Once a Nawab wanted to sell his haveli to a hotel chain. The hotel chain wanted to convert the haveli to attract foreign tourists who wanted to see the traditional mujra.


Once when the hotel executives were visiting him to finalise the proposal, the Nawab wanted to organize a mujra for them. But he could not find any young girl in his town who was an expert at mujra. He found all good mujra artists had become old and a few younger ones who had excelled had left for the big city. To his good luck, he found a boy trained in kathak who could not get a job in the city. So the nawab asked the old artists to train the young boy to dance as a girl for the visitors. In one week's time, when the hotel people arrived, the boy was ready.


When he appeared in front of the visitors, the nawab's family and the officials, he looked every bit a pretty girl. His movements were also like that of a girl. The MD of the hotel asked him a few questions at the end and the boy spoke to him in a soft feminine voice. Everything was fine until the MD told the nawab privately the deal would be concluded if the mujra dancer would sleep with him that night. The boy started crying when he heard this. But being poor, he could not say no.


One old prostitute was called to teach him a few tricks to save himself. That night the boy was dressed in sexy clothes and sent to the MD. As taught by the old woman, the boy teased the MD so much that the man could not control himself and sparyed the boy's beautiful dress with his cum. As the MD tried to apologise and clean up the boy, he found out the truth about him. The MD felt ashamed that he had cum because of a boy and swore the boy to secrecy. Even today the boy performs mujra for that hotel chain!



I dared one night to go out while dressed. I wore slim-fit jeans & a tight top. I wore a shapely bra underneath. The cup size was 38C and it was properly filled with balloons containing paraffin. I came out at 11:30 PM and rode my scooter wearing my helmet.


On the way, I halted at a bus-stop and asked for the way to the airport. One man who was standing there said he could show me if I would let him ride on the pillion. I agreed. When he casually put his hand on my false breasts while riding, I did not sense it. He on his part, thought that I was allowing him to touch me. Soon he was fondling me in many places. I did not say anything because he was right in his own way. I too started enjoying it. But when I told him that I was going to receive my brother at the airport, he got scared and got off at a bus stop just before the airport.


Pooja Sharma


When I went as a new teacher to the primary school at Sitapur, the first thing the outgoing teacher told me was to watch out for the Thakur's daughter, Janki, who was known as a man-eater. She was a widow and looked after Thakur's properties after his death. I was very obdient and careful with her and soon realised she was a wonderful person as long as I did my job.


The village was divided into two camps. One which loved her and the other which hated her. With time I became very close to her and did everything as per her direction. Since she was not very educated it was my job to read the papers to her and advise her about dealing with government officials. Her enemies loved to call me her wife and felt our partnership was preventing them from looting the village.


They decided to attack me one day when I was sleeping. My mentor heard about the plan and saved me from a certain death. She asked me to move to her haveli immediately. Only men of the Thakur family were allowed to stay at the haveli overnight. The village priest solved the problem by making me take an oath in front of the village goddess that I would live as a woman henceforth. As a woman I was not breaking the family custom.


My life as Chameli began and I was happy to living with and serving my mentor. A few years later Janki's enemies objected to her presiding over the temple festival as she may still be menstruating. On my advice she underwent uterus removal and declared herself to be as manly as any thakur. After a couple of years she married me.



"No bhabi! I was just trying out something for the fancy dress competition at the college." Even as I said it, both of us knew it was lie. I was wearing her red and gold lehanga choli. My face was made up with a proper foundation, eye liner, blush, blood red lipstick. I was wearing the traditional bridal jewelry on my hair, ears and neck. There was sindoor in the parting of my wig. My round red bindiya was looking nice between my plucked eyebrows. My arms were full of red glass bangles. There was red nail polish on my nails.


As bhabi took a step towards me, I moved back in fear. The payals that I was wearing rang out as I moved. Bhabi smiled at me and said, "Aree meri pyari gudiya. Ab to maan ja. Tu toh ab meri nanad ban gayi hai." (Oh, my doll! Do accept now. You have become my sis-in-law.")


While I was burning in shame on being discovered, she moved forward and felt my breasts. I was wearing her best bra, stuffed with socks containing rice. I was not sure what she would say when she found out that I was wearing her panties as well.


I was dressed up thinking my brother and sister-in-law were still on a holiday. But my brother had to return on some urgent office work. While he went straight to office from the railway station, bhabi had turned up at home when I least expected her.


After admiring me for some more time, she smiled and said, "Arre pagli, tuh to mujhse be sundar lag rahi hai." ("You crazy girl, you are looking more beautiful than me).


Thoughout the day I pleaded with her to let me change into my male clothes, she would not let me change. I was presented to my brother that evening as his new sister. He laughed so much that I started crying. Then he came over and hugged me and said he loved me and had no objection to my trying to be his sister. He wanted me to continue as a girl for some more days because he liked the way I looked.


Now I was trapped. The next day I left with them on the balance of their interrupted holiday. We were going by train. I was dressed in jeans and tank top. My full breasts were causing many boys to walk by our seats repeatedly. I pretended not to notice though I was feeling good about the attention. As we reached my brother's office guest house in the hill station, I found the staff there being very attentive to me.


I changed into a salwar Kameez as we sat for lunch. By evening I had a worn a saree with all the jewlry as we were going to a nearby temple. My brother joked with me, "Ab toh bitiya ke liya dulha lana padega!" (We need to locate a groom for our darling).


His words were like a prediction, when Ramesh, my bhabi's cousin turned up the next day. He fell head over heels in love with me. We went all over the hill station. I dressed specially to get his appreciation. I avoided being alone with him lest he finds out me. At last he tricked me to go to a non-existant view-point. We landed up in thick forest. He started kissing me and fondling me. I did not wait too long before I satisfied him with my mouth.


I confided in my bhabi about it. I am sure my bhabi and bhaiya will solve things for me and get me married to Ramesh.



A young boy called Andy liked to wear his sisters undergarments. One day he is spotted by his friends as they were all peeing together. He had turned a little too soon before closing his fly.


Boys being boys, they take him back to his house and ask him dress up as a girl for them. They assure him they will treat him nicely if he goes out as a girl with them. They all go back to the mall with Andy dressed in a well padded bra, a matching thong, a suede miniskirt and a nicely fitted angora sweater. They call him Sandy now and he just manages to keep pace with the boys despite her high heels. They take her to food court and order food. She collects the filled tray and carries it to them. They feed her as if she is their pet. They pose and click snaps with her. One them stands with his arm around her waist while she is asked to place her head lovingly on his shoulder. Another asks her to sit on his lap for the photograph. She blushes as she feels his woody below her buttocks. The third fellow actually hugs her and after being clicked kisses her passionately. The fourth fellow asks her to lean forward and put her head in his lap. While she does that, he possessively places his hand on her rump as the camera records the scene.


With food in their stomach and snaps in the camera, the friends move into the shopping mall. The first boy takes Sabrina to a dress shop. She tries out pants and t-shirts for his benefit. They leave without buying as he gets the urge to cum watching her seductive dresses. As they come out he rushes to the WC to jerk himself off. The second boy takes her to the cosmetics store, where tries out various shades of lipsticks on her hand. He lets her buy three and she wears them one after another for his benefit. As she wipes each and wears the next he gets turned on and quickly rushes off to the WC. The third boy takes her to the shoe store and makes her try various shoes and boots. He sits opposite to her and keeps looking into her skirt as she struggles to wear some of the shoes. At the tenth shoe he too rushes off to the WC. The fourth boy takes her to the lingerie store and instructs her to leave the door of the trial cubicle unlatched. He manages to peep in to catch her different undergarments. Soon he too rushes off to the WC.


When they retrun home, the friends bed her. She holds one cock in each of her hands. One of the boys kisses her mouth and the fourth one jerks her off.


Sonia Verma


The make-up man did last minute touchups to up my nicely made up face. My mother wished me good luck as she put a jasmine gajra on my long and thick plait. I was wearing a shiny lehanga with a lot of gather at my ankles. My ample and well filled out brassiere was encased in a tiny and tight-fitting choli of the same silvery material as my lehanga. A mild attar, known to arouse men, was sprayed on my shoulders. It would mingle little by little with the air as I danced.


I entered from one side of the large hall. Huge chandaliers were pouring out brilliant light all over. Nice young girls were walking around with drinks and cocktails. The muscians were testing their instruments one last time before breaking into music for my dancing. Thakur's men were lounging around on the mattresses spread all over. As I walked in, I timed my steps evenly, as any trained dancer would. They heard the sound of my payals and the noisy merrymaking subsided a little. Most of them took a sip from their glasses as they looked in my direction to confirm if the evening's woman was as good as the wine.


Just then a cool breeze from the rose garden blew into the large hall. It caressed my exposed waist and sent a chill into my body. Part of the chill was because I was dressed as sexy nautch girl about to perform in front about fifty virile men.


It was our Thakur's birthday. Even on a normal day we village folks could not say no to any of Thakur's demands. Thakur had sent word to my mother that, on his birthday, he wanted my sister to perform mujra for his 'private army'. My mother had readily agreed as she was sure of a handsome payment from Thakur for the services.


But then, my sister's periods started unexpectly on the day of the performance. Not only was she bleeding a lot, she also had severe cramps. I did not know if my mother was more worried about displeasing the Thakur or missing the payment. She kept giving my sister various herbs to make her feel better. But nothing worked. Not only was my sister in pain, she also smelt of blood.


That was when I offered to go in my sister's place. At first my mother just laughed. Then she became convinced. That is how I was now in front of these men. Each of whom was staring at my well filled out choli, narrow waist, shapely hips and delicately made up face. I was sure each of them had a raging hardon. They could see in me, a beautiful girl provided by their master for their enjoyment on his birthday.


I was a bit scared. But being a trained dancer, I still smiled sweetly and danced well letting the audience see my moving curves for brief moments from different angles. They kept watching keenly, hoping to see again many of my movements which had stimulated them. I was able to make them keep their eyes fixed on me. I could see lust in their eyes and knew they would give their right arm to be able to take me to bed and peel off the clothes from my body and put their large dicks into me.


It was customary for a dancer to offer rolled betel leaves to the Thakur. As sensous music played, I danced across the hall and reached the Thakur seated on his high chair. As I offered him pan from the jeweled box, he sat up and smilingly pointed to his knee. It was a privilege to be asked to sit on his right thigh and I sat gingerly with my legs between his legs. He put his arm around my waist and adjusted my body so that I was comfortably perched on his thigh with the side of my body pressed against him. I could feel his hard dick on my knee.

The audience was full of smiles and appreciative words were being said about my beauty as I sat on Thakur's thigh. My closeness to Thakur gave me power over these men. But still I was a girl whom they too wanted to touch and feel. Being a bit drunk, one of them said, "We too have nice cushiony thighs". The Thakur laughed and asked me if I would like to sit on some more laps. I gave half a smile and said nothing.


Thakur made an offer to his men. The challenge was not too simple. Those who could go across the lily pond walking on a tight rope tied to trees on the banks could spend one hour with me.


I was caught unawares but I knew the Thakur would give us a good reward for this extra service. The trouble was about passing off as a girl for one hour in private. Luckily for me, most guys who tried the challenge were too drunk and fell into the pond halfway. Only one handsome young boy made it across.


The Thakur knew the village customs well. The dancers belonged to the Thakur and he had to protect us till we were married. So, while I was offered to the boy, he was told that he could not take away my virginity.


As the door closed behind us, the boy hugged me. I felt nice that someone had worked hard and won me as a reward. I was sure he saw me only as a girl who had set his langoti on fire. I was determined to make him more happy than what any girl could. After all he had won me by beating many strong men. I could feel his passion and his strong muscular body as he hugged and kissed me.


Luckily for me, my mother and sister had worked hard to create my breasts and hips. As he caressed me he did not think anything was wrong with me. He said he would not take off my clothes as he could not control himself if he saw me without clothes.


Though I was relieved by what he said, I also felt sorry for him. By then I had already felt his large and hard cock. It had to be taken care of it. I gathered courage and asked him as softly as possible. "Oh handsome! Can I see and hold yours?" He nodded his head. I pulled off his dhoti and langoti. Quickly I kneeled in front of him and took him in my mouth. Within a few moments he came in my mouth. Soon I washed my mouth in the chamber pot kept there and went back to him. He made me sit on his lap and kissed and touched me all over tenderly. Soon he was ready again and I shook him off sitting on his lap. Then I left the room and returned to the hall.


I continued to dance as if nothing had happened. My man came in a little later and announced to everyone in a loud voice,"I want to marry her." The Thakur smiled, I blushed and all the gathered men laughed loudly. Then my man reclined on one of the round cushions and even before the first part of the next dance was over, he was sleeping like a baby.





My wife planned a costumes party. She told me I would be the waitress and she would be the hostess greeting all her friends.


She got me ready at first. I wore a nice skirt and blouse as the guests entered. I curtised each one and help them store their street clothes. Soon I discovered that she had called only her women friends for the party. Anyway, as planned, I changed into a bunny girl set and served them with drinks and cocktails.


When the girls had polished off a few drinks, a tomboy among them declared that I would be her bunny girl for the rest of the night.


Then my tomboy had me sitting on her knee while she played with me. All the girls in the party were telling her to do more and more man like things. That naturally forced me to be more and more of a girl. Once I became very girly and she took me to her home and kept me as her wife for the weekend.




This happened last summer in the city of hyderabad where I am currently based, working as a software professional. My House is very close to the Hussain Sagar Lake and it is usually full of walkers in the mornings. My wife was away in Mumbai so I had slept the whole night in a silky transparent nightie.


I got up in the morning and without thinking about it, went out on to the balcony, stretched up my arms and leaned back to shake off my drowsiness. Suddenly I realised I was offering a free sight to the walking public. My short nightie had climbed up on my thighs and was barely covering my privates. Luckily my legs were shaved and I was wearing panties and bra. From the road people would have just seen a shameless girl exposing herself in public.


I felt turned on by what had happened. I quickly had a clean shave, put on some of my wife's make up, added a light brown listick, and a simple round bindi. I put on fresh padded bra that I had bought from Chermas in Ameerpet and dressed in a simple salwar kameez which my wife uses very often. Then I wore the helmet and took out my wife's scooter instead of my car.


The security guy in the building mistook me for my wife and said,"Goodmorning Smita madam..aap bombay se aa gayi kya?". I was thrilled and just smiled at him. Then I rode the scooter to the tank bund, parked it and locked the helmet. I boldly joined the brood of walkers in the necklace road was aware of the looks that I was getting. My swishing salwar and my tinkling payals were causing second looks. My day was made when one old couple who were walking along advised me to be careful when I came out of the balcony in the morning.