*sharayu* (/Friday, 04 December 2009 01:30/)

      hi iam sharayu since childhood iam crossdresser, iam working in
      construction firm were my md,gm,&owner all are female,iam working
      here as salesexecutive iam verymuch sucessful in my job twice igot
      best salesperson award
      once we had exhibition at delhi it was imp.exhibition which was
      for 10 days so we had booked 5 rooms in ahotel near veneue for 15
      days my boss &md were in my next room
      on the first day after exhibitin we were coming to our hotel
      walking since it was near on the way i saw abeautiful
      ghagra,choli&odhani hanging outside a shop i couldnot controll
      myself i told my boss iwill reach hotel after sometime both of
      them suspected something .they didnt told me anything but there
      was dought on there turn


      *sharayu* (/Friday, 04 December 2009/)

      faces as they left iwent inside the shop purchased the stuff it
      was made for me of mysize iwas veryhappy at counter the owner gave
      me a box which was complimentry with the purchase i thanked him
      &went to my room after dinner irushed to my room again all had
      dougbt why i am in hurry icame changed myself in ghagra ,choli
      wore odhani i was looking very nice then i sat on the bed i opened
      the box in girly manner it contained matching 48
      bangles,neckless,bindi,zumka iwas
      verymuch happy iwore everthing ,then iapplied kajal lipstick
      i admired myself in mirror i was feeling very nice then went to
      balcony of my room it was faceing the road i went & stood thereit
      was on the ground floor &to my badluck my boss&owner were standing
      near balcony as they saw me i ran inside &again my badluck in my
      mood i forgot to lock the front gate my gm mrs divya was standing
      in my room
      i was caught redhanded all the 3 womens were in my room i was
      frightened & in shy ikept quite& icouldnot uttar aword all the
      three went back i was surprised that they didnt asked me anything
      i changed myslf &slept &to my surprise for next 14 days nobody
      spoke anything to me about my dressing everything was normalwe had
      good sales& we came back
      everything was ok &normal after amonth we had apprasialin that
      meeting my md asked me what sallary hike iam expecting i said u
      decide she told me she can give 25000 more
      +car&petrolallowance&accomodation to sty in companys flat i was
      shochshocked since days were not good market was low i was
      thinking that my md is jocking i said how is it possible she said
      it is since clients are attracted more to a lady salesperson &we
      dont have knoledegeble lady ,since female dont do career in site
      job if you work here as agirl since you know everything you can
      get this hike
      hike i couldnot answer sametime my boss entered she told me to
      accept the proposal it is nice &you will be verymuch sucessful
      salesgirl&earn more incentives i said ok but ihave nevermeet
      aclient as agirl &my voice is not girly MY md said dont worry if
      you are ready to be a girl then company can happily spend money on you
      i agreed the proposal next day add was realesed in localnewspaper
      by our firm for requirement of female sales manager& date of
      interview was after 1 month ihad 30 days in my hand i resined my post
      since i was alone i did not want to ask anyone about my decessions
      in the evening my boss called me to her house &introduced me to
      her friend who was doctor she checked me & asked me
      doctor-do you wnt to be girl
      doctor -for ever
      doctor-then for how long
      i-max.6 months
      then she told me to come to her clicnic iwent there i was
      adimitted she gave me some injection & noruse was applieng some
      cream to my entire body i was there for 3 days after 3 days i
      found my all the body hairs were removed my body was very soft i
      chest was little big then before then nurse camr & told me that
      you r going home today go in the bathroom take bath 7go in the
      changingroom your new clots are ready there ittok bath cme out
      went to changing room there i found new
      bra,peticoat,panties.saree&blouse I was told to were it i wore
      everything & cameout doctor was standing there told me wellcome to
      womenhood then took me to parour nearby parlur girl worked on me
      put a wig on my head i was looking a complete women then we came
      back to doctors cabin doctor told sharayu you have 25 days in your
      hand for joining so do tharow pracice to be girl in these days she
      gave mr tablets to eat & told me to come every evening for next 10
      days for injection she gave me special oil for hair growth she
      told this oil will grow your hair daily by 1/2inch after 25 days
      you will have your own 13 inches hair below your shoulder
      i went home in saree i was very happy every day i was turning in
      to beautiful women tablets& injections worked very well even oil
      did wonderfull job on 24th day i had my own hairs below
      shoulder,nicebig hip,no hairgrow on my body,nice cute
      breasts,&female body i practiced for female voice i learnt it i
      was complete women in these days i was always in saree,or chudidar
      this way except my pen
      ies i was women
      on the interview date i wake up early took bath,wore saree,bangles
      & complete female attaire & went confidentely to my office my
      boss,md,&owner all were very happy to see me i sat in quee for my turn.