Deepika Prasad


Of late I have fallen in love with back-open blouses and enjoy wearing them. All of you know that blouses should hug the breasts and fit snugly around the body to look good and sexy. That means there is very little slack for hooking them up! It took me some time to acquire the skill for clasping the hooks on these back open blouses.


Recently after wearing my breast form filled 38c silk bra and silk petticoat, I managed to fit myself into a lavendar coloured low-back back-open blouse. Then I wore a soft and light mill-woven silk saree which draped nicely over my body. I had already worn my make up and jewlry. I fixed a shoulder length wig on my head and wore three inch heels.


As I admired my feminity in a full length mirror, my landline rang. Without thinking about it, I said hello in my feminine voice. The caller hesitated for a moment and asked if it was Deepak's line. Having started I had to continue my feminine personality. I said yes and that I was his cousin speaking. The caller said,"Oh! I am his boss Uday speaking from the security cabin of your housing society. Is Deepak at home now?"


I had altogether forgotten that my landline doubled up as the society intercom as well. I was now caught and had to carry on."Actually Deepak has gone to give his car for service. He will be back in an hour." But my boss was persistant. He said, "Actually I am on my way to the airport. I wanted to leave a CD for him to go through for a presentation in two days. Can I just come up and leave it with you?" I was now truly caught. I thought of asking him to leave the CD with security, but I knew he would be concerned about someone making a copy before I could collect it. I reluctantly asked him to come up after five minutes as I was just dressing up after my bath.


I quickly checked my flat and removed all tell tale signs that I was dressing up secretly. I checked myself in the mirror to decide if I could pass off. I felt confident and thrilled at the prospect of facing a handsome man in my female version.


When the bell rang, I opened the door and asked my boss to come in. He apologised for "disturbing" me. I waved him off and asked if he would like some tea. He said, "I would love to visit you later for some tea but now I am in a hurry. Hope you are planning to stay here for some more time." I smiled and said he was most welcome any time.


He left the CD on the teapoy and got up to leave. As he reached the door, he turned and smiled at me,"I think it will be nice to have Deepika instead of Deepak in our office..." Before I could respond he continued, "I saw your car in the parking downstairs and the watchman confirmed that he had not seen you leaving the building... But I must say you are attractive as a woman and I see advantages in employing you as a female." Saying so quicky closed the door behind him and left.


With time Deepak resigned from HO and Deepika joined as an office in-charge in one of the branches of our company. I created the necessary documents on my comp and my boss certified them. Still being in the same company, we found ways to spend time together. As the office gossip built up about us, we decided to get married.


After my surgery I am now a complete woman. Not only did my man undo my back-open choli on our first night, he also fondled my real breasts. As both of us got excited, I was able to open up my smooth legs for him to enter and deposit his seed deep inside me. I have become a wife and have started behaving like one... I often pick up the phone and talk to my guy... fight sometimes with him... cry sometimes on his shoulder... beg him to give me a child soon... ask him to come quickly and have me in his embrace... It never stops.


I still cherish the first kiss I received as a woman. I had dressed up and waited for him next to the bed. I told him how much of a woman I had become and fell at his feet to show what kind of a wife I would like to be... It was then that he picked me up and kissed me.




I was very close to one of my cousins (my mama's daughter). One day when my parents were out of town I was having fun dressed in bra and panties. Suddenly the door bell rang. Though I managed to pull out my cotton breasts, the hooks of my bra had got caught. So I just wore a loose woollen sweater and baggy shorts and opened the door. My cousin came in saying she was passing that way and had decided to visit us.


Telling her that my parents were away, I asked her to sit down. But she came near me saying my new sweater looked nice and started feeling the material. As luck would have it, her fingers also felt the strap of my bra.


As my face became hot and red, my cousin started laughing. "So that is what you were doing all alone?" When I pleaded with her not to tell anyone, she told me not to worry. In fact she liked the idea of my being her girl friend.


So we locked the front door and went into the house through the back door. We started my change in my mother's room. I again placed my 'cotton' breasts inside the bra cups and patted them to a proper shape. Then I wore a sleeveless blouse and petticoat and then my cousin draped me in a nice pink silk saree.


I sat in front of a mirror while she made up my face. I wore a wig, a necklace, jhumkas, tikka and bangles. My cousin asked me to sit on the bed and passed the pallu over my head to form a ghungat, in which my face was hidden. I was blushing as I felt like a bride waiting for her man to come in, lift her ghungat, kiss her and take away her virginity.


My cousin complimented me and asked me to remain as a girl for the night. she also changed my name from Sonu to Sonam.

Prema/ Sweety


Whenever I am alone at home I like to dress up as a girl. Though I am a bit tall, I am fair and slim. So I can pass off as a tall girl even without heels. At home I keep ready dresses and make up accessories.


I usually do my dressing up in the night. I know that I manage to look quite a sexy by the attention I get when I go out dressed. As I said, my being slim and fair helps me in becoming a girl.


Where we live in Bangalore, we do have power-cuts from time to time. I feel all the more safe going out during a power-cut. Once during a power-cut at night I was nicely made-up and dressed in a green saree. I also had a long haired wig. I went out of my house, encouraged by the darkness. and walked without fear on the sidewalk. Because of the powercuts, there were no sounds of TVs from the houses around and I could hear the jingle of my payals along with tik-tok of my sandals as I walked swaying my hips. As my eyes got adjusted to the night and the moon-light, I could feel the eyes of many people settling on me.


Soon I could feel someone walking by side. I could make out it was a youngish man. "Do you mind if I walk with you?", I heard him say and realised it was my neighbour Sridhar who was with me. I liked him and often imagined myself in his arms when dressed as a girl.


I turned my head towards him and smiled. I was sure he would catch the glint of my white teeth as I nodded my head accepting his company. As we walked, I could feel his hand grazing mine. I did not move away. He said I was looking very pretty in the faint moonlight. I just turned to smile at him and lowered my head just a little. Soon his arm was around my back and his palm held my slim waist. Now we were walking pretty close to each other. Sides of our butts were hitting and I had to balance myself by passing my arm around him and holding his shoulder with my hand.


Bangalore still has quite a few small gardens. He guided me past the gate of a garden and led me to an isolated bench. Soon I was in his lap and he was kissing me and feeling up my body. I was hoping my breasts would feel natural to him. Soon he let me slide along his legs. I was now on the grass next to his feet. Almost immediately his zip was open. I leaned forward and made my mouth into a pussy to satisy him.


As he calmed down he asked me if I needed him to do something for me. I smiled and shook my head. He kissed me again very passionately and we left the garden.


He brought me back to the point where we had met. With a thank you he disappeared into the surrounding darkness. The powercut was still on as I came back into my house.


Next day I heard from my neighbours that Sridhar had left by the early morning flight to USA. I would never know whether Sridhar had accepted me as a beautiful girl or recognised me as his neighbour.




One day I went to my office, as a normal male, dressed in jeans and t-shirt. But in my lunch bag I had packed my skirt, bra and panties.


I stayed at office until everyone had left. Then I went into my boss's cabin, undressed fully and wore my bra and panties. I filled my bra with the contents of the paper shredder to form my breasts. Then I wore my skirt and t-shirt. After that I closed the office at Alwarpet and went to the Adyar beach on my scooter. It was thrilling to ride the scooter enfemme. I could feel the brezze up my bare thighs as I rode.


On the way, at a remote place, I opened my scooter box and wore the wig kept there. In that box I also had some basic makeup which I put on. Lastly I unlocked my helmet, wore it and drove my scooty to Adyar beach.


Near the beach, I was stopped by a policeman. In fear, my heart came to my mouth. But he was very polite and told me that I should be careful as a few scootys were stolen over the last few weeks from the beach area. I thanked him in my girly voice and moved on.


I walked on the beach for sometime, found a fairly vacant area and spent a good 30 minutes near the water.


I was hungry by then. As I was trying to park at a BBQ hotel, a guy came and helped me park my scooty. I knew he was attracted to me. I pretended to be interested in him. I went along with him till he had paid for my dinner. It was clear he wanted some pussy in return and I was in not interested in offering him anything! I told him that I needed to use the women's room and scooted from the BBQ joint through a backdoor.


When I reached my home I was very excited by my ability to attract a guy. I admired myself in the mirror and masturbated till my balls were empty.


Sanjana Bela


Then I was 18 years old and alone at home. I had access to my Bhabhi's wardrobe. One night, I wore her Ghaghgra choli and rest of the female attire. I could sleep very well that night because I felt so calm as a girl.


This went on a few times and at last my Bhabhi came to know about my activities. She agreed to keep my secret and help me as long as I took her side in the family arguments. I agreed to her deal and she let me use her dresses, sarees, lehanga and night gowns. On occasions she would dress herself up in my bhayya's clothes, saying a girl needs a man in her life and sleep with me as my man.


Sandra Joseph


I love chiffon sarees with thin blouses so that others can see the outlines of my bra when I walk around without covering my back with my pallu. I accidentally discovered my interest when I was ragged by my female classmates in my college. They all got together and dressed me in a real beautiful saree along with a filled bra, bindi, bangles, kajal, eyeliner, mascara and a nose-ring. Then they paraded me in both the girls' and boys' hostel.


From then on, every year in college fest I used to dressup in the best of female attire with the help of girls, who used to give attention to smallest detail which could help me look like a real makeup, my dress, my hair, earrings, bindi, bangles, nosepins and so on... My job was to attract and embaress the roadside romeos who would gatecrash into our fest.


On these occasions, I used to look very cute and somewhat western. All girls used to tease me by calling me Sandra. I got lot of appreciation and applause from my classmates for doing a good job of protecting them.


Once my girl-classmates even took me to my house in a saree and with all the makeup. My mom couldn't recognise me. I loved the occasion and was very excited !!!! From then on the greatest pleasure of my life was wearing sarees.




My wife and I had gone to my mother-in-law's place on holi. After all the fun with water and colours I beat my wife to the bathroom to have a bath. Since I was in a hurry to get into the bathroom, I did not notice that my fresh clothes were not inside. Instead my wife's complete and fresh set was already there. It was a day of fun and I heard the bathroom door being bolted from outside. My mother in law called out and suggested that I wear whatever was there in the bathroom.


That was how I got dressed in a saree. My mother-in-law asked my wife to wear pants and shirt and try to be my husband for the day. My mother in law also wore pants and shirt. Properly dressed we touched her feet and she blessed both of us. Then she gave me her own wedding dress and jewels to wear. I wore the dress and my wife applied all the make up on my body. I looked beautiful and my wife looked handsome. My mother in law complimented me on my beauty and said that I was now her daughter in law. As expected of a daughter in law, I served them lunch and in the end ate in the same plate used by my husband. As I was washing the vessels after lunch my Sas told me that I should prepare dinner for both of them.


I felt a bit odd at first but soon enjoyed being dressed as a bride. I planned whole afternoon and prepared the dinner. Both the 'men' of the house appreciated it.


After dinner, I rolled pan for them. My 'Sasur' suggested that I could entertain them with some classical dance. I had started enjoying the high heel sandals that I was wearing. I had to take them off as my 'Sasur' played the music for which I danced.


After some time my 'Sasur' was fast asleep on the sofa. As I was twirling rapidly towards the close of the dance, I did not notice that my 'husband' had got up and had come close to me. As the dance ended I was in her arms. She hugged and kissed me. Suddenly my feet were off the ground and I was being carried to our bedroom. My 'husband' got all that he deserved from me and that was the best night in my life.



We had a tall well built punjabi working girl as our neighbour. Her name was Sonal and she was elder to me by about five years and often treated me as a kid. To me she was like a goddess and I used to have wet dreams thinking of her.


One day she had to attend a late night office function, so she asked my mother to let me sleep in her flat to keep watch. My mother agreed and soon I was alone in her flat and I tried out her dresses, jewellry and make up. Soon I settled for red colored panties with matching lace bra. I filled my bra cups with some cotton to give myself full breasts. Then I wore a patiala salwar kameez. The salwar had floral prints over a red background. The kameez was plain red one.


Everything fitted me so nicely. I just can't explain in words my feelings. Then I applied some lipstick and put a bindi on my forehead and then applied some powder make up. As I did not have body and facial hairs I was looking stunning. I also tried to comb my hair to look more girlish.


After that I went to the balcony and enjoyed fresh air. I saw a man continuosly watching me and making some signals which I could not understood. I felt a bit scared so I came inside and started watching TV.


I must have slept off watching TV. Suddenly someone was shaking me trying to wake me up. As I opened my eyes I found a sardarjee shaking me and smiling at me. It took a few seconds for me to recognise that the man was actually Sonal. She had dressed up for the office fancy dress competition and had decided to come back home without changing.


As I sat up she started laughing. I hung my head out of shyness and shame. I was smiling a bit because of our situation. Sonu put her hand under my chin and lifted up my face. As our eyes met, I saw her head moving towards my face. I lowered my eyes as her lips hit mine. That night she was my man and I was her girl.



It started at my gf's birthday party. Her parents had given her a lovely maroon netted saree for the occasion. She was wearing it in gujarati style. Her blouse was sleevless, showing off her creamy arms. Her face was made up to porcelein smoothless and it glowed against her open lush silky hair left loose.


That image of her kept haunting me for days. I wanted to become like her. So I told her that I had a fancy dress competition at my office and asked her whether I could borrow that saree. She did not suspect anything and gave me one padded bra, panties, a linen petticoat along with the netted saree and sleeve less blouse.


She came to my room with a suitcase full of things on the day I had told her that I needed to dress up as girl. She asked me shave off all my body hair. Then she made me wear a undergarment called gaffe which pressed down my male organs as well as enlarged my hips. Then she my bra with breastforms and made me wear it. She asked me wear a dressing gown for making up my face.


At my request she gave me the same porcelein smoothness which she had on her birthday. She also fixed a wig on my head which was similar to her hair. Then she asked me to take off the dressing gown and wear my blouse and petticoat. Then she draped the netted saree around me and commented that I looked as beautiful as her and would definitely win a prize. To preserve the memory she clicked a few digital photographs of me. I felt very gulity and confessed to her that there was no competition and I simply loved to think of myself as a woman.


For a moment, she did not say anything. Then she started laughing. But as a mild punishment for not telling her the truth, she said I had to accompany her to the mall dressed as a girl. I tried to avoid it but she would not listen and threatened to publish my picture on the net.

Left with no choice I agreed. She made me wear some jewlry, high heels and gave me a clutch purse to carry. Then she drove me to the mall in her car.


At the mall i could feel the eyes of men on me. I heard a few comments. Some of them just whistled. She told me this was the prize for my looking good. In a way it felt good to be noticed.


As we were sipping coffee at Barista, I saw a guy walk up to us. My gf's back was turned to him so she did not realise his approach until he tapped her on the shoulder and said, "hi sis. Please introduce your friend to me" Then he grinned at me. My gf introduced me as Samtha, her boyfriend's sister. Soon the guy was fully parked and started hitting me. I too liked the attention which the guy was giving me that I did not notice my gf slipping away. Soon I got a message on my mobile saying she was not coming back and I was to go ahead and have a nice time with her brother. She also assured me that he was an idiot and she would love it if I could fool him. Soon the guy also got a message which said that his sister was rushing off as there was a call from her boss and he was expected to take me home.


I was feeling very comfortable in Sanju's company and snuggled close to him as he took me back home on his bike. When we got home, he asked for some water and I went into the kitchen to get it for him. I did not realise he had followed me until he hugged me from behind and started kissing my neck. He was strongly built tall boy and I had no means of escaping his bear hug. Anyway I was enjoying myself too much to even think of it. While his hands were roaming all over my body, I could feel he was hard. I pulled down his shorts and satisfied him.




I had a love marriage. Within the first year it was clear to both of us that my wife Parminder had a better business sense than me. Soon she was taking the major decisions in the thermal-garments shop owned by us. I too preferred to manage our servants at home rather than go to the shop. Since I knew the problems in running a business, I would try hard to make her comfortable at home. I did not get angry when she shouted at me or became dominat on our bed. When others, like customers and officials, lord over you in your business you have to boss over people at home to feel alright.


My wife Parminder took after her father which made her exceptionally tall and muscular. Once she had got involved in our family business, she had started cycling everyday to our shop ten kms away. That had made her even more strong and very much tanned. As I was mostly at home, I become soft and fair skinned. I also got rid of my body hair permanantly. Fortunately I was also thin.


Often she would tell me to do things which normally a wife would do for her husband. I could give you some examples of that. She would shout for her towel from the bathroom. She would tell me to arrange her cupboard. Evenings I would make tea for her. Then she loved it when I pressed her tired legs at night. Soon it was clear that I was the wife in our marriage. So I was not surprised when she asked me, this time to observe karvachauth. This was in a way to give religious approval to my role as the wife.


I think you know that Karva Chauth is a celeberation of love- a wife's love for her husband. It is celebrated on the 'chauthva' or fourth day of the Kartik month every year. When I informed my mother-in-law of my desire to observe the festival, she asked us to visit their new home in Simla for it. My in-laws had just then settled in Simla after father-in-law's long stint in the army.


It was two days before the festival. Parminder came home at night after closing the shop. She was keen to leave for Simla at night to enjoy the cool breeze of the hills on the way. She suggested that straightaway I change myself into a girl for the journey and she would become the man. When we left by our motorcycle, she was dressed in leather riding clothes and I was wearing thick salwar kameez and a woollen shawl. I had to cover my head too with the shawal to avoid the wind. But that made it seem as if I was wearing ghungat. Anyway, it was already decided that my in-laws would introduce us to their new neighbours as son and daughter-in-law.


Next day I started my preparations for the festival. Women traditionally apply mehendi (henna) to their hands the previous day. My MIL had got a professional mehendi-walla to create a very artistic design on my hands. Parminder sat and watched me as my hands got decorated. From time to time I would look at her sideways and smile shyly. I had now become a woman both in appearance and thoughts.


Next day my MIL woke me up gently, around four in the morning. She had prepared for me the special food called the Sargi. It had pheni kheer along with parathas and almonds and a little sliced coconut. Though it was difficult to eat so early, I pushed down the meal by drinking a good amount of water. The sun was about to rise and my fast began. The fast would give health and wealth to my husband. I cannot eat or drink anything until the moon rises at night.


A puja had been planned in the evening at our house. My MIL helped me dress in a red silk saree with a lot of golden jari. She had even stitched a matching blouse which fitted nicely over my breast-form-filled bra. My hips had been specially padded to look like well rounded matkas (earthern pots). She also made me wear heels for practice till the puja started. Women from our neighbourhood turned up, dressed in various shades of red. Each of them carried a well-decorated silver 'thali'(tray), on which was an urn tied with the auspicious thread called 'mauli'. There was also some fruit, an idol of Goddess Parvati and a 'diya' made with wheat dough. Since it was my first Karva Chauth, I was wearing a bride's outfit for the puja.


At the puja, we women listened to the 'Karva Chauth Katha' or the story of Karva Chauth. We were sitting in a circle and during certain breaks in the 'katha', we passed our 'thalis' around. After the pooja, all the women said I was looking beautiful in the wedding dress. I cast my eyes down as they teased me saying that with my good looks, my husband would not let me leave our bed. Just at that moment Parminder entered. All of them giggled on seeing her and took leave of my in-laws and went away.


Now I had to wait for the moon to come out. I was feeling weak and giddy but I was determined to go through all the trouble for my Parminder's well being. The women who were in the puja with me kept calling me up to find out if I had seen the moon. They would also giggle meaningfully and say that I should make sure my husband was near me now. When the moon finally rose my MIL brought out a sieve, through which I sighted the moon and offered my prayers. Then I turned to see my husband through the sieve and pray for her long life.


Parminder then gave me some water to break my fast. After that she lovingly placed sweets in my mouth. I felt very emotional as I touched her feet and ate the food given by her. Then I got the blessings of my in-laws.


After a couple of hours, I had regained my strength. When we went to bed I remembered what the women had told me after the puja. After a hectic night, I had to agree they were right.