*Sonal* (/Thursday, 17 March 2011 01:29/)

      I am sunil.I am 18 year old orpange.My parents died during a
      epidemic in our town.In our slum many antisocial activities are
      going on.Hence police regularly raided our slum & arrest the
      criminals .I alawys keep away from such activity.I am shy in
      nature and also my body physiquie is also skiny type.Hence the
      people around use to tease me.Hence I alawys keep away from them.I
      use to work in a garment shop from mornig 8.00 to evening 8.00.pm.
      One evening when I preparing my dinner two boys entered my house
      followed by police.These boy had murdered some one in vicinity &
      fleeing from the police.However police arrested them .But bcos
      they were arrested in my house police thought I am one of them and
      arrested me also and put me in lockup along with other boys.Due to
      my femine looks the other boys started to tease me and one even
      forcefully Kiss me.Suddenly all of us were call outside the cell
      were made stand in line.There senior police inspector came for
      interrogation and started asking quetions to each one of us.When
      he came to I hold his leg and told him my story with tearful eyes.
      He looked at me with a wicked smile and asked me "I can get you
      out of here you have todo whatever I asked you to do."
      I desperately want to get out of here hence I said"Yes I will do
      anything for you"

      He call a constable and whisper something in his ear and asked me
      to follow him.The take me in a Jeep and drop me at a seculed
      bungalow outside city boundary.As I entered inside the bungalow
      there was old woman who is caretaker of the bungalow.Her name was
      Janaki.She told me "Saheb has called and he will be here by
      evening.Until then he had asked me to look after u"
      He then take me to a bedroom and asked me to take a bath.I removed
      my clothes and went for the bath.when I came outside by clothes
      were not present .I asked the Janaki.She told me that my clothes
      has been washed .I asked her for any other clothes but she that
      all other clothes has been kept inside saheb's alamari she dosenot
      have key for it.I asked her what to do .she said that u be on
      towel and when saheb come he will give u some clothes.I thought
      till then I will take a Nap as I had not slept from last
      night.hence I slept onthe bed with my towel on.


      *Sonal* (/Thursday, 17 March 2011 07:46/)

      I woke up due to some touch on my body.I opened my eyes it was
      Sharma saheb Kissing me on my face.I push him away from me and get
      out of the bed but he again push me on the bed I was shocked.
      He started laughing and said "You have promised me you will do
      anything for me."
      I asked him with awe "But what are you doing"?
      He looked at me with hungry look"I like boys with femine look.I
      like to have s*x with them.whenever I got such a boy in my custody
      I bring them here to my bunglow and transform them in woman and
      enjoy them"
      I was totally dumstuck "What do you want from me "?I asked.
      "When I saw you I was immediately fixed on you.I saw a beautiful
      woman in you.Now I want that woman."
      I was afraid and angry.I tried to hit him,but he was too strong
      for me .He slapped me across my face.I fell on the floor.
      He shouted"You idiot ,now listen to me I have already register
      your name in that murder FIR as main culprit and absconding.Now
      either you will my bitch or you will be hang.Now what you want"?
      I almost fainted hearing this .I thought about the situation.If I
      refused him he will surely turn me in and I will be hanged .But if
      I agreed I can get a chance to run away.
      "Are you ready or not?"he asked again.
      I nodded and lowered my head crying.
      He smiled "thats like my girl.If you are thinking of runinng
      away,forget it.Police are already looking for u as absconder.This
      bungalow is the only place where they will not look for u.Now I
      will come after two week meanwhile Janaki will preaper u for our
      first night."saying that he kissed me and left.I fell on bed
      crying hiding my face.


      *Sonal* (/Friday, 25 March 2011 22:59/)

      Next morning Janaki came to me and tell me to go and take bath.I
      asked her about my clothes.She said you go and take your bath,I
      will keep your clothes ready when you come outside".
      He gave me two oils in bowl."Apply green oil to your hairs & red
      to your body and then take bath?"
      I went inside and did what she asked me to do.I applied oil and
      take bath.To my surprise all the hairs on my body washed away and
      my body skin has became smooth and glowing.On contrary to this my
      hairs on head were smooth and straight.Previously my head were
      neck length but due to straigthening they have reach to shoulder
      height.even my face is been cleaned .thankgod I didnt applied that
      oil to eyebrows.Now I was looking smooth as girl.I was very angry
      with Janaki.I came outside wearing towel and call for janaki.She
      came in the room.
      "What was that oil.Look what it had done to me?"I asked angrily
      "That was very secret ayurvedic oil which I had got from my
      village.The one you applied to your body was for removing your
      body hair and make ur skin smooth and the one u applied on your
      hair is one which accelerate the growth of ur hair and make ur
      hair straight and smooth."she replied.
      "But Why?"
      "Bcos men like long hair and smooth woman."
      "But I am not woman"I shouted.
      She said calmly"But u will.Uptill now the boy who were liked by
      sharma saheb has been transform by sharma saheb as woman."
      "I will run away from here"
      "If you run away police will hunt you down and may kill u in an
      encounter.choice is yours?"
      I started crying .Janaki came near to me and said"Dont worry
      beta.Once this transformtion is complete U will come to known that
      womanhood is blessing.Sharma saheba as inhireted lot of wealth.The
      boys who are transform by him are living a good life in society.He
      is more attracted to you then anyone of them.for you he has
      planned something special."
      I cried and decied to resing to my faith.

      Janaki"shall we start ur transformation now?"


      *Sonal* (/Saturday, 26 March 2011 07:55/)

      I didnt reply and lowered my head.
      Janaki take my silent has yes"O.K now first thing women never wear
      towel at wrist they alawys cover their breast .afterwall that what
      men like to see. So alawys when you came out tie your towel on
      "But I dnt have breast"
      She smiled sweetly and you will having it shortly.
      I looked at her shockingly .
      "now wear your clothes"
      I looked at Bed there were no mens clothes on Bed.Only womens
      clothes were there.
      "where are my clothees?"
      "from today onwards you will only wear womens clothes."
      "Yes.then only u could bring out woman inside you"
      My mind was block and I cannot think further.Idecided surrender to
      my destiny.
      I went to bed and look at look at clothes.It was bra panty ,inner
      petty coat and salwar kameez.The bra was padded with foaming in cups.
      "You will need them till you grow your own"
      I try to wear bra by clapping the hook on front side but Janaki
      stop me.
      "A women should wear bra clapping hook backside"
      I try that way but It was unable to do it.So Janaki come behind me
      and clamp it .
      "from next time you have towear it yourself."


      *Sonal* (/Saturday, 26 March 2011 23:01/)

      Then she handed me inner white petticoat.Iwear it. after that I
      wear salwaar and kurti.Janaki then gave me dupatta .
      "A woman should alawys cover her cleavage.This dupatta is your
      modesty.You should never let it fall from your shoulder .you have
      to adjust it all the time and cover ur breast and cleavage."
      I wear the dupatta on my shoulder.Janaki brought a pointed needle
      and asked me to sit on the bed then she pierece my ear and
      nose.Then she gave me a set of earings and nose ring to wear.I
      wore that nose ring earring .Also she gave me a chain and a payal
      to wear .
      Then she brougta make up kit and did my makeup .
      "Remember how I am doing it next time you have to do it yourself.A
      woman should Know how tokeep herself pretty for her man."
      I was hating this but I had no other alternative.After makeup was
      over she brought in front of mirror.I was astonish to see how
      easily I was transform into a woman.
      But Janaki said"There is something missing.wait a minute."
      She brought a bindi packet apply it at my forehead.
      A woman was looking back at me from mirror.