*rupali joshi* (/Friday, 16 April 2010 05:23/)

      While Shyam was still cleaning the kitchen I explored his
      wardrobe. I was shocked to see his collection of sarees and other
      feminine things. I just wanted to see him in those cloths I had to
      see him. I was sure he must be looking great wearing a saree. I
      think Priya actually did not give me the complete picture he must
      be dressing 24X7 at least that’s what I could make out looking at
      his collection. I finished excavating his cupboard. As I was
      relaxing Shyam entered my bedroom again with a glass of milk and
      today he was also carrying pan. I looked at him and as I was
      enjoying my pan I was imagining how he would look in a saree. The
      picture I saw was great I was excited. I had already removed a set
      of lehnga and choli from Shyam’s wardrobe. I wanted him to wear
      the same. I asked him to go in the changing room as I had a
      surprise or him in there. Shyam followed my instructions. He must
      have seen the dress he came out and just looked at me. I ordered
      him to get dressed with certain authority. He just rushed back
      inside. After 10 minutes I sow him piping I got up and pulled him
      out of the changing room. He looked stunner. I noticed he had worn
      a matching bra with forms and was sure that he was wearing his
      panty. Shyam had also helped himself accessorized himself. He had
      put mild make up.
      Shyam looked great as a women I was proud to have him as my wife.
      Shyam was perfect women he was women when dressed like a man and
      women when dressed like a women. I looked at myself I was sure no
      matter how hard I tried I could not become even 10% of Shyam was
      as a women. He was unbelievable. We talked for long like husband
      and wife now you know who the husband was and who the wife was. I
      started calling him Shyama and he started calling me E ji.
      That night was great I treated Shyam the way husband should treat
      his wife and he reacted like my wife. I did not penetrate him as I
      was not equipped for this development. I am sure it was not my
      last time with my wife in my bed and soon I would start thumping
      Shyam. Next morning was usually with a twist. Shyam got me my bed
      tea as usual bur today he wrapped in his saree. His black saree
      had sleeveless blouse and I could see his bra through his
      translucent blouse. His hairdo was classic French bun and his
      accessories were perfect. He was moving like natural women and if
      you do not know the truth you would take him for women. While I
      was having my tea Shyam told me that I should come down for my
      breakfast as I acknowledged him he carried my cup on his way back.
      On the dinning table rest of the family members behaved naturally.
      When Shyam was serving us I realized the fact that there were four
      people in this house three females and only one male. All the
      females were seating on that dinning table and were dressed and
      acting like a men and the only man in the house had actually
      dressed like a women he was actually behaving like one too.


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      I asked Shyam if he is coming along Priya said he would not come
      along as he must be having lot of work in the house and he has to
      feed us as we return back. Shyam agreed and carried the cup and
      tray back. Priya stayed back as was getting ready for the round. I
      asked her what I should wear she said pant and shirt should be
      fine as she was wearing the same. I had not carried any such
      cloths thinking that I will not be allowed to wear such cloths. I
      told Priya about my problem as I was sure I would not fit in
      Shyam’s cloths he being so tiny. Priya was of my size almost she
      said I can use her cloths for timing. As I took my bath Priya
      carried few of her cloths for me to wear. I was almost ready when
      Shyam came with my breakfast. I was getting use to being the
      husband in this relationship and could expect Shyam as my wife. I
      finished my breakfast as I was about to carry my plate Shyam
      stoped me and said he would love to do that for me instead. I left
      with Priya for round she rode white horse and I was riding black
      one. We both had lot of fun on our trip Priya showed me the farms.
      All the workers at the farms respected Priya and my self they
      called us Hujjur. It was almost noon when we return Priya said she
      was hungry even I was starving we decided to meet at the dinning
      table after our bath. As I entered my bedroom I sow Shyam
      arranging for my bath. He had kept my cloths and helped me take my
      shoes off. Actually he took them off while I relaxed. The feeling
      was great Shyam asked if I needed him to do anything before he
      goes to which I said no.
      I came down wearing Kurta Payjama Priya was at the table similarly
      dressed and so was her mother. Shyam served us our meal as usual
      and had his own afterwards. After our lunch while Shyam was
      cleaning vegetables I asked Priya how come Shyam is doing all the
      things done by a girl in any house? Priya started telling me
      Shyam’s story. Shyam was only son of her father his mother died
      while giving him birth. Shyam’s father took help of Priya’s mother
      and appointed her Shyam’s governess. Slowly priya’s mother and
      Shyam’s father got attracted to each other and eventually they
      married. That is how Shyam and Priya became siblings. Soon Shyam’s
      father died in a car accident and Priya’s mother became head of
      this family. Shyam was delicate from his young age and that’s when
      Priya’s mother decided to make him the way he is now. It was best
      for him and for the family. Shyam was not strong or tough to
      manage the business and farms so he started managing the house and
      domestic chores. Shyam likes his role in this family and is very
      comfortable in his position as lady of the house. Priya also told
      me that Shyam often dresses like a girl from his young age. He
      would always dress as a girl for fancy dress competitions. Last
      many years he drapes Saree on Sundays. Priya also suspects that
      Shyam dresses in nightie till before his marriage with me.
      I was so excited for two reasons one that I had a husband who not
      only behaves like a wife abut also wants to look like one.
      Secondly it was Sunday tomorrow. I could not hold back my
      excitement till night. Some how the evening moved on slowly and
      after our dinner we were in my bedroom.


      *rupali joshi* (/Friday, 16 April 2010 07:09/)

      My new Life
      I married in for money. Shyam was weak man. I would rather say he
      was like a women. Shyam was just 5’ 2” if you compare him with me
      who stood 6’. Shyam had long hair and proud of his hair. The house
      was in control of his mother who was like the man of the house.
      Shyam had a sister Priya who was more of a man than Shyam himself.
      Shyam’s family owned lot of farm land and Priya was in charge of
      the farming. Shyam spent most of his time in the house and took
      care of the house. Priya loved horse riding so did I. We both use
      to ride every morning. Shyam was very scared of horses and never
      rod one. Priya loved bodybuilding and we both did weight traning
      together while Shyam did his aerobics. I loved to see him in his
      tights. His figure was like young women. Shyam had very less body
      and facial hair. He took great care of his face and skin I always
      suspected that he use to pluck and shape his eyebrows. Shyam use
      to play vcd while doing his workout. His trainer was a women and
      her cds Shyam use use to watch while working out. While training
      Shyam use to dress like the girl on the TV.
      When I came in Shyam’s house first time after my marriage I was
      surprise to see him working in kitchen? As any new daughter in low
      would do I wanted to work in the kitchen. Priya and her mother
      told me not to involve myself in the domestic chores as it was the
      responsibility of Shyam and he was very happy to discharge the
      same. They wanted me to take care of the fields and other
      businesses of the family. I found it awkward to see my husband
      doing the jobs normally done by a female in the house. I took my
      first dinner in my new house with my sister in low and mother in
      low and my husband actually served us our meal. The food tested
      great and Shyam had actually cooked it especially for me. After
      our meal Shyam had his meal. Shyam never raised his eyes in front
      of me and always converse in very soft voice. I use to imagine if
      I was the wife or he was. After my dinner I was shown my bedroom
      and as I was resting in the room Shyam entered in the room with a
      glass of milk on a tray. I thought it was for him but was shocked
      when he presented the glass to me. It was like role reversal of a
      suhagrat which I had imagined. I did not know what was happening
      to me but I was enjoying myself. When Shyam offered me the glass
      of milk unintentionally I touched his hand and I have no words to
      describe his reaction. It was like a bride reacting to her groom’s
      first touch. I do not want to describe the rest of the night and
      its proceedings but I am sure you can guess. I am late-riser when
      I got up next morning Shyam was missing. I was wondering where he
      must be just then Shyam stepped in my room with tray. I could not
      believe my luck my husband was serving me bed tea. I looked at him
      he had taken his bath his long hair were washed and he had tied a
      towel on his head. He looked like a girl from his neck up. Shyam
      was looking at me while I was enjoying my tea. I asked him why he
      was up early so said he had lot of work that’s why. As we were
      talking Priya knocked our door she wanted me to get ready as we
      were suppose to go for round tour fields.