul , don't worry I am not going to remove your dick, I will make you a woman with out removing you dick. Mare a dick can't make you a man, see inspite of having a pussy, I am more man than you . 3 years ago your are millionaire, infact you still are, but you are just a doll of mine now, I have your power of attorney in all matters.

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    So we all read that story for free
    Pls understand .

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    srs and jrs are absent and not writing stories,sharmiladevi and kajal have stop writing,and worst of all ex q zit will not write any story here so it one will write a story now..?a

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    Srs (Wednesday, 31 August 2016 00:58)

    akshay not like that i will continue my story soon please wait

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    Ritu (Wednesday, 31 August 2016 04:13)

    Raji, ex q zit , kajal were the pillars or our dreams and fantasy. Raji stopped writing a long time ago, kajal even blocked her blog , and ex q zit is now charging for stories.... Jo vi hamari bachi khuchi sanpe the , Jo ki hum stories me aape aapko dhundte the , wo vi sayed tutne wala he... And ek taraf duniya Hume thukrati he... Ham jiye to jiye kese.... Bin aapke.... !!!

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    shemalesana (Wednesday, 31 August 2016 06:37)

    Mookuthi part 1
    Its 6.00 am in the morning I had to get up, had a deadline to meet. The five stone diamond stud mookuthi in my nose reminded me about all my tasks at hand. I had to cook breakfast for my family pack their lunch, get hot water for their bath prepare my elder son to school and pamper my 6 months old baby daughter. I am a born male with masters degree in engineering, worked as an assistant professor in reputed engineering college but now am a house wife mother of two running a beauty parlor for likeminded people.
    It all started with a mookuthi, nose stud in tamil. Ours is a small traditional family with my father mother jaya my elder sister varhini and myself viki. My sister is 3 years older to me. It was during my 15th birthday my parents took me to native place to get my and my ears pierced in a traditional manner. My parents wanted to get it done before my board exam so that I could concentrate on my studies. It was on Thursday that we reached our native village and we stayed in our grand-parents home. As per the tradition I was spared from hair cut for a year so my hair was shoulder length. My grand-parents were happy to see us and have already prepared for the ear piercing ceremony in our family temple. Since there was less time we were taken for shopping soon after breakfast. I loved my grandparents more than my parents and I never disobeyed them. Infact I wanted to continue my studies with them but father was against it. During shopping my grandfather brought two sets of pattu pavadai one for me and the other for my sister. But I preferred to be in jeans and shirt but I couldn’t disappoint them. Since I hadn’t hit the puberty I had a unisex face and body. Then we went to a movie and then returned home. Since I was so tired I slept as soon as we reached home.

  • #57

    shemalesana (Wednesday, 31 August 2016)

    It was Friday 5.00 am just the time for sunrise I was woken by my grandmother. I was insisted to have an oil bath. Then she took me to her room and dressed me with pattu pavadai. I was already red being shy as it is normally worn by girls and now I was closely resembling my sister. To add to my shyness she make me wear golden bangles, necklace and anklets which was our family jewel as my skin refused to wear them before me. Till now I had accepted it to please my grandmother and she too was happy with me. All the preparation took us until 7.00 am and it was already late for the auspicious time. We hurried to the temple but my mother and sister started to tease me on our way. We reached the temple on time and the aasari and temple priest were ready for us. We were asked to wash our feet and then worship the god. When I lifted my skirt to wash my feet everyone saw the anklet and started to laugh. Then we were made to sit on a kollam at the rear of the temple and a lamp was lighted on both sides. My father made us wear a flower garland. First it was my sister turn. My grandma gave the aasari big hoop umbrella danglers for her to get pierced. But being a modern girl my sister refused to wear. Since they brought only two pair one for me and the other for my sister. Mine was a small stud. As the time was running out my mother requested me if I can wear it. I did not want to disappoint them but I was scared because those were traditional earring passed on by generations and it had a thick stem. So I was to get pierced first. My grandma marked the point to pierce my ears. Then the aasari removed the screw from the stud fixed a pointed needle and started to heat it in the lamps flame. Fearing the pain my eyes already started to water. I was made to sit on my uncles lap and he hugged me preventing any motion. I could move myself. My mother had a banana in her hand. As the needle was about to turn to red the aasari approached near me to pierce my ears and I closed my eyes out of fear then there was a buring smell and a sharp pain. I started to shout only to be muffled by the banana from my mother. The aasari was strong guy he did not let go of my ears and pushed it all the way through. I could feel the earring in my right ear. It was paining and it was heavy. I thought that my ear was going to tear out. After a few seconds he screwed the earring tightly in my ears. I vision was completely blurred due to my tears. Again he started to hold the needle in the lamp flame. I pleaded my parents to stop it as I was really paining. But they just consoled me and repeated the same process. I nearly fainted after my ear piercing. Seeing all this my sister refused to get her ear pierced as she feared pain and started to run. I had no energy to do anything. My grandmother took to pray to god again for well being. I was asked to fell on my grandparents and my parents feet to get their blessing. My grandparents gifted me another set of pattu pavadai and my parents gifted me a golden ring. But I was in no mood to be happy. By this time they had pierced my sisters ears and she was now sporting a small stud which was supposed to be mine. But she was angry for making her feel the pain for piercing.
    This is the turning point in my life. I had to wear a female dress and now I sported a dangler which added to feminine feature.

  • #58

    shemalesana (Wednesday, 31 August 2016 06:38)

    Mookuthi -2
    After the ceremony in the temple I was so exhausted that I went straight to bed. I was so tired that I never knew they made me wear a nighty for sleep. I let out a yelp which the blouse caught my ears when removing it. My ears were still paining and I was unable to turn my head as I felt a slight pain as the earring swinged. Seeing me my mom felt pity and made me sleep on her laps the entire night. I had removed the bangles and anklet. It was Saturday and it was already 7.00 am but I was still in bed. My grandparents have asked not to disturb me but they made my sister clean the whole house. She had grudge on me since then. When I woke up I was asked to take a bath and wear the dress kept on my bed. I was surprised to see the new pattu pavadai and matching jewels. When in enquired my grandma just convinced me to go with flow and help me to get dressed.
    Just then our neighbor pavithra who is the same age as me came to our home to ask me to play with her. When she saw in this dress she couldn’t stop laughing. Normally I should be angry but I felt shy and hid myself behind the window curtain. Then grandma left us alone to talk by ourself. Pavithra started to praise my beauty and said I should have been born as a girl and god had made a mistake. Hearing this we both laughed again. Until now I had loose hair which I used to cover her earring. But when I turned she saw something shiny and insisted to tie my hair to prevent hair loss. Then she saw the earring and had an open mouth. She pulled it to check if it real which resulted in me screaming and in tears. I couldn’t stop me tears as it was really paining. Before I knew she hugged to tight that for a second I forgot about my pain. It was a brief one. She apologized and brought saline water and cotton swab to help me clean the wound on my ears. Then as we were talking she wanted to take me out to the market for which I denied. But I promised to go with her the other day. Since it was our vacation father and mother left us in the village and returned back to Coimbatore the Sunday night. My sister wanted to escape from the chores and joined them in their travel. So I was left alone with my grandparents. Pavithra used to visit me every now and then. She even brought her clothes for me as male dress did not suit my hair and my earring. At Sunday night pavithra wanted to have a sleep over with me. So she brought a suitcase with her.

  • #59

    shemalesana (Wednesday, 31 August 2016 06:39)

    Mookuthi 3
    At Sunday night pavithra wanted to have a sleep over with me. So she brought a suitcase with her. Few dress and few other small boxes. We had dinner together with grandparents and then we left for my room. First she wanted me to wear her nighty. Initially I declined her wish but in the end she did convince me. I ended up wearing her nighty. She asked to lie down which I gladly did as long as she did not pull my ears. I heard her plug something to the power socket. Then I could smell wax. I just drifted to deep sleep. Then I felt my legs getting hot. But I was too lazy to wake up which was followed by a sharp pain. Just as I was about to shout I felt her lips on mine warm and tempting. It was a brief one. I started to close eyes without paying attention to the pain. Then she let me go. I still had my eyes closed. She asked if I wanted another. I kept silent. Then she poured hot wax on my other leg and stripped it. I got another kiss for each strip. I laid still. I had few blood spots too. She gave me a towel bath and asked to feel my legs. True to my surprise it felt like a baby skin too soft and flawless. She asked if I wanted more but I denied as it was enough kiss for a day.
    She too accepted and we both went to bed and we slept in each others arm. On Monday morning she woke up early and woke me with a kiss. She packed her stuff and left for her home. Today she invited to have a sleep over in her house to which I just smiled. When having bath I noticed my legs. It was smooth and flawless. She left some of her dress for me. I wore a pink tops which had shortest sleeves and a denim blue jean. When I went to have a breakfast my grandma was not pleased with my dress but she was happy to see my wearing the traditional earring as per her wish. I reasoned out that I had only two pattu pavadai and both are still wet after laundry. She just sighted and promised to buy me more but I didn’t care. My entire vacation I spend with my grandparents and pavithra. By now I had my full body waxed. We waxed each other and I was accustomed to wearing nighty and other female dress and my earring. But I wanted to be my male self soon though I enjoyed it. Just the day I left to Coimbatore I asked my grandma to remove my earring as I had no idea. But she refused to do so. Then I asked pavithra to help me. She was sad to get departed but made me lay on her lap and removed it slowly. It was a new experience. As soon as she removed it I felt like missing something. She caught that sigh but said nothing. I checked the mirror but the holes were clearly visible due to the thick stem. It wasn’t ugly but weird.
    I was in tears when they sent me off to Coimbatore. But they made a promise if scored good marks in my exam they will make sure to invited me for the next vacation due in 3 months.

  • #60

    shemalesana (Wednesday, 31 August 2016 06:39)

    Mookuthi 4
    Two day after reopening of my school I caught up to being a naughty boy but I missed my happy days. Then we received a call from pavithra’s mother saying that she had attained puberty and a function was held for her and they wanted to invite my family for it. Initially they planned to send my mother and sister but I too went with them. It was Wednesday morning that we reached their place. At the auspicious time she was called to the centre hall and was made to sit on a wooden plank. It was an all ladies function. I was the only male there except a few close relatives. I was asked to dress with pattu pavadai and ofcourse the earrings. So I was one of the ladies now. Pavithras mother was the first to apply sandal paste on her and inserted few bangles on her. Then I was asked to do the same and i sat next to her. My sister had no interest in it and standing there. I was a long day. Even sitting next to her made me tired. The function ended in the late afternoon and she was taken to separate room and I was not allowed to talk to her. We left to our place and the day just went on. My sister thought the whole ritual was torture and warned mom never to make her undergo such function. Mom just kept quiet but was worried as my sister has not yet attained her puberty.
    It was the next day when we were about to leave my sister did not join us for breakfast. We called her a few times but there was no response so my mom left to check on her. Then after few minutes she called my grandmother to her room. They came out smiling. Only then I realized that she too had attained her puberty. They asked me not to disturb her as she was not in good mood and they started to make the preparations. When they asked her to prepare for the function they just fainted. Soon a doctor was called to check on her. The doctor said that she was physically healthy but is in very emotional state and not to add any pressure to her. Now we had a problem in hand. Before we knew the news of my sister has reached every ears in the village and a crowd started to pour to our house. But my sister refused to leave her room. We scared to force her as it may lead to any complication but we had to prepare her for the function the next day. Also all our relatives were on the way to attend a function as she was the only girl child in our family tree and they expected to make it a big function.

  • #61

    shemalesana (Wednesday, 31 August 2016 06:40)

    Mookuthi 5
    All our relative had arrived but still my sister refused to come out. She even refused to wear the family jewel. All our relatives started to gossip as it was false alarm. My grandma had no other choice. She wanted someone to be seated on the centre fall to perform the function to save the family name. just then mom looked at me and asked if I can replace her for few hours. I was shocked to hear this from her. How can I replace a girl. After a little thought my grandma too agreed for this but I wasn’t convinced. Then mom made an offer to help me get admitted in our village school if I help to save the family name. Even before I could answer I was taken to my mother room and they applied the hair removing cream brought for my sister. I had a weird smell. Then they gave me a warm water bath and was made to wear a half saree. It revealed my navel which felt weird. Then came the earring which I missed, a pair of bangle, rings on my fingers and anklet. Then I was made to sit on the dressing table and was asked to close my eyes. When I checked in the mirror I saw myself with earring not like my sister. After a brief time I was allowed to open my eyes but mom blocked the view of the mirror. I was hurried to the centre hall and was make to sit. The switch between me and my sister was known only to the four of us and was agreed to be maintained as such.
    Sitting in the function and being the cause of the function are two separate things. I was nervous if someone will identify me that will lead to complete humiliation. But I also started to enjoy being the attention. After almost the entire day I was covered with sandal and turmeric paste, hand full of bangles and forehead full of kumkum. At around 5.00 pm I was taken to my room was some rest. I just laid on the bed and dono went I dozed off. I was woken by my mom and had some milk and fruits to eat. I ate in half sleep and dozed off again.

  • #62

    shemalesana (Wednesday, 31 August 2016 06:40)

    Mookuthi 6
    I was woken up early the next morning. I thought I had a weird dream. But I realized that I was still in half saree and I was in deep trouble. My relatives had stayed back because there was another problem in hand. Being a traditional family it is our custom to pierce a girls nose within the first week after puberty. I was not aware of this. We thought that they has stayed back to visit the family temple or so. It was the third day we again tried to convince my sister but she was in no condition to hear us out. But our family name has to be saved. On third day they started to ask about mooku kuthu ceremony to my parents but they just skipped the topic but they knew that cant do the same forever. When they asked me I was dead against it. I told the holes will be clearly visible and I cant go back to normal male life. They said if I remove the stud within 10 days there will be no mark of the piercing. The scar will be made only if you wear for a whole month. It seemed logic but I was not convinced. Mom asked pavithra to convince me but I said first pierce your nose then tell me. For which she answered she is ready to get her nose pierced with me. Now I had no choice except to accept it.
    My mother announced the mooku kuthu function on next day to everyone. It had gathered all their attention. That morning again I was asked to take head bath. Then I was decorated with jewels and new saree. We went to our family temple. There a jewel box was kept in the goddess feet and I was asked to pray. Our entire relatives had gathered in the temple. It was more like a carnival than a temple. After prayer the priest handed over the jewel box to us and blessed me for a bright family life. I just blushed. I came to know that my nose will pierced by the same aasari in a traditional manner at 3 pm at the centre hall. Now I was scared of the pain. I request my mom to have a gunshot or even better a non piercing magnetic stud. But I know that was impossible. I asked to get some beauty sleep and rest. Like I could even close my eyes I had vision of the painful nose piercing.

  • #63

    shemalesana (Wednesday, 31 August 2016 06:41)

    Mookuthi 7
    I was woken up at 3 pm was asked to get ready. I was made to sit in the centre hall. The hall was filled with ladies of all age. All of them sported rettai mookuthi nose stud on both side that too bigger and heavy. Now I was scared am I going to double pierced too or on a single side. But I dare not speak bcoz if I do they may recognize me by my voice. The aasari came there on time and started to make initial preparations. I searched for pavithra but she was no-where to be found. I just felt tricked by her and promised never to talk to her again.
    Just then one of the relative put a garland on me and asked to do the nose piercing in a painful way to ease the child birth. I just cursed her. Mom just whisper me that she had spoken to the aasari to make it really painless. Now I had my grandma holding both my arms and my mother holded by head covering my eyes to prevent me from shaking my head. I could smell the needle being headed. This time in was in fear like the end of the world. Within few second I had a pain in my right nose. But it was bearable I thought it was over. But I was wrong. He had just pinched my nose to prepare for the piercing. Just as I let go of my breath came a sharp pain, smell of burning flesh. I screamed at top pitch. I stood up pushing my mother and grandma. The needle was only half a way inside. Now a dozen of our relative came together, caught me and made me sit again. The aasari again pushed the needle inside my nose but now my eyes was not covered and I could see his hands. His hands came again to put the thirugani the nose screw in the place. I begged him to let it be and to put the screw after the pain had reduced. But he just laughed. He said the pain will not go for few days. He pushed my hands away which was caught by my mom and forcibly flipped my nose and tightened the screw. Till now I was holded my by relatives. I thought I was over. But one of them told to tighten the screw with molten wax or she will remove it. Had a second phase of pain he then remove the screw took some wax from his box applied in on the screw showed in it in flame. Again she flipped my nose and screwed it tightly. I just fainted. Now I will be with nose stud forever in my live.

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    Hi friends,

    I have requested you to please contact me on my blog inoted of posting here so that the 1000 post limit can be utilised well.

    Anyways, I have posted my solution in my blog for those who cannot afford to buy them. This is the least I can do. Hope you understand.

    Also I have posted a preview of a couple of chapters of my new story THE REVOLUTION. Hope you will like it. It is currently in progress and will post by this weekend.

    Any comments you have for me please make in my blog.


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    priya (Thursday, 01 September 2016 01:02)

    mookuthi pls continue your story really nice. ex q zit thank you for accept our request..

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    Srs (Thursday, 01 September 2016 02:02)

    shemalesana this the first time iam reading ur story an is simply awesome, i don't know y i can't write such kind of stories please continue don't stop.

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    Srs (Thursday, 01 September 2016 02:17)

    shemalesana i request you to please make him double pricing in ear and nose, it would be nice. Make him by forcing

  • #68

    Shemalesana (Thursday, 01 September 2016 06:21)

    Part of my story is true
    I am still working in an engg college
    Yet to be a house wife & mother of two

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    priya (Thursday, 01 September 2016 10:23)

    really awesome ur truly blessed

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    Kumkum (Thursday, 01 September 2016 21:34)

    Nice story writing Sana. Please update as early as possible. You are doing a great job.

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    Srs (Friday, 02 September 2016 00:51)

    Shemalesana i can't believe this, how do you feel please continue

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    Vaishali (Friday, 02 September 2016 03:47)

    The video game

    No.... i can't do this?? I can't wear this and get fucked by a girl!! No god please help me get me out of these please but if i don't cross these stage i will be captured in this video game for forever...

    10 year ago!!!

    my name is Vishal. I am very very fond of playing video games and i am working in video game company online and so i never go outside for more time just stuck in home with my games.
    Because of not going outside i have long hair and don't get contact with sun so my skin is very fair.

    I am so talented and this video game is my passion so i give my 100% to it. Whenever i design games all go viral and i get best game award.

    One day i get offer of making a game of wwf worth rupees 5crore from sneha. I fixed a meeting in 5star hotel at 5pm.
    I went there and we met and ordered two Cappuccino.

    Sneha-- hi Vishal nice to meet you
    Me--me too tell me some more details about the game
    Sneha-- Vishal i want a wwf game in which a girl who is very muscular..longer...and...stronger
    Me-- yeah i will design no problem
    Sneha-- yeah but i want also that make boys thinner and shorter and less stronger and make fight b/w them and always make girl winner
    Me-- sorry sneha but it can't possible i can make this type of game but after publishing it will go flop because no one play game if they know that the opposite side player will Win. So dear i will not make
    Sneha--no you have to make..i will raise the money offered you
    Me-- i don't want money but i can't flop my name i am very successful game designer and don't want to put stop point in my life. No bye.. and i leave the hotel

    Sneha got angry and told me You will have to make it otherwise what gonna with you... you can't even imagine it.

    I reached home and started my work...past 5years i was researching a technology to put a humen in video game but still i didn't get success

    One day....
    I was playing games and got and idea that if i can make a living things scanner i will be successful in my research and started to make the scanner and in 2 years i made the scanner i was very happy but i will be 100times if the scanner will connect to video game and i connect. i scan a rabbit through it and started the video game and it was just a miracle yeahhh my research is completed.. now i will change the whole world i was very happy.

    I offered my company about these technology....they also got very happy and offered me 100 billion USD but they bet that the technology will be the name of company i refused i told no i will be on my name otherwise i will offer other company the company CEO got angry and scared he told me ok dear MR. Vishal come to the office and meet me we will purchase this technology and will give your name but don't offer other company.

  • #73

    Vaishali (Friday, 02 September 2016 05:04)

    The video game--2

    I reached the company office and CEO offered me a coffee and i give the technology for testing i took coffee and i slept.

    When i waked up i found myself nude and handcuffed. I saw a man and woman were sitting near to me. Saw that man was CEO and he introduce other woman as his sister she is none other than she is sneha.

    Sneha-- you told me no than i came to my bro and told about you and we are waiting to take see what gonna be happening...
    We have also another game designer and we will put you in this game with your technology and will humiliate you so much...and for going out of the game you will have to complete all stages. You know the game name....--transgender---

    Hahaha....lets see than they scan my full body and import me into the game...

    1 stage-----. Make a girlfriend

    Now i am in the game and it is looking like real game than i read instructions and found that it is a real life game what i will do in game i will also be happen in real life and my goal is to find a girlfriend to complete the stage. Instructions told a girl to make me approach amd she is also sneha she is also import herself.
    I told myself she will never accept my praposal and i will be captured for lifetime in this game but i told lets try what gonna happen...
    When i praposed to her to be my gf she accepted easily i was confused how can it be possible but she told that she has some conditions if i change myself according to condition she will be my gf i told what conditions she told

    1. You will have to put 24×7 chastity lock
    2. No body hair
    3. Have to wear lacy penty and bra insight the male clothes
    4. Get always painted nails.
    5. Nose and ear and naval pierced.

    Me--- no i can't do this i am not a Sissy slut..
    Sneha---ok as your wish you asshole... always stuck in this stage i am going to out of the game than you will never ever complete the stage and prisoned in this game.
    Me--ok ok please don't go i am ready please...
    Sneha--- yeah good my little sissy slut

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    Shemalesana (Friday, 02 September 2016 08:48)

    I got my ear pierced along with my sister in childhood
    My nose was pierced instead of her during her puberty function but with a gold wire by our family goldsmith
    I had to do my schooling from home for a year to recover from trauma I got bcoz of the function
    I still have the mark on my right nostril
    Now I am working as an assistant professor in reputed engg college & am in search of a life partner who can fulfil my wish
    I would like to have a organ transplant; bear two kids & live as an homemaker

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    kavi (Friday, 02 September 2016 09:46)

    vaishali very super pls continue

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    Srs (Saturday, 03 September 2016 01:12)

    Shemalesana is story end?, please continue one by one

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    Parikalpana (Saturday, 03 September 2016 06:53)

    It was little late ..... but I am happy - Part 8

    As soon I stepped in institute I realized I need to recognize seniors for which I was not prepared and I expected I was the one who recognized least number of seniors. For next one month my seniors used me as model instead of dummy for trying out there creation. They dressed me up in variety of their creations for males and females both but mostly females. I liked when I got chance to wear male cloths but wore female cloths as part of punishment. Some times dressing as female involved makeup and jewelry as well. I was OK with male cloths and unwilling but without any fuss I did what they asked for mostly trying out their creations again and again. I didn't speak much either. For male cloths I did model for mix group of seniors (male and female) but one day I found all female seniors are gone and only male seniors showed up which was surprising to me. An announcement was made that now they will work on female costumes and handed me a bra and a pair of big breast forms to fill the cups. I didn't like this and said no for putting on bra. Seniors threatened to publish my pictures and videos they have taken earlier. I agreed to put on bra with breast forms but my behavior was not any different then a dummy. In short no cooperation. They tried to work with my attitude which didn't help them a lot. After couple of days when I reached to room where all this was happening, I found a change there were snack items and all seniors did welcome me and they started talking with me but I didn't show any interest. One senior explained me why my cooperation is important for them. They even deleted all the video's and pictures from cell phone. They said there career depends on the cloths they are designing. They need to exhibit their creation as part of final exam where big cloth makers do visit and if they like designs they may offer employment or contracts. While working on designs they can ask me to try their work and they will not hesitate to touch me (my body) to get the accurate measurement for adjustments they need to make. They cannot touch female models freely.They can ask me to stand in a certain pose which is not possible with dummy. For final trial they have arranged a model who has same body structure like me and she has 38DD breasts and this the reason they picked the breast forms they picked. They started begging me for help and I agreed and said sorry to them for not cooperating. Now I started having fun modeling.

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    Rajibalan Reader (Saturday, 03 September 2016 18:41)

    Sorry, i have a question.

    Where are the post from 835 to 1000 in EngCom15-16 section?
    Please include that post back. There are many stories in that range.

    thank you.

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    Shemalesana (Saturday, 03 September 2016 23:51)

    Srs my last post is not my story but my wish & statement

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    Parikalpana (Sunday, 04 September 2016 13:57)

    It was little late ..... but I am happy - Part 9

    We went through male dress one more time quickly then cam turn of ladies dresses, I did spend almost three evening half naked in my under pants and bra with breast forms. Relationship with seniors was getting better day by day and all of them were teasing me and I was also pretending like girl, acting to be irritated and this made evenings very enjoyable. They tried all types of dress from salvar kameej to lehanga choli, tight jeans to shorts.

  • #81

    rajesh (Monday, 05 September 2016 09:32)

    any one pls wriiite story like slowly forced feminize by mom sister in law sister and gf
    pls wrte with concept of hair ..... Shemalesana ur story super

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    Pooja (Thursday, 08 September 2016 10:48)

    Turning it around-Part 1

    Pooja and Ranjit were a happily married couple, based out of Mumbai. From the outside the couple was what they call a 'normal' couple. One day while watching TV, they happened to chance a song from an old Hindi movie, Kismat. The song had Biswajeet dressing up as a woman and Babita as a male Pathan.

    Pooja found it very interesting, while Ranjit claimed there was nothing much to it. "Why do you say that,?'' enquired Pooja. "Even I have played female in plays in school and college. In fact before we met I played a female character in professional plays with a theatre group," said Ranjit as a matter of fact.

    This was a revelation for Pooja. She was shocked. Her husband as a female. Pooja's mind started working over time.

    She had a lot of questions for Ranjit, which he answered patiently. Ranjit did not find the whole thing strange or hillarious, but for Pooja this seemed to be a life changing experience.

    That night, Pooja was waiting for Ranjit in the bedroom. "What?," asked Ranjit. "Why are you looking at me like this?," he enquired. "Did you wear a saree or a dress?," asked Pooja. "Oh my god, you are still on that subject?," said an exasperated Ranjit. "Tell me please," begged Pooja. "I wore all feminine dresses, did make up, wore inners. I even got my body waxed. Anything else?" said Ranjit.

    Pooja smiled. She had got her replies.

    That night while making love, Pooja took the on top position and was decidedly more aggressive. Ranjit found it a bit odd, because in three years of being married, this was the first time Pooja had shown this much aggression.

    Next morning, Pooja woke up a little late. Ranjit got up early and made some tea for both. He woke Pooja up. Pooja woke up smiling and said:"Thanks meri chamakchallo (my beautiful)". Ranjit ignored it and carried on.

    Little later Pooja came towards him with a night gown. "I want to check if this gown fits you. Can you wear this for me?,''asked Pooja. "No way," hollered Ranjit. "You never for a moment hesitated wearing this while acting, why not now?," said Pooja in response and showed some mock anger.

  • #83

    Pooja (Thursday, 08 September 2016 10:49)

    Turning it around-Part 2

    Ranjit felt bad for her and said, "okay give it to me". Ranjit wore the gown and it fitted him perfectly. "Something is it fits," said Pooja as he applied some lipstick even before Ranjit could react. "You know what would help?," said Pooja. "If you also wore a bit of put these on and remove those ugly ones," she said as she threw a panty and bra. Ranjit looked confused. "Do you want me to wear these?", he asked. "Yes, why not? Just for now, wear it, please, pretty please?" said Pooja. Ranjit did as he was asked. Pooja turned to him after he had worn everything. "Now there look at yourself in the mirror. I now get an idea about how you would look with a bit more make-up, hair etc. You must have been a knockout chamakchallo," teased Pooja. Ranjit went into a trance as he was reminded of his acting days. "Yes, had a lot of admirers and fans. But that was then," he said snapping out of his trance. "Now can I go back to be dressed normally?" he begged.

    "Not now, just for sometime today, continue wearing this," she said. Ranjit just shrugged his shoulders and carried on his work. He worked as a creative designer, whereas his wife worked as an automobile engineer. They had a close group of friends, who all incidentally grew up together in the same neighbourhood. They were a group of five married couples. They would spend a lot of time together on weekends, driving down to nearby hillstations.

    Pooja was always keen to try adventure just like the other guys, but she would be forced to stay indoors with the wives. Ranjit on the other hand would love to spend time indoors with the females. At the time, the group did not think this was odd. But there was a feeling among the other members that they do not quite fit in.

    Pooja had been a basketball player in her school and college days. She was always considered to be a tomboy. Ranjit was a homebody and preferred to be indoors, drawing and pursuing creative interests. He had also been trained in stitching and cooking.

    Ranjit's revelations about his acting days as a female switched something inside Pooja. She thought of something. That evening she old Ranjit to take care of the house.

    Pooja had long flowing hair and would be the envy of the group. But that evening when she came back home the hair was cut short like a man with short side locks. Ranjit opened the door, Pooja smelled of cigarettes and beer!

  • #84

    Pooja (Thursday, 08 September 2016 10:49)

    Turning it around-Part 3

    This was a first for Ranjit. But it turned out that Pooja used to smoke and drink when in college, but had given up just before courtship with Ranjit.

    Pooja seemed to have changed her look completely. She was decidedly wearing a man's trousers, shirt and shoes. It was almost as if Pooja went out as a woman and came back as a man. Ranjit was stunned to see Pooja.

    But Pooja was in her senses as she tried to make sense. "Listen...Having seen you dressed as a female, really switched something inside me. I have always wanted to be a guy, but somehow suppressed my feelings. But seeing you like this has really revived those thoughts.

    "I have thought about it long and hard. We don't need to take any drastic steps right now. We can start off by dressing and living as we are really meant too. You can really be the wife and I can really be the husband. This way we can correct something that should have been done at the birth. This is not about you, but about us."

    Ranjit stood shell shocked! He really didn't know what to say.

    Pooja made him sit and just shook him a bit. "I know it is all a bit too much for you. But I guess...I think this is how it was always meant to be."

    "But I just mentioned in passing.." said Ranjit as Pooja cut him off. "You must see yourself you are a natural as a woman. You carry yourself off very very well. The nuances that you have, are something that I have only seen in girly girls. I am clearly not one of them, because I am not meant to be a woman. You are," cornered Pooja in a strong voice.

    Ranjit still wondered what what was going on.

    "See it is simple. We start living as man and woman. We start going out with our group. We can start getting more authentic with our dressing, make-up etc. Eventually we can...down the road...go the whole hog. I have really thought this through," said Pooja.

    "But...what about our families...." said Ranjit."Our work places..Our friends won't they all find it odd," he added.

    "Do you love me?," she asked. "Yes I do," replied Ranjit. "Then from now on just follow my lead. We will break this slowly to everyone. First our friends circle, then our families and then our work places," said Pooja.

  • #85

    Pooja (Thursday, 08 September 2016 10:50)

    Turning it around-Part 4

    "As a matter of fact I have spoken to our group. I have not told them anything in detail. Just said that we are inviting them over for dinner this weekend," she revealed.

    "Oh my..." said Ranjit. "Don't worry we will manage," she replied.

    "...And one more thing....I think we need to pick names that suit our lifestyle from now. I like Raj and Ranjita fits you well. Agree?" she asked. Ranjit was just staring at the floor not knowing what to do.

    For the next four days, Raj (earlier Pooja) just pushed Ranjita towards feminity, even as he embraced things that a guy would do. Raj started watching football again, drank beer, while Ranjita did all the household work. Raj also handed over jewellery which he expected Ranjita to wear and even bought her a long wig.

    Then as the lock struck 8 pm on Saturday, the group of friends, a group of four married couples knocked on the door almost at the same time. But when the door opened, they were left speechless. Standing in front of them was Raj dressed in a suit and tie, whereas Ranjita stood there all decked up in a saree, flowers and jewellers and payals.

    It was all a bit too much as they walked in. The ladies went over to one side and the gents to the other.

    Raj cleared his throat and explained.

    "Guys I know it is a bit too much for you. But this is the real us. We are meant to be this way. Her (pointing towards Ranjita) as my wife and me as he husband. I have always wanted to be a guy. You know go out biking with you (pointing towards the men), smoking a cigarette, drinking beer and watching sports.

    "Ranjita here...did not want to be one of you (men)," he added.

    Ranjita looked down. But Raj motioned her to speak.

    "It took a bit of time for me, but I realised that there was a woman inside me. I never felt comfortable. When I looked at the ladies, doing girly things, cooking and generally chatting, it really made me feel like wanting to be part of it," said Ranjita.

    There was a moment's silence...but then one of the guys Ravi stood up and embraced Raj. He shook his hands and said. "You are ready to go to a pub tomorrow to watch the EPL match. Guys you are joining right (looking at the other three men)," said Ravi. Soon Vijay, Rahul and Rakesh got up and high-fived Raj.

    It was almost instantly that Raj was inducted as a man.

    The ladies meanwhile looked at each other and then smiled at Ranjita. They too got up and welcomed her to their group.

    The ice had been broken and the group was back to being what it was...a fun gathering of friends. The old Ranjit and Pooja had been forgotten. It was almost as if they did not exist anymore.

  • #86

    Pooja (Thursday, 08 September 2016 10:51)

    Turning it around-Part 5

    They met regularly as a group together, sometimes the guys met separately and the women on their own.

    "You know Raj you really fit in...This has really added life to our group," remarked Vijay as the others agreed as they drank beer and watched their favourite EPL match.

    The ladies meanwhile ran their own small kitty club, cooked together and discussed about dresses and other things that make ladies comfortable. Ranjita found herself right in the middle very soon and loved being part of these coffee kitschs. It was almost as if she was always there.

    "You know Ranj, we have really loved having you here. It is so much fun. We can learn a lot from each other, " remarked Sunita.

    Ranjita had a tear in her eyes as the other women came close to her and embraced her.

    That night when Raj returned home, Ranjita in her night gown awaited her.

    She had a smile as Raj entered. "Thanks for opening my eyes. I am feeling finally comfortably in my skin," said Ranjita.

    "Guess this is what it was meant to be. Maybe Gods are happy too," remarked Raj as he kissed his wife and called it a day.


  • #87

    Radha (Thursday, 08 September 2016 11:45)

    Hi Pooja,

    I just loved your story. It's very enjoyable. Looking forward to hire the family reacts to the reversal. Hope ranjit gets to keep her first karwa chauth fast attend weddings etc

    Nisha please continue your story

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    preeti (Thursday, 08 September 2016 13:25)

    wowo poojia lovely story please continue

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    mahesh (Thursday, 08 September 2016 13:45)

    Amazing pooja

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    Kashmiraa (Friday, 09 September 2016 08:50)

    Salute to pooja. It's been a long time we had such a nice and well written story. Pooja, it was mind blowing . Really looking forward for next updates. I will recommend my friend to read your story.

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    Kumkum (Friday, 09 September 2016 08:58)

    Pooja your story is very good. Like Raji used to write.plzz continue the story quickly.

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    vasantha (Friday, 09 September 2016 09:26)

    hai pooja i like your stories p a

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    Ashima (Saturday, 10 September 2016 00:57)

    Pooja absolutely amazing . Have not heard such refreshing story in a long time. Please please continue.

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    Shalma (Saturday, 10 September 2016 04:10)

    Monisha Part 1
    Hi My name is Monish. I am working in a MNC company. I am a middle class boy. I was not done the haircut for past six months. Just for a change, I didn't do the haircut.

    One weekend I was working in office and I was having lunch in cafeteria. There was not that much of crowd in cafeteria because that day was saturday. While I was having lunch, a beautiful girl sat near by me for lunch. And she introduced me as Shalma. I also introduced with her. She was wearing nice little transparent short top and jean. While having lunch, we discussed our projects and while we finishing lunch, she said we will meet in coffee break and left from that place. I also went to my seat.

    She pinged in the office messenger for coffee break and I came to cafeteria and we chit chat our personal life for sometime. After that, daily I was going with her for cofee break and lunch. I am not going with my project mets. She always worn jean with t-shirt or sort top only. As because, she don't like traditional dresses. Day by day, we became close friends.

    It was her birthday on one weekend saturday. So, I gifted makeup items(Mascara, eye liner, lipstick, nailpolish) to her on friday evening itself because saturday is holiday. She opened the gift pack there itself and she liked the gift very much. She invited me to her home tomorrow for her birthday.

    She liked my gift but she wants some other gift. I asked her what she wants. She said, she don't like my moustache. so she asked me to shave permanently. I got shocked and I can able to shave but how it can be permanently. She asked me to do a laser hair removal for moustach. she convinced me and in the friday evening itself, she booked an appointment in a parlour. I went to parlour in the evening. She was not came with me. They removed my moustach permanently. I am not having beard and also hairs on body.

    I went to home and I seen my face in the mirror. I got shy because my face is not like a guy face. because I am having hairs upto my shoulder because I was not done the hair cut for past 6 months. Saturday morning, I woke up and I worn Jean and tshirt and I went to Shalma's home @11am.

    Shalma was in full length gorgeous white gown with full makeup. I went inside to Shalma's house. Shalma was very happy about my attire. she hugged me and she said thanks for shaving the moustach. I am also very much happy because that hug gives that much happiness. Along with shalma, her friends also was there in her house. She cut the cake and celebrated her birthday.

    Her friends are planning to leave. So, I also said bye to Shalma. But, she asked me to wait for some more minutes. Her friends are left. We both only in the house. She hugged me and she given a deep kiss and she proposed me. Whatever she is asking, I am doing. So she liked me very much and she proposed me. I was in a shock because I didn't expect this. Because, I am a middle class guy but she is well rich girl. I just explained about my situation to her. But she said, those things and all not an issue. She convinced me to accept her proposal.

    She presented me a ring for her symbol of love. Its like a ear stud with pearl stone. I asked her what is this. How can I wear this. She said, it is a navel stud. For my symbol of love, you have to wear. By using ear gun, she pierced my navel and put that pearl stud. I dont like that stud in my navel but I like her love. so I worn.

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    Mohini (Saturday, 10 September 2016 05:13)

    Hello Rajibalan ....You have been doing wonderful work by creating this page since many years. Ya It did well.Hope it will be running like this in coming future too. This is better way of communication between writers and readers. Its right platform from them. It also encourage the beginner to know about congrats all writers they gave their best and will do again I think.....espc. pooja u did a nice start....write like this again..



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    Maddy (Saturday, 10 September 2016 09:11)

    Sharma great story just simply awesome

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    mithra (Saturday, 10 September 2016 09:27)

    Superb story shalma continue plz

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    Nisha (Saturday, 10 September 2016 09:29)

    Sorry for the delay friends. Happy to read the story of Pooja. Awesome writer you are. Dear friends, come with your new stories. I will continue my story from here.

    So the dreadful first night of my life got over. As due to extreme tiredness, I slept like a log and it was around 7 in the morning, I was sleeping peacefully; I heard some sweet voice calling “ wake up ji” “ someone knocking the door”. I slowly opened my eyes, it was my sweet hubby referring me as ji. I immediately jump and sat on the bed due to astonishment and surprise that my husband is not taking my name.
    I felt wet at my panties due to extreme happiness and sexual excitement. But, I then realized it was not the time for it. I quickly went near to door and peeped into a key hole, it was my mom, so I made myself untidy like removing my flower, shrinking my dress, I asked asif to pretend as he was sleeping. I don’t want to make my parents get upset about my first night.
    So, I went and answered the door. My mom was extremely happy, and she had a look into my room and found asif was sleeping. She asked me to take bath immediately and wear new saree, jewels and flowers, oh my f*** I thought in my mind, but I cannot help myself. So again reluctantly , I dolled up myself, asif was witnessing everything, but he didn’t dared to speak with me. I just ignored him.
    Then he prepared to get his bath, to my surprise, he took all his clothes and went inside bathroom, and I was waiting, it was more than 30 mins, I decided to knock the door, as my mom said, both of us should come for having breakfast. He told me, it will take 10 more minutes. I was wondering, being a girl, I completed my bath in 10 minutes, but a guy taking around 1 hour. I was happy that, I was marching towards my dream comes true life.
    Finally after an eternity, he came outside fresh like a flower. He was wearing blue shirt and cream pant, I liked that color combo, I imagined wearing that costume. Even though I was tomboyish, I was wearing mostly girly western wear or casuals. I never tried formals so far. I thought for myself, that day is not so far.
    So we joined with the entire family for breakfast, it was a usual routine. My mom made me serve him the food, which I didn’t like, but as I was left without any option, I did served. He finished his breakfast and after that I had mine. Rest of the day, he was with men, and I was with ladies, I felt very much bored.
    Like this manner, three more days flew away; nothing big happened between us, I too didn’t want to initiate anything as of now. So all the relations went and it was the time for us to leave to Chennai from our native. My parents gave me a tearful bye. Even I was emotional and cried my heart out.

    My father gifted us a 4bhk flat in one of the gated community in omr road. Along with that, he gifted us a Brand New Audi A6. All this luxuries were new for Asif. I made myself very clear that, even though if I going to dominate him, let I should not make him feel inferior in terms of wealth or his earlier financial status. Whatever that belongs to mine is now his too ; So we landed in Chennai, and went to our new home. I really loved my palace, yes it was beautiful like a palace and we set the things, and fixed people like paper, milk and other errands.

  • #99

    Mohini (Saturday, 10 September 2016 21:18)

    The life has changed
    (Disclaimer: This is fiction based story.Character names are also imaginary .Its not related to anyone life If it relates to anyone life then it would be a as only co-incidence only so keep enjoy reading this story and gives your precious feedback)
    Episode: 1
    There was a boy named Rishab age 27 who always used to tease and tried to dominate the girls in his society.He used to think him so handsome and proudy guy that he is superior over girls. One day he was going towards college . A unknown van comes near him and their some gang of women kidnapped him and took him away. After few hours when he regained his senses he found himself in dark basement tied with rope and also gagged his mouth with a smelly cloth and tape on it. He found himself weak and wanted to shout for help but couldn't. Then after few hours , He got tired for struggling to release for that situation but couldn't and then he heard a sound of feet coming towards him.Then after few minutes a woman around came near to him .He became strange after looking to a woman. The woman is around 45 years and she was just looking him and replied.Her name is Kanti bai.
    Kanti: Hey handsome! what are u looking at me .Aren't am I looking hot..huh? I am Kanti bai leader of gang. I am a shemale .I used to kidnap a boy like u and make them shemale and used them in our work.I earn money to make them whore and also sell them to those who wanted to buy them ,Now you will also do this job and become the whore. Now you no longer will be guy now we will make u shemale and now on we called you Radhika.Nice name huh!
    (now on 'HER' denotes radhika). Then Kanti bai removed gagged from Radhika mouth and Radhika replied in anger.
    Radhika: WTF! What are u saying? I will not accept your job and will leave from here. what are u saying u bitch! untied me I will show you who am I and what can I do with u.
    then kanti behen called a named 'Bhairav' then a 6'6" tall black face and bald head around 35 years 85 kg guy came with a sword in his hand.He was looking so dangerous and ugly like devil. then Kanti behen called girls Hema and Malini .Hema was 25 years girl weaing kurta salwar and Malini was 23 years girl wearing modern dresses.they both are looking so hot and beautiful.No one said that they are not real girls but they are shemale too and They are left and right hand of Kanti behen and bhairav was a special guard of their team. Then Kanti behen told to bhairav throw lt of water over Radhika and untied her .Bhairav did same .Radhika didn't do anything due to feared from bhairav. When Radhika got wet then bhairav looked Radhika just like hungry dog such as he will jumped over Radhika and fucked her ass but he respect the Kanti behen so coudn't tell her because she helped him for police case he killed many guys and very furious guy and still police used to arrest him but they coudn't have a any crimnal record of him and also feared from him.Everyone used to frightened with him. But Kanti behen read his face and told to Bhairav
    Kanti:Hey Bhairav what are you looking at ? I knew U liked Radhika . Yeah she is looking hot but wait till she changed into shemale. then you can do whatever you wanted to do with her. She is all yours.
    Bhairav : Thank u didi. After her transformation she will be mine first. Hey Hema Malini .Do fast and transformed into shemale I can't control myself,
    Hema: Of course Bhairav g I and Malini will do our work. We will make her beautiful shemale.Don't worry after transformation we will take her with u with in 1 months.
    Then Kanti behen and Bhairav went outside away and then Hema and Malini started transforming Rishabh into Radhika.

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    ramya (Monday, 12 September 2016 01:45)

    kajal hi im a straight guy but just get relaxed by reading the cd stories only cd and among all the others on the net u got some sensibility of close to life reality stories so pls allow me to read your stories

  • #101

    Deepak (Monday, 12 September 2016 05:58)


    Ur muslim girl story is super... but seems incomplete after marriage... I have expected more dominance from salman on Asifa... and expected satwika to come back for revange ... but he should became 2nd wife (the modren wife) to Salman. Include more sex and romance... Keep writing... keep it up.

  • #102

    ex-q-zit (Monday, 12 September 2016 07:26)

    Hi Deepak,

    Even I thought of making Sathwika Salmans 2nd wife. But so ready the story was lengthy do I spotted it at that.


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    Shalma (Monday, 12 September 2016 08:01)

    Monisha Part 2 (Continued from #96)
    Thanks for the valuable comments.

    I worn that navel stud. I got confused after wearing that stud. because, how I am going to face the life with this stud. I just seen my navel in the mirror. Its so cute with that stud. Shalma noticed, what I am doing infront of the mirror and she teased me. I got shy and I hided my navel with t-shirt.

    Next day, we both met in cafeteria and we are having cofee together. At that time, she asked me whether I am still wearing stud or not. I said, I am wearing. But she wants to check whether its there or not. She put her hand in the gap between the 2 buttons and she touched the navel stud. And she is happy as I am wearing that stud still. She told me to not to remove that at any situation. I promised her.

    She wants to check everyday whether I am wearing or not. I am wearing top inner wear called banian inside the shirt. But she dont like that banian. she cant able to touch the stud directly because of that banian. So, I informed her, I will not wear banian from tomorrow onwards like that. But she told, you have to wear the top innerwear. But it should be upto your navel. I asked her, whether any kind of inner is there like that. she told yes and we will purchase today evening. I just said ok to her.

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    SRS (Monday, 12 September 2016 11:25)

    Shalma nice, its completely different than another stories. please continue.

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    mithra (Monday, 12 September 2016 12:05)

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    Jay (Tuesday, 13 September 2016 05:26)

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    Kumkum (Tuesday, 13 September 2016 06:33)

    Salma really nice story. Please post more parts.

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    Shalma (Tuesday, 13 September 2016 07:59)

    Monisha Part 3 (Continued from Part #105)
    Thanks for the valuable comments..

    In the evening, she called me and she reminded me as we need to go for shopping. I said ok and I informed her I will be in the office reception in 5 minutes. She is waiting for me in the reception and we both started from there. We went to one unisex shop. First time, I am going to that shop and its a very big one. She said, they are selling only unisex dresses.

    We went directly to inner wear section. Whole one floor, inner wear only it was there. so many types of inner wears were there. She asked me the my banian size. I said its medium size. She asked the salesgirl in the floor, we need small size top inner wear and It should be upto navel only. I asked to Shalma about small size because I am using medium size only. She said, medium size is not fit for you. Try small size, if its not good then lets see like that she told.

    Salesgirl shown some inner wears which was in cotton material and she told these are all sort camisole and it will come upto navel only. While seeing that inner wear, its too small. I dont know, whether it will fit for me or not. And length also too sort. Salma asked her to show some satin type transparent inner wear. Salesgirl shown gold color satin type inner. Salma took that inner and put it on my shirt and she said it looks nice and it is too good for you.

    Salma asked me to try that it in the trial room. I just took the cloth and went inside the trial room. Salma also came along with me. I asked her to wait outside. But she didnt go outside. I removed my shirt and banian. I am standing infront of salma with half nude. She seen my upper body and said wow. I am not having any hair in my body. She liked that and she told you are having perfect slim body with no transe of hair. Superb and I like you very much like that she told.

    Please post comments on which knot you are liking from this part. It will encourage me to write more.

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    sudha (Tuesday, 13 September 2016 08:00)

    nisha pooja salma pls continue ur stories are really gud

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    Jay (Tuesday, 13 September 2016 08:58)

    Shalma pl continue

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    Awesome shalma wtite more parts

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    Kajal maam pls send me invitation to read ur stories pls i m big fan of ur stories

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    Kumkum (Tuesday, 13 September 2016 14:52)

    Amazing writing salma please continue. Nisha , pooja , mohini... All please continue your stories.

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    Ashu (Tuesday, 13 September 2016 14:55)

    Salma plz continue Your super cool story. Don't stop.i am
    Enjoying Your story very much.all the best.

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    Shalma (Wednesday, 14 September 2016 08:11)

    Monisha Part 4 (Continued from #110)

    I worn that camisole with the help of Shalma in the trial room. It is perfectly fitting for me. Shalma is too happy and she hugged me and she said, its too good for you. In this inner, you are so superb like that she wished me. I just seen me in the mirror in trial room. It is exactly coming above my navel. and It is fitting perfectly.

    Because of the correct tight fitness of camisole, my chest is exposing like small boob. Shalma also noticed that one and she teased me like a booby guy. I got shy and I put hands on my chest. She said, I like you very much. I liked your attidude and I love you so much like she praised me.

    I got confused, How I am going to go to office wearing this like that and I asked her. She said, you are going to wear inside the shirt only. So no one is going to see that. And atlast, she convinced me. And after that, I tried to remove that camisole. She stopped me and she told don't remove. from now onwards, you have to wear this inner wear only. We can pay for this like that she told. I also said ok to her. We came outside from trial room.

    Salma informed to salesgirl, that gold color camisole is perfect fit. So, please show the same size satin camisole in different colors. Salme picked dark red, pink and light blue satin camisoles and already I am wearing golden color camisole. So totally four camisoles, she selected.

    Salesgirl informed to shalma, if you buy one more camisole, you can get 2 panties with free of cost. Salma got excited and she picked one more dark grey color satin camisole. Salma asked the small size satin panty to salesgirl. She shown some of the panties. Salma picked golden color and dark red color panty which is matching for the camisole. I thought the panty is for her thats why she is not asking my size like that.

    After selecting the panty, salma asked me whether you like these 2 panties. I said, these 2 are good for you. Salma told, hey these two are for you only. you only going to wear these two like shalma told to me. I got tensed, how I will wear panty. panty is for girls only naa. Salma got sad after hearing my words and she said ok. let us leave now like that she said. After that, I said sorry to shalma and hereafter I will not make u sad. I will do whatever u said like that I promised to Shalma. She got happy while hearing those words from me and She said I like you very much. I love u so much.

    Please post more comments. As it will encourage me to write more parts.

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    shalma ur simply awesome, please continue pleseeeee

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    Chameli (Wednesday, 14 September 2016 13:28)


    Very nice story, please write more and post fast please

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    SRS (Wednesday, 14 September 2016 13:29)

    "fashion part 3 from 810 engcom 15-16

    At that time my aunt got a call from her phone an she was shocked on hearing that an after she started to cry,i asked her what happened an she cant able to tell instead she was crying a lot after few minutes i took her phone an dialed last no an asked what is the problem an i too get shocked on hearing the news. They told that due to short circuit our company an business is catch up fire an i too shocked an i told that dint worry aunt v will claim the insurance but she told due to money crises she dint pay the insure an now v dint know what to do at that time my 3 Gf told that if they want they could help an for that v have to me them 50% partnership then they will take care of everything , on hearing that my aunt was happy an told to sing me i too dint think about only thing to get rid of this problem and i do as per the contract an after she smiled an told to get relax an they give a room in hotel so that they will clean the repair which is caused in my house an told to join from next month. our everything was destroyed includes cloths now v r staying in hotel. From next day i started to join in company, yet v dint have house right now so v stay in hotel for few days, i dint have dress so i sold my bike an bought some dress to go for company.Next day i woke up get ready for company, i wore a jeans an formal shirt, my hair is up to my shoulder an i felt sad about that an on seeing that my aunt told that y cant u put ponytail cause its usual for boys having that an she took rubber band an put low ponytail an i start to go by bus. after when i reach the office every girl start to see me cause am the only guy over there, they told my post in the company its a data entry operator but i felt anger for giving me such low post for my qualification, an this went for few days, what ever it is i showed my best in my work an i started to become macho guy, an i always tease girls for there weakness , i grow big mustache like mangal panday, i used to start wearing tight jeans an on seeing the girls i get rock hard an girls started to notice my bulge, many like it an some not. 1 day i was doing work an i went to took a coffee from machine an that time 1 girl put the document paper in the floor an i dint help her for picking it up but instead i went back to her an started to rub her butt through my bulge , the girl like it she dint tell anything but my gf who is the MD of the company saw this an call me inside the room an warned me , i told if any girl complained about this than u can take action other wise u dint need to warn me an y ur so jealous about that an i came out of that room an saying that , this make her angry. 1 day there was going a board meeting about the growth of the company i just went inside to know what was going on an there all talking about to inverts a money in another company so that they can get a profit an they r lill bit confuse for which company they can ponscer an at that time i just went inside an i was laughing an told for so many years ur working but u all dint able to guess which 1 is best r not such a waste an at that time 1 girl told mr if u can do it then do it other wise just shut up, after i chose few company but they dint want to take risk an i told what u only ask for then y u r afraid an after long discus they have been agreed an by my luck what ever i told about the company everything was get success an in short time i become popular but thus my boss dint like it. After i become popular they discuses an increased my salary from 30k to 80k an given the post of manager an i was too happy an i got a car an separate cabin , in my under there also a secretary working its was so happy but they r all planing to get me down. 1 day my secretary came in an gave me a coffee an by accidentally she spilled the coffee in my pants an she took the tissue paper an started to clean on doing that when she touch i got hard an she saw that an smiled an she suddenly took open the jip an suck my cock it was awesome now this become routine, i became the chockalte boy in my office but my 3 boss is jealous an she dint like this, even i used to ponser the company who r all only female owner an have a sex with them. After few months complete my house is still in under process an i earn a lot with side income an now bank balance is more than 20 lack.

  • #121

    SRS (Wednesday, 14 September 2016 13:30)

    "fashion part 4

    1 day a rich female owner come to know that i was doing the same to all of the female owner an had a sex so every company female owner joined an come to suggestion that they will not pay the signal amount to my company so that my company will get loss an they will through me out. But this and all i dint know. after a weak i got a call from my boss an when i entered in the boss cabin i saw my 3 gf which r the boss of the company is sitting an they r angry but i dint care i just went inside an they never told me to sit but i do an done like a macho an tough they told that i believed in u an put a risk but for few weak the payment is not coming what happens an i told that its happens man from starting u have earned a lot an this the first time they payment delay an u have to believe me cause u woman cant do anything except dressing like a whore an on saying that i leve from the cabin an they r angry an priya told to divya better through him out of the company an divya told that can be happen cause v have inverts a lot for his plan ya but what about his behavior is worst he even dint respect us if continue this than everyone will not respect us at that time Ramaya told look at his dress an beard an hair if u say yes than i will grab his hair an make him blad an divya told if u did like that an that too he will consider as a style, then priya told what if v do instead of making him blad v completely shave his beard an mus touch an oiled his long hair make it tight bun an put a jasmine flower than he will not consider as style by saying this 2 of them started to laugh an told but who v can do this an priya told i have an idea about this let him go.this went another month an again they called an this time also i behave harsh an they too shout i i told that if u dint like then i will quit from here on saying this they shout u busted v inverts on u an u singed a contract v r now 60% major partner of ur aunt company an v through u out in jail for black money an bribe an v have so many complainant about ur harassment an here u go for jail an ur aunt come to road did u want this ? i was shocked on hearing this an she through 1 document to me an told that here is the rules if u dint wan to do this to ur aunt .no 1( if u dint got the payment in every weak then u have to loose any 2 item from ur manhood that will be either permanent r temper very) No 2. ( this changes will cost by ur own) no 3 ( u did not to tell anybody about this that includes ur aunt) No 4( an for every weak if u dint get the payment u have to loss ur position in this company untill for the last an basic post). These r the condition an agreement if u agree this then its good other wise just 1 phone call v will send u to the jail an through ur aunt in the middle of the road. I was scared about this my entire color in my face was drain i dont know what to do.

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    SriRamya (Wednesday, 14 September 2016 15:01)

    Hi raji balan, I would like to contact you about crossdressing. Discuss like friends..please mail me at

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    Radha (Wednesday, 14 September 2016 22:09)

    Superb story add more humiliations.

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    Sanju (Thursday, 15 September 2016 04:37)

    Nice start Salma waiting for next part...

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    SANJU (Thursday, 15 September 2016 05:26)

    After a long gap starting a story..hope all will like it....


    Life was all fun for sanju he is a successful fashion designer..happily married to Shweta for more than a was going fine day he got sad news that his father in law passed away shweta was broken and he took care of in laws family & wife..His in laws remaining family is of all ladies his mother in law, her daughter who is not married and daughter in law who is widow..Hence sanju has to do all the rituals and take care of all of them..

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    Shalma (Thursday, 15 September 2016 08:03)

    Monisha Part 5 (Continued from #118)

    Thanks SRS, Mithra, Kumkum, Puneet, Ashu and Chameli for your valuable comments.

    Salma told that whatever I am doing that is for our comfort and happiness only. I will not do anything against about you. I

    love you so much. I will make you to feel more happy and I will show you the different world with full of happiness like

    that she told. I said I love you so much and hugged her there itself.

    We paid the amout for the camisoles and we left from shop. Salma started the two wheeler and I just sat beside her and my

    both the legs are one sided. Salma teased me like why you are sitting like a girl. She asked me to sit like two sided

    legs.She drove very fast. She put sudden break in a speed breaker. because of that, I hugged her hip suddenly. She stopped

    the two wheeler and she turned and saw my face in an anger.

    I said sorry Salma because of that sudden break only I kept my hand there. She pulled my left hand to her shoulder and she

    pulled right hand infront of her stomach. And she said, Sit comfirtably and you are my lover. unknowingly my fingers

    roaming her navel above her dress.It gives a superb feel for me. My room came and she stopped the two wheeler. I get down

    from two wheeler. She said she enjoyed my touch and she wants more from me like this. I said I also liked these moments and

    I got shy. We just both hugged and said bye. And she left from there.

    I just went inside the home and I removed my shirt. Golden color camishole is shining like a star. I just feel its too

    comfort and it gives something superb feel. I seen me in mirror. My shape is clearly visible in that camisole. I was

    touching my body above that camisole and it gives superb feel.

    My chest is exposing like a boob and I can able to see my nipples shape also in that camisole. I really like it and I am

    enjoying by touching my chest and nipples.That camisole is too light cloth. While touching the camisole itself, I can able

    to feel the sensation. It gives good immense feel. In that camisole, my navel is fully visible. In my navel, stud is there. While seeing me in that dress with navel stud, I feel like I am so sexy and I got shy.

    Once shalma reached home, she given a call to me. She said she was very much enjoying those moments in the two wheeler. She

    can't able to come out from those moments and it gives full of happiness like that she told me. And she wants to show the

    same feeling to me also in future like that she told. I said love u dear and thank you so much to her. We chit chatted all

    the things happened today for an hour in mobile.

    I didnt change the camisole in the night. I slept by wearing camisole itself. I got a good sleep after a long time. I thought because of this camisole only. I took the bath next day morning and I came out by wearing towel only. I opened the shopping bag which was purchased yesterday. In that, I took the red camisole and I just worn that. For bottom innerwear, I just searched in my cupboard. After that only, I thought I have a panty for me in the same color. So I took the red panty and I worn. I just removed my towel and I seen my whole body in mirror. I feel like I am a sexy guy in that dress. It gives good feel. I seen my full body shape in that dress. Red panty fits me very well. That material gives superb feel. While touching itself, I got some sensation feel. Nearly half an hour I enjoyed me in front of mirror.

    Please post more comments. As it will encourage me to write more parts.

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    Kumkum (Thursday, 15 September 2016 12:03)

    Enjoying your story very much dear. Making of sensation story I guess. But because of teasing only Plz post quickly other wise flow gets ruined.

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    mansi (Thursday, 15 September 2016 12:34)

    Nice story salma

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    Srs (Thursday, 15 September 2016 13:36)

    Salman u mentioned that he had a long hair, y can't you do something about that.

  • #130

    Salma (Thursday, 15 September 2016 19:55)


    @kumkum, Thank you so much. I really liked your comments. I will post stories as early as possible.
    @srs, thanks for your suggession. I have a idea about that. I will write.
    @mansi, Thank you mansi


  • #131

    Salma (Thursday, 15 September 2016 23:48)

    Monisha Part 6 (Continued from #128)

    I went to office in the morning by wearing camisole and panty inside my shirt & pant. I am having so much of work and I was deep in my work. Around 11am, salma pinged me and she asked shall we go for a walk in a garden. There is a garden in our office. I said ok and I came to reception at that time itself. She is also there in the reception. We both went to garden. There we both are walking slowly by chitchatting.

    Salma is taller than me. She is around 6 feet and I am 5.5feet only. So she put hand in my shoulder and walking with me. She slowly put her hand inside my shirt in my shoulder and her hands are moving inside while walking. I am just thinking what she is doing and after she said I just checked whether the camisole is there or not. It is there. I am happy like that she told.

    And after that, She put her hand in my hip. On that day, I didn't inshirt my shirt. So her hands slowly moving inside and her hands are touching my camisole and it gives superb feel. I got shy and took her hand from me. I just ran from there. She chased me and she hugged me from behind. No one was there in the garden. Salma removed 2 buttons in the top of my shirt. And she was rubbing my chest from behind. I was not in a sense and I am just enjoying her touches. Salma is pinching my nipples above my camisole. I got sense and I came out from her. I liked her touches very much. I got shy and put my buttons. Salma asked hope you are wearing panty also. I said yes and its too comfort for me. I really liked it. After sometime, we left from garden and we went inside the office.

    In the evening, Shalma pinged me and she is planning to leave now and she is having some work near by my area. So she is going on the way to my home. So, She asked me to come with her. I also left at that time itself with her. We both left from office in her two wheeler. She drove fastly. My hairs are flowing in hair and she seen this in mirror. And she stopped there itself and she said your hairs are flowing and it will damage your hair. She told we have to do something for this. She said let me think on this and I will inform you after sometime like that she said and started the two wheeler.

    She dropped me near my room and she asked me to come to her home tomorrow because tomorrow is weekend. And in the next day morning, I had a good bath and I worn golden color camisole and same color panty. I liked that golden color so I worn that set inside my jean and tshirt. And @11am I went to Salma's home. She is watching TV in her home. She greeted me and I am also sitting with her to watch tv.

    While watching TV, I said my hairs are disturbing. Its flowing near my eyes oftenly and its disturbing very much. So I am planning to cut my hair like that I told to Shalma. She said, for this reason and all who will cut the hair. Then how the girls are growing hairs upto hip. Even nowadays boys also growing hairs. I asked her what is the solution for this. She went inside her room and she bring the headband and she said this is the solution for this. Nowadays so many guys also wearning this. In our office itself, some of the guys are wearing na. I said ya and I seen so many guys in our office itself. She put that headband in my hair and hairs are not coming in front now. She said she likes my hair very much and she asked me to dont cut ur hair. I given a promise I will not cut my hair.

    I am watching TV and she went inside and bring the coffee for me. I am watching TV and I didnt take the coffee cup properly. because of that, it is splitted on my dress. She asked me to remove my dresses. So that she will give it for wash otherwise those stains will not go like that she told. I asked to give some other alternate dress. She said first give me those dresses. I am having a dress for you like that she told.

    Please post more comments. It will encourage me to write more parts.

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    Pooja, we are waiting for your story equally..

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    Hi All,

    I have posted my story (Monisha) from part 1 to part 6 in my fb page.

    My fb id link is

    Please like my story and give valuable comments.


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    Shalma (Friday, 16 September 2016 07:20)

    Monisha Part 7 (Continued from #133)

    Thanks Priya, Shathya & Kumkum for your valuable comments.

    I went inside one room in her house and I removed my shirt and pant. And I asked her the alternate dress for me. She asked me to come her outside then only I will give dresses to you like that she told. I said I will not come outside. She requested me to see me in the new innerwear. I asked her to come inside the room. She came inside and I hided my body by using one towel in that room.

    She came inside and removed that towel and thrown it outside. Now I was in camisole and panty exposing my navel infront of my lover. I got shy and I hided my face with hands. She was stunned while seeing me in that dressed. She said I am maintaining my body perfectly. She likes me very much. She teased me as I am having good shape. She came near me and she touched my navel and suddenly I got some sensation and I hugged her.

    She said I am so sexy in that dress. she requested me to stand in some sexy pose. For fun, I also given some sexy pose. she taken picture of those poses in her camera. We seen those poses in her camera and it came very sexy. Salma said pictures and all it came good but we need to some touch up to make this poses into excellent sexy pose.

    I am sitting in Guest room and she went to her room and bring some makeup products. At that time, My mind says I wants to give a best pose. So that whatever salma said I just accepted. She sat near me and she put Kajal and eye liner to my eyes. And she tried to increase my eye brow thickness by using kajal pencil. And also she put false eye lashes to my eyes and she put mascara.

    Salma took deep red color lipstick and she put it to my lips and for shining, she put something to my lip. I just seen my face in the mirror. My eyes are so gorgeous and its like heroine's eye. And my lips are so sexy. Those things made me into sexy mood. I am just wearing sort camisole upto my navel and shining golden panty. That sexy mood make me to give more sexy poses in that attire. I given so many sexy poses. She captured so many photos.She asked for some bed poses also. I given those sexy poses also. I liked all those things.

    As per Salma instructions, I have given 30 different poses near wall, near mirror and in bed. Salma captured all the poses in her camera. If any poses are not came properly, she asked me to give a pose once again and she took those poses perfectly. She wants something more and for that, she put table fans in the table in my both the sides and my hairs already loose free hair only. It is coming below my shoulder. She started those table fans with full speed. She asked me to give poses now and my hairs are flowing in the hair and I am giving too sexy poses. Those poses and all came very well and Salma satisfied with those poses. While seeing those poses in camera, its too sexy.

    I was so hungry and I asked her about lunch. She also having hungry. She said, she will buy lunch for us from outside. Meanwhile she asked me to have head bath. She given some lotion for my hair and for my body. I went inside bathroom and I had a good bath and came outside by wearing towel in my hip. She forgot to keep dresses for me in the room. So I was sitting in towel dress only. She came after thirty minutes. I asked her why u forgot to keep dresses for me and I am wearing only towel for more than 15 minutes. She said, I did purposefuly only and I have a plan to dress up for you.

    Please like this story in my fb id ( and write more comments.

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    PUJA, SHALMA , NISHA , MOHINI , SRS .... Thanks for keeping the page alive with your lovely contributions. Puja , Nisha both had tremendous potential stories, but stopped now... Salma giving quick updates , that's great. Few more writers are also trying to contribute, deseve application.

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    Super story Shalma . You are a great writer.

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    Shalma (Saturday, 17 September 2016 03:48)

    Monisha Part8 (Continued from #139)

    Thanks Ritu, Kumkum, Srs, Heena and Nidhi shaa.

    I am wearing only towel and I was asking some dresses to shalma because its too chill. She gives her night dress which is having satin pant and satin top and she said wear these and we will have a lunch and after that I will do a dress up for you and we will have one more phtoshoot.

    While eating lunch, I asked her about her cooking skill. She repeated same to me. I said I know cooking but not that much. She wants me to learn cooking and she wants I have to be expert in cooking. I said for time pass I did cooking. Salma knows one aunty and she is expert in cooking. She said she will speak with her about teaching cooking for me. She requested me to learn cooking. I said ok because I dont want to make sad her. So I just accepted.

    After having lunch, Salma asked me to come inside her bed room. She asked me to remove the night dress which I am wearing and she gives dark red panty to me to wear. I worn that red panty and sitting in her bed. She asked me to sit in the dressing table. This time she put heavy thick dark lipstick to me. And she put mascara, eyeliner to my eyes and eyebrows.

    And after that, She took one satin black color cloth and she tied that cloth above my eyes. Now I cant able to see anything. I asked her why you have tied my eyes. She said for photoshoot purpose only I tied that cloth in ur eyes. That cloth also gives a romantic attire for you. She took a push up bra and put it on me. I am not aware, she is keeping bra on me because my eyes are tied with cloth. With a romantic touch, she put bra hooks on me. It made me to go to the romantic mood.

    She changed my navel stud. Previously I was wearing Pearl stud. She took one dangling navel ring and put it in my navel. While I am walking, It is moving and it is making me crazy. Her fingers are making me so romantic. She is behind me and her hands are going inside the bra and she is rubbing my chest. It made me heaven. In that mood, I given so many romantic poses in that attire itself. I am wearing bra and panty only. But I am not aware I am wearing those dresses only. Without knowing what I am wearing, I have given so many poses. She took each and every poses in her camera.

  • #146

    Shalma (Saturday, 17 September 2016 03:49)

    Monisha Part 8 Continued
    After finishing the photoshoot, she didnt remove the cloth from my eyes. She removed that pushup bra and she put her red camisole on me. And after that only, She removed that cloth from my eyes. I asked her, which dress I worn in the photoshoot. She didnt tell what I have worn in the photoshoot and also she didnt show me the pictures also.
    I have seen me in the mirror. Her red camisole also coming upto my navel only. My navel is clearly visible. And In my navel, dangling ring is there. Its too so cute. I liked it. But I just said to shalma, pls I dont want this. Please put stud itself. But she wants, I have to wear that dangling ring only. At last, I accepted and I just seen the wall clock and it was around 6pm in the evening. So I asked her, I have to leave now. She said ok and she gives my dresses and I worn those dresses and I left from her home on that day.

    Next day is sunday. So I thought to have a long sleep. And I reached room and I removed my shirt. And that dangling ring is making me too shy. Next day morning, salma called me and asked me to come to her home for cooking class appointment, we have to meet her aunt.I had a bath and I went to Salma home. We both went to her aunt home.

    Her Aunt name is Khusboo. She is staying alone in her home. because her husband is working in foreign. We went inside Salma's aunt home. She greeted us. I thought her aunt will be aged person like that. But she is so young. Salma requested her aunt to teach cooking for me. She said, nowadays I am not teaching anyone. But I am searching a maid for me who will help me in cooking and cleaning the house.

    Salma just thought for a minute and she said to her aunt that Monish will work as a maid in your home. Her aunt said, I am so strict and I want a perfect work from my maid. If anything is wrong, I will get tense and I will give a punishment for my maid. Aunt asked if you are fine for this, then I can appoint you as my maid. Shalma called me separately and said just accept it. And she said I want to show best in cooking. So she convinced me to accept it.

    I said ok to Khusboo aunt but I said I dont know cooking. She said I will teach you everything about cooking, cleaning house and washing dresses.And also she said daily 2 hours in the morning from 6am to 8am I have to work. She will provide food for morning and afternoon and she will pay 2000Rs as salary. But if you are not listening or not doing properly whatever I am saying, I will give you a punishment like that she told. I said ok for that and I am going to work in Khusboo aunt home from tomorrow morning.

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    but according to me. dont add anyone in cding story..
    lets be cding between them only.
    Cding is very private thing..
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    Shalma (Monday, 19 September 2016 21:09)

    Monisha Part 9 (Continued from #148)

    Thank you all for great comments.

    I woke up on monday morning. I had a bath and got ready. And I went to khusboo aunt house @6am sharp. Aunt invited me inside. She shown her house hall and after that kitchen. Kitchen is so neat and clean. And She showed each and every room of her house. Aunt asked me how is the house and I replies its so beautiful, neat and very clean.

    Aunt asked me to take care of the house same like this now onwards. And she agreed to help for this. If Its not clean, then she said she will give punishment for me. And after that, we went to kitchen. So many vessels are there in the wash basin. She asked me to wash all those vessesls. She explained how to wash a vessel properly. And after that, I washed all the vessels. It took half an hour time. She checked the washed vessels and some of the vessels are not cleaned properly. She asked me to do it with proper care from next time onwards.

    Aunt called me to her bedroom. Aunt kept several clothes in bed and she said these clothes are washed yesterday and she was not folded and put it in her cup board. So she asked me to fold those clothes and she asked me to put it in her cupboard. Aunt took one saree from that and she given to me to fold that saree. That saree is so soft and silky. Without folding the saree, my hands are touching each and everywhere of that saree. Aunt asked me about what i am doing. After that only I realized and I folded the saree. But I dont know why I did like that. I have not folded the saree properly. She taught me to fold the saree.

    Some of the sarees are too transparent and so silky. While touching those sarees, it gives nice sensation to me. Her blouses are so modern with lots of design and deep neck. Some of the blouses are sleevless and some of them are half sleeve with transparent cloth. All of the blouses are so superb. Aunt bras also so modern. most of the bras are so silky, satin type and also transparent bras. around more than half an hour I took to fold all of her dresses and put it on her cupboard.

    Aunt asked me to wash her dresses every sunday and she asked me to wash her inners alone everyday. Her inners are in bathroom and I went inside the bathroom. Pink color panty and satin bra is hanging there. I took those things and washed those things. While touching those inners, it gives a superb feel. I came out from bathroom and my dresses are wet. But I have to go to office with this dress only. But its too wet.

    Aunt suggested me to have a bath in her house and get readied to office in her home itself from tomorrow. I got fear, while hearing this. because, I am wearing camisole and navel ring inside. If I am having bath in her house, she may get noticed. I got fear because of this. I returned to my room and change the dress and I went to office.

    one hour late to office because of wet dress and I got scold from my manager. So, I planned to get ready in aunt home itself. In coffee break, I met Shalma. Shalma asked me about the maid work in aunt house. I just said, I cleaned vessels, I folded her dresses and I washed her clothes like that. I didnt express my sensations and all to her. Otherwise she will teaseme or she may do something to me like that I thought and I didnt say those things to her. But I am having a fear inside, how i am going to face aunt with camisole and navel ring. And also, why i felt like that while touching those dresses. I just confused because of those feelings and I didn't do work properly in office and I got scold from my managers.

    Next day morning, I kept my pant, shirt and camisole & panty in one bag and I went with that bag to aunt house. I went to wash vessels. While washing vessels, my hairs came front and it was disturbing me oftenly. Aunt noticed that one and she put hair clip to my hair and she said it will not disturb you now. But I said, aunt please I dont want hair clip. Because I am a boy. But Aunt said who is there here. you and me only are there and also your hair is disturbing you. thats why I put hair clip on you. If you are not keeping, you can't work properly. So you must keep the hair clip while doing work like that aunt said. And atlast I just accepted.

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    Hi. My name is Sunil and i am 30 years old. Last month i had to go to a official trip to pondicherry. My company provided me a beach resort. My room was very big and the balcony was facing the beach.

    I finished my work early so i still had 4 days to spend in this city. I went to a bar in the evening. I was having my drinks when i saw a girl entered the bar wearing jeans a top. The top was little short exposing her belly button. She was fair in complexion and a nice well toned body and very beautiful. I could not take my eyes of her. Soon after getting her drink she looked here and there and started coming towards me. She said if she can sit here. Well how i could say no to her.

    After few sips she asked me about myself and i told her how i have 4 days time to roam here. She said she can give me company for 4 days but she will charge money for that. I suddenly was taken back. I said “O so you are a slut”. She immediately stared at me and replied “i think you should learn how to respect a girl”. I said i am sorry. she said i can call her a call girl or escort but better if i call her by her name Sunaina. She asked me if I have got any place. I told her my resort is there and no body knows me there so we can go.

    We entered my room. she was really impressed by the resort and was very happy to see the view from balcony. She was carrying a bag with her. I asked what is there inside the bag. She said i will come to know soon. Then she asked me to take a bath. As i took my towel and was about to move she said what are you doing. will you take bath in these clothes. I said no then she said take of the clothes here only and go. I smiled at her. I started taking off my clothes in front of her. My shirt, pants and vest.

    Now i was in underwear only. She was smiling at me. She said look at your body fair slim smooth curvy hairless body just like girls. You have got girlish body. Hearing this some current went inside me and my dick suddenly jerked. She noticed that. Her smile became very broad. She oh look at that. You liked it when i called you a girl. You like being treated as a girl? and she blinked at me. I got very embarrassed and just looked down and nodded my head in no. She said “Ahh look at that you are even blushing like a girl”. The tent in my underwear was rising now which she noticed.

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    I immediately wrapped the towel around me and took off my underwear and threw it on bed along with my other clothes. She suddenly said “Hey are you going to take bath in towel.No na. Then take it off too and winked again at me”. I smiled and went inside bathroom without taking off the towel. Then i opened the door little bit and my hand came out holding the towel and threw it at her. She started laughing loudly and came to the bathroom door and asked me what are you wearing darling? I replied back “Nothing”. she replied “Means?” . I said “Main nanga hun” (I am naked as in male). She laughed and replied “Nanga nahi nangi ho tum” (you are naked as in female).

    After my bath i called her “Sunaina please hand me my clothes” . She came and handed me the clothes from a small gap in the door which i opened. I was shocked to see the clothes. It was a one small girls teddy and a padded bra and a backless thong the one which only has a thread on the back. I asked her what is this where are my clothes? She replied “These are your clothes only”. I said what is this joke give my clothes. She said “If you dont want then give them back and stay like that. You are getting this or nothing. Your choice”. I knew i dont have any option now. So i wore those clothes and saw myself in the mirror. I was shocked. I was looking just like a girl. The dress was hardly reaching my thighs and from top it only had straps and the bra straps were visible.

    I slowly came out of the bathroom trying to pull the dress down a bit. She saw me in that state and started laughing loudly. She was pointing a finger at me and was continuously laughing. Then she said “How are you feeling standing in such a short sexy dress in front of a fully dressed girl. Well now this is what i call… A SLUT!” . I immediately looked at her hearing that word. She said “Yes baby now i will teach you what a slut is.Now for next four days you are not Sunil but Rani.

    Now Rani move your hands above head and make a 360 degress turn. And make sure you turn very fast like a dance move”. I begged her please return my clothes. She said if you want your clothes then do what she is saying. I raised my hand and made a very fast turn. But that made the dress go up in air exposing my thong and ass. She laughed so loudly and said “Wow look at that. You have got such a beautiful girlish ass. It is so much fuckable”. I was getting red in embarrrassed. Then she ordered me to go and turn towards the wall. The she asked me to put my hands on the wall and bend. As i did that the dress rid up exposing my ass to her. She was still laughing.

    She went and sat on the sofa just behind me so that she can get clear view of my ass. Then suddenly my heard dropped a beat when i heard a click sound. I turned and another click sound. She was holding her mobile and taking my pics. I begged her and she ordered me to go back to my position or she will leave me like that and all my clothes are locked and she has the key. I had no option so i turned back and she went to her mobile. 10 minutes went like that and she was laughing loudly after every few moments and when i turned to see she was doing something on mobile and laughing.

    She then got up and came to me and said “You know what is the difference between a call girl and a slut”. I nodded no. She said “The call girl do everything secretly but the slut tells everyone openly that she is a slut”. Saying this she turned her mobile towards me and my jaw dropped. It was her facebook page and there my photo she had taken from the back bending and exposing my thong and ass was posted on her wall. It already had 100+ likes and 30 comments in 10 minutes. She said if I dont obey what she says for next 4 days then she will post my other pic also which has my face exposed and the whole world will know that such a slut i am.

    And then she said that she had asked suggestions from people on what should be done with such a slut and the replies included some girl suggesting to push me out of room like this or spank my ass and some of the guys had suggested to make me do a mujra (sexy dance and post the video on facebook) and few guys even wanted to fuck my ass.Saying that she laughed and said “Wow you have already become a very famous slut”. Then she grabbed my hair and pulled my face back and said “Now you will do what i say for next 4 days. Got it you bitch.” I nodded my head with yes quitely.

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    Written on 2014-10-16

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    Part 2

    After all the rituals i came back to my place leaving behind my wife.. My in laws family was completely broken..My wife stated their for more than ten days a use to talk to her daily but not asked much about when will return..My wife suggested me to look for a big house as she wants to bring her family to stay with us..Firstly I thought I will loose privacy with my wife but still I searched house I hot one three bhk house and shifted their than my wife came with her family..

    Let you tell you about my mother in law she was still good looking but bit on heavier side her name was Vidya..her daughter in mid thirties was bomb shell her name was Veena and her sis in law was similar her name was UshA..

    It took few days to adjust for all of them..Veena got her job transferred to our city..and joined the same..My job was more or less from home only I use to design than send the images to tailoring shops by mail..and go out once a while..

    I got isolated in home as all ladies use to spend time together..I complained to my wife she told you are well come to join ladies club and just had a smile on her face..I told I will join..

    The journey begins:

    In the morning after Veena left for job..Usha and shweta were in kitchen I joined them..Just had casual good morning and tea..Then started discussing of some daily soap and new type saree worn by heroine as I was fashion designer I got fascinated as how much detailed explanation Usha gave about that saree.. Shweta told I can design like that..Than Usha asked me to join to watch daily soap which I obliged immediately..

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    "fashion part 5 #123

    After deep thinking i was ready to sign an i was lill bit afraid an i know that i will con vise them to pay the amount so that i can escape from this torture.An after that they i give me a card in which there was an address they have told to go there an this was the first punishment starting an i took the card an saw the address an start living while i was living they r giggling an i dint know y , my work was complete it was 5pm an i went to car parking an start to move for the address i just type the address in my google maps an i went quickly found it.i park my car side an went inside there was a young lady about my age an she saw me an smile she was gorges an i told my boss name an company an after that she laugh an told ohh its u i have been waiting 4 u come in an i saw that it looks like some sort as clinic as i went inside she took me to an room an asked to remove all my cloths an give 1 towel to were it ,i was afraid after she forced an done it an she lie me in table an started to apply oil to my whole body i was so relaxed an felt sleep after she finished she told to lie down in bath tub after when i did i thought that she will do cleaning as a nice bath , i closed my eye in there an kept my hands in 2 coiner when i relisted an click sound i saw that she locked my two hands in both side an except my face everything is in under water , she give 1 rubber like thing an asked to bite it i did it after she opened some bottle like liquid an pore it into the water an took to electrode rod an dip it under the water an told this would be lill pain so for preventing screaming i gave u rubber an she bring some sort of electrical equipment which look like current voltage etc an turn on it while doing i get jolt of electric shock to my whole body an my whole body started to burn like a hell after it was done she took me an again make me lie down in bed an she took sponge an cleaned my whole body an apply lotion now she started to shave my face an side burs i protect but nothing use n again she took a small device an she placed 1 dark glass both of our eyes an now again she started to work , she is doing whole area in my face beard, mustache which has been remove an side burs after it done my face started to itch like hell an burns she took cream an apply in my face an few hours she told that it was done. After when i get up i saw my whole body is completely hairless an smooth an my face too i dont know what to do i went near to mirror an saw that without makeup an bushy eyebrow i look like a girl if they dint notice, i saw that my side burns r removed i dint ask anything she just keep on smiling an asked do u like it , i told that everything was ok but y u removed my side burns its not fair with this long hair i look ugly an for that c told ohh no u look pretty u need not to worry an i felt shame an came out from there. I took car i started to went home on the way i got tensed that how iam going to show my face to everyone its total shame what my aunt going to tell while driving i stop to the near by shop i saw a monkey cap which used to were for not getting cold , it covers my ears an comes up to my mouth only my nose an eyes will be opened an i bought it , it was only 100 bugs an i gave 1000 bugs cause i dont have a change an on seeing that shopkeeper told what madam u dont have change for 100 u give 1000 ok wait i will look for a change in another shop. i was shocked on hearing that he called me as madam. after he came with change an i took it an went to home. I put the mask i went home my aunt open the door an get scared i told that it was me an i got cold tats y i straight went to bedroom in told that i ate b4 i will go for sleep an i removed my dress an put the blank sheet into me an slept.Next day morning my aunt came i was in deep sleep she came an saw my hair r all get mess an iam still wearing the monkey cap she removed my blanket an i used to were shorts only i dont were banyan an she was shocked on seeing my hairless body n she removed my cap an get another shock on seeing my hairless face with out side burns. she smiled an took my mess hair an put it like a bun an put hair clip.

  • #180

    SRS (Sunday, 25 September 2016 13:14)

    fashion part 6

    After when i woke up i was shocked that my face mask is been removed i was scared whether my aunt did this r not , if she then what iam going to explain i got tens an went silently to bathroom an started to brush my teeth after finishing it i wash my face an i was shocked on seeing my hair , i through the clip an went straight to my aunt for y she put the clip but when i went there on seeing me my our servant an aunt both started to laugh , i felt shame in front of them. My aunt asked y i did this but i cant tell the truth to them so i lied that i our office there is a new rules that nobody should grow beard an mus touch cause iam the only male. my aunt asked then y u removed ur body hair, i dont know what to tell an i got 1 idea a told that i want to be male model with six pack tats y an my aunt was silent. After i got ready an went to office i took 1 nose mask i were it, every body asked about that i told it was dust allergy tats y an i went to my cabin after some time my bosses called me an i went to them an while seeing me they told u can fool every body by wearing the mask but not me please remove it u have to face it tats the punishment, an removed it slowly an they saw an lol i felt shame, i came out side an every body started to ask about this an i told its a new trends an they asked then y u removed ur side burs i told by mistake an told dont worry it will grow, an my boss noted the chatting an came closes to me an silently told in my ear that u have to worry cause its permanent on hearing that i felt shocked i dont react anything just went silently .i got really tense i dont know what to do at that time 1 woman game an told sir there was some file is missing in ur sap so can u please get me an i went to her system an sat there 1 girl about 11 was there an asked her who was she she told that it was her daughter she bring her with her , i told this is office u should not bring her here an she asked sorry for that an i started to work in her system at that time that lill girl asked to her mom that ( mama who was this aunty , an she told it was my superior an she told that i was beauty full, an she came near to me an smiled an said hi an i too told hi an give her a chock let an she told thanks. an i started to work an she told ur hair is nice but u dint get proper style shall i , i dint concentrate to her an told go a head but dont disturb me an i keep on working at that time she went to her mother an took something an came nere me an started to work on me she slowly comb my hair an i felt really relaxed cause her hand is so soft an after she started to took small section hair from the top of my hair an gather it an do something after she took a rubber band an place it in bottom of the hair an she went to her mother an her mother told something an give it 1 thing to her she again came to me an placed something in my hair an went , i thought that b4 my hair disturb me cause of lose hair but now i dint get any disturb cause it is neatly arranged an i too finished my work, after my boss called me to come to her cabin i went there an she asked that tomorrow is 2nd weak an what u going to do whether i will receive any payment r what , i told to not worry that i will get the payment an she told i hope so an while iam living she stopped me an told nice hairstyle an i said thanks it was 1 of our worker daughter who did it an she smiled an told she did a nice work on u, i cant understand i went off from there an i was getting scared about tomorrow.

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    SRS (Sunday, 25 September 2016 13:15)

    fashion part 7

    i reached to my aunt an i went slowly there my aunt saw me an get surprised i dont know y an she too asked about my hair i told n she was happy, our servant too saw that an lol but i dint understand that y, my aunt took her phone an started to take selfie with me an my servant came an give my aunt a rose an she placed to my aunt hair an told that now it will look same an she took many pic, my servant took the phone an started to take pic an while me an aunt sitting in the sofa she went back side an from the top view she took another pic an came near to aunt an told that from back side we cant tell who is who an they both started to lol, i got irate an asked her y u laughing like mad an while i tell my aunt show me the pic an i saw tat many pic in that 1 pic my aunt sat in the sofa an the photo was taken from the top view in that my aunt was in french braid in that was rose flower an the same hairstyle was in the other an i dint understand that when it was taken an i told nice on seeing the pic an asked her that who was the girl an by asking 2 of them cons tally laughing an my aunt told my my u dint saw ur hairstyle it was u ideate an i was shocked an i touch my hair an the rose flower came an i through it an undo the hair an get shame an went to the room , i was scared that every body in my office saw me in this hairstyle it was really humiliating. Next day i woke up an get ready for my office my aunt dint asked anything about yesterday an i too live for my off n i asked for the payment to my client but there was not proper response i was afraid an get digressed i dont know what to do an my boss called me an asked about that an she know that an she told ok than ready 4 ur next punishment 1 v will start with inner than v will go 4 outer an by telling she again give me a address an told to meet there i was scared now what they going to do an how i will face it.

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    poonam sinha (Wednesday, 28 September 2016 04:42)

    Wife's new doll -I am mohini. My wife anuradha's new doll. I was not mohini earlier it all started as i was having extra marital affair with my gf named pooja. It had been 2 yrs of our marriage but i was not happy with itEven anuradha was not happy. I used to spend time with pooja alot. From starting pooja thought i am little feminine as i had hairless body. She used to take me all the time for shopping sometimes while trying lingerie she putted on me to see how it looks, i ignored it. She used to say me to apply her nailpaint. We were madly in love.We wanted to be together but anuradha was not ready for divorse. One day pooja came with idea that if we make anu realize that i like to be lady she will leave me but i was not sure of it. With no option i agreed and pooja took control of me. Firstly she made me feel how to wear bra panty. When ever we meet she made me wear her diff. Styles lingerie. Then she made me understand about makeup. Even applied alot of makeup on me.I got used to it and i used to ask pooja about wearing her tops and skirts. We now were besties rather than gf bf. Intentionally i used to talk about makeup with anu. I used to wear pink shirts. Then pooja taught me to wear saree and webought few wigs and pierced my ears.Pooja thought i am ready now and we planned one day anu was out for shopping. I called pooja. She made me wear red lingerie. Red anarkali style dress of anu. Heavy makeup. Earrings. Lots of bangles. Heels. I was looking way better than anu.As anu came pooja was hidden in bathroom. I saw anu and pretended to be shocked. Anu was surprised seeing me as lady. I told her i want to be a lady and suddenly she blushed came close to me and kissed me. And said honey i love ur look. From now on you are my doll. From now we both ladieswill stay here nd love each other come on bed now.. seeing this me n pooja knew how much trouble we are in and this way i beacame anu's doll

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    Shalma where ru please continue, iam eager to read ur story pleaseeee

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    i shave all over every 2-3 days , it takes lots of time and lot of times i get small cuts too

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    u should wax , its best way to remove hairs

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    Riya looked at her reflection in the mirror and let out a deep breath. The makeup girl was giving the final touches. . Her face was adorned with jewels. A big nose ring which touched her red pouty lips. A maang-tika which sat perfectly between her brown silky hairs. Big dangling jhumkas decorated her ears. She looked at her hands which looked lovely in the mehendi with bright red nail polish. For a moment she couldn’t believe its all true. It was all too hazy for her. Her chain of thoughts were interrupted by a message alert on her phone. It was her soon to be husband Amit. She blushed as she read “Lene tujhe o gori, a rahe hai tere sajna”. The makeup was complete by now. She got up and took many selfies with her new friend Rekha. She sent the one with shades to Amit with #kalachashma. Rekha reminded her that the cab is ready and they should leave. Riya found it difficult to walk with the heavy lehenga and all that jewellery but a part of her was cherishing this experience of being a bride.

    They started from the Makeup studio, Riya sat at the back and Rekha sat next to the driver giving him directions to the wedding hall. It was Wednesday evening and Gurgaon traffic was moving at a snail pace. Riya started getting tensed again started typing a message to Amit: “ We are stuck in the traffic, why did you choose a Tuesday day for our wedding. You could have choosen weekend but you had to do this and make me late”. It was followed by some angry smilies. The bangles filling her both hands made sounds while she typed those messages angrily, she both loved and hated these feminine sounds. She took a few deep breaths and remembered how Neha used to get angry with him when things didn’t work out as per his plans. Yes, he alias Vaibhav alias Riya had a complete female mind now and even giggled at her thoughts. She remembered Neha again:the damsel who had proposed to Vaibhav: “She might have been my wife today, sitting here in my place and me being the hunk Amit out to get her”. She felt pity for Vaibhav, how he still lives inside her, how he has gone quiet nowdays and wondered what kind of life he might have had if things were different today.

    > Please tell if you guys liked this intro, I would write more if you feel its good, thanks<

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    Yes Riya,I like your story . But I am frustrated coz like everyone before you will also stop writing in the middle with our completing the full story. This has now become a bad tradition here, leaving story in the middle. Pooja, Neha, shalma and others also did this before. I guess you will also follow them. So do as you wish.

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    Sorry kumkum and others.

    Due to my hectic schedule, i am unable to continue my story. Hope i will finish this within this weekend and upload.

    And request people to write more stories. We have abundant creativity with us. Let's utilize it.

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    Grammar it's nice but i have not getting time to write story itself better u write then it would help to gain knowledge.

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    Guys, I have written a very long story. It will take around 13 posts here. So I have posted it on fictionmania. I hope you guys enjoy it:

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    Riya . what is story name?

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    The name is Serendipity: the life of Riya.

    I have posted the link above.

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    Yes, we need a crossdressing story on navratri theme where elder sister takes brother to garba in ghagra and humiliates him.. Send him in ghagra to school garba function too..

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    @Riya: Awesome story.

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    I have posted a new story in hindi on my blogspot.

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    Monisha Part 10 (Continued from #160)
    After finishing the work, I planned to go for bath. Aunt wants to check whether I cleaned the vessels properly. today also, I have not cleaned some of the vessels.
    Aunt gives a warning to me. If it happens one more time, she will give punishment surely. I said I will ensure it will not happen once again. And after that, I went to
    bath in aunt home.
    While going inside the bathroom, Aunt said her inners are hanging in the bathroom. She asked me to wash those things, while I am having bath. I just said ok and went
    inside the bathroom. Aunt bra and panty are hanging in the bathroom. Both Panty and bra are deep red velvet cloth. While seeing those clothes itself, I am getting
    sensational feel. I touched those clothes and it made me to wear those things in the bathroom. Somehow I managed and I put the bra hooks. I am feeling so sexy. Around
    30 minutes, I was enjoyed in that dress. Aunt shouted from outside, how much hour you will take bath like that. After that only, I realised and I had a quick bath and
    came out from bathroom.
    After coming out from bathroom, I quickly put camisole and panty and I wore my office formals. because If aunt see these things, then it will be a problem for me.
    After dressing up, I said bye to aunt to go for office. Aunt asked me to have break fast and she already prepared breakfast. While I am having breakfast, Aunt styled
    my hair with hairbrush. Aunt is a professional beautician. She owns one beauty parlour in the city.She styled my hair very nicely. And she said, you are so cute in
    this hairstyle. And after having breakfast, I just seen my face in mirror. I also feel its nice and I asked to aunt its like girls hairstyle. Aunt asked me to go
    office in this hairstyle itself. If someone teases me means, she will leave her job like that she promised.
    Aunt put cream to my face and she put some compact powder on my face. It gives some shining to my face. Aunt said you are so cute. I got so shy. I left from Aunt house
    and reached the office. While going inside the office, I am getting fear because of my hair and shining face.
    In my team, two girls are there. Those girls names are Sana and Ridhi. I didnt speak freely with them previously. And even they also not care about me previously. My
    manager name is Mohini. She also strict on me always. While I am going to my seat in the office, I have to cross these 2 girls Sana and Ridhi. Sana noticed me while I
    am crossing. Sana comes with Ridhi to my seat. And they both praised about my new hairstyle. It looks good on me like that they said. Suddenly Sana hugged me and she
    said you are so cute. Sana took her mobile and she wants me to take selfie with me. She took some selfies in the seat itself. She asked me to sit in different poses
    and she captured only me.
    While Sana hugging me, She noticed I am wearing camisole inside the shirt. After taking those selfies, Sana called me personally. She asked me what you are wearing
    inside. I got fear and I was so silent. Sana said she will not tell to anyone about this. its so nice and she likes me very much. Salma noticed that I am sitting with
    Sana. And Salma came and said she was the owner of this beauty(me). I just introduced salma as my lover to sana. Sana said you are very lucky girl.

    Please like this story in my fb id ( and write more comments.

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    monisha your very good pa continue story pls & srs pls continue your story very very pls i am your fan i early wait for story pls contiune pa pls pls

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    La directora de Expansión del Grupo Meliá Hotels Internacional, María Zarraluqui, ha dicho que «están emocionados» por ser la compañía que «va hacer realidad» la puesta en marcha el Palacio de Congresos», y ha mostrado el «compromiso» de la cadena hotelera «para que comience a dar sus frutos a la sociedad mallorquina lo antes posible».

    En declaraciones a los medios de comunicación, Zarraluqui ha remarcado que están «muy satisfechos» por haber sido los adjudicatarios del Palacio de Congresos y el Hotel anexo, y ha recordado que la empresa «ha hecho una apuesta muy importante por esta infraestructuras desde hace años, presentándose a todos los concursos públicos».

    «Nuestro compromiso es absoluto y haremos todo lo posible para lo antes posible que el Palacio comienza a dar sus frutos a la sociedad mallorquina, que lleva esperando más de diez años», ha afirmado la directora de Meliá, quien ha dicho que el proceso de apertura del centro de convenciones se hará «sin prisas, de forma correcta, con calidad y cumplimiento con todos los pliegos de condiciones».

    «Por supuesto, será para la fecha concreta de marzo, pero si puede ser antes, bienvenido sea para todos», ha enfatizado Zarraluqui.

    Gabriel Escarrer y María Zarraluqui

    «Creemos que la captación va a ser muy importante»

    Con todo, la directora de Expansión de Meliá ha explicado que han realizado un plan de negocios «muy exhaustivo» sobre la captación de congresistas, y que tienen «focalizado dónde quieren crecer y cómo hacerlo en los principales mercados», como puede ser el alemán, inglés, escandinavo y el español.

    Así, ha afirmado que la captación de congresistas «dará sus frutos casi de forma inmediata», teniendo en cuenta que Palma es un «destino nuevo» para los segmentos. «Creemos que la captación de congresitas será muy importante», ha recalcado

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    Raghav (Sunday, 16 October 2016 07:07)

    Part 1.
    This story is about tarun. Tarun’s parents were very wealthy and he was the only kid so he got pampered a lot. Tarun loved to crossdress since his childhood and every day after coming back from school he would crossdress in his mothers clothes and spend time at home as a girl till his parents came back from office in the night. This was his daily routine for many years until he finished his schooling. For his college education his parents decided to send him to ooty in one of the best colleges. Tarun was sent to his aunt’s house in ooty where he was supposed to stay and attend college which was very close by his aunt’s house.
    Tarun did not want to go to ooty as it would not be possible for him to crossdress and tried to convince his parents but his parents did not listen to him and finally tarun had to agree with his parents and go to ooty. Just before he left to ooty he had one last day to crossdress so he decided to make the most of it and as soon as his parents left to office he went into his mothers dressing room and opened her wardrobe and started looking at all the clothes and was thinking what to wear. As he was looking at all the different types of sarees, salwars etc. He found a red colored velvet bag and to his surprise when he opened it he found his mothers wedding saree and all other accessories that his mother was wearing when she had got married. Tarun got very excited after looking at all this and taught since this is his last day and was going to leave his parents and go to ooty just like when a girl gets married and leaves her parents home, he quickly decided to wear it and took the bag and kept it on the bed.
    Now let me tell you about taruns appearance. Tarun was thin and very fair and did not have any facial or body hair, he looked very feminine and was 5 ft 3 inches tall, he looked just like his mother and also had shoulder length hair to which he would attach extensions when ever he crossdressed. Because of having a very similar body like his mother her clothes would easily fit him.
    After keeping all the clothes on the bed tarun went into the toilet to take bath and applied hair removal cream to his body making it even more smoother and shiny and after taking bath he came out of the toilet by tying the towel up to his chest like a girl and stood in front of the mirror and admired his beautiful body.
    First tarun wore a bra and filled it up to give him the perfect looking breast and admired himself in the mirror then he wore a panty and tucked his cock between his legs so that his panty did not have any bulge. Now he was standing in front of the mirror just in bra and panty and was looking very very beautiful and no one could tell that he is a boy. He already had a hairless and feminine body to which the bra and panty added the need curves and made him look just like a girl. Next tarun wore the petticoat and then the blouse and adjusted his breasts to give the perfect look and shape, and finally he draped the saree. Tarun used to crossdress every day so he had become an expert in wearing girls clothes.
    Once he wore the saree he added the hair extensions and tied his hair and put some fancy hair clips and did his makeup just like bride would do on her wedding day and finally he wore his moms necklace and clip-on earrings and completed his makeup by applying lipstick. And took a full look of himself in the mirror. He looked so beautiful that he couldn't control himself and had tears in his eyes. These were tears of a mixed feeling. First of all he was sad that he is going to ooty and secondly he was happy looking at himself in his mothers wedding clothes and was feeling himself as a bride who is going to get married and leave her parents house.
    As his mind was flooded with different taughts he controlled himself and wiped off the tears and came out to the living room covering his head with the palo of the saree just like how a bride would cover her head on her wedding day. After coming to the living room he sat on the sofa and was thinking of all his wonderful memories in the house when he used to crossdress and spend his time every day and the fact that he would not be able to do this from tomorrow made him very sad.
    Next he got up from the sofa and walked around the entire hose and every thing reminded him of all the wonderful moments he spent in the house as a girl and made him extremely emotional and couldnt control himself and he ran to bed room and sat on the bed and started crying just like how a bride would cry.

    To be contd...

  • #235

    RIA (Sunday, 16 October 2016 09:34)

    It felt a bit unusual and why wouldn’t it wearing a bra was not what my life allowed me. Done she said giggling as I tried to cover my empty padded cups with my palms. She brought some foam already cut into pieces to look like breasts and filled it in my bra. There came the added weight. She altered the hooks on the strap a little bit and then it felt comfortable.
    Not normally does it happen with a guy that he stands in front of his wife wearing a sexy frilly piece of women innerwear but this happened in my case. Before proceeding and explaining everything letme introduce myself. My nave is avinash, 26, extremely fair, fair like my wife feels envious of me, rather short just 5’5’’ tall, slim like a babe married to a beautiful software engineer suhani.
    It had been just 3 months that we had come together in this arranged marriage and things were going rather sweet. The love the bliss surrounded us always. Mornings in each other arms, nights in each other’s lips, things were way above romantic. The eagerness of knowing each other more, the anxiety to know about how would she act when something happens or the responses, everything was making life so exciting, and in the course of this exiting journey came a point when I was standing in front of my wife as Avantika in her bra.
    It was a weekend when I just brought my old pend drive to show her my college pics. Eager she sprang up, going through the pics she found something, it was me, but a bit different, initially she was not able to recognize but when she did she was all around the couch laughing. Maybe you people would had guessed, it was me posing as a housewife in a beautiful silk saree and a lots of ornaments, holding a clutch in my hands with beautifully painted nails, and a face made up so brilliantly that even I loved the feel of the makeup. No! it was not out of fun but a college fest in which I had to act as a women, I did it convincingly but the real applause came 7 years later from my wife.

  • #236

    RIA (Sunday, 16 October 2016 09:41)

    Later that night as we sat having dinner my wife asked, how was it, I mean how did it feel like being a women. I was shy to answer and just said it was good. She giggled hearing my answer, so was it fun wearing a saree, a saree I had to wear three of those I blurted out, she was in tears laughing, literally you wore three of those she said, and what else did you wear, nothing I said, oh! Don’t lie dear Avantika she said teasing me, ok I wore a gown too but nothing more than that, and now she was out of control.
    When on bed, I went to the wasroom to change for the night, as I came out I found a cunning smile on suhani’s face, what is it I asked? Jaanu she said playfully, you love me na!! where is it coming from I asked, do you or do you not, I do I said, would you do anyting for me, yes I will I replied, be sure will you, of course I said, then please wear my nighty naa, wha…why!! Please I wanna see you in that, but how could I

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    Raghav (Monday, 17 October 2016 00:41)

    Part 2 – Ooty
    From here the story will be said in Tarun’s words
    As the bus took sharp turns in the ghats I could see small houses and realized that I will be reaching very soon. Even though I was sad as I can’t crossdress I was eager to meet my aunt. My aunt is my father’s elder sister and is in her 60’s and lives alone as her husband died 5 years back and that was the last time I had seen her. My parents used to visit her once in six months but she has not seen me in the last 5 years. The last time she saw me I was in 5th grade, since then a lot of things have changed and i was sure she will not recognize me. The constant honking of the bus driver made me come out of my taughts and wen I looked outside the bus I realized that I have reached the bus stop and everyone started getting down the bus.
    After getting down the bus I looked around but could not find my aunt. I waited for few minutes and then called her up, she told me that she is waiting for me outside the bus stop in a taxi , on hearing that I quickly went out with my luggage and as I walked outside I saw my aunt right in front of the gate. I went close to her and touched her feet and hugged her to which she responded with equal excitement and caught me by my shoulder and looked at me carefully and said that I have grown big kissed me on my forehead and that’s when I realized that she was struggling with her vision and had to look at me carefully for 2 minutes to see my face.
    Tarun: aunty why are u struggling so much?? Is your eyesight ok ?
    Aunt: no tatun my eyesight is extremely weak
    Tarun ; then why don’t you wear specs ?
    Aunty: I don’t need that tarun, I am old now and will die soon so there is no need for all that
    Tarun: please don’t say that aunty. You still have a long way to go.
    Then we sat in the taxi and left for aunt’s house

    Few days later..
    Its been almost one week since I came to ooty and I have settled down in my aunt’s house, my college has also started and everything is going on smooth but still my mind is restless and constantly keeps wanting to crossdress but I have to control my desires.
    One day after coming back from college I saw aunty cleaning the house so I went and started helping her to which she stopped me and said its ok and she can manage. My aunt has strictly told me that I have come here to study and should only concentrate on that and she will do all the work but I cant see her doing everything alone and no matter how hard I try still she doesn't let me do any work I started feeling as a burden on aunty so I decided to talk to my parents and tell that I wanted to stay alone by renting a house for myself. Initially my parents did not agree but after much persuasion they finally agreed. Once my parents agreed I immediately started searching for a house, in ooty there are many colonial houses with a huge garden and the rent is also affordable and since I was going to stay alone and fulfill my dream of living as a girl full time I wanted to rent a house in a calm location where there was no disturbance from any neighbors so that I can comfortably live.
    Soon I found a house and started packing up my stuff, my aunt was sad that I was leaving her but I promised her that I will be with her every Sunday. As I left my aunts house there was no limit to my happiness I was so excited that I couldn’t control myself thinking of the fact that I will be all alone in the house and can live like a girl 24x7, just this taught gave me a hard on and soon I reached my new house.
    As I reached my new house I now knew that this is going to be the beginning of a new chapter in my life, perhaps the most beautiful chapter of my life

    To be contd…

  • #242

    sudha (Monday, 17 October 2016 02:35)

    riya raghav ur stories r fantastic pls continue

  • #243

    Raghav (Monday, 17 October 2016 03:23)

    Part 3.

    My new house was a spacious 2 bhk villa with a huge garden in front that connected it to the road. It was a posh location with similar kind of houses and most of the houses were vacant so i was assured that i had complete privacy. I decided to keep all my male clothes in one of the bedroom and use that bedroom when i was a boy and on the other hand i had converted the other bedroom into a princesses room with pink colored walls, fancy curtains etc. My parents had always given me more money then i actually required so i always had a lot of money and this time since i was going to stay alone on my own they gave me even more money so that i buy all necessary items for my new house so once i bought all the necessary things like crockery, kitchen items, microwave etc. i was still left with a lot of money so then i decided to have my own cute girls wardrobe with everything from inner wear to dresses, frocks, sarees etc. i was very exited just by thinking about it as before this i never had my own girl clothes, as i always used to crossdress in my moms clothes so the taught of having my own wardrobe gave me Goosebumps and my face had turned red.
    Thanks to all online shopping websites it has become dam easy to buy stuff, otherwise imagine if i had to go to the store to buy bra and panties it would be so embarrassing for a boy to buy that stuff. So i quickly made coffee for myself and took my laptop and sat on the dining table and started browsing through different websites. First i decided to buy innerwear as thats the most important component to dress.. unless you are comfortable from inside and your body has the perfect breast and ass how can you feel like a girl..?? so i decided to buy inner wear first.
    I started off with bra’s and bought different types of bra’s – padded, non padded, bikini top, non strap etc.. and all in many different colors and once i selected all the bra’s i was shocked to see that i had selected 11 bras and 11 panties to match that.. i was surprised but did not worry as i had a lot of money still left to buy other things so i quickly placed the order and couldn't control my imagination and in my mind i had already started visualizing myself wearing those bra and panties and it sent chills through my body.
    Once i was done with bra & panties i ordered one sexy, short, sleeveless, black dress and one pink frilly short frock, one short skirt, one long skirt and one long western dress. so with that i was done with shopping for western dresses. Now i started placing order for Indian dresses. In Indian dresses i ordered 4 different colored salwaar’s, 4 sarees and 4 ready made blouses and petticoats to match the sarees. And i also placed order for 2 nighties and few jeans, t-shirts and leggings. Now i had finished ordering all types of clothes so now i was left with only foot wear and accessories, so without wasting time i ordered 3 pairs of foot wear and lots of things for makeup and finally few clip on earrings and jewelry, i did not order any wig because my hair had already grown till my shoulder.

    Once i finished placing order for all the things i looked at the total bill which a huge amount but the amount was very small compared to the satisfaction i was going to get once i crossdressed. So with that i kept my laptop aside and was so excited that i wanted one week to pass by as soon as possible as my order was going to be delivered after one week

    To be contd....

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    ishu (Monday, 17 October 2016 03:32)

    ria ur story was awesome kindly continue that

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    ZARA (Monday, 17 October 2016 03:37)

    @Rajeev excellent story, one of the best stories I have read so far, please continue. :-)

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    I am married & and straight but after marriage I got the intrest in my wifs dresses
    ireally wanted to explore

    so I want cd friends please give me your watsapp no.

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    A for Apple, B for ball, C for cat, a e i o u. iam the one who knows everything in grammar, i teach for my English teacher because I am the son of English man.

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    Rani (Monday, 17 October 2016 11:54)

    Hai ....
    Nice stories Raghav.keep write more stories, we are waiting for your stories
    Do you like to wear saree with ghunghat (veil)? ,become bahu of a family
    and undercontroled by strict mother in low.
    Please replayyy

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    ishu (Monday, 17 October 2016 12:18)

    hi kareena

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    Rupali (Monday, 17 October 2016 15:20)

    Hi ladies

    RIA you are one of my favorite writer. Your stories also help the girl inside me to be a bit naughty and have feel of outer world and it is my request to you to complete you story with the same aura that you have produced in your previos works.

    Raghav your work is also got and have that essence keep it up and make it more beautiful.

  • #253

    Raghav (Monday, 17 October 2016 16:01)

    Thanks for the comments Rani & Rupali.
    Rupali I would like to inform u that I am not a crossdresser, and this story is not about me. This story is about a crossdresser called Tarun who I was in love with. But due to some unavoidable circumstances we had to break up. But I was really fascinated about taruns life story so I wanted to share it with the world and that's when I got to kno about this website so I decided to write

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    Hi is hu
    Thanks for your reply. R u a real crossdresser u can contact me we can bee friends watsapp me please. Give me your number

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    Raghav (Monday, 17 October 2016 16:18)

    Thanks for the comments Zara & Sudha

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    Nice job, engaging story.

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    Raghav (Tuesday, 18 October 2016 01:23)

    Part 4.

    It has been almost a week since i shifted to my new house and was very busy with setting up things and i had kept myself busy. It was the first Sunday after i shifted so as promised i was getting ready to visit aunt, so after taking bath i was getting ready and thinking that just one more day and after that my girl clothes will arrive and i will not have to wear these male clothes at home. In the past week waiting for my order to arrive was very bad, every single day felt like a year as i was very exited and desperate to become a pretty girl.
    I spent the entire Sunday with my aunt and took her to the temple and we also had lunch outside, my aunt seemed to like the outing as she was always at home and never really went out, she thanked me many times for taking her out as she felt very good. After spending the entire day with aunt i left for my house after dinner with aunt and as soon as i reached home i quickly got fresh and jumped on the bed to sleep but was sure i would not be able to sleep as i was on cloud nine thinking about tomorrow and my order to be delivered, and for that reason i had also decided to bunk college and stay back at home and crossdress. Lost in my taughts i don't know when i fell asleep and woke up in the morning by the constant ringing of my cell phone. I did not pay much attention to the cellphone and just kept it on silent thinking it was my friends from college who had called to enquire why i did not come to college today and turned to sleep again and that's when my eyes fall on the clock and the time is 11 am. I got up with a sudden force as it was time my order was going to be delivered and quickly took my phone and answered the call the person on the other side was furious as he has been calling me from 10:30am and i was not answering the call.

    Me: hello
    Delivery boy: is this Mr. Tarun?
    Me: yes
    Delivery boy: sir i have been calling you from so long, don't you want your order?
    Me: yes yes i want it.. where are you now ?
    Delivery boy: sir i am near the park

    I quickly guided him from that park to my house and ran outside to the main gate to receive the parcel. The delivery boy reached the main gate of my house and hands over the bill, i pay him and also give him tips and i carried all the boxes to my house. As i was carrying all the packages to my hose i felt i had quite a lot of things as it was very heavy.
    I took every thing and went into my bedroom (girl) and kept it on the floor and started unpacking all the boxes and packets. The first box which I unpacked had all the makeup products, and one by one i unpacked all the packets and kept everything on the bed, once i had unpacked everything i picked up all the trash boxes, packets etc and dumped it in the dustbin outside the house and ran to my bedroom and when i entered i saw ha heap of clothes and other girly stuff on my bed. I was very happy to see all the things and got a little emotional but quickly came out of my taught and took each and every thing in my hand and one by one and keenly observed it. Every thing was so girly and colorful and felt so good when i kept it against my body and it gave a completely different pleasure, something that i had never felt like in the past 17 years of my life from when i was born, it felt like i was always meant to wear these clothes and be a beautiful girl.

    After keen observation of each and every thing i decided to wear the short, black, sleeveless dress as i had never worn western dresses because i used to crossdress in my moms clothes and she never had any western dresses so wanted to see how good i looked in it so i took that dress, matching bra & panty and sexy heels and kept it in one corner of the bed and kept all the other stuff in the wardrobe and took my towel and went in to take bath as i was soon going to start a new phase of my life

    To be contd.....

  • #259

    Raghav (Tuesday, 18 October 2016 03:59)

    Part 5.

    Once i finished bathing i came out and walked towards the mirror, every thing around felt so beautiful- pink walls, fancy curtains, sexy ladies dress on the bed, makeup kit in front of the mirror, it was like the entire world had changed for me, i sat in front of the mirror and applied body lotion which gave a very feminine fragrance and made my body smoother and shiny. After that i wore the panty followed by the bra and pulled my chest skin closer with tape which gave a nice cleavage and stuffed the bra with cotton to give it the perfect shape and size. Till now whenever i crossdressed i always wore my mothers bra and panty which was a little big and old fashioned but this time i wore my own padded bra which was perfect in size & made me look very very sexy and the cleavage made by pulling the chest skin closer added more substance and i looked just like a girl and any guy would drool looking at me. after that i wore the dress and using a hair straightener to straighten my hair which were below my shoulder and then gave them curls at the bottom giving it a very feminine look.

    Once i was done with dressing and setting my hair i started my makeup, by now i had become an expert in doing makeup as i learned it by watching videos online. I took about an hour to do my makeup and the end result was just fantastic. I just stood there dumbstruck with my mouth open as i looked so sexy in the makeup and short dress that i couldn't recognize myself. I just stood there staring at myself and what perfect body i had and the dress looked just amazing. Next i sat on the chair and wore my new heels and applied more lotion on my hands and legs, as i don't have any body hair and my skin is very fair the lotion enhanced my beauty by making my skin look even more smoother and shinny. And finally to top it off i sprayed plenty of perfume. As i moved around in front of the mirror i could see myself and i looked like a dream.

    Next i came out of my bedroom and walked around the house and after sometime i made coffee for myself and went and sat in the garden. This was the first time i came out in the open because before this when ever i would crossdress in my mothers clothes i would never come out. as i was sitting in my garden the cold breeze ceased my exposed legs and hands and blew my hair a little, this made me very very Horney and i could feel my boner get hard in my panty. I spent my entire day in the same clothes and walking around the house and in the garden, it felt so good as i had completely lost hope of crossdressing when my parents sent me to ooty.

    In the night after dinner i changed into a semi transparent black nighty and slept and had a wonderful sleep, it felt like i have achieved everything in life. The next day i went to college and after coming back home i spent the rest of the day as a girl at home and this continued for one week, one day when i was sitting in the garden dressed as a girl i decided to walk down the road outside my house to a park that was there at a few minutes distance from my house and wanted to see if i can face the outside world as a girl but it was late evening and i was wearing a short skirt & the weather was also very cold so i decided not to go that day and planned to wear Indian clothes(as it is more comfortable in public) the next day and go outside, so i quickly went into my room and selected a very pretty salwar and a matching legging and kept it out so that tomorrow as soon as i come back from college i can get ready and go out. with this feeling and excitement i had dinner and slept thinking about the next day.

    To be contd...

  • #260

    ZARA (Tuesday, 18 October 2016 05:16)

    Hey Raghav superb story, its getting more and more interesting with ever part you post. you seem to be a very good writer

  • #261

    Rupali (Tuesday, 18 October 2016 15:47)

    Wooow what a sweet story Raghav and also read about your inspiration quite interesting you know. So you both changed your rolls in the real??? Or something else is there you would like to share with your audience

  • #262

    Raghav (Tuesday, 18 October 2016 23:49)

    Thanks for the comments.
    No Rupali we did not have a role reversal, this story is completely about Tarun (girl name Tanya) and her beautiful transformation and how she opens up to the world, her parents abd how she finds love. it is a very long story and I intend to write it in complete detail so that the actual charm of it is not lost. I have just written about 5% of the story and there is still a long way to go so please bear with me

  • #263

    savita (Wednesday, 19 October 2016 03:13)

    Great raghav plz continue

  • #264

    Raghav (Wednesday, 19 October 2016 06:47)

    Part 6.

    Today was a big day for me as it was the first time i will be going out in public as a girl. This is one thing that i was not prepared for but sooner or later i will have to mingle with people, just the taught made me extremely nervous and it was evident in my behavior, i couldn't concentrate in college i dint talk to my friends properly, there were many questions going on in my mind.. what if i get caught ? will people recognize me ? will people make fun of me? etc etc. My classes ended for the day and i quickly rushed home. As soon as i reached home i quickly got rid of my male clothes and ran to take bath and once i finished bathing i dried my self and sat in front of the mirror still in my towel and today i decided to first do my makeup and set my hair followed by dressing up.

    First i cleansed my face and applied an even coat of foundation and did all the makeup – from eye liner to shadow to lipstick etc. and then straightened my hair and today i decided to braid my hair as i was going out in salwar i taught braided hair would look better. So once i was done with hair and makeup i removed the towel and wore my bra and panty and quickly filled it up to give the perfect shape and size and once that was done i first wore the legging and then the cute pink knee length top. I looked at my self in the mirror and believe me i looked very very pretty , infact much prettier than most of the girls i know. This gave me tremendous confidence and all my nervousness had vanished. After that i picked up a cute pair of flip flops to wear as i did not want to walk outside in heels as it is not comfortable. Once i was completely ready i did a light touch up to my makeup and walked out

    I locked the gate of my house and started walking down the street, at first there were no people around so it was not that difficult but once i took a turn towards the main road there were many shops and it was a busy road with a lot of people around, as soon as i saw this i was out of my comfort zone and started shivering. The taught of getting caught brought butterflies in my tummy and i was fumbling a bit but just then a voice from within was telling me ‚‘ you have always been a pretty girl and even now u look stunning just be confident and keep yourself strong and then u see how wonderful u will feel“ it gave me tremendous confidence and i started walking with full on style, just like a girl will move around , i felt like its my daily routine and walked with grace and attitude. As i walked i noticed a lot of boys checking me out and a lot of girls were feeling jealous looking at my beauty and every one had just one question in mind – who is this beautiful girl ?? as they had never seen me in the locality before.

    I walked into a coffee shop and sat and looked around and every one were staring at me. i felt extremely shy and my cheeks had turned red. In few minutes the waiter came and took my order. I spent around 1 hour in the coffee shop and it felt great. Every one addressed me as madam and i enjoyed all the attention i got. And once it was dark i came back home and finished my studies and finished everything else and changed into my nighty and slept.
    The next day again after returning home i would dress up like a pretty girl and go around the locality and to the coffee shop and return home once it got dark, this became a routine for me and continued for a few days.

    To be contd....

  • #265

    Raghav (Wednesday, 19 October 2016 06:48)

    Part 7.

    One Saturday as i did not have college i rested the entire day at home it was evening and i was still in my nighty. I had got up in the afternoon and did not change. In the evening when i was drinking coffee & browsing i saw breast foams with adhesive, i saw a small video advertisement on the internet. It was very good and looked like original breasts. I dint think twice and immediately called the store to place my order but the shopkeeper said that they do not have home delivery option. I was sad as the store was very far from my house and it was already evening but couldn't control myself so i decided to go get it. I quickly ran into my bedroom got ready in half an hour and rushed out of my house. It was already 7pm and the store was at an hours distance from my house so i quickly got into a taxi and asked the driver to go as fast as possible.

    I reached the store around 8 and quickly went inside to buy the foam. Inside the store there was a salesman who was in 40’s but had a very cunning look on his face. He kept staring at my ass and breasts. He kept on coming close to me and i was getting annoyed and was feeling very uncomfortable. He was going on trying to talk to me but i was not interested and went towards another salesman and asked him to give the breast foams, he said madam please wait and went inside to bring the foams, as he went in the other pervert salesman came close to me and started telling – “you have such good breasts why do u need foam “ i got extremely angry and couldn't control myself and gave him one tight slap on his face and started shouting at him, hearing that the manager came running and asked what happened. I told him that this man is trying to misbehave with me, hearing that the manager caught him and asked him to apologize and once he apologized he threw him out of the store and came back and apologized on behalf of his staff. By then the sales man who went to bring the breast foam had also come so i quickly took it, paid the bill and left the store.

    On the way back i could not control my self and had tears in my eyes, that's when i felt its not easy to be a girl. That mans words kept coming in my mind again and again.. i just couldn't control myself and started crying. i opened the window of the taxi and started breathing fresh air and as i saw outside i realized we were on the temple street. I remember this street as i had once visited the temple, as the taxi passes the temple i noticed a woman standing at the taxi stand waiting to a taxi. I asked the driver if its possible for that woman to get a taxi at this time because it was already 9:30pm to which the driver said its very difficult so i asked him to turn and told him that we will drop her. So the driver took a u urn and as we went close to that woman i got the shock of my life... my hear had just skipped a beat when i saw that woman's face.. that woman was none other that my own AUNT !!!!

    To be contd.......

  • #266

    Chandini (Wednesday, 19 October 2016 07:50)

    Hi Friends,

    Just started a story "She is my Husband" let me know your views on the kick start page on the below links


  • #267

    Raghav (Wednesday, 19 October 2016 08:40)

    Part 8.

    As soon as i saw my aunt i immediately started sweating & my body became numb, it felt like i was going to get a heart attack and before i could react the driver stopped the taxi.
    Driver: Maji where do you wana go ?
    Aunt: 4th street, near rose garden.
    Driver: please get into the car i will drop you there.
    Aunt: but looks like you already have a passenger inside
    Driver: its ok maji the passenger herself has asked me to take you
    Aunt: oh ok
    Until this moment i am still numb and freezed. I am not able to move a muscle and aunt opens the back door and gets into the taxi and sits beside me.
    Aunt: thank you so much dear
    Me: o ok Aunty
    Aunt: is every thing ok? why do u sound so scared ?
    As aunt was speaking she came closer to me in a concerned manner and my heart almost stopped beating i was sure that i am going to get caught. Aunt came close to me and touched my cheeks and since i was crying sometime back my cheeks were still moist and sensing that she said
    Aunt: is everything fine dear ?
    Me; yyy yy yess..
    Aunt: i think you just cried.. tell me what it is.. you helped me by giving me lift now its my turn tell me.
    Me. everything is fine please don't worry
    Aunt: ok .. what is your name ?
    I was stumped by that question, i had never taught of a girl name for me and this question completely knocked me. aunt asked again and with a fumbling voice i said- my name is tanya .
    I had never taught of a name so just told whatever came to my mind.
    Aunt: very nice name tanya
    Me: thank you maam
    Aunt: please call me aunty.
    Me: ok aunty
    As aunt was speaking she was constantly staring at me. i was getting scared that i may get caught and i was trying my best to speak in the most girly manner so that she doesn't recognize my voice. After looking at me for a while aunt said i am very beautiful to which i blushed and said thanks. Now i was sure she dint recognize me .
    It was a half an hour drive from the temple to aunts house so on the way she asked everything about me so i told her that i am studying in a girls college and stay in hostel. While we were speaking i noticed aunt was laughing and smiling and talking so nicely, it reminded me of her when uncle was alive, she used to be just like this at that time. By the time we reached aunts house we both had become really good friend and were chit-chatting like 2 ladies. We reached aunts house and as she was getting down the taxi even i got down to say bye and i was relieved that she is going now and i was not caught so it was seriously a big relief. She gave me a hug and said
    Aunt: tanya tomorrow is Sunday and i am sure you will have a holiday why don't you come home for lunch tomorrow?
    I was shocked by this question i did not know what to say because tomorrow is Sunday and tarun will have to meet aunt so how can tarun and tanya be here at the same time so i told aunt i cant come, on hearing that she got sad and i couldn't see her sad face because after so many years she was happy so without thinking much i said ok aunty i will come. On hearing that she got so excited and hugged me like a young girl hugging her friend. then she said good night and went inside her house and I sat in the taxi and left for my house

    To be contd..

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    Raghav (Thursday, 20 October 2016 05:48)

    Part 9.

    On the way back home after dropping aunt to her house i was still in a state of shock. I couldn't get over the fact that i had spent about an hour with my aunt and she dint catch me. my house was just 15mins away from my aunts house, as i reached i paid the taxi driver and went into the house, i was so tensed thinking about today and what's going to happen tomorrow that i dint even try the breast foams, i just threw it on the sofa and went into my bedroom and lied down on the bed. When i closed my eyes to sleep everything that happened today was flashing in front of my eyes. From the incident that happened in the store to spending time with aunt as a girl every thing kept repeating in my mind and thinking about tomorrow i had Goosebumps all over my body, with these taught i dint realize when i fell asleep.

    I woke up early on Sunday as it was a big day, and the first thing i did was to call aunt as tarun and i informed her that i am going out with friends and if i return early then i will come to your house if not i will come tomorrow evening, aunt was little sad on hearing that but when i promised to come the next day she agreed, she also told me that she had invited her friend for lunch, but she didn't know that i am not coming for the same reason so that she can spend time with her friend.

    Once i spoke to aunt i looked at the clock and it was 10am so i had 2 hours to leave but before that i had to buy a new sim card because if aunt asks for my number then i cant give my actual mobile number because she already has taruns number so i dint want to get caught hence i just wore a track pant and a shirt and went out to bring a sim and returned in half an hour as it is very easy to get a sim. Once i came back i got rid of my male clothes and took my towel and went in to take bath. Today was a special day as i would be spending time with aunt as a girl and moreover today i was also going to wear the breast foams which would enhance my beauty and make me feel even better. As i was taking bath i was thinking what to wear today, as it was a big day for me i decided to wear a saree, because i loved sarees and a woman looks the best in saree and moreover i had not worn a saree since i came to ooty so was really excited.

    After bathing i came out and dried myself, then wiped my hair and blew them dry with a drier, after that i applied lotion and wore my panty then i went out to the hall and took the box containing the breast foams and came back to the bedroom and sat on the bed, i read all the steps mentioned in the directions to use and as mentioned i wore a bra and marked out the shape on my chest using eyeliner, then i removed the bra and took the foams whose one side had sticker material to stick on to the chest. Then i carefully took one at a time and kept it on my chest and pressed it and once i did both as advised in the manual i lied down on my back pressing my breasts with my palm for 15 minutes. After 15 mins when i got up i felt the best pleasure of my life. I could feel my breasts hanging and when i walked the breasts were bouncing. It felf so good and now i felt like a complete woman. The foam stuck on to my skin and due to the weight my skin was getting pulled downwards and i cant explain how happy i felt.
    Keeping my excitement aside i wore a bra and when hooked the bra i pressed my boobs close to each other creating a natural cleavage. I now had sexy boobs popping out of my bra and the color of the foam was exactly the color of my skin and with some makeup at the joints i looked so real the no one could tell its fake.

    To be contd ...

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    Raghav (Thursday, 20 October 2016 05:48)

    Part 10.

    After that i took out all the 3 sarees i had and kept it on the bed, i was unable to decide which one to wear as all 3 were equally good. Then i choose to wear a black saree with a thin red border. It was a very beautiful & simple saree and i was sure that many would drool looking at me after i wore it..
    Once the saree was decided i took out the matching black blouse and petticoat and wore it. Today i had covered the mirror as i wanted to see myself in the mirror only after i was completely ready.
    I started draping the saree ad as the cloth touched my skin it gave a very good feeling. A feeling that cant be explained. I carefully draped the saree and ensured that my fair and perfectly shaped stomach was visible. Then pinned up the saree wherever necessary and i was done wearing the saree. Next i took a hair brush and neatly brushed my hair which were now almost touching my back and due to regular straightening and conditioning it looked beautiful. After the hair i took out a small mirror and using that i started doing my makeup. Today i had decided to keep it simple as i would be with aunt in the house only so i applied little foundation and gave a light pink blush on my cheeks, then used eyeliner followed by lip-gloss. Once the makeup was done i took out clip on earrings and wore them and also wore a simple chain in my neck and after that sprayed some perfume and took out my simple 2“ heels that i had bought only to wear on saree, and once i wore it i was completely ready now and it was time to unveil the princess so i lifted my hand to pull out the cloth that was over the mirror and closed my eyes, once i pulled the cloth i slowly opened my eyes and saw in the mirror...

    to be contd...

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    Grammar is it compulsory to write a forced crossdressing story ? I taught this place is for all types of stories ... guys if only forced crossdressing stories should be written then please let me know I will stop the story

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    Vishkanya (Sunday, 23 October 2016 02:14)

    A Bet was all I lost to my Bhabhi and my fate was changed. I was on a trip to Delhi to visit my Cousin. After mingling with them for a few days, I and Bhabhi had become quite acquainted with each other. My cousin had to leave country for his usual overseas assignment for around a month. We two were left at home and were enjoying each other’s company. She often called my girly faced because I hadn’t grown too much of beard on my face for the age of 21. She used to tease me by calling me sweety, dolly etc. Little did I know that one of these names will be picked for me very soon. She was beauty of heaven, too fair, average body with flesh at right places, ample bust and hips. Always wore Sarees and Salwar Kameez whether at home or out. One usual day we were having discussion on some movies. We got into a bet and it came down that one who loses will comply to winner’s orders for 1 week. I eventually lost and had to submit gracefully. Now she dropped the bomb of her wish. She wanted me to be and live like a GIRL for a week. Do everything that girls do and try my best to become a girl for the period. I resisted, requested, pleaded to ask me something else to do but she was adamant and said I shouldn’t worry because I am almost half a girl already by looks and ways and behavior she will teach me. Besides, she got a little dominant with authority of winning the bet. So I had to submit.

  • #290

    Vishkanya (Sunday, 23 October 2016 02:15)

    It started then, first Bhabhi took me to the bathroom and asked me to get naked. I was pretty embarrassed but had to comply as I had lost the bet. She started applying hair removing cream all over my body. I got a hard with sensations of her soft palm rubbing everywhere on my body. She rubbed a little longer on my nipples. Finally when she was done, she asked me to bathe and come out wrapping a towel in girls’ way. I did as asked. Then she gave me a black chudidaar salwar and kameez and asked to wear. It was too tight to get on and besides the smoothness of the fabric was sending tingling sensations in my now hairless body. I somehow managed to get in to the dress and appeared before her. I kind of liked the sensation on my skin and was embarrassed for the fact. She looked happier as my face got red with shame. Then she fixed a wig on my head and did the full girls’ makeup. Filled my hands with bangles and bracelets. Tied a pair of anklets to my feet with ghunghroos and jingling rings in little fingers of me feet. With nail polish and little brush up, my transformation was complete. She adored her work and my beauty as a girl and started taking pictures with her camera making me pose in different ways. I was feeling very uncomfortable with tightness and silkiness of the dress, jingling noises of anklets, bracelets, bangles and rings which I was carrying. Worst was the dupatta, which I could hardly carry on both of my shoulders at the same time. I could hardly believe what was being done to me and just wanted it to get over soon.

  • #291

    Vishkanya (Sunday, 23 October 2016 02:16)

    After my whole transformation and photo session, she asked me to get along with the work. Moving around in such position was highly problematic and walking in tight high heels was almost impossible. When I did all the work she gave, she asked me to go on the terrace and gather dried up clothes. She wanted me to be displayed like this to whole neighborhood. I almost pleaded not to make to go up where anyone could see and recognize me wearing girl’s clothes. But she denied my request and said, first, rules are rules. I had to comply all her orders for the day. Secondly, no one will recognize or think that I was not a girl. I somehow gathered courage and moved towards the staircase. Hesitatingly and with all the trouble of dupatta, heels and jingles of accessories, I climbed up and found a lady on the roof adjacent house. I got frightened and bowed my head down and moved toward clothes. Quickly I gathered all clothes and rushed down as fast as I could fearing what would the lady say if she recognizes that I am a boy dressed as a girl. In the process I hurt my feet and ran down to the room.

  • #292

    Vishkanya (Sunday, 23 October 2016 02:16)

    I then requested her to get this over as I have already hurt myself and gone through enough embarrassment. She looked even in more playful mood and said, this is just the beginning and you have whole week to stay like girl. Then she said, I will be called Dolly for my feminine avatar.

    So Dolly, you have seen some of the troubles that girls get through in their lives and fortunately for you, you cannot go through all the trouble which they get as you are only half a girl. But I should learn to be a girl as much as possible and also enjoy pleasures that girls get.

    What’s that Bhabhi please tell so that I get some relief in my ordeal.

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    Raghav (Sunday, 23 October 2016 03:21)

    Part 11.

    When i looked in the mirror i was simply amazed, it was a beautiful girl looking back at me. i could not believe my eyes as i had not seen myself look so beautiful. My fair thin waist line and navel was visible and since the saree was black my white stomach looked very cute, the blouse was perfect fit and the breast foams gave it a very natural look. Everything looked perfect with my silky smooth hair falling on my shoulders. i saw my fair, smooth hands and realized something was missing and that's when it struck me that i was not wearing bangles, so finish off my dressing i wore a dozen of black metallic bangles and trust me it gave a very very good feel and look. Finally i was done dressing and left for my aunts house.
    I reached my aunts house by taxi in 15 mins and to my surprise aunt was waiting for me at the door. On seeing me get down the taxi aunt came forward and welcomed me and praised my beauty and said i look very very beautiful in a saree and i should wear it more often. She told me that her niece Tarun couldn't come today to which i just replied with an ok as i dint want to discuss on that topic because i dint want to get caught. We went and sat in the hall and started talking like long lost friends, i saw a lot of difference in aunt, she looked more happy and spoke so much, she was giggling and laughing like a young girl. After talking for an hour we decided to have lunch and while having lunch my aunt told me that she had a surprise for me. i was a little tensed after hearing that and many questions came to my mind. And as we were eating i was only thinking about the surprise.

    To be contd....

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    Raghav (Sunday, 23 October 2016 03:25)

    Part 12

    Once we finished eating i helped aunt in cleaning all the vessels, i tucked my saree palo in my waist like a house wife and did all the work, that was an amazing feeling and i had completely forgotten that i was a boy, i felt like i was born as a girl and was doing this every day, my ant appreciated me that i carry off myself very well in a saree. Once the cleaning was done aunt took me to her bedroom and asked me to sit on the bed, she opened her wardrobe and took out a bag and kept it on the bed. She asked me to open it and after i opened it i saw many pretty designer sarees, the sarees were very very beautiful and looked new. I told aunt that these sarees are very beautiful and why don't you wear it. Aunt got little sad on hearing me and i very low voice she said “my husband loved to see me in designer sarees, every time we went for shopping he would buy me at least one designer saree there are 10 sarees in this bag which i never wore as i had many, but now my husband is not there i cant wear these so please take this as you can wear it and i will feel very good““ i was sad after hearing that, i consoled aunt and hugged her and told her that i cant take it but aunt was in no mood to listen she forced me to take it and when i was still resisting she said that she will not speak to me or meet me in future if i don't take this. Then i had to agree, i thanked her and hugged her and she kissed my forehead and blessed me. then aunt walked to the wardrobe and took out a box and kept it on the bed and opened it, there were many beautiful designer jewelry sets in it she asked me to take this also but i refused as it would be very expensive stuff but aunt said that this was artificial and not original and again forced me to take it so i had to listen. The box had many sets and beautiful earrings and danglers, there was a beautiful set of black jhumkas and necklace so aunt picked it up and put the necklace around my neck and tightened the end to make it look perfect, next she took the jhumkas and moved my hair to put it and that's when she realized that my ears were not pierced, she was shocked and asked me why have not pierced my ears ?? i was stunned to hear that, i dint know what to say i.. i was thinking that now i will get caught.. aunt asked again..“ tell me tanya why have you not pierced your ears ?“ i told her “when i was small my parents took me to pierce bout there i saw a girl who was crying when the pierced her ears so i got scared and started crying and did not let them pierce my ears and since then i have been wearing clip on earrings and when ever my parents would ask me to pierce i would cry so they never forced me after that““ on hearing this aunt started laughing and said “ o dear for that little pain you have not done it, there are so many ways now to pierce your ears and they pain vey little. Do you want me to get your ears pierced ?““ i immediately said “no no aunty its ok i will manage with clip ons“ but aunt said that you cant enjoy many beautiful jhumkas as clip ons don't have many designs, finally i agreed and told her that i will pierce but not now after few days. Aunt said ok and asked me to come to her as soon as i pierced so that she can see me. i agreed and with that we packed all the stuff and went out and kept it in the hall, we had our evening coffee and snaks and after that i left to my house with all the bags.

    On my way back i was thinking about the day and was so happy to spend my day with my aunt as a girl as was happy and excited to get so many gifts from her. I reached home and kept all the sarees my aunt gave and arranged my wardrobe. I now had quite a big girls wardrobe and lot of pritty clothes and beautiful saree. After that i finiched my work for the night and did arrangements for college next day and slept. The next day after comming back from college i met aunt again and now it had become a routine for me to spend atleast one hour with aunt every day as a girl and on Sundays i would be with her as a boy..

    to be contd...

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    Raghav (Sunday, 23 October 2016 03:31)

    Part 13.

    Slowly time passed and it had been 3 months since me and aunt became friends ( tanya and aunt) it was my birthday after two days and my mom was coming to ooty to spend a few days with me and also celebrate my birthday. During my moms visit she was going to stay in my aunts house and even i had to stay there which meant that no crossdressing for a week, i was sad that i will not be able to crossdress for a week and moreover i was sad that i cant crossdress on my birthday as i had planned a lot of things for my birthday. As i was sitting at home thinking about all this i got a call from my aunt.. that means tanya got a call from aunt, aunt told tanya that it was her nieces birthday (tarun’s) day after tomorrow so she wanted to buy him a gift and wanted my help so she told me to meet her tomorrow and also invited me for the birthday party but since tarun and tanya cant be there at the same time and since mom was going to be there for a week and i cant crossdress and meet aunt i told aunt that there is an emergency and tomorrow night i am going to my hometown for one week. On hearing that my aunt was sad and told to cancel my trip but i told her its compulsory to go so she agreed but on one condition that i spend the entire next day with her as she has to buy gifts and she also had some other things to do. So i agreed and we decided to meet at 11am at her house.

    The next day i got up and decided to bunk college as i had to meet aunt. I was going to be a busy day as we were going out and will be walking a lot i decided to wear a punjabi salwaar suit as it is comfortable and girls look good in that. So i wore it and as decided i went to aunts house. Aunt was already outside her house waiting for me and as I reached there she got into the same taxi and me went to the ooty commercial road which was the main place for shopping in ooty. We got down the road and first went to a big hotel there and ordered food for the next day as aunt had invited many of her friends also to celebrate. After that we started walking and we reached a big ladies clothing showroom and as we were going to enter aunt asked me to get a bottle of water from the next store and by the time i came back aunt was outside the store, i asked her why she came out? to which she replied that she did not like anything so she came out.
    After looking for a gift for an hour we got tired and aunt told me that she had an appointment at the beauty parlor and it was getting late so she said that we can resume shopping after her session at the parlor. I was shocked to hear that as my aunt had stopped going to the parlor after her husbands death, aunt saw my shocked face and said “I know that u are shocked but let me tell you that when my husband was alive i used to go to the parlor every month to set my hair, eyebrows and other things “ i nodded my head and said that's great u have stated to maintain yourself again to which she replied that is all because of me and she gets inspired looking at me. i was happy to hear that and hugged her, after that we went to the parlour.

    To be contd..

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    Raghav (Sunday, 23 October 2016 03:39)

    Part 14.

    After we reached the parlor every one there was happy to see aunt, as she was a regular customer and everyone came and greeted her and were happy to see her after a long time. They taught i was aunts daughter and told aunt that she has a very beautiful daughter, aunt laughed and said that i was her friend and not daughter.
    The ladies in the parlor took me and aunt to our seats which were next to each other and started to wash and set out hair, once that was done they saw my eyebrows and said i had beautiful eyebrows naturally and did not need threading. Next they did my facial and shaped my nails and asked me to choose a colour for nail paint , i was hesitant as tomorrow onwards i was going to be tarun and not tanya but aunt forced me and i taught its ok as i can remove it after going home so i selected a light pink color. After that they applied a nice and cool face pack and asked me to close my eyes and sit for half an hour, and in that that time i dint know when i fell asleep, i was woken up after and hour and when i opened my eyes i saw aunt and she looked so beautiful with a new hairstyle, shaped eyebrows and lipstick etc. we got up started to walk outside, aunt paid the bill and when we were walking outside i just glanced at the mirror to see myself, i was shocked, shocked beyond imagination, my hair looked different and i had a very girly hairstyle, it looked extremely good and made me even more beautiful, aunt saw my face and said “u look wonderful“
    Me: thank u aunt but when did they style my hair ?
    Aunt: when you were sleeping dear, i told them to style your hair
    Me: oh
    I was sure to get caught if my mom saw me in this hair style, it was the most girly hairstyle. I taught it was for aunts hipness and after going home i can straighten it and set it like before. I noticed my pretty nails and we walked out of the parlor. As we were walking i noticed that my aunt kept looking at my face with a smile. Initially i looked at her and smiled back but she continued looking at me and smiling so i got suspicious but before i could ask aunt she spoke.
    Aunt: dear i am feeling hungry can we eat?
    Me ok aunty lets go to that restaurant on the opposite side
    Aunt: yes that's a good one

    We crossed the road and entered the restaurant, we found a nice place to sit and ordered food, after that when i was looking around, i could still see aunt smiling. This time i asked her why she is smiling from that time ? aunt got up from her seat and asked to to come with her. I got up and followed, she went to one corner of the restaurant which had a big mirror and stood there, i followed and stood next to her. She turned towards me and gently with one finger she moved the hair that were covering my ears. After that what i saw shook me completely, MY EARS WERE PIERCED. I was shocked to see my ears pierced and couldnt control my self and started crying, i now knew that tomorrow when mom comes and wen i become tarun and go in front of them with my ears pierced and in this girly hairstyle aunt will find out and my crossdressing is going to end and thinking about that i couldn't control and started crying even more, aunt looked at me and said
    Aunt: why are you crying dear ?
    Me: why did u ask them to pierce my ears ?
    Aunt : dear you look beautiful, just see yourself in the mirror
    Me. no i cant pierce ... because ...
    And i start to cry even more. Aunt suddenly pulled me towards her and gave a tight hug. I was still crying and dint stop at all, aunt gently started rubbing my back and said
    Aunt: its ok now. Calm down tarun.
    Me: WHAT ??? Tarun ?
    Aunt: Yes sweetie its enough now i know everything
    Me: no , i mean i am tanya
    Aunt: Tarun now its no point hiding, i kno everything so its better u accept
    On hearing that i hung my head in shame i dint kno how to react or what to tell i was still hugging her and dint know how to face her
    Aunt: I know there are a lot of questions in your mind but first lets have lunch and then we shall speak

    To be contd...

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    sirisha (Sunday, 23 October 2016 03:56)

    Well continuation raghav maintain the same

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    Raghav (Sunday, 23 October 2016 05:42)

    Part 15.

    As we were eating i kept my head down and was eating quietly, even aunt dint say anything, i was so tensed that i couldn't even swallow the food and even my ears had started to pain and i was constantly touching my ears and that's when aunty spoke “they maid your ears numb before piercing, now it will start paining but don't worry it will be fine by tomorrow morning“ i just shook my head and did not utter a single word. As we were eating i slowly raised my head to see aunts face and she was smiling and i still had tears in my eyes, looking at me aunt said “o dear please don't cry, i am not angry“ on hearing that i felt a little relaxed and sat comfortably. After we finished eating aunt ordered for ice cream and as the waiter went she turned towards me and said
    Aunt: yes tanya now we can speak
    Me: aunty you the truth now so y are u calling me tanya ?
    Aunt : because i love tanya and want you to always remain as tanya
    Me: are u serious aunty ?
    Aunt: yes dear i am serious and its no problem at all
    I got so happy that i jumped out of my seat and hugged aunt, she responded with equal excitement and kissed me on my cheeks
    Me: now tell me aunty when did you come to know about me ?
    Aunt: i came to know the first time itself when i met you that night in the taxi but still i had a doubt but it was confirmed when you came home the next day in that black saree
    Me: but how ?
    Aunt: my dear girl you are like my kid, when you were born we were staying in a joint family and i have helped your mother in taking care of you till you were 3 years old. And when you were 2 years old you had hurt yourself and got stiches on your back, that day when you were in a saree i could see that mark on your back, and moreover u are like my kid and don't you think i will find out just by touching you.??
    As aunt was talking i was feeling so shy and aunt said
    Aunt: o my baby is blushing ?? now you tell me when did you become this cute little girl ?
    i told everything to aunt right from the beginning when i used to crossdress in moms clothes and everything else. On hearing that aunt said
    Aunt: o dear why dint you tell me or your parents about your feelings ?
    Me: i was scared aunt that you people may not understand
    Aunt: baby for all parents their child's happiness is the most important thing no matter what. If the kid is happy then the parents are also happy, now lets not waste time and get going as i have a lot of work to do for tomorrow.
    I was so happy that i cant explain t was like i had got the entire world i was just too happy. Before i walked out aunt said
    Aunt: my dear, beautiful girls like you always need to look perfect. You have ruined your makeup by crying. I will wait outside and you go to the washroom and do touchup to your makeup and come , and remember you are a girl so go to the girls washroom 

    To be contd...

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    Thanks a lot for the comments everyone ... will post the next 4 parts tomorrow

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    JRS (Monday, 24 October 2016 23:53)


    Hi my name is mark. I live in outer part of Chennai, a IT graduate and working in a software firm. I'm married and no children. Our life goes well when a regular change of shift happened, She works in morning shift 6 to 3 she will be home only by 3:30pm and my job timing is usual UK shift I go by 3pm we hardly meet only on Saturday and Sundays even if we stay at same home. We have a maid she usually come morning at 9 am and leave by 11 am and before I leave I'll handover the house keys to her. So this is a regular routine that happen. Let's move into story, I've a secret fetish cross dressing, I've stopped this after my marriage. after a break since me and my wife hardly meet I've decided to restart my dressing. One fine Monday, after my maid left. I quickly searched my wife old saree and other dresses abandoned, I managed to take few old blouses and stretched bra's and panties and few inskirts that lost colours, and her old sarees. I kept all these separately in a bag, and placed in a separate cover and hid it with my wife old abandoned junks. I kept looking at my new stash of dresses and desperately wanted to wear immediately, time is twelve and I got to start to office only by 3 so I had time. Quickly dressed up in her stretched panties and bra, I wore her inskirts and looked in mirror, yes it is a perfect fit, I'm quite equal to my partner size, but a little big, hence her stretched clothes were a perfect fit for me, then I wore her blouse, and took the saree,i touched the saree, same old feel the sexual pleasure without touching myself, that was a great feel I quick draped the saree as fast I was, and pinned the pleat in skirt and blouse i looked perfect, and a little makeup will surely give me a perfect picture, I don't usually keep beard on my face, so it was quick and easy to start my makeup with a little primer and a basic foundation and little bit of mascara with a bindi, wow I looked amazing, if my wife look at me now she will definitely fall in love with me, I had a little walk with my wife heels and went into my bedroom and had a peaceful sleep after so long years, I woke up by 2 and quickly removed all traces of makeup and got ready to office and left, and this has become a regular routine, everyday dress up for 2 hours to 3 hours and dream about dressing up in weekends, and this made our relationship more stronger than before.
    To be continued….

  • #309

    JRS (Tuesday, 25 October 2016 00:27)

    Changed 2:

    And another usual day of my dressing, I dressed up with usual makeup and was walking inside my house, a quick heart attack came when I heard the front door knocked, I quickly peeped through the door lens and saw it's my maid,
    Five minutes Selvi, my maid's name
    I went to bathroom and quickly removed my little makeup first and found the mascara is still there on my eyes I took a cotton and dipped on coconut oil and wiped the mascara, and this already took a little long I only removed the saree and covered my skirt with a dhoti and wore a round neck T-shirt and she rang the bell again, completely covered in sweat I opened the door she looked at me and asked

    Any problem sir? Why u look so wet? Fever? She quickly came inside and wait for 10 minutes I'll make a strong tea…

    In that tension I didn't speak up Much and said ok yes. Just bring me a cup of tea.

    She went to kitchen and I slowly walked to my sofa and sat, she was looking at me weird from kitchen, she quickly made tea and gave me the tea. She looked here and there and asked why is everything seems messy?

    No nothing I just dropped my old collection coins , was searching that. Why did u come?

    Sir I need my salary five days in advance I spoke to madam last evening and she asked me to collect it from you.

    Oh is it! Wait I'll get that for you. I slowly got up and walked toward my bedroom and came with my wallet and gave her the salary, told her i was short with 1000rs I'll give the same tomorrow morning.

    She said ok, shall I ask u something Sir?

    Yes selvi, what is that?

    Are u wearing something underneath your shirt and dhoti? She laughed.

    I stammered, no ah.. why? Am I looking fat?

    It looks like you are wearing a blouse and skirt, look it dhoti is strictly sticked to skirt and doesn't flow as it does normally when I see my husband wear and look at your back the sweat covered your T-shirt but not the blouse worn area. Why are u behaving like this Sir?

    Selvi don't joke I'm not wearing anything like u imagine, u go on we will meet tomorrow morning.

    Oh is it?sir if u r not wearing skirt then fold it above your knees! If u r not wearing a blouse remove your T-shirt !

    I hesitated a bit and started sweating again, selvi please do me a favour,

    Yes Sir! What is that?

    Don't tell this to my wife please..

    She laughed aloud, and so it's all true is it? So were you wearing a saree? Can I see you dressed like that please?

    Selvi please don't joke, forget it u saw nothing and that's it.

    So is it mark? Then I've to discuss about this to your wife tonight Sir… and I think I won't see you again as a SIR.

    Don't threaten me, Selvi I'll do Anything for you, okay! But please don't tell to my wife. I need to go office let me go, bye I asked her to Leave.

    She stood there and said, you said you'll do anything, now go wear the saree finish the little makeup and come here fast.

    With so much tension I went to my room, removed my dhoti and t-shirt and wore the saree, stuffed my bra cup and as usual a little makeup and came out.

    She saw me and praised wow Mark Sir you look so much like a woman, and why are you wearing an old saree, I too have these model sarees , and this is a cheaper one how did u got it?

    Thanks selvi this is my wife's old saree she wore when she was in village, it's her mom's saree and she never wore it.

    What do u call yourself when you wear a saree?

    malathy … I'll call myself malathy..

    Nice name malathy, I'll call you like this itself,ok I've to leave bye. Tomorrow morning I'll come for balance 1000rs. You be ready as malathy. I'll be here by 9am.

    But selvi I'll wake up by 11 only I'll come home only by 1am.

    That's your problem Malathy, you as malathy tomorrow 9am, else I won't come inside this house until I tell your stupid hobby to your wife.

    I stood there in silence and said OK selvi.. bye now..

    She left and I quickly changed and started to office.

    To be continued...

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    Grammar (Tuesday, 25 October 2016 00:47)

    Omg what's going on both raghav and jrs are writing the same concept story. You have to learn from Vishkanya. I beg you please please please stop writing your story.

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    obat alami kanker multiple myeloma (Tuesday, 25 October 2016)

    thanks i verry understand about your article , verry nice

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    JRS (Tuesday, 25 October 2016 01:17)

    Changed 3:

    Next day morning I woke up late by 8:45 am I quickly dressed in saree and little makeup, morning face light makeup cheap old saree. My usual wig with tied bun behind, I looked in mirror and realised I look more alike my maid. Not big difference.

    Doorbell rang, I peeped through the lens, it's my maid. I opened the door, Malathy look how you look, beautiful dear, I will take you home as the way you are, you are such cute you know.

    Thanks Selvi, Here is your 1000rs.

    Thanks dear, and one minute. Selvi went out and brought the mop and broom, and hold this malathy. I took the broom and about to close the door,

    Suddenly selvi pushed me out of my door and locked the door. Now I am standing outside of my own house, panicked and in shock I rang my door bell, Selvi asked me to clean the terrace and come.

    Selvi I'll get caught, please neighbours are office going time and if they see me. Please….

    Malathy don't panic it's your Beauty, no one will notice finish and come back soon, if u stand still everyone will look at you, act normal and finish work asap and come ring the bell.

    I quickly started cleaning and finished the Terrace, people crossed by, my neighbours crossed none give a big notice, a very few gave a look and just passed, I quickly ran to my door and rang the bell. Selvi opened the door.

    I went inside with sweat, I looked selvi in anger, she smiled, look don't behave, I may have to tell your wife.

    Selvi what is wrong with you ?

    Shut up and go to kitchen wash everything That your wife kept.

    I looked selvi in disbelief, what is she really thinking? How far it's all going to go?

    I started washing and selvi was standing behind inspecting me in every action and guiding me how to wash properly.

    After kitchen she asked me to make two cup of tea. One for her and one for Mark Sir.

    I don't know how to make tea selvi, she came with me and taught how to.make it and advised me not to forget this. I did as she told.

    Malathy arrange everything on this house and got back to your normal self, and I'll meet you tomorrow morning as Malathy.

    Selvi this won't work out, we have to stop this. I said

    Malathy you should stop this or else I have to tell your wife.

    I stood in silence and tired from today works. Selvi left.

    I went had my tea, and remained in saree for a while till 2 pm and refreshed myself and started to office.

    Next day morning I again woke up same timing same makeover Selvi asked me to repeat the same. I did as she told. And Friday came usually we keep everything in washing machine and costly clothes to selvi for washing. And this time Selvi did the same thing to me i washed all the costly dress and she asked me to go terrace and dry all our clothes I did as she told, before she leaves I called

    Selvi tomorrow and day after tomorrow is weekend and please don't make me do this , my wife , if she know I'll be in trouble.

    Malathy tomorrow I'll be here and you as Mark. Our deal is deal, I won't let this secret to your wife. And you can still live your secret life, I'll help you…

    thanks Selvi… and thanks for this wonderful experience.

    My weekend job continued. I woke up early with my wife, and she was surprised to see me awake early, and selvi came by 9am and she started Her duties.

    While me and my wife were talking, I was looking how selvi was working so fast and elegant.

    To be continued..

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    JRS (Tuesday, 25 October 2016 01:27)

    This story I write for myself and people are interested only to read, if not interested shut the fuck up and get lost. Don't mess with me I'll pull your balls to your hole and staple it and u don shit... Ass hole... Grammar..

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    JRS (Tuesday, 25 October 2016 02:27)

    Changed 4:

    My wife stood and went to take bath..

    Selvi took all the clothes washed yesterday and whispered Malathy, tomorrow I won't come and you fold and iron all these clothes ok.. time up I got to leave by 11 am. I smiled and shoes thumbs up symbol to her.

    Next day Selvi was in leave, my wife sadly told me, I told her ok dear today is your mark Day, I'll do all the works you take rest. And you sonyhe cooking I'll do the ironing and folding! What do you say?

    My wife felt so happy and happily said ok mark now times on let's start.. full day I enjoyed doing all works and imagined myself wearing saree and doing all works.

    Next day morning came, I eagerly dressed up as malathy and waited for Selvi, and she came as usual and I continued my work as well. She appreciated my works this week.

    Selvi said from next week she will come only on weekends and I suppose to do all work in my home.
    I asked so you will get paid for what I work?

    She said yes, and if you like this living I'll arrange to earn by working 11 to 2 and I can still earn.

    I was laughing and asked selvi how you think I can fool people and work outside.

    Malathy you look perfect and you can easily fool anyone, you think any of your neighbours questioned in last 2 weeks who that new lady doing brooming the terrace?

    No Selvi, if you think I can still perform, I'm ready.

    A smile crossed in her face. Malathy I'll let you join in a local housekeeping, projects based on companies, no uniforms just a feminine coat over your saree, you interested?

    I thought for a moment, I liked to cross dress and why is this? Is this really what I want? All the sexual feel I get by working as a women is making me urge to do more, being Malathy I said a quick yes.

    Malathy tomorrow morning 8am be ready let's meet that leader and apply for that job. They only need your signature, so prepare one sign as malathy ok.. with that she kissed on my forehead and left.

    Next day morning for the first time Selvi came and took me outside of my house, myself as malathy I took small steps looking at the whole world as a woman I felt different. The company was very next to my street, when I met the lead, they asked did selvi told you about the job?

    I said yes. They pulled some papers and InkPad for sign, I said I can sign, selvi looked at me and gave a no look, I understood the situation and acted like a illiterate, and I didn't had the opportunity to read the papers, they asked me to sign the papers.

    I looked at Selvi, she smiled and asked me to sign ..
    I just signed… and the lead said. You have to report here by 10:30 and cab will take me to places where I have to do chores till 1:30 and they drop u by 2pm . I smiled and said ok.

    While walking back home, I asked selvi. What is that paper I signed?

    I don know Malathy, my mom is working there, while going back home we will meet her and get the details ok.

    Ok selvi, we quickly reached her home. Her mom looked at me asked who is this beautiful girl. Selvi said she is her new housekeeping friend. I smiled to her MOM.

    Selvi told her what happened and what I signed.
    Her mom looked Selvi very seriously why did u took her to that place?

    She looked me and said, Malathy it's an agreement you have to work there for next one year. Failed to do you have to face legal formalities. Saturday Sunday they will call all day. It's hard to take leave. But you have to forget all these in that two hours. Don't worry Malathy.only in year know adjust.

    Hearing this I was completely shocked and looked at Selvi… I called selvi shall we leave?

    Yes Malathy she came with me till home.

    I was silent till I reach home once I reach home I came inside soon and locked the door.

    Selvi what have you done? How will I work every Saturday and Sunday?

    Sorry Malathy I gave them my address only the cab will come my house, you go there get ready and join the work with my mom. Our little secret will be secure…

    It sounds to be a plan.. ok Selvi. But.. I dunno where this all going to end… if my wife knows my life will come to an end… sadly I started my work again.

    Being Malathy…

    To be continued...

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    JRS (Tuesday, 25 October 2016 03:06)

    Changed 5:

    Sorry to rush and finish this story. I've got only such time. This may be my last story for this year. If anyone talented please build up this story.

    Second weekend started, I woke early in morning and my secret belonging are already taken by selvi to her place. Ive informed my wife that I'm going for a special work during weekends 2 hours all weekend and this will last for next 1 year. My wife looked me weird what?

    Yes dear and I will get some 6000 every month. Hearing this. Ya ok. If it really give us some money. Yes I insist you go. I kissed my darling good bye and reached Selvi house, there her mom was smiling at me Malathy sir ah hmmm come get changed quickly we have to go… I quickly dressed and went with her. Cab came and as usual we reached a corporate and worked two hours cleaning all bathrooms and floors allocated to us. And I reached back home.

    My wife called me and asked why do you smell so filthy, u look terrific! Tel me what exactly you are doing?

    I said it's a human resource team we got to engage some little fresh up workout that will keep us fresh, but I actually end of smell bad. Ha ha..

    She believed what I said…

    Life was going smoothly for about two months, my wife never doubted.

    One day that one bad day, I usually woke up and dressed as malathy was doing my chores, and went for job and returning home and when I try to enter, I found the door was open. Without any male clothes I can't even go to Selvi house to change back.

    I sneaked inside the house she was Busy in the bathroom I quickly ran inside my bedroom and was removing my dress, and then I heard stop this mark, just stay as you are and open the door.

    I slowly opened the door. To my added shock selvi was there. My eyes filled with tear I started to speak.

    Honey I can explain…

    Stop it mark I know what a bitch job you are doing. I saw you in one of my client branch clearing and cleaning those stinky bathrooms

    But how did you found?

  • #316

    JRS (Tuesday, 25 October 2016 03:10)

    Changed Final:

    Last story for this year, sorry to rush and close..

    How did I? Ive been living with you for past 4 years. I know how you'll do all stupid job. Just as you help me all weekend.

    Initially I doubted and noticed you dressing up and working at home, I enquired selvi what the fuck is really happening, and she told me your stupid desires. as she was helping you to live your fantasy in secret I'll let you live that stupid fantasy 24/7. Today you are going to your company dressed like that as a maid.

    What? Dear what about my job? Please don't do this to me?

    What if that stupid housekeeping company sent you to company you work?

    Sorry honey I didn't thought about that,

    You will never think about that you shit. Ive emailed to you boss saying you got a better opportunity.

    What? When? No please stop this. I can't take this anymore.

    Oh yes you are. Come with me. She took me outside with Selvi to the nearest housekeeping company.

    Dear please I won't do this again please don't come there honey please please please…

    I was begging my wife and she never listened to me…

    Selvi in the other hand In shock said only sorry to me..

    Once we reached the place. She called the lead, they actually welcomed her. I was shocked, it was her friends actually running this firm. I was sitting quietly outside. She called me in.

    They asked Malathy as you have some family issues and you wants to work as a full time in different projects for next 5 years? As you informed your madam you are ready for this?

    I looked at my wife with eyes filled tears…

    Oh look at her.. tears of happiness, come on girl sign this…

    I silently signed the papers…. Before I reach home she gave me another set of papers.

    I asked what this all about.

    This is your property, bank accounts, Savings, FD’s everything to be on my name and you with nothing with your name changed as Malathy.

    She looked at me straight… What?

    You are serious honey? Me as a housekeeping lady and you survive alone?

    No you goddamned fool. Look at Selvi, She is my lesbian baby… and we are going to get married officially and get settled in Delhi..

    And my dear hubby, as a useless zero… you will stay here at Selvi place…. As MALATHY…

    I looked at Selvi! Is everything planned?

    Selvi started, yes dear, I told the very first day I caught you, and your wife shared her little secret and with my secret I gave her the life she Wishes… and thinking about you, we wanted to get rid of you somehow with nothing, with no identity… this plot we created… and everything is as planned…

    Hope you are doing well Malathy…

    Next day I woke up at 8:00am as Malathy in Selvi House and my new routine continues from here….

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    Vani (Tuesday, 25 October 2016 15:05)

    Nice story SRS.

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    Jalaja (Tuesday, 25 October 2016 15:06)

    Vishkanya, very nice story dear but why you stopped. Please continue

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    cara mengobati tukak lambung paling ampuh (Tuesday, 25 October 2016 20:12)

    thanks your article really nice

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    Srs (Wednesday, 26 October 2016 00:47)

    Jrs ur right the same problem is going on with me, telling that i made grammar mistakes and I told already that I am not professional story writer that's why I stopped writing my story.

  • #321

    PriyaSri (Wednesday, 26 October 2016 01:59)

    The two men eyed each other with caution. Both were embarrassed by their near nudity and the displayed feminine items. Both men were in chastity both wore identical stainless steel chastity cages of the ball trap design. Their enclosed penis pointed down and the balls extended and were on display. Sneha sat in a comfortable chair and smiled at the boys. She crossed her legs and sipped her coffee. Helen had on a pair of wide legged comfortable jeans, a white tunic top with silver trim and comfortable silver boat shoes. The boy that was her husband was called Shyam. Shyam no longer had husband privileges. He was nude except for the chastity device, earrings, nosering, bangles, mangalsutra, bindi, payals, sindoor with a five inch heel. The other boy was called Ramesh and was a new friend of Helen. Ramesh was attired the same as Shyam except sindoor and mangalsutra.

    Both boys hated the chastity device but were secretly glad to have it on today. Each boy was sexually excited by the appearance of the other boy and the exquisite humiliation of being exposed this way. Neither boy wanted Sneha or the other boy to see the erection growing in the cage. Both boys and Sneha saw the humiliating erection trying to form. She called the boys over and had them stand in front of her. Each boy was instructed to put a hand on the others cage and keep it there. Both Shyam and Ramesh did not want this intimate contact with another male and of course Sneha knew this but because she asked them to touch they touched.

    Both boys worried about what she might ask them to do later on. Shyam was worried anytime there was another man around Sneha even if that man was in chastity also. Sneha's age was unknown to Tinker. She was in fact in her fifties, had black hair with flecks of grey, tall at five feet ten inches in flats, wore Jewelry with minimal make up. She was beautiful and very striking, Shyam was a handsome man but feminization process had taken its toll. Still good looking and if allowed masculine attire could turn a woman's head. In the sissy costuming he was required to wear the head turning was usually followed by giggles or the quiet "Oh my God - is that a man?"

    Shyam lost his husband privilege the day he was locked in the device around his penis. He of course held on to the hope that it would someday be granted. Ramesh met Sneha on line and even dated her once or twice. He had tried to seduce her only to be rebuffed and told by her he was getting close to being spanked. He made the mistake of daring her to try it and found himself in the embarrassing position of being over her knees with his pants down. Ramesh learned this was not a game. Sneha paddled his ass till it shined then she switched from her hand to the sole of her flat shoe and Ramesh was in tears. With his pants still down he replaced the shoe and then received instruction on shoe worship. Ramesh was a quick learner and his erection told Sneha all she needed to know about him.

    Sneha stood the sobbing Ramesh in front of her and told the poor man that the only way he would be allowed any of her time is to accept his position as a sissy in chastity. Once fitted to the device Ramesh was trained by Sneha in the sissy arts. She had decided that Ramesh should meet Shyam and the two of them would become matching sissies. Shyam was not taking this news well. Shyam very much wanted to return to his former status as husband with husband privilege and he knew that with another sissy around that possibility was very distant. Besides he did not want Ramesh to be assisting Sneha with the intimate tasks that he now did. His leg saving and the once in a while pussy lick and ass sniffing was as close as he was getting to his husband privilege He sure as hell didn't want to share that with Ramesh.

  • #322

    PriyaSri (Wednesday, 26 October 2016 02:15)

    Shyam was almost sure that there were other men Sneha was seeing. He sometimes helped Sneha dress in very dressy outfits for an evening out. There was no explanation ever give to him as to why she was dressed so nicely or what she was doing. He just hooked the bra, buckled the evening shoe and clipped the jewelry closed as though he was the personal maid. And now this simpering sissy in high heels shows up and is promised the same serving position as him. Ramesh was hoping that the day would come when he would bed the lovely Sneha the presence of a husband even a sissy husband in chastity was making that dream fade. To make matters worse for Ramesh, he knew that Sneha had been looking for a man to date and to have casual sex with. Ramesh had hopes of being that man. Instead she had turned him into the sissy that was holding the caged cock of the woman he desires husband.

    Sneha said Shyam meet Ramesh and Ramesh meet Shyam. You girls will become best friends, now kiss cheeks. After an embarrassed cheek kissing by the two boys Sneha went on to explain the new rules. The boys would greet each other with what she called sissy style. Ramesh would bend forward and Shyam would spread her rear cheeks and smell her special spot then she would kiss it. The positions would then reverse and Shyam would bend forward and present her ass and Ramesh would sniff and kiss in sissy greeting. Each boy would be the personal assistant of the other and would help with body shaving, hair, makeup and other deeply personal things such as making sure each boy was clean after using the toilet. The boys would care for the others feet and the hair removal around each other's anus. The boys would function as one and would both be punished for any infraction. Each boy would only be addressed in the feminine unless Sneha decided that the term boy was to be used. On the nights Ramesh stayed over they would share the bed in the cuddle position. Of course there would be no sexual contact between the boys unless Sneha requested it then both boys would do exactly as instructed no matter how humiliating it may be. Sneha then clapped her hands and said OK boys practice the sissy greeting.

    A very red faced Ramesh bent forward while a totally humiliated Shyam sniffed and served at this most intimate of spots. It was a surprise to Ramesh to experience the sexual stimulation of the ass lick and to know that he was about to stimulate another male the same way. The excitement showed in the poor boy's partial erections that did not go unnoticed by Sneha or the other boy. Practice make perfect Sneha told the boys. As the boys were practicing Sneha was telling them that on the nights that Ramesh was staying over they would sleep together in the classic spoon position. When they were out in public they would hold hands. No matter how they were dressed they would always carry a purse and be wearing pretty shoes. Sneha reminded both boys that they had small delicate feet as well as a small delicate penis. Sneha told the boys that they would dress alike even if not the same colors if one wore a saree the other one would also, if one wore a salwar suit the other would also. They would help each other with body shaving, wiping, pedicures and the cleaning of each other's bits and openings. Sneha said that when she had a guest over the boys would serve as a team and if a guest was a man he may stay for just a short time or the night even a weekend or longer. The boys would give Sneha all the privacy she and her fellow desired Shyam was to never try to play the marriage card but instead would welcome any fellow of her's choosing and each boy or both would be available for sexual service should a man desire that. If service was not sexual the boys would be available for foot rubs, toilet assisting, shoe polishing and laundry duty should a man need that. The boys were told to kiss the tube to show they understood. Each very embarrassed boy bent and kissed the others chastity device.

    The boys were back to back, bent forward at the waist and joined by a double ended dildo their hands were joined at the wrists and drew the boys back so as to make sure the dildo stayed in. Both boys wore their chastity devices and high heeled pumps and were practicing their movements. Sneha wanted them to "move as one" in this humiliating dance of submission. The boys kept moving and concentrated on smooth movements. Sneha had a small crop she was more than willing to apply to the back and legs of each boy. In fact she rather enjoyed the little yelps each boy emitted when struck.

  • #323

    PriyaSri (Wednesday, 26 October 2016 02:21)

    Sneha was on the phone with her mother and outlined the training process to her. It seemed that her mother approved of humiliating Shyam and looked forward to meeting Ramesh as well as the new fellow she said she had in her life. Sneha told her how the new fellow had come up with the idea of the double dildo bondage and the training procedure. When the training was complete the boys would not need the wrist restraints and would be able to gracefully glide around and have their hands free for serving or to guide a penis to their mouths. It seemed that Sneha's new fellow was not opposed to a nice little blow job from a sissy and both Shyam and Ramesh had been gifted with that experience. Boys had become best friends forever and the close contact and mutual humiliation had formed a bond between them that Sneha enjoyed exploring and exploiting. Her mother as well as the new fellow would be over tonight and Sneha was hoping the boys would be trained to serve by then.

    The boys finished their makeup and checked each other for any mistakes. They hooked each other's bra straps and made sure their sarees were wrinkle free they helped each other slip on the black 6 inch heels and then the humiliating jewellery, the sarees had opening at the front and back showing their chastity and butt holes, as they wore no panties or petticoat. Each boy checked the other's chastity device and the two of them walked in to the living room. Each boy had installed a condom on the other and reinstalled the chastity devices.

    Sneha was on the phone with her mother and outlined the training process to her. Sneha wanted Shyam and Ramesh to be maids of the house, Shyam would be taking care of all the kitchen duties and being personal maid to Sneha and Ramesh would take care of cleaning house and washing clothes. It seemed that her mother approved of humiliating Shyam and looked forward to meeting Ramesh as well as the new fellow she said she had in her life. Sneha told her how the new fellow had come up with the idea of the double dildo bondage and the training procedure. When the training was complete the boys would not need the wrist restraints and would be able to gracefully glide around and have their hands free for serving or to guide a penis to their mouths. It seemed that Sneha's new fellow was not opposed to a nice little blow job from a sissy and both Shyam and Ramesh had been gifted with that experience. Boys had become best friends forever and the close contact and mutual humiliation had formed a bond between them that Sneha enjoyed exploring and exploiting. Her mother as well as the new fellow would be over tonight and Sneha was hoping the boys would be trained to serve by then.

    The boys finished their makeup and checked each other for any mistakes. They hooked each other's bra straps and made sure their sarees were wrinkle free they helped each other slip on the black 6 inch heels and then the humiliating jewellery. Both wore identical red embroidery saree with strapless blouse, the jewellery included long earrings wording sissy, two noserings, big bindi, payals, 12 bangles in each hand, mangtika. Shyam also had sindoor and mangalsutra. the sarees had opening at the front and back showing their chastity and butt holes, as they wore no panties or petticoat. Each boy checked the other's chastity device and the two of them walked in to the living room. Each boy had installed a condom on the other and reinstalled the chastity devices.

    Shyam carried a velvet lined wooden box and Ramesh carried a black velvet bag with a draw string, their payal and bangles were making sweet sound with heels clicking on floor. Sneha and her new fellow Rajesh sat on the couch and watched the humiliated boys approach them. Sneha and her fellow just smirked and waited. Shyam presented Sneha the wooden box and Ramesh opened the velvet bag. Rajesh could not suppress his laughter as each boy bent forward and Sneha used the personal lubricant in the bottle that was in the sack to lube up the double ended dildo that was in the box. Rajesh inserted the dildo deep into Shyam's back side and then guided Ramesh onto the other end. Both boys let out a small gasp as the dildo found it's home. The bottle of lube and the bag was handed back to Ramesh and the box to Shyam. The happy couple sat on the couch and watched the two sissy boys in this humiliating but graceful dance of submission return the box and bag to the bedroom. Each boy was quiet as the extent of their humiliation and submission sank in.
    The end

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    sirisha (Wednesday, 26 October 2016 05:14)

    SRS and raghav continue your stories

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    JRS (Wednesday, 26 October 2016 05:59)

    Srs don't stop your stories for some filthy scum bags ... U share whatever u write..

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    Kashmiraa (Wednesday, 26 October 2016 06:16)

    Raghav... Great Great Story ... Amazed by your Story Writing... please cntinue Writing Such Superb Writing.
    Jesika Rani Silpa...(jrs) great To Hav U Back ... nice Story by You Too... Please Keep Up The Great Work.
    A request Too All Writers.... Please ignore negative Remarks About Grammar.... It Has never Been An Issue For The Readers And Fans... We Used to Enjoy Story before And Now Also... correct english was Never A Concern For Us Before And Even Not Now Also. Plzz Understand readers passion .... We Just Love The Story ... Please Give More Importance To Readers and Ignore others. SRs Plz Continue Ur Story If U Care For Readers.

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    Raghav (Wednesday, 26 October 2016 07:54)

    Part 16

    After doing touchup to my makeup i came outside the hotel and saw aunt talking over the phone, i went and stood next to her, i dint kno who she was talking to but after she kept the call i was shocked to hear that she was talking to my mom and when i asked if mom knows about tanya, aunt smiled and said that she had informed mom about my crossdressing and she also spoke to mom everyday and kept her updated. After hearing this i felt like the entire world was going to end, i just felt so scared that i dint move or speak. Aunt shook me and told not to worry as mom always had a doubt on me but never asked me as she taught i might get offended. But i couldnt get it out of my mind that now even mom knows about it. I quickly asked aunt if dad also knows to which aunt replied that dad doesn't kno and mom will tell him only after she meets me and discusses it with me. After hearing that i felt some relief but my tension did not decrease as mom was coming tomorrow and i dint know how to face her, i also told aunt that i dont know how to face mom, but aunt told me not to worry as mom is very excited and loves me even more now.
    After our discussion we crossed the road and were walking towards the taxi stand and on our way aunt calls someone and tells him that we will be near his shop in 5 mins please keep the bag ready. I asked aunt what it is but she just smiled and said its a surprise. As we walked a little further we reached that big clothes showroom and on seeing us a man came out with 2 huge bags and gave it to us and thanked aunt for shopping in their showroom, then we got a taxi and left the market. On the way i asked what was in those bags and thats when i get the biggest surprise,
    Aunt: dear tanya in this bag there is a dress that you will be wearing for your birthday party tomorrow.
    Me: aunt there are two big bags .. how many dresses did you buy ?
    Aunt: their its just one dress baby but it is a very special one and has a lot of accessories to it.
    I was shocked and tried to guess a lot but the dress was not coming to my mind and as i was in my imagination we reached aunts house. As soon as we entered i quickly took the bags and kept it on the table and started to unpack and aunt also joined me, as i opened the bag there was another cloth bag inside, i pulled it and took it out, it was very heavy, i looked at ant and aunt was smiling, as i was opening the cloth bag i could see a lot of fancy stone work and purple colored cloth, i got hold of the cloth and pulled it out and my mouth was completely open after seeing that, it was a heavy ghagra with a lot of fancy stone work, it looked very very beautiful just like the one heroin's wear in movies it was very pretty and heavy, looked like a brides ghagra i looked at aunts face and immediately hugged her and kissed her cheeks,
    me: thank u aunty, its such a beautiful ghagra, looks so elegant, i had never imagined myself wearing a ghagra choli
    aunt: tanya u dont have to thank me. its your first birthday as tanya and i wanted to make it the best day of your life and this is just a small thing
    me: thank you so much aunt. This bag has ghagra and the choli so what's there in the other bag?
    Aunt: the chunni, your foot wear, purse, bra and panty and some makeup accessories
    Me.: o my god aunty its just my birthday but looks like you have decided to make me like a real bride
    Aunt: yes my dear its your birthday but all my friends and your mom will be seeing you for the first time tomorrow so i want you to look the best
    Me: when is mom coming aunty?
    Aunt: Sudha (mom) will come directly to the party in the evening
    Me: aunty i am very scared to come in front of everyone
    Aunt: dont worry baby i have also called 2 beauticians who will get you ready for tomorrow
    Me: aunty i seriously dont know how to thank you, you are doing so much for me
    Aunt: next time u say this and i will stop talking to you, its late now and tomorrow is a big day so lets have dinner and sleep early so that we wake up early as there is a lot of work tomorrow.
    Me: ok aunty
    With dad we had dinner and went to sleep and i was already imagining myself in that ghagra choli and couldn't control and had a hard boner in my panty

    To be cond.....

  • #328

    Raghav (Wednesday, 26 October 2016 08:25)

    Thank u all for the comments,
    Sorry to keep the readers waiting. my story is very big and I have not been getting time to write so please bare with me. I want to take my time and write slowly because if I write in haste then the essence and charm will be lost.

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    vasantha (Wednesday, 26 October 2016 09:50)

    raghav pls continue story good srs pls continue your story pa pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls continue very early wait for the fashion stories pa ppls its rumble request pa

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    Rachna (Wednesday, 26 October 2016 14:29)

    Great story raghav pls continue

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    Srs (Thursday, 27 October 2016 00:31)

    Thanks for your support, I will continue my story soon

  • #332

    JRS (Thursday, 27 October 2016 01:43)


    Milan and his wife Merlin a cute couple with no understanding. There couple life is as bad as they beautiful are. Merlin is a freak when she was a teenager and dare to go extended level of freak. Milan is a soft subtle and down to earth person and more a submissive person. Milan never interested in anything Merlin wish to and never oppose to anything. Merlin always seen Milan as a soft robot at her home doing nothing a jobless junk.

    With her character she could never able to handle both of her office and home and thousands of time she has asked her hubby to take care of the house.but he never turned back. His things their room and his stupid old story books.yes Milan is a story writer and never sold a book in path 2 years. This made Merlin so frustrated about her husband.

    Merlin appointed a maid from her freak friends reference. She looks like a freak. A dominant 30 year old lady. Looks she can handle anything , appointed as a maid.

    Now story starts from here. Merlin before she leaves office she curse her useless hubby sitting in his room doing nothing before in front of her maid.

    After Merlin leaves office, maid maya noted milan sitting in his room thinking about story. She went next to him slowly teasing his hair, milan ignoring her teasing and got up, asked what u want?

    I dont want anything, ah can I call u mila?

    I'm Milan,

    Yeah I know Milan. Isn't Mila a short name.

    Ya may b, what is all about my name? Why did u come here? Go do ur job.

    I'm here to do my job Mila. I noticed your hair is getting longer everyday and I thought a little style touch can make it look beautiful, u know more manly.

    I think I don't need such attention to my hair. I never did it.

    Yes, never did it. So try once if u don't like it I won't touch your hair. If u like it I'll come and do it everyday. Is that a deal?

    Ok maya. Try and this should b d end.

    Only if u don't like Right?

    Milan sat on his chair and asked maya to go-ahead.

    Maya went in front of Milan pushed his head to her breast, making him breath hard but the scent of her breast and sweat gave a pleasure feeling to him.

    Maya slowly cleared all the locks in his hair and started combing his back hair and finished and she gone behind and tilted his head towards her stomach milan got a full view of her breast shape even if she wore a saree.

    Milan didn't noticed what maya was doing, she quickly combed in centre with small fringe in front and braided his hair as a normal girls do. Maya showed the mirror to him and asked whether he likes it. He looked and said this looks like a woman face if I shave I may look like one. Can u undo the braids?

    Maya without saying anything and undid the braids a d arranged in messy bun style with fringe in front and said it's a normal men cut.

    Milan found that to be attractive and said ok.

    Maya said I'll try different hairstyle tomorrow, but only if u shave your face clean I'll let that happen.

    Milan smiled and said ok. He liked the way how maya did today and the scent of her makes him horny he wanted to try next day.

    Milan woke early next day and shaved his face and kept the same messy bun hairstyle. Merlin looked at him and said bitch and left to office.

    Milan was waiting at his desk.. for Maya..

    And there she slowly walked behind him…

    To be continued..

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    obat penyakit multiple myeloma (Thursday, 27 October 2016 02:09)

    thanks i understand

  • #334

    JRS (Thursday, 27 October 2016 02:16)

    Prey 2:

    Next day maya walked behind Milan and appreciated,
    Mila u did what I told you? U like the hairstyle?

    He stammered and said yes can we go for a different style today?

    Mila I'm glad to give you one but on one condition.

    Yea what it is?

    Today I'll arrange your hair in my wish and you keep this till I come and change tmrw, deal?

    Milan immediately said ok.

    Maya did as she did yesterday, pushing him towards her, caressing him, his hair and making him more more horny she gave him Mose side swept and little bangs and side braided.

    Maya said he looks very cute and asked him promise me you won't see your mirror and don't change even if anyone comment about it.

    In pleasure, milan said ok. Maya finished her work and left. Milan was eager to watch him in the mirror but he made his words true and stayed in his room.

    His wife came and when she looked and him she went next to him and gave a deep kiss and asked him to join the night, that night was his most romantic night. Next day morning he slept so long and woke to find his wife not available and maya is started her work. He went and fresher himself and met Maya and told her what happened last night and he asked her what hairstyle she gave him. She gave him the mirror and Mila was shocked to see how girly his hair was and took it positively as his wife likes it more.

    Mila asked maya to give a different hairstyle again. Maya repeated her magic and gave him a long Bob look and this time she made him feel little more mood and took him to his wife bedroom and they were together. After she is done with him she gave her bra to him and asked him to wear it till tomorrow for her. Initially he hesitated, but thinking about the last night and what happened today he wanted to do more and said yes.

    Maya helped him wear it and helped him wear his shirt.

    Merlin came that night and appreciated how milan is looking good and how he changed like this. He explained about Maya magic work and suggested to have a hairdo for herself. She said she will think about it.

    To be continued...

  • #335

    JRS (Thursday, 27 October 2016 02:43)

    Prey 3:

    Mila requesting maya to do hairstyle. She finally decided to teach him how to do each hairstyle and how to take care of his hairstyle.

    Maya daily made Mila to wear her bra, she also gave him spare Bras and panties after few times they had *”” together, she made him wear bra and panty everyday and also taught him how to keep it washed and fresh everyday.

    Following weekend maya went to Merlin room and half day it took and she finally came out to see his wife having a similar hair like the one he had a fishtail braid.

    Following night Merlin and Milan were together and his without his wife revealing what he is wearing underneath, he managed to remove and hid his bra and panty that night and had gr8 n8 with his wife.

    This routine was following Mila and Maya together on several weekdays and Mila and Merlin together for several weekdays. Being with Maya, Mila always wore bra and panties while together.

    One day Maya asked Mila she will give him new style with little work on his face. He said ok. Maya started to begin her work on Mila face, and she was talking.

    Mila your hair looks more beautiful with the little bangs on front and the braids I gave you at the back Will look more sexy. Like a desi girl… u like to be a desi girl right Mila?

    Yes Maya… I like to be one…

    Maya screwed his chest and asked what you like to be Mila?I can't hear u!

    Maya I like to be a desi girl…

    Yes… Mila wants to be a desi girl.. now what is missing.. a little makeup… and dress up.. and accessories…..

    Hearing all this Mila had an erection noticing… Maya…

    Maya slowly took a tweezers from her pocket and kissing Mila ear and said stay there my little darling a little prick.. that's it.. she quickly plucked his eyebrows neatly thin and feminine…

    Milan was enjoying closing his eyes….

    And look what , Mila darling is not having a pierced ears? Isn't it bad? Mila shud be punished right?

    Maya…. Do anything… this feels so good…. Mila slowly cane to Maya lips and had a tight kiss…

    Maya same time took desi non coloured ear rings and pushed in his ear, Mila felt a small prick in his ear, making him move, Maya holds him tightly and have him the deepest kiss and pierced another ear with just earrings, she screwed the earrings tight to Mila Ear..

    After Kiss Mila felt something heavy and moving inn his ear, asking Maya what was that?

    Maya said… shhhhhh.. Mila… I'll do everything for you to look sexy…… you will love it my darling…

    To be continued...

  • #336

    JRS (Thursday, 27 October 2016 03:08)

    Prey final..

    After Kiss maya made little makeup like eyeliner lipgloss she took him to his bedroom..

    When Mila was ready, Maya asked him to try wearing one of her wife skirt…

    Mila without hesitation with his bra and panties he started searching for a skirt, asking Maya which colour she likes the most, she chose Red colour as it go with Bra colour.

    Maya paralelly took one of Merlin Yellow colour blouse and saree and waited Mila to come.

    After wearing the skirt Mila came and asked maya how does it look?

    Maya asked yes u r as beautiful as me my darling… she hugged him and .. close your eyes and keep your arms loose.. I have a surprise…

    Mila did as she told… she slowly slid the blouse to his hands and started buttoning in the back, and stuffed the blouse with some tissues…

    Maya without wasting time, quickly draped the yellow saree around Mila and Pinned the Pallu to his shoulders and pleats to his skirt.

    Maya asked Mila to open his eyes, Mila found him to be most beautiful, hung his head down in shy, told maya you did a great work Maya, love you so much, I never knew I have a beautiful women in me..
    Mila now you know, and you go live with it.

    Thanks Maya, this took a lot of hard work, I must appreciate your creativity for all the combinations.

    They both together had fun together In bed, and Mila stayed in saree till Evening, while maya finished all her works and started chit chat with Mila

    Mila realising it's time his wife will come. Asked maya to leave home and he will change back.

    Maya hold's his hand and stopped.

    Mila you are not.

    Maya, stop joking, my wife will kick Me out If she ever caught me like this.

    Maya smiled. No Mila , you think all the hard work I did with you is just to let you go? Come with me.. she took Mila to the centre of house and made him sit on sofa and wait for his wife.

    Mila heard his wife car coming, fearing how she will react looking at him in a saree. He hid himself with saree Pallu.

    Merlin opened the door and found, who is the new girl in my house? Oh is this Mila .. my pretty baby .. look how gud u are.

    Merlin u are not angry with me?

    R u joking? Maya and I are sexual partners since college, she always knew I like only girl's in d bed.

    I married u looking at your subtle submissive character. Hoping one day I will be my prey as I designed to be. Maya really did a great work . You can stay and wear all the sarees in d wardrobe, it's all for you.

    Merlin became the house husband, and Mila became her wife. Maya sometimes occasionally visit and have fun with her pet Mila, and Merlin got no objection about that.

    Tq for reading...

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    JRS (Thursday, 27 October 2016 12:11)

    #325 is not mine , sisters beware someone writing in my name. SRS you are the best

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    Kumaari (Thursday, 27 October 2016 13:22)

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    JRS i think grammar is doing all this , must be careful.

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    I'm Jessica Rani Shilpa, #325 is mine and all stories I wrote is mine, y on earth i have to say this here? Who wrote #337 in my name ?, I refer the filthy scum bag is Grammar. So what? I know what I'm writing, my next story will be next year, I won't b in India and busy in my career, For your information, going forward any comments on this page in JRS name will not be mine. In 2017 i will b back with my next story.

    Keep Writing Friends ! Miss u all.... Sweet candies.... !

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    Jrs you have to learn both grammar and how to write stories, your story are such a waste. You need not want to continue your story, please stop writing.

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    It's not a thesis to require correction GRAMMAR but just an aid to help our imaginations which do not require a perfect grammar so if you are not interested better not to visit this site but you have no right to suggest our writers to stop writing stories

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    Grammar Sir,

    Where the hell did you learn grammar. I am not an expert but 'your story "are" such a waste' and a sentence creation using 'need not want' looks like a whole new level of grammar knowledge. Please don't write english comments if you don't know english (as per your logic used to annoy our good friends who are taking their time to write wonderful stories).

    With hate,

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    Sharmi(Sharmila Devi) (Monday, 31 October 2016 23:58)

    Hi all,
    I think you remember me (my sister-in-law made me her second wife) is my first story thanks for liking my story. And now am coming with my second story "I became sister to my wife" .Hope u will enjoyy

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    Satya turn to satyabhama part:1,
    My name is satya.I am software engineer.I living with my mother name is suverna I have sister also she's name is father died last my family one rule is their that is all family members name started with 'S' this is a main rule. But i am not like this ,thi is my family back i come to my figure i am fair guy and slim .my height is 5.7 inch,I working in gen pact software company in morning shift . I already in love with colleague Bhama. She is very buetiful and intelligent,she is also loved me .we both are same size and same hight,my love matter not tell to myother because she's not accept love marriage and she name not started with a S name that's why I am not telling to my mother,my sister is a fashion designer,she is one year smaller then me but we both are behave like a we now the bhama family background she's father is a Vithal K Rao, a renowned scientist who did experiments on cloning related subjects.bhama mother name is vasantha.she is a house wife.bhama also having one sister she's name is latha.I am not seen him. because she is out of station.
    Please give comments to write next parts.

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    Nice starting continue latha

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    Sharmila Devi (Tuesday, 01 November 2016 13:14)

    I became sister to my wife - part 1

    Let me introduce myself and my family .My self sudhakar every one calls me sudha my age is 21 and currently am free searching for Job. I got married in a early age at 19 with kiranmayi everyone call her Kiran and her age is 21, yes she is also equal to my age and she is 1 month bigger than me. You heard it right as she is a orfan, my dad’s daughter in law she lost her parents in her childhood . So she was bought up along with us and my parents decided to make both of us married. My mom Malathi is a house wife and dad Rajesh is sales staff head in a cloth showroom. Even my wife goes along with my dad to work in cloth showroom as a sales girl but my father never told anyone in the showroom that she is his daughter in law as he felt shame. so my dad likes her very much and always scolds me being free with out job. And last member in our family sirisha my sister as she is very much intelligent my father sent her to banglore of free seat for finishing her Btech and her age is 20 one year younger to me.
    Let me describe about my self I am very fair and slim and height 5.6(jus like a average young girl) and my wife is 5.8 height and she is taller than me so my parents asked her to where only flats and me shoes with high heels when we are going out. Daily my mom and me stay in home my mom working in kitchen and I watching TV and roaming out with friends which does not liked my dad and always scolds me. Even my wife scolds me now and then for not going to any job. The days are passing and we don’t have any problems in the house as both my dad and my wife are woking which is really enough for our house. But all the days are not same suddenly as one day we got call from my sister that she got married to rich guy and she is going to US along with him and asked us not to search for her. This made us feel unhappy and all are sad. Then dad and mom decided not to reveile it out and asked us to forget about my sister.

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    Pls suggest me sites and blogs for stories of cds
    Obviously with saree dressing stories. .
    But only indian content...

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    contd #236
    In tears of laughter she was when I came out in her nighty. It flowed down perfectly over my body, soft with flowers all over it, the ends had attached frills. And the bra ofcourse!! filled with some of her dupattas gave me an ample cleavage to call myself a woman. Seductively se came close to me and kissed me on my lips, I love u my Avantika she said as I blushed, I tried to kiss her back but she tapped my forehead to to give that sexy gesture of no, and she giggled hard, her smile was now notorious. So Avantika how do you feel she asked, in that inskirt of mine flowing down ur legs, uncomfortable I said in a low tone, accha!! Low she said, aaj I asked you toh u feel low, sexy I replied as an answer I feel sexy suhas I said gathering some courage to make my love feel happy. Yes you look sexy in lipstick and that bindi dear avantika. What??? When did that happen I thought and then it struck, all that seducing, the kiss gave me the lipstick and that tap on my forehead the bindi, lakin abhi kuch missing missing hai meri jaan as she came close, she inserted a few glass bangles on my wrists, and her mangalsutra in my neck and then finally covered my cleavage with her dupatta. Now u look like my wife Avantika…………
    The night then ended me surrendering to my husband, she was all over me, makin me feel like a girl. It hasn’t ever happened but once in a while a little roleplay doesn’t hurt I guess, she enjoyed I did…..........

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    SRS (Sunday, 06 November 2016 12:49)

    "fashion part 7 # 181

    I was scared about that an i took that card an search for the address an when i reached in that place i saw it was looks like some sort of clinic, i went slowly there an i there was a lady seems to be my age, she came near me an asked what do u want sir an i give that card to her after seeing that she smiled an told me to come inside, i was lill bit of scare what she is going to do . After i slowly asked mam may i know now what ur going to do with me an she laughed an told due u like banana an i told no an she told huh ur boss to dint like that , an i asked sorry i cant understand an she told u need not want to be sorry i will explain u everything an told ur showing ur bulge a lot to prove ur macho kind an that she dint like an for that only u came here tats all . on hearing this i was scared an started to shout for that what ur an she told relax an told dint worry nothing is permanent just relax an i told what nothing is permanent i have lost all my body hair with side burns an ur telling nothing is permanent who should i cant be worry. after so much of struggle she can near to me an asked me to remove all the dress an were a towel , i do as she told to do i went to lie on the table , after she came near to me an removed my towel now i was completely nude in front of her an i was lill bit of shy after she saw my penis an she was surprised on seeing that an told ya its looks like a huge banana an all the men will be jealous an suddenly she started to give blowjob an i felt great after she finished she told now u happy an let get to our work an she took an syringe an filed with some sort of strange liquid an inject directly into my penis i was scared due to the pain an its seems like burning after few minutes it went num i cant feel anything down there an she took some ice cubes an placed into my penis an after it was done she smiled an told huhh ur huge banana now become the size of my lill finger an she took some thing from the box it looks like flesh like material , she put on the surgical gloves an took some jelly like substance an started to rub down to my penis an abdomen an she fixed the flesh like object down there an it took hours to complete an after it came the boobs which it looks like artificial real like boobs which seems to be big an she done the same procedure an fixed, after she asked me to turn around an she cleaned my butt completely an she was mixing something in the bowel it look like white liquid paste after she filled with a huge syringe on seeing that i was afraid an started to getup an she quickly called 2 ladies an they strap my 2 hands an legs i started to beg cause i was afraid of injection an when i got fever on that time to i never went to the doc for this afraid of this injection but now this is the first time am seeing such a huge injection which filled with strange liquid. she came near to me an started to inject to 1 side of my bum an while she was injecting it was burning an i cant tolerate the pain an started to shout an while shouting the 2 ladies put cloth in my mouth so that i cant able to screem, after she did 1 side she started to do in another side an after an hour she completed all the bowl she made, an my bum was in huge pain.

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    SRS (Sunday, 06 November 2016 12:51)

    fashion part 8

    After i was felt week for this pain an she came near me an showed some videos an explained what she did. First she told about that fake vagina an how does it work, it has an small pouch inside it an in that my lill penis was fixed into it that pouch has an hole from the outside an when ever i need to urine i must sit an do it an no more erection an bulge its for temporary it looks like real vagina an that too it has a deeper hole even some body can fuck an she lol, i was scared on hearing that , an she explained about the next thing which is fake boobs it looks like real an big which difficult to hide an she told that this are fixed with some type of super glue which impossible to take it of if i try means my real skin will come of with it an the only thing can remove is by solvent an that too she doesn't have the stock right now, an the last thing she told what she did in my but it was some type of fat collagen to increase my bum size an shape cause before there was bulge in front an now there was bulge in my back an she started to lol. After she told me to were panties an bra which should were every day an i protest an after so much of struggle i wore it an i get dressed back but now i cant able to put my jeans it get lill tight in my back an the shirt button is too tight , i put it anyway an left that place an i start to my home , while going on the way i saw 1 shop there selling some sort of bandage etc, i stopped my car an went inside the shop an i saw that there is some belts to adjust tummy fat etc, i bought like that one an went inside the car an i opened my shirt an tuck that thing into my fake breast tightly an put on the shirt now its doesn't semis like first an its easy to put the shirt button but to breath is difficult , i start my car an went home. While getting home my aunt opened the door i dint say anything an she dint notice , i went straight to my room an locked down, due to the pain i got fever so i cant able to go for work, i took leave for 2 days. after my fever went down i come back to normal position. Now i got completely cured an am getting ready for my work, i went to bathroom an i saw my self that what was happened to me it was ridicules an i saw that there is no strand to see my penis all i can see is a clean shaved pussy. I sat down to pee after i dint i can feel my penis inside my fake vagina an after i got shower an put the panties an bra , it was difficult to were the bra, after so much of struggle i put the bra, now come the jeans , my jeans is difficult to fit in my bum like it will get tore an i hide my fake breast with that belt an put my shirt which is dark in colour so that no 1 can see inside me an i put the jacket too, i saw my butt it was huge an it look strange for me after came outside of my room. While walking i can fell that my butt are bouncing an my hips are swing like a girl , i cant able to walk like a boy, on seeing that my aunt asked what happened an i told that nothing i got injured in my knee tats y an after i took the breakfast an went to my office.

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    SRS (Sunday, 06 November 2016 12:53)

    fashion part 9

    I parked my car an enter to my office, i cant control my walk it real strange i went straight to my boss cabin an i was angry about what she did she came closer to me an told that this all ur fault we believed u but u showed ur manly ego tats y v did like this. An she observed me an told nice bum who do u like it , i felt shame an she watched my boobs but there is no trace of it an asked what did u do to ur boobs its impossible to get off an i laughed an opened my shirt an showed to her she was shocked on seeing that, an i told that u singed an agreement that what ever punishment u give i have to accept it an dint try to remove it but instead of that there is nothing told about that i cant hide it , so tats y i did it , on saying that she got really angry an told ok v will see how much u can escape. After i went to work i prepared some of the documents an i went to her to show it but she was not there after i came back to my work an at that 1 girl doing her work an she got some dubbed about it an i came close to her an remember she was the same girl whose daughter did my hair braid , i dont know y this woman offensively called me to clear some doubt after i cleared her at that time my boss came an i showed the document an she was checking, behind me there was few girls standing there an it was a main room but still they work as silently, if any 1 talk then the was can here clearly cause of the silent of the room. After she checked my documents she told good an say attention everybody see here is shyam who is only the male working here an he never mind about that but still he works hard for this company please claps together for him, i dont know y she was doing like this drama queen , after she told me to leave an i collect the documents from her an started to walk from her while walking she told excuse me 1 minute i thought now what, again everybody started to watch her an she asked how many months ur working for this company i told its 2 moths completed an she told vow for 2 months i dint notice u got a nice ass looks like sunny lieon an ur walking style is also like that which called cat walk, on saying this everybody started to lol i dont know y she did like this i felt humiliating in front of all the woman workers. I slowly started to walk from there, while walking they again started to laugh i dont know what to do after when i finished my work i started to go home at that time my boss came an told u have to come with me after i will drop u to ur home an i started to go with her , her car was rolls royce one of the top most luxury car i sat in that an after she started to talk with me an with her she got her personal secretary infarct she is the only reason who giving such kind of stupid idea, an she asked about my bum an how did i felt while she humiliating in front of all, i hung my heads down. After when the car was stopped an they started to get down an i saw where the place was an it was a lakme saloon , i told no problem mam i will wait u go an come, i thought i will njoy some sort of time in this luxury car , an she suddenly grab my hand an told to come in an she told that its for u only thats y we came here, i was shocked i told whattt an after i went silently inside there i thought it waste of struggling and fighting an what can she do more to me than the fake vagina an pussy.

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    SRS (Sunday, 06 November 2016 12:54)

    fashion part 10

    while we entered into the salon the salon manager came near to us an welcomed us , she is an young lady an she is very hot. My boss secretary told some thing to her after they took me inside 1 room an lie me down to the table an i thought that they will remove my fake thing but instead they took 1 sponge with liquid an cleaned my naval after they marked my naval i priced it an they put long dangling navel ring, i started to screem cause of pain, i have no idea what they did an i started to get up but they all garbed an tie it in the table post , after they again came to me an told to open my mouth but i dint, they forced to open my mouth by pricing my nose so that i cant able to breath an for that i will open my mouth after when i did that lady hold my toung i was afraid. that lady told please cooperate otherwise u will get cut ur tongue by mistake, on hearing that i was scared an let them do what they want. They took 1 small marker an marked in my lower of my tongue an they took 1 hot needle an priced, i cant tolerate that pain its incredible an my tears are coming constantly from eyes, they have put a stud in my tongue, i cant able to speak for that pricing an they again turned me in that table an unzipped my jeans an again they cleaned my lower back, After i can here an humming sound an slowly they started to do something which cause lot of pain to me. i cried a lot but there is no use of it an my total energy was out an i felt tired. due to pain i felt sleep so after that i dont know what they r doing, i can hear only the giggling sound. After they finished they bring me to the main room an sit me to the salon chair an they started to do the work. first they removed my hair band from my messy hair, after they started to wash my hair an started to apply some kind of sticky paste in it an they leave it for few minutes an after they again started to wash my hair an trim it. i can only feel they water an the cool air of paste but i dont know what they r doing to me. they put an hair straightener an doing for an hour after they have finished an they took me to the car. While i was sleeping they took some photo an after when i slowly woke up they i laughed i cant under stand y they r laughing ,my boss told that u only told that u can hide the thing what ever i dit so this time u need not want to hide the thing cause i did some hide-able thing but if u want to show than thats ur wish an she to her cell an showed to me. 1st thing was my naval it was long ring which hanging, i have seen this in sort song when the item girl dance, An the 2nd thing is tongue stud an that too i have seen in the item song were Mumaith Khan wore it, an the 3rd is a tattoo which is permanent in my lower back. while seeing all this my hair comes an fall in front of my eyes an i put my hand in my hair i noticed that there was no hairband thats y an my hair looks like smooth like silk while seeing she told ohh sorry i forgot 1 thing to tell u that v have did ur hair rebounding so now ur hair will always look straight like a shampoo add girl an they lol. After we have reached my home an i was scared how i will face my aunt an they took me inside my house an when they rang the bell my aunt opened the door an i was shocked on seeing my aunt, she was wearing the same dress like what i had were jeans an shirt, this is the 1st time iam seeing like this, she even dint used to were chudidar now she was wearing the jeans an shirt an her hair is smooth an silky, wait a minute my hair too is smooth an silky ohh my v two having the same hairstyle. my aunty saw this an get surprised an asked that what did u do to ur hair its look like mine at that time i dont know what to tell but by boss told that it was my idea that u and him to look alike for tomorrow work u will work in our company, i was surprised that my aunt is going to work in our company an my boss told yes she is ur superior an our partner from tomorrow so u have to work for her too. i was thank god at least my aunt will help me from this, after so much of struggle i have saved my aunt , while thing my aunt told to my boss that its not fair, iam his superior but here i have to dress like him y he wouldn't dress like me in saree, on hearing this i felt a jolt of shock an my boss an her secretary started to lol an told he will aunt after all he is the only male working there but not now an she left, i slowly went to my room an locked the door i dont know that if my aunt come to my office that will be good for me r not. ohh god please help me from these.

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    Chandrika (Sunday, 06 November 2016 20:06)

    Well,it is 1983 Kerala.A poor couple from Andhra migrated to there with their 10 months old boy child.As being uneducated and unable to understand the local language they got no job.And the starvation in their life is started.As they can withstand that but their child can't so,they began begging.With the begging experience they reliased that their child's life is going to be ruined if he grew and starts begging.So with all the money they got.They gone a forest zone village which is 100 km far away from Kocchi.At that village they left their child at a saint aashramam with deep sorrow and hope that his life is going to be good and not like to be theirs.And they left.As saint woman heard a baby's cry from bushes at the entrance.She found that boy and brought him to the Saint.

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    Grammar, he he he he .... posted load of crap. You cannot stop me

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    # 377 Is not mine, grammar don't play with my name you sissy.

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    chandrika good starting pl continue

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    SRS pls continue ur story

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    Srs (Wednesday, 09 November 2016 23:56)

    Latha and sharmila please continue ur story pleaseeee

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    padmaja (Thursday, 10 November 2016 22:24)

    latha nee story eppudu start chesthav please i am waiting for ur story Satya turn to satyabhama

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    Ashwini (Saturday, 12 November 2016 22:07)

    All characters , places and references are purely fictional
    Devi Maithika ---- Part 1
    My name is Varun. I am a 21 year old college guy, born in a rich family as a single son to business minded career oriented parents, who provided me with all luxuries and amenities of the modern life, but not the time - the most precious commodity in the upbringing. Our Import - export Industry - Varun Enterprises was well known in the country and abroad.
    I am a lone ranger, with very small friend circle. I made some so called 'friends' , the usual 'chamchaa' kind or some girls as well for that matter, who were pretending to be my friends , yet they were eyeing the single guy who was to inherit the VE Empire later on.
    There was only one true single friend I had made in my college days, who resonated with me because our natures were matching. She was a nice peppy and chirpy girl called Divya. I could see that she could see my soul , my likes and dislikes and was a very open minded and expressive soul herself. A very rare attribute, I could see. She was like a lovely fresh rose in a group of thorn like other 'friends'.
    Divya came from a town surrounded by forests and tribals around, which was about 500 Kms. away from the city. She also had a good financial background, although she had unfortunately lost her mother in her school days. Her father had remarried, but Divya couldn't relate with her step mother. The remarried husband was quick enough to 'send' the young daughter away from their home, for her 'better education prospects' not to add the 'precious privacy' the couple wanted for themselves. So there used to be monthly cheques for tuition and the rest of the expenses, but those were the only papers she received from her father. There were bundles of notes sent, but not a single letter of warmth and support. Things then had gone even worse, as Divya told me , that her dad had purchased a bunglow on the outskirts of their town and had sent the keys to her, informing verbally, that she is supposed to stay there if and when she is to visit the home town, as 'dad and mom' were planning to shift to another state.
    So in a way, our very detachment from respective families had brought us closer, and we were satisfying our emotional needs.
    so during the vacation, just after our final exams, we decided to roam round together, in the embrace of nature, away from the city, in the serene, quiet and inviting mother nature. We discussed a few options for visiting. Somehow the common options seemed unsuitable - too crowded, polluted and business like for our choice. Next morning, when we met again in the canteen, Divya shared the latest 'breaking news' , that her father had sold their ancestral house, and have left for the new location, where he was to stay at his new in-laws and look for another grand mansion, where needless to say she was not expected.
    " Hmmmm....thats so sad Divya" I mentioned. After a gap of a minute or two, during which none of us spoke, strangely I could see a sparkle in her eyes. "hey, how about now visiting my native place? There would hardly be anyone who would recognize me...afterall I have been away from our place for about 9 years now. " I was listening." Plus I have the keys for MY bunglow. So we won't have to pay ......" It seemed a grand idea. She pressed my hands with enthusiasm. "That's the way it goes then Varun!! we would explore the nature around our town, wander into the jungle , really really close to the nature. I had been dying to go to the lovely scenic surroundings of our town in the jungle of Devi Maithika, the Mythological Goddess of the land there!!"

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    Anjali (Tuesday, 15 November 2016 02:53)

    Hi there. In all these years I was just another silent reader, so this is my first post ever. Eventhough I planned to make a BLOG of my own couple of years ago with 6-7 stories in my mind; which didn't happen. So I gave out 5 of my storylines to one of the popular page in FB. Which they inturn published with their own imagination, but RUINED completely according to me. While browsing through my old files, lying hidden, dusting forever, I found this, one of my first story, which never found the light. As plans for my BLOG was alredy dead anyway, I thought why keep it there? So here I'm, with no names & places ever spoken through out, and completely based on forced crossdressing scenario in school era, (which is the only thing i like) each of you think of the protagonist as yourselves. I wrote this story with uttermost care for GRAMMER, but mistakes may be there, afterall we are all humans. For me this is a complete story in all aspects, including any missing portions. Please read it through the punctuations & comment me. Who knows, someday I may comeback with another one.

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    Anjali (Tuesday, 15 November 2016 03:03)

    The Competition
    By, Anjali

    Mom where is it? I told you to wash it yesterday itself. While opening my closet I shouted. Oh god! Why are you shouting? She responded from the kitchen. Where is it mom? I asked her again. I was in my towel, right after from my bath. Couldn't find it anywhere mom. What? While walking towards me She asked. My shorts. I replied. Oh that’s so silly, if you can't find anything why don't you try that? Her finger was pointing to the farthest corner of my closet. Hanging there, moving with the wind, there was it, a skirt. Yes, you heard me, a knee length, pleated RED skirt. Oh mom, I’m not a girl. I moaned. Who else is going wear it? It's yours. She spoke with a naughty smile. Mom I’m not going to wear it again, where is it? it’s getting late, I took my stand. Your shorts, it's in the pile, I forgot to put it back. She said while walking towards kitchen.
    I was at the table having my breakfast, then she started again, you could always wear it, inside the house, if you want? Mom not again, I startled. Without eating much, I hurried towards my buddies.
    Mom was right. You heard her clearly. That skirt was; no is mine. Not only that, but also I’m the proud owner of another two knee length flowery pleated skirts, two long skirts, four tops to mix & match with them, a white fitted shirt, three lehengas, five salwars & of course a saree with necessary accessories & undergarments for all. It all started with a quote, on a Saturday, from my teacher. "it's not right". Yes, something is missing, mom added, who was sitting right beside her. I was happened to be one and only one boy in my school who can sing properly. And there was me, singing alongside my ten classmates who are only girls, for Monday’s competition. They can sing well, but it doesn't look good. Teacher Said. Yeah that's right, it doesn't look like a mixed group. Mom added. Are you sure no other boy can sing, mom asked. No teacher sighed. Then leave him; mom laid out the options. The teacher loved me, not only that, but also my voice synched with them very well. Most of our moms were there. Or you can make him dress like them, said one of my friend’s mom. Mom's eyes got sparkled, so does teacher's. They looked into each other. And planned something.

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    Anjali (Tuesday, 15 November 2016 03:09)

    The Competition Part II

    The planned dress code was school uniform, but that was before. As now it’s become an all-girls group, they wanted something more. Mom told teacher that a lehenga would be nice. All of them accepted and, planned shopping in the Sunday. Mom, teacher & some other girl’s moms went for shopping & bought us eleven same looking lehengas, reshaped them for our sizes. I was in no position to argue, but still asked mom & teacher weather this is necessary, they said it's a must, a dress won't bite me, & I kept mum. Girls promised me that, it will be our secret. As the venue was just 10km drive, & our competition starts at morning, we planned to get ready in school itself. One of my friend's mom is a beautician. So she took care of all our accessories and makeup. She did my makeup, nails painted, plucked one or two stray from brows & combed my hair in a feminine way. Mom told me to remove my shirt, and clasped a stuffed bra around me. Then she handed me a panty & petticoat, and told to change into them. As I was option less, changed into them in no time. Mom inspected the knot and retied to a much tighter way. Then came the lehenga, she told me to step into it, I could feel it, it was heavy & helped me to wore the choli. Next she put my legs into some nice two inch heeled lady’s sandals & readjusted lehenga’s hem length. We all draped the dupatta in the same way. Then came the jewelleries, all of us made to wear same designer payals, bangles & necklaces. Then came the real problem. Mom forgot to buy the clip-on earring that was supposed to adorn my unpierced ears. The only one available was the one came with my necklace set. Without much time left, they planned to pierce my ears, I fought with mom & covered my ears. So mom & teacher hold me to the chair while beautician aunt marked & pierced both of my earlobes with a pin. Mom promised me to remove them when we get home back. Aunt told me not to cry because I will ruin my makeup. Now we all spot the same danglers.
    And we did sing well. When we came back to our moms & teacher, they already planned a trip for the rest of the day. Girls changed into their normal dresses, for me with a female face, that was not an option, so I stayed in them. Girls tried to cheer me up but it was hell of a day. My ears were sore & the danglers made it worse. More to that I was always forced by the lehenga to lift it up. My dupatta was flying away. Mom noticed it. During the lunch time she took me to a nearby dress store & bought me a salwar & camisole, reshaped for me there itself. I looked at her. Just for today; it will make you feel better, she said. I wore them but refused to wear the dupatta. mom scolded me, and put it on my shoulder. Without the lehenga your hands are free, so take care of it. She said. When we came back for lunch girls complemented on my look. It was almost evening when we reached home & I was reluctant to get out this costume, my ears were paining a lot. I told mom to remove them. No, not until the bedtime, it need to remove carefully she demanded. I threw away my dupatta into the couch, sighed and sat on it. Mom came towards me, told me to stand, took the dupatta & put it over my shoulder, not until bedtime she repeated & walked towards kitchen. Like a girl, I placed the rest of hanging dupatta in my lap & waited silently for mom to remove the danglers. I almost cried when she took them out. She wasn't happy. They will close; can I put a stud back in? she asked. No way I replied her & handed over my dupatta. You can sleep in your salwar, if you want she said. No & it's not mine I said in a tired tone. Of course it's yours, I bought it for you, she said as walked away. I cleaned my nails & slept.

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    Anjali (Tuesday, 15 November 2016 03:11)

    The Competition Part III

    Girls kept their promise, in school no one doesn't know. I was happy. During the break they inspected my lobes. When I came back mom already washed, folded my lehenga & salwar along with all accessories & placed them in my closet. A week flew by, my ears restored its former glory. Then the news came. We won. Yes, we won & selected for the finals. The moment I heard that, I know, I was in trouble. They will make me wear it again. Anyway this time I will ask mom to buy me a clip-on I thought. When I reached home, teacher already informed her. I’m happy, it’s time to use your lehenga again, she said. No mom, I don't want that old dress, I won't wear it. I rushed to my room. We'll see to that, she replied. Next day there was a meeting with us singers, moms & teacher. He doesn’t want to wear it, mom said. What his old lehenga? One of the mom asked. Yes, mom replied. Oh that's okay, we can buy a new one, another mom said. I don't want a new one mom, I moaned. Oh will you please shut up? she gave me a look. You don't want your old one, so here it is, I will buy you a new one. From there itself they went for shopping. After school when I reached home, she was there waiting for me. She told me to sit on the couch. And pulled out large shopping bags, there was it, a lehenga, of course it was beautiful, for a girl I think. Do you want to try it? If you want you can, any way its already fitted, she said. Then she came up with the jewelleries bangles, payals, and a necklace set with a dangling earring. Mom you promised me a clip-on I moaned. Yes, I was, and I’ll, I couldn't find the same design anywhere, I ordered them to make a new one, so unless anything happens, you don’t have to worry, and there is a surprise for you; go, have a bath & come back; she replied with a smile.
    I was happy, at least they won’t pierce them again I thought as I stepped out of the bathroom in my towel. There was it, on my bed, the surprise. A long full length skirt along with its top. Do you like it? mom asked. Mom what are you doing, why are you buying these for me? Because you need it, remember how you walked in your lehenga? Without some practise it'll be another hell of a day, Mom replied. She took the skirt & top and put it over her shoulder, handed me a bra & panty, told me to change into them. I know it was brand new, the old ones were still in my closet. You can change into them or stay in your towel, unless I wish; your closet is closed for sure, she said. The only thing remaining was to change into them. When I done with the panties, mom helped me with the stuffed bra. Then she handed me a full slip I stepped into it & removed my towel. Unlike the lehenga petticoat this was smooth. Now with a camisole on, she put the long skirt over my head, then came the top, last she handed me a two inch heeled sandal, pulled down the skirt a bit. When I walked; skirt rustled, on the stairs, I had to pick it up. I looked like a freak mom, I said. No you don’t, and keep your voice down, unless you want to let the others know. I had a little trouble in selecting the length mom said, got my eyes on a knee length skirt first, so I bought both of them. She hanged it alongside the salwar & lehenga in my closet. I want you wear it tomorrow when you come home along with its top and this, as said mom hanged a half slip to the closet. No mom no way I shouted. Oh yes you will she said, otherwise the clip-on will get cancelled. She does know that for a clip-on I will do anything. The sleep was the worst, bra itched me. but I slept anyway.

  • #395

    Anjali (Tuesday, 15 November 2016 03:13)

    The Competition Part IV

    At school one of the singers came to me, how's practise going? she asked. Do you like it? What? Your skirts? My mom said they are beautiful, another said. Yes, they know, my whole team knows moms planned it together. So when I came back to the home without the help of mom I changed into my knee length skirt, I made sure to put on the half-slip. Mom was surprised to see me like that. She told me to sat beside her, when I was done, she asked me to stand up, and gave some feminine advices, like, while sitting always sweep under your skirt, keep your knees together, and she made me practise it for some time. The main problem with knee length skirt was, it's always riding up to my thighs, so I have to pull them down. each time I did that, mom laughed at me. Even in my sleep as I remembered, pulled it down. Next day girls wanted to see in my skirts, they didn't stop buzzing until I promised them. When I came back, mom told me to change into my long skirt. This became my routine. Whenever I came back from my school, I changed into my skirts alternately.
    Another week flew by, on the Saturday, two days before competition, after singing practise; girls came with me. Mom was happy, and I modelled in my skirts for them. Today was Sunday, the singing practise was complete. As there is only one day to go for competition, they gave us this day for rest. I woke up in my knee length skirt and hurried to bathroom, came back in my towel. While searching for some shorts, I heard mom say, to change into my salwar. I didn't say anything. While changed into salwar I thought, only one more day to go. I left the dupatta there itself & went towards kitchen. Mom looked at me, am I missing something she asked. Do I mom? Yes, you're, where is your dupatta? she was literally in fire. Mom I thought, in home, do it really necessary? I mumbled. Yes, it is, otherwise you can kiss your clip-on goodbye. I know where it was going, so I hurried back to my room put it over my shoulder & came back. There she is, my good girl, mom patted me.
    Mom packed my lehenga & accessories along with my salwar. And handed me my long skirt. Mom no, everyone in school will see me, I moaned. No they're not, that’s why we are not going to school. We planned a pre-makeup section for you, mom said. I don't want the long one mom, it's not easy to carry. Fine, she switched it with short one. Both of us got into car & mom drove it to the beautician aunt's home. To my surprise all of them were there. It's a nice skirt, moms complemented. As the venue was a long drive away we have to makeup & change at the venue itself. The pre-makeup session was only for me to look convincing as a girl before the driver. As I was transferred into the chair & aunt began quick works on me. My hair styled, brows plucked a bit, a little makeup done, then manicured & painted my nails. During the time of pedicure, because of the knee length skirt she noticed my hairy legs & pointed same to mom. She simply told her to wax them. While aunt was waxing my legs, mom came towards me. If you wore the long skirt, she wouldn't have noticed it, don't blame me, it was your decision. Some of the moms came into the room & hold me, I was screamed, and literally in tears. When waxing was done, mom put danglers on the table, the same one came with my necklace set. Where is my clip-on mom? I asked her with my paining eyes. Oh the clip-on? They couldn't complete it in time she said. I know that was a lie, her face was lying, in fact all faces around me wore a lie, even the girls may know; I thought. Aunt once again marked & pierced me. I felt them, the pain, the danglers, in my ears. Do you want more? two or three sets would be nice, aunt asked. I don't want to look nice, I replied. Then maybe another time, mom replied for aunt. With the aunt’s work, driver thought I was girl. We departed to the venue.

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    Anjali (Tuesday, 15 November 2016 03:17)

    The Competition Part V

    Mom helped me to get into my lehenga, aunt did my makeup again to look more convincing. This time I did carry my lehenga as a pro. Why did you pierce it? Girls asked. Don't you know? I said. No, we thought you're having a clip-on, they replied. Mom made me do it, I looked down. Don't be sad, it suits you, and you can always remove it if you don't want. They tried to cheered me up. We sang well as we could & came back to the green room. mom handed me my salwar, without much talking I changed into it. When I looked at the dupatta, mom came over & took it for me, then placed it on my left shoulder. As planned before, we went for a trip in the nearby places. While having lunch with them, mom announced that she brought a gift for me, a set of diamond stud earrings. Mom & aunt put them into my sored ears. Girls became jealous of my gift. While washing my hands dupatta felled of my shoulder mom scolded for me & told me to take care of it. I looked at other girls, whenever they feel a slight alignment in their dupatta that always pulled it back, not only that but also fiddled with in time to time. So did I, I took one end and began to start fiddle with my both hands. Mom noticed it, you were learning quick, I love you, mom said. While we were in beach aunt told me to cover my ears, as the piercing is new, too much dust & sunlight may cause problems. I'm not planning to keep it aunt, I replied. Oh that's okay, but for now, let me help you, she took the dupatta out of my shoulder & placed it over my head. Mom liked it very much, while coming back from there I pulled it from my head, put on my shoulder and started fiddling with it. When reached home, I waited until mom got some time. I was still in my salwar with dupatta when she came to me. Why are you still awake she asked me? You didn't remove my earrings? I replied. Why do you want to that? What will happen if you selected for another competition? If you removed it, we need to re-pierce it. No I won't remove it, after all it's a gift, who'll reject such a nice gift? You can remove it if you want. But I won't help you. She cleaned my nails & quickly walked away.
    Even though all my tries in the night lost in vain; still I literally spend hours trying to remove it. I was afraid that my friends will know. But lucky me, there was a rain in the morning, so I put on my overcoat & walk fast towards the school. While passing through the school gate, I found one of the singer friend, and asked her to remove it, whenever she touched my ears; I cried a lot, all of my tries made it worse, but still she removed it and handed over to me. I was happy. When I came back mom spotted my empty lobes. Unlike me, she wasn't happy. Did you lose it? its costly she said. No it's with me. I walked into my room. Some another week passed by, near the two month holidays, the news spread again. We won the finals & invited to perform in a cultural event. Teacher called a meeting. All the moms were happy. They want to thanks us for our winning. So they planned an all-girls trip to the several nearby places during the vacation. The cultural event was in the midst of second month. As it's a big event we need to go there in our school uniform only. Not only that, they will check our identity cards, so I will be in trouble, moms & teacher discussed something about it. Then came the dress code for performance. It's a cultural event, so a saree would be better, teacher claimed. That's the best. What about the jewelleries? asked another mom. Well a jhumka will look good, another mom said, all accepted that. There will be practice in the holidays teacher said. While walking towards home, mom scolded me; I told you several times, not to remove it, do you see what happened now, we need to re-pierce it. I kept mum.
    The vacation started. When my friends came to play with me, mom informed them that I have practice, so I won’t be able to go with them for some time. They left without me, and told me to call them when I’m free. One-day mom came back from shopping. I brought something for you. She said. There was another knee length skirt & a long skirt, two tops to go with them, & some innerwear. From today onwards you will wear your four skirts only; she demanded. I changed into the long one with all the necessary inners.

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    Anjali (Tuesday, 15 November 2016 03:20)

    The Competition Part VI

    When morning came mom woke me up & marched me towards the bathroom. When I changed into towel she handed me her hair removal cream. I looked at her with pleading eyes. Do you want to wax again? all over your body? she asked. I remembered about the pain, cream would be better, I thought. When I stepped out of the bathroom I was hairless. She handed me the new knee length skirt & sandal, and told me to bring down the diamond studs. When I was ready in them with my inners, we went to beautician aunt's home. Do I really need to pierce my ears mom? why don't we go for clip-on? I asked her. You pierced first, then you pierced again, does it really matters? Mom shut my mouth. When we reached there Some of the moms and all the girls were there planning on the trip. Are you here to pierce? aunt asked. Yes, mom replied. And handed over my studs. Suddenly aunt's daughter showed us her new earrings. While looking at her earrings, mom noticed her multiple piercings. She has two in each. Mom touched them, but didn't spoke a word. She examined other girls. Except two of them all has double pierced ears. Mom told me to sit there & went home, when mom came back we were chatting. She went directly inside, talked something with aunt. After aunt came out and asked me if I’m ready, I went with her, girls followed me.
    I was sitting in the chair while aunt marked my ears. Then her daughter asked, "why are you doubl..." before completing, with one single look of her mother, she shut her mouth. The moms hold me tightly. Then aunt spoke, when did you got the idea? Right after I spot two in your daughter’s ears, mom replied. I smelled something wrong. Stud will go to the top, for bottom I bought something else, while speaking she took a box from her purse, I was keeping it to use after its healed, but more is good. Aunt bought a big needle and heated, it will make the healing faster, she spoke to me. Oh that’s okay, this time I will make sure that the hole exits, mom replied for me. When it touched my ear I did felt the heat, as the needle passed through the first mark, pain flowed towards my ears. But I felt something wrong. Aunt is it little higher? no it's right where it wants to be she replied. Next the stud went in, she did the same for the other side also & tighten the screw firmly. When I tried to get up, aunt told me to stay there, it's not over. Then came the box, inside there was two-inch gold simple hoops. Now I know, they are going to double pierce my ears. Mom please don't do this, I cried. She scolded me very well, you have to wear the jhumka don't you, without the lobe pierced how are you going to do that? If you don't want a second set you should have told earlier, before it's done. Now shut up. I was in tears while aunt heated & pierced my lobes. The hoops went in I could feel them moving to & fro. Aunt showed me a mirror. Looking at me the two unpierced girl’s mom also want their daughter’s ears double pierced. Within seconds their ears also done with gunshots. Now we all eleven "girls" ears become double pierced. They planned on the trip for some time more.

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    Anjali (Tuesday, 15 November 2016 03:22)

    The Competition Part VII

    From there itself, mom went for shopping with aunt again. I stayed there. When she came back she brought me another beautiful salwar, with something else, which she kept as secret. Girls liked them very much. When we reached home. I went straight to my room. My ears were paining a lot. Mom planned everything very well, I thought. This time she pierced my ears a month before the event, without any help I won't be able to remove it myself, and because of vacation I will be under her supervision, so healing won't be a problem. And with double piercing, she got a bonus. A week passed, I was always in my skirts with proper undergarments, every day mom cleaned the lobes, slowly earrings became part of me. Next morning mom woke me up, ordered me to have a body hair removal session. When I came out, my new salwar was placed in my bed. So I changed into them. As I never wore salwar past few weeks, it felt weird, mom never scolded me in these days, so I left my dupatta in the bed itself & came down towards mom. I was wrong, she was literally in fire again. Where is it? she shouted. Then dragged me towards my room while holding in one of my ear. She took the dupatta in her hand, & asked me. What is this? A dupatta, I replied. Whose dupatta is this? Mine, I moaned. She put it on my shoulder & said firmly, if I ever see you in a salwar without dupatta, I will pierce your nose, is that cleared? Yes, I mumbled.
    After breakfast we drove towards aunt's house. I was due for a haircut by couple of months. Mom told her to give me a pretty feminine short haircut. After that for the first time, I went under a through makeup. My lips were painted; brows were thinned & arched. Manicured & pedicured, nails attached & painted. Then came the secret from earlier shopping. payals, a necklace & two bangles all in gold along with a lady’s wrist watch & a purse to go with it. I looked into mirror, there was me, sorry the girl version of me. mom took me to the nearby studio to have my photo taken. Then only I came to know about it, all these preparations were done for just a photo, to put it in my id card. When we reached home, she told me not to remove anything, everything except the watch in your body will go to bed with you, from today onwards you will wear salwar only, for sleeping you can use your skirts, unless I say so. Don't worry I will buy you some more salwar, she said. I transferred myself into a long skirt, with all the jewelleries adorning my body, I went to bed. In the morning I changed into my old salwar, while I was watching TV in the couch, dupatta felled out of my shoulder, I was still at TV, mom noticed it & came towards me, sat beside me, she took it and placed back on my shoulder. She came closer, be careful what you wish for, while touching my nose she said. This will be your last warning. She went for shopping & kept her promise, she brought me three more salwar. Next day we went for the trip planned, I was of course in one of my new salwar, always clinging to my dupatta. I know mom was waiting for an opportunity. So I did take extra care.

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    Anjali (Tuesday, 15 November 2016 03:26)

    The Competition Part VIII

    More than a week before the event we all joined in the beautician aunt's house. I was in one of my salwar. When we were there, moms went for shopping & brought us the saree & its accessories. The jhumka was heavy. As instructed earlier, tailor came there, & took my measurements to stich my girl uniform along with saree blouses. Moms talked about our makeup & all, meanwhile they came up with nose ring, which will give us a contemporary look. But none of us has a pierced nose, so they asked the girls, but luck was still with me. None of them really wanted to do that, some of the moms don't appreciate it. So the final vote came for a clip-on. I felt relaxed. The next day itself, while we were practicing in aunt's house, mom called me down, my uniform & saree blouses were arrived. A red knee length pleated skirt & a fitted shirt/blouse. I modelled in them for inspection. It fitted me well. We will try saree at home mom said & asked me to change back, I did and hurried to practice. I don't know how much time we practised, may be ten minutes after my uniform session, I could hear mom calling my name louder. I know something was wrong, so I ran. The moment I saw her, my body began shivering, there was it, in her hand, my dupatta. I forget to put it back after my uniform session. I searched for someone help. But none of them were, all the moms except mine were gone. She came towards me put it over my left shoulder and said, you will remember this day, forever. mom told aunt to keep an eye on me and left. I was still standing there, fiddling with the end of my dupatta, I know where she went. Girls found out something wrong. I told everything. They felt pity for me. When mom came, I pleaded her. Mom I don't want it, don't do this to me, my friends will know. Mom pointed her finger to the chair. I didn't move. She came forward & pulled me to the chair. I gave your last warning, still you made me humiliated in front of them, now no more chances, mom's face became red. Even the girls don't have it mom, I moaned. You are not a girl, by dropping dupatta you proved it, this will make you more differ from them, don't plan to run, your buddies are a call away, she said. Crying, feeling lost, I sat on the chair. Aunt was heating the needle. Mom took it from her purse, a beautiful diamond stud, then marked my left side. You can see your unpierced nose for one last time mom showed me a mirror. Moments after the needle pierced my nose, the stud went in. In the mirror, it was glittering.
    While driving back home, she spoke, I’m really glad that you lost it. What mom? I asked. Your dupatta, she replied, that's the only reason why; you are wearing it, she touched my nose. Why did you do this to me mom? You don't have it, even your ears are single pierced, I asked her again. Because it suits you & I love it, she replied. When reached home I throw my dupatta to the couch. Mom looked at me. What? Should I care now? I was angry. Oh you need to, because your right nose is still empty, or we can go for some more in the ear, she replied. Now I know that she will do anything, so by myself I put it back on my shoulder. Mom smiled, she was happy, & handed me my saree petticoat. When I changed into it, she herself put the blouse on me. Next came the saree, she draped on me, one day you'll learn to drape it yourself, she smiled, then payals, necklace, bangles came. Now it was the time for jhumka, for the first time from my third time lobe piercing, hoops were removed, as jhumka added; my lobes pulled down. You look pretty, she said. After everything removed, my hoops went back. I changed into a short skirt.

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    Anjali (Tuesday, 15 November 2016 03:28)

    The Competition Part IX

    In the morning when I woke up, my nose was paining, I hoped it was a dream, but it wasn't. I looked in the mirror, tried to remove it, but again not only I was helpless, but also increased my pain so I never tried to again. Mom inspected it every day. After two three painful days when my nose looked normal. Mom took me to aunt's home I was in my same salwar which gifted me the nose ring. There I had the same makeover done which made for the studio session. Mom took me again to the studio. I looked at her. Oh its ok, I want to change the old photo, now with a nose ring you are more beautiful, mom said. At last the day came, after a proper hair removing bath, I wore my new school uniform, we joined in aunt's house the morning itself. All the moms were surprised to see my nose, they touched it, some of them even looked inside to make it sure that it's pierced or not. I felt embarrassed. With a little makeover, we travelled to the venue. Teacher gave my new id card, to my surprise the name was changed, it did rhymes with my male name add to that my nose & ears were glittering with diamonds, the two inch hoops were looking at me. I put the new id card to my purse. When we reached there, they checked us, after a brief other programmes, cultural event started. In the green room after a long makeup session we changed into saree which we did in the normal style, pined to the left shoulder, mom helped me to do it. All the jewelleries were added to us. All the girls brought new diamond studs to match with mine which adorned in their second piercings. After jhumka added, girls got a clip-on nose ring, for me mom brought an exact replica for pierced nose. Aunt removed stud from my still healing nose, there was it pain again, it lasted for some more time even after the ring went in.
    The event got completed, we changed back to uniform. There were almost two weeks before the school reopen. So moms planned for a photo session to keep the memories for future, in our session we will pose in all three costumes. Next day in one of the girl’s house which has a beautiful gallery, our photo was taken. A complete makeover was done. I was still in my nose ring, so saree costume with jhumka, its own necklace, bangle, payals went first, after my ring changed to stud, next came the two lehenga session with its own danglers, necklaces bangles & payals, in each time mom took my single photo. Mom gave me all my golden jewelleries, when I put my payals, necklace & bangles, she helped me to change into golden hoops. After that all the girls went to shopping. For me session wasn't over, mom bought all my dresses, so I did pose in all my five salwars, four tops & skirts, and last in my uniform also. As instructed by mom, in every single picture, my nose was glittering. When girls came back the gifted me something & told me to change into it, they went to change themselves. Mom opened the gift for me, it was another lehenga but this time there were double dupatta, with all the jewelleries. After everything striped down, mom changed me into my new lehenga, then I took both dupattas & looked into it, mom noticed it & came towards me. She helped me to draped in the matched dupatta. I was still confused, why there is two? I asked myself. Then aunt came, after doing my hair slight differently, with some more makeup. The jewelleries went after, for the first time I wore a maang-tika, then she removed my nose stud. My still healing nose felt pain. Then I noticed the new ring, which laid in front of me, the ring was thicker, with a chain. When aunt pushed it through my pierced hole, mom held my hands. This time pain was huge. The ring touched my painted red lips, aunt connected chain to my hair. Then I found out, the use of second dupatta it went for my head. I walked towards the gallery to get photographed, all the girls were there, changed into their new dress, but by the look I was the only boy. Yes, that's right all of them wore jeans & tops. I felt betrayed. With me in the middle photos were taken, the I posed for single shot.

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    Anjali (Tuesday, 15 November 2016 03:31)

    The Competition Part X

    When we drove back home, I was in salwar fiddling dupatta in one hand with my golden bangles, payals & necklace, nose owned diamond stud back, lobes got its hoop, my second stud was somewhat fixed for me, it never removed. When I got back, changed into one of my long skirt. When morning came, after bath, I know that the event was over, but to the fear of mom's wrath, I wore a salwar. Mom was in the kitchen; I went to her with my fiddling dupatta. You are early she said. Alter having breakfast, she asked me nicely, do you want to remove it? What? Your earring, mom replied. I know the holes are permanent mom, it's been two months, does it really matters? I asked. No, at this point no. She replied. But I like to remove my nose stud mom, I really want to remove it, my friends will see my hole, please mom please, I began to cry. Oh I will, but not today, let it heal, I want the hole to be permanent, what if another event occurs? do you want to go through all those pain again, the stud in your nose have the smallest gauge available, so the hole will be almost invisible, she explained. Is nose stud really necessary for another event mom? I asked. Yes, because you already have it, anyway you can have your boy clothes when school reopen, until I say so, please be like this, mom replied. While she was talking, my dupatta slipped, I quickly rearranged it back. Mom felt delighted, she told me that, I learned a lot & touched my ear, actually I planned three, one more in the top, exactly here in the cartilage, too bad I didn't go for it, maybe next time. She stood up, and touched my right nose, my warning still exists, she said. I picked the left over dupatta & placed in my lap as normal girls do. Mom smiled and walked away. On the remaining days at day I wore my salwars & during sleep changed into my skirts. Two days before school reopening, all of us planned another trip to the beach. I was in one of my salwar, and I carried my dupatta well. Mom was proud of me, so she promised to remove my nose stud on tomorrow itself.
    On the night before the new school day, I was in one of my long skirt. Mom came to my room. She told me to remove my jewelleries, I took out my payals, necklace, & bangles. Then she herself removed my hoop earrings. Next the second set of studs came out for the first time, she inspected the holes & found perfect. Nose stud came out last. It's still healing, so I’ll put it back when you come home, otherwise I won't remove it, she made her stand. I nodded. And I also wanted you to be in whatever I like when you came back, mom spoke again. I nodded for that too. Mom handed me a mirror. The lobes piercings were visible, but the piercings for second set & nose were not much. Now a day’s boys have pierced ears too, don’t worry, mom tried to cheer me. Mom was still looking at my nose; she was afraid of closing it. She quickly went down & came back with a retainer. It's in your body colour, I brought it yesterday, please try to look away from your friends, you will be fine, while putting it into my nose she said. Moms face turned bright. She was happy now. I thought about my coming days at school, and tried to get on to bed. Hold on there, mom stopped me. Why do we take chances, when we have lots of retainers, let me put into your ears, mom was thrilled, I wasn’t? She slides four of them into my piercings. We will do something about your hair in the morning she said. I was surprised of the results, the holes become much less visible. I become happy for the first time. Thanks mom, I said. I love you & I’m proud of you, while walking towards the door mom replied. Because of my long skirt, I get into bed in a girly way. School was all over my head, but this time sleep came early.

    The End.

    Please post comments ........

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    Anjali (Tuesday, 15 November 2016 03:51)

    Forgot to thank all the readers & the authors for keeping this site alive. And thanks RAJI for keeping this site up, as always ...

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    Maddy (Tuesday, 15 November 2016 06:17)

    Anjali great story keep it up and pls post more stories will be waiting for your stories from now on!

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    Sneha (Tuesday, 15 November 2016)

    Amazing story Anjali i cant stop myself from reading your stories. One of my favorite stories. Please post more stories. Loved this one. And thanks for sharing such amazing story.

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    Nandan (Wednesday, 16 November 2016 04:38)

    Wheel of Life

    This is story from a village in Mysuru, Karnataka. Janardhan Gowda was one of the Richest man in the village.He owned acres of Land and was also owner of a Huge manshion in the centre of the village, all the area around the mansion was also owned by Gowda , he had built small houses for the numerous of his workers who worked in his house and his farm. He was married to Narmada Devi, it was a love marriage and Narmada was from a relatively poor background. During her college days Narmada was friends with Neelaveni , both were so close that they were though of as sisters. Neelaveni who was from Janardhan Gowda's relation was from upper middle class and used to help Narmada financially whenever needed. Janadhan Gowda married Narmada and made her the queen of his mansion

    2 years later Narmada gave birth to a son named Nandan. Gowda went on a spree and gave all of the village a huge feast on birth of his successor. During the feast a familiar face had returned to Narmada's life i.e Neelaveni. She was married 6 months ago to a relative, her husband who was an avid gambler had spent all his and Neelaveni's family fortune in gambling. Her husband also left the city 2 months ago, Neelaveni was then thrown out of thier house by bank officials and she was on road to fend for herself, add to that she was also pregnant. That is when she remembered her friend Narmada who was the only one left who could help her. Neela fell on Narmada's feet and begged for her help. But what she did not know is that Narmada was no the same person she thought her friend was, she was now a cocky owner of a huge fortune, her response was not excatly what Neela expected. But Janardhan Gowda was a man with a large heart, he consoled Neela and told her to have food at the feast, and they will discuss about her future after the feast. Neela was relatively relieved and agreed to Gowda and went and sat at the food table to have food.
    Narmada then pulled Gowda to the side and told him I want to discuss about Neela. She said " how are we going to afford Neela and her baby's expences , i dont see her husband coming back again, that means there could be a chance that we should look after her for life,What i say is give her some money and tell her to leave". Janardhan was totally surprised by her view, Narmada had told so many stories about how Neela was there when she needed help both financily and mentaly, she also told him a story about how Neela had saved Narmada from drowning in river Kaveri when she slipped while bathing in the river. Janardhan roasted her for being so insensitive towards he friend when she needed her the most, he was admanent on helping Neela as he was gratefull to her for saving his wife’s life. Narmada was little digrunteled but later agreed of Janardhan helping Neela, but she had one condition, “Neela had to work as a Maid in the house until her husband comes and takes her, and she would also not get to stay in the mansion, she will have to stay in the slum that you call the worker quarters “, She was admant to this condtion and told Janardhan that this conditions has to be met, while they were conversing they were unaware that Neela was standing right behind them, she came back because she wanted to have food along with her friend and not alone, she had heard all their conversation. Suddenly both realized her presence and turned back Narmada gave a wicked smile, Neela told Narmda that she was happy to work as maid in her friend’s house and she also agreed to stay at the workers quarters. Narmada was very happy inside and said “OK, Go and have your food Neelaveni”. That evening she was ordered to shit into the workers quarters and told to join to work next moring
    Next day Neela joined to work next day, Narmada just gave a slight smile and said “ Maids come to work here at 7 am, Please come early from tomorrow as I cant change the rule only for you hope you can understand Neelaveni” . To which Neela replied “Oh Sorry Narmada, I didn’t knew exactly what time I had to come and was also little tired after yestrdays journey, Don’t worry Narmada I will come at sharp 7 am from tommoro”. Narmada was little disturbed by Neela calling her out by her name in public. She pulled her to a corner and said “Neelaveni, No one here knows that you are my friend, everyone except my husband calls me Memsahib, It is sake of my honour, how can a maid call me by my name , Please refer to me as Memsahib in public”. Neela was shocked to here those words, she was taken aback by the changes under gone to Narmada due to her sudden change in social status, She could only Muster as Sorry and an Okay.

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    Nandan (Wednesday, 16 November 2016 04:39)

    Wheel of life- Cont..
    Days went past Neela continued to work as maid in the Gowda mansion and Narmada totally made Neela forget that she was a friend of anything. As months passed Neela was 7 months pregnant and she was given leave from her maid duties and was secluded to her workers quarters alone to fend for herselves, her only help were her fellow maids who brought in food and took care when needed. Narmada never visited her even once , In her 9th month of pregnancy she gave birth to a Girl child, She Named her Karthika as she was born in Karhika Maasa. After Two months of her delivery she joined back to her Duty, Narmada didn’t even ask her how she or the baby was, she just noded to Neela as a Owner to her maid. Even after so many months her husband had not returned and Neela thought to herself that she was destined to her Maid life and her only aim to live was her little daughter.
    To Be continued

  • #408

    Sumathi (Wednesday, 16 November 2016 08:04)

    Hi I am surabh from a wealthy family, don't have to work for next few generations, owned by mom and dad, everything has come to stepmother after my mom dad passed away when I was 13, my schooling changed to homeschooling, I am the only man of this house, we have few maid's inside and outside of our house working, and they have a maid's quarter. At the age of 17, one sleepless night I was roaming in my house, and I came to maid's quarter and I found their sarees in clothesline for drying, their smell was still found in the saree, and that cotton material gave me an erotic sensation, the first time I felt to try those dress, my heart was beating, I was looking here and there and found to be dead dark, I know how to wear a skirt blouse and bra but how will I wear these saree, I controlled myself, walked to my room, I hugged my pillow and start dreaming about how will I look on this saree. And how to wear these, I took my phone and started Google, how to wear a saree, yes i found, I looked inside my room nothing, just by boxers t-shirts tracks, how will I try , how will I learn, I took my bedsheets tried like a half saree first, then tried the pleats and tried everything, I somehow identified and felt so natural saree wearer, I believed I could wear saree. So I waited for next night, for the first time again i felt that erotic moment heart beating, an adrenaline rush....
    I went to that place, found many sarees, all are cotton, every saree I touch it hugs my body and I felt the ultra feminity to wear, the urge made me to dress, I quickly took the saree and blouse skirt and bra panties from same clothes line and ran into my room and locked the door.
    My heart beating was high, a fear of getting caught and a feeling that I'm going to be a girl for some time.
    I quickly wore all the inners and wore the saree for the first time, the cotton sarees just hugged e around and exposed my structure more feminine, I thoroughly enjoyed the feeling and I sat on bad like a girl and tried sleeping for an hour and before the sun rises I removed everything and kept back from where I took. This happened several times. I've been doing this for months and it became a secret hobby for me. I stopped cutting my hair. My step mom commented me to cut my hair several times, she always praise me I look like my mom, so why shouldn't I try look like her I thought in my mind.

    One day when I was having my breakfast with my stepmother, one of a maid was serving breakfast asked permission to spoke, stepmother said yes,
    Mam, one of our maid left job today.
    Any problem ?
    Yes mam, while she left she said someone is trying on her dress and she needs privacy to her belongings, which is not here so she left .
    Hearing this I started shivering, oh my god I was trying on one of a maid dress an now she left. Now I need to search for someone else dress, I mean that bra and blouse and skirt.
    That maid looked at me and told my stepmother
    Mam only we are in this house, how she says someone will use her belongings, I was shocked by hearing this.
    My stepmother looked at me and said,
    See surabh someone is trying on her belongings how rude isn't?
    Yes mom that's too bad we have to find that theif and give right punishment, I added.
    My stepmother smiled and told that maid, meanwhile you search for someone who can fit that role.
    She said ok mam and left.
    I looked horrified after that meet I went to my room and thought what to do.
    Hereafter whose blouse and bra wil I can try.
    The night came. I went to maid's quarter, I couldn't control myself all night since I'm used to wearing saree and sleep for a while has become a habit for me. I couldn't control myself I wanted to wear saree that night, i searched same clothes line and found same saree and blouse everything, without thinking while me on that erotic mood I took that saree and went to my room as usual I wore that saree and I was feeling the feminity, as I always do this at n8, nobody will be there so I never had a habit of locking my door, now that created a problem, i was rolling in my bed feeling the smell and enjoying myself as a women, I saw a girl standing at the door wearing a similar saree like me, shocked I suddenly woke up and tried to hide myself, then the voice came, calm down surabh, I'm your maid, and my name is reni,
    Shocked and feeling cold I couldn't able to speak, I hung my head in shame and stood there like a statue.

  • #409

    Sumathi (Wednesday, 16 November 2016 08:25)

    Maid spoke, what happened? Any problem in your tongue? U r such a fool, in front of u only I said one maid left, u found her saree in same place don't u able to realise it's a trap? Wat am I supposed to do with u? U look yes like a girl, a teenager, I have a plan for u. Meet me early at 7 in the kitchen bye.
    She left, I stood there speechless, feeling nervous and shaking I quickly removed my saree and went to maid's quarter and kept clothes in clothesline just the way it was, as usual, I came back and slept.
    Next day morning I was sleeping and someone was caressing me from behind and cuddling me, it was so seductive I slowly turned around and to find my maid, in that erotic mood I lost myself she made me cum. After few minutes she woke me up, I recalled what happened and hung my head in shame and asked her
    Please don't say anything about last night and what happened now please.
    Yes surabi, I know what to do. If u don't want anyone to know about this, u have to check your wardrobe now.
    I quickly went and opened it to find a five sets of cotton sarees with blouse and bra and skirt with cotton panties. I felt ao happy and thanked her.
    Not so fast, u have to wear now and come with me.
    No mam please if my stepmother see me she will throw me out of this house.
    Surabi, don't get panic ur stepmother never been to maid's quarter or to kitchen, she will only call, I'll manage. If u want me to go to your mom and sat everything then stay here.
    Ok ok don't say I'll do Anything, pls wait, i quickly dressed in their cotton sarees and followed her.
    She took me to kitchen.
    You've been very bad, because of ur filthy behaviour we lost one maid, one slap hard on my face, I cried almost
    Shut up u r here as a maid and remember your position, now as a punishment clean everything here, fast in Next one hour, she left.
    I started to clean everything one by one, with a feeling, what if anyone see me, I made my work fast and quickly completed by 8 am. I heard my mom calling the maid reni. My heart was beating hard and started sweating, standing there speechless.
    Suddenly I saw reni running fast to my mom, she quickly came and asked me to make a tea. I said I don't know how to make.
    She taught me once and asked me to remember, and she won't teach m every time. I noted how she done that.
    She came back again and started preparing breakfast regular chapathi with Chenna masala, she taught me and said next morning I should prepare something like this. I said I need your help, she said u do alone I will correct it. I said ok. After breakfast preparation she asked me to go my room and quickly change and come for breakfast as surabh. I asked her what f my stepmother is in hall.
    Reni said, she Is in bath,go quickly before she come or else u will end up like me here.
    I ran fast to my room and got ready as surabh and came for breakfast.
    Me and my mom was having breakfast when reni spoke, mam I selected one maid she is in training period now, will very soon I'll show her to you, you'll be surprised with her work.
    Mom said, hmmm I would be happy to have such pretty maids, train well.
    I looked horrified and looked reni and in action I asked are u referring me?
    She showed in action wearing a saree, are u interested?
    I said no in action.
    She smiled and In action said no not u.
    With a relief I started having my breakfast.

  • #410

    Srs (Wednesday, 16 November 2016 21:47)

    Anjali is nice that u also became a reader to writer, keep going on.

  • #411

    satya (Thursday, 17 November 2016 00:28)

    nice story sumathi continue

  • #412

    satya (Thursday, 17 November 2016 00:37)

    brother in law to wife
    hi i am satya age 33 every day i woke up at early morning 5.30 and take the bath and cook food for lunch and maid will come at 6 and assigning the work to maid means cleaning the house washing cloths etc later after cooking i wake up my daughter and my husband and i will ready my daughter and send her to school later i will be ready me and my husband will go to office . this is my daily routine in every morning
    actuallu i am not female from birth and i dont have any crossdressing habit but at my age of 27 one incident changed my life turn up to the age of 27 i am an software employ earning 50000 per month but now i am a wife and having one daughter every day i am wearing saree and night time having sex with husband. how i turned like this i will explain you.

  • #413

    satya (Thursday, 17 November 2016 00:51)

    brother in law to wife 2
    i am only son to my parents in home only me and my mom will live my father left us at early stage
    and at the age of 22 i am studying btech final year i am having an girl friend name sindhu she will lives near to my house only my hobbies are playing cricket i am the highend batsmen inthe colony and while playing the cricket i have so many friends on that varun is my best friend . but i am very fair in color so many girls are follow me.
    one day varun came to me and ask me help that he is loves a girl name sandhya please give some suggestons he said. . she is also loving him but tyhey are not day they both expressed and married each other .now they are living fine after the i year they are having a daughter also.i also completed my btech and placed in it company my girlfriend also placed and we two also love each other but we did not tell to our parents she said i am also having the one brother and mother she said come and talk to my parents. first i asked help to my friend varun he said i will come ok i said then i and varun went to sindhu house varun get shocked.

  • #414

    satya (Thursday, 17 November 2016 01:02)

    brother in law to wife 3
    he said it is my house and she is my sister.i also get shock because i dont no she is her sister i went to delhi when varun marrage was held they are having two houses in same colony where sindhu and her moher lives another one is vorun and sandhya lives. sindhu get shocked i am with her brother.later all discussions their family and my family was accepted for marrage and we are also happy i and sindhu roamed each and every place in city in bike while riding a bike i put sudden brakes his breast will toches me she said what u r doing i ride slowly i am uncomfortable.i asked why if u were a girl then u will come to know she said.our marrage was also completed i give party to my collegues and one of my collegue satish invited to his house one fine day we went to his house he and his wife welcomed me i and satish was talking in hall sindhu and her wife wwent to kitcen and talking each other and time is up toleave my wife is not coming i commented her what u r doing their she is seeing her saries and jeweleries of her and talking about that i commented girls are intrested in sarees and jeweleries and that is important than her husband later we take food and went to home.

  • #415

    satya (Thursday, 17 November 2016 03:32)

    brother in law to wife 4
    life was going peacefull after marrying sindhu vikriam was giving utmost respect to me. sindhu cousin name uma she was 22 years old and she was living with sindghu mother. one day i sindhu sandhya was going on a car from back one lorry came and hit us what was happend i dont know when i opened my eyes i was in hospital one nurse came i asked whta happened to me she said u are in hospital from four months u r in a comma only u recoverd after 1 hour my mother came me to see me that i was fine later vikram also came to me to see all are coming what about sindhu i think i remembererd i we met with an accident and i asked to my mom about the sindhu she is crying she said sindhu and sandhya are no more for us she said. ididnt understand later they said they are expired. iget shocked what about the daughter of vikram she said she is fine and she is living in sindhus home.i was recoverd in 1month and i was discharged. while i was discharging what about my health they enquired to doctor everything is fine but he is not fit for marrrage or sex his penis testiciles were damaged in accident and it is used for urine purpose only not for sexual purpose every one get shocked and everyone showing the sympathy on me.after 1 month i am going to office everyone showing sympathy on me. idid not like that after the theree months some changes were going in my body that my hair was growing fast and

  • #416

    ishu (Thursday, 17 November 2016 03:55)

    satya great going

  • #417

    satya (Thursday, 17 November 2016 05:50)

    brother in law to wife 5
    i am becoming slim and my chest was growing and my penis size as been shrinked and after going to office every one touches me it makes me the uncomfortable. iam no t getting sleep in night times
    so i think i need to consult a doctor so i said to my mom she consulted the doctor doctor checked me and test reports are pending so we came home my mother said that not go to office tomorrom .so i am free in home now so my mother only went to the doctor to collect reports so the doctor replied about my problem he said im accident his male genitials were damaged so he cant be father or not done sex so female harmones are producing fastly in his body so thats why theese changes are my mother asked what is the solution for this he said if he live like that bresat will come hair will grow but penis will belike that so society will see him like a bitch so my suggestion is that to becoming a female by doing the srs operation is the best solution such that his mindset will change he can live remaining life without any problem but if he changed into female he can do sex and any one of u given their ovaries he will get periods but he cant deliver a child now he is 27 still so much life is there to live.think once and we willproceed but it must be go in a slow and study dont tell him directly after 1 or two months he will bw getting more changes then u can say him hemust think he himself a girl then only we can do operation otherwise it will effect i will give somw tablets please follow this will take 8 to 10 months to became female doctor finally said name is no problem to your son satya name is to be set for both male and female. ok doctor i will go now

  • #418

    Nandan (Thursday, 17 November 2016 08:37)

    Wheel of life- Part 2. Contiued from #407

    We now take a 10 year Leap from the events of #407.

    Janardhan Gowda and Narmada 's son Nandan was growing up , both were happy and enjoying seeing him grow up, Meanwhile Neelaveni had given up hopes oof her husband's return, she continued to strive as a maid in her former friend's home, her only source of joy was her little daughter Karthika who was also of same age as Narmada's son Nandan. Nandan went to a premier Private school of the village and Karthika went to a govt school as her mother couldnot afford it. Since both were of same age Nandan and Karthika used to like playing togather, but Narmada was strictly against Nandan mingling along to maid's daughter. So she debbared Nandan from meeting Karthika , she told Nandan that he should not mingle from people of the worker's colony as they were dirty people.

    It was Nandan's birthday that day and Gowda family were travelling to Tirupati as they vowed to go pilgrimage few years ago. They finished their trip and were returing home when tragedy struck. Their Car met with an accident. Both Janardhan Gowda and Narmada were critcally injured. They were shifted to Hospital were they battled for their lives. Narmada's wounds proved fatal and she died two days later, Janardhan Gowda had lost his legs and was now bound to a wheel chair. Nandan was devastated by the death of his mother. He went into depression , He even skipped school for a whole year as he refused to leave home and was always in thoughts of his mother.

    Janardhan was advised that Nandan be sent to a diffrent place as him being in his house may keep him in constant reminder of his mother. So Nandan was shifted to Delhi , were he was enrolled in a top Residential School. Janardhan now paralzyed had to depend on others for all his works, the only one he could trust in his house was Neelaveni who was not only his long serving maid but also his distant relative. Neelaveni was promoted to the post of head maid and was entrusted to look after the mansion. She was even granted a room in the Mansion and she and Karthika shifted into it. Neelaveni took great care in looking after the day today affairs of the house, she even installed CCTV cameras inplace to avoid misplace or robbery of items from the house.

    Years passed and Nandan continued his study in Delhi, he who once was a bright student due to the skipping of one year was now a very dull student, his friends in delhi with whom he hanged out spoilt him even and converted him into a total low life . He hardly passed his 12th exam with passing marks, even though he was enrolled into a preimeir engineering institute by his father via management seat. Meanwhile Karhtika was a very bright student was topper, she aced her 12th but was still able to join BCA course due to her mother’s financial condition.

  • #419

    Nandan (Thursday, 17 November 2016 08:38)

    Nandan had returned home for his 20th birthday to celebrate in his village along with 5 of his friends, Nandan knew that Janradhan will be angry seeing his son partying in his house so he made sure that the party was kept when Janardhan was not in the village.
    The day of the party came, Nandan along with his friends had arrived in the house, Neelaveni was surprised to see Nandan, as he had not informed about his arrival. Nandan instructed her that he was going to have a party that night and will be needing her to arrange for the food. But Neelaveni said that she had sent all the maids for a weeks holiday as Janardhan was not in town and it will be though to arrange a feast in such short time. Nandan in a raged voice instructed her to not forget her status as a maid and quietly follow the orders of her Master. Neelaveni then put her head down and agreed to arrange for the feast alone, she though she and her daughter could somehow manage to cook.
    Karthika then returned from her college and entered the house, Nandan and his friends were all in awe of her beaugty and were totally dumbstruck. Neelaveni then instructed her to go and freshen up as she wanted her help in some arrangement. Both Karhtika and Neelaveni left the hall and went into their room.One of Nandan’s friend pulled him towards a corner and said “Dude Nandan , what a sexy Maal you have in your house, dude the party will be more fun if she could do a strip dance for us tonight” and laughed. Another friend joined him and told “Come on Nandan, please I am too excited after seeing her, I totally want to see her Naked tonight”. Nandan thought for sometime and told “Lets see what can be done” and gave a wicked smile.
    Neelaveni and Karthika worked hard and made all the arrangements for the night, during doing some work Neela slipped and had an Leg injury , the injury though not serious ,but still neela could not stand for a while. She told Karthika to take care of the Serving of food and retired to her chamber. The boys then were prepared to have food , Nandan called out Neelaveni to which Karthika came out and informed him about her injuty and told him that she would take care of the serving part. Nandan was ok with that and told her that they were ready to have food. Karthika then arranged the table , the boys sat around it and Karthika started serving the food.

  • #420

    Nandan (Thursday, 17 November 2016 08:39)

    All was going well, Karthika was doing her duty without knowing that Nandan meanwhile was scheming to trap her into something. As the Meal was coming to an end Karthika went back to get the desserts, that is when Nandan got into action he Kept his costly Laptop at the edge of the table, Karthika unknowing of the fact went ahead to serve the dessert when disaster struck , the Laptop fell down as soon as she kept the utensil on the table. The force was enough for the laptop’s screen to break into pieces. Nandan stood up and hit a Hard slap on the face of Karthika, she was totally in horror and started crying and begging for forgiveness, Nandan shouted on her “ You filthy Bitch, do you even know how much that Laptop costs, its work 1Lakh 80 thousands, you have totally Brocken it apart”. Karhtika again begged his forgiveness and told that she didn’t dod it on purpose to which Nandan replied “What if you didn’t do it on purpose, who the fuck will pay for it? I am gonna fucking throw you and your mother into that streets and then lodge a police complaint and put your mother into Jail”. Karhtikas eyes were now full of terror of what she just heard , she started weeping even more all she could say now is “Please Master Nandan, My mother has worked for so long in you house, pls spare us, I am ready to do anything in return”. That is where Nandan wanted to trap her, he asked “What do you mean by anything?” she replied “Any punishment that you put me through I am ready, but please don’t harm my mother”. Nandan and finally achieved his Goal
    “Okay Karhtika first things first, don’t worry we will not rape you, but if you don’t agree to me from now then we may even do that, agree?” Karhtika was relived to here those words,she thought Nandan would give some little punishment and let her off , she said “Okay ,Master” .”Then lets start now, we are going to have some drinks now, I want you to stay here and be our Bar girl and serve us drinks too” . Karhtika though taken aback by the term Bar Girl she was okay with it as it involved only serving drinks she said “Okay”.
    Nandan instructed her to bring the bag that carried the drinks to the dinning table and start serving, she brought the bag and removed the Bottles, arranged for some glasses and started removing the Lid of the Alcohol bottle. That is when Nandan stopped her, “Hey Karthika, don’t start serving yet, you are not yet in the attire of a Bar Girl” . Karthika was stunned and became a statue of a second and looked at Nandan. Nandan then said “ What Happen Karthika, why are you stunned, Oh I think you don’t know the attire of a Bar Girl let me show you” . He then googled a Bar Girl in a Two Piece costume and showed it to her, Karthika fell on her knees at the sight of the photo she never imagined that Nandan would put this as a condition , “Oh please don’t start crying now, you agreed to do anything I say, Now this is what I Order, See this picture I want you in a similar attire, since we don’t have anything similar I would like you to strip to your Underwear instead ,and be quick come on” . Karhtika was now in a total shock , but she had no choice she had to undergo this trial otherwise her mother could endup in Jail and she on footpath. She stood up ,The boys then strated screeming “Strip Strip Strip “ .She Removed Her top first to the reaction of “Oooooo” from the boys . She then in Embarsment momentarily stopped and covered her breasts with her Hands, to which then Boys again started their chant “strip strip strip” . With tears in their eyes she then proceeded to remove her Pant to expose her Panty, she was wearing a matching black bra and panty that night. “Oh stop crying, let me cut you some slack , I will allow you to wear your Dupatta if you want HAHAHAHAH”. To which Karthika didn’t reply and put her head down , Nandan then shouted ”How dare you not accept my linecny, now I order you to remove your Bra and Put duppata Instead and that would be your attire a Duppata and a Panty, now hurry Up. Karhtika knew that she had no choice and proceeded to do that She was now in just Duppata and Panty. Nandan instructed her to start Serving the Drinks .Karthika with all the shame in the world started to serve the drinks . Nandan and his friends were enjoying embarsing her more and more, they started to pull her duppata from side to side, Karthika had no choice but to be their play tool. All she could do was to adjust the duppata each time and continue serving.

  • #421

    Nandan (Thursday, 17 November 2016 08:40)

    “Stop Nandan!!!” Janardhan Gowda had returned from his trip which was cutshort due to a car failure. “What are you doing son, why are you hitting Neelaveni, Don’t you have respect towards elders you Idiot” He was really angry on seeing his son’s actions. Neela quickly got on to her feet and ran towards Janardhan, she fell on his feet and begged for justice “What justice?what just happen?” Janardhan was confused to which Neela told him about all that had conspired in his Absence. Janardhan was schocked, he never could have Imagined that his only son could have done this heinous crime, He shouted on Nandan “Do you agree to all these accusations?” To which Nandan replied “Yes I did that, but It was a punishment for Her crime, and these people are faking their crying, they want us to settle some amount so they are emotionaly blackmailing us, don’t fall for it Dad”. “Shut Up you stupid, How dare you spoil the heritage of my family, you are a black mark in my family’s history” . He then consoled and asked for forgivenss to Neela, He told her not to book a police complaint and told her that he would sort things for good tomorrow morning and asked her to return to her chamber. Neela stopped weeping and noded and returned to her room. Janardhan then went to his room, he could not get sleep for the whole night and thought about the situation that his son has created now and how he could set things right.
    Next Morning 8 Am, Janardhan Insrtucted All three Nandan, Neelaveni and Karthika to be present in his room as he would announce his decision. All three arrived Karthika could not raise her head and see anyone eye to eye. Janardhan started speaking “First of all I would want to beg for forgiveness to KArhtika, child my cruel son as put you through eternal pain please don’t curse him and my family , I beg you to forgive him” He bent towards her Leg, “No Sahib, you are like god to us, please don’t do this”Karhtika said . Nandan was shocked to see this “No Dad what are you doing “he said. Janardhan slapped him and Said “You don’t have a say here, shut up and listen”,He continued “To set things right, I have decided that Nandan will Marry Karthika, and she will be the future owner of this house, that will stope her from cursing our Family, My decision is final and my son has no say in it” .Nandan was engraged of the decision he told he was not willing to marry a girl who her friends have seen Naked and started leaving the room . Janardhan then caught his hand and told him he will not leave until he agrees to his decision otherwise he will be discarded from is will. Hereing this Nandan was in fit of Anger, He Kicked his Fathers Wheel Chair so hard that it went outside the room , Janardhan’s room was opposite to the 100 floor steps, the wheelchair which was in motion along with Janardhan now flew down the steps, Each Thud of the steps hitting Janardhan’s body was heard throught the house. As he reached the bottom he was no more alive.

    To Be continued

  • #422

    Nandan (Thursday, 17 November 2016 10:05)

    Sorry Readers there is a continuity problem from #420 to #421
    I had typed like 3 pages and posting accordingly..
    At end of #420 Karthika was serving drinks and then Neelaveni's charachter enters...but that part was not missed...and i unfortunately deleted that part to............Now i will post important points of that part

    # Karthika Serves to the boys in Duppata and Panty
    #Buys embarass her more by asking her to do snake dance and then ask her to go to room and wear Saree and come..and then ask her to do Striptease
    #At the end of the striptease Neelaveni enters and slaps Nandan and threatens police action....then Friends of nandan leave at hereing her threaten of Police
    #Nandan asks Neelaveni the price of Karthika's and tells she is nothing but slut....and hits Neelaveni....then Janardhan Gowda enters at #421...and the story continues...

    Sorry Readers for the inconvinence...Please reply if you are confused or anything and what me to stop

  • #423

    Sumathi (Thursday, 17 November 2016 12:32)


    After breakfast I was in hall watching TV. And my stepmother joined with me, I used to watch TV see with her. While me and my stepmother watching TV that maid reni crossed our place and she was standing in a corner and was watching me. Realising someone is watching me I slowly turned my face and saw reni, she gave me a kiss and in action she asked me to wear saree and come, my heart beat raised again, I told stepmother that I'm going to sleep and walked to my room, reni maid was standing there
    and said now wear the saree and meet me in kitchen.
    I replied mom s der if she saw me then we both will be in trouble
    She replied if u want me to expose u wearing saree to ur mom then stay here I'll come with your mom in ten minutes, two choices, come to kitchen or wait for us.
    I angrily went to my room And wore the saree and slowly walked down to kitchen, reni was waiting for me.
    U talked too much today. I have a punishment for u.
    I thought she will ask me to wash the vessels and cook. But she had other ideas.
    Go to our maid quatres and ask anyone to tie your hair in high bun like we all do.
    Mam I'm wearing saree, please they will know me.
    I know, they won't open their mouth, if they ask tell them u r just having fun with reni.
    I said ok, and stood there looking at reni, eyes filled with tears,
    She said, Don't waste my time and pushed me outside kitchen and locked the door.
    I panicked and quickly ran inside maid quatres and at entrance I found one maid she looked at me and asked why are u wearing a saree?
    I smiled weakly and said just feeling what it's to be a maid for a day.
    She said, wonderful, what kind of maid work u r trying?
    I'm the kitchen maid, can u tie my hair like yours.
    Oh sure, u will look good, here it is,
    She took a black scrunchie and pulled my hair from behind and tied it in a high bun tightly.
    I thanked her and quickly reached kitchen.
    Reni was just simply waiting for me.
    She made me wash all vessels. She prepares the lunch and she was teaching me how to work elegantly like a girl.
    In some interest I was also interestingly learning that.
    Now u go to your room our lunch preparation is complete. Go to your room change your dress and remove the hair scrunchie and go sit for lunch. While in lunch u have to ask me to teach u how to serve ok?
    I said ok and changed myself and sat with my mom for lunch.
    Reni came with the lunch and she started serving, I took a deep breath and looked at reni, she looked at me to ask, I nodded
    Mom can I serve today for a change?
    Oh sure son, ok go ahead, reni move Today he will be serving me.
    Reni, can you teach me how to serve?
    She said sure mam, sorry sure Sir with a giggle she taught me serving the table.
    And she commented to my mom I will make a pretty maid if trained properly.
    Mom smiled oh yea he is. He is good sh appreciated.
    I thanked both and finished my lunch.

  • #424

    poojaa (Thursday, 17 November 2016 12:53)

    Sumathi nice storiesss........plz post more stories
    Can u plzz include dupatta bondage(blindfold, gagg, tiedup)as a punishment of maid.

  • #425

    satya (Friday, 18 November 2016 06:19)

    brother in law to wife 6
    my mother came home and i asked what was the results of reports she did not say full mater. she said only it is due to harmonal balance doctor given tablets and to use regularly and advised to take rest in house for two to three months. i aksked why she said k if u r felling fine u can go by next week.i said ok. days were going fine my facial hair was no getting befor i am having stylish beard after accident i am not getting hair on my faceand my chest wasincreasing.

  • #426

    Sumathi (Friday, 18 November 2016 13:48)


    After lunch I went to my room and looked at the saree I wore with my sweat it looked more wet, so I locked my room turned on the fan and tried to make it dry. When I suddenly shocked hearing my door knocked, I quickly hid my saree and opened the door only to find reni, I smiled at her, she smiled back,
    What are u trying?
    I know u r trying to dry the wet saree.
    Yes, it's wet because I sweat high
    We all sweat while work dear, it's natural, that's why we wash every set of our dress during night.
    Oh ok now I understood, I smiled.
    She said, now who is going to work in the kitchen,. She looked at me smiling.
    I weakly smiled, it's me isn't it?
    Yes u are surabhi, wear your saree, same wet saree, and meet me in kitchen fast.
    I said ok and quickly dressed and slowly walked to the kitchen.
    Reni smiled at me, u think u r so bold? U dare to walk around the house wearing saree?
    With fear I replied I thought mom is sleeping? She is right?
    Yes, she is sleeping, what if she see you?
    Please don't remind me such situation I'll die, I replied sadly.
    Why u die? U look so sexy like a girl, and wen I asked you to wear saree and come u just did, so u r not a man either. Why u should worry anyway?
    I hung my head in shame, I replied I'm a man only.
    She smiled and replied, u r a man? Look what u r wearing, skirt, panty, blouse, bra and a saree, and WAITING to work in kitchen like a girlllll......
    I hung my head in shame, I had tears in my eyes, and replied, it's because of u only.
    She didn't said anything, she asked me to go and wash all the plates and cups we used at lunch and asked me to prepare tea and meet her outside in garden.
    I said ok and started working, I looked my shadow frequently to admire how shape I am and touched myself several times to feel myself wearing a saree.
    After I made tea. I slowly opened the door and found reni was standing near a tree watering, other maid's were busy doing other works, I covered my head with Pallu walked towards her, she turned back and found its me , she spoke,.
    Why are u covering your head surabhi, come on, she pulled the Pallu from my head to expose myself and tied the Pallu to my hip as normally girls do, she then hold my hands and walked towards kitchen, I hung my head and walked fast.
    She Tasted my tea and said, wow it's very nice. I must appreciate your first tea. Yes it's tasty, so what you do is go change yourself and sit watch TV, I'll serve the tea, I happily turned and started walking to my room, reni called me,
    Surabi u were talking, i didn't like it, now after u change, u stick this bindi in your forehead and sit watch TV.
    Please don't let me do this, my mom will think I'm a eunuch, please I beg u please.
    No u must learn the hard way to obey whatever i say.
    I'll do whatever u say but please no , not this.
    She warned me, to do as she say, or she will tell mom about set of sarees in my wardrobe.
    I went to my room changed my dress, and looking in the mirror, I kept the bindi, a bright red colour, traditional bindi. I almost cried in mirror, and took a long time to come out, I decided to cover with my hair in the front which is as long it covers my front face. So I covered and sat in front of TV.
    Reni came and gave me tea, she noted that I hid the bindi with my hair and went and gave tea to my mom, they both came and mom sat beside me and reading newspaper,
    Suddenly reni came next to me, and hold my hair and called mam look at him, he is wearing a bindi like you.
    With anger mom looked at me and asked what is this stupidity? And she gave a hard slap, and asked reni to give me a proper hairstyle,so that I can't hide my face doing stupid things, quickly she took a scrunchie and tied my hair a bun style like all maid's do.
    My mom looked at me angrily, look yourself in the mirror, I can only see your mom, not a man I expect, she blasted get out of my sight and left.
    Reni smiled at me and said u look cute, I cried and went inside my room.

  • #427

    Rahul Singh (Friday, 18 November 2016 23:50)

    I also want to became of someones wife

  • #428

    Rahul Singh (Friday, 18 November 2016 23:52)

    my mail id is

  • #429

    satya (Saturday, 19 November 2016 03:50)

    brother in law to wife 7
    i asked my mother my chest was increasing she said u r not growing to gym thats why it is becoming like this next day onwards i started to go to gym for 1 week later also ithere is no any difference and my hair was grown up to m neckmy shirt size was became less but it is tighten towards chest area and my hip size was growing one day i am going out in a city some one seeing me differently and if any one man touches me i am getting some feeling while i am walking or running i am getting iritation if mychest nipple touches my shirt and it is swagging next day i explained tomy mom she said i will give you an idea she gave me one panty and one camisole but i dont know it is panty she said it is new underware to you and it is new fashionok i wera panty and next she given camisole i know this is camisole i asid why i need to wear this she said it is soft to your skin and it will be tight such that ou cant get any problem so i wear it later i wear one loose t shirt and one track and i went for jogging i feel some what better days were growing on and my face became pure smooth and no hair on my face and chest area also increased and i am feeling some weight on my chest and it became an girls breast again i and my mother went to dctor. doctor saw me and said i will give this case one specilized lady doctor and consult her so we went to that lady doctor doctor saw my reports and checked my total body she said to me wait outside. she told to my mother he is becoming lady day by day tell him to wear the bra it will supportes his breast doctor how can i say to wera bra to my son how can i say that u r not a male u r female she said dont worry first you tell him to wear bra now his hair also growing let him aloow to go outside his skin also become hairless his mindset also changes day by day you tell him to wera girls dresses but not force him what is his age 27 started allow him to wear first jeans later try salwar saree his harmones are fastly producing with in two months he will become physicall and mentally a female after that we will make surgery be careful theese two months i came out and we went home next day after taking bath my mother came to me and given bra i asked whu u given tome i am not girls she said it will helps your chest not to grow and swagiing i said no my mother shout me to wear i said i dont know she said first ou have to hook at front turn towrds back keep your hand in this trips and lift it to your chest and adjust it the two cups must be filled with them my mother siad to try again i unhooked the bra difficltly later after 10 to 20 tries i sucessfull in wearing bra later i wera tshirt it is dark color such that bra will not visible but after wearing bra my chest has to pointed out later my mothergive me new denim i wore it it a girls denim later i come to knoow freely i kept my hair and went for out. bra gives me a nice support but everyone is starring at meseeing my chest later i saw one girls is also wearing same tshirt what i am wearing i can come to know that my and her chest sime is same i confir that my chest is growing like breast i am getting some uncomfortable while every one seeing on me later i went to one mall while entering there will be checking the security didnt check me and said madam go thier for ladies checking i get schoked he tell me a madam with in aminute i went home and checked in mirror my face hair and chest and hips dress it was looking like an young girls of 25 and no one will say me iam aboy and my mother went for function for 3 days and i am only in home i removed all the dresses and wear night tshirt and shot went down of my apprtment and my tshirt is transperent so toatal brast can be view outside everyone is seeing my thighs which is smooth looking sexyly two them and seeing my top portion and one lady came to me and said why u r coming like this you have cover your breast lby chunni or dhuppata your mother doest not taught youso i covered my breast with my hand and went to my room and removed all dresses and checked my self in amirror again and i didnt go out for two days still my mother came.

  • #430

    Sumathi (Saturday, 19 November 2016 14:21)

    Fantasy 5:

    After that humiliation I felt too sad and I was crying in my room, by 7pm reni came behind and hugged me, I replied, I thought u were helping for my hobby, now u made me caught.
    She replied it was a punishment that u spoke too much surabi, now be my darling, after dinner finish all the works in kitchen and wash your sarees and dresses, I'll collect your dresses in morning and keep in your room, ok?
    I replied ok and waited for dinner. Stepmother came and said sorry, and she said i always wanted u to be the man of house, but u always looked and in everyway like ur mom, so I thought u will become one, sorry, I hugged her and didn't said anything.
    She replied I will be going out for few days, so behave and be a gud boy, ok? and I'll bring u a surprise if u be a gud lad..
    I felt happy that she won't be there for next few days, so that I can enjoy my beginning of feminine feel. I did what reni told and kept my panties Bra blouse and saree for drying in clothesline and came back to room.
    I couldn't sleep, I looked at my wardrobe and I thought why not wear the other sarees and enjoy the night, so I quickly transformed into surabi and practising my feminine walks and then suddenly the door opened, it's reni,
    Hi, sorry I'm shocked.
    Surabi, you got to wake up early, so stop playing and sleep well, tomorrow morning same schedule as today.
    I nodded, she left, I locked the door and shoved myself in bed and had the best night sleep.
    Next morning I woke up became reni and finished tea making and breakfast and quickly changed back to myself.
    As a regular morning me and mom had breakfast and reni served it, I was expecting my mom to praise my first cooking, but as for her it's maid cooked it.
    She tasted the tea and breakfast and didn't said anything. While leaving the house she informed reni that the breakfast is delicious and keep the gud work.
    I jumped inside my heart, it's my first cooking and I nailed it, I appreciated myself.
    After mom left, reni came and smiled so u r ready for the play. I said yes, I transformed myself into surabi and worked with reni, for next two days I spent my entire time in kitchen in saree and I somehow liked it very much. Third day morning as usual I dressed and made breakfast tea and everything for myself and reni, we spoke a lot and I found my mom was also a great worker like me,i resemble her in every inch, I blushed at her comment, by 11 am she called me to go out for a small surprise, but I never been outside in saree, so i hesitated, but reni forced me to come with her, on every walk I faced the world hiding my face with my hand, reni smiled looking at my predicament.
    We finally reached a parlour, a cheap parlour, I tried to run out but reni and the beautician pulled me inside and gave me a simple piercing in both ear with a big ball stone stud, I seen this all maid's wearing similar stud, my other side was enjoying this transformation but the other side was giving a fear what will mom say.

  • #431

    Sumathi (Saturday, 19 November 2016 14:53)

    Fantasy Final
    I felt happy with the stud, but the fear was increasing every day and I adapted this new alter ego and I didn't want to become surabh again.
    After we reached home, I thanked reni.
    She asked why? It's just a play, be ready to change, your mom will come by next week.
    I took a deep breath and asked reni, I want to be this.
    What? As Surabi? Don't want to be you?
    Yes reni, u encouraged me, u said I'm not a man, I had a male ego, now it's gone. I don't feel man anymore.
    Surabi, I know u always wanted to be one of us, that's why you didn't say anything when I kept all old maid's sarees and set of everything in your room.
    Yes reni, now it's time, I wanted to become one of us.
    Reni hugged me and said, so it's time to introduce our new maid isn't it?
    I smiled with tears yes.
    She took me to maid's quarters and introduced me to other maid's, everyone looked at me strangely, but we didn't react, we reached kitchen and started our work.
    Next day morning I woke up and made myself as surabi again and looked at my wardrobe, I took a garbage bag and disposed all my male clothes in it and walked outside my house, the garbage van reached I gave it to them and found my handshaking , my alter male ego is trying to stop, but I won't let that happen, I went back to house, completed morning work, while at breakfast I explained what happened at morning.
    Reni smiled and appreciated my boldness.
    I thanked her and continued my work.
    By 11 am a knock at the door only to find some lawyer at my doorstep, reni welcomed him, I quickly hid myself in kitchen, after a few minutes reni took me to him, he asked me, surabi with your true knowledge u like to be surabi the maid of this house under the contract of this house owner? I nodded yes. He took me a picture in his mobile and asked me to sign some papers and left. I asked reni What is this all about?
    She said, u want to be like us, don't u need an identity, he is my friend a criminal in making fake profiles and proof and documents, with help of him u can stay with us as surabi the maid for the rest of your life. I happily hugged reni and thanked her for everything she did to me.
    We both went on to do our work.

    Next day mom came, as usual I finished my morning routine and was having my breakfast at kitchen, reni asked me to go and serve, I asked no not now what will mom say, on my 18th birthday I Don't want to give her this shock pls. She forced me to go, with shaking hands I finally reached dining room to find my mom waiting. I slowly started serving, she started clapping when reni appeared, mom gave her a bag and thanked her. She gave me a small document to find my signature, I asked what is this?
    Mom spoke, thank you surabi , on your 18th birthday u have all the rights to sell or give this property business and everything to anyone, and you gave to me.
    And not only that u transformed into your mom.
    Mom, u did all this?
    Yes surabi,i am, u look more your mom, I know you will never make a man, and what u will do with all these properties?
    But mom, I like this and I will stay like this.
    Surabi, u got nothing left, u must stay this way, legally u r a maid, and legally u r surabi. Once again thank you my sweet, she left to her room.
    Reni asked me to discard the breakfast arranged and continue my work.
    Without any guilty feel, I started my work.
    My alter ego was saying she cheated, I said so what? Now I am surabi.

    Thanks for reading & your comments!!

  • #432

    SRS (Sunday, 20 November 2016 12:05)

    "fashion part 11'' # 375

    Next day i woke up an get started to ready for my office with my aunt. I went to bathroom an saw my self my hair looks like girls hair an my toung is still paining, i saw it in mirror it was a small shiny stud an i rely hate that, i tried to remove but i failed, after i brush my teeth an took bath after i came out an started to get dress. each an every time its difficult to get dress with this fake boobs, an i still used to sit an pee. i looked my silky hair which is shiny an i was shocked for my tattoo which is at the back of my lower hip, so i tuck in my shirt so that no 1 can notice an when i came out i was surprised on seeing my aunt she also looks similar to me by wearing the same jeans an shirt with the same hairstyle. We did breakfast an my aunt came to me an told that she will restyle my hair, an i dint accept this an i told i dint want anything i will simply go like this on hearing this she got anger an told when u did french braid hairstyle on that time u allowed some stranger to do it but iam ur aunt who took care everything about u an here u not allowing me to do ur hairstyle, i kept silent an told ok aunty do what u want to do. After that she made me sit in chair an started to do my hair she combed my hair an she started to braid my hair from middle of my fore head to above my ear an she told it was finished, after she went inside an did the same hairstyle for her an i was shocked y she is doing like that. we get start an i came to my car at that time she told that from now on u need not want to drive this car cause ur company told that its belong to me cause iam ur superior after i gave her my car key an i sat in front she drove at that time i used to put my hair back side but it was not going 1 side of my hair comes in front an another side is completely braid on seeing that my aunt laugh an told it will not go back of ur neck cause its a style do u see shampoo add 1 side of the hair flow in front like that, on hearing that i felt irate. after she stopped the car in front of temple an told this the first time am going for a nice job so let v go an pray god after v go office, but i dint want to come cause of this hairstyle but my aunt forced cause she believe a lot about god. when v entered everybody looks me strange but i dint care about that v straight went an prayed she told me to close my eyes while am closing my eye some thing touched my hair an pined it when i opened i saw she is been fixed jasmine flower in her an mine hair too, i started to take off that but she dint allowed. i told that i dint need this please but she told that u r ember that u have put an rose flower b4 then y not now an of course its a god prices u should were it, i said OK then i will were cap on it an she told tats ur wish u were what ever u want. after the argument v started to move to the car an while i going to put the cap she stopped me an took selfie an showed to me see its really nice to see both of us. we reached to our office an we went straight to meet our boss an our boss announced to everyone that this our new GM here after she will work with us an she is shyam aunt. everybody welcomed her i too a bit happy. My boss called to her cabin an asked r u happy for ur aunt, i said thanks for that an she told u no need to say thanks to me just return my money who u gave to ur client otherwise ur next punishment will arrive soon.

  • #433

    SRS (Sunday, 20 November 2016 12:07)

    fashion part 12

    i kept silent an she told y ur wearing a cap inside the office please take it of, i asked y some of them r wearing whats wrong with it an she told ya but from now on there is a rule that no one should not were the sun glass,cap, swet were, gloves etc, an this rule is made by our new GM tats ur aunt, u dint saw the notice board, i was shocked on hearing that,after my aunt came inside an told to the boss that tomorrow v have to conduct 1 meeting for all the employees an while telling my boss notice my aunt hairstyle an prised about that my aunt told thanks an asked y ur shouting an she told that u made a rules but see he is not following it, i told to take off his cap but he is not obeying it tats y, my aunt told that i have warned him b4 entering office to not were the cap but he dint lesson actually he is lill bit shy about his hairstyle tats y,on hearing this boss told what hairstyle an she told the 1 u prisess me just now an took of the cap from my head an my hair flow out 1 side of my front, on seeing this boss get surprised ohhhmg u look dam pretty look at u have worn jasmine flower also good to be see u 2 look same, its shame that u have born as male at that time my aunt told there is no problem if u give permission then v will take him to hospital an made 1 operation then there will be no difference between him an me an they started to lol, i felt humiliating in front of them an my aunt told v r just joking dint take it serious. after i came out silently with shame an everybody saw me an started to laugh, i dint know what to do my aunt was standing with me at the time my coworker who's name is preethy came near to me an told sir this not fair , on that day my daughter accidentally did french braid for that u scold me hardly an i felt really bad for that but now look at u have braided 1 side in most feminine way an that too u have were jasmine flower an get tense on hearing that an shout to her shut the fucking mouth an get lost, on hearing her eyes tears r came outside an my aunt shout at me this not the way to talking towards the woman, u have to respect it an for that u will need punishment from her, told aunty this not fair an she told no more aunty here only mam an iam GM of this company if u dint obey her than she will rise a complaint to sexual harassment. i was shocked y she was giving idea to her like this, i went off from there an my boss called me i went inside she enquirer about her company dis it get pass r not i told mam they told that there is a problem going on between currency tats y it will took time mam, an she smiled evilly.

  • #434

    SRS (Sunday, 20 November 2016 12:08)

    fashion part 13

    at that time my aunt came with preethy an explained what i did after my aunt showed the memo it says for insulting an spokes bad words against preethy under harassment for that preethy will give small punishment for tomorrow what ever its u must accept it other wise it will took sever action an boss sinned the memo an my aunt smiled after boss told now were do u take him to go an preethy told he make fuss about his hair for that i need to do something to his hair so v r going to saloon an my boss also gave some thing to her an say that this from my side an v lived from there. after v 3 took a car an stopped at the same saloon were i have been met b4. v 3 entered into the salon an the lady welcome us, preethy told something to her i thought that she is going to chop my hair, after she told to sit in the chair an started to work, they combed my hair an took the middle of the hair an combed in front of my face, i told that i cant able to see an they told wait for a minute they will clearer it, after they took the scissor an started to snip my hair above the eyebrow carefully, i saw some sort of hair fell in my lap after they finished i can feel the hair above my forehead, i tried to pull it back but nothing happen an is short, preethy came near to me an told that this are bangs so u can try another hairstyle but this bangs will lay in ur forehead an laugh an after the staff of the salon started to do my foot nails an my hand nails, they cleaned an brushed it, they put some sort of paste an its looks like a plastic nails, iam getting nervous about that what they r doing, after the work is been finished when i saw i was shocked that my toe nails an hands nails r half an inch long which been painted in a metallic black nail polish, i tried to remove it but it looks like iam pulling my own nail an i have failed, they told that it was acrylic nail which some sort of plastic glue it get melted to my own nails after that they used to shape in different way, it will not come off an break it easily. i was shocked on hearing this, i dont know how to hide this an when i was thinking another hand grab me an that to having the same nail polish, when i saw it was my aunt, on seeing me she started to act ohh my i cant believe this ur going on copying me se first i cut my hairstyle as bangs n u did the same after i did my nail u did it same y ur copying me constantly an they both started to laugh, i told y aunty u doing like this for that she came near to me an kissed in my forehead an took me to the car. v 3 off them get into the car an stopped in the hotel there the barer called us ladies, come here mam , i dont know they have thing that iam a woman an preethy is constantly giggling. My aunt order the food an i was lill irate about the nails, i cant able to took menu card its self its getting slip for the big nails, on seeing that preethy told do u know y woman have always grow big nails cause they dint need to do work everything will take care by boyfriend r husband only thing v need to do is make a nice blowjob, on hearing this i felt really angrier an start to shout an while shouting she told do u need another punishment an on hearing this i felt silently an took the food silently. when v finished v leve from the hotel n my aunt drop preethy to her home an v came to our home, i went straight to our bedroom n locked the door i sleep of , i dint know what is going to happen next day, how i will hide this nails an hair in my office omg please help me from this.

  • #435

    Srs (Monday, 21 November 2016 01:12)

    Nandan please continue ur story

  • #436

    Nandan (Monday, 21 November 2016 05:26)

    That is what i wanted, thought no one was reading :D

  • #437

    Ashwini (Monday, 21 November 2016 12:28)

    Nandan please continue with forced crossdressing

  • #438

    Saima (Monday, 21 November 2016 13:32)

    Nandan awesome story plz continue. Ashwini my love sis plz continue story.. Ex q zit my darling plz write new story . SRS keep on going. Love u sis

  • #439

    Nandan (Monday, 21 November 2016 20:45)

    Wheel of Life - Part 3
    Continued from #421

    Janardhan Gowda was declared dead before he reached the hospital. It was a tragedy that sent shock waves throughout the village, the most richest man in the village had died under confusing circumstances. Rumours about his death were circulating like wildfire, some said it was a mishap and some said it was a suicide in memory of his wife, some said his son who suddenly returned to the village may have commited the murder for his father’s wealth.
    Outside the hospital morgue , Nandan signaled Neelaveni that he wanted to have a talk. Neelaveni responded with a terrifying look, she signaled “not now” she wanted to talk after they return to home. Nandan’s tension was raised by seeing his maid react in a commanding way, he knew it would be difficult to passify her now. There were just three eye witnesses for this case, and Nandan was a #1 enemy of both of the remaining witnesses.
    The police inspector informed that the after body undergoing postmortem, Nandan was free to take it for final rituals he also informed him that he would come in the next day to record the statements of the witnesses. Nandan was relived for a moment that he had time to convince Neelaveni against giving statement against him.
    The body was then taken to conduct final rituals which was done by Nandan himself and then in the evening he decided to have a meeting with Neelaveni to convince her not tell police that he pushing Janardhan led to him falling down the stairway. Nandan went to the hall and signaled Neela to come upstairs, instead of answering to his call she countered him to rather come to the maid room to have the discussion. Nandan had no option, he followed her to her room.
    She sat on her bed and as he stood before her, she started to speak “Look Nandan, I am totally willing to send you to jail, but the thing is if you go to jail , what is there in it for me? You will go to jail and I & my daughter will come into road , that is why I propose that I will let you off this crime if you agree to my condtion that you have to marry my daughter”. Nandan was shocked , “You dirty little Maid, look att our status difference, how dare you take my and your daughter’s name together? , however you don’t have any proof against me to prove your statement, its Just going to be My statement vs Yours Statement”. Neela had a smile “Oh my little Nandan, Its not going to be only My statement vs yours” she opened a video in her Daughter’s Mobile phone. It was the CCTV footage of Nandan pushing Janardhan’s wheelchair and the video was so that only Nandan and his father were visible. Nandan fell on his knees ,he put his head down, he knew his life was wrecked .
    Neela then exclaimed “ Nandan, now you understand how much control I have on the situation right now? What did you say? Filthy Maid? Now I am changing my offer, You will not only Marry my Daughter, you will have to undergo a punishment , this punishment will be for an indefinite time, and only then you will survive from going to jail” . Nandan was in tears now “Neela don’t do it to me , My father helped you when you needed it the most” to which she replied “Your father was a great man, and that is why I am offering this to you otherwise you would be in jail for what you have done to my daughter”. Nandan now he knew he had no other option rather than accepting her terms but before accepting he asked “what is the punishment?”. Neelas replied “You will know only after the marriage”. Nandan had no other option than to accept the terms.

  • #440

    Nandan (Monday, 21 November 2016 20:47)

    The police arrived the next day and as expected Neela and Karthika both gave statements that they were not present at the scene. Police then registered the case as an accident and the case was temporarily closed. Neela went to Nandan and said “ Nandan, beware this case can be reopen any time when the video is produced, and also me and Karthika will not be accused of giving false statements as we are not visible in the video, so you should better keep your ends of the bargain. Nandan just noded.
    After two week, Nandan and Karthika’s register marriage happen, the only witnesses were Neelaveni and few village heads. Then the couple and Neelaveni returned to the mansion. As the entered , Neela announced “Now that the marriage is over, Karthika is owner of this house and to make it official I want Nandan to sign this document which gives her the whole property”. Nandan was shocked to hear that, he wanted to refuse but seeing the terrorful eyes of Neela he was forced to agree to it, also he thaught Karthika is now however his wife so it would not make much difference, therefore he went ahead and signed. Neela was happy “ Thank you Daamadji, I would also what to say that now that I am your mother in law, I will no longer be the Maid of the house, now I am head of the house and will shift to your parents room, and all of your mother’s wadrobe will now belong to me” Nandan was afraid to say anthing he was sensing her taking full control of the house, but he could only reply with a nod. Neela continued her speech “And atlast now the newly wed can go to their chamber, don’t be confused by the bed being split, because I don’t want daamadji to have sex with my daughter before he undergoes his punishment starting from tomorrow. Nandan was now petrified after hearing the word punishment, he was not expecting her to still be hell bent on punishing him , he thaught after him becoming her son in law she would not let go the punishment and not insisit on it , but now it seemed it was not that way. “Now no need for discussion, go to your chambers, we will meet her exactly at 8 am tomorrow”. All Nandan could do now was nod, he and Karthika then went into their chambers, He asked Karthika “Do you have any clue about your mom’s punishment?” to which Karthika replied “I not only have clue , but planned your punishment my dear hubby,You always talk about your money and status right,all I can only say is that your status is going to change, now sleep hubby, you have a long day ahead tomorrow, Good night ”. Nandan was confused he didn’t understand what karthika just said , how is his status going to change he wondered.

  • #441

    Srs (Monday, 21 November 2016 23:27)

    Nandan don't make the story by keeping surprised, please continue ur story pleaseeee

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    Aishu (Tuesday, 22 November 2016 01:00)

    Gr8 story Nandan. Not able to wait for the next update. Kindly post the next posts soon. Srs ur fashion story also too good. Kindly update the next parts soon.

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    priya (Tuesday, 22 November 2016 08:27)

    Nandan and Srs please continue your stories I am not able to wait.....both the stories are goingver very super.....

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    Nandan (Tuesday, 22 November 2016 15:06)

    Wheel of life - Part 3
    Continued from #440 ( typing from mobile so please adjust)

    Nandan couldn't get proper sleep all night, he was wondering about his fate tomorrow, what could possibly be Neelavenis punishment. It was 7.30 am next morning , he felt a splash of water on his face, he woke up to see it was Karthika his wife who put water on his face. He was angry on her and he abused her. Karthika " Beware of your actions my Hubby will have to face consequences , Its 7.30 am dont your remember your mother in law ordering you to be present in the hall at 8 am ,now get up and wash your face and come down, i will be waiting there". Nandan was suddenly reminded of his judgment day today, he picked up and slowly dragged himself into the bathroom and proceeded to wash his face , he wore his shirt and went towards the hall to face his predicament at the hands of his former maid turned Mother in law
    It was, Nandan and Karthika were both present at the hall , Neelavenis footsteps began to hear as she came out of the master bed room, she had Janardhan's old walking stick in her hand. Nandan heartbeat began to rise, he had his head bent down as he couldn't see his mother in law eye to eye . Neelveni came down the staircase and had a seat on the sofa in the hall. "Karthika why are you standing, you are the owner of this house please have a seat my child " Neelveni said. Karthika sat besides her mother. Neela then turning to Nandan " Good morning damadji" , to which Nandan replied with " Good Morning Atthe(MIL)". Then she proceeded towards the important announcement.
    Neela exclaimed " Damadji, 1st things 1st , this is the last time i will call you damadji till your punishment period finishes" , Nandan knew that this was the start of his debacle, he just noded, Neela then continued " This punishment is because your family on one hand has given me shelter and food but on other hand has given me even more embarssement, I was ur mothers best friend and also saved her from dieing once, but in return she humiliated me by making me her Maid , i was supposed to be guest of this house , but was turned into a servant and treated like a servant. For 20 years i became servant of this house and served it loyally, and after all this what did you give me? More humiliation, making my little girl naked and asking her to entertain you aand serve dare you do this to my family , now is the time for payback, hear carefully , from now on till foreseeable future , you will know what is to be a servant of the house , you will be mine and by my daughter's Domesticaed servant , did you hear that you little bitch ". Nandan was almost in fainting mode , he didn't even dream of being put through this, he wa to be the servant of the house , he begged Neelaveni to not do this , he reminded her that he is her SIL , how can he became servant of the house to, Neelaveni replied to him " I remember you are the person who humiliated my daughter , now you have no right to argue, just tell me if you agree to the condition or not, if you don't agree to the condition i will have to send the video tape to police station and you may spend rest of ur life in Jail, what do you want to do? Do you want permanent Jail or Idefinate time Punishment" she asked. Nandan was in tears as soon as he heard words police and video togather, he fell on her knees and asked her " please dont give me to the Police , if you promise me that this punishment will not be for long time then i agree to become your servant, please atthe promise me that" Neela smiled and told him " Your period of servitude will depend on amount of willingness and submission you provide" Nandan quickly replied " I will do whatever ever you want Athe I promise".

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    Nandan (Tuesday, 22 November 2016 15:07)

    . Neela then exclaimed "Ok then Nandan , your servitude starts from now , you are my and my daughter's servant from this moment on, and my first command to you is to strip completely Naked" Nandan was stunned at her request "But atthe" he said, Neelavani quickly cut him short by shouting " You are my servent know , please remember your position, you will address me as Malkin from now on and Karthika as ChotiMalkin, is it understood?". Nandan had no option but to submit " Yes Malkin" he put his head down. " This is the last time i am warning you , dont argue just submit, if i ask to strip, you will strip, is it understood" ,Nandan knew he had been completely trapped now , he removed his Pant and Shirt and Neelavani ordered him to remove his underwear too. He was standing there with his hand covering his genitals. Neela ordered hin to lift his hand as she wanted to have a full view of her servant.. She then said " You made my daughter stand in her innerwear, now how is it to stand h naked infront of us in such a helpless state, Nandan just put his head down, Neelaveni then turned to karthika and saud " Karthika I suggest you to not refer him as husband anymore and treat him as a servant only" to which Karthika with a smile noded. Neela then continued " Loom at his pubic hair , Look at his hair around his chest and legs, I want my servant to be clean, Karthika can you please take him and make sure that he has no hair left on his body and sufficiently bathed? We will meat at the maid room in 1 hour". Karthika agreed , " Come follow me slave" ordered , Nandan followed her to the bathroom, She then proceeded to wax him and then forced him to shave his pubic hairs, she then ordered him to have a bath after whicg she took him still naked to the maid's room, were Neela was waiting for them

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    Nandan (Tuesday, 22 November 2016 15:12)

    Neela then started saying "You know servant Nandan, that thus great house has never had a Male domestic servant, And i am in no mood to cahnge it, so I will now inform you that your punishment has gone to a whole new level, you will not only be a servant of this house you will be a MAID servant of this house" Nandan was shocked this was not the thing he agreed to he complained " This is unfair, how can i became a women, i don't agree to this". Neela in an angry to exclaimed " Look you lowlife , don't talk about what's unfair, you have to submit to this or else you will go to jail, this is the last time you will ever argue with me, you dont have right to think about anything just submit to my orders or face jail". Nandan was again in tears , he felk on his knees he knew there was no going back from here, he accepted his future " Yes Malkin , as you say i will do , i will not argue again, I promise". ." Ok then it is settled then you will be our maid, and fron now on you will be referred by your feminine version of yourname Nandini, So now NandiniBai, let me introduce you to you maid uniform." She said pointing towards the clothes on the bed, It was a Cotton saree of Neelaveni herself which she used when she worked as a Maid, there was also her blouse which was laid out ob the bed, along witb a pair of her used Bra and panties. Nandan was terrified by those clothes, few days ago he was the owner of this house, but now he was here being forced into clothes of his former maid by his former maid. " Nandinibai , now i am sure you have opened lots of bra and panties in your time in delhi, now i order you to step into those same Innerwear, and do it quickly as we dont have much time, we have to dress you in that saree too before you start your work. Nandan knew he had no right to argue now , he submitted to her order without thinking moved towards the bed and picked up the panty, and wore it between his legs and pulled it up and then proceeded to wear the bra , he strung it between his shoulders and was struggling to clasp it , karthika then helped him from behind in clasping it. Neelaveni then inserted kirchief inside the bra to give a breast like feeling, Neela then asked Nandan to wear her blouse and. Petticoat Nandan took the blouse and tried to wear it but it wa not fitting him right and so was the petticoat, it was not his fit. " Oh No , what have i done , i thought my size would fit you, looks like it doesn't, neither Karthikas will fit you as she is slim, I think we have to stich new blouses and petticoats for you NandiniBai, " Nandan was relieved for a moment he asked" Malkin does that mean i ge to wear my Male clothes?" To which Neela replied " sad part is I have thrown away all your male clothes thinkibg you will wear my old clothes , that leaves you with nothing to wear until the stiched clothes cones which will take a week". Nandan was stunned he was now left with nothing to wear for a week except a pair of Bra and Panty. Karthika then strung unto action she went back to the room and brought back something it was a " DUPPATA". Karthika then with a cheeky smile " Remember this duppata Nandinibai, it was then same one with which i was humiliated and now this is what you will wear for a week,a Duppata,A Bra and A panty this will be your uniform, what say mother?" Neela " Karma bited Nandinibai, i didn't wanted this to happen, i wanted you to wear a Maids saree and go to work, but Karma has it that you pay for your cruel humiliation that you subjected my daughter to, this will be your uniform untill your new clothes arrive understand," Nandan was forced to just nd to his new owner, he was then handed over the Duppata which he pht around his shoulder. "OK ,this just for temporary , you will be subjected to more feminism later when the right clothes arrive, but for now we are set, follow me to the kitchen ,Now your Maid training begins" Neela ordered. Nandan followed his new owner into the kitchen to start his duty as a Maid of the house he owned few hours ago.

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    Aishu (Wednesday, 23 November 2016 08:28)

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    Monu (Thursday, 24 November 2016 12:10)

    Hi everyone. I just saw this sight and found it adorable. I want to share my life story with you all. Just remember that mine are actual incidents while most of the stories that I have seen here are work of fiction and my stories may not be so interesting for you.
    If you give your comments, I shall share further parts of my life stories. These stories already are a part of my blog.

    “Let’s see what the fate has in store for me. Things are so bad that they cannot go worse” Thought I when my stepmother was on phone with my future wife. She was responding to an ad given by G in newspaper for a househusband. “Yes yes, he is expert in all household work” she said. Listening to the response from the other side, she smiled and said “ok. We shall wait for you on coming Sunday”.
    My step mother had always trained me to be a househusband. She had refused to get me admission in a college after my 10+2 and I was doing all household work while my half brother and sister went to the college. Her logic was that when I leave this household, my right on the property of my father shall stand extinguished.
    G and her father came to meet me on Sunday. My mother had forbidden me to speak unless a direct question is asked and even then I was supposed to speak slowly and keep my head bowed and my eyes on the floor. First her father spoke about what he expected from his future son in law. “Mrs. Gupta, To cut the long story short, I want a virtual housewife for my daughter. Do you and your son agree to it?” he said in the end. When my mother replied in the affirmative, G asked to talk to me alone. In compliance to her request, everyone left the room leaving me and G alone.
    G lit a cigarette and asked me” Mr. Kuldeep, Do you understand the meaning of being a househusband” I only nodded and kept looking at the floor. “Do you understand that if we are married, I shall be the dominant partner? You shall leave this household and come to live with me in my flat. You will not be doing anything without my permission and you shall be required to show proper respect to myself and my family members. I don’t want any nodding and I want a direct answer this time. Househusband does not mean doing domestic work. You shall be virtually loosing your identity and take my surname.”
    Now I had no alternative. I spoke with my head bowed “I understand and I shall not give you a chance to complain”. G smiled for the first time and said again “I would like my husband to remain in women’s clothing to remind him his place in household at all times. Do you agree? “
    It came as a shock. I had worn a saree only a few times on the insistence of my step mother for dance practice and usually wore my sister’s worn-out dresses as my step mother was always short of cash when my turn for buying a new dress came. My half brother was shorter than me but my half sister was tall and stout and her size was a perfect fit. I had enjoyed wearing my sister’s dresses sometimes but it was a different matter altogether to remain in woman’s clothing 24x7. I decided that I had nothing to loose. In fact nothing could be worse than listening to my family cursing me all the time. “ Your wish is like a divine command for me madam” I said again with my head bowed. G laughed loudly and said “Don’t call me madam. My name is G……. but you shall call me G as in goddess. Your name Kuldeep is also too long. I shall name you Moni”. G went to the door. I thought that she had gone to call our relatives but she locked it from inside and kissed me on my lips. I struggled to free myself from her embrace and realized for the first time that she was more powerful than me. “My dear husband needs breasts. I don’t want you to take hormones for that. They have side effects. I shall get you silicon implants.”
    “The wedding shall be in 3 months from now.” Declared G’s father as everyone was congratulating me for my good fortune. “As it happens sir, I am a little short of cash right now and it shall be difficult to arrange at such short notice” said my step mother as she had been short of cash since eternity whenever any money was required to be spent for me. “You don’t need to spend a single penny Mrs. Gupta. It shall be a court marriage and all expenses for his clothes and ornaments shall be borne by us” said G’s father. “As requested by you, my son in law shall also sign an affidavit on the day of wedding renouncing all his rights in your property and wealth.”
    I raised my eyes for the first time. Neither G nor her father had discussed this matter with me. I was now beginning to understand what my future status was going to be in the household of my wife. All decisions shall be taken by her and I shall be a mute spectator.
    Please give you comments if you like my story. I shall post further, only if you people are interested.

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    Banno (Thursday, 24 November 2016 15:09)

    Monu nice story pls continue and go in details of clothes and intimate moments

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    Ananya (Thursday, 24 November 2016 19:31)

    Good start Monu. Please continue. Give regular updates

  • #455

    Monu. (Thursday, 24 November 2016 20:06)

    Thanks Banno. As I said earlier, this is a true story. I shall definitely give details of clothes and intimate moments, real problems faced and high/lows of our lives. I repeat that this is not fiction.
    Thanks Ananya. Regular updates are not a problem since these are copy-pastes from my digital diary. The story starts in 2009 and there are many entries. Updates shall reduce once we enter the present times. Please keep in touch. Because of our peculiar lifestyle, I get lonely and really need good friends.

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    Monu (Thursday, 24 November 2016 20:10)

    “What is this? What are you wearing” G was asking angrily. I was sweeping the floor of the verandah of my ancestral home wearing a torn and faded Salwar suit of my half sister when G had arrived, unannounced. We were engaged only yesterday. She was probably free because it was a public holiday and just wanted to surprise me by visiting without prior information. “I am sorry. I didn’t know that you were coming” I stammered.
    G had a thoughtful expression on her face. She asked me to go and change in to a shirt and trouser and took a chair in the verandah itself. She refused my step mother’s request to come inside. We came out of the house and she motioned me to sit behind her on her Honda bike. “I have to take the permission of my mother to go out” I told her and ran inside to ask her. I came out 5 minutes later after her dire warning that she shall not open the door if I was late and sat behind G who was waiting with the bike already started. I didn’t know that I shall not be seeing that house for a long long time.
    Within 15 minutes, we were sitting in a quite restaurant. G had lit a cigarette and asked me to share my life story with her. I told her about my mother’s death and my step mother’s cruelties. G was in turn sympathetic and outraged. She also told me about her mother’s death and her father’s decision not to marry again and raise her like a son. I had never felt so close to anyone. It was hard to believe that I knew this girl only since last evening.
    “You are not going back to that hell again” she declared suddenly. “Come with me to my place. You have to come ultimately so there is no point in going back to your mother’s place.” I was taken aback. “Your father shall never approve. India is not yet ready for livein relationships.”I objected.
    G lit a new cigarette and started thinking.” I had come to buy a wedding saree for you. Let’s go shopping and I shall think a way out”. With that, she called the waiter for the bill.
    As I selected a gorgeous pink colored saree for myself, complete with blouse and petticoat, G was busy making phone calls, only nodding her approval. As I asked the salesman to pack the saree, G came to me smiling “make some more purchases. You need to have some more sarees and innerwears. As I had said, you are not going back. I have already spoken to my father and all arrangements have been made. We are getting married in the temple today as all courts are closed due to Republic day. Legal formalities shall be completed later”. With that she took my hand and we went to the lingerie section.
    G had already informed me yesterday evening that after the silicon implant, my size shall be 36c and I made all purchases for that size only hence no one took note of a boy asking for blouses, bra and panty. As I was selecting a beautiful nightgown, G took me aside. “Don’t waste money on night wears. I am not going to allow you to wear anything at night”. My mouth gaped open and I could see that her eyes were twinkling.
    We were married the same afternoon, on 26th January, 2009.

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    Rashmi Patel (Thursday, 24 November 2016 20:11)

    Good start Monu. Please continue.

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    Monu (Thursday, 24 November 2016 20:16)

    My Suhaag Raat was celebrated in G’s flat
    G had not worn any traditional dress on our wedding and was dressed in simple T shirt and jeans as we exchanged woes and took 7 rounds of fire in presence of her father and a priest. My step mother had refused to attend the wedding and had told me that the doors of her house were closed to me forever. I was dressed in the bridal pink saree and wore all ornaments of G’s late mother. The priest was initially hesitant to marry us in view of a girl marrying a girl (He took me for a girl as I had worn saree and had done the makeup of a bride) but g’s father had showed a wad of notes to him and everything went smoothly after that.

    While returning from the temple, G’s father asked her to drop him at the railway station as his train time was close. G asked him to stay but he had some urgent work to attend at his native place. I touched his feet as he was alighting from the car. He gave me a thick wad of notes “This is for you to buy some gift of your choice. Keep my daughter happy.” He said.

    We reached home at around 8 PM. Both of us were not hungry as during the ceremony, we were given many ‘Laddoos’ to eat. G took my hand and we entered the bedroom. G went to freshen up and I went to the kitchen to get a glass of milk for her.

    G was standing in the bedroom as I returned. I gave her milk and touched her feet as I had seen brides doing that in hindi movies. G took the glass and returned it to me half finished.”Finish it. It’s your duty to finish all my leftovers as a mark of your love and respect for me” she said.

    As soon as the glass was finished, G started pulling my saree. All my protests were useless and I was standing before her only in a blouse and petticoat. “Take them off Monu darling. What are you trying to hide from me. Your body is now my property and I have a right to inspect it on my will” said she. I continued looking at the floor. G finally came near me and started undoing the hooks of my blouse and undid the knot of my petticoat. That left only a bra and panty over me. “Don’t get ashamed darling. We are married.” G said as she took off my bra. She undid the hooks of her jeans and made me lie on the bed. As she pulled my panty down, she squealed at the size of my member.”From your submissive nature, I was afraid that the size may be small but you have made my day” she said giggling.

    “Every husband is required to give a gift to his wife on Bridal night. In our case I am the wife and I have nothing but my virginity to give you my love” I said as she took my member inside her and started riding me. Within 5 minutes, I cummed inside her.
    “Don’t be sorry sweetheart. I had expected it as you are not experienced.” She said as I apologized. “What are you doing G” I asked as she took out a strange thing from her drawer and started tying it around her waist. “This is known as a strap on and I am going to put it inside you.” Saying this, she asked me to get on all 4s and slowly entered my ass. “It is going to hurt in the beginning but you will enjoy it later on” she said as I almost cried in pain.

    It has now been almost 8 years since then and the ‘later on’ has not yet happened. G knows that I don’t like the strap on and uses it only if I cum premature. On my part, I try my best to climax at the same time with her which is not so difficult as she makes love to me almost daily.

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    Monu (Thursday, 24 November 2016 20:51)

    Thanks Rashmi. As long as you people are interested and giving comments, I shall continue.

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    Nandan (Thursday, 24 November 2016 22:33)

    Wheel of Life – Part 4

    The Wheel of life had taken a drastic turn in Neelaveni’s life , Just days before she was a working maid of her best friend’s Mansion, where she had toiled all her life for 20years , But Now, Now she was the Owner of the House , She was owner of Her friend’s wadrobe, her friend’s jewelery and also the Owner of her friend’s Son.
    Neela the strode towards the Kitchen , all Nandan could do is meekly follow her, he was feeling totally embarrassed of himself in walking around the house clad only in women innerwear, As they were walking Neela started talking “Nandini , I am telling this for your good only, obey me without arguing or hesitating and your punishment will be less severe if you obey me correctly” she continued “And one more thing , sumbit to me correctly you bitch , Keep your head down, how dare you look eye to eye to your owner?” Nandan quickly put his head down and said “I am sorry Malkin , I will obey all your commands Malkin” Nandan knew that only way this could end quickly is by pleasing Neelaveni and getting into her good books.
    Then the next half hour was spent on teaching Nandini how to make coffee , how to make chapattis and how to cut vegetables etc , then Neela instructed Nandini to clean dirty utensils from previous night, Nandini was struggling to maintain his duppata while cleaning, Neela then jokingly said “Beware Nandini, you should always make sure that your duppata cover your breats” Nandan then embarrassingly adjusted his duppata, which amused Neelaveni . Neelaveni then started to make curry and instructed Nandini to closely watch how she makes it “Nandini , I want you to learn cooking all types of food by end of the week, or else I will not give even the Maid saree as you will not be fit to be the maid, and you will stay in Bra and panty for a longer while, understand” she said, Nandan just noded in approval. Neela tge continued " " Fron Tommorow you get up at 5am, go to the kitchen wash utensils of the previous night, then go to have bath, wear new set of bra and panty, by 6 am make bed coffee and offer me, then you go to kitchen make all arrangements for chapatis, cut vegetables and by 7 am you make ved coffee for Karthika, then i will come and help you make curry, after breakfast I will be there to instruct you. understand?" " Yes Malkin" Nandan said with a meek voice.After the curry was prepared Neela instructed “Go and call Karthika, tell her food is ready". Nandan Nodded and went to her room. " Kar...I mean Chotimalkin Breakfast is ready , Malkin is calling you" Nandan said with his head boweddown." Karthika said "Ok , Lets go Nandini". As Nandini turned Karthika pinched his ass,"Oh I so want to fuck your pantied ass Nandini". Nandini grimniced in pain. But still kept his head down and moved to kitchen.

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    Nandan (Thursday, 24 November 2016 22:34)

    As he entered kitchen Neela said " Bring the food and plates to the dining table and serve" Nandini was quick in action, went ahead and took the food and kept it in the table,he then proceeded to bring the plates , but he was little negligent in holding the plates and one of the plate fell down and broke. Neela heard the breaking sound and hurried into the kitchen. She didn't ask Nandini for any explanation and just started to beat her with her walking stick." How dare you bitch, how dare you break the plate, dont you have any sense" she said while beating, Nandan was feeling the pain of the beating and started begging her to stop hitting " Sorry Malkin, it will not happen again, please i am very sorry" he begged. " You are not serious about your Maid job you bitch, now until you become serious and become better in your Maid job, you will not be the Maid. You will be the bitch of this house , do you hear that? You will act as a dog all the time unless you are doing a chore, you will not talk but Bark, you will walk on all four while going from one place to another unless you are told otherwise.understand bitch" " Please Malkin , dont do this to me . I dont want to be a dog , i will be more serious i promise" he was horrified at the feeling of being a dog to which Neela replied by hitting him him more with the stick " Bark bitch , how dare you talk" she said " But Malkin" Nandan started to speak, Neela theb started hitting more rigorously , Nandan was in excruciating pain now he had succmbed, "Bark Bitch" she said again "Woof Woof" Nandan now became tge dog of the house. " On you fours, Nandan went on his fours. "Follow Me bitch, serve us food , be fast". Nandan followed her on his four to the dining hall. " Get up and serve us".she said . Nandan started serving the food. While Karthika jokingly asked " Nandini , how are you doing" , Nandan was confuse what to say, he say terror in Neela's eyes, he knew what he was supposed to do " Woof Woof" he barked.That made Both Karthika and Neela to breakout in Laughter " Good Bitch, you are improving" Neela said.
    As their break fast was going on, Neela put a chapati on the floor near her foot and little curry over over it, Get down bitch hace your food from the floor, be fast eat it only using you mouth". Nandan was sickened by feeling of eating from the floor like a dog, but seeing Neela's stick being raised a little he quickly fell down on his knees and started eating the chapati like dog, few hours ago he was eating his dinner from the golden plate which Neela was eating, now he is eating fron the floor like a dog, Wheel of life had turned for him too. " How is the food bitch" Neela inquired , Nandan knew what he had to say " Woof Woof."

    To be continued

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    Srs (Friday, 25 November 2016 00:00)

    Nandan please make Him feminisation by pricing his nose, ear, naval,don't make him dog its not interesting seems funNy

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    vasantha (Friday, 25 November 2016 07:53)

    nandana super story make feminisation by his wife & srs pls continue story i am your big fan pls continue pa nandan continue pa

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    Monu (Friday, 25 November 2016 11:21)

    I am a Househusband since last 7 years. I loved to crossdress in my childhood and was supported by my step mother. The day she came to know about my interest in crossdressing, her attitude suddenly changed towards me and she started supporting me instead of my half brother and sister. Without informing my father, she taught me all household works and the art of dressing in sarees and even dancing in female attire. I realized quite late that actually it was her ploy to devoid me of my parental property and wealth. My father was a very wealthy businessman who had very little time for me. Soon after he died, My step mother gave my hand in marriage to my wife who was a Tomboy, 3 years elder to me and also 2 inches taller.
    My wife had already informed me when she came to see me that she was a very highly paid computer professional and she wanted only a househusband to take care of her daily needs and do all household work. I was supposed to live as a housewife, perform all duties like sweeping floor, washing clothes, preparing food, pressing her feet at night and entertaining my wife when she so desire. I was also to wear women clothing 24x7. I had agreed to all these points willingly as nothing could be worse than living with my step mother and I just wanted to be out of her house.
    My mother in law had died when my wife was very young. My father in law is a very strict person and raised my wife like a son. Even though, we live in a flat in city due to the workplace of my wife, about 100 KM away from his house, he is always keeping a strict control over me, by asking about my daily routine on phone and instructing me daily about how to keep my home in good order. I keep all the fasts and celebrate all festivals like a housewife.

    My wife had a very bad habit of smoking. She used to say that it releived her of tensions related to work. I tried several times to persuade her to quit smoking but i had a success only recently.
    Hindu ladies keep fast on Karwachauth day for the long life of their husbands. As my wife is the sole earning member of our household, I observed the fast for her. As per custom, I wore my wedding saree and ornaments and did not take even a single drop of water for whole day. As advised by my Father in law, I spent the whole day performing puja and preparing delicious food for my wife. When the moon was out, it was time to break my fast and I touched my wife's feet to take her blessings. She gave me a glass of water. I took a sip from her hands as per ritual. Then I asked her to take dinner. She gave me a gift of beautiful diamond earrings.
    After finishing her dinner, my wife asked me to finish my dinner and her leftovers as usual but I refused to take my meal saying that my fast was not yet over. It was very clear that she was sexually aroused as I was looking very attractive in my wedding saree and being on fast since morning, my face was also radiant. I had also done a very decent makeup of her liking.
    Normally, my wife can make love to me as per her wish and I have no right to say a NO but that day she had been asked by her father very strictly not to break my fast under any circumstances. Also being a very kind hearted person, she was also concerned that i had not eaten any thing since morning other than a sip of water from her hands only.
    I told her that i had asked a mannat from God that she should quit smoking and my fast shall be over only after she promises to God that she has quit smoking for ever. She smiled, knowing that she was trapped and promised likewise.
    Her lovemaking that day was historical. In fact, at one time when she was smothering me, she suddenly pinched on my buttocks and i cried out so loudly that our neighbour thought that some thing was wrong and knocked on our door and i had to assure them that i had cried in dream. However, it was worth it as since that day, she has quit smoking.

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    Maheshwari (Friday, 25 November 2016 18:16)

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    shemalesana (Monday, 28 November 2016 04:28)

    please follow my story in the above link

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    priya (Monday, 28 November 2016 07:22)

    Srs please write your story....I am eagerly waiting for your next's more than a week....please write atleast 4 to 5 part...

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    mani (Monday, 28 November 2016 07:23)

    Srs and Nandan please write next parts.....

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    shemalesana (Wednesday, 30 November 2016 10:00)

    Dear reader
    My ongoing series a Crossdress's Diary about a male being forced to replace his sister is available in the below given link. Kindly leave your comments if the blog is worth my time to continue.

    thank you in advance

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    Sia (Thursday, 01 December 2016 05:22)

    Satya pls continue ur story. It looks so good

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    satya (Thursday, 01 December 2016 11:26)

    brother in law to wife 8
    next day morning my mother came to home i said each and everything happened to me and i asked to my mom what was happen to me and what was doctor said to you. my mother get cried and i got tension what happened she sad everything t me what happened to me why these changes were coming.i got shocked and fell down on floor after i opened my eyes was on bed
    and i am thinking what was my future what i have to do now. i dont live this life my mother was not in my room so i decided to suicide so i drink poison but mother saw me and she stopped it and slap on my face throw that poison out but i cried and said i dont want to live then she said if you die what have to do now and ur father leave me at ur n small age if u want to scuide then first i will drink poison later u drink said no then she kept me a promise that i will not suicide next time i said. but i dont want to live this life she said what if u were a girl or lady what was difference i am a lady up to now u live life like a male now onwards u live life like a female and enjoy life like a lady and being a lady i said stop what ur saying how can i be like a girl leave me alone now she said ok i will be leave u now but tomorrow onwards live like female and start ur feelings inside like a girl . did not say anythng to her from next day on wards my transformation was started

  • #472

    satya (Thursday, 01 December 2016 12:42)

    brother in law to wife 9
    next days are going on my mother did not say anything to me to do like this to be like this and one month has completed my chest almost become breast and i am wearing bra regulary only bra panty and camisole are the girls costumes i am wearing till now and did not cut my hair such that is became more and long my age is 27 but i am looking like a 21 year girls due to breast and my face is become smoth with no hair and my total body became hairless and i am not going outside from that day i am in home only wearing tshirt and night pant only and i am getting irritating due to hair said to mom she keep my hair with bun and make pony tail and while i am sleepingshe tied like a bun kept on my head and my old clothes are became very tight and comfortable to wear i dont have money asked mom to give money i will go and buy clothes said she said which type of clothes u will buy and why do u buy u r not going anywhere why u need she said. dont have any answer for that ikept silent.whether u will buy girls dresses or boys fromnow onwards u have to live like female better to buy those like salwar saree halfsaree nighties.stop mom nonsense i dont want to wear like that i will take shirts jeans which suitable to me.oki also come to showroom be ready with in hour fastly wear bra tshirt and one jeans by breast are very tight to that tshirt and become loose to my tshirt lower side and mom also ready we two went for mall i came outside after amonth. and i observe that all the boys are starrng towards me due to bresat is some what visible and i feel uncomfort i did not tell to mom i observe that all ladies are coverng their breast with chunni and girls wearing tshirt also those tshirts are loose so noproblem whoose are tight they cover with scarf or duppatta once i remembered that when i was a guy how i wll see a i come to know how they will feel for boys who are seeing me i am eye feastng to them. so atlast we reached mall before starting from house mom said i will buy jeans and shirts what i will like ok i said we went directly to ladies section first time i went i was shocked to see the dfferent types of sections we directly went to western section where we will get tops and bottoms one girl came to me what u want mam got shocked she called me mam mymother said she want shits and tops my voice is between male and female so i didnt talkshe selected shrts and tshirts and came to bottoms section here tried differen types of jeans and my mom selected some 3 leggnings also i asked why it is aslo like pant and we went to innerware secton here i can find the different types of bra and sales girls ask whether u want bras mom first check her size she is wearing not good fitting bra go to change room and check she take me to trailroom and asked me to remove top i removed it and removed bra also she said u have a nice pair and bigger than me ur hubby wll be happy when u r having sex and she checked it was 34b andu r wearing wrong bra mam dont wear it will cause cancer wear right one after she checked sze wore new bra and tshirt and t was good fitting to me and came outside she packed 5and 5 panties and mother asked to pack the 3 ngjties alsoand we came out of mall.

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    sneha (Friday, 02 December 2016 09:27)

    In his Shoes

    Hi friends how r u all i am writing this stories after so many days hope u all enjoy it

    Hi guys my naveena a software professional by work and a reticent by nature. my daily stuff includes lots of tasks which were putted over me by my director and in the evening regular lectures from my mom about my marriage. I got bored i achieved a level in my carrier even i want get settle down so i agreed for marriage my mom made her lines alert to search nice groom for me. But i have a little time to enjoy myself so my first desire i never expressed to anyone so i want to fulfill know this is the right time even from my financial side also. But issue is i don't have a good friends circle to help me out so i was trying figure out how to fulfill my desire.

    It's almost a month i am thinking but i din't get any way to go so i was little depressed. I was cursing myself having this kind of a desire at that one day i got a call from my friend rajitha that her cousin is coming to Bangalore so she told me take care about him i said fuck what is this he is coming on Saturday. i reached railway station i pick him and we reached my apartment for me its is very hectic to drive in traffic he din't spoke single word. We entered to our apartment i shown his room and i went to sleep. i slept for 3 hours i got fresh up and i went to the hall he is still in the room i thought i made tea for us and i visited his room i offered tea he said he will only have milk i had my tea and asked his name he told shravan.
    Both alike people we are not talkative i stayed for a moment and i had my tea going to he said what is your name time god at last he spoken i said naveena. i asked him for dinner what he like to have but to my surprise he asked me permission to cook dinner. i shocked and agreed he made a beautiful dinner he came here to do masters in home science.What is happening a young guy thinking of masters in home science i am saying it to myself and he said he will take care of all the house works still he was there at my apartment.
    I said know you are my guest no need do all this you can stay how many days you want he face became red i don't know what he is interesting in after seeing his face expression i told him to cook us every day seems to be little cool down and i just ran from there to my bed room and next day my office started in a busy life i din't spoken with him a week paused one day i came from office which was my total surprise day. i reached hall i trying to remove my shoe i heard sound of anklets i was shocked did he brought any girl. i got angry i straight away went to his i was correct he brought a girl i moved towards her and i said hey bitch who are you and what are you doing here, where is that stupid fellow i am not giving chance him to speak yeah actually it happens when a person gets angry i took her hair into my hand tried to throw out but i pulled strongly wig came out i saw it was shravan.
    I shocked and i left from there went to my room i am jumping with a joy because this is my desire i want to be husband and get all the respects and also who can take care about me i think i got a right person. i came out silently i acted like normal without seeing any difference he kept his wig and brought coffee i observed i din't took off my socks i said why are doing all this.

    He: i want to live normal house wife life and i saw a husband image in you and thinking you as my husband i am doing all this even on first day

  • #474

    sneha (Friday, 02 December 2016 11:16)

    In his Shoes
    Listening this i said suddenly said stop because since i was enjoying this conversation i want to listen in partly like episodes. I said you have given me enough surprise to me today so please postpone this continuation for tomorrow and please arrange for dinner. he happily stood up i took my tea cup i said hey sharvan if you don't mind can you remove socks please hey saw with anger but just know he admitted the truth he want do all this what i don't understood so i said shravani please to my surprise he suddenly removed it without any hesitation oho know it awesome i felt he was standing their and waiting for my empty cup i handed my cup. i went my bedroom i removed clothes i had a hot water bath today i am feeling so light may be because of shravan sorry shravani. after completing my bath i cleaned myself with a towel i tied towel till my breast but after it i changed till my navel because i am feeling like a man. so i wore my track and t-shirt went to kitchen he is preparing lunch and he kept his sari pallu in his navel i felt oho know porr baby he adjusted himself like a typical Indian house wife and i just made a small uhhhh like a Lot of Indian men do he immediately adjusted his sari not to expose his body good i liked it.
    I sat on the kitchen floor i said hey shravan or shravani which one you prefer i said. he said shravani ok then from know i will call you shravani. He said thank you i want test his male ego i said if you want to dress up full time like a woman i don't have problem he said i want talk about it but fortunately you said thank you. Then i asked is it okay with you if wear pant and shirts like a man i love this i have only this dresses even thought i have female dresses i don't want share this information with him. he said no problem i already told you that i seen a manly image in me and this makes more feminine i feel like more female if you were this dresses. I said whatever prepare the food fast i am waiting for you at hall i am hungry i started moving from there with a sweet and lovely he said naveen that made my inner very happy that i cant express i turned and said what. he with a low voice said naveen i hugged him this is my dream. i left her after a moment and left to hall in sat on the sofa i was thinking to open up.
    So without any secondary thought i want to play a game and he came near to invite for a dinner i said will you listen to me for a moment. he said for sure i told him till know i don't know what happened in my life is very normal but today you have treated me separately and i don't know when i started loving it know i want this treatment for minimum some days so i request to be me my wife for some days.he kept his head down app order kijiye ji (you order me) i got acceptance for him from know i will play with him. So feed the dinner to your husband i said he brought the dinner for me and started feeding me this happen to me after 20 years in the middle i am biting his fingers mistakenly and wanted he like a house wife taking the pain. i don't want lot of mischievous to him i will do the things from which we both have to enjoy.
    after my dinner she had a dinner and cleared utensils came to me with a lungi not so many people wear this in delhi but in south so man will wear this i changed into T-shirt and lungi i am looking like tamil movie hero. Next i ordered to press my legs.
    Please post your comments

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    satya (Friday, 02 December 2016 11:46)

    brother in law to wife 10
    after comning out of mall i am gettng urine i want to go to bathroom whether i want to go to ladies or gents side i think

    if i go to gents side they will see me differently and by look i am a girl if i go to ladies side i want t sit and pee

    even now i am havng penis of small size so i am in a confusing mind i didnt say anything to mom if she is behind me darely

    i hold for an hour until reached home,my mom said after 2 hourswe have to cnsult doctor be ready later we went to hosptal
    and consult doctor and lady doctor saw me andsaid sirprised that changes are growing fastly and i wear ladiesshrt and pant

    and doctor checked me and asked to strip total dress refused she said we two are same no need to be shy i removed

    everything including bra and he pressed breast and nipple and i am getting some sense and he kept hands on my hipand

    checked everythng and said to mom next week we will do operation i said no what will happen not do means lke this only u

    haveto live like a enuch kojja.u have to be in hospital for 10days in thees every procedure we will completeincluding

    vagina andbuttock size facialchanges after operation u can live like a normal girl u can participate in sex and u cant

    concieve a child u dont get periods after u will look like a 23year girl and u can start to wear girlsdresses like salwar

    and saree i will give some medicinesuse regularly till operation after we went to home it was late night my mother give me

    nighty to wear i refused it and slept in my shoes and after 1 week time came for operton i went to hospital i siad to mom

    last i dont want this she blackmailme that she wll die for that i acceptedi came to hospital room and they gave me a

    hospital gown first time i wear it and sleep in bedoperaton was started after 7 days i opend my eyes i saw my mom and

    doctor came to me and said tomorrow we will remove bandages and we will discharge they remove it and i am feelng that i am

    missing some thng between my legsand i supposed to see down but breast are there i cant seedown clearly later i wake up

    they kept me mirror to see my total body that i shocked to see that i am really looking lke sexy girls body stucture with

    smooth skin hairless body but now my feelng are like a male only inside and went to washroom and mom said thatu have to

    sit and pee i am getting very pain for first time andsaid that after peeing uhave towipe with water otherwse u will get

    infection i listend silently and after coming washroom i tied twel down onlymy mother said totie up t breast i sad no one

    is there na she said if anyone isthere are not uhave to tie and she gave me bra and panty wore it later i wear shrt and

    pant and get started to go home we reached ne place and whent to one flat and said it is our new house i have taken we

    changed it to and she said to start a new life and she said it is your room and opened it and i opened one almara to find

    night pant and i shocked to see different types os bras panties salwasrs nighties sareesand ladies cosmetics i stunned

  • #476

    Jay (Friday, 02 December 2016 19:11)

    Sneha Ur story is awesome pl continue...

  • #477

    shemalesana (Friday, 02 December 2016 20:16)

    First time crossdressing

    I became my sister

    My forced nose piercing story

    My aunt repierced my nose

    I became daughter to my uncle

    My sister force nose piercing on both sides

  • #478

    suraj (Saturday, 03 December 2016 03:13)

    hi everyone if anyone intrested to become my shemale sissy mujhe humilatate kare...then plz tell me..i will give mh whatsapp number then

  • #479

    sneha (Saturday, 03 December 2016 10:07)

    In his Shoes
    He is handling my legs very carefully and pressing them and i twisted my foot seeing it he started rubbing my foot and pulled my leg fingers carefully then later he came up and started massaging my shoulders and back first i thought he is taking advantage but later i understood that he is not intentional doing this for me he want me to comfortable. later i switched on the Television he sat beside me i don't know i became more i fell on his lap he pressed my cheeks and said my sweetu general this word while be used my wife to appraise their loved ones. i want to kept leave for tomorrow i want to enjoy with shravani since it is starting of our relationship to keep my hold on relationship i have to act like Stubborn so after an hour i became drowsy and i want to sleep so i was going to my room i asked shravani where are u sleeping. he said my room i said it is not safe women to sleep single come to my room listening this he kept his head down i don't know what he is thinking even know he is over reacting like a girl.In a small voice he said i will join you i want to change my dress. i said come sleep this you look great in sari he started blush i left the moment for him.
    I slept on the right side he came and slept on my left i acted like already slept i was admiring his beauty being woman i feel to eat him slowly i am scanning his figure first i saw his navel it is well shaped and he waxed his whole body then i moved his breast they are looking shimla apples and his lips are so juicy i want sip it totally in a one kiss. I am unable to control my feelings and he is beside me but i can do something slowly i kept my legs and hands on him. he i woke up i acted that i kept sleep he is seeing me like a little slowly he rubbing my hair generally lot of women do this when their loved ones sleeping but i don't how he is treating me so i moved my hands to his breasts he slowly removed my hands and adjusted himself and slept.
    I woke up at 7.30 Am my house is filled with fog in that i saw a beautiful lady tied his hair to towel and carrying a cup of tea with a huge smile handed me tea cup i had it and got my bath went to dinning table for breakfast he made pasta nice i liked it i appreciated for that later on he tied my tie and put socks and shoes after all this i felt to do something i stood and he stood i caught his navel and pulled near to me kissed on his cheeks a smile on his lips said everything how he is feeling know.
    In the office i started my work positively then before and coincidentally i promoted as a project manager since i spoke very less in the office so nobody asked me party. i don't want share this with my family i want say this first to my angel. So i took one wine bottle and jasmine flowers for him. went to my apartment with a joy i lifted him and rolled i shared the news to him and he felt very happy. I said shravani is my luck from know if you want change to shravan i don't accept he said if you want me as a shravani treat me like a wife or else i will became shravan with this words suddenly i remembered that i brought a jasmine flowers for him i kept in the car and i brought back from mt car.
    I took jasmine flowers in my hand from know you are my property and my wife come and he showed his hair i kept flowers in it and he touched my legs i don't why he did but it boosted my energy.

    Please post your comments

  • #480

    satya (Saturday, 03 December 2016 12:34)

    brother in law to wife 11
    at night i am uncomfortable to sleep in the tshirt and jeans so removed it and opened the cupboard to check the nght suit but didnot find my trackpant or short cheked thoroughly i find the pants of 3 different color so i wear it and it was so much tight then coming to know that it was legging and i sleep then also i am uncomfortable then go to my mom and ask where r my tracks and shrots she said from now onwards u must not wear those u have to wear the nighty it is very comfortable to sleep and for when going to washroom also so i already kept on top of dressing table the petticoat and nighty wear those it will be fine and i kept the earring on table choose one and keep.i get shocked when my ears are pearcd she said when after operation was done when u r in recovery i pierced it i saw n mirror it was shocked and she said that the dresses and sarees salwars are of your wifes i bought it for u because u and her having the same height and same body structure and the bra size also so i bought all the jeweleries and inners of her and once try thier blouses and cholis such that if there was any correction i can give to tailor for fitting i said stop mom.she said why u want to buy the new ones means i dont have any money i said for thatnot i dont want to wear theese worst costumes and i am getting the iritation when i heard the names and i asked her what happened to me that vikram amd my mother n law know that she said ur mother n law knows that but vikram dont no that he went to germany he will come tomorrow are after 1 weekshe said and why u dont wear theese dresses tellme u r a girl u have to wear theese only and u r wearing the bra ladies jeans and shiths what happen to theese if u want to sleep comfortable wear petticoat and night u wear a hosptal gown it is also smlar to that only nothing difference inthat and u have to cover ur breast that boys will see u thereonly there is no other opton tome she give me the petticoat i said i dont want i take the nighty and mom said to remove bra before sleeping such that u will feel some freenes so i removed bra and takenighty and wear it from top and it came to my foot and the two hooks were there at top it was open she sad tokeep hooks and t was free and comfort also i go and see n mirror that it was my wifes nighty only and i go for sleep next day i wake up and did my brush and came out my mom was not thereand she went out i thought and am watching tea and one calling bell was ring and opened the door there was a milk boy he said mam milk and went to bring bowl and i bent down to keep he pour it and he is sawing my breast and my nighty was transperent my total body was visble so cover my breast wth hand and went inside and days were going and i am n home felling bored and i want to go to job how now i am agirl and my certificates were onmale so i refused to not to think and after one day mom came after bath and she removed towel infront f me i asked why r u doing in front of me she said whats the differnce u and me r same and i saw total bdy its like me only and one day i came from bath open towel and i am nude in my room and rom was opened suddenly i was scared i kept my hands and hide breast and later i take towel and cover it and he came from germany to my home he didnt know what was happen to me man door was open and he came insde my mom went now only and keep door open i scared and wear the pant and tshirt went outside he is in the confuse manner thnking who is she and what she is doning n satas house she is thinkng i came out cover my facewith shwal and came he saw me and said sorry i dont know ur there it was my frend satya house only same address given and thought satya was in room and opened to surprise and asked where is satya and his mother i think he did not recognise me said i am cousin of satya he and his mother went out they will come evening i said he went out and again say sorry tome and when he went out i locked the door and feels relaxed and after 1 hour mother came and i am going everyday walking for outside with top and legging covering my face with scarf n my apartment every one saw me in western outfit.

  • #481

    satya (Saturday, 03 December 2016 12:37)

    brother in law to wife 12
    one day i was in home some other flat aunty with two ladies came to us and nvited to night to come for halfsaree function of my daughter and she kept red kumkum on my mother head and my mother callme to out and they kept to me also i feel shyand asked my name momsaid satya age 21 she said ur also in marrage stage and u have to come compolsory she said and asked me to come in halfsaree every time i saw u in jeans only mom said we two will attend the functon evening .i asked mom how can i come she said u have to come this is my order and igo tomy roomand crying momneglect me and tells me to take bath and i came out and she give me bra and panty iwore it then she gave me petticoat dont no how to wear she said to take it and keepfrom top and it came to my waist leveland she said to tie knot and i did and later the blouse means choli but it havng back hooks and she sad to keepy mu hands in and my mom kept the hooks at back and it was too tight and designer lehenga came i take it and keep from bottom and tied to my waist that petticoat not visible and finally the half saree and she taught me to keep one sde f that tuck in my lehenga and keep t around and came to front and pinned to my left sholder of choliand taught me how to adjust with it and after operation first time i am wearing the ladies outfit but my breasts are totally projectng outside n choli due to tightness next my mom said to me to sit infront of dressng table.

  • #482

    sudharani (Saturday, 03 December 2016 21:42)

    is any one have the old 2011, 2012, 2013, stories saved, i cant find them anywhare, ihany has them re post please, email is also ok.

  • #483

    sanjana (Sunday, 04 December 2016 03:39)
    Some girly photos hope everyone like them
    Even i love old rajibalan pages of 2011,2012,2013 they have some amazing sotries if anyone have it please share.

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    Srs (Monday, 05 December 2016 00:16)

    satya please don't stop continue

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    Priya (Monday, 05 December 2016 00:53)

    Srs please continue your stories...

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    Teju (Monday, 05 December 2016 05:06)

    Please continue...

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    anu (Tuesday, 06 December 2016 02:28)

    Pls write

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    Riya (Tuesday, 06 December 2016 04:43)

    Hi Anjali.. Your story is nice. Please keep on writing more stories. Raghav, SRS, please complete your stories.

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    SRS (Tuesday, 06 December 2016 11:11)

    "fashion part 14 # 434

    Next day morning i woke up i thought about the day how am going to face it, i went to bathroom to brush an i saw my face except my brows every thing looks like a girl an this bangs r disturbing me in my fore head after i got ready an came out for the brake fast an my aunt came an kiss me in my chicks is strange again she started to did my hair an i dint tell anything about that cause there is nothing use of it she combed my hair well an grabbed my hair in top of my head an put rubber band an after she insert 2 hair clips on the both side to make it grip. an i saw that she did the same hair style an now my hair dint tingle in my backside but in front is very difficult. after my aunt told that is been finished an she told that this called high ponytail with bangs an v left for office. we came near to the office an parked the car an started to get into the office while walking i can feel that my hips r swinging an my ponytail is dancing its shame, i hide my hand into the pocket for nails an went inside the office an i saw there was a huge crowd in front of notice board, when i came near to it i was shocked on seeing that i have been D promote from my post an in that preethy was there an i will work as her assistant. it was total shame an humiliating, i dint know what to do an i slowly entering into my cabin an saw that she was sitting in my chair on seeing me she welcomed with a huge smile an saw her daughter was standing there an she saw me an told hi aunty an i got angry an told am not aunty am a man on saying that she told but ur not seems like man ur wearing high ponytail an pretty long nails , what seems like a man an i cant able to answer, after the argument prethee told ok come get back to work an after i called her by her name an she got tense an asked me how dare u call my name call me as mam an i said ok mam an started to work an while working in system i cant able to type fastly due to the long nails on seeing that she started to lol an told to do fast otherwise u will again D promote, i was afraid on hearing that cause if i D promote than this time my place will be out side of the cabin an everyone can tease, so i concentrate in my work at that time her daughter came to me an again started to play with my hair, she un did my hair an i was relive cause of the tightness an she started to comb my hair again an i told mam that she was disturbing an she told that it was ur problem i dont know an her daughter started doing my hair she parted my hair in the center part an separate it in the both side an she pulled it in the back top of the hair in 1 side an put the band an the same did in the other side an put the hair clip an told finished. I felt that 1st there is tightness in center top of my hair an now i can feel it in the both side of my hair an i have no time to see what she done to me, after i finished my job there called that meting is been started come fast so i dint see an went for meeting. there everyone are sitting an i used to stand cause of my D promotion its felt shame. i notice everyone is smiling an giggling on seeing me but i dont know y an there comes my aunt an lady boss they also smiled an my aunt started to speak that ladies & gentle man ohh there is no man here opps sorry i dint she u an everyone lol, after she told that in every company there will be a dress code an uniform but here its not so u girls have to decide the dress code an they all started to discuss, after few minutes they told that it was an fashion company an causal to were western type dress but v should not forget about our traditional dress so v thought wearing a saree is the best uniform, on hearing this i was shocked an i shout that what about me an my boss told y u also were saree an i told that is impossible how can i were saree am a man an she told y being a woman ur aunt can were pant , shirt than y not u do u agree that men r weaker than woman u gys cant able to were our dress but v do.

  • #490

    SRS (Tuesday, 06 December 2016 11:11)

    fashion part 15

    I kept silent n after she told k girls v have to thing about him also so let v go for pant an shirt an on saying that no one agree an the stated to shout an 1 girl tell let it be unisex it would be like a pant shirt but also girls will were an after long they discus that the best thing for the uniform is sleeves less CROP TOPS with LEGGINGS an on hearing i again talk but but its a an my boss stopped me an told no more but if u make a but than v will put u that an pointed the finger towards the saree an i get scared an went silent. after i came out an preethy gave me notes out side the cabin an called miss-ter it was strange by calling me like this an i turned an told what mam an she told that u look like HARLEY QUINN will joker will come an pick u for a date on saying that everyone started to lol, at that time her daughter came by shouting aunty aunty did u like ur new hairstyle an showed me the mirror, i took the mirror an shocked on seeing that an i get real tense an her daughter ask aunty u like ur hairstyle an i shout to her that how many times i tell u am not aunty am a man an my name is sham an she told no ur shamala aunty an i felt anger an pushed her, she fell an brooked her teeth an started to bleeding on seeing that preethy got angry an screem to me how dare u pushed my daughter, she is lil girl u have to excuse her but u pushed her an she grabbed my hair an pulled towards my aunt cabin an she explained everything an my aunt too was shocked an she slapped me an told to my boss an she told to punish me all went fast i dont know what to do an after finished my duty v came again to the same parlor an that lady started to lol on seeing me an told nice hairstyle an preethy told something to her after she made me to sit in the chair an started to do her work i got afraid for what she was doing she cleaned my face an took one small machine which it looks like tweezers an she did by brows its was paining an i can feel some sort of small hairs are removing an after she wax it she took the laser machine an covered my eyes an started to do in my eyebrow an i can smell the burning of my eyebrow hair its extreme pain after see put some gell an finished it, next she came an told to close my eyes an she started to do something to my eyelash i felt relax an while i relaxing i felt sudden prick in my both upper an lower lip i saw that it was an injection with some sort of liquid putting. An ling time they told its finished an they dint allow me to see, my lip is num like some thing is bite into my lip. after she took me to the dentist i dont know y i came here an she talked to the lady doctor an they took me inside an they inject me after i felt dizzy an slept, they took me to operation room an did my teeth, after few hours they left me to my home an iam still in sleeping position i dint know what happened they lie down to my bed an left it.

  • #491

    satya (Tuesday, 06 December 2016 12:48)

    brother in law to wife 13
    i was sitting infront of dressing table and i saw me infront of mirror the dress was good and its perfectlt suit me but not at breast part and i ask my mother about it she said i measured when u r in hospital then two daysback i went to alteration to tailor with your wife choli and lehanga i am thinking how to try with u but today by god grace this function came and see which ear rings u want i am silent and my mom selected and keep it but it was pain and she keep facepoder and eye lash and nailpolsh and tied my hair into single plait and she kept sindhoor on my head and keep bangles on two hands and said to get up get up but the dress was very heavy to carry and i am slowly walking because lehanga up to floor and it inconvience and she gave me highheels to wear i wear it and ifelt on sofanear it is difficult to walk and after 10 mins mom came with wearing saree and we went to functionit is on terrace wewent i shock no male was there its ladies function all ladies was there aunty invited us and saw me in halfsaree and said ur lookng good when ur marryng she asked kept silent my mother went near to stage i am sitting alone in chair and my mom call me and aunty keep sindoor on my head and gave me blouse piece and one fruit and she said t keep turmeric paste on my daughter face i dont no how to do by seeng all ladies how they did i follow and mom order me to sit on one chair there so many girls arethere who not married and talkng about girls stuff about dresses boys one girl said only salwasr was free than wearing saree and halfsaree i am lstening simply andthen i thought when i was boy i wear drawer shirt and pant now bra panty petticoat hol lehanga halfsaree and cosmetics jewelery all theese thats why i thought girls will take so much time to come and it was completed my mom and me came to home and i removed my all the jewelery and i remove halfsaree and i ask mom to remove hooks of blouse she removed it and i remove lehanga and i wasn petticoat thought petticoat was very free towear when went to washroom wearng jeans i have to remove it to down and i sit to pee and wear it agan but with petticoat was free to wear and removed bra then i feel very free like my breasts are comng out from jail and then ask momi wont wear bra while i am sleeping she said ok later wear nighty only without panty and my mom ordered me to wear peeticoat inside if u wear it ur back was not visble t others and then feel every day to wear petticoat and skirts are also smilar to thatmom said i dont want and i went to sleep next day wake up and went to hall i am n nighty and ishocked to see there my mother n law

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    Srs (Tuesday, 06 December 2016 23:39)

    Satya nice story pleaseeee Continue

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    vasantha (Wednesday, 07 December 2016 10:24)

    Srs & Sathya your very nice continue your story i am wait for your story pls pls pls continue

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    satya (Wednesday, 07 December 2016 11:07)

    brother in law to wife 14
    i was go and sit infront of her and i saw she bought a big suitcase with her and i was silent and she asked me how r u and
    and she said i lost my daughter and daughter in law i love to have girls in house but now not there and i am feelng alone

    and vikram went to usa again and his daughter is in his mil house today my dil brthday and next week my daughter birthday
    i dont have both of them so i bought all the dresses of my vikrams wife to here so can see the my daughter and daughter

    in law in you because u r only girl in both families what was there for them was totally belong to you and i bought the

    saree to my dil last year to gift to her birthday but now she is not there so please were this and we will g temple and

    later evenng we will go for shopping for buy birthday dress 2 you means your wife birthday in next month i will buy now

    and please were and come i can understand ur a boy once now u became like girl and once think what u will do now ur not

    going anywhere ur in home and ur not working and u cant sit in home through out your life please think it and change your

    mind and wear it ur lucky everry girl wants gold nice dresses sarees ur having two girls items with u wear and enjoy like

    a girl and turn into woman live lfe happly and ofcourse u can marry also but u cant concieve child if u dont mind marry

    vikram and be mother to his daughter i am not forcing u once think it he will come after two months till there ur havng

    tme think and vikram dont no about ur issue and please were it come i listned her silently and my momalso beside me and i

    went to my room and cried and mom came and consolme and said once think how she will cry when she lost her d and dil and i

    convnced today and i went to take bath and came out i wear towel tied up to breast level and came out and mom and milwas

    there mom give me bra i remved toveland wear it later pettioat i wear it from top she give me blouse and said ucan wear

    try its front hooks only and i take with hand and wear it like shirt and hooks came at front i keep first hook and keep

    second one while keepng it is becomng tight and keepall and last hook two threads are there my mom said to keep to second

    one so it was fit and breasts are pointng towards blouse i wear blouse and petticoat came mom give me saree dont no how

    to wear and mom ties one round and take the pallu frommy rght shoulder and keep at left later he take pleats and tuck into

    my petticoat and adjust the saree towards the breast area and pnned to my blouse of left shoulder and it takes 5 mns to

    finish saree later mom said to keep your hair loose only and wear chan and necklace bangels now i am ready got irrtaton

    wearing saree due to my mil only today willwear i said to my mom . and we will go to temple now and first time i am going

    to out in girls attire before iwear halfsaree and went to terrace for function now i am going out to face worldas a girl

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    satya (Wednesday, 07 December 2016 11:16)

    brother in law to wife 15
    i went down then i saw my wifes scooty here my mil said it is for u and ur bike has sold by ur mom and iam unable to walk

    in saree it was heavy and cant walk fast and mil book cab we get into it we driver was seeng me differently and i saw in

    mirror that bra staple was visible and so i covered with blouse blouse was fit but some looseness n sholder part that

    blouse belongs t vikrams wife thats why we reached temple i get out and went inside before iwill go to temple to see girls

    because they look good in tradtional wear now i am wearng saree and went inside we stepped to ladies line and one side of
    of blouse awhere saree was not covered was visible guy are seeing me mom said to cover your saree properly and we went

    near to god and priest blessed me long live lke a wife and havng good husband get shock listening like that and momkeep

    kumkum on my forhead and given some flowers she kept it to her only because mne looase harir and mil came and hugged me

    and said god by grace give me an daughter like u and we sat in one side of temple and eating prasad then i thought hw

    girls will feel wearng a saree and with so many nsiade and live full day got iritation and think when u will go home and

    change into normal clothesthen me momand mil went to home changed into nighty and ate food later in evenng shopping for

    me we are ready i am n jeans and tshrt my mil saw me and get some angry she didnt show that to me because according to mil

    girls must wear saree salwar ghagra chol etc but not jeans she say slwly satya go and change into salwar and come because

    ts not good all gents will see u it wll be not good to u she said my momcall me and said to remove i removed and i amn

    pantybra and camsole and she give me salwar top i am wearing first time she taught me how to wear after t was good and

    free later pant wear it and dont have jip and button like petticaot it has thred whe have tot te it and it was free and

    again mom gave me duppata to wear and mom show me how towear and adjust it and i came out and milsaid ur looking nice

    salwar is nice but handling the chunni was difficult beacuse it was fallng every time we went ladies mall and we went to

    sarees section theys show me so many ml asked what u like am silent and packed 3 and went to salwasr sectonand selected

    few and went again to innersecton and they choose padedbras and for mathing petticoat they ask size to me dont no my

    momsaid sndhu size and taken matching petticoat to my sarees and directly went to tailor shop for gving blouse sttches and

    tailor is male and mom asked to take blouse measurements and he came and taking first ask me whch type front or back said

    front and show me some designs and select one said mom ur wish and he checked my hand lenght then came to me said hands

    upamd measure breast wth tape up to npple and while he touching my parts some sensaton has passed n me later the breasr

    low part totallength he measured all sad wll give with in four days thank god today its completed today and mil went to
    herhome me and mom went to our home i dont no what was hapening to me day by day my behavour was changing can notice in

    some maters like costumes and cryng for simple reaons and when i am seeing handsome boy some feelngs comning and my

    behaviour as a girls hiding parts and seeing my mom nude while changng dress iswa her breast some what big and one time i

    think when i will get that bigger size lke her like theese changes can notice by me and reaching hme changed into nighty

    and petticoat went for sleep and watching laptop while browsng internet i swa some bluefilms whlile seeing those i am

    getting mood means my breast getfell hard and my nipples are erecting when i was boy i will rub my penis with hand but

    dont have now what i hae to do what girls will do when they get mood i thought in my mind rub my breast in hand and went

    to sleep.

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    anu (Wednesday, 07 December 2016 11:27)

    Sathya and SRS good story super pls continue

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    anu (Wednesday, 07 December 2016 11:29)

    Akka suppper pls pls pls continue story

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    shemalesana (Wednesday, 07 December 2016 21:48)

    The two stories which I wrote is successful for the time being. It has reached around 7k+ visitors in the last two weeks. I thank the readers for their support and would request them to continue the same and take part in polls to encourage me in writing a better story.

    A Crossdresser's Diary
    It is a story about a teenage boy being forced to crossdress as he tries to help his sister. A series of circumstance one lead to the another and teen finds himself in feminine lifestyle. Soon he starts to love his life as a women and ends up being a mother of two.

    Witness Protection Program
    A teenage boy is forced to crossdress as a part of witness protection program when he becomes and eye witness to a murder. Further he is made infiltrate in the organization as a women were his feminization is continued beyond recovery.

    They are found in the link

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    Srs (Thursday, 08 December 2016 00:04)

    Sathya please continue

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    anu (Thursday, 08 December 2016 07:51)

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    priya (Thursday, 08 December 2016 08:15)

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    Srs (Thursday, 08 December 2016 10:20)

    I will please wait, sathya story is well going on please continue satya

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    satya (Friday, 09 December 2016 12:41)

    brother in law to wife 15
    next day morning i wake up and take bath and i came out and sat n bed wearing nighty and thinking that day bay day my thoughts are changing while any girl having big breasts i thought why i am not having like that and i also started doing some household works and i am seeing the boys having nice physic i am getting some feelings and i went out to take breakfast moom served me and said be ready nwe r going to hospital for checkup went toroom and wear jeans and tshirt and went out mom said to wear salwar and come it will be free to u so i go back and take one salwar wear top and pant and front it was vshape and curve ts looking like a girls exposing from salwar like looking so take the chunni and keep like v shape and mom came to me and pinned the chunni to sholder such that it will not fall and we went down amd mom gave me a scoty key and said me to drive take it and mom sat on back and went to hspital and doctor asked me how r u and she give some tests to perform on me to nurse and nurse ask me to come i followed nurse and went to room and she take some blood and checked and asked me to strip all clothes and to lie on bed and i got shy she saw that dont worry i am also a girl a i removed and lie on bed and she came with one thing and inserted into vagina she is moiving that two and fro into my vagina i am getting pain and moaning like a girl while she was fuckng by some one like i am moaning and she came to top and pressed my breasts and i am getting some feeling she noticed it and said wear alldress and went to doctor room and i went there and doctor said u r completly physically mentally u r a girl now u can give sexual pleasure to ur husband and u cant concieve a child and u r certificates are ready with name satya and gender as female u can collect it from recepton u can go for job or study or marrage what ever u can decide be a girl and enjoy life like a girl and me and mom went to house and i got a letter from office that u have to come and join in office with in two months otherwise u will lost job said to mom and she said two months is there no problem later u can think and went to my room.

  • #504

    satya (Friday, 09 December 2016 13:08)

    brother in law to wife 16
    days are going and i am in home not going any where the blouses and petticoats from tailor came to home mom orderd me to try those and show me and i wear pettcoat the size is k and later i take the blouseand i keepall hooks and show to mom and shecheked every thing and ask me any correction u want i didnt say anythng and went to see me n mirror wearng blouse and petticoat and i am looking like a girl exposing there body without wearing saree and mom said that tommorow the ladies festival u have to wake up early and take headbath and wear saree and u have to do puja and she said tomorrow onwards u have to wear saree halfsaree and nighty salwar and leggings with tops and tops must be upto the leg knee length and tomorrom from now u must not wear jeans and tshirts and i throw them all out and i fill all your cupboard with bras panties different types of sarees for diffrent occassions and salwars and jeweleries and u have to cover your breast means top with chunni and learn how girls will behave and momsaid to wear saree and learn how wear i willshow u then mom draped me saree and show me how to make pleats and how to adjust at breast side and and after 20 tries i came to learn how to wear a saree and i ask moom saree is too heavy cant wear every time thats why i bought to u tops and leggings tops are like ur tshirt but up to knee length and legging is like a pant only but suits to your body so i removed saree and wear it ts looking good and feeling free and mom went out and i am thinking how to manage from tomorrow and went for sleep next day mornng i wake take bath and wear saree and go to mom she saw me keep kiss on my forehead and after completng pooja and mom said today we r going to hotel to out and booked table alsoand now i am going out for some work and i will come t hotel and u come directly and table no is 21 and come in saree only i said ok evening came and i wear another saree and take my bike and going and while wearng saree i was driving and reached hotel and sat on table and waiting for mom and after some time vikram came there and sat infront of me and i got shocked

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    Nice satya please go ahead, nandan where ru please continue ur story pleaseeee

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    update the story fast and if possible send u r FB or MAIL ID PLZ

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    can u read the stories in
    there also having many authors like us. but they doing it right way, like that we follow this blog also.
    i finally found the web link like to share.

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    @kausalyas7 (Monday, 12 December 2016 07:15)

    Fictionmania is the best in the business right now along with bigclostre happy to find a person who reads at fictionmania

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    Manish (Wednesday, 14 December 2016 00:22)

    Part -1 of being Manish to Manisha.

    Hi every one my name is Manish.
    I'm from Hyderabad , I started to crossdress when I was 10. I was a complete closet crossdresser and use to wear my mother clothes whenever I use to get a chance to wear them. I was always excited looking at different colors and shades of feminine clothes and feminine ornaments. I started to crossdress with bra and panties.
    One day, in the afternoon around 2pm when I was 16 and there was nobody at home and I had decided to crossdress and wear my mothers clothes.i had pick up a white bra and a cotton maroon panties with a light green churidhar & kameez and a pearl necklace with matching ear rings. These ear rings were stick on ear rings. Due to excitement and in hurry i forgot to lock my house door. I went to my room with all the clothes and started to undress my self. First i wore the maroon panty, it was so soft, then I wore the bra and filled it with thermocol balls, but the fitting was too tight and was giving me a feeling of actual breast. Then I wore the green kameez, it was a bit heavy as it had multi-coloured stones and jewels on it and the feel was so feminine for me. After wearing the kameez and adjusting it properly, I picked up the churidaar and wore it. Ohh the feeling was just too amazing, I just cant tell you how i felt after wearing it. The tightness and the firmness around the thigh and the entire leg, it was too good, then I grabbed the dupatta. After I wore everything and having a look at my legs I was getting a bit annoyed and was wanting to wear payals. Then I wore the earings and necklace. It was so beautiful when I looked at my self in the mirror. The light green kameez & churidhar was simply suiting my skin tone. I felt something missing on my face, so I ran towards my mothers room and opened her dressing and removed a big and round red coloured bindi and stick it to my head and when I looked into the mirror, I was feeling complete woman. I was posing in front of the mirror and enjoying myself being a woman. All of a sudden, the door bell rang and I started panicking, I thought it was my mother and she could enter using a key and i realized that I didn't lock the house door . I quickly undressed my self and got back to my men's attire kept back all the clothes and jewelry. I immediately ran to open the door, when I opened the door , it was our servant babu, he is of 18 years of age, dark and tall with a slim body. Babu was looking at me with his eyes wide open, he was silent and entered our house. I was not able to understand his reaction, I went to my room and when I passed the mirror I was shocked to see the big round red colored bindi on my head. I felt so embarrassed and frustrated that I couldn't control my emotions and just banged my bedroom door and Locked it. I sat on the bed with my head down and thinking about babu and what he must be thinking about me. Just after a couple of minutes, I heard a knock on the door and I knew it was babu, I was getting the worst feeling of facing him. I immediately removed the bindi and threw it and went towards the door to open it.
    End of part- 1

    Pls comment

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    ash (Wednesday, 14 December 2016 04:32)

    can you suggest some stories to read on fictionmania

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    sanjana (Wednesday, 14 December 2016 06:22)
    Serendipity: the life of Riya
    it is amazing story and has indian theme. you will love it

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    AAAAA (Wednesday, 14 December 2016 15:16)

    The Actor
    AJAY was a 26yr old struggling actor who was searching for work.
    Its been 4 years since he got a role in any movie. He was frustrated
    One day he got a call from RANI a film director.
    She offered him a 2 film contract . He was so happy with the offer that
    he accepted the offer and signed the contract immediately without even reading a single word

  • #515

    AAAAA (Wednesday, 14 December 2016 15:33)

    Later the movie preparation and casting started
    Director RANI introduced everyone
    AJAY was HERO
    GEETA was 1st HEROINE. She was around 27yrs but hot 34-24-38
    IN MOVIE She was AJAY`S widowed bhabhi
    PRIYA was 2nd HEROINE. She was young 22yrs , sexy hot 32-24-36
    IN MOVIE She was maid servant working
    AJAY was believing that film revolves around him
    HE was also happy to have 2 heroines

    Later Director RANI was explaining everyone concept.
    After listening to the story the girls burst into laughter while AJAY was shocked when he came to know that there were many crossdressing scenes of him.
    She told him that it was written in the contract.
    He requested that he could not do that but she told him that the entire movie concept revolved on his crossdressing and if he refuse to do this film then action could be taken on him.
    AJAY had no other option left. So he agreed

  • #516

    AAAAA (Wednesday, 14 December 2016 16:55)

    After few days the shooting started.
    In the movie RAJU {Ajay} was living along with his widowed bhabhi in a big house.
    His brother and parents died recently in accident.
    His bhabhi was working in a nearby shopping mall as a MANAGER

    RAJU was arrogant and stubborn in nature and never did any work.
    He used to simply stay in house.
    He always used to shout for smallest work in house on maid servant {PRIYA}
    His bhabhi {GEETA} had told him several times to be courteous but he does`nt care.
    Eventhough he was arrogant and proud he had a secret fetish for his bhabhi`s sarees.
    He used to dress in those sarees secretly usually in the evening time after the maid left.
    Daily he would dress for 2 to 3 hrs as his bhabhi usually returned by 8 o clock.
    One day he dressed in his favorite pink saree when he heard the door bell.
    The maid servant {PRIYA} had returned because she forgot something in the house.
    RAJU had to change back into his pant shirt. After changing he went and opened the door and started shouting on maid that she had disturbed him.
    The maid servant {PRIYA} asked casually what was he busy in.
    For that question RAJU became angry and slapped her very hard
    By the time bhabhi had returned and she saw RAJU slapping the maid servant {PRIYA}
    Bhabhi tried to intervene. She told RAJU that he should not have slapped the maid servant.
    RAJU shouted even on his bhabhi and left. She had to console the poor maid girl who was crying
    Then one week later RAJU had dressed as usual in his favorite pink saree in the evening when no one was around but he had forgotten to bolt the main door.
    On that day his bhabhi came to home early in the evening to get house ready for the next week festival. She had requested the maid servant also to come in the evening.
    They entered the house as it was not bolted. On going to his room both his bhabhi and maid servant were shocked on seeing RAJU as he was dressed in pink saree.
    They both slapped him very hard saying that this was the reason he always bolted the house and stayed at home.
    They both slapped him till he started crying.
    Then they removed his saree took him to the bathroom
    They applyed hair removing cream all over RAJU`s body.
    Then they wore him a pink half saree. They also did his make up.
    They applied lipstick, kajal, nail polish, dangling ear-rings, big nose ring and a waist band also.
    Half a dozen bangles were put on his each hand. Finally a wig was put on his head.
    Now he was looking exactly like a girl.
    They were laughing at him. He was feeling very embarrassed.

    This was the end of first schedule of the shoot
    Raju {AJAY} was feeling very awkward while doing these scenes while the 2 heroines were enjoying each and every moment of his feminisation

    The film director Rani then gave 1 month break time before next shoot and she told hero Ajay to spend his total time in female dress and make up and learn to wear different female dresses like sarees, half sarees, ghagra cholis, middis, skirts as the entire next sequence of the film he had to be crossdressed and he would never be wearing pant not even a salwar kammez which is pant like again for the entire movie.
    The film director Rani also gave him a summary of the second part of shoot in which AJAY would be turned into a obedient housewife{maid}. Sometimes he would also be doing tasks set up by his bhabhi and housemaid in sexy outfits like short skirts, french maid costume.

    Along with that there would be 4 songs in which he has to dress sexily and expose his midriff navel and to add for sex appeal she told AJAY to get a navel ring inserted to his belly

    The film director Rani told both the heroines GEETA and PRIYA to rehearse themselves for humilating and teasing AJAY


  • #517

    AAAAA (Wednesday, 14 December 2016 18:17)


    After 15 days break Director RANI called the Hero AJAY along with both the heroines GEETA and PRIYA to shoot location. She told Hero AJAY to come getting up dressed in half saree with full makeup. This was mainly to inspect whether AJAY had learned Female mannerisms.
    He came dressed in a blue blouse and pink lehenga with matching pink voni.
    The voni was totally covering his midriff without exposing navel.
    He had put up light makeup normal ear rings and a wig without any bangles or anklets.

    The Director RANI told him that his makeup could have been better .
    The Director RANI instructed the makeup women in the shoot to redo the makeup and place dangling ear rings, add half a dozen bangles on each hand add anklets to his feet and also put jasmine flowers on his wig.
    She also told the makeup women to readjust voni of his half saree in a way to expose his midrift navel

    AJAY was terrified on listening to director RANI`s words but he had to comply.

    AJAY was taken to makeup room where the makeup woman redid the makeup, replaced his simple earrings with dangling ear rings that come to his shoulder. She also added half a dozen bangles on each hand add anklets to his feet and also put jasmine flowers on his wig. Now even slightest movement of AJAY made sound.
    The makeup women readjusted voni of his half saree and pinned it in a way that his midrift navel was clearly exposed.

    Now on seeing AJAY both the heroines GEETA and PRIYA were giggling while The Director RANI was pleased with his look.

    THEN The Director RANI announced a cricket match for that day.

    AJAY was happy that now he could remove his female avatar but to his shock the director told that the match would be played with guys in female dress {saree} and girls in boys dress

    The girls team would be lead by HEROINE GEETA which included the film crew girls present
    The guys team would be lead by HERO AJAY which included the film crew guys present .
    The Director RANI would act as an umpire.

    The Girls team got ready in matching YELLOW T shirt and Track Pant while the
    Guys team had to wear matching Violet Sarees with makeup and high heels.

    As it was a cricket match several other by passers also came to see match

    The guys thought that they would easily win the match.

    The toss was won by Girls Team Captain GEETA and she elected to BAT first.

    The 1st over would be bowled by HERO AJAY while batting would be by both the heroines

    GEETA and PRIYA got ready at the crease with GEETA taking the strike.

    Before taking the strike both heroines GEETA and PRIYA teased AJAY by pinching his navel which was partly exposed in the saree and told him to be careful with the pallu of his saree.

    AJAY started to bowl but he slipped several times due to high heels. He also faced difficulty in adjusting pallu of his Saree. The pallu of his saree was slipping and he had difficulty in adjusting it while bowling. Eachtime the pallu of his saree falls his midriff navel would be exposed which resulted in the crowd to hoot and whistle.

    Due to this he could not bowl with intensity and all his balls were hit for 4 and 6 by Geeta.

    The next over was bowled by other film crew guy, but he to faced same trouble of slipping in high heels and in adjusting pallu of his Saree and hence even all his balls were hit for 4 and 6 by PRIYA.

    BY the end of 10 overs the girls team scored 120/4.

    It was breaktime.

    The girls team were cheering.
    The guys team thought that the total was big but could be chaseable.

    THE Guys Team batting started.

    The 1st over would be bowled by HEROINE PRIYA.
    HERO AJAY came to batting. He was adjusting the pallu of his violet saree before taking strike


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    Srs (Wednesday, 14 December 2016 18:56)

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    AAAAA (Wednesday, 14 December 2016 19:36)

    This is my 1st story. I want reviews and also suggestions from best writers like srs, sharmila devi, ex q zit, priya, kajal, sneha and all the rest who are following this blog

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    Manish (Wednesday, 14 December 2016 20:32)

    Part -2 of being Manish to Manisha.

    The moment I opened the door, I saw babu anxiously waiting to see me after I open the door. I was so disinterested an was avoiding an eye contact with him. He told me that he needed to clean my room. I replied ok and went to take my phone and was leaving my room. Babu was adjusting my bed sheet and he picked that red bindi that I threw on the floor. Looking at that again my eyes were wide open and embarrassed. He picked it and threw it in the bin and didnt utter a word. I left the room immediately. There was no conversation that was taking place between us. After he finished the work, I decided to change my clothes and leave for gym. I was already in shorts and just need to change my t-shirt. While changing babu entered my room and was constantly look at my upper body. When I got to this notice and saw myself in the mirror, I was stunned to see the impression of the bra on my chest area. I was speechless and my throat was dry, I couldn't spk a word nor I could react as babu was still in the room. Looking at my state babu told me bhaiya, you were looking very funny in the red bindi but when I saw the impression on your upper body, a sudden current passed through my body and I imagined you in female clothes with you wearing ornaments and bindi. I was getting nervous and started to sweat. He told me bhaiya i know you wear women's clothes, can you please wear them once in front of me. Listening to this I was so happy and excited but didnt express it to him. All of a sudden he held my palm and was trying to seduce me by touching my skin smoothly and softly so that I get convinced to wear the clothes. I was enjoying this and I nodded and said a yes. Listening to this he hugged me and what an amazing feeling I was getting a feeling as if a man has held me in his arms and its a dream for every women to be in his man's arms. It was the first time I was in any man's arms. 2 mins passed and he slightly kissed me on my neck and then winked at me saying you apply women's talc na bhaiya, I was amazed at his observation as I actually use female talc cause if its essence. I nodded a yes and was shy.i told him that I'll let you know when I can plan to dress up for him, he was very excited and told me that he is waiting.
    End of part-2

  • #521

    Manish (Wednesday, 14 December 2016 20:34)

    Part-3 of being Manish to Manisha.

    After about 4 to 5 day's, my mother informed me that she is going out of town day after for office picnic and she will be staying there for 2 days and I was super excited but made sure to control my emotions. I purposely asked her how will I stay alone as dad is in the navy. She said don't worry I will inform babu tomm to stay with you . When I heard this I was on cloud nine. I was eagerly waiting for day after. The next day when babu came to work my mother informed him that he had to stay at our place for 2 days till she returns and thn she left for office. He respectfully accepted to what my mother said and agreed. I was so excited that I wanted to dress up immediately, but to my luck the maid had come late and was still working. The next day, my mother was suppose to leave at 7 in the morning , I came till the veranda to leave my mom till the cab arrived. I went inside and I was all alone. I shaved and took a bath and was ready by 11 after completing my college assignment. I knew that babu would come around 3. So after my maid left completing her work, I decided to get ready. I went to my mothers room and opened her wardrobe. Removed a nice dark blue coloured anarkali with matching churidhar . The anarkali had golden work on it and also on the sleeves. I also took my mothers mustard yellow floral panty with a nice brown coloured laced bra. I changed to my inners and used thermocol balls, I then decided that I'll do the make up first. As to be comfortable to apply makeup, I grabbed one of my mom's nighty. I sat down at the dressers and started applying make up . I also applied eye makeup of a shade between mint blue or turquoise blue.
    I applied a bright pink lipstick as I wanted it to be attractive and seductive. I then removed my nighty and wore the anarkali and churidar. The golden work on it was so blingy and shiny, as my mom made this for a relatives wedding and hardly used it. After completely dressed with make up, I went to my mothers dresser and wore a nice crystal necklace with matching long ear rings. My mother wears clip on's, so for me it's awesome, to wear them.
    I also applied my moms perfume and it smelled very sweet and fruity. And was loving it . I found a long blue coloured zig zag bindi and applied it on my head. I also applied an artificial tattoo sticker on my palm and it was pink in colour and blingy. I wore my moms artificial gold bangles, 4 in each hand and was enjoying the sound. I was watching tv with bollywood songs and admiring the women dancing in it.
    I was all ready and was awaiting for babu.

    End of part-3.

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    thank sanjana it was nice story

    loved reading it

    any other suggestions to read story from anyone

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    its a great story

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    Pls continue your story!

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    AAAAA (Thursday, 15 December 2016 13:13)

    THE NEXT PART {CONTINUED FROM #517} {EARLIER PARTS #514,515,516,517}

    HERO AJAY was preparing to bat while HEROINE PRIYA was getting ready to bowl.
    When HERO AJAY was about to take strike he was teased and his navel was pinched by PRIYA.
    HERO AJAY was taken by surprise and he jumped when his navel was pinched. This resulted in everyone present there to laugh.
    This incensed AJAY and he started arguing with Priya.
    This resulted in PRIYA to challenge AJAY to first win the match before arguing.
    AJAY was taken aback and his male ego was hurt.
    He challenged her that if he won the match then he would pinch her navel and also spin a top on her navel.
    PRIYA said she was ready for the challenge and to increase the stakes she added that if she lost, not only AJAY his entire team could pinch her navel and spin a top on her navel, but if he lost HE would have to undergo same punishment in the hands of GIRLS team.
    HE accepted and the match resumed.
    HERO AJAY started batting confidently. But he was not getting necessary support from his other batsmen.
    After finishing 5 overs {half of the 10 match game}, the BOYS team score was 70/8.
    HERO AJAY alone scored 60 and was still batting while almost the entire team could only score only 10 runs.
    In the next over bowled by GEETA both the remaining batsmen were out
    HERO AJAY despite of his best effort could not prevent loosing.
    As soon as the last wicket fell the GIRLS started celebrating and both the HEROINES GEETA AND PRIYA ran towards HERO AJAY.
    HEROINES PRIYA started pulling the PALLU of his VIOLET SAREE. He was trying to resist her pull.
    But as all the girls team came surrounding him he was unable to resist her pull and the VIOLET SAREE he was wearing was pulled out.
    Now he tried to cover his VIOLET COLOURED HALF SLEEVED JACKET with his hands and was feeling embarassed as all the girls were pressing and pinching his BELLY, WAIST, NAVEL.
    Then they made him lie down on seat of a bike which was parked there.
    He was feeling embarrassed as he was lying with a half sleeve violet blouse and matching violet lehenga, and exposing his midriff {navel}
    All girls were surrounding him and teasing him. They held both his hands and legs tightly.
    HEROINE PRIYA came with a top smiling.
    She spinned the top on the centre of HERO AJAY`s navel.
    HERO AJAY started feeling tingling sensation due to the top spinning and wanted to move but he could not move as his hands and legs were held tightly by the GIRLS.
    All the girls took turns in spinning top on navel of AJAY while a few Girls were taking pics and video of top spinning on AJAY`s navel.
    HERO AJAY was embarassed but he could not say anything.
    When all the girls finished spinning top on AJAY`s navel he was allowed to getup from bike.
    HEROINE PRIYA returned his VIOLET SAREE and told him to never argue with a girl and that too just because a girl pinched his navel.
    HERO AJAY was embarassed and he could not even look into any girl present there.
    He just wore his VIOLET SAREE and went to his home.

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    AAAAA (Thursday, 15 December 2016 16:14)

    Later it was time for next part of movie. Director RANI began the shoot.
    The earlier part ended with the BOY RAJU {HERO AJAY} being dressed in a pink half saree by his BHABHI {HEROINE GEETA} and his Maid {HEROINE PRIYA}.
    Now the boy RAJU was told by his Bhabhi {GEETA} that he would always have to dress in girls clothes. never even dream of wearing a Pant or Slack or even Salwar Kameez as it was pant like.
    First he would be a maid servant who would have to dress in FROCKS and SKIRTS till his FRENCH MAID UNIFORM arrived. Later he would not be allowed any other dress other than his FRENCH MAID UNIFORM
    He had to learn to do all house hold chores from his MAID SERVANT {HEROINE PRIYA} and also he had to always speak to her courteously and address her as Madam.
    The next morning he was woken up early at 6 o Clock by PRIYA. He was given a Yellow colour FROCK to wear.
    The FROCK had many flowers designed on it.
    THE BOY RAJU wore that FROCK and it was very tight and its lower part came till his KNEES . He was feeling uncomfortable and told PRIYA that it should have been a bigger size.
    PRIYA told him that it was his size and he should learn to adjust in that.
    Then PRIYA applied makeup on him. She applied KAJAL, LIPSTICK, BINDI.
    Even a wig was placed on his head and he was told to wear a wig till his hair grows fully like a girl
    Then the BOY RAJU was taken to kitchen and PRIYA taught him cooking.
    Then at 9oclock PRIYA told RAJU to wake his bhabhi and serve her tea.
    RAJU woke up his bhabhi and served her tea. His BHABHI got up saw Raju in YELLOW FROCK and was happy with his transformation.
    His BHABHI then went to PRIYA and told her to make him learn each and every household duty and also to keep her authority on him by giving him punishments.
    RAJU started learning to do household chores. He had to wash clothes, iron them, cook for his bhabhi and maid, serve his bhabhi tea in the morning and also evening when she returns from office.
    Whenever RAJU did not do any chore properly, PRIYA used to punish him by making him murga or kneeling down for an hour. RAJU`S BHABHI {GEETA} was more severe in punishments and he would get hard spanking on his bare back.
    Initially for the 1st WEEK he had to dress in different colors of frocks and skirts like pink, violet, yellow.
    After the 1st week his BHABHI {GEETA} brought RED FRENCH MAID COSTUME. He had to wear that.
    Initially he had to wear RED BRA AND PANTIES, then the FRENCH MAID COSTUME
    which consisted of a RED top and a short, short RED skirt with white ruffles that came down to his thighs. The top clung, but the costume was made in such a way as to hide the fact that he had no feminine waist, and the padded bra made RAJU look as if he actually had tits.
    He was feeling shy and awkward. But his BHABHI told him he had to dress only in this dress and never touch any other dress and if he wore any other dress he would be punished severely.

    RAJU was terrified but he had no choice.
    From then on , He started to do all house hold chores in his FRENCH MAID COSTUME under guidance of PRIYA.
    Eventhough PRIYA was initially dominant on RAJU she started loving RAJU. So 1 day PRIYA proposed him.
    RAJU though did not love PRIYA but he thought that if he pretended to be in love with PRIYA he could escape from this thight FRENCH MAID dress. So he accepted her proposal.
    Then one day PRIYA told his BHABHI {GEETA} about their love. His BHABHI accepted and told PRIYA that she was like her sister and she would never say no.
    His BHABHI {GEETA} then called both RAJU AND PRIYA to her side and she told RAJU she accepted for his marriage with PRIYA & She liked the way RAJU transformed from being arrogant GUY to A sweet maid girl.
    RAJU requested his Bhabhi that after marriage he be permitted to wear Pant and Shirt.
    His BHABHI {GEETA} refused and told RAJU that even after his marriage he would have to stay like a maid.
    RAJU pleaded with GEETA. Seeing him plead like that PRIYA requested GEETA.
    GEETA agreed on condition that after marriage he would become an obedient wife to his husband PRIYA
    He can wear PANT and SHIRT only once a week on SUNDAY and that too with the permission of his husband PRIYA
    and The remaining days he had to dress in girls clothes and instead of wearing maid dress he can dress himself beautifully in Sarees, Half Sarees, Salwar Kameez like a perfect and obedient BRIDE to please his HUSBAND PRIYA
    RAJU accepted and thought that once he wears a male dress PANT AND SHIRT he could run away from this place and start living life of a man.

  • #527

    AAAAA (Thursday, 15 December 2016 16:15)

    The marriage arrangements of RAJU and PRIYA took place in the same house
    A beautician women was called to ready RAJU
    It took almost half an hour for beautician women to complete RAJU`S facial make up. The effect was astounding.
    RAJU just could not believe his eyes shaped and lined with an eyeliner. The Pink lipstick looked wonderful. After the facial make up the beautician started working on his nails. She painted his nails with PINK NAIL POLISH. After the makeup RAJU had to wear the sari. The bra and panty came first followed by a tight small pink blouse and petticoat. The beautician fastened the hooks of the bra. The straps of the bra digging into his shoulder and the weight filled in those cups gave RAJU a feeling that He was having tits.
    The pink blouse which was a low cut blouse and it revealed RAJU`S cleavage gave it more lovelier look.
    At last it was the sari. It was also a Pink Floral Saree with the flowers in white and blue.
    THE BEAUTICIAN then helped RAJU in wearing long hanging ear-rings, a nose ring, bangles and anklets
    PRIYA got dressed in PLAIN WHITE PANT AND SHIRT that a man wears for marriage
    At the Muhurat time PRIYA tied MANGALSUTRA TO RAJU.
    He took her blessing and vowed to obey her for the rest of his life.
    Then both RAJU AND PRIYA took the blessing of their BHABHI GEETA.
    Then it was time for SUHAGRAAT.
    RAJU entered the bedroom with a glass of milk in the same wedding pink saree in which PRIYA was waiting.
    PRIYA drank half of the milk and she offerd RAJU the rest
    RAJU refused saying he was not yet fully ready for suhagraat and needed sometime
    PRIYA accepted as she was madly in love with RAJU.
    The next week their BHABHI GEETA had planned a honey moon trip for RAJU and GEETA in GOA.
    They left happily.
    With this DIRECTOR RANI ended the second part of the film shoot.
    SHE told that next part of film would be shot in GOA.
    HERO AJAY told DIRECTOR RANI that he was uncomfortable dressed in skimpy frocks, french maid costume. But both HEROINES GEETA AND PRIYA told him he looked great and where teasing him.
    DIRECTOR RANI assured him that in the next part he would have to dress only in revealing sarees
    and except for few duets in goa he need not wear any tight skirts. HERO AJAY felt a bit relieved but both HEROINES GEETA AND PRIYA were constantly giggling and making fun of him.

  • #528

    AAAAA (Thursday, 15 December 2016 17:39)


    In Kullu Manalli RAJU {HERO AJAY} told PRIYA that he would get dressed in PANT and SHIRT DURING THE HONEYMOON .
    PRIYA refused saying that all the reservations done by his BHABHI GEETA in GOA have been done in name of him being a girl RAJI and herself as guy PRIYAN.
    RAJU was upset.
    On the 1st day morning they had a trip to BEACH. RAJU refused but on PRIYA`S persistence he accepted to come.
    PRIYA was dressed in BLUE T SHIRT, BLACK JEANS. She wore a sports CAP & GOGGLES.
    RAJU wore a VIOLET sari with RED stripes. In the beach PRIYA pulled RAJU into the water.
    RAJU though reluctant at first he started enjoying in the beach.
    After playing for sometime in beach RAJU went to the shore where he was trying to dry his wet saree
    PRIYA told him that he should have brought with him an extra saree to wear.
    Then they left early to their hotel room.
    On reaching the hotel room RAJU changed into green nighty while PRIYA wore a casual t shirt and shorts
    They ate LUNCH in their room and were extremely tired
    They relaxed till evening. In the evening they had a candle light dinner
    PRIYA told RAJU to get dressed beautifully in marriage saree. RAJU though unhappy agreed
    RAJU dressed in PINK blouse which was a low cut blouse and it was revealing RAJU`S cleavage. he was unhappy but had no other choice
    Then he wore his marriage saree which was Pink Floral Saree with the flowers in white and blue. After applying makeup he was very beautiful.
    They had a memorable dinner and then they returned to hotel.
    On coming to hotel PRIYA sat on a chair while RAJU was sitting on bed and relaxing.
    PRIYA saw RAJU`s partly exposed navel through the PINK FLORAL saree and RAJU`S cleavage through the low cut blouse PRIYA got tempted and she tried pulling RAJU towards her. He refused her pull and told her he was still not ready.
    PRIYA was loving RAJU so much that she left him.

    The next day THEY went to a nearby famous FORT on HILLTOP
    RAJU was dressed in dark GREEN sari with golden border while PRIYA wore BLUE T SHIRT WITH BLACK JEANS
    At the hilltop they were waiting for bus.
    Due to high wind RAJU was having difficulty in adjusting PALLU of his SAREE as everytime wind blows the pallu of his saree moves away exposing his navel. PRIYA saw this and was constantly trying to see his navel and always waiting for wind to blow.
    After adjusting his pallu for 4 times RAJU told PRIYA not to stare at his navel.
    PRIYA initially downplayed saying she was staring at some other thing.
    But after RAJU`S constant prodding she told him that she saw his navel and it was nothing wrong to see his beautiful navel as they both were married.
    RAJU just gave a serious glare to PRIYA. She felt awkward but felt ok
    RAJU got dressed in dark MAROON sari with white border PRIYA wore RED T SHIRT WITH BLACK JEANS
    In the movie theatre RAJU refuses all the advances of PRIYA.
    She became angry but had controlled herself

  • #529

    AAAAA (Thursday, 15 December 2016 17:39)

    They were free and had no reservations for that day.
    PRIYA told They would casually roam along Goa and do some shopping.
    RAJU got dressed in BLACK SAREE with white designer border PRIYA wore BLACK T SHIRT WITH BLUE JEANS
    They had come across a famous tattoo centre in GOA.
    They went inside. PRIYA immediately told the tattoo guy to draw a tattoo of RAJU ON HER HAND
    The tattoo guy drew a picture mimicking RAJU in Saree on her hand
    Then PRIYA told the tattoo guy to draw her picture on RAJU`S hand. RAJU REFUSED and went outside.
    PRIYA became so angry on him that she came out and slapped him very hard. that he started crying.
    She told him that he had exceeded the limit of her patience.
    She could have easily ordered him and even force him to tattoo on any part of his body and even turn him back into maid.
    RAJU felt afraid that if he did not listen he would be turned back into maid. So he agreed to get tattoo done.
    PRIYA was still angry that he refused and told him that initially she thought only hand but now he had to get 3 tattoo`s done. 1 on his belly {navel} and 2 on the back. 1 above the blouse and the other on the back in the waist region between his blouse and lehenga
    RAJU had to agree. He felt pain while tattooing but he remained silent and was tensed as if PRIYA wanted he could be turned back into maid wearing skimpy outfits and restricted to home . Much worse than now. So he thought to ask her apology and also to please PRIYA a little
    Even after getting 3 tattoos done PRIYA was still very angry.
    They went straight to HOTEL.
    In the hotel RAJU fell on PRIYA`S feet and begged her to forgive him. He told that he just needed some time to adjust into sarees and he would definitely BECOME an obedient wife.
    Believing him and the love PRIYA had on RAJU she forgave him.

    On the 5th DAY RAJU & PRIYA again went to beach
    PRIYA wore RED t shirt and normal beach pant

    This time to please PRIYA, RAJU wore a SEE through RED colored SAREE. His BRA was clearly visible beneath the BLOUSE . He looked sexy in the SAREE. He also did extensive makeup.
    Seeing him PRIYA felt very happy.
    They went to the beach. PRIYA pulled RAJU inside the water and they both enjoyed for sometime.
    After sometime they both went to shore and lied down on the shore
    Seeing RAJU wet in see through saree PRIYA was getting more tempted.
    She started pouring sand on RAJU`S navel and started playing with it.
    Even though RAJU did not like it he was just smiling.
    After some time they went behind the rocks in the beach where no one were present.
    PRIYA took a small fish and put it inside the blouse of RAJU
    RAJU was shocked and he tried to remove the fish but he could not since it was moving.
    He was feeling intense tingling sensation & struggling to remove the fish. PRIYA was laughing and enjoying every moment.
    He was forced to remove his blouse. Then only he was able to remove the fish.
    Now he was standing only in his bra in front of PRIYA.
    PRIYA now unable to control herself she kissed him on his lips.
    Initially RAJU was struggling to relieve but later he too started enjoying the kiss
    After the kiss PRIYA was very happy.


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    AAAAA (Thursday, 15 December 2016 17:46)


  • #531

    Srs (Thursday, 15 December 2016 18:45)

    Mind blowing stories AAAA PLEASE continue

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    AAAAA (Thursday, 15 December 2016 19:01)


    PRIYA decided to enjoy this day only in the hotel room
    Since RAJU told he was not ready for suhagraat she would not force him but she had other ideas
    PRIYA brought a body painting set. RAJU was wearing a VIOLET SAREE with white border
    She told RAJU to lie on his back.
    SHE pushed aside the pallu of his saree. Now his navel was exposed. She started drawing different pictures on his navel
    She used to practice one picture with temporary pen on his NAVEL and then erase it
    Finally when she was satisfied with a picture she used a permanent pen.
    She drew a butterfly with different colours on his navel
    Then she told him to turn back and she drew similar pictures on his back in the waist area between blouse and lehenga
    After this PRIYA told RAJU to dance for her in a exotic style{HERE a song would be added}

    ON the last day RAJU & PRIYA went for shopping.
    Priya brought several new designer sarees for RAJU.
    Then they went to night dress section where priya brought several baby doll nighties for RAJU
    PRIYA also brought several high heeled shoes and makeupkits for RAJU
    Finalli in the evening they started their return to home

    The director RANI told that the entire shooting in goa completed except for 3 duet songs.
    THE 1st duet would be placed on 5th day of honeymoon when PRIYA Kissed RAJU
    THE 2nd duet would be an exotic dance done by RAJU which would be placed ON 6th day of honeymoon
    THE 3rd duet would be a rain song which would be placed earlier
    RAJU {HERO AJAY} was terrified on listening about the exotic SONG and the rain song and was constantly teased by PRIYA about it

    The next morning the shooting for the duets began.

    1ST SONG:- DUET The duet song had to begun after a lip lock with PRIYA
    RAJU {HERO AJAY} would be Dressed IN 4 dresses i.e :- pink blouse knee length skirt, yellow frock, green middi, black short skirt with white blouse
    PRIYA would be dressed in BLACK JEANS AND BLUE T SHIRT
    RAJU {HERO AJAY} felt awkward in dancing in skirts and frocks. He was feeling shy especially when PRIYA was touching his waist , chest intimately & when PRIYA was kissing his RED PAINTED LIPS

    2nd song:- EROTIC DANCE SONG
    RAJU {HERO AJAY} would be Dressed IN 3 dresses i.e :- blue blouse and blue lehenga, pink blouse and lehenga, colourful dotted blouse and red bottom. IN all 3 dresses his midriff {navel} was exposed.
    Even his cleavage was exposed as all were low cut blouses

    In this song when he was wearing blue blouse and blue lehenga His navel had to be hit romantically with apple and grapes by PRIYA
    RAJU {HERO AJAY} felt awkward as the scene of hitting his navel was shot many times as director RANI felt his expressions were not upto mark
    After each take PRIYA had to suppress her laughter.
    Finally when shot was done PRIYA broke into laughter

    3rd song:- RAIN SONG
    RAJU {HERO AJAY} would be Dressed IN 3 sarees i.e :- blue, yellow and red.
    The red saree would be a see through transparent saree in which his bra was clearly visible.
    In this song RAJU {HERO AJAY} had to show several expressions and also expose his navel
    DIRECTOR RANI made him redo song many times as she was not satisfied with his expressions.
    After many takes finally the song was completed

    HERO AJAY was feeling relieved
    While HEROINE PRIYA was constantly giggling and told him that his expressions were better than a girl


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    satya (Friday, 16 December 2016 12:49)

    brother in law to wife 17
    vikram came and sit infront of me and i got shocked and stand up for going back and vikram stopped me and said hi and i am vikram whats ur name he asked i got shock she did not recognise me completly and he said i saw u in satyas house that time he sad u forget i said remembered and he said my mom is coming and satya and satya mom are also coming here and i dont no that ur also comng there he said and ur face is same to same as satya only by the by whats ur name he asked i got tension that what to say i said my name is also satya only i said i will go to washrom and i will come in 5mins he said ok i go to washroomand i call to mom and she said she is not coming and she dropped the phone and i thought it was the preplaned by mom and mil and i want to escape from here and him slowly i went to table and he asked what about u and what ru doing now and i said simply living in home and he is seeing my body every where and his eyes are towards my breast and he give the compliment about the saree and said thank you and i said they mom is not coming she had some work i am also having i want to leave now and he said ok i will drop u in house and i sad i am coming by my scootyand can go i said bye and going home by scoty and he fllowed me and being a girl one boy was following me i got embaresed but inside i am happpy i reached home and go to roomremoved saree he said i am looking good in saree i see my self n mirror i am not intrested to remove saree when he said like that but for freeness i removed and wear the nghty i am wearng the salwar kamee of plain type not fashoinable there are different types of salwars are there like patiyala anarkali krapetops like so many i dont no whle i am seeing the adds in telivision i got those names and think i want to try those but i dont no how to buy and select later againg i wear the normal salwar and singly went for shoppng without any one and directly ask the sales girl about those and she checked my size showed them and went to trail and wear those are loking very good and some are very lightweight and heavy weight and stonework and packed the 10 pair and came from mall with bags and waiting for auto vikram was coming with his bike he saw me and stopped and he offered lift i said no but later forcable i sat on bike but not on two sides only sat n single side first time i sat like a lady on one side but it was uncomfortable iwe reached home i get down from bike and go to home mom was seeing me fromthe window and she asked me where u went i said for shopping loose dresses and ask how u came i said by vikram bike

  • #536

    satya (Friday, 16 December 2016 13:40)

    brother in law to wife 18
    mom said me to me go and change the dress and i want to talk to you i said k went to room and changed to nighty and came to halland sit nfront of mom she asked me how i am feeling now i said ok and she asked me how vikram will be i said ok nice guy and she asked me u have to marry vikram next month i got shocked and said no mom asked why i am friend of vikram and we know each other from childhood and bestfriend i am aboy i cant marry him she said ur not boy ur mentally and physically a girl now today u urself only went to mall and buy the girls dresses and came leave it now what r ur future plans tell me what ur going todo simply sitting in home through out ur life see u r girl u cant live singly u must have one partner so marryone men why i am askeing vikram tomarry means because ur mil know about u and u cant conceve child vikram daughter is thereu u can be mom to his daughter and wife and he is ur frend ffrom chldhood he can understand about u and ur problems think one next month vikram daughter is coming to home before her mother must be she is thnking her mom is alive and she dont know how she will be because she is 18months old and so be her mom before coming and vikram dont know about u and we will explain him and he will accept so please u r son n law to ur mother n law and now become daughter in law to her this is the best solution t ur life otherwse lve ur life dont ask me anythng u r seeng outside wthout life partner how girlslife will be and she said think again and to night and say by tomorrow morning and if u agree wear yellow saree and come otherwise ur wish and i went to my room and thinking sleep and i think to enjoy live happy and vikram also good guy only so i decide to marry and went t sleep and wake wear yellow saree and came out mom was so happy and talk to my mil and mil explaned each and evrerythng to vikram what was happened to me and he get schocked and accepted for marrage before that want to talk to satya he said k tomorrow u can go t her home and talk and satya only will be her mom went for out of staton and i dont know that vikram is comng tomy home know only he accepy for marrage i dont know about his coming am wearing halfsaree in home and watching tv door bell rang i opened the door and vikram was there i schocked and lowered my head and he lifted upand take me to hall and didnt speak any thing to shy and he said how r u satya and ur feeling comfortable dont be shy i amur friend and i acept marrege for my daughtrer she need mom and i came toknow about ur problem and please talkto me dont be silent before u talk to me in hotelas a girl now why ur not speaking please be move freely and said nothing and i dont know how to speek but smiled and k now ur feeling some shy k later i will talk and marrege ritualsand proceedng are gong on they kept the marrage in a small temple and we buy dfferent sarees and wear saree wth all jeweleries and went for mandapam and sat only 10 t0 15 members are thier for marrage and vkram wear the suit and she tied the mangalsuthra on my neck and kept bindi on my forhead and he kept toe ringd tomy foot and altalst the all marrage rituals completed and i got tired but night another thng is there that first night mom and two more girls are busy in readyng me for first night and girls are sayng u have to give ur coperation to ur husband u have to loose ur virginity to night and wear wight saree and flowers and mom gave me milk glass tome and sent into room and door was locked i am his friend from childhood and cricket players and husband to his sisternow i am his wife standing infront of him with glass of milk waering saree flowers and ready for first night.

  • #537

    AAAAA (Friday, 16 December 2016 16:05)


    FINAL SHOOT OF THE MOVIE:- The final part of the movie was shot in RAJU`s home which was a duplex building.
    THIS PART would be more of a betrayal and love story rather than teasing compared to earlier parts of the story.
    DIRECTOR RANI started the movie with a clap.
    PRIYA and RAJU returned from their honeymoon.
    Their BHABHI GEETA welcomed them and asked them about their honeymoon.
    PRIYA told her that they enjoyed each and every moment of their honeymoon period and RAJU followed her like an obedient wife.
    Their BHABHI GEETA was happy. She was also happy because RAJU transformed himself from an arrogant boy to a beautiful and obedient housewife.
    The following weekend on SUNDAY RAJU requested his BHABHI GEETA that he wanted to wear PANT and SHIRT
    Their BHABHI GEETA thinking him to be a changed obedient person agreed and told him he could wear PANT and SHIRT only on SUNDAY, but told him to first get permission of his wife PRIYA & also told him that even if he wears PANT and SHIRT he should not go out of the house alone.
    He must always be accompanied by PRIYA or GEETA.
    He went and asked PRIYA for permission to wear PANT and SHIRT.
    As she was madly in love with RAJU She immediately consented.
    RAJU was very happy. He wore PANT and SHIRT for the first time since many days
    He started now planning of his escape from this house.
    For the following few days he acted as an obedient wife to PRIYA in front of his BHABHI GEETA and on SUNDAYS he used to dress in PANT and SHIRT but was not permitted to leave the house alone.
    Finally on 1 day thinking he has adjusted fully to his new role his BHABHI GEETA & PRIYA both allowed him to go alone on SUNDAYS in PANT and SHIRT to meet his old friends
    Taking this opportunity he met several of his old friends and was finding ways of his escape.
    Finally 1 day he met a friend who told him that he could go abroad by applying for passport and visa.
    He liked the idea and immediately applied for PASSPORT & VISA.
    He gave his friends address as reference so that his BHABHI GEETA & WIFE PRIYA will not get suspicion.
    In the following few days his WIFE PRIYA got a good manager job and he pretended to be very happy in front of her and promised her that he would support her as an obedient wife throughout her career.
    He thought that since both his BHABHI GEETA & WIFE PRIYA go to job he can now freely roam in morning hours in PANT & SHIRT and can apply for a job abroad and also get passport and visa easily.
    So now as per his plan he used to pretend as an obedient wife by waking up in morning 6oClock do all the house work and cooking in nighties. Then at 8o Clock he used to wear beautiful sarees and wear lovely makeup and serve tea to his BHABHI GEETA & WIFE PRIYA after waking them up.

  • #538

    AAAAA (Friday, 16 December 2016 16:07)

    He also used to cook lunch in the morning & gave them lunchboxes so that they would not return in the afternoon.
    As soon as they left he used to change into PANT & SHIRT and go out to find out about his passport and visa.
    He also used to apply for jobs abroad.
    By evening he used to return and change back into his SAREE & MAKEUP before 7o Clock The usual time of return of his BHABHI GEETA & WIFE PRIYA.
    When they returned he used to welcome them with tea. When they sit down for having tea he used to remove their OFFICE SLIPPERS and rub their legs with shyness of an obedient wife.
    His BHABHI GEETA & WIFE PRIYA seeing him never got a suspicion about his activities of applying for passport and visa. They were happy that he is an obedient HOUSEWIFE.
    Initially he applied for high profile jobs but as he had no good educational qualification they rejected.
    Finally he got to know about the job of a sweeper and floor mopping in abroad.
    He thought that something is better than his present position. So he immediately applied for that job
    After a few days he got passport and visa. But to buy plane ticket he needed money. He came up with a plan
    He requested his WIFE PRIYA to buy him a beautiful and costly necklace.
    Thinking that it was his first request after her marriage she immediately bought a rare costly necklace with all her salary.
    Seeing the necklace his BHABHI GEETA told PRIYA that she should not have wasted all her salary for that 1 necklace.
    But PRIYA replied that nothing is more than RAJU`S happiness.
    PRIYA wore RAJU the necklace. After wearing for sometime he told that he will keep the necklace inside the almirah as it was costly and will only wear it only for important occasions.
    Later He sold that necklace in a nearby gold shop and booked the plane ticket which was after 1 week on SUNDAY.
    In that 1 week he started secretly packing things. He assumed that as on SUNDAY he would be allowed to wear PANT & SHIRT for the full day & in the name of meeting his friends he could go abroad and settle.
    But on SATURDAY 1 day before his journey trip his BHABHI GEETA while eating lunch in a nearby hotel saw the necklace in display outside the gold shop. She got suspicious and on enquiry she found out that it was sold by RAJU.
    She immediately met his friend who told her about RAJU`S job abroad and his planned journey the next day.
    His BHABHI GEETA became so angry. She immediately went home. As It was afternoon time RAJU was not expecting that his BHABHI GEETA would return. So he was dressed in PANT & SHIRT and packing things.
    His BHABHI GEETA entered the house with a spare key she had. The spare key would open the door even if it is locked from inside. She went straight upstairs into RAJU`S room.
    RAJU was shocked on seeing his BHABHI GEETA and was even more tensed as she had seen him in PANT & SHIRT and was angry.
    He tried to tell her that he wore PANT SHIRT only TODAY other than his usual SUNDAYS.
    His BHABHI GEETA immediately asked him for his necklace which PRIYA brought him.
    He pretended to search in almirah and tried telling her that it was lost.
    She immediately showed him that necklace and also told him that she met his friend and knew of his entire plan and then slapped him very hard.
    RAJU fell to the ground and was very frightened. He fell on the feet of his BHABHI GEETA and asked her for forgiveness.
    His BHABHI GEETA was seething in anger and refused,
    She told him that he had played with the emotions of her and also his WIFE PRIYA who was madly in love with him.
    She told him that he betrayed his WIFE PRIYA`S love and was all the time playing with her emotions.
    His BHABHI GEETA then hit him severely with her belt.
    His BHABHI GEETA angrily told him that he is undeserving of the lenience he was provided and told him to change back into his skimpy FRENCH MAID DRESS and come to the hall. She left to the hall.
    RAJU was very afraid. He took the skimpy RED FRENCH MAID DRESS which was in the almirah and was very dusty as it was not worn for many days.
    He removed his PANT & SHIRT and wore the skimpy RED FRENCH MAID DRESS.
    He was frightened to see his BHABHI GEETA.
    But she called him and told him to come fast into the hall

  • #539

    AAAAA (Friday, 16 December 2016 16:10)

    RAJU slowly and hesitantly came into the hall in RED FRENCH MAID DRESS . His BHABHI GEETA was still seething with anger
    After giving him few more slaps, His BHABHI GEETA ordered him to “Turn into a cock and stand in front of the mirror”.
    RAJU obeyed and to add to his humiliation, he saw his image in the mirror- a red coloured french maid dressed man forced to stay as a cock.
    Then RAJU was frozen with fear when he saw a cane in His BHABHI GEETA`s hand.
    Then she again ordered, ” Raise your hip and dont move a bit when I strike you.”
    Needless to say, RAJU quickly raised his hip as high as he could have.
    On raising his hip the skimpy skirt of FRENCH MAID UNIFORM went up and his back was exposed.
    As even the red panties which he wore inside wear only designed to cover half of his back he was feeling almost like he was exposing the total bare back.
    Then came the first stroke. RAJU jumped and screamed with pain. His BHABHI GEETA gave five more strokes for that and said, “If you move one more time, I will complete the rest of your punishment in the street.”
    After that RAJU endured twenty more strokes on my buttocks and back of thighs without moving an inch! But this was not the end.
    His BHABHI GEETA again told him to turn into a cock and stand in front of the mirror.
    She kept him like this for two hours. When RAJU was about to fall due to tiredness, His BHABHI GEETA ordered him to stand and do ups and downs holding his ears. When he was tired of that, he was made to kneel down. This continued for another two hours.
    Then the time was 7 o clock and RAJU`S wife PRIYA came home. She was unaware of all these things.
    PRIYA as she entered the hall she saw RAJU kneeling down in RED FRENCH MAID DRESS.
    His BHABHI GEETA was sitting in a sofa in the HALL and was seething with anger.
    PRIYA asked His BHABHI GEETA what had happened
    His BHABHI GEETA told PRIYA that RAJU never became an obedient wife and was fit only to be a maid.
    His BHABHI GEETA told PRIYA about the whole thing that RAJU never loved PRIYA. He only pretended and played with her feelings in order to escape from this house.
    His BHABHI GEETA also showed PRIYA his passport, visa, plane ticket for the next day which was bought with PRIYA`S gift necklace which she bought with all her hard earned salary.
    After listening this PRIYA started crying
    On seeing PRIYA cry His BHABHI GEETA`s anger even more increased. She took the cane and once again started hitting RAJU.
    PRIYA could not see RAJU being hit as she loved him intensely.
    So PRIYA fell on His BHABHI GEETA`s feet and asked her to spare him.
    His BHABHI GEETA was moved by PRIYA and she left RAJU and went inside her room.
    PRIYA took RAJU into their room and started telling that she had sincerely loved him and the only reason she had dressed him in sarees as being an obedient wife he would never go away from her.
    PRIYA also told him that she had spent all her salary just for 1 necklace RAJU had asked for his happiness & when his BHABHI GEETA refused him to allow PANT & SHIRT she had requested her to allow him to wear PANT & SHIRT for atleast 1 day.
    PRIYA also told RAJU that his BHABHI GEETA had secretly warned her that once he starts wearing PANT & SHIRT he would definitely revolt and go away from her but as PRIYA lover RAJU intensely and she wanted only his happiness she did not listen to her warnings.
    PRIYA told him that all if he wanted was wearing PANT & SHIRT he can always wear them and even if RAJU wanted she would resign her job and be an obedient wife to RAJU.
    If still RAJU wanted She would serve RAJU all his life like a servant maid she was. She even took a BLACK FRENCH MAID DRESS which was present in the cupboard which was worn once by RAJU and she wore it to please RAJU.
    PRIYA told RAJU that she would stay her whole life in FRENCH MAID DRESS or any other skimpy dress RAJU wanted and do whatever work RAJU told but he should not leave her
    RAJU was moved as well as little afraid and hesitant but he told PRIYA that he wanted to go abroad.
    Even after intense PRIYA`S pleading RAJU was adamant to go
    Finally PRIYA told him that he was free to go and no one would stop him. PRIYA also gave RAJU all the money which she had saved and had.
    Saying this PRIYA left the room saying she would sleep in the HALL. Actually she was silently crying in the hall, but she did not want anyone to know.
    RAJU became very happy thinking that he would leave tomorrow and be free. He planned to buy many shirts and pants in the foreign with the money which PRIYA gave.
    He immediately removed the RED FRENCH MAID DRESS he was wearing and dressed in pant and shirt and was sleeping happily in the bedroom while PRIYA was crying in the hall.

  • #540

    AAAAA (Friday, 16 December 2016 16:10)

    In the morning RAJU woke up got dressed in new pant and shirt and was happily about to leave.
    Before leaving he thought to meet his BHABHI and PRIYA once and went to them. But both of them refused to speak to him.
    RAJU was a bit SAD but thinking of life ahead he happily left the house and reached the airport.
    RAJU was waiting for his flight when he saw an old friend who was coming after deboarding a flight
    RAJU went to meet him. His friend was a bit dejected and told him that he went abroad 5 yrs ago for the job of a sweeper and floor mopping. Abroad he was made to work worse than a servant and he was forced to do several menial tasks like cleaning bathrooms etc..He was also made to clean drainage.
    Worst part about the job was he had to sexually please his LADY boss as well. She made him dance naked in front of her female guests. She also used to lend his services for her female friends who had wild fantasies and literally used to sexually abuse him.
    Since 5 years he was pleasing his lady boss and pleasuring all her sexual fantasies but recently a new person had applied for the job so she fired him instantly.
    He had no money as the lady boss refused to give him even his salary saying she was not satisfied with his work. So now he came back home but was frightened whether he will find any job here either. Before leaving RAJU`S friend mentioned the name of the lady boss he was working under and on listening the name RAJU got tensed as it was the same name of his boss he was going now to work under.
    RAJU sat in the chair in the airport and was worried. He thought that his life abroad would be better but after listening to his friend he was upset as it would be worse than a maid and he was more worried about the sexual fantasies of his lady boss.
    RAJU thought that he had betrayed the love of his life PRIYA who loved him with all her heart and he played with her emotions.
    PRIYA always gave RAJU true love and just to wear PANT & SHIRT he betrayed her.
    After sitting and thinking for 3 hrs it was time for his flight.
    But thinking about PRIYA , RAJU decided to go back to his house and win the trust and love of PRIYA at all cost.
    RAJU went back home. His BHABHI GEETA opened the door but refused to speak to him thinking he might have planned something.
    RAJU went to PRIYA who was inside in the bedroom. Her face was paled out as she was crying continuously and was inconsolable.
    RAJU felt very bad and tried to speak with her but she refused. He tore his PASSPORT & VISA in front of her but still she was not ready to accept.
    He went and pleaded with his BHABHI GEETA. She too refused.
    RAJU decided that he will win TRUST of both HIS BHABHI GEETA & LOVE PRIYA at any cost and do whatever is necessary.
    RAJU went to his cupboard and happily put on the RED FRENCH MAID DRESS and pleaded with PRIYA that he would rather stay a maid to her and serve his life. He told her that he would do whatever PRIYA wanted. But she still refused.
    RAJU went to his BHABHI GEETA kneeled before her and said that he would never break her trust anymore.
    RAJU told his BHABHI GEETA that he would forever remain a maid and always dress in FRENCH MAID DRESS and all he wanted was that both HIS BHABHI GEETA & PRIYA speak to him. He even burned all his PANT & SHIRT saying that he does`nt want to wear them anymore and vowed to never even touch a PANT SHIRT.
    Seeing this BHABHI GEETA forgave him and told him that He should ask for PRIYA`s forgiveness and if she is unable then try to win her love back.

  • #541

    AAAAA (Friday, 16 December 2016 16:12)

    RAJU went to PRIYA and begged for her forgiveness but still she was unable to forgive.
    So RAJU decided to win her love back
    He went to HIS BHABHI GEETA and asked her how he could win back his LOVE PRIYA.
    HIS BHABHI GEETA told RAJU that she knew that even-though they went for 1 WEEK honeymoon they didnot celebrate their SUHAGRAAT.
    So the best thing for RAJU to do would be to SEDUCE PRIYA by dancing for her in a dress which she likes the most and end it with SUHAGRAAT.
    RAJU accepted. He got dressed in a maroon saree applied makeup and went for shopping first.
    RAJU knew that PRIYA liked his clevage, back waist, thighs and the most is NAVEL. So he decided to buy dresses which would expose all these parts.
    RAJU went to a mall and bought designer bra panty set, then he bought 2 sports bras which would be like normal blouse.
    Then he went to skirts section and selected 4 miniskirts red, pink, blue, black.
    Then he went to blouse section and bought matching blouses which were low cut exposing his cleavage and also will be showing his full navel when worn with a skirt
    He bought all these things with the money PRIYA had given him before with which he wanted to buy shirts and pants.
    But as destiny is he was buying skirts and blouses with that.
    Then he went to makeup parlor and got his makeup done as suiting with the short skirts which he would be wearing.
    Then he went to the house and told BHABHI GEETA that he would sing and dance in those short skirts and seduce PRIYA and try to win back her love.
    His BHABHI GEETA accepted and she left as she did`nt want to disturb them.
    Raju dressed in those miniskirts and danced for her to his full capacity by fully exposing {A SONG WOULD COME HERE DESCRIBED LATER} and which finally ended with PRIYA kissing RAJU`S navel and the beginning of their suhagraat
    Next day morning RAJU`S BHABHI GEETA came and she saw both RAJU & PRIYA still in bed.
    She felt happy and she did`nt want to disturb them.
    The film ended on a happy note with RAJU fully becoming an obedient wife in SAREES to PRIYA & would always serve her and his BHABHI GEETA .
    RAJU as promised earlier never again touched PANT & SHIRT. But sometimes he would dress skimpily IN SHORT SKIRTS just to seduce and tease PRIYA.

    With this DIRECTOR RANI announced an end to the movie except 1 seducing song.
    HERO AJAY {RAJU} was partly happy as movie shoot had been completed but he was still afraid about the seducing song.

  • #542

    AAAAA (Friday, 16 December 2016 16:13)

    4th song:- EROTIC DANCE SONG
    RAJU {HERO AJAY} would be Dressed IN 4 dresses i.e :- red, pink, blue, black skirts and matching blouses. for last black miniskirt dress he had to wear only sports bra and not even blouse as it would be the climax of seduction
    IN all 4 dresses his midriff {navel} was exposed.
    Even his cleavage was exposed as all were low cut blouses.
    The song shoot began with PRIYA coming from first floor to ground floor on steps who would be followed by RAJU {HERO AJAY} dressed in red mini skirt and red blouse.
    He would be dancing on the steps while coming down behind PRIYA
    RAJU {HERO AJAY} felt difficulty as he had to shake both his chest as to show his cleavage and also shake his waist showing navel. This has to be with seductive facial expressions.
    Director RANI made him do the shot many times till a perfect shot.
    PRIYA had to act sad initially but seeing RAJU {HERO AJAY} seduction she was trying to control her laughter
    After each shot PRIYA used to burst into laughter.
    The next sequence in the song was when PRIYA after coming down sits in hall.
    RAJU {HERO AJAY} now dressed in pink mini skirt and pink blouse had to climb on a bed in the hall and dance seductively. He had to move his hands seductively and also show seducing face expressions.
    Then in the next sequence of the song RAJU {HERO AJAY} dressed in blue mini skirt with matching blouse would follow PRIYA as goes near fridge and starts drinking water
    RAJU {HERO AJAY} asks her for some water. PRIYA pours the water in his mouth. BUT he had to open his mouth only half such that the remaining water tickles down his neck then blouse then the navel and finally go into his blue miniskirt tickling down along his thighs.
    Then in the climax sequence of the song RAJU {HERO AJAY} dressed only in black sports BRA and ultra short black skirt seduces PRIYA as she sits on SOFA by going near her and shaking his waist and chest and romantically falling on her.
    Now the song ends with PRIYA licking the navel of RAJU and finally kissing it.

    With this DIRECTOR RANI announced the end of total film
    RAJU {HERO AJAY} was relieved while HEROINE PRIYA & GEETA both teased AJAY that he acted better than a real girl and would definitely get an award for it
    DIRECTOR RANI told RAJU {HERO AJAY} that he could go home and take rest but he had to come to the promotions of movie dressed in SAREE as whole story of the movie is based on that concept.
    HERO AJAY requested DIRECTOR RANI that as he had a 2 movie contract with her atleast in the next movie he be projected as a HERO IN PANTS and not crossdressed.
    DIRECTOR RANI replied that it was too early for discussion of the 2nd film and his role would be as per the theme and the story they choose which depends on the result of their 1st movie.
    HERO AJAY accepted thinking that atleast in the next movie he would be a hero in pants.
    But would he......?


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    Kumaari (Friday, 16 December 2016 18:54)

    @ AAAA wow Nice story gr8 plot and good story telling... Waiting for 2nd part... @satya ur story also too good to read...

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    Srs (Friday, 16 December 2016 21:46)

    AAAAA nice keep going

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    ash (Saturday, 17 December 2016 04:42)

    plz continue AAAAA

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    satya (Saturday, 17 December 2016 05:17)

    wife to brother in law 19
    i entered into room with milk and vikram was waiting there and i g there and sat on bed and gave the milk glass to him and keep my head down he take the glass and kept aside and lift my face up and ask talk now to me u r my wife r atleast think u r my friend in that way due to shyness i ddnt speak anything he asked how ru feeling in the girls attire and body i said ok and he said i want to see u fully once stand i didnt see u carefully when u became female.i stand nfront of him he see me carefully the structure and ask me to remove saree i want tosee u nude he said i shocked and said no why ur my wife he said ,then ithink i am his wife he can have a total access to my body i think he will have sex now and said i am tried now later we will do not now i said he said what ru saying i want to see ur body how ur female body is there i refused and he came towards me and i am going back atlast the wall is there he came near to me and i tightly breath mt air and he remove the saree pallu on top and removed the pleats and remved totally and kepp aside and slowly cooperated to him and i am in the blouse and petticoat and he saw my bresat and removed the thread of the peeticoat and i am in blouse bra and panty he ask to remove and said no and keep my hands on breast to cover he saw me and laugh and said u totally became female and he came near and take me to bed i said no and he removing the hooks of blouse while he removing the hooks one byone i am getiting sexualpleasure was increasing and i coperated him and he removed the bra also and my upper part was free and he saw my breast and pressing my breast and i am moaning and later he came to my navel and came to panty and he removed it also and he is keeping the hand near the vagina and askme tostand upi did he said ur perfectly nice figure and sexy ur looking no one will know ur transformation and ask me to sleep in bed and later he remved his all dress and hs cock was bg and long and becme hard by seeing me then i thnk his wfe s dead he didnt have sex after wife dead today he is having so he is happy i can see his happiness in his face he want to fuck me and enjoy the sex he came near to me and he started to insert his cock in my vagina and started fucking me and strokes was ncresing and i am getting pain i remember my wife also said i didint listen if i say also he wont listen so i bear the pain and moanng with sounds aaa aaa aaa aaa like that later after he released the sperms nmy vagina after some time my pain was reduced and i think girlswill have more sexualfeeling than boys like our night went we two sleep after some time nudely and go for sleep

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    alexvyaz (Saturday, 17 December 2016 19:56)

    I like the story "THE ACTOR". It's always thrilling to read about gender role reversal family. I hope to see next part. ;)

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    Srs (Sunday, 18 December 2016 03:52)

    Satya nice please don't stop continue ur story pleaseeee

  • #549

    bgs (Sunday, 18 December 2016 11:19)

    Satya,please don't stop the story

  • #550

    SRS (Sunday, 18 December 2016 13:06)

    "fashion part 16 # 490"

    Next day when i woke up i dint know what happened to me, my jaws r paining i dint know what happen to me. I slowly looked up an i fell that my body is shivering due to cold. When i look up i was shocked that i was completely nude an my fake breast an vagina is clearly viable. I was scared an confused that who did that an when, while i was thinking my aunt was standing behind me an i get shocked an she seems to be angry, she came near to me an asked what the hell is this can u just explain about this, i dint know what to say n i started to say ia a aa am an on hearing this she shout what ur mermeing tell me y u have been doing like this please explain, she pulled my hand an steeped in front of full size mirror an told to look , i was shocked that i look like complete girl even though i was in fake vagina an breast. i look closely an saw that my eye brows r gone it was ultra thin arch eyebrow an my eyelash has been extend some how which looks like woman, an another think that make me shook completely is my jaws an teeth it looks completely different my teeth r in straight an white which looks like woman teeth an my lip is plum an pouty which looks like anushka sharma who did plastic surgery in lip i dont know but it looks like her. My aunt came neer to me an ask to explain about this i dint know what to say an i started to think if i told the truth to my aunt then my boss will throw 2 of them from the office an she will took all our property an me an my aunt come to the road so i cant able to tell her an told lie to her that i lost a bet to my boss thats y she made like this an my aunt dint believe an told ohh thats y u made a permanent tattoo in ur back lower hip an u priced ur navel an ur bum also looks big, an the breast an vagina doe sent seems like its fake iam doubt that u make an SRS surgery anyway i dint believe this made up story if its then ur boss had told me before , but i argue an told that it is true after she comes to conculation that if it is true than i also will make 1 bet to u that i will give an hour u have to remove this all bloody stuff otherwise u have to listen me what i will tell to do an then she left after i dint know what to do. i tryed my best but i failed to do after lot of struggle i cant take of the fake things an i started to cry. my aunt came after an hour an i still cant able to remove this stuff she got tense an say k ur wish but now u want to do what i tell an she throw some item in bed sn i was shocked on seeing that, she said that if ur not ready to remove this kind of stuff than u should were this thing an i started to beg an tryed to explain that this is been glued an cant able to remove but she dint try here what am trying to tell after she forced me to were the dress which she gave me an i saw that it was a bra,panties,petticoat,sleeveless less an backless blouse an saree. after seeing that i beg my aunt but she told that if u wore office dress code than it will short tops so that everybody can see ur naval priced an the tattoo at the back an i think for that an told to were it , i slowly started to were it first i wore bra an panties, after took the petticoat an blouse, the blouse looks strange when i wore it, it sleeveless an in back there is only 3 r 4 notch thread in the back an my aunt put the threads into it after she put the black saree to me an pined it. it felt like i dint were anything after she make me sit in the dressing table an started to do my hair she combed my hair 3 to 4 times an put the bangs in front of my fore head an did braiding from the mill of the hair an i can feel that it getting tight while each an every braid after when she complete an she took the hair jewelry an its look like tiny gold balls an she put it were the each braid is been crossed from my mill head to bottom, after she took jasmine flower an put 1 side of my hair an lift my jada an did in other side its looks like u type an she put the rose flower in the back center of my head. when she was complete i was in shame an seeing in mirror an i put my shoe, when she saw me she started to shout that due have any sens wearing a saree an ur putting shoes an i was horror on hearing that now what she is going to do, she came near to me an give black high satilo heels which i was shock an she forced me to put it after lot of struggle i wore it but its real tough to walk.

  • #551

    SRS (Sunday, 18 December 2016 13:07)

    fashion part 17

    she hold my hands for walk each an every step slowly i sat in car an v reached to our office. i beg my aunt that i will not come like this better i will take leave but my aunt dint lisson to it an she pulled out from car an v slowly walked into the lobby everybody was busy in work so nobody notice an there again huge crowd an v slowly entered to my boss cabin an on seeing me my boss lol she cant control her laughter this make me very humiliate an she came near to me an touch me an told ur wearing heels too good yesterday u argued to not were saree but today u wore it how, i dint reply an my aunt asked what i have told to her that its true that u make him bet an told to wore fake breast an vagina an asking she started to act an came near to me an told omg ur wearing breast an vagina an its fake were u get that i dint notice u , can u please show me an she pressed my boob, i was completely shock on her acting i dint know y she is doing like this. my aunt came near to me an told look dear until u dint tell the truth ur position will become worst that this, i tried again but she is not ready to here that, after my boss given memo for the yesterday matter telling that i was again DE promoter no am a office girl an ur out of cabin for work like supplying the documents for all etc,etc. i cant believe what is happening to me an y an i went out everybody is laughing at me an making fun an preethy came with her daughter an she told aunty u look beautiful, after my whole day went out like an laughing stock i just dint want to live an when my work to be complete i went to my boss cabin an told about this an my aunt too was there an after the think an told for that there is 1 solution so that u need not want to work here u can work in another place through this company. on hearing i relive an get relax, i thought at least i can escape from this all. she told that 1st time there is an add agency who needs our model which is pure south indian base, its an wedding jewelry add based so nothing like u have to were lots of jeweler an simply pose. b4 i say anything my aunt agreed she dint even consul to me.

  • #552

    SRS (Sunday, 18 December 2016 13:08)

    fashion part 18

    after when the work was complete she took me to the same parlor with preethy an her daughter. i dint know y they used to come with us for that she told that her daughter is comping for priced her ear. when v entered the parlor the resption welcome an told me that day by day iam become more beautiful i keep down my head an make me sit in the beauty chair after preethy daughter came an sat beside my chair an they priced her ear in both the side, i was watching her on that time i felt a sudden pain in my right ear when i look on right what happened again i felt the pain in left ear, they have priced my ear too. i started to shout on them for that preethy daughter told that iam a small girl i priced without any screem an ur such a big aunty y ur making screem, on saying that i became angry an slapped her. her mother an my aunt get angry an they discussed some thing after that they came near to me an hold my hair tightly an that lady priced 3 times above the 1st hole in both side of my ear. i was screaming for the pain opening my mouth an preethy told jokingly that close ur mouth other wise men r eager to put there cock in such a wonder cock sucking lips an make u blowjob an every body started to lol at that time my aunt came near to me an told well well what is here i can see that u have priced ur toung also. i closed my mouth an dont know what to say an she told i will have to do something about this an suddenly my two hands grabbed back side of my chair an they bring the pricing gun an priced my left an right side of my nose an put 1 small stud an they also priced my septum an put 1 hanging ring . i was crying an screening cause of pain, after when they have finished an v reached to our home an i went to my room an closed down an went to bed. i dont know about tomorrow what is going to happen to me an how they tease about the priced please help me i dont know how to escape from this all.

  • #553

    AAAAA (Sunday, 18 December 2016 16:05)

    The 1st movie of HERO AJAY, HEROINE GEETA & RANI was released and it was a sensational hit.
    HERO AJAY became more famous with his girl name RAJI. He was also known as AJAYA.
    He got calls from several producers and directors but he told them to wait as he had signed a two movie contract with DIRECTOR RANI.
    He also got offers for endorsements of several cell phone companies and also home appliances but they all had a condition that he shoot for their add in SAREE. So he refused shooting for these adds.
    During movie promotions also he felt awkward as DIRECTOR RANI always insisted in come for promotions in SAREE with LOW CUT BLOUSES to show his clevage. He was also supposed to flaunt his navel and look sexy during the promotions.

  • #554

    AAAAA (Sunday, 18 December 2016 16:07)

    Then DIRECTOR RANI announced her next film would be a periodic film & would be of huge budget as their 1st film was massive hit.
    She also told that the hit pair of HERO AJAY and HEROINE PRIYA would be retained for the next film.
    HERO AJAY felt very happy when DIRECTOR RANI announced a periodic film thinking he would get become very popular.
    DIRECTOR RANI told she would ready the script in 1 month time and she told HERO AJAY and HEROINE PRIYA to get ready by then and in the mean time they had to get ready in sword fighting.
    DIRECTOR RANI also told HERO AJAY and HEROINE PRIYA to sign a nudity clause.
    HERO AJAY and HEROINE PRIYA were initially a bit hesitant but when DIRECTOR RANI insisted that in periodic fims it is common to have sexual scenes they consented and signed.
    While going DIRECTOR RANI told HERO AJAY & HEROINE PRIYA to come after 1month suitably dressed,
    HERO AJAY should dress like a KNIGHT with shining armor and sword and HEROINE PRIYA to dress only in BLOUSE and LEHENGA and she must wear chains on her belly and many bangles in her hands while showing her belly,waist and back completely as would be a normal attire of women in periodic films.
    HERO AJAY became very happy thinking that in this movie he would be a real hero and never crossdress.
    HERO AJAY also teased HEROINE PRIYA that during 1st movie she teased him a lot and now it is time for his chance for revenge and he would not spare her.
    HEROINE PRIYA felt a bit tensed but she did not say anything.
    After 1 month HERO AJAY and HEROINE PRIYA went and met DIRECTOR RANI.
    HERO AJAY was dress like a KNIGHT with shining armor and sword and HEROINE PRIYA was dressed only in BLUE BLOUSE and LEHENGA and she wore chains on her belly that came from blouse while showing her clevage, belly,waist and back completely.She was amazing hot and was trying to cover her clevage and navel with a dupatta.
    DIRECTOR RANI told them to sit in the waiting room as she was a bit busy and would later tell them the story.
    In the waiting room HEROINE PRIYA sat on a chair was trying to cover her clevage and navel with a dupatta.
    But as she was wearing a low cut blue blouse and only lehenga she had difficulty.
    WHILE HERO AJAY was constantly looking at her and smiling.
    HERO AJAY then said to her that he remembered all teasing she had done to him when he had dressed in SAREE during the 1st movie and he would suitably take revenge on her.
    Listening this HEROINE PRIYA tried to say something but an arrogant HERO AJAY pulled out her dupatta.
    She was covering her cleavage showing blouse with both hands crossed and pleading with HERO AJAY to give her dupatta back.
    HERO AJAY told her to remember of the scene when he lost in the cricket match she pulled out the pallu of his VIOLET SAREE & then how the entire female team INCLUDING PRIYA pinched his navel and they made him to lie on a bike and SPUN A TOP on his NAVEL.
    HERO AJAY told that he would give her dupatta back on the condition that HEROINE PRIYA allowed him to pinch her navel and also allow a top to be SPUN ON HER NAVEL.
    As PRIYA had no option she consented.
    HERO AJAY told her to lie on a table present there and he spun a top on her navel. HEROINE PRIYA felt tickling sensation.
    HERO AJAY then pinched her navel very hard that she screamed.
    HERO AJAY then gave her dupatta back. HERO AJAY also gifted her an ice pack and told her to keep the ice pack on his navel saying it would decrease the PAIN due to his pinching and HERO AJAY was constantly laughing and teasing.
    HEROINE PRIYA took the ICE PACK and placed it on her navel where HERO AJAY had pinched her.
    Seeing water tickle from the ice pack on her navel HERO AJAY teased her saying he was getting aroused and went out to have a tea.
    HEROINE PRIYA was feeling embarrassed and her anger knew no limits. She was planning for an eventual revenge that HERO AJAY would remember for his entire life. She took the ICE PACK and kept it inside nearby fridge thinking that after revenge she would give back the ICE PACK to HERO AJAY.

  • #555

    AAAAA (Sunday, 18 December 2016 16:07)

    THEN DIRECTOR RANI came and she called both HERO AJAY & HEROINE PRIYA to her room.
    DIRECTOR RANI then started telling the script for their 2nd movie.
    This movie name was titled as RISE OF AMAZON KINGDOM.
    Hearing the title HERO AJAY became tensed thinking it is a woman oriented film and he might have to crossdress again.
    His fears became real when DIRECTOR RANI announced he had to crossdress and HEROINE PRIYA was smiling.
    HERO AJAY requested the DIRECTOR RANI that he had felt lot humiliated for the 1st movie when he crossdressed.
    He told DIRECTOR RANI that all are calling him with a girl name RAJI / AJAYA. He was also getting endorsements and adds only if he dresses in saree.
    Hearing this DIRECTOR RANI told HERO AJAY that before the 1st film he was an unknown name for this world and today he was popular only because of his female avatar.
    DIRECTOR RANI told HERO AJAY that GENDER ROLE REVERSAL films are the order of day and many films are coming with similar concept of their 1st movie
    DIRECTOR RANI also told HERO AJAY that he would be shown as a ruthless prince and brilliant fighter in the 1st half and he need to crossdress only for the second half of the movie.
    DIRECTOR RANI also gave him the option of selecting other boys who would also have to crossdress for the film along with him.
    HERO AJAY had no other option so he consented.
    He was more afraid that he had teased PRIYA and now he was again going to be humilated by her.
    HEROINE PRIYA was just smiling and was planning for her revenge.

  • #556

    AAAAA (Sunday, 18 December 2016 16:09)

    Then DIRECTOR RANI announced that cast would be auditioned and selected the next week.
    DIRECTOR RANI announced that all the guys who wanted to apply must follow these rules and regulation.
    They were :-
    1.The participant boy must be 20 to 25 yrs & send five photos

    2.The participant must only wear traditional women clothes of 17th century in 4 photos. 5th photo need not be traditional

    3.The participant must wear BLOUSE & Lehenga without dupatta in any 2 photos, Saree in 1 and half saree in 1 photo.
    The 5th photo dress would be his optional{middi or mini skirt or knee skirt but not longer}

    4.The participant must be flaunting his navel in atleast 2 and cleavage in 1 and show his back in remaining1.
    The 5th photo flaunting is optional {thighs, or legs or back of his waist} and has to be unique

    5.The participant must wear bangle in any two photos, necklace in any two photos and mangtika in any two photos.

    6.The participant must wear half sleeved blouse, sleeveless blouse in above photos and it should be revealing his clevage

    7.The participant Guy must be ready to model and wear any dress in the film as per requirement.

    8.The participant Guy should be ready to flaunt and expose any part of his body in the movie. Not restricted to just navel, clevage and thighs

    9. The participant guy must also sign a nudity clause ready for any sexual scene in the movie.

    DIRECTOR RANI then announced for the required girl cast that all the girls who wanted to apply must follow these rules and regulation.

    They were :-
    1.The participant GIRL must be 20 to 25 yrs & send five photos

    2.The participant must only wear traditional women clothes of 17th century in 2 photos. In the rest 3 photos she had to dress as a knight in shining armour with sword and give fearless expression.

    3.The participant Girl must be ready to model and wear any dress in the film as per requirement.

    4. The participant Girl must be ready to being teased by a boy as well as to tease a boy

    5.The participant Girl should be ready to flaunt and expose any part of his body in the movie. Not restricted to just navel,
    clevage and thighs
    6. The participant GIRL must also sign a nudity clause ready for any sexual scene in the movie.
    After this announcement several guys and girls applied for the film as the 1st film of DIRECTOR RANI was a superhit.
    Eventhough the 1st movie was crossdressing seeing the fame its actors got no one had any restrictions.
    AS this next movie was a periodic film with high budget, The Applicants were ready for any crossdressing and sexual scenes as well.
    Seeing so many applications DIRECTOR RANI announced for auditions of the film.
    In the auditions GUYS have to dress sexily wear women's clothes lehenga and choli with matching jewellary and makeup
    exposing and flaunting their navel and clevage
    In the auditions GIRLS have to dress as a knight in shining armor with sword and walk with self esteem.

    The auditions began in presence of DIRECTOR RANI, HERO AJAY & HEROINE PRIYA.

    HERO AJAY was feeling awkward to see so many guys dressed in different bright coloured lehenga cholis and exposing their waist and flaunting their cleavage.
    HEROINE PRIYA was constantly giggling.

    Finally they zeroed on 50 guys and 50 girls but they required only 30 guys and 30 girls.
    So DIRECTOR RANI announced an extra competition of dance

  • #557

    AAAAA (Sunday, 18 December 2016 16:09)

    DIRECTOR RANI said that she will give them a song and they have to prepare a dance on that song and perform on that song in front of her. But to make it a bit difficult she gave girls a boy's song and boys a girl's song.
    DIRECTOR RANI told them boys have to dance on girl's song wearing girl's costume and exactly like girls.
    And girl's have to dance on boy's song wearing boy's costume and exactly like boys.
    It was easy for girls to dance on male song in jeans and t shirt.
    But it was very difficult and embarassing for the boys to dance on girl's song. But they have to do it.

    They started the preparations.
    They first prepared the dance.
    Then they removed their ghagra choli.
    Then they wore their costume. It was a belly dancer costume consisting of a bra and belly dancer skirt. The costume was showing a lot of their skin. Their belly and legs were exposed.
    Then they redid their makeup. and added eye liner, lipstick and kajal

    When they came on the stage all the girls started laughing at them.
    They were commenting and whistling on them.
    The boys were feeling very shy.
    Then they danced on the song.
    It was very humiliating moment for them.
    Finally the entire cast was selected and the preparations for the next movie began.

  • #558

    AAAAA (Sunday, 18 December 2016 16:13)

    The movie begins with a great and wealthy kingdom ruled by KING RAJESH {HERO AJAY`S FATHER}
    PRINCE RAJU{HERO AJAY} was the eldest son and general and also prince, heir apparent to kingdom.
    PRINCE RAJU{HERO AJAY} was a terrific warrior and sword fighter. He was a ruthless general
    PRINCE RAJU{HERO AJAY}used to always be the first to go to battles and he would bring back the crown of his opponents to his father KING RAJESH{HERO AJAY`S FATHER}
    KING RAJESH{HERO AJAY`S FATHER} was so happy about his son victories that he forgot the misdeeds of his son AJAY.
    PRINCE RAJU {Hero AJAY} had weakness toward girls and he used to rape any girl he liked in his kingdom.
    He also used to rape the beautiful girls in the enemy kingdom.

    One day PRINCE RAJU {HERO AJAY} BROTHER went for a swim in a nearby lake. There he along with his friends saw few village girls bathing in river. The girls had placed eir removed dresses on banks of river.
    In order to tease them they silently went and stole their clothes and went and sat on top of a nearby tree.
    When the girls came to know that their clothes were stolen & they were dressed only in bra and panties they were bathing they pleaded with the smiling boys who were lead by PRINCE RAJU`s BROTHER.

    Despite their pleas PRINCE RAJU`s BROTHER insisted on them coming out dressed like that to outside and kiss each of the boy present there.
    Only then they would get back their clothes or else they have to go to their home dressed only in the bra and panty they were wearing.
    Fearing that, the girls came out of the lake 1 by one only in BRA & PANTIES and had to kiss each and every boy present there.

    The girls felt humiliated but had no other option other than to kiss the boys dressed only in BRA & PANTIES.
    When they asked PRINE RAJU`S BROTHER FOR THEIR DRESS he told them that just a kiss is not sufficent and they would have to strip completely and perform a naked dance for them.
    The girls refused.
    PRINCE RAJU`S BROTHER then told them that it is a royal order and if they did not comply they would also be raped.
    Fearing this the girls totally stripped and danced nudely.
    Then they took their dresses from PRINCE RAJU`S BROTHER and ran home crying.
    They feared that even if they told anyone of the above incident only they would be punished as PRINCE RAJU`S BROTHER belonged to royal family and no one would dare to punish him.
    But one of the village girl thinking of the humiliation reported about this incident to a nearby secretive AMAZON WOMEN KINGDOM.
    This secretive AMAZON WOMEN KINGDOM was all women kingdom ruled by QUEEN PRIYA {HEROINE PRIYA}
    In this kingdom only girls were allowed to rule. Men were held as just slaves and had no rights
    The kingdom was kept secretive as it did not have enough support and wealth.
    Any women can come to this kingdom and report of any incident.
    The guys who harmed the women would be captured, punished, crossdressed and turned as slave of that woman.
    On hearing about the way the girls were stripped & made to dance QUEEN PRIYA became angry. She wanted to teach all the guys a lesson.
    But her commanders told her that if they went to war with RAJU`S KINGDOM they would be outnumbered & die
    SO QUEEN PRIYA made a plan to destroy them one by one.
    1st on the list is PRINCE RAJU`S BROTHER
    2nd on the list is PRINCE RAJU
    3rd is KING RAJESH.
    First they laid a trap for PRINCE RAJU`S BROTHER who was in a nearby FORT relaxing which was quite far from his capital.
    First QUEEN PRIYA sent a beautiful girl. The girl LURES PRINCE RAJU`S BROTHER out of the fort into jungles.
    All the amazon warriors then surround and fall on the unsuspecting PRINCE RAJU`S BROTHER.The village girls who were stripped by PRINCE RAJU`S BROTHER were also present.
    They make him strip down his knight`s armor and they tease him nakedly. Then he was given a PINK Blouse and LEHENGA to wear.
    Then they applied makeup to him and turned him almost like a full girl. Then he was made to dance in front of all of them in girls dress.
    Then the AMAZON QUEEN PRIYA asked him to come forward. He shyly went as he was wearing only PINK BLOUSE & LEHENGA.
    AMAZON QUEEN PRIYA STRUCK HIS NAVEL WITH THE FLAT OF HER SWORD which was a meaning that he was now their slave

  • #559

    AAAAA (Sunday, 18 December 2016 16:14)

    Then the AMAZON QUEEN PRIYA thought of capturing the fort in which RAJU was there as it would serve them a purpose for waging war and building a new kingdom.
    They redressed PRINCE RAJU`S BROTHER in his KNIGHT DRESS and took him to his fort keeping a hidden knife behind him.
    The unsuspecting guards of fort thought that PRINCE RAJU`S BROTHER bought few damsels for his display and unsuspectingly opened the fort.
    Once inside the fort QUEEN PRIYA killed all the guards and opened the doors for all her warriors.
    Within minutes the entire fort was conquered by QUEEN PRIYA.
    But QUEEN PRIYA did not want KING RAJESH PRINCE RAJU to know of these events so she made PRINCE RAJU`S BROTHER write letter to his father for a secluded and disturbed life for few days.
    In those days QUEEN PRIYA enlisted all the women in fort to join them and were dressed as knights and started learning sword fighting.
    The men in the fort were made to dress only in BLOUSE & LEHENGA and were mere slaves to everyone there.
    The men including PRINCE RAJU`S BROTHER was dressed in BLOUSE & LEHENGA and had to dance as well as please the girls present there.

    AMAZON QUEEN PRIYA then even declared that their kingdom would now include the fort and jungle surrounding.
    She declared herself a sovereign ruler and dared the surrounding forts knights for a 1 on 1 sword fight.
    If she lost she would the fort which she had would be given to the captor and she would be turned into a slave and serve her captor for her whole life.
    If she won the knight whom she defeated had to give her his fort, then dress like a woman and serve her for entire life.

    Many KNIGHTS laughed at this proposal of a girl challenging them and many came forward.
    QUEEN PRIYA defeated them easily. Some by force while some by guile.

    For all those knights whom by force or guile she subdues QUEEN PRIYA treats them shamefully.
    First QUEEN PRIYA despoils them of their armor, and clothes them in women's garments BLOUSE & LEHENGA.
    Then with threats she compels them to work to earn their food--to spin, to card, to sew, to wash, to wring.
    QUEEN PRIYA gives them nothing to eat but bread and water, or some such feeble food, to disable them from attempting revenge.
    They even had to dance and please her sexually.
    But if with manly disdain any of them withstand her insolent commands, QUEEN PRIYA causes them to be immediately hanged.

    QUEEN PRIYA conquered many surrounding forts and gave the women inside the fort power while men in the fort were feminised and become slaves to their women.

    One day this news reached KING RAJESH.
    He sent his SON PRINCE RAJU{hero AJAY} with a huge force to attack and conquer all the forts in hands of AMAZON QUEEN PRIYA.
    PRINCE RAJU{HERO AJAY} came with a huge force but was tricked by the jungle.
    PRINCE RAJU{HERO AJAY} lost so many men as he did not knew properly about the jungle while QUEEN PRIYA knew each and every part of jungle and has placed her warriors accordingly.
    Fearing he loose more men he sent an emissary to QUEEN PRIYA requesting a 1 on 1 fight.
    QUEEN PRIYA accepted and put her condition that if PRINCE RAJU{HERO AJAY} LOST he would have to become a slave and serve her all his life only wearing BLOUSE and LEHENGA.
    If she lost she would be his slave and serve him for rest of his life

    PRINCE RAJU{HERO AJAY} accepted and both were begging for the battle the next day


  • #560

    Alexvyaz (Sunday, 18 December 2016 19:15)

    It's nice to read about the Change of the kingdom to the gender role reversal QUEENDOM. ;)
    I like your parallel histories in the film and reality.

  • #561

    AAAAA (Sunday, 18 December 2016 21:30)

    HERO AJAY {PRINCE RAJU} was happy that till now he had not crossdressed and did a commanding role
    HEROINE PRIYA too was happy as she had an equally commanding role but was waiting for the revenge on HERO AJAY as he had teased her by spinning top on her navel and pinching her navel and later giving an icepack to her on the day before the begining of the film shoot.
    HEROINE PRIYA had placed that icepack in a near by fridge and was planning for a revenge that HERO AJAY would never forget in his entire life. She also had planned to give him that same ice pack after teasing him

    DIRECTOR RANI began the second part of film shoot with the 1 on 1 war sequence between PRINCE RAJU {HERO AJAY} & QUEEN PRIYA {HEROINE PRIYA}

    As soon as day of their fight dawned, the warriors, PRINCE RAJU {HERO AJAY} & AMAZON QUEEN PRIYA {HEROINE PRIYA} mindful of the fight before them, duly prepared themselves,

    PRINCE RAJU {HERO AJAY} DRESSED as beseemed a knight, and
    AMAZON QUEEN PRIYA {HEROINE PRIYA} in the way she liked best to dress in a KNIGHT`S SHINING ARMOR
    Over that she wore for defence a small coat of mail. Oil her legs were painted buskins, laced with bands of gold; her scimitar was lashed at her thigh in an embroidered belt; and on her shoulder hung her shield, decked with glittering stones, so that it shone like the full moon.
    Thus she came forth, stately and magnificent, from her fort, guarded with many other female warriors who waited
    on her to defend her

    Then forth from his tent came PRINCE RAJU {HERO AJAY} ,armed from head to foot, and first entered the lists.

    The trumpets sounded, and the fight began

  • #562

    AAAAA (Sunday, 18 December 2016 21:31)

    The Amazon QUEEN PRIYA flew at PRINCE RAJU frantic with fury, but the more she raged the more resolute he stood. She hewed, she thrust, she lashed, she laid on every side.
    At first the PRINCE RAJU bore her blows, and forbore to return them; but presently in his turn he began to attack, and so mightily did his strokes fall on her steel armour, that flakes of flame were seen flashing all round her as if she had been on fire.
    But QUEEN PRIYA with her shield so well warded off the danger of his keen weapon that she safely guarded her life, until at last, with one stroke of his blade, PRINCE RAJU cut away half her shield and teased her to get ready to become his slave whore.
    This so enraged QUEEN PRIYA that she flew at PRINCE RAJU with her sharp scimitar, like a bear on her prey, and wounded him badly in the thigh that he sank and his sword fell from his hand.
    As soon as QUEEN PRIYA saw that PRINCE RAJU was standing there beside her with no weapon in his empty hands, she flew at him with fresh cruelty, and though he kept retiring she laid on him huge redoubled strokes.
    The more he meekly entreated her to stay her hand, the more she increased her merciless attack.
    PRINCE RAJU could do nothing but shun her angry onslaught, and ward off with his shield alone, as well as he could, the fierceness of her rage.
    Finally PRINCE RAJU begged QUEEN PRIYA to stop her strokes, and said that he would yield himself; yet she would not hearken, nor give him time to breathe, till he had delivered to her his shield, and submitted himself to her mercy in the open field.
    Then QUEEN PRIYA struck him with the flat of her sword, in token of true subjection to her power.
    Seeing their mighty warrior PRINCE RAJU {HERO AJAY} falling His entire army which was watching their 1 on 1 battle lost hope and started to run.
    But QUEEN PRIYA had locked the exit door of fort.
    Having no other option they to surrendered.
    They were then led to thraldom.
    QUEEN PRIYA ordered them to be disarmed of all the knightly ornaments.
    In place of these she had them shamefully dressed in woman's clothes
    First they wear shaved from top to bottom and then applied a special cream which wouldnot allow hair to grow on any part of the body other than their head hair.
    Then each of them were given a bra & panty to wear.
    This was followed by PINK BLOUSE & LEHENGA. PRINCE AJAY was given special RED BLOUSE & LEHENGA
    The Blouse was lowcut designed to show their clevages. Then their eyes were reshaped as girls, apllied kajal, lipstick applied dangling earrings to all of them and also a wig.
    All of them were made wear chains on their belly and many bangles in their hands.
    All of them were showing their belly,waist and back completely.

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    AAAAA (Sunday, 18 December 2016 21:33)

    Thus dressed, she brought them from the battlefield into a long, large chamber, decked with memorials of the ruin of many knights whom she had subdued
    Entering, they saw around them many brave knights whose names they knew well, who were there bound to obey the Amazon's arrogant law, all spinning and carding in an orderly row.
    The captive knights were forced through hunger and want of food to do the work appointed them, for nothing was given them to eat or drink, but what their hands could earn by twisting linen twine, cooking, sweeping.
    Each 1 was given a designated task. thus hard is it to be the slave of a woman! BUT ALL obeyed her without murmuring
    QUEEN PRIYA and gave a distaff to FEW OF THEM and told them that they should spin thereon flax and tow.
    QUEEN PRIYA appointed few as sweepers, few as cleaners few as dancers.
    But QUEEN PRIYA told PRINCE RAJU {HERO AJAY} that she had a special treat for him and she took him to her personal chambers which was a large bedroom which had a huge bed.
    Beautiful flowers were tied to the bed as though it was a firstnight bed.
    Few of her personal maid were present there.
    QUEEN PRIYA then sat on bed & pulled PRINCE RAJU {HERO AJAY} on bed.
    Due to sudden pull he lie on the bed on his back.
    As he was dressed only in RED BLOUSE & PINK LEHENGA his clevage & navel were in full front view of the QUEEN PRIYA & all her personal maiden who were present in that room.
    Felling shy PRINCE closed his eyes AND TRIED TO COVER HIS MAKEP FACE.
    First queen PRIYA kissed his pink coated lips
    Then QUEEN PRIYA tore out the blouse and lehenga he was wearing. Now he was only in RED COLOURED BRA & PANTY.
    Then even his panty was torn.
    PRINCE RAJU {HERO AJAY} was feeling a bit shy as now he was only dressed in red bra in front of QUEEN PRIYA and also her personal maiden
    But PRINCE RAJU {HERO AJAY} was happy thinking he would be having sex with PRIYA.
    But to his surprise he was turned to his back abruptly and he started feeling something on his back. He later felt a sudden JERK on his ASS & to his horror he felt something which was pushed inside his asshole.
    He started sceaming and crying was terrified and tried to move away.
    But PRINCE RAJU {HERO AJAY} was held firmly by PRIYA that he could not move even an inch.
    PRIYA started pushing the object even deeper in PRINCE RAJU {HERO AJAY} ASS eventhough he was screaming and begging PRIYA to leave him.
    PRIYA was laughing so were the other women present in that room.
    After continuously inserting for 1 hour PRIYA removed the object from PRINCE RAJU {HERO AJAY} ass.
    PRINCE RAJU {HERO AJAY} was crying with pain and he was unable to move. He was still screaming to stop & crying unconsolably.
    Then DIRECTOR RANI clapped & announced that their second part of film shoot was complete.

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    AAAAA (Sunday, 18 December 2016 21:34)

    HERO AJAY with great difficulty got up from the bed. He was dressed only his red bra as all others were torn by PRIYA
    HERO AJAY was still feeling pain & crying. He even didnot remove his hands from his ass.
    He was catching his ass and crying he came to DIRECTOR RANI & shouted on her that he was not informed of this scene. But she replied that HERO AJAY consented to all sexual acts before the start of the film.
    DIRECTOR RANI told HERO AJAY that she didnot tell the actual content of the scene to him as if he knew priorly, he would not have given those expressions.
    DIRECTOR RANI told him that the scene required of a rape scene and it was difficult to get proper expressions if he knew its content earlier.
    DIRECTOR RANI told HERO AJAY that the way he screamed and cried was necessary for the film scene.
    DIRECTOR RANI told HERO AJAY that she had discussed the scene earlier with PRIYA and was happy with the way scene came.
    HERO AJAY was still feeling pain and was still holding his ass.
    SEEING THIS HEROINE PRIYA was giggling while DIRECTOR RANI told him that he can take rest for 1 week before the beginning of final portion of filmshoot.
    HEROINE PRIYA came toward HERO AJAY laughing and gave him the ice pack which he gave her earlier saying that he require it more than her.
    HEROINE PRIYA teased him saying that by keeping ice on his ass his pain would decrease and she left smiling thinking her revenge was complete.
    HERO AJAY took the ice pack and left.

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    AAAAA (Sunday, 18 December 2016 21:37)

    After 1 week the third part of film shoot started.
    When HERO AJAY came to sets he was teased by HEROINE PRIYA about how his pain in ass was to which HERO AJAY felt ashamed and could not even see into her eyes.
    DIRECTOR RANI began the final part of film shoot :-
    PRINCE RAJU {HERO AJAY} after being fucked was by QUEEN PRIYA was made to dress in PINK BLOUSE & PINK LEHENGA. His makeup was redone to being a perfect girl.
    PRINCE RAJU {HERO AJAY} dejected was then appointed by QUEEN PRIYA as her comfort and he needed to daily please her sexually.
    That night he was dressed in RED DESIGNER SUHAGRAAT SAREE.
    PRINCE RAJU was fearing he might be fucked by QUEEN PRIYA again.
    But he felt happy when he knew that another comfort would also accompany him.
    When he went to see other comfort who was also dressed in suhagraat designer saree he went near her.
    To his horror he found that it was none other than his brother.
    He was looking like his sister and was similarly dressed as him except tat he was wearing a midsleeved blouse and a black saree. Other than that they were looking similar.
    Both were shocked on seeing 1 another.
    But didnot have the time to explain as they were called by QUEEN PRIYA.
    They entered her room with a milk glass each.
    PRINCE RAJU {HERO AJAY} was dressed in red saree while his brother was dressed in black saree.
    They both offered milk to QUEEN PRIYA.
    QUEEN PRIYA drank the milk and told both the brothers to lie down.
    She removed pallu of their saree.
    She played with both their navel for sometime.
    Then were told to lie on back. She played with their back waist region between blouse and lehenga for sometime.
    She them pulled down their LEHENGAA and PANTIES.
    Now both were only in their blouses.
    She told them to bend at edge of bed and lift ass up.
    Both were afraid thinking they would be fucked again but did not dare to say any word.
    After fucking RAJU`S BROTHER in different positions for 1 hour she finally left his brother and went near PRINCE RAJU.

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    AAAAA (Sunday, 18 December 2016 21:43)

    QUEEN PRIYA told RAJU that she had used up all her lube on RAJU`S BROTHER and now he had to suck her dildo or else he would feel even more pain.
    PRINCE RAJU tried but he could not as he had never done before.
    QUEEN PRIYA told him it was his fault and he would now feel more pain and she started fucking him.
    She then immediately lifted PRINCE RAJU{HERO AJAY} up and took to the wall and now HE was standing in front of a wall hugged her tightly still .
    She then lift one leg up of me and placed strap-on on his ass.
    PRINCE RAJU{HERO AJAY} begged her to do it soft but she slapped him & inserted it tightly at first only tip went and after some forceful insertions complete 8 inch weapon tore his ass & he was crying like a girl who lost her virginity to a mass man. PRINCE RAJU{HERO AJAY} was still begging her, but she started stroking where in no time she lifted his second leg also he was on air with strap-on in his ass and she lifted him and fucking him in the air itself.
    Then after some hot fucking she placed on the ground and forcibly take PRINCE RAJU{HERO AJAY} to the bed and made him doggy style and started fucking.

    PRINCE RAJU{HERO AJAY} screamed in pain but was fucked ruthlessly in different positions by PRIYA for 1 hour.
    For 1 hour PRINCE RAJU {HERO AJAY} WAS SCREAMING and shouting in pain while all others in the room including heroine PRIYA WERE laughing and enjoying each and every scene.
    Finally DIRECTOR RANI ANNOUNCED the shot was complete.
    HERO AJAY wearing only his red blouse and catching his ass went and told DIRECTOR RANI of the difficulty in that scene.
    DIRECTOR RANI told him that pain would be common and he would get adjusted to it after few days.
    He was told to relax in his room for sometime before next shot .
    He was to tired to wear anything.
    He was already in blouse and just wore a towel and went to his room.

    to be continued

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    brother in law to wife 20
    we went for sleep vikram slept but i am not getting sleep now i am getting sex mood more and i rub my breast with hands and kept sleep on vikram hugging tightly and we both are nude and sleep and next day morning i wake up and i gathered all the dresses and kept at one side and te towel and take saree blouse petticoat and inners and kept on bed went for bath and removed towel and mangalsutra was hanging on myneck and take out and kept on shelf and took bath and tie towel up to breast and came out vikram was wake up he is waiting to me and he took the saree in hand and said take dress and wear infront of me i want to see my friend satya sorry my sexy wife how she will wear and behave i got shy ididnt get any word from mouth and he said ur my wife yesterday i saw u nude no problem wear he said i removed the towel and whle taking petticoat my breasts are bouncing i kept one hand to cover breast and take petticoat and wear from top and bra take it to front and hook it and turn the bra towards back and adjusted the breasts in bra cup later came blouse keep all hooks and saree came last i wear it and he got stunnedme wearing the saree perfectly and tie my pleats below my navel and my cleavlage was visible and loking sexy to him and later i removed the hair toweland keepthe hair loose he came and ask me r u comfortable with saree he said i said i am okbut not evrytime t is heavy he said u can change to normaldress said mil said to wear sarree and come and take bath and come i said and went out of room to kitchen due to the sex at night i am not able to walk properly and mom was there and she saw me and ask wear is mangalsutra i said in desk she scolded me and said u have to wear it every tme u must not remove and went to deskand take and kept n my neck and it is hangng out od saree mom said mangalsutr must be inside saree it must not be out side and u must not remove toe rings whle u r walkng it will tells u that ur married and having famly and must keepbindi bangles and earrings coplesory and give coffe to me and said i will go and give to vikram and callng vikram mil came and said u must not call vikram by his name he is ur husband u have to gve respect to himand vkram went to office and came at evening and aganin night came wear the nighty and go toroom this tme he himself removed his and my dress and hestand and said me to sit and said to take hs cock and shake it and keep in moutn and swallow sperms he saidi shocked because lke ths did too my wfe also now i have to obey his order and i am doing and my breasts are bouncing and i taste it and he ask me how it is and went for sleep next day got letter from ffice said to join by next week and i got the marrage certificate and i ask about the office mater to mom and vikram and they accept it

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    I would like to see the scene similar to the beginning of the film about the Amazons kingdom, only with female knights teasing boys in bras and panties. ;)

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    Here suggation for you
    1) heroine priya father was a don and under world king of india. He wished his legecy another level by his son and his son became the world king and don. A baby girl born by his wife, who is priya . after priya birth his wife died. First priya father unhappy with baby girl. Later he acept his girl as son.
    2) later all aceapt priya as a boy. After 25 years underworld singal handly rule by priya.
    3) police want arrest heroine priya but no avidance against her. Polic want a undercover mission lead by ajay, who is a cbi officer.
    4)in this mission , first hero ajay propose priya. He said he deeply love with her, and want to marry her. Priya reject it, and said 25 years of her life she live like a men. She did not want to some body wife.
    5) after 1st mission failed. Police convice ajay to go another mission. Where he cross dress and propose priya and want to her wife. After priya convice his father and marry ajay, where priya is groom and ajay is bride.
    6)after marriage ajay live in priyas house as priya wife. He secreatly search proof of priya crime.
    7) after 3 month ajay collect manny proof of priya crime and her illegle buissness. But he did not send proof to polile. Becaise he is fall in love with her.
    8) priya gang know that ajay a cbi officer . when priya know that , priya want to kill ajay. But she relise she is love with him. And forgive him.
    9) ajay told priya that he is no a cbi officer anymore. Now he is wife and queen of priya. Priya said under world know me as king. Verry soon underworld know you as queen. We rule underworld.
    10) AAAAA please write it. Here describe priya has handsome hunk wear shirt , trouser, jeans , tuxedo , lathers pant, jacket. Boot, shoe etc. Ajay as sexy item wear stylish saree, mini skrit, gown, short dress
    . also wear high heel, sandal , bangle , payel, bindi, sindoor , mangal sutra, toe ring , shoulder gloves, wedding ring etc.

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    great story AAAAA . waiting for next part

    i would love to see boys getting their ear pierced ,

    and take them to salon , get them waxed and make them get eyebrows done too

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    brother in law to wife 21
    next day my mom and mil left home they went t thier home from now me and vikram only there and next month vikram daughter wll come and from tomorrow onwards i have to go to office i am thinking how to go to office and how to face my friends and collegues they dont no about my surgery and my marrage and i am going after the long back and today evening vikram came to home and i said to him and i said my problems to him vikram i cant wear sarees every time in home ur mom and my mom said to me wear everyday i dont like this its heavy and please allow me to wear jeans and shirts and salwars in home as well as outside and he said ok satya i can understand and wear what u want but when mom and mil came u have to wear but wear the good lookng dresses not like esposing and tightfits if any one saw it must be look good and behave like girl hiding breast with dppata or go out by tieing scarf on face u know how we will comment girls while dressning and behaviour keep in the mind u r a girl now what about ur office u have to go tommorow what u will wear i said will go in saree and tellmy situation to manager and i dont have any office costumes and jeans we will go and buy i said he said ok ready in 10 mins and i went to my room and remove saree and select salwar and wear and keep bndi and came out it take me 30 mins for ready he said why girls will take so much time to ready u got answer satya he said because it was late and we came out and he start bike today i wear salwar so i asked will sit on bothsides he said ok after lng time i sit on bothsaides and he is driving and one time he kept break mybreast has touches his back i shout and drve slowly he said u only say tome to do for my wife so i did now he said i got schock and now i am fellng now i come to know how girls will feel and we buy some jeans and tops andvikram select one long frock to me and said me to try and it need some one to fix at back s ask salesgirl to come and we went for changng room and i remove my top and bttom i am in bra and panty and she saw my structure and said ur havng nice structure and ur hubby is happy withu i think and i got shy and wear it and she tighten at back and came out and i am lookng like a heroin wearing it vkram ask to pack it and we came back to home nextday mrning i wake up and wear saree and ready for going to office and take scooty and went to officemy manager is lady i took appointment and meet her by name satya no one recognsed me and i get nto her cabin and sad good mornng mam i amsatya and show my srs and marrge certfcate she got schock and ask what happen and i said to her she sttunned to listen and sak me stand up and she saw me totally she thnk one was a nce guy now a wfe to one person wearing mangalsutra toerings sareeblouse lke traditonal housewfe and she said want to change all your documents ids and she said i will send to another team wear most ladies will be and u will be comfortable to work i said thanku mam and she said u came come to office in slwar or pnjabi or western no need to wear saree i sad thank u mam and went for seat to work and by evenng all know about me and came to me and askng and sad we wll go out for dinner i said no my husband s thier and i am wife i want to go i said they shocked the dramatic changes on me and one frend name sunil me and he was every timecomment on girls abut ther dressing and seeng breast through one side ofsaree and sayng breast was saggng means she completed sex wth her husband last night and walking styles like that sunil came to me i shocked to see him because we coment on girls now i am a grrsl he cane see my brestfrm blouse which one side sareecan visible andbras and sexy structure how wll coment me now i am a girls he said how r u now and i said ok andhe lift later last i went to home and remove saree blouse and bra and nudely i am n bed i am feeling free wthout dress and vkremcame suddenly by opening door of duplcate lock and closed came to bedroom and see me nude cover my breast with he laugh and he got mod and he fucked me i am enjoyng next day i take bath and come he kept saree on bed said happy birthdya and said to wear saree and wearbre panty pettcoat and blouse i dnt because of back hook and i take and i ask vikram to keep hooks he kept it and wear saree and we went for temple and after ne month daughter came and she call me mom and i got happy she is callng mom and i cant be mom or dad realtime and living life happily with vikram and my lovely daughter this is my story
    the end

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    if u want more stories please suggests some taglines according to that i will write
    thank u

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    Alternatively you can access it at the amazon site of your country of residence by typing EX-Q-ZIT and in my list of books you can access the above story.

    For all those who couldn't afford/access my previous story 'YOU ARE THE WIFE, I AM THE HUSBAND' I shall post it in my blog tomorrow for a few days so that you can read it.

    I am currently writing a new story called 'THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE' where a circumstances make a guy become the wife of his mother-in-law. Shall let you know once its done.

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    This is not my stories but i like this type of stories enjoy.....
    There is an all women family in our village. The widow mother &
    her three daughters. Labanya is the eldest. She is 26 years old.
    Though she is beautiful & has a good figure of 34-26-34, 56 kg
    weight & 5’7” height, no one in the village likes her for her
    tomboy type nature. Her family is poor & her mother worked as
    domestic cook in some of the rich families in our village.
    My father expired 3 years ago. He was the librarian in the village
    school. After her accidental death my mother got a clerical job in
    the same school. I completed my graduation from the nearest town
    college & after examination I came to village for 2 months &
    waited for the result out. Since I was good in study, I was sure
    about good result in graduation & prepared myself for higher
    study. I also have a sister who is studying plus two in our
    village school. She is 3 years younger to me & 18 years old.
    Since my mother & sister have to go school early in the morning,
    she does not get time to cook in the morning. So, she hired the
    widow for cooking @Rs.1200/- per month. Since the widow is a good
    cook we do not have any problem.
    Every morning within 9 A.M. my mother & sister goes for school. I
    stay in the home & study. One day the widow did not come to cook.
    The next day again she was absent. Before leaving for school my
    mother asked me to go her house & know the matter.
    Her house was in another side of the village. This is the poorest
    locality of the village. I went her home. Labanya, the eldest
    daughter comes out from the room. She does not recognize me. I
    give her my name. Then she recognizes & requests me to come
    inside. I go & discover that the widow is ill. She promised me
    that if she is unable to go tomorrow then Labanya will go & cook

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    Rashmi Patel (Friday, 23 December 2016 08:48)

    Next day Labanya comes to cook. She is not so good cook & also she
    is very slow. So, my mother & sister were compelled to go the
    school without eating. Labanya told them that, after completing
    cooking she will take the food in Tiffin career & will go to
    school before the launch hour.
    That happens for the next 6 days. Every day she completed her
    cooking after one hour my mother & sister went to school. Then she
    packs the food in the big tiffin career & goes to school. On the
    7th day after cooking she comes to my room. I was alone in my
    home. She begins to start talking. She told me about her
    childhood, how her father died without getting good medical
    treatment, how she stopped to study after getting good marks in
    plus two exams. She got very emotional. I felt pity about her &
    wanted to give her a lump some money. That makes her angry. “I do
    not need your money. I do not need your pity. After seeing you I
    liked you. That leads to love. Like love at first sight. I want to
    marry you. I want to be the bahu of this family. Will you marry me
    Mridul? I will be a good wife to you.”
    I am in a fix. I don’t like her. I never felt like that. Besides,
    there is a huge difference in our status. We belong to higher cast
    & they belong to lower cast. Also they are no match with us in
    money. I have plan for my forthcoming life. I have to complete my
    post graduation, then I will do my MBA & then I have to get a good
    job in a good MNC.
    So, I definitely reject her rudely & advice her not to keep those
    things in her mind. That makes her very angry & she said,”you have
    done a big mistake by rejecting me. I will make rest of your life
    very painful.”I laughed.

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    Rashmi Patel (Friday, 23 December 2016 08:49)

    Next day she came to cook wearing a transparent white sari.
    Immediately after my mother & sister gone to school she comes to
    my room & suddenly hugged me tightly. Then she begins to start
    kissing all over my face. Then suddenly she tears her sari &
    blouse & bra & makes herself half nude. I also become very excited
    with a sudden physical movement by Labanya. Soon she made me nude
    & takes my erect penis into her pussy.
    Keeping me very tightly in her arms & taking my erect penis in her
    pussy she begins to shout for help. I sensed her plan & wanted to
    free myself but I did not succeed. She has huge power in her arms.
    Immediately after her shouting for help, some people come inside
    my room & take her away from me. They begin to bit me. I cried.
    But they don’t stop. Then some elders of the village came. They
    rescued me. But they order them to tie my hands & legs with rope
    After half an hour the sarpanch comes. The elders tell them what
    happened. He orders to arrange salishi sabha at 4p.m. in the
    village community hall. Till then, I will be tied with ropes &
    some villagers will guard me.
    15 minutes later my mother & sister come. After hearing everything
    from the villagers my mother comes to me & slaps. I wanted to tell
    her everything but she did not listen.
    At 3-45p.m. the villagers took me to the community hall. All the
    villagers are present there. Sarpanch takes his seat. Then he asks
    my family to sit right side of the front & asks Labnya’s family to
    sit left side of the front. Though Labanya’s mother is ill, she is
    present here. Labanya is also present. Her full body is cover with
    a blanket. She did not comb her long hair, what acting!
    First Sarpanch asks Labanya to tell what happened. She told them
    that at the first day I offered her money in exchange of physical
    intimacy with her. When she refused, every day I irritated her &
    finally I raped her today. I Shout & tell the sarpanch that every
    bit of her words is damn lie. He does not believe. She had also
    some fake witness. They supported her story.My mother & sister are crying. The sarpanch asked them whether
    they will accept his decision or he will advice Labanya to go to
    police. My mother says that she will accept his decision.
    Then sarpanch says, since Mridul raped her, he has to marry her.
    “Will you agree to marry her Mridul?”I have no other way. I
    accepted. Then he asks Labanya. Labanya says,”ok. I will marry
    him. But, I have a condition. The sarpanch surprises.”I don’t
    understand your word.”the sarpanch says. ”Sarpanchji, He took my
    virginity in a brutal way & if I accept to marry him, he will rape
    me rest of my life. That is not punishment. That is a reward to
    him. That is what he wanted. So, I want humiliation. I will marry
    him as groom & he will be bride & rest of the life he has to spend
    as my wife & I will be his husband for the rest of my life. If it
    is accepted by his family & him, only then I will be agreeing.
    Otherwise I will go to the police.”
    I shouted. But none listen to me. The sarpanch discusses the
    matter with the elders & after ten minutes he says,” Ok. The
    proposal is accepted. There is an auspicious marriage date after 1
    month. Till then Mridul’s mother & sister will prepare him for his
    marriage. And, in the mean time, if Mridul escapes, the entire
    responsibility goes to them. They will be punished for that. The
    meeting is over for now.”

  • #591

    Rashmi Patel (Friday, 23 December 2016 08:54)

    Nxt day...At exactly 9pm the sarpanch takes his seat. He then says,” you
    know what type of punishment we gave to Mridul for his behavior
    upon Labanya & his family also agreed upon the punishment. But,
    what I now come to know that they did not obey my order & tried to
    bribe Labanya’s family.”
    My mother tries to interrupt, “No, this is not true…”The villagers
    shout at her.
    Then again the sarpanch says, “This is a bigger crime & so, all of
    the family members deserve punishment. After discussing the matter
    with the other members of the committee, we have decided that the
    fixed marriage between Labanya & Mridul will be held on tomorrow
    instead of one month later. There will be two more marriage
    tomorrow. Mridul’s mother & sister will be married with the
    brothers of Labanya. Labanya’s elder brother Lalan will marry
    mridul’s sister & Labanya’s younger brother will marry mridul’s
    widow mother. I am asking the village girls to prepare them for
    tomorrow’s marriage. The meeting is over for now.”
    Hearing the ordeal of the sarpanch my mother fainted. My sister
    started crying.I silently think how our fate is going to change.
    The village girls took us with them to our home.
    In the night we never talked with each other. We only changed our
    dress & went to bed.

    Next day, in the morning, some of the village girls & married
    women came to our home to prepare us for the marriage. Among them,
    there were some, who worked as beauticians in a beauty parlor of
    nearby town & used to prepare the would-be brides to their marriage.
    First they talked with us. My mother and sister were crying. I was
    nervous. Mother asked them to request the sarpanch to withdraw the
    ordeal. They knew that is not possible. So, they advised my mother
    to stay calm. My family was very much known to them & they had
    regards for our family & so, they understood somewhere there were
    some sorts of conspiracy. But, they were like doll to the
    sarpanch. So, they had no courage to talk against the sarpanch’s
    We understood, we had no other option but to ready ourselves for
    the upcoming marriages in evening. One of the elderly lady told my
    mother, “ Sumita ( My mother’s name), you both go from here. We
    will prepare both of you after noon. We do not need more than 2
    hours to prepare you. But, you know, to prepare Mridul as bride,
    we need much more time. So, we should better start with him now.”

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    Rashmi Patel (Friday, 23 December 2016 08:56)

    They took me to the other bed room where there were attached bed
    room available. Since this is the bed room for my mother & sister,
    so, there were a man-size mirror, a dressing table & make up &
    dressing kits & other things any lady needs to keep in her bedroom.
    First they ask me to strip. I reluctantly striped. Then they
    shaved my whole body & messaged my whole body with hair remover
    cream & then ask me to take bath. After bath they again message my
    whole body with another cream to smoothen my skin. Then another
    lady cuts my short hair in feminine style. Then she did some
    electrolysis in the upper portion of the upper lip( in the
    mustache area). Then she plucked my brew in feminine style. One
    lady then handed me the panty & bra to wear. One lady brings an
    artificial breast & puts it in my breast with glue.
    Then they took me in front of the mirror & dressing table & asked
    me to sit in a stool. There were my mother & sister seated also
    wearing only bra & panty like me. Seeing me they blushed & I felt
    shy. However the ladies begin to dress us in bridal wear. One lady
    pierce my left nostril & both the ear lobes. Then they put ear
    rings in my ear & put a nose ring with chain in my nose. The other
    end of the chain she attaches in the left earring. Then they put
    all the other jewelries in my body. Then then give us to wore
    other underwear & silk sari.
    At last, at 4pm all three of us are prepared in our bridal dress &
    ready for marriage.

    The marriage is arranged in the community hall of the village. All
    the villagers are invited. So when we three reached, there was a
    big crowd. The sarpanch himself is in charge of everything & he
    also bears the cost of the marriage. Labanya & her two brothers
    are already reached there. Her brothers as well as she are ready
    in male bridal dress. The purohit asked us to sit beside grooms
    respectively. I sat beside Labanya, my sister sat beside her
    brother Lalan, my mother sat beside her younger brother Lakhan.
    Purohit begins chanting.
    After completion of the puja & other duties performed by the
    purohit Labanya & her brothers put vermilion on our forehead &
    mangalsutra on our neck respectively. We touch our head to their
    feet to take their blessings as tradition.
    Then the sarpanch orders us to stand in a queue. After we stand
    that way, the sarpanch asks the widow cook Sudha to come in front.
    When she comes in front, he asks her to sat beside him. The he
    says, “Look Sudha, from today this is your full family.You are now
    a happy mother of three married sons. Yes, from today the
    villagers will consider Labanya a man too. She should deserve the
    status of any man gets & should be referred as ‘He’ as she has
    married as a groom. Labanya is a male name also. So, she should
    not need to change her name. And, from today, Mridul will be named
    as ‘Mridula’ & he will get the status of ‘She”.
    “Shudha, from today, you need not continue your profession as
    cook. You are old, now all of your sons are married, they will
    look after your happiness. Besides, your younger two sons are
    already working. I will arrange a job for your elder son Labanya.
    Your younger daughter-in-law Malati is a clerk in our village high
    school, she may continue her job. Your 2nd daughter-in-law
    Madhumita is studying in the same school. She also may continue
    her schooling.
    “You need not worry about your household work. Mridula will be
    able to do all your household duties. She only needs your
    training. I think, you will be able to train her perfectly. If she
    does not obey, I am permitting you to punish her.
    “Ohh, another thing to tell you. It is tradition to give dowry to
    the groom’s family by the bride’s family. On behalf of bride’s
    family, I wish to give their house to you as dowry.
    “Now, Malati, come here & sign in this legal paper. Here, it is
    written that, from today all your wealth & house will be
    transferred in the name of Sudharani Devi. “
    My mother silently goes & signs in the paper & comes back.
    “ Now, Sudharani Devi, the proud mother of three wonderful sons &
    the mother-in-law of three beautiful daughter-in-law, is the owner
    of the house of the brides also.
    “Okay. The last part of the rituals. The new wives should take
    blessings from the elders. We can start from the elder wife.
    Mridula, come here; take blessings from me, your mother-in-law &

  • #593

    Rashmi Patel (Friday, 23 December 2016 08:59)

    He orders a woman to arrange my veil perfectly. I came in front of
    them, bend myself, touch their feet & came back. I know, it is
    pure humiliation. I never know the other way out.
    “Now, Madhumita, come & do the same thing & you also take blessing
    from your Jethani Mridula.”
    Madhumita did as order. She touched my feet also. Now it is the
    turn of my mother. She is now my youngest sister-in-law. She is
    also the younger sister-in-law to Madhumita. So, she takes
    blessings from me & also from Madhumita after bending herself &
    touching our feet.
    “I have also some advices for the new wives.” the sanpanch says.
    “ Since,Mridula is the eldest, she will be called as ‘Bhabi’ by
    other two daughter-in-laws Malati & Madhumita & two brothers Lalan
    & Lakhan. Malati & Lakhan will refer Madhumita as “Bhabi”. Mridula
    & Madhumita will call Malati as ‘Bahin’ also.
    “Now it is time for celebration. All of you enjoy your dinner. “
    After dinner we return to our own home with our respective grooms.
    Legally this is not our home now.This home is now belongs to our
    mother-in-law & our husbands.
    This house is already decorated lightings & there is a big crowd
    to welcome us, the new wives. We have three separate bedrooms in
    our home and those are decorated for our first nights.

    Our mother-in-law handed each of us silk night gowns. We went to
    the fourth bedroom & closed the door from inside. Then I start
    stripping. My mother & sister hesitated to strip in front of me. I
    feel irritation. Everything has been happened already. Our faith
    has been sealed. We cannot change anything now. So, why is a lot
    of shame, memory of the past & other pride and prejudice?
    So, I decide to act as an elder sister-in-law both of them. After
    all, I am the eldest in new relation and should behave like that.
    I say, “Ohh Malati & Madhu! Why are you feeling same in front of
    your elder sister? Now we are only three sisters married to three
    brothers of a family. So, just do & act accordingly.”
    Malati says, “But is ridiculous you know. I am an elderly lady, a
    widow & your mother. How can I spend my rest of the life as
    younger sister of both of you & youngest wife of the family?”
    Madhu says, “ Mridula Didi is correct Malati. You are now wife of
    the youngest brother of our husband, not a widow or our brother.
    So, do not feel shame & strip before us. Besides, our humiliation
    is not nothing comparing to Mridula didi’s humiliation. At least
    we are being female married to male …and she is being a male
    married to a female as her wife. So, do not hesitate & strip. In
    the near future, we should play our role perfectly so that we can
    take revenge in proper time.”
    We then stripped & were the pink night gown. I never wore night
    gown. Why should I? But when looked into the mirror, I see a
    beautiful young woman. Only her makeup has been damaged. The night
    gown also perfectly fit me. The gown is sleeveless & backless….and
    now I feel the charm of silk in my smooth body; you know they
    compelled me to shave completely my body hair. And the feeling of
    the artificial Brest! Now I notice they are huge.. At least 36’ no
    it 38’’…. the night gown gives a nice cleavage ! ohh no ! “ Madhu,
    what is the size of my breast? Have you any idea ? ” “Yes didi. I
    think it will be 38’…and look also at your hip…after adding pad on
    your hip….it is giving you a nice shape….almost 40”…your husband
    will definitely like the figure & adore you tonight…but didi, your
    make up is in mess…may I fix” “yes Madhu,” I say.
    “Then just go to the attach bath & clean the face with face wash &
    come back”
    I went to the bath…and before washing my face again I look at the
    mirror..yes, definitely it is in mess….eyeliner has been damaged,
    the lipstick is not In proper shape & the vermilion is in
    everywhere in my forehead…I cleaned my face.

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    Rashmi Patel (Friday, 23 December 2016 09:02)

    Twenty minutes later I reappeared, my artificial hair wrapped in a
    towel 'turban style' and a large white towel wrapped modestly
    around my chest and over my thighs. My skin glowed a little from
    using the body gel and I smelled divine from a lovely lavender
    scented shower gel. Madhumita had used the time to fetch her night
    gown for herself whom she had laid out on the spare bed. Girlie
    time involved being as feminine as possible so this meant lovely
    panty, bra and night gowns or dresses.
    "There, you look better for that" she stated matter of fact as I
    entered the bedroom. "So let's have a look at you then."
    I giggled girlishly as I pulled open the large towel to reveal my
    naked body still glistening from the hot shower.
    "Wow Didi!" she said, "you are really making progress. God! Just
    look at those tits. They are almost as big as mine," she teased.
    "Yes, they are and you know it. But, you know, I am not accustomed
    with those. In fact they are getting quite hard to handle at the
    time of household work."
    "I bet they are!" she laughed.
    I covered myself up again and watched as Milati began taking off
    her clothes stripping down to her bra and panties, showing
    absolutely no embarrassment. I assume, in her eyes, we are now
    just three wives together and that is how she is preparing herself.
    "What do you want to do first?" Madhumita asked as she discarded
    her clothes.
    "Make up. I always feel much better when I have my war paint on!"
    "Make up it is. Why not go for a sultry night look, you know just
    a little more dramatic."
    "Night it is! Our first night indeed!" I agreed as I fished out my
    make up case and sat in front of a large vanity mirror. Madhumita
    came and sat next to me on a separate stool and as she began with
    my foundation, Malati started on her own make over too. Malati
    watched me though, as Madhumita began to smooth on the light
    foundation she had chosen for me.
    "Not too much my sweet sister Malati. You have lovely skin and you
    don't want to look as if someone has recently plastered you."
    Madhumita warns Milati.
    "I know, I know" Milati replied as she smoothed out the foundation
    with a damp cosmetic sponge.
    It took us twenty minutes or so to finish our makeup. Madhumita
    chose lovely shades of gold and brown for my eye color and
    accentuated this with lashings of black eye liner and mascara. She
    used blues for herself and purples to draw even more attention to
    her astonishing black eyes. Milati preferred the same color &
    shade of Madhumita used as both of them are almost same in look.
    Then, just as Madhumita had taught me to do, I outlined my lips
    with a dark red lip pencil before applying a couple of coats of
    lipstick. Finally, I used blusher and bronzers to shape and
    contour my features, ultimately banishing any trace of masculinity
    left in my face. Madhumita just beamed at me when she looked at
    the finished result.

  • #595

    Rashmi Patel (Friday, 23 December 2016 09:04)

    "You, my dear didi, are getting really good with makeup." she said
    complimenting me once again.
    "Thanks, Madhu, but it is only because you have taught me so well.
    However I never look as good as you do know." I said as I admired
    my sister who looked utterly gorgeous.
    "Yes you will" she replied somewhat mysteriously "just you wait
    and see.”
    Then Milati said to Madhumati “Now would you Madhu like me to do
    your hair for you?"

    She watched as Milati’s eyes lit up with pleasure. But she showed
    her false anger to Milati. “Milati, you are now my sister. Please
    call me didi and respect me accordingly.” Milati looked at her
    obediently & soon corrected herself, “Yes didi. I forgot. May I
    prepare your hair?”
    “Yes my little sister.”
    Really I enjoyed the situation. How we are trying to transition
    ourselves with the demand of the situation! I know the whole thing
    is humiliating. But, we must enjoy ourselves as the prisoners of
    guilty verdicts enjoyed the last night before their death.
    The changes, the new relations among us, my cross dressing
    marriage & my mother’s marriage with the youngest brother….and
    above all we penniless….I know, each of us is burning within
    ourselves…we want revenge…..but, do not know, how & when.
    Seeing myself in the mirror…..I am again feeling humiliation..I
    wish to weep….no, I should not weep, it will damage my make
    up……seeing my mother in that night gown, I again feel
    humiliation…ohh, what will I do !
    Only Madhu is the exception, She is in the right dress….I wanted
    to see her married someday, I wanted to see her someday with a
    gorgeous night gown…now, and she is !....but, why am I not happy
    today ?
    Madhu came to me with a small nose ring.” You have forgotten to
    put it in your nose’
    “Ohh, yes.” I removed the marriage nose ring attached with chain
    but did not put a new one.
    I know, for the first few months I will forget many things…..and
    for that I will be punished from my husband Labanya & my
    mother-in-law…will they bit me ?

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    Rashmi Patel (Friday, 23 December 2016 09:07)

    And someone knocked the door from outside….this must be our
    “ Bahurania ! What are you doing inside for a long time ? Have not
    you completed your makeup? It is already quarter past twelve ,
    when will you go to sleep ? Your husbands are already angry. Come
    on. Open the door quickly. Or, you will be punished.
    I opened the door. Our mother-in-law is waiting for us. She says,”
    why are you so late to complete your make up? We were anxious.
    However take those glasses full of milk & go to your respective
    rooms. Your grooms are waiting for you inside the room.”
    I silently took a glass & went to my room. Labanya is waiting.
    Seeing me she comes towards the door & receives me.”Ohh Mridula!
    You look gorgeous!” I blushed in shame. I look at her. She also
    looks very handsome. There is no sign of femnity in her body &
    dress. She wore Kurta & Pajama, the groom generally wear in the
    night of wedding. Her long hair was cut in short & in masculine shape.
    She hugged me tightly. Then she kissed me. Then she begins to
    start kissing all over my face. Then she unbuttoned my night gown.
    It falls in the floor. I am now in my panty & bra. I also become
    very excited with a sudden physical movement by Labanya. My penis
    becomes erect. She noticed that. “Why those bulge in your
    clitoris? You should understand that the clitoris of any wife
    should not be erected by the hugging of her husband. Strip now.” I
    denied. She slaps me. I cried in pain. She does not stop &
    continue slapping until I stripped & become completely nude. She
    noticed my erect pennies & suddenly slaps on it. I cried loudly in
    pain. She smiles. “You know Mridul, when you rejected me to marry,
    that day I took oath that someday I will marry you by hook &
    crook. And see, today I am successful to keep my word. And not
    only that, I married to you as husband…I compelled your mother to
    marry my youngest brother & your sister to marry my other brother.
    You the rich people! All of the members of the family always
    showed us pity….always hated us….treated us like beggars…I wanted
    to take revenge….I wanted all of you submit to us…and I did it in
    I silently listen to her words...maybe she is partly right. May be
    she is right. We always treated them as the subordinate class. And
    she is taking the revenge. Now I am nude before her. My penis
    again becomes limp. She strips herself. What is that in her lower
    abdomen? I noticed it is a dildo strapped on her waist. And it is
    huge. She orders me to kneel down. “Now Mridula, my sweet wife,
    please worship your God obediently. I know what I have to do.
    There is no way to escape. I kneeled myself down. I take the dildo
    in my both hand, kiss it & then begins to suck. After 10 minutes
    she becomes satisfied. Then she orders me to pose in dog style. I
    did. She comes behind me, takes the pennies in her hand &
    forcefully enters it into my virgin ass hole.
    I cried in pain. She does not listen. She again pushed it. The
    dildo completely enters into my ass hole. As if someone has
    entered a knife in my ass. I become senseless.

  • #597

    Rashmi Patel (Friday, 23 December 2016 09:09)

    Next day when I wake up, it is already dawn. Labanya is in deep
    sleep. She went to sleep keeping her naked body on top of me. I
    somehow managed to keep her aside. And me, completely devastated &
    tired by her physical & mental torture, begin to cry. I read
    somewhere, a man never cries. I really never cried after my
    childhood. But, now I am crying. Now I am crying thinking of my
    future. I wanted to pursue MBA.I wanted to be a manager in a big
    company & then look after my mother…..and what happened suddenly!
    I do not know when I stopped crying & went to sleep again. I wake
    up hearing the sound of the door bell. I look at the wall clock.
    It is already 6-30 AM. The morning sunlight has entered into the
    room through the east side window. I observe the room. The room is
    very much dirty. Our cloths spread away all over the room here and
    there. And both of we are naked. Labanya is still sleeping.
    I first gather all the cloths & keep them in a chair. Then I go to
    the attached bath. I feel fresh after bathing in cold water. Then
    I open the Almirah. There was a new pink colored salwar camiz set.
    I choose it to wear. And I choose a set of white colored underwear.
    After covering me in salwar camiz I stand in front of the mirror.
    There is no sign of manliness. And fact is that I am really
    looking a newlywed bride who has lost her virginity last night. I
    first comb my short hair. Then put vermilion on the partition of
    my front hair. My right hand automatically touched my mangalsutra.
    It is okay in my neck. I put shakha & pala (bangles) in my both
    hands, toe rings in my both legs & a diamond nose stud in my nose.
    Then I wear dupatta over the camiz & place it on my head as veil.
    Now I am really looking a new house wife.
    I open the door & went to the kitchen. My mother-in-law was there.
    She was preparing tea. She looks at me angrily. “What have you
    wore Mridula? Did not you know that the elder wife of the family
    never wear anything other than sari with complete jeweler? Now go
    to your room & change yourself in sari & do not forget to wear
    every jewelry from toe to head & learn to cover your head with
    veil always. And do it in hurry. You have lot of household things
    to do. From today you will do every household work.
    I again went to my room. Change myself in sari. Cover my head with
    the part of the sari. Then I wear toe rings, payels & other jewelries.
    Then again I went to the kithen. My mother-in-law looks at me
    again. “You looks better. Now, sweep the floor first, then do
    rangoli & then do puja. After completion of those you will prepare
    tea & breakfast for all of us.
    When I completed all the tasks, all of the other member of the
    family have already gathered in the dining room. I served each of
    them tea & breakfast. My mother-in-law taste the tea & says ‘the
    taste is ok. But, but you have to learn more.” Then she looks
    Madhumita. She sat besides her husband. She was in her sari. “Look
    Madhu. You are the 2nd wife of this family. You should not wear
    Sari within the house. Besides, you are still studying. So, you
    should always wear salwar camiz. So, go to your room & change
    yourself in salwar camiz.” Madhu obediently went to her room to
    change her cloth.”Now, look Malati. You are the youngest wife of
    the family. You also should not wear sari. You will look older
    than your husband in your sari. So, you should wear modern dresses
    like mini skirt, midi or Bermuda….go to Madu’s room, ask her a
    mini skirt & sleeveless tight shirt, she does not need them at
    all, you and she are same build, so, those will perfectly fit you.”
    When they come back wearing the new dress, I completely taken
    aback….even I first did not recognize Malati…she really looks
    fabulous in mini skirt & a tight sleeveless shirt….I also noticed
    the spark in the eyes of her husband. He will surely fuck her
    again in his first chance.

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    mansi (Friday, 23 December 2016 11:15)

    Pls ex-q-zit post ur story
    Pls pls

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    ex-q-zit (Friday, 23 December 2016 16:10)

    Hi all,

    sorry for not posting the story today. had to takey wifey to dinner. Shall post it tomorrow.


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    Jay (Saturday, 24 December 2016 00:20)

    Ex q zit still waiting forur story pl post.....

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    Srs (Saturday, 24 December 2016 00:31)

    Rashmi Patel I have read already this story but anyways u have edited lil bit, I wish those fake hair, breast and vagina are real

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    Sexy Girl (Saturday, 24 December 2016 05:09)

    Story: Sisters
    Part 1: Beginning
    Bachpan se hi main ladkion ke beech main raha or bada hua. Ours was a modern but joint family. My dad and his brother were business partners and were staying together with their families. Me along with my 2 real and 2 cousin sisters were living together in one big room ( rather a hall) with two full size beds and a single bed on the first floor. I was the only guy in that room until I turned 16. The room was just too girly, right from the colours on the wall, bedsheets, rugs, and dressing table with lots makeup items. Girly things were all around in the room. They had beautiful bangles, ear rings, jewellery and so many accessories. There clothes were cute and pretty. There make up boxes and perfumes were intoxicating. There bras, panties and cute lacy night dresses were the things I always dreamt of wearing. I do not remember when I started dreaming about wearing there panties with sanitary pads. This world of girls was wonderful. My sisters used to talk a lot about girly things like fashion, make up and boys. Whenever I got chance I touched and felt their clothes. And it was not long I realised, I wanted to be girl. But after a few more years I realised, I was a girl. To be a girl I did not need the boobs, vagina and long hairs but the feeling of being a girl which I already had.
    I was slim and fair, my way of talking was girly. The way I walked was very feminine, thanks to My sisters I grew up with. I remember the first time I tried a bra and panty, it felt so good that I knew would be wearing it for the rest of my life.
    By the time I reached 12th, one of my sisters got married, and a few months later we moved out to new bigger house. Now My sister and I had a separate room. I was 17 then, and knew I was a girl from deep within. Now we were only 4 of us in the house, I go more chances to put on my sisters clothes and undergarments. I loved my small, dress up sessions which hardly lasted 30 mins. Till now I did not get a chance to do make and go all the way. But I was waiting for the opportunity, and started preparing for it. I ordered a wig which I did not have, rest pretty much everything I used was my sisters. My sister is 2 years older than me and almost same built as of me. Now to prepare for, all the way dress up as a girl, I wanted to learn to apply makeup. I started you tube videos I learnt easily as I had seen my sister doing it many times. I even started practicing with one thing at a time. Slowly I was even becoming expert in applying makeup.

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    Sexy Girl (Saturday, 24 December 2016 05:12)

    Part 1: Beginning
    I got my chance which when our parents told me that they will be travelling to other town for three days to attend a marriage function. This means Me and my sister were alone in the house for next three days from Thursday to Sunday. Sat day was a holiday as it was a 2nd sat day. My only chance was Thursday, if I could somehow skip school and enjoy the day alone dressing up. I planned to pretend sick and skip the school. Wed day evening our parents left and my sister prepared dinner early and we were free by 8pm. I was excited and planning for tomorrow, with many things running through my mind. My mind was continuously making mix match of the clothes I will wear tomorrow right from lingerie to make up.
    I just could not wait for tomorrow, then I saw my sister going to terrace with her phone. I knew she talks to her BF for long time in her room, but parents were not there so she went to terrace. Today she had freedom to do things. I thought why not to take something from her dirty clothes and spend night in it. Tonight I had no fear of my mom coming to my room and she will be going to her college tomorrow morning she will not be checking her dirty clothes until tomorrow evening. So I was convinced and went to her room. Right outside her bathroom there was laundry basket filled with her dirty clothes; I put my hands and started looking for something. I was shivering with fear of getting caught, and then this purple net and lace bra came into my hands. I took it out and as I was about to turn to move out of her room, I saw and took her regular cotton white panty with light pink flowers on it. It had some fresh stains on it, and I got to know that my sister was on periods. This thought of my sister being on periods made me to find a pad for myself too. I went and opened her wardrobe, and on the lowest shelf I saw an open pack of Stayfree. I carefully took one pad and kept it in my pocket. I stuffed everything in my pocket and ran into my room. I was so sacred and my heart was pounding. But was happy with what I had done. I kept things in my bag and turned off the light of my room and started waiting for my sister to come down and sleep.

  • #604

    Sexy Girl (Saturday, 24 December 2016 05:16)

    Story Name: Sisters
    Part 1: Beginning
    . After 25 mins my sister came down and went to her room. And 10 mins after that she called my name.
    Aneesha: Anshul
    I thought, she found out about missing bra and panty. I skipped a heartbeat and was scared to death . I was thinking what to say if she asks. I thought I should apologize and beg to her for , not to tell mom and dad. I knew simply denying about it was not possible. Because she removed the panty took bath and then went to talk on phone and there is no way her bra and panty can go missing.
    Aneesha: Anshul...Kahaan hai.
    Myself: yes di.
    Aneesha: Can you check if the gate has been locked, I am going to sleep.
    I took a deep breath and said "ok". My sister went to her room and I went and locked the gate and came to hall and said loudly
    Myself: Its locked and also only one light is "on"
    Aneesha: ok good night.
    I was happy and went to my room, locked it from inside and spread the curtains. I removed my clothes. I have no body hairs and very little shave. I shaved in the evening so this was not an issue. I turend off the lights and turned on my blue night lamp. I Inserted pad in the panty and wore it. And then hooked the bra behind and adjusted my bra straps like girls. I was so excited that my hard-on was pressing against my Stayfree pad. I came to my bed and lied on the bed. I took my pillow and hugged it like girls and closed my eyes. The soft feeling of pad in between my legs was making me mad. The bra straps and bra cups holding my small boobs were making my hard-on stretch my panty. My girly feelings were at its peak, I was dreaming like a girl for my tomorrow’s dresses and accessories. I was in heaven but still wanted more. I thought of walking like a girl into our hall till the kitchen to have a glass of water. I got off my bed and slipped into my t-shirt and shorts and started walking towards the kitchen. While walking I kept my legs closed and kept one foot ahead of other and stretched my arms outwards like girls. I was about to open the fridge when I heard my sisters room unlock. OMG I thought, what is going to happen if she notices the small bulge of bra cups in front of my t-shirt. There was no way to move out of kitchen without facing her so I decided to stay there and behave normally. I took the bottle and moved towards kitchen shelf. I was trying to hide my hard-on as well. My sister walked till kitchen and stood behind me.
    Aneesha: Anshul ek glass mujhe bhi dena. Mujhe neend nahi aa rahi.
    Myself: Haan mujhe bhi.
    I poured the water in the glass and gave it to my sister without turning.
    Aneesha: Achha kal shaam bhahar khaane chalenge, mom nahi hai lets party.
    Myself: Haan sure, bahut din hum logon ne masti nahi ki.
    I was so afraid that my fingers were shaking. I started opening random shelfs of kitchen I was hoping that she will go back to her room.
    Aneesha: Tujhe bhookh lagi hai kya ? Maggi khaani hai?
    Myself: Haan Maggi banane ki soch raha hun. (I said this to have some more time in the kitchen)
    Aneesha: I know maggi kahan padi hai, hath main nikalti hun.
    And she kept her hand on my shoulder and gave a gentle push to move me.
    I froze with fear that she might feel the bra straps, but moved and gave her way, she opened the other shelf and took out the maggi and gave me.
    Myself: Thanks di...
    I was still hoping she would move back to her room. I heard her walking and felt relived. I took the lighter to turn the gas to cook Maggi but because I was still breathing heavily and shaking with fear, it slipped out of my hand, out of my nervousness I turned around and bent to pick it up. She was barely 5 steps out of kitchen and hearing the sound turned back. I and my sister were face to face while I was bent picking up the lighter. I stood up and quickly turned towards the shelf and started to light the gas (I was pleading god, please save me).
    I heard my sister moving towards me. She grabbed my hands and pulled me to face her, I saw her tensed face while shivering with fear.

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    Sexy Girl (Saturday, 24 December 2016 05:23)

    Story Name: Sisters
    Part 1: Beginning

    Aneesha: Anshul kya pahna hai tune ?
    Myself: kuch bhi nahi.
    She held my t-shirts shoulder and pulled it further, revealing my bra strap.
    Aneesha: To ye kya hai ?
    I didn’t say anything in fact I had nothing to say.
    Now Aneesha had hint of smile on her face.
    Aneesha: bol na , kuch to bol ?
    Myself: Please mom dad ko mat bolna (And started crying)
    My girly feelings and getting caught by my sister was making me cry.
    Aneesha: Achha nahi bolungi ye bata, kyun pahni hai ?Accha chal mere room main wahan baith ke baat karte hain.
    She held my hand and pushed me towards her room. After going to her room, she sat on one side of bed and I sat on other side.
    Aneesha: Ab bata kyun pahni hai ?
    Myself: Mujhe accha lagta hai.
    Aneesha: Accha kahan se khareedi?
    Myself: Aapki hai.
    Annesha: OMG tune meri bra pahni hai ? kon si waali (she pulled my t-shirt up ). Ohh ye to maine aaj hi pahni the, tune kab li mere room se ? Ye meri fav bra hai pagal.
    Myself: Jab aap phone karne chath pe gaye the.
    Aneesha: Accha kyun phani hai ?theek se bata ..
    Myself: Mujhe bra pahanna accha lagta hai.
    Aneeshs: hmmmm or kya kya pahana accha lagta hai?
    Myself: Sab kuch
    Aneeshs: Sab kuch ? matlab!!!
    Myself: Ladkion ka sabkuch ?
    Aneeshs: OMG tu theek to hai na ?
    I started crying aging and said,” didi mujhe ladkion jaisa banne ka man karta hai.”
    Aneesha:Oh accha ro mat...
    Myself:Mujhe ladki banana hai.
    Aneesha: Achha ro mat (she came near me)and hugged me. Koi baat nahi main tujhe ladki banaungi.
    I stopped crying.
    Aneesha: Rona band kar or ja muh dho ke aa.
    I went to her bath room and washed my face and was getting normal.
    Myself: Di please kisi ko mat bolna
    Aneesha: Nahi bolungi na. Achha or kya kya pahnaaccha lagta hai? Pahle bhi pahna hai ?
    Myself:haan kaafi bar. Salwar kameez and wo pahle waale ghar main badi didi ke kuch kapde.
    Aneesha: Ohh sirf bra or panty bhi pahni hai ?
    Myself: Panty bhi pahni hai.
    Aneesha: (She had big smile) OMG .... tu to bahut aage nikla gya .Kab pahni thee ?
    Myself: Abhi bhi pahni hai.
    Aneesha: Kya!!!! Seriously, show me ..dikha… She pulled me out of bed and said " remove your t-shirt and shorts.
    I removed my t-shirt and shorts and was standing there in Bra and panty.
    Aneesha: Ohh cheeeee, ohh ye to maine aaj panhi thee. Main periods pe hun pagal.Or ye kya!!! Tune pad bhi pahna hai, Anshul tu to pakki ladki ban gai hai.
    Myself: Hearing it my hard-on gave a push to my panty.
    Aneesha notiched it and smiled and said.
    Aneesha: Ohh so ye sun ke tujhe maza bhi aata hai ? Ab samjhi tujhe ye wala maza aata hai!
    Myself: Nahi aisa kuch nahi hai.

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    Sey Girl (Saturday, 24 December 2016 05:25)

    Story Name: Sisters
    Part 1: Beginning

    Aneesha: Accha jooth mat bol, i can see. I was trying hard to control my hardon.
    Myself: Nahi sach main.
    Aneesha: Accha to " Anshu ", tere bhi periods chal rahe hain? kon sa din hai.
    Hearing this my hard on took 2 big jumps.
    Aneesha:See (Big smile and clapped her hand) so u really enjoy it.
    I didn’t say thing , she had seen it and proved.
    Aneesha: Accha ab kya Karen.
    Myself: Didi mujhe pura tayar karo na.
    Aneesha: Saree pahane gi meri onion pink ? with macthing churiyan, Accha bata na anshu churiyan pahenegi na.
    Myself: Haan didi mujhe churiya pahanani hain, mujhe churiya pahnao na.
    I was enjoying it so much that I started dripping cum in my panties. And Aneesha was enjoying the tease.
    Aneesha: Ohh tujhe churiya pahane ka itna shauk hai?
    Myself: Haan
    Aneesha: Acch main churiyan pahnaugi tujhe. Or kal teri pasand ki chowk waali Dukan se khareed ke , wahin pe dukan waale bhaiiya se pahanwaaungi.. Kush ..?
    main sharma ke laal ho gya(gai),ye soch ke ek aadmi mere hathon main chudiyan pahnayega ....
    Aneesha: Ohh Anshu to sharma gai.
    Aneesha seemed to enjoy it.
    Aneesha: Accha ear rings kaise pasand hai tujhe ?
    Myself: loops and danglers for western dress and Jumkhas with sarees.
    Aneesha: Pakki expert hai tu.Phir to Kal tere kaan bhi chidwayenge.
    Aneesha: Accha kal mainecure and pedicure bhi karaenge sath main. Achha ab tere liye alag se saman lana padega, mera use nahi kargi tu ok?
    Myself: ok
    Aneesha: Ab to kal tere liye shopping karni hi padegi. Chalegi na ?
    Myself: Theek hai didi and tried to control my smile to hide my happiness
    Aneesha: Accha chal aaj raat ko or kya man hai tera pahanane ka ?
    Myself: Mom ki new maroon satin nighty
    Aneesha: Wow !!! choice to achhi hai teri mujhe bhi bahut pasand hai ruk main leke aati hun.
    She went and brought it from mom’s room. She gave it to me, and I put it on. I was looking into her big dressing table Mirror. She smiled and said " ruk ek do kami hain.". She went to her wardrobe and brought her silicon bra insert. She inserted 2 inserts in each cup of the bra and adjusted it. This gave me a real jiggling B cup breasts.
    Aneesha: bahut sexy lag rahi hai tu.
    I smiled again and my face turned red further.
    Aneesha: Ab baal bade kar le.
    Myself: Mere paas wig hai.
    Aneesha: To leke aa na jaldi, and ye bata or kya kya khareeds hai tune ?
    Myself: Bas wig hai, baaki to sab aapke paas hai hi na.
    Aneesha: Baaki kya ?
    Myself: Make up and accessories.
    Aneesha: Badtmeez mera make up bhi use kiya tune ?
    Myself: Nahi pichle ghar main neha (cousin) ka use kiya tha. Wo lakem use karti the na, mujhe bhi lakme hi pasand hai.

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    Sexy Girl (Saturday, 24 December 2016 05:26)

    Story Name: Sisters
    Part 1: Beginning

    Aneesha: oooooh brand consious. Anshu to sach main puri ladki hai.
    I just smiled.
    Aneesha: Jaa wig leke aa.
    Myself: Di aapki heels pahan ke jaaun.
    Aneesha: Haan ab kya kasar hain pahan lo. Badi didi ke shaadi se pahle unse roz ladaai hoti thee cheezen share karne ko leke, now I miss her too much. Ab bhagwan ne mujhe choti bahan de di. to share my things
    Myself: Haan main bhi badi didi ko miss karti hun.
    Aneesha:"karti hun" ... sahi hai anshu ab tu form main aa rahi hai. Unka kya kya try kiya tune jo mis kar raha hai ?
    I smiled and said
    Myself: her handbag and jeans top.
    She giggled, I took her heels and put them on and went to my room. I took out my wig and put it on,it was straight black wig. After setting and clipping it on to my head, I started walking back to my room. I was enjoying my walk in nighty. The bouncing boobs and my hairs rubbing my back and my shoulders were making me go crazy. I slowly entered her room.
    Aneesha: Wow anhsul tu bilkul bhi pahchana nahi jaa rha. And bahut practice ki hai tune heels main.
    Myself: Haan,i smiled and said.
    I saw my reflection in the mirror, she was right. Even I could not say that the girl in the mirror was not a girl.
    Aneesha: Tu too badi didi se bhi sexy lag rahi hai, abhi tak she was the most sexy of us all. I will tell her.
    Myself: Nahi didi ,please kisi ko mat bolna please . Wo gussa hongi and mummy ko bol diya to.
    Aneesha: Arre nahi bolungi. Accha haan tujhe chudiya pahanne ka shauk hai na. Aaa tujhe churiya pahnaun.
    She took some Maroon designer bangels. or mujhe 9-9 churiyan dono hathon main
    Pahna di.
    Aneesha: make up bhi karna hoga ?
    I did not say anything and just smiled
    Aneesha: haan haan jayda sharma mat.
    She took one lip gloss, eye liner and macarra and applied on me. Then she applied some compact
    Myself: Didi mascarra ka ek or coat lagao na.
    Aneesha:Ohh to Anshu make up main bhi expert hai(She said while applying another coat).
    Myself: Haan did purane gahr main ek hi room main the na sab, wahi dekh dekh ke.
    Aneesha: Wahin dekh dehk ke tu bhi ladki ban gya. Accha kahre ho na and turn around.
    I stood up from make-up table, and I saw myself. There was this sexy girl with straight hairs, long black eye lashes and glossy lips were making me look like a sexy girl.
    My juicy glossed lips, lingerie, the perfect purple baby doll nighty (Loose fit as it was my mom’s), designer bangles and killer high heels had sent me to a state of trance. Aneesha took out her phone and clicked my pics.

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    Sexy Girl (Saturday, 24 December 2016 05:27)

    Story Name: Sisters
    Part 1: Beginning

    Aneesha: I can’t tell u, how sexy u look. Accha tu itni sexy ban ke kya karigi ?
    Myself: Kuch nahi
    Aneesha: BF hai tera ?
    I did not expect this question and got embarrassed.
    And did not say anything.
    Aneesha: Arre ladkiya BF ke liye hi to sajti sawarti hain. And mere Jay ko tu Jaanti hi hai.
    Myself: Nahi didi kabhi socha nahi.
    Aneesha: Jayada shreef banne ki zarurat nahi hai bata. Bata na.
    Aneesha: Accha bata apni colony main kon tujhe kon hot lagta hai?
    Myself: RickyHot hai.
    Aneesha: oooo to ye ha tera pyar.
    Mani sharam se main laal hui jaa rahi thee.
    Myself: Nahi did aisa kuch nahi hai
    Aneesha: Main set karun tujhe ? Ye jawaani BF ke bina nahi sambhalegi.
    Myself: Pata nahi didi, jaise app bolo.
    Aneesha: Means ur ready , chal main set karti hun tujhe.
    Then aneesha's phone started ringing, it was her BF.
    Annesha: Tu jaa ab so ja kal baat karenge.
    Myslef: Ok didi bye.
    I came to my room, but i was so horny. Also Aneesha's question about BF was make me go restless. I have never thought about BF but now my mind was only thinking about my BF holding me tight in his arms kissing me and caressing my breasts. I was so horny that I wanted him to rub my panty. I was not able to control my urges. I was feeling so girly that I did not want to think about my small cock and jerkoff. S o just imagined that I have a vagina under my panty covered by Stayfree. I was dripping pre cum in my pad. Unable to control my urges, I went back to my sisters room and knocked it. I heard Aneesha say "5 min main call karna, anshul aaya hai". She came till door and asked "kya hua".I told her did kuch ho rha hai. Jab aapko hota hai to kya karti ho? Mujhe bhi wo sab ladikion ki tarah karna hai
    Aneesh: Main to BF se baat karti hun.
    Myself: But mera to nahi hai , accha jab apala BF nahi tha tab kya karti thee ?
    Aneesha: Pagal main teri bahan hun!!!!
    Myself: Haan ab to hum sisters hain na, aap mujhe bata sakti ho.
    Aneesha: okay aaja, and she took me inside the room.
    She went and braught one skin coloured dildo.
    Aneesha: (Smiling) ye le and now we share a secret. Go to your room, slowly think of your BF and rub your crotch and suck on it or take it as per your choice.
    She was smiling to tease me. I took it from her; it felt so life like and came to my room. I lied on my bed and started rubbing my crotch from over nighty. Slowly I pulled my nighty up and started rubbing it over panty. Then I took the dildo and sucked on it, I got so much pleasure out of it that I started moaning. My saliva was all over the dildo and I kept on sucking it, at the same time I was rubbing my crotch from above my panty. After some time I came in my panties, my cumm was absorbed by my pad. I slept in the wet cum filled panties.
    To be continue
    Part 2: Day 1 (Next Day)
    Plot: Full dress up in saree while sister is away at the college
    Part 3: Day 1 (Next Day Evening)
    Plot: Sisters invites her BF over, he flirts with me all day
    Part 4: Day 2 ( Sister plans a loyalty test on her BF using me)

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    Sexy Girl (Saturday, 24 December 2016 05:29)

    @ Raghav: Awesome story, waiting for your next story.

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    reinderr (Saturday, 24 December 2016 06:56)

    Tulasi waiting for your story

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    vasantha (Saturday, 24 December 2016 08:14)

    sexy girl pls dont write hindi language tanslate to english language i am request you pls in write pure english language pls pls

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    ex-q-zit (Saturday, 24 December 2016 08:15)

    I have now posted it on my blog. It will be there only got a week. Please read it while is there. I will not be reposting it after that.

    I might write a sequel n the future making Sathwika Salman's second wife. Till then hope you guys like this.

    Please leave your comments in my blog.

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    Thank u ex-q-zit for posting ur story on ur blog
    I really love ur stories

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    shila (Saturday, 24 December 2016 20:03)

    Amazing story ex q zit
    We want it sequal

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    Poornima (Sunday, 25 December 2016 01:07)

    @sexy girl : Beautiful story but please don't involve any other boys in the story. Let it be just between sisters and bring incest into story between sister and brother but not sister's bf please

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    Farzana Shaik (Sunday, 25 December 2016 08:57)

    Pls raghav continue your story

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    Priya (Sunday, 25 December 2016 11:00)

    Poornima are u the admin and writer for girlycrossdressing story blog...

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    Please write forced crossdressing stories

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    @priya: no

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    Srs please continue your story..
    I am eagerly waiting for your next part...

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    GRAMMAR (Thursday, 29 December 2016 15:58)

    srs please write your story

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    rani (Friday, 30 December 2016 06:22) zabarst story maza agya plz plz cont ur story

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    Sexy Girl (Friday, 30 December 2016 10:29)

    Thank you Rani.

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    Jaldi likho na agay bohat amazing start hai

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    Sexygirl..jaldi likho sis mujh se wait nai ho rha ....

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    Sexy Girl (Saturday, 31 December 2016 01:15)

    Story Name: Sisters
    Part 1: Beginning

    Next day, I skipped college and my sister went to college. Before leaving she warned me to stay away from her makeup items and party wear clothing. I said, did please at least let me use lipstick and eye makeup and she agreed. By the time she left for college it was 9.30 A.M and I was still in bed wearing the satin nighty, bra and panty with pad in it. Finally I decided to get out of my bed; I went to bathroom and peed like girls sitting down. The entire feel, my walk and behavior was so girly, that I again got hard-on.

    I wanted to dress up in saree, but without full make-up and jewelry it won’t be fun so I gave it a skip and instead decided to spend the day like my sister in her casual clothes. I took bath and changed in my sisters black shorts and Red lycra top on same bra and panty. I walked around in the house in sexy heels. I was living a dream of being a girl and loved it. I remained in the same clothes and did some cleaning of the house and prepared the lunch.
    At 2:30 PM my sister came from college. She saw me and complemented me that I was looking cute in top and shorts. I told her that I did some cleaning and prepared lunch.
    Aneesha: Mujhe pata hota tujhe Anshu bana ke bahut fayda hai.
    Aneesha was wearing deep neck top, Jeans and flip flops.
    Aneesha: Achha sun mujhe kuch batana hai tujhe.
    Anshu: Kya didi.
    Aneesha: Aaj college main jay ne mere phone pe teri pic dekh li. Main use bola ke tu meri cousin hai Anshu and weekend ke liye aai hai. Tujhe kal raat dekh ke koi bol hi nahi sakta ke tu ladki nahi hai.
    I just smiled and was also worried what it Jay comes to know and this secret spreads.
    Aneesha: Sun jis tarh se Jay tere pic dekh raha tha, mujhe ek idea aaya, Main usepe loyalti test karna chahati hun, tujhe use kar ke.
    She had this smile on her face.
    Anshu: Nahi didi , please use maalum chal jaayega . Sab ko bata diya usne to Didi please aap jo bologe main karungi , lekin ye nahi.
    Aneesha: Main hun na kuch nahi hoga. Main use aaj shaam ko bulaya hai and tujhe use seduce karna hai.
    Seduce karne ke naam se mujhe kuch hone laga, and felt so weak in my knees. i just nodded to what my sister said.
    Aneesha: Use seduce karne ke liye tujhe bahut sexy banana padega. Kya phanaun tujhe ..hmmmm
    Anshu: Aapki wo skyblue silk saree ya fir heavy wala fishnet lahaga
    Aneesha: hey hey hey ,tere shaadi nahi karani!!! Use seduce karna hai. Tujhe kuch sluty look dena padega, like mere college ki bitch natasha.

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    Sexy Girl (Saturday, 31 December 2016 01:16)

    Story Name: Sisters
    Part 1: Beginning

    Natasha was a sexy girl of our colony and fuck fantasy of all the guys. Her dressing style screams fuck me. Thought of dressing up like her was a distant dream to me.
    Anshu: Didi wo kaise hoga.
    Aneesha: Wo mujh pe chor de.Waxing aati hai ?
    Anshu: Apko karte dekha hai,kabhi try nahi ki.
    Aneesha: Waxing kar full body. Tab tak fresh hoke lunch kar leti hun. Kuch problem hui to mujhe bata dena.
    After one hour I was done with full body waxing and then took hot water bath and shaved my face.My body had become smooth and soft. Aneesha had kept padded underwired bra and her lace panty in my room. Wow it was so sexy to put on that sexy panty and bra.I put on that and wrapped towel around my self and went to her room.
    Aneesha: Chal baith yahan. And she took out our nail polish and applied on my feet and hands.
    I was so happy to be able to do what she was doing to me after all these years watch them do.
    Anshu: Sis ye padded bra kyun, wo panty se matching lace waali bra do na.
    Aneesha: Nahi lace nahi, Padeed will give you some size and also , Jay ka galti se hath lag gya to usko pata nahi chalna chaiye. Or sabse jaroori silicon inserts bhi apni jagah pe rahe chahiye.
    Anshu: Didi leking silicon to real feel type hi hota hai na.
    Aneesha: Haan but size bhi hona chaiye na.
    Using padded bra and silicon inserts gave me good B cup size.
    Ansheea: Wow now u look sexy.
    Then what i saw was unimaginable, She took out her sexy very short skirt and black top.
    Top was a club wear type, and it had written on it "Sexy Babe"
    Aneesha: Put them on
    I put them on and adjusted my wig. She told me to sit, to do makeup on me. Aneesha started her work with moisturizer, and then applied foundation and finished with matte compact. She applied think red colored lipstick and then brown lip liner. She used her liner, kajal and two coats of mascara. She used glittered light purple eye shadow. Then she applied a hint of blush.
    Anshu: Did can I see myself ?
    She said yes and gave me a clip on hoops. I waked to the mirror and could not believe myself, there was no way the reflection was a boy !!!! DIdi it just awesome and sexy.
    Aneesha: while smiling said, yes you just look fucking sexy.
    Then she gave me handbag and gave me compact and tissues to keep in it in case I need
    to refresh it. I asked her to allow me to keep Lipstick and lip gloss and she allowed. After putting on high heels I was looking like a highway slut with so bold make up and sexy legs. My skirt was too short and would reveal my panties, if I bent even a little. Then me and my sister chatted about guys make up and fashion. She said how much she likes to tease guys in school buy touching them and holding there hands and behaving as if it’s naturally. Also how she seduced Jay by bending and her giving him a look of her cleavage and in sexy lace bra every time she got an opportunity. I was happy that my sister was sharing things with me and treating me as her sister.

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    Sexygirl great story cont plz

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    Sexygirl superb story

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    Please write new stories

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    raji (Monday, 02 January 2017)


    I love ur story cont plz

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    mansi (Monday, 02 January 2017 04:49)

    Hi all i wrote my first story on rajibalan hindi comment 2016-17
    How i become wife/ wife

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    Radha (Monday, 02 January 2017 11:49)

    Hey Mansi, can you translate it into English?

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    mansi (Monday, 02 January 2017 22:44)

    Sorry i m weak in english so i write in hindi
    Will try someday and post here

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    Priya (Tuesday, 03 January 2017 01:52)

    Sissy father and Sissy son
    "Dad, come on., You've got to do this right", Rajesh whispered to his dad. He was standing in the bathtub facing away from his father. He bent slightly at his waist and spread his ass cheeks widely. Shailesh swallowed hard and kneeled behind his son. He took the razor in his hands and started to shave his son's bottom. He was aware and was careful not to cut while shaving the part in the center. Rajesh cringed as he looked at his reflection in the mirror inside the bathroom. He could see his dad kneeling behind his back and shaving his back. He felt so embarrassed and pathetic given that he did the same act just few minutes back.

    "All done son", your cute tushy is as smooth and soft as a baby", Shailesh spoke cheerfully and turned his son to face him.

    "Get out of the shower both of you", they heard a sharp voice from outside just as they finished their daily shave. Suddenly the curtain in the
    bathroom was drawn and two stern looking women were staring at the father and the son duo.

    "I knew you enjoyed your sissy time but you have got to get it done fast", the younger woman, Sneha and Rajesh's wife said frowning. Her mother-in-law Rashmi, Rajesh's mom stood with her hands on her hips. "Ok, wash up now and you don't have to be modest before us. We have heard you in the speakers downstairs. We want to see how how two sissies take bath together", Rashmi said pointing at the mic fixed in the bathroom ceiling.

    Rajesh and his father knew that they had no choice but to demean themselves before their respective spouses. "Oh Chameli, I love your smooth body. Its so girly", Shailesh said while rubbing soap all over his son's body. Rajesh was very uncomfortable by the touch of another sissified man, even more as the sissified man was his own father. He shivered but held his dad closely, "Oh Sheila, your touch feels so good on my skin"

    "Thats hilarious. So you two picked out Sheila and Chameli as your names. I always knew you were little sissy girl inside" Rashmi said. The two emasculated men were not sissies from the beginning. They were forced, brainwashed and beaten to being pathetic sissies. Their wives had external help too. Rohit Verma, Sneha's lover and his father Karan Verma had helped the women change their husband into submissive sissies. The company under Shailesh's name was written in Rashmi's name and the Rajesh's stakes were moved to his wife's name.

    The two naked men stepped out of the shower and stood with their heads lowered. The room was a small storeroom with a single bed in the middle. It had two full length mirrors side by side with a big vanity filled with girly cosmetics. The in-built wardrobe was open and it had a plethora of sarees, chaniya cholis, and salwars. The room was painted in pink everywhere and resembled nothing like a room for two grown men.

    Shailesh and Rajesh dried their bodies with a single fluffy pink towel. "Ok sissies, You have exactly one hour to get ready and come down for the party. Its your coming out party so you don't want to be late unless you want a good spanking", Sneha said smiling at her husband and father-in-law. "Don't forget to be vocal while getting ready sweetie. Remember the mic and the video camera", Rashmi reminded the sissies and both the ladies giggled as they left the naked men on their own.

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    Priya (Tuesday, 03 January 2017 01:52)

    Part 2:
    "Son, .,, I mean Chameli, lets start getting ready. I don't want to get spanked by your wife again. She is a very tough lady. I am so glad you are under protection", so saying Shailesh held his son's hand and made him sit before the mirror.

    "Sheila, what do you think we should get ready as? If we aren't girly enough, then mistress warned us that they would not release us this month"

    "I have an idea. Lets dress up as prostitute. We will dress up in pink saree and low cut blouse and stick lots and lots of makeup on them like our names. That should impress our mistresses, don't you think"

    "Oh yes... it is going to be soooo girly and cuteee", Rajesh clapped his hands like a little girl and blew a kiss to his dad. "Mistress, Thank you for helping us become the best sissies ever", he said making a curtsy gesture while looking at the video camera fixed at one of the corners of the ceiling.

    "Ooooh..lets sit on the bed and apply nail polish", Shailesh smiled at the video camera too. He knew the rules. Whoever acts less girly will get spanked and should sleep on the floor.

    The men were still naked. They got in a 69 position such that the other's feet is accessible. They chose bright pink and applied glittery nail polish. They painted each others hand nails following that.

    Shailesh made his son sit before the mirror and started applying makeup to him. He applied heavy coats of eyeliner, lipstick and mascara, put sindoor and big nosering, Shailesh also put big dangling earrings and bindi. There was glitter allover the eyes. Rajesh returned the favour to his dad. They both then wore bangles, and anklets.

    Shailesh then held his son's face in his hands, "You look so beautuful Chameli. We failed as men but we will definitely win as sissies". They both pouted their lips like they were about to kiss and made fake kisses on each others cheeks without touching. Their hands stiff with their palms facing down. They popped out their butts slightly while doing that most girly act. They knew that they were demeaning themselves beyond return but the rules are rules and they needed release desperately.

    Shailesh then pulled a pink skimpy thong up his son's silky legs and adjusted the front so that it snugly cupped his son's tiny pink
    chastity. Rajesh pulled up a similar pink thong up his dad's legs too. Both their asses were completely on display. They wore a similar thin and skimpy
    blouse. He tapped the glitter filled hands on his son's trapped clittie which made Rajesh let out a sudden moan. He knew his dad got a brownie point for touching his penis so he thought for a while giggled like an excited girl," Ooooh Sheila., that felt tingly", He waved his limp wrist and giggled like a total fag. Soon both of them were standing in pink glittery thong andblouse. They were sparkling with all the shining material.

    Then came the hair. "Chameli, lets tie our hair in a pony tail with a pink ribbon."

    "No dad.. err. sorry Sheila, lets tie the hair into two flowing pigtails with two pink ribbons.

    The father and the son, both had hair till their shoulder so they knew that tying either a ponytail or pigtails will make them look ridiculous
    anyway. They flipped and decided to tie their hair in two pigtails. Their hair was long enough to get a pigtail and the flowing pink
    ribbon below their ears.

    The two men opened the drawer and wore their mangalsutra. "Isn't is good that our mistresses still allow us to be their spouse. They are so considerate", Shailesh said holding his son's hand.

    Rajesh suddenly clicked his finger as if he got an idea. "Why dont we dress up as bar dancers. Here let me fetch something"

    He came back carrying two transperent cholis. They wore the cholis. They were long till their ankles and flew when they moved.

    Shailesh They took a deep breath. It was almost one hour. They opened the door of their small room and came out seductively. The living room was empty and nobody was seen anywhere.


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    Priya (Tuesday, 03 January 2017 02:03)

    Story from
    I was brought up by my mother following very strict rules at home and my hair dressing rules which is chiseled in stone and has not changed a bit even after my marriage.

    My married life has been even stricter, considering that now I have 3 elderly females, who supervise every aspect of my life, now that I very well understand my place in this household and well trained to behave like a maid and follow the command instinctively to the word, my wife has started humiliating me in public, she likes to show off who is in charge, when we go out I have to carry a shopping bag and walk 3 steps behind her, I should never cross her if she stops I should stop.

    Once when we were on our usual shopping trip I was not concentrating on her and started looking at some other things around, so when my wife stopped to see some articles in one shop I just kept walking and crossed her and went forward, I returned immediately as I knew about it but the mistake was already done and she doesn't believe in leniency, she slapped my face hard leaving her finger impression on my cheek, and she made me to stand there in public, holding my pigtail braids pulled tightly upwards for 30 minutes, it was so humiliating because few passerbys also asked me why I am standing here pulling my braids, I had to tell them it is a punishment for not following my wife's orders perfectly.

    At home sometimes my wife uses my long thick braid as a leash to guide me around the house as required, I am responsible for keeping our house spotless and my performance is inspected randomly. During inspection she holds my pigtail as a leash and pulls me across to each and every room and checks that all the work be completed according to her specified standards else I am in for a severe spanking, I dread these inspection times. If any inefficiency is found I am ordered to prepare myself for the punishment i.e., I have to remove my clothes completely except my shoes and socks and stand at the center of our living room and wait for my wife to arrive. This doesn't change even if any visitors are present I have to stand at attention position displaying my private parts for everybody to see.

    I have to stand at attention position during lengthy interrogation, where every now and then she hits my private part with a cane, finally she announces my punishment and immediately I should bend over a wooden chair and receive my caning. The number of strokes depend upon my mistakes though usually it would be between 15 to 20.

    My mother also stays nearby on the same road hardly 150 meters from my wife's house, I should also attend and obey her, but now a days I am called only for some special duties or to receive punishment, because she has two maids who would attend her and my sister hand and foot, they are my Father and my sister's husband. I am fortunate that I have been trained on domestic duties since a young age, because I can see that my sister's husband is not used to doing house work prior to their marriage and now he endures sever punishments for not doing his chores properly, both my sister and my mother punish him for any misdeeds.

    That's all for now I am getting late to go home, if you are interested in my story I will write again telling you other incidences of my strict and disciplined lifestyle.


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    ARUN (Tuesday, 03 January 2017 21:23)

    @ex q zit
    HI, Just read "the perfect future" on kindle and enjoyed it and now eagarly waiting for your next story. plz post it soon.

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    Priya (Wednesday, 04 January 2017 00:07)

    A day in the life of chastity maid:
    My day begins early in the morning, long before my Mistress wakes up. I start off my daily routine with shaving, showering and applying full make-up with sindoor, mangalsutra and bangles.

    I then put on a bra, panties and nylons under saree. My uniform is completed with 4 inch patent leather pumps.

    It’s now time for me to wake my Mistress up without any touching. As a sissy maid, I’ve learned my place.

    I proceed to serve her coffee and fruit for breakfast and then scurry off to run her shower. While Mistress is in the bathroom getting ready for work,
    I lay out her clothes for the day, as per instructions from the night before.

    I now run off to my bathroom, as fast as my high heels will allow me, so I can get ready to go to work. Yes, I’m still legally married to Mistress and although I’m no longer needed to play the part of her husband, I’m still required to pay it.

    The income from my job serves to keep my Mistress’s dresser drawer full of fine lingerie and her shoe closet packed with expensive high heels.

    Then there are the costs associated with her hairdresser, manicurist, health club membership, massage therapist and tennis lessons to take care of.

    I am also required to put away a good portion of my pay check in a vacation fund…..for Mistress and her boyfriend. Once, every so often, they take me along to serve
    as their personal maid, dressed as such. I’m not quite passable, so it’s an overall humiliating experience for me.

    Once my make-up is off, I jump into the shower and attempt to clean around and under my CB-6000. It hasn’t been removed for three straight months now as Mistress’s new boyfriend isn’t yet completely sold on my role as a chastity maid and feels a bit insecure with another ‘man’ living under the same roof as his girlfriend.

    As a good chastity sissy maid should, I always wear a pair of panties, a garter belt and nylon stockings and mangalsutra under my ‘male’ work clothes.

    Once I get to work, I can expect a daily text from my Mistress telling me to run an errand or two during my lunch hour. I usually forgo eating any lunch as I’m expected to keep my girlish figure in tip-top shape.

    I rush home after work to re-apply my make-up, get dressed, don a saree and began preparing dinner. Mistress’s boyfriend is coming over for the evening and everything must be perfect. If it isn’t, she has a penchant for the riding crop and has proven that she’s not shy about using it on me when necessary.

    My Mistress arrives home and I must greet her at the door, kneel down and kiss the tips of the toes of her high heels. I then take her coat and purse and brings
    her water and tea before continuing with dinner preparations.

    When her boyfriend arrives a bit later, I must greet him at the door, kneel and kiss his shoes. I absolutely HATE doing this this but Mistress claims that
    this submissive behavior of her chastity maid produces a warm glow inside of her pussy.

    Her boyfriend and her sip wine and make-out on the couch while I work on dinner. After eating, she calls me in to inform me that while she’s feeling exhausted and not up to any lovemaking for the evening, her lover is quite horny and will require some ‘feminine attention’.

    I am instructed to clear the table, clean up the kitchen and then head upstairs to get all dolled up. I am told to freshen my make-up, apply extra long false eyelashes,extra jewellery then put on my sexiest lingerie and highest heels with chaniya choli. I am admonished not to keep them waiting long.

    My Mistress always like to have her boyfriends set the proper tone early on in their relationship in order to show her chastity maid who the real man of the house is. Tonight is that night.

    She has me swallow a muscle relaxant, gives her boyfriend a Viagra, sits back with a glass of wine, and watches the mayhem begin. It’s quite an erotic and
    enjoyable show for her as I’m forced to show off my improving dancing skills with 2 hours of mujra and then eventually I get the shit thoroughly fucked out of me.

    Her and her lover then head off to the bedroom while her chastity maid is left to clean up the mess.

    The following morning I lightly knock on her bedroom door, fully dressed and made-up of course, to take their breakfast-in-bed order. The delicious eggs
    and tea meal that I serve has rendered my Mistress quite horny and her boyfriend also seems aroused.

    I am instructed to bring in a pad and pen so I can write down my chores for the day. As I prepare to receive my orders, she sits up and straddles her lover, guiding his now raging hard-on into her wet pussy.

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    Priya (Wednesday, 04 January 2017 00:08)

    Part 2:
    She then erotically gives me my instructions; vacuum the entire house, hand-wash her bras and panties, detail the car as they will be going out tonight, press her boyfriend’s shirt and shine his shoes.

    Mistress begins to softly moan as she is telling me to wake them both at noon after making love followed by a short nap. She can now no longer talk so just snaps her fingers as a signal for me to leave so I can begin my work…. while she plays.

    I wake them up on cue and my mistress is horny again. Her boyfriend doesn’t seem to be responding in like fashion so her chastity maid (me) is instructed to ‘fluff’
    him up to size. I’m am then forced to stand there and watch them make love as a painful reminder of my inability to please a woman with my shrunken and caged-up dick.

    The sight of her chastised, feminized and frustrated maid standing there, sexually denied, while she is free to make love with abandon is just too much for
    her. It soon sends her tumbling over the edge, screaming in delight. Her lover follows suit shortly.

    I used to be required to clean my Mistress’s my pussy after intercourse but I’ve since been cut off from all sexual intimacy and contact. I am made to perform ‘clean-up duty’ on her boyfriend however. I have learned to do this without flinching as the memory of one of her brutal ‘cock caning’ sessions is forever entrenched in my mind.

    After showering, she has her boyfriend go out and inspect the car to make sure it is detailed to her satisfaction. When he returns, she calls her chastity maid in
    as she has a little surprise for me.

    It seems that her lover is having concerns over the security of my chastity. She has assured him that it is very secure and I’m rarely let out except for quarterly supervised orgasms of the most humiliating variety.

    Never-the-less, he has insisted that I get a male chastity piercing for my dick as added security. She wholeheartedly agrees and instructs me to make an appointment that afternoon to get a PA piercing for the end of my dick. I’m told to request a young female technician to perform the piercing. She and her boyfriend
    plan to accompany me and watch the entire procedure.

    She then informs me that, from this point forward, her lover will be taking sole possession of the key to my chastity cage. I immediately turn pale and begin to visibly shake but I eventually calm down enough to re-assess my predicament.

    I will now be performing sissy maid duties for two. I am instructed to go fetch my lipstick. When I return I am told to fall to my knees, crawl over to where her boyfriend is sitting and re-do my lips.

    She then removes the key to my chastity cage from around her neck, hands it to
    her lover and orders me to unzip his pants and gently pull his growing dick out. “He now has the key to your cage”,
    she says to me. “If you want to cum again anytime soon, kiss it softly and sweetly, as if it’s the most important thing in the world to you.”

    And I do.

    I’m a perfect example that a sissy maid can only be at her best when her dick is kept locked up. Being kept in a constant state of arousal helps me to focus my attention where it should be, on my chores.

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    SRS (Wednesday, 04 January 2017 00:54)

    Priya continue

  • #645

    Priya (Thursday, 05 January 2017 17:51)

    Two Weeks with Mother-in-Law

    It was 6:00 in the morning as Rama put my suitcase in the trunk, along with hers and Tushar's. I was ordered to sit in the back seat for the long ride to her mother's house in Bangaluru.

    My travelling outfit was a red embroidered saree with heavy blouse and petticoat, lots of make-up including bright red lips, blue eye shadow, black eyeliner and long false lashes, sindoor, mangalsutra, big rend bindi, 24 bangles in hand, nosering, long dangling earrings, with 5-inch heels completed my sissy outfit. My hair had been freshly permed and colored the night before. Now it was a bright copper-red, short and tightly curled in a style reminiscent of the 1950s.

    I sat nervously in the plush leather back seat of Tushar's Mercedes as my wife and her big, muscular black lover got in and we drove away.

    Rama and Tushar were going on a two-week Caribbean cruise, while I was to stay with my mother-in-law and be her live-in sissy-maid. Rama had me locked in my chastity device for the past four months, and her mother Priya planned on seeing to it that I would remain in my state of total sexual frustration until they got back.

    I thought I would die when we drove through the toll booths. Tushar made sure to give the toll collector a large bill to change, giving the woman plenty of time to see me sitting in the back seat in my humiliating outfit.

    As we drove along in the frosty darkness of this mid-winter morning, Rama and Tushar discussed the several tropical islands they would visit. Rama snuggled up close to him, giggling and reminding him how romantic their two weeks together would be.

    All the while I thought of what was in store for me: two long weeks at the mercy of my bitchy, castrating mother-in-law, who never liked me to begin with, and who had been waiting a long, long time to get me in just such a situation.

    I was sure every driver that passed alongside us was took a double-take at the fluffy, ultra-feminine "girl" in the back seat of our car. Rama reminded me to sit up straight and not pay any mind to the other cars. My face was hot and flushed the entire ride.

    After what seemed an eternity, we pulled up to Priya's spacious suburban home. As if by magic, the door opened for us, and we pulled inside.

    "Okay, Sissy!" Rama announced. "Out you go!"

    She got out and took my big pink suitcase out of the trunk, as I nervously got out of the car. Tushar just looked at me and laughed. I could see my breath in the chilly garage as Rama brought my suitcase inside, instructing me to wait until she returned.

    "You know what, little sissy white boy?" Tushar smirked. "I am going to fuck the shit out of your wife the whole time we're gone. She wants me to give her a baby sooo bad .. the baby you never would, or could, give her with that soft little sissy-dick of yours."

    I could only stand there and take it. I felt completely worthless as a man standing there in my ridiculous outfit, as this stud laughed out loud at me.

    "Just think, sissy-boy. While you're here being bossed around by your ugly bitch mother-in-law, I'm gonna be pumping my hot load in your wife's pussy .. over and over and over. Two solid weeks of fucking and impregnating YOUR wife! Shit man, I am gonna have a GOOD time!"

    Just then Rama returned and stood in front of me. Looking me straight in the eye, she gave her final instructions before departing.

    "Remember everything I told you, Sissy. You are to obey mother as you obey me. Do everything she tells you, and don't give her a hard time or you know what will happen. I expect to get a good report from her when I return."

    "Yes Mistress," I blinked.

    She gave me one last look up and down, and could barely keep from bursting out in laughter and the sight of her pathetic sissy husband. Then she got back in the car with Tushar. As they backed out of the garage, Tushar looked at me and mouthed the words, "I'm gonna FUCK your WIFE." I could see Rama give him a big wet kiss just before they sped off to the airport.

    I pressed the button to close the door, and nervously entered my mother-in-law's house - feeling every bit like the little sissy I knew I was. I closed the door behind me, and stood alone in the mirrored foyer, awaiting the woman who be my cruel, stern Mistress for the next two weeks: my mother-in-law!

    "Well! What have we here?"

    I spun around on my heel to see my mother-in-law enter the room. I felt myself swell pathetically in my super-tight gaff.

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    Priya (Thursday, 05 January 2017 17:52)

    Part 2:
    Priya was 60 years old, but had a body any woman that age would die for. She stood almost six feet tall in heels, and had a voluptuous figure that still turned men's heads. Certainly not a pretty woman, she more than made up for it with her beautiful body, lots of impeccably applied makeup, and her classic and well-practiced femininity.

    I couldn't believe what she was wearing.

    She wore a tight white athletic top, which made her large breasts look super-soft and lovely. A bright red pleated tennis skirt barely covered whatever she wore underneath, and her white kidskin-leather over-the-knee boots had "sensible" 4-inch heels.

    Her full head of long platinum-white hair was fluffed and teased into a huge halo around her head. Priya had the most beautiful skin I have ever seen on a 60-year-old woman. Firm and darkly tanned, she looked magnificent -- and frighteningly sexy.

    "Stand at attention!" she barked.

    I obeyed instantly, feeling completely embarrassed dressed the way I was in her presence. She approached me, her high-heels clicking on the marble floor. Slowly she circled me, closely examining me from head to foot. I trembled, my face hot from blushing profusely.

    "Come with me, Sissy!" she ordered.

    I nervously followed her into the living room, my heart pounding. I briefly took a glimpse of Priya's sexy hips wiggling sensuously in her red-hot tennis skirt.

    "Stand at attention in the middle of the room, Sissy!"

    "Yes, Ma'am," I answered timidly.

    "It's MOTHER, stupid!! You are to refer to me at all times as Mother! Do you understand??" she shrieked.

    "Yes, Mother."

    As I once again stood at attention in the center of Priya's beautifully appointed living room, she sat in a large green velvet chair and crossed her gorgeous legs. For a few moments there was silence. I was actually sweating.

    "Turn for me, Sissy. Model your little sissy saree for me. And don't stop until you're told."

    "Yes, Mother."

    Slowly I rotated, like the models on TV that Rama had me closely study and emulate. Priya laughed out loud.

    "What a SISSY!" she declared in a loud voice. "Look at yourself! Don't you feel just a little FOOLISH dressed like that here with your mother-in-law?"

    I did feel completely foolish, and told her so. But that only made her laugh harder as she re-crossed her legs.

    "I knew from Day One that you were no man. Certainly not man enough for MY daughter! I really am very happy she found Tushar. Now THERE's a REAL MAN!"

    I never felt so humiliated in my life. To think that I would be spending the next two weeks with this witch was unbearable.

    "Walk, Sissy. Walk back and forth for me. I want to see how you manage in those high heels!"

    Priya settled back with a cigarette as I obeyed. Mincing daintily in my heels, I clicked loudly on the hardwood floor.

    "Eyes straight ahead!" I was commanded. "Hands on hips! Do NOT stop until I tell you to!"

    I felt like a complete sissy marching back and forth for her in high-heels, my face flushed bright red. Priya laughed long and loud.

    "Alright, little sissy-boy. Let's get a few things straight. For the next two weeks, I will not require you to wear your little cage thing. But you will remain as you are now .. tightly tucked away. I assure you ... there will be no erect penises and CERTAINLY no disgusting male orgasms in MY house! Do you understand?"

    "Yes Mother," I meekly replied as I continued my deportment.

    "At night, you will be bound so those roving hands of yours can't get into any mischief! Also, we will also be utilizing a little demerit system. You will do whatever I tell you to do .. instantly and cheerfully. Any hesitancy in obeying will result in one demerit. If you get five demerits over the next two weeks, I will inform Rama, and she will keep you locked in chastity for a three-month extension. Each demerit over five will add another month. Do you understand?"

    "Yes, Mother... "

    "In addition, every day you will be given one full dosage of Viagra-Plus. I'm very interested to see what kind of effect that will have on your behavior!"

    "Yes, Mother! Thank you Mother!"

    Again Priya laughed hysterically, fully enjoying the total power and control she now had over her emasculated son-in-law. I wondered what humiliating orders I would be given during my stay with her.

    "Stop walking, Sissy!" I was commanded. "Now come with me. Time to put you to work!"

  • #647

    Priya (Thursday, 05 January 2017 17:53)

    Priya led the way up the stairs. As I followed behind, I looked up and got a glimpse of my mother-in-law's firm, sexy bottom, encased in shiny white satin tennis panties.

    "You better not be looking up my skirt, Sissy!"

    I quickly averted my eyes. "No, Mother, I'm not."

    She led me into her amazing bedroom .. richly appointed and totally feminine. I stood there as she opened a dresser drawer and dumped an enormous pile of her panties onto the bed.

    "Bring my panties into the bathroom, Sissy!"

    "Yes, Mother."

    I scooped up the enormous pile of luscious, obviously very expensive undergarments and followed her into her bathroom. There I saw a huge pile of clip-on hangers on the table. I dropped the mountain of panties next to the sink as instructed.

    "There is the sink. There is the Woolite. You are to hand wash every single pair of panties and hang them on the hangers over the tub. You will not stop until every last panty is thoroughly washed and hung up to dry. Do I make myself clear?"

    "Yes, Mother!" I answered instantly.

    "SMILE WHEN YOU ANSWER ME SISSY!!" she screamed. "That will be ONE .. DEMERIT!"

    I grinned like a humiliated child. "Yes, Mother! Thank you, Mother!"

    Priya reached into the medicine cabinet and brought out a vial of big blue pills. She took one out and ordered me to take it. I swallowed the giant Viagra-Plus pill and washed it gown with a glass if water.

    "Good. Now get to work .. SISSY!"

    I started to fill the sink with warm water, and added a capful of Woolite. As the bubbles grew, I took the first pair of panties and immersed them in the sudsy water.

    "You scrub each and every pair of panties good! I want them as clean as the day I bought them! Do each one separately. Rinse them in cool water and hang them neatly and carefully. I want you to show my panties the respect they deserve from a sissy like you!"

    "Yes, Mother! Thank you Mother!" I cheerfully responded.

    "Also change into a babydoll nighty before the chores, I don't want you to ruin this expensive saree" She said.

    "Yes Mother, doing it now mother", I responded with forced smile.

    I knew babydoll nighty will show my chastity clearly to her, as I was not allowed to wear panties. I changed into pink babydoll, but kept all the makeup and jewelry on.

    Priya gave me a look of absolute disdain as she turned and left me to my sissy task. I felt completely defeated.

    I don't know where she bought her panties, but they were of exquisite quality. Even better than Victoria's Secret lingerie. I'll bet that each pair cost at least INR. 200, and there were dozens and dozens of them, one prettier and sexier than the last.

    Satin briefs, silk bikinis, and a huge assortment of beautiful control briefs and ruffly tennis panties awaited my attention. I paid close attention to each pair, scrubbing the crotches with a little brush. For each pair I would empty the sink, refill it with cool clear water, and rinse them thoroughly. Then, I hung each one on its own individual hanger and let them drip into the tub.

  • #648

    Priya (Thursday, 05 January 2017 17:53)

    Part 4:
    After about a half-hour, I wasn't even a quarter-way through the pile. It was then that Priya returned and sat in her makeup chair behind me. I could see her reflection in the mirror, as she looked me up and down.

    "Well, pretty soon your wife and her lover will be settling into their cabin on the cruise ship. I'll bet the first thing they'll do is make passionate love. How does that make you feel, Sissy?"

    I knew I had to give the correct answer or risk another demerit. "I'm so happy Rama is having a good time, Mother," was my pathetic answer.

    Priya burst into laughter.

    "How could any woman not have a good time in that situation, you moron? On a two-week cruise with a handsome stud who wants nothing but to FUCK her day in and day out! When was the last time YOU fucked my daughter, Sissy?"

    "It's been over two years, Mother."

    "You are nothing but a pathetic excuse for a man. No. You're not even CLOSE to being a man. Look at yourself! Dressed in a sissy-fag babydoll nightie and knee-socks like a little GIRL, hand washing your mother-in-law's panties while your wife is busy getting impregnated by a muscular, dominating black man! You .. are .. PATHETIC! AREN'T YOU?? ANSWER ME!!!!"

    "Yes, Mother.." I said, my lip quivering. "I am pathetic."

    As Priya marched out of the bathroom, I suddenly realized how horny I was. It had been four months since I was last permitted to cum, and I had at least another two weeks of total chastity staring me in the face. And I had a funny feeling Priya would certainly find ample reason to give me at least the five demerits necessary to keep me frustrated for an addition 3 months.

    I wanted desperately to rip off the gaff and masturbate furiously .. to shoot my enormous, pent-up load of semen all over the pile of pretty panties that lay before me. But I knew if Priya found me in any way untucked or touching myself, she would see to it that I would never cum again.

    Hot, powerful waves of intense sexual frustration coursed through my sissified body as I washed Priya's panties, until all I could think of was how much I wished I could cum -- though I knew that was completely impossible. I also knew that Tushar would have limitless opportunities to pump hot torrents of his potent, black African seed deep into my wife's fertile womb over the next two weeks, while I endured endless denial and frustration at the hands of my castrating mother-in-law.

    I had no choice but to give up and give in to Priya's iron-clad control over me. I felt my mind breaking, and my entire purpose in life was to please and obey her, no matter how embarrassed or humiliated I was, just with the hope that I might feel the delicious release of cumming one more time before the next lengthy period of total enforced chastity.

  • #649

    Priya (Thursday, 05 January 2017 17:57)

    My sexy wife is always working on ways to challenged me to work harder to earn the privilege of orgasm. Since I am now wearing a chastity belt, 24/7, and have been for 3 months, I’m "game" for anything. This time, she has me "puzzled." You see, she has found an interesting website that has a great variety of puzzles, both in terms of number of pieces, shapes, and levels of difficulty. The site has each puzzle timed.

    After cleaning the entire house spotless, she has me sit down at the computer (I can only get on the computer when she allows me to do so). She chains me to the chair, leaving one hand unchained to manipulate the mouse. She will then select a puzzle. Depending on the level of difficulty she selects, she will give me a certain time limit. If I successfully work a puzzle on time, she will take the remaining seconds and apply them to the next puzzle. If I don’t work the puzzle in time, she will deduct those seconds off the next, more difficult puzzle’s time. I must attempt to solve 10 increasing difficult puzzles. If I miss the time on three puzzles, then no orgasm. Losing on 4 or more puzzles takes represents an additional month of chastity for each puzzle for which I don’t make the time.

    One additional variable: She dresses in very sexy attire and does her best to distract my concentration. Anything goes. She makes all of the rules. It’s difficult to concentrate on solving a puzzle when she is giving me a blowjob, but what is more difficult is having to give her lover a blowjob for every puzzle I lose above 3 puzzles; that is, for every puzzle I lose after 3 loses, I have an added month of chastity and must give her lover or anyone she chooses a blowjob.

    This last round of games, I didn’t get an orgasm, and I ended up having to give 4 blowjobs. These games are very difficult, even with full concentration. The web is full of challenging games that she is exploring, and I must always cheerfully play whatever games she chooses. Damn this internet.

    A shorty:

    I hate giving blowjobs. I am strictly heterosexual. When I have to give them, I am made to dress like a sexy bar dancer, in complete attire, including 5 inch locking pumps. After I finish, I have to go clean the lover’s apartment or house. How humiliating. To stay slim and sexy, I am required to follow a female diet and maintain a weight of 125 lbs. I’m six foot tall.

    Chastity has changed my life forever. My wife has me just where she wants me. It

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    SRS (Thursday, 05 January 2017 23:38)

    Nandana please continue ur story where are you

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    poonam (Friday, 06 January 2017 05:01)

    Sexy girl where r u? Plzz complete sisters story

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    goppi (Friday, 06 January 2017 06:20)

    Anybody know any good crossdressing story blogs same like this blog.
    Plese post blogs names.....

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    crossdressers hangout (Sunday, 08 January 2017 01:35)

    Checkout the page -

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    dolly (Monday, 09 January 2017 13:27)

    Hii, I am ankit. My height is 5.4 fair skin very hairless body slim size 21 by age. I am very shy kind of boy so I have no very few friends in my college. After completion of my college I became alone. We n my parents lived in city apartment . I worked on software design in home for earnings. Sach I way spend my boring life. After few days my parents forced me to attend of wedding of their close friend in delhi. But due to shy nature I refuse to go with them so they send me to my aunty’s home who lived 20km away from my home. My parents dropped me to my aunts home and they went to attend the marriage for 1 month. Aunt husband is no more, she have a big home 2 female servants for care and aunt have 1 doughter kavita she is 5 years older and taller than me she is tuition teacher. My aunt is social worker she always busy in her schedule. kavita is very frank by nature she try to be friendly with me and she come to know my shy naturevery soon. One day kavita says lets go for shopping in evening. She is asking about my girl friend and friends. I said I have very few friends we often meet once. On her scooty we go to the big mall for purchasing some dresses. In the mall she asking me to buy a shirt for me. I don’t know which kind of shirt suits me so for her happiness I selected one floral shirt. Kavita smiles and says stupid really do you like it? Yes kavita I said. Okkkk then its yours and you have to purchase one pant to suit it. I said I don’t know which pant will suits it I never purchase dresses for me mom always shopping for me. Kavita says okk then I wil help you. She selected one pant for me and I said okk. Kavita purchase some tops jeans skirts chudidar leggings for her. Then We come to home. Kavita taken me to the dressing room and says try the dresses and she tries her own. When I remove my tshirt she observes my hairless body and said u have girly body there is no hairs. I keep quite by shyness. Ok ankit wear your shirt now. When I wear it I feel confortable it is of my size and I wear my pant which is red in colour selected by kavita.

  • #655

    dolly (Monday, 09 January 2017 13:28)

    When I wear it I feel it is very tight from my theighs and hip region but I said it is also confortable. Kavita smiles loudly. Ohhh do you really like it. I said yes it is very soft. Means you like these kind of dresses good choice ankit. Ok then remove it now u have no fashion sence now I wil select dresses for you. I said ok. She throws my dresses in cup board which I bring from my home and locked them. She gaves me one yelow colored slacks to wear and one white top for night. Top has no collers and no sleeves. It dont have pockets also but it perfectly fits my body very tightly. Kavita said u looks cute in these dress I smiles. When aunt comes she smiles to me and ask why you wears these dresses. I said kavita gave me these dress. She smiles and go in her room. In the dineer table two fe,female servants also smiles to me I don’t know why. Aunt says ankit you looking very good in these dress and both kavita and aunt smiles. I have to spend 1 month with them so I never complained for anything to them. Next day in morning kavita and aunt gone for work and I bath but I don’t have any innerwear as my all dresses were locked in cupboard by kavita. so I ask for servants malti and sona for keys but they donyt have keys. So I search for some innewears in dressing room. There I found one black color panty which is very soft by touch. I wear it and wears yesterdays top and slacks because I have no choice. In evening when kavitacomes she is searching for her innerwears so she asked malti and sona for her dresses. They also not found her inerwears so she wears another. I was watching tv she come to me. I ask her about cup board keys and said I have no innerwears so I wear one black innerwear in morning. She shocks and said means you weras that black innerwear? I said yes she smiles loudly and ask me how you feel after wearing it. I said I feel confortable it is very soft by touch and I have no choice. Ankit u r really very simple guy. Do u relly don’t know about dresses? I said I wear whatever mom brings for me. Oh she said means you like wearing soft dresses? Then she bring one blue color shorts and one white top for me to change the dress. I wear that blue short on that black panty. it is bit tight and it is 5 to 6 inch in size and very tight in my penis area.

  • #656

    dolly (Monday, 09 January 2017 13:28)

    I remove old top and my hairless fair body visible to kavita. Ankit u have slim body before wearing these white top you have to wear matching bra it will suits you. Then she bring blue color bra. I wear it and kavita tie hook from backside. She says we have to added some cottons in bra it wil give you perfect shape. I said it looks like girl dress. She said girls and boys have common dresses now a days. Then I said okk. Then I wear white top which is sleeveless and my stomach area is open it is very short. I said kavita di I think i look like a girl in that blue short and white top. She said yes but these style suits you. U look sexy in these attire I like you very much in these dress. With some make up u will look again sexy. I shy and said how?? Then she told me sit before dressing table cross legged. I do as she says. She set my hairs in girly style from middle. she applys some creams on my face set my eye brows girly style added some black kajal, set small bindi on my fore head and apply red lipstick on my lips. She set small zumkas on my ears and one necklace in my neck. Finally 2 2 bangles in each hand and give hill sandle to wear. She makes me stand up. She observes me from top to bottom in blue short open legs and white sexy top. Hey ankit you look like modern girl in these attire !!!! when I see in the mirror I cant identify me I relly looks like modern girl. She really enjoys my company so I also behave as she said to me. U r not ankit u r now my close friend ankita okk??

  • #657

    dolly (Monday, 09 January 2017 13:29)

    Sach a way she becomes my close friend as well my di also. I mentally thinks dat she is very careful about me and I enjoys her company. I enjoys the dresses which she brings for me. Those dresses are very soft by touch. I always work on my computer and apply for many companies for job. I am totally unaware about external world. Next day I wake up early in the morning and orderd malti and sona for tea. Aunty is always busy in her social work. Malti and sona brings tea for me and I ordered for bath hot water to them. I removed yesterdays clothes and entered in the bathroom and ordered malti for some dresses. As my dresses are locked in the cupboard malti says nobody is wake up till now why don’t you wear these Punjabi style salwar because I don’t have any dresses and I think u like these dresses. I said yes malti these dresses are very soft but I think I am wearing girls clothes yesterday don’t u think this short is girls shorts??? Yes ankit baby its girls short you was wearing yesterday she said. but you was looking really sexy in that dress it was very fun to see you in that girly attire. I also enjoys your all”s company malti but I feel shy unknowingly I like these dresses. Then malti says, don’t hesitate now then wear these chudidar welike to see you in girly attire and you hav no choice also. Okk malti but what about innewears. Don’t worry ankit wear these pink panty hanging inside bathroom and white colour slip. Okk I said and went inside the bathroom. I removed all my yesterdays make up. As I say I have no hairs on my body I admiring my nude body with blue shorts inside the mirror of bathroom. Unknowingly my passion about wearing girly dresses is increasing now. So I removed all dresses and bath. Now I wear the pink color panty inside the bathroom and white color slip. Ohh what a soft touch!!! I like the touch of silk on my body.

  • #658

    dolly (Monday, 09 January 2017 13:29)

    After wearing these dresses I come outside the bathroom. On the bed there was a blue chudidar its touch also amazing. Iwear that chudidar its touch also very soft. I tied the knot of chudidar and I drying my hairs with towel. When kavita saw me she says wow ankit you looking typical modest in slip and chudidar. I think you like girly dresses. Yes na!! no di I have no option so I am wearing these dresss. Okk I m late for school but I want to see you in sari in the evening okkk. I just smile and go to my room. In my room I am thinking about how wil I look in the sari and eagerly waiting for kavita di. In the evening when kavita di arrives I feel very happy from inside. I am eagerly watching kavita di what will she do now. I just sat watching tv. After some time kavita di comes to me for chit chat. She was telling about her day life and says come with me in dressing room. I just walk with fear with her inside the dressing room. Ankit you like the touch of girls dresses na!! and you are for only few days in my home so I want take your photoshoot in sari for remember your company with me. I just smile and says but I am not a girl di. Don’t worry nobody is watching you here its just for fun I want to transform you. I said ok and I feel very glad inside as I never wear sari and I thinking about my transformation by kavita di. For help kavita di ask for malti and sona to come inside the dressing room. She ordered malti and sona we all have to play dress up game with ankit so we have to make him as beautiful as that he also enjoys the dress and his girly attire okk? They both laugh to me and said okk mam. Malti knows that I like the touch the girly dress so she said finally ankit youwill now become complete girl and u will love to be that. I will decorate you as bridebe ready. I also blush and shows my shyness to them. First they gave me hair removal kit and send me to bathroom. The I come out wrapping towel on my hairless body. sona and malti shows me different color sari’s which will perfectly suits on me. Kavita choose pink colour sari which is very heavy and have designer silver work on it. She asks malti and sona don’t you think ankit will looking very sexy in it? They both knobbed their head and here I feel very shy I put my both hands on my face. Sona says I think ankit like the sari see the shyness of happy. They all laugh loudly. Now kavita gave me pink bra and pink silk panty to wear. I again went inside the bathroom. Ohhh what a soft touch of panty. I wear that panty it was bit tight only covers my penis area and only string like from my ass part. Now I wear bra from my own and hooked from back and by covering my body with hands come out of bathroom.

  • #659

    dolly (Monday, 09 January 2017 13:30)

    All girls looking with devil smile toward me. Don’t shy ankit we all girls here now be confortable, sona says to me. But I feel trapped in girls so I surrender myself to them. Kavita di fills bra with cotton balls and and brings one pink coloured blouse for me. She puts blouse on me and malti and sona tie the strings from backside. It was deep backless and sleeveless blouse and perfect fits to me. kavita then puts pink petticoat over me and tie the knot. They all checked the fittings of dress and all working for draping sari on me. They made pleats and puts in my waist. She adjust the sari small below for clear visible of my belly. Now she adjust the pallu on my left shoulder and pinned the pallu in left shoulder with pin. Now I am looking like typical Indian girl. They all now sat me on dressing table and working on my face. They wash my face with creams and applus foundation set my eyebrows with kajal. Applys pink lipstick with heavy coat. Sona is working on my nails for nailpolish and malti puts fake ear rings and nose ring. Kavita works on my girly hairstyle and puts pink hairbelt on my head. Silver bindi is set on my forehead. They choose silver color necklace and 1 dozon of pink bangles and puts on my both hands. When I saw on mirror my expression was speechless. I just say ohh my god is that really me? Unknowingly I just kept hand on my chin like girls and behave like girls by seeing my attire. They all watching and laughs loudly. Sona says ankit now you are completely being ankita enjoy and u are behaving like girl unknowingly. Yes sona I cant imagine myself that I will look so beautiful, great work!! Now I come to realize why girls are so good by nature. By seeing my girly attire I love to be girl. Kavita ekta sona all are enjoying my behavior. I asked them with curiosity why girls are doing sach a heavy make up? Then kavita told me, girls are careful and these all perform just to impress their bf or hubby. But kavita I don’t have any hubby or bf and I love to be impress him if I have somebody. And we all laugh loudly. Amongs them sona said don’t worry ankita you will be get your hubby soon jokingly. Kavita by serious said hey hey hey we have solution for it, We can arrange hubby for ankita just for today, and I have a plan. I by nervously looking at kavita, “ what kind of plan kavita has In her mind!!!!” kavita said one of us can be hubby for our dear ankita today. I just aww and listening carefully, what she is talking about. Look kavita said, amongst us sona is well build and ankita dear is very lean in front of her, she is heighted than ankita, means sona is perfect hubby for our ankita, don’t u think girls?. Sona saw towards me showing her eyebrows up n down for my permission. I just kept my hands on my face. All asking about me, is me like sona or change the hubby. I said, I feel shy I cant take decision, actually I like her but… but… what plan u peoples are cooking?? Kavita said, no plan dear just enjoy the company of sona for photoshoot, I just want to capture all moments of you and sona as gf bf.

  • #660

    dolly (Monday, 09 January 2017 13:31)

    I just stunned by listening this. Okk I said to them just for photoshoot. Sona came by wearing black jeans and white tshirt on which she wears black blazer. She kept one cap to hide her small hairs. Her get up looks like a boy and she will going to be my hubby for photoshoot. Kavita and malti take out their mobiles and said me to stand besides sona. With shyness I adjust my sari and pallu and stand besides sona. Sona is heighted so kavita gave me sandles to wear and they take photographs. Malti shows me different pose how to stand as girl and I also enjoys the pose as sona my hubby. I one pose I have to keep my head and hands on shoullderof sona and In another sona held me from behind to my waist and kept her chin on my shoulder. Best pose is sona kissing my cheeks from behind and I have to smile. Sach a way different poses I have to gave for photoshoot. I observes that intentionally sona touches my boobs or hips during photosession when nobody is watching, but I just enjoys the situation. Then kavita said, ok girls more fun for today lets eat dinner now. We all ate dinner now kavita said to change the sari. I don’t want to change the sari but I have no choice because its kavitas sari. kavita then gave me yellow nighty to wear for night. Nighty was satin short frilly and up to my knee only and somehow transperant showing my pink bra and pink panty easily. I just remain on my girly make up with all accessories. My bangles continuously shouting I feel like bride innighty like first night of any bride. Now me and kavita vandering on terrace and we discussing more girly things. Sona still does not changing the jeans and tshirt. Whenever I look towards her I just imagine the moments of photoshoot with her. Sona also looking quite disturb and continuously watching towards me. I come to know what sona wants she wants to spend more time with me than kavita. When I was sitting alone sona said to come with her in backside room of bunglow. I said for what?? She said I want to kiss you plz ankita just one kiss. Okk baba wait. She saidokkk I m waiting in backside room come alone I am waiting there.I also wish to kiss her so just rush from terrace without knowing kavita. when I entered the room sona just push me inside the room and locked the door. My heart beats faster as I never kissed any girl before. I just stood stunned there. She comes more close to me , I closed my eyes with shyness when she come forward. She first kissed on my cheeks I also response her like girl. She then remove my nightys shoulder strap by side and kissed passionately on my neck and shoulder. I kept my hands on her back and response her like girl. She then kiss on my lips very hard i also gave her permission to use me. She kept her hand on my hip size and make my nighty upside and pressing my hips. I completely behave like girls and response her like girls. She throws me on bed and then she removed her tshirt she doesn’t wear bra her boobs clearly visible to me. She then lean on me and trying to remove my nighty. She succeeded to do so as I responsing to her. She is kissing my hairless theighs and all over the body. Now I am just on my bra panty. She then removes her jeans, I can see one dildo is hanging in her pussy area. I afraid as I never sex with any girl with dildo. She says calm down ankita dear I will not hurt you but you will enjoys it promis. She removes my pink panty to my knee and from backside she inserted the dildo with very hard. I just shout she kept her hand on my mouth and she fucks me like first wedding night. After some time I also enjoys the dildo she fucks me for 15mn. Now I just layed down on her body we both were nude. Suddenly door knoks I know kavita must be outside. Kavita from outside says, hey sona don’t make ankita pregnant today only, she is very soft girl don’t use her so much, and she is smiling from outside. I just stood from sona and wears my nighty and adjusting my hairs and dress with shy open the door and trying to rush from there. Kavita holds my hand and asking did sona hurt you dear or I disturbing you. I come to know that it is the plan of sona and kavita. sona again come to push me towards her in front of ankita I am also trying to rush out from there but sona was so strong and kavita also supporting her. I feel very embrassed in front of kavita and said, plz let me go sona I feel awkward here…!!! Some how I succedded to rush out from there and entered in my room with closing the doors.

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    Kanmani (Tuesday, 10 January 2017 12:51)

    I'm a married secret crossdresser, and here I was in saree with matching petticoat bra and panties and blouse, I was enjoying the absence of my wife, and suddenly the door bell rang, I was enjoying my feminity in hall an people whoever stands near door can actually sense it's a guy or girl with the blunt image through the Matt finish glass window. I quickly ran back into my room removed everything including the little makeup and dumped everything in my bed and changed myself to my male self, I opened the door and found my MIL standing in the door, she said hi, I replied yea aunty, she called for her daughter, I said she is not here aunty she is @ office, I am using my leave balance and will be
    On leave for a week, aunty replied but I just saw my daughter image through that glass, call her know don't play, I was shocked she saw me and how could I explain that's me. She told me you are alone and she asked me to help you, but it looks like you are busy with someone? She walked into my room to only find the saree in bed and she checked my bathroom and kitchen and nowhere she found she looked at me, where is she?
    Aunty just calm a moment, she is not here and it is not she you think. That is me.
    Mil shocked, aunty please let me explain and promise me you never tell this to your daughter pls.
    What are u saying? Is that u?
    Yes aunty I stammered.
    My daughter always complained about sex now I know why you can't satisfy her. You are not even a man.
    Aunty no I'm just a crossdresser, I love to dress up and that's it.
    Oh let me see What you got first, turn yourself into a woman and comeback.
    I'll do aunty but not now anyone may come now.
    If u don't do what I say, you'll be in trouble, my last warning.
    I shook In fear and thought aunty might be interested in my other half so I quickly went back to room, wore my saree adjusted my wig and a little makeup on my clean shaved face, I t transformed into a girl. I called aunty to come in the room. She came and she asked me turn around.
    Oh what a shape you got, u must've born in wrong body, no where I could find a trace of a guy, how do you call yourself a man?
    Aunty please this is just my hobby!
    What is your name?
    No your name as what u r?
    Kanmani my dear kanmani lovely name, lovely saree, I'll give u a choice, I'll give a two more set of sarees just run away from this home.
    Aunty please I'll do anything you say, please don't let me go out please..
    While I was begging she took me out of my room and took some photos, I tried to hide but she warned me and I couldn't help myself, suddenly the doorbell rang.
    Aunty locked my bedroom and stood there.
    Aunty let me go inside let me change someone is coming.
    Who will that be?
    My maid!
    So ! Go open the door for your maid.
    Aunty! What are you saying?
    Go! Or get out of this house, I'll spare you some money and sarees.
    Without choice I opened the door.
    My maid looked at me and shocked laughing she locked the door. Wat is this?
    Aunty intervened she is kanmani u can take her for any help in kitchen.
    She laughed and said ok madam and called me with her.
    Aunty was watching TV.
    Me and maid was working together while she asked why am I behaving like this I explained her the whole situation, she said she will help me after lunch my aunty ate alone. She me to sit with Maid and have my lunch. With tears I looked at my maid she is signalled she will help me after lunch the maid spoke to aunty she is willing to continue as maid Since she deserves this. Hearing this I asked aunty I don't want to continue like this my wife will come tonight let me change I will do anything you say.
    What will you do Kanmani?
    I will do anything.
    When you are not a man, why should I need you in this house? I don't want a sissy to my Wife.
    Aunty please don't do this to me I got nowhere to go.
    You can stay here as you are.
    But please aunty Let live as a man.
    As I told you you may continue as a maid.
    I ran back into kitchen and started crying like a girl.
    My maid came from behind and said Kanmani I will help you to live your life as a girl.
    But why i don't need to be a girl..
    But your wife hates you!
    So? I'll give u a choice live you're dream.
    I thought for an hour and decided whatever happens I'm gonna stay as i am.
    I spoke to aunty I'll stay as what i am.
    She looked at me sarcastically replied whatever!.goaway!
    Night Came, my wife at the door, i went and opened the door to wife, she realized that was me and slapped me hard, she pushed me out of the house and locked the door. I started crying, after few mins aunt came u shall continue as housekeeper or u can start walking, go anywhere!
    I replied I'll live as housemaid...


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    Amutha Valli (Tuesday, 10 January 2017 17:41)

    Kanmani don't stop continue your story please

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    sarita (Wednesday, 11 January 2017 01:33)

    Where r u plz complt ur story yar

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    READER (Wednesday, 11 January 2017 03:25)

    kanmani please dont stop write more loved your story please continue

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    Kanmani (Friday, 13 January 2017 13:40)

    It was a normal weekend i was on my way to office, i am a cd, i love to dress up, i live with my aunt, uncle is abroad and he hardly visits her. So I'm the only support for her, I'll help and do all works in Home she always praise me i suppose to born a girl, i like that comment, every night i dress up in my own room, ny using aunts old dresses. I never got caught, and this day i reached office, during weekends I'll be the only employee to work in peace. I enjoy weekends hours at office, i was walking inside office and reached parking to Polish my shoes, and then i noticed a set of house keeping uniforms, my eyes was locked on to that, and since no one use to come office on weekends how this things are there? I thought for a moment and decided to try this dress in outer restroom and keep it back where it were. I quickly took it went inside box toilet and wore the uniforms over my pant shirt and i felt its too tight i removed my shirt and pants and found a camisole inside the parcel so i wore that, and pattiala bottom with U cut chudi tops i neatly pinned the shawl with clips i found in that cover. I also found a cap to cover my head. I tried that too and wanted to take a picture from my mobile. As the box toilet doesn't have much of a light i decided to come out and take a picture. Even though it was a brave act my heart pounded heavily, also had a fear if anyone comes ill be a dead meat.
    I slowly opened the door didn't noticed who were standing behind box toilet i camr out and took selfie, when suddenly one lady came and took my phone, we asked all to assemble here for today's work and what are you doing here?
    She grabbed me and made me join with other maids in the team. I went last and tried to cover myself and prayed gos no one should find its me. Thank God i had the most feminine face and no facial hairs much and luckily i shaved too.
    All maids listen here!
    Each of you should go to their respective mentioned place and finish the activity i said before 1pm and report me.
    Devi! she called one maid standing besideme. There is a new joiner i kept new uniforms for her who is she? Other maids turned and looked at me. I smiled, tried to smile, the fat lady called me you have to go all restrooms and clean the mirrors, take your things from here and start your work fast, i nodded ok mam, and walked to box toilet to get my dress, but when i went there i found my security took the dresses in a paper folded and threw in garbage bin.
    Oh God! What i did? Why everything happening to me?
    Why is my security threw out my dress in Garbage?
    I slowly tried to talk feminine to that fat lady.
    Excuse me.
    What? You have not started your work yet?
    Mam our security took away my old dress and threw in garbage bin. Shall i go and take it.
    Ok ok! Go fast and finish your work.
    I ran in my barefoot near garbage bin only to find my dresses were spoiled in shit, i don't have a choice to even touch it, suddenly realized my cards were there in pockets.
    Hey u! Called the lady. I ran to her,
    Go! Don't waste my time.
    One minute mam my money to return home on my dress, I'll take and go.
    She immediately took one fifty rupees note and kept in my pocket and screamed go!!!
    I took the bucket and spray and sponge tissues and ran to the office.
    I was working hard in each restroom till, 1pm my hands were painful and couldn't even able to lift the bucket i reached parking and sat in corner thinking how i will go home, everyone gathered and each of us got lunch in a parcel, i ate alone and waited patiently fat lady came and asked everyone to leave, but I waited there behind a car when suddenly someone removed my cap i shocked to see its the fat lady
    She stood in shock!
    U r a guy?
    Yes mam! Please please don't shout, help me.
    What? Help? U disguised as a maid? U did a good job, but you deserve this uniform. I thought of appreciating your works in all girls restroom but u r a guy!
    Why should i help you?
    Go away or I'll call my security.
    Pls mam i don't even have my dress it is in that garbage bin.
    That was cleared by corporations in morning itself she said
    I started crying mam i lost my dress and my cards i have to travel 30kms from here please help.
    She replied you have my fifty rupees go!
    She started walking to office i quickly arranged my cap and slowly walked behind her to her office.
    She saw me and inside office she screamed what u want from me?
    Pls mam help i work in this company i have to continue my work i need spare dress pls help me to change my male self.
    She smiled for a moment and took a blank paper and asked me to sign.
    I asked why?
    U asked me help and I'll help you with that no further questions.

  • #667

    Kanmani (Friday, 13 January 2017 13:41)

    I paused for a second and signed quickly.
    She took the paper and asked me to wait outside.
    I waited outside for an hour and got tensed when i saw my boss car i hung my head down and covered my face. He went inside mam room. She called me inside completely shaking i walked inside she asked is this guy working in this office, he looked at me from top to bottom. He replied to her he was... Not anymore.. With that he stood up mam stopped him but he replied it's my final answer, get lost he said to me and left. I started to cry again badly. Mam came ans said
    I just wanted to check u r really saying truth but your boss is so rude.
    I was crying again she asked me to calm down and she completed some paperwork and shown me a job contract that I signed with a photo i took selfie this morning. I asked why she did that.
    She replied your boss blackmarked your profile you'll not get job anywhere, so i helped u. I asked how will i go home? Like u r! Go home! She said and she also left.
    I walked to bus stop took tickets and reached home people treated me as a lowly maid in that uniform and nobody really cared about my gender.
    When i reaches home my aunt opened the door to see me in the dress of a maid she slapped me hard and asked what is this? I explained everything... She convinced me to go and take bath, i removed the maid dress and took a fresh bath and came out to see aunt standing with old cotton saree and with petticoat and blouse. Aunt u too? I cried!
    See u r not a guy! Not man enough to get married with your feminine feature and u lost a job and downgraded yourself and signed a contract as maid for a year. Everything in a single day and this is the gift, wear the saree and come start your regular work.. Nothing changes except the dress. I always praise you for mistakenly born as boy, now... Get ready and start your work...


  • #668

    Poornima (Friday, 13 January 2017 14:19)

    You should have made him clean a ladies toilets and all ladies spitting on him

  • #669

    Jillian Clark (Saturday, 14 January 2017 05:27)

    Ut quaerat doloribus magnam dolores quam officiis sed veniam, odio at ut et atque non.

  • #670

    Sexy Girl (Saturday, 14 January 2017 09:50)

    Story Name: Pink and purple lace bra
    Part #1

    Note: I will complete my story Sisters soon, till then enjoy this one.

    I was feeling restless, weak and lusty. I was trying to sleep with semi hardness in my pants but I could not sleep. The image of Pink and purple lacy bra I saw, was making it difficult for me to sleep. It was perfect color blend of pink and light purple and hints of blacks and red. The red bow in the center was so cute and sexy. The net lace made it the delicate and desirable thing. The silky fabric, the shine of it and satin feel of the bra was too much to handle. I just wanted to hold it, feel it, and inhale the scent of Riya bosoms in it. She is a goddess and her choice of perfume is so tempting that that I would want to get lost in that.
    Riya is my sister’s best friend and she came today afternoon to spend the weekend with my sister. Today evening they went to club, that was when I thought of going to my sisters room and check out Riya’s stuffs. I guess you all know why do we check girl’s bags, to check there clothes, makeup and lingerie. I was lost in the dream of wearing all the things I saw while going through the bag full of clothes, makeup and accessories. Then I went to the bath room, to check what Riya left there. That is when I found this lovely pink 36c Bra hanging in her bathroom emitting intoxicating fragrance. As soon as I saw it, I knew I won’t be able to resist not wearing it. I wanted to wear it so badly that I started shivering out of fear and excitement. My heart was beating so fast and loud that I thought it would burst. My legs were shaking.
    With my shaky hands I took it from the bathroom hook. The touch and feel of lace and silk along with Riya’s perfume had made the most desirable thing in my life. I lifted it and dig my nose into it and inhaled the scent for several seconds. The mix of Riya’s sweat and her perfume had made it smell so good, that I almost came in my shorts. I removed my t shirt and slowly slid strap on my shoulders and hooked it in the back. I saw myself in the mirror, with no body hair, long hair and clean shave (I hardly have any shave) I saw a sexy teenage girl in the sexiest Bra. I knew this image will be itched in my brain forever, and will never let me believe that I am boy externally. Other than the penis in between my legs, I am women complete women. My slim and soft body, walk, thoughts are so girly that you would not believe me if I have told you this while wearing my sisters dress. I put on my t shirt over the bra and went back to check her bag. Her bag had more bra and panties, a sleeping gown and 2 pretty dresses. I did not want to spoil the setting of the bag to avoid suspicion of bag being checked, so I did not touch the dress to see, what kind of dresses they were. There was a small pouch, filled with lots of makeup. Mostly Mac and Lakme brands shimmers, mascara, eye liner, eye shadow, lipsticks, lip liner, lip gloss. I was losing my remaining manliness and was getting into feminine world.

  • #671

    Sexy Girl (Saturday, 14 January 2017 09:51)

    Story Name: Pink and purple lace bra
    Part #2

    I wanted to be the Riya, sexy and slutty. I wanted to own all her stuff. I wanted to dress up like her, like a sexy women with sexy lingerie and make up, put on those sexy high heels and hand bag and walk in into some club. I wanted to be so desirable and sexy that guys will have an instant hard on by just looking at me. I wanted to be so sexy that as soon as a guy holds me with one hand on my ass and other on my breast and puts his face in my hair and inhales the Victoria secret perfume, he comes in his pants.

    With the fear of getting caught I removed my bra and kept everything in place and came back to my room and lied on the bed. I tried to sleep, but the pink lacy bra did not let me. I was feeling weak and vulnerable. I was feeling like a women in need, a women who badly wanted to be held, cuddled and kissed and then taken roughly. I wanted to be women, who want to be dressed as slutty as possible and go out and make guys drip cum by just looking at her. All these feelings made ma drip some pre cum in my shorts. I had this un easiness I was turning and tossing on the bed but could not find relief. Then my small and semi hardness dripped some more cum, and I realized that my periods have just begun.
    I got off the bed and went to my cupboard and removed the big box. After unlocking it I took out my secret bag, which no one knows about. I took my lacy panty and Stayfree pads. I glued the pad in my panties and wore them and returned to my bed. I seemed to calm down. The wet and soft pad gave me much needed warmth to my crotch. But still my lust could not be controlled. Unable to control my urges I went back to my sister’s room. I removed my t-shirt and took Riya's Bra and wrapped it around my chest and hooked it in back. I adjusted the shoulder straps. The feeling was so intense that I was lost in the moment and forgot where and whom I was. It was a perfect fit all round and perfectly wrapped my boobs in it. The feeling of being a woman was at the peak, I wanted to dress up all the way and visit a club like my Riya and my sister did.

  • #672

    shemalesana (Saturday, 14 January 2017)

    Caught chatting and forced feminization
    Hi, Reader. This is my imaginary story of how I want my life to be. I am Viki aged 24 college student. I like with my family. Both my parents are working and we rarely meet. So most of the time I used to be alone in our house. I stayed in the first floor and my parents stayed in ground floor. We had a maid who used to clean our home and cook for us. Her name was mangai and she was older than me. She used to wear Saree, big earrings and lots of bangles. Her parents were looking for a alliance for her to get her married. One day while returning from college I got surrounded by a group of transgenders. They scared me and demanded money. In the group was a young pretty boy who has just started transition. He was wearing a half saree. He had flowers in his shoulder length hair. I started to blush looking at him. I felt the place as soon as I recovered. But I couldn’t stop thinking about the boy. So I started googling about boy dressing and acting like girls. To my wonder were numerous results and I got attracted to it. Then I ended up in a chat room. I was looking for options to chat with someone. I asked me for a membership. Fortunately the membership was free for one month so I chose the username shemalesana and was completing my profile. I chose some random details not to reveal my true identity. As soon as I finished creating my profile I started checking other profiles. There were two categories – crossdresser and shemale (transgenders). I chose the join the category shemale. Then I browsed under this topic. There was a profile by the name shemale goddess priya. She had five star rating and the comments on her wall indicated that she was popular. I tried contacting her but she wasn’t online at the moment.
    The next day I left the college at the same time and took the same route to meet the transgender group but I couldn’t find them. This continued for 7 days in a row. I saw them again the next Monday. I gave them Rs.100 even before they asked. Instead of scaring me, they all blessed me. Again I searched for the new boy he was there, this time a little more feminine. As they left me I too started home. I started to chat in the website regularly. Soon I too started to gather followers. I started to discover my feminine side. I waited for the next Monday. This time I was prepared. On the same time I met them and gave them the money. As I passed them I found the boy and gave him a paper.

  • #673

    Sexy Girl (Sunday, 15 January 2017 08:47)

    @Raghav: Waiting for your next story.

  • #674

    neeta (Sunday, 15 January 2017 11:48)


    Complete ur first story

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    poonam (Sunday, 15 January 2017 20:47)

    Sexy girl ur both stories are amazing. U should complete it fast

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    sneha (Monday, 16 January 2017 08:49)

    Our identity
    My name is dinesh and my wife name is disha she works as a software engineer and i will do digital marketing work from home. One evening i was doing my regular work in my laptop my came and sat on the sofa made ughhhhh sound seeing her frustration i asked her the reason she said she has to go Australia for On-Board Project. With a dull expression for how many days you have to go their she said may be for 3 years i said 3 years loudly.She said baby it is for future please let me go i said i don't know any about your job if this trip makes you happy then go a head she happily hugged me and kissed on my cheeks we had a good night in sex from the next day she started packing the bags 3rd day after discussion she had a flight. while she is leaving i hugged her desperately unwillingly she left me and she had tears in her eyes.While we are going to airport my MIL came to our house.
    While we are leaving to airport i asked disha about her Mother stay she said she will stay with me and cook food in her absence and she is feeling in the village after her father's death. I left disha at airport and came back to home my MIL was watching TV i went straight to my bed room and had a quick shower and took my wig and make up kit and started my preparation first i arranged my hair wig and applied nail polish to my fingers and toes and then i dressed in sari and went outside after seeing my MIL said hey dear i am waiting for you please prepare food i am hungry yeah she know about me and treats me like daughter.
    I went to kitchen started preparing food and she came inside and asked me turn round and said wow you are carrying yourself very good you are covering your body parts very nice and you are keeping expressions very natural and feminine now shown me your walking style i shown it to her and she surprised and kissed me on my forehead till know nobody listened me like this just with my messages you have made yourself so feminine and know i want you to submissive i have a plan for you i said thanks mommy. I completed my cooking we ate it and i cleaned utensils and i started working with my laptop while pressing keys on key board my bangles are making sweet sound which are making feel so feminine and nice. Suddenly i heard door bell sound i stood and going to open the door and while going my anklets making sound listening it my MIL said wow what a sweet sound. I opened door it is my maid she came inside and asked did mam left sir i said know i am the mam she is sir. Okie mam sorry she said and my MIL seeing her with naughty looks she called us both.
    She told my maid Sarla to sit on the sofa and told me to bring tea for them i did it for them and served it to them. After serving i am going to sit My MIL told me to stay stand My MIL asked sarla is it ok for you stay here full day with us her and how many days you can afford to stay her. Sarla asked my MIL why mam why are you asking this question to me.My MIL asked please say i will tell you later. She said i can manage for 3 days my MIL ok nice But Sarla asked mam why are you asking me all. My MIL answered shocked my MIL said sarla please stay with me hear as my son in law for three and dinesha will be your wife for 3 days. Sarla said noway. My MIL said no you are lying sarla why should i lie to you My MIL said i saw you so many staring at men's clothes that's why i have given this offer after listening this sarla became dumb and said mom just wait a minute i will changing my clothes nobody caring about my decision and sarla given me evil look after that look i took my pallu and kept it over my head and took blessings of Sarla.
    She told me follow her she went to bedroom and thrown clothes on me and told me to iron it and she went inside the bathroom and had a shower and wore my vest and brief tied towel to her navel and i was stood in front of her with clothes in my hand and she said so sweet pinching my cheeks that action made me blush i don't know why i reacted like that she dressed in front me in my clothes and then kept her hand on my shoulders and taken me too my MIL she asked my MIL mom how is our pair. My MIL said super .
    Please post your comments

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    aagya (Monday, 16 January 2017 12:25)

    Nice story sneha. Keep writing n go ahead

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    Teja ramya (Monday, 16 January 2017 18:49)

    Hi akka.... U are back with a bang.... Continue.... We are waiting

  • #679

    Maddy (Tuesday, 17 January 2017 04:29)

    Sneha write more pls!

  • #680

    SRS (Wednesday, 18 January 2017 00:05)

    There is no forced feminisation story, it's getting bored

  • #681

    priya (Wednesday, 18 January 2017 07:56)

    Hai Srs please continue your story we are eagerly waiting for your next part
    Pls pls.....

  • #682

    Kanmani (Thursday, 19 January 2017 12:57)

    I'm a secret selfish crossdresser I'm kanna, my parents are wealthy enough i can live my entire life without working, i hate maids i never gave respect to maids working at my house, after parents died I've asked all my maids to leave, but one maid selvi was working, i didn't like her grandma runs a shop, but still she works at my house, as i don't like it anyway, one day i gave her 500 rupees to buy groceries and told her to keep the change same day i said she stole the money and humiliated her in front of all neighbors, she left the job. Now being myself in my house, i moved all feminine garments and dresses left by maids to my room. Next day after i take bath i wore the used bra and panties found in maids quarters, the fragrance waa still there made me very erotic, quickly wore petticoat and used blouse to feel the scent of the maids and wore saree, used several pins to finish my saree looks more professional and finished my makeup. Finally i wore the wig and looked in mirror, god i can't believe its me, i looked so sexy and the whole house is mine so i enjoyed each and every moment on that day, looking myself at every mirror i crossed, and finally i relaxed myself in sofa watching some serials. This continued for a week, as usual i was in saree and watching TV suddenly i heard selvi voice behind, in shock i quickly stood and exposed myself in a saree.
    She looked myself calm and didn't bat an eye. I hung my head down and told selvi please don't tell anyone.
    She replied, why? I saw a boy wearing saree, why should I not share with my neighbors?
    Pls selvi I'll do anything but please don't tell anyone about it. She looked at me for a while and she went and sat on sofa and asked me to go get changed and come, i quickly did and came to selvi.
    She replied from today I'm working here, you'll pay me, but you'll work for me. I looked at her angrily.
    Selvi said, kanna don't try anything it will not take seconds to call everyone and prove what u did to me and what you did now.
    I stood silent and replied ok selvi I'll do that. She silently went. The whole day i couldn't sleep what if she tell them to neighbors, next day she came as usual,
    She called me kanna, i got angry, she looked at me are u getting angry, sorry to call you by that name, I'll call you kanmani ok?
    I got more angry she looked the eyebrows and said hey wait she took her bright Red bindi and sticked it to my forehead and said now can control your anger, girls like you should not get angry. I was silent.
    Gud u r silent, if u dare raise your voice u will end up trouble i warn u.. She asked me to go near by shop and buy two earrings for myself with red bindi, i said people and neighbors will notice please don't do this, I'll do anything inside the house i said, she slapped me and replied final warning. She pushed me out of house and walked behind me. I almost cried people everyone noticed my bindi and started calling me by many names, i reached a fancy store found old aunty looked at me smiled asked what u want, i said earrings, she gave screw type earrings and asked ok? I silently paid for her and came out. Selvi was waiting for me, she saw my earrings said I've gud taste. She grabbed my hand and took to nearest pawn shop i asked her what are you doing please let me go, she shouted kanmani come with me people around everyone looked at me, not ready to get more humiliation i went with her, she said i want to be a girl and needs a piercing in ears now he recommended for nose also but Selvi looked at me my eyes already filled with tears, she said not now and got my both ears pierced....

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    Asha (Thursday, 19 January 2017 13:17)

    Loved this one.

  • #684

    nisha (Friday, 20 January 2017 00:55)

    Sexygirl : great story agay likho jaldi

  • #685

    mohit (Friday, 20 January 2017 06:14)

    read my new story in hindi comments revange by gf i hope u all r injoy it nd comment m please
    nd srs plese compleat ur story

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    lavanya (Saturday, 21 January 2017 10:35)

    Mohit when u post next parts.

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    Deepthi (Monday, 23 January 2017 11:29)

    Hi to all writers

    We are egarly waiting for your stories

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    Ishu (Saturday, 28 January 2017 01:09)

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    mohit (Saturday, 28 January 2017 05:36)

    revange by gf
    I walked in sand started talking the whole time watching her as she did her face.
    She smiled at me doesn’t the makeup make my face look beautiful she asked? I said yes. She smiled again don’t you love the way it looks? Yes I said again. She smiled and it feels so nice, would you like to see how it feels sweaty? And without thinking I said yes. She smiled and gave me a wink. Okay dear but just a little. I stood there as she gently took her brush and put a powder in it. She tapped it off and then started to brush it all over my face. After a few moments she smiled what a wonderful glow you have. I looked in the mirror and my face did have a glow about it but you really couldn’t tell I was wearing any make up. Next she had me shut my eyes and she put the lightest of eye shadow on my lids, this is peach dear it will brighten your eyes. Again I looked in the mirror and my eyes did look better but you still couldn’t tell I was wearing eye shadow. Then she took out a lipstick and put some on. It was a very neutral color that just gave my lips and even color but you couldn’t tell. There we are sweaty a beautiful natural look. We don’t want to overdo it. I looked in the mirror and Rohini said you like it right. I nodded and said yes. She smiled and gave me the makeup powder, eye shadow and lipstick. You can have this that way you can wear it every day you want to wear it right. Again I don’t know why but I said yes and took the makeup. Rohini finished getting dressed and we went out for dinner and a move.
    The rest of the week I would get up and talk to my mom as she did her makeup, I loved watching her. Then I would put on my make up very lightly so as nobody could see it but I felt batter knowing I had it on. On Friday night I went over to Rita’s house. Her parents were gone so we went up to her bedroom.
    She smiled and gave me a kiss, how has my little girl been this week she asked? I smiled and said good. She took off her clothes down to her panties and bra and I did the same. We started to kiss and she was touching me all over and again I could not get hard. She smiled at me; I know what’s wrong I promised you that you could try a tampon again. That’s what you want isn’t it. Again I don’t know why but I said yes. She told me to pull down my panties and bed over which I did. She touched my butt and I felt her push something into my but that was cold then she inserted the tampon and pushed it in all the way. There we are my sweat; she kissed me on the lips and told me what a cute butt I had. I thanked her and this time I couldn’t feel the tampon. We kissed for a little while and then Rita and I went out for dinner.

  • #691

    mohit (Saturday, 28 January 2017 05:38)

    revange by gf
    Saturday morning I got up and again I was feeling sick to my stomach. I got up and went and had my morning talk with my mom as she did her makeup. We talked about spring break which was only one week away. Mom and Julli were going to the beach for the week and she wanted to know if I wanted to go. I looked at her and said no I would stay home. She smiled have you told the girls the truth yet? I smiled no I can’t. She just shook her head; when they find out they will be so mad. Do you have any idea what they will do, you will be lucky if they will even talk to you. In the mean time you are wearing panties and a bra to keep this little secret. I smiled I know mom but it’s not that bad I really don’t mind. She gave me a strange look, are we getting attached to your bra she asked? I suddenly felt stupid and just looked down. Mom touched my hand, I like my bra too sweaty but you better be careful who you tell.
    Wednesday I could barely get my pants over my butt and my breast were starting to really show. I was a little worried about someone noticing them but for some reason I wasn’t worried about the breasts themselves. I put on a large bulky sweat shirt and went to school. After school I went over to Rohini’s house as her parents were gone again. Rohini took me up to her bedroom. We got out of our clothes and soon we were just wearing panties and bra. Rohini looked at me and smiled. Wow sweaty you are looking beautiful today. I looked at her and said I know I just can’t stop gaining weight. She gave me another one of her pills and told me these will fix you. I got the dizzy feeling again and lay down on the bed. When I woke up Rohini was standing there looking at me. Sweaty would you like me to make love to you she asked? I smiled and said yes. She strapped her thing on and then smiled. Turn around and be a good little girl. I did as she said and she pulled my panties down, put some cream on my butt and then slid it in and this time it didn’t hurt. So she was pushing in and out and I was moaning with each stroke. Rohini made love to me for over thirty minutes till I collapsed on the bed. Rohini and I talked for hours and she told me that she was going to be out of town for spring break but she would see me when she got back.
    Thursday morning I got up and looked in the mirror. My breasts were huge now and filled out my bra. Instead of being worried about them I just wondered what mom would say and how I could hide them again put on a big sweatshirt and then when I tried to put my pants on they would not fit. I started to panic. What could I do? I saw Julli’s black sweat pants on the door and put them on. I pulled the sweatshirt down to hide Julli’s sweats and it looked okay. I went to school. At lunch I saw Rita and we talked. Her parents were going away for the week two so we planned on spending it together. She told me to come over as soon as my mom and sister left. Friday morning again I looked at my breasts and they were big and beautiful so I put on another big sweatshirt and the same pair of sweat pants and went to school. When I got home Mom and Julli loaded up the car. Julli said goodbye and got in the car. Mom gave me a hug and for a moment I thought she had felt my breasts under the sweatshirt. She kissed me goodbye and told me to be good. I went right over to Rita’s house and her parents had already left. She took me upstairs to her room. We stripped down to our panty and bra and Rita looked at me. Wow sweaty what a great body you have you should show it off more. I smiled and looked down and said thank you Rita. She gave me a hug I have a great idea for what we can do tonight. I asked what? Rita gave me a kiss, I will tell you but first I think my little girl needs her tampon for the night. I didn’t say anything I just turned around and pulled my panties down. She put her hands on my butt and said, wow sweaty I think you are ready for the super size. I felt her push something into my butt and then another and yet a third and then she inserted the tampon and pushed it in. I got such a sensation from it.

  • #692

    mohit (Saturday, 28 January 2017 05:39)

    revange by gf
    Rita took my hand, you look so cute and you have such a great body I want to see what you would look like in one of my dresses. We went over to her closet and started to hold up dresses to me. She finally decided on a low cut short black dress. Sweaty this will look great on you and show off your breasts. She put the dress over my head and as it slid down my body I got such an incredible feeling. Rita looked at me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. What a cute girl you make let’s find you some shoes. She took a pair of 4″inch heels and put them on my feet, Sweaty you love the way they feel don’t you. I said yes and smiled. She helped me stand and showed me how to walk. We went down stairs and had dinner and watched TV. Rita just kept telling me how cute and beautiful I looked. When it was time for bed we went upstairs. Rita gave a short pink night gown to wear and helped me get ready for bed. The feeling was so intense. We got into bed and she kissed me on the cheek and said, sweat dreams my little girl.
    In the morning we got up and Rita smiled at me, how did my little sister sleep in her new nightgown she asked? I smiled and said terrific. We got up and Rita picked out a black skirt and pink top, would my sister like to borrow some of my clothes? They were beautiful and I blushed and said, can I? Rita kissed me on my cheek, yes sweaty I think you would look great but you have to wear it the proper way. She helped me get dressed and then gave me the same heels from last night. I looked in the mirror and I was beautiful. Rita smiled we are not finished, and she sat me down and started to put curlers in my hair. Then she smiled I think you are ready for some makeup. She started off putting foundation on my face. The feeling was so nice. Next she put some eye liner on and some eye shadow and then some mascara, the whole time explaining to me what they were for and how to apply them. She finished off with a deep red lipstick. I looked into the mirror and I was even more beautiful. Rita smiled; I think you like the way you look shall I do your nails. I just smiled and nodded yes. When she finished she had me stand in front of the mirror. I had never thought I could look so beautiful. Rita went and put on a skirt and top and her heels. She stood next to me; we look like sisters don’t we she asked? I said yes. She gave me a light kiss on the cheek as not to mess our makeup. How about we spend the day as sisters and go shopping. I looked at her with a scared look on my face. Go out in public like this. She smiled, you are a beautiful young lady nobody will know so you want to go shopping don’t you. I smiled and said yes. We spent the day at the mall and tried on all kinds of clothes and shoes. We even got my ears pierced. I had so much fun. When we got home it was late so Rita showed me how to take my makeup off and we got ready for bed. I put my pink night gown on and climbed into bed with Rita. I thanked her for an incredible day and gave her a goodnight kiss on the cheek. She smiled; sweat dreams and I have a big surprise for you tomorrow

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    mohit (Saturday, 28 January 2017 05:40)

    revange by gf
    Sunday Morning we got up and Rita helped me get dressed in a white skirt with a green top and again gave me her 4″inch heels to wear. She put on a little makeup and then she got dressed in a skirt and top and heels and again we looked like sisters. We grabbed our purses and we left. I asked where we were going but she just smiled. Relax you will love it. We pulled into a parking lot and parked. I looked out and there was a beauty salon. Rita and I walked in and the lady greeted Rita with a hug, so this is your Cousin she is lovely. I looked at Rita and didn’t know what to say. Rita just smiled and said Mohini, say hi to Linda. I looked at Rita and then Linda and said hi. As we walked in Rita smiled; just relax dear you are fine just remember to answer to Mohini. I asked why she called me Mohini. Rita smiled, sweaty looking like you do you can’t go by Mohit, and she thinks you are a girl so I gave you a female name. You do like it don’t you dear? Linda sat me down and started to wash my long brown hair which was now down to my shoulders. After she washed it she put a cream in my hair. Then she smiled, let’s start on your face dear. She put a cream on my face and then started to work on my eyebrows. She used a little wand that admitted a light and some heat. It felt strange and tingled as she went over them.
    She washed the cream out of my hair and then started to wrap it in curlers. Soon my head was a mass of curlers and it felt like my hair was being pulled out of my head. I still had the cream on my face which was now drying and getting hard. She took me over to a seat and I put my feet into a little tub. It was so relaxing. Linda then took my feet out and massaged them. It was so incredible I have never felt anything so wonderful. Rita was in the seat next to me and noticed the smile. Are you enjoying your day of beauty sweaty? I knew I shouldn’t but I was so I said yes. When Linda finished my massaging my feet she dried them off and then she applied a deep red nail polish.

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    Jau (Saturday, 28 January 2017 23:33)

    Nice story Mohit plz. Continue... Eagerly waiting...

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    Julee (Sunday, 29 January 2017 03:44)