*shyamali* (/Tuesday, 09 November 2010 03:16/)

      Story No 2:Part 1
      There is an all women family in our village. The widow mother &
      her three daughters. Labanya is the eldest. She is 26 years old.
      Though she is beautiful & has a good figure of 34-26-34, 56 kg
      weight & 5’7” height, no one in the village likes her for her
      tomboy type nature. Her family is poor & her mother worked as
      domestic cook in some of the rich families in our village.
      My father expired 3 years ago. He was the librarian in the village
      school. After her accidental death my mother got a clerical job in
      the same school. I completed my graduation from the nearest town
      college & after examination I came to village for 2 months &
      waited for the result out. Since I was good in study, I was sure
      about good result in graduation & prepared myself for higher
      study. I also have a sister who is studying plus two in our
      village school. She is 3 years younger to me & 18 years old.
      Since my mother & sister have to go school early in the morning,
      she does not get time to cook in the morning. So, she hired the
      widow for cooking @Rs.1200/- per month. Since the widow is a good
      cook we do not have any problem.
      Every morning within 9 A.M. my mother & sister goes for school. I
      stay in the home & study. One day the widow did not come to cook.
      The next day again she was absent. Before leaving for school my
      mother asked me to go her house & know the matter.
      Her house was in another side of the village. This is the poorest
      locality of the village. I went her home. Labanya, the eldest
      daughter comes out from the room. She does not recognize me. I
      give her my name. Then she recognizes & requests me to come
      inside. I go & discover that the widow is ill. She promised me
      that if she is unable to go tomorrow then Labanya will go & cook
      Next day Labanya comes to cook. She is not so good cook & also she
      is very slow. So, my mother & sister were compelled to go the
      school without eating. Labanya told them that, after completing
      cooking she will take the food in Tiffin career & will go to
      school before the launch hour.
      That happens for the next 6 days. Every day she completed her
      cooking after one hour my mother & sister went to school. Then she
      packs the food in the big tiffin career & goes to school. On the
      7th day after cooking she comes to my room. I was alone in my
      home. She begins to start talking. She told me about her
      childhood, how her father died without getting good medical
      treatment, how she stopped to study after getting good marks in
      plus two exams. She got very emotional. I felt pity about her &
      wanted to give her a lump some money. That makes her angry. “I do
      not need your money. I do not need your pity. After seeing you I
      liked you. That leads to love. Like love at first sight. I want to
      marry you. I want to be the bahu of this family. Will you marry me
      Mridul? I will be a good wife to you.”
      I am in a fix. I don’t like her. I never felt like that. Besides,
      there is a huge difference in our status. We belong to higher cast
      & they belong to lower cast. Also they are no match with us in
      money. I have plan for my forthcoming life. I have to complete my
      post graduation, then I will do my MBA & then I have to get a good
      job in a good MNC.
      So, I definitely reject her rudely & advice her not to keep those
      things in her mind. That makes her very angry & she said,”you have
      done a big mistake by rejecting me. I will make rest of your life
      very painful.”I laughed.


      *shyamali* (/Tuesday, 09 November 2010 03:19/)

      Story No 2:Part2
      Next day she came to cook wearing a transparent white sari.
      Immediately after my mother & sister gone to school she comes to
      my room & suddenly hugged me tightly. Then she begins to start
      kissing all over my face. Then suddenly she tears her sari &
      blouse & bra & makes herself half nude. I also become very excited
      with a sudden physical movement by Labanya. Soon she made me nude
      & takes my erect penis into her pussy.
      Keeping me very tightly in her arms & taking my erect penis in her
      pussy she begins to shout for help. I sensed her plan & wanted to
      free myself but I did not succeed. She has huge power in her arms.
      Immediately after her shouting for help, some people come inside
      my room & take her away from me. They begin to bit me. I cried.
      But they don’t stop. Then some elders of the village came. They
      rescued me. But they order them to tie my hands & legs with rope
      After half an hour the sarpanch comes. The elders tell them what
      happened. He orders to arrange salishi sabha at 4p.m. in the
      village community hall. Till then, I will be tied with ropes &
      some villagers will guard me.
      15 minutes later my mother & sister come. After hearing everything
      from the villagers my mother comes to me & slaps. I wanted to tell
      her everything but she did not listen.
      At 3-45p.m. the villagers took me to the community hall. All the
      villagers are present there. Sarpanch takes his seat. Then he asks
      my family to sit right side of the front & asks Labnya’s family to
      sit left side of the front. Though Labanya’s mother is ill, she is
      present here. Labanya is also present. Her full body is cover with
      a blanket. She did not comb her long hair, what acting!
      First Sarpanch asks Labanya to tell what happened. She told them
      that at the first day I offered her money in exchange of physical
      intimacy with her. When she refused, every day I irritated her &
      finally I raped her today. I Shout & tell the sarpanch that every
      bit of her words is damn lie. He does not believe. She had also
      some fake witness. They supported her story.
      My mother & sister are crying. The sarpanch asked them whether
      they will accept his decision or he will advice Labanya to go to
      police. My mother says that she will accept his decision.
      Then sarpanch says, since Mridul raped her, he has to marry her.
      “Will you agree to marry her Mridul?”I have no other way. I
      accepted. Then he asks Labanya. Labanya says,”ok. I will marry
      him. But, I have a condition. The sarpanch surprises.”I don’t
      understand your word.”the sarpanch says. ”Sarpanchji, He took my
      virginity in a brutal way & if I accept to marry him, he will rape
      me rest of my life. That is not punishment. That is a reward to
      him. That is what he wanted. So, I want humiliation. I will marry
      him as groom & he will be bride & rest of the life he has to spend
      as my wife & I will be his husband for the rest of my life. If it
      is accepted by his family & him, only then I will be agreeing.
      Otherwise I will go to the police.”
      I shouted. But none listen to me. The sarpanch discusses the
      matter with the elders & after ten minutes he says,” Ok. The
      proposal is accepted. There is an auspicious marriage date after 1
      month. Till then Mridul’s mother & sister will prepare him for his
      marriage. And, in the mean time, if Mridul escapes, the entire
      responsibility goes to them. They will be punished for that. The
      meeting is over for now.”
      We return back to our home. My mother & sister cried a lot. Then
      after 2 hours she advised me not to escape & take the life as it
      comes. She requests me not escape because it will be the end of
      her & her daughter’s life. The sarpanch will not forgive them. I
      told them I really did not rape her. But she again refused to believe.
      Someone knocks the door. My sister opens it. There are Labanya &
      her family waiting in the doorway. My mother greeted them &
      requests them to come inside. Labanya looks at me & laughs. Then
      she asks my mother not to worry.” I will keep him happy. Only you
      need to prepare him for the domestic work & cooking. Because, I
      will not be able to cook after marriage. Besides, since my mother
      worked as domestic cook all over her widowed life, I don’t want
      her to continue cooking after my marriage. However, I came here to
      give him some clothes, jewelry & some other things for his basic
      needs to prepare himself as a woman.”Then she hands over a bag to
      me and leaves.


      *shyamali* (/Friday, 19 November 2010 08:00/)

      My sister opens the bag. There are some girly staffs in it. Some
      female dress including sari, petticoat, blouse, bra, panty & a
      night gown; a jewelry box & a makeup kit.
      Madhumita (My sister) looks at me & smiles.”These are for you my
      big brother. So, what are you thinking? When will I start to
      prepare you in your new avatar?”
      “The right punishment for what he has done indeed!”My mother says.
      I again say that did nothing to Labanya & it was a big conspiracy
      & weep. My mother keeps her right hand on my shoulder and says,
      “Did you really do nothing to her? Tell me the truth.”
      I then tell her the entire story. She is surprised to know the
      entire story. Then she becomes angry.” How dare is Labanya to do
      that type of conspiracy with my son? I will go & meet Sudha (The
      widow mother of Labanya) & tell her entire story & request her to
      withdraw her complain & see what she decides & if she does not
      listen then I will go to the sarpanch.
      Then she tells us to dress up as we have to go to the home of Labanya.
      When go to the home of Labanya, there was only the widow. Labanya
      & her sisters were not in the house. My mother tells her the
      entire story & she has become furious & requests us to return
      home. She will definitely talk with her daughter about this matter
      when she will back home.
      In the evening, some of the sarpanch’s men come to our home &
      announce that the sarpanch has arranged an emergency meeting over
      the matter and we are invited in this meeting. The meeting will be
      start at 9pm, so should reach there at 8-45pm.
      We are happy. My mother says “probably they decided to withdraw
      the complain.”
      My mother hurriedly prepared dinner & we all completed our at
      8-15pm.Then we dressed & when we reached the venue it was almost
      The widow & her three daughter were there. Within 15 minutes all
      of the villagers reached there.
      At exactly 9pm the sarpanch takes his seat. He then says,” you
      know what type of punishment we gave to Mridul for his behavior
      upon Labanya & his family also agreed upon the punishment. But,
      what I now come to know that they did not obey my order & tried to
      bribe Labanya’s family.”
      My mother tries to interrupt, “No, this is not true…”The villagers
      shout at her.
      Then again the sarpanch says, “This is a bigger crime & so, all of
      the family members deserve punishment. After discussing the matter
      with the other members of the committee, we have decided that the
      fixed marriage between Labanya & Mridul will be held on tomorrow
      instead of one month later. There will be two more marriage
      tomorrow. Mridul’s mother & sister will be married with the
      brothers of Labanya. Labanya’s elder brother Lalan will marry
      mridul’s sister & Labanya’s younger brother will marry mridul’s
      widow mother. I am asking the village girls to prepare them for
      tomorrow’s marriage. The meeting is over for now.”
      Hearing the ordeal of the sarpanch my mother fainted. My sister
      started crying.I silently think how our fate is going to change.
      The village girls took us with them to our home.
      In the night we never talked with each other. We only changed our
      dress & went to bed.


      *shyamali* (/Monday, 29 November 2010 12:17/)

      Next day, in the morning, some of the village girls & married
      women came to our home to prepare us for the marriage. Among them,
      there were some, who worked as beauticians in a beauty parlor of
      nearby town & used to prepare the would-be brides to their marriage.
      First they talked with us. My mother and sister were crying. I was
      nervous. Mother asked them to request the sarpanch to withdraw the
      ordeal. They knew that is not possible. So, they advised my mother
      to stay calm. My family was very much known to them & they had
      regards for our family & so, they understood somewhere there were
      some sorts of conspiracy. But, they were like doll to the
      sarpanch. So, they had no courage to talk against the sarpanch’s
      We understood, we had no other option but to ready ourselves for
      the upcoming marriages in evening. One of the elderly lady told my
      mother, “ Sumita ( My mother’s name), you both go from here. We
      will prepare both of you after noon. We do not need more than 2
      hours to prepare you. But, you know, to prepare Mridul as bride,
      we need much more time. So, we should better start with him now.”
      They took me to the other bed room where there were attached bed
      room available. Since this is the bed room for my mother & sister,
      so, there were a man-size mirror, a dressing table & make up &
      dressing kits & other things any lady needs to keep in her bedroom.
      First they ask me to strip. I reluctantly striped. Then they
      shaved my whole body & messaged my whole body with hair remover
      cream & then ask me to take bath. After bath they again message my
      whole body with another cream to smoothen my skin. Then another
      lady cuts my short hair in feminine style. Then she did some
      electrolysis in the upper portion of the upper lip( in the
      mustache area). Then she plucked my brew in feminine style. One
      lady then handed me the panty & bra to wear. One lady brings an
      artificial breast & puts it in my breast with glue.
      Then they took me in front of the mirror & dressing table & asked
      me to sit in a stool. There were my mother & sister seated also
      wearing only bra & panty like me. Seeing me they blushed & I felt
      shy. However the ladies begin to dress us in bridal wear. One lady
      pierce my left nostril & both the ear lobes. Then they put ear
      rings in my ear & put a nose ring with chain in my nose. The other
      end of the chain she attaches in the left earring. Then they put
      all the other jewelries in my body. Then then give us to wore
      other underwear & silk sari.
      At last, at 4pm all three of us are prepared in our bridal dress &
      ready for marriage.


      *shyamali* (/Wednesday, 29 December 2010 14:02/)

      The marriage is arranged in the community hall of the village. All
      the villagers are invited. So when we three reached, there was a
      big crowd. The sarpanch himself is in charge of everything & he
      also bears the cost of the marriage. Labanya & her two brothers
      are already reached there. Her brothers as well as she are ready
      in male bridal dress. The purohit asked us to sit beside grooms
      respectively. I sat beside Labanya, my sister sat beside her
      brother Lalan, my mother sat beside her younger brother Lakhan.
      Purohit begins chanting.
      After completion of the puja & other duties performed by the
      purohit Labanya & her brothers put vermilion on our forehead &
      mangalsutra on our neck respectively. We touch our head to their
      feet to take their blessings as tradition.
      Then the sarpanch orders us to stand in a queue. After we stand
      that way, the sarpanch asks the widow cook Sudha to come in front.
      When she comes in front, he asks her to sat beside him. The he
      says, “Look Sudha, from today this is your full family.You are now
      a happy mother of three married sons. Yes, from today the
      villagers will consider Labanya a man too. She should deserve the
      status of any man gets & should be referred as ‘He’ as she has
      married as a groom. Labanya is a male name also. So, she should
      not need to change her name. And, from today, Mridul will be named
      as ‘Mridula’ & he will get the status of ‘She”.
      “Shudha, from today, you need not continue your profession as
      cook. You are old, now all of your sons are married, they will
      look after your happiness. Besides, your younger two sons are
      already working. I will arrange a job for your elder son Labanya.
      Your younger daughter-in-law Malati is a clerk in our village high
      school, she may continue her job. Your 2nd daughter-in-law
      Madhumita is studying in the same school. She also may continue
      her schooling.
      “You need not worry about your household work. Mridula will be
      able to do all your household duties. She only needs your
      training. I think, you will be able to train her perfectly. If she
      does not obey, I am permitting you to punish her.
      “Ohh, another thing to tell you. It is tradition to give dowry to
      the groom’s family by the bride’s family. On behalf of bride’s
      family, I wish to give their house to you as dowry.
      “Now, Malati, come here & sign in this legal paper. Here, it is
      written that, from today all your wealth & house will be
      transferred in the name of Sudharani Devi. “
      My mother silently goes & signs in the paper & comes back.
      “ Now, Sudharani Devi, the proud mother of three wonderful sons &
      the mother-in-law of three beautiful daughter-in-law, is the owner
      of the house of the brides also.
      “Okay. The last part of the rituals. The new wives should take
      blessings from the elders. We can start from the elder wife.
      Mridula, come here; take blessings from me, your mother-in-law &


      *shyamali* (/Thursday, 30 December 2010 11:25/)

      He orders a woman to arrange my veil perfectly. I came in front of
      them, bend myself, touch their feet & came back. I know, it is
      pure humiliation. I never know the other way out.
      “Now, Madhumita, come & do the same thing & you also take blessing
      from your Jethani Mridula.”
      Madhumita did as order. She touched my feet also. Now it is the
      turn of my mother. She is now my youngest sister-in-law. She is
      also the younger sister-in-law to Madhumita. So, she takes
      blessings from me & also from Madhumita after bending herself &
      touching our feet.
      “I have also some advices for the new wives.” the sanpanch says.
      “ Since,Mridula is the eldest, she will be called as ‘Bhabi’ by
      other two daughter-in-laws Malati & Madhumita & two brothers Lalan
      & Lakhan. Malati & Lakhan will refer Madhumita as “Bhabi”. Mridula
      & Madhumita will call Malati as ‘Bahin’ also.
      “Now it is time for celebration. All of you enjoy your dinner. “
      After dinner we return to our own home with our respective grooms.
      Legally this is not our home now.This home is now belongs to our
      mother-in-law & our husbands.
      This house is already decorated lightings & there is a big crowd
      to welcome us, the new wives. We have three separate bedrooms in
      our home and those are decorated for our first nights.


      *shyamali* (/Tuesday, 15 February 2011 13:57/)

      Our mother-in-law handed each of us silk night gowns. We went to
      the fourth bedroom & closed the door from inside. Then I start
      stripping. My mother & sister hesitated to strip in front of me. I
      feel irritation. Everything has been happened already. Our faith
      has been sealed. We cannot change anything now. So, why is a lot
      of shame, memory of the past & other pride and prejudice?
      So, I decide to act as an elder sister-in-law both of them. After
      all, I am the eldest in new relation and should behave like that.
      I say, “Ohh Malati & Madhu! Why are you feeling same in front of
      your elder sister? Now we are only three sisters married to three
      brothers of a family. So, just do & act accordingly.”
      Malati says, “But is ridiculous you know. I am an elderly lady, a
      widow & your mother. How can I spend my rest of the life as
      younger sister of both of you & youngest wife of the family?”
      Madhu says, “ Mridula Didi is correct Malati. You are now wife of
      the youngest brother of our husband, not a widow or our brother.
      So, do not feel shame & strip before us. Besides, our humiliation
      is not nothing comparing to Mridula didi’s humiliation. At least
      we are being female married to male …and she is being a male
      married to a female as her wife. So, do not hesitate & strip. In
      the near future, we should play our role perfectly so that we can
      take revenge in proper time.”
      We then stripped & were the pink night gown. I never wore night
      gown. Why should I? But when looked into the mirror, I see a
      beautiful young woman. Only her makeup has been damaged. The night
      gown also perfectly fit me. The gown is sleeveless & backless….and
      now I feel the charm of silk in my smooth body; you know they
      compelled me to shave completely my body hair. And the feeling of
      the artificial Brest! Now I notice they are huge.. At least 36’ no
      it 38’’…. the night gown gives a nice cleavage ! ohh no ! “ Madhu,
      what is the size of my breast? Have you any idea ? ” “Yes didi. I
      think it will be 38’…and look also at your hip…after adding pad on
      your hip….it is giving you a nice shape….almost 40”…your husband
      will definitely like the figure & adore you tonight…but didi, your
      make up is in mess…may I fix” “yes Madhu,” I say.
      “Then just go to the attach bath & clean the face with face wash &
      come back”
      I went to the bath…and before washing my face again I look at the
      mirror..yes, definitely it is in mess….eyeliner has been damaged,
      the lipstick is not In proper shape & the vermilion is in
      everywhere in my forehead…I cleaned my face.


      *shyamali* (/Wednesday, 16 February 2011 14:21/)

      Twenty minutes later I reappeared, my artificial hair wrapped in a
      towel 'turban style' and a large white towel wrapped modestly
      around my chest and over my thighs. My skin glowed a little from
      using the body gel and I smelled divine from a lovely lavender
      scented shower gel. Madhumita had used the time to fetch her night
      gown for herself whom she had laid out on the spare bed. Girlie
      time involved being as feminine as possible so this meant lovely
      panty, bra and night gowns or dresses.
      "There, you look better for that" she stated matter of fact as I
      entered the bedroom. "So let's have a look at you then."
      I giggled girlishly as I pulled open the large towel to reveal my
      naked body still glistening from the hot shower.
      "Wow Didi!" she said, "you are really making progress. God! Just
      look at those tits. They are almost as big as mine," she teased.
      "Yes, they are and you know it. But, you know, I am not accustomed
      with those. In fact they are getting quite hard to handle at the
      time of household work."
      "I bet they are!" she laughed.
      I covered myself up again and watched as Milati began taking off
      her clothes stripping down to her bra and panties, showing
      absolutely no embarrassment. I assume, in her eyes, we are now
      just three wives together and that is how she is preparing herself.
      "What do you want to do first?" Madhumita asked as she discarded
      her clothes.
      "Make up. I always feel much better when I have my war paint on!"
      "Make up it is. Why not go for a sultry night look, you know just
      a little more dramatic."
      "Night it is! Our first night indeed!" I agreed as I fished out my
      make up case and sat in front of a large vanity mirror. Madhumita
      came and sat next to me on a separate stool and as she began with
      my foundation, Malati started on her own make over too. Malati
      watched me though, as Madhumita began to smooth on the light
      foundation she had chosen for me.
      "Not too much my sweet sister Malati. You have lovely skin and you
      don't want to look as if someone has recently plastered you."
      Madhumita warns Milati.
      "I know, I know" Milati replied as she smoothed out the foundation
      with a damp cosmetic sponge.
      It took us twenty minutes or so to finish our makeup. Madhumita
      chose lovely shades of gold and brown for my eye color and
      accentuated this with lashings of black eye liner and mascara. She
      used blues for herself and purples to draw even more attention to
      her astonishing black eyes. Milati preferred the same color &
      shade of Madhumita used as both of them are almost same in look.
      Then, just as Madhumita had taught me to do, I outlined my lips
      with a dark red lip pencil before applying a couple of coats of
      lipstick. Finally, I used blusher and bronzers to shape and
      contour my features, ultimately banishing any trace of masculinity
      left in my face. Madhumita just beamed at me when she looked at
      the finished result.
      "You, my dear didi, are getting really good with makeup." she said
      complimenting me once again.
      "Thanks, Madhu, but it is only because you have taught me so well.
      However I never look as good as you do know." I said as I admired
      my sister who looked utterly gorgeous.
      "Yes you will" she replied somewhat mysteriously "just you wait
      and see.”
      Then Milati said to Madhumati “Now would you Madhu like me to do
      your hair for you?"


      *shyamali* (/Wednesday, 16 February 2011 14:27/)

      Part 9
      She watched as Milati’s eyes lit up with pleasure. But she showed
      her false anger to Milati. “Milati, you are now my sister. Please
      call me didi and respect me accordingly.” Milati looked at her
      obediently & soon corrected herself, “Yes didi. I forgot. May I
      prepare your hair?”
      “Yes my little sister.”
      Really I enjoyed the situation. How we are trying to transition
      ourselves with the demand of the situation! I know the whole thing
      is humiliating. But, we must enjoy ourselves as the prisoners of
      guilty verdicts enjoyed the last night before their death.
      The changes, the new relations among us, my cross dressing
      marriage & my mother’s marriage with the youngest brother….and
      above all we penniless….I know, each of us is burning within
      ourselves…we want revenge…..but, do not know, how & when.
      Seeing myself in the mirror…..I am again feeling humiliation..I
      wish to weep….no, I should not weep, it will damage my make
      up……seeing my mother in that night gown, I again feel
      humiliation…ohh, what will I do !
      Only Madhu is the exception, She is in the right dress….I wanted
      to see her married someday, I wanted to see her someday with a
      gorgeous night gown…now, and she is !....but, why am I not happy
      today ?
      Madhu came to me with a small nose ring.” You have forgotten to
      put it in your nose’
      “Ohh, yes.” I removed the marriage nose ring attached with chain
      but did not put a new one.
      I know, for the first few months I will forget many things…..and
      for that I will be punished from my husband Labanya & my
      mother-in-law…will they bit me ?
      And, someone knocked the door from outside….this must be our
      “ Bahurania ! What are you doing inside for a long time ? Have not
      you completed your makeup? It is already quarter past twelve ,
      when will you go to sleep ? Your husbands are already angry. Come
      on. Open the door quickly. Or, you will be punished.


      *shyamali* (/Saturday, 19 February 2011 12:20/)

      I opened the door. Our mother-in-law is waiting for us. She says,”
      why are you so late to complete your make up? We were anxious.
      However take those glasses full of milk & go to your respective
      rooms. Your grooms are waiting for you inside the room.”
      I silently took a glass & went to my room. Labanya is waiting.
      Seeing me she comes towards the door & receives me.”Ohh Mridula!
      You look gorgeous!” I blushed in shame. I look at her. She also
      looks very handsome. There is no sign of femnity in her body &
      dress. She wore Kurta & Pajama, the groom generally wear in the
      night of wedding. Her long hair was cut in short & in masculine shape.
      She hugged me tightly. Then she kissed me. Then she begins to
      start kissing all over my face. Then she unbuttoned my night gown.
      It falls in the floor. I am now in my panty & bra. I also become
      very excited with a sudden physical movement by Labanya. My penis
      becomes erect. She noticed that. “Why those bulge in your
      clitoris? You should understand that the clitoris of any wife
      should not be erected by the hugging of her husband. Strip now.” I
      denied. She slaps me. I cried in pain. She does not stop &
      continue slapping until I stripped & become completely nude. She
      noticed my erect pennies & suddenly slaps on it. I cried loudly in
      pain. She smiles. “You know Mridul, when you rejected me to marry,
      that day I took oath that someday I will marry you by hook &
      crook. And see, today I am successful to keep my word. And not
      only that, I married to you as husband…I compelled your mother to
      marry my youngest brother & your sister to marry my other brother.
      You the rich people! All of the members of the family always
      showed us pity….always hated us….treated us like beggars…I wanted
      to take revenge….I wanted all of you submit to us…and I did it in
      I silently listen to her words...maybe she is partly right. May be
      she is right. We always treated them as the subordinate class. And
      she is taking the revenge. Now I am nude before her. My penis
      again becomes limp. She strips herself. What is that in her lower
      abdomen? I noticed it is a dildo strapped on her waist. And it is
      huge. She orders me to kneel down. “Now Mridula, my sweet wife,
      please worship your God obediently. I know what I have to do.
      There is no way to escape. I kneeled myself down. I take the dildo
      in my both hand, kiss it & then begins to suck. After 10 minutes
      she becomes satisfied. Then she orders me to pose in dog style. I
      did. She comes behind me, takes the pennies in her hand &
      forcefully enters it into my virgin ass hole.
      I cried in pain. She does not listen. She again pushed it. The
      dildo completely enters into my ass hole. As if someone has
      entered a knife in my ass. I become senseless.

      *shyamali* (/Saturday, 19 February 2011 13:13/)

      Next day when I wake up, it is already dawn. Labanya is in deep
      sleep. She went to sleep keeping her naked body on top of me. I
      somehow managed to keep her aside. And me, completely devastated &
      tired by her physical & mental torture, begin to cry. I read
      somewhere, a man never cries. I really never cried after my
      childhood. But, now I am crying. Now I am crying thinking of my
      future. I wanted to pursue MBA.I wanted to be a manager in a big
      company & then look after my mother…..and what happened suddenly!
      I do not know when I stopped crying & went to sleep again. I wake
      up hearing the sound of the door bell. I look at the wall clock.
      It is already 6-30 AM. The morning sunlight has entered into the
      room through the east side window. I observe the room. The room is
      very much dirty. Our cloths spread away all over the room here and
      there. And both of we are naked. Labanya is still sleeping.
      I first gather all the cloths & keep them in a chair. Then I go to
      the attached bath. I feel fresh after bathing in cold water. Then
      I open the Almirah. There was a new pink colored salwar camiz set.
      I choose it to wear. And I choose a set of white colored underwear.
      After covering me in salwar camiz I stand in front of the mirror.
      There is no sign of manliness. And fact is that I am really
      looking a newlywed bride who has lost her virginity last night. I
      first comb my short hair. Then put vermilion on the partition of
      my front hair. My right hand automatically touched my mangalsutra.
      It is okay in my neck. I put shakha & pala (bangles) in my both
      hands, toe rings in my both legs & a diamond nose stud in my nose.
      Then I wear dupatta over the camiz & place it on my head as veil.
      Now I am really looking a new house wife.
      I open the door & went to the kitchen. My mother-in-law was there.
      She was preparing tea. She looks at me angrily. “What have you
      wore Mridula? Did not you know that the elder wife of the family
      never wear anything other than sari with complete jeweler? Now go
      to your room & change yourself in sari & do not forget to wear
      every jewelry from toe to head & learn to cover your head with
      veil always. And do it in hurry. You have lot of household things
      to do. From today you will do every household work.
      I again went to my room. Change myself in sari. Cover my head with
      the part of the sari. Then I wear toe rings, payels & other jewelries.
      Then again I went to the kithen. My mother-in-law looks at me
      again. “You looks better. Now, sweep the floor first, then do
      rangoli & then do puja. After completion of those you will prepare
      tea & breakfast for all of us.
      When I completed all the tasks, all of the other member of the
      family have already gathered in the dining room. I served each of
      them tea & breakfast. My mother-in-law taste the tea & says ‘the
      taste is ok. But, but you have to learn more.” Then she looks
      Madhumita. She sat besides her husband. She was in her sari. “Look
      Madhu. You are the 2nd wife of this family. You should not wear
      Sari within the house. Besides, you are still studying. So, you
      should always wear salwar camiz. So, go to your room & change
      yourself in salwar camiz.” Madhu obediently went to her room to
      change her cloth.”Now, look Malati. You are the youngest wife of
      the family. You also should not wear sari. You will look older
      than your husband in your sari. So, you should wear modern dresses
      like mini skirt, midi or Bermuda….go to Madu’s room, ask her a
      mini skirt & sleeveless tight shirt, she does not need them at
      all, you and she are same build, so, those will perfectly fit you.”
      When they come back wearing the new dress, I completely taken
      aback….even I first did not recognize Malati…she really looks
      fabulous in mini skirt & a tight sleeveless shirt….I also noticed
      the spark in the eyes of her husband. He will surely fuck her
      again in his first chance.
      What am I thinking! I should be ashamed for her humiliation. I
      again felt pain in my inner soul.