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      This isn’t a story but my true experience. Am 21 year old guy from
      Kerala. It was April 2006 when I completed my engineering at
      Bangalore and after 10 months of struggle I designated as software
      engineer at a concern. I am the only son for my parents. During
      2nd year of college I fell in love with the girl of my class she
      is beautiful but we stand equal in all our characters.as like me
      she is the only girl to her parents. We both are short-tempered,
      arrogant and we got massive ego. But we got success 2 years of
      relationship. But soon after the college completion it
      automatically started gap between us and we broke up each other. I
      was totally vexed and even thought of going to Kerala back. But I
      got another beautiful soul with me.

      Niranjana, she was one of my good friend from my college 1st year.
      But more than that she was my elder sister to me. She was doing
      her Fashion Technology at my college and she is my senior. Once
      she was in my same team and we are co-coordinators of college
      function I got a cut in my hand vein and severely injured she was
      only there and taken good care of me. She even cried on seeing my
      pain. From that we got strong bonding each other. My girlfriend
      dint like this from me but same she dint intertwined between us.
      So I kept both of them at distance from each other. Niranjana lost
      her parents when she is at 8 in an accident. She’ll not be free
      with peoples and don’t even she talked to a guy. She got all
      girlfriends. She is very sweet to be with, but sensitive, fearful
      and very soft too. I felt the feel of my own sister in her. She
      was also in the same way, of course even stronger than me. She
      never let me down and never. She helped me lot while I was seeking
      for job. She’ll bring me the lunch daily. She lived with her aunty
      who lost her 2 son and husband in same accident and her
      grandfather. Basically she was Tamil girl but settled in
      Bangalore. Her family was very orthodox and they don’t like even
      she is close with me. But we got ourselves a good bonding.

      After I broke up with my girlfriend I planned to vacate Bangalore
      and go back to Kerala. But niranjana dint let me to go. She asked
      me to stay there and seek for job and she promised that she’ll
      take good care of me. I stayed there. There I experienced the days
      I never thought of it.

      One day we went to forum after we watched movie we just had a
      pleasant chat there. I dint feel right that time. I was vexed.
      Niranjana usually played some fun tricks to make me happy. I
      Usually showed my sad smiled face. I just asked her why cant you
      stay with me for 2 days. I said I need somebody to be with, though
      I know it is not impossible, her aunt have never let her even a
      single night out after that accident from kid. She just smiled and
      replied "Better you know the answer!" We just started walking.
      After few minutes of silence she asked me "why can’t you come to
      my home with me?" This is impossible as same. I just smiled back.
      She again said "hey am serious". I replied how can if your aunty
      was around you and she doesn’t like me". No she is heading to
      Tamilnadu for 3 days next week. Then I felt happy and I said am
      ready. But she replied "You do have terms and conditions for
      that". Whatever it is I said it is ok for me. The she said her
      grandfather will stay with her to look after her. Then what am
      supposed to do. She got silent for a moment. She used to call me
      "chutti" dearly. She asked me "Chutti, will you do anything for
      me?" she asked and I said playfully you are not my girlfriend
      to-do so. She hit me playfully and asked me to answer seriously.
      Then I said I do. There she got the proposal that shook me up. Why
      can’t you disguise as girl and come to my home for stay so that I
      can say you as my friend to my grandfather. This is the only
      option I have and you know well about my family why can’t’ you do
      this for me she said.

      I was shocked and just stood dumb before her. I never thought of
      such a thing in my life. But she dint leave me she expressed her
      feel that she already said of living together for quite long time
      ago. But the only question stood before me was this possible in
      real time. She said why cant. You can pass easily as girl. Your
      quite average height 5’ 8 normal for tall girl. And your fair and
      got white skin. And you know got Very less body hair and your slim
      figure. This is enough and I can do the rest of the magic. I just
      stumbled on her observation and stood simply. She kept begging
      "Please chutti! Let’s do this !I love you!" .I cant accept my male
      ego stopped me. But before me was the wonderful soul standing and
      begging me. I just said "yes". She hugged me that second politely
      and winked at me I know you do. But I expressed that I was shy to
      be like that with you. She just teased me and gave me a hand to
      the shoulder support and said I can take care of everything. But I
      started trembling she found that and kept teasing me till we are


      (/Saturday, 28 November 2009 10:39/)

      That night on mobile she kept asking me about my taste on girly
      stuffs. But to my surprise I answered all the questions she asked.
      For example. She asked me what you’d like to wear on girl cloths.
      I normally liked chuddidar to wear I replied. Which type of saree
      you’d like to wear? I really said I don’t want to wear saree and
      rest of it is ok. She agreed to that. The about accessories, Hair,
      Jewels and everything. I realized that night she was strong in her
      plans and I have to go through this and I made up myself.

      We planned to go shopping by that Sunday. Before that we don’t
      want to go to shop to buy wigs for me. We both bit embarrassed.
      Then we made shop at eBay. The choice was mine. There I saw plenty
      of good styled wigs. I choose black Vogue medium long wig with
      adhesive. I thought it’d reduce my subject of fear. It was very
      wavy, thick and even rich though bit costlier. Niranjana commented
      on my choice of selection and teased again. I just playfully hit
      her and lied on her shoulder. She started purchasing something on
      her own. Here I have to say she is very creative fashion designer.
      She is such a beautiful girl in both appearance and dressing. We
      are same size. But she is just a bit thick skin.

      The shopping packages arrived within 3 days. But I dint opened it.
      To be frank I felt shy to open it. But I kept that with me and
      informed niranjana. The day of shopping came. She took me to the
      place that we never went before. It was heavily crowded but mostly
      with girls and ladies. I said to her I cant come. But she dint
      leave me. Its your things to buy so you should come. "She said
      you’ll be sweet girl only if you come with me!" As I heard I felt
      jolt in my body. I looked at her with bit angry. She said "ok
      chutti I won’t tease you hereafter I promise! She confessed.

      We went to dressing showroom first. I asked her what we are going
      to get here. Dresses for you she said. I was embrassed.I was Whole
      lot of ladies section and only I can see the heads of girls and
      ladies the most. Niranjana said "Ok Chutti select your dress
      yourself i’ll get back to you soon" and she kept a jerk I caught
      her hand don’t leave me I’ll come with you I don’t want to be here
      and I don’t have any idea what to choose. She replied "Silly am
      going to take inners for you" But you won’t come there so I plan
      to go alone" if you don’t feel shy you can come with me. I thought
      of a moment and said I’ll come with you. She looked me differently
      with smile. I was standing aside while she was picking Undies. It
      was lacy with double color as string was red and gay as whole she
      asked is that ok I just winked my eyes there. Then she took a
      black panty and white and maroon floral cotton type. After she
      took I asked whether it was branded? She looked me with mock
      anger. The she went to Brassieres section. I stopped 3 foot
      before. She saw my jerk and she hiding ly caught my hand and
      dragged to the selection basket. At first she took a black bra
      with a strong cup. While she turned at me for comment I got jolt
      in my body and I cant see her eyes. She picked 3 like that and I
      asked why I that so big and it have strong cups. She said it was
      called Padded Bra. So it can give good looks for fakes. I don’t
      know what came to me I just hold her hand tightly. The we came
      back again to cuddidar section she chosen some and openly asked
      for my option there. It was really cool. 3 are ready-mades. One
      was full hand with tight gathering pant. It was pink plain tops
      and pink floral pant and pink duppata. Niranjana asked my comment
      but before that she knew my taste and saw my eyes teasingly and

      Second one was short sleeved crape-material green embroidery tops,
      purple pant with purple embroidery duppata. Third one was
      niranjana’s selection it was Patiala styles of lavender set and
      crush cotton duppata. All these types of clothes I know because
      niranjana was explaining to me while taking that. I asked her
      "niru what about my home wears?". She started smiling and said I
      think my girl was ready for the go it seems. I don’t have any
      hesitant with her any more I replied yes. And I said "This is all
      because my sisters beg me to do so!" But it was true too I’d never
      thought of this idea otherwise. But now I fully made up. We had a
      good laugh and I asked answer my question first I said. "No
      problem Chutti your sister owns you good stuff and don’t worry
      about that now!!" she replied.


      (/Saturday, 28 November 2009 10:51/)

      We paid cash and returned she started dragging me somewhere near
      crowed place. While we were walking her face lightened and turned
      to me and asked "What I am supposed to call my sister in front of
      grandpa? Suggest me some name she asked" I simply replied "It’s
      your sister and you can keep the name!" and winked. She laughed
      and went to think a name deeply while walking. She suddenly turned
      to me "How about "Sinthiya"? She asked. I liked that and just
      smiled and nodded my head. The she stopped at a place I can’t find
      a guy in that shop. It was fancy and Jewel shop.

      Again she dragged me in. She asked salesgirl for glass bangles
      first showing the dress that taken for me. The sales girl asked
      for is that for you mam. She instantly replied no for my sister
      which is about his size said showing me and they both were twins.
      The sales girl smiled and showed us the selection. I choose white
      ivory metal bangle for my selection that I liked. She laughed
      politely on seeing my eyes. She taken all colors matched to my
      dresses. Then she selected a jewel set for me. But it contained
      earring with hooks. I don’t know what she was thinking in her
      mind. After some choice she selected one which was golden
      imitation but it looked heavy. But I dint mind that much. Then she
      went by own and got some bindi packs a small black and maroon
      bindi. Then she asked for nose pin. I scolded and refused that I
      won’t put that so she left that and dragged me to hair accessories
      section. To say I used to suggest her hair accessories while we
      are in college. Even I bought something for her often. Even she
      liked my taste on that. Because Niranjana got long and wavy hair I
      liked in her most. So I don’t have any shy on selecting that but
      selecting for me gave me different experience. Though I took hair
      clips of 4 she took some bands and catches. She said she is going
      to use all these after me. Then she got some lip liner, lipstick
      and eye pencils which she never used that. She even bought nail
      polish and remover. Some brushes she picked from tray. At last she
      took me to the footwear section she started picking footwear for
      me. I took my choice and opted for cut shoe. But she resisted and
      said the foot wear is my part and choice is mine. She asked for my
      size it was male 8’. So it must be 9.5’ in ladies slipper she said
      herself. She exactly took a size started fitting to my leg
      suddenly. I shocked and turn for the peoples around me. But my
      fortune no sales people or crowd there. She agreed and wore and
      then I noticed it was 2’ Inch pointed heel. I scolded her that she
      is talking things too far. But she said only it can give you a
      controlled walk. So it adds your femininity believe me she
      insisted. It was true but I was never before in this stuff I said.
      Don’t worry while your sister is around and she picked that heel
      it was black and tan combined very pointed 2’ inch heels! It was
      really good. We finished that shopping. We spent 1000 bucks in
      that shop for me I can’t believe this. But any how she’ll use it
      later so I kept quiet. We were tired and went for food in a nice

      I talked to her. Niru I got bad feeling about this can I do this I
      asked her. Don’t worry I’ll take care of everything I won’t let
      you down she said. But I kept asking my fears one by one. What
      about my voice? I asked she replied you’re going to talk only with
      me. Occasionally you’re going to meet grandpa downstairs so don’t
      worry all about that just speak in your lips in pitch you can
      manage she said. Then I asked about my Adams apple coz it can
      clearly show any ones gender. She replied you have more skin there
      it’s not that visible though keep down your head it’s no big deal
      and even you can hide it with duppata wearing it backwards. That
      tip was good and I got little courage to do this. There we had a
      good chat and finished lunch and started walking again.

      While walking she pointed some girls and asked me to observe their
      body language, behavior, giggles, dresses and everything a lot.
      She even acted the best suits for me. As we walked we reached a
      place it was a ladies beauty spa where she is the client. I asked
      her why we are here. She replied "To have your ears pierced and
      thread your eye brows!!" I suddenly got angry because I don’t like
      such things even she does it. She never threaded her eyebrows
      because of me. She suddenly smiled at me and said she was kidding
      and asked me to come with her and inside. She kept on teasing me
      that day with this whenever she gets the ball in her court. But I
      enjoyed that. I was waiting at reception soon she went she came
      back with some creams she said it was cosmetics. There she took
      some measurements of me on chest hand hips and legs. Then we
      started back to home. But we both got ready for this. We don’t
      have any other choice to be together than this. We need to feel
      the extreme brother and sister love.


      (/Saturday, 28 November 2009 20:16/)

      Near her home she brought a handbag in leather which is good and
      cheap there. Almost our shopping finished and she bought me
      everything for me that I need. She asked me to take that to my
      room except dresses. Only I stayed in that apartment and my one
      friend was in Kerala for long time.so I can take that all.

      She then asked me to use a cream that she got from beauty parlour
      .I asked what is that she said just use it and shook me bye and
      walked to her home. I came to my room and kept all things before
      me. The feel in me was something different. The mind in me asked
      to use all that stuff now. I just called niru and said about my
      feel. She just teased me your eligible to become a girl now and
      you’ve got first quality of it. I just giggled and had some good
      talk that day. That night I shaved my face twice and started to
      use that cream she asked me to put that in my hand and foot of my
      leg I did so and went to bed with thought of the coming days with
      my sister.

      The week Thursday was my date to get ready. The cream she gave was
      really cool I got very high complexion skin soft even to say it
      was like a girl’s skin. My hand and foot was so smooth and whiter
      that before. The plan was she’ll be in my apartment by 5 evening
      after she dropped her aunty in bus stop. She came the time she
      said. The real fun started.

      Soon she came we locked the door. Only my house owner knows her so
      no problems of suspect. But I started trembling. She realized that
      and hugged me for a long while. Nearly 10 mins I came back to
      normal. We started getting ready. Before she came I shaved clean
      except legs and hands. I have only little thin hairs a normal girl
      has. So she said me to undress and opened the purchased things
      gave to me. She asked me to wear inners first. She picked black
      padded bra and panty. Before she was handing it over to me she put
      something in that. Then I realized it was sanitary napkin. She
      smiled and said it was for a reason I wore. She wholly weared the
      bra to me I just stood dumb. She took some jelly like 2 little
      bags from her bag and inserted to my bra for fake boobies. But the
      same time we both broke into heavy laughter. The panty was hard to
      wear but I felt sensational.She soon handed one black chemise. I
      wore it seems it gave me very girly top. She stopped dressing me
      and asked me to sit in a chair soon she unpacked the mail and took
      the wig. I heard "my goodness it was really beautiful than my
      hair. I Felt shy to see somehow, she fixes a wig cap before and
      fixed that with adhesive it was that type. She just combed neatly
      back and took all the front hair and she just put a simple black
      catches. She then started on my face She dint apply much make up.
      My brows are thick though it had good shape she just enhanced
      that. A bit and very dull line of eye liner she used for my medium
      round eye. Then she applied Light red Lip Liner followed by
      lipstick. She already put some cream and coat of talcum powder
      because of my fair skin. She Put 2 bangles in my right hand but it
      was not the one we bought that day. It was niranjana’s gold jewels
      one It was tight but looked beautiful in my hand. Right she wore a
      feminine bracelet of hers it was also gold and has small dangling
      bells. She wore very thin pendent chain in my neck. She even
      bought anklets for me I wore it myself. The she took the eBay mail
      and gave me skin tight stocking to cover my leg it showed my leg
      more feminine. She said on whisper I think my girl is ready to go
      let me wear you the dress come here she called. I just stood up.
      She took the pink Chuddi and i wore its tops it fits me snugly.
      Niranjana have altered that to my measurements so I don’t need any
      hip adjustments. The bottom was tight gathering type I really felt
      girly while wearing it. She wrapped duppata on me. Almost
      everything is over. To my surprise the eBay package has some more
      things in it. It was a medium Dangling earring with pink stone
      work clip-on. She put me tight on my ears. It Dangling gave me
      different feeling. Last she fixed maroon bindi and she kept
      staring me for a while with quiet smile. I really felt shy first
      in my lifetime and ran to back of her and hugged from there. She
      beautifully planted a kiss on my fore head. My room doesn’t have a
      nice mirror so we prepared to start to her home.


      (/Saturday, 28 November 2009 20:21/)

      She bought her scooty fist she went out of the apartment; I heard
      her laugh and met with someone. I got sudden trembling. It was my
      landlady. How can I go out I like this she’ll definitely know. But
      niranjana act smart there. I heard She was saying loud "Sinthiya!
      Bathroom is on left side near the bed room you can use that no
      problem!" I rushed to bathroom for and sat my dress was something
      different and even I started to respond while she called me
      sinthiya. My tremble reduced. But how can I meet I meet her so I
      stayed her a while long. I heared Niranjana talking to that lady.
      "Aunty? Where is Srijin? He was not in the room?" She just replied
      don’t know.

      We planned to take him to my friend marriage but he was not there
      she was enquiring unknowingly. I just heard and got confident to
      balance the situation. I came out slowly suddenly niranjana gave a
      voice "Take your helmet and the handbag" suddenly strike an idea I
      took that helmet and wore it came out with my new heels tik-tok
      with confident and in my best feminine voice to niranjana "Let’s
      go niru! It’s already time" I said and land lady was very near to
      me.I pretended to adjust my helmet soon she bid good bye to her I
      came down. But I fell on those heels at stairs. Niru gave me
      support and I rode her scooty to her home. She started laughing
      uncontrollably. I was still in that nightmare. So after a time she
      started scolding that I spoiled her makeup and preparation by
      wearing helmet. So asked me to put aside in a shopping mall. Then
      she asked me to take my helmet I took my catches fell my hair
      messed. She scolded and adjusted bit in hand. Soon she winked at
      me and asked "Do my girl need to use restroom". Soon we are at the
      restroom its girl’s restroom that I was first time there. She
      adjusted my hair and did same catches. But unfortunately there are
      no ladies used that restroom. I asked helmet again. She refused
      and said she is going to drive and you are going to come like
      this. Again my fear started but niranjana consoled me and this is
      to gain confidence she said. I came out from the restroom, I never
      been in the public as a girl before. I really hold niru’s hand
      tight but she was enjoying on seeing me. I saw many men were
      having their eyes on me.I’ve never felt that before and I was
      embarrassed even I saw a man ogling at my boobies continuously at
      parking without knowing I covered it with my duppata. Niranjana
      Saw this and started teasing mercilessly. But it’s my time to keep
      quiet. She started her bike and I asked her shall hold your hips.
      She readily agreed "with pleasure chutti?" soon she bit her tongue
      and said "With pleasure sinthiya!!!?I liked that and hold her in
      grip she started to her home. It was about 45 mins from there. Now
      I got confidence for the big go.

      After a good ride we reached her home. Her home was separate quiet
      residential area. I went in with some fear. As soon I went in I
      saw her grandfather sitting in living room and watching
      television. He saw me quiet and niranjana introduced me to him
      grandpa she is sinthiya my friend came here for interview and
      going to stay with us for a while I soon bowed him down for his
      blessing he blessed and asked to take me to her room for some
      rest. We headed stairs and I just got big relief and fell on her
      bed. She asked me "Are you happy now dear?". I smiled and said
      yes. She gave me huge hug. Then she asked me to refresh and got
      work to do. I just don’t know what to do she picked me some night
      wears and said me to put that. It was royal blue cotton tops and a
      black cotton skirt. I just removed all the jewels except my
      bangles and neck pendent. But she gave me a gold clip on for ears.
      It was small and elegant. No more dangling in years I said but she
      simply replied sorry. I then just removed napkin from my panties.
      It was so hard but the panty felt really good. Then I wore she
      gave but still it was feminine. She wear similar to mine asked me
      to come down with her. She showed the home because it was the
      first time in 3 years coming to her home. Then we went to cook
      dinner for us. I was the one to serve grandpa he is good and
      talkative. I just managed by smiles. We cleaned vessels and
      grandpa went to bed. We went to upstairs and had a chat. All
      during the chat she hugged me near to her by side. Then she
      started to talk serious. Chutti I got something to say you she
      said. What is that I asked?