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      twenty's to sixty's
      hi dis my first story my name is pavan my graduation is completed
      i wan to do ms but i lost my parents in the accident. we are not a
      rich family and my aunty is the only relative for us.she is their
      in thailand and i need to go their and i sold my house and my and
      taken ticket to thailand and went to the thailand. in the air port
      my send the car for me and the first thing suprised me is that
      driver of that car is girl of my age and she taken my luggage and
      i sat in the back seat and i did not seen any female car drivers
      in india and with in a one hour.i reached to my aunty's house and
      i wished my aunty and asked about her son by listening that
      question she became very angry and said go and fresh up.
      i gone into my room i had taken bath and came near to dinning
      table to eat at the dinning table my aunty is there and she is
      waiting for me and she said sorry from me a i said its ok aunty. i
      taken some snacks and seeing the house was and roaming in the
      garden. the house was big and my aunty was very rich and aunty is
      having some male face cuts and at the age of 40's she is wearing
      jeans and wearing boys tracks in the home and i dont know about
      her husband and son. it is becaming late and and gone to the taken
      my dinner and went to sleep and i was very tired and woke up at
      very late and my aunty gone outside for work and now its right
      time to know about her son and husband. soonly i fresh up and went
      to the dinning table were i man is there i asked for some food him
      and he given me some food and said it is enough or u want more and
      i asked him were are you from and from when you are working here
      and slowly i asked him about my uncle. he said because of my
      aunty's boyish nature he went away and married another girl now
      they dont know even he is dead or alive and i asked about her son
      and he said her son is taken sex operation surgery before two
      weeks of his marriage and for that reason they two are quarelled
      and bride is her friends daughter and she is fully love with
      aunty's son niroop upto now they both are living separtely from
      six months all these happened before six months and i asked is
      that bride marriage is over with any person. he said no then i
      said bye gone to room and think about her aunty and her problems
      and i decided to bring my aunty's new daughter to bring the home.
      from the evening plan will starts . i the afternoon
      i went to my aunty's room and open the cupboard and she is having
      more dresses indian and western.i taken one maxi, one petticoat,
      one bra, and in the evening i kept one of my dad dress on my
      auntys bed and i was watching all the things she didnt wear it.
      but she wear a shirt and pant that is enough from me and its time
      from my entry and i weared my all my auntys dress plz send your
      comments plz


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      twenty's to sixty's part2
      my aunty saw me in her dress and at first laughed and she
      remembered who is changed his sex in me and she went her room
      started crying and after some time she came to me and sit in front
      of me with one photo album and she asked why are wearing these
      dress and i asked why are you wearing these dress she said it is
      my wish and i said same answer then she is showing me her son's
      childhood photo's to me in that photos most the time her son is
      dressed like a girl. and i asked her that aunty are you missing
      your son she said yes i said show me your photos she showed her
      college function photos in that she always dressed in jeans and
      shirt she is looking like a boy and i asked aunty you want to live
      like a boy she said in that i having big fantasies to live like a
      boy and save my princess and she acted in a one act when she was
      in 16 years after that she got married and she had a son at the
      age of 18 years and now her age is 38.i asked aunty please bring
      your son to home.she said now he is no more he changed his sex ok
      bring your daughter and you also want live like a man from your
      childhood and you become father for your child you know aunty
      father and daughter i said that relation is a beautiful relation
      in the world and she is thinking about and we taken dinner and i
      went to my room and i was slept in the morning i wake up all the
      servants was bringing all female dresses to my room i asked that
      driver who pick uped at the air port she said that your aunty said
      to shift all these i think that plan is working soon i taken bath
      went in front of aunty and she said go change your dress we want
      to go outside it was good dress i can go by these to outside i
      said and she said go change your dress i saw her now i understood
      that i want to wear a female clothes i went new cupboard were all
      my aunty dresses are placed and i saw a beautiful saree and a hair
      wig and i knew how to wear a saree and i weared it i did not have
      any body hair so it is ok and stood in front of after one hour
      with full female make up and she asked you how to wear a saree .i
      said once in a school in the skit i played a female role when my
      mom dressed me saree. she is taller than me more than 4 inches she
      kissed me and we came out from the building and sat in the and in
      the car my aunty said she given her daughters adress and she said
      he changed her name to niroopa said that please bring him to home
      and i asked to come her with me she said if she saws with me she
      will not talks to you and she has important work for her daughters
      re-entry to the home by giving me kiss she sent out and said that
      call me uncle baby.then i said ok uncle now i am going to
      niroopa's house now i saw that female driver now our roles are
      reversed she is wearing white shirt and pant like a man and i
      weared a beautiful saree like a women with full make up i asked to
      stop the car i sat beside her and i was started with her and she
      said looking very beautiful madam and laughed and first time i was
      behaving like a girl in the i do not know well about this feeling
      now we went to niroopa's house i introduced myself to her and she
      is very excited to see me and she hugged me i saw her femine
      things in her and i asked come with me to home and she said my mom
      will not allow me she is now your dad go now go ready i changed
      her she wear a saree and we went to home no servants is their at
      home by leaving us that driver is also gone to home only one
      member is there he is very tall masculine and by coming near we
      find out that he is my aunty and niroopa hugged her new father and
      i said hai uncle he said come beautiful your my darling
      we went for sleeping and uncle said today onwards you both sisters
      will stay in one room only then we gone inside the room we heard
      some music loudly and my uncle is dancing he is drunken state and
      he is very happy today he is dancing and he danced with her
      daughter and with me it became very late we taken him to her room
      and removed his shoes and he went to sleep early by falling on the
      bed and we both went our room and we are not sleeping we are
      thinking about the prince who will comes to us take us
      now we are heroines and we are thinking for heros
      at the late night we slept and we wake up in the and niroopa given
      bed tea for her father and he woke up and said please never leave
      this father baby and she cried and he is seeing her daughters love
      towards her and my uncle went to office plz snd me your coomnts


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      twenty's to sixty's
      half of my plan is over and i want to do my sister marriage with
      that girl she well educated and i taken that girl number from my
      aunty's phone sorry my uncle's phone and i called her and i
      introduced myself and i asked to met him she said to meet her at
      her guest house and i went there she is very kind allowed me
      inside i asked you loving niroop now also she said forever and he
      is such a cute guy how can i forget him and showed niroopa's photo
      to her she said wow she is killing who is she i said she is niroop
      and now have chance to get him she said how.you are taller than
      niroopa both you look like a beautiful pair i said she but how
      loudly you think i said iam going she came runningly and said now
      i understood what you are saying ok i am ready to do these thing
      but i want to love her like manly and i want to steal her heart
      like a man then i said ok bava my sweet bava (bava means brother
      in law in telugu) ok she then hugged me and said bye to my brother
      in law and i said from tomarrow onwards impress my sister she said
      ok bye
      in the night i asked my sister about her hero who is there in her
      dreams she said that he would be handsome,tall,sixpack abs,well
      educated, and he would love her a lot,he should be settled and i
      said you need to marry six members and she got angry she beaten
      with a pillow and i beat her and the fight started and my uncle
      came and we both become silent
      next day i and preethi (my brother in law) was visited doctor for
      her sex change operation and we went to crossdressing beauty
      saloon and dressed her like a man
      and it taken more than hour i weared saree so they said to wait in
      the ladies room and i gone their one lady is there and she came
      near to me and asked me that what are you doing here then i said
      why should i tell you she said nothing you look like a indian
      thats why i asked you i also from india i asked ok then from which
      part of india you are she said bangalore ok then she asked what
      are you doing here i said my brother in law is there inside i am
      waiting for him she said i am lesibian i am doing male makeup to
      impress girls beautician called her . she kissed me hardly on my
      lips and said bye i said stupid preethi came out he look like a
      hero i said i want to marry you darling she said no i will marry
      only your sister and i said today onwards your name preetham and
      she said beautiful i asked to come my sister to coffee i am
      waiting for you she came and sat with me and she saw the man who
      was at the beside table and he was preetham and she is seeing
      continously and i said niroopa he is perfect for you and we came
      to our house and in the night she said the story of his marraige
      and he said that he loves preethi but he did not want live like a
      girl she said poor preethi she loves me a lot preethi is taking
      doses and slight changes is coming she got some hair on face and
      she becoming hard like a rock and once again we both sisters went
      for shopping and i given inform to preetham and he came early and
      seeing my sisters and i taken my sister to men's section to choose
      new shirt and pant for her daddy and she showed me preetham to me
      and slowly she is getting interest on preetham and in the night
      she said that the guy who was seen in the showroom he looking like
      a preethi and i laughed now she didnt say anything she is in
      confusion and after some time i said if he is preethi will you
      marry him she said yes defintely once i hurted her now i know that
      female feelings sure i will marry him
      like that 45 days ended and now he changed her voice into male
      only thing is to remove her breast but daily niroopa was seeing
      him.i think that its the right time to introduce him to my sweet
      sister and that day we are out by taking car and my sis gone
      inside the beauty parlour. today i weared pant and shirt so i
      didnt gone inside the parlour and when sis is inside i puntured
      our car she came out and seen that car was punctured she need to
      go urgently.i kept preetham in the next to us and i was asking
      lift he stopped in front of us and i said she need to go please
      give lift to her he said ok and my sis was in confusion by seeing
      preetham her face became bright and sat back side and i changed
      stephane i went to my home and she did not gone to thet work and
      she taken some drunkes state and preetham dropped her at my home
      and he handovered my sis to me and we both take her to the bedroom
      and i said go early aunty will comes he said you are looking
      beautiful i said go now ok we will tomarrow


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      next day when my sis wake up and asked that who bring me here. i
      said preetham and asked about yesterday and she said awesome
      chemistry started between both and started calling each other and
      day by day love is increasing between each other and one day
      preetham called me and asked me met and he said he is having
      operation for removal of breast and he will not call this week for
      niroopa and we both leaved from there and that week
      niroopa became mad and after one week preetham called her and she
      is scolding him like anything and he said why should i call you
      and she was angrily replied because we are lovers and he said that
      to listen this things i have been waiting for many days and cutted
      the phone and she become lovely her cheeks became red
      one day preetham called me and said that his father and sister is
      coming from uk and they dont about my present condiotion. so you
      tell him and comprimise hi i said i will try and i went to air
      port to recieve them and his father saked about her daughter and i
      said no uncle now he is your son he told what i said he changed
      his sex and he beacame very angry and i said what are the
      advantages to have a son and told all the story and he agreed and
      both his sis and father are existed to see him and he came hugged
      his father ok my son i like your love story and i want see your
      wife he said ok and we came out preetham said to arrange a met
      between me and niroopa and you only tell to your uncle then i said
      ok and bye to pretham
      i went to home and i was in boys dress and i saw my uncle eating
      lunch and i went sat before him and he asked why are you wearing
      these dress and i said the use of that dress is over by saying
      that i was gone from there and my uncle was confused and i went
      different bedroom and i slept there after some time when i wake up
      my uncle stand before me asked before me asked what you said is
      not understand tell me and i said whole story. by listenining she
      said now i am back to aunty to do my daughters marraige and she
      crying like anything with happiness and she went inside and weared
      one saree and gone to talk with preetham's father and i saw him
      first time wearing saree they both are agreed for the marraige and
      what next


      sneha <http://rajibalan.jimdo> (/Friday, 13 August 2010 02:59/)

      twenty's to sixty's
      in the evening preetham and niroopa met each other and she
      suprized by listening whole story and she is very for preethi's
      scarifice for him she agrees for the marriage and we arranged
      engagement party and for that party we arranged a cross dressing
      theme to rock the party except bride and groom all should be in
      the party day came and i was in confusion what should to wear for
      the party i decided last to wear a beautiful saree and went down
      to receive the guests first preetham's father and sister came they
      both are cross dressed and pooja is there with me to receive the
      guests and she started flirting me like a boy and giving beautiful
      expressions for that words like a girl now we are total role
      reversed and guests started coming and party is started
      all the guests are came in the cross dressed all uncle's in
      saree's and aunty's in saree's and party started early preetham's
      father annouced marraige day and dance party was started all
      aunty's are asking uncle's for dance and acting like a men and men
      are acting like a female party was in tthe right mood and it is
      very funny i,aunty,pooja,unle are sitting all are dancing. by
      seeing me aunty given me her hand to dance and we started to dance
      and pooja stood up aunty hand overed me to pooja she is taller
      than me and she can handle me nicely
      party was over and all the guests are taken the dinner and went
      away very happily thanks for us what's next plz give me your
      comments plz plz


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      twent's to sixty's
      party was over aunty and uncle are started drinking niroopa and
      preetham are tired so went to bed i and pooja are sitting she
      started flirting me and after some time she kissed me on head.i
      pushed him and then after some time she started kissing me an my
      lip and after sometime i also started kissed her and she is
      behaving like a man she is acting like a man and i acting like a
      after sometime i went to room and she came to my room and closed
      the door and she came hugged and pressed my navel very hardly and
      kissing me every where she is beating on my back i as going away
      for him. she coming near to me and pulling me hardly she was
      handling very hardly she is kissed my leg and from there she
      started me undress at first she removed my saree i ran away from
      there from the backside she hugged me kissed on neck and i totally
      became full female and she kept hand on my breast from there she
      gone to down my navel and she pressed hardly came to my jacket i
      kept my hand on his hand she did not cared she pushed my hand and
      lifted me on her hands and placed me bed she tored my jacket and
      she removed my lingere and she totally undressed me.now i am
      totally nude in front of her and she removed her shirt,pant and
      underwear and i was stunned she kept 12 inches dildo too fuck me
      and she came near to me turned me and started fucking me like
      hardly i was crying with pain but no one is listening to me and
      she fucking very hardly every where and after some time she
      released me said she lied on the bed nudely she told me to press
      his legs and i did it and in the late night we gone to sleep what


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      twenty's to sixty's
      we wake up in the morning and she said i was really enjoyed
      tonight and what about you i said it was unforgetable experience
      for me i said we both laughed and we fresh up and gone down were
      discussion is going about marriage and they need very spicy thing
      to enjoy and they forget themselves and guests also asking for
      that like a party to enjoy well and we went down. my aunty asked
      me about the theme of the marriage and i said i dont no she you
      are important member of the marriage and she want me to do that
      every one should enjoy
      now i was thinking very hardly i was very afraid weather if the
      idea fails all will scolds me and i need to arrange well and i got
      an idea up to now i have conducted a cross dressing theme and now
      i am going to do cross ages theme and i went my aunty and told my
      idea to her and she i did not understand at first she did not
      understood later i explained theme that all oldies will come to
      the marriage like young people and young people
      she did not understood now also then i explained lively that for
      you will be pavan and i will be aunty for marriage will come by
      changing ages and also by cross dressing it will be works i said
      and preetham's father also agreed and by listening the theme they
      both are in anxiety to become young
      we started in changing my role and aunty role in the home to look
      like a old lady i coloured my wig with white colour and my cut his
      hair latest boy hair style and now i thinking that i need to wear
      big saree's like to look like aunty and now i keeping spects to
      look like middle aged women and when see me in the mirror i look
      like a old woman of age 50 years and i sat in the chair aunty came
      she look like a bot of 20 years old and she tall and she wear
      tight and her breast came like the chest of the body builder she
      is very handsome by seeing him any girl will to marry her. i stood
      up by seeing her she said now i am you can sit in front of me i
      went near to her and pressed her cheeks and said my son looking
      very smart and became very big i sat on the she sat on the floor
      kept his head lap and said aunty this idea is working i was
      enjoying we kept this theme for marriage and we will continue this
      relation up to marriage's next day i said ok what next


      sneha <http://rajbalan.jimdo> (/Friday, 13 August 2010 22:32/)

      twenty's to sixty's
      next day morning i wake up early in the morning because now i am
      aunty i am the head of the house niroopa and pavan are still
      sleeping and i went to the when i was gone there cook wished me
      good morning mam i said good morning and he given me coffee and he
      asked me that you are feeling shame to wear ladies dress and to
      act like your aunty an i said you are doing cooking whose duty is
      that he said female and your wife is here car driver then whose
      duty is that he said male work i said in this world there is any
      female and male work is not there all can do any work he became
      ashame i am going back he said that from tomorrow onwards i am
      wearing my wife's saree and i said why not today he said after
      completing break fast i will do that i said no one is wake up till
      now you can go and change your dress
      soon he gone to his which is backside of our building i gone to
      wake up the kids at first niroopa wake up and wished good morning
      mom i said good morning baby she came near to me and kissed me
      said that now i am very happy i asked why because i can't share
      any feelings with that lady now you are my sweet mom i can tell
      you anything and she did not any lady feelings by saying that she
      gone to fresh up and pavan listened all the matter and he is
      crying and i gone near to him and said that you did not became
      good mom to your daughter now you became good brother for your
      sister i cleared his eye drops and he went to fresh up and there
      they two are fighting i went their beaten pavan and he went to
      another bath room and i taken bath and went to kitchen after some
      time i saw a beautiful women working thier she was our cook he
      dressed himself in the saree and he wore bangles, mangala sutra
      and i went near to him and said daily touch your husbands and take
      his blessings he said ok mam and i gone out to see his wife she
      weared a shirt and pant she cutted her hair i asked her why are
      you cutted her he said because my want it and when you gone to
      hair cut one hour before and i said come inside and both niroopa
      and pavan shocked by seeing this couple all are laughing in the

      mean time driver kissed his wife and he became very shy gone to
      kitchen what next


      sneha <http://rajbalan.jimdo> (/Friday, 13 August 2010 23:20/)

      sixty's to twenty's
      the marriage day came near our relation became very deep and our
      servants are also enjoying there new relationship my aunty become
      very naughty i don't know what is their in the cross dressing it
      changed all our life she is enjoying like a small boy and i became
      a old lady daily i getting headache and foot pain in the evening i
      sat in the chair by pressing my legs pavan came and asked what are
      you doing aunty i said nothing beta come in and he sat on the
      floor and started pressing my legs and he said aunty you becoming
      old i said yes and you young fellow you become naughty her hands
      are very strong i asked my cook weather she do exercise before she
      said yes before marriage she will regularly do all the exercise
      and now she started once again i said do daily non-veg keep to him
      and she said ok i went to my room i slept
      in the early morning i woke up early soonly i fresh up and i wore
      nightie and pavan calling me i went there were he did not wear his
      shirt and i said shameless what is this come with me wash my back
      and i gone to bathroom and i told him to washed his whole body it
      is like mother and sons relation and day by day i becoming totally
      women and cleaned his body with towel only thing missing in his
      body is six pack abs and i said to develop six pack
      i gone to down i wore my saree now we want to go
      for shopping and car tyre was punctured and ans other was in
      repair and pavan brought his sport bike and i was suprised seeing
      him riding the bike and i said niroopa you and pavan will go for
      shopping and she but mom what you will do i said i will take rest
      and you go i said beta slowly take care of your sis he said ok aunty
      they both gone for shopping and after shopping they went for
      restaurant to eat and came to hame in the evening i asked niroopa
      how was the day she said thank you giving such a nice brother i
      asked why he is so funny he take cares well as a brother he will
      gives me good moral support as a brother what next


      sneha <http://rajibalan.jimdo> (/Saturday, 14 August 2010 02:01/)

      twenty's to sixty's
      pavan came near to me and he hugged me and said thanks for such a
      wonderful experience he said he want this happiness forever so he
      asked never leave these house because from the day you came
      happiness was started and all the life was changed please don't go
      away from us i said ok and he went his room and slept i went to my
      room i left from their preetham's father is said that marriage
      will be held in the indian tradation we also agreed and we are
      proud to do the marriage in indian tradition in thailand
      todays before marriage i went to my aunty's office to invite the
      staff for the marriage and all the staff was recieved me well and
      they are thanked me for new boss and there life is changed from
      the cross dressing party and their partners also listening their
      words and there is no ego between them with that party and all are
      calling me aunty there and there partners are excited about the
      marriage male staff and female staff husbands are learning to wear
      saree to look beautiful for the marriage
      now i entered into my cabin means aunty's cabin and indian lady
      came near to me she hugged me said thank you very much aunty i
      asked why that her husband is crook and always beats her and when
      the party day i said to him about the party he was agreed and
      after we left to the he given me gift for me a that is a dildo and
      he said all his desires in that in evening he likes forced
      feminization he want to be a wife and he always tortures for that
      only if i got angry then i will do femdom that's why he do all the
      things she said that night i fucked my wife with that dildo and
      now he is my wife daily he touches my feet and wears saree and
      mangalsutra like a indian women now he is not going to job also he
      is now house wife i said by listening your story i was happy and
      come to marriage with your wife
      i invited every one all friends and relatives marriage is two days
      to go and pavan want a new clothes and i given salwar kameez he is
      happy and niroopa worke become very heavy and all the works are
      over and every one is coming me and they showing role chenge with
      each other and i was seen who was exchanged her role with his
      grand son she became boy 16 years and grand son became grand
      mother they are awesome she said his by this theme she went to
      past days and now her blood pressure is normal and she is having
      energy like a young boy that thing suprized all the people what next


      sneha <http://rajibalan.jimdo> (/Saturday, 14 August 2010 02:21/)

      twenty's to sixty's
      marriage day came and we want band sound so we bought cd of band
      and the house of the marriage was very happy and the all works
      over we are waiting for the groom pavan gone to bring them.
      niroopa came near to come started crying i said don't cry go get
      ready all guests are coming and there are coming like cross aging
      and all are coming near and thanking to me for these wonderful
      experience and all female was came in the dhoti's and male came in
      saree foreign guys came to me and saying that saree is wonderful
      and they are praising the saree and they are saying that they will
      come to office in saree only i said ok
      i saw the grand mother and she came near to me i kissed her on the
      cheek like a big woman kissing small boy and he said thank you
      grand maa i said bye baby and all the people are assembled and
      priests offering prayers and niroopa,pretham following the priests
      words and the marraige was ended and all the guests given the
      gifts largely and the marriage was came in the thai's news paper
      all the guests are leaving and now the time came to send the
      niroopa.she hugged me hardly and crying i am also crying i think
      that i was nto leaving the daughter of the few days how the people
      will leave there daughters.i send my daughter with pretham and i
      came to my home i sat on my chair pavan came near to me and sat on
      the floor saying that don't worry aunty she will be alright
      preetham will take cares well and he is going and i told that
      pavan tomorrow is last day of our deal and from day after tomorrow
      you will be aunty he said ok gone to bed


      sneha <http://rajibalan.jimdo> (/Saturday, 14 August 2010 02:51/)

      twenty's to sixty's
      all the people was very happy and meanwhile i started preparing
      for the entrance exam of the ms exams and aunty is busy with the
      office work but we will talk daily in the evening aunty is like a
      samll kid mean while i went to the office one day and all the
      staff was females and i went to aunty's cabin asked about male
      staff she said this is all your's training and you changed their
      life all are coming like their wish all wearing sarees females
      dresses and now they are using only one toilet all the girls
      became friendly and very good girls
      while we are talking one man came inside and he look like indian
      and he said hai to me i asked who are you she said that indian
      lady and now she is totally changed she cutted his hair and he
      developing his body and he showed his wife she is working in our
      office as a p.A for my aunty his wife is kept a choti a weared a
      saree she is looking like a indian house wife. i and went to the
      home i went to aunty's room where i saw a old album and wear she
      is doing wrestling and i went near to aunty and showed this album
      she said that she want to became a wrestling star and beat all the
      people and we got a news a that preetham's father and sister died
      in the car accident and we went there
      aunty and i came back where buisness of us totally fall down and
      preetham's want to go to america to see his father's buisness and
      all the buisness are selling and it became to late to apply for
      the college in ms and one extra year is wasting and aunty is
      selling all his buisness to another one all things going wrong in
      very fastly we cleared all amounts and we having enough money to
      start a new buisness to save we sold our cars and we remove our
      one day i went near to aunty and asked about her dream she said
      leave it i said it is the right to achieve it she said what and i
      gone inside the room weared old saree and her mother's jewels and
      came said today onwards your pratice starts ome on go and get
      ready what next


      sneha <http://rajibalan.jimdo> (/Saturday, 14 August 2010 03:32/)

      twenty's to sixty's
      aunty did not agreed for that i said your age is 40 that is
      average wrestling star age and if you start your carrier this time
      your dream will become true and she is wearing t-shirt and boxers
      short i asked to stood up and she standed i said up your hands she
      did it i removed now i wondered she is having a perfect six pack
      abs if u starts you will be huge star i said by saying that i went
      to sleep and aunty is still thinking all over the night when in
      the morning when i woke up she kept the pose of the wrestling star
      and i said mummy how is mummy body i said very good now i want to
      look like a mother of the 40 years old son upto now i used
      temporary ear rings and nose rings now i peirced my ears and nose
      and add some skin to the body to look old and i having do my
      identity card for my new avtaar and now i became the women of 60
      years with huge big son
      he started his pratice there is no servants in the house so i will
      do all the house hold chores cooking, cleaning etc and he likes my
      food very much daily i am doing non-veg for my son to become very
      hard day he is becoming very hard i becoming very week and now he
      is lifting me in his hands he will use me as a dumbles and one
      sunday when he is doing exercise and i fell down due to heavy work
      she lifted in his hands and when i wake up he mom you are hard
      working for me in this age i said all will only for my son only
      he bought application for me to do ms i teared the application and
      said i am elder than you should follow my instructions and he is
      partcipating this time in the competetion niroopa and preetham
      came for to encourage him and in the first he beaten the oponent
      in 3 minutes that made us happy and he is becoming very dangerous
      fighter and he reached final in the he has to face three fighters
      at once and he win that match also in the he came and lifted taken
      me to the stage and said that all credit will goes go to my mother
      i became very happy and my eyes full of water plz post your cooments

      sneha <http://rajibalan.jimdo> (/Saturday, 14 August 2010 03:54/)

      twenty's to sixty's
      now i am back to twenty's and he became brand ambassdor for the
      many companies watches, bikes,even condoms also and he is acting
      as a hero in the action film and he came to said that i want to
      change my sex i said ok we will consult doctor tomorrow and we
      consult the doctor and she said that you need a penis donor and he
      became very sad and i thinked whole the day and next day i wake up
      in the early morning and said get ready we are going some where
      and he asked where i said suprise and we went to same clinic and
      we met the doctor once again and i said to the doctor keep my
      penis to him and they kept my penis to her and now i became 22
      years girl and he became 42 years men and we given more money to
      doctor to kept the matter secretly
      daily we are using medicines and changes is coming in both of us
      and my breast is increasing and in a month i become perfect female
      in my uncles body there is coming body hair and he got some
      mustache he is looking very handsome and i became perfect physic i
      am going to aerobics for nice personality and all boys want to
      marry me
      day by day my uncle's interest was increasing and he is watching
      my thighs and my breast i am observing all the things but did not
      tell any thing what next


      sneha <http://rajibalan.jimdo> (/Saturday, 14 August 2010/)

      twenty's to sixty's
      my uncle made our new identity according to our latest status and
      now he is very busy person and in the evening he definitely talks
      with me he is started flirting me by seeing me his penis stands
      like a rod now he can't control his fellings he want to marry me
      one day when i was in room i was wearing saree he came inside the
      room with out knocking the door i covered my breasts he said dont
      worry i want to talk you i asked what's the matter and she said i
      love you i wan't to marry you i said but he said it is common in
      india to marry to a uncle i said ok he lifted with happiness and
      kissed strongly i calls him tom and he calls me angel from that
      day our relation ship is started and we sleep together and he
      fucks me and after two months our marriage was over grandly and
      niroopa and preetham also came for the marriage and with in a two
      i become a pregnant and niroopa also came with pregancy both i and
      joined same hospital and given birth in same day and i given birth
      to girl and niroopa given birth to boy and after a year i became
      another time pregnant this time i given birth to a boy after 8
      years i having great family good husband and children and good
      relatives now my tom was becoming so young daily fucks me alot and
      keeps me very happily
      that's the end of the story please post your comments


      sneha <http://rajibalan.jimdo> (/Saturday, 14 August 2010 05:43/)

      men to wife
      hi my name is subhash i have completed engineering but i did it
      because of my parents pressure and i did not get any job up to one
      year after compeletion of my course one of my friend ask me to me
      come i gone there i known that he was cheat and i want to find the
      house for rent and i did not have large amount i searched for two
      days finally i got a room but owner is lady she is saying that
      that no men will there so i will not give to you by lot of
      requests she agreed and she kept lot of conditions and daily i was
      attending interviews but i am not selecting every where
      one day my house owner is asked me to bring the fruits and she
      given the bike keys of karizma zmr but i dont know driving i said
      that i don't driving and she said i am going see my house i was
      suprised she was driving karizma and she was back in ten minutes
      and invited me to her house and she keep house very ugly and she
      talked with me and she said her husband is engineer and he is
      america she asked what job you do and i said all the situation and
      she laughingly said come do servant job in my home and went away
      from their and full night i thinked about that and next day in the
      morning i went near to her and said that i want to join like a
      servant in your home she said i want only women servant i said i
      will come by wearing saree and she taken me to her bed room and
      given me old sarees and i went to my room and shaved body hair and
      armpits and i taken bath tumeric and i wore lingere, bra and
      jacket my chest is exactly like a breast but don't how to wear a
      saree i gone to house owner by catching saree in the hand she was
      sat in the sofa by wearing t-shirt and cargo jeans i felled a bit
      shy but she came near to me and showed how to tie the saree when
      tied the saree she saw my penis was standing she kicked on penis
      and she said from today onwards you are my servant and you need to
      follow my rules i said ok mam she said you do all the household
      chores and you have to clean the house you should keep the house
      neatly and your salary is 7,000 and food facility and no rent i
      was very happy listening all these and i started my work i
      prepared lunch for here she praised my food and said clean the
      house and i started with a room by room and i went her bed room
      and started cleaning she was sleeping t-shirt came up and i saw
      her navel and i gone near to her trying to put down the shirt and
      in that she wake up and slapped says to go from there and she came
      to room and said here is your one day salary dont come from
      tomorrow and vacate the house but i explained all the situation to
      her and she told me sorry what next


      sneha <http://rajibalan.jimdo> (/Saturday, 14 August 2010 12:07/)

      men to wife
      in the evening i was thinking that i studied engineering and i
      doing job as a servant in the home that to as a female and i
      compromised myself saying that with doing any thing doing that
      work is enough for me and i slept.i woke up early in the morning
      and i cleaned the floor in front of house and i put rangoli from
      the child hood i having fantasies to be like a women now i was
      happy.my boss will wake up at 8 clock till that i will do all the
      out side work and after she wakes up i will do inner works
      day by day our friendship is became deeper and now i was happy and
      she gives me more instructions that how a female do the work and
      they will walk and i was learning and she making me full women.
      but my bad luck will back again i lost my family members in the
      fire accident i went their to see and the house was completely
      burned and i sold all the house in the cheap rate because i dont
      want to see again my family death place and i collected insurance
      amount and all the money putted in the bank now i want to start a
      buisness.i came back to my
      work because the only member my friend is kalyani so came back
      doing work asusal. she saw me i was in the depression
      she called me and asked me sit i sat on the floor she asked what's
      the matter i said i cant forget my family members.she said who are
      saying to forgot them i said i think you never get a problem if
      you got a problem you will not talk like that.she laughed loudly
      and said that his family member's did her marriage forcily he is
      an impotent and i will not like him and i lost like you and i
      given divorce to my husband and living separately. i asked how you
      will get money she said she is having many resorts and hotels and
      every month first week she goes and collects the money.
      by listening her story i got some dare to live and i was taken
      moral support from her and she really great to manage all the
      situation.i thought the all male thinks that they are dare but
      really female are the great persons then men they will start role
      reversal then men will not able to tackle and even tackle them
      what next


      sneha <http://rajibalan.jimdo> (/Saturday, 14 August 2010 12:28/)

      men to wife
      from the next day the friendship became respect and now i am
      respecting by saying ji and i was cooking the food specially and
      she is very happy with me and service. one day she eating and she
      liked that curry and she said funnily that subhashni i want you
      marry and she gone from there i became very shy and she left curd
      rice and i eat that rice because in india wife will eat in the
      husband plate and i followed it.
      now i thinking that kalayani is my husband and i now from three
      months i am working here my became long and i was doing bath with
      tumeric so there is no body hair. one day i was serving food to
      kalyani she pinched me on my navel said sexy navel now with shy i
      went inside. she came from the back and hugged me and said i love
      you subhashni.i replied that i love you kalyan.
      from that our relation started kalyan is one inch taller than me
      and she taken me to his bed room and given beautiful red saree. i
      understood the situation and i gone inside and weared the saree
      and i saw myself in the mirror. i was stunned daily in the
      servants get up i will look ugly and gone to hall to show kalyan
      he is wearing dhoti with topless and i touched his foot and stood
      up he taken some kumkum kept on my forehead and weared a
      mangal-sutra to me he kept one lamp and tied my saree and his
      dhoti's cloth and he is rotating around the fire and ask me to
      follow and i followed her. i that way marriage is over in the
      night our first and next honey moon. plz post your comments


      sneha <http://rajibalan.jimdo> (/Sunday, 15 August 2010 04:58/)

      men to wife
      our marriage is completed and in the night is our first night for
      that i started my prepartion from the evening to look very
      beautiful to my husband.for the first i wore beautiful white saree
      with red border.i went to he bed room with milk glass and very
      shyly i stood up in front of my husband he is wearing dhoti and no
      shirt topless he taken glass for my hand i touched his feet to
      take his blessings.he taken me to his lap and given milk glass he
      drank half of the milk and given me to drink remaning milk.i
      drinked it because it is an indian culture to share all the
      happiness and everything equally to share equally from that day
      after i drinked the milk kalyan pressed my navel hardly i shouted
      he said there is no one there to save you from me.i gone away from
      her and he pulled me and given lip to lip kiss very hardly and i
      can't able to take breath in that but i liked that feeling.i fells
      so feminine when he kisses me i like his domination on me.he
      giving continously kisses to my lip now i am responding for his
      kiss i feel like heaven in that kiss.
      next i stood up and gone away from him he catched my saree pallu
      and pulled i fallen on the bed he climbed on me and started
      kissing from forehead and then near ears i pushed him and going
      from there and from the back side he hugged me and kissed on my
      neck that make me so feminine now i totally hand overed to him.
      he turned me and hugged me hardly he lifted me in hands.i kissed
      on his cheeks he released me but again my saree palu is there on
      his hands he pulled hardly he got my saree in his hands and he
      laughed like a villian in the old movies when he rapes a herione
      or any girl. this he taken me on his shoulders putted on the bed.
      now i having only lingere and jacket and he climbed once again
      slowly he is going to breast.but i kept my hand on the breast and
      he thought that he need to go slow to there and he gone to my
      navel where he is kissing and i closed my eyes with my eyes now he
      gone to leg and he kissed on my leg slowly he lifting my lingere
      and at last he removed my lingere and panty.i turned aside with
      shame from the back side he putted his hand on my jacket hooks and
      he started removing my hooks now i having one bra and he removed
      that also now totally nude in front of him.
      he removed his dhoti i was suprised he kept i dildo to fuck me it
      is 12 inches.he turned me backside and fucked me very hardly for
      an hour and after some time he started once again in that night he
      fucked me 3 times.i was having very happy for my such a romantic
      husband how is first night plz post your comments


      sneha <http://rajibalan.jimdo> (/Sunday, 15 August 2010 10:30/)

      men to wife
      i was very tired due to yesterdays night so did not wake up early
      and kalyan was waked up at 8 clock and see saw me sleeping he
      kicked no my back.i fell on the floor i was full nude so i cover
      my breast using my hand and he ordered me to bring the coffee in
      ten minutes. soonly i weared my nightie with out any inner wear.i
      prepared coffee and given to the kalyan.he told me that he likes
      my navel and he want to see my navel now. then he said remove that
      nightie i removed up to my navel.he kissed that navel and said
      show the full picture why are you showing me off now i compeletely
      removed my dress.he sucked my breast and gone away from there
      he is going to take the bath and asked me to come inside the
      bathroom.i went inside he tied one towel and sat on the table
      asked me to apply the oil to his body.i did it and i applied soap
      also i went to cook food and he dressed in boxer short and t-shirt
      i served break fast to my husband. i went to bath and came and i
      gone to eat the breakfast and kalyan told me to eat
      in his plate only and i ate my food in that plate. i started my
      daily work and completed early and prepare lunch to my husband.he
      wants me to do his foot massage i did it i gone to kitchen clean
      the remaining plates.
      he came from back wards catched my hair and taken me to the bed
      room this time he is very serious and he told to remove my dress
      and beaten me with the belt.because of the food in which chill is
      more i did not say anything.upto evening i did not talked with him
      and we ate our dinner and i get ready for night and went to bed
      room with glass of milk.
      he taken me to lap and said that your are passed in my test your
      are not having any male ego. i beaten you and you did not say any
      thing to me and came her with glass milk i was so happy having
      such a good and beautiful wife what next


      sneha <http://rajibalan.jimdo> (/Sunday, 15 August 2010 10:47/)

      men to wife
      he said that he want to see my navel completely because i like it
      very much today he removed my saree pallu and opened my breast and
      started sucking my breast like a small baby and i was a mother. he
      started sucking very hardly and he pressing it very hard.he
      kissing me every where it is very paining but that pain very
      enjoyable and i thought that the life of women is so enjoyable but
      i know the truth.
      he kissed on my navel he likes my navel and he then all things did
      yesterdays night.last he is fucking very hardly then yesterday i
      was crying with pain and he removed me and catched and played for
      some time.while sleeping he taken on his chest and we slept
      together i slept on his chest
      next day i woke up and did all my duties he called me and said
      shall we go for honey moon i said ok i asked where we will go for
      honey moon he said he is having farm house at city out skirts
      there no one will be there so it is a nice place and he said pack
      all modern dresses it is there in his rack.i packed it and he
      jeans asked me to pack all jeans and shirt which is his ex
      husbands dress he said me to pack and now we ready for honey moon
      what next



      sneha <http://rajibalan.jimdo> (/Tuesday, 17 August 2010 05:27/)

      men to wife
      next day we are going to farm house for our honey moon
      and that we want to celebrate the third night.he asked me come in
      bed room with out any dress he said he also is there in the same
      position.but when i gone inside the bed room totally nude and he
      is wearing the dress.he undressed in front of me and he asked me
      to suck his dildo and i started it.he make it suck more than an hour
      after that he kissed me every where and fucked me for half an hour
      and released me early.because we are going out so we need to take
      rest we both slept nude and he taken me on to his chest and kissed
      on my forehead. we slept and i wake at 6 clock i started
      prepartion for our honey moon.i completely packed all the things
      kalyan waken at 8 clock and we both taken our break fast.he
      dressed in a jeans and t-shirt he is looking very handsome and i
      kissed in his cheek at 11 clock we started to go farm house he
      said it will take one hour to reach.
      kalyan is driving car very slowly because he is doing naughty
      things.once he is pressing my breast and pulls my saree and
      pinches my navel.it takes one and hour to reach the farm
      house.where i was suprised because there is no watch man for farm
      house there is a watch women for farm house kalyan introduced me
      to that watch women.she said her name is madhu and wished me good
      afternoon mam and good after noon sir to kalyan.
      kalyan given me keys of farm and he given money to watch man to
      bring the food for us.i went inside the house by keeping my right
      leg and the house was very big.house is full of trees and one big
      swimming pool is there watch man food for us we eat it.
      i said i was going to sleep kalyan said he is going to shopping
      for you i asked what he said suprise and they both went for
      shopping.i went to bed room and slept and i wake up at 5 pm and i
      freshed up and changed my dress.i was walking in the farm house
      for fresh air and i saw one lady she is in next house she is
      looking at me and she looks like my friend naveen and she seeing
      me continously and kalyan came i went inside he gave one box for
      me and told don't that box here and he given some money to madhu
      and told him that don't comr for 15 days.
      i went by taking that box to the bed room i opened that box the
      box is having six bikini's and chastity belt's. i said you dirty
      boy what you brought for me what next


      sneha <http://rajibalan.jimdo> (/Wednesday, 18 August 2010 09:33/)

      cross dressing bachelors
      the story is about 4 four orphans who is good friends from the
      college days.their names sravan, raju, chandu and naveen they are
      so feminine they want to become to female by changing sex.but they
      did not have guts to face the society.once for the charity program
      all the four members are cross dressed in saree's and they like
      that feeling.
      because they don't have any degree they did not got any job.they
      are in typical financial conditions but they don't leave their
      friend ship.one day naveen got an idea to act in the stage already
      they having experience and they know dancing every people in the
      drama will know so they will not give any chance. naveen said if
      we turn to female roles by cross dressing most of drama would need
      it we reached one drama company we said our idea and they also
      need some female artists.but they want to see us in the female
      dress to take us what next


      sneha <http://rajibalan.jimdo> (/Thursday, 19 August 2010 04:01/)

      cross dressing bachelors
      to join in the drama troop we all dressed our selves in the saree
      and shown to the head.he saw us and there is no face expression on
      his face and silently came to us and we afraid by seeing him.he
      said if you are really girl's i would compulsory marry you.he
      kissed us and taken us in the group.
      we are very happy and we need to learn more dance & action to
      impress the audiences so we are learning from the senior
      artists.our head introduced us to his elder sister she was very
      kind woman and she learns all feminine things walking,talking,etc.
      the day came to act in the stage before the audience the act is
      consisting of 1 principal, 4 guys and 4 girls roles we are acting
      as a 4 girls.we don't know about the 4 guys who acting with us the
      story about the college students and their mentalities we want to
      see four guys we are exciting to see them.
      the play started we are entered one by one and next principal came
      one boy came with principal he is looking some thing different.now
      principal is taking class for us and after some time another boy
      came in hurry he is looking some what boy and next two boys came
      and they are strong and very tall. class over principal was gone
      next period.
      the period completed all the boys sat beside a girl and the first
      boy same place only and there is no place so one girl sat beside
      her.by seeing them from nearly we have find that they are girls
      acting like a boys.
      now the show was not having more time so they all four guys and
      girls in love and one song.we danced as as girls they as a boys
      and the lastly they will fuck us and makes pregnant to all girls
      and they leave all the girls the show was completed.they have seen
      about the lovers of this generation.
      we gone to the make up room and they don't know that we are
      boys.when we removed make up they was shocked and kissed us hardly
      what next