*Megala* (/Thursday, 19 August 2010 07:20/)

      First love... Part I... My name is karthick. I was studying 11 th
      standard in a boys school. I dont know cross dressing is how much
      interested. I dont have any brothers and sisters. In my childhood,
      i was dressed in my cousin's (girl) dress. But i dont know what
      happened on that cross dressing. Our school principal is strict in
      rules and regulations. Students asked principal to add dance and
      drama in the annual day function. He doesnt like these type of
      entertainment like dance and drama. Due to students request, he
      permitted to annual day function. Our teacher decided to add a
      drama in that function. It was a family drama. It needs two boys
      to dress like girls. One boy is ready to dress like aunty. But the
      second boy is to dress like young girl. Nobody was ready to act in
      that drama. Finally teacher ordered sandeep to act in that young
      girl character. I heard that news from my friend. Sandeep is my
      close friend. He is very slim and his face looks like girl. His
      hair also looks like girl. So our teacher decided to add him as a
      girl character in drama. I saw more boys dressed in girl dress in
      tv. But i dont saw anybody directly. But it was the first time to
      see a boy in girl dress. I know that dressed like old women is
      easy. But dressed like young girl is little bit tough. It need to
      add makeup, dress and jewels. So i was eager to saw that. I want
      to see sandeep. I went to that rehersal area. Teachers give
      dialogues to the scenes and ordered to memorize that dialogues.
      Students came outside. I saw sandeep came out of the room. His
      face was so relaxed. I dont know how is so normal. If teacher
      ordered me to act like a girl then i will be so sad. Because each
      and every boys will call me in girl name. Everyone should tease.
      But he was so relaxed and he eagerly looking at the dialogue...


      *Megala* (/Thursday, 19 August 2010 11:14/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART II... I came before him. He looked at my face.
      I asked him " hey. Why are you so happy ?". He looked at me. He
      said "nothing ya. I am normal". I looked at his eyes. He realised
      that i find his interest. He downed his head and said "nothing
      ya". I said "hey. Tell me da. I am your best friend. You are happy
      because of to be dressed like girl in drama. Am i correct?". He
      looked at me. He searched in my face whether i asked him with
      interest or tease. After saw my interest, he said yes. I was
      surprised. I dont ask anything about that. I went to my home.
      After two days, rehersal started. I saw each and every expression
      of his face. It looks like girl. Without costume, he acted like
      girl. But if anybody heard the voice only, then they will think
      that a girl was acting. He speaks with slightly chilled voice. It
      gives feminine feel. Teacher praised him. We came out. I requested
      him that i want to see his full part of dialogue with costume. He
      noticed me whether i am teasing him. He realise that i am asking
      him with interest. He said ok. I asked him that when will i saw.
      He said after two days. I said to him that i need the performance
      individually, not before the whole persons. He said to me "ya.
      Thats why i am asking two days. Teacher already asked me to do
      with costume. But i said i will do it at my final rehersal. It
      will takes ten days. But i will show you after two days. But on
      one condition. You will also act the same thing with girl dress".
      I was shocked.


      *Megala* (/Friday, 20 August 2010 02:01/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART III... I dont know what to say. But i got
      interest on cross dressing. I decided to cheat him, after he
      dressed. So i said yes to him. But i got more interest to dress
      like girl. I saw their rehersal everyday. The dialogue spoke by
      sandeep gave me more interest. So i decided to dress. After two
      days, i asked sandeep. He said "today after 3 o clock, the
      participants in drama and dance programme doesnt have class. My
      parents went to relative's marriage today morning. My younger
      sister lakshmi (studying 8th) went to tuition at evening. She will
      return only after 7. My elder sister shilpa (studying second year
      computer engineering) is going to computer class at evening. She
      will come at 7.30. So you take leave at afternoon. It is my home
      key. You go and wait there. I will come at 3". I said ok. He gave
      me the key. Sandeep is having rehersal until three. But we have
      class. So i decided to went to his home at morning and got dressed
      in girl dress. I went to my class teacher and said i am not
      feeling well. He gave me leave. I came to my class. I took my bag.
      My friends ask me why i am going. I said i am feeling well. I came
      out of the class. I saw sandeep is going to the rehersal area. I
      wait for a moment. After he went, i took my cycle and went to
      home. My mom asked why i came. I answered her that today we dont
      have class because of annual day rehersal, i am going to play
      cricket. I changed my uniform and put the key inside my pocket. My
      mom looked at me doubtfully. But i dont care about that. Sandeep's
      home is near to my home. So i walked. I saw My mom looked at me
      doubtfully. I was scared. She will search me for lunch. If she
      doesnt find me on ground then she will come to sandeep's home. So
      i decided to cheat her.. TO BE CONTINUED. Pls post ur comments


      *Megala* (/Friday, 20 August 2010 02:53/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART IV... I went to sandeep's home. First i opened
      the front door and went to the backside door. I unlocked the back
      door and came to the front entrance. I locked the front entrance.
      I get inside the home with back door and locked inside. If anybody
      came to sandeep's home then they think that nobody in his house. I
      doesnt want any disturbance. I slowly went inside the bed room. I
      got tensed because it is the first time i am going to dress myself
      in girl dress. I opened the berow. I dont know which dress i like.
      I saw most of the girls in half saree uniform. But i dont know how
      to wear it. So i decided to dress in simple dress. I took a midi
      in the self. I think that it was his younger sister lakshmi's
      dress. It was little bit smaller for me. It was very tough for
      breathing. I realise that it was lakshmi's self. Middle self
      consists of sandeep and his father's dress. Upper self consists of
      sandeep's mother dress. I dont saw any dress of shilpa. I saw a
      wardrobe. I opened it. It contains more number of modern dress,
      half sarees, pavada and shirt, matching jewels and makeup kits. I
      was surprised to see this. I think that it is better for me. First
      i removed all my dress. I took a panty and wear it. I looked at
      the mirror. I got a pleasant feeling. The panty was so soft and
      silky. It contains flower design. I touched the panty. I realise
      that my penis was raised. If my penis ejaculated then the panty
      will be dirty. So i removed it and wore my panty. I wore her panty
      over my panty. I adjusted her panty to cover my panty. Then i
      looked at the bra. I think that whether i need bra or not. My mind
      ordered me to wear the bra. I took the bra. I put my hands inside
      the bra. I tried to lock the hook from backside. But it was very
      tough. I removed it...


      *Megala* (/Friday, 20 August 2010 06:50/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART V... I was surprised that how girls wear bra
      individually. I got an idea to wear the bra. First i tie the bra
      by hooking front side. Then i rotate the hook to back. Then i put
      the hand inside the two laces. It was looser. So i removed my bra
      and put it on the first hook. It was the perfect fitting. I looked
      at the wardrobe for dresses. It contains all variety of dresses. I
      dont know what to wear. So i closed my eyes and bring inside my
      hand to touch a dress. I touched a dress and opened my eyes. I
      touched a macro mini skirt. Oh. nice dress. I took that dress.
      First i wore the skirt. Then i wore the tops. The skirt was thigh
      length. It shows half of my thigh. If i dont wear the panty then
      it will show my edge of the penis. Then i looked at the mirror. It
      shows a girl without breast. I think modern dress is attractable
      when the girl have nice breast. So i searched for some clothes. I
      took 2 banian and put inside my bra. I shaped my breast by
      pressing. It gave a nice massage on my breast. Its the time for
      jewels. I wore a small chain ended with a heart dollar. Then i
      searched for piercing in my ears. It was closed. I put a bangle
      type rounded earring on both the ears. It was pain to open a
      closed pierce. But i controlled my feel and finally got it. Then i
      changed my hair style like girl. I need some makeup. I thicked my
      eye brows with eye liner. Then i add lipstic on my lips. I put a
      bindi in my face. I saw my face in the mirror. It was little bit
      better. Then i started walking like girl. The skirt swirled upward
      direction and shows the panty. I need high heels chappel. It was
      on the chappel stand nearby front entrance. When i reached the
      door, i heard the voice of two girls speaking. One girl voice is
      lakshmi's voice. She put the key inside the key hole.


      *Megala* (/Friday, 20 August 2010 08:18/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART VI... I dont understand what happening. Why she
      came inside the house. It was not the time to think about this. It
      was the time to escape. I went to the backside. There was a store
      room there, i know. I went inside the room. It was the back side
      of the bedroom. I heard the voice of lakshmi. She asked to another
      friend "hey sakthi. Do you want apple to eat?". Sakthi said yes.
      The fridge was at the kitchen. If she looked back then she surely
      saw half of my body. So i went inside the store room. It was dark
      inside. I heard the sound of lakshmi went to hall. I came to the
      actual position. I realise that they will stay for sometime inside
      home. But the clothes were drying on the backside. If she come to
      take clothes then i will be trapped. I dont know what to do.
      Lakshmi asked sakthi "i take that maths note. Shall we go". Sakthi
      said ok. I heard the sound of locking the door. After five
      minutes, i went inside the door. I slowly went inside the bed
      room. I was scared. So i decided to left the house. My clothes
      were taken by somebody. I was shocked. I try to open the berow to
      take the dress of sandeep. It was also locked. I heard clap sound
      from behind. I turned back with fear. I saw lakshmi and sakthi
      were clapping. I was shocked. Lakshmi asked me "hai karthika. You
      are trapped. Hmmm. Nice dress di. Why are you afraid of us. We are
      also girls ma. Life is too boring ma. We need some fun. You are
      our slave. We decided to play with you until shilpa come. You have
      two chances. Ran out with this dress to your home or obey us.
      Answer me baby". I looked both. Sakthi told her about my breast.
      They started laughing. After some minutes, they became normal.
      Sakthi asked me " tell me sweet doll". I said " obey you". Lakshmi
      asked me to take the chair on the balcony.


      sneha <http://rajibalan.jimdo> (/Saturday, 21 August 2010 02:39/)

      cross dressing bachelors
      seeing our performances all are stunned and our head praised a lot
      for our performance.one rich lady buyed all four of us from our
      head we asked our head but we are boys he said she knows all about
      you.we are afraid to see that lady in sunday we are gone to that
      rich lady's house.the house was very big she ordered us to come in
      sarees we met her she told her name is shakunthala she wore a
      jeans and t-shirt and she is having short hair totally she look
      like a rich middle aged lady.
      she told that she is giving a party to her friends so we need to
      dance in the party.now she is our boss so we are agreed and she
      changed our names raju to rani,chandu to chandini,naveen to
      naveena,sravan to sravani.she told her secretary to show the room
      and the clothes which have to wear for the dance and she showed
      room and cloths to us she went away.the room was ac room and big
      room but the clothes are very small the dresses is like bar girl
      dress but we can't say any thing to her and we dressed in that dresses
      now we are totally ready for the party she want to see us before
      the party and we stood in front of her.she saw us and she was very
      happy seeing in these dresses and we gone to our prepartion party
      will be going to start in one hour what next


      sneha <http://rajibalan.jimdo> (/Saturday, 21 August 2010 03:09/)

      cross dressing bachelors
      the party was started to entertain them we need to dance party we
      did not find any males in the parties all are females in the
      party.they are drinking hookah and wine enjoying like a males and
      we are dancing continuosly. because the dress are very small our
      thighs are visible and the females are coming near to us and
      touching our thighs and they are giving flying kisses throwing
      money on us.
      totally they are enjoying the party now they are coming on the
      stage and kissing on the cheeks they are asking kisses to us.now
      this became totally role reversal we are females and they are
      males after the party.one by one all the guests came to us and
      wished us some one hugged us some one kissed us.i take up to mid
      night so we went for sleeping.
      next day our madam called us and said congrats to us because of
      entertaining the people.she given money check for 50,000 rs and we
      are very happy for the check.she told her three daughters they are
      like a males and there marriage was not happening because of there
      male character and they also did not want live the female
      life.after telling all these she told you marry my daughters i
      will give you more money what next


      *Megala* (/Saturday, 21 August 2010 03:58/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART VII... I dont know why she ask like this. I
      went to the upstairs. I saw a group of boys playing cards in our
      next house. I looked at me. I realise that i wear a macro mini
      skirt. If i entered there, they should saw me and tease me. I
      looked around nobody was there. I slowly went near to chair. I
      took that chair and started moving quickly. One of the boys saw me
      and tell to other boys "look at there. A gujjily with mini skirt".
      I was shocked. Suddenly a wind swirled my skirt and show my panty.
      They whisiled. I ran to the hall and looked at lakshmi. She came
      near to me and looked at my face. She realise my fear. She said to
      shakthi "hey. The boy's beauty queen came here. Please speak with
      her respect". Sakthi acted like a servant who bends behind her
      boss and asked me " excuse me madam. Shall i change your panty".
      They laughed like evils. Sakthi lifted my skirt and saw my panty.
      She got doubt. She removed the panty and saw my own panty. She
      said to lakshmi " hey. He already prepared that he will ejaculate.
      So he add panty over his panty". They started laughing. Lakshmi
      removed my panty. I covered my penis with the skirt. Sakthi looked
      at me. She removed my skirt and tops. I was in bra. I covered my
      penis with my hands. Lakshmi came near to me and saw my clothes
      inside my bra. She removed the clothes and saw my breast. She
      squeezed my breast. I felt feminine feeling. I tried to stop her.
      But sakthi started playing with my penis. I dont know how to stop.
      If i try to stop lakshmi, then sakthi played with my penis
      heavily. If i tried to stop sakthi, lakshmi played in my breast
      heavily. They played with my feelings. Finally my penis ejaculated
      in sakthi's hands. She looked at me with anger... TO BE
      CONTINUED... Pls post your comments



      *Megala* (/Monday, 23 August 2010 02:30/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART VIII... She pasted it on my face. She ordered
      me to clean her hand. I cleaned it with water. She looked at me
      with anger. Lakshmi asked me to took a bath. I went inside the
      bathroom. They doesnt allow me close the door. They ordered me to
      bath like a girl. I said to them that i dont know. Lakshmi asked
      me "are you a sissy ? You dont see any movie of girl bathing in a
      shower". I saw more number of films. But i dont like it to tell
      them. Because they will tease me. I said no. Lakshmi said "ok.
      Just take a bath and come". I took a bath. Sakthi gave me a towel
      and ordered me to tie like girl. I tie it over my breast. They
      looked at my legs. It contains some hair. Sakthi pulled a hair. I
      screamed because of pain. Lakshmi said "hmmm. Nice scream like
      girl. Keep it up baby". I looked at her with anger. Sakthi said
      "dont anger kutti. It is just starting. You will get more from us.
      So be calm". I was terrified. I never tortured by anybody. It was
      the first time, i teased by girls. Because of my bad move. Sakthi
      looked at me " hey. He looked more cute in this towel. So he will
      be better in half saree. Shall we dress him in half saree. He
      attended his age now. As per southern rules, he will be dressed in
      half saree". I was shocked. But i was eager to dress in half
      saree. Lakshmi removed my towel. She looked at my naked body. I
      tried to hide my penis. But sakthi bring ice water. If i hide my
      penis then she pour it to my whole body. I was shocked...


      *Megala* (/Wednesday, 25 August 2010 12:16/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART IX... I slowly took my hands and show my penis.
      Lakshmi looked at my penis and said " i think he is having both
      male and female parts. Before ejaculation it will look like penis.
      But after ejaculation, it will look like vagina". They started
      laughing. I feel ashame. Sakthi said "hey. Its the time for
      function. What we going to do ?". Lakshmi said " first we will
      dress him like girl who bath in the river. Tie a petticoat over
      his breast. Then we clean his whole body by applying turmeric
      powder. Then we pour turmeric water and gave him a bath". Sakthi
      said ok and shall we start. Lakshmi said "hey sakthi. Two girls
      are not enough for this function. We need three more girls. First
      you went to amutha's house. Ask her to bring her makeup and
      imitation jewels set. You will say about this function. Please
      inform her to bring wig. Then you went to school and ask geetha
      and banu to come here. Are you clear". Sakthi said yes and went
      away. I looked at lakshmi. She laughed at me. I asked her why you
      laughing. She said "you will be better in half saree when compared
      to pant shirt. I think you should be our doll for couple of
      hours". I was ashamed. I dont know how to manage five girls. I
      asked " who is banu ?". Lakshmi said "you know her baby. She is
      your neighbour, Your one side love and your enemy for today's
      play". I was shocked. Lakshmi went inside the room and bring a
      silk pavada and silk shirt. She dressed me in that pavada and
      shirt. She doesnt gave me panty. Lakshmi said " a small girl
      should not wear bra and panty. But a big girl should wear that.
      This is the theme of today's function. I dont like to see your one
      sided lover with your naked body. She saw you in pavada and shirt.
      Then only she laugh". I was shocked. I dont want to dress infront
      of banu...


      *Megala* (/Wednesday, 25 August 2010 21:21/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART X... So i decided to escape from here. I saw a
      pant drying on the backside. Lakshmi went inside the bedroom. I
      slowly went to backside. I removed my pavada and shirt and wear
      that pant. I went to the backdoor. Suddenly i heard a clapping
      sound from backside. I tried to open the door. But it was locked.
      Lakshmi said " hey baby. I already locked that door. You wear that
      pavada and shirt and go to hall". I looked at her face with fear.
      She was so angry. I slowly dressed in that pavada and shirt. Then
      i went to the hall. She came in and slapped me. I screamed because
      of pain. But she doesnt care about that. She kicked on my stomach.
      Finally she pulled my ear. I begged her to stop. She asked me to
      kiss her feet. I did it with hesitation. She went in and bring a
      bra and panty. She gave it to me and ordered me to wear that bra
      and panty over the shirt and pavada respectively. I was shocked. I
      said sorry. But she ordered me to do it. She said "you will wear
      this. Otherwise your nose will be pierced on both sides". I was
      shocked. I quickly wore that bra and panty over my dress. It was a
      bad humiliation. Lakshmi looked at me and said "hmmm. Very nice
      di. If you wear the girl dress only then they will be laugh after
      recognised you as a boy. But now they will laugh twice. First is
      for your bra and panty. Second is for your cross dressing. This is
      the final warning to you. If you try to escape once again then
      your nose will be pierced. If you obey us then we will sent you
      with your dress in a couple of hours". I realised her anger. So i
      decided to obey. Sakthi came inside with banu and geetha. They
      laughed me for ten minutes. Lakshmi said that i am a boy. They
      laughed once again. The time is 12 o clock. Sandeep will came at
      3. They have enough time to humiliate...


      *Megala* (/Thursday, 26 August 2010 00:28/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART XI... Banu looked at my face and said "hey. Are
      you karthick?". Sakthi said " yes banu. But now she became
      karthika". They laughed. Lakshmi said to sakthi " where is amutha
      ?". Sakthi answered to lakshmi " She had some work ma. So she gave
      me the jewels and wig". She show the jewel set. I was shocked. It
      was a bridal set. The earrings are so heavy. I think my ears may
      be damaged. She showed the wig. It was a long haired wig. They
      forcibly removed my dress. I was naked. Sakthi gave me a razor to
      remove all body and facial hairs. I shaved all the hairs. Then
      banu came near to me and touched my penis. Lakshmi laughed and
      said "banu. Dont hesitate. You can do what you desire". Banu
      squeezed my penis. I begged to stop. Lakshmi stopped her and said
      "Banu. He was already ejaculated on sakthi's hand. So dont try
      now. You will do it after his function". Sakthi tied a petticoat
      over my breast like girl and pushed me to backside. There was a
      small stool. She asked me to sit on the stool. Geetha bring a cup
      of turmeric powder. Lakshmi asked sakthi to apply turmeric powder
      on my face. I begged her to stop this. Turmeric powder will
      reduces the growth of facial hairs. Lakshmi warned me " hey
      karthika. Keep quiet. You dont speak even a single word. You speak
      only we ask something to you. Otherwise we will punish you
      severely". I closed my mouth. Sakthi applied turmeric powder on my
      face. All girls started applying turmeric on my whole body. Banu
      lifted my petticoat and applied it on my breast. She squeezed my
      breast. My penis raised up. They pour turmeric water to clean the
      whole body. Then lakshmi tied a towel over my breast. Then she
      bring me to hall. Banu bring a wooden chair and placed on the
      hall. She decorated it with flowers....


      *Megala* (/Thursday, 26 August 2010 01:14/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART XII... Geetha bring some silver plates to hall.
      She placed it behind the chair. Then she add bananas, coconuts,
      flowers, apples, oranges on that plates. Then they started
      dressing me. They removed my towel. Lakshmi applied powder on my
      whole body. Sakthi said something to banu. They decided to
      increase the size of my breast. They started squeezing it. Geetha
      gave me a bra and panty to wear. I wore it. Banu said "hey. He
      already know how to wear bra. I think he is a regular cross
      dresser". I tried to speak. But lakshmi kicked on my penis. I
      screamed. Banu bring two water balloons inside the bra. My bra
      becomes weighter. Then i wore silk blouse, petticoat and silk
      pavada. It gave me a feminine feeling. Banu tied the half saree on
      me with low hip. It shows my navel clearly. She add a wig on my
      head. She styled it as double plait. She sprayed a hair spray on
      the hair and add a jasmine strang on both the plaits. She gave me
      a skipping rope and ordered me to jump. I started jumping. The
      balloon jumped up and down inside the bra. It looks like a girl's
      breast jumped up and down. This incident gave me a feel that i am
      having breast. I stopped the jumping because of high feel. I cant
      control it. Sakthi looked at me with anger. I realise that i was
      not obeyed her. Lakshmi asked her to bring that piercing needle. I
      was shocked. I begged her. But she looked at me and said shut your
      mouth. I closed my mouth. Sakthi said " geetha finished a beauty
      parlour course. She knows how to pierce nose. So she will do it
      now". I tried to run. Banu gave me a karate stroke. I fell down on
      floor. They placed me on the chair and tied me on the chair. I
      tried to untie the ropes. But they tied me hardly. Banu applied
      solution on my nose. She bring that needle near to my nose..


      *Megala* (/Thursday, 26 August 2010 09:07/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART XIII... I begged her and said "please dont do
      this for me". Lakshmi said "shut up. We have some nosepin wear
      without pierce hole. If we pierce your nose then you will suffer
      lot in public. You got more questions from your family and
      friends. Thats why we release you without piercing. But you are
      having one punishment because of disobedience. You have a sack
      race now. You know about it. You should be get inside the sack and
      start jumping with the sack. If you lose the game then you will be
      punished. Before that, we need to add some jewels on him". They
      put dangling earrings on my ears. Then they add nosepin, bangles,
      anklets, necklace, chain. Finally they put some eyeliner and
      lipstic on my face. They put bindi. They add nail polish on my
      nails. They bring me to the mirror. I saw a beautiful girl inside
      the mirror. Banu bring a sanitary napkin and put it inside my
      panty. They started laughing. Lakshmi said shall we start. I said
      ok. Banu and geetha moved sofas, tv and table to the wall side.
      The game started. Sakthi was ready to compete against me. Two
      sacks were ready. I get inside the sack and sakthi also done the
      same. The game started. I lead her by jumping with the sack. The
      sounds came from glass bangles and anklets gave me a strange feel.
      It disturbs my concentration. Suddenly one of the balloon kept
      inside my bra bursted and the water fell down on the mosaic floor.
      It slips me and i fell down. By using the opportunity, sakthi won
      the match. I was terrified. Lakshmi came near to me. I slowly
      stand up. She looked at the hall and said " you spoiled the hall
      by the water. So you should clean the hall". I said ok. I mobbed
      the hall with water. Then they ordered to place all the things in
      actual positions. I done it. Suddenly, her door bell rang....


      *Megala* (/Thursday, 26 August 2010 11:12/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART XIV... Lakshmi asked me to get inside her room.
      I went in. She opened the door. I heard the sound of sandeep. I
      was surprised because time is now 1 o clock. Sandeep came in and
      asked lakshmi " hey. Why are you here? Is my friend karthick came
      in". Lakshmi said " school leave. Thats why. Your friend not came
      here". Sandeep said " oh. I see. Ok. If he came you ask him to
      wait on hall". He ordered her and get inside his room to change
      his dress. He came out and asked lakshmi " where is the self
      key?". She said i dont know. He asked lakshmi with anger "hey.
      Where is my dress which is dried backside". She said " it was wear
      by your friend karthika". Sandeep was shocked. Banu opened the
      door and pulled me to hall. Sandeep was surprised to see me on
      half saree. Sandeep asked me " hey karthi. Why you dressed in girl
      dress ?". Geetha came near to him and said "You also dressed by us
      in girl dress deepa". He was shocked. I was also shocked because
      she called his name sandeep as deepa. Geetha, banu and sakthi
      covered them and started removing his dress. He attacked banu and
      throw her to sofa. But sakthi attacked him on his penis and
      removed his shirt. Lakshmi came near to him and gave a karate
      stroke. They removed all his dress. Lakshmi also saw his nakedness
      without hesitation. I was surprised to see that. Sakthi asked me
      "hey karthika. The dress should be your choice. You bring some
      dress for deepa". I was little bit hesitated. But lakshmi looked
      at me with anger. I know her anger. I went in and opened the rack.
      I know that sandeep dressed in half saree and salwar for that
      drama. So i will see it soon. I decided to choose a different
      dress. I took a saree from that self. I gave it to sakthi. Lakshmi
      said "hey karthika. You want deepa in saree"...


      *Megala* (/Friday, 27 August 2010 02:03/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART XV... It was red colored saree. Banu said "hey.
      Deepa's ear piercing is good and i think he always like to dress
      in your dress, lakshmi". Lakshmi said " i know that. I already saw
      him in girl dress three times by door keyhole. But i dont get any
      chance to humiliate him because of my parents. Today is the
      perfect chance. Deepa, go and dress yourself. You can add whatever
      you want. I mean jewels and makeup. But you should wear the saree
      which is given by your girl friend karthika". Sandeep said ok. He
      take the dress and tried to went inside. Banu stopped him and
      asked him to dress in front of them. Sandeep took that bra first.
      He wear it within 5 seconds. He directly wear that bra and hooked
      it backside. Then he wear the panty. Geetha came near to him and
      pressed his breasts. It looked like a small girl's breast. Sakthi
      add two water balloons inside the bra. Sandeep wear blouse and
      petticoat. Then he wear the saree like a professional girl. I was
      suprised to see how he know to wear saree. Then he looked at
      lakshmi. Lakshmi add a wig on his head. Then she tied it as single
      plait. She add some jasmine on his hair. Then she gave him a jewel
      set. Sandeep add earrings on his ears, red glass bangles on his
      hands, silver anklets on his legs and makeup on his face. He
      looked like girl on each and every bit...



      *Megala* (/Friday, 27 August 2010 06:27/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART XVI... Sakthi said "Everything over. Now the
      two boys turned into two girls. Now there are lots of games to
      play between this two. After the games, one person will be
      released from the girl dress. Other should be continued until six.
      Shall we start". All girls said yes. Sakthi put another water
      balloon inside my bra for the bursted one. Lakshmi looked at both
      of our breasts. She thinked for two minutes. Then her face gone
      bright. Lakshmi introduced a new game. It was a cat fight. The
      fight is between me and sandeep. The main theme is to burst the
      water balloon of other person. The winner get 1 point. We get
      ready. Lakshmi bring a whistle like refree. We fight many times in
      school. But it was entirely different than that. Sandeep shake his
      balloons like woman. All girls laughed. I tried to control. But
      his face expressions and jumping of the balloon made me laugh.
      Sakthi looked at me and said now you do like deepa. I looked at
      her. Her face became serious. I shake my breast like girl. They
      laughed heavily. Sakthi said "hmmm. Nice babe. Lets start. Who's
      breast will burst first?. Lakshmi. Give a whistle". Lakshmi gave a
      whistle. Sandeep jumped at me like a fired bullet. He bursts my
      left side balloon. I was shocked. He burst my first balloon,
      before I get ready. But now i want to be careful with him. He
      jumped at me once again. I stopped his hands and pulled his saree.
      He can't guess what i did. So he was shocked. I completely remove
      his saree and throw on his face. It covered his face and he can't
      able to see me. By using that time i attacked two balloons by my
      two hands. Only one balloon bursted. But he realise and removed
      that saree from his face. Now he was with petticoat and blouse. He
      was so angry on me. His right side balloon bursted...


      *Megala* (/Friday, 27 August 2010 10:20/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART XVII... I looked at all the girls. They are
      very eager to see the contest. I know that sandeep will be more
      careful now. This is the final attack. I know the importance of
      this contest. It will be the chance to escape from here. Suddenly
      sandeep jumped at me. I escaped from him. But he picked my half
      saree and pulled it. I realise that he will trying the same thing.
      He threw me the half saree. I stopped it by my hand. I ready to
      throw it to his face. But he is ready to attack me. I throw it to
      his face. But he attacked my legs. I can't balance to stand
      because of wet floor. I tried to pick sandeep for balance. But he
      escaped. I fell down to floor. Finally the balloon bursts after
      hit on the floor. Sandeep was so happy. All girls started
      clapping. After some minutes, lakshmi said " finally deepa won the
      contest. So he got a point. The point is now 1-0. Next game should
      be started within fifteen minutes. Now contestants will change the
      dress and dry the hall. Our next match will be announced by banu".
      They sat on the sofa and started discussing about the next match.
      I looked at sandeep. He looks like an enemy. He also saw me like
      an enemy. I went near to him. He laughed and said "nice karthika.
      How you trapped by them". I explained shortly. He laughed and said
      "your desire changed our status from boy to girl". I said yes. He
      asked "are you happy". I said "absolutely. It is very different to
      be teased by girls. I like it very much". He was shocked. He asked
      me "which is your next costume?". I asked him "which will be
      better for me?". He looked at me and said "i think midi or mini
      skirt will be better for you". I said ok. I went to the room and
      looked at the self. I took a midi and changed the dress. Sandeep
      was dressed in salwar kameez. He was beautiful than me



      *Megala* (/Friday, 27 August 2010 20:10/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART XVIII... I was jealous about his beauty. It
      increases the heat of competition. So i decided to beat him and
      gave nosecut to him. Girls ordered us to clean the water in the
      hall. We cleaned. After ten minutes, it became dry. Banu said "the
      contest is to walk with high heels". I said "it is not a perfect
      contest. Because sandeep already wear girl dress for couple of
      years. So he practiced how to walk in high heels. But i am new to
      that. Then how i will win the match". Lakshmi looked at me with
      anger and said "I know that. But in our house me and my sister
      doesnt use high heels babe. So there is no chance for him to
      practice. So get ready karthika". I looked at sandeep. He was
      scared to do that. Sakthi bring a coin to toss. She asked me to
      choose. I said head. The coin tossed. It fells with tail. Now
      sandeep will choose the choice. He asked me to walk first. Geetha
      bring a high heels chapel. They told us how to walk. It should be
      like girl. Banu show me how to shake butt. I dont know how to
      walk. It is tough to walk with high heels in a mosaic floor
      without practice. But they ordered us to walk like girl. I know it
      is not possible. But i wear the high heels and get ready. I was
      comfortable in midi when compared to half saree. It was knee
      length skirt. I was ready to start the walk. Lakshmi gave a
      whistle. But within three steps, i slipped and fell down. They
      laughed heavily. I dont know why they laughing. I saw the skirt of
      mine, lifted up and showing my panty. I adjusted it. I removed
      that high heels and stand up. Sakthi said "Deepa, now its your
      turn. Get ready". Sandeep wear the high heels and get ready.
      Lakshmi gave a whistle. He started his walk. But only one step, he
      slipped and fell down. His salwar went up and shows his butt. I
      shouted that i won.


      *Megala* (/Friday, 27 August 2010 23:26/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART XIX... Lakshmi said " oh my god. Karthika won
      this contest. The score is 1-1. My friends Amutha and selvi is on
      the way to join us. So now its time for short break for
      contestants". I went inside the bedroom. Sandeep was so sad. I
      said "hey. Thats nothing da. It is just a game. Dont worry". He
      looked at me and said "karthi. I dont feel about my loss. I am in
      love with selvi. If she came and humiliate me then she doesnt love
      me. Thats why i am so sad". I was surprised to hear about his
      love. I asked him "is it a double side love or one side". He said
      one side. I asked him "dont worry my boy. Every girl have an
      intention to dress his boy in girl dress. Your love will succeed.
      Dont worry". He was relaxed at my answer. I heard two girls
      voices. I realise that they came. Lakshmi get in and ordered us to
      come out. I walked out. But little bit hesitation, sandeep came
      out slowly. Selvi find me that i am a boy. But they doesnt
      recognize sandeep. Selvi asked lakshmi "why you dress this boy as
      girl?". Lakshmi answered "hey. They both are boys. One is my
      brother transformed into my sister deepa. Second is deepa's friend
      karthika". Selvi laughed loudly and said "hmm. I am having a dream
      to dress a boy like girl and humiliate him. Now i got a chance to
      do. Hey girls. Come near to me". We went near to her. She looked
      at me. She asked me to show our back. She slapped on both our
      butts and laughed. Sakthi said "hey. Enough di. Now we make a
      contest here". Amutha opened her mouth for the first time and said
      "hey girls. Are you allowed me to add my brother in this contest".
      Sakthi said "I know your brother is studying in college 2nd year.
      How he accept to dress?". Amutha said "i asked him to come here.
      We were six girls. I think it is easy to force him into dress"...



      *Megala* (/Saturday, 28 August 2010 01:36/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART XX... Banu interfered and said "Hey. Why dont
      we add our enemy group here". Lakshmi asked "who?". Banu said "our
      tuition enemies who always tease us". Lakshmi said " oh. That four
      persons. Nice idea banu. But how we call them here". Sakthi said
      "its also easy ma. We will challenge them for a contest. Then they
      will surely come". Amutha said "Hey. First we will trap my brother
      ram. Then we trap that persons". Lakshmi said "hey. Already two
      persons here. After adding five persons, is it possible to control
      the seven peoples. Because we are only six". Geetha said "hey.
      They are our slaves. Without boy dress, they doesnt escape from
      here. But for our safety, we should hide all the keys to a place.
      If it will in our hand, they will surely try to attack. We doesnt
      tell to that four members deepa and karthika are boys. They think
      that we are eight girls here. So they wont escape from here".
      Lakshmi said "one possibility here. Deepa and karthika will join
      with them and attack us". The six girls looked at us with anger. I
      realised our situation. Sakthi said " i am having a solution. We
      will put deepa and karthika inside a room and lock that room.
      After trapping the group, we will release deepa and karthika.
      After getting dressed, the four boys will be our slaves. There is
      no problem". Lakshmi agreed. Amutha took the phone and called her
      brother ram "hey. My friend lakshmi need your help. She want to go
      to a shop. Shall you drop her. I know that you doesnt know her. I
      tell you the address. She will wait for you. You go & pick up
      her". She gave address to her brother. Lakshmi said "why you
      humiliate your brother?". Amutha answered " I already asked him to
      dress in my clothes. But he beat me. Thats why". Amutha ordered me
      to remove midi and stay in bra and panty


      *Megala* (/Saturday, 28 August 2010 02:17/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART XXI... She pushed sandeep inside another room
      and locked it from outside. She ordered other girls to hide in
      other part of the house. I dont know what is going on. She
      explained her plan. I was shocked about her plan. But i want obey
      them. I get inside the room. I wore a petticoat and silk pavada. I
      wore dangling earrings, anklets, glass bangles, makeup, bindi,
      necklace. I wear a blouse. Then i took the half saree in my hand.
      It will be wear by me after ram came inside this room. So i waited
      for the moment. Amutha removed the battery of calling bell, unlock
      the entrance door and she hide in kitchen. I heard somebody knock
      the door. I guessed that it was ram. The door opened. I heard a
      female voice. I was shocked. But shilpa, elder sister of sandeep
      and lakshmi came inside the room. I quickly wear that half saree.
      She was shocked. She know me. But in that half saree, she cant
      recognize me. Lakshmi realise the situation and came in. She
      explained everything to shilpa. Shilpa was surprised and she asked
      lakshmi " shall i join with your group to tease boys. I am eager
      to tease boys. Where is my sister deepa". I was shocked. I think
      that shilpa will scold her sister and release us. But she joined
      with them make me more sad. Lakshmi bring shilpa inside the room
      and show sandeep. She laughed a lot after seeing sandeep. Amutha
      came and said its the time to trap ram. They hide on the house and
      asked me to get ready. I heard a make voice from outside. I
      guessed that it was ram. I removed my half saree and put it on the
      bed. I get inside the attached bathroom. After he came inside the
      room, i came out. He looked at my blouse and said sorry. But he
      was nervous to see a girl in that sexy pose. I took that half
      saree and wear it. But he cant control his feelings...


      *Megala* (/Saturday, 28 August 2010 02:37/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART XXII... He asked me "you are looking so
      beautiful". I said "thank you. You wait at hall. I will come in
      five minutes" in girl voice. He asked me "shall i have some
      water?". I know that why he ask that question. I said "sorry.
      Nobody in my house to gave water to you. Pls wait. I will come and
      give". His face gone bright. He went out and i heard the sound of
      locking front door. I know He will came. So i removed that half
      saree and adjusting my pavada. He get in and closed the door. I
      saw it by mirror. I acted like a shocked girl. I begged him to get
      out. But he removed his shirt and belt. Slowly he unzipped his
      pant zip. I tried to cover my breast with that half saree. But he
      came near to me. He throw me to bed and lifted my skirt. He
      removed his pant and lift his panty down. I saw a large penis. He
      kissed me in lips. I pushed him. Banu, geetha and sakthi were
      waiting under the cot. Banu took that pant, shirt and went to the
      next room. He was shocked. Geetha and sakthi removed his banian
      and throw it outside. Banu catch that and put it inside self. Then
      she closed the self. Geetha said " why you lifted karthika's
      pavada. Do you want to wear that dress?". Ram said "who are you
      girls. Give me my dress". Sakthi said " no di ramya. You doesnt
      look better in that pant shirt. You should be better in half
      saree, saree, midi, salwar, mini skirt and nightie". He was
      scared. He tried to attack sakthi. But she escaped and kicked on
      his penis. Balance girls came in and tied his hands and legs.
      Amutha came in and said "hi sweet sister. I dont like your
      moustache and beard. So i am going to remove it". He begged her
      "dont do that". Amutha said " i already asked you to dress like
      girl. But you refused & beated me. we will dress you now". Amutha
      shaved his facial hairs.



      *Megala* (/Saturday, 28 August 2010 04:08/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART XXIII... I laughed to see his face without
      moustache. Amutha looked at me with anger. I closed my mouth. She
      gave me the razor and asked me to shave his body hairs. Ram begged
      her. She plastered his mouth. I shaved it. She ordered me to shave
      his hairs inside his panty. I was shocked. She slapped me. I
      downed his panty and shaved the hairs. He was so scared because of
      razor. After the shave, they untied the ropes and pushed him
      inside bathroom. She ordered him to took a bath. After the bath,
      amutha gave a bra and panty to his brother. He looked amutha with
      anger. Amutha came near to him and said "Dont angry ramya. If you
      doesnt obey us then i will tell you to our parents about you try
      to rape my friend". He said "you bring here to trap me. I tell
      this to our parents". Amutha answered "No problem sister. You go
      with a proof also. I will dress you in girl dress. You go to home
      with that dress. Then our parents believe your complaint". He was
      shocked. He begged her to give his dress. Amutha said " its so
      simple. You just dress in girl dress. After some hours, i will
      give your dress. If you obey me, i will give you that dress soon.
      Otherwise you should be sent out in girl dress. Your girl attire
      will be photographed and send it to your friends. Are you clear?".
      I saw tears on his eyes. Amutha asked him to kiss his feet. He
      hesitate to do that. Amutha slapped on his face. He got anger.
      Lakshmi squeezed his penis. He screamed with pain. He begged to
      leave his penis. But lakshmi ordered to kiss amutha's feet.
      Finally he kissed amutha's feet. Amutha laughed and said "Ramya.
      Which dress you like to wear?". Ram looked at her & doesnt say
      anything. Lakshmi said " if we questioned you then you will answer
      us quickly. Otherwise you will be punished". He was shocked..



      *Megala* (/Saturday, 28 August 2010 04:27/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART 24... Sakthi asked "tell me di kutti". He said
      "I dont know which one is better for me". Geetha said " i think he
      will be more sexy in two piece". They laughed. Shilpa came inside
      the room for the first time. She looked at ram. She cant
      recognized him because of moustache and beard removal. She find
      that he is ram. Shilpa said "hey ram. What are you doing here?".
      Amutha said "hi akka. He is my brother. Do you know him?". She
      said "ya. He is the friend of my classmate vijay". Amutha said to
      shilpa "dont take this serious akka. It is just for fun. If he
      dressed me in my dress when i asked, there is no need for forced
      feminisation. But he beated me. Thats why". Shilpa laughed and
      asked amutha "which dress you choosed for your beautiful and sexy
      sister?". Amutha said "I want to dress him in a ghaghra choli and
      designed saree". Lakshmi said " we dont have ghaghra choli".
      Amutha said "No problem. I will go home and bring some dress. We
      also need five wigs for ram and that four boys. I will come within
      few minutes. In that gap, you add some makeup on his face". Amutha
      went to her home with scooty. Lakshmi gave a cream and asked me to
      apply to his face and body to smooth the skin. All girls went to
      hall for discussion. It is the time to apply cream. He closed his
      penis with his hands. He looked at me from top to bottom. His eyes
      stopped on my hip. I realise that my penis is lifting the pavada.
      He guessed that i am not a girl. He asked me "why you dressed like
      girl". I explained the things. He was scared because of their
      humiliation. He asked me that any chance to escape. I said no.
      Lakshmi came in and looked at his body. I was not opened the cap
      of the cream. She got anger. She ordered ram to f**k in my
      asshole. I was shocked. He came near to me...


      *Megala* (/Saturday, 28 August 2010 04:52/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART 25... I was scared and begged lakshmi. But
      lakshmi dont care about my begging. She looked at ram with anger.
      He was scared and pushed me to bed. He lifted my pavada and
      removed my panty. He put his penis inside my asshole. Lakshmi
      asked all girls to come in. Finally sandeep also came in. All
      girls started clapping while he fucking me. I screamed because of
      pain. But he fucked without caring my scream. My cried a lot and
      my eyes filled with tears. Finally he ejaculated in my asshole.
      Lakshmi ordered ram to clean my asshole. He cleaned it with a
      cloth. Lakshmi ordered me to wash my ass. I was ashamed to see any
      of the face. Lakshmi ordered sandeep to apply cream on ram's face
      and body. She warned him "if he cant apply cream perfectly then he
      will also fucked by ram". He was shocked and applied the cream
      quickly. I sat on the bed. Sakthi slapped me and ordered me to
      help sandeep. Ram looked at me with smile. I said "Dont laugh
      ramya darling. You will be fucked by me before you left this
      house". He got anger and slapped me. I shouted because of pain.
      Lakshmi and sakthi came inside. Sandeep explained the things.
      Lakshmi got anger and looked at ram. She said "deepa and karthika
      are the boss for you. If you dont obey them then you will be
      punished. Now you kiss karthika's leg". He was ashamed and looked
      at me. Sakthi slapped on his butt. Lakshmi picked his penis and
      squeezed it. He screamed. Shilpa get in and looked at the scene.
      She asked lakshmi "hey. What are you doing?". She said to shilpa
      "he slapped karthika. Thats why". Shilpa came near to him and
      started playing with his little breast. Amutha came inside with a
      bag. She ordered him to dress in a bra and panty. We helped him to
      get in. He wear ghaghra choli and petticoat. Finally amutha tied
      saree on him.


      *Megala* (/Saturday, 28 August 2010 06:00/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART 26... Lakshmi looked at ram's ear for pierce.
      Amutha said "he doesnt pierce his ears". Sakthi said " shall we
      pierce". Amutha said "no pa. It will create problem. We use clip
      earrings". She add clip on earrings, glass bangles, anklets,
      necklace and chain. She add eyeliner, eyeshadow, lipliner,
      lipstic, cream, rose powder and bindi. He looked like a smart
      young girl. His choli contains small mirrors and nice floral
      embroidary. He was so nervous. Lakshmi asked him to show his
      backside. He show his butt. She slapped on his butt and laughed.
      Ram got shy. His face turns to red. Shilpa looked ram and said
      "nice ramya. You are ready to get married. Shall we send your full
      size photo to matrimonial. All boys will surround our house. You
      will became next miss world". All girls laughed. Sakthi said "you
      are correct sister. She is so cute". She pinched his hips. He got
      shy and closed his hip with saree. Banu said "you cover your hip.
      But your saree shows you complete structure to boys. They fall in
      love with you. If you born as girl then all boys will flirt you".
      Lakshmi asked other girls "what is our next move?". Sakthi said
      "deepa and karthika got hungry. So ramya give milk to them". Ram
      was shocked. All girls looked at him. He know that he should obey.
      He started removing his saree. Shilpa laughed & said "if you milk
      your child like this in public place then every make will suck
      your breast". He realise & closed his blouse with saree. He
      unhooked blouse hooks & lifted up his bra. Sandeep looked at me.
      Lakshmi said "first deepa baby will drink his milk". Sandeep
      sucked his breast. Its the time for me. I looked at him with a
      laugh. He was terrified. I started biting his breast. He screamed
      because of pain. Lakshmi slapped him & said "you should tolerate
      the pain".


      *Megala* (/Saturday, 28 August 2010 12:45/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART 27... I dont allow him to getup. I sucked and
      bite it for five minutes. His eyes were filled with tears. Finally
      i get up. Lakshmi said "oh. This baby is so hungry". Sakthi said
      "hey girls. Its the time for trapping the next four boys". Banu
      took her mobile and called to one of the boys in that group. She
      started teasing him. Finally she asked them for challenge. They
      came to the house. Their names are vimal, ashwin, suresh and
      nandhu. They waited outside. Shilpa tied ram and sandeep
      (legs,hands and plastered mouth) and put them inside the room.
      Then she closed the door from outside. Seven girls and me were
      ready to trap four boys. I dont know how they believe me instead
      of sandeep. Sandeep looked like girl in each and every bit. I
      think they believed me because of my help to trap ram. Lakshmi
      already explained the plan. Each and every person should be
      separated and dressed. They looked at our girls with anger. Vimal
      asked lakshmi "what is the challenge?". Lakshmi answered "any
      games you like". He discussed with their members. Finally ashwin
      said "cricket". I looked at lakshmi with eager. She said ok. I was
      shocked. Sakthi asked "what is the bet?". Suresh said "if you lose
      the game then your girls will give a kiss to our boys". Banu asked
      "if you loss then you will shave your moustache, wear girl dress
      and change your name like vimala, ashwini, reshma and nandhini".
      They were shocked. They discussed for some minutes. Finally they
      said ok. Geetha said "if you cheat us then you will forcibly
      dressed by us. Ok". They said ok. I realise that our plan changed.
      Lakshmi said to me that she not tell about girl dress to them. But
      now she tell everything to them. If boys lost the game, they will
      not allow girls to dress them in girl dress. I know boy's mentality


      *Megala* (/Monday, 30 August 2010 11:32/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART 28... So i just watched what they do. Banu,
      geetha, lakshmi and sakthi were ready to give opposition. After
      winning the toss, boys team take batting. For five overs, they
      scored 45 runs. But the girls team take only ten runs. Boys team
      took the four wickets. They shouted and quarrelled. Now the girls
      team is ready to kiss them. They kissed boys hands. Boys got
      shocked and looked at the girls. Lakshmi said "we bet that to kiss
      boys. But we doesnt mention any place to kiss. That is our
      choice". They were shocked. Vimal said "hey girls. Dont cheat us.
      You must give lip to lip kiss". Sakthi said "we gave the kiss to
      you. If you want lip to lip kiss then challenge for another game".
      Ashwin said "ok. We play another cricket match". Banu said "No no.
      You choose the first game. Now its our choice". Suresh asked "what
      game?". Geetha said "rangoli contest". They were shocked. Nandu
      said "hey. You are cheating us. It is girl's contest". Sakthi said
      "hey. Cricket is a men game. But we played without refusing. You
      should play rangoli contest. Otherwise you do the punishment".
      Vimal said "sorry girls. We doesnt like this contest. So we leave
      now". Lakshmi said "ok friends. You can go. But you give us the
      kiss back. Not on our hand. You should kiss our feet". They were
      shocked. Suresh asked "Hey. Bloody fool. Why we kiss your feet?".
      Banu replied "if you need your mobile phones then you will kiss
      and get back". They were shocked. They looked at the window. They
      put their mobile phones before playing cricket. But amutha took it
      from inside. Girls started laughing like devils. Banu asked amutha
      "hey. How much we will get by sale that mobile phones". Amutha
      replied "atleast 1500 for each mobile. I think we will get 1000
      per head". They looked at girls with fear.


      *Megala* (/Monday, 30 August 2010 20:40/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART 29... They begged us to gave the mobile.
      Lakshmi said "Hey. Just play game or accept your loss". They
      discussed for two minutes. Finally suresh came front and said "we
      will pay your kiss in your hand. Give our mobiles". Sakthi laughed
      and said "How clever you are? Is a boy kissed a girl is equal to a
      girl kissed a boy are equal? Boys can kiss anybody. But we girls
      are not kiss my enemy. But we defeated. So as per bet, we kiss
      you. Ok. We gave kiss in your lips. But you kiss our feet. Ok".
      They are not interested to kiss our feet. Vimal said "we are not
      agree with you. Pls dont torture us". Banu said "Hmmm. Ok friends.
      You will be dressed in girl dress. This is our final option. If
      you dont want your mobile then you can go". They were shocked.
      They discussed and ashwin said "girls. We will kiss your feet".
      Geetha came front and said "ok girls. Show your feet". Each boy
      kissed one girl's feet. Lakshmi said "hey. You just kissed one
      girl's feet. But we want all boys should kiss each girl's feet".
      They were terrified. They discussed. Finally they kissed all girls
      feet. Geetha said "ok girls. Shall we play games?". They were
      shocked. Nandu said "hey. We kissed your feet. The punishment is
      over. You gave our mobile. We want to leave". Lakshmi laughed and
      said "hey friends. You kissed our feet for your mobile. Not for
      games. Now you play games or you should be punished". Suresh said
      "we doesnt know how to draw rangoli. So shall we play another
      game". Geetha said "oh. Sorry. We know only rangoli. So sorry.
      Lakshmi, go and bring color powders to draw rangoli". Suresh
      warned us "hey. Are you kidding? You give our mobile. Otherwise We
      will give a police complaint against you". Sakthi said "carry on.
      But you dont get your mobile. We will destroy your mobile"


      *Megala* (/Monday, 30 August 2010 21:40/)

      FIRST LOVE... PART 30... All three boys scolded suresh. They
      begged us. But lakshmi said "if you want your mobile, then you
      will dress in our school uniform". They came inside the house.
      Lakshmi went inside the bedroom. All four girls changed their
      uniform. They put their uniform on the bed. They came out and
      asked the boys to get in. Sakthi ordered that boys to dress in
      that uniform. Finally the boys humiliated in the girl dress. All
      seven girls get ready for a cricket match with the new girls. We
      tried to take runs. But the water balloons inside our bra stopped
      our force of bat. Finally we get only ten runs. Girls easily won
      the match and started teasing us. I realise that girls having more
      will-power than boys. That is the end of the story. Pls post your
      comments.... THE END...