*Priya* (/Thursday, 10 December 2009 10:34/)

      On request of my blogging friends am composing these story that I
      have done cross-dress to my brother. Before beginning the event
      happened between us I’ll explain about us.
      Ours is a small family. My dad was bank employee. He had family
      wealth too. Mom was managing a browsing in main place of town. My
      brother Aman Deepak was the hero, am sorry heroin of this story.
      He studies eleventh grade at a reputed school in town. He was very
      fair skin complexion about 5.5’ height and slightly built with 52
      kgs. He had no facial hair or body hairs. He got just cat hairs
      which I often tease this to make him angry. I studying Business
      management final year same am 5.8’ taller. Am like my father lean
      and tall but he was like built and moderate height. But he has
      ages to grow till. Am very fair and got below shoulder length
      silky hair.
      Now I’ll start with our relationship. I was 4 years elder than my
      brother. From kid we got good bond. But we have the fight for
      everything. But I am the one to bully him first. He’s quiet and
      reserved and even shy. But only the people close to him can say
      who is he is silent but mischievous. He is bit weak in math’s I
      used to teach him all the lessons. He is quick observer. But rest
      the things he used to tech me. He taught me to ride cycle and two-
      wheelers. He just got few friends but all of them are good. My
      friends are very close to him I even heard that one of my friend
      said she’d like him because he is very pretty. But to say we got
      same resemblance and had our father faced. In child I used to
      dress in my cloth and petite him as calling my little sister. But
      when I was grown up I can’t dress him and even father restricted
      to dress in my clothes for some reasons. He always cared me very
      much. Intensely he is very sweet to me. But he will always bully
      me like beating, pulling my hair, pouring water in morning air
      putting moustache in my kajal to me it was great to be with him.
      Once we fought fiercely he beat me in back shoulder which I could
      not bear and cried lot but anything between us I won’t take that
      to our parents this is which he became one of my best friend. From
      that he was very soft with me. Even I bully him he will just say
      some movie dialogues to get lost and I won’t bear the pain. Of
      course it was true he is in his teens and physically stronger than
      me. But to our sweet part I am the first person he cries on my
      shoulder to any problem. I fed him like when he was studying for
      exams or whenever he lazily handover his food plate to me. He used
      to watch TV by lying on my lap. All the things I said are sweet.
      Now getting to the point how I got the idea to cross-dress him.
      When I was in college chatting with my friends I happen to see my
      friend sushmitha’s mobile pictures. I was surprised she and his
      brother were both dressed in nighty. It was hers. She just put 2
      very small ponytails like kindergarten girl on top of head with
      rubber band and tucked 2 roses in each. I laughed and asked him
      whatz all this. She said yesterday she was playing to her elder
      brother to wear her nighty. He loved her a lot. He was like dad to
      him. Even she entered her 20s he used to kiss her in cheeks and
      petite her very dearly. All girls of our gang used to envy her
      always for such beautiful brother. I suddenly thought of Aman and
      I used to do the same when he was kid. On the other side I have
      another feel about him that after passing tenth grade he was
      changed. He was not like before with me. He was not even talking
      too much to me. He was always busy with his friends. But intensely
      he was same to me. I thought I was missing him little. I thought
      to add spice to our relationship. Once I asked me to teach my
      dad’s bike with gear. He just ignored me and went with his friend.
      I was angry but it was not that made to dress him but I felt
      missing him.


      *Priya* (/Thursday, 10 December 2009 10:39/)

      One day I was painting my nails he was sitting near me and
      watching TV. I asked him to show his hand so I can keep it to his
      hand too. He suddenly punched me lightly and replied he don’t want
      to keep it was girls thing. I asked what is girl thing once you
      even wore my dresses what was it then. He replied it was happen
      when he was kid. I asked again by the time when he have to go
      school I’ll wipe it using nail polish remover I said. He
      stubbornly said no. all this things made me to bully him but I
      care him at the same time. I replied by challenging him one day
      I’ll make you wear all my dresses and you’ll feel what the girl
      thing is. He just replied let’s see. Then I searched for some
      ideas the way that I found the blog. I never thought so many guys
      would like to cross-dress. So I got confidence to make it up.
      One day I called him to take me to near ground and asked him to
      play shuttle with me. Am very good at shuttle I won school
      championship but not far level for journal. He agreed for me, Aman
      likes cricket the most and a good at that. I was dominating
      through the play. But he’ll always follow me back on points. I
      asked him lets have a bet match. He agreed and asked me whatz the
      deal. But bet was just for one play of shuttle. Who drops the ball
      can demand anything from their opponent. He agreed I know what was
      in his mind it was a dress he liked, particularly jean. But he
      doesn’t know whatz in my mind. As I was good at trick shots he
      dropped at 8th ball. I shouted you last the bet. He was cool and
      asked me what I want anything you needed you should bear the
      payment you know I don’t have money. He thinks I needed something
      from him but I replied I don’t want anything but you have things
      to do for me. He puzzled and asked me what I should do. I want to
      dress you in all my dresses. He was shocked and stubbornly said
      no. I fought he have lost bet. But rest than that he agreed
      anything he can do. He even agreed to teach me to ride bike. I was
      also stubborn. I used my lost weapon I requested him by putting my
      arms around his shoulder I explained it’ll be fun at last he
      agreed with condition It should not known to mom and dad or even
      anyone. I agreed and I was excited. I just gave him bear hug. I
      know he was blushing if I pointed he will start his refusing
      business again. I waited for the correct day. I started to
      purchase thing for him. Only jewel I purchased for him clip on
      earrings, bindi, bangles, set necklace jewel. As coincidence we
      both have same foot size. He used to wear my heels when I asked
      him to bring it to me, it would fit him good. I have all my old
      dresses which can’t fit me anymore. One day I went to Aman’s room
      while he was bathing and asked him to wear one of my chuddy to
      know his size he said it was nice fit I asked him to come out to
      see he refused and said if he come out the deal was over by now. I
      know he would any how I just kept asking all about measurement and
      got one of my long wigs I wore for play when I was at school. I
      have all stuffs. Waited for correct day. It was Tuesday my dad had
      an official travel and mom has to attend a function so only me and
      my brother is going to be around. Both started on their way by
      early morning itself. Aman was already in exam holidays for 4
      days. I planned spend time with my brother and I asked about my
      deal he shyly agreed I was happy. I planned to take off to college
      I was very active that day. I put coffee for both of us. I have to
      cook today for him as mom was out. But I decided to get some help
      from him. By morning seven we both are fully awake. I asked him to
      come to my room. I just bought veet cream for me I used it on him
      to take all hairs. He was feared it would affect his hair growth I
      assured it was just temporary solution it won’t affect hair
      growth. He was clean and his skin was very smooth even than me. I
      applied face peel off then. That little fellow was enjoying my


      *Priya* (/Thursday, 10 December 2009 10:43/)

      Then after 20 mins I made him bath by myself, since it was long
      time why even years I was very happy. Aman enjoyed hat too. I
      started playing with me and spilled water all over me. I left him
      after a while to take rest of the bath himself. I dried him then.
      His face was very pretty and glowy. I just threw my padded inners
      for display. Asked aman to pick himself. He can’t look me my eyes.
      I put many different inners before him. It was my first trick to
      make him feel safe and normal I thought. He picked black padded
      bra and black panty matching it. I teased him so my sister wants
      to look pretty. He just hit me in shy. I helped him to wear bra
      and asked him to wrap towel and sit in my dressing table. He
      wrapped normally which made me laugh. I then corrected him by
      wearing it girly under arm. He sat on chair I turned him from
      mirror so it should surprise him. I first started make up. I
      picked eye liner gave a simple thin shade. Then I shaped his brows
      which he already had pretty good shape. I really thought his eyes
      looked girly. I then took nasal strip to take black heads I paste
      it and went to make his lips. I used lip liner and vey light lip
      color. It looked elegant. Then I took off the nasal strips. I just
      put base cream and touched with light talcum powder. God he looked
      same like me. I took wig then and placed above wig cap. It was
      good one. It was thick black silky wig. I combed it on his head so
      that he can feel girly. It was lace type so it hung his head
      tight. I plaited it in single with 2 hairpins and banded it at the
      end. Her face was made. I started to call him as girl. I usually
      liked to call him ammu. I choose her name as amala which is near
      to his male name. I made him stand god she was looking beautiful.
      I removed her towel around and stared her, she blushed. It was
      great excitement for me. She again wrapped the towel back like
      girl in shy. Then I placed small black bindi similar to mine. We
      looked almost like twins. Then I put slips. I then took one of my
      chuddy it was lavender floral in white with black tight pant. She
      liked that most while I was wearing it. I made her to wear that it
      was good fit to her. I saw a pot belly it was pretty where the
      actresses have like that made her look beautiful. I never had it.
      It was really cute. I then inserted cotton pouch as breast forms,
      which I stitched myself on the first day ammu lost her bet. Her
      face was like as beet rosé. She was beautiful in that dress it
      made look her very fair. I wrapped its cotton black duppata. I
      took efforts on her breast part to show more feminine. I then put
      small gold eardrops to her. Thin chain with heart-in pendent of me
      around her neck. I wore my ring but it was too small for him then
      I took mom ring which I bought recently on my taste. It fit her
      finger very well. I wore mom’s all three ring to her fingers. I
      wore both metal and gold bangles of different type 6 equally on
      both hands; she can’t see her hand without hair it made her
      something that I sensed. I know ammu was enjoying all these. I
      then made her to wear my thin golden anklets which showed her foot
      beautiful. Then I applied nail color of pink on her hands and
      legs, looked at her eyes reminding it was said as girl thing by
      somebody. She laughed on that I can clearly see ammu liked all
      things what I am doing now. I then took my hairspray it was spring
      flower flavor I liked most and sprayed on her hair. Wow I loved
      her most she looked extremely pretty I asked to see mirror. I was
      watching her expression eagerly. I could sense many things from
      that. She liked it I gave her a big hug. On hug I realized she was
      too small and petite to feel. Even in her male self she looked
      little built. I kissed on her cheeks and asked for repay she gave
      with pleasant feel. I was happy as well as excited. I enjoy while
      she stand on foot to kiss my cheek it was a girl gesture while
      kissing. I am happy that I was taller than her. I then asked her
      to follow me to help me chores. Even normal she’ll help me on some
      chores. I asked her to wash dish so I can take bath and come to
      cook lunch for us. She agreed. While I was going to bathroom I
      heard sound of bangles crackling vessels. I thought some girl is
      washing vessels over there.


      *Priya* (/Thursday, 10 December 2009 10:44/)

      I finished my bath and came to see her she completed her chore. We
      have to cook I just asked her to cut vegetables meanwhile I sweep
      the home and pile the cloth in machine to wash. After I returned
      ammu has finished cutting vegetables almost. I took rest charge
      asked her to take rest. After a while I finished my cooking and
      went to see her. I went without making noise she was enjoying her
      image on mirror. I went and stood behind her. He felt very shy.
      Then I fed and I ate breakfast and had a nice cup of tea made by ammu.
      I then asked her to remove dress so that I can try different
      dresses. First in my mind was my school uniform. I thought to make
      her to wear. I was senior of same school she was studying now.
      Uniform was pink tops and pink pant with dark brown checked mini
      over coat. He readily agreed and I started to try. It was tight
      though looked pretty. I managed wig to put two plaits formally
      tied with black ribbon and put mango gold studs on ear. A simple
      black bindi again. I touched her makeup removed little bangles and
      left simple. Anklets remain same. Wow she was me. She was
      beautiful and very innocent looked. She really looked like girl
      and undoubtedly my sister.
      I kept teasing for while and I plan to wear all my silk half saree
      to her. I removed all her light jewels except rings. Asked her to
      remove slips I wore matching blouse it was mine, it looked
      beautiful on padded bra. Then the bottom silk skirt it was cream
      with black border. I wrapped top it was dark green her belly was
      little visible she said it was bit uncomfortable. I knew wore all
      golden bangles of made her each hand heavy. I wore heavy silver
      anklets. Thick gold necklace ant thin chain too. Then I put gold
      clip-on dangler with green stones. Then I wore medium size maroon
      bindi. She looked bit mature. Then I went for her hair make over I
      plan to do two plaits but it was difficult in wig to get neat
      look. So I plaited it single again with center clips this time. I
      was enjoying this lot. I took her to mirror she was lovely. But
      something is missing. I forget about flowers. I asked her to enjoy
      and I will bring flowers for her. I took my two-wheeler to near
      market bought 4 feet of jasmine garlands and 4 roses of different
      color. While I return he was watching TV. Then I put a pink rose
      with 4 feet jasmine but she asked me to wear some. But I was in
      t-shirt and skirt so it won’t suit I said. She refused and asked
      me to change dress like her. Then I agree to change in saree after
      sometime. Till we took rest I lay on her lap and she watched TV.
      She was soothing my hair which she never done before. I felt happy
      and slept for hour I think. But still in her lap. She helped me in
      making lunch and we are done soon. We ate and then she went to my
      room I asked does she like to wear my saree. He was not hesitant
      with me anymore he agreed with smile. I made him to dress in one
      of my cotton saree with same jewels. I changed to saree and as
      like her. I asked her to keep flower in my hair so that I can feel
      some bonding. She did that. I was dressed in cotton saree with
      loose hair with clip. Her saree was georgette it was red and white
      polka dots. We looked like sisters and even she was more feminine
      as I was lean and her face was round and full and she was short.
      We roamed like that for a while. I asked her to walk like a girl,
      act like girl it was all great fun. Then I made her change to all
      my skirt and t-shirt and I tried to take photo in my mobile but
      she stubbornly refused. After all that I asked her whether she
      like to go out like this. But I know she would love to go out but
      due to fear she refused to come. I told to wear helmet that I’ve
      studied in on story. After some pleading she accepted but after
      dark it was ok. I was happy and patted her on butt. I asked to
      change any dress in my closet which I share with mom and to relax
      till evening. She said she was feeling comfortable in chuddy and
      first opted for my recent anjali type chuddy. It was semi full
      sleeve maroon floral tops with Patiala bottom on olive green with
      white floral pant. And maroon and green mixed 6 meter duppata with
      floral pattern. I love to wear it. After all he is my brother na.
      Am sorry, my sister na.


      *Priya* (/Thursday, 10 December 2009 10:53/)

      I removed all bangles and put a big clip on bangle with bells. It
      was gold imitation. Two thin gold light bangles in other hand.
      Then thin necklace with big pendent it was gold imitation with
      stone work. And dangler which was little heavy. I took jasmine
      garland and put it in water for later use left her with two roses.
      Wow she looked gorgeous. Even myself I’ve not dressed this much
      and enjoyed my womanhood. But the only thing in my mind is I can
      spice up our relationship and should feel the closeness. From
      morning it was felt by both. I felt he was more attached to me
      than the male-self. The male part of him has ego, carelessness,
      superiority and ignorant. I always think the male gender cannot
      cherish and praise the relationship as we girls do. But I thought
      to make him realize him. He was so close to me like a girlfriend.
      I was surprised when he spontaneously made us coffee for us that
      evening. He was totally different that day reserved, discipline
      and very sweet. Even he never left me an inch away. We were
      talking from evening till I go to sweep and he put coffee. Then I
      asked him to wash face again done the makeover from scratch. He
      looked even more feminine than morning. I asked to remove my
      salwar I got a special dress for him. I took new saree for this
      diwali which is called crape silk with lots of chamki works. It
      was mostly north Indian type. I have a beautiful blouse for that
      which I stitched in latest fashion with very short sleeve. The
      saree was dark red to say blood red. I know it’ll look gorgeous in
      his fair skin. But I have the doubt blouse of me won’t fit him.
      But he feared it would attract attention to people. I told it was
      just ride he don’t even expose face even I’ll drive the scooter.
      He digested and because of my sweet torture he agreed. I made him
      wore blouse never thought it would fit him snuggly. It was made
      for him. The sleeve’s cut was perfect than me and it was where it
      should be. His hand was really feminine and looked like he made
      waxing. I’ve done waxing but his was very natural glow. Then he
      wore petticoat which was came with saree itself. I drape saree
      then it was easy to drape that saree. The neck was really low but
      I covered in decent way and said him to take care of it like a
      girl. I then wore him red bangles equally in both hands but not
      heavy. A red dangler I bought purposely for that saree. I left
      that set necklace it was elegant because. I wore silver anklets. I
      took roses and wore jasmine which was still fresh. The rings
      remain same. He just produced light tingling all over body like
      girl. I made him to enjoy and I went to get ready. I wore the
      dress he just removed and wore the same roses. After get back he
      said to go just near the ground and return back then which was
      just Next Street I agreed. Unfortunately I have only 2 heel sets
      and flat pumps, but pumps were not decent to that saree. I asked
      him to wear heel with 2’ black. He wore it with catching my hand.
      But we are still inside the room doing all this. Then I went
      inside to take my perfume and we both sprayed it. It was
      definitely female. But I worried to cover my work with helmet. I
      explained him that was his sister’s hard work not to spoil it. But
      people can find him in our area so it’s best to be precaution. I
      drove bike without helmet and I have license too. But he doesn’t
      have. I made him to stay inside portico and opened the gate to
      take the bike. Soon I started and asked him to come and sit. He
      wore helmet and came to scooter. When I looked whether he sat I
      made me laugh. Really he was sitting cute like a girl because of
      saree. Really that excited me and I laughed at him he felt little
      shy that I can sense. I asked him to hold a grip. He wasn’t. I
      know it was his male ego. I voluntarily took his hand and made him
      covered my stomach to hold. When I start I made a naughty move by
      accelerating with jerk. He fell in me without balance and he hold
      my stomach firm. He was supposed to shout but he dint asked me to
      stop play and go.


      *Priya* (/Thursday, 10 December 2009 10:57/)

      I rode the bike behind was my cute little sister definitely he
      should be scared and thrilled. When he asked to return home on
      Next Street I drove him fast to main road asked him to cool down
      and enjoy. We rode all the town for nearly half an hour. It was a
      private place I stopped there he was trembling and asked why I
      stopped the bike. I asked we can go to that temple he started to
      look different and he got angry on me I see tears swelling in his
      eyes I felt bad and started to home. He was silent I was saying
      him sorry all the way. He was silent then I made some joke and he
      was bit ok. Then I stopped with his permission near our ground
      where no man’s land. Asked him to take helmet and enjoy for a
      little while I assured it’ll feel good. He took off I adjusted his
      hair and eye liner. We stood there for 5 minutes I hold his hand
      firmly. Then I we drove home happily. I just wanted to make him ok
      before we reached home.
      After we reached home we just settled but till in our dresses. He
      stood before me and asked this is all you want me to look like
      holding his pallu. I don’t know what was that say. I asked is he
      angry. No he said normally. I replied yes ammu I enjoyed with you
      and I had a good time with you and gave him a big hug. We both
      drowned with emotion which you guys call it as sibling bond. He
      asked he can change the dress but asked him to be with it for more
      time because he was beautiful with that and looked like
      genetically female. But the reason he said made me laugh. The
      saree’s embroidery work are itching him. He can’t bear. I said
      this is what womanhood. We got have lot of pains to look pretty. I
      made him to wear knee skirt and kurta with bra. I just made side
      dish he’s the one to do dosa to eat. We finished dinner went to
      couch I cuddle him in couch and keep on poke him. I kept saying he
      was very sweet today, I expect him to be with me always the way
      which he behaved and treat me like a friend. I am here for him. He
      should not ignore me, said everything with a sweet tone. He just
      kept listened with positive face expression. I teased he was
      smelling very female. Till 12 we watched TV and Its time to end. I
      removed all his makeup clearly. Asked him to wear his night PJ
      dress with full hand to avoid mom’s attention sometimes she’d be
      keen in change with us. We made all things normal. Ask him to go
      sleep. But he asked me whether he can sleep in my room. I was very
      happy. We locked all the doors and he came to my bed to sleep. I
      felt him in my heart it was a great joy. After all he is the one
      who is going to come along with my all good and bad all my life.
      He cuddled me around the neck I put hand down his head so my baby
      can have rest. I felt the moment was very motherly to me. I said
      by breeze his hair what I have done today is know this ends like
      this. I said not to cross-dress often or secretly. If urge is
      there I asked him to say it to me openly and I’ll take care of it.
      I don’t want him to have it as habit after all I should care him.
      He replied he agreed today only because of me to this but frankly
      he liked today’s happening and promised me he’ll never do things
      without knowing me. I was very proud of him, my baby. We drifted
      to sleep after half an hour.
      Mom arrived by morning seven. She made coffee for us and enquired
      why he was sleeping in my room. I said I made him to sleep here
      because fearing to sleep alone. She commented humorously that I
      have chosen a very brave man for company, which made me laugh. He
      was still sleeping. After mom went I saw his hairless hands and
      recalled yesterday’s moments and woke him with a sweet punch for
      coffee. He was stoop on my shoulder and had his coffee we looked
      each other with smile thinking of yesterday how we spent the day.
      This is the end and the story was reviewed by my brother already.
      This is dedicated to my brother.