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      i am 23year old happily married housewife.but i was born as a boy
      and my name was anil.all this could happen due to my elder sister
      amita-who is my best friend. we are two siblings.she is 3yrs older
      than me. from my childhood she used to dress me in her clothes to
      which i had no objection.she was doing this only for fun.but when
      i grew i liked dressing in girl clothes.......i also used other
      accessories like bindi, bangles and did make up.seeing my interest
      didi(amita) helped me in learning girly behaviour like how to
      talk, walk etc.when i was 13yrs old she bought padded bra for
      me.when i saw that i felt shy. but didi said- u have grown up now
      and u need this for perfect shape.then i wore that and felt very
      nice.when i wore salwar kameez and saw me in mirror then realised
      about the curves of girls and thanked didi. this type of dresing
      continued till didi's marriage.by that time i had learned how to
      wear saree,how to talk in a girly voice and most importantly how
      to avoid lustful eyes of boys. my mother knew this and sometimes
      she teased me saying that one day you will become a real girl like
      your sister. hearing these words i was just blushing but in my
      heart sometimes i was wishing to be girl and enjoy my feminity.
      after didi's marriage i felt sad as i could not share girly talks
      anymore though we were chatting over phone.but my dressing
      continued as didi left all her old clothes after marriage and i
      was using them.
      after one year of didi's marriage oneday she asked my mom to send
      me to her place as she was in advance stage and needed somebody to
      be with her.sameer-her husband remains busy with his touring
      job.the next day i reached her place.we hugged each other and
      started chatting. after a while she said- i have a plan for
      you.here you stay with me for two months as my sister.as no other
      person reside here you wont have problem.thus i will feel the
      presence of a woman beside me and you will enjoy your life as
      girl.i have told this to sameer and he wont mind this.hearing this
      i became very happy and imagined my life for next two months. didi
      asked me to take bath and in the meantime she gathered all the
      stuff she has bought for her younger sister.
      when i came out of bathroom after shaving little body hair from my
      slim body didi was waiting for me.
      to be cotnd..........


      *anita sahu* (/Friday, 22 January 2010 05:43/)

      part 2

      when i came from bath room didi took me to a room and said it is
      yours.i saw didi has kept everything that a young lady would need.
      in the cup board there were salwar, nightie and sarees. on the
      dressing table there were ladies perfume, hair removal cream,
      bangles, bindi,lipstick, kajal.


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      part 3

      i was pleased to see all the arrangements. didi said u need to
      look perfect girl. so i have bought some special things. then she
      asked me to wear a padded panty.for the first time i wore this.
      after that didi asked me to lie down on bed. didi brought a
      different type of glue.


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      thnx kareena n shilpa

      part 4

      she applied that glue on my manly nipples and surrounding area.
      then she fixed two artificial skin colour breast forms on it. at
      that time i felt as if something happened inside me. i cant really
      express the feeling.it was wonderful and made me confident. then i
      wore bra ad salwar kameez.i aplied light make up and didi gave me
      one golden necklace to wear.it took almost one hour to make myself
      a lovely girl.when i finished didi said now u are my sweet sister
      anita. didi has thought this name to sound our names lyrical-amita
      and anita.i appreciated didi's minute details for perfection of
      her sister that's me.


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      part 5

      now i started my life as anita. as i had my breast fixed through
      glue which can only be removed after using a chemical i had no
      tension of adjusting padded bra which i used to wear earlier.i
      helped my didi in all household work like cooking, washing
      clothes, cleaning utensils etc. we used to go shopping
      together,giggled at boys, watched all 'k' serials not to watch the
      story but costumes of actresses, talked all girly things.
      sometimes didi was talking about the romantic married life of her.
      during this type of chat i was feeling myself as a real girl and
      imagining the romantic scenes happening to me. though didi knew
      that i was behaving like a real girl she was unaware of my inner
      feelings-that i was becoming girl mentally.
      during this the most important thing in my life happened.one day
      jijaji came with one of his colleagues called rahul. he was
      transferred to this city and jijaji told that he will stay in our
      house till he got official accomodation.


      *anita sahu* (/Sunday, 24 January 2010 09:14/)

      part 6

      rahul was tall, smart and handsome-any girl would love his company.
      i used to serve breakfast and dinner to jijaji and rahul as doctor
      had asked didi to work less and take rest.rahul liked palak
      paneeer and gazar ka halwa prepared by me very much.when he
      praised for that i felt very happy.
      i liked to hear rahul's voice always whenever he was at home and
      was thinking about him when he was at office.i could not know what
      happened to me. one day i was thinking over it-is it love? am i in
      love with rahul? but he has never told anything regarding this. so
      why am thinking about him so much?

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      part 7

      i was so immersed in rahul's thought that i could not know when
      didi had come and stood beside me. i came to sense when she asked
      me- thinking about rahul? i suddenly said - no...why should i
      think about him? but didi's sharp eyes could notice my face
      becoming red hearing rahul's name. she said- every girl says like
      this when she falls in love. am your didi dear.......i could
      managed to say-oh didi...then she took me in her embrace.
      one evening didi had to go to doctor for medical check up with
      jijaji.so only rahul and me were at home.i went to rahul's room
      with tea ad some snacks. he asked me to sit and we talked for a
      while. after sometime he said me those magical words which every
      girl wants to listen from the boy she loves.rahul said-i love you
      anita.......will you marry me? hearing this i culd not know what
      to reply tough i felt very happy.so i got up from chair and said i
      have to cook for dinner.he said-u did not reply me? i said turning
      my face to downwards that i need sometime.then i returned to my
      room. now my mind went blanck. what shall i do? rahul knows me as
      agirl ad i also love him.but that's not the reality.how are
      marriage will be possible? i became sad and tears rolled down from
      my eyes. didi returned from doctor and saw me crying.she could not
      know what happened. after an hour i told her eveything. then she
      said dont worry my sweet sister, everything will be ok. i said -
      dont give me false asurances.she said-no no. i am not joking.it is
      possible.you can become a girl through horomone therapy and
      surgery.only thing is you can not become a mother. then i said-why
      would a man marry me knowing all this? didi said-see dear, every
      genetic woman can not conceive...due to various complications many
      woman have remained issuless. so that should not be a problem. if
      rahul's love is as strong as yours then he will definitely marry
      you. hearing this i felt a lttle relaxed.but what about mom- i
      asked.didi said leave it to me; no mother wants her child to be
      unhappy and your happiness is with rahul. so i will convince her,
      you dont worry.
      next day didi explained everything to rahul and he had no
      objection to marry me. rather he said that he will bear major
      expenditure for opertion.
      after a week didi gave birth to a baby boy and mom came to see her
      grandchild.seeing opportunity didi said everything to mom. first
      mom became sad; then didi asked her-see your younger daughter,
      anita mom...she will be happy to become a housewife. so you should
      teach her how to live like a wife and daughter-in-law instead of
      worrying. then mom came to me and kissed on my forehead.tears
      rolled down from eyes of all three.
      next few months i had to go for hormone therapy and when my body
      became completly feminine i went for surgergy to change my sex.
      last week we got married and now we are on honeymoon. rahul and i
      have decide to adopt a child....but after two years. because we
      want to enjoy our marital bliss in these years without any

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