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KAJAL(Saturday, 07 November 2015 02:52)

Thanks u Rajibalan for creating new page for 15-16 but in previous page that is 14-15 comments from 1000 not visible so make sure they will reappear because many good stories written in that comment section after 1000

And thanks again for giving such beautiful platform over the years I may not be wrong....... with this and earlier geocities site u finished 10 years on this site so congratulation for this achievements.

Love Kajal


Thank you Kajal for your kind words. I think it must be 15 years now since this site was started. 

I am sorry about the missing comments (after 1000). They are invisible to me as well. I will try deleting some small comments to see if the missing ones reappear. Being a free site this place has many restrictions. Hope visitors will put up with it.

RAJI Balan