*Meena* (/Sunday, 08 November 2009 06:52/)

      My Story

      I am 36 year old male and a proud crossdresser. I am married my
      wife knows about my paaion and helps and supports me in my
      crossdressing, besides she enjoys too.

      All started like this, I am from a well to do family and I am the
      only son & I also have a elder sister. Who is 2 years elder to me.
      I was 20 years old & I was doing my MBA staying in Mumbi collage
      hostal. I was on my winter holiday to my house in Delhi. One night
      I was very late to house. By the time I thought everyone will fast
      asleep. I reached my house I opened the main door with the spare
      key I had & started waking to my room I noticed my dads room there
      was light I thought he was working, I heard some voices from my
      dads room, out of curiacity I peeped through the window which was
      slightly open. To my shock I saw my father was dressed in Salwar
      Kameez with full makeup lovely sholder length wig, bangles filled
      in hands long earring. He was blushing beautifully like a woman.
      My mother was dressed in Mysore silk saree & silk blouse admiring
      my father & treating as woman & throughly enjoying her so femine
      husband who was woman. I was standing there admiring my father as
      woman & every inch his femine father.

      Next day I & my sister share the same room. To my next shock she
      asked me do you peep into dads room last night, I said “Yes” &
      asked do you know about it ? She said “Yes Of course” I have seen
      father dressed as woman daily, the fact is I have my self dressed
      him many time. She said “Do you like it and want to dress as
      girl”, I at once said “Yes I love to” she said evening I will
      dress you up. I was egerly wating for the evening. I had shower,
      close shave, removed all my body hair, & went to my sister. She
      gave my her Satin Ghagra Choli, padded bra and helped my wearing
      it. She went my dad’s room picked one of his long haired wig &
      applied mackup. Then I looked in mirror there was a beautiful girl
      smailing at me. To my next shock, my mother entered the room and
      asked my sister is meena ready. My sister said “Yes look for your
      self.” My mother was looking at me as a girl she loved it. She
      said let us go for dinner. I my sister went our dinning room there
      another lady dressed in Crepe silk saree & Crepe silk blouse, I at
      once recognize that it was my father.

      After that day at home me & my father dressed as woman at home.
      Both my mother & sister enjoy us as woman.

      Then my sister & I joined a MNC Co, in Delhi & stated earning
      good. I used to spend lot of earing is buying good dresses, sarees
      in 2 years I had a full wardrebe of my feminie collections. I was
      enjoying my life and a male & female along with my family.

      Then one day my mama & mami visited my house from Amritsar, they
      to be with us for few days they also had a son & daughter who
      where 1 year elder to us, same evening my Father, Mother & my
      Mama, Mami was talking about our marriage both parties aggred for
      the marriage my father called my sister & me to get our Ok. I
      asked my sister she said ok & I also agreed.

      The me & my sister went to our room little bit worrid that we have
      foget about the crossdressing. The my mom came to our room and
      asked us wether they are forcing the marriage on us. We said no
      but mom what will happen to our crossdressing

      My mom said not to worry the fact is she herself learnt about
      crossdressing only thru our mama & mami. We just loved it. That
      night for dinner me, my father & my mama were dressed in sarees
      with full makeup, by the time my would be wife & my brother-in-law
      also visited us. My brother-in-law was dressed in Satin Ghagra
      Choli & looking stunning as a girl.

      Thus we enojoy our life with all our dreams com true. I still we
      my family enjoy both worlds as man & woman. I am lucy to have
      crossdressing Father, Faher-in-law & brother-in-law